On Deli Turkey and Paid Speeches

I’ve decided to repost a piece I wrote in June, 2015, because I am sick and tired of hearing Bernie blow smoke out of his ass about Hillary’s speech fees. Well, I’m tired of hearing Bernie, period, but we’ll save that for another day.


On Deli Turkey And Paid Speeches

Indulge me for a moment, while I tell you a story.

A number of years ago I frequented a deli that roasted their own turkey breasts and sold them sliced by the pound for a thief’s ransom. I paid the ransom and so did plenty of other people. Do you know why I paid the ransom? Because it was the best damned turkey EVER. God, I miss that extortionist who could roast a turkey better than my mother did. And that’s saying a lot, because that woman could roast a turkey..

The owner of that deli had a sign up that said:

We know other delis charge less for their turkey. They know what their stuff is worth.

So it goes for paid speeches.

Donald Trump makes more for paid speeches than anybody on that list, but that’s really okay because he’s got a dick. has mastered the art of bankruptcies while being held harmless, and he possesses a big mouth. Condoleeza Rice does pretty damned well herself at $150k for the pleasure of her company–but then she is a former Secretary of State and that is worth something, right? Right?. Take your time to think about that. I’ll wait.

Tim Geithner still garners $200k per speech, which probably includes free advice on how to evade taxes. Ben Bernanke, that other thief, makes up to $400k per speech. That’s twice what Hillary makes and all he ever did was help to f*ck the middle class as quickly as possible and send our money to Wall Street. (Do not pass up clicking on that link).

Dick Cheney only gets $75k per speech, but don’t feel too badly for him. He more than made up for it with all those Halliburton Iraq contracts. Sarah Palin makes $100k per speech, which is obviously a travesty because she’s achieved so much more and has done so much more for America in her lifetime than Hillary has. Everybody knows this, right? Right? I mean she was, after all, a mayor and a governor. And she DID run for Vice President and lose, and….and….

newtimagesNow, poor Newt Gingrich and poor Mitt Romney only earn around $60k for their speeches.

Jeb gets $50k.

Well boys, don’t be blaming Hillary because people know what Newt and Mitt or Jeb are worth to them. You might say they are the “Other deli’s turkey”.

e3rNow, if Newt could get paid by the pound like the turkey he is, he would probably do much better. More to the point, if these three guys had any dignity left, they would be embarrassed to note that Bernie Sanders makes nearly as much for a speech as they do.

CaptureThe bottom line here is:

Hillary commands better fees because she’s more sought after, more popular, and people find her infinitely more interesting to listen to–whether you like it or not. People want to hear what she has to say roughly 3-4 times more badly than they want to hear Newt, Jeb or Mitt. Stop and reflect upon that for a moment and then try to tell me you don’t grasp Why. Go ahead. Take your time. I’ll wait.

When you sell your house, do you know what it’s worth? I’ll tell you what it’s worth: It’s worth exactly what others are willing to pay for it. Get it, Mitt? Jeb? Anybody? Anybody?


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  1. Ayep.

  2. I would pay more for Bernie to shut up.

  3. Being a socialist, when Bernie gives a speech, everyone else does the talking whereupon he promptly declares it’s the best speech he has ever given.

  4. Ms. Uppity, this is a mighty fine post — thanks for reposting it.

  5. I want some of that damned turkey!

  6. Coming from you, Prolix, it’s a real compliment.

    Fredster, you have no idea how good that turkey was!

  7. Below find the new response from Hillary Clinton on her comments at Mrs Reagan’s funeral. I think this should allay everyone’s concerns:

    Dear __________:

    Thank you for your message.

    Following her remarks during her March 11th interview on MSNBC, Hillary published the following piece online:

    “[On March 11th], at Nancy Reagan’s funeral, I said something inaccurate when speaking about the Reagans’ record on HIV and AIDS. Since then, I’ve heard from countless people who were devastated by the loss of friends and loved ones, and hurt and disappointed by what I said. As someone who has also lost friends and loved ones to AIDS, I understand why. I made a mistake, plain and simple.

    I want to use this opportunity to talk not only about where we’ve come from, but where we must go in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

    To be clear, the Reagans did not start a national conversation about HIV and AIDS. That distinction belongs to generations of brave lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, along with straight allies, who started not just a conversation but a movement that continues to this day.

    The AIDS crisis in America began as a quiet, deadly epidemic. Because of discrimination and disregard, it remained that way for far too long. When many in positions of power turned a blind eye, it was groups like ACT UP, Gay Men’s Health Crisis and others that came forward to shatter the silence?—?because as they reminded us again and again, Silence = Death.

    They organized and marched, held die-ins on the steps of city halls and vigils in the streets. They fought alongside a few courageous voices in Washington, like U.S. Representative Henry Waxman, who spoke out from the floor of Congress. Then there were all the people whose names we don’t often hear today?—?the unsung heroes who fought on the front lines of the crisis, from hospital wards and bedsides, some with their last breath.

    Slowly, too slowly, ignorance was crowded out by information. People who had once closed their eyes opened their hearts. If not for those advocates, activists, and ordinary, heroic people, we would not be where we are in preventing and treating HIV and AIDS. Their courage?—?and their refusal to accept silence as the status quo?—?saved lives.

    We’ve come a long way. But we still have work to do to eradicate this disease for good and to erase the stigma that is an echo of a shameful and painful period in our country’s history. This issue matters to me deeply. And I’ve always tried to do my part in the fight against this disease, and the stigma and pain that accompanies it. At the 1992 Democratic National Convention, when my husband accepted the nomination for president, we marked a break with the past by having two HIV-positive speakers?—?the first time that ever happened at a national convention.

    As First Lady, I brought together world leaders to strategize and coordinate efforts to take on HIV and AIDS around the world. In the Senate, I put forward legislation to expand global AIDS research and assistance and to increase prevention and education, and I proudly voted for the creation of PEPFAR and to defend and protect the Ryan White Act. And as secretary of state, I launched a campaign to usher in an AIDS-free generation through prevention and treatment, targeting the populations at greatest risk of contracting HIV.

    The AIDS crisis looks very different today. There are more options for treatment and prevention than ever before. More people with HIV are leading full and happy lives. But HIV and AIDS are still with us. They continue to disproportionately impact communities of color, transgender people, young people and gay and bisexual men. There are still 1.2 million people living with HIV in the United States today, with about 50,000 people newly diagnosed each year. In Sub-Saharan Africa, almost 60 percent of people with HIV are women and girls. Even though the tools exist to end this epidemic once and for all, there are still far too many people dying today.

    That is absolutely inexcusable.

    I believe there’s even more we can?—?and must?—?do together. For starters, let’s continue to increase HIV and AIDS research and invest in the promising innovations that research is producing. Medications like PrEP are proving effective in preventing HIV infection; we should expand access to that drug for everyone, including at-risk populations. We should call on Republican governors to put people’s health and well-being ahead of politics and extend Medicaid, which would provide health care to those with HIV and AIDS.

    We should call on states to reform outdated and stigmatizing HIV criminalization laws. We should increase global funding for HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment. And we should cap out-of-pocket expenses and drug costs—and hold companies like Turing and Valeant accountable when they attempt to gouge patients by jacking up the price of lifesaving medications.

    We’re still surrounded by memories of loved ones lost and lives cut short. But we’re also surrounded by survivors who are fighting harder than ever.

    We owe it to them and to future generations to continue that fight together. For the first time, an AIDS-free generation is in sight. As president, I promise you that I will not let up until we reach that goal. We will not leave anyone behind.

    This piece is also available in its entirety here.

    Thank you, again, for taking the time to reach out and make your voice heard. This campaign is a conversation with the American people, and we greatly value your input.

    All the best,

    Hillary for America

    Contributions or gifts to Hillary for America are not tax deductible.

    Hillary for America, P.O. Box 5256, New York, NY 10185

  8. Now I’m hungry for turkey. I love turkey sandwiches. Am going to Gelsons to get some.

    Upps, glad you reposted that awesome piece. If I may suggest, it would be amazing on twitter in one of those text box things, like Voting posted upthread.

    Hillary’s comment on HIV is touching to me. I hope others like it also.

  9. Hillary’s response could not be more perfect. It seems to have shut people up – hope it has a positive effect on Tuesday.

    Very blue tonight after checking John W. Smart’s blog – he is calling it quits. This place and Johns blog were the only sane and safe ports in a storm. I will miss him very much.

    Here are his Tuesday’s predictions: Florida: Clinton – Illinois:Sanders Missouri: Clinton, very close. – North Carolina: Clinton – Ohio: Close but Clinton in a nail biter.

    Hope he’s wrong and Clinton takes Illinois too!

    Here’s his sign-off:
    As some of you know I work in the movie/TV business in Los Angeles. Things are good. So much new content and changing dynamics all around. I’m enjoying new challenges with work, cleaning up the financial mess from my years of both dysthymic disorder and major depression, and generally expanding and loving life. Not always. But often.

    That said – I realized – AGAIN!!! – I am just too happy to engage this year in politics. Paying even enough attention to the POTUS race to write this blog is annoying and upsetting. My tolerance for being annoyed and upset has all but vanished. I’ve been through the valley of the shadow of death in my 40s and I am now utterly convinced there is some good that abides no matter what.

    Consciousness/God/Universe/Spirit/Siri…call it whatever you like – but whatever IT is – it goes on forever, is malleable and willing if engaged. That said: this life really is too goddamn short. I’m done with engaging crap that annoys and upsets me unless I absolutely must.

    I’m done. Specific reasons regarding this political year are below. But honestly you can stop here. I bought Johnwsmart.com this morning and intend to build something fun and positive with it eventually. In the mean time, I want to enjoy my work in “hollywood”, hang with my dog, work off the rest of the lbs, and maybe fall in love or get work on a kick ass TV show, read fan mail from some flounder…..or….fill in the blank…

    One last ripping of the candidates and one last prediction below:

    At one point, years ago, I got off of on being mad, or smug or whatever a daily opinion here afforded me. I don’t regret it – but I also think now it was probably self medication. “Angry” is- in fact – a step up from depression after all. Now, I rarely see reasons to go there at all. For a bit I sincerely thought I could enjoy writing about the 2016 race and then let it go. I was wrong. I do not enjoy it. I deeply detest one of the 3 major candidates who is an angry, shallow one trick pony on a quixotic idiocy…WHO IS OPEN ABOUT HIS MEIN KAMPF. (“Revolution” is Bernie Sanders’s go-to word. )

    Please do not think that SOME the deviants who created things like “Bern The Witch” and “MississippiBerning” because woman of a certain age and black people are not on board- will not morph into violent William Ayres types. Some will. And, frankly, the man is seemingly so eyepoppingly pissed all the time he is clearly emotionally stunted. His vile, hateful cult can only be described as “pre-facist”. In fact, the more they are exposed -as we saw in Chicago this week with the Move-on idiots – the more they are moving into an outright S.A. mode Their primary purposes were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of opposing parties, .

    I find another of the last 3 major candidates creepy – who also has fascist impulses though is probably too afflicted with A.D.D. and narcissism to get anything truly damaging done. He represents the fury and anger that the P.C. Left has created with its insane attempts to control thought and marginalize the majority. He combines selling steak with imitating Mussolini…and he might win. In fact if Sanders is the Dem Nominee , Trump will win. All he’ll do for 3 weeks is say this: CNN: Bernie Sanders’ mega tax increases largest in peacetime history… and Sanders will be done with everyone except moron children and a few creative class white idiots on the coasts. Trump will win 45 states. With ease.

    And if by some miracle Sanders were to win he’d destroy the Democratic party…which might be the point.

    The only adult in the room is an inept manager of campaigns., her campaign malfeasance is so bad that it is allowing the course of American history to change..for the worse. The lameness of her campaign is shocking. The only word I can think of that speaks to her unwillingness to learn ANYTHING from 2008 is ARROGANCE. And it makes me sad. Profoundly sad. After 08 years to learn and put together a great campaign – She’s blowing her last shot. I no longer care to watch.

    One last prediction: Someone other than Clinton or Sanders will be the nominee.

    I’m done.

    Be happy.

    Right now.

  10. Well, we shall see what happens on Tuesday. I really think Bernie’s supporters are going to destroy his campaign. They are so into the “revolution” that it is going to eat its own. Can’t agree with John that someone else is going to be the nominee. I think the party will rally around Hillary more after the disaster this weekend with Bernie. And I think a lot more people are going to start to agree with Uppity that his campaign is filled with nothing but barn animals.

  11. OMG I can’t listen to him anymore. NOT ONE SINGLE SPECIFIC ANSWER. Just blanket ‘answers’.

    Talking about Obama like they’re best friends. The guy who wanted to give him a primary.

  12. Yeah well they’re eating up his bullshit at this town hall.

  13. And he lied about his health insurance plan telling the poor guy he was only going to pay a little bit more. The sooner he’s gone the better. I’m sick of him and Trump. Unfortunately Trump is leading in the GOP. If we just get rid of Wall Street everything is going to be hunky dory in this country according to Sanders. Everybody problem can be solved by eliminating Wall Street.

  14. Must be a bunch of 18 and 19 year olds there because they’re the only ones who don’t understand it’s nothing but pure BS.

  15. Telling them he’s beating Trump by 18 points and he’s the one who can win. Try beating Hillary first you old fuck.

    He looks good on paper because nobody has vetted his old Communist ass yet. I gotta mute this asshole.

  16. Ah his ‘Friends’ are people who work for him. No old friends at all. Where’s his son? Just asking for a friend.

    I cannot believe the softballs tapper is throwing at this guy. He’ll toss all kind of shit at hillary, bet on it.

  17. I guess you missed the name Jim Inhofe. Good lord. Nuts are attracted to nuts apparently.

  18. Can’t agree with John that someone else is going to be the nominee.

    John who? That sounds like shit I see at those Trash Hillary and Toss In A Conspiracy To Finish It Because We Love Trump sites.

  19. Oh I see, John Smart. He feels exactly like I do about watching this shit. Honestly, I take entire days where I pay no attention at all to this race because Bernie infuriates me. He is already damaging the party. So I do understand that it can get to you. And I watch very carefully my blood pressure, because I hate that man and his barn animals so very much.

    But Tuesday will be a point at which I would say whether or not it’s worth it for john to give it up.

    Joe Biden does hang over this but he’s a cadaver too so I am not all that worried, but wouldn’t it be just like a penis to look to be a candidate without doing ANY of the work? Just saying. In any event, I regard that “somebody else” thing to be a conspiracy theory and nothing more. Unless of course the party really wants to finish itself off. Meh. I’m leaving the party regardless after April 19, my primary day.

  20. She did an awesome job with the guy who had been wrongly jailed for so many years. I have to say why doesn’t Bernie get tough questions like that?

  21. Start at 8:24 then and 8:25, Abby Huntsman has had enough!


  22. I’m with you Upps on the someone else theory. It’s something that has been shopped by the right wing conspiracy theorists for months now.

  23. This woman is right about health care costs. Those of us privately paying insurance have been destroyed. And that includes on the exchange, if you want REAL insurance. But REAL insurance, I mean something that doesn’t break you after you pay the premium and need them. And that is exactly what is going on.

    The middle class on single pay is financing everybody else. It’s obvious to me. I watched my rates go up more than 40%. And again, I’m not talking about useless “bronze” and “silver” insurance in the exchange, which is over priced besides. The exchange in NY is no better than buying it directly from the company. Unless you deplete your savings and that’s ok with you. Or unless you get a job that pays less so you can get “help”.

    The ACA is devastating to anybody who isn’t poor unless you don’t really need insurance, but when you do, and I hope you never do, and you’re not dirt poor (but still just making it) OR Very Rich,you will see what I mean.

  24. Oh, man Hillary is speaking my language when it comes to health cares. She wants to get more nonprofits into the healthcare business as a lot of them used to be nonprofit organizations.

  25. I agree Ga. Health insurance should NEVER be tied to stockholders. People die that way. Health insurance should be STRICTLY not For Profit with a low OVERHEAD to stop the milking by “executives”.

    I feel that way about utilities as well. Water, gas, electric. NOT FOR PROFIT. People are getting ripped off.

  26. Whoa! That was a great answer about who should buck up against Donald Trump!!! They LOVED IT.

    And hahha Bernie, quoting old polls about who can beat Donald. WHO’s GOT MORE VOTES THAN DONALD ANNNNNND YOU, BERNIE!

  27. I hadn’t heard of John Smart before. Interesting tirade. But I don’t, at all, get his idea that Hillary is a terrible campaigner or should have learned something that she didn’t from 2008. So what’s she supposed to do? If she got heated and thumped a podium, everybody would freak out. If she hit The Bern with all his many layers of BS, they’d be calling her a meanie and a witch and a “bad loser” (even when she’s winning), and everything worse. If she sticks to the issues and is polite, which is pretty much her only option, then she’s supposedly running a terrible campaign.


    The people who need to run a better campaign are the media, who need to start treating her fairly and with the same respect they give to serious male candidates. Hell, they even respect unserious male candidates.

  28. Quixote, John was a major supporter of Hillary in 2008 and a popular blogger. To be quite frank, this blog wouldn’t be here if it weren’t that I found John W. Smart The Blogger. I participated in his blog and that was the actual and true reason I began this blog. I want to make that clear. This blog would not exist but for John W Smart.

    I do understand his frustration because i feel it too at times. He sees a lot of similarities to things happening to her as in 2008, where the man gets to drive a bulldozer and the woman is forced to remember she’s a woman because if she doesn’t, her ambition will be regarded as shrill ambition while the man is just ambitious like a man should be. There’s an article about that out there right now, which I thought I had saved but apparently didn’t. It goes way beyond the simple Damned If You Do and Damned if You don’t. You yourself are capturing part of the essence of what is happening her in your own comment. Surely you understand that it is not her fault, but that doesn’t make it to her advantage. She isn’t meant to have an advantage, she’s a woman, and that’s the way it is. That’s why they call it a “Glass Ceiling”. In any event, years of literal political torture has indeed created Hillary who is not a great campaigner, partially from shell-shock and partially because she’s not allowed to do the same things you see Bernie get away with. I do not think she’s a good campaigner and now, admittedly, neither does she. She’s a doer not a bullshitter like Bernie. But can a Doer Outdo a Bullshitter? There’s the question. It does appear like she will win this primary race, but as most women in positions where they are competing with men, not without having to do twice the work, backwards, in heels. It’s painful to watch, too painful for some.

    I understand John’s frustration with with the bit of deja vu he is feeling. I feel it at times too. Actually I feel it all the time. One think i see repeated from 2008 is she has assembled a staff that is not particularly creative on her behalf. Nor do they seem to bother rallying the troops. Two things both Obama and Sanders seem to have accomplished. She also fails to vet a cockroach like Bernie in any meaningful way so as to get the attention of the press, which is also run by white men who don’t particularly want a woman president either. The glass ceiling is double plate glass and it takes a very brave women to crack it, as you can see.

  29. Has anyone heard what Bernie’s plan is once he “destroys” Wall Street which in turn will destroy millions of people’s 401K plans? Are we just supposed to start over at this stage of our lives?

  30. Upps, agreed, not remotely Hillary’s fault! That was exactly my puzzlement about him saying *she* was a bad campaigner. I see what you’re saying though. Especially re the vetting and rallying.

    Right now I’m just really hoping she blows past Sanders on Tues and we can all stop having to listen his bloviating.

    I know it doesn’t matter if there’s a bunch of near-ties. I know she’s so far ahead and she’s such a hard worker, she’ll eventually get the nomination.

    But I want it to be now.

    Ah well. If she has that superhuman patience, maybe I can practice a bit of it,too.

  31. So here’s proof, as if we really needed it, that Bern man cares not one wit about the Democratic party. In fact, like Wall St. and the banks, I think he wants to destroy it. He’s a destroyer, not a builder, not a uniter, not a doer. Just a blow hard, know it all, holier-than-thou destroyer.

  32. Admittedly, I skipped Sanders’ portion of the Town Hall and was going to ignore the whole show, but I’m so glad that I didn’t because Hillary was magnificent.
    I was worried at first because she looked exhausted, but as she began to interact with members of the audience, she gathered strength and assurance and bloomed
    She’s everything that I want in a President: smart, capable, strong,compassionate and thoughtful.
    That she’s a woman is the beautiful cherry on top of a magnificent sundae.
    It will be my pleasure and honor to vote for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday!
    PS. Roland Martin was great; I miss him sorely on CNN.

  33. Yeah, Hillary is such a bad campaigner. In 2008 she won the election and Obama was carried into the Oval with the help of the DNC stealing Hillary’s delegates, and voters giving up half of their votes for the beloved Fraud.

    This election, Hillary is mopping the floor with Bernie’s butt…but she is doing so dang poorly………..

    Could she be doing better…sure, but who is doing a better job? Trump?

  34. And dang it Hillary, quit saying you are not as good of a campaigner as Bill and Baracko!

    I don’t need some man to whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

    I don’t need poetry, flowery words watch you to play an instrument.

  35. A couple of international stories that affect the US. First, Brazil is in upheaval. Considering Rio is this year’s Olympic Summer Games host, I don’t know if I was a parent of one of our athletes I would let my child go.


    Next, Germany. Merkel’s party got handed its ass in national elections today. It was due to high disapproval of her immigration policies. Apparently, Germans have had enough. Trump may well use her losses as what to look forward to in the US.


  36. Shadowfax, I hear you, but I appreciate that Hillary says that Bill and Barack are poetry and she is prose.
    We dream by poetry but we live and prosper by prose.

  37. Ga6thDem, on March 13, 2016 at 8:28 PM said:
    Oh, man Hillary is speaking my language when it comes to health cares. She wants to get more nonprofits into the healthcare business as a lot of them used to be nonprofit organizations.

    Pittsburgh is the perfect example of “non-profits”..not. UPMC, biggest hospital, went into the insurance business and is considered a non-profit. Highmark, also considered a non-profit, is an insurer who bought up its own hospitals. End result, neither will accept the other’s insurance at their hospitals, both have huge profits and neither pay one damn cent in taxes. BOTH ditched hospitals in low-income areas and are building competing hospitals in higher income areas because “that is where they are needed.”

    But they do have common ground. They are both holding this area hostage when it comes to medical.

  38. Sue, based on your comments I will watch the Town Hall which I taped while I was out. I was dubious about it, but I’m glad that Hillary did so well.

    I have always thought that Hillary would be much better as President than she is in campaigns. She is not bad at all, but for most of the media which tries to funnel their perceptions to convince the viewers, it is about speeches and soaring language. Every time Peggy Noonan wrote one of her overwrought speeches for Reagan or GHW Bush, the media was enraptured. Obama delivers speeches very well, but it doesn’t get us too far with regard to getting legislation passed. There are moments when a great speech is of value and cathartic. But I am happy seeing most of the great rhetoric in Shakespeare’s or O’Neill’s plays, while I want a President to govern with intelligence and effectiveness. I’m actually glad that Hillary said that, because it moves the focus to what people should be thinking about when they cast their vote.

    I think that Hillary will do very well tomorrow. I don’t know if we’ll win Missouri, but I think we will win the other ones, even though Ohio may be reasonably close. That would pretty well make the Sanders campaign irrelevant going forward.

  39. Hillary is right, she’s not poetry. Poetry might win a few of those states tomorrow and THAT is why it’s relevant. Will it be important to the final results when this primary is over? Probably not, but it is the way to win more people over, and let’s face it, the more the merrier. I’m not so sure Bernie campaigns in poetry either, more like just a grumpy old man. But he can do that without question, because Penis. And that is a fact and that is also the point.

  40. To add some levity, John Boehner endorsed Kasich and Mittens is campaigning with him in Ohio. Given these “gifts”, how totally wiped out could Kasich possibly be?

  41. I don’t know how this got pulled off, but I LOVE that Hillary goes last in these town halls. Always be the last speaker in a competition, that’s my philosophy!

  42. Voting, Sorry to hear about that in Pittsburgh. I do know here in GA BCBS used to be nonprofit and the costs were way less. Once they went for profit the costs skyrocketed. I would be against insurance companies owning hospitals except I used to have Kaiser which is excellent here in GA.

  43. But they do have common ground. They are both holding this area hostage when it comes to medical.

    This is because the waiver against anti-trust laws remains in place for health insurers. This means that a few providers sew up entire regions and then they price fix (there IS no other way to describe what they do!) and get away with it. This issue was raised during the ACA health insurance negotiations. Many of these negotiations were controlled by the health care industry, sad to say but quite believable, considering the results. If I recall correctly, we can thank Harry Reid for taking the removal of the exemption and allowance for regional monopolies out of the formula, allowing it to remain. Health insurance premiums will NEVER go down if they are allowed to monopolize regions. That’s what’s happening in your area, my area and, pretty much everywhere, at least in the North East.

    And this is the MAIN reason the ACA is not “A”. And it never WILL be affordable as long as competition is deliberately stifled.

    The woman during the town hall who said it’s hard to pay her FOUR FIGURE premium each month is an example of the Middle Class getting seriously fucked by the ACA, paying for others’ Help that they can’t get themselves. But once their premiums are paid, they ARE poorer. Much poorer.

  44. One more thing about the ACA….the deductables, in many cases up to $7500 a year STILL keeps people from going to the doctor. How many people in this economy have $7500 to spend when they get sick before their insurance AND its copays and co-insurances kick in?

  45. On Hillary as a campaigner: I agree with Up that her gender limits what she can do.And she is always sibjected to way more theater criticism than the men are. A couple of months ago, Axelrove (that creep) said she needed to show more passion. A couple of weeks later he said she shouldn’t shout. If there’s a way to show passion without raising one’s voice once in a while, I am unaware of it. Sometimes, like when she speaks about gun safety, she becomes very quiet, and this is very effective. Still, there are times she must raise her voice and, although she tries to keep it in a lower register to avoid the dreaded “shrill” criticism, she still gets slammed. It’s called “campaigning while female” and can’t be totally avoided. All that aside, she’s not the best on the stump. Nor is she the worst. But she has a lot of other political talents that make up for deficiencies as a stump speaker. Plus I think she is genuinely shy and campaigning makes her uncomfortable. I once heard her say that she really doesn’t like being the center of attention so much. Bill and Obama hate it when they’re NOT the center of attention. That’s why they’re “natural” pols and she’s not.

  46. I am very glad that William has a good prognostication for tomorrow. He saw Michigan coming last week.

  47. On speech bucks: after a decade or so of blogging and posting, I’ve developed some truisms; one of which is that Democrats are not allowed to make money— that is reserved for Republicans, who can make it in any way, exploiting men, women, children, flying dragons and My Little Pony, and that is considered worthy of emulation if not worship. Any Democrat who makes money is doing it through criminal enterprise.

  48. Re the Nancy Reagan comment on Friday, it may not be generally known but Hillary did three big rallies in three different states on Thursday plus a number of media interviews. Then she got on a plane and flew halfway across the country to California for the funeral Friday morning. When , or even if she slept, is unknown. I am a year and a half younger than Hillary and could not keep her schedule if my life depended on it. Had I attempted her Thursday and Friday marathon, I wouldn’t just misspeak. I would babble incoherently. Hillary took responsibility for her dumb mistake as she should. But please, people, can we cut her some slack once in a while? BS supporters let him get away with much more and more often.

  49. Hahah Churl, you’ve got a point there.

  50. Rebel, I get tired just watching her.

    Sure we can cut her all the slack in the world, but the truth is, her opponents, of which there are many, will have at it. So when we pull back the slack it is only from fear that she could NEVER get away with ANYTHING her opponents do, so we look to minimize the opportunities for those people. I just wish she stuck to Alzheimer’s with respect to dead Nancy. Even though Her Ronnie refused to fund it when he was cognizant. Funny how these big shots get interested in something that ruins people’s lives and/or kills people when it affects them.

  51. William, I hope you are right and Sanders is going to be irrelevant after tomorrow. New PPP poll came out and showed major rat F-ing from the GOP going on in our primaries. And Limbaugh has revived operation chaos called “Save the Socialist”. Never ever have i seen so much obvious pushing of a candidate from the GOP. I mean even the Koch brothers have been running ads promoting Bernie.

  52. Ga6th:
    Can all tha GOP Limbaugh crap be exposed?
    After all we all remember how the Repobs gave a pass to the BO to derail Hillary in 2008…
    And the BO thanked them by not investigating any of the Bush-Cheney mess.

  53. Brassy Rebel, and Ga6thDem, it is certainly true that a massive vote by Republicans for Sanders could be a dangerous factor. I am hoping that the Republican race in Ohio iis close enough so that the conservatives who call themselves Independents will want to vote in that one, rather than for Sanders, whose positions they diespise. It is a travesty that these states allow this; it is completely contrary to the concepts of democracy.

    I was looking up some stories today, and there is t his awful site caled The Inquisitor, whose articles are given major linking by Bing. I have no idea who runs this site, but itt is so ridiculously pro-Sanders. One headline, “Sanders leads in multiple states.” But the article does not even say that; it notes he is leading in a poll by one point in Missouri. Then the writer says that Sanders is way ahead among Republican voters, and that this just shows the strength of his campaign. What it of course shows is that Republicans are gleeful at being able to try to game the system and help the canddiate whom they can surely beat. And while I have stopped watching cable news for the week, I do watch the primary results, of course; and I have not seen one single commentator, in all the hours of airtime where they have blathered on, say anything about this. And that is similarly disgraceful and dangerous to democracy.And if states choose not to have closed primaries, they are at fault, too. And letting Independents vote in either primary is just another reason for people, mostly Republicans, to register as Independents, to try to choose the nominee of both parties. So that factor is a big wild card here. Hillary will win among Democrats in every primary tomorrow.

  54. Bwha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Here’s something to brighten everyone’s afternoon.
    Funny and smart, with a serious point.


  55. Apparently, the Clinton camp feels good about Florida. Yes, it’s a closed primary. But Sanders would have problems there in any event. The large population of Latin American exiles from violence and oppression is not likely to look upon a guy who speaks favorably of Castro and the Sandinistas with enthusiasm. It sounds like the Sanders campaign isn’t really competing much there. That brings up another interesting point about the BS campaign: In most elections, the voters choose the candidates. Sanders looks at the map, demographics, and open or closed primary, then chooses his voters. Hillary is, as she promised, running a national campaign, competing everywhere. Another salient fact which the media ignores.

  56. Just to add, if Trump wins Ohio, he will be well on the way to the nomination, and Kasich and Rubio will drop out. At that point, the Republicans will go all out to try to get Sanders nominated, since there will really be no Republican contest, though Cruz will stay in there. That is an unsettling prospect; and add to that, the NRA of course has a strong presence in many of these Rocky Mountain states, and they will do everything they can for Sanders. You wouldn’t think that after 2008, the system could get much worse, but it is, since nothing was done to guard against this kind of thing.

    Ordinarily, one can do pretty well predicting based both on polls and a sense of the electorate, as well as momentum. But with these terrible crossover holes, it becomes so much more difficult. Will too many Democrats in Ohio cross over to try to help Kasich, as they did in Michigan? Will conservatives who fear Hillary more than they care about who gets their nomination. vote for Sanders. This idiocy is equivalent to trying to predict a football game where rules allow some players from other teams to come in during the game and help one of them, but you don’t know how many or who will do it.

  57. Sanders would have worse problems in Florida than losing a primary. He would definitely lose it in a general election. I’m guessing that polling in Mo and OH is close judging by the behavior of Bernie. I also saw where Bernie’s campaign is trying to encourage people not to vote in the D primary but in the the R primary. I cannot stand him and those barn animals. If you can’t win because the voters don’t want you you need to just accept it and move on. Quit trying to play games because if Bernie freakishly would become the nominee those same people would abandon him in a heartbeat unless his whole game is to blow everything up, the country and all and maybe nuking the party and nuking the country is Bernie’s goal after all.

  58. In virtually every primary, Sanders has outperformed the poll numbers. This could be due to enthusiasm, but more likely is due to crossovers which were not sufficiently accounted for by pollsters. Note that the Democratic turnout is almost never higher in a state than it was in ’08, so it is not some great outpouring of new voters who love Sanders. It is people who are playing games with the system. No one with any intelligence would say that these people are voting for Sanders because they really love his message of breaking up banks, and taxing everyone some undisclosed amount. But the media is so biased and obtuse that they won’t say what is beyond obvious, even to the point that apparently the despicable Limbaugh is telling conservatives to do it.

  59. GWM4Hill:
    Thanks a bunch for the link. Very good and funny.

  60. Testing

  61. Sorry, I have a lot of trouble logging in.

    Here are some polls for tomorrow:

    On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has a big lead in Florida, 62 percent to 34 percent, and a smaller lead in Ohio, 52 to 43. But Bernie Sanders leads narrowly in Illinois, 48 to 46, coming off his surprise win in Michigan last week.

  62. Any Democrat who votes for Sanders in Ohio tomorrow is utterly wasting his vote. It is pure logic. Sanders cannot change the lives of any Democratic voter for the better, insofar as governance can change lives.

    A vote for Sanders either gets Trump or Cruz elected; or in the very unlikely occurrence that Sanders were elected, the makeup of the Congress would stop him from getting one single thing passed. And Sanders would not help Ohio Democrats from getting rid of their governor, or the state officials and legislature who are trampling on their voting rights. The next water crisis will likely be in another state run by a Republican governor. Sanders doesn’t campaign for dowdnticket Democrats, and has raised zero dollars for them. So they will all lose again, and the Sanders voters will have helped accomplish that, because Hillary works hard to help elect Democrats Voting for Sanders is an act of utter political foolishness, and that is even independent of his positions or personality. It’s indulgence born of watching too many TV shows rather than actually understanding how government works. They must think that they are living in a country with a medieval emperor, rather than one which has 50 states with their own executives and legislators, as well as three federal branches of government. Imagine President Trump or Cruz choosing the swing Supreme Court Justice. I never have taken any drugs, but this is akin to some kind of wild drug party with the inevitable crash afterward.

  63. I have seen many sites claim that in MI, at least 7% of Dems voted Republican.

  64. Any Democrat who votes for Sanders in Ohio tomorrow is utterly wasting his vote. It is pure logic.

    Sander’s voters think they can win over Hillary. They will keep voting. Cross-overs is the big problem.

  65. In virtually every primary, Sanders has outperformed the poll numbers.

    Per the tally on 538, Bernie’s out-performances totaled to 11 more delegates than expected. That’s not much in terms of the final totals.

    Hillary 775
    Burn 552


  66. North Carolina demographics in early voting is strong Clinton territory…..

    85% Dem, almost 40% AA, around 5% indy , on the gop side 28% indy…….i suspect this could be generally indys tomorrow in general voting in the gop primary to stop Trump……that will really hurt Sanders if they do.

  67. I have read today Pollsters basically did a bit of herding on making the polls in OH, Il and MO tight because they got it wrong last week and they may be way off this time by adjusting the model to reflect Michigan, which is plain dumb.

    So take those polls there in those 3 with a pinch of salt.

  68. Now i know Sanders is screwed in NC

    The early vote among North Carolina dem voters is 60% Female, 38.4 Male

  69. Dem early voting of 421’000

    voters aged under 44 25%

    Voters over 44 – 74%

    Thats a Clinton vote.- and 40% of that vote is over 65

  70. Here is why Florida is locked up….

    Early vote in Florida

    Of the 824k Dems who’ve voted (as of yesterday morning),

    497k are over 60 years old (60%);

    56.6k are under 30 (6.9%).

    I smell Clinton voters……

    Of the 824.5k Dems who’ve voted,
    529.2k (64%) are white.

    36% are ethnic minority.

    43% are white Dems over 60.

  71. Here are the delegates in play tomorrow:

    FLA -214
    IL -156
    Ohio – 143
    NC – 107
    Missouri – 71

    Putin is pulling troops out of Syria

  72. There’s a viral tweet that shows that Karl Roves Crossroads is spending a lot of money in the Dem Primary to knock out Hillary, of course. And yet, the berniebots still keep harping the opposite, that “all the polls” show that only Bernie can beat the repubs in Nov. This is election is so insane. Anyway, I can understand repubs voting for Bernie in Dem primaries/caucuses, but why would Dems vote in the republicans?

    Thanks for all the stats and other info.

  73. Annie, I think that sone Democrats in Michigan thought that Hillary was going to win easily, so they voted for Kasich to try and stop Trump. I don’t see any other reason for Democrats to vote in the Republican primary. And no, Hillary supporters did not switch to Trump. Loreena McKennitt, in every one of her concerts, said that she was planning a brief tour in the Midwest U.S. from the period of the Canadian Thanksgiving on around October 12, to our election day. And each time, she said that ” I just want to tell you that Canada has some very good bed and breakfasts,” and the crowd applauded appreciatively. The obvious implication was that if Trump got elected, people would want to be leaving this country. Cruz is just as bad, of course.

  74. Ohio is an open primary and bernie got the sec of state to cave in and let 17 year olds vote. We have KIDS picking Presidents now.

    I just saw some really good poll numbers for tomorrow. You can see them all here.

  75. Florida is a cinch.
    So is North Carolina
    Hillary is ahead in all of them. Illinois and Ohio are touchy though. He played negative Rahm ads in Ill. tying him to Hillary. THey despise him there. Bernie is DIRTY.

    He also is pimping that he’s going to fix trade, although never says how, just it’s going to be ‘different’. Bernie is an effing blowhard. Always amazes me when people don’t see it.

    To me Ohio is Personal. Because in 2008, that’s where she made her “This one’s for youuuu” speech, the one where she said, “For everyone who has been knocked down….”

  76. This is great. Last night, Bernie supporters were saying Jessie Jackson backed Bernie. Jackson just tweeted this:

  77. Anybody find any missouri polls?

  78. I like the early voter percentages. But they are what they are. Early voters. Is that the same as absentees?

  79. Glad to see the NC numbers are strong. After ’08 I kind of get jittery. Bernie had his rally today literally 5 minutes from UNC Charlotte. He knows his constituency. Of course fighting broke out at Trump’s rally and protesters were manhandled and tossed out. Getting ready for Hillary’s rally right now. This will be tough for me since they changed the time and now she won’t take the stage until 9:15. I’ll be lucky to get home by 11 and I have to be at work at 5 am. But it’s worth it. 🙂

  80. Interesting and kind of comforting Bernie Outperformance information.

    And all the while he Underperforms on plans and procedures. Unbelievable the schtick people will buy. Of course if there weren’t so many borderline children who believe in unicorns being allowed to vote, he’d have been toast long ago.

  81. Shadow, crossovers are what really hurt us in Michigan. It’s not the democrats who are helping him. It’s Indy’s, Republicans and the children who would register as ANYTHING for a free lunch for the rest of their lives.

  82. Uppity – we have a week of early voting where you can go to any polling place and vote. Tomorrow you can only vote at your home precinct. I believe they count the absentee ballots in Election Day.

  83. William, that POS limbaugh did the same thing in 2008.

  84. SHadow, re D’s voting R in Ohio.. I saw CNN interview some voters that day and a couple of them did say they voted for Trump because Hillary was an easy win. I don’t think they’ll be doing the same thing this time now that they saw what can happen.

    But you know, screw that win for him, we still bashed his skinny ass in delegate count that night.

  85. belle, re exposing Limbaugh. What he does is not illegal just unethical. Since when is Rush ethical?

  86. Jules thanks for the explanation on early voting.

  87. Socal, the idea of the D’s voting R like in Michigan is because they want Trump. he will be a horrible candidate and he hasn’t exactly been personally vetted yet.

    Which reminds me, anybody else see the ad the R’s are running against Trump? All the things he’s said about women, said by women with reviled expressions.

  88. Well, let’s see. Emmanuel was Obama’s cnief of staff for a while. They love Obama in Illinois. The reason Emmanuel got elected Mayor of Chicago was because of Obama’s appointment of him to c.o.s. But they’ll blame Hillary for all of that.

    The most despicable part of Sanders’ campaign is he goes to different states, picks their pet issue, and blames Hillary for it. Lost jobs in MI, due to “Hillary’s trade policies.” Economic problems in NH due to “Hillary’s friends on Wall Street.” Rahm Emmanuel a bad mayor, due to Hillary. Oil spill off the coast of Florida, Hillary’s fault. This is low class campaigning, from a person who obviously does not care a bit about what happens to the Democratic Party after he is done.

    Uppity, Limbaugh thinks this is all a big game which you try to win by cheating, lying, or anything else. He gets on the air and apparently says all this, and yet no one in the media seems to understand why Hillary loses Michigan because of non-Democratic voters. When Limbaugh said that he was losing his hearing because of his oxycontin addiction, I actually felt sorry for him for about two minutes, then later regretted doing so. If we can get HIllary elected, that would be the best revenge against him.

  89. Everybody knows that Clinton has Florida. Bernie doesn’t stand a chance. I would be completely shocked if it was close. It’s a closed primary with lots of old folks and minorities. Like I said watch out for some university areas but that shouldn’t have that large of an impact overall. Those areas should be around Orlando, Gainesville and Tallahassee. Look for Clinton dominate Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

  90. Uppity Woman, on March 14, 2016 at 6:03 PM

    Absolutely, Upps.

  91. I see no Missouri polls other than the one which had Sanders up by one point. But the odds are now pretty strongly favoring Sanders in that primary. I never knew quite why this would be a good state for him, but I guess it must be some of the same kind of boters who won for him in neighboring NE and OK. Maybe not enough AA voters to offset that.

  92. Hillary is always a man’s best scapegoat. Blame her for trade, foreign policy, crappyO’Care, immigration, illegals, Bill’s Presidency, Bill’s affairs, sticking by Bill, sticking by Obama, being a strong woman, being a woman that has tears, pant suits, scrunchies…

    Man-up aholes!

  93. FLVoter, every Cuban in Florida will be at the polls before they open.

    Castro and Bernie up in a tree….

  94. See CNN recorded the Ds that voted for Trump in Michigan. And some Trump jerk says it’s because they want trump. Well he’s right. The ones i saw them interview said they wanted Trump to win the primary because they thought HIllary was in solid. Even I want Trump to win the primary. The guy’s skin is so thin, not sure he even has any. Glass Jaw too. I’ll take the gamble.

    He’s not going to get away with Non Answers to specifics in a GE election. Answers like We’re gonna make America great again aren’t going to fly. He’s going to have to answer to the HOW’s.

  95. Somebody should tell Bernie’s wife to wash her hair.

    She’s on CNN re: Trump and she’s saying “We don’t do negative”. Gosh, I must have dreamed up those negative ads they’re rung. Bernie is Dirty and so is his wife.

  96. Well, there was one poll that had Hillary up by 7 in Missouri. Of course, who knows with these polls. The biggest haul tomorrow is going to be Florida and Hillary is pretty much going to wipe the floor with Bernie there. After MI, who knows what is going to happen in MO and IL though I really don’t see voters blaming Hillary for Rahm when it was Obama who put him there. And frankly as much as they complain about Rahm HE WON. The Bernie Kos crowd lost in IL. So I’m not sure the Rahm thing is going to carry a whole lot weight. Anyway, here’s hoping we’re going to wipe out Bernie tomorrow. A win in Florida could net something like 150 delegates alone. Another primary coming up is PA which is closed too. Look for Bernie to be wiped out there.

  97. Sanders just admitted he only ran as a dem for the media coverage. There you have it. Complete fraud.

  98. Bernie’s wife is terrible. She went to an African American church in SC wearing Unitarian frump. They are so culturally out of touch with the so much of the country it’s not funny. I guess she didn’t know that African Americans in the south dress to the nines for church, I mean hats, gloves and everything.

  99. I wish you all were here. I’m trying not to cry.

  100. You know when Hillary’s ratings really soared? Right after the Benghazi hearings. Everyone saw a woman who was hard as nails – who didn’t buckle under pressure and ripped the opposition to shreds with her knowledge, eloquence and toughness. People LOVED seeing that, and she earned a lot of respect for that. Even commentators who had been anti-Hillary were taken aback by her command of the situation.

    Enough of this ‘kindness’ bullshit. I want to see more of that f**k-with-me-and-I’ll-rip-your-balls-off Hillary – especially NOW.

  101. I was recently at one of those crunchy granola all natural events for work in CA. Incredibly white crowd for such a diverse state. I was expecting to see a ton of Bernie tshirts and people talking about him but no. All I saw was 1 older woman wearing a Bernie Tshirt. She looked foolish and out of place. I guess not that much excitement for Bernies revolution.

  102. UW, I suspect many have already early voted.

  103. You want to know how insidious the internet and the search engines are? I have almost no computer skills, so any search I do is very simple. I use Bing as the search engine because I abhor Google and their efforts to gather information on every single person. But I fear that Bing is run by right-wing corporatists. That’s bad enough, but I have seen enough examples of them misleading in their headlines, or choosing links which are as negative as possible to Hiillary Clinton.

    I just looked up the subject “primary polls.” And right up there, they link a Wall Street Journal article, and excerpt what is ostensibly the first line, and it says, “Bernie Sanders will win Tuesday’s primaries.” Another link right below it is from something called Telesur, and the headline is, “Bernie Sanders could engineer an upset sweep of the Midwest.”

    Now, I look at this telesur, and it appears to be a far Left site with anti-Israel articles, pro-Chavez articles. And that is a major link provided by Bing. I go to the WSJ article, and I can only read the first few lines because it is subscribers only. But the line says something about, “since the Michigan surprise result, the different candidates all want to manage expectations, so that if you listen to them, neither Hillary Clnton or Bernie Sanders will win Tuesday’s primaries.” And you can see where Bing took the last six words of that sentence to manufacture a false headline and subject. Now, this may seem like no big thing, but I think it goes on all the time, and it is pure evil. It is the powerful right-wing media trying to control public opinion by using ‘photoshopped” headlines to create the narratives they want. This is something that some enterprising journalist, if there are any, should write about. But then the search engines would probably mislead about that, too. In this era, it disturbingly seems that he who controls the search engines, controls the narrative disseminated to the public.

  104. julies, I know how you feel. Sometimes when the news is bad for Hillary, I do the same thing. Sit here trying not to cry.

  105. flvoter, was the CA event you went to the huge natural products (health foods, herbs, etc) expo in Anaheim?

  106. Hubs has on the CBS national news and Scot Pelley just said tomorrow is “Bye Rubio Tuesday”!!! Pretty funny! Now I’ll have that Stones song going through my head…”good bye Rubio Tuesday…”

  107. SoCal, yes. I was expecting all this Bernie stuff and fur to work I was there from 7:30am every morning to past 7pm each night. I thought I would be inundated with Bernie stuff. But no I was not.

  108. Microsoft owns Bing. I don’t know whether or not Microsoft counts as right-wing by corporate standards (since what for-profit corporation is not more or less right-wing?).

  109. That should be due to work not fur

  110. Jules, why do you want to cry? I don’t know. It seems like things are not all that bad right now. Other than I’m sick of Bernie.

  111. flvoter, I used to work in that industry and went to those conventions all over the country. I wasn’t granola though. I wore a skirt and blouse and carried a briefcase. I thought they were fun.

    I’m glad you didn’t see a lot of Bernies there!

  112. Ga6th, yeah, Bernies wife bugs me.

  113. Well, for whatever it’s worth Bernie only has a chance of winning in MO tomorrow according to 538. He says Hillary could pick up 300 delegates if she does well in FL and after that 538 says there is no way that Bernie would be able to catch up.

  114. Ga6th, yes, I hope julies is okay. Things are very overwhelming now.

  115. This is so great…

  116. SoCal, I’ve been involved due to my work with a number of growing businesses. When needed I travel on behalf of companies. I haven’t been back in CA for a while and was surprised at the number of man buns I saw on white guys with facial hair at this show LOL 😀 And too much hemp everything.

  117. Ugh, I so sick of man buns. I’m seeing less of them around my neck of the woods.

  118. (Totally OT, I know. Apologies! About the man buns: we’ll be seing less and less. To do them right, they have to pull in the hair very tight. Turns out that degree of stress on male hair roots hastens baldness. End of man buns, I expect.)

  119. Oh, the man buns are just starting to pick up steam here in GA. I guess we’re going to be dealing with them for a while. Sigh.

  120. Oh, hey y’all! I wanted to cry because I was at the Hillary rally and there was so much positive energy and a diverse crowd and I was among other Hillary supporters. It was emotionally energizing. And she was brilliant.

  121. Julies, I wish I was there with you. I would have cried my eyes out. We have waiting so long for this second chance with Hillary. So glad you were able to see her before she became, Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  122. julies, that wonderful! I’m so glad you were able to go! What an amazing experience it must have been! 🙂

  123. Julies,

    Envying you up here in the mountains. There’s been an eerie silence for Hills supporters in the face of the deafening Bernie roar (and some dirty tricks at the precinct level).

    Thank you for the window into a more cheerful place. I emailed the woman who organized a fantastic campaign in 2008 in the Research Triangle area for support this time around – she’s been let go from her professional position with a major university, at 60+ years of age, is working contract jobs to keep bills covered until full retirement, and just can’t face the day-to-day sexism we did then, like the bro’s tearing down every lawn sign we put up and emailing death threats to African American co-workers for supporting Hillary.

    Absolutely can’t blame her for not taking part this time, but it’s so good to hear an encouraging word from down off the mountain.

  124. Today, I get to vote for Hillary Clinton in Ohio.

  125. Sue I do too!!!! Second time around but this time it gets to count!!!

  126. I envy you Sue! I just can’t wait to vote.

  127. WOW Jules! Lucky girl!!!

  128. About men’s appearance, they look very scheevy with that stubble they walk around with. What the hell are they thinking. And beards are dirty looking. And Man buns are so damned Fugly. What the hell is wrong with these people.

    As for Bernie’s wife, I’m sorry but she looks like somebody ought to run her through a carwash. If you can’t manage yourself, what the hell CAN you manage.

  129. I’ll put a post up for today with the latest polls.

  130. Sanders sounded demented last night. Todd had a million chances to call him out on his rambling, basically non-answer answers. He almost did it once. Almost. They treat him like grampa at Thanksgiving. Pat him on the head and indulge his blather.

    Matthews is, well EXACTLY the same as he’s ever been. Grilling her about freaking Iraq for 30 minutes. Flipping loon. What short straw did she pull to get stuck with that asshole?

  131. Uh oh I think I swore in my last comment. Would it cause me to be in moderation?

  132. Anyway… voting here in northeast Ohio in a couple hours.
    Can’t. Wait.

    Hillary 2016

  133. NEW POST UP.

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