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The following is an essay by blog member William:

It is in the nature of humans to search for answers and meaning. Ideally, this is a good thing. An apple falls off a tree and hits the ground, and we want to know why it went down rather than up. We want to know why it is light outside at some times, and dark at others. And of course the things we want to know about extend beyond those which the “hard sciences” study. We want to know why we are attracted to some people and not to others; or why we prefer one piece of music to another. We don’t have to know the answers to those things, but we want to learn about them, because we are naturally curious, and because we think that we might learn important lessons about ourselves, or even change various behaviors.

But in the search for answers, it is often too tempting for people to look for the easy answer. It is difficult to undertake complex analysis. And it leaves us with a vaguely dissatisfied sense of incompleteness. We realize that we are not sure; that we are concluding certain things without all the information. We might want to learn more, read more, discuss all the aspects. Or sometimes we have to make a decision fairly quickly and so we are frustrated by uncertainty. This is an understandable thing, but it is also potentially dangerous.

In my opinion, which I admit is somewhat intellectually elitist, the capacity to reason seems to be in decline. Maybe not so much in the hard sciences, but certainly in the soft sciences, and in aesthetics. The internet gives us plenty of information of varying validity, but most of the people who write the essays and articles don’t seem to be able to realize their logical fallacies; or how in their rush to support their position, they are ignoring important data, current or historical. But more and more of this facile analysis goes on. We are getting to a place where everyone has an opinion, which in general is a good thing; but not when so many of the opinions are based on nothing more than emotional reaction. Emotional reactions are fine in certain aspects of our lives, but not nearly so much in making important decisions about whom to vote for, or our own political or social philosophy. Those who do not much enjoy the difficulty of reasoning, or who want to sell you something, are apt to extol the value of “going with your feelings, or your “gut.” Sometimes that is worthwhile, but very often it is wrong and full of risk.

We are facing a world which is so unsettling and frustrating. And I think that the internet, even with the various things of value it may present, tends to accentuate these feelings. One can feel envious, impotent, angry, because of things that one reads about. On a social and political level, people are unhappy about the way things are. Most of them do not read any history, and disdained the schools and books where they could have learned some of it. So to them there are no long-term antecedents to anything; everything is a tabula rasa upon which they impatiently impose their gut feelings about the things which perplex or frustrate them.

So we have seen the rise of the so-called “Tea Party” movement, at least ostensibly born by the collapse of banks and Wall Street, and the bailout. This purports to be a populist movement, representing “the little guy” against the monoliths. But of course it contains aspects of racism, sexism, hatred of all liberal government social programs. I do not even quite know how the anger at the economic meltdown turns into a blaming of liberals, who were not in control when it happened, but there is no real logic behind this, except the logic of righteous anger. They are going to make someone pay for this. Most of them will end up voting for right-wing corporate candidates who will actually cause more of the same. . But these voters can’t figure that out.

On the Left, we have various radicals, would-be anarchists, who hate the prevailing order. They think that no Democrat ever went far enough to cure the social and economic inequalities. They are looking for someone to ride in and reverse centuries of history, by somehow getting us back to some imagined blissful agrarian communal age. Or sometimes they haven’t thought this out, but just want more money or a better job for themselves, but under the rubric of revolution.
We see from the polls that most of Americans are angry. Very angry. They are unhappy; they hate our leaders; they hate the President; they hate the Congress; they hate the political parties. They want it fixed, now! And such people are so susceptible to the blandishments of hucksters, con artists, incipient fascist dictators. In Europe, after World War I, with millions of people unemployed and starving, and inflation ravaging economies, people turned to a series of evil people who promised order. Some turned to radicals who promised revolution. But as is usually the case, the fascist dictators eliminated most of the revolutionary types, and took over complete control.

You can call that the Scylla and Charybdis which loom up when there is frustration, discontent, and too few people who look for a moderate path, or intelligently thought out solutions. Some want revolution and chaos; some want a leader to clamp down, and take control. And they fall for simplistic and hateful explanations as to how things went wrong for them. In Europe,”the Jews are responsible” was of course the myth purveyed by the fascists in a variety of countries. Not, “the stupidity and willfulness of the various royal families of the 19th and 20th Centuries led to that horrible war and the misery it caused.” The royal families were mostly gone; much easier to kill as many Jewish people as possible to assuage the sense of impotent outrage the masses felt. And of course revel in nationalistic fervor, and end up starting another World War.

In this country, we are not suffering the deprivations of Europe in 1920. But it is true that real wages have been stagnant for decades; and that while the unemployment rate has declined, many of those jobs are not good ones. So people, unmoored from security, want some kind of quick answer and solution. Trump and Sanders tell them that it is because of bad trade deals. Sanders says it is because too many companies go overseas for jobs. Trump says it is because the companies are taxed too much. Both of them have no real plan to fix this, except that Trump will belligerently demand that other countries accede to our wishes on trade–or something dire will happen to them. Sanders says we need a revolution to unseat the banks and bankers, and give the money out to the average citizens. Sanders says that Wall Street was the cause of the crash, and that people must be sent to jail. Trump says that the cause of the stagnant economy is liberal policies of one sort or another.

One could of course go on and on with this. It appears that the voting masses are very attracted to the anger evoked by the arguments and declamations of Trump and Sanders. Poll after poll shows that vast numbers of the electorate, on both sides, are very angry at the government, and think that we are on “the wrong track.” What the right track is, they are much less understanding of. The Right hates gridlock in Washington, even though it is their own side that is causing the gridlock, to the extent of threatening to shut down the government every other month, and filibustering every bill they don’t like; or refusing to hold hearings on judges and Supreme Court Justices they disfavor. The Left loved Obama, the fantasy projective candidate of “hope and change,” but he disappointed them; so now they search for another fantasy projective candidate who says, “we need a revolution,” and they have another one waiting in the wings in case this one lets them down as well.

What the supporters of both Trump and Sanders either can’t understand, or are unwilling to, is that they are being sold a bill of goods. Trump will not fix the economy, he will make it infinitely worse, as all free marketers have done throughout our history. And he would be a fascist leader who is capable of starting wars out of his bellicosity, or taking away civil rights en masse. Sanders would not get one of his proposals even to the floor of Congress, much less through it. And he does not tell people that his policies would massively raise tax rates on middle class people in order to reward young people for fueling his movement, by giving them free college tuition.

Hillary Clinton, who does not call for a revolution, or offer simplistic answers, is not appealing to young voters who apparently have no idea what came before them, or what American history can teach us. She is criticized for sounding careful, not “authentic” in the way that the radical Socialist Sanders or the Fascist Trump do. Hitler and Mussolini were “authentic”; so were the anarchists who put bombs everywhere. Zealots always sound authentic. Rational moderates often do not, by comparison. How does one compete with people who sound sure about everything, and angrily call for some sort of war against those who disagree with them?

Yes, there are things wrong with our economy, and have always been. We absolutely need to try to fix them, even though intelligent people will realize that some of the institutional forces are not just going away, and that we must work around them, or even at times with them. I know that this is not satisfying to people who have learned to seek the quickest and most facile answers.They want a wizard to wave his wand and make everything return to some wholly imagined American Pastoral. But the most famous wizard, the Wizard of Oz, was of course a charlatan, relying on special effects and credulous people to fear and revere him. The lure of the person with the simple explanations and answers, has plagued humans for thousands of years. The disdain of those who try to speak to people as if they are intelligent and nuanced enough to understand that complex problems require complex solutions, is also a human tendency, a very foolish and potentially destructive one.


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  1. Back in the early 80’s I was strong-armed into creating a course called “Critical Thinking” for my community college students. It seemed that the emphasis on logic and mathematics and hard science was not quite getting the job done in that graduates were not the problem solvers employers expected. Long story short, I eventually managed to at least partially reach employer expectation (all of whom want a 19 year old Ph.d. with 15 years of experience willing to work 80 hours a week for minimum wage) by seeking a practical approach rather than an academic one. (I, at first, received some flack about that.). Sometimes there is a simple solution but most often the problems worth solving are complex. We’ve already answered all the simple questions. One of the areas I emphasized the most was bullshit detection, which, at first, the students were absolutely miserable at. Eventually, most of them learned to evaluate evidence, i.e. history of an event, a person, a process, rather than looking only at the shiny bits in the rubble of data. The typical Bernout, like the Obot, can see only the shiny things because they didn’t learn in history or literature classes that ability to discern the shadows in the sunrise. Perhaps, they all need a daily discussion group wherein they can probe Hamlet and the Book of Job until some clarity occurs.

  2. Yes, Trump and Sanders are two sides of the same coin.

    BTW the Socialist Dictator of Venezuela wants to join Bernie’s revolution. Why am i not surprised?

  3. I sent this to my two college girls. They both voted by absentee ballot already (for Hillary) but they’ve been having a tough time on campus. The atmosphere is almost oppressive with Hillary supporters constantly put on the defensive. I wanted them to understand the mindset they are up against.

  4. I sense a bit of being “down” in here, not just about the election, but the country as a whole.

    This is a great reminder what we as Americans do for the world:

  5. BOOM!


  7. Voting & imust, great videos, thanks! I heard about the moment when Hillary lets Ramos have it at the debate last night, and I found it on youtube. I can’t believe the bs she has to put up with. I love her response. Does anyone know if Ramos went after Bernie in a similar fashion?

  8. Okay, since no one watches the Rethug debates, tonight was a debate where Trump acted like he was sedated. Not many turds were tossed around…he was putting on his ‘Presidential’ face. No new info…bla, bla, bla.

  9. Nice video socal. Bernie is just the rudest. I really cannot stand him. I love the split screen showing his impatient, arrogant rude self. YUCK! I don’t know how she does it. I want to throw something at him!

  10. I watched it shadow. I can’t watch the Dem debates anymore because I really can’t stand Bernie. I can’t stand that he’s winning anything because he is such a loser IMO. I cannot stand that he stands there at every debate and trashes her with innuendo. I can’t stand his rude, aggressive Bernie Bro self.

  11. One point I could have added to my essay: It wasn’t exactly Wall Street which wrecked the economy. Actually, it was greed at all levels. People who were being given loans to buy very expensive houses, when they knew they could not afford them, but figured that maybe the market would keep going up, so that they would make a profit just by sitting there. Local lenders who knew these people could in no way pay for the loans with their incomes, but knew they could avoid being stuck with worthless paper by sellingl the loans to a larger bank; and thus they would get wealthy making the loans, so they told their employees to approve anyone, and fired people who actually wanted to check the credit histories of the people seeking large housing loans. And then of course various banks and Wall Street institutions were also trying to make immense profits through trading packages of derivatives, but that was near the end of the cycle. And then there were all those people who could not pay their mortgages once the teaser rates expired, and then just sat in their lavish houses paying nothing, because in some cases no one knew who held the loan, or the government kept giving moratoriums. Many people cheated and lied at many levels. If Sanders had ever traveled to Los Angeles, he might know more about it.

    He keeps railing against Wall Street, which is fine, but is hardly the biggest problem. Greed and avarice at all levels of society has a lot to do with it. But that won’t get him any votes, and he can’t attack Hillary that way. If only the world, and even economics, were as simple as Sanders and Trump think it is. And of course their credulous supporters as well. Trump thinks we are having problems because “we aren’t tough enough,” while Sanders thinks it is because the stock market is rigged. Both are incredibly simplistic and demagogic in those views.

  12. Well said, William.

  13. This article about the Michigan primary–from a progressive, no less–cheered me up:

    “When I went to sleep last night, probably a bit later than someone who awakens at five every morning should go to sleep, I did so knowing that Bernie Sanders had pulled of a bit of an upset and I was happy for him. It showed that he still had some life and would be sticking around for a bit. However, when I awakened this morning, I gathered from the Bernie fans on my Facebook feed that, in their view, Bernie had pulled off the most spectacular upset in election history. Some bragged that they had celebrated his win “all night” and that we were in the midst of a “revolution” unlike any seen in American history.



  14. trixta, that person may be the only Bernie supporter that understands politics.

  15. I saw the Florida debate and Hillary held her own throughout, punching back when she had to. I’m so glad she put Ramos in is place by refusing to answer one of his hostile questions. The audience seemed to love her and didn’t like his line of questioning. (The WP journalist was a complete jerk too.) I think Hillary will do well in the Florida primary and will keep widening her pledged delegates, making it impossible for Bernie to catch up even if he “wins” more states.

  16. Thanks for the info Trixta.

  17. Trixta, good link. Love the title, Please Cut The Crap! LOL!

  18. Yes, Voting! Also, from what I’ve read elsewhere, looks like ten percent of Dem voters crossed over to vote in the Republican primary, and four percent of Repubs voted on the Dem side (presumably for Bernie). Also, Flint precincts ran out of ballots. In any case, the primary was a virtual tie, but because of Mississippi Hillary won the day.

  19. Excellent piece, William!

  20. I can’t stop watching the “Shondaland for Hillary” video. Wonder how bad Sarandon’s head will explode when she sees this one. 🙂

  21. Imust @ 12:22 AM

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  22. Great post, William. Remember KISS or keep it simple, stupid. We’re living with the consequences of that now. And you’re also correct, William, about not all evil emanates solely from Wall St., but blaming Wall St. keeps it simple so no one actually ever has to take the time to think about anything because thinking is so HARD. I have a phone to think for me!

    Churl, I also like your point about youth and bull shit detectors. I am convinced there is some cosmic message in the fact that Sanders’ initials are BS. Just like his agenda.

    And after all the crowing about Sanders’ great upset victory, it turns out he only gets four more delegates out of Michigan than Hillary. Meanwhile, she widened her pledged delegate lead after Tuesday by twenty four. BS is getting smaller in her rear view mirror. This is good news! But let’s not get complacent. Complacency, not BS or even his crazy supporters, is the enemy now.

  23. Shonda video–😀

  24. Thank you for the Shondaland video. I have to watch it a few times before I go answer a friend of 20 years who not only claimed that Hillary was not a centrist, but compared Bernie to MLK and Gloria Steinem. She is from Vermont, though, so I have to give her a bit of leeway.

  25. Jules,

    Odd that someone would compare Bernie to Gloria, considering Gloria does not endorse him. Bernie Logic.Obviously Vermont logic too, else bernie wouldn’t be their senator.

    To compare him to MLK is simply outrageous. The only time Bernie actually risked his life was when he lived in unsanitary conditions on a dirt floor because he was too freaking lazy to work and preferred to spend all his time complaining. The one arrest 50 years ago is a joke. To even compare white frat boys to black America as requiring additional “civil rights” is so ridiculous I can’t even comment further.

    Next to Bernie, Hillary is a “centrist” to them because she’s not bullshitting anybody into thinking they are going to get every damned thing under the sun for free off the taxpayers who work their asses off while they play beer pong, knowing fully well it will NEVER happen.

    Apparently Bernie people think that just because bernie says it and they are willing to yell and scream about it, that it will happen. Apparently, they have not been taught that there are three branches of government that effectively stop the Bernie Sanders’ of this world from turning us into Cuba. And that protesting and rioting sometimes leads to cracked heads.

  26. Uppity- she was comparing them as agents of social change. And she was arguing that Hillary was not a centrist, which I found confusing.

    On a separate note, the attack ads have started in NC, and I think Bernie may have misjudged his audience here. He’s taking on “big banks” in his ads in the state that is home to Bank of America and east coast headquarters to Wells Fargo.

  27. One more argument, Jules. If Bernie’s Barn Animals continue to assault Hillary and damage the party for their OWN PERSONAL gain, providing Republicans with more fodder than they already intend to throw, they will be handing the presidency over to Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Tell her for me that I do hope she enjoys the SCOTUS that will remove what few of her rights are left for the rest of her life and probably most of the lives of their daughters. No skin off my nose. I already got mine. Yes indeed, Bernie will never be President. And if they work really hard at it, Hillary may not be president either. Tell her I said Good Luck With That.

  28. I’ll never understand why Hillary doesn’t point out that her “Wall Street” donations are bundled employees who work in an area that was blown up on 911, and that Hillary was front and center helping them to rebuild.

    Crack me up here, but I would like to point out that the richest one percent, make that the richest 20 percent of America can afford to become Expats at the blink of an eye. Many of them already own homes and apartments in other countries. So Bernie Bros had best grow up. Nobody has to stay here if they don’t want to, and nobody can make it easier to relocate than the wealthy. AND they can take their business with them.

    Because under Bernie Sanders, the biggest export from America will be Expats.


  29. William @12:25, re everybody was on the greed merry-go-round. Exactly! I live in Southern California and no matter where I was in 2006-2007 — waiting room at dentist’s, cereal aisle at the supermarket, at the used car lot, on the beach, absolutely everywhere — I’d hear conversations about the great real estate deals people were making, had made, would make in a minute. About how only suckers were missing the train. How much money they made (on paper) yesterday. Wall Street didn’t con an entire country without a lot of people who wanted to be conned.

    There really was a good bit of outright fraud by banks targeting poorer first-time homebuyers, especially when the banks were pretty sure the buyers wouldn’t read the fine print too carefully.

    But most of it? Yup. Greed at all levels.

  30. Well Jules she’s right if you consider the way she is campaigning, she is NOT campaigning as a centrist. She did that in 2008. I am praying on a shoestring that inside she is still a centrist because Bernie is dragging her ass clear over to the left cliff.

    I am just using my third eye on this, but any candidate who will not acknowledge that we need to close our borders, enforce our border laws and make ourselves a country again, is up for a loss of many millions of votes. We can get away with keeping the non-criminal violators here and give them a path to something, but to let this continue is NOT going to fly with the electorate this time around. I am sure of it.

  31. Quixote, you and William are very right. It was more than one type of real estate gluttony that tanked many communities and resulted in plenty of dumb people buying High (something nobody with a brain EVER does) and then finding themselves with property worth less than their mortgage. And of course all those people who couldn’t afford any property, not even at the lowest cost, signing on with little income and then losing their homes weren’t self-fulfilled prophecies, were they now? This has always been a missing key here, ignored, but real. A greedy bank was all too happy to sell an Fannie Mae protected property to a loser who was all too willing to buy one.

    I have to dig up those Fannie May laws that made this happen. To be honest, our GOVERNMENT made this happen with Fannie May. Little known is that mortgagers were FORCED to give out loans to people who couldn’t afford loans. The Rules required it. I will find the posts I wrote about this later.

    And the head of Fannie Mae left after he tanked it, and he left VERRRRY VERRRRRRY RICH.

  32. I see there will be a Town Hall in Ohio. Hillary shines at those without Bernie screaming and wagging his finger and telling her to shut up and let the man talk.

    Of course there will be the usual Bernie plants to ask questions, some grimy looking frat boy drooling for free shit. But she expects that, and frankly, after that POS Ramos pulled his shit, I am not worried about how she answers things. I can tell she’s just about had it with this shit.

  33. Up @ 11:07 am: Actually, in one of the early debates Hillary did point out that it was lower Manhattan, i.e. Wall St., that was devastated by 9/11, and that she helped rebuild. She suggested this might be a reason for donations. Boy, was she panned for that! Politicizing 9/11! How horrible! Needless to say she never went there again–even though what she said was absolutely true. Yet, they continue to demand an explanation for Wall St. contributions, just not that one.

  34. Uppity Woman, on March 11, 2016 at 11:20 AM said:
    Well Jules she’s right if you consider the way she is campaigning, she is NOT campaigning as a centrist. She did that in 2008. I am praying on a shoestring that inside she is still a centrist because Bernie is dragging her ass clear over to the left cliff.

    I always considered myself more of a centrist than a liberal. I think on some issues, Hillary has always been more to left on immigration than I am, she leans more to the center is on foreign policy, keeping America safe and supporting Israel. I also think she isn’t all for giving away the farm, but expects people to earn what they receive.

    She is further to the left on some other issues, and I fully expect her to actually more to the center in the general election.

  35. *move more to the center

  36. Rebel, what a great way to shut her up and not allow her to defend herself.

  37. Socal @ March 10, 2016 at 11:17 PM
    Thank you for the video clip of the wonderful “shut up” from Hillary to arrogantly a$$ Ramos.

  38. It’s so damn subversive that Hillary who represented NY in the Senate for 8 years, including during the horror of 9/11, and doing an awesome job by most accounts, is supposed to take some kinda vow of celibacy when it comes to Wall St. Yet, Sanders uses “I’m the Senator from a small rural state where people hunt” to justify what I consider a far more insidious relationship with the gun industry. And during numerous election cycles, BS has stood aside to let the NRA do his dirty work on opponents. All other flaws aside, for this reason alone I would never vote for BS. He is the one who cannot be trusted.

  39. This hits the nail on the head as to how the Rethug debate looked to me last night…

    Trump’s Clumsy Pivot to the General Election

    We tuned in to the Republican debate Thursday night expecting fireworks. Instead we heard the hissing crackle of a wet fuse refusing to light.

    Trump seemed somnolent to the point of comatose. Perhaps he has internal polls indicating that his ever-more-outrageous shtick was finally beginning to hurt him with voters; more likely, he’s decided that it’s time to prepare for the general election. But he didn’t seem to know quite how.

    The man once praised for finally saying the unsayable at a Republican debate — that the Iraq War was a mistake — was suddenly talking about putting tens of thousands of boots on the ground in the Middle East. He backtracked on his backtracking on H1B visas. He said he didn’t condone the violence that had taken place at his rallies, and then, when confronted with his own words suggesting violence against protesters, suggested — in suitably subdued tones — that, well, they deserved it.

    It was as if he’d read that you’re supposed to pivot to the general, and failed to understand that you were supposed to selectively tack toward the center on key issues, rather than randomly retracting things you had previously said, some as recently as 30 seconds ago.

    His closing statement, delivered in the same half-asleep voice, was probably his most electrifying moment of the evening: “So I just say embrace these millions of people that now for the first time ever love the Republican Party. And unify. Be smart and unify.” Essentially: I broke your party. Now surrender.


  40. Imust, that Shondaland video gave me goosebumps.
    Thank you for sharing it!

  41. Sweet Sue, me too! I just watched it again! Fabulous!

  42. DAMN. She f**ked up BIG TIME with her statements about AIDS at the Nancy Reagan funeral this afternoon. And a simple on-line apology is not enough. She’s going to have to eat the whole goddamn humble-pie on this. All my gay friends are BROILING over this and rightfully so.


    I’m still going to vote for her. But this is a MAJOR misstep.

  43. What did she say?!?

  44. GW I didn’t watch it, sounds like I should be glad. I’m afraid to ask.

  45. Yeah I heard Trump behaved at the debate. The problem is, he has the temperament of a toddler. I’m sorry but it’s true. You can’t just erase that.

  46. I just found it. She made a terse apology. Should I post the link?

  47. The guy at Gawker said this about it:

    “It’s almost tempting to interpret this as withering, devastating sarcasm—the Reagans “started a national conversation about AIDS” in the same sense that George W. Bush “started a national conversation” about Iraq.”

  48. Yesterday, I said I thought it was stupid that she was attending at all. Being in the middle of a presidential campaign is certainly excuse enough. I think she was trying to make points with conservatives when its her against Trump or something, but she needs to keep her focus on the primary.

  49. There are several people on fluffpo that are defending Hillary. Here is one:

    “Hope Royaltey · New York, New York
    What’s shocking is the so-called reporters that are “freaking out” are operating purely from internal pre-conceived notions about Nancy Reagan from that time. It’s now known that Nancy pushed her husband to fund AIDS research and bring it out of the shadows. The Advocate just wrote a piece on her! DO YOUR HOMEWORK PEOPLE!

    “Nancy Reagan is sometimes credited with pushing her husband to do something about AIDS, and he eventually supported some funding for research. The death of their friend, actor Rock Hudson, is often referred to as a pivotal moment.”


    Here’s an entire PBS documentary on it!


  50. I don’t know exactly what Hillary said, and I am not going to bother to look it up. I’m sure she did not mean to say anything objectionable, why would she? Maybe it didn’t come out exactly right. If the voters are going to waste this precious election campaign on looking for things of this insigificance, they and the country will pay the price. In ’88 we had Dukakis in a tank to talk about. In 2000, we had Gore sighing, and whether he said that he invented the internet, or took many trips with the head of FEMA In ’04, we had Kerry saying “I was for it before I was against it,” and then Kerry’s wife thinking that Laura Bush had never held a job. This kind of thing is fun for those who see elections as akin to a reality show, but it is utterly enervating to those of us who realize what is at stake, and how the candidates compare based on their lifetimes of work in and out of politics.

    If gay people want to get angry at some remark which certainly was not meant negatively to them, then they can elect Trump, and I’m not going to worry about what happens to them. Hillary is the only candidate who consistently comments about improving the rights of the LGBT community, and she does not have do that, but she cares. I remember when some gay groups were furious at Bill Clinton because they thought he let them down. So again, whatever she said, I’m positive it was at worst an awkward verbal construction. But this country would be a lot better off if there were far less of the “outrage of the day” stuff, so that everyone can take to Twitter and express more anger and indignation, rather than actually doing something to try to get the best candidate in 80 years elected, and preventing the worst candidate ever from being elected.

  51. “Claudia Krieger · UCLA
    Would it surprise you to know that Nancy Reagan was supporting Hillary for President in Nov.? There was mutual respect between them…and further, since Nancy stayed “up” on current politics til her passing, she would call her friends, in horror at the GOP and its candidates: “Can you believe this is going on!?!””

  52. She was at Nancy Reagan’s funeral, for crying out loud. She tried to come up with something nice to say about the dead person…. Could have said she wore the smallest red dresses that I ever saw, but mentioned a policy issue that was critically important and that Nancy was marginally on the right side of. She is going to have to talk to and about lots of people when she is president. There is nothing anyone can say that does not offend someone.

  53. William: I agree with everything you said, and I am certainly not going to vote for Sanders because Hillary made a clueless statement. But with those four primaries coming up, she cannot afford to lose any primary voters (gay or straight). A fair amount of her sizable lesbian-gay base is severely shaken up by what she said. And Sanders is RUNNING with it – already several Hillary-supporting FB friends announced they were switching alliances to him. As we saw in MI, every single vote matters.

    Socal, I am so with you on believing she didn’t need to attend the funeral, but I’m not buying the re-writing of history regarding Nancy’s supposed AIDS advocacy – she had the opportunity to intervene to help her friend Rock Hudson get to an army hospital for just-developed HIV medication and she refused. If sure, say, if Bob Hope needed a heart transplant, Nancy would have cut one out of a junior staffer to ‘donate’.

  54. Well, speaking as a lesbian, and remembering the callow Reagan years, I was not at all offended by Hillary Clinton’s comments. She did not call her a hero. She simply said that it was a difficult time to talk about AIDS and Mrs. Reagan helped start a conversation; having friends from Hollywood (like Mr. Hudson, himself a Republican).

    I don’t look back at that time with any nostalgia. I was heading off to college, knowing I was gay, and hearing all kinds of terrible things said about it being a “lifestyle” and the Christian right calling for our deaths. Still, this was a funeral. She said some flat-lined nice things about a former first lady. So what! Many first ladies have been pro choice while their husbands were not (Laura Bush and Barbara Bush come to mind). We don’t know what her own personal thoughts on the matter were. It’s not like she was up there with Anita Bryant swilling orange juice and calling Mrs. Reagan the “Mother Theresa” for the AIDS cause. Just everyone calm the F>>K down!

  55. Sorry, but I also don’t care what Hillary said. I didn’t like Raygun as my Gov., or as the President either. His wife…nada for me.

    She probably attended because she, Michelle and Nancy were all first ladies.


  56. eurogirl, thanks, I don’t think the offense was bad enough to provoke all the hysteria I’m seeing all over.

    btw, I don’t know the whys or wherefores of the Rock Hudson thing that is raging over internets right now, but I do know what my mom, who knew him, told me about him and that is that she saw that he treated women like crap, for no reason. And yes, I know all about his friendship with Liz Taylor. My mom knew her too, from the time they were both 17.

    I also just read that Hudson got into into that French hospital anyway, but the medication didn’t help him. I am no fan of the Reagans presidency, but it seems ridiculous to blame Nancy for Hudson’s death, as many are doing on other sites (not here). I’m sorry he died from AIDS, and sorrier for the young men he passed it on to. btw, I still love his movies, he was a fabulous actor, unfortunately a selfish asshole as many of them are.

    But, because Nancy Reagan allegedly didn’t help Rock Hudson back in the 80s, is not a good enough reason for me to hammer Hillary.

  57. It did bother me. Hillary should could have just talked about Nancy’s advocacy to Alzheimer’s research and not even mentioned AIDS. That would have been fine. But the icy callousness of the Reagan White House to AIDS is well documented. Hillary came across as very clueless and ignorant.

    I don’t think it’s amiss to call her out when it’s called for. You love your child, and you sure as hell are going to ream them out for doing something they should know better not to do.

    More importantly, she gave Sanders an opening at a time when she can ill afford to.

  58. It wont change my vote, but as a lesbian of a “certain age”, I am really shocked Hillary would even go there regarding Nancy Reagan. It does make her seem like she is out of touch. I certainly didn’t expect her to be “political” at the funeral, but this was a land mine so easily avoided. She didn’t need to give Bernie any more ammo right before 3/15 primaries. As GWM said, she should have just stuck with the stem cell support.

  59. GWM4Hill, I definitely understand your point of view on this. But I don’t think that Hillary is ever clueless about anything. She obviously knew Nancy Reagan pretty well. So when she makes such comments, she must know whereof she spoke. There would otherwise be no reason whatsoever to bring up that particular topic.

    If some gay people want to be outraged at Hillary because of their own opinions about the Reagans, then they are being ridiculous, but they can do what they want if it gratifies them. I give Hillary much more credit than to think that she would gratuitously make that comment when she had no idea about it. But if people are looking to be outraged, they will surely always find something. Anyway, Sanders, the benevolent uncle, will take care of all of them, and all their wishes and needs.

  60. Jesus. Bernie gives Scalya a blow job and that’s ok and Hillary says something kind about a fellow first lady and some people are ready to sign up for the Bro’s Bern The Witch event. (Yes, that was a real event.)

  61. I just tweeted this to CNN and MSNBC
    Can you all do the same? Tweet it, make it go viral.

  62. What is going on in Chicago with Bernie supporters rioting?

  63. Yes, Bernie can embrace communist dictators, get praised by socialist dictators who want to join his revolution however Hillary says something and it’s the end of the world.

  64. I don’t think it’s Bernie supporters. Trump called off his Chicago rally due to security concerns and fighting broke out.

  65. I am assuming Hillary meant to talk about Alzheimer’s and it came out AIDs. Kind of like her tongue got caught in her eye tooth and she couldn’t see what she was saying lol. It’s possible someone wrote the speech for her besides. I honestly think she just got caught in switched words. Especially since they are both dependent on stem cell research.

    She’s probably so damned exhausted.

  66. Sophie, that is mind blowing. I am also stunned that Ohio says that 17 yo can vote! What the bloody hell! If anything, it should be turned back to 21, our kids are so much more immature & spoiled than we were at that age.

    Also everyone, I have no doubt at all that a lot of this outrage about Hillary’s comments is being manufactured by a) the republican ratf*&king maching, and b) Bernie bots pretending to be Hillary’s gay former supporters. Everything’s a scam in this election.

  67. Yes Bern The Witch was real. They deleted it from the site now but..

  68. William, on March 11, 2016 at 7:51 PM said:
    If some gay people want to be outraged at Hillary because of their own opinions about the Reagans, then they are being ridiculous


    William, I am going to hold my tongue on your comment because I will give Upps heart failure if I let it fly except to say this…that comment is ridiculous. Big difference between “opinion” and historical fact!

    Gonna go cool off.

  69. Did y’all know that Bernie voted against the Amber alert system for kidnapped, endangered and missing children?

  70. Ga6th, yeah, why did he do that? His voting record is pretty weird.

  71. I apologize to all of our G/L Uppityites if my remarks were offensive. I brought up Hudson merely to point out that there are likely circumstances that we don’t know. The media keeps blaring that Hudson and the Reagans were all close friends. How do we know? Maybe he was a friend of Ronnie and not Nancy. My husband has plenty of friends I can barely tolerate. Also, we don’t know that Nancy Reagan’s word was actually what was required for Hudson to get into the French hospital.

    I don’t know why Hills made her remarks, but I have no doubt she didn’t mean to offend the GL community, but I certainly sympathize with those who are upset by them.

  72. imust & William, did you guys see that they’re “seeding” clouds here in socal for more rain? The “seeds” are microscopic silver. They say it will give 10-15% more rain.

  73. Apparently, someone is appealing the Ohio ruling that 17 yo can vote in the primary, but its doubtful it will be overturned since it has been a longstanding practice there. It will likely help Bernie unfortunately.

  74. RIP Keith Emerson

  75. My understanding is the OH SOS changed the rules to where the 17 year olds cannot vote and Bernie is suing to change the rule back to where 17 year olds can vote. However I don’t think he has much of a case because it’s actually something that the SOS can do and it is legal for the SOS in Ohio to make those kind of decisions. It seems that he lost in court and is appealing. If I made any mistake on my info I’m sorry.

  76. Re Hillary and the funeral. Christ on a bike in a pancake hat. She’s at a funeral. You say nice things about the former person. She says she misspoke. As Upps says, probably meant to say Alzheimers, not AIDS, since Nancy did indeed do a lot to raise the profile on Alzheimers.

    I’d think Hillary’s record on supporting LGBT people in actual deed, not just talk, and doing it for years and before it was cool, would count for something.

    I am getting exhausted just watching this parade of demands for utter perfection followed by sneers at her lack of authenticity. I don’t know how she stands it.

  77. Ga, he also has a petition to make NYS an Open Primary. Good luck with that, asshole. We have never been an Open Primary and never will be. We don’t let Republicans pick our candidates. What audacity. He sues everybody. He’s sue crazy. When he gets caught doing something wrong, he sues his victims too.

  78. Children shouldn’t be picking presidents. If you ask me, we should return the legal voting age to 21. That’s rough enough today, considering 21 is the new 15. Little pisspots peeing all over a serious thing.

  79. Yes I do know about the amber alert. He also voted against forcing rapists to reveal any HIV status. Bernie is a real pig.

  80. William, you can’t be serious. I mean this.

    I recognize fully that you would stick up for Hillary if she were caught beating a puppy, but the truth is, I believe she meant to discuss Alzheimers and in short, SHE BLEW IT.

    Please be aware that this blog is totally and COMPLETELY supportive of gays and lesbians. And if I were a Lesbian, I would be horrified. Like i said, I think it was an accident and AIDs somehow got into her speech instead of Alzsheimers. That does not mean it didn’t offend.

    If a speechwriter wrote that for her, whomever it is should be tarred and feathered in a public square. If she wrote it herself……why I simply do not know what to say, but what I DON”T want to say is Tough Shit Gays and Lesbians.

  81. Well, this faded from my memory, but yes, indeed, Nancy Reagan did actually make some small steps toward recognizing AIDS for what it was, a disease, not biblical scourge: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/nancy-reagan/2011/01/other-headline-9.html

    At this point, it seems like next to nothing. But with that to jog my memory, I think it was the first time anybody in a high place recognized that AIDS patients should get treatment.

    Sure it was too little too late to save tens of thousands of lives, but just in terms of the truth of Clinton trying to say kind words about Nancy Reagan at her funeral, Hillary wasn’t actually totally wrong.

  82. First, thanks Upps. Here are Hillary’s remarks (sorry, but she didn’t mean to discuss Alzheimers:

    And here is a link to ACT UP, group advocating for AIDS research regarding Reagan:


  83. Thanks Voting for putting up what Hillary said about Nancy Reagan.

    After listening to it, what is the big upset at what she said? I don’t get it.

  84. Remember 2008 when progressives said that Hillary was calling for Obama’s assassination when she referenced Bobby Kennedy’s run in ’68?
    That’s what this kerfuffle reminds me of; for Christ’s sake everyone stop demanding that Clinton be the perfect mother goddess and give her some breathing space.

  85. Shadow, it was Reagan’s silence and refusal to fund AIDS research that cost over 45000 deaths by 1987. It was only in that year that he even uttered the word AIDS (see other link in my previous post.) Bear in mind the disease was known in late 1970’s and by 1981 was spreading greatly. No funding came about until heterosexuals began developing the disease, thus no longer “God’s means to destroy gays” as was the meme in the 1980’s. Nancy did nothing to really further the conversation. For Hillary to give either of the Reagan’s any credit for advancing the conversation regarding AIDS is revisionist history.

  86. We don’t like it when people blame Hillary for Bill’s missteps.
    First Ladies don’t make policy.

  87. Voting, what Ron Reagan did as President, or didn’t do was his responsibility.

    His wife was not a bold woman, she played a very docile role for most of his Presidency, until near the end. I think ‘blaming the man of the house’, and President for not giving funds to research the disease and help those infected, was horrible. I do not blame his wife for his mistakes.

    I think Nancy did speak out later in his presidency about AIDs and also Alzheimers, the ladder because she was learning more about it through their own experiences. The Republicans, at that time went to some of their wacky, religious beliefs and we all know how that, ‘punishment’ perception, made them all turn their backs on those with this deadly illness.

    To keep things in perspective, at that time, no one knew much about the disease, all the ways it could infect others. At first, they thought it was only transmitted sexually, over time, realized it could be passed on though blood transfusions and saliva. For years, gay men gave willingly to the blood banks, along with everyone else. Then when people that had blood transfusions started getting Aids, they researched that issue and had to find a way to test for the disease in the blood. For a long time, they only thought it was transmitted by men though sex.

    Anyway, I don’t think it was inappropriate for Hillary to speak of Nancy in a generous way, at the woman’s funeral.

  88. This is why I won’t vote for Bernie, but his voters may have just handed the election to the Republicans….for just this reason.

  89. Funny how it was all Nancy’s fault for her husband’s policies. Just like now, it’s all Hillary’s fault for her husband’s. What Hillary said in that interview was true. “Low – advocacy” is what a first lady could do in the ’80s. Hillary’s whole point (if you watched the entire video) was Nancy, like so many people, doesn’t get it until it hits close to home. The assassination attempt brought the Brady Bill. Her asshole husband’s Alzheimer diagnosis for stem cell research. Yes, it’s selfish and cruel, but it’s still blaming the wife for her husband’s actions. Or inaction in this case.

    Hillary has no reason to apologize. I wish she hadn’t. Her words were taken out of context. As usual.

  90. VotingHillary, do you know the meaning behind “silent majority”? It’s not just Bernie supporters. It has nothing to do with suppressing free speech.

  91. From wapo:


    3/11/2016 6:55 PM PST

    Hillary Clinton makes a horribly inaccurate statement about Nancy Reagan – apologizes.
    Hillary Clinton is called on her use of the phrase “superpredators” – apologizes.
    Hillary Clinton votes for Iraq war – apologizes.
    Hillary Clinton supported 1994 Crime Bill – apologizes.

    Bernie Samders praises the achievements of the bloody brutal despot Fidel Castro – equivocates and explains. Refuses to apologize.
    Bernie Sanders actually votes for the 1994 Crime Bill – equivocates and explains. Refuses to apologize.
    Bernie Sanders votes against the Brady Bill five times – equivocates and explains. Refuses to apologize.
    Bernie Sanders makes painfully tone deaf comments about black poverty and ghettos – equivocates and explains. Refuses to apologize.

    We all make mistakes, but only a stubborn old goat like Sanders refuses to ever acknowledge them.”

  92. What’s next? “Hillary, when was the last time you fucked your husband? Was it before or after Monica? Do tell.”

  93. Good God…..recovering from the flu from hell where i basically turned into a scene from the exorcist for days…….I’m blaming it on that michigan debacle.
    i hope i’ll be fit and well by Tuesday night, can barely type this at the mo.

  94. I just got back from seeing the incredibly talented Loreena McKennitt in concert. I had never seen her before, but I am not convinced that she is one of the greatest musical talents of the age. Her sense of poetry and history, put to music, puts any day into a different perspective. History is filled with injustic and tragedy, but there are noble human emotions which are expressed despite it all.

    I stick up for Hillary because I think that she is the most capable, intelligent and concerned political figure we have. And because she gets precious little support for all that, and she needs it. I don’t agree with all of her statements, all of her actions, or voting record. But I can see the general decency, perceptiveness, and intellectual strength trancending any of it.

    It appears that Hillary could not get through her first week in office without being harshly criticized, and demanded to apologize for something or other. Of course, that is what her enemies want, for people to start saying, “We can’t elect her, she is too polarizing.” They make her polarizing, and then use that to argue that we need someone else. Her character is attacked daily, her trustworthiness, her ethics. The goal is to make it impossible for her to govern.

    No one in the world but Hillary Clinton gets criticized for what she says at a funeral. I don’t think the woman can say two sentences about anything, without some people being outraged, shocked, bitterly disappointed, or angry. “Apologize!” “Retract!” “Release your mails and your transcripts!.” “Apologize some more!” “Explain!” “Testify!” No one else gets a hundredth of this. It is an attempt to destroy her through a relentless criticism of every word she utters. No political figure faces this kind of thing, and no one else does, either. Cokie Robets once said, “We (the media) loved to mock Gore. It was easy, and it was fun.” And I guess that self-righteously excoriating Hillary Clinton on a daily basis for something or other that she said, didn’t say, did, or thought, has gotten to be a reflexive reaction, too. For those people out there on Facebook or Twitter or wherever, who are so outraged by her comments, they might want to consider voting for someone else. Don’t blame me if it doesn’t work out too well, though. And those who support Hillary might consider not bitterly attacking her during her presidential campaign, because it is not going to help her get elected. One might want to consider the larger picture. These are of course my views only.

  95. Take good care of yourself Moon, chicken soup, and sleep until you can’t stand your bed any longer.

  96. I would really like Hillary to stop apologizing for everything. Quit trying to please everyone Hillary, you have the right to your own opinion and don’t need to be anyone’s doormat.

  97. William, right now I’m more pissed off with her for giving her detractors another chance to jump down her throat than for what she said (which annoyed me a lot). I’m glad she apologized, and I accept it, but the damage is done. The press is all over the story this morning and she brought this upon herself.

    And please don’t finger-wag those of us who are upset with her statement to “consider voting for someone else.” Most of us are aware of the bigger picture, and will enthusiastically vote for her. But we have every right to be upset with her when she shoots herself in the foot.

  98. There isn’t a more feminist person on this blog than I am and you all know it. Women’s Rights is my Number One issue this year. How many times have you seen me write that? Nobody on this earth has to tell me what women go through over the slightest offense. Do you think I lived in a vacuum in Corporate America? It is tough enough without actually committing something that is real. This was real.

    Super predator thing, etc. etc. is just smoke, mirrors and Out Of Context nonsense. Lots of nonsense. That doesn’t make this issue nonsense. We are talking about millions of voters here and that means this was a pretty big mistake. A mistake but not a small one. There is no denying it. I hope the community affected is as forgiving as they can possibly be. But, in counting votes, super predator, Wall Street donations, none of these things were a current and direct offense related to a huge community attached to their worst fear. Please do not rationalize it. This is one that truly needed an apology. There was NO other option.

    I find it extremely fortunate that the press is playing the scene that caused Trump to cancel his hate festival, non-stop. Trump trumped what she did. But I dread the next slow news day. In any event it’s not getting a lot of visual press, which is the one that counts. However, do not mistake for one minute that Bernie won’t use it if it means he can scrape up a vote, maybe get some of his pretend gay and lesbian people to trash her publicly. Don’t even try to deny this is grist for someone’s mill.

    I don’t care if you agree with me or not. I obviously suffer from this horrible quality called Seeing What’s There Not What I Want To Be There. I’d like to leave that to the Bro cult. I can tell you Bernie wouldn’t get away with that mistake either. The only person who could get away with that unscathed would be a Republican, in which case we would all say It Figures. But it’s not an issue somebody pulled out of their ass to needle the opposition or The Woman. It actually happened and it GENUINELY offended a LOT of people. What part of this do you not all see? Telling them they shouldn’t be offended is no better than splaining what should and should not offend a woman.

    This isn’t something that happened 30 years ago that is barely relevant. So let’s just pray or hope or do whatever each of us does, that it doesn’t hurt her next week. The only thing I’m fairly certain of is the R’s will leave it alone because discussing it would mean dragging their darling Nancy out of the grave. That’s the only fortunate part. But if she gets through this incident without bruises before next week or, more importantly, at the polls, you and I should consider it lucky and it’s foolish not to admit it.

    But Bernie will continue to attack her and vet her, and she continues not to do the same. She has that loser Brock who isn’t worth spit in getting shit about Bernie to go public. So that is why it always looks like Hillary is being attacked. She is not returning the lobs well. Her entire history is being dragged out, and he has a worse one. So that loser Brock tweet shit. Tweeting is not CNN. The only reason Bernie is not attacking her for emails is because he doesn’t need to, not because he has a soul. Others are doing it for him. Hillary does not have a good vetting mechanism at all. So don’t expect this not to be used by Bernie because it’s a piece of gold. It made me uncomfortable enough to know it was not a good thing. And please don’t tell me it didn’t do the same for you because I will not believe you.

  99. Fuck detractors. They can vote for Trump or Jill Stein. Or they can wonder how to elect Democrats down ticket everywhere they can. Or they can whine and bitch about what the next horrible thing Hillary says. Hillary gives a shit about the Senate. Let’s get that done.

  100. William, right now I’m more pissed off with her for giving her detractors another chance to jump down her throat than for what she said (which annoyed me a lot). I’m glad she apologized, and I accept it, but the damage is done. The press is all over the story this morning and she brought this upon herself.


    And please don’t finger-wag those of us who are upset with her statement to “consider voting for someone else.” Most of us are aware of the bigger picture, and will enthusiastically vote for her. But we have every right to be upset with her when she shoots herself in the foot.

    …..And that.

  101. Don’t blame me if it doesn’t work out too well, though. And those who support Hillary might consider not bitterly attacking her during her presidential campaign, because it is not going to help her get elected. One might want to consider the larger picture. These are of course my views only.

    Thanks for all your mansplainin’ on this thread. I ‘apologize’ for refusing to ignore what’s in front of my face because, after all, you are trying to “help” Hillary win and I am obviously not. If I were only smarter — like you are.

  102. I AM a Lesbian and I am not horrified. Not thrilled, but not horrified. I lived through the 80s and detested the Reagans. There is plenty of blame to go around, including the community itself. (Not excusing the Reagans).

    I am certainly not going to join the people looking for a reason to hate Hillary and blame her for all the things Ronny did because Nancy didn’t make him do otherwise, because we ran out of things Bill did to blame on her. (NAFTA was pushed by every single living president, both sides of the aisle.)
    Why don’t they just make Hillary apologize for being born and breathing and be done with it?

  103. I am certainly not going to join the people looking for a reason to hate Hillary and blame her for all the things

    Oh yeah because that’s what we’re doing here.
    No sense of focusing on the immediate issue or anything.

  104. Emotions are running high. I think we all agree that this flub puts focus on a gaff that we and Hillary don’t need right now. We are pissed and angry; at the fallout, at the coverage, and maybe a little at the candidate. All valid. Please let’s not go after one another here. We all know what it was like in the wilderness after 2008. Taking Hillary to task over this is right; in moderation. Men can make these gaffs but not the first viable female candidate. Not right, but then who said life was fair. She needs to say, I am sorry and Please accept my heartfelt apology. I recognize the scourge that AIDS was on the LGBT community. Let it be an example of what happens when we hide, and blame, rather than coming together and face an emergency together. We should never again be fearful of speaking out because of embarrassment or ostracism. Lrt that be the lesson we take away from the Reagan years and the AIDS epidemic.

  105. I am at work right now and getting ready to turn off my radio. The Bernie attack ads are NON-STOP! Over and over. And now he is presenting himself as the worker’s candidate. In a right to work state. But then again he was in Raleigh last night promising free shit for everybody to college students who were lapping it up. I’m just wondering how many of them will be shocked on Tuesdsy when they find out that unless they changed their registration to their school address they’ll have to go home to vote.

  106. I heard what Hillary said about AIDS. I too was befuddled where that came from. Was Hillary clueless? Did Nancy Reagan advocate for AIDS research without my knowledge? I was on the frontlines during the Reagan administration screaming at the top of my lungs regarding Reagan’s ignorance and apathy of what was happening.
    Regardless, I had my political affiliation changed to democrat from independent to vote for Hillary in the Florida primary. She’s the only candidate ready for the Presidency. I voted early yesterday. For Hillary.
    She may have said that statement. She heard our voice. She apologized immediately. Yes, she Presidential.

  107. I’m with eurogirl70 (@9:08am). Solidarity! I also thought socalannie’s comment was very telling. The WaPo comparison of Hillary’s apologies for being less-than-perfect on issues, and Bernie’s never-apologize attitudes.

    Another thing she should get some credit for: being big enough to apologize. Another nearly unique talent on the political scene.

  108. This reminds me of the RFK comment in 2008. They just wait for her to say something, anything that they can pounce on and never let it go. Although she was right about RFK, it was something that could easily be turned against her. She did give them the ammunition, but, she’s not perfect. If it wasn’t this, it would be something else. She speaks publicly all day, every day, 7 days a week. Even though they don’t have her on the tv (they prefer Trump’s latest infomercial) the cameras are still rolling, waiting, and probably hoping for a gaffe.

  109. What I don’t get is why she addressed AIDS at all. She was doing well in eulogizing Nancy and then at the end with no prompting she addresses AIDS. Is it possible that, based on her relationship with Nancy she saw a change in her, probably prompted by her son’s loss of friends to the disease, that spurred Nancy to start taking some action on the issue? Could she have been trying to convey something to the general public about a friend/acquaintance that she knew and felt Nancy got little credit for? Re “starting a conversation” did she mean that up until then one side was talking and the other side wasn’t listening (Reagans included)? The pbs cite above indicates that Nancy did start pushing her husband on the issue in the late eighties. Maybe her “low advocacy” celebrity did make some deniers start to think about the issue. Better late than never…

    I know she isn’t perfect but I would like to think that even her missteps have a fact-based rationale, even if we don’t see it.

  110. Uppity, what I wrote wasn’t directed at you. I stayed up untl 2am writing my last comment. I was too tired to try to elaborate any more on it.

    I will just add that I do not think anyone can govern if they are going to be subject to this kind of criticism on a daily basis. I dread every debate because I figure that at least once, Hillary is going to say something inartfully, and it is going to be misrepresented for weeks on the media. In 2008, she was sailing along, doing brilliantly in the debates, and then there was one time in which she seemed to contradict herself on a rather minor issue, which was about giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. And Chris Matthews and his panel spent two hours or so going over and over that comment, with diagrams intended to show her contradiction. And that was the beginning of it. And those months of vicious criticism finally ended, as Sue noted above, with Hillary, who had many delegates, pointing out that the Democratic race in ’68 was still going untll June; and much of the media then actually accusing her of wanting Obama to be assassinated. So one knows that anything she says, anything she does, can easily be deliberately interpreted to hurt her. And there will be plenty more of it, one can be certain of that.

    As to this current one, I guess it wouldn’t assuage anyone’s righteous anger to say that she had absolutely nothing to do with any of the Reagan Administration’s policies, and that the administration ended in 1988, 27 years ago. And that Nancy Reagan was not the Reagan Administration. And that even if she did get the history wrong, it has no effect on anything that happened then,nor on any present issues. And that she is held to a standard which no one can meet. And that there are too many people who in my view miss the forest for the trees. And that if this is how the election will go, we are so doomed as a nation, that it probably doesn’t even warrant any more worrying about it. If that is how people are going to decide their vote or support, as against a lifetime of public service and policies, then the media will easily control the outcomes forever. Or you’ll get someone like Trump, who basically says anything he wants, never apologizes for anything, and appeals to the worst instincts of humanity. Eventually, you run out of choices in this sphere.

  111. I agree cats. I think she’s been trying the theme of love, gratitude, forgiveness in contrast to the hate on the right. Sad that with her trying to say something positive, it’s turned into a negative.
    Let’s see, how many times has Hillary apologized in this race so far? She apologized for: her Iraq vote, for using a private email, even though others did, for saying “predator” criminals and now this.
    Trump has apologized…..zero.

  112. Hillary won the North Mariana Caucuses.today, not like you’d hear it from the media, she won 4 delegates.

    and just in

    Secret Service rushes to protect Donald Trump as someone attempts to storm stage. , lol, get used to it, you useless horrible piece of shit…..go see the video, its hilarious, he’s like a scared kid in a darkened room.

  113. @moon, do you think he staged that? I kinda wonder. It seems like the logical next step in the mini series “Trumpzilla”

  114. He’s looking like a bigger racist gestapo type clown by the day……

    Well if you go round spreading shit, expect some of it to hit you back in the face.

  115. Responding to last night’s chaos in Chicago, Clinton calls Trump’s rhetoric “political arson”

  116. William I never implied that your remarks were directly at me. That doesn’t negate my right to respond to it with respect to how it made me feel. And yes, you make if fully clear that should something go wrong at any time, it is “our” fault and not yours. Often.

    What I am trying to say to you William is you are a lecturer. And I for one don’t like to be lectured. It’s condescending. And i like Condescending even less than I like lectures.

  117. Hillary really goofed yesterday, I have no trouble being irritated and gobsmacked with it and am glad she apologized quickly. I still support her, she doesn’t always make me happy but neither does my family, lol.

    Sanders did not take any responsibility or acknowledge the fact that his supporters tried to incite even more violence last night. He really should’ve. She condemned all violence. Sanders is dead wrong and probably as dangerous as Trump.

  118. Uppity, what I wrote was certainly not directed at you. I stayed up until 2am writing it, and woke up later thinking that I could have elaborated a bit more, but I was too tired to get up and do it.

    I do believe that Hillary is held to an impossible standard, even by some of her supporters. I don’t believe that her saying something nice about Nancy Reagan, who was probably a friend of hers over the years, should be so criticized, even if some will disagree with her view of the history. She certainly did not contribute to anything that happened in that regard back then, and that should be the main thing, in my view. I was not happy that President Clinton went to Nixon’s funeral and said nice things about him, but it is part of the protocol. And as others have noted, Nancy Reagan was not “The Reagan Administration.”

    It is my view that we are on the edge in so many ways as a nation. If voters are going to react to every comment that Hillary makes, and attribute some dire motives or import to it, the media has free rein to completely control the results of every election. We can be assured that there will be more outrages about things she says, it is inevitable. If some people want to vote for someone else because they didn’t like the way she described Nancy Reagan’s history at her funeral, then I would suggest that they are greatly missing the forest for the trees, given Hillary’s record, lifetime of public service, and policy proposals. But maybe that is where we now are as a society, where people just wait to be offended, even if the offense only has to do with describing the past, and then make their voting decisions based on that. You ultimately end up with candidates who apologize for nothing, bully or sue people for every imagined slight, and are described by the media as “authentic” because they say what they want, think that they are never wrong, and of course are coddled by the same media which is out to desperately try to destroy Hillary’s chances to be elected.

  119. My first comment this morning somehow landed in spam, so I attempted to rewrite it, and now i am glad to see that it was recovered from spam, so now there are two essentially saying the same thing. So I apologize for any redundancy!

    Today I will mostly follow some college basketball; get ready to see Loreena again tonight; and hope that the Hillary news is reasonably benign. I will tape the town hall tomorrow, and hope that she doesn’t say anything which can be misconstrued, though I am pretty sure that there will be something, there always is. And then hope for good results on Tuesday, which is so important.

  120. Don’t worry i think all the racist violent Trump rallies are cornering the media at present, its a bad news day for humpty trumpty.

    I’m calling Trump, il Douche these days, kind of like a 5th rate mussolini.

  121. “If you play with matches, you can start a fire you can’t control. That’s not leadership—it’s political arson.” —Hillary on Trump’s rhetoric

    The ugly, divisive rhetoric we’re hearing from Donald Trump—the encouragement of violence and aggression—is not only wrong, it’s dangerous.

  122. Hillary : If you see bigotry, you should oppose it. If you see violence, you should condemn it. If you see a bully, you should stand up to him.

  123. So to explain how Godd this is….

    Hillarys current delegate lead is 221, the biggest lead in 2008 that Obama ever had was 120…….so why are they still saying this is a race……

  124. Uppity, now seeing your response to my comment, I will suggest that most opinions sound like lectures, if one wants to take them that way. One expresses a strong opinion, and then those who disgree with it often feel that the other person told them how to think about it. It really depends on which side of the equation one is on, from my experience.

  125. By the way, I did a spreadsheet prediction of the way i think the primaries will go and by the end i expect Clinton to have a pledged delegate lead of around 712, if it all goes to plan and that was being generous to Sanders. It really is that bad a landscape for him.

    If Sanders stays in, she hits the nomination mark with pledged dels right on Puerto Rico’s primary, she wouldn’t even need California.

  126. She made a stupid, and yes, offensive, statement. She apologized and I’ve accepted it. I’m still solid for her.

    But there is no question in my mind she has lost votes from what has always been one of her most supportive blocs because of what she said. She can’t afford that. As we saw in MI, one cannot be complacent or trust optimistic polls. The press is thirsting for her to suffer another “Sanders Miracle”.

    She has to really work her ass off the next few days. The only way for her to silence the storm is to win every state on Tuesday.

  127. I’m solid for her too! I just worry as to what does and doesn’t affect people’s minds when they vote. I think this is a legitimate thing to think about. If someone else doesn’t think so, well that’s okay too. But I don’t particularly do well when others try to wag their fingers at me and find euphemistic ways to imply that my thought process is…..well……..stupid. No, I do not take well to that at all.

  128. Moon, nothing like a spreadsheet to cure you of the flu lolol

    I’m wearing a mask so I won’t catch it so not to worry! Does that work on a blog?

  129. Nice try, William.

  130. Yeah I saw her speech just now. Showing a contrast. Better angels vs. Worst demons. Makes him look like the petty little toddler his temperament reveals he is.

  131. Whoa. Anybody else see the clip on the guy who rushed Trump on the stage. Trump looked like he was going to wet his pants.

    I don’t know what the big production is for Democrats with this guy. I think he would be the perfect opponent. Maybe not for bernie because it would be like choosing death by fire vs. death by drowning. But since that will never happen, I think running against trump would be a gift.

  132. Moon, it’s not a race but Bernie doesn’t have to leave and guys like him NEVER leave. He’s got the taste of the microphone and he’s not going to let go of it. Besides, the thought of damaging the democratic party is his lifelong dream. he’s not going to stop even if he never got another delegate. I can tell.

  133. We’ll be moving into the General Election and Bernie will STILL be trying to run.

  134. I hope you’re right that she might not need California, Moon, because that sucker is an OPEN PRIMARY.

  135. Hillary : If you see bigotry, you should oppose it. If you see violence, you should condemn it. If you see a bully, you should stand up to him.

    A great GE TV ad or what? Cheers and all.

  136. Soup, Donald can’t help himself. He has a huuuuuuuge temperament issue that isn’t going to be brought under control after years of bullying people on the playground. His ‘fight’ skills are that of a spoiled child having a tantrum in the supermarket, lashing out at anyone and everyone, unable to debate, so resorts to name-calling and degradation. It’s who he is, and frankly, there really ARE two of him. It’s almost like you don’t know which one of him you’re going to get.

  137. I preferred it in 2008 when we had Cali and NY on Super Tuesday, this years calendar is weird.

  138. California is actually a semi-closed primary.

    In a semi-closed primary, unaffiliated voters may choose which party primary to vote in, while voters registered with a party may only vote in that party’s primary.

    So Republicans cant interfere but indies can.

  139. It still will be a problem moon. Remember we, (not me…but the collective “we” in Calif.) voted for Arrrrrrrrnold to be our state’s governor!

  140. Am I the only one who thinks Trump pays people to stage some of his protests?

    It just all seems a little too convenient.

  141. About California’s open primary: (just based on personal experience, I don’t know what the actual rules are)

    I registered Independent after 2008. I got a notice in the mail asking whether I wanted to vote in the Dem, Libertarian, or American Independent party primaries. Those parties allow declared Independents to vote in their primaries. I think, not sure, if you go to the polls, you can decide on the spot. I had to state ahead of time because I vote by mail.

    So, yes, there’s some dilution by Independents, but most CA Independents are pretty much Dems. And I *think* if you’re a registered Repub you can’t suddenly decide to vote Dem.

  142. A couple of things: First, there are so many valid points being made about the missteps of Hillary’s campaign. At the very bottom of a Hillary email I received was a link to their comments page at Hillary.com, and a message saying “Contact us about anything at all. This is your campaign.” So: https://forms.hillaryclinton.com/contact

    There’s the link. Use it. I know from experience she will listen.

    Next: The thing that’s been bugging me about Michigan has been the fact that a Jew, albeit a secular, cultural Jew, could win a state with such a large Muslim population. Then I found the clip on YouTube. It is Bernie in Dearborn meeting with Muslim voters and promising them that he will “level the playing field” when it comes to Israel. This remark was met with great cheering and sign waving and Bernie won Dearborn.

    The thing is, is a brilliant turn of a phrase. Absolutely brilliant, because it is meaningless. He can waltz into the Hadassah Home for the Aged and promise them that he will “level the playing field” when it comes to Israel, and they will applaud and cheer and wave signs and vote for Bernie. To that audience it means that Bernie is going to start holding the Arab world to the same standards applied to Israel. To an Arab audience, it probably means we’re going to force Israel to fork over half its real estate and give up Jerusalem. Either way, each group thinks Bernie is on their side.

    Finally – I AM SO EXCITED! I am going to a Hillary event on Monday and she will be there!!! So everybody, put aside your grumpies, get excited for me (because that’s the most important thing, hee!) and click that link to send Hillary a message telling her what she needs to change!

  143. Hay, we in CA want to be in the heat of the primary, we want to put the last nail in Bernie’s effin’ coffin!

    Good to see you back Moon. Funny, I started to keep a spreadsheet on Hillary’s data too, are we almost twins? 😉

  144. Remember we, (not me…but the collective “we” in Calif.) voted for Arrrrrrrrnold to be our state’s governor!

    True, but look at who else was running against him at the time, and the disastrous deficit we had for years from previous Governors. Yes, effin’ Raygun was in that count too. The only reason CA is doing better under Brown is that WE agreed to raise our taxes to get our financial house back in order.

  145. Running against him? Darrell Issa manufactured a recall of Gov Davis so that he could be the governor and Arrrnold slipped in and spoiled his plans.

  146. Il Douche!!! Love that! Am glad you’re back, moon!

    Re: julies comment about Bernies remarks to the muslim community in Dearborn–that makes me hate Bernie all the more. Pandering to these people. What an asshole.

  147. Darrell Issa. God. That takes me back. I still remember him appearing on teevee after the state Republican muscle forced him to the sidelines in favor of the electable Gropinator. He was practically in tears.

  148. Would not surprise me in the least, OldCoastie.

  149. I thought a primary where just indys can join in is called “Mixed” not Open

  150. God, that recall made me furious. What a waste of millions of dollars for that stupid, embarrassing extra election. That creep Issa got people worked up over a minor increase in our yearly auto registration fee, that Gray Davis had nothing to do with. That law had been in place previously. But Issa destroyed Davis over that and other things. It was disgraceful. Anyway, I was glad to see Issa blubbering over losing to Arnold, who was a terrible governor.

    We have a lot of Californians here now! I remember when it was imust, NES, lorac and myself. So what will Bernie promise before the June primary? A grape vineyard or a house with a view of the ocean to everyone?

  151. At last,like has found like and the Trump/Bernie folk have started going after each other. That should keep media occupied ( pardon the pun)

    As to Hillary’s slip up;I’m willing to believe that Nancy did try to get her husband to pay attention ( Hillary knows how this works). We view those times through a hindsight filter. Those who abandon Hillary as a result of her comments were looking for an excuse. When someone messes up,after months of being sleep deprived,you accept the apology and move on.

    Sky still not falling..looking fairly sunny actually.

  152. I remember what they did to Gray Davis. Took the fall.

    Here’s CA explanation of their primary in as much confusing language as humanly possible.

  153. Another bad memory from Ahnold’s campaign. He gave a rally someplace in the middle of the state and had a troop of Girl Scouts there, on parade in their uniforms, holding signs for him! As a former Girl Scout, I thought I would blow a gasket. I immediately called the national headquarters of the Girl Scouts and made a furious complaint. How dare they allow Girl Scouts to be made into a political prop. I told them I would never buy another Girl Scout cookie again, and I wanted to see the damn media cover it, but they didn’t. They were all pushing for Ahnold at the time, just for the news value of it, just like now with their constant free advertising of Il Douche. Anything for ratings. Ahnold was a typical rethug politician, great for the corporations, bad for the people who worked for them. Remember his blathering when he was running? “I go to open da books! I open da books and find da waste. I fix da economy.” Ugh. And seeing Kennedy’s supporting him. Double ugh.

  154. Davis was terrible, everything he did to CA made things worse. I was one of the people that signed the massive petition to recall him.

  155. Here’s the way NY Primary is run
    1. If you’re a registered Democrat, you take a Democratic ballot
    2. If you’re a registered Republican, you get a Republican ballot
    3. If you’re neither a registered Republican or Democrat, you take a walk.

    If you wanted to change from, say, Republican to Democrat to vote in this year’s Presidential primary, you must have registered in that party by Oct 9, 2015. You read right. You have to register the year before, six months to the day before the Primary in order to vote in a party’s primary. None of this showing up on primary day and changing affiliations.

    I will never understand why someone who is not registered in a party should be allowed to select that party’s candidate.

  156. Julies9164, that is appalling that Sanders said somethng like that to an audience of Muslims, without elaborating on what he means by that. Of course, virtually everything he says is not elaborated upon. It is sad that so many younger voters accept this without asking for details. That is a campaign which is highly inauthentic to me, because it is like a TV ad, promising all sorts of wonderful things if you try out their product. Why the media describes him as authentic is baffling, but of course part of it is their hatred of Hillary, and part of it is that they think that anyone who takes extreme positions, and sounds angry, is being straightforward and consistent.

    I don’t trust Sanders on Israel, despite his Jewish ancestry, and that is a shame. I am comfortable with Hillary’s longstanding support of Israel, even though she really has not said anything about it in this campaign.

  157. Upps, I agree with NY. Open primaries make it possible for parties to game the system and screw with the opposite’s primary. I like things to be straightforward and simple. Let independents register for the party they want to vote in. Elections are complicated enough.

  158. Shadowfax, what did Davis do? I don’t remember off the top of my head. I thought the recall was an unnecessary waste of money and time, and thought the state should just wait until the next election. We certainly didn’t do any better with Ahnold the misogynist. My husband was screwed by some laws Ahnold got passed about workers rights.

  159. Did I remember right that they blamed what turned out to be ENRON rolling the people with utility rates on Davis? Issa pulled that one off till ENRON got caught by recordings of their own arrogant “Pay up gramma, ha ha” phone calls. I also remember there were a LOT of people running for that slot including a few clowns or something.

  160. Socal, i REALLY think that’s the way ALL primaries should be conducted. You can’t cheat. You can’t do what Rush tells you to do. You can’t get what we got in Michigan.

  161. Socal, I read a couple of days ago that bernie bros have a petition to change NYS to Open primary. Hahaha good luck with that, morons. We’ve run our primary this way since Forever. We don’t let Republicans pick Democratic candidates. Boo Hoo, Bernie. Your communist party and marxist party and unregistered “Democratic Socialists” don’t get to vote unless they thought about registering Democratic by last October. We don’t allow jamming.

  162. Davis was great in my book. He had just been elected too when the faux recall funded by Issa started. It was a tool for Issa to skate his way into office. Davis did nothing wrong. He was a former state controller under Brown and knew a lot about the budget and governing. He just wasn’t as “interesting” as a movie action hero.

  163. I am glad that in CA, I can vote for anyone I want. I voted for a Rethug to try and stop Obama, after the DNC screwed Hillary. I am still a reg. Dem, but I no long am beholding to a party, and will vote to get the best person in the Oval. Yes, it might hurt Hillary by people that are against her, but to vote just party line…I will never do it because I tow the party line.

  164. Shadowfax, what did Davis do?

    Someone that is similar to Davis, as far as economic issues is concerned, is Obama.
    CA was getting deeper and deeper into debt, and Davis had no clue as to how to fix it.

  165. haha Uppity, the Berniebros never think far enough ahead…….

    All states really should be closed primaries. Indy’s should only get a choice in Nov in the GE but if they sit on the fence, they should not get to choose a party’s nominee.

    They are bitching about Florida too as its a Dems only primary.

    Had Michigan been a closed Prmiary, Hillary would have won 60/40.

  166. Shadowfax, you can always vote for whomever you want in a closed party state, just register for the party of the person you want to vote for by the date required. That way, you still have your voting freedom, and it makes it harder for people like Lush Rumball and Socialist Bernie to game the system.

    Another thing about Ahnold I remember. After getting in, he had to have a n o t h e r special election to vote on some special measures he wanted that were voted down. More waste of taxpayer $.

  167. Upps, regarding that Enron/California debacle, wasn’t Karl Rove and Bush in on that? Like, they were punishing California for going for Gore or something? I can’t remember exactly.

  168. It wasn’t Davis that was ‘causing’ financial troubles, it was the dot com bust. Davis was a moderate. When funds were good he used them well and invested in education, reducing class size and in tremendous and very valuable teacher training. Scores went up, a lot. Morale on campuses was really improving. We had a governor who valued public education.

  169. SoCal
    Shadowfax, you can always vote for whomever you want in a closed party state, just register for the party of the person you want to vote for by the date required.

    Then if that’s true, people that want to try and prevent Hillary from winning, can just register for that vote. It just takes a minute more of time.

  170. imust, sorry but I disagree. The person that destroyed public education was Raygun.

    I’m more concerned about this election than talking about David. Sorry.

  171. Oops, talking about *Davis

  172. Socal, et al, some states have significant waiting periods before you can vote if you switch, so you gotta remember ahead of time. But the truth is, anybody can change parties anywhere in the USA, but this Same Day as the election stuff is just skanky and an invitation to jam the other party with the candidate the other party wants to run against. Which is why it benefits Bernie.

  173. Shadowfax @ 5:57, “Then if that’s true, people that want to try and prevent Hillary from winning, can just register for that vote. It just takes a minute more of time.”

    That’s true, but it takes more than a minute, there’s usually a “date by” and I think people are less motivated to vote for someone they really don’t want if there’s extra work involved. For instance, if I was a repub, and wanted to use my vote for Bernie, if I had to register as a Dem, then register back, I doubt if I would bother. But an open primary makes it that much easier.

  174. Socal I remember that there was some political hanky panky that went on there but it didn’t all come out in the wash till long after the recall and new election. There was definitely republican ratf*cking going on, but I *thought* it had in part something to do with utility bills, which later turned out to be the Enron scam, which I wouldn’t put past the Republicans to be involved in, at least to the point of coverup and “Fallguy”. But beyond that, the memory is a bit fuzzy to me. I’m sure Californians here have a better detailed memory of it than I do.

  175. Don’t laugh, because you know how I despise conspiracy theories, but I swear when that POS Ken Lay died, that it was just too convenient for him to croak just before he was about to have all his assets taken and land in prison. I remember that his family got away with keeping his assets, the bastard.

    And SOCAL! Now I remember……Ken Lay and W Bush were good friends.

  176. Reagan did destroy public ed. But Davis was on the right path and improving it. Then Issa wanted to be Governor without that pesky election problem and decided to buy a recall and buy a governorship. Didn’t work out for him, and really didn’t work out for all of us.

  177. Upps, I think you’re right. Unfortunately, my memory ain’t what it used to be! I just remember I was unhappy with all of it.

  178. haha Uppity, the Berniebros never think far enough ahead……

    LOL Moon, I WAS chuckling when I wrote that.

    I agree that all primaries should be closed. Otherwise, what’s the reason to be in a party if it’s all a free-for-all?

  179. It’s staggering how much criminal behavior that W and his cronies got away with.

  180. The gall of Bernie Sanders. I am so sick of his cr@p!

  181. Upps,
    some states have significant waiting periods before you can vote if you switch, so you gotta remember ahead of time. But the truth is, anybody can change parties anywhere in the USA, but this Same Day as the election stuff is just skanky and an invitation to jam the other party with the candidate the other party wants to run against.

    I agree SoCal and Upps,

    Same day is a disaster and also those that register as they come to the polling station.

  182. Holy Chit. More rioting at Trump rally in Kansas City.

  183. Wow! More rioting against Trump. This is insane. I feel like moving to New Zealand or someplace.

    imust, what is that Iowa thing about?

  184. I’m watching it on CNN Uppity. Trump can’t even finish a sentence. You can tell it’s getting to him, but he’s pretending it’s not.

  185. How can he win a county in Iowa today?

  186. Who are the rioters? Bernie bros & broettes? Or other repubs?

  187. Iowa is picking delegates for the convention. Clinton supporters were suspicious of the first ballot (I wonder why?!) and asked for a “credential check”. It was granted. Now Bernie is accusing Hillary of “cheating”. Uhh..no Bernie, we’re accusing YOU of cheating, LOL!

  188. I looked up the rioters, and it sounds like a lot of them are Bros. Moveon.org helped them print signs apparently.

    Also, Trump called Bernie a communist, and Bernie called Trump a pathological liar.

    I wonder if Trump is sorry he got mixed up in this?

  189. Well, Bernie and Trump are going at it full blast. I have to say Move On sending Bernie supporters to a Trump rally was nothing short of a disaster as this kind of thing only helps Trump with his voters and hurts Bernie in the party. I’m hoping that this disaster encourages the party to attempt to get him out somehow. Trump called Bernie a communist and guess what? Bernie screams that Trump is a pathological liar. Like attempted character assassination is really going to work on Trump???? And Bernie has no answer for being called a communist? He doesn’t disown that?

  190. He doesn’t disown being called a communist because he IS a communist.

    We have to get rid of him the legitimate way so we don’t look like the R party. And we will. Hillary will overtake him in delegates and after that anything he wants to keep doing only confirms that he’s an old fool.

  191. Never joined Moveon. Never could stand them.

  192. You’re right imust. WHen that one guy jumped up on the stage at him I thought he needed to change his shorts.

  193. Scumbag Bernie running ads in Chicago about Hillary’s “Ties” to Rahm. They hate Rahm in Chicago, want to recall him.

  194. Upps, I retweeted that godawful tweet to Bernie.

  195. MIC DROP!

  196. Upps, I saw that one also and sent to the ladies of Shondaland.

  197. And in case you are wondering, the next time Mrs. Alan Greenspan asks Hillary about speeches, remember that dried up old crusty thing Mrs. Greenspan is sleeping with, who didn’t think the real estate bubble was any big deal, gets $200,000 a speech too.

  198. Uppity Woman, on March 12, 2016 at 11:19 PM said:
    You’re right imust. WHen that one guy jumped up on the stage at him I thought he needed to change his shorts.


    In fairness, Upps, from what we have seen of Bernie’s brats, I would have needed a change of shorts also.

    I so fear this election is a repeat of 1968 and someone is going to get hurt or be killed. I don’t care your politics…this is bullshit.

  199. Hey, Upps, YaBoi’s tweet is gone baby gone!

  200. The coward deleted but here’s the excuse:

  201. Upps, YaBrat blocked me, did he block you also?

  202. I blocked him after I sent his tweet to Bernie.

  203. I avoid social media (unless one counts blogs or fora). I have never bothered to establish an account with Facebook, Twitter, or any other such “service”. This incident gives me one more reason to maintain my current policy.

  204. Congratulations! Account has been deleted. As for Bernie, well, I have the screenshot.

  205. Take heart, Voting. We’ll get thru it. No offense to supporters of that shame, but these are OWS children who whined and tossed paper airplanes at Wall Street, and begged for LL Bean tents, raped girls and told them to shut up and take care of it “Internally,” and who expected the country to cater to their special needs until it got a little chilly out. Then they all went back home to their mother’s home. THey swore they’d be back in spring. Still waiting.

    My point is, once the National Guard cracks somebody’s smart phone, they’ll all go home. For everything else, there’s the National Guard.

    To be honest, I don’t think those are Bernie people at the rallies. I think the Republican Party has arranged this rather sudden situation. Remember, nobody does Dirty Tricks like they do. Let’s upset trump and blame Bernie and rile up his unicorn base besides.

  206. Alan Greenspan: Do you remember when that old cadaver said that he determined the economy status based on sales of men’s underwear? Refresher:

    If you look at sales of male underpants it’s just pretty much a flat line, it hardly ever changes,” Krulwich recounted after the publishing of Greenspan’s book, “The Age Of Turbulence.” “But on those few occasions where it dips that means that men are so pinched that they are deciding not to replace underpants. And [Greenspan] said ‘that is almost always a prescient, forward impression that here comes trouble.’”

  207. Trump knows what he’s doing, pointing to Bernie. Bernie’s all CNN right now and blowing it out of his ass, along with using his automatic weapon mouth on Hillary. Horrible Horrible man. Just horrible. He is decimating to her thanks to the 10 seconds spent on Donald’s Trump’s accusation and the last TEN minutes on Hillary. Jake Tapper, that fucker I have never liked, is all too willing to help. This is so obvious, Hillary campaign, which I wonder if it’s awake half the time, should DEMAND equal time. “Kind and Gentle” is Hillary’s job. THEIR job is to be on top of this shit

  208. I just watched a small segment of Face the Nation.

  209. Sorry, my post got cut off. I was watching Face the Nation and the odious John Dickerson had Donald Trump on. He was talking about Kasich and Ohio. He obviously knows nothing about Ohio because he talks about the steel and coal industries in the state. Ohio doesn’t have a coal industry. WV and Kentucky, close neighboring states do. Of course if Hillary had made such a mistake it would not just end there.

  210. Upps, that’s great that creepy bern bros account was deleted.

  211. The account is back up again with protected tweets, with name changed to FilthySexist or something like that. So obviously, Twitter doesn’t care either. Anyways….


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