Be Careful What You Ask For, Bernie. Because Now You’ve Got It.

Bernie has complained constantly that the Press doesn’t give him enough attention.

Well now, he’s gotten his wish. We can start with this.


Why that headline? This is why:

Daily News: There’s a case currently waiting to be ruled on in Connecticut. The victims of the Sandy Hook massacre are looking to have the right to sue for damages the manufacturers of the weapons. Do you think that that is something that should be expanded?

Sanders: Do I think the victims of a crime with a gun should be able to sue the manufacturer, is that your question?

Daily News: Correct.

Sanders: No, I don’t.

And of course, Bernie’s Frat Boys are now trolling Sandy Hook victims’ parents. That’s in keeping with their threats to and doxxing of Super Delegates. Yes that is right, a Bernie Supporter with the symbol for ‘Anarchist’ in his screen name published the names and addresses or Super Delegates so that their fear of endangerment would make them run and switch their support to an anarchist’s enabler. Haven’t seen anything that tasteless since the Republicans did it. Bernie’s followers: Their parents probably finally realize that they’ve raised Barn Animals. And when it comes to Super Delegates, Bernie’s Bros have definitely not taken courses on How To Win Friends and Influence People.

cliffnotes-truthMoving right along, Bernie had an interview with the New York Daily News Editorial Board recently.  Unfortunately, he didn’t read his Cliff Notes first.

CNN This morning called the interview “A Disaster”. I thought they were being kind.

Take a look at the transcript of this wincingly awful interview. You do not have to be a Rhodes Scholar to notice that this guy doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. You would think that a single-issue candidate would at least have a clue as to how he plans to “Break Up The Banks” beyond that two-minute stump speech he has played in an endless loop for months. But Nope.

As has been his pattern all of his life, FeltTheBernBernie Sanders is a malingerer who never gets past complaining about how life isn’t fair to an underachieving slug such as himself. Lucky for him he finally got a government job at age 40 so he could hang a portrait the Founder of the American Socialist Party, Eugene V. Debs in his office and not show up too often. But of course, having a portrait of Debs in his office for a couple of decades doesn’t mean Bernie is a Socialist any longer. No No No! Now he’s a “Democratic Socialist,” also known as an oxymoron.

Well, why don’t we take a look at some of Bernie’s interview Answers? Okay, we’ll do that, including some observations from Washington Post’s analysis of the most ignorantly shocking  clueless dumb-assed interview Evah.  As a testimony to how awful and simple Bernie’s brain really is, the WaPo parsing is entitled, “9 Things Bernie Sanders Should Have Known About But Didn’t In That Daily News Interview” .

Some fun excerpts:

The more I read the transcript, the more it became clear that the candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination doesn’t know much beyond his standard stump speech about breaking up the banks and how he had the good judgment to vote against the Iraq War in 2002.

Nine moments in the Sanders conversation left me agape. From his own plans for breaking up too-big-to-fail banks to how he would handle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to dealing with the Islamic State, the man giving homegirl Hillary Clinton a run for her money seemed surprisingly out of his depth. The bold in the text is mine for emphasis.

Surprisingly(?????) out of his depth. Nice that somebody noticed.

When asked exactly How he intended to “Break Up The Banks,” Bernie had this clueless shit to say:

Sanders: How you go about doing it is having legislation passed, or giving the authority to the secretary of treasury to determine, under Dodd-Frank, that these banks are a danger to the economy over the problem of too-big-to-fail.

Daily News: But do you think that the Fed, now, has that authority?

Sanders: Well, I don’t know if the Fed has it. But I think the administration can have it.

Daily News: How? How does a President turn to JPMorgan Chase, or have the Treasury turn to any of those banks and say, “Now you must do X, Y and Z?”

Sanders: Well, you do have authority under the Dodd-Frank legislation to do that, make that determination.

Daily News: You do, just by Federal Reserve fiat, you do?

Sanders: Yeah. Well, I believe you do.

Uppity Translation: You have that power only in your Communist-Loving world, Bernie.

At this point, the Editorial Board was probably intrigued to say the least and frightened for America at most, so they prodded on:

Daily News: Well, it does depend on how you do it, I believe. And, I’m a little bit confused because just a few minutes ago you said the U.S. President would have authority to order…

Sanders: No, I did not say we would order. I did not say that we would order. The President is not a dictator.

Daily News: Okay. You would then leave it to JPMorgan Chase or the others to figure out how to break it, themselves up. I’m not quite…

Sanders: You would determine is that, if a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist. And then you have the secretary of treasury and some people who know a lot about this, making that determination. If the determination is that Goldman Sachs or JPMorgan Chase is too big to fail, yes, they will be broken up.

Daily News: Okay. You saw, I guess, what happened with Metropolitan Life. There was an attempt to bring them under the financial regulatory scheme, and the court said no. And what does that presage for your program?

Sanders: It’s something I have not studied, honestly, the legal implications of that.

Uppity Translation: *I don’t know how to do this. don’t confuse me with facts just because our forefathers had the good sense to give us three branches of government in order to keep a nut like me from “Transforming” a Democratic Republic into a Communist country the way my hero Fidel Castro “Transformed Cuba”.

It gets worse, folks. For the best break down of this horrid man’s broke-down mind, I urge you to read the Washington Post’s analysis of just how clueless Bernie Sanders is, not only about his “signature issue,” but regarding pretty much every other critical issue our country is facing, including gun control and foreign affairs.

*Additional Note: As I am writing this, CNN has Hillary Clinton on-air, doing all she can do not to fall on the floor laughing at how clueless Bernie is. And Larry Sabato is declaring that Bernie is experiencing what he hasn’t experienced so far in his campaign. “It’s called Vetting”.

New York. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Wink…….Wink.

Hillary made it there. Bernie ran from there to be with White People.


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  1. Upps, like I said in the last thread I can’t believe it has taken the press morons in this country 11 months to finally figure out all this about Bernie. I’m willing to be most voters figured this out months ago.

  2. I am gobsmacked.

  3. NY debate should be very interesting in light of Bernie’s clueless interview. Looking for Hillary to be the smiling assassin. All of us Af-Am backers of Hillary feel more vindicated every day. We’re the dumb, uneducated sheep to be supporting Hillary when Bernie’s default answers are “I don’t know. I haven’t thought about that.” I don’t think so!

  4. Poor Bernie! He didn’t have much time to savor his big, “unexpected” win among the white anarchists in Wisconsin.

  5. If you want to read a truly outstanding and lighter side tribute to Hillary please check out.

  6. Hey Paulette. You got a blog started. Gonna write?

  7. Paulette, I ask because if you are chomping to say something on a blog, I can arrange for you to say it here.

  8. I am not surprised by this latest socialist wanna be despot. I read the transcripts yesterday. Honestly, I expected Clinton to do better in Wisconsin because of those transcripts, since they are devastating. Damn, there are no words. What has he been doing for the past 30 years in government? Has he been asleep?

    I am an immigrant Hispanic woman. I have lived in this Country for about 50 years. I have been married to a wonderful “white guy” for over twenty years. I am asking with all sincerity after seeing how Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc.. voted… I gotta say WTF is wrong with these white people that keep voting for him?

  9. Blue nation’s piece posted by Paulette is a Must Read.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She is flawed, and I like her anyway.

    I like her because she’s a person who engenders loyalty like I’ve never observed elsewhere from people who work with her. I will never forget Jon Favreau’s essay in which he writes about how different she is “than the caricature [he] had helped perpetuate” and describes her as “uncommonly warm and thoughtful. She surprises with birthday cakes. She calls when a grandparent passes away. She once rearranged her entire campaign schedule so a staffer could attend her daughter’s preschool graduation. Her husband charms by talking to you; Hillary does it by listening to you.”

  10. Uppity Woman, on April 6, 2016 at 7:28 AM said:

    Thanks so much!

  11. FLVoter, “White People” such as myself have NEVER been through what you and your family endured. And we likely never WILL. We Don’t Get It because we never felt it. For us, it’s an evolution, and plenty of us never do evolve because, in order to evolve, you have to assimilate, you have to spend time with those who have Been There. I don’t mean perfunctory polite times. I mean, we have to actually live near and around them, be near them, watch them, let them watch us. We have to eat their Effing fantastic food in their homes, because once we do that, we cannot HELP but come back. Yeah! We Italians know about this. We Know that food is the quintessential Friendship Maker. We’ve been doing it for hundreds of years. And so have you, only the rest of us didn’t know it if we never got to know you.

    I had two epiphanies about “Others” in my life. One was the result of a family owned winter home in South Florida. From there, through decades, I watched an evolution of Cubans fleeing Castro. In no time, there were many, or at least enough Cubans to get to know them in time without even trying. I saw hard working productive people, sad to leave their homeland – but desperate to leave at the same time. I saw warm and generous people (who made great food too!). Over time, I was assimilated without even trying. I hate Castro because I heard all about it. He’s a demon who should be sucked down bodily into hell without even dying first. And I damned well don’t want a President who thinks Fidel Castro is his idea of a hero. I was horrified when I saw that article about him saying Fidel “Transformed” Cuba. Worse yet, he’s on VIDEO saying it. This convoluted communist bastard should even be in Congress, much less run for President. And he gets elected every time. You know why? Because he made sure he lived in one of the top 3 Whitest States so he would never haven to even walk by a Latino or an AA, or anybody else who isn’t Just Like He Is.

    What’s wrong with us white people is we just Haven’t Been There.

  12. The question of course becomes whether people care about the fact that Sanders doesn’t have any idea how to implement any of his proposals; and that his worldview is ignorant and flawed. It is possible that they do not. Trump is still the leader on the Republican side, and he has the insiights of a drunk person sitting at a bar. Cruz knows nothing, either. Between them, they get about 90% of the votes in Republican primaries. So do the voters in the Democratic primaries have the insight and perceptiveness to differentiate between someone with clear and cogent ideas, even if one might disagree with any one or two of them at a given point, and someone with simplistic and demagogic proposals and opinions?

    I would hope that we would see regular voters, some of them, say something about having read this transcript and now having decided that they cannot support Sanders, because it would be very risky to have him in office. But there are a lot of people out there who can’t be bothered with such things. They buy advertised products based on simplistic slogans. They flock to comic book movies. If the populace were knowledgeable, Sanders would never have even gotten to where he is. 52% or so of exit poll voters in Wisconsin apparently said that Sanders would make a better commander in chief than Hillary. That absolutely stuns the mind. So it is an open question as to whether the American people understand the issues, and can idenfity competence and knowledgeability and depth when it is right in front of them, as opposed to shiny worthless trinkets and carnival barker spiels.

  13. Upps. What a gracious offer. Thank you much. I’m a longtime political/social issues junkie and spend a lot of time bending the ears of family and friends (sometime even strangers who hear me when I get too loud and passionate in South Florida restaurants!). I’ve monitored many political sites through the years but this is the first one on which I’ve been inspired to post comments. I think it’s because I’m truly an uppity woman. I’m going to be seriously depressed if we don’t elect this wonderful woman, but I’ve a feeling that we’re going to get it done this time. I’m content to post here as I’ve done these past few weeks. And again, thanks for emphasis on everyone reading the Blue Nation tribute; I wish every voter would do so.

  14. Last night, CNN advertised that Hillary would be on at 8:15. I actually got up to see this. I thought it was to be an interview, but apparently they were going to show a speech she is making in Philadelphia. They then said she would speak soon. To fill the time, they had an interview with Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager. Then they talked about how incredible the Wisconsin win was. Then they had Tad Devine on for about twenty minutes. Then they finally showed Hillary getting up to speak, and then after about two minutes, they said, “Secretary Clinton is making her introductions,, and we will get back to her speech after this break.” And then they came back and showed more about Sanders and Trump, and never came back to the speech at all. MSNBC showed about thirty seconds of it, went to commercial, and did not come back to it. Well, I should have known better. Maybe if she had yelled at Sanders, or promised to turn banks into fast food restaurants, they would have kept it on.

  15. States like my own, Minnesota, along with Washington, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire are not only very white but quite affluent as well. It’s ironic that a socialist does well in affluent, white states where people have the luxury of voting for an ideology sans actual plans to help people. In the south, where more whites feel vulnerable, politically, if not economically, because those states are so red Hillary did well with whites as well as AA’s and Latinos.

    There’s a great line from “The Philadelphia Story”: We’re just the privileged class enjoying its privileges.

  16. Thanks Paulette. Glad you are comfortable here. SHould you reconsider a post, just tell me. Really, we could use your thoughts. I won’t press you on this. Much. lol.

  17. Upps….BRAVA!
    Exposing the Sandinist Dummocrat BullSeet.

  18. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Bernie was definitive yesterday and left no doubt he’s a certifiable fool.

    Great post Ms. Uppity!

  19. Good news…..

    Sanders’s delegate fractions in WI’s CDs 6, 7, 8 are 3.45, 3.46, 3.45. So close to rounding up to 4-2 in each; instead all round down to 3-3

    Bernie got nothing out of those 3 districts instead of +6, its +0

  20. This is why Sanders will never get the nomination…..

    Bernie Sanders might be running for the Democratic nomination, but his campaign isn’t exactly working in tandem with the party.

    In the negotiations leading up to the April 14 CNN/NY1 debate in Brooklyn, the Sanders campaign initially requested that neither the New York State Democratic Committee, nor the Democratic National Committee be involved in any aspect of the debate, a source with knowledge of the discussions told POLITICO.

    Ultimately, the issue was resolved, and the DNC will have the same level of involvement as in previous debates, though the state party will not participate in the debate.

    Before the CNN debate came together on Monday, the Sanders campaign had actually committed to participating in a debate on ABC’s “Good Morning America”, with designs on the morning television show’s large audience. But a few hours after the Clinton campaign informed the network on Friday that she would participate, Sanders pulled out, said two sources, including one network source.

  21. Paulette –

    “I like her because she’s a person who engenders loyalty…”

    I can definitely attest to that!
    I have supported Hillary since she was First Lady, hoping she would run for President ASAP.

    I have lost friends and bounced out of several long-term blogs because of my loyalty to her.

    I should be one of her delegates, should have been in 2008 and I would not have shut up and sat down, I would have raised Holy Hell and would have never let go of my vote for her.

  22. William, on April 6, 2016 at 12:06 PM said:
    Last night, CNN….

    I have seen the same glory given to Trump and Sanders for weeks on CNN. Poor Cooper can hardly contain his excitement…if you know what I mean.

    Always cutting off Hillary, everything, and eithermale is more interesting to THEM!

  23. OMG have you ever seen this video where Christian audience boos Cruz off the stage because they hate Jews? Jebus, religion is destroying the world. Wouldn’t it be nice if religious people actually used their savior as an example for themselves? Cruz (the quintessential hypocrite) had to be rescued!

  24. Thanks Prolix! I always get excited when you compliment my stuff!

  25. Yeah Belle, he and Hillary are exact opposites. She’s a horse’s head. And he’s a horse’s ass.

  26. New York looks set to deliver both presidential front-runners big primary victories on April 19, with Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump sporting double-digit leads in their home state in a new poll.

    Clinton leads Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders 54% to 42% in the Empire State, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday.

    On the Republican side, Trump is in first place with 56% support, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz trails with 20% and Ohio Gov. John Kasich with 19%.

    The Quinnipiac poll also found that the New York remains solidly blue, as both Democratic candidates would soundly defeat the Trump in a general election match-up.

  27. I want Trump to be the candidate. First of all, he can’t help his mouth. He’s practically Tourette’s. It would be great to have a candidate who ruins it for himself because you don’t have to get any on you, he does it for you. Secondly, he will NEVER gain the trust of all those women he lost, ditto for minorities and people of color, ditto for pro choice people. It’s endless.

    Cruz, on the other hand, is seriously sneaky and slimy. Just the thought of him getting that close to a presidency is frightening. Just a video of that Kenneth Coleman saying he’s Chosen By God with Cruz’ old man in tow is enough to send people running like their hair is on fire, but just listening to him until November would be vomit-inducing and I want to at least have some fun. Besides, NY will stick it in his nose for his “NY Values” remark. Indeed, the entire North East will stick it to him. The only good thing about Cruz is the media won’t even be able to pretend he’s worth spit.

    Give me Trump as Hillary’s opponent any day. He’ll attack to offend, unfortunately none of it will be anything Hillary hasn’t had thrown at her, but voters will be pissed eventually. He’s going to be forced to talk substance for a change too. And so many Republicans will be horrified by him beyond his niche.

    I say Bring Him On!

  28. @moon, that really shows Sanders as a conniving untrustworthy candidate who simply takes advantage of the Dem party when he wants to, and shuts it out when he doesn’t want to play by the rules.

    He keeps driving the SuperDs farther away. Bwhahaha!

  29. Hey Sophie, I’d say Bernie will be trounced in CT what with his gun attitude and Sandy Hook. amirite?

  30. California primary poll –


    RCP Average (Date: 3/6 – 4/3) – 49.3 Hillary 38.7 Sanders

    Clinton +10.6

    With 475 delegates and 71 Superdelegates up for grabs

    (RealClearPolitics website)


    Then this to go along with it:

    California elections officials warn of ‘surge’ for June 7 primary

    More than 600,000 Californians have registered to vote online or updated their registration in just the last three months, and county election agencies may be overwhelmed by the volume of people who show up, Secretary of State Alex Padilla warned Gov. Jerry Brown.
    Voter registration application cards are in high demand statewide, he wrote in a letter Monday to the governor. Padilla also wrote that “one campaign” alone recently requested 200,000 registration forms to sign up voters, although he did not specify which candidate’s campaign made it.

    “Our data suggests a surge in voter participation in both the presidential primary election in June and the general election in November,” Padilla wrote in the letter.

    Padilla requested a meeting with Brown to discuss the resources and time counties will need to ensure the elections go smoothly. Specifically, the secretary of state is asking the governor and Legislature for an extra $32 million to help county elections officials and his agency handle the increased workload.

    “High interest in the 2016 election cycle, a significant rise in the use of online voter registration, growing demand for registration cards, and increased voter turnout in neighboring states suggests that California could see a major surge in voter turnout,” Padilla said in a statement released Tuesday.

    Padilla said he expected county election agencies to be hit with increased costs, including the need to print more ballots, and will need additional staffing.

    “The fact that California’s primary has such a high profile in the national presidential contest …. means that we need to ramp up,” said Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean Logan.

    Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley said he’s seen a major “spike” in people registering to vote in the last few months and expects to see high turnout in both the June and November elections.

    Counties will have to hire and train temporary workers and volunteers to keep up and make sure that polling sites do not wind up with long lines on election day. “It’s going to be a tough climb, I’m not going to lie to you,” Kelley said. “I think there will be some counties who I think will be short of resources.”

  31. William, there are going to be a certain amount of voters that do not care that a candidate is ignorant. As far as Trump, he’s not even getting 50% in GOP primaries so far. And Bernie is losing the D primary. So while there are people who are not going to care about ignorance there are not enough of them.

  32. Moon, he got zero net gain?

  33. Shadow I would bet it’s Sanders’ people who requested the 200k forms,,, eternally optimistic. And I’m sure they strongarm people to register.

  34. I was concerned that registering to vote online in CA could possibly be monkeyed around with, but since I moved, I decided to register again. I am happy to report that I had to give a lot of personal information, SS#, driver’s license or ID number, agree they could pull my ID and signature of my DL through the DMV and if I didn’t want to declare my party affiliation, I would not be able to vote for certain people in the election. I went from Democrat to Democrat. It seems very efficient.

    They also stated that CA does not allow online voting.

    I also signed up to work in the primary and general elections at a polling site.

    Ready to fight for Hillary!

  35. Uppity……in those 3 cong districts delegate awards yes……almost split 12 – 6 for sanders but ended up 9 – 9 instead…….he gained zero from those 3 district award …..made me smile……

    i believe he only gained 10 0verall out of Wisconsin

  36. Hey, this time the crazy rules are working in Hillary’s favor! What goes around comes around, I guess.

  37. I encourage any of you that haven’t voted yet, to work at a polling site. Not only is this a historic election for Hillary/women, but it is satisfying to know that no shenanigans will be going on at your site. Yes, it’s long hours…but worth it. The pay is peanuts. I am having to take vacation days off at work, but Hillary deserves it.

    Last time Hillary ran, I worked at the polling sites too. The highlight of the day ended up being was one little 85-year-old woman that wanted to vote, she was in a wheelchair, and had waited for a long time for her daughter to come to the site, (a rest home) to help her vote.

    Legally, I wasn’t able to help her actually vote, but I went to the folks that worked at that place and demanded that they call her daughter to come and help her mom vote.

    Her daughter, a very wealthy woman, was more concerned about her hair appointment then helping her mom vote that day. Shorly after the phone call, the daughter showed up and was ticked off at me for demanding she come down…I told her, “It’s your duty as a daughter to help you mom cast her vote, she even has a piece of paper with all her choices written down, so it won’t take too much of your time”. She knew I was fighting for her mom, so she buckled down and helped her.

    The most rewarding moment of the day was when the abandoned older woman reached her hand out to me, squeezed it, and thanked me for helping her vote for……………Hillary! (I didn’t know how she was voting until that moment.)

    I gave her a big thumbs up and a hug. She went away with a big smile.

  38. UW, Thanks for the response because I just can’t figure out states like Wisconsin. But I guess if you are the type of minority that those types of white people flee from, you can see how I never really deal with that type of person. Most whites that I know are like my husband. Now that I am thinks about it, my friends and family are really varied, black, asian, hispanic, jewish and yes, some white. But for me they are just my friends and family. Race, ethnicity, religion or political affiliation are not relevant. Nor when I see any of them i don’t think here’s my asian friend, my black friend, etc…

    The neighborhoods we lived in growing up were all mixed as well as the schools that I attended. These Bernie Sanders “white” voters are just a type of animal that I don’t really associate with so its difficult for me to understand.

    I don’t mean to degrade white people in any way, but the entire idea of running away to a “white” state because you can’t handle people that are different than you are is just bull Sh!t and against the very fabric of what the USA is supposed to be.

    Here’s hoping that these white Bernie voters learn that we minorities are here to stay and they can’t hideaway in insulated communities forever. Time to get out and meet your neighbors. I know that probably one of the best things that ever happened to me was marrying someone from a different ethnicity. Those differences have really enriched my life. I can say at this point that I am happily a Southern Hispanic. LOL!

  39. See Hillary give Bernie what he deserves

    Also looking for a clip where she says she’s not even sure he’s a democrat. If you find it, post it!

  40. These Bernie Sanders “white” voters are just a type of animal that I don’t really associate with so its difficult for me to understand.

    Trust me, you aren’t the only one.

  41. It actually makes me kind of nervous that there’s this huge surge in voter registration in California. I think I’m still stinging from 2008. I desperately want to believe that the right candidate will come out on top this time, that I won’t be cheated out of my vote again. But Bernie and his campaign have shown time and time again that they are willing to do what ever it takes to be the nominee, ethics and legality be damned.

    As for the daily news interview, finally somebody is asking the questions I’ve been asking from the beginning. Anytime I would ask one of my friends who is a Bernie supporter one of these questions I would always get brushed off or I would just get a campaign slogan for an answer. I guess the truth is they don’t know the answers because he doesn’t know the answers.

    The section about the Middle East just blew my mind. this is the most volatile region on earth right now and all he can say is, “I think the settlements are illegal in my opinion they’re illegal”? Well your opinion doesn’t matter Bernie, the law matters. History matters. Precedent matters. Treaties matter. I really feel like this guy is stuck in some kind of time warp where he hasn’t realized that the world has moved on and changed. Ugh. He just irritates me.

  42. Must see video. Poor Bernie. Waaaaaaaaaaa

  43. Best i could find Uppity.

    Hillary Clinton: “Bernie Sanders Is A Liar, Not A Democrat”

  44. So. Bernie has no shot at NY right? Especially in light of NYDN interview? Disturbing cable/net chatter this afternoon that polls are close and tightening. I know negative Hillary spin is a given, but this borders on the absurd.

  45. Shadowfax, on April 6, 2016 at 3:14 PM said:

    I encourage any of you that haven’t voted yet, to work at a polling site. Not only is this a historic election for Hillary/women, but it is satisfying to know that no shenanigans will be going on at your site. Yes, it’s long hours…but worth it. The pay is peanuts. I am having to take vacation days off at work, but Hillary deserves it.

    You are so right about working at a polling site. While volunteering I went to Pa, Indiana, and Ohio working for Hillary during the last election. We were put up at a professors house in Indiana, in Pa we stayed at a beach house. We made phone calls, knocked on doors, stood on corners holding signs, We attended a lot of rallies. Hillary even stopped in at the headquarters. We took pictures. We met Chelsea she is so tiny. Be careful working at the headquarters you will gain a lot of weight. People are always bringing in food. It is very rewarding. I also worked as presiding judge at the polling site The hours are long and the pay does suck.

  46. neetabug, you are a Hillary hero!

  47. The media is trying to keep the race going and will do anything to do so…Q-pac are one of the worst pollsters out there….they normally underestimate Clinton by more than 5 points on a regular basis and overestimate Sanders.

  48. Anyone could see from the early debates that Sanders had no idea about anything…….if the media had bothered to actually ask him anything in depth, you’d have found that depth was shallower than a puddle.

  49. Yeah, Moon…no vetting of Bernie, just like their hero BO.

  50. Paulette, just like he’s making yuuge inroads with African Americans and Hispanics.

  51. I’m not buying these polls of New York showing a close race, i’m just not….

    NYC is 40% of the state population and 40% of that is foreign born. NYC has the largest African American community of any city in the country.

    Hispanics and Latinos make up 27.5% of New York City’s population. According to the American Community Survey, there were 2,287,905 Hispanic or Latino Americans residing in New York City. The Hispanic/Latino population is categorized with four groups, “Puerto Rican” (785,618 or 9.4%), “Mexican” (297,581 or 3.6%), “Cuban” (42,377 or 0.5%), and “Other Hispanic or Latino” (1,165,576 or 14.0%)

    so 53% of NYC is AA or Hispanic..good luck with that Bernie…..

    and 45% of NY state is non white…….and they make up a very sizeable portion of the democratic voting block of NY. More than 50%.

    Now reading that, do you think Sanders will come anywhere close to winning New York?

  52. This is a great podcast, if you’re interested…I am listening to it…

    Hillary Clinton has had enough of Bernie Sanders

    In an exclusive interview for POLITICO’s ‘Off Message’ podcast, the former secretary of state compares Donald Trump to foreign demagogues and says she’s not even sure her primary opponent is a Democrat.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

  53. From Uppity @3:43:

    Yeah I love that Weaver and Tad Deviant can scold HRC about “not alienating” a section of the party, i.e. Sanders supporters. Geez, wtf have they been doing all this time?

  54. Weaver and Deviant working behind the scenes? (Hope this works)

  55. Excellent post, Upps. I read the wapo piece on Slanders DM interview, and yes, it is breathtaking how unprepared he is to be president. I looked at the comments for a few minutes, and true to form, the rethug rfer’s and Bernies blind idiots are trashing wapo and the DM for pointing out that Slanders is vapid and fact challenged.

    Can we hope that the media will continue to vet this moron, now that they’ve started?

    Oh, I clicked on all the links here and on one of them, it shows Slanders after WI, and it shows Jane going up to the podium for a few seconds, gives Slanders a kiss on the cheek and then hustles right out of the way. Looks like they finally got the “little woman” trained. Misogynist pigs.

  56. Hahahaha Fredster!

  57. Yeah as if Sanders hasn’t alienated the rest of us! And there are obviously more of us than there are of his little Snowflakes. They get alienated and we get what we deserve I guess. Ef em. I maintain we don’t need them because they just registered for Bernie and most of them wouldn’t get up to vote in time anyways. Screw em. Half his voters were republicans trying to put him in place for their party to chew up and spit out. That’s why he can’t win in REAL primaries where only Democrats win. He’s not kidding me, the old Communist. He can shove that phony bird trick up his wrinkled old ass.

    And don’t tell me the token females he has with him are going to let Ted Cruz or Donald Trump pick the SCOTUS they are going to have to live with for the rest of their miserable lives.

  58. Like one Clinton supporter said at Kos, we’ve taken enough shit not to give a shit if their Feel-Feels are hurt.

  59. Shadow, when I saw the first snide paragraph, I KNEW it was written by that fugly pig Glenn Thrush.

  60. Did u hear what that old bastard just said….i literally just said fuck you to the tv….

    Sanders was asked about the Sandy Hook victims and his response was “maybe you ought to ask Clinton to apologize to the iraq war victims instead”

    I am so fucking done with you

  61. I always put him on mute. Mainly because I think he’s going insane.

  62. Pledges don’t mean anything to Bernie. He’s a Communist.

  63. On a more Fun note….
    Yuppers, Ole Ted’s dick is on Madam’s list.

  64. Welcome back to NYC,Bernie. You may find that things have changed considerably from the 60’s. Oh and that BS you’ve been spreading across the country? Pretty sure some of the media here might start asking you a few more questions. The game is up,dude..the whole class knows you ditched your homework to get stoned.

    Imagine that holding someone else besides Hillary accountable. I believe this is called changing the narrative..Wisconsin? Where’s that? Wasn’t that in the news yesterday?

    That’s what I call a Hillary welcome mat..only grownups allowed.Life is good,isn’t it? Karma,karma everywhere and lots and lots to drink!!

  65. One thing I didn’t get a chance to mention this morning is the almost incredible breakdown where I think that the vote in Wisconsin among the age cohort of 18-29 favored Sanders 88-12% I have never seen anything like that anywhere, unless with regard to Black people supporting Democrats in general, or Obama in the primaries. But those are a lot more understandable than this. 88-12 is not about issues, in general, or political positions. It is akin to a high school clique which is proud of completely shutting Hillary out. It is an embarrasment to the entire “millennial” generation,” which apparently thinks like a bloc, copies all the same mannerisms and catch phrases, and now votes as a unit.

    Maybe it’s about the college tuition thing, but if so, it’s pathetic if they are so self-centered that they’ll vote for anyone who promises them a few thinngs. The ’60’s generation, for all its excesses and self-indulgences, consisted of a numbef of voters who were willing to vote against their own economic interests to help the downtrodden, and minority groups. Do the Millennails care about the country in general? Do they care about foreign affairs? Are they so unknowledgeable that they cannot understand that Sanders has no clue about diplomacy, and that he can’t do anything domestically that he promised? If I thought that they were voting for Sanders because of competence, or grasp of issues, or political views, it would be one thing. But with numbers like that, I think it is clear that they are behaving like vapid consumers, or comic book fans, who simply buy and watch because of impulse and shared cultism. If so, it is indeed unsettling with regard to our country’s political future.

  66. I don’t think he is getting his twenty seventy dollars from students. I think the money is being funneled by the Jewish Community. They want to see the first Jewish president. This was told to me by someone who is jewish.

  67. Hey Sophie, I’d say Bernie will be trounced in CT what with his gun attitude and Sandy Hook. amirite?

    I sure hope you are. Hard to say here. Hillary lost CT in ’08.

    Who knew it, but lots of Nutmeggers love their guns. There was actually a Bernie debate watch party listed as an event right in Sandy Hook. I felt like going to ask the people WTF was wrong with them.

    I hope they do a new poll here soon. Our primary is coming up pretty soon.

  68. Paulette, are you Melissa?!

  69. Sanders just said at a rally in PA that Hillary “is not qualified to be President.” Appalling in all respects. Damaging to her and the Party. The Republican candidate will plaster that all over the networks. He has forfeited every iota of goodwill. If indeed this is what he said, and it appears to be, he has disgraced himself. He is not qualified to be a candidate tor president. The Democratic Party should never have let him run.

  70. He’s lost it. I mean the guy is snapping.

  71. Neeta I don’t think the Jewish Community is fond of the guy who just said that Israel needs to give up that land he says they stole.

  72. Neetabug, the person who told you that does not have any idea what he is talking about. Unless Sheldon Adelson, the right-wing trillionaire Republican, is sending him money, along with Rove and the Kochs.

    Do you know how many Jewish people in Hollywood and New York are supporting Hillary? Many. And Sanders doesn’t even identify as Jewish. He doesn’t support israel very much, as witness his NYDN interview. This person, whatever his or her motivations for telling you that, sounds like one of those anti-semitic conspiracy theorists who abound.

  73. Sanders will pay a price for this. Superdelegates are never going to support him. He is likely to try to purge all of them from office if he got himself elected. Maybe he and his band of young worshippers can get Trump elected after all. My hope is that if Hillary can win New York, a bunch of superdelegates will declare for her, thus essentially ending this race other than for Sanders yelling and declaiming and trying to destroy the convention proceedings.

  74. Didn’t Bernie blow off AIPAC?

  75. Does Bernie have any superdelegates? Since their democrats, hopefully they will see what a disaster he is for the party.

  76. Sophie @ April 6, 2016 at 9:26 PM

    I just LUV the cartoon…LOL!

  77. he has about 20

  78. Annie, he has about 40 or so. She has about 450. They are not going to switch over to Sanders, who has never helped Democrats never raised money for them, doesn’t consider himself a Democrat.

    And you are right, Sanders did not attend AIPAC. He wanted to submit a video, but was not allowed to by the organization. Hilary showed up and outlined her positions.

  79. Who’s Melissa

  80. Maybe 32 is the actual amount.

  81. Paulette is just Paulette! I wish I had written that wonderful Melissa McEwan Hillary tribute. This latest Bernie rant is disturbing on so many levels. After interview and his surrogates and campaign staff offensive comments DNC must do something. Cable all over his comments right now!

  82. Who’s Melissa

    The woman who wrote this:

    The woman who owns Shakesville.

  83. William
    “Maybe it’s about the college tuition thing…”

    I can’t believe you even used the word, ‘maybe’.

    It’s for three reasons-

    1- FREE college education for everyone
    2- FREE healthcare for everyone
    3- Legalized pot

    That’s it.
    Look no further…

  84. neetabug, on April 6, 2016 at 9:02 PM said:
    I don’t think he is getting his twenty seventy dollars from students. I think the money is being funneled by the Jewish Community. They want to see the first Jewish president. This was told to me by someone who is jewish.

    I would think most Jewish folks would be ashamed to have Sandcrab as their first Jewish President.

    About like I would feel if DebbyUglyHair, Nasty or MO became the first woman President.

    But, the thing that bothers me the most is that every month, Burn says his average donations are $27 dollars, no matter what the total is for the month.

    What is the significance of $27? Is it 100 x 27 = the max. of $2700 donation for each person?

    I remember in 2008, after Hillary was stabbed to death in the Convention, many of us donated $20.16 to help pay off her debt, as a signal to run again this year.

    Maybe there is no significance, maybe the dodo Sandcrab just heard the number and liked it.

  85. Love, love, love Melissa’s article!

  86. Shadowfax, you are probably right about the tuition thing being a big reason. But what a pathetic comment about Sanders’ supporters that is, that all of their support is because they think they will get money out of it. Pretty cynical on Sanders’ part as well. What a generation of young voters, only voting when they can see a profit in it.

    I couldn’t prove it, but I am extremely doubtful that numbers like $44 million a month are being generated from a bunch of regular folks.I think there is big Republican money behind this, shielded by Citizens United. I think that there are some some very shady things going on, and that Sanders is running a con game in many respects. Those fundraising numbers are not believable, not with the overall Democratic turnout, and his votes. There is a lot that is fishy about his campaign.

  87. Shadow, if the Bernouts wanted a symbolic number, they’d donate $420

  88. Aw Shadow, I remember donating $20.16 to Hillary. Thanks for the awesome memory!

  89. Sophie, do you think Maddow isn’t pleased? IDK, it’s hard to tell. She didn’t defend Hillary and call Sanders out on his lie exactly. He’s lost his mind, whatever mind he ever had.

  90. William,

    I have heard many Bernie supporters where I live and work talk about how they are voting for him because of the free stuff. How they think it’s their right as citizens. They think the government spends all their money on the military when they should be giving the free stuff to them. They are serious. The young people are the 99% crackpots.

    I am not kidding, some are adults too.

    “I think there is big Republican money behind this…” – I totally agree!

  91. Sophie

    ……”symbolic number, they’d donate $420″

    Haha, good one. More like $4.20 because it’s their lunch money.

  92. Ga6thDem

    Yeah, it was the only hope we had left.

    I did get her t-shirt for one of those donations, and wear it all the time. When she wins the primary…I am going to parade around it in at work and everywhere I go.

  93. Bernie made his “unqualified” comment in Philly. Thanks for getting out the Philly Hillary votes, Bernie!

  94. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  95. Shadow and Ga6thDem, that is touching to hear about the $20.16 you gave in those difficult times. I contributed a good deal during that campaign, but after she withdrew, I wasn’t in the mood to answer the email requests to help her retire her debt. But what you and others did in that regard was great, and must have helped, even motivationally as well. This time I am contributing a good deal more, and hopefully there will be no debt, and a far better result!

  96. This “unqualified” shit-storm is courtesy of Washington Post and the artlcle below. It was discussing Hillary’s comments on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. If you watch the segment, Hillary NEVER called Sanders unqualified. WaPo kicked this up with their BS headline.

  97. I hope so William. She has a better shot this time around with all the duds that are in the race. Hope the DOJ doesn’t plan to crucify her for using her cell phone and server with the Big Dawg. If so, more than 18 million will rip the WhiteHouse down to the underground tunnels.

  98. Here’s the link for the video and transcript below it. She never said he was unqualified…period.

  99. I’ve been reading Melissa’s posts on BNR. I think she’s a great addition to their blog.

    Shadowfax @ 10:45, LOL!

  100. Karl Rove owes BerningBum a commission for not just writing, but starring in this fall’s first, middle and last negative ad to be played on a loop in every college town in America. Karl should send it to the First Nationale Banco in Havana where BerningBum will be living after he gets primaried.

  101. Sophie, I watched your Maddow link with Bernies nasty, lying comment about Hillary. Maddow should have called him out on it.

  102. That twitter with the subway token is hilarious. Even I knew you don’t use tokens anymore.

  103. I just watched a fine Hillary rally at Carnegie Mellon. A lot of bright and polite people there, very supportive. Hillary sounded better, voice almost as good as new, and was vibrant. The thing which is so notable, in addition to her great intelligence and compassion, is that her speech was cheerful and positive, about what we can do as a country. Compare that to the incessant anger and accusing tone of Sanders, and the insulting and grandiose statements of Trump. You hear Hillary, and you feel better about the future. And of course she works with people and actually tries to get things done. We know all this, but it’s always gratifying to see her support from all over the country.

    It is so hard for me to believe that Sanders can keep pushing these untrue and declamatory attacks on her and be rewarded for it. I hope that he finally went too far today. She spent very little time even referring to Sanders, except mentioning that you actually have to make progress, not just talk about it; and that with regard to the climate accord agreement she worked on, you cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good, but try to make at least some start on these matters, while Sanders was against it because he didn’t think it went far enough. Other than that, not an accusing or angry word, as compared to a Sanders rally, which is full of anger, denuciation and haranguing.

  104. Shadow, I remember the $20.16 too! We were hoping against hope back then. Now 2016 is finally here. And damn if there isn’t some far less qualified man running against her again.

    And are you talking about the private email account as SOS? That’s the same thing that Colin Powell did, and do we see the MSM and Repugs hounding him about this? Plus the regs against it only went in place after Hillary left the State Department. Or is it some other non-scandal the R’s dreamed up?

  105. You can see what is happening here now with Sanders, if they can’t win the nomination fairly, they will go negative and attack, if they cant win, they will destroy any good will for her….

    The Democratic Party needs to intervene now and tell Sanders exactly where to go.

    The SD’s should now en masse endorse Clinton as should Obama and Biden and put an end to this disgraceful state of affairs.

    Screw Sanders and gaggle of fuckwits.

  106. Voting Hillary@12:43 a.m.:

    I think Anne Gearan and Juliet Eilperin need to be twitter bombed about their inaccurate reporting.

  107. Neetabug- in the beginning a lot of Jews were certainly excited to have a Jewish candidate. However as time has gone by he has lost a lot of Jewish support. In fact, a poll taken in Israel found that the majority of Israelis believe that Hillary would be a better president than Bernie.

    As for American Jews, Bernie has lost a lot of support after blowing off AIPAC, courting the Muslim vote in Michigan by basically promising to be a hard-ass with Israel, and doing all he can to distance himself from the Jewish community.

    He does have support from the ultra left wing in this community, the completely secular, anti-Israel branch of the tree like JStreet, but I don’t know if he could collect such massive donations from that relatively minor segment of the Jewish community.

  108. Embarrassed to say, Fredster, I have no idea who those two are.

  109. Moon he has always intended to destroy the Democratic Party. I understand why they let him run from our party. I am SURE he threatened to run as an Independent if they didn’t let his carpetbagging ass in. That could easily have meant a Democratic loss in November. So they let him in with grave reservations, of course. His complaining about rules he signed up for is very Communist. I am sorry but when you add it all up, including his LONG history hobnobbing with them, Bernie really IS a Communist. He will make it all look like the rules were put in place just against him. His followers are rabid animals. No wonder this guy doesn’t want any gun control. When he says Revolution he means it. I tell you, heads are going to get cracked at our convention.

  110. Well Bernie Sanders exposed his mysogynistic beliefs in calling Hillary Clinton unqualified. If this doesn’t wake up those Bernie gals nothing will. Surprise ladies you are not part of the Bernie Sanders “in crowd” look around he nor his bros see you as equals. Clinton is incredibly qualified to be president and only a mysogynist thinks she is not.

  111. flvoter. Don’t forget weaver calling her “ambitious”. Where does this broad get off? SHe’s out of her lane.

  112. Yes, heads will be cracked at Philly convention. Not just outside either. A lot of these Brownshirts will be delegates, I’m afraid. I don’t even want to think about it, but it will be a shit storm, for sure.

    The media needs to ask serious questions about Sanders health–especially his MENTAL health. His latest comments about Hillary and the NYDN interview justify demanding comptehensive medical records from him. I think this may be even more important than his tax returns.

  113. Bernie did NOT submit his medical records. Like the other side of his coin, Trump, he only submitted a letter from his doctor. Nobody of any weight is DEMANDING his medical records. This man is not mentally right and his records are NOT being made public.

  114. Politifact: Sanders has released few tax returns compared to all the other candidates. Tapper has pressed Bernie to release more of them before April 19.

  115. Bernie has got a taste of being in the spotlight. It’s now going to his head. I am surprise no one has talked about his age and health. Being president takes a toll on you. Look at how Obama has aged. Bernie can hardly stand up at the debates.

  116. Thanks Uppity,william and the rest for schooling me on Bernie donation.

  117. I am calling my congresswoman Marcia Fudge she is for Hillary as was StephanieTubbs (may she RIP) I want to get a message to Hillary.

  118. Someone started a new twitter hashtag: #Flee the Bern.

  119. NW Luna

    Yes, the $20.16…it sure took a looooong time to get here and she had the courage to try it all over again. Much less experienced man again, yup to that.

    The email thing, same drum they have beaten for the past year or so? (Not sure of the time, it seems like almost a year anyway.) They mentioned the other day that they are in NO HURRY to end this probe, they are more concerned in GETTING IT RIGHT. If that isn’t an agenda to hurt Hillary, nothing is.

  120. Yeah i am seeing that hashtag. Crazy bastard.

  121. They can’t talk about his health Neeta, he refused to release his medical records. Brought a note from a doctor.

  122. It was just announced that Hillary is coming to Baltimore on Sunday. I am going to see her and scream my head off. Couldn’t be more excited. Too bad she is unqualified to be President.

  123. Ok, so I watched The View this morning and they announced Bernie is going to be on tomorrow. I am sick of this crap. They will give him an hour to be fawned over to try and calm down this shit-storm HE created.

    Where is the damn FCC re: equal time? The campaign should have to pay for this since it is a full-length campaign promotion.

  124. Neetabug

    Someone asked him if he became President, wouldn’t he be too old to run for a second term? (Would he be about 120? )… Bernie said he didn’t want to talk about that.

  125. honora, lucky you! We want to hear all about it. Go show your — errr, — lack of enthusiasm for Hillary!

  126. Bernie’s time is up on the National Stage. The more times the “real” Bernie comes out, the more votes he will lose. So far we know the guy’s a misogynist, has no ideas for implementing any policies he’s pushing, does not even understand the existing laws that he supposedly voted on, has no real understanding of foreign policy, is incredibly thin skinned and reactionary since any vetting gets him to completely lose it. The list is actually longer than this, but do we really need to go further? This guy’s a disaster.

    Bernie Sanders is just as scary as Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

  127. VotingHillary: I blogged about the FCC 8 years ago when Obama was getting the same treatment. UW I hope it’s okay to post the link to that here:

    Even 30 years ago I was worried about the media if we lost the Fairness Doctrine.

  128. Bernie has morphed into Donald Trump, ignorant, thick and delusional………

    No other way to describe it…..The man has mental problems.

  129. No Jules, why would I mind? If you were Breitbart, I’d mind. lol. I didn’t know you had a blog! Nice article. Brought back painful memories lolol.

    Update: Clicking on your blogroll. Good people gone dormant but their great work remains.

  130. Flvoter, I am glad he’s losing it this week. NY is going to eat him alive.

  131. Whoa Honora! Take pics!!!! Do a post for us! Live blog it!!! Anything!

  132. Uppity Woman, on April 7, 2016 at 11:28 AM said:
    They can’t talk about his health Neeta, he refused to release his medical records. Brought a note from a doctor.

    Well, um, Jane is in charge of obtaining his medical records and ummm, she’s too busy right now. 🙂

  133. Whoops Bernie, you got slapped…

    White House official: Obama thinks Clinton is qualified for president

  134. “Yes,” White House principal deputy press secretary Eric Schultz said simply Thursday afternoon when asked if the president thinks Clinton has what it takes to be president. “The president has said that Secretary Clinton comes to this race with more experience than any other non-vice president in recent campaign history.”

    I think that translate as “Sanders, you a-hole”

  135. Bernie Sanders is just as scary as Donald Trump or Ted Cruz
    Flvoter,I, too have come to believe that.
    Never in good conscience could I vote for any of them for President.

  136. Hmmm, “than any other non-vice president …” I may be paranoid, but that scares me. I have a fear at the back of my mind that Hill will be forced to withdraw r/t the FBI probe and they’ll try and foist Biden on us at a contested convention. Somebody snap me out of it!

  137. Britgirls, I agree. The WH is clearly saying she is less “qualified,” has less experience than Biden…

  138. Bernie’s wife will be on Rachel Maddox tonight. Bernie will be on morning Joe tomorrow.

  139. Votinghillary Hillary was on the View. They were saying instead of her being in Wisconsin she was on the View.

  140. the 2 WaPo writers who said HRC said he was unqualified.

  141. Excellent Bill! You tell ‘um!

    Bill Clinton: “Black Lives Matter” Protesters Are Defending Murders And Drug Dealers

  142. Upps, here’s the link and it was in a comment upthread.

    Nowhere did she she say he wasn’t qualified. These two writers need to be called on it.

  143. britgirls, on April 7, 2016 at 3:13 PM said:
    Hmmm, “than any other non-vice president …” I may be paranoid, but that scares me. I have a fear at the back of my mind that Hill will be forced to withdraw r/t the FBI probe and they’ll try and foist Biden on us at a contested convention. Somebody snap me out of it!

    Yeah, that rumor has been scaring people for awhile now. Either Biden or OneDropWarren or someone else from the Kook side of the party.

  144. neetabug

    Bernie’s wife will be on Rachel Maddox tonight. Bernie will be on morning Joe tomorrow.

    Oh crap, gonna have to miss those…there must be a toilet in my neighborhood that needs cleaning.

    You couldn’t pay me to watch Maddox, Bernie or his WalkTwoStepsBehind wife.


  145. Paulette @2:30. Actually go to this TPM piece:

    And it was those two WaPo writers who put those words in Hillary’s mouth when she said nothing like “unqualified”.

  146. Shadowfax@4: I feel the same way; won’t bother with her show tonight. But I have to wonder: if she’s gong to have spouses on, will he she have Bill on her show?

  147. Regarding the rumor that they will pull Hillary out at the last minute and put up Biden…I don’t think that will fly. After what happened in ’08, Hillary supporters would never stand for it. Not only would it make our convention as riotous as we expect the rethugs to be, but I doubt if Hillary people would be on board and vote for Biden or Bernie in the general. Which means a rethug would be prez, either voted in, or if not enough electoral votes are reached, then the House of Reps gets to choose the next prez. God knows if the country could survive such a disastrous election. I hope they don’t even think of trying such a horrible scam. I think it would blow up in everyone’s faces.

    Anyway, I still think Hillary will win.

  148. The debate with HILLARY and bernie, I hope he starts saying she is taking money from superpacs again. She should turn to him and say, I am raising money for the down ticket and the democratic party what are you doing? She should then ask him if he is elected will he use any of the money she has raised for the campaign.

  149. Fredster, I looked at the TPM post. The first few comments beneath it were great!

  150. Fredster, I like the comments under the TPM post you linked.

  151. Sorry, I thought my first comment (TPM) was eaten by the spam monster!

  152. Wall Street is betting by 70% Hillary will be president. Trunk is way behind. This is msnbc.

  153. Trunk

    Good one 😉 Junk in the Trunk

  154. I hit submit before I finish. They also said this is why Bernie is so angry. He will bring this up again during the debate she is a friend of wall street

  155. socalannie, on April 7, 2016 at 4:38 PM said:

    I agree, but the FBI not ending the probe is worrying me.

  156. My bag Trump

  157. Shadowfax, on April 7, 2016 at 4:56 PM said:

    socalannie, on April 7, 2016 at 4:38 PM said:

    I agree, but the FBI not ending the probe is worrying me.

    Nothing is going to happen. Nothing to the e-mails
    will cause her not to become MADAM PRESIDENT

  158. Clinton says FBI has not contacted her over her use of private email USA TODAY 11 a.m. EDT April 3, 2016

    WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton said Sunday she has not yet been contacted by the FBI in the investigation surrounding her use of a private email server while she served as secretary of State.

    “No, no, they haven’t,” Clinton said on NBC’s Meet the Press when asked if agents had been in touch with her. “But, you know, back in August, we made clear that I’m happy to answer any questions that anybody might have. And I stand by that.”

    Clinton said she is not concerned that the investigation may still not be finished by the time Democrats have their national convention in July.

    “No, I’m not,” she told moderator Chuck Todd. “Because I don’t think anything inappropriate was done. And so I have to let them decide how to resolve their security inquiry, but I’m not at all worried about it.”

    The Democratic front-runner acknowledged once again that sending emails from a private server while secretary of state was “a mistake.”

    “So let me just say again, I sent emails to government employees on their government accounts,” Clinton said. “I had every reason to believe they were in the government system. It was a matter of convenience. I’ve said repeatedly, it was not the best choice. It was a mistake. But I think that anybody who’s actually looked at this has concluded that I have now put out all of my emails. Go and ask others for their emails. Ask everybody else who’s in public office. I’m the one who’s done it, and I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do.”

  159. Email probe…she has nothing to answer for, there was no crime committed…just remember that, if there is, then they would have to arrest Powell, Rice and the other SoS’s, not to mention half the government.

  160. Joe Biden is very delicate. The WH did not want to say anything that would upset him. WH doesn’t want to admit that she was the only qualified person running 8 years ago as well.

  161. Sorry if already posted. Hillary is great and looks beautiful.

  162. Thank you Shadow for the video

  163. This is Charlie Rangel’s take on what Sanders said about Hillary not being qualified. He also talks about Trump

  164. I truly cannot stand joe biden.

  165. They’re not ending the probe because it’s what men enjoy doing to women. The files are hanging out somewhere for the hell of it.

  166. While I mistrust Joe Biden 24/7, I mistrust conspiracy theories even more.

  167. Big Dawg went all ballistic rogue again. Not helpful.

  168. Yeah well if that POS Bernie blames the media now, then how come he’s still spewing shit about Hillary. Bernie Sanders is the classic whiner, complainer, agitator and Blamer of everyone except himself for his own miserable life as a lazy slacker.

  169. Uppity Woman
    Big Dawg went all ballistic rogue again. Not helpful.

    Sorry Upps, I gotta disagree with ya on this one.

    BLM have been attacking the Clinton’s on a policy he set in his Presidency…and the Big Dawg was telling them why he felt it was necessary at the time.

    I thought taking them on in the manner he did was great. He didn’t try to shoo them have them carted away like Trump, he was explaining the situation at that time and what happened.

  170. Yeah, Bernie keeps on “Bern-ing” his Jewish bridges:
    “US Jewish group slams Bernie Sanders for misstatements on 2014 Gaza war”
    And the Israeli foreign minister demanded Bernie correct his statements as well.

  171. neetabug’s Charlie Rangel link is funny. Rangel: Who the hell is Bernie Sanders to say someone is unqualified to run for president?”

    My thoughts exactly.

  172. He’s an unqualified man running against the most qualified candidate who happens to be a woman, socal. In other words….business as usual.

  173. I really do think Bernie is going to get Rick Lazio’d in NY

  174. Shadow, I think the BLM people were gone before his rant.

  175. OMG Rangel is a riot.

  176. Smell the BS courtesy of Jane Sanders and Rachel Maddow…not even softball questions…more like Go Fish.

  177. “his WalkTwoStepsBehind wife”

    LOL, Shadow! Exactly what I thought when I saw their interactions, especially that “Get outta my way” move of Sanders.

  178. Shadow, I think the BLM people were gone before his rant.

    —The video I posted, shows they were standing right in front of Bill. He was up on the stage, they were below him holding up signs.

  179. Ok I have been duly kicked.

  180. SophieCT, on April 7, 2016 at 11:43 PM said:
    Whoa! Scathing! He deserves it.

    That is priceless…the only thing better would have been the signatures of the Dems in the senate, at the bottom of it.

    It’s one of the best fu@koff letters I have ever read.

  181. Dear Bernie, we have seen this movie before..maybe you should to so you know how this will end.

  182. socal, can’t say I don’t love the article, but WaPo was responsible for all this “qualified” shit-storm. Time for them to fact-check themselves. This pro-Hillary coverage is now them trying to cover their asses.

    Would love to see WaPo do an article entitled “WaPo’s shocking ignorance when it comes to headline writing.”

  183. Voting, agree with 100%.

    Just read the dailynewsbin post. It was kick ass! Way better than the wapo one I posted btw.

    Everyone, if you haven’t checked out Sophies link to dailynewsbin, please do. Its hilarious, harsh, and sooo true!

  184. I’d read that DailyNewsBin article before SophieCT linked it here. It is priceless! Mega-kudos to Bill Palmer for bluntly saying what needs to be said!

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  185. From Sophie’s link:

    “The kicker, Bernie, is that you no longer even know what you’re responding to. Hillary Clinton didn’t say you weren’t qualified to be President. Some newspaper put those words vaguely in a headline. You, like so many of your most rabid online fans, didn’t bother to read the article before responding. You got up there tonight and told your audience that Hillary had said you weren’t qualified, when she never said anything like that. And then you told your fans that she’s not qualified. You just responded, in a manner which has ended your political career, to something your opponent never even said to begin with. And now we all want a divorce from you.”

    This is Bernie in a nut-shell. He is all ideas w/o substance…he is too lazy to do his homework. But then again, so are voters, the media and the internet. I want noted I did not reserve this to just HIS voters.

    A sound-bite, splashy headline is now the normal substitute for substance. This is why extremists like Bernie and Trump get this far in our elections. Bernie and his supporters fell for it, but other candidates and voters can be found just as guilty. When those that deal in substance proved the WaPo headline wrong on Twitter, WaPo immediately fact-checked Bernie..not to prove him wrong, but to make him the scapegoat for their own failure to do the homework.

    We don’t have journalists in this country any more. We only have pundits whose entire source of existence is based upon the media being willing to pay them for being mouth-pieces for what the media corporations want. We need Congress to go after these conglomerates using this nation’s monopoly laws.

    They won’t.

    They won’t because of all the campaign money and let’s face it, “chosen one” air time they provide a candidate.

    So what options are left for we who actually do the homework? We can use the internet to try reigning in the lies media unleashes. But that will only work to some extent.

    The only other option is making the phone calls/canvassing for your candidate of choice…speaking directly with the voters. Even when I know I am not in favor of a candidate, I will still listen to a call respectfully and when needed, challenge them on their rhetoric. I can’t tell you how many Obama calls I got that an hour later the person I spoke with thanked me for my knowledge and decided they would look up the info.

    It is time for the politicians and the media to shut up and we the people to have a conversation without their intrusion. We the People need to figure out how we can work together to make this country work for us all again.

    I beg the forgiveness of you all that have labored through what may be the longest post I have ever submitted here. But it is time for all citizens to think outside the box of political/media constraints and figure out how OUR voices, OUR needs will be truly represented.

    I now return you to your normally scheduled programming. 🙂

  186. Having looked at the remaining races left and other info…

    There is no way on earth Sanders could overtake Hillary on the popular vote by the end of this process, I expect Hillary to be over 3 million votes ahead of numbnuts.

    Wyoming has only 14 delegates tomorrow, most likely split 4/10 or 5/9…..not going to help him.

    Then comes NY…….
    and then

    Wyoming 14 4 18 Closed caucus
    Apr 19 New York 247 44 291
    Apr 26 Connecticut 55 16 71
    Delaware 21 10 31 Closed primary
    Maryland 95 23 118 Closed primary
    Pennsylvania 189 21 210 Closed primary
    Rhode Island 24 9 33 Semi-closed primary
    May 3 Indiana 83 9 92 Open primary
    May 7 Guam 7 5 12 Closed caucus
    May 10 West Virginia 29 8 37 Semi-closed primary
    May 17 Kentucky 55 5 60 Closed primary
    Oregon 61 13 74 Closed primary
    Jun 4 Virgin Islands 7 5 12 Open caucus
    Jun 5 Puerto Rico 60 7 67 Open caucus
    Jun 7 California 475 73 548 Semi-closed primary
    Montana 21 6 27 Open primary
    New Jersey 126 16 142 Semi-closed primary
    New Mexico 34 9 43 Closed primary
    North Dakota 18 5 23 Closed caucus
    South Dakota 20 5 25 Semi-closed primary
    Jun 14 District of Columbia 20 26 46 Closed primary

  187. This morning on CNN, Jeff Weaver still can’t say she’s qualified all he said is that she has the resume to be President. I turned it off after that, cuz really you misogynist that’s all you can say? Not the same. Bernie actually needs to say those words that she’s qualified. At the debate Bernie needs to open by apologizing to Hillary Clinton. But even then I think it is too late for him. His true colors have been exposed.

  188. Up, when Big Dawg responded to the protesters (probably BS plants–he voted for the crime bill!), he threw Biden under the bus. Ya gotta love that! I sure do. I heard when Biden was in the midst of playing Hamlet, Bill was seething.

  189. Yeah. Jeff Weaver. I had him pegged at the time of the data breach which seems like a decade ago.

  190. This was a really good read. Normally I don’t link to anything daily kos because that place is ground zero for barnyard central. But finally a truthful diary on Clinton being trustworthy.

    Don’t bother to read the comments. Only 9 when I first read it but already most of them are garbage.

  191. I’m sorry but I winced watching bill. It was not a good visual to the public. His tone, his anger. He forgot he was supposed to be there for Hillary not to defend himself. It could piss off a lot of black people. That whole thing with “superpredator” was a setup to begin with, like that Nina and her “We aren’t a firewall!”. Hillary NEVER said that. The media used that word over and over again. Same with SuperPredator and others deciding what that meant instead of asking. Feeding into shit like that is not a good idea for Hillary. He yelled and scolded for a long time before he even mentioned Hillary’s ‘part’ in this. He at least needs to control his anger, and remember that he is supposed to be a surrogate for Hillary. If he did Biden in, I’m glad, but I didn’t hear it because I was wincing and thinking, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not like THISSSSSSSSSSS!!! I could barely follow him he was so explosive.

    Anybody could see that was a Bernie setup, but the thing is, they got the reaction they wanted. Bernie laughed sardonically after Bill was done.

    That’s my take and I’m sticking to it.

  192. What is bothering me so much about the Sanders campaign now is that they are blaming Hillary Clinton for just about everything. This morning it was for the rise of ISIS. I am not shitting you on this! If she is so powerful that she is personally responsible for ISIS, Wall Street corruption, the too big to fail banks, the deaths in the Iraq war, the crime bill, climate change, and why Bernie Sanders doesn’t know about his core campaign issue, then why does she have to run for President? It looks like she has been running the world for a long time already?

    Yes Bernie, she is the Emperor of the World!!!! Awesome.

  193. Uppity, I love Bill but I agree with you.
    Hillary can stand on her own two sensibly shod feet and her spectacular resume; she doesn’t need such a high profile surrogate to run interference.
    Bill was a wonderful President, but-I know this is going to hurt-it’s time for him to settle into the handbag holding role of a Dennis Thatcher or teach at a university like Joachim Sauer.
    He’s had his day in the political arena, now it’s her time to shine.

  194. flovoter, yes, this is a pernicious thing which is enabled by two decades of relentless hating of Hillary Clinton by the right wing and by the media. As I wrote in a recent essay, she is the scapegoat for everything that makes people unhappy, or is wrong with the world.

    Again, we are dealing with a very ill-informed electorate, and a media which wants fights and arguments and charges, to fill up its news day. So this kind of stuff works to at least some extent. Sanders goes from state to state, fixing on the issue that most bothers people there, and then blames Clinton for it. It is childish, but it can work, as it endlessly places her on the defensive, having to explain all of it, or just ignore it. It is a dreadful tactic, but it is something which has been seething in the American Left for decades. It has been a favorite tool of radicals and anarchists for longer than that. Create a “Great Satan,” or “Antichrist,” on whom all your disappointments and frustrations can be blamed; and then offer yourself as the person who will save everyone. Hitler did that.. Cult leaders do that, too. The Sanders “movement” is very much akin to a cult, just like the Trump “movement” is. The goal is that even if the people don’t know much about you, you get yourself perceived as better than the person you are slandering.

  195. I think Bill needs to remember that Hillary is the candidate. I am not sure that he is able to do that. I agree that this will not help Hillary. Remember the pictures of her quietly listening to the BLM hecklers, that is the message she wants to present. I think that approach is what has gotten her endorsed by so many AA mothers that have lost there children to violence. That doesn’t mean what Bill said was ‘wrong’, just not helpful.

  196. Sanders is off to the Vatican, honestly, the guy really has a god complex……

  197. Sanders, who’s raised $109m+ in ’16 (far more than anyone else), just sent an email to backers: “[Urgent] Our fundraising has slowed a bit”


    Perhaps, his week of shit has really made the assholes funding him think they were funding his reitrement fun…..

  198. William, kinda of like the Adam and Eve story. Eve’s fault that humanity lost out on paradise. Bernie wouldn’t get away with this sh!t if he were running against a man. I really don’t think its at all about Clinton or CDS. He would do this to any woman. He hasn’t shown that he has respect for women in general, not even his wife.

    This is a blatant example of how sexism permeates society. I for one am tired of having to tip toe around this cr@p. These attacks about her not being trustworthy all the way down to this latest bull are all based on sexist stereotypes of women.

    The cheap way to attack a woman is to always start by impugning her character. Everything else flows from there.

  199. Haha, Sanders monumental fuck up of trying to invite himself to the Vatican, Vatican tells him to fuck off…..

    Sanders Accused of ‘Discourtesy’ in Seeking Vatican Invitation

    A senior Vatican official accused Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders of showing a “monumental discourtesy” in his lobbying for an invitation to a church-sponsored conference on economic and environmental issues for political purposes.

    Sanders, whose foreign policy experience is under attack by rival Hillary Clinton, on Friday said he was “very excited” about being invited to the meeting hosted by a pontifical academy. It will put him at the seat of the Roman Catholic Church just four days before the New York primary.

    The head of the academy said Friday that Sanders sought the invitation and that put an inappropriate political cast on the gathering.

    “Sanders made the first move, for the obvious reasons,” Margaret Archer, president of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, which is hosting the conference Sanders will attend, said in a telephone interview. “I think in a sense he may be going for the Catholic vote but this is not the Catholic vote and he should remember that and act accordingly — not that he will.”

    Bernie: “Thank you for endorsing me”
    Pope: “I didn’t”
    Bernie: “Oh. Well, thank you for inviting me.”
    Pope: “I didn’t”

    LMAO…Bernie got slapped by the Pope…not his week is it!

  200. Twitter laughing its ass off at Bernie…..

    Bernie: *uses Pope to divert attention from his implosion, pander to NY Catholics*

    Vatican: Oh hell no bitch please

  201. Personally, I am sick and tired of the Clinton’s always responding to attacks in a pc, quiet manner. Love to see them take off the gloves and defend themselves with intelligence and gusto.

    Hillary is going to have to jump off the love and peace cloud in the general, so this walk on a bed of rose petals will soon be over when she has to go against Trump or Cruze. If she doesn’t, she will look weak.

  202. What a train wreck of a week for Bernie…Uppity, we need to resurrect that picture…….

    Vaticangate, Clinton isn’t qualified, Clinton is too ambitious. NYDN disaster board interview.

    Sanders campaign is turning into a train wreck coming off the tracks at high speed..

  203. moon
    Sanders, who’s raised $109m…

    Be nice to know (FEC) if the huge $27 donations for months has come from the GOP wanting to boost up the commie to hurt Hillary. They should spend their money worrying about the crackpots they have running for President.

  204. Uppity, an email and an essay for you!

  205. I’m loving how this Vaticangate is blowing up in Bernies face with full force….what made him think a pro-abortion, gay marriage loving liberal like him would be invited and welcomed to the Vatican, did they think we would buy that shit.

    It great watching his campaign implode.

  206. He was “discourteous” in “demanding” an invite so they invited him? WTF?!

  207. OMG, this must be the Sandcrab’s last stand as the clock ticks past his 15 minutes.

    Tick, tick, tick…time to grow up Bernie!

  208. Yipes, need more coffee…typo alerts-sorry.

  209. flvoter, you could certainly be right. There is certainly some sexism behind this. Of course, if enough women reacted to it and just voted for her, that would be a great help. And many do. But in Wisconsin, I think she lost women voters by 1%; and she is generally way behind Sanders with all young voters, women almost as much as men. So while I agree that sexism is playing a role, so is CDS, and so is what I have always seen as a very strong anti-intellectual current in American life. Hillary is by far the smartest candidate and the most knowledgeable. In some European countries that would be a major advantage. But in America, high intelligence and depth of knowledge is often dismissed or demeaned, and shallow or hairtrigger emotional responses are praised. She is the brainy student who studies hard and knows the answers. Sanders is the lazy but emotionally charged person who yells out things, and mocks the stragiht A student. And too many women, as well as many men, root against the one who is smarter than they are, even though she is very modest about it. And the media cannot abide having candidates who know more than they think they do.

  210. I want to see much more of your strong side Hillary, the leader…not just the caretaker in chief.

  211. Sanders has some real muppets running his campaign…….they really have lost the plot.

  212. In 2008 I was reminded of the movie “Election” with Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Briderick. If you don’t know it, RW plays the brainy high-achiever running for student body president. MB plays the history teacher who dislikes her and manipulates the election results so that her opponent, a not-so-bright but popular jock wins. Back then I felt like HRC was Witherspoon, Obama was the jock and the DNC was Matthew Broderick.

    This year I’m reminded of it again, only with Bernie Sanders as the less-than-qualified but popular jock. But this year I don’t believe that the DNC will be Broderick, at least not voluntarily. This year I feel like HRC is their candidate of choice but that BS just won’t stop playing spoiler and will try to force their hand at the convention.

  213. Bernie, Bernie, if you belonged at that Catholic conference, you would have been invited to it. You don’t crash a party and expect to be welcomed.

    He doesn’t want to fizzle out, he wants to go down exploding. Either way he’s done.

  214. William, I sent you an invite to be a contributor, you have not accepted it. Go back to your email and accept it and then you will get started.

    I am officially quitting as your administrative assistant.

    When I started this blog I didn’t know squat about how to operate ANYTHING. But I learned. Because we do what we have to do, amirite?

  215. I cannot believe Bernie lied that the pope invited him! His cheese is sliding off his sandwich. Twitter is ABLAZE with the story and how he was “Monumentally Discourteous”

  216. Over at another blog they’re on about a story from NPR about (ZOMG !!11eleventy!!) $153 million that “the Clintons” got in speaking fees. That’s the only place I’ve seen it, and I haven’t listened to NPR in decades. Anybody know what the real deal is? I’d like to be able to comment on it semi-intelligently. Right now all I can say is, “Smells of typical anti-Hillary BS.”

  217. I still think of St Bernard’s record when he says Hillary is unqualified, what exactly has he achieved in 34 years….what legislation has he passed or done? Zilch, nada, zero.

  218. I don’t think Sanders gives a damn about the optics of crashing a Vatican conference on social justice issues. He just wants the optics of being seen with the Pope and the chance to give his stump speech to the Pope and the world. If the Pope praises him in any way, that’s a bonus. They shoulda told him to get lost. NY is a heavily Catholic state, and don’t forget this Pope is Latin American , and NY is also heavily Latino.

  219. The berniebots have been going mad on Twitter that Bernie is going to win Wyoming big….they were all so gloating until i pointed out there were only 14 delegates and Hillary is going to get around 5 of those anyway…..

    I love pissing on their parade.

  220. Rebel, and the fact that he’s Jewish won’t make them suspicious at all.

  221. He’s already dissed Israel twice in the last two weeks. And the Anti-Defamation League has called him out on claiming that Israel killed 10, 000 civilians in the last Gaza cinflict when that’s FIVE times the number of casualties on both sides, even by Hamas estimates. So he appears to have ceded the Jewish vote. Really needs Latinos! 😉

  222. Brassy it’s just the news media will reporting about the conference. I hope he stumbles BIG TIME. His head is getting LARGER and LARGER.

  223. Quixote, unless they have verified sources for each speech and payment source and recipient, it’s BS BS. Both Clintons get paid well for speaking, as do other famous and interesting speakers. Much goes to the Clinton Foundation, which has an excellent record of doing good works (unlike some others). Both Hill and Bill also fundraise for the Dem Party and Hill is especially good at raising for downstream Dem races. The recent Clooney Hollywood hoopla raised money for Hillary AND for downstream races.

    The Bernluders are ill-informed and speak from that. At the caucus I endured 2 hrs of Bernlusion on St. Bernard’s civil rights record, etc., etc., etc. Don’t know what was harder for me — the depth of their self-deception, or trying to keep from ROFLMAO at them.

  224. moon

    I love pissing on their parade.
    They hate the facts.

    Just like the 99% and BLM protestors…they just like the ability to spin their own reality and bitch and moan about it.

  225. Thanks NWLuna! That’s what I figured. BS BS!

  226. Wonder if BerningBum’s speech will be, “Although the Vatican Bank is too big to fail, y’all have the right idea by hanging bankers from bridges.”

  227. I wonder how reliable Emerson is as a polling organization. About a month ago, they had Hillary up by 48 points in New York. Their poll had a smallish sample size in the 300’s, and with about a 5-6% margin of error. Now they have a poll which has her up by 18 points, which is more than the 10 and 12 point advantages shown in a couple of other polls, but a big difference from their earlier one. They say that Sanders has shaved 30 points off her lead. That does not seem too credible. That 48 points was far more than any of the other polls had her up in the last few months. I suppose that was a flawed poll, but then I don’t know how accurate this one is, either. One somewhat surprising thing is that both this Emerson poll, and the most recent CA poll, show fairly notable gains for Sanders among Latino voters. I have no intuitive explanation for why that should be the case.

  228. Nate Silver weights pollsters on his list. Right now he has their poll rated four out of five bars. It looks like an outlier to me, though, but what the hell do I know.

  229. Hahaha Prolix. Vatican is the richest corporation in the world. I’m pissed that i can’t buy stock.

  230. trump gets over a million for speeches. Here’s my post on the money certain people make on speeches and why.

  231. He bullied his way into the Vatican because NY has a lot of Catholics. He’s a major scumball. Big Fan of The Pope, my ass.

  232. THere’s video of him saying the pope invited him. Now he’s saying he might have an audience when the Vatican said there would be none. Of course they haven’t met Tad Devine yet…

    I’ll bet his flock are emailing the pope. Maybe they can start a petition. lol. Twinkles Down.

  233. It is time for Hillary to go bonkers on this old goat. I don’t care how much of Sanders supporters she loses. They are not going to vote for her. Stop trying to play nice with him. He is a grumpy angry old man. Sanders say he has his doubt about her presidency. I hope she whips his #$@@ in the NY primary. A friend of mine is driving up to NY to help in the primary. Playing nice now is out of the question. It is time to get down in the gutter with him. This old fool has gotten a taste of fame an it has gone to his head. It is time to take the gloves off.

  234. Friday night funny for Uppities of a certain age:

  235. Good one Voting…FATHER GUIDO SARDUCCI

  236. For those of you too young to know about Father Guido, here is a taste…no wonder Bernie has his wires mixed up.

  237. neetabug

    I’m with you nettabug…enough of the trying to please everyone Hillary…get to a$$kickin’!

  238. Welp, it’s filling up my mentions.

  239. So my sleuthing discovered that Jeffrey Sachs, Professor of Bullshit at Columbia is the one that got Bernie invited. Rest assured that Prof. Sachs will never speak in Italy ever again. Prof. Sachs seems to thing Sec. Clinton is unfit to be president (where have we heard that before) and is the one responsible for the Syrian Genocide. Fortunately, Huffington Post has given him an outlet for his hate speech. The Vatican is so pissed.

  240. The concept that the Vatican would on its own somehow choose Bernie Sanders to speak at their event, is nonsensical. They don’t invite political candidates to speak. In Sanders’ maniacal zeal to become president, he is putting on a carny show. If Obama and/or the rest of the superdelegates do not stand up and do something about this, they may regret it. Sanders is proving to be the left-wing counterpart to Trump, and no one who cares about legitimate governance should even respect him, much less vote for him.

  241. Honora, every bitter, angry, conspiracy driven radical crackpot in the country has now been given a voice by Bernie Sanders. These people have been in the woodwork for decades. The internet gave them more visibility, and now Sanders has emboldened them.

  242. William, he is a Columbia professor…. you know that school the Ivy League tries its hardest to ignore.

  243. Way cool, Imust!

  244. This VaticanGate is getting funny. It seems this guy Sachs, pro bernie or more importantly anti Clinton profe at Columbia, “arranged” for Bernie to be invited….to some stuffy academic conference/workshop thing that is not connected to the Pope or the Vatican! Bernie’s leaving NY right before the primary, thinking he’s gonna meet the Pope!! Here’s Hillary’s reaction to VaticanGate! Priceless!

    OMG! This just keeps getting better! The Pope won’t even be IN Rome when Bernie visits! LOL!

  245. From what I saw this morning, the woman who said he wasn’t invited, and that it was rude that he pushed himself in, was a Vatican spokesperson. Then we had a man from the Vatican denying that and saying he was invited. Now we have the Hillary-hating sachs has gotten Bernie invited. So it looks like the woman spokesperson was right all along.

    Unless I’m missing something?

  246. I think you’ve got it socal. At least what we know so far. The first woman, this morning was the president of the event. She wasn’t consulted on the Bernie invite, as protocol dictates. Sachs got Bernie invited through someone else. Mind you, this is an academic conference, not some audience with the Pope, as it’s been billed by Bernie.

    Here’s a program for the event. Note Bernie listed on page 10, as “other participants” LOL

  247. Thanks imust. That Sarandon is a nervy bitch.

  248. Love the Father Guido Sarducci being BS’s Vatican contact!

  249. imust, thx for the link to that program. Yeah, it doesn’t list the Pope at all. So Sanders bullhorned his way in to an academic conference which simply happens to be held in the Vatican City. That place is fairly large — it’s not a single big church as many erroneously think. So big effin’ deal for Bernie. He’s going to be bored without crowds of adoring sycophants.

  250. Before this is all over, BerningBum will swear it is his wagging finger in the Creation of Adam fresco on the Sistine ceiling. He’s God’s own hand model.

  251. ok, connect the dots time:

    The unidentified guy on the right is John Sachs.

    John Sachs tweet:

    And Bernie’s little no-Pope roadshow. Look at 4/15 at 10am and then look at page 10.

    Bernie is a Paulie substitute.

  252. Sorry, this should have been the first link:

  253. Before this is all over, BerningBum will swear it is his wagging finger in the Creation of Adam fresco on the Sistine ceiling. He’s God’s own hand model

    I beg forgiveness of all my beloved Catholics. I found this on twitter. I was born a Catholic, although I left the church like the heretic I am decades ago, but I can assure you I tried to suffer all the Guilt™ I could possibly tolerate before becoming a Recovering Catholic. I admit I feel a bit Guilty™ just posting this, but Prolix made me do it. Well that, and Ted Cruz must be so jealous!

  254. According to comedian Robin Tyler, Catholics don’t feel guilt. Jews feel guilt. Catholics feel shame.

    I too am a heretic. Literally. I converted from Roman C to Episcopalian! Never looked back.

  255. Well you did ok then, Sophie. At least Episcopalians treat women like they’re worth something and have a say.

  256. VotingH, your first two links are identical. Both are the tweet. Assuming you meant to post a pic of the guy in the first link?

  257. “Unqualified delight”!

    Oh, this is funny! Remember the WEST WING episode where President Bartlett faked an open mike situation to say his opponent was dumb?

    Hillary didn’t have to fake it, some headline writer did it. Sanders gave a dumb interview without (as I’d put it) doing his homework. Hillary said: ““He’d been talking for more than a year about doing things that he obviously hadn’t really studied or understood, and that does raise a lot of questions.” The media misquoted her with “she said he was unqualified”.

    So again Sanders didn’t do his homework — didn’t read beyond the headline to find out what she really said. And he misused the term ‘unqualified’, where ‘disqualified’ might have made some (false and ad hominem) sense.

  258. Punt GOP is a Trump v Cruz Bill Maher rant. But it’s also cool because of the gorgeous, gleefully grinning Hillary GIF… By the way, Hillary’s real laughing/expressions are pretty cool too — in response to “her ambition ruining the democratic party” insane and asinine comment and the “has she ever crashed a party at the Vatican” witticism.

    HRC: Dignified, smart, decent normality has never sounded so good. I love it when she flashes those great grins or lets out a hearty laugh.

  259. VaticanGate reminds me a little of the BerlinWallGateBrandebrugGate Gate! Obama wanted to make a speech at the Berlin Wall to give that JFK reborn symbolism so photo ops. Then Germany said no, and so they switched to the Brandenburg Gate as a backdrop.

  260. Democratic caucuses are now underway in Wyoming, where 40k Dems are registered. First results expected after 3 ET

    Closed caucus, so Bernie cant stack the deck with his bus trips….no indies.

    It is only 14 delegates so this is more like a fly hitting a windscreen…..but no doubt his lot will bully and harass everyone in sight.

  261. Wyoming is a very red state. The few democrats there are apparently very “progressive”. Very White. Bernie will win and crow all week, knowing fully well that state dumps Democrats in General Elections like for the past zillion years.He calls it Momentum when he can only win in white states.

  262. I can see where he would confuse Unqualified with Disqualified, since, when it comes to English, he’s a dumb shit and skipped plenty of grammar classes.

    To wit:

  263. Exactly WYoming is basically a non entity when it comes to Dem politics….it is Cheney’s state after all and that is why it has the lowest delegation of all the states at the Dem convention (14+4), even Puerto rico has more than this place.

    So let them have their little fun, it aint gonna make a dent in Hill’s lead.

  264. Upps:
    Looks like The Burn “may be qualified” for elementary school…

  265. Ms. Uppity — most righteously done! We probably both got demerits in the big book, but now I imagine they use Excel or Quicken — been a few years since I lurked the apses.

  266. oh this sounds promising…

    Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 1m1 minute ago

    Earliest results suggest Sanders not faring as well in WY as UT/ID. Not surprising: it’s a closed contest; Obama only won 61 in 08

  267. Holy crap Hillary just beat Bernie in Laramie county in WY…

    Of Laramie County’s 51 delegates, 26 will go to @HillaryClinton, 25 will go to Bernie…

    Just breaking……

  268. Perspective…Clinton lost Laramie to Obama by 23 points in 2008

  269. and she won that big county by absentee ballot….she worked that again…..

  270. Laramie county by the way is Cheyenne….haha and Clinton won it.

  271. Bernie only winning 60/40 at this point, lol, this might split 8/6 in delegates.

  272. Berniebros on twitter going nuts because Hillary got massive boost from absentee ballots…….she works that absentee ballot thing in caucuses……

  273. Freemont county also goes to Clinton, thats 2 obama states she has won this time.

  274. Blowout aint happening….22% in and its only 53/47

  275. 35% in and its 54/46

  276. 42% in and its still 54/46…Clinton is doing very well in this caucus.

  277. Holy Crap, Clinton is splitting nearly every county, Bernie only doing better in 1 or 2 counties, he aint doing that well at all.

  278. Out of 9 counties in so far, Clinton won 2, Bernie 3, and 4 split even.

  279. Clinton is splitting counties obama won 90/10 in 08 and Sanders is seriously underperforming Obama’s vote in 08.

  280. At this rate Bernie is only going to get a 0 out of Wyoming.

    Looks like a 7/7 split at this stage.

  281. and counties that voted Hillary in Wyoming in 2008, have not reported yet….

  282. 55% in and its still 54/46….wow Clinton is doing really well here, This really shows what happens when its a closed to democrats only.

    If he can only win wyoming by 54/46 in a closed Caucus, he’s fucked in the later primaries.

  283. Hillary has apparently won Narona county which she lost in 08 to Obama, Albany county will be the bitch, its liberal student central…..

  284. Anything under 56.5% for Sanders means 7-7 delegate tie.

    Most probably ends up 8/6 rather than 7/7 but thats way better than most expected, i said 9/5 or 8/6, i’d laugh if it was 7/7.

  285. Oh so it’s better than we thought! I’ve not been paying attention, I just figured it’s Bernie’s.

  286. I think I’ll go check Bernie Central lol

  287. 61% in and its jumped slightly to 56/44 but thats because Bernies big county came in, Hillary’s 08 counties have not 🙂

  288. Oh LOL! They are not happy. And they think this is illegal. Petition time, hahahahaha.

    My grandparents that live there got voter affidavits “personally” mailed from Bill Clinton. They felt honored a president had sent them something and had to vote for hillary because of it!


    [–]writtoxCalifornia – Bernie Squad – Cadet [score hidden] just now

    Wtf that’s so fucked up 😦

    Why hasn’t any TV channel made a story about this???


    [–]the_friendly_dildo [score hidden] 1 minute ago

    Wow. Please, please get a photo of this if you can. I’m not sure that is allowed.


    [–]HesLooseMinnesota [score hidden] 1 minute ago


  289. Priceless.

    Wyoming democrats are different though than the dems on the other states. For one thing they are very OLD


  290. I also notice they are claiming Bernie won Nevada still.

  291. I would so laugh Uppity if this ended up a 7/7 split and Bernie got a big fat zero out of all those visits……I suspect his actions this week really have done damage.

  292. Uppity they are having an epileptic fit on Twitter over Wyoming…..saying he should won this by 40%

    Guess they still have not figured out what a closed primary means.

  293. Moon, thanks for the updates! 🙂

  294. Could somebody tell me what the H this clown is saying?

    it’s not a tie. It’s a win. Who cares if he ties delegates. it’s an inconsequential number. The fact is more people voted for him and he won the state. And he’ll improve the delegate math at the county and state level as Hillary won’t be able to get all those people who voted by surrogate to show up

  295. Moon they love to use the word Nonviable when discussing how to knock Hillary off.

  296. 70% in and its still 56/44

  297. One of them posted a pic on twitter of a caucus, one location, and it was filled on bernie’s side and scant on Hillary’s side, and they all piled out saying Bernie’s going to get all 14 delegates. Nobody splained it was one spot. So I retweeted it and said, “Where are all the white people?”

    lol So White. is Wyoming like all White?

  298. Whatever Uppity, it will be all over by April 19 when she cleans his clock in NY, if anyone thinks he is going to win NY when he can barely win Wyoming is a fool.

  299. I would fall on the floor laughing if it was a 7/7

  300. 80% in and its still 56/44 I’m enjoying this……

  301. So this knucklehead thinks if it’s a tie, it’s a spin that it’s a tie. And these people want us to pay for their college?

    The media will spin it as a tie if they tie in delegates. Anyway, let’s phonebank New York. That’s what we’re here for.

  302. I think he may just eek out the 8-6 split…eurgh – only 2 counties left, One should go heavy bernie………..

    but i’ll take 8-6…a 0 or a +2 is just hilarious after what he put into WY.

  303. These knuckle heads think if he wins WY in a closed caucus, his stength in Wyoming, liberal central……i can tell you now, he’s gonna get an asskicking in a closed primary in NY.

  304. They went from, yeah, the state is 95% White earlier to……..

    wyoming is literally one of the oldest states in america. why are people suprised? the people there are old as fuck

  305. Lots of colleges in NY, but the truth is there are so many people that the colleges are a drop in the bucket.

  306. Sanders celebrated his Wisconsin win w a rally in Laramie; Clinton never visited Wyoming. (Though Bill swung thru.)

    He must be ripping the hotel room apart tonight……

  307. Wyoming State Motto: Where buffalo are penned and the translucent elderly roam.

  308. Yes Uppity but whether those college students are able to vote or bothered to register is a different matter, whats your bet, they didn’t

  309. Unita county which Obama won 75/25 in 08 only went for Bernie 55/45.

    Only one county left…Goshen which Hillary won in 08…..she may get this split yet.

  310. What site are you guys looking at the delegate count?

    Someone said Superdelegates are counted in the HuffPuff site, says the voting count is 98% complete. SandCrabby has 7 delegates, Hillary has [snicker, cough, cough] 10 delegates!!!

    Looking at the votes in each county, looks like about 100 Dems in that state. 😉

  311. I wonder about that comment about the absentee. Will they do the same in WY that they did in NV? Assume the absentee voters will not show up for convention and load it again? That reminds me of that Texas 2 Step process in 08. It disenfranchises ppl who can’t go to caucus sites (disabled, working, older ppl)

  312. Great updates Moon and Upps…thanks, I was MIA until I noticed Hillary had a better chance than predicted.

  313. Funny this caucus state which is a closed caucus is his worst caucus state bar Iowa and Nevada………now isnt that funny……he could game this one and look what happened, i do wonder if all his Berniebros are actually even registered Democrats or just not registered at all and popping in as Indy’s.

  314. Never mind, I see I can uncheck the superdelegate count on HuffPuff and it’s 7 Crab, 6 Hillary so far. Hahahahahaha…

  315. I just looked at fluffpo and the post for WY said “Bernie Bags Another” I noticed that there is one to go, and the delegates are apportioned 7-6 so far. Although, she has more with the superdelegates.

  316. I think its going to be an even split, i dont think he is going to make 56.5%, he is going to be short. hahahahahahaha up yours Bernie.

  317. OMG those kids are going to go ballistic.

    His people told them he had to get minimum 9-5 to keep “her” from being “Viable”.


  318. Washakie county flipped to Clinton…..hahaha funny, she got the 3rd delegate out of there… is going to be a 7/7 split.

  319. Are they going to do that same stupid thing they did in LV? God, I would be pissed if I was expected to go through this bullshit twice.

  320. Is it really true that Sanders has 154 votes to Hillary’s 121 votes???

    Are there only 275 Democrats that have voted in the entire state so far???

  321. That number IS possible. That’s why he’s so behind on vote count, 3 million now. He wins in caucus states and gets no votes.

    So when they whine that the People ought to pick based on state wins, it’s wind out of an orifice.

  322. Watch out for the toys being chucked out of the babyseats, duck everyone.

    I’m pissing myself here, Hillary never even went to Wyoming and she scored well….Sanders underperformed Obama by 6%.

  323. Shadow, that is delegates out those spots……….not actualy numbers.

  324. Those caucuses yield very few votes that fall into the vote tally. You gotta win big states to get the votes.

  325. Thanks Moon

  326. Who won Missouri?

  327. Hillary won Missouri, he conceded days later.

  328. Well Bernie Central thinks they won Missouri too. And Nevada.

    Check this out. I think Tad and Weaver lay this all on them.

    -OMG guys, I think we’re underperforming, we’ve lost now and I’m scared!

    -Why did some counties only have three people show up to vote, not much of a revolution.

  329. So seriously, how does that caucus vote thing work? They have to have a state convention after? Anyone can walk in a say they’re a delegate and vote? That’s what seemed to happen in NV. When’s the one for WY? I wouldn’t mind taking a short vacay to caucus for Hill! LOL!

  330. As moononpluto said, (from Huffpo) “The Wyoming Democratic Party doesn’t report vote counts. It reports State Convention Delegates (SCDs).” (Same system that was so confusing in Alaska.) So, yeah, there are more than a couple of hundred Dems in WY. Not much more perhaps, but since they’re carefully not counting them, we’ll never know.

  331. Why would a state with such a tiny population get four superdelegates?

  332. Green Papers just called it 8-6!

    Well done guys, this is 57% of delegates, we’re on track for NY.

    …….shaking my head. It does seem like they are under some kind of pressure.

  333. OMG! WY is ranked 51st in population (below D.C.)

    51 Wyoming 563,626

  334. There are 40’000 registered Dems in Wyoming…..and 141000 Reps………and 5’000 new dems this month making it 46’000 and he barely won……does not bode well for him, does it.

  335. Green papers can say what they like, it aint official unless he gets 56.5%, which he has not yet.

  336. Goshen still not reporting. I wonder why?

  337. I’m not understanding this. WY polls don’t close for another 3+ hours. How come we’re getting results?

  338. This WY voting is weird. Not closing the polls for 3 more hours and 96% of the votes already counted? What the hay????

    What’s the 56% needed to win thing?

    Crab just got 56% on HuffPuff

  339. Shadow, Bernie needs 56.5% for the delegates to split 8-6 and get a gain, if he doesnt, he gets a 7-7 split and a zero gain out of Wyoming……thats why the Berniebabies are wailing like little bitches.

  340. Thanks for the green, IMUST

  341. Well, here it comes, Bernie Bros want an “investigation” into the Wyoming Caucus!!!

  342. Bernie’s twats always whine when something does not go their way, when it does, they shut down all other questions about that……they are basically nazi’s

  343. Yes, its all in 100% and its Bernie 55.7%, Clinton 44.3%

    He gets a ZERO gain….a 7-7 split.

    Bwahahahahaha, all that hubris for Zip, nada, zilch…….Next up, 5 closed primaries and semi closed one in RI…….

    Bernie, you are screwed. Its Hillapalooza time.

  344. They certainly don’t like it when people are actually enfranchised. People who can’t go to caucuses, like the elderly and the disabled. These are folks who probably have the most at stake in elections!

  345. and 5,000 new dems this month

    5,000 people who are going to vote for the Republican no matter who wins today.

  346. Even if he got all 14, he’s not viable. They’re not smoking just plain old weed anymore.

  347. The last county, Goshen, went 60/40 for Clinton, that tipped it to a 7-7 split

  348. and onto NY… is an important notice…..

    NYC made up 50.55% of the D primary vote, Long Island 11% in 2008.

    2/3rds of the D vote is cast from Westchester to Long Island.

    Thats Hillaryland.

  349. moononpluto, on April 9, 2016 at 6:17 PM said:
    Yes, its all in 100% and its Bernie 55.7%, Clinton 44.3%
    He gets a ZERO gain….a 7-7 split.


  350. Yup! Tie!!!

  351. Sophie

    …he’s not viable. They’re not smoking just plain old weed anymore.

    Now that is darn funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  352. Hahaha! Great news! My family and I think Bernie is a huckster. This Vatican nonsense makes it more obvious. Dude doesn’t have a clue and he is scamming all these dumb kids. Hubs watched some Charlie Rose interview and thought Rose was trying to pin him down on several issues.

  353. Uppity Woman, on April 9, 2016 at 4:35 PM said:
    I would fall on the floor laughing if it was a 7/7

    Picking Upps off the floor. 7/7 split and Hillary has all the superdelegtes. LOVE IT!

  354. I bet Hill’s is kicking back with a beer right now cackling as loud as ever……..Bernie is probably wrecking the hotel room and making his wife sit outside the door until he lets her in.

  355. Upity, how are the twats taking it, i bet the fur is flying with accusations of theft, rigging, cheating……

  356. I wonder how much Bernie outspent Hillary to achieve this colossal victory.


  357. Yeah, Sandcrab loves to spend his devotees money to lose an election, then cry foul about it.

    The 99% is going to be flat broke with no college paid for.

    Too bad, so sad.

  358. Apologies if this is already in the thread…
    Still, it IS worth seeing twice.


  359. See what I mean about the kids down bernie central? They’re pressured.

    [–]StinkyFeetPatrol [score hidden] just now

    Don’t blame this loss on anyone but ourselves

    We could have phonebanked harder.

    We could have canvassed harder.

    We could have donated more.

    For New York, take however many phone calls you plan to make and double them. Take whatever amount of money you planned to contribute and double it. Now is not the time to get complacent, we are still the underdog in this race by a big margin.

  360. The Gestapo of Devine and Weaver must be threatening the brownshirts of being sent to the gulag if they don’t please the Fuhrer.

  361. SCREEEEEECH! New post up! ^^^^^^^^

  362. Picking Upps off the floor. 7/7 split and Hillary has all the superdelegtes. LOVE IT!

    I got a boo boo!!!!

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