Dedicated To Bros Working On The Bernie Math

First, we should really clear up why it is that the book of faces took down a number of Bernie Bro accounts. If you are into unicorns, you will believe the story that a bunch of Hillary people ‘flooded’ their accounts with porn. Oh, and not just any porn. Kiddie Porn of course. It’s just that, well…….


Well, that takes care of that. I’m not as angry about this as I am that nobody got a gif of Rachael Maddow’s face last night.

CggGHcuUAAEiUtnBut, really, someone needs to add another phase to the Stages Of Grief for the Bernie people. Because losers aren’t usually winners, unless it’s Bernie. Or something.

Down at Bernie Central we have those Bros certain that Bernie is going to go to that convention and force his entire platform (the platform that lost) upon Hillary (the actual winning candidate). And Hillary had better do it, because Penis!  Also, other things can happen to make Bernie the candidate anyways. From their wish list, submitted by the emotionally mature and wisely named, FartMcPoopyPants:


Kind of warms your heart towards them, doesn’t it?

They are also heavily into that Bernie Math again. Because it was never about winning, it was about  (Fill in that stage of grief here).


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  1. Hilarious post Uppity! Gotta love that Bernie Math! I also wanna see a gif of Maddow’s face when he concedes! Where’s that Utah? She needs to come back!

  2. Hey hey, what a great night for us all! I love this part:

    Down at Bernie Central we have those Bros certain that Bernie is going to go to that convention and force his entire platform (the platform that lost) upon Hillary (the actual winning candidate). And Hillary had better do it, because Penis!

    D*mn right! Why the h*ll isn’t she doing whatever that old white man tells her to do? Isn’t that the way the world works? What? It isn’t? [insert sound of thousands of legs crossing]

  3. I’m just letting this sink in–the Democratic party is about to nominate a woman for president! Not veep as a certain old misogynistic socialist thinks it should but president. And NO ONE is better qualified or prepared than Hillary. She’s come through fire to get this far. We really are about to make history.

    And last night, Hillary won the home state of a certain vice president by 20 points. Ouch!

  4. I got added to a Republican group on FB by someone who obviously doesn’t know me that well. 😀 Read the first post. It set off a shitstorm! If there are actual Hillary trolls, this is the kind of propaganda they should be posting:

    “So here is where I am: I am a former Reagan county coordinator and county GOP chairman. I walked through the snows of New Hampshire knocking on doors for Gov. Kasich who is a solid, competent, reasonable conservative with actual successful experience governing. The other two candidates still standing …Trump and Cruz…are worse than embarrassing. They are frightening. I will vote for…work for….give money to…Hillary if either of them end up as the nominee. I am not alone. Others who have expressed similar positions are General Michael Haden and Charles Koch. With this disclosure, I won’t be offended if I’m kicked out of this group by the moderator.”

  5. FartMcPoopPants!!! What in the actual hell is wrong with these people?

  6. And here’s the thing, britgirls. Someday, the majority of the PoopPants clan are going to marry and spawn.
    Let’s chew on that for a while.

  7. “Hillary doesn’t look Presidential,” whined the overly made up bottle blonde.
    Of course, I’m referring to Drumpf.

  8. Sweet Sue, they are terrifying bunch, aren’t they?

  9. “Hillary doesn’t look Presidential,”

    Translation: No Penis.

  10. Did trump actually say that???????

  11. Lots of concern trolling of Hillary by pundits last night because “independents” aren’t voting for her. Are these supposed geniuses even aware that we’re talking about anarchists and Ron Paul libertarians, not moderates. After last night, Hillary has 3 million more votes than BS. But according to the “experts”, she’s doomed because FartMcPoopPants isn’t voting for her. I’d be really worried if he did!

  12. Yup. He did.

  13. I loved the comment in the last thread about Bernie needing 107% of the remaining delegates.

    Some of his people will probably take that as encouragement!

  14. There are plenty of millennial women supporting Sanders, probably 80% of them in the voting. The Sanders “movement” is really one of generation, not of gender. And Hillary does get many millions of non-milllennial male votes. And she will need strong support from Caucasian men in this campaign, along with her powerful support from women, and ethnic minority men.

    Trump’s comments last night both greatly insulted Hillary and also women, basically saying that the only reason the women support her is because she is a woman, not on merit. Trump is stupid, bigoted, and belligerent, but there is also a kind of dark cunning behind much of what he says. He wants to convince all the men to vote for him, and get women to question their allegiance to Hillary. We know that the media is going to do everything it can to help Trump, whether it is because they want to make the race close, or because the moguls want a Republican president. I made my usual mistake of turning on CNN the morning after a primary, to hopefully see some pro-Hillary comments, and it was all Trump, all his advisors. It is going to be infuriating as it goes on, because Hillary should win the election 80-20% on intelligence and competence. But it is going to be a battle. And strong support from as many male voters as possible, is going to be very important for her to win. Trump is going to do everything he can to make this race a gender war. And the media, which loves cultural wars, is going to try to accentuate that. There are going to be some women who vote for Trump, particularly Republican women. And there need to be millions of men voting for Hillary, as well.

  15. As to the Sanders comments about going to the convention, this is not helpful. All we need is are contentious battles about platorm planks, with a bunch of Sanders people yelling and booing on national television. Hillary didn’t fight for any platform planks in ’08. The media, which still wants contentiousness, and not decided races, thnks this is great. But it is not.

    I have seen plenty of conventions, and I know that the Hillary delegates could defeat every platform proposal of Sanders, just like the Carter delegates defeated all of Ted Kennedy’s supporters on every floor vote in ’80. But of course that would be painted by Sanders people and the media as “dictatorial,” “arrogant,” even though it is absolutely what happened at every convention I have ever seen. This “we are continuing so that we can gain delegates, and fight for our platform,” is not a concession, it is a potential path to divisiveness at the convention. Hillary is not going to “accept” platform planks which differ from her own views and proposals. Somehow the Sanders people, and this certainly includes the pro-Sanders “pundits,” think that Hillary should make concessions, alterations, just to reward Sanders for running his campaign. And the implication of all this is of course that if she doesn’t, either publicly or on the convention floor, they will be justified in their anger and resentment. It is a potentially disruptive situation.

  16. Bernie is pulling the same shit in Indiana right now, he needs to go now, DNC needs to end this, he is causing endless amount of trouble in not backing Clinton still insisting he is here to win.

  17. Weaver out and about again today insisting they can still win, time to end this, and end it with a sledgehammer if you need to.

    Enough of this shit.

  18. Carly is in Indiana….

    This is a clusterfuck.

    WMUR is reporting: Ted Cruz to announce intention to name Carly Fiorina as his running mate

  19. Saw Weaver on CNN stating that Bernie still has a path to the nomination. Why? Who knows but it looks like cuz Penis.

  20. Moon, Like that will make all the “wimens” abandon Hillary Clinton and vote for Cruz. The sexism just oozes out of the pores of all of these “men”

  21. So I have updated my sheets and Clinton has a national vote lead of


  22. Moon
    Ted and Carley…now there’s the rethug counterpart to Sandcrab and the progressive princess.

  23. Ted and Carly up in a tree….

  24. Can you ever picture such a boring dull duo in your life than those two, it would be like watching 5 months of paintdrying.

  25. Who’d like to be my VP, after all it seems like something to just today for no logical reason…..

  26. Awww, Ted. Do you think nominating a woman as your VP will make women like you?! That’s so sad.

  27. Reality setting in, Sanders is laying off staffers.

    ERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Bernie Sanders’ campaign started letting field staffers go on Wednesday, hours after five states in the Northeast voted and the Vermont senator fell further behind Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination, five people familiar with the situation told POLITICO.

    The extent of the cuts are unclear, but staffers who were working in states that voted Tuesday were told to look elsewhere for work rather than continue onto the next voting states, according to people close to the campaign.

  28. All comes down to money now for Sanders, needs to save money to pay off campaign debts, cut costs and also repay back all those dodgy donations the FEC has highlighted.

  29. Does Cruz not realise Fiorina killed that company and damn near collapsed it.

    Not a great recommendation……Ted.

    He’s only doing this because she has a woowoo.

  30. If Bernie — and his supporters — would look at Hillary’s accomplishments and policy positions, they’d see she already has detailed plans for action on those issues he’s whining about.

    Remember back in ’08 when Hillary’s proposed healthcare plan would have covered everybody, and Obama’s leaves out around 15 million people? I reminded caucus attendees of that last month, and got stunned and disbelieving stares.

  31. SuperTed and Carly, all I can say is this.

  32. moon, and the Sanders spokesperson has the nerve to say “right-sizing” instead of layoff. Graceless.

  33. Looks like his campaigning is winding down.

  34. Good God, this Cruz/Fiorina crap is just a load of old balls…..its like watching Pantomime.

    They have logos and shit and everything, lol.

  35. Carly Fiorina sings like a lump of coal stuck under a cellar door.

  36. Ironic that the corporation-bashing Sanders campaign would use a corporate euphemism like “rightsizing” to justify layoffs. Hypocrites.

  37. Snarly is such a windbag, shaaad up already.

  38. Idiot, did you not realise, its all about Bernie, he won’t help Dems…..backed the wrong horse.

    Given the money and political power stacked against him, Fetterman says he needs Sanders’ help to have any chance next Tuesday, the same day as the Pennsylvania presidential primary. So far, however, it has not been forthcoming. There’s been no endorsement, no fundraising support, no joint appearances. Fetterman’s campaign finds this confounding.


    Little people mean nothing to Bernie…..too bad you didn’t see that.

  39. NWLuna: “Remember back in ’08 when Hillary’s proposed healthcare plan would have covered everybody, and Obama’s leaves out around 15 million people?”

    Exactly. And yet, people don’t. I get the same disbelieving stares. It wasn’t even that long ago. Within living memory you could say.

    I’m beginning to worry that the constant pounding of media, social and otherwise, is creating a soundproof echo chamber in which people forget their own lived lives!

  40. I read that Bernie would be concentrating resources in CA. Hoping that a win there, might give him some leverage with the SD’s. No wonder, his supporters have difficulty letting go.

  41. Problem is for Sanders, it will become a self fulfilling prophecy, More people will want to be seen voting for the winner and pushing Hillary,

    The closer we get to the end, the more people will move to the winner, its just natural politics.

  42. Trump shoots himself again…..

  43. Carley… she’s the BEST Cruz could come up with? That doesn’t say much for his decision making skills.

    If he had picked Jan Brewer, I would have respected that choice.

    Nothing like putting up a lesser woman to attack Hillary in a bitchey way.

    The one good thing it does is take away the novelty of another candidate putting up a female attack dog.

    Sure, women will all fall for this ploy…

    Dumb shit!

  44. Funny how we haven’t heard from Sarah since her stellar endorsement…

  45. Trump fails to impress foreign-policy experts
    A speech aimed at boosting his credibility got low marks from across the spectrum.

  46. I still can’t believe that Cruz picked a “running mate”! Just when you think things can’t get weirder…..

  47. The Cruz…?
    Why picking a running mate when his loosing his balls off…

  48. so without balls, he can have tits?

  49. Belle, because he’s batshit crazy.

  50. Go to lindsay graham’s twitter and you will fall on the floor laughing from his tweets about trump’s speech

  51. Next thing you’ll see are his delegates flipping.

  52. After her non-run as a VIce-Presidential candidate for a ghost campaigh, Carly Fiorina will be competing for an Academy Award in the not-to-be-made film, “Lady Macbeth and the Box of Oatmeal.” After that, it is off to the Olympics, to try for a gold in the imaginary hopping competition.

  53. Upps:
    You said you emailed me?
    When and at what address? cause I have not gotten anything…

  54. Trigger warning: Sarandon is going to be on Colbert.

  55. Apparently and I got this on twitter Sanders staff members were extremely upset about being let go. They thought they had a job until June and apparently Weaver let them go on a conference call last night 5 minutes after the polls closed. Sorry guys but this is Bernie. He treats everyone like this.

  56. Hurry, let’s reach out to them to organize for Hillary in the general!

  57. (Um, given how they’ve been behaving, I’m not sure they’d help Clinton much. But definitely reach out to them with a message about how she treats her staff….)

    William! Be careful! Those are such good ideas for Fiorina she’ll insist you work for her campaign. (Still chortling about the Imaginary Hopping!)

  58. Sneek preview of the general election:

  59. VH, thanks for the link. Good article on gender politics. It would have been better if they had included all the gender based artful smears that Bernie Sanders employed on a daily basis. I think that his ability to get away with that crap emboldens Trumps outright sexism. Bernie sowed the sexist seeds and Trump gets to reap what sadly to say the extreme left of the party planted. Bernie and Trump two sides of the same coin.

    That Bernie demands Clinton adopt his platform is still incredibly sexist. Since when does the loser dictate to the winner? When the winner is a woman. He’s all, Little lady you need to do it my way cuz I know better bullsh!t. There is a diary up at Daily Kos that says regarding Bernies platform demands something like in the Democratic Party it’s better to lose as a man than win as a woman. So very sad but true…. Trump to me is just a different opponent but same sexist cr@p. Nothing new here.

  60. And lastly this from B N R:

    If you have time please wander over and read because this is Clinton’s campaign not Bernies and she should be free to do what she wants just like any other man that has run for president. What we do know is that Bernies platform is a loser.

  61. I’m sick of that guy and his co-communist wife in ways I cannot even describe

  62. flvoter:
    Thanks for the link to Peter Daou article on BNR. Not only good but very sensible on the fact that Hillary shares some same issues with The Burn.

  63. The media is determined to keep giving Sanders this immense credit for something or other. He did not “bring up issues which no on has before.” Those have been part of the Democratic Left’s wish list for decades. Unfortunately, you can’t win on most of them, or McGovern or Dukakis would have implemented them. Then you’ve got something like campaign finance reform, and these people on TV who say that this is something that Hillary must adopt. She has always been for it. The only way you can possibly get it is if you got rid of most of the Republicans in Congress, bercause they will never vote for it. Sanders has no interest in getting any Democrats elected, so calling for campaign finance reform is indulgent nonsense. One would think that someone out there in the punditocracy would actually realize that.

    Then all this about “Sanders was amazing in his ability to mobilize all these people” Again, there has been, and will always be, this wing of the Democratic Party which will get excited about this kind of thing. Jesse Jackson won the Michigan Primary in 1988. Dean was the darling of the Kos people. Obama was another one, mostlly on wish projection. There is always going to be an anti-Clinton faction among Democrats. The only thing that Sanders did differently was to offer free college tuition, which got him 80% of the millennials. Hillary has trounced him among Democrats in every primary. If somehow his foolish followers are able to win itheir argument that all primaries should be open to independents, we would at some point end up with the right-wing choosing our candidate. This is another of their “great contributions” during this campaign.

  64. Another strange media narrative is that he’s done so much better than anyone imagined. Really? Now that we’re deep into the contests, we know that she’s clocking him by every metric among Democrats. Without the open primaries and undemocratic caucuses, he would have been toast long ago. It’s not close like it was 8 years ago.

  65. And Sanders argument that only HE can beat Trump in the GE is equally absurd since he’s a million votes short of him in the primaries.

  66. Yes, Brassy Rebel; and we can also note that this infuriating media line that “Hillary stayed in until June” completely ignores that she was winning primaries, was very close in delegates; AND was waiting in hope that the DNC would do the right thing and give her the full proportion of Florida primary votes, and the Michigan delegates that she won. That should have been the result. That’s why she stayed in.

  67. I wonder how much of the Sanders’ fantasy is the downstream consequence of the Dems hoisting Obama up to the nomination in 2008. If they could hand it to a guy because “she can’t possibly win” in 2008, why shouldn’t they do it again?

    Yeah, he’s white and socialist and antique and millions of votes behind not just some hundreds of thousands, but, hey, details, details.

  68. Do we think there is something he does not want us to see, takes us way past June 7th…….i smell hypocrisy.

  69. This is how we know its all over….

    Clinton not spending one cent!

    It’s been all over but the shouting for awhile but now the shouting is over.

    The Clinton campaign is no longer airing advertisements in the Democratic presidential contest, according to ad-spending data from SMG Delta, reflecting how the campaign is pivoting more and more to the general election.

    Team Clinton hasn’t spent a single cent in the upcoming primary states of California, Indiana, Kentucky, Oregon and West Virginia, while Bernie Sanders’ campaign has spent a little more than $1 million in those same states.

    Bernie Sanders may spend some money in the few remaining states (10 plus Washington, D.C.) but having laid off hundreds of campaign workers, he’s conceded there’s no tomorrow after California.

    The Democrats will now turn to unifying the party and finding some reasonable areas where Sanders can claim victory over the platform.

  70. Apparently the Dem party has entered talks to create unity, both Sanders and Clinton’s campaign have made overtures to each other as to ending the primaries.

    SAnders knows there is no way forward but is trying to find a way to walk away and save face.

    I’m guessing we’ll see the kind of meeting Clinton had with Obama in secret in 2008 to work out the finer details of surrender happen shortly.

  71. As we thought Sanders campaign is nothing more than a money making machine for Weaver, Devine, their companies and commissions. Nothing more. Sanders never capped commissions, what a total idiot.–generating-millions-for-consultants/2016/04/28/600170ce-0cf2-11e6-a6b6-2e6de3695b0e_story.html?postshare=1221461863517906&tid=ss_tw

    Sanders is biggest spender of 2016 so far — generating millions for consultants

    The large profits stem in part from the fact that no one in Sanders’s campaign imagined he would generate such enormous financial support. So unlike Clinton, he did not cap how much his consultants could earn in commissions from what was expected to be a bare-bones operation, according to campaign officials.

    That has meant big payouts for the firm of senior strategist Tad Devine, which has produced the bulk of the campaign’s ads; Old Towne Media, a small media placement operation run by two of Devine’s longtime buyers; and Revolution Messaging, a digital firm led by veterans of President Obama’s 2008 campaign.

    And the commissions may continue to pile up, even though Sanders’s chances of securing the Democratic nomination have been all but extinguished. After he lost four out of the five states that held primaries Tuesday, his campaign began laying off 225 staffers around the country. But Sanders is still actively seeking donations, and has said repeatedly that he plans to press on through the California primary in early June, an effort that could include more expensive advertising. “So long as we have a path toward victory, no matter how narrow it may be, we’ll pursue it.,” the senator told The Post on Wednesday.

    In an interview, Devine acknowledged that he has made more money than expected from the campaign, but he noted that he is working for a much lower rate than usual. While he usually gets a double-digit percentage of a campaign’s ad spending, the veteran ad-maker is instead splitting a single-digit percentage commission with the media buyers at Old Towne Media.

  72. Clinton gains U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce endorsements

    Hillary Clinton and John Kasich picked up the backing of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the organization’s president and CEO said Thursday.

    Praising Clinton for her record in the small business community generating results for Hispanics, USHCC President and CEO Javier Palomarez said those views and achievements are “simply far more qualifying than the empty rhetoric and lackluster record of Sen. Bernie Sanders.”

    Read more:
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  73. Now I know its over as Jane Sanders does a 180.

    Jane Sanders on Thursday afternoon defended her husband’s Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton from GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s attack that she plays the “woman card.”

    “She is a formidable woman, she’s brilliant, she’s hardworking,” Sanders said of Hillary Clinton on CNN’s “Wolf.”

    “We just differ on ideas and solutions for the future. But to demean her that way it’s just not acceptable,” Sanders continued.

  74. Busted, Sanders ripping off his campaign.

    News just now coming in that BernieSanders paid his wife $80,000.00 per month as adviser ……this is so bad so dirty so dishonest

    She is listed as owner/agent of Bernie 2016. No wonder they dont want tax returns out and a delay on 2016’s.

  75. Moon, and he is talking about Hillary’s speeches.

  76. NEW: Sanders scales back spending in Indiana

    Bernie Sanders’ campaign is scaling back its television ad reservation in Indiana — the next battleground in the Democratic primary process — one day after his campaign shed hundreds of staffers in its first significant cutback.

    The move will cut roughly $200,000 from his initial buy of $1.2 million, according to a senior Sanders aide who confirmed the shift. Trailing Hillary Clinton by wide margins, Sanders is focusing increasingly on mounting a stand in California and the large states left to vote on the calendar as he looks to pick up delegates before July’s Democratic convention.

    Read more:
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  77. He’s out of money and the bros aren’t going to send money for folly.

  78. Oh yeah Jane, do us a favor and just STFU because you lose votes for Hillary with your praise.

  79. $80k. I told you, Jane ALWAYS gets paid. It’s how they skim.

  80. Re his disclosure, he is either broke and doesn’t want anyone to know, or he is in deep poop still trying to resolve those two laundry lists of illegal donations the FEC wrote to him about twice.

  81. Re his disclosure, he is either broke and doesn’t want anyone to know, or he is in deep poop still trying to resolve those two laundry lists of illegal donations the FEC wrote to him about twice.

  82. So Sanders claiming Hillary is not popular…

  83. Clinton Campaign quick off the mark.

  84. Lol, Merkley lasted long…..

    First on CNN: Sanders’ lone Senate backer says he should drop out before convention if he’s losing

    Bernie Sanders’ lone supporter in the Senate said Thursday that the Vermont senator should end his presidential campaign if he’s losing to Hillary Clinton after the primary season concludes in June, breaking sharply with the candidate who is vowing to take his insurgent bid to the party convention in Philadelphia.
    In an interview with CNN, Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley argued that the party should be united heading into the July convention. And that if Sanders has no viable path to the nomination after the final round of primaries in June, he should concede to Clinton at that point. He said that Sanders should follow the model employed by Clinton in 2008, who dropped out in June of that year and pledged her support to Barack Obama.

  85. Celebs abandoning Sanders : George Takei speaks the reality, backed Sanders but time to back the Dem nominee, and in true Bernie bot fashion they went whackadoodle on him.

  86. In the 5 primaries on Tuesday, Clinton extended her vote total lead by 472,874 votes.

    Clinton : 1,731,455
    Sanders : 1,258,581

  87. The thing that I don’t understand about Bernie, is that every Socialist/Communist country that he is so enamored of, REQUIRES people to be a member of a party in order to advance within the party, and in some cases in politics/government alike. You cant become a member of the Politburo if you aren’t a card-carrying member of the Communist Party. Even in countries like Denmark, with proportional representation and multiple parties, you have to be a member of A PARTY. You can work with other parties to form coalition governments; because usually there is no party that is an outright winner and coalitions are a necessity in parliamentary-style systems and not a “winner takes all” system such as ours. However, to exact change within a party, you have to be a member OF THAT PARTY. No skin in the game, no action.

    Bernie could have better spent money at the beginning of this primary season determining what the election rules were in each state and having his minions do outreach (via text message and the like) letting would-be supporters know when they needed to change their party affiliation, register, etc. After all, he broke into Hillary’s DNC database, he had a whole bunch of Democrats that he could have reached out to. Also, when you donate money, they ask you for your email address and a phone number. How hard is it to send out information?

    Also, it doesn’t get more UNDEMOCRATIC then caucuses. I don’t see Bernie and his henchwoman Jane, complaining about them!

  88. I want you to see a comment I extracted from The People’s View

    I was a UPI stringer in Central America in the 1980s. There were no good guys. Yet Reagan had his bad guys and Sanders chose his bad guys. Sanders only cared about the Marxist socialist ideology. He didn’t care about the people. He didn’t care about the elderly women raped and hung from trees or the infants having their heads stomped in as they came out of the womb or the mass graves Ortega was filling. Bernie Sanders stood in the streets with his Soviet handlers and celebrated Daniel Ortega’s brutal regime for the sole reason that it was a Marxist socialist victory.

    Marxist socialist revolutions require guns and the brutal treatment of people. Sanders wants people armed. He doesn’t care who they harm, as long as his ideology triumphs.

    He’s in love with the idea of a collective and detests people in general. Again, the opposition wasn’t any better, but one does not have to stand with a bad guy and tell the other side to stay out of it, like Sanders did.

    That is exactly how cold hearted Bernie Sanders can be.

  89. Takei is a hillary backer. He’s with her.

  90. Apparently, Jane went on FOX and said that she wanted the FBI to speed up their “investigation” of Hillary!

    Now, we learn that in an appearance on Fox News, she asked the FBI to speed up their investigation of Hillary’s emails, saying “it would be nice if the FBI moved it along.”

    This confirms a suspicion we’ve held for months: that one of the reasons Bernie Sanders is keeping his campaign alive is the futile hope that Hillary’s emails will somehow derail her campaign.

  91. The comment Uppity posted from the UPI reporter is breathtaking. Holy crap. Bernie has done some really bad things. No way would he ever stand a chance in hell of getting elected. If this stuff, and Janes 80,000 per month advisor fee gets out in the mainstream, it should just about finish these two nasty con artists.

  92. I think Bernie’s campaign is also paying other family members as well. I think the FBI needs to investigate the Sanders “campaign.” Sounds more like a scam to me.

  93. From the comments listed above, Jane sounds like a nasty piece of work.

  94. I am not sure about the decision to stop ad buys in the various primary states. I know that they want to save money, but it would be worth money to get some good wins in the rest of the primaries, and stop any possible talk of Hillary losing steam, or tailing off, or whatever the media chooses as their narrative. I understand not spending ta large amount, but some well placed buys would help. Sanders is going to continue to campaign, and there are states that he could win. I also don’t want him getting more delegates to enable him to have convention fights about the platform. At least spend in California, which is a lot of delegates, and a prestige contest.

  95. Upps, I copied your comment at 7:26 to share over at TW.

  96. Fredster, good idea.Public Service Announcement, really.

  97. Socal he’s had Jane on the patronage payola since he was mayor.

  98. Upps that piece was disturbing, to put it mildly.

  99. Somehow I do not think Hillary has Bill on the payroll.

  100. First news story I read today and it was an absolute pleasure to read!!

  101. I don’t think we have seen the last of Sanders in this campaign. He can demand that his name be placed in nomination, and he can call for votes on every platform plank, and on every rule. The question is what would stop him from doing it? Right now, the media and popular narrative about him is that he is a noble fighter for important causes, and that he has the right to demand concessions.

    We are depending on him putting Hillary and the Democratic Party over his own political agenda. Hillary can’t negotiate with him on positions. Caving in to his demand to make all Democratic primaries open to independents, would be disastrous. I’d like to think that this will be a typical situation where the challenger realizes he cannot win, and graciously concedes and endorses, but I don’t have confidence in that here. Sanders wants something that he can hold up as proof that he got some concessions, and I don’t see where Hillary can give any to him. It might seem silly, but I really think it would be helpful if we can win Indiana, as well as some other primaries, to make it clear that Sanders has been soundly defeated. If he wins Indiana, we are going to hear the familiar refrain again.

  102. britgirls, that’s a good article in politico. But I’d be a lot happier to see it after he was safely the Repub nominee.

    It makes me kind of get hives to see the general assumption that, of course, the Repubs are going to have to nominate their frontrunner.

    Um, they’re totally unprincipled. They’ve shown that a million times. And what they hate worse than anything is losing.

    So their big strategic question will be, “How do we save anything out of the Trump arson?”

    If he doesn’t have more than 1237 delegates going in to the convention, then they give it to Cruz.

    What does that get them? He’ll lose too! Yes, BUT, it allows them to act like they’re better than tRump and to maybe hang on to enough Senate seats to obstruct Clinton in everything. And it allows them to get their fundies back in line. After all, the evangelical candidate *lost*, so that reduces the fundies’ clout. And that would be important for getting Repub candidates with fewer than two heads to front their gonzo policies.

    So I’m worried when people make it so obvious that this guy is just a Trumpster fire.

  103. William, Hillary isn’t even campaigning in Indiana and not spending any money on ads. She is campaigning elsewhere.

  104. I received a call from some pollster in Ohio. The question was if there were a match up between Hillary, Trump, Kasich, Cruz, and some other guy I forgot his name. who would I vote for. I said Hillary for all four.

  105. I think Bernie’s campaign is also paying other family members as well. I think the FBI needs to investigate the Sanders “campaign.” Sounds more like a scam to

    The news media is not investigating this?

  106. The story link below is the best piece to date that I’ve read about the out and out brilliance of Hillary Clinton since her college days to the present. I knew many of these facts, but on a surface level, not the specificity here. It will of course be preaching to the choir to most here. But perhaps refer the article to some of our reasonable friends and family who are still lukewarm about Hillary because they have bought into the right-wing lies and conspiracy theories fed to us for more than 25 years. If after reading this admittedly very long analysis detractors still buy into the caricature of Hillary as some ambitious, manipulative Lady Macbeth, then so be it. But we should then respond with this: better that this woman has decided to use her brilliant mind for the public good rather than to have power for power’s sake.

  107. quixote, I don’t think I’m going to rest easy until Nov 9th! But the Republicans are between a rock and a hard place. If they deny Trump the nomination then their voters are going to be pissed as hell. They’ll stay home or write in Trump. If they go with Trump, he’s going to totally destroy the party and the chances of anyone downticket. It’s just not good news for them either way. I’m more scared about Bernie Sanders being an ass and running as an independent (or latching onto the Green Party) or causing upheaval at the convention.

  108. Birdgal, I would of course defer to Hillary and canpaign staff on these decisions. But I think that winning Indiana would be like a final emphatic statement. Sanders is very likely to win some upcoming races, including ND, SD, Montana, Oregon. He might win WV,a lot of gunowners there, California is hard to gauge; I have probably seen no more than one Hillary bumper sticker, and about twenty Sanders. CA sometimes goes for the “more liberal” canddiate in Democratic primaries, even if he is hopelessly behind. We went for Kennedy in ’80, I think Hart won in ’84. I would certainly prefer not to have any “Hillary is stumbling, her supporters are losing enthusiasm” narratives. We like winning primaries!

  109. BS can cause a lot of problems at the convention. But aside from the damage he does to his own legacy (whatever that is), Michael Tomasky has suggested that Hillary has some pretty devastating oppo research that she hasn’t used and should drop on Sanders if he is too much of a pain in the ass. And I don’t think he’s talking about Sanders’ well known love of left wing dictators. I think he’s referring to some of the old opinion articles Sanders wrote. He seemed in some of those to have an obssession with children and sex. Tomasky didn’t spell it out, but I’m speculating based on things I’ve seen elsewhere that this is what he’s referring to.

  110. Sorry, I don’t have Tomasky link, but it was one of his columns from this week or last at Daily Beast.

  111. I have to say that this is one of the BEST articles I have read regarding Bernie’s revolution or lack thereof! That is came from mother jones, left me speechless. Please read you will enjoy. I promise.

  112. The media are sniffing blood……..asking a lot of questions.

    Sanders manager on why BS filed extension on fin. disclosure form: “He and Jane are not people of means. They both fill out these forms themselves”

    Media is suspecting something is up.

  113. britgirls: “I’m more scared about Bernie Sanders being an ass and running as an independent (or latching onto the Green Party) or causing upheaval at the convention.”

    Yes. There’s that.

    (And to think when I was a teenager I couldn’t figure out why “May you live in interesting times” was a curse.)

  114. Hillary shoots and scores.

    Hillary Clinton has a message for Donald Trump ahead of the general election: “I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak.”

    “I’m not going to deal with their temper tantrums or their bullying or their efforts to try to provoke me,” Clinton said in an excerpt of an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper aired Friday. “He can say whatever he wants to say about me. I could really care less.”

    The answer came after Tapper asked Clinton if she has learned anything about how to take on Trump from the Republican candidates who have dealt with him in the primaries. Earlier on Friday, Trump attacked Clinton on Twitter, writing that in addition to being “perhaps the most dishonest person to have ever run for the presidency, is also one of the all time great enablers!”

    Trump has previously broached the issue of Bill Clinton’s sexual history, tweeting in December that the former president has a “terrible record of women abuse.”

    “I’m going to stand up for what I think the American people need and want in the next president,” Clinton said. “That’s why I’ve laid out very specific plans.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

  115. Some people are saying “going off the reservation ” is racist. I’m not sure anything will hurt Trump, which makes him even more dangerous.

  116. Brassy is right. I didn’t know about the Tomansky article but William Saletan in Slate put up a deadly synopsis of what Bernie would get hit with and like we all know here already it would kill him in a general election.

  117. Can anyone imagine six more months of this? And how do you govern after it? Trump and the Republicans don’t care, of course; they tried to delegitimize President Bill Clinton and President Obama from the outset, and to shut down the government multiple times. We desperately need a landslide victory which would rid us of many of these truly evil people.

    if “going off the reservation” is a racist comment, then we might as well abandon speech, because the antecedents of all sorts of innocuous phrases once had different connotations. Between Goebbels-like big lies from the Right, and suffocating political correctness from the Left, or anyone else who deems it useful to them, it is a depressing spectacle indeed.

  118. 2 new polls out today show Clinton leading in Indiana by around 10-13% One has her +8, the other has her +13–Hoosiers-like-Clinton-12787113

  119. Sanders is being a dick….when you lose Chuck Todd….Sanders is using up any goodwill he had.

    Chuck Todd: Bernie Sanders looks like abitter guy “I cannot win, so let me destroy the Democratic Party”

  120. I just donated to Hillary. I am waiting on my WOMAN CARD.

  121. Just in: the investigation into the DNC data breach is over, Sanders campaign withdraws its lawsuit. More coming.

    Claims they are vindicated…lol, the withdrew, typical lying twats. TYpical commy tactics, do something, sue, withdraw then claim you won.

  122. Bernie claim they won….liars.

  123. Full story on Bernie dropping his lawsuit:

  124. It was Nina Turner on CNN who implied that Hillary is a racist for saying “off the Reservation.”
    If I know Hillary, she’ll make a swift and elegant apology.
    Now, what the hell is wrong with Nina Turner and why does she hate Hillary?

  125. I’m not much worried that Bernie will try to get away with something at the convention. I feel confident that DNC & Hillary’s campaign will have tons of dirt on him and his charming wife involving their past indiscretions and current funny bookkeeping. I bet they could make Bernie & Co look really bad, and that their just holding on to it in case.

  126. Recently, Hillary was made an honorary member of the Puyallup Tribe.
    I think our “Strong Woman” has more Native American cred than Nina Turner.

  127. Nina Turner is a big sanders apologist, pay no attention to what that woman says.

    She is a total loon, DNC needs to primary her out of her seat.

  128. I just asked my Mom if she found “off the reservation” offensive and she said certainly not, and she had already seen that nonsense on the news. I don’t doubt that Ms Turner has had to deal with a lot of racism in her life, but my mom actually grew up in Oklahoma being called lovely things like, “dirty redskin” and had to get off the sidewalk if white people were using it. (Her grandmother was NA, and unlike Liz W. we have actual photographs of her) Bernie supporters are really grasping at straws now. So pathetic.

  129. Moon here in Ohio we can’t stand Nina Turna.
    Some good news. The democratic party have started registering new voters in my neighborhood for the general election. They are out knocking on doors now.

  130. Sweet Sue, Nina is a nasty piece of work. She is one very angry woman.

  131. Nina Turner is a moron. Her and the Bernie minions with their screams of voter disenfranchisement, how the Democratic Party is corrupt and undemocratic along with the system is rigged are just delegitimizing Clintons win. Sexist pigs that they are. Really bitching about how corrupt, rigged and Undemocratic the primaries are honestly just cry me a river. Go and live in Cuba for a while to learn about a rigged system, voter disenfranchisement and loss of democracy. I am so tired of these idiots complaining about things they know nothing about. No none of them have suffered from a rigged primary, yes it was democratic because we are voting for a Democratic nominee, you want to see a corrupt government look at the communist countries like Cuba, and no you have not been disenfranchised. If you want to choose the Democratic Nominee you need to be a Democrat.

  132. Nina isn’t all that relevant, so I just shrug her off. It’s like listening to Sarandon. Only their choir gives a crap what they say, everybody else ignores it.

  133. I’m not worried about the convention either. You push back on Bernie and he will crumble like old plaster. If they get physical, heads will get cracked by police. So let him act that way, doesn’t mean shit in the end. In real life you don’t get a trophy just for showing up like they are all accustomed to. Somebody wins and somebody loses. Losers don’t dictate conditions to winners. Furthermore, let all the Bernie woman just go ahead and pick the SCOTUS they will have to live with for the rest of their miserable lives and that should cure them. That leaves the frat boys. Who cares. They probably won’t vote anyways. This is just a game for them, a diversion, something to do. And then there are all the Ron Paul loaners, you get the picture.

    Twinkles Up!

  134. I will be honest here. I winced when I heard “Off the reservation”. I know she didn’t mean anything by it because it’s an OLD saying, but it was a reallllllllllly bad choice of words.

  135. Big of Bernie to drop a lawsuit on an issue where HE was the guilty party. Typical Effing Socialist.

  136. Uppity Woman, on April 29, 2016 at 10:27 PM

    ———I absolutely agree, Upps.

  137. It would not surprise me a bit if some of these “anti-Trump” protesters are Trump people, trying to create a violent situation which he could use to his advantage. That is a favorite tactic of fascists. And if that is off the mark, why is Trump having a rally or speech in San Francisco, where he has no chance to get more than a few thousand votes, even among Republicans?

  138. LOL on which thing, Shadow? xo

  139. It’s not that he isn’t capable of doing that, William. You know, for Reality Show effect.

    But then I wouldn’t put it past the bernies either, since it seems obvious that they enjoy creating chaos.

  140. It never entered my mind that “off the reservation” was offensive because I’ve always heard that in a political sense.
    Nina Turner was incensed on behalf of Native Americans; let’s wait to hear what Native Americans say.
    Why do I feel like I’m trapped in a Seinfeld episode?

  141. Full Tapper interview w/ Hillary:

  142. Get a kleenex ready:

  143. isn’t it funny how Burnie does not trend so much anymore since he downsized and fired his online troll patrol.

    He basically has dropped like a stone. Shows you how false it all was.

  144. William, Trump was in the Bay Area for the CA GOP convention. He probably won’t be back to the Bay Area anytime soon. The rally he had the night before was in southern CA, in a more conservative part of the state .

  145. VH, yes I cried like a baby watching that video. I cannot imagine how emotional I will be when Hillary Clinton gets up on that stage at the convention again and is named the Democratic Nominee. That convention will be for her and about celebrating her. I am certain the utter joy that will permeate that room will electrify it. We are very excited about this woman, this daughter, this wife, this mother, this senator, this Secretary of State, this candidate, this nominee because she will be the first woman president. We sure have come a long way and with her leading us we are limitless.

    Yes, I do believe in the future again.

  146. flvoter — I can hardly wait!

  147. Voting Hillary, FLVoter, I welled up cried while watching the video, too, especially when you could hear and see Hillary well up👍.

  148. fivoter, you forgot this grandmother

  149. Neeta, oops yes I did forget grandmother. And what a wonderful grandmother she is. Could you imagine saying that your grandmother is president of the United States of America?

  150. Uppity, that is certarnly very possible, that these are Sanders people doing that semi-rioting at the Trump rallies. It is helpful to him, just like such things are helpful to all fascists. I do know that in the ’60’s, there were FBI and CIA people at some of the anti-war demonstrations; and apparently some of them tried to encourage them. And Ronald Reagan rose to power as Governor of California by vowing to stop the “lawlessness and violence” on college campuses. An academic semanticist named S.I. Hayakawa, Chancellor of San Francisco State, actually got elected Senator here because people thought he was standing up to protesters on his campus. So whoever is doing it, it helping Trump in some way, not hurting him.

  151. Have to comment on Hillary: keep going video… with tears streaming still — brilliant. This is the one to use right before she walks on to accept the democratic nomination for president of these United States of America. THIS!

  152. I cautiously put on msnbc. Remote in hand, finger hovering over the channel button….but they said nothing negative about Hillary for 1/2 hour!!! Not only that, they did several stories about Bernie downsizing and Hillary having the election in the bag!! Wow…wait. [stares out window]….yes….pigs are flying!!!! I see them!!!!!!

  153. LOL!! Check it out:

  154. Oh Sophie, I like that!

  155. Oh! Voting:
    How inspiring video the “keep going”; a must watch to see this remarkable woman: Hillary R. Clinton.
    One of the kind…amen!

  156. VotingHillary, on April 30, 2016 at 3:39 AM said:
    Get a kleenex ready:

    That video message touches all of women’s lives and our struggles.

    Go Hillary, go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. SophieCT, on April 30, 2016 at 1:17 PM said:
    LOL!! Check it out:

    Great that someone got that web address first!

  158. OK, Voting, you got me-tears in my eyes.
    A great video. To those who say Hillary doesn’t inspire, open your eyes, ears and hearts.

  159. Honestly Sanders supporters are a bunch of childish shits. Attacking Anne rice and George Takei because they dared to support Hillary and congratulated her on winning.

  160. “This is the one to use right before she walks on to accept the democratic nomination for president of these United States of America. THIS!”

    Oh, yeah! I’m reading the comments Newest First, saw others talking about the song … came to this comment and imagined Hillary keeping walking across that stage … I burst out crying….

  161. Hillary’s “Keep Going” video is all everybody says it is.


    And I love how she included the Republican memes to set off their fake crapitude.

    I’m having this beautiful daydream where she wins and the Repubs lose the House and the Senate because they had to run the Trumpster-fire and we get a President who actually does something when she has the support of Congress instead of planning her inauguration for two years and –.

    Ah well. Just her being Prez would be enough. /*mumbles prayers with fingers crossed*/

  162. Oh,wow,the “Keep Going” video..that’s the real woman card.Double dog dare you to watch it and not cry or not hear Sojourner Truth’s “Ain’t I a woman?” speech playing on the background of your mind.

    And,Donald,guess what,? I have a woman card just like Hillary’s and I’m playing mine on Nov. 8th..hint;I won’t be dealing it your way boy-o.

    People are wondering what it will take to heal this country? It’ll take a pants suit;that’s what.

  163. Larry Wilmore just gave the least funny performance at the WHC dinner since Don Imus. Don’t waste your time checking it out. It was a total SNOOZE-fest.

    Obama’s speech was actually pretty funny.

  164. Yeah Obama was very funny. He’s got really good comedy timing.

    Wilmore was a fail.

  165. That vdeo should have been a post!

  166. Best line of the night: “it’s anyone’s guess who she’ll be.”
    That’s all folks!

  167. That’s the first time I really enjoyed listening to Obama. He was great at the Corr. Dinner.

  168. So what’s the story that Trump decided not to go to the correspondents dinner tonight? He can dish it out, but doesn’t like it when people make fun of him. He can call Hillary ‘crooked’, should be in jail. Responsible for things that Bill did, playing the ‘woman’ card…etc. He can call all his rethug opponents liars, ugly face, Lying Ted, Little Marco…over and over but he is a weakling to not be able to take it back.

    Screw him. I hope Hillary kicks his ass!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Obama’s best line-

    Who’s the next president?

    The president pondered over who would be standing behind the lectern at next year’s event. But he gave us some insight into what he’s thinking: “It’s anyone’s guess who she will be.”

  170. BTW, Bernie was the guest of…wait for it…CBS. Guess we know what to expect in the fall.

  171. Because I am a smart-ass on Twitter late-night:

  172. Bernie always looks like he put his clothes on straight out of a laundary basket, un-ironed, dishevelled, tatty and dirty. No surprise there. I bet he smells of damp and 3 day old spat out biscuits..

  173. As always, I’m late to the party, but…..OMG, the College Humor video!! HAHAHA!! Perfection.

  174. @VotingHillary THANK YOU so much for the “Keep Going” video! So beautiful and reminds me of my mother, who voted for Hillary in 08 and sadly won’t be here with me to watch her sworn in. Breaks my heart but now my daughter is old enough to be engaged and a part of a whole new generation of Hillary supporters. We carry on. Sobbing over here….

  175. SophieCT, same old bullsh!t still all about Bernie and Trump from her also. Bernie has broken records!!! But no looking into his actual donors or why the money doesn’t match the votes. Dead giveaway that things are not what they seem with Bernie. And really since he has raised so much money doesn’t that chip away at his point that money is buying elections? All the money he has thrown into his campaign hasn’t won it for him. I think it is all about the message and his message just doesn’t sell to the vast majority of people.

  176. FLvoter, I pulled my comment..I posted it prematurely.

    Agree with everything you said.

  177. Going to my CD Clinton Caucus today! I’m running to be a Clinton National Delegate! I really have no chance as there are over 75 women running for the 3 female slots…..many of those people, if not most, are long time party activists and even elected officials. They have slates too. But it’s my very small way of being a part of history…or…HERstory!

  178. I must have Hillary, I am also going to my CD caucus today to support someone who is running as a delegate. A way to learn more about the process and to support Hillary. Have fun!

  179. Imust – best of luck being a Hillary Delegate!!

    Let me know how it goes.

    Today is the day I am supposed to go to the Delegate vote in my district. My son just got home from surgery so I won’t be going to my district. Most of my friends live in another district, where I work and none of my relatives live closer than 800 miles from me in SoCal and WA.

  180. Thanks Shadow! I hope your son is doing well. I’ll be sending thoughts and prayers your way for a speedy recovery. I’m in socal, wish I could vote for you!

  181. Imust it’s gotta be someone why not you! Good Luck.

  182. After listening to the round table that was on this morning in jake tappers show on CNN I think that Bernies movement is more about anyone but Clinton and anyone but a woman combo. Lots of sexist and artfully sexist language displayed this morning. At least when Obama ran in 2008 he was the cool black Senator. But Bernie is a cranky old socialist. He’s not an outsider and he’s failed to energize young voters like In 2008. No reason to hang onto any hero worship there. He’s run an incredibly sexist campaign and continues to do so with his demands before he will help unify the party. I don’t see a movement or revolution I just see more sexism and bigotry

  183. I’ve just gotta spell out what was in a clip of Obama at a press conference. Not even something Obama said. A guy in the audience was asking “If your successor comes to you and she” — and the audience interrupted with screaming applause.

    This is a wonderful time to be living, when so much can be said by a pronoun. Forget the mouse shit, girls born after this year will grow up envying us.

  184. So now we know, Bernies fundraising dropped 40% in April, only 26 million, kids running out of cash or stopping….His cash in hand must be zero now as he spent shitloads in April.

  185. imusthaveHillary, on May 1, 2016 at 11:37 AM

    WOW! imust, you sure do as you speak…
    Wish you best of luck and all here at Uppityville are damn proud of you!

    If you become a Delegate, would you still babble here with us commoners?

  186. LOL bellecat! Of course I’ll babble here! I’m an Uppity Babbler through and through! As I said though…..highly unlikely I’ll get elected, but wow, it would be so exciting to go!
    Maybe I should pull a “Bernie” and go anyway! Stalk the convention like he stalked the Pope! I could definitely send photos…maybe even LIVE blog my stalking!!!

  187. That asshole is at it again….

    Bernie Sanders: Superdelegates should reflect the will of the voters in their state.


    and she’d still be winning them 380 to 147….the only reason Sanders is saying this is to try and steal 100 delegates.

    If SD’s were to vote with the state what would be the point of SD’s…what a dick.

  188. Ok Sanders is not going to behave, Time for Clinton and DNC to finish him off. I’ve had enough of this shit.

    Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Sunday said there will be a “contested contest.”

    In a news conference from Washington, D.C., on Sunday, the Vermont independent urged super delegates from states where he has won the majority of the vote to reconsider their support.

    “It is virtually impossible for Secretary Clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by June 14 with pledged delegates alone,” he said.

    “She will need super delegates to take her over the top. The convention will be a contested contest,” he said.

    Sanders said during the news conference he expects to do well in the upcoming contests. Indiana votes Tuesday, where a new poll shows Sanders tied with front-runner Hillary Clinton.

  189. Also from moon’s link:

    “While we have won 45 percent of the pledged delegates in real campaigns where the people have spoken … we have won only 7 percent of the superdelegates,” he said, contrasting the number of superdelegates he’s secured with how many Clinton has.

    So he calls the open caucus/primaries “real campaigns” where “the people” have spoken. Closed Democratic primaries that include everyone, esp. people of color are not “the people” or the real people I guess.

  190. He does not understand, the whole point of SD’s is to make sure hijacking socalist scum like him do not get control of a party they have never had much interest in until it suited them.

  191. Bernie and his minions are acting like the standard fascist dictators he admires. It’s never the will of the people unless it’s proping him up. I doubt he would be so bold if his opponent were a man because he’s shown he has no respect for women many many times. He’s been working to delegitimize Clintons votes from day one. What complete assh@les Bernie and his minions are. They just keep doubling down on the stupid.

  192. Its obvious this latest uturn by Bernie is for one thing only……MONEY, fundraising down big, money is all spent, not much cash left, this is a hail mary pass. Campaign debt must be huge.

  193. Did you all see Bernie’s Id Skid?

  194. So Sanders is going to demand that his name be placed in nomination, and that there is a state by state roll call vote, with his supporters booing and chanting? He is absolutely unwilling to give Hillary the stage; to have a supportive and unified convention. How petty and classless.

    Hillary had to use up about $31 million of one of her Superpacs, which was designed to be used in the general election. That is a real shame, but she probably should have spent a few million more of it to make sure that Sanders does not win Indiana, so he and his supporters cannot start once again to claiim that they are winning. Hopefully we can win that primary even without the spending.

  195. Bernie is one giant hemorrhoid.

  196. William, she’s still spending just not on advertising. She’s spending money on GOTV and other things.

    Moon, yes, everything Bernie is saying is all about the money. If he told the truth about his situation and the fact that a contested convention is unlikely nobody and I mean nobody would be donating to him. He’s got to be pretty much flat broke at this point.

  197. Yep, really wishing Bernie would right about now.

  198. Hillary got placed in nomination too in 2008, to satisfy her followers, so I actually understand how that rolls. It’s meaningless in his case since he will have neither the most votes nor the most pledged delegates. Let him do it and then shuffle his ass out of the way. I personally don’t think half his followers will even vote, and if they do, it will be the Ron Paul crowd and they sure as hell aren’t going to vote for a Democrat. The women in his flock will have to struggle with the thought of a Conservative SCOTUS for the rest of their lives, so I think a good portion of them will vote Democrat. And that leaves the bros and frat boys, who have no respect for women anyways so why would they vote for one.

    Listen, nobody was more angry than we were in 2008. Hillary said that 40% of us swore they would never vote for Obama, but in the end the majority of Hillary’s people went with Obama out of sheer fear the republicans would get their hands on them.

    So, she’s cool about it and I am sure she reached the same conclusions I just did. As for Bernie’s platform.If the majority of Democrats thought it was worth something, they would have voted for him. Sooner or later he’s going to have to leave the stage, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Democrats tell him they don’t even want him caucusing with them in the Senate. If he thinks he got nothing passed up to now, he’s REALLY going to get nothing passed in the future.

  199. Bernie brought in 24million in April

  200. He does not understand, the whole point of SD’s is to make sure hijacking socalist scum like him do not get control of a party they have never had much interest in until it suited them.

    He understands it fully, he just doesn’t like it. and he thought his “revolution” could bully people into changing for him.

  201. There was some 12 year old bernie surrogate on TV who just came out and said that hillary only wins with women over 50 and blacks. As if they weren’t important and Bernie’s voters were.Point being, her demographic is BIGGER than theirs is. So eat it, you little spoiled brats.

    She kept saying they are the future. yeah, in 20 years you’ll be the future and by then you will think like we do. lolol

  202. Hate to be the buzz kill here, but folks, let’s face it — Hillary has never gotten an easy road to anything in her life. And what’s more, she isn’t alone — I’ve known no powerful woman who has had it easy. I’ve known from the get-go BerningBum would go to the Convention hyped up on Cialis intoxicated with the BroLove.

    Hillary understands big ego, little character smegma like Bernie. She expects it. As she always has, she will best it. Hopefully, she will eradicate some of it.

  203. Uppity, yes, Hillary had her name placed in nomination, and then immediately called for a unanimous vote in favor of Obama. I wonder how many votes she would have gotten had they voted. Axelrod admitted the other day that he didn’t want a vote, because people would see how very close it was. In fact, had they not stolen Hillary’s delegates in Michigan, and given her less than she earned in Florida, she might well have been nominated on the first ballot.

    Anyway, I would be okay with Sanders doing something like that, but I am pretty sure that he wants a state by state vote. And I would not be surprised if his nominators make all sorts of statements about him doing better in polls, and that the superdelegates should vote for whomever won the state, etc. I just can’t see him doing close to what Hillary did to try to help Obama. I’m actually still upset that she did it, but she did what she thought was best for the Party and the country..And maybe Obama will try to help her this time in repayment.

  204. Ok time for something that makes you go AWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  205. … kept saying they are the future.

    Yeah, well it’s the now, now. We know better than you since we’ve seen a lot of this before with the dreaming and the shouting but nothing getting done. So sit down and shut up.

  206. About Trump’s woman card, here’s a Tweet by @JustinWolfers:

    “I mean how popular would a male Clinton be? We’ll never know, I guess.”

  207. I submit this excerpt from Lindsey West at The Guardian:

    “But maybe what I hate the most about this election is thinking about all the goddamn writing I’m going to have to do for the next four (or, potentially, eight) years if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. Misogynist rhetoric is going to reach levels of frenzy heretofore unknown to science, and with misogynist rhetoric comes feminist outcry, and with feminist outcry comes dopey faux-confusion: “I don’t get why this is sexist. Explain it to me. Debate with me. Help me. Convince me.” There is no sense of memory, of the fact that all of this has been explained many, many times before. Because why would they want to remember? The incessant demand that women “debate” and defend our own humanity is a deliberate diversion meant to hobble our power – part of the mechanism of sexism itself.”

    That Bernie and his minions don’t see their scorched earth campaign relies in part on sexism is disingenuous. They know it does. They are purposely feeding it. They also are purposely using the bullying tactics of despots like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

  208. Sanders actually went to the WHCD? That’s where the media establishment gets together with the political establishment (both overwhelmingly male) and celebrate their collective greatness. In other words, it doesn’t get any more establishment than the WHCD. So what was BS doing there? Hillary never goes, but she’ll have to next year because she’ll be POTUS!

  209. I don’t think Sanders is just out of money. I’m guessing he’s already in debt.

  210. Bernie and Jane are a pair of grifters.

  211. Breaking : Clinton outraised Sanders in April.

    Hillary raised $26 million plus another $10 million for her pac, making 36 million.

  212. Brassy, up thread, someone said Sanders was a guest of CBS.

  213. You’ve probably all heard the story about how the bin Laden raid was originally scheduled for the night of WHCD. Other agency heads were worrying about that. Hillary just said, “Fuck the WHCD.” That pretty much sums up how she feels about the media and political establishments congratulating themselves on being so awesome.

  214. Yesterday, I went to my CD caucus for delegate selection for the convention. I went because I wanted to vote for a strong Hillary supporter and I wanted to learn more about the process. I’m glad I went. It was educational and very nice to be around fellow supporters for Hillary. She won, so it was totally worth the long day.

    As far as the caucus format, it sucks big time. I live in Northern CA and the CD is good size one. So for, a population of hundreds of thousands of people, 210 turned out to vote for convention delegates. I would hate to use this process for selecting a presidential candidate. The long hours disenfranchise thousands of people and I totally understand why the voter turnout is in the single digits.

    I hope there is some way to get rid of the caucus system. This should be part of the democratic platform.

  215. imusthaveHillary, on May 1, 2016 at 12:06 PM

    Thanks so much imust. I would vote for you any day. What was the experience like? Did some have their kids school team or PTA Mom’s there to vote for a couple of candidates? In my precinct, there are very wealthy soccer mom pockets everywhere.

    Fingers crossed for you imust!

  216. I’m guessing that Sanders was CBS guest the way he was “guest” of the pope a few weeks ago: he invited them to invite him.

  217. William
    So Sanders is going to demand that his name be placed in nomination, and that there is a state by state roll call vote, with his supporters booing and chanting? He is absolutely unwilling to give Hillary the stage; to have a supportive and unified convention. How petty and classless.

    Yup, that’s the way he rolls.

  218. With these latest Bernie BullSh!ts, it is very clear that Bernie is corrupt. It is all about the money or as deep throat said in All the President’s Men, just follow the money.

    Bernie would rather destroy the Democrats in this historic election of the first woman nominee and then President than give up one penny of the money he believes he can to bilk out of his idiotic Bernie minions.

    A contested convention by Bernie just looks like a celebration of misogyny to feed the ego of one more entitled man.

  219. So I’m wondering: the party must have known Bernie’s rep in the senate. He does not now, nor has he ever played nicely with others. Why did they let him run as a democrat? Why not tell him to go run with the republicans?

  220. Yeah, I want Bernie out too…but…he is a piece of cake compared to what it will be like with Trump running against Hillary.

    Hillary has to be prepared for a dump truck full of bullsh!t to come her way from that orange haired clown.

  221. Dump truck – Dump Trump Truck

  222. Shadow, we all expect cr@p from the Republicans and even worse from Trump since the guy has no filter. He’s like a campaign with tourette’s syndrome. But what you don’t expect to see this is from another democrat in the primary. Bernie and his campaign have crossed the line so many times. His MO is the more desperate he gets the worse his campaign gets. I am really hoping that these antics cost him votes thus ending this sooner rather than later.

  223. FWIW, out of all 6 or so polls on Indiana so far, not one has had a lead for Sanders, which would mean, either a win for Hillary or a small win with no delegate gain for Bernie.

    In other words he aint getting nothing out of this, should he lose in Indiana, he is even more toast. He is running out of states.

  224. Wow…..Clinton raised $2.4 million off this “woman card” push over the last three days of April

  225. Wow…..Clinton raised $2.4 million off this “woman card” push over the last three days of April

    Moon I am one of them.

  226. Wow…..Clinton raised $2.4 million off this “woman card” push over the last three days of April

    Can’t wait to get mine!

  227. I want be watching any news until after the Indiana election tomorrow. I am sick and tired of listening to the media talking about Trump, Cruz and Sanders. I am counting on you guys to give me updates.

  228. Today’s Twitter funny:

  229. I shouldn’t laugh but I fell off the chair laughing…

    Carly Fiorina fell off the stage.

  230. Moon, That was HILARIOUS!! I started laughing out loud. Trump is having a field day with that one!

  231. This really cracks me up! Ted Cruz’ wife says Ted is an immigrant! LMAO! I hope this riles up the whole Natural Born Citizen thing again for our entertainment.

  232. Shadow, the caucus was as described. Lots of people for 8 slots. Kind of madhouse really. Speeches came AFTER everyone had voted, so that was weird. But I did enjoy the time with fellow Hillary supporters. I waited through the first count of ballots, not knowing there would be more! Most people had left, except a few that were probably the ones who were going to win! Many had been to all the conventions since Clinton/Gore in 92. It was fun hearing their stories. Anyway, they said the results would be posted online at the cadem site, but I still don’t see them! I’m just curious how many votes I did get. 🙂

  233. The big problem for Bernie in Indiana is the same problem he had in Ohio….Independents may go voting in the gop primary in larger numbers than the Dem to stop Trump may do him a lot of damage.

    He has not led one single poll and his profile is dropping.

  234. OMG Carly! Sometimes I think there really IS a God.

  235. Pricelessly ignorant Bernoid with signature froggy voice splains the plan to give free college to everybody. Until she meets Cavuto’s Sword Of Embarrassment. Hilarious.

  236. Hillary is taking something of a gamble by not campaigning in these states. She would have certainly have won Indiana had she done so, and that would have completely quelled Sanders. Maybe she can win there, anyway. But I certainly respect and understand the calculation of her and her campaign, that it is crucial to go to the swing states now and try to solidify support. There really isn’t that much time left in this election cycle, given that people will take three weeks off in the summer for the Olympics. And then comes the Republican convention. By the time she gets nominated, it will be August. So they want to do as much as possible to encourage and firm up the votes in key states now, rather than wait to gear up after Sanders finally goes away. Of course, the more quickly he goes away, the easier this is to do.

  237. So when Bernie did his reversal back to contested convention;I watched his face very closely..this is a frightened man. He must be very,very deep in debt and when/if the news gets out that Jane was being paid $80,000 a month for consultation…well,let’s just say Hillary’s Wall Street speeches will appear tame by comparison.So much for the revolution. I wonder how many $27 contributions he’s going to need to retire his campaign debt?Hey,maybe one of his Super Pacs will help him pay it off!

    Hillary ended up about $6 million in debt and it took her years to retire it.

    Also,not to say negative things about the woman card,but why is it going to take 6-8 weeks for me to get one? Now they’re apparently selling entire decks of Women Cards..Hillary will probably be president by the time I get those. Seriously,Hillary hire a couple of Bernie’s laid off folk to get those cards out there.

    It’s a beautiful day here in the Great NW. Fingers crossed for Hillary in Indiana tomorrow.Best to all the Uppityites who keep us sane,informed and laughing.

  238. flvoter,
    Shadow, we all expect cr@p from the Republicans and even worse from Trump since the guy has no filter. He’s like a campaign with tourette’s syndrome.

    But what you don’t expect to see this is from another democrat in the primary

    Yet, Bernie is NOT a Democrat, and is just using the Dem. platform so he has a better chance than he would if he were just an independent.

    How many years has it been since a Socialist has become US President?

    How many years since an Independent won?

  239. I missed my chance to get a woman’s card while my son was in the hospital. I hope I can get one in the future. I would like to see t-shirts and little pins with the woman’ card. I would jump at the chance.

  240. Uppity, That clip is priceless. What a clueless young lady. She doesn’t realize how much she is being strung along.

  241. Msdsal

    Yeah, I am still waiting for her button to be sent to me, weeks before the woman cards appeared on the scene.

    I made my own Hillary button online, used her arrow and put classy gold lettering ‘Hillary’ across the red arrow. ‘2016’ below the arrow.

    I Hate the graphic arrow for her, branding with no Presidential message or her name on it.

  242. Rut ro…when even Maddow calls Bernie math a failure, well, you’re done Bernie.

  243. Took Maddow long enough to wean herself off the Kool-ade.

  244. True NW, but then again, the night before the IN primary? See Bernie, see Bernie’s head explode. Run away Jane, run away. LOL!

  245. Mad Cowgirl still doesn’t like Hillary, you can see how crooked her mouth gets when she says something positive…

    Never liked her, still don’t.

  246. Shadow, she is the FIRST to publicly acknowledge the MATH, which makes her a better late than never journalist.

    And from the looks at YouTube, she must really be getting hell for it. The video is being buried by other videos at this point.

    TOO LATE, Bernie folks. We caught it and we are TWEETING IT!

  247. Rachel’s “wake-up” call that lead to last night’s “revelation” by Maddow:

  248. That $27 donation thing is a bunch of bullshit too, just like everything about Bernie is a bunch of bullshit. FEC found so many contributors of $27 times 100 from the same contributor that their two letters to Bernie were 95 and 43 pages respectively.

  249. This guy is such an asshole….

    Top Sanders aide Tad Devine later primaries matter more.

    Because they just do, I guess.

    Such a duplicitous asswipe.

  250. I don’t intend to lose sleep over Indiana tonight as I have been doing every Tuesday since Iowa. It’s well and truly over. Indiana demographics are very favorable to BS, but Hillary has a good chance to win. In any event, she will pick up another trove of delegates as she moves relentlessly toward the magic number of pledged AND unpledged delegates. Sanders will continue to be an a–hole regardless. That’s who he is.

  251. He’s lost Rachel Maddow. The End.

  252. Clinton jumps to 19% lead in California as voters resigned to fact they will be the nominees……57/38

    I told you its the “likes to be seen to vote for the winner” phase.

  253. I love what Rachel said at the end:

    “Send me your hate mail. Your words may hurt my feelings, but they make me stronger.”

  254. moon
    Clinton jumps to 19% lead in California as voters resigned to fact they will be the nominees……57/38

    Hillary won CA in 2008, I know my state is for Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Hillary, go!

    Every time there is an election, I wear her 2008 t-shirt, rain or shine, work or at home:

    ‘For everyone who’s ever been counted out
    but refused to be knocked out
    and for everyone who works hard and never gives up,
    This one is for you!’

  255. In Indiana, Hillary is averaged up 6.8% on RealClearPolitics. They seem to generally underestimate Hillary’s lead by a small amount each election.

  256. Nate Cohn Verified account

    This has been true for a while now, but it’s worth repeating: Clinton does not need to win any additional states to win the nomination

  257. Polls close in Indiana at 6pm EDT when we’ll get indications of votes coming in and a small area closing at 7pm.

    Turnout is apparently high in Big Hillary areas of Lake and Indianappolis.

  258. I hope Upps is working on firing up a new ‘Hillary is winning Indiana’ thread 😉

  259. did anyone read about the terrible reception Hillary received in West Virginia? People are angry about her comment in March about getting rid of coal mining jobs and shifting to clean energy. They are all for Trump.

  260. The more I think about it, the more I warm to the idea of Al Franken as Veep pick: he’s not only funny, he really knows his stuff.
    He’d eviscerate Trump’s pick in debate, and I think that the white, blue collar guys would like him; although, they might like Sherrod Brown better.

  261. birdgal, people get angry when you tell to much truth (see Mondale, Walter) and, you’re on to something, Hillary’s going to have to do a little sugarcoating before the election and that doesn’t come easy to her.
    She’s no Bernie Panders.
    The sorry truth is that, in the Rust Belt, there are jobs that are going, jobs that are gone and jobs that are never coming back.
    I think that’s one of the reasons Hillary emphasizes the shovel ready jobs of infrastructure repair.
    Elitists of both parties have to come to grips with the fact that roughly half of Americans have an IQ lower than 100 points, and these people, too, are citizens with dreams and aspirations.
    Not everyone can become a computer programmer.

  262. Sue, I had been thinking that as well a few days ago. I like him a lot, at least what I have seen of him since he has been senator. But of course he still has the national reputation of being a comedy writer on SNL. I’d be surprised if Hillary picked him, but he is better than a number of those who are mentioned, including Castro, Kaine, Warner. Besides Trump’s endless personal attacks, the campaign will probably be about issues like trade and outsourcing of jobs. We do need a blue collar person to speak to the disgruntled voters, particularly in the Midwest.

  263. Coal mining jobs have been disappearing for years, and mining companies are declaring bankruptcy left and right, leaving employees and former employees in the lurch. It is dirty, dangerous, unhealthy work. If the workers are protected, losing coal mining is not necessarily a bad thing. Hillary is the only candidate with a plan for these workers and their families. W. Virginia has been trending Republican for some time, but if lots of West Virginians think Trump knows how to help them or stop the loss of their jobs, I wish them luck because they’ll need it.

  264. For me, arresting global warming is the most important issue. To do that, there are going to have to be some major, wrenching changes in how we produce energy. Now of course it is easier for me to say that, as I am not a coal miner in Appalachia struggling to stay afloat. I don’t know the answer. I know that the right-wing Congress, which will not pass budgets, will not allocate money to creating infrastructure jobs, and will not pass any Wall Street taxes such as the ones which Sanders will promise to the West Virginia voters, is a major impediment. People are looking for easy answers or a belligerent strongman to fix these complex issues. Hillary admirably wants to fix things for everyone, but that is so incredibly difficult, with the climate issues subsuming all of it. One of our problems is that the counttry has become so irrevocably split on political issues, that it is virtuallly impossible to obtain a national consensus on any domestic issue, or to call for sacrifices. Everyone just goes on being angry.

  265. Gang, here is a link for the longer video of Rachel’s takedown of Sander’s “contested convention” strategy last night:

    Sweet Sue, what’s happening with coal is what happened with steel in the late 1970’s-early 1980’s. Pittsburgh felt the brunt of that and it did take a long time for the city to move forward and face the reality those jobs weren’t coming back. The city is back on its feet but is now a tech and medical leader.

    Hillary is right when she says the coal folks are just going to have to get back to school. No, it won’t be easy, but facing reality never is.

  266. The coal mining issue is the same as what happened 30 years ago in the Uk under Thatcher, it had to be done, the industry is unsustainable, yes it devestated communities but those communities need to change along with it, plan new energy ideas, train the workers into those new industries, include them, it is a dead industry.

    They just cannot continue with their heads in the sand about it.

  267. birdgal,

    did anyone read about the terrible reception Hillary received in West Virginia? People are angry about her comment in March about getting rid of coal mining jobs and shifting to clean energy. They are all for Trump.
    They need to get over it.
    Are they angry about what Trump is saying?
    Do they not know of black lung disease, and other health problems? Don’t they care. Trump sitting up in his ivory tower could care less about the little people.
    I am so sick and tired of them picking at everything she says. Trump gets a pass. Dam if she do, Dam if she don’t. All I know is I am going to work my heart out to get her elected in my state.

  268. birdgal, on May 3, 2016 at 3:55 PM said:
    did anyone read about the terrible reception Hillary received in West Virginia?

    Yeah, they are pist.

    If I lived there, I would hope that my family would be presented with another source of income that isn’t so detrimental to the health of my loved ones working in the coal mines and to those that might suffer from cancer from the toxic air pollution.

    Coal mining is a frightening and dangerous profession. Toxic air is worse for American’s.

  269. People, I believe I have found the secret to Bernie’s fundraising:

    And yes, this is apparently real.

  270. Thanks to everyone that commented about the situation in West Virginia. During Hillary’s March comment about the loss of coal mining jobs, she also said, she had plans for clean energy jobs. I wish there could be a focus on this aspect. There is also a need for infrastructure repair that would provide many jobs for displaced workers.

  271. This is the kind of bs that Trump will pull against Hillary……

    Trump accuses Cruz’s father of helping JFK’s assassin

    Read more:
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

  272. Remember exit polls are mostly a bunch of crap as we have seen over the last month…….so believe nothing.

  273. Indiana is all about the counties of Lake, Marion, Allen and Monroe…if she can run up big margins there, she will win, if not, she’ll lose.

  274. Most polls closed in Indiana but they cannot do anything for an hour, we’ll see votes in though and Lake will probably be very late as usual.

  275. I’ll be watching the counties and comparing with 2008 and seeing if Hillary is doing better or worse than 2008 in them.

  276. First 2 counties coming in and they are counties that should be going Bernie but i know its early but thats encouraging she is winning them.

  277. This is looking not too bad for Hillary, rural counties so far showing Clinton holding up well. Bernie should really be leading in these.

  278. Clinton doing extraordinarily well in the early vote and absentees, Bernie should be whalloping her in these rurals and he’s not. He needs to run up big margins in these small counties and she is right now winning them.

  279. Can anyone get the video of Chris Matthews talking about Kennedy’s assassination and Cruz’s father. He says Trump is going to pay for that comment in the general election with the conservatives.

  280. Moon, Thank you for all the updates. It is greatly appreciated.

  281. This is taking too long to load though, updates will take time unless we get a continuation thread….

  282. Did anyone hear Clinton is in Ohio?

  283. On NYT
    3% reporting:
    Clinton 57.3%
    Sanders 42.7%

  284. Did I just hear on msnbc Clinton campaign said they were not expected to win Indiana?

  285. Sorry, page keeps collapsing for me….

    Clinton holding up well so far considering i expected her to be losing already in early returns and also all the counties she should be losing but doing damn well so far and none of the 3 big counties reporting yet.

  286. at 5% numbers are fluctuating…

  287. No idea what way this is going tonight ………..still a long way to go.

    Worried Indianappolis is not going as big for Hillary as it should, Lake should be better but this may well be very close but certainly not what the exit polls had it as Sanders +12.

  288. I thought real clear politics had Hillary winning Indiana

  289. numbers getting even…
    hard to see yet…

  290. Sanders is on msnbc speaking to his supporters.. I have the sound turned down

  291. right now it is 50 50

  292. I think its pretty clear Bernie aint getting a + or a big + of delegates, if it stays like this, split in delegates again.

  293. 77439 Hillary .77442 Beernie

  294. Is this an open primary

  295. new thread please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  296. Clinton should have ran some ads in Indiana. She should have campaigned more there. She can’t take anything for granted..

  297. The total vote in Indiana is way lower than it was in 2008….i thikn a lot of indies went over to GOP rimary.

  298. This is going to be megaclose. Wont make a bit of difference in delegates. Lake county is the wildcard here. I think she will probably lose here tonight but, I just dont know.

    Take it upstairs! New thread!

  300. I think that Hillary would have won this race had she just spent a little money, and campaigned there a bit more. It is not going to hurt us in delegates, but it is a better situation to win these, particularly as now we are going to face a bunch of Sanders victories in states like ND, SD, MT, perhaps WV and KY and certainly OR. And that gives rise to negative headlines and irritating media narratives. It was their call, but I think she might have done better contesting this a bit more.

  301. I repeat….SCREEEEEECH!!!

    New post up! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ look up there! ^^^^

  302. Rats!
    It appears “The Burn” got this one too.

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