Primary Day and Here’s Your Booster Shot

Primary Day on my birthday. Sweet.

Just do me a favor, close your eyes and listen through this entire video, and focus on the increasing “unenthusiastic” audience reactions. And she didn’t even have to bus them in.

Ah, it’s that old “lack of enthusiasm,”  you know?

Let’s hope for more of this lack of enthusiasm tonight!

Oh, and I hear there was a Bernie rally last night. Here’s some video of it


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  1. Belle check your emails
    Jules I will email you. To be honest, I have NO idea how to post a video unless it’s a youtube link. Sophie? Imust?

    Please only send the best shots, I find posting pics to comments in WP an extremely aggravating experience. WP is 1998 when it comes to pics in comments.

  2. This is spot on!

    Why Bernie Sanders fans are so annoying, as explained by Tim Robbins:

    Also, it’s primary day here in PA!!! Yay! I will be heading out to vote in about an hour.

  3. Yay!!!!!! So true Uppity, that, “no enthusiasm” meme has been so annoying to those of us who know the truth! The NY crowd was pumped! (As were we all here in Uppityville) I wish Hillary would let the crowd roar on more, as she always quiets it down too soon IMO! I want YOUUUGE wins tonight for Hillary, and loud, roaring crowds!
    Annnnndd…………..Happy Birthday Uppity!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Uppity, and many happy returns of the day!

  5. Hey look at the stat counter in right side bar. We passed the 5 million hit mark.

  6. Happy Birthday Uppity!! Many more on ya!

    Are we all ready for a clean sweep for the birthday girl? I can’t wait!

  7. @britgirls he tweeted that at me yesterday. Supposedly I am a paid operative. Robbins went off the deep end yesterday. It wasn’t a far trip for him, however. 😁

  8. Thanks Imust! Wanna give me a birthday present? Round up Belle and Jules Hillary pics and post them?

  9. You’re right on Brit! The Sanders campaign is riddled with indoctrinators and enablers.

  10. Happy Birthday Upps! You are the second person I know today with a birthday. I hope you have an awesome day today!

  11. Happy Birthday, Upps. Just emailed another Taurean friend of mine a cool “Happy B’day From Hill & Me” meme. I’ll raise a glass or two of champers tonight to you and Hillz! Hoping for a sweep, which seems feasible.

  12. “I AM AHEAD! And let’s start from that premise.” Hillary was GREAT last night. Where would anyone except a complete idjit get the idea that the loser gets to dictate the conditions of his own surrender? Imagine Lee at Appomatix, “Oh, General Grant, I will leave the battlefield, but, first, I have some concerns about this whole abolition of slavery thing. My peeps just won’t go for that. You need to make concessions.”

    Yesterday both Sanders and Tim Robbins demonstrated the absurdity of this whole alleged “movement”.

  13. Today is your birthday? Happy, Happy Birthday!

  14. Yup I am a Taurus. Not that you couldn’t tell…..

  15. Happy Birthday, Upps. My wish for is that you have as many more as your heart desires. Not one more….and not one less!

  16. “my wish for you is”…Dang. Already primary day crazy. C’mon Hillary and get Bernie “delegate” OUT!

  17. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Upps!

    I found this morning in my yahoo email login, a full screen backgorund with a gorgeous Hillary picture and I AM WITH HER.
    I added my name and made a contribution. Very up lifting surprise indeed.
    Upps: Is that why I should check my emails?

    Is Yahoo endorsing and supporting our Hillary?

  18. I HAVE BEEN WITH HER since 2008!…
    and with Upps and all pumas alike!

  19. Happy Birthday, Uppity! And many, many, many more!

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  20. soupcity:
    Thanks for the link to the Baltimore Sun endorsement.
    Excellent rationale for the outstanding qualities of Hillary for Commander in Chief.

  21. Happy Birthday Ms. Upps!!!!!!!!

  22. Happy Birthday Uppity!!! Goofs sends snuggles!

  23. Where have all the PUMAs gone, long time passing…

    Some have remained and some have moved on…long time ago.

  24. Happy Birthday! I give you this cyber-broom to symbolize Hillary sweeping all today’s primaries!

  25. Speaking of PUMAS, many people did not understand in 2008 why Hillary was supporting then Senator Obama so whole heartedly. She thought it was the right thing to do, but she also knew that in party politics, loyalty is rewarded. Last night she was able to use her own loyalty as an example to Sanders and his supporters. It’s probably lost on them but shouldn’t be lost on any of us. Like any great strategist, Hillary always takes the long view, and that’s what she did in 2008. It’s paying dividends now.

  26. Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!! What a way to celebrate your birthday with Hillary Clinton wiping the floor with that sexist socialist ass.

    BTW, on CNN this morning all of the Bernie surrogates and Bernie himself are doubling down on the stupid regarding the convention etc…. Yes, the stupid it Berns!

  27. Happy B-Day Uppity!
    Here’s hoping you get a wonderful present from the voters in Maryland, Pennsylvania, RI, CT, and Delaware…
    I will raise a glass to you tonight to celebrate your birthday, and again when the polls close…;-)

  28. Hah Uppity may get the perfect birthday present tonight, Hillary just about clinching the nomination and perhaps Bernie conceding, that would be all giftwrapped with a bow if it happens.

  29. Happy Birthday! And I hope it is a good day for you in all respects!

    I thought that the best part of Hillary’s Town Hall was her rather detailed discussion of how she will help Democrats make gains in downticket and statewide races, and how the voters must help in that effort, by turning out in midterm elections. Sanders never talks about that, and Obama barely did anything to help any of them, leaving us where we are now. Hillary has a grand strategy, for which she gets no credit from most of the media, but which the various Democratic officeholders and candidates certainly must appreciate. For her, the election is always about more than her, which is a very rare and special thing.

  30. Happy Birthday, Uppity! Just voted for Hill and all seven of her delegates. Hope my state (PA) gives you an extra special gift today.

  31. No Belle. I said in other thread I would email you so you could send your pics to me. So you have mail.

  32. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I see some people I don’t often see. Come back more!

  33. Spending like a hooker with a credit card…..

    Sanders has outspent Clinton in the April 26 primary states — $4.6M to $2.4M

  34. One interesting thing about voting today. As I was going in to vote a volunteer for Trump tried to give me a cheat sheet showing what delegates to vote for. Apparently, on the Republican ballot none of the delegates names showed who they were for! It was just a list of random names. Other friends mentioned having a problem with this too. Bit of a clusterfuck! Thankfully all the Hillary delegates were clearly marked on my ballot.

  35. Hillary pics from JULES

  36. God, why the EF doesn’t wordpress make it easier to put pics in comments. It’s sooooooooo g’damned annoying!

  37. Belle I still have not received yours, answer my email pls

  38. Also, re: the Bernie supporters. My facebook is filled with them. Eeeesh! Also with Trump supporters but I unfollowed their posts ages ago. It’s tiresome.

    But I do feel bad for the Bernie supporters … even though they are so damn annoying. I just remember how I felt in 2008. And if they think it’s unfair in 2016 … well, 2008 was on another level of unfairness! She was so close in pledged delegates, had won the popular vote, and we all had such hope for a fair vote at the convention. Well, that didn’t pan out! So I’m keeping my mouth zipped and letting them do their thing.

    I just feel very fortunate that Hillary kept going and came back again. I never gave up on her.

  39. Love those Hillary pics from Jules!! I would so love to go to one of her rallies. There was one in Scranton but I could not make it.

  40. Hillary HQ just tweeted that #I’mWithHer is now #1 trending on twitter. Hope it’s an omen! And #I’mWithHer for sure!

  41. Happy birthday Uppity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. So lets see, Maryland will be the one they call first quickly for her and then they will let Hillary swing for a while as usual………

  43. Harry Reid tells Sanders it over and he has to “find his own way” after tonight.

    Reid says Sanders doesn’t have path to nomination

  44. Find your own way in Bernie’s case means Get Lost.

    And Reid should join him.

  45. She’s going to win Maryland BIG.

  46. Hey Brit, how’s the turnout going in PA

  47. Yes I know how they feel too Brit, but I didn’t go around harassing, threatening and lying about them.

  48. Yes I know how they feel too Brit, but I didn’t go around harassing, threatening and lying about them.

    I not only do not feel sorry for them, I don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to them.

  49. Thanks NEETA

  50. britgirls, on April 26, 2016 at 2:24 PM said:
    One interesting thing about voting today. As I was going in to vote a volunteer for Trump tried to give me a cheat sheet showing what delegates to vote for.

    In California, that is against the law to give out voting info any where near polling sites.

  51. Hey Upps! Happy birthday and check ur email when you have a chance.

    Oh tonight is going to be sooooo sweet!

  52. Love those Hillary pics from Jules!!

    I agree!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. So the headline says one thing, and the content says something else…

    Bernie Sanders floats Elizabeth Warren for VP

    I would rather jump off a cliff then vote for either of these two.

  54. Jules, thanks for sharing the Hillary pix! Looking forward to seeing Liberty Belle’s.

    Upps, hope you have a wonderful birthday! Tonight’s primaries should make it extra sweet! xo

  55. Wait. What? He actually said that it would be great for this country to have a woman vice president? And that there are lots of women qualified “for that job”? Stand back…HEAD EXPLODES!

  56. Well he means the woman will be his assistant. You know the routine. Girly VP takes orders from The Man.

  57. Me too Shadow. Rather swallow a broom sideways then vote for Saint Elizabeth of The Fractious.

  58. Hi Fredster. Checking now. I can always count on you to Jackie Lawson me really well. You’re a good buddy.

  59. THANKS FREDSTER! You got great card taste.

    Hey she doesn’t use the black dog anymore. Wonder if he was her pet and passed on or something.

  60. Shadow I think I found out the cheat sheet reason. Apparently, they did not specify on ballot which delegates belong to whom. I know in NY the delegates were lined with Hillary and Bernie, so a person such as myself knew she was voting across the line for Hillary delegates.

  61. E. Warren as VP for Bernie is completely tone deaf. If he were the nominee he would need someone like Corey Booker not Warren. All Warren does is make the voters that are already voting for him happy but then again maybe he thinks Warren is interchangeable with Hillary since they are women and it would make Hillary voters vote for him.

  62. Uppity@5:13: I think Chudleigh is still around maybe only in greeting card Heaven, but I liked the one with the “purdy” flowers. 😉

  63. Honestly no one gives a damn who Bernie would choose as VP because EVERYONE knows he will never be the Democratic Nominee. Why pretend? He’s delusional. Enough is enough. In Florida when someone becomes a danger to themselves or others he gets Baker Acted (A mandatory 72 hour psychiatric hospitalization for evaluation). Time to Baker Act Bernie cuz damn he is in fairy land with his nonsense. This is really insulting to the millions of women that have voted for Clinton knowing how historic this moment is only to have some sexist old fart refuse to see reality.

  64. If this is right in Maryland, it’ll be a blowout….

    Early Exit :

    Maryland Dem Electorate :

    46% AA
    43% White
    6% Asian

  65. So Bernie isn’t even in any of the states voting tonight, he’s in West Virginia….tells me all I need to know.

  66. oops sorry that should be 6% latino not asian…..

  67. Uppity, I finally got home and was able to send you photos of Hillary’s visit to Wilmington, DE, The World Cafe at The Queen. So we got to see our Madame President at The Queen up close. Seeing is believing, too. Great speech! Next time I hope to meet her, perchance to get a selfie. The music was blaring at the receiving line, so I don’t know how well she heard anyone. Thanks so much for sharing pics.

  68. Crossing my fingers- Big Win Tonight!

  69. Belle’s pics.

  70. Hey MsMass! Stick around and celebrate with us!

  71. Hey Belle did you get yourself a Selfie?

  72. Of course remember nearly every exit poll so far in these primaries have over estimated Sanders and underestimated Clinton……Every single one.

  73. LOL FlVoter. Bernie and Liz. Two crazy fractious people who can’t work with anybody. They’d kill each other.

    He just did that to pimp for votes because he thinks all Democrats adore St. Elizabeth. The problem with him AND his followers is they are confused as to the party they are in. They do not regard themselves as Democrats, they are that elusive “Progressive” wing of the party and that’s exactly what it is: A wing. The far left, off the cliff, I Really Want To Be In The Socialist Party wing. The wing that is ‘Progressive’ when it suits them, the wing that will turn on you like junkyard dogs if you don’t toe the line. The “Movement” owned by white boys who are on your side — except when they’re not. And you wimmins and black people better stay in your lane else you will feel The Wrath. I can’t stand them. They are NOT the party.

    It INFURIATES me when Bernie says he wants to reform, change, ‘transform’ The Party. It’s not his party, he’s been a Democrat for 90 seconds and so have most of his followers. If anybody is a “Fraud” it is they! How dare they try to turn our party into a wing of the Socialist Party Let em go join CPUSA, that’s where they really belong. The fact it, there are more DEMOCRATS than there are of them. And we aren’t going to play Cuba with anybody, and that’s exactly what we are proving in this primary. Bug off!

    Furthermore, I read over at Bernie Central a discussion of WHEN they should leave the Democratic party, and how they should all “wait” till Bernie gets to make a speech at the convention and turn the platform into his. Yeah, that’ll happen. But the main point here is they have no intention of sticking around after this primary is decided. Thank you, Jesus.

  74. Upps & Fredster, lakerwade loves Chudleigh the dog. I used to buy him those Christmas things where you look at one scene a day, so he could see Chudleigh. I also wondered if that was her dog.

  75. Moon, truly, exit polls are worth shit. For one thing, they pick out who to talk to. Exit polls are for the press to have something to bullshit about till the polls close.

  76. Truly I think the only dodgy one tonight is Rhode Island, its a true tossup, due to the fact it has independents voting.

    I expect the others to be called early, no call on Delaware until votes come in as there is no exit for RI or Delaware.

  77. Happy Birthday, Uppity! Hope Hillary’s wins tonight make your day extra sweet!

  78. Sounds like pollsters are hinting Clinton takes all MD/CT/PA/DE easily and the only one thats a problem is RI.

  79. Tonight is important for perception…If Clinton wins big tonight, people like to vote for a winner, the more she projects as a winner, the more, these last races become less important and the bigger she will win in the last few states.

  80. Moon, do you really think ANY of them will be called early? They drug out NY for an hour if I remember right.

    One thing the exit polls seem to be showing is that young people are not showing up. Of course that is IF the exit polling is right. It was off by a good 10 points in NY last week.

  81. Today, Trump and his minions have been suggesting to Bernie that because “the Democratic ( I’m sure they said and tweeted “Democrat party”) Party has treated him so badly,” he should run as an Independent.

  82. They obviously know…..

    Larry Sabato ‏@LarrySabato 2m2 minutes ago

    It’s going to be an early night. Hallelujah.

  83. Maryland should definitely be called immediately.

  84. Great photos Belle! Thanks for sharing them 🙂

  85. UW, Bernie and his minions don’t understand that they are losing. And they are losing by quite a lot. These Bernie Progressives will not be able to hijack the party because the majority of the party voted them out already. Like I said before, history is written by the victors and the victors in the Democratic Party are the Clintons. Sucks to be Bernie Sanders. I have no sympathy for this misogynistic clown and his privileged everyone gets a trophy whiners.

  86. Pain in the ass…Maryland not going to be called until 9pm, eugh….

    All Maryland election results — all races — will be held until after 9 pm, confirms Board of Elections. Four polls in Baltimore open til 9.

  87. RI is open primary.

  88. CNN : Clinton wins Maryland

  89. CNN calling all the races for donald already. lolol
    Projects Hillary as Maryland winner

    Exit polls of course.

  90. CNN exit poll pointing to easy win in PA for Clinton.

    Men split, women go 60/40 for Clinton and 60% of vote, i bet is 58/42.

  91. Hillary’s own polls must have shown a good PA win, she’s speaking from Philly tonight

  92. CNN exit poll is a win for Connecticut for Clinton too. winning women by large amount.

  93. ABC just called MD for Hillary.

  94. CNN is full of sh!t. They know she won PA the same way they knew she won NY but refuse to call cuz Penis

  95. Clinton win in Maryland is easily 60%+ maybe 65%

  96. Sanders on already and he knows its not a good night, looks defeated.

  97. Sounds like Sanders know it is over.

  98. Big change of tone.

  99. Why is Sanders on CNN right now? The headline tag says Trump wins 3 states, Clinton wins one.

  100. Maryland is this big…

    MD Dem exit
    White Clinton 56% Sanders 40
    Black Clinton 76% Sanders 22%

  101. Does he moon? I’m not listening to him, sound muted. All I heard him say was how far behind he was at the beginning and how much he’s gained, and click!

  102. I take it back, Sanders is off his meds again and CNN is cutting him off.

  103. Fl voter, toldja. Whenever Hillary is involved unless she has a complete rout like she did in SC and apparently MD they are going to drag it out for as long as they can.

  104. PA Dem exit
    White Clinton 51% Sanders 48
    Black Clinton 70% Sanders 30

  105. Back in 2008, we had the most qualified candidate, and the popular vote was arguably in favor of Hillary. Due to the 5/31/2008 RBC decision and other shenanigans — remember the Texas primary which Hillary won, yet the Texas caucus went for Obama — the nomination was thrown to Obama.

    Hillary was a nearly unbelievable example of graciousness and working within the Dem party on Dem goals. Many of us felt betrayed by our own party, all to put a less-qualified black man ahead of a more-qualified woman. I went PUMA, and over the months & years Hillary’s example, as well as the lack of any viable alternative, brought me back. A number of places I hung out at in ’08 onward had former Hillary supporters turn (or return?) Repub around 2010, 2011, which was repulsive. Fortunately there are still some sites which keep out the ratfkers.

    Sanders, OTOH, has nowhere near the qualifications needed, nor the votes. His insulting and bullying behavior is worlds apart from how Hillary campaigned in ’08. He should be ignored at the convention.

  106. Uppity, I am giving you Maryland for your birthday. My feet are killing me…. poll ‘greeting’ from 8 until 7pm. Can’t believe the creep started rambling at 8 pm. Can’t believe the losers at CNN and MSNBC are playing all 4 hours of his speech. Happy Birthday and many happy and healthy more. xxxoxoox

  107. And Happy Birthday, Upps! May you have many more, and may we all have more days when Hillary triumphs!

  108. Debenedetti, yep, sit down, shut up, and grow up. You need to learn that losers do not dictate terms of settlement. If people wanted Bernie’s mythical “political revolution” they would have voted for him.

  109. Ga6th, I know I know, I just turned off CNN and am watching last nights episode of TURN instead. I truly loath Wolf Blitzer and CNN but I don’t get C-Span so l’m stuck.

  110. Clinton winning Delaware 60/40

  111. They will call Delaware soon.

  112. NBC calls Delaware for Clinton.

  113. Happy Birthday from a long time lurker and a Taurus also.

    I love Hillary 🙂

  114. Clinton has won in PA per Fox News.

  115. PA looking like a big win right now, she’s leading 60/40

  116. One of the biggest hits of The Sound of Philadelphia back in the day was “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now.” We blasted it in the ‘hood big time. And, I think, right about now would be good to blast it here. AA’s got your back Hillz!

  117. CNN Clinton wins Pennsylvania….must be a big win.

  118. Clinton wins pa

  119. Fox called PA, woo hoo!! Big night ahead.

  120. Ain’t no stopping us now….

  121. PA called for Hillary y’all!!!!

  122. Amazing….must be toning it down…

    Only a very brief, fleeting mention of Hillary Clinton from Bernie Sanders tonight . He’s been speaking for 45+ minutes.

  123. I’m not watching him. he’s history so I don’t have to endure him any longer

  124. Yup PA! Maryland, Delaware. YES

  125. Clinton winning PA/DE by 60/40 at this rate, big delegate haul…..

    WTF is going on in Conn, i don’t know and RI, waiting on Providence, its all about that.

  126. Paulette, us white girls loved that Philly sound too!!

  127. Where’s our delegate counter?

  128. I don’t want to see the old coot

  129. We owe a major debt of gratitude to America’s AAs, let me tell you.

  130. Wow PA by huge margin. Delaware too

  131. Just got home and caught up on the primary results. All excellent news and PA called for Hillary! What a day to have a birthday, Uppity!

  132. Second that on the debt, Uppity. I’m so happy!!!

  133. Hillary way past 2000 delegates now

  134. I’m wondering if Hillary can take Maryland 66%+……she may take over 2/3rds of the vote and thats a big del win.

  135. The whole gold coast has not been counted. Newtown has not been counted. Shocked that the one-precinct town of Clinton went for Bernie.

  136. In CT I think the cities still have to report like Bridgeport. I think Bernie will probably win RI but i understand he’ll probably only get about 2 delegates out of the win.

  137. Wow she wiped him with women voters and non-white voters. Cleaned his clock with those demographics

  138. She got Bridgeport, New Haven , and Hartford–the main places where POC live.

  139. I keep saying it, women and people of color will decide the General Election.

  140. Hillary is winning Delaware by 21% 60/39

    Bigger than even i expected.

  141. Thank God! Bernie finally SHUT UP.

  142. 59.9 to 39 in Delaware

  143. Why are they not showing who went for Trump

  144. Maryland started reporting Clinton winning 62/34

  145. I’d say the old coot is gonna win RI by the looks of it but Providence not reporting at all yet by she’s down 7000

  146. Clinton is whalloping the shit out of Sanders in Maryland 66/30 now

  147. AP calling RI for Sanders…Boo sucks.

  148. Hillary is speaking from Philly now! On C-Span, too.

  149. oh look Bernie wins the only primary tonight that was not closed….speaks volumes.

  150. I keep saying it, women and people of color will decide the General Election

    So true

  151. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 49s49 seconds ago Washington, DC

    Sanders needs to win every remaining contest by 30 pts to catch up to Clinton in pledged delegates, something he’s done in one primary: VT

  152. I guess I must be watching some more of that “Lack Of Enthusiasm”.

  153. in other words

    Clinton is the nominee now, there is no way back, She is the WINNER.

  154. Hillary is talking about what is going on in this country and what needs to be done.
    Watch the clown Donald. Acting like a three year old.

  155. Good job, Hillary! Yay!!!!

  156. Clinton win in Maryland is huge, will it top 70%, it might, she is currently 69/29

  157. Uppity Woman,
    Me too Shadow. Rather swallow a broom sideways then vote for Saint Elizabeth of The Fractious.

    I see you and Brassy picked up the EasterEgg hidden in that pretend nod to the Progressive Princess. She had the stupidity to try and fake her nationality as a Native American to get special privileges at Harvard, but she sure is creeping into Sandbag’s side of the Commie FreeGiveAways state of mind. Is her totem a bird too?

    Hillary likes her about as much as we do.

  158. Uppity Woman, on April 26, 2016 at 9:21 PM said:

    Upps, one thing I wish Hillary would do is let her crowds cheer her for longer than she does. That crowd was no way ready to stop cheering at the beginning of her speech. She needs to let the enthusiasm translate on the TV screens.

  159. Never mind a +10 win in PA which they were going for, this is looking like a +15% or more in PA.

  160. I am so happy that Hillary is finally seeing women coming out in big numbers for her.

    About freakin’ time!!!

  161. Moon, she might top 70% because Baltimore polls were open longer due to some irregularity there.

  162. Crabby has won the tiny R. Island.

    Conn. is too close to call. All Bernie’s votes have already been counted there.

  163. Hillary looked so happy during her speech and Bill looked very proud of her. ❤️❤️ Warmed my heart.

  164. Is she takes 66%+ in Maryland, massive delegate win.

  165. Can’t believe how tough The Axe is being on Bernie. Gentle, but tough.

  166. Anderson, Wolfman and the man at the “Magic Board” are all wetting their pants talking about Trump. Even Dana. These people need to go pluck themselves.

  167. Is it over?
    I’m so nervous that I’m watching an old Barbara Stanwyck movie instead…

  168. Sophie , what did the “axe” say?

  169. I love PA!

  170. Great night. The loss in RI is meaningless in comparison to the immense win in MD and the very strong win in PA. She might gain 100 net delegates tonight, putting her about 350 ahead.

    She made a great speech, enthusiastic and classy, as always. However well she has done on the trail so far, and she has been great, she will shine even more when she gets to make the case against Trump, and the Republican Party and philosophy in general. She’s been waiting for that opportunity for years, just as we have.

  171. Stunning that Maryland is literally +36 for Clinton at the moment……

  172. bellecat, do you love old movies?

  173. CT is killing me tonight! The precincts are reporting so Effing slow.

  174. birdgal, Axe said a lot of things, none of which I remember–it was just a tone thing that struck me.

  175. Clinton now up in Connecticut…..

  176. Sophie, she can pull CT off. It’s the urban areas that aren’t in yet.

  177. Clinton tonight has just right now passed over the 3 million vote lead.

  178. Uppity, I am giving you Maryland for your birthday.

    You SURE DID, Honora!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. Clinton 4000 ahead in Conn and still big areas of hers to come in.

  180. Okay, so I am way behind on the posts…sue me. 😉

    …Furthermore, I read over at Bernie Central a discussion of WHEN they should leave the Democratic party, and how they should all “wait” till Bernie gets to make a speech at the convention and turn the platform into his.

    ——–This reminds me of those nut birds that dressed in black and waited to kill themselves so they could be born again on the passing comet.

    Sandcrap missed his ship….

  181. Clinton will win Connecticut now, pretty sure of it, lead is 5000 and growing and many urban big areas to come in.

  182. its over

    NBC calls Connecticut for Clinton

  183. Trump is so full of himself. Thinks Bernie should go independent. It will be easier for him to beat Hillary, calls her crooked, she would be a bad president, poor judgement, Iraq vote, Nafta, etc.

    Yay, Hillary wins Connecticut.

  184. I believe so, Upps. I’m staring at tis map like Lily on a mouse.

    I can’t believe there are 1400 people in Greenwich who voted for Bernie.

  185. Hillary’s national vote lead is now over 3.1 million.

  186. SophieCT, your wonderful work pulled it out for Hillary!!! Thanks

  187. Hillary wins 4 out of 5 states, the largest states. Crabby gets the crumbs, sorry RI, but you voted for him.

  188. Newtown: 55-42% Hillary. I really thought it would be higher. Not a blow out but still higher.

  189. Nothing will bring the Democrats together more than to have face the loss of the Supreme seat and mainly the thought of a Trump presidency.

    All the Hillary haters can dream of jobs of gold leafing the WhiteHouse and working on Trump properties.

  190. WTF

    Why does Hillary have so few delegates so far tonight???????

  191. They know its over and starting the concession, moving towards “issue orientated”

  192. Bernie statement admits he’s no longer in this to get the nomination. All about platform now. He needs to pull out now and support Clinton, nothing less.

  193. Looks like the Bern’dbrain still hasn’t looked at Hillary’s platform yet. As she said in her speech tonight — we must dream and do.

  194. Hillary gets 20-13 delegates from RI…. love it.

  195. Notice, Weaver, Devine, none of the Bernie Squad are to be found tonight, I am guessing they are having “the talk”

    They are usually all over the airwaves, CNN, not one to be found.

  196. Clinton now 4% – 11,000 votes ahead now in Conn and still growing.

  197. Heres your math, impossible.

    Dan Merica ‏@danmericaCNN 14m14 minutes ago

    After tonight’s wins for Clinton, Sanders would need 107% of remaining delegates at stake in order to win the nomination.

  198. After tonight’s wins for Clinton, Sanders would need 107% of remaining delegates at stake in order to win the nomination.

    LOL! But calculating using the Bernie Math Theorem, 107%? That’s doable!

  199. Delaware Dels split 12/9 Clinton
    RI dels split 13/11 Sanders.

    Cancel each other out, Clinton +1 over all.

  200. So, if I am understanding Bernie’s statement tonight, he know he has lost but now wants to go to the convention to get all the policies he put out that lost as part of the Dem platform?


  201. Looks like Maddow even knows its over for Crabby, she’s practically in tears on NBC.

  202. Maddow more or less saying Bernie has raised the white flag and conceded……Berniebots crying into their twitters tonight……

  203. Uppity, I wanted to be sure to wish you Hapoy Birthday, too! 🎂🎈🎉 We really appreciate celebrating with you here, especially with tonight’s wins.

    After tonight, the media can no longer say Bernie “still has the ability to win the nomination,” based on pledged delegates, right? That’something to celebrate!🎉

  204. This statement is effectively similar to what Hillary had to do in 2008, 4 days later she dropped out.

  205. Does anyone have Sandcrab’s exact words for trying to sound like being the loser in the primary is somehow manly and powerful?

  206. Uppity got a good birthday present, Sanders all wrapped up in a bow and hopefully him shoved out of the way.

  207. Thanks Moon, I missed your post.

  208. Hillary is now up 4.7% in CT….now I exhale. Bernie can’t make that up. Rumor on Twitter right now is Bernie is planning on conceding. I tend to doubt that one with his ego.

  209. Hey Uppity just stopping in to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Give that needlenose a hug for me too. Loves ya.

  210. Daisy = Utah, for you ‘old’ regulars.

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