Reasons Bernie Sanders is Not Winning – Pie Chart Format



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  1. Lady Macbeth Sanders spouting her usual drivel today I see……

  2. i hate to say this but she is just as disheveled as he is. Her hair looks like it needs a good scrubbing and cut.

  3. Yes those terrible voters just don’t feel the “bern”

  4. Up, when this is over, maybe they can go through the carwash together.

  5. Appearances would seem to indicate Lady Jane might be auditioning for a new TLC show, “Sister Hives”.

  6. I’m gambling a guess that there was a heart issue with Prince.

  7. Oh Uppity, she looks like a total frying oilpan Sally, like she dipped her head in it.

    Not a pleasant woman, its no wonder Bernie is the way he is, match made in hell, those 2.

  8. There’s a presser this pm at Carver County Government Center where my niece works. Carver County is where Paisley Park is located. I guess it’s being investigated as a suspicious death since the flu story seems to be utter baloney. Don’t know if they have any new info or they just wanna be on tv!

    This state is in shock and mourning. Local news shows last night expanded to an hour and covered nothing else. Anchors wore purple as many are doing today. My understanding is that autopsy will be performed today in St. Paul. Tox screens could take weeks. Many rumors. Few facts.

  9. Moon, I think they’re perfectly meant for each other.

    Yeah I didn’t want to sound catty so I was trying not to mention her greasy hair. I get the vibe that neither of them is a very clean person. Bet their home is a disaster.

    Well I do hope nobody snuffed Prince, because if they ever pin it on someone, they won’t make it to trial alive. If the ‘flulike’ incidents off and on were Hooey, then I withdraw my opinion. However, he could have been aware of an illness and just covered it up with the flu story.

    I do hope there wasn’t drugs. But something stopped his heart dead center in an elevator.

  10. Prolix. Hahahahaha

  11. I think B and J are a couple of tightwads. The kind that let other people pay and gorge themselves. Not frugal so much as cheap. So they are having a blast on other people’s money, plus the yuuuuuge ego trip they are both on.

  12. TMZ says Prince was treated for a Percocet overdose days before. And the plane landed and the EMTs gave him one of those revival shots. He did have that hip problem.

  13. You know, all Prince’s So-Called Friends kNEW he was a private man and didn’t want them discussing him in public and here they all are, blabbing like a bunch of 2 dollar hookers in the back of a paddy wagon willing to give their Johns’ names up.

  14. Upps you’re so right about all the jackasses that are going to come out of the box Prince speculating. I’m such a fan; have about 40 of his LPs/CDs. I’m just going to savor and celebrate his genius. As a human being I’m sure he had flaws as we all do. I just wish we’d be more appreciative as a society when we’re blessed to live at the same time as extraordinary individuals. To link a Hillary reference here: This woman is making history against all kinds of odds and the media and myriad other misogynists aren’t giving her her due. I hope this is going to change at some point. But I despair that it might not even when she is Madam President.

  15. Donald Trump is loving him some Bernie Sanders:

    “He’s been tough on her. In fact, I’d like him to keep going because the longer he goes the more I’m going to like it,” Trump told thousands of supporters during a campaign rally here in Harrisburg.

    Trump lauded Sanders for keeping pressure on Clinton and particularly singled out Sanders’s comments attacking Clinton’s judgment. He also credited Sanders with being the first to question Clinton’s qualifications for office.

    “So Bernie Sanders, not me, said she is not qualified. So now I’m going to say, ‘She’s not qualified.’ OK?” Trump said.

    To Bernie and his minions, its time to dial it back when Donald Trump thinks you’re great.

  16. On Prince, I really wish that the tabloid news would leave him alone. he’s dead, let him rest in peace and let our memories of him be untarnished. Unless Prince was murdered, I don’t need to know anything else. He died. We lost another musical great this year. The world is dimmer for his passing. But let him stay a private person.

    Others may disagree, but if he lived his life with a great deal of privacy, don’t you think he would have wanted to die that way also?

  17. He needs to be called out. DNC needs to tell him to fuck right off. He either works for the Dems or doesn’t because I’m dying to primary the bastard.

    Sanders says Clinton’s platform could determine how much he would campaign for her

    Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders said in an interview broadcast Friday that he would wait to see what Hillary Clinton includes in her platform before deciding how actively to campaign for her in the fall, if she is the party’s nominee.

    The senator from Vermont, who has vowed to stay in the race until the Democratic convention, was asked by Andrea Mitchell on her MSNBC show whether he would try to persuade his young followers to back Clinton in the same fashion that she supported President Obama after losing the nomination to him in 2008.

    “Well, first of all, I’ve got to find out what her platform is, what the views are that she is going to be bringing forth, to what degree she will adopt many of the ideas that I think are extremely popular and I think very sensible,” Sanders told Mitchell.


    You lost, its not your platform, so suck it up or Fuck off out of Dodge, I am not putting up with this childish blackmailing shit.

  18. Moon, Bernie is about Bernie and no one else. He doesn’t have a movement, he has an ego trip. He aimed to damage the party and he succeeded. He broke it and he needs to fix it. But Clinton like the overqualified over achieving woman that she is, will take it upon herself and fix it. She will succeed of course, because that is just who she is.

    Unfortunately if she doesn’t unite the party he most certainly won’t do it. He’s a sexist selfish son of b!tch.

  19. Bernie World: History (and platforms!) are written by the losers.

  20. How about a feel good article from Blue Nation Review as we start the weekend. I know I felt good after reading it.

    Don’t just go on my word, shakesville links to it too!

  21. Upps, I was also wondering about Prince’s heart. He always seemed “delicate” to me. As in the old fashioned sense of not being healthy and robust. My parents, aunts & grandmother always said that about me.

  22. Bernie is courting the most unreliable voting block known to man. They don’t vote. They wouldn’t vote anyways and the preponderance of them never even were Democrats. That’s why they couldn’t vote in NY. I do not see them as a path to victory at all. Their mostly young pisspots looking for a free ride. The Trophy For Showing Up Generation. The women in that crowd WILL vote for Hillary because by the time November rolls around Hillary will make sure they are scared shitless of what the SCOTUS is going to look like for the rest of their miserable lives. As for the bros, fuck em. They have a problem with women in leadership rolls, and it’s THEIR problem not ours. Let em go, that’s what I say. I believe it’s raw bullshit that we need them. In fact, who wants them? These are the OWS paper airplane crowd that raped women in Zuccotti park and told them not to report it, they would take care if it “internally”. These are the trust fund brats who don’t want to lift their own asses to fart. They will forget to vote because they will be hungover from a round of beer pong instead of going to class. These are a bunch of white frat boys whose mothers raised them badly. These are the Twinkles Up Crowd who left their Protest the minute it got chilly outside. Swore they would be back “In Spring”. Seen em yet?

    In addition, they are Ron Paulies looking for a fight. THey look for one every election year. They are useless twits who pretend to be smarter than everybody else when they hardly know Jack Shit. But their fingerprints are ALL over the “Movement”.

    I tell you this, none of them will be voting for trump, because they won’t vote, and if they do, they will remember that with Hillary they will at least get a lower loan rate, with Donald they’ll get the pepper sandwich. And Donald will help us with his uncontrollable mouth and knee jerk answers to things he knows little about. There are Republicans will will vote for Hillary because as a minimum they know she’s sane. Women despise him by more than 70%. That means a good chunk of them are republicans. They’ll either stay home or vote Hillary. Either way Donald benefits us. He’s already spread the word that there are two of him, how crazy is that?

    I want him to be the candidate. And I don’t give a shit about a spoiled brat demographic that doesn’t vote anyways.

  23. It’s a cliche when someone dies to say they will be missed. But here in Minnesota, it’s literally true of Prince who stayed here in spite of many attempts to lure him to LA or NY. He was so determined to make his life in the Twin Cities that he built Paisley Park which included a state of the art recording studio and film studio.

    But nowhere will the loss be felt more acutely than at First Avenue, the Minneapolis club where Prince often appeared unannounced with a couple of other musicians to play for free. Last night, First Avenue threw a dance party to celebrate Prince’s extraordinary life. The party was still going strong at 7 am this morning. They really did party like it was 1999! Minnesota will never forget Prince and his great talent. He is beloved here.

  24. Howard Dens is stepping in….

    Howard Dean: Sanders ‘getting pretty close to the end’

    Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D) on Friday said Bernie Sanders’s Democratic presidential campaign is on its last legs.

    “I have been exactly where Bernie is, or pretty close to where Bernie is,” he said on MSNBC, referencing his unsuccessful 2004 White House run.

    “I know how hard this is,” Dean added on “Morning Joe.” “This is when you see you’re not going to win. If he has the week it looks like he’s going to have, we’re getting pretty close to the end.”

    Dean said he thinks Sanders will struggle with suspending his bid.

    “I’m sure he’s very angry. … He’s even more competitive than I am.”


    Yup, an angry old grumpy pain in the ass.

  25. “I’ve got to find out what her platform is”

    Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. You’ve never even looked. You’ve never been aware of someone else’s hard work and accomplishments. If you did, you’d know what a committed liberal Hillary is. And she actually gets shit done.

  26. Well, I’ll tell you what her platform is Bernie, its the winning platform! Yours, Bernie not so much a winner…

  27. Thousands of people die every year in the U.S. from complications of influenza. Some are infants; most are older people. Medically speaking, “older” is often categorized as “over 50,” though the CDC tends to use 65. If the person has chronic conditions, or is taking meds which can depress respiratory function (such as opiates), that also increases risk of fatality from ‘flu.

    … it is estimated that more than 200,000 people are hospitalized on average for flu-related complications each year. Over a period of 30 years, between 1976 and 2006, estimates of flu-associated deaths in the United States range from a low of about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000 people.

  28. Daily Kos has a diary up by some Bernie dead head on the arrest of Dinea Evans. (I won’t link to it because that site is still full of Bernie diehards) Any way she was arrested when she went to Congressman McDermotts office in Seattle. He’s a super delegate for Clinton. I guess Bernie’s plan to flip super delegates isn’t really working. LOL. They are just clueless, simply clueless.

  29. I am thrilled shitless!!
    I am going to see Hillary on Sunday right here in CT!!!!

  30. Luna, very true about influenza. In fact, Laker & I were sick with a stomach flu for several days before his Grand Mal, and I’ve been wondering if it was triggered by a lack of electrolytes. The last time he had one was Jan 2010, and we both had the H1N1. Which brings me back to the whole “delicate” thing.

    I never met Prince, but he always seemed like a nice person to me. He did a lot to help women with their careers.

  31. SOPHIE!!! Yay for you!!! Lucky thing! {{{BearHug!}}}

  32. LOL – great pie chart – It’s true!

  33. Hillary announces CA leadership team: State Director Buffy Wicks, Political Director Peggy Moore, spokeswoman Hilda Marella Delgado

  34. It was obvious that the “she’s not qualified” idiocy was going to be used over and over by the Repubilcans. All because the Washington Post deliberately of stupidly mischaracterized her comment, and then Sanders lashed back in anger without checking the veracity of the attribution. I suppose that the only way this could be vitiated is if Sanders actually heartily endorsed Hillary, and said that he thought she was eminently qualified. They’d still run the ads, though. And as far as wanting to see her platform, Sanders and Clinton voted the same way 93% of the time for eight years. So the comment is petty and self-serving.

  35. Fredster, the comments were better than the article. These people are living in Jonestown.

  36. ………Waving to Branjor….

  37. WOOT Sophie!!! We expect a post with details and pics!!!

  38. I know Luna, I got my first flu shot for this year in DECADES. That was right after my doctor warned me I could die, considering my heart. Took that pneumonia shot too.

    Pneumonia shot worked out fine. Felt sick for a week after the flu shot.

  39. Bernie is trying to pull a communist blackmail trick on Hillary, claiming he knows things about her “speeches”. He is such pond scum. Now we’re moving into slander, somebody needs to pull that old communist off the stage with a hook.

  40. I saw some Paisley pictures, Rebel. That place was awesome.

  41. Sophie, you need a teeshirt for Sunday that says

    “We are Uppity women, hear us roar”

  42. Upps said: These people are living in Jonestown.

    I’ll get ’em the cups but they’ll have to mix their own kool-aid.

  43. Yay Sophie! We’ll be there in spirit.

    Um… I know I’m the only human being on the planet who feels this way but… I never liked Prince. At least not his music and I hated the women prancing around in lingerie in his shows.

    That being said, I did like the fact that he was very connected to his community and that he stood his ground for control of his art. So many people have touching Prince-as-a-person stories that it’s hard not to be moved. So I touch my cap to Prince the person and I really feel for my friends who were huge fans of his.

  44. Upps, forgot to say that I love your pie chart. Made me LMAO! I was looking at dkos just now and am amazed at all the pro Hillary posts and comments. I was just looking at one about how Trump is pleased with Bernie for attacking Hillary, and will Bernie please stop, and this one comment also made me LMAO (St Ralph of Corvair!!!):

    “Yeah but they don’t personally attack their opponent. If you can reasonably say that what Bernie has been doing is good for Democracy you are a truly uninformed human being with no knowledge of history. I lived through the coming of the last great “Messiah” for “Democratic purity” , St. Ralph of Corvair. He delivered for us true believers the following bag of goodies:

    eight years of crypto fascism; perpetual war; an economic collapse; accelerated climate change; and a decimated middle class. Not to mention a Supreme Court who made it so that any idiot with a billion dollars can buy an election or as many candidates as they need to get the laws they want passed or a regulation repealed.

    So go on with your “holy rapture” of the last vestiges of American Democracy. We don’t have the cushion we had to weather the storm after the 2000 election.” by someone called Chillipalmer.

  45. One more funny & I’ll stop. A Berniebro on dkos was arguing that Bernie would catch up to Hillary in California and wrote:

    “CA could bring him to parody.” LMAO!!! Obviously he meant parity, but what a perfect mistake.

  46. Now Sanders is using Biden’s words in his speeches, to further discount Clinton. Good going Biden.

  47. I’m so sick of Biden. Can’t wait for him to go the way of the dodo bird.

  48. Australians say they were paid by their Labor Party to come here and work for Bernie Sanders. lol FEC.

  49. Here’s a readable article with a lot of detail about Hillary at Wellesley and Yale, and her accomplishments, like kicking Pres. Reagan twice, before and during the First Lady of Arkansas period. It starts kind of slow and shallow conversion diary stuff, just skim that.

  50. Did someone mention PIE? 🙂

  51. Hahaha, Upps.

    Not a lot of words, but straight to the point in the top thread.

  52. They’re having a “Movement” alright.

    It’s about to get flushed.

  53. You know Sandbag is full outta ideas when he has to steal quotes from gaffable Joe.

  54. I hope Hillary doesn’t pick a woman VP.

    I think it would lessen the significance of her long road to the Presidency.

  55. @jules — I don’t care for Prince’s music either! Not that I like much on the pop music scene; usually listen to jazz or classical. I’ve only heard one of his songs that I know of, and it didn’t trigger anything from me. Sorry, though, for those that will miss him.

  56. @Shadowfax, I tend to agree with you. But I want the next Dem male POTUS candidate to pick a woman VP.

  57. SophieCT, @ April 22, 2016 at 9:29 PM

    Anita Dunn: There is some precedent for having a running mate of the same gender.

    just “Brilliant”.

  58. Can someone get some oppo research on Jeff Weaver, please. I’d love to see him squirm around in his own filth. I’d love for him to get some “when did you stop beating your wife” questions. IOW, I’d relished seeing karma visit him. And I’m not ashamed to say, I’d really like seeing him go down.

  59. Meh he will be toast in a couple of days. He’ll tweet Mr Pure to continue on because he wants his million dollars a month. And they called US whores.

  60. I STRONGLY believe a two-woman ticket is a HUGE mistake. We are here pushing the patriarchal envelope as it is, and can pull it off. To double down is going to be detrimental. I can feel it in my bones and I KNOW it in my head.

    And Elizabeth Warren is a fucking train wreck.

  61. Yes and Joe is a hot steaming pile of shit. Truly.

    Seriously, Hillary must have to BITE HER TONGUE not to bring up that he not only WROTE the 1994 Crime Bill, but he ALSO wrote the Bankruptcy “Reform” bill for his Delaware credit card people.

    He is raw slime.

  62. I made the MISTAKE of tuning into MSNBC’s documentary on Hillary. It was a constant hug once, slap twice job on her. I turned it off. SOmeone DMd me that it was on and 3 minutes into it we both regretted ever going there. MSNBC is simply awful.

  63. Birdgrl, Biden did it on purpose. He’s jealous that he’s not running and he’s not running because he couldn’t get the poll numbers, which is exactly what he deserved for using his dead son for pity votes. He makes me want to hurl all over him.

  64. “CA could bring him to parody.” LMAO!!! Obviously he meant parity, but what a perfect mistake.

    Hilarious. Moron. Glad Bernie has him.

  65. Glad you liked the chart, I stole it from twitter.

    Socal, how’s Laker Dude?

  66. Jules, I never liked his music either, but I always liked the man. I could tell that he was sweet and totally BRILLIANT. Eloquent and yet humble at the same time. He also did so much for women performers.

  67. Uppity @ 11:27 pm, I was watching it too. I soldiered through it, hoping it would get better, I guess, but when they got to present day and showed Maddow saying gleefully, “this Democratic race is so tight you can bounce a dime off it…” I turned it off. Bleck!

  68. Ms. Uppity, in response to imust, I happen to have creative oppo research on Jeff Gollum Weaver. It is a bit long, do you think folks might be interested? May I share it?

  69. NW Luna

    If/when Hillary becomes our President, being nominated for VP by a woman will become much easier.

  70. Upps
    …To double down is going to be detrimental. I can feel it in my bones and I KNOW it in my head.
    And Elizabeth Warren is a fucking train wreck.

    I couldn’t agree more.

  71. Elizabeth Warren can be a good Senator, but she doesn’t have what we need for a VP. Let alone POTUS.

    And I want Krugman in Hillary’s Cabinet!

  72. I think Warren, better known as ‘Almost one drop of Native American Blood’ is a total fraud and she shares many of the Sandbags unicorn ideas. She represents the far left side of the party that I detest.


  73. I love Warren. She’d be a great POTUS, after Hillary. But VP doesn’t do anything (it would have been a great place to store Obama). Warren is great in the Senate.

  74. Hey Upps! Laker says thanks for asking about him. He is doing better, had headaches and groggy, and mostly fearful of having another one. He is doing better today, working on writing a song on guitar, and some ideas for his other writing.

    Upps, agree with you about Prince. I would listen to his songs on the radio, but didn’t see him in concert or buy his albums. But I saw him interviewed several times on tv, and always thought he seemed so nice and yes, humble. And the ultimate music genius. I’m sad he died.

  75. AS i said on the night, Berniebots trying to swing the exit polls but really whats the point when the votes done unless they are trying to put a narrative of a stolen state.

    Exit polls get a bad rap. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but it’s true. Exit polls provide remarkably quick data on elections that comes with a smaller and smaller margin of error as an election night passes, telling us who came out to vote for which candidate and why. It’s essential, but like so many other polls, we only notice when the data is wrong.

    When polls closed in New York on Tuesday, exit poll estimates showed Bernie Sanders trailing Hillary Clinton by only four points. That eventually got adjusted, but it was the most recent example of a poll showing a number that ended up being way off the final result.

    To figure out why, I reached out to Joe Lenski, executive vice president of Edison Media Research. Since 2003, Edison has been conducting polling for the National Election Pool (NEP), a group of six media organizations that includes Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and the Associated Press. Once upon a time, each of those organizations would have run their own exit polling; now, it’s centralized through Edison.

    To explain what happened in New York, it’s best to start at the beginning: How exit polls work, from start to finish. The interview below has been condensed and lightly edited, but you knew that because you seen these things before.

  76. There just isn’t an inch of integrity among Bernie and his Gimmee Free Shit crowd. He’s tapped into a generation of Narcissists who think Cheating is a way of life. Please recall…

  77. Just to make it clear to any doughhead Bots, Hillary clintons popular vote lead as of today is approximately 2,742,426

    Clinton has 10,517,972 votes.
    Flatulent Fathead old whining gasbag has 7,775,546

  78. Media already consigned Bernie to the bin…

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign is considering a list of names to be her running-mate, according to a New York Times report.

    Among those reportedly being considered: Sens. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, and Labor Secretary Tom Perez.

    And Clinton is open to choosing a woman running-mate, the report said. Many Democrats have speculated that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who is very popular in the party, would be a good fit for the VP role.

    Clinton is likely to make her decision soon after the Republican ticket is known.

    Advisers believe her options may expand if GOP front-runner Donald Trump receives the party’s nomination, because she leads Trump by so much in polls.

    “She will have a lot more flexibility in picking a running mate if the Republican nominee is Donald Trump rather than Ted Cruz, who appears a much closer contest for her,” former Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) told the Times.

  79. why do they give Bernie so much credit? Why do they have to keep coddling him and stroking his ego??….oh wait…never mind…

  80. Told you, fake campaign, the votes dont match up….

    Last month, Burnie spent 230k on charter buses to get kids to the arenas from out of state (BusBank)

  81. Also…every time he had “rallies” Sanders Campaign also spends 6-8k each city for cheap hotels ..the two seem to go together.

  82. Moon, where did you get your information?

  83. I hope that Hillary steers away from Julian Castro as VP; just my opinion, based only on what I’ve seen of him via speeches and interviews. He seems inexperienced, particulary in foreign policy.. I really want her to pick someone who appears presidential, and can even help her the way that Gore helped Bill. And again, I think that Sherrod Brown is the slam-dunk pick, IF he would agree to do it. I hate to take him out of the Senate, but if he would like to be president some day, it would be just great to have him in line, because I think he’s the best Senator we have. Put him on the ticket, talking about economics and jobs to the somewhat disgruntled white males, particularly in the rust belt states, and we could take back the Senate, and pick up a number of House seats. And that in itself is a very important goal, to help Hillary to be able to govern without the intransigent tea party Congress blocking her.

    After that, Kaine is sort of bland, but I guess there are no scandals, and he was been a governor and senator. Perez I don’t know much about; I don’t think he’s ever held elective office,but maybe he’d be okay. Don’t pick someone for gender or ethnicity, pick someone with solid credentials whose choice reflects well on Hillary, which is mostly what the VP picking is all about. It’s just a shame that we have done so badly in state elections over the last eight years, that there are no many people to choose from.

  84. Getting calls from Bernie bots asking if they can count on my vote for Sanders next Tuesday. Bwahahahaa! If they could just see me sitting here with my Hillary badge on, car magnet in place, and lawn sign staked out they wouldn’t even bother.

  85. I’d tell the Bernie callers, “Not unless he stops bad-mouthing Hillary. I’d like to support his issues, but he’s hurting the party with all this negativity.”

    Not that I’d really vote for him, of course! I’m untrustwothy, undependable, unqualified….

  86. Hillary is on Cnn in CT! Are you there Sophie????? 🙂

  87. Though I commented on Anita Dunn’s shrewd remark posted by SophieCT above; I agree with Uppity Woman, @ April 22, 2016 at 11:22 PM.
    A two women ticket would definitely be a HUGE mistake, and I hope Hillary makes a good choice beyond the ones some are talking about, like Julian Castro and the others.

  88. i heard that this am on MSNBC, Joy Reid ripped Jeff Weaver a new one when he tried to pull his usual crap on her. She is an unabasheed Hillary supporter. Can anyone find video or has MSNBC burned all copies?

  89. imust, tomorrow is the big Hillary in CT day. There’s a free event in Bridgeport open to the public, then there’s a private fundraiser later for people anxious to max out.

  90. I agree that a two-woman ticket would be an issue for America and I think that really fucking sucks. The FACT is that the best of the Democratic bench is within the women in the Senate. These are some brilliant, hard-working, effective Dems and automatically disqualifying them because of Uterii makes me sick.

    One day we will be able to have two women and it won’t be a big deal and that will truly be revolutionary.

  91. On the Hillary VP discussion, I think she will take the pick seriously and choose someone qualified to be president should the unthinkable happen to her; certainly a person of intelligence and gravitas and someone fully vetted to not embarrass. This is what democrats mostly do in recent years. Except perhaps John Kerry’s pick of John Edwards — even he was arguably intelligent, though slimy. Bill at least stuck to BJs and never risked getting a woman pregnant — and as we say in the South: “It’s not a sin if you don’t put it in.” Anyway, I digress. Weigh these picks by democratic nominees: Walter Mondale, Geraldine Ferraro, Lloyd Bentsen, Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, Joe Biden (OK we know our reservations here but he did have domestic and foreign cred) vs. completely unqualified disasters, dullards (and sometimes criminals): Spiro Agnew, Gerald Ford, Dan Quayle, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin. I could never respect George H.W. Bush mainly for choosing Quayle as VP and putting Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. I could never respect John McCain for putting forth Palin for VP. George W. Bush gave us not only Cheney but so many other clueless cabinet picks: Alberto Gonzales as attorney general, “Heck of a job Brownie (Michael Brown)” as head of FEMA and others. Hillary does not suffer fools gladly. She will pick qualified people to serve in her administration.

  92. Paulette, don’t forget Bush 43’s Secretary of War Criminality Donald Rumsfeld.

  93. Not that I’d really vote for him, of course! I’m untrustwothy, undependable, unqualified….
    And a whore, don’t forget whore, 1950 Democrat 😉

  94. I would love to see Diane Feinstein in Hillary’s cabinet. Either as Secretary of State, or some other very high position.

  95. I’m feeling tacky, tacky, tacky…. Who does the guy on the right remind you of, in _Raiders of the Lost Ark_?

  96. About VP choice. For a worst case situation, like JFK’s assassination, or if 9/11 had also killed the POTUS and/or the Mayor … we need a level-headed person who can keep things from getting worse … and who has experience as a Governor or at least a Mayor.

  97. I just hope Hillary picks someone strong on natl. security and not someone to please the far left, like a minority with only min. experience.

  98. Sanders has finally crossed the line and killed his campaign.

    What integrity BS had is gone: Sanders says he has lost primaries to Clinton because ‘poor people don’t vote’

    WILMINGTON, Del. — White House hopeful Bernie Sanders said Saturday that many of his losses to Hillary Clinton in Democratic primaries were because “poor people don’t vote.”

    The senator from Vermont, who has made fighting income inequality the rallying cry of his campaign, was asked during a taping of NBC’s “Meet the Press” why Clinton had prevailed in 16 of 17 states so far with the highest levels of income inequalilty.

    “Well, because poor people don’t vote,” Sanders told host Chuck Todd. “I mean, that’s just a fact. That’s a sad reality of American society.”

  99. Rumsfeld, the guy who was on the board of the swiss company who sold nuclear reactors to Iran.

  100. Poor people don’t vote? How many excuses can he make? So does he think he can win with the frat boy vote? Oh no, right, white frat boyz and flipping super delegates. Anyone who sends him any money at this point is a fool.

  101. Poor people don’t vote?

    Especially not at caucuses!

  102. I approve this message:

    “Digital Reconstruction: Evaluating “Progressive” Websites in the Wake of a Hillary Clinton Nomination”
    By Trevor LaFauci | April 23, 2016

    How should you treat a vanquished foe?

  103. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  104. Tweet some thanks to the superdelegates in your state for supporting Hillary

  105. I hope it’s real quiet here because everyone is making calls for Hillary!

  106. DWP, about the People’s View article on reconstruction following BS’s wipeout:

    Trevor is right about how the screaming meemies out of the Sanders’ campaign felt and feel.

    But tactically, I think he’s wrong on what to do about it.

    Agreed, an apology (if one was even going to happen!) is nowhere near enough. The screamers are silencing our free speech rights. That’s way past apology territory.

    *But* in terms of winning in November, we’ll be better served by following Clinton’s lead on this. I don’t know what approach she’ll take, exactly, but I bet it’ll be more or less “We’re all in this together. Onward to victory.” And all that good stuff.

    It’s galling to ignore their anti-democratic (small d) behavior, but strategically the most important thing is to keep as many of the — how should I put this? — more normal Sanders voters on side for Hillary.

    Come mid-November, well, then ….

  107. Loved reading that exit poll Sophie!
    Here’s a great write up about it.

    Dear Bernie,

    You’re toast, and I’m smelling the burn.

    Time to man up. Start drafting your endorsement speech. If you insist on staggering through the next few weeks, losing big in the string of Democratic primaries that are open only to actual Democrats, wagging your finger at the injustice of it all, at least do the party a favor and nudge it toward unity. If you want to keep hawking your nonexistent revolution, fine. But it’s time to start hosing down your pie-eyed acolytes and focusing on the existential threat of Trump. Just get it done.

  108. Thanks for linking, Imust.
    That was a great read.

  109. Thats when i knew that exit poll was off, it was closed primary and their exit poll had 14% independent voters……….Thats where the skew went completely. Why the hell were they including indies in a closed primary exit poll.

  110. As I said yesterday…


    If Bernie’s burn rate keeps up like this, he will be in major debt soon and all those FEC dodgy donations have yet to be returned which will total millions, he personally will have to pay around $3 million personally for that WTF jaunt to the vatican which still baffles the hell out of everyone, WHY?

    So he is spending more than he is raising, spent $46 million in April $32.4 dollars in March….for what a double digit loss in New York, this is not a very well run campaign, in fact it seems to be campaign for one thing only to make mssrsDevine and Weaver a shitload of dough.

    Has Bernie figured out he is going to be on the hook for all this.

  111. Oooh, this is worth clicking on! Before he even finishes his question…!

  112. I am in line. I am 12th.

  113. Yay, enjoy SophieCT, try and get a selfie….and tell her we all have her back 24/7

  114. Yes Sophie! Tell her we’ve been ready for a long time!!

  115. Yay Sophie!!! Am so excited for you! Go Girl Go!

  116. Ok, it doesn’t matter… I was already assigned to table 44.

  117. Mother Jones interviewed Vicente Fox, and he has some delightful words about Trump, Cruz & Sanders:

  118. Do you think Hillary is sending a message…..

    Clinton’s Tues rally will be at the Philly Convention Center.

    (Where’s the D convention this summer again…?)

  119. moon, that’s a great message!

  120. Hillary could be inches away from clinching the nomination on Tuesday with a combination of pledged and SD delegates.

    I’m predicting her somewhere of taking around 226 delegates on Tuesday and Sanders around around 158. A +68 on her lead and would leave her around 100 – 50 delegates short of victory. This is why Sanders has no chance of catching up.

    It really is way past over on Tuesday if she sweeps all 5.

  121. Behold the purple piano Yamaha recently gave Prince. Majestic !

  122. Heh. The page with the Joy Reid link also had this:

    Koch: In Order To Support Hillary, “We Would Have To Believe Her Actions Would Be Different From Her Rhetoric”

    Bernie, STFU. Even the effin’ Koch brothers think Hillary walks her talk.

  123. Koch said that for a reason, and a Koch reason is always sinister.

  124. Sophie where are you! Are you having dinner with Hillary?

  125. Just got home. Madam Secretary is on and I’m starving. Yes I got a selfie. Yes I told her I’ve been READY since 92. No, we did not have dinner together. Yes, she is every bit as fabulous in real life as everyone has said.

  126. I am soooooooooo J of Sophie for meeting Hillary Clinton!!!!! But, I’m also happy for you! What did she say when you said that to her? Did she take the photo? Do you have any photos that you can share that won’t reveal your true identity? I’ve been looking at crowd shots of the CT events, saying to myself, “I wonder if that’s Sophie!”

  127. Sophie I’m so glad you had a great time!!!

  128. There is a special on msnbc on Hillary

  129. The special is on now

  130. I have photos taken with my cell phone, mostly from far away. The selfie is not a good shot of me. I don’t look good in pics to begin with and this was even worse. It will just be mine for posterity.

  131. I hope you guys are watching this special on Hillary. It starts out when she was a child with her parents. It tells of her time at Wellsley an Yale and how she met Bill

  132. Sophie

    I am so happy that you were able to see Hillary in person and be close enough to her to take a selfie.

    Happy, happy, happy for you!

  133. Sophie, am soooo happy for you!

  134. neetabug, I watched it, it’s a rerun. It started out good, but got less favorable as it went on.
    Sophie, so happy for you! I remember shaking Bill Clinton’s hand in a rope line! I’ll never forget!

  135. It was very cool to see her up close like that. My Governor, both Senators, my Congresswoman and several others were all there.

  136. imust, if I didn’t have to work tomorrow, I could have worked Bill Clinton’s event in New Haven tomorrow night. They were looking for volunteers. Would have loved to have met him too.

  137. Tuesday’s Dem delegate booty:

    DE 21, RI 24 + CT 55 = 100.

    MD 95 + PA 189 = 284.

  138. Sophie, so jealous, but at the same time, so thrilled for you since I know what a strong HRC supporter you are. Good for you!

  139. How cool. I got an e-mail reminder from the campaign to vote tomorrow. I clicked the link and it had the name and address of the school, the hours the polls are open and a map. A map!

    Not that I need ANY of that–as you know, I am READY and have been READY. But I think it’s cool the campaign is sending these out.

  140. Congratulations, Sophie! Meeting Hillary and having my picture taken with her by Huma was the thrill of my lifetime.

    And thanks, imust and moon, for the Joy Reid video. I had to make that comment very quickly and couldn’t get back here till now, but I knew the Uppityites would come through.

    Sanders is so full of himself with absolutely no reason to be. That comment about poor people not voting is typical. Rather than reflect on what he’s doing wrong that voters in states with most income inequality are voting for Hillary, he blames the voters. He never admits any kind of imperfection, much less error, in himself. This is a disastrous quality in someone who wants to be POTUS.

  141. New ad:

  142. Great ad, Sophie thanks for sharing.
    What about Al Franken for Veep slot; he would slay’em with humor.

  143. Checking in. Waiting to see Hillary for the first time at an event in Wilmington with a friend😌.

  144. The People’s view link upthread is AWESOME!

  145. Liberty Belle

    Have a wonderful time and please report back.

    It’s so great that some of our Hillary supporters are finally getting the chance to meet Hillary in person…I hope I do too, some day.

  146. Ted Cruz and John Kasich are joining forces in a last-ditch effort to deny Donald Trump the Republican presidential nomination.

    Within minutes of each other, the pair issued statements late Sunday saying they will divide their efforts in upcoming contests with Cruz focusing on Indiana and Kasich devoting his efforts to Oregon and New Mexico. The strategy — something the two campaigns have been working on for weeks — is aimed at blocking Trump from gaining the 1,237 delegates necessary to claim to GOP nomination this summer.
    Trump's son: GOP would rather lose with Cruz than back dad.

    The extraordinary moves reflect the national strength Trump has shown and the inability of Republicans who oppose the New York billionaire to come together to stop him. Dividing up some of the remaining primary states by putting forward one strong alternative to Trump in each could be enough to take away delegates and curb Trump’s run to the nomination.

  147. While I still think that Bernie is just getting too much news lately and that he’s still running a negative campaign, I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of the questions the MSM is asking is about is exit and his ability to get his supporters to vote for Clinton. MSM is taking a different tone with Bernie now so I am seeing that this is at the end. The question is will he take it like a man (Hillary did in 2008 despite the Michigan, Florida fiasco and the journolisters) or will he continue to wear his “pink panties.”


    A snarky emotional hit piece with one worthwhile sentence, about the emails not being classified at the time, but only became ‘classified’ ex post facto, and only ‘mildly classified’ even then.

  149. Forgot to say, that’s like painting a crosswalk and then charging someone for jaywalking before it was painted.

  150. FLVoter he will not take it like a man, he will take it like the Communist he is.

  151. If you see Hillary we want pictures. Stop torturing us, let us see!! Sophie, pics?????

  152. WHen Al Franken became a senator, I was very skeptical. I saw him as a clown. What a pleasant surprise to find him to be a most serious senator, no showtime at all. That being said, I do not think he would be a good choice because I envision his past being a problem. I envision the R’s showing clips of him as some of those characters.

    I despise the obnoxious and fractious St. Elizabeth and, frankly, I don’t think there’s good blood between her and Hillary.

    I would PREFER Cory Booker. I fell for that guy the day I saw video of him shoveling citizens out in that horrid snow storm. I like the way he talks, I like the way he moves, I like his calm and logical demeaner, I like his good sense, I like EVERYTHING about that man.
    But alas, he’s New Jersey and, unless Hillary breaks the procedure, he’s not from a state she can’t already win. But I will still mourn.

    If she were to pick a woman, and I have already opined that this would be a mistake, it’s tough enough breaking this glass ceiling to begin with, without shoving two women into the picture, but if she were to pick one, I would think Amy Klobuchar would be an impressive pick

    All that having been said, Sherrod Brown is probably the safest pick and it would satisfy the borderline communists. And he’s from Ohio, a swing state we would need.

    But what the hell do I know.

  153. UW, “Pink Panties” it is and the color is very appropriate since he says he’s a socialist not a full communist (red). LOL

  154. He’s looks like a Communist, he acts like a Communist, he smells like a Communist, he smears like a Communist, he makes promises like a Communist, his heroes are all Communists and he IS a Communist.

  155. UW, I agree. When you love them communist despots, your ideology shows through.

  156. Today’s polls, Real Clear Politics was pretty accurate last time.

  157. Sorry I’m finally getting back home with some pictures. We had to wait for Hillary’s arrival in Wilmington, but she is always wort the wait. Splendiferous to see! I didn’t get to shake her hand, but was able to get close enough to take a good photo:

  158. PPP have not been right this cycle, usually underestimate Hillary by about 7-8%

    They had her at 51% in NY, 56% in Florida, been pretty wide off the mark.

  159. God, the msm is desperate to try and prolong this Dem primary, pushing every little Sanders glimmer of hope, like national polls or this or that…… transparent.

  160. So, today, in Wilkes-Barre, where (sob) I grew up, Dumpster Trumpster shouted that he doesn’t think Hillary looks Presidential?
    Why; I can think of only one reason: she has a hoo-ha instead of a ha-hoo?

  161. Yeah. The Dumpster is a yuuge expert on looking presidential himself.

    (Crap. I was rolling my eyes so hard they fell out and rolled under the table.)

  162. Hillary, Stamford, CT 4/24/2016

  163. Secret Service guys are so over this!

  164. Sorry about the quality–it’s a phone. A 5S at that. And there were a ton of people all around me.

    I am not in any of these shots. I am taking the pictures, which is my preferred side of the camera.


  166. I’m watching the town hall with Bernie. What a bust. Hillary is on at 9 and they are letting Rachael at her. I couldn’t even remember what channel MSNBC was on.

  167. This clown is telling them that it is ‘encumbent’ upon hillary to say she believes we should have health care for everyone. The WOMAN WHO TOOK THE BIG KICK IN THE FACE TRYING TO DO THIS. That piece of shit is a lying con who won’t tell them that it requires CONGRESS to make things happen, as IF they will magically disappear for Bernie. God I hate this demon.

  168. Now he’s talking about Republicans but is he helping to elect Democrats? NO

  169. Sophie, way cool! Congratulations!

  170. Upps, notice how Chris Hayes has to keep a clipboard on his lap.

  171. Oh Sophie, thanks for sharing your in person, on the spot photos of Hillary in the flesh. Don’t worry about the quality of the phone pix, these are history in the making…for our Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton!

  172. Yup, I hate MadCowgirl too. I haven’t watched MSNBC since Oberhoser criticized Hillary over his body love Barack!

  173. Awesome Sophie. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  174. This is sooooooo cute!!

  175. All Rachel wants to talk about with Hillary is…..BERNIE!
    Best line from HRC so far: “I AM winning Rachel!” LOL!

  176. Yeah Hillary put her in her place pretty fast. Score!

    If you want my assessment here it is in one tweet.

  177. Uppity and company, any ideas on how to upload photos from my iPhone of Hillary’s appearance in Wilmington today for posting here? I tried to a copy/paste, but just got an image number. Your assistance is greatly appreciated :-).

  178. Sophie, those are splendid! And the look on Hillary’s face as she listens in that 2nd to the last photo — brought tears to my eyes.

  179. I don’t get MSNBC, but I have to thank Rachel Maddow for blowing up my timeline tonight. “IF she is leading”???? What an ass-wipe.

    And a reminder to maintain decent blood pressure, watch C-SPAN for the results tomorrow night. Don’t give CNN, FOX and especially MSNBC the ratings either on TV or online. Let them rot in the cesspool of their making.

  180. Hillary was splendid. “I am winning.” Goes on to enumerate how many millions of votes she is ahead of Sanders. Democracy!

  181. NOW I understand why Maddow thinks Bernie stands a rat’s ass chance in hell of winning…she was using BERNIE MATH.

  182. Belle, I’ll email you, you can mail them to me and I’ll load them tomorrow on the new thread.

  183. Was reading this morning that many thought Bernie last night was basically giving an angry extended concession speech.

  184. Voting, that is wild.

    moon, where did you read that?

  185. That “Monica” tabloid also informs us that


  186. UW I have some pix and some video from her rally in Charlotte but I don’t know how to post them.

  187. Jules I will email you.

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