Pretty Things

–An Essay By Member William

A fine victory for Hillary Clinton in Nevada yesterday. The road looks very good for her to win the Democratic nomination. But of course that is only halfway toward winning the election. And that is the absolute necessity, for so many reasons.

So there are things to worry about. And while too much worry can be counterproductive, not enough reasonable concern can also be damaging. Maybe if we worry about these things now, there is still time to do something about them.

One significant concern is the fact that in the early voting, the Democratic turnout is a good deal down from 2008, the last time that there was a contested primary race. In Nevada, it looks like the turnout was down about a third. That is significant. Meanwhile, the Republicans are drawing record turnouts. This does not necessarily translate to a Republican victory in the Fall, but it is a concerning sign. What is the cause of this?

We know that Donald Trump has been a big draw for the Republicans, both in debates and obviously now the primaries. What fun. Here is a guy who has never held elective office (too boring for the average voter, apparently); and has made his fame as a flamboyant rich person who declared bankruptcy four times, and then as the host of one of those faux reality TV shows. People love those shows, and that is why there are so many of them on TV. So Trump just says whatever comes into his head, just like he can do on his TV show, and people love it. Because apparently they now confuse real life, and the governance of this country, with a reality show.

In the ’50’s, there used to be this term, “the Ugly American.” There was even a book with that title. Some of that referred to the way that America tried to control the politics of the rest of the world. But some had to do with this feeling, held by many Europeans, that Americans were rather rude and pushy, and thought that everyone should cater to their whims and be like them. Fair or not, that was an image which was pervasive. Donald Trump is now the epitome of that image. He insults everyone who disagrees with him or gets in his way. He makes outlandish promises and claims. And the audience eats it up.

People have grown to hate politicians, without even understanding much about politics or governance. They have this sense that political figures are only out for themselves. Many of them yearn for “non-politicians” to run for President. They somehow think that “an outsider” is just what we need. This theme is so powerful, that even career political figures regularly try to position themselves as outsiders. I guess it is the “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” myth; that the idealistic outsider will come into leadership, and bring us back to some imagined halcyon days of forthrightness and straight dealing. Ronald Reagan capitalized on that, and his career as an actor and pitchman. Arnold Schwarzenegger also did, and what a disaster his governorship was. Ross Perot had a lot of people believing that he was the answer to all the country’s ills. And now Trump is filling this absurd hope that an outsider will magically fix all the complicated and nuanced problems which this country faces, and indeed has always faced.

This is completely and dangerously projective, of course. Someone with no record can be imagined to do anything–but the imagining usually takes the coloration of positives, not negatives. And of course it is also, very chillingly, the way to dictatorship. When Europe was facing terrible economic and political problems after World War I, there sprang up a series of fascist types who were championed by desperate and very foolish people who wanted order, and someone to believe in. Hitler. Mussolini. Oswald Mosley. All of Europe almost fell prey to fascism. And of course one doesn’t need to recount the absolute horrors of Nazi Germany. Or does one? Is a populace fed on the pabulum of awful and mindless TV shows, capable of actually knowing any history? Is it able to make logical connections between the past and the present, and to learn from any of it? So many people scoff at learning anything about history or economics or any of it; they are told by the purveyors of entertainment that they don’t have to know anything, all they have to do is to go with their gut feelings about things, and to always choose the more entertaining thing over anything else.

So there is Donald Trump. And Trump actually tells the media, “I am making you lots of money,” and it is true. And if that is all that matters now, then here we are. And on the other side, we have Hillary Clinton. Someone with a long and very distinguished history of political service. She often recounts much of it, trying to show the voters how much she has learned and done; her credentials. And the media tells her and us that she is putting too much “I” in her speeches. The media and the voters don’t want to know about her record and accomplishments, they are saying; they want to hear more “We’s.” Such as “We are going to make America great again.” We are going to give you a medical insurance program that is even better than what we have, and cheaper. I won’t tell you wnat it is, though, just trust me” “It will be huuuge!” ‘We need to raise taxes to Eisenhower era levels, and break up the banks, and make college free for everyone, and vastly redistribute income.” Nonsense promises, the timeworn mark of the huckster, con man, or would be dictator.

The media, ever anxious to tell us what we should watch, and what we should like, are quick to inform us that Hillary Clinton’s campaign “lacks excitement.” Now, some of that may indeed be true, but what does that tell us about the media and the audience? First, that the media has conspired to create and advance their own narrative. They have been pushing this since the outset, along their invented narratives about “lack of trust.” Lack of trust about what? A woman who was Senator from New York for eight years, and had not one breath of scandal; and who was Secretary of State for four years, and was lauded by world figures as one of our greatest ever in that capacity? But then of course there is the audience, who has become addicted to fake reality shows, talent contests, and hyped up carnival style enertainment. To many of them, real accomplishments, real intelligence, is boring. They want style, flair, bravado, nonsensical statements which are fun to listen to!

Now, to me, and to many of us, Hillary Clinton is one of the most exciting candidates ever. And I am completely serious about that. First, of course, she is going to be the first woman ever to be nominated by a major party for President. But that is only a small part of it. She is absolutely one of the brightest and most intellectually gifted candidates in our nation’s history. Her grasp of issues is unparalleled. She can discourse knowledgeably about any important matter. I know that for too many Americans, that kind of stuff is boring, but it shouldn’t be. You see, the problems that society faces are not simple little matters which can be easily fixed by a lot of trumpery, or hyped up patriotism, or slogans, such as the Republican candidates love to blare. Complex problems need to be faced and dealt with by complex minds, capable of thinking through possible solutions and their implications. That may not be ‘fun” for people; that may not be the way that one of their reality shows or superhero movies go, but it is, it must be, the way that domestic and international problems are dealt with.

Hillary is ready and able to tackle a variety of issues, if elected. That is exciting to me. “Hope and Change” was never exciting to me as a slogan, or as any kind of meaningful promise. “Make America Great Again,” is a nonsensical promise redolent of 20th century fascist leaders. Are we not capable of discerning the difference between a potentially great President, and a bunch of con men and carnival barkers? Look for fun in your movies, or awards shows, or whatever you watch for entertainment. But governance is not where you should look for entertainment. You should look for high intelligence and competence and experience. That is exciting, but in a different way than many have become brainwashed into thinking. Revolutions are exciting, but they always end up with Napoleons, or Stalins, or Castros. “Strongmen” lead to dictatorships, and horror.
This upcoming election will mean the future of the Supreme Court, probably for another forty years. That will mean whether we do anything to arrest global warming, or just let it go, and then face the oncoming ecological catastrophes. It will mean whether women will have control over their bodies. It will be about getting dark money out of politics, or whether we succumb to a corporate oligarchy which goes on for centuries. It is about how we deal with the very dangerous and very complex international problems.This is not exciting enough for the Democratic voters? You are just going to let the future of this nation be in the hands of one of the other stupid, dangerous, emotionally stunted people, just because it is not exciting enough for you to get involved before it is too late?

I am all for enjoyment, when appropriate. I like a good ballgame, or an exciting movie, or an involving novel or mystery story to read. But the world, and life, is not all about excitement, or pretty things. Part of being a responsible citizen is actually taking the time to study the issues, and learn about the candidates, and how they will deal with them. And simplistic is not best, it is almost always worst. And you might have fun watching the TV coverage of politics as a reality show or sports event, but the real thing to focus on is governance, and having a President whose abilities allow you to sleep at night, knowing that she has the ability and experience to deal with them. We are now counting on the ability of citizens to somehow rouse themselves from the druglike stupor that mass media tries to induce, and to get out and vote for Hillary Clinton. I hate to say this, but if Hillary does not win, our country is going to very likely become unsaveable, given the evil forces at work both within and without. I do hope that this is exciting enough to cause people to get out and vote for her, and campaign for her, and send her money. There is going to be a lot of worthless repenting in years after, if they do not.


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  1. Bernies been on whining that he lost Nevada because of low turnout… I wonder who’s job it is to get voters out……I guess getting young kids out of their beds on a saturday morning was not working for them……or that they were all cool about the rhetoric but could not be assed to come out for you. It sucks to be a miserable socialist old troll.

  2. Tried to go to sleep and got a second wind.

    Funny you should mention the Entitled children not getting out of bed. I was reading the bernie bro Reddit threads, I do that now and then, and damn if they didn’t say that 11 AM was too early. Someone said something about 4000 hangovers on Saturday AM and you lose a primary lol.

    There were, however, some who said they couldn’t caucus because of their work shifts. And then there was the one who said young people sleep late and caucuses are designed for old people who get up at 6 AM because of “biology”. I thought the whole thing was actually kind of cute.

    One thing I will agree on, caucuses suck and do NOT offer opportunities for everyone to vote. For that reason alone, they should be eliminated. And so should “open” primaries where anybody can vote from any damned party they want. And Independents should never be voting in a party primary either. That’s BS.

  3. Caught Bernie on MSNBC by accident and there he was, their boyfriend, said he’s going to check copyrights on his words about wall street because hillary used his words. Seriously. Bernie copyrights the English language now. Actually, i think he was kidding but it’s hard to tell because he has no humor timing. I didn’t get the gist of it because I wasn’t really into listening to him and was sweeping a floor, but there he was. and boy he sure looks older up close. I think the guy is berned out. Can’t keep up with that gal.

  4. Next they have on Trump, Cruz and Rubio on, looking like hollywood squares, and guess who else? Why Bernie! I could have sworn they just said Hillary was the frontrunner. So yup,, they pimp that guy big time. Like what’s he doing there with numbers 1,2,3 republicans?

    But I know the answer. Hillary isn’t there because she’d rather have pins in her eyes. Bernie is still bullshitting that he won the Latino vote

    Don’t know who that host was. The guy with the goatee with porn-stash

  5. Upps, reposting this re: Bernie won the Hispanic vote.

    VotingHillary, on February 22, 2016 at 2:47 AM said:
    Bernie BS about winning the Hispanic vote in NV…Clark County is the heaviest area for Hispanic voters which Hillary won.

  6. Yes i know she won the Latinos, was just pointing out that Bernie is still pimping the untruth that he won the Latinos.

    By the by, I have to take back some, but not all, if things I have said about Harry Reid. Apparently, he went to the Culinary Union and asked them to get out the Latino vote…..and they did. That is why the Director of Elections/Politics was on TV stating uncategorically that Hillary won in the Latino voting districts.

  7. S.Carolina church shuns Bernie, pretends he’s not there, so Bernie starts his criminal justice talk. Then he went and had an extremely white rally.
    I saw a video of the church thing and he was trying to work the room and nobody even looked at him. I actually felt sorry for him. Till I saw his very white rally.

  8. Well, as far as turnout. I think it’s three fold. First of all there are a lot of people who think Hillary has the nomination wrapped up and are not paying attention. Secondly Bernie is depending on the least dependable voters out there for a win. These voters will go to rallies but are not going to bother to go to a caucus.

    I’m not sure however that whatever is going on caucuses and primaries is indicative of what is going to happen in November.

    GA has an open primary and at one point there was some benefit to this. I’m not sure what the benefit was but apparently it no longer really works. If you’re invested enough in a party to vote in its primary you should just go ahead and register as a member of that party. Pew did extensive polling on this subject and said that there actually are very few independents. The reality of the situation is there are independents that reliably vote Dem and GOP all the time but more or less want to have it “both ways”—call themselves independents and then get to vote for whomever they want to.

  9. Apparently bernie has another headache..according to pundits that bernies campaign just noticed…all through march campuses are shutting down one after another for spring break and the kids are paying more attention to booze, sex and holidays…..aaw poor baby

  10. A very good morning, All! Thought I would die on Saturday until they called it for Hillary. So, like a damn fool, I go to CNN figuring it’s safe since she WON, and they’re mansplaining how she really didn’t win and lost Latinos– yada, yada, yada. Off goes CNN! They really need to STFU–same for MSNBC who hauled the Morning Joke crew out of bed on a Sunday morning. Kill. Me. Now.

    Really sorry to hear about Bernouts too hungover to caucus. Makes me think maybe caucuses do have a purpose.

    I had my say about Sarandon last week, but really, getting all up in a civil rights icon’s grill!? Something wrong with that POS!

  11. I saw a shot of the crowd at the Sanders rally yesterday. When did the Lumberjack Look become stylish?

  12. Hey, long as it’s white, Bernie can handle it!

  13. OMG Moon, you’re genius!

    Spring Break!!!!

  14. I told you about the video I saw very early today of Bernie lost in the wilderness at a black church in S. Carolina and I included a link upthread with my comment about how nobody paid attn to him. I can’t find that video what I found instead was a Bernie campaign video of Jealous doing Fired Up! Ready to go! Not at all what I saw. What I saw was Bernie wandering around from table to table like a contagious boil. Nobody even looked at him. The video they are showing must have been either a rescue reDo or a video elsewhere, who knows? In any event, the story suddenly changed. I’m sure I will NEVER find the video I saw on TV. And now, Poof~ Here’s CNN’s coverage of that same story. Compare. This is SO Socialist in its surreal switching.

  15. On CNN website right now, a video featured of Bernie’s Denmark Nothing on Bernie’s Cuba.

  16. The NYT said no one paid attention to him, and we know they never lie. So it’s out there even with no video.

  17. NYTimes are a lying machine. So is CNN. Times piece will probably go Poof like the video did. Replaced with a happy assed one over at bernie central. And even that one wasn’t so great. Mostly Jealous trying to fire them up by refusing to shut up till they hooted a bit.

    Reminds me of North Korea propaganda.

  18. ” I hate to say this, but if Hillary does not win, our country is going to very likely become unsaveable, given the evil forces at work both within and without. I do hope that this is exciting enough to cause people to get out and vote for her, and campaign for her, and send her money. There is going to be a lot of worthless repenting in years after, if they do not.”

    William, that’s my favorite paragraph in your excellent essay, and I agree.
    I’m not given to dire pronouncements or doomsday prophecy -I’m sure they’re not your usual MO, either-but I truly believe the choice is Hillary or the abyss.

  19. BS was at a disadvantage since Hillary wasn’t in SC yesterday. I’ve noticed that he usually just shows up at what ever Church she’s scheduled to be at and just drafts off of her reception. He did this last Sunday at a Baptist Church in Vegas. Clinton campaign has noticed how they schedule church event, and Bernie invites himself. Hoping he crashes and “berns” soon!

  20. He did the same in Nevada turned up 2 minutes after hillary arrived at union canteens to score of her crowds…..typical parasitic socialist limpetting off everyone else’s back.

  21. Oh uppity you will love this….sandanistas flipping lids today after new poll shows Massachussetts all tied at 46% each…..if he cant win mass…..he’s done

  22. Moonpluto it’s just freaking amazing to me how the goal posts continually get moved for Bernie. Even if he wins Mass he’s not going to be the nominee. He’s lost 3 out of 4 so far and MA is not going to help him when he loses the other 10 states.

  23. I think that if he can’t win Texas on ST he’s done and should suspend his campaign before he does more damage to the Democratic Party. The guy just doesn’t know how to talk to minorities and has made no effort to learn. He’s uncomfortable with us. He doesn’t treat us like intelligent human beings capable of reason and thought and neither do his supporters. Secretary Clinton knows this because she has been in the trenches with minorities and is comfortable with us. She doesn’t have to pretend to like us, because she actually does like us. And guess what, we know the difference.

  24. The latest Sanders spin is that after Super Tuesday there are only 2 southern states left……

    They fail to recognize when he gets slaughtered on Super Tuesday, it isnt going to matter…..

  25. Flvoter and that totally cute dog: He’s not going to win Texas. Period.

  26. I’m working on a rather tedious post that I am guessing you will all appreciate. On the states in play on Super Tuesday and how they look like they will roll out.

  27. of whuich they are wrong because unless they forgot Florida, NC, Louisiana and Mississippi……Sanders squad can’t count obviously.

  28. I just saw that NYT piece on how math doesn’t lie (well, not unless it’s Bernie math!). Oh, the irony! The Obama argument of ’08 is now Hillary’s argument. Of course, over the weekend, I heard some pundits suddenly complaining about the undemocratic system of super delegates and demanding raw vote counts from caucuses. Someone even asked why the popular vote doesn’t matter!

    Sorry, pundits and whiners of all stripes. The rules are in place and won’t be changed now. You live by the rules, you die by the rules. Your turn to die.

  29. Then the analysts all warn that all those Super D’s could switch from Hill to BS. Yeah, as if. Democratic elected officials can’t stand Bernie’s guts. They ain’t going anywhere.

  30. Yeah, this morning I’ve pretty much convinced myself Bernie is toast. Saw him momentarily on a morning tv show and I think he knows it too.

  31. Brassy Rebel, it is like sports announcers trying to keep their audience by telling them how the losing team could catch up if there were a lot of turnovers, or if somebody made twenty shots in a row.

    Of course Hillary is going to get more popular vores than Sanders. But it is truly pathetic that in all of the 2008 campaign, there was scarcely anything said about Hillary getting slightly more votes than Obama; and that margin would have been much higher had they not deliberatly refused to allow a full primary or a revote primary in Michigan and Florida, where Hillary would have won big. They were so thrilled that Obama was getting more delegates through caucuses. Now suddently they want to look at it a different way. They have no shame at all in changing their narratives to fit their agenda.

  32. UW, no i can’t imagine he will win Texas or any other state with any minority population. And as for Florida, it went Clinton in 2008. Our primary isn’t until March 15. We have a ton of Democratic voters in Broward County. I don’t foresee anyone abandoning Hillary Clinton in favor of Bernie Sanders. Bernie’s 15 minutes of fame are up. We as a country are on the precipice of joining the rest of the world when we elect a woman as President this November. Our time is now. I can hardly wait, this is game changing!!!

    The dog is a boston terrier. My husband and I have three right now. One female that is about 13 years old and two male puppies.

    When can we start the quit chants for Bernie?

  33. And another very sincere thanks and appreciation to Uppity Woman for doing what I cannot do, and formatting my essay into WordPress. I hope that all of what everyone does here can help Hillary to at least some extent, and that we can all have an exuberant and deserved celebration when and if Hillary is elected.

  34. Moonpluto then I guess they don’t realize that Sanders problems extend past Super Tuesday into states like Florida and Ohio.

  35. last polls on Florida had Clinton +30%

  36. my chant will be “Why won’t the geezer just quit!!!” Or is geezer to ageist?

  37. Moon I am not surprised by Clinton leading 30+ in FL.

  38. Former HHS Secretary Sebelius endorses Clinton – Another superdelegate…..

  39. Bernie Sanders sees everything through the prism of socialism. He honestly believes that all will be prefect when the ‘workers’ rule the world. The doesn’t understand why anyone would bring up sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. He is laser focused on destroying the capitalist structure of the US. Nothing else matters to him.

  40. What happens if Burn runs out of money and is forced to drop out before the convention? Hillary just waits for the Convention and swings more to the middle to campaign against the rethugs?

  41. Interesting article about Bernie here. I was a little surprised that anything slightly discouraging for him would be written.

  42. Hillary needs to pull a Bernie in close states. Save $$ on TV ads, fan out yo colleges the night before primary. Throw big keg parties with free concerts and hot dogs, heck give the kids a balloon too! They’ll be too tired to vote or caucus for the old man’

  43. I think Hillary must tiptoe carefully until Bernie just gives up. I don’t think it’ll take chanting, quit, quit quit – he will just go as I suspect his money will dry up.

    She needs to do the best she can to keep his voters. I very clearly remember how pissed I was with WWTSBQ that went on in 2008. That really drove me nuts.

  44. Someone wrote an article that keeping Bernie in the race for as long as possible is good for Hillary. If Bernie drops out, Hillary will have to play solitaire until the General, and the battle is good practice.

    I think Hillary’s massive wins would be more rewarding.

  45. I really don’t think that some of his voters will ever be hers no matter how carefully you treat them. Plus the dishonesty and she’s been bought rhetoric by Bernie is incredibly damaging. I am hoping he drops out very soon.

    Also, I don’t see a comparison between his campaign and Clinton’s in 2008. She was ahead in the votes. The DNC played with the delegate allocations (I know my vote was purposely cut in half by the DNC). Bernie isn’t now and will never be ahead in votes.

    So I respectfully disagree.

  46. Hi Shadow. Bernie is going to run out of money. I was trolling reddit again and noted a tone of depression/discouragement since Nevada. I think they are finally recognizing that he may not make it. Several were convincing themselves that bernie wouldn’t squander their money, which means they wonder if he has squandered their money. And it appears he has. He’s down to 14 mil which just won’t cut it, and he lost 2 out of three races. If he spent all that money on three races, he needs a money manager. It will also help if he didn’t funnel money to his family but nevermind. Anyways, there was mention at the bernie reddit HQ that some people were out of money and really didn’t have more to give. He’s drying up. Not sure how much that SuperPac he says he doesn’t have has got left –the one that parks in front of Hillary headquarters and harasses her volunteers. I think Bernie is going to have to prove he can take this home to all those young people who have sent him money several times. Like a win. The hard part is, they comprehend that SC is out of the question and the next races are SuperTuesday, which means he needs more money to win in that field.

  47. Throw big keg parties with free concerts and hot dogs, heck give the kids a balloon too! They’ll be too tired to vote or caucus for the old man’

    Hahahahaha Brutal.

  48. Old Coastie, I can’t help but remember that many of his voters didn’t even show up to vote in Nevada. This is an unreliable lot. And if they get discouraged, which I think they are, they will become even more unreliable. I don’t think it’s a bunch Hillary could count on in a general election even if they loved her.

    By the way, did anybody see the Deer In The Headlights Rachael when they had the camera on her face and told her Hillary won Nevada? It was Priceless.

  49. lol flvoter, what is it with Boston Terrier owners. They never have just one.

  50. William I don’t see the party wanting to change the agenda with caucuses at all. I don’t think they want Bernie anywhere near them. Which is just fine, considering he hates the Democratic party and always has. And nobody is going to change the delegate system for a carpetbagger who has been in the party for 90 seconds.

  51. Well, considering the burn rate of Bernie’s money he’s going to not be in much longer. Of course, he seems to have a lot of people willing to over donate to him.

  52. If Sanders’ campaign gets more desperate, and if he starts attacking Hillary on a personal or character level, this will not help. If he just wants to talk about his pet issue, that is not so bad–except that it costs Hillary money which she could save for the general election. If he takes it to the convention, that is very unhelpful; floor fights and demonstrations. If he withdraws soon and endorses her with praise, that would be ideal. We cannot let a Republican win this election! And I am very tired of hearing her called some kind of Wall Street enabler. She had nothing to do with any of what happened in ’08 and before, which was mostly due to corrupt lending firms giving housing loans to people with little or no income, and then selling the loans to larger entities.

  53. I do predict that the Sanders women will vote for Hillary, out of fear of what kind of SCOTUS they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. That is very powerful motivation. If they tweeted me with venom tomorrow that they won’t vote for her, my only answer would be one word………SCOTUS.

  54. Well, gosh, here I was anticipating BernieVision – 24/7 revolutionary television programming;and SandersMedCenters springing up everywhere, part of a trillion $ a year healthcare network, and of course Bernards Brigades – social justice warriors-in-training, mindfully coalescing at pre-schools everywhere. That Nevada vote seems to have cured the hideous pounding headache I had that wouldn’t go away no matter what I did.

  55. It’s probably best not to feel overly confident or smug. It doesn’t look good on us.

    And it’s probably better not to insult an alligator until you’ve crossed the river.

    If you have wrath, expend it on Bernie. These are practically children. They haven’t lived long enough to recognize something like Bernie for what he is. I blame HIM for enabling him and making them his pucks.

  56. Sanders Med Centers. ROFL

  57. fern, I was thinking more along the lines of loudspeakers everywhere, like they do in North Korea, where news is announced on the spot and Our Leader’s voice booms in his impressive NY accent. And parades where everyone ‘wants’ to show up to march and cheer for der leader, and little girls, always little girls, shower bouquets of flowers upon der leader and perform choreographed dances for him. I personally wanted badly to sign up for a medical program that will hand me that End Of Life counseling I so long for.

  58. Final Delegate count in Nevada……Clinton 23, Sanders 16

  59. @Fern & Upps, I could picture Sanders trying to turn us into Denmark, and we end up like Cuba instead.

    btw, did Sarandon ever apologize to Dolores Huerta?

    Enjoyed your thoughtful post, William. I hope any bronies that come by here will read it.

  60. Thanks moon! I was wondering (about the final NV count).

  61. Well William, can’t say you aren’t prescient. Just heard CNN open with some lines that Sanders is going on the “Offense” attacking Hillary. They didn’t follow up on what it was yet, though. Want to keep you tuning in to that idjit Wolf. Whatever it is, with Wolf The Hesitater, it will be Hillary’s fault somehow.

    It’s a sign. He’s flailing. And sinking.

  62. When I spent a summer in Denmark, long ago, there were no homeless or people starving on the street. Their wealthy were more like our upper middle class. They paid 60% of their pay into taxes.

    Nothing is Free Bernie, someone is paying for all that ‘free’ stuff you idiot.

  63. …and to pick up where Shadowfax left off, with the influx of refugees coming into Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, etc.., there are now new policies being put in place that will not allow refugees to tap into the very extensive social safety nets because to allow these refugees (many with limited education and limited skills) to live off the state for the long term is untenable and these countries have woken up to the fact that if these safety nets are going to be sustainable, then they are going to have to try to dissuade some of these refugees from emigrating. Also, refugees are going to have to hand over any monies they bring into the country over 1000 Euros to the state to aid in their own care and upkeep.

  64. Holy Mary….the latest Georgia Poll…..

    Georgia has 102 delegates……..

    the latest poll

    Clinton 72%
    Sanders 20%

    She’ll clean his clock in delegates.


    I prefer this blowout in Georgia with 102 delegates compared to Sanders vermont blowout with 16 delegates, lol

  66. just seen reported that in SC, that 65% of the returned absentee ballots already are African american……theres a big chunk banked already.

  67. John Kasich: Women ‘left their kitchens’ to vote for me.

    Is this 1930????

  68. Uppity, that is my concern, a desperate personal attack on Hillary. He said his campaign was going to be about issues, so let’s see him stick to that. I heard somewhere that Sanders and Clinton voted the same way 93% of the time in the Senate, so let’s not have him act as if she is some threat to a liberal agenda. Of course, that cuts the other way, and so he figures he has to try to create some characterological narrative against her. But he risks damaging our chances in the general election by doing this.

  69. I am not surprised at Hillary’s numbers in GA. She is somebody that has appeal across all demographics here in GA. I bet they’ll wait until 10:00 to call it on Super Tuesday though saying “it’s too close to call”

  70. William, according to CNN he’s already stepping up his attacks. He keeps calling for the release of Clintons speech transcripts. I expect he will continue to up the attacks to see if anything will stick.

  71. Has Sanders released his medical records yet?????

  72. flvoter, this release of speech transcripts probably marks the most ridiculous point in the endless parade of Hillary attacks. We have never heard of one candidate ever being asked to release transcripts of speeches to private entities. And what could she have said, anyway? She probably gave dozens of speeches to various groups over the years. They wanted tens of thousands of her emails, now speech transcripts; next grocery bills and bookstore purchases? Sounds like McCarthyism to me.

    It would be funny if it weren’t so annoying. This mythology that only with Hillary, are there some hidden secrets out there, used as a substitute for discussing issues with her. Maybe they want to read all of the speeches backward to look for hidden textual symbology?. Maybe they want to translate them into Urdu to see if there was a message encoded somewhere in one of them? I hope that she ignores him.

  73. I can’t see Bernie appearing with Hillary at a Unity rally in New Hampshire: for one thing, he isn’t a Democrat.

  74. Bernie will continue to swing away at her trying to make her appear corrupt at every opportunity. And the msm will continue to interview him and ask her questions like are you a liar?…. All because Bernie repeats those republican lies.

    To me the sooner he drops out the better. He’s done enough damage.

  75. The Revolution will be cancelled in a couple of days.

  76. I asked him to release transcripts of his CPUSA speeches.

  77. I saw his ‘attack’, Wills (hee hee). It was benign and he sounded like he was out of gas.

  78. In kasich’s defense, I saw that remark and he was referring to when he ran for his very first office, and women really WERE in the kitchen then.

    A woman in his audience ripped him a new one though.

  79. Re:Denmark. I saw a bourdain segment there and he was with the owner of the most influential restaurant in the world, the guy who started the idea of foraging, nature to table, voted best restaurant in the world 4 times. In Copenhagen. He told Bourdain that the people around him don’t like him much, they frown upon him because he’s on a “High Horse”. This was a very down to earth guy and you could tell he felt badly about it. Fact is, he’s too ‘ambitious’.

  80. This is a funny thread, loving it even when I read it for the second time.


  81. What’s the deal?

    I had to log in a million times today…well, almost…okay, four times.

  82. I am glad to learn that, Uppity. We need benign attacks, if we are to have any at all.

    I actually did buy a Simmons “Kate” mattress a few days ago, but that is my only very tenuous connection with the Crown. 🙂

  83. Prolix has a good post @ Widders about the justice system.

  84. I just looked at wapo, and you know how the top part of the “page” is the breaking stuff and below there are always six opinion/editorials? Well, tonite, 4 of the 6 are about Trump! And then there are other Trump stories besides the opinion pieces. The media is obsessed with him. Maybe that’s good for us, and takes their minds off Hillary for a bit.

  85. Annie, I do agree that we do not need the focus on Hillary in the sense that when the media does that, it is mostly negative. Let them talk about Trump for a while. I am just hoping that he will scare enough people who might not ordinarily vote, that this will help HIllary.

  86. There’s a pro-Hillary post @ Salon about the Caucus/Dolores Huerta thing. The bots are in a frothing rage over it, at Salon and on Twitter.

  87. Trump is a reality glutton, and all the folks that think he is entertaining and love his nasty remarks may feel buyers remorse some day,

    hopefully when Hillary is sitting in HER Oval Office as President of the United States!!

  88. Sanders releasing a doctor’s note instead of an actual history and exam results would be ridiculous for a 45 year old. For a 75 year old, it’s scary. Hillary’s docs released her vital signs and complete results of her last physical including cancer screenings last summer. They included a summary of her medical history as well as what prescription drugs she takes. It’s infuriating that the media lets him get away with this crap yet insists he’s a serious candidate. The Senate physician can’t be his only doctor. He must have a doc in Vermont. And if he’s been treated for high cholesterol, it would be really helpful to know what his numbers are. Hillary’s were provided and were normal.

  89. It’s just more double standards. Trump, almost a year older than Hillary, doesn’t even bother with a doctor’s note. Just declares himself the perfect specimen of health. And, btw, I heard he commands as much as 1.5 MILLION per speech. Where are his transcripts?

  90. Trump did produce a doctor’s note that smacked suspiciously of trump language, including several of the half dozen or so adjectives he has in his vocabulary, ‘terrific’ ‘phenomenal’ etc.

  91. I’m surprised they didn’t demand a gynecologist’s report on Hillary.

  92. Yeah I saw that salon piece, it was a real axe job lol. And the comments simply confirmed what the author was describing about Bernie’s supporters.

  93. So telling that Kasich made his kitchen gaffe on the same day he signed the bill defunding Planned Parenthood.

  94. Lol, Uppity, Trump’s “doctor’s note” wouldn’t pass muster with a third grade teacher.

  95. Kasich laugheth too much, methinks.

    At everything.

  96. Up @ 10:14 am: Hillary’s health release included that gynecological exam was normal. I want to know every male candidate’s PSA.

  97. Hillary’s release was very thorough compared to the men. It even included a breast ultrasound in addition to mammography. Both normal. But as usual, the guys are getting a pass.

  98. No kidding on the PSA.

  99. Honora, yes, just like Donald, he did provide a note from a doctor when asked for his medical records. Hillary released records.

  100. I wonder if Trump has to use Viagra to keep up with his trophy wives…do they put that in his vague, ego inflating, doctor’s mini memo too?

  101. Shadowfax, I keep visualizing a stage with Donald, Hillary, and Bernie. Hillary at the podium in the middle looks to the left, then the right and asks, “Am I the only one here not taking Viagra?”

  102. Uppity said:

    It’s probably best not to feel overly confident or smug. It doesn’t look good on us. And it’s probably better not to insult an alligator until you’ve crossed the river. If you have wrath, expend it on Bernie.

    Of course you are right but shit, when those know-nothing brats get in my timeline, parroting some babbling bullshit they were told, I just can’t help myself.

  103. Someone asked for the Deer-In-headlights Maddow impression:

  104. I am going to miss all the fun. I’ll be out of the country on a business trip next week and will miss the SC Primary as well as Super Tuesday (and the concert @ Radio City). I’ll do my best to get connected but I’ll be on the wrong side of the globe and the clock.

  105. I was the one who asked for that clip of Maddow, Sophie. I’ll never get tired of looking at it. I may also retweet it forever…

  106. Don’t worry, Sophie, when you get back, we can all giggle together again.

  107. Of course you are right but shit, when those know-nothing brats get in my timeline, parroting some babbling bullshit they were told, I just can’t help myself.

    I know. Admittedly, me too. I think I was chastising myself in fear of karma getting angry at me…

  108. I don’t know about the Viagra, but I just can’t imagine having sex with that guy. I bet he gets all red in the face and grunts a lot.

  109. Up @ 10:14 am: Hillary’s health release included that gynecological exam was normal.

    Yeah but she didn’t prove it with photos.

  110. I’m going to miss the White Oscars too. 😦

  111. I’m surprised they didn’t want full photographic confirmation that she was a woman……..honestly, they’ll want proof she’s human next and not some demon in drag.

  112. Good luck on your trip, Sophie. Hopefully when you come back, Hillary will be in insurmountable position for the nomination.

    The more I think about it, the more I am starting to hope that Trump wins the nomination, not Rubio. The interesting question is whether enough of the other candidates will get out before Super Tuesday, and those winner take all primaries, so as to probably allow Rubio to win some of them. I hope not. A lot of people will come out to defeat Trump. Rubio is a more conventional Republican who will get the support of the base. And that high turnout so far is somewhat concerning. As awful as Trump is, I actually think that Rubio is worse, because he is really dumb, and is arrogant as well. And he has no original opinions whatsoever, he does what they tell him to. I think that Hillary would beat either of them, but it will not be easy, of course.

  113. OMG, do you remember Gov. Mark Sanford? The guy who provided me with hours worth of hilarious blogging material? The guy who cried on natonal TV because he was in love? And the guy whose love emails became common knowledge?
    This Mark Sanford?
    This Mark Sanford?
    This Mark Sanford? (Laughed so hard I cried when I wrote this)

    Well did you know after all of the above, they elected this dirtbag to the House of Representatives?I mean he’s on CNN right now! Like nothing ever happened! I guess the affair is over because wiki lists this first wife as his wife. Amaaaaaaaazinnnnnng.

  114. I also prefer Trump to Rubio. Rubio will like like a little boy when Hillary beats him up. And that would garner sympathy for the little boy. Trump, on the other hand, will be all crazy and vicious and garner empathy for Hillary, who will look at him during debates with that blank WTF? stare. He will appear clinical to moderates, embarrass the shit out of everybody, offend All, and I just think he’s a better deal to run against. Furthermore, it will be fun. lolol. I’d worry about him if he managed to pull 50%. I know the party would think he’d take votes from Hillary, but I also think she’ll get some based on his unpresidental behavior, wincing at some of the things an out of control guy could do from the White House. Thinking of how the airwaves will never be the same, dominated by The Donald. Every Day. Every Day. Every Day.

    And I understand that the ops research on him isn’t pretty either.

  115. SophieCT, I was having a really crappy day until I saw your post about grammar. LOL!!!!! You brightened my day.

  116. I find Cruz to be the most odious of them all. Not because I would ever think he could beat Hillary, but because when I see him I really DO feel like I am in the presence of Raw Evil. This is a bad bad man.

  117. Sophie, I love that tweet from the Millennials4Hillary! We will miss you when you’re gone! I hope you get to have some fun while you’re on your trip.

  118. Yeah the noun thing, I retweeted that from someone else yesterday. We were cracking up. Moron.

  119. Upps, also love your funny retweets about Rachel’s deer-in-headlights moment. So much fun! Was she expecting Sanders to win or something?

  120. Agree with you both about Cruz being the worst. I saw on fluffpo where half Cuban half Canadian Cruz is going to deport 12 million when he’s prez.

  121. By the by, that Millennials4Hillary account is run by a wonderful woman. She circled my wagon more than once on twitter. And she has far more brains and sense than the morons tweeting for Bernie. She says there are more of her for Hillary than we think.

  122. Sanford got elected for something else?!? Ewww. I remember those funny posts though!

  123. Yeah, I want to follow her.

  124. Well-written and referenced, spot-on assessment.

    Dear Bernie: I Like You, But These Red Flags Are Too Frequent to Ignore

  125. socal, maddow is his self appointed PR person.

  126. He really is a scumbag…

    Trump: Murder wouldn’t drive my supporters away

    By Nolan D. McCaskill

    02/23/16 04:31 PM EST

    Donald Trump on Tuesday praised his supporters for being so loyal that they would kill.

    “Even the really dishonest press says Trump’s people are the most incredible,” the billionaire said during a rally in Sparks, just hours ahead of the Nevada caucuses. “Sixty-eight percent would not leave under any circumstance. I think that means murder. I think it means anything.”

    Citing an unspecified poll, Trump said that more than nine in 10 of his supporters would “probably never leave.”

    “Other guys are at 10 percent,” he said. “I mean, they’ll leave if you — if you sneeze, they’ll leave. They don’t like the way you sneeze.”


    Wait until one of his loons takes it literally as an instruction.

  127. “Sometimes, Senator, you really live up to your initials.” ROFLMAO!

    That’s a great Huff Po article, Sophie. We really will miss you when you’re on your trip. Stay safe and enjoy!

  128. Sarandon harassing Delores in nevada

  129. Watching the Town Hall?

  130. Yeah. Watching Bernie totally unable to come clean about why AAs don’t much care what he says. It seems everybody knows but Bernie.

  131. What’s this guy think it’s his forum?

  132. Oh will you listen to him flip flop on Obama?

  133. Yeah we know Bernie, today you love the guy, you blowass. Milk it, you wrinkled old fart.

    How about answering the question. Can’t remember any names?

  134. I tried. Five minutes in and I just couldn’t take any more Bernie and flipped to NCIS. Sorry.

  135. Will you listen to this? And he accuses Hillary of embracing HIS stuff?

  136. Yeah I think I’m going to mute him.

    He’s on the one percent thing, irrelevant to the question. Click.

  137. I’m watching on mute too. Just waiting for Hill.

  138. Bernie gets muted by a lot of people simply because how many times can you listen to Wall Street a noun and a verb?

  139. Double Standard! Score!

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