It’s Up To Youuuuuu, New York, New York.

If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere…


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  1. Sharon Stone take on our girl Hillary, Bernie and Trump

  2. I don’t get why Sharon Stone didn’t think HRC was more qualified that BO in 2008. She said, Hillary needed to be SOS first. Why? Why didn’t BO need to be SOS first? Because he spent a month as a Senator before running for prez? Sorry, I know, let it go. But really, doesn’t she see the double standard?

  3. Sharon Stone makes a few interesting points. But the whole Hillary wasn’t ready until she served as SOS is silly. How much foreign policy experience and gravitas did Obama (whom she chose over Hillary) have at that same time in ’08? I’m looking for Hillary to excel per usual tonight in the debate. All she has to do is her policy wonk thing, answer attacks with that calm, steely-eyed delivery and occasionally flash that killer smile. Bernie is going to be his typical one-note grump.

  4. It’s being billed as “the Battle for Brooklyn” so you can see that CNN really wants this to be considered close, for ratings. I’m surprised they didn’t put it on pay per view.

  5. Anybody going to watch? I’m definitely not going to turn on CNN before the start, I’m sure they’ll be doing their usual fluffing of Bernie.

  6. This is the last major hurdle. CNN will do everything they can to grill Hillary, and to call the debate a great moment for Sanders. Sanders and CNN know that if Hillary does well here, and wins New York, the race is all but over. So whatever attacks Sanders has, whatever insulting or demeaning narrative he can create, he will. One just hopes that there is some modicum of fairness from the questioners.

    Incidentally, I was almost forced to watch CNN while waiting at the car service department. Just reading the captions, CNN was praising Sanders for going to the Vatican. Donna Brazile said something about her being a a Catholic, and that she applauded Sanders for this. Another person said that he will get great coverage for this visit. If anyone thinks that the media just doesn’t make up whatever narrative it wants, and then fits the facts to it, this little snippet would convince them otherwise.

  7. Imust, I will tape it in hopes that it will be okay. Then if it is favorably vetted for Hillary, I will watch. Watching live will just upset me, because I know what kind of questions will be coming, and what narrative line Sanders will take.

  8. The last few debates I’ve found it much more enjoyable to monitor via a twitter feed of a Hillary supporter. You can always catch a repeat viewing if you just have to see drop the mic moments. And I’ve given up on after debate cable analysis in real time. Commentators generally spin against Hillary; just can’t help themselves.

  9. Yep. I agree. I don’t think I can stomach that man for another moment. I’ll probably monitor from twitter and here.

  10. I’ll be watching…haven’t missed any of them on both sides.

  11. Upps, are you watching?

  12. Hillary has on, what looks like a short white trench coat, black pants, pearls and cute black shoes. She needs to get someone to help her with her clothes. Love ya Hillary!!

  13. Bernie gets to do opening statement…


  15. Bernie, is painting his campaign as winning by 2%…bs.
    He is telling the American people the ‘truth’.
    Donations are $27 a piece, bs.

  16. Here comes Hillary! Delighted to be in NY…

  17. Lots of clapping for Hillary

  18. Yup, bigger than his same old speech for sure.

  19. Wolf really irritates me.

  20. Bernie with the same old song

  21. Bernie questions Hillary’s judgement.

  22. Go Hillary!

  23. OMG! SHe’s beating the shit out of him!

  24. Wow – Hillary is coming out fighting…………………..go Hillary, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I turn down the sound when Bernie speaks

  26. Glad you’re watching Upps.

  27. Hillary is fighting!!!!!’

  28. I love you Hillary, so glad you are coming out strong and powerful!

  29. School ‘um Hillary.

  30. I believe the gloves are off. Go Hillary!

  31. Hillary needs to break off his damn pointing finger, when he does that!

  32. Bernie is fumbling and turning bright red.

  33. Show Bern who is BOSSSS

  34. Hillary needs to break off his damn pointing finger, when he does that
    Bite it Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Hillary thrashed him again.

  36. Here we go again about the speeches

  37. Ask Bernie about his taxes

  38. Too busy to do taxes.

  39. My question was answer

  40. I just did my taxes yesterday.

  41. Bernie is sounding like a bumbling fool. Blames his wife for the taxes not being ready to be released.

  42. Yeah like they are the only busy ones.

  43. Is it good? Dare I turn it on??

  44. Shadow, I just hate giving CNN the viewership. They don’t deserve it.

  45. Very lively and heated exchange

  46. Hillary is not about to let Sander’s telling lies about her…………….it’s about time, she has taken her gloves off.

  47. Bernie is a very rude old man

  48. Bernie is bright red again. I want his hand chopped off!

  49. Hillary should tell Bernie excuse me I am speaking

  50. Only children would think Bernie is an intelligent man. What a joke he is.

  51. How many times are they going to ask about the crime bill

  52. Sander is going to blow a gasket if he is not careful

  53. Personally I don’t care about station ratings. I will go to FoxNews to see a debate, CNN or anywhere.

  54. Sander is going to blow a gasket if he is not careful

    works for me.

  55. Neetabug

    Sander is going to blow a gasket

    Absolutely, he is trying to cover a lot of anger and his face turns bright red and is eyes bug out. He couldn’t handle a first term, let alone a second one.

    He can get away with blaming his wife for his taxes…he is trying to do the same, and she isn’t buying it.

    Hillary is finally putting away the peace and love train.

  56. Notice how quietly Hillary waits for Bern to finish speaking compared to Bernie.

  57. Chop off his damn hand!

  58. Bernie, “…this is what you do do. You do, do.”

    Hillary can hardly contain her laughter.

  59. Not watching for blood pressure control. Have noticed a considerable number of right wingers whining about SOS Clinton getting all the air time while poor old Bernie languishes outside the spotlight.

  60. We turned it on, but we are so sick of debates, and especially sick of Bernie. I’m glad you guys are saying that Hillary is fighting. Bernie sounds and looks demented. It sounds like he has teenyboppers screaming for everything he says. I hate cnn. Oh, except I noticed the black guy (sorry only know who wolf is) is being tough on Bernie and not letting him interrupt him. Awesome.

  61. Upps, you assessment of the debate so far…I don’t get CNN and the live feed keeps dropping out.

  62. Hillary is time to put this OLD FART TO BED

  63. I notice when he is speaking, she stands quietly and lets him speak, when she is speaking, he flusters around, lots of body movement and gesticulating like a lunatic.

  64. omg. He keeps making the weirdest face with his teeth.

    Hubs says, Bernie needs to shut up and learn something.

  65. She is killing him over Israel.

  66. Thank you Hillary for not letting Wolf nor Bernie stop you from finishing your thought!!!

  67. Not watching but from what I have read Dana Bash is/was trying to get Bernie to answer the questions. Bernie is just like at every other debate screaming the same old talking points no matter what the question is and then the screaming except today he looks extra red and angry like he’s going to have a stroke or something.

  68. Ga6thDem

    I was being kind. If not a stroke, a heart attack?

  69. They are having a break.

    Hillary has been intelligent, not putting up with crap and not letting the men cut her off in the middle of a thought. She is so damn intelligent and knows her stuff. Bernie is coming off like a uninformed, man with anger issues.

    He is doing really poorly.

  70. Hillary’s knowledge and experience with Israel and Paletinian conflict compared with Bernie: no contest; she wins hands down. Bernie constantly referring to her AIPAC speech, that he read, you know (yeah, right), compared with him blowing off the whole event: why doesn’t someone call him on that?

  71. MY MY now he is swearing

  72. Correct my spelling: Palestinian. It’s late, and I’m typing on cell. I hope Hillary can wrap this up with a great finish.

  73. Hillary is trying to win over the young voters. She can forget it . If their man doesn’t win . They are not going to vote.

  74. they let Bernie ramble and ramble and then cut Hillary off from finishing, he is so childish and so are his supporters. They are hostile and angry people and never let anyone else speak

  75. Hillary says that in nine debates, no one has asked about women’s health and reproductive rights.
    She wins.

  76. Hillary is so much more than a stump speech.

  77. Hillary really shined.

    Bernie was a dud.

    Let’s see how the spin room covers it.

  78. Hillary kicked ass! Bernie looked and sounded senile. Whenever Hillary was talking, he kept doing this weird thing, waving his finger around with a blank look on his face like he was confused. My Dad used to do the same thing in the beginning of his dementia. Hubbie said the exact same thing. Reminded him of my Dad. Hillary ran circles around him.

  79. neetabug, a lot of his supporters aren’t even old enough to vote. I can’t remember where I read this but a journalist who was at the rally yesterday said a lot of the kids there weren’t old enough to vote, or hadn’t registered to vote, and weren’t from NY.

  80. Shadowfax, are you watching the spin room?

  81. WTF CNN has a private conversation with Bernie, but not Hillary????????

  82. I see they interviewed Bernie but not HIllary.

    And every Jew in New York hates Bernie tonight.

  83. socal, yup. I am listening.

  84. She’s simply a better debater than he is.

  85. I will never vote for that clown Bernie. Especially after seeing how him and his supporters continue to disrespect Hillary. I never thought anyone could be worse than the obots. Please NY, we need you. Please pull through for Hillary and the country we know you will lead our girl to victory!

  86. sea, they don’t like real answers in debates, unfortunately the people disagree with them. If the debates where what the networks wanted, they would all be one big stump speech.

  87. Bernie does not have the stamina to be president. His BP has GOT to be high. He’s a major Type A personality. He wouldn’t live through four years. You can see it. He’d be feeble by the 2nd year. he’s just a crabby old communist.

  88. Thank you Hillary for not letting Wolf nor Bernie stop you from finishing your thought!!!


  89. It’s really hard for me to listen to Axelbutt praise Hillary. A nice surprise. He doesn’t think that Bernie gained any votes tonight, which will not help him win NY.

  90. Sorry Voting I wasn’t here, I was watching. My assessment is she wiped the friggin floor with him right out of the shoot.

  91. When she asked him to name ONE TIME when money from Wall Street affected her actions, it was GLORIOUS.

  92. Uppity Woman, on April 14, 2016 at 11:21 PM said:
    She’s simply a better debater than he is.

    That’s because she is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more intelligent than he is. He can only impress children and silly adults.

  93. Howard Fineman is saying Bernie knows he’s lost NY by the statement he made about Israel. Tweety has changed his tune to “this is Bernie’s last stand”.

  94. “When she asked him to name ONE TIME when money from Wall Street affected her actions, it was GLORIOUS.”

  95. I am just going to say this again. Debates need to be returned to the League of Women Voters and done on PBS. We need to get away from these WWF “cage matches” staged by cable news and make availability open to all, not just their subscribers.

  96. GOOD POINT, Voting! They just LOVE poking the bear.

  97. Debate wrap-up:
    Bernie: Wall Street, free, free, young people, Wall Street.
    Hillary: Details, facts, record, plans, accomplishments, 9 debates and not one question on Roe v Wade, Thank you NY, work together, take realistic action.

  98. Hillary: Looks calm and Presidential.
    Bernie: Scowl, finger wag, open mouth, close mouth, finger wag, scowls harder.

  99. Thank the deities this is the last debate. NY, please send Bernie back to VT.

  100. Yes. Went as expected. The thoroughbred ran circles around the one trick pony. NY we will be very disappointed if you don’t match us in Florida. When watching some of Hillary’s strong responses I thought of Faye Dunaway channeling Joan Crawford: “Don’t fuck with me boys!”

  101. Well, from the reviews here, it seems as if it might be worthwhile watching this all. I admire those who did. I am inclined to get too upset while it is going on.

    The thing which bothers me is that apparently CNN started interviewing Sanders right after the debate, thus giving him a chance to elucidate or explain his prior answers. And they did not give any time to Hillary. This seems egregious, like having a basketball game and then after it is over. letting one of the teams score a few more points.

    However, if the general result was favorable, I guess we can live with that, as glaringly unfair as it seems.

  102. Bernie reminded me at times, of the Republicans giving their stump speech, but not much substance associated with all the rhetoric. I bet his blood pressure was sky high, since his face was so red at times.

    The moderators have been complimentary of Hillary and said this wasn’t a game changer for Bernie.

  103. Hillary seems to be at an after party of some sort.

  104. He’d better run off to that fake meeting with the Pope who’s in Greece.

  105. William, I was pissed they interviewed only Bernie. But then I chuckled because that loser was saying she’s nervous. What an old fool.

  106. How about when he refused to apologize to sandy hook families.

  107. Gotta hit the sack. G’ Night gang.

  108. She’s nervous? Lololol! Hillary has dealt with shit like yours for so long! Did she look nervous there, when you were so busy rolling your eyes, raising your arm, starting to finger wag, opening & then closing your mouth like a goldfish, and making more juvenile expressions? No she did not. That, Sen. Sanders, is what a President looks like, and you are a red-faced buffoon.

  109. I love how he dismissed people who voted for Hillary in the south. Saying she only won in conservative states. WTF? She’s won Mass, Nevada, Ohio, Florida, Illinois etc etc.. And yes sweeped the south. Does he think he’s going to ride into the white house with a coalition of white 20 year olds from Wyoming, Kansas and Oklahoma? Good luck in the retirement home in 2 years Bernie, your 15 minutes of fame are almost over.

  110. Bernie also keeps mentioning he should win because he’s won 7 contests in a row… Ummm does he not know Hillary won 8 contests in a row before that?

  111. Well, if even the bozos at MSNBC are saying it’s over for Bernie, it’s over for Bernie.

    Did you guys know that Bernie is renting a chartered jet to take him to the Vatican to deliver a 10 minute speech at a cost of like 100K. You can’t make these things up.

  112. Seagirl Donna Brazil on cnn mentioned how Bernie dismissed the south. She took offense to it. She said she was a southerner. I don’t think she liked what he said.

  113. wow who would’ve thought Brazille would stand up for any Hillary voter. I recall emailing her in 2008 about her message to base comments. She replied back with something really nasty

  114. Hillary rocked it….readlng lots of progressive blockers lately who are no longer feeling the Bern… Shadow, hang in there…sorry the other site has gone over the edge…

  115. “Did you guys know that Bernie is renting a chartered jet to take him to the Vatican to deliver a 10 minute speech at a cost of like 100K. You can’t make ”
    I wonder if this is considered a campaign expense??

  116. If Trump is the Republican nominee, the Democrats have a good chance to win Southern states. In any case, Florida is crucial to win. Obama won Virginia twice, and I think he barely won North Carolina last time. Hillary may also be able to win Arkansas, maybe even compete in Georgia and Louisiana. So dismissing the South is a very foolish thing to do. Or put another way, Hillary has a much better chance of winning the above states than Sanders ever would have of winning Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska. Kansas, Oklahoma. Nebraska, which are all states that his campaign thought were so wonderful to win

  117. Obama won NC in ’08 but not by a wide margin and in ’12 it took several days to finally declare NC for Romney because the margin was razor thin. NC is truly a purple state but Hillary had strong support here from working class whites in ’08. I think she can definitely win here, especially against Trump. As in Virginia, we have a large military presence and those folks are voting for their commander in chief. The president literally holds their lives in his/her hands and I can’t see them gambling on Trump. SC will be much harder unless a significant number of Republicans stay home.

  118. William,

    Well, from the reviews here, it seems as if it might be worthwhile watching this all. I admire those who did. I am inclined to get too upset while it is going on.

    William, you have got to toughen up.

    The General election is going to be much worse, and you don’t want to miss seeing Hillary fight her way to the Presidency, do you???

    If she can stand up to these dicks, she should have a massive audience.


  119. Thanks for the info and analysis, julies. I knew NC was close last time, and I thought Obama pulled it out. But it is certainly a winnable state; and since Trump (if he puts Kasich on the ticket, or another Midwesterner) might have some strength in the Midwest region, we certainly want to try to win some Southern states. Dismissing them as Sanders and his supporters do, is both foolish and unhelpful.

    Shadowfax, lol. yes. I will certainly watch the general election debates. And I’ve watched all of the primary debates, too, but mostly after taping them. Hillary does so well in debates that there is really nothing to worry about; but the moderators cutting her off, and the often unfair questions; plus Sanders going on and on and saying the same thing. is difficult to endure live. And I can’t stand listening to the commentaries on cable. So I just send her money instead, which has a calming and gratifying effect. But do not worry, I will be watching virtually all of the general election coverage, and the rallies, and will try to get to a Hillary private event as well.

  120. Okay, so the ObamaLovingTimes is still in the tank for men…or they still just don’t like Hillary?

    They claim the debate was a draw…


  121. Poll: Clinton’s Lead in New York Grows

    Hillary Clinton has expanded her lead over Bernie Sanders in New York’s April 19 Democratic presidential primary, according to a new NBC 4 New York/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll.

    Clinton gets support of 57 percent of likely Democratic primary voters in the poll, while Sanders gets 40 percent.

    That 17-point lead for Clinton is an increase from Monday’s NBC/WSJ/Marist survey (conducted by the same pollster), which found the former secretary of state ahead, 55 percent to 41 percent, though the change is within the margin of error.

    Go Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Newsday endorses Hillary Clinton for Democratic nomination


    The right blend of knowledge, skill and experience.

    Hillary Clinton, who is aiming to shatter the nation’s highest glass ceiling, has the right blend of knowledge, skill and experience to be an outstanding candidate for president.

    We have seen her in action for decades — as an active first lady; as an effective eight-year senator who delivered for New York, including billions in federal aid to rebuild New York City after 9/11; and in four years as secretary of state, when she played a critical role in levying crippling sanctions on Iran and in the killing of Osama bin Laden.

    That experience on the world stage makes her the best choice to deal with its complicated troubles, especially terrorism, a newly belligerent Russia and an increasingly militaristic China.

    Her long service and many scars from more than 30 years of political battles make Clinton a superb manager, with a knowledge of issues unmatched by any candidate.

    Sen. Bernie Sanders has sketched his vision for the nation’s future in the Technicolor strokes of a populist revolution. But articulating that is one thing. Getting us there is quite another.

    We like that Sanders can inspire. But we have more faith in Clinton’s ability to actually move America forward. That’s why Newsday is endorsing Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary.

  123. Laura, sorry for the delay in getting your comment to the board. We are a moderated blog for obvious reasons, that is, to avoid barn animals coming here to attack. I was gone all morning and just got here. You should be okay for comments now, but now and then it does take wordpress a few tries to “Get it” so bear with us. And welcome!

  124. I wonder if this is considered a campaign expense??

    I’m sure it will be whether it is or not. Bernie’s a cheapskate. If he can get somebody else to pay, so be it. And he’s got a nice warchest to play with.

  125. and he calls Hillary out for shifting positions, hypocrite…

    Sanders Originally Opposed Federal Marriage Equality in 2006 While campaigning for Senate.

    Sanders in 2006 refused to back marriage rights, opting for civil unions and said that the federal government shouldn’t overturn state marriage laws. The Supreme Court would later overtturn state bans on marriage equality in 2015.

  126. OUCH

    Dan Pfeiffer ‏@danpfeiffer 16h16 hours ago

    In Vermont, the NRA is a powerful special interest; Bernie Sanders voted they way they wanted him to. They are the Wall Street of Burlington

  127. Here’s Bernie’s Resolution. It’s been all over twitter for months but the press refuses to touch it.

  128. Preach it girl….Sanders looks like some dunce in the corner while Hillary slams the media…Not ONE question.

  129. Come on answer the question Bernie…no, nothing, whats that, crickets….

  130. After last night’s debate and his performance during the past week or so, I can say with certainty that Bernie Sanders and his entire campaign are all douche bags.

  131. Clinton tightens grip on New York

    On Hillary Clinton’s home turf, there are few signs that Bernie Sanders is poised for a major upset next week.

    Read more:

  132. The way Bernie loses control at these debates is just ridiculous. The shouting, the fidgeting, the finger waging, just too extreme. He acts like she doesn’t have a right to be onstage with him let alone voice her opinion. It’s like she isn’t allowed an opinion that doesn’t agree with his. And if she does have an opinion he acts sarcastically and starts with the bought and sold “whore” thing all over again even though he has no evidence. Yelling doesn’t create evidence. He never admits he’s wrong, especially to a woman. Sexism and misogyny on display last night. Hillary wins on optics alone. She could have kept completely silent and would have won.

  133. One would think that berniebroz would be pissed that their lord and master is using their $27 donations for a fancy private plane ride to give a ten minute harangue to the victims at this assembly at the Vatican. How is he going to convince the broz that this trip has anything to do with a primary election here in the USA? Are these poor people, who are losing the first 10 minutes of their lunch break for him, supposed to magically deliver NY for him? Also, don’t the broz expect Bernie to be completely anti-establishment? What could be more “establishment” than the Vatican? (No offense to any Catholics) Seriously, what the hell is this supposed to be about? Does he think this will give him foreign policy cred? Unbelievable that he would a) leave the USA at such a critical juncture in his campaign, and b) waste the hard earned allowance of his young zombie army.

  134. Usually the comment section on Krugman’s column is riddled with Bernie bots, but … they seem to have vanished. Curious …

    So freaking glad that last debate is over. Feeling really good about Tuesday and very excited about the 26th when I get to vote here in PA! I ordered a yard sign, badges, and a car magnet. Onward!!

  135. Kasich is going to do great in NY. Yesterday he lectured some Hasidic Jews on ‘the Lamb of God’. Today while he was answering a question from a female university student at St. Lawrence he referred to female students as ‘coeds’ and told her that to way to avoid sexual assault was to not “go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol,” Why is the GOP only worried about Trump???

  136. Bernie just showed what we all knew….its all about himself, his campaign has screw all to do with the little people.

    Maybe some of the bots finally woke up.

  137. britgirls, well said.

    honora, LMAO!

  138. @neetabug, what is wrong with these people? Why can’t the grasp the idea that Democrats should get to choose the Democratic candidate?

  139. Sweetsue, I am so glad it is a closed primary. Maybe next time they will register either dem or repub. Might be they didn’t take the time to understand how the process work. Donald Trump children forgot to register. How smart is that?

  140. This is what Hillary’s campaign should be showing all the time…its such a real connection.

  141. Kasich is going to do great in NY. Yesterday he lectured some Hasidic Jews on ‘the Lamb of God’. Today while he was answering a question from a female university student at St. Lawrence he referred to female students as ‘coeds’ and told her that to way to avoid sexual assault was to not “go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol,” Why is the GOP only worried about Trump???


  142. I’ve been fielding the little cockroaches on twitter about closed primaries. One accused me of gloating over Voter Suppression. This, from someone whose hero has discounted the southern vote as irrelevant.

  143. Just a couple of post debate observations:
    1) I don’t think either party expected the “Mad as Hell and not taking it anymore” crowd to have such breadth and staying power. None of the traditional pols knew/know how to deal w/these folks because they’re a phenomena that hasn’t faded,as they typically do. Sure,Hillary’s peeps have struggled to figure out this campaign climate ;but at least they haven’t destroyed the party in the process..not yet anyway.
    2) I guess all the women in this country now know what it’ll take to run for third of your own party will hate you,the media will be in the tank for the guys and the other party will do their best to destroy your candidacy w/innuendo and bogus lawsuits.

    To which I say..and apparently Hillary says..” Meh” Lessons,people,lessons..we are being schooled in how the Ladies come to play.
    In the immortal works of Helen Reddy ..” I am woman,hear me roar!!”

  144. Surprise !!!!!! (??????)
    Most Bernie Sanders supporters aren’t willing to pay for his revolution

  145. No, it’s some other people who are supposed to pay for it! Really rich people! Bernie Sanders will get bills enacted which will force them to do it! And if they try to stop him from passing them, we will file petitions and demonstrate outside their homes, like we are doing right now with George and Amal Clooney! And if that doesn’t work. we can always resort to Madame Guillotine, and then confiscate all their holdings! We’ll get that money somehow without us having to come up with any of it!

  146. Surprise. Surprise. Bernie wants everybody to pay higher taxes when he’s only paying 13% of his income in federal taxes. Hillary pays 35%.

  147. How does he only pay 13% of his income in taxes? Hillary may pay more, since her income is quite a bit higher than his.

  148. Jeeeeeez I pay a lot more than 13 percent and I don’t make what Bernie makes! I need to have Jane do MY taxes!!!

  149. HAHAHA Imust. Me too!

  150. I’ve got a treat for everybody. Gotta load it into media

  151. Here’s Bernie making his big hit over at the Vatican, during his 10 minute speech which cut short the coffee break by ten minutes. Notice the unbridled excitement.

  152. Jane better get started on this as the 30-day clock is ticking!

  153. Jane can do my taxes too. 13%…they must have a heck of a lot of write-offs.

  154. Let’s see. I lose 50% (that’s right 50%) of my SS to taxes and 25% of my NC teacher’s pension to taxes, for an effective tax hit of 34% of my income and the Bern is scooting by with 13%? Something’s wrong with this picture.

  155. Here’s another pic of Bernie speaking to the “vatican” lol!!!!!! ROFL!!!

  156. Oh and here are more of those corporate democratci whores, does that include your wife and daughter then……..and why exactly is your wife getting money for sitting on the toxic waste board that was dumping hit on Nevada…..

    oh look Mrs Sanders is on the board………does that make her also one of your corporate Dem whores, isn’t that a conflict of interest Senator?


    Yet the true Bernie Sanders is proving himself to be one of the most deceitful and dishonest presidential candidates we’ve ever had.

    And the media is to blame. They needed a horse race and to do that they chose not to vet Bernie Sanders to keep up his likeable image. They embraced him when he appeared on Saturday Night Live. They covered his record-breaking rallies, failing to mention that these rallies took place in college towns with thousands of impressionable first-time voters. They brushed off any missteps by the campaign with an aw-shucks mentality. They created narratives that favored the campaign and adjusted the expectations for each primary or caucus accordingly. They hyped up his wins and downplayed his losses. They gave him softball interview questions on the Sunday morning shows. They did all this while ignoring the fact that Hillary Clinton has never trailed in the Democratic primary and that she has built up a lead that has been greater than Barack Obama’s ever was during the 2008 primary. The media did all this in an effort to protect Bernie Sanders and to present the illusion that he was a viable candidate for president.

  158. By they way that supposed “tax return” which is not a full one by the way……is dodgy as hell, something smells in that big style. The figures dont seem right at all.


    At the very least—as noted by Bruce Parker, a Vermont reporter for—Senator Sanders should be asked to explain how his opposition to severance packages for corporation executives squares with his wife getting a cushy severance of $200,000.

    Equally significant, his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, left her position as president of Burlington College under controversial circumstances and is now being accused of federal bank fraud. She left her position at the college and was given a severance package known as a “golden parachute” that also benefited Senator Sanders’ personal wealth.

    O’Brien says that Sanders’ financial disclosure forms are incomplete. “For someone who doesn’t care about money, he goes a long way to cover up his true net worth,” he says. “Bernie does not disclose the value of real estate holdings. He can. He is not required to, but he could if he chose. It is known that he and/or his wife own at least two homes—one with rental income in Vermont and one near Capitol Hill where the median home value is $722,000.”

    T Digger confirmed the nefarious role played by Jane Sanders, noting that she “overstated donation amounts in a bank application for a $6.7 million loan that was used by the college to purchase a prime 33-acre property on Lake Champlain in 2010.” Jane Sanders “resigned under pressure from the Burlington College board of trustees nearly a year after obtaining the multi-million dollar loan,” the site reported. “After both sides lawyered up, the board gave Sanders the title of president emeritus and a $200,000 severance package.”

    On top of this scandal, The Washington Free Beacon has reported that Senator Sanders used campaign money to benefit members of his family, and that Jane Sanders directed six-figure sums from Burlington College to her daughter and the son of a family friend.

    ……………would seem to me, Mr Sanders should be asking if his wife will be going to prison instead……

  160. Hypocrite–Why-Is-Bernie-Sanders-Invested-On-Wall-Street-Sanders-s-Investments-Profits-From-The-Enemy

    “Why Is Bernie Sanders Invested On Wall Street?” Sanders’s Investments = Profits From The “Enemy”

    Pharma companies, fracking companie, wall st investments…….oh the hypocrisy.

  161. AYFKM? I just watched an NBC “news” report about Bernie Sanders meeting with the Pope and how his tax returns prove he is a man of the people and walks the talk on taking money out of politics. Then they turned around and slammed HRC in meeting with Clooney and how populist Bernie’s campaign is … all the $$$s from the little people. oh and several NEGATIVE minutes in Bill saying whatever about BernieBots. and on and on about her taking BIG money. I CAN’T FUCKING TAKE THIS MEDIA BIAS ONE MORE MINUTE. THEY ARE FLAT OUT LYING ABOUT SANDERS.

  162. srsly – headline during this entire NBC attack on Hillary was “sanders meets with pope”

  163. The pope is going to have a shit fit. I tell you true, I cannot watch CNN any longer and MSNBC has been out for me for years. I’m just going to avoid them until the 19th is over.

  164. Hate to burst the bubble but the Wall Street investment links, from varying places, along with the MONEY magazine article that he’s a de facto millionaire because of it, have been going around twitter for a month. The press simply refuses to recognize it, so stop torturing yourselves.

  165. I won’t believe Slanders met with the pope unless I see a picture. But I find it hysterical that a Jewish Atheist is hyping a visit with the pope.

  166. Moon did you send that article to the Hillary campaign about Sanders financial Scandals? If not I will

  167. I’ve read he did get to meet with the Pope. Unbelievable.
    Here he is making his Coffee Break Speech. Two things. Hardly anyone in the room. Two, HE’S MAKING HIS SAME, TIRED STUMP SPEECH! He couldn’t even come up with new, original stuff to say?

  168. Moon send that article to cnn, fox, msnbc and some of your local channels.

  169. Well here’s the quintessential article on Bernie and the pope. DONT MISS HIS SPEECH TO THE PRESS WITH PEOPLE YELLING BERNIE! BERNIE! IN ITALIAN ACCENTS.

  170. Listen, gang. The story has been sent to Hillary and CNN. I know this because I sent it myself. It’s been around. Nobody, not even Hillary, is touching it. So take a deep breath, we’re pissing up a rope on this one

  171. Ga, see my article link slightly above.

  172. If somebody would click on one of my effing links once in an effing while, you’d see. I honestly don’t know why I bother.

  173. Oh, my, there were five people screaming Bernie. LOL. He’s come believe he is the messiah looking at that tape.

  174. Biden weighs in, mostly to tell everybody he spend tonsa time with the Pope. but don’t click on it.

  175. Re: Bernie’s meeting with the pope: pictures or it didn’t happen.

  176. Yes. it is a truly awful thing when one cannot even watch the news because it is so completely biased. There was a book which came out after the 2000 election; I think that Joe Conason and another person collaborated on it. It was about how the media was so invested in having Bush win and Gore lose, that they simpliy lied, misrpresented, and did things which were reflective of a totalitarian media in a fascist state. I skimmed the book in a bookstore, and it was really upsetting to see how if the media had even had a modicum of fairness, Gore would certainly have won. And despite a book like this, hothing at all has changed.

    Clearly, there are orders from the oligarchs who run these networks for a certain narrative to be conveyed, twenty four hours a day. The media truly believes that it can control the election results. It may be that we do not have a democracy any more, because we do not have what even passes for an unbiased media, at least on the broadcast side, which is unfortunately what most people get their “news” from.

  177. The Vatican would have commented by now if it didn’t happen.

    And even if it didn’t happen, people believe it.

    Remember, there was one of those cockroach priests who trumped the organizer of that conference and invited him. Obviously, he’s a bernie afficionado or somebody connected with bernie had an In. Otherwise, Bernie wouldn’t even have gotten in.

  178. Would the US Media take Hillary’s word for it if she said she met with the Pope privately?

  179. Upps, you will appreciate this. The first person that Bernie shook hands with was Morales who models himself after Chavez.

  180. Ga I am sure weaver or devine arranged to pay five BERNIE SCREAMERS. These people are pond scum. They have no scruples whatsoever

  181. moononpluto upthread: “Jane O’Meara Sanders, left her position as president of Burlington College under controversial circumstances and is now being accused of federal bank fraud.”

    Come on now. She was just trying to break that bank! It’s all part of The Plan!

  182. Morales. Exactly. That’s where the hook was. I hope to see his cockroach ass fired by the Pope. This is very bad for the Vatican.

  183. Sweet, actually she has met with the Pope. WHen it wasn’t politically expedient before a primary she was losing.

  184. Pope basically says Bernie stalked him! Or that’s my interpretation. His statement sounds basically like when they dissed Kim Davis.

    “This morning as I was leaving, Senator Sanders was there,” Francis said. “He knew I was coming out at that time, and he had the kindness to greet me.”

    “When I came down, he introduced himself, I greeted him with a handshake, and nothing more,” the pope added. “It’s common courtesy, this is called common courtesy.

    “If someone thinks that greeting someone is getting involved in politics,” he said, “I recommend that they find a psychiatrist.”

  185. Here’s the AP article

    And here’s the religion dispatch report, which basically says he forced them to let him in.

  186. Personally I think the whole episode with Bernie illegally using campaign funds to take his whole family to the Vatican is a problem outside of the whole thing being completely cringe inducing. I guess now gays are rolled under the bus because the pope doesn’t believe in gay rights. I’m so ticked at the Sanders campaign right now over this stupid stunt that they should be glad I don’t live in NY because I would literally crawl over cut glass to get to the polls and I would be dragging everybody I knew there with me to vote for Hillary.

    I also understand the smarter of his campaign advisers Devine told him not to go and it was weasel Weaver that it was a good idea.

  187. LOL! Biden in that video: I know the Pope, the Pope is a friend of mine, Bernie you are no Pope! j/k Not exact quote, but basically what he said.

  188. So, Bernie’s meeting with the Pope is very similar to Kim Davis’ .
    Bernie shouts, “Hey there, Pope” and Francis to be polite, shakes his hand.

  189. I can’t believe that the AP is actually reporting the truth while others are accepting of Bernie’s spin and lies.

  190. Lots of focus on Hillary’s fund raising weekend, but nothing about her visit to a public housing development on Friday, prior to leaving for CA. Presidential candidates had received invitations to visit the public housing developments since they are in such dire conditions and the estimated cost for repairs is in the realm of 17 BILLION DOLLARS. No one had responded until this week after Lawrence O’Donnell did a segment on the problems and he took a camera crew into the public housing development. Issued another invite to the candidates and the Clinton campaign canceled a scheduled townhall interview on GMA. Someone posted a clip of her playing dominoes with the seniors that is listed above. This should have been shown, rather than completely focusing in fund raising activities. She is raising money for the party. Obama does it all the time.

  191. Good god, stalking the pope, is he really that desperate…oh wait, yes he is, he’s like one of those fan girlies who hang around stage doors at theatreswaiting for the star of the show to come out.

    I wonder did he wet his panties?

  192. OUCH

    Pope Francis says anyone seeing Sanders greeting as political should ‘find a psychiatrist’:

  193. Yea, I have a link and it seems Bernie’s “meeting” with the Pope consisted of a handshake and nothing more.

  194. Bernie stalked him and the “meeting” was like a handshake on a rope line.

  195. Yet another Bernie clusterfuck. My headline: Sanders Stalks, Pope Pissed.

  196. Sanders, a disater in the states, a disaster abroad…he really is a national lampoons film.

  197. I remember meeting with Magic Johnson about five years ago.. Well, I was in a Best Buys store, and he was there doing some p.r. for a phone system, and then taking questions. so I asked him if he was going to buy the Dodgers, and he denied it.

    I also had a meeting with Pamela Sue Martin a few years ago. She was at the Aero Theatre for a showing of some of her movies; and she said hello to everyone milling around beforehand, and I told her that my girlfriend had loved watching her as Nancy Drew. Very ehjoyable meeting with her.

    I also met with Bill Clinton back in ’92 at a campaign rally. Well, I clapped when he and Kenny G dueted on saxophone, and for his speech.

    And it wasn’t that many years ago when I had a meeting with Elliott Gould. I had been listening to him reading “Farewell My Lovely” on tape, while driving; and when I got in line to see an afternoon movie, who was standing in front of me but Elliott Gould! So I told him that I had just listened to him reading the novel, and he asked me if I had enjoyed it, and that he recorded all of the Chandler novels.He is not the best reader, but of course I said that I enjoyed listening to him.. Another informative meeting there.

    Oh, and I met with a representative of Marriott Hotels yesterday. They called me on the phone and conveyed a special offer; but I unfortunately had to hang up on them ten seconds into the call.

  198. Bernie’s showing us his foreign policy skills.

    Sorry, Bernie, you flunked.

  199. Upps, forgive me for posting anything Axelrod, but this is just too damn funny.:

  200. Thinking more about Bernie’s foreign policy style….I want him to go meet Putin in Russia. He could hang out at one of Putin’s hunts and then just suddenly pop up to shake his hand.

  201. Just noticed that the CNN site has erased its “Sanders meets with Pope” headline.

  202. Yeah they delete it AFTER they do the damage. And they don’t correct it on air either. Setup artists.

  203. When the Pope laughs at you…well.

  204. lol Voting. I’m not that sensitive these days. Where ever the help is, we take it. The blog does self-destruct, though, if a breitbart link occurs.

  205. Sanders belongs on the cover of Mad Magazine if you ask me

  206. If I were a New Yorker I would be ticked at Bernie for running that ad tweety showed. It makes NY look like a depressing slum.

  207. Voting, hopefully he won’t be in the campaign to meet with the Dalai Lama. I’m not sure whether to laugh at the fact that Bernie took those campaign contributions and took his family to Rome or whether I should feel sorry for all those young people that were duped. No, considering how the barn animals have been behaving I will have to laugh at them being conned out of so much money.

  208. Ga, Dalai has this handled:

  209. Twitter is taking the piss out of Vaticangate….

    Harry Enten ‏@ForecasterEnten 25m25 minutes ago

    I wonder how Sanders will do in the Vatican precinct on Tuesday night…
    19 retweets 79 likes

    Jay Winkler

    @ForecasterEnten but harry even if he wins the vatican its about delegates not how many microstates he wins you should know this

  210. Voting and Moon, that is just hysterical. Bernie really should have listened to Devine on this. I mean the guy might have lost presidential elections but he at least knows how to avoid such obvious disasters.

  211. Although I have lived in the south for over 17 years, I am a born-and-bred NY’er and Member Of the Tribe (that means I’m Jewish, y’all). Believe me when I tell you that Bernie has lost his NY Jewish fence-sitters. He demands the debate be in Brooklyn, then flies off chasing the pope while freaking KASICH is hanging out with the Jews and visiting matzah factories the week before Passover. Okay, Kasich was lecturing the black hats on the Passover story, as if they didn’t know it, and comparing the lamb’s blood on the doorpost to the blood of Jesus since he was the lamb of God, but at least he made an effort!

    Even my two staunchest Bernie-supporting cousins are posting less and less about him. I think the glow has worn off but they are both Democratic Socialists by philosophy so they can’t completely walk away.

  212. I am seeing just pisstake after pisstake on Twitter over this……..when they ridicule you like this, you know, you have lost all respect.

  213. Moon

    In the comments section of the Daily Kooks, it seems as though Bernie supporters outnumber the Hillary supporters there.

    The amazing thing is that the Kooks are not all Bernie supporters.

    One of the comments:

    SevenStrings TomP Apr 04 · 01:34:56 PM
    As a supporter of Secy Clinton, I have to say that I dont like this line of attack. I would like to think that our side is better than this. But, it is ironic to see you complaining about it, given that you have written so many hit pieces on her that were not any better than this ~ some were a whole lot worse. (No shit, Sherlock!)

  214. Yipes, forgot the backslash on the strike out. sorry.

    Bernie and the Jets, strike out Jets for the ‘Pope’.

    Slept in today, and no coffee yet.

  215. Upps, when you have a spare minute, could you please delete my comment: Shadowfax, on April 16, 2016 at 4:50 PM

    Thanks a bunch.


  216. SenSanders may be headed next to Tibet to commune with the Dalai Lama.

    I enjoy the joke but the Dalai Lama hasn’t gone back to China’s Tibet in a long time.

  217. Priceless. Pope on video

  218. Jules, not to mention he threw Israel under the bus during the debate.


    Thanks so much, Upps!

  220. Okay, so “Popegate” embarrasses Bernie and co., so it’s disappeared from the memory bank and wiped from the record.
    If it were Hillary stalking the Pontiff, the media would be saying “Pope call Clinton nuts” for weeks.

  221. Twitter aint giving up….

  222. Not me Shadow. Fixit Fairy.

  223. Twitter is great for creating memes…

    Whorin’ For Hillary

    Feminist, environmentalist & rabid Hillary supporter. I don’t play with trolls or BernieBots.

    I like this lady…..

  224. I love this, important in NY…..

    The Irish Voice endorses Hillary Clinton

  225. So the last 48 hrs…

    Hillary playing dominoes w/Harlem seniors.

    Bernie leaves the trail to treat his whole family to a 22 hour visit to Rome. Sanders Paid $20,000 for 1 Night at the Vatican Owned Hotel ..US taxpayers paid for the Secret Service and The Cars. Not to mention the cost of the flights…..He spent $320,000 on a trip to Rome (using campaign money).

    I’d think that was a tacit admission he knows he aint winning NY, that he had to runaway. New Yorkers wont forget that.

  226. Sue, it would have become part of the American vernacular, like “I didn’t inhale,” or “I was for it before I was against it.” Rove would have ads out saying that the Catholic Church has strongly condemned it. The pundits would ask whether she should withdraw because of the affront to Catholics. the Syrian refugees, and Europe. ‘

    The media doesn’t do a thing here because it is Sanders. The broadcast media has its own rules, which have nothing to do with fairness, consistency, or journalistic integrity. And I imagine that the people who got up this morning and saw the recurrent headline, “Sanders meets with Pope,” still believe that he indeed do so, and may even vote for him because of it. Because the broadcast media is never going to disabuse them of it. nor admit their own mistake/deliberate mischaracterization/disinterest in learning the truth.before they run their headlines.

  227. Guys, we had a horrible day yesterday. My poor little buddy had a Grand Mal seizure. Thank God I was home. I had to call 911 because it was so massive. Thank God for paramedics. His only other one was 7 yrs ago and he has been taking mild meds since. God, what a hideous day. I’m like a limp rag.

  228. A friend of mine got to stay at that hotel for free. Its kind of a funny story. When Benedict was Pope. She went as a nurse/caretaker to a poet who was being honored by the Vatican. The poet was given a 2 bdrm suite (gratis), and all of their food at the restaurant was also comped. Anyway, she was given a day off to see Rome, and she met two gay guys who were on vacation there, and they took her sightseeing all day. She had so much fun with them, she insisted on treating them to dinner. At the restaurant at that hotel, which was free! I wondered what Benedict would have thought about providing a free gourmet meal with expensive wines to a young gay couple.

  229. Oh so cal thank God indeed that you were home! Glad Laker is okay!

  230. The Pope’s statement is awesome. I heard that Bernie, his wife, step-daughter, and that obnoxious NY prof that got Bernie wedged into the conference, got up early and sandbagged the Pope in the foyer as he was leaving. There was no meeting. Bernie and the NY prof are jerks.

  231. Bernie’s new ad is a thinly veiled hit at Hillary: “While Washington politicians are paid over $200,000 an hour for speeches, they oppose raising the living wage to fifteen dollars an hour,” the ad’s narrator says. “Two hundred thousand dollars an hour for them. But not even fifteen bucks an hour for all Americans. Enough is enough.”

    In reply, how about: “Washington politicians who preach about tax code fairness for all income levels and advocate for the middle class to pay higher taxes for new social programs should have no problem letting the American people see at least eight years of their full tax returns. Enough is Enough.”

  232. Annie, I am so sorry to hear that! I am glad that he is doing okay now. Please give him my very best wishes. when he is feeling better.

  233. Thanks imust! We were in the ER til late last night. I’m sure they will want to change his meds. Laker thinks it might have been due to his being low on electrolytes and too much caffeine, which seems entirely possible. No more coffee for him, and I bought a bunch of electrolytes. We’ll find out what his neurologist thinks on Mon. The bummer of this, as far as he’s concerned, is no driving for a long time. And I will have to drive him to school, until we can find a carpool.

  234. Thanks William! Laker also says thanks!

  235. Paulette, right on!

  236. Upps, love your idea of Bernie being on the cover of Mad Magazine. His face could easily morph into Alfred E. Neuman’s.

  237. Bernie’s flight banquet……Thats the menu of a champagne socialist and BernieBro’s you are paying for all that…….honestly look at that fucking menu, its the menu of a state dinner.

  238. THIS

  239. OMG Socal, is Laker Dude all right????

  240. Hi Upps! Yes, he very “druggy” today and resting on the couch. We were at the ER all afternoon & night and taking him to neurologist on Mon. Grand Mal’s are horrifying things. I couldn’t hold him. Thank God hubs walked in at the critical moment. Then lots of paramedics cuz I called 911. His only other one was seven years ago, and that was after the chicken pox vax, so I’m hopeful this won’t be a huge thing and will be controllable.

  241. Sorry to hear about Laker Socal. I hope you get good news at the doctor.

  242. Socal please tell him Aunt Uppity loves him.

  243. In an ongoing episode of grandiose delusions, it was discovered Bernie’s closet contains a variety of outfits to fit his moods of narcissism. There is a dhoti for those Gandhi days, a parka for those Peary days, and a spacesuit for those Neil Armstrong days. At press time there is no indication if the loin cloth is for Caesar or Tarzan days.

  244. Upps,

    I love that photo with the Dali Lama and Hillary. It is up on my wall at work. I am an ex-Catholic, and I think the Dali Lama is a wonderful man.

  245. Mr. Rude Sexist Pig strikes again:

  246. Thanks everyone for the well wishes for Laker!

  247. Shadow, I pointed out that HH the Dalai Lama is in Dharmasala, India over at SD, and quixote pointed out that since Bernie’s foreign affairs knowledge is so bad, he’ll probably go to Tibet looking for the Chinese puppet Dalai Lama to ambush. LOL!

    And somehow I don’t think HH would care for Bernie’s assault weapons policy.

  248. Wow. Fucking wow.

    View story at

  249. Socal

    I am out of loop but Laker must be someone in your family that you love deeply. I hope the best for his speedy recovery.

    My ex-husband once had a grand-mal too, it is frightening…but the meds really help. Our house burned down awhile ago and he went back in during the fire to try and save some valuables and our fish tank…he had the seisure after it happened.

    He was fine after a short stay in the hospital and was able to drive after awhile.

  250. NW Luna

    Thanks for the update, I missed part of it upthread.

  251. Bernie Bros throw money at HRC’s motorcade. Real money. They are as crazy as their hero.

  252. socal, I am so sorry to hear about your Laker and pray this will not be on going issue. My sincerest wishes for his speedy recovery.

    Upps, Biden is getting slapped around a bit tonight on Twitter by those who watched that Anita Hill movie “Confirmation” on HBO tonight. I wonder if he got a head’s up about this movie and decided he didn’t want to revisit this, hence no POTUS run.

  253. moon, that Irish Voice endorsement is going to help in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as well.

  254. votinghillary, I think Biden isn’t running because he knows he doesn’t have the support. Hillary would easily win over him. He resents that so much. Good ole’ Joe never wanted to accept the fact that a woman has more support than him. That’s why he gives these sly digs to Hillary any chance he gets

  255. Sanders’ #NotAMeeting undermined the Pope wrt his trip to Lesbos. The Pope’s intention was to pressure other nations to help rescue the refugees, and as an example to nations he brought refugees back to the Vatican. However, the news cycle focused on Pope Stalker Buffoon Sanders #NotAMeeting “meeting” instead, rendering the Pope’s mission almost invisible.

    This guy, his wife, his lackeys, his cult, and his campaign need to be shut down… and soon!

  256. Shadowfax & Voting, thanks so much! Lakerwade (or Lakerdude!) is my 22 yo son. He used to post here back from the time he was 15, so that’s why the old timers here know him.

  257. It was worth the insomnia just for this:

  258. seagrl, on April 17, 2016 at 12:35 AM said:
    votinghillary, I think Biden isn’t running because he knows he doesn’t have the support. Hillary would easily win over him. He resents that so much. Good ole’ Joe never wanted to accept the fact that a woman has more support than him. That’s why he gives these sly digs to Hillary any chance he gets

    After how he treated Anita Hill, well, you know what they say about karma!

  259. Joe looks like a cadaver. There is no way his health isn’t poor.

  260. We love us our Laker Dude. And Eric Clapton.

  261. Voting, I NEVER forgave Joe Biden and if he’s getting slapped around, he deserves worse for what he did just to give us Clarence Thomas. That pig.

  262. Luna, maybe Bernie will just look for a Llama.

  263. Vatican officials….Sanders ambush “an atrocius breach of protocol”

  264. Sanders progressive credentials are a lie….

  265. Nearly wet myself laughing

  266. Jules, not to mention he threw Israel under the bus during the debate.

    Yeah. Skipping AIPAC was a slap to the Tribe, but many forgave him for that. But his flat-out distortion of Operation Protective Edge as well as his implication that U.S. Policy has been disadvantageous to the Palestinians and he’s going to “level the playing field” was just too much except for the JStreet crowd.

    I did end up asking my cousin in Israel why he supported Sanders and it turns out the knew one another quite well back in the day. They were both members of some socialist organization and apparently Cuz remembers him as a really nice guy who was pro-Israel and anti-communist. I didn’t want to point out that BS seems to have flipped those last two positions.

  267. This article contains the full audio of Bernies, NYDN editorial interview.

    He sounds like some complete uninformed lunatic and when he gets stuck reverts to his pattern stump speech.

  268. Was reading this morning that Focus group from the debate-almost 90% changed their vote from Bs to Hillary versus because of his negative campaign.

  269. Wow, he really is an ignorant sexist old fool….watch what he does when the Lady President rose to greet him….

  270. I LOVE that we’ve got a friend!

  271. Sanders Tax Returns do not disclose $1,2 million in Stock Portfolios in his wife’s Jane name … Bernie’s declaring his Net Worth $800K…wonder what else he’ss hiding.

  272. Thursdays debate has driven Jewish voters en masse to Clinton

    Following the debate, Councilman David Greenfield told Jewish Insider, “[Clinton] was outstanding and proved why every Jewish Democrat who cares about Israel should vote for her.”

    Greenfield represents one of the largest Orthodox Jewish districts in the United States. On Wednesday, John Podesta, the Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, met with two dozen Orthodox Jewish community leaders at an event hosted by Greenfield.

    While Clinton is not well-liked in the Orthodox Jewish community, an electorate that voted for John McCain and Mitt Romney by almost 80 percent, the comments made by Sanders has motivated the bulk who are registered as Democrats to cast their first-ever vote for Hillary Clinton, according to a dozen Jewish voters interviewed for this story.

    “Many Orthodox Jewish Democrats who engaged me, were previously indifferent or even negative towards Hillary Clinton,” Chaskel Bennett, a local community leader and board member of Agudath Israel of America, told Jewish Insider on Saturday. “People I spoke with now feel it imperative‎ to go out and vote against Bernie Sanders.”

    “Several callers on my radio show told me they were abandoning Bernie for Hillary because of his negative comments towards Israel,” Greenfield tweeted on Saturday.

    “The last week has brought an enormous outpouring of support for Hillary. Democrats in our community are literally petrified of Bernie Sanders,” Kalman Yeger, a Midwood resident and a Kings County Democratic County Committee (AD45) member, told Jewish Insider. ”Bernie expresses strong anti-Israel sentiments, and he surrounds himself with anti-Israel radicals.”

    Jewish voters make up 16-19 percent of the New York primary electorate.
    read more:

  273. I’m not surprised to find out they were Romney and McCain voters or that they didn’t like Hillary which I’m sure is due to the fact that she is a woman and if you know anything about the Orthodox they do not believe in women having leadership roles. But Uppity your prediction was right when after the debate you said Bernie had lost the Jewish vote.

  274. Ga Bernie did himself in on the Israel question. Personally I was thrilled.

  275. I mean when you stick up for Hamas, you might as well stick a sign on your head that says, “Jews please vote for my opponent”.

  276. Haha. Well, as you can see Bernie doesn’t only scare Jewish voters. He pretty much scares the heck out of voters down here in GA with his revolution rhetoric. I doubt it would happen but if NY could deliver the same numbers for Hillary that GA did I would laugh and laugh and laugh.

  277. Proved, Sanders campaign behind Clinton fundraiser dollar throw…..

  278. only one more day of campaigning before NY votes…….Come on guys, you can do it, Send Bernie back to the nuthouse.

  279. Now, Trump is saying, “Crooked Hillary.” He is starting on her.

  280. Just when I thought he was running out of people to insult, behold these campaign posters:

  281. Hillary is having a load of fun…dancing away to latin music…

  282. Birdgal, We should come up with something Hillary can use to call Donald. We should have a contest on this blog. Send it to Hillary once we decide on what to call him.

  283. I have to say there are a lot of Bernie supporters turning their back on him in the last few days on Twitter….a LOT of them.

  284. If Trump is calling Hillary crooked, Why did he donate to her campaign?
    I question his judgement.

    Moon, do you think Bern will ask for another debate?

  285. Oh look who is pandering and flipflopping like a beached whale.

    Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Sunday said Sandy Hook victims should be able to sue gun manufacturers for the 2012 elementary school shooting that killed 20 students and six adults, backtracking on previous comments.

    “Of course they have a right to sue, anyone has a right to sue,” the Vermont senator said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    Sanders in an interview with the New York Daily News last week initially said the Sandy Hook family members should not have the right to sue gun manufacturers for damages.

    “No, I don’t,” he said, in response to a question from the editorial board.


    And there you have it, Sanders would pull the plug on a dying womans resperator if he thought it would do him any good…..

  286. neetabug, I agree, Donald needs a name. But Hillary shouldn’t do it. WE should. Tweet him in every tweet, every blog comment, every facebook post, every comment on an article! Make it go viral! I like, “small hand” Donald. That one seemed to bug him.

  287. Moon, That is a major flip-flop for him, and it is also pandering. All politicians pander and he is not above it.

    Why are people turning away from him on Twitter?

  288. Many saying he is not who he said he was, lost trust in him. Sick of the negative campaign he’s waging. I think he’s going to lose NY big on Tuesday night. I don’t think his people are going to come out, support will drop off.

  289. I do reckon she has already won NY, she has probably booked up a heavy early and absentee vote, she has excelled in that in many states that are closed primaries.

  290. Pretty sure no early voting in NY … and only very limited absentee voting (it’s not no excuse needed as in a growing number of states). We have in Florida and it has been great especially for working people.

  291. If Bernie’s big crowds translated into votes, he might win, but too many young people are not registered Democrats.

  292. Yes Paulette, in NY you are required to give a reason to vote absentee. Illness, disability, elderly. Being gone from the state is also a reason, due to the snowbirds.

    Number of absentees is significant

  293. I don’t know if it’s the same for Bernie or not, but interviews of some of Trump’s supporters have said they travel from one large campaign gathering to another. This one guy interviewed said it was his 30th event since Trump declared.

    I wish I had to money and time to do that for Hillary, unfortunately I have a family to support and a job to hold down.

  294. Hillary is going to clean his clock in NYC, Harlem, Brooklyn, Long Island and the Bronx….every demographic is going for her in NY, she only has to draw even with whites in NYC to win easily.

  295. Trump will do himself in with his own mouth. He can’t help it.

  296. Shadow, pretty sure that is what Bernie is doing, he is bussing them all in to campaigns over and over, it would explain it not translating into votes because its the same crowd over and over.

    Bernie is basically a Rent a mob campaign.

  297. Well that one really big one was right on top of the verizon strike rally. Appropriated them.

  298. Now this pissed me off. Supposed to be a “Reporter” (FOX). Probably a fox intern.

  299. If Trump gets the nomination. This might come back to haunt him with the AA’s

  300. Rosie O’Donnell is poking the bear again…

    When asked by host Rita Cosby whether Trump is qualified to be president, O’Donnell said “he’s not even qualified to run a game show.”

    O’Donnell also predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the New York primary and that Bernie Sanders, after the loss, would concede.

    “She will ask him to help her to get to the White House, which is the goal that will protect all of humanity as well as the nation’s reputation,” she said.

    Trump and O’Donnell have engaged in a long-running feud, often criticizing each other over Twitter and in news interviews, in which Trump has called her both a “bully” and a “loser.”

    Trump has yet to respond to O’Donnell’s latest broadside.

  301. Upps, what an idiot. Having a rally is now “crashing” These Bernie Bros are stuck on stupid.

  302. According to a CBS poll, Clinton is up by 10 pts. Clinton 53 Sanders 43. So, undecided is 4 pts?

  303. I don’t get this “crashing” stuff. Did she muscle in on a Sanders rally? That doesn’t sound like her. What do they mean, “crashing”? Desperate? I doubt that. She’s moving up, not down, in the polls. What are they even talking about?

  304. So he’s given up on NY…..easy to see with this email….he likes to just give up and walk away.

    Bernie latest fundraising email : “Here’s the truth, we don’t have to win New York”

    It really is all about the moolah, its so obvious.

  305. Congrats Neeta. I found one of your comments in spam. Welcome to the club!

  306. quixote it was a GOTV rally with HER signs. There was NO excuse for writing the word CRASH. SHe showed up for support and to thank them. She’s done it with dozens of her support groups. Hardly a crash, more of an exciting surprise.

  307. Moon, you are so right. He will not fight for every vote. Even when Hillary lost states in 2008 she was out there fighting for every vote. I remember the Big Dawg going all over NC into places that had not seen a candidate in forever. Speaking of the Big Dawg he said Sanders supporters sound like they want to shoot every third person who works on Wall Street. I’m sure they had a meltdown over that. I laughed because it’s funny and true.

  308. Moon, can I get a link to that quote about not needing to win NY ?

  309. I think that poll that has her up by 10 includes indies who can’t vote in NY.

    Socal, hugs and kisses to Laker! Hope he’s doing well. Seizures are so SCARY.

  310. I remember Hill fighting all the way to the finish line in 2008. She was still out there campaigning all the way to the last primary in Puerto Rico (which she owned!!). I’m still so bitter over 2008. All that screaming for her to drop out when she was ahead. Pisses me off still.

  311. Nevermind Moon, I’ve got it. xo

  312. Hang in there Britgrls. Is next: NEW YORK.

  313. Upps, the big fight in NY now is that there are different polling times in different areas. Do you know anything about that?

  314. Bad as the media have obviously been for years, I still somehow expect them to try not to be caught in obvious make-believe. In that “crashing” case, using that word was as downright wrong as saying Sanders was “invited” by Ye Pope.

    I’m really starting to wonder if you can have a democracy when the people in it don’t even agree on what words mean.

  315. Well, Hillary is crashing Bernie’s dreams.

    “We don’t have to win NY” Is that Sanders-speak for “We won’t win NY” and sour grapes again? Because it’s so, uh, so, conservative?

    Once again, I have a vain wish that the media would do their job and write up a few compare-and-contrast articles on Sanders.

  316. Well, it’s definitely changed from “we’re going to win in NY because Bernie grew up in Brooklyn and we’re going to beat Hillary in her home state” to NY doesn’t matter anymore. Whatever.

  317. As bad as CNN is, Dan Merica who travels everywhere wirh Hillary’s campaign does a good job of reporting on what’s actually happening. That tweet from him about the astroturfed “protest” where the BS people threw $1, 000 at Hillary’s motorcade after it was handed out to them by Sanders official is a good example. Too bad his reporting never makes it on air. I don’t know why they have assigned him to her campaign. That whole protest was steeped in misogyny, btw.

  318. Brassy Rebel, Lets just continue calling Hillary Clinton a whore by throwing money at her now. I don’t think that any of this plays well with women. Bernie and his gang of thugs are just doubling down on misogyny. That they argue its not and calling a woman “bought and sold” just shows that they are liars or that they really don’t get what sexism and misogyny is about. Either way it shows them to be tone deaf at best to how this affects women especially in the workplace. Really, Bernie’s “revolution” has shown itself not to be about lifting all people up, just the men (and not even all men cuz minority men don’t matter, just white men). That OWS has attached themselves to him is evidence of their disrespect for women. Remember the “rape safe spaces” for women during that movement? That women need a “rape safe space” tells you that they don’t care about women or their “issues.” I say “issues’ because matters that affect women, affect everyone and marginalizing them as women’s issues I think is just cr@p.

  319. Honestly, Bernie Sanders “movement” has turned into a bowel movement. Time to flush it down.

  320. Bus exploded in Jerusalem. 20 hurt. Tell me again, Bernie, how you are going to level the playing field?

  321. Clinton also leads in California, 52 percent to 40 percent.

    The primary will be held in June but the race for this large, final state already shows similar dynamics to what we’ve seen in many races so far, as perceptions of electability and effectiveness are propelling Clinton


  322. HuffN’Puff has Hillary at +15

  323. flvoter, on April 18, 2016 at 11:49 AM said:

    Honestly, Bernie Sanders “movement” has turned into a bowel movement. Time to flush it down

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  324. One would think that someone from one of the cable “news” networks would become so disillusioned that he or she would leave, and write an expose book, but it doesn’t seem to happen. I would love to know whether the pervasive anti-Hillary bias is coming from the very owners; it it is passed down to the top managers each day, so that they tell the “newspeople” to invent fictitious narratives, and the captioners to plant false (“Sanders meets with Pope”) or incendiary anti-Hillary headlines. I have read that on Fox, there are memos sent out each day to staff, telling them what buzz words to use that day. So I assume that by now MSNBC and CNN do the same thing, because there is no other way to account for this. We are not imagining it; every single story is set up so as to make Sanders look good, and Hillary look bad. I wonder if Hillary, if elected, could do anything at all about this. A free press is one thing; a corporate owned media which tries to create reality rather than cover it, is a pernicious something else.

  325. He’s losing it….

    Sanders on New York: So what if I lose?

    what a dick.

  326. Julies, the apparent willingness of Sanders to abandon support of Israel, was the most troubling thing of the last debate. He is supported by the Far Left, which has been anti-Israel for decades, and which has far too much influence on college campuses, which have apparently turned into a horrifying hotbed of anti-Israel, anti-semitic, BDS sentiment.

    That actually is my major fear about the inviting of refugees from Muslim countries; that if you have enough of them here, they will start electing anti-semitic officials. There is this one town in Californnia, I forget the name, where the school board is apparently stacked with anti-semitic people, and where one of the teachers gave out an assignment where students were asked to provide arguments supporting Hitler’s efforts to kill every Jewish person in Europe, as “an exercise in understanding propaganda.” The school board iinitially supported the teacher, but then grudgingly said that the assignment was a bad idea. There was a teacher in New York who also handed out a similar assignment (I wonder what group came up with it), and there was some kind of hearing on sanctions against her, but I doubt that anything came of it. This is the atmosphere which some are working hard to create, and Sanders gave them encouragement, inadvertendly or not.

  327. Bernie should also remember, if he hates the rules so much, if this was a winner takes all race, Hillary would clinch the nomination tomorrow night with her win in NY.

  328. Will someone please out to these media bought Bernie national polls, that a national poll is about as usefull as a chocolate teapot in a primary vote in multiple states with different rules.

    Why are they bothering, its pointless.

  329. Unfuckingbelievable….

  330. I am amazed that Hillary is 2.4 million votes ahead, given the media bias. That’s why I wish CNN would let Dan Merica do more than just tweet. But CNN isn’t even the worst. Apparently, this am the Today show was fluffing the great “optics” Sanders had this weekend meeting the pope when he actually stalked and ambushed him. While Hillary was raising money with Clooney but leaving out who the 💰went to. Oh, and random people pelted her with $ bills! Sheesh! But NBC is now owned by Comcast which is owned by very right wing gazillionaire. I think in several instances the slanting by NBC has been so obvious. They’re not even attempting to hide it. Trying to keep their jobs I guess.

  331. It’s legend that while Hillary is no orator, she gets highest marks for connecting in intimate settings, like the dominoes game in Harlem for example. Link below to a NY black radio program illustrates this big time. Her comfort level in interacting and conversing with these young black people is very impressive. You get the since she genuinely relishes being with people of all stripes — that the aloof, cold personae the media always ascribes to her is such BS. Come to think of it, even the url is worded negatively (“Hillary confronted”) when the whole video is cordial and she comes off as warm, witty and informed.

  332. Moon interesting interview with Bernie. He wants the rest of us to ignore that he is insurmountably behind Clinton on pledged delegates, but agree with him that the super delegates are inherently unfair to him because it makes him seem further behind than he really is? Also, we are give more weight to his supporters because they are young and also independents? In reality, whether he loses by 1 pledged delegate or 600 pledged delegates he loses. His supporters make up a minority in this primary not a majority as Clinton’s do. His continued assertions about the South are just plain racist. He wants to discount minority votes. As a minority I deeply resent that. As a woman, I deeply resent his sexist attacks. I resent that he is pushing the meme that he is the only one that can win in the GE. Really?, Gee, Bernie you don’t think there is anything historic about Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman President of the United States that won’t attract voters to her. I don’t know,voters that are women? And women make up more than 1/2 of this country.

    Yes Bernie, you keep shoveling that sh!t, but remember you will never be number 1 when you wallow in number 2.

  333. Well I think FLVOTER has said it all !

  334. Paulette, Bernie and Donald have a big thing in common. They like to be at podium where they don’t have to get close to our touch the dirty masses much.

  335. moononpluto, on April 17, 2016 at 5:07 PM said:
    I have to say there are a lot of Bernie supporters turning their back on him in the last few days on Twitter….a LOT of them.

    What twitter # are they at?

  336. If the superdelegates all went to the person who had the largest popular vote, Hillary wins

    If the superdelegates all go to the person who has the most pledged delegates, Hillary wins.

    If the superdelegates all vote for the person who is by far the most competent to run the country, and who is supported by a strong majority of Democrats, Hillary wins.

    If Sanders gets to change every rule in every individual state to his favor, and invite right-wing Republicans and Independents to vote for him because they would much rather run against him; and if every state were a caucus, where he could stack it with a strange mix of people, including unregistered people. and people from other states, he would have some chance at winning. Sanders is like the kind of person who never actually lost a card game, because the deck was stacked, or it wasn’t shuffled enough, or the sun was in his eyes, or no jokers were allowed.

  337. Bet you would never see Bernie doing this…he would think it was beneath him.

    Hillary toured run-down NYPCA apartments in Harlem today. She talked to residents about their problems getting work done in the buildings and vowed to fix NYCHA by

    boosting funding for Section 8 housing assistance
    investing $125 Billion into struggling NY communities like the South Bronx
    expanding Low Income Housing credits to bring down rental costs

    Hillary Clinton tours run-down Harlem NYCHA building, vows to fight for low-income housing residents

    Hillary Clinton toured a problem-plagued NYCHA building in East Harlem on Friday and promised long-suffering residents she would always fight for their needs if elected — and would boost funding for affordable housing nationwide.

    Clinton traveled to East 116th Street in Harlem for a tour of the Corsi Houses, a seniors-only New York City Housing Authority building that has struggled with mold, leaks and an inadequate repair system. “I wanted to come here to really make a very strong plea that we do more when I am president to help the people who live in developments like this,” Clinton said.

  338. We all know that if Hillary had flown to Rome to stalk the Pope, she’d be a Media laughing stock for months. But Bernie does it and it’s “great optics” even though there are no optics!
    The misogyny underlying Sanders’ campaign has gotten so bad (pelting Hillary’s car with dollar bills) that even the Jezzies at Jezebel have turned away from him.

  339. BS keeps touting how well he does with “Independents” without saying what he must know–that these folks are “Independent” because they consider the Dem party to be much too conservative. They are from the left wing fringes with some Ron Paul libertarians thrown in. I saw that both Tim Robbins and Paul Song (of Dem whore fame) donated to Paul’s campaign. Seriously. Then there’s the anarchist support for BS. I just don’t think a bunch of anatchists coming into the Dem party would be a positive development for either the party or the nation. Call me crazy.

  340. Good Good….apparently the crowd is huge.

  341. Of course, what else would we expect of Bernie and shitstirrers.

  342. UW, you can never go wrong with toilet humor!

  343. Here is a little titbit i would share on demographics coming out…..The shre is higher than originally thought, but i suspect may happen again tomorrow….

    Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 50s51 seconds ago Washington, DC

    Here’s an unreliable small sample that I’ll tweet anyway: Jewish Dem voters in FL Clinton 82%, Sanders 18

  344. Moon, based on what we all can see about Bernie Sanders, that is completely believable.

  345. Ooh they are going after Mrs Sanders………

    Catholic parishioners in Vermont reportedly are seeking a federal probe into whether Bernie Sanders’ wife committed loan fraud when she was president of Burlington College — by allegedly exaggerating the amount of money the college could raise in order to secure millions for a land deal.

    According to a report published Monday morning by Heat Street, the allegations against Jane O’Meara Sanders were laid out in a letter sent by Brady Toensing, vice chair of the Vermont GOP, to the U.S. attorney in January. The claims stem from Sanders’ time as president of Burlington College between 2004 and 2011. Toward the end of her tenure, she secured loans for a $10 million purchase of 32 acres from the Roman Catholic diocese as part of a campus expansion, Heat Street reported.

    But according to the report, Sanders at the time claimed the college had more than $2 million in fundraising commitments and pledges. People’s United Bank reportedly extended a $6.7 million tax-exempt loan with this understanding. The diocese reportedly underwrote a nearly $3.7 million loan as well, giving its debt repayment lower priority than the bank’s.

    ……………..Priceless Catholic church not too happy about the Sanders it seems….You fucked with the pope Bernie, you gonna pay.

  346. Newsday just endorsed Hillary

    Hillary Clinton, who is aiming to shatter the nation’s highest glass ceiling, has the right blend of knowledge, skill and experience to be an outstanding candidate for president.

    We have seen her in action for decades — as an active first lady; as an effective eight-year senator who delivered for New York, including billions in federal aid to rebuild New York City after 9/11; and in four years as secretary of state, when she played a critical role in levying crippling sanctions on Iran and in the killing of Osama bin Laden.

    That experience on the world stage makes her the best choice to deal with its complicated troubles, especially terrorism, a newly belligerent Russia and an increasingly militaristic China.

    Her long service and many scars from more than 30 years of political battles make Clinton a superb manager, with a knowledge of issues unmatched by any candidate.

    Sen. Bernie Sanders has sketched his vision for the nation’s future in the Technicolor strokes of a populist revolution. But articulating that is one thing. Getting us there is quite another.

    We like that Sanders can inspire. But we have more faith in Clinton’s ability to actually move America forward. That’s why Newsday is endorsing Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary.


    Right there, at the end of the Brooklyn debate, it happened. A whole slice of the United States, home to the bedrock foundation of the Democratic Party, was written off by a candidate for its nomination. But that wasn’t the first time Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) or someone from his campaign has done this. It is an insult that stings more than the campaign seems to realize.

    The argument from the Sanders camp is that Hillary Clinton won in conservative “deep South” states that Democrats will never win in November. To Sanders supporters, this makes a lot of sense in explaining why their progressive candidate was pushed aside by a more conservative electorate. To the African American voters who fueled the double-digit ballot beat-down Sanders suffered in those states, it is baldly dismissive. And totally in keeping with the candidate’s tone-deafness with this voting bloc, best exemplified by his campaigning with Cornel West, who famously said President Obama was “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.” Obama’s approval rating with blacks sits now at 89 percent.

  348. We like that Sanders can inspire. But we have more faith in Clinton’s ability to actually move America forward. That’s why Newsday is endorsing Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary.

    Yeah, it’s damn easy to ‘inspire’ young kids when they are promised free college, free healthcare and legalized pot for all.

    He has even outdone BO’s free give-aways.

    Bernie inspires with pure snake oil.

  349. looks like we have had a visit from the voting down the post trolls. Bernie’s lot must have taken a drive by.

  350. Moon that article is spot on. Love this part:

    “The best synopsis of Sanders’s problem with the region was best summed up by the Atlantic’s Vann R. Newkirk II in a piece last week. “Sanders’s problem isn’t that the South is too conservative,” he writes, “but that the region is too black.” The primary voter data detailed above make that plain.”

  351. Only one more day of hearing from the MSM and Bernie’s campaign (but I repeat myself!) about how Bernie is gonna win NY. I can’t wait until the voting is in tomorrow night. From 538:

    According to our latest polls-plus forecast, Hillary Clinton has a 99% chance of winning the New York primary.

  352. Does he actually have a clue……..


    The interviews raised questions about his depth of understanding, particularly outside of the issues that make up his core message. Yesterday, making his 42nd Sunday show appearance of 2016, Sanders ran into similar trouble during an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash.

    BASH: Let’s talk about something in the news that will be on your plate as a sitting U.S. senator. Saudi Arabia has told the Obama administration that it will sell off hundreds of billions of dollars of American assets if Congress allows the Saudi government to held – to be held responsible in American courts for any role in the 9/11 attacks. How do you intend to vote as a senator?

    SANDERS: Well, I need more information before I can give you a decision.

    Though the senator spoke generally about his concerns regarding Saudi Arabia, the host pressed further, asking if he supports allowing Americans to hold Saudi Arabia liable in U.S. courts. Sanders replied, “Well, you’re going to hear – you’re asking me to give you a decision about a situation and a piece of legislation that I am not familiar with at this point. And I have got to have more information on that. So, you have got to get some information before you can render, I think, a sensible decision.”

    I can appreciate why this may seem like a fairly obscure issue, but the legislation Sanders was asked about was on the front page of the New York Times yesterday morning and the front page of the New York Daily News on Saturday.

    It’s not unfair to ask a sitting senator about legislation pending in the Senate that’s quite literally front-page news.

  353. In the words of the wondrous indiepop legend Kendra Smith, “Too little, too late.”

  354. Aw, Dr. Paul “Corporate Whore” had to resign:


    His twitter page mysteriously vanished this morning……

  355. moon
    His twitter page mysteriously vanished this morning……

    ———I wish that Bernie would vanish after tomorrow’s election that quickly.

  356. What a surprise about Dr. Song /s. Calling a very accomplished and knowledgeable woman a corporate democratic whore is not acceptable. And yes, I do agree too little too late.

  357. We’ve given SONG exactly what he had coming on twitter. He apologized and the answers were rightfully brutal. I myself told him I do not accept his apology. He tried to say he meant Congress and blah blah blah. THe more he tried to cover himself the worse it got for him. Many people still have “WHORE” in their twitter names. I myself chose Putana.

  358. Shadow, Herpes is hard to get rid off and Bernie is the political equivalent of that.

  359. Share widely!

  360. Fabulous, thanks for sharing, Sophie.
    “Hillary is my astronaut” gave me goosebumps.

  361. Thank you Sophie! It gave me goose bumps!

  362. Well, if the Bernie supporters sounded eerily familiar to the bros before hos crowd from 2008 I have found out why. Some Obama campaign people formed this company called Revolution Messaging and Bernie gave them 10 million. Now with this they were hiring people to mess around on blogs. They had the message already packaged and ready to roll and just sent out new people to deliver the message. I freaking can’t believe it. Well, yes, I can. I just knew something smelled.

  363. Ga6thDem, this may be where all the right wing talking points are coming from. I see them everywhere, copy and paste

  364. Birdgal, probably. They were hiring people and paying them 10.10 an hour to do stuff on twitter etc.

  365. Love, love, love that video!!!

  366. SophieCT 6:32 PM said:
    Share widely!

    That’s a great video of Hillary. Almost made me cry.

    Time to dust this one off from 2008

  367. Now, the Sanders campaign is going to sue the DNC for illegal funneling of campaign funds to Hillary’s campaign. They are saying that the fundraisers are not sending the money to down ticket candidates, but are sending large amounts to the Hillary fund. Apparently, the Sanders has a couple of other lawsuits pending against the DNC.

  368. Sanders is a shit.

  369. How many lawsuits against the Democratic Party can this lowlife file? I don’t think we can trust him to not mount an independent run after Hillary kicks his ass. I hope the Dems primary him, and I hope the FEC goes after his ass, especially for his campaign paying for his luxury trip to Rome. What an f’ing crook.

    Upps, I love the “putana” on your twitter moniker.

  370. Sophie, Sanders is turning out to be a bully and poisoning the Democratic Party. He is as bad as the right wing.

  371. I am so excited for the election in NY tomorrow. Wish CA could vote the same day and it would be an overwhelming massacre.

    Pack your bags Sandcrab, and get off the stage…return the kids donations. You got your 15 minutes…you’re toast, you just don’t know it yet.

  372. Also, his campaign ads and rhetoric at his rallies have become nastier and nastier. His true colors are showing. I hope Hillary cleans his clock tomorrow, but with proportional delegates, he will end up with a lot. He thinks, he may win, since all the polls in Michigan were off, and he had a huge victory there.

  373. ‘putana’ – what does that mean?

  374. I am not too knowledgeable about social media jargon, but I think that the term “concern troll” would apply to Rachel Maddow. Well, perhaps it is that she is just greatly foolish.I watched thirty minutes of her show. She showed Sanders speaking and continually saying he was going to win NY. She said it is very exciting that he thinks he will win. They showed Hillary speaking, no sound, with a caption below saying that Sanders accuses her and DNC of illegal collusion. She then has Andrea Mitchell on to discuss it. Mitchell actually says that it looks as if there was nothing wrong, but that the rhetoric is getting harsher. Mitchell says that Jane Sanders was interviewed by her, and Jane says that Hillary is treating her husband unfairly. Rachel jumps in eagerly to sat that this is what Jane said to her on her show! Rachel then looks concerned and says that at some point the two candidates will have to try to come to terms, and that she wonders if the damage is irreparable. The damage that she and the other Sanders shills on MSNBC have caused by spinning every story in his favor, in reveling in the increasing anger in his campaign? “That damage, Rachel? We’ll be back with more in a few minutes.”

  375. Shadowfax, it means whore.

    William, agree with you about Maddow.

  376. I recommend Ga6th’s link to Gobling.wordpress. Amazing article about Bernie’s campaign expenses. Says he’s raked in 91 million! Yeah, all from $27 donations!!! What a r a c k e t!

  377. $27? Well, not egggggggzactly. You see, the FEC issued two letters to the old communist. And here they are. Note one is 95 pages and the other is 43 pages. This is because the letters list the names of people who illegally went over the limit by using multiple, VERY multiple donations. So be sure to scroll down.

    Now after you check those out, guess what that bastard of a psychotic passive-aggressive with a victim attitude did? Well he did what does best. Knowing he was in deep deep shit that would blow his Mr. Pure and his $27 bullshit straight to hell with potential publicity, he Detoured and deflected and went into his easily recognizable offensive Habitual Detour-Litigation mode — and sent THIS letter to the DNC re: Hillary, of course.

    Now how much do you want to bet that his letter hits the publicity circuit before his FEC fiasco ever even gets noticed?

    Take your time, I’ll wait….

  378. Yipes Upps,

    Looking at just one person on the second link, Bartlett, James…made 52 donations on the same day, 11/28/15.
    I don’t have the patience to look though all of them, but they sure as heck are illegal.

  379. Yeah, that letter from the Sandcrab’s council is a deflection. Lookie, maybe the DNC cheated for Hillary…

  380. Since Sanders is not a Democrat, is it possible, within the rules, for the party to unilaterally suspend his campaign?

  381. Latest Bernie tactic. No wonder he left NY. They would probably hang him for this one.

  382. Damn it, link didn’t copy right.

  383. VotingHillary, on April 19, 2016 at 1:21 AM

    Are the Burnouts publicizing that in order to clog the polls and disrupt the voting process?
    Last I read they were filing a lawsuit BUT the closed dem ny primary issue hasn’t be decided. I’m not even sure it’s been heard yet.

  384. That’s not true is it? That NY is letting indies vote in the primary?

  385. Don’t know if this has been posted already but this says it all for me:

    View story at

  386. Has anyone seen the meme going around of Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick in Rocky Horror Picture Show? Bernie supporters are claiming it’s actually Jane and Bernie Sanders marching in a transsexual pride parade. LOL! They’re truly unbelievable

  387. Yeah twitter debunked that Sarandon Rocky pic pretty fast. Ridiculous. When you see shit like that, you understand the mind of the Bernie follower. They’re as whacky, moronic and delusional as he is. They’d all run their mothers over for a free ride too. Just like Bernie most of his life.

  388. Have fun voting!! I voted early for Hillary in Maryland yesterday, so wonderful!!

  389. Uppity Woman, it is sad that they are still spreading such misinformation even after it being debunked. I tried to tell them I’ve seen Rocky Horror many times but they wouldn’t listen. The guy told me I should stop listening to CNN *eye roll*

  390. Annie – I believe what they are letting them do is to vote by provisional ballot. Those ballots don’t count until they’ve been verified. However those people could be setting themselves up for problems, because if it’s determined that they are trying to intentionally defraud the voting officials by casting those ballots it’s a crime. You have to sign your name on those ballots the attesting that the information you’ve provided is true. If you signed it knowing the information is false, that’s a problem.

  391. Bernie Central is pushing that they should refuse provisional ballots. Works for NY. Less work, because they will NOT be allowed to vote. It’s either Provisional or Hit The Road.

  392. No Socal, Independents are NOT allowed to vote. If they claim they are democrats and the records are wrong, it’s possible they will get a provisional. I haven’t looked into it because I’m not even sure NY does provisional voting. Either way, indy’s cannot vote in a Democratic or Republican primary in NY

  393. I know that all the states are required to provide provisional ballots for the GE but I don’t know about primaries.

  394. NY polls today, Hillary +11.7%

    HuffPuff 54.6 % Hillary/ 41.6 % Sandbag

  395. julies9164, on April 19, 2016 at 11:04 AM said:

    I know that all the states are required to provide provisional ballots for the GE but I don’t know about primaries

    They have to provide provisionals.

  396. Just read this piece on Hil and the military. Great reading

  397. Help! Can someone start a new thread? Pretty please! I’m following the election on my phone and it is taking forever to load. Thank you XOXO

  398. No, don’t start a new thread. Leave this one up for good luck, today.

  399. I’m having none of this indys voting in closed primaries…you get to vote in November if you want to vote in a closed primary that affects that party, change your registration and vote for that party….if not then F off….as for you Sanders, there is a reason it is a Dem only primary, it is to keep shit out…..and get the DEMOCRAT the DEMOCRATIC party wants.

  400. I hope Uppity just puts up a continuation thread of this because we may just break this place tonight with the number of posts….

  401. Whoops Bernie….

    Cary Lee Peterson — the creator of a purportedly pro-Bernie Sanders super PAC that collected nearly $50,000 from “James Bond” actor Daniel Craig — was arrested Sunday in San Francisco by the FBI and charged with securities fraud, Department of Justice officials announced.

    Peterson “defrauded investors by issuing false filings and press releases touting its purportedly lucrative — but wholly fictitious — business deals,” according to one of the government’s complaints against him.

    In all, the U.S. Attorney’s Office criminally charged Peterson with one count of securities fraud and two of false certification.

    Each count carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a maximum fine of $5 million.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission also filed a civil complaint against Peterson in federal court in New Jersey alleging multiple counts of securities fraud.

    Government officials say Peterson, who could not immediately be reached for comment, obtained more than $100,000 from his actions.

    Peterson is currently in federal custody, scheduled to appear in federal court in San Francisco on Wednesday for a detention hearing, said Matthew Reilly, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey.

    Peterson’s latest run-in with law enforcement — he has a previous arrest and two active arrest warrants in Arizona — stems from activities that predate his involvement in 2016 presidential politics.

    Reached by the Center for Public Integrity, Brad Deutsch, general counsel of Sanders’ presidential campaign, said he was “not at all surprised” by the news of Peterson’s arrest.

    Last year, Sanders’ campaign twice sent Peterson cease-and-desist letters, arguing that his super PAC was “illegal” and “causing harmful confusion for supporters of Senator Sanders’ campaign,” as the Center for Public Integrity previously reported.

  402. Bernie you are screwed…….

    MSNBC is reporting massive turnout in Harlem. Definitely a pro-Clinton area.

  403. All right. Noo Yawk bring that hammer down on Bernie!!! C’mon we in GA did it and you guys can do it too!!!!

  404. Chelsea just tweeted that she and Marc took Charlotte with them to vote because her parents always took her when they voted. Expect law suit from Sanders camp this afternoon against Charlotte accusing her of voting illegally.

  405. Just got back handing out literature at an early voting location in Baltimore City. My absolute favorite moment was when we were attacking a woman voter with material. I said ‘Please vote for Hillary.” The woman looked at me and said ‘I can’t vote for Hillary until November’. I told her that Hillary was on the ballot against Sanders. Her face lit up and she said ‘I’m voting for my girl!’ I

  406. I hope these dicks get arrested…….its voter fraud whatever way you look at it, asshole.

  407. I wonder how many Sanders supporters who are registered Independent, will claim to be Democrats. Even if someone catches them, they will claim that they just made a mistake, or someone changed their registration, or they signed the wrong box. Most of them are probably financially judgment-proof, anyway; and there would be too many of them to throw in jail. At the least, they can manage to clog up the lines, and cause problems. Think we will see a CNN headline, “anger, violence erupt at voting sites”? Think we will see some kind of lawsuit from the Sanders people?

  408. I was watching the Talk Show. They showed Howard Stern talking to Anderson Cooper. Anderson does not vote. He said a lot of reporters don’t vote. I am very surprised.

  409. The Sanders disruption team are out in full force today trying to muddy the waters and call this primary illegitimate….why are any of us surprised.

  410. I am trying to keep myself busy until the polls close. Today is moving slow. I hope our girl kicks butt.

  411. I feel like an anxious grandparent in the waiting room of the maternity ward. Thinking about my mom today. She was a dyed-in-the-wool Republicaan. She went out flyering for Dewey. She had an autographed picture of Barry Goldwater. She studied with Ayn Rand. And the only times in her life she ever voted for a Democrat – twice for Bill, twice for Hillary for senator, once for Hillary for President and she wrote Hillary in on the ballot in 2012. I wish she were around to see this and to vote for Hillary one more time.

  412. Today is the date my brother died. If he were here, he’d be voting for Hillary.

    My mother wanted so much to see her become President.

  413. PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls 38s38 seconds ago

    Hillary Clinton headed for a big victory in Maryland- leads Sanders 58/33 there. 70/25 with African Americans

  414. My ex-brother-in-law died a couple of weeks ago. He was going to vote for Trump and refused to vote for Hillary because she was a ‘crook’ and maybe if she lost some weight, he might reconsider.

    Need I say more???

  415. Wife and I just came back from voting for Hillary, here on the UWS. It feels sooo good to be able to say that!
    I overheard a berniebro being told that he couldn’t REGISTER today…let’s hope that happens a lot today…

  416. Hard cheese Bernie…..

    The results of that emergency court ruling today: the NY Primary was not declared open. Only DEMOCRATS that felt that their party affiliation was incorrectly switched or people who made a changed and were not switched — and who filled out the proper paperwork before the deadline — can fill out a provisional ballot today, although no ruling on if those will be counted. Sorry Independents, sorry Bernie …the rules stay the same.

  417. I see someone is driving by again and voting down our posts….

  418. NY primary has been closed for 40 years, but Bernie Sanders says “3 million independents” have lost right to vote. HE IS TOTALLY DISHONEST.

  419. What time do the NY polls close?

  420. moon, yes, he is a huckster. Thanks for the info, I was wondering what was going on.

  421. Well that is crap for Sanders….

    NY DEM Exit Poll: 16% of voters under 30

  422. The whine and cheese candidate with his crybaby supporters…

    Some Bernie Supporters Can’t Vote for Bernie in New York and Bernie’s Not Happy


    Bernie ripped into that reality on Tuesday. “Today, 3 million people in the state of New York who are independents have lost their right to vote in the Democratic or Republican primary,” he told reporters, adding that the nominating contests were being funded with taxpayer dollars and administered by the state government. “That’s wrong.” (His 3 million figure is a reference to the number of voters in New York who are either not registered with a party or are registered with a host of lesser-known third-parties. Many of them may be just fine with that.)

  423. Primaries are for PARTIES. The claim that voters are suppressed are raw bullshit. NY has closed primaries for 40+ years and nobody complained until bitter Bernie and his slacker special snowflakes showed up. Tough shit.

  424. Shadow, polls close at 9PM Eastern

  425. Independents did not lose the right to vote in a Democratic Primary. They never HAD the right.

  426. Uppity – correct me if I’m wrong since it’s been years since I was registered in NY, but the deadline to register has always been pretty early, hasn’t it?

  427. My mother wanted so much to see her become President
    So did mine, Upps. I’d like to think that Joan Murphy Lloyd is looking down from heaven, whispering “Rise, Hillary, rise.”

  428. Wow! 16% for voters under 30. I thought it would be higher. Maybe, it will come up. Exit polling so far.

  429. I know that Hillary’s own mother would love to still be here to vote and see her daughter become President.

  430. Jules, if you want to switch to a party you have to do it by October the previous year. It was done because it is well known what those effing republicans do to muck up Democratic Primaries. Rush tells them to switch and vote for the biggest loser, etc. I do think the rules apply to both parties too. Bed hoppers are disgusting people because they often refuse to join a party but they think they should have the benefits.

  431. julies9164, on April 19, 2016 at 5:38 PM said:
    Uppity – correct me if I’m wrong since it’s been years since I was registered in NY, but the deadline to register has always been pretty early, hasn’t it?
    The deadline to register was in March (last month).
    The deadline to change party affiliation was October, 2015.

  432. Watch Manhattan and Brooklyn tonight, She won Brooklyn by 1% in 2008, if she widens that tonight, she definitely wins big.

    She won Manhattan by only 9% in 2008, however dont forget thats harlem and that should go big this time with no Obama.

  433. VotingHillary asked me to put this up.

  434. 1. If you want to vote in a PARTY Primary, join the Party.
    2. Missing the deadline for registering in a party is not voter suppression, it’s YOUR stupidity
    3. Shove that motion up your asses

    P.S. More Hillary voters than Bernie’s in Brooklyn. That’s because everybody but a Democrat wants to vote for that POS. This is a DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY.

  435. New thread please! It took 5 minutes to load the page and a minute and a half to type this because the letters are taking forever to show up.

  436. CNN just said they are seeing more Hillary voters than Bernie in Brooklyn

    must have stuck in their throats to say that.

  437. Wait! Wait! Wait!
    I read that the motion / legal action was about reinstating those heretofore registered Dem voters whose affiliation was changed without their knowledge, and NOT about opening the party’s primary.


  438. These early exits are great for Clinton……they should get even better later on as workers vote after work.

  439. DWP, The suit did include a request that this primary be open to independents. However…

    “Judge Denies Request To Immediately Open Up New York Primary To Independent Voters”

    Seems to me it would take state legislative action to change the rule about allowing independents to vote in party primaries.

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  440. Ugh CNN has that dickwad Devine on…….reaches for remote.

  441. Tells you everything when Bernie is not in NY and is having his presser and rally at 7pm, 2 hours before it closes…..must be wanting to turn off the tv and go to bed.

  442. Sanders campaign basically conceding NY on CNN right now, talking about running a good campaign and leaving with a lot of delegates…….

    ok then, c ya, bye, don’t let the NY door hit you on the ass on the way out.

  443. This lawsuit is appalling. Why don’t we let Sanders just make up all the laws? NY is a closed primary, that should that be that. How can you sue to change such a law, one day before an election? Why isn’t this just thrown out of court?

    The biggest argument in general against an open primary is that it easily allows the opposition party to game the system in their favor. They should never be allowed, or even considered.. And it should never,ever be even a possibility to change the law a day before the primary!!!

    Apparently, the BOE in NYC is getting numerous complaints. I am certain that the vast majority of these complaints are coming from Sanders people. the goal being to contest the results, as they contest all the results where they don’t win. They actually intend to tie up this election past the convention. I am serious.

  444. All of a sudden Sanders voters realized this is a closed primary? Half of Sanders supporters don’t know what a closed primary mean. Therefore they don’t need to vote. Some voters need a course on how the election process work.

  445. Hello Uppityites! Looking forward to a giant, crushing defeat of Grumpy Old Whiny Man. So glad judge threw out that challenge, no question he wouldn’t. Can’t believe how gullible they are, Devine can tell those bros anything and they’d believe it.

  446. Subtle hints from pollsters that both races will be called immediately at 9.

  447. Prediction time…… 59-61% for Hillary

  448. Screeeeeech!!

    New thread up

  449. moon, where are you getting your info from?

  450. Shadow, polls close at 9PM Eastern

    ——–Thanks Upps, one more hour to go.

    Are they fixing that problem where 125k (or so) voters didn’t get to vote?

  451. 2. Missing the deadline for registering in a party is not voter suppression, it’s YOUR stupidity
    3. Shove that motion up your asses

    Haha, you tell ‘um Upps!!!

  452. New thread up, please?

  453. Thank you New York!!! You are delivering a big win for Hillary. Love to NY from all us down here in GA.

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