Super Super Super Tuesday


No you may not. And everybody knows why except you. We will, however, be happy to sponsor your Frontal Lobe evaluation.

After tonight, Ron Paul’s loaners to Bernie can return to their roots, having had the tasteless fights, fake polls, youtube trolling opportunities and all the chances to call people cunts they could ever dream of. Thank goodness for Gary Johnson. We will see them again in four years, of course. They are like the Haley’s Comet of Politics.

After tonight, people will be safer from the severe injury they could incur by accidentally standing in the path between Bernie Sanders and a microphone.

After tonight, beer-pongers across the nation will comprehend that nobody wants to pay their bills for them for life.

After tonight, Bernie Groupies AKA White Frat Boys across the nation will no longer get to enjoy the box lunch on the bus to the next rally, compliments of Karl Rove.

After tonight, a large portion of the nation’s Millennials will have finally realized that, in the real world, second place does not mean The Winner and you do not get a trophy just for showing up. Most importantly, they will learn that there is no such thing as an entire generation of Special Snowflakes.


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  1. Great post for a great day! Congratulations Uppityites!!!

  2. Beat me to it….imagine Pelosi endorsement was planned rollout…will see more later.

  3. imust I am gun-shy. There are too many forces I do not trust. I’ll celebrate tonight. But I also believe Bernie Sanders will work very hard to ensure this is a joyless historical year. I believe he thinks he’s in charge of the Sandinistas and will continue to wreak as much havoc and interfere as much as possible. Losing to a girl is not acceptable to him. He plans to dominate Hillary. Unless he drops dead of mean-ness, he won’t stop.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  4. I agree he will try Uppity, no doubt. But he tried a lot of things these many months and failed. He failed because the drive, determination, intelligence and sheer force of nature that is Hillary Clinton. We who have supported her as she has fought off not only Sanders, but his band of Sandernista frat boyz, the media, and Donald Trump! We stand tall and proud today because WE are on the side of HERstory!! Viva la Hillary Clinton!!!!!!

    P.S. Love the new header! I don’t remember seeing that one before, is it brand new?

  5. Yeah Moon, they have probably been chomping at the bit to get started.
    We will see probably the BIG endorsement (and I don’t mean Lizzie Warren, or St Bernard the spendthrift) by the end of the week.
    Hillary’s, “favorables” will start moving upwards from today forward.
    I will be in Brooklyn tonight, “Living History” with tears in my eyes and a song in my heart!
    Don’t fret Upps, when you see how deep a financial hole he dug the past month, you’ll understand his sincerity in endorsing, supporting and kissing Hillary’s ring.

  6. imust I am gun-shy. There are too many forces I do not trust. I’ll celebrate tonight. But I also believe Bernie Sanders will work very hard to ensure this is a joyless historical year.

    Only one thing to do with people like Bernie and his bully Broflakes: drown them out. We have wanted this for between 8 to 25 to 168 years and a bunch of born-yesterday, never took a civics class, online poll morons are not going to fuck with our moment.

  7. I must, you are right. She did beat back Bernie and his band of frat boys. Now onto the fact that instead of fighting a three prong war Hillary and the rest of us are going to have to fight a two pronged war against the press and against Trump.

  8. I also meant to add that at least once Bernie has dropped out, the GOP and people like Andrea Mitchell can quit hiding behind Bernie and show their full on Hillary hate and quit being so passive aggressive. Sunlight on all these people is going to make it easier to fight them.

  9. Mornin’ all. It’s a beautiful day in Hillary land. I am waiting for the polls to open and cast my vote for our girl.

    Looking at the CA polls:

    HuffNPuff Hillary +4.1%

    RCP> +2 Hillary

    CBS> +2 Hillary

    538> +5.1 Hillary

  10. I just saw in comments at Hillary HQ that “Bernie won the people’s vote.” So there you have it: we’re not people; only BS supporters are “people”.

    Screw them! We have the right to be joyous and proud. Henceforth, Bernie and his bros cease to exist, no matter how hard they try to assert their relevance. They are utterly irrelevant.

  11. I cannot wait to hear Hillary’s speech tonight.

  12. Funny post, Uppity!
    I wish my mother was alive to see this moment.

  13. OK Cali…is your turn to make good for our Hillary.


  14. Heading to the polls here in about an hour. I’m so excited!

    I think there is some severe arm twisting going on between the leadership and Bernie. I imagine he is being given a very narrow path to walk if he wants to keep his seat and his committees.

    Hopefully, he isn’t completely delusional.

  15. Going out this morning for last minute canvassing. I was pooped after yesterday, but it is worth it.

  16. “We will, however, be happy to sponsor your Frontal Lobe evaluation.”


    You’re been soooo generous today!

  17. UW awesome post. Nothing more needs to be added you said it all!!!!

  18. Yes Rebel, it is perfectly clear to “Progressives” that women and minorities are not people. They support you until they don’t, and only if you stay in your lane. If you don’t, they will turn on you like junkyard dogs. But then we learned that LONG before now. They are the mirror image of the tea party and I do NOT support THEM either. I am a Democrat. They tag along as a fringe of my party, it’s obvious when you subtract the Ron Paul people and the anarchists who jumped in for a good fight and nothing more. In the end most of them will vote for Hillary, save for the White Frat Boys who don’t give a shit about SCOTUS since it doesn’t affect them. They can just rape girls on campus and get off easy like that POS who just got six months because a judge didn’t want to ruin HIS life. But they won’t have to worry about getting an abortion or being treated fairly with equal pay, so SCOTUS means shit to them.

    Their threats are that of a paper tiger. If they go for Johnson, they will soon understand that they not only won’t get free healthcare and college, they can kiss ANY healthcare plan, including ACA goodbye as well as goverment loans. They can kiss their own asses goodbye because the IRS will be gone and they will pay a hefty tax on everything they eat, everything they buy and everything they do, along with the 1%, who won’t be hurt by that at all. I could go on, but you get the pic.

    Or they can vote for Trump, God knows they adore him, which is why they go to his rallies and throw rocks at people.

  19. I’m so excited to be voting for Hillary today!

  20. Join riverdaughter with her Jersey girls: Sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la…

    “But let’s celebrate today all those Jersey Girls who are going to the polls, who will deliver a crushing victory for Hillary in New Jersey where she leads in the polls by 20 points. “

  21. Great post atop new thread. BUT I still hate that I have to see this execrable old white man’s face anymore!

  22. I just got back from voting, it felt so good. The polls were only open 15 minutes when I got there, I was 28th to vote and the people are flocking to vote. I saw more adults and women voting.

  23. I don’t want to see Bernie’s mug on this beautiful day so…..

  24. Bernie supporters that were ‘uncommitted’ could go to the polls and ask for a Dem ballot and vote in CA. They vote on a provisional ballot.

    Haha…here’s the difference:

    “What Happens After You Cast a Provisional Ballot?

    Your provisional ballot will be counted after elections officials have confirmed that you are registered to vote in that county and you did not already vote in that election.

    You may vote a provisional ballot at any polling place in the county in which you are registered to vote, however, only the elections contests you are eligible to vote for will be counted.”

    —- Meaning all those (Independent) Bernie or Trump crossover votes should not be counted with the others when the polls close and the winner is named.

  25. G6D said:

    the rest of us are going to have to fight a two pronged war against the press and against Trump.

    I suspect that the Heathers of the Corporate Media are a greater enemy to HRC than Trump is.

    Prez Hillary needs to make priorities of restoring the Fairness Doctrine and of using the anti-trust laws to break up the giant media conglomerates.

  26. “Hillary, of course” indeed.

    Because the USA needs a grown-up in the White House.

    Bernie and The Donald are not mentally adults. 😛

  27. Dear Corporate Media Heathers:

    One thing supporters of Clinton, Sanders, and Trump all have in common is that we all think you lot are favoring the other candidate or candidates.

    We all despise you.

    What does that say about you lot? 👿

  28. SHadow, The Habitual Litigator’s peevish minions tried to get some kind of court ruling in CA regarding some perceived illegal election rule…and the judge basically told them their argument was moose poop.

  29. Paulette, forgive my use of the Dirty Old White Man’s face, I couldn’t help myself.

  30. Goofs, I’ll tell you when I voted for Hillary in NY, it felt soooooooooooooo good!

  31. I was the skeptic a couple of weeks ago, but today – PUMAs we’re still here …..she’s still here…and We’re With Her!

  32. Looking good in Cali, looks like the voters on news media are heavily women and minority.

  33. Off to vote! Hoping for a Hillary victory here in CA, for icing, optics, and just general gratification. MSNBC is broadcasting the results show from the Santa Monica Pier; hopefully Sanders is not still on the merry-go-round. The media had better be favorable to Hillary today, no hemming and cavilling.

  34. VotingHillary, on June 7, 2016 at 12:49 PM

    Voting, I love that image. Wish is was a t-shirt.

  35. Just back from voting in NJ. What a thrill to once again be putting that “X” next to Hillary Clinton’s name!

    I rarely post anything political on my blog, but this historic occasion required it. So if you’re interested in what I had to say — and to see a photo of my “X” — hop on over to my blog:

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  36. Upps

    forgive my use of the Dirty Old White Man’s face, I couldn’t help myself.

    I too want to protest the Sandcrabs mug at the top of the post. I would hope that once Hillary picks her sword back up tonight, that there is a big international red bar across his face like this:

    or a big red ‘X’.


  37. Wow, that’s a big red ‘no’ sign. Feel free to reduce the size.

  38. Blessings to all our California voters today. Yes, that feeling is absolutely awesome of getting to vote for Hillary. I was smiling all the way to the polls. We here in GA delivered a 50 point win for Hillary in the primary. Now I know you guys in CA aren’t going to be able to do that but I hope you do as well or better than you did in 2008.

    Have y’all seen all the freaking abuse female reporters are starting to get from the Bernie bros simply by reporting that Hillary is the nominee? I mean they’re being called all kinds of names. The only person I might laugh at getting that kind of treatment is Maureen Dowd.

  39. Fix-it fairy…feel free to delete the big red ‘no’ sign…I didn’t intend for it to be so visually obtrusive. 😉

  40. Popcorn, Trump is getting slammed 24/7 on CNN.

  41. Ga. @ 2:21 pm: Never thought I’d defend Amy Chozik of the NYT, but she’s stopped answering calls from unknown numbers. Says Bernie supporters have called 3× threatening to “hunt her down in streets”! Yikes! Why are they threatening reporters who don’t even like Hillary!?

  42. Just got back from voting.

    Geez, that felt good! 🙂

  43. My question is where are these morons getting reporters’ phone #’s? From Sanders campaign? Only the campaign would have access to journalists #’s. If they’re giving them out to their thugs to threaten and harass, that would be a new low even for them.

  44. Great day! Can’t wait to hear Hillary’s speech. I believe California will come through for our girl today, although the cross-over indies and repugs will inflate Bernie’s numbers, no doubt.

    [Upps, I should’ve put a disclaimer on the catty article on Loretta Sanchez (in the previous thread), but it does show how much grief she got for standing by Hillary when other Super Delegates abandoned her toward the end. Loretta was ready to contest the nomination for Hillary, but we all know what happened in Denver. Again, Loretta is a centrist Dem (her sister Linda, a far Lefty.) Harris is all in for Elizabeth Warren, so putting her in the Senate makes me a little nervous for Hillary as President. Just my two cents….]

  45. Running out to the store to get my goodies for tonight.

  46. let’s just reflect how in 08 we were told to sit down and shut up about going to the convention despite winning the popular vote and now despite being 3 million votes behind Bernie is allowed to have the media play with the idea of a contested primary. We were shot down non stop when we wanted a floor fight in Denver

  47. Hilarious post, Upps!

  48. The first rat to officially desert the SS DRUMPF (It’s so yuge it’s TITANIC!)

    He won’t be the last….

  49. Coastie, are the polls busy?

  50. …While other smart Republicans start building a bandwagon they can climb aboard…(OK mixed metaphor, but it works!)

    Republicans for Hillary’ PAC forms

  51. Seagirl I have thought the same thing and it ticks me off to no end. Hillary has been nothing but nice to the bros but they were nothing but downright ugly to us in 2008 and probably Obama’s margins suffered for it too. I mean he won but how much was taken off the winning margins? We’ll probably never know but we do know that he did have somewhat of a problem with women.

  52. Here’s yer popcorn Shadow.

  53. OMG. Meryl Streep morphs into Donald Trump during Public Theater Gala in NYC

  54. Popcorn, thanks Upps!

  55. Whatchu buying neeta. We share during blog parties. Except for the single malt scotch. That’s mine.

  56. Meryl’s coloring is perfect, including the white eye makeup. Now she can play Hillary and T. Rump.

  57. I don’t enjoy libations, so tonight I will celebrate by diving into a load of chocolate. Whatever makes ya happy.

  58. Alcohol at the ready……a big glass to all the Hillary battlers who have been together over the years, from other sites and now on this wonderful place………

    What a ride!

  59. shadow, why the 3 x’s?

  60. FYI New Jersey polls close at 8 PM Eastern Time. 5 PM Pacific
    California closes 11 PM Eastern/ 8 PM Pacific

  61. Upps @ 4:44, Hilarious! Love Meryl!

    Here’s a post on Hillary’s gala at the Greek Theater last night:

  62. Ups – Hard to tell from here. I went after any morning rush. A few people were there but I also live in a heavily R district. I can’t imagine any of them will be showing up to vote.

    Gonna crack me up if Donnie loses the state.

  63. Welcome Shadow. In case you don’t know, I always have the popcorn concession during times like this.

  64. Hillary won California in 2008 by 500,000 votes

    2.7 million votes to 2.2 million votes.

    The biggest slice of votes will come from LA tonight, it accounted for 1.4 million votes in total in 2008 . which is about 30% of the vote…….If she runs up a firewall there, she should be ok.

    In California…expect early vote first out of the block which from what i gather Clinton is 12% up on Sanders….then in person vote today then absentees wont be until tomorrow, if its close then you’ll have to wait.

  65. Where I voted, the polling place was pretty busy. The open primary and provisional ballots slow things down. I hope we can win CA. Sanders is making it clear that if he wins, he is going to keep running and complaiining all the way to the convention. There’s just no way to know how many crossover votes there will be here. I think Hillary will win, but with a large crossover, it will be iffy, particularly if there is some depression in her vote amounts because of the AP announcement yesterday.

  66. Going back and forth between MSNBC and CNN, never listen to them except on election nights. Here we are on an historic evening and the are talking about nothing but Trump and the Judge. If they mention Democrats…. its Sanders!!! UGH..

  67. I’m back from voting for Hillary!!! I’m a NPP and it went smooth as silk. They asked me which ballot I wanted and I proudly said democratic. No fuss no confusion and no difficulties. That man’s bogus lawsuit ruling was correct. You would have to have been an idiot to not vote for your favorite today!

    I’m sooooooooo happy now!

  68. Thing is the crossover votes may not bother their backsides if Clinton has won already, no point for them, heard a lot on Twitter today that many Bernie voters have given up now and not going to bother to vote now its been called for Clinton, they are lazier than i thought….no surprise there then.

  69. Well, since California is voting, allow me to supply the granola and orange juice. 😀

  70. You Caleeeeforniayannnns get fresh figs, don’t you?

  71. Moon, we’re seeing defecting from BS to HRC on twitter. I counted three in the past few hours.

  72. No Uppity, the single malt is mine. You just always end up drinking it.

  73. You would have to have been an idiot to not vote for your favorite today!

    Many of them are. More of them are just lazy bastards. They have an excuse for everything and it’s never their own fault. In NV, one guy who arrived late to caucus actually stuck his mouth on a microphone to bitch and moan about how the parking lot was full and he had to go find another place to park, as if lack of planning on his part should constitute an emergency for everybody else. You hear shit like this from these little snowflakes constantly. One excuse after another.

  74. I have been volunteering today. Canvassed this AM for 2.5 hours and now on the phones. People who voted for Hillary today or plan to, have been extremely supportive and excited for Hillary. One man said, “I am ready to say, “Madam President.” Cracked me up! Did have a couple of Bernie people, but the vast majority have voted for Hillary. Yay!!!! Volunteering is fun and hard work. I took a couple of vacation days from work, so that I could do this.

  75. Yes, who knows what kind of crossover there will be. Perhaps the bernouts won’t even bother to show up as they aren’t the most reliable voters anyway.

  76. Just returned from shopping. Bought some wine, cheese, fruit. I am going to get drunk as a skunk. Not until after our girls speech.

  77. Just where is Bernie today? Did he go home to VT?

  78. Well this is interesting

    Hillary Clinton has the biggest share in a Dem Primary going way back. Stick that in your pipe Bernie.

  79. Oldcoastie, I think he is in VT with his staff. I heard they were all flying to VT

  80. You’d think if Bernie expected an actual win in CA, he’d stick around for a victory party.

    I think it’s telling.

  81. Nah. CNN is reporting he’s here in So Cal.

  82. It’s HAPPENING!!! Congratulations to my blog wife and all the Uppityites. 8 years in the making, and not a minute too soon.

  83. It’s pretty clear that Bernie depresses voter turnout.

  84. Blog wife!!!!!!!!!!! *Slobbers madamab*

  85. Polls close in CA past bernie’s beddy bye.

  86. neeta, they ‘rethunk’ going to VT because it looks like Defeat. Which it is no matter where the old fart goes.

  87. Finally, James Carville is on MSNBC. Lets get this game going. Stop talking about Trump.

  88. socalannie, on June 7, 2016 at 5:18 PM said:
    shadow, why the 3 x’s?

    Blogging on my new google phone from a hospital, the 3Xs didn’t show up when I logged in, so I had no clue. All this money business happened when I put Hillary in as my avatar.

  89. Moon’s Democratic Primary Popular Vote Chart makes even more absurd the media’s meme that voters aren’t enthusiastic about Hillary. That lie always makes me do a primal scream. Been a while since we’ve had a party song. “Ladies Night” is an apt celebratory jam for Hillary and this blog.

  90. Hot Off Press From Clinton Camp!

  91. James Carville

    Where the Hell has he been? Hillary needs him, I miss him.

  92. Wow! everybody is so babbley & chattery for the big night champagne…

    I’ve been celebrating since last night with good old Merlot wine…hic!

    How is it looking?

  93. Oops. HRC video is continuous playlist link. Just pause it to stop it.

  94. Ah, James Carville won my heart in ’08 when he was being interviewed at the convention, he crossed his legs and was wearing a beautiful pair of Pumas.

  95. Got the champagne… ready for the call!!

  96. Paulette:
    I got teary watching the video…
    I’m so happy to see finally happening…

  97. NJ Polls closed.

  98. The phone banking that I did today, was very gratifying . Hillary voters came out for her , including friends and family. They were as enthusiastic for her, as we have been. The calls went all over the state, but were mostly concentrated in the Los Angeles area . I only had two Bernie people, but I was calling an older demographic.

  99. NJ is about to close.

  100. Birdgal, you were awesome helping Hillary.

  101. Paulette, I love that video! Had tears in my eyes. What an exciting night.

  102. bellecat Do you know what day it is?lol

  103. Sherrod Brown is on msnbc

  104. I’m DVR-ing MSNBC tonight because I don’t want to miss any worthwhile historical comments that I might want to save, including of course Hillary’s speech. But commentators are just ugh unwatchable. Chuck Turd pontificating an opinion that Democratic primaries are going to be more open with move away from closed because of Sanders desires/influence. What a crock. Bernie the loser and two-minute democrat is going to impact primary rules! If anything, all of primaries should be closed, with a suitable but not unlimited time before them to allow a change in party affiliation. Mischief voting by independents and republicans is what allowed Bernie to gain far more traction than he deserved.

  105. neetabug:

    It is the big historic day for Hillary to embark in the shattering of the ceiling glass in our country….Hic!

  106. Just reported on msnbc, Bernie seen wandering around Silver Lake area of LA looking for votes, LOL.

  107. Reuters hasmcalled NJ for Hillary!!! Should only take the others another glass or two of champagne, to give her her due!!!

  108. Trump is suppose to speak at nine. They are always raining on Hillary’s parade. They better show Hillary’ whole speech.

  109. NY Daily news has a picture of Trump and Ryan. Caption, I AM WITH RACIST. I know Ryan is about to crap in his pants

  110. Clinton up 57/43 in NJ at present……

  111. BREAKING: Trump-backed Ellmers loses NC primary

  112. I’m following NJ returns here:

  113. If bonehead talks at 9 and Hillary starts her speech…let’s pass on the best place to watch Hillary uninterrupted…okay?

  114. What time is Hillary’s speech? Thank you!

  115. He won’t prevail. He’s going to try to One Up her but they will cut away from him this time. Or she will be ‘late’ heh.

  116. thanks sophie…

  117. out to watch an old Bette Davis movie….too much suspense…Hic!

  118. Reminder, to truly ENJOY tonight…head to C-Span at 9:00 pm.

  119. Clinton now up 60/40 in NJ.

  120. What time do the polls close in Cali? I am three hours ahead of CA. Will Hillary wait until the Cali polls close before she speak?

  121. Let’s hope Hillary can carry CA and minimize any influence Sanders and his supporters have at the convention. I was watching Sander’s obnoxious supporter Nina Turner last night and the message I got was they (Sanders and his crew) have every intention of making the convention a platform for their agenda .

  122. Clinton is holding her 8 point lead in Ocean County with 25% of precincts counted. It should be a well below avg county for her.


    Suspect NJ is going to be a blowout, will be called soon.

  123. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 50s51 seconds ago Washington, DC

    Clinton at 56.5 in Gloucester with ~2/3 of precincts. It’s a below avg county for her. She’s on track for a decisive win statewide

  124. Meta, The polls close in CA at 8 pm, 11 pm eastern time

  125. I think this song is appropriate. :mrgreen:


    Laura Branigan was a classy lady and a fine singer. I never appreciated her sufficiently until she was gone. 😦

    I will not repeat that mistake with Hillary Clinton. 🙂

  126. JB, they can shove their agenda up their butts. Losers don’t dictate winners’ agendas. As for platform, who cares what it says. I defy anyone to name three things on our platform right now. It is not legally binding to a president. It’s just a lot of museum. So they gain nothing even if the DNC “gave” them everything they wanted. Morons.

  127. JB Nina Turner is looking for a job. Here in Ohio no one can stand her

  128. Clinton already up 22,000 and 59/41 in NJ.

  129. SophieCT, on June 7, 2016 at 8:35 PM said:
    I’m following NJ returns here-

    ———-Thanks Sophie, CNN is too busy right now with Trump…bla, bla, bla to say much about the elections. A$$wipes!

  130. CNN – Clinton wins New Jersey

  131. Cnn calls NJ for Clinton!!!!!!!

  132. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One down

  133. Start the party…..and believe it or not…Clinton is currently leading in South Dakota……..and leading in New Mexico by 63/37……

    This is done tonight, she’s gonna clean his clock.

  134. JB I don’t know what to say about that place around the corner. Totally disgusting new thread. It breaks my heart.

    I am so happy to be over here with real Hillary supporters.

    I can’t wait to watch Hillary’s speech tonight, exactly 8 years later, in the same place.

    I am so proud of Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Woo hoo! One state down! NJ for Hillary!

  136. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 42s43 seconds ago Washington, DC

    A surprise may be brewing in South Dakota: Clinton is up 8 points with 10% reporting. She’s sweeping the eastern part of the state.

  137. Beware and forewarned…..Crazy Donald is on now….looks like he got a hair….hair…arrangement.

  138. Shadow, I cannot go around the corner any longer. They are totally lost.

  139. shadowfax, on June 7, 2016 at 9:06 PM said:

    JB I don’t know what to say about that place around the corner. Totally disgusting new thread. It breaks my heart.

    Shadow, I have given up on that site. Mean people.

  140. Moon

    Won NJ
    Leading in South Dakota…….
    and leading in New Mexico by 63/37……

    This is done tonight, she’s gonna clean his clock.


    Go Hillary, go.

  141. Trump is blowing hot air, welcoming Bernie supporters, the system is rigged, and denigrating Hillary. What an a** and a lier. He is going to be everyone’s president. He is going to be the real change agent. Blah, blah, blah.

  142. I turned from the Donald

  143. Please refrain from talking about other blogs unless it is a positive thing. It’s a longstanding rule here. TY.

  144. Donald! This is BOOOOOOOOORING! Tell us a joke!

  145. I have muted Trump’s sound…his daughter and wife seem worried, like they are waiting for him to make more outrageous comments.

    I swear, he is going to come more unwound in the next six months. He can’t control everyone like he could in Trump World.

  146. I took a peak for a minute. All the women look like plastic. They remind me of that movie the Stafford wives??????

  147. Understood , sorry

  148. Clinton currently in the lead in North Dakota too 69/25….wtf is happening?

    NM seems close though….this is all weird tonight…..

  149. Neeta, yes, they look like the Stepford wives.

  150. I hope I don’t pass out by the time Hillary speaks. I set my clock to alarm every half hour.

  151. All this drama with Trump and Sanders, they could have done this another day. Today is Hillary’s day.

  152. Watch Donald read a speech that someone else wrote was not good.

    I’m with James Carville. I think Donald will implode and quit before the convention.

    Just spideey sense.

  153. Clinton is winning both North and south dakota right now….this is unexpected,

    People voting for the winner?

  154. Clinton currently in the lead in North Dakota too 69/25….wtf is happening?
    NM seems close though….this is all weird tonight…..

    Seems like a lot of the polls were either wrong or Crabby’s supporters gave up on him…

  155. 30% in and Clinton is winning North Dakota 62/30

  156. oops made a mistake there, it suddenly switched, guess it was too good to be true…..caucus, lol.

  157. I’m guessing CNN fucked up the %……they screwed up New mexico and just subtracted 20’000 votes…..

  158. Rachel Maddox said Trump gave a bad speech.

  159. CNN says Hillary needs to win 214 delegates to have just the delegates put her over the line.

  160. Did he say in his speech, he will take care of the African Americans?

  161. Clinton now up 62/38 in NJ………wow.

  162. Supporters are going nuts, Hillary must be almost ready

  163. can calling ND for Bernoid. Who cares? Looks like she cleaned his clock in NJ! Yay New Jersey!

  164. Neeta, Yes, he did say that. Someone yelled out “TPP” and Trump responded, “PPP.” ROFL. I wonder, if he has a hearing problem.

  165. Trump is going to give another speech Monday.

  166. Security just walked by

  167. Don’t forget your tissues. American women have waited 240 years for this and our Hillary is the one.

  168. Bernie won North Dakota (caucus)

  169. Clinton up huge in NJ and thats with practically nothing of Hillarys big areas near NY in………

  170. We muted Trump. Having margaritas and my homemade bean dip and salsa and waiting for our girl!

  171. I have to admit I’m a bit emotional waiting for Hillary to speak. It’s been a long road. 😭

  172. I’m already in tears and she hasn’t even come on stage yet. I am so glad I have all of you to share this with. Thank you Upps!!!!

  173. Clinton is winni ng NJ 64/36 right now, this is a huge delegate haul…..

  174. Homemade bean dip and salsa sounds delicious. I will be over. Keep the margaritas flowing.

  175. We are going to hear her ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Along with all of her PUMAs that have never left her side.

  176. jesus christ this is a slaughter in Jersey……..

  177. You’re such a little workhorse Moon, thank you

  178. Mute CNN…they keep trying to minimize this. And Tapper just suggested Bernie as running mate or cabinet, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

  179. Great songs about women.

  180. imust, jump over to CSPAN, no one talks over the speech…

  181. Glass in hand. Ready to toast, drink and cry!

  182. I can’t believe that Jake Tapper thinks it would be great for Bernie to become her Vice President.

  183. Agree imusthaveHillary. This is Hillary’s night and the media is trying to make it a “what are you going to do for Sanders” theme. I don’t recall Obama and his minions be gracious winners. It was Hillary, who was cheated out of the nomination, who put party above her personal ambitions. sanders has no party and no platform w=once this ends so he don’t expect him to go quietly.

  184. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 2m2 minutes ago Washington, DC

    Clinton has now won 15 states by more than 100,000 votes. Sanders has one: Wisconsin

  185. Sweet Hillary is always a little late to these things. When I finally saw her in the flesh, I was dumbfounded…like I had to pinch myself to realize I wasn’t dreaming.

    This is Hillary’s day, and she has another bigger one coming in November. I am going to work my heart out for her.

  186. JUST IN: Clinton campaign chairman: Hillary will talk to Bernie soon

  187. How is Cali?

  188. After Hillary makes her speech. Go find a cheap glass take a drink out of it, then break it.

  189. Where the hell is she? I thought she was going to speak at ten pm?

  190. Cali does not close until 1 hr from now…….

  191. CA polls are not closed for another 52 minutes bellecat.

  192. Belle, the polls are open until 8 pm, 11pm eastern time

  193. I suggest that Hillary appoint Bernie as Ambassador to Grand Fenwick, or maybe Lower Slobbovia. The latter might make him nostalgic for his young Marxist days. 😈

  194. Initial MT results Clinton 3801 Sanders 3490

  195. Lots of flags, nice.

  196. Bernie VP? Hahahaha. She wants him as far away as possible. He’d be acting like he was the candidate and trying to push her around some more. No……Bernie is about to become Senatorial Toast.

  197. Have my scotch right here.

  198. Here we go.

  199. I wish I could be there tonight. HISTORIC

  200. Stop singing so out of tune woman…….

  201. Bernie laying off campaign workers on Wednesday .

  202. Are you ready Uppityites?? This is the moment we’ve been waiting for………………….

  203. What we have waited 8 years for.

  204. Chills

  205. Such an inspirational video……… that campaign compared to the hate of Trump….no contest

  206. Love you all. We have been doing this since 2007. We see the light at the end of a tunnel that was very dark, at times. -shenanigan. Thank you uppity!!!!!!

  207. Chills and tears. What a kick a** film. It says it all!,,,

  208. Ivory Bill:
    How thoughtful and kind of you that “The Burn” deserves such honorable appointment as Ambassador to Grand Fenwick and Lower Slobbovia…

  209. I think Hillary is going to pull off South Dakota…….

  210. Focus the cameras CSPAN

  211. YOU DID IT HILLARY!!!!!!!!

  212. Kyle Kondik ‏@kkondik 36s37 seconds ago

    Seems like Sanders is generally underperforming in the first four primary states pre-CA (he easily won ND caucuses)

  213. Alleluia! She looks great! Love the context of history in her speech, and graciousness.

  214. I’m actually crying here.

  215. Its over…..says it all…

    The Hill ‏@thehill 1m1 minute ago

    JUST IN: Sanders plans massive campaign staff layoff: report

  216. imust:

    I’ve been ready for 8 long years…,

  217. So glad to be being with you all at this wonderful moment. xoxox

  218. Have my scotch right here.

    You have MY scotch right there.


  219. Join the club Uppity.

  220. looks like ND has fallen for The Burn…
    and Cali is just for the suspense…

  221. Hillary’s campaign is one of hope, not hate.

  222. PREACH HILLAAAARY PREACH11111111111111111

  223. Hey! upps, do not feel lonely…I’ve been in a teary spill all afternoon…

  224. Shuddup! It’s my scotch. All scotch is MINE.

  225. TY Honora, that was nice.

  226. All your Scotch are belong to us!

  227. Amazing. The perfect speech and crowd. We are awestruck.

  228. 20 min to CA…

  229. I really liked Hillary invoking the Pledge of Allegiance. I can hear her inviting disaffected Repubs and Indys to join the team wherever she can.

    I also love how she honors her mom. Wish my mom had lived to see this day. She supported Hillary in ’08 along with her other daughters.

  230. She was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!L

  231. Go break your glass

  232. We are remembering how hubbies job was created by Bill Clinton’s presidency. It doubled his salary and changed our lives. I have no doubt Hillary’s presidency will help many, many more.

  233. I cried too….like a baby!

  234. damn good thing I bought 3 boxes of Kleenex yesterday.

  235. In case you missed it or want to see it again and again.

  236. I nominate Bernie as ambassador to Russia, or Cuba.

  237. I’m so happy and proud to be alive to witness this moment in history by our girl, Hillary.

    She NEVER gave up, she never sat down, she never shut up and she kept trying and finally made it happen.

    Bravo Hillary!!!! ❤

  238. Seems AP have made a fuck up in the votes in one big county in the west of SD…..back to toss up – could go either way.

  239. shadow: well said…

    “She NEVER gave up, she never sat down, she never shut up and she kept trying and finally made it happen.

    Bravo Hillary!!!! ❤”

  240. Shadow, Hillary is so inspirational and is a role model for perseverance and tenacity. She is our heroine . We are witnessing history!

  241. The revolution is dead.

    Long live the Queen!

  242. churl @ 10:51, LOLOL! Hubby says how about North Korea?

  243. CNN – Hillary wins New Mexico.

  244. New Mexico called for Hillary.

  245. Yaaaaaay! NM is number 2 for Hillary!!

  246. Hillary is being mobbed again…she doesn’t resist. Love that about her.

    And haters love to say she is so cold, little excitement for her, BS!!

  247. California is CLOSED……

  248. Polls in CA are now closed!!!

  249. Hillary was perfect. She’s really growing as a speaker. Tonight she savored the moment and let the audience adore her; that’s such a big part of it. And she glowed, the girl looked and sounded good. Stop saying you’re not a great campaigner Hillary! You’ve taken it too the next level.

  250. High fives again Moon. !!!!/

  251. Interesting how Brian Williams and Rachel sounded detached and cold while Matthews and Joy Reid sounded warm and almost gushing. Chris and Joy were there.

  252. Might need a new thread, loading taking forever…..

    Nate Silver ‏@NateSilver538 39s39 seconds ago

    Clinton leads 62-37 in early vote from Napa County, first votes I’ve seen from CA.

  253. I smell the single malt nectar of a sweet 8 years of jonesing for this night — begone my shakes and hello victory!

    Congratulations Uppity’ville townspeople! It really happened!

  254. Paulette, I loved that too. She spread out her arms and finally soaked it in, so great!

  255. 1st batch of votes in Santa Clara Co: Clinton 66-33% of 115k;


    Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 27s27 seconds ago Washington, DC

    Clinton wins a majority of pledged delegates, NBC projects.

  257. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 19s19 seconds ago Washington, DC

    Clinton up 64-35 in the early vote so far in San Diego. Up 62-38 in Napa County. These are very good numbers for her.

  258. I finished half of an Apple Ale to celebrate. I know it’s light, and I can’t match the single malt scotch folks, but I have to get up and go to work tomorrow. I will catch up with you later.

    Andrea Mitchell’s MSNBC commentary: had to change channels. Jeez!

  259. Moon, Those numbers are great from Napa amd Santa Clara (Silicon Valley ). Wow!

  260. Those numbers are similar to my phone banking results. Wow!

  261. Sophie thanks for posting the speech. I will watch it again later.

  262. Sheesh. You people. Scotch.

    I’m sipping my Perrier Jouët, thank you very much.

    The other bottle will be broken in November if the worst happens, and sipped in January if the gods smile on us.

    For now though, you’re all invited to come over and share :D.

    [Seriously? Don’t I wish. I love champagne, but it’s going to take years of Hillary-healthy economy before my bank balance is up for that.]

  263. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 15s15 seconds ago Washington, DC

    Clinton ahead in Fresno County–heavily Hispanic–by a 2-1 margin. This appears to include around 10% of precincts.



  264. CA SOS site
    5.7% ( 1,265 of 22,359 ) precincts partially
    reporting as of June 7, 2016, 8:15 p.m. See FAQs for additional information on how precincts reporting information is determined.

    Visit the County Reporting Status page to determine when a county has submitted its latest report.

    County Results
    District Results Other Links
    Statewide Map
    Hillary Clinton
    (Party Preference: DEM) 246,941

    Bernie Sanders
    (Party Preference: DEM) 135,079

  265. Moon, Some of my calls were for the Fresno area and they were heavy towards Hillary, as well as the L.A. Area.

  266. These early numbers are amazing for Hillary.

  267. Hey, Upps, C-Span just reran Trump’s speech and he said he is giving a speech on the Clintons on Monday, Correct the Record is going to be working overtime that day.

  268. @socalannie I like hubby’s plan. North Korea it is!

  269. Aww, early voting coming in, so later phases may be more favorable towards Bernie. She is heavily favored with early voters.

  270. Looking like we just may have done our job here in CA!

  271. These early vote margins are ridiculous…..

    Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 54s55 seconds ago Washington, DC

    Clinton up by a huge 69-31 margin in San Mateo County, which is in between SF and San Jose

  272. Huge also…..

    Clinton up 66-33 in the Los Angeles County early vote. That’s 225k votes.

  273. We’re going to have a woman President!!!!

  274. bernie is going to speak in CA at know, when half the country has fallen asleep.

  275. 18% of the vote in, huge win for Hillary in CA so far.

    Come on CA, do our girl a gigantic win.

  276. Yes Sue. We are.


  277. Hillary is kicking Bernie’s ass!!!!

  278. Moon, remember, these are early voters, but the margins are HUGE! I think it may narrow, as the different phases come in. I am impressed that these margins are similar to my phone banking. Blows me away.

  279. Cali:


  280. I hope Hillary wins 18 million votes in the US or more.

  281. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 18s19 seconds ago Washington, DC

    We’re now nearing a million votes counted in California, Clinton up 63-36. Very hard for Bernie to make this up.

  282. Is there anyway Hillary can win 2383 pledged delegates?

  283. Great Hillary speech, as we all expected. She looked elegant, and was very poised and articulate, as always. She got excellent reviews from the cable media people, too.

    Best evening of the campaign so far, in many ways!!

  284. Moon, I am very surprised that the margin is so great, especially since all the polling showed it to be so close. Another example of large rallies not translating into votes.

  285. Just checked my county website. All votes counted so far are vote by mail.

  286. South Dakota called for Hillary

  287. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 1m1 minute ago Washington, DC

    Imperial and Lassen County–the two counties which have counted the most election day precincts–still show Clinton strongly overperforming

    She’s up 74-24 in Imperial County and down just 3 points in Lassen County (a rural, white working class county he needed to win big)

  288. Breaking: tRump names Sanders As VP! (Just kidding!!!!) Go Clinton! Win California!

  289. Bernie is gonna be pissed, Hillary took SD…….

  290. Yahooooo! SD makes 3 for Hillary! 🙂

  291. Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 3m3 minutes ago Washington, DC

    Here’s one thing I think we can say with a lot of confidence: Sanders is not going to win California tonight.

  292. Bernies campaign in a nutshell tonight…Clinton wins proper states big….Bernie wins 1 piddly little caucus.

  293. Pluto – you’re the best! keeping us up on all the numbers!

  294. LA county hasn’t turned in the vote count yet, and she should win big there.

    Glad the Bay Area went for her so far.

  295. This tells us everything we need to know….
    Obama told Sanders its over.

  296. Do not get rid of superdelegates! Get rid of caucuses! Look at the disparate results; Sanders winning big in the one caucus. If you get rid of SDs and keep caucuses, you will turn the Democratic Party into a fertile ground for a radical demagogue whose people can dominate caucuses, or right-wingers trying to take over the party. Just because Sanders won a bunch of caucus states and a couple of primaries, is not reason to let him change the entire system!

  297. “At Sen. Sanders request”…Obama should have told him to PISS OFF! Who the hell does Sanders think he is to demand the POTUS’s time so Bernie can wag his finger some more?

  298. Hit that send to fast. I love that Obama pointed out this meeting wasn’t something that was his idea. That’s called a subtle hint to the voters.

  299. Barack do not let Sanders into the WH for a meeting, you will be prising him off the door frame trying to get him out….he’ll try a sit-in. Take him to some shitty bar downtown and leave him there.

  300. She needs to crawl back under her rock, spiteful evil cow.

    Nina Turner: “This is bigger than the math”.

  301. I bet Susan Sarandon is having a huge hissy fit tonight . Wonder, if she will come out in support of Trump.

  302. Bernie got his butt kicked by a woman!!

    How’s the Burn feeling now, Sandcrab?

  303. Sarandon has probably spontaneously combusted………with any luck.

  304. Jane had better run for the hills tonight, her Crabby is gonna be pist.

  305. Cast Announcement: In the 2016 version of the 2008 primary, in the role of Dianne Feinstein, the honest arbitrator, will be played this year by Barack Obama beginning Thursday with his intimate performance for an audience of one BerningBum.

  306. Moon, I had to change the station, when Turner came on. I can’t tolerate her.

  307. Nina sounds like she’s running off the rails.

  308. Maybe Bernies meeting will be like Rome….Bernie has booked a WH tour and will hang around until Barack shows up and gets 30 seconds and a souvenir photo.

  309. Maybe he’ll get his trophy for showing up.

  310. Yeah Nina is out of her gourd.

  311. Jane had better run for the hills tonight, her Crabby is gonna be pist.

    You kidding? I’ve studied that woman and she is probably beating bernie up right now.

  312. Hahaha. Sarandon probably cleared an entire liquor store shelf.

  313. This sounds like a bitter angry old bastard who frankly I would not let ner the WH…a totally horrible man.

  314. Sander’s may pull out Montana, but really irrelevant given how well things have gone for Hillary tonight. A double digit win in CA is really all that matters.

  315. Nate Silver ‏@NateSilver538 37s38 seconds ago

    Polls last week had Clinton up by about 12% in the early vote in California. She leads it by about 25% instead.

  316. #Breaking: @CBSNews estimates that @HillaryClinton is “likely to win” the #CAPrimary. She leads 63-36 with 14% of votes counted

  317. Hillary is still winning big time in CA! 62.2% to 36.6%

    Bernie is supposed to speak in awhile in CA. What kind of spin can he pull off without looking like the loser he is.

    Hahaha, too bad you weren’t a Dem. Bernie. You wanted to use and screw the Dems and you failed at both.

    Go home Bernie.

  318. CNN said 1/3 of the votes have been counted in CA.

  319. Clinton won NJ by 63-37 26 points and by 227,000 votes…….a whallop of a win.

  320. I bet the Crab will start begging Hillary to be her VP.

    Hahahahahaha…not a chance.

  321. Alan Abramowitz ‏@AlanIAbramowitz 50s50 seconds ago

    The Dakotas just told the story of the Clinton-Sanders primary-caucus divide

  322. Bernie’s kids should have gone to vote today or he wouldn’t be getting his butt kicked by a woman right now.

    Wake up, no free goodies. You had your free concerts, that you paid Bernie for.

  323. Welcome, Neetabug! Glad to see you joining the party here. And to All, I’m so happy we shared this historic moment together! As Hillary says: “We’re stronger together!” My husband and I watched her speech, both with hankies in hand, though between sniffles I managed to sip an entire glass of Chardonnay. Hillary will be our next president for sure!

  324. I never came around and refused to support Obama in 08 or 12, so I get the bitterness. However, Obama, like him or not, was a historical figure as the first AA president. Sanders is a schlump who has accomplished very little in his long tenure in the senate. Why these kids feel he is there new messiah is very indicative of the way this country is headed.

  325. WTF

    Wolff said, “We are standing by for Sander’s speech, it could be a historic speech.”

    Historic that Bernie is a loser, that he bombed out, that he promised the moon and delivered zip???

  326. Shadow, I was thinking early today of making bean dip…must have read your mind. I didn’t get to it, however, but hope you enjoyed yours!

  327. JB the kids like Bernie because he promised they would have free college, free healthcare, legalized pot. That too much money was spent on the US military that could pay for all these freebies. He is a socialist, they fell for his bs, hook line and sinker. They don’t know or care about his time in the Senate or that he has accomplished nothing significant. Adults that should have known better, didn’t pay attention or care.

  328. Trixta, no bean dip here…I was going to store up on chocolate, but I have been glued to my computer all afternoon and evening. I will have to indulge tomorrow. 😉

  329. I am so sick of hearing about Bernie Sanders. He lost. It’s over go and crawl back under your rock Bernie. Over at MSNBC it’s still all about Sanders. Back to CNN. Honestly I really don’t give a shit what Bernie has to say. He list time to move on.

  330. C-Span just said Hillary is holding on to a lead in CA…holding on?? 62-37?????

    It is going to be a long haul with the media until November.

  331. Cali just 14% in?

  332. BTW, we need another thread…maybe Herstory-The Wee Hours? PLEASE!

  333. Dang! I don’t know what’s taking so long counting California!

  334. 17.3% so far.

  335. I second Voting

  336. Hillary is still holding a huge lead in CA at 34% of the vote in.

  337. “Inside the Bitter Last Days of Bernie’s Revolution”

    “There’s no strategist pulling the strings, and no collection of burn-it-all-down aides egging him on. At the heart of the rage against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, the campaign aides closest to him say, is Bernie Sanders.”


  338. 61% Hillary, 37% Crab – at 35% of the vote counted in CA.

    Hillary already has over 1 mil. votes in CA.

  339. Gotta get up early tomorrow, this was a wonderful day and I am happy to have shared it all with you.

    Darn, can’t stay up to here the Crab speech…too bad, so sad.

    Night all.

  340. That’s right, Shadow…chocolate…yum! I make a pretty bad ass bean dip though. Will have it tomorrow.

  341. Oops, *hear the Crab speech.

  342. god night shadow…sweet dreams!

  343. Trixta, that article blandly cites Paul Kirk.

    Paul fscking Kirk? Forget Telsi Garbard, whose identity until now undoubtly depended on some man’s job. Paul fscking Kirk told women in 1988 we didn’t matter, we didn’t exit, we were nowhere. He is the single reason I stopped voting Democratic and stopped following politics until Bill Clinton in 1992. Paul fscking Kirk seemed to have done some sort of study after Geraldine Ferro was on the ticket and Mondale lost that showed women leaders were losers, so he went bigtime anti-woman.

    Paul fscking Kirk – no surprise at all he’s shilling for the new sexist leader, Bernie Sanders.

  344. Cali is taking soo long…?

  345. trixta, thank you for the link to politico.
    Sanders is so much worse than I’d imagined.

  346. This Sanders speech is going on forever! He is getting high off of the crowd. Not a graceful goodbye.

  347. Bernie vows to go to DC primary and Philadelphia….crowd goes wild.
    He is NOT conceding. So pathetic.
    His crowd booed Hillary. I loathe him.

  348. What an embarrassment! Delusional sect leader and deluded followers. I hope Obama shows him the door and slams it on his ass.

  349. Earlynerd, I had no idea about Paul Kirk…what a jerk! Thanks, Sweet Sue! Yes, indeed, Bernie is as bad as we all suspected, if not worse.

  350. My analysis of Bernie Sanders speech: Still a douche bag.

  351. Bernie’s speech tonight reduced him to the following trivia question: What asshole white-male privileged candidate refused to congratulate the winner?

  352. New post up.

  353. Note I just edited it.

  354. Just fished one of your comments out of Trash, jbstones. Don’t take it personally, wordpress is losing its mind.

  355. Unable to be here for the fun and celebration earlier – duty called. But, damn! reading the comments is a thrill – the excitement and joy are inescapable.

    Uppity, that post was priceless. So damn funny. I just want to thank you for keeping a light on in this place. Not to incite or belabor a point, but I just want to say that after years of hangin’ out around the corner, waiting for another opportunity to support Hillary some of us found it necessary to permanently vacate the place. Atmosphere no longer conducive to Hillary supporters.

    After such a disappointment, what a relief to be part of a community of Hill Raisers again!!! It’s great to see old friends who have been around since 2008 keeping the Hill Hope alive – especially my friends from around the corner – and to read all the smart, witty, insightful comments.

    Go Hillary!! BTW it seems that Bernie’s gold nugget-shitting unicorn had a run-in with a PUMA. The unicorn is not expected to recover. RIP

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