If You Can’t Take The Heat…

Then get out of the kitchen Bernie. Ironic that Bernie’s campaign slogan is, “Feel the Bern” as Bernie can’t handle even a little bit of heat.

This man, who has been lying, cheating, stealing and smearing Hillary Clinton for months, really has a lot of gall.

Today, HRC spoke at the annual AIPAC meeting in DC.

An actual grown up running for president.

An actual grown up running for president.

Bernie, I-want-it-both-ways, couldn’t make it. He’s too busy doncha know. He’s gotta hang with his adoring fans in Seattle. He loves the sound of his own voice, and the chants of Bern-ie! Bern-ie!!!

Screen shot 2016-03-21 at 11.55.55 AM

A demagogue, not a Democrat….wanna be revolutionary despot.

He claims Hillary is just another establishment politician. But he’s the one playing politics.  His far left wing supporters don’t like Israel, so he pleases them by not going. Then with a wink to the rest of the party, he offers to send transcripts of his non-existent speech to hand out at the event!

What a maroon.

Screen shot 2016-03-21 at 11.39.05 AM




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  1. He literally turns everything back to Wall St. and the AUMF in Iraq vote. He avoids all kinds of legitimate questions about his record that way. In case anyone was wondering, the Minutemen vote was NOT part of a larger bill. It was a seperate amendment requiring a seperate vote. He voted for it.

    Not to defend Joe Arpaio, but how could he “crash” her event at his own tent city? Is she in charge of that facility now? Should the Feds be investigating her?

  2. I noticed the same thing Brassy. He starts screeching about the Iraq War vote and doesn’t defend himself from anything just letting it hang out there.

  3. Imust:
    Good post on the BurnBum to get the hell out the kitchen…
    How does it look tomorrow for our Hill?

  4. Hey imust, thanks for this post!

    Belle, the tally for tomorrow will be fine, the optics will allow Bernie to crow and strut his wrinkled old ass around. Hillary looks to be pretty secure with Arizona, the rest seem to be Bernie’s. You know, White Dude Nation. In terms of delegates, it’s no help to him and she’s going to grab some of them herself. He’s rather Cooked whether he likes it or not. Boo Hoo. And nobody’s going to be changing the rules for a turkey who has never done anything in his life but complain, and who has been a Democrat for about 90 seconds.

    He says he’s staying in to the bitter end because he doesn’t think Hillary should be “Coronated”. Apparently that’s Bernie Language for Shit, She’s Winning.

  5. Upps, I think it is more Bernie saying “I am losing to a woman?”..sexist ass that he is.

  6. There’s just something about his voice that sounds shrill also he always looks so angry. He needs to smile more . I would rethink his hair do or maybe just comb it. He needs to soften his image. On second thought no he’s a man. He can be cranky, look unkept, have his voice sound irritating, be losing by every metric, and still be considered by the delusional revolutionaries a real contender for the democratic nominee.

    That’s true entitlement thinking.

  7. Just a thought, math teachers must be really failing the kids cuz none of his voters understand simple math. They just don’t get proportional delegate allocation. After Clinton is president maybe we should start a fund for all those young revolutionaries to teach them some math.

  8. Why the Hell does CNN say that Bernie beats Trump, more than Hillary would in the polls?

    Bernie can’t even beat Hillary, so how could he beat Trump?

  9. Gotta laugh at Bernie. Keeps bragging on how he is the best choice, forgetting that actual voters seem to disagree. But then they don’t know what’s good for them. Bernie does. He keeps citing some polls that have been around nearly as long as he has. The guy is practically demented. But boy is he loving the attention and adulation. It’s like pure oxygen to him. Can’t let go. He can’t let go. He’s the kind of guy who would jump off a high building if it all came to a screetching halt. He’s hooked.

  10. Upps, I think it is more Bernie saying “I am losing to a woman?”..sexist ass that he is.

    He’s just frustrated because he can’t fulfill his fantasy of being raped by three guys.

  11. Yeah, Upps. Bernie is going to milk his 15 minutes…all the way up to 16, before the big hook comes and gives him a hard yank back to 1952.

  12. Hillary is going to kick Bernie’s wrinkled bum in Arizona:

    RealClear Politics keeps a running average of the Arizona polls.

    Hillary Clinton 53
    Bernie Sanders 23

    Merrill Poll

    Hillary Clinton 50
    Bernie Sanders 24


    Hillary Clinton 56
    Bernie Sanders 22

  13. Very nicely done Imust — my feelings exactly.

    Since Berningbum likes to talk about the polls, wonder if he can riddle me this:

    If he supposedly beats Trump by 20 and Hillary beats Trump by 12, in either event, Trump is beaten and leaves us with either an ineffectual maple tree humping socialist or the most qualified person in history as President. That fact should spot Hillary a few points I would think, but that’s me.

  14. imust, great post! Bernie is such a jerk. That interviewer let him bs his way around the minutemen question, and then let him launch full on into his lame stump speech, lying and attacking Hillary, and then jumps up and walks away?!?! These media people need to take off the kid gloves with him and interrupt him when he doesn’t answer their questions and make him answer it. If he wants to walk, like a spoiled teenager, then let him. I am so sick of Bernie and his assholery.

  15. Shadowfax: Ah but I heard Maddow say there had not been enough polling to be accurate.

    Of course that begs the question of what she defines as enough and accurate. 😉

  16. Oh my. Breaking news on CNN about two explosions at the Brussels airport and shots fired, words shouted in Arabic before the explosions.

  17. Maple humping socialist. LOL. I love it!

    My youngest child woke me up this morning with the news about Brussels it upset him so much.

  18. Videos

    Passengers escape metro commuter through underground tunnel after explosion. (hysterically crying child, very sad)

    People fleeing Brussels airport after explosion

    Debris inside Brussels airport after explosion

  19. Okay, people. Brussels is another wake up call. Vote like your life depends upon it because it may.

    Bernie’s argument about beating Trump by more points than Hillary is absurd for many reasons. Start with the fact that if he were the nominee, GOP and allies would run that video of him praising Castro on an endless loop. The oppo research on him is thick. He’s be toast by November. Wouldn’t beat Trump for dog catcher.

  20. Yeah we wouldn’t have to dodge and divert questions about his past, it would all be plastered all over everyone’s TV set.

    He’s just lucky Hillary is leaving him alone, which is the prudent thing to do at this point, since he’s irrelevant whether he likes it or not.

  21. I remember after the Paris attacks Hillary’s numbers shot way up. I can imagine the same thing happening today in the primaries where people are going to the polls and thinking do I really want this guy in charge of foreign policy?

  22. Yeah, Ga., BS wishes the terrorists would stop interfering with his revolution.

  23. I was reading an article about Bernie skipping AIPAC and his criticisms of Israel. Europeans were commenting about Bernie being delusional in believing he understands the Arab mindset, especially in light of this morning’s attacks in Brussels. I can’t imagine President Sanders garnering much respect with our foreign allies.

  24. The Belgium attacks are just too horrible. Our lives are so very fragile. All it takes is a crazy on a mission. And here we have so many of them Al Queda, ISIS, ISIL and whatever else affiliated groups. I can’t imagine that there will not be other attacks because there always are. All of the world must unite against these sub humans and take out the trash.

    As for Bernie I don’t get how he says he can beat Trump when he can’t beat Clinton? If it were a close race maybe he could claim that but really it’s not even close. Just completely delusional. Is there something wrong with him? No, seriously because the things coming from his campaign have no basis in reality. (Like him sweeping NY and CA and stealing pledged delegates, going to the convention etc… ). When do we have that conversation? Because I am seriously worried about his mental state. Was the campaign too much for him.

  25. For tonight’s results:

    Idaho closes at 8:00pm EST
    Utah is 10:30pm EST
    Arizona is 11:00 pm EST

  26. Sanders not going to AIPAC is very telling. Imust is right, at least some of the American Left hates Israel. Why they do is some complex psychological matter. Identification with “the underdog,” along with closet anti-semitism. The same mindset that loved Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh and Daniel Ortega identifies more strongly with the PLO and Hamas.

    Sanders was born into a Jewish family, but does not really identify as Jewish. I really have no idea what his position on Israel might be. Actually I have no idea what his foreign policy positions are, outside of “we must crush ISIS.” Speaking to AIPAC would have been an opportunity to get a better look at some of this. But in arrogantly deigning not to go, apparently because it might cost him some votes somewhere, he shows in large part that he is not to be trusted with regard to these questions.

  27. Uh, William, has it ever occurred to you that some people–who don’t have an ethnic dog in that fight–just detest imperialism, regardless of who is engaging in it?

  28. What are you trying to say Ivory Bill? Be more specific please. William was commenting on MY comment, so I’m very curious.

    Some on the left ARE very pro-Palestine and very anti-Israel. That’s a fact.

  29. I don’t know how American voters will respond over the months to these awful terrorist acts. Some might support Trump and his anti-immigration platform, and his belligerent claims that he will make America so strong that no one will bother us. And it unfortunately is a sure bet that Sanders will try to tie them to the war in Iraq, as if Hillary somehow caused that war. Obviously, Hillary is the only adult who actually has any idea of how to manage foreign policy, and we can just hope that this will come through, even amid the angry and blaming rehetoric of the other candidates.

  30. I was wondering the same William.

  31. @Imust: I expect a lot of the people to whom you refer aren’t anti-Israeli specifically, but anti-imperialist generally.

  32. I suspect there a lot of people who are anti-Israeli, use imperialism as a reason to rail against them. These same people are generally anti Hillary too. Are you one of them? Glenn Greenwald comes to mind.

  33. Ivory Bill, this is of course is too depressing a day to discuss such matters at length. What you see as “imperialsm,” I see as Israel desperately trying to defend itself against an Arab world which has vowed to destroy it, and which attacked Israel on three separate occasions, one of them on the holiest day of the Jewish year. The only democracy in the history of the Middle East, Israel had negotiated a peace agreement with Palestine in the Clinton administration, which Arafat backed out of under immense pressure from the radicals who live for and crave war against Israel. The American Left had no use for Jewish people when they were being killed by the millions, and they just transferred this to Israel, the only country in the world which they actually criticize; this while hundreds of thousands are killed in African tribal wars; when human rights are being denied in China and so many other countries. They are blatant hypocrites.

  34. From the Arab viewpoint, they were defending their rightful territory against foreign invaders. The Arabs see themselves as being unjustly punished by having their land taken away to pay for the sins of an entirely different regime, namely Nazi Germany.

    One need not agree with them to realize that is how they see it.

    Disclosure: I am neither Jewish nor Arabic, so I have no dog in this fight.

  35. My intention was to point out the hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders. He wants his cake and eat it too with regard to supporters of Israel and those on the far left (his base). I usually try to do this with humor. It was not my intention to start a flame war about Israel and the PLO on this blog. I may have misread my audience. If this continues, I will take down this post.

  36. “These same people are generally anti Hillary too. Are you one of them?”

    No, I voted for Hillary in the Arkanshire primary, and I plan to vote for her again in November.

  37. bellecat, I am no BO fan, but were they playing our national anthem at the time this pic was taken?

    This is the kind of shit that makes me crazy regarding our politics.

  38. It would be nice to have the translation, but I think Obama and Kerry were at a ceremony honoring Jose Marti who was the father of Cuban independence, and that Che Guevera iconography happened to be in the background. Doubt there was anything sinister going on. These trips are so sensitive they are choreographed like ballets.

  39. I hope this frickin’ test works

  40. Finally able to log in by changing my password for the third time.

    Rant over. Howdie gang.

  41. Hey Shadow, sorry you had so much trouble.

  42. Again I don’t know why Americans and more in particular the left wing of the party are so enamored with murders like Che Guevara and the Castro brothers. Just talk to anyone that has had to flee a communist country and they will tell you the same thing. Yes, they all seem to be supporting Bernie Sanders.

    Sorry but my give a damn about the Palestinian People is broke. Before I will care, they need to drop their platform regarding the annihilation of the Jewish state. And if I am not mistaken Jill Stein’s platform also does not support Israel remaining a Jewish state. If I am wrong about Ms. Stein please let me know. I hear a lot about her every presidential election and I could never support a candidate that refuses to recognize the need for Isreal to remain a Jewish state.

    I am glad that Clinton knows the importance.

  43. Poor Shadow. WordPress hates her.

  44. I second what FLVoter said. Both subjects.

  45. I’m sure that fuckwad Raul Castro deliberately arranged where that pic was taken

  46. UW, sometimes I don’t even recognize the Democratic Party anymore and that leaves me very sad for our future.

  47. Israel is the only Democracy in that entire Middle East shitehole. That alone encourages my support. Secondly, I don’t think people understand Israel’s importance as a base for the USA if ever needed. I remember back when I was working for GE Aerospace and we sold them phalanx and radar/sonar units, including those that resided atop the E2C Hawkeye Reconnaissance planes. These “dishes” were often used atop buildings too, I remember one being atop our plants, as aerospace plants were often considered targets. We did NOT give them to Israel, we SOLD them to them, contrary to what so many people think about weapons America provides to other countries. They are not gifts. That assumption that we “supply” them with weapons is far from the truth unless you consider that the USA has always SOLD aerospace weaponry to FRIENDLY nations. It’s a business. Certain countries are always blacklisted and that’s that.

  48. I don’t fear a terrorist attack from ISIS nearly as much as I fear being killed by an anti-abortion bomber, a Bundy loon, a good Christian with a gun and a grudge against his boss, or an orange yam supporter who is trying to shut me up.

  49. Thanks Imust

    Up Upps, WP hates me and some nasty words were flung.
    Hopefully the third password is the charm.

  50. Israel is the only Democracy in that entire Middle East shitehole.

    I agree.

    Sometimes, I just wished Israel would move their home base to American and let those middle eastern men go back to another century of killing each other. I know the religious meaning…but so does everyone over there.

  51. We don’t fear things unless they affect us personally. The San Bernardino attack (yes, I know it was lone wolf or wolves), hit too close. I mean, shooting out a center for the developmentally disabled?? They left bombs too. Luckily they were bad at making bombs or more would have been hurt or killed. Am I afraid of going anywhere or does it stop me? No. But I do want this senseless killing to stop. By ISIS and crazies on the right. At least with ISIS, maybe we can get the crazies on the right to work with us on eliminating them.

  52. Castro wouldn’t have had to work very hard to get a Che image in the photos. As I’m sure you know, that kind of iconography is everywhere in totalitarian states like Cuba. They rely heavily on the cult of personality to keep the citizens loyal and as docile as possible.

  53. There, there, Shadow. Aunt Uppity still loves you. Or at least likes you a lot. More or less. Or less of more. Or considerably less of more than more of less. Trust me, Shadow. I know what I’m doing. Can’t you tell? Um…

  54. Uppity Woman, on March 22, 2016 at 2:48 PM said:
    I’m sure that fuckwad Raul Castro deliberately arranged where that pic was taken

    Upps, that was my point plus if they were playing our anthem at the time, the hand over heart makes sense. We have no way to know from just that pic.

    Frankly, when Obama landed and Raul wasn’t there to welcome him, Obama should have gone right back up the plane stairs and left.

  55. Uppity Woman, on March 22, 2016 at 2:59 PM said:

    Well stated, Upps, well stated.

  56. Israel literally landed there after having been run out of everywhere else. Exactly how is it that a part of the world known for psychotic savages on a religious trip should drive them out? The anti-semitism in the USA has grown in leaps and bounds moving at a frightening pace similar to what happened in Germany —- all because of Iran and Hamas. They are the instigators here not Israel. They cry about Israel’s bombs but fail to mention they are in response to their bombs. Furthermore, how ignorant do you have to be to not know that when you throw crude bombs made by neanderthals over a wall at someone who has sophisticated weaponry, you are going to get your ass kicked. Israel could vaporize Palestine if they wanted to but they don’t. But they use children as shields and then pretend that Israel likes to kill babies. It’s the same old shit on the same old days. Frankly, I am in awe of Israel’s restraint, given their arsenal.

    I don’t think there is any reason on this earth not to leave Israel the hell alone, other than sheer meanspiritedness tinged with a touch of religious psychosis. Add in a bent toward religious genocide which is not lost on Christians either.

  57. Really, really happy Hillary is on her way to the White House instead of Bernie. Does he even know where Belgium is?

  58. You’re right Voting, Obama should have gotten back on that plane and left that communist fuckwad in the lurch, with a Fuck You note left behind.

  59. Yeah Luna, Bernie knows Belgium is a Waffle at the House Of Pancakes.

  60. And one more thing, to put things in proper perspective. How is it that Muslims can live peacefully in Israel, but the State Of Israel can’t live peacefully in their own country?

  61. Any news on turnout at the primaries? I’ve been gone most of the day

  62. Saw an article that said lines in Arizona were really long and filled with Independents. It’s a closed primary so these Independents were just unnecessarily clogging the lines because they couldn’t vote anyway. Wondering if they were indies voting on the R or D side??

  63. Unless those provisional ballots are counted in the long lines for Arizona, Hillary should win by a big margin.

    Idaho and Utah are caucus states, and the only polls I saw where from a month old.

  64. Where’s our Moon?

  65. These self proclaimed sandernistas that want to push Clinton further left are not in touch with the average American. From what I can see the average American is too busy taking care of their kids and there elderly parents and working full time or working two jobs to give a rats’ ass about feeling the Bern. They are not socialists nor will they vote for socialists. While many democrats don’t want to hear this, Clinton cannot afford to continue sliding to the left. Wall Street is not the enemy. Many of our retirement monies are invested there and believe it or not wall street employs a number of people. They are part of the economy. Do they need better regulation? Yes. But Wall Street is not the enemy.

    As to free college, sorry I don’t believe in absolute free college. College is not a right, it must be worked for and earned. If you want to devalue college, just make it free. However college should be affordable. College students need to choose carefully what they want to study to be sure that after completing college their degree is marketable. Not all degrees are marketable. Choose wisely.

  66. flvoter @ 5:31, well said.

    Prolix said that AZ greatly reduced the number of polling places, so as to save $, but probably to make it harder for dems to vote, so that is one reason the lines are so long.

  67. Seriously FLVoter, if I continue to agree with you like this, we will have to start dating.

  68. I dunno shadow. My shift for watching Moon doesn’t start for three hours!

  69. flvoter

    I agree that the Sbots are driving Hillary too far to the left, and so is the ObamaDemParty.

    I hate that Hillary has to do this to win the primary…then hopefully when she wins, she can move more to the center and focus on winning over Trump. She needs to bring in the white males, working folks, and steer away from the lame progressive issues.

  70. They give out the provisional ballots to placate loud independents who think they ought to have all the consolations of being in an actual party, but none of the consequences.

    They are given to them as a token.

  71. lol imust, they were probably bernouts who forgot to register as Democrats, or didn’t know they had to, or…..or…

    They probably figured if I can’t vote, then I won’t let anybody else do it either.

  72. Uppity 😉 Moon-watch has begun here…

  73. I’m sick as a dog again, that damn flu has come back with a vengeance. please someone kill me now, i feel like a extra in the walking dead right now.

  74. I’ve been trying to figure out the AZ system. Apparently, if the indy’s wanted to vote in the primary, they had to register as dem, rep, or green by February 23rd. I guess a lot of them blew it off and are now showing up and demanding to vote, so they’re giving them “provisional ballots” because they say its federal law, but they won’t be counted?!? Sounds like Bernie bros, screwing everyone else, as usual. So, AZ has a closed primary, which should be their right, and it still gets screwed with.

    I looked at azcentral, but it is a weird, cluttery site so I didn’t link it.

  75. VotingHillary, on March 22, 2016 at 10:53 AM said:
    For tonight’s results:
    Idaho closes at 8:00pm EST
    Utah is 10:30pm EST
    Arizona is 11:00 pm EST

    HuffPo has changed the reporting times to 11:00PM EST for all.

  76. I am hoping Clinton takes Arizona by a big margin to shut down the Bernie about momentum. Thanks for all if the agreement, I really do think that the left of the party that pushes people like Bernie and Warren are out of touch with the average American. There are some things that I am liberal about and some things that I am more conservative about. I tend to be more middle of the road about most things.

  77. I was reading over Hillary’s policy plans on her website — vain attempt to find even more facts to pummel the Berners with at the caucus this Sat (I hate the caucus system) but they are pretty set on ignoring certain facts. I saw that Hillary has a plan for if you’re working but have to reduce your hours or even quit work to be a caregiver for your loved one (because you’re not rich enough to buy care) it won’t effect your Social Security benefits. Right now people like that take a huge cut in benefits. Hillary thinks caregiving is important work, even if it’s not paid. ZOMG!

    I just love how this woman thinks through details to the important stuff that affects ordinary families.

  78. I’m not thrilled at all that Hillary is on board with the whole Trans issue. Of course, Trans advocates have attached themselves like leeches to Lesbian & Gay Rights groups, who seems blind to the fact that Trans issues (like bathroom access) have derailed several gay rights ordinances across the country.

  79. Yet again it becomes clear that Hillary is most qualified by far to be the next president. While discussing Brussels attack she’s asked what more should they have been doing to fight terrorism. Does she answer in generalities or knee jerk platitudes? No. With specifics like this paraphrase: well for one thing having a law that prohibits neighborhood night raids seems counter productive. She so often knows specifics and answers in terms of what should be done to solve a problem. I wonder if any of the other candidates knew about that law off the cuff or knew to research it in prep to talk about the attack? On domestic end, I remember being so impressed when Rachel Maddow interviewed her about Flint water crisis (before national media paid attention) and Hillary responded with a detailed action plan, including immediate testing of children to discern levels to began treatment. And of course she was the first candidate to even mention the atrocity and continues to talk about it when others have moved on. Head and shoulders above all candidates and all media can do is talk about her voice!

  80. Anybody know when the polls in the states close?

  81. Nevermind I’ve got it
    Arizona’s late!

    When do the polls close?

    Arizona: 10 p.m. EDT.

    Idaho: The Democratic caucuses close at 8 p.m. EDT.

  82. GWM4Hill i have to tell you I had no idea about the bathroom thing and I’m not sure most people realize it’s even an issue.

    I listened to her interview today too on Good Morning America and yes, I had no idea about the midnight raids either. It was interesting that she knew so much.

    At this point there really is no one else to vote for other than Hillary because the GOP are nuts and Bernie doesn’t have a clue. It seems Hillary has the competence and experience monopoly this year.

  83. GWM, don’t even get me started!

  84. This is on the Drudge Report. Hope this is true

    Experts see little chance of charges in Clinton email case

  85. FLVoter, Hillary could wipe bernie right out in Arizona and he would still be blabbing about Utah. It’s what he does. Now I know where his followers got their delusional streak.

  86. I was cspan. No muss no fuss, no editorializing, no bullshit, no talking heads, just straight live updated stream to numbers.

  87. No Moon. If you were an extra in walking dead at least you’d get paid.

  88. Thanks neetabug! And welcome!

  89. From everything I am seeing about Bernie, he appears to be your typical socialist wanna be dictator. He’s all about railing against the rich while enjoying the privileges of the elites. We used to say about Castro’s communism: What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine. Maybe that’s why Bernie won’t suspend his campaign because his lifestyle will change dramatically. No more private planes, no more nice hotels, no more adoring idiots. The real Bernie appears to spend money like a drunken sailor on shore leave.

  90. When are the results start comming in?

  91. I have a conspiracy theory that Trump and Bernie are the same person. You never really see them together and they both talk nonsense. I think if you remove Trump’s spray tan and the toupe you have Bernie.

  92. cnn and msnbc just said Idaho and Utah too early to call. AZ polls clos in 56 min.

  93. Very nice read. The GE is almost guaranteed to be a Clinton win.


  94. After so many years, this is really going to happen. We are going to have our first woman as President of the United States. I am ready to ignore Bernie’s fantasy revolution and focus on the reality of the GE.

    The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

    Who gives a sh!it if Bernie wins Utah and Idaho, he lost the primary.

  95. neetabug

    So glad to see you again!

  96. Oh Moon…down for the count, again. That sucks. Hope you kick this bug, soon.

  97. I love this:

  98. Some good news before hopefully better news tonight:

  99. Voting, Both of those are so awesome!!!

  100. Shadowfax it is good to be on a site with positive things to say about Hillary.

  101. flvoter, even better local news here, we just had a second eagle hatch at 9:40pm. I get so psyched over our eagle nest.


  102. neeta, Hillary Clinton was never going to be charged. She was never under a criminal investigation. The whole email thing was just a red herring to depress her vote. I hate to hear that you were ever worried about such nonsense. Please relax and enjoy the coming months knowing that Clinton is the Democratic Nominee and soon to be President.

  103. Voting that is so cool. I could just lose myself watching the nest for hours.

  104. flvoter, thanks I needed that. I am planning to volunteer during the general election. I will be phone banking, making sure the seniors get absentee ballots and anyone else who wants one. During election day we will be driving voters to the polls. We will also babysit for free. We will be knocking on doors making sure they have voted. In my neighborhood we will be driving up and down the streets with a bull horn trying to get voters out. We are getting organized now.

  105. Voting

    With tears in her eyes, Hillary is given the Tribal name “strong woman.”

    Perfect name for our girl

  106. neetabug,

    Shadowfax it is good to be on a site with positive things to say about Hillary.

    Absolutely, Neetabug!! Still waiting for Free to find her way over here too. Lots of us are here under Upps big Hillary tent. Thanks Upps!!!!

  107. Strong woman will be next to my Hillary sign in my yard

  108. Great to hear neeta. In the GE, I believe Clinton will take Florida.

  109. neetabug, on March 22, 2016 at 9:32 PM said:

    Wow, that’s awesome. Wished I lived in your neighborhood and I would crank up that darn bullhorn for ya.

  110. Is it me or did the time on the tweets fall back by an hour?

  111. Call me TOTALLY SHOCKED on this endorsement:

  112. Still no votes counted yet? What the Hell????

  113. WTF Hell froze over Rollling Stone goes for Clinton!!!

    I guess EVERYBODY sees that its over. They are jumping onto the Clinton express straight to the Presidency.

  114. Can’t resist….

  115. I love that quote in the Rolling Stone article “… Sanders offers progressive voters a dangerous mirage. I’ve been to the revolution before. I’t ain’t happening.”

    Clinton is a “tough thoroughly tested fighter.”

  116. The comments about Sanders are especially devastating:

    “Sanders offers voters a dangerous mirage; “I have been to the revolution before. It aint happening.”

  117. Ha Ha, Great Minds think alike, flavoter! 😀

  118. GWM, I think that quote sums up the entire Bernie campaign.

  119. Alright RS, “clear and urgent choice”…
    Thank YOU imust for the Dr Hook video…

  120. AP calls Arizona for Hillary!!!

  121. AZ already called for Hillary.

  122. CNN:
    Clinton wins Arizona primary…

  123. gee whiz!
    I wanted to post it first…

  124. Bad sign for Bernie that AZ got called so quickly. Bless his heart.

  125. flvoter, is that a pity, Bless his heart?

    No worries, the Sandman is probably on his burner phone calling all the delegates he can, begging for spare votes.

  126. I know you know. I just wanted the gif.

  127. Shadow yup Bless his heart. I say it with all the meaning given to that saying by Southerners.

  128. Hillary on C-Span right now…whole speech.

  129. In case you all don’t know what bless your heart means or have forgotten what it means

    1) A euphemism for “fuck you” commonly used by people who live in the southern United States.

  130. fl
    Good to know, I had no idea. Velvet glove with a big slap across the kisser.

  131. Why the heck is AZ winner take all delegates for the Rethugs, but has to split for the Dems?

  132. Shadow, different parties have different rules.

  133. Voting…yeah, thanks.

  134. Burn and Cruz are winning Utah. Yuck.

  135. Way, way, way up thread @5:49 Upps linked an article to Huffpo about Hillary “shouting and not smiling”. Lmao at a comment there. A guy agreed with a woman who said she couldn’t stand Bernie flailing his arms around. He said “Yeah, Bernie reminds me of Joe Cocker at Woodstock”. Bernie gets by with a little help from his friends

  136. Well this turned out as expected. Nothing lost, nothing gained. And Bernie spent down some more bucks for those remaining White Man states.

  137. Cruz won Utah because of Mittens.

  138. Shadow, the split delegates is actually better as it sorts things out. Tonight, Bernie gained Nothing.

  139. *Waves to Neeta* You’re safe here. You have my word on it.

    Email ‘scandal’ was just another in a LONG line of Republican failures at bringing down a woman who makes their dicks shrivel.

  140. Shadowfax, on March 22, 2016 at 11:58 PM said:
    Why the heck is AZ winner take all delegates for the Rethugs, but has to split for the Dems?

    Shadow, Republicans set up this winner take all starting with FL because they thought this would put Jeb? over the top for the delegates.

    That worked out well for them.

  141. Flabbergasted by Rolling Stone endorsement! Wowie.

    Anyhoo, big victory in Arizona!! The bros are screaming fraud and making petitions, of course.
    I know there are stages of grief and all but these guys take the flippin cake!


  142. Hahaha I love when they do those stupid petitions. It cracks me up. As IF it’s some kind of order because a bunch of frat boys said so. And the petitions are often as rude as they are. I LOVE their petitions.

    You would think after the first 20 that get no results, they would catch on.

  143. “It’s easy to blame billionaires for everything, but quite another to know what to do about it” -Rolling Stone

  144. Wondering if the Independents showing up to vote and slowing down the lines in AZ was organic stupidity or a Team Sanders plan.

  145. Sophie, could be either one.

    Yeah, when I saw the RS endorsement, I was flabbergasted. What will poor Matt Taibi do now? So sad his employer just threw that misogynist straight under the wheels of the 🚌

  146. Up @ 5:55 am: I somehow got on every left wing mailing list. They bombard me with emails to sign this petition or that petition which I never do because I don’t have all day to sign stupid, meaningless petitions. And WTF do they do with all those petitions?

  147. Yay for Arizona. I don’t think Bernie is ever going to get out of the race. Our only hope is that his funds dry up but if Republicans are funding him which I suspect a lot of them are he can go for quite a while longer. Now the goalposts have been moved to the end of April for Bernie when NY, PA etc vote and the big states with closed primaries.

  148. Yeah, last week the BS people were saying they would win in Arizona: we’re so strong in the west! They’ve been doing this for weeks now–wait till next week; we’ll show you then. Only Michigan panned out–just barely.

  149. Strong Woman just keeps kicking his butt all over the place.

  150. A friend of mine who is a BernieBro posted that Sanders crushed Clinton in the Americans abroad primary. So I looked it up and, while it’s true, it doesn’t move the needle much.


  151. Julies, who are these people, do you know? People working abroad, expats ( can they still vote?), the military? Just curious ….

  152. I must take this time to express how much I detest caucuses. They have virtually no relationship to what the popular vote would be in a state if they actually had a primary. It would be equivalent to a state having a series of decathlon events to decide the results. I’m sure you saw the pictures of the lines in Idaho, and virtually every person looked to be under 20. The states which hold caucuses are disenfranchising older voters, voters who have children and have to put them to bed or be sure they get up for school; voters who have jobs; voters who cannot stand up for six hours in a crowded and hot room.

    And does one ever see one media person say any of that, or even acknowledge that caucuses are not primaries; that they have about a tenth of the turnout of what an actual primary result would be; that they skew the results because of the caucus vote counting rules? I will never forget the shock and dismay I felt in 2008, when Hillary would win Ohio by ten points or so, win Pennsylvania by 15 points, gain maybe 25 delegates altogether; and then Obama would win some caucus by 79-21, and get even more delegates. Does anyone think that if Idaho or Utah had a primary, that Sanders would have gotten 75% of the vote? We’ve got to suffer through a few more of these, too, before we get back to actual primaries. And even then I have to worry about California, where we could see a very large number of Republicans who like to register as Independents, swarm the Democratic primary in order to try to get Sanders a big victory.

  153. “A friend of mine who is a BernieBro posted that Sanders crushed Clinton in the Americans abroad primary”

    I’d bet they don’t live in Belgium.

  154. crushed, there are 7 delegates abroad, he’ll have to do better than that. But it’s true, abroad went for him. S. Korea had 93% vote for him. Should we care, since if they all gave a shit, they’d still be living here.

    Imagine all the cheating that went on in all those countries.

  155. Cats – any U.S. citizen living abroad who could legally vote in an election.

  156. Sorry for the double post. Just want to clarify that I believe the military vote via absentee ballots. In fact, IIRC in ’08 Virginia was awarded to Obama and there was a huge outcry because there had been a delay in receiving the military ballots and they hadn’t been counted.

  157. Democrats need to demand that the party stops with these stupid caucuses and open primaries. If someone wants to vote in a democratic primary, and is not a democrat, they can bloody well register as one before whatever date is required. Every dem should email the party and tell them that the primary season needs to be completely overhauled. 1) it needs to be shortened, 2 or 3 months max. 2) Good NIGHT Iowa and NH, your reign has been going on far, far too long. (think of all the tax $ that would be saved on those corn subsidies). 3) they should have a mixture of big and small states every week, and it should rotate who goes first. 4) No caucuses–they disenfranchise too many people. 5) Democrats only. How stupid is this party that they would let other people game their elections? The party should be in charge, and if the states don’t like it, too bad. They didn’t hesitate to play the heavy with MI & FL in ’08. It is long past time that the party provides a fair, quick, and clean primary season. What they have now is bullshit.

    btw, did everyone see the latest on the Belgium terrorist attack? One of the brothers was caught last year trying to enter Turkey. The Turks deported him back to Belgium with a warning, but the Belgians let him go free! And we can see the result. Europe really needs to get its act together. There must be a middle road between Trump/Cruz extremism and European mollycoddling of young muslim men (like letting them molest and rape young women) who seem to go back and forth between Europe and the ME at will. This reminds me of how we let the 9/11 terrorists and the Boston Bombers slip through the system. We were warned, and Belgium was warned, and they were allowed to fall through the cracks anyway.


    The part about Turkey warning Belgium is in the part after John Kerry.

  158. Julies, would this also mean they weren’t eligible for absentee balloting or could they do both? This seems so strange, didn’t know such an organization existed and that delegates were assigned in this way. Thanks!

  159. Personally I think that we need to get rid of the Dept. of Homeland Security and put our money and manpower into Interpol and do for intelligence gathering what we did with the NATO alliance. I remember Hillary in 2008 (during the election) talking about returning FEMA to a cabinet level department (which Bill had done) and dismantling Homeland Security; which is a joke. I mean Michael Chertoff and Janet Napolitano anyone?

    The staging grounds for these actions is Europe. 9/11 was planned in Europe and then staged here. It is to our advantage to help with the reorganization of intelligence gathering in Western Europe. We are going to pay for it one way or another. Better to head it off at the pass.

  160. The only obstacle left is the Bernie campaign itself. Bernie needs to take his childish followers by the hand and stop the Republican attacks, the conspiracy theories and the infantile name calling and booing. His entire campaign is a cult of personality. Bernie can stop this and have a respectful tone at his rallies. Unfortunately, the longer the primary goes on the more desperate he and his followers become. They are acting like two year olds throwing tantrums. If he wants to retain any dignity and respect he needs to act like a grown up and reign in his minions.

    These actions have been going on for so long that they are outright misogyny. They are doing this because Clinton is a woman. If she were a man, everyone would have already begun the choirs of Why Won’t the Stupid ____________________ (fill in your favor name for Bernie) Quit.”

    Its so sad that they are so openly sexist that they will do anything to steal the nomination away from a woman. She earned it. She has earned the respect of everyone by running a winning campaign. But what do I expect from a bunch of white privileged children that talk down to minorities and are openly bigoted.

    Sad day for the Democratic Party when they appear as bigoted and sexist as the Republicans.

  161. Cats – I found this info about voting abroad. Apparently only Democrats can vote in primaries from abroad.



    As for Bernie and AIPAC, it irks me beyond belief that anyone who supports Israel could even consider voting for BS. I’ve asked one of my Israeli cousins why he supports Bernie but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet. As you can see from the videos below, Bernie has no problem sucking up to the Muslim community, including promising to “level the playing field” when it comes to Israel. But he blows off AIPAC? The truth is, if he had to be honest with that audience he would lose their support and he damn well knows it. I’m just hoping that enough of them were offended to start them looking more deeply into his policies.

    Lord, it feels good to be able to post in a place where I don’t have to tiptoe around.

  162. As far as Bernie and AIPAC go, frankly I think he was afraid to show up there because they might ask him hard questions and his supporters might get mad. Bernie is really what would be called an Atheist Jew. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_atheism

  163. Oh, I know lots of atheist Jews. And that’s another thing that bothers me about him. Not the fact that he’s an atheist. I couldn’t care less what his personal beliefs are. It’s the fact that he uses his “Judaism” to fool people. Like in the HuffPo video above, when they are talking about the similarities between Judaism and Islam I just want to scream. It’s not a faith he practices, yet he will trot it out when it benefits him.

    As for AIPAC, it’s primarily Jewish, but not completely. There are a lot of non-Jewish supporters of Israel. But it is definitely an audience that is not going to be fooled by touchy-feely ambiguous rhetoric. They want specifics and if Bernie were to give them the specifics he truly believes in, he might just as well pack it in and go home.

  164. This was posted at another site, a first-hand account of the Utah caucuses….

    This person is a Trump supporter, but it also can apply to Bernie’s win in Utah too.


    can the numbers be so high? drudge has this:
    “UTAH CAUCUS: First hand insider report – Incompetence, Manipulation, and Ballot Stuffing!!!
    Just got back from my caucus… My head is still spinning.

    Check in was slow but reasonably controlled. Super-long lines. I’ve never seen turnout like this.

    Got my credentials, but no presidential ballot. They said those would be delivered to our caucus room.

    Got to my caucus room. I counted about 120 people there (no idea how many were actually registered and credentialed).

    We elected Precinct Officers, State Delegates, and County Delegates – the typical incompetence and ignorance of the rules you’d expect to see from volunteers, but all went somewhat smooth.

    …Then came the Presidential Ballot.

    Someone shows up with a stack of probably 250 ballots. The precinct chair splits them up, and starts handing stacks of them out and tells people “take one and pass it down”.

    No checking credentials, IDs, NOTHING.

    I’m sitting at the end of a row and people start handing me stacks of extras. I literally had over 50 ballots in my hand.

    We were told to mark our vote and place our ballot in a tin can. They then asked for a volunteer to hold the can. At this point, most people filed out the door.

    I cast ONE vote, then stuck around to see what would happen with the votes.

    About 15 minutes later, with only about 10 or so people milling around, someone walks in the room with an envelopes STUFFED full of “absentee” ballots – some envelopes having 2-5+ ballots.

    I raised a question and said, “isn’t there an absentee process already in place? Didn’t people have to register for that last week?” and was told “Oh no, this is completely normal”.

    As I’ve mentioned in other threads, I was in Party leadership for 6 years and no, this is absolutely not normal.

    I then asked if I could observe the vote count, and I was told my observations where not needed and to leave the area while the ballots were being counted.

    I left the room (things were already a complete Charlie Foxtrot at this point) and wandered over to my friends precinct caucus to see if it was just as much a cluster.

    His caucus was just getting to the presidential ballot, and as I walked in the door I was handed ANOTHER BALLOT.

    Again, no credential check, no ID check, NOTHING.

    No, I didn’t vote again…

    I went back to my precinct and they had the results:
    74% Cruz
    14% Trump
    11% Kasich

    Now just imagine this kind of outright incompetence/manipulation happening in 2000 precincts across the state.

    As I left the building, I started overhearing results coming back from other precincts… Overwhelmingly numbers for Cruz… Like 70-90% or more. (In one precinct Cruz got around 100, Trump had 2, Kasich 0)

    Bottom line… They basically are going to post whatever the hell numbers they want.

    There were no apparent controls, no credential checks, no ID checks, and ballots being handed around like napkins.


  165. Shadowfax, that doesn’t surprise me at all. As you point out, the Dem caucus was probably just as fake.

  166. After Hillary Clinton is elected President I think history will not be kind to Bernie Sanders and his Bernie Bros. The left wing of the party is looking really misogynistc, racist and bigoted. Time for them to wake up and realize that they are not the majority of the Democratic Party nor of the country.

  167. I hope I was able to tape Hillary’s speech today on counterterrorism. I caught just a few minutes on a TV at a restaurant, but only via closed caption, as the sound was not on. What I read seemed very impressive, the only grown-up and insightful response from any candidate, putting her far ahead of the field. I think that she will get a very positive response from this.

  168. I know this sounds churlish of me, but I can’t forget how he threw her under the bus in 2008. I know I should be nice and say thanks for your support…but some of us KNEW ALL THIS SHIT EIGHT YEARS AGO.


  169. That Trump supporter seems too rational for his candidate. But someone had to write about the farce that caucuses are. It amazes me (well, it should, but doesn’t) that no one in the media ever comments about the extraordinary margins of caucus results. Here is Hillary beating Sanders in five primaries last week, and t Sanders wins two caucuses by 75-25. No one says, “That is a strangely wide margin, it must be due to the caucus rules which expand the lead each round.” No, they just say, “A big victory for Sanders!” Even Douglas Brinkley, who should know better, was just so impressed by this. And it will assuredly happen again on Saturday, but margins just as wide, except maybe in Hawaii.

  170. That George Clooney article is exactly what I am talking about in my previous comment. We are going to start seeing a lot more of these types of articles and endorsements. These guys need to be seen as being on the correct side of something historic. Whether Bernie admits it or not his actions and those of his supporters will not be remembered in a “friendly” manner by historians. History is written by the victors not the losers.

  171. Here’s Hillary’s speech from today:

  172. From Clinton’s speech: Loose cannons tend to misfire

    That pretty much sums up all of the men: Bernie, Trump, Cruz and the other guy without a chance.

  173. @GWM4hill March 23, 2016 at 5:25 PM:

    You are damn! right…

  174. Re the rules for voting in the California primary (responding to William way upthread). I’m an “independent” (switched from Dem in 2008, everybody here will know why). You have to declare in March which party’s ballot you want. Only the Dems and a couple of tiny parties (American Independent? Constitution??) allow independents to do that. Repubs don’t allow it at all. There’s a term for it that I’ve already forgotten. A closed open primary or something equally bizarre.

    So, yes, it’s sort of open, but you do have to state your preference well ahead of time.

  175. Quixote, thank you for the clarification. I had read different things. They should have made people declare earlier than that, because this gives the conservative Independents the chance to figure that Trump will win, so they might as well follow Limbaugh’s exhortations to try to help Sanders. And indeed it is ridiculous that Democrats allow this. In their efforts to be “inclusionary,” they set things up for chicanery.

  176. imust:
    Thank you for Hillary´s speech.
    That´s a true leader…that´s why she is our next ¨Commander in Chief¨.

  177. Ewww. Bernie is here. Speaking at the Wiltern. Why is he here already when our primary isn’t until June? The news showed his usual gaggle of youngsters waiting in line to see him.

    The Wiltern is a really old theater. The last concert we saw there was Glenn Frey, without the Eagles.

  178. Twitter folks, this troll needs some schooling:

  179. imust, yes, thanks for the link to Hillary’s speech. I’m going to watch it later tonight.

  180. Caucuses! Don’t even get me started. I am cursed to live in a caucus state (Washington). You don’t have to pick a party ahead of time. You just show up at the door and declare yourself a Dem (or Repub if you’re at their caucus.) I, like a few others, have been Independent since May 2008. But I will be a Dem for a day this Saturday which I’m dreading.

    In 2004 I saw a neighbor from across the street join one precinct when his next-door-neighbor was in another. And no, the precincts don’t change in the middle of the block. It’s because of caucuses that I came to think that voter/caucus ID wasn’t such a bad Republican idea after all. The caucus system does indeed multiply the effect of whoever’s got the majority — whether that’s 51% to 49% or not. And the lowest 15% get dropped out and don’t count. Yep. Chivvy the numbers a bit here and there, and whoa — amazing margins are conjured!

    2004 was bad. 2008 was 10 x worse. I dread this Saturday, but will go chanting “strong woman” under my breath.

  181. NWLuna, do it in spite of all the boulders in the way of fairness. Do it because, no matter how hard someone tries, no matter how unpleasant others try to make it, one can never stop you from exercising your undeniable right to have your say. And don’t let anybody even TRY to bully you, bused in from another state or not.

  182. William, sorry, the registration deadline is May 23rd, not sometime in March. (I vote by mail, so it was earlier for me.) I just looked it up. May 23rd is so late, CA might as well just save itself the trouble and have an open primary. /rollseyes/

  183. Excellent piece by Rev. Susan Russell on why she supports Hillary.


  184. NY doesn’t fool around. You want to change your party affiliation in time to vote in a primary? Your deadline is the previous OCTOBER. And if you aren’t a Democrat you don’t vote in the Democratic primary. Period. If you want the consolations of being in a party then register in that party or take a hike.

    And of course, the Bernouts have a petition against this. As IF.

  185. Speaking of stupid Bernout Petition, this one ranks right up there with the one insisting that NY change its registration rules.

    Back story. In AZ if you are an independent you cannot vote in a Democratic Primary. However, a lot of Independents got all whiny about that, so they gave them “Provisional” ballots to shut them the Eff up. But provisional votes don’t count.


  186. Bet you anything that in the privacy of the voting booth, Lindsey Graham votes for Hillary.

  187. I have one problem with the blogpost by the Rev. Sophie posted. She says she likes Bernie and will support him 110 percent. I can’t agree with that. I wish I could. Bernie just isn’t qualified to be president, I’m sorry. He doesn’t have the knowledge, intelligence, or temperament to be president…..especially now. We always say that this is the most important election, but this one REALLY is!!! No lie! How anyone could look at Hillary and Bernie and not pick Hillary is mind boggling. He’s not even close! No contest, end of story, period! This is no-brainer time. He’s a rumpled, grumpy, not-that-bright, old man. Sorry if this offends anyone.

  188. I am hopeful that the New York primary results will finally convince at least some of the Sanders supporters to go away. However, in anticipation that as usual they will complain and petition about the results, here are some possible suggestions for their lines of contention:

    Too many of their voters got confused, and thought the Battery was up, and the Bronx was down.

    You can’t get a taxi.

    $20 for a hamburger?

    Clinton’s friends on Wall Street rigged the voting casino.

    Sanders did not get the million vote credit for being from Brooklyn.

    Trump voters illegally switched over to vote for Hillary, because Sanders is the greater threat to him.

    Democrats win New York, anyway, so the primary should not count

    We wuz robbed!

  189. Thanks, Upps. Whatever I (and my Hillary sisters & brothers) have to put up with is abso-effin’-lutely nothing compared to to shit she gets thrown at her every minute. She’s worth enduring through a few hours of blathering Berners.

    Heh. I think I’ll ask them “Why won’t that stupid bastard quit?”

  190. Considering all the bat$hit crazy things that happen in caucus states, is there anything Hillary can do, across the board, to improve her winning in those states in the General Election? Are there just x% that will be able to game the system, in a close election, perhaps with Trump?

  191. I apologize that I am not around much. It can’t be helped. But here’s my take on the Bernies. Traditionally, primary voting numbers are very low. They never compare to general election numbers. MANY people do not bother with primaries. The exception was 2008 because, there were TWO historical people running for president. This drove up the number of people who voted by leaps and bounds!

    My take on these Gimmee Gimmee people is that they are non voters by nature. They are the OWS people who shot paper airplanes at wall street, raped girls and told them to shut up, got free LLBean tents and buffet food, and ran home to their parents’ home the minute the weather got cooler. That’s the extent of their dedication to a “cause”. As you will recall, their entire “movement” turned out to be a GIVE ME THING FOR FREE FESTIVAL. Give me a salary even if I don’t work. Give me free everything. There were even videos discussing how we all actually owe them shit.

    Today, they are Bernie Sanders people, along with anyone who is about to turn 18, and, as we see on twitter, a fair number of 15 year-olds too! These are people with a natural affinity to Bernie Sanders The Blamer and Complainer In Chief. Holding ANYTHING over our heads with respect to November is a major joke. As this primary moves on we easily see that Bernie is NOT bringing out numbers. They are not going to win and they know it, so it’s back to Beer Pong for them.

    After Bernie finally Berns through 2 hundred million of their mothers’ money, the only thing left for these people to do is decide whether or not they can live with the SCOTUS they are about to get if they don’t vote. But that will not worry most of them, as they are White Frat Boys who can get anyone pregnant and not have to worry about abortion. Hopefully the girls will have enough sense to trip over themselves to get to the polls. If not, well it’s their gamble, not ours. The R’s are going to be so damaged by November, people will be running from them like their hair is on fire. It will be the first time in history that Hillary looks good to many of them. Every Latino and every AA will vote and so will any other interest who has every been tortured by the Republican Party’s attempt to control their lives. Considering the R’s reach in the recent past, there are a lot more of these people than there are of them.

    Who would imagine that presidential candidates would be talking about what amounts to a military state. I mean, have you heard Cruz lately? He alone is enough to make people step over others to vote.

    Back to the Bernouts: I have never respected anybody who tells me it’s my way Or Else. I don’t take to blackmail well. So Bernie of Bust can be Bust for all I give a shit.

  192. SopieCT, I bet that John McCain and Bob Gates do, too.

  193. William, You left out Cuomo fixed the election for Hillary.

  194. Sophie @8:28 pm: That tweet from BS supporter about Hillary wanting restrictions on abortion demonstrates either colossal dishonesty or colossal ignorance. Hillary supports Roe v. Wade which is the law of the land. Roe permits restrictions on LATE term abortions as long as the mother’s life and/or health are protected. That’s what Hillary supports. And that’s what the law is. That tweeter should save her outrage for Republicans who want less government in the boardroom and more government monitoring and interference in women’s reproductive decisions. That’s where the problem is. Not with Hillary who has a stellar record on women’s reproductive health. Because of Hillary, the morning after pill is available over the counter.

  195. They want president Obama to investigate the “fraud and voter suppression” in Arizona? So just skip over the whole DNC and have BO fly back from Cuba to investigate this? And then Bernie tweets that it is a disgrace for people to have to wait hours to vote. NO EFFING KIDDING! I waited over an hour in line in ’00. Same in ’04. In ’08 it was almost 45 minutes in line for the primary and close to 3 hours for the GE, and that was early voting! This was actually the first year I didn’t have to wait to vote in a national election. Of course, it was the first election where I had to show a photo ID, something with which I have no problem.

    Instead of demanding that the caucuses, where there are reports of actual fraud and actual voter disenfranchisement, be investigated, the Bros want Arizona put under the microscope because their own people couldn’t get their ish together enough to know when and where to vote. How about we take a look at Michigan, then, where Flint ran out of ballots and had to close the polls early? Oh, wait, that doesn’t benefit the Bern.

  196. For a bunch of slackers who are looking for free college, free health care, free salary, free free free, they sure have enough time to stand in line and vote like the rest of us have had to do plenty of times. Like what are they, too busy because they are running an entire country or corporation or something?

  197. Rebel, we shredded that tweeter whose profile had her dressed the The Revolution, complete with the solidarity cap on her dumbassed head.

  198. is there anything Hillary can do, across the board, to improve her winning in those states in the General Election?

    Yes there is. Change them to honest primaries with nobody but Democrats allowed to vote, so that the so-called “Progressive” wing of our party can’t cheat anymore in caucuses.

  199. Bernie has got to go! This is the lowest. The gall, the nerve. The DNC needs to run someone against him VT.

    He doesn’t even belong on the same stage as HRC. He is a joke, literally a joke. The whole race is absurd. I actually cringe when I see her debate him, as if he is anywhere near her league. As IF.

  200. I was reading the Washington Post today, they have an ongoing series about “Looking for America” or some shit in which they interview voters and reasons for all this anger.
    Anyway, in one of them Sanders voters actually think and apparently deeply believe (lol) that the student debt “crisis” is somehow this generation’s equivalent of the draft in the sixties.

    And they wonder why people have a hard time taking this “revolution” seriously.

  201. Now lookie what this disgusting…..I won’t say it….person said:

  202. It’s one thing being weighed down by debt but quite another to be sent somewhere to die for something you don’t believe in. The inflated egos on these guys are astounding. Link if any are interested…https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/longing-for-something-lost/2016/03/17/c10b4b8a-e545-11e5-bc08-3e03a5b41910_story.html

  203. Well, I suppose it is better than him saying that he thinks she would make a good Undersecretary of Agriculture.

    Sanders has by degrees lost his mind as this campaign has progressed. Intoxicated with his own repetitive rhetoric, and by the idea of power. And yes, the thought of anyone but Hillary being President his literally horrifying. Trump considers dropping nuclear bombs on ISIS. Cruz wants to carpet bomb various places, and patrol all the Muslim neighborhoods. Sanders has no foreign policy other than “we must crush Isis,” and no one seems to want to point out his appalling lack of knowledge or even interest in these matters. Hillary gives a brilliant speech on counterterrorism a Stanford, and Huffington Post doesn’t like her speaking style? If voters were informed and rational, and if the media had a modicum of responsibility, Hillary should win the general election with 80% of the vote. This is not a meaningless faux reality show.

  204. I’d put him in charge of picking up unicorn shit.

  205. Players take on the personality of their coach, and voters mirror the nature of the candidate they support. The Sanders people have shown a childiish, egocentric, and irrational response to everything that they don’t like, including election results. They have yelled “fraud,” and “we will sue,” every time they lose. They petition to change DNC rules that don’t benefif them. They love the caucus system, but hate the superdelegates. They think that pledged delegates are not pledged. As one would expect from a generation raised on the internet and social media, they are solipsistic, and think that the only reality should be the one they want.

    It is hard for me to imagine these people just going away after Hillary gets over the number of necessary delegates. I’m not sure how the DNC will manage to get through the convention in four days, since they are likely to contest every single platform plank, every single pro forma resolution. They will want Sanders nominated. They will demonstrate for him for hours. They will boo Hillary and all her nominators. They will claim that the nomination is illegal. And then they will want Sanders to run as a third party candidate. The only person who can stop any of this is Sanders. What are the odds? And then, when their exciting adventure is finally over, they will lose all interest in the political process, the winning of downticket races, and will return to video and social media games where they can always make it come out the way they want it to.

  206. That’s what’s so terrifying – America is so entranced by bellicose, empty stupidity that (in the actual words of a BernieBro) experience and knowledge doesn’t matter.

    (Especially if, it comes from a….you know….GIRL)

    Can someone explain to me the BernieGirl phenomena? There are a fair number of them. Do they all have a Daddy complex or something?

  207. Imust, I like ‘shitstain’ to describe people like that.

  208. GWM4HIll, I think that Gloria Steinem did and she got her head handed to her.
    The young women want the approval of boys and Bernie’s elderly fans like Susan Sarandon are desperate to appear young and hip (although she’s more likely to break a hip on the campaign trail.)
    BTW, I’m only a few years younger.

  209. This is a good place to see how the delegates are going, the line-up of when states vote/d, and if they care caucus states or not.

    Election 2016 — Democratic Delegate Count

  210. …and if they *are caucus states…

  211. Love that link, Shadow.

  212. I’d put him in charge of picking up unicorn shit.


  213. These Bernie fanatics (the mostly, young white entitled ones) crying voter suppression/fraud because Hillary is winning need to grow the F up! When you’ve had generations of people dying for your right to vote and still have to put up with this new GOP wave of dirty tricks, then maybe you can talk. I had to resort to absentee voting a few years back when they moved my polling place to a small, cramped place with practically no parking space. Even before that, living all my life in a predominantly black neighborhood has let me see the short shrift we get with schools and other public services despite most of us being law abiding citizens who obey the law and pay taxes like everyone else. Most of the long lines for same-day voting are often in black communities where amount of machines don’t equal those in more affluent communities. It’s why the mostly recent allowance of absentee and early voting has been so good for people of color. Perhaps true reasons to be bitter and disengage (as many of my race have done admittedly). But I’ve never taken that path and never will. You keep fighting with dignity and resolve even when so many try to marginalize and demonize you (one of the reasons Hillary appeals so much to me). It’s shameful that these mostly young, clueless, entitled Bernie fanatics are ascribing voter suppression and fraud to democrats, when that’s the GOP’s tactics (certainly the malice side of it; that democrats continue to allow these caucuses is wrong-headed). Millennials often are described as the generation of tolerance. Perhaps this is generally true, but these young Bernie followers surely challenge this notion. It’s been really hurtful and abhorrent the malice the Bernie crowd has heaped on Hillary’s Af-Am supporters.

  214. Paulette! Preach it, girl!

    Speaking of polling places. They closed them ALL in our city and now EVERYBODY goes to a humongous military building where you can go to catch the flu, viral pneumonia, The Worst Cold Of Your Life, and God knows what else. Which is why I vote absentee.

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