Dates For Next March Primaries and Get Real

Below are the dates for the next Primaries in March.

I’m not even going to begin to call these races, and I don’t care, because Hillary will pick up plenty of delegates and stay ahead of Bernie, who will never win. But I am going on record right now to tell you that Bernie will not leave the race.  Ever. He knows he can’t win, but he will not leave the race. Bernie is enjoying screaming too much. In his whole wrinkled old life, he has never had this kind of attention. Normally, he screamed his rants after hours, to an empty Senate chambers. Bernie is to us, what Cruz is to the Republicans. He will not give up, for he has an exaggerated sense of who he is, and because, like Cruz, he has enough useful idiots to keep him going while he tanks.

Don’t kid yourself. Bernie is loving this. He is loving the worship from the Unwise and Naive. He is having Castro and Sandinista fantasies, he’s dreaming of how, if only he had a shot at Venezuela instead of Chavez, Socialism wouldn’t be dying there! He dreams of “Transforming America” the way Castro “Transformed Cuba,” yes he does. And he will continue to bullshit the children that “We can win this if you would only donate again“. Furthermore, having monitored the Reddit HQ, I can tell you I’ve seen some individual donations happen that would have easily covered for several college loan payments, if you get my drift.

Bernie will not leave. Live with it. Treat him like the pimple on your ass that he is. Like all old Socialists who have ruined the lives of others, he will not  get the same chance, but like all who ‘succeeded,” he will crumble to dust and be forgotten.  Shelley didn’t write Ozymandias for nothing. History is riddled with Charismatics who duped the Youth into following them. It never ended well. Bernie will never get the chance to try it again.

As it applies to Chavez, so it applies to Bernie Sanders before he gets to build a statue to himself. Come to think of it, it just might apply to a few others in this race for the Presidency:


I met a traveller from an antique land,
Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”


Bernie will be there. So, I think, will Trump. But they aren’t going to stop till they crumble. Whomever screams the loudest does not always win, but they can still scream the loudest. SO LIVE WITH IT.  And always remember: Hillary has been vetted for three decades and is still standing. Not so for her adversaries, but to be sure, if necessary, it will Come.

So, please cut the crap and spend more time rejoicing rather than festering. Otherwise, we all become toxic to one another. And for God’s sake, try to remember the things that are REALLY important in your lives before you let a silly idiot like Bernie bother you. Before it’s too late.

March 5:

Kansas (Closed Caucus) — 37 delegates

Louisiana (Closed Primary) — 58 delegates

Nebraska (Closed Primary) — 30 delegates

March 6:

Maine (Closed Caucus) — 30 delegates

March 8:

Michigan (Open Primary) — 148 delegates

Mississippi (Open Primary) — 41 delegates

March 12:

Northern Marianas (Open Caucus) — 11 delegates

March 15:

Florida  (Closed Primary) — 246 delegates

Illinois (Open Primary) — 182 delegates

Missouri (Open Primary) — 84 delegates

North Carolina (Mixed – allows Independents) — 121 delegates

Ohio (Mixed – allows Independents) — 159 delegates

March 22:

Arizona (Closed Primary) — 85 delegates

Idaho (Closed Caucus) — 27 delegates

Utah (Closed Primary) — 37 delegates

March 26:

Alaska (Closed Caucus) — 20 delegates

Hawaii (Closed Caucus) — 24 delegates

Washington (Closed Caucus) — 118 delegates

(Will add next set of Primaries at the end of this month)






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  1. OMG there’s another Bernie 20-something on CNN, her mouth is going as fast as a whippoorwill’s ass, and like all the other M’s……her voice has that characteristic froggy-croak to it.

    When she was done, they all laughed at her for her rapid-fire pitch, seriously mem’rized.

    The jokes simply write themselves.

  2. Very nice and I totally agree. I am optimistic as all get out, y’all. Can’t WAIT to vote in Ohio on the 15th.

    Unplug if you have too, stay away from the negativity and think about what a sigh of relief the world will make when she’s sworn in. Look around at your family and think how much better it will be for them when she’s President. It’s going to happen, believe it.

  3. I saw an article, (sorry can’t remember where, it’s all a blur after just 4 and 1/2 hrs. of sleep) that stated Hillary’s overwhelming showing in the African American community portends good things in the general. The question has been will AA’s turn out to vote for a candidate not named Barack Obama. The answer we now know is yes, especially if it’s HRC. I would only add that so far AA women, Latinas, and women in general have had her back. Haven’t seen the numbers yet, but I’m guessing it was strong support from women that won her Massachusetts. She also won white working class strongholds like Springfield, Lynn, and New Bedford–all places BS should have been strong. Very proud of her!

  4. Oh about Lizzie Borden Warren. Boo Hoo. She’s not all that and a bag of chips, and if she’s the idea of what “Progressives” want, then I hate the Progressive ‘movement’ even more than I thought. Warren is for Warren, and that’s a fact, Jack. She’s just clever enough not to endorse anybody, not because she has any principles, but because she wants to align herself with Winners. She’s despicable and surrepticious. And fractious. And self-aggrandizing. She is holding the power some very stupid people seem to keep giving her over everyone’s heads — and she will always hold out for what works best for her own self, just like the Socialist she is. Correction: She wants to live well under Capitalism, but wants Socialism for YOU. And, frankly I am always amazed at how everyone pretends not to notice, along with the fact that she was been a Republican for the majority of her life. (But they can’t help but bring up that Hillary was a Republican when she was 17!) If Elizabeth Warren were the candidate for President, we would not only lose, but she would ruin it for women for the next entire generation. But then, that wouldn’t bother the Progressive bros one single bit.

    For starters, they don’t give one whit of a shit about women, minorities or anybody else they pretend to ‘support’. They are led by another bunch of white dudes and they are the VERY ones who, for example, have told women over and over again to “Wait” because there are ALWAYS “more important” things to do. I watched them attack blacks when Bernie got confronted. Go to Reddit and watch them talk about the “Uneducated blacks” who are ruining everything for Bernie. They hate Jews. They hate everybody except themselves. There is no benefit of this ‘movement’ to anybody but them. And they are too far left for any real democracy to endure. I don’t agree with them 75% of the time. I am not a progressive. I am a Democrat. I never hear them call themselves Democrats. Why don’t they just go back to being a fringe party? They are the exact MIRROR image of the Tea Party. They are the embodiment of all the things they hate in the far right. Extremism has ALWAYS been the path to destruction and failure in just about ALL things. They and the far right haven taken chances apiece RUINING America, and they are both the reason nothing useful EVER gets done. Furthermore, they aren’t even the majority, but they control primaries while everyone else watches in horror, often giving us the WORST of choices to vote for. THEY are the reason Bernie Sanders dared to run from our party. If you ask me, we need the blue dogs back. At least something got DONE. Now all we see are gvt shutdowns and obstructionism from both sides. I despise them both and wouldn’t spit on them if they were all on fire.

    There I said it.

  5. Hey here’s that article someone in the other thread was quoting from. It’s from Salon. Bernie worshippers. Figures. Like I said, Boo Hoo about Lizzie. Rock Star. Oh Please.

  6. The VA win was the best one last night. When have we had a candidate that can win in the suburbs, the Hispanic vote, the African American vote and win in Appalachia too?? Those numbers were just so awesome and it shows exactly why Karl Rove has spent literally millions trying to take her down in the primaries.

    Also since this is from Chuckles Toad you can decide whether the info is worth much or not but Chuckles has said that there are a number of GOP senators ready to defect to Hillary if Trump is the nominee.

  7. Rebel you are very right about the areas of MA Hillary took. It was truly a good sign.

  8. OMG, upps that Salon article is completely out of touch with reality. Is that author really stupid enough to think that Warren would have done any better than Bernie here in GA? He seems to cluelessly think so. He seems to blame everything on Bernie now. Do we really think another candidate from MA can win a national election after having the last three candidates from there go down in flames?

  9. GA I was first excited by MA and then VA.

    But you know, she almost had to get the burbs. What person in their right mind living in the suburbs want a Bernie showing up, taxing the crap out of them and downgrading their life do some pissant can play Beer Pong in college for free? lol

    Anyone who owns a home instinctively reviles from Bernie, because they KNOW that Free College means extremely higher property and state taxes. For already high taxed states, such as MA, that’s a wallet death call.

  10. LOL Ga.

    By 2020 or 2024, Warren’s moment — and the progressives’ moment — may have passed.

    Good. Because if I wanted to be a Socialist, I would have moved to Cuba, so that later I could risk my life on a leaky boat to escape like Millions of Cubans had to do. Just ask FLVoter. Better yet, read her story here.

  11. It’s not just the ‘burbs. The problem is Bernie says people are still struggling and honestly they are. However Bernie’s solution is to make them have LESS money. So he’s saying you’re struggling and you’re going to struggle MORE if you vote for me. The only people that can vote for Bernie are people that can afford socialism. And what about people who have kids that are not college material? Bernie is saying they should be paying for other people’s kids to play beer pong? Not sure how you sell something like that to them.

  12. Aah the joyous site on tv and media all day of Berniebots and warrenbots crying into cheerios and performing circular gun circles on their gods.

    There is a reason we call her fauxahontas you know….

    By the way do you know in the United Kingdom……the word “trump” mean to fart……i get a giggle everytime.

  13. Sanders does have some idiots working for him…

    “There’s over 4,000 delegates in this process, and if she’s ahead by 200 delegates or less, that’s nothing. California has 400-some-odd delegates,” said Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver after polls started closing on Tuesday night,


    Lol, does he think he gets all of them and does he forget California is a big AA, latino state and if he couldn’t even win Mass, what makes him think he’ll win CA.

  14. Brilliant post–classic Uppity!

    Fuck Bernie and his Bolshevik “revolution.” I am in Ukraine this week and let me tell you, these people have revolution fatigue. They have been free for 25 years and are still weary. And they will tell you, the oligarchs win anyway.

  15. I am always impressed to see a little classic poetry! My father read that poem to me when I was very young, and I have never forgotten it. And then of course I studied literature in college, and read it many times.

    A few thoughts on last night: I was very happy at the large margins that Hillary won by in almost all of the states. The win in MA was quite gratifying, as it seemed like a very possible Sanders state. I hate caucuses, they are undemocratic, skewed to younger voters, nonworking voters, people who like confrontation. (Thank you, Brassy Rebel, for all your efforts, notwithstanding these things!). The media keeps making the caucuses equivalent to the primaries, and they are not, not for extrapolation

    I think that the media coverage is awful, but if Hillary can basically go along and ignore it, so can I–mostly! I did see a couple of Republicans angrily arguing about Trump vs. Cruz Each of them contended that Hillary was so beatable, and that the only way they could lose was if the Republicans nomnated the one of the two they didn’t want. Well, they are vastly underrating Hillary, who will get stronger as the campaign continues. And she hasn’t really even begun to point out the immense differences between the two parties, the thing that will most damage the Republicans. no matter who the candidate is. She can do what Democrats too often fail to do, which is to explain to people just why they do not want to support the Republican Party. She can do what we have done so poorly at in recent years, which is to get the Democrats back to strength on the Congressional and State levels. In other words. she might be able to save the Democratic Party, even if a bunch of smug self-styled “pundits” who aren’t a tenth as intelligent as they think they are, don’t see it or acknowledge it.

  16. Yeah, Sophie. The only people that think a revolution is a great thing are the ones that have never experienced one. You know, a lot of people die in revolutions. Look no further than our own history for that one.

  17. I relate William. My first degree was B.A. English.

  18. Hey Sophie! How’s the food there?

  19. Grab your popcorn

    Romney intervening

    Romney to speak out on 2016 race tomorrow.

  20. Upps, the food is fabulous–this is Europe after all. Therefore, and more importantly, the coffee is excellent. ☕️


    Donald Trump’s oldest son gave a 20-minute interview last weekend to a radio host who once wrote that slavery is the best thing that ever happened to African-Americans.

    James Edwards — who is host of a radio show called “Political Cesspool” that has hosted leaders of the Ku Klux Klan, Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis — spoke with Donald Trump Jr. in an interview that will air Saturday, according to a recent blog post.

    Edwards once wrote, “For blacks in the Americas, slavery is the greatest thing that ever happened to them. Unfortunately, it’s the worst thing that ever happened to white Americans,” Edwards wrote on his blog, citing a piece he said he read in the Jamaican Observer, however, the link he provided did not work.

    The news of the interview with Trump’s oldest son was first reported by New York Magazine on the heels of Donald Trump’s refusal to disavow white nationalist and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and the KKK on CNN. He blamed a faulty earpiece for his failure to disavow Duke and the KKK at that time, and has disavowed both before and after that incident.


  22. Oooooooo my kingdom for a good cup of coffee right now, Sophie! And some of those peroggis! I know they call them something else there, but still! And I know they make a kind of potato pancake that’s to die for.

  23. Hahaha Mittens is going to speak about the 2016 race tomorrow!

    The best they have, a loser. Priceless.

  24. I mean it really is like someone just lit a keg barrell full of TNT and rolled it straight into the GOP party……..

  25. We need a name for Christie…..Romney has mittens, we have sweaters…

    I think Christie should be “Kneepads” from hence forth.

  26. I have heard Christie called Jabba.

  27. Chris Christie reminds me of Ralph Cramden without the charm.

    Jabba works.

  28. I´m just happy-happy…and hoping for more wins.
    How does Michigan look for Hill?
    I do not understand Minnesota…wtf?

  29. You know, Rubio needs to chill. He sounds like a desperate ten year old who is about to throw up all over everyone.

    Hey, at least our “establishment” is letting people vote the way they want to.

  30. Carson is leaving the race.

    Too bad for them he’s on the ballot. I hear tell a couple of thousand people voted for O’Malley in MA

  31. Belle, I don’t understand Minnesota, and I’ve lived here for over 30 years. Remember, we once elected a professional wrestler governor. All I can tell you is Green Party and other left wing parties are VERY strong here. Caucuses invite them to come in and take over which they’re happy to do. I am skeptical that all those who showed up in my location even live in my town. That’s another problem with caucuses–there’s no way to know if people are giving fake adresses. You just give name and address, and you’re ready to caucus. Absurd.

    Up, not only did Governor Chickenshit get votes in MA, 4,000 people voted uncommitted. Why would anyone show up to vote for nobody?

  32. Is Jezebel just a smear machine filled with ignorant morons?

  33. Christie= The Outlaw Jersey Whale

  34. Good read!

    Hey Senator Sanders, the Rationale for Your Campaign Just Died. What’s Next?

  35. Newsweek on super tuesday…
    Not quite sure why the statement above…?

  36. I’m happy and goofs is still in a nip coma! What a great night for Hillary and us. Let’s keep roaring!!!

  37. churl: so funny!

  38. I had to turn off the tv last night otherwise my head was going to explode with CNN’s Bernie mad love. I swear after watching them for a few hours I felt like I needed a cigarette and a shower. And really, I’ve had much better.

    Anyway why is it that Trump won 7 states and that is really big and Clinton won 7 states but all that gets the CNN pundits to say is that Bernie needs to stay in the race cuz his 4 wins were huge!! What up with Paul Begala, he was so much better last time. Where Carville? did I miss something? Did he die? If he’s not dead why isn’t he out there now. He was great in 2008.

  39. Flvoter

    CNN’s love for Bernie, and Cooper’s almost crush on Trump was apparent to me too.

  40. That tweet was deleted. It’s her account. What did it say

  41. If carville isn’t there it’s because nobody asked him to be there. Who knows? He could be sick too. I think Lanny Davis is the best one for her.

  42. I still think the best optical last night was Sander’s crowd during his speech. All young white screamers who are clueless how bad they lost last night.

  43. WTF? The title of that newsweek piece had NOTHING to do with the content of the piece. But then again, it’s Newsweek. SOmething that used to exist and now etches out a trickle of online readers for free.

  44. Clinton will win the Democratic nomination.

    What I fear is that enough of my fellow USAmericans may be stupid enough to vote for Tribblehead Trump. 😮

  45. Uppa, it said this. They deleted to change picture.

  46. Upps, I think it’s great that Mittens is speaking tomorrow. Someone with some gravitas and COMMON DECENCY needs to denounce Trump. If Romney does it, then I’ll celebrate him.

  47. Upps, your post is fantastic! Vintage Uppity. Its weird that our side has its own tea party.

    I also liked the one Sophie posted, the peoples view.

    Also, love “Tribblehead” for Trump! We need to make that go viral on twitter.

  48. I think the non-Trump America needs to stop thinking that Donald is a buffoon who’ll ultimately implode. He is not, and he won’t. He’s closer to grabbing power than any other fascist demagogue running for office has ever been — it’s not even a close call. Big Dawg recognizes that Trump is a huge threat to Hillary, and he is right…where is that article I read? If I find it, I’ll post it.

  49. Hahaha Churl

  50. They can’t stop him NES. He’s their Frankenstein. Maybe torches?


    Excerpt from linked piece:

    “Several Democrats argued that Mrs. Clinton, should she be her party’s nominee, would easily beat Mr. Trump. They were confident that his incendiary remarks about immigrants, women and Muslims would make him unacceptable to many Americans. They had faith that the growing electoral power of black, Hispanic and female voters would deliver a Clinton landslide if he were the Republican nominee.

    But others, including former President Bill Clinton, dismissed those conclusions as denial. They said that Mr. Trump clearly had a keen sense of the electorate’s mood and that only a concerted campaign portraying him as dangerous and bigoted would win what both Clintons believe will be a close November election.”

  52. Yeah that’s it. Trump is their Frankenstein, kind of in this vein.

  53. He is their Frankenstein. But, they can still splinter the party, leaving Trump on his own island, and run a competing GOP candidate. In that 3-way scenario, Trump can’t win against Hill. This would be a form of suicide for the GOP in this election cycle, but it’s better for them to destroy the current party than destroy the country. There’re many on the GOP side who’re leaning in that direction or are already there.

  54. I’m sorry sister, but I don’t trust the NY Times.

  55. Entry in naming-Christie competition: Fat Fredo.

  56. Hmm on NYTimes. You def have cause not to believe them, Upps. But it’s not difficult to see that WJC would be worried about Trump. At the very least he has to be worried about the savage and uncivilized attack Trump will unleash on her…shit I’m squirming at the thought and I’m not even married to her. It’ll be brutal and we’ll all go mental with the gale-force of misogyny that’ll spout from that orange creep’s mouth.

  57. I do hope Rubio, Cruz and Kasich stick in there and reduce Trump’s delegate totals. Despite their protestations to the contrary, no one of them can win in a head-to-head with him. This will go to the convention floor as long as these three can bring enough delegates there to cause Trump to not get enough delegates in the first roll call. After that, under GOP rules, the delegates are free to vote however they want, and maybe they can be swung to a non-Trump consensus candidate.

  58. socalannie, on March 2, 2016 at 6:20 PM said:
    Upps, your post is fantastic! Vintage Uppity. Its weird that our side has its own tea party.

    More like Red Bull Bullies.

  59. You’re right, VotingH. Our own Tea Party.

  60. NES, if they really want to get rid of him, that would be the best tactic.

  61. Trump supporters are worried that the GOP big pockets are planning to rip the rug out from under him before or at the convention. Many think it is being pushed by Rove. Yup, THAT Rove.

  62. Upps, why isn’t Carville on CNN instead of that ratfink, Axelbutt?

  63. I found this, but it was awhile ago…what is he doing???

  64. Well, it seems that there is a push to get Rubio out of the race. It seems that the only way the GOP can get rid of Trump is to get it down to a two-way race. And since Cruz actually won some, you know, real primaries yesterday he seems to be the man of the hour. I guess going with Beelzebub right now looks better to them than going with Frankenstein.

  65. I think you’re right about what’s happening to Rubio, Ga6th. Some of it is his own darn fault — he shouldn’t have raised expectations before yesterday’s tsunami wiped him out. Winning only the MN caucus underscored what a loser he was; in any event, it didn’t change the story. I do think, however, that he needs to stay in the race given the states that are still left. Those are not Beelzebub states. It doesn’t mean Rubio starts winning, but he could keep Trump from racking up enough delegates to reach the magic number. Cruz can’t because we’re out of Bible-Thumping states, for the most part. Kasich could if he wins OH. We’ll see…but, for now, Rubio has to, and will, stay in the anti-Trump civil war in the GOP.

  66. Carson took his bong and left.

  67. Great post Upps and fantastic using the comparison of Ozymandias to Bernie.

  68. NES, I do not want the Republicans to run two candiidates. It would make for a massive GOP turnout, meaning we might actually lose Congressional seats. I think that if they do this, assuming Trump gets the nomination, it would be for that reason above all. They are nothing if not self-interested, despite any pious pronouncements about wanting to save the country from Trump, or about GOP values.

  69. Carson leaving is very disappointing to the Quaalude manufacturers who enjoyed free advertisements in the form of Ben at debates.

  70. Shadow I posted a link about carville that explains it.

  71. I like to call the Donald, Trumpzilla. Chrispy Cream is still my favorite for Christie.

  72. I don’t know NES. There’s still some pretty big thumper states coming up for Cruz like Kansas, MS, MO. You have to realize that while these states might not be thumper states in a general election the GOP base in a lot of these states is mostly thumpers.

  73. Re Axelrod. He doesn’t work for Hillary or Bernie. He is paid as an analyst/pundit by CNN. He owes nobody anything, sad but true. Ditto for I-Quit-Donna. Davis and Begala are probably part of Hillary’s campaign, which is why you see them there less. They are called upon as representative of Hillary and are expected to speak favorably of her. Carville is NOT part of Hillary’s campaign officially, so the only way he would appear would be if CNN wanted him there and paid him to appear.

  74. I would not bet on this because it is too important for the country to play around with bets. But just theoretically, if there were even money odds on Trump winning the nomination, I would not take them. I think that there is a very real chance that the Republicans fix this in some way at the convention. If there were odds of 5-1 on Kasich, I would take that. If it is not Trump, I think now that the way that the rest of the primaries set up, Kasich has a real chance to win some winner take all primaries for a lot of delegates. And he is acceptable to most Republicans. I do not particularly want him to be the nominee, because he is not as easy to run against, but we have to take them as we get them.

    The media is not only biiased, they wildly extrapolate out of results. Cruz won three primaries, but they were his home state, the state next to it, and Alaska, a caucus state where there apparently are a lot of very right-wing people. Cruz also won the Iowa caucus. Evangelicals turn out for these caucuses. He has little strength outside the South, otherwise. If anyone is going to stop Trump at this point, it is Kasich. I thought it might be Rubio earlier, and I suppose it could still be, but his nonsensical comments about Trump’s hands reduced him to Trump’s level. I would not be surprised to see a Kasich-Rubio ticket, far from ideal for us. I think Trump is very scary indeed, but I am hoping that he is nominated, on the basis that any Republican winning the election would be a complete horror; and that Trump is the easiest to beat, and Democrats would turn out to stop him. Also, if someone got the nomination instead of Trump, the right-wing media people and even the moderate ones would be so happy that they would extol the person who was nominated instead of him.

  75. I find it especially delightful that the Republican party is destroyed if they bring Trump down, and they are destroyed if they don’t.

    And they created their own demise.

    How delicious.

  76. I agree with you upps. The truth of the matter the GOP is nothing short of a disaster. if they nominate Rubio a portion of republicans won’t vote for him because he’s a minority. A lot of them won’t vote for Trump. A lot of them won’t vote for Kasich. A lot of them won’t vote for Cruz. You could argue for or against any of the candidates they currently are running. And all this is before Hillary has dropped any of the oppo research on them and since apparently the GOP has already blown their oppo research in the primaries trying to take Hillary out. So I will be glad when they at least pick someone to aim our guns out though it looks like that could be months and months from now and may not even be any of the current candidates running.

  77. Respectfully, I disagree with everyone here who thinks Trump would be easy to beat. He’s thrown out the election playbook, and that won’t affect only the GOP nomination fight. He’s a bastard, a hellcat, a fascist, but what he isn’t is someone who’ll be easy to beat.

    William – I do want the GOP to run two candidates, even at the risk of it turning out more GOP voters. Iv don’t care if the GOP doesn’t care about the country, I do, we do. So, IMHO, it’s not in any of our interests to risk having Trump be the nominee. The stakes are too high.

  78. UW at 8:13 pm — I totally agree that the Republican Party, as we know it. is destroyed if they bring Trump down or if they don’t. The GOP will never be the same again. And, that is on their heads.

  79. Ga6th — I take your point on the thumper states coming up…so Cruz still has some legs then.

  80. Upps,high praise for the posting. I sure meant to do some “Happy Feet” dancing last night,but was too pooped from switching back and forth from MSNBC and CNN. THAT will mess your mind up big time,not to mention wear you out.

    Here’s my current theory about CNN and MSNBC coverage..they’re making such big bucks from the coverage they want to be sure Bernie stays in the race to spice things up. May not be such a bad thing;things are so bat shit crazy ( Thanks for the descriptor.Lindsey) over w/the Repubs they might continue to take all the oxygen out of the room..if it’s just Hillary..not so much coverage of her;so keep the crazy coming from the Bern’s.

    OK, maybe a bit Pollyanna,but..could be true,too. Let the Bernie losers flail about for a bit more..even to the convention if they want. The Bern will fade;but fear not,Tulsi Gabbard is willing to take up the torch for a new generation ..and her judgment is so good she thinks Bernie would be a better Commander in Chief than Hillary. Speaking of a sucker being born every minute.

    Here’s a key to watching and/or reading these people..if you view them as entertainment;it’s not quite so painful.

  81. Uppity and uppityites, here’s my fear, the GOP dumps Trump at the convention. He runs as an Independent with the theme of I scare them because I won’t play by the establishment rules. Then he pulls all the voters that are mad at both the parties. Please help me with why this couldn’t happen?

  82. I’m a little hesitant about saying much on the blog right now. I don’t know much about the rules of the blog, what is okay and what isn’t. I don’t want Uppity to wake up in the morning and be upset again.

  83. Goofs, I think it’s already happening that some ex-dems are crossing over to Trump.
    If he runs as an Independent, if Hillary is the Dem nominee, makes Trump weaker candidate.

    Running as the GOP nominee, I think more Rethugs will never vote outside their party, and either support him as the candidate to at least not lose their position of power in the Senate, House and put in another Rep. Supreme. Some may not vote, others might switch over and vote for Hillary.

    As far as we are concerned, I think it would be more beneficial to Hillary if he ran as an independent.

  84. Hi Shadowfax, I respectfully disagree on you assessment of the repubs. There are quite a few that are sick and tired of the outliers that are running congress and senate. I would hazard a guess that from his numbers in the primaries, if the reputation throw him out they will follow. My reasoning is they are sending their message now by voting for him.

  85. Not reputation….. it should read repubs. I hate auto correct!

  86. I have no idea what’s gonna happen. It’s like nothing I have ever seen or even read about before.

  87. imust, think George Wallace 1968. Totally messed up the Dems and got Nixon in.

  88. goofs, maybe I didn’t understand your question. I agree that many republicans will vote for Trump that are Republicans, because they are angry, as you said, and those same people would vote for him as an Independent. Are you wondering if angry dems would vote for him more if he were registered as an Independent and not a Repub. nominee??

  89. I don’t think the Republican Party is going to collapse or disappear. They have billions behind them, and they own the media. I suppose they could change their name at some point, but it would still be the same right-wing zealots. There are very few moderates in that party, certaintly not on the political level. For the last 25 years, they have voted in lockstep on everything. Not one single Republican in the House or Senate voted for Clinton’s 1993 budget, and it has even gotten worse since then.

    What I do hope for is that Hillary can help to marginalize them so that they cannot win national elections. They dominate state races, and part of that is money, part is the media, and part is that President Obama never did anything to help those candidates. So they control Congress, and probably will control the House for another forty years, unless somehow Hillary, who will try very hard, can help turn around some of those state legislatures in time for the next census and reapportionment. Democrats cannot get things done if the party leader essentially tries not to identify much as a Democrat, and thus has no pull whatsover in state races. Hillary can turn this around. But the Republicans, or at least their increasingly extreme Right brand, will not be disappearing, no matter what happens with Trump. That’s my view, at least.

  90. That’s right Shadowfax. I’m concerned that Bernie has moved Hillary to progressive and that blue dog democrats will move towards Trump. Plus they might also be tired of nothing being accomplished on capitol hill.

  91. I don’t think Bernie (or Warren) pulled Hillary to the left at all. Hillary was always to the left of Bill and anyone listening to Chelsea in 2008 would have heard that. The problem w/ 2008 is that the FireBaggers/Emoprogs now trying to shove Bernie down our throats kept insisting that Obama was the progressive (because he didn’t vote for the war and we here seem to be the only ones who know why he didn’t). So in 2008, Hillary got the votes to the right of Obama.

  92. I respectfully disagree that Hillary was ever as left as she is campaigning as now. And that IMO is the influence of the old man.

    I will tell you this. I do not think we should let Syrian refugees into our country. I have collected links on these people and the vast majority of them always turn out to be single young men. There is a shortage of women for them from whence they came and they have been recorded doing horrible things in Europe and they will bring this here. I am horrified at how the so-called progressives ignore this as if women are expendable. I saw a twitter link feeling sorry for the “Xenophobia” in Germany, crying that it’s amazing a poor ‘refugee’ didn’t get killed by a crowd. What they didn’t mention is the nearly 100 women they molested in public during a celebration. It was horrific. As a result, their mayor declared that they will need to “educate” females on how to behave in order to avoid being molested by these animals. In another incident, they went into a spa and jerked off in the hot tub and swimming pool in front of all the patrons. And they laughed while they were doing it. They were so perverse, they drove the women/patrons out of the building. And nothing was done about it. I’m actually being less gross about this story than it really is. After what I have read over the past few months, seeing a tweet of sympathy for these degenerates is simply more than I can take. If this is what it is to be “progressive” well fuck that.

    Women are in deliberate danger with these so-called refugees. To just blow it off as “cultural” is NOT acceptable. That kind of “culture” should NEVER be allowed into our country. Women are NOT expendable in exchange for being huggy-kissy with animals. To top it off, ISIS has publicly declared that they plan to infiltrate the refugee population, send some of their savages over in disguise.

    Are we really just going to let all of this happen here? When Noonan wrote that “Protected” and “Unprotected” piece, a LOUD bell went off in my head. It’s true, our leaders make laws and policies from which they are protected, and the rest of us are fucked. I can assure you nobody in our government’s wives or daughters will be molested or blown up. Their childrens’ private elite schools are protected, you’ll never see a Sandy Hook there. No sir!. That’s reserved for the rest of us. And on another note, No country should EVER have a border so out of control that a CRIMINAL can come here, do terrible harm, be deported, and still get back in to do it again! And that is happening A LOT. Both sides in this election are just SO worried about the heroin problem in this country (nearly epidemic in some places!), they are going to ‘do something’ about it. THEY CAUSED IT. That shit is coming over our borders DAILY. I say, leave the people who are here alone, make them agree to be citizens and become members of America who respect the American flag, pay taxes and ASSIMILATE, and throw the fucking criminals out of here and turn our border into a BORDER again, like it was before Corporations and politicians started hiring slave labor and cheap nannies and gardeners, exploiting immigrants and screwing American workers.

    Exactly what part of this doesn’t our government and the governments in EU not understand? Or should we just sit by and sacrifice women who are just worthless by comparison? Because I can assure you, if someone you love is being sexually molested, they are NOT thinking about Climate Change as their biggest problem at the time, and neither would we.

    I’m sorry about the rant, but this problem is HUGE and it’s been on my mind a lot. We are NOT safe! And it’s TRUE, a country without borders is a country without laws any longer. And we are proving that daily. This issue is one that has made me want to move away from these two parties like my hair is on fire. Neither of them really wants to do a thing about this MASSIVE problem that puts all of us in danger, ESPECIALLY women and young girls.

    To me this issue is not just moving Left. It’s insane. The Progressive crazies have gone TOO far. To the point that I want NOTHING to do with them any longer. They are NOT looking out for the best interests of America and especially of women.

  93. I know why the country now has more Independents that the registry of the Republican or Democratic parties. It’s because they have both gone too far to the left and right. People do not want to live in the fear both of them create on a daily basis. They want to feel safe. They want to make their own decisions. They want criminals to pay the price, not their victims. This is why people are fleeing from these two parties.

    And you know what? This is why Trump is catching fire. He’s a crazy narcissist but he is very tuned into what is angering the Unprotected. If I didn’t have a third eye about what he is, I probably would want to vote for him myself. He’s a dangerous man, yet he is the only one talking about refugees and borders, the two things most Americans DO fear. He’s the only one coming out and saying we are fucked with free trade, laughed at by other countries and sinking fast. And THAT is why anyone would EVER consider him, even though they suspect he really IS a con. Because the R and D parties are offering NOTHING but more of the horrible Same and he’s the only one tapping into what really worries everyone. You would think the two parties would Get it. Right now the Republican Party is being destroyed and I’m glad. But I wouldn’t be too upset if an independent didn’t do the same to the Democratic Party either. Then maybe regular SENSIBLE people would run for president in the future and actually DO what is best for OUR country and all the Unprotected.

    At this rate, I predict that the R and D parties are tracking towards become two fringe parties because they were both hijacked by two fringe parties. Nobody wants to be owned by Theocrats or Socialists. And this is why people like Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders can run. The two parties exist as Republican or Democrat No More! The Democrats are trolling toward socialism anyways and the Republicans have been trolling toward a theocracy for a long time as well. Who the HELL wants to be in either one of these parties any longer. Independent count now:42% of registered voters. I realized quite awhile ago that I am one of them in spirit and, after I vote in my Primary I WILL change my registration to Independent. Bernie Sanders has cured me. For me it portends the White Socialism the Progressive movement is trolling toward for sure. And I cannot participate.

  94. The sexism problem definitely has raised its ugly head yet again from the both the left and the right. With their treatment of Elizabeth Warren at least the excuse is no longer I’m not against women just THAT woman meaning Hillary. At least they are being exposed for what they are.

  95. Theoretically, there are laws against raping and molesting women and there are laws against jacking off in a public facility. What’s wrong with enforcing those laws? You’d think right wing would embrace marriage equality to serve as a deterrent to those undesirables even considering making a home here.

  96. Ga, Hillary’s race has really pulled the pants off of the leadership of this country, dominant white males, and just how far they will go to STOP WOMEN from competing with them. They are all mediocre and cannot stand the thought of competition from fifty percent of the country! It is so obvious and has been so obvious for so long that they don’t even bother hiding it any longer. They love parading Sarah Palin because she looks so fucking stupid every time she opens her mouth. They love trotting out Carly because she’s the quintessential “mean girl”. They never intend to let her get anywhere, but they trot her out to help show how horrible women are as human beings and leaders. They love ‘investigating’ Hillary for her entire lifetime because they know that none of them has her grey matter. But the WORST part of this is they are HELPED by her own party boys. And I am sick of it and sick of them.

    Women need to stop getting conned into thinking any one of them gives a shit about them other than to keep them from competing with them. It terrifies them. Because, I repeat, they are MEDIOCRE. Look at the condition of our country if you have any doubts. Only women can put a stop to this shit, yet so many of them suck up to the patriarchy, because they fear falling out of favor, and so many others fall for obvious misogynists like Bernie Sanders. I mean, the asshole even thinks we all want to be raped. Don’t think he’s changed his mind. His messages haven’t changed for over 50 years. What makes anybody think his opinion of women has changed. His history with women is DISMAL besides. Yet, there ware women who are naive enough to let him and his bros get into their heads.

  97. Laws. ROFL. There are no laws anymore. People can just come here and blow us up. Or murder someone, get deported and come back. Or jerk off in public and be free on “cultural” grounds. Not ONE of the savages in Germany that did horrible things to women in public has been arrested. NOT ONE. Do you remember the POS who walked behind the woman in NY and pissed all over her in public? The judge let him go because “he didn’t understand our culture”. SOphie, these animals come from a culture that is 600 years behind. Women are things to be pissed on, jerked off on, raped and then killed for shaming the family by getting herself raped. In order to live where they come from, women almost HAVE to cover themselves from head to toe, just so pithecanthropus erectus doesn’t rape them! When we blow something off and attribute it to ‘cultural misunderstandings”, then there ARE no laws any longer. And when we deport hardened criminals and let them come right back into the country ( in one case, a bastard came back SIX times!) then we have no laws any longer.

    And guess who is always the target? Women! We have to face it, women are dog shit in America and are going downhill all the way. Europe is becoming the same. Eventually the entire west will give way to women being nothing but piles of shit, objects to abuse, rape, piss on, jerkoff on and kill. If you complain, YOU become the target of disdain. YOU will need to “learn” how to behave so you don’t get pissed on in public because we are a “melting pot” with all new “melting pot” rules now.

  98. New local Michigan Poll

    Clinton 61
    Sanders 33

  99. These are very ugly times. Our so-called leaders have brought us to these times. They have appealed to the worst in people. The media, that is always looking for the next sensational story to pump for ratings and ad dollars, adds fuel to the this downfall. The comparison of Trump to George Wallace is indeed appropriate. He stoked the flames of hate and his rallies became more and more violent, just like Trump’s.
    When the misogyny of the left began to show it’s ugly head in 2007/8, I realized just how much we NEEDED a Hillary Clinton president. It seems in 2016, the need has risen to critical mass.

  100. Oh great poll!!!!

  101. Speaking of getting real, or not doing so:

    On some other blogs which I shall not name, I still run into people who expect the indictment of Hillary in the near future. 🙄

    Counting Bill’s campaigns for governor of the Arkanshire, the GOP (and free-lance Clintonphobes) have been trying for 38 years to find something indictable on one or both of the Clintons. In some other contexts, such persistence would merit praise.

    The people who have faith in the criminality of the Clintons remind me of the people who have faith that UFOs are real, but some incredibly vast and leak-proof conspiracy is keeping us peasants from communing with our Space Siblings. 😆

  102. These are very ugly times. Our so-called leaders have brought us to these times.

    Jebus! Thank you for saying in one sentence what I was trying to say in two lonnnnnng posts!

    I saw Kevin on CNN just now about Wallace-Trump. I forgot about Wallace! (I should say I suppressed him, the awful man. I can still see that gaping hole of his mouth, much like the mouth of….nevermind). It’s funny, because I kept thinking the answer would be Ross Perot.

  103. Hey are you all ready to hear Mittens take care of everything?

    I guess the fact that he’s the best they’ve got is a sign of just how far down the hole that party has gone.

  104. Up, I very much appreciate your comments even though I don’t agree with all of them. I think you are articulating a lot of the frustration that is causing so many to flock to Trump, and we all need to think about the issues you raise.

    As for the guy who pissed on the woman, I would hold the judge responsible for letting him loose. I mean, WTF? I know of no culture that condones urinating on people. But there are plenty of misogynists in lots of cultures who use “culture” as an excuse to abuse and demean women. That judge would be one of them. I have heard Hillary when she was SOS tell people here and in other countries that many things done to women are criminal, not cultural. I don’t think we should assume that other cultures are so backward that they accept abuse of women just because the patriarchy tells us so. Just my thoughts on a couple of issues you raised.

  105. Uppity @ 6:14 AM

    That’s exactly what I’m talking about! Say what you will about Trump he is tuned into the independents. He is an an a$$ but he is clever and can squirrel up this election for Hillary if he runs as an independent. Those dems that don’t want their progressive leaders and don’ see Trump as cclearly as we do might vote for him if he’s not running as a repub. This scares me!

  106. Popcorn

    Trump threatening indy run, gop going nuts……seriously is Trump a trojan horse

  107. Up, HI44 is a perfect example to support your point about dissatisfied Dems. I left there without hope but your blog has rekindled the flame.
    tHank you for that.

  108. I also run into people on other blogs who think Hillary can’t win in November, so the nomination of Hillary will automatically give the White House to Tribblehead. 🙄

    I agree she doesn’t have November sewn up, but I don’t see why those people think she’s a lost cause.

    I suspect what passes for a Left in this country has its own intellectual echo chamber, like the intellectual echo chamber of our Right–though I would say the Right’s IEC is better-funded and more sound-tight.

    Both the hard Right, and the rather smaller hard Left, suffer from the delusion that far more of their fellow citizens agree with them than the number who actually do agree with them.

  109. I made the very big mistake of turning into Lawrence O’Donnell’s show, just because I wanted to see what he might be saying about the race. What I got was a “Breaking News on the Hillary Email Investigation.” They even had a commercial break after that teaser. The news was that the person who had set up the email account for Hillary some eight years ago, was given immunity by the FBI. Now, it seems pretty clear that there are a few renegades in the FBI who are out to get Hillary. These are the ones telling Tom DeLay that they are about to indict her. Except that there is nothing that she did wrong at all. There is no crime. There is no malfeasance. And none of this came up until three years aftter she had left the State Department, which should tell you all you need to know.

    There is a concerted effort, much like when Bill Clinton ran, to create the idea that Hillary is going to be indicted for something, thus do not vote for her. It will not go away–until magically after the election. Just like Whitewater finally went away, and all the other hints and innuendoes about Bill and the draft, etc. The problem is that there is no way to completely refute a concocted story. It is an insidious tactic, often used by the Republicans and particularly Rove. And O’Donnell, who absolutely hates the Clintons, and has for decades, is happy to play into it, with that serious expression which he loves to cultivate. There is indeed a right wing conspiracy in this country, and it goes on.

  110. Well, look at the numbers for Trump. Is he getting anything beyond what Romney got? I am seeing Republicans start to rip each other’s throats out over Trump. People I went to high school with all Republicans beating each other over the head because of Trump. At least what I’m seeing anecdotally is that Trump is basically getting some of the Romney voters, mostly the luke warm Romney voters very excited. There are also Republicans who are saying they will NEVER vote for Trump. And I’m sure they will not. However will they sit home or leave the presidential ballot blank is the question.

  111. Uppity Woman, on March 3, 2016 at 6:14 AM said:

    Yup, Upps…I totally agree, and also that Hillary is not as far left as she is playing now, to win over obots.

  112. Trump will not beat Hillary. I can understand the concern about even having him running, because he is a would-be fascist dictator. But he would not beat her in a general election. Actually, I do not even think he will get nominated, though he well could run as an Independent.

    The Republicans do not hate Trump because they have moral principles. They hate him because they cannot control him as they can control people like Rubio. Their “conservative principles” are social darwinism that would make Herbert Spencer proud. They want to privatize Social Security, which would mean that it would disappear in a decade. They want to repeal ACA and in its place go back to insurance companies having the right to refuse coverage, and charging immense amounts. They want abortion to be illegal. They will do not one single thing to arrest global warming. They will deregulate whatever has not been deregulated. There will be no FDA , and FEMA will be as worthless as it was during Hurrican Katrina.

    They run around waving the mantle of “The Reagan Revolution,” which actually is the major cause of the fact that the middle class cannot compete economically,. They are stupid and unfeeling people, whose only concern is serving the Kochs and their other corporate masters. Their pious denunciations of Trump are designed to make them look responsible, and disguise the fact that they are right-wing zealots, just like Paul Ryan, who reads Ayn Rand on a daily baisis, and is a weird fanatic with spooky eyes, just waiting to destroy the social fabric of the country.

  113. Well, William at this point nobody believes them. I mean like Ivory says they’ve been saying it for close to 38 years and yet nothing. O’Donnell is one of those guys that would rather lose an election than win with Hillary. Do we really need people like him who would prefer to have Donald Trump as president supposedly on “our side”????

  114. Moon
    New local Michigan Poll
    Clinton 61
    Sanders 33

    That’s great, great news.

  115. The most threatening thing about Trump is that he doesn’t care or follow anyone’s rules. He changes his mind or just says whatever he thinks that second, and gets ugly if confronted on any of his whackadoodle ideas.

    He’s the guy running for President that felt comfortable saying in public that his supporters would still vote for him if he SHOT someone in the street.

    People that support him like this behavior and see him as a rogue tough guy.

    He is a bamboozler and egomaniac.

  116. Ga6thDem, good point. I must oonfess that seeing that bothered me all night, That is the last that I will watch O’Donnell, even for five minutes. It is just appalling how there is essentially no one on the networks who strongly supports Hillary, and whose show one might watch on occasion. O’Donnell likes to come across as a person who cares about the average citizen, and yet the one person who might improve their lives is regularly disdained by him, just like by Maddow and the rest of them.

  117. Mitt Romney lays out scathing critique of Donald Trump

  118. William, the guy who set up the server took the Fifth when Congress wanted to grill him because he figured if they were after Hillary he would be a great gateway to target her. Keep in mind that asserting the Fifth doesn”t mean he did anything wrong–he just didn’t want to get dragged into GOP political show. You probably know all this being an attorney. Others here might not. At the time her campaign said they completely understood and wished him well. As for report on O’Donnell’s show, I don’t get that. FBI is investigative agency. Don’t think they can grant immunity. In any case, there’s really no story there. He’ll tell them what he did and how server was secured, etc.. This business about Hillary being in legal jeopardy is crap–unless they’re going after Powell and Rice too.

  119. How Clinton hit the reset button on 2016

    Read more:

    Long, but a good read.

  120. Brassy Rebel, very good explanation. O’Donnell had someone on who did note that he personally would take the fifth amendment before he said anything, including name and address, to members of this Congress, And that is of course why that was done, not that there is any deep secret. The private server was completely legal, the rest of the administration were well aware of it. As far as I know, the FBI is simply trying to battle with the State Department over which mails should have deserved the distinction iof “classified,” this 3-7 years after the fact. And she didn’t send any classified mails, they were sent to her ,and they were not classified when the other people sent them. And somehow out of this, there is this ridiculous innuendo about breaking the law, or doing something wrong. But when people like O’Donnell say, “Coming up, a breaking story,” they just give absurd credence to it.

  121. Hillary Clinton NYC rally draws thousands

    Fresh off her Super Tuesday victories, Hillary Clinton returned to New York on Wednesday and rallied thousands of New Yorkers to her presidential campaign.
    Union members, celebrities, the mayor and governor were among the 5,000 people who packed the Jacob Javits Center to hear the former New York senator speak about her bid.

  122. I thought of another poem that seems apropos:

    The Second Coming

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    –William Butler Yeats

    The clown circus rolls on, I would say it’s a Republican phenomenon but then the Bernie Bros showed up. Turns out we’re just as batshit crazy as they are… I’m not worried though (perhaps crazy in my own way), The crazier they look, the more people will step back and think about whether they really want this kind of madness. Of course I fully expect the “she killed Vince Foster’ meme to reappear any day now…

  123. Bernie is so screwed in Florida

    Early vote and abesentee in Florida is very very high, hundreds of thousands and the under 35 vote counts for less than 3%…..I think we can all work out what that means for Bernie.

  124. Trump i think is the crassest, has no class and pure vulgar. This man as President would be the worst thing the US could do, he has no limitations to his vulgarity.

    “I could have said Mitt, ‘Drop to your knees’ and he would have dropped to his knees.” — Trump.

  125. How is this not pure racist…….The Ugly side of the GOP is exploding out like a pus filled sore.

    Ann Coulter Verified account

    Romney’s just mad because his father was a Mexican.


    What a horrible woman.

  126. Mitt has so got inside Trump’s head, he didn’t shut up about Mitt for 30 minutes and now he’s lost the plot and talking about carpets, yes you heard that right, carpets.

  127. I can see Trump is blathering on, I just can’t bring myself to listen to him today. I plan to watch the pigs in the mud ‘debate’ tonight.

  128. I tuned into CNN this morning and they talked about that serious email problem Clinton has. What a load of cr@p. For over three decades the republicans and the msm and even the far left nuts have been smearing clintons name, and yet here she is untarnished and the most admired woman in the world. I am so proud that she has been a role model to the world. I only wish that I could have her grace and dignity when facing all these lies. As my husband’s deceased grandmother would say she’s one tough broad. I can’t imagine that this will change.

    And yes she has a big lead in Florida. Last time around Florida voted for Hillary Clinton in the primary.

  129. That is why I don’t watch cable news. If there is no drama, they must create it. For any media outlet who has ridden the Trump wave for ratings without attempting any serious vetting to suggest that Hillary is some kind of shady character without any evidence of wrongdoing is not horrible journalism-it’s NOT journalism at all. For election coverage I turn on c-span, usually with the sound muted to avoid those awful call-in shows. They run all up to the minute results on screen.

  130. Oh, how I needed to read this today! Every time I make peace with the fact that some people I genuinely like are Berniebots, one of them will come out with something that makes me want to tear my hair out. But I did something productive today – I voted for Hillary (early voting started today in NC). And it made me so happy to see that big green check mark next to her name that I nearly got teary eyed at the polling place. I need to focus on that feeling and try to ignore the pebble in my shoe that is Bernie Sanders.

  131. You’re right Brassy. Cable is all about creating drama not reporting facts.

    Moon, you’re right about Trump. He’s downright vulgar today though I don’t think it is going to make one iota of difference to his voters. I have seen full meltdown today with Republicans I went to high school with on Facebook. They are begging and pleading with the Trump supporters to vote for another candidate. Pleas of Trump will lose to Hillary fail to move them. However I understand that. They’ve been voting for a while for people who were supposed to win a GE and lost. Trump supporters are lot like the Bernie Bros. Reason just doesn’t work with them. Fortunately soon the bros are going to be either quiet or gone. Not so much for Trump and his followers.

  132. A new work friend of mine, gave me Hillary’s book, ‘Hard Choices’, yesterday after Hillary’s Super Tuesday win. This woman is a German, and she is leaving tomorrow to go back to her country. Yes, she only had a short stay in the US, but she is a strong Hillary supporter and showed me photos when she attended events, years ago, with Bill and Hillary.

    The very beginning of the book starts out after the Convention in 2008, going to Diane Feinstein’s home to have that first talk with Obama. Sitting in two chairs, facing each other and sipping on some California wine. How it started out very awkward, …”like a first date”, and the first thing they did was to air out their bruised feelings from the debate.

    It is so personal, I really love the book, so far.

  133. “If there is no drama, [the media] must create it.”–B. Rebel

    Exactly. The U. S. Corporate Media does display a distinct right-wing bias (a major right-wing myth says the opposite), but that is only its second greatest flaw. Its greatest flaw is that it has become just another medium of entertainment. Tribblehead understands this, due to his background in “reality” TV and pro wrestling.

  134. Correction: “..and the first thing they did was to air out their bruised feelings from the election.

  135. I try not to follow Trumpland too often because it seems to me to be a bad Jerry Springer episode. I can’t believe that this kind of lunacy can happen in the USA.

  136. Jules, sorry, you landed in moderation. It happens sometimes. So bear with us and glad we helped. I can’t even imagine how good it felt to vote for Hillary today.

  137. Upps, I can’t even imagine how good it felt to vote for Hillary today.


    Absolutely, it’s been forever that we have had to wait to do it all again.

  138. All I can tell you is that here in GA it was an awesome feeling. I was like I have waited so long to register my vote for Hillary. You all will get to the same soon.

  139. Thanks Ga6th, I live in CA and we are near the end of the line. By then, all we get to do is probably put the cherry on the top.

  140. The Donald has a glass jaw. Most bullies do.

    He really is a child inside. You expose something about him and he lashes out with Your Mother Wears Combat Boots, but he NEVER addresses the issue. Never

  141. Uppity, definitely. But I cannot stand Romney. He took some time in his speech to slander Hillary Clinton. There is nothing that Romney says which is not utterly self-serving and untrustworthy. The thought of him perhaps getting the brokered nomination is appalling.

  142. Yeah William. Billionaire Crony Capitalist calls the Clintons Crony Capitalists. Priceless.

  143. Just remember, William. THey searched high and low for a party statesman and he’s the best they could come up with.

  144. Anyone watching the R debate tonight? I won’t comment here if no one else is watching.

  145. If the Republicans actually give the nomination to someone who did not run, then there will indeed be a civil war within that party. I reallly thought I had seen the last of Romney, but there he is again. Nixon did this; he was virtually out of politics after he lost the CA governor’s race in ’62, but he managed to resurface in a Nixonian way.

  146. There are a zillion protestors outside the building in Detroit. I will post a series of tweets I did with photos, including “Arrest Snyder” signs. Click on them or don’t, but I’ll do the work anyways. Stand by

  147. And here’s Hillary’s ad on predatory pharma.

  148. Protestors

  149. Under the heading “You Can’t Make This Shit Up”…to my community, NOW can we go back to being LG?

  150. Protests

  151. Bernie to be on Fox news Town Hall brought to you by Karl Rove.

  152. Chaotic protest scene/detroit debate

  153. Another “you can’t make this shit up”…

  154. If the Republicans actually give the nomination to someone who did not run, then there will indeed be a civil war within that party.

    ……and I find that Delicious!

  155. I’ll probably watch it, Shadow.

  156. Trump is unraveling…

  157. Trump always deflects and changes the subject when they want for details in his policies.

  158. Yup. They gang banging him.

  159. A fifty foot wall. lol. To lock us all in.

  160. They’re all sweating all over the floor!

  161. This is excellent entertainment.

  162. Entry in naming-Christie competition:

    Trumpery Drumpfery’s Humpty Dumpty

  163. Oops… wrong day… sorry

  164. I think that Trump has been exposed more in this debate than any other. He has done poorly and given Hillary a lot of ammunition if she wants to use it.

  165. Hi Shadow, Ltns

  166. Hi DWP, what does Ltns mean?

  167. Oh, I just figured it out, yes…ltns.

  168. Hi Dances!!!!

  169. Hi Dances!!!!!

  170. Hi Dances!!!!

  171. Hiya Uppity, Goofs!

  172. AMEN!!

    VotingHillary, on March 3, 2016 at 8:01 PM said:
    Under the heading “You Can’t Make This Shit Up”…to my community, NOW can we go back to being LG?

  173. Hillary Clinton ✔ ‎@HillaryClinton
    How many more of these do we have to sit through? Asking for a friend. #GOPdebate

  174. The only thing I can say is Jenner is and has been a Republican for a long time, and his support of Cruz…is pretty weird, then again, another vote against Trump is fine with me.

  175. Has anyone watched the R debates so far? I think this is the weakest that Trump has ever been. I don’t think the others will win over him, but I think he will have a hard time showing substance and experience when debating Hillary. She won’t play his dirty games, so he is going to look like a bully and an idiot at the same time.

  176. Good read (except for the digs against HRC, of course).


    “To Trump Supporters, Here are 9 Things This Conservative Assumes About You”

  177. Can’t stomach the GOP debates. You’re a brave one, Shadow, and others who watched.

  178. trixta, I just want to know what Hillary will be up against. I also wonder if anyone will vet Trump and tonight it seemed to pick up speed. The others were too afraid to go after him before, because he turns like a viper on them, but this has to come out before the general election. Also, it’s good for Hillary to see all of his weaknesses.

  179. Wow, what a thread! You people are on fire today!

    Upps, I l o v e your rants upthread!

  180. When Trump was asked if he really plans to attack terrorists family members, he said, yes…that one mother (or wife?) of the 9-11 terrorists knew the terrorist was going to die…so Trump thinks their wives, children etc need to die too. The panel said this is a war crime if he targets family members directly, it’s another if they are in a building with terrorists and it can’t be avoided, etc…and asked Trump how he would get his military to do this, he repeated over and over, “They will do what I tell them to do!”

  181. ” [J]ust want to know what Hillary will be up against.”

    Absolutely, Shadow!

  182. This pretty much sums it up from Hillary’s point of view…

  183. Donald Trump: Mitt Romney ‘would have dropped to his knees’ for my endorsement


  184. Trump is insane. Shadow, did you really watch that debate?

  185. Wow, that Repub debate was a shit show…and a dick show. Scary.

    Trump said he’d order the military to commit war crimes and they would. He said his dick size never disappointed anyone. He said he’d be flexible. He said Trump Uni was an amazing place. And, that’s not all.

  186. Shadow, my friend, do you REALLY think Hillary doesn’t already know his weaknesses??????

  187. Colbert is roasting Mittens and Trump.

  188. Colbert is full of himself and slaps at Hillary every chance he gets. He is another SJW as long as a WOMAN is not in charge.

  189. I share Goofs’ concern with the blue dogs / Reagan Dems going to Trump. Is Bernie leading Hill in West Virginia? That may tell us something.

  190. Does he attack Hillary? We’ve hardly watched him since he started his new show, so I wasn’t sure. He just did a hilarious bit on Trump and Mittens though. Its hard to imagine him being for Bernie, since he’s fairly religious.

    I read someplace today that George Clooney is holding a fundraiser for Hillary, bye the bye.

  191. NES, NO WAY Bernie will ever lead Hillary in WVA…not a chance.

  192. @NES, Hahahaha!

  193. Voting, good to know.

  194. socal, he is Irishcatholic…that is one word, not two…I know…and they are all Dems until it means a WOMAN rules. Funny part is, the woman rule w/o them knowing it…they just THINK they do.

  195. @Voting, heh, heh!

  196. Yep, most of ’em are afraid of the woman in charge! Not my dudes though!

  197. Just got an email. Clinton is ramping up in Maryland. Eight years ago she didn’t campaign and conceded to Obama. I’m excited to get to work for her, but Bernie has no chance in Maryland. Just goes to show that she is in it to win it.

  198. Hahaha NES, I am probably in at least one of those Cruz Lip threads. It was hilariously disgusting. He flicked his tongue at ate it. Everybody was gagging.

  199. Bernie’s barn animals just look more stupid every day. I swear they shouldn’t even be allowed to vote. We should change the age back to 21.

    Here’s a petition to arrest Bill Clinton for being outside a polling place. THere is NOTHING illegal about that ANYWHERE. Any supporter can be outside a polling place so long as they are not actively campaigning. MORONS.

  200. I have no words….WTF was that last night. We have officially entered the twilight zone

  201. Upps, yeah, the SOS in MA had to make a statement to those morons that Bill did nothing wrong. Apparently taking coffee to poll workers is now evil for those socialist idiots.

  202. “If there were no black people…” Oh, that will be helpful to Bernie with black people. “Great! Shady old white guy wants to disappear us. Let’s vote for him!”

    I have just one question for Trump. If all the good jobs are being outsourced to Mexico, why do we need a 50 foot wall? Makes no sense.

    It shows how out of touch the GOP establishment is that they think Romney is someone Trump’s supporters will listen to.

  203. Rebel when I was in office, I showed up at plenty of polls with plenty of pizza for workers to thank them for their work. I was allowed to enter ANY polling place at ANY time, just so long as I didn’t campaign. So were any of my supporters. It’s perfectly legal. Why, golly, we even got to VOTE! The REAL problem is, CHILDREN are doing this. And for some ignorant reason, that generation thinks Petitions fix things. Jaysus. How dumb can you be? They even have a petition to get right of Citizens United. AYFKM? As IF you can do it that way with a SCOTUS ruling. I have believed since Day 1, when they reduced the voting age to 18 from 21(for McGovern), it was a mistake. Toss in the ‘almost 18″ children and that is what is driving Bernie’s campaign. They’re kneejerks and they’re…….STUPID! They are peeing the bed all over the place. They aren’t smart enough to actually CHECK if what they are doing is right, legal or anything else. I saw one little asshat down at reddit declare that Hillary gave the order to kill children at WACO. Seriously! This is the mental diaper crowd. They look like assholes because they are assholes. Saw a tweet to Hillary that she was way behind Bernie. No shit. All I could say to this little pissant was “You missed too many math classes”. These are the creatures who think anybody wants to pay for college for their dumb asses?

  204. We’re not going to have a great day tomorrow with respect to “Wins” but we’ll keep racking up the delegates and keep Bernie behind. We’ll def. take Louisiana. Trying to get some real polls on places like Nebraska, etc. Working on that now, maybe something fresh came out. If I recall correctly, Hillary took Kansas in 2008, so maybe that will hold. Nebraska is White Bernie territory methinks. On Sunday, he’ll take White Maine too. That one might be really bad. But no polls to go on at all.

    Then comes Tuesday where we should burst their bubble after listening to them babble for 3 days. Michigan is the big kahuna to top off this round. Then on the 15th there will REALLY be the big kahunas!

  205. Doing taxes. Somebody please shoot me. Just pull the trigger.

  206. Uppity, I believe that Obama won Kansas by an immense margin, due of course to the idiotic way the caucses are run, where it is sort of like some board game, and if your people lose in one room, then they can’t go to the next one, so the margin keeps expanding behond all recognition. I think it was something like 82-18, and Obama got about 30 more delegates. Meanwhile, Hillary would win a big primary like Ohio by almost a million votes, and get maybe 12 more delegates than Obama. And that is how Obama got nominated, by winning caucuses in red states, and then of course the Southern primaries.

    I am pretty sure that we wiil lose all three caucuses tomorrow, and by substantial amounts. We will win Louisiana’s primary, of course. Sanders will gain delegates for the day. The media will jump all over this with glee. Sanders will be jubilant. It will not be an enjoyable day. It is simply due to the nonsense of caucuses. After tomorrow, we should be just fine. But tomorrow will be unpleasant.

  207. Ok gotcha on Kansas, William.

    We’ll just have to put up with this for a few days till we get to the states that represent real American diversity and they have the MOST delegates.

  208. Yes, Uppity. These caucus states where there are mostly not minorities of any type, are just set up for Sanders. Plus, we know that caucuses are just made for the Sanders constituency of young people, just like they were for Obama. Older people are less likely to want to go through six hours of arguing and pushing. Older people mostly have jobs, and some even on weekends. So these infernal caucuses are completely undemocratic.

    Michigan is going to be the big primary. We want to win and by a substantial margin. If we do, there is no credible way that Sanders can make any kind of strong run. If we win Michigan, we will surely win Ohio, and almost certainly Pennsylvania. It would not surprise me if Sanders, buoyed by these caucus wins coming up, makes it a somewhat closer race in Michigan than anticipated. I would like to see us win by at least 15 points, and I know the poll cited here yesterday was more favorable than that. A strong win in Michigan, and Sanders really has no feasible chance to gain delegates on Hillary the rest of the way.

  209. Latest Michigan poll was conducted thru March 1,with Hillary ahead by +28
    Latest Louisiana, also thru March 1, Hillary +47
    Latest Floria, thru Feb 27, Hillary 54, Bernie 24
    Latest Mississippi till Feb 29, Hillary +54

    I feel that any poll not ending sometime in March is no longer very valid.

  210. And does anyone think that the media is going to point out that Sanders is winning caucuses, with a small fraction of the actual electorate turning out, and with rules that expand the margins beyond the actual makeup of even the caucus electorate?

  211. We won two caucuses too, William. Nevada and Iowa.

  212. Ahead of tomorrow’s Louisiana primary, Gov. John Bel Edwards announces his support for HillaryClinton.

    Pollsters already saying, no point polling it, the margin for Clintons win will be enormous.

  213. Sander voters are idiots…..

    Report: Sanders proposes $15T in tax increases, hitting most taxpayers

  214. Will this wake Sanders voters up…

    Not surprisingly for a candidate who has made income inequality his central issue, Sanders’s plan would wallop the rich, an analysis released Friday by the Tax Policy Center shows.

    The top 0.1 percent would see their tax bills go up by more than $3 million, the report said, which would cut their after-tax incomes by almost half.

    But Sanders, going where few politicians dare, would also raise taxes on middle- and low-income families, with those in the dead center of the income spectrum facing a $4,700 tax increase. That would reduce their after-tax incomes by 8.5 percent, the report said.

    The report underscores the stark choice facing Democratic primary voters when it comes to tax policy.

    Rival Hillary Clinton has proposed a number of tax increases as well, but she has targeted the wealthy and on businesses, and plans a tax cut for those further down the income ladder.

    “There is a very, very clear choice,” said Len Burman, head of the non-partisan Tax Policy Center. “They really couldn’t be more different.”

    Read more:

  215. Up, if you’re doing your taxes, whatever you do, don’t click on moononpluto’s link. You will have another coronary event. I repeat, for the sake of your health and well being, don’t read the analysis of BS’s tax proposals. My heart is A-OK and I almost expired.

  216. moon, it won’t wake them up because they don’t pay taxes. That’s a major part of the problem.

  217. Of course, the vast majority of the young people supporting Sanders do not pay any taxes. All they are currently worried about is their college tuition. So they figure that if he makes that free, they are ahead of the game. For the other voters who actually do pay taxes, it is a much different story, and I hope this gets wide dissemination.

  218. Ah, you said it first, Brassy Rebel, I had not yet seen it. 🙂

  219. Uppity Woman, on March 4, 2016 at 11:24 AM
    Hopefully, Hillary’s blow-out on Super Tuesday will bring her better than expected results.

  220. Bitchslap…….

    Russell Simmons Verified account

    After speaking to Bernie Sanders I have decided that he is over stating what he can deliver to underserved communities

    Russell Simmons is supporting Hillary Clinton’s bid for president.

    The business magnate called Clinton a longtime friend and slammed her rival, Bernie Sanders, as a candidate who is insensitive to African-Americans’ hardships and is making promises he can’t possible keep.

    “I think that Bernie Sanders is overpromising,” Simmons said Friday on CNN. “He’s insensitive to the plight of black people.”

    The Def Jam co-founder hailed Clinton as the Democratic candidate with the best chance to win the general election in November and said her policies are realistic.

    Sander is “insensitive in a number of ways, and I would get into it if we had time,” Simmons said. “But I think Sen. Clinton has been sensitive, supportive of the progressive agenda. She’s realistic in what she can get done. She’s able to beat the Republican candidate, and I think that Bernie Sanders would not be able to, or could lose, and I don’t wanna take that chance.”

    While Sanders has been openly critical of President Barack Obama, Clinton has aligned closely with the president, and black voters have overwhelmingly supported her campaign over Sanders’ — especially in the Southern states that voted on Super Tuesday.

    Simmons tweeted early Friday morning that he had spoken with the Vermont senator but determined his platform overstated what it could for under-served communities. He added on CNN that Sanders shrugged off a climate-change issue that Simmons said was caused by the factory farming lobby and poisoning the planet and its people.

    Sanders’ insurgent campaign has been built on a progressive agenda heavily focused on income inequality and fueled by grass-roots contributions rather than corporate and lobbyist donations.

    Read more:


    May as well have called Bernie, a lying son of a……

  221. Donald Trump reverses stance on ordering military to break international laws

    Christ this guy flipflopped more than anybody ever, his neck must be made of rubber, from the whiplash.

  222. Voting — See Huffpo polling average from 11 days ago for West West Virginia: shows a large lead for Bernie. It’s white and relatively economically depressed, which explains why his angry, anti-establishment message is resonating with them. These are the same people I (and goofs, I’m surmising) believe are also susceptible to Trump’s populist message in the general.

    Upps, what does your third eye say on W. Virginia?

  223. OMG, every time Bernie wins a caucus I feel like I am back 20 years ago with a toddler and I need to jump up and down and say yay, he pooped in the potty. They way the press reacts is just ridiculous. Yay, a caucus for Bernie! Yay, Bernie a pat on the head for you for going potty. Now go lay down and take a nap.

  224. BS’s spokesidiot, Michael Briggs, says Donald Trump may appear at the same Fox News forum as Sanders on Monday evening and that the Sanders campaign would “welcome” that. WTF!? Yeah, a “progressive” like BS should really be thrilled to share a forum with a bigoted shithead. They would probably both use the chance to slander Hillary. And it’s unlikely Sanders would demand Trump’s speech transcripts. On the bright side, it would probably backfire on BS and unite the party against him. Once and for all.

  225. Polls for March, for what it’s worth:

    March 5

    Kansas (Caucus, 37 delegates); Nebraska (Caucus, 30 delegates): No polling available*; Sanders won ‘nearby’ Oklahoma primary on Super Tuesday as well as the two mainland caucus states (Colorado, Minnesota) that day

    Louisiana (Primary, 59): Clinton far ahead in two recent polls; one this week had Sanders at 14%, which is below the 15% threshold to receive any delegates (Solid Clinton)

    March 6

    Maine (Caucus, 30): No polling available; Sanders easily won his home state of Vermont on Super Tuesday, while Massachusetts was extremely competitive

    March 8

    Michigan (Primary, 147): Easily the biggest Democratic delegate prize during this period. Recent polls have shown an increasing lead for Clinton; now averaging 20 points over Sanders (Likely Clinton)

    Mississippi (Primary, 41): A poll out today gives Clinton 65% to Sanders 11%. As in Louisiana, Sanders could be at risk of being shut out of delegates (Solid Clinton)

  226. Nate at 538 has said tonight,he’s run the model of the numbers of 15/3 and he see’s no model in which Clinton does not win all 5 on that day by more than 10 points.

    Nate Cohn Verified account

    Is Bernie going to keep going after he loses all of the big states on 3/15 by >10 pts? I assume the answer is yes?

  227. just hearing there are no entrance or exit polls this weekend.

    Looks like they can’t be assed or the foregone conclusion of Clinton winning LA and not giving a shit about the other 2 tiny small caucuses that will end up splitting virtually not much difference in delegates.

  228. No surprise. The 15th is going to be a huge blowout. Then, Bernie will be able to scream all he wants that nobody’s paying attention to him, but nobody will be paying attention to him.

    Are there anymore debates after that? If so, that will be the night bernie unhinges. And if he does continue on he’s going to be made to look like a petty obstructionist, which is why no senators endorsed him in the first place. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he collects up all his useful idiots and creates a big marching stench.

    Always remember: Bernie is not a Democrat, never was, never will be. And destroying the party would give him his first big boner in years.

  229. Moon, the last Haiti disaster sealed the truth about CNN. Those elitist snobs will never work on weekend even if the world were ending.

  230. Nate Cohn is a NY Times writer, Nate Silver is 538

  231. I always get those 2 mixed up when they appear on my time line but it is what i meant, they cannot see any path forward after 15/3 for Sanders, no chance, she is just racking up delegates in big states by a mile. small states cannot save him as the delegate split is useless in small states, he needs to win big huge states by landlides to catch her….and the bastard knows it. The Dem party needs to stop him in his tracks once he goes over the line of causing damage.

  232. The only good thing about this weekends caucuses is that they are closed and can be no interference from outsiders, they are all closed caucuses. No faked indies/crossovers and Kansas and Nebraska dems tend to be a bit more conservative Dems than liberal.

    Saturday is really a bust for Sanders….

    Kansas and Nebraska = 67 delegates

    Louisiana – 58 delegates

    Clinton takes a massive whallop of LA delegates probably at least 40/18, maybe even 45/13 or maybe nothing if he fails to get 15%

    If the other 2 split not badly then he will end up negative of her on Saturday.

  233. apologies, I included SD’s in those figures above

    Kansas is 33 pledged dels
    Nebraska is 25 pledged dels
    which equals 58

    Louisiana is 51 pledged……

    Louisiana is allocated 18 pledge statewide vote and the other 33 are allocated by the 6 congressional districts.

    So if Hillary takes 80% of the vote she will get about 15 to his 3.

    and then the other 33 gets set by how they perform in congressional districts

    CD1 4
    CD2 8
    CD3 5
    CD4 5
    CD5 6
    CD6 5
    PLEO 7
    At-Large 11

    Thats how hard it is for him to do well on Saturday.

  234. O’Donnell has been anti-Clinton since forever. The night she was getting the We Are Emily award, he cut away when it became clear she wasn’t going to talk about the email. He jumped on every single lying bullshit story the NY Tmes published.

  235. You’re not the only person who gets them mixed up, Moon. Actually, I loved his tweet and retweeted it just for fun.

  236. To be honest, I see no way the Democratic party can shut Bernie up, and neither does he. He knows it. He infiltrated a party he hates, and has spent his entire life just DYING to have the bully pulpit. And now he has it. The only way to get rid of his ass is to name a candidate and that’s a way off. And make no mistake, his followers are nasty creatures and will wreck all sorts of havoc as they have no party loyalty either. Most of them who are registered, did so for the first time this year. They LOVE free rallies, they LOVE parades and they LOVE demonstrations. I can tell. these kids are nasty pieces of work. Eventually some cop will crack one of their smart phones and everyone will go home, but till then, they will be more a problem than we yet know. The best part of them is half of them never registered to vote, and, as we can see in the primaries, he’s not bring out the “revolution’ in votes. He’s shaming himself but, let’s remember, he is a true Socialist and having a microphone is their orgasm. And his followers are such suckers, they will keep giving him money at the point where there is NO WAY he can win. Funny how they can come up with bucks for him but they can’t make a loan payment. Just saying.


    Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 7m7 minutes ago Washington, DC

    I know Sanders has been saying Super Tuesday was the worst day of the campaign, but March 8 and 15 could both be as bad or worse

  238. 15th will definitely be worse for him.


  239. I have kept a datatbase of all the figures so far and will add on as the days pass, so we will know where we are whats happening.

    As of right now, I predict Clinton to carry if Sanders stays in, a minimum 35 out of the 59 territories.

    Currently she has a national vote lead of around 1.4 million and a pledged delegate lead of 195.

    The next two tuesdays are going to be rough as hell up to march 15th, then he could have a run of 6 wins straight after that but it wont matter by then and then its gets just bad territory all the way from there for sanders bar a few wins here and there but March 15 is probably the final stand.

  240. You’re keeping a database, how Moon of you. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

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