Poetic Justice

Just what is poetic justice you ask?  This:

**UPDATE** (per Shadowfax’s request)

Yes, Birdman of Vermont won, but they each got 7 delegates! Yay math! Yay poetic justice!

In other news…..Bernie will soon be flying off to Rome! Did the Pope invite him? No! Will the Pope even be in town? No again! LOL!

The Sanders campaign and its followers have a remarkable talent of acquiring instant expertise on complicated subjects; Planned Parenthood, HIV/AIDS, feminism, the realhistory of the Civil Rights Movement and now on the politics of the Holy See.

Good work if you can get it, I suppose.

But it does help if you can shake yourself loose for a moment from the narcissistic delusion that everything in this world revolves around the Democratic primary in the United States, more specifically, around the concept that a Bernie Sanders win in it – or even in the State of New York – is humanity’s most breathtaking and highest goal.

Senator Sanders was not invited to Rome by the Pope. Just a hint: His Holiness will not be in Rome while Bernie Sanders is in Rome, on April 15th and 16th.What Sanders said is not true:

“This is an invitation from the Vatican, from a pope that I have enormous respect for in term of the level of consciousness that he’s raising on the need to have morality in our economy.”

The only question is…will he fly commercial, or will he go by a chartered Unicorn?

Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 3.45.17 PM

Perhaps “Mystic Birdie” can take him!

Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 3.49.25 PM


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  1. Winning Wyoming: that’s kind of like winning Guam, no?

  2. imust

    Too bad ya can’t update that graphic up-top that shows each with 7, instead of Hillary with only 6.

    Love the other graphics.

  3. Also, great slapdowns with reality, imust!

  4. Also, according to evil fluffpo, Hillary gets all of their superdelegates. That’s a funny “win”.

  5. That reminds me:

  6. You know you are having a bad week politically when you have earned more Pinocchios for lying than you earn delegates. 🙂

  7. Hahah you GO Laura. I always saw a spark in that woman. Being married to that idjit couldn’t have been easy. Not to mention that horrid Babs.

  8. Did you see the movie, W? Laura was a Dem when she first started dating George.

  9. Not surprised, Sophie. She was also pro choice. And she has continued her work for Afghanistan women.

  10. I wasn’t home for the Wyoming primary, but I enjoyed coming back and reading the play by play here. Great work by Moononpluto and everyone else for following the results by county.Sure enough, a closed caucus was a significant aspect. And gaining a few delegates in a state like Wyoming is quite gratifying.

  11. As for the Pope, at least more media is telling us about it. In 2000 George II believed he’d been endorsed by Prime Minister Poutaine.

  12. Ooooh, the Bernie Hive is in a tizzy because there were a lot of surrogate forms going to Clinton.

    Organize a post-caucus investigation into surrogate ballots
    submitted 5 hours ago by umudbro

    In case you missed it, Clinton had a TON of surrogate ballots sent in. These surrogate ballots are cached here, and depict a very SMALL number of reasons why they would be acceptable.

    WYO – START ORGANIZING RIGHT NOW – YOU WILL HAVE TO FIGHT BACK! Demand to see these phony baloney “surrogate or absentee” ballots, and photograph them – do they all look like they were filled in exactly the same? – that is impossible if they are from real voters! – FOIA the envelopes in which they came and call those voters or visit them – I am very suspicious that you are going to find fraud!
    [and more…]

  13. Where is this Bernie Hive of which you speak? I want to don my beekeeping outfit and take a peek. I’m sure it gives new meaning to the word apiary.

  14. Sophie, is that a reddit site of some kind?

  15. Prolix,

    Maybe as in APEiary? Reminds me of when a pre-XKCD wit called those bird charts ORRnithology.

    [Jargon hopefully overlooked when toadying to esteemed blogmistress’s IT background]

  16. Why would a state with such a tiny population get four superdelegates?

    The SDs are usually elected officials such as (if they’re Democrats) the governor, US senators, and US representatives.

  17. Those deluded Berners — they really have no idea why someone would choose to send in a surrogate ballot instead of taking time off work, dragging themselves in while sick, or letting the kids go without childcare to let themselves be harassed by Berniebros for a couple of hours?

    The way they sneer at “old as fuck” people makes me think they’re convinced people’s lives have no value after 40. Revolutionary thinking would be to value all people, regardless of age. And just how young do they think their dear leader is, anyhow?

    I am so looking forward to Hillary blowing Bernie out of the water in New York!

  18. Luna, so the surrogate ballot is like an absentee ballot in a regular election?

  19. Honestly, they have no shame…..Hillary has organized all these states to have absentee ballots, its a fair part of the sysytem. Bernie’s teams game was not to do this surrogate ballot so as to force his voters to the caucuses thus overwhelming them, thats been his game all along, that is why he had no absentee outreach whereas Clinton, it was all about strategy.

    Bernie’s lot had no idea they could do this “surrogate” thing because he did not want them doing that.

    So tough shit muppets, suck it up, your guy is an idiot.

    This is why caucuses are stupid, its so much easier to vote by mail in ballot or in person or by early voting, why bother with this rabble rising bullying shit, unless you have alterior motives.

    Its plainfully obvious to the educated crowd that if Bernie could only win 55% of the votes in a closed caucus in Wyoming of all places….NY’s primary and the 26th’s 5 closed primaries are going to be hell for him, If the dial has not moved then, its pretty much over, he can go take a run and jump.

    Hillary gained 3 new SD’s yeasterday from somewhere, can’t see where but its now 477.

    I suspect NY ends up a Florida style win for her rather than a NC one.

    The demographics say so, really.

    Maryland will go to her easily, PA will go to her because in PA, its about Philly and she’ll win Philly by a mile.

    Conn, Dele, RI i have in my model as all even splits, so anything better than that and she’s outperforming.

    My model still has her winning with a lead of around 630 – 650 pledged delegates

    The next 6 contests have a total of 631 pledged delegates – Hillary should win those 373 to 258 to stay on Target and I have no doubt she will.

  20. Thanks Moon! And everyone for explaining the weirdness that is a caucus.

  21. Yup that’s Bernie Central. Always tilting at windmills. Nobody will tell Bernie’s useful fools that you can’t get an absentee ballot in NY unless you are 1) going to be away from NY on the election date or 2) You have a significant illness that could keep you from voting in person.

    To make it even more concurrently sad and amusing, the deadline looms in a few days to get a ballot approved and sent out to you before the election. You would have to go pick one up. I won’t repeat all the deadline dates, but this is unDoable.Imagine a boatload of bernie children showing up at the boards of election, looking perfectly healthy and definitely not in Florida for the month. Imagine them then getting off their lazy asses to deliver their ballots to the BOE in time.

    As I preach to the knowledgeable choir, absentee and surrogate ballots are not “Bullshit”. Tell that to a disabled person, you little self-absorbed assholes. People in nursing homes have ever right to vote even if their hand is too shaky to check the box and they need a surrogate to help. Just one of MANY examples how this bunch is focused on only themselves and free shit — with complete disregard for anyone else in the country.
    But nevermind.

  22. Fredster, I’m not sure exactly what WY’s rules are, but it’s much the same thing.

    This year the WA state caucus had an absentee ballot option, but it was not publicized by the party. It was limited to those who had a “legitimate” work, religious observation, or illness reason for not being able to attend caucus. The ballots were due 2 weeks and 1 day prior to the caucus. So lots of people were SOL even if they did hear about it beforehand.

    I read about it in the local newspaper on the same day as the deadline. Too late to mail. For some nefarious reason, the fax # to send your ballot to was constantly busy. Neither I nor spouse could get ours accepted. I’m sure lots of others were shut out also. How many of them went on to attend their caucus? Probably only a few.

    I hate the caucus system. It’s a disincentive to participation.

  23. Caucuses must be eliminated. This thing would be over if there were no caucuses.

  24. Yeah Moon, if Bernie didn’t know about it, then it must be fraud or illegal.

    Let the little snots start another petition. They are about as effective as a screen door in a submarine. Just like their frivolous and ignorant lawsuits.

  25. Just saw that Fox has a poll with Clinton 53, Sanders 37. In NY. Can’t find the poll though

  26. I am particularly mad about the outrage over absentee ballots and the disabled. Jeeze! The people in our society who are the most vulnerable and dependent on government programs and assistance NEED to vote! It’s not a matter of free college, but their health, safety and wellbeing. Yes, the caucus system should be eliminated. The claim that it is more democratic because you can sit down and engage in spirited, but respectful dialogue with your neighbors is BS.

  27. New Fox News Poll
    “Clinton, Trump Rule Empire State” GREAT BREAKDOWN BY DEMOGRAPHIC

  28. You’re right, imust. Caucuses are the antithesis of a Democracy. A few vote for the many instead of One Person One Vote. Elections aren’t about Consensus among a Board Of Directors, they are about individual votes and a tally thereafter.

    We don’t let other people pick out our clothes or car, what makes it okay for them to pick out our nominee?

  29. So tough shit muppets, suck it up, your guy is an idiot.

    Sometimes one sentence just says it all.

  30. Hey Moon, if you want to do a post on your election model, just let me know.

  31. One of the more embarrassing facts about the home of the free and the brave is that we vote like a third world country — and it’s getting worse. Letting the voting rights act lapse so that the GOP can crow openly about voter suppression is a national stain on civil rights. This country needs more uniformity on voting rules and a better use of technology as well. It’s utterly ridiculous that we still expect/mandate that the bulk of the electorate vote on one day in the 21st century. Early and no excuse needed absentee voting should be enacted in every state. I agree the caucus system is a relic and needs to go. The presidential election season is also too long; six months would be more than adequate. Finally, one of the most distasteful things about the Sanders cult is that so many of his followers only respect their candidate and have utter disdain and hatred for those of us who support Hillary. They are often clueless and ignorant about voting rules and misinformed on issues — attributes they ironically ascribe to anyone who doesn’t worship Sanders.

  32. If Clinton is at least +20 in NYC, its so over, that’s 2/3rds of the Dem vote in NY comes from there….

    I’m still saying Clinton will top 60% in NY.

    With No Obama, the ethnic will tip overwhelmingly to Clinton…Suburbs wont save him.

  33. Wow…it is so over…

    Dan Balz reports Clinton campaign informs that they have more super delegates than publicly announced — upwards of 600.

    I’m guessing she will swing the axe in NY.

  34. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/md-politics/elijah-cummings-endorses-hillary-clinton-after-staying-neutral-for-months/2016/04/10/af305556-ff29-11e5-b823-707c79ce3504_story.html

    Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.) endorsed Hillary Clinton on Sunday, after months of staying neutral in the presidential contest because of his post as the ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

    “Families in Baltimore who are hurting right now need more than the promise of a political revolution,” Cummings wrote in an op-ed submitted to The Washington Post.

    He added that Clinton “not only understands the challenges facing Baltimore and other cities, she’s laid out a clear and detailed agenda that meets those challenges head-on.”


    Looks like The DNC wants this done.

  35. Upps@ April 10, 2016 at 11:02 AM

    “Let the little snots start another petition. They are about as effective as a screen door in a submarine.”

  36. or as my dear Mother used to say…about as useful as a chocolate teapot…..

  37. LOL! The Berniehive — they are sooo hilarious!

    [–]MidgardDragon 5 points 21 hours ago
    It’s the same thing she has done in every state with early voting. This isn’t the only state where people could vote via absentee that had strict rules about who could use the system that had a massive spike in the usual absentee voting. She’s abused the system via nursing homes and mailing absentee ballots to older folks, but it’s still not won her a state in two weeks.
    [–]politicswthsoul [score hidden] 2 hours ago
    I think the evidence is massive this time. 70% of the votes for HRC in Wyoming were absentee while only 20% of Bernies WY votes were. The ballots need to be audited. No way can they find that many voters throughout the state with legitimate excuses to absentee vote. permalinkparent
    [–]MidgardDragon 9 points 21 hours ago
    You’re ignoring facts to squabble over 1 delegate when if we won NY by 10% 1 delegate is meaningless. Phonebank NY instead, ignore this BS.

    Absolutely no effin’ clue why Hillary voters don’t want to show up at a caucus with Bernie’s braggarts. Feel the Math, kids!

  38. BTW, kids. Go ahead, phonebank NY with your usual attitudes, and watch Bernie lose even more. Bwhaha!

  39. The asshole is going after Hillary again…….I so want to punch him in the face.

    Bernie Sanders on Hillary Clinton: “In terms of her judgment, something is clearly lacking.”

  40. In terms of HIS judgment, how smart is it to keep repeating the clueless dog whistle she has more votes because of the South. We know he’s saying black people are supporting her so she’s ahead. Yeah. Keep insulting the people whose votes you need. That’s smart. Keep it up you clueless codger. Come on New York. A win like we gave her in Florida will taste so sweet.

  41. This week, Bernie Sanders netted more “Pinocchios” than delegates. http://wapo.st/1UZY4pb

  42. Did Sanders vote to approve Hillary for Secretary of State? Did he vote to approve Kerry? Both of them voted for the Iraq resolution, along with about 75 other senators. If he felt that their judgment was clearly lacking, why did he vote for them? Did he think that Obama’s judgment was clearly lacking when he appointed each of them?

    For Sanders, everyone’s judgment is clearly lacking, but his own. He wanted to primary Obama. He never campaigns for anyone else. No one is as pure and right as he is. He votes for the NRA lock stock and barrel, and his judgment is wonderful, as always. He goes off to the Vatican, thinking he will have an audience with the Pope, to discuss the rigged casino on Wall Street, but the Pope is not there, and he is to speak to some minor academic conference. He gets interviewed by the NYDN editorial board, and either hasn’t studied his own positions, or was just winging it all along. Excellent judgment by Sanders.

  43. I was just looking at the totals and the margins she won in Texas and Florida are twice the total of his margins in every state….

    Hillary gained 1 million votes over Sanders in Florida and Texas alone.

  44. Moon

    “This week, Bernie Sanders netted more “Pinocchios” than delegates.”

    Now there’s a bumper sticker for ya!

    Once again, thanks so much for your election feedback. You should take Upps up on posting your data collection.

  45. Uppity..i’ll get on it this week for you, just a resume forecast and model on what should happen in the last 20 races and what Hillary needs to do.

  46. California Democratic Presidential Primary


    RCP Average (March/6 – April/4) — Clinton +9.5%

  47. Just got back from Hillary’s Baltimore rally…. wish I could post pictures. I was pretty close and she incredible. So glad I went. It was an overflow crowd (but a small venue) and very spirited.

  48. honora, got some pics for us to be jealous over?

  49. Paulette, methinks you will get your wish.

  50. Bernie Sanders on Hillary Clinton: “In terms of her judgment, something is clearly lacking.”

    Uppity on Bernie Sanders: In terms of his mental health and temperament, PLENTY is clearly lacking.

  51. VotingHillary, on April 9, 2016 at 8:22 PM said:
    You know you are having a bad week politically when you have earned more Pinocchios for lying than you earn delegates.:)

    I posted this on my Twitter account last night as well as here and within 5 minutes my account blew up with “likes” and “retweets”. It is still making the rounds today.

    Hope it’s royally pissing off Bernie’s creeps…I mean peeps. 🙂

  52. I want to Upps, but I can’t figure out how to post pictures… I have a selfie and everything.

  53. Posted a picture on twitter…. honoratoo

  54. I’ll email you honora.

  55. Oh okay I’ll get it there on twitter then.

  56. I had to search to find this (and I need some bleach or something to disinfect myself now) but this absolutely cracked me up:


    No you little fckwad turds you are not getting an open primary. You want to have a say in selecting the party nominee then join the fkcing political party!

  57. Luna thanks for that info on absentee caucus voting. Could they make it anymore difficult?

  58. Looky Here! honora’s pic.

  59. I hate that about wordpress. You can’t post a pic easily. Gotta load it into the media center then copy the link and put it into a code. It’s really archaic.

  60. Wait until they find out PA is the same way., Fred.

  61. It was so much fun. Two hours outside, two hours inside but I met wonderful people. She spoke for about 40 minutes and included Maryland stuff… like talking about Mikulski as a mentor and mentioning Cummings and the Bengazi hearings. It was so exciting. When Hillary starts speaking, Sanders creeps start making trouble. I can see why Trump people go crazy. We had all investing a lot of time and effort to see Hillary and they were trying to deny us the ability. Go listen to Stupid Sanders waste of time and energy. I am not going to get into your way. If you are so afraid of us hearing Hillary then that says a great deal about you. They were gone in 20 seconds, but the local paper mentioned them and ignored all of us. UGH

  62. Wait until they find out PA is the same way., Fred.

    Oh good, they’ll be crapping their diapers again. Too sad. 😉

    Honora I saw a small writeup about the protesters at her rally.

  63. honora
    I have a selfie and everything.
    I couldn’t possibly be more jealous.

    I did see Bill from about 6 feet away, direct eye contact and it was a thrill…but have never seen Hillary. Even in Denver in 2008 I always missed seeing her.

  64. Shadowbox, I know what you mean. At first I was taking video and pictures. Then I said Stop, just take this experience in. She was really close, I was so damn excited. She spoke for 45 minutes and didn’t use any notes. So impressive.

  65. Sanders people are SO RUDE, just like HE is. He enables them. Despicable people.

    A selfie, yeah, cool!

  66. Hahah Fredster, I remember when they started that dumbassed petition. As IF they can make the rules or change them at will. The NY party must have laughed their asses off. What a bunch of dumb twits. Like we are going to change our PROPER primary for them. Maybe they should go Twinkles Down and throw paper airplanes at everyone. Little fools.

  67. Dear Senator Schumer,

    We, the undersigned call on you to demand that the New York State Democratic Party open its 2016 Presidential Primaries to the over 2.9 million independent voters in our state.

    Chuck Schumer. ROFL. they don’t even know who heads up the STATE party. Morons.


  68. What is this feud with Sanders and Bill Clinton. Bill needs to keep quiet. Sanders is speaking of a contested convention.

    Hillary looks so much better in person.

  69. See Video bring tissues. Then see the HORRIBLE comments from Bernie Animals.

  70. They are trying to keep this e-mail crap going maybe until Jul.

  71. Clinton left the State Department in January of 2013. No one was probing any emails in the rest of 2013. Or in 2014, or the first half of 2015. Only when she announced her candidacy did this “email probe” begin. This is not a coincidence. And it is not independent, either, it is politically motivated by anti-Hillary people at the FBI. And that is the concern, because they are not subject to reasonableness in this matter. When Hoover was heading the FBI, they violated all sorts of rules, and they drove people out of the country or to jail, or to suicide. So one can never be certain what some people there might do, and who is in charge.

  72. so inspirational:

  73. Bernie ads are now flooding the Pittsburgh airwaves. Only seen one for Hillary. She needs to step it up.

  74. I have a question that has been bothering me for a long time. Why are people, especially, Republicans so afraid of Hillary that they have been smearing her for all these years? Granted, she has made mistakes, but why has she been so villianized?

  75. William, that is a good point. I wish I could figure out how to do a twitter on it.

  76. Got a call from the Pope. He said he had heard about my smelly feet. Wants me to come to the Vatican ASAP for a good foot washing. Said he was doing the same thing for a guy from Vermont.

  77. @Prolix: LOL! 😆

  78. socal, I threw this together…

  79. Sophie, that is excellent. I hope that it may help a bit. Thanks, Annie, for suggesting it.

  80. Good one Sophie!

  81. Birdgal. Because Penis.

  82. What is this feud with Sanders and Bill Clinton. Bill needs to keep quiet.

    Finally someone agrees with me. I do not think Bill is helpful. He’s too wrapped up in his own legacy and his temper is not helpful either. I wonder sometimes if outsiders looking in believe he’s not all that thrilled to see Hillary be President and taking some of his glitter from him.

    ……..ducking and running.

  83. Full Video of Hillary on The View.

  84. Prolix @ 11:52 pm: Funniest comment EVER!

  85. So these “progressives” who love BS so much don’t think elderly, disabled folks have the right to vote? One more reason to #FleetheBern.

  86. Why thank you Brassy!

  87. Damn I want to steal you Prolix. But my blog wife would beat me up!

  88. This sly OLD FOX I hope Hillary eats him alive at the debate.

  89. Bernie ads are now flooding the Pittsburgh airwaves. Only seen one for Hillary. She needs to step it up

    Received an e-mail from Hillary asking for nineteen dollars. She needs the money. She is raising money for the down ticket candidates. She should do like Sanders. Use this money now for her own campaign.

  90. She is raising money for the down ticket candidates. She should do like Sanders. Use this money now for her own campaign.

    I think this is good for the primary–local machines are canvassing and phone banking.

  91. It was such a beautiful weekend down in South Florida. The weather was dry with a high of 77 on Saturday and 78 on Sunday. The icing on the cake was the YUUUGGEEE Caucus that Bernie won. So YUUUGGEEE that they split the delegates evenly. Many of the morning shows on Sunday after going through the standard “he could still win” are now adding that in the unlikely event of a major game change, Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Nominee. That’s a big change for those Sunday shows. No matter how much momentum Bernie claims he has Hillary Clinton is still ahead with no way for him to catch up. Bernie can keep praying for a miracle but the Pope can’t and won’t save him.

    I don’t see NY as a game changer for anyone. Bernie will stay in until the bitter end. However, there will be no contested convention. The DNC will not allow it since Clinton is the clear leader or if not, then by the convention will probably have already reached that magical number. The only thing that will change is if she wins NY by a good margin, we can start calling the Presumptive Democratic Nominee. Maybe we should make an official seal for that?

    History is written by the victors. So years from now, history will not be kind to Bernie Sanders, the guy that wanted to lie, cheat and steal the Presidency from Hillary Clinton, the first woman President of the United States of America.

  92. Uppity, if anything, I think that Bill wants Hillary to win so badly, that he takes everything said against her as a personal affront. He has said for years that he thinks that she would make a better president than he was. He encouraged her to run this time, as did Chelsea. He will be very good in the general election campaign, because he makes the case against Republicans, puts history in perspective, better than anyone. He probably won the election for Obama with his speech at the convention, explaining the difference in the two parties to the average voters. In the primary campaign, he is not helping too much. But he was right about the 1994 Crime Bill, which was supported by most Congresspeople, indluding the Black Caucus, as violent gangs were permeating Los Angeles and other places. I would be upset, too, if a bunch of rude and self-serving people kept yelling that this bill was some kind of racist affront. I would only wish that Bill not react so demonstratively, as that is what gets covered by the media.

  93. Flvoter, I think that a decent win in NY will be very helpful for Hillary. It breaks the “streak” (all demographically caused) of Sanders, that the media keeps talking about, as if it is a baseball season. It would increase her delegate lead, which is a buffer against some of his potential wins in the Dakotas and Oregon. And it would increase her popular vote lead, which helps the narrative as well. I’m nervous about this primary, and the debate coming up, in which you can be sure that Sanders will attack her every second of it, as he and his advisors figure that this is his only chance. It will be the most unpleasant debate of them all, worse than that town hall in Florida. If we can get through this, and Hillary wins in NY, it will blunt any momentum that Sanders might have had. And then we should do well enough the next week, though PA may be close.

  94. If Sanders keep pointing his finger at her during the debate. She should bite it off. (wishful thinking)
    Hillary should do what Trump did. Say enough of these debates.

  95. History is written by the victors. So years from now, history will not be kind to Bernie Sanders, the guy that wanted to lie, cheat and steal the Presidency from Hillary Clinton, the first woman President of the United States of America

    Love this.

  96. C’mon guys, do any of you seriously think New York is going to vote for Sanders…..

    Has he won a megastate…No
    Has he won a state that had a high minority vote of latinos and AA’s…..Hello no.
    Has he won a closed Primary……No

    Is NY basically like Florida and Texas……

    If Obama could not beat her in New York in 2008, he sure as shit aint going to beat her in 2016 with the minority vote on her side.

  97. Bernie Sanders superdelegate strategy in a nutshell: what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine too. No surprise from a socialist.

  98. Can you believe Ivanka and Eric Trump are not registered to vote? Maybe they don’t want to vote for their dad.

  99. Why are we not hearing the story of Laura Bush on the news?

  100. neetaabug

    That’s a surprise to me that they are not registered. I guess in their heart of hearts they know their pop would not be a good President. Too bad that Ivanka isn’t going to vote for Hillary.

  101. Biden says he’d “like to see a woman elected” and says HRC is “overwhelmingly” qualified to be president.

  102. New York Democratic Presidential Primary

    Hillary +14% over Sandcrab

  103. Birdgal, on April 10, 2016 at 11:32 PM said:
    Why are people, especially, Republicans so afraid of Hillary that they have been smearing her for all these years? Granted, she has made mistakes, but why has she been so villianized?

    It was going on when she was First Lady in Arkansas, and probably before that. She was married to Bill but using her maiden name! She wouldn’t stay home and bake cookies! (Then next press conference or whatever, she brought cookies for the reporters.)

    They used her to attack Bill for having an uppity woman.

    GDR, but BTW, since Unqualifiedgate, there was an article with a list of her accomplishments going back even before Arkansas … in Glamor Magazine of all places.

  104. Interesting aspects of the Monmouth poll in NY. Hillary up 51-39, with about a 5.5% margin of error. However, the poll reports more Sanders voters sure of their vote. Also, apparently more minority voters undecided than is usually the case Sanders is making a big push to diminish Hillary’s advantage among Blacks and Latinos. I am sure that in the debate, he will go in exactly that direction, trying to blame her in some way for incarcerations, and other such things. That it makes no sense has never been of concern to Sanders. My feeling right now is that the NY result will be less than 10%, and I hope that I am wrong on that. Any win will probably be sufficient, but of course we would like 15-20% or so. This is essentially Sanders’ last stand, so he will do anything he can to damage her.

  105. Why are people, especially, Republicans so afraid of Hillary that they have been smearing her for all these years?

    “They’re afraid of her because she’s such a strong Democrat,” an African-American veteran told me. I was walking through a VA medical clinic lobby where the TV, turned to a news show, has some R-winger blathering about Hillary’s email “scandal.” I’d been laughing and saying “Colin Powell used his personal email too!” as I walked past and met this veteran’s eyes. I explained why I was laughing, and he said “They’re just harassing her because they’re afraid of her. She’s such a strong Democrat. And they hate that.” We ended up chatting and exchanging quips about the wingnuts.

    I think about that incident every so often. And especially when white young Berniebros whine about Hillary winning “conversative Southern states.” Hey, Hillary gets shit done for blacks, women, children, workers, and all of us, without coddling the rich guys — or the NRA.

  106. William, a 5.5% moe is not a poll. It’s a guestimate. I tend to dismiss polls with more than a 4% moe, and even that is a bit high. IMHO, moe should be no more than 3.5%, especially in a large state like NY.

  107. You people puzzling about why the younger Trumpers aren’t registered to vote? Honestly. You’re obviously not billionaires. They’re not dragging their designer-clad butts to some grimy voting place full of proles! They just buy Congresscritters. (Only about $6000 each in the House! Cheap!).

  108. Brassy Rebel, I certainly agree on MOE. That was quite high. There are a number of these “local” state polls which have smaller samples like that, and higher MOEs. I’m probably worrying too much about such things. I just want to win NY and PA, and then we can relax for a while.

  109. Hey– I just got polled!! It was automated but it did ask if I was likely to vote in the primary, which party, for whom, and if I felt strongly!

  110. Sophie, those 2 interviews are such a contrast!

    No surprise there, of course.

  111. Uppity Woman, 1950 Democrat, Sophie Ct, and NW Luna, thank you for your responses. Helps me to understand some of the vicious attacks on her. The Bernie boys and girls are spouting right wing memes. Nice to find a pro- Hillary site. ❤️

  112. A lot of polls miss the general sway of things, dont forget, they had Ohio level pegging and Hillary won it 58/42…and that was a semi open primary and north carolina…a semi closed primary, she still won that….Closed Primaries folks.

    Theres been 3 closed primaries so far…..

    Florida, Arizona, Louisiana…can you guess the common denominator.

  113. Another thing to remember, very few of the polls this cycle have been anywhere near the ball, more in the ball park but quite a bit off.

    Go with what your gut tells you.

  114. I went ahead and read the transcripts of her responses. Policy wonk, yes she most definitely is. The Hermione of the political world. She not only went into detail but she also said here we didn’t talk about this other stuff, lets address that. She is amazing. Really comfortable in her own skin and confident of her knowledge.

    If you haven’t read the transcripts please do. What a difference from the BS.

  115. I have never been polled. I have recently been begged for Dem donations, for downHill Dems. I tell them the same thing:

    1- Don’t call me at work!

    2- After what the DNC did to Hillary in 2008, don’t ever ask me to donate to anyone in your party, you need to get the President out to stump for money, that’s what he loves to do the most.

    3- I have been and will continue to donate to Hillary, you don’t need to ask me or try to get me into any stupid monthly plan.

  116. Glad to have you Birdgal. You are safe here. Cockroaches land in the dumpster.


    Read this letter from a superdelegate to Bernie, calling him, among other things, “Shrill” and warning him to stop and to tell his supporters to stop the “High School Bully” stuff and stop harassing superdelegates.


  118. Shadow, I was telling party callers that I was no longer a Democrat after 5/31/08. I even had a few callers say who knew exactly what I was talking about. The rest of them were told to look up what their party had done to Dem voters in FL & MI.

    In WA state you don’t have to register for a party affiliation. In fact, for many races it’s the top 2 vote-getters who move on from the primary to the general election, no matter what party they belong to. Which means you could have 2 Democrats in the GE against each other, because the Republican came in 3rd in the primary. So, good in a way. OTOH…open caucuses. But caucuses suck anyhow.

  119. Upps, that letter is great!

  120. Ms. Uppity at 10:16:

    I’m flattered, embarrassed, and my face has blushed as red as my neck.

  121. Uppity Woman, LOVED that letter!

  122. Jane Sanders today when asked by journalist Mark Halperin about releasing previous years of tax returns actually said “I have to go home to find them, I’m not sure where they are.” Seriously. Talking about not ready for prime time. Would media let the Clintons get away with this? Also said she files for extensions every year. Sounds a bit messy. Wonder what they don’t want us to see?

  123. I’m flattered, embarrassed, and my face has blushed as red as my neck.

    Red Neck!

  124. I got a Bernie call!
    I was very polite. I said,
    Get The Fuck Off My Phone Line You Bloodsucker.

  125. Birdgal, Socal, I’m sure that letter has found its way to the press. We’ll see what they do with it.

  126. Birdgal:
    Welcome to Uppityville…

  127. Sophie:
    Very good article from Bill Moyers, Thanks.

  128. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  129. LOL Genius Trump’s kids can’t vote for him in NY as they missed the deadline to either register to vote in a Primary (March 25) or deadline to change parties (October, 2015)

    We don’t fool around in NY. No hanky panky for Republicans and if you want to vote in a party primary, you can’t register or switch parties just before or the day of the primary. Be in the party or Hit The Road.

  130. About time the supers got vocal about the Bernie Bullies. Also, his bandits are planning on stacking the CNN crowd for the debates. It’s all over Twitter.

  131. birdgal

    Nice to find a pro- Hillary site. ❤️

    Yes, many of us have left other blogs…thanks Upps for keeping the door open for all of us Hillary supporters.

  132. Bravo for Bob Mulholland
    DNC Member
    Chico, CA

    Now there’s a Super delegate that will stand by Hillary!

  133. I also thank you Upps, it is nice to find a pro Hillary site. I left one site because of the way they treated Hillary supporters.

  134. NW Luna

    Interesting…two people of the same party could win if the other party super-sucked.

  135. Thanks for the link Neetabug!

  136. I also thank you Upps, it is nice to find a pro Hillary site. I left one site because of the way they treated Hillary supporters.

    You have my word that won’t happen here. Bernie and Other cockroaches are flushed before they even make it to the comment section.

    Shadow, you’re welcome.

  137. Upps

    got a Bernie call!
    I was very polite. I said,
    Get The Fuck Off My Phone Line You Bloodsucker.

    Fight like a girl, nice!

  138. Votinng, those bernie creeps down at bernie central deleted that conversation on stacking the debate, but not before the screen shots were sent to hillary, cnn and chris cuomo.

  139. Oh, uppity, I loved that letter from the super delegate.

  140. I know Upps, but God bless screen-shots because they are still being tweeted.

  141. Funny, but not funny. I feel really bad for the superdelegates on both sides.

  142. LOVE that video!

  143. My rant for tonight. So Springsteen and Bryan Adams cancelled their concerts in show of solidarity with the LG(BT) community. Big fucking whoop. Would have been far better to have held the concerts, donated ALL the proceeds to to local LG(BT) organizations and allowed fund-raisers at the gate and inside the venues. All they did was hurt fans who probably weren’t for that law in NC or Mississippi to begin with.

    Think and act…don’t react.

    I’m done with my rant.

  144. My rant for tonight. So Springsteen and Bryan Adams cancelled their concerts in show of solidarity with the LG(BT) community. Big fucking whoop. Would have been far better to have held the concerts, donated ALL the proceeds to to local LG(BT) organizations and allowed fund-raisers at the gate and inside the venues. All they did was hurt fans who probably weren’t for that law in NC or Mississippi to begin with.

    Amen! Greensboro, where the Bruce concert was cancelled, has a huge Quaker community and is a pretty progressive city, so you know there wasn’t much support for HB2 there. And Charlotte, which lost the NBA All-Star game (not to mention a TV show, PayPal and several lucrative conventions) is the city that passed the non-discrimination law in the first place. I know they are just laughing their asses off in Raleigh at the irony.

  145. Yeah Ga, I’d say that superdelegate was super pissed.

    Did you notice the mention of targeting women supers? Isn’t that typical of Bernie’s Frat Boys? Can’t rape them though, like they do on campuses.

  146. Voting, I think that dog is also eating Bernie’s medical records!

    Hillary’s NYDN interview is very long and detailed but well worth the time. If you access it on a mobile device, I recommend Wi-Fi. Such a contrast to BS’s “I don’t know” and”I haven’t thought about that” answers.

  147. No, I didn’t notice the targeting of supers though I did see where he said 12 year olds should be able to answer the phone without being harassed or something to that extent.

  148. Ga, page 1

    I have not received harassing phone calls but it does appear women DNC Members are getting the brunt of the threats.

  149. Link below is right on. Yeah, I have a burr up my behind about Bernie and his followers on this point of dissing, not getting POC. I agree with the cogent, reasoned points about why blacks support the Clintons. I’ve been a supporter of both since the ’90s and called it early for family and friends: “this guy Clinton is the best of the bunch.” But, really it could be about why any voting block regardless of creed or color support them. They are brilliant, passionate people, who could have used their superior talents for whatever they chose. Are they perfect? No. None of us are. But they both get the downtrodden side and have chosen to use their gifts to lift people up. I shutter to think what the results would have been if they both decided to join the GOP!

    View story at Medium.com

  150. Brassy Rebel, I did read that Hillary interview yesterday, and of course was very impressed, as I always am, with her depth of knowledge and interest in so many issues. One had the feeling that she wanted to spend more hours discussing everything with the editorial board. The contrast between her and every other single person on both sides in this race is beyond dramatic. It is a shame that the broadcast media doesn’t care about such things, and that the average voters either don’t know, or are not willing to take the time and find out. Every other candidate talks in insulting platitudes, and is arrogant or stupid enough to think that they will just figure it out as they go along. Hillary has thought about everything in great depth, and has complex and nuanced ideas about every issue.

  151. “…keep winning by large margins…” say the Grassroots Occupy kids. Soooo large the delegate count is, uh, ahem, 1 more and Bernie’s still way behind in overall delegates. Feel the Math!

  152. Ah, my first comment seemed to disappear, so I wrote a similar one, and now I’ve got two which are just the same! Well, I will try to make up for that by noting that a Marist poll in NY has Hillary up by 14, and that is a somewhat larger sample than the Monmouth poll of yesterday. If we can somehow win this primary by more than ten points, this will be a very important win, as it will pretty much end any stories about Sanders being able to gain any ground.

  153. Hillary also learned from 2008 that winning the vote doesn’t guarantee you won. That is why she had gathered over 400 superdelegates before she entered the race. I hope those 400+ superdelegates are PUMAs!

  154. Yipes, my comment disappeared too…I will wait to see if it shows up. Instead of coming back to Upps site, I ended up at a twitter site. Wonky stuff going on.

  155. Great bumper sticker –

    ‘Feel the Math! Hillary 2016’

  156. Okay. Upps, not surprised to hear that though.

  157. Shadow, William, there are no comments in moderation or spam from either of you. So, it beats me.

  158. Which comment to you want to keep, William? First or second?

  159. Uppity, the first one is fine to keep, thanks.. I typed that and posted it, but it did not show, so I thought it went to spam as sometimes will happen. But then after I wrote the replacement one, the first one came up, too Strange. But I’m glad they didn’t go into spam..

  160. My comment showed up Upps, thanks.

  161. After we elect Hillary, we need to repair the nomination process… No caucuses, no VIP treatment for Iowa, NH, SC and Nevada. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/time-to-reform-big-sanders

  162. This text is a few screens down at the site, and there’s an instant-start sound recording of Samantha S. with political comedy (pretty good especially re Superdelegates).

    Even as Bernie Sanders and various people in the Vatican publicly argue over how or whether he was invited to speak at a Pontifical Academy of

    Social Sciences meeting, the schedule for the event has been posted on the official Vatican website. Two things have become clear. One is that

    Pope Francis won’t be there, as he’s scheduled to be in Greece at the time. The other is that Sanders is an unwanted last-second addition who is

    only speaking for ten minutes of a coffee break.

    The schedule for the Academy event, which is a twenty-five year anniversary look back at an encyclical from the late Pope John Paul, reveals

    several interesting details. All of the speakers are professors and theologists, confirming that the event is decidedly non-political and that a Senator

    like Bernie Sanders does not fit. The bios for the speakers are listed in alphabetical order, except for Sanders, who is out of order ahead of Jeffrey

    Sachs, and appears to have been hastily wedged into the bio list after it had already been put together. But perhaps most interesting is Bernie’s

    time slot, which sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Bernie Sanders is scheduled to speak at 16:00 local time, with a coffee break scheduled at 16:10. That means he’s only speaking for ten minutes,

    far less than any of the speakers do who belong there. Moreover, this is the only instance of anything on the schedule beginning at :10, suggesting

    that the coffee break was supposed to begin at 16:00 and ten minutes of it was subsequently carved out of it to wedge Sanders in after the

    schedule had been set. In other words, Bernie is speaking during a coffee break.

    —– [[[ Hmmm, now let’s see, who can translate “unqualified … unqualified … unqualified” into Latin? – 1950 ]]]

  163. [ Woops, pls use this version for better formatting.]

    This text is a few screens down at the site, and there’s an instant-start sound recording of Samantha S. with political comedy (pretty good especially re Superdelegates).

    Even as Bernie Sanders and various people in the Vatican publicly argue over how or whether he was invited to speak at a Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences meeting, the schedule for the event has been posted on the official Vatican website. Two things have become clear. One is that Pope Francis won’t be there, as he’s scheduled to be in Greece at the time. The other is that Sanders is an unwanted last-second addition who is only speaking for ten minutes of a coffee break.

    The schedule for the Academy event, which is a twenty-five year anniversary look back at an encyclical from the late Pope John Paul, reveals several interesting details. All of the speakers are professors and theologists, confirming that the event is decidedly non-political and that a Senator like Bernie Sanders does not fit. The bios for the speakers are listed in alphabetical order, except for Sanders, who is out of order ahead of Jeffrey Sachs, and appears to have been hastily wedged into the bio list after it had already been put together. But perhaps most interesting is Bernie’s time slot, which sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Bernie Sanders is scheduled to speak at 16:00 local time, with a coffee break scheduled at 16:10. That means he’s only speaking for ten minutes, far less than any of the speakers do who belong there. Moreover, this is the only instance of anything on the schedule beginning at :10, suggesting that the coffee break was supposed to begin at 16:00 and ten minutes of it was subsequently carved out of it to wedge Sanders in after the schedule had been set. In other words, Bernie is speaking during a coffee break.

    —– [ Hmmm, now let’s see, who can translate “unqualified … unqualified … unqualified” into Latin? — 1950 ]

  164. First Poll of Connecticut……..

    Dem only voters……..Clinton 49% Sanders 43%

    Problem is Conn is a same day registration state, so indies can change reg to Dem on the day….so annoying.

    With indies added in its Clinton 47 Sanders 46.

    Clinton only needs to widen her support among Dems a little bit and she wins it easily according to Emerson pollsters.

  165. Sanders plays the equality game but every single one of his high paid staffers is a dude.


    ezebel did a deep dive into the salaries of campaign staffers for each of the remaining presidential candidate and the results were… illuminating. On some campaigns, it seems that women fare pretty well in terms of both representation and salary, and on others, not so much.

    Joanna Rothkopf, a Jezebel staff writer, crunched the numbers from year-end reports which included payroll information obtained from the Federal Election Commission from October to December 2015. She then broke down the salaries of campaign staffers who had received at least four paychecks with a “projected annual salary” of at least $24,000. She calculated both the average salaries for men and women, and the salaries of the top 10 best-paid staffers on each campaign.

    Based on her calculations….

    The top 10 highest-paid staffers on Bernie Sanders’ campaign are ALL men. However, looking at the campaign as a whole, women’s average salaries are a little under $1,000 more than the men’s salaries.
    The biggest pay gap surfaced in Ted Cruz’s campaign, where men earn more than $20,000 more than women do on average.
    Hillary Clinton’s campaign was described as “fairly equitable, with male and female staffers making essentially the same amount of money.” Though, unsurprisingly, her campaign was also the only one where women outnumbered men. (Of her 10 highest-paid staffers, however, six are men and four are women.)
    Marco Rubio, who just ended his presidential campaign, took the lead when it came to women’s pay. According to Jezebel’s numbers, women on average made more than $5,000 more than men on Rubio’s campaign.

    ……..as we said before, he is a lying hypocrite.

  166. Here is the caveat in the Conn poll and one that will have Hillary win it handily….

    “However, she commands more loyalty: 72% of Democrats who find her favorable say they ill vote for her in the Connecticut primary, compared to 47% who are loyal to Sanders.”

    So basically she has locked support, his is wishy washy.

  167. Hey guys did you hear that 60s radical, and former husband of Jane Fonda, has switched his support from Sanders to Hillary? It is on Blue Nation Review. Guess Hayden has an article in the Nation magazine

  168. Ok William, fixed. I just think there was a WP delay in some comments appearing on the board.

  169. Yeah, Hayden’s article goes on forever. I don’t know how far through it I was when I took a break, but so far it’s been all about progressive ideals and a couple of sentences about how Berned doesn’t have any actual plans. I mean, I’m glad he opened his eyes but, jeez man, summarize!

    Anyway, one thing he said which I see over and over again, it’s not just him, is repeating a zillion times about how Clinton is ahead in delegates and then diving into Sanders’ popularity. Makes it sound like she’s ahead on some technicality. Hellooo? She’s also nearly three (3) million votes ahead. Could they mention that occasionally? How about not erasing all of us who figured it out months, years, decades ago?

  170. Quixote, I also looked at the Hayden thing @ The Nation {shuddering…Bernbro territory}. Like you said it was waaay too long. He blathers on about himself, praises Bernbutt to the skies, then at the end, says he is supporting HIllary because minority groups are supporting her and he can’t let them down!?! He is the same egomaniac he always was. I remember when I was a kid, I read an article about him and Jane and I felt sorry for her being stuck with him.
    Also, the comments are vile, as you would expect from The Nation. I’m never clicking on their crap again.

  171. Do you get the feeling Obama and Biden while not saying and endorsing they are dropping hints like mad……………..

    In his speech Tuesday commemorating the designation of a new national monument honoring women’s equality, President Barack Obama said he looked forward to the day when future visitors to the Washington, D.C., site would be “astonished” that at one point in time, a woman had never been president.

    “I want young girls and boys to come here 10, 20, 100 years from now to know that women fought for equality, it was not just given to them. I want them to come here and be astonished there was ever a time when women could not vote,” Obama said during his remarks at the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument, which served as the headquarters of the National Woman’s Party since 1929. “I want them to be astonished that there was ever a time when women earned less than men for doing the same work.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/04/obama-woman-president-221839#ixzz45edamtTX
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

  172. That was indeed apparently the big punchline at the end: my wife is Oglala Sioux and I support minorities and Berner hasn’t done enough on that.

    True, but why bury your lede 10,000 words down?

    Anyway. Welcome aboard, Tom.

  173. And why the BO and the Biden don´t just endorse Hillary?
    Dropping hints are nothing but “droppings and not enough testes”…

  174. Daily news endorsement full editorial: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/vote-hillary-clinton-article-1.2598171

    My fave parts:

    “On April 19, New York Democrats will have unusual say over the party’s nominee. They have in Clinton a superprepared warrior realist. They have in opponent Bernie Sanders a fantasist who’s at passionate war with reality. By choosing Clinton, Empire State Dems would powerfully signal that the party has gotten real about achieving long-sought goals.

    Clinton is unsparingly clear-eyed about what’s wrong with America while holding firm to what’s right with America.”

    And assessment of Bernie:

    “Here then the moment has arrived to reckon, instead, with truths about Sanders and his programs:

    Subjected to meaningful scrutiny for the first time, the senator from Vermont proved utterly unprepared for the Oval Office while confirming that the central thrusts of his campaign are politically impossible.

    Which, paradoxically, is good news, because some of the most prominent Sanderisms would likely wreak epic economic damage.”

  175. NY Daily news endorsed Hillary Clinton

  176. Sorry voting Hillary you beat me to the punch

  177. NYDN…best description of Bernie Sanders EVAH:

    a fantasist who’s at passionate war with reality.

  178. When the Hell is the NY Times going to endorse Hillary? When they get over their love affair with the King of the Frauds?

  179. OMG!!!!!!!! That NYDN was the best endorsement ever!! Only…did I read it wrong..or did they kinda say at the beginning that Obama didn’t do such a great job with the economy? Did they also kinda-sorta say that Hillary would be better?? (First let me say WE TOLD YOU SO! To everyone back in 2008) Okay, got that outta my system. But my actual worry is that Bam might be a teeny bit upset about that part? Hillary has done such a great job of praising him, but justifying her candidacy of making things even better! A fine line to walk. She usually says, Obama got us out of the hole, we’re standing, but we need to be running. Or something like that. Anyway, I’m just kicking my heels up with that endorsement and with the truth telling about Birdman! Finally! Yes, somebody said it, the emperor Birdman is naked!

  180. Yeah they did slap Barack around some, hell Hillary didn’t say it. Blame it on Bernie.

    Shadow NY Times endorsed her in January

  181. That NYDN endorsement is the best one I have ever read. They seem to get what is going on in the country these days. What do you think Upps since you live in NY?

  182. Birdman

    Haha, good one Imust.

  183. Uppity Woman, on April 12, 2016 at 9:04 PM said:
    Here Shadow


    Thanks Upps. Beautiful photo and write up of our girl.

    Is this just an opinion, or is it the whole flipping NYTimes endorsement?

    I have about 8 years of anger to get over with the ObamaLovin’Times….

  184. Tonight’s Twitter funny (but not-so funny):

  185. Just read the DM endorsement. omg, it is amazing!

  186. Voting, I saw that ponygate piece a while back on twitter. Its great, am glad its still making the rounds.

  187. Thank you, NYDN for doing what every other media outlet has refused to do–vetting Bernie!

  188. I’ve been trying to figure out why young women are not supporting Clinton overwhelmingly. By now they should be able to see first hand Bernie’s gender based attacks on Clinton. They should have been able to see how the deck is still stacked against women from our healthcare needs to our salaries. Have their parents in shielding their daughters from the reality of the world and continuing the “you can do anything” not taught them that there is a very real bias against them because of their gender? I support advocating the “you can do anything” but I think it needs to be realistically promoted by also saying you need to work hard and be tough because the road ahead is not easy but in the end the rewards are tremendous. You won’t all get a trophy even if you deserve one.

    Maybe I just have a different take on reality since I am an immigrant and minority. I knew from the beginning that the deck was stacked against me and fought all the more to achieve my goals. I never lingered on bigotry or sexism, I just ignored it and moved forward. However, I think the big difference for me versus these young Bernie gals is that I know sexism and bigotry exists. It has effected my life and the choices I have had to make. it is still that six hundred pound gorilla in the room that the left of the party pretends only exists in republican land and therefore refuse to talk about permeating their ranks. If they refuse to acknowledge it then it doesn’t exists. But like an untended wound it will continue to grow and fester.

  189. I’ve wondered the same thing, flvoter. (I even did a post about it on my own blog.) But the gist of my thinking is that it’s a lot harder when you’re young.

    1) You’ve (I hope!) been kicked around less so it’s easier to be oblivious to how bad things are.

    2) If you do face how bad they are, you’ll realize you’re super-vulnerable if looking for a job and all the rest is in your future, and you’ll have to see that things get worse not better, and you’ve got sixty, seventy years of crap ahead of you instead of, say, thirty.

    3) Meanwhile, although it’s apparently a big political no-no to say this out loud, all the Cool Kidz (=boyz and menz) around you aren’t even questioning that Berner is the Cool Candidate. I don’t know about you, but I remember wanting to fit in with my peer group *a lot* in the high and far off times.

  190. flvoter

    I’ve talked to some young women that are voting for Bernie. They take for granted what feminists have worked so hard to achieve all these years.

    They hear much worse sexism from rap songs and on the streets than they do from Bernie.

    They all think their student loans will be wiped clean and they will never have to pay for college or health care again if Bernie wins. They think it will be instantly like Scandinavia.

    When I tell them how high the taxes are in those countries, from everyone working, they assume it’s just the rich will have to pay.

    They don’t think money should be spent on the military…

    They just get upset if I try to explain the facts.

  191. Q, Maybe my background and upbringing made me tougher than these Bernie gals today. I never played well with the Kool Kidz, I didn’t have time to waste on that nonsense. Because we are isolated from family and friends in our countries of birth, growing up we were on our own and knew it. We all know that we kinda of stick out like a cultural sore thumbs against American culture. We try very hard to fit in, sometimes its works and sometimes it doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, my parents are great people and are still wonderful. I love them very dearly and wouldn’t hesitate to do anything for their comfort, but they were busy working a lot of hours for us to move ahead in this country. As young children, my brother and I were often left at home with my grandmother, who spoke no English. We learned very early in life to fend for ourselves with the outside English speaking world. I don’t think my experiences growing up are very different than other immigrant children. We were forced to deal with “reality” sooner than your average child of non-immigrants. Just to be perfectly clear, my family and myself are eternally grateful for the USA taking us in and sheltering us from Castro. We love are adopted country and its people.

    But, H3ll, I could very well be wrong in my reasoning about these Bernie gals, its just my personal opinion. As they say opinions are like azzholes, everyone has one and they all stink. LOL!!!

  192. Bottom line, all women that get it…are voting for Hillary.

  193. Fl voter, it’s pretty much that they don’t have the life experiences yet to realize what they are up against. It’s one of the reasons they think Bernie’s fantasy can come true by him waving his hand. There’s a reason why candidates picked by this particular age group (think McGovern) generally do the worst in general elections. That age group just doesn’t have the judgement developed over years of experience when it comes to anything in politics or life.

  194. Hillary Clinton’s campaign sucks. It blows goats. If she wants to keep throwing styrofoam balls at a savage and his animals while they are skewering her with ice picks, then I give up. This is the worst most ineffective campaign I have seen since John McCain.

    You can’t just stand there and let people draw your blood and smile over it. If she’s worrying about his “followers” she needs to stop, they are terrible at getting to the polls to begin with and they are NOT the majority. I say Fuck Them. Don’t need them. They weren’t there before, so they won’t be there now. This is ridiculous pandering to a bunch of useless pissants who think everybody owes them something. This is OWS, lazy bastards riled up. Hillary needs to vet that piece of shit and she’s not, while he does everything he can to kill her without going to jail.

    She should be winning NY by 30 points, not ten. This is her own campaign’s fault. This cowardice over a bunch of unreliable children who won’t wake up in time to vote due to a round of beer pong the night before……is pathetic. Period. Meanwhile, he’s blitzing NY with ads and she…….smiles.

  195. A big problem with these women is that it is true they don’t have the life experience, but damn you can learn by watching what is happening. It’s not so much the life experience, its that they think that somehow they are different and it could not happen to them.

    Bernie is really scary to me. No one thinks that their country can turn communist with a despot running it, but it happened in Cuba. Why can’t they see that it can happen here too? When Castro began, it got support against a dictator by stating he would bring democracy back. But that never happened. And now I am seeing the seemingly everyday vilification of democracy. Every time the Bernie’s want to over throw the will of the people, it makes me cringe.

  196. UW, I agree. This is not a good campaign. It’s hard to pull these Bernie’s under the Clinton Umbrella for the GE when Bernie himself along with his surrogates have actively promoted her vilification and that of the Democratic Party.

    If the media won’t vet Bernie then her campaign needs to start. They need to show him as the sexist, lying, cheat that he is.

  197. I’m not going to get hyped up over a lousy campaign. And it is lousy. You watch him gain on her in NY while she talks happiness and love bullshit. If she wins by a few points he’s going to LOVE it. He’s going to say SEE? She can’t even win big in her OWN state. What part of this shit is she having a problem grasping with her namby-pamby TV representatives like Palmieri, who is as effective as a screen door in a submarine with her sweetsy bullshit while Bernie’s surrogates’ mouths are going like a wippoorwill’s ass skewering Hillary. Her answers are always NOTHINGNESS. Happy HORSESHIT.

    YOu see where a senator endorsed Bernie? This is the time to say when He gets endorsed it’s wonderful, when I get endorsed it’s the establishment. But NOPE. She just lets all these opportunities slide. SHe couldn’t win a council seat in my city with this kind of campaign. You can’t just sit there and be shit on day and night and expect not to lose steam.

  198. And that David Brock isn’t worth the powder to blow him up with. He’s sitting on this huge PAC and producing NOTHING that’s any good. And he looks like a dope on TV besides. Another useless spokesperson. Her campaign is riddled with namby-pamby spokespeople. Pathetic. Even Bob Beckle looks like he’s given up. He just sits there and watches Hillary getting set aflame some more on CNN. He has that WHy Bother? look on his face.

    She needs to cut the string on those bernie animals, let em go. She’ll be better off in the end. And if those dumb bernie girls want to live with a Ted Cruz or Donald Trum SCOTUS, they will get what they deserve in November.

  199. Marist poll has her 58-36 in Maryland. I tell you true, it it weren’t for African Americans, Hillary would be out of the running by now.

  200. FLVoter, I say from the bottom of my heart, I wish there were more of you and less of what I am looking at in this country. At least you appreciate what it’s like to live in a free country and you understand what it means to take responsibility for your life, unlike these little pissants chasing after Bernie’s ass. You sound very much like the way my grandparents had to adapt. It’s not easy and selfish self righteous bastards around you don’t make it easy.

  201. Uppity, how do you think the campaign needs to change ?

  202. Bernie Sanders 2006 Senate Debate – https://www.youtube.com/watch?…

    2006 Senate Run Debate Sanders (I) vs Tarrant (R) – Issues Debated:

    Sanders – I believe in trade – trade is good. 32:50
    Sanders – Marriage is a state’s rights issue 27:50
    Sanders – Global warming.
    Sanders – Iran – President Bush misled us. Bring the troops home with a date certain.
    Tarrant – Letter from GE 1986 – Sanders’ anti-business rhetoric hurts Vermont.
    Tarrant – Universal healthcare – Expand Medicare.
    Sanders – Single Payer system administered at the State level.
    Tarrant – Sanders has been saying this for 16 years and has has been ineffective. He wants to let the States experiment with what works. No detail. No substance. No meat.
    Sanders – (On Sanders’ confrontational style of non-compromising policy) Yeah, I will fight for the poor and the middle class.
    Tarrant – You voted against tax relief for the middle class.
    Sanders – Yes, $700 billion in tax cuts for people who didn’t need it. Increase the minimum wage, child care, credits for Hybrid cars, college, etc.
    Tarrant – You chose to hurt the rich at the expense of the middle class, rather than help the middle class while the rich benefit .
    Sanders – North Korea
    Tarrant – Sanders has written 166 bills in 16 years and two – two bills have passed.
    Sanders – Amendments that pass on the floor are more effective.
    Tarrant – Then why write 166 bills – not an effective use of your time.
    Sanders – Patriot Act, Civil Liberties, and the War on Terror
    Tarrant – (On being a business with much wealth and feeling fir the average person). More business persons should be in the House and Senate. They know what businesses think about everyday.
    Sanders – We don’t need more millionaires in congress.
    Tarrant – Well, whomever the people chose there will be one more millionaire.
    Sanders – My wife would like that, but that is not true.
    Sanders – Will you turn over your tax returns.
    Tarrant – Your pension alone is worth more than a million dollars.
    Tarrant – (On supreme court justices) – No litmus test (abortion).

    Feel free to pass it on

  203. UW, Thank you. I do think that there are a lot more of us out there than the Bernies. We just are not very loud. We go about our daily lives and never give up on our quest to achieve the American Dream. That’s why she wins the Hispanic vote. We appreciate this country because we’ve seen the “other” and the “other” sucks. We have a great respect for democracy since we know what its like to have lost it.

  204. I have felt that the NY primary would be pretty close. Sanders has a lot more money than Hillary does. That matters. I saw Ariana’s fake husband Michael Huffington come within two points of Diane Feinstein in a senatorial race. simply because they spent $26 million (an immense amount then) running ads which did nothing but show ugly pictures of her, and make insulting comments. Ad money very unfortunately is powerful. And I am virtually certain that much of Sanders’ money comes from the right wing shadow organizations. There is no way that he can keep raking in $44 million a month from his core supporters, while Hillary has to keep having fundraising dinners with movie stars. The Right desperately wants him to be nominated, and then they will win the election.

    There is a group in the Democratic Party which hates Hillary Clinton. I figured at the outset that any anti-Hillary candidate could get 40% of the vote. Sanders, Warren, Alan Grayson could even get that much. You see the usual left wing suspects, magazines and blogs, adoring Sanders. They should read the NYDN endorsement, which very intelligently and directly shows that Sanders’ proposals are fantasies, and dangerous ones. But the Left loves fantasies. They fantasize about revolutionary leaders in Latin America. they fantasize about the Arabs and the Africans. Hillary is a classic FDR Democrat, and they don’t want to see it. They want THEIR candidate, their personal fantasy

    . And as to the vast waves of younger people who vote en bloc for Sanders, they are hopeless. There is literally nothing that Hillary could say to them that would change their mind. This is their superhero movie or video game, and they will not be deviated from it. I actually think that the internet, particularly the social media, addles minds, and destroys the capacity to think critically. When you have 90% or so of 18-25 people voting for the same candidate, it is like a cult, or high school clique, where no disssenting thought it allowed to get in. So yes, it is going to be a big struggle for Hillary going forward. However, if she can win New York by any amount. it will be very helpful, as eventually Sanders will run out of delegates. Win NY and PA by any margin, even one point. and he is through. That’s what I’m hoping for right now. And those left wing people will never go away, they will carp and sneer at Hillary during a general election campaign. and through every month of her administration. But if she wins, one can cheerfully just ignore them. as they deserve to be ignored, because they are foolish and doctrinaire people who couldn’t pick an effective president if they had fifty chances, and yet would still act superior as the country further fell apart.

  205. Well, Upps I understand your frustration. You’re not the only one that feels that way. Bernie is such a rich target she could have taken him out already with all his baggage. However Bernie has blanketed every state with ads and with the cost in NY he’s going to be broke and out of the running in short order. I think this must be the reason why the pundits are talking about it being all over after NY. Also with those polls how many Bernie supporters think they can vote in NY but really can’t vote? Yes, you and I and a lot of other people would like nothing more than his sorry butt to be sent back to Vermont tomorrow.

  206. I agree with you Ga6thDem. The polls in Ohio had that primary looking like a Bernie win and Hillary won by 15-20 points. I don’t think that the NY primary is as close as some of these recent polls want us to believe. They (the pollsters) want a horse-race; otherwise they will be out of action until the general. Also, Hillary always kicks ass in the debates and we may see a more confrontational Clinton which will raise her numbers going into next Tuesday. Moononpluto, what are your thoughts?

  207. If Bernie loses it at the debate, Clinton really doesn’t have to say much. She can stay positive and gently attack him like Reagan did with a “There you go again” and laugh it off. That would probably set him off even more cuz how dare she a woman trivialize his importance after all he is speaking at the Vatican and has been chosen by God (or is it dog?, but no actually dogs have more common sense than to do that). If this is the case the next day, we may all be discussing how Bernie lacks the temperament to be President. One can only wish……

  208. flvoter #10:33, GA6th, that’s what I was trying to get at: Berniegals are cushioned enough that they’re still thinking it won’t happen to them. Sure, they could think about others’ life experiences and learn from that if they wanted to. But it’s amazing how many comfortable people, not just Berniegals!, don’t want to. You have to realize you could get hurt to want to learn about the situations that will hurt you.

    (Yeah, I’m an immigrant kid, too. Probably one of the last people to be “off the boat,” until the Vietnamese revived the tradition. And, same as you, having heard my mum’s and grandmother’s stories about fleeing dictators, I just stare, amazed and horrified, at all these USers who think their democracy is immune … while their government starts working on torture, detention without trial, spying on its own citizens, and the Supremes legitimize using money to buy politicians. Mindboggling. “Living in a fantasy is dangerous,” I want to yell at them. )

  209. Fl voter, everybody has been talking about how Bernie does not have the temperament nor the knowledge to be president after that NYDN disaster. However, people like CNN want people to believe that it’s still close so they’ll garbage fluff Bernie for ratings. Yes, it is insane.

  210. flvoter, there are a lot of young women who are Hillary supporters — more than the media pays attention to. Other Hillary supporters and I saw and talked with them — even at our WA state caucuses, and when waiting in line to see Hillary there.

    The poll which found that Hillary supporters are more enthusiastic about their candidate than are Sanders’ supporters — how much press did that get? Very little, since it contradicts the MSM spin.

    I also agree that many younger women don’t yet realize how high the odds are stacked against them. No sense of history yet, or that political trends may shift against them.

  211. Today is the last day to put in an application to try and be a CA delegate in your district. Here is the link. It’s a long process…but I filled it out just in case…


  212. Here’s more info for CA folks

  213. I totally agree that the Peace and Love Hillary needs to hang up her tie-dyed scrunchies and put on her orange Power pantsuit and start fighting!

    Come on Hillary, don’t try to please everyone! You’ve lost too many of the working class trying to please the far left and 99% gang.

    Even her bs merchandise sucks. That logo sucks.
    She has let the nitwit obots take over too long.

  214. Who wants to wear this $hit????


    How about some damn adult t-shits that women and men might be proud to wear?

  215. Shadow I am wearing my old Hillary t-shirts. I also have the old Hillary buttons.

  216. Neetabug

    Yeah, me too. My t-shirt is starting to age, I am going online to other sites where folks have made up some nice t-shirts for her.

  217. Some of the Hillary gear isn’t too bad but some is just awful and looks too much like the Obama crap from 2008.

  218. Check this out. The socialist Burnie is a millionaire!…the hypocrite Fuc&er.


  219. Jane Sanders on CNN says that the Vatican has asked Bernie to speak as a political leader at the conference. As expected treated with kid gloves by CNN.

  220. Here’s my fear with the debate. Hillary goes on the attack and then we get two weeks of the “shrill” meme from the media which will take air time during NY and the 4/26 primaries. She is in a no-win situation except for this. She needs (sadly) to get more of her strong male supporters on the air-waves and let them do the yelling…particularly CONGRESSIONAL supporters. I have seen a few of her “spokesperson” on YouTube and Upps’ is correct that they are mealy-mouthed.

    I think for the younger women, much of their views are shaped by their Moms for better or worse. My Mom always drilled into my sisters and I the importance of education, standing up for ourselves, etc. Bless my Dad, he did the same, although a stray sexist comment would occasionally come out of his mouth. The glare of his wife and 3 daughters ended that conversation quickly…(I almost felt sorry for him.)

  221. Waah waaah

    Jane Sanders: New York Daily News interview was “more of an inquisition”

    poor baby, what was he expecting softballs and unicorn pillows….how about answers to his rhetoric!

  222. I suspect much dodginess…..Where’s that $50 million on his 2007 tax form come from.


    What’s even stranger is that Sanders disclosed “over $50 million” in publicly traded assets and unearned income” on his financial form for the calendar year 2007. This raises questions — it’s a mistake not easily made when filling out a tax form. This does not indicate Sanders has $50 million, mind you, but it does indicate that he either counted his campaign for Senate as unearned income, made a significant typo, or something more suspicious is occurring.

  223. So that’s two inquisitions in six months that Hillary has come through with flying colors. First, the Benghazi committee, then the NYDN ed board “inquisition”. Somebody get Bernie a pacifier.

  224. Last night, on the way home from work, CNN was almost, (cough, cough) incontinent over the interview Cooper was going to have with Trump and family. They gushed on and on about it.

    They mentioned having one with the Ohio Gov. the night before…and I was thinking…

    WTF, where is the hour long interview with Hillary and her family????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  225. The media is all agog that Bernie is having a “star studded” campaign rally in Manhattan.
    Goddess, please, may it be his swansong.

  226. Jane think’s Bernie’s NYDN interview was an “inquisition”?! WTF? How did either of them get thru college if they think being asked for your specifics is akin to an inquisition?

    Never been vetted yet and it shows.

  227. Well Hillary campaign is going to vet him in December I guess.

  228. Sue, that’s being billed as a MASSIVE RALLY and I saw an aerial shot of the people there now and let me tell you it IS Massive. That communist bullshitting bum is running a better campaign. The fact that he is completely full of SHIT is NOT relevant. He’s hooking suckers every day, Also Known as Voters.

  229. So Sanders contradicting himself, 2 fundraising emails both saying the opposite in different districts. Hypocite liar.


  230. oh sweetie, we’ve seen his massive rallies before, the one in alabama was massive, he got 19%, the one in Texas was huge, he got 34%.

    His rallies are like trumps, full of gawkers who are porbably not registered or bothered anyway.

  231. Wanna bet the commie has bussed most of them in…..

  232. Well, Upps the rallies get the press swooning but they don’t turn out any voters it seems. Frankly it doesn’t matter what Hillary does. If she attacks him and points out he’s a communist the press would be all over her about “red baiting”. Then she’ll be “shrill” too. If Jane is all over the TV blabbing that Bernie is being treated unfairly because somebody actually asked him a question then they see the handwriting on the wall and it’s not good news for them. The press just does not know how to handle a female candidate.

  233. Did Jane Sanders find the eight years of tax returns in her drawer yet? Because if this were Hillary, the story would take up 23 hours of every news cycle. Who wants to bet that the tax returns will never be found?

  234. Ga. that corndog senator from Bumfuck oregon endorsed Bernie and CNN spent ten minutes on it. Sherrod Brown endorsed Hillary and you hear crickets.

  235. Other things to confidently bet on. Sanders will go on full attack at tomorrow’s debate, accusing Hillary of being consistently irresponsible and having no judgment. The story from the debate carried by the media will be some misrepresented and out of context comment by Hillary. Anything that the media can possibly do to get Sanders the win, they will do. And why does Jane Sanders suddently get so much air time, as if she is a fill-in host on CNN and MSNBC? I guess BIll doesn’t get on because he was President, and that would be unfair.

  236. I assume Jane’s characterization of the Daily News interview as an “inquisition” is a bad thing. How does that sit with his host (not with a capital H for you Catholics among us) this weekend, the Vatican? Why is Bernie so anxious to run and hang out with the evil original Inquisitors, when he could hang out with his native NYers, or maybe make an effort to visit the other non- white only primary states that are voting on April 26th? Unfortunately, started hearing Sanders commercials on the radio today…. Nothing from Hillary, but maybe she is saving her money in a safe state…. Uppity don’t go an make me scared.

  237. What’s going on here???? Why all the negativity? Do I have to come over there and crack some skulls? Come on. She’s going to win NY. Then on to more: PA! CT! She’s got this! It would’ve been way better if she could have put him down in March, but with the proportionate system, open caucuses and busing in college students to thug and cheat, I think she did pretty damn well! She fighting GOP/Media/Sanders and his Merry Band of Sandernistas! And she’s still WINNING! Knock off the negativity.

  238. Imust has the Rapture happened and we are the only ones left?

  239. Don’t know honora, let’s go raid the liquor cabinet just in case! Uppity likes the expensive stuff, so it’ll be worth your while!

  240. I’m ok with cheap wine…. guess I’m easy.

  241. Upps, the press hates Hillary and once you just accept that as fact things are a lot easier to deal with. A friend of mine that watches a lot of news says the press is desperately spinning trying to keep Bernie alive and relevant. They’ve been spinning for him for months now yet he’s still losing. So don’t let them get you down.

  242. Jane was on Hardball today for about 2 seconds. Softball questions and Bernie has always fought for the downtrodden. Then she was gone.

  243. OMG, Sanders rally is turning into nothing short of a disaster. He’s got people ranting and raving about how “corporate democratic whores” need to be replaced and cursing. Talk about turning off voters in droves. That rally should make a lot of voters run for the hills.

  244. Ga, Twitter is pretty fired up over the cluster-fuck that rally was. The good Dr. that said Democratic whores has already tweeted an apology. Another Bernie-bust.

    Sometimes I love social media for doing journalists’ jobs.

  245. Good read about the rally and the pathetic apology. Bernie is truly now playing by the Trump playbook.


  246. Who said, “Democratic whores?”

  247. Birdgal, the guy who introduced Bernie, Paul Song. The Bernie Bros cheered when he said it and Bernie thanked him for a great intro.

    I agree with Secretary Clinton that Medicare for all will never happen if we have a president who never aspires for something greater than the status quo. [cheers] Medicare for all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate Democratic whores

    Better quote:

  248. And other intro speakers used words bullshit and sucks. Sanders really needs to be called out for this gutter language at a public event. This is really unprecedented and so far from presidential that it’s unbelievable. Imagine if Hillary surrogates used language like this at a rally. I can’t believe Sanders isn’t going to have to address this further.

  249. Sounds like it was almost like a Trump rally.

  250. Here’s the real kicker. Those “Democratic whores” got Song’s sister-in-law released from North Korea. in politics, gratitude, like fame, lasts for 15 minutes:

  251. He’s actually starting to remind me of Sarah Palin. She just strings talking points together like Bernie. She doesn’t know the answer to questions much like Bernie. She has an insane cult that follows her like Bernie. He’s the democratic version of Sarah Palin.

  252. Upps

    Ga. that corndog senator from Bumfuck oregon endorsed Bernie and CNN spent ten minutes on it.

    You crack me up, Upps.

    CNN is so in the tank for Trump and Bernie…men, men, men….

  253. imusthaveHillary,

    What’s going on here???? Why all the negativity? Do I have to come over there and crack some skulls? Come on. She’s going to win NY. Then on to more: PA! CT! She’s got this! …

    I think she did pretty damn well! She fighting GOP/Media/Sanders and his Merry Band of Sandernistas! And she’s still WINNING! Knock off the negativity.

    Good for you imust!

    Always good to get a positive reality check.

    Go Hillary, go girl.

    If becoming the first WOMAN President of the United States was easy, it would have been done sometime in the last 240 effin’ years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  254. Shadow… wish I could ask all those millenniels, if there is no discrimination how do you explain the fact that there has never been a female president and only 19% of Congress is female? They are clueless. But don’t mess with their Starbucks or their facebook or there will be a revolution.

  255. honora

    I think trying to change their point of view is a waste of breath. They think someone like MO would make a great first woman President.

    As if….

  256. Don’t know honora, let’s go raid the liquor cabinet just in case! Uppity likes the expensive stuff, so it’ll be worth your while!

    Hey! That’s my Scotch in Uppity’s liquor cabinet.

  257. Can you believe the nerve of that asshole Paul Song?!? Hillary starts the negotiation and Bill Clinton risks his life going half way around the world to one of the most dangerous places to rescue those two, and this is the thanks they get from Paul fucking Song!?!

    When our son went missing, we couldn’t get our own local Sheriff’s dept to help look for him or permit Search & Rescue to help us. But this jerk and his family get a former United President to go get his relative and this is how he talks about the two individuals who made it happen. I am so burned up. Thank God it was a great night for California Basketball.

  258. Did you guys see Jane Sanders interview about Bernies NYDN inquisition. She sounded as brilliant as he did:

    “When you see only words down, it doesn’t quite give the flavor of it.”

    “When you say, you don’t say ‘I don’t know.’ You say, ‘I don’t know,’ and go on,” Jane Sanders said, shrugging her shoulders for emphasis. “But he wasn’t vague before or after. That was an hour-long interview. [it was 45 minutes] It was the fifth interview, at I think 9:00 in the morning, that morning.”

    Notice Bernie wasn’t “vague before or after” …of course it was NYDN’s fault. And after all, it was “9:00 in the morning” God help us if Bernie wins and gets that 3:00 am call. Imagine Bernie in one of his “vague” modes during a crisis. I’ve been saying all along. He is too old to be president.

  259. Robbins is off his meds again at that rally…….seems a total clusterfuck, insulted practically everybody….

    said something to the effect of “Sanders, wins young voters, independents and those who actually work hard” Then went on to attack southern states again.

    Nice way to insult the electorarte, dickface……

    African americans and other Clinton supportes went nuts on twitter…….

    These entitled assholes really are champagne socialists…..

    Then Sanders went on to say “having southern states voting first really distorts reality”

    These guys really have it in for black voters. Wonder why Clinton keeps on winning AA vote………..

  260. Did I say Guam has not voted yet………


    Guam’s lone congressional delegate — the Pacific territory’s former first lady — on Tuesday blasted remarks made by Tim Robbins the previous day, when the actor and Bernie Sanders supporter mused that Hillary Clinton’s victory in South Carolina “is about as significant” as winning the island with a population of 160,000.

    Clinton earned 39 delegates with her victory in South Carolina, while Sanders took only 14. Guam sends 11 delegates, plus one alternate, to the Democratic National Convention.

    “I am deeply disappointed by remarks made today by Tim Robbins at a campaign rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders that used the inability of the people of Guam to vote for president as a political punch line,” Del. Madeleine Bordallo said in a statement, according to The Guam Daily Post. “These remarks are an insult to our community and they trivialize the disenfranchisement of our people in selecting our president. As a candidate for president of the United States, Sen. Sanders and his campaign should be working to be inclusive of all Americans, regardless of where they live.”

    Bordallo also announced that she would be supporting Clinton ahead of the island’s Democratic caucus on May 7.

    “The people of Guam are patriotic Americans; our men and women have and continue to volunteer in large numbers to serve in our armed forces, but apparently their voice doesn’t matter as much to the Sanders campaign.”

    Watch Hillary get those 11 delegates.

  261. Moon @ 2:33am, Well said! I can’t even comprehend the insanity of these freaks.

  262. Twitter is blowing up about this “democratic whores” speech.

    Peter Daou ‎@peterdaou

    Main takeaway from #BernieRally at #WashingtonSquarePark is a reference to #Hillary and “Democratic whores” SHAME!

    Tom Watson ‎@tomwatson

    @Ameeridreis Yes – however, when you’re running against most qualified woman candidate ever, your rally should not include word “whores.”

    and my favourite….

    Democratic Whore ‎@stylistkavin

    So I’m a corporate Democratic whore Bernie Sanders? You’re a fraud! #FeelTheFraud

    Bobby Wetten ‎@bobbywett

    Who exactly does Bernie Sanders consider a “Democratic whore”?: At a Bernie Sanders rally in New York City


    Hillary’s camp should run and run and run with this…………

    Bernies war on women or “whores” as he calls them.

    Thanks for handing NY on a plate to us asshole.

  263. Moon @ 2:37am, Oooh, burn! What a great statement.

  264. http://americablog.com/2016/04/exactly-bernie-sanders-consider-democratic-whore.html

    There are a few problems here.

    1. When you’re opponent is a woman, it’s probably not a good idea to call the people you’re running against “whores.”

    2. Throwing in the word “Democratic” before the word “whore” makes things even worse. Some on Twitter are claiming that Sanders’ speaker simply meant “corporate whores.” But that’s not what they said — they said “Democratic whores.” That was meant as a slur against Democrats generally, from someone who isn’t a Democrat, and doesn’t like Democrats.

    So the question remains whether Sanders agrees with his speaker at his own rally that Democrats are whores generally, or whether there are specific Democratic whores who Bernie Sanders has a problem with — Congress, President Obama, and/or Hillary Clinton herself?

    Which Democratic whores in particular does Bernie Sanders have a problem with?

    This is the kind of language that you’d expect a Trump rally, and not at the rally of someone who promised to be better and different, but of late has become nothing more than the same old thing.


    The implosion of Campaign socialist scumbag continues at great pace…….

    Oh and by the way the only reason sanders rally was big was it was conjoined with a union strike……….they had nowhere to go.

  265. It’s absolutely offensive to all of us. Song gave a half-assed apology, saying he meant congress, but is he including the dems in congress? I don’t appreciate him calling my congressperson a whore either.

  266. firstly he specifically said Democratic whores, not corporate whore, corporate shils but singled it out as Democratic whores, now that tells me they dont think of themselves as democrats in the first place, this is socialist, communist, libetarian dicks all using the democratic party for their oxygen to breathe, time for the DNC to deny them that air.

    and remeber Bernie, those Democratic whores were 60% of the NY vote in 2008. Thats a lot of “whores” who will be taking your ass to the woodshed.

    Seriously I hate these shitheads right now.

  267. Here’s a video clip of it by the way….out of context my ass……

  268. It seems this rally was such a disaster that it might have caused twitter to shut down with all the tweeting. Will the press report this disaster though?

  269. In what world is it ever acceptable to call a former Secretary of State, former Senator, former First Lady and the most admired woman an unqualified corporate democratic whore. The line has been crossed. Apologies are not enough. Bernie Sanders campaign needs to end. It promotes misogyny and sexism.

  270. I agree Fl Voter.

  271. Again Jane sanders on CNN being treated with kid gloves. She basically says that Clinton trying to disqualify her husband worse than Clinton being called a corporate democratic whore. Chris cuomo lets her get away with it and let’s her get away with her shock at the words that were used. As if she didn’t know. Don’t you love the smell of bullsh!t in the morning. I really do hate CNN. Looks like wolf the moderator for tonight will be feeling the Bernie love tonight if this interview is just a precursor.

  272. Remember all the tweets about the Bernie Bros campaign to try to stack the CNN debate?

    “Most of the guests for larger events and for the [debate] can arrive by boat,” Lovci said. “All guests are encouraged to use boats. We work exclusively with New York Water Taxi. They have front-loading vessels where [passengers] are able to get in and out of port quite quickly and easily. So it’s an easy transfer.”

    According to Lovci, a trip from 34th Street to the Greenhouse port takes 10 minutes.

    In addition to a secured peripheral and water access, the Navy Yard has its own security gate to enter the grounds.

    Assistant Coordinator of Duggal Global Events Group Kimberly Leonard told the Eagle on Monday that there will be 1,100 audience seats for the debate.

    In addition to CNN, the debate will be co-hosted by NY1. The Daily News will also participate in the event.

  273. I was going to comment on all the negativity here, but imust beat me to it. Well said, imust!

    Campaigning by having massive rallies is eye catching for the media but not very effective in getting votes as both Ralph Nader and Sarah Palin can attest. This is not an effective way for Sanders to reach the voters he needs to reach–minorities and older voters. Mostly, he’s just preaching to the choir which is composed of a lot of people who are openly hostile to the Dem party as was proven last night.

  274. I avoid CNN, and then I come here and get a play by play of all the garbage I’m missing. People, turn off yout tv’s; put down your remotes; back away slowly. Now go outside. It’s spring! And Jane Sanders needs to drag her sorry self to the nearest computer and download those tax returns! Sheesh!

  275. That guy Paul Song, is part of this organization:

    They are a cleaned up version of OWS. Definitely not party Democrats.

  276. i don’t care if CNN let’s Jane spew garbage unchallenged. She and Bernie are continually shooting themselves in the feet and that kind of comment she made just makes herself and Bernie look completely stupid. If she thinks it’s okay to start calling women “whores” then someone needs to have a serious talk with her. I can’t imagine this kind of thing is going to play well with the voters of NY. And then there are stories about Bernie lying about how many people were actually at the rally. Mostly that rally proved what Uppity has been saying all along and that’s Bernie’s supporters are a bunch of barn animals.

  277. So, you’ve got a guy who is running to be the Democratic presidential candidate who is actually an Independent /Socialist . A guy who admitted he only became a Democrat for the money and exposure. A guy who promised to run a clean campaign, but now does nothing but attack his opponent, a woman who has been a Democrat for more than 40 years. A man who has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for himself, while refusing to raise money for down ticket Dems. A guy whose representatives are harassing superdelegates, refusing to vote for the opponent in hopes of a revolution and calling members of Congress “Democratic whores”. At what point does the party get involved and say “Enough!”?

  278. Congressional “Democratic Whores” also know as Super Delegates. These people are crazy. I just got Hillary swag (and a coveted Hillary for Maryland pin) and I am off to work an early voting site for Hillary. Just learned that there is registration this week (hadn’t realized that). I’ll be back later with a report.

  279. Let’s be honest here Song wasn’t calling members of congress whores he was calling Hillary Clinton a whore. After all Bernie has been saying for months that she has been bought by Wall Street. Why not take a step further and call her a whore. Sorry Paul Song but you can’t rewrite what you said and it explain it away as Congress. And really is that much better because congress also has women in it. Historically calling a woman a whore was the worst kind of insult. Everything old is new again.

  280. Apparently Sanders has tweeted a two-line apology about the “whores” reference. But here’s the thing. It’s nowhere near enough. The vile comments (not just the whores one) were made in front of thousands of people in public. A half-ass tweet apology is not going to cut it. He needs to say something to Hillary personally in front of thousands of people if he’s to have any credibility. Yes. You can’t control and police everything a supporter or surrogate says or writes but you certainly can disavow it in a more vigorous and emphatic matter IF YOU WANT TO. Venomous comments like this by Sanders supporters (and more recently by the candidate himself) have been going on mainly online since his campaign began. Some twitter feeds (even office Hillary sites) get immediately hijacked by the most vitriolic words and sometimes offensive graphics that you really can’t visit them. I’ve remarked that I don’t know why on the official Hillary sites at least that they don’t have more vigorous monitoring to block or at least quickly delete the obscenities. And again, Sanders has only on one or two occasions denounced his vile supporters, which tells me he’s either clueless about the impact or supports it so does not want it to stop.

  281. Paulette, he condones it. He;s basically doing the Oh this awful (wink, wink). Watch tonight’s debate and he will continue to say that she has been bought by wall street. Wolf Blitzer will not question it and Tweety will get a thrill running down his leg about it. Oh nothing brings out the Dude Support like open misogyny.

  282. More Democratic Whores for Hillary:


  283. Just had a chance to review what that idiot said last night at the giant BernBro clusterfuck. The corporations Hillary is allegedly “whoring” for would seem to be insurance companies and “Big Pharma”. What planet does this dude live on? Insurance companies and Big Pharma hate Hillary with the white hot heat of a thousand suns ever since she tried to get health care reform i.e., universal coverage in the nineties. Where was he then?

  284. Ya think the Sandcrab and gang are sexist, wait until either Trump or Cruz run against her in the General.

    This is just a warm up to the massive sexist and flat-out lies that will be tossed at Hillary and her supporters.

  285. Shadow, I expect it from the republicans, donald trump or ted cruz. but really from the other democratic candidate? Its not a matter if she can take, because we all know she can easily deal with this. She has a thick skin and has a history of being tough as nails. But this is not the type of attack to be becoming from a democratic candidate. Hillary Clinton is the most accomplished woman in the USA and arguably the world. When another Democratic Candidate calls her a whore, he is really denigrating all women. Because if the best of us is a whore what are the rest of us? No, this is not about what the republicans will do or say, but about what another democratic candidate is doing and saying about the presumptive democratic nominee.

  286. Supportive evidence. The twitter hashtag DemocraticWhores has been hijacked and is filled with filth. Yes. No Hillary negativity here please. It’s amazing she’s ahead with her combined foes: GOP, media, misogyny, lame surrogates, leftwing/rightwing nuts… Stop me before I break into Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive.”!

  287. From a solid blue, I’mWithHer NY Dem friend:

    I know the press is making a big deal of the 27,000 people in Washington Square Park last night — but Richard Kim — a Sanders supporter who writes for The Nation was in the crowd — and he posted that all the people he talked to were either too young to vote or didn’t register. Also many were from out-of-state — which I suspect his campaign bussed in.

  288. Paulette,

    No Hillary negativity here please.

    Paulette, you aren’t going to find a PUMA/Hillary site without any negativity.

    A lot of $hit has gone down since 2007 and until Hillary has won the General election, there are going to be a lot of comments when we see blatant mistakes that should have been corrected in her campaigns.

    Hillary needs to show more of her strength and not try to please the far left.

  289. Any apologies at this point are too little too late. Bernie was standing right there when all this was said and did nothing.

  290. CNN polls for NY and PA are better:

    In New York, Clinton leads Sanders 53% to 37%;

    and in Pennsylvania, she tops him 49% to 38%.


    Go Hillary, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess all 37% of the Sandcrabs’ supporters showed up at his rally. BFD. Didn’t translate to votes.

  291. Paulette, I wish you would break into Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” since it fits the occasion and was the only good song to come out of the Disco era.

  292. The Sanders campaign has emboldened all the far left nuts, and all the former Nader supporters who helped get GW Bush elected, to come out of the woodwork, and spew their hatred of the Democratic Party in general, and Hillary and Bill Clinton in particular. These people are essentially professional rabble-rousers, nihilists, or just those who think that a revolution in the streets would be exciting. They have no useful purpose. And their politics is not even idealistic, it is half-baked, naive, and completely unworkable.

    This is the kind of thing which essentially made the Democratic Party and “liberals” anathema to voters for 20 years following the fiasco of 1972. And the rhetoric of the Sanders people is much worse than in that campaign. The Sanders supporters seem to be a conglomeration of all the bitter, hostile, arrogant, Israel-hating, Democratic Party-denouncing, faux intellectual people who have hung out on various blogs and sites for the last twenty years, telling everyone they could find that they needed to vote for a third party; they needed to purge the Democratic Party of virtually everyone; that the two parties were just the same; that they needed to participate in some kind of glorious revolution which would usher in a wonderful new world. These are the kind of people that an intelligent and knowledgeable person just ignores; except that every once in a while they find someone to coalesce around, and then they think they are fighting a war of purity and holiness. What they are using this time is a bunch of credulous young people who are in it for the financial rewards they believe they will get; and who don’t know a thing about governance. So it is a very unpleasant,even frightening, spectacle to witness. And I have no doubt that last night’s rally was indeed that. As in 2000, the right wing trillionaire oligarchs rub their hands in glee.

  293. I don’t see this whore comment going away. Bernie did not distance himself from it fast enough. YUUUUGGEEE mistake. You can tell the Bernie Bros know its bad since they are trying to ameliorate the effects. Trying to change the meaning of whore and arguing that it wasn’t the “meaning” isn’t going to work. The campaign is just doubling down on this fatal mistake. They continue to through gasoline on fire. The stupidity, it berns!!!!

  294. Sorry should be throw not through. sometimes my fingers get ahead of me and auto correct takes over. damn.

  295. Feel the Primary loss!

  296. That so many Bernie bros and gals are still trying to justify this and state that Dr. Song was just telling the truth is really disturbing. Good to know in the new democratic party (berniecrats) women are now whores.

    This is the new left and this is what these new young Bernie voters are bringing to the democratic party table? Misogyny and sexism.

  297. Brassy, as a music enthusiast of most genres (I draw the line at heavy metal and mariachi) I’ll defend the Disco era). There were plenty of bad, silly songs. But there were also many monster jams that we grooved to back in the day in the ‘hood and beyond that still hold up today. .

  298. I want to see Sanders primaried soooo damn bad. Ready to donate day 1 to any and all Democratic challengers to that misogynist fraud! He merits nothing but icy contempt and a boot in the ass hard enough to launch him out of the Democratic Party at the convention.

  299. A clear easy reason to see why NYDN endorsed Hillary.

    The comparison side by side is just startling.

  300. and in others Sanders, shit in the mud things he did not want to hear today to dredge it all back up…

    BREAKING: Connecticut judge rules against gun companies’ motion to dismiss Sandy Hook lawsuit

  301. I defer to your superior musical knowledge, Paulette! My taste is pretty pedestrian. I once had “Dancing Queen” as the ringtone on my ☎. Kinda sad, actually.

  302. Brassy, haha.

    I have to stand up for disco music too, many great songs to dance to.

  303. For Rebel and Shadow.

  304. Luna, you haven’t spent much time in Vermont. He’s perfect for them.

  305. Nope. As I said, the two-line Bernie twitter apology won’t cut it. Apparently he didn’t even post that until a couple of hours after the Clinton campaign contacted him and demanded it. Link below is more like what he needs to do to even partly put out the fire.


  306. Hillary should get oout front and centre now and give a huge speech on womens right and the we are not “whores” and “not qualified” and “shrill”.

    She should do it now and shred Sanders campaign to pieces in doing so.

  307. Tonight Sanders will be given the opportunity to “clarify,” which of course he will do; he will give a very brief apology for the surrogate comments, and then immediately segue into why the anger at the establishment is so important, because it is a rigged casino. and billionaires are not sent to jail, and all the rest of his normal speech. And that will be that, as far as the media is concerned. Let’s get back to talking about Hillary’s “ties to Wall Stteet.”

  308. I firmly believe that they used the word “whore” because Clinton is a woman. There are so many other words to have used like “sellout” for instance. But “whore” is a word distinctly used to denigrate women. Yes, the attack was gender based.

  309. Oh i bet Bernie will not resist blowing off at her tonight, he’s bound to go off on one and slip up, its his macho bullshit mentality.

    As for Mrs Sanders, that woman is not a nice person, its quite obvious from her interviews that she really is letting that mask slip.

  310. Travolta classic

  311. Yes, Shadow, I stand corrected. After I made my comment about “I Will Survive”, I thought of some of those great BeeGees songs from SNF. Me sorry. 😢

  312. As we are discoing it….here’s one for Hillary……you can guess why i picked it.

  313. and of course one for Uppity and all those New Yorkers…

  314. oooops and of course one for Uppity and all those New Yorkers…

  315. Hahaha, time for some music on Upps blog.

    Here’s one for all of us –

    Donna Summer-She Works Hard For The Money

  316. and this one is for Bernie Sanders, i think the words speak for themselves……

    Tell him to just get out
    Nothing left to talk about
    Pack his raincoat show him out
    Just look him in the eyes and simple shout

    Enough is enough is enough
    I can’t go on, I can’t go on, no more no
    Enough is enough, is enough
    I want him out, I want him out that door now

  317. bloody youtube…this one….

    Tell him to just get out
    Nothing left to talk about
    Pack his raincoat show him out
    Just look him in the eyes and simple shout

    Enough is enough is enough
    I can’t go on, I can’t go on, no more no
    Enough is enough, is enough
    I want him out, I want him out that door now

  318. Great ones, We be jammin’ now! Guess I can rest my case about dissed disco.

  319. moon

    Yuppers Moon, Donna and Barbara singing full blast to ‘just get out’!!

    One of my favorites.

  320. Enough is enough! What a great song — so appropriate. When Babs proved she could rock it. Two of the best concerts I ever caught. Babs at Madison Square Garden in mid ’90s (where bulk of ticket money went to Planned Parenthood) and Donna at Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL a few years before she died.

  321. The end is the best part!

  322. Yeah they are really going to vote for you now…..

    Clinton superdelegate: Colleagues threatened with primaries if they don’t support Sanders http://hill.cm/GjHcRlC

    A Hillary Clinton superdelegate tells The Hill his colleagues have been threatened with primaries if they don’t switch allegiances for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    “I think there are some people being threatened with primaries if they don’t switch [to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)] because the far left wing of our party is embracing Sen. Sanders,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) says in an interview with The Hill’s Molly K. Hooper.

    Cleaver says he hasn’t personally felt that pressure, but others in his caucus have — a concern for the Kansas City Democrat.

    “This is the first time in my career, and I’ve been in elected office since ’79, that I have seen this in the Democratic Party,” he says.


    Screw you, you son of a bitch, we are going to primary you, you unscrupulous fascist.

  323. DemsAgainstBernie ‏@DemsAgainstBern 4m4 minutes ago

    If Team Bernie wants to threaten superdelegates w/ possible primary challenges, we should return the favor. What’s @GovHowardDean up to?

  324. And now for something completely different:


    Too bad it’s from the least creepy Republican left standing. But to be fair, if you were to ask Bernie about Passover he’d probably say the Lord’s reaction was disproportionate and the Jews shoulder the burden of the suffering of the Egyptians.

  325. Moon,
    “If Team Bernie wants to threaten superdelegates w/ possible primary challenges, we should return the favor. What’s @GovHowardDean up to?”
    Dean has been on television as a surrogate for Clinton. He is supporting her.

  326. Most successful Jewish WH candidate ever getting crushed with Jewish voters

    Another finding from NBC New York/WSJ/Marist poll of NY: Among likely Dems who are Jewish (16% of electorate):

    Clinton 65% Sanders 32%


    Gonna throw them under the bus, Grumpy.

  327. Bernies fuck ups hurting him, voters shifting to Hillary. Pollster saying…..I knew it.

    New NBC New York/WSJ/Marist poll of NY: Clinton 57% Sanders 40%

    Up from HRC’s 55%-41% lead in Monday’s NBC/WSJ/Marist poll (same pollster)

  328. Well, today in Maryland is the first day of early voting. Already went, voted for Hillary and 4 Clinton female delegates and 4 Clinton male delegates. Proudly wearing my “I voted” sticker. Got stopped going in by a Bernie Bro and told him that I am a Democratic Whore and as such will be voting accordingly.

  329. Eurogirl170……hahahahaha :), why do i think you are not the only person doing that, and i love your style.

  330. I so want her to run him into the ground with votes in the next two weeks to shut him up, once and for all.

  331. Dean as challenger. Good idea!

  332. I’ll put a post up for the debate

  333. NEW POST UP

  334. Like eurogirl70, I spend the day at the polls. I was at a Baltimore City early voting site. None of Bernie’s millions and millions of supporters were working the site. No Bernie posters placed there either. My Hillary stickers were a real hit. A handful of white men decided that it was important for them to come up to me and tell me that they voted for Sanders. Pretty sure Hillary did well there today. It was so crowded that I didn’t get to vote. I am working on Monday and Tuesday so I can vote then. Maybe I will vote with my NY Uppity friends!!! We got this!!!

  335. Omg why does CNN give wolf blitzer and Ben jealous unlimited time to talk nonsense. It’s just a big bromance between wolf, Bernie and Ben. Incredibly embarrassing for CNN.

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