Winner of NV Caucus Wins at Convention – Bros Have a Tantrum

Remember the screaming at little kids and tearing up signs at Hillary’s rally in East Los Angeles? You’d think the bad PR from that would have given Bernie Brats pause. No, not Bernie Bros, they just double down on their hate.

Tensions were high at the Democratic convention in Nevada Saturday, with Bernie Sanders supporters demanding delegate recounts, booing Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and causing other disruptions, according to local media reports.

Note the bearded bro yelling at the end of video: “Who gives a shit, bitch”, at Senator Barbara Boxer. Bernie Bros being….well…Bernie Bros. I think the DNC should consider revoking the credentials of these losers for the national convention in Philly, or at least, putting the animals in cages.


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  1. moon-

    Berniebots tried to steal delegates and Barbara Boxer was having none of it.

    ’bout time Boxer supports Hillary. Too bad she didn’t in 2008 over BO.

    Happy to see the SandcrabBots didn’t bully their way into winning. This is exactly why I will be working at the polls in June for the CA election.

  2. This is why they need to get rid of caucuses. They are clusterf*cks and disenfranchise too many people. They are outdated in modern times.

  3. This was the convention after the caucus, but I agree Birdgal, we need to get rid of caucuses.

  4. If we didn’t have caucuses, there wouldn’t be the need for this type of comvention. I hate to think about what may happen in Philadelphia, because you know, things will not go their way.

  5. These little shits have big mouths and no power in the end, as they will quickly find out. Their parents must be so proud of these little assholes. Thank God I didn’t spawn one of them. This is what comes from giving kids trophies every time they fart. They grow up acting like everybody owes them something, and throwing tantrums when they don’t get what they want. No wonder corporations are calling back retirees and begging them to come back. Who the hell wants to hire a little shit who thinks the company didn’t run till he got there?

  6. On a positive note, I went canvassing for Hillary today. It was for about 1.5 hours. The majority of people were not home, so I left a door hanger. I live in CA. Our primary is June 7th.

  7. The reporter that had a tape of Trump …very interesting…

  8. Of course, some Bluto screaming “who gives a shit, bitch” couldn’t have anything to do with misogyny, right?

  9. The whole transgender bathroom brouhaha reeks of Karl Rove.
    Remember when he made sure that gay marriage bans got on the 2004 ballot in swing states?
    This is a minefield for our girl; what are your thoughts?

  10. Snools. They sound like 2-year-olds having tantrums. Only diff is their voices are deeper. Does this give us an example of what a Sanders administration would be like?

    Grow the eff up, kids. We need an adult President.

  11. Sue, you could well be right. The problem inherent in liberalism (and I am essentially a liberal) is that it ultimately takes one too far, to where many reasonable people do not want to go. The question is how many people who were not going to vote otherwise, will come out because of these ballot propositions? Hopefully, not too many. But the issue surely is not going to win us any votes. How many transgendered people are there, anyway?

    Of course Hillary has got to support transgender rights. I don’t, much; and I suspect that many otherwise liberal people don’t, though some do. For all the many ways that they are better than the conservatives, liberals are often pushed to positions that aren’t popular and cost votes. Dukakis was out there defending two very admirable ideologial principles, the right to burn an American flag, and being against the death penalty. Of course those were fully exploited by Republicans; we remember GHW Bush gong to flag factories every week; and Bernard Shaw putting Dukakis in an impossible position with a rather sneering debate question which had no real relevance to anything but the Republican campaign. So we can figure that it will happen again. Not that long ago, a Democratic candidate, even a liberal one, could take moderate positions on these cultural issues, but apparently no longer.

  12. oh, boy. that NV convention was downright ugly. It’s yet another example of how the party needs to come down on Bernie NOW.

  13. William, you have articulated my fearful thoughts perfectly.
    My ultimate fear is that some of the Obama people, and Rove in collusion with the money powers that be, have suddenly made the bathroom situation a cause celebre.
    I remember the anti gay marriage propositions that mushroomed in 2004 for the sole purpose of encouraging the evangelical vote.

  14. As jaw-dropped as I am that the R’s would nominate Trump, I think this is going to be one tough election.

  15. As far as the bathroom thing goes, I understand your concern. However this type of thing has cost NC a ton of money in lost business. Evangelicals are not the powerhouse voting bloc they once were or they would have been able to push McCain and Romney over the finish line. I’m sure it will be used to rally the troops but the downside to that is it’s another “culture war” issue which young people literally despise and it drives them further away from voting for the GOP. All Hillary has to say when questioned about this kind of thing is she’s not going to be the bathroom police.

  16. I live in NC and the Urnial Cooties Protect Act has gotten the usual suspects riled up, but their timing is off. By the time the general rolls around, all the sound and fury will be played out. When the GOPers did this kissing gay guys their timing was right— just a few weeks before the election. However, Art Pope and his minions jumped the gun because the summer tourist season was upon us and the GOPers were worried to death about a minimum wage increase cutting into their jet and boat buying so the final provision in the law took local control away from practically any wage ordinance, which was the point of the whole debacle. But don’t celebrate NC’s pain too much— the people being hurt by boycotts, etc. are Democrats. The GOPers are sitting up on the hill grinning, hoping to split off some Democrats and keep their paws on the gerrymandering.

  17. Bernie’s kids not only lost NV, but they also gave Hillary CA as well since Boxer is loved their. WTG!

  18. They stormed the stage and threatened to kill the chair of the NV convention. Police were called in. Hillary delegates had to be escorted into a “safe room” while the police swept the ballroom. They knocked one Hillary supporter down and she had to be taken by ambulance. They are preparing for another protest tomorrow at NV HQ, which will be closed of course, it’s Sunday. But they want more anarchy and disruption. 64 Bernie delegates were denied because they weren’t registered Democrats or lived out of state, so Berners were mad!!! “Free the 64” they chant! They think this is 1968. Crazy day.

    Oh and THIS happened:

  19. Way to go Boxer! She really is a Boxer! Bernie supporters can be a vile bunch. If you want to be a delegate, one has to be a registered democrat. What a bunch of doofuses . They are going to try to disrupt the convention in July . Somehow, I think Bernie will be just fine with this.

  20. Birdgal, apparently a whole load were not even dems and a load more of them didn’t even live in Nevada and trying to be delegates in Nevada…I mean seriously WTF.

  21. Bernie bots have screwed themselves, that footage from Nevada of the BB’s shouting and attacking Boxer and telling her to “fuck off bitch” is playing all over californian media and tv. Bet its in an ad by Thursday.

    Californians are not very happy……..

  22. Moon, it sounds like they have been there to agitate and/or drive up Bernie’s numbers. There is a ton of anger out there. The protesters outside of the Hillary event that I attended in SF, were angry and nasty and were also directing their anger toward people waiting in line. I was starting to feel irritated and turned to the woman standing next to me and said, “They will really be angry when Hillary wins the presidency.”

  23. Moon, Not the kind of publicity the Bernie campaign needs or wants.

  24. Cory Booker is the commencement speaker at my daughter’s school today. I’ll let you know if he sounds Vice Presidential.

  25. I think that the question should now be, how the Democratic Party, and Hillary’s people, can best quell what might be a very ugly situation in Philadelphia. You know that a lot of these people are going to make the trip, to have their own Chicago, 1968. And since the Republican Convention will now be tame, the media will hype this like the Super Bowl, almost hoping for violence that they can televise.

    The hard part is navigating between keeping order and a lack of violent or vitriolic dissension at the convention; and not losing the whole Sanders wing. There are indeed agitators in that midst, professional revolutionaries, who want to destroy the Democrats, have chaos along the campaign trail, set the stage for what they think will be a glorious revolution, or at least a lot of adrenaline-charged fun for them. There is so much hyped up and self-serving anger in this cycle, that it’s hard to imagine Sanders’ people just graciously conceding, and then helping Hillary to win against Trump. These people want a cause, something to yell and scream and demonstrate about. I had a lot more regard for the demonstrators and disenfranchised Democrats in ’68. But I do remember people yelling, “Dump the Hump!” at all of Humphrey’s rallies in the Fall, which certainly didn’t help against Nixon. Humphrey was surely a decent person, but I thought that he deserved most of it, by cheerleading for the Vietnam war so vociferously, and strongly supporting Mayor Daley’s horrific actions at the convention. But HIllary would not deserve any of it.

  26. What a shameful display of immaturity that was in Nevada by the Bernie supporters. He can say he does’nt approve but I think he seriously loves it. It makes him feel special. The 3 year olds in my day care don’t act like that. They are screaming their way out of the rest of these primaries. Could’nt happen to a better bunch. What a bunch of asses!!!!

  27. In VP rumors, there are a number of stories claiming that Gingrich will be Trump’s VP choice. Sigh, you simply cannot get rid of these people, they resurface again and again. Imagine having to listen to Gingrich with that reedy voice, and all that far-right rhetoric.

    On our side, there is a lot of buzz about Warren. Interestingly, or not, one major book has lowered Castro from an opening 2.50-1, now down to 1.55-1. But another book opened him at 6-1, and now down to 5.45-1. Kaine remains a sort of blah second choice. Warren opened at 7-1, and in one book is down to 3.65-1, though the other has not moved it. Brown 12-1, Franken 15-1, Booker 17-1, Patrick 20-1. I never wanted Castro; and now, if he gets picked, there are going to be some disappointed people. Gingrich is both corrupt, and treated his wife horribly, but he has name recognition, and he wrote those historical novels, and he can discourse on political matters, which is all the Republicans want. I think we need someone who has some star quality as a VP choice.

  28. I’m up for Brown or Franken for VP. I think we need some help in the midwest.

  29. Old Coastie, those are my top two choices, too. The oddsmakers are saying very little chance for either, but they’re just guessing as well. Yes, we need help in the Midwest. Warren is enough of a glamour choice that demographics might not matter. But to me, picking Castro or even Kaine is going away from where the election is going to be won or lost.

  30. Let me just say that Cory Booker is a phenomenal orator. And I would be damned surprised if he were not at least on the short list, especially given the topic of his speech. There were a few subtle digs at the concept of “Revolution”, and the over-arching theme was not just tolerance but rather love and kindness. The pull quote would be “Tolerance couldn’t care less, love couldn’t care more.” I know there’s no tactical advantage to Booker, but I wouldn’t be upset to see him in the number 2 spot.

  31. Those Berniebrobrats keep heaping on the vileness. Who needs Republicans when you’ve got Berniebros.

  32. About that bathroom issue some more. My reaction is Jeez-what-a-non-issue. Who’s going to tube the future of the Republic over bathrooms, right?

    I’m not so sure any more. This is one of those real Rove, under the radar things.

    Very good people whom I respect but whose “sexual revolution” positions are somewhere in the 1940s — and don’t kid yourself, there are a LOT of them — are very freaked out about this. They see this affecting their personal lives in ways they’re grossed out by. That may be silly, but it’s a fact.

    And grossed out is more powerful than hate. Really it is. People feel guilty about hate, but grossness is just something you get rid of.

    So with respect to the few people from whom I’m in a position to get an honest take on this, they’re freaked out enough to not vote. They can’t stand tRump, but ZOMG! bathrooms! Seriously. I kid you not.

    I have no idea how you’d thread that needle. How can you reassure the 1940s crowd while not throwing red meat to the people who need to prove how unbigoted they are? (Re the question about numbers of trans: if I remembe right, something like three tenths of one percent.)

    The only thing I can think is to start a Federal program to change all bathrooms to floor-to-ceiling stalls and their own locking doors. But that’s a solution, not sympathy, and even worse it costs money, so that would be no use at all.

  33. Hillary needs a VP that is a centrist, has backed her since at least 2007, is from a swing state that she needs and is someone that will bring in the white working males.

    I’m sure she will make the best choice.

  34. Read up, Quixote, and you’ll see that I agree that the bathroom issue has the Rovian stink.
    What really grinds my gears is that not one debate moderator has asked Hillary about choice and reproductive health, but they’ll sure as shit ask her about the bathroom controversy.

  35. “Of course Hillary has got to support transgender rights.”

    but the Party must have a conversation about this: I was challenged for my State Committee seat (the only woman in my delegation) by a transgender who had worked all his life and retired as a male (earning higher wages and retiring with greater benefits) before having his “change.” He was utterly masculine in demeanor and was more of a sports fan, had all male friends, zero fashion sense, utterly unfeminine in hair, dress, make-up, etc. but tried to push me out to get on State Committee taking the woman’s spot protected by the gender equality rules of the Committee. He had neither experience as a female nor any evidence of relating to Women. How can such a delegate possibly represent Women’s issues? This is an issue that should be addressed by the County Committees who need guidelines for determining which gender that prospective Committee Person represents.

  36. Well men have managed to control everything about women right along. They appropriate things they find benefits women…..for themselves. I remember when Take Your Daughter To Work Day started via YWCA, I was a board member here at the time. The idea was to show girls the jobs available that were already available to men. Then the boys whined and next thing you know it was Take Your Child to Work Day.

    Men are very jealous if women get the slightest thing that gives them a minute advantage. So now they have appropriated our gender and our bathrooms. What else is new?

  37. I think Bernie is loving all of the mayhem. I think that in his head, he is back in his glory days in the 60’s.

    Regarding the bathroom issue, yes, I agree this totally sounds like Rethug skullduggery, and I was surprised that Obama jumped into it at this time. He should have waited until after the Nov election.

    My own feelings on the issue are mixed. I have no problem with genuine trans women sharing Women’s Restrooms. But this has brought up a lot of weird memories of being harassed by men in my younger decades, which included stalkers, and yes, being followed into Women’s Restrooms by men trying to pick me up. I have also seen men in Women’s Restrooms many times over my lifetime, in clubs, restaurants, and beaches and marinas. They were there to sell drugs, makeout or fight with their gf’s, or to use the women’s showers, or in many cases, to leer, as I saw at Zuma Beach in Malibu last Fall.

    I feel that these new laws are being enacted too hastily, not only because they could cause an unwelcome issue during this critical Presidential election, but also because it looks like there is no thought put into the wording about women’s rights, or the protection of women and girls. I haven’t seen anything in them that says that non-trans men are still to be excluded from being in a Women’s Restroom unless in case of an emergency. In the past, women were able to tell men to get out or go for help when they intruded. How do we get them out now? I keep reading in liberal opinion pieces that “men never go into restrooms” and that it is a red herring to suggest that pervs or criminals will take advantage. My sister & I recently had a conversation about all the times we have seen men in Women’s Restrooms over our lifetimes, and we are angry at all the people who dismissively say “it never happens.”

    I am sympathetic to Dad’s with little girls, and have watched other peoples kids for them in the Women’s Restroom many times. Sadly there have been cases where youngsters have been attacked, and even murdered in Public Restrooms, and all of the ones I have read about were caused by men. In one case at a SoCal beach in the 90s, a 10 year boy had his throat slit in a public beach bathroom by a horrible monster. His family were not far away on the sand, never dreaming such a thing could happen. In Primm, Nevada, a little girl went to a Ladies Room in a casino and was raped and murdered. These stories and others made me a much more paranoid mother than I would have been ordinarily.

    So yes, bad things happen in public restrooms. If we’re going to have state and national laws to address the comfort of the 3/10ths of 1 percent of transwomen, let’s not forget to protect the comfort and safety of the 51% of women and small children in public restrooms as well.

    Because with this issue, it seems like once again, fundamental rights for women and children are being pushed aside for others.

  38. If women had equality we wouldn’t still be talking about it in 2016.

    2008 was a huge wake up call to any woman that thought equality was almost achieved.

    There will be another wake up call to young women when Trump realizes that he is going to LOSE(R) against a woman and be the runner up, just like Mitt…the man he turned on like a rabid snake.

    Trump will be Bernie x 100. Buckle your seat belts, it will be an ugly ride.

  39. Oddly enough, the bathroom issue is a fairly easy thing for Hillary to take on, at least the way it’s presented in North Carolina. The GOP has actually done her a favor by passing HB2, because the reality is the bathroom issue was a smokescreen to pass other more restrictive laws that strip everybody of their civil rights .

    If she just focuses on the fact that the GOP is using people’s fear of the “other” to strip people of their rights, she can sidestep the trickiest elements of this question.

  40. The Nevada chaos is gaining traction among Bernie supporters. Apparently, there may have been some heavy handed activity on the part of the Nevada democratic chairs, cutting off motions and voting on some issues. They have sought outside legal advice, but it won’t help. The Bernie or Bust movement is growing . Bernie supporters feel totally disenfranchised. The leadership went with the first tier results ( Clinton’s favor) , instead of counting the second tier, where Bernie won, because not enough Clinton supporters showed up. Plus, with all the delegates who didn’t meet the credential requirements, they feel the system was rigged . There were 6 Clinton delegates who also didn’t meet the credential test.

    The party has a real mess on its hands. Philadelphia is going to be nasty.

  41. Ok……VP.

    My first choice as a person is Cory Booker. Everybody else is a distant second. But he’s not a practical choice. NJ is no swing state. It will go Hillary.

    The more I watch and listen, the more I am convinced that Sherrod Brown is the best choice. I won’t even bother discussing St. Elizabeth. To me, she’s Bernie Sanders and a terrible risk. If Hillary is going to take a risk on a two-woman ticket,and I would bet she won’t, I can think of several women better suited than that fractious, ill-tempered, extreme left Liz. Puleeeeeeeze. Just another loose canon.

    Here are the reasons I think Sherrod is the best choice.

    1. He’s from Ohio, a verrrrrrrrry important swing state
    2. He can calm down both Bernie and his barn animals
    3. He is a roll up your sleeves guy and I have no doubt he could easily handle arguments that best need a surrogate to rebutt. and he will do it well.
    4. He’s a good age, not a young pisspot, but young enough to run and ultimately be president in the future.
    5. The White Working Class men will like him and that will ease her gap with that demographic.

  42. Listen, Bernie’s barn animals yell fowl every time they get caught misbehaving and every time a rule gets in their self-indulgent way. One complained that he couldn’t be a delegate because he’s not from Nevada and isn’t a registered Democrat. What a bunch of bullshit.To him that was being “disenfranchised”. They just think they can make up rules as they go along, whatever works for them and everybody else be damned. They continuously threaten everyone to the point now where it’s just ridiculous and nobody cares.

    They need to have some doors slammed in their faces just on their own behavior. Those vids of them booing Boxer were DISGUSTING. They act like they were all raised by wolves, have no decorum,no manners and no scruples. And I don’t feel a whit sorry for them. They are losing and, just like that POS who has filled their heads with lying promises, they are SORE LOSERS. Well, BOO HOO. They created all of this with their own school bully behavior. People are SICK of it.

  43. julies, your argument about the GOP using fear is a good one, but I think the main reason why the GOP is working their bathroom boondoggle is to keep moderate republicans (and those who would never vote for Trump) from voting for Hillary in Nov.

  44. Upps, I also like everything about Cory & Sherrod. The only downside to Sherrod is that Kasich would no doubt appoint a repub to take Sherrod’s senate seat, and with Cory, same thing with a repub governor and also, NJ will def vote blue.

  45. Uppity, I agree with you. As long as they are winning, Bernie supporters are happy. Every time he loses, the system is rigged or there is something nefarious going on. They is a real divide in the party. Reminds me a bit of 2008.

    I also like Brown, but losing a senate seat is a huge factor.

  46. Birdgal, with Trump on that ticket, we are going to make up for Brown in downtickets. I am sure of it

  47. Because with this issue, it seems like once again, fundamental rights for women and children are being pushed aside for others

    Because trans women are using their male privilege, and bullying 51% of the population plus children is part of that privilege, as usual. You don’t see trans men making this stink. It’s the guys who trans, most of them keep their penises to ensure that Male Privilege when needed. Bruce is a parody of what a woman is, he became the woman men think women should be, all made up, dressed up, and garter belts besides. This is because he still has male privilege, which now gives him the right to define what a woman should be and look like. Ok, hopping off the box.

    Please note, nobody is asking women what they think. See Male Privilege.

  48. Birdgal, the Sanders supporters were just waiting for an excuse to riot at the convention, and not vote for Hillary. Frankly, I would have preferred to have let them get away with the two delegates they stole at the first convention, but if it were not this, it would probably be something else. They cannot accept losing. And yes, they are going to be a problem.

    That is the one good argument for picking Warren, that this would shut most of them up. But I don’t really trust Warren’s intentions. Now, if Hillary and Warren meet, and they get along, and Hillary likes her, I’m okay with it. It would help in muting the left wing of the party. But of course Brown would, as well, and he is a better and more reliable person to put on the ticket.

    The goal has to be to pick someone who has presidential gravitas and background, and can actually help the ticket in some ways. We don’t want someone that Hillary has to sell; we need someone whom the voters will respect as a solid political figure, and a good choice. In no definite order, those would be Brown, Franken, Booker, Patrick, Warren. I suppose Kaine is in there somewhere, but no one is going to be excited by Kaine. Castro is just too iffy for me.

    We n

  49. I think Bernie is loving all of the mayhem. I think that in his head, he is back in his glory days in the 60’s.

    Bernie has never had Glory Days. In the 60s he was just another malingering complaining schmuck who showed up to the march or protest on Saturday night because it was free entertainment and a place to exercise his angst. He would score an acid tab off of somebody or tokes off people’s joints. Big deal. If he were anybody during that time, we would have known his name. Zero.

  50. The NV convention is a preview of Bernie’s contested convention promise. Bernie is trailing by a lot, it’s not even close. Like all despot dictators he will try steal the nomination by force. He and his minions need to be cut out of the convention. Bernie hasn’t taken any real action to stop the misogyny. Yes this is misogyny. He can’t stand to be beaten by a woman. He needs to exit the primary now. He has no path to win and can’t handle defeat like an adult. He and his minions don’t deserve to be part of the convention. Yes removing his presence from the convention is extreme but frankly the actions of his minions is also extreme.They are like a plague of locusts leaving destruction behind them.

  51. Upps @ 7:05pm: exactly! Thanks for expressing that better than I could!

  52. Upps @ 7:10pm: Hahaha! You’re right again!

  53. flvoter @ 7:12pm: agree with everything you said; in addition, I think a lot of them are rethug ratf*&kers out to take down Hillary, and have no intention of ever voting for Bernoid. The rethugs aren’t going to roll over just because they’re stuck (for now) with Trump. I think they’ll use all manner of dirty tricks, and pretending to be Berniebroz is one of them.

  54. Upps, I also like everything about Cory & Sherrod. The only downside to Sherrod is that Kasich would no doubt appoint a repub to take Sherrod’s senate seat, and with Cory, same thing with a repub governor and also, NJ will def vote blue.

    That’s why I think Franken is a viable option, although I’m fine with Booker or Brown. At the moment my biggest problem with Franken is that my autocorrect keeps changing him to Frankenstein.

    julies, your argument about the GOP using fear is a good one, but I think the main reason why the GOP is working their bathroom boondoggle is to keep moderate republicans (and those who would never vote for Trump) from voting for Hillary in Nov.

    Then they are completely deluded. The republicans are in office because of the extreme gerrymandering of our state and McCrory won because the Democrats keep running candidates who seem to think that NC ends at the Wake County line. The central and western parts of the state were tired of getting the shaft when it came to the distribution of public funds and lower priority for public works projects, and McCrory, the former mayor of Charlotte, campaigned on that imbalance.

    But moderates on both sides of the aisle are LIVID at all the money we have lost because of HB2, not to mention the money they are wasting taking this to court when the 4th circuit court, which covers NC, had already ruled that these laws are unconstitutional.

    There is so much anger here towards the republicans that I fully expect the state to go for Hillary, McCrory to lose the governor’s race and there’s even a narrow chance of Deborah Ross unseating Richard Burr in the senate.

  55. julies, that sounds great. I hope the liberals can turn this thing on its head.

  56. William, I know instinctively that Hillary and Elizabeth are oil and water. It’s not a good match.

  57. I’m batting a thousand with you tonight Socal!

    …….*struts around”

  58. This year, the difference between Liberal and Progressive has really been defined. Give me liberals any day.

  59. Upps @ May 15, 2016 at 6:16 PM

    Now you are talking!

    It’s not that a two women ticket would be awesome, but frankly very unrealistic and no practical at all.

    We are trying to get the FIRST woman -ever in this country- to be a president.

    And so far it’s been very hard, considering that many other countries have already accomplished it, when WE USA, “the leader of the free world and mighty superpower” have been constantly throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes to a very qualifying individual that happens to be a WOMAN.

    And as much as the Repubs complain about their “Great Leader Clown”, they will get behind him in the general; because they always do, even if it’s a rattle snake.

    So, let’s get realistic and practical about winning this time around and get Hillary R. Clinton elected.

  60. [Timidly the ugly bespectacled kid in back holds up his hand.]

    Here’s my two cents. NC bathroom law. While an important civil rights issue, it is being used to cover the state usurpation of all local initiatives at the behest of the Chamber of Commerce and their politburo businesses. It eradicates local initiatives for wage increases and eliminates discrimination cases based on local ordinances. The bathroom brouhaha is a shiny object camouflage. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a Karl Rove or Frank Luntz brainchild. Most likely it is. I smell Luntz’s stubby little stinky fingers on it.

    Luntz goes to as many NFL games as he can, where he sits in the owner’s box courtesy of onetime client Jerry Richardson, the owner of the Carolina Panthers, with whom he has developed a close rapport. He once went to eight games in four days across the country.

    As for VP, I agree with Julies, Al Franken seems most logical. First, a Dem would appoint his replacement. Second, he could tame the feral Bernimals. Third, Franken’s celebrity would be a non-issue with Drumpf. Fourth, the presidency wouldn’t be on his mind. Fifth, Franken can talk midwest values without breaking a sweat. Sixth, Drumpf’s idiocy would be neutralized with Franken’s much quicker brain to turn it back on him. Hillary could just say, “I have to talk to real Americans about the future, Al is going to kick the mango-headed orangutan’s a$$ back to the Trump Tower so he can engage in continued self-gratification to old pageant tapes and tweet about it.”

    Now going back to my corner.

  61. I just lit a candle for Hillary. I will keep lighting it until the general election. The candle stays lit for 36 hrs. You can lite one yourself.
    She needs all the help she can get. Take a look. I put her initials HRC US

  62. William, you should embrace GIngrich as Trump’s VP. He’ll be the biggest freaking drag on a ticket anyone has ever seen. It’s not like Trump doesn’t have enough problems already without putting a crackpot like Newt on the ticket.

  63. (Middle-aged woman with unattractive “huh?” look on her face):

    “Prolix, since when have you been timid?!?”

    Franken as vp would be a hoot, wouldn’t it? He’s a brainiac, god knows, and wouldn’t he be the first Jewish person in the exec branch? So Clinton/Franken would be groundbreaking in more ways than one. I think he’s older than Brown, Franken is in his mid sixties.

  64. Newt and Trump. Six wives. Two guys who could enter the WH with one wife and leave with another.

  65. Get back here Prolix, or I’ll come get you with the hook.

  66. Six wives! Wow, those two would be the scumbucket ticket. You are s right about this:

    “Two guys who could enter the WH with one wife and leave with another.”

    I bet the religious right would stay home. Hillary could win 50 states.

  67. socalannie, on May 15, 2016 at 9:24 PM said:

    “Prolix, since when have you been timid?!?”

    Annie, there was that time when I had a terrible wardrobe malfunction with my diapers.

    In thinking about the VP deal, I just don’t like the idea of Hillary engaging in the Drumpf drivel. It is beneath her, plus, I don’t think she would be good at it. She could bury him in no time flat with policy, but when it comes to pure Drumpf style crap, it’s not in her wheelhouse.

    The other thing about Franken is that he understands teevee. He could put Drumpf in his orang cage and throw away the key.

  68. Upps

    Bruce is a parody of what a woman is, he became the woman men think women should be, all made up, dressed up, and garter belts besides. This is because he still has male privilege, which now gives him the right to define what a woman should be and look like. Ok, hopping off the box.


  69. julies9164 thank you for your NC observations. I laugh when people say Winston-Salem is Western North Carolina. My wife is told repeatably to “pop on down to Raleigh for meeting” by bosses who have no clue. That “pop” is a 12 hour round trip for her. The political dominance of the Piedmont has really hurt the coast and the mountains over the years. (A new bridge in Asheville is now entering its 40th year of “planning.”)

  70. testing

  71. I guess the spam filter still isn’t sure I am a Hillary support, yet. Maybe another 500 posts will convince him. 😉

  72. Gack, Hillary *supporter

  73. I don’t think it’s going to be a Senator. HRC knows we NEED every one of them in the Senate. She is smart and I think she is going to surprise us all to the point we exclaim “Of course, why didn’t we think of that”

    We didn’t think of that because we aren’t HRC.

    P.S. Not going to be Warren.

    P.S.S. Please spare me from ever seeing Kaitlin/Bruce Jenner’s name on this blog again. LOL

  74. A number of Senate races are in play. Uppity hit a key point above, in that the stronger the ticket, the larger the potential victory, and the better chance to win more of those contested Senate seats. In other words, you can sacrifice a piece (a Senate seat in a state controlled by
    a Republican Governor) to potentially win more pieces. So I would not want to pass up any of the best candidates for VP because they are standing Senators. There simply aren’t any good Governors to add to the ticket. And you’re not going to put a Congressperson on. The list is so thin, that people like Castro and Perez are major contenders, even though neither has held elective office other than Mayor of San Antonio. It’s Hillary’s choice, of course. In my view, this election is so crucial for all of us, that I would want to see her pick absolutely the best candidate, irrespective of whether it costs a Senate seat, or even the whole Senate. Besides, if she does that, it probably will actually help us in winning the Senate.

  75. Well, I was born female, still am, dislike most fashions and “feminine” crap because it’s usually cutesy, uncomfortable, impractical (you can’t run, punch, or kick wearing/using it), and most of the time comes in colors I don’t like. Oh, and sexist, like tight skimpy bathing suits for women while men can wear the baggy comfortable shorts.

    In some cultures and times it is/was normal for men to wear supposedly feminine items such as pearls, lace, high heels, skirts aka kilts, and makeup.

    I wonder how much of the transgender thing is much different from wanting a nose job, or to be skinnier/taller/blonde etc.

    If it was fine to dress however you wanted to, wear cosmetics or not, do whatever hobbies you wanted without worrying if they were traditional “feminine” or “masculine” activities, would as many people want to change the shape of their body’s reproductive areas?

    And I’m not at all convinced that someone who has a surgical body shape change from male to female, can truly understand all the bad shit that so many girls and women have to live through in our world.

  76. NV aftermath courtesy of Bernie Bros.:


  77. You are thinking inside the “box”, William. HRC is a smart pragmatist and may be looking “outside the box” since Trump is as outside as it gets. She may choose someone to perfectly fit w/o taking away from the Senate while that VP choice can assist in the takedown of Trump.

    I just have a feeling.

  78. It seems cool for hipster parents to have transgender kids because gay kids are so last decade,
    I saw one woman on CNN who looked ever so smug because her daughter, Ashley, was a girl trapped in a boy’s body.
    When did it become declasse to have homosexual children?
    And, don’t get me started on prescribing powerful hormones to twelve year olds.

  79. SweetSue, yes I did see your comment re the bathroom tactics with Rove’s fingerprints on them. Or Frank Luntz. Or some new cannibal of souls. They have an infinite supply, I think.

    Different topic: anybody here follow Al Giordano? He has a refreshingly anti-being-Berned feed. I’m not in the twitverse, but I check in on the public page:

    Well, he’s talking about primarying Sanders because he’s so fed up with the behavior of the ‘bros.


    He sounds like an okay human being, and somebody needs to do it!

  80. quixote, Al made it clear in a tweet tonight that he isn’t endorsing Clinton, just AGAINST Bernie and Trump.

    But his just-developed 2018 campaign for VT senator is a testament to how social media can fuel anyone to the forefront.

  81. Birdgal,thanks for the VP clarification w/your CA political knowledge. So what about Xavier? Is he a good guy? Would he do as VP?

  82. Hillary could take the bathroom thing and flip it in an instant:
    We’re not here to be the bathroom police. For a party that claims there’s too much government…segue into the women’s repro losses in all of those states thanks to Republicans wanting small government out of our business.

  83. It’s appears that Bernie and his minions have problems with women. First Hillary then DWS and now Roberta. If your problems are with women maybe the women are not the problems. How about you are the problem because you are sexist. Just can’t handle women in power. The longer it goes on the more evident it becomes. Like I said before Bernie is ruining his own brand.

  84. Also I say no to Elizabeth Warren as VP. She should pick from one of her supporters who is on board with her plans not someone who doesn’t even have the fortitude to back Hillary. Warren is trying to play both sides. She needs to choose. No more of this fence sitting. We need courageous women to breakdown barriers not fence sitters.

  85. The most important thing to Warren is Warren. And worship.

  86. flvoter, women and POC are doomed in socialist societies. Bernie and his white frat bros only keep them around for sex and to make the sandwiches for The Revolution.

  87. I don’t like Giordano. He didn’t like me mentioning Bernie’s affinity for Communism on twitter and he rudely interjected in a thread that I was to stop immediately or he would block me. So I told him to Go For it and then helped out by blocking him first. Who the fuck does he think he is telling me what to say and not say?

    He has a Saul Alinksy header on his account, for Chrissakes.

  88. William, thanks for saying what I probably should have said. Agree completely. Big picture.

  89. Shadwo, Trixta is getting dumped in spam and left there all day. I feel pretty bad about that too. However, don’t know if you are commenting from different locations, that puts wp on a learning curve.

  90. Clinton could pick a liberal from the business world. Bill Gates for VP? Absurd yes. But… (I have favor a military type myself but whoever SOS Clinton picks, I’ll support.)

  91. Upps,

    I do comment during the day from one ip address, then a different one in the evening. I do have to log on each place. The wonky thing is that I get booted out after I have been posting at the same place, and it just tells me I can’t post that. I wonder what ‘that’ is, so I try to edit it down…now I just close my browser and start at square one again.

    I don’t think it’s anything you can fix, if it’s not happening to other people…I just have to work around it.

  92. Msdal
    Birdgal,thanks for the VP clarification w/your CA political knowledge. So what about Xavier? Is he a good guy? Would he do as VP?
    He is from Southern CA and is head of the Democratic Congressional Caucus. Seemed very personable. I was watching MSNBC and they were interviewing him. They were asking him about the VP spot and like many others, he skirted the issue, besides saying, every time his mother hears it, she is happy. He is a surrogate for Hillary. Other than that, I don’t really know anything about him. Someone above, said a person from Congress may not be enough.

  93. It’s about time that Trump is finally getting vetted.

    (CNN)Donald Trump is in a spot all too familiar to other politicians, but unusual for him: He needs to regain his footing after a tough few days.

    He swept into Washington Thursday to reassure House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican leaders that they can trust him to lead the party to victory in November.

    But the narrative quickly shifted from Trump’s savvy party outreach to his salacious past.

    The next morning, The Washington Post’s “John Miller” story dropped — and suddenly the talk was all about whether Trump had once posed as his own spokesman.

    On Sunday, The New York Times served up fresh reporting about his past behavior and comments toward women.

    The unconventional standard-bearer is running smack into conventional Washington vetting — just as Trump’s reluctant establishment allies try to quell a rebellion against him.

  94. Shadow, the only option is to change the blog to not moderated. Not sure that’s such a great idea, given the absolute shitbums the spam filter stops from getting to the board.

  95. Not sure Gates is such a good pick, though, Churl….given his strong Monsanto help, pushing GMO foods, and he manufactures simply EVERYTHING in China sweat shops. He’s had some awful press with that, he uses that FoxxMore company that had to put nets around their buildings because of employee suicides to collect the couple of thousand they get for their families…for dying.

    He’s also the Number One begger for work visas, because it gives him cheaper software engineers. He’s put a lot of USA SW engineers out of jobs.

    Maybe a person from private sector who manufactures HERE would work, though. Do we have any?

  96. Every apologist for socialism/communism needs to live in a socialist/communist country, and not like an american abroad but like a real citizen of that country before they are allowed to speak about socialism/communism. Bernie is a hardcore socialist/communist. He loves him some Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega. Now that Obama has opened up Cuba why doesn’t Bernie go there and be part of its government and leave the USA alone.

    If Bernie manages to steal the primary from Hillary Clinton, say hello to President Trump. Republicans will beat the communist drum incessantly against Bernie and no amount of shouting can stop that. Terrible choice we would have between those two, Trump the fascist dictator or Bernie the communist dictator. Two sides of the same coin.

  97. Too bad Warren Buffet is so old.

  98. Upps

    I would much rather not have to battle Trump or Bernie supporters on your Hillary blog. Did that, hated it.

  99. Deval Patrick is not from a swing state. But he’s a great base pick for vp, and would energize AA’s and other minorities. African Americans have powered Hillary to the nomination, and it would be a good way to thank them and prove she is serious about her civil rights agenda. Btw, Patrick was head of Civil Rights division at Justice Department during Clinton administration and could be helpful to the next President Clinton in pushing her agenda on voting rights and criminal justice reform. He’s also well-versed in health care having implemented Romney Care in Massachusetts. I think it would be a well-received pick.

  100. I would much rather not have to battle Trump or Bernie supporters on your Hillary blog. Did that, hated it.

    I figured that 🙂

  101. Don’t know Rebel. Latinos might be put out that a latino wasn’t picked. It’s all a lot of sensitive stuff, you know?

    I still say Brown is the best pick.

  102. flvoter, even I would vote for Trump before Bernie. At least I wouldn’t be taxed into abject poverty and be at the mercy of the government to stay alive.

  103. Brassy Rebel, having read your comments on Patrick, and Uppity’s and Julie’s on Booker, I’m now happy with either one. My first two choices would be Brown and Franken, but any of these would seem to add a burst of energy to the ticket. However, my thought is that we’re going to see Kaine or maybe Castro, and I’m not sure why. I do know that in 2008, when (sigh) it looked as if Hillary would ultimately get the nomination, many speculated that her choice for VP would be Evan Bayh. Now, speculation is not fact, of course; but it may be that Hillary likes to look for a sort of steady and unspectacular VP choice. In this case, that would be Kaine.

    The only real plus I can say for Kaine is that he is not Mark Warner, whom I really do not want. I just don’t see what Kaine brings to the ticket, other than that he is not particularly objectionable. Castro is unproven, and you run a risk with such a pick. I would like to see some dynamism in the VP slot, and any of the four mentioned above would bring that. I just have this sense that the campaign could use a burst of energy in terms of picking someone who is a good speaker, can blast away at Trump, and could even help to make the case for Hillary to those who for whatever reason have to be won over to her side.

  104. Interesting about Al Giordano, Uppity.

    I’d love to see Mr-I’ve-renamed-a-few-Post-Offices-and-I’m-holier-than-you primaried, though. Especially successfully.

  105. UW, I hear you about a President Trump. I don’t know if I could vote for either one. Both suck but sadly I think you are correct about Trump and taxes.

  106. Well, as for VP I trust Hillary to choose who is right for her. I am not a Deval Patrick fan, if she chose him I would still vote for her. I can easily support Cory Booker. As a Hispanic it would be great to see a Hispanic in the mix but I don’t think it will happen this time around.

    Yes I agree whole-heartedly, Bernie Sanders needs to have a Democratic opponent in Vermont.

  107. William, I agree about Kaine, but I just learned the other day he’s fluent in Spanish. Obviously not Latino, but it’s a plus given dearth of Latinos.

    I have no objection to Brown. For a while I thought he was best pick. But I do think a minority would help with turnout which must be high. Since Hillary won’t pick anyone not highly qualified, I don’t know what Latino she could pick. Dem party does not have a lot of Latinos in office. Bacera is fine, but House of Representatives? Would look desperate for a Latino.

  108. Questions must be asked and answered from your wife Bernie

    Oh My….

    Vermont college once run by Bernie Sanders’ wife slated to close

    The small, private college in Vermont that was run by Bernie Sanders’ wife for seven years is closing amid financial and accrediting problems, according to multiple news reports.

    Burlington College, which Jane Sanders ran from 2004 to 2011, will close its academic programs on May 27, The Burlington Free Press reported Monday. Jane Sanders’ tenure as head of the small college in Burlington, Vermont, saw the school spend millions to establish a new campus on 33 acres along Lake Champlain, as it sought to attract new students and donations, POLITICO reported previously. But the large expenditure didn’t pan out, and the school never recovered financially.

    The school was also on probation from its accreditor. The Burlington College Board of Trustees voted on Friday to close the doors, reported. The school’s decision to close was made after it was notified that its line of credit would not be renewed, Vermont Public Radio reported. Burlington College officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

  109. As far as VP I understand Brown has taken himself out of the running and I can understand why. I mean it’s really a crap job. I don’t see much benefit in picking Patrick. I understand that the big plus with Kaine is the fact that he speaks fluent Spanish and maybe that seat would be lost when Kaine runs for reelection or maybe he doesn’t want to run for reelection. I don’t see Kaine as having the attack dog personality that’s needed for a VP.

  110. Wow, Jane Sanders overleveraged the place, fleeced money and now the place has collapsed and closing…..

    Socialism is great, well unless you are the sanders and pretending to be socialists.

  111. The Bankrupt Burlington College…..

    the one she got a $200k golden parachute from and siphoned more than $500k from to her daughter’s biz … yeah, that one.

  112. Well, there’s another nail in the coffin of Bernie’s campaign with Burlington College closing. Even Charlie Pierce said after the behavior of Bernie’s campaign in Nevada that he needed to pack his bags and close up shop. Maybe if he drops out now the Bros will have moved on and calmed down by the time the convention comes around.

  113. ROFL…Sanders California campaign

    Oh dear. Bernie Sanders visited a field office in San Juan & there was no one there— just 2 rows of chairs and a mic,

  114. I agree, New Realist, good article. Will pass it around.

  115. oops, I meant Puerto Rico…lol

  116. June 6th – Los Angeles

    She’s With Us: A Concert with Christina Aguilera, Andra Day, John Legend, Ricky Martin, and Stevie Wonder featuring Hillary Rodham Clinton

  117. I wouldn’t vote for Trump if you paid me, I think something is seriously wrong with him, besides his ego.

    Bernie won’t win, so I don’t have to worry about him.

  118. Moon…Here’s some background on Jane Sanders tenure at Burlington…

    “Former Burlington College president Jane Sanders overstated donation amounts in a bank application for a $6.7 million loan that was used by the college to purchase a prime 33-acre property on Lake Champlain in 2010.

    Sanders told People’s United Bank that the college had $2.6 million in pledged donations to support the purchase of the former Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington property on North Avenue. The college, however, received only $676,000 in actual donations from 2010 through 2014, according to figures provided by Burlington College.

    That’s far less than the $5 million Sanders listed as likely pledges in the loan agreement, and less than a third of the $2.14 million Sanders had promised People’s Bank the college would collect in cash during the four-year period.”

  119. After Sanders became college president in 2004, Burlington College initially experienced a decline in enrollment and, after a few years, faculty discontent. In an open letter to the trustees released on Sept. 21, former faculty member Genese Grill described the atmosphere in harsh terms. Staff, faculty and students “have been reduced to silence and fear of retribution by what can only be described as a pattern of intimidation, spying, and targeting of critical voices,” she wrote.

    Grill described a closed and hostile environment, claiming that Sanders frequently yelled at staff and managed to eliminate anyone who voiced criticism. In the letter, Grill claims that “many concerned voices were forced out by continual abuse and by eventually being offered humiliating and unfair contracts in which they were demoted below people who were, in many cases, less qualified for their positions.”

    In the last six years, about 40 people have left the school, Grill estimates, “most (if not all) deeply disillusioned with the institution and its processes, most harboring bitterness and deep regret.”

    Never saw any of this in the MSM’s “gentle” treatment of Sanders past.

  120. Holy Crap, look at this bernie loon…She’s gonna get an FBI visit shortly.

  121. moon

    ..Vermont college once run by Bernie Sanders’ wife slated to close…

    Yup, that would be the condition of America financially if the Sandcrab became, (cough, toss cookies, gack…) president.

  122. TheNewRealist, on May 16, 2016 at 2:46 PM

    An interesting read…

    Phuck them!!!!!!!!

    Men trying to bully women into not voting for Hillary…sounds like the way women were treated before we were ALLOWED to vote.

    Don’t even get me started on this issue.

  123. Nice to see you here, Shadow, and out of the spam filter…I’ve been in the spam filter of another site for a couple years now. This is the place to be…;-)

  124. Yes, that HuffPoop article tells us what we already know, Bernie and the new left are all about seixsm and misogyny. The same as Trump and the right.

  125. Bernie’s lot are such wonderful people……..

  126. Moon, the Bernie supporters are totally out of control. Remember, when the super delegates were going for Obama in 2008. Nothing about voting according to who won the state. Complete double standard.

  127. Bernie Sanders has a complicated history with Israel. Back in the 70s, he called for denying weapons to Israel before the Yom Kippur War. His voting record on Israel in the Senate was spotty at best. He called for “aggressive normalization” with the terror state of Iran at the Democratic debate. But defenders keep mentioning that he and his anti-Israel brother Larry, who is with the Green Party in the UK, spent time at a Kibbutz in Israel.

    When Bernie Sanders entered the race, there was a good deal of speculation in Israel which Kibbutz he was in. The Sanders campaign didn’t seem interested in answering the question. Now we know why.

    Sanders had told Yossi Melman that he had been at Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim as a guest of the Hashomer Hatzair youth movement.Israel had all sorts of Kibbutzim affiliated with various political movements. Hashomer Hatzair was about as bad as it got.

  128. Uppity, may Gates suggestion was purely a “top of head” name-pop. Clearly, I wouldn’t support someone shipping American jobs to sweat shops. But my general idea is what you clarified: someone from the business who believes in equality. Perhaps, someone from Costco? They seem to be a very “progressive” (I hate using that word else someone confuse me with someone who likes Sanders) company. On Burlington College, the faculty complaints should be taken seriously. I spent a decade fighting an internal war on a college campus that sounds a lot like what on at Burlington, i.e. intimidation, threats, unfair promotions, humiliating contracts etc.

  129. Does it strike anyone else as odd that these BernieBots actually sign and show their pictures on these tweets? If I was inclined to be that nasty;I think I’d probably go the anonymous route. But then they are Bernie supporters and maybe already not thinking too clearly.

    As to Gates as VP Yikes!! That man has single handedly done more to destroy public education than anyone else in this country. For a play by play read ,The Reign of Error by,I believe Diane Ravitch ( who would make a wonderful Sec of Ed..she has the knowledge base and the cajones to sort out public education . IMHO.)

  130. Bernie’s HUGE rally in San Diego on Saturday. The commentators get what our national media REFUSES to acknowledge:


    Hopefully this link works. If you’re interested in Booker’s speech this gives a pretty good synopsis.

  132. TheNewRealist

    I’ve been in the spam filter of another site for a couple years now. This is the place to be…;-)

    Good to be out of the filter, thanks TNR. This IS the place to be if you support Hillary and don’t fall for all the nitwit candidates bs.

  133. Perhaps if Burlington College had taught arithmetic, or at least “how to operate a calculator,” two things might have happened: 1. The school’s finances might have been understandable; and 2, Jane might have been able to hit send on their Turbo Taxes.

  134. So this happened……
    Trump challenges the new Mayor of London to an IQ test because the mayor said he was stupid.

  135. I am glad to see that it is finally getting out about Jane Sanders. I think Bernie owes Hillary an apology for saying she has shown poor judgement. He is married to the queen of poor judgement. Karma will get you every time!

  136. New ads for the general from priorities USA

  137. Kids react to Donald Trump

  138. Well, I predict that the choice for VP will be Evan Bayh- he was a strong Hillary supporter in 08; his wife has consistently supported Hillary since; EVan has been both Senator and Governor of a Midwest industrial or post industrial state. He looks like a future prez, he has money, and he is likeable.
    Al Franken has lost much of his fluency and quick wit, like many of us. His old snl skits will be fodder for the opposition. I don’t see it.

  139. I hate to say it, but those kids are smarter than some of the adults in our country.

  140. Shadow I agree. I just e=mailed that video to a lot of my friends

  141. TheNewRealist, on May 16, 2016 at 4:11 PM said:
    “Grill described a closed and hostile environment, claiming that [Jane] Sanders frequently yelled at staff and managed to eliminate anyone who voiced criticism.”

    Jane and Bernie. Now there’s a pair to draw to.

  142. NV Dems attorney fired off one hell of a letter to the National DNC. Worth reading:

  143. Voting Hillary, what a damming letter. Sanders is contributing to this type of behavior by his silence. I worry about the convention, because things will not go their way at all.

  144. VotingHillary, on May 16, 2016 at 11:48 PM said:
    NV Dems attorney fired off one hell of a letter to the National DNC.

    Thanks for that link Voting…it reminds me of something…

    …oh yes, the primaries in 2008 when thugs over ran older Hillary supporters in Texas and other states. Some thugs outside of polling places and the threats to delegates before the convention.

    Those were obots, mainly young males…

    They saw that they got away with it in 2008, so why not do it again.

  145. Lililam, I judy read a fairly interesting article, I think from USA Today, where a few Clinton staffers, who apparently were given permission to speak on the record in general about this, said that the goal was to pick someone for VP who would appeal to younger voters and Sanders supporters, which of course are pretty much the same thing. They said that geographics were less important than those other considerations. They also mentioned wanting someone who could take on Trump during the campaign.

    Then some names got listed; I don’t know by whom; the staffers or the writer, and they included Becerra, and then Chris Murphy, Senator from Connecticut;, and a couple of others. And then Kaine got mentioned again,even though he doesn’t really fit the “appeal to younger and more left-leaning voters” criteria. tSo it’s anyone’s guess as to where they’re looking. On Murphy, I thought he looked like an up and comer when elected. I happened to see him at a Senate Foreign Relations hearing about a month ago, and it seemed that his whole 15 minutes were taken up by his talking about himself and his thoughts, not asking any questions. I thought it was a self-indulgent performance, but maybe it was just a very small smaple size; and Sophie would know much more about him than I do. I’m not sure who would appeal to Sanders types, except Warren, and probably Brown. Maybe Franken. I was impressed with him at what I think was the Wisconsin campaign dinner, where he came over to speak on behalf of Hillary. He seems to be a very earnest and committed Senator; and yet there is this good-natured air which is appealing, in the middle of such an angry and contentious political process.

  146. Shadow these pissants are far too young to have been getting away with much in 2008. Some of them were 10 years old, hee hee.

  147. I worry about the convention, because things will not go their way at all.

    If they threaten people or get violent, their heads will get cracked and/or they will be dragged out of the room. They had best understand that the kind of shit they like to pull is illegal. Bernie has them romanticizing the 60s, where he is stuck. But he forgot to tell them about the cracked heads.

  148. Hey lililam, I forgot about Bayh.

    And much as I am pleasantly surprised at what a serious Senator Al has become, I too think his past characters will be front and center.


    “Michael Briggs, a spokesman for Mr. Sanders, said the Vermont senator did not condone violence of any kind. However, he said the campaign was still determining whether it would challenge the Nevada results.”
    He doesn’t CONDONE the violence, but he does nothing to quell his followers…worse he keeps them riled up by refusing to ACCEPT the results.

  150. Can’t be Bayh. Since leaving office, he’s lobbied for some pretty conservative corporations and issues. Won’t work in 2016 and probably would have met resistance even in ’08. Also there’s that Fox News gig. My choice, Deval Patrick, also has a problem like this since he is now a managing director at Bain Capital which Romney made toxic.

    Jane Sanders bullied and intimidated anyone who disagreed with her at Butlington College? What a shocker! Not like the Sanders campaign at all. They’re so tolerant and open-minded. 😉

    Look at that entry with the clenched ✊ on Boxer’s Facebook page. They’ve already got a march on the convention planned. Threatening havoc as per usual. Gonna be a bumpy ride!

  151. Yes, it does seem that the campaign may wish to reach out to the younger, more alienated Bernie voter with a Murphy or maybe Castro or someone, but a more stalwart option like Bayh or Brown may grab some of the more moderate and alienated republican voters, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the choice is relatively late, to better gauge the strategic need.

  152. How did cracking heads work for Chicago PD in 1968? DNC will need a very sophisticated strategy for dealing with these anarchists–especially any that make it onto the convention floor. The ones outside can be walled off in protest zones.

  153. Sanders is not just contributing to the violence of the NV State convention by his silence. He has worked very hard to be ensure that it would happen. This is what he was hoping for. Very naive of anyone to think that Sanders’ revolution would be peaceful. His constant beating into the minds of his followers that the system is rigged and that there has been voter fraud in every state he lost and claiming that the people were heard in every state he won are machinations towards the chaos and violence perpetrated by his delegates on Saturday at the convention. That is why he has not and will not flat out condemned it. He is pushing his followers towards that type of violence at the National Convention. The violence is a feature not a bug.

  154. Unfortunately, flvoter is absolutely right. Sanders has done all this by design. He is after all, a die hard socialist and I’m not talking The Netherlands, here. This is a guy who attended the anniversary of The Revolution in Nicaragua, a guy who stepped over the woman in charge when embarking into the Vatican, to get to Bolivian despot Morales. This is a guy who hated JFK and revered Castro. A guy who called Ortega and Sandinistas “Impressive”. The fact that he hasn’t been vetted publicly doesn’t preclude the fact that we KNOW all this about him.

    flvoter is right. This violence is not by accident.

  155. Brassy, the DNC and/or the state parties are in the process of decertifying the Sanders delegates that have had been violent or threatening violence. I also read that Philadelphia is expensive. So many of them are not going to be able to make it there due to money. Since the behavior in Nevada it seems the DNC is taking their threats of violence seriously and working on removing them. So while there probably will be protests in the free speech zone outside with security and everything going on inside the convention I don’t think there’s going to be a problem inside.

  156. I am beginning to believe that Sanders is out to destroy the Democratic Party . Similar to what Trump has done to the Republican Party.

  157. Rebel, these are OWS Twinkles Up people, raised by wolves. They packed up and went home the minute the temperature at night went below 55. The gourmet buffet ran out. These are toothless little brats who are spurred on by Ron Paul’s savages and a couple of 1966 hippies who never grew up. I have seen enough of them at Bernie Central admit as much. The Paul Libertarians love to start trouble. Those are the leaders of this nonsense. Anarchists who have no respect for person or property. As for the OWS children, as soon as one of their smart phones gets cracked, they’ll throw another chair and then they’ll sulk.

    DNC will be prepared. If you ask me, the protestors shouldn’t be allowed closer than half a mile away, like Bush used to do. You put barriers and police in full battle array around them. Let them scream at each other. Any delegates in the building who act up should be immediately removed. You act like an adult not some little shit who wants to throw himself on the floor in the candy aisle……..or you leave. There will be order or there will be missing people.

  158. Just caught the WaPo summary of Bernie and Jane, and Burlington College, and their summary of other media accounts. See:

    Interesting how they say it supports the Clinton narrative they were not vetted by the media. Jane has been making good money off Bernie’s previous campaigns. This campaign must have been seen as the big payoff for them. Wonder what their debt will be, whenever it’s finally over and done.

  159. The letter of complaint linked in the article by John Ralston posted by VH at 11:48PM May 16, 2016 from General Counsel for the NSDP (Nevada State Democratic Party) to the DNC specifically supports my assertions that violence is a feature and not a bug of Bernie Sanders’ campaign. This is a dangerous campaign run by a deceitful man purposely inciting useful idiots.

    Just one excerpt from that letter:

    The Sanders Campaign spent its time either ignoring or profiting from the chaos it did much to create and nothing to diminish or mitigate. It was clear to the NSDP that part of the approach by the Sanders Campaign was to employ these easily-incensed delegates as shock troops to sway the convention proceedings. At the very least, these delegates became a way for the Sanders Campaign to seek the advantage of disruption at any particular moment while trying to disavow any responsibility for their actions even as it was ongoing. At no time did any Sanders representative make anything more than token gestures towards peace in the hall, and at the times of most intense crisis offered little more than shrugs and smirks

    This needs to end. I sincerely hope that people begin seriously looking into what Bernie Sanders true agenda is

  160. Thanks for the terrific link, Liberty Belle! The media is waaay late in calling out the two Sanders as the grifters they so clearly are. And Jane got her “doctorate” from the same diploma mill as Michelle Bachman’s spouse!? WTF!?

    Still, the media is having trouble breaking bad habits when it comes to Hillary. I saw some reports on Nevada Sore Loser Revolution (as Jon Ralston dubbed it) that framed it as a symptom of Hillary being a weak candidate. See? She has all these Democrats mad at her! What’s wrong with her that Democrats hate her? Completely ignoring the fact that the vast majority of Sanders supporters are not and never have been Democrats. And Hillary has won actual Democrats in almost every state–even those she lost. The media simply refuse to acknowledge the actual facts and spin the narrative to Hillary’s detriment. Imagine what the media narrative would be if Hillary’s supporters were rioting and terrorizing people–including kids!

  161. How is Kentucky looking for our Hill?

  162. The media starts from the premise it wants and then spins the facts to fit the narrative they are purveying. They don’t start from the facts; the facts come last, the predetermined narrative comes first.

    We’ve got a couple of primaries tonight, I believe. Not much to gain, more to lose, from the spin we will get. If Sanders wins them both in KY and OR, we will hear about “he has won four in a row,” as if we’re covering a baseball season. The truth of course is that Hillary is not campaigning in these states except for maybe one appearance each, as she is trying hard to focus on the general election. I just hope she can win one of these. Because you know that we will hear a bunch of, “Why is her campaign struggilng?” “Can Sanders still win the nomination?” “Trump won big, he has the momentum, while Hillary continues to have difficulty.” In fact, we’ll probably hear all of that even if we win one or two of these races tonight. The obvious reality, that the primary race is over, except for Sanders trying to damage Hillary and the Party, is not part of the media narrative. Finally, it is certain that the networks want to build up the California Primary as a very big thing, so people will keep watching.

  163. Bellecat, there has not been one poll out of Kentucky. So who can tell? I think she has a pretty good chance, as the primary is closed. The demographics may favor Sanders a bit, as KY is somewhat like WV. I know that the Clinton campaign has been saying that the May primaries states favor Sanders, while they are favored more in June primaries. Hillary did spend a little timie iN KY, so she may feel she has some chance. I think it will be very close, and that Hillary may win by a point or two. I hope so.

  164. Some Democrats Increase Pressure on Sanders to Exit

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Pressure is mounting on Bernie Sanders to end his campaign for president, with Democratic Party leaders raising alarms that his continued presence in the race is undermining efforts to beat presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump this fall.

    The new concerns come after Sanders’ recent wins over front-runner Hillary Clinton in Indiana and West Virginia. While those victories have provided his supporters a fresh sense of momentum heading into next week’s primaries in Kentucky and Oregon, they did almost nothing to help Sanders cut into Clinton’s nearly insurmountable lead in the delegates who will decide their party’s nomination.

    “I don’t think they think of the downside of this,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., a Clinton supporter who hosted the 2008 meeting that brokered post-primary peace between Clinton and then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

    “It’s actually harmful because she can’t make that general-election pivot the way she should,” Feinstein said. “Trump has made that pivot.”


  165. Well, Liberty Belle I can say whatever his debt is he brought it on himself. This is not like Hillary in 2008 where she was close and kept talking to voters. The funniest thing I have seen now is the praise of the PUMAs and their behavior in 2008 because nary a PUMA threw a punch or attacked an Obama delegate.

  166. Real Clear Politics has Hillary +5 in Kentucky.

    +15 in Oregon.

    I hope this poll is accurate.

  167. On a positive note, I voted for Hillary today and mailed my ballot. I’m in CA.

  168. Felt good, didn’t it, birdgal?

  169. I just heard a recording of one of the horrid threats hurled over the phone to NV chair by an absolute BARN ANIMAL of fucking totally crazy assed POS who was raised in the woods by rabid wolves. WHo the HELL even WANTS these savages on our side?

  170. Something I heard on CNN last night:

    53% of the population is female

    10% more women vote than men

  171. As we thought, Campaign in its death throws.

    NEW: Sanders’ Director of Technology is out, as are two more members of his CA senior leadership team

    A handful of high-level staffers have left Bernie Sanders’ campaign in recent days, including his director of technology and three of the four members of his original senior leadership team in California — a state his team has said is critical to his bid for the Democratic nomination.

    The moves come at a time of contraction for the campaign, which let go of hundreds of field staffers earlier this month amid slowed fundraising.

    Zach Schneider, among the campaign’s lead tech staffers, voluntarily left on Friday after six months when the in-house text messaging program he had been working on was cut, he told POLITICO.

    Text For Bernie, the campaign’s program for having volunteers send text messages to targeted individuals — voters in primary states on Election Day, for example — had been run for the first few months of the campaign through a third-party company called Hustle before Schneider and his team developed their own program in time to get out the vote for this month’s Indiana primary.

  172. Shadowfax, those polls of KY are very old indeed. No polls within the last couple of months, I believe. As to OR, there was that very favorable Fox poll showing Hillary up 15 points, but that seems to be a possibly anomalous poll, as it is sort of counterintuitive that Sanders would have such a poor showing, given that it is almost a perfect state for him, albeit closed. Some Sanders supporters pointed to a poll which had him up 62-37 some time ago, but that is probably an outlier as well. Anyone’s guess here, but I would be stunned if we won by anything close to 15 points. Any win would be great. Hillary has not campaigned there at all, I believe, which leads me to think that the internal polls do not favor us. I think that Kentucky is our better chance.

  173. I just heard an audio on cnn of a senior campaign advisor to Bernie telling the supporters not to leave the convention except on the advice of the Sanders campaign advisors. I did not catch all of it but that is the gist of it. I just wonder why it has taken cable news so long to get on Bernies campaign. I still remember Mika on msnbc drooling over Bernie and saying he’s a rock star. she makes me want to puke!

  174. William:
    Thank you. I checked those polls and looked old to me.

  175. William

    Both polls were fairly recent on RCP, but some of these polls don’t pan out anyway. I haven’t seen any poll where Bernie wins, but it could be close in KY???

    Sandcrab needs to crawl back under his rock and get the Hell outta the race!

  176. Moon,

    As we thought, (Bernie’s) Campaign in its death throws.

    Great find Moon, as always.

  177. I think the meme against Sanders should be that if he can’t control is followers, it is a failure of leadership.

  178. This guy is a total dick out to destroy the Dem party

    Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Tuesday accused the Nevada Democratic Party of abusing its power to unfairly hurt his campaign, and denied accusations of promoting violence among his supporters.

    He blasted his critics within the party who accused him of promoting violence, calling such accusations “nonsense.”

    “Within the last few days there have been a number of criticisms made against my campaign organization,” Sanders said in a statement.

    “Party Leaders in Nevada, for example, claim that the Sanders campaign has a ‘penchant for violence.’ That is nonsense. Our campaign has held giant rallies all across this country, including in high-crime areas, and there have been zero reports of violence.”

    Sanders said that at the Nevada Democratic convention on Saturday, “the Democratic leadership used its power to prevent a fair and transparent process from taking place.


    DNC are spineless idiots who need a backbone and end Sanders now.


    A Virgin Islands superdelegate who was supporting Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has flipped his support to front-runner Hillary Clinton.

    Emmett Hansen II, the Democratic National Committeeman for the Virgin Islands originally backed the Vermont senator but decided to switch after learning more about Clinton’s plans for the U.S. territories, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday.

    “There are no more windmills to joust against and no more mountains to climb,” Hansen said. “It comes down to one thing: what’s best for the Virgin Islands, to be fully incorporated into the United States.”

    Sanders hadn’t given concrete positions regarding U.S. territories, Hansen said, adding that he’d been in talks with the campaign trying to get answers.

    “I know a million different ways not to answer a question,” he said.

    But Hansen saw Clinton’s plans for the U.S. territories, which included giving the territories the right to vote in the presidential election and providing them with the same healthcare benefits as are given to people in the 50 states.

    The U.S. Virgin Islands have 12 delegates, seven of which will be pledged to the candidate who wins the caucuses in June.

    Sanders had been looking to flip the support of some superdelegates where he had won large victories in the state’s contests to cut into Clinton’s large lead in the delegate count. She has the support of 524 superdelegates while Sanders is backed by just 40, according to the Associated Press.

    Hansen is the first superdelegate who has publicly switched his support from Sanders to Clinton, according to Bloomberg.

  180. Bernie Sanders now openly supports violence and chaos. He wants a violent revolution. This revolution is dangerous. These useful idiots following him down the abyss don’t realize that what Sanders is advocating is actually the death of democracy. What he wants is a dictatorship where he knows best.

    Like I said a long time ago, I’ve been there done that in Cuba. It didn’t work there, it won’t work here. These moronic followers need to wake up. I’m sure he sees himself as a new Fidel Castro.

    Sanders and his campaign’s descent into violence will destroy the Democratic Party. It is now about preserving democracy. Obama needs to endorse now, all of the democratic hierarchy needs to endorse now, the remaining uncommitted super delegates need to endorse now.

  181. Here’s Bernie walking away when asked about his terrorizers

  182. I found this on the Kentucky & Oregon poll
    I do not know how to edit.

  183. (I apologize in advance, as I didn’t intend to go on so long)

    While I fully support, and have contributed to, the late stage vetting of Sanders and spouse on this site, they are not the enemy, I, like many of the familiar screen names I am happy to see here, were on the Sanders end of the delegate count 8 long years ago. I and perhaps some of you, were as angry and upset with our fellow Democrats, and especially with the DNC, who we felt very strongly had CHEATED Hillary out of her rightful delegates in Michigan and Florida as Sanders people are now, whether they are justified or not.

    Many of my friends back then said that they would never vote for Obama. They would vote for the Libertarian, Green, etc. party as a protest instead. By the time election day rolled around, most of us pulled the lever for Obama, as Hillary fully endorsed him and was a tireless campaigner for his election. The same scenario is playing out now for the majority of Sanders people. Yes, there is a core group of assholes who will be bitter till the bitter end, but most will be like those of you (and me and my friends, several of whom were involved in Hillary’s campaign here in NYC) who licked our wounds and stood up for the Democratic candidate.

    Hillary IS the presumptive nominee. There contest for all practical purposes has been over for a couple of months now. Bernie is and has been a “dead man walking”. He will suspend his campaign in ample time to endorse our girl and encourage his supporters to follow his lead.

    The GOP has their nominee, and it isn’t Sanders. While the Sanders camp looks like a bunch of dead end sore losers, we don’t have to fall into the trap of being SORE WINNERS. The object is to defeat the GOP, in the Senate, in the House, and especially in the WHITE HOUSE. I fully expect the guy I hated 8 years ago to bust his ass campaigning for Hillary, just as she did for him in ’08. I fully expect Sanders to arm and arm with him in that support.

    No matter what happens in tonight’s primaries, the battle has already been won. Let the various 24/7 news channels fill their vast emptiness with speculation, gossip, and the general bullshit that is their stock-in-trade. Sanders is over, and we have a LOT of work to do before November 8th. We have a real chance to take back all three branches of government, and give Hillary a MANDATE to implement her policies and make her first 100 days something special. We are gonna need most of the “berners” if we are going to make that a reality, just as Obama needed US in 2008. Just sayin’

  184. Sanders says his campaign can’t be violent because there hasn’t been violence at his rallies. Duh? His supporters are violent against Hillary supporters. They have no inclination to foment violence at BS rallies. Sheesh!

  185. As far as I am concerned, Bernie is not in the same situation that Hillary was in when she won the popular vote, and was stabbed in the back by the DNC and Nasty at the convention.

    I did not pull the lever for BO in 2008 nor 2012. The Dem Party is still on my sh!tlist. The only reason I haven’t become an independent is that I was hoping Hillary would run again.

  186. When even HuffPo is calling out the bullshit by the fanatical Bernie Bots, you have lost the argument and the election. The optics of the East LA rally and the NV convention may begin to have a real effect on the voters. Tonight will be telling.

    Here’s link to read and hear what these assholes are doing to Roberta Lange:

  187. BTW, if these radical kids think it’s going to be like Seattle, um, they better familiarize themselves with Philly police. That crap will no more be tolerated there than it was in Pittsburgh during the G8 summit a few years ago.

    Funny wake-up call they got in Pittsburgh. They were coming down a street leading into the city that was mostly residential. The residents were outside cheering and the kids were waving to them all self-righteous…UNTIL they realized the residents were CHEERING the police who were coming up the road to meet the rowdies. The group literally froze when they realized they had no backing. On the audio you could hear residents cheering the police to “go get ’em, boys” and clapping as the police passed their homes.

  188. New Realist, sorry but I do not see Sanders and his campaign as anything but dangerous. They have systematically attacked the results in states that he lost as rigged and fraudulent. He has worked very hard to delegitimize the actual winner of the Democratic Primary. With his continued attacks and claims of rigged voting and fraud he has managed to incite the delegates in Nevada to violence and still refuses to condemn their actions. What happened in Nevada was nothing like Michigan or Florida in 2008. Nevada had a caucus. Hillary Clinton won. The state convention reflects the win that she had. Even when Florida’s vote in 2008 was halved by the DNC and they gifted Obama with some of Hillary’s delegates in Michigan, the Clinton supporters did not resort to the violence that was exhibited by the Sanders delegates on Saturday. They followed up their Saturday violence with destruction of property the following day, and continue to threaten Nevada Democratic Party Leaders. Did you not read the Letter from NSDP General Counsel? This is nothing like 2008. Bernie Sanders is close to 300 pledged delegates behind and more than 3 million votes behind Hillary Clinton. This is not even a close primary. We as Democrats cannot condone nor should we accept these actions by the Bernie Sanders campaign and supporters.

    None of Bernie’s statements lead me to believe that he will concede in a timely or orderly manner. He has stated many times that he wants a contested convention. His supporters will protest. What we witnessed on Saturday is preview of the convention in July. I am not the only one that believes that, NSDP General Counsel believes it also. Frankly, I do not want those types of people in the Democratic Party. We are not about violence. If you cannot win without violence you should not be associated with the Democratic Party This is more than just the Sanders Campaign and his thugs, this is who we are as a party. The ends never justify the means especially when the means is violence.

  189. Interesting tonight i that uncommitted is on the ballot in Kentucky……

  190. Told ya! Bernie’s Brats have been forewarned:

  191. There seems to be an uncommitted vote in Kentucky of around 8% it seems so far…….

  192. Initial vote (walk-in/early) Jefferson has Clinton up 2-1 in Jefferson…

    This is louisville by the way and where she needs to run it up…..

  193. interesting…….

    Decision Desk HQ ‏@DecisionDeskHQ 2m2 minutes ago

    With 13,400 votes counted, Clinton up 55-42. Map will update again shortly.

  194. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 45s45 seconds ago Washington, DC

    Clinton is up 54-44 in Lexington’s Fayette County with 45% reporting. A strong sign for her.

    Bear in mind she lost this county by 5% in 2008 to Obama.

  195. Fingers crossed guys, have heard Hillary is massacring Sanders in Louisville, she may well win this one.

  196. Feinstein and other Senators are now telling Sanders to get out of the race…..

  197. Of note, Sanders will be speaking in the town where I work tomorrow evening. I won’t be there. I am in CA. Odd that he picked this town to come to, but the population is diverse and is located across the bay from SF, so maybe it will catch evening commuters as well.

  198. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 1m1 minute ago Washington, DC

    Clinton is running about a net-8 points ahead of demog. model in 9 completed counties. Would put her on track for a 5/6 pt win if holds

  199. I agree with those who suspect that more than a few of the Sanders supporters are ratfrackers. I’ve seen a lot of crowd pictures of these folks, but in looking at the individual frames of the video, you can pretty much spot the true believers and the paid disrupters (and the folks promised a good time and a free meal). The ratfrackers can’t quite get the look right, and some don’t even make the attempt. It’s not physique so much, as style; Republican boys have a certain style that they are so steeped in that they can’t quite hide it. Mr. Sanders must be aware that a large number of his organizers and donors are not, in fact, “progressive,” so what does that say about his policies (NRA, NRA, NRA — I can’t say this often enough). When not being a registered Democrat TWO WEEKS before the convention is too burdensome a requirement, something ain’t right.

  200. turnout in the smaller counties is pretty low, guess they did not turn out and Bernie not winning them by much, he needs to, to win Kentucky to offset Louisville.

  201. Looks like most of Sanders vote is in, not much more out there, only Louisville and Fayette…..she should just win win this by 2/3%

  202. Getting to a couple of AA precincts. She could do this.

  203. Sorry tie, just fished you out of moderation. Should be all right when you post again.

    He’s got those Ron Paul anarchists helping out. Their fingerprints are all over this.

  204. Decision Desk HQ ‏@DecisionDeskHQ 28s29 seconds ago

    Clinton finally wins a county with her name- Clinton Co KY votes 151 -93 -17 for her with all precincts in.


    He is not winning big enough in rural counties though, she is keeping it close there and winning big in Fayette and Louisville.

  205. Most of the state is in except for Louisville with 48% in and fayette with only 8% in……

    She’s up big in both of those.

  206. Why do these red/purple states have to be so damn close? If I bit my nails, they would be down to stubs by now.

  207. She just took the lead.

  208. This is going to be basically a draw…..

  209. Benchmark Politics just called it for Clinton.

  210. I hate cliffhangers but I’ll take it.

  211. She should just win this by about 5’000

  212. I’m kind of nervous, nail biting…

  213. And then Bernie can scream about it being rigged against him,,,,,,AGAIN!

  214. I’ll wait until is 100% in…

  215. Decision Desk HQ ‏@DecisionDeskHQ 2m2 minutes ago

    We are calling the Kentucky primary for Hillary Clinton, with 88% in.

  216. CNN keeps saying that soon they will have Sandcrab on, another ‘big’ rally in CA. I am hoping he won’t be able to say, “I won Kentucy!”

    Hilllary is winning now, why isn’t CNN wanting to talk to Hillary. I hope she wins Kentucky AND Oregon.

    Go Hillary, go!!!

  217. the numbers in CNN are too close to call…???

  218. NYT says: Clinton 47%
    CNN says: Clinton 46.6%, Sanders 46.5%

  219. We have 2 hours until Oregon polls close…

  220. CNN sucks! They have a life shot of Sandcrabs rally on screen…has been there a long time.

    The guy has LOST the damn primary and these people are still banging the drum for Bernie!

  221. At the moment, Sanders is ahead by 0.1%

  222. Kentucky looks to be a squeaker. It really doesn’t matter though. Even if he beat her by a larger margin, it won’t help him win the nomination.

  223. Well, the counties that are still reporting are mostly Clinton counties, so that’s good.

  224. I hope you are right socal…I want a win for our Hill…

  225. YAY, she’s won Kentucky.

  226. I’m pacing. The lead keeps flipping. The great news is Bernie isn’t any better off and can’t really brag about it. Can we get a new thread please

  227. A real squeaker, Hillary up by .6% at 99% of the vote in.

  228. Now only .4% winning…too close.

  229. And in this moment, Hillary is ahead by 0.4%

  230. NBC calls Clinton the “apparent winner” in Kentucky

  231. MSNBC also calls Clinton the apparent winner?

  232. Hillary is now up one solid point 1.0 I hope she stays there.

  233. Was this an open election?

  234. Good grief! She’s up by 1% now.

  235. OK, call me when is 100% and our Hill is the Kentucky winner…

  236. Neetabug, I think it’s a closed election but there is a part that is coal country.

  237. The old coot will be making a speech later tonight.

  238. Just watch. Bernie will demand a recount.

  239. Hillary is still going up

  240. Clinton wins

    Steve Kornacki ‏@SteveKornacki 34s34 seconds ago

    With every precinct in, Clinton’s margin in 1,781 votes

  241. Only 68 precincts to go and they are Clinton territory. Come on Hillary!

  242. Damn, CNN messed up. Back to .4 % winning for Hillary

  243. If he demands a recount, will he have to pay for it ?.

  244. Yay Hillary! Yay for us!

  245. He has to go to court to get a recount, he won’t, its done. There is nothing to gain, delegates split, Clinton wins the state.

  246. I’d piss myself laughing if by some miracle she managed to win Oregon tonight.

  247. Hillary is supposed to lose Oregon?

  248. Jeeze Louise…we have to go though this again tonight?

  249. You know how they say that Hillary screams when she talks? Why not talk about how angry the old coot sounds.

    moon, I will do the same thing.

  250. Hillary doesn’t scream in person. She must use a mike in some strange way. I even listened to a tape of her, and she did sound different.

  251. What is that woman wearing on msnbc?

  252. Enjoy your evening, I have to bow out now……talk soon and i hope to come back to some shock win in loony left land…..

  253. Shadow I know that. I have talked to her up close and personal. I am talking about the media.

  254. Who will be staying up with me to watch Oregon votes come in?

  255. NewRealist, there is no comparison. Thank you sooooo much for your concern.
    brushes off shoulder

  256. Neeta, I’m on the Left Coast. Lots of daylight left here!

  257. nw luna How nice. I am going to try to get out to CA the end of the mo to help get out the vote. I want to be there when Hillary wins CA.

  258. neeta, how wonderful! California should crown her. Bernie will get even redder, louder, and madder, and demand a share of her delegates for his Repu… uh, independents.

  259. Yeah it’s rough when Republican Crossovers and Ron Paul anarchists can’t pick the D candidate that the Republicans can’t wait to get their hands on.

  260. neetabug,
    Who will be staying up with me to watch Oregon votes come in?

    Us left coasters will be here with ya.

    What part of CA will you be in? We could meet up but I have to work the polls unless Sandcrab calls it quits.

  261. Good night Moon.

  262. Jefferson county still hasn’t finished counting, but it’s a strong county for Hillary. So CNN is declaring Hillary the ‘unofficial’ winner. Even if Sandcrab wins all 756 (?) votes, Hillary would still win.

    Eff you CNN!!

    Hillary won!!!!

  263. Are all the precints in KY in yet? HuffPo is still showing 8 out, of course Hillary-leading counties, but I don’t trust HuffPo.

  264. Yay Hillary!!!!

  265. Very nice to see Hillary win Kentucky. It heps to balance Oregon. It keeps Sanders from going on any kind of streak. We’ve got some good primaries coming up for us in a few weeks. And I think that we’ll get more superdelegates soon, maybe enough to get over the majority total of delegates. Hopefully, we will not hear anything more about Sanders being in this race in any meaningful sense.

  266. WTF is going on in Salem OR..Hillary only has 2% of vote????? no where near what’s happening everywhere else in the state.

  267. Never mind…apparently another HuffPo “glitch”.

  268. Oregon. So close.

    Hillary Clinton 42,817 48.58%
    Bernie Sanders 43,206 49.02%

  269. AP called OR for Burnie

  270. William, apologies…RCP was way off in their polls.

  271. MSNBC just said that the Sanders will decide on Wednesday, whether or not, to challenge the Kentucky results. 🙄

  272. Oregon

    Sanders, ugh 53%
    Hillary 47%

  273. So far, OR isn’t the blow out that I was expecting.

  274. Sanders shows us what he is made of. Attacks Hillary. Attacks the Democratic Party. Vows he will stay in until the last ballot.

    Hillary will ignore him, as she should. But the media will give him all the coverage he needs. He fancies himself the pied piper, and he’s planning to take all his young followers to the convention, and use them as extortion chips. Don’t do what he wants, and he might just take them all with him, or poison their opinions so much that they refuse to vote for Hillary. That’s his implied threat, anyway. There is no way to keep this from disintegrating into floor fights over every platform matter; for him to try to undermine the entire proceedings; for him to get his name placed in nomination, seconded, thirded; for big floor demonstrations; for booing of Hillary; from claiming that the convention was rigged. What damage this will do to Hillary’s chances of being elected, remain to be seen. And it is very clear that Sanders does not care.

  275. Did you guys see Sanders press release about Nevada? I won’t link to it here because I couldn’t find it anywhere other than his crappy website. He doesn’t apologize at all. It’s horrible. I cannot stand this nasty, demented, twisted old man and his horrible wife. I am generally cheap about donating to politicians, but I will support any likely challengers to his senate seat. Whatever PACs are supporting Hillary need to bring out all their bad Bernie info N O W. We are tired of waiting for this jerk to be thoroughly vetted.

  276. Wapo has a post up that says something like “Sanders statement on Nevada sounds like a threat.” Sorry, I can’t link to that one cuz I have read the full amount of free articles there for the month!


    This is good. Krugman calls out Sanders on his Nevada statement:

  278. Here’s Sanders press statement regarding the NV convention. He is such a tool:

  279. Tonight/This morning’s Twitter funny:

  280. Annie, it is just a question of what Sanders is going to do to get his revenge on all the people whom he thinks are thwarting him. Wait until he doesn’t get any platform planks he wants at the convention.

    And above all, the most bitter irony is that in 2008, Hillary had delegates actually taken away from her and given to her opponent by the DNC. She had her Florida delegates halved. She had her supporters cheated, duped, and locked out at numerous caucuses. And she didn’t say a word about it. And the media will not utter one word about what happened to her eight years ago; but Sanders complains and threatens and rails about how corrupt everything is. He is setting his supporters up for anger, frustration, bitterness, hatred of the Democratic Party; and I don’t know what else he has in mind.

  281. I’m smiling.

    Oregon just showed up what a thieving piece of machinery a caucus is….

    Sanders +6 in Washington next door, same demographics – Caucus.

    Oregon +8 closed primary.

    He got nothing out of tonight at all, basically split delegates in both races. Less states to play now.

    She won in Kentucky, ran him close in Oregon and kept the numbers down.

  282. sorry +46 in washington – correction.

  283. Note: formatting might be weird here.

    Latest results from OR, 11:23 pm

    Democrat ……………Votes …..Percent

    Hillary Clinton ……..200,449….. ..45.56%
    Bernie Sanders …..231,696 ……..52.67%
    Write-in Votes ………..7,786 ……….1.77%
    _________________ _________________
    Totals: ………………..439,931 ……….100%

  284. This is the problem for Bernie…the only 3 big states left are Clinton Demographic states…..

    Cali 475
    NJ 126
    PR 60

    The rest

    NM 34

    SD 20
    ND 18
    MT 21

    DC 20

    VI 7

    Can you see anywhere here where He’s going to make up 300 Delegates…..?

  285. We will also see what happens next week in the non binding primary in Washington on May 24…..Good let it show up what a pile of bullcrap that caucus was.

  286. @moon, the local media in Washington state seem to be heavily publicizing that the Dem Party will merely throw away the primary vote ballots. That may discourage a lot of voters from voting and mailing in their ballots. I’m going to vote mine if only as an eff-you to the Party and Sanders. However some of the local editorial writers have this year published several stories to highlight how undemocratic the caucus process is.

    What pisses me off is that Washington state Republican Party picks delegates based on the primary vote results. But the Dems? Nooooo.

  287. Ok, one last funny before bed-time:

  288. That’s hysterical, Voting, and so true. Thanks for sharing.

    After last night, the only media narrative should be that HRC is now less than 100 pledged delegates away from becoming the first woman presidential nominee of a major party. And that’s a BFD! Btw, that margin will be easily attained in next round of primaries on June 7.

    New Realist, I’m fine with not making Sanders and his people the enemy if they would only stop making Hillary and us the enemy.

  289. Thanks, Hillary HQ! The actual number she needs is just 89.

  290. Good Morning all!
    It was a good night all around! We are just 92 delegates away from HISTORY! Could the MSM downplay the HISTORIC significance of Hillary’s virtual clinching of the 1st nomination for POTUS by a woman in the 240 years of American HISTORY any more than they are? I think not.

    It’s a sad contrast to the way the media promoted the HISTORIC nature of the first African American MAN’s nomination, isn’t it? They were falling all over themselves with praise and adulation.

    Let’s see if sanders, can really hold out until Cali. There’s a good chance, despite the rhetoric that the cumulative effect of the crushing reality of the delegate situation, his snowballing DEBT, and the increasing drumbeat to, “exit, stage left” from DEMOCRATS, publicly and privately, will end his campaign before the June primaries.

    As to not seeing his supporters as the enemy…
    Remember that when it comes to the General Election and beating Drumpf and the rest of the GOP, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”…

  291. William, Sanders better remember he has to return to the senate. Or maybe he is going to retire.
    I am surprise no one has mentioned all the senior citizens up on capital hill. I wonder who up there are having senior moments.

  292. At this point I really don’t care about Sanders supporters. The reasonable ones will realize what is at stake with the election and the ones that don’t realize it well, nothing you can do about that. A lot of Sanders supporters are nihilists and there’s no convincing them about anything.

  293. TheNewRealist

    Could the MSM downplay the HISTORIC significance of Hillary’s virtual clinching of the 1st nomination for POTUS by a woman in the 240 years of American HISTORY any more than they are? I think not.
    It’s a sad contrast to the way the media promoted the HISTORIC nature of the first African American MAN’s nomination, isn’t it? They were falling all over themselves with praise and adulation.

    That thought has been smacking me in the face for months. Not only the first AA male, but the coolest, young and sooooooooo effin’ tech savy, bla, bla, bla……..

    Now the young expect to select the oldest, rumpled, commie…oops, the PC word is ‘Socialist’, non-beholdin’ or respectin’ to any party…Crabby man, BernieBoy.

    What do these two men have in common? They both promise free give-aways, free college, free health care, pot for everyone…and the money will fall from trees and the angles will sing and open up the Heavens.

    Trump is proving that you don’t need brains, you don’t need any well thought out policies or experience to get the title of President and do whatever the crap you want when you control America.

    Over my dead body!

  294. Ga, remember us circa 2008. While they don’t have they RBC debacle, they have been told that every primary she won was rigged. They too are infiltrated by republican ratfuckers who are lying in wait–just like we were. Look at some of the exPUMA blogs–those were never liberals upset about RBC. They were right wing shits preying on us.

  295. ga6thdem, question is are they really Sanders supporters?

  296. VH, I love the twitter funny. The male conservatives who apparently think they are entitled to control the reproductive system of every woman in America should take up that cause.

    They could call it – Punk My Junk

    People are very passionate about transgender rights – no problem with that. But, where the hell was that passion about just plain gender rights among liberals when Hillary was the target of misogyny, sexism, and gender discrimination in 2008?

    Where is the concern for women’s rights, now?

  297. testing

  298. Sophie, yeah it seems a lot of those people went down the rabbit hole. It seems that some of them never were Hillary supporters if they can endorse someone like Trump.

    Neetabug, I’m sure some of them are not Sanders supporters and are Republicans wanting to mess around in our primary. I’m sick of this junk and think we need to go to all closed primaries.

  299. OMG! Could this really be true?!!!!!!!!!!


    “Is it really true that Donald Trump runs an escort service? Sure looks like it.”


  300. Oops, *Angels

  301. This was the financial filing that BS and his charming wife begged off filing because they’re so busy–unlike the other candidates who have absolutely nothing to do. So now the Sanders campaign will probably attack Hillary with disclosed financial information Bernie withholds.

  302. SophieCT, on May 18, 2016 at 10:58 AM

    I got that feeling the minute Hillary decided to run again.

  303. Bravo Free!

  304. Good to see you here Free, in safe territory.

  305. OMG! Could this really be true?!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know if it’s true or not, but the way he talks about women’s ‘assets or not’ and the fact that he has run a major beauty pageant, and is married to a model that posed for nude publication…

  306. So, I happen to be one of those PUMA’s who never came around and never voted for Obama. Ever. The only reason my feelings towards him have softened at all is because he’s leaving, but so help me, if he tries to fuck over Israel one more time, I’m hardening my heart again.

    It’s taken me this long to come even close to moving on from ’08. I’m certainly nowhere near being ready to forgive Bernie and his Sandernistas. Not until my daughters are shivering their asses off in DC watching the inauguration of the first woman president of the United States.

  307. julies9164, on May 18, 2016 at 3:42 PM said:
    So, I happen to be one of those PUMA’s who never came around and never voted for Obama. Ever. The only reason my feelings towards him have softened at all is because he’s leaving, but so help me, if he tries to fuck over Israel one more time, I’m hardening my heart again.
    It’s taken me this long to come even close to moving on from ’08. I’m certainly nowhere near being ready to forgive Bernie and his Sandernistas. Not until my daughters are shivering their asses off in DC watching the inauguration of the first woman president of the United States.

    Me too. I was a PUMA, who never came around, but I have softened towards Obama during the past year.

  308. “At this point, the best thing Bernie Sanders’s supporters can probably do for his reputation is to vote against him in the remaining primaries and caucuses.”…
    “…Liberals have turned on Sanders, urging him to get out of the race now or, at least, to change his tone. Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall says Sanders is “lying to [his] supporters.” At Mother Jones, Kevin Drum calls him “very, very bitter.” The New York Times’s Paul Krugman says Sanders “has a problem … in facing reality” and calls his campaign a “terrible mess.”

    He’s done, it’s over, and the sentiment of this piece will be repeated louder and louder, day after day, until he suspends his campaign…

  309. Honestly, at this point Sanders and all of his supporters look like a bunch of misogynists. They can’t stand losing to a woman. I am going to disagree that Hillary Clinton is not a “flawed” candidate. I would say Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are deeply flawed candidates. When you absolutely hate women and minorities don’t expect them to support you.

    No amount of threats can steal the nomination from Hillary. She earned it. She worked hard for every vote. She deserves a magnificent convention celebrating her and the accomplishments of women. We have come along way from the day of Susan B. Anthony. We need to acknowledge it and celebrate it. I don’t possibly see a way that Bernie can be part of that celebration since his actions are that of a misogynist.

  310. Violence. Death threats. Vile, misogynistic names screamed at women. Rage. Hatred. Menacing, anonymous phone calls to homes and offices. Public officials whisked offstage by security agents frightened of the growing mob. None of this has any place in a political campaign. And the candidate who has been tolerating this obscene behavior among his supporters is showing himself to be unfit for office.

    So, Senator Sanders, either get control of what is becoming your increasingly unhinged cult or get out of the race. Whatever respect sane liberals had for you is rapidly dwindling, and the damage being inflicted on your reputation may be unfixable. If you can’t even manage the vicious thugs who act in your name, you can’t be trusted to run a convenience store, much less the country.”

  311. Frankly, if Weaver and Van Jones want Reince Preibus as the DNC Chair instead of DWS then they can start their own Socialist Part, ask Reince to chair it and see how far that gets them. They can eek out a small existence along with the greens and the libertarians and all the other extremists out there barely getting any recognition and slipping away into oblivion. I am not a big fan of DWS but she was right in calling out Bernie and his minions on their actions at the NV State Convention. Their woman hating bullsh!t have actually got me defending DWS.

  312. The more I think about it, the more I want Al Franken as the VP. Smart, funny, properly respectful, and gosh darn it, I like him..

  313. NR, the Newsweek article is very good and on point. How ironic that the DNC Chair is a Sanders supporter, and she is the one receiving death threats and obscene messages.

  314. Oops my comment from 5:15PM didn’t; read right. I meant to say that Hillary Clinton is not a flawed candidate. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are deeply flawed candidates. Much Better. I should not type when I am angry.

  315. OOOO. I think Bernie’s getting Crazy Eyes while stumping…. That can’t be good.

  316. I am so sick of the media. I am boycotting all news until the CA primary when our girl wins. I am counting on this blog to keep me updated. I can’t take it anymore.

  317. There is this poll that came up on the tv. Who do you think will make a better president press 1 trump press 2 Hillary. You can vote more than once. 1-800-5931989

  318. I don’t know about you guys but I think Trump should pick Bernie as his VP. It would be a regular riot hardy har har.

  319. #BernieLostMe is trending on Twitter.

  320. Sophie, I love yours and it is additive. I keep coming up with more.

  321. neetabug, we are loathe to lose our only Democratic Senator (although, Sherrod Brown is my first choice for VP.)
    Do you have any thoughts about Congressman Tim Ryan from around Youngstown?

  322. How reliable are Fox News polls? New polls out, show Trump ahead nationally and in New Hampshire.

  323. Let’s put it this way: I saw FOX and rolled my eyes.

  324. Talk about double standard: can you imagine the brouhaha if Hillary had a child born out of wedlock?
    Bernie does and crickets.

  325. Their woman hating bullsh!t have actually got me defending DWS.


  326. Don’t regard the trump escort source as reliable, and that’s an understatement.

  327. Trixta! Glad to see WordPress let you on the blog today lolol

    Freespirit! Good to see you!

  328. The Fox poll does concern me. Yes, they are a Republican propaganda organization. But their national polls aren’t completely unreliable. They had Trump up 45-42. More than that, 66% of the responsdents said that they thought Hillary was corrupt, compared to 57% who thought that Trump was corrupt. Now, even if they oversampled Republicans, those numbers are a concern. And they are mostly due to Sanders. Sanders has spent the last six months on a daily basis claiming that Hillary is corrupt, takes money for votes, takes money for influence. Every single day, every single speech. And this seeps into the consciousness. And it is hard to get it out. And Sanders apparently plans to do this for another two months, which is beyond disgraceful.

    I can only hope that the Democatic Convention is dedicated to rehabilitating Hillary’s imagine in the eyes of voters. She shouldn’t need this; she is one of the most honest candidates I have ever seen. But she does. Sanders’ inflammatory rehetoric has done significant damage. And he will never walk any of it back. So a bunch of real Democrats are going to have to.

  329. Blogmistresses, we need a new post: It could be nothing more than Texas Guinan’s signature greeting, “Hello, Suckers!”:)

  330. CNN said tonight that, “…one poll showed Trump leading over Hillary today”.

    I don’t want to think Trump even has a chance winning over Hillary. Is half the effin’ country nuts?

  331. Okay, if it was a FoxNews poll, I am not so worried. Not as many Dems go to that Hillary hating site.

  332. William, Thank you. I cannot stand listening to Sanders any longer. He is doing so much damage to Hillary and the Democratic Party . I think it might be helpful to focus on the electoral college and the battle ground states. With Trump saying, “Crooked Hillary” that doesn’t help at all.

    Now, Sanders has agreed to a debate with FOX News. Waiting to see if Hillary agrees or not. I hope she doesn’t do it. I think Bernie wants the television exposure in CA, since he isn’t doing media buys and maybe his campaign doesn’t have the funds to buy air time.

    Another thing about the poll, O’Donnell mentioned her support among Latinos had slipped, while AA support remained at about 80 %.

  333. Folks, no poll, even if Fox, Lox, and big hocking poll boyz, no horse race poll is worth anything this far out. All reputable pollsters will tell you that. The really reputable pollsters won’t even do one this far out. This far out they even mess with the trending models down the road. Right now such polling is just click bait and cheap content for websites and airtime filler. Pay no attention to the polls.

  334. Birdgal, I think that Hillary absolutely should not debate with Sanders. Sanders wanted another debate, so Fox jumped in to offer it. Hillary should just ignore it. They’ve done plenty, and there’s absolutely no advantage to doing another one, as Sanders will just keep attacking her. The one in New York was enough by itself. I don’t care if Sanders yells about it for the next three weeks. We’re done with Democratic debates. If Sanders insists on staying in, when he should have conceded a month ago, he can debate with himself

  335. William, I totally agree. Haha, let Sanders debate himself 😂. She doesn’t have anything to gain from it. I think Sanders wa to the media attention. Besides, Fox News? I don’t think so. In 2008, when Obama was winning, he refused anymore debates. Trump also refused anymore. If Hillary refuses, it will just be one more thing for them to crucify her for. I really hope she doesn’t do it.

  336. Still locked out of twitter. Dang, I wanted to keep the hashtag going!

  337. Thank you, Uppity (@May 18, 2016 at 11:34 PM)! Glad I was finally able to post.

    About the alleged Donald escort services, Redstate blog (and other sites) posted essentially the same story in late April, which looks to be where Cannonfire blog got it. Considering Trump’s attitudes about women and his past ownership of Miss USA pagent and apparently a modeling agency too, such enterprises could have provided an ongoing supply of women to an escort service. Who knows? Since he’s throwing the kitchen sink at Hillary concerning Bill, I hope the media looks into Trump’s unsavory past. So glad Hillary is keeping the pressure on his tax returns! Perhaps then will we know what sorts of businesses he’s been involved in.

  338. These fox polls are because the GOP want it to look like Sanders is the better against Trump, they so want to run against the old commy bastard. He owuld be massacred once media gets a look at him.

    Fox is playing the destroy Hilary now card.

  339. Fox news is trying to force Hillary into a debate with the old bastard in California….No no no no no no.

    It will be a 3 sided get hillary debate, she does not need to do it. She has won, why does she need it and the public sure as hell dont need it, all she needs to do is debate Trump.

    Whats to debate, they have said all they need to say.

  340. No more debates with Crabby, especially on Fox. Hillary just has to say her schedule is full.

    SCrab can just go spend all the rest of his donations giving out free pot and snacks to his nitwits, he and Jane probably have their own plants in the attic.

  341. Harry Reid offered Bernie a couple of delegates if Bernie would STFU. I don’t know but it seems like Bernie has given Hillary a perfect opportunity for a PAC ad with all the oppo dump on Bernie.

  342. Fox “poll” shows Hillary’s support from Latinos down against Trump? That’s very funny! After Trump’s comments calling Mexicans rapists, it’s my understanding that Latinos would crawl for 10 miles over broken glass just to vote agains the Donald. Methinks, sensing an opening provided by BS, Fox is stirring the pot. Same thing with debate offer.

  343. Regarding the another debate with Sanders, why? It’s not like he does well in them. Even if she did agree to yet another debate, it won’t help him. He usually comes off as an angry man and after everything that has been going on, he would look even worse. However, I don’t think Hillary should agree to another debate, she can’t give his campaign legitimacy since Sanders has no path to victory except cheating, bullying and violence.

    Not a good idea to offer Sanders anything. If you give him an inch he will whine and threaten and take a mile. Those are not Reid’s delegates to give.

    I think its time to tell the world the truth about Bernie and his bros. Sanders planned his run purposely now so that he could run against a woman and bully her supporters to give him the loser her nomination. This is just plain and simple misogyny. He could have run for president any time with in the past 30 years but chose now, when a woman was running because he knew he could harness the sexism that permeates the left wing of the democratic party and left wing independents. He saw this in 2008 and took advantage of it now in 2016. This is more than CDS. This is out right misogyny, that it is against a Clinton is just a bonus for them.

  344. imust–why are you locked out of Twitter? Were you berned by a troll?

  345. “It’s as if you invited someone into your home who proceeded to leave a huge, steaming pile in your living room.”

    The Kurt Eichenwald article from “Newsweek” is SO GREAT!

  346. Link to newsweek please.

  347. Why would the old coot have another debate. She ate him up and spit him out the last debate.

  348. The link is up thread, Up. The New Realist, May18 @ 5:18 pm.

  349. Hil interview on CNN now.

  350. Its Time

    Clinton says she is the nominee in effect because looking at the math it’s clear that she is. and that its time for Sanders to unite behind her.

    Thats the first time she has explicitly been said now.She is basically indicating it is time to finish and telling the party to unite behind her.

  351. JUST IN: “I will be the nominee for my party … That is already done, in effect. There is no way that I won’t be,” Clinton tells CNN.

  352. Moon, Good for Hillary. Waiting for Sanders tantrum.

  353. Finally, glad Hillary is no longer giving Sir. Crabby a free pass.

    Finally, Hillary is taking control. About time!!!!

  354. EgyptAir Flight 804: Wreckage found

  355. In celebration of Hillary finally taking the reins in winning the primary, could we please have a new thread???

  356. Hillary also said, many times, that she is excited to debate Trump.

  357. Hillary was fantastic with Cuomo, so presidential.

  358. She has been walking on eggshells in hopes of allowing the old coot a, “soft landing”, as the math has been screaming this since the NY primary, if not before…
    Yet, stating the obvious is bound to create a shitstorm with the Sanders dead enders and of course the anti-Hillary media…and it won’t take long…

  359. Let the shitstorm begin ~

  360. What My Mother Sees in Hillary

    IN 1973, my mother’s first husband was killed in a car crash in downtown St. Louis. My brother, Jason, was nine months old. In swift succession, my mother lost the following things: the father of her first child; access to a credit card; her car insurance; and the ability to take out a loan. The first was terrible luck. The other things were taken from her because she was a single woman — with a son, to boot — it was the 1970s, and, as she put it, “you were not considered legitimate at that time unless you had a man in your life.”

    Four decades later, my mom is looking forward to having the chance to vote, she hopes, for this country’s first female president. She and Hillary Clinton are a year apart in age. Though my mom’s experiences are so different from my own, they serve as a constant reminder to me of the work it’s taken for Mrs. Clinton to get where she is today, and the force of society’s attitudes about women, and their value, that she has been pushing against.

  361. New tread, please?

  362. SCREEEEEEEEECH!!! New thread upstairs! ^ Uppity, Sophie or whoever, feel free to bump it if you have something else in the works. I just threw it up because this one was getting long and hard to load 🙂

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