Being A Democrat

The following is an essay by Member William:

I was watching the Wisconsin campaign dinner in Milwaukee, where both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders spoke. After that came a speech by Senator Al Franken from neighboring Minnesota. He spoke very warmly about Hillary, whom he supports. He told about how in 2008, Hillary and her husband, the former President, took the time to come out to Minnesota a few weeks before what was obviously an incredibly closely contested election which Franken won by about 350 votes. He recounted how even after that, Hillary called him just before Election Day, asking if she could help at all, and so she came out again to aid him.

What he didn’t mention, but should have been obvious, is that this was shortly after Hillary had “lost” the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama, even though she had more popular votes, had won virtually all the important primaries; and had been denied the nomination because of all sorts of caucus chicanery, and because the DNC was so determined to have Obama win the nomination, that they voided two primaries (Florida and Michigan) for the sin of trying to move up their primaries a week or two, so as to be more relevant. Then later the DNC reinstated the primaries, except that they handed Obama a bunch of delegates from those states which he had not won, including delegates that Hillary had won. Such manipulation was both palpable and shocking. But somehow Hillary, with all that disappointment, and the knowledge that she should have been the nominee, was caring enough about Franken, and by implication, the Democratic Party, to do everything she could to help him win the Senate seat.

Franken also talked about how he had been a lifelong Democrat; though while his mother was also one, his father was a liberal Republican, which there indeed were some of back then. He said that his parents were very concerned about civil rights; and that when his father saw the the integration saga play out down South; and knew that some key Republicans voted against the Civil Rights Act, he said that no Jewish person could ever support that kind of thing, and so became a Democrat as well.

My parents were always Democrats, and always very interested in politics, both nationally and locally. When I was a young boy, they bought their first house in a nice, but very conservative suburb of California. They moved there because I had rather severe pollen allergies then, and they were told by my mother’s allergist that this was the best spot to alleviate that. And I stopped my incessant coughing about three months after we moved there. So that was the sacrifice which my parents made for me; not that it was not a nice town with mostly decent people, but because it was not an intellectual place, and it was very right-wing, John Birch Society conservative.

We were proud Democrats, and my parents worked at the grass roots level, having a lot of fun, and meeting some other nice people, but of course almost always losing with their downticket candidates. I didn’t even know why they bothered. My father always said that if one gives up, he leaves the field to the bad guys. And even after we had moved away, to the more liberal Westside; and my parents were not active politically any more, we still always watched the conventions, talked about politics and issues. When I finally moved out on my own, we would always talk on election nights; and when the Democrats had done badly (which unfortunately was often the case), my mother would console me by pointing out that we had kept the Congress; or if not, at least won some good races, perhaps in our state of California. So there was always something to look forward to for the next time. And that is what one needs to do. Although during the Reagan and Bushes years, it was very hard to be too optimistic about anything. And after Bush vs. Gore, literally and judicially; and the horrible hijacking of our political system by the Supreme Court, it would have been so easy to chuck it in, and concentrate on UCLA sports, or good novels. But we never did.

My parents died in 2007, within three months of each other. I know that they would have strongly supported Hillary. My mother was always suspicious of how Obama had risen so quickly, and who was behind it. And of course she would have been excited about the chance for the first woman President. But more than that, I think that both of them would have been very impressed by what a wonderful candidate Hillary was. I know that I was not sure whom to support at the beginning of the 2008 campaign; but when I saw Hillary debate, and listened to her brilliant comprehension of issues, I became greatly impressed, and then thought it was an obvious choice. Of course I miss my parents, and wish that we could be following this campaign closely, and discussing all the aspects. They would have liked my essays on Hillary’s behalf.

Being a Democrat meant something to my parents and to me. Now, I am well aware that the Democratic Party has many flaws. In fact, there were whole election cycles where I virtually despised the Party. In 1968, when Johnson had control of the party machinery , and so forced the nomination of Humphrey on everyone, including those millions of people who were against the Vietnam War. In 1972, when the party was virtually taken over by a corps of activists, radicals, and kooks, who turned the convention into a farce, and got the nomination for George McGovern, who was an honorable man but a very poor candidate. In 1976, when after McGovern’s defeat and the rout of the liberals, Jimmy Carter stepped into the vacuum and won the Presidency, and then didn’t govern like a Democrat. In 1980, when Carter used the party machinery to defeat Ted Kennedy, whom I strongly supported. And of course in 2008, which no one should ever forget. Even with all this, there is no question in my mind that of the two parties, the Democrats are far, far better than the Republicans. In fact, and sadly enough, as the Democrats possibly get worse, the Republicans get ten times worse, thus giving one no real choice but to support the Democratic side.

And we do have a two party system in this country. Maybe we should have more parties, but the European countries which do, do not seem to benefit much by that. England has basically become a two-party system as well. So while my parents and I would in the difficult times talk about the possibility of a third party (we sort of wanted a party of intellectual liberals like Eugene McCarthy!), we realized that this was not feasible. And since then the barriers to a new party have gotten greater, as both major parties have collaborated to fix the playing field in that way.

One thing my parents and I both knew was the importance of the Democrats winning downticket races. This is because we actually knew something about history and politics and governance. We knew that bills originate in the Congress, and that we do not have an empire or a monarchy, where a potentate can make laws with a wave of his hand or pen. We knew that it was important that Democrats control as many state legislatures as possible, because that is crucial for drawing up favorable Congressional districts. And we watched with great dismay as the hard right Republicans learned how to fix and game the system to an extent that Representative Gerry (of “gerrymandering” notoriety) would have never believed. And of course now we see that the Republicans almost have a stranglehold on the House of Representatives; while the overwhelmingly Red states of the South, Border, and Rocky Mountains give them a lock on many Senate seats, which they use to dominate if in the majority, or filibuster the government to a standstill, if in the minority.

So this brings us to this campaign, in which the Democratic Party has two candidates competing. One is Hillary Clinton, who has raised $30 million or so this year for downticket candidates; who has spent her career campaigning for Democrats running for state offices; who describes herself as a proud Democrat, and who wants to completely rebuild the party at the state and local levels, after the current president essentially let it atrophy. And then we have Bernie Sanders, who has never held office as a Democrat, only as an Independent; and who has identified himself as a Socialist. Sanders has never campaigned outside his state for any Democrat. He has never raised money for any Democrat. This year, he has not raised one cent for a Democrat. When asked about it, he said that “he would see,” but first had to concentrate on winning the nomination. Translation: “You’re on your own, Democratic candidates. You’re going to have to win your seats without any help from me, or the national party, if I head the ticket.” And of course that means that if Sanders were nominated, the Democrats would not pick up Congressional seats, and might even lose more of them, just in time for the 2020 census, which could very literally give the Republicans control of Congress for the next 40 years.

Now, apparently there are some Democrats who do not care about this, or do not understand it. Those are the ones supporting Bernie Sanders. As Sanders does not care one iota about the Democratic Party, which he has never been a part of, or ever supported, so they cavalierly dismiss all of this. They strangely see in Sanders a party of one, someone who apparently will overturn 240 years of American history, and become the first American king. This sounds ludicrous when I write it; but what other explanation can there be for this fervency for Sanders among the very young? They must think that Sanders could be nominated, and then elected; and would not have to deal with Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell, or any of the other Republicans who control the legislative branch. They must think that Sanders, a man who is notorious for never compromising on anything, even within the party he cacuses with, is going to get people on both sides of the aisle to do what he wants, maybe because his yelling and handwaving will intimidate them.

All the things which Sanders declaims about; all the things he says we must change, literally amount to nothing. He cannot and would not do any of it. If Sanders got the nomination, he would probably lose the election, because the Republicans, who have very obviously not said one thing against him, would unleash billions of dollars of ads outlining his Socialist history, his support of the Castro regime, and so much more. And even if he could somehow be elected, he couldn’t do anything. The one area where the President has some power of his own, foreign relations, he does not know anything about. In the domestic area, the ball always starts in the court of the House. What is Sanders going to do when Ryan and his cohorts send up bill after bill? Veto them all? What if the Republicans threaten to shut down the government, not raise the debt ceiling? He is going to yell at them? He doesn’t compromise, remember. And the Democrats don’t have much use for him, either. Not one single Democratic Senator supports his candidacy. Why is that? Because they don’t think he would make a good president ,and they don’t think he would help the Democratic Party one bit. His supporters don’t know and don’t care; they want their fantasy world, and they want it now.

I would almost feel sorry for all the Sanders supporters, but this election is far too important, and Hillary Clinton is such a great potential president (the highly respected Senator from Ohio, Sherrod Brown, said that she was the best potential president he had seen in his life, including Bill Clinton, and he said it directly to him, and that Bill laughed and apparently agreed), that I would never waste that energy. But these people have zero chance of having free college tuition. Zero. Could that ever happen? Oh, maybe in twenty years or so. But not for them. I would bet them $100,000 to their $1,000 that Sanders as president would never, ever get them free tuition. In fact, I don’t think he would get them one dollar less in tuition, because he lacks the power to do it. Again, kids, this is a republic, not an empire, monarchy, or dictatorship. Didn’t they teach that in school somewhere? The sad thing is that their willful ignorance about all this is leading them down this blind road of futility, except for the great fun they have at fixing caucuses, shouting at HIllary during her campaign appearances, and writing disgusting insults about her and the people who support her.

If these people actually win, the Democratic Party will be essentially destroyed. Sanders would be defeated if he ran again, and a right-wing Republican (are there any other kind now?) would take over. I know that they don’t care about the Democratic Party at all, nor does their candidate. But in our system, it is the only viable alternative to the Republican Party. Al Franken knows this very well. My parents always knew it, and I quickly learned it, and have seen it born out for decades. If our side loses, their side wins. If we elect an essential non-Democrat like Carter, we pay for it for 20 years or so. If we nominate a Socialist who has spent this campaign threatening to, or actually suing the Democratic Party, we will lose any credibility this party has built up from the era of Franklin D. Roosevelt and after.

I realize that nothing I say or write is likely to dissuade any of them from their headlong rush to disaster and disillusion. I only wish that some of them had actually taken the time to learn about how the United States government and political system works. Because there is not going to be any revolution; there is not going to be a magic person who changes everything, like in a comic book. There is just the reality of the two-party system; the truly evil Republican Party which controls both houses of Congress; and a Supreme Court which has not been liberally oriented for four decades. We’ve got the best presidential candidate I have ever seen; someone who wants to work her hardest to rebuild the Democratic party at all the state levels; and yet these people happily disdain her for Puff the Magic Dragon, who will blow everything down in a revolution, and hand out free goodies to everyone. And if they do screw it all up for the country and the planet, all that will be left is the desolation some of them might feel twenty years down the line; but mostly the smug “Not my fault, bro,” which they have taken on as a veritable modus vivendi. Ayn Rand and her acolytes Rand Paul and Paul Ryan would be proud of them. What all of them have in common with Bernie Sanders is that they are not Democrats.


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  1. Al Franken (and Clinton) was one of the very few candidates to ever get me to transport bucks out of WNC, where we need every Democratic dime we can find to fight the flood of transplanted GOPers from FL, OH, etc. You are exactly correct about SOS Clinton— she is the smartest person in any room. Her dismemberment of Trey Gowdy will live on as one of the greatest political performances of all time. We need to get after these down-ticket races and I’m sure both Clintons would devote a great effort to rooting out Republicans wherever they they infect the body politic. I do feel DWS has let us down on this issue since no one in my local/district races appears to get any support from the DNC. Our congresscritter, the deplorable carpetbagger Mark Meadows, may be vulnerable if we can get some support, but I’m not holding my breath. Anyway, thanks for the essay and keep up the good work!

  2. Second day in a row Sanders is playing to less than stellar crowds in WI..maybe a good sign.

  3. Thank you, Churl. And your commitment to grassroots politics is great. Unfortunately, I do not think that DWS is particularly good at her job, so it is going to have to be up to Hillary to do most of the work in helping to win downticket races.No one else in the Democratic Party but the Clintons are successful at it, it seems.

  4. Please check your white privilege at the door unless, of course, you are a privileged white Hollywood “star”. I think he and Sarandon must have done mental cross-pollination when they were together because they are both mental midgets politically.

  5. Why did Sarandon and Robbins break up? They’re so obviously made for each other.

  6. Classless swine. You would never catch Meryl or DeNiro making swine, classless remarks about Bernie supporters even though they are all barn animals.

  7. THIS is so much of a MUST READ I can’t even describe it. I wish I could order you all to read it.

  8. From Upps link:

    “Sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton’s competence in the 2015-2016 primary season have been more subtle, but they’re still there. This time around, we’re seeing a huge focus on “trust”, which is important to recognize as a very loaded word from a gender perspective. Let me clarify that it is a valid criticism to say “I don’t trust Clinton because she has a record of [insert specific political action].” It’s not a valid criticism to imply that she just “seems” untrustworthy, or lacks authenticity and “realness“ as a person. This kind of criticism essentially calls her an imposter.

    Clinton’s opponent in the Democratic race, Bernie Sanders, is widely praised for being trustworthy and authentic. When arguments for Bernie Sanders being trustworthy are based on his congressional record, writings and speeches, that’s not sexist. That’s just a regular opinion, and an important part of the political process. But when we see a recurring emphasis on Bernie’s sense of authenticity based the fact that he doesn’t care about how he looks, prefers not to brush his hair, and makes faces during debates, that is sexist. People say it’s just “Bernie being Bernie” and that he’s “bucking the traditional image of a political candidate” but it’s important to take a closer look. We find a strikingly similar example in Republican candidate Donald Trump — famous for his comb-over and spray tan — who is known for “showing real emotion” and being “not afraid to make himself look really ugly.”

    Both Sanders and Trump are praised for an image that no female candidate is currently allowed to cultivate. Show me a female candidate who can throw on an ill-fitting suit, not brush her hair, and scowl and wag her finger at her opponent during a debate. The media would have a field day, not a love-fest.”


  9. BIG SIGH! Yes. Read the great article. But don’t bother trying to read the comments. Broadly Hillary haters spewing GOP/Bernie fanatic talking points.

  10. Knew you’d agree, Voting. Just a Right On article!

  11. I read that article and it is so true.

  12. Yes. Great article. But don’t bother trying to read the comments. They are broadly Hillary haters spewing GOP/Bernie fanatic talking points. I’m so tired of this “St. Bernie nonsense.”

  13. Her dismemberment of Trey Gowdy will live on as one of the greatest political performances of all time.

    It was a beautiful sight!

    Gowdy will forever be remembered as an Owned Fool.

  14. Dang! Spam ate Paulette!

  15. Great article and sadly very true.

  16. Wow, his campaign is on full melt-down. BTW, the so-called rescheduled event never had any invitations sent prior to this:

  17. BTW, when you are the only one raising money for down-ticket Dem candidates, YES, your schedule is going to be jam-packed.

  18. UW a good read but I have problems with including MHP. If memory serves me well MHP was no Hillary Clinton fan. Please anyone correct me if I’m wrong. I would love to find out that I confused her with another person. But presuming I’m correct, it’s hard for me to feel empathy for women that refuse to support other women. Especially when we finally have a good chance to have the first woman president. Isn’t that something that every woman should be backing? You want to change the world elect a woman. That’s the real revolution. It’s not about whether or not the female or male candidate backs women’s equality sinc democrats do back this, but it’s a matter of how they prioritize it. To Bernie, Wall Street is the priority but Clinton that would be womens rights, since women’s rights are human rights. It was a good article and I have no doubt that MHP was subjected to crappiness over at MSNBC but really after we have all witnessed the sexist attacks on Clinton how could MHP expect any better treatment from MSNBC?

    I think this has been a consistent failure on my part, that my give a damn has run out for women that don’t give a damn until it affects them personally.

  19. William

    Your post up top is well written, yet I can’t take the Dem party seriously any more than I can support the rethugs. I am still a registered Dem for only one reason…to help Hillary become our President. After that happens, I will turn in that fantasy card and vote strictly Independent for the rest of my days on Earth.

    Neither party cares about their ‘loyal’ voters, nor do they care about the will of the people. Anyone that still believes that is kidding themselves.

  20. Speaking of great must reads. Check this link. (And you can read the comments!) I was just saying how tired I am of all this “Saint Bernie” BS. And flvoter you are right about MHP. I’m a sister, and enjoyed a lot of her guests and commentary. But MHP’s utter disdain of Hillary always bothered me.

  21. Shadowfax, I’d say that most of the Dem elite don’t care about loyal voters because they have been entitled for decades. I don’t include the Clintons in this box but you might guess who I think are the Usual Suspects in the not-caring arena. The vast majority of down-ticket Democrats care greatly about other candidates and their voters, though some may act a bit too beholden when the pressure groups show-up, but then, that’s politics.

  22. Paulette thanks for the confirmation. I was really hoping I was wrong about MHP. And I just confused her with another MSNBC host. But I do have a pretty good memory.

  23. You know, Bernie could have just said no to a debate on that date. He got cornered because he previously had agreed to that date but OMG do we really need another debate? It’s going to be the same BS that’s been in the last one and what do you wanna bet no one is going to ask Sanders questions like why did you march with the Sandinistas and why do you have such an affinity for dictators.

  24. Just a small hint about how useless this debate will be: Wolf Blitzer is moderating.

  25. Yeah, Wolf Blitzer equals not worth watching and tough questions for Hillary and questions for Bernie like do you comb your hair everyday?

  26. It’s true MHP was brutally awful to Hillary without fail. But I’m going to go with her on what happened at MSNBC. They screwed the pooch because now their pants are down regarding the Control they exercise over their “Hosts”. And of course, the “hosts” Comply and they get rewarded with money, while everybody else gets fucked. I give her a lot of credit because they clearly tried to buy her silence and she told them to go fuck a duck

  27. Ga the only good thing that will happen is I suspect Hill is going to do some more Bernie Vetting. It’s the perfect venue for it. The next day the rest of America will know about it and it won’t affect her in New York one bit. NY is Hillary country.

  28. Upps, sometimes I really get jealous of you guys having had a senator like Hillary. I understand her constituency services were awesome and she always seemed like she was trying to do her best for you guys. And living here in GA I FULLY UNDERSTAND the Trump phenomenon. Seriously these Republicans treat everybody like crap. The senators never respond to anything. Johnny Isakson used to be decent but he’s gone down the rabbit hole now. And I’ve forgotten what other freak we have for a senator. If I was a Republican I might vote for Trump just to stick these sorry Republicans in the eye and tell them to stuff it.

  29. I’ll tell you this. Morgan Freeman would never act like the classless swine Robbins showed himself to be.

  30. Bernie refuses to comprende that Hillary was a VERY popular NY Senator. She trounced in elections. She couldn’t be touched. And if he takes swipes at her he will go down in flames just like Rick Lazio did.

    He may brag that he was born in NY but he chose to leave it. Hillary still has her home in Chappaqua and they love her there. There are several HIllary groups there that follow me and the support for her is palpable.

  31. Health report. Had an hour and a half ultrasound of my aortic occlusion, which compensated. Which means my body compensated. This is living proof that if you don’t die first, the body WILL find a way to heal itself. As it stands, I am still doing well, so the tech told me. Have appt with vascular surgeon on this next week. I should tell you he calls me his Miracle Patient as he’s seen very few cases of compensation. WHat this means is, my collateral arteries took over where the aortic artery failed. So my kidneys and other organs are receiving the blood they need. This means I won’t undergo a very HUGE surgery that others who have not compensated have had. It’s a major major surgery. Moreover I am very lucky that, though I lost the function of one kidney, there was enough time for my collateral arteries to save a good portion of my other kidney’s function. I’m a lucky puppy.

    I know it’s weird but I always enjoy watching doppler ultrasound tests, because I worked on radar and sonar software. It’s so good to see it applied to something other than submarines for war. It’s amazing technology. And without doppler, we would not have our amazingly accurate National Weather Service that warns of so many impending catastrophes in time for people to prepare.

  32. UW I think we all understood that MSNBC has a lot of content control over their shows. When I used to watch that network long ago they all appeared to be on the same page of an issue no matter what the show or who the host. Not a coincidence. I am sorry that she hit that wall over there but MS N BC doesn’t have respect for women. That she thought it would be different with her is naive. Once they started going down that road of sexist attacks on Clinton all women should have opened their eyes regarding that network. Yes, I’m speaking to you Rachel Maddow, look at how MHP was treated do you think you are any different than her?

  33. Flvoter, Rachael likes the money and the attention. She’ll do fine.

    But now everybody Knows. We can thank Perry for that.

  34. Ga, she was a dynamo after 911, let me tell you, she never let up. And she did a lot of good things for NY. She could have stayed Senator for life if she so desired.

  35. UW congratulations on the good news! I am very glad that you can avoid surgery. My dad had major heart surgery two years ago and it almost killed him. He’s doing good now but it was touch and go for several months.

    Our bodies are amazing. Wonderful, wonderful news!

  36. You could contact her office, in fact at city elected level you could get to her personally. Don’t even try that with that arrogant slug Schumer. He won because Al D’Amato was such a total slimebag. He was duck soup to beat. And Chuck has been riding it ever since. He’s a Player. I am not a fan, but I hold my nose and vote for him.

  37. flvoter. I have learned two things about the human Body
    1. The body harbors MANY secrets
    2. It will fight to win given the right conditions.

    My heart surgery was very gnarly, but once I squeaked through it, I was out of that hospital in four days. The body can do that. Go from nearly lost to Ok Let’s Roll.

  38. Shadow, i completely relate to your opinion of our party. I myself plan to switch to Independent after April 19. I am tired of this phony “Progressive” wing that pretends to care about women and minorities but sticks it to them left and right when it suits them. I am tired of their rudeness and I am tired of the drag toward socialism. The mere fact that a creepy Fidel Lover like Bernie can get by running from the Democratic Party makes me sick. There is nothing there for me anymore. My party has been hijacked. The rest that is left are more of the same Old White Men, pulling strings. I’m sick of it. Of course, the Republican party isn’t even a consideration. In NY that leaves Independent as an option. And so I shall be one. Enough is enough.

  39. He.Really.Knows.Nothing.
    This is a great read by Shakesville (natch)

  40. Upps, I had no idea of your health issues, and hooray for your great test results!! You’re a strong woman.

    High fives on giving the Dem party a big moon, after Hillary becomes our President.

  41. If Hillary Clinton becomes President I will probably stay registered as a democrat until she is re-elected. I doubt that the far left wing will allow her to get re-elected without having her primaried first. Mostly they will push St. Elizabeth as her opponent. I will need to vote for Clinton in the Florida Primary. After that I’m done.

  42. Gawd. It was like reading in circles. The man is a complete idjit.

  43. Uppity, very glad to hear that you are doing better.

    With regard to the Democratic Party, I can understand people not being a fan of it. But as far as voting, it seems that the only choice is to vote for Democrats, unless there are one or two downticket whom you absolutely hate as people. It’s a two-party system. Maybe that should change, but they never win. And I can’t imagine what a third party that I would vote for would look like. Not a Sanders or Warren party, that’s for sure. So while I do not give money to the DNC (I might if Hillary is elected and puts her own people there), I do give a lot to Hillary, and I assume she will use some of it to support Democratic candidates. We desperately need to get rid of some of these Republicans turning the Congress into an immovable force which would rather shut down the country than concede a point. And the governors and state legislators in many states who are destroying social programs, trying to destroy unions, doing nothing about the environment.

    So I root for the Democrats to win those elections, even if I do not like the party machinery very much. And for me the problem with registering as “independent” is that it lowers the amount of registered Democrats, and lumps too many moderates and liberals in with the Indie group, which is primarily comprised of libertarians and conservatives. And in some states you obviously don’t get to vote in a Democratic Primary if you register Indie.. Even if 80% of the country gets to the point where it registers as Independent, I don’t see how this does any good overall. In fact, it might allow the Democratic Party to be taken over by fringe elements; or insure that all primaries are “open” and thus easily gamed by right-wingers who want to guarantee a bad Democratic opponent.. Tomorrow night, we will probably lose Wisconsin, and yet Hillary will again win among Democrats. We will have no real idea what the massive Indie vote which will get Sanders the win is made up of in terms of political persuasion. It’s a good place for right-wingers to hide, and say, “Oh, I an Independent, but I am just drawn to Sanders’ exciting message.”

  44. Word of caution about registering “independent”. Make sure that is not a PARTY in your state. In PA, I am registered “no party affiliation” because there is an Independent Party here.

    Also, check your state regarding ‘write-in” vote. In PA, write-in goes to whoever the party’s nominee is..registers as a party vote.

    Kinda why I hope the Bernie numbnuts do write-in come November. LOL

  45. flvoter, on April 4, 2016 at 11:40 PM said:
    If Hillary Clinton becomes President I will probably stay registered as a democrat until she is re-elected.



    That’s my plan too.

  46. I’m confused. If Hillary is elected why would anyone who supports her and is an actual Democrat change their registration to Independent? Are you trying to send the message you disagree with Hillary winning? Because that’s what it says..

  47. GA, I changed my registration in 2008 because I was so ticked off with the party’s rules committee meetings done in the process of the election. It is why I haven’t changed since. I can’t support any party that changes the rules mid-election. I can’t vote in my primary because of it and while I contemplated switching back to Dem, I decided that since I am so against the party’s structure, I wouldn’t. PA is a closed primary and I do think the party members should choose their representative.

    To do anything else would make me as bad as Sanders’ groupies.

    But I support and will vote Hillary in the general. One person/one vote.

  48. Attacking Wall Street is not going to go down well with New Yorkers, its a life blood of the state……….

    As for WI, 225,000 absentee ballots have been returned, thats a good number for Hillary as she tends to excel in them, its been one of her major outreach programs this cycle.

  49. Ms. Uppity — so elated to hear your good news. As one “collateral kid to another” just GREAT news. Best and most happy making news I’ve had today!

  50. Voting, thank you and I understand. I live in a southern state, where no local Democrat is even on the ballot. I just don’t want to see Hillary’s supporters in blue states abandon the D party. That hurts me.

  51. GA, I think for many of us, after 2008, it is about the person rather than the party. For me, more often than not it is the Democrat. But I just can’t affiliate with them after what happened in 2008 and I love the freedom from party…especially the phone calls…and just vote the person running.

  52. Upps, thank god for your good medical report! Am so glad to hear it. Keep up the good work! xo

  53. I know many here follow ThePeoplesView, but for those who don’t, this is one of the more sizzling, fact-packed roundups of all Sanders’ Achilles Heels, in one neat post:

    Word to the wise: it is very much a pro-Obama site, so any comments at all negative towards the POTUS Will Be Severely Frowned Upon.

  54. GA I planned to leave the party for awhile now and only stayed to vote in the primary, no other reason.

    Hillary has been dragged by Bernie way further left than she was in 2008. For example, I do NOT believe we should pay for all those kids’ college. Half of them don’t even belong there. Now anybody can get into college and that’s why it’s not worth anything anymore. We need plumbers and electricians, not more liberal arts degrees. I don’t think she thinks we should pay for everyone’s college either, but hey what do I know. There are people starving in this country and we are worrying about some frat boy’s college loans? I see NO way we can have free health care in this country either. So she’s trying to go there but she can’t lie like bernie and say she will do it, because it will NEVER fly. No I am not leaving because of her, I am leaving because I cannot STAND the Bernies in the party, of which there are MANY.

  55. I’ll tell you something else. I don’t think this economy is the time to be raising minimum wages, not because I think the current wage is good, but because we already have lost millions of jobs and we will lose more. The jobs that are left can affect costs for everyone if the jobs cost more. Businesses will make US pay for this. For example, health care is where jobs are. If the minimum wage is $15, the cost of health care goes UP not down. Guess who pays for that. What’s left of the middle class and lower middle class. We are now creeping into more Kill The Middle territory. And that’s not Wall Street’s fault. New York has bled out millions of jobs and I can assure you that MacDonald’s isn’t going to pay people $15 without a layoff. It will tempt small businesses, who will get KILLED by that hike, to hire contract people. Which means the employees won’t get ANY benefits other than what is forced. It’s a vicious circle. And I can assure you it won’t affect the rich. What we really SHOULD be talking about is regulating the health insurance industry not throwing everyone on the ACA or Medicare. I used to think everybody should be on medicare until I researched that medicare isn’t so cheap if you want real coverage. You pay for a Part B., you have to pay for a drug plan in an unregulated drug industry. You have to buy a supplement policy or be stuck with thousands of dollars you can never pay off if you REALLY get sick. I know what getting sick can cost and it’s NOT pretty! What we really should be doing is lowering the cost of things, not raising incomes to match the cost. Drug companies, health insurers, etc…..they will charge whatever the market will bear till they break everyone’s back! We should be negotiating costs of drugs (Hillary has said this plenty of times but Bernie drowns her out with his raw BULLSHIT he can never achieve). We should be forcing the insurers to be totally NOT FOR PROFIT and Lower Overhead. Instead we just want to go find the money out of taxpayer pockets to give them what we want. Same holds true of Utilities. Heat, light, water, these are LIFE GIVING things. They should NOT be for Profit and regulated. In short, NOBODY’s life or death should be controlled by a bottom line to a stockholder. That’s what is REALLY wrong in this country and that is why the minimum wage will NEVER be enough because we are throwing money at these thieves and that is why so many people don’t have enough left to live on. Deregulation is the filthiest word in America, because when left to their honor, corporations have NO honor.

    And I’ll say something else. If anybody did what Bernie wants to do on Wall Street, our economy would crumble like an old statue of Lenin.

    She says she feels ‘sorry’ for young people. You know what? I DON’T. When I graduated from college there were NO teaching jobs. So I worked in a stock room and then got laid off after Christmas. It didn’t kill me. These kids are so narcissistic everything is beneath them. And what is not beneath them is stealing from everyone else to make their lives better. Everybody paid for college loans. I knew plenty of people who WORKED while they went to college and paid as they went. These children do not want to work for anything or sacrifice a thing the rest of us sacrificed. Many of them are just privileged to begin with! Why the hell should the rest of us be taxed for them? Bernie does that I have to care for you and you have to care for me thing and it reeks of Communism! A society where NOBODY has an ambition any longer. And he’s been dragging Hillary there. This shit is going to make the GE VERY hard for her! He’s toxic. He’s poison. He’s a fucking COMMUNIST LOVER, it’s foolish to pretend he’s not. And that’s just fine for naive children because they don’t have a clue what it all really means for the rest of their lives. I can’t believe I am in a party that has to defend Democracy against Cuba, FCS!

    We should not let children pick presidents! They are inherently self-absorbed and know nothing of history or what it means to give and not take. It’s the nature of children. That is why they are generally not allowed to set the rules, because the rules will favor ME and NOW.

    And finally, but most importantly, “Millionaires and Billionaires,” as Bernie likes to call them, can become ExPats in the BLINK OF ANY EYE. Just like they fled from every other socialist country. You don’t see George Soros living in Poland, do ya?

  56. Nerd, I wish I knew who writes the People’s View. It’s excellent. I have it in my Daily Links to read.

  57. TY Socal and Prolix. Hey Prolix, you got an occlusion too? You compensated? I ask because we are rare. Inside, on an ultrasound, we don’t even look similar to humans. lol

  58. UW Jeff weaver was just on CNN and basically my take on what he is saying is that they will come out of the convention with the nomination. He says that neither candidate will have enough pledged delegates at the convention so they will get it. So like any despot he will steal the nomination. Wake up people! This is not democracy. When you start subverting the will of the people even during the primaries you have started down a dangerous road. You have no respect for the governed because you know better and your ambition is the most important thing.

    And yes it is really troubling that so many idiots actually are voting for a socialist that has no respect for the voting citizens. He is no better than the 1% he rails against. Bernie sanders is so full of righteousness that he doesnt care if the majority of the voters don’t back him. He would rather destroy the Democratic Party than allow the first woman to have earned the nomination of the party take her rightful place as the nominee. What a narcissistic sexist ass.

  59. Moon, you are right about absentees. They are usually the elderly, the sick and people who are not in town during election day. That adds up for Hillary. Never ONCE has Bernie talked about the sick. There are plenty of things he ignores. In fact, he ignores everything but wall street. You see in that Daily News transcript how incredibly single minded he is. And his idea is a DISASTER. His wall street delusions not only would kill New York, it would kill the ENTIRE economy. Wall Street is the hub of our economy. While I do believe banks should just be banks and investment firms should be investment firms, his ideas are pure HORROR. He doesn’t even know how to do it, when you read his answers, it is clear he knows NOTHING but how to complain. And he has ignored some real issues here that wall street can’t fix. He gives them perfunctory one liners. To make matters even worse, he is tone deaf to woman and minorities. Completely tone deaf. Completely. He is a one issue guy and he doesn’t even know how to handle his own issue! You are right. New York will be horrified by him. The only people who vote for him are the greedy youth looking for free things and the naive. He’s not going to help a soul. He can’t even help himself. He’s spent his entire life complaining about anybody who did better than he did, but not willing to get off his own ass. It’s amazing he’s in Congress. He’s a slug and it shows. Talk Talk Talk no Do Do Do.And his Gun No-Control stance is telling about his “Revolution”. He’s a man who can incite violence very easily. Just watch him. He’s a true Socialist with a Communist affection.

  60. Voting I don’t blame you for changing. I flirted with it but wanted my primary vote for Hillary. I got it. I feel no loyalty to this party whatsoever. It doesn’t represent me. And GA, you can’t know what’s in someone’s heart or mind when they leave their party. Or what it says without asking them individually. Both parties have been bleeding members in the past decade or longer. Independents now make up more numbers than either party now. And it’s going to get bigger. People are sick of not being represented. If this year achieved one good thing it’s the exposure of that. The Republican party is crumbling and they deserve it. The Democratic party is on its way. What has either of these parties done for anybody after they get their votes? Congress looks like a retirement home. It wasn’t meant to be this way. WHen our forefathers put things together, it was expected that senators and congress people would serve a few terms and then go back to their lives. It was never meant to be a CAREER.

  61. I agree on the free college thing. Free k-12 is different. Children are educated, despite their parent’s socio economic situation. But college aged kids are not kids anymore, they’re adults who can work. Yes, I know college is more expensive now, but there are ways to help with costs, including working part time.

  62. Uppity, I agree with your comment on Apr 5, 7:27am, about the need for essentials to be regulated non-profits, municipal utilities, in effect. I wanted to add a bit, though, about kidz-these-days and working your way through college.

    I’ve been a college prof for more decades than I care to admit. And I went to college back in the Paleolithic when Harvard’s tuition (minus dorms) was $2000.

    Having watched young students struggle to work and go to school at the same time, it really is not the same ball game as it was. Sure, some of them are working for their iphones and their cars, but for plenty of them, there’s really no way to catch up.

    Used to be you could make enough working summers, and/or as work-study during the semester, plus scholarships sometimes, to pay for tuition and books.

    Now there are almost no scholarships. It’s all loans. That is very much not the same. Summer jobs pay so comparatively little that if the money covers the astronomically priced textbooks alone, you’re lucky. Work-study is much harder to get, and outside employers don’t care about your university constraints.

    It’s horrible to watch talented intelligent students miss exams because their boss called them to work, watch them fall asleep in class because they were working half the night, watch the computer drop them from class because the bank transferred some fee half a day late, and then watch them have to spend hours they don’t have trying to get that straightened out.

    We’re wasting some of our best people.

    I doubt I’m enough of a writer to make their lives clear in a few paragraphs. But, really, take my word for it!, I’ve been seeing both sides, it really and truly is about ten times more difficult to make your financial way through college now than it was then. It’s not all just whining.

  63. Stay strong Uppity. Know that you are blessed.

  64. Hey Uppityites – we have some sad news over at TW. We’d appreciate it if you’d stop by and take a look.

  65. Oh madamab, that’s terrible news about chatblu. What a loss.
    I knew she had health challenges, but had no idea they were life threatening.
    I’m so sorry that you lost your friend; I feel like we all have lost a very special person.

  66. I wonder how Jane Sanders is doing with those pesky tax returns.

  67. Brassy, I am sure she is looking every where for those tax returns. Hope she has better luck than Bush did when he went looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

    On a more somber note, my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of chatblu.

  68. Quixote, their iphones and cars. Now that cracks me up. I guess I just know too many graduates who continually sit around and wait for some CEO to tap them on the shoulder to be Lord of The Company. They won’t take a job that isn’t within their station. These are not kids I want to pay for. I would be more than happy to pay for somebody really smart, especially if they are really smart and poor. But I do not believe all of them fall into this category, not by a longshot. At least not in my world. The thing is, I can’t find a plumber but I can find scads of people with BS and BA degrees who aren’t going anywhere unless they advance their education in a marketable field. The last thing I need to find is another lawyer but I know plenty of mediocre ones too. There’s this misunderstanding in this country that skills are worthless, and nothing could be further from the truth. But again, among most that I know, that’s beneath them too. Starting at the top is pretty hard. I have retired friends who are being called by their companies to please return. No kidding. Because so many younger employees prefer to fit work into their personal schedule instead of the other way around. So, I guess my feelings are shaped by what I personally see. But please remember that when we start talking about making college free, we are talking about a massive burden on the states. And I DO mean massive. I can tell you such a thing can not endure. It’s just another way to kill the middle class in taxes from the state. Also, nobody can tell a private institution that they have to be free. So some people just won’t get to harvard unless they are very very very smart. Secondly, nobody can TELL a state they HAVE to make college free, so the entire concept as Bernie presents is not Do-able. Any governor who tried that at this time would be packing his or her bags after the next election.

    And finally, I admittedly never felt it was my responsibility to take care of everybody’s kids. Call it a flaw in my personality if you want, but there you have it. I really don’t mind helping the poor, or really anybody, but when it makes me poor too, I draw the line. I don’t have any kids and that was deliberate. I pay school taxes dutifully every year and don’t complain, but I draw the line when I see ideas floated that further erode the middle class I once was, which has been eaten at already. I don’t like it one bit. Things are different, this is true. But so are attitudes of young people. They are a very entitled lot and I didn’t make them that way since I didnt make one at all. lol. I busted my butt and I would kind of like to keep some of the money I earned and I am not ashamed of that at all. And I especially do not want to give it to a generation that despises older people and especially seniors, whom they would prefer to throw in a hole and watch them die. When they reach my age and the age of the very elderly they will feel the same way and I do hope their children do exactly the same thing to them. None of us would have dreamed of sucking our parents dry and then throwing them away. There is something wrong with a mind who thinks a parent’s job is to take care of them for life and then die. And that is what I see in young people today. Very detached. And when everybody in an entire generation thinks they are “special,” then nobody is special any longer.

  69. OMG. what happened with chatblu! On my way!

  70. Wow. How awful. Life is so damned fragile you would think we’d all take it less seriously. I think I’ll just hug everybody here. Line up, please.

  71. Stay strong Uppity. Know that you are blessed.

    It’s true Neetabug. But sometimes I have to remind myself.

  72. Wake up people! This is not democracy. When you start subverting the will of the people even during the primaries you have started down a dangerous road. You have no respect for the governed because you know better and your ambition is the most important thing.

    Ironcally, this shows Bernie to be the very thing he is pretending to fight against. He doesn’t want to end oppression, he just wants to be the replacement oppressor.

  73. GAgal

    If you knew me, you would know that I have no intention of abandoning Hillary.

    I already vote as an independent, for the best person…so, changing my registration is only symbolic.

  74. Uppity Woman, on April 5, 2016 at 6:13 AM

    I couldn’t agree more.

    Hillary’s having to support all the unicorn droppings laid by Barry and the Dem party, just to win the primary…makes me crazy.

  75. Uppity Woman, on April 5, 2016 at 7:27 AM


    An adult man, who is my friend, started talking about health care in Canada, then started his sentence with, Sanders is talking about universal healthcare………I cut him off, mid sentence and just told him that Hillary was trying to get universal health care in the nineties and he and I were not going to talk about how ‘great’ Bernie Sander’s is, period. He sees the photos of Hillary and Bill on my work wall, and backs off.

  76. And yes, the photo of Hillary is the one in the rain, the same one on this site.

  77. TW ????

  78. These Bernie bros and gals seem to always want to educate Clinton voters because if we become “informed” about Bernie we would naturally support him. Its scary how blind they are about the “truth”. Their latest cr@p about how Clinton talks down to them or insults them about being uninformed about her and her record is just cr@p. They can dish it out everyday but when they get the same message pushed back at them they are suddenly hothouse flowers or need a fainting couch. So tired of these special snowflakes. If they are not able to figure out that there guy is a lying, cheating, communist loving socialist douche bag, then they shouldn’t be voting. Too much vaping has killed their brain cells.

    And don’t get me started on their inability to do math!

  79. Shadow TW is The Widdershins

  80. flvoter, there is no one more annoying that someone who knows Nothing acting like they know Everything.

  81. The New York Daily News Ed. board interview is getting lots of coverage. People are SHOCKED! SHOCKED! that BS has no friggin’ idea what he’s talking about. But many of us figured out months ago that he’s a snake oil salesman peddling questionable ideology. Virtually none of his supposedly great ideas is fleshed out past the sound bite or bumper sticker phase. And his cultish followers are truly frightening. So everyone goes on pretending he’s actual presidential material rather than risk the wrath of his supporters.

  82. These guys are scumbags…..

    A supporter of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has published a “hit list” of Democratic super delegates, which includes the apparent home addresses of several superdelegates, including at least one woman.

    The Sanders supporter, Spencer ThⒶyer — who uses the anarchist symbol to spell his name — is is urging fellow Sanders supporters to “harass” Hillary Clinton’s superdelegates, in order to get them to change their vote to Bernie Sanders.

    The site, called “The Superdelegate Hit List,” includes the names, addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts of the Democratic superdelegates.


    Do these dumbasses not realise doing is one to make sure they vote for Clinton and also get themselves a police record.

  83. The Widdershins

    Thanks Upps-

  84. Those jerks went and doxxed superdelegates? 😯 You have got to be kidding. I know you’re not. Jeeeeeeebus.

    And still not so much as a mumble from Sanders saying “I don’t want supporters like you”?

    Oof. Anyway. What I actually was going to mention was the free college thing. What makes me really mad about that is we’ve heard it for months. All the anklebiters on campus are jumping up and down about it. Then a couple of weeks ago somebody finally looks into it. Turns out it’s just Federal matching funds 2:1 assuming states decide it’s a great idea.

    That worked great with Obamacare and the 100%-becoming-9:1-three-whole-years-down-the-road.

    Hell, even California (where I live) wouldn’t go for that college plan.

    And I bet he knows it. In which case this is a lot worse than just being an unrealistic idealist.

  85. Upps:
    where is my ¨bear hug¨?

  86. Quixote, no governor is going to go for that. He has to get that one third out of the hides of state taxpayers or pass it on to local governments and I have to tell you that Upstate NY cannot endure it with all the job losses and cut in tax base in urban areas. The rural areas are just mostly dirt poor. It’s all a fantasy. No governor of a red state will do this and no governor of a bleeding blue state has anywhere to go to get more money. In NY we have a tax cap law now so it’s not even possible here. Which is good because it protects taxpayers who are already near the constitutional limit. This idea is simply asking too much of people. Sorry but it’s true. I know people who are voting just to stop Bernie from ruining them.

    And yes, I do believe Bernie’s Barn Animals have now broken the law but endangering the lives of Super Delegates. They definitely haven’t learned how to make friends and influence people.

  87. No surprise that the guy’s an anarchist. And OWS is in on it. There are very few actual Democrats among Sanders supporters. The party brought this nightmare on itself by letting BS run as Dem and by having primaries and caucuses in which any wing nut can vote. Once this is over, (please, God, make it be over soon!) these creeps will all crawl back under their rocks. Hillary does not need them to win GE because they never vote for Dem party anyway.

  88. Not just those OWS freebee slugs, but Ron Paul’s crackpots.

  89. If Hillary wins New York and Pennsylvania, the race is over. Even if she wins by two percent each time. Sanders has no credible case for taking superdelegates if he loses those two to go with the other major states Hillary won in primaries. Also, this would give Hillary at least 185 delegates, plus the at least 45 she will get tonight. That puts her at about 1950, and then she will win Maryland, probably Delaware, New Mexico. She should have at least 2100 by the time she gets to California, where even if Sanders wins, as he well might, she will get at least 190 delegates, putting her within 100 of the number she needs; and she also has New Jersey and Puerto Rico around that time And there are still about 300 superdelegates undecided. Why would Sanders get any of them at that point?

    Now, if Sanders wins New York, the narrative could change, though the delegates there will still be split. So that primary coming up will be crucial. I hope everyone out there becomes aware of the Sanders editorial board interview, and that should at least solidify the adult vote for Hillary. The Sanders supporters wouldn’t abandon him if he admitted that he was just making all of this up to get votes and acclaim. They have too much invested emotionally in this little morality play they have created.

  90. Rebel I totally agree. We can win without them. The women will come around because SCOTUS. If not, well they might just get to enjoy the SCOTUS From Hell for the rest of their miserable lives. The white frat boys? They’ll be too busy playing beer pond and doing armpit farts to remember to vote.

  91. Right here, sweet ((((((((((BELLE))))))))))) !!!!

  92. Amazing how Sanders hyenas keep pushing the goalposts back, first they would win by march, then April and then they would win by New York and then by California and now its we’ll win at the convention………Sanders yes men basically just this to keep running so they can keep ripping the money off, thats what this is all about, making money not about winning jackshit.

  93. I bet the FBI is knocking on that malicious piece of shite’s door as we speak. He broke the law.

  94. Rebel who is covering his wincingly awful interview?

  95. I’ll tell you now, there is no way on gods green earth that Sanders will ever win New York or California, if Obama couldn’t beat her there in 2008, that dick won’t get close.

  96. Up, I have to get back to work, but I saw it on a couple of sites this morning. Hillary HQ has links on its twitter feed. Jennifer Granholm has a link to an excellent Jonathan Capehart piece in WaPo.

  97. Looks like DNC has had enough……

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz on CNN –

    Democratic candidate will have majority before the convention. No fight in Philly.


    DNC just basically said Fuck off Sanders in direct response to convention threats, looks like DNC is having none of it.

  98. Saw on the news this one guy is anti Trump he is voting for Sanders. I hate these open primaries.

  99. How can I get information to Hillary?

  100. Yes that is basically what I heard DWS say. They can barnstorm outside and do their OWS carnival act all they want. I’m sure there will be plenty of cops waiting to test their clubs on anybody who tries to threaten or harm anyone. These twits have some romantic idea it’s the 60s again. Problem is, bernie didn’t tell them that sometimes your head can get cracked if you go too far.

  101. K thanks Rebel. Have a good day at work.

  102. Brassy Rebel, on April 5, 2016 at 2:45 PM

    Amen to that! I am losing sleep over this election.

  103. Saw on the news this one guy is anti Trump he is voting for Sanders. I hate these open primaries.


    Does he not understand the concept that they are running in 2 different primaries hence voting for dipshit will not stop Trump…..intelligence like that doesn’t deserve a vote.

  104. moon, that dipshit is a Republican who wants the Democrats to run Bernie. The Stop Trump thing is a smokescreen.

  105. I do think this primary race is over. If Clinton loses all of the races from here to the end she will still have more pledged delegates. The one thing we know is that outside of caucus’s and Vermont he can’t get the over 56% of the vote he needs to surpass her pledged delegates. His crew has been so negative and nasty that I don’t see anyone pushing her aside to gift him the nomination.

    The time is quickly approaching for the Bernie Campaign including followers to be placed in time out until after the convention. You can’t bully your way into the nomination. We will not move over to make way for yet another man. We are not afraid of you, your threats and your lies. Our voices matter and we will continue to fight and vote to make Hillary Clinton the Democratic Nominee. At the convention we will be rejoicing. Hillary Clinton’s victory is our victory.

    I got an expensive bottle of champagne to open on that night and another on election night in November 2016!

  106. There may be trouble ahead for St Bernie…..

    Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy and Gov. Dannel Malloy attacked Bernie Sanders on Tuesday for stating that shooting victims should not be able to sue gun manufacturers, an issue that has dogged the Vermont senator throughout his presidential run.

    “I don’t know why our party would nominate someone that’s squishy on the issue of guns, this is a very personal issue for those of us that represent Sandy Hook,” Murphy, who is a supporter of Hillary Clinton, said in an interview with POLITICO. “The idea that Sandy Hook families should be completely barred from court is really backwards and unfair.”

  107. Polls close: 9 p.m. Eastern time

  108. Upps, love all your righteous rants upthread. Helps to take my mind off the sadness of chatblu’s passing.

    I have always agreed with you that industries that are life essentials, like medical, and utilities should be non-profit. It doesn’t mean that the employees can’t be paid good salaries. The heads of most charities make more than the president actually. I do think some of these college loans should be reworked (laker is always getting junk mail trying to get him to take out a college loan), but also do not want to pay more taxes for every single person to get a free college education. That is not a necessity. And Bernie’s idea to “make Wall St pay for it” is ridiculous.

  109. Early Exit poll shows hope for Clinton….

    Wisconsin Dem exit

    Who is best to beat Trump in November? Clinton 55% Sanders 42%

    Realistic policies? Clinton 77% Sanders 64%

    Who inspires hope for future? Sanders 56% Clinton 41%

    Best Commander and Chief Clinton 52% Sanders 48%


    So they like Sanders but they think Clinton is more realistic and experienced.

  110. The 48% who said that Sanders would make a better CIC have not read the interview he gave to the New York Daily News editorial board.

  111. That’s it. The Federal Election Commission is just begging for a Sanders suit:

  112. I don’t expect Clinton to win tonight but it won’t be the blow out Bernie needs to be able to justify staying in the race. That’s why he’s been pushing momentum and not delegates. His whole fairy tale where the super ds take the nomination away from Clinton is based on “momentum”. Unfortunately for him unless he starts getting blow outs in some delegate rich states there really is no momentum. The Democratic Party will not take the nomination earned by a woman and gift it to another old white guy. The optics look terrible.

    Don’t bother to go to CNN the only good statement I heard was that Clinton is the only person running that looks presidential. They still talk about Bernies fairy tale ending as if it could happen and he could surpass her pledged delegate lead.

  113. Earlynerd, if he can’t properly file a report with the federal elections commission how can any one trust him to hold Wall Street and big banks accountable?

    Good read thanks for the link

  114. He’s got Wyoming Saturday.

    It’s just so scheevy the way he is actually exploiting the White State wins

  115. You know you are on shaky ground when even DailyKos calls you out:

  116. Should be good material for Hillary to use against the Sandcrab:
    Bernie Sanders’ interview with the New York Daily News ahead of the state’s primary later this month didn’t go as planned.

    The Vermont senator’s April 1 sit down with the paper’s editorial board, a transcript of which was published Monday, showed him having difficulty clearly answering some questions about both foreign and domestic policy, including the implementation of his much-touted plan to reform Wall Street.
    Several times during the interview, Sanders expressed uncertainty over facts, said he couldn’t give a proper answer to a question because he didn’t have all the relevant information, or simply stated, “I don’t know.”
    In one exchange, Sanders acknowledged that he wasn’t sure exactly how he intended to break up the big banks, a proposal that has been a centerpiece of his Wall Street reform agenda.
    For some political observers, the senator’s difficulty in providing direct answers to some questions reinforced their belief that he lacks a concrete plan to implement his domestic agenda and is ill-prepared to handle the global challenges he would face as president.
    “If Hillary [Clinton] gave answers like this to [an editorial] board, she would be crucified,” tweeted Mark Halperin, the Bloomberg television host and co-author of “Game Change.”

  117. Flvoter, ThePeoplesView is great reading, isn’t it? I guess Sanders just assumes transparency (and knowledge and competence and …) are for other people.

    I do feel like a complete dope – after Paulette posted a link to their righteous, detailed rant on St. Bernie’s “purity”, I went and posted the same link!

    D’oh – back to lurking for me.

  118. This seemed like a good day to send Hillary some more money, so I mailed it off in advance of the primary tonight. It always makes me feel better to do so; it is empowering in that way. Besides, I got a letter from Bill Clinton asking nicely! Of course I realize that he didn’t write it, but it’s rather charming that sometimes I get letters ostensibly from her, and then a few times from him. I am just waiting anxiously for the convention, and the incredible speech he will make for her at some point in the proceedings.

  119. You got spammed again Shadow. Are you using more than one computer/IP address?

  120. Nerd if you dare to go into lurk, you apparently don’t know what happens here. We come and get you with a hook.

  121. His interview was wincingly awful and showed just how not so bright he really is. He has one issue and doesn’t know five minutes about even that. Hasn’t got a clue.

  122. WI too close to call.

  123. Can’t have the Bionic Woman coming after me on the InterTubes! I commit to commenting when the fit hits.

  124. Upps – Are you using more than one computer/IP address?

    Yes, one at home and one at (cough, cough…) work.

  125. Hokay Shadow, that would explain at least some of your spam punishment. You see, WP records each member’s name and IP address. If that member tries to post with someone else’s IP address, spam treats it like an imposter trying to post as the member and so, it tosses the comment into Moderation for Perfect Me To decide upon.

  126. Can’t have the Bionic Woman coming after me on the InterTubes! I commit to commenting when the fit hits.

    Wise of you. Others before you took the chance.

  127. Earlynerd, if he can’t properly file a report with the federal elections commission how can any one trust him to hold Wall Street and big banks accountable?

    He can’t even find his own tax returns for which he IS accountable.

  128. Well, another one for the BurnBum!

  129. Cruz has won Wisconsin

  130. Cruz declared the winner….

  131. Sorry neetabug….didn’t see your post

  132. Upps…am I allowed to post at two different sites?

  133. You mean different wordpress blogs? Of course. You can post on as many as you like, your login carries over to all WP blogs. If you are permanently logged in it’s very convenient.

  134. How did they call for Cruz at this point Unless there are so few republicans the count is over. It IS Wisconsin, mostly D

  135. Hill within 4 pts now.

  136. Why did Sarandon and Robbins break up?

    So they could make two more people miserable.

  137. Bernie wins Wisconsin

  138. $hitsticks, Bernie gets the effin’ win

  139. Neetabug, I owe ya a coke. 😉

  140. Upps, sorry, I meant, can I post at home and work, using two different computers?

  141. Perhaps a dumb question— is there a safe link to use PayPal to send SOS Clinton money? The last two I tried behaved like scam sites (wanting way too much info). I scrubbed my cookies after visiting them. (No, that’s not obscene.)

  142. I hope Hillary gets more or at least equal amount of delegates tonight.

  143. It’s ok Shadow, I am soOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad.

  144. churl

    I use Hillary’s site to donate. I don’t remember if I could go though paypal or had to use my debit/credit card…but it’s been safe. I check my account to make sure.

  145. Cruz sounds like that guy Ernest Ensly. Not sure if I spelled his name right. The guy that says Heal, Heal

  146. He’s a typical sly evangelical. Never met one i would trust with my wallet.

  147. If Hillary can keep the margin no worse than 54-46, not too bad, given the demographics in Wisconsin. She wasn’t even there yesterday, instead in NY. That has to be Sanders’ best primary state demographically besides New Hampshire. At 54-46, he might gain ten delegates at most. And it is not a “big, big victory for Sanders,” as Wolf Blitzer said. It is just crucial for us to win New York. If the margin here stays no worse than it is now, I think this is a positive sign going forward.

  148. neetabug

    Wisconsin is another Rethug/white only state…as long as Hillary doesn’t lose too many delegates, it won’t be too bad.

  149. Oh sorry I misunderstood Shadow. You can but you will most likely land in moderation here. Once I fish you out with one of your IPs, WP recognizes it as yours. Then when you switch, you land in Mod again. Rinse, repeat. It’s because this is a moderated blog, designed to keep imposters and Bernouts away.

  150. Cruz needs to shut up…his preaching makes me sick.

  151. Churl, I have used Paypal quite a bit. Usually I use it directly from the site I am purchasing from. I have never had a problem.

    You can also use paypal directly at the paypal site. I regard paypal as reasonably safe.

  152. I expected bernie to win. It’s White country.

  153. Why did Sarandon and Robbins break up?

    So they could make two more people miserable.


  154. Cruz will never become President…I would be my life on it.

  155. Oh for Ef sake, look at Cruz and his wife slobbering all over each other thinking of how many millions they will score if he became Pressy.

    I have him muted though.

  156. Upps

    Rinse, repeat. Okay, I guess it’s the price I have to pay to play.

  157. Cruz will never become President…I would be my life on it.

    You’re safe.

  158. I had to turn off CNN…

    I’ll just watch the numbers:

  159. I donate at Hillary’s website and I never have had problem. It seems to be very safe and secure.

  160. This does nothing for Bernie tonight, a few delegates, didn’t win Democrats in the last OPEN primary and relied on those indies to win or he’d have lost……

    The vote total in WI is way down on what it was in 2008……the bots are shouting on Twitter as if they’d won the Nom, they don’t seem to grasp what a closed Primary means for Sanders……….and they are all a comin………..They also fail to grasp this is his last big favourable state bar Oregon…..

    as Warner Bros put it….Thats all folks.

  161. Sanders needs at least 57% to be on track to win nomination…you get that 57% to just stay on track and this is one of his best last staes and he’s barely scraping 54% at present………he needed at least 65% here tonight, getting nowhere near it and did not get it, this is a big disappointment for him.

  162. Wisconsin just proves what we said all along, had these “caucuses” been actual primaries, Sanders would have been dead in the water a long time ago because he would not have won them by the 70% to 80% he was getting in them, would have been more like this is, in Wisconsin.

  163. I don’t even think 57% would put him on track for the nomination. He has to make up a lot of lost delegates being so far behind. My understanding is that he needs like 2/3 of every state left to get the nomination. It’s pretty much over for him because like you say moon he’s got nothing favorable except Oregon and the last numbers I saw for him there he was winning only by something like 5 points.

  164. Tonight WI results are so far better than I thought since it was an open primary and also, that is a gun-owner state. We just need to get past the WY caucus and then it is off to the races for Hillary delegate-wise. Stay POSITIVE!

    Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  165. Hillary is only 9 delegates behind Sandcrab…but the percentage is 13% difference.

  166. Shadow, that number includes the superdelegates.

  167. Ga6thDem, you’re right. Here is Nate Silver’s take on the math:
    “It’s Really Hard To Get Bernie Sanders 988 More Delegates” from March 30 but check out the immense wins he’d have to pull off in multiple states — with primaries — to get there.

  168. NW, that is why I am actually upbeat about tonight’s results. I was hopein she could keep it at 60-40 and she is beating that. So, it’s a good night delegate-wise.

  169. aughhhh, “hoping”.

  170. Given Bernie’s aggressively ignorant performance at the NY Daily News, I’m beginning to believe the rumors that when Bernie breaks wind you think you are in a particularly fragrant Ginkgo Biloba orchard. How can you be in Congress for 20 years and not know or forget everything about the Middle East? You would have to invent ways to not know something intelligent to say.

    In any event, on Friday, January 20th, 2017, we won’t even care where Wescottsin is, we will be too busy celebrating, “Madam President in dah White House.”

  171. Haha Bernie only got a +10 delegates out of WI, not gonna help him…

  172. Rinse, repeat. Okay, I guess it’s the price I have to pay to play.

    You’ll always get fished out.

  173. CNN went after Bernie this AM on his NY Daily News “Disaster”. Questioning his ability to do what he says, shocked at his lack of Isis knowledge. Complete lack of understanding blah blah


    I assume you use the convient dashboard for viewing comments. At the top of the page you will see categories ALL, PENDING, APPROVED, SPAM, TRASH.

    If there is a number shown in the PENDING category, it means somebody is in Moderation with a comment. It’s probably Shadowfax because she comments from two different IP address. You can see who it is by clicking on the PENDING link, then at the bottom of the comment, you can click on APPROVE and her comment will show up on the board.

    Also, when you are here you might see a RED NUMBER over the number of comments on the post so far. That’s a tipoff there is someone in Moderation. If you see that RED NUMBER, please take a look.

    Poor Shadow is getting beaten up by wordpress. Now we don’t have to personally slap her around!

  175. Churl,

    Use Hillary’s website directly. It’s safe, secure, and easy.

    NOW is a good time to make a donation. A really good time.

  176. #TheChalkening

    What happens when a bunch of kids don’t “feel safe” when other people have opinions of their own.

  177. Anyone know Hill’s Wi percent Dems only? I know Bernie got all the anarchist votes. Republicans too. When you can unite GOP and anarchists, you have accomplished something after all! That’s the only accomplishment he has, to my knowledge.

    Sophie, thanks for explaining Sarandon-Robbins breakup. I found it so puzzling. On the other hand, they were together long enough to reproduce. A truly scary thought!

  178. I hear Bernie got fifty% of the women votes. What is up with these women. Women are our own worse enemy. She won the AA votes.


  180. Upps, I can’t believe the morons at CNN and the rest of the press until now to realize that he has no clue as to how to implement what he wants to do.

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