Super Tuesday States — Broken Armchair Analysis

jackschittWell here I am, your non-expert analyst, pretending I know Jack Schitt.

Just pretend I am at least as good at analyzing primaries as one of those Cable “News” Channel hot 20-something fangirls with the oddly common froggy-croak-vibrato sounds at the ends of all their sentences, and please join me in a game of Play Along With Uppity.

I’m going to call the next boatload of Primary races. I won’t deal with South Carolina’s (February 27) numbers because it does look as if, unless Hillary is filmed slapping a puppy, she wins that one- although Bernie has showed up there and got practically run out of a church on a rail, but he did have a 5000 predominantly White Person rally. So no need to say much more about South Carolina except Hillary will win there. Instead, I am going to focus on Super Tuesday.

Super Tuesday is probably the most important day in Democratic Primaries. In order to win a primary and become the Democratic Candidate, either Hillary or Bernie will need to win 2383 delegates at our National Convention. On Super Tuesday, 865 delegates will be pledged, which puts into perspective how important this day is.

I’ve been looking closely at the upcoming Super Tuesday primary states with an eye toward looking at what Bernie can and can’t ‘take’. Among other places, I used 538’s site without focusing on predictions as much as the collections of polls – and here is what I THINK. I emphasize THINK because the truth is, when it comes to accurately predicting anything other than the weather (sinuses), I don’t actually KNOW shit. But I can do this anyways, because it’s my blog.

The Super Tuesday states where primaries will be conducted on March 1 are:

Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota,  Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and Wyoming. American Samoa Democrats  and Alaska will also caucus on this date.  (Note: Louisiana is scheduled for March 5). I hope I didn’t leave any out. If I did, let me know.

In taking a look at these states, I see Hillary clearly ahead in nearly all of them, but  with slightly to heavily reduced number spreads since tracking began when nobody even knew who the hell Bernie was.

Ok, here goes:

In Alabama, there appears to be no polls listed at all, so there’s no clue unless a poll arrives this week. Poor Alabama, they can’t get no respect. I will update here if and when any poll anywhere emerges. Update!: I’m calling this one for Hillary thanks to Fredster, who pointed out that John Lewis was in Birmingham stumping for Hillary and the reception was, as Donald would say, Terrific.

In Arkansas, there are only two polls, both in February, with Hillary ahead by 32 and 25 points respectively. Nate has this one called for Hillary now and I don’t see that changing since it’s Clinton Birth and Governor Country.

Colorado– I have no poll access to Colorado. I do know it’s a pretty state and it’s still there. If polls become available, I will update. The Bernie NH Ground Director who is under investigation for Election Fraud hails from Colorado, so as the old saying goes, if you can’t trust a man in one thing, don’t trust him in the other. Bernie also seems sweet on Colorado. That combo leads me to believe he will take the state without any polls at all. If polls come out, I might find myself changing my mind.

Nate Silver has Georgia called for Hillary at “Greater than 99%” right now. I can see why — with two February polls showing Hillary at +41 and +34. Even with the point reduction, it’s not hard for me to deduce she takes this one. It’s just not White enough for Bernie.

Massachusetts is where I think it gets sticky for Hillary. I felt this from Day 1, because it’s St. Elizabeth’s country and, while I have no basis in fact on this, I am nonetheless certain that she is working for Bernie there. While Hillary was well ahead in past polls, a February poll exists and that one shows Bernie at +7 as if February 16. A second poll conducted thru the 21st has Bernie and Hillary tied . So it’s pretty easy to see how he can win Mass, especially since he plans to campaign there. So they are either going to tie in delegates more or less, or Lizzy’s dreams of VP status in Chavez heaven is going to help Bernie pull a fast one. So I say Bernie can take Mass, but it probably won’t be some delegate blowout. And after all, winning is about delegates. I think  that if Bernie wins the North East’s answer to overtaxing, Hillary will put a big enough dent in the location counts to keep Bernie from crowing like a geriatric rooster over a win. All things taken into account, and especially Chief VP Wannabee’s presence, I think Mass will go into Bernie’s win column.

Minnesota. Oh, Minnesota. Who knows what lurks in their left-brained minds? The good good GOOD news for Hillary is named Al Franken. I think Al will hump and stump for her just as she did for him. He did after all say he didn’t think he would be a Senator today if it weren’t for Hillary. He has said that he is so ready for Hillary that he feels “No need to scope out another candidate”. And he said that in 2014.  Nuff said. A clown who did a great job of impersonating idiots, I admit I had my doubts about him. I was wrong. Al Franken became a very serious Senator immediately and I’ll bet his state loves him. Here’s hoping he can transfer that love unto Hillary, because Bernie has sniffed out and smelled Minnesota’s Liberal Roots at 100 paces, and I’ll bet he drags his wrinkled old ass there very soon. I’ll bet he drops the Late Senator Wellstone’s name too. Thus, this state falls into the category of Uppity Just Isn’t Stupid Enough To Try To Call This one.  But I’ll call it for Hillary anyways, just for spite — and because I know how tenacious Al Franken is.

Oklahoma – Two polls have Hillary ahead at +16 early in February and down to +2 as of  February 16. So her lead is down to peanuts. I have seen a number of sights and Twittees from Oklahoma for Bernie. I suspect he has a fair number of die-hard Bernies there who have been organizing for him. If he hasn’t been there, he’ll probably go there as Bernie is fully aware he needs to win a few. However, Big Dawg was there recently, stumping for Hillary and for ‘Getting Out The Vote, preferably for Hillary. It appears that Oklahoma had the lowest voter turnout in 50 years. So I’m betting they just don’t give a crap any longer. It gets that way when nobody cares about you. But I’ll bet any U of Oklahoma and Oklahoma’s state college students will be voting for that unicorn they will never see, barring an early Spring break.  As possible confirmation of my theory, Hillary’s  drop in lead this month from 16 to 2 tells me Bernie is in their heads. I’m calling this one for the Old Man.

Texas – This one looks like it’s Hillary’s, and I hear tell they have eliminated the skanky caucus and are just going with a Primary, thank you Jesus.  Two polls have her down to + 23 from +34 since the beginning of February. Fortunately, the primary is March 1, so Bernie is unlikely to bern her very much on this one unless she slapped 2 puppies and a kitten on camera.

Tennessee– This one looks easy for Hillary, with two February polls of +32 and +26. Once again Bernie has eroded that lead a bit, either through Time, Influence or Unicorn IOUs. You can’t tell which. In any event, with March 1 right around the corner, Hillary would have to slap another puppy to lose this one.

Vermont – Not much I can add here except it’s White and Bernie lives there. It’s New Hampshire For Bernie again.

In Virginia, two February polls have Hillary up from +12 to +22, so it looks like Virginia has increased its Hillary Love. It’s hers.

Wyoming– There are no recent polls on Wyoming at this moment. If they become available, I will update. Do horses and cattle vote?

But then, what the hell do I know?

Okay. Your turn.

Call that race!


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  1. Unbelievable. Bernie is really reaching and Clyburn NAILS him for it.

  2. She did a great job tonight.

  3. I love this:

  4. Great job Upps on the Super Tuesday predictions.

    Are they accurate, no one really knows…the polls are normally wrong, the media sites are only wrong if you compare them, the Rethugs are always wrong along with their buddy – Drudge, and I have been learning, that even some of the smart folks with blogs, that make a 180 in the middle of an election, are often wrong too.

    But one thing Upps, you are pretty close in my book and a Hell of a lot funnier doing it. So in my book, you win!

    My predictions are:
    – The east coast teeny tiny states, with almost no voters, goes to Bernie.
    – The states with lots of stoners and high unemployment for 20 somethings, goes to Bernie, unless the election falls on a day after a big kegger, midterms, finals, a big party, a good day to sleep in, or a day that is just to early to deal with.

    The rest goes to our girl.

  5. Love you and your Jack Schitt analysis.
    And yes, you know better than the others…
    because….you are the: ¨Uppity Woman¨

  6. I love me my Belle!

  7. Hahah on the stoners, Shadow. I should have done Stoner Research!

  8. Well done Upps! I’d rather read your funny take on this than listen to the idiot media. Oh, that just made me think of Maddow’s deer-in-headlights look when they called Nevada for Hillary! Heh heh. I am sooo sick of Bernie, his stupid antics and his goon squad of lying liars. I am praying he steps aside sometime next month.

  9. Socal, I just tweeted to Bernie that he is nothing but a miserable old fool.

  10. This analysis totally RULES. Wisdom with humor, an Uppity specialty.

  11. Thanks babe! That fifty bucks I gave you to say nice things about me really paid off!

  12. God forgive me, I simply could not resist posting this.

  13. In Alabama, there appears to be no polls listed at all,

    That’s because you weren’t looking in the right place. The only polls that count in Bama are the ones regarding football. (Roll Tide and Amen!)

    The only thing about politics in Bama is that everyone is gonna vote Republican (except for the black folks). The white folks are waiting for their pastors and the First Third Avenue, Greater Corinthian round-the-corner Baptist Church ministers to tell them which Republican to vote for.

  14. OMG HAHAHAH Fredster!

  15. Fredster, Louisiana is on the 5th. Can I assume Hillary is going to take that baby, too?

  16. I’m inclined to call Alabama for Hillary. 26% AA and I just think bernie has really fucked up with blacks what with his Barack Bashing. Although tonite, he pretended he liked him and dropped his name everywhere except the men’s room.

  17. Socal, he’s never going to ‘step aside’. They gonna have to drag his old ass out of the race.

  18. As long as the Rethugs keep donating to Bernie’s campaign and the FEC doesn’t make the connection, Larry David’s twin will stay in.

  19. Bernie doesn’t strike me as a “I will pick up the ball and go home” guy. He is more of a “If I can’t win, I will make sure you don’t either” guy.

    Expect an independent run. It’s not like he is a Democrat or has any loyalty to the party.

  20. He would have to get petitions in every state to get on the ballot. But I wouldn’t put it past him, the fuck.

  21. Excellent review of the various state primaries. I think that Sanders will win a few, if for no other reason than that the voters, urged on by the media, do not want this race to end so soon And we wil also hear that “he cut her lead (the one she had when Sanders was essentially unknown) quite a bit.” The media has nothing to talk about on the Democratic side if Sanders leaves, except for finding new invented Hillary questions, and finding more items for her to release.

    I do not think that Sanders will win any Southern state, and probably not any Panhandle state (well, maybe a panhandling state or two). Any state like Minnesota or Wisconsin, with a large college population is dangerous. I think Obama won both of those, and he won big in Wisconsin, almost his only non-South primary win,outside of Illinois. I think he will win MA and certainly VT. I think that Hillary will pick up all sorts of delegates, but that the media will try to show (as they did last Saturday) that Hillary might not be able to have enough delegates without counting any Superdelegates, so that this means that Sanders has a chance. Which is the exact opposite of what they said eight years ago, which was that since Hillary was about 100 delegates behind counting both sides’ Superdelegate commitments, she should immediately leave the race.

    Sanders is trying to focus on three or four states for Super Tuesday, figuring that he can’t win the others, and if he wins a few, it will look like he did fairly well. Hillary’s decision is to figure out where she wants to spend her time in the next week to maximize her overall results.

  22. I forgot that there was a townhall, and missed it, and it is not repeating. Oh, well.

    I am waiting to watch NV Republican caucus results, but it is hard to deal with the fact that there is not one single Hillary supportive media member on either of the cable news stations. There are Sanders supporters, Rubio supporters; there was a avowed Trump supporter on there last week, but not one person who says positive things about Hillary. Axelrod studiously avoids saying anything supportive; Van Jones seems to actively dislike her; while the various other table guests are various shades of conservative. Maddow is a perplexing person, I am not sure what her actual goal in life is, in a political sense, unless it is to try to resemble in body posture and facial expressions, some profound political scholar

  23. Upps, I think it’s safe to say Bama will go for Hillary in the Dem primary. John Lewis was in B’ham the other day at Miles College which is a historically black college and got a great reception.

    I’d also say Louisiana is safely Clinton country.. New Orleans is still majority A.A. and they’ll go for Hillary. The only thing might be post-K hipsters who have moved into Nola and who will vote Bernie so they can get rid of their student loans.

  24. Ms. Uppity, Most Excellent Analysis!!! For what it’s worth I concur on each of the BMW states (Bland and Mostly White).

    And just for the record, when it’s really late and I’m lonely, I dress up like a hot 20-something and practice my oddly common froggy-croak-vibrato sounds by speaking into an oscillating fan. The fan not only helps with the vibrato, but keeps my “Appalachian hotness” down to pre-molten levels. I do so love “Playing Along With Uppity.”

  25. And here’s what those Bama Baptists are like except for the fact that this was in Mississippi.

  26. AW Gawd, Prolix, between you and Fredster, I can hardly stand it.

    There’s Hawtness in Appalachia????

  27. Yeah I thought of B’Ham, and I’m gonna have to call that one for Hill. Thanks for the tweak on that, Fredster.

  28. Ms. Uppity, we is so hawatt up here the funeral homes have put in speed dating lanes.

  29. William, Trump is trouncing Nevada.

    And news of a former sexual affair between Bible Quoting Rubio and a lobbyist, complete with air itineraries for both of them, BOTH paid for by Florida GOP, seem to have….um……accidentally……emerged. Yes, that’s right. Jesus-Man played Bury The Salami with Not his wife.

  30. Shit Prolix! I spit my coffee out!

  31. Uppity: You never saw that Patrick Swayze movie Next of Kin ?

  32. My work here is done.

  33. I’m giving Bernie VT and that’s it. 🙂

  34. My work here is done.

    Oh no it’s not!

  35. Uppity, the pathetic thing is that the utterly hypocritical Right passes this kind of thing off. They love to talk about family values and virtue, but they never hold anybody to it if they like their politics. Even so, I would love to see it ruin Rubio’s career. I wonder if it will get wide coverage on the national media.

  36. sexual affair between Bible Quoting Rubio and a lobbyist

    Is it a boy lobbyist or a girl lobbyist because there were those rumors…

  37. It was a girl, Fredster. Unless you know any guys named Amber.

    Would have been more fun if it was a tranny. Evangelicals commit suicide over that kind of thing.

  38. See, you don’t get it, Wills. Evangelicals believe they can do any damned thing they want to anybody, because all they have to do is say “I’m sorry” when they get caught. Then they can go right back to doing the same thing. Rinse and Repeat.

    It goes something like this: “When I was a boy, I asked God to bring me a bicycle. But He never did that. So I stole a bike and asked Him to forgive me”.

    See my comment in the last thread about that pig Mark Sanford who went for a hike to “clear his head” and landed in Argentina with his mistress. His love emails became public and I laughed so hard I cried when I wrote about them. He was governor. And he disappeared into the ether with the most beautiful name in the world……Maria.

    And now he’s a damned Congressman! he was on CNN today and he said, “God Bless You”

  39. You don’t leave my place without my permission!

    I was on delay because I had to clean the goddamned coffee off my keyboard!

  40. Rubio’s politicoho was named Amber Stone — wasn’t she the star of “Jurassic Park”?

  41. Unless you know any guys named Amber.

    Well actually on some weekends in the Quarter I knew of a boy named Liza and I think there were a couple of Bettes also.;-)

  42. Hahaha Fredster!

    Prolix, the name is Amber Stoner.

  43. I’m giving Bernie VT and that’s it. 🙂

    Boy are you ever stingy!

  44. Although she may have been in J Park playing a Raptor.

  45. Amber Stoner = lost pothead?

  46. No kind of like a burnt sienna pothead.

  47. Stoner huh? I’m not gonna touch that line but watch Ted Cruz say Marco was involved with a stoner…drugs…tsk-tsk.

  48. You can bet that scheevy egomaniac Cruz never had sex with anybody but himself.

  49. @12:43: Calling for the eye bleach here.

  50. Do you know that Cruz’ Harvard roommate said he’d rather pick a President out of the phone book than pick Cruz???

  51. I am now convinced all you have to do to score a CNN “talking head” contract is to look into the camera with soulless dull doe eyes and repeat, “Okay, here’s the thing,” over and over and over again.

    Sitting here watching CNN I heard “Okay, here’s the thing,” four times in one minute.

  52. The Thing is The Thing.

  53. @12:43: Calling for the eye bleach here.

    You will never be able to Unsee that.

  54. Trump is giving his winner speech.

    Reebus Preebus must have his head in the toilet.

  55. I wonder which one of Trump’s sons is Fredo?

  56. Prolix: All of them.

  57. You will never be able to Unsee that.

    That’s what I’m afraid of.

  58. Watch the Republicans start to warm to the idea of Trump as President. They would support a cabbage truck if they thought it could get elected and keep appointing radical right justices. Then they’ll figure that they can get someone else in there next time. As I wrote the other day, their only concern is winning. They really don’t care what happens to the rest of the country, or the world.

    Let’s see if the media wants to keep attacking Hillary for the next nine months, or has any real interest in seeing a rational person elected. It will be quite a test; sort of the “Nightcrawlers” movie revisited. Trump will get them ratings, as he wreaks havoc with our political, economic and social systems.

  59. @Prolix and Upps on Fredo. 😆

  60. Listening to Trump give his glowing boner speech right now, it occurs to me that his vocabulary and realm of experience is so limited, he is channeling Dr. Suess.

  61. You mean it wasn’t phenomenal and terrific?

  62. Regret to inform you that I must go to bed. xo

  63. I can tell you for sure it wasn’t “Youggge!”

  64. G’night Ms. Uppity.

  65. G’night Upps.

  66. Fredster, I will lay you a thousand to one that this judge is politically motivated. If Hillary loses in November, it will automatically stop, because there will be no more use for it.

  67. @William, but I think I read that he was appointed by Bill. This latest thing seems to be the responsibility of Judicial Watch. 👿

  68. Good analysis on the primaries, Upps.

    But, it’s over. Hillary will be the nominee.

    This is not news, really. We expected it – notwithstanding the media’s temporary love affair with Sanders and his BernOuts. But, now, anyone with a clear mind about party politics knows its over.

    Bernie will lose. Hillary will win. It’s just a matter of time.

    But, and this is my main point in writing this comment, the (ongoing) damage can still be done. Over the coming weeks I for one will not sweat the results in each State. Bernie will get his delegates here and there, but so what?

    I repeat – Hillary will be the nominee.

    But, the rancid combination of Bernie’s rhetoric, the media’s hatred, and the BernOuts’ vileness can all still do great damage to Hillary’s chances in November.

    This is all about November, now. Nothing else matters.


    I think we should be careful not to become too distracted about the little picture (the primaries) but make sure we focus on the big picture (the general election).

    Each day that passes, each debate, each town hall, each campaign tour stop where Sanders, his minions, and the media conspire to weaken Hillary does further damage to her chances – in November.

    The Republicans (if it’s Trump or anyone else) cannot defeat Hillary Clinton in the General Election on their own. No way. They will need enough angry and/or apathetic Democrats to help them.

    The problem with the Sanders campaign is not that he may win the nomination (he will not) but rather it’s the bitter feelings towards Hillary that may result in the BernOuts (or Independents) either staying home in November, or maybe actually voting for a Republican – just to spite her.

    Now, of course, eventually Bernie himself will drop out, and will encourage all his supporters to rally behind Hillary – for the good of the country.

    But, will they?

    After all, as many here have duly noted, these are entitled brats – who are basically lazy, selfish, ignorant, and highly arrogant people. They care not for their country – but for themselves.

    After many months of hating on Hillary can they, will they, just flip the switch and vote for the best candidate? Or will they simply pick up their ball and go home. And stay home – on election day?

    I realize that I may sound like a Cassandra here – worrying about November when we are still in the Primary season. But, I’ve watched enough politics (and played enough chess) to know that one should always be thinking many moves ahead.

    In November, Hillary will have to surmount many obstacles in order to become our next President – the Clinton name, her gender, the media bias, the Republican attacks – and I’m confident that she can overcome all of these.

    But, she will need votes. Millions of them. Bottom line. This is all about numbers, after all.

    The Sanders campaign cannot, and will not, prevent her from winning the nomination now. It’s a fait accompli. But it can still continue to poison the well. And this is what worries (and angers!) me.

    Now, like everyone else, I will watch these primary (and delegate) numbers over the next weeks and/or months. But these numbers are quite irrelevant to me now. Except – how many of these meaningless votes *for* Bernie now, may become meaningful votes *against* Hillary later?

    So, this was my rather long-winded way of saying what every Uppityite here has already said…I hate this ongoing Bernie Sanders campaign.

    It will not beat her now (the battles) but can it beat her later (the war)?

  69. RWV I have to question a lot of these bernouts as ever being possible Hillary voters. I happen to think that a lot of them are Republicans trying to wreck havoc in the Dem primary. The thing to watch is what happens when we get to closed primaries. I think a lot of Bernie voters were Naderheads too (the ones that are not Republicans).

  70. Bernie knows he is in trobule…he’s walked away from SC wont go back after this morning. Schedule is to run to states like Mass and Nc….he has given up on the southern states as he cant spread around…expect blowout wins for hrc on sat in sc and on St

  71. 2 new polls today…. Sanders dead if correct

    Maryland : clinton 58 sanders 28

    NJ : clinton 55 sanders 32

  72. I repeat, after the revelations about Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice’s email practices, that dog won’t hunt. Judicial Watch will continue to try because they’re basically a harassment tool. And a Federal judge cannot conduct a criminal investigation, just allow a civil suit to proceed or nip it in the bud. It’s basically white noise at this point. I refuse to use WaPo links, btw. They demanded my email address to access a story a couple of months ago and now I can’t unsubscribe from their damn email. Talk about an email scandal!

    You didn’t mention that Minnesota is a caucus state. If we had a primary, Hillary would win comfortably. But the “left brain” people wanted to control us so we’ll be caucusing Tuesday. Sadly. I love Al dearly, but I don’t think even he can pull this off. We are very WHITE. Caucuses makes us whiter. I give it to BS.

    The rumors about Rubio have been around for a while. I heard he doesn’t just have a mistress but a whole second family! After Edwards, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  73. Rev Vet, your wisdom is not lost on me. I think of what you are saying often. I also think back to 2008, when so many of Hillary’s supporters refused to vote for Barack Obama. But in the end, more voted for him than didn’t. If that had not been so, he may have lost. I think that’s what will happen here as well. And there’s a much stronger pull that helps fuel my thought. SCOTUS. Now the Dudes, the Bros might not even care and they will stay home. Because SCOTUS can’t hurt them like it can hurt those inferior women. And if Bernie’s crowd is one thing, it’s self-serving. But for the women in that camp, SCOTUS will be important, and it will be important for the Rest Of Their Lives. No matter how naive they might be while Bernie feeds them baloney, they instinctively know this is a fact. The only way to prevent a world of subordination will be to vote for Hillary. They don’t really need to be told. They Know.

    The other thing that tweaked me is Nevada. The new registrants were a fraction of the new registrants Obama garnered, suggesting the common wisdom that young people yell a lot but don’t reliably vote. Definitely not in primaries. You can get them to the rallies, you can get them the free beer. They WILL show up for Fun. But when it comes down to the dry and boring stuff, they will be distracted faster than a puppy seeing a rubber ball fly by. I lurk over at Bernie HQ on reddit. Already I see discouragement in the wake of Nevada. Oh, there are a few leaders who try to get everyone pumped up, and a shout or two of We Can Do THis, but the overall mood is low. I learn more reading HQ than I learn anywhere else. Even their memes are fading. Some said they can’t afford to donate anymore money. Others discussed how they are ‘sure’ Bernie didn’t squander all that money that is gone. But beneath it all is a lessening of faith that Bernie can pull this off. Each time I read there, I feel sorry for them. We have to remember, they are really very very young (with occasional sprinkling of old hippies who lived like Bernie lived).

    It will be interesting to see how this all shakes down once Bernie is out of the picture. And yes, you are right, I see some of the shit Bernie pretended not to sling, but did sling often, lingering. Than also, Hillary has fending off much worse. You of course are right. It’s all about November. But one thing we can count on, she’s going to fight back and deflect. Let’s face it, nobody has more experience dodging flying objects than Hillary.

  74. Bernie is having a press conference. Like he’s president. What a tool. And of course, he’s saying the same shit he’s said hundreds of times. He’s getting free face time, having spent down all his money, including the money he filtered to his family.

  75. Ok here are results to Republican/Nevada race. It explains why I saw Reebus Preebus on CNN this morning…slurring his words.

  76. The GOP has to be ordering Malox by the case these days and yes, I’m guessing their martinis are probably stronger these days too. LOL.

  77. The media is on to BS “press conferences”. He held one last week, and MSNBC carried it Live. Until they realized he was just giving stump speech so they actually broke away. Even MSNBC is no longer “feeling the Bern.”

  78. UW, you miss characterized Wyoming. It’s a big sheep state, ya know “the men are men and the sheep are afraid”. It’s a local saying.

  79. *Removes head from toilet* Ooops, sorry tomy

    *Mental note: Do not go to Wyoming

  80. Fidel Castro’s brother Ramon has died, leaving an opening for Bernie Sanders to hop over to Cuba and participate in his favorite form of governing.

  81. Told ya….

    Bernie’s South Carolina surrender

    Sanders insists he isn’t giving up on the state but his schedule suggests otherwise

    COLUMBIA, S.C. — With just a few days until the South Carolina Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders is all but writing the state off.

    He hasn’t said that, of course, but his schedule reflects it.

    Sanders was in Massachusetts Monday night and Virginia Tuesday morning. While he attended a televised town hall in South Carolina Tuesday night and followed with an early morning news conference, his itinerary Wednesday consisted of events in Kansas City, Missouri, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. After that, his schedule called for a trip to Ohio Thursday — with stops in other March-voting states likely to be added, an aide said.

    A candidate’s time is a campaign’s most precious resource, so by spending so much of it somewhere other than South Carolina, the Sanders campaign is engaging in the cold calculus of primary politics — making the tough decision to send the senator to the states where he expects to be the most competitive.
    Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., right, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., center, and Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., hold a news conference on Monday, July 2, 2012 in Montpelier, Vt. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot)

    It’s a reflection of the cloudy outlook in South Carolina — where Hillary Clinton currently holds a double-digit lead in every poll ahead of Saturday’s primary — but also of Sanders’ strategic map through mid-March. The campaign’s goal is to project the message that he is running a durable national campaign, and central to that plan is a strong showing on Super Tuesday (March 1), followed by solid performances in big-state primaries like Michigan on March 8 and Ohio on March 15.

    Asked whether he was writing the state off at his morning news conference — an opportunity for him to get into the local media stream before he headed off to Missouri — Sanders said “Nooo, noo, no, no, no.”

    “We came to South Carolina, and, if you look at the polls, we were at 7, 8, 9 percent in the polls. We were 50, 60, 70 points behind. We have waged a very vigorous campaign. We have closed the gap very significantly,” he said.

    Nonetheless, he conceded, “This, from Day One, was going to be a very difficult state for us. We’re not writing off South Carolina, but you all know there are a dozen states voting on March 1.”

    Sanders and his aides bristle at the idea that they’re giving up on South Carolina, partly because they’ve invested in a large local organization for months. And because of Sanders’ widely-publicized struggles courting African-American voters, they’re eager to avoid the perception that his choice to effectively stop campaigning in a state where black voters make up more than half of the Democratic primary electorate implies he’s ceding the black vote to Clinton all across the country.



  82. And because of Sanders’ widely-publicized struggles courting African-American voters, they’re eager to avoid the perception that his choice to effectively stop campaigning in a state where black voters make up more than half of the Democratic primary electorate implies he’s ceding the black vote to Clinton all across the country.

    Which is exactly what he just did. Moron.

  83. Just tried to watch the video Uppity posted on last comments thread of Susan Sarandon yelling at Delores Huerta. I only got about 3 and a half minutes in and had enough. Sarandon keeps bellowing, “How could you not know?” Huerta doesn’t know about the far left conspiracy theory that Hillary has close ties to Monsanto because it’s not true. She has, in fact, no ties to Monsanto unless you count the former Monsanto lobbyist the campaign hired for his Iowa caucus expertise. Everything else is BS–pun intended. Then she asserts with great confidence that all the farmers in Iowa voted for Hillary because of Monsanto. It’s a MASSIVE conspiracy, and all the Iowa farmers are in on it!

    My title for the video: Loud mouthed, privileged Hollywood actress embarrasses self by haranguing octogenarian civil rights legend with left wing agitprop for five full minutes.

  84. This how I know its defintely over now for Bernie….finally

    Harry Reid endorses Hillary Clinton

    Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Wednesday.

    “I think that my work with her over the years has been something that I have looked upon with awe,” Reid told CNN.

    His backing comes after Clinton’s victory in his home state, Nevada, which held its Democratic caucuses last week.

    Read more:


    That’s the holdout, a death knell for Sanders, its basically telling the SD’s which way to go.

  85. Not a conspiracy theory but a fact that Sanders tried to dump Vermont’s nuclear waste on a poor Latino community in Texas back in 1998. That and Susan Sarandon is what White Privilege looks like. These people make me ill.

  86. Dem party has spoken…..even media knows it.

    EXCLUSIVE: Reid tells @CNN he backs Hillary for president, a sign leadership is closing ranks behind her. On @CNN now to discuss

  87. Now we’re only waiting for Obama to stop leading from behind. As for Biden, who cares?

  88. Bernie may as well go home now. if Reid has signalled his support of Clinton and we know what a Hillary hater he is, then its over for Sanders, he has no hope the SD’s will not abandon her now, its the equivalent of a mafia don putting a horse’s head in your bed.

  89. I’ve noticed cracks in the St Bernard Brigade but the nasty vitriol remands me of the Republican attack machine. What true Democrat is going to bring up Benghazi or emails and private servers? Or threaten to vote for The Donald? The kind that put bags over their heads to disguise their true faces.

    Thought you did a good job with the predictions, Uppity. Though the race continues the outcome is clear: Hillary Clinton will be our nominee. Then the truly ugly part begins, particularly if The Hair That Ate New York (and now the GOP) is our opponent.

    I listened to Trump’s victory speech from Nevada. O.M.G. He talked about being greedy, greedy, greedy his whole life and now he’ll be greedy for the country. You know the spin: we’ll all be tired of winning.

    I turned to my husband and asked: I wonder if the Germans felt like this before Hitler was elected–the fool, the pathetic clown who had no chance of winning. Until he did.

    The American public has gone batshit insane. An avowed socialist at one end and the Vulgarian of the World at the other.

    Hillary Clinton will not only be fighting for the Democratic Party. She’ll be fighting to save the damn country.

  90. For Reid to come out now and endorse Clinton right before South Carolina, its implicit notice that the Dem hierarchy want this over by Super Tuesday, its what they pull in 2008 right before South Carolina when they endorsed Obama.

    Its the cue to end this.

  91. Oh trust me, there is some megadirt out there about Trump, every business record will be dredged up to the point he will regret ever running…….

    The clintons know where the dirt is buried on Trump.

  92. Bernie doesn’t take any cues from a party he does not belong to, a party he has always despised and is only using to run while getting the added joy of damaging it. He is despicable. But he will tell them to shove their cues.

  93. Perfect title for that video, Rebel.Wish it could fit on twitter.

  94. You may edit, Up. Tou might do even better!

  95. Part of me would love for Sarandon to show up at my caucus location on Super Tuesday. Another part–the part that doesn’t want to spend the night in jail for assault–thinks that would be a really bad thing.

  96. Revolutionary War Vet, on February 24, 2016 at 5:53 AM

    On a very serious note, I agree with almost everything you said. The one thing I disagree with is the idea that Bernie’s kids will not vote for Hillary because their guy lost to her. I believe most of Burn’s voters also voted for Obama, or they were part of that 99% gang that wanted all the freebies they could get from the ‘government’.

    A lot of these people wouldn’t vote for Hillary in 2008 if Obama hadn’t stolen the primary, so those obots may or may not vote for Hillary this year if Bernie takes a dive. Time will tell.

    To me, the big question is how many will vote for Trump in the General Election because they hate Hillary????

  97. The sandinistas are having an absolute shit fit at Reid endorsing Clinton….they know its all over bar the shouting…….They were not saying that in 08 when Reid screwed her over for Obama right about this time in the calendar.

  98. Moon
    This how I know it’s definitely over now for Bernie….finally
    Harry Reid endorses Hillary Clinton.

    Hairy the cyclops finally endorses Hillary, did Hell just freeze over?

  99. Yes Shadow, he did and thats how i know its over for the old windbag.

  100. I agree, Moon!!!!!!!!

  101. Down the block, wasn’t one theory that Reid was behind the overthrow of Hillary at the convention this primary?????

  102. For Reid to go now endorsing means they want this out of the way because they think Trump is going to start fundraising for a GE soon………The Dems do not need a prolonged primary if Trump goes off and running……

    They will shoehorn and ultimatum Sanders on March 2nd…….it will be made clear he has no chance of the nomination and if he prolongs it, he will be flattened by the party.

    It also means they will protect Hillary to the hilt regarding this email shit.

    All systems go it seems from the DNC…..they have given Sanders his fun, now its time to fook off.

  103. exactly Shadow, kind of blows the whole ridiculous theory out of the water but then again we knew that.

  104. You may edit, Up. Tou might do even better!

    You can’t fix perfect. 🙂

  105. Don’t worry about the Sandernistas, they are novices and just don’t understand how these things roll, because they are more concerned with what’s good for them than party salvation and winning a presidency. They can’t help it.

    All I can say is I am sure the ops research on bernie yielded even more than we’ve found, and we’ve found a LOT. They may have to hang something over him. IMO he’s a coward. I’ve seen Hillary push back at him and watched him crumble. So, hopefully he does things voluntarily, although I doubt it as he really is one cranky old hippy.

  106. Moon – a big YUP to that.

  107. The amount of anti-sanders pieces hitting the headlines now are increasing tenfold.

    Why Democrats Should Beware Sanders’ Socialism

    He’s a socialist, not a liberal—and there’s a big difference.

    The excitement surrounding Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid has many on the left hoping that Americans are ready to embrace socialism. That would be something. After the Republicans renominated Richard Nixon in 1968, James Reston of the New York Times called Nixon’s victory at the convention “the greatest comeback since Lazarus.” If Sanders raises socialism from the dead, that resurrection will surely top Nixon’s.

    So, just what is Sanders’ socialism? As analogs to his own program, Sanders points to the policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and the social democracies of northern Europe. As a liberal, I find a lot to like about both of those. But Sanders’ portrayal of democratic socialism as nothing but the New Deal is a disingenuous sleight of hand that plays on foggy historical memories. And his comparison to Nordic social democracy is equally misleading: Much of Sanders’s platform ignores the economic realities that European socialists long ago accepted.

    Many people may be inclined to interpret Sanders’ calls for a revolution as just a rhetorical flourish. I think we should take it seriously. His policies are rooted in a socialist framework rather than a liberal one. And despite what Republicans may say, there’s a big difference between socialism and liberalism. Democrats and independents attracted to Sanders ought to think twice before shrugging off his self-description as a socialist.

    Politicians can try to give words their own spin—see the debate between Sanders and Hillary Clinton over the meaning of “progressive”—but they cannot insist on public amnesia about what those terms have signified before their campaigns. Socialism has a history, and Sanders himself has a history as a socialist. Both of those are relevant to understanding Sanders’ proposals and where he wants America to go.

    The term “socialism” first came into use in the 1830s in France and Britain, just around the time the word “individualism” was being popularized. Socialism primarily referred to socializing private property, putting it either in communal ownership (as in the experimental communities of that era) or in the hands of the state. After the experimental communities faded or failed, socialists focused on state ownership of the means of production and state planning of the economy.

    ……… on

  108. lol, as bad as it gets, No-one will help Sanders out on Foreign policy, doesn’t that tell us all we need to know…

    Amid criticism that his campaign lacks depth on foreign policy, Bernie Sanders is reaching out to several experts in the field to assist his campaign.

    Lawrence J. Korb, a defense policy expert at the Center for American Progress, told POLITICO that Sanders called him Sunday to ask whether the Vermont senator can name him as an adviser to his campaign. Korb, who had previously spoken to Sanders twice since his campaign launched, agreed. “I said he could,” Korb said. “That’s the last I heard. I don’t know if it’s going to be formal or anything.”

    Sources said the Sanders campaign also recently hired Bill French, a policy analyst at the left-leaning National Security Network, as a foreign policy staffer. French referred questions to the Sanders campaign, which did not respond to a query. His hiring was first reported today by Foreign Policy. Korb spoke highly of French, noting that French had once interned for him. (French’s LinkedIn profile shows that he interned at the Center for American Progress in 2011, soon after graduating from the University of Chicago.)

    And in what may be a sign of the challenge Sanders has faced in finding Democratic experts unaligned with — or willing to alienate — Hillary Clinton, he has reached out to at least one former member of George W. Bush’s administration.

    ……………you could write his foreign pollicy experience and help on that on the back of a cigarette packet…..

  109. Amid criticism that his campaign lacks depth on foreign policy…

    No $hit Sherlock!

    Let’s all just defund the military and tax the wealthy until we are all comrades, then we can pass the bong, and all eat our shared tofu together on a bare-assed beach.

  110. Nooo Romney, not until we get him as nominee, then hit him hard….

    Romney: Trump’s tax returns may contain ‘bombshell’

    Mitt Romney on Wednesday called for the top three Republican presidential candidates to release their taxes, especially front-runner Donald Trump.

    Phoning into Fox News, Romney, the 2012 GOP nominee, accused the billionaire real estate showman of “dodging and weaving” on this issue before suggesting that Trump’s taxes may reveal a “bombshell.”

    “We’re gonna select our nominee. We really ought to see from all three of these fellas what their taxes look like to see if there’s an issue there,” Romney said. “I think in Donald Trump’s case, it’s likely to be a bombshell.”

  111. Does anyone else find it uncomfortable that Bernie always seems to address the black electorate by means of criticizing Hillary on her support of welfare reform or prison population?

    Seriously! What century is that man living in?

  112. That’s one more thing BS hasn’t released and Hillary has. Taxes. Hillary’s returns going back to 1977 are in the public record. It would be interesting to see what effective tax rate Sanders pays. Cause he’s a socialist, doncha know!

  113. I agree with RevWarVet that Sanders can only do damage at this point. So I am hoping that he will do the decent thing and leave the race very soon. But as Uppity noted, he has no ties to the party, so he they have no influence on him. If his money disappears, then this might encourage him to withdraw. Some kind of endorsement of Hillary would be helpful, but I do not expect it any time soon.

    No one can defeat Hillary on issues. And that is why this entire election is going to be about her character. Of course her character is first-rate in all respects, but doesn’t mean that the Republicans and their media friends won’t keep hammering away at their invented narratives. We are going to see some of the most appalling ads in political history, run against her. Democrats closing ranks to support her, will be very important. I hope to see all sorts of “surrogates” on the airwaves, extolling her abilities and credentials. It would help if there were at least a couple of “pundits” who supported her, the way that Obama had in the last two campaigns. But I so far have not seen one who gives any but the most grudging praise for her.

  114. a few weeks ago, one of the talking heads on CNN asked him for names of his foreign policy advisors, generals, etc. He was dodging and weaving and changing the subject. But he kept getting pressed so he dropped Larry Korb’s name. I heard it and saw it with my own ears and eyes. It’s interesting to know he dropped Korb’s name long before he asked if he could. I don’t expect CNN will “remember”. It’s not convenient. He lied, the skanky bastard.

    In any event it is CLEAR that he knows NOTHING of FP. And that is particularly skanky considering he IS a Senator and has been for a LONG time.

    This is not a smart man. He confirms it every single day.

  115. Coastie, the fact that he had courses in his campaign on how to talk to black people is all you need to know about Bernie and his interest in minorities of any kind. The few minorities in Vermont said they felt “invisible” to him.

  116. I was thinking about the Obama Supreme Court nomination, soon to be forthcoming. Here is the complex part: I don’t’ think we would want him not to at least do the correct constitutional thing, and make a nomination.. However, if the Republicans do not hold hearings on the nominee, and thus there is no vote, how much pressure does that put on Hillary to not change the nominee if she is elected? If it is, for example, an African-American woman, is she going to hear from all the interest groups that she must stick with her? After all, she would not be rejected, because not voted upon, so theoretically would still be the nominee until she withdrew, or Hillary withdrew her name.

    Not our biggest concern right now, but still interesting. If Obama picks a moderate, hoping that the Republicans approve him or her, the Republicans can just ignore him, not hold hearings, and then make it harder for HIllary to pick a more liberal appointee, as indicated above. I certainly want Hillary to have the ability to use the Supreme Court nomination as an important campaign issue, and not to be hampered by President Obama’s pick, if he cannot get it through. There is no precedent on this, because I don’t believe it has ever happened this way. The Republicans clearly show that they are cheerfully willing to shut down the government any time they are not going to get their way. I would love to see this very fact be a major issue, because I don’t think we can get anywhere unless they are very much marginalized in their current incarnation.

  117. BS —> Bernie Sanders —> Bull $hit

  118. I say let’s cross that bridge when we come to it, William.

  119. Well, since I am not making the decision, it is interesting to speculate on it, particularly as we are in uncharted constitutional territory. I have never heard of any time in history where a Supreme Court nominee would never even get the courtesy of a hearing. So I do wonder whether HIllary is going to inherit Obama’s nominee, and/or whether he has asked for her input as to the choice. Attorneys love hypothetical propositions, as you may imagine.

  120. I’m no attorney, but I think Hillary should get to make her own pick, in William’s scenario.

    Rev Vet, great comment.

  121. I never heard of it either, William, but it’s also the first time in history an entire political party has gone batshit crazy.

    I remember when the “Conservative” party was a fringe party like “Liberal” party. Conservative referred to fiscally responsible, it was a political party. Now it’s a Religion and it wholly owns what was once the Republican Party, and it’s batshit crazy. Conversely, the Liberal party disappeared and was replaced by the Progressives, which are on their way to being batshit crazy too. If you don’t think so, then how is it a die-hard socialist crackpot can run on the ticket and actually win some primaries.

    And that is why we might end up with NO SCOTUS as the existing ones die off, because nobody will be able to confirm an appointment on the court. And God forbid someone who doesn’t interpret the constitution according the the platform of a a Political party were ever nominated.

  122. Jack Schitt up there reminds me of Gov. Martin O’Whathisname.

  123. No. This is Jack Schitt

  124. William, the biggest problem for the Dems regarding a Supreme Court nominee is that this video courtesy of then Senator Joe Biden is going to be run again and again.

    I believe this falls under the category of “careful what you wish”….

  125. Biden’s a pain in the ass. He has tons of sketchy history, that he’s been given a pass on. I can’t believe there are still people that wish he was running for prez.

  126. I love how this blog is on FIRE!!

  127. Agree, socal, and you can add Reid to that list as well. What ticks me off though is Hillary is probably going to pay the price for this, not Biden.

  128. New Texas poll just out by Survey Usa and texas with its i think 252 delegates…..

    Clinton 61
    Sanders 32

    I’d be smiling if it went like that.

  129. Here is that poll detail…..

    In the Texas Democratic Primary, it’s Clinton 61%, Sanders 32%. Sanders is backed by 58% of the youngest voters, but Clinton is backed by 70% of middle-aged voters and 82% of seniors. Clinton leads Sanders 4:1 among black voters and Clinton leads Sanders by 40 points among Hispanic voters.

    Sanders draws near to Clinton, but still trails, among Democratic primary voters who say they are “falling behind” financially. But Clinton overpowers among voters who say they are “doing well” financially or “just getting by.”

    Of those Democratic primary voters who voted for Clinton in 2008, 86% stick with her in 2016. Among Democratic primary voters who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, Clinton leads Sanders 58% to 33%. Clinton polls at or above 60% in North TX, East TX, Central TX and South TX. Sanders comes close to Clinton in West TX, but still trails her there 48% to 42%.


    Sanders, here’s your reality staring you in the face…..

  130. Is TX winner take all regarding delegates for the Dems? I can’t keep up anymore with all the different rules for each party.

  131. Uppity, when I studied Constitutional Law to at least some extent, I was impressed for the most part with the fact that most Supreme Court Justices throughout the country’s history have earnestly tried to deal with the very complex philosophical issues which underlie the most significant cases.. Some were political hacks, of course, but there were some great legal minds on the court. And one could respect the arguments of some of the Justices whose opinions one disagreed with. But that mostly ended in the 1970’s. And the case of “Bush vs. Gore” essentially destroyed the Court’s credibility, maybe forever, as it was an opinion which made no legal sense, but was simply a result they wanted, papered over with some words. And they knew it, and that is why they limited their bogus rationale to only that case; essentially saying, “Whatever we write here cannot be used for any precedent in any other comparable case, because it makes no sense, except that we wanted Bush to win, and not Gore.”

    The Republicans were the ones who politicized the court. They can complain all about Bork, but they were picking far Right people with legal views which fell far outside the bounds of traditional American jurisprudence. None of the choices of Clinton or Obama were at all outside the judicial mainstream. But Bork, Scalia, Rehnquist, Alito, Roberts, are handpicked judicial radicals who argue for 19th century interpretations which vastly favor business over labor, and states rights over governmental power to ensure individual freedom. And the Republicans literally think that the Court is the judicial arm of the other two branches, which is a horrifying concept. Refusing to even hold hearings for a Court appointment, simply because the other party is making it, should be grounds to throw every one of them out. They are completely unamerican; they do not believe in the Constitution, even though they profess to swear by it.

  132. William, FDR was the first to truly try to politicize the Court when he attempted to change the court from 9 to 11 members in order to stack the court in his favor.

    As far as “outside the bounds of traditional American jurisprudence”, well that is subjective to which side of the aisle you are viewing. The key word here is “subjective”. I personally would have hated if Bork got on the court, but then again, I can’t fathom how Kagan was even remotely qualified. As someone who has had to do court transcript summaries, she is the most scattered, illogical member of the court right now.

    Sorry, William, but I give neither side a pass when it comes to attempting to stack the Supreme Court.

  133. Upps, and Shadow, and the others who are helping to ease my mind about the BernOuts come November – your points are well taken.

    Perhaps, I am worrying too much about the loyalty of Democrats (I hope so) but these are strange days, and the Sanders supporters are such a solipsistic, whimsical, unreliable bunch that I still worry about them hurting Hillary in the General.

    And it’s not just them. Apropos of my “poisoning the well” reference, I think Shadow’s comment is quite relevant…

    “To me, the big question is how many will vote for Trump in the General Election because they hate Hillary????”

    Yes, Shadow, I agree. And it’s this ongoing hatred that could cause many other voters (and not just BernOuts) to vote against Hillary.

    Independents, Moderate Republicans (the kind who voted for Bill Clinton) and even normally rational middle-of-the-road type Democrats are being subjected to this constant Hillary bashing.

    It could take a toll. I could see them thinking (wrongly, of course) well, ya know…They say she can’t be trusted, and Benghazi, and this e-mails thing – oh, the heck with it – I’ll just vote for Trump.

    A terrifying prospect.

    But the fact is, in this batshit crazy year (as Upps says) – too many folks may just make a pact with a (true) devil they know (Trump) rather than a (fabricated) devil (Hillary) whom they really know not.

    Ignorance is bliss, so it’s said. (Bullshit. It is not in fact bliss, and it’s usually very dangerous)

    I mean, is it really fathomable that, of all people, Hillary Clinton could actually lose the presidency to Donald Fucking Trump?

    It seems inconceivable.

    The only positive to a Trump candidacy (if it actually happens) is the amount of ammunition that Hillary will be able to unload on him.

    I mean, this comment today by Mittens about Trump’s potential tax “problem” is drop in the bucket compared to the skeletons in this buffoon’s closet.

    And most of them are not even hidden in the closet!

    This guy has for years made hundreds of racist, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic comments – on the record. It’s all there. Of course it’s just red meat for his vile and vulgar “base” of pathetic losers.

    But, if it does turn out to be Hillary vs. Trump, one can only assume that Hillary will let loose (I’m sure her people are already gathering all the evidence of The Donald’s villainy) in an attempt to wake the American public up to the reality of this election.

    It’s time for this Circus to end.

    It’s time for adults and rational people and the media (fat chance) to stop treating this election like an effing Game Show. The stakes are too high.

    It’s time to show the WORLD that, as a nation, we are better than giving serious currency to the possibility of a President Trump – an ignorant, grotesque, hateful vulgarian – whose candidacy should be consigned to the dustbin of history.

    If not, then Goddess help us all.

  134. More new polls….a 2nd for texas

    Clinton 66
    Sanders 26

    And a new univision hispanic poll has clinton whallopng everyone with hispanics, almost 8 in 10 would never vote for Trump

  135. Moononpluto, I’m surprised that 2 in 10 Hispanics apparently would vote for Trump!

    Up, you have a great idea for a novel with your scenario of Supreme Court justices dying off and no president able to get replacements confirmed.

  136. Haha Rebel, I’ll at that supreme court idea to the list of books I’m going to write next!

  137. From Moon’s post-

    [(Texas) Not only will Hillary mop Bernie’s bro pig pen with a huge delegate win…but also…]

    “Of those Democratic primary voters who voted for Clinton in 2008, 86% stick with her in 2016. Among Democratic primary voters who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, Clinton leads Sanders 58% to 33%.”

  138. Voting

    “I can’t fathom how Kagan was even remotely qualified.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

  139. The New York Daily News believes that a strong showing by Clinton on Super Tuesday 2016 could end up being the nail in the coffin of Bernie Sanders’ run.

    “If you look at the pure mathematics and demographics of these states on March 1, I don’t think (Sanders) turns the tide and creates the level of political momentum he needs to win, like the levels he experienced after New Hampshire.

    “Super Tuesday could be rough for him… Especially in these Southern states, the ones that have larger numbers of African-Americans.”
    Hillary Clinton is heavily favored in Saturday’s primary in South Carolina, and she has a lot of support from the African-American demographic. A convincing win in South Carolina will only build up her momentum for Super Tuesday and make her day stronger.

    Experts believe that Bernie Sanders is at his best when he’s able to focus on one state and give it everything he has. The large amount of states voting on Super Tuesday could be his downfall, as the progressive senator just isn’t able to deliver all his attention in one spot as he did in New Hampshire and Iowa.

    Super Tuesday 2016 is likely to deliver some huge messages in this year’s presidential election. In the Democratic Party, it could be when Hillary Clinton pulls too far ahead for Bernie Sanders to catch up.

  140. Herd of African elephants charge Sen Jeff Flake.
    Should be re-titled “Herd of elephants protest being forced to be mascot to a bunch of crazy assholes”

  141. Larry Sabato of Crystal ball analysis says Sanders has to win 58% of every state primary from now to catch Clinton’s Super delegate lead, if he doesn’t he has no feasible way to the nomination.

  142. New Pennsylvania poll just in – Clinton big lead amongst likely voters….

    Clinton 51%
    Sanders 29%
    Someone else 8%
    undecided 12%

    Amazing how Sanders vote is drifting away now, Nevada seems to have been a turning point, so i expect it to collapse after SC and ST.

    One thing pundits said is states like oklahoma and Minnesota often get decided by what happens by early calls on the evening, so lots of big wins early by Clinton may just kill Sanders in Minnesota.

  143. Trump must be hiring thickos…….

    Donald Trump’s campaign’s spelling of “Oklahoma” is not OK.

    A Facebook photo advertising his Friday rally in Oklahoma City had this message: “Stand with Trump Oaklahoma City, OK 02.26.16.”

    This isn’t the first time the Trump campaign has botched a spelling in Oklahoma, which votes on Super Tuesday. Last month, media badges for his rally in Tulsa spelled them “Tusla.”


    I despair

  144. I like the way Hillary and Obama are playing ping pong with Mitch McConnell’s head regarding the SC nominee.

  145. Ooooooooooo! Give me a link to Oaklahoma!

    Edit: Nevermind.

  146. Hahahah on No-Chin McConnell

  147. Some of us think there is something evil about Cruz, CNN captured that evil look of Cruz…it’s on their front page now

  148. VotingHillary, FDR was not successful in his effort to add Court seats. However, consider the situation. The country was in the midst of an terrrible Depression and it was getting worse. There was real fear in the country. Some thought that we were headed for a revolution, or the kind of fascist takeover that we were seeing in Europe. FDR was elected by a large margin, and people wanted him to do things, create jobs, try to provide some hope.

    So FDR, backed by Congress, got whirlwind legislation passed. And the Supreme Court kept overturning the legislation. Natiional Labor Relations Act, National Industrial Recovery Act, minimum wage legislation, attempts to limit price-fixing in the coal industry Some of the decisions were based on the Court’s concept that they violated the “freedom to contract.” That was the social darwinist idea that if a nine year old child wanted to work for one cent an hour for fifty hours a week, no one should interfere, because of “freedom to contract.” Of course there was no legitimate freedom to contract, it was akin to slave labot. These Justices were mostly appointed by Republican Presidents of the previous forty years. They were termed “the nine old men.” Had nothing been attempted, the country might have collapsed. The so-called “court packing” was defeated, but the justices realized that they were not wanted, so they started resigning, and the New Deal legislation finally became law.

    The problem, obvously is that we’re dealing with abstract concepts. This gives the Republicans cover. Kagan may not be a good Justice; she was not my idea of a great pick. But that has happened many times. Kennedy picked White, his old chum, who was an awful justice. But the Republicans are picking judicial radicals from the Federalist Society. “Originalism” is an excuse to say, “If the Constitution never mentioned abortion or contraception, there is no right to have them.” If enough of these people dominate the Court for the next forty years, we will have a return to the social darwinism of the Gilded Age, with no workers’ rights, no privacy rights, no free speech rights; the only right will be to buy a hundred assault weapons a day

    . If the Republicans can audaciously say that they will not approve anyone whom Obama appoints to the Court, and they won’t even hold hearings, then they are akin to secessionists–except that they hide behind “oh, both sides do it, and therefore we are just playing the game.”. George Mitchell, would not support a filibuster against Thomas, and he was approved by a Democratic Congress in 1992. He recently said on television that he believed that Thomas deserved hearings and a vote. Kennedy was approved by a Democratic Congress in 1988. No party has ever refused to vote on a Supreme Court appointee simply because it was the President’s last year in office. This is virtually equivalent to a coup d’etat. And it is just possibly the issue which if used effectively, could greatly damage the power of the radical right in Congress.

  149. Funny how Bernie’s not bragging on how much money he’s raising now.

  150. latest Wisconsin poll just in, tied at 44% each…..Sanders cannot win on those numbers, its just split delegates, he needs blowouts, its just not happening. The sandinistas are allover it saying it shows Sanders winning,they obviously cant work out the maths…….WI is an absolute state he needs to blowout…..

  151. Another one just out….

    New Monmouth Virginaia Poll…..

    Clinton 60%
    Sanders 33%%

    Does he seriously think he can win the nomination with blowouts like this!

  152. Sure, ’cause REVOLUTION!

  153. I think he’ll take wisconsin. THey are hanging off the left cliff by their fingernails.

  154. I’ve got some shots of cruz that make him look like sinister raw evil.

    WP makes posting photos in comments so much work, you don’t even want to do it.

  155. Obama won the Wisconsin primary in ’08, by a very large margin. It was one of the only prmary states he won outside the South. A lot of campus people there, in the large state university system; and then it has long been a place for Progressives, at least on the Democratic side, going back to LaFollette. So if Sanders doesn’t win this one, he’s not going to win very many.

  156. Click for face of raw evil.

  157. This is crude of me, but Ted Cruz is one physically repulsive human being.
    It takes some crust to make modern politics your career path with a face like that.

  158. in something, people have forgotten…….415,000 have already voted in Florida’s presidential primary

  159. other little know facts……71% of the returned absentee ballots in South Carolina are african american voters……clinton banking votes up……

  160. You’re on fire, Moon.

  161. Upps, it’s those freakin’ eyes…

    If his eyes were light blue, he wouldn’t look as evil to me, just a psycho.

  162. Mitt is ripping into Trump on releasing his tax forms.

  163. how do you guys embed pics? so they just show up.

  164. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox to Trump: We’re “Not Paying For That F***ing Wall”

  165. If the Republicans were smart (LOL), they would have stopped Trump already. I really think it’s too late now. Trump will be the Republican Nominee just like Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Nominee. It is time for the msm to admit it and just move on already. But with Trump being the nominee, the Republicans have pretty much committed suicide.

  166. I was just going to say that “moon was on fire today” and then I saw Shadowfax beat me to it! (Great minds…)

    moon, I don’t know how to embed pix either.

    This is a great thread everyone, thanks!

  167. Flvoter, yes I saw where Karl Rove was shopping the idea that Trump was sill stoppable but I don’t see how. He’s going to do a clean sweep on Super Tuesday as far as I can tell.

  168. Moon is enjoying busting loose!

  169. Moon, now don’t be giving me a headache. Even I hate posting pics in comments. You want to know how to do it? Ok, I’ll tell ya
    1. Email the pic to Uppity or a mod. Uppity will hide.
    2. Uppity or the mod will have to save the pic on their computer and then load it into our media area.
    3. Uppity or the mod will then have to downsize the picture so it fits.
    4. Uppity or the mod will then have to copy the location of the photo
    5. Uppity or the mod will then have to insert the location into an obnoxious code that Uppity can hardly remember.
    6. Then Uppity or the mod will have to email the damned loaded code to you.
    7. YOu will then have to copy the code and paste it into the comment and it might or might not show up.

    Hope this answers your question.

  170. Shadow, I expect cruz’ eyes to glow red if he wins a race.

  171. Yup Upps. Anyone besides Moon and I going to watch the mud fight between Trump and anti-Trumps tonight?

  172. I’ll watch.

  173. CNN might’ve been smart to make it pay per view… Ruby can kick Donald in the shins, Cruz could kidney punch and Kaisich can throw the cream pies in everyone’s faces.

  174. and PLAY BALL!

  175. so far, The Donald seems low energy

  176. Donald starting to wind up…. apparently he’s very pissed at Mitt.

  177. Ruby biting Donald’s ankles.

  178. Cruz goes after Trump.

  179. I wish Hillary hadn’t called the BLM protester “dear” in that sarcastic tone. I know she’s only human and it’s really hard when the other person won’t shut up and let you respond, but Hillary’s response was off.
    America is ready for the cool but caring Grandma, not the Church Lady.
    Hillary’s been pretty flawless lately, I hate to see her misstep.
    Tomorrow is another day.

  180. Oh dear, Trump dressing down Pres. Fox for using the f word…. will wonders never cease?

  181. Exactly OldCoastie, the irony of that! Said the prez of Mexico should apologize.

  182. Decent shot by Ruby mentioning the Donald doesn’t make his clothes in the U.S.

    Lotta shouting now.

  183. Whoa! This is getting to be a knockdown drag out!

  184. Ruby feeling frisky tonight…. musta switched off the robot.

  185. OMG you guys are actually watching that.

    SOmebody on twitter DMd a group and asked if we were going to watch and I said PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME!
    Another person said, no, I’m washing my hair tonight.

  186. it’s like watching roller derby, Ups… 😉

  187. Donald making his peculiar faces tonight.

  188. That bad huh?

  189. Sweet Sue,
    What I want to know is who’s paying for Black Lives Matter? Also, why they’re targeting Hillary,,the person most likely to listen to and provide solutions to their issues..rather than them going after the Repubs..or Bernie for that matter.

    Also, kudos to Uppity ;you are back to your ’08 fighting form and then vitamins?

    Also kudos in Moon’s direction. This site has the most fun,the best pictures and the most informative links and comments. Rockin’ it.

    Me,I’m feeling the’s faded in candle power and Super Tuesday will snuff that out. His folks better start looking for a new source of heat.

  190. Creepy Cruz keeps bringing up “marriage”… what in the world does he is going to be able to do about marriage equality??

  191. I think Donald knows he’s about to be vetted. On Steroids. I can feel it. That’s why they dragged out Mittens, since he’s the closest thing to a Big Gun they have, pathetic as that is.

    Bernie doesn’t know how lucky he is that the polls have him tanking. Or he would be vetted this week too.

  192. Cruz doesn’t seem to be very effective in his kidney punches.

  193. Oh Cruz thinks he’s going to be Pressy and then Ruth BG is going to retire or expire, he doesn’t care which. And then he will get to appoint two zealots to the court and ‘overturn’ every decision he doesn’t like. Cruz is playing with himself in the dark because if he thinks they don’t want Donald, they want him even less.

  194. I keep forgetting Carson is on the stage.

  195. hehe… Ruby needling Trump on repeating himself.

  196. Rubio was channeling Gov. Chrispy Cream in that exchange.

  197. Donald’s serious lack of depth (or any specific plans) is starting to show

  198. Donald complaining he gets audited annually. I wonder if there’s so much funny business, it triggers the audit?

  199. If he gets audited every year, chances are they caught him before. They come back just like a dog finds his way back home.

  200. Cruz getting in a few licks regarding Donald’s university.

  201. Cruz will pick up texas votes and other states with evangelicals in them. After that, he’s dried up. Lucky if he gets one vote in MASS or NY or CA or pretty much any NE state. Once he’s out of Bible country, he’s burt toast. He’s not going to get catholics, that’s Rubin’s territory.

    Oh Oh Oh……..I can’t….help….muhself…..

  202. Good to finally hear RubyPolo and Demon Eyes Cruz go after Trump with some real substance tonight.

  203. Uppity
    If he gets audited every year, chances are they caught him before. They come back just like a dog finds his way back home.

    Absolutely, maybe Mitt is right, he is hiding something.

  204. Donald’s University fraud is in the courts right now. He likes to taunt hillary about getting indicted and he might just do it first.

  205. Kaisich supports regime change in N Korea

  206. Wants to arm S Korea and Japan with ballistic missiles.

  207. Ruby think Hillary was a “horrible” sec of state.

    Good grief.

  208. Interesting. R’s are all using “horrible foreign policy” as their Dem attack.

  209. Wolf has lost control

  210. Sounds like the FBI really messed up on the phone. They guessed so much, they sent it into self destruct mode. All’s they needed to do was send it to Apple first instead of mucking it up.

  211. The Republican prez candidates are on TV fighting like 5th grade bullies on a playground an Hillary be like……

  212. I love privacy, love Apple products, but I want the feds to be able to open that damn phone. It doesn’t even belong to the terrorist, it belongs to the county and they gave permission. I think Apple should help them. I think Cook is grandstanding.

  213. The rethugs on N Korea sounds terrifying. Just what the world doesn’t need.,,one of these idiots in charge.

  214. Here’s another one. It would’ve been great if Bill strolled out playing the sax!

  215. oh thank gawd it’s over.

  216. We just turned it on about 20 minutes ago, but yeah, that was awful! Horrible people.

  217. They’re still up to their “trashing HIllary” tricks. We didn’t hear them say one word about Bernie, but inserting Hillary into every comment. Are the conservative citizens that stupid? If a moderator asked one of them, “what did your 8 yo do in school today?” they’d answer, “well, if wasn’t for Hillary Clinton…”

  218. I was watching for a couple things…. one was the general line of attack against Hillary (foreign policy) and the other was to see if anything would break Trump’s bullying. Rubio was not terribly successful (but much more effective than Bush who always acted like he got a swirly) but Ruby hung in there with his ankle biting and Trump did not keep after him.

    They know Bernie is a Nothing Burger. But they would love to have him run.

  219. socal – I don’t believe Bernie is a factor any more.

  220. They basically spend all their time in the GOP “Stopping Hillary”. Get pretty much nothing else done and think about pretty much nothing else. Been that way for a couple of decades, so it’s to be expected.

  221. Republicans expect to face Hillary, so in their “winning is all that matters” playbook, they will blame her for every problem in the world, multiple times a day.Best thing for us is to have Hillary win big in the next few weeks, which will either force Sanders out of the race, or at least keep anyone from listening to him. Then I think we need Trump to win enough states upcoming to make him the presumptive nominee, and then Hillary can focus on him. Also, the sooner the other Republicans go away, the better. I would not put it past this party and the people who control it, that they want all these candidates going on, because it gives them more people to attack Hillary in various speeches and debates, and keeps the focus on their party.

  222. Uppity, it is indeed pathetic. But like soulless machines, they see this all as a zero-sum game; if the other side does not win, they win by default. So fhey figure if they can get her negatives up higher, this beats them having to make any sense in their ideas and proposals. I would not be surprised if 90% of their ads during the campaign are just anti-Hillary, with the accompanying distorted photos.

  223. Ruby and Cruz got some good punches in tonight, against Trump. Hope some of the things that came up about Trump having no specific plans on anything…weighs on the voters minds when they vote.

  224. Pollsters finding nevada momentum for Clinton. New poll has her up 5 in Mass 49/44 and stretching her leads further in the south.

  225. Gotta love it…….

    New Michigan poll just out and its….

    Clinton 65
    Sanders 31

    Are those mid 60 numbers starting to look frequent now….?

  226. Chris Matthews actually holding BernedOut Hippie’s feet to the fire here:

  227. Interesting imust! I wonder why he’s got those red spots around his mouth and on top of his head? Breaking out in hives? Blood pressure?

  228. I watched the debate, Trump was cornered by Cruz and Ruby…these attacks should have come out sooner. Trump was painted as a fool with no real plan on how to replace obamaHellCare. I don’t know how much it will hurt Trump at this point, but Ruby lost R2D2 tonight and was better against Trump than before.

  229. Moon, did you watch the debate?

  230. no, Shadow, did not watch the Humpty, Trumpty and Dumpty debate, i had better things to do like, sleep.

    As for Sanders, he did not like getting flamed like that, what did he think this was all going to roses and petals and flying unicorns not asking him a hard question…..he did not like it.

  231. Another new Monmouth poll just out and its Virginia and look there is the 60% mark again

    Clinton 60%
    Sanders 33%

  232. First time I’ve heard Bernie say anything in reality. Chris: “How do you know?” Bernie: “How do I know? I don’t know anything?” Ayep.

  233. Al Franken shares tweets from Bernie supporters after HRC endorsement. Al was being kind here, I’m sure he rec’d more vile tweets. But, it’s a nice vid in support of Hillary. Reasoned, fun and cute.

  234. Tweety is not getting a tingle

  235. BS is gonna bury Mitch McConnel in emails? Seriously, that’s his strategy to get his agenda passed? It must be dementia. He can’t even remember that when Dems were trying to pass The Affordable Care Act it was the opposition that rallied in the streets giving birth to the Tea Party. He actually talks like there is no opposition to his magical proposals, but after more than 25 years in Congress he has failed to enact ANY major legislation. Feel the Con!

  236. I share your Uppity opinion on St. Elizabeth, her silence is deafening. It’s also pissing me off.

  237. Sue, my concerns about the BLM protest center around the security issue. Hillary’s safety should come first not the need to make a political point. The woman appeared on stage BEHIND Hillary. That never should happen which is why Secret Service intervened so quickly. This was a major security breach. As for the content of her protest, she took Hillary’s 20 year old comments very much out of context. Even so, Hillary told Jonathan Capehart she shouldn’t have chosen those words and wouldn’t today. I would only add that while today the 1994 Crime Act is viewed as so draconian, at the time it was widely derided as not draconian enough. Any efforts by the Clinton administration to include crime prevention measures and help at risk kids was attacked as too expensive and just “bleeding heart liberalism.” I’m old enough to remember these things unlike millenials who think history began with them.

  238. Update to my previous comment: it seems that the protester for BLM is actually a paid staffer for Cornel West, BS supporter and Hillary hater. Expect more of this crap as Hillary pulls ahead.

  239. Soup, I am not shy about expressing my opinion of Elizabeth Warren and I don’t much care who doesn’t like it. I don’t trust her, I don’t like her, she’s fractious to a fault, a Know It All and I suspect her idea of fun would be to, like Bernie, assign the rest of us to socialism while people like Warren and Sanders do well under Capitalism. Nothing would EVER get done with either of them in charge because neither of them can work with anybody else. She’s trolling for a VP slot. As IF it will ever happem.

    And I’ll bet she’s got some interesting stocks too.

  240. Moon update

    216k abs ballots in florida dem primary
    75% over 60
    3.4% under 30

    Pollsters now agreeing south complete bloout for clinton will be devestating on ST

    Sanders on Putin : “i took on a lot of people as mayor of burlington”

    I just died laughing…..

  241. LOL like let’s see, what shall I talk about instead of Putin? I mean, what if they ask about my trip to the USSR to find a Sister City to name in Burlington. Comrades! Halllllllp!

  242. Let me tell you, Rubio is just knocking it out of the park in Dallas. He ripped Trump a new one at least a dozen times and he’s a serious comedian about it too.

  243. Sanders’ Mayor of Burlington as qualification to deal with Putin comment is all over twitter.

  244. I actually dislike Rubio more than Trump. Oh, Trump is dangerous, a would-be dictator. But Rubio is the tool of the Koch Brothers and the other billionaire oligarchs. He is the kind of candidate they love; he is the image of the TV type candidate, fairly good looking, appears dynamic and patriotic, but he really is as far Right as you can get, and he will do anything they tell him.

    Rubio is the person who called Hillary a war criminal. Rubio would try to avoid debating. Rubio might fool some voters into thinking that he is some kind of dynamic candidate of a new generation, as Chris Maatthews somehow said the other day. Rubio hides the fact that every single one of his positions is as social darwinist as any Republican in the Congress, with perhaps the exclusion of Cruz. He looks to be the last candidate standing against Trump, and I would not at all be surprised if the oligarchs find some way to get him nominated, or at least get him on the ticket. He reminds me of a young Nixon, whom I don’t literally remember, but have read much about. I do hope that some damaging stories come out about him, but I doubt they will.

  245. Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump

    The waters of opportunism follow the path of least resistance…

    Going to be pretty hilarious when Clinton demolishes Trump in the general election in New Jersey

  246. Sen. Bernie Sanders pointed to his leadership as mayor of Burlington as a qualification for dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin if he is elected president.

    Speaking with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in Chicago on Thursday night, Sanders was asked whether he has the necessary foreign policy experience to handle Putin.

    “I took on a lot of people as mayor of Burlington,” Sanders said, according to DNA Info Chicago. “I think I can stand up to Putin and all the others.”

    Sanders repeatedly has had to fend off skepticism that his foreign policy credentials are lacking for the White House. The Vermont senator recently reached out to Lawrence J. Korb of the Center for American Progress, an expert on defense policy, to invite him to be a senior adviser on foreign policy for the campaign. Korb agreed but also told POLITICO on Wednesday that was the last he’d heard from the Sanders campaign.

    As mayor of Burlington during the 1980s, Sanders visited the Soviet Union, along with Soviet satellites Cuba and Nicaragua.

    Read more:

    Seriously, absolutely freaking hilarious putting this guys foreign policy experience next to Hillary’s.

  247. Christie obviously sold his soul for a few cheeseburgers…….looking for a new job obviously……as a Whore of Trump’s.

  248. Uppity Woman

    Soup, I am not shy about expressing my opinion of Elizabeth Warren and I don’t much care who doesn’t like it. I don’t trust her, I don’t like her, she’s fractious to a fault, a Know It All and I suspect her idea of fun would be to, like Bernie, assign the rest of us to socialism while people like Warren and Sanders do well under Capitalism. Nothing would EVER get done with either of them in charge because neither of them can work with anybody else

    I couldn’t agree more Upps, and Debby Uglyhair is just a centerpiece for everything wrong with the Dem. party and Baracko.

  249. Let me tell you, Rubio is just knocking it out of the park in Dallas.

    Ruby was starting to zing Trump last night in the school yard brawl debate, and must be energized by the response of the public.

    [FixIt Fairy was here.]

  250. Yikes, strike above went wild when I forgot the closing ‘b’…sorry 😉

  251. Christie on Trump 1 month ago: “We could wind up turning over the White House to Hillary for four more years.”

    He was vitriolic on Trump in this campaign, so i guess he was given something…..maybe thats why he was turning on Rubio doing Trumps bidding before dropping out.

  252. Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump

    As much as I hate to see ChristieCream endorse Trump, there isn’t anyone good to pick from.

  253. Rubio suggests Trump wet his pants on debate stage

    Marco Rubio relentlessly mocked Donald Trump on Friday, escalating the attacks he unleashed during Thursday night’s debate and even suggesting the Republican frontrunner may have wet his pants on the stage.
    The Florida senator, clearly buoyed by knocking Trump off balance, repeatedly called the billionaire businessman a “con artist” on Friday, first on the morning shows and then at a Dallas rally, where he had the crowd chuckling over his latest barbs.

    This should make Trump go absolutely bonkers…

    Read more:

  254. This kinda sums up what happened last night in the debate when Ruby finally went after Trump.

    The best part of these exchanges is that it proves Trump has NO REAL PLAN as to how he would replace ObamaCare when he repeals it on his first day in the Oval, IF he were to win. (Ain’t gonna happen.)

    HOUSTON — Trailing in the polls and in a fight for his political survival, Marco Rubio did something on Thursday night he’s been reluctant to do — attack Donald Trump.
    The Florida senator launched broadside after broadside against the billionaire businessman, savaging him over everything from health care to Israel to his personal tax returns.

    “Trump is naïve, uninformed and deeply unprepared to serve as president.
    “I’m not sure if Donald realizes this,” Rubio said at one point, accusing Trump of taking an anti-Israel position.
    “A deal is not a deal when you’re negotiating with terrorists,” he chided at another.

    The strategy shift came at a critical juncture for Rubio, who is still searching for a primary win and who, according to most polls, is in danger of being shut-out on Super Tuesday.

    For nearly all of the race, while many of his rivals took jabs at the real estate mogul, the senator decided to lay off — calculating, perhaps, that a showdown with Trump would do little to help his cause. During debates, Rubio bypassed opportunities to confront the frontrunner. On the campaign trail, he focused his fire on others – usually fellow senator Ted Cruz. His allied super PACs acted like Trump didn’t exist, barely spending anything against him.

    But on Thursday, as questions mounted about whether it would soon be too late to stop Trump, Rubio changed course, dropping a virtual opposition research folder on the debate stage.

    “What is your plan?” he challenged the controversial businessman. “What is your plan on health care?”

    The answer led to one of the sharpest exchanges of the night.
    After Trump said he would get rid of the rules that prohibit the selling of insurance across state lines, Rubio scoffed.
    “So that‘s the only part?” he said. “Just the lines?”
    Trump reiterated his answer about rules on insurance lines, and then Rubio pounced.
    “Now he’s repeating himself,” Rubio cracked.
    It was a sharp jab, but also a self-deprecating one: During a debate before the New Hampshire primary, Rubio was panned for delivering a series of robotic answers.

    When Trump brought up the New Hampshire debate, saying he “watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago,” Rubio hit back.
    “I saw you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago!” the senator laughed.
    When the exchange was over, CNN’s Dana Bash asked Trump if he had any more to add.

    “No,” Trump said. “What is there to add?”

    Rubio didn’t stop there. He hammered Trump for hiring foreign workers, lying about undocumented workers, running a sham through “Trump University,” and building his real estate empire on the back of his father’s fortune. At times, the mogul responded with the kind of bombast he’s become known for.
    “He’s a choke artist,” Trump said toward the end of the debate.
    To some, Rubio did exactly what he needed to do.
    “Rubio did something big here,” said Curt Anderson, a former Republican National Committee political director who guided Bobby Jindal’s campaign. “He got under Donald Trump’s skin and he exposed him, and he did it with a smile. And he even seemed to be enjoying it.”

    Read more:

  255. Hypocrite

    By now, you may have heard that Hillary Clinton supported the controversial 1994 tough-on-crime bill that her husband signed into law. Black Lives Matter activists have called her out for it. Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, did as well. A protester at a recent Clinton campaign event even asked her to “apologize to black people for mass incarceration” while invoking her comments from the era.

    But one thing that’s seldom noted — or only acknowledged as a footnote in stories about the 1994 law — is that Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s opponent in the Democratic primary, supported the 1994 crime law too. And while Clinton wasn’t in a position to vote for the bill as first lady, Sanders was in Congress — and he did actually vote for it.

    Now, the 1994 crime law alone didn’t create or cause mass incarceration, as I’ve written in greater detail before. But the law was punitively “tough on crime,” and it did contribute a little to the rise in incarceration from the 1980s through 2000s. (More on the law here.)

    Sanders was, based on his comments in Congress at the time, unhappy with mass incarceration. So why did he vote for the 1994 law that’s drawn so much criticism from critics of mass incarceration, and what does that mean for Sanders today?

  256. it is quite obvious this little protest by BLM is designed to cause trouble for race relations and hit her in the south and its all bought and paid for by Sanders, who else $500 dollars to gain entrance…..

  257. Also, the Only Black Lives Matter bs is just about getting their freakin’ face of tv. Taking what was going on at that time in history, makes this a fake issue. If other races went bonkers every time one of their ‘peeps’ were killed, raped or robbed…this place would be an absolute madhouse.

  258. anyway the media is not all over it and wont be, too busy dealing with this mess in kansas and trumps and rubios back and forth is all over the news… one is really paying attention to it.

  259. /you know when something is hitting headlines easy when Twitter goes nuts, hardly a peep about it. Its all trump, Rubio and Christie.

  260. Am currently picking up the pieces from my exploded head. Jon Favreau? Really? I despised that guy( Thanks for the link,Sophie) Guess it’s now official..Hillary’s on her way and Jon’s looking for a job w/her. Curiouser and curiouser.

    Also,poor MSNBC “reporters” think Hillary supporters are mean for accusing them of schilling for Bernie. Could someone who has access please inform them that we watched Andrea Mitchell (probably schilling for her husband,Al Greenspan) start the transcript thread on one of their debates and then listened to every “reporter” on both MSNBC and NBC start beating the same drum? We also noticed that they’re only asking for her paid speeches,not Bernie’s paid speeches..doesn’t count if he didn’t give any paid speeches to Wall Street. Now that’s my definition of schilling. I begin to think that these people don’t watch their own programming.

    OK, so my bad for actually watching MSNBC..only for the past couple of days,I swear.

  261. Sophie – I wouldn’t expect such an article from the groper…. it was very good!

  262. Christie is getting slaughtered in the media right now for ultimate hypocrisy and utter obvious being bought…..its a slaughter.

  263. This will be fun if this happens…..

    Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 3m3 minutes ago Washington, DC

    There’s an overlooked possibility that the black % of the SC electorate is up over ’08

  264. The Jon Favreau article was astonishing. I hardly know how to take it. Also, loved the videos upthread, Al Franken, etc., This has been an awesome thread, so many good reads. I’m glad the surviviors from the pink ship drifted over here in their lifeboat! They’ve added a lot of news & opinion in a most entertaining manner!

  265. Sophie, when I read that People’s View post (very good!), I had to do a double take at the first comment…it was by “socalarnie”!

  266. I’m glad the lifeboats drifted into these safe waters, absolutely loving it here. Sunshine and good company.

  267. Christie’s endorsement of Trump, reminds me of him giving Barry a big hugga-bug in hopes that he would get financial money from Uncle Sam.

    Seems as though ChristieCream is always there for his buddies when he wants something. Like the VP position?

  268. socalannie, on February 26, 2016 at 5:33 PM

    Thanks so much. It’s great being welcomed on a Hillary site, again. I have kept my eye on this site since 2008…so I kind of thought of it as a second home, in the world of lurkdom.

  269. Found you in Spamnet Moon, Sorry!

  270. Favereau! It’s the end of the world!

  271. I guess Favreau just goes with the Democratic Establishment flow. The DE wanted Obama in 2008, so he acted like HRC was trash. The DE wants HRC this time, so now Favreau acts like she’s a treasure.

    Way down deep, he’s shallow. :mrgreen:

    Meanwhile, the Arkanshire has early voting, so I gave Hillary another vote today. :mrgreen:

  272. Is it too soon to tweet this?

  273. The Republican candidates have descended to what my sainted mother would have called ” the weewee-doodoo” stage of debate.

  274. Jon Favreau? Saying nice things about Hillary?!?

    Pigs ARE flying!

  275. [FixIt Fairy was here.]

    Oh how sweet of the Fairy, thank you!!

  276. Jon Favreau?

    Loved the pigs.

    Hell hath frozen over.

  277. My words exactly, Shadow!

    Another convert is the diary post at the following [comments are a good read too]:

    Both Favreau and the diary at PVN offer numerous reason–not just one or two–why they are now supporting HRC.

  278. trixta, I was enjoying the article you posted until the end of it, in particular, this part:

    “I’m going to vote for the candidate who Pres. Obama says is his friend. I’ve trusted him in all things so why wouldn’t I trust his judgment now. I personally think she’s a better person and politician because she worked for and with Pres. Obama.”

    Uh, no. She is not a better person for working for Obama. He was better off because SHE worked for him and did her best to unify the party. Those last lines of the article reeked of misogyny.

  279. I think you all know that, if we are going to win this thing in November, we have to appreciate any and all people who will vote for Hillary. We have got to cut our bitterness loose for the good the the outcome of this election. To be honest, at this point, I appreciate anyone who is going to vote for Hillary for any reason, so long as they pull her lever on Primary date and in November. Otherwise, all we do is help to defeat her, which would be just fine with the Theocracy that wants to overcome America…..the kind where women are dog shit.

    This is one thing Republicans know and understand that we do not. We never let go of our bitterness. It’s time. In time, we must understand that, when we remember daily how we got mistreated and superdelegates shifted left and right to Obama, the idea here is to defeat that piece of shit Bernie Sanders so it doesn’t happen again. There is no reason why we shouldn’t WIN this primary HANDILY. Let’s not ruin it for ourselves because we can’t let go for five minutes. If Hillary could mend horribly broken walls, then we ought to do the same damned thing because it makes the outcome we want all the more possible. And probable. Hillary’s ability to Mend Walls brought us the editorial we read today by a guy who once took a photo of himself making lewd gestures toward a Hillary cutout. We were furious and well we SHOULD have been. In the same vein, do you all think we should appreciate the awesome piece he wrote on Hillary’s behalf today? Or should we just throw some more darts at him and lose an ally? Just asking.

  280. I agree Upps. We never voted for Barry, so if his voters are willing to do what we couldn’t do, I am happy they made the choice of Hillary.

  281. Thanks Shadow, I appreciate that you understand what I am trying to say. I guess it boils down to remembering what’s important and what won’t help advance it.

  282. Upps, the article I was commenting on was the one trixta posted. It upset me to read that comment from a woman. The old “well if the man says it is ok, then it is ok with me.” It wasn’t really about Obama.

    Like you, I will take whatever votes we can get, but I worry after the election, will the author expect Obama 2.0 or Hillary 1.0?

    I guess I worded my comment poorly. My apologies.

  283. Voting, the quote you provided form PVN struck me in the same way initially. But coming from a die-hard Obama supporter and former Hillary naysayer that point of view is understandable. Of course, we Hillary supporters believe she made him not just a better candidate, but brought a ray of light to his presidency as Secretary of State.

    Although all of us here are happy to take any and all votes for Hillary memories of 2008 are hard still very hard to forget at times. But it looks like this election cycle may go her way after all. We shall see.

  284. Voting, don’t apologize at all! I was just kind of thinking out loud and it really wasn’t just your comment that led me to my thoughts. I think Favereau’s editorial put all my own thoughts about 2008 getting in my way into perspective. I have slowly realized thinking that way is counterproductive at this point. And not really all that healthy;

    I can’t help but think about those previous Hillary supporters who were angry with us at the party in 2008 and now today they actually blame Hillary and actually despise her for suffering all those arrows and then actually making some peace out of it all. Man you have to be really miserable inside to think that way, far as I can see. Talk about blaming the victim! Hillary would never have gotten this far in this 2016 run if she hadn’t found and made some peace, but more importantly, it’s a sign of dignity, wisdom and maturity to make peace with yourself and others around you. Who doesn’t want some of that???It all reminds me of relatives in my family who went to their deaths not talking to each other, mostly not even remembering exactly why. It’s just a clear sign of…………I don’t know what…….but it’s not good. Honestly, what does it take for people on this earth to actually understand what’s important and what isn’t? Unfortunately it usually takes something drastic.

    To be honest, I was kind of secretly chastising myself into recognizing that once Hillary is President, perhaps many others will see what Favereau got to see. And just maybe that’s what scares the republicans most. A broad being president is bad enough without her doing a better job than we have. Kind of like that. In any event,I wouldn’t be the least bit afraid that she isn’t going to be her own president and do it her way.

  285. With all due respect, Upps…

    Fuck Favreau. And his whole lot.

    If I ever met him in person, I would spit in his face, and probably break his jaw, then – I’d help him up and into the voting booth to pull the lever for Hillary Clinton.

    So, yes, as you can see, I’m conflicted. (To put in mildly) 😉

    I hope you know, Upps, that I could not have more respect for you and for everyone on this blog. But, I hope that you will likewise respect that I am a man of my word.

    And, when I denounced the sexism and misogyny leveled at Hillary (and many women) in 2008, and the horrific words and deeds that YOU personally, and many other Ladies here, had to endure, well…

    My denunciation was real. And permanent. I am not, of course, speaking for anyone else here, but as for me, I will simply repeat the words I have used for 8 years now…


    Okay. Phew. Rant over.


    But, yes, I am a truly calm and rational man. And I am a political pragmatist, and can put on my big boy pants, if needs be. Yes, I realize that we (the true steadfast loyal Hillary supporters) will need the votes and support of those vile quislings – Favreau, Tweety, Axelrod, Donna B. etc.. – in order for Hillary to win.

    But, I do not have to like them. And I will not ever forget or forgive them. And I will not praise them, nor give any time or credence to anything “nice” that they may now say about Mrs. Clinton.

    That ship has sailed. I will ignore their encomiums.

    All that I will say to them (rhetorically) is: Get your asses in that voting booth in November, and vote for Hillary, because it is the best vote for you, for us, for our nation, for the world – so just do it.

    Then, go crawl back into your fucking holes.

    Sorry. But, this issue makes my blood boil. You must know, dearest Uppity, and all Uppities, that this comment should in no way be taken as a personal attack on your views.

    I heart you all. And always will.

  286. Its Hillapalooza day and i hope the polls are right and she kicks his ass tonight…….

    He deserves it……He has been nothing but a arrogant shit towards her.

  287. @Revolutionary War Vet, on February 27, 2016 at 4:40 AM

    But tell us how you REALLY feel. 🙂

    Today is SC slaughter day and Hillary on her way…let’s all exhale.

  288. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care who votes for Hillary, just that they do. Its a big tent. I’m sick of all this, she’s not the same as 2008……well i hate to point it out, if she did not include a big tent attitude, do you think she would be getting nomination…..No.

    Regardless of how we feel ,Obama did win in 2008,it made me sick to the stomach, however he is still regarded as popular as much as i hate him, she has to incorporate that legacy until she is in position to make her own way and legacy as Nominee and president.

    She has to appeal to the many factions to win. She can’t just click her fingers and have it all the ay she would like.

    I’d have Hillary 100x over Trump and the gop all shite team anyday and I don’t understand disgruntled supposed Hillary voters going gaga over Trump right now, they must be very fickle or had a different agenda in the first place because let me tell you Trump is about as worse as it gets, he is a nasty nasty piece of work and did not get to where he is and stay where he is without being a total ruthless bastard and petulant egotistical son of a bitch……and I am amazed they can’t see Trump is Obama 100x on steroids arrogance and petulant wise.

    There I said it…..and breathe.

  289. Happy SC Primary Day, UppityLand!

    For your reading pleasure:

  290. Hahahaha Rev Vet, we’ve finally reached the psychic hot line between us! While I was writing that, I was thinking, Rev Vet ain’t gonna go for this!!! I just adore you, man. You’re more caring about women’s rights than all those Bernie women put together!!!

    Who could possibly not adore you!!! Therefore I am going to take my punshment like a….girl! *Salutes*

  291. Reading those…….Bernie is basically a dirty ole bastard…….thats why he could never be a serious candidate, imagine a gop contender reading those out at a debate to him….

  292. Will we getting new thread tonight Uppity, this one is taking forever to load now….tonight is party time!

  293. Ok Moon.

    What would you like it to say?


  294. I especially puked to his comment about living in a commune, giving birth and eating the placenta. Because after all, “Don’t animals eat the placenta”.

    Oh, really. Fuck this perv.

  295. Hillary is so far ahead and CNN and MSNBC are in a tizzy trying to erode her support in SC even today! They are doing one negative story after another with NO balance of someone to defend or support her. It really should be illegal what they’re doing. They know blow outs in these southern states will win it for HRC sooner, they want to keep Bernie in as long as they can. In doing that they are damaging her for the general. I swear they want Trump so bad they can taste the money/ratings.

  296. I understand what voting was saying. We will take all the new converts who trashed Hillary in 08 (Favrau admitted it in his article), but the other one that voting was commenting on complimented Hillary, but then had to throw in a jab at the end. That’s what’s frustrating. But we’ll take the positive article anyway, and the vote!

  297. haha got me there……..

    Just looking at the poll numbers it would seem South Carolina is one of Sanders better states to whats coming on Tuesday………

  298. Early voting in Tennessee:

    257,209 Republican ballots cast
    128,374 Democratic ballots cast

    Exit pollsters on tonight : We expect Hillary Clinton to win comfortably, as polling has indicated. If exits reflect this, expect the networks to call it right after 7.

  299. This is a good read..

    Hillary Clinton flips the script

    In South Carolina, she’s the candidate she always wanted to be. And Bernie Sanders is the one with the rocky path forward.

    After losing Nevada last week — a brutal blow for Sanders’ campaign in a state where the caucus system was supposed to give him a built-in advantage — the pressure is mounting on the liberal Vermonter to show he can recover ground by outperforming expectations with black voters on Clinton turf. But Sanders has spent less time than Clinton campaigning here in the days leading up to Saturday’s primary.

    Sanders chief strategist Tad Devine admitted that it’s the campaign’s unique small donor fundraising juggernaut that is allowing them to continue to soldier on at all.

    “In the old narrative, you didn’t win Nevada and the campaign had to come to an end,” Devine admitted. “The bundlers didn’t give you money anymore. The television ads would come down, staffers would be fired and the campaign would come to an end.”

    “We don’t have bundlers,” he added. “The people who are supporting us are still supporting us. That’s what’s different here. We designed a fundraising mechanism that would not compete with our message.”

    But the calendar doesn’t get easier for Sanders on Super Tuesday, which is March 1. A recent Monmouth University poll has Clinton up by 34 points in Texas; in Georgia, polls have her leading between 28 and 52 points; Clinton is up by double digits in Virginia and leading in Florida by 26 points. Devine said they have opportunities to post big wins in Kansas, Nebraska and Maine, caucus states which vote in mid-March.


    Delusional if Sanders lot think big wins in kansas, nebraska and maine will help them…. just remind me exactly how many delegates they have…….they wont get the chance this should end on the morning of March 3rd with dignity.

  300. If Eliz Warren doesn’t endorse Hillary before the Mass primary, I think President HRC should find her a nice ambassadorship near Siberia.

  301. Okay NEW POST UP.

  302. Well, Hillary is now way up in chances to win in MA at least according to 538.


  304. Favreau’s owes Hillary a lot more than that “love” letter, such an asshole.

  305. Moon,

    I’d have Hillary 100x over Trump and the gop all shite team anyday and I don’t understand disgruntled supposed Hillary voters going gaga over Trump right now, they must be very fickle or had a different agenda in the first place because let me tell you Trump is about as worse as it gets, he is a nasty nasty piece of work and did not get to where he is and stay where he is without being a total ruthless bastard and petulant egotistical son of a bitch……and I am amazed they can’t see Trump is Obama 100x on steroids arrogance and petulant wise.


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