NY Primary 2016, [updated] Victory!

Since the downstairs thread is looooooong, here’s some fresh space.

Follow here for live election results:



Hillary is hosting her primary night party in Times Square (at the Sheraton) tonight.

Here’s a link to the live CAM of Times Square:



Another NY NY, different scenes in retro B&W.


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  1. Thanks Sophie! Hey, even the hippies couldn’t stand Sanders!

  2. He probably tried to tax sandals and flower decorated guitars…….so got the boot.

  3. Damn, I was downstairs talking to myself.

    Let this be a continuation LUCKY Lady Hillary Win Thread!!!!

  4. EXIT POLLS per Benchmark Politics:
    60% think Clinton is Honest and Trustworthy.
    18% made their decision in the last few days, 82% before that.
    64% would be excited or optimistic with Hillary Clinton as president (MSNBC).
    16% under 30, 31% Very Liberal, 48% want to continue Obama’s policies.
    Black voters are up from 16% to 20%.
    Very liberal 31%
    Somewhat liberal 38%
    Moderate 27%
    Consevative 4%
    CNN Exit Poll (New York)
    Who is best to beat Trump in the general election?
    CLINTON – 64%
    SANDERS – 33%
    EXIT POLLING IN NEW YORK: As always take it with the obvious observation that its not always accurate…
    Hillary +50 among African Americans
    Hillary +20 among Latinos
    Demo breakdown when compared to 2008:
    White (2008 71%) today = 62%
    African Americans (2008 17%) today = 21%
    Latinos (2008 = 11%) today = 13%

  5. I am on pins and needles…wondering how big a win this will be for our girl, and wondering which polls were more accurate.

    Down the block, they are talking about a 2-5% win for Hillary…I guess that comes from the Trump/Rethug websites.

  6. Moon,
    “Prediction time…… 59-61% (I think your math is off, btw) for Hillary”? Seriously?

    I’ll play.
    I predict: 38-62% Hillary

  7. Remember OHIO, they all thought 2-5% and she ended up +17% when the numbers rolled in.

  8. Any news from you NYers on if this was fixed for 125k voters to vote?

    New York City Comptroller To Audit Board Of Election Due To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Polling Problems


    This is a disaster!

  9. SophieCT, on April 19, 2016 at 8:19 PM

    OMG, that would make a perfect t-shirt!

    Love it –

  10. Another place for results, when they start coming in:

    Polls close in 31 minutes!!

  11. Thank you (((Sophie)))

  12. Believe you me, if Sanders was even close, they would be tripping over themselves with shit eating grins on tv, right now CNN is basically running its damp dour usual process.

  13. Yes, CNN is in the tank for the men…Trump 24/7 and the Sandbag.

  14. I wish I was at Hillary’s party!!

  15. It’s almost as if the entire system of comfortable assumptions on which this system rests is built on women not being able to succeed in it.

    The system is designed so women can’t win. Women don’t win. So when a woman wins? We assume she’s cheating.

    Weirdly, the freak-out around Hillary actually winning voters is probably the easiest signal of sexism in this campaign.

  16. Why the Hell does CNN keep saying they are waiting to hear from Trump live? Are they the FoxNews wannabees????

  17. I actually thought about going down to the city but I do have work in the morning…

  18. Thank YOU Sophie.
    How are we doing…?

  19. Imust

    I wish I was at Hillary’s party!!

    Me too!

  20. Hillary’s party looks like they are having a good time. Trump’s looks boring

  21. Hey Soph, thanks for the thread.

    Don’t know what’s up with that 125k voters erased from polls. Sounds like a batch glitch. Or 125k Bernie bros faking it, lol j/k. But i’m sure they will call it a conspiracy.

  22. Live feed of Hillz victory party in NY. I guess Bernie’s is already over.


  24. CNN not calling a win for Hillary with their exit polls. Difference of 4%.


  25. exit polls generally suck

  26. Nah exit poll data points to much bigger win for Hillary than that….

    It’s a closed primary, but 15% of Democratic voters identified as “independent” on the exit poll. About four-in-five voted for Sanders.

    lol What….

    Clinton wins 60% of women and they are 60% of the vote and the men split, no way this is a close win.

  27. I am pist!

  28. Fox News saying on the basis of their Exit Polls, the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is too close to call. Can we believe them? I really couldn’t stand to watch CNN or MSNBC, because both seemed to be going to the map, gaming how Sanders could win the nomination. Begs the question: how do Fox, CNN, NBC, other media outlets conduct their exit polls, and where?

  29. This is CRAP they know Hillary is the winner

  30. CNN sucks, Hillary is now winning 62.2% over Bernie at 37.8%

  31. No way it’s that close. I hate these people.

  32. I bet they are waiting until after Trump’s speech to project Hillary the winner

  33. My money is on the Bernie Brats faking it. They pull this shit EVERY fucking election when she’s ahead. No reason to believe them this time.

  34. Almost all of the precincts out of New York City so far are majority white and Hillary is winning them by a lot……..i think these exits are total crap.

  35. She’s winning Manhattan 68/32, 2008 it was 50/49

  36. Glad Hillary’s music is rockin’ and upbeat, after I was about to have a effing stroke watching CNN.

    She can’t give a speech until they declare a win. I hate CNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Why the effin’ Hell is it so damn hard for a woman to effing win anything? Hillary is one strong woman to put up with this shit.

    Go Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Exits are crap….
    Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 32s32 seconds ago Washington, DC

    Clinton so far is ahead 60-40 in majority white precincts of New York City. This does not look like a good night for Sanders.

    Clinton sweeping Manhattan, much of white liberal Brooklyn. This is not Bernie’s night.

  39. So far, so good. Amazing how Sanders huge rallies are not transferring into comparable amount of votes. I bet the majority of those kids were not registered to vote.

  40. SophieCT … lmao at that special “bird” for Bernie!!! I’m following the results on politico.com they are showing 61/38. Exit polls be damned. The media is just trying to peddle the same old shit. I think it would honestly choke them to say something nice … to give her some actual credit!!

  41. Aha! I estimated Hillary 62 -38% up thread!

  42. Hillary is going to win this by a mile, the black areas are not even reporting yet….

  43. She’s now 100’000 ahead, call it already.

  44. Music selection for Hillary is great!!! If damn CNN called it for her, they would all be dancing.

  45. Is the media going to pull this shit against Hillary in the General? I will go nuts.

  46. I’m watching the live feed too! I’m sitting here crying!

  47. Clinton is running 10% better in Brooklyn than she did in 2008.

  48. It must be instinctual, at this point, to screw with Hillary. Call it already! Now we gotta sit thru freaking Trump rambling like a moron for 45 mins. Ugh!

  49. So over…

    Clinton leads Sanders in –> Bronx 71%-29% Brooklyn 59%-41% Manhattan 67%-33% Queens 58%-42% Staten Island 53%-47%

  50. 28% of the vote is in for Dems and CNN only focuses on Trump.

  51. Thank God CSPAN is covering Hillary’s shindig. Thanks Upps for posting link.

  52. Some kind of disturbance at rally. Stupid Bernie supporters crashing or something? They really are scum.

  53. They will call it after Trump speech

  54. What are they waiting for?????

  55. I know … I know! Trump’s getting a fraction of her votes, but they’re all focusing on what a big win it is for Trump. Completely irrelevant. New York is as blue as a blue state can be. Call it for Hillary already.

  56. Neetabug is right, they are putting the man’s win on first…almost a parade for him, red lights on the Emp. State. Bldg. and Trump tower…while the winner in the state has to wait backstage…while the big winner.

  57. finally

    NBC calls New York for Hillary Clinton

  58. ‘Bout damn time!

  59. Just in: ABC and NBC both call New York for @HillaryClinton

    saying an easy double digit win…..told you exits were shit.

  60. Oh excuse us…CNN is too busy tingling for Trump to pay any attention to the little woman. Fu@k um!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. CBS Just projected Hillary

  62. She’s trouncing him

  63. Four news networks have called New York for Hillary Clinton. CNN and AP the only holdouts at this point.

  64. Bloomberg just called Hillary

  65. turn down the volume on Trump

  66. It’s Wolf Blitzer, what do you expect. he’s a pig

  67. CNN about fucking time.

  68. Did I not call it

  69. YESSSS! WE WON! A victory for America! I knew you would deliver NY! SO proud to be from NY

  70. Go Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Upstate, she got Rochester and Syracuse. He got more than I’d expect in other upstate locations (where they’ve reported).


  72. Hillary on C-Span right now!!

  73. Now it’s time to cry………..

  74. THey’re going wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. YES!! 👏👏👏👏

  76. They are jamming, much better than Trump

  77. In downstate-upstate (my area), she got Westchester (no surprise) and Orange counties. He got Putnam (no surprise). Rockland and Duchess, still counting.

  78. CNN called it for her. Under Duress.

  79. It was obvious those exits were bullshit.

  80. Yeeehaaaaaaw!

  81. Nate Silver says that Hillary ‘over performing’ exit polls may be due to response bias. Basically means that Sanders Bros were just in the face of the exit poll takes and they go taken for a ride!!

  82. Bill and Chelsea will also be on stage…

  83. They’re playing CNN at rally. Jeeze. Even their announcement was meh! She won, “give her her due”. They were saying, it was so amazing because last week there was a chance she wouldn’t win, so some such nonsense. Jeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz.

  84. The big cities upstate are splitting 50/50 Bernie needed way more of a split than that.

  85. Definitely TIME!!

    Hillary ROCKS!

  86. Yeah, WHAT THE FUCK was that “give her her due” bullshit?! Fuck CNN.

  87. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Congratulations HILLARY!

  88. imust

    Absolutely! CNN dicks-

  89. 42% in…

  90. Has the Vatican precinct reported yet?

  91. Just made mistake of taking quick peek at msnbc. Just avoid all cable channels from now on. Chris Matthews “Hillary continues to under perform, Trump continues to over perform. She’s boring. He’s exciting. If Elizabeth Warren and Sanders don’t ignite the base blah blah blah.” And what is msnbc hoping for? Ratings tanking more every day as they try to out fox Fox news!

  92. She’s almost 200K ahead now.

  93. cheers up! Sophie…

  94. If he thinks this is bad, wait until next Tuesday unloads on him….

  95. I am so sick of cnn talking about Trump

  96. C-Span is better

  97. Still lots in NYC to come in, Nassau county not even reported yet….she’s run up big margins in NYC as we thought she would.

  98. Why do they always play Roar? I want the one where she goes, I kissed a girl and I liked it.

  99. Here’s Hillary looking so relaxed and happy … and young!


  100. YES!! She gets Rockland AND Duchess!
    Update: Duchess slid the other way.

  101. EW YORK — In the end, @HillaryClinton spent >$3m less on New York TV ads than @BernieSanders.

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah…..keep spending fool.

  102. Thanks Birdgal

  103. Remember Bernie’s massive NY rallies? Sanders camp was bragging HARD. Who is bragging now? Sanders gets crowds. Clinton gets votes.

    ……..pretty easy to conclude now, he’s bussing them in or they don’t vote.

  104. cnn=Trump=showbiz=money=CRASS!

  105. That Bronx crowd of Bernie’s was such a hoax.
    71% to 29%
    Eat it Bernie!

  106. moon, I am going to put this on a t-shirt

    Sanders gets crowds. Clinton gets votes]

  107. Crowds definitely do not transfer into votes.

  108. Finally the CNN commentators are saying its over tonight and Bernie has decisions to make.

  109. Taking Bernie to task on CNN, pretty much. He needs to tone it down. Or turn it off… permanently.

  110. Online feed and cnn seem off? Which is live? I’ve got cnn on mute. Who said Bernie has decisions to make? Van Jones?

  111. Asshat Chris Matthews trending on twitter for calling Hillary boring and Trump exciting. Plus no hope for Democrats unless Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders get on board to help excite the base. CLUELESS. Ugh! There’s no cable to watch anymore. They’re all trying to out fox Fox News.

  112. Do we suspect Superdelegates make their move tomorrow?

  113. Van Jones says “the political contest is over tonight”….

    Begala stuck it to Axelord by saying that Axelord “scorched earthed” Hillary in April during the 2008 campaign. Axie feathers were ruffled but he didn’t disagree.

  114. I think this is significant…

    Bernie Sanders flies home to Vermont tonight……..and hopefully stays there.

  115. ALL THE CLINTONS….now I am crying

  116. Okkkayy She’s on the stage! Hillary is IN the house!

  117. I hope she takes in the applause! She needs to soak in it! Bask in it! She tends to downplay the applause! I want her to just ROAR!

  118. I like how Hillary pointed out the vote count overall; 10 million and counting, more than any other. Thank you, all the New York Dems who voted for her!

    I have never seen or met her in person. Hope she campaigns in a state near me soon I can finally get the chance. Hope to do a shift at the polls soon like I did in ’08, and will not be alone this time.

  119. According to CNN & MSNBC, Benie’s speech tonight was even more harsh and critical of HRC than usual. What a jerk.

  120. I’m not just crying for joy…I’m wishing my mother were alive to see this and I’m wishing Hillary’s mother had lived to see this.

  121. 65% reporting…
    58.4% Hillary
    41.6% Sanders
    (10,086 of 15,067 precincts)
    What other precincts may be for Hillary?
    I would LOVE a big smash-crush on The Burn…

  122. Thank you NY. Thank you Uppity! From all us down here in the Empire State of the South. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for delivering a win for Hillary and hopefully you put the nail in the coffin of the bernouts. Yay!

  123. Expect Clintons numbers still to go up as Nassau in NYC still has not reported yet, population 1.3 million.

  124. Twitter has suddenly gone very quiet tonight..not a peep from the berniedicks.

  125. liberty belle, you will love her. She is a very warm person. I met her when I volunteered for her in Indiana, and PA. She came into the headquarters. It is like she has known you all her life. I met her in Washington at a caucus when she was First Lady. I have her on video saying hi to me.

  126. OK moon.
    I’m holding up and fingers crossed for a “Big Bang”

  127. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  128. I think she’s going to get a roughly +50 delegates out of this.

  129. Big win! Great for the narrative going forward. And of course a big gain in delegates. Good for the people of New York!!

  130. Total popular vote so far:

    Clinton ——— 10.1 million
    Trump ——– 8.5M
    Bernie —— 7.4M
    Cruz —— 6.3M
    Rubio — 3.4M
    Kasich – 3.1M

    Yet they continue to yap about Drumph.
    :::: smdh :::

  131. Bernie is officially now a zombie candidate.

    Lets give him and his bros some Tums for their heartbern.

  132. I just read that Hillary gets 151 delegates out of this blowout

  133. I am so proud of her. I am sitting here bawling

  134. Reptilian Andrea Mitchel sounds either tired or a bit tipsy reporting tonight.

  135. My overall model had Clinton winning 147 delegates to 140 delegates tonight – pledged, looks like that is easily on tack tonight……

  136. Hillary looks beautiful, the Big Dawg is handsome.

    God willing, they will be back in the WhiteHouse in January.

  137. So far, 614k Republicans voted and 1410k Dems have. That’s nearly and 800k difference.

  138. Hillary has more votes than Trumpty, Cruz and Kasich combined, lol.

  139. Almost all of upstate NY is in, nearly all 100%, whats left out is in NYC…..margin still gonna go up.

  140. Ha Buffalo just flipped to Hillary, lol. Wolf’s home town, hahahahahaha

  141. Thank you, and bless you, Neetabug! You were most fortunate to meet her, and have that memory captured on video. Perhaps I will be so lucky to meet her this go round.

    I volunteered on the phones a lot, and donated more a lot more than I realized back then. As I told some folks in ’08, “Blessed are they who have not seen, and yet still believe.”

    I would have had more free time last year, and this one, but I was busy planning a wedding, something I’d never done before, that coincidentally occurred the very day Hillary announced her candidacy.

    Oh yes! Did I mention it was my own wedding? I believe at the time Hillary was announcing, I was pronouncing marriage vows with my husband in church😌. Let’s hope it was propitious timing for all of us👍.

  142. Looks like HRC won 170 delegates (according to MSNBC).

  143. So CNN couldn’t predict a win…………until AFTER they praised Trump up and down and made her wait.

    Their exit polls were pure bullshit.

  144. Okay, the delegate count on MSNBC for HRC just changed to a lower number than what I posted, so we’ll just wait and see.

  145. Its over….

    Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 1m1 minute ago Manhattan, NY

    Sanders now needs to win by 18% in every state, something he’s only done in VT/NH and caucuses. There’s 1 caucus left

  146. Buffalo has been really close all night. Rochester, my home for 10 years, came through for Hillary. Thank you, Rochester.

  147. So with you on the biased CNN reporting, Shadow. MSNBC just had Weaver on (Bernie’s campaign mngr), showing on the map how Sanders plans to win the race via California and by “picking up” [i.e stealing!] more delegates in Nevada (!!!!!!), Washington, and some other mid-Western states. Unbelievable!

  148. I’m hearing different delegate totals for Hillary which include supers. 1921 is the latest. I know it’s weird, but I’d love for NY to put her at 1919 in honor of the 19th amendment, passed in 1919 which began in NY!

  149. Moon

    Sanders now needs to win by 18% in every state

    Did you mean 81%?

  150. Weaver is mad because SD’s are not going to touch Sanders, its pissing in the wind.

    Weaver will be out of a job soon, the math is now impossible.

  151. trixta

    Don’t worry, Hillary has CA just like NY. The pot smoking youngsters will never out number the Hillary adults.

  152. Moon
    Sanders now needs to win by 18% in every state

    Sorry, I think you meant he has to win 18% over Hillary’s votes.

  153. Shadow, moon means he has to beat Hillary by 18% in every other state still voting to win.

  154. Shadow, did you say you applied to be a Calif delegate to the national convention??

  155. “BREAKING: Sanders accuses Hillary of trying to win nomination, promises to stay in race through Hillary’s first term” — BaxterBean on Twitter

  156. Pope’s thoughts on the NY primary:

  157. Amy Chozick ‏@amychozick 1h1 hour ago
    Bernie spoke to crowds of thousands, as Clinton talked to 20 people at an East Village ice cream shop. It worked.

    And a nice story at NYT about Hillary’s victory day!

  158. Hallelujah NY, this was a great night for Hillary and for all of us that have waited almost 9 loooooooooooooooooooooooong years.

  159. imust

    Shadow, did you say you applied to be a Calif delegate to the national convention??

    Yes, it is a long process and I made it on the first list.

    Never been though this before, so I am trying to not get my hopes up too high, so I won’t be too disappointed.

    Not sure what happens when they vote to weed people out. I am also not living in an area where I am well connected, so if that counts, I won’t have a chance.

  160. Shadow…..meeee too! It’s a CD caucus vote. I’ve got to get ppl to come and vote for me! It would be a dream to go to Philly and vote for Hilz! Good luck to you! If we win, we’ll have to meet up! 🙂

  161. Zombie candidate Bernie Sanders new theme song — THE MONSTER MASH.

  162. Shadow fax, where do you live in CA? I live in the Bay Area

  163. Shadow, I think HRC will win CA too. AS a non-affiliated party voter, I’ll be able to cast a vote for her too in CA when the time comes.

  164. We had cspan on while I’ve been doing things, and Bernie just came on–one of his stupid rallies–and announced that Hillary “is a little bit nervous.” Nervous from what? Winning? He is absolutely nuts. I noticed he looks really tired as I changed the channel.

  165. imust

    That’s awesome. To get people to vote for you, they have to be people that are on the list with you? How does that work? I know nothing about this.
    Meet up, absolutely. I have to see Hillary in the flesh, one way or the other.

  166. Best of luck to you too imust!!

  167. Birdgal

    I live in the Bay Area too, East Bay. How about you?

  168. trixta

    Great. I kept my Dem card just in hopes that Hillary would run again.

  169. “Nervous?” WTF? Delusion, just like his followers.

  170. This is an interactive map of NYC. It was especially interesting to click on the left sidebar for the demographic break out of voters.

    How Every New York City Neighborhood Voted in the Democratic Primary – The New York Times


  171. I loved when Hillary began her victory speech tonight by saying, “There’s no place like home!” Can’t help but think it was a bit of a dig to those in the 2008 primary who used a negative meme from The Wizard of Oz during that campaign. This time around in 2016 she gets to be Dorothy instead of the wicked witch. Nice touch, Hillary!

  172. Hillary is winning +15.4 %

    All the polls underestimated her again.

  173. socal, Bernie announce Hillary as “nervous” before the NY votes came in…then he went back to Vermont. Um, who’s nervous?

  174. Wow, are these numbers correct DWP? These numbers are higher than CNN.

    New York City Results
    Clinton 584,975 63.4%
    Sanders 337,888 36.6

  175. Something is going on in Buffalo…been on a hold pattern since Hillary took over Erie County.

  176. Shadowfax, @ April 20, 2016 at 12:36 AM

    No way for me to verify those numbers, but, I’ll take NYTimes numbers over CNNs.

  177. Why won’t that stupid dick quit?

  178. Shadow. In my area, they say bring your family, friends to vote. As long as they’re reg. Dems. I’ve seen nothing about people who are on the same ballot. I’ve got about 50 people in my district. Only 7 delegates will be chosen. 3 female, 4 male. (natch!) So odds against me! But, I have no idea how many votes = a win, esp. with 49 opponents! I’ve got some people up my sleeve, so to speak, who are involved in local politics. So we’ll see. But really, I just have to try. If I don’t, I’ll always regret it!

  179. Thanks for the info Imust, do the people you bring have to live in your precinct? I know a lot of people where I work, but getting them there is the problem.

    My chances are slim. Have about the same numbers, a little less. I only got on the list in the past few days, have to find out more. Did they contact you? What state are you in?

  180. What a great night!
    I love you all.

  181. Shadow, they have to be in your congressional district. Mine is quite large. But as I say, 50 ppl on the list. So I have to be, 1 out of 50. But, only 4 of 7. Because they break it down by gender. So….I’ll get as many as I can to come out to vote/caucus for me! Wow. Can you imagine? Going to Philly and voting in the convention for Hillary Clinton!!!?!!! How exciting would that be?
    BTW Hillary is at 1930 including supers. On her way to 2387! Let’s see…she need 457 to win!

  182. 55 – CT, RI = 24, PA = 189, Del = 21, MD =95, = 384 total. If HRC get 55% = 211 + 1930 = 2141 which equal 90% of delegates.

  183. Shadow fax, I live in Benicia. Not far from the East Bay,

  184. Amazingly, the vote totals are almost exactly the same as 2008, Clinton on 20k short of what she got and Sanders got practically exactly what Obama got.

  185. Zip, silence, Nada of the Bros today, they must be all running like lemmings off the Socialist cliffs.

  186. D WP – thank you for the interactive map. I was really stoked to see my old neighborhood in Queens is solid blue. I noticed hipster neighborhoods in Queens went for Bernie, as did the neighborhoods with a higher concentration of Muslims.

    I suspect there are quite a few moms in heaven doing high-fives to one another today.

  187. Geez… Now I’m almost feeling sorry for Sanders… (almost),
    With advisors like his, who needs enemies…

    ( excerpted )

    “While millions of New Yorkers were still casting their primary ballots, Bernie Sanders held a closed door meeting with his wife and top aides to discuss their exit strategy, according to a trusted campaign insider.

    “He will never show it, but he was frustrated and tired,” said the source, “as much as he wants to see this campaign through to the end, he knows the Clinton machine is ultimately too strong, and [he] doesn’t want to divide the party to where it cannot come together when it counts.”

    The Vermont senator told a large crowd gathered at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie Tuesday that he “felt good about the future,” but did not once mention the New York primary in his 50-minute speech.

    While he does not expect an immediate announcement, the insider says this was Bernie’s first serious talk about getting out of the race since it began. “New York was a turning point. Hillary’s victory in her home state makes it almost impossible for Mr. Sanders to catch her in the delegate race.”

    Bernie put a huge emphasis on New York, advertising heavily and insisting on a debate with Mrs. Clinton in Brooklyn. His advisers repeatedly predicted a NY victory, hoping to deliver an upset to a woman who had represented New York for eight years in the Senate.”

    Following New York Loss, Bernie Making Plans to Get out of Race – Huffington Post | Huffington Post

  188. DWP, I saw that on twitter. Is it for real? It looks different from huffpo. What is huffingtonpost.com.CO? What does the co stand for? I hope its true.

  189. assh*t Sanders is complaining about voting process in NY Primary. He wants to suppress Hillary’s win and try to stop her momentum! He really won’t let up! Time for him to drop out now. He is irrelevant. He needs to look back at the 08 primary and realize he’s not even near the close delegate and vote count in that race.

  190. There’s a photo going around of Susan B Anthony’s headstone with “I Voted” stickers all over it. Gotta love NY!

  191. What a wonderful night. Congratulations Uppity and Uppityites! Blog Wife, our state did her proud.

  192. Damn Right, blog wife! GO NEW YORK! Bernie should have had that lunch with Rick Lazio like I suggested!

  193. Samantha Bee on “Berni Bros”. Hilarious!

  194. Yes, OBVIOUSLY New York knew 40 years ago that Bernie was going to run, so we committed “Fraud” by ruling on Closed Primaries.

  195. “I voted” stickers adorn Susan B. Anthony’s gravestone in New York”

  196. The Sanders camp knows that if they stop the character assasination on Hillary the donations (legal and otherwise) will dry up. That will make it impossible to go all the way to the end, and the gravy train they’ve all been riding will come to a screeching halt. For a bunch of socialists, they have very capitalist tastes as we saw last weekend in the politically meaningless jaunt to the Vatican. They have been spending wildly, living off the fat of the land. If donations stop, they’ll be “dead broke”, to paraphrase Hillary.

  197. Don’t worry, he’s skimmed plenty for himself. I’m sure Jane is getting “Paid”.

  198. Wow … I’m a big ol baby, but those “I voted” stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s grave really choked me up! Staaaahp!!!

  199. I was watching CNN this morning and even based on their very flawed numbers (from last nights exit polls) Hillary Clinton has expanded her base of voters. It looks like some of the news channels are finally recognizing that voters have identified the winning candidate and are now backing the winner!!! There is no way forward for Bernie and his minions and the news channels are seeing and acknowledging it. I do think that the narrative is finally turning.

    UW, call me silly but when I first saw that picture of the I voted stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s gravestone I cried. It is just so damn moving that we are finally here. This moment in history will be remembered forever. Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic Nominee.

  200. Wow … I’m a big ol baby, but those “I voted” stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s grave really choked me up! Staaaahp!!!

    She’s buried in Rochester NY

  201. I could envision the same on Harriet Tubman’s grave in Albany, NY. The Wiki source says a white woman asked Harriet if she believed in in women’s right to vote, and she replied: “I suffered enough to believe it.” She worked with Susan B. Anthony and others, attended suffragist meetings, speaking as well on behalf of the cause. She died on March 10, 1913 at the age of 91, so missed seeing women have the right to vote, or universal suffrage.

    Some states paved the way by allowing the vote before the 19th Amendment passed in 1919, ratified in1920.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton is a huge fan of Harriet. Remember her speech at the ’08 Dem. Convention? I still have a T-shirt with her pant-suited outline, and the quote attributed to Tubman, saying to keep going, despite obstacles.

    And so we keep going with her, and credit those who have gone before us, despite obstacles, who helped make this possible.

    See: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harriet_Tubman

  202. I keep thinking how great it will be when we get past the primaries because I can’t take having elections every week. At least, there’s only one general election day. Then I think if it’s hard on me, what must it be like for Hillary? Yes, she does keep going no matter the obstacles in her path. I don’t know of a better measure of character than that. So she inspires me to keep going as well. Btw, I have that great 2008 convention speech on DVD, and I cherish it.

  203. A good time to revisit Maya Angelou’s poem for Hillary. I so wish she were here to see Hillary’s success:

    “You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may trod me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.”

    Whole poem at the link:

  204. Hi everyone!
    Beautiful morning. Our girl did it.

  205. imusthaveHillary, on April 20, 2016 at 1:09 AM said:

    Shadow, they have to be in your congressional district. Mine is quite large. But as I say, 50 ppl on the list. So I have to be, 1 out of 50. But, only 4 of 7. Because they break it down by gender. So….I’ll get as many as I can to come out to vote/caucus for me! Wow. Can you imagine? Going to Philly and voting in the convention for Hillary Clinton!!!?!!! How exciting would that be?

    Sounds like you have a good chance imust! Folks I know live in a different district, where I work. Rats. My chances are really slim.

    I want to either go to the convention or the Inauguration…I hope some of us can meet up, one way or the other.

  206. Birdgal, on April 20, 2016 at 1:27 AM said:
    Shadow fax, I live in Benicia.

    Yes, that’s close. We should meet up for lunch sometime on a weekend.

  207. DWP

    Sandbag’s team – “He will never show it, but he was frustrated and tired,” said the source, “as much as he wants to see this campaign through to the end, he knows the Clinton machine is ultimately too strong, and [he] doesn’t want to divide the party to where it cannot come together when it counts.”

    Ah Bernie, you are beaten down, need your sleep and it’s time to get the Phuck outta the damn race!!!!!!!!!!

    You shoulda run as a socialist, with your peeps.

  208. “I voted” stickers adorn Susan B. Anthony’s gravestone in New York”

    Wow, wonderful that she is still alive in so many women’s hearts.
    Good for NY!!!!!

  209. Liberty
    Hillary Rodham Clinton is a huge fan of Harriet. Remember her speech at the ’08 Dem. Convention? I still have a T-shirt with her pant-suited outline, and the quote attributed to Tubman, saying to keep going, despite obstacles.

    I still wear that t-shirt all the time, it is more than broken in. I wish she would sell another shirt for this campaign that is as meaningful and not this arrow shit.

  210. Why is the media focused more on Trump’s win than Hillary. Wolf Blitzer saying Huge win for Trump in the same breath big night for Hillary. All night it was Trump, Trump.

  211. Why is the media focused more on Trump’s win than Hillary. Wolf Blitzer saying Huge win for Trump in the same breath big night for Hillary. All night it was Trump, Trump.

    ‘Cause he has a penis.

    Did I get that right…?

    It’s a wonderful day in Uppityville!
    So good to see Dances and madamb celebrating with all of us.

    As per the NYT numbers:
    Hillary 586,017 votes.
    Trump 69,066 votes.

    What does that tell you?

  213. Just saw that Hillary fave Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on front of $20 (though he will stay on the back). So maybe another good omen for Hillary. But for crying out loud doesn’t take long for the racist/misogynistic comments to start rolling. White men (the boorish ones, don’t want to paint them all the same) have had most everything their way forever. Can’t they stfu about a few steps toward equality?

  214. Those numbers aren’t right. Hillary got over a million votes.

  215. Neeta whenever I see Blitzer, I know hillary has no chance on CNN. She doesn’t even have to be there, nor does a surrogate need to be there, wolf will get her. He’ll ask whomever is in front of his scheevy beard to answer a loaded question about Hillary and then let it rip. Wolf is truly a turd in the CNN punchbowl.

  216. A couple of comments after a very enjoyable night. The media was even fairly nice to Hillary, though I don’t imagine that would last too long.

    First, winning only 31 net delegates in a large state where you won 58% of the vote, is not really proportional, so maybe we should complain about that. But no, it is only the Sanders side which complains after every primary where they lose.

    Second, Sanders keeps going on about how primaries should be open. That is a very bad idea which would distort our democratic system. As we have discussed, it is easy for one party’s voters to try to game the system and get the worst candidate of the other side to be nominated. Even if you just let indies vote, that gives them a free ticket to choose either side. Most of these indies are conservatives. They weren’t voting for Sanders because they loved his ideas. At that point, everyone would register indie, because it would be a free ticket to vote strategically. Then you would really have chaos, and the whole process would be akin to a board game. One can’t worry about everything, but all of Sanders’ complaining about this could well lead to the end of closed primaries in most states, which would not at all be a good thing. I would never let indies vote in a primary, though of course they all could vote in a general election. Also, if more and more people register as indie, it would hurt the Democrats more, because they don’t have access to the billions of dollars that the Republicans always have. Lose party identifcation, and you atrophy the more populist and middle class party, at least in my view.

  217. Bernie should have run from CPUSA, his BFFs forever. And his behavior is closer to communism anyways.

  218. Shadowfax, I’m glad you remember the speech, the T-shirt, and wear it, too. I think it’s time I started wearing mine in public, too.

    Paulette, I just saw the news about Harriet Tubman replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. What a happy coincidence! I knew she was a candidate for that :-). Glad she is getting some recognition! See:

  219. Someone should ask Hillary what she thinks about Harriet Tubman going on the $20 bill. I’m sure Hillary is happy, and could cite some inspiring history and biography for Harriet.

  220. Shadowfax said:
    “I voted” stickers adorn Susan B. Anthony’s gravestone in New York”

    I was reading comments from Newist First, so I knew about that, but when I got to the picture I still teared up.

  221. Clinton’s win last night….White 50/50, black 75/25, latino 66/33…….

  222. This i find interesting….NY Votes 2008 vs 2016.

    Clinton 2008 Primary : 1,068,496
    Clinton 2016 Primary : 1,054,083

    Obama 2008 : 751,019
    Sanders 2016 : 763,469

    I find this hilarious, Clinton basically ended up exactly where and what happened in 2008, it repeated itself.

  223. Told you…SD’s making a move…

    AP just reported 33 uncommitted superdelegates have now committed today to Clinton (502 HRC 38 BS)

    Bernie, its over, i guess Devines bullshit last night tipped them over to HRC.

  224. SD : Christopher Nikhil Bowen of Cali has flipped from Sanders to Clinton

  225. sorry he is not an SD i think but a prominent LGBT activist in California…..i think the damn is breaking, many coming out for Clinton today.

  226. Liberty Belle Still Ringing, on April 20, 2016 at 1:17 PM said:
    Shadowfax, I’m glad you remember the speech, the T-shirt, and wear it, too. I think it’s time I started wearing mine in public, too.

    Of course I remember the speech, the t-shirt was part of paying off her debt after she was stabbed in the back at the convention.

  227. Sanders in the last few days…..

    “We will win New York”
    “Polls usually underestimate me by a lot”
    “We don’t have to win new york”
    “we will flip superdelegates to us”

    Today : Crickets.

  228. Sanders last minute runaway to Vermont has the media spinning…….I think Sanders is actually thinking this is over and wants to bow out and those 2 weasels are keeping him hanging in there.

    There is no other reason why Bernie ran off to “recharge his political batteries” unless

    A : He’s fed up
    B : He wants out
    C : He’s ill.

  229. Bet she said that through gritted teeth…

    Michelle Obama :“Hillary Clinton is an impressive woman and I will not do what she has done, I will not run for president,”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/04/michelle-obama-on-hillary-clinton-222211#ixzz46OgRHLSh
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

  230. So here are the Green Papers totals.

    Yes, Hillary won over 1 million votes in NY!!!!!

    Clinton, Hillary Diane Rodham votes -> 1,054,088 – 57.99% delegates won -> 139 56.28% -> superdelegates 39 88.64%

    Sanders, Bernard “Bernie” 763,474 42.01%
    delegates:108 43.72% – superdelegates = zip, nada, goose egg!

  231. Moon said:
    There is no other reason why Bernie ran off to “recharge his political batteries” unless
    A : He’s fed up
    B : He wants out
    C : He’s ill.


    It’s C. He drank too much holy water.

  232. Clinton now has 502 Superdelegates

    Read it and weep Bernie, 502 SD’s,

    30 SD’s came over to Clinton last night after she won New York.

    You really think you can flip them?

    Get out while you still have some dignity

  233. From what I have been reading Bernie actually is done and wants out. His campaign people are the ones that are egging him to continue. However does Bernie want to get humiliated next week? Me thinks his ego does not want to see the losses coming his way next week. I think there’s only one more caucus before the end of the primary. Does he stay in for that one?

  234. A : He’s fed up
    B : He wants out
    C : He’s ill.
    D : He knows he is toast and his 15 minutes have passed.
    E : He’s pist because he lost to an Alpha female.

  235. Bernie’s brain trust of Bilbo Weaver and Frodo Devine have the campaign under control. They have deftly maneuvered Sandcrab into a position of impossible possibility. As the BernieBros know, there’s a real life video game Easter egg that will open closed primaries, flip super-delegates, reverse primary results, and suspend ordinary mathematics. The Easter egg was to feature Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Rosario Dawson, Spike Lee, and Danny Devito, but strangely, they can’t be located today.

  236. On Saturday, I will be going to a meet and greet meeting for Hillary for my county. After this New York win, I am feeling even more energized and plan on becoming involved in volunteer activities. GonHillary!!!

  237. Talk about getting burned……The chairs of several southern states just told Bernie where to get off in this strong 800 word letter.


  238. Moon:

    “Southern Democrats
    already have to deal with Republica
    ns refusing to expand Medicaid, deteriorating
    infrastructure, and the lack of adeq
    ing for
    our public schools
    e need our national Democratic
    leaders to invest in our races and causes

    to amplify our voices
    not diminish them”

    That part is particularly relevant. We in the south understand maybe even more so than other states what Republican leadership can do to people.

  239. I’d be surprised if he suspended his campaign unless there’s no way to continue without going deeply in debt. Given the way they spend money, that’s possible, I suppose.

  240. The letter from southern party chairs:

    Dear Senator Sanders,

    Eff you!


  241. Of COURSE he wants to quit. He’s got millions left all to himself.

  242. Do they get to keep whats left of their donations when they quit?

    Legally, I mean.

  243. Don’t know what that old cockroach is up to, but I will tell you he looked Whipped last night. I rather enjoyed it.

  244. To be honest, regardless of what i think of the old coot, he is a 75 yr old man, this whole thing must be taking a toll on him physically, you can’t physically go that angry red and not have consequences…he must have high BP.

  245. That part is particularly relevant. We in the south understand maybe even more so than other states what Republican leadership can do to people.

    Can I get an amen?

  246. Turned on MSNBC, hoping to hear some news about Hillary’s crushing win last night. Instead, I heard Halperin ask Jeff Weaver if he had ever been to Clinton’s campaign headquarters and if there were ‘fainting couches’ there. Halperin thinks Clinton’s campaign is making too much over Sanders calling her a whore and unqualified. FU Halperin, why do I even listen to MSNBC. Sent him a twitter, not that it matters.

  247. Liberty Belle

    If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.

  248. From what I have been reading Bernie actually is done and wants out.

    He shoulda got out before he said all of that stupid scorched earth stuff. Did they hold a gun to his head to make him say she wasn’t qualified? Did they force him to read only a headline and not a whole article?

    Did they gag him to prevent him from disavowing the lying rhetoric of Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Rosario Dawson, and Nina Turner?

    No, this guy’s been doing “artful smears” since Day 1. (I call it passive aggressive bullshit.) From the beginning, he pinned TPP and the pipeline on her when he knew damn well she was not in a position to say anything about either. And so it continued, all the way through this “release the transcript” bullshit.

    He’s the head of the rotten fish. Fuck him. I’m donating to whoever opposes him in VT.

  249. I’d love to see someone primary that old jerk.

  250. New ad running in CT

  251. MSNBC is unwatchable now if you’re looking for anyone who can be marginally fair to Hillary. It was a bit better before they got rid of or demoted so many of its woman commentators. They’ve become Fox News lite. Chris Matthews was awful last night. Said Hillary continues to under perform and is boring while Trump is over performing and is exciting. I think they’ve been told to trash Hillary if they want to keep their jobs. This marvelous woman keeps making history and it’s shameful that few in the mainstream broadcast and even print media will acknowledge this.

  252. A day later, and I’m still in a …

  253. You New York might have deflated the Sandbag’s tires, it might be up to California to push his VW bus off the cliff.

    I would even give up the CA part if he would just resign.

  254. True confession time. I am a NYer (living in CT). I have never been to the Statue of Liberty or Niagara Falls.

  255. Sophie CT,
    Thank you for remembering and transcribing the quote attributed to Harriet Tubman that Hillary spoke, and was on her T-shirt. I wrote them down on a piece of paper to remind myself, when life presents challenges.

    I wondered back in ’08 if it was foretelling of a future run for her.

  256. Lady Upps, can we have Elton John’s “Philadelphia Freedom” next week?

  257. SophieCT, on April 20, 2016 at 10:07 PM said:
    True confession time. I am a NYer (living in CT). I have never been to the Statue of Liberty or Niagara Falls.

    I am a Pittsburgher who lived in NY for 10 years. I saw both sides of Niagara Falls. Visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. If you ever go to NYC, make a point to visit those two spots..and take Kleenex with you. I was moved beyond words. And yes, Sophie, took the ferry ride over. 🙂

  258. I still have the Tubman quote shirt as well. Sadly, it has held up better than me.

  259. Looks like he’s having second thoughts about paying Devine & Weaver $800,000/month.

  260. Yanno, one thing about all this hostile media, history can’t say Hillary was fluffed in by the media as The Historic First ___ President, like the media did Obama.

  261. What a surprise Jeff weaver still a sexist ass. Now the story is that Clintons speeches gives the corporations access to her that normal citizens don’t have. Said so on CNN this morning. So I guess as a woman her weak brain is easily swayed by this “extra” access. Since she can’t decide what’s good or bad in her own cuz you know she’s a woman who’s been paid over $200,000 for a speech. And really she supported every bad trade bill because I guess if Bernie is against it that means it must be bad cuz life is just black and white. To Coumo the interviewer I just want to say dude I know you hate Hillary Clinton but why kiss Jeff weavers ass? Is it candy coated? The guys a sleaze.

    Just more of the same attacks on her integrity. It would be good if they would try attacking her on policy and stop the sexist bought and sold whore attacks that it seems these bros are only capable of.

  262. socal, that link is interesting. Apparently rallies are very expensive and from what we’ve seen they don’t produce much of anything in the way of votes.

  263. The media has received it’s latest talking points from the Sanders campaign. Now its, lets bring up 2008! Hillary continued to fight until June! Why are you asking for Sanders to get out now?!! They fail to mention that HRC was way closer to Obama. Not to mention, the Florida fiasco, Michigan (giving Obama delegates when he wasn’t even on the ballot!) and the fact that she was winning the large, high population states. Oh, and they never talk about how THEY, the media, were calling for HER to get out, right after Iowa!

  264. Sounds like he’s just ramping up the smears. Like I said yesterday, when he suspends campaign, the money stops rolling in and the bill comes due. That link is excellent at explaining the bind he’s put himself in.

    Some jerk on Hardball last night agreed BS needs to tone it down, but he also said that Hillary was “jabbing” Bernie with that terrific ad Sophie posted. Of course, Bernie is never mentioned, but his ever changing positions on gun safety is a relevant issue. In no way, can Erika’s endorsement of Hillary be considered a personal attack on BS. If he feels at all guilty about insulting her and other Sandy Hook families, he deserves to! And, boy, I just love it when Erika says, “Hillary is like my mom; she’s not scared of anything!” That ad is great!

  265. Sorry. I misspelled Erica’s name. My bad.

  266. And I just saw on Twitter that the Sanders campaign spent $46 MILLION in one month. They’re really “berning” through orher people’s 💰. Reported by WaPo.

    It’s a kind of vicious circle. The more he raises, the more he spends, the more he needs to raise. Yikes!

  267. There’s more to Bernies fund raising than meets the eye. He’s spending more money than any other candidate in either the republican or democratic race. No way is he getting it from just $27 donations because the voting proves that he doesn’t have that huge support that he claims. I know move on endorsed him and is likely funding a lot of his campaign from move on, along with some gopers who don’t want Clinton. But geez for a man that doesn’t want money in politics he sure seems to have the most money. A bit hypocritical of him. Bernie time to come clean. I thought everyone learned when JEB dropped out of race that you can’t buy your way into the presidency.

  268. Nobody is asking Sandcrab to drop out. The only thing they are asking is that Sandcrab quit acting like a Bernie Bro.

  269. Noooo, Sanders isn’t acting like a Bernie Bro. Bernie Bros are acting like Sanders.

  270. Posting pics to this blog in comment section is WAYYYYYYYYYYY too much work, so you either click or you don’t. Bernie won’t be busting up the banks that give HIM money.

  271. And so the Bernie money flows…. Great link UW. LOL but really mad and sad at the same time about this.

  272. imusthaveHillary, on April 21, 2016 at 8:30 AM said:

    The media has received it’s latest talking points from the Sanders campaign. Now its, lets bring up 2008! Hillary continued to fight until June! Why are you asking for Sanders to get out now?!! They fail to mention that HRC was way closer to Obama.

    Hillary didn’t get out because she was winning the vote, she won the vote, and the delegates were stolen from her and gifted to their golden calf.

  273. VotingHillary, on April 21, 2016 at 1:36 AM

    Wow, that photo does show he is an angry Sandbag.

  274. So, what other states are up next for primary and what is expected?
    By the by…maybe a new thread?

  275. Maryland has 95 pledged delegates up for grabs on Tuesday, to be allocated proportionally, based on the candidates’ shares of the popular vote.

    Poll: Clinton up 25 points in Maryland!


  276. Hillary’s GMA town hall from this morning:

  277. What is freakin’ wrong with these people? Women can only be on currency that isn’t in accepted use. $2 bill, $25 bill or the Susan B. Anthony dollar that is gone from a short existence.

    Trump on Harriet Tubman $20: ‘Pure political correctness’

    Donald Trump blasted the Treasury Department’s decision to replace Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the front of the $20 bill, adding Thursday that Tubman is “fantastic” and that she should go on the “$2 bill” or another denomination.”

    [Also, Greta, (someone I normally agree with) also said that Harriet Tubman should be on a new $25.00 bill.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/blogs/2016-gop-primary-live-updates-and-results/2016/04/trump-20-harriet-tubman-222256#ixzz46TvjnOap

  278. Jeff Weaver seems to have a paid position on the networks; at least from the inordinate number of times he is on the shows. It is so palpably biased, the way that the networks keep having him on, so he can take more shots at Hillary. They ostensibly are asking him about “Sanders’ \strategy going forward, but of course it always ends up being more talking points and anti-Hillary attacks.

    Bellecat, if the polls reasonably hold up, Hillary will win at least four states next week, with the one open primary, Rhode Island, being the iffy one, though I have a hunch she might win that one, too. And if she wins four of five, she should pick up a net of more than 50 delegates, and that will perhaps finally get Weaver off our TV screens.

  279. The Purple Reign is over. Prince found dead at his estate. RIP.

  280. Joe Biden On Clinton’s ‘Realism’: “No Dem Wins Saying ‘We Can’t Think That Big.’ ” Bumbling Joe off the meds again. Why in the world spew negativity about Hillary? Bitter much? The party did not see you as presidential material so you didn’t run because you would have lost like the other two times you ran. Get over it, and stop trashing the presumptive nominee. Hillary is smart not to over promise; it’s what we’ve had too much of for far too long. We get enough of this from Bernie/far left, GOP and the media! No one wants your two cents if you can’t be positive — Joe!

  281. Biden needs to STFU! I didn’t read the Talking Points Memo article because I couldn’t stand to, but he said something like “Democrats never win by telling people ‘We can’t think that big'”. Everyone took it as slam on Hillary who never said that. What she says is we’ve got to protect the progress we’ve made under Obama (you know, Biden’s boss!), and it’s not enough to diagnose the problem; you need an actual plan to fix it. I guess the Anita Hill film is really getting under his skin, and he’s lashing out at Hillary. Again. Whenever BS goes away, it would be great if he took that misogynist Biden with him. End of rant.

  282. You beat me to it, Paulette!

  283. RIP Prince.

    Seems like youtube has blocked many of his songs…

  284. No, Shadow. PRINCE blocked YouTube from using his videos because they wouldn’t pay royalties to him. He owned the copyrights for all his material.

  285. Brassy, can’t say it often enough. Joe STFU!

  286. Joe Biden was and continues to be a jealous assh@le. I don’t think he says things on accident he does it on purpose. He’s run for president before and never received the amount of support Hillary Clinton has.

  287. The GMA townhall meeting clip was awesome! ❤️

  288. RIP Prince. I’m a huge fan. Bought tons of his music, starting with his first album in ’78. Saw him three times in concert. What an artist…

  289. PRINCE blocked YouTube

    Thanks for letting me know Voting.

    Sad, I really wanted to listen to his songs, to mourn.

  290. RIP Prince

    Driving that red Corvette off into the sunset wearing a Raspberry beret to keep the Purple Rain away.

  291. When Hillary wins in November. “Let’s Go Crazy” and party like it’s “1999!”

  292. This proves that caucuses are pure shit……


    No wonder Bernie ran up the score in caucuses, no one bothered to go to them…….pathetic turnouts.

  293. Yeah, Paulette, if Obama is still out of the country, he should come home and lock Biden in an undisclosed location for the duration of the campaign. As Hillary says about GOP candidates, “Loose canons tend to misfire.”

  294. Here’s a great Prince song that was a mega hit for soulful, funky Chaka Khan… And to keep it politically linked: “Bernie we feel for you and all of your clueless followers” or even better, “Hillary, we feel for you… We love you.”!

  295. Joe Biden’s fantasy is that Hillary stumbles before the convention and he swoops in, like Mighty Mouse, to “save the day.”
    He and John Kasich have that wet dream in common.

  296. Prince 1999

  297. RIP, Prince.

  298. Oh heck, When Doves Cry

  299. Many years ago my best friend and I went on a cruise together. Purple Rain had just been released and let me tell you we did party like it was 1999 and yes we did go crazy But I shall say no more……. very fond memories of that cruise. Wonderful vacation and wonderful music. RIP Prince.

  300. Check the link. Bernie don’t F@ck with the South!


  301. This was such a great Prince written track…..

  302. Well, Joe would love to end his career the way he started it, but sticking it to a woman. See Anita Hill.

  303. This just made me laugh out loud:

  304. Hey, William–? I’m much too lazy to look up the figures, but about Sanders wanting the SDs to switch to him to beat Trump…. Don’t all the SDs total about 20% of all the delegates, pledged plus SDs? If all SDs voted for Sanders, how many pledged delegates would Hillary need to win anyway?

  305. 1950 Dem

    There isn’t a certain amount of Superdelegates that Hillary has to win.

    If she wins over 50% of the pledged delegates, she wins the nomination.

    If she doesn’t gather enough delegates, then the superdelegates can help push her over the 50% mark.

    Superdelegates are not bound to a candidate like delegates are on the first vote of the convention.

    I think Hillary had about 300-400 superdelegates when she first started the race. She wasn’t going to risk the same bs as in 2008 if she needed those sd votes.

  306. 1950 Democrat, Hillary is very unlikely to get enough pledged delegates to win on the first ballot, but then no Democratic candidate ever does have enough just with the pledged delegates, the way it is set up. I think that she now has about 1,420 pledged delegates, and she might be able to get to 2,200 or so, depending on how many she gets in California. But there is virtually no chance that Sanders is going to get much more than the 40 or so superdelegates he currently has. So while it is literally the case that no candidate would have the necessary amount (2372 or so without looking) of pledged delegates, It will be beyond obvious that Hillary will be the nominee.

    Now, if Sanders wants to actually go to the convention and have his name placed in nomination, and have speeches for him, and have his supporters inside chanting his hame, and perhaps booing Hillary, they can’t stop him. As you of will recall, that used to be the way it was at all the conventions, except for the booing part. But ever since 1980, all the Democratic and Republican conventions have been essentially without contention. Assuming that Hillary can maintain a reasonable pace in primaries, Sanders doesn’t have a chance to get more than a very few superdelegates to reconsider their original endorsement of her. And I think that after the CA primary. she will have enough pledged delegates and superdelegates to go over the number she needs. And then it will be up to Sanders to decide what he wants to do, but there will be great pressure on him to endorse her at that time.

  307. I want them to throw all the states’ delegates unanimously to Hillary! After all, they did it for Obama in 2008, despite Hillary winning her more than 18 million votes and the delegates who resulted from those wins.

  308. Molly Ivins used to say that being a Democrat in Texas was like being a camel..it was a long time between drinks. I thought of Molly on Tuesday night. So many of us having waited for Hillary’s return wanting our chance to cheer on a woman for the office,waiting for some justice for her and by extension,for us.
    She stood up for us and we’ve had her back for the past eight years.

    I think of all the women who’ve passed over ,women who fought and sacrificed so we could get to these days..Ann Richards, Molly Ivins,Bella Abzug,Susan B. Anthony,Harriet Tubman..many of our mothers who would’ve relished the chance to vote for a woman for president. So w/all due respect to some of our millennial sisters…IT DOES MATTER that a WOMAN is about to become her party’s nominee for President.

    Once CNN declares Hillary the presumptive nominee ( I only wait for CNN because I know they’ll be the final barrier to fall) this Auntie is going on a shopping spree @ Hillary’s store..because the nieces and the great nieces are getting their Hillary t-shirts…even if their parents
    ( or maybe because) most of their parents are FOX news watchers.And one day those girls are going to cherish their t-shirts.

    It’s been a long time coming and it ain’t over with yet;but Lord this has been a sweet,sweet week.

  309. What a great comment Msdsal, well said!

  310. If the Fixit Fairy could please delete the following post at:

    Shadowfax, on April 21, 2016 at 3:52 PM

    – the video seems to have been removed…

    Let’s see if the other one lasts.


    ****I don’t find a comment with that date and time. Perhaps Fixit Fairy’s Assistant got there first*********

  311. Shadow, his estate is enforcing his copyright…told ya. 🙂 But good for him, why should the internet have it for free,

  312. Please let us never forget Geraldine Ferraro when we remember who fought to set the stage for women. She took a horrible pile of shit when she ran for VP, but she showed grace, dignity and brilliance consistently. She was a real warrior. The First to Dare.
    Watch, listen, learn what this woman did to change politics for women FOREVER.

  313. Oh and don’t forget Gerry’s debate with that effing outrageously snotty pig (wait till you hear him talk about how if you would hire black people they would be willing to work for less than minimum wage) and a bunch of guys asking questions

  314. Its obvious now, Sanders is in the process of giving up, the debt negotiations have begun, his campaign is apparently loaded with debt, that wont go away and from what I have heard, he is personally liable for that $2 million dollar trip to Rome, he can’t campaign it and if he has to pay back millions and he’s spent it all……

    Bringing in 46 million and spending 47 million in the same month is actually really stupid and he still lost badly.

    He’ll be in the water by next Wednesday morning. Signs of his money supply drying up are evident this week as his supporters go through the same stages of grief we did in 2008.

    The only reason he is still campaigning is because he has to, if he doesnt the debt gets bigger.

  315. I remember phone-banking for Mondale/Ferraro and if you think phone banking for Hillary is bad….well…you haven’t heard anything like I heard then.

  316. Thanks for the reminder about Ferraro Uppity! I remember being soooo excited about a female on the ticket! Although there was a lot of sexism, I don’t recall being made to feel bad about being excited. We were openly talking about the significance to women. At least, that’s how I remember it.

  317. moon how do you spend 46 million in a month? They wanted this guy for president?

  318. I was also excited about Nasty being the first female Speaker…I see how off the rails she went for her love toy, Barack. At least she broke that glass ceiling for that position.

  319. Thanks for bringing up Gerry.

    I am sick of the Lefty Left marginalizing and demonizing our icons in fauxrage for their penis du jour.

    She was right.
    Steinem and Albright are right too,

    If Bernie’s boomer women would be honest with their millennial granddaughters (and selves) they would tell them what chicks were good for in the revolution.

  320. Here is the delegate/and superdelegate count for everyone:

    The Democratic Convention has total of 4,765 delegates votes with 2,383 needed to nominate.

    Soft delegate count changed from Clinton 1,787, Sanders 1,137, O’Malley 1 to Clinton 1,924 (+137), Sanders 1,245 (+108), O’Malley 1.
    Hard delegate count changed from Clinton 1,223, Sanders 944, Uncommitted 714 to Clinton 1,362 (+139), Sanders 1,052 (+108), Uncommitted 714.

    California: Soft count changed from Clinton 49 to Clinton 48 (-1).

    New York: Soft count changed from Clinton 40, Sanders 0 to Clinton 178 (+138), Sanders 108 (+108). Hard count changed from Uncommitted 44, Clinton 0, Sanders 0 to Clinton 139 (+139), Sanders 108 (+108), Uncommitted 44.

    The Republican Convention has total of 2,472 delegates with 1,237 needed to nominate.
    Soft delegate count changed from Trump 758, Cruz 558, Rubio 173, Kasich 144, Uncommitted 28,


  321. I don’t think Jane Sanders got the message of a softer Bernie approach to campaigning:

    “I just don’t like to see it be politicized. I think that Secretary Clinton’s gun record is a lot more spotty than Bernie’s,” Jane Sanders, the wife of the Democratic presidential candidate who spoke
    with CNN, after the network cut away from coverage of Clinton’s panel in Hartford, Connecticut, that included, among others, the daughter of the principal killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012.

    Because her hubby’s stance on guns reflects the NRA’s position, now bringing it up is “politicizing” this issue?

    Yeah, anything anti-Bernie is just politicizing but hey his demand that Clinton release her speech transcripts are completely legitimate. /s

  322. imust, they skewered her, because her husband felt HE didn’t have to reveal his tax returns. They were horrid to her. And we can’t even get a tax return of any worth out of a CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION, but that’s okay because PENIS.

  323. WHoa SHadow, where did you find that out about his debt? My KINGDOM for a link!

    He and Jane ‘each’ ‘contributed’ nearly a million in loans to his campaign. Not bad for people who aren’t millionaires. Wonder where THAT came from.

  324. Yeah, don’t politicize gun control. Politicize the Pope instead.

  325. Shadow, Fixit Fairy cannot find that comment, perhaps Fixit Fairy’s Assistant got there first.

  326. Ok, Bernie is officially done. The ladies of The View said he needs to dial it back and start uniting the party. When they have thrown in the towel, give it up Bernie.

  327. Interesting. Don’t “politicize” gun deaths is the NRA line.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re in debt. They are throwing cash around like it’s Monopoly money. And they must know they have to return numerous illegal contributions.

    Yeah, they couldn’t find anything against Gerry so they objected to her husband and even insinuated he might have been mobbed up.

  328. Yeah Upps, the deleted video must have been deleted by Fixit Fairy II, thanks.

  329. Son of Fixit Fairy !!!

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