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  1. Thanks, Sophie! Appreciate you putting up a new thread. Thanks for what you do to help Upps keep the place running full-speed.

  2. No need to thank me. I am also grateful to have this place.

  3. Hillary Clinton’s evisceration of Donald Trump
    “one of the most striking speeches of her political career”

  4. Wonderful, thanks Sophie and Voting. I also appreciated the link at the bottom of the thread, it saves a LOT of time getting here.

  5. Thanks Sophie! Hill is getting a lot of positive press about her speech!

  6. I posted this in the old thread so here it is again. I guess I am stil pissed off at that old goat Bernie.

    I forced myself to accept a no politics zone lately due to bernie’s sexist cr@p. My husband said I was being too angry about an insignificant loser. So I unplugged for a while. I knew he was right when I found myself defending DWS. She’s not my favorite but Bernie’s attacks were unwarranted and then him raising money to unseat her was too much. As if the house has too many women and we need another man to replace her.
    Any way glad I checked back in cuz Hillary’s speech was great. She looked so natural there. However, sad to find Bernie still hasn’t learned math. I thought he would have come to his senses by now but instead he’s just doubled down on the stupid. All I can say is what a dick!

  7. Dang! I keep getting notices about Bill and Hill events so close by tomorrow……and I can’t go!!!! Whaaaaa!!

  8. Hillary’s speech rocked! I am so proud of her!

  9. Thanks for the new thread Sophie!!! Great news Hillary only needs 70 delegates!!!! 💙

  10. imust, is Hillary in southern Calif?

  11. I just watched Hillary’ speech; fortunately CSPAN shows most things several times. I was a wonderful speech in all respects; and if people were better informed, this would win her the election in a landslide. I thought it was great that she went through so many areas where Trump has no policies, or just wild and unconsidered ones. It is a pathetic shame that so many Republican politicians support him anyway. This was the kind of masterful and hard-hitting speech that will make a difference, even among some Independent voters.

  12. Shadow, yes! Bill too.

  13. In a nutshell re: Hillary’s speech today:

  14. dabadabadabadoooo!

    Flintstones talk… I think…?

  15. Definitely seems today’s speech was a defining moment for her campaign. Let’s hope she can wrap it up next week and get a nice bump in the polls .

  16. imust, Bill and Hillary…it just doesn’t get any better.

    I have mixed feelings about the CA vote being so close with the Sandcrab.

    As much as I want Hillary to put him out of his misery, I am happy as I can be to have our Clinton’s in our state, up close and personal.

  17. JB, Hillary only needs 70 more delegates to win the Primary. Bernie will be kicking and screaming at the Convention, just because it’s the most attention he has ever gotten and he is fighting to have a big stake in the party platform. He isn’t going to go away at least until after the convention.

    Hillary has already surpassed him in every way, everyone knows it but Bernie.

  18. Ahhh, Bill is going to be in Woodland Hills tomorrow. Anyone that need info or an invite, here it is:

    Woodland Hills Get Out the Vote Event with President Bill Clinton
    Promenade Mall (2nd floor seating area of Food Ct)
    6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd

    Woodland Hills, California 91367

    We all know Bill will be very accessible. Wish I was there.

    Come on up here Bill and Hillary.

    These free events for us worker bees is a blessing.

  19. Hill is getting a lot of positive press about her speech!

    Yes she is! I heard Maddow did a blow-by-blow.

  20. Shadow, it’s 63 now.

  21. Just a reminder for all of us CA voters. Polls open at 7 AM to 8 PM.

  22. Sophie, 63….wow. Sounds like maybe the delegates are working behind the scenes, maybe to put her over the top before Tuesday??

    The email I got about Bill being in Woodland Hills said 70, so things are moving fast.

  23. Trump escalates attack on ‘Mexican’ judge

    This guy is like a man dog after a bone. He doesn’t realize or care that he is out of control.

  24. Another big mistake, Trump rally in San Jose. Doesn’t he know that San Jose has a huge Latino population?

    Violence erupts outside Donald Trump rally in San Jose as protesters clash with his supporters

  25. I watched Hil on CSPAN live today…. OMG! It was fabulous!

    When she was done, I thought, “She’s got him! She is going to do what all those knuckleheads could not and drive his stupid face into the mud.”

    She’s on the correct path.

    My brother and I are going to go see her tomorrow in Westminster, CA. I’m so excited!

  26. Rachel Maddow still pushing the poll that has Sanders within 2 points. I’m so sick of her.

    Sanders not saying how much $$ he has…which means he has none.

  27. So jealous coastie! Tell her we love her if you talk to her!

  28. I’m happy you get to see Hillary Coastie!

    If we keep posting Clinton events in CA, hopefully everyone from CA will get to see her.

  29. So proud of Hillary today! She delivered a masterful argument against Trump while showcasing her stature as a statesman. Among other things, the speech is the playbook for hammering Trump throughout the GE. Hope her surrogates took notes! Wish I could have seen Bill’s proud face while she verbally pummeled the clown! Trump’s tweet in response was so lame and unimaginative! Hillary accomplished today what others haven’t been able to do; she deflated the windbag.

  30. So, once again violence at a Trump event. The rhetoric of both Sanders and Trump is leading to this nonsense. But interesting note is that it is mostly the far left that is doing this be it at Trump rallies or Hillary’s.

    Bernie must be so proud…and must be reduced to a trivia question on Jeopardy.

  31. Just wow-
    One Person Attacked Hillary for Her Brilliant, Blistering Destruction of Donald: Bernie Sanders
    What an ass…..

  32. One of day of positive press sends us into rapture. LOL. We’re so used to the negative I guess we can’t believe anything positive can actually be written about her.

    Susan Sarandon is now shopping the Hillary is going to be indicted lie. Those polls with an 18 point spread might be more accurate judging from the words coming out of the mouths of Bernie’s surrogates. Really I hope that she and Bill are spending so much time in CA to run up the score and not just win. Maybe after Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands she will have the delegates to clinch the nomination and we won’t even have to wait for New Jersey to roll in.

  33. Sarandon is a psycho, who cares what she says, the only people listening to her are desperados grasping at straws and looking for somebody else to pay their bills for them.

    Now about Hillary’s speech. In short, I found it DEEPLY SATISFYING! And Bernie should considering his old wrinkled communist ass lucky that she didn’t do that to him.

  34. I have to tell you that those demonstrators do the Democratic party no favors. It reminds me of what tanked McGovern. He was a good man but the entire country was horrified by his followers. That brought us Nixon. Just saying.

  35. Excellent round up of the fantastic media response to Hillary’s speech and the big cheetoh:

  36. Bernie Bros. attacking Hillary’s extraordinary speech on Twitter. One actually said we shouldn’t be attacking Trump. “The only way to defeat him is with positive progressivity not negativity.” Oh, really? So attacking Hillary in the most vile ways imaginable is perfectly fine, but we must stay positive against Trump. Got it. The more I hear from these dudes and their female co-conspitators, the more I am convinced this is all about gender.

  37. I agree about the speech, Up. After months of Bs bs, Hillary was just dying to unload on someone. And it’s amazing how so much of what she said about the Donald applies just as well to the old dictator-loving Bernie. I noticed this about halfway into the speech.

  38. Well, I think maybe once Bernie drops out the attacks at the Trump rallies will stop. Podesta denounced the violence immediately. It’s not like Hillary hasn’t been on the receiving end of the Bro’s violence and tantrums.

  39. Bernie Bros. attacking Hillary’s extraordinary speech on Twitter.

    Well if we need confirmation that she was effective, this is it.

    One actually said we shouldn’t be attacking Trump.

    Probably because he’s a trump supporter. I don’t suppose he said we shouldn’t be attacking Hillary, though, did he? These are not Democrats. Just like Bernie isn’t a Democrat.

  40. Donald, you have been SERVED.

  41. SophieCT,

    Excellent round up of the fantastic media response to Hillary’s speech and the big cheetoh:

    Fantastic, thanks for the link…some great news to chew on today.

    Hillary knew once she called T.Rump out on his ineptness for the job, nasty behavior and lack of policy details…he was going to start acting like a two-year-old that was refused to be given cookies just before dinner…

    …so, she blasted him with both barrels.

  42. The Bernie Bros and the Trump supporters think we shouldn’t be attacking Trump. Well, kind of ironic. They seem to think it’s okay for them to attack anybody and everybody. They make me furious because they don’t get to decide the rules in an election.

  43. SophieCT
    ROFLMAO!!! Bernie might sky dive into his rally!

    I can see it now, the Sandcrab in his rumpled suit, hair going every which way, they take the jump out of the plane and Bernie’s glasses fall off inside his goggles…he freaks out and almost strangles his co-jumper on the way down, landing accidentally in the middle of a Trump rally.

    He needs more than a parachute, he is Crash and Burnie.

  44. SophieCT, on June 3, 2016 at 9:29 AM said:
    Excellent round up of the fantastic media response to Hillary’s speech and the big cheetoh:

    ——–This is great, thanks.

  45. So if Bernie sky dives into his tally, does secret service go with him?

  46. Shadow I am forwarding the info to my daughter in law and niece I Woodland Hills.


  47. First, thanks for posting this amazing speech. Not having cable, I couldn’t watch it live.

    Second, I read the headline about Parachuting Bernie while eating lunch, and damn near spit my tea all over the place! Let the memes begin!

  48. Sanders is proving to be an angry, jealous, spiteful,, bitter person, who apparently does not care if the Democrats win the election, if he is not the candidate. That is why I so much do not want him to eke out a victory in CA, because while it means nothing in terms of delegate math, it gives him and his wild-eyed supporters a chance to cause more damage. Anyone who saw that wonderful speech by Hillary should be truly frightened at what a Trump presidency would mean. But for some of the Marxists like Sarandon, Trump is just another signpost on the road to the glorious revolution, which of course is never glorious, except for the totalitarans that end up taking over after people are sick of the turmoil.

    And yes, that violence at Trump rallies is not helpful. I would not be surprised if Trump people had a part in them, as that is often the way with fascist demagogues. And we know that the FBI had people fomentng some of the angry chants and even violence during the ’60’s. But more likely the perpetrators here are just the OWS types, the people who crave attention, and for whom seeing themselves on the news, makes them think that they are doing something important. They are just helping the cause of the “strongman” who promises law and order. Nixon and Wallace ended up getting 58% of the vote in 1968, because people were so angry and frightened at all the violence in the streets.

  49. Ga6thDem is so right, that getting one day of positive Hillary coverage seems so wonderful. We know that it will be a brief respite, though. There was this purported journalist named Jeffrey Goldberg from the Atlantic Monthly, on “Hardball,” and he could barely say one positive thing about the speech, before saying that, well, this is a way for Hillary to deflect criticism of her own foreign policy. (I didn’t know that the Secretary of State made foreign policy). I did like the one foreign policy expert on some show, who said that comparing Hillary’s foreign policy proposals to Trump’s, is not like comparing apples to oranges, it is like comparing apples to Mars. Hillary’s terms, “incoherent,” and “just a series of rants,” were truly accurate. Trump has been given the most dangerous of free rides by the media; he is extremely irrational, unknowledgeable and frightening in his bellicose ignorance.

  50. If a confused bird briefly lands on Bernie’s ‘chute will the bros take it as another Divine Sign?

  51. William, I saw that dyspeptic dipshit on Hardball, too.
    He tried so hard to dampen any enthusiasm for HRC’s masterful speech.
    He failed.

  52. Really insightful piece on the MSM’s misguided policy of, “False Equivalence” and how it hurts Hillary and the Democratic party…

  53. I want to join the amen chorus of kudos to Hillary for the super take down of daffy Donald the chump Trump. She really is a super woman who deserves this super tribute!

  54. Thanks for the new post with that gem of a General speech.

    It was indeed a tRump roast.

  55. TheNewRealist, I read the Alterman piece you linked, and it was pretty good; however in the last paragraph he felt compelled to almost do the very thing he was criicizing; telling us that “Hillary Clinton has many flaws and failures,” before saying that Trump is far worse. I really do not know what these many flaws and failures are, but I guess he feels that his magazine readers need to be assured that their own anti-Hillary bias is warranted.

    I think that the media has long been intimidated by the right wing. When they went around accusing the media of liberal bias, and threatening to boycott; and when they intimidated CBS into firing Dan Rather, a shameful display of cowardice, the sleek and well paid newspeople made sure that if there were ever any criticism of a conservative, or of the Republican Party, they would quickly dilute it by attacking the Democrats. The “false equivalence” almost always starts with something that the right wing did which was dishonest or wrong, and then the media trying to find something on the other side which they can call equivalent. It almost never goes the other way.

    Actually, the target is almost always Hillary. They contort themselves to claim that Sanders staying in the race with no chance to win, and attacking Hillary and the Democratic Party, is equivalent to Hillary staying in the race when she was even or ahead in the popular vote, had won most major primaries, and was waiting for the DNC to do the right thing, and give her the delegates which she had won in Florida and Michigan. And these are presumably college educated people who sit up there and sententiously expound that, “It is the same as in 2008, when Hillary was on the other side of it.” No, it is not at all. So anyone can decide whether this is utter lack of knowledge on their part, or just spiteful bias.

  56. So Sanders is refusing to release his fundraising numbers for May………only after June 7th…….just about says it all…must be really bad as he usually is shouting from the rooftops…….or he’s had to pay back people by order from the FEC.


  57. Well, maybe just maybe Bernie not releasing his fundraising numbers until after June 7th means he will be suspending his campaign. One can always hope.

  58. My daughter sent me this truly disturbing article from Slate:

    I never knew this even existed, but it goes to show what a disgusting human being Trump is. If I were Ivanka I would keep my kids far the hell away from that man.

  59. Wonderful tribute Paulette, thanks.

  60. A big reason Hillary has so many haters is that instead of knocking at the door, she is kicking down the door of the ‘Men’s Only Club House’.

  61. julies9164

    I thought brackets were used as hugs, at least in all the blogging I’ve done, the more brackets, the bigger the hug.

  62. I thought brackets were used as hugs, at least in all the blogging I’ve done, the more brackets, the bigger the hug.

    Shadowfax – that’s always how I’ve seen them used which is what makes this so insidious. If you just happened to see it you’d think “what’s with all the hugging?” and move along.

  63. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((ME))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  64. Uppity 😆 😆 😆


  65. While Trump keeps saying the judge has Mexican heritage. What is his heritage, plus his wife. Someone needs to remind him his wife was not even born in the USA. Send her back to wherever she is from.

  66. Trump is still on the warpath attacking his judge…he is talking to Trapper and is totally illogical. He keeps saying the judge isn’t being fair to him because he is a Mexican. Tapper keeps saying, he is an American, he was born here but has Mexican heritage. Trump still says the judge isn’t able to do his job because, “I am building a wall. Are you listening to me, I am building a wall.”

    Hillary rips him to shreds and he doesn’t want to be distracted from the anger he is experiencing against the judge…he just tosses out, “Hillary is just a stiff!”.

    He has become unglued because Trump is being caught with his pants down, and the fraud case is exposing the snake oil salesman that he is.

  67. So excited. I just got my 100% Shattered Glass Ceiling Pint glasses from Hillary. Now I will be able to celebrate on Tuesday, when we break that glass ceiling the DNC has held in place for the history of our great country. I was going to celebrate with champagne, but not sure those are the best glasses to use for champagne. I won’t make it until NJ closes!!

  68. Tuesday we should all be ready with some champagne. We should be online to toast Hillary together . Be it champagne, water, juice whatever.

  69. If a confused bird briefly lands on Bernie’s ‘chute will the bros take it as another Divine Sign?

    If a well-fed bird shit on Bernie’s head, THAT would be a divine sign.

  70. And why should I get behind on the hugs thing…


  71. Trump is truly mentally ill. I’m beginning to wonder, if he might have early Alzheimer’s disease. I have a psychologist friend, who believes Trump has Alzheimer’s disease.

  72. And why should I get behind in the hugs thing….


  73. neeta:

    I’m already celebrating that wonderful speech with good all wine!

  74. Upps:
    Again, I’m posting and does not show….???

  75. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Hillary)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  76. I keep telling everyone there is something wrong with Trump.

  77. Birdgal, I think both Bernie & Trump have some type of old age senility. They both sound like cranks. My kid is always saying they are opposite, but the same. I’ve mentioned before that seeing Bernie hold his finger up loosely, slowly moving it around with a totally vague look on his face while he’s trying to think of what was in his head a minute before is what my Dad used to do in the early stages of his Alzheimers.

    Meanwhile, Hillary is like a fine old wine, stronger, smarter, kinder, and more concerned about people than ever.

  78. A new ARG poll from New Jersey has Hillary up 23 points. That is a lot of potential delegates! It will help, if Sanders wins in Califiornia, because the greater Hillary’s pledged delegate lead, the less that the media will be inclined to act as if it is still a battle. Let’s see if we can gain a net of 17 delegates or so in Puerto Rico, and that will help, too.

  79. I don’t know if T. Rump has a mental illness or is just a racist and sexist with a lot of rage and feeling that he is better than anyone else that isn’t wealthy. He is comfortable in his self imposed God complex.

    Maybe he and Bernie’s magical pigeon should get together and find a Kingdom of their own. Actually, Trump could probably afford to buy his own little country, unless he blows it all on this race and ends up broke and getting his ass kicked by an amazingly intelligent woman.

    I dread having to listen to five more months of his insults and his hollow bragging.

    Any man that has to keep telling others how great he is, has a real inferiority complex. God help us.

  80. Hillary is going to win California, I have no doubt.

  81. Just in case anyone was wondering 🙂 about tRump’s Trumpeting that Hillary was making up those points in her speech:
    (h/t dslindc at

    The Democratic Party couldn’t have wished for a better Republican opponent. After 2008, and after wimping out to BS this year, they don’t deserve it.

  82. Just in case anyone was wondering 🙂 about tRump’s Trumpeting that Hillary was making up those points in her speech:
    (h/t dslindc at

    The Democratic Party couldn’t have wished for a better Republican opponent. After 2008, and after wimping out to BS this year, they don’t deserve it.

  83. Shadow, I’m with you on Trump. At first I was kind of enjoying Trump from the standpoint of seeing the GOP establishment constantly break out in a sweat every time they had to talk about Trump. However at this point it has just reached bizarro land. Some days I find it literally impossible to believe that Trump is actually the nominee of a major political party in this country and I think he’s really playing a joke on the entire country and is going to announce it was all for a reality show. But most of all I can’t believe the entire GOP is basically endorsing the guy. Do they all want to sink with the titanic or something? I guess the GOP resides in such a rarefied bubble that they have no idea how all this looks to the rest of the country. And the GOP has been getting away with the “big lie” for so long I think they’ve started to believe it themselves.

  84. Is wonkette banned? I just posted a comment with a hat tip to one of the commenters there; it didn’t show up.

  85. Did you hear Donald say at his rally today saying where is my African American? As if this person was one of his slaves? I tell you there is something going on with this guy.
    I heard this on msnbc. The guy that wears the big glasses. You can catch his show later on tonight.

  86. Did anyone see new poll out Clinton with double digit lead over Trump?
    I didn’t catch what poll I was in the kitchen cooking. It was on msnbc Chris Hayes show.

  87. Neetbug, That clip has been all over the shows on MSNBC. The guy with the big glasses is Chris Hayes. Just about everyone is still talking about Hillary’s speech yesterday, and how good it was. Even Chris Matthews!

    I used to think Trump had a personality disorder, but I think it goes even deeper than that. He is a racist, bigot, misogynist, and a narcissist, but it is worse than all those things. The guy is mentally ill. Nothing else makes any sense.

    Btw, MO gave a great commencement speech today . She is going to great on the campaign trail, campaigning against Trump. With Obama, Biden, MO, and President Clinton campaigning for her, Hillary will have great surrogates. She won’t have to campaign with one arm tied behind her.

  88. Nerd, I saw a bunch of Belle’s stuff in spam but nothing from you. It is possible they WERE banned in 2008 when they came after me like junk yard dogs and plotted to make sure i didn’t win BEST NEW BLOG AWARD. THey began to repeat-vote endlessly, there were so many of them it was impossible to keep up with their votes, they gave their votes to an obsure blog that had practically no posts and left the blogger a message well ahead of the contest end, congratulating him for ‘winning’. Then he did come in first and I came in second. So I may have blocked that site. Still, if it were blocked, it would have shown up in spam and it didn’t.

    There is something wrong with WP today, for sure, as I cannot reply directly to any of the comments from the administration area, my only options are to spam the comment or “unapprove” it. Weird.

  89. Haha Shaddow. You take hints well.

  90. Ga6thDem

    I don’t think the GOP is all on his side. Some will vote for him because of the Supremes open seat. Some have such strong Hillary hate, that their hate for Tump is a little less.

    Then again, when McCain and Mitt ran, many Rethugs did not vote so the Dems won. Trump is much more disliked than either of these two candidates so his chances against Hillary will be much more difficult to win.

    Besides the GOP not liking him, 73% of all women voters can’t stand trump, 80+% of latinos don’t like Trump, and he isn’t pulling in big numbers of any group except white men.

    I want to see the score after the Dem convention, when Bernie is out…I think Hillary will even get a higher poll after her speech yesterday.

  91. Uppity Woman said:

  92. You take hints well.

    I take the best hints, all my hint-taking is amazing….I am the most successful hint taker in the history of womankind. 😉

    I have no idea what hint you are commenting on (seriously)

  93. It is truly distrubing the attacks on hispanics that Donald Trump routinely uses in his stump speech and uses it with such gusto. It is so hard to believe that all of those people attending his rallies are so happy to be openly bigoted by enthusiastically supporting Donald Trump. As a hispanic immigrant to this country it is truly terrifying that so many Americans are willing to display their bigotry openly at the Trump rallies. The attacks that Trump is using against the judge on the Trump U case is just disgusting. How dare he act as if that judge is unable to do his job just because of his ethnicity. How can anyone vote for this incredibly distrubed Republican nominee and how can any Republican politician back this bigoted nominee.

    If Trump becomes President, every hispanic whether they are here legally or not will need to fear for their lives and livelihood, since Trump has made it acceptable to be openly bigoted again hispanics.

  94. RE: wonkette

    Thanks, Upps. Now that you mention it, I remember some weird stuff from them years ago that caused me to remove them from my bookmarks. It had something to do with bogus jockying for a blogger award that affected a number of my favorite bloggers, as well as their having an anti-HRC take on things.

    The comments are the reason I read them now – uniformly anti-Bernie when the subject is the Dem primary, and pretty funny, too.

  95. There’s a young blond woman on CNN that is there to support Trump almost any time of day or night, her name is Kayleigh Whatever. She is like a Trump supporter on steroids, kisses his ring and makes excuses for all this stupid comments. She drives me nuts.

  96. Neeta,

    It is the Reuters/Ipsos poll out today. It shows 46 percent of voters say they’ll back Hillary, while 35 percent say they’ll vote for Stumpy Fingers. Nineteen percent said they won’t vote for either candidate.

    The poll surveyed 1,421 voters between May 30 and June 3.

    Just a note of caution. Horse race polls mean nothing at this point, but it sure feels good to have our confirmation bias bolstered.

  97. Shadow you are so right about Kayleigh. Last night on Don Lemon they tore her apart.

    Here is the video of Trump saying where is my African American

  98. Well well well! Would you look who sat up and noticed? Watch Rachel comment on Hillary’s speech. Watch it all, she’s sprinkled throughout.

  99. Uppity , Everyone seems to have noticed Hillary’s speech yesterday. Most of the feedback has been great, even from Chris Matthews. The consensus is that she needs to do more of this. It seems that Hillary has found her voice again. Rachel spent a lot of time on the speech yesterday, and again tonight. Hillary won the news cycle yesterday.

  100. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Hillary))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  101. flvoter

    Agreed. I would be completely embarrassed to have someone I plan to vote for, degrade American’s by race in my country.

    Rump is a disgrace.

  102. I”be seen a few articles today that talk about the possibility if Warren being VP to Hillary.

  103. Upps,

    Watch Rachel comment on Hillary’s speech.

    Her comments were accurate.

  104. Yes, CNN is talking about Lizzy and Hillary talking and how the VP whispers are going around.

    I hope Hillary doesn’t make the mistake of making her VP a woman, for all the reasons we already weighed in on.

  105. Hillary is going to be in Sacramento Sunday afternoon around 4 pm

  106. Bernie is blowing his money running ads here in CA. What a waste.

  107. LOVED the comment section at wonkette.

    No please, she should not pick ANY woman. It’s tough enough getting people to stop freaking out over ONE. It took hundreds of years to just get THIS far. Two is just a disaster. Need a minority male.

  108. Uppity, I agree whole-heartedly. Not another woman.

  109. Upps@10:28 Aren’t they the greatest?

    And the handles – Good_Gawd_Yall is my former-complit-major, Faulkner-avoiding favorite

  110. Nerdy. I have sinned. I stole this from Wonkette. It’s a “Summary” of Hillary’s speech for those who didn’t have time to watch it….

  111. Fuck Al. I wouldn’t help him off a cliff.
    I called Bernie a Communist Wannabee and he jumped into the thread and said don’t you ever talk about communism around me or I will block you. I looked at his profile and this was before he suddenly became a politician running for Senate. His profile pic was Saul Alinsky with quotes. That makes him a radical in sheep’s clothing. So I answered his ‘threat’ with GO FOR IT! Then I blocked him. This guy is NOT an improvement over Bernie. If you ask me, he falls into the category of Be Careful What You Ask For.

  112. Upps@1:33 Donald “Tiny Hands” tRump gets the smackdown. Yesss!

  113. Sorry should be @11:33 – can I blame that on binary?

  114. FYI, Muhammed Ali passed away.

  115. For my Southern California friends……

    Bill Clinton knows….In N Out..that’s what a hamburger’s…all about! 🙂

  116. Wow, Bill had an hamburger? I thought he was vegan? In and Out are pretty good, nasty fries though.

  117. VotingHillary, I’m old enough to remember Ali as a great boxer, and one of the most beautiful men who ever lived.

  118. As a reminder we still have MUCH to do before November, keep the champagne on ice. Celebrate Tues. w/ another drink, IMHO.

  119. The “TRUE” Trump campaign mission:

  120. Ali vs. Frazier was boxing at its best. Sad what it has become today. Yea, Sue, I’m that old too. Watched many of the fights on “special” editions of Wide World of Sports. Boxing died with PPV.

  121. Upps, I remember that bitchiness from Wonkette back in ’08. Weren’t we allowed to vote once a day, and lots of us, and others from sister blogs voted for this site every day, but the wonkers kept changing their ip addresses over and over and voting for some tiny little blog that was about science or nature or something. In fact it was about the writers thoughts about it. The dude had post after post with zero comments, until wonkers made him a temporary blog celeb. I looked at his posts while this was going on, and he was really flattered to get a few comments. The wonks would leave fascinating comments for him like: “this is a really nice blog.” After the awards, they stopped. The whole thing was so ridic. So, the wonkers are for HIllary this time? Huh.

  122. Upps, thanks for the heads up about the Giordano jerk.

    Shadow, agree, can eat In N Out’s burgers, and their shakes are nice, but their fries are like Styrofoam to me. They’re supposed to be cut from fresh potatoes also. An old friend of mine who has a severely disabled son and researches everything to the nth degree, says that In N Out is the cleanest and safest food as far as fast food goes. They sell cute Tshirts of old 50s or 60s cars on a beach, and they change the design every year. I have to send my brother and his sons in Washington a new one every year, my brother loves those silly tshirts and says they’re like a status symbol in the construction trades up in WA!?! (My bro is really hyper)

    I would have loved to see Bill Clinton at In N Out!

    We were hoping to catch Hillary this week, but unfortunately, just wasn’t in the cards for us. We’ve had her San Diego speech on several times and LOVE IT. She is magnificent.

  123. The Benghazi Committee’s Dead End

    After running a congressional oversight committee like a Republican opposition research shop for more than two years, Representative Trey Gowdy appears to be gearing up for the finale. Democrats on the Select Committee on Benghazi expect that a final report will drop soon, just as Hillary Clinton appears poised to clinch the Democratic nomination.

    If things had gone his way, Mr. Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor, would have found a way to torpedo Mrs. Clinton’s presidential ambitions. After all, Republican lawmakers have admitted that this is precisely what they set out to do.

    But things have not gone well for Mr. Gowdy, who has run the investigation with the dexterity and grace of a blindfolded toddler swinging at a piñata. Having pored over reams of documents, grilled Mrs. Clinton in an 11-hour session in October and hauled in more than 100 people for interviews, the Republicans seem to have come up with nothing.

  124. WTH?? Screw’s the Twitter link:

  125. Upps, Sophie or imust…delete the other two YouTube comments of mine. They link to the full episode of Maddow. The Twitter one links to the most important part.

    My apologies.


  126. Meh everybody ignores my links when I post them. Then I see them posted by somebody else and everybody bites.

    I’ll go eat worms now.

  127. Socal, they trashed Riverdaughter’s blog win too.

    But in the end, we knew who really won.

    And now it’s another day and we need all the help we can get.

  128. lol Shadow, I’ve been saying for a long time, Bill needs some meat.

    (Ducks and runs……….)

  129. Sophie, imust, I see quite a few comments in the Trash bin. (Not Spam, but Trash). Some of them might be duplicates or something. Could you check for me to see if you put them there for a reason? I see quite a few from Birdgirl. Can’t imagine how they could land there unless a mod put them there, but WP is acting funny far as I can see. So just make old Uppity feel better and tell me they are there on purpose. xo

  130. Do you realize we have a quarter of a million comments on this blog?

  131. Shadow, Trey Gowdy is the reason Hillary’s server guy decided to Plea the Fifth with Congress. That cockroach has already been caught tampering with documents, leaking things out of context and otherwise being the sleazebag he is. I would go for the 5th too if he were in charge. He cannot be trusted. Bryan said he didn’t want to give them the chance to misquote him. And he’s right, that’s exactly what they would do.

    Every time Gowdy does another sleazy thing, the point on his head grows higher.

  132. Upps, You’re right — Al is hypersensitive about any insults along the commie/socialist lines. Left as I am, I have no desire to identify as socialist.

    However, I am very much enjoying his merry band out-radical-ing Bernie and poking holes in Bernie’s campaign from the even further left.

    And every now and then, he comes up with a really good one, like the above.

  133. Upps, I don’t know what to make of the items in the trash. I did not put them there.

  134. Sophie, the real problem is the thought of replacing Bernie with a Trojan Horse who is younger and equally as obnoxious and sticking the Senate with that individual whose intent is just as Communist……..for decades….again. I will repeat, he is a Trojan Horse. Why else would he remove reference to Alinsky suddenly.

    These people hide that they would really prefer running from CPUSA if it could possibly get them enough votes. But CPUSA is a loser just because it admits what it is. So they try to run from our party. This is what the so -called Progressive movement has morphed to and the idea is to hijack the Democratic party for the strength they can’t get under CPUSA. Make no mistake, CPUSA will merge in a nanosecond at such a takeover. If we care at at all to retain an actual Democratic Party, we need to be aware of this so as to avoid another Bernie Sanders running from our party. It’s my belief that I shouldn’t follow this man or retweet him. Why give him the recognition when he is so sensitive to criticism of Communism? We do that and we encourage another Bernie to trash our party in the future.

  135. Uppity, I don’t know what’s going on in trash either. I just put 2 of Voting’s in there because she asked us to but I didn’t send any others there.

  136. Ok I’m going to release those comments in Trash except for Votings and we’ll have to watch and see if more appear.

    Poor Bird probably thinks she’s banned! Soup is in there. Neeta, Paulette, William, Shadow, lord everybody is in there! I released them.

    WTF WORDPRESS! NOTHING is supposed to land in trash unless a mod PUTS it there, WTF is going on?


  137. Yahoo news is promoting a video/article of a “tour” of the Sanders’ home. So, I bit and clicked on the link. Mostly it was the artwork and photos and grandkids toys tours. But, what was highlighted? A painting from USSR, when they visited, another from Cuba, when she visited for “educational” reasons, several framed, signed Christmas cards from Bill and Hillary Clinton when they were in the WH, and a statue of Don Quixote.

  138. Upps, I don’t think Al is a trojan horse. He’s been a radical and an organizer all of his life, many times on behalf of Sanders. They are pissed at how Sanders failed to organize the “right way.”

    Yes, it is a fact that Al has no love for Hillary. But being a process guy, in this particular race, he is respecting her process (generally her ground game) and is disappointed (to say the least) at how Sanders blew so much money on showy crap and nearly nothing on organizing infrastructure–particularly training.

    The thing that pushed him over the edge is how Sanders is still pulling the blustery nonsense, claiming he has a chance to win and saying he’s going to take it to the convention. Al said that if Sanders maintains this attitude, he will challenge him on his home turf. He said he will not challenge Sanders if Sanders knocks off the convention fight bullshit. One thing is that Al really does not want Trump.

    Anyway, it was not a “sudden” removal of his Alinsky material–just him changing up his Twitter for his Senate Run threat. You can only have one banner. But the web has not been scrubbed of his radicalism as he is still rather proud of it.

    I personally am enjoying the out-lefting, out-purity-ing.

    Also, quite a while ago, I made up my mind to support anyone runs against Bernie in VT. Anyone.

  139. Meanwhile I think it’s time for all mods to change their passwords please.

  140. and a statue of Don Quixote

    And that there is the whole story.

  141. The fact that he’s been an organizer for Bernie tells me do double down my lack of support for him as he is not interested in a Democratic Republic anymore than Bernie does. While I agree we need all the help that’s offered, this one goes to motive and I do not think the motive is a good one for the future of our Republic. This is how it happens. Infiltrate, Infiltrate, Infiltrate. I have no interest in guys like him, they are a danger to Democracy as we know it. I kind of think we would be learning our lesson about these wolves in sheep’s clothing, considering what we are going through for letting Bernie in.

  142. I am not really interested in defending Al much more than I have. On an ordinary day, he’s not my cup of tea. But this is not an ordinary day. I think he serves a purpose, even if only “the enemy of my enemy.”

    I reserve the right to change my mind when ordinary days return.

  143. Hahah Don Quixote. I’m shocked nobody has done a Bernie Graphic with that one.

  144. Yeah look how well The Enemy Of My Enemy strategy has worked out for us in the middle east. I’m sorry I pushed it but the very thought of another Bernie Sanders only MUCH YOUNGER is what I consider a danger to my party. His tweet to me told me all I needed to know about his interest in my freedom if he doesn’t agree with what I said, considering it was about Communism. So I’ll let you off the hook but I wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire.

  145. Okay Uppity, I changed it. Can’t imagine anyone would hack mine, I have a hard time remembering it!

  146. Explains why they have time to troll social media with multiple accounts and take bus rides to lots rallies.

  147. Just a precaution, imust. Your status has a LOT of power, you can delete the entire blog, so yeah, it’s important to just change it. Chances they got in using any of our passwords is slim, but you never know. That trash thing was really weird. But then sometimes WP gets weird.

  148. Shadow I agree with what you are saying about Trump voters however I was really talking about the GOP elected officials lining up behind Trump.

  149. Yes Upps, for two days I can’t post…???

  150. Yet, this just in…???

  151. With regard to the Don Quixote statue in the Sanders’ home:

    Nearby is an antique sculpture of Don Quixote, which she asks that I not write about as a metaphor.

    With regard to the framed Clinton Christmas Cards:

    But it’s not the statue that cries out with symbolism. It’s the framed prints on the walls nearby — all scenes from the White House. They were commissioned and sent as Christmas cards every year of the Clinton presidency, and they bear the signatures of both Hillary and Bill Clinton. Which means Jane and Bernie Sanders sit in their dining room and gaze at greetings from the Clintons.

    I guess maybe we should do something else with those,” she says. Then she explains, proudly, that they were among the first things that her daughter, now a professional woodworker, custom-framed by hand, and you get the sense they aren’t going anywhere.

    I had to get these quotes from Democratic Underground because the Yahoo article was not responding well. Don’t like to link to DU, but will give credit.

  152. maybe someone is trying to harm our blog site….?

  153. Bernie is such an ASS. He had a rally (really, free concert) scheduled at the Greek Theater here in So Cal and there was a problem with venue, so it was switched to the LA Coliseum. Bernie sent out a fundraising email claiming (or insinuating) it was a conspiracy of an LA city council member helping Hillary. He ended his email with, “hmmmm…”

    The event’s venue has been moved from the Greek Theater to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Olympic Plaza. But why? An email from the Sanders campaign sent out at 5 p.m. today explains:
    Unfortunately, after reaching terms with the professional staff at the Greek to host our rally, interference from a local Los Angeles city council-member forced us to move from this iconic venue, even though Secretary Clinton has scheduled an identical event for two days later — an event to which no objection has been raised.

    God, he’s such a child, a spoiled child, I want him back in VT so bad!

    *Update, it was last minute, poor planning by the Sanders camp that caused the problem. Typical Bernie, he blamed some kind of Clinton conspiracy!

    Are the VI results in yet??

  154. Upps

    I’ve been saying for a long time, Bill needs some meat.

    I agree. He needs more healthy protein, being a vegan is good for his heart but not having any meat is bad for his entire body. IMlessThanHO.


    I have had posts just disappear after I posted them. Sometimes I just closed out my browser, restarted and logged in again, thinking that it was because I blog from different places with different computers. Nice to know where they went.

    Actually this has happened to me several times over the past couple of weeks.

  156. I must have missed something…who is Al? (Al is a trojan horse)

  157. Yeah Shadow I saw some in your name dating back to late april! Horrific! Anyways, I freed them all, too bad nobody will see them now lolol.

  158. Yup Belle, honey!! I found you there!!!! Broke my heart! I freed you. I yelled FREEEEEEEE BELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. LOL! my precious Upps.

    I’ve always dream of a lovely feline marriage between “La Belle and Mr. Bill”.
    A toast to that!

  160. I don’t see MKBill as the marrying type, just sayin’.

  161. imust:

    “La Belle” is quite a catch…a charmer!….a seducer!…

  162. Bill’s a pig.

  163. The comments under that Sanders’ tour piece on yahoo had me laughing so hard I was crying.

    Hey I wonder if they ran into the taxes on the tour?

  164. “La Belle” is quite a catch…a charmer!….a seducer!…

    Bill will ruin her life.


    Presidential Campaign Finance Reports, which include receipts and disbursements for the month of April, have been in ’processing’ status since they were submitted to the FEC on 5/20. Yesterday, the FEC made the detailed campaign finance reports available to the public.

    The reports provide evidence that Bernie Sanders illegally used campaign funds for his overnight stay in Italy with 10 family members. Lodging at the 5-star luxury Hotel Boscolo Exedra in Rome, Italy was billed to the campaign in the amount of $13,758. Rooms at the luxury hotel start at $400 a night and go up to $8,000 a night. Additional expenses include $883 for lodging and catering at Hotel Michelangelo in Rome.

    On 4/8, Bernie Sanders announced he would travel to the Vatican on 4/15. Private chartered flights must be paid in full before scheduled departure date. On 4/11, the campaign disbursed $613,451 for chartered air travel. This amount dwarfs all other Sanders’ campaign air charter travel expenses to date.

    We can now confirm that Bernie Sanders illegally spent over a half million dollars in campaign funds on private air travel and luxury hotels for his non-campaign related trip to Italy. To learn why this is an illegal use of campaign finances, see our previous article on this topic:

  166. Moon, That confirms what we were all thinking happened.

  167. Maybe this is why Sanders does not want to release any info on May fundraising until after June 7th……must be some shocking shit in the detail.

  168. JUST IN: Bill Clinton will give the eulogy at Muhammad Ali’s funeral

  169. SophieCT,
    Explains why they have time to troll social media with multiple accounts and take bus rides to lots rallies.

    Thanks for the info Sophie, looking into the map and zip codes, at least for the Bay Area, the most that paid live in well populated, wealthier areas. No job, probably most are living off of student loans or in their folks house.

  170. Clinton’s election night rally—*exactly* 8 years after she dropped out in ’08—will be in Brooklyn, @ the site of her last debate vs Sanders.

    All coming together……..i think she picked that date for closure on the pain of 08.

  171. Aaw no one gave a shit……

  172. imust @12:47, Bernie is such a jerk. We go to the Greek Theatre several times a year. Whoever in Bernie’s camp thought of having a rally there, it is a terrible idea. It is a very complicated venue, being set in a canyon and the seating is on many different levels. But mainly, it is the access issues, going up that long skinny street with those beautiful homes, the limited parking, etc. Of course, the have to make it ticket-only. Can you imagine Bernie’s unruly mob taking over that area? They have trashed every venue where they’ve had their stupid ralies. Thank god they told them no. The residents there have the right to not have their neighborhood trashed by Bernie’s commie vandals. I’ve noticed that Hillary’s crowds by contrast are patient and law abiding. I just said to hubbie, “what do you think of Bernie having one of his rallies at the Greek Theater?” His answer: “screw that!”

  173. socal – I think Hillary is having a benefit at the Greek tonight. When did Bernie want to hold his?

  174. I think Bernie wanted to have a rally at the Greek Theater, because Hillary is having a star studded fundraiser there on Monday, 6.6.16. I received an e-mail about it last month.

  175. I guess he should have started a little sooner…

    Good grief!

  176. Shadow, here’s a map of Bernie’s donations

  177. @ Birdgal & Old Coastie, I’m sure Hillary’s event (at the Greek) is well planned. Concerts there are organized to a “T” and there are always lots of staff directing everyone where to park, etc. If you have to park in general parking, your car is hemmed in and you can’t leave til the car in front of you does. Laker & Hubs both have disabled placards (they have muscular dystrophy) so we get to park in the disabled lots, or up this big hill by the Country Club and they have shuttles constantly running up and down the hill to take people with the disabled placards to and from their cars. It’s really run very well, everyone cooperates and is peaceful and happy. It’s a gorgeous place to see a concert, a quintessential Los Angeles event. It’s my favorite concert venue, as a matter of fact.

    Regarding Hillary’s event, the LAPD will have to be out in force anyway to deal with Bernie thug protestors. The people that live in that area pay a whole lot of taxes, they aren’t going to want Bernies mob throwing their rude hissy fits in front of their homes.

  178. moon @ 3:12, hahaha! I knew that little stunt (pope stalking) was going to bite him in the ass. That was absolutely moronic.

  179. And the GOP has been getting away with the “big lie” for so long I think they’ve started to believe it themselves.

    One of the many reasons the Axis Powers lost WW2 was that some of their leaders began to believe their own propaganda about their own invincibility. The Axis leaders were probably initially smart enough to know their Big Lies were lies, but their cheap early victories, due to early Allied blunders, made that propaganda seem more plausible, even to its creators.

    Reality proved to be different. 😈

    As G6D said, the GOP leaders may be falling into the same sort of trap.

    We humans tend to believe a lie if it is repeated to us over and over again for long enough, even if we initially know it to be a lie. This makes lying a useful weapon, but a two-edged weapon as well–the people who use lies are also humans, with the same mental weakness, and so they can start believing their own lies.

  180. So is Bernie was the king of raising money in the primary…and most of that money came from unemployed 20 somethings…where did these unemployed youngsters get all that money to donate to a campaign that wanted to give them free college, free health care and a bag of pot for everyone?

    Did they use their grant money from college?
    Did they get it from their parents?
    Or did they use their unemployment money and beg for food and lodging?

    Doesn’t make sense…someone was paying for it, and it wasn’t these unemployed kids.

    And why did they all agree to only pay $27 a donation through the entire primary?

    Good thing Bernie stole all that money from his unemployed supporters, piled in a plane with his 10 family members for an over night, quick stalking spree in Italy.

    Wadda guy, wadda socialist thing to do. Steal from the ‘poor’ and go away on holiday.

  181. Yipes, sorry for the incoherent start of my last post. Sometimes I go back and change things, editing here and there…sometimes I forget to change all the words needed and end up talking like I just woke up.

  182. Bernie alone in a cheap fast food place and is completely ignored.

    It’s pretty pitiful for someone that thinks the people love him so much, that he deserves to be President.

  183. Hearing its an absolute landslide for Hillary in the St Croix part of US Virgin islands……..

  184. Thats how you rig an election…Sanders campaign stole 2 ballot boxes in Puerto Rico…..

  185. where did these unemployed youngsters get all that money to donate to a campaign

    Unemployed doesn’t necessarily mean youngsters. A significant number of Boomers are retired or early retired. I have a theory that some right wing super PAC gave out prepaid debit cards. No proof–just a theory.

    Apparently $27 was an average that held for a few early cycles, so they put a $27 button in the amounts.

    I also have a theory that since so much of the rhetoric centers on how rich the Clintons are and how much the big banks give them, many regular people don’t realize that they could and should donate to Hillary’s campaign.

  186. We really should be prepared for the lunatics to come out of the woodwork on Tuesday, its going to be a bad day for them…….have we ordered a load of straightjackets and valium for them…….

  187. HRC will hold her Tuesday primary night event at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, site of the last Democratic debate.

    I hope she says, “This is EXACTLY the kind of party I planned!”

    Tuesday is the anniversary of this speech.

  188. Okay. So everybody ignored Bernie where he was today. Anbody know what happened at the in and out with the big dawg?

  189. I think I was too upset to watch the concession speech 8 years ago but I remember her speech at the convention and I cried buckets while watching it.

  190. Juicy read! Shame on you, Bernie!

    (Hope it’s not a repeat posting.)


    “Bitter, defeated Bernie Sanders wastes his final moments of relevance on petty personal feuds”

    by Bill Palmer

    “Down by millions of votes, down to his last few dollars, and down to his final week before being mathematically eliminated from the race, some were expecting Bernie Sanders to use his last few moments of relevance to make one last push on the issues or to promote unity. Instead, in one of the most unsettling scenes in the history of liberal American politics, he’s using it to try to hurry up and exact personal vengeance on a handful of prominent people on his own side whom he doesn’t like on a personal level before his ship sinks.


  191. I haven’t heard anything from Gretta V. S. on twitter in my mailbox since about 2008. This just showed up:

    Greta Van Susteren
    Taking OTR (‘Off the Record’) at 7p to NJ Tuesday as NJ primary will give @HillaryClinton the delegates for the nomination

    Just saw a few comments and they were all Trump supporters saying nasty things about Hillary.

    I guess Greta thinks NJ will push her over the line and wants to capture it.

    I know Greta was a Hillary supporter in 2008, nor sure if she is now or not…haven’t watched FoxNews since 2012.

    **FIXIT Fairy was here**

  192. Oops, not NY, New Jersey.
    Fixit Fairy: All better
    Extra padding will come from the Golden State.

  193. Nobody makes me laugh on Twitter the way our own Upps does. Just loved this one:

  194. Nobody makes me laugh on Twitter the way our own Upps does

    Like I say, dat’s muh job!

  195. moon, I have a whole bunch of graphics and tweets ready for Nowhere Man’s frat bros.

  196. College frat boys have no time to work. It cuts into the beer pong thing. they get the money from their parents who made them what they are today.

  197. Breaking: clinton wins VI

  198. Yay!

  199. moon, how many delegates or did she win them all?

  200. According to a tweet from Benchmark Politics, Hillary might get ALL of the Virgin Islands delegates. But they won’t know for sure until the rest of the votes are counted.

  201. Hillary took 93% of votes on st croix won all 3 delegates there….totally anihillated him there

  202. Spent a summer in St. Croix compliments of a college roomie. Obviously I made this happen….

  203. There are a total of 7 pledged delegates and 5 SDs in VI. How many did she get?

  204. A total blowout!

  205. I’m seeing she picks up all 7 delegates as he didn’t make the threshold.


  206. Let’s hope Puerto Rico goes as well as VI.

  207. So my little retired psychologist self is going for Narcissistic Personality Disorder for the Donald.

    My little party self doesn’t feel the need to reserve the champagne for the convention. I can HANDLE that much champagne a month apart. So Tuesday or before Tuesday,the alcohol is coming out and the Redemption Celebration begun.

    Also my chiropractor told me that Fox had brought up the FEC issues as being behind Bernie’s staying in the race. ( How would I know about this,I don’t watch Fox and have to smudge/sage the house if I mistakenly land on the channel while surfing) Looks now like he may be staying in to avoid jail.

    Karma may be a bitch,but she is a GLORIOUS bitch. I feel good and I knew that I would…

  208. USVI looks to be a bigger blowout for Hillary than Vermont was for BS. Or, as the inimitable Tim Robbins would say, winning Vermont is like winning the Virgin Islands!

  209. Great news about V.I. Thanks Uppityites!

  210. I predict a lawsuit.

  211. Hahaha smudge/sage!

    MS, would you consider adding Megalomaniac to that DX?

    Oh, and……..

  212. I heard that even thought Bernoid only got 7% in VI, he still wangled one delegate out of them.

  213. Yeah. Lawsuit! Rigged! Disenfranchisement! Cheating! Fraud! Break up the banks!

  214. socal, that one delegate seems to be undetermined. HuffPo is showing Hillary 11 total including SDs and Bernie 0 with one delegate undetermined.

  215. Maybe Bernie will get that one delegate as his consolation prize. You know, thank you for playing now get the hell off the stage.

  216. Rebel wins the turkey.

  217. Gotta give Bernie a delegate. Everybody gets a trophy for losing.

  218. Bernie got his ass kicked royally last night, so pleasing to watch with an enormous grin on my face…….

    Is it possible, my prediction becomes true and Hillary makes the line tonight by winning PR big and a pile of supers come on board, she may not even need Tuesday.

  219. By all means, give him a delegate. If he doesn’t get a delegate, he will sue AND throw chairs. Full on tantrum!

  220. Oh MY, If hillary wins PR today by a 2-1 basis or more, she will take 40-45 delegates, she will be literally around 10 to 15 away from the nom……fever pitch will hit.

  221. Will be an early bath tonight as Puerto Rico polls close at 3pm ET.

    Should be fairly quick after that….

  222. Puerto Ricos delegates will be distributed like this…

    District 1 San Juan 8
    District 2 Bayamón 6
    District 3 Arecibo 4
    District 4 Mayagüez 4
    District 5 Ponce 4
    District 6 Guayama 4
    District 7 Humacao 4
    District 8 Carolina 6
    PLEO 7
    At-Large 13
    Delegates 60
    Superdelegates 7

  223. BS got one delegate because he broke 15% (barely) in the combined St. Thomas/St. John. He was nonviable in St. Croix. She gets 6, he gets 1.

  224. By the way the last poll conducted a few days ago on Puerto Rico by a PR paper had Hillary winning 69/30…….

  225. I’m willing to bet Bernie gets blown out in PR simply judging by his behavior of screaming everything is “rigged” against him.

  226. We’re the Sanders troops, and onward we are marching
    We managed to get one delegate last night
    We captured 15% in St. Thomas/St. John’s area
    It was such a glorious and triumphant fight
    Our delegate will carry our Sanders banner
    He’ll be joined by perhaps twenty more from Puerto Rico
    Together, we’ll yell and complain
    Cry fraud, while we go down the drain
    As we strive to recoup all the campaign money we owe

  227. My opinion which I’m entitled to – Bernie is being paid by Trump to stay in the race. His job as a paid shill is to denigrate her and pull supporters away from her. Nothing at this point would surprise me.

  228. Wouldn’t surprise me at all Piper. Two sleazebags. And Bernie is in DEEP SHIT with FEC demanding 345 pages of illegal donation returns.

  229. It’ll be interesting to watch to see who pays for Bernie’s Pope trip… wouldn’t be surprised if its something like Karl Rove’s pac.

  230. Damn ass LA Times waited until two days before the election to endorse Hillary…………………..aholes!

    They only did it to try and save face when she wins CA.

  231. Thanks for all the updates Moon!

  232. By the way if you want to talk momentum, Hillary has won 8 out of the last 12 caucuses/primaries.

  233. If I was Hillary I would tell Bernie where to go. Stop being nice to him.

    Forget his followers.

  234. I’m with neeta. I’d kick his ass out the door with a steel-toed boot. As to his followers, let them pick the SCOTUS they want to spend the rest of their miserable lives with. If that doesn’t cure them, they aren’t old enough to vote.

    And half of them are Libertarians, Paulies, anyways.

  235. Anything on the PR vote yet?

  236. Clinton: I expect Sanders to call for unity after Tuesday

    Translation….its over, Bernie, you lost ,now go away.

  237. I’m watching, i’ll let you know when it starts coming in.

  238. I knew I shouldn’t have turned on CNN today, but I thought the PR votes would be in by now. “Sanders vows to contest this all the way through the convention.” “He says that 400 of the superdelegates came out for Secretary Clinton before the primaries.” “He wants more time to try to change their minds.” “He attacked her today, and the Clinton Foundation.”

    Superdelegates are supposed to choose the person they think would best represent the party, and has the best chance to win. They can change their minds; some went from Hillary to Obama last time. None of them is changing his or her mind to go for Sanders now. Sanders is simply saying all this because he is bitter, spiteful, and will never, ever concede anything. And the media, which thought it might have a really interesting Republican convention, but now will not, is desperate to ramp up some controversy and contention. But it is just pathetic, the way they deliberately ignore actual facts. Ronald Brownstein, the highly respected political analyst, who used to write great articles for the L.A. Times, basically destroyed even the surface credibility of any of Sanders’ contentions regarding delegates and the primary process.

  239. The results will be in at five. The polls closed at three;

  240. Bernie’s argument to the SDs is ridiculous. The only reason they’re not calling him out for being a stupid moron is because they want his donor list after he quits. I think his list isn’t worth as much as they believe.

  241. Sophie, you are right. Do they actually believe he is going to give them his so call list?
    The old fart is a big liar. He wants to keep going because he is getting a high from this. After Clinton cleans his clock he want have his adoring crowd.

  242. riverdaughter, on June 5, 2016 at 3:42 pm said:

    “Btw, I love uppity. So positive. I really need to get out more. So many good commenters over there.
    I miss anglachel. She was uncanny.”

  243. NBC has Clinton just 54 delegates short of the nomination (57 a few min ago). She could win before NJ, which I assume is not HRC preference

    3 Supers just went to Clinton.

  244. The woman who went by the blog name “Anglachel” was a very fine writer. Unfortunately, she was also virulently anti-Israel, which became more apparent after the nomination was decided. So I stopped glancing at her blog.

  245. Go and have a break……

    PR Democratic Party president Roberto Prats says results for presidential primary should come in a few hours…..

    A few hours…….eurgh.

  246. This is the Sandcrab’s swan song.

    Even his magical pigeon has taken it’s leave and headed to the city dump for another rat.

  247. Gene Lyons (one of the authors of The Hunting of the President) bashes Bernie.

  248. Results may not come in until 10:00. The ballots have to be hand counted. This sucks.

  249. I’m out of town and not able to follow the PR primary. Any results yet? Is Hillary the “official presumptive nominee” yet or do we have to wait for NJ?

  250. Neeta thanks for the info Damn I want it to be over so badly. Bernie needs to be put to bed without dessert already.

  251. I bet after Hillary wins Cali. I bet Bernie caves in. The dnc is going get to him. They will tell him to get out or they are going to put something out on him. Remember how Cruz talked how he was never getting out.

  252. Well hand counting is the cheapest method. PR doesn’t have a whole lot of money.

  253. Shadow, this is my song for Bernie:

  254. On msnbc the count has started

  255. Clinton up 70/30 on first numbers

    and could someone start a continuation thread before this one dies, taking forever to load……..

  256. Nice Sophie

  257. They have the guy on who he called my African American on msnbg

  258. He says he was offended

  259. My older sis loved Boz. Nice song.

  260. Hillary is ready to go all Kelly Price on Bernie and his Bernouts!

  261. I agree Uppity. The DNC will agree to help him retire his substantial debt and pledge to support him in this campaign next year. That with the maintenance of his power in the Senate, will do the trick.

  262. I finally found some number for PR on cnn, they only show 1% so far and its 59% Hillary, and 39% Bernoid. Oh, and they have 7 super delegates and Hillary has 6 of them:

  263. On msnbc Hillary 65% 958 to Bern 34% 498

  264. honora paying off his debt cannot happen. He was told by the FEC to return somewhere around $28 million in illegal contributions, including from foreign nationals. Instead, he spent down his pot of money and, at last look, only returned roughly 180k, while continuing to spend like an addicted gambler on California. Bernie is in deep shit. Personally, I am enjoying it.

  265. And here’s my song for Bernie.

  266. Hillary shouldn’t give him one cent. She should tell him to go to HELL

  267. Holy Cannoli! Riverdaughter said that? Make my day!

    Why don’t you all run over and give her some love? I’ll join you.

  268. Clinton up 68-31 in Puerto Rico with around 1900 votes counted

    Have heard her win may be bigger than that but we’ll see……

  269. Hill 68% 1333 bern 31% 608

  270. I will Upps.

    By the by, how about a new thread for the upcoming night results?

  271. I think she is going to win PR 70%+

  272. Hey Birdgal, CNN said that Hillary will be speaking shortly from Vallejo. Is that near you?

  273. Uppity, I agree the DNC and Hillary should make him pay off his debt, but they will not. He is spending like a drunken sailor and he has no money, but I think the responsible ones (Hillary and the DNC) will bail him out. Hope I am wrong.

  274. Nate Silver ‏@NateSilver538 3m3 minutes ago

    Clinton’s pledged delegate lead peaked at 314 after Mar. 15 primaries. Fell to 208 after Wisconsin. But will be back up to ~300 after today.

  275. Shadow, I am making calls from Vallejo. Just heard that Hillary is in Vallejo and speaking at a local cafe to a limited audience.

  276. Demographics rule…..

    The non-Cuban Hispanic vote in Florida (many Puerto Ricans among them) Clinton won 70-29. She’s up in Puerto Rico 69-30.

  277. I would make any help to Bernie’s debts contingent on his behavior after Tuesday and the convention. He wants to be a jackass, he can pay his debts himself. Period.

  278. Polls are closed in PR
    New thread?…please?

  279. Yipes Birdgal, I would ditch the phone and run over to that cafe.

  280. only community leaders were allowed in. the venue is very small and the secret service didn’t even allow invited people into the cafe, because it was full. boohoo.

    Bill is going to be in SF tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 PM Bayview area of SF

  281. Lol voting, you’re nicer than I am. I’d stuff a rag in his Communist mouth and have a 6 foot 5 bouncer pick him up by the scruff of his hump so that his feet are dangling when he’s thrown on his face on the pavement.

  282. Meh honora let him go to jail, it will shut him up. He’s porky, acts like he holds all the cards, didn’t give a penny to downticket except for him comrades challenging Democrats.

  283. Sanders dead and buried on Tuesday.

    John King on CNN: Clinton has 40 more Super Delegates ready to commit, but will not do so until after Tuesday night.

  284. NEW POST UP

  285. I’m guessing the Pelosi, Obama, Biden, Warren, Carter endorsements will flow on Tuesday night………

  286. Bernie can pay off his own debt, just like Obama made all of Hillary’s supporters pay off her’s. Bernie can start by paying back all those crackpots on those FEC lists and pay back his trip to stalk the Pope in Italy,

  287. Hey, Virgin Islands did end up being a blowout!
    7 to 0, plus 4 SDs.,_2016#Schedule_and_results

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