Watch Bernie Sanders Treat His Wife Like Dog Shit.

More proof that Bernie only keeps the girls around to make the sammiches for The Revolution. If he treats her like this in public, it’s not hard to imagine what he does to her in private, is it? Especially considering he’s enjoying all the adulation from his useful fools a bit too much, methinks.

Get the behind me, woman!


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  1. Think how he would treat her if she hadn’t made him wealthy.

  2. BWAHAHAHA!! This made my morning. Omg I’m dying here.
    Happy Easter, Uppityites!

  3. Maybe soon we’ll have the pleasure of watching him smack her on camera.

  4. She’s on payroll socking the money away.

  5. He’s so caught up in the adulation, he really believes his own garbage.

  6. Hillary should unload on this bastard in the next debate. Seriously take the gloves off and nail his one note, misogynistic ass.

  7. I disagree Soup. Much as I would love her to kick his ass, she doesn’t have to. She’s the winner. Let him flail and lash. As for his wife, well she either does what she has to do or she doesn’t. It sure looked like this is nothing new with them. Overall, considering what she did to that college and her penchant for being on the take any way she can, Bernie’s status what she wants, There are even articles out there about how Bernie slashed the budget but made sure she was on the mayoral payroll. She married a deadbeat father, did she expect any better from him? Ever seen his son yet? Ever heard seen him acknowledge a close friend? These two are hermits who are playing at The Presidential Board Game. Not ready for prime time, either of them. Never GOING to be ready for prime time. So back to Hillary, why should she even bother attacking him and look as mean as he does? He’s a loser.

    He WILL get his payback later. From the Democrats in Congress and from Hillary I’m sure. My grandmother used to say if you spit up in the air, it’s gotta come down.

  8. He needs to lose his comfy seat in Vermont. They’ve coddled him and catered to him, probably because he’d vote with them for a price. But now it’s time to get a Democrat in that seat. Suing the DNC? Cheating, stealing? He needs to go.

  9. I think the longer this primary goes on the more Bernie’s anti-Hillary establishment bull gets exposed as just plain sexism and misogyny. It’s already clear to those who have been paying attention.

  10. And Happy Easter. I hope the Easter Bunny was good to everyone.

  11. None of this matters, at least as far as the fact that if the rest of the primaries turned into caucuses, Sanders would be the nominee. If all states held caucuses instead of primaries, Sanders would win 46 or so of them, and would be the nominee, to go on to either be a vastly ineffectual president, or to be exposed and beaten by some horrific Republican candidate.

    This is what the Democratic Party allows by its refusal to ban caucuses. There is no momentum in this race, there is just demographics and caucuses. The minute we get to caucuses, Sanders wins by immense amounts. His acolytes will vote for him no matter what he does or says, as acolytes will do. This system would theoretically allow a fringe demagogue with a cult following to win the nomination. If there were all primaries,Sanders would not even be an issue. As it is, we are moving closer and closer to the takeover of national parties by cultists. Lucky that the so-called Werner Erhard of EST is not on the ballot, or his zombies would swarm the caucus rooms and make him president. Sanders could yell at his wife, walk off every radio interview show, say that he was going to give out money from the Treasury to all people under 21, and he would still win caucuses. Find ways to keep the turnout absolutely as low as possible, and you are at the mercy of a very small group of zealots, who have no interest in anything but their zealotry.

  12. None of this matters, at least as far as the fact that if the rest of the primaries turned into caucuses, Sanders would be the nominee.

    OMG this is SOOOOOOOOOOOO true!

  13. That was my inner frustration talking, really. I’m so sick of this charlatan. Her taking the high road is the best course, I know it. It would completely backfire as you say, but the utter bamboozling he somehow is doing chaps my behind.

  14. We’re leaving shortly for dinner at relatives’. So I hope you all have a good day!

  15. Uppity, have a nice and relaxing dinner.

  16. Unfortunately, I think that this is going to get worse, at least for a couple of weeks. I would expect Sanders to win Wisconsin. It is a state which Obama won big in ’08 primaries, actually one of his biggest non-caucus wins outside the South. It is a state tailor-made for Sanders with its demographics, including a massive university population. I wouldn’t be surprised if he won that state by 10-15 points, and then wait for the media firestorm. It’s just demographics. If the New Hampshire primary were now, or next July, Sanders would win it. It has virtually nothing to do with momenum. After that, we have New York, and then things will feel much better. But the next couple of weeks will be difficult for our side, and there will be many pro-Sanders articles and “what is wrong with the Clinton campaign?” nonsense to avoid.

    Now, if somehow Hillary wins Wisconsin, this is over. But I do not think that we will be that fortunate just now.


  18. Happy Easter all, peep, peep, peep……………

  19. Note also in that video that for the time wifey is allowed to stand next to her master, it is a pace or so back from him. And what’s with the younger chick coming out to usher the lil woman off-stage? Wimmenz, they just get in the way and have to be told what to do.

  20. Watching that video, I get such flashbacks to the late sixties and early seventies when the women were all ushered off stage (hey, somebody’s going to have make coffee) while the lefty men orated and basked in the spotlight.
    No mas.

  21. I’ve always thought that being the adoring cheering wife standing there, never ever ever ever flagging in bright-eyed devotion so that nobody ever gets a picture of her with a slightly bored face, I’ve always thought that was the last word in a special kind of hell reserved for women.

    Turns out that not only can you do all that, the cherry on top is being told Yur Doin It Rong!

    Sheesh. Has even that misogybag Trump been that stupid?

  22. Also, BernieBots have descended upon the FB page if Rep Rick Larsen of WA. They have demanded that since 72% of his state chose Bernie he should “do his job” and flip his Superdelegate endorsement to her. They have memes. They are threatening to have him primaried and/or finance his opponent. They have left thousands of comments of this nature.

    This is EXACTLY what Bernie described as his revolution. It looks more like extortion and terrorism to me.

  23. First, 72% of about 2% of the WA eligible voters cast caucus votes for Sanders. Second, a superdelegate would be abdicating his responsibility if he simply cast his special vote for the candidate who won his state, for then superdelegates would be extraneous. Third, those 20,000 voters don’t have enough clout to primary anyone, and no money to finance anybody. Fourth, they are insane. Fifth, they have no interest in anybody but themselves and their beloved Sanders. Sixth, they are reprehensibe and amoral people who would cheerfully lose the presidency and have Trump blow everybody up, as long as they survived, and didn’t have to admit that they were wrong about anything.

  24. Seventh, they have no real power, besides harassment. They can’t primary anyone, and they really won’t donate money to his opponent, even if they SAY they would. IOW, empty threat.

  25. And eighth, if Sanders somehow got elected President, he would give as much support to Democratic officeholders as he has in his entire career, which is absolutely zero. They would be completely on their own. Sanders is a Party of one.

  26. And ninth and last, read this, Hillary will get the nomination.

  27. The overwhelming majority of Dem voters in WA state stayed away from the caucus to avoid dealing with these whiney self-entitled Bernie braggarts.

  28. I freaked out a little when I read Sophie’s comment at 10:05, but liked the discussion that followed. So thanks all of you. His supporters are scary, thanks for showing what their true numbers are. I just counted and I have 14 relatives up there over the age of 18, and only one of them was physically able to attend their caucus. And they sound horrible. An old friend of mine had a horrible experience attending on in Texas in ’08. The other states need to follow Texas’ lead (I can’t believe I just typed that) and get rid of the caucus.

  29. Sorry I haven’t been around…fighting the ground game on Twitter. A pick-me-up after this weekend for who we are supporting.

    Strong, but flawed, knocked down but gets up again, over-qualified, caring, fights for us ALL candidate.

  30. Hillary apparently is going to get rid of the caucuses once she is the nominee. There will be no more other than maybe Iowa.

  31. Sophie @ 9:55: That Huff Po article is excellent. Love the phrase “Gloat Tsunami” to describe BS supporters after Sanders wins something, even though Hill supporters are under strict orders NEVER to gloat.

    It would be great to replace BS with a Democrat in the Senate but given the result of the Vermont primary on Super Tuesday, I don’t think that will happen. For some reason, people in Vermont like having a Senator who can’t get any legislation passed. Most states would have canned the shady old goat years ago.

  32. Melissa McEwan tweeted over the weekend that if her husband ever spoke to her like Bernie to Jane, he wouldn’t ever have to worry about her standing next to him again. Really, someone needs to stage an intervention for Jane Sanders.

  33. Looks like one of our “friends” who pretended to be an HRC supporter in 08 visited. Probably wanted to see how we reacted to Bernie’s “wins”. I hope he/she was disappointed.

  34. Who visited, imust? Meh. Fuck em.

    Heading out of an ultrasound, which marks the beginning for the retest season for everything wrong with me, and doctor rechecks and on and on, because my insurance has to pay for that maserati.

  35. Rebel if Bernie were my husband (hard to envision since I would have given that deadbeat the time of day with his own watch), and he treated me that way, HE wouldn’t have had to worry about standing besides ANYBODY. I would have stabbed him in the heart in his sleep.

    William I see your comment re: post. I’ll check it later. Hope it’s not too timely because I would like to give the last three posts I put up more than ten minutes. Hokay?

  36. I tweeted bernie to tell him to play a video of the last debate for New York because he always says the same shit.

  37. Ga if Hillary never did another thing, dumping caucuses would satisfy me.

  38. Hillary winning the nomination (effin’ FINALLY) and becoming the first FEMALE President, would almost be enough for me. She is a hard worker and would do her best for fix the $hit that Barry screwed up.

  39. *to fix…

  40. Uppity, that’s fine. It is relevant for several days; that’s how I wrote it, because I figured you wanted to keep this one up for a while. Best wishes on your tests and related matters!

  41. Oh, I just saw that BS is challenging Hillary to more debates. I guess ’cause the ones they already had worked so well for him. To those who find Sanders supporters delusional, just remember the delusion starts with the candidate.

  42. upps:
    Best of lucks on your tests…
    lots of hugs!

  43. The excuses have begun, Sanders camp are lashing out like an angry kid in a tantrum………I seriously fucking hate this Tad Devine twat…..

    Tad Devine says Clinton’s lead is almost entirely from states in which Sanders did not compete: “She has emerged as a weak front runner.” Devine then says : The 8 states we chose to not compete w/ Clinton are the source of almost all her pledged delegates.
    Tad Devine says after NV, campaign pursued a “state win strategy” (presumably over a delegate-focused strategy, this means they know they will lose and are only doing it to suck oxygen and raise cash.).

    Wow, this is such a dumb argument. “We’re only losing because we didn’t try in the places we knew we would lose!” So….That 10k-person Sanders rally in Austin a few days before the TX primary wasn’t “competing”?
    LOL What about OH and FL? he wasn’t competing there? Was Sanders on spring break?
    Absolute bullshit. Sanders has out spent HRC in most states.
    Does this make him a weak runner up then…..?
    and you could say the same about those poor ass low turnout bullied caucus states Bernie keeps winning…
    She won Fl, Oh, NC…the 3 closest states…and he didn’t compete?, fuck me, just go away now, you dicks…

    There’s a reason Tad Devine is 0-6 in presidential campaigns.

    and then Kos and the internet has got stuck in……

    Daily Kos Elections ‏@DKElections 58m58 minutes ago

    Almost all the Fs on my report card where from classes where I chose not to study.

  44. Brassy Rebel, Sanders wants to be able to run ads saying that Hillary is afraid to debate. We had about ten of them. The problem with the debates is that he will attack her and she will not attack him. There are really no issues to debate further–unless Hillary wanted to point out
    how unfeasble Sanders’ proposals are on merit, and also with regard to Republican control of Congress. Otherwise, they follow the same form; she carefully discusses the nuances of issues, and he keeps saying that she is a tool of Wall Street, and that she voted for the Iraq resolution. I almost have the debates completely memorized, and thus could recite them for anyone who didn’t see enough of them.

  45. Is Sanders choosing to compete in New York? If not, please let us know in advance, so we will not count that one against him. How about Pennsylvania? Any competing in that one? Or is Sanders saving it for those big caucuses in Wyoming and South Dakota, with their hundreds of engaged caucusers?

    If elected, which issues will Sanders choose to compete in? Handwaving, denunciations of banks, long speeches? He’s going to skip the foreign policy competition? These are useful things to know before the fact. Meanwhile, the Dodgers might plan to take a page from this book; not choose to compete against the Giants or Mets, focus on the Phillies and Braves. They don’t count as losses if you don’t compete, right?

  46. LOL William! You’ve got him down! He’s like a kid turns in the test without answering the essay questions and expecting the teacher not to mark them wrong! Well gosh, he didn’t study for those, why should she grade them??? LOL.

  47. Bernie needs to piss off right now, he is acting like a republican attacking the Dem nominee…….Dem party must jettison him into history and stop this stone cold dead right now.

  48. I agree moon. That’s why she shouldn’t debate him again. He’ll just use the time to smear her more.
    Of course, he’ll just claim she’s afraid to debate him. Even though she was brilliant in all of the debates. I remember when Obama refused to debate her more in 2008. So it isn’t unheard of for her to say no.

  49. This is why i refuse to read that shitpile Huffpo with this sort of shit being posted as journalism…

    It’s Time for Hillary Clinton to Concede the Democratic Nomination to Bernie Sanders


    This berniebot loon should not even be allowed near the internet……….

  50. Rep. Rick Larsen’s Facebook page is unbelievable. The harassing of superdelegates is gonna be a huge thing. These people are insane if they think this approach is gonna help him. Bloody awful.

  51. This “she won’t debate me” nonsense is a purposely made up issue. Glad she isn’t taking the bait. In my life I’ve never seen such outright animosity from one dem candidate to another in a primary race. Unforgivable.

  52. Soup it all boils down to that one common denominator, is that Bernie is not a Dem, he is a mysoginistic, womenhating old socialist/communist. That is all. He cannot bear to be beaten by a women……..Its totally screwing with his male chauvanistic mind.

  53. Wow the Bernies must really be having a meltdown today since they can’t convince any of the adults that by losing he’s actually winning! Only in special snowflake land can you attack the winner by calling her weak, because it’s not like if you’re losing to the the weak winner that doesn’t automatically make you a weak loser. Let me say that again, Loser. Yes, Bernie Sanders is a Loser. But now he’s a weak Loser. He just needs to own it. After he owns it a while, he can recover and move on. He can re-invent himself and work really hard to earn everyone’s admiration. he can…..
    … Oh wait, he can’t do that. I forgot, he’s a man.

  54. WTF? “Concede”? She’s wiping the floor with him in the popular vote and in delegates and she’s supposed to condede? Is that what they’re reduced to? Whaaaaaaaa!

    Bunch of whiny toddlers, Sanders and his followers.

  55. Sorry about WA state;you all. We really tried. The caucus site I attended was slightly organized chaos but so poorly structured that I ended up having to help w/ the organization and almost missed voting in my precinct. Would likely not surprise you to hear that it was the Hillary people who ended up setting aside their personal agendas to help out the over all process.
    Also,not to disparage the youth vote;but I’ve never seen such a large group of nose rings,piercings ( fortunately some not visible)stoned and tattooed bodies in one place;in my adult life. Apparently my life experience is not broad enough.

    I made it a point to invite all the Bernie voters back to vote for Hillary in the fall. ( Sorry,couldn’t help myself. We vote by mail in WA State anyway).
    Also brought a ” Feel the Math” sign to Hillary’s rally in Seattle;credited Uppity’s blog for the idea when interviewed by a reporter. Sorry couldn’t remember who originated the idea;but the sign engendered a lot of comment and a few laughs.

    It’s funny because it’s still true. Still feelin’ the math.

  56. They act like playground children at recess. Even their bullying is only annoying. With their ridiculously useless petitions that reflect how little they know about rules and laws. I was reading where they are yelling that superdelegates must follow the popular vote and switch. Didn’t anybody tell these morons she has 2.5 million more votes than he does right at this moment?

    This is how i KNOW that Ron Paul’s people are in with them. Paul would carry one percent of the vote in a primary and they would be telling everybody he was WINNING. They were always so destructive and cursed everyone when they weren’t calling them stupid. Very nasty creatures and Bernie’s people are behaving the exact same way.

  57. Oh and everytime Hillary wins, she’s cheating. I can’t stand these pieces of shit and to be honest, I am not going to treat them well EVER.

  58. Msdsal, thank you for going to the caucus and enduring that! And the Hillary rally! Good job!

  59. Uppity, good luck with the tests! Sending good vibes…

  60. Please no more debates! I can’t figure out why he would want more, didn’t he “lose” all of them anyway? Has he responded yet regarding what he did to his wife?

  61. Whiners to the left, whiners to the right…

    Trump threatens lawsuit over delegate rules

  62. Open primaries and caucuses might not matter so much when only Dems are running and Independents were more middle of the road rather than take-no-prisoners wing nuts. But when you allow someone who is openly hostile to the Democratic party to run in the Dem primary, it could have been predicted that hordes of non-Dems would try to stage a hostile takeover. I saw an interview from California with a Green party guy who admitted that he re-registered as a Democrat to vote for BS. And in some places, they don’t even have to re-register–just show up.

    It won’t work as far as denying Hillary the nomination, but these BS people will launch Operation Chaos at the convention. We are already seeing how facts mean nothing to them. They don’t give a damn about majority rules. Mob rule is their m.o.. Letting BS run in Dem primary was a huge mistake. Somehow, I doubt the Greens are going to turn over their nominating process to Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and anyone else who wants to take a crack at it. Only Democrats could be this stupid.

  63. I swear Trump and his handlers are dumbos. All they had to do was ask and somebody with a brain would have mansplained to them how the delegates are distributed. Remember when H won Texas and Barack got more delegates.

    He’s just like bernie, threatens to sue over everything. How childish. Except bernie at least files a claim. Trump just blows it out of some orifice.

    When these two babies announced their run I am sure they signed something regarding party Rules. At least that shit-for-brains bernie did. These guys think they can change the rules because they say so. It doesn’t work that way.

    Boy, nothing says “I don’t play well with others” like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

  64. But when you allow someone who is openly hostile to the Democratic party to run in the Dem primary

    When he threatens to run as an Independent and destroy your party’s chances. And I am SURE that’s EXACTLY what he did.

  65. imust, that video is magnificent!

  66. Poor Msdsal, Must have been hell putting up with those playground babies.

  67. Yeah, Up, extortion never works out for the one being extorted. Getting on fifty state ballots without a party infrastructure would have been a serious challenge. I would have challenged him.

  68. MadamaB has an encouraging post up next door. She blows away the smog from Bernies ridiculous caucus wins with some cold, hard reality.

  69. Agree with Brassy, that video imust put up is awesome! My god, how can anyone stand him?!?

  70. I agree with Brassy Rebel; that’s a great video.
    What an obnoxious asshole Sanders is.

  71. Somebody actually said she should concede????? Who?

  72. Can somebody give me an actual link to Larsen’s facebook page.

  73. I was hoping that the dem party would run a real democrat against Bernie for his senate seat and get rid of him once and for all, but he will probably get an agreement from them to not do so when he finally admits he lost and suspends his campaign. But if he does fight her at the convention, then I hope they will go after the senate seat. Hope this makes sense!

  74. Uppity moon posted link to huffpo article that says Hill should concede.
    I’ll look for Larsen’s page link.

    Here is Rick Larsen’s facebook page.

  75. I found the facebook page.

  76. Eww. ha goodman is such a quack.

  77. Goodman couldn’t sound more like a republican if he tried in that huffpo piece of garbage. Sheesh.

  78. Msdsal, (waving)My Seattle caucus was the same. I’m still recovering. Never heard so much juvenile political talk from alleged adults since …. Oh, yeah, since 2008.

  79. So cal, a lot of people are saying it would be better to have a liberal Republican in the senate seat from Vermont than this cranky decrepit socialist. Running for president might be the worst thing he has ever done in his entire life.

    As far as Tad Devine goes and his BS, this is his last rodeo. He’s done 6 campaigns going back to the 80’s and probably before. He wants to milk the Bernie train for as long as he can.

  80. Goodman’s whole case boils down to two things:

    (1) The polls which purport to show that Sanders has a better chance of beating Tribblehead Trump than Clinton has.

    These polls ignore the fact that the GOP Smear Machine has carefully avoided talking about Sanders, which suggests that the Repubs want him to be nominated. If he were nominated, the Machine would commence to bellow 24-7 about every weird thing he has ever said and done, which have been reported here and on other sites. Since the Bernouts have already shown themselves to be gullible enough to believe the Machine’s ancient smears about the Clintons, going back at least to the ’90s, the Machine could probably even convert some of them into Trump Chumps.


    Goodman, sometimes where there’s smoke–there’s someone trying to blow smoke up your @$$. Would you like some Special Sauce for that big nothingburger? 😈

    Again, the GOP wants to face Sanders, not Clinton, so they want to knock her out of the race if they can. Maybe some members of the FBI are Repubs, putting party loyalty above professional integrity?

  81. Yes, Ivory Bill, just as some members of the Supreme Court are and were Republicans during Bush v.Gore and put party loyalty above professional integrity and common decency.

  82. Exactly right, Billy.

  83. Ga, spend some time in Vermont and you’ll see that bernie is just their kinda guy. But I will tell you this: He’s going to pay for the shit he is pulling. He may be caucusing with nobody next year. Serve the old bastard right. And let’s just say he won’t have many invites to the white house.

  84. Hillary doesn’t have time for Bernie. He is a child playing in his own poo. Trump is a child playing with matches. She has to focus on the kid who might burn the house down, not the kid who is making a stink.

    A Bernie “action figure”, no lie! Action figure! What it sits around for 50 years and then runs for president?! Does it come with 2 post offices to name??? LOL!

    So many things I could say about this…..does he wag his finger and tell his wife not to stand next to him?

    Maybe he comes with a reporter doll that he can yell at and say, “This interview is over!”
    How about a pull string voice feature. Let’s see…what will he say???? Oh, I know! “Wall St” “Banks” “Wall St” “Banks” LOL!

  86. So the FBI can access info on everyone’s apple phone without apple’s help. So now, the FBI will have access to my phone’s info w/o getting a court order. So this was not about protecting my data, Apple did this to say that they were not going to provide assistance to a rightful order of the US Court system. In the past, the US government helped US companies protect themselves against ‘cyber terrorism’ from the evil beings in the world. Now, the US government has every reason to tell Apple to f…. off. I do love my iphone and my computer, but Apple not so much…

  87. Imust, wouldn’t Sanders have to give permission to use his likeness for a toy? And wouldn’t he be getting money either for sale of that likeness, or even a percentage of sales of the toy? But Sanders the Incorruptible would never do that, would he?

  88. honora, I agree with you about Apple.

  89. Referencing the Apple/San Bernardino case: the FBI dropped their appeal of Apples refusal to help them and now:

    “The withdrawal of the court process also takes away Apple’s ability to legally request details on the method the FBI used in this case. Apple attorneys said last week that they hoped the government would share that information with them if it proved successful.”

    Yeah, good luck with that, Tim Cook. Maybe next time you want to grandstand and look cool by fighting the government, you might want to do it on behalf of innocent people or an actually worthy cause, instead of protecting “the privacy rights” of heartless, murdering terrorists.

  90. A Bernie “action figure”

    That’s pretty good, looks more like him than the one for Hillary.

    He should have a hammer and sickle, one in each hand ~

  91. The Bernie doll is perfect for all the Bernie bros and gals. After Clinton officially becomes the nominee the Bernie bros and gals can pretend to have their own convention and make Bernie their nominee. They can then occupy their own pretend wall street and take down the billionaires. They can set up their Bernie land with free healthcare and college, all in the safety of their parents’ basements. It’s really a win win situation since Clinton and the other adults will be free to address the real problems facing this country.

  92. flvoter you are hysterical!! ROFL!!

  93. flvoter, brilliantly put! Bernieland! In the board game version, nobody can own a property; and any player who is ahead in the game, has to give back his money to the other players. Where you get to keep spinining the dial until you get a number you like. Where if you lose all your money, you can just say, “I wasn’t competing,” and you get to start over. Where at any stage, a player can say, “I am calling for a revolution!,” and get to tip over the board so no one wins.

  94. Imust, like they say truth to power baby!!!

  95. William that game could be yuugge!

  96. Maybe the Bernie action figure can pretend he is young and handsome and go date Barbie…then slap her around a little and feel like he did 50 make-believe years ago. Endless possibilities.

  97. LOL! you guys are on a roll!

  98. Check out this Gallup poll and smile!


    by Lydia Saad

  99. I loved that post! Even more now! ROFL!

  100. Bernie is having one crap-ass Monday….thank you, Lord.

    1. The Gallup Poll showing HRC supporters more enthused than Bernie’s…can really understand that one.

    2. Tad Devine giving what amounts to the WORST press teleconference ever…so bad even Rachel Maddow called him out for it. “Well, we didn’t compete in 8 states” even though they spent more than Hillary did in those states.

    3. Susan Sarandon, his grand spokesperson, stepped in it big time by saying she would vote Trump over Hillary because she wants to be on the right side of history and Trump will provide “the revolution” if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination.

    4. Obama backs Wasserman-Schultz in her primary over the Sanders backed candidate. Talk about a SUBTLE hint to Bernie.

    Meanwhile, Hillary gave a major speech regarding the importance of the SCOTUS, called out the Senate for not having a vote and listed all the cases the Supreme Court decided that worked towards equality and justice. Classic because it was a general election speech given in the midst of Bernie’s imploding campaign.

    This has been a good day in Hillaryland. 🙂

  101. Voting, thanks for all that good news! Ah, I can sleep peacefully!

  102. Upps, loved that old post, and also reading the comments. What a blast from the past.

    btw, has anyone heard if Bernie responded to all the internet buzz about his telling his wife to move?

  103. I have been checking into daily kos every once in a while to see if and when they will begin to back Clinton. So far they have not so travel there only at your own risk. The only thing that I have discovered is that the Bernie bros and gals there are absolutely crazy. No they really are nuts. They have Bernie bird “art”. And are absolutely delusional. Reading some of their posts and comments make you worry about the future of humanity. How can anyone actually live so detached from reality and function in society?

  104. Wait…Susan Sarandon said WHAT? She would vote for Trump over Hillary to be on the right side of history? What history is she talking about? The history of Fascism? She is all done in Hollywood now.

    Loved the Gallup poll on enthusiasm!

  105. flvoter you have to call the patent office for your line of Bernie merchandise, lol.

    They’d also need the Bernie Dream Commune, (*dirt floor not included)

  106. Blow him off, Hillary. You owe him NOTHING.

  107. Her campaign is setting requirements for HIM for a change. They agreed not to go negative and it’s discovered that they are researching and polling for find MORE ways to go negative. He sent out a nasty letter everywhere that Hillary Won’T Debate Me! That was his last straw. Her campaign has told him to tone it down. Which is a warning or Bernie will find himself vetted pretty fast. Something for that miserable old bastard to think about.

    I’ve always felt that his little shits keep tauting his ‘favorables’. He has low unfavorables because he’s NEVER been vetted. I think it’s time for that to change. SO either Bernie keeps his promises or all bets are off.

    Have no idea where the HELL that dumbo David Brock is with that super pac he’s supposed to be managing. What a useless thing he is.
    He has raised NOTHING $$ for the party so why should they pay for a debate because he NEEDS one.

  108. Somebody hold my hair back please:

  109. Oh for Chrissakes! The guy who said all women want to be gang-raped is talking about moral justice!

    I can relate, Jules!

  110. Heartbroken. Patty Duke has died.

  111. Oh shit, Patty Duke. Damn!

  112. “Third, those 20,000 voters don’t have enough clout to primary anyone, and no money to finance anybody.”

    This threat was tried in 08 on some famous Black civil rights hero — John Lewis? He did cave and switch to Obama, and the Bots primaried him anyway. With three opponents, smart planning, huh? So Lewis won with more votes than all three put together.

    Maybe the Black voters, at least the older ones, keep their eye on the ball and come back to their proven advocates (eg Lewis and the Clintons).

  113. He can put up all the communists he want. They won’t win. Cockroach.

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