It’s too bad Hillary doesn’t Generate “Excitement” Like Bernie Does…

The title must be why she won 5 out of 5 last night. And that must be why she has more votes than any other candidate in this primary season. Because nobody wants to vote for her.

Here’s Bernie’s attending bros removing him from the stage last night.


Because Bernie Felt The Bern.



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  1. LOL, Feel the fizzle.

    So many of us have waited 8 years for this….I can hardly wait until November for Madame President!

  2. Oh brother! That Bernie Bro in Chief. Now, he wants the SUPER delegates to carry him over the finish line! But what about the wiiiillllll of the peeeeeeople????

  3. She’s ahead in Missouri by 1500 votes. If Bernie wants a recount, 1500 is not a bad number. They would have to find that many votes plus 1 for bernie. I’ve been involved in a few recounts and I can tell you, Bernie is going to lose if he wants one. If there are still votes out, it has to be less than 1% in like one county and 1500 isn’t such a bad hold.

  4. imust, he said tonight in his AZ speech w/o EVER offering congrats to Hillary that if Congress doesn’t do what he wants, he will do it by executive order. Bernie only cares about what Bernie wants, not the people.

    FEEL THE BURN, Bernie.

  5. You’ll love this video of Rachel Maddow, so shocked that HRC sweeped!

  6. Here is where Bernie is smoking too much dope…not a high Dem turnout so supers should go to him. Ummmm, if he is losing, doesn’t that mean he is getting less votes than Hillary. Logic would dictate…oh wait…let me smoke a joint. Pffffffffffffffffffffffft.

    Yea, the supers should support him.

  7. Yes that’s quite a revolution Bern Out has going there. Now he has to depend on those yucky “establishment” supers??? LOL

  8. Why is CNN the only network that wont call MO for Hillary?

  9. Sweet Sue, there are two districts in Missouri that haven’t sent there total and from what I can gather, won’t do it until tomorrow. HuffPo hasn’t called it either.

  10. Missouri:

  11. I love the drawers on the radiator so I’m stealing that.

  12. This beautiful win is made that much more delicious by Sanders suddenly realizing “whoopsie – those non-binding superdelegates just might come handy after all”.

    In NC, the Dem-come-lately party leader in my town justified Sanders and his supporters trying to have it both ways with the supers with “all politics is dirty”.

    Not Hillary’s. So very glad she’s won and won cleanly, fairly, graciously.

  13. Such a wonderful night, but I missed the end of it!! Woke up to NPR alarm…. Inskeep talking about a ’33 year old woman, I wish we had the tape to run, that says she doesn’t trust Hillary’… All we have is each other, Hillary is going to be dealing with this injustice until they make a marble statue of her to place in the Mall next to Lincoln and Jefferson. Thanks for being a sane place for me to come.

  14. Hilarious Bernie and his broho’s are running around telling anyone who’ll listen that he will still win and they will take the SD’s…….

    Someone call the nurse…..they are off their meds……now they want the thing they were screaming blue murder about last month, well she now has an almost 3 million national vote lead, a 300+ pledged del lead and a massive SD’s lead, give it up and just fuck right off.

    Have they not looked at whats left big wise?

    NY, Cali, Penn, PR, NJ, Maryland, DC, spot a pattern here?

  15. Hillary has 1600 delegates now including SD’s, she’ll have this wrapped up soon as i expect SD’s are about to finalise a move.

    He really has no respect for her and the party needs to tell him to take a hike now.

  16. Woke up to a clean sweep. It’s gonna be a great day! Bernie Bros in full meltdown, all is right with the world…

  17. Good Morning everybody!

  18. Wait a minute! He expects SD’s to flock to him, the guy who became a Democrat for free media exposure and money? Super delegates are party regulars and elected officials. They would rather be waterboarded than share a ballot with this loser. And where is all that 💰 he promised to raise for the party months ago? Hill has raised millions for party already.

    Last night was the best night EVER.

  19. Bernie’s new campaign theme song!

  20. Yayyy, these results are such a relief! Madam President, anyone? Bye bye, bernbots!

  21. Gee, what a surprise. The morning shows (Morning Joe, Today, GMA) all totally glossed over Hillary’s victory last night, focusing all their attention instead on Trump. Gee, I wonder how different it would’ve been had she lost….

  22. Feh, I don’t think the party should try to run Bernie off. Hopefully the reddit neckbeards will run out of their parent’s money soon and Bernie’s campaign will die a natural death.

    Yes, last night was completely awesome.

  23. Yeah, media lost their favorite anti-Hillary candidate, “Little Marco”.They were so counting on his youth to contrast with the “old lady.” Very sad that all they’re left with is Trump and Cruz. Lol! I guess they’ll just ignore her.

    I do think BS negative campaign ads all over tv backfired. Even Dems who don’t love Hillary respect her. And the whole Rahm Emanuel thing in Illinois was just ridiculous unless you buy into the “Women are responsible for whatever the menfolk do” premise. Same for NAFTA attack–she was First Lady, for cryin’ out loud.

  24. A great night. Once Hillary won Ohio, and by a really surprising margin, the rest was gravy, as they say. It really helps the narrative, though, to win Illinois, and then pull off that whirlwind rally in Missouri, closing in the last furtlong with a burst of speed to win at the wire.

    The Sanders campaign has no plausible narrative now. They’ll pick up some victories, as in Wiscoinsin, which Obama won big in the primaries in 2008, and probably in Washington. And that will get a few people to talk about “a Sanders comeback.” But Hillary will win substantially in New York and Pennsylvania and probably also by a fairly big margin in New Jersey. And no superdelegates are going to change their minds and support Sanders. I assume that his donations will start to diminish now, and many of his youthful supporters will go back to other pursuits. We can only hope that they have enough concern for the country to show up in November and vote for Hillary Clinton.

  25. I wonder what everyone thinks of President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination. He seems like a respected moderate. My reaction is that why do the Republicans get to choose radical Right nominees, while the Democrats are supposed to pick moderates? Obviously, Obama wants to get the nomination through, but at the risk of making the swing vote for the next twenty years a moderate? I’d rather have Hillary make the pick next year. If the Republicans manage to win the election, they’ll pick ultraconservatives to fill the upcoming open seats, and the Court will be even more conservative than it is now, even if Garland gets through. If Hillary wins, she can pick a great potential liberal Justice.

    For me, the ideal result, at least as I think about it today, is that the Senate does not confirm, and the Democrats can run against this, and win a big victory, including taking back the Senate, and Hillary can choose anyone she wants for the Court. That scenario obviously has risk in it, but I am tired of the compromises that this administration keeps making to mollify Republicans. If you want to overturn Citizens United, you need a Court which is on the liberal side. I don’t know much about Garland yet, but I doubt that he would be inclined to revisit that decision so that it could be overturned.

  26. What if they gave a revolution, and nobody came.

  27. Is this an omen?

    Hillary has 1600 delegates now including SD’s, she’ll have this wrapped up soon as I expect SD’s are about to finalise a move.

    (Hint -1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500)

  28. Could Hillary pick the Big Dawg for the Supreme Court? Ah…conflict of interest, and the rethugs would never agree to it.

  29. Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband, President Bill Clinton – ‘First Dude’ will be back in the White House in January 2017.

    Any of you Hillary supporters want to meet up in DC for Inauguration Day?????? I am going to start saving my $ for a trip. Never been to DC, but this I can’t miss.

    First woman President of the United States, our Hillary!!

  30. Big Dawg is far too old for the SC.

  31. What’s the deal w/ Missouri? Do they have “hanging chads”?

  32. Finally got taxes ready. What a pain in the ass this is every damned year. Sickening.

  33. If you’re going to DC, make it longer time than just the inauguration. Go to the zoo and see the pandas and go to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

  34. It sure is a “very good day” Uppityville.


    I’m going to celebrate with a good bottle of wine. CHEERS!

  35. Trump warns of ‘riots’ if he isn’t GOP nominee.

    A contested convention could ‘disenfranchise’ millions of voters, he says.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

    Trump loves the riots and does whatever he can to cause them. Some ‘uniter’.

    The Dems did it to Hillary, and she effin’ won, so don’t come crying to me.

  36. “Go to the zoo and see the pandas”

    It will be January. Dress warmly. Or just do the Smithsonian.

  37. Trump released a Hillary ad with her doing that barking thing.

    The man is pure nonsense. I would be thrilled if he is the candidate. I’d be way more concerned over Cruz. That guy is beelzebub.

    In any event, we can expect an ongoing 3rd grader side show from The Donald, who has proven daily that he has the temperament of a 3rd grader and the tantrums of a toddler. I shall enjoy his stupidity and now many votes hillary will garner as Normal America shakes its head collectively

    Nice touch on threatening riots. That should endear Normal America as well, don’t you think? He and Bernie, two sides of the same coin. No There there, so why not scortch the earth.

  38. What was that about Bernie being the more principled candidate? About not being just another pol (like, implicitly, Hillary)? After attacking the super-delegates as undemocratic, the Sanders campaign is now saying that the SDs will allow them to get around the clear fact that most Dem voters want Hillary.

    Beyond the obvious hypocrisy, this is also delusional. Why would any SD abandon Hillary for the man who has 3 million fewer votes?

    The problem with the argument that Sanders has proven that unlike Hillary he is the real deal is that a. when he needed to bend on things like guns he has and b. it takes no political courage to be a leftist in Vermont (except on guns, where he showed no such courage).

    The one thing that has bugged me most about the Bernie campaign has been its self-righteousness (something it shared with Obama’s 2008 campaign). It wasn’t enough to claim that they have better policy ideas (in some cases yes they do, in others not) but they claimed a purity that made anyone opposing them automatically implicitly-and increasingly explicitly-corrupt. Sorry, that’s a purity neither Bernie or his supporters have earned, as the grasping at the SD straws demonstrates.

  39. Bernie is an eccentric, delusional old fool and Castro wannabee.

    I want that man’s medical records. There HAS to be a mental issue here.

    If all his stupidity and weirdness isn’t enough, he and the bros keep saying he’s the more popular candidate. But he can’t get as many votes as the ‘unpopular’ one.

    And he has NO principles. He’s a lying bag of shit and he is a dirty campaigner.

  40. A very even-handed blog post. The author bends over backwaters to be fair to Sanders, but it is clear which candidate she far prefers. 🙂


    The latest installment of “The Internet Explodes with Hatred for Hillary Clinton” happened earlier this week, when HRC (whose own record on AIDS research and funding is better than any other candidate) mistakenly said that Nancy Reagan was a lowkey supporter of AIDS research, when Reagan was, in reality, a massive asshole about AIDS in every possible way. Clinton immediately apologized, then apologized again, at length. Yet we’re still seeing a wagonload of “I’ll never vote for her” from progressives, as if her words about Reagan trump (and I’m using that verb deliberately) her actual record on AIDS research and funding. Why?
    Clinton’s stellar record on AIDS is ignored while people indignantly attack her for making an inaccurate statement. I like Bernie. I really do feel the Bern. But I see Democrats brush aside things he and other male politicians have done while raining fire on Hillary for the exact same thing– or something much less. This happens all the time. Hillary is flamed for being a “career politician” and an “insider” when Sanders has been in political office for much longer than she has. (Hillary was first elected to political office in 2000; Sanders was elected to his first office in 1981 and his first national office in 1991.) People flame Hillary for speaking in favor of the omnibus crime bill in the 90s when she was First Lady– a position with no political power– but Bernie, as a member of Congress, actually had the power to enact it into law, voting in favor of it despite the fact that many of his colleagues did not.
    I’m not here to argue Hillary vs Bernie. I genuinely like them both. I’m here to say that I’m sick of seeing her reviled for the same things people forgive easily when they’re done by men, and that the stakes are too high this election cycle to indulge that or leave it unexamined. If you’re reviling Hillary for saying something racist and stupid in 1994 in favor of a crime bill that turned out to be a very bad idea, but you’re not reviling Sanders for actually using his political power to make that very bad crime bill law, I want you to take a long, long think about why that is. If you’re reviling Hillary for campaign contributions made by banks, but did not revile Obama for the same thing, I want you to take a long, long think about why that is.
    Those of us who are old enough to remember what it was like to live under Reagan and the Bushes remember how bad it was. How much better almost everything– including the economy and job growth— got under Clinton and Obama. I lived through it, and I would support half a Snapple as the Democratic nominee rather than go back to the policies of Reagan or (any) Bush.I see people swear up and down their hatred of Hillary isn’t because she’s a woman, or doesn’t stem directly from decades of vicious, lying conservative propaganda— they will swear it!– and then immediately turn around and eviscerate her for something Bernie did (or is) himself, or call her a “crook,” or say nonsense like, “She doesn’t have an honest bone in her body.” Conservative copywriters, whoever you are, I applaud you for your success in taking a complete and total fabrication and successfully integrating it so far into the American consciousness that there are people who agree with nearly every policy position HRC has today, yet will still claim she’s “dishonest.” That’s some impressive chicanery, and I mean that.
    We should be closely examining all candidates for office, and balanced, honest criticism of a candidate’s record and policies is crucial. Respectful debate about the candidates is necessary and healthy. But supporting Sanders should not be the same as hating Hillary. Too many people are not debating the candidates and their various records or platforms logically, instead viciously reviling Clinton– often in misogynistic terms– for things they routinely excuse in male politicians. And I have to say, the level of unfocused, irrational vitriol feels an awful lot like what conservatives have been doing to Obama for years.
    There’s not a thing wrong with choosing Bernie over Hillary, or disliking Hillary’s current policy proposals. However, the out-and-out hatred we’re seeing from some Sanders supporters (and about which I am hardly the first person to write), bears some serious scrutiny. While the Sanders campaign has made real efforts to deal with the worst of it– the “Bernie Bros” acting as a misogynistic mob, attacking Clinton and her supporters Gamergate style; the “Bern the Witch” controversy– there’s still far too much active hatred, and far too much of it is misogynistic or coded misogyny. Far too much of it stems from willing belief in conservative propaganda about HRC that has been debunked over and over.
    I think we all expected it, but I did not expect it from our side.

    It’s one thing to prefer one candidate over another. That’s healthy. That’s admirable. It’s another to actively HATE a candidate for doing EXACTLY the same things as the last three men you voted for, despite her liberal record.
    Let’s think practically about the election in November.
    If Trump gets elected, how many vulnerable people will be hurt, how many programs cut, how bad will the the economy get under conservative policies? How much damage will be done if Trump, an open racist and misogynist, is empowered to command our military, veto bills, and nominate people to the Supreme Court, impacting life in the US for decades to come? Trump exhorts his followers to attack Black protestors at his rallies (“The next time we see him, we might have to kill him,” a follower said after punching a Black protestor at a rally earlier this week), excuses his followers who attack Mexicans on the street, claims Mexican immigrants are rapists, refused to distance himself from the KKK, supports banning Muslims from even entering the US, advocates killing the families of terrorists, and is openly sexist. Trump is the worst America has to offer.
    How privileged do you need to be to imagine that it’s a good idea to risk the actual lives of vulnerable Americans because you “hate” Hillary so much you vow to stay home if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination? How protected from the consequences of a Trump presidency do you need to be to think your hatred of Hillary constitutes, as I saw someone say earlier this week, an “inviolable principle,” meaning, more important than the actual lives of vulnerable Americans? That all applies equally to anyone saying the same about Sanders. (We have yet to see the full weight of American antisemitism aimed at Sanders, and if he wins the nomination, we most certainly will.)
    Vote for whoever you like in the primary. But let’s step away from vicious attacks and hatred. Let’s step away from buying into debunked conservative propaganda about Clinton’s trustworthiness. Let’s look at the candidates’ actual proposals and weigh those proposals’ actual strengths and weaknesses. Let’s respect each other’s choices in the primaries.
    And whoever becomes the Democratic nominee, the stakes are far, far too high for us to selfishly stay home because we didn’t get our first choice. I will happily, proudly vote for either Clinton or Sanders, and I hope you will do the right thing and join me.

  41. I think that ad with a barking dog would make me laugh at Trump.

    As far as Missouri goes even with a recount it’s unlikely the delegate numbers are going to change .

  42. As delusional as the Sandcrab is, I would rather he is here, where he is…(dead last in the race) than Warren.

    She lies about her own race, just to get ahead. Who the pluck does that? She would be up there now, screaming that she deserves to be the first woman President.

  43. ad with a barking dog

    Compared to the circus he has put on, one could make a full length movie on his clown antics and bigot remarks.

  44. Ga, you really shouldn’t post an entire blog post in comments, it’s unfair to the blogger. Instead, the rule of thumb is, post the first paragraph and then send the reader to the blog post. I for one would be roundly pissed off if somebody posted my work this way. Just something to think about for next time.

    Meanwhile, I did go over there and the commenters pissed me off so much I had all I could do not to comment myself. One mentioned how hillary wasn’t always in favor of gay marriage when bernie always was…while i have in my collection a copy of his resolution declaring that marriage is between a man and a women. In addition, Hillary was the first in the Administration, ANY Administration, to ensure benefits for gay couples. And bernie did what for gays and lesbians again? Anybody? These bernie idjits see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear and then they post it besides. There’s more but I’ll stop here before I want to break somebody’s face.

  45. I don’t understand why the Bernie campaign thinks he will do so well in California. She kicked Obama’s butt here in by 10 points in 2008.

  46. Testing, again….sorry.

  47. I think “Salon” sucks, not going there ever…

  48. Sorry Upps. I’ll remember for next time!
    Qhenever there is an article ANYWHER criticizing Bernie it attracts BernieBros like roaches to honey. So I make a point to avoid the comments!

  49. The DNC needs to tell Sanders to go…

    On “Path Forward” call, Sanders strategist Tad Devine notes pledged delegates are not always obligated to vote as pledged…


    They are that pathetic and desperate now they want to steal her votes.

    They can fuck right off.

  50. Bernie supporters are delusional, even more than any obot ever was. These people really won’t quit. She sweeped all 5 states and kicked his but yet they are acting like it’s all a big lie and he can win with the remaining contests… Can anyone picture Bernie releasing his delegates to Hillary and praising her in the convention? This bitter man will try to have a divide at the convention when he is so much more behind than Hillary ever was. The race isn’t even close. He lost. Fair and square.

  51. This is so pathetic now that Sanders and his crew are now actively trying to steal Hillary’s legitimate votes and delegates.

    I for one am not going to put up with this and every part of the Dem party needs to end this charade right now.

  52. moon

    How much do you want to bet that the guys that are behind the ‘steal Hillary’s delegates’ are also Obama supporters from 2008?

    They got away with it before, they think they can do it again.

    Maybe it’s Bernie’s crackpot idea because he was a socialist, unfamiliar with the Democratic process.

  53. Sanders campaign is so rudderless and desperate they now are flailing in the wind trying to grab and judging by the responses i have just seen on Twitter, this is a final straw breaking the camels back…….

    Zeke Miller Verified account

    Sanders camp now arguing that state laws binding dels can’t be enforced. Not sure of the law, but not an argument you want to have to make

    this is not going down with pledged dels well….

    Kathy Sullivan ‏@NHKathySullivan 12m12 minutes ago (NHDP chair)

    .@zekejmiller As auto delegate I got pro Sanders petitions re respecting popular vote. or else. Now he wants 2 steal pledged delegates?

  54. Grab your popcorn………heads exploding in 3,2,1.

    RNC Official Says Party Decides Nominee, Not Voters
    March 16, 2016By Taegan Goddard31 Comments

    A member of the Republican National Committee’s Rules Committee said that the party will decide who the GOP nominee will be, not the voters, The Hill reports.

    Said Curly Haugland: “The media has created the perception that the voters will decide the nomination… The political parties choose their nominees, not the general public, contrary to popular belief.”

    “Haugland, one of the party’s few unbound delegates that can decide who they want to vote for, argued that the party can block Trump even if he wins 1,237 delegates through the primaries.”

  55. Bernie has been asking his 99% to dig in couch cushions to donate money to him. Amazing that they all seem to gather up $27 for each donation.

    Bernie seems to think that he can win the nomination from digging in each state’s loss to find a hanging vote or delegate to make him appear relevant now.

    Bernie didn’t give up on his teen year dreams of socialism, so he is one, bone headed man of a thousand delusions.

    Pass the bong.

  56. After they have already lost the race, they start paying attention to delegate counts.

    Day late, dollar short.

  57. I think the Clinton surrogates needs to come out swinging and denounce these idiots and what they are trying to do and get this farce ended.

  58. Clinton is now the only candidate so far to push past 1’000’000 votes in states, She gained over 1M votes in both Florida and in Illinois last night.

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Trump and Sanders.

  59. RNC Official Says Party Decides Nominee, Not Voters

    Yipes, they sound like the DNC!

    Trump will start riots, 1, 2, 3….

  60. OH HAPPY DAY !!!

    Visiting Hillary Campaign worker and I broke out the Champagne last night.. a bit shaky today ( Can’t drink like I used to) but worth it all for the celebration. A LONG time in coming.

    As for Bernie,it’s never pretty to watch someone’s death throes.

    Sky very bright today,NO SIGN of it falling;only a few wispy clouds in the far,far distance. Let us bask in the glow for a few days and then back to it..until that shining woman named Hill is back in the People’s House.

  61. I remember vividly in 2008 when a Hillary delegate in Maryland decided that he had seen the light and was now going to support Obama. It was Jack Johnson (the Prince George’s County Executive). You may remember him as the guy caught on tape instructing his wife to flush his bribe check down the toilet and to stuff the illegally obtained money he got into her bra. He is in jail now….. His conviction was one of the happiest days of my life. ;-).

  62. Why is he talking about the popular vote and doing a petition? Hillary has the popular vote too. Moron.

  63. Listening to CNN and hoping they would cover Hillary’s amazing wins. Of course, they are talking about Trump. Accusing him of threatening riots if he doesn’t get the nomination if he has the votes to win the nomination. Trump said nothing wrong. His comments were factual about how unfair it would be if he was denied the nomination … where were they when Donna Brazile said the same thing in 2008? She said it while on the air as a CNN analyst.

  64. Sea, sorry I just saw you in moderation. It happens to new commenters. It will calm down.

  65. Yeah GWM they ARE like cockroaches. I KNOW some of them are Ron Paul people. Showing up everywhere, especially youtube, and stacking online polls and declaring the poll a ‘scientific win’ are their specialties.

  66. Down at Bernie Central I saw a couple of bros say they were going to vote Libertarian. Told you Ron Paulies are in on this.

  67. CNN keeps covering how bernie is the loser and just won’t give up.

  68. Trump is a guttersnipe.

  69. [heathers]

    All the Kewl Kidz hate Hillary. Eeeuwww, she’s such a nerd! Barf out! Gag me with a spoon!

    Everybody who’s anybody hates that nerdy girl! She won’t stand a chance against that dreamy dominant jock Donnie!

    [/heathers] 🙄

    I guess there must be a lot of us Nerdy Nobodies out here in Flyover Country, then–because she just keeps on winning primaries. :mrgreen:

  70. (I’m trying to remember the one paragraph rule…you have to go to the link to read the story)

    Why Missouri is still too close to call
    All the precincts are reporting, and all the votes have been tabulated. But the Associated Press — along with virtually all of the major television news networks — have yet to declare Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump the winner of either primary in Missouri Tuesday night.

  71. It is so strange that MO is too close to call on BOTH sides.

  72. How come the intertubez aren’t full of “Why won’t that stupid dick quit?”

  73. intertubez 🙂

  74. I loved Hillary on “Broad City” tonight.
    Apparently some of the kewl kids (women) dig Hillary Clinton!

  75. This Sanders campaign is increasingly without moral underpinnings. Sanders enters the race, the DNC allows him to run as a Democrat, and he presumably accepts all of the DNC rules. Then after winning one primary in NH, and a couple of caucuses, his people, aided by the rabble-rousing Move On, demand that the Superdelegates not be allowed to have votes, and that the voters should decide. Then when Hillary accumulates a margin of more than a million votes, they argue that this doesn’t matter, because she is only winning Southern states; ignoring the fact that Sanders is winning red states like NE, OK, KA. Then when Hillary wins five primaries in one night, including a 30-point margin in Florida, a 14-point margin in Ohio; and piles up another million votes more than Sanders, they say that they are going to try to convince Superdelegates to switch. Then they say that they don’t believe that the pledged delegates are legally bound.

    This extrapolates to Sanders never getting out of the race; going all the way to the convention; creating floor fights on every single issue; making it impossible tor the convention to proceed; trying to keep Hillary from being nominated; and ending up suing the DNC and everyone else for a variety of things, and never conceding that she is the lawful nominee.

    Meanwhile, the media keeps praising Sanders for what they say that he has brought to the campaign, give him credit for all of Hillary’s positions, and say that there is absolutely no reason for him to leave the race. The very same people, in 2008, when Hillary was winning primaries in PA, OH, TX, and was about 100 pledged delegates at most behind, mostly won by Obama in a a some Southern primaries, and a bunch of caucuses; and Hillary had a popular vote lead, demanded on a daily basis that Hillary leave the race, and claimed that she was doing immense damage to Obama and the party by staying in. Words do not suffice to express the hypocrisy, stupidity, and bias of the media in these matters; and the scorched earth, let’s destroy it all, strategy engaged in by the Sanders campaign.

  76. William, I agree with most of what you said, but one thing is forgotten…for Hillary to become the first woman President, she will have to walk through burning coals, have projectile wounds in her back and even as she crosses the effin’ FINISH line AGAIN…they will still try their best to belittle her as much as possible.

    No woman has had as much courage as our Hillary, to put up with this bull$hit flung at her for decades and still, pick herself back up, dust herself off…and keep fighting.

    This is why she is a hero to so many of us.

  77. Shadowfax, absolutely.

  78. What could be sweeter than Hillary running the board on five Dem primaries on the very same day as the birthday of the most out feminist on the Supreme Court?

    Raising an additional glass of champagne to RBG & listening to the shiver-inducing Kiri TeKanawa in Marriage of Figaro in her honor.

    (h/t Department of Homegirl Security

  79. I don’t have time to do a post today. You need to read this. How nice of them to release this after all these months of Hillary Torture. The NSA REJECTED SOS Clinton’s MULTIPLE requests for a secure smart phone such as President Obama has, citing it being too expensive and ‘security problems’. Thus………she got a private server.

  80. William, what you said, especially second paragraph. It describes the situation perfectly.

    I bet the Notorious One enjoyed Tuesday night immensely. She and Hillary are good friends.

  81. The media has started to completely ignore the old gasbag now. Thats how i tend to know, they know its all over.

  82. I hope the media ignores him though it seems they can’t help but continually fluff him.

  83. If you think he isn’t planning something violent, think again. He has Bill Ayers cheering him and then there is this.
    From “The Author of the Reactionary Mind and Fear” so sayeth his profile

  84. From TIME:

    Yet even the words we use to talk about women, as compared to men, come drenched in gender. This is as true for journalists as for voters in conversation. For example, joining a chorus of praise for Clinton’s performance in the first Democratic debate, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni used words that undercut her authority. He began by characterizing her as a “seamstress” because she “threaded the needle as delicately and perfectly as a politician could.” Sewing clothes and threading a needle require skill and dexterity, but the metaphor feminizes—and trivializes—the tasks for which these skills are suited. Bruni ended by calling Clinton a “sorceress” because she came across as forward-looking and energetic despite her “many decades in the political trenches.” The word “sorceress” not only diminishes with its –ess ending (would you entrust your life to a doctoress?), but also evokes a long history of demonizing (literally) powerful women as witches.

  85. What Shadowfax said:

    as she crosses the effin’ FINISH line AGAIN…they will still try their best to belittle her as much as possible.

    No woman has had as much courage as our Hillary, to put up with this bull$hit flung at her for decades and still, pick herself back up, dust herself off…and keep fighting.

    This is why she is a hero to so many of us.

    Hearing the silence out there on her wins has been gobsmacking.

  86. The link about the NSA refusing to give her a secure smartphone is priceless.

  87. Well, she’s just a woman–not even as important as Rice’s no doubt male aides. She doesn’t need a secure phone; two tin cans and a piece of string will do just fine.

    But I think there is a REVOLUTION going on, just not the one BS envisioned. Last night on Hardball ( yes, I actually watched), they gave the gender data for Tuesday’s primaries in Florida and Ohio. Florida’s voters were 59% women, an astonishing turnout. 68% of those women voted for Hillary, even more astonishing! In Ohio, it was 56% women with 63% voting for Hillary. The panel speculated that last weekend’s violence was no help to either Trump or Sanders. They didn’t say this, but I will: Generally, women are turned off by confrontational messages which both Trump and Sanders are pushing.

    Then this morning I saw a new Twitter hashtag directed at Joe Scarborough. #SmileforJoe. Hundreds of women have tweeted selfies of themselves to Morning Joke definitely NOT smiling.

    So this may be the revolution we need. Hopefully.

  88. Interesting stats!

    If women would all wake up we are capable of taking EVERY election!

  89. I know Quixote. It kind of puts EVERYTHING in perspective. What else COULD she do with her private emails but get a server?

    What got me was a conservative group released that information. They would never do that if it weren’t going to be revealed anyways.

    And it’s my guess Hillary was bound to say nothing, considering it’s the NSA….

  90. Poll has her way ahead in Arizona. Can’t find anything recent on Utah or Wisconsin

  91. I read on another blog, that in Arizona 60% of the voters get automatic early voting ballots sent to their homes. They arrived at the end of February, well before Sanders even started his campaigning. I am sure that lots of those college students signed up to get their ballots delivered…. NOT I can’t wait until all this Sanders drama ends, it is not good for my blood pressure. Even though I know that Hillary will win, after 2008 I don’t really believe that the DNC and the boys will actually let it happen.

  92. Brassy


    “She doesn’t need a secure phone; two tin cans and a piece of string will do just fine.”


  93. Hillary’s super pac’s answer to Trump’s barking dog ad:

    Very Funny!

  94. Brassy

    Interesting numbers on gender voting. I hope it starts to wake up future female voters of all ages.

  95. March 17, 2016 at 9:43 AM

    Oops Upps, I didn’t see your post, we were thinking the same thing.

  96. OldCoastie:
    Loove the clip of Hillary´s super pac answer…
    Bring it on!

  97. What´s up with Mo?
    When are they going to call the winner?

  98. GWM4hill:
    Thanks for the link to TIME´s article.
    Good and truthful…

  99. President Barack Obama is urging Democratic donors against supporting Bernie Sanders for the party’s nomination, telling them that the time has come to unite behind Hillary Clinton, two senior Democrats confirmed to POLITICO.


    Begrudgingly, but he is now urging the race ot be over and focus on November.

  100. “In unusually candid remarks, President Obama privately told a group of Democratic donors last Friday that Senator Bernie Sanders is nearing the point where his campaign against Hillary Clinton will come to an end, and that the party must soon come together to back her.”

  101. CNN says he’s denying saying it.

    However, he’s probably very pissed off at his staff for leaking what he said.

  102. of course Uppity, I assume its because he does not want to be seen as a sitting President endorsing early….writing is on the wall. Probably leaked so as to force him into a corner.

  103. The Republican primaries are the ones where males are the majority of the voters. And the Republicans are getting larger turnouts for every single primary than are the Denocrats. I know that there are statistics showing that primary turnout is not a predictor of a party’s general election success. Even so, it has to be a concern.

    As should be obvious, Hillary needs a decent percentage of male voters to win this election. It would be great if she could get something like 70% of the female vote, but this seems overly optimistic. So there has to be a way that Hillary can convince at least a decent amount of white males that she is a better alternative for the country than any Republican she might face.

    I also happened to see a quick poll of possible matchups for PA voters. I didn’t see the Clinton vs. Trump, but I assume she led. She led Cruz by only three points. Kasich led her something like 45-32. I know that it is early; I know that she has been beaten up by the media for six months in this cycle. I know that Trump is likely to be the nominee. But if it is Kasich, there is this real risk that white male voters will go for him. I know it is easy to point out Trump’s belligerence and racist aspects. But hopefully sooner rather than later, Hillary will tell the nation why any Republican, Trump or Kasich, is so bad for the average American. I’m still waiting for Democratic vs. Republican policies to be discussed. As always, the media focuses on “character issues” rather than policies; and the average voter likes that, because many have more trouble understanding the complex issues. But the way for us to win is to focus on what awful policies the Republican party presents.

  104. Missouri is finally called for Hillary! Took ’em long enough!

  105. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all we Irish heritage (and wanna-bees) Hillary supporters! 🙂

    Gotta love this one:

  106. Voting, I like it, but why is it pink?

  107. Hillary Clinton wins Missouri Democratic presidential primary after Bernie Sanders concedes.

  108. Sorry, I was replying to Uppity’s comment on the spelling-challenged former professor. (Gotta learn not to put off hitting “submit” for so long!)

  109. Sophie – I think that site is a pro Hil site… I think she’s mocking the berners….

  110. You think so?

  111. Ok Gang, check out the demographics hillary wins and doesn’t win. Let me know if you’re surprised.

  112. Don’t know why it’s pink, socal, you’ll have to tweet Vic and ask him! 🙂

  113. I’m glad MO was finally decided. YAY!

  114. By gosh Coastie is right!

  115. Rachel Maddow : “One-On-One with Bernie Sanders” tonight at 9:00!
    Bet she brings him a dozen roses and a heart-shaped box of candy.

  116. Well the white house confirms that Obama told donors to get behind Hillary.

  117. Oops Upps, I didn’t see your post, we were thinking the same thing.

    Because GMTA!

  118. OldCoastie said:

    Sophie – I think that site is a pro Hil site… I think she’s mocking the berners….

    Indeed. That’s why my first word was Funny.
    Sorry that the rest of my introduction sucked.

  119. GWM report back to us how much Rachel fluffed Sanders.

  120. Hey I was wondering if Sarandon has completed her nervous breakdown yet Maddow can start on hers.

  121. Yeah GWM, They’re going to delude each other into thinking he can catch up.

    He’ll probably win 3 next week though. But he won’t catch up. Not an inch.

  122. Hey I went to get my hair cut but not colored (cough cough cough) today and saw a lady in the waiting room with a green foil crown on her head. At first I just thought, oh great, we have a parolee from the mental institution here. THen I realized it’s Paddy Day. So happy St. P to all our Uppity Irish!

  123. Rachel Maddow : “One-On-One with Bernie Sanders” tonight at 9:00!

    Yeah, I’d rather clean my neighbor’s toilet than watch that show.

  124. Because GMTA!

    Yup on that. 😉

  125. I forgot to wear green and I am half Irish…pinch, pinch.

    I guess I had better get myself a cupcake with green frosting, as punishment.

  126. Yeah a cupcake!!! You deserve the punishment!

  127. Yeah, I’d rather clean my neighbor’s toilet than watch that show

    LOL me too! I’d rather eat a garden slug. I don’t know which one of them I hate more.

  128. Hi there I am new to this site. So glad to read positive things about Hillary. No one is tearing her down here. I know this is after the fact. I went to Hillary’s town hall meeting at Olivet Baptist Church in Cleveland. You could feel the electricity in the air. She looked gorgeous.

    Hillary 2016

  129. Ga, you think I’m going to WATCH that shit? (wink)
    We can practically write the script for that gushfest ourselves.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Maddow, Sullivan and Dowd melt down when our gal accepts the nomination.

  130. And Andrea Mitchell. I cannot wait to see her sour puss!

    We should all meet at the convention. I am sure the Bros will be there and we need troops.

  131. Well, hope springs eternal GWM! I have not watched MSNBC since Olberman threatened to punch Hillary out and that other guy said she was “pimping out Chelsea”. This year they seem to have calmed down a TINY bit on that stuff from 2008. Michael Moore and a bunch of Bernouts are screaming that Bernie still has the Michigan MO going for him and that he’s going to win the nomination.

    What Sullivan are you talking about? I don’t know who that is but Dowd and Andrea Mitchell might have to be put in straitjackets and taken to the NY state mental hospital. I’m sure Uppity would be glad to escort them there and drop them off!

    Oh, new poll on NY Hillary +48 points. Good luck with winning NY bernouts.

  132. #‎NotJustAnyWoman‬ is trending. Help it along…

  133. Bernie must be getting his math smarts from his wife.

  134. I stole this from Still4Hill.

  135. I’m sure Uppity would be glad to escort them there and drop them off!

    Not necessary. I hear the attendants pick them up in the soundproof bus.

  136. Remember that Public Service Announcement: “That’s the way it is, truly, Oo-ly Oo-ly is! So whatcha gonna do today? “I think I’ll share!”

    So, I’m sharing. Great article by Spandan Chakrabarti – and great comments!

  137. Ga, you don’t know how pleased I am that you asked “Which Sullivan are you talking about?”

    That would INFURIATE the odious Andrew Sullivan, Conservative ex-blogger, Clinton-hater-extreme who in 2008 opined that only ‘sissified’ gay men would vote for Hillary, while gays who were “Real men” would vote for Obama.

    (A particularly delicious and famous incident: after a career writing essays disparaging promiscuity amongst his gay brothers, he was unmasked as advertising on-line for raw, bareback sex saying “I take milky loads and give milky loads” – so he is often referred to by myself and others as “Ol’ Milky Loads”.)

  138. And, let’s not forget, that advert came out after he was diagnosed HIV positive. Andrew Sullivan: the gift that keeps on giving.

  139. GWM4HILL @ 9:33 am: ROFLMAO!

    “Sissified” gay men as opposed to “real” men? Isn’t that pretty homophobic for a gay man?

  140. Sorry. I meant 9:43 am.

  141. March 22nd is the next primary day for Democrats. Arizona, Utah, and Idaho will have a total of 131delegates in play. According to 538, Hillary’s target to stay on track is 57 delegates or 44%. Bernie’s target is 74 or 56.4% of the delegates to get back on track. On March 15th, Hillary’s target was 365 and she won 378. Bernie’s was 326 and he won 276.


  142. Brassy, Sullivan specializes in those contradictions. One can be ‘out’ and still be a homophobe. He once wrote an article disparaging gay “bear” culture…then became one.

    Sweet Sue: I don’t disparage Sullivan for his HIV status, just his arrogant hypocrisy. To be fair, he did disclose his status in the ad. But as it has been proven that even both HIV+ partners can exacerbate each others condition if they don’t use protection, Sullivan’s ad is brutally inconsiderate and just plain stupid.

  143. Andrew Sullivan

    Too much information for me, gack…

  144. GWM, oh, THAT Sullivan. I think I had brain bleached him out of my head. I remember him wanting Sarah Palin examined to see if she really had given birth to her child with down’s syndrome. He’s beyond disgusting and the fact that he and others hate Hillary so much makes me like her even more! 🙂

  145. BLECK Andrew Sullivan. Hates women so badly because he truly wants to be one. He was the cockroach in 2008 who wrote a one-sentence post one morning………where he mentioned the word “Deadenders”. Of course it was a shout out to all the bots to call us Deadenders and it caught on in less than a day, of course.

  146. Interesting article about the Hillary Voter

  147. “Ol’ Milky Loads”.


  148. I read thepeoplesview often. He writes great stuff.

  149. The latest poll out today for the NY primary on April 19 shows Hillary up by 48 points.

    In the Democratic primary, Clinton is ahead of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by

    48 points, taking 71% of the vote to Sanders’s 23%. The former Secretary of State holds a massive advantage in key demographic groups, including men (66% to 29%), women (73% to 20%), African Americans (72% to 22%) and Hispanics (85% to 8%). Younger voters, ages 18 – 34, favor Sanders, but by a slimmer margin (53% to 40%) than in many primary states. Among all other age groups, Clinton dominates, leading by 45 points (ages 35 – 54), 50 points (ages 55 – 74), and 67 points (ages 75+).

  150. Arizona is gonna be good for Clinton….

    According to figures provided by the Arizona Democratic Party, of the 601,049 early ballot requests, 262,547 were returned, with 121,374 from voters 65 and over and another 75,504 from voters between the ages 50-64. Both age groups have been friendly to Clinton in other states.

    By contrast, just 18,842 ballots have been returned from voters between the ages of 25 to 34 and 8,959 from voters between 18 and 24 – ominous signs for Sanders, who runs best among younger voters.

    So 80% of the ballots returned so far (262,000) 200K of those are from over 50’s…….

    He’s royally screwed and its a closed Primary……she’s gonna walk it. He’s going to get slammed in Arizona by the looks of it.

  151. I just got my first call from some woman that wants donations to get more ‘progressives’ in the senate to work towards getting a new prog Supreme.

    She called the wrong person…

    As she launches into her speech about how important getting a prog elected into the court, I cut her off…said that if she is calling to get money from me, I am already donating to Hillary and have been donating to her since 2008…and she said something like, that’s good, but we also need…I cut her off mid-sentence again, saying that getting money for the senate is your problem, you should be supporting Hillary and she will win voters that will help her nominate a new Supreme…

    She was freakin’ irritated with me, so I just said good by.

    I make tiny donations to Hillary, every so often, as a thumbs up. Now all the leeches are coming out of the woodwork.

  152. Moon, great news on NY and AZ primaries!!

  153. Great news Sophie on NY

  154. SophieCT:
    Thanks for the link to the Hillary voter article.

  155. Anyone finding any polling in Idaho or Utah? Or since they are caucuses, do the pollsters figure they are already fixed?

  156. Sophie, that article on the Hillary voter just nails it. We have “heard it all before” and are making our views known at the polls where it counts.

  157. You cant really poll caucuses, its subject to low turnouts and in the ways it allocates figures anyway, they are so stupid.

  158. Sweet read:

    Truly Revolutionary: How Hillary Clinton is Running the Campaign Bernie Sanders Promised to Run — The People’s View

  159. What’s great at is the comments! Calm, logical, no anti-Hillary. Reminds me of the comments at

  160. With Arizona, the majority of it is early voted, in 2008, there were only 410’000 votes in total, there are already 262’000 votes in right now with ealry voting as of today…….

    As you can see from what i posted above, it would seem to be an early Clinton type vote…..I suspect she wins Arizona by at least 65/35.

    The minority vote in Arizona should make up easily 40%+ this year as in 2008, Arizona was an open primary, this year its a closed primary. In 2008, indies made up 20% of the primary vote. This year no indies.

    All good conditions for Clinton.

  161. Love that article about the “Hillary Voter”. It’s the first one that i’ve seen that actually “gets” us.

  162. Thanks for The New Republic link on The Hillary Voter, Sophie. Shows how the media is just not that into us. However, the feeling is mutual.

  163. I want whatever looneytunes is smoking….

    Sanders: Conservatives should vote for me


    SEriously, he thinks he can sway conservatives…..PMSL

  164. These workers have balls of steel…..

    Unionized Trump Las Vegas hotel employees will join Phx hospitality UNITE HERE Local 631 protesting @realDonaldTrump rally Sat in Ft Hills….

  165. By the way, that NY poll posted today of 71/23 is probably on the money, the last polls Emerson did were for Texas and Massachussetts and both had it practically near on smack on the head…….

  166. Woo hoo! The campaign hit a million donors!

  167. moon @ 3:39 pm: Sanders is saying he’s prepared to throw AA’s, women, gays, and Hispanics under the bus in order to get right wing votes against the “establishment”. No wonder his campaign keeps calling black people in the south who vote for Hill “the Confederacy”. Yuck!

  168. lol…she’s back……

    Yes, it’s true! Sharron Angle has filed for the U.S. Senate. Happy days are here again,

  169. Oh for chrissakes. THey dug her up.

  170. OldPuma, 1950 Democrat,

    Apologize, just found you in moderation. That’s where new commenters or people who haven’t commented in a long time go. It will settle down. Sorry!

  171. Sophie, imust, darlings

    Check up above in your administrative area where we mods post from. Now and then the PENDING tab will show that there are posts awaiting moderation. You will also see posts in blue awaiting approval. WHen you see them, IF you recognize the commenter, please “APPROVE” the comment. This will help people stuck in moderation get out as fast as possible. If you DON’T recognize them but they look like they’re sincere, approve them. Otherwise leave them in Moderation till I do a second opinion. Hokay?

  172. ::::Looking all over the screen for said administrative area:::

  173. Various speculations about Hillary’s Vice Presidential pick. It is early, of course. Some articles about how Sherrod Brown dismisses any speculation. To me, he is the only homerun choice we have, and he could definitely mean a few percentage points in the general election. If Hillary offers him the spot and he turns it down, this will not be good. Usually, a person accepts it, out of party loyalty if nothing else. I do not want to see Julian Castro on this ticket, not because he doesn’t seem like a nice and dedicated person, but because he has little experience, and he would look so much like a diversity pick, that not only would he not help the ticket, it would subject the choice to serious criticism, most particularly if Trump is nominated, and somehow manages to convince Kasich to take the VP slot. Democrats have been so badly beaten in state and national races over the last eight years, that we really have no outstanding candidate for VP other than Brown. There are few other okay ones, but they do nothing much to help the ticket.

  174. As an Af-Am woman who vigorously supported Hillary in ’08 and even convinced some family members that she was more worthy than Obama, just want to say I love this site. So glad to come to a place that does not allow ugly, mean-spirited comments about Hillary, an exceptional, strong, intelligent and compassionate woman. I admire her so greatly for trying once again to make history against incredible odds and unending BS (nice as slightly off color word plus initials for that bogus socialist who is trashing her after promising he would not do so). I shook Hillary’s hand when she was in the ‘hood campaigning for wimpy John Kerry, certainly one of the highlights of my life. I also was among the adoring crowd when she spoke so well in Miami after Super Tuesday. Getting to vote for her twice in Florida primaries and surely again in November general is such a thrill. I was teary-eyed when Obama was elected (though I favored Hillary) and I’ll be just as teary-eyed when we can say Madame President.

  175. Hi Paulette. Just fished you out of moderation. It happens to new users. It will behave itself after a few tries. Welcome!

    I can understand your warm feeling when Barack was elected. I would feel the same way too. I mean, the truth is, America has too long had leaders that just don’t look like or relate to most of us. Translation: Old White Guys. Heh. LOL on Kerry. Not my favorite man and I don’t hide it.

    So you’re in Florida! You guys beat Bernie’s butt for Hillary!

  176. Paulette:
    Welcome to Uppityville, where all women are godesses…

  177. Another glass ceiling coming down:

  178. Superb thread on Datalounge: “Sanders Hints at Contested Convention”. Worth reading all the responses (92 at last count).

    A particularly interesting one:

    I’ve never been a fan of Sanders. I don’t find him likable. There’s something about him that comes across to me as disingenuous and not trust worthy. And yes, I’m sure many people will jump on the whole, “Hillary’s the one that’s not trustworthy rant.” Frankly, the fact that she’s had thousands of accusations thrown at her by Republicans and absolutely none of them had any merit makes me thinks she’s a lot more trustworthy than people would want you to believe.

    I’ve never thought that he’s actually doing any of this for the greater good but rather for his own ego. I think he’s someone who has feels like he’s been owed something and has finally gotten the attention he feels he’s deserved and it’s finally made him feel legitimate. I think that’s what his campaign’s been about.

    Aside from not finding him likable though, there’s always been something else that’s bothered me that I haven’t been able to figure out. Watching him on Maddow gave me an impression of Sanders that I’ve never had before.

    For the first time, when watching him he came across as a doddering, feeble, desperate man who is scared. Yes, scared. Something about that interview, his look, his demeanor, something makes me feel like he’s scared someone’s going to uncover that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. And from there, I got the impression that while he may have had good intentions, somewhere along the way he got turned into a puppet.

    I don’t think this whole stealing of her Superdelegates thing is his idea. It’s somebody else’s. Robert Reich perhaps?

    I don’t know but something seems off and it doesn’t seem like he’s in control any more.

    Then again, his campaign very well may have been about a revolution.. but in the way he (or his people) have wanted you to believe. It’s coming across like the real goal was to destroy the Democratic party from within, much like Trump is doing to the Republicans.

    So, that’s what I’m taking away from this.He feels owed. He feels entitled. And he’s also no longer the one running the show.


  179. Here’s some good sense, though it shouldn’t be news to anyone.

    TL;DR – Billary’s Third Term!

  180. GWM, that is a good comment!

    Welcome to Paulette and 1950Dem!

  181. OMG GWM, you’re right. EVERYBODY should read ALL the COMMENTS. Hilarous! My favorite:

    I don’t understand all of this “revolution” bullshit. You don’t campaign for a revolution, you start one. You get up off your ass, organize and start killing people.

    Sanders isn’t starting any revolution, he is just conducting a civics class exercise.

  182. Well, Bernie can’t wash his hands anymore of the protests. Go to the 9:28 mark. And thanks again Bernie supporters for firing up those who don’t want 1968 again. It will help so much in Utah.

  183. I am very upset. CNN had a spokeswoman for Bernie on early this AM with a spokesperson for Hillary and Bernie’s young sweetie’s mouth was going like a motor bashing Hillary, calling her sneaky and that she has a “secret fund”. And Bernie is a better choice and Bernie Bernie is so wonderful Bernie Bernie and Hillary is Baaaaaaaad and Bernie is goooooood. And what does Hillary’s person answer? Well she has more votes and delegates and completely IGNORES the accusations. I was standing there screaming at my TV WHY DON”T YOU MENTION THAT 23 MILLION IN ILLEGAL AND INAPPROPRIATE DONATIONS THE FEC HAS CITED BERNIE FOR! Why don’t you stick up for her against false bashing!!!

    WHat the FUCK is going on with that campaign? I have YET to see Hillary campaigning on TV in the states coming up in a few days. I hate when she wins and gets complacent. Bernie is blowing it out of his ass everywhere and where the hell is she? Something happens to her when she gets clearly ahead and it’s not good. I don’t care if you get mad at me for saying this, but the only time she campaigns well is when she’s iN TROUBLE. This is NO WAY to win a race. What’s she tweeting? Zika virus stuff. WTF!!!

    Bernie was all over TV this morning talking about HIllary’s attendance at Donald’s wedding to his bused in crowd. Hillary? Where in the world is Hillary? She’s way ahead in Arizona and you just WATCH him gain on her.

    I just don’t get it. At all. Does anybody REALLY think he’s not going to DO ANYTHING to close the gaps in NY and other future races? He can’t win but he can DAMAGE THE SHIT OUT OF HER and that is EXACTLY what he is doing. And her people just go on CNN and smile and drop EVERY opportunity to shut down her campaign representative’s BULLSHIT. Laughing at Bernie’s nattering babbler is NOT an answer.

    Oh man I need to take a break for this bullshit. I can’t stand this any longer. Happy Horseshit is not going to cut it for much longer.

  184. He’s going to beat her in Utah and Idaho and if she doesn’t get on the stick he’s going to close the gap in Arizona. And Wisconsin and……on and on. How many SQUEAKERs can we have just because she “Has more delegates” now? Every time there’s a squeaker, it’s fuel for that old communist. Doesn’t anybody else SEE that? How many times does he have to do this for the Hillary campaign to Get It? Just because she gets half the delegates and stays “ahead” doesn’t mean it doesn’t LOOK BAD when she loses a state.

    This morning when her USELESS representative was on CNN, the host said Hillary has 1 million donors under $100 but Bernie has TWO Million. Why didn’t she answer that the FEC found one guy who donated FIFTY times. If I know this shit and you know this SHIT, why don’t THEY connect with this shit? This Kindness and Love shit is a very dangerous game. It makes everything these cockroaches pimp look true.

  185. FLVOTER, I have a question for you.

    What do you and your family think of President Obama’s visit to Cuba at this time? Will this help Hillary or will it become fodder for Bernie who worships that killer Fidel and his killer brother? I’m not saying he shouldn’t go there to look around, I’m just worried about the Timing.

    It appears that the family plans on a good time on this vacay hosted by dictators who drove so many Cubans to risk their lives to come here?

    From the Cuban community standpoint is this a good thing or a bad thing for Hillary? Or will it be a non-problem, because you know she supports Obama and she’s going to be asked about this by the nasty press that will be all too willing to paint this as something that will rouse Cuban Americans?

    I guess I should really wait for his speech there. I am hoping he will push for freedom of Cubans and some semblence of government that moves away from blatant communism. I just worry what Bernie will do with any of this, not the mention those horrid Republicans in the field.

  186. By the way, I LOVE all those Latinos who are becoming citizens just to vote against Trump. I’ve always thought, why don’t more legal Latinos and green carders become citizens. So now they have a good reason! I just wish the reason were because they are assimilating at American Citizens. I guess I am too old and remember that my grandparents came here and couldn’t WAIT to become citizens, and there was no Donald.

  187. I’m sorry I’m on a roll here. It’s either do this or give it up. I just saw CNN give the itinerary of every candidate, including Bernie, except for Hillary. THey are all in Phoenix today. Hillary? Hillary? No information.

    And one more thing. I know there are those rumors from Hillary haters that she won’t be the candidate and that Barack has plans for someone else and blah blah blah. But Joe Biden is REALLLLLLLY quiet. And if we know one thing about Joe, it’s that he’s NEVER quiet. You know what I think of that guy, it goes deep all the way back to Anita Hill, the hearings which I watched every single day. I do not trust this man. He would be more than happy to do the same thing to a woman at the end of his career that he did to Anita in his early career.

    Your thoughts?

  188. Voting, they made sure a HILLARY SIGN was flashed in that video in the FIRST FEW SECONDS. You can bet it was a Bernie Barn Animal who did it but do you think that’s going to matter? I’ve got 50 that says now she’s going to be pinned with this shit too.

    See 0.08 seconds on the video.

  189. UW, I would rather Obama wait for his visit or even wait until the Castros release some political prisoners so he could at least state that his visit is tied to the Castros taking a step towards democracy. It could hurt Clinton with Hispanics that have escaped countries like Cuba but in reality Bernie’s Castro adoration is more harmful towards him than anything Obama could do.

    My question is does anyone think that Trumps overt sexism towards women like Magen Kelly a way to desensitize people towards sexism in general? Because once you get used to hearing it he could just go out of control with Clinton and if she complains about he could just call her a whiner and get away with it?

  190. Continuing this way, I find Bernie’s attempt to steal Clintons pledged and super delegates and planning for a contested convention incredibly sexist. He wouldn’t do it to a man since he’s been in office for like 30 years and hadn’t chosen to run before. But when a woman has a real chance to be the nominee he just has to stop her no matter what. Where was he when Kerry ran? Why didn’t he run then?

  191. I really wish the media would take a Trump break. Let him go a week with normal coverage as the other candidates get. Instead they are waiting with bated breath for the next outrage.

    Be interesting to see Trump’s reaction too.

  192. UW it took my parents many years to become citizens. When we first arrived from Cuba we received regular visits from the Feds checking up on us and pumping my parents for information. I presume this went on for a long time due to my moms uncle being a political prisoner in Cuba and my dad and mom working with the Castro opposition (the counter-revolutionaries). They couldn’t begin this process until all that was behind them.

    Sometimes it’s just not that easy for immigrants to navigate the complicated immigration and citizenship rules. Now a days I would suggest an immigrant obtain an attorney to navigate them through the process. It is overwhelming at times.

  193. FLVoter, thank you for the clarification on what it takes to become a citizen for Cubans. I understand much better now.

  194. FLVoter your answer to his visit to Cuba was what i thought. Would be nice if he waited but he’s on his way there right now. If you don’t think it will hurt Hillary I’ll live with it. I do expect him to make some overtures regarding Democracy in his speech. We’ll have to wait and see. I remember the days when travel to communist countries wasn’t encouraged in America. I guess it’s a new world because people are visiting there quite a bit. Personally, I don’t trust Fidel’s bro anymore than I trust Fidel. I find it pretty difficult to believe they are gong to give up control of that country anytime soon. Or ever.

    About Trump with Megan. I have concluded that Trump is a crude rude pig who can get away with any damned thing he wants. His entire party can’t even get control of his revolting playground-bully threatening mouth and subhuman behaviors so I expect he will continue to get away with anything he wants. The only people who can stop him are voters and that hasn’t happened so far. He will bully everyone into becoming the nominee whether he has the delegates or not. The only good thing about him is he has destroyed that party. Maybe they ought to think about who and what they are because one day soon, if you look in a dictionary under “Divisive” you will see the GOP elephant. It’s just too bad such an awful proudly-narcissist man with skin like tissue paper is the one who had to make it happen. To support this subhuman behavior is to enjoy having the worst parts of humanity inside of you come to the surface. Hatred is a horrible thing to nurture. It is detrimental to your health and your being. I’m glad I’m not in that Party, but I’m not too thrilled about being a Democrat any longer either. What party in America can let a blatant socialist with communist-envy run in their primary? As I have said over and over and over again, the batshit progressive ‘movement’ and the Religious Right have taken chances apiece destroying our country. Wall street is a pussy cat next to these two ideologues. At least Wall Street doesn’t tell you what to do with your life or your paycheck. You get involved with them voluntarily and when they eat up your retirement plan, you took the risk and believed the bullshit. I’m one of them. But at least they aren’t going to tax my income and give it to some pissant to play beer pong in some dumbed-down college worry free. That’s just bullshit. And at least they aren’t legislating women’s bodies. No, our biggest problem is not a bunch of greedy bankers any longer; Our problem is the Democratic and Republican entrenched senators and congressmen who have treated Congress like a retirement home for old white men while getting very rich in the process. And that goes for Mr Pure Bernie too. Any candidate who can float a million dollars ‘loan’ to his candidacy and then have his wife do the same, who previously never worked till he was 40 and made a cottage industry out of complaining, is no poor man either. Somebody made him wealthy and, frankly, we need to take a look at his wife’s taxes, not his. Wouldn’t be surprised if he himself has some money stashed offshore. Back to Trump. Seeing him all over my TV 24/7 has caused me to watch more AMC and Discovery channels on an increasing level. It can almost drive you crazy watching that crazy bastard imprison everybody with threats. He may regret it when the shit in his life is revealed. His 1/3 of his party won’t care but everyone else sure will. Yes he’s a sexist pig, a bigot, a racist and probably a couple of other things, with definitely the temper of a toddler. And he’s selling it to enough of his awful party to keep beating everybody. Saddest part of it is Ted Cruz is an even worse choice. No matter what happens this year, to be sure, America will be the one to suffer.

    Right now, Trump is saying I LOVE THE MORMONS. He does this with every state and every interest, as if he actually means it. It’s like when he declared himself a strong Christian, putting the bread in my mother, drinking the wine. LOLOL. And they eat this shit up. Because he’s mean and they love mean. He must go to bed every night laughing his ass off at the people in his rallies. Truth is, he’s a Democrat at heart, always was, always will be. Not that I’m proud of that, but that’s his long history.

  195. That POS Smirkonish or however the hell you spell it on CNN has come clean that he’s a Republican. Nuff said. He’s spent none of his time on Clinton doing anything but bashes her. So much for a “News” channel.

  196. I don’t trust the Castro brothers either but I don’t think anyone can stop the politicians from reaching out to Cuba since the embargo didn’t work. There are too many countries with despots wiling to help the Castro brothers stay in power. So at the very least I wanted the USA to condition re-establishing contact with changes. I thought it was really naive of Obama to just visit without any concessions you Cuba. So I have serious doubts that there will ever be any real change there.

    Yes, I am also shocked and disappointed that the Dems have embraced a communist loving socialist. I think with Bernie’s candidacy a line was crossed. So I suppose you can say I am more of a Clintonista than a democrat since the party has swung very far left. For example, I still support Isreal and I do believe that the USA needs to keep Isreal as its top ally in the Middle East since the Muslim countries are all terrible regarding the rights of women and Israel is a democracy. To me the excuse of the subhuman treatment of women being cultural is just bullsh!t. Women’s rights are human rights. Hiding women under burqa’s is inhuman and just a way to make women invisible and a scapegoat for men behaving badly.

    I know a lot of democrats don’t agree with me, they seem to care more about the environment than the women who inhabit the environment. They also seem to think it’s cool to vote for the old white socialist without knowing what socialism really is. Bernie’s plan to steal delegates and take over the convention is just what these revolutionaries do, they are not in favor of democracy and never will be. We are starting down a dangerous path with these New Democrats. Sorry for the lengthy post but I could go on longer but enough already for me.

  197. And BTW don’t bother to go to DailyKos Markos diary about supporting Clinton wasn’t true. There are just a ton of diaries there with how Betnie is the only electable candidate against Trump and a bunch of crappy right wing attacks. Of course not one word about shattering that glass ceiling at all. Different day, same sh!t.

  198. “This Kindness and Love shit is a very dangerous game.”

    PREACH IT, UPPS. “Oooooh, but Hillary doesn’t smile! She’s too loud! She’s cold! Voters don’t warm to her!” Bullshit. Voters LOVE TOUGH. One reason Trump gives them tingles.
    As I’ve posted before, her ratings sky-rocketed after she repeatedly kicked the GOP in the nuts during the Benghazi hearings.
    She needs to stop trying to be “more appealing” to the voters by seeming non-threatening.

    “Kindness and Love” = Girly = Namby-Pamby = WEAK.

  199. Sorry for the typos I’m using my iPad and I’m just not used to it yet.

  200. She maybe well ahead, but cannot afford to have a tight race. The only way to even possibly dispose of Sanders is to REPEATEDLY crush him by Florida-esque wide margins.

    I’m also sick of the perennially squealing reports that “Sanders is closing the gap in [your state here]” I want to see “Hillary has widened the gap in tomorrows primary”.

  201. I expect that since HRC knows she has the nomination wrapped up, she treats Bernie with kid gloves in the hope of gaining the votes of the bulk of his supporters in November.

  202. As far as Arizona goes, Bill is going tomorrow and Hillary is going on Monday to round up voters. Bernie apparently is getting bad press from walking out on an interview on the local station in AZ.

  203. And that Hillary sign is one from 08′. How did someone get an old Hillary sign to take to the protest is what I’m wondering?

  204. I posted the video of Bernie walking out of the interview upthread yesterday

  205. GWM I understand your frustration and wanting to be rid of the barn animals for good however I don’t think even crushing him repeatedly is going to do it. I mean there was a diary at KOS talking about how bad it really is for Bernie coming up with closed primaries in big states where he’s going to get crushed like he did in Florida and they still WILL not give up on Bernie winning. However it looks like his donations are starting to dry up. He only got 4 mil after this last round and I’m willing to bet that Hillary probably picked up 20 mil after winning five states.

  206. FL don’t ever have to apologize for your post length or anything else.

    Agree on Israel, but mostly because they are the only damned democracy in that entire middle eastern shithole.

  207. Bernie doesn’t like closed primaries because they KNOW he’s getting help from Republicans. Pure, my ASS! They don’t like closed primaries because they are shit or get off the pot DEMOCRATIC PARTY races and they KNOW they can’t win that way. Because the majority of Democrats DO. NOT. WANT. HIM. Tough Shit. He’s no Democrat and we all Know what he is instead.

  208. Bernie Central is saying he walked off that interview because the question was irrelevant. So apparently VETTING BERNIE IS IRRELEVANT.

  209. Upps, I do agree that the Hillary’s campaign sucks.

    I have also noticed that the cable channels don’t have strong supporters, speaking out for Hillary. This is pretty much what was has been said at another blog down the street.

  210. Upps and GWM

    “This Kindness and Love shit is a very dangerous game.”

    Voters LOVE TOUGH.

    She needs to stop trying to be “more appealing” to the voters by seeming non-threatening.

    I agree.

  211. I think Hillary, at this point in the primary is trying to please everyone…instead of just being herself. She is taking and has taken too much direction from the Obots that she has let run her campaign.

    Unfortunately, she does need obot wins to vote. I have been saying, for quite awhile now, the Sandman supporters are mainly obots.

    And the protesters are young Dems and Independents, so holding signs and putting the blame on any candidate doesn’t really matter. Trump will blame everyone anyway, signs or no signs.

    There are no rules made that Trump will follow, and he doesn’t plan to follow any if he were a president either.

  212. Visit “The Confluence”.
    RD on “How to beat Trump”.

  213. Hi all. Pretty roused up group today. Was just talking with my 87-year-old mom, another Hillary backer, who can’t understand either why cable TV is one big Trump fest. Mom says GOP has left it too late to try to stop Trump from getting nomination; she’s probably right. Trump 24-7 is a disgusting lusting after viewers – the democratic process be damned. I used to religiously watch msnbc but they’ve become so anti-Hillary that I can’t watch them anymore either, and they’ve gotten rid of or curtailed greatly insightful women like Karen Finney, Joy Reid and Alex Wagner. Gave up on CNN a long time ago, and needless to say being a person of color, never even tried Fox, though being on the ‘net gives you a pretty good idea of the bigotry and misogyny that rules over there. It is disheartening that Hillary TV surrogates virtually don’t exist this time around (James Carville was the best; Paul Begala OK but a bit too bland and soft spoken). With all this, I still think she will prevail in November. I can’t believe the electorate that voted twice for inexperienced Obama will allow Donald Trump or less likely Ted Cruz to be president. It is nerve-wracking. But I think Hillary will be greatly helped by all the people Trump/GOP has offended (everyone except racists, low-information voters, and white men). And are too many in GOP who HATE Trump and Cruz (don’t need them to vote for Hillary just abstain from voting). You can’t win national elections anymore with just angry white people (thank goodness). I sure wish though that democrats would vote not just for president but state legislatures, governors, senators and congress. We’ll never get out of this mess if they don’t.

  214. bellecat

    I didn’t think that River Daughter still supported Hillary…

  215. Paulette, we all pretty much dumped MSNBC. I mean, Maddow is practically Bernie’s PR person. There’s a clip of the look on her face when Hillary bashed him on Super Tues. At least I think it was Super Tues. It’s all a blur. Hey, gang, whomever posted that clip of Maddow nearly fainting, please post it again for Paulette.

    The problem here is Bernie doesn’t plan on going away even though he knows he’s cooked. I think I recognize what’s going on with him. He’s hooked on the adulation. really hooked. He’s loving the worship of those dumb shits who actually think they are going to get the equivalent of a unicorn that poops gold nuggets. This is the parth of socialist despots. And communists as well. THey hook the youth because the youth isn’t smart enough to recognize who they are following. History tells us that whenever a charismatic person hooks the youth to lead, it never ends well. With all these demonstrations, somebody is going to get their head cracked. It’s going to turn violent. And Bernie is the Enabler. Remember, he thought the Sandinistas were impressive. He went to Nicaragua for the Anniversary of The Revolution. This guy is full on Socialist with a penchant for Communism. That is why the CPUSA is endorsing him full throttle, although he doesn’t mention that. This is a bad bad man. He’s damaging Hillary daily and somebody needs to stuff a rag into his mouth.

  216. Belle, go ahead and post a link to RD’s post

  217. Shadow he protesters are also Ron Paul idiots. I recognize their pattern, stacking online polls, insulting people on youtube and blatant woman-bashing. In fact, when I read over at Bernie Central I saw some of them say they are voting Libertarian.

  218. I have also noticed that the cable channels don’t have strong supporters, speaking out for Hillary.

    Bernie sends a bulldog and Hillary sends a kitten. Let me tell you, if I could have astroprojected there this morning, I would have ripped that little bernie snot’s throat out.

  219. I’m getting pretty sick of Queen Elizabeth Warren too. She’s just another sleazy politician. She thinks who the hell she is.

    Incidentally, the bill mentioned here was JOE BIDENs bankruptcy bill to protect his BFFs in the Delaware Credit Card world.

  220. lol Bernie on TV attacking Trump, as if Bernie is relevant. He insists he can win in, are you ready? PA, CA and NY. Ayup, Bernie, that’ll happen just as soon as Haley’s Comet rolls around again.

  221. “Hey Bernie Sanders, you’re better than this. Don’t go out as a bitter, divisive sore loser”

  222. Well I still surf cable on primary nights so I saw the Maddow meltdown. I used to have such respect for her. I still think she’s smart and at least bends over backwards to not be overtly nasty to anyone, which I appreciate since most other men and women journalists are out there awful. But yes, the ultra pro Bernie comes through. I’m also tiring of Elizabeth Warren. Sticks out she’s lone senate democratic woman not to endorse Hillary. Yet another proof of media/Bernie backers hate of Hillary: Warren was a republican into her 40s and gets a pass or it’s rarely mentioned. Hillary still gets grief for not becoming a democrat until her college years. If I hear “she was a Goldwater Girl one more time!”

  223. I’m sorry I’m on a roll here. It’s either do this or give it up. I just saw CNN give the itinerary of every candidate, including Bernie, except for Hillary. THey are all in Phoenix today. Hillary? Hillary? No information.

    Last night Rachel “reported” that as well but also let her viewers know that Hillary was having a shit ton of fundraisers. Apparently, she was in CT and I missed it.

    Yes, I broke my MSNBC moratorium. There was nothing else on. I hate March Madness.

  224. Paulette, if you have any respect for Warren, check out her claim that she was part Native American, which was not true.

  225. No no. Comment was “respect” for Maddow not Warren. That native American claim was OOIA! Although I sort of like that Warren beat sleazy, barely literate Scott Brown like a drum.

  226. Well there’s some chicago demonstration and there was Bill Ayers, loving him some Bernie. Ayers is an admitted Marxist. Andddddd I am sure you might remember that he and his wife Bernadine Dohrn terrorized America in the early 70s with bombs. THey wrote a declaration of war on America. Billy got out of going to jail because his Daddy ran ConEdison in Chicago.

  227. Yeah, Warren baldfaced lied about her heritage and Bernie and the Bernies don’t have a problem with that because he name is not Hillary.

    I didn’t like her the first time she shot off her mouth. SHe’s an opportunist to the nines. And she’s fractious and gets along with nobody. No wonder she likes Bernie.

    One day she will go too far and become a pariah. i myself don’t care because I wouldn’t spit on her if she were on fire.

  228. Seriously, dudettes,, can you imagine the headlines if Hillary had clipped off her mic and stormed out of an interview in Arizona: Queen Hillary; What a prima donna; Diva!
    Bernie did that and we hear crickets.

  229. “This Kindness and Love shit is a very dangerous game.”

    As I’ve posted before, her ratings sky-rocketed after she repeatedly kicked the GOP in the nuts during the Benghazi hearings.

    Except she didn’t kick their nuts in the Benghazi hearing. She was calm, cool, and collected and was the adult in the room. Conversely, in her Sweep Speech, she was fiery and they all jumped all over her.

    So, I agree that the campaign needs to send pit bulls instead of kittens (unless they are sending Tiger Lily, who will scratch their eyes out) but I think she is forced to play by Clinton Rules.

  230. “She was calm, cool, and collected and was the adult in the room” Which is exactly how she repeatedly kicked the GOP in the nuts. 🙂

  231. What the hell is she wearing? A fur and metal bikini???? Those hooters can’t be real….

  232. I know I am going to get clobbered, but here goes. Melania’s only crime is that she is married to Trump. Just as we abhor when Republicans, and frankly Dems as well, blame, make fun, mock or chastise Hillary for staying married to Bill after his escapade/s, I am not sure why we now want to do the same thing to Melania. Just as we forgive Bill his past, why are we condemning her? We cringe at the sexist “cankles” remarks toward Hillary, but now it’s ok to call Melania’s “hooters” fake? We can’t have it both ways, folks.

    I thought we were better than this.

  233. I’m with you, VH. Ultimately, Melania really doesn’t matter.

    (Her only other crime is having a name that resembles ‘Malaria’)

  234. Yes, I agree Voting. I really don’t think she matters and she was a model at one time. And actually with the sexism in our society that picture is probably why a lot of Bernie Bros say they will vote for Trump.

  235. I’m sure the pic of Melania will help him court the evangelical vote. The ultra-religious are statistically the highest consumers of porn. #hypocrites

  236. Apologies if the term hooters is offensive and if her breasts are real but they look downright painful to me. I have NOTHING against Melania, she actually seems rather sweet. I don’t like the imagery and I would hate to think that she does this at the request of or for her husband who is undoubtedly a pig. This is the second photo I have seen on this site where she is displayed on a fur rug. Last time she was naked, wearing stilettos and handcuffed to a briefcase. I agree the caption is unkind but the pose, the wardrobe, the accessories are all demeaning in my book. I think she deserves better.

  237. Oh please I have known enough Evangelicals to know what hypocrites they really are, up to and including secret lives. Many of them pray one way and live another way. If somebody suits their obsessive need to force others to do and I say and not as i do in secret, they wouldn’t care if that person were caught chasing a little boy down the street naked.

  238. Sinning on Saturday night; saved on Sunday morning.
    Lather, Rinse and Repeat.

  239. Yeah, upps you have got the evangelical’s number for sure.

  240. Here we go again, numbnuts, trying to change another one agai, desperate is thy name…..

    Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Sunday said Democratic superdelegates in states he’s won should not to break with their home voters and back rival Hillary Clinton at the party’s convention.

    At the party’s convention in July, those party notables designated as “superdelegates” can vote for whomever they want regardless of who won their home state’s primary or caucus. Sanders is far behind Clinton in the total delegate count and would need support from as many of these individuals as possible to win the nomination.

    In an interview with CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Sanders said that in states he’s won by wide margins, the superdelegates “should listen to the people in their own state.”

    “That is common sense and I think superdelegates should do that,” Sanders said.

    As for superdelegates in states Clinton won, Sanders argued they should consider nominating him if he’s in a stronger position to defeat Republican Donald Trump in the general election.

    “I think you’re going to see some superdelegates saying, ‘You know what, I like Hillary Clinton, but I want to win this thing. Bernie is our guy.’”


    He is such an asshole.

  241. Bernie thinks he’s going to change the rules. Just like a Communist.

    The delegates are already pissed off at him because his barn animals called them all up and threatened them.

  242. Yeah, upps you have got the evangelical’s number for sure.

    That’s because it wasn’t a guess or just an opinion. I KNOW it for a fact.

  243. Hahah Sue, yup. The idea is to do whatever the hell you want to anybody, lead whatever secret life you want, and if you get caught, ask God to forgive you. Clean slate.

    Or as the anecdote goes:
    “When I was a kid I asked God for a bicycle but I never got one. So I stole somebody else’s bike and just asked God to forgive me”.

    Also, marriage is very Sacred to Evangelicals. That’s why they do it over and over again.

  244. Isn’t the sainted Our Lady of Holy Matrimony, Kim Davis, on her fourth?

  245. The Sandman is just an older, socialist version of Trump.

    They want to make the rules, and think they are more entitled to be president than that woman that talks about love and lifting everyone up.

    I hope to God Hillary gets into fight mode soon, before the dang convention.

  246. I don’t know anything bad about Melania–actually, I don’t know anything about her–but it would be weird to have a first lady who has full frontal pix of her on the web. I wonder if Donald had them scrubbed yet, but a lot of people have already seen them. A friend of hubs from work said all you have to do is google her name and click on images and the nude ones are mixed in there.

  247. I’m not even sure he’s a socialist. He favors Fidel behaviors. I think he’s closer to Communist in his heart. They start out socialist and quickly become despots. We’ve seen plenty of despot behavior from this guy. Just saying.

  248. Isn’t the sainted Our Lady of Holy Matrimony, Kim Davis, on her fourth?

    Yes indeed. SHe’s like a high priestess! God is very pleased that she is married, because marriage is Sacred. Doesn’t matter how many times you do it, the important thing is you are married and submit to your husband. Except when nobody’s looking. It’s kind of like that.

  249. OT but hey, socal! I made my pot roast today

  250. Yeah, I missed Bernie’s superdelegate argument in 08. Remember MA?

  251. Sophie, I don’t remember. Nobody remembers anything he said. What did he say?

  252. Cats, I kind of figure if you pose naked and then expect to become First Lady, you are open to criticism. She would be the first FLOTUS who has provided the entire country with a composite of exactly what she looks like. That in itself is a first and not in a particularly complimentary way. Women who do that have to understand that there can be consequences in the future.

    But none of it will bother Evangelicals. That’s for sure. Their men probably all lust over those pics.

  253. Upps, he didn’t say shit. No one said shit. She won MA decisively and all of the MA SDs were for Obama. Now Bernie thinks if you win a state, you should get the SDs. My point is that his argument today would have more “authenticity” if he had made it for someone else 8 years ago.

  254. Hmm, interesting Sanders normally crows about his fundraising from the hills, seems to have not filed and not crowing…

    Hillary Clinton raised $30 million in contributions last month, nearly doubling her monthly fundraising haul from January — but still trailing behind Bernie Sanders’ $42 million February haul.

    Clinton’s campaign ended the month of February with about $31 million in cash on hand. While Clinton spent about $4 million more than she raised in February, that’s not an unusual practice during one of the busiest months of the primary campaign, when all four early nominating states go to the polls. And Clinton’s burn rate was lower in February than it was in January, when she raised $15 million and spent $20 million.

    Sanders on Sunday afternoon had not yet filed his monthly report with the Federal Election Commission, which outlines how much he is spending. But in January, Sanders outspent Clinton by $15 million and her operatives were expecting his financial disclosures to show a high burn rate for a campaign that played organizing catch-up by outspending Clinton in states like Nevada on television and radio ad buys.

  255. Moon, he outspent her everywhere. Ironic, coming from Mr. Money Out Of Politics. Ah but WTF. It’s only Republican money!

  256. Ok Sophie, I remember now. Thanks. He’s just blowing it out of his ass grasping at ways to be the nominee without winning first.

  257. Same thing happened in New Jersey. She won NJ by about 10 percentage points, but every delegate went to Obama in the roll call vote.

  258. Ups (@ 4:02 PM) I understand your point about consequences and criticism when posing nude. I assume this was done when she was young and we all do stupid things we regret when we are young ( esp when in an altered state of consciousness). I don’t know when these photos were taken or why or if she has addressed them. I wouldn’t criticize someone with a beautiful body (even a FL or FG) who posed nude as an homage to the beauty of the human form and it was tastefully done, but these photos are just raunchy and demeaning to herself and women in general. If she has in fact had “enhancements” to make herself more marketable or attractive to the opposite sex, I think that is also demeaning and something she should address if she is to be a role model as FL. In the above photo she looks like a caricature of a real woman; maybe she was born that way, maybe not. We see too many women who do this to themselves or let others do it to them. I wonder when she will let her son see such photos of her or how her son will feel when he sees a photo like this on some guy’s bedroom wall…. I think she is a good person who has done a foolish thing to herself.

  259. I know I have some nerve, but can we please have a new post?
    I can’t look at the-possibly stained- Bernie BVDs anymore!

  260. If the superdelegates were supposed to just automatically vote for the candidate who won their state, then there would be no point to them, would there? They would be acting like pledged delegates, even more so, because there would be no proportionality as there is with pledged delegates. The idea of superdelegates, like it or not, is that they act as a check on the primaries and caucuses. That is why the DNC put them
    there. Not to simply automatically vote for the candidate who won tehir state.

    Anyone should be able to figure this out. If it weren’t for superdelegates last time, Hillary would have been president. Oh, and also that the DNC invalidated the Michigan and Florida primaries, and then later on gave Obama about half the delegates in Michigan, even though he was not on the ballot. Maybe Sanders was not following too closely at that point. I don’t much like superdelegates–except that I like the caucuses even less. And piling up a bunch of delegates by gaming caucuses, or simply because you are the candidate who has the people who are young and have no jobs, is even more unfair. Throw out all the caucus results, and see how things stack up with delegates. Sanders is acting like a kid playing Monopoly who wants to change the rules in the middle of the game. “I think that all properties should have the same value.” “I don’t think anyone should be able to have more than one hotel.” “Having a railroad should entitle the player to three extra turns.”

  261. William, agree wholeheartedly about the supers. Now, what do you think of this possibility:

    btw, I looked at another huffpo post, about Bernie raising more $, and I checked out the comments and was pleasantly surprised. It seemed there were more Hillary voters than bernbots, and they were ruling the thread.

  262. Upps, I’ve been thinking about your pot roast lately. I’m doing a juice fast this week, but am going to make it either this coming weekend or next week for sure. Yum!

  263. Hillary has spent most of the last week doing fundraisers. Unlike her primary opponent, she is not allowed to raise money illegally. Everyone knows what’s going on with Sanders fundraising practices, but it doesn’t matter because FEC which is supposed to enforce the rules is completely impotent due to partisanship. So he continues to raise money illegally and ignore FEC’s toothless warnings.

    Hillary is doung well in online fundraising, but it’s impossible to raise adequate cash LEGALLY from small donors to compete. Especially when the voters you speak for are the most economically stressed. This morning Hillary speaks at American Israeli Public Affairs Committee meeting in DC then heads to Arizona where Bill has been campaigning all weekend. GOP candidates will speak at AIPAC later today. I guess Sanders is skipping it since it’s only foreign policy. Whatever.

  264. And unlike that BS guy, she is raising millions for the party and down ballot races. So yeah, the party officials and elected officials who are Super Delegates should definitely switch to Sanders! William is correct that if Super D’s just reaffirmed the voters, there would be no point in having them.

  265. Dem senators today collectively spoke out and told Sanders to “reevaluate” and to wind down as Clinton was going to be their nominee and the longer he goes on attacking her is not helpful.

  266. Yeah moon, they’re doing it “gently” though. Asking him to attack Repubs instead of HRC. Doubt he will listen, gently or not.

  267. Annie, it was an interesting article. Actually, the scariest part was this “open carry state.” People in Ohio (and any other state with this law) can walk around with guns, so that if somethng upsets them, they can just shoot people? Go to a restaurant, and the guy next to you has a submachine gun on the table? This is a far more dangerous version of the movie version of the Wild West. And what will stop it?

    As to the political part, it is of course disconcerting. I hope that Sanders will have the general decency not to have the convention become a spectacle. I’m not sure how many of his voters will vote for Hillary in any event. And Hillary is as far to the Left as any reasonable and practical candidate can be. So that whole aspect is concerning, because Hillary is not Sanders, and is not going to be; and his supporters do not get their way just because they are loud and angry.

    On the Republican side, it could get ugly, as the article suggests. I figure that if Trump comes close to the nomination, and the other two candidates cannot win, deals will be made, and Trump will be nominated. I do not think that the Republicans dare to nominate someone who did not run. Kasich still has a chance to be nominated, if he were to win PA and CA and a few others. I do not think that if Republicans essentially run two parties, this will gain them any states. If the Republicans somehow run another candidate because Trump is nominated, it will be to try to win Congressional seats. That would unfortunately bring out all the conservatives, and hurt us downticket. But neither of those candidates will take many votes from Hillary, and she might actually win some Red states. Ultimately, one unfortunately goes back to the image of a nation of angry people without much rational understanding of government, being inflamed by hustlers and demagogues, and carrying around guns, courtesy of the NRA, which to my mind is a far more dangerous entity than any of the big banks that Sanders rails against.

  268. The strange thing is that right now, things are really not so bad in our economy or the country. Oh, of course they could be better. But unemployment is about 5%, about as low as economists say that it can ever go. I realize that the jobs are not as good as they were, but there is not massive unemployment, or massive poverty. There is at least some national medical plan so that most can be insured. Compare this with the ’30’s, or even eight years ago, and there is no real reason for all this anger. Of course, much of it comes from the Right, mostly aimed at Obama and Hillary, for not being white males, I guess; and inflamed by a bunch of radio demagogues who bilk the people out of their money by getting them riled up.

    On the Left, any anger is rather ridiculous. I think that many people just like to be feel outraged, it gives them some sense of meaning. The media always plays along with it, because they have sold their souls for viewers. Obama is certainly not my favorite president, but he has brought some stability and reasonableness to the running of the country. And yet both sides seem to revel in their anger, as if some awful thing were happening to them. Actually, the awful thing is global warming, but no one outside of scientists seems to care much about it.

  269. First polling of Utah and its closer than i expected it to be……

    Utah Democratic Presidential Caucus Deseret News/KSL
    Sanders 52, Clinton 44

    Could go either way and in Utah there is a big stop Trump effort that i think hurts Sanders more than Clinton.

  270. Some links

    emocrats to Sanders: Time to wind it down

    Protracted combat with Hillary Clinton threatens to do real damage in a general election against Donald Trump, senators warn.


    A number of Hillary Clinton’s supporters in the Senate say they are ready to reel Bernie Sanders in, encouraging the Independent senator who caucuses with Democrats to be realistic about his chances at the Democratic nomination


    WASHINGTON — Two of the least bipartisan senators in 2015 are running for president in 2016, a reflection of the polarized race playing out across the country.

    Presidential hopeful Sen. Bernard J. Sanders, I-Vt., placed last in bipartisanship, followed by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, according to the Bipartisan Index rankings released Monday for the first session of the 114th Congress

    ……………So Bernie does not like working with anybody it seems, no shock there.

  271. ……………So Bernie does not like working with anybody it seems,

    Bernie does not like working, period. Bernie likes complaining. he’s in heaven right now.

  272. Socal, a little reminder. Couldn’t slice, came apart with fork.

  273. Yumm…..need…pot roast……………..

  274. Oh I expect Utah to be worse than that.

  275. William, the thing is, the unemployment numbers released by the government are always rather….shady. If you are collecting unemployment you are counted. If you receive your last check but still don’t have a job, you fall off the rolls. Also not included are people who move from one state to another, or even one county to another. They fall off the roll count for that state or county. Then toss in the people who fall off the rolls earlier but are still unemployed or have given up looking already. Then there’s the “jobs added” number. That’s another story too. While all jobs are counted, people who have part time jobs are counted. And people who have 2 part time jobs are counted twice. So you can see where the actual number of unemployed is really always higher than the recorded number. Cost of Living calculations always hide the truth. That is why, as it costs more money to live, the government says things are fine. No inflation.

    It’s similar to how they calculate inflation for Cost of Living increases, say for Seniors. Not included in the calculation: Gasoline and heating fuel and food are not included. If food goes up, they do not consider it. And as we know, food always goes up.

  276. If the government (and its corporate owners) admit to x% unemployment, I would guess that I may safely assume it’s more like 1.5x% or even 2x%. 😦

  277. Oh I expect Utah to be worse than that.

    What a difference a few letters make. I MEANT to say I ‘EXPECTED” Utah to be much worse.

  278. imust, If I lived next door you would have had some for sure.

  279. I have some pork chops in sauerkraut in the oven which I was dreaming about but now I would gladly put them aside for some of that pot roast! Looks fabulous!

    Upps, agree with your calculations about unemployment, but since we have used this method as a metric for so long, that the 5% is comparing apples to apples as an economic indicator. I would be better if we also tracked the other numbers and use that in long term comparisons.

  280. You’re right Bill. Possibly 2x%+

  281. Sopnie, dang it’s rough not living near people you really like so you could make extra pot roast and invite them over for dinner! Those pork chops sound tasty, alas I couldn’t eat them, kraut is very high in sodium. But I love the vinegar taste with chops. Like with hot cherry peppers and…..

    They don’t track the other numbers because they are revealing — and not in a good way. Or they possibly DO track them and just don’t share them….

  282. Incidentally, the hanky panky on unemployment calculations is not new. It’s been that way for many decades.

  283. Uppity and Ivory Bill, all good points. I’m sure that unemployment is actually higher than the statistics given. But at least it’s about half as much as it was stated to be eight years ago, so there has been some improvement.

    Of course the middle class has been hammered for years. I think that much of this started in the Reagan era. One thing that the Democrats do not do well (Bill Clinton is the big exception to this) is to explain to the average voter that Reaganomics does not work, will never work; and that giving massive tax breaks to the rich, disguised by small refunds or tax breaks to everyone else, actually locks the middle class iand poor even more firmly into low subsistence wages. The voters keep electing Republicans to run their states, and then are surprised that things get worse. The Republicans delude them into thinking that the problem is really Democratic social programs; and that if the budget is purportedly balanced, then their lives will improve. This of course is nonsense, but most Democrats seem unable to explain it effectively enough.

  284. Upps, I live in the state right next door! The pork chops were good. And the kraut was salty, but homemade. Fermented. Right on my countertop.

  285. If I ate that kraut with all that sodium, I’d be in the emergency room sucking on oxygen and thinking I was drowning. Funny how fear helps you get over foods you love. Like macaroni and cheese. I think that’s the way I want to go. Mac and Cheese. Maybe a hot dog on the side, what the hell.

    A couple of big spoons of that kraut is damn near all my sodium for the day.

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