Super Tuesday, Part 2, Polls and Puke

Thought I would put collection up of  some of the latest polls from Huff Politics. You can click on these polls to make them larger. Please don’t correct me and tell me about all the polls in the world I ‘missed’ for updates. I didn’t miss anything. I just didn’t want to spend the day searching the entire world for polls.  You can do that in the comments.

Overall, these polls provide a good picture and Huffpo does update as soon as they arrive. So no sense beating this to death with just one more poll. Unless of course, it’s dramatically different, in which case it’s probably an outlier. I haven’t included Nate’s predictions as all but one of these primaries is Open and Independents/Republicans aren’t polled by Democratic Pollsters. And we know  all to well about Open Primary hanky-panky. See Michigan.

Also, for your entertainment, I’ve included an ad that we are expected to ignore. Because……just Because…

And I’ve also included a screetch to clear your head.

Please tell me: Why do we hold primaries on the Ides of March?

Florida (Closed Primary) WINNER: HILLARY




North Carolina WINNER: HILLARY




Ohio (Long Live Spring Break!) WINNER: HILLARY


And……….here’s an ad for your “entertainment”. But it’s no big deal, really. Especially if you are a woman with no self-respect – which isn’t really all that important so long as you are a “Good piece of ass”. I mean, it’s not as if all the remarks in this ad are actually obnoxiously indecent for a Presidential candidate,  it’s more that I’m such a “Radical Feminist”. That’s why I’m so “off-base” with my obviously ‘Politically Correct” observation. I just have a lot of nerve being offended by this Special Man. He’s going to be “Great” for women! Obviously. Obviously.

Besides, like they say, this is no big deal. Donald is The Best for the country.



Oh, how I want that guy to be “the candidate”. I mean this.

And now for an assault on your ears from someone who is aware that her husband is in Intensive Care while she is giving this screetch… speech. But hey! The show must go on.




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  1. I obviously missed something. Todd Palin is in Intensive Care? Whassup?

  2. The dumb shit wasted himself on a snowmobile.

    Last I heard, best I can remember is, he’s in intensive care, they were going to do some surgery on his lung or something and he’s pretty beaten up.

    Update: Broken shoulder, broken ribs, broken clavicle, collapsed lung.

    Sarah said, “They’ll duct tape him up and he’ll be good”

  3. Best wishes today to all our posters going out to vote for Hillary. I was so excited to vote for her here in GA! So I know that feeling and truly it is a great one.

    Getting to your point about the polls, PPP does poll Republicans who are voting in the Democratic primary. But I don’t know about the other ones. Can’t blame you though for not including Silver’s projections after he completely doffed Michigan.

  4. Thanks, Up.

    Cat’s outta the bag–Bernie says he just became a Democrat for media coverage and money. We need to bring this hostile takeover of the Dem party to a speedy conclusion.

  5. In addition to Todd Palin’s other fractures, you can add “broken brain”.

    Congratulations, Ga! Wish I could have voted in a real election i.e. not caucus!

  6. One more FL vote for Hillary. At least we do closed primaries here although I am not sure if it compensates for hanging chads. Four people ahead of me at the little town hall, and two little kids. They gave extra “I Voted” stickers for kids and grandkids at home. Small town stuff is kinda fun.

  7. Rebel, I would bet money he threatened to run Independent so they let him run in the D primary to keep him from doing that. He might still do it anyways, as we have learned he is big on Integrity Talk but very short on actual Integrity.

  8. I believe polls as we know them are officially dinosaurs. They cannot call cell phones, they only call landlines. I can’t think of one person under 50 who has a landline. Many people have them just because they are there.

    So, when they poll, they cannot reach a real cross-section of the population. Online polls are useless as they are not secure, and are an invitation to vote often. When dealing with polls, there is no Honor.

    Pollsters are going to have to resolve this problem.

    Secondly, we are talking about open primaries all too often,, they need to be ended. However, till then, polls on Open primaries are also often inaccurate.

  9. LOL Soup. I saw your comment in the other thread about swearing and moderation. Soup, if swearing got us spammed, I’d hardly ever make it to the board.

  10. I want to make some more comments on Bernie. Here is what I think. Remember, Bernie is a die-hard socialist with a affinity for Communism besides. He knows he can’t win this primary but his goal is “Revolution”. That is why he will keep going long after he’s lost. He is collecting useful idiots to riot and otherwise disrupt not only the election, but America in general. he wants fights and violence and anything else it takes for a despot to keep leading his subjects. Mark my word, we won’t hear the last from bernie for a long long time. Eventually he will rouse his crowd to go too far. Something awful will happen. Those of us who are old enough to know understand that when there are riots, it never ends well. This isn’t about a cracked smart phone, this is serious shit. It will be inevitable, as sure as the day is followed by the night. Think Kent State. Only then will Bernie be the pariah he deserves to be. Unfortunately, he won’t be prosecuted for his contribution to violence, injuries and possibly deaths.

  11. Re updating polling for cell phones: if they had a special category for bona fide pollsters, and IF the blighters only used your number less than 3 or 4 times a year, I’d be willing to let them use my phone for text message polling. But that’s all. No damn voice calls grabbing my time when it’s least convenient.

    They’d have to pass separate legislation for something like that, so not gonna happen, I’m guessing.

  12. Agree, Upps. Not looking forward to the Democratic convention. Hillary will receive the nomination and the Bros will turn the floor into a nightmare: “Yo, we’re protesting!”

  13. Quixote, people got sick of what they did swarming landlines. Nobody wants their cell phones used that way. And when left to their honor, solicitors, including pollsters HAVE NO HONOR. People do not want to be imposed upon any longer. I give my cell phone number to NOBODY that isn’t a close friend or relative. I don’t care WHO it is. I got sick of my email address being inundated too. I once had to threaten to contact the CEO of Best Buy to keep them from blowing up my email address. Never again will ANY business get my email address, much less my cell phone. They sell your name as fast as they can. They impose and impose and impose. They’re like the person who crashes your home at dinnertime, only they do it five days a week.

  14. Let them blast the convention. SOme heads will be cracked and they will deserve it. I’d have the Effing National Guard there if I were the party. I tell you it won’t be pretty but they are the ones it won’t be pretty for. At best it will remind people why they should be grateful that the communist bastard isn’t the candidate.

  15. A few years ago I agreed to take a poll. I can’t tell you how badly I was inundated after that by every pollster polling something. Then I realized that hanging up or not answering the phone wasn’t enough. I had to refuse so I could break the chain. And it IS a chain. You take a poll and they pass your name on. You take the next poll, same deal. until they are calling you day and night every single day. So I refused a poll. I had to refuse two more polls, telling them all why. And then it stopped. Stopped cold. It’s a chain, so beware.

  16. Up, I’m sure the deal was the DNC would let him run in primary, and then he’d be a good boy for the general. They never should have believed the shady old bastard.

    I, like you, have real concerns about him and his supporters. Let’s start with all the non-Democrat delegates at what should be Hill’s convention. They have no interest in playing nice. Their interested in causing as much disruption as possible. It’s not hard to forsee 1968 levels of chaos for which the media will blame Hillary.

    And, yes, the focus has been on Trump for the violence we’ve seen so far. But what about Sanders and his “revolutionaries”–especially when they don’t get their way? After all the bullying and intimidation we’ve seen on the internet and social media, does anyone truly think they will suddenly play nice after losing? You’re the only one I’ve heard express these concerns which I totally share. I desperately hope we’re wrong. I very much doubt it.

  17. I hope we’re wrong too. But i wouldn’t bet money on it Rebel.

  18. Please click this!

  19. Almost cried filling in that little oval! One more for our girl here in Ohio. Go Hillary!

    OMG that tweet above! HAHAHA! Perfection.

  20. I was able to see part of the Ohio event which was essentially a rally for Hillary, called “Ohio Unity Dinner” or something similar. Anyway, it was heartening. Sherrod Brown said some very positive things about Hillary, and his confidence that she would do a great job, and had the right ideas on manufacturing and trade. He said that he told Bill Clinton that she was the best candidate for President he had seen in his lifetime, and that Bill seemed to agree.

    If Hillary picks Brown for VP, and Brown will do it, she could perhaps get 60% of the vote. Brown would neutralize the issues of trade or lost jobs; he has impeccable credentials as a supporter of workers and unions. Brown is smart and he is dedicated. He also helps bring in the people who don’t think that Hillary is liberal enough. And, to be very optimistic, he could be the nominee in eight years. I cannot think of a better long-term possibility. So I do hope that Hillary is not dissuaded by advisors, or picks Castro, who has obvious deficiencies in experience, and looks like a diversity pick. Clinton-Brown is a devastating ticket!

  21. Melissa Mc Ewan: “Sanders is running as a Democrat against the Democratic party…what an aggressively indecent thing to do.”

    I agree, William. That’s the ticket!

  22. OMG. I was sitting here on lovely day, minding my own business, when a trio, two millenials and the mom of one, sit don and start talking about Bernie. The mom just said that non-white men just can’t be bothered to vote and the millenials just nodded and said “except for college students.” Now they are mocking Hillary and it is all I can do not to get up and dump my lunch in their laps.

  23. Loved the top post, Upps.

    Sister Sarah, sad that you are so energized on supporting such a bigot pig. You seem to have a good man, too bad you feel the need to pump up a creep over him.

    Ready to roll and see Hillary collect all those votes and delegates.

    CNN keeps saying that Dems are voting for a Rethug to try and stop Trump. If these are Bernie supporters, then maybe they will counter balance all the GOP voters that will vote for Bernie to try and stop Hillary? Cross contamination.

    Come on Hillary, you go girl!!!!!!!

  24. I am so darn ticked off that CA doesn’t get to vote until the end of the freakin’ line. June 7th! Hillary will probably already have won the delegate count by then, and CA has the most delegates in the country, by far, 475!!!!!

    Hillary won in 2008, so Bernie would not win our state.

    Rant over, moving on…almost.

  25. I’m a bit concerned about North Carolina. I don’t think Hillary is going to lose, but Bernie put out a big graphic today on Twitter telling kids under 18 they can still vote as long as they’ll be 18 but the general election. This is true, however you must have already been registered. The graphic also says if you’re a college student you can either vote in your home state or where you are studying. This is also true, but again you also have to have changed your registration to the place you are studying. I’m foreseeing a lot of confusion and provisional ballots in store for North Carolina if the Bernie followers actually listen to his advice. I’m also anticipating accusations that somehow Hillary controls the polls here and try to have Sanders voters stopped because of the above-mentioned rules.

  26. It’s pissing me off that voters are playing this stupid games with their votes, especially in states where all you have to do is say NAFTA and the morons start howling. I *hope* they cancel each other out. Ugh.
    Was extremely happy to hear Sherrod Brown and really good defense and endorsement of Hillary on trade issues these recent days. Wish he’d been doing it a little longer. And in places like Cleveland and Youngstown.

  27. Shadowfax, unfortunately, Sanders supporters have no interest in anything political outside Sanders. I doubt that a single one of them will vote in the Republican primary. I would not be surprised if some of them are trying to convince Hillary supporters to vote for Kasich in the other primary. I think that Hillary will win Ohio, if too many people do not cross over, like they did in Michigan. Besides, I don’t want to run against Kasich, anyway. Let the Republicans worry about it.

  28. Sad part is Begalia said she was against NAFTA at the time but hey, she was First Lady.

    I think she will win Ohio. I also think CNN is seeking out Democrats who are voting for Trump and Bernie. It’s too canned to suit me. And Wolf is about to “interview” Bernie.

    And finally


  29. Meh, 17 year olds are generally lazy. We’ve already had cases where he didn’t increase the voting pool. These college kids want to have fun at rallies and yell and scream a lot but when it comes to actual work…..not so much.

    I remember when the Obama Girl didn’t vote. lol

  30. You know, Shadow, I was thinking of that. A state as big as CA and they’ve turned them into inconsequential. I understand that they let the small populus states go first but it’s ridiculous to even imagine they are a picture of what America looks like. The Whitest States in the country go first!!! WTF.

  31. Yes, a college student can vote in his or her home state. Problem is, what are the chances their home state is one of the five voting today?

  32. William, I live in Ohio and you are singing my song with Clinton-Brown!

  33. I’m telling you, Trump is the best choice for Hillary to run against!

  34. Glad you like the post shadow, but I only have one thing to say about today:


    It’s ALLLLLL about delegates. The sooner Hillary reaches the requirement, the sooner the press will be forced to treat Bernie like a side show.

  35. Jules, interesting that they are talking about “Non White” people. and typical. Bernie and Trump or two sides of the same coin. White Man’s candidate.

  36. julies, I’m sorry I wasn’t sitting next to you – I would have said something. I think when confronted by BernieBot numbskulls, one should interrupt (nicely) and engage (nicely – even though you want them to wear your lunch) Here are two things one should ask:

    “He’s been a Senator HOW many years? And what has he accomplished?”

    “If she is SO much like a Republican, why have the Republicans spent the last 20+ years trying – and failing – to destroy her. By your logic, they would LOVE her to be president, wouldn’t you say?”

    (I know it will be hard, but try not to ask these questions in a “Head Nurse In The Mental Hospital” voice)

  37. Well, my 78 YO mother and 88 YO father just voted in Ohio. They live in the southern part of the state and my mother reported a lot of people wearing red and Trump signs lining the path to the polling place. My parents however both voted for Hillary. They have been surrounded for years by the Republican hordes.

  38. Thank you so much “soupcity”, for you Ohio vote.

  39. Don’t forget, crappy polls go the other way too….they underestimated Clinton in SC by about 15%……they do go both ways……I suspect a bit of herding went on this week after Michigan spooked them…..however i suspect a lot of Sanders voters will tonight vote in the GOP primary against Trumpty Dumpty.

    We’ll find out later.

  40. A FB friend just posted this essay as his ‘update’. I thought it was too good not to share.

    The Bernie Bros. and their misogyny are real, and not only that kind of overt misogyny but the “principled” condemnations of Hillary’s ethics, and damnation of her “establishment” credentials pretty much are too.

    Those are the people who uphold Bernie as the prince of principle and champion of the interests of the working class. A tenable position, but for it to be really important, Hillary has to be demonized. Otherwise, the differences are not that great. They are only differences of approach and of degree: the difference between somebody who plans to win and proposes to govern and somebody who is painting word pictures of life in the green and pleasant land we’ll have if the Republicans magically disappear thanks the geyser of uplifted hearts and awakened principles that turn every red voter purple and every blue voter who might otherwise favor Hillary a TRUE blue voter who is for Bernie.

    For the purpose of making that narrative convincing, nothing will do but demonization, so everything critical of Hillary that has ever been promulgated is true, true, true. But why, one wonders, is all of that so easily believed? Why should Hillary get the benefit of no doubt whatsoever as to her inner beliefs?

    Well, the answer is that she’s a woman. And a politician, and good one, and a player, and a power. And a woman isn’t supposed to be those things. It’s unwomanly. She’s ALREADY inauthentic, every time she steps up to any microphone. You can believe anything of her. She gave birth, which is not what a Senator and Secretary of State do, so that must have been inauthentic, and the child herself is a pawn. Why is she talking about families so much? It can’t be sincere, or she wouldn’t have held high office, she’s be sitting on charity boards or hosting teas. That’s what women with domestic causes do.
    And she fooled us, see. We first met her as somebody’s wife, and she didn’t let that define her forever. She want high office on her own hook, based on her own talents. So every time she put on a pretty dress, she was leading us down the garden path. We knew she was a woman, with all that implies, and then, damn, she was running for a Senate seat. And it wasn’t even a seat just vacated by her husband.

    Yeah, yeah, we know she’s smart and all that. That just make her more sinister. Anything she does that a male might do is automatically unfemale, and automatically reinforces the narrative of her essential inauthenticity. If she should ever say anything regrettable, as a male might do, it isn’t just a gaffe, it’s proof that she’s a fraud. if she apologizes for it, she’s inconsistent, cynical, a flip-flopper, a weathervane, and therefore inauthentic, again, a fraud. Behavior that doesn’t surprise us from any male (Bernie’s slippery gun votes, for instance) prove nothing about the male except that he’s a politician, which men are supposed to be. If she does it, she’s not a politician, she’s a “pol”–and corrupt, phony, untrustworthy. Because she’s a female.

    This isn’t new. I remember Nancy Pelosi coming in for a lot of it as well. It infuriated men that she got to give men orders, and they wouldn’t shut up about alleged Botox (the Republicans tried to feminize Kerry by alleging Brotox there), which went from being a simple cosmetic thing (like Reagan’s decades-long hair dying) to proof of frivolity, phoniness, tawdriness, EVIL!!!!

    And way too many female voters are proving themselves unworthy of their gender by the same oppressive behavior. It’s dismaying. The female Ben Carsons who denounce Hillary instead of Obama should be ashamed of their own nonsense as well. I hope Hillary succeeds, and that by succeeding, she dispels all this sexist mythology. But that didn’t happen with Obama, did it? The racist mythology got cranked up even more, and became an industry.

    Well, Clinton-bashing has been an industry for a long time, and now the Democrats are doing it in their own annex to the main building. But they’re saying what any Republican would say as well, about her character– that it’s black, low, mean and dangerous. They just find different proofs of it (the Iraq vote, support for trade deals). These aren’t just unfortunate stands she can walk away from. They are signs of personal malevolence. All roads lead to Rome, and whether she’s too liberal or too conservative, it’s all grist for the same sorry mill.

  41. William-Sweet Sue,
    Who si Brown?

  42. OMG where did Trump get that Adriana Cohen??!!! They were talking about the ad in this post with Trump talking filth about women. And guess what she answers? She doesn’t understand why everybody is ……….getting………their panties in a bunch. CNN said, OH WOW.


    Then they talked about all the hate speech and she says Hillary said in a debate last year that her enemies were The Republicans (remember she said that with a laugh?). Anyways Adriana and her Panties says that they are sick of the………are you ready………”Double Standard”.

    Melissa with the gun cartridge necklace got her butt toned down. Looks like this one needs the same course. Either we’ll see a lot of her again……or we will never see her again.

  43. OK got it. Sherrod Brown, Ohio Senator as posible running mate…

  44. Seems like it would be Brown in the end. A bit left for me but he can bring in Ohio.

  45. Damn but I wish Cory Booker was from an important election state.

  46. GWM I wouldn’t bother engaging Bernie Barn Animals. YOu can’t ask them that question because their answer will be how awful Hillary is. You never get an answer to a specific question from those useful idjits.

  47. Oh I’m glad the Equality Pac endorsed her. Very timely and helpful.

  48. I am so glad I voted today for Clinton. I think Florida will go big for her and if I’m right Florida is the death blow for Bernie. I will be so happy to say that Bernie Berned Out 😀

  49. Well, it seems to me that if Bernie is still having to remind his voters to show up or how they can vote the numbers are not looking good for him today. Besides the entire state of Ohio is on Spring Break along with a lot of other colleges in a lot of other states.

  50. Upps
    A state as big as CA and they’ve turned them into inconsequential.

    Yup Upps, if CA voted today, BottaBing! Bernie would be out on his butt, and it would be game over for the Burnouts.

  51. Flvoter, yes, looking at the delegates that are going to be awarded and Florida being the big haul yeah, she really could wipe Bernie out with that one state because even if he wins MO he’s not going to win big. See that’s Bernie’s problem. Outside of NH he can’t seem to get any big wins. A tie is the best he can get.

  52. Breaking: McConnell Told Donald Trump He Ought To Discourage Violence At Rallies

  53. I have heard a lot of dems in Ohio are voting Kasich tonight to stop Trump…..I have no idea how this impacts either Clinton or the old bastard.

  54. Moonpluto who is saying the Dems are voting to stop Trump? I mean where is that being reported?

  55. I was speaking to my nephew who’s 24 years old. He told me that his friends were all supporting Bernie. However he also told me that they were registered as NPA no party affiliation in Florida so none of them can vote in the Democratic Primary! He did not inform them that they needed to register as democrats to vote today. Oh well, too bad, so sad.

  56. NPA in a FL primary. That’s pretty darn funny.

  57. Hi all, Bernie has to remind them to vote because their lazy and easily distracted. Then there’s Spring break and NCAA March Madness play offs start at 4 PM today. You know the Bern bros got to party for that!!. Tee hee hee..

  58. I’m not trusting anything pundits or pollsters say tonight after the crap they pulled last week, especially that “decision desk” lot.

  59. I don’t understand why Ohio dems would throw away their votes like that. If they want to “stop Trump,” the best way would be to insure that he runs against Hillary. If the general is Trump or Sanders, the normal people might well just sit this one out.

  60. Socal, sanders and Trump, I would sit that one out myself. In fact I’d sit out Sanders and any of those clowns.

  61. Hahaha FLVoter. What a bunch of dumb shits.

  62. Moon I would think the more mature voters would cross over. It’s all to complex for Bernie Bros and besides, they wouldn’t miss voting for their Bro. And besides, it’s spring break!

  63. Just a friendly less frazzle our already frazzled nerves…CSPAN starts their coverage at 7:00pm tonight. Their not great, but far less aggravating than CNN, FOX or MSNBC.

  64. Also, this link gets the results faster than any of the government sites:

  65. Thanks for those links Voting.

    Hey, all these election days, are in honor of your blog name. 😉

  66. Polls close in Fla at 7? I was going to ask!

    How about Ohio, etc. When do polls close?

  67. Ok you ferrets. Get out there and find out when the polls in all the states close. *starts stop watch* lol

  68. This may be a good sign for tonight….

    76% of Democratic voters today see Clinton’s policies as realistic, versus 56% for Sanders:

  69. Most of Florida closes at 7, however the panhandle does not close until 8pm, so no call until then.

    NC and Ohio first at 7.30.

  70. Apparently Hillary campaign people noting that there are a substantial number of Democrats, even up to 15%, requestiing Republican ballots. That of course is because they want to vote for Kasich over Trump. But that obviously is not at all helpful, as I figure that most of them would have voted for Hillary. As Annie said above, this is foolish of them, because the best thing for them to do is to vote for Hillary, get her to the nomination, and she will beat Trump. Perhaps the Hillary campaign should have specifically talked about this in the various rallies. Until these awful crossover primaries are stopped, this kind of thing plays havoc with the outcomes.

  71. That is referring to Ohio vote, of course.

  72. William, another point of view on that tonight is, that they are the many GOP voters who went Dem in 2008 and 2012 and naturally went back to GOP this time….who knows, we will soon find out.

  73. I’ll be glad if Hillary wins Ohio outside of NC and Florida. More than anything I want the barn animals to go away but today is not going to do it I’m afraid.

  74. The polls in most of Florida close at 7pm but part of the panhandle will be at 8pm due to central time zone.

  75. Moononpluto, you could be right, but I think these are registered Democrats crossing over. And I don’t think that many Ohioans who voted for Obama in the general election last time, would go back to being a Republican this time; I certainly hope not, anyway. I think that these are well-meaning people who are scared of Trump, and figure that if he wins their state, he will be the certain nominee, so they are trying to hurt him. But by so doing, they of course hurt Hillary and help Sanders. And we all know that the media will never ultimately ascribe the result to this anomaly.

  76. No one is in any doubt that Florida is an easy Clinton win tonight…….the question is how big is the win?

    I don’t believe Sanders will do that well in NC……

    I’m just not sure about the other 3, the waters have been muddied now all week and it could be absolutely anything…….I still dont trust the polls or pundits there and i dont think they know jack shit either.

  77. Don’t forget with Ohio, it may look like Hillary is pegging even or down a bit, Cuyahoga reports dead last ALWAYS, Columbus and Cinninati always bring it home at the end for the candidate. Rule of thumb is, if she is close or level pegging before Cuyahoga, she will win.

  78. Axelbutt just said, Hillary Clinton has won more delegates than Obama EVAHHHH did at this point.

  79. In 15 min, FLA will close it’s polls.

  80. I’m staying away from CNN. They were simply awful last time.

  81. Are these all delegate split states tonight?

  82. Yes we split delegates. It’s the Democratic way. Everybody gets a prize.

  83. Upps, rats!

  84. My stomach has butterflies. Will def turn on cspan. Must go make soup now, my sis-in-law just had surgery.

  85. The Democratic Party better get its act together after this fiasco. They let a socialist/commie run on their ticket, which is a waste of the donors $ imo. Then there is the split delegates–what is the point of having super delegates to make sure that the voters don’t choose another loser if you are then going to share the pledged delegates with them? (Hope that makes sense)

  86. just seen some dem exit polls saying Clinton will win Ohio, florida, NC and tied in Illinois….nothing on Missouri.

  87. Oh wouldn’t THAT be awesome!

  88. FL closes at 7pm, OH and NC are at 7:30pm..others at 8:30pm

  89. socal I still believe the party had no choice. Knowing the kind of creep he is, I am sure Sanders threatened to run Independent.

  90. Nice of you to do that for your sis in law, socal. I just had some of my veggie soup. Good day for it here.

  91. Broward County website has Clinton 75-24% there after 101k votes counted;

  92. I’m with you Moon. There’s enough of a spread in FL and NC to know what is going to happen. As for the rest of them I have no idea.

  93. Hope that’s right, but of course I’ll never forget 2004 and very favorable Kerry exit polls. Win FL, NC, and OH, and it’s a great night.

  94. blowout

    Early votes in Pinellas (St. Pete) have Hillary up 65-32. Doesn’t look like there will be a #FLPrimary Dem upset

  95. My Minestrone. Selling bowls now.

  96. Hillary way ahead in FL with 7% of the vote

  97. Pundits and pollsters now saying Clinton is going to have a very big Florida win.

  98. Whoa I bet she’s gonna kick his ass out of Florida!

  99. PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls 35s35 seconds ago

    PublicPolicyPolling Retweeted WCHL & Chapelboro

    Will be surprised if North Carolina is not called for Clinton the second the polls closed

  100. Clinton is hitting 70 percent of the early vote in Osceola, where a lot of Democrats are Hispanic.

  101. Soup looks good, but already ate my chicken, Rice a Roni, garlic croissant and cantelope. Good thing I am wearing sweatpants!

  102. WTF is up with CNN’s website, not put any numbers up at all……

  103. Florida is a massacre…

    Duval (JAX) – Clinton +42 (lot of AfAm)

  104. Wow Florida is going to be a bitch slap for Bernie.

  105. look at that lead in Florida and we aint even gone near miami yet……..

  106. jesus christ……

    Clinton wins the Miami-Dade early vote 80-19. Wins Broward 75-24. This is a rout.

  107. Yeehaw
    Bernie’s ass is getting kicked all over FLA!

    66% H

    31% S

  108. bloody hell

    Very large leads for Clinton in FL’s biggest counties: +60% in Miami-Dade, +30-34% in Pinellas & Hillsborough, +50/52% in Broward/West Palm.

  109. Our girl is going to clean up in FL with delegates.

  110. Gotta go home, keep up the good work.

  111. exit polls looking good for NC and Ohio for Hillary

  112. i think the NC exit poll is way off underestimating Hillary…..

  113. Trouble sign for Sanders in Ohio: He’s only winning white voters 51-49% — was 56-42% in Michigan

  114. looking good for Clinton, she’s winning mahong county by more than she did in 2008.

  115. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 58s59 seconds ago Brooklyn, NY

    Clinton’s up by 30 pts in North Carolina in the early vote, 36 pts in FL. If it held, that would cancel all of Sanders’ wins this year.

    Dave Wasserman ‏@Redistrict 2m2 minutes ago

    Based on what we’re seeing in FL & NC, there’s zero evidence Bernie Sanders has carried momentum from MI into tonight’s contests.

  116. Ahead in N Carolina.

  117. Ohio is looking pretty for Clinton……leading in every county coming in so far, that is good news.

  118. Clinton up a ton w/ some very early number of votes in Mahoning Co. ohio(Youngstown). Economically depressed whites but also sig. black pop.

  119. I’m freaking out here!

  120. CSpan doing great job

  121. I do think she is going to win Ohio, the big centres have not even reported and she is winning every county at this point, i know its small but its good.

  122. Hillary is whalloping Cuyahoga county 73/26….she is so winning Ohio.

  123. I wonder how Florida divvies up its delegates?

  124. Hillary wins Florida

  125. When this is over, please take the time to visit John Smart’s comments, where Allesandro, AKA Daily Puma once more insults Hillary’s “followers” which translates into women. He’s been banned by some women bloggers included me, and he NEVER stops whining about being a victim. Damned women won’t take his orders. I gave him my two cents and you should too.

  126. looking at ohio, i aint trusting any of their exit polls so far.

  127. Clinton wins NC .

  128. FLA called for Hillary.

  129. finally….

    NBC calls North Carolina for Hillary Clinton

  130. Ohio really slow

  131. i have to wonder if these exit polls are way off and underestimating Hillary, maybe herding take place………they certainly dont look right at present.

  132. Rubio drops out.

  133. Rubio is gone

  134. I’m feeling pretty damn good. How’s everyone?
    Hoping Ohio keeps pulling thru. Go Hillary!!

  135. C’mon, Hillary! Send the windbag back to VT so I can donate to whomever is going to primary him.

  136. i’m praying that lead in Ohio holds……

  137. I´m not watching any news just yet…
    How ´s everything?

  138. Whoa

    BREAKING: Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic primary in Ohio. @AP race call at 8:38 p.m. EST.

  139. Steve Kornacki ‏@SteveKornacki 2m2 minutes ago

    NBC calls Ohio for Clinton


  140. Sweet, moon.

  141. Ohio called for Hillary!!!

  142. Yay Ohio!!! I was worried about that.


  144. OMG yay!!! OH-IO!!! HAHAHA!

  145. I hope she ends up winning all 5

  146. I suspect if Hillary has won Ohio its because Sanders voters went over to stop Trump

  147. Me too! If she wins all five, the media isn’t going to bother giving him much attention. He’d be toast. Of course he will continue to look toward Rioting.

  148. “For everyone here in Ohio and across America who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out, and for everyone who has stumbled but stood right back up, and for everyone who works hard and never gives up, this one is for you.”

  149. Clinton tops 1 million votes in Florida…….

  150. Clintons lead in Illinois just jumped to 27’000

  151. “For everyone here in Ohio and across America who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out, and for everyone who has stumbled but stood right back up, and for everyone who works hard and never gives up, this one is for you.”

    Ohhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  152. CNN just called it Hillary in Ohio

    finally, thats it, he’s done.

  153. Great news! Totally stops Sanders’ narrative.

  154. i am beginning to think the pollsters overjigged their models following Michigan……..

  155. Hillary’s on now.

  156. Sanders is dead in the water after tonight, it is over. If she pulls out the other two, he may as well suspend.

  157. Clinton now up 32’000 in Illinois….can she win this?

  158. 40K up in Illinois now, can this hold?

  159. So far Hillary wins big in FL, NC and OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    So glad she didn’t get hosed by the cross over vote in Ohio!

    She looks happy, and damn, she earned it.

    I am so happy and proud of Hillary!

  160. what the other two?

  161. Hillary is on fire. Hearing them cheer makes me want to cry.

  162. LOL: #GoodbyeRubioTuesday

  163. My Gawd, she’s ahead in Missouri AND Illinois!

  164. I came home and put on my Hillary t-shirt, and she just quoted what is written on it. “For everyone who’s ever been counted out, but refused to be knocked out….”

  165. ohio adjusted upwards to bigger Clinton win…………pollsters really did herd again after michigan.

  166. Bernie outspent Hillary 3/1 in the last few weeks, and she kicked his ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Clinton is now 53’000 ahead in Illinois, she might eek this out…..

  168. I am giddy!

  169. Im beggining to think she’s gonna take Illinois.

  170. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 1m1 minute ago Brooklyn, NY

    The results from the few reported areas of rural MO do not make it seem like Sanders can survive a big C margin in StL/KC, if she wins one

  171. I know the feeling Shadow. I was in tears when I saw Ohio. Sooooooooooo symbolic!

  172. Belle, she’s ahead in Missouri and Illinois right now, but the returns are not all in yet. Too early.

  173. I’m so excited, this looks to be a great night! Thank you all wonderful Hillary voters!

  174. Uppity, his margin in rurals of illinois are not big, she’s almost 55K ahead with almost 50% in……..i’m not sure he has enough.

  175. Clinton 100K+ ahead in Ohio….

  176. Thank God, Ohio!
    I was worried about those reports about Democrats voting for Kasich to stop Trump; and, then when my husband and I went to vote, I saw so many young pups and pupettes.

  177. Thanks Upps.
    Mo very slow…
    I´m very nervous, I do not want to watch TV, I get angry with too many jerkos…

  178. So loved the shout out to the Ohio 08 speech! What a great night she’s having.

  179. CNN says Hillary had a “Pretty good” night. Yup. Pretty good.

  180. According to CNN, not that they would get it right because Hillary is winning, the delegate count is 100 Hillary, 56 Bernie. Don’t know what they’re NOT counting yet.

  181. Clintons lead in Illinois is 60K now, wondering what they are holding out for…..

  182. Why the phuck, do the men on CNN, Wolf and Cooper get so damn excited every time Trump wins a state…yet when Hillary wins the biggest states with the largest populations, they say, almost disappointed that she won tonight too.

  183. just remember, there is nothing of St louis in yet whatsoever………

  184. Drudge really hates her after what he just posted on Twitter, he can go fuck himself the mysoginistic bastard.

  185. Still ahead in Illinois. Hey you wanna see what Bernouts are saying at Bernie Central?

  186. the exit polls are now pointing to a clinton win in Illinois.

  187. I looked at that reddit site. That was unpleasant.

  188. Drudge is one of those women hating gays like Andrew Sullivan. I’ve met a few of them in my life. They’re almost like I’m gay therefore I can’t just choose to love other men I have to hate women as part of the package. Fortunately they seem to be a very tiny minority.

  189. moon:
    NYT reporting 50% for the Burn, with 44% in…
    Does Hill still have a chance in Mo?

  190. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 42s42 seconds ago Brooklyn, NY

    Sanders’ path in Illinois is looking pretty tough. Not faring well enough outside of Cook County.

  191. yes, she does, St Louis will decide it, it has not reported a thing yet and its heavily AA.

  192. I’m tickled. Decidedly tickled. If she were male, all those male commentators would be talking about how the race is over. As it is, I’ll be curious to hear how they shade it. “Clinton? Oh, yeah. I hear she won a few states. But back to the real issue here, we need to know what color socks Kasich was wearing that gave him the blowout win in Ohio.” Something like that, no doubt.

  193. Upps, yes the comments on Sander’s supporters is pretty entertaining. This one caught my eye –

    “Honestly, it’s that fucking youth vote. No one turns out to vote my age, it’s really shameful. Maybe spring break affected that too.”

  194. Well, reality is starting to hit some of the reddit people. A few of them were saying we have to win 60% in every state from now on to get the nomination. While they can do that in caucuses the problem is big states like NY and PA that are CLOSED primaries there’s no way they’re going to get 60% and probably will get numbers closer to what they got in FL today.

  195. CNN exit poll is now showing a Clinton win….

  196. I never read Drudge. He’s just a shill for the GOP, they hand him his orders daily. Cockroach with a tabloid-looking website that’s so crude, it reminds me of sites created with no tools in 1998.

  197. CNN exit poll is now showing a Clinton win….in missouri

  198. Shadow, CNN is Trump Central. It gets the ratings I guess. After all, it’s been a constant run of The Apprentice with Donald as one of the contestants.

  199. don’t think anyone is showing Bernies speech tonight…….

  200. Wow! Moon! St Louis in yet?

  201. I think she’ll win both Illinois and Missouri, not enough out there for Sanders in Missouri and St louis has not even started to report…..

  202. Okay, I’m biting my nails on MO.

  203. so much for the exit poll,it had Hillary up 6 in Ohio , she is winning it +13

  204. Gawd Cruz is talking FOREVER, are you listening to this asshole? He’s acting like he won something? Is he a crazy delusional narcissist or what? He can’t stop hearing himself talk! It’s hilarious! And CNN is covering this LOSER.

  205. I JUST GOT HOME!! YAHOOO!! I had to work late! What great news! I’ve got to find the victory speech in Ohio!!! Yayyyyyy!!! Walking on clouds!

  206. Bernie is winning MO, moon…on CNN???

  207. Oh, I see the missing votes in Missouri, are places Hillary is winning…so she could still pull that state off. Fingers crossed.

  208. If she does that, it will be SOOOOOOOOO WONDERFULLLLLLLLLLLL

  209. Welcome home, imust. Glad we have fabulous* news for you!

    *If you’re CNN, that’s “pretty good news”
    If you’re Tweety, it “isn’t bad.”

  210. Tonight’s donation to Hillary’s campaign felt sweet, sweet, sweet! I invite you all to feel this damn good.

  211. (Uppity, when I click Twitlinks to your status page, I get told I’m not authorized. I don’t have a FB account and won’t be getting one. Is that why? No big deal. Just curious why it won’t show what you’re pointing us to.)

  212. Sanders is gonna win Missouri by the looks of it, Sorry folks but by very very little.

  213. Moon – I think she’s got IL…. This morning I was hoping for her taking 3 out of 5 – but I’m happy.

  214. i take that back…CNN fucked up the numbers in St louis……she could still do it.

  215. Hillary can still ketch up with Burn in Missouri per CNN

    I would love to see Hillary run a clean sweep.

  216. Yeah looks like she has Illinois really, its all her areas now…

  217. CNN saying only a little more than half of St Louis counted.

  218. It’s the maths. It doesn’t really matter who wins the last two because it’s so close. The ones she already won were better margins.

  219. Fantastic night! Am so grateful to all the HIllary supporters!

  220. He’s probably going to take Missouri. Meh

    Conversely she will take Illinois, which means all those millions he spent against hillary with NEGATIVE ads weren’t worth shit. They didn’t believe the old bullshitter.

  221. SophieCT, I mailed off another contribution this morning. It always feel good to contribute in that way. I’d like to save just enough under the maximum to go to one big Hillary event in CA.

    Great night; too bad that CNN spends all of its time talking about Trump. Democratic turnout still is less than Republican turnout in every primary, somewhat of a concern. But hopefully this is mostly a factor of the larger Republican field.

    We should be able to hold Illinois, maybe lose Missouri by a few thousand votes. Couldn’t have imagined much better, particularly those tremendous margins in Florida and Ohio.

  222. Thanks Sophie! Good to come home to some great news! Wow! But if I just depended on CNN, I wouldn’t know Hillary won anything!

  223. Dang Quixote. I tweeted to Ted Cruz this:

    Why do you keep making speeches as if you won something? You truly love hearing yourself talk! @tedcruz #narcissist

  224. Yes we have to all go and donate to Hillary tonight!

  225. Raise your glass Uppityites and LOYAL Hillary supporters!!
    Hillary glasses

  226. Sorry, but I thought this was pretty funny:

  227. I’m calling it now, Hillary wins Illinois.

  228. WOW, Bernie just announced in AZ if Congress doesn’t do it’s job (ie: give him his way) he will do it by executive order. What an asshole.

  229. What is doing in AZ with five big primaries going on elsewhere? Also, his wifes visit with Sheriff Joe didn’t go over well.

  230. Does Bernie still think he’s gonna be president???? What a whacko

  231. What was Jane doing with Sheriff Joe socal, I didn’t hear about it.

  232. Clinton less than 5k behind now and lots of St louis still to come in.

  233. Oh, I see. He’s gonna ignore the fact that he was slammed today. Focusing on AZ March 22. He’s still attacking HRC on speeches, Iraq vote. I really can’t stand him at all.

    A projector showing early returns from the states voting Tuesday was quickly shut off as supporters waited for Sanders to speak. The Vermont Senator stressed how hard it can seem to make progress in the United States, citing the struggles of the labor, civil rights and women’s suffrage movements.

    As if he’s done anything to help those causes! Jeez. And as for women’s suffrage, finally have a woman so close to the nomination for president, and he wants to screw it up.

  234. I’m more convinced she pulls outs Missouri now.

  235. Race in Missouri is even tighter. 49.9% Sandman, 49.0% for Hillary

    IL, Hillary 50.6%, Sandcrab 48.6%

  236. CNN – Hillary wins Illinois.

  237. Come on Missouri, its only you now……..its official 4 wins tonight.

  238. It’s not just St.Louis, but Jackson County also. She just may pull this out.

  239. Hillary wins IL

  240. Wooohoooo!!! It really is a SUPER Tuesday! 4 states! Yeowza!!!!! Go Hillary!

  241. 4 wins out of 5 so far…come on Hillary, do a clean sweep.

  242. Hillary has won 58% of the pledged delegates. Per Brazillenut.

  243. Clinton only 1000 behind in Missouri with Jackson and st louis county still to come in.

  244. Well tonight turned out way better than we hoped…….ohio polls were way off. turned out its at least a +14

  245. Awwwww hillary’s keeping the old man up late lolol

  246. Hey! Some of us old men want to get to sleep! 😀

    Interesting evening at my gym. All the guys in the locker room (about eight, mostly in their thirties) were up and buzzing about Hillary’s (then) three wins. They were all delighted the way things were going. Who knew there were HillBros?

  247. I emailed Clinton with Bernie’s “executive order” comment…hope she uses that against him for the next states. NOT HOW OUR COUNTRY WORKS.

  248. Wow. Where is that last 2% of MO?

  249. I think Clinton is about to take a 2k lead in Missouri……..

  250. Yup she did, she’s leading Missouri, she’s gonna win it.

  251. Holding my breath, Moon…

  252. only Jackson to come in now and she is leading there, she will definitely win missouri now.

    Calling it now, she wins all 5,

  253. OMG she’s ahead

  254. Moon, what station are you watching? You must be sitting somewhere that get’s all the tv and internet signals before CA.

  255. Hillary now up by 02 of vote. C’mon, Missouri!

  256. told ya…

    Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 30s30 seconds ago Brooklyn, NY

    Clinton goes ahead in the AP count by 1,199 votes with 99% counted. A few precincts left in Jackson County, where Clinton leads

    and the old gasbag is still going on about his political revolution…..face it you lost all 5 tonight, so STFU.

  257. Sanders spent a shitload of dollars, like 20 million into these 5 states and lost the entire lot…….hahahahaha

    hard cheese, spending like a drunk whore with a sailors wallet.

  258. Seriously, Missouri is mad crazy on both sides tonight.

  259. Moon

    and the old gasbag is still going on about his political revolution…..face it you lost all 5 tonight, so STFU.

    😆 😆

    Bernie spent about 7 million more to lose. Hehaw.

  260. Its over

    The 2016 Democratic primary effectively ended Tuesday night

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The 2016 Democratic primary effectively ended Tuesday night, with Hillary Clinton as the all-but-certain winner but Bernie Sanders barely acknowledging it.

    For Clinton, a narrow win in Illinois and double-digit victories across the battleground states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio provided deliverance from a humbling loss in Michigan a week earlier and finally gave her the space to begin her pivot to Donald Trump and the general election. That left the Vermont senator to deliver his standard 60-minute stemwinder in Phoenix without mentioning a single defeat.

    After noting that she now has a 300-delegate lead – which will make it essentially impossible for Sanders to catch up given the rules of the Democratic process — Clinton turned her attention to the front-runner for the Republican nomination.

    “Our commander-in-chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it,” she told her energetic supporters.

    “When we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all Muslims from entering the United States,” Clinton said, discussing Trump’s most outrageous policies, “when he embraces torture, that doesn’t make him strong, it makes him wrong.”

  261. Amazing rally to win Missouri. Great night!!

  262. Michigan was either a fluke, or the Burnouts and GOP added cross contamination.

  263. Crack the champagne, we just railroaded the old gasbag out of town on a big fat rail……….Political revolution, my ass…….Political blotivation, more like it.

  264. Michigan was definitely interference, you know it and we all know it.

    Doesn’t work so well when Clinton wins Dems.Couldn’t swamp it with your goons or they all went and got pissed at spring break.

  265. about fuckin time

    NBC calls Clinton the apparent winner in Missouri

  266. ROFL! Sandman, Sandcrab! Perfect!

  267. CNN you can’t compare Sanders now to Clinton in 2008! Stupid Jake Tapper!

  268. I’m so happy! Clean sweep!

  269. I bet Sanders lot were sitting watching those numbers come in for Missouri and thought they won it and then Hillary just snuck up and grabbed it, the looks on their faces must be priceless.

  270. Expect Sanders challenges to the vote first thing tomorrow. Congrats to Hillary….5 for 5 tonight.

  271. We’re doing jobs for Bernie on twitter. Hilarious.

  272. Brazillenut bragging about Hillary’s win in FL, more votes than Trump got in his ‘home’. Leave it to Cooper to cut her off, as his mind drools over his man crush.


  273. Holy crap. .02 win for Hillary….01 for Trump. Let the recounts begin!

  274. Has Missouri been called anywhere definitively?

  275. MSNBC said she “Probably” won. CNN calling it a “Virtual tie”. Of course it would be a win if it were Bernie.

  276. HuffPo called it for Hillary

  277. New Post up.

  278. @moonpluto LOL I wish I could have seen that.

    Yeah the NYTimes, HuffPo and WAPo, Guardian still have not called MO for Hillary. But our girl did good. Grand slam tonight. Gonna celebrate!

  279. Congratulations Hillary, you did us proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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