Super Tuesday Super Sizing and Down The Rabbit Hole

Well here we are! Given some of the creatures humping for delegates today,  I’m reminded of




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  1. Good morning, Up and Uppityites! It’s Super Tuesday, and I’m actually pumped about caucusing tonight in Minnesota. Well, I’d be more pumped if I could vote in a real election, but this is what we’ve got, and I won’t be denied my chance to voice my strong support for the most qualified, caring, compassionate, brilliant, and HONEST candidate in this race or any other. Eight years ago I vowed never to caucus again. That was then, this is now. #I’mWith Her! Always will be!

  2. Brassy! Keep your eyes open for those Sandernista cheaters!

  3. I’m on it, imust!

  4. Go get em, Rebel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Get Bernie’s Little Helpers with a REBEL YELL!!!! (Yes, I am pumped for today, too.)

  6. GO REBEL !
    GO REBEL !
    GO REBEL !

  7. Wow! Thanks for the great video, Voting. Wish I had Billy Idol’s energy, but I’ll do my best. And thanks, everyone for all the moral support. I’m more pumped than ever!

  8. I voted here in Ga this morning. Yay. I have waited so long for the chance to do it. Voting was not as heavy as it was in 2008 but I live in a heavily Republican district. So I’m not sure what you can read out of that.

  9. Minnesota would be a great state to win. Sanders was there yesterday. I would like to see Hillary be able to win at least nine, and maybe ten states today. I do not want to see Sanders have any leverage to be able to continue a major campaign for the next several months.

    I am sure that Brassy Rebel will do everything within her power to win it for Hillary in Minnesota. I hope we can win in Massachusetts, which now looks fairly likely. Oklahoma will be difficult based on polls. Ten wins looks better than nine, particularly when the media will grab onto anything to try to keep Sanders viable. Last night they kept running Gabbard’s endorsement of Sanders on their crawl, as if this were some major thing. They even ran her rationale, and then had her on for fifteen minutes. Sanders has about four members of Congress who have endorsed him, compared to hundreds for Hillary. But CNN also put Grayson’s endorsement of Sanders on their crawl.

  10. Minnesota’s a tough one. Lots of Bernie types. But our secret weapon is Al Franken.

  11. Ga, not to worry, sister. GA is ours.

  12. As to the Republicans, I don’t know what to root for.The thing that somewhat concerns me is that with all the pious attacking of Trump that the various Republican officials are doing, it can make a candidate like Rubio or Kasich look mild by comparison, but they are about as far Right as Trump, and would ultimately be every bit as disastrous for the country. I particularly dislike Rubio, who comes across las an enthusiastic, optimistic kind of guy, when he really is as reactionary as they come. The media always leads the voters to look at campaigns in the most simplistic terms. So now it’s about disavowing the KKK, which is the lowest hurdle that one can walk over, and which the Republicans proudly proclaim in their efforts to delude people that they mostly are a very reasonable bunch of people.

  13. William, they Talk The Talk and that’s about all. They hate women, POC, LGBT, anything that isn’t white, particularly Old White and Male.

  14. I’m studying Trump now. I still am slack jawed at all that seems to get a pass and have no confidence in my ability to understand what will trip him up.

    Cruz is such a big bag of evil, I think he would be easy to beat. Trump is such a weirdo, I can’t imagine what would knock him off his horse.

    Fortunately I think enough Americans would recognize him for the manure pile he is (but what the hell do I know?)

  15. Imusthave
    Thanks so much for the states, times and delegates…I have made my little chart and am ready to go.

    Go Hillary, go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Great song Voting! That’s the mood I’m in.

    With a rebel yell, she cried more, more, more.

    More votes, more delegates for Hillary!!!

  17. Brassy, fight hard for your vote and Hillary. We wish we could be there with you!!!

  18. I am in CA, we don’t get to vote until almost the end of the line…but I am wearing red, white and blue…with my Hillary button, front and center!

    Super Tuesday, this is Hillary’s day for her long awaited comeback! I am pretty darned excited.

  19. After years of rascist dog whistling and support for voter supression, GOP is now outraged that Donald Trump wouldn’t forcefully denounce KKK and David Duke. I am just outraged that the media fails to nail them as hypocrites.

  20. Shadowfax, we’re not like Iowa where you have to publicly declare and argue with people. We’re Minnesota Nice, so we just fill out ballots. Lol! Of course, if somebody wants to fight, I’m ready and willing. At least, that’s how it was last time.

  21. Exactly, Brassy Rebel. The Republicans love to hide behind their sanctimonious statements about how inclusionary and non-racist they are; look, we passionately denounce the KKK! And the media, full of people who are not very perceptive, and/or who actually want the Republicans to win, turn the campaigns into such simplistic measuring sticks, thus ignoring the more complex and important issues.

  22. Brassy, good to know the Minnesota is more civilized. 😉

  23. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 1h1 hour ago Brooklyn, NY

    Nate Cohn Retweeted Daniel Strauss

    Sometimes I feel like the Sanders Campaign is closing its eyes and pretending like nonwhite voters don’t exist

    Bernie’s next day stop after Super Tuesday: Maine

    Literally the whitest state in the country

  24. Sanders wants delegates, so that he can go all the way to the convention and battle over platform planks and everything else. He doesn’t much care where he gets them from.

  25. So 7pm


    I expect all 4 to be called immediately. 3 for Clinton, Tiny hellhole for Sanders.


    I expect Texas and Tennessee to be called immediately for Clinton
    Sanders will have to sit and sweat for OK and MASS


    Arkansas – immediate call for Clinton

    8pm – Caucuses in Minn start.

    9pm Colorado Caucuses start

    Big Early calls will probably demoralise SAnders voters into not bothering at caucuses…..Thats a big disadvantage for him….

    7 and 8pm will be nasty for Sanders

  26. Moon
    Big Early calls will probably demoralise SAnders voters into not bothering at caucuses…..That’s a big disadvantage for him….

    —-Agreed, God knows these kids won’t have time to fit it into their busy schedules. They have better things to do.

  27. According to this CNN article Bernie has money to compete in the Super Tuesday states, so why is he competing in only 5? Why is he making it seem that he must allocate his resources carefully? The article states that between Sanders and Democracy for America he has raised $42 million in February. Does he need an excuse to ignore minorities? Is my math wrong? What’s up with that?

  28. Yeah–weird how Berni’s hoarding his money like that. Weird too how he’s collecting delegates for some convention showdown, as if he didn’t join the race insisting he would not be a spoiler.

    Go Hillary!

  29. Bernie does not have a lot of cash on hand. He burned through something like 35 million in just the first 4 states. I’m sure his fundraising is falling off now and the more he loses the more it is going to fall off. So there is a reason why he’s not competing in a lot of states and it is mostly money. Him spending a ton of money here in GA would just be a waste.

  30. I know we are all caught up to our ears with today’s elections, so I don’t know if you are aware that Erin Andrews has been testifying in court today. She’s the sportscaster who was videod naked by a fucking piece of shit through a peephole in a Marriott hotel. She ended up ALL OVER THE INTERNET NAKED and practically lost her mind over it. The FBI caught the POS and the case is against the son of a bitch who did this. For a long time after it happened nobody believed her that she had no idea how this video was taken. Many thought it was a publicity stunt!!! And get this: The call asked the hotel for the room next to hers and they gave it to him and never told HER that this occurred.

    Just put yourself in this woman’s shoes and tell me you aren’t absolutely FURIOUS,,20981907_20990978,00.html

    “I think about it every day,” Andrews testified. “One of the worst thoughts I have is when I walk around a stadium … there’s always that thought, as I walk right by the stands, and I think, ‘My God, everyone in this stadium has seen that video.'”

    Andrews testified that she goes through an elaborate safety protocol whenever she checks into hotels, including staying in a different room from one in which she’s pre-booked and telling hotel staff that there’s a man staying with her, even if that’s not true. She says she never stays in a room with an adjoining room and never lets hotel staff go into her room.

    “I will not allow anyone to bring my bags up for me,” she testified. “I cover the peephole. I look for lights, cameras.”

    She said the video has made feel self-conscious when it comes to dating. “[Men] just want an easy girl. They want a girl where they don’t have drama. I have drama.”

    Andrews told the court that she plans to have children in the future, but she worries about explaining the video to her children and grandchildren. “What happens when my kids come home from school and they’re saying, ‘Mom, kids are saying you’re naked on the internet?'” she testified.

  31. Wrong Ga. He raised 40 million after his defeat. A “Money Bomb”. And I’ll tell you this…I spy down at BernieHQ Reddit and yesterday, I watched those little bastard donate up to FOUR FIGURES to him. You can make some pretty good college loan payments with that money.

  32. He’s also got to return a ton of money because of the things the FEC found in his fundraising. The article says that he raised 40 million in Feb so that’s the entire month.

  33. Going to be funny when all those Bernie dollars end up going towards Hillary’s GE campaign under DNC rules.

  34. The suspense is KILLING me. I doubt I will be able to stay up for any returns since it’s already 10:30 PM in this part of the world. The longest day ever.

  35. The money bomb was yesterday Ga. So now it’s way more

  36. I saw his message to the HQ people. He’s got these idiots convinced We Can Win This Nomination. Seriously!

    Personally, I would forgo the rules and let him keep all his money, besides the money his family has already siphoned, if he would move his ass to Venezuela where he belongs.

  37. Not a fan of huffpo but this was a nice read from a former gov. of Vermont. She gets it.

  38. I got my first call from the Hillary campaign yesterday.

    At first, I was so excited…yeah, maybe I was dreaming they would know how long I’ve supported Hillary and ask me to be one of her delegates. 😉

    Anyway, the guy was trying to get me to commit to a monthly amount to donate, instead of my donating when I feel like it. He kept trying to pressure me so I had to lay down the law and I told him to tell Hillary I am with her until the end, I fought for her in 2008 and before.

    He seemed more like an obot out to get the last bone.

  39. only and a half hours to go until H-Day…….

  40. Hillary should tonight probably have about 50% of the delegates needed for the nomination, which is a very powerful argument to go on with and should have a very healthy lead in pledged delegates.

    She wont say it publically but the calls for Sanders to fuck off should be coming loud and clear by the morning if tonight is a complete wipeout.

  41. Soooo happy it’s my day off.. I have snacks and drinks ready… and of course nip for goofs and mms bill. ; )

  42. Trump schedules press conference tonight> Will the cable stations fall for this, and interrupt election returns to let him talk to a nationwide audience?

  43. The MSNBC exit polls show 80 percent of Dems on Super Tuesday prefer someone with political experience. Bye Bye Bernie.

  44. Yikes — I can barely wait for the shutting of the polls. Nervous…although I know I shouldn’t be.

  45. We will have to see if the crackers mess up this voting…

    Utah to hold first ever presidential primary poll online

  46. I cant believe CNN are playing exit poll numbers this early, its ridiculous, does not include early voter numbers.

  47. moon – thanks for the schedule above.

    William – yes, I’m sure the cable stations will cover the demagogue in his tasteless Mar-a-Lago manse. God, can’t stand Trump (Drumpf). Not only is he cheap and tawdry, vulgar, and stupid-sounding, he’s dangerous to our republic.

  48. Hilarious on the Venezuela quip, Upps.

  49. William

    King Trump, king of the airwaves.

  50. Hey goofs! Good to see you!
    Sophie, you should go to bed and try to get up early. I know jet lag is tough.

  51. I don’t think Bernie will quit as long as enfants terrible continue to send him money. He will take it to the convention so he can grandstand and have all the kids in the audience yelling and screaming to tear down Wall St. (and tank our 401ks). It’ll be a spectacle that Trump will capitalize on.

  52. enfants terrible


  53. Sophie take a nap! Now!

    Can you all IMAGINE Trump as president tying up the airwaves for attention Day In and Day Out? OMG it would be like being in N. Korea!

  54. This is so stupid talking about make up of the electorate 1 1/2 and 2 1/2, 3 hrs before polls close, that will all change by the time polls close and no early voting numbers added in, no absentees, so ridiculous, far too early. Its just trying to up the drama.

  55. NES, I can’t help but think…….how the HELL did that guy get into Wharton? And even more of a mystery, how did he GRADUATE? Are we even SURE he went there? Did his old man buy a building? What?

    He only has like six adjectives in his entire vocabulary!

  56. Goofs, Bill heard “Nips” and woke up.

  57. Cracked me up.


  58. NES, yes. Sanders taking his hundreds of delegates to the convention and having demonstrations and booing and carrying on, would be every unhelpful. Bill Press, longtime liberal commentator, who was for Obama in ’08 over Hillary, was wrong; then is for Sanders now, and is wrong again, says that Hillary kept carrying on in ’08, conveniently avoiding the fact that Hillary was winning almost all of the later primaries, including every big state outside of Illinois.

  59. What nap? It’s now 1AM. I believe it would be called Going To Sleep For The Night.

  60. Uppity, money will get you very far, even with regard to getting in prestigious business schools. There are always a few monied admittees who didn’t earn it on grades.

  61. Watching CNN. I really hate Wolf Blitzer. They are spending way too much time on Donald Trump. I can tell them now That idiot Trump will be the big winner tonight for the Republicans. The losers are the American People.

  62. Apologies Alabama wont be called until 8 as some polls close there at 7 but most not until 8…..

  63. 27 minutes before the networks scramble to call all the winning states for Hillary and Trump.

  64. Does anyone know of a good channel to watch the results? I have to do a ton of computer work.

  65. Who has “That” conversation with Bernie Sanders. And don’t compare Sanders to Clinton’s 2008 compaign. Not the same and really she has honesty issues? Assh@les. CNN just Assh@les

  66. Annie, CSPAN will just give results. So you miss the insipid and often irritating commentary. If you have to choose between MSNBC and CNN, I’d reluctantly go with CNN. Bakari Sellers is identified as pro-Hillary, the only one; but I don’t think anyone on MSNBC favors her. And we are going to hear about “trust issue” all night on both stations, which is just galling, in that I think that Hillary is one of the most honest political figures i have ever seen.

  67. Thanks William! I’ll go with cspan. Catch you all later for the victory celebration!

  68. Flvoter my answer to all of that is APPARENTLY NOBODY LIKES HILLARY EXCEPT THE VOTERS!!! There is a reason the American people have completely lost faith in the press in this country and that is one of them.

  69. exit poll reminder: In SC the exits went from showing Sanders winning whites 58-42 to Hillary taking them by a mile.


    SANDERS WINS vermont

  71. Bing, times up in the 7 PM elections. Lets see the results.

  72. Welp, no surprise there

  73. Well they are showing percentage numbers for R’s but not for D’s? WTF is that.

  74. big victories for Hillary.

  75. CNN projecting from exit polls; Hillary GA & VA. Bernie VT.
    CNN says subject to change

  76. Exit poll numbers are bullshit. Entrance polls are ridiculous bullshit.

  77. LOL Watching the bernie crowd cheering over VT. lolol. They should be crying over GA and Virginia.

  78. FYI: VT has nearly half the population as RI.

  79. Trouncing coming in less than an hour.

  80. GA and VA already called for Hillary.

  81. I only watch MSNBC to watch Maddow nearly burst into tears.


  83. Delegate states won by Sanders tonight

    Vermont 16

    Delegates states won by Clinton tonight

    Georgia 102
    Virginia 95

    Which one would you pick.

  84. He’ll win Maine next. So White.

  85. Hmmmmmm, which state would I pick. Gee, I gotta think about that….

  86. Virginia is 67 to 32

  87. Ok, Hillary is off to a very good start. Need to keep it going that way.

  88. Unless you are heavily medicated don’t watch CNN. Sample banter. Bernie is a better candidate against Trump than Hillary. Are you fu@king kidding me!!!

  89. I am only watching CNN because that’s all they have here.

  90. Theres that exit figure again that ended going up into the 90’s/

    Clinton winning AA’s in Georgia 84/16

  91. Boy those Southern republicans see Trump as the next best thing to the Confederate flag.

  92. Wow. Buchanan County, heart of coal country and WV bellwether, is 95-5 for Clinton with 4/18 precincts reporting.

  93. Upps, are these states winner take all or are the proportional division based on results?

  94. All dem states are porportional…

    Turn your tv’s down Sanders about to speak, obviously thinks this is a bad night.

  95. Thanks,moon, I thought so, but after 2008, I just didn’t pay attention any more.

  96. honestly there are like 50 votes to count in vermont and fuck all of the vote in…..can they not count up there?

  97. Trump puzzles me. He was born rich, but somehow he never acquired genteel manners. He acts like white trash (Noo Yawk Street Punk subspecies). 😛

    As for Sanders and his continuing fundraising, I am entertaining an admittedly far-fetched thought: Is there some way he could embezzle his own campaign funds and skip to Venezuela or Lower Slobbovia or Pottsylvania or wherever? 😉

  98. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 1m1 minute ago Brooklyn, NY

    There’s a lot of white, western Virginia reporting. Clinton’s ahead everywhere. If it holds, a blow to Sanders hopes in Appalachia

  99. Oh for Chrissakes, they’re cheering him and yelling Feel The Bern. Do they not understand it’s Vermont he won?

    Do you notice this guy never shakes hands or gets close to ANY of his followers?

  100. Bernie is having an early night, must need his cocoa and slippers and put to bed by nanny…….

  101. Not ONE person of color there. Not ONE.

  102. Nurse Nurse, he’s off his meds again….Nurseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  103. WOW Georgia is 73 -24

  104. Jesus he is really off on hippy mode tonight………Shut it Bern.

  105. IvoryBill, I kinda get Trump’s personality because he reminds me of an uncle of mine…minus the obnoxious. He grew up dirt poor and died a multi-millionaire in construction. Never played it in anyone’s face, real down to earth, just give me a beer kind of guy. But, I think he and Trump share the same attitude towards business..they love(d) burning the preppie college “boys” in business. My uncle said it was what he enjoyed the most aside from the actual hands-on work.

  106. It’s Vermont, it’s what they love.

  107. PMSL

    Harry Enten ‏@ForecasterEnten 27s28 seconds ago

    General rule: if you’re giving your election night speech during Wheel of Fortune, you probably haven’t had a very good night.

  108. Hahaha my dog just barked at the TV.

  109. Listening to this speech, it sounds like Bernie is about to withdraw, its really a concession speech in disguise.

  110. Uppity Woman, on March 1, 2016 at 7:39 PM said

    Damn, Upps, got soda up my nose from laughing over that.

    By the way, this is a great photo op for Hillary…letting those not lily-white see just who is supporting him….the friggin pep rally crowd.

  111. and we’re so proud to send your Vermont values home, Bernie

  112. I’m hearing Clinton has won American Samoa. BIG.

    not confirmed but breaking now.

  113. If soda went up your nose, I’ve done my job.

    My dog thought it was somebody yelling at me.

  114. CNN says this is not going to be her ‘knockout’ night. Seriously. What did they expect, her to win Vermont?

  115. Hahahah Moon.



  117. Hillary declared winner of Alabama and TN

  118. Mass and OK may go sanders, looks very close, bet it will get close.

  119. He’s going to take OK for sure IMO. She’ll gat a big chunk of MASS delegates.

  120. As i said, close is no good for him, when she is killing the other big states.

  121. Uppity, it is possible that we will lose MA, and then Sanders might project to win CO to go with OK, and even MN. I thought we would win MA. She will certainly win TX and win more delegates tonight, but if it goes that way, it gives Sanders impetus to go on and on for more weeks.

  122. Trump is trouncing those other clowns.

  123. oh looking at these exit polls for Mass and OK, Clinton could still pull this out……easily, very very close.

  124. Moon, I would take a split of those. I just do not want Sanders and his supporters to be able to harangue all the way to the CA primary, which they will want to do.

  125. I agree. I don’t want Bernie even a remote possibility when CA votes.

  126. I am going to laugh if Hillary makes it to 15% in Vermont then she steals some of his delegates.

  127. Hil wins america samoa

  128. I just got home. What are the numbers? Uppity, I can’t figure out that link. Shows 100% but no results.

  129. Texas coming in and its 70/30 to Hillary.

  130. All the races are on that page, imust. If there’s nothing there for a race, the numbers aren’t in.

  131. Texas 67-31 Hillary so far, like 5% in

  132. Hillary romping it in Texas. Will be massive delegate haul.

  133. MASS looks REALLY close.

  134. Oh, okay uppity. I thought Alabama was hers but I see no numbers

  135. Yeah, MA is close. Surprised John King isn’t doing his usual analysis of the state about where they were winning and what areas each could expect.

    So have they actually called states for Clinton?

  136. I think King had a hard time with MA.

  137. Clinton takes lead in OK.

  138. Oh Wolf, we already can tell you whats gonna happen in Arkansas, dear.

  139. AR projection coming soon.

  140. Texas 69-29 Hill…10% in

  141. I would love those OK and Mass exits to be wrong.

  142. How many delegates does Bernie have so far? Like 16 from VT?

  143. Arkansas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Clinton is absolutely tearing Sanders ass off in the south, its a massacre in the south.

  145. 5 states for Hillary so far!!!!!!

  146. She’ll get a lot of delegates from MA even if she doesn’t win.

  147. Oh please Dana Bash, yes she wins ARK but she’ll win NY in the general too. She’s not just winning the south. Jeez

  148. Hillary now creeped up to 12% in VT…Come on Hill, steal some of his dels.

  149. how many tiny red states did Obama win and they still declared it the best thing since sliced bread.

  150. Clinton ahead by 100’000 already in Texas and its not even closed yet. Blowout.

  151. Exactly moon. I used to say during the primaries, Obama won where the people ain’t.

  152. Bernie’s strategy is to win all the “white” states that “respond to his message”. Wow. Can you imagine if Hillary said that?

  153. here we go…..

    NBC News changes characterization of MA Dem primary from TOO EARLY to call (with Sanders leading) to TOO CLOSE to call

  154. Uppity, you and I will be roomies in Hell, because I just love watching Rachel blink back tears.
    Sorry; Not Sorry.

  155. Looks like Bernie spent millions of dollars to become president of Vermont.

  156. Could someone DVR Rachel Maddow crying about Bernie losing, I’d love to play it over, and over.

  157. Hillary to speak now!!

  158. Hahahaha imust. I love her suffering!

  159. Mass is looking ok for Hillary, she is 7000 ahead, Sanders is not getting much out of this, he needed to.



  161. Uppity, you and I will be roomies in Hell, because I just love watching Rachel blink back tears.
    Sorry; Not Sorry.

    Worth it!

  162. Go!

  163. Wonderful speech by Hillary, a presidential winning speech and themes.

    The margins for her in the states she is winning are very strong. Now, I would just like to get Massachusetts and maybe Minnesota and Colorado.

  164. Cnns exit poll numbers have changed and its showing a Clinton win and its women carrying it….

  165. for massachussetts

  166. Old wild hair will most likely win OK…..

  167. Good night so far. Of course, the press will say she didn’t win enough states by enough points. Or she didn’t get enough delegates or something. You know they’re going start raining on the parade somehow.

  168. Rousing and gracious speech and a rather enthusiastic crowd!

    Please, please someon get that clip of Maddow.

    (Totally giving up on getting any sleep tonight. Worth it.)

  169. Nate thinks Hillary may win Mass…..

    Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 5m5 minutes ago Brooklyn, NY

    We think Clinton holds her slight lead in Massachusetts, but it’s really close and our models are split

  170. Clinton 22,000 ahead in Mass now.

  171. Yipes, all the excitement I missed coming home from work.
    Hillary with 6 wins so far, huge win of Texas!

  172. SophieCT
    Rousing and gracious speech and a rather enthusiastic crowd!

    The sound of the crowd screaming, “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.” Brought back so many memories, and made me cry.

  173. Someone take Wolf Blitzer off CNN. Hillary Clinton wins 6 states no big deal. Bernie “yellow teeth” Sanders wins Oklahoma and it’s a BIG WIN!!!

  174. Rubio is screwed now, he’ll probably have to go, Cruz won 2 states.

  175. 6 wins for Hillary
    5 wins for Grump
    2 wins for Burn
    2 wins for Cruz

  176. Rubio is screwed now, he’ll probably have to go, Cruz won 2 states.

    Really funny because the GOP HATES Cruz as much as Grumpy.

  177. Stupid Chrispy Cream is speaking for Trump?? Is he VP already?

  178. Clinton is racking up some national vote tonight, already 200’000 ahead in Texas.

    I’m guessing we wont be hearing that argument from the Bernie Bros tomorrow.

  179. ChristieCream is on to introduce Grump…ick.

  180. Imustwin
    Stupid Chrispy Cream is speaking for Trump?? Is he VP already?

    I wished I could vote more than once for you, that line is priceless.

  181. Trump isn’t screaming yet, is he on muscle relaxers?

  182. I have a good feeling Mass is going to Hillary.

  183. I can’t see Christie!!! I need a bigger TV!

  184. Trump is so full of shit.

  185. I know Shadow. Their long last hope Rubio seems to have completely failed tonight.

  186. Ga6thDem

    Yup, let’s all shed a silent tear for Ruby, the poor little man that thinks he’s the GOP savior.

  187. Christie and Trump make quite a team for sure. It’s almost like they are brothers from different mothers.

  188. Christie is that ugly unpopular girl that skinny girls bring with them to parties to make them look better.

  189. You really do think Trump just loves the sound of his own voice…..

  190. Carnival Barker

  191. Best part is Rubio hasn’t cracked 20% in TX. If he doesn’t he gets ZIP delegates. I hope that holds up because I hate that little shithead as much as Cruz.

  192. Trump backing Planned Parenthood like that is going to go down like a sack of shit……

  193. I’m gonna be very good for women and that’s why if they get raped I’m going to make them give birth to the psycho’s baby and raise it.

  194. Chrispy Cream looks so weird standing behind Drumpf. Like a groupie.

  195. He’s giving a press conference like he’s already president.

  196. Drumpf just talking about how he did with the various races just like he always does quoting poll numbers.

  197. BIG NEWS

    Decision Desk HQ ‏@DecisionDeskHQ 37s38 seconds ago

    We are calling Massachusetts for Clinton.
    5 retweets 0 likes

  198. WHOOOOOOO!!!! Great news moon!
    And can I say, I can’t stand Eliz Warren for not helping Hillary in Mass?

  199. Hillary’s wins, % all 63% and above. She will clean up on delegates.

    Georgia 73%
    Virginia 64%
    Alabama 78%
    Tenn 63%
    Ark 70%
    Texas 67%

    Mass 51%, (Burn 47%) right now

  200. Networks should not allow this press conference to be televised on election night. It is like a buy of airtime.

  201. Trump needs to quit praising himself and shut up. End the speech already.

  202. If Clinton has taken Massachussetts, Sander’s campaign is dead.

    oh and Hillary is on 13.7% in VT……she may get delegates there yet……..

  203. Hit the road, Chris Christie — or face a recall.
    That’s the message from a joint editorial Tuesday from six New Jersey newspapers that say Gov. Christie has no standing in the state following his endorsement last week of Donald Trump for the GOP presidential nomination.

  204. moononpluto, on March 1, 2016 at 9:54 PM said:

    Amen and thank God.

  205. Sorry, but this just cracked me up.

  206. Oh please! Hilarious!

  207. Trump just shouts everybody down, he just bamboozles people with shit….he aint going to get away with that 1 on 1 with Hillary.

  208. Here’s a tweet…

    Amanda Marcotte ‏@AmandaMarcotte 1h1 hour ago

    Wow, Clinton won Austin, TX. If Sanders can’t get them, he is screwed.
    141 retweets 155 likes

  209. Down at Reddit, they were told Bernie needed to win MA. WE MUST WIN MA.

  210. Upps, we need a Super Tuesday (Pt. 2) thread. It is taking a looooooooong time to load this sucker. 🙂

  211. Here’s another tweet…

    AlGiordano ‏@AlGiordano

    With 100% of votes counted the two most Jewish liberal strongholds in Massachusetts, Newton & Brookline, went 67-32 for Clinton over Sanders

  212. I dont see how Sanders catches up in Mass, their are basically only small counties left and Hillary is whalloping the big areas. almost 30’000 ahead.

  213. Ugh! Beelzebub Cruz!

    You can tell by his tone he’s a complete asshole.

  214. I swear If Cruz was grayer of hair he would look just like Grandpa Munster. Maybe he can make that show’s theme song his campaign song? It would be honest advertising…the only thing he may do this entire campaign.

  215. Nice to hear that, Jens!

  216. Think Sanders is gonna win Minn.

  217. on the link i gave you, you have to click on SEE RESULTS under each state otherwise it looks like no results.

    She is leading in…………..COLORADO

  218. Fox News calls Clinton in Mass.

  219. Six NJ newspapers demand Christie resign for “Hypocrisy, Arrogance and Selfishness”

  220. Upps, sorry, but she isn’t in CO.

  221. Whoa! Mass. is huge. Warren better come out and endorse her now …she’s a biatch for not having done so already.

  222. Uppity you are cracking me up on twitter with your tweets about Beelzebub Cruz. And then all those pictures where Christie looks like he’s being held hostage behind Trump. LOL.

  223. So far Hillary has won 188 delegates tonight, Burn 82 delegates.

    Hillary has a total of 747 delegates. More to come when the totals shake out.

  224. CNN isn’t calling Mass for Hillary yet, she won Boston. (I like Boston)

    50% to 48% on CNN

  225. Since my last comment, I finally figured out what Trump reminds me of.

    Money and power, but no class–he resembles a Mob boss.

  226. Oh, do I hate caucuses. If the Democrats had 50 caucuses, Sanders could get nominated. Not only are the caucuses undemocratic, but the results gets skewed by the process. I never forget Obama beating Clinton something like 82-18 in Kansas, which of course was not close to the actual percentages who favored them in the state.

  227. HuffPo has 335 delegates for Hillary and 145 for Bernie w/ 398 yet to be determined. Those totals don’t include the each state’s superdelegates.

    With the supers added, Hillary is at 436, Bernie is 152 w/ 444 yet to be determined.

  228. imust said: “Looks like Bernie spent millions of dollars to become president of Vermont.”


  229. NBC News projects Clinton wins MA Dem primary

  230. So, MN, CO, and OH look like they’ll go for Sanders….. Not happy about that, but does it really matter, Upps?

    A GREAT day for our girl. Or, to quote our orange rival, “It’s YUUUGE”!

  231. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 2m2 minutes ago Brooklyn, NY

    Clinton win in a state like Massachusetts means Sanders has virtually no chance of compensating for his huge deficit with black voters


    Its devestating

  232. Hillary vs. IL Douchebag: no brainer.

  233. BREAKING: Marco Rubio wins Minnesota.

  234. Little tiny Ruby has his first, tiny win. Minn.

    What a joke.

  235. CNN still won’t give Mass. the win to Hillary…too close?

  236. They are begrudging it to her…….

  237. About fucking time CNN, you fuckwits.

  238. Ooops…I meant to say Bernie will probably get OKL. (not OH!).

  239. Its not still a race, look at the national vote tonight for Clinton, massive difference.

  240. Freakin’ Finally Hillary wins her 7th state in Mass.
    Bernie wins 4 states.

  241. CNN spinning like fuck for Sanders………..

  242. About fucking time CNN, you fuckwits.

    Seriously, Moon!!!!!

  243. Yeah, CNN is rooting for Bernie, between the lines.

  244. Hillary has the same problem with caucus states, just like she did with the Fraud. I hope she comes up with a plan for the general, we know Trump supporters will go nuts in the caucus states.

  245. Who does Drumpf think he’s fooling with that stupid faux presidential press conference?
    You can’t hypnotize us with your phony optics, Drumpf!

  246. Sanders losing Massachussetts is a huge blow, it shows she can compete in those areas.

    Mass should have been easy pickings for Sanders and he still lost.

  247. Georgia all in

    Clinton won 71 – 28

  248. Alabama all in

    Clinton wins 79 – 18

  249. CNN drives me nuts. Wolfie says, on the Dem side, it’s turned into quite a contest! Then reported on the states Bernie won. Not mentioning Hillary’s LANDSLIDE victories..oh no. Saying, Bernie has no reason to drop out, oh no, not with those wins! They really make me sick.

  250. CNN favors Bernie.

    Wolf saying that Hillary did well winning 7 states.

    And Bernie is doing well too, he won 4 states.

    WTF, the size of the states won and the # of delegates isn’t anywhere near equal.

  251. CNN can spin all they like, Bernie is not getting much out of Minn or Colorado, difference is like 10 delegates in those, however down south and in Texas, landslide delegates.

  252. Sorry to be gone for a bit. Educating a Sanders supporter about superdelegates and how she can thank Ted Kennedy for them. She was actually very polite. Hey, there is a first for everything.

    Super happy Hillary won Mass, but worried about two things:

    1. Caucus again…damn.

    2. Overall turnout. Dems are just not turning out to vote. That concerns me for the GE.

  253. Yes, the coverage becomes so irritating. They ignore the enormous victory Hillary got ni Texas, and somehow equate that to caucus states. So far Hillary has won two caucuses in the last two elections, but dozens of primaries. Does anyone perceive a difference?

  254. I agree voting

    Hillary needs to keep steamrolling. Bernie not only has the socialist view, he has false promises of pink ponies to the young, which Berry did too. I think that Hillary’s largest flaw still lays in the caucus states. She needs to get a plan to help and support those states more. Especially the large states.
    Hillary’s real big win is the delegate count along with a massive amount of superdelegates.

  255. Caucus state in HI, damn that means another win for the Burn.

  256. No, Shadow, you are not understanding me. Hillary will win the Dem nod, I have no doubt. Here is what concerns me tonight. Look at the vote totals for tonight’s states. With the exception of Mass and VA which are hardcore “blue”, the turnout was greater for the Repubs. Their voters are coming out in droves. Which means if either Hillary or Bernie’s kids decide to pick up their ball and go home because their candidate didn’t win the primary in the GE…welcome to Nixon 2.0.

    Check the link for votes:

  257. Sorry, Mass and VT.

  258. Yeah Voting, I see what you mean. The voters that are voting in droves are from angry voters for Trump or against Trump, it seems.

  259. Wolf said Trump’s 6 states win IS IMPRESSIVE. Then he said Hillary, who one 7, “HAS DONE WELL”

  260. Bummer about the dunce winning MN & CO. Great that she won MA though.

  261. I feel like i killed our party. Sorry, everyone. But those voter totals have me so worried tonight.

  262. Did you expect anything else from Wolf, Upps?

  263. Voting, if Trump becomes the Repub nominee there will be a good number of the establishment Repubs who will cross over and vote for Hillary in the general.

  264. From a couple of days ago I think when he made the endorsement.

  265. “I feel like i killed our party. Sorry, everyone. But those voter totals have me so worried tonight.”

    Don’t be sorry, VotingHillary.

    I’m with you. I’ve stated my concerns here, as well. Look, tonight was fun. But, it’s meaningless as far as the nomination. As I said a week ago…

    Hillary will be the nominee. Period. It’s over. It’s been over for a while now. Nothing else matters now, but NOVEMBER.

    All of my focus is on NOVEMBER now.

    And as I’ve said (sorry to keep repeating myself) the biggest problem that the ongoing but moribund Bernie campaign can create for Hillary now is – hurting her in November.

    And these low voter Dem turnouts, coupled with the apathy of the BernOuts (still one of my biggest worries) could spell big problems for Hillary – even against a monstrosity such as Trump.

    Hillary Clinton (in a perfect world) should demolish Donald Trump in a general election. Especially because the Repub party has gone bat-shit crazy, and is in such disarray. But, we do not live in a perfect world, and especially not a perfect America.

    Tonight was glorious, but the primaries are over. Hillary has won. Now, she must face a much bigger task…

    She must overcome MSNBC and the Maddows, and CNN and the Wolfies, and of course FOX, and her gender, and her name, and her past, and the ignorance and whimsy of the BernOuts, and the baseness of the public that falls prey to the horridness of a Trump or a Cruz…

    Can she accomplish this, and win? Hell yes. But, it won’t be easy and it’s not a certainty. So, yes, yay for tonight! But, now, it’s on to November.

    I remain hopeful. But, like you, I worry.

  266. And hilariously enough, Trump’s avg vote in the first four contests was? 34.5%. So his average state tonight matched his avg in 1st four.

    ………….Trump does not really have a lock on anything.

  267. The hits will still keep coming though.

    This weekend not so great : Louisiana good for her, then Maine, Nebraska and Kansas.

    March 8th will be a thumping though with Michigan and Mississippi (both big Clinton states)

    Then March 15th

    Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina (all 5 big clinton states)

    Thats a killer two weeks right there.

  268. Delegate Watch


    Clinton took the 53 pledged delegates 44 to 9

    American Samoa

    Clinton took the pledged 4 to 2


    32 pledged delegates

    Clinton takes 22 to 10


    66 pledged

    Sanders takes 38 to 28


    102 delegates

    Clinton takes 74 to 28


    91 delegates

    currently 44 each, 3 left to be decided.


    77 dels

    Sanders taking 46 to 29 with 2 to be decided


    Sanders takes 20 to 16 and 2 left to be decided

    Tennessee – 67 dels

    Clinton takes 38 to 21, 8 to be decided

    Texas – 222 delegates

    Clinton winning 136 to Sanders 64 with 22 still to be allocated


    Sanders takes all 16 to 0


    95 delegates

    Clinton 61 to 34

    Totals Clinton 496 Sanders 332

    Clinton advantage of 164

    This will go more with others to be added.

  269. Adding in the previous 4 totals Clinton has a 200+ pledged delegate lead

  270. raw primary vote totals

    Clinton 3’778’082
    Sanders 2’324’397

    Clinton national vote lead of 1’453’685

  271. Thank you moon! That was a lot of work!

  272. Well super I had a post ready to put up with the next primary dates and type. Guess I don’t need it anymore.

  273. Where did you get the raw vote numbers? I’d like to tweet them but will be trounced upon if they aren’t confirmable. Didn’t know that could be counted. Iowa didn’t release vote counts.

  274. Hey I’ve got a question. Did ANYTHING, SOMETHING, SOME LITTLE FUCKING THING, happen last night that was GOOD? I am getting a little sick of the search of the negative every time Hillary makes a score. I got up this morning in a good mood and, as soon as I read this blog, a cloud descended upon me. This blog is as bad as the media. It’s like a fucking funeral in this place. If I want to blow Hillary’s achievements off and point out the shit, I can go down to Bernie Headquarters at Reddit.

    I can’t even get you people to lighten up for five fucking minutes. What a drag. What Part of Hillary Will Get The Nomination won’t you accept??????????????????????????????????????? You act like she’s LOSING two minutes after Super Tuesday! What the fuck more does she have to do for you and everybody else? Jump off a high building and land on her feet? DId you expect her to win EVERY state? WHO DOES THAT???? NAME ONE NOMINEE WHO DID THAT? Take your time, I’ll wait!

  275. uppity. i dont include caucus because they are so small and cant really be counted as they are not real votes, they are the total primary votes only and Clinton is whalloping it.

    and pundits agree

    Yet, with the votes mostly counted, it’s clearly Clinton who racked up the biggest margins of victory, not Trump, even though they won the same number of states.

    Clinton nabbed 66 percent of the vote in Arkansas, where her husband, Bill Clinton, was a two-term governor. And she breezed through the South’s diverse electorate, securing victories easily in Alabama (78 percent), Georgia (71 percent), Tennessee (66 percent) and Texas (65 percent).

    She narrowly bested Sanders in Massachusetts, 50 percent to 49 percent, but took Virginia by a wide margin, 64 percent to 35 percent.

    Trump’s appeal also resonated in the South. He amassed big victories in Alabama (43 percent), Georgia (39 percent) and Tennessee (39 percent), in addition to a blowout win in Massachusetts (49 percent). The race was more contested in states like Arkansas, Vermont and Virginia, but the billionaire prevailed in each, nonetheless.

    The key to Clinton’s big margins? Her dominance among African-American voters. Clinton won at least 80 percent of the African-American vote in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia, according to exit polls.


    Clinton won big and its only going to get bigger in the next few weeks, Sanders has no path, he’s done, he can carry on stretching it out but the end result is going to be the same.

    I’m still laughing that Sanders lost Fauxcahauntas land……..Warren must be pissed and he’s probably really pissed at her….Mass voters saw sense.

    I also agree, lets get going here, Clinton is going to take this apart now, Sanders and then whoever the party of idiots shoves in our faces.

  276. and another thing Hillary won 8 last night……lets not forget American Samoa. it counts you know.

    Hillary will have an insurmountable lead on March 15

    Those 5 on that night will just finish Sanders off.

    Missouri, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio.

    These are all states with high ethnic vote. Game over.

  277. Of course she will , Up. I’m happy this morning too even though I must apologize for my idiot home state. Caucuses last night were a hot mess–again. Greens and Socialist Workers slithered out from under their rocks and held a hostile takeover. It was like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Total chaos. I knew we were in trouble right away when I pulled into the parking lot and the first thing I see is a car with a BS bumper sticker. Then I ended up sitting next to a know it all Bern bro who made clear his mission was to get everyone to support BS. I made clear that in my case that was Mission Impossible. He says, “I understand. It’s a generational thing.” Polite way of telling me I’m an old lady. Who’s younger than his candidate!

    Other than here on Planet Pluto, Hillary had a great night. And Massachusetts is especially sweet! Take that St. Elizabeth of Warren.

  278. 538 is saying its all over,

    To borrow a phrase from Dan Rather, Hillary Clinton swept through the South like a big wheel through a delta cotton field on Super Tuesday. She won seven states total, including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia in the South. She also won Massachusetts and American Samoa. Bernie Sanders emerged victorious in four states (Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Vermont), but his victories tended to come by smaller margins and in smaller states. The end result is that Clinton has a clear path to winning the nomination, and Sanders’s only hope to derail her is for something very unusual to happen.

    We’ve now seen 15 states vote in the Democratic contest, and it’s clear that Clinton’s coalition is wider than Sanders’s. Sanders has won only in relatively small states where black voters make up less than 10 percent of the population. That’s not going to work this year when black voters are likely to make up more than 20 percent of Democratic primary voters nationwide.

    On Tuesday, we saw why. As she did in Nevada and South Carolina, Clinton won huge margins of black voters. Her worst performance was in Oklahoma, where 71 percent of black voters in the Democratic primary chose her. In Alabama, she won 93 percent of black voters on her way to winning 78 percent of Democrats overall. Clinton took no less than 64 percent of the overall vote in the southern states she won.

    It wasn’t just just black voters, either: Clinton dominated with Hispanics in Texas. There had been some questions about how Hispanics voted in Nevada, but there was little doubt in Texas. The exit poll showed Clinton with a 42 percentage point win among Hispanics, about the margin she won in counties such as Hidalgo, where Hispanics make up 91 percent of the population. Those results bode well for Clinton in states such as Arizona, California, Florida and New Mexico.

    The end result is that Clinton will now have a substantial delegate lead. When I wrote on Saturday that Clinton was on her way to winning the Democratic nomination, I projected that she would win 508 delegates on Tuesday. It will take a little while to get the exact delegate totals, but FiveThirtyEight contributor David Wasserman projects Clinton to win well over 500 delegates. That will give her a lead of around 200 pledged delegates, not counting her large lead among superdelegates.

    This lead is pretty much insurmountable. Democrats award delegates proportionally, which means Sanders would need to win by big margins in the remaining states to catch up. He hasn’t seen those kinds of wins outside of his home state of Vermont and next-door New Hampshire. Consider the case of Massachusetts: My colleague Nate Silver’s model had Sanders winning the state by 11 percentage points if the race were tied nationally and by 3 points based on the FiveThirtyEight polling average last week. Instead, Sanders lost by nearly 2 percentage points.

    Sanders needs a fundamental shift in the race. Unfortunately for him, it’s already a two-person affair — not like the Republican side, where we wonder how the race might change if one of the candidates dropped out. The votes on the Democratic side so far have been fairly predictable based on demographics; it just so happens that those demographics favor Clinton.

    Sanders, perhaps not surprisingly, has indicated that he’ll continue to fight for votes across the country. But for every win he may get in mostly white states, Clinton will be marching toward the nomination with likely victories in states such as Michigan and Florida. The math indicates that Clinton eventually will win the nomination with relative ease.


    Now everyone breathe and smile.

  279. NBC must be sad…..NBC says Per our math, Sanders would need to win 59% of remaining delegates to catch Clinton — under a proportional system

    Unless something extraordinary happens, we pretty much know who the Democratic nominee will be — Hillary Clinton

    That’s the fairly easy conclusion from last night’s Super Tuesday results. Hillary Clinton won seven out of the 11 states (including Massachusetts in Sanders’ New England backyard); she racked up 461 delegates to Sanders’ 295; and when you add superdelegates, Clinton holds an overall 979-382 lead. That means to catch Clinton, Sanders must win 59% of the remaining delegates — a near impossible task considering the proportional allocation in all contests. Of course, the unexpected can always occur in politics. And we still have months to go. But Hillary Clinton sure looks like a slam dunk to be the Democratic nominee in July – unless something extraordinary happens (FBI, anyone?). Sanders is vowing to remain in the race, and he has more than enough money to do so. But it will be interesting to watch his tone on the campaign trail. Do his attacks on Clinton get replaced by attacks on Trump? If last night was an indication, he’s more focused on Trump than Clinton.

    …………………..Maddow will be crying into her cheerios on reading that.

  280. All the outlets and news media is basically declaring it over for Sanders, go search, its wall to wall, he can’t make, he’s done and to get behind Clinton.


    Washington (CNN)Talk show and radio host Steve Harvey endorsed Hillary Clinton on Tuesday during her appearance on his radio show, saying she is the best candidate to build on President Barack Obama’s legacy.

    “She has fought for social justice, equality and policies that expand civil rights and economic opportunity out there,” he said on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show,” his nationally syndicated radio show.

    “As President, you really plan on building on the progress that President Obama has made to deliver some real results for a lot of Americans, including African-Americans,” Harvey said. “And I’m endorsing you as my candidate for President of the United States and I just think that you’re going to just do the right thing for the majority of the people in this country.”

    Clinton and her rival Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders have been competing for the African-American vote, one of the Democratic Party’s largest voting blocs.

    LaDavia Drane, Clinton’s African-American outreach director, tweeted the endorsement Tuesday with a photo of Clinton’s appearance on Harvey’s television show.

  282. We all should be very happy after last night and the news is only going to get better and better. I would not worry about primary turnout as it rarely relates to what happens in the general election. Hillary is going to have to fight the media which I understand is quite depressing. But keep your chin up. Another thing to note is that if you think primary voting means something you have to think that Trump would win in a landslide in the GE and nobody believes that and it isn’t backed up by any polling.

  283. Good morning after a great night! So stoked Hill took Massachusetts, even with St. Elizabeth working it behind the scenes for Bernie

    Their talking point of the day is that (giggle) Hillary’s wins mean nothing because those states will go red anyway and somehow (in their delusional pointy heads) Bernie will be more competitive there in the general election. HAHAHA!

    Have a great day everyone!

  284. Oh really, Worked for Obama didnt it, she won all the huge states in 08, he won republican states and got the nom, so fuck ’em.

  285. Primary polling is no indication of what happens in the GE, None whatsoever. Totally different race and different set of politics…..

    Most candidates pivot to the centre in the GE. Trump is basically ruining his brand right now, he’s running a scorched earth primary campaign that is going to bite him on the ass if he wins the nom.

  286. google elizabeth and watch the vitriolic news articles blaming her for losing Massachussetts last night..

    Here are some headlines

    Thanks for nothing, Elizabeth Warren: How the Democratic Party’s rock star missed her chance, hurt the progressive agenda


    Adriana Cohen: Liz Warren shows true cowardly colors


    The berniebots are scathing at her…

    Popcorn anyone?

  287. Best things from last night

    1 : Christies blank stare hostage situation live on stage in Florida.

    2 : Hillary Won Massachussetts (my guilty pleasure seeing them have to call it for)

    3 : Sanders basically going on stage by 7.30 and then going to bed with cocoa and slippers, even he knows he’s fucked.

    4 : Rubio and Cruz winning states, basically keeps on ripping the GOP to shreds.

    5 : Did anybody actually notice Kasich anywhere last night?

    6 : The epic fight on CNN between the 2 pundits over Trump and the klan.

  288. NEW POST UP.

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