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Hillary Clinton’s interview today with Chris Cuomo:



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  1. First:
    KUDOS for our Hillary!.
    Big bold move to call it over for “The Burn” and claim that she will be the nominee. Stepping up the meet “The T(G)rump”.
    You go girl (Woman), roll up your sleeves and claim what is rightfully yours. Just LUV it!

    Second: Thank you imust for bringing it on!

  2. Hooray!!! Finally!!!!. I am so glad she said this. We have known this since March 15, 2016. I think she needed to do this due to all the cr@p coming from Bernie and his minions. Time to state the obvious, the Dem Convention is going to be all about her as the first woman Democratic Nominee and then the first woman President. I am thrilled about this and can’t wait for the convention. Like I said a while ago, history is written by the winners. Hillary Clinton shines as a popular, calm, patient, smart, accomplished, overqualified woman, and Bernie Sanders looks like just another privileged, spoiled, sexist, sore loser, white male.

  3. You’re welcome bellecat. We aim to please here in Uppityville.

  4. Yes. I agree that Hillary has changed her tone…. she’s been patient long enough both with Bernie and Donnie boy.

  5. Thanks, imust for the aptly named New Thread!

  6. Thanks so much, iMust!!!! – Hillary up top, finally taking control and a new, thread to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I loved the entire interview by Hillary. Smart, thoughtful, strong and someone I am very proud of.

    Contrasted with someone out for his own ego, recognition and powertrip. (Insert Berie and then Trump)

  8. Nancy Pelosi is a fool. In an interview she stated the following in an article at The Hill:

    “Bernie Sanders is a positive force in the Democratic Party,” Pelosi said during a press briefing in the Capitol.

    “He has awakened in some people an interest in the political process that wasn’t there. He has encouraged young people to channel their interest in public service and community leadership into a political place, because this is where decisions are made that’ll affect their future and their lives. And I think that’s positive.”

    I don’t consider Public Service to mean violence, threats and bullying as we all saw at the NV State Convention. I don’t think that is positive.

  9. I think she said that nominee thing just to chap Sandcrab’s butt.

  10. Thanks for the new thread imust! If I did my math right Hillary only needs 90 more delegates!!! ♡♡♡ So Happy!!

  11. I think Pelosi said that to promote unity, in an attempt to prevent further fractioning within the party.

    I love what Hillary said. She is very measured and thoughtful in what she said about foreign policy. Her demeanor is very presidential .

  12. Nasty is on my shitlist, and I will never forgive her for stabbing Hillary in the back and derailing the Calif delegates from voting for Hillary at the convention in 2008.

  13. Tonight’s Twitter funny post-Hillary Dem presumptive nominee, now Dem candidate for POTUS:

  14. Actually, I don’t think that Sanders brought much of anyone into the Democratic Party, though it would have been nice if he had. It is just part of the mythology. Democratic turnout in primaries was mostly less than in 2008. I think he brought some crossover Independents along, but many of them were just people who wanted free tuition, or were even right-wing types who wanted to defeat Hillary in the primaries. I don’t think that he’s done the Democratic Party any long-term good. He has also set up impossible expectations, promising things that are either impossible in this two-party system, or which could not be paid for. And the endless complaining about this or that primary being rigged, probably turned a bunch people off politics altogether.

  15. imust, thanks so much for posting Hillary’s interview. I don’t know if I would have caught it otherwise. It was very inspirational to me and just what I needed today!

    I thought she was phenomenal, as always. The interviewer was okay.

  16. William, I agree. I don’t think Bernoid is helping anyone except himself, his grifter family and his scam artist campaign managers.

  17. Just booked my Airbnb for the Inauguration! I am so looking forward to crying like a baby and shouting for joy at the same time.

  18. I don’t think that nickname Donald is trying to give Hillary is working. She keeps treating him like the child he is and now he actually looks worse than before. He’s just another privileged, spoiled, sexist, whiny, white male.

  19. Donnie must be upset that he’s not getting all the news every second since the plane crash.

  20. OldCoastie

    As sad as the plane bombing (?) is for the families…it is nice not to hear about Trump 24/7 on all stations. I am so sick of hearing his voice or men get all excited about him.

  21. OldCoastie
    As sad as the plane bombing (?) is for the families…it is nice not to hear about Trump 24/7 on all stations. I am so sick of hearing his voice or men get all excited about him.

    I was thinking the same thing last night and this morning.

  22. It’s a funny thing about Rump’s names for opponents. The other ones, like Low Energy Jeb or whatever it was, kind of stuck because they made some internal slimy sense. Jeb did project about as much energy as a bricklayer after a ten hour shift. Likewise whatever he had for Rubio. And the one for him, for that matter. Donald “Small Hands” Trump. There is that sense of massive effort to make a snow job big enough to cover the even larger insecurities. So you snicker at it, no matter how juvenile it is.

    The reason it’s not working on Clinton is because a) it’s been done to death, and b) it doesn’t have that germ of truth a good slur needs.

    He’d have to try making fun of what a policy wonk she is, or something. That could work, given how anti-intellectual the country is, except for one huge (yuuge?) problem. It would remind everyone that he is not. The ads to turn it back against him would write themselves and be funny.

  23. Quixote, LOL!

  24. I watched a Colbert clip with kids talking about candidates. I thought it would be funny. Colbert showed them a photo HRC and before letting them react went into this long thing about her being “a grandma who gives you candy you don’t like….it’s candy, so you take it, but it’s old and you don’t like it. Like butterscotch candy, ever hear of that? No? Werther’s? It’s old candy that’s been sitting in her candy jar a long time.” Then they do a close up of a little girl doing a yucky face. I was so mad and sad. Here’s a chance for that little girl to be proud and have a role model of the first woman president, in her lifetime, and he trashes her right before the little girl’s eyes.

  25. Quioxte

    Rump’s – I love that name. Gotta steal it, T. Rumps

  26. Colbert can stuff his face with PopRocks and go to Hell!!!!

  27. Now we know why Bernie has sacked everyone and has no California operation…..He’s bust. Fundraising must be dead. He blew the money like a hooker with a credit card……

    Bernie Sanders started May with $5.8 million cash on hand. Hillary Clinton started the month with $30 million in the bank.

  28. He spent like a drunk sailor on whores….

    The Vermont senator raised $26.9 million, outpacing Clinton’s $25 million, according to Federal Elections Commission reports filed on Friday.

    The Sanders campaign, however, was spending faster than it was fundraising, burning through $38.6 million throughout the month — 143 percent of what they raised. The campaign started May with $5.8 million cash on hand.

    Meanwhile Clinton ended April with $30.1 million cash on hand, which may help her campaign fend off any last-ditch attacks from Sanders, who, despite narrowing chances of winning the nomination, has vowed to campaign until the convention in July.

  29. Isn’t it sad she has to waste money on “last ditch” attacks from Sandcrab? (love that Sandcrab name Shadow!)

  30. imust, I saw that Colbert bit, and changed the channel. No excuse for that bs. And it wasn’t even remotely funny.

    Agree, sandcrab is great!

  31. I never really watched Colbert on the Stewart show, nor have I watched him on the Late NIght, except maybe when he had Hillary on. once. Even so, I never understood all those raves he got. I don’t think he’s particularly funny, or all that clever. He sure thinks he is, though. And the analogy he used in that skit was not funny, and not at all inisightful. He’s probably a very left-wing person who thinks they are all to be scorned. Of course, I never thought that Stewart, another person who is constantly telling Hillary what she is not doing right, was very funny, either. At least Jimmy Kimmel seemed to like her when he had her on.

  32. socal, that interviewer was Chris Cuomo. His brother is Andrew, Governor of NY. Both of them suck. Their father was fabulous. Their father could speak, was thoughtful, and really cared about people.

  33. William, I liked the Colbert Report, which after Stewart’s show. The guy who has that slot now is Larry Wilmore and he’s anti-Hillary and so I don’t watch him. Then Colbert turned out to be anti-Hillary, and frankly, not as good on the Late Show so I stopped watching him. Jimmy Fallon actually has a better show and I’m sorry I went to him last.

  34. Did anyone catch the interview on CNN of the woman from Shark Tank that has know Trump since both of them were in their twenties. She said he hasn’t changed a bit, this is all show and basically selling his supporters snake oil. (My words) He is a bully, and your worst nightmare if you don’t agree with him. He would be dangerous as a president.

    I’ve been trying to find it to post.

    Hillary should use it in her ads…it’s just what Hillary has been saying.

  35. BTW, her name is Barbara Corcoran.

  36. Sophie, now that I think about it, maybe it’s Fallon whom I liked, instead of Kimmel. One of them was quite pleasant to Hillary when she was on.

    Hillary is on Meet the Press this Sunday, with the usually unpleasant Chuck Todd; but I’ll probably tape it to see her.

  37. Here’s the interview I was talking about…she nails it on Trump and how he will not make a good President and how great Hillary is.

    The last line will upset you…it did upset me.

    Barabara Corcoran: Trump wouldn’t be a good president

  38. I thought the same thing about the crash. It overshadowed Donald’s mouth. And Bernie’s too

  39. Someone posted mention of another blog, that landed in spam. Please be advised that the blog owner and link to his blog is forever banned on this site and, indeed, on a number of women’s sites.

  40. Okay, understood.

  41. Not only will Bernie define what a real progressive is, but he will also define what a real protester is.

  42. I wonder if everybody gets weary of the Donald Show. I’m already tired but it feels like he has to be on tv every minute or its just not working for him.

    But there’s a fatigue that sets in…. wonder if that will take over the nation.

    I would guess that but I’ve been wrong a lot lately.

  43. William, I l think both Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon like Hillary; at least, that’s my impression.
    Kimmel seems to have a particular soft spot for her.

  44. Honora, that’s very exciting–going to the inauguration. I’m seriously considering it. The outside/cold part is the only deterrent. But it’s history.

  45. I agree with Sweet Sue, my impression has also been that both Kimmel & Fallon have been very fair and respectful towards Hillary. Like Sophie I am very disappointed with Colbert, and have stopped watching him, same with Wilmore, whom I didn’t watch much anyway. Actually, I’ve hardly watched any late night shows for the past year.

    Honora, I’m also excited for you that you get to see the inauguration! I wish I could go, but that will be a busy time for us, and I doubt if we can pull it off.

  46. My math skills are far from world class, but I don’t understand how you can have $5.8 million in the bank when you have been spending more than you take in (by MILLIONS) for several months now. Is this socialist math or something?

  47. Imagine that crank in charge of the General Fund.

  48. Brassy I think he didn’t spend any for months and then started spending in January. So basically he had a stash that he had collected since he joined the race, was adding to that stash every month and that’s what allowed him to spend more than he took him. Of course now it looks like he is completely broke. Ironically he would never have taken in what he took in if he had either decent accounting or software.

  49. Sanders also has to return lots of money (who knows how much) that the FEC has determined to be illegal. I think that it is likely that Sanders is already in the red by lots of money.

  50. Just as a break from Saturday morning chores, I looked at the Federal Elections Commission letter, and randomly looked up a couple of names on Facebook. One appeared to be a real person, and an over the top Berniebot. Looking at the dates and amounts for the “Excessive, Prohibitive,.. Contributions,” based on current FEC rules, it seems, I wonder if these folks have sort of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), or otherwise, did they really give all that money to Bernie? I need to read more to understand what the heck is the Sanders campaign doing, and how they are tracking contributions, and why the FEC is on to them.

    I remember some credit card funny business with contributions to the Obama campaign in ’08, too. Do others recall what it was?

  51. P.S.- Thank you, TheNewRealist, for sharing the FEC letter.

  52. The video has been removed by the user?

  53. Does anyone know why Kentucky primary results won’t be available until May 31st? Are they recounting?

  54. sophieCT:
    Thank you for the link to the NYorker.
    We need to face at this point the dangerous reality of Trump and right wing extremism developing not only in our country but Europe as well.
    Let’s don’t spend any time with Bernie Sandinist(r).
    The mobilization against The Trump is priority numero 1.
    Obviously, Hillary has that priority on check. Let’s follow her lead…

  55. Branjor: Fixed (sort of)

  56. Bellecat, this is the rhetoric we see every day:

    He’s not Hitler, as his wife recently said? Well, of course he isn’t. But then Hitler wasn’t Hitler—until he was. At each step of the way, the shock was tempered by acceptance. It depended on conservatives pretending he wasn’t so bad, compared with the Communists, while at the same time the militant left decided that their real enemies were the moderate leftists, who were really indistinguishable from the Nazis. The radical progressives decided that there was no difference between the democratic left and the totalitarian right and that an explosion of institutions was exactly the most thrilling thing imaginable.

  57. From NewYorker excerpt:

    “He’s not Hitler, as his wife recently said? Well, of course he isn’t. But then Hitler wasn’t Hitler—until he was. At each step of the way, the shock was tempered by acceptance.”

    Important point to think about it, because the acceptance is already happening, all over…meeting with the NRA?

  58. sophieCT:

    Just got ahead of me on the same critical point…Thank you.
    We can NOT repeat it enough!

  59. Thats it, Sanders has just burned down his campaign in one go….He just lost the democratic party, they have the opportunity now to finish him once and for all.

    Sanders just backed Waserman Schultz’s primary rival

    Bernie Sanders is giving his support to Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s primary opponent amid tensions with her and the DNC.

    Sanders also said if elected president, he would effectively terminate her chairmanship of the DNC.

    Wasserman Schultz will be facing Tim Canova in the Democratic primary for Florida’s 23rd congressional district.

    “Well, clearly, I favor her opponent,” Sanders told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview to air Sunday on “State of the Union.” “His views are much closer to mine than as to Wasserman Schultz.”

    Sanders’s comments come as tensions between him and party leaders escalate. Last weekend saw a chaotic state convention in Nevada in which Sanders supporters angrily opposed rules they thought unfairly benefited Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

    Wasserman Schultz and other Democratic party leaders called on Sanders to condemn the actions of his supporters, but he defiantly accused the state party and leadership of favoring Clinton instead.


    He has effectively terminated any chance he had which was zero of turning SD’s to him, The party will now effectively have to finish him off.

    The party can not control him, he is a loose cannon.

  60. moononpluto, on May 21, 2016 at 4:09 PM

    Does Bernie have a real problem with women or is he just a stupid ahole? Thinks a lot like Trump.

    Bernard is Burning his bridges.

  61. Time to primary the hell out of Bernie in 2018.

  62. Article related to Fed. Elections Commision letter:

  63. Oh dear…Feds looking into Jane Sanders scandal.

    Two days after Burlington College announced its closure, a member of the board of trustees told local media: “I have heard that federal people have been asking questions” about $10 million in loans secured by Jane O’Meara Sanders, former president of the college and the wife of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

    Tom Torti, secretary of Burlington College’s board of Trustees, tells Heat Street that while he has not personally been contacted or interviewed by federal authorities, he has heard talk of an ongoing probe. He declined to name his sources, adding that rumors abound in a small community and that federal investigations are less transparent than they should be.


    Maybe Bernie should wonder if the other women may be indicted.

  64. I am so sick of Bernie and his followers . They are the Left’s version of the Tea Party. I have to mute the TV anytime he comes on. I don’t care for Wasserman, but he is adding fuel to the fore that is becoming more combustible. He is further alienating the Democratic Party and I hope Hillary doesn’t debate him any longer. He is not worth it. I think he is truly trying to destroy Hillary and the Democratic Party. Why he believes he deserves any allegiance from party leaders is beyond me. Yes, Hillary is the favored one this cycle, because she has earned it.

    FB is unreal. Bernie supporters don’t believe she is three million votes ahead, because there was fraud in AZ, NewYork, Illinois, and now Kentucky, and independents weren’t allowed to vote in the closed primaries. They really believe the DNC and Hillary are behind the election irregularities, instead of blaming the state election boards.

    There are never any complaints of voter supression in states and caucuses, he won by large margins. Wisconsin comes to mind, where strict voter ID laws kept many students from voting. If he had lost, the outcries would be loud. Washington is another example. Out of a voting population of seven million, only 200,000 + people voted. And Nebraska is another example of where there is a large descripancy between the voter turnout in the caucus and primary.

    He is burning the party down, because things are not in his favor. I wonder why. He has barely been a democrat for one year.

  65. “the militant left decided that their real enemies were the moderate leftists…”

    “Nach Hitler, uns.” (“After Hitler, us.”)–many German leftists circa 1932.

    I wonder how many of the “brilliant” German Commies who said that later died in the camps?

  66. I remember some credit card funny business with contributions to the Obama campaign in ’08, too. Do others recall what it was?

    Liberty Belle – there were many thousands of $100 donations made to the Obama campaign from Visa gift cards. The benefit to that was that one person could donate more than legally allowed by making up false identities.

  67. I saw this in a comment section. Fraudulent Trump is what he should be called. He is a fraud with the school and everything else.

    We as voters should be flooding the networks with phone calls , demanding Trump show his tax return.

    We should not let him get away with this.

  68. I think that the analogy to Europe in the 1920’s, where a series of fascists came to power, should be made again and again in this campaign..It might actually get through to some people.

    In England, there was a fascist anti-semite, anti-foreigner named Oswald Mosley, who became quite popular. Every country in Europe seemed to have someone like that. It wasn’t just Germany and Italy. What is so horrifying is that one assumed that America would not fall prey to this kind of thing. Sinclair Lewis, the author of “It Can’t Happen Hear,” thought otherwise. And of course there was Huey Long in the ’30’s; and then the isolationist and anti-semitic Lindbergh, who sympathized with the Nazis, and did not want America to help Britain. And there was George Wallace, who I think was more of a racist than any kind of fascist, but who was frightening enough. And Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, and some others, have seemed to show that the country was ripe for the blandishments of those who would trample the rights of minorities, and the constitutional process.

    A citizenry of angry people; not much understanding of the complexity of issues; the wish to find simple solutions; the appeal of a strongman who targets scapegoats; and then a media which sees it all as a lucrative carnival show, combine to create the toxic brew which breeds a potential for a fascist dictator who seems entertaining, until his reality is horrifying.

  69. William:
    Trump has enabled “white supremacist” in our country big time.
    Plenty has been covered in Newsweek magazine.
    It’s big sh$t…

  70. neetabug:
    Now you’re talking.
    Let’s all voters start pushing the “show your tax returns, Mr. McTrump”.

  71. Bernie called Hillary the lesser of 2 evils.

  72. Julie, I did some posts on that. There were contributions under false names and a couple of Hamas brothers in the gaza strip donated to him. And donations from Rafa,Georgia.And I don’t mean the Georgia in theUSA. Of course, the press didn’t care. There was also a cold call center, making calls to voters from Gaza.

  73. The article from the New Yorker, linked by SophieCT at 11;29, is must reading. It is the kind of intelligent, literate, and very unsettlingly powerful article that still gives one some hope for journalism. I wish I could paste a copy of it at every univefsity, library, and other place where people still like to think. And I’d send copies in triplicate to every media person who is gleefully enabling this potential nightmare,

  74. Bernie called Hillary the lesser of 2 evils

    This guy needs to be kicked out of the primary and out of the convention with no consideration at all for anything his supporters want.

    I’m glad Hillary has already turned her back on him.

  75. Even SNL knows its over for Bernie:

  76. Dear Bernie,

    No one will ever accuse you of being “the lesser of two evils”. After the last few weeks, I feel quite confident in saying you’re just plain evil. Pure and simple. And a misogynist to boot.


    Brassy Rebel

  77. Hillary just killed it on “MTP”. Todd was all agog over poll showing BS doing much better against Trump. Hillary quickly pointed out that Sanders hasn’t had a single negative ad run against him in the primary season. BOOM! He’s led a charmed life which would quickly go sour in GE.

  78. It wasn’t only the German leftists who wrongly perceived where the real danger was in the 1930s.

    One of the main motives for appeasement of Hitler by the (hemi-)democratic capitalist empires was that many members of the elites of those empires hoped to manipulate Hitler (and the Japanese warlords) into containing, and maybe even destroying, the USSR for them.

    Likewise, Stalin actually made a formal pact with Hitler–and then Uncle Joe woke up on June 22, 1941, with the pact buried between his shoulder blades.

  79. I have not watched any news on tv. I saw this on yahoo. Judge Jeninne
    telling Hillary to go back to bed, Trump will keep us safe. I just e-mailed the witch. I asked her why does she hate Hillary so much. I told her as a judge, I thought you were smart. You would rather have a fool as president than have Hillary. How can you support an idiot like Trump. I told her you are just as stupid and dumb as the rest of his followers. If you are mad at her because of Bill. Or did you want him. I told her no one mentions the fact that all these so claim women Bill had an affair with are just as guilty as Bill. They knew he was a married man. I don’t have sympathy for any of them. I praise Hillary for honoring her vows. For better or worse. I told her you are an evil old woman, you can tell how much you hate Hillary. I told her I pray to God Hillary becomes the first woman president. Then we will see who gets the last laugh. I put in parenthesis (CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU FALL OFF THAT CHAIR WHEN SHE WINS)

  80. Neetabug, You go girl!!

  81. Hey, all, read up on this “Judge” Jeanine. Of interest is the fact that TRUMP donated to her 2006 campaign to run against Hillary for Senate.

  82. Judge Jeanine=Loser. Don’t worry about her.

  83. Look how well that senate run worked out for her.

  84. Uncle Joe woke up on June 22, 1941, with the pact buried between his shoulder blades.


  85. Gary Johnson has announced he will be running for president on the Libertarian ticket. Ron Paul is recalling all his crackpot followers in Bernie’s camp.

  86. Hillary gained another superdelegate.

  87. Reporting from Texas:

    Hillary spent Friday and Saturday in fundraising events in Houston-Austin-Dallas. In Austin, the fundraiser Hillary was attending took place at the home of Austin Mayor Steve Adler. I found out about it too late, I did not get to see her. Rats!

    In other related matters of the bleeding red state, I urge you all to see the movie “Truth” -be aware, neither CBS nor W wants anybody to see it.

    The movie is based in 2005, Mapes’ book “Truth and Duty: The Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power”.

    Another very courageous woman.
    I’m looking forward to read the book.

  88. [Sanders has] led a charmed life which would quickly go sour in GE.

    Exactly. If Bernie somehow could win the nomination, the GOP has ad copy ready to go on every stupid thing he ever said or did (they could clobber him on the sexual fallacies alone), as well as the questionable tax situation of him and his wife.

  89. Whereas with Hillary, the GOP, the independent Right, and the Useful Idiot Left have already thrown every smear they have at her–AND. SHE. JUST. KEEPS. COMING. 😈

  90. One down , more to go – Minnesota caucus is gone.

    A bill that would replace Minnesota’s caucus system with a primary is awaiting the signature of Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton, according to The Associated Press.

    The bill, which has bipartisan support, moved after the state’s March caucus-goers experienced overcrowded sites with long lines.

    Opponents of the caucus system argue it turns off the average citizen from voting and in years of high turnout, volunteers and facilities can become overwhelmed.

    “This year, more than 200,000 Minnesotans came out and voted in our Presidential Preference Poll but the long lines, short voting window and shortages of ballots and registration sheets made for a very confusing and dispiriting experience,” said Ken Martin, chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

    “We were told thousands more Minnesotans were so frustrated that they left without participating in the process.”

    The majority of states use a primary system.

    Dayton has indicated he will sign the bill.

  91. I seem to remember reading that Stalin made the agreement with Hitler fully expecting to double cross him. What infuriated him (Stalin) worst of all was that Hitler was smarter and faster and did it first.

    I wonder if it makes it more or less awful that the homegrown US version of sociopathic dictator is the dumbest of the lot? I hope we don’t have to find out.

    Anybody have any good suggestions for countries to emigrate to that might be able to weather the storm?

  92. Sorry about the video problem Uppity. I was gone all weekend, so I wasn’t able to check in to notice. Thanks for fixing it!

    Moon, I hope that Minn. change to primary includes keeping the primary CLOSED to Dems only! Bernie apparently wants all open primaries as part of his “deal” with the DNC. He’s still on Teevee today ranting about the unfairness of everything. What a nut.

    Uppity, loved the last dance segment on SNL! I still don’t like that they make Bernie out to be a more lovable wacky guy, instead of what he really is……a jerk! But the dancing him into the elevator was classic!

  93. Bellecat, I also thought that the movie “Truth” was very good; and I also bought the book after I saw it. I saw it about the same time I saw “Trumbo,” Both were excellent; both rather got buried by the conserrvative media; CBS would not even allow ads for “Truth” to be shown. Not too much of a free press after all. And it is the media, which puts profits above integrity and journalism, which is the major cause of the rise of Trump. We need an Edwin R. Murrow to stand up to Trump and expose him for what he is.

  94. Stalin was an idiot-savant. The only thing he was smart about was gaining and keeping political power within his own country.

    He ignored the accurate warnings of his intelligence network that Hitler was planning to double-cross him. He also crowded his soldiers, tanks, and airplanes near the border, within reach of one of the Germans’ patented blitzkriegs, instead of keeping mere holding forces near the border, while keeping the main force out of reach. Russia has the luxury of being able to afford losing a lot of territory temporarily, but Stalin ignored that.

    The British and French generals mostly did not know how to use tanks, even though the French in 1940 had more and better tanks than the Germans.

    Our admirals thought Pearl Harbor was too shallow for air-dropped torpedoes to work (they’d just bury themselves in the mud), but the Japanese found a way around that problem.

    In general, the Allies made every major blunder they could and still won, which tells you how hopelessly outmatched the Axis Powers were from Day One, and what pitiful fools they were to start it.

  95. …it is the media, which puts profits above integrity and journalism, which is the major cause of the rise of Trump.


    “Ah yes, the American journalism. What’s wrong with it?”

    “I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, my lad. It’s dead, that’s what’s wrong with it.”

  96. When Donald says Hillary, “would repeal the 2nd Amendment”, it makes me think he doesn’t understand the job very well.

  97. Brassy Rebel, I’m glad to hear that Hillary did very well on MTP. That validates my taping of it, which I almost didn’t do,, because it is hard to watch the daily hammering at her. She has immense grasp of major issues, but is rarely asked about them; instead, it is just some kind of gauntlet that she has to get through; while her opponent is an inane blowhard at best; a megalomaniac would-be fascist dictator at worst, and gets treated like a fascinating new acting talent.

  98. The Donald thinks that the President can repeal amendments?

    Anyone who has such a weak understanding of the Constitution of the USA has no business being President of the USA.

  99. Also, when Hillary says of Donald, “No. I don’t think he’s qualified.”, Donald says, “Hillary says I don’t have the right to run for president.”

    You’d think the news media might have fun running Hillary’s actual statement vs Donald’s “interpretation” of her statement.

    Bugs me I don’t see that.

  100. Anyone who has such a weak understanding of the Constitution of the USA has no business being President of the USA.

    Ivory, this is why I can’t believe so many voters are gullible. There are a lot of voters (which he is counting on) that don’t understand the constitution either.

  101. Now this from the village idiot.

    Donald Trump: ‘Trained teachers should be able to have guns in classrooms’

  102. His old man must have paid to get him into Wharton. He can’t even spell.

  103. I thought (and still think) that Dubya Bush is a wealthy nincompoop who was only successful because he came from a wealthy background, but Tribble Hair makes Dubya look like a Rhodes Scholar.

  104. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  105. Well, we have known that The Trumpet is all “cabaret degree graduate”, but what concerns me is: what kind of compatriots are voting to make him president? so many out there with the same scholar skills?

  106. Julie, I did some posts on that. There were contributions under false names and a couple of Hamas brothers in the gaza strip donated to him. And donations from Rafa,Georgia.And I don’t mean the Georgia in theUSA. Of course, the press didn’t care. There was also a cold call center, making calls to voters from Gaza.

    Yes! I forgot about the foreign angle. I was so enraged that the media refused to cover it.


    Bernie Sanders supporters sue to have California’s voter registration extended until election day

    ederal lawsuit alleging widespread confusion over California’s presidential primary rules asks that voter registration be extended past Monday’s deadline until the day of the state’s primary election on June 7.

    Mistakes are being made,” said William Simpich, an Oakland civil rights attorney who filed the lawsuit Friday.

    At issue is whether voters understand the rules for the presidential primary, which differ from those governing other elections in California.

    Unlike statewide primaries — where voters now choose any candidate, no matter the political party — the presidential contests are controlled by the parties themselves.

    Democrats have opened up their primary between Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to voters that have no political affiliation, known in California as having “no party preference.”

    But the lawsuit alleges elections officials in some of California’s 58 counties aren’t making that clear to these unaffiliated voters.

    “There’s mass confusion,” Simpich said in an interview on Saturday night. “This is a situation that really shouts out for some uniformity.”

    Simpich said a judge should require state elections officials to conduct a broad public awareness campaign about the voting rules before May 31, the deadline for requesting a ballot by mail.

    And to ensure unregistered Californians aren’t disenfranchised in the presidential contest, the lawsuit asks voter registration be extended from its deadline on Monday until June 7, the day of the election.

    There is no indication yet of whether a judge will agree with the suit.

    The lawsuit’s plaintiffs include two Bay Area voters and the American Independent Party, a minor party that is allowing unaffiliated voters to cast presidential ballots and has also faced its own problems with voter confusion in recent weeks.

    (The Republican Party did not open its California presidential primary to unaffiliated voters.)

    Also listed as a plaintiff is a group called the Voting Rights Defense Project, described as “an organization campaigning to heighten voter education and voter turnout for their candidate, Bernie Sanders.”

  108. I live in CA, and if one is registered as “decline to state or no party preference ” the voter has to request a democratic ballot. This can be done by mail or on Election Day. Some people do not read the party descriptions closely. The Independent Party in CA is a right wing group and if one does not possess reading comprehension skills, it would be easy to register for this party, instead of “decline to state.” I know this, because I almost made that mistake 8 years ago, when I left the Democratic Party after the 2008. primary election. Apparently, Demi Moore and others made this error. It is a failure of reading comprehension skills.

    This will be the next excuse for the Bernie supporters. I read somewhere, 9% of “decline to state ” voters have changed parties.

  109. Let’s see how many hundreds of thousand of Republicans they can get to suddenly register as Democrats, so that they can vote against Hillary. It’s worth it to the Republicans to do it, because I already saw some reporter from the L.A. TImes today write today that “white Hillary does not need to win the CA primary;, if she loses it, it would wound her going into the general election.” Why it would wound her, I do not know, except of course that if the media says it wounds her, it ends up doing so because they said it. We know that the media cannot bear to have the primary season end, and to go into the convention, without being able to tout Sanders, and derogate Hillary. Of course, if the fools from the CA Democratic Party who allowed this open primary, had the small amount of intelligence it would have taken to see such a thing occurring, maybe they would have left it closed. We can just hope that Hillary can win CA, and then all those Republicans will have to riegister back at some point. Sanders will sue California, of course.

  110. The weird thing, is that CA sends out election and voting literature, along with a sample ballot . If people cannot read the information, I don’t know what the answer is. All registered voters receive this information. I have also seen ads on FB about CA voter registration and how to request the appropriate ballot. The Bernie campaign has been advertising this information quite heavily.

    Remember, before the New York primary, when the Sanders campaign was asking for the primary to be opened to Independents? The court denied the request.

    The deadline for voter registration in CA, is tomorrow.

  111. I hope this judge sees right through this CA lawsuit the same as the judge in NY did. This is a last ditch attempt to hijack the process by the Sanders camp.

    June 7th can’t come fast enough so we can be done with this fraud Democrat.

  112. Late night/early morning Twitter funny:

  113. William, if you haven’t watched MTP yet, I recommend muting the intro when CT editorializes. I always do.

    Yay! We get a presidential primary. Too late to help Hillary but better late than never. Tons of Hillary voters were disenfranchised in Minnesota on March 1. Unfortunately, it will have to be open since we don’t register by party in MN. Ballot has 2 sides. You pick which ever side you want.

  114. The drums are beating for another debate in CA. I wish someone would bite off Bernie’s finger.

  115. Could the Sandcrab get more desperate?

    The only good thing about the lawsuit to try and let Bernie’s idiots register up until June 7th…is that they can’t vote because they decided to pay attention after the train left the station.

    I imagine Jane’s home life is a living Hell right now.

  116. VotingHill:
    LOL! That’s so funny…and soo true!

  117. Brassy Rebel, thanks for that advice! I never watch MTP; I will only this time because Hillary is on. It is really beyond awful the way that she is treated by the media in all respects.

    Yes, one of the ironies of this campaign season is that some states are going to realize how unfair and even violence producing caucuses are, and get rid of them.

    Only to Hillary would this “let’s have another debate” nonsense occur. The race is over. There is no need whatsoever to have another debate–unless of course one wants Sanders to have another two-hour shot at Hillary, so that Trump has a better chance to be elected. I have never seen a candidate who has won the nomination, have a debate with the losing candidate. I really hope that she just ignores this. Let Sanders yell, “she won’t debate me!,” after she has debated him about twelve times.

  118. In 2008, Obama reached a point where he wouldn’t debate Hillary any longer. I sincerely hope she doesn’t debate again. Especially on Fox News, of all places.

  119. Hillary speaking now at SEIU:

  120. 1 Vote

    birdgal, on May 23, 2016 at 11:50 AM said:
    The drums are beating for another debate in CA. I wish someone would bite off Bernie’s finger


    Notice how all the men point their fingers. Even Trump and Obama did the same. What is it about shaking your finger or hand when you are talking?

  121. Notice how all the men point their fingers. Even Trump and Obama did the same. What is it about shaking your finger or hand when you are talking?
    I don’t know, but it is very annoying, especially from Trump and Sanders.

  122. Honestly What the collective Fuck….

    Top Bernie Sanders supporters Dr. Cornell West and Rep. Keith Ellison will be among those on the important Democratic Party’s Platform Drafting Committee after the Vermont senator won a key concession as he looks to leave his mark on the party’s platform.

    The roster of the drafting committee, released by the Democratic National Committee on Monday, reflect that the party agreed that Sanders would appoint five supporters to the committee, compared to six for Hillary Clinton.

    Sanders previously panned DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who appoints all of the committee members, for failing to include enough of his supporters on an initial list. But the latest statement notes that Wasserman Schultz allocated the campaign’s seats “proportionally according to the current vote tally.”

    Along with West and Ellison, Sanders supporters on the committee include author Bill McKibben, Arab-American institute head James Zogby and activist Deborah Parker.

    Clinton loyalists on the committee are Ambassador Wendy Sherman, former Clinton staffer and current Center for American Progress head Neera Tanden, Ohio Rep. Alicia Reece, environmentalist Carol Browner, Illinois Rep. Luis Gutiérrez and union head Paul Booth.

    The remaining four members were appointed by Wasserman Schultz.

    Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, who has endorsed Clinton, will lead the committee and called Sanders’ outsized role on the platform “pretty unusual” for a candidate that likely will not be the party’s nominee during a Monday interview on MSNBC.

    And California Rep. Barbara Lee, the only member of Congress to vote against the war in Afghanistan, will also sit on the committee. She has not endorsed either candidate.

    Former Rep. Howard Berman and philanthropist Bonnie Schaefer were also appointed.

    Clinton’s almost 300 pledged delegate lead has made her nomination an effective certainty, but Sanders has not given up the fight and has said he’d fight to the convention floor.

    His selections foreshadow the possibility of a fight over some major tenants of the platform, including minimum wage and the relationship in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


    Clinton will control 2/3rds of the committee but West and Ellison, seriously…….

  123. Moon

    What the Hell? What do they think will happen? Do they honestly think Hillary will start parroting the crazy plans of Sandcrab?

    Hell no, she won’t.

    Hillary hasn’t put up with knives in her back since she was First Lady just to become Bernie’s puppet!

  124. “The relationship in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Really???

    I hope they don’t give in any more. This is getting to be ridiculous. Some of Sanders supporters won’t vote for Clinton, no matter what the platform may be. They hate her.

  125. Several virulent anti-Israeli people on that commitee. The idea of caving in and letting Sanders pick some anti-semitic radical Left people to ostensibly draft a platform, is appallingl. Can’t DWS manage to stand up for the Democratic Party? You’ve got career rabble-rousers who have no intention of compromising, who just want to spout their racial and anti-semitic hatred, now in a position to cause real trouble. And the fact that Sanders would pick these people, is a sad testament to his real beliefs.

  126. Time to start running negative ads about Sanders.

  127. Something I learned about today, while of all things, listening to a few minutes of sports radio. I don’t know the whole story, but it’s worth sharing with you anyway.

    I attended UCLA for undergraduate and graduate school, and grew up a devoted Bruin fan. I’ve followed them for many years. UCLA has a quarterback named Josh Rosen, the highest rated QB in the country out of high school two years ago. Very bright, very talented, and also speaks his mind about things. He is now 19, going into his sophomore season. Apparently the other day he went to play golf at a golf course owned by Donald Trump. Rosen wore some apparel, perhaps a hat, with the words, “F___ Trump.”

    There was obviously some controversy. His coach, Jim Mora, said something about Rosen needing to decide if he wanted to be Johnny Manziel (very talented QB who is frittering away his career because of alcohol and/or drug problems), or Tom Brady. Of course, Tom Brady is a very outspoken supporter of right-wing candidates, spmeone who is thought to have right-wing political ambitions when he retires from the NFL. Rosen is not Manziel; Rosen is someone who cares enough to speak about a series thing. And Rosen is Jewish, one of the few Jewish quarterbacks in the country.

    That article from the New Yorker by Adam Gobnick, linked the other day by SophieCT, was very powerful. Trump could end up being another Hitler. Certainly he is strongly backed by white supremacist groups, and by David Duke. Various journalists who have spoken against Trump, have received anti-semitic threats and hate mail online; this has been reported. So to me, Rosen did something brave and risky. I ordinarily don’t like use of the “F word,” but he was making a political statement, which even the right-wing justices of the Supreme Court have given constitutional protection.

    The two hosts of the show blasted Rosen, calling him a spoiled young person who thought that just because he is famous, people are interested in his opinions. They said that he “disrespected” Trump, because it was on his golf course. One caller phoned in to generally support Rosen’s right to do this, and they cut him off; at which point I turned the whole thing off. It was upsetting, though; because we are indeed facing a battle for the soul of our country; and the Trump candidacy is a very dangerous thing. And the behavior of the two hosts, one being Fred Roggin, the longest running sports media person in this city, was troubling, indeed.

  128. birdgal, yes, I wish some PAC would start tearing into Bernie.

    Very disappointed that DWS would cave like this. Makes me wonder if she was blackmailed or something. I don’t like Bernie’s platform. I sooo hope he loses his senate seat.

  129. William, I worked at a trendy, privately owned socal country club for a few years in the late 80’s to early 90’s. The owners and managers were not conservatives, and in fact, did not seem to care too much about politics, except only in a local way as it affected the golf course. They insisted on adhering to customary golf attire–no jeans, no tee’s, no short shorts or sleeveless or collarless. If someone showed up to golf in something like that, I, or the golf pro, was sent out to sweetly inform them they couldn’t wear that and offer to help them pick out something in the Pro Shop. They would never have allowed a shirt or hat with writing on it that wasn’t a golf logo, and especially not any curse words. It’s just the custom, and the desire to keep everyone’s experience at the course/club peaceful and pleasant. The only person I ever saw get away with flouting the dress code was Dylan, and that was because the pro was starstruck and hoping to make good money teaching him.

    I appreciate your QB’s passion and concern about Trump, and I love UCLA (hubbie & son are Trojans fans–I like both which is bad I know!), but I think he just picked the wrong place to wear it. Golf fanatics are very rigid when it comes to golf customs. I wouldn’t take offense to their asking him to remove whatever it was.

  130. They just gave the old geezer something to shut his mouth. Don’t mean they have to go along with it

  131. Negative ads? The media wouldn’t dare. They are all against Hillary.


  132. Trump’s socal course, which I have never been to, is supposed to be very upscale and expensive, so I think its pretty funny what Rosen did, and yes, brave. Did he change out the hat or shirt and play, or did they not let him play or what?

  133. neetabug, I agree that the media is biased against Hillary, but I doubt if they would turn down $ for commercials or ads against Bernie. I think they would love keeping the controversy going.

  134. Annie, thanks for the insights into the protocol. I will have to read more about the whole story. I don’t think that the issue is that Rosen was asked to remove the hat, but that he wore it in the first place, and was reprimanded for his coach for doing it. I don’t think that he wore it to act like a punk; I think it was truly an expression of his strong feelings about a very dangerous person. In my opinion, Mora should have kept his feelings to himself. Rosen had a right to do that, as a voting age citizen; and while there are more diplomatic ways to do it, I saw more egregious ones during the Vietnam War period.

    Don’t tell anyone, but I actually went to law school at USC ( BA and MBA were from UCLA), so I don’t absolutely hate the school as some Bruins do. But I don’t like them much, either; so I am glad that you are still a happy family despite these matters. 🙂

  135. As far as the platform goes do you really think Hillary is going to let those nuts write anything? IMO it speaks worse of Bernie that those are the people that he actually picked. They might get a minor something in the platform but this is really to placate Bernie supporters and honestly I doubt it is going to change one of Hillary’s stances and plus now the bros think they “won”. Alrighty. If writing something in the platform that can be changed as soon as it is written is what they call a “win” go for it bros.

  136. William, I know a few people who went to both schools. My guys enjoy the Bruins/Trojans game, but there are a lot of things about UCLA and their sports that they have good opinions of like John Wooden. We also root for the Angels and Clippers, even though our first favs are Dodgers & Lakers.

    At most public courses, you can wear whatever you want, but privately owned, and especially the country clubs are usually very strict about dress code. I had to wear a dress or skirt and stockings/hose, btw, I wasn’t allowed to wear pants, at the cc I worked at. The 80’s were a “dressier” period though. Fortunately I didn’t mind, if I had, I wouldn’t have accepted the job there.

  137. Just in :

    Hillary Clinton has DECLINED the Fox News invitation to a dem debate

  138. moon, YAY! Thanks for that!

  139. WTG, HILLARY!!!!


    This is GREAT News. Watch the Bernie people call her chicken and every other negative thing they can throw at her.

    I think Bernie just wanted more free media exposure and to drag her down. Thank God, we won’t have to watch his red face and wagging finger.

  141. It sounds like Hillary agreed to the platform make-up. And why wouldn’t she? She still has large majority, and her friend from the Benghazi Committee, Elijah Cummings, is the chair. Costs her nothing, but she is being magnanimous in allowing BS to save face. At the same time, he agreed to it also which means he is tacitly conceding his loss.

  142. She had ZERO to gain from another debate so she said no. THAT would have been a gift to cash-strapped Bernie.

  143. Brassy at 7:01 pm, Absolutely!!! It would have been a gift to cash-strapped Bernie. Those rallies are very, very expensive.

  144. Hillary up 57-39 in latest California poll.


    I hope that includes the entire state and not just the LA area.

  145. Is Barney Franks still on the committee? I know Sanders was trying to get him kicked off. I have to be honest…I will be so PISSED OFF if Barney’s not on the committee.

  146. Interesting selections that Bernie made. 80% male, of course. A person’s gender doesn’t matter as long as he has a penis. But where are all the young, hip, white Bros? Who is going to represent their interests? Sounds like Bernie used them and tossed them under the bus.

  147. I AM SO OVER SANDERS…now he wants a say in Hillary’s cabinet pick? That asshole can have his ONE vote say in the Senate.

    Please, let a real Democrat primary his ass in 2018.

  148. So how do we find out the names on the committee.

  149. attawaytogo! Hillary. No more debating The Burn…

  150. Having say over cabinet picks is beyond the pale. What an ego-maniac. He has lost the primary. I hope Hillary puts her foot down and tells him, “No.”

  151. From what I read, DWS was in charge of the DNC platform committee, although I imagine she kept Hillary in the loop. I don’t like Bernoid getting so many of his supporters on the committee, but I DWS had her reasons.

    But Bernoid getting to pick one of Hillary’s cabinet?!?!? HELL NO!

    Just when I think I couldn’t loathe BS more, I find that I can.

  152. I don’t have much confidence in the competence of DWS. We had better hope that she managed to get three strong pro-Hillary people out of the four she picked, or we are in danger of having the platform radicalized. The Washington Post ran a headline which noted that “a pro-Palestinian activist (Zogby) was appointed to the platform committee” This kind of thing is unhelpful at the outset. The people who were picked by Sanders are either radicals, or far outside the mainstream of Democratic thought. They are not respected political figures; and they are not the sort to graciously accept being outvoted on their issues. And that is almost certainly a large part of the reason why Sanders chose them.

  153. OldCoastie,

    Hillary up 57-39 in latest California poll.


    Thank God!!!!

    Glad CA is still for Hillary.

  154. Gee!
    Not again! Trouble with the Demo Party and big time manipulation…bunch of wienies!

  155. Bernie can try his best to pick a cabinet member for Hillary, but she owes him nothing, and will not let him influence her choices.

    He hasn’t been vetted by the media and she has said this in public. He has gotten the creampuff campaign…he is a joke that only angry little boyz admire.

    Tick, tick, tick…he is about to run out his 15-minutes of-fame clock.

    Bye, bye Sandcrab…your revolution is over!

  156. Trump fuels Democratic voter surge

    In California, Democratic voter registration numbers spiked when the presumptive GOP nominee dominated the news cycle.

    When the deadline to register to vote in California’s June 7 primary closes Monday evening, Democrats are expected to be the big winners. The party has enjoyed a dramatic spike in registration since the beginning of the year — and they have Donald Trump to thank for it.

    In the first three months of the year, California added 1.5 million new voters through the end of April — double the number of new voters added during the same time period in 2012. And the total number of registered Democrats increased by nearly 100,000 people between the beginning of January and the beginning of April — compared to a gain of just 15,000 registered Republicans, according to an analysis from Political Data Inc., a California-based voting analytics firm.

    Paul Mitchell, Political Data’s vice president, notes that Democratic registration typically increased when the news cycle revolved around Donald Trump.

    “What’s interesting is that the upticks have been greatest among Democrats and Latinos on those days where Donald Trump is kind of dominating the conversation,” said Mitchell, a former Democratic consultant who has analyzed California voter registration from day to day and by party affiliation since January.

    California isn’t considered a state that will be in play in November — the Democratic nominee is expected to carry it easily — but the voter registration data could herald trouble in other states where there is a significant Latino population: Mitchell’s analysis found a significant increase in registration among Latino voters, a 123 percent growth rate over the same period in 2012.

    Democratic leaders and campaign officials attribute that to Trump’s comments about Mexico sending drugs and criminals into the country illegally.

  157. SophieCT,

    OMG! Kos himself.

    Pigs are flying…

    Obots finally supporting Hillary, it’s shocking. Only took them 8 years to get off of the koolaid.

  158. I did read somewhere that latinos are registering at a screetching pitch because of Trump, and we already know Hillary seems to carry them. California will be no exception.

  159. Bernie is just seeing how far over the line he can go with decisions, and he’s trying to exercise male dominance over Hillary. I wouldn’t worry about it because she’s not going to take any shit from him once she wipes the floor with him in New Jersey. He thinks he has wayyyyyyyy more power than he does.

    THen too, with Gary Johnson entering the Libertarian race (what a gift!), a YUUUUUUUUUUGE number of Bernoids are going to flock back to where they came from, Ron Paul, which means they will be Johnson voters. That leaves him with a big hole he can’t bargain with. I wish I had a thousand every time someone down at Bernie Central admitted he was a libertarian. They just look for a fight and they had some fun with Bernie, but in the end they vote republican. Period. Unless, of course, a Libertarian is running. Game over.

  160. This will all be over June 7. She can give him whatever stupid stuff he wants for the convention. Victories in CA and NJ are going to crush him completely.

  161. Am I completely daffy to hope that the surge of Latino voter registration just might flip Arizona and Texas?

  162. Uppity, I don’t think Sanders has that many people whom he can move to Hillary’s side. There was never this great Sanders movement. It was mostly a media creation. Had it not been for caucuses and open primaries, Sanders would have won very few states. And many of those voters are not going to vote for Hillary just because he makes some small steps to support him. I would never have put those five radicals on the platform committee just to assuage him. But that was DWS’ choice. Hopefully they do no damage, and then we do not hear much more from Sanders, except maybe having him go to NH and campaign for her.

    Ivory Bill, you know the Southwest better than I do. But I would be truly stunned if Hillary won in Texas. Arkansas is possible, I suppose, though not really because of any Latino vote. Arizona maybe possible, but I think Hillary would have to win the popular vote by 10 points or more for that to happen. Arizona is a state that we always think we have a chance in, but never win. I’d like to beat McCain, though. Actually, it is unfortunate that the states with big Latino populations are either ones like CA which we will win easily, or TX and AZ, which we will likely lose. For that reason, Ross Baker, the respected political journalist, suggested the other day that Hillary should choose an African-American VP over a Latino one, if it came down to that.

  163. I am so angry about the platform committee decision that I can barely form a sentence. I will never return to the party even when Hillary is president.

  164. Actually, William, I probably only know the Arkanshire better than you do.

  165. It’s a great morning!
    The platform committee, the debate, and the Sanders campaign dropping their lawsuit are all part of a piece. Hillary’s campaign, the DNC and DWS, and Sanders campaign are in negotiations for him to “land the plane” gently, and allow the party to unify against DRUMPF asap. If you think Sanders is a dog, well you have to throw a dog a bone…But he won’t be an attack dog any more.

    This marks the unofficial end of the Democratic primary season, the unofficial acknowledgement of Hillary as the presumptive nominee, and the the unofficial end of hostilities between the two camps. This was bound to happen and is the only practical, pragmatic path to a unified party and victory up and down the ballot in November.

    This campaign has never been about beating Sanders, its, about beating the GOP, and that means we want all hands on deck for the real battle to come.

    Sanders will have handful of voices on the platform committee, but it’s Hillary’s platform, Sanders will have his “day” at the convention, like Jesse Jackson did in 1988, but it’s Hillary’s convention. Sanders, Obama, Biden, Warren et al will stand arm in arm on stage in support of the first Woman to be nominated by a major political party in the 240 year history of the USA, and we will all be celebrating a glorious victory in November.
    This is the best day of the campaign so far. This is the end of the contest between the Democrats, and the beginning of the REAL contest, against our REAL enemy.
    This is a great day!

  166. Several virulent anti-Israeli people on that commitee. The idea of caving in and letting Sanders pick some anti-semitic radical Left people to ostensibly draft a platform, is appalling.

    THIS!!! The Dems have lost a large chunk of their stalwart Jewish base due to the present administration’s Middle-East policy. So much so that in the state of Florida Trump had more support than either Dem. Of course Drumpf’s refusal to back away from the David Duke/Aryan Nation faction will have eroded much of that support. But if the “Die, Israel, Die!” crowd is allowed to have any serious impact on the Democratic platform (the convention is televised) it will take a long time to woo those Jews back to the Dems.

  167. Hillary supposed to be in Orange County CA today and tomorrow. She hasn’t released the schedule yet…. anxiously awaiting!

  168. This may be the end of the campaign behind the scenes, but I want the day that Hillary receives EVERY damn delegate she deserves and is hailed in the media, over and over and over and over, that SHE is the WINNER of the primary for President.

    Then Hillary needs to finally be seen as the First WOMAN leader of the United States.

    Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton, the 45th President of the United States of America.

    Get used to it boyz.

  169. OldCoastie

    I hope you get to see her, up close and personal.

  170. WTF, does the FBI and Justic Dept. have some grudge against the Clintons? First the email server crap, now this? Why don’t they focus on the illegal donations to the Sandcrab…why is he getting so many free passes?????


    Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the FBI and prosecutors from the Justice Department’s public integrity unit, U.S. officials briefed on the probe say.

    The investigation dates to at least last year and has focused, at least in part, on whether donations to his gubernatorial campaign violated the law, the officials said.
    McAuliffe wasn’t notified by investigators that he is a target of the probe, according to the officials.


    As part of the probe, the officials said, investigators have scrutinized McAuliffe’s time as a board member of the Clinton Global Initiative, a vehicle of the charitable foundation set up by former President Bill Clinton.

    There’s no allegation that the foundation did anything improper; the probe has focused on McAuliffe and the electoral campaign donations, the officials said.
    Spokespeople for the Justice Department and the FBI declined to comment.

  171. Decided to suck it up for the team and watch The View. The first half is done and they aren’t giving him a pass FINALLY. Joy and Whoopi both got on him about the NV violence and the threatening phone calls.

    Oh, and asshole Bernie said he TIED with Hillary in KY.

  172. Second part of The View, he yadda yadda about Trump and says he will work to make sure Trump isn’t elected. Key to note he NEVER says he will work to make sure Hillary is elected…just that Trump isn’t.

    Only applause he got was when he was talking about Trump not being elected. He looked kinda surprised his usual 1% lines got no applause.

    He knows he has worn out his welcome.

  173. I am so tired of all this Bernie bullsh!t. He lost its over. He needs to bow out instead of trying to ruin Hillary Clinton’s convention. This is a big deal. She is the first woman nominee of the Democratic Party. If Betnie keeps up his shitshow he is just branding himself as a misogynist.

  174. VotingHillary, on May 24, 2016 at 11:45 AM said:
    Decided to suck it up for the team and watch The View. The first half is done and they aren’t giving him a pass FINALLY. Joy and Whoopi both got on him about the NV violence and the threatening phone calls.
    Oh, and asshole Bernie said he TIED with Hillary in KY.

    They tied in pledged delegates, not popular votes.

  175. Today’s funny:

  176. Ivory @ May 24, 2016 at 12:25 AM

    Down here in Texas, we are working hard and hoping for that miracle of stopping the bloody red in the general.

    Many Texans vote repub because is “the Texan thing to do” to feel and be real Texan, -of course privileged Texas money talks loud and clear.

    Yet, many are very disappointed and embarrassed how their favorite sons have performed in the past, i,e: the W and the not so Texan Cheney and some would like more centrist and bipartisan politics.

    But there are always the whores like the “retired Texas monarch”: Rick Perry(o), making all kind of statements and efforts to get the coveted (?) VP position. That would give him the platform to become (another Texan) Commander in Chief. SCARY!

  177. Perry is a dumb ass.

  178. Can you believe that asshole now wants a recount in Kentucky!

    I bet the people of Kentucky love wasting taxpayers dollars by this old ass….charge the old bastard $5 million dollars if he wants one.

  179. Julie, that is another good reason for Al Franken to be the VP choice. Florida is a very important state to win. He would probably insure a win there, and he’d also help some in the Midwest Those are the areas most crucial in this election. I’m open to other choices; Brown, certainly but I think he’s essentially taken himself out of the running. I think that Franken is the best choice after that.

  180. The Clinton campaign is aware of Sanders Kentucky request, per an aide who added that Sanders has been “all over the map” on a re-canvass.

    The aide also said the campaign feels Sanders wants a recanvass, in part, to raise money. “He has got cash flow issue,” the aide said.

  181. Moon, So are you saying Sanders wants a recount as a fund raising tool? This just feeds into the Sanders supporters conspiracy theories and stealing the election from him.

  182. Franken could fire off some real zingers at Tribble Hair, which could help Hillary in the war of the soundbites. With luck, one or more of them might even make Tribble Hair melt down, and show his true (low) character to the fence-sitters.

  183. I’m liking Franken for VP too.

  184. I think the best way to deal with Drumpf is humor. Franken would have a field day.

  185. Can you believe that asshole now wants a recount in Kentucky!

    He is really delusional and desperate.

    Go home Bernie!

  186. Sorry folks, gotta disagree that using Franken’s humor as a VP pick is a good idea for Hillary.

  187. The old geezer has gotten a taste of the limelight. It is like drugs to him. He doesn’t want to let go. He now has to go back to the senate.
    I can guarantee you he will not be treated well by the dems.

  188. OT, Dylan is 75 and still going strong.

  189. Yea, Bernie’s really flipping those super-delegates…NOT.

  190. So, Hillary needs 615 more pledged delegates to win in the Convention’s the first vote.

    Voting June 7th:

    546 delegates in CA
    plus another 212 delegates across Montana, New Jersey and New Mexico.

    Looks like she will need her Superdelegates to make it there.

  191. At this point it seems the FBI has become a completely corrupt organization without accountability to anyone. That Terry Mac thing just stinks because his campaign for governor was three years ago.

  192. I hope Hillary and the DNC do not cave in to Sander’s demands. He is a sore loser and should have very little input. Moreover., the Democratic Party is already filled with many anti-Israelis and Sander’s is certainly one of them.

  193. shadow:
    I’m with you, no funny things on selecting VP. There are serious issues at stake to play a “lightweight” card.

  194. Well, we can certainly differ among ourseslves, here. But the thing about Franken (and Brassy Rebel would have more insight about this) is that I think he has surprised everyone by how serious and smart a Senator he has been. No lightweight at all, no Jesse Ventura type. Someone who started in the entertainment business, and then evolved to a serious minded public servant. I’m not pushing him for his humor, but for his intelligence. I saw a very short clip of him on some kind of political celebrity “Jeopardy” show which he was winning! The main thing is that there simply aren’t a lot of great choices. Maybe Voting Hillary is right, and Hillary will pick a surprise non-politician. She seemed open to it when on Meet the Press Sunday.

  195. William:
    No credit taken away from Al Franken and his desire to serve his country. Yet, some are bringing his humorous talent, though I enjoyed in years past, it can be used against him since there are too many Clinton enemies since I can remember. I would like to see someone else myself. Let’ send Hillary positive energy, so she can select a solid running partner.

  196. William, I agree with you Franken is super smart, quick as a whip and funny. I think he and Hillary would hit it off really well.

  197. bellecat, on May 24, 2016 at 6:08 PM

    Agreed, this is too serious, she needs someone to help her win, balance out her skills and pull in the demographics she needs to win. White men and the 20-somethings. Also someone that can be the attack dog against Trump, the Big Dawg can’t do it alone, and also someone well respected in one of those critical purple states.

  198. OMG, a young person in my family that wants to vote for Bernie in CA just realized that he is registered with no party preference and doesn’t get to vote in the primary for President. Yesterday was the last day to change to a Democrat.

  199. shadowbox, what a shame… If only he had actually been a Democrat, this wouldn’t be a problem.

  200. As you know, I like Al Franken. I think the humor is a plus this year–there is nothing ordinary about this year. And Hillary needs someone who can do that. I also think he’s be a good Biden-like Veep for her, loyal, avuncular, but not a groper.

    Fact is, I’d like who ever she picks as long as it’s not Bernie. I’m also not that crazy about her picking Warren. There was a time I was but that ship has sailed.

  201. Trump is at a rally and CNN said that Hillary shouldn’t be anyone’s choice, even Bill Clinton chose another woman.

    I am seeing red…………….he is such an effin’ asshole.

  202. Yup, honoracarroll. Non committal and a day late and a dollar short.

  203. shadowfax, on May 24, 2016 at 8:40 PM said:
    OMG, a young person in my family that wants to vote for Bernie in CA just realized that he is registered with no party preference and doesn’t get to vote in the primary for President. Yesterday was the last day to change to a Democrat.

    He can ask for a democratic ballot, if he is already a registered voter. The mail in deadline is the 27th.

  204. Jeff Weaver on CNN said Barbara Boxer lied about feeling threatened at the NV convention.

    I thought Bernie wanted to win CA?

    What a doofus.

  205. I know, Coastie. LOL what a dumb shit.

  206. Shadow, I thought CA was a partially open primary for people of no party affiliation. They can vote the

    Voting in the June 7, 2016, Presidential Primary Election

    An NPP voter will receive a non-partisan ballot, which will have no presidential candidates listed. But don’t tell them….

    However, upon request, an NPP voter can instead vote the presidential ballot of the following parties:

    American Independent Party
    Democratic Party
    Libertarian Party

  207. I’ve said a number of times that I was tentative about Franken when he was first elected….because of his comedy history. I was extremely pleased to see what a serious Senator he turned out to be.

    With that,I still think he’s not the right choice, not because of who he is, but because of who he was. We’re talking Trump here. Do not think for one minute there won’t be ads with Al in them doing one of his comedy schticks.

  208. CNN discussed a poll this AM showing 71% of Bernoids will vote for Hillary. That’s already a way better percentage than Barack had in 2008 at this point. I say, we’ll take it and throw the rest to the sharks. They’re not worth it and they definitely aren’t worth bowing down to any bernie demands. Screw em.

  209. Thanks Upps and Birdgal…I am torn, I don’t wanna tell, but can this person request it at the polling site. Not enough time to get it and mail it in early…but he can pick up the correct ballot and vote right then and there?

    I am very close to this young person, so would feel guilty if I didn’t tell him.

  210. Thanks Upps for the link to the CA voting. I just told this 8@#! kid because we are related and he was so disappointed he thought he couldn’t vote. Hopefully he will vote for Hillary instead of staying home in the General.

    Anyone else, I would just laugh when they weren’t around and say, “Oh, that’s too bad.” (Translation, read the documentation next time.”

    I read that Rethugs can’t do this, so that’s good.

  211. Upps
    71% of Bernoids will vote for Hillary. That’s already a way better percentage than Barack had in 2008 at this point.

    That’s a lot higher than CNN was saying about a week ago. They thought 40% would not vote for Hillary.

    Yeah, I guess the other 29% can go get stoned and fogettaboutit.

  212. Shadow, he can request it at the polling place. He just needs to ask for a democratic ballot. I would be torn, but I think you should be gracious and tell him. It might help him to vote for Hillary in November. 😀

  213. Ups, I agree. The ads will write themselves when talking about Franken. I really don’t think it is going to be a senator…least of all Bernie. His “burn down the village” attitude the last few months is in direct contrast to Hillary’s “it takes a village” viewpoint and will also result in ads being written by themselves.

    I still think Hillary is going to go outside the box w/ someone more than qualified to be POTUS God forbid something happens to her, but at the same time bring a new, fresh dimension to the campaign.

  214. BTW, Hillary is winning the Washinton beauty contest primary, 54% to 46%. Another example and reason for getting rid of caucuses. At 75% returns in, the total vote is almost 650,000. Turnout for the caucus was around 200,000. Bernie ended up with more delegates through the caucus than he would have obtained through the primary . Now, this is very undemocratic, more than closed primaries.

  215. she needs someone to help her win, balance out her skills and pull in the demographics she needs to win. White men and the 20-somethings. Also someone that can be the attack dog against Trump

    Shadowfax, that sounds like a description of Franken.
    He’d make fun of Trump incessantly, and the one thing that tiny fingered Trump can’t stand is ridicule.

  216. Birdgal

    I felt the same way and didn’t want to destroy his ability to vote, even if it’s for a candidate that has no chance of winning the primary. Thanks.

  217. Voting

    I agree.

  218. I’m glad that a fairly good percentage of Sanders supporters will cast a vote for Hillary in the general election. However, if those people are now saying they will vote for her, why is she only three or four points ahead of Trump? I had thought that it was because a bunch of Sanders people were pretending that they would not vote for her. My concern is, where are the votes going to come from, to expand that lead? How many people who now want to vote for Trump, are going to change their mind, if all the idiocy he has spouted has not deterred them so far? We either need a higher percentage of Sanders voters, or we need some moderate independents who are currently flirting with Trump, and are undecided.

  219. One might ask, why does Trump continue to say such absolutely insulting and classless things? The quick answer might be that he can’t help it. But it also may be that he, and even his handlers, figure that his supporters will never desert him Trump earlier suggested that if they saw him shoot someone, they would not mind. And so the idea is that if he just attacks Hillary and her husband in the most demeaning ways possible, he does not risk his own support, but might be able to peel off some Clinton voters through the series of endless character derogations. We will hope that they have underestmated the intelligence of the American public, something which Mencken once sarcastically declared was impossible to do.

  220. William, Bernie is trashing hillary to deliberately drive up her unfavorables so he can say his unfavorables are low. Forget polls right now, they are the result of deliberate damage from the Bolshevik camp. At this time of the election year both McCain and Romney were clear ‘winners’. Nuff said.

  221. Furious at the Washington Primary…Clinton whallops him with high turnout and the bots are just going so what, we won the caucus…….

    almost 4x voted in the primary over the bully pulpit undemocratic caucuses….had it been the other way round we would never heard the end of it.


  222. Washington was his biggest delegate haul in the whole primary race….who is the system rigged against…I’d say its rigged against Hillary

  223. Honestly the truth is the primary is rigged for a candidate like Bernie. It’s exactly the same way Obama won in 2008 was gaming caucuses. If we have to have caucuses at least make them like the GOP where you just show up and vote but preferably we could get rid of all caucuses.

  224. OldCoastie, on May 24, 2016 at 10:48 PM said:
    Jeff Weaver on CNN said Barbara Boxer lied about feeling threatened at the NV convention.
    I thought Bernie wanted to win CA?
    What a doofus.

    Of course, Boxer could have been threatened and DEFIANT. The Sanders creeps think that they can scare us into capitulating to them. It is not going to happen. That doesn’t mean that we are not scared for our personal safety. I have had people (men actually) ‘challenge’ me about my Clinton bumperstickers. It does make me uneasy, but the bumperstickers stay right where they are.

  225. William requested my insight on Al Franken as vice presidential candidate. Franken is brilliant, probably has a genius IQ. Have you ever seen him draw a map of the US free hand? He is amazing and has knowledge on issues that puts most elected officials to shame. He also LOVES Hillary who was instrumental in geting him the handful of votes that won his seat. He would be a terrific vice president and partner for Hillary and could destroy the Donald with wit.

    That said, I must also add that people in Minnesota didn’t know all this before he barely won his first term. I doubt most people outside of Minnesota know it now which means that as a vp candidate he’d have to spend a lot of time reassuring Americans he’s not a goofball. So I have to come down against putting him on the ticket–much as I love the guy. He’d be a distraction to the campaign because he is not well known nationwide. Keep in mind how he almost didn’t win in 2008 when Dems swept everything. That was because of doubts Minnesotans had–especially after getting burned by Jesse Ventura.

  226. Franken is also just a few years younger than Hillary. I think she needs someone younger.

  227. Honora, Bernie is modeling himself after Nicaragua revolution. This is his type of Socialism, where mob rule is the only “democracy”. Like the Bolsheviks.

    Fortunately, our forefathers anticipated crazy bastards like Trump and Sanders to show up now and then, that’s why we have three levels of government.

  228. Interesting read from TPM. Most of us already knew this. The real question is what’s wrong with society that this behavior is rewarded?

  229. Good for Hillary!


    Clinton looks to pop Trump’s populist appeal

    Donald Trump has cast himself as a populist hero during the 2016 campaign: A champion of impoverished middle class Americans shunned by a corrupt political establishment.

    Hillary Clinton is launching a concerted effort to pull that image apart, beginning with highlighting quotes from 2006 and 2007 where the real estate mogul speculated he could cash in on a housing market crash. The message is simple: Trump is pretending to be a defender of middle class Americans when in fact, he has sought to personally benefit from their losses.
    In an audiobook produced for Trump University 10 years ago, Trump, asked about predictions of a forthcoming housing market crash, responded: “I sort of hope that happens because then, people like me would go in and buy.”
    CNN Politics app
    Trump added: “If there is a bubble burst, as they call it, you know you can make a lot of money.”
    At a campaign rally Tuesday, Clinton accused Trump of wishing for a financial crash so that he could “make some money for himself.”
    “He said ‘I sort of hope that happens.’ He actually said that,” Clinton said. “And now he says he wants to roll back the financial regulations that we have imposed on Wall Street to let them run wild again. Well I will tell you what — you and I together, we’re not going to let him.”

  230. What’s wrong with society as you ask, is that the very people who do it are in charge.

  231. Saw this on real clear politics

  232. Saw this on real clear politics

    Good article.

  233. Yes, Uppity, but what I’m asking more about are the everyday people–the spectators.

  234. Who’s the asshole who keeps awarding William one star?

  235. Misogyny is so widespread; we’re all indoctrinated.
    I was thinking, last night, about those John Wayne movies that ended with Wayne putting Maureen O’Hara over his knee and spanking her.
    Even women are susceptible to the idea that uppity women should be taken down a peg because they upend the “natural” pecking order.
    So, audiences cheer when the superior man asserts his dominance over the inferior woman. All’s right with the world, and, by the way, Maureen really likes it too!
    Only a once in a lifetime warrior like Hillary Clinton dares to take this most pernicious construct on.

  236. Sweet sue, Maybe there is a troll giving out one stars.

  237. @Sue: I don’t know, but I give William 5 stars even when I disagree with him, which is fairly often, just to spite Mr. One Star (and you know it’s “Mr.” rather than “Ms.”). I just voted yours up, too. 🙂

  238. Thank you, IBW.

  239. Apparently some people are butthurt that we’ve moved on. I would wear my OneStar (if so awarded) as a badge of honor!

  240. Someone told me they watched cnn last night. The Don Lemmon show. On it they said this black guy was arguing with Trump supporter Haley. She said Trump has never said anything about African Americans, This guy said Trump said he didn’t want a black person counting his money. I am trying to go and find the clip.

  241. Sweet Sue

    Only a once in a lifetime warrior like Hillary Clinton dares to take this most pernicious construct on.

    …and once in 240 years has any American woman ever been so qualified and willing to be knifed in the back by her own party and the rest of the country, pick herself back up and try it all over again 8 years later.

    We are lucky to live to see our Hillary become the first woman President of our country, and some of us have been lucky enough to meet her.

  242. Thank you for that post above, Julies9164…this part is great-


    “Here’s my point: Hillary is not Bill and Bill is not Hillary. When Donald lumps them together and attacks her for his actions, when he treats them as a single entity, he’s doing it out of desperation and deep insecurity, not because he’s got some devious master plan.

    Donald isn’t the hard-punching, straight talker the media are dutifully painting him to be. He is a coward and a liar who fears women and demeans them at every turn, while protesting that he “respects them.” He is essentially hiding behind Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders, hurling pathetic insults at Hillary while she focuses on issues that actually matter to voters.

    An accidental winner of the Republican primary because of the weak field he faced and his willingness to express radical GOP views directly rather than in code, Donald now faces a profoundly different foe in Hillary.

    He is not prepared to face her with dignity. Instead he will sling mud in every direction and he’ll rely on the national media to help him do it, wittingly or unwittingly.”

  243. For any of you that are in the Bay Area and would like to see Hillary, she will be in San Jose tomorrow:

    WHAT: San Jose Organizing Event with Hillary Clinton
    WHEN: Thursday, May 26th, 2016
    Doors open at 11:30 a.m.
    WHERE: Parkside Hall
    180 Park Avenue
    San Jose, California 95113

    Let me know if you need the link to RSVP.

  244. Feel The Turn

  245. Shadow, send me the link.

  246. Proud to say I assigned bernie’s new theme song by posting this.

  247. Uppity, PERFECT!!

  248. Okay, my Yahoo Home page has all sorts of dire statements about the State Dept’s audit findings released today re Hill’s email server usage. Do I need to worry? Uppity, please tell me she is still okay!!!!

  249. catscatscats, I hope this helps.
    I saw five minutes of Hillary before a big crowd in California (only five because that’s what MSNBC would show), and she looked happy and fresh as a daisy.
    If she isn’t sweating the email thing, I won’t either.
    Mark my words, this particular inspector general will turn out to be one of Ken Starr’s or Louis Freeh’s henchmen

  250. My understanding is that the report is far tougher on Colin Powell than on Hillary Clinton. Once again, she did nothing that her predecessors didn’t do.
    It’ll be a sizzling, hot topic for forty eight hours and, then, deflate.
    But you know what? I don’t trust John Kerry to be a good player on President Clinton’s team. I hope she asks for his resignation when she gets elected.

  251. birdgal, on May 25, 2016 at 3:21 PM

    Check your email. Hope you can go.

  252. Cleveland is having a hard time recruiting officers for the republican convention Some officers in Cleveland did not sign up for the convention. Now they are looking for officers in other states.

    Don’t sweat the e-mails.

  253. shadow @ May 25, 2016 at 2:29 PM
    I love that excerpt of Hillary, where did you get it from?

    I agree with you, she makes marbles out of stone…what an amazing woman!

  254. everybody is buzzing about the emails, what happened?

  255. “Okay, Let’s Talk About Hillary’s Emails a Little Bit More”

    “Reading today’s screaming headlines, you might think the State Department inspector general’s report on Clinton’s email usage is simply devastating. But the reality is rather…boringly bureaucratic, actually.”


  256. Today’s funny….courtesy of Hillary herself. Two shirtless male supporters were going to be thrown out…..until!

  257. Check out Mother Jones assessment of the IG report:

    “IG Report on Clinton Email Concludes With…Nothing New”

  258. THANK YOU SWEET SUE AND TRIXTA!! Panic subsiding….

  259. Shadowfax you are most welcome.

    UW loved the Full Frontal vid.

  260. VotingHillary my daughter sent me that video with the subject line #MagicMikeXXLforHillary 🙂

  261. Wow! VotingHill:
    Hillary rallies are getting of some substance: beefy!

  262. I’d have a hard time concentrating, too.

  263. Like cats, I have an uneasy feeling.

    Mostly I attach it to concurrent events. Liz…..she’s going after Trump with a bat. And she’s not doing it for Hillary. Joe, always lurking. Coming out with skanky remarks every now and then, jealous eyes. Reptilian looks.

    Yes, I am very uneasy.

  264. Just got home. Unfortunately was stuck in a restaurant with CNN on just as they ran their “Scathing report on Clinton’s emails” story. I tried to read the closed caption. They made it sound very serious. But the IG is really just a bureaucratic agency; and I think that their “concern” was that Hillary should have preserved all her emails for “record-keeping purposes.” Like they read all the literally millions of emails that are written. No illegal activity charged, nothing unlawful. Colin Powell, our American hero, did it. But of course the goal of CNN and the rest of the media is to make it sound very bad. My concern is that the average voter just connects “emails” with Hillary, and “scathing report” (which was CNN’s very dubtious adjective). and it hurts her. It is a great shame that the media does not want to cover issues which affect people’s real daily lives, because that is what is going to matter in the next four years, not this misdirection.

  265. I don’t know William. It kind of makes me laugh. After all this screaming about how she was going to be indicted the best they can do now is “scathing”? LOL. Frankly I’m surprised that they even released a report and didn’t drag all this BS out for months and months.

  266. You’re welcome, cats! Nothing really new–again! HRC’s spokesperson said on CNN today that he thought the IG was trying to influence the FBI report, but as the Forbes article above points out the IG report dealt with unclassified email whereas the Feds are looking at those designated as “classified.” As we know, her “classified” emails were designated as such after the fact. Furthermore, the Feds would have to establish that there was actual INTENT on her part in releasing “classified” materials (e.g. Snowden or Manning.) Basically, this whole “scandal” is bogus and a fishing expedition.

    No doubt, Elizabeth Warren–vulture that she is–is a keeping her public profile quite visible on Twitter, hoping for the worst. (Can also say the same for Biden.)

  267. Clinton’s advocate, Hillary Rosen, was awful today on CNN.
    She hemmed and hawed and, finally coughed up, “it’s bad optics for her.”
    The fifty pounds that Rosen has lost must have come from her brain.
    Fire her and pay Jennifer Granholm twice as much.
    My cat, Rosemary, would have done a better job.

  268. I’ve never seen Hillary Rosen do an effective job for our side on TV. It actually does matter who the surrogates are, and we need some better ones. That woman with the badly dyed red hair who kept showing up on the CNN election night panels, is no good, either. David Nutter is passable, but hardly great. Brian Fallon is excellent, but rarely shows up on TV, though he did today.

  269. Speaking of emails, Trump is planning on going after Hillary over Whitewater. His camp emailed the RNC for info. The reason we know this is because the dipshit’s camp included a Politico reporter as part of the “CC’s”.

  270. Hard to see the email thing a problem when it appears that even Colin Powell had the same issues. So this is a big nothing burger.

    I am getting really tired of hearing the Bernie minions state that they are not misogynists because they would vote for Elizabeth Warren. Easy to say that when Elizabeth Warren is not running. It’s like when racists say but some of my best friends are black. Bernie and minions time to admit that you are sexists.

    That is why they refuse to see how women feel about Hillary Clinton. Doesn’t matter if you are a dem or rep woman, chances are you are voting for the first woman president. Yes because Hillary Clinton is twice as smart as the male politicians and we women know it.

  271. Agree Sue, terrible advocates. They bring a knife to a gun fight.

    Cory Booker is a good one too.

  272. I’m really uneasy too – the hillaryis44 meme today seems too believable to me…..still thinking biden/liz will appear out of the woodwork…..

  273. In general, I agree that Hillary’s advocates in the media have been weak. The one I saw today on Wolf Blitzer’s program (ugh) said he was HRC’s campaign’s press person and suggested the IG report was biased, etc. I didn’t catch much more than that since I had tuned in late. Let’s hope once the GE begins HRC will have more capable and forceful advocates.

  274. Why are we not hearing more about Trump College? From what I have gleaned, it was essentially a fraud, where no one was taught much of anything, and where the brochures and promises were illusory. I know that Trump is being sued by one or more of the former students. This is a candidate for President who may well have been engaged in fraudulent business activity. I sure hope that there are ads about it.

    Actually, the campaign gets shorter every day; and we absolutely do not want Hillary to spend most of it on the defensive, the way that the media put Gore and Kerry there. Trump makes the most insulting and spurious accusations against Hillary every day on the campaign trail. They always get covered. I know that the general consensus is that Hillary shouldn’t stoop to that level. Of course she is not going to talk like he does, nor go after his personal life. But things like Trump College are relevant; and they paint a picture of him beyond the daily Democratic attacks on his insults against various people and groups. Rubio and Romney, among others, called Trump a con man. That term does not have to be used, as it is in the public’s consciousness. But some examples of that would be very helpful to Hillary winning. I hope that the high road is not too high, because it is hard to talk about issues with someone who has no intention of debating on that terrain. I think that a picture has to be painted of Trump that he has no moral center, that he is a phony huckster who will say anything for money or power.

  275. It strikes me that Trump makes such a show of loving beauty and then, on a f’ing daily basis contributes so much ugly to the world.

  276. In a year or so, there are going to be articles and books about how the Republicans concocted the email “scandal” a couple of years ago, designed to drive up Hillary’s negatives, and put her on the defensive from the outset. Someone mentioned something to one of their operatives about the private server, and then this was conveyed to their connections in various governmental agencies, where people with radical Right sympathies then went to work on it. Why else would there be these various general investigations about emails, and email policies, when there had been none in the past? If they wanted to study Colin Powell, for example, why not do that in 2009 or 2012? No, it is now, when it is designed to get Hillary. And of coruse the media does the Republicans’ work for them, they always have.

    I thilnk these articles are inevitable. They always come out after it is too late; and sometimes as even a praise at the clever GOP tactics, as in the Swiftboating, or the Wille Horton line of attack. “How the Republicans were able to defeat Hillary Clinton.” Let us devoutly hope that this is not a headline, but we’ve seen such before after other losses. This is the Republican gameplan every election (except maybe against Obama, when he had a built-in protective shield because of his race; and McCain didn’t take the low road). They concoct a faux scandal, get help from their friends in various places; feed morsels to the hungry media; and simultaneously damage the Democratic candidate, while forcing him or her to constantly play defense, makng the weekly cycles always run in their favor. That’s how Gore and Kerry were beaten. This simply cannot be allowed to happen this time.

  277. I read the new thread down the block and I am in a rage. An absolute rage that they think the primary will be stolen from Hillary AGAIN at the convention.

    Yes, the attacks against our girl are coming fast and furious, the email crap, attacks on her friend McAuliffe, on CGI.

  278. Laura Howard, yup that’s why I am upset.

  279. No one is going to steal the nomination away from Hillary. She will have around 2,25o pledged delegates after the primaries are all over. Sanders will have around 1,900. She will only need 150 or less of the superdelegates to win the nomination, and she will get far more than that.

    My concern is the general election, and the way that the media obtusely or insidiously acts like the email story is a major thing, when it certainly is not. When did Reuters become so blatantly biased? They’ve been running vastly exaggerated email stories for months now. The media is a serious problem to deal with. But we will certainly see Hillary vs.Trump.

  280. William

    We had better see Hillary win the primary, if it gets stolen again I hope her supporters rip the Dem party to shreds.

  281. Going to see Hillary in SF tomorrow. Yay!! She’ll be there in the afternoon.

  282. I’m happy for you Birdgal!

  283. Just found out, I’ll be part of the group of volunteers tomorrow at the Hillary event in SF. I’m so excited, I can’t sleep

  284. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Birdgal!!!!! You go girl!

  285. Hilarious

  286. What’s all the cr@p about Bernie debating Trump? If it’s true Bernie has once again proven that he is a selfish piece of trash oozing with privilege and misogyny. The story is so crazy it’s not something any sane person would do. Just ignore the legitimate democratic nominee because you decide she being a woman is not the choice of the people and crown yourself the winner. Then take part in a fox shitshow with Trump just to bash the first woman democratic nominee. Anyone know if this is true because it is just so extreme?

  287. The whole Hillary isn’t going to be nominated thing is the new GOP concern troll tactic because they’re saying oh, that must be why Bernie is still hanging around. No, Bernie is hanging around because he’s on a hippie ego trip.

    After upping the ante to the max about the email thing the GOP just looks stupid on this issue now since basically they accuse Hillary and everybody else of not following “protocols”. Whatever.

  288. My unsettled feeling is aside from the GOP noise. My third eye has been twitching for awhile now. I like to hear what people are NOT saying….that’s where Sinister resides.

  289. Yeah bernie and trump up in a tree…

    Later, trump will remark what a tough old guy he is and how he’s sooooooo glad he won’t be running against him instead of Hillary. I know how that works.

    FYI Trump says he’ll do it but they will have to pay him because he draws audiences. And of course, they will have to pay him big for their ratings. What a clown show FOX is.

  290. Well, all I have to say is that if there is some plot to put in Biden then everybody had better plan on at least 2 years of insanity with the GOP having complete control of the government.

  291. I just saw on CNN that Trump wants to do it for charity so he wants to know how much Bernie is going to pay him. Both Bernie and Trump are douchebags. Bernie is broke Trump knows it.

  292. Yeah, sure, Trump will give the fee charity. Just like he did with the Vets. I hope the story isn’t true that the two will debate. If this happens, it would be a total bashing contest regarding Hillary. Ratings would be high for the ego maniacs. I didn’t think I could loathe the two anymore than I already do.


    Trumpkin losing by 7 points to Hillary with middle income rust belt voters. So all the CW the media has been peddling about the rust belt is BS.

  294. Right now based on how Bernie and Trump are acting, Hillary will win. If this is best that the far left and the republicans are pushing …. All I can say is they both are an embarrassment to men. Sexism will not win either the Presidency but they both are riding that train to the bitter end.

  295. Carl Bernstein has never been even slightly fair to the Clintons. In the twilight of his career he has become nothing but a hack. I think he’s just a flat out liar going for attention. He’s probably the best surrogate Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders have. It’s not that he is for either of them. He’s just against Clinton. His conclusions on CNN this morning are just speculation that he puts forth as truth. Any time he uses unknown named sources and Clinton supporters without any specificity you know they are lying to back up their own conclusions.

  296. Hilary Rosen may be a Hillary supporter, but I don’t think she is an official campaign surrogate. She has been a CNN commentator for years. The distinction is important since CNN pays her, and she, no doubt, gives them what they want for the 💰. And she works hard for rhe 💰.

    On the IG report, I find it hard to take seriously a government report that requires being translated into English to have any idea what the hell it’s talking about.

  297. Maybe they’re waiting for the general election, but the Clinton campaign needs to go after Trump on taxes, misogyny, and Mob connections.

    Also, it should be possible to push his buttons and make him blow up, since the man either has weak self-control or considers self-control to be unmanly. That’s what I had in mind when I suggested Franken as HRC’s running mate.

  298. The Emailghaziwhitefostergaters(TM) have been chasing the Clintons for at least 25 years–longer, if you count the years Bill governed my Arkanshire–but they’ve enjoyed about as much success as this furry fellow.

  299. I would advise folks to not get caught up in the day to day BS, or the rantings of websites that have banned me…;-)
    Hillary will clinch the nomination on June 7th, and everything between then and now is just NOISE.

    Those who can help the campaign in the remaining primary states should focus on those contests. The rest of us will just have to stay positive, and be like Hillary; She doesn’t get bogged down by the distractions (Beefcake aside lol) but just keeps focused on the long run and the PRIZE.
    The media is our biggest foe in this election cycle, don’t let the political press and the pepto bismol hued dead enders get you down.
    The bogus investigations will eventually end, and Hillary will prevail.

  300. This is why I stopped watching any news. I will start watching when Hillary wins CA.

  301. I hope Hillary routs Bernie in CA. Of course in the end it isn’t going to to matter because he’s millions of votes behind and she’ll probably cinch the nomination before California even reports. Yes, the media is our enemy. In their desperate attempt to make the race “close” they are over blowing everything because of the simple fact that she’s running against a clown.

  302. If there Is a debate between the old geezer and the fraud, I will not watch. We all need to boycott the debate. This is a slap in Hillary’s face. Both these clowns are ignoring that Hillary is the nominee. The fraud is doing this because he is scared of Hillary. Make no mistake about it. He does not want to lose against a women. The old geezer is falling for it. Notice how he wants this before the CA primary. The democratic party is a joke. The old geezer and the fraud is doing this to try and pull votes for the old geezer. They are in this together.


  303. “The rest of us will just have to stay positive, and be like Hillary”

    I sure like that; I second that motion, let’s be like Hillary!

  304. may be a new tread? Upps, Imust, Sophie…

  305. So angry about the Trump/Bernie debate! This is a slap in the face to all women! If Bernie goes ahead with this, the Dem Party should take away his platform committee members and boot him out of the party altogether.

  306. Well, now it’s being reported that the whole debate thing with Trump was cooked up in the fevered minds of the Sanders campaign. More or less since Hillary refused to debate him he started asking Trump for a debate. Bernie will do anything for attention. Trump declined so there’s going to be no debate.

  307. The fake Trump/Sanders debates on Fusion TV are hilarious.
    Those two actors/impressionists are outstanding.

  308. I’m not a Republican (obviously), nevertheless, the news that Donald Trump is now the nominee of one of our two, viable political parties makes me sick to my stomach.

  309. I saw Trump last night on Kimmel. He was pretty subdued. And cautious. He hates the thought that anyone would mock him.

    I thought it was interesting to watch him.

  310. I’d heard about the Trump/Bernie debate on CNN as news (!) first thing this morning, but looks like it was a joke, according to online sources (and comments above). Let’s hope it stays that way! The fact that Berniod took it seriously still pisses me off! Goes to show what a sexist, scheming SOB he is. Also, I’m pissed off because this “news” jolted me out of my happy space this morning. Grrrrrr!!

  311. For anyone, including me, who might do with a little cheering up, Hillary will be shown live at her rally in San Jose today, on CSPAN at 1:30 Pacific Time.. Sometimes these do not start right on time, but it should be about that time.

  312. Trump/Bernie debate on Fusion TV (Thanks, SweetSue!).

  313. Thanks William I will watch Hillary.

  314. Sue, yes, it is sickening. But the Republicans were getting to this point. They are so far to the Right now, that Barry Goldwater would be horrified. Trump is the ugly face of it, but even the suaver Republicans like Ryan or Rubio have positions which would ultimately decimate the economy, if they were elected. GW Bush was not a hater, but his administration’s policies almost destroyed our economy. And for those who might say that he was not directly responsible for the corruption and greed in the housing market, it had been said for a few years that the housing bubble (they didn’t call it a “bubble” then, more like unprecedented growth) was the only thing keeping the country from falling into a serious recession.

    Trump is more akin to a Nazi than the other Republicans, so it makes him worse. Even so, if one of theseTea Party types ever gets elected, I don’t think the economy would recover ffrom the ultimate damage the full-fledged trickle down policies would cause. And the Supreme Court would be lost for decades, thus leading to a permanent oligarchy of polluters and crooks. It is a bitter irony that Trump is somehow capitalizing on people’s anger at the economy, which anger is essentially the result of trickle-down, and actually pushing for many of those same policies as aweird antitote. Republicans are nothing if not protean, if it suits them.

  315. Unfortunately, I see that CSPAN has scheduled a live Sanders rally to be shown at 1pm, and then Hillary at 1:30. Fat chance, of course. Sanders will go 75 minutes, meaning they will catch Hillary in mid-rally, or will not even show it live, but will show the whole thing later uncut. Only two more weeks of having to see a Sanders rally, at least.

  316. Only two more weeks of having to see a Sanders rally,

    Thank God. Hope we don’t have to see or hear from him for a while.

  317. Personally, I don’t think he’s going away.

  318. Its all media spin from Sanders….besides the DNC are never going to sanction a Trump/Sanders debate so its completely a load of crap.

    DNC would never allow it.

  319. All I can say about “The Burn” is that he is on a severely acute male-menopausal…

  320. I must say it was kind of fun watching various pundits ( especially Andrea Mitchell) on MSNBC try to be outraged by the IG’s report and fabricate or misrepresent parts of the report. Andrea was almost foaming at the mouth. Tee-hee..none could find foothold to make their points. It takes a lot of energy to maintain that level of outrage;especially if the public’s like..meh.

    I’m sensing a slight turn for some in the media;even Rachel Maddow did Hillary a solid on last night’s show when she ( Rachel) graphically demonstrated what the state department expects people to do to “preserve” all e-mails.( Make hard copies of every e-mail sent and received and place them in special boxes). Samantha Bee’s telling it like it is and I still maintain that Joy Reid occasionally tilts reasonable toward Hillary..which is a lot better than the rest of the media.

    At some point the media’s going to get that this is no longer a game for ratings..that they could be responsible for a President Trump if they don’t stop trashing Hillary every time they speak of her.

  321. Honestly, he does not know when to shut up…….

    Trump: “You have to be wealthy in order to be great”


    Why not just say you poor people suck…….what an asshole.

  322. Hillary up on msnbc with the excretable Chuck Todd.

  323. The goalpost on Trump is wider than the wall he wants to build….

  324. Hillary rally on c span now

  325. Thanks, trixta, for posting the “debate.”
    Those two guys are extraordinary.

  326. Old Coastie, report in on as to how the interview went.

  327. Hillary kicking the frauds butt at her rally

  328. Ga6thDem – Chuck was rude. Hillary sounds perfectly, reasonably, endlessly annoyed (as well she should be). All about the damn emails.

  329. Moon, as if Bernie gives a shit what the DNC would allow, ya know?

  330. Thanks Old Coastie. The media once again seems obsessed with that. At this point emails make my eyes glaze over.

  331. Julie, that Dershowitz article indeed reflects serious and legitimate concerns. Hillary simply has to make sure that none of the Sanders people get one concession on the Middle East part of the platform, no matter how much they scream about it or walk out. Hillary has always strongly supported Israel, just as her husband has. Not only would it be morally awful to allow Zogby and West to change that, it would probably cost Hillary Florida, if it were perceived that the Democrats didn’t support Israel as much as the Republicans. We know that Hillary would do so, but there are very understandably a lot of very concerned Jewish people who might vote just on that issue.

  332. Hillary is perceived as a much stronger supporter of Israel than Obama ever has been. Hence the reason why she probably won’t have to worry about Florida in the general election like Obama did. I think her support of Israel is one of the reasons the Bernie supporters hate her.

  333. What are the polls saying in CA?

  334. jbstonesfan

    Hey JB, great to see you here. When you want to be around Hillary supporters, this is the blog to be at.

    As far as having conversations down the block and around the corner, it is so disgusting to see all the Hillary haters many of them have become, that having a conversation really isn’t worth all the insults from some of the people there.

    I miss you and sometimes wbb and Lu and a few others…but nothing nice about Hillary is ever said there, only the worst of the GOP talking points…it’s bullshit.

    I know you are kind of a glass half empty kind of guy, but don’t put up with them giving you softball insults. Kick um back once in awhile.

    Now that you know where we have all gone, come by when you actually want to talk.

    I might drop by now and then, but it’s getting more and more difficult.

    I’m glad you still have an open mind about Hillary.


  335. neetabug, on May 26, 2016
    What are the polls saying in CA?

    Depends on where you go.

    HuffNPuff – Hillary 52.8%, Sandcrab 41% ( as of 11 hours ago)

    Politico & NYTimes – Hillary 46%, S.Crab 44%

    RCP -Hill 52%, Crab 43.4% three days ago (But RCP was often wrong)

  336. In Trump attacks, Hillary Clinton finds her voice

    Clinton has amped up her attacks against Trump while campaigning in California this week

    (CNN)As she has trudged toward the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton has struggled to find a message that could impassion her Democratic voters the way her rival Bernie Sanders has.

    But that changed this week in California when she turned her full attention to Donald Trump.

    With the brash real estate magnate as her full-time foil, Clinton finally seemed to find her voice.

    In speech after speech across the Golden State, Clinton delivered a fiery, point-by-point takedown of the real estate magnate, casting him as a greedy bully who was eager to profit from the financial woes of the middle class Americans who lost homes and jobs in the 2008 economic crash.

    “I will continue to stand up and speak out against what he says — the kinds of positions and policies he’s putting forward, the way he treats people, how divisive he is,” Clinton said Wednesday in Buena Park.

    It could be a key turning point for her campaign.


    Her singular focus on Trump was most striking when she campaigned a few miles from Sanders in Riverside Tuesday, but never mentioned him.

    Delivering a speech that sent a jolt of electricity through the initially subdued crowd, she vowed not to let Trump go unanswered.
    Targeting Trump’s image as a champion for the little guy as a fraud, Clinton pounded Trump repeatedly for comments that he made in 2006 in a Trump University audiobook where he said he “sort of” hoped that predictions of looming housing market crash were accurate. If the bubble burst, “you can make a lot of money,” he said.

    “Why on earth would we elect somebody president who actually rooted for the collapse of the market?” she said with indignation in Riverside as the crowd roared their approval and chanted her name. “The fact is Donald Trump thought he could make money off of people’s misery.”
    In Orange County on Wednesday, Clinton also cast Trump as “a divider” who has denigrated women, Muslims and people with disabilities. Keying off his raucous event in New Mexico on Tuesday night, she specifically called him out for attacking Gov. Susana Martinez.
    Why did Trump swipe at GOP governor Martinez?

    “He makes a habit of insulting women,” Clinton said in Buena Park. “Last night he insulted the Republican Governor Martinez of New Mexico — just gratuitously. I don’t know. He seems to have something about women.”
    “Whatever reason he does it, it is setting Americans against Americans,” she said. “It is a recipe for more divisiveness at a time where we must be united.”


    After watching Trump slay one Republican rival after another, Clinton’s campaign has spent months workshopping the most effective way to target the real estate mogul.

    For now, they seem to have settled on that three-prong attack — that Trump is a businessman who only protects his own interests; that he is a man who is incapable of working with others; and a candidate who would pose a risk to national security.

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