RIP Patty Duke, Dead at 69


Patty Duke, born Anna Marie Duke,  died In Idaho this morning from sepsis resulting from a ruptured intestine.

Patty Duke started her career as a young girl in William Gibson’s stage production of The Miracle Worker, in which Patty played a young deaf and blind Helen Keller, opposite Anne Bancroft (her teacher, Anne Sullivan).

Locked in a frightening, lonely world of silence and darkness since infancy, 7-year-old Helen Keller has never seen the sky, heard her mother’s voice or expressed her innermost feelings. Then Annie Sullivan, a 20-year-old teacher from Boston, arrives. Having just recently regained her own sight, the no-nonsense Annie reaches out to Helen through the power of touch the only tool they have in common and leads her bold pupil on a miraculous journey from fear and isolation to happiness and light.

The Miracle Worker was subsequently made into a movie, for which Patty received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Here’s Patty in the famous Water scene from the movie.

And here’s young speechless Patty receiving her Oscar in 1962:

MV5BMTg1MDQ3MzQ3NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjc5NTQ4NA@@._V1_UX148_CR0,0,148,200_AL_As a teen, Patty became a Household Word in homes across the USA with The Patty Duke Show, in which she played an innovative ‘doppelganger’ role as identical teenage cousins who looked the same but were distinctly different.

All across America, millions of parents swore their daughters were just like Patty and wished they were more like Cathy.

The list of Patty Duke’s Filmography achievements as actor, writer and producer is so long I dare not post it here. You can see it here at her IMDB page. Make coffee first.

As if her notable work as an actor weren’t enough, Patty wasn’t done having an impact on the country. In her mind, she still had something very important to do:

From when she was a teenager, Patty suffered from undiagnosed Manic-Depressive Disorder. She was diagnosed at age 35 and promised herself that she would do all she could to make sure nobody suffered from this illness as she had. She spoke before Congress and appeared in as many places she could to promote knowledge of mental illness in general and of Manic-Depression in particular.  Through her candid and amazingly articulate style, Patty Duke managed to educate an entire country about the disorder known today as “Bipolar Disorder”

Here is Patty on 20-20 in 1989, discussing her illness and her rise from the “black hole”.

Part 1  (You can follow Part 2 at the end of this segment)

One would think that Patty would be done and just rest on her laurels after all of these achievements. But Nope. Patty as a Senior became the Spokesperson for Social Security. Baby Boomers all over America who visited their Social Security office were treated to a poster of an old friend smiling at them. Not to mention a boatload of PSAs.

Rest well Patty. You contributed much to many.

You rocked.

You still rock.





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  1. Wow. Great tribute Uppity. I remember that show from when I was a kid. It wasn’t one that I watched, but I’ve seen reruns. She was a very talented actress. Wasn’t she was married to the guy who played Gomez Adams from “The Adams Family, (a show that I DID watch) and their son is an actor. I think he was a Hillary supporter and surrogate in 2008.

  2. That was the intro to the show, imust. I didn’t put up an episode but the youtubes are riddled with them. Yes, she was married to John Astin.

  3. I meant that I didn’t watch the Patty Duke Show when I was a kid, but I do remember the opening. 🙂

  4. Enjoyed the show when I was growing up and will still watch the occasional rerun of it.

  5. I didn’t watch the show, but always thought that she was a good young actress, and became a good adult actress as well. And she went through a lot of difficult times, and was very brave and forthcoming about it.

  6. We watched The Patty Duke Show when I was little and I loved it. I used to be able to sing the theme song. Yes, she was amazing. Her son is in a lot of things and was Merry the hobbit in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It turns out that his actual father was not John Astin but someone else.

  7. I can still sing the theme song. I am so sad to hear this news. She was a wonderful actress and seemed like a wonderful person. Burdened with mental illness, she fought to help others also in pain. RIP Patty.

  8. Aww, that was the sweetest Oscar acceptance speech ever!

    RIP Patty Duke!

  9. I loved the Patty Duke show when I was a kid. Loved it. She really was a fabulous human being.

  10. She was a great actress and a brave woman. RIP

    BTW, Sarandon is on Jimmy Fallon tonight. And bets on whether she tries to walk back her remarks regarding Hillary or does she double-down on them?

    Place you bets, please! 🙂

  11. oops, any bets

  12. Sarandon said NOTHING about Sanders on Fallon….I think she knows she really stepped in it. BTW, Jamie Lee Curtis called her out on it on Twitter. Thanks, Jamie.

    Another waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too funny tweet:

  13. BTW, you all owe me for sucking it up and watching Sarandon on Fallon when Salma Hayek was on Jimmy Kimmel at the same damn time. As a lesbian…..MY LOSS! ROFL! 🙂

  14. Rachel Maddow Speaks Hard Truths About Bernie’s Campaign

  15. Sophie that’s a video of Maddow. What did she say? Was she in any way trying to show that there was a path? I’ve seen that before when it sounds like they’re going to be discouraging about his chances, but turn it into a “he has a steep hill to climb….but he can still do it!!!” speech. Blech.

  16. imust, I just watched it, and I was amazed that she called out the Sanders campaign. However, in the last 30 seconds she does say that it doesn’t mean he still couldn’t pull off getting the nom. It was only 5 minutes long, so I thought it was worth it overall to see her criticize the Sanders campaign. I haven’t watched anything of hers in a long time.

  17. Voting, what did Sarandon talk about? Is she in a movie?

  18. I feel like I’ve lost a friend.

  19. socal, yes but whatever it is won’t be released until late April…pretty much tuned her out when started her shilling for the film. Found it strange she would promote this far out. I think the meds for her leg may be influencing her decisions of late.

    And I am still really ticked off I missed Salma Hayek.

  20. Thanks for posting this, Up. I sat in my car for five minutes listening to her obit on NPR when I got home from work. All of us of a certain age can sing that theme song word for word!

    It’s kinda scary, though, that people not much older than me are dying off! Intimations of my own mortality.

  21. Intimations of my own mortality.

    As me about it.

    Funny though, when you face the possibility, it suddenly isn’t all that scary anymore.

  22. Voting, what did Sarandon talk about? Is she in a movie?

    Who cares? I’m sorry but she looks like an obsessive crazy woman to me all the time. Crazy look in her eye, anger 24/7. Just not someone whose autograph I would ask for, so to speak. I couldn’t care less if she ever is in another movie. She’s probably too bitter to be tapped. Thus she does voice-overs and spends the rest of her free time screaming about Bernie and Hillary. I think that woman has lost her formula and she’s not aging well and knows that too. Don’t know if it’s too much booze or drugs or just plain bitterness. She’s not helpful to Bernie, which works for me! When she cornered Delores, I know she had lost it. Thank God she’s not a Hillary supporter.

  23. Patty discussing Robin Williams’suicide.

  24. Loved her, she was extremely brave in her honesty about ber struggle with metal illness, at a time when no one talked about it. Also The Miracle Worker is a wonderful, wonderful movie. Great tribute.

  25. Off topic if ok….the following is a post from USuncut ( Bernie’s online propaganda outlet) and a recorded conversation of a bro with a superdelegate. I think that somehow they think this makes them look good or something. Worth reading

  26. SophieCT, That is a great video from Rachel Maddow. Ignore the path bullsh!t. Focus on what the campaign is stating regarding what they think their path is. The Superdelegates, not going to work, the caucus state wins no biggie, losing super tuesday states because he wasn’t trying to win doesn’t fly since he had more people on the ground months earlier. That is the big take away from this video. They know he’s toast, he knows he’s toast.

  27. soup, that transcript is hilarious! Putting it kindly. First off, the intro says “75% of the state” when the number was — what? a few hundred? At most a few thousand people who turn out for caucuses. Suddenly this get transformed into most of the entire state’s population. All that kid is doing is making the SDs even more convinced not to vote for Sanders.

  28. nw, I know. It’s crazy.

  29. Uppity Woman,
    Patty discussing Robin Williams’suicide.

    That was an awesome interview, talking about Robin and her own mental health issues.

    My she rest in peace.

  30. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a wide lead over her Democratic competitor, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 53% to 28% among Pennsylvania Democrats, according to the poll.


  31. Good. She’s going to need it after Wisconsin.

  32. This Super Delegate attack is just another red herring since Hillary is ahead in both pledged delegates and super delegates. Pledged Delegates vote as the state votes. That temper tantrum with a Super D saying that she has to vote as the state votes is just bull. That vote as a Super D is hers to make without any connection to how the state voted. That vote belongs to that Super D. She owes no one an explanation on how she votes. That Super D was awarded that extra vote by the DNC. What we hope is that the Super D will honor the votes of the majority of the primary voters and vote to put the pledged delegate leader over the top.

    How obtuse can these Bernie Bros and Gals be when contacting the SuperDs?

  33. Don’t forget Wisconsin is a primary, although its an open primary at that but the Repubs are not going to corssover because they need to take out Trump… thats gonna weaken Sanders and its not a shifty caucus that Bernie is used to bullying.

    It will be close again in the mode of Michigan and missouri and illinois, which frankly is great result for Hillary. I’m thinking it may end up more of a Illinois than a Michigan.

    In the end it will come down again to Milwaukee…..if she can run up a margin there, she has a good shot.

  34. flvoter, very obtuse. Another “ZOMG how clueless can they get?” moment at my caucus was when another Hillary supporter explained that Bernie was a one-issue candidate. Most of the Berniebots looked at each other in bafflement and shook their heads. ROTFLMAO! They really could not see that!

    Yup, keep right on bullying the superdelegates, boys and girls. That’ll show ’em how good your candidate is.

  35. One Weird Trick To Lose The 2016 Election: Alienate Women

    Women go out to vote, more than them.

    73% of Rethug women can’t stand Trump.
    Dem women generally don’t like him either.

    Women would be 3rd class citizens if Trump ran against Bernie.

  36. I just voted for Hillary in the New York State Primary. It felt soooooo good. Voted for all of her selected delegates, two of whom are personal friends. And left lots of white circles on that POS Bernie Sanders’ line.

  37. Donald Trump: Women who have abortions should be punished.

  38. I guess Tribblehead’s hired brains forgot to tell him women can vote. 😛

  39. Seriously, how did this nincompoop manage to keep the money he inherited? I do not want this shoot-from-the-lip spoiled brat with the mannerisms of a mob boss within 100 kilometers of the nuclear football. 😮

  40. I’m gobsmacked at Trump, truly. Unbelievable. If Matthews can trip you up that badly, you have to be a moron.

  41. Hey, Ivory Bill, stop dragging tribbles into it! They’re cute. They trill. (I’m just like the rest of the Star Trek crew. I’d probably let them take over. 😀 ) They’re nothing like the orange combed over hairball.

    May I suggest CheezWhizhead?

    Who just lost the few remaining Repub women by blathering about “punishing women.”

  42. And your vote will probably actually mean something unlike my caucus vote.

    I commented at Still4Hill so I’ll say it here too. I think BS needs to be careful with his tactic of attacking Hillary on her home turf. My impression at a distance is that Hillary is beloved in New York. And Sanders left during the turbulent seventies when a lot of folks thought NYC was collapsing. Remember the headline, “Gerald Ford to NYC: drop dead.” That’s kinda what Sanders did when he headed for lily-white Vermont. So what has he ever done for New York that New Yorkers should reject Hill for him?

    And a whole lot of people who work for banks or on Wall St. might not like his schtick that they’re all Beelzebub.

  43. Trump is trying for a landslide–for Hillary!

  44. I just voted for Hillary in the New York State Primary. It felt soooooo good. Voted for all of her selected delegates, two of whom are personal friends. And left lots of white circles on that POS Bernie Sanders’ line.


    I watched part of Hillary’s appearance at the Apollo while I was at work and man, the energy in that room was electric. I hope she grinds BS into the dust there.

  45. I saw some of that too, Jules. The energy was palpable! Her talk was Right On! New York LOVEs Hillary! She’ll clean his clock and he knows it. Personally I think she SHOULD debate him there because the minute he slams her he’s dog meat in that primary. Just like Rick Lazio. Go for it, Bernie, you lousy piece of shit!

  46. Rebel you are right. This is why I say we don’t need to whiny Bernouts. Half of them won’t show up to vote anyways and our best Help is Donald J. Trump.

    Feminism is practically a religion in New York. Donald will never take NY without women. Na Gonna Happen.

  47. Sanders dumped NY one of the country’s three whitest state. And he deludes himself into thinking nobody notices. He might carry park slope and such. There are a couple of counties in NY that are hanging off the left cliff but they are Few.

  48. Personally I think she SHOULD debate him there because the minute he slams her he’s dog meat in that primary.

    Wait, do you have early voting, is that how you voted today? Or is it primary day there? I’m confused.

  49. Love her NY TV ad. And she goes at Trump without even mentioning him, and ignores Sanders.

    He’s only ahead in WIS by 4 points and she isn’t even visiting there. He’s burning money, which is okay because he won’t need any after NY and PA.

  50. No Jules, I voted absentee.

  51. Wanna bet his punishment for abortion comment helps him in GOP primary?

  52. I think I’ve watched every major speech available via ‘net since Hillary announced for 2016 (including at Apollo today). And I caught her in person in Miami after Super Tuesday. The crowd energy was great at Apollo and I enjoyed her raising the roof moves (an Af-Am staple). But IMO, her best so far is the one in Madison, Wis. It was, an inspiring, even great speech. Questions/response after good too. She was cool, but relaxed and impassioned! Steely-eyed and analytical in her command of the facts plus exhibited comfortable humor, and her voice was rested enough so that raspy, gravelly quality was mostly absent. Plus she looked good and presidential. It’s worth a look. Something very close to this tone, content would work at convention, I think.

  53. No Jules, I voted absentee.

    Ah, of course. Don’t know why that didn’t occur to me. 🙂

  54. Upps

    I just voted for Hillary in the New York State Primary. It felt soooooo good. Voted for all of her selected delegates, two of whom are personal friends.

    I am so jealous Upps…I want to vote for Hillary now and not in June. How did you find out who are Hillary’s delegates in your state? I am not sure here in CA…she was backstabbed by Nasty P.

  55. We elect the delegates, imust, so they are on the ballot. Each candidate put up 5. You get to vote for any five out of ten. I voted for four because I don’t trust one of Hillary’s and I certainly wouldn’t vote for ANY of Bernie’s.

  56. Wanna bet his punishment for abortion comment helps him in GOP primary?

    LOL you’re probably right. But all those Indy women sure will remember in the GE

  57. Donald Trump: Women who have abortions should be punished.


    Now there’s a winning bumper sticker for Hillary.

    Many Trump thinks women should be waterboarded, or worse… How about skimpy bathing suits for the beauties, and burques for the rest???

  58. Typo alert:

    *Maybe Trump thinks women should be waterboarded…

  59. Upps, everytime I see your top splash…with the your cute kitty and peeps with bunny ears…it makes me happy.

  60. That’s okay Shadow. There are plenty of people who think he ought to be waterboarded too.

    Besides, he only wants to waterboard the women who don’t look like he wants them to look, as IF he’s even remotely attractive.

  61. What really bothers me about all of this is that creepy scheeve Cruz is acting like he gives a fast fuck about women, acting all indignant with that phony tone he has. the got DRIPs of Phony and insincere. He’s despicable. Donald is a better person than he is and that’s not saying much. Cruz is raw evil.

  62. Good to hear about the PA poll. The faster we can get to the NY primary, the better. I would be surprised if Hillary wins Wisconsin, but I hope it is close, at least. If Hillary somehow wins that state, we will not hear much from the Sanders supporters any longer.

    Uppity, a good point about NY, which I had not really thought of. Hillary is very popular there, and I doubt that they like Sanders very much, even though he is from the state. And New Yorkers are probably too savvy to buy any of the nonsense proposals.

  63. Upps
    You are absolutely right.
    With The Trump, what you see is what you get…
    with The Cross (Cruz), you get a machiavellian hidden in a crying clown face…
    he makes throw up!

  64. Hillary’s hitting upstate NY!!

    Hillary Clinton will campaign in Syracuse on Friday

  65. William, leaving NY to move to one of the three whitest states in the country is NOT being from NY. The guy got the hell out of there as fast as he could. People of color were like a mystery to him after that.

    As for NY City, there isn’t a person who was there during 911 who doesn’t remember what Hillary did for them. What Bernie did for them at the time was………was………..was……

    Upstate NY is riddled with blue dog Democrats. Bernie won’t have a chance. I also noticed that Bernie’s convention delegates I had to choose from with Hillary’s delegates were obvious. His were all white, and 4 male, and hers had an AA, a Latino, 3 Females, 2 males. One is a NY Assemblyman and believe me, I know for a fact, you could threaten him with a bazooka and he’s not going to give it up for Bernie.

  66. Alas, Shadow, I really need to take the bunny thing off the header. Please forgive. I will try to put something Bill-Happy up, though

  67. Hey, Statcounter has us approaching the 5,000,000 hits mark.

    You know, there are a lot of hidden Funnies on this blog. Click on the FIXIT tab at the top of the main page and check out the categories. Then click on How To Fix a Broken Heart. And for those who dare to own a Chrysler, I also apologize.

  68. One of the interesting things to me about Trump’s abortion comment is that he was just taking the anti-choice position to its logical conclusion. The GOP wants to have it both ways on the issue of abortion–they want to criminalize abortion but not treat women who decide to have them as criminals. They know THAT would be really bad politics. So they just airbrush the woman out of the decision and demonize the doctor. Experienced GOP politicians know this formula. Trump fell into the trap because he’s never had to answer these questions before. But I still think the comment will help him in the primary. Lots of misogynists voting on that side!

  69. he was just taking the anti-choice position to its logical conclusion.

    This. They ALL believe the woman should be punished. That’s what banning means. Trump was just the only one to be asked point blank.

  70. Love that “Feel the Bern” sign. I think I’m going to ask all the Feel the Bern people if they’ve been checked for STDs lately.

  71. Agree! Don’t know what the kerfluffle is with the other two hypocrites running in that party. Donald just came out and said what that whole bunch of woman-controllers are thinking!

  72. Hillary was loaded for bear last night in Rachel Maddow interview. She just gets stronger as campaign goes on. Don’t know how GOP can look at it and not shiver in their boots.

  73. The bloom is off the rose?

  74. Sophie, that video is WOW.

  75. I didn’t realize that Hillary was on Maddow, so only saw the last part, but I was able to tape the rest to see today. Of the part I saw, I was really fascinated by learning that Sanders had said that if he is the nominee, and elected; and that if Judge Garland has not been confirmed by that time, he would ask President Obama to withdraw the nomination.

    Now, this whole thing is really interesting strategically. Thinking about it, it occurred to me that McConnell thought that he would outsmart Obama, by immediately saying no hearing on anyone, when the vacancy occurred.. He figured that Obama would as usual compromise, and put up a moderate. This would allow the Republicans to again not have hearings, unless they lost the election, at which time they could quickly confirm the moderate in a lame-duck session, so as to avoid the liberal nominee which they would otherwise get. So in some ways the Democrats got outmaneuvered again–except that Obama did have the responsibility of putting up a nominee; and Garland is certainly a very decent person and respected judicial mind.

    But Sanders, in his zeal to impress some liberal voters, did something very wrong, in my view. He gave the Republicans cover for their strategy, by essentially saying that he was fine with no hearings until after the election. He also diminished Garland by strongly implying that he wanted someone “better.” He also acted as if he considered Obama’s term to essentially be over before next January, just like the Republicans do. Hillary probably wanted someone else to be nominated for the Justice seat, but has regard for the constitution; as she says, there is only one president at a time.

    Some people and pundits are going to praise Sanders for being “bold” for not accepting a moderate judge, and say that Hillary is being “cautious.” But as in some complex classic drama, it is Hillary who is doing the right thing long-term, by trying to emphasize the need for following constitutional rules and precedents, both because she believes in the need for them, and because she wants to be able to use that argument in her terms of office. So she will strongly support the nomination of someone she would probably not have personally preferred, because not to do so would be to undermine the whole process. And of course she sees the advantage of being able to run against the Republicans on this issue, and to hold it against the Republican senators up for election. By implication, Sanders would give up that issue, and the strong downticket advantage, because he would be so eager to have his own nominee, that he would prefer no hearings. And finally, Sanders basically embarrasses both Obama and Garland by his statements, showing that he has no human touch or nuance in these matters.If it got to that point, he could have that discussion, but he wanted to tell everyone in advance. I’m surprised that Obama didn’t just endorse Hillary the next day after Sanders said that. So it is a dramatic study in contrasts here.

  76. Sophie is that video real? That’s the Sanders coverage that I’ve dreamed about!

  77. New York remains solidly blue as either Clinton or Sanders top any Republican in the head-to-head general election matchups, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University Poll finds, with some margins approaching 2-1. November matchups show:

    Clinton beating Trump 53 – 33 percent;

    Clinton over Cruz 53 – 32 percent;

    Clinton edging Kasich 46 – 41 percent;

    Sanders topping Trump 56 – 32 percent;
    Sanders beating Cruz 56 – 28 percent;
    Sanders besting Kasich 47 – 37 percent.

  78. WOW! Hillary just walked in to a rally at SUNY Purchase and they went WILLLLLLLLLD!!! Yes that’s right, a college.

  79. William, that was a spot-on, brilliant analysis of how BS has once again mucked up a political strategy that Dems could use in GE on SCOTUS nomination. He actively undermines Democrats every chance he gets.

  80. “If you see a bully, stand up to him!” – Madam Pre-President

  81. Clinton allies urge campaign to torch Trump
    A vocal group of Democratic bundlers and donors want Hillary Clinton’s campaign to unleash the fury on the GOP billionaire.

    Read more:

  82. WOW! Hillary just walked in to a rally at SUNY Purchase and they went WILLLLLLLLLD!!! Yes that’s right, a college.

    Yes a college. A state college where annual tuition is $6,470.00.

    And an historical college in that Hillary announced her run for Senate at this college. I also used to live 15 miles from this college.

    Woo hoo! Go SUNY Purchase!

  83. Hillary is moving up in Wisconsin polls!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Polling Data

    Sanders vs Clinton

    RCP Average 3/20 – 3/29 — 47.3 46.0 Sanders +1.3

    PPP (D)* 3/28 – 3/29 720 LV 3.7 49 43 Sanders +6

    Marquette 3/24 – 3/28 405 LV 6.3 49 45 Sanders +4

    Emerson 3/20 – 3/22 439 LV 4.6 44 50 Clinton +6

  84. The “Clinton allies” probably mean well, but they are liable to end up with Kasich, who clearly runs much better than Trump or Cruz. Maybe that is somewhat of an artifact of him being under the radar, but right now, the polls are favorable to him. Running only five points behind in NY against Hillary? Ahead by 12 or so in PA? I would rather hold off a bit, hope that Trump gets nominated, and then attack him every day. Yes, he is dangerous. But Kasich’s record and background is not much more heartening. He was a bad Congressman, and is a bad governor. He would slash social programs, pick Justices as doctrinaire as any other Republican would; try to get abortion banned. There is this mythology growing among the pseudo-pundits that “Kasich would be okay.” But he is simply a stealth candidate, a hard-right Republican who just doesn’t say insane things, so benefits by the contrast. If Trump does not get nominated, the only other possibilities are Cruz and Kasich; the Republicans are not going to nominate someone who did not run in the primaries.

  85. Hillary’s new NY ad

  86. Sanders brags about his matchup numbers, that they are better than Hillary’s. Bernie Sanders has NOT been vetted. His numbers would tank like a submarine if they ever vetted him.

  87. said that if he is the nominee, and elected; and that if Judge Garland has not been confirmed by that time, he would ask President Obama to withdraw the nomination.

    An indicator of just how big his ego really is.

    He’d be wanting to put one of his marxist, socialist plants on the court.

  88. About that Qpac poll on NY, they have always been very anti Hillary and this cycle have consistently underestimated Clinton strength by around 8% and consistently over estimated Sanders by quite a bit, if they think Clinton is only up 54/42 in NY, i have an igloo in florida to sell them, its more likely to be like Florida 65/35.

  89. Okay–it wouldn’t embed, but if you click it, you will see the video of Hillary dealing with the hecklers at the rally today.

  90. Thank you Sophie for the link.
    Just great to see our Hill´s response to the Burnie´s dummies…specially about the ¨free college New Deal¨….
    A must watch…

  91. I wish I could just go to sleep, and when I wake up they would all be gone. I’m afraid they’re just getting warmed up.

  92. They’re chanting “if she wins, we lose”. Uh, no. If she wins, that means, she’s the one we, the people want! They just can’t handle that he’s losing so they have to make winning losing and losing winning.

  93. Sophie, thanks for the video. She shines!

  94. Ditto what Luna said. Loved watching that video!

  95. Brassy Rebel, I so agree!

  96. Sophie, there’s a blog that you have linked to a few times that has good articles. I wanted to look at it and can’t remember the name. I remember it had a poster with a blog name that looked like mine. Could you please post the name of the blog? (It wasn’t Shakesville) Thanks!

  97. socal, is it The People’s view?

  98. Why do I even bother turning on CNN. Wolf Blitzer is such an anti-Clinton douche bag. He won’t change. He always sees Bernie with momentum and Hillary with a problem. And then a quiet aside that she is winning the popular vote. He stresses that Clinton losing Wisconsin would hurt and NY is a must win for her. Of course Bernie is making huge inroads cuz he’s from Brooklyn. Ugh! I really can’t stand the biased reporting anymore. They might as well be an official arm of the Bernie campaign. I find all of this biased reporting undercutting a woman to be very sexist. What a f@cked up world we live in when Fox actually defended Megyn Kelly and Clinton can’t even get fair reporting.

  99. Yes, Sophie, thanks! {Big hug!}

  100. Rude little bastards. Their parents raised barn animals.

  101. The way she handled them, I’m sure the Sanders people are saying they were fake plants!

  102. They were an EPIC FAIL. She spit em out. About time, she gave Bernie some of his own shit back. Just saw her on TV talking about how what Trump said about punishing women is a “distraction” from important issues. She said, well I think this IS an important issue!

  103. I hope she puts his ‘distraction’ remark in a TV ad. Immediately. See how he likes being on the defensive.

  104. Couple of things..the poll in Wisconsin has a margin of error of +/- 6.3%..which the pundits “forget ” to mention. That puts the whole thing w/in the margin of could go either way. While the NY poll has a ME of +/- more accurate,for as far as these things go these days. Another factor in Wis is that they have a brand new voter ID law that comes into effect during this primary..and a week less of early voting. May be enough to suppress the vote,but where is the big question.

    As to Bernie’s revolution…I don’t need no stinkin’ revolution;I’ve been waiting for the revolution since the 60’s. At this point in my life I don’t have the time or energy for a revolution,I only have the time and energy for solutions….so solutions NOT revolutions.

    Sent my young Hillary campaign house guest off to Ohio yesterday;guess he’ll be there for the duration. No matter the media myth around the millennials ( or trustworthiness…or enthusiasm or delegate math) There are some awesome young Hillary folk out there; who were raised up right; who get civility,competence and compassion. ( Pardon the alliteration ). I think we’re going to be OK.

    Even if Bernie wins WI;it won’t be by much and he still needs to win at least 58% of the remaining delegates. There aren’t enough unicorns in Neverland( Home of Peter Pan and those who “won’t grow up”) to make that happen.

  105. Sophie @ 11:41 Thanks for that video! WOW!!

    Hillary on Maddow last night was her at her best. Especially the separate answer to The Moron’s comments on abortion. One of the best defenses of women’s rights I’ve ever heard. She’s never better than when she’s fired up and speaking from the heart. Bernie’s half assed comments were a disgrace. That old coot is starting to really piss me off. So excited to see her defend herself at the rally today too. So good.

  106. There’s something else about that Trump interview that bugged me and is getting no airplay. When asked about abortion, he said he thought people who get abortions should be punished. When asked about gay marriage, he said he was against it but it’s the law of the land.
    Hello. Roe v. Wade is the law of the land.

  107. Don’t let it bother you. Donald doesn’t know more than 3 minutes on any issue. He is very ignorant about issues other than his One Liners. He’s the other side of the Bernie coin.

    What bothers me more is Bernie’s remark that discussing that comment “distracts” from important issues. In otherwords, Bernie doesn’t give a shit about women’s issues. Never did. Unless you include him telling everyone we all want to be gang-raped and if we would only have sex early with scheeves like him, we’d never get cervical cancer.

  108. Don’t get me wrong–I’m pissed that Bernie “I’m the best feminist in the race and no one will be better for women than me” Sanders thinks that we’re a side dish. But both abortion and marriage equality are the law of the land. Why is it okay to treat one as if it is not really a law we have to follow? Can’t be the wimmins…

  109. GREAT Capehart piece in WaPo about the true snake Sanders is when it comes to fundraising and the party.

  110. Heyya Moon, I hope you are feeling better.

  111. We had the nbc news on, and they just showed another clip of Hillary being harassed by Sanders supporters:

    The news acted like she “lost it” or something, but I think its great. Now its on the news that she is accusing Bernie and his shitty campaign of lying about her.

  112. She wiped the floor with the little bastards.

  113. Sophie, should we REALLY expect more from a guy who believes girls should have sex as soon as possible with scum like him so they won’t get cancer? Or that we all fantasize being gang-raped?

  114. There are some awesome young Hillary folk out there; who were raised up right; who get civility,competence and compassion.

    Damn right there are!

  115. Sanders supporters had some notoriety and success in heckling and disrupting Trump rallies, so they figure that they would try it with Clinton. And if they’re being sent there, it is with the idea that it is the candidate they disrupt who might lose points, not the candidate they support. So they take one for the team, so to speak. Disgraceful in all respects.

  116. Establishment (hypocritical) Republicans are having a hissy because Trump took their abortion view to its logical conclusion.
    If they succeed in making abortion a crime again, the women who seek and achieve them will be criminals.

  117. Tonight’s funny from Twitter:

  118. Live from the APOLLO…HRC!

  119. Go get ’em, Hillary..nothing shuts up a heckler faster than FACTS! That is using SMART POWER!

  120. Mother Nature talking to Bernie:

  121. So Bernie was here in Pittsburgh today giving a speech at 10:30 am. As usual, mostly college students. I started to think “Don’t they have class right now?” Then it dawned on me.

    If these FOOLS are willing to skip classes they currently PAY FOR, how many will they skip when they AREN’T paying for them? Taxpayers are supposed to pay for this?

  122. Voting, enjoyed all your links. I watched all of Hillary at the Apollo. So inspiring! Thanks!

  123. Bernie was in the Bronx, trashing Hillary, making fun of her speech (the one he imagined she gave at goldman). He was so pumped up, I think he took more than one Viagra yesterday.

  124. Make calls for Hillary this weekend.
    Wisconsin is tight and the polls go back and forth.

  125. The guy is going manic.

  126. Good interview. I’d love to know what was cut out.

    “Part of the problem is there is a tendency in the media to demonize politics to the extent that it’s become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whether with Jon Stewart or House of Cards or The Big Short. It basically tells people, “Everybody stinks, they’re all no good,” and that’s one of the reasons people don’t participate.”

  127. Did you see my comment at 7:10?

    Make phone calls.

    You don’t have to wait for the weekend either!

    Wisconsin rules have changed and telling the people you call those changes can make the difference. (All in the instructions.)
    Also, there are links for NY and PA on that page.
    BS is NOT getting NY or PA and WI should be a squeaker if anything.

  128. Sanders campaign ramped up yesterday. No longer content to harass and bully Hillary supporters on social media and online, they sent the goons out to go after Hillz hetself. By the end of the day, she knew exactly what was going on and responded to Greenpeace activist ( Don’t get me started on Greenpeace!) as if she was sent by BS campaign–‘cuz she was.

    I respect and support mainstream environmental organizations, but Greenpeace is very extreme. They would have us all living in caves with only campfires for heat and light if they had their way.

  129. I don’t understand why any halfway knowledgeable voter would respond to the “she gave speeches to Wall Street firms!” mantra that Sanders keeps repeating. Those firms, and similar large organizations, bring in famous people to give speeches. They essentially have a Speakers Program. It is a perquisite for employees; you get to listen to the movers and shakers. They don’t come in and promise that they are going to help the corporations they speak to. They don’t get influenced by them, just because they are paid money to speak to them. They speak at many such organizations. They can talk about their experiences, or as Hillary did once, about women in corporations, or various things. It means nothing. Only idiots (and there are plenty of those) would think that because Hillary gave a speech at Goldman Sachs, she somehow becomes influenced to favor them. And apart from that, of all the things for a voter to worry about, Wall Street should be about the lowest on the list. All those wishful Obama devotees, chanting that he was a magical and transcendent person who would bring a new way of life to us all; and he appointed a bunch of Wall Streeters to virtually every key financial position.

    I hope that Hillary is taking the right course, as she really does not attack Sanders at all, while he revels in attacking her with baseless innuendoes and simplistic themes.

  130. She really got to him with her comments about his remark that Trump’s statement was a “distraction”. He was screaming all over CNN that it was “taken out of context”. I’m sure Hillary has his voice saying exactly what he said and he DID say it was a distraction from Important Issues and got right into his stump speech. I expect to see this in a TV ad soon enough. The gloves are off, she indicated that yesterday in NY with her crowd. Let’s see how Bernie likes being on the defensive for a change.

  131. I try to keep my comments PG, but…HE IS SUCH A DICK! ( No, I don’t mean duck).

    He takes thousands of illegal contributions, then brags about his haul every month. And he turns around and insinuates his opponent is engaged in something nefarious for taking LEGAL contributions from EMPLOYEES of fossil fuels companies–something which he also does.

    I know Hillary is a big girl and can take it, but damn it! She shouldn’t have to!

  132. Bernie deserves everything he gets…….the dick can dish it out but cant take it….especially from a women.

  133. The elephant in the room is, how come all that fundraising momney BS has got has not translated into votes… it because its all an illusion, its money from nefarious sources and not from real democratic voters…..of course it bloody is.

  134. Just coming out of lurker mode to give a wave and want to let you know how much I enjoy your page. I recognize some of your names from back in 2008 when I followed The Confluence. Still for Hillary, and feeling quite satisfied that the Trump supporters that I know on FB are backing away from him. The Heidi Cruz attack seems to have been the final straw. Still … please Goddess may he win the Repub nomination so that Hillary can hand him his ass!

  135. Just how bad are Donald Trump’s problems with women?

    Bad enough that roughly seven out of 10 women voters in recent polls say they have a negative impression of him. And that was before the news coverage of his threat to “spill the beans” about Ted Cruz’s wife and his talk about punishing women who have abortions.
    Trump is already so dangerously underwater with female voters — who represent a majority of the electorate — that it raises questions about whether a GOP ticket led by the billionaire could lead to a historic gender gap and blowout defeat.
    Story Continued Below

    The percentages of women who had an unfavorable or negative impression of Trump in recent public polls are staggering: 67 percent (Fox News), 67 percent (Quinnipiac University), 70 percent (NBC News/Wall Street Journal), 73 percent (CNN/ORC) and 74 percent (ABC News/Washington Post).

    Read more:

  136. Thank you Britgirls! Stick around, we’d love you to stay out of lurking! Sorry it took a bit for your comment to appear. No posters go in moderation so we can ditch the bernie barn animals. After a few comments, the spamnet will settle down. So I’ll keep watch for more of your comments in case you get caught in the net.

    And yeah! Donald is the gift that keeps on giving to Hillary’s candidacy!

  137. So Bernie says he’s going to win NY…….

    so i guess thats like when he said he was going to win nevada, florida, ohio, arizona, missouri, illinois………….bullsheeeeeeeeet.

  138. Just donated to Hillary. Are there any challenges?

  139. Moon, If it wasn’t for those pesky voters Bernie would have won Nevada, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Arizona, etc….

  140. Yeah flvoter, those damned broads keep voting for Hillary.

  141. When he got caught STEALING from the DNC data base he was all offended and wanted an apology. Typical socialist despot. Cheats, lies, steals, makes false promises, and then blames you when you catch him. He trivialized something serious because it was in the way of his same old boring useless stump speech. I’d moon him before I’d apologize to that POS.

  142. Heads up–Coming soon to a TV near you will be a new Bernie ad directed by Spike Lee and starring Erica Garner.

    Erica’s mother supports Hillary. Spike’s wife supports Hillary. Spike is a millionaire, but the “good kind.”

  143. Did Bernie really say this or is this a joke?????

    Cuz if it’s real…..I want the video!

  144. Spike Lee is a despicable person. Rails about racism on a nonstop basis. Makes one movie where he has two Jewish characters and makes them blatant anti-semitic stereotypes. I would be ashamed to have him supporting any candidate I favored. It’s too bad that more of the Sanders supporters seem okay with it.

  145. How did it feel to register that vote Upps?

    I got an email from Robby Mook and I’m sure some of you here did too saying that Hillary smashed her fundraising goals. I hope it puts Bernie in the dog house!

  146. I was part of those fundraising goals! 🙂

    I'm Hillary and I approve of this message

  147. Me, too, Sophie. And like you, and all Hillary donors, I am asked to fill out a page indicating my employer (in my case, me), and profession. And that is how Sanders goes around saying that Hillary is getting money from the fossil fuel industry, when she is not; she is getting some donations by a few individual people who work for those employers, just like some of them work for canned goods or computer companies, or maybe even Greenpeace.

  148. THAT VIDEO! MUST HAVE! This guy is a REAL PIG!! I have that tweeter blocked, so she’s a Bernout. But I saw her tweet.

  149. Ga it felt GREAT!

    But I have wondered all along about Joe Biden and his DEAFENING SILENCE! ANd I mentioned it several times. Today on CNN somebody mentioned that if hillary gets “Indicted” they will not pick bernie but JOE BIDEN instead. I tell you I do not trust that groping piece of shit with women ever since Anita Hill.

  150. Nobody really cares what spike lee thinks. Didn’t he already do a spot for Bernie that flopped?

  151. Kinda hoping Bernie sues Hillary over that apology he’s not getting. It would be too glorious. Then there could be an ad about all the notice of claims he has filed and paint him as an habitual litigator. Oh, wishful thinking…

  152. I’m waiting for BS to sue the Federal Elections Commission.

  153. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  154. Gah! Bernie acts more and more like a spoiled toddler every day! Good thing he’s not getting the nomination — I can just see him demanding an apology from Trump or Cruz, waving his arms and shouting.

  155. The FBI investigation of whatever should have ended months ago. I don’t even know what they are looking for or at. This is somewhat disconcerting in that we know that there are some renegade FBI people who want to get her for political reasons. With loose cannons like that, you can’t be sure what you are going to get. They may at least try to drag it out all through the election. It is not as if the FBI is some highly honorable group of people who would not stoop to doing something out of an agenda. Hoover did that for a living.

  156. Upps, potential bad news for Biden…HBO movie regarding Anita Hill airs on 4/16..and will be replayed to death.

  157. Good. It’s about time people who weren’t around got to See what he did.

  158. Awww Poor Alan Simpson is upset about the movie. The guy who set Anita up, that piece of slimy shit. The snotty old bloodsucker who got rich on the government teat with his full senate salary for life — who accused seniors making 12k a year on THEIR social security of being on the government teat. That dirtbag should be sucked down bodily into hell for what he tried to do from that Obama committee. Another one who treated the senate gravy train like a family goldmine business. I hope he watches that movie and strokes out. The world is not a good place with him in it.

    In a letter responding to criticisms against him from a group representing older women, former Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson wrote that he has “spent many years in public life trying to stabilize” Social Security. However, he wrote, “Yes, I’ve made some plenty smart cracks about people on Social Security who milk it to the last degree. You know ’em too. It’s the same with any system in America. We’ve reached a point now where it’s like a milk cow with 310 million tits!”

    Here’s a refresher on this demonic fossil.

  159. NW Luna, I was thinking the same thing. Can you imagine Bernie as the nominee and him begging for an apology from Trump or Cruz?

    William, even the GOP is giving up the ghost on the email thing. However I would like to know exactly who set the whole thing in motion with the FBI.

  160. I’m waiting for BS to sue the Federal Elections Commission.


  161. I am not good at linking things, but there is a pretty good article from today in the Boston Globe by Michael A. Cohen, entitled, “Sanders campaign takes a dark turn.” It is not as great as the title would imply, but still good to have written.

    BTW, it is clear to me that the Bing search engine is biased against Hillary. I use Bing rather than Google, because I object to Google’s attempts to gather information on everyone. But every time one looks up anything on Bing regarding Hillary, even a specific article, they will always list a bunch of virulently negative pieces. They even seem to have their own bogus sites which exist for the purpose of putting out anti-Hillary articles and themes; and they always list those at the top. Somewhat amusingly, I tried to do a search with the topic, “Bing search engine has an anti-Clinton bias,” and what I got was a list of articles saying that Google is biased for Hillary, and that is why she might win, because they are insidiously arranging the list of searches. Not a word on Bing. But if you ever do any Bing search on this campaign, you will see what I mean.

  162. William,
    (assuming you’re on a PC)
    In your browser, select all of the URL.
    Right-click and select Copy.
    In the Comment box here, right-click and select paste.
    It will render as a link when you post the comment.

  163. Clinton campaign watching Clark County convention in Nevada today like hawks after catching Sanders lot trying to pack the convention and steal delegates, they have got one official removed who was passing info to the Sanders campaign….

    Sneaky thieving bastards.


    Hours before convention today in Vegas, Clinton campaign demands removal of key official.

  165. moon, so Sanders will try to steal some of her NV delegates is that the take away from that article?

  166. Yup, bastards are rying to pack the clark county convention to steal some of her delegates, Clinton campaign got wind and got stuck in….those berniebots are cheeky evil scum.

  167. Thank you, Sophie.

    It is interesting that just like with people, the campaigns and candidates who try to pretend that they are the most moral, are often the most immoral. I don’t believe that Sanders and his people have any compunction about anything, from stealing data and delegates, to lying about Hillary, to sending hecklers out to disrupt her rallies. The really upsetting thing is that none of this seems to rub off on Sanders, whose “favorability ratings” remain very high among Democrats, and whom the media treats as some kind of pure and politically virtuous person. It is Hillary who is the decent person, and she would never send out hecklers to a Sanders rally, nor try to steal delegates. But Sanders exploits the media narrative about Hillary being untrustworthy, and thus is shielded rom the implications of his own actions.

  168. William, DuckDuckGo is a SSL search engine. That’s what I use. Silly name, but no Google stealing your search info.

  169. Bernie sucks

  170. Bernie begs

  171. Not fond of DuckDuckGo. LOVED Scroogle, but Google figured out a way to thwart them. Bing is typical Microsoft spyware. They know no other way. I never waste my time with Microsoft. I haven’t seen Internet Explorer in years.

    However, you can block your geolocation in both Firefox and Chrome. So when you search they don’t have a clue who you are other than in the USA. Here’s how.

    If you are in Firefox:
    1. At your url line, type in about:config.
    It will warn you that you can ruin your life if you aren’t careful. Answer that you promise to be good.

    2. A long list of items will show up alphabetically. Scroll down to “Geo.enabled”. You will see to the right side of the line the word “True”. Double click on that line to change “True” to False”. It’s Boolean, Baby. Thank Lewis Carroll.

    3. Click out of the page.

    Now, your geolocation is blocked. An IP trace will your IP Number but will not reveal its location during your search. State and city will not be shown. Example:

    Continent: North America (NA)
    Country: United States (US)
    Capital: Washington
    State: Unknown
    City Location: Unknown
    ISP: Time Warner Cable

  172. a cheat sheet for you for Wisc, this is how Wisconsin went by county in 2008… can see where Hillary needs to run up and keep close to even get close to winning there……

    As i said before it all comes down to Milwaukee and 3 outher counties…

  173. To block your geographical location in Chrome, do the following. But I WARN YOU, Google itself keeps HUNDREDS of trackers on your ass, even after you log off from Chrome, unless you use an addon that erases them when you leave Chrome. I use the addon CLICKNCLEAN and log off when I am there using the SECURELY CLOSE BROWSER button. Or you can clear out your cookies using CClean, etc. BUT! …..WHILE you are using Chrome, Google is using software to find out your geolocation EVEN if you have it turned OFF in Chrome. Google Chrome is not a safe browser as far as I can see while you are using it and after you leave it, but you CAN ditch them after you leave the browswer. Just like I wouldn’t use GMAIL if you put a gun in my mouth, I avoid Chrome. Of course, each time I warn about Google, people ignore me. So go ahead, let google know and store everything about you and then wonder for the rest of your life why it is you searched “Diabetes” and get endless spam about Diabetes meds and devices for the rest of your life. Be dumb. For the rest of you, there’s Mastercard. This post is meant for you and your moving brain.

    However, if any of you insist on using Chrome, here’s how to block yourlocation from everyone else except Chrome.

    To block geolocation in Chrome:

    1. Go to SETTINGs, click on PRIVACY tab. Click on CONTENT SETTINGS
    2. Scroll down to LOCATION. Click on Do Not Allow Any Site To Track Your Physical Location.

    No site will be able to see your location. That is, nobody except the Spyware known as Google.

  174. Both Hillary and that old bastard are in Eau Claire Wis today. I am reminded of our former member Hal, AKA Harold, who passed away last year. He lived there and would have LOVED to see Hillary and spit at Bernie.

  175. Please also note that if you see results personalized to your location when using Google, you are seeing Google track your geolocation. That’s your tipoff. Try searching for pizza and see if your local pizzeria shows up first. If you see local information in any other search engine, ditto. You are being tracked by the search engine.

    If you manage to block the location from the search engine, you can still get local information by searching for Pizza+ your city or zip.

  176. Uppity, it’s game over if you go to Windows 10. You simply cannot hide from the matrix anymore.

  177. Upps, thanks for the info. Duckduck isn’t anywhere as good as Scroogle was, I agree. I don’t use Chrome. I detest Microsoft’s lumbering, ponderous OS and software. I use LibreOffice too.

  178. Sophie, excellent article; I hope it is read by many people. Also, Jill Abramson’s article cited by Melhorn in this piece. The broadcast media is hopeless, so it is up to print journalists to try to correct the narrative that is being purveyed by far too many agenda-driven and irresponsibile people.

  179. And while we’re on the topic of Bad Info-Snooping Tech, everybody make sure your cameras do not automatically encode the location info in the metadata. Otherwise when you post a pic taken inside your home, everyone can find out where you live. Or the location of that secret fishing hole you snapped.

  180. Yeah I know about 10, sophie. That’s why I put 7 on my new laptop

    I am not putting up with this privacy invasive shit. Hopefully some smart people will figure out the thwart by the time I need another. If not, I’ll look into MAC and see if that’s workable.

    The truth is, there are just too much software and addons out there not to be able to work around the invasion of your privacy. New stuff every day too.

    First thing that any user should do is disable Internet Explorer. I hear in 10 that it’s integrated, though, but there’s an answer out there. I just haven’t bothered because I don’t need it.

  181. I couldn’t get a laptop with 7. I loved 7. Better O/S IMHO too.(I was using 7 Ultimate, the best of Home and Pro)

  182. I have 7 pro. You don’t have to keep the OS that comes with the computer. You can clean the machine and put 7 on it.

    I think 10 is doomed, it will go the way of 8.
    I remember windows millennial. That lasted five crappy minutes. Vista got trashed too. Two historically crappy OS’s thanks to Microsoft.

  183. The old O/S was on a restore partition on the old drive that dropped dead.

  184. Given what we know now, windows millennial lived up to its name.

  185. Cnn saying waiting for 2 front runners to speak live. Will they show HRC for 4 seconds and Trumpzilla for a full hour?

  186. Up: How do I disable Internet Explorer? Is Firefox your preferred browser (I think that is the right term…)

  187. Because it’s all about what Bernie wants…asshole.

  188. If I were Hillary I would announce that she is not going to let Bernie dictate orders to her like a despot. I would say that Bernie likes to control people and he’s NOT going to control me.

  189. Hillary is going in for the kill…..

    Hillary Clinton tells rally in Eau Claire “I am also a Democrat and have been a proud Democrat all of my adult life”

  190. Clinton continues……

    “I think that is kind of important if we are selecting someone to be the Democratic nominee of the Democratic Party”

    Right between Sanders eyes……

  191. cats, you can delete IE but I wouldn’t try it above windows 7 or 8, because MS integrated it; better to DISABLE it. The best thing to do is NEVER use it. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to use it. Just NEVER click on it or set it up. Then use a good cleaner like CCleaner Free to make sure they haven’t dumped any cookies in your life.

    You will have to download Firefox from there or Chrome, but that should be the last time you ever use it. It’s spyware, always was, always will be. I use both firefox and Chrome. Alas FF is slow sometimes and I hate that, Chrome is much faster. But the tradeoff is being tracked everywhere but in your bathroom, so I only use Chrome with plenty of addons. You CAN protect yourself from them but it means remembering to surf AND log off using ClicknClean addon,to clear your private data and to log off without they still following you. If you use that and Ghostery addon, you can keep things clean. NEVER accept the default settings in a browser. It is SURE to include data collection on you. They make money off your IP. I wouldn’t even mind that if they didn’t control what I see first and archive data on me, which in the end, amounts to my entire life. If I search for information on my dog or cat, they know I have a dog and a cat. If I search my illness, they know about my health. If I search pretty much ANYTHING, it tells their data base something about me. Overall, throughout years, they have us profiled. I do not like that one bit.

    So I can say I use both FF and Chrome

    If you have 7 or 8 and want to disable IE, it’s easy. Just make sure you load a new browser from there first because you will have no internet access if you don’t. DO NOT TRY THIS FROM WINDOWS 10

  192. Yup Moon, I knew she was going to start shooting back. With more class. But shots back for sure. I look forward to some ads that bern the bern.

  193. Sophie, windows XP was nice too.

  194. Luna, there have been cases of hackers watching you at your computer via your web camera, without your knowledge. I remember when someone in a school did it to kids who had school computers! I have a piece of tape over mine. If I want to use it then I take it off.

    Webcam Risks

  195. I liked Windows 2000, SP 3 or 4, whichever was the one with the XP drivers for newer hardware.

    I liked the square corners on dialog boxes–they looked a lot neater in screen captures. XP was already on SP 2 before Screen Cap vendors figured out how to capture those rounded corners!

  196. But to be totally honest, my favorite windows was Windows 3.11, Windows for Workgroups. I had 2 PCs (which I thought was a lot at the time) and invented the TAN (Tiny Area Network).

  197. I remember when the IT guy at work first put windows on my machine. I was like WTF? I was used to writing my own menus to get to my software. lol

    I am always weary of new windows versions and kind of hang back for a time to see who complains.

  198. Bernie Bros like Final Four basketball more than Bernie…feel the Burnt.

  199. Upps:
    I thought it was just me…since the early 80´s -as an architect- I´ve gone through so many version of AutoCad…new and improved.
    I finally stopped with AutoCad 2000…if it works don´t fix it!
    A year ago I got Autocad 2007 in a new computer and still working on all the ¨new and improved¨ features.
    And as per Windows version, I´m an XP lover and don´t want to give it up. I got 2 refurbished compus with windows 7 and 10, so I can can high speed rocket the internet…or access at the speed of light to this civilization garbage…

  200. Bernie can’t even negotiate a debate, and he wants to be the leader of the free world.


    this must be stopped, caucuses are a joke, they just usurped the voters.

    2,390 for Clinton and 2,958 for Sanders today. Motion to adopt credential report is approved.

    honestly, she won clark by over 10% and he just stole her delegates.

  202. I am so fucking furious right now……this must be investigated, stopped. It is pure out and out electoral theft. Hillary needs to be screaming this from the rooftops about what has gone on today.

  203. moon, that explains all the empty seats in Milwaukee for Bernie. He bussed them all out to Clark County.

  204. So Mr fucking integrity, my ass, not content with slander, misaligning and lying about her, he is now stooping to outright election theft.

    Well, two can play that game. The clinton campaign needs to file a lawsuit and fast and give him a taste of his own shit.


  205. Well, moon, there is a reason she is starting to take him down.

  206. UNbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moon, I just saw this tweet about it.

  207. Unfuckingbelievable, every one of those snot nosed little bastards needs a damn good slap. A caucus is nothing more tham a great big organised sham election theft.

    Well if you want a fight you got it buckos’ because we are your worst nightmare.

  208. This is going to be one very unpleasant Convention. Maybe not like Chicago in 1968, but a dreadful spectacle in its own way. How many ways can they tie up the results in litigation? They will never allow any kind of orderly process to go forward.

    As to Nevada, if those are the ludicrous rules employed, there is no way to change this via lawsuit. Hillary had won three caucuses in two full campaigns, out of about 40 altogether, and now she that number has reduced to two. The DNC is at fault for allowing these travesties.

  209. Can’t even be on twitter right now. The Bros are bragging about the theft. They’re saying, “her people didn’t show up.” “Her people let her down” when it was he stacked and packed the place. Why bother having the caucus in Feb? What a waste of time.

  210. You know what after tonight i would be telling Bernie…. Fuck your debate you aint getting it, in fact you aint getting screw all else. I’m done you and i’d be demanding the dnc finishes right now or screw them too.

  211. Ralston Reports Twitter feed seems to get what happened. I frankly don’t understand at all. Perhaps someone smart here can figure it out and explain it back.

  212. LOL, Voting–I was just about to post that.

  213. And this e-mail was sent but I don’t know by whom:

  214. Sophie, I know you and I are both watching Twitter closely so I always refresh this page so I don’t repost what you just posted either! LOL

  215. This Nevada crap is a f*cking outrage. I thought they were so bad, so unfair, so undemocratic, that they couldn’t possibly be any worse. What a shock to discover that yes they can be. DNC needs to stop this bullshit by 2020.

  216. Serial cheater Bernie Sanders tried to retroactively steal Nevada from Hillary Clinton today
    By dailynewsbin | April 2, 2016

    Remember the Nevada democratic caucus two months ago, when Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders by a margin of five percent of the popular vote? Clark County held its nominating convention today, intended as a mere formality to select the individuals who will travel to the state convention and cast Nevada’s delegate votes in accordance with the will of the people. But as has become par for the course lately, the serial-cheating Sanders campaign has spent the day trying to retroactively steal the state away from Clinton through various shenanigans.

    The trouble began when Clark County credentials chairman Christine Kramar was caught looping the Bernie Sanders campaign in on a private email exchange with the Hillary Clinton campaign, thereby giving Sanders access to the Clinton campaign’s confidential information (not the first time Sanders has stolen Clinton’s private data in this election). The Clinton camp pushed to have the chairman removed from the position in favor of someone neutral, and the reason for concern quickly became apparent why.

    According to numerous first hand attendee reports across Twitter, the Sanders campaign tried to stuff the room with people who weren’t supposed to be there, filling it up and apparently preventing some of the actual county delegates from being able to physically enter the room to cast their proper vote. The police had to be brought in to remove some of the people who had illegally packed the room in the name of sabotaging the proceedings. According to what is an vote tally, Sanders has now “won” Clark County even though he lost the popular vote there.

    Even as the Bernie Sanders campaign was attempting to subvert the will of the people in Nevada and steal the state’s delegates through blatant cheating today, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver was making false claims on Twitter that Nevada was trying to cheat against Bernie, and threatening to somehow revoke the state’s status as an early season caucus.

    It’s still unclear how today’s cheating scandal in Nevada will play out, or what legal measures the Hillary Clinton campaign may have to take in order to ensure that the delegates she won in the state based on public voting will remain credited to her. But at this point one thing is abundantly clear: the Bernie Sanders campaign is willing to consistently try its hand at blatant cheating as he falls further behind. Hillary Clinton now leads by more than 2.5 million votes nationwide. This story is developing.

  217. Believe it or not, this post comes from the Daily Kooks!

    Sanders acquires more than expected delegates in Nevada – Chair may have manipulated credentialing

    Yes, some of this happened in 2008.

    Yes, there is some discussion that some of Clinton’s supporters at the convention were trying to extend the convention by 4 hours hoping Sander’s supporters would leave early.

    That doesn’t excuse under any circumstances what just took place today in Clark County Nevada.

    Basically, Clinton won Clark County on election day by over 800 votes.

    Sanders took Clark County by almost 600 votes today. That is a swap of nearly 1400 votes.

    This, pardon my French, is complete and utter bullshit. This is expected to swap Nevada from a Hillary delegate margin of victory of +5 delegates to a Sanders margin of victory of +3 delegates.

    This, this is not Democratic. This is frankly theft by Sander’s supporters. If Sanders accepts this delegate shift, this is theft by his campaign.

    If Clinton had done the same, I am sure we would already see 5 diaries at the top of the rec list calling for Clinton to disavow these delegates and talk about DWS and the DNC having it out for Sanders.

    The same people who would have posted those should be calling for Sanders to do the same.

    Hillary had better get out her blow torch against this behavior and nip it in the bud, or they will try it in all the other caucus states.

  218. VotingHillary, what’s your Twitter handle?

  219. Unbelievable.

  220. Sophie, it is different from here and don’t want to broadcast it, BUT you did give me a follow as I did you. 😉

  221. The DNC needs to step up and disallow this bullshit. They should just say that no state is above the rules and has the right to arbitrarily change the will of the voters. Voters gave up their day to attend their horrible fucking caucus and vote their choice and now some jerk in NV says too bad, we’re assigning the delegates to other guy. Sorry about your voting rights, Hillary supporters. If Bernie beats Hillary by cheating the vote and other vicious tricks and lying about her, I will not hold my nose and vote for him.

    As far as I’m concerned, he can go down in history as Ralph Nader 2

  222. UPPITY, AN EMAIL AND AN ESSAY FOR YOU! (“Being a Democrat”)

  223. Ok, you all saw the email sent to Hillary’s delegates….here’s what was sent to Bernie’s supporters. You just can’t make this shit up:

  224. Annie, I agree. I decided this yesterday, even before this caucus disgrace. As you no doubt, read, apparently some legitimate Hillary caucusers could not even get into the hall because Sanders’ campaign stacked it with illegal participants. They learned well from the Obama campaign. Might as well turn a caucus into a scrum, and whoever smashes and knocks down enough people gets to vote. Wouldn’t be any less fair than what has been allowed to go on.

  225. socal, and 2.5 million more sitting out is gonna BURN the BERN,

  226. Only Bernie would be delusional enough to imagine he can catch up in delegates two delegates at a time. Expect him to cheat like that. He’s a communist.

  227. You know what bothers me about that “no need to show up” email? Nobody knows who sent it. If I got an email like that and found out it was a fraud, I would post it WITH the sender’s email address.

    That email that is circulating doesn’t even say the NAME of who sent it. I have problems with stuff like this.

  228. Apologize for What? Here are a few things we should apologize to Bernie for:

    Good, fun read.

  229. Voting, DM me so I know who you are.

  230. Bernie Sanders will not commit to matching Hillary Clinton posting 8 yrs of tax returns on website before NY primary — just on CNN. Sanders says his wife prepares their taxes. WTF? Media need to be all over this,especially after harassing Hillary about private speech transcripts. Hillary has released more tax returns than candidates on either side. And what in the world does his wife preparing the returns have to do with anything!

  231. Such an non sequitur. What does the fact that his wife prepares their taxes have to do with his refusal to release them? Sounds like he allows her to prepare their taxes (and he presumably signs them) although he figures she has no idea what she is doing.

  232. Indeed Honora. If The Old Rachel had been the interviewer, The Old Rachel would have said “If only there were some way to get in touch with Jane…”

    On a completely different note, Christine Kramer has taken responsibility for the e-mail.

  233. Kramar was the one the Clinton camp had removed. So her little “it’s not a fix” I’m not guilty is FAKE. She’s guilty all right. But she already did the damage before they removed her. I hope there are some remedies, like restoring the delegates. It’s only a couple of delegates, but it shows what his campaign does and why he seems to only win caucuses. Of course WE knew this already, nice to have some real proof.

  234. Hillary and her supporters would never do anything like this. It is appalling that the Sanders people can rationalize this away under gamesmanship, or our cause is so righteous that anything we do to win is allowable. That has been the mantra of zealots and fanatics throughout the centuries. A couple of delegates may not seem like much, but it could turn out to be; and it is certainly the principle of it. They have stolen data bases, had people call up voters in the middle of the night claiming that they were for Hillary; and now not only stacked the convention in NV with illegal participants, but told Hillary voters that they didn’t need to show up. It is all of a piece for them. And they will do more of it. Wait until the Democratic Convention. And of course the Sanders people accuse Hillary of cheating every time she wins, so thus manages to obscure what they are doing. Hitlerians do things like that.

    The media, with their pathetic doctrine of “false equivalence,” will not make much of it. I saw headlnes this morning about “candidates squabble about debates.” What squabble? Sanders demanded another debate, and Hillary gave him three dates, and he didn’t want any of them. Now it’s going to be, “contentiousness about caucus,” as if both sides had legitimate arguments. No, one side cheats, and the other side doesn’t like it

  235. It doesn’t just suck, it just is so infuriating, how would Bernie like it, if we go to Florida or South Carolina and other strong Hillary states and steal a few delegates of him, you can bet you would never heard the end of it. The whining from the bots would be endless

    So Hillary, I say to you, if he can do it, he set a precedent, so can you, go paste the bastard all over the wall, I’m sick of playing nice with these a-holes.

  236. I’m not really surprised that Bernie purity Sanders campaign is scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as attacks and tactics. Any despot knows when all else fails lie, cheat and steal. Well that’s where we are in this process, he can’t win with his message. These are the final moments of his campaign. Too bad he chose to destroy his own reputation instead of losing with dignity because the ends do not justify the means. But then again the Castro brothers also resorted to lying, cheating and stealing. We know how well that turned out for the Cuban people.

  237. Hillary stated on an interview an unborn child does not have constitutional rights. She went on to explain. The headline on yahoo is Hillary says an unborn child does not have rights. I hope this does not hurt her. I will try to find the article

  238. Why is Hillary so hated by judge Jennine

  239. Well, the anti abortion people have used the argument that the fetus has rights to try to outlaw abortion. Choice proponents believe the woman has the right to control her own body. So I don’t think it will hurt HRC with Democrats.

  240. Hahahahahahaha

  241. Why is Hillary so hated by judge Jennine

    Pirro announced her candidacy for the US Senate as a challenger to incumbent Senator Hillary Clinton in 2006.
    When she realized that Clinton would beat her like an old, smelly rug, Pirro dropped out two months into her campaign.

  242. Here’s a video of the above cheater in Nevada. She had a meltdown and tried to bully and harass the executive board. UNfrickin believable!!

  243. The Sanders campaign can’t end fast enough for me.

  244. imust, watched the video. That woman is impossible. I feel bad for the poor Hillary supporters there.

  245. socal, they handled her well though. I liked the guy with his legs all stretched out, his body language clearly saying that she (and her bully squad) did not intimidate him.

  246. Yes, they handled it well. Did you hear her say to them “you’ll have to put your hands on me” or some such bs? Honestly, get a grip, Bernie-broette.

  247. Here’s something cute. CA cops chasing a Chihuahua on the Bay Bridge. They saved the cute little guy, but last I heard had not found his owner yet:

  248. A new YouGov poll has Hillary only down 2 in Wisconsin. Of course, the wildcard is the Independent voters. Hillary is up among Democratic voters, even in the WI polls which have her down five or six points, but she trails badly among Indies, and they get to vote in either primary, according to Wisconsin’s bad rules, which mirror too many other states. The other day I said that I thought that Sanders would win by 10-15 points in WI, based on the demographics, Obama’s big margin there in ’08, and the open primary. Now it seems closer than that, but I would still have to favor Sanders to win, most unfortunately. We certainly have a chance, though.

    YouGov also has a poll showing Hillary up only 10 in New York, thus close to the other recent poll showing her up 12. I am at a loss to understand why that race has gotten so close. I thought that New Yorkers were smarter than that in general, and wouldn’t vote for a socialist who moved to another state, and who keeps attacking Hillary. Uppity, or anyone else who lives in NY, where is this Sanders support coming from in the state, and do you think that these recent polls are accurate?

  249. You Gov is an internet poll I believe so that poll naturally would favor Sanders. I would look at an average of all polls in NY but they have been all over the place. The good thing is NY is a closed primary. Bernie will probably do well in pockets but basically the good thing is right now he’s on the defensive about his tax returns and his lame responses about them.

  250. Thanks, Ga6thDem. I tried to get a look at the YouGov poll metrics, but my computer wasn’t managing to get on the site. I was hoping that somehow these polls are not taking into account the closed primary, but I would imagine that they would figure that kind of thing out.

    Always good if Sanders is on the defensive, because somehow he and the media always manage to avoid that. Did you know that there was some kind of demonstration in LA from the Sanders people at the offices of CNN, complaining about the election coverage? I guess the strategy is to act like they are always the ones put open, cheated against, so when they regularly do it, they can get away with it. CNN is so favorable to Sanders as compared to Clinton, that it is appalling. But then again they think that every loss in the primary was due to her people cheating in some way, or the states being in the Confederacy in the Civil War.

  251. aw, the Bernie socialists didn’t make their capitalist profits today…hahahahaha.

  252. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  253. ok, I don’t support destroying anyone’s property but this is kind of funny:

  254. It’s unprecedented to demand that a presidential candidate release transcripts of speeches given when the candidate was a private citizen. On the other hand, it’s standard for POTUS candidates to release several years of tax returns during the campaign–even if their spouse prepared the returns. All Sanders has released is a 1040 summary which is not a tax return and does not provide specific relevant information. So what’s the problem?

    While Hillary’s campaign is calling for transparency, they should also demand actual medical records because Sanders hasn’t provided them either.

    On Nevada, sadly, it’s not surprising. But I’m not worried about it since packing site with Sanders cultists cannot change the fact that the voters of Clark County chose Hillary at caucuses. This isn’t Stalinist Russia. At least, not yet.

  255. Brassy Rebel, the double standard is absolutely incredible. She must release everything (I have never seen anyone release transcripts of speeches), and he releases nothing. He walks off a radio show and nothing is said. She is microanalyzed for everything she does. He cheats, and they accuse her of cheating, which she has never done in any aspect. He makes outlandish promises and no one even asks him to account for where the money is going to come from, or how he would get any of it through. It is like a joke, or a weird comedy movie, except that it is the reality of perhaps the nost important presidential race ever.

  256. Uppity, I sent you an essay, in case you missed it.

  257. About the bird that “landed” on the podium while Bernie was speaking, I don’t buy it. Here’s why. We all know that the human brain is hard wired to believe in God. But many of these people that have latched onto Bernie were also part of the far left that latched on to Obama. Remember the fainting etc… At Obama rallies? Well the Obama presidency is over, so now what? Most of them have no outside belief system to substitute after their last infatuation with Obama. And just like most religions you have a good guy and a bad guy. So Bernie is their good guy and Hillary is their bad guy. Everything he does is good everything she does is bad. It’s just that simple. Well, Castro knew this, he was an educated man. So guess what happened during one of castros speeches? Yes, a dove landed on his shoulder and just like Bernie the devoted called it a sign from God!

    I’m sure Bernie knows all about Castro and his imagery. Just google Castro and dove during speech and you get the story. I refuse to link to anything Castro. I’m sure Bernie was counting on no one knowing this bird bullsh1t.

    But like I said before as far communist despots, been there done that.

  258. The non-turnout for Milwaukee town hall was embarassing enough, but his big Saturday rally at Kohl’s Center in Madison only drew a couple thousand. The Center holds 17, 000. Lots of empty seats. And the campaign spent big bucks to reserve the venue, obviously expecting massive turnout in the most left wing city in the US except for possibly Berkeley, California. If he can’t fill an arena in a socialist haven like Madison, maybe the wheels are starting to come off.

  259. Brassy, that’s good news!

  260. I sure hope so Brassy. I sure hopes so. Perhaps people are finally starting to see through his bull.

  261. William you have an email at the email address you use on the blog.

  262. Bernie is counting on Indy voters tomorrow voting for him…however no one is sure whether or not these indy voters will decide to vote in the Dem primary but maybe will go to the GOP primary to stop Trump instead……That is what Sanders is worried about!

  263. Yeah so Sanders tells his paltry crowd that Hillary is so scared and he doesn’t want to make her anymore scared than she already it, but if we win this one, we’re on our way to the white house. No kidding! The old nutcase actually said that. This is one I hope he loses because his head is just too damned big and his ego is pumping more of that hot air up his own ass.

  264. WOW, that bird story is verrrrrrrrrrrry interesting.

  265. Bernie said if he wins Wisconsin, he is going to win the White House?

    Over my freakin’ dead body!!!!!!!!

  266. Yeah he said that. That’s how far over another planet he is. He’s on an ego trip from all the adulation from the naive kiddies.

  267. Scuse me, I just saw a rerun. He said he didn’t want to make her more nervous than she is, so don’t tell her this. If we win here, we’ll win in NY State and we’re on to the white house.


    He said that maybe Hillary should have been there twenty or thirty years ago when we started hemorrhaging manufacturing jobs. I’m thinking maybe YOU should have been there, Bernie.

  268. And of course, since Bernie said Clinton is nervous, CNN has a useless panel discussing that she’s nervous. Including Sippy Cupp, who is a Republican pundit.

    They have had a gaggle of Bernie people on and nobody from Hillary’s campaign to rebutt. Of course what can we expect from Wolf Blitzer who can’t string a sentence together without pausing four times

  269. Sarandon asshole partner in Crimes, Tim “crap overrated actor” Robbins said at Bernies Empty Rally that “Hillary Winning South Carolina is like winning Guam…..”

    basically saying its no use as no dem will win SC…..

    Well dickface…no Dem is winning, NE,KS,ID,AK,WY,UT either, but Bernie is claiming a “revolution in those states”….

    These asses don’t know when to stop digging.

  270. Not to mention, the implied racism in that comment from Robbins is just disgusting…..

  271. Hillary is about to speak at Cohoes High School, Cohes, NY, on C-Span.

  272. He also called Hillary supporters sheep.

    I’d rather be a sheep than a privileged pig.

  273. Robbins also called Hillary supporters sheep.
    I’d rather be a sheep than a privileged, racist pig.

  274. THIS is so much of a MUST READ I can’t even describe it. I wish I could order you all to read it.

  275. Soup……….or a worshipper of a cult of personality.

    Note that notable Hillary supporters don’t attack Bernie people personally, unlike the classless swine who endorse Bernie.

  276. Well he and Sarandon have something in common. Neither of them has made a decent movie in a long time.

  277. Way to stay relevant, huh? After the year South Carolina had, geez.

  278. Wow she’s in Cohoes. She’s not missing even the smallest beat. She knows how many votes there are Upstate. She’s going to crush the old bastard. He wouldn’t dare show up upstate, they’d run him out on a rail. Unless he went where the socialists are, little niches like Tompkins County.

  279. Cohoes population 16,000. Those kids must be soooooo happy!

  280. Another good read

    View story at

  281. I think the funny thing about the bird & Bernie is that it sure looks like an English sparrow. English sparrows are imported pest birds that I call “weed birds” because they are messy, crowd out the native species and are rather bullies in their behavior. Lots of them in urban areas. No wonder it liked Bernie!

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