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  1. oh well, i think she’s done for tbh in this race tonight, Lake would have to be very hefty to win now, she’s losing indianappolis and Fort Wayne now.

  2. New thread thank you

  3. Why is she losing? Because it’s open and independents?

  4. I am going to bed

  5. She’s still winning the race, but it would have been nice to put this to bed tonight. I’m sooooo tired of Bernie.
    Benchmark polling called it for Bernie, damn.

  6. Imust, I’m sure it is because of the open primary. She’ll win among Democrats again. And also her campaign chose to save money for the general election. I understand that. But it would have been a better narrative to have won this race, and I think they should have gone for it.

  7. one thing though, less than one percent of Lake county has come in, Clintons big huge AA area.

  8. Once again, we go through five or so hours of CNN, and not hear one positive thing said about Hillary. Not much negative today, but nothing positive. It is as if issues and knowledge are irrelevant to the campaign, it is all about image and style.

  9. I don’t know William. Is it really about the $$ spent in ads? People who are gonna vote Bernie, well, there’s no convincing them I think. The more ads, the more they say “she’s corporate”. Of course that doesn’t apply when Bernie buys a lot of ads and spends tons of $$$$.

  10. No matter who wins, the delegates are nearly even.

  11. Thanks imust, I felt I was just talking to myself downstairs…
    then again, “the Burn” got this one too.

  12. Its over Ted Cruz drops out of presidential race

  13. I know Sophie. But the bernies are not concerned about pledged delegates or math! They just hear “He won!”, and it’s more dribble and babble about his path to victory! And the REVOLUTION! Flipping delegates and contested convention. Time to say good bye to Bernie before he does anymore damage.

  14. /trump is the nominee, Cruz is gone, he’s out…Bernie, get the fuck out now, because you are causing a mess. Hillary needs a free hand now.

  15. I think they will have to put the pressure on Bernie now, Trump is now the presumptive nominee…..

    Dems needs to unite right now.

  16. Trump is probably gonna really unleash on Hillary now. Wow. I can’t believe he did it. Not by a little either. Trumpzilla just crushed his opponents.

  17. There you go…

    Exit poll 30% of Bernie’s Indiana voters admit they won’t vote for the Democrat in Nov. Another example of what’s wrong with open primaries. Just out to vote against Clinton

  18. Amy Siskind agrees…

  19. moon, Bernie has done so much damage. Like you said, time for him to step down so Hillary can work on repairing and focus on general.

  20. Holy Fuck it really is going to be Trump vs Clinton.

    America has gone off its meds.

  21. Hmmm, Carly did for Cruz what she did for HP.

  22. This is not what Bernie wanted tonight, he needed Cruz to stay in so he could continue on. Now he is going to every Dem in the party on his back to get out and back Clinton, the longer he waits now, the more he is going to drag the Dems down..

  23. Sanders has spent his political career going against any appeal to compromise, or do something for the good of the Democratic Party. He is not going to start now. Every Democrat in Congress could beg him to withdraw, and that would give him more reason to stay in. In fact, he is probably hoping that if Trump unleashes on Hillary, that will hurt her poll numbers, so he can claim he does better. Trump is going to have a three month head start because of Sanders.

  24. Was definitely not expecting Cruz to go tonight. Quite surprised.

    This upends Sanders now also. I imagine the DNC just went into unity mode and will be having a big meeting tonight.

  25. CNN “Cruz will drop out of the race.

  26. They will call Indiana for Sanders soon, Lake is not really giving her anything, really weird vote in Indiana tonight.

  27. Moompluto, do you have a link to that exit poll?

  28. This is why Sanders has to go now.

    Reince Priebus Verified account

    .@realDonaldTrump will be presumtive @GOP nominee, we all need to unite and focus on defeating @HillaryClinton #NeverClinton

    DNC your move……

  29. God these open primaries are just awful. I’m sad to say that my state, California has one too. Hopefully, latinos will come through for Hillz. Especially with the Donald as the nominee of the other party.

  30. Now with the GOP nom settled, we have a problem because the GOP’ers will be now trying to fuck up the last of the Dem primaries.

    DNC must realise this.

  31. Told ya

    NBC calls Indiana for Sanders

  32. one good thing, no one gives a shit that Bernie won Indiana…..Its all Trump and Bernie is forgotten about…Clinton will be up next.

  33. moon:
    I want to throw up!…
    How is the delegate count?

  34. On the bright side..
    “The Cruz” is out.
    I found him scariest of all…

  35. Now, Trump starts on Hillary. Seeing the carnage from NAFTA. Telling the coal miners, they will have jobs again. He is acting like a dictator.

  36. Trump is nothing but a lying bullshitter, he’s about to find out what its like to get vetted…every single aspect of his life is about to get analprobed.

  37. Moon, I hope so, but his supporters just don’t care.

  38. “The Clintons” first sign that sexist attack follows. I will take Bill and Hillary over Donald and Melenia any day and twice on Sunday.

  39. i wonder if Donald realises, if he became President, he would have to give up all his business interests, no connections, full financial disclosure and could not have any influence that would benefit him.

    Not sure he has thought this through.

  40. Geraldo Rivera Verified account

    All @BernieSanders is doing now is distracting @HillaryClinton and giving @realDonaldTrump all the ammo he needs. It is a hippie’s ego trip

  41. Jeeze, Hillary’s winning polls were really wrong. Bummer!

  42. We need the money to fight Trump… Drop out Sanders.

  43. one note.

    After tonight, Clinton needs just 182 delegates to clinch the nomination.

  44. Team Sanders spent $1.5M in ads in Indiana — versus $0 for Team Clinton, per NBC data for basically what is a delegate split.

  45. Is anyone actually mentioning Bernie right now…Nooooooo

    He’s been elbowed of the airwaves, win forgotten, all talking Trump/Clinton.

    Bye bye Bernie, they have forgotten you already.

  46. Bernie on MSNBC giving his victory speech. Has momentum, more victories ahead, can beat Trump, can switch SD’s, etc.

  47. Yeah, even CNN is talking all Hillary vs Trump. Amazing the Axelbutt is really defending Hillary, they are talking about how both the Big Dawg and Barry will be her best surrogates.

  48. The Axelcrapxel…
    don’t even count for me on his crapola bullsheet!

  49. My feelings tonight:

  50. Now Trump has the GOP $ to attack Hillary, and not worry about Cruz. I want to puke.

  51. Bernie is trying to be a commie spoiler…get the Hell out Sandcrab.

  52. Upps if you’re around go check ur twitter messages.

  53. This is Bernies reality…..

    Sanders zeroing in on superdels: now impossible for him to win with remaining pledged delegates alone (he needs 984, there are 933 left).

    The math is now impossible.

  54. Concerned about CA primary. Semi-open primary. Independents can vote in the Democratic primary. It will be a real battleground. Bernie has a lot of support, especially in the Bay Area. The nurses union has big advertising signs on the freeways going into San Francisco and in other areas. Also, large phone banks, etc. Bernie brought 300 staffers to CA.

  55. Someone needs to talk to Bernie about taking his chairmanship position away from him. He’s got to be out of money with the way he is spending it and the donations have really fallen off.

    Beelzebub Cruz finally did something good. He got most everybody to completely ignore Bernie. Now the pressure is going to be on Bernie. Yes, he’s on a hippie ego trip for sure.

  56. I’m not worried that the Sandcrab will win CA birdgal. Yeah, the kids here want free stuff but most of the adults will vote for Hillary. It also helps that NOW the Dem party is behind her and not the commie.

  57. I am sick to my stomach at the thought of how Trump will try to belittle Hillary. She is tough, I know I will be very, very angry in the General election.

    Burnie and Trump attacking Hillary together makes me sick.

  58. The only thing CA has that Indiana doesn’t…Latinos. They do not want Trump. Got to do a massive voter reg drive in CA.

  59. Bigger concern is CA is voter registration deadline is 5/17. Repubs can change to vote Sanders. What a fucking mess.

  60. Here’s the Hillary t-shirt I am wearing. Wish they would bring it back for sale.

  61. VotingHillary, on May 3, 2016 at 10:57 PM said:
    Bigger concern is CA is voter registration deadline is 5/17. Repubs can change to vote Sanders. What a fucking mess.


  62. Voting, that is what I am afraid of.

  63. Yes, CA is a big concern, because the Democratic Party allows Independents to vote in their primary, whereas the Republicans do not. So that means that hundreds of thousands of Republicans can request Democratic ballots, and then vote for Sanders. It is absolute insanity to allow Indies who could be extreme right-wing people to vote in our Democratic Primary, to try to help the weakest canddiate or damage the strongest. But they will insist on doing this, to feel virtuous and open-minded

    We are going to face a two-pronged attack now. Hillary would prefer to ignore Sanders and battle Trump, but the media will have Sanders and his surrogates on every chance they get. And we could lose five or six primaries in a row, as well. If Sanders would have left like Cruz, this wouldn’t be a problem, but you would have to drag him off with the vaudeville hook to get him off the stage.

  64. So far, searching the internets, I have found one good Hillary t-shirt.

    Please post link if you find another one….

  65. So here is your update for last night results…..

    it looks like Bernie got a +3 or +5 delegate gain , more likely +3, pathetic really for a state that should have been good for him and one where Hillary did not even spend a dime.

    The end result was Bernie +5%, 53/48 which is useless for him and in an open primary as well (does not bode well for him in Kentucky or Oregon which are both closed primaries)

    Clinton ended up winning Indianappolis after all and She won Gary by a 14 point spread, however the over all vote total was less than half of what it was in 2008. Substantially down.

    All in all not a bad night for Clinton, a bad one for Bernie though, math became mathematically impossible, only 933 pledged delegates left and Bernie needs 984 of them to win, Hillary now really only needs 160 delegates to win and Bernie still thinks he can win.

    Clinton is still winning by over 3.18 million votes over Sanders and delegate lead of still 300.

    Its over, done dusted, time to end this with Trump now free to target Clinton, Sanders needs to pack his bags and piss off.

  66. Oh and Clinton again won democrats last night, hence why she kept it close to Bernie who won indies by a lot……Clinton won Dems by a lot……

  67. At least CNN this morning has repeated many times Bernie’s impossibility of beating Clinton. If the supers don’t gift it to him then he’s toast. The unsaid is why would the supers purposely alienate women and minorites by throwing the primary to Bernie who trails in pledged delegates and popular vote. Frankly, since the dems allocate delegates proportionally this primary has not even been close. It was decided on March 15. Time for all the Bernouts and Bernie deadenders to fall in line and stop the petulant sexist deligitimizing cr@p and back the first woman democratic nominee. Can’t ignore this, It is historic.

  68. Ok everybody, you moaned all night. Now it’s time to do something helpful. Here is the link to hashtag #nevertrump plus #Imwith her. This needs to be everywhere. Thank them for jumping trump’s ship. And remember that these people are in PAIN, so don’t shoot at the GOP FFS.

  69. I can’t say this enough (apparently!): people should stop worrying about winning states and media narratives. The campaign is focused like a laser beam on winning DELEGATES and taking them off the table for Sanders. Another state down, more delegates for Hillary and fewer for BS to get in the future. That’s how you win a Dem presidential primary because it’s all proportional. Hillary did not expect to win Indiana. We know this because she was relaxing at home with no events scheduled. As some have noted, BS again spent wildly to pick up maybe five more delegates. In the words of a certain tv commercial, that’s not how this works; that’s not how any of this works! Hillary needs to conserve her strength and her resources because she has six months of campaigning ahead. Bernie? He’ll take a nice long vacation after the convention.

  70. CNN/ORC national poll shows Clinton up 13 on Trump.

    On 5/4/12, Obama led Romney by 3.3 according to RCP average.

  71. Agreed Brassy. Clinton has already shifted to general.

  72. moon

    After last night and Michigan, I don’t trust any polls these days…

  73. Good morning everyone!
    I am feeling better today after looking at the big picture. Thank you uppity, moon and brassy. I went to bed last night pretty upset. I did not want to get up the next day and listen to all the crap on tv
    about Trump and Bernie.

  74. After last night and Michigan, I don’t trust any polls these days
    Shadow I am with you. Also remember Michigan.

  75. Agreed Brassy, Moon. Extremely squeamish and nervous Hillz backers need to just turn off the TV and stay off the ‘net until after California if they can’t stand BS bs and clueless media. And keep this in mind: Obama lost white men to Romney 62-35, lost white women 56-42, and lost independents 50-45, and still handily beat Romney. My mantra is the electorate that voted for Obama twice is not going to elect Donald Trump. If you do not have the support of POC you are SOOL henceforth in national elections.

  76. Sorry shadow you did mention Michigan.

  77. This explains why Hillary isn’t spending much money and seems to be ‘laying low’…

    She is laying the groundwork for the General…

    Clinton plots swing-state ambush for Trump

    She’s already organizing a shadow general election campaign.

    Donald Trump all but claimed the GOP nomination Tuesday by routing Ted Cruz in Indiana. Hillary Clinton stumbled, failing once again to finish off Bernie Sanders’ long-shot Democratic primary challenge.
    But even in defeat, Clinton continues to execute a hard turn toward November — and the coming war with Trump. Over the last two weeks, Clinton has been quietly accelerating her swing-state operation, organizing what amounts to a shadow general election campaign at the same time she is fending off a rival who insists he’ll continue to fight until the Democratic convention in July.
    Story Continued Below

    In recent days, the Clinton campaign has finalized a series of senior hires around the country, expanded the size of her central swing-state planning team in New York, and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been transferred to strategically important state parties from the Democratic National Committee. She’s also scheduled a series of public speeches and private meetings in states that will be crucial to her general election campaign.

    Many of the moves had been in the works since early spring, when campaign officials began the process of hiring swing state operatives and more closely coordinating with state parties — the building blocks of the fall campaign’s field organizing infrastructure.

    According to operatives and elected officials in eight battleground states, the switch flipped after Clinton’s 16-point win in New York last month — and Trump’s own romp there. In the days after that April 19 victory, some of Clinton’s state directors — who had previously operated only informally and without the campaign’s imprimatur — started meeting with local political leaders and planning the fall fight.

    Clinton staff and allies have been careful about the public side of the pivot, wary of angering Sanders and his legions of liberal supporters by seeming to dismiss his chances of winning the nomination. But behind closed doors the swing state teams are snapping out of what former New Hampshire Democratic Party chairwoman Kathy Sullivan called the “holding pattern,” after weeks of internal grumbling about the amount of effort and resources dedicated toward fending off Sanders’ increasingly long-shot bid.

    Campaign finance rules have complicated the situation. Until the convention, the campaign is limited to using only money designated as primary election dollars, and the campaign has yet to start raising general election dollars.

    “They have to be careful, because it’s a fine line between gearing up for the general and offending Bernie Sanders voters,” explained John Morgan, an Orlando attorney and long-time Democratic donor supporting Clinton. “You cannot start running, because if you start running and acting presumptuous, you alienate people who are 18 to 30” years old.

    Still, in recent days the campaign has tapped state directors in a series of swing states, according to local Democrats: Brian Zuzenak, the director of Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s PAC, in Virginia; Troy Clair, chief of staff to Rep. G.K. Butterfield, in North Carolina; and Chris Wyant, Barack Obama’s 2012 Ohio director, in that state.

    In addition, Clinton’s campaign has hired Meg Ansara, a former regional director for Obama working in the Midwest and the South, to work with Marlon Marshall, a top political staffer, on the battleground state team in Brooklyn.
    These moves come alongside four more state director hires announced in recent days in the key swing states of New Hampshire, Colorado, Nevada and Florida.

    After months of keeping top surrogates and supporters abreast of the campaign’s progress with periodic conference calls, the campaign has now been setting up its new state directors with local political leaders as they start formally organizing — Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper told POLITICO that he met with new Colorado director Emmy Ruiz on Saturday, one day after her name was publicly announced.

    Meanwhile, Clinton has already started returning to swing states whose primaries have already passed, even as she has maintained a brisk travel schedule in the upcoming primary states.

    Read more:
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  78. My quibble with the Politico story is “having failed” to finish him off. If landslides in great big states haven’t “finished” him off, how would a small victory in a small state with an open primary have shown him the light? He’s already said he’s going all the way to the convention. Once again, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DELEGATE MATH! No need to react to him.

  79. looks like its all over on that side…..Kasich may be gone too

    BREAKING: Kasich cancels D.C. event, stoking speculation he’ll drop White House bid

    DULLES, Va. — Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich canceled a planned Wednesday morning news conference outside Washington D.C., and now plans to address the media in Ohio later Wednesday afternoon.

    A campaign aide told a group of reporters awaiting his the Ohio governor in Dulles, Va., that he will will instead make “an announcement” at 5 p.m.

  80. Here’s another interesting article:

    Republicans consider Clinton over Trump

    No longer do establishment Republicans harbor any fantasies of blocking Donald Trump from their presidential nomination. But a new kind of magical thinking is taking hold: that a splintered conservative coalition will somehow unite behind the GOP’s newly minted presumptive nominee.
    Ted Cruz’s sudden suspension of his campaign following his double-digit loss to Trump in Indiana on Tuesday night is forcing anti-Trump Republicans to finally confront the Hobson’s choice of a general election matchup between Hillary Clinton and a demagogic conspiracy theorist untethered to conservative principles.
    Story Continued Below

    While many conservative stalwarts are conflicted and stuck in a state of paralysis, some are considering the ultimate betrayal.
    Hours before Indiana polls closed Tuesday evening, when it was becoming clear that Trump was headed for a decisive win, some prominent Republicans were moving away from him. Mark Salter, John McCain’s former campaign speechwriter, signaled his support for Clinton via Twitter. Conservative pundit Ben Howe did the same.
    It may be just the beginning.

    “The hour of reckoning for the Never Trump movement is now before us,” said Steve Schmidt, the GOP strategist who ran McCain’s 2008 campaign. “There are scores of these people who say they’ll still support the GOP nominee. That has been an incongruent position for some time, but never more so than it is now.”
    Schmidt predicted that “a substantial amount of Republican officials who have worked in Republican administrations, especially on issues of defense and national security, will endorse Hillary Clinton in the campaign.”

    Trump is eager to unify the Republican Party. He saluted Cruz as a “great competitor” with a “brilliant future” just hours after suggesting that the Texas senator’s father was involved in the assassination of JFK and promising to “win big in November.” Just before Trump claimed victory, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus tweeted Tuesday night that it’s time to rally behind Trump and “focus on Hillary Clinton.”

    But party unity won’t be achieved with a tonal shift toward humility or a tweet. It may not be achieved at all.

    Cruz, in his farewell speech, didn’t mention Trump. Some Republican senators — Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Nebraska’s Ben Sasse — signaled Tuesday night that they remain opposed to a Trump candidacy. And Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, who backed Cruz just last week, “hasn’t made a decision” about backing Trump, according to a staffer. Like many in the #NeverTrump brigade, they’re thinking beyond November 2016, about the very survival of the Republican Party.
    “If we nominate Trump, [the party] is lost beyond this cycle. I think we lose women for a generation, in big numbers,” said Katie Packer, who served as Romney’s deputy campaign manager and now leads Our Principles super PAC, which spent $10 million in an effort to stop Trump.

    “There’s a feeling among Republican women that I talk to that the people who would nominate this guy don’t have any real respect for us as women — especially professional women. They would rather see us in a “Mad Men” era, where women knew their place and catered to their husband, cooked dinner and met their sexual obligations and didn’t have any other role in society. And there are other people who are supporting him because the guy’s a blatant racist and they identify with that.
    “So there’s a sense that, if this is who my party is, I don’t really identify with it anymore.”

    Read more:
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  81. I appreciate all the positive comments here this morning. I sent Hillary some more money yesterday. It is nice to feel that one is helping in some way. I found llast night frustrating, but it is true that if one does not watch the TV, it is better. I do want Hillary to continue with momentum and a good narrative. I am glad that Kentucky is a closed primary, maybe she can win that one. A few more wins would help the narrative. And then she can ignore Sanders, though the media will not

  82. “Hillary stumbled” from that article is beyond annoying. Nothing would have put Bernie away. He’s lost and lost and lost and has to get something like 99% of the remaining delegates to catch up. He has gotten wiped out time and again like last week and the fact that he’s able to fleece people out of their money is the reason why he won’t quit. It has nothing to do with Hillary at all.

  83. I think that Kasich will be the VP nominee. He really has not attacked Trump in this campaign. And getting out now also shows that he does not want an adversarial race with Trump. Trump will select him because he has significant Congressional experience, he makes Trump look somewhat more acceptable to Republican and Independent voters, and he is from a key Midwestern state. It’s obvious that Trump is going to run a campaign which pretends to be populist, promising to “bring jobs back from overseas,” and blaming trade deals for the outsourcing. Kasich probably voted for all the trade deals, but that won’t bother Trump. It would be nice if Kasich would turn it down; some Republicans would not get anywhere near Trump, but he is ambitious and likes the stage.

  84. CNN is talking that Gingrich might be a VP choice for Trump. I think Kasich is too mild mannered for Trump.

  85. Hillary needs a popular male that will be strong on the economy and bring back white working males.

  86. I don’t see Kasich as VP pick for Trump. First of all does Kasich want see his political career end? I think he wants to come back and run in the future and being Trump’s VP would be the end for him. There are plenty of other people probably willing and able that have the same experience as Kasich that don’t have a future in the GOP that would take the VP spot. I personally think Anne Coulter would be the perfect VP pick for Trump. Two foul mouthed idiots both very experienced at fleecing the rubes for money. It would be a virtual carnival show.

  87. Gingrich would actually be another good choice for Trump. It would be the perfect ticket of two mentally unstable old white guys.

  88. I don’t think Gingrich would add anything to Trump’s ticket.

    I also sent more money to Hillary last night. We have her back.

  89. Hillary will be on CNN at 2:00.

  90. Baltimore talk radio is mentioning Condi Rice. I actually think she would be a good choice for him. Don’t think she would do it.

  91. I don’t think that Rice would trash what’s left of her reputation by teaming up with Trump.

  92. Rice would be insane to agree to be Trump’s running mate.

  93. Both Trump and Gingrich have been married three times so there’d be a certain symmetry to the ticket.

  94. Actually, the best choice from the media’s perspective would be Ted Cruz. Every time Cruz outlined a position, Trump would say, “Well, don’t worry about what Lyin’ Ted said, my position is completely different than that.” And then Cruz could say, “Donald is a pathological liar, so if he says that what I say is a lie, he actually means that it is the truth.” It would be like one of those logic puzzles that you see in magazines.

  95. Condi Rice after Trump trashed her? I can’t see her taking it even if it was offered. I mean if she wouldn’t take it with McCain I don’t think she would ever consider taking it with Trump.

  96. Suck on this Sanders

    Clinton up by 28 in New Jersey, a state that’s pretty similar to Maryland (where she won by 30)

    Clinton 60
    Sanders 32

  97. Does Trump skin bleach all around his eyes? His undereye and eyelid area, all up to his eyebrows are unnaturally white. Makes him look corpse like. I know this is a goofy question, but every time I see him I wonder about it.

  98. Moononpluto, I hope Clinton does great in NJ… but Maryland is not “a state that’s pretty similar to Maryland”. 😉

  99. I actually watched Hillary on cnn and she was great! It was too short.

  100. socalannie, I noticed that too. I think he uses a tanning booth or uses self tanner.

  101. I have a real problem with Bernie saying Hillary shows poor judgement when apparently his own wife has shown some poor judgement of her own. I know we should not talk about the spouses but nobody minds bringing up Bill Clinton so google Jane Sanders and bank fraud. it needs to get out there. The self righteous hypocrite.

  102. I’m guessing the RNC had “the talk” with Kasich……wish the DNC would do like wise with the stubborn old goat.

  103. I think DumpTruck wears eye makeup.

  104. The white around Trump’s eyes are due to protective goggles he wears in the tanning bed, perfecting his patented shade of tangerine.

  105. Hillary whallops Trump stabbed by their own words.

  106. Check out Fredster’s Hitler/ Bernie movie at The Widdershins.

  107. (I think you’re supposed to cover your eyes in tanning beds, since the UV is fairly strong and potentially damaging if you open your eyes every so often. Presto! Raccoon face.)

    I’m actually kind of surprised, even given that he’s a made-for-TV carnival barker, that he’d be bothering at 69. Surely he knows by now that with his kind of lumpy underdone pie face nothing can help him. Plus the orange hair on the pie doesn’t improve matters.

  108. He looks like an oompa loompa……

  109. moononpluto, on May 4, 2016 at 3:08 PM said:

    Hillary whallops Trump stabbed by their own words.

    That ad is GREAT! Love the carnival music to go with it.

  110. Plus the orange hair on the pie doesn’t improve matters.


  111. I’m currently looking @ Bernie as a kind of nail fungus..irritating and won’t go away. It needs the light of day but the optics are too disgusting. I feel like we have no choice but to let Bernie and his minions have their temper tantrums ( or have their voices heard,you choose) in the upcoming primaries..maybe once they’re done venting they’ll wake up and realize they need to vote for Hillary to save this country..or not. I’m only concerned about their influence in the swing states and hey,as far as I know there weren’t any Dems burning their voter registrations today.
    Again,death throes are never pretty to witness. I’m saving my anger @ Bernie and his campaign for when he has to repay those illegal contributions. 🙂 Paybacks are a word that starts w/B for those who resemble words that start w/P’s.

  112. Why doesn’t somebody tell him how bad that fake tan looks and how BRIGHT that Effing dead squirrel on his head looks.

  113. Been very busy readying a house for sale.Play nice by yourselves

    Imust, Sophie, we had someone in moderation since around 2 PM. If you would just check to see if anyone is in the PENDING tab it would make people feel a bit more welcome, because I wasn’t here most of today. Of course you two were probably at work all day, so….

  114. Sandy, I apologize for your appearance in the comment section taking so long! Welcome! New people go to moderation so as to protect ourselves from barn animals. I hope you are not gone and that you understand.

  115. Donald clearly uses spray tan.

  116. Nobody with a modicum of dignity will be Trump’s VP choice. Such people will run from him like their hair is on fire.

  117. Plus the orange hair on the pie doesn’t improve matters.

    Did someone mention PIE? 🙂

    Sorry Uppity, I was a work, just got home. After June 13th or so, I’ll be around more. Welcome Sandy!

    Nobody with a modicum of dignity will be Trump’s VP choice. Such people will run from him like their hair is on fire.

    Maybe Carly will be his VP, she doesn’t seem to have any dignity! But really, isn’t Chrispy Creame going to be his VP pick?

  118. i am still here and I completely understand that you have a process. No worries. I was volunteering in a local Hillary office here in PA and we had our share of nuts. the joke was on them though. we helped deliver PA to Hillary

  119. Not confirmed yet but I was just reading that Bernie just lost 2 superdelegates to Clinton, he’s down to 39…..hows that working out for you Bernie?

  120. I thought that he had 39 . I wonder who defected. If true, this is sending a strong message. Hard ball.

  121. Too bad for Bernie. Time to bow out gracefully but he won’t.

  122. SDs generally shift to the presumptive candidate. If she wipes him in one more good state, they will jump off his wagon like it’s the Titanic.

  123. YAYYYYYYYY PA. That was a good one!

    Welcome aboard Sandy

  124. Yeah imust, I remember well those Summer mental days for teachers. Time to go find all the marbles and pick them up ! You hardly even care that you’re unemployed because you need the rest.

  125. Nobody with a modicum of dignity will be Trump’s VP choice. Such people will run from him like their hair is on fire.

    Uppity, I love you but you seriously overestimate some people. All of the guys he treated like shit would do it. Especially Chris Christie – in a New Jersey minute.

  126. Loved the Clinton camp ad about Bernie! So funny!

    Welcome Sandy!

  127. Is it me, or is Trump’s Pompadon’t getting thinner and thinner?

  128. I thought it strange Cruz dropped out. Now we know why….God help us if this happens:

  129. Small reality check. There is more you can do to help others than just your vote:

  130. Uppity, I love you but you seriously overestimate some people. All of the guys he treated like shit would do it. Especially Chris Christie – in a New Jersey minute.

    But Sophie, I said No One With A Modicum of Dignity would do it.

  131. Seriously, I don’t know where he’ll get a running mate. Yesterday I said Condi Roce would be insane to take it, but, actually, anyone would be.

    Yesterday evening, I broke my cable news boycott just to see what was being fed to the masses. CNN is unbelievable. Literally. They hold Hillary to the usual standards (or higher)for presidential candidates while praising Trump’s “authenticity” in saying all that crazy shit which Hillary’s video runs through so well. According to CNN, voters just love the Donald because he’s not politically correct. As if you’re just being politically correct by not saying racist and sexist things! MSNBC was even more absurd. Who can possibly take these people seriously? I’m back on boycott. Cable news is toxic and hazardous to your health.

    Good luck with the house, Up!

  132. Thanks Rebel. It’s a slog, geeze. So much work

    Hey, a lot of Republican for Hillary twitter accounts out there. I read where the conservatives are considering a third party run. That would be GREAT for us.

  133. I’m gonna go donate to Hillary. She’s going to need $$ to fight two assholes at once.

  134. GOP unity my ass… we go

    Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) is calling for a third-party presidential candidate to emerge, saying there is no reason to believe that either of the two national front-runners “believe in limiting anything about DC’s power.”

    The conservative senator late Wednesday issued the call in a letter on Facebook to “the majority of Americans” who wonder why the U.S. “can’t find a healthy leader who can take us forward together.”

    “With Clinton and Trump, the fix is in. Heads, they win; tails, you lose. Why are we confined to these two terrible options? This is America. If both choices stink, we reject them and go bigger,” Sasse wrote.

    “Why shouldn’t America draft an honest leader who will focus on 70% solutions for the next four years? You know…an adult?” Sasse added.

    Sasse envisions a candidate who hasn’t spent their life in politics, “either buying politicians or being bought.” He also wants a candidate to serve for only one term “as a care-taker problem-solver for this messy moment.”

  135. Like I said, that’s great for us. Splits up R votes. I say let em go for it.

  136. I know selling a house is a shit ton of work, Up. Been there; done that. You have my sympathies!

  137. It’s especially good for us if Bernie decides to do the same.

  138. Sasse is a literal nut. Trump has not been in politics ever and he’s saying he wants someone who’s not been in politics? He’s another example of how wacko the GOP is these days.

  139. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if John Boehner was Trump’s running mate. They would be able to counter all political attacks as being bigoted against orange people. How about the New Republican Party is now the Oompa Loompa Party. LOL!!!

  140. For what it’s worth…

    [big snip]

    Sanders’s next move will also tell us which side he falls on in the debate that’s raging about how parties should work. If the purpose of parties is to let elites nominate the most ideologically reliable candidate who can unite the party and win in November, then it makes sense for party leaders to eliminate the risk of division. But if there is real value in letting voters — all primary voters — have a voice in the party’s decision, then party leaders may want to ride out a long primary season. Because the evidence about the impact of a divisive primary is inconclusive, the stakes of this tradeoff aren’t quite clear.

  141. I must agree that the cable networks are awful in their coverage. One wants to watch, but you always come away being upset. Jeff Weaver is on virtually every hour, for some reason. The “panels” that they have on CNN consist of four Republicans who take every shot at Hillary they can, and then on the “Democratic side,” they have a ridiculous Sanders supporter who also attacks Hillary, a writer from the Atlantic, who probably is a Sanders supporter and who has worried for months that “Hillary might shift back to the center once she gets the nomination,” and then the token Hillary supporter who usually gets cut off in mid-setence. And then this daily weird analysis of how Sanders “might” have a path to the nomination, though it would be difficult.

    What is the media’s motivation? Simply to defeat Hillary? To try to get this race so close that people are glued to their sets every day? To do everything they can to help Trump because he is a ratings bonanza for them? To once again, for the tenth or so time in a row, cover “the race” 24 hours a day, but completely ignore the actual issues, because they are too complex and boring for them and the viewers? What else will they have in store for us as “the race” continues? What phony scandals, or fixating on an errant phrase, or captioned misrepresentations of what was actually said? It takes a certain kind of mentality to have blanket coverage of an election year, and never discuss any of the actual issues which ultimately matter to the people voting. So for that one must give the media a kind of perverse credit. Frankly, I would love to see Hillary get rid of all of these people, but she is not a would-be dictator, that is the other candidate.

  142. Interesting odds being posted on the VP picks. For the Republicans, Kasich is the favorite at 3-1. Christie second at 4-1, then Susana Martinez third at 7-1. For the Democrats, Julian Castro a substantial favorite at 5-2. Tim Kaine second at something like 7-2. No one else really close. Sherrod Brown 10-1. Elizabeth Warren 7-1.

    I’m disappointed in those odds, because while they are not necessarily predictions, they are done with some knowledge of the situation. I have read for months that Hillary had already decided on Castro. Of course she has not, but he seems to be a legitimate favorite. I do not really understand why, not based on anything I have heard from him, but of course we have to defer to Hillary to make the best choice. Yesterday in the interview with Anderson Cooper, she said that the most important criterion was someone who could immediately step in if necessary. Whether or not Castro could, I don’t think that the voters would be all that confident. If Trump does pick Kasich, I do think that Hillary needs someone from the Midwest, preferably Brown. I guess that Kaine, from Virginia, would be okay, though not exciting at all. As much as I do not really warm to Warren in general, she would certainly galvanize voters. But I don’t see why in the world she would want to be VP for eight years, just as I don’t think that Brown would, unfortunately.

  143. It’s kinda weird for me, some of these people that I have hated for 8 years are now itching to fight FOR Hillary….

    Reid spoiling for a fight with Trump

    Harry Reid is set to reprise his role as the top Democratic attack dog in a presidential election, focusing on what he calls an “anti-woman, anti-Hispanic billionaire” Donald Trump nomination.
    The Senate minority leader launched a series of rhetorical broadsides against Trump on Thursday afternoon on a conference call ostensibly about the Supreme Court vacancy. But Reid spent most of the time tossing bombs at Trump, adding that he would “certainly hope” that he can use his prominent position — and unfiltered insults — to badger Trump on a daily basis. In many respects, it would be a reprise of what he did to Mitt Romney in 2012 and the Koch brothers in 2014.
    Story Continued Below

    “Trump is the leader that the Republican party deserves,” Reid said. “It’s a sad day to Republicans when they decide to bow to Trump.”
    Reid said Thursday he will target Trump over his tax returns and business dealings — just as he did to Romney. Trump has resisted releasing his tax returns, which he says are currently being audited, something Reid said was “wrong” and a “diversion.”
    The Nevada senator is not running for reelection, meaning he has little worry about upsetting a potential working relationship with a President Trump or alienating homestate swing voters. That means he’ll be talking about Trump’s businesses “scamming everyday Americans” for the next six months with little fear of political consequences.
    “He’s the definition of a man who was born on third and thinks he hit a triple,” Reid said of Trump. “By nominating Trump I guess it’s a natural evolution for a party defining itself on what it’s against: Anti-immigration, anti-woman, anti-Obama, anti-working people.”
    The spontaneous politician has actually compared himself to Trump in the past, given their propensity for controversial comments and hurling insults at political opponents. Trump has even given Reid money in the past.

    Read more:

  144. William, Kasich is smarter than to be on a ticket with Trump. They already mentioned Haley and she outright said no, she would not do it even if she was asked. Anybody who wants to have some kind of future in the GOP is going to stay away from that toxic Trump ticket. You see how being a losing VP candidate worked out for Ryan and he was the bottom of a ticket that’s not nearly as bad as it would be with Trump. Trump will probably end up with someone like Carly or Christie who has no future in GOP politics anyway. As for Hillary I’m warming to the idea of Tom Perez.

  145. Trump may as well just give up….

  146. The imagery is literally WTF

  147. OMG, moon. My first thought is that real is or is that an onion parody? Unfortunately it seems like it is real.

  148. Twitter is up in flames about it…he even walled off his mexican food….honestly, he’s going to get 1% of the hispanic vote at this rate.

  149. Judging by the things i’m seeing on twitter……a GOP 3rd party looks like it is forthcoming.

  150. Ga6thDem, those are certainly good points. although Ryan is now arguably the most powerful Republican officeholder in the country, and probably the favorite as the nominee in 2020. But yes, it’s one thing to defend Romney, even poorly, and another to side with Trump. Christie could well be the obvious choice, because he’d take it. Trump is a showman, always touting the biggest and the best in things. So I think he will try to make a splash pick of some sort, even if out of the political arena. I figured that outside of every one else imploding, Kasich was essentially running for VP all along, but you may be right, not on this kind of ticket. As a longshot possibility, I would say Susana Martinez, who might be seen to deflect the charges of sexism and racism. Hopefully none of these will take it.

  151. how will a GOP 3rd party effect Hillary?

  152. That photo of Trump is just –yuck. The GOP third party sounds great…but what if that inspires Birdie to also make an independent run, and then what if none of the four get the required amount, and then the House picks the prez? I think Hillary will do fine if its her against Trump, and a lot of repubs will vote for her.

  153. She’d win easily in a 3 way with 2 gopers.

  154. Wow…..

    Breaking — @SpeakerRyan tells @CNN he cannot endorse/support @realDonaldTrump right now —

  155. Moononpluto, that would be quite something. Hard for me to believe, but maybe they figure that they can do better downticket this has been suggested that they hope to throw the election into the House, but that would seem very unlikely, unless Sanders runs as another party. But this would bring out Republicans who might stay home, and thus help them in Senate and House races.

  156. You CAN’T AND CAN Make this stuff up!

    No. 1: Donald Trump is eating a taco salad on top of a bikini-clad photo of his ex-wife, Marla Maples. (and who knows what other pressing reading material)!

    No. 2: A Buzzfeed reporter says Trump Grill employer told him they
    don’t serve taco bowls, not on the menu!

    No. 3: Next up Trump: Happy Juneteenth. The best fried chicken is made in Trump Tower Grill. I love the blacks! (my made up quote)

  157. 1 GOP runs as an independent, would split the Rethug vote and it would help Hillary.

    If Bernie did it, it would hurt Hillary. That’s why Trump keeps telling the Sandcrab to run as an Indie.

  158. The conservative Rethugs are probably really depressed, just like we were after the 2008 convention.

  159. To uplift your spirits:

  160. To lift your spirits:

  161. Sorry, Upps. hiccup in the system. Please remove one of the above. Thanks.

  162. Trump is quite the panderer it seems. As much as he talks about other people pandering, he is quite the expert at it.

  163. “Looks like I’m #45”

    That is great Voting!

  164. I agree Hillary will win whether she faces Trump + “other rethug”, or just Trump. What concerns me is if Bernie runs as an indy, not that he would beat her, just that he would dilute the electoral pool. I’m guessing that if Bernie does do an indy run the dems will unleash the hounds of hell on him and drop all of their oppo research on him onto the public. They haven’t laid a finger on him so far.

  165. Hello Uppityites! I sent this link to Upps in a tweet and she asked me put it up here on the blog to share with y’all. My first attempt at one of these. Hope y’all find it amusing. Prolix over at TW decided on a take from The Producers and he called it Springtime for Bernie.

  166. I love all of these Hitler political videos.Thanks for posting.

  167. GOP imploding

  168. Bernie’s hero lol

  169. “The two of them together, don’t make a good imbecile. ” Loved the lines about divorcing Jane and getting lucky with SS. Great job, Fredster.

  170. Bernie can’t run as an Independent, he’d get crushed by the court, just like that clown Gary Johnson did, due to

  171. Paul Ryan came out before ever meeting Trump and gave him a political kick in the ass.

    The FBI said they are winding down the Hillary email snipe hunt and have found she has done nothing harmful, will still interview her in the future.

  172. Bernie is not going to run as an independent because he doesn’t have the money to run. As it is he’s probably going to have to work to pay off campaign debt. He himself said the reason he didn’t run as an independent was because of money. He would have to give up all his lavish perks running as an independent and I don’t think he wants to do that.

    I don’t know if Trump would pick someone like Susanna Martinez but she’s on tape drunk cursing out the police. Maybe that would make Trump like her more and choose her for VP but I can’t imagine she’d do much to help him with voters.

  173. Thanks for the compliments y’all. I’ve had the link to create one of those things for awhile – just had to root around and find it, create the clip and get it on youtube.

    I have a feeling that between Bernie, Jane, Donald and some others there will be more Hitler clips coming.

  174. Excellent, Fredster!!

  175. The more I see of Drumpf in the Rust Belt, I more I think it’s necessary for Hillary to pick Sherrod Brown as her VP choice.
    Yes, I live in Ohio but, believe me, I’d hate to lose him in the Senate.
    He would really help with blue collar white men.

  176. Sweet Sue I think Perez would do the same. He’s the Secretary of Labor and checks a lot of boxes. That is why I have been warming to the idea of him being VP.

  177. Fredster, didn’t realize you made that clip…great job!

    One suggestion, don’t make the dialogue as long, we have to read really fast before the clip moves on, and not enough time to watch some of the video.

    Hope you put something in one about PUMAs that have been waiting since 2008 for Hillary to run for President again. 😉

  178. Trump is telling the people of WV tonight to not to bother voting in the GOP primary on Tuesday and insinuating that they should go vote in the Dem one instead.

    I told you this would happen, this is why the DNC must push Sanders out now.

    So independents will go now and vote in the Dem primary to swing results….and you wonder why we want closed primaries.

  179. Let’s get realistic here. Exactly how do you all think the DNC is going to push Bernie out?

  180. She has the nomination even if she lost every single primary from now on. I guess we worry about the “narrative” because we know how much the media influences opinion. I think we worry that if she gets the nomination, but with an * that she will be tainted for the general. I guess we have to have faith in the people who brought her this far. It hasn’t been white male…’s POC. African Americans, Latinos, etc. They must hold, they must vote.
    Ironically, we are pinning our hopes on the “Obama coalition” that was “cobbled together” in 2008.

  181. “It is Hillary Clinton’s Destiny to Defeat Donald Trump”

    By Tom Junod

    Part I

    “Okay, maybe you’re not so excited that Hillary Clinton is running for president. After all, she’s been around for a long time, there’s always some kind of controversy swirling around her, she’s no spring chicken, she’s married to Bill, she wears those jackets, she’s got that midwestern accent, plus she’s so serious and wonky all the time. What’s left to be said? You’ve already made up your mind about her. She might not be as crazy as those guys on the other side—but that doesn’t mean that you have to be happy about the prospect of another President Clinton.

    But what if the story isn’t about what you know but rather about what you don’t? Politicians always say that “there’s never been more at stake in an election”—when it happens to be the election in which they’re running.

    But what if, this time out, that’s true? What if this is, like, it, the main event, the conclusion of a long-running series, the climax of a nearly metaphysical battle that started before most people had ever heard of her? Think of a story you read once upon a time in which someone is selected for a fate more profound than anybody suspects—think Harry Potter but with Hermione, the grind, the perpetual A student, as the one scarred by the Dark Lord’s lightning. Sure, Hillary Clinton is an unlikely prospect for such a heroine. She’s so familiar. What she says might change but she’s always the same. But you’ve read the books. If a person seems to be an unlikely fulcrum for forces much larger than herself, that only means…she is.”


  182. When you called them barn animals, you were being to kind. They’re beyond feral.

  183. Things are getting scarier by the minute
    El Perro(y) is endorsing Trump and considers himself candidate for VP…

  184. imust, the 2008/2012 Obama Coalition was:
    The people for whom Obama was first choice and Hillary was second
    The people for whom Hillary was first choice and Obama was second
    Anti-Hillary Firebaggers (Nutroots, MoveOn, Sirota, Sarandon, etc. )
    This year’s Obama Coalition is the first two.

  185. Trixta thank you for posting that link to the Esquire article. Eventhough it originally appeared in the feb 2016 edition it really addresses today’s reality of why Hillary Clinton must win. And why she’s the best candidate for the job. Actually at this point she really is the Democratic Nominee whether she wants to call herself that or not.

    Again good read!

  186. defections

  187. Trump is no economic genius….

  188. Okay, maybe I’m getting old, or maybe I like my music just a little too loud, but I’ll be damned if I could hear what that protester was saying. It sounded to me like “Hillary killed pizza.” Can anyone help an aging head-banger out here?

  189. So Trump’s economic plan for the country is to declare bankruptcy? Basically his business plan for Trump enterprises.

  190. Moononpluto, it seems that the Libertarian Party is the only party, besides the RNC and DNC, that is on the ballot in all 50 states. If a third party candidate emerges he/she would find being a Libertarian the best shot. Matalin is now the only Libertarian talking head that CNN and MSNBC can hire. She will rake it in. Or maybe, hopefully, there is already a person ready to go for it. The Libertarian convention is May 26-30 in Orlando.

  191. jules9164, she was yelling “Hillary killed Berta.” It seems that Hillary while working as the agent of Obama as Secretary of State of the US, made the mistake of supporting democracy in Honduras. The result was a democratic election that was won by Zelaya. Berta Cáceres (an environmentalist and rights activist) was later murdered. The crime was not solved, but of course Hillary did it. Not Obama, but Hillary.

  192. Thanks Honora for both the translation and the backstory.

  193. Hillary is going to be in Oakland, CA this afternoon. I hope it goes better than yesterday in East LA, where the protestors disrupted her speech after 13 minutes. They were a combination of black lives matter and Bernie supporters

  194. DNC should tell him to go fuck himself, seriously they need to shut him down because he is determined to create all sorts of shit.
    Seriously read the whole article and Sanders threats.


    Bernie Sanders is accusing Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of trying to tip the party convention in Hillary Clinton’s favor, saying the chairwoman has packed the committees with Clinton supporters.

    In a letter to the chairwoman, Sanders noted that of the 45 names he submitted to Democratic National Convention committees, Wasserman Schultz appointed only three.

    “I believe the composition of the standing committees must reflect the relative support that has been received by both campaigns,” Sanders wrote in the letter dated May 6. “That was why I was so disappointed to learn that of the over forty people our campaign submitted at your request you chose to select only three of my recommendations for the three standing committees. Moreover, you did not assign even on of the people submitted by our campaign to the very important Rules Committee of the Democratic National Convention.”

    Sanders said that if the disagreement over convention committee appointments is not resolved, he would have his delegates move to change the platform on the floor of the convention.

    “It is my hope we can quickly resolve this in a fair way,” Sanders wrote. “If the process is set up to produce an unfair, one-sided result, we are prepared to mobilize our delegates to force as many votes as necessary to amend the platform and rules on the floor of the convention.”

    Read more:

  195. Obama says the process should play out re Sanders, but delegate math, “I think everybody knows what that math is”

    …….a bit of a subtle hint there Bernie.

  196. Moon, the letter from Sanders sounded threatening. For someone who wasn’t even a Democrat until last year and has a long history of denigrating both parties, he is unrealistic in his expectations for support from the party. I don’t think I could ever vote for him. He is a full blown hypocrite.

  197. The responsibility for reining in his asshole supporters and unifying the convention is BS’s and his alone. He lost. BADLY, if you look at the metrics. Even left wing thugs trying to hijack the party couldn’t do it. Now he wants to have some huge role at the convention. The sense of entitlement is breathtaking. The DNC invited him in and will now have to live with the consequences of their error. The time to tell him to eff off was when he first began making noises about running as a Dem.

  198. Moon, Wow, Wow. What part of you didn’t win. Losers are not in a position to make demands does Bernie not understand. The Platform is Hillary’s to choose. She’s the winner. This is not unusual. That is why the millennials flock to him. They all recognize in each other just what special snowflakes they all are.

    Bernie, no you don’t get a trophy just for showing up.

  199. Even if all of Bernies delegates were mobilized, they would still be outnumbered by Hillary’s delegates. But, it has the potential for creating chaos and increasing the divisiness between the two sides. I think he wants this for his political revolution.

  200. When I got to work earlier, I got an email that Hillary is going to be in the Bay Area. I signed up right away, left work and am getting ready to go and see her for the FIRST time! I am so excited I am almost sick to my stomach. It will be in a small school, so hopefully I will be able to get close to her.

    I’ll report back.

  201. What these Bernie fools just ignore is that most of us Hillary supporters are older, this isn’t our first time to the show. We may be silent compared to his loons but we are the majority and we let our support show through our voting. The Hillary supporters will be there at the convention and they will greatly out number the Bernie fools. Bernie thinks that using these fascist/dictator despot tactics will “gift” him the nomination, but in reality all he is doing is ruining himself and his supporters. Originally, I was worried that Bernie was pulling Hillary too far to the left for my liking, but the longer this goes on the worst this “far left” looks to the majority of Democrats and the general population.

    They are truly showing themselves to be just as dangerous as Donald Trump, since they believe they can impose their will on the majority of us just because they think they know what is best.

  202. Honora, If Hillary killed Pizza that would truly start a revolution!!!

  203. At least the people who disrupted rallies in the ’60’s had the Vietnam War as a cause. Now we have people who just like to feel important, and get themselves on television. I’m afraid we are going to see this throughout the campaign. Even if the people are removed, they’ve gotten their attention. Most of the life of the country today is about getting attention, going viral, all of that. Jennifer Egan is not my favorite novelist, but she did one great thing, which was to write a book with the title, “Look At Me.” That summarizes most of it, from Jenner, to the Kardashians, to the rude and utterly selfish interrupting of speeches, to all the people who make up career titles like “Life Coach and Multimedia Synergy Analyst,” to taking “selfies” every minute of every day.

  204. BS’s tactic seems to be to do something illegal or unethical, then when he is caught out on it, ignore it completely and falsely and loudly accuse Hillary of doing it instead. The illegal campaign contributions are one good example, but there are so many others.

    There are *90 pages* of illegal donors listed in one FEC letter alone, with the childishly obvious mechanism behind that false but famous “$27 donation” exposed on almost every page, and yet all you hear from BS and his supporters are completely unfounded accusations that -she- is laundering money.

    I expect to hear bro’shrieks anytime now is that Hillary is trying to override convention delegate selection. As long as the media let him get away with this kind of thing, he’ll keep doing it.

  205. You’re welcome, flvoter (May 6, 2016 at 7:09 AM)!

    I’m glad you and others enjoyed the link to the ESQUIRE article. I must say, I think HRC’s heroic destiny is to tackle sexism and misogyny specifically rather than the far right per se (which will never go away) . But those in the far right are not the only ones guilty of sexism and misogyny. Indeed, we all know how the Left savaged HRC (& Palin) in 2008 and are still doing it today.

    Also, you’re right about the original date of the article. Oh, I forgot to mention that I first saw it posted on Dakinikat’s blog . (She used to post at The Confluence, but after a spat left to form her own blog supporting the Dem nominee in 2008. So glad her site is supporting HRC rather than the zombie Bernie. )

  206. All those nuts showing up screaming nonsense at Hillary are doing is destroying anything that they hope for. The more and more they show up the more and more Bernie looks like a piece of trash.

  207. trixta, I remember the Confluence and the groups that broke off from that blog. Kinda sad how that all went down in 2008. If memory serves me correctly, Dakinikat became an Obama supporter, Riverdaughter seemed not to favor anyone and later appeared to support OWS, and Myiq2xu is now what appears to be a Republican but says he is an independent.

    None of those really represent what I believe. I was never an Obama supporter, I never backed OWS and I am definitely not a Republican.

  208. Since that Pizza comment early today, I am totally having Pizza tonight. .. and lots and lots of wine.

  209. I am not really concerned at Bernie’s screaming mobs against Hillary. They are always a minority. Personally, I really dislike the crazy type of protesters trying to silence or disrupt political speech. This country has a history of respecting political speech. That is the “market place of ideas.” competing ideas need to be heard. You want to protest go ahead but you can’t do it to the extent that it silences the political speaker. I think that what bothers me so much about Bernie is his lack of respect for political speech. That is probably the most damaging aspect of his campaign, since it damages our democracy. This shows that Bernie and his minions are fascists and dictators at heart. Their revolution is about intimidating, threatening, and bullying others into silence.

  210. None of those really represent what I believe. I was never an Obama supporter, I never backed OWS and I am definitely not a Republican.

    What is OWS? TC got me through a tough time in ’08. I was a hard-core PUMA, which put me at odds with most of my friends. It was the only place I could find anyone who got me. But after the election things shifted and I no longer felt comfortable there. I bounced around other blogs until I finally gave up. Does anyone know what happened to Gary and Mawm?

    I’m just happy I wandered over here on that one day I thought BS was going to drive me up a wall.

  211. Julies, I believe OWS is Occupy Wall Street.

  212. Julies, I had a similar experience, but I did comment here in 08. But I was mostly at the Confluence. I needed to drop out for a few years to find my center again. I stopped any online life for years until I “re-discovered” UW and I am so glad I did.

  213. love it, grumpy, angry, argumentative

  214. Tonight, I am going to see Hillary in SF. It is a fundraiser and I was able to get one of the less expensive tickets. I am really excited! Diane Feinstein, Cheryl Strayed, and Elizabeth Banks will also be there. I have never seen Hillary in person, so I am very excited! Hopefully, there won’t be any protesters. Seems like a low key event.

  215. Yeah well we’re glad you rediscovered us too FLVoter. And you too Julies!

  216. Yep on OWS. Twinkles Up !

  217. I’m a Widdershins fan myself. Madamab is my blog wife. And of course there’s our own Fredster. Tickled pink when Prolix comes by too.

  218. trixta and flvoter, SkyDancing has never, ever been for Sanders. (shudders) I do a lot of blog-hanging-out time there. Everyone there is a strong Hillary supporter. Most of us have been around since before ’08.

    I think over Obama’s first term there was some grudging acceptance of him, but we all knew that Our Girl would have done everything much better. In ’12 it was obvious Romney was an even worse choice than McCain was in ’08. Sure, against the Republicans, we support Obama. He has grown during his terms. . .but he’s still nothing like Hills.

    Not sure I can remember what my blogname was prior to ’08. I was PumaInSeattle for a while in ’08 — then some of the that crowd started turning Republican, which I cannot do –, and changed to my current name ’09-ish.

  219. Really excited for (and jealous of) those folks getting to see Hillary in Calif soon!

  220. NES better get over here, because I’ll bet she will go to one of those cool house fund raisers.

  221. Thank you to all who welcomed me. I have not been around because the computer was acting up. it is fixed now. so I am back. Love this place.

  222. Glad to see you, Sandy. Sometimes we party, sometimes we complain. Just like home.

  223. River daughter was a strong supporter of HRC in 2008, and she supports her today.
    She doesn’t dislike Bernie as much as we do.

  224. Flvoter, NW Luna, Julies, your blog history is how I remember it too. For me, the memory of how it all went down in 2008+, felt like a wound that would never heal. I must confess, I carried a lot of anger for waaaaayy tooooo looooonnng!! Finally, over a year ago I said enough! Although I won’t ever forget 2008 (and the ensuing 8 years) I’ve decided to shift into a more forgiving mood (which has been better for my health and sanity). At least, that is what I strive for everyday. But, I’m definitely a work in progress in that regard. So those who are now or still for HRC, I accept as allies during this election cycle. I’m just sad about those who no longer support her, but, hey, everyone has to go his/her own way.

    Glad to see so many of us reunited here at Uppity’s. Thank you, Upps!

  225. Now the Barn Animals are screaming and cursing at children who were waiting in line to see Hillary in California and made one of them cry. Bernie has go to go. He’s not denouncing these people.

  226. It’s been a long time in the Wilderness for many of us PUMAs. I,too,was only able to deal w/my anger because of sites like UW,Confluence and Still4Hill. A wonderful public service you all and many thanks for all the hours you and your bloggers put in to keep us sane,informed and hopeful.

    I sometimes wonder if the media people of the early 20th century looked back on their role in the rise of Hitler and regretted it. The media better start doing a better job evaluating their role in the rise of Trump BEFORE he ends up their president, as well as ours.May make for fun TV,but not so good with the whole life thing. I used to frequently tell my interns that they shouldn’t wait around for people to be rational…most of the time they’re not..or merely engaging in their own idea of rational.

    You know,were I a member of the Bush family I believe I’d tell Trump that I’d love to support him,but I’m feeling pretty low energy these days.

  227. Well, I am waiting for the event to start . It was a clusterf**** outside. Protesters across the street with bullhorns, yelling obscenities, giving everyone the finger. Lots of angry people. Quite a bit of security to get in. Lines around the block. I’m in SF.

  228. @ Ga6thdem, here’s a video of the Bernie Bros screaming profanities at a little kid. Mocking him for crying! I hope Birdgal’s event isn’t like this!

  229. When your candidate channels and stokes generalized anger, this is what almost inevitably happens. This is particularly true when most of your supporters are immature adolescents. And when they get on TV, and get to be the lead story of the day, and can show all their friends on Twitter or wherever, it further encourages them. And when your candidate complains about every result where he loses, sues his current Party, claims that the convention is rigged, just like he rails that the economy is rigged, it is almost a call to arms to these people. Radicals and would-be totalitarians very often create this kind of escalating violence, and then stand back and say, “I didn’t support any of that. People are just angry and frustrated.”

  230. Oh wow, I am so glad that many of our California gals are seeing Hillary today.

    I finally got to see Hillary at a small event in Oakland. She was only on stage for an hour, and we stood in line for hours and stood in the auditorium another hour before Boxer came on an introduced Hillary.
    I ended up with six women, that I met on the way there…we all ended up on stage and were a strong group of die-hard supporters.

    Hillary was beautiful and much stronger and confident in person.

    After she was through talking, a large group of us up on stage made a mad dash to shake her hand. As she came down the line, behind a flag covered little fence, I held out my hand until she grabbed it. I smiled at her and the young guy next to me asked to take a selfie with her. I didn’t let go of her hand while she was taking the photo. Then when finished she just looked at me, I gave her hand a gentle squeeze and told her how proud I am of her. She just looked at me for the longest time and quietly said, “Thank you.” with a big smile. I smiled back and we let go of each others hands.

    This is what I needed and have waited for for so many long years.

    She is my hero.

  231. Thank you for sharing that Shadow. Tears are running down my face now.

  232. What an awesome story Shadfax! I’m so happy for you! I hope everyone’s experience is as beautiful as yours😙

  233. WoW Shadow!!!!! You are my hero!!!! Wow how exciting!

  234. julies9164,

    Gary and Mawm’s blog “Electric Blues’ went invitation only after 2009 or so. It’s apparently still here

    I remember one of their last posts was about a gay couple’s house that had been burned to the ground in Henderson. It didn’t look as though law enforcement was going to do anything about it.

    Given what the rabid Republicans have been doing with their absolute control of the government here, I’m sure it’s only gotten worse since then.

  235. Thanks for your kind word Ga6th, Goofsmom and imust!

    I was actually thinking of all of us women that have been waiting so long for this brilliant, hard working woman to get back in the fight again.

    I thought instead of just being another person that keeps asking more from her, she needed to hear how proud all of us are at what she has done and that she is more than just a politician to many of us.

    We are both Scorpios and I needed to share a brief moment in time with her.

    Mission accomplished. 😉

  236. I’m glad your experience in SF was so positive Shadow! I’m sorry to see what went on down here in the southern part of the state. So much hatred Bernie has bred. Look at this photo. The guy on the right holding the sign has soooo much rage. It’s raw misogyny captured in one photo.

  237. Here is the entire video of the “free hugs” gentleman. I have much respect for his efforts to keep the peace across the board.

  238. Imust

    There were two protesters at our rally in Oakland today. They were two young women that pretended to be Hillary supporters, up on stage with about 40 of us, holding a Hillary sign and all. I think they came in fairly late, and tried to blend in with the group. Near the end of Hillary’s speech, one of them started yelling at Hillary.

    Well let me tell ya, she picked the wrong crowd to go all batshit on Hillary.

    The women and men I was with did everything in their power to shut her the Hell up, and if she didn’t…she was about to get tossed off of the stage we were on. We all chanted “H i l l a r y” over and over, so she couldn’t be heard. We were really loud. Even Barbara Boxer turned to face us and cheered us on, joining in the Hillary chant.

    Then a few minutes later, the homely woman next to her started shouting and we shut her down immediately.

    Hillary just let us deal with it, and continued on with her talk.

    We were not going to have these two idiots ruin our rally.

    There were a few protesters outside while we were in line. I yelled at them to get lost and go back to Bernie’s rallies, others joined in with me…and they left.

    After being in Denver in 2008, I don’t allow any of their bullshit when it comes to our girl.

  239. Great job Shadow! I wish you’d been at the LA rally. Here’s more:

  240. A little night music from JLo showing that SHE’SWithHer.

  241. imusthaveHillary, on May 7, 2016 at 12:29 AM

    That’s absolutely criminal and disgusting. I would gather around other Hillary supporters and immediately dial 911.

    I would also go and get security at the rally site.

    No woman, child or man should ever have to put up with this crap.

    I remember in 2008 the intimidation towards Hillary supporters from these same kind of thugs.

  242. That line of Hillary supporters waiting to go into Hillary’s event in “Free Hugs” video?

    Soooo much like clinic patients and escorts walking the gauntlet of right-wing woman haters. Thankfully, this time there was the miracle of law enforcement presence (and one very effective guy, freely hugging).

  243. Shadow, what you said brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for telling Hillary what we are all feeling!

    imust, that hate from them looks visceral. Sanders is despicable.

    Yesterday my Hillary bumper stickers and buttons arrived. My favorite:

  244. Voting

    That’s a good song from Jennifer. About high time that music teaches young women what the Hell Hillary is talking about.

    “We used to be so in love…” That’s about it, women fall hook, line and sinker…and many of us end up being cheap labor until we get tired of it…

  245. Thanks, Shadow. I love how JLo starts the song using Hillary speaking. Really hits the point home.

  246. NW Luna

    It was absolutely my pleasure. She knew I wasn’t just speaking for myself.

  247. birdgal, I hope the rally in SF is wonderful and you get to be close to Hillary too.

  248. Shadow fax, I went to a large fundraiser in SF. I bought a middle price ticket, so my seat was close, but I wasn’t able to have my picture taken with her. That was more expensive. She wowed the audience . She received a standing ovation and chants of “Hillary, Hillary.” She kept trying to start her talk, but it took a little while for everyone to calm down. She discussed her issues and plans and focused a bit on Trump. I don’t think she mentioned Sanders at all. One of my favorite remarks she made, was that she though people should ask Trump more questions and she couldn’t wait to debate him. Whe she said that, she had the biggest smile on her face. She also said he needed to release his taxes and being audited isn’t an impediment to releasing them. She said, they have been audited at times over the years, but it isn’t an impediment to having them released.

    Hillary is warmer in person and looks smaller. Has a good sense of humor and seemed very personable. I was enthralled the entire time that she was speaking. I am so glad that I went through the hassle of driving to the city and being in all that traffic. There were long lines to get into the venue and it took about an hour to get in, and to go through a security check. There were police all over the outside of the building and lots of security inside, including secret service. The protesters were across the street and were quite obnoxious . Not sure, if they were all bernie supporters. Saw some signs for black lives matter. Some of them were giving double fingers to the people waiting in line and they really revved up, when Hillary’s motorcade entered the parking garage.

    As I was waiting in line and becoming irritated with the protestors, I turned to the woman standing next to me and said, ” They are really going to be angry when she is elected president.” I smiled inside at that thought. She is my hero.

  249. Shadowfax @ 10:20 and 11:56 pm: I was just reading a comment at SkyDancing from someone who attended the same Hillary rally as you. It was so cool to read both of your experiences. Maybe you even met! The commenter is babama at the end of the thread. I won’t copy and paste anything without a person’s permission but I really loved reading both.

  250. Just watched the JLo video Ain’t Yo Mama on YouTube. The first comment…”couldn’t believe she’s 46. she ages well”. HAHAHA! Nothing left to do but laugh like hell at these idiots and they deserve it. That’s ALL they deserve!

  251. Thanks GAgal

    Yes, the link you posted from babama was pretty close to what I experienced.

    This comment makes me think he was on the opposite side of the room:

    Hillary was strong, relaxed, relatable, and spoke with gravitas and humor. She looked well and rested. She was introduced by Senator Barbara Boxer, [snip]
    Towards the end of Hillary’s very well delivered stump speech, there was some yelling that broke out. I have no idea what they were yelling. From my vantage point it appeared to be coming from a person on stage behind the podium and it looked like they were ripping their sign in some sort of ‘action’? Others nearby blocked the person with their signs and Barbara Boxer pivoted towards it like a California bear and started leading the crowd in enthusiastic chanting that shut the disruptor(s?) down. I mean she was masterful! It was great to see a woman taking charge and supporting another woman like that. A total “Not In This House” moment.


    Actually it wasn’t Boxer who lead the charge against the two protesters, but she did encourage us to keep it up and cover up her nasty remarks. Honesty no one could hear what she was really saying.

    Thanks for that link to that blog, wondered where many of those PUMAs went.

  252. Birdgal

    I am so happy that you were able to see Hillary today and the rally inside was a great experience.

    Funny you thought she was smaller than you imagined, I thought she was much taller. Maybe because I am 5’1″ 😉

    Some day we need to meet up, have lunch and share our experiences.

  253. Shadowfax, yes, that’s why I found it so interesting. Depending on where you were seated, you have a different view. Literally. Not politically.

  254. Wow Birdgal, first hand witness to Bernie’s disgusting barn animals. Lots of photos out there of these little brown shirts.

  255. Good uniform for Bernie’s Bros. Can loan them out to Trump.

  256. I think what we saw in East LA was the Bernie Sanders campaign running out of money. I don’t think he has enough funds to really advertise the way he needs to in CA so he is resorting to these faux “grass roots” protests. They don’t really cost him anything and he gets airtime. But the problem is the optics are terrible. As Democrats we know that the republicans are so much worse so we don’t protest our own. These protests that he supports are going to destroy him. All I can say to Bernie is you reap what you sow. The more you do this the less influence you have in the party and at the convention.

  257. Bill Richardson was a piece of cr@p in 2008 and continues to be a piece of cr@p now. No Bill, Bernie shouldn’t play a major role in determining the platform and no he shouldn’t take it all the way to the convention,

  258. Sorry context regarding Richardson. He was just on CNN spewing this garbage

  259. From what I am seeing Hillary I think has won Guam.

  260. Good News Folks….

    Northern, Central & Southern precincts are in for Guam. Unofficially @HillaryClinton leads @BernieSanders est. 18pts w/ only absentee & curbside rem.

  261. Bernie bots are fucking furious Hillary has won Guam.

    60/40 Reddit is a swear zone right now. 🙂

  262. Honestly, the loons and they all appear on their avatars (state they are from) then Bernie Squad Cadet… sheep loons.

  263. All votes are in


    Up your Bernie, they all thought he would get it with the island being a median age 29….and guess what they didnt bother to vote, only 1400 votes in total. It was 5100 in 2008.

  264. GuamCaucus democrat party chair and vice chair superdelegates have announced they will follow the popular vote in DNC vote

    So Hillary gets them then, suck on that Sanders.

  265. OMG who knew on the Bernie sites, Bernies hit squad has a hierarchy……the more loon you are, the more rank you get…..

    Theres a Bernie Squad Private
    Then a BS Squad Cadet
    Then a BS squad First Lieutenant
    and lo and behold, Corporal, General and all the rest of that shit…no wonder they all have a sense of being little Hitlers.
    lmao at the whole militarism of it.

  266. A Hillz fact that I want to crow a bit about since this is MY demo though not my state. But I think these numbers would be comparable here in Florida, as well as most other Southern states: In Georgia, two thirds of black Democratic primary voters were women, who alone were 39% of the electorate–more than white voters, at 30 percent. We love us some Hillz and we VOTE! We’ve got her back all the way. One of the highlights of my life was shaking her hand and saying “thanks for coming” when she was in the hood in Fort Lauderdale in ’04 campaigning for Kerry. She spoke (typically including local issues and promoting local candidates in addition to Kerry) then waded into that relatively small, but enthusiastic crowd to press flesh (I’d say most, like me, came to get a chance to see HER). Also caught her live in Miami at Super Tuesday rally. Close enough to agree that in addition to all those smarts, she’s much more attractive in person, those blue eyes are killer. Upps, I’ve seen “Cabaret” live plus the movie a time or two. Great show, but a scary cautionary tale as well about fascism. But in the spirit of this post, how about an Annie/Aretha classic….

  267. Hillary did win Guam.

  268. Bernie bots are fucking furious Hillary has won Guam.

    Bwhahaha! And the Guam superdelegates will follow the popular vote. Poetic justice!

  269. SCREEEEEEEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  270. Bet it killed The Hill to report that.

  271. I have been watching Obama’s commencement address at Howard University–several dog whistles castigating the Bernie Bot way.

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