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  1. Mua!…that’s a big smack…

    Well I’m so ready for Puerto Rico….

    Are you’ll?….

  2. Sanders dead and buried on Tuesday.

    John King on CNN: Clinton has 40 more Super Delegates ready to commit, but will not do so until after Tuesday night.

    I’m guessing the carefully timed staged Pelosi, Obama, Biden, Warren, Carter endorsements will flow on Tuesday night………

  3. Bernie’s so broke! He’s stalking Hillary and CRASHING her events! Here he is crashing a HRC rally in Lynwood, CA.

  4. I was just going over the memories of the 6th(?) June 2008, when Darragh Murphy and DanceWithPumas sent me an email to join them in the PUMA movement in support of Hillary and against the Dimo Party.

    I yelled as loud as I could: YEEEEES! I’m with you all the way.

    And here I AM!

  5. If this is true, he’s gone off the deep end! He tried to get on the stage? Who does that? Where’s Secret Service???

  6. Good god, i could have painted a whole house quicker than its taking to count these god damn votes…….

  7. Sanders has run out of cash to run his own events so he’s getting hillary to pay for them now. Cheapskate hustler.

  8. My God! Now he hopped on a Merry Go Round! He’s really nuts.

  9. There is a phrase Joan Collins used when discussing an actress she worked with that she hated…….

    “that tramp would go to the opening of an envelope if there was something free”

  10. Is that him in the blue shirt? I recognize the bald spot.

  11. Yep Branjor, apparently, he’s just wandering around LA crashing events and grabbing a mic when he can…..how weird! Or desperate…or pathetic…

  12. This is how you look when you wander around all day in SoCal crashing events…..

  13. He looks like some old drunk homeless tramp…….

  14. Yipes, Hillary is stuck running against two unbalanced ‘men’.

    They both think they deserve to win.

    They haven’t counted more than 3% of the votes in more than an hour or more.

  15. Sources say priority at @CEEPuertoRico is local primaries, which could explain delay in Democratic tallying which are being counted manually and thats around a couple of hundred thousand votes apparently….this may be an all night job.

  16. Upps, thanks for new post!

    Bernie looks unhinged. And like he has dementia.

  17. Any news from Puerto Rico?

    Maybe they are hand-counting and sending the info by boat…

    Well, I know they don’t have all the instant gratification toys “du jour”.

  18. Unofficial update from source at elections commission hq:
    HillaryClinton: 6,380 | 65%
    BernieSanders: 3,232 | 34%

  19. They are showing Bernie wandering Santa Monica Pier. on msnbc

  20. I hope someone can pull this clip.

  21. “Where will Bernie show up next? He could be anywhere, standing right beside you in line, munching on a barbequed burger, riding on a ferris wheel, taking a plunge in a fountain! If you find him, you are eligible for free tuition and other prizes! Look for the gaily painted Bernmobile, and then be sure to say the magic phrase, ‘Got a Revolution’ to claim your reward! “

  22. turn to msnbc now

  23. moon thanks for the info.
    so heading to cook dinner and watch a movie.
    Be back later…I got a hint of celebration…

  24. He looks like a homeless man. Trying shake hands with the people on the pier

  25. They just announced that it was the Bernie Sanders campaign who cut the number of voting places,because they did not have enough volunteers. on msnbc

  26. Wow! Really neetabug? I must go tweet Susan Sarandon, she’s been whining about it all day!

  27. Haha, MSNBC ( I never listen to, but CNN went off reporting the voting to some show) just said, ” I know there are no PUMAs any more!”

    Guess what, you guys are wrong again.

    I guess that would make Bernie supporters all Magical Pigeons.

  28. Yes imus. I am going to see if I can pull the video or transcript. Tell Miss Susan to pull up Chris Matthew on msnbc or have her call him.

  29. msnbc seems to be pulling for Hillary.

  30. neeta, I saw that on MSNBC.
    If that’s true, that’s a bombshell.
    Mr. let the people vote, my ass.

  31. I saw where elderly and disabled were keeling over in line waiting and that…..*I won’t say it…..#%&!!!…..cut the polling places like that to serve his own interests?!!!!! I loathe him.

  32. Chris is asking Sander advisor when is he going to release his tax returns

  33. Lets see if they report this.

  34. Holy Haruhi, if those pix aren’t (an) impostor(s) and/or photoshopping, I wonder if Sanders is losing his marbles. 😮

  35. neetabug, on June 5, 2016 at 8:15 PM said:
    They just announced that it was the Bernie Sanders campaign who cut the number of voting places,because they did not have enough volunteers. on msnbc

    Bernie’s been busted. He really is the most dishonest of candidates I can remember in a long time. Will be thrilled when his ass gets tossed off the stage.

  36. Bernie is being seen finally as the joke he really is. He is a legend in his own mind!

  37. Wish he’d take a long walk off that pier.

  38. How incredibly embarrassing for Bernie sanders once he was a revolutionary now he’s the where’s Waldo of the political world.

  39. I’m wondering why Bernie was standing on that Merry-Go-Round. I’m guessing it’s because there were no unicorns.

  40. CNN calls PR for Hillary.

  41. Yup!
    Estimated return 22%
    Clinton 62%
    Sanders 35.3%

    How is the delegate count?

  42. So CNN called the race at 3% of the votes, but doesn’t know the delegate count????

  43. msnbc projects Hillary the winner i PR,

  44. Shadow, they haven’t counted all the ballots so they can’t get the count yet.

  45. Shadowfax, let’s be conservative, and say that since Sanders is gaining a bit in percentage, Hillary will win with around 60% of the vote. Of course the actual allocation depends on districts, but it’s usually close to the popular percentage, so we’ll say about 37-23. Then of the seven superdelegates, she may get them all, but we’ll say six. That makes it 43-24, putting her very close to the clinching number. But I think she wants the “silent vote” superdelegates to wait until Tuesday, so that she wins it with NJ votes, and also that she does not depress her turnout anywhere,

  46. He looks like a homeless man because he and Nurse Ratched are trailer trash who hit the government lottery.

    My grandmother used to say, You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  47. Found you in Trash again, neeta WTF.

  48. She has 37 delegates so far from PR…so far…she’ll pick up a few more and be sooooooooo close to clinching!

    Uppity, I’ve been checking the admin comments periodically the last couple of days. Neeta snuck by me!

  49. Neeta snuck by me!

    I think she’s pulling our chain, sister!

  50. Wish I had a shot of that moron standing on the Merry Go Round. The captions would just write themselves.

  51. My husband and I tried to get into Hillary’s event today in Sac City College, but the gym was filled to capacity after a 1 1/2 hr wait in a very looooooong line and in 100 degree weather, no less. (I hear Fresno’s event was just as popular, only it reached 107 degrees!) Actually, there were two very long and winding lines on campus–an express line (no bags) and a regular line (w/bags, etc.). A multitude of people were out there in support of Hillary, buying T-shirts and buttons, waiting patiently to get inside. A woman a few feet in front of us was interviewed by the local Fox TV station, but I heard neither the question nor the answer. She grinned after it was over, saying: “So much for the enthusiasm gap!” In fact, people were still arriving as many were leaving. The guy next to us was beaming about Hillary’s epic take down of Trump. BTW, we only saw three Bernie Bros (one wearing a Bernie T-shirt), but other than that the atmosphere outside was peaceful and joyful. Since my husband and I didn’t get in, we mosied on over to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate our anniversary. All in all, a very good day!

  52. How exciting trixta! And crongrats on your anniversary!

  53. Yeah, cut the number of polling places, people either get tired of waiting and leave or they die right there in line. Only way Sanders could possibly win. Slimy old bastard. I thought this was GOP tactic!

    The guy is wandering around Santa Monica? Seriously? Not far from where my nephew lives. Think I’ll call him and tell him to go outside and help the poor, demented bum down on the pier.

  54. William

    I agree, I think that’s what Hillary wants too…but she is waaaaaay more patient than I am.

    Hell, she and all of us have been waiting for 8 bloody years for this, and some commie is just making her wait even longer.

  55. Upps darling, you’ve been very busy tonight…

  56. trixta

    So sorry you had to wait in such heat and weren’t able to get in. Congratulations on your anniversary. I was lucky I went on one of the few rainy days in CA.

  57. Politico delegate tracker…

    2,383 Delegates Needed for Nomination

    Hillary has 2355
    Do the math…she needs 28 delegates…
    where can pick up those 28 dele?

  58. I am holding out hope she will need 27 more delegates after tonight just because It would make tomorrow a fun day on Twitter….


  59. I also heard that CNN was going to have Hillary on, thinking they would connect after she won tonight…but thanks to Bernie, CNN packed up and went home. Did Hillary ever talk tonight?

  60. Thank you, Imust and Shadow! We knew we might not get in, but since the venue is less than 5 mins away we thought we’d try anyway (even though we arrived two hours before the event was supposed to begin!) We’re used to the hot weather…should be a bit cooler next week. I wore my very broad brimmed hat (SPF 50) and summer attire, so no biggie. Although we didn’t get in, it was great seeing the support and enthusiasm from so many like minded individuals. The experience was more uplifting than disappointing. (In 2008, I was able to attend an event with Pres Clinton, shook his hand and managed to get three autographs! Perhaps someday I’ll have Hillary’s too.)

    So happy to hear about Hillary’s latest delegate count!

  61. Our local EarthFare, normally the Berniest of hangouts strangely had St. Hilaire champagne featured and on sale.

    Coincidence? I think not. (A bottle’s chilling for Tuesday even as I type)

  62. I spent 4 hours phone banking for Hillary today. The calls went to all different areas of the state. Most people were nice. I did get a couple of Trump supporters and a few people hung up on me. There were a few Bernie supporters. All in all a good day. Since I am off work tomorrow, I’m going to do some canvassing, before it gets too hot. I am anxious for Tuesday to come.

  63. Yes,Hillary wants the SDs to hang back and bring this in on Tuesday with PDs. I’d also bet she’d much prefer to deliver this from Brooklyn, where she planned AND on the anniversary of the cracked Ceiling speech, because this IS the party she planned.

  64. As per MSNBC ( who appears to have FINALLY figured out that they maybe should start being at least even handed when reporting on the next President of the United States) said that the Bernie campaign had lobbied for fewer voting sites because they didn’t have enough Bernie volunteers to help monitor the sites ( because we all know how the system is rigged for Hillary and only the holy should be counting the vote). Seems to me that if you don’t have enough volunteers to cover the voting sites,that might be a clue that you’re not likely to do well and you’d err on the side of making things more accessible.

    And,Upps. I’m willing to go along w/any diagnosis you make. Seems to me you’re right on more often than not.
    Planning my menu for Tuesday. Looking for that perfect bottle of Champagne;a local Washington Blanc de Blanc;Treveri ( I may have spelled that wrong, but dang it’s hot around here.We’re having a heat wave..a tropical…) Going to party like it ISN’T 2008…because,well,it isn’t.Much better outcome this year. 🙂

  65. Early:

    you are chilling the bottle… I’m already drinking it…

    a votre Sante!

  66. I am planning on steak n baked potato dinner, dark chocolate ice cream with fresh blueberries for dessert….and to drink while watching the returns, cheap ass beer. The champagne is being saved for November. 🙂

  67. Me too bellecat! I figured getting this close tonight deserved a bit of the bubbly……
    Freixenet Cordon Brute Cava! Sounded fancy, tastes good too!
    Congrats to all Uppityites! Cheers!

  68. BTW, let’s all not forget about DC’s vote on 6/14 and give them encouragement to GOTV! I actually think they should have been part of this weekend’s voting.

  69. Belle,

    Et a la votre! It’s been eight long years, a day or two more or less won’t matter. Enjoy!

    Lovely menu, Voting. Mine is (relatively) cheap Champagne – on sale, yet! I did look at the Taittingers but like you, decided to save the best for November. There’s an encore planned for January…

  70. I love this..conciliatory with a deserved touch of bitch-slap:

  71. Even Snoopy loves our Hillary:

  72. One thing about all these stages … we get to have a lot of celebrations!

  73. Great pics of the Sacramento event today. Hillary looks so happy!


  74. These comments are comedy gold! You guys are cracking me up! 🙂

    Hillary has the smartest, funniest supporters. I suppose that’s appropriate.

  75. Uppity, you were right about that Al Giordano guy. I just read a piece about him by Joy Reid. He’s not really a Hillary supporter. He’s an Obama coalition supporter. Didn’t even vote in primaries.

  76. The Green Papers show that Hillary won 36 delegates last night…so is she now 24 short of winning???


  77. Some Bernie’s supporters here in CA are seriously thinking of voting for Hillary tomorrow because he is not going to win the primary.

  78. Shadow, That is crazy. As much as I want Hillary to win, people need to vote for the person they want. During the primary in Texas, I heard people say they were going to vote for Trump, because they wanted to vote for a winner.

  79. On how to comport yourself when Hillary wins the nomination:


    Pretty darn funny.


  80. Fewer polling places with long lines cut into Hillary’s victory margin. Her voters more likely to have health issues preventing them from standing in hot sun for hours. They are also more likely to have family and work responsibilities that prevent it. I agree with Ups. Tomorrow and Wednesday the entire Democratic party needs to tell the old grifter to shit in his hat and put it on his head. If he doesn’t like it–too bad.

    I don’t agree that Sanders supporters who might switch to Hillary should not do so. Some might want to send a loud and clear message to Trump. And has anyone noticed that BS rarely criticizes Trump? He seems to prefer attacking Dems and Hillary, their standard bearer.

  81. I can ‘t help to notice the New York Times not having a single line about Hillary’s eminent primary win. Instead, the headline of Sander’s chances fading…

    What a bunch of………you name it!

  82. Anyone that switches from Bernie to Hillary because they want someone to win is A-Okay with me. These people have said it’s because they want to stop Trump and Hillary was their second choice.

    My never voting for an Independent candidate is for the same reason, they have no chance of winning.

  83. Well, the rumors floating around are that Hillary is going to rack up all the endorsements that are left on Tuesday. I don’t know if all Bernie’s super delegates are going to leave him on Tuesday but Merkley has said that after June 7th, Bernie needs to shut everything down.

  84. I would love to see Hillary tomorrow in her bright orange suit. I wish she would ditch the long ‘cover up’ jackets, the style does not flatter her body. She needs a new designer. She’s a beautiful woman.

  85. OldCoastie, thanks for the facebook link. I’m texting it to friends and family along with Voting’s link to Benjamin’s “Come to Momma!” tweet. Both are great.

  86. Old Coastie@11:50 Loved the not-too-happy face advice in the link. So true! I wonder, can that perfect anime of Hills be made into a sticker?

  87. Tomorrow Bernie may see all his super delegates switch… I’m guessing certainly be the end of the week.

    Maybe that’ll shut him up.

  88. JUST IN: Obama could endorse Clinton this week http://hill.cm/ZAYowsI

  89. CNN just saying that Bernie made some speech (didn’t hear it), and his tone is changing from this weekend. That he is “feeling the pressure from Obama ready to endorse Hillary….”.

    They think, “…he is trying to wind down….”, but he has a lot of supporters that don’t want him to quit.

  90. (CNN)President Barack Obama’s long wait to hit the campaign trail is about to come to an end.

    With Hillary Clinton set on Tuesday to secure enough delegates and become the presumptive Democratic nominee, the White House is signaling that Obama’s full endorsement could come as early as this week.
    White House officials and Democratic aides are still determining how and when Obama, along with Vice President Joe Biden, will throw their formal endorsements behind Clinton and her campaign. Eager to exploit his recent spike in popularity, Obama is looking to become the most active lame duck campaigner in recent presidential history.
    Even as Sen. Bernie Sanders pledges to keep fighting until the Democratic convention, Clinton and her allies are planning a major push to unify the party behind her candidacy, including a high-profile endorsement Obama is poised to deliver as soon as this week, two Democrats familiar with the effort tell CNN.

  91. So 6 states vote tomorrow and the 3 biggest in terms of delegates are all states that should go Clinton

    California 475
    NJ 126
    New Mexico 34

    The other 3 are ones that will probably go for the old fart.

    Montana 21
    S Dakota 20
    N Dakota 18

  92. Party unity is going to be forced on Bernie whether likes it or not….

    Obama owes Hillary bigtime……she could have sunk him in 2008 by fighting on but didn’t.

    She earned this.

  93. Moon, she absolutely has earned the nomination. she has worked her butt off to get where she is. And the fact that Bernie thinks he should be handed the nomination because of a few polls that show him polling better than Hillary reeks of privilege.Joy Reid tweeted a bunch of facts and basically said what he is asking for has NEVER happened before.

  94. What the hell is happening to the rest of the vote in PR…..its been 24 hrs and it has not moved,there is still 40% of the vote not counted or added in yet.

  95. Yep Moon. Hillary has earned this mega. Can’t wait to raise a glass or two of champers (more probably an entire bottle) to our girl tomorrow night) at my little crib in the ‘hood. I’ve been routinely toasting on primary win nights. But I just got back from buying three bottles so I won’t run out. Oh yes. The tears and the wine will flow! Everybody get ready to toast it up! Neo, by the way, is a Hillary backer. “Ms. Clinton. … she’s a favorite of mine. So yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with her. Looking forward to seeing what happens to her when she gets into a position of power… ”

  96. I just spent 3.5 hours canvassing today and I am beat!!! up and down hills and hardly anyone was home, but I left flyers. Now I am making calls

  97. This however is my perfect song for Bernie tomorrow night…
    A strong latino woman telling you to go away and stay away……

  98. Explains Sanders change in tone today……

    NBC’s Andrea Mitchell: President Obama and Bernie Sanders talked this weekend.

  99. Los Angeles County registrar: Almost 400,000 vote-by-mail ballots have been cast through Friday

    Based on previous elections, total ballots cast will exceed two million in Los Angeles County.


    I think this portends well for Hillary….LA is her territory.

  100. Lol, the reason the PR vote is not completely done is the PR democratic party took Monday off……because they were tired last night……they will start finishing it off tomorrow.

    Honest to goodness……..wtf!

  101. Moon, LOL!!!

  102. Lol, the reason the PR vote is not completely done is the PR democratic party took Monday off……because they were tired last night……they will start finishing it off tomorrow
    Moon, you made me spill my water. I am cracking up.

  103. I have heard of island time and manjana manjana but thats taking the proverbial biscuit……..

    Finish it off and you could have had the whole bloody week off.

    Thank god they are not general election voters and we were waiting on them making the deciding electoral votes, we’d be here to next year.

    Never heard the like of it.

  104. I’m with the PR Dem Party. Island time FTW! Outcome is known, just a matter of mopping up details, why sweat it? We all need their attitude :D.

  105. Rumor has it two ballot boxes were stolen then returned on the island…

    Sounds like a total clusterPhuck to me.

  106. quixote, on June 6, 2016 at 6:02 PM said:
    I’m with the PR Dem Party. Island time FTW! Outcome is known, just a matter of mopping up details, why sweat it? We all need their attitude😀.


    If not their attitude, at least some of what they’re smoking!

  107. EXCUSE ME! Bernie’s getting maaaaddd! LOL

  108. I’m starting to think Donnie may not even make it to the convention before he blows up into a million pieces….

    God Gawd! What’s he doing?!!??

  109. Holy crap…AP just broke that Hillary has crossed the delegate threshold tonight.

  110. according to Twitter blow up just now….trying to find a link.

  111. I just saw that too, Awesome! Way to go Hillary!

  112. OMG is this finally true????????????

  113. HuffPo has it up also…don’t think they would PO their readership unless it was true:


  114. Per CNN, a Bernie guy said Bernie had a private conversation with Obama this weekend, and he told Bernie that he would endorse Hillary.

  115. Is it true???????? YEEEEEHAWWWW!!!

  116. Just yanked you out of Trash, Pluto. Congrats. Apparently, WP didn’t want you to feel left out.

  117. Are we toasting tomorrow?

  118. Jonathan Tasini and Carl Bernstein on CNN with Anderson Cooper. They are both coming off as complete misogynistic douchebags. They are pushing the email servicer as if Hillary will be indicted. After Cooper pushed Bernstein, he admitted that it was highly unlikly that she would be indicted (no shit sherlock). However, they are also saying that even if Hillary wins California (as if it is a must win for her — when we all know she will clinch the nomination even if she lost), even if she has the pledged delegates and the super delegates needed after Tuesday to clinch the nomination, it would be wrong to call her the nominee cuz anything could happen between now and the convention. This is just outright sexism. After the last primary when Obama got all the super delegates to back him, he was annointed the presumptive nominee but when Hillary wins she is not. The Hillary supporter on CNN, how weak can you be. Doesn’t even bring up how Obama did it in 2008, etc.. just sits there and says she is the presumptive nominee after Tuesday, but “admits” that Tasini and Bernstein are technically correct she will not be the nominee until the convention. Hillary needs to get better supporters and push back on this crap. As a woman I am outraged by this double standard.

    Sad to see how sexist the extreme left is.

  119. I hope this announcement doesn’t suppress Hillary voters tomorrow. I am so happy!!!!

  120. Rachel Maddox said Friday that this would happen

  121. It’s amazing how biased the media are. Hillary just became the first female nominee for president and they are taking away from this historic moment because of sore loser Sanders and the MSM’s disdain for the Clintons’. Shame on them.

  122. Sounds to me like Hillary wants to prepare to claim her historic win where she laid down her sword 8 years ago. I believe this is emotionally for Hillary, and for her long term PUMAs and supporters.

    A form of do-over healing.

    We all know Hillary already has all the delegates and supers she needs.

    I think I need to wear orange tomorrow and if I had her new t-shirt and rhinestone pin, I would wear those. Damn the campaign is slooooooooow at getting the merchandise out to Hillary supporters.

    I do have a 2008 Hillary shirt, but I won’t be able to wear it into the polls when I finally get to FREAKIN’ VOTE for Hillary. One of the last states to vote, you freakin’ DNCasswipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. CNN has just had two ads running on their break to vote for Trump and defeat Hillary.

    Have these shitbirds lost their freakin’ marbles?

    F them.

  124. CNN just admitted that delegates are changing right now. She is now 10 delegates away from crossing the line…

  125. Hillary won the nominee!!! WOOOOO CONGRATS EVERYONE!!!!

  126. What do you mean the delegates are changing? To Sanders????

  127. Yay, but I think it stinks that NBC and MSNBC have taken our Hillary’s moment away from her.
    Mrs. Greenspan never misses an opportunity to piss on Hillary’s parade.

  128. Hillary is on msnbc

  129. What do you mean the delegates are changing?


    Not to Bernie, the uncommitted are committing to Hillary tonight.

  130. Need to win CA tomorrow and shut Sanders and his supporters up!!!

  131. A great moment, though I do agree with Sue that it would probably have been nicer had it been announced tomorrow. But that is not Hillary’s fault, or the superdelegates’ fault; it is the media, which couldn’t let it go until tomorrow. It was inevitable, of course, so why does the media have to try to dilute it in some fashion? And Mitchell’s comments were ludicrous. How was the system rigged, Andrea, when Hilary got three million more votes than Sanders, and has 300 or so more pledged delegates????? Because Sanders says it is??

    One is tempted to wonder if the media did this to cause problems between the Clinton campaign and the Sanders people; and to allow him to somehow claim that Sanders’ vote tomorrow was lessened because of it. Well, Sanders would have been unhappy any way it worked out. The vastly important thing, of course, is the nomination!!!!

  132. AP did it on purpose, to slow down the Hillary vote tomorrow. Do you remember when they did that in 2008 to Hillary, I forget which state. Claimed she was wayyyyyyyyyy ahead early in the primary day to slow things down?

  133. Sue, it wasn’t MSNBC or CNN that announced it first. It was AP.

  134. Lets be honest here, Hillary can shut him up without winning Cali. She will have the majority of the pledged delegates without winning Cali. That is just a fallacy from the Sander’s campaign and a sexist double standard. It’s over tomorrow. In fact it was over in March. If Bernie and his minions think that they can cheat the first woman nominee from her win and believe that democrats will fall in line after being gifted the nomination over the winner, he must truly be high as a kite. That move would absolutely destroy the Democratic Party.

    And really, even if Hillary won Cali by 60 percent over Sanders his loonatic supporters would never shut up. They are convinced, thanks to Bernie, that the entire primary was unfair and that he was cheated out the nomination. What a load of bullshit that is.

  135. Even CNN just said Hillary has crossed the finish line!!!!!!!!!

    Hillary still wants everyone to vote, but she made it. Damn, finally she made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Hillary, go girl.

  136. I agree Uppity. So annoying. Raining on our parade!!!

  137. Hello, see so many familiar faces. Haven’t been to this blog in quite a few years. So, she is the presumptive nominee? Great work, everyone!!!!

  138. JB

    Some Bernie supporters have already said they are switching to Hillary. Bernie can’t win and this is historic for the first woman…some have told me.

  139. All Hillary supporters know that Hillary is the Dem. Primary WINNER, and the party with her will be tomorrow. No reason to bite any more nails or stress.

    She made it, she kicked Bernie’s wrinkled old ass!!

    I am happy to know it now.

  140. Shadow, that is GREAT!!! I am hoping so much that Hillary’s votes are not suppressed tomorrow.

  141. Well dang. Leave it to the media to troll Hillary and step on her moment. Still it’s historic, fantastic, tears of joy news! I’m sure a new thread will be posted soon to get rid of Bernie’s mug. And the real party in here will be after Hillary’s Brooklyn bacchanalia. But I’ll start the wine toasts early. I’m so happy the nomination is signed, sealed and delivered!

  142. Fuck the frat boys on CNN. Did they say that in 2008? (Hint: NO.) Of course she’s not the nominee. She’s the Presumptive Nominee. Sanders and the other folks in the tiny dick club can just shove it.

    (And yes, I do think that any men that are that petty are most likely to be the kind who feel robbed by nature.)

  143. birdgal

    I think most of CA Hillary supporters want to be part of this historic campaign, and are not going to just stay home because she has crossed the finish line. Everyone knows how hard she has fought and have waited at the end of the voting line in CA to finally give her their vote.

    I also don’t think most people will even know she has crossed the line. Not a lot of news is coming out about it.

  144. Trying again. Shenanigan from the Big Pink. Haven’t been in this log in years. Lots of familiar faces. We did it. She made herstory! And so did we. Great job. Thanks Neetabug for the heads up on migration

  145. Some male excitement on CNN over Hillary now

  146. 2384 Delegates for Hillary

  147. Just to pretty-up the place. 🙂

  148. Tears, nice to hear some real historic words from some Hillary supporters on CNN. Tomorrow is going to be a night with a lot of kleenex.

  149. Shadow, during my phone banking and canvassing, the majority of the people that I spoke with, had voted for Hillary by mail. I hope this bodes well for tomorrow. ❤️❤️ Hillary.

  150. Wonderful Voting, you found the news first.

  151. Please can we have a National Ignore AP moment?

    AP did this because they have hated Hillary Clinton and any other strong viable woman for decades. It was so pronounced after HRC’s Beijing speech in 1995 I actually looked up their contact number and called to ask “WTF??” The slurs and the double standards were right out there in the open. They said “Oooh, we don’t know what you’re talking about” and went on to wax indignant.

    Can’t we just completely ignore this latest instance of undermining?

  152. Yes, most of the folks I know vote by mail too. I always like to stand in line and vote, get my sticker…I need the experience. 😉

  153. Shadow, It may not be on the news, but it is all over Facebook. I am so happy! So different than 8 years ago. We were all so crushed and angry,

  154. Hello Shenanigans.

    YOu were in moderation. We moderate the blog to keep the squirrels away, sorry for the wait, I just saw you. Anyways, Welcome!

  155. Now I’m bawling! Hadn’t expected this till Tuesday evening.

    BREAKINGThe Associated Press on Twitter: “BREAKING: @AP finds Clinton reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination for president https://t.co/e473F0G4vX” (twitter.com)
    submitted 3 hours ago by hodgesmrMillennial – stickied post
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    Roundtable Discussion – AP declares Hillary Clinton has enough delegates to be Democratic nominee – 06/06

  156. Erlynerd, what did the AP say about Hillary’s Beijng speech?

  157. Took a break to relieve stress over AP shenanigans, went over to Wonkette, found the term “Broflake”. All better now.

  158. When I first it a little while ago, hubs heard it on the news, I was annoyed that they jumped the gun and it would probably affect tomorrows votes. But when I saw the number on Shadows post upthread, 2384 delegates, I admit I clutched my chest and tears came streaming out.

    We knew she would win anyway, we’ve known all year, but still. what an amazing fucking thing to see. I love you all! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  159. It doesn’t matter about the AP sh*t… sucks.

    I know I’m heading to the ballot booth tomorrow to pull the lever for our girl. I’m sure that’s true for many.

  160. Broflake!?! Okay. Good one!

    btw, I glanced at dkos earlier today, and saw a lot of comments from people saying they voted for or were voting for Bernoid, but that they were going to support Hillary. I think the Bernie or Bust movement won’t be very big after all.

  161. Damn straight Old Coastie!

  162. Sophie, after all these years I remember mostly their undercutting her on her tone of voice, what they saw as her alienating anti-woman organizations like the Vatican (weirdly present with UN granted state observer status, in spite of their entirely male government, and who joined forces with the Muslim states to oppose the whole concept of the convention, in writing, when the time came to draft CEDAW) and tsking over her even making the speech in the first place. They seemed to see it as defiance of press and political disapproval of a First Lady getting so involved on her own. The specifics are backed up somewhere on a 486 harddrive that may or may not be recoverable, but I do know that I had solid grounds for asking AP why they were so biased.

    AP’s anti-woman coverage has been evident in other stories since then, from rape cases to news items about female world leaders. A lot of it is in dismissive adjectives, covering personal details for women but not for men, questioning women’s but not men’s veracity, things like that. Like shortening the term “sexual assault” to the dismissive “sex assault”, using the word “accuser”, a term that turns victims into perpetrators, only for female victims of male violence.

    Somewhat subtle but very effective.

  163. Sophie, I posted what may have been too lengthy an answer and it’s disappeared. If it doesn’t get fished out of the trash or spam, I try again later.

  164. Watch Donald call 9-1-1 7-Eleven

  165. Dang, never mind! There it is.

  166. Welcome Shenanigan (Shex2)!

    Yup Upps has a safe place here for Hillary supporters. Glad you didn’t give up because of that other site and have joined in here.

    We have waited a long time for this, almost doesn’t seem real to me yet, waiting to hear Hillary talk about it first.

  167. Birdgirl

    I am so happy! So different than 8 years ago. We were all so crushed and angry,

    Absolutely! I still am a little in shock that this long dream has come true.

  168. Socal – so good, even if it’s official tomorrow. Still can’t quite believe it.

  169. I saw Hillary’s brief speech in Long Beach tonight; and near the end, she said something about, if she is elected President, not only should little girls and grown women be excited, but so should little boys and grown men, because she will be a President for everyone. I must admit, I was touched to hear her say that. I’ve always felt that she likes men, even as she fights for equal rights, and for empowerment of women across the world. I am hoping for a Hillary victory which will encompass all groups, and allow her to have the mandate and electoral strength to implement the policies which are so greatly needed for the country and planet. At least we are halfway there, now. A lot more work and support will be necessary for the general election, but this is very gratifying, particularly after the unfairness, unpleasantness, and frustrations of eight years ago.

  170. Okay CA folks, is Kamala Harris a bad choice for Senator? I have no idea about these people running.

  171. Well said William!

  172. Arrgh – not CEDAW, but the Beijing Platform For Action that was drafted in 1995. How can I have so many Senior Moments and HIllary so few? It’s not faaaiiiirrrr.

  173. I suspect Kamala Harris will become a star the Democratic party. And I am confident either her or Loretta will be a good senator.

    Harris just has the spark. I think Jerry Brown endorsed her.

  174. I’m going to go vote early tomorrow so I can run home and put on my Hillary 2016 shirt first thing!

  175. Kamala is a rising star of the Democratic Party and has the endorsement of the party. Sanchez is a congresswoman from Southern CA and may be more left than Kamala. She has been in Congress for about 20 years . I like Kamala

  176. Okay, thanks for the Kamala feedback. I am reading up on her now and have some old memory from 2008 that was negative. Something about someone in politics being killed that was close to Diane Feinstein…not sure if it was just negative stuff from another blog or what.

  177. Just reading up on Loretta, she voted 97% of the time with Nasty.

    She’s out for me. Too far left.

  178. Shadow, That is what turned me. Kamala was an early supporter for Obama in 2008, but I can forgive her for that.

  179. Yeah Birdgal, when ever I don’t know the people running, I google their history and try to find the person with the most qualified background. I also look at the women first, just because there are so few women in congress.

    I only picked on male, and he was in the military.

    Pretty much anyone that is an incumbent in the CA congress, is out. I think they all stink.

    I will always vote for Feinstein.

  180. …picked ONE male 😉

  181. I voted for my congressman, Mike Thompson, he is an incumbent and a good guy. Very supportive of Hillary. He has been around for years, A sanders supporter was running against him,

  182. Bernie, up ahead! That sign’s for you.

  183. Birdgal, Mike Thompson isn’t on my ballot.

  184. Nice, Fredster.

  185. I’m literally in floods of tears here.

    Hillary made it, she told all those naysayers and took all that sexist macho bullshit and shoved it in their faces.

    Looking forward to Madam President.

  186. Its good she gets thrown over the top now, you may see a stampede of people today vote for the winner.

    All women should be proud today, that glass ceiling is cracking up into little pieces.

  187. Absolutely Moon. Tomorrow is going to be a big box of kleenex day for me. Amazing that we are all still together, strangers at one time, now more of a family.

  188. It took, not any woman to take all this crap, but an intelligent, strong, courageous woman like Hillary to pick herself up, dust herself off, playing nice with people that stabbed her in the back, to make this historical move for all girls and women, and men that care.

    She makes us feel so proud, stand tall and use her as an example of what a good woman can do.

  189. Final post tonight/this morning. It got the duct-works going again. THIS is what we have fought for not just this year, the last 8 years, since Ferraro or since Shirley Chisholm…THIS is what we have fought for all our lives.

    Yes, daughter/sister/niece/aunt/mom/grandmother/friend…you can become POTUS. For the women before us, for the women yet to be..tonight is all of our victory.

    Friggin CELEBRATE, will ya!?!

  190. Hillary’s campaign just sent out an email saying that delegates put her over the mark, but wants everyone to vote.

  191. Every single female child now can become President and you can thank all those women before you who stood up to the male buddy club, took all the crap and still stood and even when they got beat down, got back up and took it again and got back up.

    You can Thank Hillary for showing women the way to the top.

    Every woman should be shouting today

    Yes WE can!

  192. What time is our party starting tonight………..?

    I have copious amounts of wine waiting for my seal of approval. They need to know i care……..

  193. The epitome of a sore loser…

    Sanders camp condemns ‘rush to judgment’ on Clinton nomination


  194. You must be way on the other side of the planet Moon…I am off to bed.

    Celebration time after I vote tomorrow. It might be a long night for the CA vote to come in, the race will probably be tight…I hope not.

    Good night Moon and those that are still up…

  195. Shadowfax, I doubt Bernie’s gonna be reading that sign – even though he should. He’ll be obstinate until the very end.

  196. RE: Kamala Harris or Loretta Sanchez?

    Loretta Sanchez is a tried and true Clintonista, whereas Kamala Harris is known as the female Obama. (Also, Harris’ current ads feature Elizabeth Warren in a big way.) Sanchez’ is more of a centrist Dem, certainly more conservative than her sister Linda who is also in government. The two sisters are often mistaken for one another. If I remember correctly, Linda supported Obama in 2008; Loretta, Clinton.
    Harris may be a rising star and will probably win in November (she’s also endorsed Hillary this year), but Sanchez would be a greater ally for Hillary in the Senate.


  197. Borrowed from a HS friend and dedicated Clintonista on FB:

  198. Yack, that article from 2008 is the stereotype catty personal attack, right down to snorting about her hair.

  199. New post up.

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