The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

For your curiosity, here is the debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon.

As you watch you will understand that the title of this post is as accurate as any title could ever get.


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  1. I have kept a datatbase of all the figures so far and will add on as the days pass, so we will know where we are whats happening instantly after primaries..

    As of right now, I predict Clinton to carry if Sanders stays in, a minimum 35 out of the 59 territories.

    Currently she has a national vote lead of around 1.4 million and a pledged delegate lead of 195.

    The next two tuesdays are going to be rough as hell up to march 15th, then he could have a run of 6 wins straight after that but it wont matter by then and then its gets just bad territory all the way from there for sanders bar a few wins here and there but March 15 is probably the final stand.

  2. now we know….

    The real reason Trump bailed on @CPAC: he balked at doing a Q&A in front of hostile crowd; wanted extra 15 mins for speech.

    Does not like being questioned……

  3. Today, nearly 100 LGBT Leaders from all across Illinois announced their support for Hillary Clinton
    Chicago, IL — Hillary for Illinois announced today that nearly 100 LGBT leaders have endorsed and will mobilize their networks to support Hillary Clinton ahead of the March 15 primary. Over the two weeks, these LGBT leaders will as campaign surrogates and host and attend phone banks, organizing meetings, debate watch parties, and community meetings. Clinton received the endorsement of the Human Rights Campaign earlier this year.

    Hillary Clinton’s comprehensive plan to pass the Equality Act, promote LGBT-inclusive schools and family policies, and champion transgender equality highlights her commitment to supporting LGBT families in Illinois and across the country.

    “Hillary Clinton knows that too many LGBT Americans both in Illinois and across the country still face discrimination — in employment, in education, in health care, housing, and more — because of who they love or who they are,” said Director of LGBT Outreach Dominic Lowell. “She is honored to have the support of so many LGBT leaders in Illinois who have been on the frontlines of fighting for equality. As president, Hillary will be a tireless advocate for the LGBT community and break down the barriers that hold them back. She’s the only candidate who has laid out a comprehensive plan to address issues like parenting and adoption, protections for LGBT youth, conversion therapy, violence against transgender people and transgender service in the military, and health care access for people with HIV. Her passion for these issues ensures she’ll put them front and center.”

    ………..Well done, now go and bring the state in for her BIG!

  4. “March 15 is probably the final stand.”

    “Bernie, beware the Ides of March…” :mrgreen:

  5. Moon, LA is coming up and Hillary will probably roll over Bernie by 50 points there. He might win some caucuses but again when people vote they seem to vote for Hillary.

  6. Disagree that March 15th is the date. I say March 8. Michigan and Mississippi

    March 15 is when we pave over the Sanders’ campaign’s grave.

  7. Ga, except that he can crow that he has more ‘wins,’ she will exceed his delegate take tomorrow. Nebraska and Kansas only have 30 delegates. Louisiana has 58

  8. Trump doesn’t like confrontation. He has a huuuuuuuuuge glass jaw. That’s why he needs to bully people, to keep them from pushing back.

  9. Kansas is the only caucus tomorrow and it’s a closed one. Nebraska and Louisiana are closed primaries.

    Maine is a closed caucus.

  10. Uppity, that is important. I thought Maine was tomorrow, too. If not, then the fact that she will perhaps gain delegates over Sanders despite losing two of the three, is helpful if for no other reason that it quells the media. It will be close, though, because if she gets, say, 42-16 in LA, and then loses 21-9 in both KA and NE, it is 60-58.

  11. Okay. well, I wouldn’t bet on Bernie winning Nebraska then since it’s a primary and a closed one at that. As far as I know there’s been no polling for Nebraska.

  12. I see that Arnold Schwarzenegger, who apparently has no shame about being a horrific governor, and having a long-time affair with his maid, is joining Kasich on the campaign trail. At least John Edwards disappeared from the political scene, but there is Arnold, out making more bad movies, and doing political speeches.

  13. I just had a silly thought.

    I don’t believe I have ever met or known someone who was from Nebraska.

  14. Time will drag on till the 8th because Bernie and his bros will be crowing, but the fix will begin on the 8th and the bulldozer will cometh on the 15th.

  15. I know four Nebraskans. They are all liberal, and college educated. One of them thinks that Omaha is the Garden of Eden and the best place in the world to live!

  16. Well that explains it, socal. You know your two Nebraskans and my two Nebraskans.

  17. Is socal hogging all the Nebraskans again?!

  18. omigosh, I just looked at wapo and dana Milbank wants Hillary to pick Warren as her vp!?!?

  19. I watched some of the video, OMG! So true, we are covering the same things 50 years later. I’m shocked and surprised, except for the $ amounts and the fact they act like gentlemen, they could be debating today!

  20. goofs, well said. We watched half.

  21. Warren! Are AYFKM????

  22. Milbank hasn’t got a right to suggest shit to Hillary. He treated her like DOG SHIT in 2008. Fuck him.

  23. I think that Johnny Carson was from Nebraska, but I never knew him.
    Dick Cavett and Tom Brokaw, too, if I’m not mistaken.
    Hard to believe but Marlon Brando was born and raised in Nebraska.
    I never knew him, either.

  24. On July 4, 1983, I got a speeding ticket in Chadron, Nebraska (was driving x-country, on my way to Rushmore). That’s my sum total of Nebraska experience.

    If Hill is going to pick a woman Senator as a running mate, I much prefer Amy Klobuchar.

  25. Neb, Kans and LA are today.

    Maine is tomorrow but as its a tiny state on a sunday, nobody will probably even notice it happened.

    I know LA is going to be a huge win tonight for Hill, the other 2, I’d be more inclined to see Sanders get those.

    Maine, Hill has no chance, its even whiter than NH.

    Now Tuesday however, is a whole new can of whoopass.

  26. The VP slot will not be a woman, no way they put two ladies on the bill.

    You can rule that out right now.

  27. You got that right, moon. Last woman VP was Ferraro in 1984 and she got lambasted for what her husband did…guilt by association. Now we have Hillary..getting lambasted for what her husband did…guilt by association.

    Herstory does have a way of repeating itself.

  28. I have to be honest..I PRAY she doesn’t pick Castro. Bad time for him to be on the ticket.

    And she sure as hell better not put Bernie.

  29. Sweet Sue, for all the DECADES I watched Johnny Carson, he sure felt like a friend of mine. 🙂

    To this day, nobody does late night talk show as good as he did.

  30. I use this, this is a good site to explain each primary or caucus.

    and nebraska is most certainly a caucus, not a primary.

  31. Uppity women, please watch this and then think about how no one discusses this when talking about immigration:

  32. Inside The Man Who Completely Failed At Life, And How Crazy His Plan Really Is

  33. The GOP is in such bad shape they are now begging Paul Ryan to run for president. I don’t see him as being able to win one primary outside of Wisconsin.

  34. I saw Raheel Raza on Maher tonight. She’s inspiring.

  35. No Warren. No way!

    I have suggested my Senator, Amy Klobuchar, if Hillary wants to go in that direction. But right now I bet she’s leaning toward Sherrod Brown of OHIO who was a genuine populist before populism was cool. He brings more to the ticket than Warren including OHIO. And he was a fairly early endorser of Hillary unlike St. Elizabeth who has shown no guts at all with her failure to endorse anybody.

  36. The chairman of the Dem party here in Minnesota wants us to have a presidential primary! He was swayed by the hot mess on Tuesday when so many caucus goers couldn’t vote vecause of long lines and general chaos. Hill lost a lot of votes on Tuesday here because her supporters are less likely to have the sheer physical stamina to endure all this.

  37. Sherrod Brown would be a great pick for VP. When I saw him on TV a few months ago, he said that he absolutely had no interest in VP, but of course he might change his mind. I would hate to take him out of the Senate, because Ohio is a difficult state for Democrats to win Senate seats in, though they have at times. But of course President is more important, so it is worth the cost. He really is one of the very few people the Democrats have in office who would appear presidential. I think that Castro is a decent person altogether, but I do not think that he really inspires one as to presidential capability, and he has no foreign policy background at all.

  38. I’m a Cory Booker fan myself. Sherrod is an Ohio advantage, I’ll admit. But this party is already hanging off the left cliff by its fingernails. I am not a proponent of giving it a shove. There’s no sense left in government as it is. I long for someone with sense.

    Castro doesn’t have a very long record. Seems like a nice guy, would nail down the Latinos, but frankly, I don’t see the Latinos looking to pick Donald or Cruz.

  39. Rebel I was just thinking this morning, what the hell is wrong with the Democrats with these stupid, cheat-inducing caucuses that, if not bad enough all by themselves, even allow Independents and Republicans to show up and vote. I hope Minnesota starts that ball rolling! Caucuses MUST GO.

  40. I saw Amy speak a few times and I am very impressed with her, I must say. I just don’t think a two woman ticket is very smart at a time when we haven’t even broken that glass ceiling for ONE woman yet.

  41. Paul Ryan. Bleck! He’s the reason I wouldn’t even LOOK at the Romney race last time. He’s HORRIBLE on women’s rights. I would rather pick a president out of a lottery than vote for him.

  42. I love that Raza, Voting. We never speak of it because progressives are fucking cowards and they would rather pretend it doesn’t happen than it is to actually care. They’re far too busy trying to attack Christians. And one more thing. Our campuses teach them to shut up and pretend.

    Much as I think Maher is the quintessential misogynist, I admit he has been harping on the nonsense and psychotic horror associated with Islam for a long long time. Like she said, oppression always manifests itself against women.

  43. Here’s Maher saying exactly what I think about Scalia, dead or alive. “He was just another Old White Republican”

  44. I’ve been watching CNN this morning, and all I’ve seen is crazy/scary/slimy Cruz speaking, in-a-category-of-his-own crazy/scary Trump, and crazy/scary/slimy Rubio. Jeez, I need another shower.

  45. I saw Booker on TV the other day, and he was impressive in terms of being serious and well-spoken. And his background is solid as well. However, I don’t see any electoral advantage there, though of course it is more important to pick the best person, not play for electoral advantage. So he is a possibility. There are so few good choices, because in the last six years, the Democrats have lost so many congressional and gubernatorial seats. To me, Brown is the standout choice. And he is really not a Left figure, he reminds me of one of those old-time labor oriented Democrats of the ’30’s or ’40’s. He would certainly galvanize the union vote, and maybe get some non-union blue collar types to vote fot the Democrats as well. And of course if Kasich is somewhere on the Republican ticket, a real possibility, he would neutralize that aspect.

    There’s Tim Kaine, a sort of bland choice. There’s Hickenlooper, another uninspiring one, and he didn’t help Hillary in CO. There is just no “wow” candidate except for Brown. Oh, Warren would elicit “wows,” but she would not help the ticket.

  46. I think Brown is good because of the reasons William has stated. He’s seasoned, but not as old as Bernie (who is?). He also voted against the Iraq resolution, which could maybe nullify that issue for Hillary. But like Uppity, I really like Cory Booker. But he doesn’t bring a part of the country she needs to the ticket.

  47. Yeah that’s pretty obvious. She’d carry NJ with or without him. It’s unfortunate that this issue stops some of the best VP candidates from being picked. I would vote for Cory any day for anything.

  48. I wouldn’t vote for warren for anything anywhere, ever.

    I think she brings out the worst in people.

  49. Thank you voting for the Raheel Raza video.
    Speaking the truth on the reality of the Muslam religion and society.
    It must be addressed as part of the fight for human rights=women rights.

  50. Hard for me to put my finger on it as to why I am not all that hepped up about Brown. I hate when that happens.

  51. I know Uppity. Brown looks good on paper, but I’m not sure. Cory Booker would be more energizing to the ticket I think. Brown brings Ohio, but maybe the combo of Clinton/Booker would too.

  52. socalannie
    omigosh, I just looked at wapo and dana Milbank wants Hillary to pick Warren as her vp!?!?

    If Hillary did something that stupid, I wouldn’t vote at all.

    Putting someone like Warren in as VP would be the end of Hillary’s credibility. Don’t even get me started on how terrible Warren is.

  53. The VP slot will not be a woman, no way they put two ladies on the bill.

    I agree Moon.

    Hillary needs someone that will bring in the Dems she has lost so far, someone that will help her with the white, working class MEN.

  54. Just seen the GOP caucus is underway in Maine

    22 caucus sites, first leaked one has gone to

    Cruz 49.8% Trump 30.8% Kasich 10.5% Rubio 7.6%

    thats only 1 out of 22 locations

  55. First GOP results coming in from Kansas and Cruz leading with 45%

  56. Initial Chatter is that Cruz looking good to take Maine.

  57. If Hillary did something that stupid, I wouldn’t vote at all.

    I would vote for Hillary no matter who she put in the VP slot. No matter who. Hillary must be our next POTUS.

  58. imust

    Hillary will not win if she puts Warren on the ticket with her. Two women on the top ticket will enrage men.

  59. Cruz leading in Kansas now also with 53% in Kansas, i think the tide is turning against Trump….

  60. KANSAS GOP CAUCUS PROJECTED TURNOUT – CURRENT ESTIMATE: 74100 (was 29900 in 2012 and 19400 in 2008)

  61. This is looking like a very bad night for Rubio.

  62. Wow…Ted Cruz has won the Kansas Republican caucus.

    Trump was leading the polling right up to today.

  63. the large margin and the results so far in Maine do indicate something may have happened over the past 96 hours.

    Gop coming out to stop Trump?

  64. I hope Cruz takes states away from Trump and they go to the convention with less delegates than needed to win a nomination. That will give the GOP a better chance to toss someone else, hopefully better, into the mix.

  65. Now that the Republicans have wrung their hands over Trump possibly getting the nomination, they are trying hard to noninate someone worse than he is, which is Cruz. Let’s see if anyone in the media actually focuses on Cruz’s horrific positions, as opposed to their usual focus on personalities.

    These are just caucuses, but I continue to believe that Trump is not going to get the nomination. That is good in itself, but if Cruz gets it, we are facing an evien more evil candidate. And actually none of the possible Republican nominees, including the people not running now, are at all acceptable; they all have the same basic positions.

  66. Nebraska caucuses starting to report, Clinton winning absentee options by a mile but Sanders winning the room numbers, maybe because Clinton banking votes by absentee, no need to show up.

    Sanders will probably still win though.

  67. Shadowfax, do we want the repubs to have someone better?

  68. William, you should check out Krugman’s latest, he bashes the republican candidates. I linked it upthread.

  69. Hillary is not going to win Nebraska or Kansas tonight, that I am sure, what I am happy about is that Louisiana will be called after and she will finish the night on a huge win, its all about the PR……thats what people will see at the end of the night.

  70. Annie, Iwill look at it, though it might give me nightmares! Krugman is obviously a highly intelligent person. It is a shame that they don’t have more people like him on TV as pundits, and less of those who just think this is a fun reality show and not all that important as to stands on important issues.

  71. Annie, I read it; yes, good article, lays it out very succinctly.

    Now here is Gloria Borger telling us that Cruz’ economic policies will appeal to the populist Republicans. I guess she hasn’t read Krugman’s essay, or maybe cannot understand how ridiculous the claims that the right wing will help the middle class have always been.

  72. I’d consider Michael Nutter a potentially good choice. No electoral advantage though. He seems very sensible. He’s well spoken. I’d love to see Hillary task someone with getting places like Chicago straightened out. He’s got the experience. I bet he would appeal in places like Ohio. I’d love to see someone from the rust belt or mountain west, but Nutter would be a solid choice.

  73. Moonpluto, supposedly the absentee ballots in Nebraska are breaking heavily for Hillary. I don’t know about Kansas.

  74. Coastie, I liked Nutter when I saw him in ’08, and he was a strong Hillary supporter. He or Booker would be fine, though they don’t help get you any states. It might depend on whom the Republicans pick and then who is the VP choice of that party, if we want to wait that long to choose. I would probably prefer both Nutter and Booker to Castro.

  75. GA, I doubt she wins either, the loon fringe seems to be more motivated in those caucuses like it was in 2008.

    Absentees are breaking very heavy in NEB for Clinton…thnk god for that.

  76. socalannie, on March 5, 2016 at 5:45 PM said:
    Shadowfax, do we want the repubs to have someone better?

    Trump is winning the nomination by a mile, at this point. Someone ‘better’ like Mitt will be better for Hillary’s win.

  77. @shadowfax, despite whether she picks Warren or anyone else, whether I think it’s a good pick or not….I’m still voting for her, I’m not staying home. That was my point.

  78. Hillary is not going to pick Warren. Warren adds nothing to the ticket and as it is the Bernie Bros are mad at her for not endorsing him before the MA primary. I have heard Wesley Clark. There are a lot of options out there.

  79. My sister and bil live in Philadelphia and they despise Nutter.
    They say he’s more Republican Lite than Obama ever was.
    My bil is a civil servant and he says what Nutter did to the schools and libraries is criminal.
    I’d hate to lose Sherrod Brown as my only Democratic Senator, but he is a good guy (his wife is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist), he’s solid on Labor issues and he’d appeal to honest Bernie supporters.

  80. I think Booker would be a good choice, too.

  81. Cruz may indeed be more evil than Tribblehead, but I think Cruz would be easier to beat in November. I don’t share the assurance of some of us that Tribblehead can’t win in November, so I hope the GOP Establishment can stop him before then. 😮

  82. Wesley Clark, I think I’d like that. I also thought maybe McCrystal would be great. A military person.

  83. She doesn’t need a general for her FP creds. In fact, would play on the “she’s a hawk” meme. Booker, Brown would be better surrogates/VP attack dogs for her in the general.

  84. Shadowfax, ok, I understand your point now.

    My favorite vp would be Sherrod Brown, I don’t know if he wants it though, and it would be sad for Ohio.

  85. I must I don’t think its’ about foreign policy. It’s about the Bernie Bros and the fact that they like Clark. He’s kind of like a more acceptable Warren if you look at it that way.

  86. The berniebros like Clark? The general? That’s interesting. It seems like there’s a big difference between a general and lazy Bernie. Bernie’s fans are bizarre, aren’t they?

  87. If we couldn’t have Hillary for some reason, I’d rather have any of the potential vp’s we’ve been talking about, for president than Bernie. With just the tiny bit we know of his history, he seems completely unworthy and unaccomplished to be president.

  88. Hillary shouldn’t go to the far left when it comes to national defense. She has always been strong in this area, and I agree with her.

  89. Well, you know how obsessed they are with the IWR? Clark was against it. It’s almost that you only have to be against it and it’s enough for them.

  90. I think Wesley Clarke endorsed Hillary in 08. So why would bros like him when he’s been part of team Hillary? They liked him at netroots when he ran himself, I get that, but that was a long time ago.

  91. Hillary’s not going far left on national defense. Where does that come from?

  92. Bernie won Kansas.

  93. Yes, Bernie won Kansas and Nebraska. What time do the polls close in LA?

  94. Almost ready to announce on CNN I think Ga.

    Hillary 72.4 to 20 something for the old guy in Louisiana!!

  95. Sanders winning Nebraska by 55/45 with 75% in, so not bad for Hillary, thought it would be worse.

  96. Tonight is a bust for Bernie, no change in the delegte race tonight and probably Hillary may make a gain because of Louisiana.

  97. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 1m1 minute ago Washington, DC

    Nate Cohn Retweeted T

    For Sanders, a 10 pt win in NE is like kicking a field goal late in the 4th when you’re down by several touchdowns

  98. Meanwhile in Louisiana, Clinton up by over 50 points…

  99. Well that was all predictable. CNN doing LOUSY job on Democrats. What were the Kansas percentages, been waiting and waiting for them to post it.

  100. Now Bernie’s campaign is spilling publicly that they have no hope of getting the nomination.

  101. Looks like she’s racking up Louisiana.

    Delegates, Delegates, Delegates


  103. Love that Nate Cohn tweet moon, thanks!

  104. Now Bernie’s campaign is spilling publicly that they have no hope of getting the nomination.

    Big deal. Their goal is to destroy the Democratic party and damage Hillary as much as possible, because she’s going to win and that’s her punishment.

  105. Yes Uppity, a tweeter referred to that as the #poundofflesh campaign. Bernie is trying to hurt Hillary and the party for beating him.

  106. Somebody PLEASE tell me the Kansas percentages. Effing CNN! Worthless!! Blowing Trump all the time, no information

  107. 9% IN AND cLINTON WINNING 72/22

    However, Orelans parish and most of Baton rouge yet to even report, which i expect the margin to grow even bigger.

  108. Not seen any % for kansas yet, but i suspect it will be about 55/45 Sanders again

  109. CNN is so cr@ppy against Hillary, they already have a winning star next to Burn before 0% of the votes have been counted in Kansas.

  110. Kansas is currently 53/33 Sanders with 82% in ……….wheres the other 14% – who the hell did they vote for.

  111. Ok good. Delegates. Yum.

  112. Kansas ended 57/32 with 100% in….there is 10% missing somewhere.

  113. Sanders won Kansas 68/32

    No surprise there, same thing as 2008.

  114. I think the 10 percent went to O’malley moon.

  115. Clinton winning Orleans parish 85/15 and its almost 10% of the state.

  116. 1104 to 446 (includes supers) Clinton winninnnnnng!!!

  117. CNN fucked it up, its 68/32 in Kansas, what is wrong with that state. honestly!

  118. Yeah, they just changed it moon! They had o’mallet at first getting 10 percent!

    100% Reporting
    Delegates Allocated: 1/37
    Winner B. Sanders 67.7% 26,450
    H. Clinton 32.3% 12,593 1

    Read more:

  119. You may enjoy this weekend Bernibots, come the next two Tuesdays, you aint going to like it

  120. I think it is obvious tonight GOP voters are making the choice of who it wants to fight Trump and it aint Rubio, his vote has absolutely collapsed tonight and gone to Cruz.

  121. Can’t wait…the Ides of March are upon us.

  122. Kansas delegate split come in at 23/10 for sanders

  123. Hilarious, just looking at the delegate splits tonight, Hillary is going to make a net gain overall probably by about 5 to 10 delegates.


  124. In the four contests today, Trump averaged 33%. Nothing familiar about that percentage at all…

  125. Back from babysitting. Had to post this because it is so funny and true:

  126. Kentucky just got called by AP for Trump but he is losing the delegate count tonight.

    Rubio is toast.

  127. Wow, looks like Trump support has dropped since the last debate, Cruz did pretty well tonight. Ruby, nada.

  128. Trump is so annoying, loves the sound of his own voice and just bullshits like a cheapo real estate agent. Says the same shit over and over again.

  129. Rubio is finished tonight, its a disaster, voters deserted him, didn’t make threshold in many states.

  130. Hillary just hit a national vote tally lead of 1.5 million.

  131. Trump is a major league asshole, if he had no money, he would not have friends.

    You really do want to punch him in the face.

  132. The problem with Rubio is voters just don’t like him. Period.

  133. At this point tonight, Hillary gained 4 delegates on the day and still about another 15 to allocate in Louisiana.

  134. He’s such a narcissist, he said that hillary is tanking and Bernie starting winning because of his skirmish with her four weeks ago and he wants credit for it. Think about that. I’ll wait.

  135. i mean her delegate lead has increased by 4 so far today….

  136. Trumps ego is going to be his downfall, he is not used to criticism or being talked at, he aint going to like a GE campaign when he has to answer questions and will get examined closely.

  137. I can’t look at Trump without thinking he looks like a bad drag queen with that makeup.

  138. Are the media locked up in a pen in another room and shouting with megaphones……

    Media should not accept this shit.

  139. Before he even takes one question, he says, the media, they’re all liars you know…every one of them liars.

  140. Clinton wins Louisiana 71/23 with 99% in and by about 150’000 votes, a +48 win.

  141. This is Clinton’s national vote tally lead approx right now.


  142. imusthaveHillary, on March 5, 2016 at 11:36 PM said:
    Before he even takes one question, he says, the media, they’re all liars you know…every one of them liars.


    That may be the only accurate statement to come out of his mouth.

  143. You notice the Berniebots have stopped crowing about the national vote will!

  144. Delegate counts for all, including super-delegates…

    Trump 385
    Cruz 298
    Ruby 126

    Hillary 1131 (Hello!)
    Bernie 479

  145. For you, moon:

  146. Even though Bernie won more caucus states today, Hillary ended up with 18 more delegates than Bernie, thanks to LA.

  147. So out of the 3 states last night…..

    Clinton got 59 of the delegates
    Sanders got 49 of the delegates

    a great big fat +10

    She currently has a total pledged delegate lead of 205

    and a national vote tally lead of

    Clinton 4,275,121
    Sanders 2,746,821

    a lead of 1,528,300

    Some how Berniebots have suddenly gone quiet on that whole will of the national vote hooha they were rabbiting on about after New Hampshire as they have suddenly now realised the hole they are in.

  148. As I said here is Sanders problem

    Hillary has a 205 delegate lead

    Maine tonight has 25 delegates, that will probably split 16/9 on 66%/33% split

    However, the next 7 states have a combined total of 863 delegates making 20% of the total pledge delegates

    If Clinton wins those say 60/40, they would split 516/350 to Clinton, extending her pledged vote lead to around 366.

    Now remember Obama only ever had a lead of 177 in pledged over Clinton in 2008…….Thats the hill he has.

    He has no path

    In the remaining states left to vote, there are 2000 delegates and I believe Clinton wins the states with approximately 1400 delegates in total. Sanders should win the ones totalling around 600.

    So basically he is screwed.

  149. Per CNN this AM: Delegates yesterday
    50 Clinton
    46 Sanders
    = 96

    If Kansas has 37, LA has 58 and Nebraska has 30 = 125

    So where’s the other 29?
    Per ABC
    Clinton 65
    Sanders 47

    So where’s the other 11?

    As you can see, News is no longer news. Just numbers pulled out of each other’s asses.

  150. Uppity, those figures include SD’s

    The pledged is 33/51/25 – I dont include SD’s when reporting pledged votes, it muddies it

    Kansas – Sanders 10/23
    Louisiana – Clinton 39/12
    Nebraska – Sanders 10/14

    So its Clinton 59 – 49

    out of those 3 states – Clinton has 8 SD’s – Sanders – 0

  151. Moon, you and they are posting numbers that are not final. If all the districts are not in, nobody knows the real numbers. Anything else is an estimate. What fries me is news outlets posting numbers without saying they are not the final numbers.

    Throw in politico and I now have four number calls and NONE of them match. Toss in yours and that’s five.

    Millions of people see these numbers on their screens and they are not correct. And the differences aren’t all that small either. These are in reference to state delegates only not superdelegates. They don’t add up to the number of delegates from those three states.

  152. Apparently the media has no idea WTF they are talking about when it comes to delegates. The only thing they seem to agree on is that Hillary got the most yesterday. How many more nobody seems to know.

  153. They call it “News”. People watch this shit and believe it, and they seem to take no responsibility for accuracy.

  154. Thoughts and prayers.

  155. Oh great, now we’ll have weeks of Reagan hagiography from all the “media,” and not just the right wing echo chamber.
    “Theirs was a love story for the ages.”

  156. You wrote what I’m thinking. Jesus H Christ. Who wants to see this? I expect FOX to do this for four days. I hope the others aren’t going to do the same.

    THe Republicans will spend a hell of a lot more time on this than they spent on Sandy Hook, let me tell you. All Sandy Hook got were “Thoughts and Prayers”.

  157. Some channeller, numerologist or psychic medium somewhere is out of an income without Nancy.

  158. Oh God. she’s singing to him.

  159. Oh well there goes Bernie’s little expected win in Maine wiped off the tv tonight….no media for him tonight. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

    If a tree falls and nobody heard it fall, did it happen?

  160. So Dems get Maine tonight (Bleurgh) and GOP gets Puerto Rico….can’t we just do Puerto Rico instead of June 5th, i have a feeling that would be a good one to do instead for Hillary and its 60 delegates……….yes this one (PR) is in your future too Bernie and i know how that went for Obama in 08……….

  161. “If only Hillary looked at Bill the way that Nancy looked at Ronnie, Bill wouldn’t have strayed.”

  162. Who said that Sweet Sue?

  163. I never had anything against Nancy Reagan, who essentially comported herself with dignity. Most first ladies do, of course. But the rosy glow that people seem to have for the Reagan era is a figment of wishful memory.

    I would contend that much of the anger that the average person seems to have about the unfairness of the economic system, and the fact that real wages never go up, is due to the impact of the policies of the Reagan years. Everything was deregulated, and unions were depleted of power. No one did anything about corporate mergers, and those policies have essentially remained in place. Less competition, and multinational corporations, mean prices are fixed, and wages are static.

    And that was when our deficit absolutely skyrocketed, as taxes on the wealthy were lowered. Thirty years later, the Democrats have to beg and fight and compromise to get the rate up even one percent. And then a Republican gets back in, and the rates on wealthy go down again, and the deficit shoots up again. And the Republicans contend that the only way to cut it is to get rid of all the social programs and safety nets. The best thing that GHW Bush ever said was to call this idea that cutting tax rates on the wealthy and corporations would somehow grow the economy, “voodoo economics.” And years later, David Stockman admitted that it was.

  164. imust, I took liberties with the quotation marks, but that was the subtext of much of the Lewinsky “scandal.”

  165. Oh, thanks Sweet Sue. You’re right, they blamed Hillary, and still do.

  166. Sources saying Ruby Slippers has won the Puerto Rico GOP Primary.

  167. Basically saying its time for Sander to stop.

    What Bernie Does Now

    After a bracing defeat, Sanders can only try to leave his imprint on the nominee’s platform—then leave the stage gracefully.

    With Sanders now having won a total of seven primary or caucus contests to Clinton’s 12 (he lost even liberal Massachusetts, his neighboring state)—he is sailing into ever-more challenging electoral waters ahead. Party operatives have begun gaming out just how and when Bernie should say “when.” He doesn’t want to give up too easily. Nor should he stay on so long that he severely harms Clinton—now more than ever the likely nominee—in the fall.


    Yes, old bobblehead should pack his bag and fuck off but we know him better, we know he’s a sanctimonous old bugger who frankly does not give a shit about anybody but himself.

  168. Moon – Sources saying Ruby Slippers has won the Puerto Rico GOP Primary.

    OMG, they should toss him a big ol’ parade in Puerto Rico…

    No one here cares….

  169. In the Maine caucuses Bernie has a slight lead, but we’re talking 317-223 out of just two municipalities. Hundreds more to go.

    Maybe it wont be as bad as i thought it might be……

  170. Maine caucus looking like yesterday, massive absentee ballot vote for clinton, Sanders lot are there in the room.

  171. Rubio is winning PR by an absolute mile and will win all delegates.

  172. /rubio is winning PR at 74%, Trump closest at 12%.

  173. Hahahahah PR.

    That should help the little twit.

  174. Moon, that wouldn’t be bad at all.

  175. Still cracking up. He won PR. Hey how many delegates is it

  176. 55 delegates. Not bad. Too bad he doesn’t have much else in the way of delegates lol.

    Hillary landslided PR in 2008. Be nice if she did it to the old man this time too

  177. I don’t know if the media does this because it is dumb, or because it is just trying to make this like a football game, but they seem to have no capacity to comprehend that the various state results are much a factor of the demographics. One result does not predict another. This is not a “big day for Rubio.” If the PR primary had been last month, or next month, he would have won it. It doesn’t make him stronger in Ohio, nor does Cruz winning Texas help him there.

    As to Michigan, the polls are tightening some, as I expected. Hillary may win by only 10-12 there, and that will cause a flurry of excitement for Sanders. But it will not help him in Florida.

  178. as i thought yesterday, Maine looking like 65/35 or 60/40 for anders, won’t help him much as that would mean a 15/10 split, 16/9 split

  179. Whoever in the Clinton campaign that came up with the absentee ballot strategy……they’re brilliant! What a way to get around the cheatin’/lying/stealing caucus mess! They KNEW what would happen in those caucuses and they outflanked Bernie’s lying/cheatin’ camp.

  180. Why do I envision Rubio doing West Side Story?

  181. “When you’re a Jet,
    You’re the swingin’est thing.
    Little boy, you’re a man;
    Little man, you’re a king!”

  182. Donald “i’m going to win the hispanic vote” Trump just lost the most latino primary out there…..

  183. PR went to the Latino Catholic. And Donald is surprised. Hokay.

  184. ROFL Soup!

  185. Bernie is getting so desperate, that he just called an emergency endorsement conference at 6.30 to unveil a special endorsement….

    It was….Don Reigle……..and the whole of Twitter went, who?

  186. Beernie takes the endorsement of this man who is the definition of a nexus of corruption and finance industry ties:


  187. LOL moon! Right! He’s one of the Keating Five! Now a CORPORATE LOBBYIST!

  188. I am somewhat uncomfortable about the debate tonight. I think that Sanders is going to make this anti-Hillary, and try to blame ner and her husband for the current economic state in Michigan. I think he is going to go after her at every opportunity. I would like to get this debate over with, and have Hillary win Michigan by 10-15 points at least.

    Brian Fallon, Hillary’s press secretary, says that the Michigan race is much closer than the poll, and will go down to the wire. Sanders is going to take every shot at her he can.

  189. Oh, Bernie will definitely go negative tonight. Expect a lot of NAFTA talk. But I’m sure Hillary knows it and is prepared.

  190. Michigan is the state that always worried me. A lot of disgruntled blue collar types. Trump apparently has good support in this state. It is one which we do not want to risk losing in the Fall. I know that Hillary does not want to go right at Sanders, but he has no such compunction, and it is not helpful, obviously.

  191. William, she is winning in MI.

  192. Imust, I had certainly thought so. But Fallon saying a few minutes ago that this race is much closer than the polls showed, and will go down to the wire, was concerning. Hopefully, though, you are indeed right, and we will get over this perhaps last big hurdle to the nomination.

  193. Bernie is Rick Lazio.

  194. Yup. He finally did it.

  195. Bernie keeps changing the subject every time Hillary gives a robust response to his attacks. He’s getting on my nerves!

  196. I’m over my tweet limit and I’m in tweet jail for a while. sigh.

  197. Been there, imust!

  198. Ah, yes, we are now at THAT stage of this primary season:

  199. LOL! Great visual! Bernie’s finger needs its own website and twitter account.

  200. I only was able to see a few minutes of the debate tonight and the part I saw was Hillary not letting Bernie hush her or push her into the kitchen.

  201. Remember Nancy’s “Just Say No” program? Ah, we made so many jokes about that when we were young. Probably the most ineffective anti-drug program ever conceived. But we never tired of cracking jokes about it. It was fun to be young!

  202. Oh yeah, I was a teen during the “Just Say No” eighties. My high school was still full of burnouts. (No, not the same as Bern outs.)

  203. Here’s Rick Lazio in 2000. Bernie channeled him tonight.

  204. For those that missed it:

  205. @BerniesFinger. GOOD IDEA. DO IT!!!

  206. Awesome response on Twitter:

  207. Bernie is bragging about getting former MI Senator Riegle’s endorsement. Interesting considering he was a member of the Keating 5!

  208. Nice to know there are pockets of sanity in Maine

    Clinton took 27 caucuses in Maine – 18 of those were 100%/0%

  209. 100% whoa. Could you possibly post links to bombshells like that, please? I would love to tweet the 100% caucuses but twitter will ask me how i know.

  210. Good catch Voting! Tweeted. The adults in the room will remember Keating Five

  211. Man, mean, ugly and bitter Bernie was on display last night.

  212. If Hillary doesn’t have her slogan already, I have one for her, useful against both Bernie and the GOP Sweat Hogs (who else remembers Welcome Back, Kotter?)

    “Vote Clinton. Because America needs a grown-up in charge.” :mrgreen:

  213. Being a Michigan native, I know how desperate the BS campaign must be to tout an endorsement from Don Reigle as a major coup. I suspect the Clinton camp is saying polls are close to motivate its voters who may not bother to vote if they think it’s over. Of course, it could be closer than we think since there are a lot of colleges and large Universities in Michigan. BS will take Ann Arbor and possibly all of Washtenaw County. Maybe E. Lansing too.

    Sanders showed last night that he has a serious temperment issue. And the argument that he’s a feminist because he votes the right way is getting harder to make in light of the way he talks to Hillary. He also messed up referring to “the ghetto”. Between women and African Americans, he offended a lot of folks last night.

  214. Bernie Ssnders is the original Bernie Bro.

  215. The polls sure don’t have Michigan close. Here they are

  216. I taped the whole debate and then watched it. Hillary did well, as she always does. That room was filled with Sanders supporters, and they clapped wildly at everything he said. Hillary really never goes after Sanders unless he starts attacking her. Sanders has the ability to one-up HIllary on certain issues simply because he will promise things that are completely unfeasible, and Hillary does not want to be in the position of saying that this can’t be done, particularly with a Republican House a certainty for the next four years. A trillion dollars to rebuild the infrastructure! Break up the banks! Taxes will cover everything! People love it, but it is misleading and even childish, because it has no reality behind it.

    Cooper was a good moderator last night. Lemon asked a really unfair question, “How can Blacks trust you since you (?) passed the Crime Bill of 1994?” The tone of that question, the “trust” word, was so deliberately uncomplimentary And then another deliberately negative question about some comment she made in 1996 about “predators.” Somehow these kind of things are held against her only.. And I am so tired of Sanders’ professsed political purity, where he, the Independent from Vermont, a party of one, isn’t for this, isn’t for that, has reservations about the other. Can you imagine Sanders ever getting a bill through Congress? This seems so obvious, but perhaps not to unsophisticated voters.

    Brassy Rebel, I do hope you are right. I may be worrying about it for no reason, but I just have a feeling that this is going to be closer than expected, and I had that sense even before I heard Fallon’s comment. I will say that if we can win by 10 points, I will be pleased enough about it. Oh, and this “Sanders does better against Republicans in polls than Clinton,” is so nonsensical. It is based on many Independent voters not knowing Sanders’ policies, and Sanders supporters deliberately gaming the polls by saying they are for Republicans over Hillary,Such results are completely counterintuitive, otherwise. If Clinton leads among Democrats, how could Sanders do better among Republicans and Independents?

  217. There’s a Hilary rally on CSPAN tonight, I think at 7:45 EST, though I could have that wrong, and it is at 4:45 EST. One of those two, for sure. Those are always heartening to see.

  218. You know what I really hate? When Bernie Sanders make me be with my Republican friends. Seriously, what the hell does being late have to do with being poor? And white people have never lived in the ghetto? Considering the way Bernie touts his Polish heritage, you’d think the names Warsaw and Lodz would come to mind. I have several black friends who are staunch Bernie supporters. I wonder what they’re thinking now after last night’s comments?

  219. Sorry I need to do better proofreading. I hate when Bernie makes me agree with my Republican friends. And what does being white have to do with being poor?

  220. Upps, here’s the link of Bernie “welcoming” Riegle’s endorsement. Make sure to include this and Wiki link in your tweets for comparison. Sent it to Hillary, her Press spokesperson in MI, Greta..and with great glee, sent to Rachel Maddow.

  221. BS is taking a lot of incoming this morning. He’s even being mocked for blaming Wall St. for Flint water crisis. But “Shushgate” was a real wake up call. People with mental health issues are offended by his tone deaf “joke” that GOP candidates are mentally ill. And his comments implying all black people live in “the ghetto”, and there are no white people living in poverty when, in fact, the majority of poor people are white, were just stunningly ignorant. Curtain was pulled back last night. The Wizard didn’t look so awesome.

  222. “Shushgate!” Lol! I guess we have finally reached the end of the “gates” cycle, with that one.

    Sanders would talk at length; and then when it was finally Hillary’s turn, he would give her maybe 15 seconds, before he would start gesturing, asking the moderator if he could say something more. And he would keep doing it until she finished. I had to narrow my focus just on Hillary, so as not be distracted by this incessant finger-pointing and gesticulating.

  223. Grandpa Burnout and his finger-wagging ways.

    Is he getting frustrated that his delegate count su@ks to high Heaven?

  224. File under the heading “You Just Can’t Fix Stupid”…

    Latest Twitter meme is Hillary is winning due to low voter turnout. Doesn’t that mean Bernie is getting even LESS votes since he is losing.

    What, he’s going to win all the Republican votes in the general election?

  225. I did not watch the debate. Bernie actually said there are no poor white people?

    Holy Haruhi, has he never heard of Appalachia?

    For that matter, plenty of them can be found here in the Arkanshire.

    As the wascawwy wabbit would say, “Eh–wodda ma-ROON!” :mrgreen:

  226. He said the equivalent of saying there are no poor white people, Ivory Bill. He said white people can’t know what it’s like to live in the ghetto or be poor. As someone pointed out on twitter, this manages to be offensive to both non-whites who don’t live in the ghetto and whites who do. He was a trainwreck last night. Now his comments on gun manufacturers’ liability are being praised by the NRA–the ultimate corporate lobby.

  227. I am trying and failing to understand Sanders. I wonder if the poor guy’s starting to lose his mental balance. :/

    It just makes me happier that I voted for Clinton already.

  228. PMSL

    Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 11m11 minutes ago Washington, DC

    All of Sanders’ wins were basically canceled out by Clinton’s win in Texas

  229. PPP are no frined of Hillary’s but

    Ohio Democratic Presidential Primary PPP (D)
    Clinton 56, Sanders 35 Clinton +21

  230. We’ve heard everything from the Berniebros and all have failed…..

    First was high turnout will bring us a political revolution….er nope.

    Then it was “respect the will of the national vote”…er nope that has not worked for you either.

    Then it was “superdelegates is making her win”……er nope, she has a big delegate lead”

    and the latest i’ve heard now is from his political director, that he should be on the ticket with her…… no thank you either.

    I think they are running out excuses

    By the way it seems Bernie’s political team have admitted this is do or die for them….now and next week, a reality check……aaw must have exhausted the berniesbros bank accounts now and its time to go home.

  231. Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 56/35 in Ohio, 84/14 advantage with black voters is key:

    81% of Clinton voters in OH are firmly committed, compared to 67% of Sanders voters. Clinton up 66/34 among those totally decided

    Sanders up 48/39 with ‘very liberal’ voters in OH, but Clinton up 62/33 with ‘somewhat liberal,’ 61/30 w/moderates:

  232. Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg says he will not enter the U.S. presidential race

    as if that was ever gonna happen……

  233. Shadow your extra X’s are back. WP saw you as not anyone who posted before or an impersonator using your IP address —and put you in moderation.

  234. High turnout my ass. He’s got a million and a half fewer votes than she does. He’s bussing these little shits from place to place or something. His huge rallies do not translate into votes. The gig is up. He’s tapped in to party animals who love to march and go to rallies for kicks. He’s full of shit. He doesn’t have it. Momentum my ass. He hasn’t got it. He’s a loser who is just enjoying the pulpit, as most socialists do.

  235. I can’t wait to see the woman vote in tomorrow’s primary. I want to be able to tweet him to shove it up his ass. I’ve come close several times with some of my tweets. I want to tell him Don’t Fuck With Woman you piece of shit.

  236. He wins caucuses with a couple of thousand votes in them. He can’t get REAL vote numbers. It shows in every race. He did ok in MA but yeesh, with harvard, cambridge and all those other surrounding bleeding heart socialist territories, he couldn’t even win there. By the time he gets to NY (which he WILL lose) and California (who the hell knows with that state?) it will be too late to even think his candidacy is worth spit.

  237. Rebel, what he was really saying was what he really thinks. All black people grow up in a ghetto and all white people don’t. And Ghetto, plus Lunatic are two words that confirm he is living in the 60s. No wonder this guy’s medical records aren’t available. I bet his head has been examined more than once.

    If he gave a rat’s ass about anybody but white boys, he wouldn’t have relocated to Vermont.

  238. At the next Dem debate, look for Bernie Sanders to reveal a giant, foam fan finger from behind his podium. For the next ninety minutes he’ll wag it at Hillary until she respects his authority, dammit.

  239. Erin Andrews was awarded $55 MILLION for that secret nude taping. Good for her, but still not near enough for the damage caused to her.

  240. There’s apparently a Democratic Town Hall on Fox right now. Don’t have cable but I’ll try to find it.

  241. Bernie is going flatter than a worms tit on fox right now, singular claps……its really really bad. This is actually quite shit.

  242. I can’t watch Bernie without thinking about slapping him in the face, he is so irritating. This looks like a rodeo in a care home……..

  243. Bernie keeps going on about 5 million individual donations………well you aint got 5 million fuckin votes. So somethings up!

  244. Bernie still saying he’s getting high turnout at this town hall, says hee’s breaking records, like Maine and Kansas……Where?……..i beg to differ. How many votes you got Bernie?

    What a dick!

  245. Bernie is getting questions from a retired college professor, a young college student…….ya think Fox is going to give him a cushion next?

  246. Hillary is showing her credentials on foreign policy here. Fox trying to blame her for the arab spring but she is handling it well.

  247. What is it with fox, pivots from Lybia to abortion….WTF!

  248. Hillary is hitting this Town hall out of the park, Fox tried to hang her with the email and she told them all how the process worked, how it was not illegal, the republicans did it, she did a lot of good explaining and then fox tried to get her off the subject after she busted their balls.

  249. Hillary is kicking the hell out of this Townhall, she looks so smart, intelligent and Presidential unlike Bernie, who looked like your mad uncle locked in the attic, she’s taking on Fox, hecklers, everyone, lol.

  250. Hillary absolutely slaughtered every trick curveball that they threw at her and boy did they try and she still did it single handed, with one hand tied behind her back and hopping on one leg with a teapot balanced on her head.

  251. Good for Erin! With 55mil she won’t have to be afraid of hotels any longer. She can take three suites and sleep in the middle one. Then the mercenary she can hire to stay in the hallway all night can turn anybody who tries to enter one of those rooms into a strawberry barrel. Finally she can hire somebody to run that piece of shit who filmed her with a 4 by 4 and turn the bastard into road pizza, after which they can scrape him off the road, thereby making the world a little bit safer. If possible he should suffer horribly before dying.

  252. Ah I forgot about the fox thing. Probably a subconscious decision.

  253. She was fantastic on Fox tonight. Simply blew him out of the water.

  254. Thanks for the updates Moonpluto.

  255. Darn, it came on too early! I wonder if they’ll replay? Wait, Hillary did well you say…..nah, they won’t replay.

  256. Does msnbc ever interview anyone besides, Bernie, Bernie’s campaign manager or Ben Jealous?

  257. Rubio wasn’t the one to come up with the Trump little hands thing. It started years ago by Spy magazine. Bothered Trump then, bothers him now.

  258. Thanks for the updates Moonpluto. My antenna and Fox weren’t on speaking terms.

  259. Good for Erin indeed – but sorry, ladies – You’re on your own in NYC restrooms! Sorry if you have to deal with trans-creeps with dicks – they’re women, too, you know! Only THEIR needs come before YOURS.


    New York will now allow a person of any gender to choose whether to use a men’s or women’s bathroom or locker room in all municipal properties, acceding to the demands of transgender advocates.

    Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an executive order on Monday that applies to city agency offices, public parks, pools, playgrounds, some museums and recreation centers.

    “Today’s order makes it clear that New York City fully supports the right of every New Yorker to use the single-sex facility consistent with their gender identity,” de Blasio said in a statement, describing New York as the birthplace of the fight for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights.

    “Every New Yorker should feel safe and welcome in our city – and this starts with our city buildings,” said the mayor. He called access to bathrooms and other single-sex facilities based on gender identity “a fundamental human right.”

    The order requires city agencies to post the policy in conspicuous locations within three months and train all employees within two years.

    New York City, home to approximately 25,000 transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, is not the first U.S. municipality to take such a step.

  260. Anybody has the Fox thing video?
    Would love to watch how our Hill blow who? out of the water…

  261. Upps

    Yes, I had trouble with the xxx’s at work on a Mac. Home is on a PC, not sure what’s going on with it. I can’t tell until it posts that there is a problem.

  262. I just got home and had to watch the debate, after the fact. See that all of you were blogging during it. Hillary was great and didn’t flinch at the difficult questions. I was very proud of her…as always.

  263. Upps

    California (who the hell knows with that state?) it will be too late to even think his candidacy is worth spit.

    We don’t get to vote until June 7th, by then, it will be over. Hillary won over Obama in CA…so Bernie isn’t king of our castle.

  264. Moon

    Bernie keeps going on about 5 million individual donations………well you aint got 5 million fuckin votes. So somethings up!


    You are in form tonight, Moon. Priceless!

  265. Moon
    Hillary is kicking the hell out of this Townhall, she looks so smart, intelligent and Presidential unlike Bernie, who looked like your mad uncle locked in the attic.

    I choking from laughter, she did hit it out of the park.

  266. Here’s Hillary in the townhall…kickin’ a$$!

    I can give you the link to grandpa Moses, if you want it..

  267. Thanks, Shadow. She did an AWESOME job on the FBI investigation of her emails. Not that it will matter to the “snowflakes.” One other reason she is my choice…she understands how government works. Her statement that “compromise” is not a dirty word needs to be taken to heart.

    I cracked up when she said Republicans have said many nice things about me….as long as I am not running for office.

  268. Voting, yes Hillary was open, honest and talked about Repubs as if there wasn’t a Rethug asking the questions.

  269. Shadowfax, thanks for the link, I will check it out later.

    I had a MacBook/trans experience today. Laker is taking his 2nd Eng lit class online, and it actually is well set up with student blog participation and peer reviews, big essays, etc. You are supposed to drop your reviews and essays in a drop box, which has never been a problem with our mac, until today, when his essay is due. Anyway, I couldn’t help him figure it out what was wrong, so we packed it up and raced down to the local Apple store. A young guy helped us and straightened it out. He then proceeded to lecture me about not being adaptable!?! He informed me that life is always changing and only adaptable people will do well, blah, blah, blah. He repeated these gems at least 3 times.

    I thanked him and grabbed our MacBook and away we went. I said to laker, can you believe that guy? And he started laughing, and said “mom, didn’t you notice anything about him?” I said “no what…do we know him? I noticed he had big diamond earrings” laker: “what else?” me: “um, his hairstyle was awful” laker: “you didn’t notice his finger nail polish?” me: “what? no.” laker: “or his boobs in his woman’s top? Mom, I think he’s trans.”

    When he/she was lecturing me, I think I was staring off into space, thinking of what I needed to pick up for dinner. When he/she slowed down, I ALMOST said, “well that’s nice, but you’re young, and when you’re young, you think constant change is great, but when you get older, you realize it doesn’t always work out for the best”!?! I started to say that, then thought, screw it, said “well thanks” and took off. Yowza, can you imagine how offensive that might have sounded? I’m glad I just left. Still, he/she was a little snot. I didn’t go there to give him a soapbox opportunity.

  270. GWM, if a genuine trans woman wants to use the ladies room with me, I don’t care, but I have already seen some problems. At the most popular beach in Malibu, they have a big changing room connected to the ladies room. There are no stalls, its communal, for women/girls with benches and hooks. Some women were trying to change their little girls out of their wet swimsuits before getting into their cars, and there was a couple of guys there, saying they were trans. The women called the cops and the lifeguards and it was a huge screaming match. I decided to find another restroom and left, so I don’t know how it turned out.

  271. ok, I sucked it up and watched Bernie’s portion as well. And here is my take-away.

    First, Bernie is wrong that there was no coalition for Iraq 2..there was, just not UN sanctioned.

    Second, Bernie went into his usual Wall St. spiel when asked about Bloomberg not running. Hillary was gracious about it. Which candidate do you think can actually WORK w/ the Congress?

    Lastly, Bernie was asked if he would be willing to be VP if he lost. Hillary was asked if she would make Bernie her VP if she won. Notice the difference. Hillary should make the loser her VP, but Bernie the Loser gets asked if he would be willing to be VP.

    That really pissed me off.

  272. I went to the Daily Kos website earlier today because I heard that Markos issued an edict that as of March 15 the site would be supporting the democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. No right wing or republican attacks are allowed, no name calling, only constructive criticism is allowed. Lots of complaining about this edict and a lot of attacks on Clinton. What is sad when reading thru their comments, which believe it or not, include you need to talk to southern African Americans differently and POC need to be spoken to and interacted with more slowly. Despite being Hispanic, I have always been able to understand people and living in Florida hasn’t lowered my IQ any that I need to be spoken to slowly. How can they not know how racist and bigoted this sounds? And of course Clinton’s voice is shrill and she needed to stop talking when Bernie said so cuz she interrupted him! Just really sexist bullsh!t. How can they be so obtuse? Markos should be embarrassed by these comments. March 15 can’t come fast enough.

  273. Thanks for the link to the video of Hillary on FOX Shadow! Wow, that was really good. I’m curious why she had such a favorable audience on FOX. I mean I know she’s good….but with those hard core GOP?? When she talked at the end about beating the person in the general and not letting that person be president…cheers. Cheers on protecting PP? That wasn’t the typical FOX audience. But as others have said, Brett Baire or what ever his name is, did try to hound her on the emails and Libya questions and she really did well. I hate to say it, and I may get booed for this, but he actually seemed more reasonable than the mods from the so-called left (Anderson cooper, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, et al).

  274. Yeah we should talk to Latinos the way Sarandon did. Delusional idiots.

    FlaVoter, we had a home in Pompano for many decades and I witnessed the influx of Cubans to Florida. Cubans are family-oriented, warm and very friendly people. They assimilated into America at a feverish pace, you could tell they LOVED being here. They didn’t try to impose Cuban tradition upon America, and they reminded me a lot of the Italian immigrants I knew growing up. They kept their traditions but not at the expense of respect and love for their new country. I never met a Cuban I didn’t like and that’s the TRUTH. And I never met one who needed to “be talked slowly to”. Assholes, these Bernie children are.

    And….not as a small side issue to this cook… Cubans make great food!

  275. On my way to Kos to check this out.

  276. Theres a new Illinois poll just out that will make the Berniesnots cry

    Clinton 67
    Sanders 25

  277. And…………….here’s the post from Marcos on switching from Primary mode to General Election mode after March 15.

  278. That was interesting! (the kos post) I read the first 30 comments or so, a lot of his people (the Bernie bros) are pissed. What a shame.

  279. I am in a ranting mood tonight:

    Gun control: The dealers need to be held responsible for doing the background checks. If they did them properly, no lawsuit. As to the manufacturers, here is my analogy. How many people are killed/hurt by drunk drivers? Do we hold Anheiser Busch or Coors Light responsible? NO…we hold the bar responsible for overselling. Who really needs to be held responsible? The gun owners whose kids have access to the home arsenal and then shoot up the place.

    College tuition: I so agree that tuition is out of hand and assistance is needed BUT, I want something out of my investment. If you go to a store and get charged for a purchase, are you going to be ok with getting an empty bag? Assistance should be based on NEEDED training. Nurses, doctors, teachers, engineers, scientists etc. If you want to go study in a field that has a less than 1% possibility of employment because it is your dream job, YOU pay for your dream. I will be more than happy to pay for what this country needs employment-wise. Lastly, I am not happy that neither candidate discusses aiding those in the TRADE programs. Mock them, but you will need a plumber, electrician, carpenter far more than an actor, dancer or Renaissance period art student. I’m sorry but FINE ARTS students should be paid for by the overpaid elites of those professions. One last thing, no professor can FORCE students to have to buy their authored over-priced books as part of the course requirement. Conflict of interest.

    Lastly, healthcare: No insurance company should be owning any hospitals, no hospitals should also be in the insurance business. Again, conflict of interest. Health care should be INTERSTATE, not INTRASTATE so there is more competition. Prior condition should not be a factor genetics-wise. Not the person’s fault if they have juvenile diabetes. LIFESTYLE CHOICES should be a factor and I say that as a smoker. It was my choice, why should everyone else pay for it?

    Wall Street: What all candidates on all sides forget is that any penalty they place on Wall Street will be absorbed by the middle class whose 401Ks are directly tied to it. Want real reform. Make businesses go back to SECURED retirement funds instead of 401Ks. Those were the biggest wallet and mind-fuck ever forced onto the American worker.

    Trans rights: As a lesbian, don’t even get me started.

    I am done with the following…my apologies to anyone I may have offended. I am just so sick of it all.

  280. I enjoyed your rant Voting!

  281. btw, in my story upthread, the trans was lecturing me about not being adaptable in my computer usage–in other words, I hadn’t kept up date on apple program changes! We weren’t talking about social change at all, but his/her silly lecture to me sure sounded like it.

  282. That KOS piece is something. Now they have a problem with DWS. They didn’t when she had her thumb on the scale for Obama. Now they have a problem with Iowa & NH being first, and what I call “the boss of us”, they didn’t when it helped Obama. Now they don’t like the caucus system and the proportional delegates, they didn’t mind when it helped Obama. Now they don’t like superdelegates….they didn’t mind when it helped Obama. See a pattern here?

    On a related note, happy International Women’s Day! Enjoy our one day ladies!

  283. I could be wrong, but I believe that initially the idea was to allow places like Iowa, NH, etc be relevant against other states such as NY, CA, etc. I mean if huge populus states voted first, why bother to vote in these small states? They really don’t pick the president other than by coincidence but it makes them feel good to think so. The REAL problem is their systems of voting. Caucuses are evil, open caucuses are REALLY evil. If they had closed primaries, it would be a fair primary. It seems to me caucuses are there because they are cheaper than primaries to run, but they are also an invitation to cheating as we well know. If they want to go first they should at least be expected to run closed primaries that keep the field level.

  284. Hey if karma comes back to bite DWS, what can I say? They know very well what she’s capable of so they suspect it of her now. In any event, collateral damage.

    I thought Screamy Dean was in charge in 2008?

  285. As a side note, FWIW, pundit analysis of the Fox town hall is that Hillary was treated a lot better than anyone thought she would be, mostly because next to Trump and Cruz, she looks good to them.

  286. Up, you took the words out of my mouth about BS being stuck in the sixties–or maybe the seventies when he left NYC for lily-white Vermont. Btw, Bern Bros keep saying that African Americans just don’t know BS and would all vote “the right way” if they did. Well, I saw an article a few days ago that said black people are acutely aware of how Sanders left NYC during tensions of the seventies to move to Vermont. And the few AA’s that do live in Vermont say they can’t even get a meeting with him. They’re for Hillary. I know she got crushed in Vermont last week, but I bet a lot of her support was from African Americans.

  287. Yes, Howard Dean was the chair in 08. But DWS was all over the TV, much like Donna Brazile, pushing Obama over Hillary.

  288. I’m not surprised the Fox Town Hall audience was favorable to Hill. It was probably selected by the local Fox affiliate. In the Detroit metro area, you would gave a hard time finding enough typical Fox viewers. And I love the way Roger Ailes keeps sending Bret Baier out to take on Hillary just as he did in 2014 when she was on her book tour. it was clear then that Baier was overmatched against Hillz.

  289. Ok gotcha imust.

  290. Haha Socal, the article you posted, the mayor of Flint said Bernie never called her. Their answer? Why they invited her to the opening of their Flint campaign headquarters. Can you imagine what they would have done with her name if she were there? Instant fake “Endorsement”.

  291. NEW POST UP

  292. As a straight woman, I don’t want to see anyone that generates male hormones in the bathroom with me.

    I don’t really care if they look like Cait or not.

  293. What Shadow just said. I second it.

    You know, men have appropriated anything that was fun, advantageous, profitable or convenient from women. They can try but they will never appropriate womanhood, and that includes silly attempts to redefine gender.

    And they can shove that CIS stuff. I’m a woman, born and bred. Period. They speak of my “kind” with disdain. Fuck that too. Along with TELLING WOMEN to change their vocabulary with respect to their OWN gender.

    Now I really don’t mind that something like 100th of 1 percent of our population is transsexual.Bless em. What I do mind is them trying to tell the rest of us What We Are and if when Jenner has his dick and balls removed, I’ll buy his schtick. In the meantime, I don’t particularly want him spray peeing in the toilet next to me Hedging his bets, that one is. The truth is, it’s way to easy for a pervert to pretend he’s transgender just to get into the woman’s shower room. This cannot be disputed. We have enough rape and harassment to deal with, without adding more opportunities. To think any other way is to disregard the very Gender everybody is talking about here. There’s no Mansplaining this away.

  294. Imust- I laughed my a$$ off at the KOS post for all the reasons you listed. I have shut down several Facebook threads where people were wringing their hands and weeping over how “unfair” the system was simply by asking them if they had complained about these very same things in ’08. I was honestly amazed at how many people didn’t know that Obama wasn’t on the ballot in Michigan.

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