How South Carolina Will Bern The House Down

Following is an essay by member moonpluto:


Well, what do I say…..

South Carolina was not just Hillary snuffing out a Berning candle, it was a full fledged fire extinguisher followed by Hillary shoving him into a presidential campaign political grave and battering the earth down with a shovel.

The media polls had Clinton winning anything in SC from +20 to +30. In the end it was +48. Clinton not only won AA’s by a bigger margin than Obama did in 2008, but she won, on trust, women, men, by wide margins, every single congressional district, taking 43/14 the delegates allocated.

That is not just a poll error underestimating strength, its a great big WTF happened to the polling? Or did Sanders voters just give up like he gave up on the south? A mix of both?

Hillary Clinton not only just matched Sanders’ small state blowout of New Hampshire of 22%,  but she doubled it and a few more % thrown in for good measure. Its what we call a drubbing, a shellacking, a trouncing, an asswhipping.


So, with that in mind, Let’s have a look at where this race is going :

Clinton has now won 3 out of the first 4 states, 3 different states.

Iowa : mainly white, farming

Nevada : Latino, AA and white mixed state

South Carolina : majority black Democratic vote state.

Sanders has won :

New Hampshire, a 99% white very left leaning liberal state.

What does that tell us? It tells us Sanders will not be the nominee. Period!

Sanders is what we call a regional candidate,someone who does well around a few type of states but nowhere else, he is not catching light with diversity, they may listen but they ain’t biting on the bit and this is the death knell for his campaign. He may claim a political revolution, I can’t see it. The young voters he keeps harping on about seem to be doing something else, they did not bother appearing in South Carolina, they accounted for under 10% of the vote in SC, they did not turn out in great amounts either in Nevada. So, Bernie, give it up, this is not happening, young voters are a fickle crowd, they don’t show up and you don’t seem to realize that.

Clinton now has what we call mean momentum at the right time. Nevada threw her some momentum, SC has given her a massive rocket boosting momentum push now and people will react to those wins going into Super Tuesday….2 days away.

In that respect, these are 10 things that may or will happen now :

1 : Super Tuesday will again be South Carolina on steroids for Clinton. The southern states are polling so heavy for Clinton, its hard to see how Sanders does not get swamped and if the polls were that far wrong on SC, imagine what happens in the next massive AA states coming up on Tuesday.


2 : Sanders voters do not bother, they see the writing on the wall, people don’t like following losers

3 : People are rightly frightened at the thought of a Trump candidacy and see they need a fighter to beat Trump. They really don’t see that in Sanders, they know Clinton can take a punch and get up and punch right back after 2008 and after the start of this year of hell. Could this be a run to safety?

4 : There is really no time for Sanders to catch up physically and go around 11+ states for Super Tuesday. He left it too late or believed his own hubris that the kiddies would lift him adoringly with flying unicorns and angel wings, instead it was flying pigs and angels going up in flames. He is certainly a regional politician and does better 1 on 1 in liberal places only…I really believe they forgot this was a national campaign.

The closeness between the SC blowout and ST will be devestating as it will be framed through a period called “winners boost”, its a period where people want to be seen to go with the winner.

5 : Sanders spent in SC, $3 million dollars, had 200 staffers on the ground, countless people like Spike lee, Killer mike making radio ads and other bits all week and what did it get him, a 50% loss. Money well spent….i think not.

6 : People don’t fund losers. The money will dry up.

7 : SD’s now starting the decision process of moving en masse to Clinton, well what is left to go to her anyway.

8 : The wins on Tuesday become worse than expected for Sanders and he gets the horses head on Wednesday morning. Make no mistake if Sanders cannot win  Massachusetts convincingly or for that matter Clinton wins it. If it splits delegates, its no good for him, he has to win it by a mile to compensate for the south. Its over and I mean over.

9 : 2/3rds of delegates awarded on Tuesday are from states Clinton is expected to blowout in. 1/3 from states that are small and Clinton will hold her own in. Can you see the maths problem here.


10 : According to pollsters and sites like 538, Sanders must win approximately 58% of every primary to catch up with Clinton’s SD lead and that is before we go into Super Tuesday. ST has a total of 878 pledged delegates. If Clinton wins the states we expect her to on Tuesday , they have 571 delegates, she’ll win about 380+ of 571 delegates and win about 150 out of the remaining 307.

Clinton is on course to win around 530+ out of 878 delegates on Super Tuesday. It could be much more depending on the size of the blowouts in the southern states.

Watch where the candidates are scheduled to be and it will tell you the battlegrounds. Where they are will tell you a lot.

Pollsters today have said they fear the Clinton vote on ST may be vastly underestimated after the SC thrashing and Sanders seems to be very worried about Massachussets today in his rhetoric. If he pivots to Mass by Monday, you know he’s in trouble.

So, what will Super Tuesday bring….YOU DECIDE!


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  1. Great post Moon –

  2. Could this be why Donald Trump won’t denounce the KKK? His father?

    Seven men were arrested by the New York police that day, according to a New York Times report. There’s no proof that any were Klansmen; they might’ve been bystanders, or entirely innocent. Six were charged; one was released. As BoingBoing first noted, that man was listed as having the same name and address as Donald Trump’s father: Fred Trump.

  3. US Senate… Jeff Sessions… will endorse Trump this evening at a Huntsville, Alabama rally.


    Will this coincide with a KKK rally?

  4. Will this coincide with a KKK rally?

    What’s the connection? I don’t know much about Sessions.

  5. Shadow, Sessions has been ghost-writing Trump’s immigration policy.

  6. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 3m3 minutes ago Washington, DC

    If South Carolina demographics are followed throughout the Deep South, Clinton could win ~84% of the vote in Mississippi

    This is what i was saying, if pollsters underestimate and the south goes like SC, this could be epic.

  7. The GOP is about to go up in flames isn’t it…..just feels that way, like something truly epic is going to happen that just ruptures it in two.

  8. Thanks Voting.

  9. Shadow, here is the link re: Trump/Sessions immigration. This was back in August so I don’t know why anyone is surprised by Session’s endorsement today.

  10. moon, great post but remember this. Pollsters are like the weatherman..50% correct and both lick a finger and stick it in the wind to see which way it is blowing.

  11. New suffolk poll for Mass. Has clinton up over sanders 50/42

    PPP has it 53/47

    Bad news for The old commy

  12. Great job, moon! Enjoyable read!

  13. Also Nate Silver has some little mini courses over at 538, and of course I took the liberty of reading some of it. There’s this thing called “Herding” that pollsters inadvertently have done to themselves. An Outlier will show up with a bizzaro poll and next thing you know, the “herd” gets nervous and starts ‘adjusting’ their numbers. Sometimes the Outlier is doing it on purpose. Like that weird poll we saw which turned out to be done by some unknown pollster, paid for by what was named like a news site but in fact, was just a story aggregator. And not just any aggregator, no sir. An aggregator of Republican news stories. You get the picture. The idea was to rattle Hillary of course, and it attempted to herd. and it succeeded to some degree too.

    Quinnipiac is known to do Herding, which is why I wouldn’t spit on one of their polls if it was on fire. Fortunately, Nate seems to recognize a herder at 100 paces.

  14. moon where did you get those two polls? I don’t see them on the list. Nate doesn’t have them and Huffpoll Central doesn’t have them.

  15. Upps, here is Suffolk poll.

  16. The poll shepherds that herded Hillary’s polls into the toilet, didn’t change 74% of SC voters from giving Bernie their third finger salute.

  17. Jeff Sessions is one of the biggest neo-confederates in the senate. if those of you from other parts of the country don’t know what a neo-confederate is you should look it up. It’s pretty enlightening. The fact that he’s endorsing Trump should come as no surprise to anyone even if you didn’t know about him writing Trump’s immigration policy. Expect the neo-confederates in the south to come out of the woodwork on Tuesday to vote for Trump.

  18. Moon, I hope you don’t mind that I posted your brilliant post up top, on another site.
    I only named you as “one of our friends’. Hillary supporters are in need of good info. about Hillary.

  19. Moon, thank you for your posting — it is indeed a nice way to end a wondrous weekend of “CeleHillabration”!

    As for Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (proves bad things happen in threes) admitted during his failed confirmation hearings to a district judgeship, “He thought the Klan was okay until he found out they smoked pot.” Admitting he had made the statement, he said he was just making a joke.

    Evidently his humor is enjoyed by the voters of Alabama.

  20. Oh, I’m all done stomping around on poor Bernie’s head. He’s help get Hillary all tuned up for the general election. Her victory speech in South Carolina was beautiful and brilliant.

    Looks like its going to be an election of love and understanding vs hate and fear.

    Sent Hillary another 10 bucks today. I’m all in.

  21. I started watching the Oscars around 10pm tonight after watching a truly great movie, “Network”. (amazing how the more things change, the more they stay the same.)

    Anyway, Joe Biden introduced Lady Gaga and gave a speech about rape on campus and I couldn’t help but think he was the WORST person to give that speech after how he treated Anita Hill, his many photographs of touching women who clearly did not want him etc.

    Gaga gave a performance of such passion and pain (she has been a victim of rape). It concluded with women and men who were victims of rape surrounding her. I cried my eyes out.

    And then, of course, the song lost. Diane Warren who co-wrote this song with Gaga is now 0 for 8 in Oscar wins. But what really stunk is that it lost to the worst Bond song ever, Sam Smith’s tune.

    Guess it was too hard to give that award to Warren/Gaga considering all the “casting couches” in Hollywood?

    Friggin hypocrites. Sorry, my rant for the night.

    Here it is before the YouTube gestapos take it down.

  22. Oh, I love the Lady Gaga.

  23. I just can’t stop smiling since Saturday. Hillary’s speech was the best she’s given since the one she gave to “suspend” her last campaign. All you had to do was watch the faces of the people behind her..they were spell bound. If I wasn’t such a pagan,I’d swear the Holy Spirit was speechifying through her. OK, maybe a step too far.

    Many thanks to Moon for an uplifting post and to Uppity who has given us a home for lo’ these many years. Maybe on Tuesday the Children’s Crusade will end and we’ll have confirmation that at least one adult is running for President.

    At last,Redemption.

  24. I know. Biden of all pigs!!!! I have an entire directory of that pig touching women. And what he did to Anita Hill will NEVER be forgotten! I have despised Joe Biden for DECADES for that, and to have HIM of all PIGS, introduce this is simply beyond despicable!!! I hate that guy.

  25. And here is the original version of Till It Happens To You as made for The Hunting Ground project. Even MORE touching.

  26. Lovely comment Msdsal.

  27. Coastie, you’ll have plenty of time to pick up on stomping on Bernie. He’s not going away. He’ll keep running even if he has NO money. He despises the Democratic Party and adores Socialism. and he he will do as much damage as he can to the party before November. He will wreak havoc at the convention and he will use his naive useful idiots to do as much damage to the race as possible. Then he will go off to his office in the Senate and continue his usual job of complaining and obstructing. Because that’s who and what Bernie is. A guy who is disgruntled because nobody gave him what he wanted without expecting him to work for it.

  28. New National Democratic poll has Hillary ahead 55 to 37

  29. Clinton planning this well.

    Congressional hispanic caucus endorsing Clinton today and then fanning out over Texas for a last big push.

  30. I read where a lot of Bernie’s support is really soft. So expect his numbers to start going down nationally from now on. He seems to have peaked after NH.

  31. Bernies support is very soft and i think that is part of what occurred in Sc

    If it is soft tomorrow it will be a massacre.

    By the way i just read the national gop internals

    Trump leading at 49%

    Hoever dig in and the other 50% are saying they will not vote for him under any stance in the GE…..make of it what you will

  32. I agree about Sanders. He will make that stupid NH win like a clarion call of support. Doesn’t matter how much he loses….REMEMBER New Hampshire!!!!
    If Donald’s numbers hold like that, which I’m hoping when the G.E. starts, Hillary will start hitting him hard and his numbers fall, GOTV will rule.

  33. moonpluto, do you have a link for those numbers?

  34. Bernie Bros are using their “magic” on the Clinton superdels…..not!

    But some emails, phone messages, and petitions sent by the Sanders boosters have backfired, upsetting superdelegates with their aggressive tone and leading many to dig in their heels for Clinton, according to interviews conducted by Reuters.

  35. grrrrrr… THIS is the Jim Croce video I wanted to post up thread…

  36. The proposal video IMO is the very best ever! And the right after they made with all their families….. I think this young couple is very creative, and have very loving and good spirited relations!

    uh ok…. going to the dungeon to find the whips and the broom….

  37. he he just voted on my own post snicker! ok, ok, dungeon!

  38. So BS said,”Some days you win, some days you lose.” Yeah, dude, and some days you get hit by a train. Did anyone get the number of the one that hit you? 😉

    I was shocked when I heard the Star Tribune endorsed Hill. Here in Minnesota, we only half jokingly call it the Red Star Tribune. If they won’t endorse BS, no newspaper will. I also heard one of the influential papers in Vermont endorsed Hillary. His own state!

  39. I’m thinking Bernie is done by Mar. 15. He’s hardly getting any news coverage any more. It’s his last gasp.

  40. The Bern is merely a flicker now!

  41. OMG! Just saw that at his Rochester rally on Saturday night, BS predicted that no way he’d lose Minnesota because, “You’re just too smart.” Way to go, Genius! Tell African American voters they’re dumb. Next morning on tv he clarified, saying he’d do better once they move out of the deep south. Oh, okay, I see–it’s just southern African Americans that are dumb. Got it. 👌 Continuing with my train analogy: this guy is a train wreck.

  42. And if he does win here, it will not be because we’re all Einsteins. It will be because caucuses suppress the vote. White liberal activists intend it to which is why we have the damn things.

  43. Nevada was the beginning of the end for Bernie. He was crushed in South Carolina and even if the polls are over cooked for Hillary (and I don’t think they are), she’s well on her way to sealing the deal, making a Bernie comeback mathematically impossible.

    Of course, you can’t get that message through all the Bernie Brigade howling, something that sounds ‘strangely’ like Republican hogwash.

    No matter. Tomorrow is going to be a very good day. Bernie’s talking about the General Election, how he needs his supporters help to win in November.

    Dream on and good luck with that!

  44. Awesome analysis!

  45. Finally an Alabama poll and its

    Clinton 71
    Sanders 23

  46. Every poll coming out in Massachussetts has a Clinton lead, now unless they are all wrong, looks good for her.

  47. I’m just looking through a lot of polls that have just come out and the one thing that is standing out a mile is that Clinton voters are more locked in to vote by a 2 to 1 margin…Sanders vote is very very soft.

    This is why I said in my post that Sanders voters may have just given up the ghost and not bother.

    In polls i have seen regardless of who they are voting for, in particular an oklahoma poll which has Sanders slightly ahead, 75% of voters expect Clinton to win, only 12% expected Sanders to become the nominee.

    As I said if they expect it, Sanders vote becomes very soft.

    If Clinton has some early blowout wins tomorrow it may well demoralize Sanders minnesota and colorado and oklahoma voters tomorrow night.

  48. As trends go, a Google heads up on Hillary Clinton articles has taken a dramatic turn for the best. Instead of so many mediocre or negative articles of Hillary, they are know talking about Hillary’s strength and how Bernie is getting closer to the end of his run.

  49. Something weird is happening, not only am I in moderation, but also my screen name is using the extended xxx version that I used to change my generic red bug into my Hillary icon photo. Either way, I am the same person. 😉

  50. Upps, if this post gets through, please delete my comments that are in moderation, duplicate to the one below.

    —-As trends go, a Google heads up on Hillary Clinton articles has taken a dramatic turn for the best. Instead of so many mediocre or negative articles of Hillary, they are know talking about Hillary’s strength and how Bernie is getting closer to the end of his run.

  51. WASHINGTON — Senator Bernie Sanders may find himself mobbed as he moves about the nation stoking the flames of all those feeling the Bern. But back here in the Senate, his embers are cold.

    About 40 Senate Democrats have lined up behind Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Not one has come forward for Mr. Sanders.

    Mr. Sanders’s loner status was brought into sharp relief last week when Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader, declared Mrs. Clinton his pick. “I think the middle class would be better served by Hillary,” he said.

    Senate Democrats insist Mr. Sanders is not their version of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who has failed to get a single Republican Senate endorsement in large part because he is loathed.

    Everyone likes Bernie. Honestly! Even, they say, if he is like your father’s childhood friend who sits at the dinner table after everyone has had a second cup of coffee to continue his rant about the earned-income tax credit.


  52. Hillary Clinton’s Rebuilding of Black Support Pays Off

    How the Democratic front-runner mended fences from 2008 to sail to a South Carolina win

    Hillary Clinton rode overwhelming black support to a landslide victory in South Carolina’s Democratic presidential primary over the weekend, and she is hoping such voters can next deliver lopsided wins in a swath of Southern states that vote Tuesday.

  53. Hillary Clinton shifts fire from Sanders to GOP ahead of Super Tuesday

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says that the finger pointing and mean-spiritedness taking over the Republican party ‘sets a bad example’ and undermines the fabric of the nation.

    Short video:

  54. Yes Shadow you were in moderation and I see the XXXs and only you can change how your name appears. It may be an old version of your name and you will need to correct it in login.

  55. I hope Hillary reads this, if she doesn’t already know what she’s dealing with… (Plouffe).

    Plouffe to Clinton: Stop micromanaging (Watch him very closely, Hillary)

    In an exclusive interview for POLITICO’s ‘Off Message’ podcast, Barack Obama’s master strategist says Trump will be the nominee – and a dangerous one, at that.

    Read more:

  56. Don’t know if you can change it when you comment, as I never have to do anything because I own the blog and just login and stay that way. So I don’t know the format.

  57. Yeah if you changed icons at gravatar, it took your name from there. WP owns gravatar. Let’s see if I can edit one of your comments and fix it that way.

  58. Thanks Upps. I used the second name with several ‘x’s to change my icon, it wouldn’t let me do it with the regular log in, not sure what I was doing, but I finally played with it and now, somehow, I am back to my regular login.

  59. So here we are its basically here, Super Tuesday is upon us and the real fight begins.

    Onwards and upwards…..

  60. Can´t hardly wait for tomorrow…
    nail-biting time…

  61. Oh I see Lorac dropped off some music!

  62. Is that Croce from before or after he stopped bathing and shit?

  63. Yeah I remember isaac and amy’s winning proposal. I posted it here, which is how you got the deja vu!

  64. Hey gang, do you remember this? I’m re-commenting it. Lighten up!!!!!5The first and still the best creative marriage proposal. You are REQUIRED to watch! There will be punishments if you don’t!

  65. Bloody hell

    Nate Cohn Verified account

    Most of the polls appear to be undershooting the black share of the electorate in the South, as they did in South Carolina

    my guess is 84 in MS, 78 in AL, 74 in GA


    Good God it will be a total wipeout

  66. The 2 biggest states on Super Tuesday are Texas with 222 Delegates and Clinton looks to have a 25+ lead there,,,,,and Georgia with 102 Dels and a lead of WTf there.

  67. LIGHTEN UP! It’s too stressed in here! Click on the damned video!

  68. There will be a test!

  69. That Times piece is like a Goodbye kiss from the NYT.

  70. Ok no clicky, I be mad.

  71. Upps, you are funny. Yes, we are excited and worried about tomorrow. This could be the Hillary freight train we have been waiting for since the day after the convention in 2008.

    I will clicky…

  72. i am amazed at the real lack of polls this year in the Super Tuesday race……its like the campaigns this year are not really paying for them. Last time we were tripping over themselves to throw them at us.

    I’ve not seen any for Colorado or Minnesota and precious few of the rest, its either that or they don’t want to look foolish when they dont know whats happening.

  73. The GOP is ripping itself apart tonight, one after another high profile GOPer’s taking to twitter to proclaim they will never endorse or vote for Trump….

  74. Yeah Moon, after the poor polls on SC, maybe they realize they have no clue.

  75. These polls only show Bernie winning in Vermont

  76. Vermont (which is 49th ranked on number of delegates, only Wyoming has less) and its tiny little 16 pledged delegates and the 4 SD’s of which Clinton already has them all……

    Sure Bernie go have your blowout in it, if it makes you feel good, we’ll take the Texas blowout instead with its 222.

  77. Trumps rallies are getting more and more crazy with protestors and a…

    Photographer, Secret Service agent in altercation at Trump’s rally

  78. Gabbard on CNN with Blitzer, Trump’s son on MSNBC with Todd. I can’t imagine whom Fox has on. Some shadowy group running anti-Hillary ads. I don’t know if it is a Sanders group or a Rove group, perhaps the same thing at this point. Pundits on TV wringing their hands about how Trump got so far. Same way that Sanders did. The media never vetted them.

  79. Tomorrow will be incredible! I clicked on the vid, it was adorable! I actually had tears in my eyes!

  80. I clicked, I watched, I am so ready for the test, Upps! 🙂

  81. William, you are so right. The media has gone where no one else would go regarding Hillary. I mean every aspect of her life, every vote everything of Hillary has been examined and reexamined yet there is a ton of baggage that both Trump and Bernie has that no one has really even examined.

  82. Ga, well said. I was looking at a pro-Hillary piece on fluffpo (Bernie as movement leader, Hillary as Commander in Chief), and as usual glanced at the top comments and there was this one that I thought was excellent:

    “Jon Snow

    Archie, here is just some of the things they will come at him when they began their assault on his character:

    He applied for ‘Conscientious Objector’ status. How are you going to run the military?
    Has a kid that he didn’t support. TRUE
    Lived in a dirt floor shack, because he wouldn’t work. TRUE
    Got evicted because he was caught stealing electricity from his landlord. TRUE
    Lived off his wife’s and girlfriends money. TRUE
    He lived on unemployment and welfare til he became a career politician. TRUE

    And like in the article they are going to say his going to raise your taxes for this and that and the other thing too. No one runs and win on raising your taxes. And he is going to have to raise the debt.

    Oh yea, and then there is this: In 1972, Sanders wrote and published an essay in which he described his view that women fantasize about being raped when they have sex. He will have to answer that until the day he drops out of the race.

    Hillary will not bring any of these up because she is trying to run a good campaign and don’t want to alienate his supporters and she knows she will him and them to win the general.”

    There is NO WAY this dunce could win a general. The media has been thoroughly irresponsible in piling on Hillary and not vetting him.

  83. Omg…..just seen 2 new Emerson polls which they conduct exactly 1 week ago and then now.

    Polls in mass and in texas and both have seen significant Sanders vote collapse since last week

    Mass is 54/43 Clinton
    Texas is 68/26 Clinton,last week was 56/40

    If this is correct Sanders is collapsing

  84. Well…..that’s two.

  85. That emerson poll for Mass was 46/46 a week ago anw she is 11 up on 54/43

    I think SC may have broke Sanders back.

  86. Rasmussens new national poll has leapt too

    Clinton 53
    Sanders 31

  87. The younger generation is passing this video around about Trump. Most of the facts are true, with a lot of anti-Trump humor tossed in.

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Trump (HBO)

  88. I watched the vid too Uppity…. don’t send MK Bill after me… ; )

  89. It’s happening…CNN actually vetting Bernie.

  90. When I see them cover all of that on air where millions see it, then I’ll buy CNN’s schtick.

  91. I’m counting the clicks in the stats, Goofs.

  92. I watched the vid too! 🙂

  93. Allan Grayson endorsed Bernie…..THIS Allan Grayson

    Last summer, my 16-year-old daughter asked me whether I felt the Bern. “Did you leave the stove on again?” I asked her.

    Now, after listening to We, the People, I feel the Bern.

    I hereby endorse Bernie Sanders to be our Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

    Harry Reid said:

    “Alan Grayson used his status as a congressman to unethically promote his Cayman Islands hedge funds, and he should drop out of the Senate race immediately. His actions aren’t just disgraceful to the Democratic Party, they disgrace the halls of Congress,

  94. We need to get our sleeping bags ready, unless Hillary blows Bernie out of the water early.

    GO HILLARY, GO!!!!!!!

  95. When eveen Harry Reid thinks you are too dirty for the Dem party, well…Grayson is an endorsement Bernie can have.

  96. I don’t know if any of this is true, but we all know how primaries can be stolen by party leaders…

    Establishment ‘seeks to draft Romney if Rubio doesn’t perform’


  97. wnd is not a very reliable site though.

  98. Oh Grayson. A match made in heaven.

    Listen I just heard on CNN that Cruz dropped a bomb on Trump, that NY Times has Trump on tape saying his talk about the border is not really going to happen and he has no intention of carrying it out. Times says it’s an off the record tape and they refuse to release it without Trump’s permission. Now that’s what they said, I saw nothing from the Times that they said what CNN is saying they said; Personally, cruz is so scummy, I would put it past him that he made it up too. So we’ll have to stand by on this. Seriously gang, I hate Cruz, I think he’s raw evil and I think Trump is a saint next to him. I think Cruz would be easy to beat as he is so extreme as to even offend his own party. I was just hoping to see him go away so I wouldn’t have to see him again and shiver at his raw evilness. So we’ll find out if he was gasbagging it again for votes or if the tape thing is true. Soon enough.

  99. Romney. OMG there is no end to the Gifts.

  100. Shadow, you probably don’t know this, but WND has absolutely no credibility. THey are rumor creators and extreme on conspiracies.

    I know we would want this to be true, but if this is the only source, I can tell you they made it up

  101. What I DID hear on CNN today several times, were GOP people saying if he’s the candidate, they just wouldn’t vote.

  102. That HBO video was HILARIOUS!

  103. I don’t trust WND either, but I do know the GOP hates Trump and Cruz. They would have one of two major crackpots in charge, and they would rather have Ruby, or Mitt, or even Hillary would be better for them than Shoot-from-the-hip Trump.

  104. #makedonalddrumpfagain ! love it!

  105. Ah my Uppity we prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s journey let us remember the immortal words of Oat Willie- “Onward through the fog!”

    Oh, and as to Cruz,here’s another old Texas saying that describes Ted to a “T”- “That man is so low he could milk a rattlesnake.”

    Confusion to our enemies!!!

  106. If Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination, he’ll have undermined a lot of assumptions we once held about the GOP. He’ll have become the nominee despite neither being reliably conservative nor being very electable, supposedly the two things Republicans care most about. He’ll have done it with very little support from “party elites” (although with some recent exceptions like Chris Christie). He’ll have attacked the Republican Party’s three previous candidates — Mitt Romney, John McCain and George W. Bush — without many consequences. If a Trump nomination happens, it will imply that the Republican Party has been weakened and is perhaps even on the brink of failure, unable to coordinate on a plan to stop Trump despite the existential threat he poses to it.


  107. As noted way up on this thread, Hillary was endorsed today by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. I just had to post this link for you all to read and see that they get it when it comes to Bernie Sanders.

    “In lending their official endorsement, the leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s (CHC) political arm say Clinton’s track record on education, the economy, law enforcement and immigration make her the better choice than Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — never mind on the Republican side.”

    “Hillary Clinton has been a champion for the Latino community all of her life,” California Rep. Tony Cárdenas, who heads the CHC Bold PAC, said during a news briefing in Washington. “Although we respect Bernie Sanders, he has failed to stand with our community time and time again on issues that matter most to us.”
    The lawmakers are highlighting a series of votes Sanders took on immigration issues –– particularly his opposition to a comprehensive reform bill pushed by former Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) in 2007 –– as evidence that he’s late to the table when it comes to Hispanic priorities.

    “We love Sen. Sanders as a senator. But I think that often times he has sort-of a very utopian idea of how he can reform the country and Washington, D.C.,” said CHC Chairwoman Linda Sánchez (D-Calif.).

    “[Clinton] has long demonstrated a commitment to our community,” Sanchez added. “She’s not a Johnny-come-lately, trying to woo our community for our vote.”

  108. Today is the day!!! Fingers crossed Uppityites!

  109. I know you are right Shadow, it’s just that when we post bad reference sites, it kind of effects our own credibility. It’s probably worth paying attention to. It’s kind of like getting some of their slime on us and having it stick. xo

  110. NEW POST UP

  111. Imusthave

    Thanks so much for the states, times and delegates…I have made my little chart, and am ready to go.

    Go Hillary, go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Greetings from Saigon! Am having an incredible time, but bummed that I’m missing Super Tuesday. Watching cnn, was just told that Hillary is running as a woman. How dare she. Ugh

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