Keep yer shirt on, Hillary’s got this

In a campaign cute moment, Hillary stopped security from kicking out two shirtless studs.


In other news, Trump and Bernie to compare dick sizes and ED meds.

And e-mails. Because when you have one sane, competent candidate and two megalomaniacs, the sane one is bad.


This is an open thread.



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  1. Bravo, a new thread with some Hillary humor. Just what we needed.

    Thanks Sophie.

    I just posted this at the bottom of the last ‘new thread’.

    In Trump attacks, Hillary Clinton finds her voice

    Clinton has amped up her attacks against Trump while campaigning in California this week.

    (CNN)As she has trudged toward the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton has struggled to find a message that could impassion her Democratic voters the way her rival Bernie Sanders has.
    But that changed this week in California when she turned her full attention to Donald Trump.
    With the brash real estate magnate as her full-time foil, Clinton finally seemed to find her voice.
    In speech after speech across the Golden State, Clinton delivered a fiery, point-by-point takedown of the real estate magnate, casting him as a greedy bully who was eager to profit from the financial woes of the middle class Americans who lost homes and jobs in the 2008 economic crash.
    “I will continue to stand up and speak out against what he says — the kinds of positions and policies he’s putting forward, the way he treats people, how divisive he is,” Clinton said Wednesday in Buena Park.
    It could be a key turning point for her campaign.
    Her singular focus on Trump was most striking when she campaigned a few miles from Sanders in Riverside Tuesday, but never mentioned him.
    Delivering a speech that sent a jolt of electricity through the initially subdued crowd, she vowed not to let Trump go unanswered.
    Targeting Trump’s image as a champion for the little guy as a fraud, Clinton pounded Trump repeatedly for comments that he made in 2006 in a Trump University audiobook where he said he “sort of” hoped that predictions of looming housing market crash were accurate. If the bubble burst, “you can make a lot of money,” he said.
    “Why on earth would we elect somebody president who actually rooted for the collapse of the market?” she said with indignation in Riverside as the crowd roared their approval and chanted her name. “The fact is Donald Trump thought he could make money off of people’s misery.”
    In Orange County on Wednesday, Clinton also cast Trump as “a divider” who has denigrated women, Muslims and people with disabilities. Keying off his raucous event in New Mexico on Tuesday night, she specifically called him out for attacking Gov. Susana Martinez.
    Why did Trump swipe at GOP governor Martinez?
    “He makes a habit of insulting women,” Clinton said in Buena Park. “Last night he insulted the Republican Governor Martinez of New Mexico — just gratuitously. I don’t know. He seems to have something about women.”
    “Whatever reason he does it, it is setting Americans against Americans,” she said. “It is a recipe for more divisiveness at a time where we must be united.”
    After watching Trump slay one Republican rival after another, Clinton’s campaign has spent months workshopping the most effective way to target the real estate mogul.

    For now, they seem to have settled on that three-prong attack — that Trump is a businessman who only protects his own interests; that he is a man who is incapable of working with others; and a candidate who would pose a risk to national security.

  2. Those guys are anti-Clinton. There are pictures of them wearing Hillary shirts with “settle for” in the arrow. They will realize, too late, that she is the best president that they will have in their lives. She will work 24/7 to make sure that they have have a wonderful life. They do not deserve to have such a wonderful president, but she will be their president, as much as she will be our president. I really love that about her.

  3. Sophie…. just love your tweet. I went back and searched for it on Twitter. Had to make sure that I liked and retweeted it.

  4. Good post Sophie.
    Let the attack bombs on “The Donald Clown Supreme” full throttle to a big collapse of his useless penis.

  5. Honora, you can retweet tweets right from here. The embed is live.

  6. Honora, are you saying that the shirtless dudes are the ones wearing the “Settle” shirts?

    William, I read the article you talked about on the last post:

    I’m no fan of Dershowitz, but I agree with him here. I don’t know why DWS put those radicals on the platform committee. I can’t stand Zogby & West, and I think they’re both racists and misogynists.


    Looks like today is the last day she will be in CA before the June 7th.

    Waiting to hear from Birdgirl about her experience in SF with Hillary.

  8. Shadowfax, it was good to see that favorable CNN piece. I also thought that Hillary was strong in her event today, really going after Trump on the issues. That is what we need. And maybe even some of the media will be impressed by it. It is much easier and more natural for her to campaign as a strong Democrat against a Republican, than to be attacked from her left, by someone whom she doesn’t want to alienate too much.

    On the less favorable news side, I was almost stunned to learn that Sanders was the one who suggested a debate with Trump. The audacity of this is staggering. He could theoretically cost Hillary the presidency and get Trump elected, by allowing Trump to have the chance to paint himself as akin to the Sanders supporters, with Hillary as the enemy of both of them. Hopefully this will not occur; but to me it was like some obnoxious man at a train station pushing the woman in line out of the way, so he could grab the seat. I have never seen anything like this new grandstand play,in political history.

  9. I noticed that all the Media types going after Hillary today said that the report was scathing toward her. They all used the word “scathing.”
    It’s almost like they’re following orders.

  10. William

    I don’t think Bernie wanting to ‘debate’ Trump has any credibility that will hurt Hillary. Bernie must realize, down deep that he will not be the nominee of the party he has never been a part of. He used the Dem Party just to run in one of the two main parties for Pres. with all the tv perks that go with it.

    Hillary did the right thing to brush the Sandcrab aside on one more debate. If Trump gets all $10 mil or more to have the debate with S.Crab, he is just proving what a desperate candidate Bernie is…and even if Bernie never goes after Trump in a debate, and Trump is on his best behavior, it does not diminish Hillary, the soon to be nominee.

    It is the only debate Bernie will ever have with Trump, and he and Trump just want to be captured on the tv for their own egos. They would love to give the impression that Hillary doesn’t matter, and they are just kidding themselves.

    I doubt any debate between them will happen, but if it does, I will watch the pretend reality show debate just to see what jackasses they both are. It will be interesting to see how they don’t have to debate an intelligent, strong woman.

    They will both throw spit-balls at Hillary and smack each other’s bro asses with glee. High fives for the boyz.

    Idiots pretending to be men.

  11. Sweet Sue, on May 27, 2016 at 12:45

    Yes, the media loves to smear Hillary. They sound just like the guys on FoxNews.

    This election is really getting to be the battle of the sexes.

    53% of voters are women, 10% more women vote than men.

    Add sexism into the mix, and Hillary has good odds.

  12. I have a different take on Bernie vs Trump. For one thing, I cannot help but consider both of their YUUUUUGE egos. They will flame the shit out of each other. And that is a good thing. Just saying.

    Bernie wants to show everybody what a big old man he is. So he will want to show trump up and show the world how he is the “best candidate” blah blah blah. Trump has thin skin, and Bernie’s is just as thin. Trump will want to show up Bernie as a teetering old gnat. They will damage each other for free.

    I do not think for one moment these two guys are plotting together. Their egos are just way too large and they are both far too self impressed for that. It’s the clash of the NPD squad.

    However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bernie has sent out a fundraising letter begging for ten million. That way, when he doesn’t raise enough or the idea gets cancelled, Bernie has added some money to his dismal pot, which he will use to further damage Hillary. And in the end, he will still not be the candidate because no matter who wins what on the 7th, Hillary will hit the magic number.

  13. Good read…something to think about.


    “Win Win: How the Proposed Sanders-Trump debate Only Serves to Benefit Hillary Clinton”

  14. Yes, Bill has said that Hillary would have a much harder time in the primary than she would in the general election and that is probably going to be true. In the general she’s not going to have to worry about the purity nuts.

  15. I read that the shirtless guys really weren’t for anyone and went around to all of the candidate’s speeches to try to figure out who to vote for. They said you’d have to be stoned to vote for Bernie. After the interaction at Hillary’s event, they decided they liked her.

    Link to the story I read.

  16. Sophie, I couldn’t help but see the spin again from the press that no one is excited about Hillary in that story. Sigh.

  17. Uppity, I would hope that you were right about the effects of such a debate. But my sense is that Trump, who ihas a kind of low cunning, will try to play up to Sanders supporters. “Well, Senator Sanders, we disagree on these issues, or how we will fix things, but we certainly agree that the system is broken. We see that, and most Americans see that. You have done a very good job in your campaign in pointing outthat Hilalry Clinton represents failed leadership, and the kind of establishment politics where people in Congress are bought and sold. I commend you for never having let yourself be bought and sold, the way that Hillary Clinton has.” That’s what you are going to hear for two hours. Trump’s handlers will use it as a forum to make him look reasonable, and to enlist some Sanders supporters on his side. And I think he would go up five pionts in the polls after the debate.

    Whether I am right or not about this, it would clearly be a wild card; a desperate stab by Sanders, who is all about himself, and who has no idea what the results of such a debate would be. The fact that he has proposed it, is an travesty. Next thing, Dennis Kucinch will propose to debate Trump. The Trump carnival show travels on. Watch Trump try to limit any debates with Hillary to just one. They can’t make him do more;, in fact, they can’t make him do any. And the media is iall anti-Hillary, so he is covered.

  18. Ga6thDem, it is hard to say if the media is just full of stupid people, or propagandists. Some of both, undoubtedly. And it ultimately doesn’t matter, beause the result is the same.

    The very fact that we are continually subjected to this narrative about how “exciting” someone is as a candidate, is idiotic in itself, unless of course one simply sees it as another way for the media to get the result they want, which is to defeat Hillary. Because why would someone look for excitement when picking a president? This is certainly not one of those TV talent shows, though the media wants it to be seen that way. You want intelligence, depth of knownledge, steadiness, competence, and someone who has good ideas. None of that is exciting to the masses,. Making absurd claims, outlandish promises; insulting your opponents and making up derogatory names for them, that is exciting. Hitler was exciting to the Germans. Huey Long was exciting. Demagogues and dictators are always exciting, even if the excitement is the frisson of cold terror one feels. I guess that apocalyptic movies are exctiing; movies where there is a lot of serious talking are boring, and rarely get made any more. 1968 was exciting, and we ended up with Nixon.

    When all the heroin-like excitement charged up by the media, is over; and the elections are done, and the media returns to covering murders, plagues and terrorism, people will be left with the dreadful crash back to the reality of their daily lives, and the realization that they were once again duped into voting for someone who has no interest whatsoever in improving their existence, or making the world safer. If you want excitement, go on a roller coaster, or bet all your money on the spin of a roulette wheel. If you want things to be better for you and your family, vote for the sane and steady candidate who is the smartest and the most caring. The media either doesn’t understand that, or such is simply completely contrary to their goals.

  19. Well, William I have to say the one positive so far is what the media has been doing has not been working. If they were able to pick the candidates for both party it would be Bernie vs. Kasich or Rubio not Trump vs. Hillary. And maybe the whole BS narrative about who you want to have a beer with or go to a barbecue with has run its course after 16 years of that BS and people are frankly more worried about policies that are going to have an effect on their lives. I have no expectation that the media is going to cover that kind of thing because it’s not the kind of thing they do anymore.

  20. “heroin-like excitement “

    While I’m not a doctor (nor do I play one on television), I have a technical quibble: Heroin, like other opiates, is a narcotic, a depressant. Would not cocaine or one of the amphetamines, which are stimulants, make a better analogy?

  21. Ivory, Bill, chalk it up to poetic license, and the fact that I know very little about drugs. Heroin is always considered to be the most dangerous one; and I’ve read of the term “heroin rush,” so I made that analogy. I wasn’t so much referring to the actual effects, as to the fact that this 24-hour “politics as entertainment” purveyed by the media, is like a drug; something that creates a craving and an artificial exctiement, which is inevitably succeeded by the campaign ending, and the stark reality of what people are left to have to face.

  22. William

    “The very fact that we are continually subjected to this narrative about how “exciting” someone is as a candidate, is idiotic in itself, unless of course one simply sees it as another way for the media to get the result they want, which is to defeat Hillary. ”

    Absolutely, what the media cares about is their ratings. The big mouthed jackass going after a woman that was cheated on by her famous husband…is as exciting as the trash shows on tv where one guy has ‘fathered’ children from many women he calls his ‘Ho’s”.

    Unfortunately, someone as sexist and crass as Trump is also making this election about the battle of the sexes.

    Trump is the one that again tried to diminish women by saying Hillary is playing the woman card. Why would women want to vote for another woman unless it’s only a gender choice. Diminishing Hillary as the most experienced candidate, a caring, brilliant woman.

    Trump is a rich, egotistical, selfish, intelligent-woman hating jerk. Oh he loves some women alright, the ones that kiss his fat ass and use him for his financial status.

    Maybe he is happy playing the SexistJackass Card?

  23. Sady Doyle wrote the best analysis of tRump that I’ve seen. Trump has more in common with Microsoft’s twitterbot Tay than most human beings. He’ll do anything for clicks. Be a dumpsterfire of sleaze, bigotry, fraud. Anything.

    Then there’s the media, who’ll do anything for clicks. Honestly, I think that’s their whole motivation. It’s not really about hatred. It’s about, “Ooh a dumpsterfire!” “Ooh what if the dumpsterfire becomes President?” “Ooh you can’t not look!”

    Meanwhile, over in this corner, Clinton wants to discuss policy.

    I think the only, the one and only, way to attack tRump is with well-aimed laughter. John Oliver mentioned short fingers and the Dumpsterfire couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. Clinton’s laughter has to be more dignified, along the lines of what she’s already begun. (“How do you manage to go bankrupt owning a casino?) But she and her surrogates need to work out ways of laughing at him from all sides.

    The good thing is, Clinton is way smarter than I am and has it all figured out already.

  24. Lol, beginning to like this guy, Manchin…

    For some Democrats, Bernie Sanders’ latest gambit — challenging Donald Trump to a debate to cap all debates — is the last straw.

    “Bullshit,” said Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. “That confirms what we’ve been saying. Why would you expect Bernie should be considerate or be nice or be working to bring everyone together? Why? He’s not a Democrat.”

    The party’s frustrations are boiling over with Sanders as the primary season winds down: Namely that Sanders seems unwilling or unable to admit that Hillary Clinton is on course for the nomination. The ire toward Sanders began earlier this year among the loudest Democratic cheerleaders for Clinton — and now it’s seeping into nearly the entire Senate Democratic caucus.

    Lawmakers reacted with puzzlement, sarcasm and barely veiled anger as Sanders’ campaign and Trump himself played up an event that would exclude Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

  25. Trump confirms he played Bernie like a fiddle…..

  26. Well, no one saw this coming…LOL!

  27. Sorry, moon, we must have been posting at the same time.

  28. Not surprised Chuck Todd hates Hillary, his wife is making money from Sanders…..She owns Maverick Mail..

  29. Bernie should have know better than to wrestle with a pig. You know when you wrestle with a pig you get dirty and the pig likes it.

  30. Bernie is a pig as well so I wish Trump would have accepted and we could view 2 pigs that no lipstick in the world could cover up.

  31. JB, have you given up on Trump?

  32. So, I guess I’m not going to post the thing I was going to post because a couple of others got here first with it. But I will say this: Ha!.
    Ha. Ha. Ha.

  33. Bernie is whining like a little child on Twitter to anyone who’ll listen….you got punked.

  34. New ad in CA

  35. Hey there JB welcome. Good to see you own this beautiful site.

  36. ((JB)) good to see you come back. I know you are torn about Trump, but at least here you will get the other perspective that lacks around the corner.

    Most of us do believe that Hillary will be the nominee, despite what crap the other side throws at her. And she is no coward, she is fighting more than ever before.

    All the Hillary supporters are here from there…

  37. Birdgirl, did you get to see Hillary in SF yesterday?

  38. Jb, just to be clearer, all the Hillary supportes that were there, are now here.

  39. Oh what a shock…not.

    CNN – more bs from Trump

    Donald Trump on Friday said he would not debate Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders because it would be “inappropriate” to square off against the candidate who currently trails Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary fight.

    “Based on the fact that the Democratic nominating process is totally rigged and Crooked Hillary Clinton and (Debbie) Wasserman-Schultz will not allow Bernie Sanders to win, and now that I am the presumptive Republican nominee, it seems inappropriate that I would debate the second-place finisher,” Trump said in a statement.
    Trump also said news networks “are not proving to be too generous to charitable causes,” which he previously had said would be a goal of debating Sanders.

  40. Another huge protest against Trump in CA now. CNN

  41. Hi jb, and welcome. Sorry I’m late with this but then that’s part of my charm lol

  42. Oh, so Jb is a former Trump follower, back to Hillary? Very cool!

  43. I was kind of hoping they would debate as I said before. I wanted to see Trump vet that old commie fart with him standing there, so I could watch his favorables that he brags about unvetted, go into the crapper.

  44. LOL Sophie.

  45. Shadow fax, I did see Hillary yesterday in SF. It was a very long day of standing in line and waiting for the event to begin. We were there at noon, waiting in line, and didn’t get into the building until almost 3 PM. Security was tight as usual. While we were waiting in line, a couple of stalwart Hillary supporters lead us in cheers and it was fun when the tour buses went by and people waved to us. There was a lone Bernie supporter across the street who would yell out Bernie from time to time, and we would drown her out with our Hillary cheers. It was fun.

    Once we were allowed in, we were lined up like sardines and waited until after 5 pm, before the event started. Various SF civic leaders were there, including the mayor, who was booed by many people. He is not well thought of. Gavin Newsom spoke for a bit and introduced Hillary. When she came in, the crowd went wild and chanted, “Hillary, Hillary.” It took a few minutes for the crowd to calm down. When she started speaking, it was wonderful. She went after Trump in her usual way, and the crowd was with her every step of the way. No mention of Bernie at all. She encouraged us to phone bank, canvass, and help in anyway that we can. At the end, she went along the rope line shaking hands and doing selfies. As close as I was, I didn’t get to shake her hand. Almost made it, but people were pushing and shoving and I was only one back from the first row. If people hadn’t of been pushing so much, I would have made it. Almost touched her. Lol.

    She spoke for about 30 minutes. The other event that I attended at the beginning of May, was much different. It was a large fundraiser and she spoke for a longer period of time . Plus we had seats and didn’t have to stand, once we were in the venue. She also seemed more relaxed and exhibited her good sense of humor at that event. The big difference was a lack of cameras in the first event, so this probably helped her to be more relaxed.. Yesterday, the press was there in full force and when I got home, I could see clips of her speaking at the SF event, as well as the San Jose event.

    One of the women that came with was volunteering and saw some Bernie people. She asked them to be respectful and not disrupt the event. At the end, I thought I heard some Bernie shouts, but then the music was louder, so I wasn’t sure. When I asked the others that I came with, they didn’t hear anything, so maybe I misheard.

    We took BART in to the city and that was the way to go. There were about 1,000 present at the rally yesterday.

  46. Hey, JB! So glad you’re stopping by these days. Thanks to Upps setting the tone, posters here are passionate but respectful, and have a great sense of humor. It’s wonderful participating in such a positive environment! I just couldn’t take all the negativity on former pro-HRC sites and rarely visit them anymore. Hillary will not only be the Dem nominee, she’ll be the next POTUS!

  47. Now I know the republican is sick. After all the name calling Marco Rubio endorses Trump. Hillary is going to have a field day with clips of Marco talking about the con man. Does little Marco need a job? Now he is kissing the frauds butt. He looks like a fool.

  48. Birdgal

    I’m so glad that you got to see Hillary twice. Your rally yesterday sounded like the one I went to in Oakland, but it was probably about 800 that were let in and a line down the block that didn’t get in.

    Honesty, I was on a mission that day, to talk and touch Hillary…wild horses couldn’t have stopped me. 😉

    I agree, standing for about 6 hours was terrible, when I came home on BART, my feet were killing me.

  49. I believe the fraud will not debate Hillary

  50. Shadow fax, the next time I attend a rally, I will be on a mission to shake her hand. I will not be denied!

    After standing for 6 hours, it felt good to walk to the Bart station and be able to sit down. I stopped and got a big glass of water. I was so dehydrated.

  51. Sanders lawyers sent a letter to the dnc. Now they want Barny Frank and The governor from the Ct. removed. If not they want to grind the dnc convention to a halt . Sanders supporters are threatening the Wyoming delegates.

  52. I am so sick of this old fart.

  53. Okay, I have absolutely had it with Sanders. Watching Maddow, and she is talking about the Sanders campaign demanding that Governor Malloy and Barney Frank’s be removed as chairs from the Rules committee and another committee. Otherwise, they will use every procedural motion to gum up the processes of the convention. Sanders wants Malloy and Frank’s removed, because they are Clinton partisans.

    I hope to God that Hillary wins CA, so that she goes into the convention very strong. I loathe Sanders and his campaign. He is out to destroy the Democratic Party.

  54. Nah gonna happen. When Hillary blew off his debate demand,it was a turning point that Bernie had best heed.

    He’s going to show up and behind the scenes be told to shit in his hat and put it on his head.

    I’m also SURE that ops research has TONS of shit on him and Jane that they wouldn’t want to ‘leak’ out.

  55. If you think nobody knows what his tax returns look like, well do you want to buy some land in the everglades?

  56. Uppity, LOL! I hope you are right. I love the visual of shit in his hat and putting it on top of his hat. The DNC has made enough concessions. Give an inch and they want a hundred miles.

    Bernie supporters harassing Wyoming delegates on FB and one had the air let out of her tires.

  57. I am so over instigator Sanders. Here’s a link to the letter he sent to the DNC:

  58. Because why does that gasbag get to have Cornell West?

  59. Birdgal

    Yes, be on a mission. I had to deal with young ones that were trying to push in front of me, that’s why I ended up holding hands with Hillary while one of them horned in for a selfie. I think that’s why Hillary spent time with me, she knew I was on a mission to talk to her. I will also wear well padded tennis shoes the next time.

  60. Sanders supporters are threatening the Wyoming delegates.


    Yeah, that’s the ticket to get them to support you. Sounds like the obots in 2008.

    Bernie doesn’t care about any party but the commie party, just like Trump doesn’t care about the GOP.

    They have a lot in common.

  61. Shadow, I will wear tennis shoes next time. I changed my shoes at the last minute. Big mistake.

  62. SophieCT, on May 27, 2016 at 10:21 PM said:
    Because why does that gasbag get to have Cornell West?


    That is the part the ticks me off the most, Sophie. He can bring in every lunatic on the planet, but two of our most respected Dems have to be kicked off because of Bernie’s “widdle feelwins” are hurt?

    ENOUGH.BTW, good luck if the Dems cave and take Barney Frank off the committee. THE LGBQT community will never allow that one.

  63. Hey, jbstone, welcome to the party! Sorry for the delay in saying Howdy.

  64. Yesterday, one of Hillary supporters that I was standing in line with, said, “Feel the bern? Get some cream.” Lol!

  65. Re: Barney Frank. Bernie couldn’t give a crap about LGBT, Barney’s a problem for HIM in his mind and LGBT be damned. He doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about anybody, POC, woman, gays/lesbians, Latinos, AAs they are all meaningless to him. What means a lot to him is him.

  66. Sanders and his inadvertent ally, the foolish DWS, have now put him in a position where his radical platform appointees can either drastically affect the platform, making it anti-Israel, and similarly completely unacceptable things; or they can walk off in anger, and Sanders can decide to run as a third party candidate, thus electing the fascist Trump. There seems no sign that Sanders and Weaver are not going to contest every paltform issue, every credential; and in a Marxist fashion, try to shut the convention down.

    The question is, what is in the soul of Sanders, how far will he go with this? The man cannot abide losing; he will never quit or accede. This is a dangerous situation. I am wondering if Hillary might be rather compelled to try to quell it by picking Warren or Brown for VP, thus effectively rendering Sanders irrelevant, even to most of his own supporters. It’s a thought. The Warren pick might have a cost, but it would make it virtually impossible for Sanders to run on a third party ticket.

  67. I thought Brown took him out of the running?

  68. Birdgal, I think he essentially does not want to be VP, but he cares about the Democratic Party. And if he senses that Sanders would run as a third party canddiate, he would surely be willing to step in and prevent that, if necessary. I don’t know how far Sanders is going to go with this, but he has no endgame, and I can’t see him just finally giving up at some stage. I now think that he has taken leave of his senses, and actually thinks that he is going to get all sorts of platform concessions, so that in his mind, he could feel that he won. The challenge to Frank and Molloy shows that he has no intention on agreeing to anything. The only way to stop him might be to simply take away his followers.

  69. Thanks William. It would be nice to see Brown on the ticket.

  70. The problem for both Warren and Sanders is their Senate seat would be Republican-appointed replacement.

  71. Sanders is not going to run as a 3rd party candidate. 14 states have sore loser laws. So Bernie wouldn’t be on the ballot in a lot of states and he has no money and even has admitted as a 3rd party candidate he would have no money to run for office. So basically he’s going to continue just throwing temper tantrums.

  72. “14 states have Sore Loser Laws.”

    No problem. Bernie’s got lawyers. On retainer, apparently.

  73. It is EXTREMELY difficult to run independent after losing a party primary. Gary Johnson tried that and got his ass kicked by the courts. THe states that do not have Sore Loser laws don’t have the law because they don’t need it. They have Simultaneous registration deadlines for the primary and the General. Only four states have neither law, including NY and Vermont, of course. So he could never win because he wouldn’t be able to be on the ballot of all the states. But he could do damage and we all know that damage is what he wants to do. He’s a bitter old communist and somebody just needs to come out and say it.

    Bernie COULD run from the CPUSA though, which is the party he really belongs in. But he knew that he could never get any decent accumulation of votes by admitting to be tied to the Communist Party. Even though he is.

  74. To be honest, and it’s really no secret if you’ve been coming to this blog for years, I never thought DWS was bright enough to be in charge of anything. But she doesn’t deserve to be another Bernie target. I am sick of that man targeting people. He deserves to be targeted instead. The DNC is looking pretty wussy to me right now, letting him make demands and earning concessions. They need to cut him off and tell him to go fuck a duck and take his cockroaches with him.

    Half of them will go vote for Johnson, as Paul’s anarchists’ fingerprints are all over the Sanders campaign. Fighting, insulting and inciting is their idea of fun. I’m sure they’re a big presence at the trump fiascos too.The other half can just move along and pick the SCOTUS they can live with for the rest of their miserable lives. Half of that half won’t even bother voting. Fuck em.

  75. Bernie’s lawyers had better get used to not being paid. He’s not only tapped out, but he has to return about $28 million in illegal contributions, including from foreign nationals. Wouldn’t be surprised if Castro isn’t helping him out. And Morales. I can tell you, he’s not about Denmark,that’s for SURE.

    From what I’ve seen about Bernie, he’s a wimp when pushed back upon. Paper tiger. But if nobody pushes back he will escalate his maliciousness.

  76. I’ve believed all along that Brown will be the VP. I prefer Cory but I firmly believe it will be Brown. And that’s okay.He seems like a good man, if a bit too left for me. But he sure isn’t Bernie.

  77. The only way to stop him might be to simply take away his followers.

    No, I don’t think so. His followers include a bunch of anarchists, CPUSA people and other assorted crazy bastards. They’re loving this. The only way to stop him is to pull his plug and tell him to get the hell out of the party’s way. Uninvite him. Persona non Bernus. Deal with his followers later as they self-sort back to where they belong.

    Like I said, his remaining followers will either come to their voting senses, considering what Trump is, and pick the SCOTUS they dare to live with.

  78. “Persona non Bernus.” ROFLMAO!

  79. I keep wondering when the oppo research is going to be unleashed on Bernie. Certainly a PAC could do one ad that would destroy him in a heartbeat.

  80. From what I’ve seen about Bernie, he’s a wimp when pushed back upon. Paper tiger.

    This, exactly! DWS or someone needs to call him on his shit, in-person, in public, and he will back off like the shriveling worm he is.

  81. Voting, Peter Shumlin, Gov of VT, is a Democrat.

  82. I certainly hope that Uppity’s hunch is right, and that Hillary picks Brown. (You can get over 12-1 on a bet that Brown will be the VP choice!). it seems less likely to me, though, if only because Brown keeps declining any interest.. Of course, Harry Reid, with his usual tone-deaf nature, says, “Hell, no,” to any possibility that Hillary would take a Senator from a state with a Republican governor. What Reid doesn’t seem to comprehend is that if you we lose the Presidency an extra one or two or three Senate seats isn’t going to help us, certainly not with regard to the Supreme Court. And putting Brown on the ticket can actually win us some senate seats. Finally, someone has got to make the case that Republican philosophy is bad. This is the thing that has not been done nearly enough, certainly not in the last eight years. So Republicans are taking over the country state by state. Reagan managed to mock and demonize “lib’ruls,” and it stuck for years. Someone has to mock and demonize Republicans and their horrible philosophies. Brown can help do that, for the disgruntled and confused confused White males of the Midwest.

    When I said “take away his followers,” I meant that a strongly liberal person on Hillary’s ticket would effectively peel away the Sanders supporters who are not simply instigators, libertarians, and stealth Republicans. People who never had any intention of voting for Hillary are not worth fighting over. But there are some fervent Sanders supporters who would prefer to vote for a Hillary/Brown or Hilary/Warren ticket, rather than follow Sanders along. So I think this would mute him, if anything would.

  83. I woke this morning to read that Sanders is demanding that all Hillary supporters be taken off the Platform Committee.

  84. This is what DWS gets for caving into Sanders and giving him those plaform commitee spots. But we don’t deserve it, even if she does. Sanders is trying to engineer a takeover of the Democratic Party, with his platform. That would destroy the chances of winning the election, and probably destroy the party for decades. So they have to stand up and simply not given him one more single concession. And if Sanders tries to actually grind the convention to a halt, by contesting every single rule or decision, then they still must try to continue the proceedings. At some point, the public will so turn against Sanders, that he will have to stop. Or simply tell him that if he wants to start a third party, go ahead, but he is not going to hijack this one. I wonder if this is all Sanders’ doing, or whether he is in thrall to the Republican money boys, who offer him the only way out of his massive debt.

  85. I really hope the DNC pushes back on Sanders. In what universe does the loser have the right to make insane demands? Bernie is trying to burn the party down.

  86. i have heard that Hillary is seriously considering candidates outside of politics too, she said someone strong from the business community…or other areas.

    I don’t think she will pick someone from congress unless they are in a state that helps her win a big red or purple state.

    Finding someone well respected in business, manufacturing, loyal to the Dem party, big employer…etc. Not some real estate con man.

  87. Shadow, Mark Cuban has been mentioned, but isn’t he more Republican?

  88. Cuban trolling for the job. Better chance of seeing God, methinks.

  89. Yeah I saw that 12-1 odds. I think it’s wrong. But then, what the hell do I know.

  90. Good Afternoon all!

    Might I suggest paying no attention to any of the, “filler” between today and June 7th? No matter what you’re feeling or worried about, or upset over about the Democratic primary, Hillary WILL be the official presumptive nominee in 10 days. Sanders is a dick, but he’s merely a DISTRACTION. He isn’t the one we are gonna have to beat in November.

    He has this 10 days left to be a pain in the ass, then PFFFFT…he’s either on the bus, or he’ll be under it. He’s jockeying for all he can get right now, and he’ll wind up getting more than we feel he deserves, but he is NOT gonna be the nominee, and he is not going to dictate the platform with 1/3 of the committee.

    The news cycle has not been kind to Hillary this past week, and the MSM (as I have said before) is our toughest opponent in this election, but it pains me to read so much anger and bitterness here when we are on the cusp of an historic moment many of us have waited 8 long years to experience.

    So, this Memorial Day weekend, REMEMBER where you were, and how you felt EIGHT years ago. Think about how Hillary took those lemons of 2008 and made LEMONADE out of them, persevered, and is about to shatter that glass ceiling into millions of pieces.
    Sanders is a footnote in Hillary’s history, nothing more. Becoming the first Woman President is the Headline, and every day we PROGRESS towards that end.

  91. Birdgal, on May 28, 2016 at 12:43 PM said:
    Shadow, Mark Cuban has been mentioned, but isn’t he more Republican?


    I saw that clip too Birdgal, Cuban said he would want Hillary to move more to the center for his liking…I feel the same way, but that is normal when the General Election starts, to pick up voters beyond the fringe left. Obama supporters and the Sandcrab’s kids are too far left for my liking.

    I would hope Hillary would find someone more like on the scale of Google or some other huge company.

    She will pick someone good, I have no doubt.

  92. Amen

    So, this Memorial Day weekend, REMEMBER where you were, and how you felt EIGHT years ago. Think about how Hillary took those lemons of 2008 and made LEMONADE out of them, persevered, and is about to shatter that glass ceiling into millions of pieces.
    Sanders is a footnote in Hillary’s history, nothing more. Becoming the first Woman President is the Headline, and every day we PROGRESS towards that end.

  93. A blast from the past–Erica Jong on Hillary. And yes, Erica is still an excellent writer!

  94. DNC issues a great big Fuck right off to Bernie

    Senior Democratic National Committee (DNC) officials have rejected a request from Bernie Sanders’s campaign to change the leadership of two crucial committees at the convention.

    Jim Roosevelt and Lorraine Miller, co-chairs of the Rules and Bylaws Commitee, dismissed a request to remove Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy and former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank as co-chairmen of the convention’s platform and rules committees, respectively.

    The campaign’s complaint, they wrote in a letter to Sanders lawyer Brad Deutsch, failed to allege a violation of the convention’s rules governing the conduct of elections or delegate selection.

    “Having carefully reviewed your challenge, we find that it fails to meet the criteria for the foregoing reasons and pursuant to the Regulations and Bylaws Committee for the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Reg. 3.4(G)(i) we are compelled to dismiss it,” they wrote to Deutsch.

    Deutsch sought to have Malloy and Frank removed from the panels, which will have power over the party’s policy positions and the procedures for the next presidential election, citing “personal hostility” toward Sanders.

    “Gov. Malloy and Mr. Frank have both been aggressive attack surrogates for the Clinton campaign,” Deutsch wrote in a letter to Miller and Roosevelt. “Their criticisms of Senator Sanders have gone beyond the dispassionate ideological disagreement and have exposed a deeper professional, political and personal hostility toward the Senator and his Campaign.”

  95. By the way Cornell West is not a registered Dem and people are saying he has no right to be sitting on the DNC platform committee, he may well yet be booted off it.

  96. This is almost over, just checked today and Hillary now has the pledge of 542 superdelegates, crabby old bastard 43………a lead of 499.

    That means there is only 130 superdelegates up for grabs…….

    Asshole still cannot grab reality.

  97. I applaud the DNC for finally getting the balls to send a FU to Bernie and his demands. I think they are getting a ton of calls from DEM rank & file about not letting our party be hijacked. Twitter has been posting the DNC phone number for the last few days.

    Challenging West’s position on the basis that he isn’t a Dem should be the next step, but I doubt it.

  98. I called and left an unequivocal message.

  99. Sophie what Is the number?

    I see the old fart is out still campaigning. They said he has two schedule today. He better remember he is seventy four years old.

  100. Bernie finally went too far and the smack down has begun. I sure wish there was some way,besides tweeting ,to alert some in the media that they are missing a HUGE story by not revealing the FEC filings re: Bernie. That $27 myth needs to be blown up and Bernie revealed for the incompetent he is ( Not to mention the Repub fingerprints all over some of those contributions) Maybe this is being held over Bernie’s head,but he’s officially tipped over into Sore Loser this week.

    Seems,too, that some in the media are beginning to catch a glimmer of how they’re helping to facilitate a Trump presidency..they for sure helped him get nominated. I’ve noticed a softening of both Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid;both have,this week had some balance in their coverage of Hillary..not full out trashing. Also, the e-mail stuff seems to have fizzled as did the “release your speeches” attempt @ messing w/Hillary.

    Things are jelling in a good way;will still take until June 7 th ,but,hell,we’ve waited 8 years we can wait another week or so.No PUMA is that wimpy. Let’s forget this crap for a couple of days;enjoy some gratitude for living in this country and for those who’ve helped preserve it.Then on Tuesday we can go back to kicking ass and taking names.

  101. Twitter is going hard after Chuck Todd today and his wife getting paid by Bernies campaign.

    Seems he has conflict of interest questions to answer.

  102. Both Sanders may be in trouble ……..

    Brady Toensing, the vice chair of the Vermont Republican Party, alleged Thursday that Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) Senate office pressured a bank to approve a loan to Burlington College while his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, was its president.

    A spokesman for Sanders dismissed the allegation as “preposterous,” “politically instigated” and an example of an outrageous personal attack.

    Toensing, a lawyer, said he was following up on a request he made in January for a federal investigation of Sanders’ wife in her former role as president of Burlington College. Toensing alleged then that in applying for a loan to purchase a new campus, O’Meara Sanders overstated by nearly $2 million the amount of donations the college had received.

    On Thursday, Toensing told a federal prosecutor he had new information.

    “I was recently approached and informed that Senator Bernie Sanders’ office improperly pressured People’s United Bank to approve the loan application,” Toensing said in letters to U.S. Attorney Eric Miller and to Fred Gibson Jr., the acting inspector general of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

    In an interview, Toensing declined to reveal who approached him or what evidence the person offered. Asked what kind of pressure was allegedly exerted, he said, “The bank was told to get it done.”

    The bank’s Vermont president, Michael Seaver, did not return a call seeking comment.

    Miller said he cannot say whether his office will pursue the allegation. “As a general matter, my office does not comment on public requests to conduct criminal investigations. Every such request is evaluated for appropriate action, and we are committed to enforcing federal law in a neutral and impartial manner,” he said via email.

    Miller has similarly declined to say whether there is an investigation underway based on Toensing’s January request.

  103. moon, thanks for giving us the good news that the dnc turned down Sander’s bratty demands. Hopefully, they will boot the obnoxious West off the platform committee next. How could it possibly be ok for him to sit on a democratic committee if he’s not a democrat?!? What crap. Agree with you guys that DWS is not the best leader.

    At the risk of looking stupid (which I’ve risked many times here over the past 8 years!), what are “Sore Loser” laws?

  104. Mark Cuban?!? Oh, HELL NO! Cannot stand that arrogant asshole.

  105. Popcorn…..

    Breaking: Judge acknowledges Trump’s attacks, unseals Trump University files.

  106. call the DNC #202-863-8000

  107. moon, your post about Sanders office influencing a bank to give Calamity Jane the loan warmed up my cold, cold heart! I hope something delightful comes of it, like an indictment.

  108. Sophie, will do. Thanks for the number.

  109. Uppity is certainly right that there is no chance of Cuban getting the VP slot. All that happened was that he was on some TV show, and the question got around to whether he would be interested in VP, and he said yes. So then someone asked Hillary what she thought of that, and she graciously said that she appreciated his interest, and that she wanted to consider all possibilities. She has no intention whatsoever of picking him, why would she? Nor do I think she will pick someone out of politics, it seems too risky, unless there is some military person out there who is above reproach, and also is a strong campaigner. Wesley Clark certainly was not the latter. I don’t think there is any business person who would fit; most of them are Republicans. Actually, the one person who would fit, but it ineligible to be on the ticket, being from the same state, is Michael Bloomberg. (That rule about two people not being from the same state is a silly rule, a vestige of colonial times).

    Apparently USA Today is saying that Bob Corker, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, might be the favorite to be the VP pick of Trump. That would unfortunately give his ticket a bit more credibility. All these Republicans are the same; they don’t care about anything else but winning. I think that Hillary will end up picking someone in elective office. If Trump picks Corker, she needs to pick a standing Senator who can match him. If anybody here knows some negative things about Corker, that would be good.

  110. Ok, googled “sore loser law.” Good to know. Wiki had this convoluted story about how it affected Gary Johnson one year, which was pretty funny. If we didn’t have that, or the simultaneous filing dates, I wouldn’t put it past Bernie to do an indy run. He is the ultimate “sore loser.”

  111. Today, I spent 3.5 hours phone banking for Hillary. Lots and lots of messages left reminding people to vote, and many, many disconnected numbers. I did get at least 10 confirmed voters for Hillary and about 3-4 for Bernie. Everyone I spoke with had mailed in their ballots. Most people were nice, but one woman told me her vote was “private” and another one told me she “forgot.” The “forgot” made me laugh after I hung up. Tomorrow I will canvass for awhile.

  112. You rock Birdgal!

  113. William, I can’t imagine Corker helps Trump in any way. Talking about Corker makes me think there must be a big Trump problem in border states that we are not seeing in public polling. The tea party does not like the guy because he wouldn’t go along with Tom Cotton’s nonsense regarding Iran. He’s yet another old white guy that brings zero excitement to a Trump ticket. As far as foreign policy there are a lot of people that know as much or even more than Corker that Donald could pick. Again Corker = apparent border state problems. Tom Cotton has also been mentioned for VP for Trump.

  114. Thanks, Ga6thDem, that is helpful and encouraging information.

  115. And she didn’t even bring him any Chardonnay!

  116. Kicking a hornets nest isn’t an intelligent thing to do.

    T.Rump sees no boundaries, he attacks the judge presiding over a lawsuit for his bankrupt real estate ‘university’.

    This is a follow up to the article Moon posted above.

    Trump attacks ‘Mexican’ judge in Trump U lawsuit

    Over the course of 12 minutes, Donald Trump used a campaign rally in San Diego on Friday night to lace into the judge overseeing a lawsuit over Trump University, calling him a “hater” and speculating about his ethnicity.

    “The trial is going to take place sometime in November. There should be no trial. This should have been dismissed on summary judgment easily,” Trump said. “Everybody says it, but I have a judge who is a hater of Donald Trump, a hater. He’s a hater. His name is Gonzalo Curiel.”

    Several lawsuits — two in federal court in San Diego and one in state court in New York — allege that Trump’s now-defunct real estate school, Trump University, made false claims about instructors’ experience. Trump has already acknowledged in a deposition that he did not hand-pick the teachers, as marketing materials claimed, though he insists the program was valuable.

    “They actually did a very good job, but I’ve won most of the lawsuits,” he said during a GOP debate in February.

    Since then, Trump has repeatedly attacked Curiel and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, claiming the former is “Spanish” and the latter is out to get him for electoral gain.

    At Friday night’s rally, he got more specific, telling the crowd he believes Curiel — who was born in the United States — is Mexican.

    “The judge, who happens to be, we believe, Mexican, which is great, I think that’s fine,” Trump said, according to the LA Times. “You know what? I think the Mexicans are going to end up loving Donald Trump when I give all these jobs, OK?”

  117. I think a bumper sticker “Trump/Corker” would be hilarious.

  118. Completely off topic, but I was amazed to see how much a chipmunk could store in its cheeks.

  119. Sander’s is a complete scum bag . He is tacitly approving his supporters to make the convention ugly and demanding an getting radicals appointed to participate in the drafting of the platform . In 08 Hillary had more popular votes than Barry, was cheated by the party out of the nomination, and back stabbed by supposedly good friends , stood there like a good soldier and backed the disaster that was Obama. I don’t recall, at least publicly , Hillary making such demands and threatening and or encouraging a messy convention. In fact , it was more of her hardcore supporters like me, who never came around despite her fairly successful efforts to unite the party. Now we have this nobody of a senator who has captured a fairly large segment of the party by promising stuff that has absolutely no chance of being accomplished demanding this and that – a the party is so screwed up and nervous that they are caving into this creep. It really is outrageous and why although I love Hillary, I don’t consider myself a democrat. And as a male, I am also 100% convinced that the media , her opponents , and sadly many women despise her because she is a strong, powerful, admired woman who is more qualified than anyone who has ever run for POTUS. We have come a long way, but what a long way we still have to go.

  120. JB, I agree with everything you said. 2008 was terrible for Hillary and her supporters. I left the Democratic Party and only rejoined this year, because I wanted to vote for someone who was running as a delegate for Hillary ( she won). Can you imagine the uproar, if Hillary had made the demands that Sanders is currently making? She would have been ostracized and run out of the Democratic Party . What a double standard and I believe it is because she is a woman that Sanders is going after her. Yes, he has garnered 45% of the vote, but Hillary is still winnimg. The Democratic Party doesn’t owe him anything. Such a display of hubris.

    I think people are afraid of such a strong, brilliant, admired, powerful, and capable woman like Hillary, and this why she has always received such negative press. People close to her and her colleagues obviously care a great deal about her, and support her bid for the presidency. The current climate does not give her credit for all that she has accomplished to get to this point. No other woman in US history has been such a viable candidate for the presidency.

  121. Tonight/this morning;s Twitter summation of 2016 election:

  122. JB

    In 2008 Hillary got screwed by her own party, that’s why so many of us have not supported anything of the Dems since then.

    Hillary knew she had to play nice with Obama to win over his supporters.

    It’s pretty clear to many that the media wants to favorably cover the out-side-the-box men that are running…because it gives color and drama to their coverage. They also love to say how so many people don’t like Hillary, but she has won 3 million more votes than the Sandcrab, and yet, they say his supporters are more excited, how he has a better chance of winning against Trump… Some how that math does not make sense unless more than 3 million of Bernie’s supporters say home on election day.

    All this ‘hated Hillary’ drama is pure crap. All this bs about women hating Hillary is crap. Look at the people in all states that are voting for Hillary. We (women) are her largest voting block.

    Most of Hillary’s supporters are loyal and admire what she has down and continues to do. She is not a good liar, she isn’t a cheat nor does she play the dirty games that Bernie and Trump do.

    She is trying to win a clean, honest fight…the media would much rather have the Maury Povich show.

    Screw them!!!

  123. *done

  124. Shadow, do you remember I think his blog name was abm90 he was a die hard Hillary supporter. Have you heard from him. He was in his 90’s.

  125. I think we have the solution to the VP question:

  126. The Republicans are so spineless. Less than a month ago, we were heaing things like “Trump is a con man,” “Trump is very dangerous,” “Trump is a pathological liar.” Now everyone is falling in line, because they are being ordered to, and because ulimately it is all about getting those big campaign contributions. Rubio is pathetic. “Yes I. will. support Mr Trump. And if. he wants. me. to make speeches for him, of course I would be happy to do that. We cannot let Hillary Clinton be elected. LIke some kind of automaton, or someone who was brainwashed in a science fiction novel.

    Besides the moral banktruptcy being shown here, the public gets another lesson in politics just being a big carnival show, like WWF, where people threaten to kill each other, and then go out to dinner together, with the profits they have made from conning the public. One admires the few Republicans like McCain’s ex-aide, or Max Boot, the foreign policy expert, and a few others, who will not support Trump. But all the political figures are going to. The Republicans are like the Daleks, they have only one purpose, to exterminate Democrats. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is always full of people who disdain the candidate, who would prefer to lose ten elections in a row. just to get their perfect candidate, who is usually someone who gets routed, but makes them feel virtuous while it happens. No one should make the mistake of ever thinking that the Republican Party has come to its senses, or that there is some level of candidate who ultimately is too abhorrent and extreme for even them to tolerate. That is really the great lesson of this election so far, not that most of us needed to see it emphasized once again.

  127. julies9164:
    Thank you for the YouTube link…it’s very funny

  128. In case there’s watermelon at your cookout, don’t forget the rubber bands.

  129. Correction on my post above…

    “Some how that math does not make sense unless more than 3 million of Bernie’s supporters say home on election day.”

    My math was backasswards on that, since Hillary has 3 million more voters now than Bernie, it means that millions more of Hillary supporters would support the Sandcrab, than vice versa.

    Problem is, Crabby has already lost the primary, with votes, delegates and superdelegates.

    He thinks if he believes…it must be so.

    The media thinks they can pull a win out of their ass for Bernie.

  130. neetabug,
    Shadow, do you remember I think his blog name was abm90 he was a die hard Hillary supporter. Have you heard from him.

    Yes, I remember him well. Last I heard I think he was abm94 or 96. I didn’t have any contact info for him but wbb did, and he hasn’t heard from him in a year or two.

    I hope he is still alive, but maybe can’t blog any longer and knows how well Hillary is doing. If not, maybe he is watching from Heaven and cheering her on. He is a great guy.

  131. Thanks shadow

    I hope he is still alive so he can see his girl become the first woman president.

  132. I really need to come into this century and learn how to Tweet;few read e-mail anymore. Maybe I’ve resisted because I have trouble limiting myself to so few characters. If I could tweet I would tweet every media pundit I could the following:

    The media needs to reassess their treatment of Hillary. She’s the only thing that stands between us and a Trump Presidency.

    And.. Instead of scratching your head about why Bernie’s still in..follow the $ and look up the FEC filings against the Sander’s campaign. The guy can’t afford to end his campaign;he owes too many people money..including some big time Republicans.This would be a REALLY BIG story for some network,,Rachel ? Joy? Any reporter out there with a smidgeon of integrity?

  133. If you have the time, this is an excellent article about how Hillary should run ads against Trump. These two guys that are interviewed, “…ran some of the most effective ads for a candidate.” I am going to post one of them that talked about Goldwater, (would fit Trump now).

    These men say they don’t want to give away all their ‘secrets’, but they would work for Hillary’s campaign if she hired them. They also have a lot to say about Trump’s personality and downfalls.

    Here is the link to the interview:

    LBJ’s Ad Men: Here’s How Clinton Can Beat Trump
    We talked to two of the geniuses behind the greatest ad campaign in political history. Here’s what they’d do in 2016.

  134. …and here’s one of the ads they ran in 1964 that would easily apply to Trump. (Not that she should use this ad itself, but an example of their work.)

  135. Shadow, that actor, William Bogert, was on Maddow about a month ago. He says the same thing is true of Trump. Here’s the transcript:

  136. Just got back from moving my eldest into her summer apartment in DC. I spend lots of Memorial Days in DC moving someone in or out. It is always filled with motercycle parades. They can be pretty annoying, but you always expect them on Memorial Day Weekend. I see Trump is claiming that they are there to see him!!!! WTF that is not true. I was on the Mall this afternoon, could post the selfie in front of White House with my Eldest, but she would be embarrassed. I saw no evidence of anything Trumpist in DC. Just from an eyewitness…

  137. honoracarroll, I have been going to DC every Memorial Day except this year. They are there every Memorial Day. We run into them going and coming back from DC. The fumes are awful. Trump is lying as usual.

  138. Msdsal, FEC love letters to Bernie has been going on since FEBRUARY and nobody touches it. The latest one is 645 pages of contributions he is required to return ($28 MILLION WORTH). That one came out this month and nobody touched it either FYI, he spent down his bucket AFTER he got this letter, without regard to the fact that he owes all this return money.

  139. Shadow, my question would be what have they done that’s notable since LBJ. Sometimes I feel Hillary’s campaigns are too traditional, if not old fashioned, already.

  140. Uppity, How would you recommend changing the campaign?

  141. Upps, I have no idea what these two guys have done since LBJ, I just liked the ads they presented and many of the things they said on that site. They might be fishing for a job, but they seem pretty good to me.

  142. Hope you don’t mind if I repost a tribute to the Uncle I never knew, a casualty of war, on this Memorial Day.

  143. I am going to call Sherrod Browns office this week. I will ask him if there is anyway i can get in touch with Hillary. If not, can he get a message to her for me. I am also calling my democratic party to find out who is now the big cheese here to see if they can get a message to her for me. Our last ones are now serving time.

    I had dinner with my niece who is here from CA. We started talking about politics. She is twenty five years old. I asked her what did she think of Bernie. Surprise, she has no interest in politics nor in Bernie. What she did say was there is no excitement in Hillary. She said Hillary seems like she is weak and not a fighter. I tried to explain to her what is going on. She says she never votes. She said what will be will be. I said if Trunk gets in you will wish you had voted.

    If there is anyone on this blog working at a Hillary campaign office in CA, find out if she will be visiting one of the headquarters. If she does visit ask her how do we get messages to her.

  144. I appreciated your moving tribute to the uncle you lost in WWII, Uppity. His optional mission, post-war, shows his sense of mission, or the old duty, honor, and country. The sad reality of war continuing after the the truce or surrender is one that is brought home by his loss. I’m glad your family was able to bring him home.

    I had an uncle who stayed over in Europe after the war, including Belgium, to help with clearing the destruction, and reconstruction, as part of the US Army Corps of Engineers. He was one of the lucky ones who made it back alive, like our dad earlier.

    Things have changed, yet I know some in the younger generations who lost loved ones who served strive to keep the memory alive, at least for now, while still the loss is still fresh. Time will tell. Somehow, I’m reminded of the old folk song,”Where Have All the Flowers Gone.” Thanks again for sharing (((()))).

  145. Fee the math is trending on Twitter

  146. Neetabug, I live in CA, and Hillary visited the Oakland headquarters when it opened a few weeks ago. The rally that I attended in SF last Thurs., was energetic and people were very, very excited to see her. About 1,000 people were present, including many young people. I think there is excitement about Hillary. Perhaps, not among young people, but it is definitely there for the demographics that support her. The media doesn’t report it. As far as your niece, she is young and a non-voter, so I wouldn’t expect excitement from her. I attended a large fundraiser in early May, also in SF. It was sold out and there were almost 3,000 people present. The audience roared when she came on, and she was given standing ovations throughout her speech. At the end, she criscrossed the stage waving to the people seated in the balcony, as well as those seated on the ground floor. It was very exciting and people were fired up.

    You could try calling the Oakland or SF office with your concerns.

  147. Neetabug, Just heard on the news, Hillary is coming back to CA next Thursday and will be here until Election Day. She will be in New Jersey until Wednesday. I can’t believe anyone thinks Hillary isn’t a fighter.

  148. Neetabug, there’s only one reason your niece could think Clinton isn’t a fighter. She doesn’t look like Captain America. She looks like what she is, a woman. The kid is lucky to have had such an easy life that she has no idea how much fighting it takes for women to do the simplest job, let alone try to accomplish something in the face of thirty years of humongous harassment and backstabbing. (Some of it by her own husband, who, to his credit, seems to have acquired some inkling of what’s going on.)

    It’s as amazing to me as it obviously is to you that your niece could think like this.

    I suspect the HRC campaign knows all about that point of view among some people. She’s been contending with it all the way along.

  149. I’ve got to say that Hillary’s shirtless bros were way hotter than the dude at the Libertarian convention.
    Google at your own risk.

  150. Thanks everyone for responding. I will be in CA in Oct. I will take her to one of Hillary’s headquarters. I want her to see how the political process works. I will be in Woodland Hills . Anyone know of a headquarters there, let me know.

    PS her mother is a republican. Have not talked with her mother to see how she fills about trump.

    Birdgal, can you find out if she will be visiting any headquarters there. I can get my daughter in law to take my niece. In the mean time I will be calling Sherrod’s office, maybe he knows something.

  151. Neetabug,

    I agree, you niece is wrong about Hillary in CA. Same old story the media is pushing for Bernie. Young folks are all about generational approval. Not voting and not caring to vote gives you the first clue. She is not interested in Hillary, so therefore no one she knows is excited about Hillary.

    Hillary polls show her 8 points above S.Crabs as an average. Hillary won over Barry in 2008…no one spoke about that either.

  152. neebug I know where the Woodland Hills HQ is, they just opened it up.

  153. Woodland Hills, brings back memories when I used to live there.

  154. imus, where in Woodland Hills. I will call my daughter in law. She wants to get involved.

  155. neetabug, it’s in the Promenade Mall. Are you familiar? Next to the Topanga Mall.

    HFA organizing office in The Promenade Mall
    6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Woodland Hills
    First floor–Suite 2215–near the AMC Movies Box Office area and Food Court.

    Can get involved by contacting Valley for Hillary, they have a twitter acct. too.

  156. Yes imus, I do know where that mall is located. Thanks I will inform my daughter in law..

  157. Neetabug, Your daughter-in-law can also go to Hillary’s website, go to events, put in her zip code, and this will tell her what events are being held in her area. Things like phone banking and canvassing are listed.

  158. neetabug, I’m not far from there (in Moorpark). Kaitlin Costello is an active and effective coordinator for where I am. She may cover Woodland Hills, too. She’ll certainly know who does.

    I feel like saying, (if you’ll forgive me…) Go Neeta! Bug ’em! 😀

  159. Quixote, (Go Neeta! Bug ’em!) I like that.


  160. Quixote, thanks. I like that (Go Neeta! Bug ’em!)

  161. That is a great article, Uppity.

  162. Uppity Woman, on May 30, 2016 at 9:54 PM said:
    Must read

    Sorry Upps, I got half way though this article and am so pist I don’t want to finish reading it.

    This effin’ halfwit needs to write about how he finally saw the humanity in Hillary after thinking of her previously as mechanical or more like Darth Vader.

    Why is it these Hillary haters think they know and report on who she is when they have no effin’ clue.

    Why did we see the real Hillary Clinton decades ago, and these nitwits just stopped hating her for a moment and captured reality for a minute or two? What is worse is that these people call themselves reporters, and they are getting paid good money to peddle their stupidity to the public.

    It makes me nuts…

  163. For chrissakes, read the whole damned article before you judge it. Or don’t. Whatever.

  164. Bernie Sanders..Commander-in-Sleep:

  165. TY Belle. xo

  166. I get what shadow is saying, God, what’s wrong with people! Half of the articles (not just this one) are all about how they hated Hillary, for sooooo many years, then suddenly, they came to their senses! WTF!! There’s no rhyme nor reason….suddenly, they see the light! I’m starting to think this is just a cookie cutter writing style to sell some article about their evolution of liking Hillary. There’s no evolution required. She is the same Hillary now as she was then. What was YOUR problem that you didn’t see the OBVIOUS???

  167. I liked the article. I thought it was well written and the difference pointed out re Hillary between large scale events and interpersonal ones was spot on.

  168. Upps, forgive me but I feel like I have to say this at this point. Hillary will be the Democrat nominee for POTUS. She WILL achieve this with her victory in NJ. While I expect a win for her in CA, I also know that Republicans have had time to switch party affiliation to help boost Sanders. I don’t believe there will be enough to take away that CA victory for Hillary.

    It is now 2016. It is NOW time for us to put forth all our energies toward Hillary winning in Nov. If you must go negative, go negative against her opponents…Bernie for the next week and Trump for the general election.

    What NONE of us can do any further is to keep rehashing 2008. Yes, it was sad and not fair. But energy wasted on a past we can’t undo is just that…WASTED ENERGY. We all must devote our energy to electing our first woman POTUS, working to convince the DNC to abolish caucuses, working to having only closed primaries so we Dems will NEVER AGAIN have to be fodder for the media over divisions that should not have even existed. Focus our energy pointing out every lie, deception and sexist comment by the media and/or Trump.

    Hillary let go of the “past” in 2008 in less than 8 days. We have had 8 YEARS. I am not saying we need to forget what happened, but we need to knock off whining about it any further. The time is NOW to get with the present and the future with our candidate, Hillary.

    (I now return you to your normally scheduled programming.)

  169. Its what you call the “getting your ass on the right side, if you want to keep your job after the rpimary” style of writing…….

    These swing in the wind kind of people are never to be trusted. They have no backbone.

    I hope Hillary’s campaign are keeping a big list of those never to get witihn 5 feet of her GE campaign. Nina Turner is one and the other backstabbing muppets can go to hell.

  170. The looong article in the NYMag was good. It may help some people stuck in The Stupid to understand they’re not thnking straight. Where it’s disappointing is, as imust says and shadowfax implies, is the lack of actual understanding of what the problem is. What the article needs is a mea culpa, “I see now I was hypnotized, I should have thought for myself and not been so accepting of massive misogyny.” Maybe sometime in the next hundred years….

  171. I totally agree with you VotingHillary. There comes a time when people need to just Let Go. I have done that. I bear no malice to Barack Obama any longer. I let that go long ago. My God, all this anger is not only counter-productive, but it’s not healthy. I learned recently enough that life is too short for all this hostility.

    I do want to add that I do find it oddly amusing when I see people declare how they will never forget the awful thing done to Hillary in 2008, therefore they hate Hillary. Ridiculous. Hillary did the MATURE thing. Our own lives would be a lot less stressful if we did the same. But hey, that’s just me. I just do not plan to waste my life on things I have no control over.

    As a side note, re Hillary. Not everybody feels as strongly about her as we do, and not everybody is following her as closely. So maybe they see things we don’t see or things we do see, but their perception of what they see is different. We cannot expect everyone to love everybody we love and hate everybody we hate, at least not with the same level of detail or intensity. I am a strong Hillary supporter as you all know, yet sometimes I see things that I don’t like. Doesn’t mean I am a piece of shit and you are the Greatest. (“You” used generically here). That having been said, Hillary is not a perfect candidate and there are those of us who are more tolerant of that fact because we feel her positives outweigh those things that are not what we would prefer them to be. So, if others see what we overlook out of love, it would be nice if we didn’t set them on fire.

    On a lighter note, I just saw bernie in a yellow cap, acting more and more like Trump and looking just as much an idiot.

  172. Well, that’s very nice Uppity. But the people in the media, or who have a platform to express their opinions, to not think, or speak in grays when it comes to Hillary hate. They hate and are quite vocal and forceful in their expression. Now, when they write these come to Jesus articles, they become more nuanced in their praise.

  173. Uppity, I just e-mailed that link to my niece. I am not going to give up on her. Maybe I can get her to register to vote in the general in CA if it is not too late.

  174. I guess we all have things that get us really ticked off, people like Saradon, I couldn’t care less.

    Sorry to upset the applecart, I am not ready to let go of how the Dem. party and the media have unfairly treated Hillary. I not only hate it because I support Hillary, but also because she is representing all American women, trying to break through that Men’s Only Club of Presidents.

    BTW, I don’t agree with all of Hillary’s policies. I am more to the center than she is, the one thing that I have never liked about the liberal end of the party is their immigration plan. I think it’s putting our country and citizens at risk.

    Some of the healing for me will begin when she wins the Primary and the Dem party gives her the credit she has earned, in this election and 8 years ago.

    The media, that’s another story.

  175. Neetabug, Your niece and every young woman should watch “Iron Jawed Angels.” This movie is about the suffragettes fight for gaining a woman’s right to vote. I think young people take things for granted and don’t realize how long and hard women fought for the right to vote and how they were abused during the process.

  176. I see your point, Shadow, and sympathize concerning the article in question and I can’t say the fairness issue in 2008 doesn’t irk me sometimes. I, too, won’t forget. But I’ve also been working on letting go, as Upps says, for a over a year now:

    ” I bear no malice to Barack Obama any longer. I let that go long ago. My God, all this anger is not only counter-productive, but it’s not healthy. I learned recently enough that life is too short for all this hostility.”

    As many of us have seen concerning the matter of former PUMA sites turned Trump sites now, anger can cloud judgement. I’m so glad many of us didn’t let our anger take us that far! As for me anyway, having lost a parent last spring, followed by some health issues have made my efforts of letting go a priority. It’s not always easy and I certainly have my moments–which is to say this journey is definitely a work in progress! In any case, Shadow, I hope my comments don’t rub you as preachy or patronizing. Just wanted to convey my thoughts on the matter and where I find myself today. I always appreciate your comments and your passion for Hillary here and on other sites. I’m so happy you got to meet and shake hands with her!

  177. Wow, considering what he did to Bill Clinton in 92, this is significant.

    California Gov. Jerry Brown has endorsed Hillary Clinton a week before a much-watched Democratic primary in his state on June 7.

    With about six in 10 Californians approving of the governor’s job performance, Clinton’s campaign believes Brown’s backing amid the neck-and-neck primary battle can carry weight.

    Bernie Sanders is campaigning hard in the state but Clinton is up by eight percentage points in the RealClearPolitics polling average. Needing fewer than 100 delegates to clinch the nomination, the former secretary of state is widely expected to cross that threshold in next week’s contests. (Five other states also hold Democratic primaries that day.)

    Brown praised Sanders, saying he is “deeply impressed” with the Vermont senator’s performance in the Democratic race.

    Brown’s endorsement is notable given his nearly 25-year feud with the Clinton family.

  178. moon:
    According the BBC, Hillary needs 71 delegates…

  179. birdgal, I was visiting in Valley Village CA about four years ago. There was this coffee shop I would go to in the mornings. You could sit outside and drink your coffee or whatever. There were unemployed writers and actors who would be on their computers. One day this woman came up to me, they were filming a woman’s first time voting. She ask me if I would be in it. I told her yes. All I did was walk up to a voting box and cast my vote. I raised my hand and said YES!!! It was a wonderful experience. She covered what I had on. My hair was already in a bun pulled back. It felt good.

  180. Well, good for Jerry Brown. I had thought that he was going to stay away from endorsing anyone, but I am glad that he finally endorsed Hillary. That will help, I think. Actually, the biggest risk in this primary is, as others have said, the amount of potential Republican “free shot” crossovers, who want to try to damage Hillary, or just draw out the campaign even further. It would be nice if Governor Brown showed up a a couple of Hillary rallies, but is untlikely. Hopefully, the endorsement gets major coverage here. I will miss him, when his term is finally up. He and his family are California institutions!

    Just to dovetail into the other matter about remembering things, I certainly understand both points of view. I just happen to remember virtually everything. My parents did; they would tell me about some congressman who did something reprehensible in some local or national campaign twenty years earlier; they carried grudges against various actors who were cowardly during the McCarthy era. I always admired that capacity to remember, and have it matter. Obviously, we need to focus on this race. But there are too many people in the country who have dangerously short memories. For example, they simply cannot remember how awful the economy always is under Republicans; and after eight years of a Democratic presidency, many are ready to put in the same trickle-down policies which are still ruining their personal prospects, even though they do not quite understand all of it.

    A knowledge of history, both near-term, and longer, is always good to have, if only to help try to prevent bad things from repeating. I never have forgotten being a shy but well-read 17-year old freshman, engaging various campus radicals in debates about what I insisted was the folly of revolution, that it always ultimately led to a tyrannical leader taking over. History does not always provide the definitive lesson, but it often gives strong indications of what will happen if a particular course is followed. As to Hillary in ’08, I learned that the DNC is run by foolish and self-serving people; and I will not give them money. I keep my Democratic Party registration, because I believe that we do not want to let half the country register as Indepenfent, because that would inevitably lead to all open primaries, which would lead to chaos, and a potential takeover of the Democratic Party by right-wing forces who would game the system. And I also remember which Democrats, and which media outlets and blogs, were on the right side of ’08, and which were not.

    We’ll take every vote we can get this time. But I will still more highly value those people who spoke out for integrity in the primary process, because without that, the same thing will happen, again and again. What is so frustrating, is how difficult it was, and is, to convince reasonably intelligent people of what seems obvious. But as long as one is still committed to trying to convince them, I think that a memory of the past, and even an unwillingness to let it go, can be a good motivating force. And unless enough people are willing and able to recount the true history, then they leave it to the other side to write it. They’ll do it anyway, of course, but at least there are some of us to refute it. All that said, of course we need to focus our energies on this election, and Hillary 2016.

  181. trixtia

    No thought that you were preaching at all and thanks for you kind words. They mean a lot. I thoroughly enjoy your comments too.

    My ‘getting over it’ seems to be taking longer than you, Upps, Voting and others.

    Maybe it’s my Irish/Italian and Scorpio loyalty and stubbornness.

    Yes, having a serious illness or losing a loved one, does give you an appreciation for a better outlook on life…

    Meeting Hillary, touching and talking to her was a big one on my bucket list. I will never forget it and she is even better than I imagined.

  182. and why tho BO and the Biden have not even attempted to give support to Hillary?

  183. and why tho BO and the Biden have not even attempted to give support to Hillary?


    After the primary, Obama will campaign for Hillary. During his commencement speeches, he has alluded to gradual change and has alluded to negative things about Trump. He will support Hillary, but is waiting until the primary is over.

  184. California Gov. Jerry Brown has endorsed Hillary Clinton a week before a much-watched Democratic primary in his state on June 7.

    It’s about freakin’ time Jerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know if it will help any CA voters, but at least he did this before the election.

  185. An Open Letter to California Democrats and Independents

    On Tuesday, June 7, I have decided to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton because I believe this is the only path forward to win the presidency and stop the dangerous candidacy of Donald Trump.

    I have closely watched the primaries and am deeply impressed with how well Bernie Sanders has done. He has driven home the message that the top one percent has unfairly captured way too much of America’s wealth, leaving the majority of people far behind. In 1992, I attempted a similar campaign.

    For her part, Hillary Clinton has convincingly made the case that she knows how to get things done and has the tenacity and skill to advance the Democratic agenda. Voters have responded by giving her approximately 3 million more votes – and hundreds more delegates – than Sanders. If Clinton were to win only 10 percent of the remaining delegates – wildly improbable – she would still exceed the number needed for the nomination. In other words, Clinton’s lead is insurmountable and Democrats have shown – by millions of votes – that they want her as their nominee.

    But there is more at stake than mere numbers. The Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has called climate change a “hoax” and said he will tear up the Paris Climate Agreement. He has promised to deport millions of immigrants and ominously suggested that other countries may need the nuclear bomb. He has also pledged to pack the Supreme Court with only those who please the extreme right.

    The stakes couldn’t be higher. Our country faces an existential threat from climate change and the spread of nuclear weapons. A new cold war is on the horizon. This is no time for Democrats to keep fighting each other. The general election has already begun. Hillary Clinton, with her long experience, especially as Secretary of State, has a firm grasp of the issues and will be prepared to lead our country on day one.

    Next January, I want to be sure that it is Hillary Clinton who takes the oath of office, not Donald Trump.

    With respect,

    Jerry Brown

  186. birdgal:
    I certainly hope so…

    Good reading at The Confluence with RD.

  187. shadow:
    thanks for posting the whole letter.

  188. You’re welcome bellecat.

  189. Thanks for the link at RD’s bellecat.

  190. Does anyone remember Cinie’s World? (I think that’s how she spelled her name.

    She was funny and I miss her humor.

  191. Cinnie, yes! She was a great writer too! She once told me she was a little intimidated of me. Normally I would have laughed but I actually felt bad about it because it meant she had no idea how much I admired her work.

  192. Nurse Ratched was on CNN earlier today. She was sweet as could be, I guess the threat of bank fraud charges will do that to a person. Anyways, she said, with a sweet smile, that Jerry Brown was protecting the “establishment”. I thought, holy shit you moron. Your husband has to start all over to be as progressive as the guy they called Governor Moonbeam. And at least he actually IS a Democrat.

  193. You know I went to Bill Clinton’s inauguration. It was a beautiful day. In fact channel 19 news here in Cleveland interviewed us. The reporter was Denise Defallow. I hope I spelled her name right. I have the video of that day.

    We use to go up Washington in September for the Caucus. Hillary was one of the speakers at the caucus.
    Coming out of the meeting I have her on video calling out my name saying hello to me.

    Oh how I long for those days!!!!!!

  194. We like ol’ Jerry Brown here in CA… it’s such a big, messy state and he’s a cranky old fart who seems to have figured out what to do. I’m very happy he endorsed Hillary.

    They strike me as similar.

  195. New York AG rips ‘phony,’ ‘heartless’ Trump University

    New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman ripped into Donald Trump on Tuesday, days after the presumptive Republican nominee criticized a federal judge in a separate lawsuit against Trump University and prompted the judge to unseal a series of documents related to the case.
    Trump’s lawyers had sought to keep the so-called “Playbooks” describing the operation under wraps, though U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel noted in his order that POLITICO published one such version in March. The candidate himself accused Curiel of being “biased” against him, sending multiple tweets over the weekend to that effect. Trump’s legal team has so far not brought a motion to have Curiel recuse himself.

    “You are not allowed to protect the trade secrets of a three card Monte game,” said Schneiderman, who has brought his own lawsuit against Trump and his now-defunct real estate seminar operation. “Sections of the playbooks have been laid out in our papers that we’ve submitted in the New York court. It is clearly just a motivational speech to try to sell people at their weekend seminar that you can’t possibly learn everything about real estate in three days. You got to spend $10,000, $20,000 on what were called the Trump Elite program, so the playbook just shows it was a pitch up to try to dupe these people into spending more money.”
    No judge in any of the three cases has dismissed the claims against Trump, Schneiderman said. “Every judge has said these are valid fraud claims. You defrauded people out of money. They’re entitled to their day in court. He keeps saying it’s an easy case to win but he keeps losing. All he’s doing is delaying.”

    Trump has largely tried to deflect the public attention on the case with respect to his general election race with Hillary Clinton by noting that the cases are civil and not criminal in nature.

    “If you look at the facts of this case, this shows someone who was absolutely shameless in his willingness to lie to people, to say whatever it took to induce them into his phony seminars,” Schneiderman said. “It was shameless. It was heartless. It’s important information to get out there and I think that between the judge releasing these records and other things, I hope all the facts will get out that can between now and the election. I think it’s important public policy.”


  196. Upps
    Cinnie, yes! She was a great writer too!

    —She was, just like you are a great writer too.
    Do you know why she folded up her tent? I remember she got upset at the end, but was it because she ended up wanting to vote for Obama? I don’t remember.

  197. I have stolen a name of Cinnie’s now and then, ‘Baracko Bama’ was one of my favorites.

  198. I suspect the Independents (what’s his name and Weld) are gonna give The Donald fits….

    I can’t wait to watch! 🙂

  199. TheNewRealist


    As long as she wins, I hope she wins big.

  200. Shadow:
    Fraud is a federal crime…
    good reporting!

  201. Shad, It was my understanding that Cinnie got some verrrrrrrrrrry serious threats and I know it got to her. She was a black woman beating up on Barack and we all know how rough that got. So she just pulled the plug.

    Thanks for the compliment. I guess I was okay when I DID write. But I am afraid I fizzled out. Or dried up. Or lost my path. Or my fire. Or something.

  202. WOW Neeta. Glad you got that on video!

  203. Yes Uppity we use to travel to DC a lot when our congressman Louis Stokes was there. I have a lot of memories on video. He would have us in his office for lunch. He also gave us a party while we were there. Very nice guy. May he RIP.

  204. Upps, I don’t believe you have dried up or lost your path, not for a minute. It’s been 8 years woman, no one can keep up a frantic pace that long, and still have a life.

    Just being here with us, speaking your mind and keeping the door open for Hillary supporters is worth with it’s weight in gold. Think of all the Hillary sites that were humming at a fever pitch, and slowly went away.

    Murphy is another one I miss, surprised she hasn’t resurfaced now that Hillary is running again. I know she is on twitter, but not sure if she blogs any more or not.

  205. I second shadow:
    upps you have not lost your “mojo”, and we Loove you for it!

  206. Now I remember that Cinnie was getting attacked. Sorry to see her go.

  207. Click on it because you all need the laugh.


  208. A breath of fresh air on CNN tonight, they are slamming him.

  209. ‘Him’ being Trump.

  210. Tonight/this mornings funny…the definition of “trumpery” ..this is the actual definition:

    attractive articles of little value or use.
    showy but worthless:
    “trumpery jewelry”

  211. My two cents…

    On whether to “let it go” (2008) or not, it will certainly surprise nobody here (who has read my comments over the years) which side I’m on.

    I’m with Shadow on this one (and others) in finding it impossible to “move on”. In fact, I will go even further and say: I simply cannot let it go.

    I can’t.

    I don’t have a choice. There are certain experiences in our lives, whether 8 years ago or 38 years ago, which leave permanent scars. And to attempt to ignore them would be, in a way, an unhealthy denial of the pain inflicted.

    The scars are there. And they cannot (and should not) ever be erased.

    That said, one need not live in the past. One need not put ones scars on public display at every (or any) opportunity. As for 2008 – the pain inflicted and damage done – I have never forgotten, nor forgiven.

    And I never will.

    And, speaking for myself only, I refuse to give “credit” or credence to any of these disgusting quislings who, after savaging Hillary and her supporters (us) eight years ago, have now suddenly (and quite conveniently) had their Road to Damascus conversions and “seen the light”.

    Fuck them.

    Now, please do not mistake my anger for a lack of pragmatism. I know what is at stake.

    And these feelings I have do not mean that I have become a bitter person, stomping around and constantly spewing invective about the injustices of the past.

    I hardly ever even mention 2008 and all those Obot atrocities. (Many repeated by the Bernouts, not for nothing) For, I understand that we have an election to win now. And I’m more excited about Hillary than ever before.

    In a very short time, she will be (officially) the first woman in the history of our republic to be nominated for the presidency by a major political party. It is cause for great celebration.

    I truly wish I could be as big a woman as Upps (and others) on this “letting go” issue, but I cannot. Of course, being a mere man, I can never quite measure up to Uppity (and all of you ladies) anyway.


    But, just as I respect any and all here who have moved on from 2008, I only hope that you can respect those of us who have not. We can, I hope, respectfully agree to disagree on this point, while still pulling together as ONE in our unyielding support for Mrs. Clinton. To my mind…

    “Never Forget, Never Forgive” and “Hillary 2016” are not mutually exclusive positions.

    Both can (and will!) lead us to the White House in November.


  212. Not to beat a dead horse here, but I would like to put in my two cents. I’m not over 2008. I may never be over 2008. And being told to “Quit whining and move on” is what drove me from other blogs.

    I don’t want to belabor this, so if you merge Shadow’s post with William’s post you get me. Add the premature and unwarranted canonization of Obama to the mix and the fact is I may never get over 2008.

    But that doesn’t mean I won’t do everything I can to support Hillary. Believe me, I’ve got my eye on the prize. There may come a day when I may even rejoin the party. But I feel how I feel, and expressing it now and then is not “whining”.

  213. Shadow and Belle, nice of you to say that but the TRUTH is, if it weren’t for imust and sophie, you’d all be posting on a thread with a thousand comments on it. They are the true heroes here and now, and it’s been that way for a couple of years now.

  214. Hahaha Rev Vet! When I was posting my comment I was thinking about how long it would be before you commented. I just plain adore you. And that’s that.

  215. Shadow let me tell you, they will wipe the floor with him in the end.

    A wise politician once told me to never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel (meaning the newspapers); one could argue (scuse the pun) that this also applies to people who get to appear on TV nationally 24/7. Donald is about to face his own biography’s secrets flashed before him on National TV. Often. And given his temper, he’s going to show the world what kind of President he would be as he responds. It will conjure the thought that, “My God, we’re all going to die with this guy at the helm”.

  216. If this article turns out to be true. I am done with the Democratic Party and done with voting.

  217. Newsmax is VERY right wing. Must be taken with mountain size grain of salt.

  218. Schoen has become right wing too. He used to be a Democrat but has been drinking the Fox kool-aid after hanging out there for years. The article is nothing but wishful thinking by GOP. Even if Sandres got “250 delegates”, she would get like number and remain well ahead. And after Sanders has bashed them and party for months, they will never back him. It’s right wing fantasy.

  219. Dem Super D’s are acutely aware of all the unrattled skeletons in Bernie’s closet. And his love of Communist dictatorships is just the beginning of his problems. They don’t intend to fulfill GOP’s fondest wish by giving them an opportunity to dump all that garbage in GE.

  220. Keep in mind that in 2008 President Obama lost 9 of the last 12 contests to Hillary. And he lost big important states like Ohio and Pennsylvania ( not to mention California!). No one said he was a weak candidate. Super D’s moved to him with just a small lead in pledged delegates.

  221. Don’t buy it Neeta. Newsmax is right wing garbage.

  222. That article is not based on anything but the wishful thinking and Hillary hatred of the people who wrote it. Look at the other articles linked at that site; all sorts of dire things about Hillary. And this article, “Sanders continues to pick up delegates; it is the superdelegates that are stopping him so far,” is nonsense, when she has 3 million more votes, and 270 or so more pledged delegates. She’ll win NJ, she’ll win NM, she’ll win PR this week, and DC after that. If Sanders wins CA it will only be because of a massive Republican crossover. One wishes in vain that the media would report that, but they never will; it would be too thrilling for them if HIllary lost CA, and/or they are too stupid to even understand that Sanders only wins when there is massive conservative voter crossover in open primaries.

    Another thing the stupid and biased media will not tell anyone, is that Jerry Brown beat Carter in the CA primary in 1976. Ted Kennedy beat Carter here in 1980. Hart beat Mondale here in 1984. Hillary beat Obama here in 2012. Why did the losing candidate in CA get nominated all those times? Hillary will get the nomination, win or lose in this primary. It is just a shame that if she loses, the media and the Republicans will use that to their great anti-Hillary advantage, even though the reality is that these kind of things, late primary ‘upsets,” happen quite a bit. After Hillary is nominated, that site will go along writing more anti-Hillary diatribes. If you want to see something more positive, there was an article by Cynthia Dill in the Portland, ME paper the other day, just scorching the whole email nonsense. I even wrote her a letter to applaud her for that one, and said that while a journalist actually doing intelligent reporting should not be out of the ordinary, it is so rare now, that she deserved commendation for doing it. The vast majority of the so-called media are just agenda-driven people with no moral conscience other than their own desires.

  223. I can’t wait until June7th. When all this will be over and done with. I gave my daughter in law the info. I called her this morning and told her she better get moving. I told her I am going to bug her everyday.

  224. neetabug, on June 1, 2016 at 10:49 AM said:
    If this article turns out to be true. I am done with the Democratic Party and done with voting.


    Neetabug, Consider the source. As others have pointed out, Newsmax is extremely right wing. Super D’s are continuing to unite behind Hillary. For Jerry Brown to do so, speaks volume about the support that she has for the nomination.

  225. Pretty much how I see the next couple of weeks going…

  226. Whoops…looks like that last link is a dupe of neeta’s, from a different source…

  227. Why E. Warren does not endorse Hillary?

  228. Well, for months the GOP has been saying Hillary is not going to be the nominee. It started last summer. The first reason they said she wasn’t going to be the nominee was because of Benghazi. Then after that it moved to emails. Interspersed with this was the fluffing of Sanders and pushing him to be the nominee. The GOP also predicted that Trump would not be the GOP nominee and look where that is. The GOP should get out of the prediction business altogether because they are almost always wrong. As a matter of fact I can’t think of anytime they actually might have been right for once.

  229. Rev War Vet

    “Never Forget, Never Forgive”

    Yeah, I feel pretty much the same way you do. This motto has applied to men in my life that have cheated on me…and it seems to apply to most of the people that have stabbed Hillary in the back, like the DNC, Nasty and many in the media.

    I don’t get worked up for those that voted for Obama in the primary and general after Hillary laid down her sword at the convention.

    I do hold the media to blame, just like many now that are pushing their own agenda on CNN for example, saying that Hillary is so disliked, does not have people excited about her…etc. Maybe those of us that had to wait another 8 effin’ years, and hope she would run again, waiting, waiting…and now hear much of the same Hillary hate on the news.

    We are not voting newbies that think the first woman to become President will be easy like free health care, free college and legalized pot for all…but we know that this election will end up giving our girl more scars and painful jabs until November comes around.

    Some of us are happy but also in fight mode right now. Trying to protect the rug from being pulled out from under us again.

    I would love to be gleeful, but certain hurtles need to be passed first. June 7th, the convention, then the general election, then the final vote. Some of us still have a long way to go to fix some of the distrust and skepticism we feel. I’ve never invested so much emotionally into a candidate before, but this election has to be significantly historic.

  230. neetabug, on June 1, 2016 at 10:49 AM

    Don’t worry nettabug, this article is just this guys wet dre@m.

    Bernie will NOT win California.

  231. Uppity Woman,
    …the TRUTH is, if it weren’t for imust and sophie

    Thank you to all 3 of you!!

  232. Oh no. UCLA on lockdown due to shooter.

    Bad. Bad. Bad. 😦

  233. Shooting at UCLA

  234. PHD Stutdent UCLA campus has some frightening photos here

  235. Rev War Vet (@ 5:35AM)

    For what it’s worth, I don’t see it as being on this side or that side and I hope my comments above did not insinuate such a division here. I, too, will never forget. People are where they are on this issue, and I would never tell anyone to get over it. Between letting go and moving on, I find myself currently in the former and only hope to be in the latter category at some point. But this will depend on how the primary pans out and how the Dem party treats Hillary at the convention and as the official nominee. I’m still fighting for her! So for me letting go does not mean to forget 2008 or roll over now. Hell no!

  236. Check out Gavin Newsom’s FB post and why he supports Hillary. Awesome! I’m a big fan of his, especially for his staunch loyalty and for his bravery on LGBT issues. Former Mayor of San Francisco, he’s now Lieutenant Gov of CA and will be running for Gov in 2018. Actually, I hope he’s on Hillary’s short list for VP because he’s not only smart, the right age, but will certainly put up a good fight against Trump. Okay, he’s also easy on the eyes. (Unfortunately, he had an affair with a campaign aide’s wife, so there’s that.)

    Here’s the link (below) to his FB post. (But found the link on reddit/clinton.)

  237. Quick question…anyone else get their “Woman Card” from the campaign? I got a “H” sticker in the mail today, but not the card.

  238. churl, on June 1, 2016 at 3:43 PM

    This is great news, just wait until after June 7th when Bernie is put to bed and voters support the winnerette.

    T. Rrump will start falling further and further behind in the polls. Yesterday he was getting pulverized at CNN with the Wounded Warriors donations and his Trump Scam Univ. court records released to the public.

    Trump is going to not only have his ass kicked by Hillary, he is going to realize running for prez was his biggest mistake, and his business reputation will be torn to shreds.

  239. Voting, I have only received the orange/purple bag…that I ordered at the start of her campaign. I haven’t received a sticker, (I did get two standing in line for her Oakland event, along with a Hillary poster that is now perched on the wall above my bed), and I am waiting for the t-shirt and golden/rinestone pin.

    They need to hire some people on the shipping end of her campaign.

    Since I work in the land of SandCrab Heaven, I will be waiting to parade around in my Hillary gear until after the primary ends next Tuesday. I am trying to be kind to the people that are going to be so disappointed in less than a week.

  240. I’ve got magnetic “Ready for Hillary 2016” and Hillary as Rosie the Riveter bumper stickers on my car.
    I got them at Amazon.
    I can’t wait to sport a Clinton/? 2016.

  241. I’m not forgetting 08 or trusting the people who did wrong. But the facts do look different now.

    Then I(we?) thought we’d lost our last and only chance of seeing a President Hillary. It seemed unlikely that she’d even run again (8 years older). If she did, she’d be pushed aside by male contenders. Or there would be more hankypanky against her as in 08. Or Obama would push some male crony.

    But none of that has happened! We’re looking at a decent outcome for the next 8 years: ie a Dem White House from 2008-2024. Obama finally grew some cajones and got a little done, so there’s not as much crap for Hillary to clear. She might even be able to accomplish more from 16-24 than she could have from 08-16.

  242. JUST IN: Clinton raises more than $40 million in May.

  243. Yay Hillary!!!

  244. It sometimes seems that the Democratic Party makes it as hard to win elections as possible for its major candidates. If Hillary could win California, she would essentially eliminate any Sanders talk, even about the platform. Unfortunately, some misguided and wildly inclusionary people in the CA Democratic Party decided to make this an open primary. I have no idea how many Republicans and right-wing Indies have lately re-registered so that they can beat Hillary in the primary, and thus help Trump. This would not be possible if the CADP didn’t give them the window to do it. I am sure that Hillary would win CA, if it were a closed primary. As it is, it is going to be very close; and if there are enough crossovers out to vote against her, she won’t win.. I wouldn’t even be that upset if Hillary lost CA, as a result of this artificial situation–except that we know that the media will never explain any of this, and will spin it as Hillary stumbling, or losing support among Democrats, which is simply untrue.

    In 1976, Jerry Brown beat Carter in CA. In 1980, Ted Kennedy beat Carter here. In 1984, Hart beat Mondale. Hillary of course beat Obama in CA in 2008. You won’t hear anything about that, either. I so much want to see Sanders become irrelevant, but if he gets the gift win in CA, he may well cause problems all the way through the convention. This could easily have been avoided with the closed primary. Right now, the polls are really widely divergent, with three fairly recent polls showing Sanders within 2 points, and two others showing Hillary with a double-digit lead. I think that the variance is due to not knowing how to effectively calculate the crossover effect.

  245. William, even Sanders campaign has quit talking about winning California. They’ve started talking about going to the convention now.

  246. Ga6thDem, I hope the implication is indeed correct. But the latest poll is from Marist, and it has Hillary up by two points. If there is a Field poll this week, that would be the most trustworthy. They had her up by six points about a month ago.

  247. Hillary in Jersey! With Bon Jovi and Cory Booker!
    Wow! Cory Booker is the greatest, I hope he’s the VP pick! (Bon Jovi would be good too! ;))

  248. This latest NBC poll appears to reflect a virtual tie in CA.

    I hope Hillary can pull it out as a Sandet’s victory only prolongs his presence/influence at the convention and is detrimental to Hillary ‘s ability to completely focus on Trump. Disappointing to see young people so uninformed/misinformed about what Hillary has stood for all these years. Hillary has fought for young people, particularly women , for decades but they are going for this creepy Senator who is making false promises and has done very little during his long term in the senate.

  249. The hardball interview was good except, I didn’t see Barney Frank doing much for Hillary, it was Matthews and his nailing that slimball Weaver on Sandcrab’s taxes. I really cannot stand anyone associated with The Sandernista man. Both he and Trump have mob men working for them. The slime oozes out of them.

  250. imust, TOLDJA! Cory is the best of the lot!!! I mean this!!! He is a fantassssssssstic surrogate for her.

  251. Moon

    JUST IN: Clinton raises more than $40 million in May.

    Sounds like the swinging of the party is finally taking place!!


  252. Beware of poll herding. After the media creating that false narrative about that poll that had Hillary only up 2 points the rest of them can be adjusting their polls to reflect the same thing. California is not a favorable state for Bernie. The entire state is not Berkley. However NJ is going to deliver the nomination to her. So even if Sandcrab pulls off an upset it is going to be drowned out with people like Jeff Merkely talking about how Sanders needs to end his campaign and his Super D’s leaving him. I’ll be glad when Sanders is gone so the media can quit hiding behind him and the GOP hiding behind him too.

  253. JB

    The kids and the guilty parents and cross over Hillary haters will vote for Bernie, (Trump supporters), the adults will vote for Hillary.

    I have faith that Hillary will win, the question is how much, +12 to +2.

    I don’t know how you can stand the other pace. It has taken a 180 and it drives me nuts just to see the Hillary hatred.

    Glad you at least come here so I can still talk to ya.

  254. 1950 Democrat, what was another of your blog names. I know I know you. 😉

  255. Apparently, in one of the latest polls, sanders is leading Hillary among Latinos, 49 % to 47%, and Hillary is leading among whites, 51% to 45 or 47 %. Very weird.

  256. Hi Shadowfax. We were all in it together in 08 and that bond remains strong for me . I am respectful of others who have made the transition , but you know how I feel about Obama and much of the Democratic Party. Nonetheless, I have deeps roots as far as Bill and Hillary are concerned and am sickened once again how the press and her opponents try to tear down a woman whose entire adult life has been one of public service and commitment for equality for all.

  257. Well known Republican’s, including military guys are coming forward in the media saying they will vote for Hillary over Trump. Some say they know a lot of others that feel the same way but do not want it known in public because of attacks by their own parties. They sound like reverse PUMAs.

  258. JB

    I know what you mean, I had strong bonds there too but the constant articles that show Hillary in a bad light, 24/7 is not something I can be around any longer.

    Yes, the media is still the same as they were in 2008, but even someone like Jerry Brown has put away his Clinton anger. I don’t think he would have endorsed Hillary as the CA Governor if he thought Bernie was going to win in my state.

  259. votinghillary I am still waiting for my card.

  260. There were three events in my life that worked toward destroying my faith in this country, the Vietnam War, the Supreme Court decision /Bush v Gore and May 31st,2008 ( the meeting of the R&B committee).

    Forgiving and forgetting are two different things. I hang on to a small bit of my anger around those events so I never forget and remember to remain alert for the signs that something like those events is about to happen again. Live and learn..but I don’t live in that anger,I use it and will continue to use it to help see the first woman elected president of the United States. THAT will erase the last vestiges of my anger.

    I have my list of folk I’m waiting for Karma to catch up with ( Oh the irony of Ken Starr these days). I merely ask to be a witness.

    And Upps,please do not be so hard on’ve provided us all with a safe place,a home for lo these many years. Many times that’s the best gift of all;safety to be one’s self,to be able to speak out among friends..even if they do have funny names. You are a treasure.

    Oh and I’ve come up w a description of Trump’s “leadership” style. I call it leadership via Tabloids and Twitter.

    Fear not Uppittyites ..all will be well and all will be well.

  261. Msdsal:
    I remember you from the puma times. I won’t forget the very same things you brought up. How can we forget Vietnam, 2000 selection of the W and the rip off delegates away from Hillary by the Demo Party to the BO.
    Must of all, Uppity Woman -a treasure blog space that has been for 8 years the daily crash on place to babble, cry, yell, bitch and fight our sorrows of being women.

    By the by upps, are those Uppity Woman baseball caps still available to but?
    If not, I think we should have a revival…what do you think?

  262. oops! to buy…purchase…

  263. Hi, Shadow. I was also Turndownobama at H44, don’t remember if I had another name. Nice to see you and other PUMA names I remember here! H44 as it is today looks like a bad dream. I’ve still got my fingers crossed. In 2017 maybe I’ll uncross them, and from there 2016 will be gone like a bad dream. While we all watch Ellen doing her show from the White House!
    *** HUGS!! ***

  264. I think I know what Hillary is missing this go-round that she had in 2008. She had Stephanie, RIP her beautiful soul.

  265. Taking Texas?


  266. Yes poll herding is taking place and also dont forget, Hillary is having to battle voters who would normally be voting in the GOP primary playing spoiler in the CA primary, Dems are not stupid to know this is taking place and the number votes for the senate candidates vs primary vote will tell us exactly how many of them tried to swing it to Bernie…….

    The dem vote for Dem senate race shoul be similar to the totals for the dem president, if its not, you know why!

  267. moon, that happened in other states where the so-called Bernie “supporters” didn’t vote down-ticket. This is why we need CLOSED PRIMARIES ONLY.

  268. To those saying they’re not about to forget or forgive what the Dem Party did in 2008: Of course not! That was just plain wrong. An injustice. An unfairness. The solution to that is for the people who did the wrong to get it and to become the sort of people who don’t do that kind of crap. (No, I’m not holding my breath.) Then you forgive.

    (Hell, even if all you did was steal a six-pack from a 7-11, just saying “Aw, let’s just forget it” doesn’t cut any ice with anybody. Stealing an election is a way higher order of crime.)

    But you’re all also right that just because you know this, doesn’t mean you spend your time worrying about it. We know which end is up. We do what needs to be done now. And that’s all there is to it.

  269. ((1950Dem)), ‘Turndown’…oh yes, I remember you and also your newer version. Glad so many of us from 2008 are still together.

    Still fighting for Hillary.

  270. Hillary is supposed to give a big speech today.

  271. Holy moly. I just wandered by a blog where I used to lurk but never posted. I have no words for what it has become, but I need a shower right about now.

    I feel compelled to say that I appreciate the rational, intelligent conversation here and I’m happy to be amongst you all. Even if we are in different places in our journey. 🙂

  272. The Field Poll just came out, they have long been highly respected as a polling organization in California. Hillary is up by 2 points. That means it will very difficult for her to win the primary, because she’s not going to move any of those Sanders voters, and so any more Republican voters unaccounted for in the poll will very possibly make the difference, since 100% of those who decide in the next couple of days to game the primary will vote for Sanders. Again, you will never hear a word about this from the media, even though it is so blatantly obvious. And I wonder how much damage Sanders will do before he is finally forced to relinquish the stage.

    The better news is that we will almost certainly win New Jersey and New Mexico. We will win Puerto Rico this weekend, and DC as the final primary. And Hillary, even with a potential loss in CA, will have another 500 or so pledged delegates, giving her somewhere around 2200-2250.

  273. While I’d like Hillary to hand Bernie his ass here in CA next Tuesday, she will do well here no matter what. Even if she ties, she’s got the nom.

    Bernie should shut up but he won’t.

    This too shall pass.

  274. I’ve been trying to post for the past hour and does not go thru…

  275. William

    A few of things to consider when it comes to CA voting.

    Hillary won over Obama in 2008.

    Bernie draws big crowds and often they have not factored into winning the state.

    Last and not least, the delegates are not winner take all, so even if he wins a few more votes, (I don’t believe he will), Hillary could easily be given more delegates.

    If the CA masses loved Trump, I could see them gaming the system to make Bernie stronger…however, everyone knows Hillary will win the primary on Tuesday and Bernie will just have time to scream at the convention, and it will be a done deal.

    All the republican’s in this blue state can’t take the primary win away from Hillary…no matter what they do.

  276. I’ve been trying to post for the past hour and does not go thru…

    Does too! 🙂

  277. Hillary is speaking now

  278. Hillary foreign policy speech on cspan now.

  279. Hillary is blasting Trump.

    Hillary is doing a GREAT job.

    Go Hillary, go!

  280. Yes she is

  281. I am sitting here crying. I don’t understand why some voters can’t see what a great president she will be.

  282. Damn, how I love this intelligent woman!


  284. DARN GOOD SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  285. I am fighting back tears too Neetabug.

    As I said to her, eye to eye, holding each others hand, “You make me feel so proud, Hillary”.

  286. Paul Ryan tweeted he will voting for Trump this fall. Duh, I am shocked

  287. Ryan sold his soul to the devil

  288. I see why some voters in his hometown don’t like him (Ryan)

  289. Christ almighty, that was on fire, where ya been girl, that speech was so damn good, you had the GOP applauding……

  290. Moon

    She has to realize that that’s what we all want.

    Tough, brilliant, take no prisoners Hillary.

    She’s found her voice again ….

  291. Clinton up by 10 points in Cali, 49-39 among likely voters, per new LAT/USC/GQR poll. But Sanders up 1 among all vtrs

    and likely voters is what you expect……so Clinton by 10

  292. moon, I hope that poll is correct.

  293. Hillary’s speech today….The general election is going to be so much FUN!

  294. Now we need some good talking surrogates.

  295. Thanks for putting up Hillary’s powerhouse speech Voting.

  296. Thanks for posting the speech Voting. I looked for it and couldn’t find it.

  297. YOWWWWWZZZZZAAA HILLARY! On fire! What a speech!
    I loved this part when she said Donald dissed John McCain saying he wasn’t a hero and somebody booed….then she said simply, and dryly, “exactly.” OMG this was amazing!

  298. I am saving this speech

  299. That speech was freaking amazing.

  300. All Right!! It’s the return of the Hillary we all know and love. The one who will stomp on Republicans until they scream.

  301. We need a new thread again. How about just posting the video of Hillary’ speech with the heading “THIS is what a POTUS Looks Like”.

    Carry on Troop Hillary!

  302. I second VotingHill…
    New thread….

  303. Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

    In other words, SCREEEEEEEEECH!! There’s a new thread.

  304. I forced myself to accept a no politics zone lately due to bernie’s sexist cr@p. My husband said I was being too angry about an insignificant loser. So I unplugged for a while. I knew he was right when I found myself defending DWS. She’s not my favorite but Bernie’s attacks were unwarranted and then him raising money to unseat her was too much. As if the house has too many women and we need another man to replace her.

    Any way glad I checked back in cuz Hillary’s speech was great. She looked so natural there. However, sad to find Bernie still hasn’t learned math. I thought he would have come to his senses by now but instead he’s just doubled down on the stupid. All I can say is what a dick!

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