Hillary Wins Guam – Sorry Tim Robbins!


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  1. Bet it killed The hill to report it, I hope they choked on it.

  2. Bernie, Tim and Susan, your privilege is showing. Oh to be rich, white and “disenfranchised”. There had to be nothing worse than that /s. Bless their hearts. Guam backs the winner. Because this is what happens when a candidate is so far out in front that sane people no matter what start backing the winner!! Of course it helps to be a brilliant woman. 😀

  3. The Bernie bots thought they had it in the bag because the median age of people in Guam is 29….however the vote a 1/3 of what it was in 2008 and Berniebots didn’t show up in big enough numbers….

  4. “Winning South Carolina in a Democratic primary is about as significant as winning Guam,” Robbins said dismissively.

    Well guess what asshole we won both……….and by the way Berniebots are blaming it all on him. They also think Bernie is going to win California 65/35……….they are living in fantasy land.

  5. Moon, I think CA will be close, but it will not be 65/35. They are very delusional at times.

  6. Armando tweeted that the Bernie campaign is a cautionary tale for future pols about having undisciplined celebrity surrogates.

  7. Woo Hooo, We got Guam!

    In other news, this is a fabulous article about how stupid Bernie’s Superdelegate argument is.

  8. Last time Hillary won CA by 9 points. I would expect around a 10 pt difference. i believe it was the field poll that had her at winning by 6 points. Are the Bernie Bros going to finally give up the ghost after CA?

  9. CA has like 70 SDs! Jeez.

  10. Ga6thDem, I hope that spreads holds this time around. Lots of colleges in CA that are very organized for Sanders.

  11. I am preparing for my Mother’s Day brunch tomorrow. I have CNN in the background. Obama is making the commencement speech to Howard university and buried in that speech he specifically states to allow those who you do not agree with to speak. Do not shut them down. Not how we do things here in the USA and Obama agrees. I think that tells you what he thinks about what Bernie and his minions are doing.

  12. Reasons why Bill Richardson is (once again) wrong and damaging in his view that Sanders should have a large part at the convention and with the platform:

    1) It is a terrible idea to try to stick the nominated candidate with positions espoused by another candidate.

    2) Losing candidates are ordinarily never given the power to influence the platform. Hillary didn’t ask for, or receive, any input or influence on the platform in 2008, and she got a much higher pereentage of the popular vote than did Sanders.

    3) Similarly, Jerry Brown had no influence on Carter’s plaform in ’76. Ted Kennedy’s people tried to vote their side on platform planks, and were defeated on every matter by Carter’s forces. Hart had no influence on Mondale; Bradley had no influence on Gore, in that respect. Nor did Reagan on Nixon in ’68, Bush on Reagan in ’80, etc.

    4) It is impossible to compromise with Sanders on anything. He is not the kind of person to gratefully accept a nod her or there on a position. He wants to fight about every single issue, every single matter. Allowing him any voice in the platform planks, is letting him try to run roughshod over the convention proceedings, and try to be the focus of the convention.

    5) Most of Sanders’ positions are completely unfeasible, which is why Hillary does not have them. Anyone can promise all sorts of things, when no one holds them to account for their cost, or ability to implement.

    The people who keep saying this about Sanders having a major voice, are probably in essence anti-Hillary. Some of them are not, but foolishly want to try to assuage the Sanders people. The Sanders people will never be assuaged, unless Sanders is nominated. I personally wouldn’t let them have any inuput into anything at the convention. It is a sure thing that they will go there, demonstrate, boo Hillary, try to disrupt every aspect of the proceedngs; and that when the convention is over, they will scream and rant about how the convention (like with every primary they lose) was fixed, rigged, illegal. Since they are going to do that anyway, they only thing I would offer Sanders is some amicable discussions, which Hillary has already done. If that doesn’t satisfy him, I’d make sure to defeat him in every platform vote. Hillary is the candidate, not Sanders. Hillary cannot and should not run on Sanders’ platform, nor a compromise of their positions.

  13. I have a friend who went to the democratic convention in CA and she said there was a lot of support for Sanders at that convention. We will be working hard to keep CA in Hillary”s favor.

  14. Birdgal…Obama won the colleges big in California in 08, didn’t help him, still lost it by 10.

    This time, Hillary, has the AA vote, the latino and a substantial part of the white vote. She’ll win.

    The only thing i fear is interference from indies who were going to vote in the GOP primary…..Thats what is going to screw it up.

  15. By the way did anyone notice, Hillarys Superdelegate count is now 515……that kinda of sneaked up quietly without the media mentioning it.

  16. Moon, The indies are what has me worried. If it wasn’t for that, I would feel better. We have to do our best with phone calls and canvassing .

    The fundraiser rally I attended last night was very energizing and there are many fired up people who are working very hard for her . I felt so excited, I hardly slept last night.

  17. Shadow, Still4Hill has a post up about the rally you attended. Tell us if you see yourself in any of the photos!

  18. BS has no control of his own campaign His supporters are terrorizing children, and his surrogates are insulting voters. Either Sanders can’t stop any of this or he refuses to. Not POTUS material. Just not. Fortunately, Guam just gave Tim Robbins the finger.

  19. Just heard over 850,000 new voter registrations since January in CA. New registrants expected to reach 1.5 million new voters by registration deadline later this month. It may be a wild ride,

  20. One way to get a handle on how big the “independent” voter effect is on Clinton in CA might be to keep track of how many people switch to Dem leading up to May 25th. (I think that’s the last day you can register a party preference before the June 7th primary.)

    I’m not talking about new voters, though some of them might be ringers too. I mean Repub to Dem switches, or Indep to Dem, especially from right-leaning areas. Not all, obviously. I’m an Indep to Dem myself, because I can’t wait to put in that little black line for Clinton.

  21. I hate Trump…blaming Hillary for this…….


    Donald Trump took a swing at Hillary Clinton at a Friday night rally, using President Bill Clinton’s affair to counter Clinton’s attacks on his standing on women’s issues.

    “Nobody in this country was was worse than Bill Clinton with women. He was a disaster,” Trump said at a rally in Eugene, Ore. “I mean there’s never been anybody like this and she was a total enabler. She would go after these women and destroy their lives. I mean have you ever read what Hillary Clinton did to the women that Bill Clinton had affairs with? And they’re going after me with women. Give me a break, folks.”


    Excuse me but this is coming from the asshole who beat Ivana, and his 2nd and 3rd wife were both his mistresses. This man would know nothing about treating a women with dignity, he is a piece of shit.

  22. What was Hillary supposed to do with these women? Have tea and cookies? Many women would have left Bill, but that is between the two of them . I think the biggest womanizer in the White House was John Kennedy. I hope Hillary sticks to the issues and doesn’t respond to this crap.

  23. moon, he can talk about Bill all he wants. Orange face has a lot of nerve. As the bible says, he without sin cast the first stone. I cannot for the life of me understand why these fools want Trump. He uses being a comedian to take away from the fact he has no idea on how to run a country. Trump is an idiot. I don’t know about anyone else. Orange face talks like a five year old.

    What ever happened to Trump’s mother. I think a lot of his women issues has something to do with her. This is why he has a problem with women.

  24. Today is my birthday. You know what my wish is.

  25. I think Trump is scared of Hillary.

  26. Happy Birthday neetabug!

  27. Love those two tweets in the post!

  28. Behind on the posts above, but one thing to remember is that the election in CA is June 7th. That means universities and colleges are already closed…so their organizing isn’t that strong when the SandcrabBots are not in school.

    Hillary won over Obama in 2008, and Bernie doesn’t have the same following that Obama did in CA. Yeah, if the adults don’t come out to vote and let the kids vote…there will be a problem.

    I would bet my weeks pay that Hillary will definitely win, and sweep the delegates here.

  29. 154 delegates needed for us to say SHE WON!

  30. imusthaveHillary, on May 7, 2016 at 1:36 PM

    Shadow, Still4Hill has a post up about the rally you attended. Tell us if you see yourself in any of the photos!

    2 Votes

    —Haha, I do see myself in the second to last photo, the group up on stage, behind Hillary. If you look at the big hanging poster in the background, ‘Fighting for Us’, I am the woman with blond hair in the burgundy top, below the ‘g’ in fighting. The photo is tiny and blurry, so I don’t need to worry about identity.

    Thanks for sending the link imust!!

  31. Birdgal, on May 7, 2016 at 1:53 PM said:

    Just heard over 850,000 new voter registrations since January in CA. New registrants expected to reach 1.5 million new voters by registration deadline later this month. It may be a wild ride,

    There was an article in the LA Times, I think it was, about a month or so ago that tons of CA legal immigrants are finally registering to vote so they can vote for Hillary and stop Trump in the election.

    Also, two of the six women I met going to the rally yesterday are women that immigrated (legally) from England to the US, and went through all of the hoops to be able to vote for Hillary. They were as up to date with whats going on with Hillary as we are. They said Bernie should move to England for their free healthcare, they can wait in long lines for a doctor and surgeries and pay a 20% tax on everything they buy, except for food.

  32. Moon

    Excuse me but this is coming from the asshole who beat Ivana, and his 2nd and 3rd wife were both his mistresses. This man would know nothing about treating a women with dignity, he is a piece of shit.

    Trump is a trophy wife collector. Not because he is anything other that filthy rich.

    Bill Clinton was a dog to Hillary, cheating on her, but Hell, I love Bill Clinton too.

    Someone asked me if I would have divorced him for cheating on me, like I did my ex-husband…I said, no. Would I be angry and hurt, absolutely. That’s why Bill would have had to sleep in the basement for 7 years until I trusted that he was really sorry, but cut him out of my life, Hell no.

  33. Neetabug

    “They say it’s your Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!”

  34. Per Voting…Hillary only needs 154 more delegates to WIN the primary.

    These are the delegates that CA has, and Hillary already has 52 Superdelegates here:

    From the GreenPapers

    548 total delegate votes – 317 district / 105 at large; 53 Pledged PLEOs;

    73 Unpledged PLEOs

    Hillary doesn’t even need to win to get 154 more delegates.

    She will win CA, no doubt and dash Bernie and Jane’s dreams.

  35. This is a great post from a young guy that was at the Hillary rally yesterday:

    View story at Medium.com

  36. Happy Birthday Neetabug!

  37. Shadowfax, thanks for all the stats and info. am so happy for you!

  38. Asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if he would accept a hypothetical offer to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Bernie Sanders said he would talk about it with her after the convention. As we say in the ‘hood: Oh hell to the no! You delusional, demented, clueless codger. HRC does not suffer fools gladly. She’s not letting you anywhere near ANY job in her administration, let along VP. I’m starting to buy into Sharon Stone’s comment that Bernie dropped too much acid back in the day. He’s still tripping!

  39. Thanks Socal.

    I will never forget it.

  40. After the convention………., does the old coot not realise the VP is usually selected before the convention so that they are in place for the platform and to make a speech at the convention to give it major support and present a unified team, not after the convention.

    What a dick.

  41. Absolutely Paulette, Hillary will pick her cabinet wisely.

  42. I know it’s not popular here….but…I’m starting to warm up to the idea of Eliz Warren as VP. She seems to get under DaffyDuckDonald’s skin more. He’s such a misogynist, I think running against 2 women would make his head explode!

    As we say in the ‘hood: Oh hell to the no! You delusional, demented, clueless codger.

    Sing it sister! LOL! Reminded me of that old SNL skit…..”Jane, you ignorant slut!” But with the man being on the receiving end!

    That photo above with the supposed “Latinos” at the Bernie protest….note the guy in the party store sombrero, uh, real Latinos don’t wear sombreros.

  43. Mmm, I think being beaten by one woman is more than enough to make his head explode. I’m still rooting for Sherrod. btw, I saw someplace that Warren’s goal is to be senate majority leader.

    I also saw someplace that “Elizabeth Warren is helping Hillary” then the post went on to say she was “helping Hillary” by poking the Donald. If she reeeally wants to help Hillary, why doesn’t she formally endorse her for president?

  44. Sorry, but I don’t want Warren. First, she should be supporting Hillary NOW and she isn’t. No courage in fighting against Trump, most Dems are. Second, a 2-woman ticket will be a tough sell. Hard enough just with Hillary, the 20 years in a row most admired woman. This is the white males last stand..we need to ease them into it.

    One other thing about Warren, we need to keep ALL Dems in the Senate if we are going to flip it.

    I would almost support Ed Rendell, former gov of PA at this point, because I think PA is going to be tight come November.

  45. Well, I’ve been warming to Tom Perez. He checks all the same boxes Warren does but he also speaks Spanish which would be a real plus. He also has a lot of contact with working class voters because of working with labor. The one that has been mentioned that I think is awful is Tim Kaine. Warner would be okay. I don’t think she’ll pick Warren because it would be a senate seat that would be lost with a Republican governor doing the replacement. Same with Sherrod Brown. Really for her to pass anything she has to have a cooperative senate but there are probably governors and others that would fit the bill.

  46. Sorry ((imust)), AlmostOneDropOfNativeAmericanBlood can root for Hillary on her own. I think she is almost as far left as Bernie and an opportunist. The far left kook of the party wanted her, not Hillary.

    Warren doesn’t measure up to Hillary on any level.

    Hillary will pick a VP that she already trusts and is not only someone that can help her in the election, but someone that has her back 100%.

    I don’t want to see Hillary pick another woman as VP, but I hope she puts Diane Feinstein in a good place. If any woman should be a congressional leader, it would be Diane. She has had Hillary’s back since day one. She let Hillary and Obama meet at her home to work out their differences after the Convention in 2008.

  47. I want to see Hillary take down SandCrab and Trump…all by herself.

    Boom! Woman destroys them both!

  48. Well, I’ve been warming to Tom Perez

    On paper, he’s good, but I’ve been watching him on TV, and he’s not telegenic.

  49. Way to go Hillary,It is your time without a doubt. And I will be volunteering here in PA again once the convention is over. I intend to work my fanny off to elect the best candidate there is. I can’t wait to see her take on Donald Trump. She will hand his butt to him. I love it.

  50. I still dream of Vice President Franken. The governor of MN is a Dem too, I believe, so we wouldn’t have to worry about a repub replacement. But that’s just a wish.

  51. There just aren’t very good choices out there for VP, except for Brown. We’ve lost so many seats in Congress and with governorships, that we have a very limited pool. And yes, it is likely that Hillary will not want to choose a senator from a state governed by a Republican. And I don’t think that Brown or his wife want him to run for VP. I’d be happy with Franken, but it doesn’t seem likely. Beyond that, there is no one who seems like a homerun choice.

    So it is a problem, particularly if Trump manages to get Kasich to agree, or even Rob Portman. Castro seems to me to be a rather inexperienced person with some skills, but who has no foreign policy background, and seems like an obvious ethnic choice. Perez also the latter, and less “exciting.”. Kaine with decent credentials, but pretty boring and bland. I don’t like Warner at all, never have. Warren exciting to some voters, but not a VP type at all. Rendell combative, and rather a pol, probably with some political skeletons. I think that a lot of us believe that Hillary would be helped by picking someone who can help with the middle-class White voters of the Rust Belt states. But outside of Brown, who would that be? I do hope that she picks someone who impresses with their credentials, and is respected as knowledgeable. Otherwise, the media is going to take all sorts of shots at her, if she goes with Castro. And where does he help the ticket in areas that Hillary is not already strong with (Latinos) or cannot win with (Texas)? One problem is that the “let’s break down all the barriers” speeches, while admirable, lead almost to pressure to make the minority choice. So if she picks Castro, I do hope that he surprises me to the upside.

  52. Okay, whatever. I just think it would be good against Daffy Donald.

  53. Franken actually would be good at ridiculing Trump. There’s no way anybody who wants to run for something in the future will jump on the Trump Train. There’s no upside to Kasich taking it unless he’s done with politics and the same for Portman. On another blog someone from Wisconsin said that all the GOP bigwigs she knows in her state are privately saying they are not voting for Trump. They will vote down-ticket for Republicans but are not voting for Trump. New poll here in GA has Trump 42 Hillary 41. So if that holds she has a possibility of making it close and making Trump fight for GA or even winning it.

  54. Way the F off topic but…
    I wonder how much MSNBC makes off the private prison industry? They constantly run this Lock-Up programming.

  55. Curious why Warren is going after Donald. Is she trying to make a subliminal argument that she’s the one who can beat Trump?

  56. The platform thing is probably a bad idea like people say,but there’s one good point for it. HIllary could quote some of her old positions (like for a single payer option in ACA) and let Bernie pretend to take credit for it. The kids probably never heard of it, and Bernie would take credit for anything, if he even remembers it himself.

  57. I do not want Bernie to get credit for anything, except his misuse of the Democratic party, his lies, and his vile supporters.

  58. I don’t want Hillary giving in on the platform because:

    1. No other POTUS nominee has ever had to accommodate the losing side on either side of the aisle. As first woman POTUS, that would be a VERY BAD precedent.

    2. Trump will use it as a sign Hillary is weak. Give that clown NOTHING.

    3. And most important, Hillary’s platform is what the voters VOTED for to represent them.

    Bernie can kiss Hillary’s (and mIne) sweet Irish ass.

  59. Sad part is Bernie’s “Bros” wouldn’t hesitate:

  60. Voting Hillary, I agree with you completely . I don’t think Hillay should budge, for the reasons that you listed. Trump would have a field day with it,

  61. The chair of this summer’s Democratic National Convention said that supporters of candidate Bernie Sanders have to “behave themselves” when the Vermont senator loses the nomination.

    During a radio interview with John Catsimatidis, Ed Rendell, a former Pennsylvania governor and Democratic National Committee chairman, laid out his vision for how the convention would play out.

    “I think it’s gonna be a great convention, but of course the key to it is the Sanders people — Bernie’s gonna have his name placed in nomination, we’re gonna have a roll call, there’s gonna be a demonstration in support of Bernie, he’s gonna lose the roll call,” he said. “His supporters have to behave and not cause trouble. And I think they will and I think Sen. Sanders will send them a strong message.”


  62. A round of applause for these guys…the hillary guys on pro bernie campuses.


    In April, Sam Koppelman, a 20-year-old government student at Harvard, wrote a letter to the New York Times lamenting that his support for Clinton meant that on campus he “might as well be Pat Buchanan”.

    “At Harvard, admitting that #ImWithHer is nearly tantamount to boasting ‘Make America Great Again’,” Koppelman wrote.
    Sam Koppelman at Harvard.
    Sam Koppelman at Harvard. Photograph: Mark Lorenz for the Guardian

    The letter was a coming out of sorts for Koppelman, who told the Guardian that despite having written frequently about politics for his student newspaper until 2012, he stopped this year for fear that it would “cast me as an outsider, cast me as someone who’s more conservative”.

    “The 2016 election I’ve been entirely silent, save for a few snarky tweets. And I think that’s definitely emblematic that I’m trying to avoid these conversations,” he said. He made a conscious decision – until last month – to not write about his support for Clinton.

    “If you’re a Hillary supporter, you’re kind of in this happy medium. Or really an unhappy medium,” Koppelman said, “where, by voicing support for Hillary Clinton, you’re at once alienating college Republicans – who still view her basically as the antichrist – and you’re alienating Bernie supporters who view her as this remnant of a time when Washington was extremely corrupt.”

  63. Gop looking to strip Nevada of its early state status…..



    Personally, I would change all of them or get rid of early states completely.

    4 Super Tuesdays of 12/13 states, one in Feb/Mar/April/May and then one ST of the 5 territories and DC and do away with this abroad primary, they should vote with whatever state they come from.

  64. I’m beginning to think Trump is a great big Dem plant to destroy the GOP………

    This guy is going to be slaughtered, he cannot stick to a single thing, Hillary is going to wrap him up in knots explaining policy.


    As Donald Trump pivots to the general election battle, he’s already walking back his tax plan, the most specific policy proposal he has released during the campaign.

    “By the time it gets negotiated, it’s going to be a different plan,” Trump told George Stephanopoulos on ABC News’ “This Week.”

    In Trump’s tax plan, the wealthiest individuals would get a tax break, with the top tax rate dropping from 39.6 percent to 25 percent. But when pressed if he wants taxes on the wealthy to go up or down, he predicted that the top rate would be higher than the plan says.

    “On my plan they’re going down. But by the time it’s negotiated, they’ll go up,” Trump said. “Look, when I’m negotiating with the Democrats, I’m putting in a plan. I’m putting in my optimum plan. It’s going to be negotiated, George. It’s not going to stay there. They’re not going to say, ‘There’s your plan, let’s approve it.’ They’re going to say, ‘Let’s see what we can do.'”

  65. Happy mother’s day everyone!

  66. If Trump picked Kasich doesn’t mean he will carry Ohio. He only won Ohio because the voters can’t stand Trump. The dems here do not like Kasich.

  67. I thnk early primary order should go in order of latitude. Florida first (or Puerto Rico, whichever is further south). Or by planting zone on the seed packets. Nobody should have to go anywhere during snow season.

    Exception for mail-in primary states. And causus states get extra penalty.

  68. Happy mothers day to all mom’s out there.

  69. I think primary order should go by time zones, rotating every 4 years. So first primary states would be all Eastern Standard Time zones on the last day of February. Second primary states would be Central/mountain Time zone on the last day of March and all the West Coast Time states the last day of April. Then 4 years later Central/Mountain Time goes first, West coast time second and Eastern time last. Any states who insist on staying with a caucus vote on the first Tuesday of May, period.
    Guam, Alsaska and Hawaii vote with the west coast, PR with the east coast.

  70. Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mom’s out there…



    Democratic National Convention…………….supporters of candidate Bernie Sanders have to “behave themselves” when the Vermont senator loses the nomination.

    This SOB has to raise Hell at the Convention, for his own ego while Hillary supporters can’t even declare her the winner for effin’ PC reasons.

    We all know that this election is historic and we have to STFU for little Sandcrab’s ego and his dumbAss supporters that still have hope they can steal the election from Hillary.

    This is bullshit!!!

  71. Here is a link to all the women in history that have run for President. Until our Hillary came along, no woman has even gotten enough votes beyond being a token candidate.

    Here is what it says about the 2008 election:

    Hillary Clinton Democratic Party Reached second place in the Democratic Party primaries, winning 1,726½ Delegate votes and more primaries than any other woman in history, with 21 states won and more than 18 million votes, the race between Clinton and Obama was among the closest in history with her winning 48.03% of the popular vote to his 47.43% between caucus and primary states.


  72. Julie’s I like your idea. Caucuses go last! Love it!

  73. moon, I like yours also, either one would be much fairer than what we have now.

  74. Clinton: “A lot” of Republicans want to help my campaign

    Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton said in an interview airing Sunday that since Donald Trump became the Republicans’ presumptive nominee, she’s been hearing from Republicans interested in supporting her campaign.

    “For a lot of people, again, who take their vote seriously and who really see this as a crossroads kind of election, I am asking people to come join this campaign,” she told CBS’ “Face the Nation” in an interview on Friday in Oakland, Calif. “And I’ve had a lot of outreach on Republicans in the last days who say that they are interested in talking about that.”


  75. socalannie, on May 8, 2016 at 3:21 PM said:

    Julie’s I like your idea. Caucuses go last! Love it!


    Screw that …NO MORE CAUCUSES.

  76. Thanks for the Cbsnews link on Republican outreach, Shadow. I hope crossover Repubs will wipe out any Bernie-or-Bust voters in the GE. This morning on MSNBC a reporter following the Sanders campaign said whenever she asks Bernie supporters if they’ll vote HRC over Trump that 9 out 10 say they will. If this is accurate, than such Sanders voters might increase over the next few months. But I’m afraid there will always be BernieBros/Bots.

    Just wanted to say that I couldn’t get enough of your and Birgal’s accounts of the HRC rallies you attended. I’m thrilled to hear you had a special moment with our girl! Congratulations!

  77. You know I really hate the “C” word. However, if any woman deserved it it is Jill Stein.

  78. That is, I meant to say that such Sanders voters who will support HRC in the GE might increase over the next few months, if that reporter is correct.

  79. This woman is a wicked piece of shit! She’s using her Twitter feed and Mother’s Day to take Carly Fiorina style potshots at Hillary.


  80. Sophie, Jill Stein is the Green Party candidate that many Bernie or bust people will support.

    Remember, there were some PUMA’s that didn’t support Obama, when he received the nomination instead of Hillary. I was one of them.

  81. Sophie, Jill Stein is the Green Party candidate that many Bernie or bust people will support.
    Remember, there were some PUMA’s that didn’t support Obama, when he received the nomination instead of Hillary. I was one of them.

  82. I actually think Stein and Bernie are in cahoots. She sent out those tweets to keep Bernie “clean” and also start a war between women.

    She is rude..and off the radar…where she will remain.

  83. trixta

    Thanks so much. Besides it being one big item on my Bucket List, being in the same room with so many strong Hillary supporters was wonderful.

  84. Why is it normal citizens can’t get into the Dem convention? I know, too many people, etc…but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get in and fight for Hillary too? A second chance to erase 2008 backstabbing of Hillary.

  85. Shadow fax, I totally agree. It was so energizing and electrifying to becin a large group of Hillary supporters. Maybe, someday I’ll be able to shake her hand.

  86. I think Greens and other left wing fringe parties have worked with Sanders campaign from the beginning to engineer a hostile takeover of the Democratic party. That’s why he had some success in open primaries and, especially, caucuses. Had it worked, Stein was likely vp nominee. Thank Goddess it was a total fail!

  87. I forgot to wish the moms in here a Happy Mother’s Day. And to my Mom in heaven, I feel your presence everyday.

  88. Shadow talk to someone affiliated with the dem party. Do you belong to the democratic party. Try and find out how you can attend the convention. Also if you can find a Hillary office in your area try volunteering. Talk to the person that’s running her campaign headquarters.. I know some volunteers who went to Kerry’s convention.

  89. Wow Neetabug, that’s a good idea to talk to local people. I thought you have to be voted to be a delegate. to get into the convention.

  90. Birdgal, I hope you will have a chance to shake her hand too. The smaller the rally, the better of a chance you will have.

    There was a woman I met at the rally before yours, she had planned to go to both. She stayed at the Oakland rally because it was advertised the night before to much fewer people and Hillary was more accessible.

  91. Shadowfax,I thought about going to Oakland, but I thought it would be cutting things to close, especially with traffic. When I was standing in line, we saw Hillary’s motorcade go by. The protesters really got loud and more rowdy. If I had known about the Oakland event before, I would have gone. I received an e-mail the day before. I made my donation for the SF event the week before. Hopefully, she will be back before the primary.

  92. Birdgal

    I didn’t know about either rally until that morning when I got to work and saw an email. I was so excited I basically turned around and left work to see Hillary. Thank God I work at a place that is understanding and I have tons of vacation time saved.

    I’m sure Hillary will be back in the Bay Area for you to get another chance. Too bad you didn’t go to the Oakland event and we might have run into each other. 😉

  93. The Democrats’ secretary of war
    President Obama’s fourth defense secretary is looking a lot like he could be Hillary Clinton’s first.


  94. I think she might choose Michele Fournoy to be Defense Secretary. First woman. Highly qualified. Remember she said she’s aiming for a Cabinet that’s 50% women.

  95. Hi Birdgal, I know who Jill Stein is. I never saw her as a Carly Fiorina Part 2 until now.

  96. Stein is a gnat. She isn’t worth spit. She runs every year so her relatives can vote for her. That “Party” is a joke. Everything Ralph Nader touched always turns to shit ever since he stopped being famous for doing something useful.

  97. I’m thinking that POS troll Robert Reich is probably sh*tting nickels at this point. He’s long overdue for revenge.

  98. Shadow, The republican convention here in Cleveland was advertising for volunteers. Do you know anyone in Philly?

  99. https://demconvention.com/about-the-convention/

    Scroll to the bottom and there’s a button that says VOLUNTEER

  100. Neetabug
    Do you know anyone in Philly?

    Nope, I have never been to Philly and don’t know anyone there.

  101. Thanks julies, I’ll check it out.

  102. Ah rats!

    This is what it says if you volunteer:

    Volunteers will not be able to attend the Democratic National Convention inside the Wells Fargo Center, as it is a closed, credentialed event.

  103. From what I understand, Jill Stein does not support Israel remaining a Jewish state. I think that is part of her party platform. To me that is a deal breaker even without all of the anti-Hillary cr@p. UW, I thoroughly agree with you, her party is just a joke.

    Even though CNN was all about Trump this morning (I was watching as I got ready to leave for work), it was addressed in relation to Clinton and the GE. There really wasn’t a Bernie focus. That is progress, since the primary is essentially over.

    Here’s hoping that Bernie’s 15 minutes of fame is over.

  104. Upps, you haven’t posted much lately…I hope you are alright.

  105. Shadow are you in good with your congress person . I checked with the volunteers. They knew Stephanie Tubbs. That is how they went to the convention. She got them in.

  106. neetabug

    Nope, I am just a voter that helps out when I can. I wished that Bernie would have quit so I didn’t have to work in the polls in June to protect against any shenanigans. I don’t want to be there from the crack of dawn to 9:00 PM…I would rather be watching the results come in at home and blogging.

  107. Sorry Shadow. At least you’ve got the info.

    From what I understand, Jill Stein does not support Israel remaining a Jewish state. I think that is part of her party platform. To me that is a deal breaker even without all of the anti-Hillary cr@p.

    flvoter that is correct. When I left the Democratic party in ’08 I knew there was no way I could ever become a Republican, so I was checking out the Green Party. I’m pretty moderate so I didn’t think I’d feel too comfy among the über liberals, but when I read their platform on Israel I was done.

    Now, If you will all allow me a moment of celebration, our Attorney General Loretta Lynch has filed suit against the Governor of the great state of North Carolina! Yee-haw!

  108. I understand shadow. It”s so much fun working at the Hillary headquarters. Just think of the excitement. Going to the victory party in your state. I have worked for Hillary when she ran against Obama. We traveled to Indiana and Pa getting out the votes. She came to the headquarters and thanked us. We took pictures with her. I even met Chelsea. We call the headquarter in each state to let them know were coming. They will make arrangements with someone there to give you a place to stay.
    In Pa we stayed at the house of a professor of Notre Dame. In Pa we stayed in a beach house. You don’t have to worry about eating. People are bringing you food all the time. Beware you will gain weight.

    We will be calling different headquarters during the general election to see where we are needed to get out the vote.

  109. Julies, great news about the AG. I am so very glad to hear the Feds take action.

  110. Sorry Shadow. I’ve just been pretty busy. I tweet when I can, hit and run.

  111. Upps:
    You are simply fearless with your tush “twitter” tushie!
    Just LOVE it…

  112. You know I am going to mention this just once. Why is the media focused so on trump talking about Bill. Nothing has yet to be said about Trump’s affairs and his treatment of women. Some women are coming out about how mean Hillary was to them. What do you expect. They are just as guilty as Bill was. They knew he was a married man.
    I hope Hillary and Bill ignores the media.
    I wish their was a way I could get to the media and ask them this question. I am visiting here in Virginia. I hear Hillary is in town. I am trying to find out where she is campaigning. They need to put what Trump said about his grandchild’s breast.

  113. julies9164, on May 9, 2016
    Sorry Shadow. At least you’ve got the info.

    Absolutely julies, the statement they put out must have been from a lot of people that hoped to go into the convention, especially since they have to pay their own way and pay for their own lodging in Philly. Sorry but I am a working, single mom that can’t afford that kind of volunteer work. 😉

  114. neetabug

    Thanks for the info on Headquarters. Since I work full time, I don’t know how much time I could take off, but it’s worth checking out here in CA.

  115. Glad to hear you’re doing well, Upps.

  116. ppp poll says lice is more favorable than Trump

  117. LA Times ~

    Bernie Sanders pushes ahead, but the math is not on his side

    A month before voters in California go to the polls in the state’s Democratic presidential primary, his campaign is lagging in fundraising, and he’s down in the polls.

    But a defiant Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders isn’t going anywhere, despite his uphill climb to defeat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner and likely nominee.

    “I’m going to fight to see that we can win,” Sanders said in an interview on the PBS NewsHour on Friday evening.

    The Vermont senator needs about 1,000 more delegates to clinch the nomination, while Clinton needs fewer than 200. (Was it 154, Voting?)

    All but a handful of states have held their primaries or caucuses, and most that remain allocate delegates proportionally, ensuring that both candidates will pick up some delegates.

    For Sanders, California’s June 7 primary, in which 546 delegates will be up for grabs, is critical to his underdog candidacy.

    Yet the polls are not in his favor.

    In each of the last four polls of California Democrats over the last month, Clinton has led Sanders. An average of the polls has Clinton ahead by about 10 percentage points.

    This week, Clinton called on Sanders to take a page from her 2008 playbook, when she dropped out of the primary after it became clear that then-Sen. Barack Obama would be the Democratic nominee.

    “I knew then that whatever differences we might have had in the campaign, they were nothing compared to the differences between us and the Republicans,” Clinton said while campaigning in Los Angeles. “Now if that was true in ’08, that is true on steroids today.”


  118. LOL Belle.I LOVE pulling their chain.

  119. Sanders saying he may not air any ads in California……translation…I’m out of money

  120. Do you know who Bernie reminds me of? Khrushchev at the UN banging his shoe. Go to You Tube and watch that speech and you’ll see someone who looks like Bernie’s clone.

  121. VotingHill:
    Thank you for the SNL videos link…so funny and so true…

  122. I personally think not vetting that old Communist has been a mistake. Quinnipiac has done this outlier shit before, they caught caught oncem but the truth is, his numbers would drop like a boulder if he were vetted.

    Barring a miracle, Hillary will lose WV today because the truth is, the coal industry is earmarked to be shut down. Bernie won’t confirm that because he’s just not that honest, especially when it comes to winning. he’ll win but it won’t matter to his race, but he continues to damage Hillary. Deliberately. He and his BFFs in CPUSA can’t make it from their party, so they want ours.

  123. Neeta, the media will grab on to any mention of Bill and women. Some of the women will play the victim in spite of abundant evidence that they chased HIM. As for Trump, the best retort to him is that as a thrice married man whose misogyny is well documented, he has no standing to comment upon, much less criticize, a couple who have been married for 40 years And I will take Hillary’s policies concerning women over Trump’s any day. Trump attacking the Clintons personally is absurd.

  124. Qpac are firmly anti Hillary, always have been, and their polls have always been a pack of shit.

  125. Well this should be interesting…..hopefully show up sanders for the scam he is.

    Steve Kornacki ‏@SteveKornacki 6m6 minutes ago

    Nebraska has a non-binding Dem primary today. Sanders won the March caucuses by 14 points, but turnout should be much higher this today…

    In 08, Obama won NE’s caucuses by 36 points. But in the 5/08 non-binding primary – where 57k more people turned out — he won by just 3.

  126. A year ago, I had actually thought that we wouldn’t hear much of this stuff from the ’90’s, because people were absolutely sick of hearing about it then. President Clinton left the White House with about a 68% approval rating. But not only are we hearing it again, but it appears to be the major focus of the Trump campaign. And the media dutifully reports it and relishes it, as it brings in the ratings, and is far more enjoyable to them than talking about competing positions on the economy or world politics.

    Sadly enough, I can predict with relative assurance that there is going to be some point in this campaign where the narrative is going to be, “the public doesn’t want either of them,” “they have the lowest favorability ratings of any two candidates ever.” Trump’s low favorables are due to his blatant insults of various groups, and his absolute lack of any knowledge of how to govern. Hillary’s are due to a right-wing slander campaign which has gone on for 25 years, and which Trump is going to try to ride. The election will be a test of whether the American public has enough sense to vote for the candidate who actually knows what she is doing, and is trying to help people; as against the candidate who has been a bullying huckster for all of his life, and is completely unqualified. It also will be a test of how far the media is willing to go to indulge itself in its scorn and hatred of Hillary, as opposed to actually delving into what it takes to run this country.

  127. Why hasn’t the media been vetting Trump??

  128. birdgal, on May 10, 2016 at 2:11 PM said:

    Why hasn’t the media been vetting Trump??

    I am guessing once he is officially nominated he will be vetted.

    Rate This

  129. Birdgal, if the media vets Trump, they lose their ratings driver. Also, Trump would scream about how the media is biased against him. Hillary never says that. And they want the race to be really close. Any illusion that the media was interested in actually delving into the canddiates’ qualifications and positions was effectively dispelled when they allowed GW Bush to say absolutely nothing about his views, and still win the election in 2000. Additionally, you see what happened to Dan Rather, when he had a very legitimate story about Bush’s AWL. I think the media is actually afraid that if Trump gets elected, he will try to take them over, and put in his own people.

  130. The media doesn’t vet any of the men that run for President. They just capture nasty outbreaks of candidates or their supporters and play them in a continuous loop. It’s called ‘brainwashing’ for the public.

  131. Well, Hillary is going to vet Trump. She’s already started hence the meltdown from Trump and screaming and calling Hillary and “enabler”. The narrative already is “nobody likes either one of them”. I’ve beyond had it with this whole “like” narrative. Who gives a rip about “going to a barbecue with Obama” or “having a beer with Bush”? the media has been on this jack crap like stuff for way to long and if you look at what the voters have done they’ve had beyond enough of that jack crap too. If the media had their way we would be having a race between Rubio/Kasich/Bush and Bernie. The media is just full of complete morons who have no idea what is going on outside of the beltway. They go to their stupid cocktail parties and talk about all this and clutch their damn pearls but the rest of the country is too worried about jobs and making the mortgage and every day concerns to care about what the media is trying to stuff down our throats.

  132. Thank you everyone for your replies. The other thing Hillary said on Friday night, is that there is no reason for Trump not to release his tax returns. She said, she has been audited over the years, and this is not a reason for not releasing tax returns. Every time, anyone in the media asks him, he said he has released his financials and this should be enough. Also, he always says his return is being audited. Sounds like a lot of manure to me.

  133. I don’t believe that Trump’s enabler bull is going to work. Because really as women how many things are we responsible for? Do we have to now be responsible for cheating spouses? Aren’t the husbands who cheat on their wives responsible for their own actions? And how about the women who knowingly take part in the affair? Shouldn’t they take responsibility? It’s just blaming the victim. In truth if someone is going to cheat, there is nothing you can do to stop them. If you choose to stay with them knowing how they are that is your business. I will not second guess a woman about her cheating spouse. Hillary’s a big girl she can decide for herself if she’s better off with or without Bill.

  134. calling Hillary and “enabler”.

    I don’t know about you, but I have been cheated on by men before, and if anyone called me the ‘enaber’ of his infidelity…I would verbally rip them to shreds.

    Only cheating men blame the person cheated on because they have freely done the cheating themselves. Yeah, it’s always the innocent parties fault.

    This makes women hate Trump even more.

  135. As far as no one liking Hillary Clinton that meme has been played to death. Professionally I have found that strong competent women are hardly ever liked but they are respected. Last time we had a “likable” candidate was with George W. Bush and look how good that worked out for us? That was a crazy line by the MSM who you would rather have a beer with? What a way to choose a president.

  136. Joe Biden tells Robin Roberts: I’m ‘Confident’ Hillary Clinton will be Democratic Nominee. Airing 5/11 on GMA.

    looks like the WH wants this over

  137. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/05/joe-biden-hillary-clinton-nominee-president-223017

    Vice President Joe Biden says he is “confident” that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic presidential nominee and that she will be the next president, even as the former secretary of state has been unable to shake Bernie Sanders.

    “I feel confident that Hillary will be the nominee, and I feel confident she’ll be the next president,” Biden told ABC’s Robin Roberts in an interview for “Good Morning America” published Tuesday afternoon.

  138. I’m also sick and tired of the “Hillary can’t shake Bernie” narrative. What is she supposed to do? Knee cap him? Because that’s what it would take.

  139. Yes she could trash him really bad, I think the calculation is she would lose more than she would gain. She’s going to wait it out. Think 2008 and how they needed Hillary people to pivot to Barack. Many didn’t but most did. The women especially will most likely pivot because of SCOTUS. The bros, I think they are just white frat boys and Ron Paul creeps and I say fuck em. They aren’t going to vote for a girl.

  140. pretty obvious from WV exits that trump supporters and gop voters have been messing in the dem primary.

  141. I’ve finally figured out why Media poohbahs loathe Hillary: She makes them feel dumb, lazy and superficial because they’re dumb, lazy and superficial.

  142. People love Hillary. She received a standing ovation when she walk onto the stage Friday night. It took a few minutes for the noise to calm down. She said, “Thank you San Francisco!” When the talk was over, another standing ovation and there were standing ovations throughout her talk. People don’t see the love that many people have for this special woman.

  143. Well A sanders win in WV is just a big old piece of crap tonight for him.

    JUST IN: West Va. exit polls show nearly half of Sanders voters would vote Trump in November

    What a mockery of a primary.

  144. 42% of Democratic voters in WV think that the next president should be less liberal than Obama. And these are Sanders voters? They are mostly Republicans or Libertarians posing as Democrats for this primary.

  145. Moon, it is West Virginia and it is a red state.

  146. Dont forget, most conservatives in WV are registered Dem but vote republican, its a fucked up state.

    Sanders may get a win tonight but everyone knows what the details are.

  147. I am not advocating that anyone actually spend time watching these awful news stations. But if you do (and I certainly admit that I do on primary nights) see if you can ever find one single commentr made which is favorable to Hillary, besides perhaps making reference to delegate counts, which are not subjective. Never does anyone praise Hillary’s intelligence, or grasp of issues, or demeanor. You would think that in the thousands of hours they devote to these discussions, some extraneous positive comment about Hillary would slip in; but they have a remarkable job of avoiding any.

  148. WV is red red red.

  149. Well, somehow I saw Van Jones, far from my favorite “liberal” commentator, say that he thinks that Hillary will be one of the best presidents ever. So a nod of appreciation to him for that.

  150. ABC is quoting a poll showing tRump neck and neck with her in FL and PA. I can’t find the source. Anybody got anything on this?

  151. Watching these hard headed West Virginians on Tv and their ostrich in the sand attitude to coal is why they will lose big time, its a dead industry that is out of time and needs to change. If these people dont want to move with the reality, then they will not survive.

    You cant lead a horse to water.

  152. I think it is the Quinnipiac poll

  153. CNN really know how to try and stretch crap into stories……….utter crap, they are going looney over 1/3rd of dem voters in WV voting Trump in Nov…….

    They are not Dems dear, honestly do we have to do your journalism for you.

  154. lol, no call for Bernie…..hmm…..they obviously have no idea wtf is gonna happen their tonight.

  155. Where the hell did this CNN “early leader” shit come from……either call it or dont CNN.

  156. msnbc called WV for Bernie

  157. Weird. No other channel is calling it. What does msnbc know that others don’t?

  158. I am here in Arlington VA vacationing saw my first bumper sticker. It was for our girl Hillary.

  159. Churl

    Hahaha, ” tRump”……………..good name.

  160. These republican candidates have no morals. They insult each other, then turn around and get in bed with each other. Rubio is on foxnews saying he will support the nominee. What a joke. I am waiting on Cruz to get in bed with Trump next. No way would I ever support someone who I think is not good for the country. Someone who trashes the way trump has.

  161. Nebraska’s non-binding primary results: (but caucuses are more democratic?)

  162. Many of the pundits at CNN were just discussing that maybe they held Hillary to a higher standard than they do all other (men) candidates. Pointing out that the things Hillary says, are cut off to only present the negative of what she says, and not the entire statement.

    Oh duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Assholes!!!!!

    Their excuse, “Maybe it’s because we aren’t used to representing a woman running for President!” (My words, can’t remember the exact wording…)

  163. Shadow, I’m glad you can wade through that morass of cable news for us and report back!

  164. Ga6th Thanks, I can only take small doses at a time of CNN, but I want to see if any of these backstabbing media stations are being fair to Hillary…yet………………..or not.

    The person saying most of what I reported above was a male Hillary supporter, (familiar but I don’t know his name) and Van Jones. (Yup!)
    Axelbutt has also defended her a lot over the past month too.

    Another thing they said was Trump can say something crazy one day, then say the opposite the next day, and no one raises a big stink about it. Haha…like he changes his mind and no one cares. Like he has no real policies and just slogans…haha, big deal.

    They sit there and admit, and then just carry on…nothing going on here, move along.

  165. If BS had lost NE caucuses, then won the “non-binding” primary, he would have whined about it all the way to the convention!

  166. I’m starting to warm to the theory Trump has dementia.

  167. I got to watch most of the Hillary rally on CSPAN. These are always restorative. There is the Hillary we see and experience, and then there is the twisted and agenda-driven narrative spun by her enemies, and then disseminated by the media. The real Hillary is rendered almost unrecognizable. Hopefully people can see her for real, and not listen to the distorted spin.

  168. Brassy Rebel, once again we see that the caucuses are a joke. The results of caucuses bear no relation to the real makeup of the electorate in a state. They are like some kind of fixed vote run by crooks, in terms of the inflated margins which always go to the same candidate, as compared to how the primary vote would break down in the same state.

  169. I am watching Max Boot, who advised Reagan and GHW Bush and even Romney on foreign relations, absolutely dismantle Trump. He calls him an ignoramus, and the most unknowledgeable candidate in the last fifty years. I hope this gets some wider dissemination.

  170. William,

    Funny that the exact thing you are talking about, was asked of me after I saw Hillary the other day. A woman that voted for Hillary in 2008 and then voted for Obama in the General. Her question was in concern if Trump would win because Hillary might not have as much charisma as Bill, if Dems would move towards Trump because of it.

    She asked if Hillary connected with her audience at the rally. I said, “Are you kidding? People were in tears and yelling their heads off in glee when she walked out to the stage. We all stood there (no seating) and were all totally focused on Hillary…it was amazing.

    When she finished talking the entire group of hundreds of people all rushed towards her, to touch her to take selfies with her, to even hold her hand and talk to her 😉 Not one person just walked away. There are a few photos captured of her standing in the middle of a huge crowd…totally mobbed by people that LOVE her. I was one of them.

    This is a small sample of that night: http://image.timesheraldonline.com/storyimage/NH/20160506/SPORTS/160509881/AR/0/AR-160509881.jpg&maxh=400&maxw=667

  171. tptally -> totally

    FixIt Fairy visited…

  172. Shadowfax, I certainly wish that more people could experience Hillary close up, as you were able to do. Or at least watch her on CSPAN. She is so unlike the portrait the media paints of her. And this is so obvious to us, that one has to believe that the media, for all its access, isn’t even watching or listening to her in real life. It really comes down to whether Hillary will be able to get to personally connect with enough people. When Bill Clinton was behind in the early polls in the ’92 election, it was said to the media by his campaign staff, that if he could just somehow talk face to face with every voter, he would win in a landslide. I believe that of Hillary, as well.

    And one other thing to mention: I think that if Hillary starts hammering away at Trump’s statement that he would possibly choose to default on the U.S. debt, she will really damage him. Doing that would destroy our economy beyond redemption, and this fear would scare voters, because they would lose their savings. It’s too good an opportunity to pass up.

  173. Haha WV, Bernie picked up 5 extra delegates, even though he ‘won’.

    With the only superdelegates going to Hillary, they both got 17 delegates/superdelegates.

  174. Gah. Stay tuned for more “Sanders keeps winning” blather from the media.

    Feel The Math!

  175. It’s got to be Sherrod Brown. She can snap Ohio up with him on the ticket.

  176. OldCoastie!!! How are ya?!!!

    He does not have dementia. He’s just batshit crazy and he has a major need to validate himself perpetually.

  177. Rebel, the Sanders Rule is: If we lose, it’s rigged. If we win, it’s not rigged.

  178. Castro didn’t say it’s not happening. He said he didn’t “Think” it was going to happen. That’s different and was definitely a political answer to cover bases, just in case, either way.

  179. Just droppin’ by a sec to say how nice it is to see so many old friends here – still excited about Hillary!!!

    Time is in short supply lately, but hope to see more of you guys soon.

  180. Haha, Uppity! Yes, I agree he’s not sane but being crazy does not preclude him having dementia also…. the word salads are the key…


  181. There is a Hillary supporter on cnn. Her name is Angela Rye. She tore into the little blonde girl when she started talking about Bill. When they ask her about Trump and his mistresses, she was in denial. I think her name is Haley. She was saying when it gets out to the younger girls how Hillary treated the women Bill had an affair with they are going to be turned off. I just started laughing. Poor child. I wish someone could find the clip. It was on this week. I am not good with videos.
    Do you notice the difference of the makeup between Trump’s crowd and Hillary’s?

  182. freespirit

    Hey Free, good to see you!

    Yup, all the Hillary supporters migrated over to Upps site. You won’t be trashed talking about Hillary here.

  183. Since this is a different kind of election. Voters now want to see who can insult each other more. Maybe we need to have a debate playing the dozen. Since this is the only thing the new electorate can only understand. They seem to not care about the issues. Lets just put an idiot in office to blow up the world.

  184. old coastie, I know a strong Hillary supporter who also thinks that Trump is in the early stages of dementia. Where are you located?

  185. Neetabug, There is a strong Hillary supporter on MSNBC named Joy Reid. She is fantastic!!

    Every time, I read or hear about how Hillary treated Bill’s mistresses, I always think, “What in the hell was she supposed to do? Have tea and cookies with them?” I’m sure many of them went after him. Play with fire and one will get burnt.

  186. I agree with Upps, the vp selection has to be a sure win against Trump, and Brown can get Ohio for Hillary since the polls are tilting toward “The Clown”.
    I never thought Trumpet would get this far, so Hillary need to be on guard and very cautious.

  187. I’m in So Cal.

  188. This is the definition of hubris;

    Let’s hope the buffoon doesn’t flip flop on this too…

  189. I live in Ohio where are they getting these polls? Everyone I talk to can’t stand Trump. If the old goat would sit down maybe Hill could concentrate on Trump. She is fighting two wars. I still believe the republicans is behind Bernie. I received and e-mail from Hillary showing the polls in Ohio, Fla, and Pa are tilting toward the clown.
    Hillary’s ads are fine, to me I don’t like the music. She needs some make me look and remember music

  190. once again, Hillary is held to a higher standard. She has been tarred for not releasing her Wall Street transcripts and Trump is getting away with not releasing his tax returns. What a double standard!!!

    Oh, and Bernie has gotten away with not releasing tax returns. One year doesn’t suffice, when one is running to be president.

  191. Hey, Free! Happy you dropped by!

  192. TheNewRealist
    …Trump won’t release his tax forms until AFTER the election, that means he has something big to HIDE.

  193. Nettabug, true that Hillary is fighting to angry men on each side of the fence.

    She is one tough cookie!

  194. So let’s all just forget about Bernie, he’s done and has been for months now. He ( and most of his millennial “bros”) will certainly wind up endorsing our Hillary. Lizzie Warren has already adopted the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” position, so whatever you think about her (and I’m no fan of the ONLY female Democratic Senator NOT to endorse!) she will be an INVALUABLE asset ( as in attack dog!) in the general election.

    It’s all about the GE from here on in. If the Democrats and the Clinton campaign play their, “cards” right, the GOP could party like it’s 1964.
    The tax thing is a perfect vehicle to use to rattle Drumpf’s cage. Don’t accuse him of hiding malfeasance, accuse him of not being a BILLIONAIRE! Say he’s BROKE! it hits him where he lives, his EGO!
    Hillary should use her surrogates to start the “Debtor Donnie” meme asap. He will turn redder than that stupid damned hat he wears…

  195. After “winning” West Virginia with Trump supporters, not Democrats, and losing Nebraska primary that had larger turnout than caucuses he won, Sanders should drop out in embarrassment. But won’t.

    Trump won’t release tax returns, but Hillary is dodgy, secretive one.

  196. I am already sick of Trump’s endless boasting and bullshit slogans with no substance to his ‘policies’, branding and immature insults,

    I can’t wait for Hillary to kick his ass.

  197. Sanders California team collapses and Director walks away.


    Bernie Sanders’ campaign parted ways with its California state director Michael Ceraso on Wednesday morning, 27 days before the primary in the state that Sanders has repeatedly said is crucial to his effort to capture the Democratic nomination.

    The surprise move came after a period when Ceraso advocated for a California strategy that involved more investment on field and digital organizing than on television advertising — a staple of Sanders’ campaign elsewhere so far — he told POLITICO.

    Sanders’ campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Ceraso, who was Sanders’ deputy state director in New Hampshire and helped lead the teams in a series of March-voting states, had been working for the Vermont senator in California for weeks. As the campaign turned more of its attention to California and its 475 delegates late last month, it also brought in Robert Becker — Sanders’ Iowa state director and another veteran of a series of other contests since then, including New York — to work in the state.


    They are giving up on him.

  198. Moon,

    Story is more than 12 hours old, and has been picked up by…just about NO ONE…
    I’d like to think that it’s because he’s OVER, but I think it’s more of the “gentle” treatment he has received from the press from the get-go…
    Imagine if it was HILLARY’S Cali state director. It would lead the evening news…

  199. Vice President Joe Biden is confident Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination and ultimately the White House, but still believes he would be a better president.
    “I had planned on running. It’s an awful thing to say: I think I would have been the best president,” Biden told Robin Roberts in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America” that aired Wednesday.
    Story Continued Below

    But ruling out a White House run in 2016 was the right decision for Biden and his family, he said. “No one should ever seek the presidency unless they’re able to devote their whole heart and soul and passion into just doing that,” said Biden, who announced in October following the death of his son that he would not be pursuing the presidency. “And Beau was my soul. I just wasn’t ready to be able to do that.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/05/joe-biden-president-223046#ixzz48NMfBAtj
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

  200. moononpluto, on May 11, 2016 at 2:36 PM

    Well, that’s darn good news…even if other media is hiding it. He also said in that article that he didn’t plan to spend $ on tv ads in CA.

    He is starting to see his $ dry up, his wins and spending a waste of time.

    Bernie and Trump are the same, they will call themselves winners until the last day they have to take the walk of shame.

    Kick um in the bum on their way out!

    Where’s the big hook for the Sandcrab???

  201. Biden would make a terrible President, gaff us into a worse crisis.

  202. Bernie’s California campaign manager just quit.

  203. Sanders wants another debate in CA per SF Chronicle. Since funds may be drying up, free media exposure?

  204. Hillary should pull a Trump and say no more DEBATES.

    This is interesting article. Not sure if it has been posted before.


  205. I agree, no more debates Bernie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. CA Hillary’s poll numbers are rising (+9.7)…Bernie’s are going down.


  207. Hillary Clinton Mocks Donald Trump Over Not Releasing Tax Returns


    “Because when you’re running for president and you become the nominee, that’s kind of expected,” said Mrs. Clinton, who, with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, has released annual tax returns since 1977 and posted eight years of returns on her campaign website.

    “So you’ve got to ask yourself, why doesn’t he want to release them?” Mrs. Clinton said with a slightly dark edge to her voice. “Yeah, well, we’re going to find out.”

    The tax filings are a ripe target for the Clinton campaign given that Mr. Trump has been portraying her as the candidate with something to hide, attacking her for using a private email server as secretary of state and earning millions of dollars for paid speeches that have not been made public.


  208. I’d say Joe Biden can kiss my ass, but he’d probably like to.

  209. Other people might be better at guessing about this than I am, but here are some suggestions as to what Trump doesn”t want people to see:

    He has made millions of dollars giving paid speeches to all sorts of entities.

    He has donated money to various people and groups which do not comport with his newly avowed views.

    He is in some more financial straits, and has borrowed substantial money.

    He has gotten subsidies or writeoffs for moving some aspects of his companies overseas.

    He has most of his stock in overseas companies.

    He has large writeoffs for attorney fees, because he is involved in a number of lawsuits, including regarding his bogus college.

    He was in arrears to the IRS, and is on a repayment schedule which shows up in the tax return.

    He pays member fees to varous shadowy groups.

    He is payng private detectives.

  210. I’m not surprised Hillary is bringing up the tax return situation. She brought it up, during her talk last Friday in SF, when she said being audited is not a reason for not releasing the returns.

    William, I think your reasons are right on target. I just hope the media keeps hounding him. I also think, among the reasons that Hillary didn’t want to release the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street, is that Donald Trump has most likely, also made speeches to financial companies. She didn’t want to give them more fodder. During the debates, she alluded to the other side may have given speeches to Wall Street.

  211. William, it’s probably ALL the reasons you listed. He says he’ll release them after the election. Okay. I’m guessing he’s planning on not winning the election then.

  212. Here’s one thing I can’t quite understand ( among many). If Hillary’s so unpopular,not inspiring,untrustworthy and so on and so on…who are those 13 million people who’ve voted for her so far? Elves? Fairies? Ghosts? CNN and MSNBC may have to fabricate things to stay on the TV 24/7 but the truth will out.

    I kind of wish that Hillary would occasionally take a “Mom” kind of approach toward Trump. Say something along the lines of “We, as mothers, have often dealt with temper tantrums;at home or work. Mostly it’s best to let them scream themselves out,give them a time out and THEN try to discuss things.Apparently Mr. Trump is still at the screaming stage”

    Also, I hope she’ll do something along the lines of saying to those working class who’ve lost jobs and are so angry..” Please don’t allow the media’s editing bring you to vote in a way that will hurt your family.Don’t let your vote be about how you feel about me;this isn’t about me,it’s about your families future.Sooner or later we have to find a way to turn the anger,not to revenge, but to solutions.”

  213. Neetabug, There is a strong Hillary supporter on MSNBC named Joy Reid. She is fantastic!!

    Joy Reid is not a Hillary supporter. Not even close. In fact, if you watch her a lot and pay close attention, you’ll hear the subtle digs that sound almost friendly.

    She has been fiercely neutral for this primary and does call out insanity and lies as they come up.

  214. Both Bernie and Trump won’t show their taxes.
    What are they hiding?
    Likely, that they are both millionaires.

  215. Msdsal,

    You need to e-mail what you wrote to Hillary.

    If you don’t mind, I am going to copy this and hold on to it. I will try to send it to my councilwomen who is a very good friend to Hillary.

    I will wait for your ok.

  216. Sophie, I heard someone on the program call Joy an unabashed Hillary supporter. Maybe I misheard.

  217. SophieCT, on May 11, 2016 at 8:16 PM said:

    Joy Reid is not a Hillary supporter. Not even close. In fact, if you watch her a lot and pay close attention, you’ll hear the subtle digs that sound almost friendly.
    She has been fiercely neutral for this primary and does call out insanity and lies as they come up.

    Well, if Joy is calling out insanity and lies, no wonder folks think she is a Hillary supporter. 🙂

  218. I would love for Hillary’s camp to “leak” that Hillary’s campaign manager is leaving and watch the media feeding frenzy. Then she calls a press conference to scold them for how they jumped all over it when it was her, but not when it was Bernie.

    The conference ends with Hillary saying “And one last thing…”, out comes the campaign manager who states, “I’m not going anywhere..that was a rumor” and they leave arm in arm to the sound of Hillary laughing.

    Ahh, I can dare to dream. 🙂

  219. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  220. I’d say Joe Biden can kiss my ass, but he’d probably like to.

    ………..for sure he’d like to fondle you on camera.

  221. The irony of Donald’s taxes is Comrade Bernie is hiding his too, but……….crickets.

  222. I think one of the biggest fallacies this primary season is that the race between Bernie and Hillary is close. It has never been close. He is trailing and has been trailing since March 15. If Hillary were a man Bernie would have dropped out then and the MSM would have been banging that drum consistently until he did. And no the loser doesn’t get to write the party platform and yes the Democratic Party is the Clinton party and will remain the Clinton party until the end of her two terms. Lastly to all the bros, guess what electing the first woman president is a really big deal and women all over the world will rejoice. Stop ignoring it, it just makes you all look sexist. Very soon Bernie’s refusal to admit reality will be seen by everyone as sexist.

  223. Thanks for the great link, Ga.. At least gay men understand that Hillary is NOT the establishment candidate.

  224. Rumor on twitter is that BS Cali state director resignation is somehow linked to last week’s protest disaster when children were harassed. It was not a good look, that’s for damn sure.

  225. I saw that Brassy. The question seems to be whether he thought it was a good idea or whether he stood up against it.

  226. Hillary finally put out a t-shirt I like. I bought it and also the rinestone/gold pin.

    I am ready to wear them…….. Yeehaw!



    A tiny bit of bling 😉

  227. So the queen of the far, far left is having a tweet war with Trump. This is exactly the thing Hillary shouldn’t lower herself to doing while running for President.

    Let Warren play with Trump, it makes him look like the reality jerk he is…


  228. Shadowfax, Warren is the one to be doing this. It helps Hillary.

  229. I watched the Last word with Lawrence O’donell. Great show. Finally someone who is not against Hillary. There is another show that comes on after him this guy seems to be for Hillary. Problem is these shows come on late.

  230. I forgot to mention he comes on msnbc.

  231. Neetabug, I watch the Last Word with O’Donnell. I’m on the west coast, so I can watch it. I like it.

  232. I received my mail-in ballot yesterday. Now, I can vote for Hillary. Yay!!

  233. birdgal what is the name of the guy that comes on after him?

  234. I’m not sure. The guy that comes before Rachel Maddow, comes on after O’Donnell. They rerun him and Maddow on the west coast. He has big glasses.

  235. Yes he does wear large glasses.

    Here is the video of last night hope it works.


  236. Chris Hayes. I’ve never found him or O’Donnell very friendly to Hillary. Maybe they’ve changed now that she’s the nominee and Trump’s the alternative.

    I am concerned about James Comey, head of FBI. He gave a press conference yesterday and was answering all these questions about the email investigation. Since when do officials comment on “ongoing investigations”? NPR had snippets on its newscast last evening. I got a very bad vibe from the guy who seemed to relish telling reporters that he’s keeping a close eye on investigation to make sure it’s done “properly”. What?! All the ongoing investigations FBI has and this is of such monumental importance that the Director is monitoring it? I now wonder if he’s the high level source of all the bad leaks to NYT last summer. Very shady character. In the grand tradition of J.

  237. I am not worried about those e-mails. As far as the director. I am very surprised. Notice he said monitoring. Remember this is politics. Who knows he might be a republican.

  238. I suspect he is Republican. Remember what a pain in the ass Louis Freeh was for the Clinton administration in the nineties? Like I said, these guys have way too much unchecked power and are usually politically conservative.

  239. I have found Chris Hayes and Lawrence O’Donnell more tolerable than some of the other program hosts. They are not fond of Trump by any means.

  240. Again, why did this email investigation only start in 2015, 30 months after Hillary had left the State Department, and right when she began her campaign? No investigation in all of ’13 and ’14. I don’t even know what they are investigating. My best guess is that there are some very anti-Hillary people in the FBI, and that some right-wing organization got them to launch this, and never end it. What does it take eight months to study? Why don’t they study Rice and Powell, who did the same thing? It is partisan and it is political. And yes, one worries, because if the FBI is that way, then they might do anything, even if it has no legal basis. And why is the FBI doing an investigation, anyway? If it were anything, it would be a state department matter, which it is not. I am afraid that the best we are going to possibly get from the FBI is some kind of, “She didn’t do anything warranting criminal charges but there was a serious breach of confidentiality, etc, etc,” No one is going to dispute or answer that, because Hillary wouldn’t want to be doing that; so the FBI right-wingers will have accomplished as much as they could have, in another despicable act of right-wing conspiracy. (The media loves to mock that phrase, but it is oh-so-true).

  241. Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin two nut jobs endorsing Trump.

  242. birdgal

    Yup, better Warren than Hillary in the tweet wars.

  243. She’s finally good for something. Now that she knows there’s no hope for her beloved Bernie.

  244. That Cali director is under investigation in NH for voter fraud.

  245. Uppity, What is he accused of doing?

  246. Upps
    That Cali director is under investigation in NH for voter fraud.

    Oh no! Falling off of the fainting couch….

    Bernie hires a crook to handle his campaign.

  247. She’s finally good for something. Now that she knows there’s no hope for her beloved Bernie.

    Joe wanted to run against Hillary with Warren as his VP.

    Now, Joe, Warren and Bernie can have their own pity party.

  248. I think the newsies (CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, Politico, Salon – What I call the Tiger Beats of journalism) all want a contested convention on the Dems side. That way they can openly vent their sexist remarks as just “honest” criticism of Hillary Clinton. However they run the risk of oversaturating the market with sexism like Bernie did in New York. That didn’t work out so well for him. What is there to say about Hillary Clinton that has not been already said? That she killed Vince Foster? That she’s a lesbian? … Whitewater, travelgate, the Bill Clinton bj, the impeachment, Benghazi, emails? All old news. The right wingers and extreme left wingers have been trying to destroy her for decades and they have only made her stronger. So bring it on. She’s awesome. She only gets stronger. The 2008 Obamacrats did not destroy her, and now she gets to run party. And It is her party. She earned it.

    Very soon it is time for Bernie Sanders to bow out. The problem is, if he continues to travel down this road, his political future will be sealed. He will finish his career an ineffectual party of one, vilified for trying to steal the nomination from the first woman President.

  249. At this point the whole email thing is starting to smell of politics. What Comey said yesterday either shows his complete incompetence in the job or he’s playing politics. Does that joker want to have to report to Donald Trump? Does Comey think that it’s a good idea that the majority of Americans in this country suffer because he wants to install a jackbooted thug as president?

  250. A Hillary PAC ad against the ‘Unifier’ Trump.

  251. GA, yes the email thing is all politics. The right wingers use it all the time, the left winger Bernie bros use it to as justification for Bernie to steal the nomination cuz Clinton is about to be….. (gasp) indicted!!! Whatever. It’s just smoke and mirrors. There is nothing there. Best to ignore it. All these manufactured Clinton scandals are all political theatre for the purpose of getting the faithful to rise up. Oh the outrage of it all. There is nothing like a good old fashioned outrage to solidify your base.

  252. That ad is a hoot. After Hillary gets in, can she fire the fbi guy? It looks totally partisan that he’s investigating Hillary and no mention about all the Bush people that did the same thing.

  253. Neetabug,please fell free to e-mail on my previous e-mail. I used to e-mail stuff like this to her campaign but I’m pretty sure they don’t actually read this stuff. ( Not sure I would either;lots of crazy out there) But if you have an in somewhere..type away and thanks.

    Brassy and William et al; I read in a Time magazine article that Comey previously was in charge of one of the Clinton investigations ( can’t remember which one) and he felt that Hillary should’ve been indicted then but they didn’t have sufficient evidence…so sounds like there’s some payback ,revenge or self righteous crap going on. It’s classic Alinsky stuff to engage in as much innuendo as possible, hoping something will stick or people will accept as true ,evidence aside. Joe McCarthy was a master of this;as is the entire Repub party,far as I can tell.
    If Comey holds out until after Hillary finally does Bernie in ( not that she hasn’t already) and then “Reveals all” he should be tried for treason.

  254. Msdsal, thanks for the insights. I wonder, did Obama appoint him as head of FBI? If so, that was a big mistake. It appears that we have the FBI working as its own branch of government, much as they used to do during the ’50’s and ’60’s. They ruined many lives back then, through innuendo and persecution.

  255. Msdsal, if they didn’t have enough evidence, on what basis did he believe she should be indicted? The guy is trouble. And it wouldn’t look good if she fired him after taking office. Supposed to be non-political job but is most political job of all because no one can touch FBI Director. She’ll be stuck with this troublemaking asshole. J. Edgar never died. The tradition lives on!

  256. And yes, Obama appointed him. GOP probably promised easy and quick confirmation. Hillary would have known to look out for hidden political agendas. Because experience!

  257. Msdsal I will e-mail it to my congress woman Marcia Fudge today

  258. Msdsal the info has been sent to Marcia Fudge. The 11th district caucus have monthly meetings. Marcia is usually at these meetings. Sometimes we have phone conferences. I will ask if she received my e-mail. I will also take your info to the meetings. or let her know on a phone conference.

  259. The whole email fantasy is over. The FBI said they found NO INTENTIONAL WRONG DOING from Hillary using her own server, period.

    They have never asked to talk to her, although she has said she would be available at any time to answer any questions.

    They will talk to her at some point before they close the books, something they said is normal.

    The Rethugs are still using the same talking points because all of the public either don’t know this, or they think it will do her harm…like all the other bullsh!t they pump out in the media.

  260. Correct me if I’m wrong, but all civil servants at that level serve at the pleasure of the President and President Hillary Clinton would have the right to put forth her own nominee for Director.

  261. FBI director has 10-year term. Coryn started in 2013 so Hillary would be stuck with him.

  262. Are you guys watching msnbc With all Due Respect?

  263. Neetabug

    MSNBC, nope…why?

  264. Lawrence O’Donnell hates the Clintons. He may have changed his tune lately, because she’s obviously going to be the nominee and the alternative is Trump, but this is new behavior.

  265. Bernie’s CA strategy, less television and more focus on voter registration rallies, especially on college campuses, and with specialized voter registration activities directed towards Latinos.

    I have seen ads directed towards college students, reminding them to vote before they leave school. There is a large voter registration activity planned in Oakland, CA at a large theater. I imagine these rallies are being held throughout the state. Mail in voting started this week.

  266. As a woman of a certain age with a generous bosom, I wish HRC’s campaign would offer a vee-neck tee shirt.
    The crew/round neck is a disaster for me.

  267. This from a Bernie supporter! Let’s hope there are many more like him. (Found the link at http://dailypuma.blogspot.com/ .)


    Tuesday, May 03, 2016
    Posted by Carl

    Whither Bernie?

    In reality, the primary season is over. The path Bernie has to the nomination is basically to renege on his entire raison d’être, get a firm grasp on the Dark Side, and try to super delegate his way past the will of the people, the popular vote, and electoral process he so valiantly defends against “corporate money”.

    In truth, the primary was over when Bernie announced he was running. He probably kept Joe Biden out of the race (who would have stood a decent chance against Hillary, and certainly could match her vote for vote at the super delegate level and could conceivably have energized the same young voters that Bernie has. Google “Biden Bitchin’ Camaro”). Sanders’ mishmash organization, inability to cultivate even the super delegates in his own state…I mean, really, if you’re going to descend into openly trying to steal an election anyway, you may as well be honest about it and stop disillusioning the youth of today…and absolutely barebones campaign infrastructure speaks of a man who made this decision basically about as carefully as a rich person chooses toilet paper.”



  268. This from a Bernie supporter. Hope there are many more like him!


    Tuesday, May 03, 2016
    Posted by Carl

    Whither Bernie?

    “In reality, the primary season is over. The path Bernie has to the nomination is basically to renege on his entire raison d’être, get a firm grasp on the Dark Side, and try to super delegate his way past the will of the people, the popular vote, and electoral process he so valiantly defends against “corporate money”.



  269. This morning on CNN its seems to be all about Trump and Sanders. The only concession CNN makes is that it is virtually impossible for him to win the nomination. But every time they talk about him they turn their focus away from the presumptive democratic nominee Clinton. Chris Cuomo is still proving himself to be a total @ss. He’s just a mouthpiece for the Republicans. He loves him some Trump.

    And why does Bernie always talk about himself in the third person? It’s just creepy.

  270. Sanders talking about himself in third person is definitely creepy, flvoter. Unfortunately, it’s probably the least creepy thing about him. It’s a very long list.

  271. Ugh. I’m in DC for my daughter’s graduation and the hotel has CNN on in the breakfast room. I haven’t watched it in ages since I don’t have cable, and now I can’t wait to shower. The Bernie love was nauseating.

  272. I’m starting to really like the idea of former Mass. Governor Deval Patrick for Vice President. Don’t really see any downside like lack of experience. Not Latino but African American to juice turnout. And he has ties to both Clinton administration and Obama administration. Will carry Mass. regardless but won’t risk loss of Senate seat.

  273. Upps ~
    FEC releases damning 639 pages of violations by Bernie Sanders campaign.

    Yikes, Bernies is in deep sh!t with all these illegal donations. Too bad Hillary PACs don’t put it out there.

    I wonder how much of this is from the Rethugs? Bernie probably thinks that since the deadline is after the last states vote…why not deal with it then…

    I am really glad Hillary is in the clear.

  274. Looking at the possible VP choices from the senate, maybe Brown is a good pick. Honesty, I don’t know anything about him, but Ohio is a possible swing state, and his bio seems to fit the bill. Anyone know much about him?


  275. It’s simply gotten to the point where I cannot watch the cable news, except for a primary night; and even then, I mostly turn it down and watch the numbers.

    CNN has picked the winner of the last four presidential races, and I don’t mean predicted them. They got Bush elected over Gore and Kerry. They wanted Obama. They don’t want Hillary. Will they be able to force their candidate on the American people again? Yes, a number of restaurants or similar places have CNN on a TV screen, so their propaganda sort of suffuses the environment. Even if the sound is off, they run these mostly inflammatory and misleading captions. Some of those captions completely misrepresent the actual thing they are talking about.

    One vainly hopes that at some point they will “realize” that they created Trump, and will finally hammer away a tthem. But I think that this is an old-fashioned and optimistic view of the media. Whatever motivates them–the greed of their owners; the stations having sold their souls for ratings; the goal of purveying crucial matters as 24-hour entertainment–it is not a responsibility to be good journalists. Maybe I was naive, but I always felt that Cronkite, Brinkley, Smith, were jourhalists first and partisans second; and that you would get a balanced view of what was going on. What we get now is not reporting, it is carefully designed propaganda, reality show hype, and general stupdity. For one tiny example, if Hillary had refused to release her tax returns, we know that this would be the lead story for the rest of the campaign, unitil she lost as a result. And if anyone has the temerity to say that, they say with mock outrage, “We don’t do that at all!!,” and “Oh, is that Hillary complaining about the vast right-wing conspiracy again? Snicker, snicker. Back with more in a moment, about why is Hillary dropping in the polls?”

  276. Of course, the reason we all know how much Hillary made in speaking fees is because she released DETAILED tax returns. How ironic is that?

  277. William, I haven’t found any news media that supports Hillary in a fair way.

  278. Here is the episode of Lawrence last night. I don’t know how to edit. It is Lawrence O’Donnell calling Trump little Donald. Paul Ryan had to take him to school on how the government works. He also has the guy on from CA asking him if he is going to be Hillary’s VP.

    William if you have the time take a look at this espisode.

    He is saying how dumb Trump is.


    Shadow, the dems love Sherrod Brown here in Cleveland. We are Cuyahoga county it is heavily democratic. Down state Columbus, and some rural counties is republican. This is why they are counting on Cuyahoga county to really get out the votes.

  279. Shadowfax, on May 12, 2016 at 8:25 PM said:


    MSNBC, nope…why?

    They were showing Trump’s racists butler.

  280. Brassy Rebel, it is an excellent point! And it would be an excellent response if Trump every brought it up; but he likely won’t, because Sanders (who barely released one tax return) hammered away at it for him. The whole thing is infuriating, but Hillary has to just do her best to fight against all of it. It’s awful enough that there is this fictitious narrative concocted about Hillary; but then there is the completely obvious fact that the media cavalierly ignores virtually every negative story or fact about Sanders and Trump, both of whom have probably beein engaging in frauds for years.

  281. Notice the last paragraph of this article


  282. Something strange is going on with the blog…

  283. William this is why we can’t count on the media. We need boots on the ground talking to voters. We need to get to senior citizens buildings, hold meetings to informed them. Wear something that will start a discussion.

    Why is it Hillary never visit the colleges? Maybe once she is nominated O can campaign for her at the colleges.

  284. Check “The Confluence”: Reactivity by riverdaughter.


    Some very good points on how to fester The Trump(et).

  285. It is strange that in “betting odds,” Brown is over 12-1 to be VP, with Castro only 2-1, and Kaine around 4-1.It may just be that the fact that since both Brown and his wife are against him leaving the Senate, he is not really on any short list. If that’s not true, than it’s a great bet at those odds. People have been saying for a year that Castro is whom Hillary wants. But people could be wrong, of course. Brown seems like the best choice, the one who could actually help Hillary electorally. Do you know that a recent poll has Hillary at 60% unfavorables in Ohio? That is ludicrous; and it is of course all the fault of Sanders, who has been as good as saying that Hillary is corrupt and that Wall Street buys her votes; conveniently ignoring that fact that the two of them voted the same on 93% of the bills in the Senate, of course including gun bills on which they differed, and where she was right and he was very wrong.

    Neetabug, I didn’t see O’Donnell last night. I’m glad that he went after Trump. But I tend to agree with Sophie and others that O’Donnell has hated the Clintons for decades, and ordinarily sneers at Hillary. He may hate Trump more, but I am not actually sure that he would vote for Hillary over Trump, given the way that he has made a point over many years of hammering away at Hillary and BIll. O’Donnell was good in the last general election in attacking Romney, but of course that was with his favorite, Obama, running against him. It will be interesting to see how the MSNBC people deal with this general election, but I am not too optimistic. If they just blast away at Trump, that will the best we can reasonably hope for. I would not be surprised to see some stories from them about how the Sanders supporters just can’t stand Hillary, so may vote for Trump, or write in Sanders, or sit out the election.

  286. Hillary at 60% unfavorables in Ohio

    William don’t believe the polls. They must have polled all repubs. Everyone I talked to loves Hillary. They are saying everyone better get out and vote. They don’t want that nut Trump in the white house.

    I have to tell you this story. My daughter in law lives in Cali. She listens to NPR while taking the kids to school and other activities. My grandson who is seven, asked her who is this Trump. He says mom if I tell you something you want be mad at me? She told him no she would not. He said Trump is an ass####. He also texted me and said don’t vote for Trump.

  287. Neetabug, good to hear!

  288. tice the last paragraph of this article
    1 Vote

    Can we say HYPOCRITE!!!!!!

  289. Shadow, can you describe the strange thing?

  290. Panetta and Petraeus support Hillary’s experience and blast Trump. On CCN.

  291. Sophie

    The strange thing was that for about five minutes it wouldn’t let me post, although it did a few minutes before. When I finally was able to post, had to log on again (this is okay, but) then I noticed about the last 20 posts were gone, then a few minutes later, they were there again.

  292. You cannot listen to the press. They will drive you crazy. The best thing to do is do what you can like talk to friends, volunteer and donate.

  293. Shadow, that is weird. We need a new thread.

  294. socal

    Yup, it is weird 😉

  295. Problem with that Rebel, is MASS is not a swing state. Must get VP from a big swing state to lock it in.

  296. Shadow, that letter comes after two others with long lists. i read that he owes $29 million in returns and he has only returned $780,000. In short, bernie’s campaign is going broke.

  297. I think Slanders campaign in already broke and in debt big time. I will be so mad when Hillary pays off his debt, but pay it off she will.

  298. Uppity if he owes that much he’s beyond going broke. He’s got a monster mess.

  299. Well, if Sanders has to pay back that money, most of it will probably go to the Rethugs that were trying to stop Hillary.

  300. I’m cracking up! A new twitter site for “John Miller”, trump’s fictitious PR guy:


  301. Oh, my the whole thing with Donald Trump posing as his own publicist is beyond hysterical. I mean he’s getting laughed at all over twitter so much and I would not be surprised if the GOP starts resurrecting stories about taking him out at the convention once again.

  302. Neetabug,thanks for sending out the e-mail..hope some good comes of it,but if not,oh well. Never know what might work.

    I was reflecting today on the day when the Puyallup Tribe named Hillary Strong Woman. In the naming ceremony they put a blanket over her shoulders. My First Nations friend from Canada told me that the blanket was a tradition that began because those who worked on behalf of the tribe didn’t have time to gather firewood and the tribe honored the sacrifice by helping to keep the person warm in winter.

    Wish we treated our Elders as well,especially those,who like Hillary,have given themselves to the betterment of the People.

    As to VP;I’m wondering about the Mayor of LA;can’t remember his name,starts w/a B. Very well spoken,could help firm up the Latino vote on FL;CA and CO AND would not require losing a senator when the senate may be so close to tipping D.

  303. Msdsal – you are thinking of Antonio Villaraigosa… Trust me, you don’t want him as VP… He’s a squirrelly dude with lotsa skeletons.

    Fell asleep with the tv on last night. I could have SWORN I heard that Donnie admitted to releasing the tape with “John Miller” to WaPo.

    I’ve searched the news this morning. Apparently, I was dreaming.


  304. Oldcoastie you were not dreaming. What you heard was I forgot who it was saying they would not be surprised if Donnie released the tapes himself.

    I believe something Is not right with this man besides having a thinned skin. Notice when he talks how he keeps repeating himself. He says the same thing over and over again.

  305. Msdl, The person you were thinking of, is Xavier Becerra, who is a congressman from the LA area. He was on one of the talk shows this week. He is a surrogate for Clinton.

  306. Too bad the FEC is not feeling the Bern. But will it make it to msm. I think not. If that was Hillary it would be crammed down our throats 24/7. You see who their golden child is.They make me so angry. And you can bet the nutty professor knew exactly what he was doing.Guess as long as it works for him he will continue to push the buttons. After all there are no consequences for his bad behavior.

  307. Sandy, Fox and MSM is all for the men running 24/7. Bernie and Trump, Trump, Trump.

    No one said becoming the first woman President was going to be easy, never has been. Hillary has already been through Hell and she thought it was worth fighting for again.

    This makes me more proud of her than anything else she has done.

    I was so happy to tell her how proud I am of her, right to her face.

  308. neetabug

    I believe something Is not right with this man besides having a thinned skin. Notice when he talks how he keeps repeating himself. He says the same thing over and over again.

    I am starting to think the same thing. He also isn’t capable of coming up with anything other than simple sentences on how he plans to carry out any of his policies, not even building the fence.

    At the very least, this man is messed up in the head in some way.

  309. It’s actually an indoctrination tactic. Keep hammering the same thing in someone’s head so the person then begins to repeat it because it’s imprinted. It’s how Communists and religious zealots, etc, hook the vulnerable and impressionable.

  310. Mulling over the VP possibilities again (though of course it’s really just an exercise), I think I would make it 1)Brown 2)Franken. I just don’t think Brown wants to do it, and that is going to be the main reason why he is not picked. After that, Franken could be the most worthwhile choice. He is smart, he is genial and sincere. He apparently has no real negatives, other than of course that he made his earlier fame as an SNL writer; but he has shown that he is a very serious public figure. He could help in the Midwest, and with White males there, which is where the ticket needs some help. Who else could do that, besides Brown? And after reading an absolutely disturbiing series of articles about how the Labour Party in England has almost been taken over by anti-semites, we could use a strong statement to the rest of the world that America will be defending Israel. Finally, I think that Franken would do well in a VP debate, with Gingrich or Kasich or any of them.

    We shouldn’t need this, but given the way the media covers the campaign; and all the tiresome narratives; it would be nice to have a VP choice who would get high marks from political observers.

  311. Uppity, I agree that it is intended to be an indocrination tactic, a way to link all of his competitors with a very negative appellation. I know that Hillary would never do it, but I actually think that it might be worthwhile to counter that by giving Trump a very negative nickname as well. He started it, and no one could reasonably complain about it being done back to him. I am serious about this. Maybe someone could start it on the internet, and it might get traction.

    I don’t know what the best appellation would be. It would have to be something very insulting, and meaningfully so, not just a joke. Fascist Donald might do. “Oh, there goes Fascist Donald, coming up with some new proposals.” Or maybe Carnival Barker Donald. Flim-Flam Donald. Phineas T. Trump. Ignoramus Donald. (Max Boot, foreign policy advisor to many key Republicans in the past, called him an ignoramus on CSPAN the other day, so there is precedent for it). Donald the Quack is also a possibility.

  312. Dopey Donald, Degenerate Donald, Disgraceful Donald, John Baron.

  313. Does anyone here watch Fusion TV? They feature a pair of comedians/impressionists who do Bernie and Donald debating.
    They are brilliant and their material is hilarious.
    SNL should hire these two guys toot suite.
    You Tube if you don’t get Fusion.

  314. Mulling over VP choices, even though it is really just an exercise, my first two choices are now Brown and Franken. I don’t think that Brown wants to do it, and that is going to be the biggest reason why he is not picked. Of the others, Franken might have the most advantages. He is intelligent and genial. He does help shore up the Midwest, and with White males. Brown is better, from a more important state; but after Brown, who else could help as much as Franken? His only “negative” is that he is associated in the public’s mind with his SNL writing, but he has shown to be a very serious and hard-working public official. And after having just read a few very disturbing pieces about how the Labour Party in England has been virtually taken over by anti-semites, I think it would be a great thing to make a statement that America is going to be strongly defending Israel. I think that Franken would show well in a VP debate with whomever the other side picks. We don’t need a choice about whom we would have to be nervous as to how he would do in the VP debate, or in the campaign.

  315. Absolute hell kicking off at NV convention, Hillarys guys inc Barbara Boxer strongarmed the Sanders lot and won….You go girls.

  316. Poor TRIXTA landed in Spam at 2PM and nobody noticed.

  317. Moon, details please.

  318. I’ll start a new thread with that, thanks moon.
    Sorry Trixa, been watching the NV crap all day on twitter.

  319. Shadowfax you are so right about the men candidates and neither one of them deserve a second look. Hillary without a doubt will be our next president. and the best president ever. I will never change my mind about her. I have been waiting for this since 2008 and it is almost here.

  320. SCREEEEEECH New post! ^^^^ take it upstairs!

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