S. Carolina Primary and Bernie isn’t there today. Who can guess why?

Bernie gave up on South Carolina. That’s why he won’t be there today or tonight. Eh, he said, Screw Em.

Cb6WDyeW0AAgPceIf I could channel Bernie’s brain right now, I know what I would find. I’d find the aging hippy who never moved on, who never held a job until he got a government job at age 40, mumbling about how he needs an ego fix, and knowing he’s not going to get that from adults with any wisdom. He wants those easy-to-dupe college kids who score high on the Narcissist scale, so he can promise them they will never have to get off their own Entitled Asses and take responsibility for their own Special Snowflake lives. The ones who are accustomed to getting a trophy just for showing up. And as we all know, history is riddled with charismatics who targeted the young as their “army”. It never ended well. So we need to end it before its dirty root takes hold. But Bernie’s followers don’t know what’s being done to their heads. That’s the job of people who recognize him for what he is.

So Bernie will do the only thing he can do. Today, Bernie has run off to a state he has a chance to win so he can recite the same lines he mem’rized in 1966. And he’ll have a rally!  And yell about REVOLUTION! Yeah! A rally!  Revolution! And he’ll play cool music and have some kegs, and tell everybody everything on this earth that others know to work for will be Free! Free! Free! Free! That should hook those naive little shits! That’s how Bernie thinks, which makes him more odious than we can even grasp.

The more I watch Bernie, the more I realize we have a mental infant running for President, and he’s having a temper tantrum because nobody ever gave him what he wanted without him having to lift a finger to get it. To Bernie, the important thing is to screw  adults. Give him naive young people with no wisdom or historical perspective any day of the week!

Unicorn Poop spotted in Oklahoma

Unicorn Poop spotted in Oklahoma

Bernie never liked adults anyways. That’s why he never became one himself.

So, today, Bernie Sanders will be absent from South Carolina — and instead he will parachute his unicorns over Oklahoma, Colorado or Minnesota — or maybe even Massachusetts, where Liz The Socialist VP Wannabee will be waiting to greet them.

Meanwhile, his ass will be whooped today in S. Carolina. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

For everything else, there’s March 1. And….

Hillary Clinton speaks in Washington




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  1. Nothing for me to add: you’ve said it all, Upps.
    See all Uppites here, tonight, to whoop it up.

  2. Upps, I am so freaking excited to vote for Hillary on Tuesday here in GA. I have waited 8 long years for this moment!!!! Bernie seems to have written off GA as well as all the other southern states it would seem. I remember Hillary fighting for every vote down here even though she lost in 2008.

  3. You GO, Ga!

    I saw the most delightful accidental CNN exchange with a Republican. She asked him about the R race and blah blah and he looks at her and says, I’m an Independent. And so she goes for recovery and says you can vote for Republican or Democrat and he says, “Definitely”. So she takes the bait and asks him the big Vote Question. And he says,

    Hillary Clinton.

    So she takes the bait and asks why and he says,

    Because she’s the most qualified. And I’d vote for Bill again too.

    Whoops! Cut back to the CNN desk. Delicious

  4. Rubio seems to have come to life, i did laugh.

    “Donald Trump likes to sue people. He should sue whoever did that to his face,” Marco Rubio says of Trump’s spray tan.

  5. Bernie is at a Formula 1 racetrack today in Austin, TX. But his people didn’t do research. That track is a “symbol of corporate welfare” in the state. Bernie did not respond to a request for comment.

  6. Tweet that with link imust so i can retweet

  7. I did, but I can do it again!

  8. “Donald Trump likes to sue people. He should sue whoever did that to his face,” Marco Rubio says of Trump’s spray tan.

    LOL he looks orange.

  9. They’ll say anything less than a thirty point loss is a win, lol. #delusional

  10. Bernie is toast.

  11. Omg he’s deranged….

    Trump on tv saying the judge in the trump uni case is against him because the judge is hispanic

  12. LOVE THIS!

  13. Phew, I was stuck down at the last thread and realized everyone had left the room. Upps, is it possible to put a new link to the new thread at the bottom, in the future?


    Here we go, big blowout for Hillary!!! This should put her back in that black jacket in the rain. My favorite photo of her.

  14. Placenta? (referring back to last thread)

    Oooookayyyy… 😛

    (Insert Sam Kinison scream here)

    Thank Haruhi Hillary will send this freak packing shortly.

    The GOP opposition researchers could just phone it if Bernie were nominated.

  15. it actually worse the actual phrase Trump is using is…….

    He’s implying that *because* the judge is against him, he *must be* Hispanic.

    out and out racist language…..

  16. Another great one, Uppity! Your blog diaries are not only informative, but always make me smile!

  17. a little bit of info for you tonight…AA voters account for 80% of absentee voters ballots returned in South Carolina……

  18. Trumps new endorsers….all looking a bit WTF repugnant.

    David Duke. Jean-Marie Le Pen. Paul Le Page. Chris Christie. Jan Brewer. It’s all surprisingly coherent.

  19. I so love this is a cat blog, how many do peole have…..I have 10 cats and 2 dogs.

  20. Trumps latest spelling error is a classic…….

    “Sara Palin”

    not ready for primetime this lot.

  21. A little notice for you for Tuesday…….

    In states with two-thirds of the Super Tuesday delegates, Clinton leads by no less than 23 points in any of them.

  22. Wow. Did anybody catch that recent segment on CNN. I was busy and stopped to hear but missed the name of the GOP person they were talking about. They were saying some of the GOP will run ads against trump if he gets the nomination and will do whatever they can to defeat him and separate themselves from him. It was really wierd. And it was speculating. It was a real situation. Hopefully they will run the segment again so I can get the name.

  23. Hey I was wondering where he put Sarah Palin. Haven’t seen her stump for him once since that Big Day. I figured he saw her as a dodo and just buried it.

  24. So tonight folks….

    South Carolina awards 59 delegates….53 by state and 6 SD’s

    Clinton already has 4 of those SD’s so has a 4 delegate head start.

    The way it works is that out of the 7 cong. districts has 5 delegates awarded proportionally and the other 18 dels awarded statewide.

    So if Clinton takes 2/3rds of the vote she gets automatically 12 delegates plus a lot from the districts…she may well end up 40+ delegates tonight….

  25. Moon:

    Got 2 cats and one dog whose life is controlled by two cats.

    I also have a foster room separate from my living quarters (an old workshop behind garage and a room in basement closed off by a door from rest of basement. My bad boys and one girl are not so bad, really, not anymore. Problem is, they only trust me and don’t want anyone else near them. So, Benny and the Jets aren’t adoptable at all. But still, they have a good life so I don’t mind. I just can’t take anymore of them on rotation. That’s fine with them. lol. I have some pics in the media area, I’ll dig them up when I am not feeling so lazy.

  26. Hey trixta, thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it.

  27. lol, this just came up on Twitter…

    “I’m not a crook.” – Nixon
    “The last thing I am is a ConMan.” – Donald Trump

  28. OMG that video of the 102 woman caucusing for Hillary was SO SWEET!!! Nice find! Bless her heart. And of course the Barn Animals attacked her in the comment area. Despicable little shits. Glad I never gave birth to one of them.

  29. OT…this is a great stress reliever and runs 24/7. It is the eagle cam here in Pittsburgh. “Mom” is currently nesting 3 eggs. She hatched three two years ago. We are hoping for a repeat! Enjoy.


  30. lol Rubio is on fire today…

    Rubio: “There’s a lunatic in North Korea who wants nuclear weapons & some would say a lunatic trying to get a hold of nuclear weapons in America”

  31. I fear that Rubio’s attacks may unhinge Trump. He seems to be flailing. Red light. I’m serious here. I am not sure Donald is internalizing this well. Besides, I was hoping he’d be the candidate and not Rubio. I just think his schoolyard style wouldn’t go well in a General at all. In any event, I feel as though something not very pretty is going to erupt.

    I would think they’d be glad that it looks like Cruz will be out of the picture, that guy is raw evil, but like Trump, he’s the monster they created themselves. Cruz is the enbodiment of the religious right zealotry on parade. It’s horrid to see but very revealing. It’s what they get for pandering to theocratic crackpots. Cruz would be the easiest of the lot to beat IMO. But it looks like Trump is so far ahead of the game that anything Rubio does is too late, their monsterous wing is in control now. Good luck to you, you deserve it, GOP.

  32. Whatever happens uppity its going to blow the GOP wide apart, this is going to be a nuke attack.

  33. 538 saying they think the nonwhite electorate of SC is going to much more than 2008….bodes well for HRC

  34. Yeah Moon, it’s like a parade of weirdness, reduced to three Dysfunctionals. I almost feel sorry for the GOP. Keyword is Almost.

  35. I was born in 1963, so I’m just old enough to remember “Democrats for Nixon” ads in 1972.

    If Trump is nominated, and then goes down to a landslide defeat, I expect the GOP will adopt the Democratic superdelegate system, or something else which will serve the same purpose: making sure no populist insurgency, real or faux like I think Trump’s is, can capture the Republican Presidential nomination again.

  36. Trump told Christie to get off the stage after his intro speech for him today in Arkansas.

    Trump does not share……….and is very very rude.

  37. If this goes the way i think it does Uppity, Hillary is going to walk into the WH because the GOP is going to self destruct and the public will not touch them with a bargepole.

  38. IMUST @ 1:38, have to say this, as an engine aficionado:

    Can it be that Bernie’s so malinformed that he confused Formula One with NASCAR? Open-wheel cutting edge technology and a serpentine course with a single oval and production cars that depend only on the death wish (ok, maybe some skill) of the drivers???

    Hillary would never in her whole life have made that mistake.

  39. Bernie steals again!



  40. Early exit poll….its a rout and black turnout higher than 2008. Pollsters saying its a slaughter. No bad news whatsoever for Clinton….will be called immediately at 7

  41. SC …..very few young voters…lots of Aa voters……a lot of women voters….i wonder who wins?

  42. A pollster just posted this…..make of it what you will….

    Your Wednesday morning look at the Dem race

  43. I expect a flood of SD’s again after tonight towards Clinton and the polls shifting further to her for Super Tuesday…..its all over bar the shouting for Sanders, you can’t lose 3 of the first four states and get routed by a mile in the south and win the Dem nom, they will be calling for him to get out by the morning…..

  44. Did I miss the explanation? Why would AA turnout for Hillary in 2016 be higher than AA turnout in 2008 for O?

    Moon: I had a high of 7 cats in 2014 but sadly I am down to three now who barely tolerate one another. Sigh. I am their Switzerland. Also, hosting sad little Zoey who spent six rough months in a DE seaside community. I don’t know which of us need more therapy, her or me!

  45. Cats %wise, less white voters apparently………so the % goes up of AA voters in the primary.

  46. early exit polls showing the % of AA voters is toping 60+%

  47. Pollsters seem to think its a win by about 30% in SC, well thats what they are talking about, it looks so favourable for clinton.

    Clinton 65% – Sanders 35%, +- either way of course.

  48. Drudge must be furious having to post this…..


  49. Larry Sabato ‏@LarrySabato 44s44 seconds ago

    SC D primary will be over in a flash. Massive Clinton margin.

  50. Here is your huge win tonight and how in a nutshell.

    Black share of SC Democratic primary electorate in ’04? 47%. In 2016? 61%

    White share of SC Democratic electorate in ’04? 51%. In 2016? 35%

  51. CNN just basically said they are “making a major projection” at the top of the hour…..

  52. Wolf just said if hillary doesn’t meet “lofty” #s Bernie could “springboard” into Super Tuesday??? WTF!???

  53. oh Wolf is full of shit…he always has been, trying to ramp up interest where they know its a blowout.

  54. Hillary Wins South Carolina by a “wide” margin.

  55. Clinton wins per every news outlet ever.

  56. its massive…

    Clinton isn’t black, but she’s doing better among black voters than Obama eight years ago. She’s up 84-16, compared to Obama’s 78-19 win.

  57. Sanders is going to get massacred in the south on these numbers….

  58. Anybody want to guess how many points she wins by?

    Winner gets a penguin.

  59. i reckon she gets 66-68% in total.

  60. This was one of my most disappointing moments of the 2008 campaign; being hammered in SC, and realizing that Obama was going to win every Southern State. So I am very glad that we can have this completely turned around.

    That said, the network coverage is predictably awful. They cannot say one positive thing about Hillary’s campaign, without trying to find flaws or negative attributions. We have to be prepared for this on a continuing basis.

  61. she is going to take a massive number of delegates though…..

  62. Amazing stat of the evening… Clinton won the black vote by 68 points. Obama only won black voters in 08 SC primary by 59 points.

  63. HERE’S YOUR LINK TO RESULTS. Just remember to refresh!

  64. CNN exit poll

    Clinton won 75% of women who were 60% of the vote……thats 45% for her

    Clinton won 60% of the male vote and that is 40% of the vote….., 24%

    thats about a 69% total. Wowser

  65. I predict 64% – 36%
    (I wanted 69 but moon got that range so I went more conservative for fun)

  66. My “fondness” for HuffPo is well known here, but this is the link for results and they have been faster than even the state sites…and accurate.

  67. Exit poll says 68-31; so what’s the manufactured drama now?

    even worse than the polls for sanders….a 37% win fucking hell.

  68. Jake Tapper can’t believe people think in polling that HILLARY cares about them. And honest and trustworthy too!

  69. Well, as we enjoy Hillary’s blowout win, the war against women continues. Best Supporting actress award goes to a trans woman at the Independent Spirit awards.

    I would say do away with gender entirely for the categories, but then we know a woman wouldn’t win crap in woman-hating Hollywood.

  70. I’m just laughing at the spin out of Sanders camp….

    “this is just the beginning”….you are right, the start of a drubbing…

    “we never expected to do well”…oh yes you did, you spent over 43 mill in the last week….

    “its a draw so far”….er, you won one tiny little state, she’s about to kill you in a huge state with twice the delegates.

  71. Yeah. THe beginning of his end.

    Stay tuned for a BLOWOUT.

  72. I so want to see the look on Maddow’s face.

    Would pay to see the look on Sarandon’s face.

  73. While we wait for the official totals, a reminder today is National Polar Bear Day! Here’s some cute pics.

    Pic #7…my Mom did that to my ear…a lot.


  74. moon, in female/male terms, 3 wins to 1 win is a “draw”. ROFL!

  75. This I like…

  76. Hillarys onnnnnn

  77. “Tomorrow, this campaign goes national.” —Hillary in SC

  78. currently 42k to 12k

    bit lopsided, lol.

  79. This could be a win of 70% plus, the exit poll is changing up wards for Clinton…..

  80. Nate Cohn…..this could be 50% win

    Wow. Updated exit poll has Clinton up 87-13 among black voters, up 53-47 among white voters. Implies a 75-25 victory for Clinton.

  81. I’m sorry if she wins this 75/25…its done, dusted, over, no way , sayanara Sanders…….

  82. I’m gonna be drunk on Tuesday if this pans out the way i think….pollsters saying Sanders vote is soft…..it could be a total utter massacre on Tuesday.

  83. This speech is magnificent, it is Hillary 2008……..

  84. Clinton is up by 50,000 right now, erasing Sanders new hampshire lead in national vote total………wont be seeing them crowing about that soon.

  85. “Our country was built by people who had each other’s backs. Who understood that, at our best, we all rise together.” —Hillary in SC

  86. PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls 18s18 seconds ago

    Point- Clinton’s base is much more solidly committed to her than Sanders, and now that momentum has shifted to her that may become important

  87. Holy shit, it’s a trouncing!!!!

  88. CNN saying this is a shellacking …a 40 – 50 % win

  89. I loved everything she had to say except her immigration stance. She needs to address what is going on in Europe right now and what it is doing to the women over there.

    But, I have never had a candidate I agreed with on everything. I will gladly take a candidate I disagree with on ONE issue.

  90. Uppity, even I’m amazed, Sanders voters just faded away…..as we thought, they have given up, those young voters just got bored and went onto the next toy……

    This is a massacre.

  91. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 16s17 seconds ago Manhattan, NY

    The basic problem for Sanders is this: where is he going to win by enough to compensate for getting totally annihilated in the South?

  92. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 35s36 seconds ago Manhattan, NY

    The polls say he’s tied in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, etc. He lost Iowa and Nevada. The path just isn’t there.

  93. An excellent and moving speech by Hillary.

  94. Clinton up 72’000 now.

  95. NEW POST UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. I could have told those stupid pundits Bernie was going to get massacred in the south. Y’all have probably even seen me say it around here. He has no constituency in the south. Well, he has a constituency but it’s small and unreliable.

  97. Hillary is kickin’ Burn’s A$$!!!

    Go Hillary, go!


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