Primary thread.

Sorry, but I cannot resist.

  1. The next time you are standing in the coffee line, why not pay for the college education of the person behind you…


2. Always Think Big.



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  1. Love that photo of grandpa Burnout, riding in his hippie van,

    begging for spare change

    and votes.

  2. I love the cartoon. Oh Lord, what have we come to?

  3. I know his supporters lack critical thinking skills. Just replied to a post on Facebook regarding term limits, suggesting that the assertion “we do not need career politicians” would eliminate Bernie Sanders as well as politicians she doesn’t support. I was careful, though, because I know her mother and how she was brought up. And because that’s my “baby” girl who will be 40 next month!!! I tried, honest to God I did.

  4. Weak of heart don’t look XX rated. THIS is what Bernie Sanders people are. Proceeds go to the Enabler, Bernie Sanders. We need more people to report this tweet to twitter.

  5. Hahaha, the 40 year old baby is very common these days. 25 is the new 15.

  6. Please be advised that there are TWO cartoons in the post. Just in case you didn’t scroll.

  7. The fact that a woman tweeted that makes it even worse–if that’s possible. Thinking of Sophie’s observation: There is no war on women; we’re committing suicide. Nothing shocks me in this campaign, much less surprises me.

  8. Brassy, you should have read some of the tweets regarding Erin Andrews from our female “snowflakes”.

    You just can’t fix stupid.

  9. LOL!
    Upps dear you are too much…LOVE it.

  10. I had a bunch of western michigan uni majors in my facility today for a tour and visit……all 18 of them were Bernie supporters, how many bothered to vote today……2 by absentee ballot, the others forgot or could not be bothered….

    There’s your revolution in one sorry sentence.

  11. Voting, is this stupidity or willful blindness to misogyny. No other group acts against its own group interest as too many women do. It makes me very pessimistic that women can ever achieve full equality with so many women identifying with their oppressors and internalizing misogynistic messages.

  12. Rebel, the ‘woman’ who drew that pic looks completely wasted from too many bong hits, which she fully admits in her profile description as an “expert” in partaking of the weed.

    Except in the case of illness, where weed can be VERY helpful, legalizing it for everyone is a huge mistake. As someone who admitted smoking tons of dope in college, not to mention hashish smoked thru a straw shoved into a coke can with screening on the opening to hold the cube.I can tell you it dulls ambition to the point of HALT. And it makes you into a blithering idjit. That is, when you’re not staring at a piece of lint for 45 minutes. Legalizing weed would create a lazy, lackadaisical, totally zoned-out society of more morbidly obese people who would eat anything they can find. I once stood at Mickey Dee’s drive in window in my bare feet. In winter. On weed, it was MY KINDA PLACE! Which was often.

  13. Voting, unfortunately many of the 3rd Waveless have already done much to help along the ultimate erosion of their rights by gleefully sending skin-selfies for someone to hold onto for just the right moment. They think Cunt is Just A Word and some of them use it themselves liberally. They think it’s kind of cute.

    Well you get the picture. It’s why they can’t comprende what the big production is about Erin going viral naked after being violated thru a peephole by a stalker. To them, this is just normal playfulness.

    And since it’s a generation that scores high on the Narcissist scale, what happened to Erin would only be a big deal if it happened to them.
    THey’ve already lost. They just don’t know it yet.

  14. I don’t think the media has covered the legalized pot attraction for young voters to Bernie’s campaign at all. What else is new? But maybe we’re all focusing on the wrong things–free college and health care. I agree about how she looks. They all look a lot like that from what I’ve seen. The media keeps demanding Hillary explain why millennials don’t vote for her. Here’s an idea–she’s not Cheech or Chong.

  15. Michigan is an open primary where you can just walk up and request a ballot for either party? I didn’t realize that. CNN had a reporter at one of the polling places, and she was very impressed that she talked to a voter who said he had never voted for a Democrat in his life, but he was voting for Sanders today. I wonder why that might be? Either she didn’t ask him, or didn’t want to tell us why, which should be very obvious. What a stupid primary process, to have this open. What is the rationale for this?

  16. William, in Michigan where I grew up and here in Minnesota, there is no requirement that you state a party preference when you register to vote. Therefore, in primaries everyone is free to vote in either party’s primary. There’s no way to enforce a members only policy. I agree with you, but it is what it is.

    Btw, the voter who stated that he never voted for a Democrat before still hasn’t if he voted for Sanders! My guess is he’s Green Party or Socialist Workers.

  17. Brassy Rebel, I see that I did not write my post the way I had meant to. Actually, the reporter said that this man was a lifelong Republican who had never voted for a Democrat. It would then be so counterintuitive for him to vote for Sanders, that it seems pretty clear that he is only doing it to hurt Hillary’s chances; and that kind of thing is of course what makes this kind of primary process so objectionable to me.

  18. don’t forget there was a lot of early voting in Michigan and absentee, Hillary will have banked a lot of votes already before today.

  19. Seems to me the GOP has a big enough mess of its own without messing with Dem primary. I’m guessing those kinds of tricks will be fairly rare. At least, I hope so!

  20. And, as I said, he still hasn’t voted for a Democrat. No matter what he thinks.

  21. Early on I could see the GOP messing in our primaries however at this point with Hillary so far ahead I just don’t see many Republicans wasting their vote in complete futility to on the Dem side. They’ve got a lot to do on their side either stop Trump or vote to keep Trump going.

  22. I can’t wait until we go to a new thread, to say I hate, Hate, HATE seeing that piece of $hit, work of bs ‘art’, is putting it mildly.

  23. NC is a mixed state. If you register with a party you can only vote in that party’s primary. But if you are an unaffiliated voter, like moi, you can choose which ballot you want. I totally disagree with this, but as long as it is this way I’m going to stay unaffiliated.

    Now, in 2008 the Republican Party here encouraged its members to re-register as unaffiliated and vote on the Democratic ballot. McCain had pretty much locked up the nomination by then, and the repubs believed he had a much better chance of beating Obama than Hillary. I was shocked at the number of people standing in line to vote who were just casually chatting about it, and several even said their pastors were telling them to do this from the pulpit. Which is why I disagree with open or semi-open primaries.

  24. Upps, did that revolting tweet get banned yet?

  25. Brassy Rebel, well played!

  26. That is the most revolting political cartoon I have ever seen. . I also pursued chemical pursuits in my younger years, but I went to work everyday and never missed a class, though I can think of a couple times my performance suffered, so I’m in favor of legalizing pot and taxing it. Like booze, the people who can’t cope shouldn’t partake.

  27. Like booze, the people who can’t cope shouldn’t partake.

    Yeah the thing is, try and tell them that. Lifetime burnouts on public assistance.

  28. No socal it has not been banned yet because people are to lazy to hit Report.

    To find out if enough people have complained click the link again. If you see it not enough people bothered.

  29. CNN reported earlier that they talked to a few Democrats who voted for Trump because they think Hillary can crush him.

  30. Really what’s the point of being in a party if you can vote in ANY Party’s primary and anybody who wants to can vote in your party’s primary.

    I see no other reason to be in a party.

  31. Uppity, and that’s one of the reasons why so many now declare as Independents. There is no downside to it, apparently.

    I hope we have our opposition research ready on Kasich, because I think that there is a very good chance that he ends up being the nominee. He is not so easy to run against, because he is more or less a professional. But he is about as conservative as all of them, just with a better demeanor.

  32. William, Kasich presents another set of problems. The same people who like Trump are not going to vote for him. At one time people thought Rubio was a threat until they got a good look at him. Probably the same for Kasich. The GOP is so splintered right now that it has ruined every candidate that they have.

  33. aprox 65% of Mississippi Democratic primary voters are black per preliminary exit poll results, which would be a record if it holds.

    This is gonna be bad for Bernie……

  34. Michigan Dem electorate is approximately 24-25% black….thats great news for Hillary. 65 – 69% white, about 5-7% other…..This looks like a Clinton sort of state to win. Bernie needed that minority vote to be a lot lower.

    Gives her a big head start.

  35. There is a downside to being “no party affiliation in PA because you can’t vote in the primary if you are not registered Dem or Rep.

  36. I’m predicting a win in Mississippi at around the 80% mark and about the 62.5 – 65 % mark in Mich.

  37. Moon, I hope you are right about MI. All the stuff recently has made me think it might be closer than that. I do wonder how many Bernie supporters have given up on him though.

  38. Also, MI has no voter ID requirements which could mess things up. But, I am going to remain optimistic.

  39. Over 80% of dem voters in Mich decided on candidate long ago, only 19% this week.

    Bodes well for Hillary, as polls have been consistent and for early voting.

    Remember media likes this “oh its close” thing to keep people interested.

  40. We’ve seen this time and time again in big states that Hillary voters are much harder then Sanders, who’s vote tends to be soft.

  41. Mississippi will be called immediately at top of the hour, landslide win there will be massacre again for Sanders.

  42. From what I saw this AM on CNN, Hillary camp is playing it down saying it’s close. Suspect they are doing it so their voters show up and don’t just assume she’s going to win without them. That is a disaster.

  43. I think Michigan is going to be very close, unfortunately.

    Why was it “a low blow” for Hillary to say that Sanders voted against the bill that contained the auto bailout money? He did. He may have had reasons for it, but that was the bill. You don’t get to pick the exact bill you want. The bailout was going to pass, rightfully or not. People and even economists were panicked about the potential collapse of the economy. So that was the bill ,and Sanders, ever pure, voted against it. So he did vote against it. That is the problem with puritans in the Senate, they just sit there seeking a pure bill, and they do not come up. But of course CNN gets it wrong, as always. And Hillary’s “friends in Wall Street” did not ruin the economy. Many people were responsible for it, and Hillary had zero to do with it. But that was okay for him to say, says the media.

  44. Fortunately, or not, Donna Brazile’s delegate apportionment policies are going to beneift Hillary in Michigan, even if we lose the popular vote. Fortunately, because we want that. Unfortunately, because it is a ridiculous system, and gave Obama the nomination last time, where he kept picking up more delegates than his percentage of the popular vote in big states.

  45. The whole media scipt tonight is crap…Wolf just said “could Bernie make a comeback and win Mississippi and win AA voters……..I just fell off the sofa laughing.

  46. Don’t know how much good it will do to report that tweet. The choices for wanting to report it are very limited. You can’t just pick something like “it’s awful, disgusting and offensive”. But I did report it!

  47. Hillary Wins Mississippi by a wide margin…….call me shocked……

  48. Exit poll predicts around a 80% poll win for Hillary.

  49. Could be a wipeout for Sanders there…

    Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 35s36 seconds ago Washington, DC

    Mississippi could be Clinton’s best state in the country; Sanders is in danger of missing thresholds statewide and in MS-2

  50. Mississippi is gonna be huge apparently.

  51. Fredster, I just reported it also. Filthy little pig. The first comment underneath was some pig of a berniebro wanting it printed on tshirts.

  52. AA voters 90/10 Clinton
    Senior Citizens 86/14 Clinton

    Forget it, if she repeats that in Florida, bye bye Bernie

  53. Mississippi called for Hillary.

  54. Yay Mississippi!

  55. I reported tweet. It’s labeled as sensitive now.

    So this was great news. Hillary polled as ‘HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY”

  56. They aren’t giving any numbers for Miss yet are they? Just that she won.

  57. I can’t believe even Wolf said such a stupid thing. Bernie has no constituency in MS outside of some college students and their professors.

  58. imust, can’t it (the foul tweet) be banned altogether? It was labeled as sensitive when I saw it also, but I reported it. Twitter should not allow its site to be degraded in such a manner.

  59. I’m really not liking the look of Michigan……..numbers do not seem right at the moment.

  60. I don’t know for sure socal. The account can be suspended for violation of terms. Just don’t know if it would qualify as violation by twitter terms.

    Why is Michigan even close???? Hillary was in Flint first, endorsed by mayor. She’s kicked you know what in the debates. I don’t get the Bernie draw at all. Plus they’ve got to know that he’s toast….is it just the stupid college kids?
    Crap! they just updated! Bernie is AHEAD??

  61. They will as a minimum take the tweet down.

  62. Not sure how they can even post Michigan numbers. Polls aren’t closed yet. Might be absentees.

  63. It’s not just twitter that needs to get a report. It’s cafe press too. Contact link at bottom of the page. I did it. Not enough people did it. Period.

  64. Mind you, nothing of Wayne in at all and thats detroit 20% of the population. Big big black vote.

  65. Blacks take up nearly 70% of Miss votes. Seniors are 20%. She took 89% of black vote and 91% of senior vote.

    In other words she gutted him. This win might have an 80’s take.

  66. Bernie Bros are trending the hashtag “mississippiberning” no joke. They don’t even know the history of why that is in really, really poor taste.

  67. The NYT: Michigan Sanders 52%????

  68. Don’t fester. We don’t know which district came in, could be college.

    It’s 1%

    Deep Breaths.

  69. As one of the tribe, I am perplexed at why Bernie would be doing so well in a state with such a large Muslim population.

  70. Polls are closed. 8 their time.

  71. Big Clinton areas yet to report…..Nothing of Detroit in

  72. There are many counties without any numbers in…

  73. I thought she had a 16% lead in MI? The jerk manager for Bernie was all smiles and bragging on CNN saying that he’s doing well in MI because of his great debate performance, the one where he went all ballistic Archie Bunker on Hillary. ??? WTH??? He says that the states after March15 are more favorable to Bernie. She was supposed to bury him today and pour the cement on the15th. ??

  74. Hillary behind by about 5,000 votes in MI but with 7% of the vote in. You can see what counties by going here:

  75. OK Upps, I´m taking a very deep breath…and biting my nails too.

  76. None of the AA counties are reporting at all yet….none… expect a big jump soon when they do.

  77. Café Press could print that pos? Seriously, could you guys imagine if someone put something on twitter that was racist or otherwise un-pc (like anti-trans)? There would be a stampede of anger against it. But something that is pornographic and misogynist and offensive to women is ok by these people? I’m going to tell café press that if they print that pos I will never buy anything from them again.

  78. Absolutely nothing from the AA areas yet, nothing from Flint area, and Clinton taking over in bigger metro areas, still nothing of Detroit in…..I think she wins once those areas start reporting..

  79. So he’s getting all the campus bros votes in rural areas?

  80. Exactly. See what’s happening now?

    And Detroit, Flint have NOT reported yet. LARGE voter block

    No urban reported yet. Takes them time. TONS of voters.

  81. wait til Detroit starts coming in, then it will change rapidly.

  82. So why are they only reporting rural areas? Are they doing that to make it look more like a contest.

  83. Hillary is holding her own at basically 50/50 without Wayne which was 28% of the vote in 2008, so she should win this easily when that comes in.

  84. Stupid CNN and Axelrove. Axel says comment about auto bail out was a “cheap shot”. So did the idiot Van Jones. Now they’re saying that Hillary is getting so much support because she was loyal to Obama, a she’s being “rewarded”. Not that she’s EARNED IT on her own. Not that she’s worked her butt off in this campaign. oh no.

    Now, Bernie and Lizzy are getting “credit” for getting Hillary to talk about income inequality.

    Oh…Van Jones says Bernie is a “single issue candidate” because HILLARY STOLE ALL HIS IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not kidding.

  85. I think she will win Michigan easily, i think they may call it for her at 9pm.

  86. Kyle Kondik ‏@kkondik 2m2 minutes ago

    I’d think one could call Michigan for HRC & Trump immediately at 9 pm

  87. I have one thing to say to you all……C-SPAN!

  88. Don’t get upset. We know to expect that kind of shit. Who cares? She’s going to win. Let em jerk off all they want.

  89. Damn! He’s still ahead in MI with 1/3 in??????? She was AHEAD double digits???

  90. Hmm not sure about any of this…hmm.

  91. Decision Desk HQ ‏@DecisionDeskHQ 2m2 minutes ago

    We project that Hillary Clinton will defeat Bernie Sanders in Michigan.

  92. CNN exits are crap, says Bernie will get 32% of the black, that would be just so out of the norm if correct, i suspect it not and nobody is believing it.

  93. Sanders winning Independents in Michigan. He’s also winning those who are against trade deals. Of course Ann Arbor, and other college towns.

  94. If he wins Michigan after he acted the way that he did in that debate….I’m gonna lose it. This is nuts.

  95. I’m not liking this at all, what is going on in Michigan.

  96. CNN is so in the tank for their Grampa Burnout, it is disgusting. Every little win of his, he is reported to have walked on water.

    Hillary has a massive win, it is barely reported.

    Unfortunately, the MSM still hasn’t gotten over their beloved Barry, and a lot of Barry’s voters have moved to the second coming of the Old Unicorn Prince.

  97. She is losing because of crossover Republicans who call themselves independents. They are Republicans voting against her to stop her. She is winning among Democrats by 12%, getting killed among so-called independents. It is a travesty, an open primary.

  98. Everywhere that is favorable to Hillary has not reported yet. Take a deep breath.

  99. Sanders is in danger of not getting a single delegate out of Mississippi.

  100. Most of anders vote is nearly in and Clinton is starting to fly in Wayne county.

  101. Come on Hillary, you need to win MI

  102. Why the Phuck is Trump blabbing on CNN?

  103. Hillary on course for around 30 delegates out of 36 in Miss if sanders makes threshold, if he doesnt she gets all 36.

  104. Grandpa is 4% ahead with 32% of the votes counted…not good.

  105. moon, what is threshold for Miss?

    decisiondeskhq has called MI for Hillary, even though Bernie is leading so far.

  106. MI is 15%…Rubio got a big, fat nothing from there. I can’t stand that little shit.

  107. Yeah I saw that call. That’s wierd.

    Wayne County is coming in. He’s ahead there too.

  108. Not only republicans. Independents. Open primaries make me wonder why I should even be in a party

  109. If he takes MI we will have to listen to him crow longer. That’s aggravating but he can NEVER catch up to her in delegates. He would have to trounce her and he can’t do that any longer. He’s running out of White Trounce states. She wins, but not before he does a lot of damage.

  110. MI is 15% to get any delegates. Rubio got NONE…good news cause I don’t like that guy at all.

  111. Upps @ 9:41, agree 100%. They need to stop this nonsense.

  112. Flint, Detroit not reported yet.

  113. NATE SILVER 9:25 PM
    I said earlier today that I had an intuition Sanders could beat his polling in Michigan tonight, but I didn’t expect things to be quite so close. If Sanders winds up winning in Michigan, in fact, it will count as among the greatest polling errors in primary history. Clinton led by 21.3 percentage points in our final Michigan polling average. Previously, the candidate with the largest lead to lose a state in our database of well-polled primaries and caucuses was Walter Mondale, who led in New Hampshire by 17.1 percentage points but lost to Gary Hart in 1984.

  114. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

  115. It is at least partly because a bunch of Republicans registered as Republicans or Independents voted for Sanders to damage her. Only logical explanation for disparity from polls. They didn’t poll Republicans, and any Republican can just ask for a ballot of the Democratic Party.

  116. William, yes. Its sickens me that the dem party allows this kind of bs.

  117. Van Jones just basically called it for Sanders in Michigan. He said trade deals are problem for Democrats now.

  118. Funny how four percent is “significant” for bernie but when Hillary leads by 4, it’s “slightly ahead”.

  119. decisiondesk says 34% reporting.

  120. Wow, a big jump… Sanders at 49.9%

    Hillary at 48.3%

  121. Come on HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. DD has MS with Bernie @ 15.5%, with 30 some reporting. I hope he goes below 15%.

  123. The votes are coming in from Wayne…. Hillary might win MI at this rate

  124. Holy shit. Do you see this?

  125. 1.8% total lead for Grandpa now…

  126. Yup, Upps…Hillary is getting the votes now…

  127. Go Hillary, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. 2% ahead for Gramps in MI

  129. Yay! Hillary’s on cspan! Hil la ree!

  130. I wonder if Ruby will bow out. Not looking good for him. And Trump back on top.

  131. Hillary being classy about grandpa.

  132. I understand that neither Flint nor Detroit proper have reported their votes. So it looks like Bernie is not going to be able to pull out Michigan.

  133. The two largest counties in MI are Wayne 2 million approx, and Oakland at 1.2 million. Hillary is leading in both and they are counting…I am trying to write down their numbers and can see they are moving.

  134. Thanks for that Ga6th!

  135. They are truly holding off on calling this race, so Ga may indeed be correct.

  136. CNN skipped Hillary’s victory speech for Trump and now they are going to go to listen to Bernie sanders ‘talk’.

  137. Let’s face it folks, we all thrived under Bill.

    But NAFTA was the worst fucking thing that ever happened to America.

  138. cnn is despicable.

  139. CNN is so anti-Hillary over their beloved bros, Trump and Grandpa…makes me sick.

  140. Yes, we got hosed in trade.

  141. Not many votes have changed in the 2 largest counties, as Bernie gained back another point.

  142. Nothing still from Wayne and Oakland

  143. Shadow, Wayne and Oakland are being reported. She isn’t winning enough in either county to make up the voter deficit yet. Use the HuffPo link,

  144. It’s going to be midnight before all the pro Hillary counties report it seems.

  145. Voting, my understanding is the part of Wayne that is not Detroit is what has reported.

  146. Keep our fingers crossed on that one, Ga.

  147. @ huffpo, only 72% reporting for MI.

  148. As far as delegates etc. they are going to split no matter who wins. Hillary is going to come out ahead once again tonight on that count. However, the problem is the Bros are going to be howling for another week. I hope FL and all the other primaries on Mar 15th shut them up. And I hope people realize that they need to actually vote.

  149. @ Wayne Co. so far: 643 out of 999 reporting and Hillary winning there. This is going to be a nail biter, I’m afraid.

  150. Okay, looks like Oakland is complete with Hillary winning over 4% of the votes. Wayne county has almost twice the population of Oakland, but their amount of total voters is similar to Oakland. So either about 1 mil. didn’t vote for a dem or, there are a lot of Wayne votes to come in. In Wayne county, Hillary is winning at 58% to Gramps’ 40%.

  151. How can Clinton win the Detroit area and lose Michigan? After the outright sexist treatment by Bernie Sanders and all of her work in Flint, WTF? Are we destined never to have a woman be President of United States because the left and the right just can’t handle it?

    When will young women learn that unless we women help each other achieve and move forward, they will never move forward. All they are doing by not supporting a woman is hurting themselves. If this continues we as a gender will lose all the advancements we have fought so hard for over the past 40 to 50 years.

    How can any woman believe that a sexist man will ever be better for women than another woman? Incredibly disappointing, and yes this new generation are committing suicide. Good luck getting that great job, good luck getting equal pay, that ain’t gonna happen, because of your actions. Actions have consequences but unfortunately, they will not regret this until 10 years or so when they hit that glass ceiling.

  152. SoCal, I totally agree. I am getting so freaked out that I am going to try and watch some crappy tv to distract myself. 😉

  153. decision desk removed the check mark from Clinton for Michigan. Bernie’s numbers are still holding.

  154. When I go county by county, Hillary and Bernie were close to an even split but with Bernie taking most of them by a point or two. Where he did very well was in the college towns.

  155. Before the primaries got under way, I signed some petitions for Democracy For America. Since then, they’ve gone into the tank for Bernie. I finally unsubscribed from them after their latest e-mail, which was singing the praises of the Antique Flatulence and asking for a donation. 😛

  156. Hillary gained again, she is now 1.8% behind Grampa!!!!!!!!!

  157. Shadow, it’s coming out of Wayne and Berry counties. She has picked up in both. There is one county in the north, Ontanogan that has ZIP reported. I wonder if they are holding back for who they want the victor.

  158. When the votes are complete for this evening, Hillary will win more delegates than Sanders, most likely. The bad part is the narrative, of course. Also, that Michigan could be a real problem in the general elecction, based on Kasich’s and/or Trump’s strength there, and the fact that Hillary didn’t win it in the bogus open primary, because of independents going against her by a large margin. And a big thank you from Republicans to Sanders for making trade a big issue, particularly when Hillary never voted for any trade agreements, nor did she particularly favor NAFTA, but of course she was not the Chief Executive. Sanders, of course, is always right about everything, just ask him.

    And the unions, who have been recalcitrant in supporting Hillary; I wonder what their fate would be if a Republican won the White House. Sanders, of course, would just go back to the Senate, inveighing against the rigged economy. Sanders will never win the nomination, but as Uppity noted, he will do much damage to Hillary’s chances, and not care a bit, because he is always right and pure in his views.

  159. Yeah Voting, I was just watching Wayne since it has such a high population, where is Berry on the Huff n’ Puff site?

  160. Detroit is definately coming in…the highest total she has been all night there.

  161. William, I agree on most of what you said above, but if Hillary is the nominee… she needs to be on top of these critical issues before she faces Trump. Trump will trash her up and down on everything, so a soft campaign from Bernie will leave her less prepared to deal with Satan himself.

  162. William, I have been pointing out through this primary season that the Rep votes vs. the Dems is at 15-20% higher. Dems better start paying attention.

  163. Yipes the numbers are changing really quickly now.

  164. It’s been called for the rumpled socialist y’all. Time to get to work on donating and helping anyway you can with the next round of states.

  165. Count those votes MI…come on Hillary.

  166. It’s over. G’ nite.

  167. Nbc and CNN called Michigan for sanders

  168. Fluffpo has called it for Grampa with 92% of precints reporting and Clinton 2% behind. Each of them gets 63 delegates so far.

    Modern polling doesn’t get outcomes wrong by 15%-20% unless you rig the voting machines or have a different population (Repubs) voting after you polled likely Dem voters.

    The worst of it is having to listen to tsunamis of sexist claptrap for another week. Gah.

  169. Quixote, hear, hear!

  170. I am going to wait until I hear the fat lady sing.

  171. I just looked at dd, and it shows that 1.8% voted for “others” in MI. What type of idiot bothers to vote for someone not in the running? What a waste of your time. There are still several precincts that haven’t reported yet, but Hillary is down by 24 thousand, and I doubt if she could make that up. Anyway, it’s close and tomorrow is another day!!!

  172. You have to hand it to Gloria Borger. For 25 years, she has criticized Hillary and Bill Clinton. She has said, “But can voters trust Hillary?” or “Trust Issue’ in virtually every paragraph she has ever said about her, which must by about 20,000 by now. She cannot make a comment about her without saying one of those. Just listen. If she just said, “I don’t like the Clintons, I don’t like their policies, I hope they lose,” she would be a lot more honest. Through all those facelifts and hairstyle changes over the decades, her narrow message has remained the same.

  173. Shadowfax, it just changed! Now she’s down 15,000 and less than 1% between them!

  174. No, it is 1.5% between them.

  175. socal, yeah, for us it’s still early…

  176. Wayne hasn’t changed much in awhile, still not finished.

  177. True. After midnite on the right coast. I don’t think she’ll pull it out, but it is close, at least.

  178. ‘right coast’, haha, it took me awhile to get it.

  179. Wayne’s back in the mix…

  180. Hillary picked up on the delegate count, one more than Gramps

  181. Oops, 2 more delegates than Gramps

  182. I absolutely cannot stand Van Jones. He wants Sanders to go on an all out attack against Hillary tomorrow night. He says that saying that he voted against the auto bailout was a “low blow.” He did vote against it. And of course all the attacks on Hillary by Sanders as a “tool of wall street,” as “the person whose disastrous trade policies ruined the economy,’ those were perfectly fine with Jones, who is actually one of the worst people on CNN, and that is really saying something. He’s lucky to have a good job even if Trump gets elected, but others will not be so fortunate.

  183. Wayne, Saginaw, & Berrin counties still not quite finished. He pick up more in the northern counties though.

  184. William, who is Van Jones?

  185. And why did all these Michiganers vote for Bernie if he voted against their bailout?

  186. I absolutely cannot stand Van Jones.

    He’s one of the reason’s I can’t listen to CNN these days.

    Cooper and Wolfman are in love with Bernie and Trump.

  187. Annie, he is Black, worked for Obama in some capacity. There are Bakari Sellers, who is not bad, and then there is Jones. He loves Sanders, goes after Hillary every chance he gets. I really think that CNN, in its quest for diversity, went after every Hillary-hating person they could find in all genders and ethnicities. Outside of Begala, who appears sporadically, there is not one person they have who is a strong Hillary advocate. None on MSNBC, either, of course. None anywhere on TV.

  188. The spam monster got me. imust, if you pull me out, don’t put up both comments, they are almost the same.

  189. There are still 7 counties in MS that haven’t reported yet.

    What I said earlier, that went to spam, was that I’m not going back to cnn unless they go back to their days of glory with anchors like Aaron Brown.

  190. BNR has a post up about how one of Bernies campaign people criticized the media for having Trump on instead of Hillary.

  191. Yes, Annie, Aaron Brown was very good. He was a newsperson, not a pretentious would-be pundits.

    Apparently by the count so far, Hillary won 84 delegates tonight, with Sanders winning 67. How we all do remember those nights eight years ago, when we won primaries by a good deal more than Sanders won MI, and didn’t pick up more than a few delegates overall. CNN telling us that Michigan was a huge win for Sanders, though, by their own metric.

  192. I think the fat lady has begun to sing in MI. The needle doesn’t seem to move higher up for Hillary than 1.9% behind the old man.

    Sad. Happy she kicked a$$ in Miss.

  193. Michigan makes absolutely no sense.

  194. I had to just shut down all the news shit and walk away. It’s these fucking open primaries that are screwing things up. 😈

    After this cycle/election, the DNC should insist that all primaries will be closed primaries and if the states don’t go along then the primary will not be sanctioned by the DNC.

  195. I don’t get why every state has different rules and different kind of voting. This is a national office.

  196. Everybody pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on. The good news is Bernie fell further behind yesterday. The bad news is going to be the caterwauling of the bros. However they have a lot less to caterwaul about now than they did after NH.

  197. William, you were concerned about Michigan, and you were right. It was hordes of non-Democrats that put BS over the top. Dems only she won by 16 points! I’m sure there were all kinds of non-Dems voting for Sanders for all kinds of reasons. Maybe that guy you saw on CNN earlier in the day, the Republican voting for Sanders, was the canary in the coal mine.

    Still, let’s not lose sight of the big picture. She crushed him in Mississippi where he barely met viability statewide and didn’t in several counties. This combined with a near split in Mich. ( in spite of non-Dems) allowed her to expand her lead both in delegates and the popular vote. Ohio is open primary too so campaign needs to do a better job of getting every living breathing DEMOCRAT to the polls.

    I was truly heartened to see a tweet from Michael Moore this morning graciously congratulating Hillary on her “stunning” Mississippi win on International Women’sDay. He added that if she wins the momination, he “will be with” her. Classy. Something I never thought I would say about Moore.

  198. And I will remind everyone to ignore the media. They endlessly repeated “The math! The math!” when Hillary won big atates like Ohio and Pennsylvania in ’08. Trust me. They won’t do that for Hill!

  199. I’m with Fredster. I had to turn off the news. The fact that Republicans can legally and openly vote in our primary and screw with our nominee is disgusting.

  200. I doubt that it was just Republicans, imust. People forget that there are numerous third parties both on left fringe and right fringe. Media groups them all as Independent, but that oversimplifies. And Independent is not synonymous with moderate middle of the road voters as it used to be. In 2012, Obama won moderates against Romney but lost Indies. On the left, Michigan has a lot of Greens and Socialist Workers Party. Naturally, they are thrilled to be able to vote for a socialist in Dem primary.

  201. I’m done with the Democratic Party. I only have a D after my name right now to vote in my primary, and I can’t wait to get the hell out of this party. It is an embarrassment as bad as the Republican Party. When you fear having to choose between Theocracy and Socialism in the USA, there is something drastically wrong.

    Bernie has forced Hillary so far to the left, I can hardly stand it. By the time his ass is finally dragged off the stage, she will be him. I hate 2/3s of what she’s saying at this point. And she’s going to run against a either clinical narcissist who is already referring to himself in the Third Person – or a Theocrat who is only missing the wearing of a checkered cloth on his head and the ability to kill women.

    The press is controlled by the Information Kremlin. You can’t get any straight news any longer. It’s all propaganda.

    I can barely stand five more minutes of these campaigns.

    “A Republic, Madam. If you can keep it”.
    We are losing it. This election is the lid on its coffin.

    *Please note: Last night in his statement, Bernie accidentally called what he’s doing “The People’s Revolution” before he caught himself and corrected to “Political Revolution”. I do hope somebody in the Clinton campaign was awake enough to catch that, considering the Nicaragua revolution was and still is his heartthrob.

  202. Socal you have two comments in spam. What do you want me to do with them?

  203. Thank you Ga6 and Brassy for your sensible observations and advice. I checked in here a lot last night, did not post and got all worked up. But when I read Williams post about independent’ voting I saw there would be trouble with Hillary in MI. They weren’t voting for Sanders, they were voting against her.
    This morning I had to ‘unfollow’ several gloating FB friends this morning. But she will be the nominee and they can suck it.

    I gotta say though – I don’t like it when Sanders is called “Gramps” derisively here. It’s the equivalent of the Sandernistas dissing Clinton for her age. (“She’s so OLD!!!!”) There are many better ways to describe him. Personally, my current favorite is “Nosehair” (thank you, John W. Smart)!

  204. The firing of Aaron Brown was an omen. I watched him every day. They got rid of him because Opinion was not in his makeup. He was a news person who asked the people for input. He was doomed in the face of what CNN was about to become.

    The loss of Aaron Brown was a major red flag, designating that manipulation was about to replace news.

    The transition if complete now.

  205. After this cycle/election, the DNC should insist that all primaries will be closed primaries and if the states don’t go along then the primary will not be sanctioned by the DNC.

    Good luck with that. Caucuses are cheap, primaries are expensive. States pay for them. And as with everything else in this country, elections are out of control. Why belong to a party when you can vote in any primary you want? It’s more than a little disingenuous for them to imply that there is nothing wrong with that picture. But then, like the Republican Party, the Democratic Party is more than a little disingenuous, period.

  206. So, the Michigan incident makes me wonder if the Republicans are planning to take Trump down at the convention and replace him with someone more electable.

  207. Joy Reid reports that Flint polling places ran out of ballots and had to turn away voters. Snyder’s revenge? Ohio and Illinois, not to mention Florida, have Republican governors too. We’ve seen this movie before. This makes me mad as hell! I want to fight these bastards!

  208. Well!…that did not go well…
    Here, the NYT on Michigan win but not the race…

  209. When I don’t watch the media, as I have not this morhing, I feel better about the situation. It is a shame that I cannot follow parts of the campaign on the media, but they (CNN and MSNBC) are simply awful. They have only a coincidental relationship with the truth.

    The story of the Michigan primary was the obvious crossover. If you win a Democratic primary by 16 points among Democrats, you are supposed to win. That is the idea of a Democratic primary, to be for Democrats. I cannot change the rules in these states, but at least one would expect the media to focus on this truth, instead of talking about “a stunning Sanders win.” Yes, if Republicans are allowed to cross over and game the Democratic primaries, they can choose both candidates. Democrats occasionally do this, but much more rarely.

    Ohio is also open, another problem. But I still think she will win there, although maybe by less than ten points, extrapolating from Michigan. She should win very easily in Florida. Illinois looks good as well. Also North Carolina. I don’t know how Missouri will go, but she should win. If we can win all five, or even four of the five, that should give us a delegate lead among pledged delegates of around 300, and Sanders can never make that up. So then it is all about how much he is going to attack Hillary for the next few months, and how rancorous he and his supporters want to make the convention.

    I see that he is already suing Ohio for having a rule in its primary that people who are under 18 now but will be 18 by the time of the general election, cannot vote in the primary. Did you see that Sanders won by something like 92-8 among voters from 18-24? That is both incredible and pathetic. How utterly foolish and self-indulgent are these people? They really expect that Sanders will make their college tuition free? That is all that they care about? They want to see Trump get elected? This kind of amost unanimity among that group to vote for Sanders over Hillary, is really a disgrace to the so-called Millennnials. And I don’t think that there is anything she can do to change this, other than promising them all new cars and computers.

  210. That nyt piece is bad news for Bernie though it was the same bad news last week for him.

  211. William, spring break is next week on college campuses all over the nation. So I don’t think they are going to be feeling the bern too much or even caring about voting when they are going to the beach. he’s already had a problem with people showing up to vote for him in other primaries. I would imagine spring break is going to make it all more of a problem.

  212. I also think her principled position on guns was used effectively against her. It may cause problems in other states with rural hunting populations. Remember in the debate when he was shushing her? He was saying that her position was that there shouldn’t be any guns in America. Of course, that’s not her position, but it is NRA talking point to scare gun owners–she’ll take your guns away! Next day NRA praised Sanders for “defending gun manufacturing in America” by opposing Sandy Hook lawsuit. I think NRA helped him quietly. This is his history in winning rural voters. Kiss NRA’s ass. But, wow! Winning an election over the bodies of dead school children? If that’s what she had to do, frankly, I’m just as goad she lost.

  213. Uppity, I do not think that Hillary has moved far to the left. I think that she really is saying many of the same things she said in 2008, but n the debates, she cannot be the conservative counterpoint to Sanders. And somewhat ironically, on the position on which she is very bravely holding a position to the “left” of Sanders, gun control, she is perhaps risking her election by going against the NRA, but she does that on principle, because she cares. Sanders the Pure, takes a position which wins him votes in an NRA-heavy state, and he is getting votes from conservative Independents, and the NRA is phone banking for him. And that is something the media should cover, but will not, not even those people on there who think that they are Progressives, like Van Jones, Rachel Maddow, Nia Malika Henderson, Lawrence O’Donnell. All hypocrites.

    I disagree with Hillary on a few positions, in that I am totally against fracking; and I am a little weary of the “this election is all about inclusion of all groups” theme. But I know that Hillary really cares, and will do everything she can to make the country better. And she is pragmatic, for which she is scorned by the media; but you have to be pragmatic to get things done. Sanders the Pure voted against the bill to bail out the auto companies, because he didn’t like the rest of the bill. But when you are in the Senate, you vote on what there is available. Sanders the Pure is not going to get bills totally to his liking, no one does. Hillary and most of the other senators do their best with what they can. If Sanders’ vote had ruled, there would have been no auto bailout. Her comment was completely accurate.

    Hillary would be a great president, and I do not have to agree with everything she says, as I never have with anyone in public office. But I have complete confidence in her. The fact that the holier-than-thou idiots on the left wing of the Democratic Party, who have been searching for their version of “purity” for five decades, ran an inveterate complainer and haranguer like Sanders, who is causing damage to her chances, has forced her to do what she can to win this nomination, and then deal with the Republicans, as she would prefer to do now. And it is true that this is an angry electorate, a frustrated group of people looking for a con man or a “strongman,” and not a balanced and nuanced perspective. That makes her road more difficult than it should be.

  214. julies9164

    So, the Michigan incident makes me wonder if the Republicans are planning to take Trump down at the convention and replace him with someone more electable.

    Yes, that is the plan and it has been going on for the past month or so. That is also what Mittin’s speech was about last week.

  215. Sorry if calling Burnout, “Gramps” was offensive. It was the one election that having Hillary being the younger of the Dems, would give me a chance to slap back all those that called her too old, since 2007.

    Running against Trump or Cruz will put her back in the older person’s seat.

  216. William:
    Thanks for making the point of the so obvious age of Sanders’ voters. Childish as his pledge of college tuition free and oher freebies.

    That is my problem with the so-called millennials -whatever that means-, they have taken everything about life and living for granted. Just because they own all the technologies (gadgets) of the world, they are at the cusp of civilization…and know better…so they think.
    Or maybe they are scared, because the excess of their materialistic world is not sustainable?

    It is an interesting and frustrating times to see two candidates so polarized like Sanders’ socialism and Trump’s fascism in our democratic republic.

  217. I agree with Upps that Hillary has moved too far over to the left, by defending all that is touched by the golden finger of Obama. I know she has to, to try and win back his obots…but normally, after Bernie is out of the race, she will naturally swing more to the center. It will hurt her somewhat in the general election and with the Independents…so, this fight isn’t going to be easy for her.

  218. Several sites last night said that 7% of the Dems voted for a Rethug. Some say to stop Trump by voting for one of the other R’s. Also, a lot of PUMAs are going for Trump because Hillary is defending some of Obama’s terrible policies.

    Then there were probably some R’s that voted for Bernie to stop Hillary.

    I hope the Clinton’s figure out the problem they had with MI before the tactic is used against them again.

  219. William nobody can pour maple syrup all over this like you can.

    I agreed with pretty much anything she said in 2008, In 2016, she’s a different person. And there is NO WAY she can move to the center in the GE after this primary. She’s been dragged to the cliff. And I do not reside at the cliff. The only thing I agree with her with in full is the systemic racism in this country, starting with our “own” Progressive Bowel Movement. I had an epiphany about this issue and it goes with a life-saving story and when friendship becomes REAL friendship and when it doesn’t. I will not be sharing it here, but suffice it to see I believe it to be true. In fact, I know it is. I got to participate in corporate America decisions.

    I also agree that we should take care of our elderly and our disabled. A country that doesn’t care for its elderly and disabled is a country without a moral compass. After that, I think everybody else needs to get off their own asses and start participating in responsibility for their own lives. And that includes little pissants who have no business being in college who, if they were as smart and “Special” as they THINK they are, would have full academic scholarships. I think they need to give up their comforts and pay their own bills just like the rest of us had to do. Maybe then they will become adults instead of spoiled brats.

    I totally disagree with ignoring our borders. A country with no borders is no longer a country. It loses all sovereignty and loses all security. We are witnessing this before our very eyes. I don’t agree that we should, or even can, round up all the illegals here. Instead, we need to assess, meaning scumbags who bring our drugs over to here need be thrown out of here and have the door slammed in their faces, as well as those who commit crimes. The rest should be allowed to come out of the shadows and be productive without being exploited by Walmart and rich people who want cheap gardeners and nannies. Securing our borders is not difficult at all. We did it for years. Most of us have relatives who came here under the legals system. The system works and it is in place. We are just telling our border agents to ignore it. I do not approve.

    I do not agree with placating Iran. I believe Hillary was more hawkish without being crazy in 2008. I like some hawkishness in my president when it is necessary. I do not trust Iran. I also know she does not trust China. I could produce links but just take me at my word.

    I also think Nafta and all this global bullshit has destroyed our economy more than ANYTHING else. We have lost respect and we have lost jobs. And Hillary isn’t even really addressing that much at all, at least not in a convincing way. SHe should rethink this.

    I am not a progessive. I never was a progressive. I never will be a progressive. I am a Democrat. I hear that word too seldom now and I do not like it one bit. I am a Democrat. I lean left. I do not hug the cliff in any way. My party is the Democratic Party not the Progressive party. To me, the progressives have gone too far in recent years, making them the mean mirror image of the Conservative Right. Furthermore, they are just as sexist as the right. They defend women and blacks only when it suits them. Most of the stick pokers are white males who have just as much a problem with women as the right does. Only they pretend better. Fuck them.

    As I have said right along, Women’s rights are my Number One issue. I am sick of watching the “Progressives” use women as bargaining chips and I am sick of watching for about 40 years, this so-called party of women produce NOTHING of use in the way of Women’s Rights. I feel that Hillary can fix that and make life better for women All Over The WORLD. And right now, that’s pretty much the only reason I am supporting her because she has gone way to far left for my taste. Thanks to Bernie Sanders. The man whose heroes do not exist in America and never did. They are socialists and communists. No thanks, I pass.

    Some of the things I mentioned here are the reason Trump is gaining popularity, brash as he is. They are the reason Democrats have turned away from this party. They are not Progressives. They never registered in the Progressive party, they registered in the Democratic Party. Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to change my party to something else. I resist.

    I honestly hope she wins. But in either case, I am OUT of this party right after my Primary vote.

  220. Forgot to mention I am a gun owner and firmly believe in thorough vetting for anyone who wants a gun and a tough waiting period besides. That is a reversal for Hillary that pleases me. Bernie should be ashamed of himself, but then he prefers the People’s Revolution, and history confirms that The People’s Revolution generally eventually includes firearms. Especially since all his heroes taught him well.

  221. Upps said:

    Good luck with that. Caucuses are cheap, primaries are expensive. States pay for them. And as with everything else in this country, elections are out of control. Why belong to a party when you can vote in any primary you want?

    I wasn’t speaking though of caucuses, just primaries. And the DNC could do this if they so chose to do it. They can *punish* states for not doing their bidding. Remember Michigan and Florida in 2008?

  222. Ga, spring break resolves into “Out of town” on election day and is generally an acceptable reason for an absentee ballot.

    Which NY TImes piece? Link please?

  223. Visit “The Confluence”.
    RD doing some excellent comments as well.

  224. Upps, the NYT piece Bellecat linked to. And don’t leave the party. We need people like you. Maybe once the bernouts leave things will get better. I left for years too. Couldn’t stand Obama, Obots and all the Progressive Unicorn Brigade. The unicorn brigade gets under my skin so much. You know, sometimes in my darker hours I hope Bernie is nominated and loses to Trump just so the unicorn brigade will realize just what they’ve done.

    Also hoping the hammer comes down on Bernie next week from the party. It’s not like they owe him really anything because he’s only recently become a Democrat.

  225. Shadowfax, Trump is a year older than Hillary.

  226. I’ll have to shake it off, but I can’t believe how bitter and upset I am about Michigan.
    I haven’t avoided the Media since the Gore/ Bush election was hanging in the balance; but, today, I couldn’t look at the TV.

  227. Upps, don’t worry about my comments in spam.


  229. Uppity, I certainly understand your comments about the Democratic Party. What they did to Hillary in ’08 was beyond inexcusable. But there has to be some kind of counterpoint to the insane incipient which is taking over the other side. One can never vote for them. Now, can there be a third party? That is doutful, with all the institutional barriers. I do think that Hillary will help remake the Democratic Party into a viable entity, even though we might not like all their candidates. If she does not win, it is very bleak overall. So she has to win.

    The corporate media is a very big problem. At least Hillary is well aware of it, and might be able to do something.

    As to the Left, those people have mostly been around for decades; except now for the millennials, who might actually fall right into the hands of the Right, and allow them to take over the country. But as my father always said to me, “if we don’t keep trying we leave the field to the bad forces.” I’m not directing that to you, I tell myself that many times, when I am so sick of the media, and the Left, and the DNC, and all of them, that i want to stop even bothering with it. But I can’t do that, not when I know how awful the other side is. And with global warmng, which do think is very real, it is not even as self indulgent as my moving to Wales or Canada or New Zealand, as I do think about, because it is about the planet now.

  230. Sanders should just quit. The math is against him. He has to know this unless his intention is to ensure Hillary Clinton will never be president. He is a vain egotistical man just like so many before him and all that he has managed to do is shush a brilliant woman and make sexism even more acceptable than it already is. The left and the right don’t support women. The only thing that they agree on is that a woman should never be President. If Hillary isn’t the nominee I’m out. I cannot vote for a socialist wanna be communist. Been there done that in Cuba and that was and continues to be a disaster. Sorry guys but to me Trump and sanders are two sides of the same coin,

  231. Voting for Hillary because she is a woman is a perfectly good reason. Anyone that makes women feel ashamed and require women to give another reason to vote for Hillary needs to just Fu@k off and eat 💩. Sorry but the more I think about it the angrier I get.

  232. Maybe I need to change to an angry puppy face instead of the cute Boston I have now 😡

  233. flvoter, don’t change your gravatar! We need cute dogs to cheer us up!

  234. Flvoter, Hillary will be the nominee. Its just that she will have to swim through s**t to claim it. And the Democratic National Convention will be like a week in the monkey house. Expect major assholdom from the Bernouts.

  235. I’m with you Upps about the d%^$F Demo Party and what they did to our Hill in 2008 as William conveyed above, but we need to get Hillary in the White House and that should be our goal, no the so call “Democratic Party”.
    Shear up.

    We have a presidency for a woman to claim and we have that woman fighting for it.
    We have been fighting for 8 long years…not time to quit!

  236. Upps, I agree with you about Bernie pushing Hillary to the left, and yes, its annoying. I doubt if she will govern that way, in fact, I don’t think she could with half the country being conservative…something these idiot Bernie bros never consider. During the Bush years, I was interested in the Progressive movement, but got that out of my system years ago. I am also center-left, and for old fashioned democratic principles. Also 100% with you on the immigration issue. What do these idiots think they are doing, trying to force the rest of us to support half of the world, and opening our borders to any and all? Insanity. We can see what its done for Europe. I read an article last week that said that French Jewish people are having to flee France because of the persecution they’re getting. Last year, I checked the stats, and California has by far the largest percentage of immigrants/refugees, followed by Texas, Florida and New York. Easy for the radicals in New England to clamor for more because they don’t get stuck with the expense or hassle of living in a way overpopulated state. And in case any bros are reading this, don’t give me any crap about the Golden State being huge, a lot of our land is unlivable deserts and mountains, and we have smog, crowding and water problems already. We are always working on our infrastructure here, but there are still masses to be restored. And btw, I like our immigrants, I love meeting people from other countries, and yes, our Mexicans belong here and are part of our culture. I have done community service since I was 5, and my town is very generous. Still, hubs and I work 3 or 4 times as many hours as our parents did and have half their lifestyle. I don’t see how we can help others in the world if we are crushed down ourselves, with massive taxes to pay for housing, food, education and healthcare for millions of the worlds other citizens. Especially the ones who don’t believe in birth control! I have read recently that in Denmark, the middle class pays like 60%! A doctor in Germany wrote angrily to the NYT that he pays over 60% taxes in Germany and his daughter was one of the young women molested in Cologne by the refugee gangs. He was furious at his government.

    That being said, I think Hillary will do as great a job as a democratic president can do with a lunatic fringe republican congress. But yeah, thanks to our horrible media, spoiled young people, right wing cheaters, etc, this election is as awful as we were afraid it would be. I advise you all to wean off cnn and msnbc. It seems hard at first, but you’ll be glad you did. There is nothing about them that I miss.

  237. I also agree with Fredster that the DNC should crack down hard on states with these bullshit caucuses and open primaries. They can if they want to, look what they did to MI and FL in ’08. There needs to be an angry campaign after this primary season to make them change it. If they don’t, quit the party and tell them why.

  238. I will also not call Bernie “gramps” again, and sorry for offending. Honestly though, I do think he is too old to be president, which seems to be the toughest job in the world. Look how fast it aged Bill C. and Obama, who took it on in their prime. I know that Northerners are usually tough, healthy people and long lived, but Bernie does not look like he is aging well and sounds insane half the time.

  239. Thank you Socal for mentioning our very “spoiled young people”.

  240. Upps, also loved your comment about “NAFTA and all this global bullshit has destroyed our economy…”

    Right on!

  241. Can this primary be over with soon enough and Sanders relegated to campaigning on just college campuses or something?

  242. Hubbie said today that he thinks Bernie and Cruz are like twins on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Both are dangerous and have the fanatic zeal for their beliefs.

  243. bellecat, I have a college aged son, whom I admittedly spoil, but he is utterly awesome, feminist, and loves the baby boomer generation. However, if he wanted to vote for Bernie…there would be consequences…dire consequences!

  244. Upps

    Your comment on 2:52 PM is pretty close to the way I feel. I hate that she has to prop up Obama’s policies for votes. Many Dems have tossed her aside for Trump, because of it.

    I do believe that Hillary is a little more to the center than she is telling the obots. How far to the center will she try to move in the General Election, probably not far enough for me.

    I do believe she is the best person running for President and I do believe it is what women need, even the ones that don’t vote for her will profit. Sanders is a unicorn, snake oil salesman, just like Obama.

    Hillary will work her buns off trying to fix the mess Obama has created. Will she win…I hope so.

  245. Laker Dude has way too much sense to vote for the old socialist, Socal.

  246. Talking to some obots a few minutes ago at work, and they were talking about Bernie….and one of them said that Bernie could beat Trump, not Hillary. They look at MI as the proof.

    Needless to say, the discussion got a little warm when I asked how Bernie was going to pay for free college and free healthcare. How he had no other concerns like foreign policy, etc….and you know what these adults said…………….


    I had to end the discussion because I made it clear that Bernie couldn’t accomplish their goals, financially or with the Senate and House a majority of Republican’s I also made it clear that they were kidding themselves.

    Well folks, that is what we saw in Obie and those people haven’t learned a thing.

    This is the kind of voters Hillary is trying to win over with her far left reaching.

  247. So just a quick moment of reflection. Hillary has been getting attacked from the Left,the Right and the Media for decades..yet the woman continues to stand. She is ahead in delegates and has received more votes than any other candidate for President.

    How cool is that? Doesn’t appear to me that the sky is falling just yet.. may be a bit of a shit storm out there but not much is sticking to The Lady. Now the RNC once again goes a step too far and files a lawsuit for more of Hillary’s e-mails.
    I don’t know how she’s stayed ahead of all of this but.bottom line,she has.

    Also, as to the millennials;I Have a perfectly lovely young man from Wisconsin staying @ my house who has been working very hard for Hillary. Also met a number when I went to do some phone calling on Hillary’s behalf. Let’s not paint them all with such a broad and negative brush..many of them do get it. I expect they’re the ones we’ll be voting for in the future..not Tulsi Gabbard.

  248. Msdsal, speaking for myself, I certainly appreciate all of Hillary’s young supporters, and even like the non-political kids I know who are decent, hardworking students. When I said spoiled young people, I was referring to the horribly behaved Bernie bots. Did you see the horrendous cartoon upthread? That was done by a Bernie bot, a very nasty and crude young woman who is proud of it. I would die if I had a kid like that.

  249. Annie, I totally agree on the immigration, and your point about New Englanders (Midwesterners, too) sounding so sanctimonious about it, when they don’t have to deal with the economics of it, or the crowding.

    I don’t know what the fufure shape of the Democratic Party might be. Right now, it looks like our coalition is minorities of all types. The Republicans seem to have many of the White voters. I do not at all trust the Sanders youth to vote in the general election; my sense of them is that they lose interest, and will sulk and not voter for Hillary. That is a problem.The Right will come out in droves, that is evidenced by their primary voting numbers. If the Democrats do not come out in numbers greater than last time, we could lose. Hillary has to tell the electorate what the horrible consequences of a Republican victory would be. Unfortunately, right now she has to keep dealing with Sanders’ personal character attacks on her. The media loves it, but it is damaging to at least some extent.

  250. So sad for the poor people in Louisiana whose homes are flooded.

  251. Jezze Louise – is this entire debate going to be about immigration? I really don’t like that Hispanic guy with gray hair.

  252. Shadow, a Univision debate in FL…yea, it’s gonna be all about immigration.

  253. Voting, as much as I can’t stand that measles with the gray hair, asking the Republican ‘dig’ questions of Hillary, it’s good that she has to deal with it before she deals with Trump.

  254. Okay his name is Ramos.

  255. I guess only a few of us are posting on the Dem debate tonight.
    I was wondering how CNN would review the debate, as Hillary was given difficult questions and she answered with honesty on Benghazi, emails etc. by Ramos.

    Anyway, I am shocked that two of the people on the panel that spoke the most highly of Hillary’s performance (at least up to this point), were
    Brazillenut and Van Jones.

    Who would have thunk.

  256. For my sanity I have decided to no longer watch the debates. The problem is that Bernie just gets on my nerves. I don’t like watching him speak-scream, I think his finger wagging is offensive and he just plain lies. Today was my turning point. I will only watch local news since the MSM is full of it and Bernie Bros are not good for anyone’s health. Yes and I do agree Mr. Ramos is very annoying.

    Anyway, Clinton will do well in Florida on the 15th. We have a closed primary. And she won in 2008. She should be able to easily pick up Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County. The only real problems in the State for her may be where the large universities of UCF, Florida State and U of F are located. But really as to Florida I really do believe she’s got this. I am hoping after Florida it will be all over for Bernie.

  257. flvoter
    Thanks for the feedback on FL support, I hope we don’t see any more cross -pollinations like we did in MI.

    Ramos is horrible, a real creep.

    I don’t watch the debates so much to see Bernie, but to see how Hillary handles her answers and if she connects with people. She did well tonight, Bernie got stung on questions of his socialist views toward Cuba. Hillary zapped him for his answer.

    I also watch all the Rethug debates, to see what Hillary will be up against. I am also trying to prepare myself for the nastiness that Hillary will have to deal with, running against Trump.

  258. Shadow I really think it’s a good state for her, even though the university of Miami is in Miami dade county she should still take that county. However I do think she will do better in Broward than Miami Dade. I have concerns about UCF area near winter haven. Some friends of my husband live around there and they are very fart sniffing young “liberals”. My nephew goes to UCF and is a nice guy that intends to vote but just never gets around to it….sounds familiar right and my niece who is a little more conservative and goes to Florida state would never miss a vote. I think you can kinda see how they will or will not vote.

  259. Thanks about “Gramps”, folks. And I wasn’t “Offended” offended, just a mild frown, no big deal. I certainly wasn’t OFFENDED!!! like these kids. (Must have been a Sanders kegger)

  260. GWM, I’ll be REAL interested in how they will handle the Green Beer etc. for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Will students be put on probation if they wish a Happy St. Paddy’s Day since “paddy” is an offensive term for Irish?

  261. VH – Irish are white, and thus cannot claim insensitive cultural appropriation. Much like like sexism only applies to trans-women.

  262. I didn’t watch it. I never intended to watch it. I do not like Ramos. I feel he fuels the Trump frenzy. Nothing like being threatening and aggressive when defending people who are breaking the law. Just saying.

    As for calling Bernie Grampa. I never do that. I instead refer to his wrinkly old socialist ass. I’ll stop when Bernie Barn Animals stop calling me a cunt on twitter. Seems fair.

  263. From what I’m reading, she had a bad debate.

    If she doesn’t knock his ass out of the box next week he will grow even more aggressive, like any wild animal who is uncaged.

    She’d better regroup.

  264. Here’s my take here, do what you want with it. When she gets ahead, she gets snotty. She says things like, let’s wrap this up so I can focus on republicans. People hear shit like that and get TURNED OFF. She tanks HERSELF. She does it EVERY TIME. Her humility goes straight into the crapper. She’s only a good candidate when she’s DOWN. WTF is that? Doesn’t she have any real friends to tell her to stop that shit?

    I’m sorry, but this is what I see and it does NOT look good on her.

  265. FLVoter you NEED to be on twitter. Bernie bragged on Cuba last night and there are threads that are simply off the wall about how great Castro made Cuba. Of course, it’s the young and stupid talking about how they have great free health care and education because Free For Me, Who Cares About The Rest is all that counts for these ignorant little assholes.

  266. I just don’t see all this “far left” motion in Hillary that some of you are seeing. I also don’t know what Obama policies are particularly far left. Apart from the ME refugees, what was so lefty? And don’t say immigration because Raygun was looser than Obama and Hillary is NOT going to be irresponsible with our borders.

  267. Can’t watch the debates anymore for the same reasons. Hillary has been doing great in previous debates and it doesn’t seem to matter. The debate right before MI, not only was Hillary really good, but Bernie was horrible. And look what happened? I’m beginning to feel like I did in 2008, and I don’t like it. So I’m finding myself tuning out for my own personal sanity. I’ll check in here to find out how things are going, but I’ve turned off CNN, etc.

  268. I’m just seeing some of the questions Ramos asked her and I swear to God he is a POS and deserves trump. One would almost have to tap Trey Gowdy to get those kinds of questions. Ingrate.

    Sophie honey you don’t see what I see because the markers between center and left when comparing the two of us have some distance between them. Isn’t America great that way.

  269. Well, the debate last night exposed Bernie’s embrace of communist dictators. If the party or the voters can’t get rid of him after that expose then we deserve to lose. And the young people who are voting for him don’t have a clue about what any of this means I’m sure.

  270. I saw that clip Ga, and was THRILLED it was finally brought out into the open. And you’re right the GIMMEE FREE SHIT SO I DON’T HAVE TO PAY MY BILLS AND SPEND MY MONEY ON FUN STUFF crowd not only doesn’t get it but doesn’t care to get it. Don’t they teach any history in grammar or high school any longer?

    Bernie will always be in trouble with Cubans on that one and he deserves it because he wants to “transform” America the same way Fidel “Transformed Cuba”. and that video of him talking about how happy all the Cubans are and how “nobody is leaving” is an absolute indicator of how tone deaf he really is.

  271. Someone was on TeeVee this AM and said the people who went through Cuba’s “Revolution” now live in Miami.

  272. It seems to me that Ramos is always trying to BE the news rather than reporting it. Has any presidential candidate ever been required to answer a question about possibly being indicted based on no evidence of law breaking? Not to mention that it’s based on a right wing talking point and is , therefore, not tough but grossly unfair. I think the guy considers Univision beneath him at this point and wants a job with one of the big three cable networks. These questions could get him hired by Fox.

    Up, I expected you to be in a great mood this morning since they showed your favorite video of BS fluffing Castro. Hillary didn’t bring it up, but once it was on the table, she was thoroughly prepared. Her campaign has a lot of oppo research which she has avoided using unless absolutely necessary.

  273. Yes I did indeed LOVE LOVE LOVE that video smacking that miserable wrinkled old socialist right in his ballsac. And I bet he didn’t expect it. He thought he was on a free ride with his real intentions.

    Castro was and is a HORRIBLE man and anybody who thought differently falls into the category of SOCIALIST DESPOT.

  274. But actually my favorite video of Comrade Sanders is the one with Abbie Hoffman. Pass the bong. Got any acid tabs?

  275. Ramos’ daughter works for Hillary. I wouldn’t be surprised if she disowned him after last night. He had another completely ridiculous question about a memo Hillary sent to employees in 2011 advising them to use official email. Now the premise of this is absurd–that the SOS is “just another chicken plucker” as my late, great old man used to say, who should be treated like everyone else. Of course, there are very good reasons to treat the email of the most famous woman in the world who happens to be SOS differently than everyone else’s. But if she said this, she would sound full of herself which he well knows. As for who approved the arrangement, I guarantee someone did, and it’s no doubt classified.

  276. I want to know why no one is asking about the thousands of illegal campaign donations to the Bernie Sanders campaign now under investigation by the FEC? He (Bernie) keeps mentioning her paid speeches to Wall Street. How about he come clean on where his funding is coming from. It sure as shit isn’t coming from a bunch of college students giving up their $20 a week Starbucks habit. The American Spectator and others clearly show that the monies are coming from foreign nationals and others using untraceable “gift cards”. As far as Hillary not showing humility, I have to say I must disagree with you Uppity. Between Bernie and Trump the ego has landed. No one runs for President without an ego. In Hillary’s case I think she is getting tired of being forced to run around defending herself, her stances, her accomplishments against a bunch of mental midgets and so would I if I were her! If that makes her less than humble, well I could care less. Look at Trump. No one asks him to back down.

  277. “Between Bernie and Trump, the ego has landed.” ROFLMAO!

    Hillary has to put up with more shit in five minutes than most of us do in our lifetimes. Anyone who thinks this is easy should try it some time.

  278. Well unlike plenty of people who talk but don’t act, I have indeed run for office. And won. And lost. And won. Okay it wasn’t president but it wasn’t some small town thing either. Running for office is a lot of work, costs a lot of money and requires you to be On Message every minute of the day (kind of like teaching, to be honest). But you want to know what’s worse? What’s worse is getting elected and finding out you are expected to make deals that hurt the very people you are supposed to serve. What’s worse than that? Well what’s worse than that is, if you don’t cooperate, you will be bribed. You either take the bribe or they move to the next level, which is threats. Destroying your property in the middle of the night. Or calling you at 3 AM from a phone number that comes up on your caller ID as “Vacant” only to find the number doesn’t “exist” on the radar. Why would they call? Why, they would call to ask you how your elderly widowed mother is doing so that you will spring out of your fucking bed and run over to her house. And if THAT doesn’t work, well they will try to set you up with a scandal or drugs in your car, or any number of bullshit things that make you paranoid during your entire tenure. But you stick to your guns. HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU THINK DO THAT UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES. SO you serve out what you have already decided will be your last foray into politics even though you have opportunities to go much higher. Yeah they tried to get rid of me by defeating me once, spent lots of money on me, they did.

    And if you are a WOMAN, well double what I have just said and toss in cheating on your husband with a Lesbian tryst.

    Now if it’s like that in a City and a County in the USA, how the hell honest do you think everybody in higher government is? Just asking. If you don’t make the deal (and trust me, the deal is Verrrrrrrrrry Tempppppppting) you will NOT survive.

    Being in office is exhausting. Fortunately, the rewards can be great. Unfortunately, the rewards are usually YOURs in many cases. But I stand before you on the souls of my entire dead family that I never made a deal that benefited me, my family or any of my friends. But in ANY event, I feel that all of this in at least some small way, gives me the right to talk right now about any election and any candidate, anywhere.

  279. At this point I am beyond sick of Bernie and the special snowflake brigade. I hope he’s gone soon.

  280. Eurogirl, whatever donations are illegal for Bernie will be dealt with and you will never hear more than a blurb about it. Now if it were Hillary, there would be a 4 million dollar hearing over it and it would dog her the entire election season. Because Penis.

    Any questions?

  281. Bernie will never be gone. He’s got the taste of the microphone now. People like him never stop. I guarantee it.

  282. Look at Trump. No one asks him to back down.

    Of course not. Because Penis.

    Behavior like that is not acceptable in wimminz.

  283. Uppity Woman
    From what I’m reading, she had a bad debate.


    That’s exactly why I watch the debates. Hillary did really well in the debate. She did not stumble, she answered the really hard questions and snipe from the ahole Ramos really well.

    When Brazillenut and Van praise Hillary for a performance, you know she didn’t do poorly.

  284. If Van Jones said she did well, she must have been brilliant. Wasn’t he the guy who had to resign from Obama administration when it came out he was once a Communist? I mean, who’s a Communist anymore anyway? No wonder he feels the bern.

  285. From William @ March 9, 2016 at 1:23 PM
    “Did you see that Sanders won by something like 92-8 among voters from 18-24?”

    In Texas, Hillary won. Yet in Travis County-Austin TX, Bernie won by the same age voters as MI.

    Not a generalization, but definitly a pattern.

  286. Wherever there is a college district bernie does well. FREE FREE FREE!!!!
    Greedy little fools actually think he will give them shit.

  287. I don’t trust Van Jones.

  288. It’s what I get for not seeing for myself.

    I am so sick of debates and I can’t stand hearing bernie scream any longer. And this bullshit about his Authenticity. He’s so crooked he could hide behind a corkscrew.

  289. eurogirl70

    I want to know why no one is asking about the thousands of illegal campaign donations to the Bernie Sanders campaign now under investigation by the FEC? He (Bernie) keeps mentioning her paid speeches to Wall Street. How about he come clean on where his funding is coming from. It sure as shit isn’t coming from a bunch of college students giving up their $20 a week Starbucks habit.


  290. I was just looking at some still pix of Sanders at the debate last night–mercifully, it’s the last one scheduled I understand. He is so red in the face he looks like he is having a stroke or an aneurism. Media is having it both ways with Sanders–treating him like a serious candidate but not demanding things like a REAL medical report. And he’s almost 75!

  291. It appears that both Bernie and his trashy wife have EACH put nearly a million dollars loan into the race.

    For a guy who never worked till age 40, he sure has a lot of available cash…

  292. See this on finances

  293. And he’s almost 75!

    Someone mentioned that age shouldn’t be brought up and that Bernie is only two years older than Hillary.

    Actually, she is 68 years old. 7 years difference.

    She looks 15 years younger than he does.

  294. Very interesting Upps as Arte Johnson would say. First of all I guess that report on his assets was all wrong if he’s got 2 mil to throw into a campaign. Secondly I guess he must have blown through all that money, 40 mil, he raised last month already. Or maybe it’s because the FEC is making him pay back a ton of money that they had to take out a loan. Either way it looks like if that’s the case the fundraising has dried up.

  295. Ga I think that was an older snapshot in time. He’s got over 40 mil now, I doubt he had to give it all back, even though I wish it were so. I’m sure he is giving himself hefty interest rates on those “loans”.

  296. No, I don’t think he had to give it all back though I wonder how much of it he did have to give back.

  297. I just checked out the wapo link that Upps posted this morning. Its good, and worth a look-see, but it could have been much better. Why doesn’t she talk more about, or better yet publish, the vile emails she’s received from the berniebros? She’s being way too polite. I wish the media would out the vile little moron that made that disgusting tweet upthread and list the names of all the bros that liked it. And ask Bernie about it.

    I didn’t watch the debate either. Was busy and am frankly sick of them. I thought three was plenty, although I think Hillary will beat him every time. Those of you that are giving up cnn & msnbc: I am truly happy that I did. Think of how wonderful it would be if every Hillary supporter stopped watching those two idiotic channels. Their numbers would go down. Maybe we should come up with a good twitter slogan and make it viral.

  298. So Bernie and his wife are millionaires, doesn’t that make him part of the 1%? The vile people this commie builds his hating campaign on?

  299. Ga, he’s got his wife filing assets on her taxes, so I’ve been told. If everything is in her name and she files separately, well then he can look like a church mouse.

  300. NEW POST UP.

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