Bernie: Meet Karma. Everybody else: Meet the Democratic Presidential Nominee

Sometimes when we seek to damage and destroy, Karma stops by.

Karma stopped by to see Bernie yesterday.



And it visited here too:


A little light reading for you:

Inside The Bitter Last Days Of Bernie’s Revolution

Bernie has  begun to speak as I write this and it did seem at first as though his little meeting with Barack Obama yielded a speech about defeating Trump. But then, here he is again discussing “Transforming our country”. The last time in history Bernie used the word “Transform” was when he was discussing how Fidel Castro “Transformed Cuba”. Nuff said about this guy.

Recent polls say that 25% of Bernoids will never vote for Hillary. I’ll take it. I am sick of these whiny little Gimmee Snowflakes looking for the rest of us to become poor paying their bills for them for life. Screw that. And normally, the loser does not dictate the winner’s policies, even if the loser does have a penis. Unable to control his own babble, Bernie continues to discuss “Taking the fight” to Philadelphia next, deluded that he can ‘flip’ the superdelegates his sycophants threatened mercilessly and repeatedly, even unto threatening to carve out the tongue of a Congressman.


I’m Okay!!!

Bitter old lifetime malingerer Bernie is drunk on the adulation he has experienced for the first time in his life. He can let himself down easily or he can be dropped like a rock. His choice.  Hillary is going to wipe the floor with him in DC. I suppose he can pretend he’s still in charge after that race too. He can’t help himself any longer. He is intoxicated on the Worship and continues to mislead his useful fools that he has some kind of magical path to the nomination while riding on a unicorn that shits gold nuggets. After all, what can we expect from a guy who has a statue of Don Quixote in his home? In any event, I am sure he will continue to annoy until November and then return to the Senate where he can caucus alone. Whatever. Personally, I think he just can’t stand losing to a woman.

To be more specific:


But enough of Bernie. Dog knows we’ve all said that very thing plenty of times during the past year.

So……….let’s talk about something good that happened yesterday. Something REALLY good.



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  1. I watched that speech in disbelief. You’re right. It seemed at first he was going to pivot to attacking Trump and sort of concede. But as the crowd got more agitated and loud he started getting off on it and he got a weird expression on his face. When he said he was going on to fight in the DC primary and the crowd went wild, I nearly fell off my chair. Then he put the cherry on top saying he was going to fight in Philly. He’s beyond delusional. Certifiable. He needs help. Someone needs to step in here.

  2. Pfffft, I didn’t bother to watch Bernie’s speech. What for?

  3. 44% of the vote in California is in. Hillary is up by 18.

  4. imust, I’ve been saying for months that I think he’s in the beginning stages of dementia. However, I just finished reading the Politico piece that Upps links to in this post, and Trixta linked to on last thread, and while I still think he’s on the road to senility, bottom line is, he’s a horrible fucking person. I can’t stand him. He won’t get an ounce of respect from me.

  5. Upps, thanks for the new post! You rock!

  6. The kind of things Hillary would have to do to assuage Sanders enough to get him to actually endorse her, are impossible. In fact, I don’t think she should adopt any of his positions, unless they are already consonant with hers. I have never seen anyone with about 45% of the overall primary vote act like he had the right or power to demand such things, but the media seems to think that he does.

    I think all that Hillary can and should do, is to be polite to him and his followers. If he doesn’t like the fact that he cannot force her to change positions, or listen to his recommendations on VP and Cabinet, that is really too bad. He never likes anything, anyway. As long as he doesn’t tell his followers to vote for Trump, which he apparently would not want to do,then that’s the best we are going to get out of it. To accede to Sanders’ demands or wishes, would be damaging in a variety of ways. Once the last primary is over next week, he cannot go around giving speeches to thousands of people. He can go on shows and criticize her, but that’s about it. He may go away eventually. Giving him things just makes him feel more powerful and thus more demanding.

    And I want to emphasize my feeling that Sanders did not “start a great movement.” He just got the expected percentage of the anti-Hillary left wing Democratic vote, plus some libertarian types who would rarely vote for any Democrat in a national election. It is really mostly an optical illusion, this so-called political revolution. Let’s see how many seats these millennials help the Democrats win in the next midterms. My guess is none.

  7. Compare and contrast Sanders’ speech with Hillary’s. Discuss the following and cite supporting evidence:

    1. Which speaker is an overgrown brat who is non-adherent to medication?
    2. Which speaker is Presidential?

  8. In that article it says that the Bernie insiders knew for weeks or months that he could not win, yet Bernie kept on all this time, grifting the big bucks from his sucker supporters. Sickening.

  9. [Bernie] holding on in his head to the enticing but remote chance that Clinton may be indicted before the convention.

    I wouldn’t trust Politico on that without some real evidence. But it kind of makes sense of his behavior — a single big delusion.

  10. I think he’s delusional and drunk on his own supposed power.

    I’ve said it elsewhere. When Hillary is elected,the Dems retake the Senate, and Schumer is Maj. Leader I think Bernie’s assignment should be handling refunds from the Senate vending machines.

  11. In the future, civilized people will tell you to stop being a “bernie” which will mean stop being an asshole.

  12. Water Closet Manager sounds like a good match for Sanders, given the BS he’s full of.

    And oh, I am gonna start using that “bernie” description!

  13. Somewhere that magic bird that foretold divine intervention for BerningBum is lying in a gutter with its tiny little legs to Jeebus thinking, “I should have taken an avian Correctol and scored a massive dump on that old fart.”

  14. California with 60% in: Hillary 58% Bernie 41%. C’mon California!

  15. That DN cover is fabulous!

  16. Bye bye Bernie, not gonna miss you, no.
    Bye bye Berrrr-nie, way past time to go!

    Thanks NJ and CA! 😊

  17. My compliments to all those with the intestinal fortitude to watch Bernie’s speech. I knew it would not go well. My God! There clearly is nothing that will assuage him. He is a loser. A loser. LOSER!

    Hillary is a WINNER. Even when she “loses” (think 2008), she wins. Have you noticed that? Once again, she has left her detractors
    (think media) with egg all over their faces. Maya Angelou knew. Rise, Hillary, Rise!

    You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies
    You may trample me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust
    I rise.

    Everyone here can be very proud, not only of Hillary–that’s a given. But also of her/himself for seeing Hillary as the great woman she is rather than the caricature presented to us. We are winners too!

  18. “Everyone here can be very proud, not only of Hillary–that’s a given. But also of her/himself for seeing Hillary as the great woman she is rather than the caricature presented to us. We are winners too!”

    You said it Brassy!!!

  19. Cnn called california for Clinton

  20. AP just called California for Clinton also.

    Bernie just looks like a prize loser from every quarter it seems now, this is not going to end well for him.

  21. All those crappy herding Polls……..only up 2 in California……….we all knew better.

  22. Hoover/Golden state poll was the most accurate pollster on California, had it smack dead on +13 – LAtimes had it +10

    CBS, Fox and Field – utter shit +2

    So would Hillary have won even bigger had this been a closed Primary……ahuh……so Hillary still won by 13 even though she had to beat independents, Bernie bots and republicans chiming in for the crabby old bastard…….

    The biggest smile I got was Bernie camped out in Cali for 3 week and all it got him was a pasting.

  23. Wow, Bernie is a bitter old man, an unelectable crank. I am not surprised at the awful speech he gave last night. Whatever.

  24. Hillary was gracious in 2008, Bernie doesn’t know how. It’s up to him to make nice for unity, and he won’t do it.

  25. So much for all those new registrations………

  26. The difference between Hillary’s position in 2008 and Bernie’s now…..Bernie can go on being a huge A-hole, not concede, stamp his feet for weeks and people be like…”aw…that’s just Bernie!” Life will go on as usual post primary for him. But if Hillary hadn’t bent over backwards in 2008 with unity and kindness, she would have been skewered, tarred, feathered and not allowed anywhere near DC, let alone being allowed to run for POTUS!

  27. Progress! Still talking about Bernie but we’re spared his ugly, mean-spirited mug; I hope to never see it here again. I knew his measure when he and his campaign kept dissing POC. Also he has never told his shitty little followers to stop booing Hillary when he mentioned her in his boring and boorish stump speeches. Hillary’s much classier backers follow her public stance of acknowledging and cheering him; I’ve watched her lots on the stump and never heard her crowds boo him, including last night. But henceforth, I think we should treat him like Hillary does. She brushed that dirt off her shoulder quite a few weeks (if not months ago). Truth be told, I’m sure that despite her public graciousness to Bernie and his loser followers because that is the politically smart thing to do: She has never respected or feared him and views him as an annoying pissant. How about some a.m. funk — a little “California Love” because Cali came through big time for our girl!

  28. Well said Paulette and all true.

  29. CNN is reporting that Hillary’s pledged delegate lead has expanded to 391. Don’t know yet how much she’s expanded her popular vote lead. But I am sure that Bernie can turn this all around with the big victory he’s planning on getting next week in D.C.

    I cut PR some slack on the slow vote count, but, hey! Whassup with Cali.?

  30. Sanders Superdelegates have started the switch…..first one in

  31. Uh oh – maybe someone other than Warren…..

    Clinton: ‘Maybe’ country is ready for two women to lead

  32. Paulette, Well said! I love you!!

  33. I expect the lesser known Super D’s to switch pretty soon but the more high profile ones to hang around a little longer trying to talk some sense into Bernie.

  34. So Bernie is trying to get SD’s to switch…..i wonder has he noticed defections this morning to Clinton…..Bernie’s gonna be pissed.

  35. haha Bernie is losing his supporters…

  36. California proved, once again, that Bernie cannot win in large diverse areas. He won in mostly white counties. Hillary beat him the Bay Area, LA, San Diego, and all the large diverse population centers,

  37. I’m with you, moon. If Hillary makes gutsy call of woman VP, not Warren please; worry about her loyalty — she couldn’t join rest of senate dems and back Hillz right away? I like Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar better and I’m sure are others worthy. It would be risky but would ignite big part of her base. Klobuchar is impressive speaker, attractive and smart, a fellow Yalie, not too young (56). Minnesota governor is democrat so no worries about a republican picking her senate replacement. I trust Hillz to make a smart pick though, regardless of gender, ethnicity; she won’t choose a lightweight.

  38. Good morning everyone. Beautiful day in the neighborhood. I watched Morning Joe this morning. He tore into the Donald. Can someone pull up the tape. Morning Joe went livid on Trump. Also Bernie ask for a meeting with Obama and Reid Thurs. He called them.

    I hope our girl is resting. Let her take take in what has just happened.

  39. Such a relief this morning to not see Weaver/Devine on TV.

  40. Bernie you do know you are finished right?

    Et Tu Brutus…..

  41. Oldcoastie, you forgot Nina Turner. She is now looking for a job.

  42. Oldcoastie, Devine and weaver are too busy figuring out how to squeeze the last of their payments out of Bernie…….they will be squeezing the pips now.

  43. Did Nina Turner get the boot Neeta?

  44. Marian Wright Edelman maybe?

  45. My graciousness extended to Bernie supporters yesterday…not telling them that she ALREADY WON, so they could still vote and have false hope.

    Today I am breaking out my Hillary gear and wearing it with pride.

    She won, she WON, and that’s freakin’ reality.

  46. moon, not sure. After what she did she want have one.

  47. Moon Nina Turner is a former Ohio state rep. Not sure what she is doing now. Will look into it.

  48. I don’t believe that Hillary will push the envelope by choosing a female VP.

    I would be shocked if she did.

  49. in other words a hasbeen/neverwas with a big mouth trying to make herself relevant kind of the like the guy she is shrilling for……

  50. Turner got dumped out of office because, like bernie, she won’t work with others. Just a fractious big mouth.

  51. Such a relief this morning to not see Weaver/Devine on TV.


  52. Bernie claims he wants some control over how the party goes forward. Hillary must be laughing her ass off.

    Best thing to do with this cockroach is give him his whole platform and then ignore it. Not legally binding, just a museum piece.

  53. I’ve never trusted warren. My third eye sees a red flag with that woman.

  54. I hope Weave/Devine et al are all huddling trying to figure a way out of this mess they’ve created. I’m just ready for Bernie to go away. He’s become nothing more than a bitter old man yelling at clouds.

  55. SOS Clinton needs an attack dog Veep if we’re going to retake Congress— someone who won’t let the Republicans rest and who will hang tRump around all their necks like a ten ton albatross. Warren has the mouth and smarts but we need her in the Senate and furthermore, I would rule her because she refused to endorse Clinton from the get-go. Clinton must choose a supporter and a loyalist. You can’t have a Veep you can’t trust. I thought about Cuban for a time but I’m afraid he’s a genderist so I’m still kinda stuck. I’ll be following the discussion here. Still For Al but I think his selection chances are quite remote.

  56. Oh, one more thing— congratulations to SOS Clinton and everyone here. Give yourselves a pat on the back!

  57. Nice to see all the happy and gratified people and comments today!

    Sanders calling Obama and Reid is his attempt to negotiate around Hillary. He will demand various concessions as his price for supporting her, and hopes that they will agree, and then go out and convince Hillary to accede to them. There is no other reason for him to request meetings with them.

    Again, I think there should be nothing but very small concessions. No one does more than that after they have convincingly won a primary contest. It is not Sanders’ party, it never was. The media is so foolish or biased; they think that Hillary should give Sanders big concessions on positions, or major changes in the nominating rules. Change the rules to Sanders’ way, and the party risks a nomination of an unqualified candidate who can win caucuses. Adopt Sanders’ positions, and you look weak, and make him look like he is controlling the narrative. And Reid does not control the party, Hillary is the head of the party going forward. I’m not too worried about this, but the media will create the narrative that Hillary owes Sanders some concessions, which based on American political history, is ridiculous. Hillary needs to run on positions which she has studied and believes in, and which she can be elected on, and fulfill. Sanders got about 45% of the national vote, and lost virtually every major state primary. He is entitled to some recognition for his achievements in this race, but certainly no influence on the party platform or the race going forward. I don’t think Hillary can concede anything on the platform, because the Republicans will point it out, and run against it, plus try to claim that she caved in to him.

  58. BTW things got really interesting in my state last night. I knew there was a lot of anger at the Republicans are passing, and now refusing to repeal HB2. Even people who don’t care about LGBT rights are pissed because the state millions of dollars. We’ve gone from being a red state to being a purple state, and I really did have a feeling the Hillary could win here I the GE.

    Yesterday we had a second primary ordered by the court because of redistricting and the fact that the court ruled that our process for Selecting a State Supreme Court Justice was unconstitutional. The governor endorsed candidate got most of the votes but the guy who came in second, who will be running against him in the fall, did very well too. This was a very low turnout primary so I think in November when is going to be a much higher turnout things could go a lot differently for the justice.

    Even more interesting for me is the fact that my congressman who is a Republican nearly lost his primary. Robert Pittenger only won the primary by 140 votes and his challenger has asked for a recount, which they are going to do. The way my congressional district is gerrymandered, The incumbent almost always wins. And the incumbent is almost always a Republican. The fact that Pittenger only manage to hang on by the 140 is very interesting. It means that the anger towards the Republicans in this state is growing. Even if he wins the recount, he might be a lot more vulnerable to a Democratic challenger than anyone ever thought. And that makes me very hopeful about Deborah Ross, the candidate for U.S. Senate.

  59. Sorry if my previous post seemed jumbled. Speech-to-text is not my friend today.

  60. I’m picking thru my county’s numbers. I’m “behind the Orange Curtain” in SoCal. Hard HARD to elect Dems here.

    I’m thinking Hillary has a shot here in November. THAT is a sea change! There’s yer damn revolution, Bernie.

  61. Let’s see if this one goes thru…

  62. Well, William I used to think the platform was a big deal but I think Bernie and his crackpots can have input and then it can promptly be thrown in the trash. But I also think something like a platform can be worded in such a way to placate Sanders supporters but actually means nothing to most people when you read it. Add in a bunch of words and you can completely dilute whatever the nuts want in there.

  63. OK.

    Big congratulation to our Hillary for making History!

    and this big hug goes to Upps and Uppityville as well!….


  64. jules, where are you at?

  65. California voters made history on Tuesday in the race for the U.S. Senate, sending two Democrats to a November runoff and denying a Republican a spot on the fall ballot for the first time since the state’s first direct election of senators in 1914.

    State Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris won the largest share of the vote and the title of winner in the primary. By the end of the night, Harris led Orange County Rep. Loretta Sanchez by more than 800,000 votes, a margin of 23 percentage points.


    Hahahahahaha, bet the Rethugs are pist about this.

  66. Good reporting Shadow.

    I’m gonna second Paulette’s desires; I don’t want to see “The Burn” face in this blog. There is plenty of him all over the media…Yuck!

  67. As far as Bernie deciding on the platform, he can whine and throw himself on the floor in a wild tantrum and Hillary will just step right over him on the way to the Oval Office. She hasn’t gained all these scars on her back to let the SandCrab shit on her parade.

    Like the Big Dawg said the other day, his campaign is TOAST. Talk about telling the effin’ truth…go Bill, go!

  68. Shadow, if Bernie thinks he’s going to walk in there and demand a bunch of stuff he’s really out of touch. What do you wanna bet Obama has the oppo dump and Reid certainly has the ability to strip Bernie of any committee assignments and tell him he’s going to be managing the water cooler if he doesn’t go along and then there’s Jane’s problems to boot.

  69. @birdgal— I think jules is from NC, as am I.

  70. Just about everybody is abandoning Bernie right now….

    Move On and Democracy for America move over to Clinton…….

  71. moon:
    Can you link the sources of your info?

  72. I just have to say, I am so dang happy today, I could dance all day. It was difficult to sleep last night.

  73. That’s big of Moveon, like Hillary needs their permission. I can’t stand that organization. Every presidential election season they have a “Poll” to “pick” who they should nominate. Then they stack the poll and Poof! They pick who they want. Hillary was very good to Moveon before they stuck it in her neck. Another bunch of “Progressives” who support women and minorities so long as they stay in their lane.

  74. I wonder, if the nurses union will come around. They were very active in the Sanders campaign and had billboards pasted all over CA. They phone banked for him, canvassed, and had a Bernie Bus that traveled from state to state following him. They gave at least 1.5 million dollars to his campaign through their super pac for him.

  75. TheNewRealist @ 1 pm: Thank you for that wonderful link! I loved the fantasy of going back in time to tell various people what Hillary just did. But that last trip back in time tops them all. And I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t yet read it.

  76. Yeah. Thanks for nothing Moveon. The day they started flooded my alternate email box with BS bs was the day I unsubscribed forever.

  77. churl on June 8, 2016 at 1:06 PM
    @birdgal— I think jules is from NC, as am I.

    That is correct.

  78. Thanks Brassy, it brought tears to my eyes…

  79. The New Realist, Thank you for that awesome link!! Imagine, going back in time.

  80. I took Move on out of my mailbox after the crap they pulled in 2008 and have never had one thing to do with those jokers since then.

  81. NY Times’ Gail Collins always writes beautiful pieces on Hillary. This was one of them.

  82. Sanders embedded journos…..

    Rep. Raul Grijalva, Sanders’ backer, referred to Clinton as “presumptive nominee” walking in & said: “Bernie is going to do the right thing”

  83. Saw this on Twitter and it is right on:

  84. That Gail Collins article in the NYT that NewRealist linked to: Go read. Go read it now. Go.

    It’s perfect.

  85. julies9164, on June 8, 2016 at 2:54 PM said:
    Saw this on Twitter and it is right on:

    This is so true. There is a lot of online bullying that is and has been going on in regards to Hillary supporters.

  86. Just counting down the days when I will no longer hear the name Bernie sanders. I hope it’s soon. On to Madame president.

  87. “There is a lot of online bullying that is and has been going on in regards to Hillary supporters.”

    Ironically, this gives me hope–hope that in November, in the privacy of the voting booth, Hillary’s supporters will prove to be the “silent majority” of this election.

  88. Attack in Tele Aviv, nine wounded.

  89. Look at the crowd last night! Every last person is smiling ear to ear! Amazing time in herstory

  90. JUST IN: Obama won’t “formally” endorse Clinton until after meeting with Sanders

  91. Sanders supporter Joseph Gordon-Levitt pledges support for Clinton because “Trump is scary”

  92. Not surprised about Obama not endorsing until he meets with Bernie.

    Fl Voter– I am so with you not hearing the name Bernie Sanders ever again.

  93. Some of the Sander’s supporters I talked to today, didn’t end up voting yesterday in CA. They just had other things to do and didn’t get around to it.

  94. Just a thank you to Uppity;
    It’s so great to have this site and the wonderful folks who congregate here. I did a drive by at the site I used to frequent to see how they were celebrating Hillary’s hard fought victory. It made me want to take a shower…
    So thank you so much for this island of sanity in a sea of toxic, noxious, Hillary hate.

  95. moon:
    And what is so important with “The Burn” for Obama not to formally endorse Hillary?

  96. The fact that Obama is waiting to endorse Hillary til he sits down with Bernie is distinctly annoying. It makes him look weak and vascillating. In fact, I don’t see why the POTUS has to take time out to mollycoddle someone who was just soundly beaten in an election. It feeds Bernoids delusions of grandeur. I bet Bernoid is going to demand help in paying off his campaign debt.

  97. Hillary will be speaking shortly on cnn

  98. I’m guessing Obama is just giving the courtesy of speaking to him first….I wouldn’t.

  99. They will come round properly once the grief stage is through…we all know this….

    As Hillary Clinton was named the presumptive Democratic nominee Tuesday, some Bernie Sanders supporters showed their reluctance to support her with the Twitter hashtag #GirlIGuessImWithHer — a riff off Clinton supporters’s hashtag #ImWithHer.

    Give them time…..

  100. Yeah, I’m rather pissed that Obama is holding back the endorsement until he talks to Bernie. WTF for?

    Hope he has a copy of Buyer’s Remorse on the coffee table.

  101. I didn’t like when Bernie mentioned Hillary they booed her.

  102. O is going to tell Bernie, listen Bern you ran a good fight. I am going to endorse Hillary. I want your donors & volunteer list. Go out and calm your supporters. You got a problem with that? If you do I can make your life miserable.

  103. Hillary is on cnn now

  104. Just mulling over two unrelated political things while driving along. First, there is no evidence whatsoever that Sanders brought a bunch of new people into the party, unless you want to count adolescents who were unable to vote last time because of age. We know thatt last time, Hillary talked about the 18 million cracks. This year she got about 16 milliion votes, because Democratic turnout was down. Obama got 18 million. Sanders got about 12 million. So it was about 36 million last time, 28 million this time. So where are all the new Democratic voters he brought in? There may be very few in reality.

    Second, I was thinking that in a different era, one would think that Hillary would pick a governor for VP, but that there aren’t very many eligible for our side. Then it popped into my head that Ted Strickland, ex-governor of Ohio, might be a possibility. She has said that her most important criteriion is someone who could step in if it were necessary. A former executive of a big state could fit that description. I wonder what Sue thinks about Strickland as a longshot choice.

    While I was typing this, I turned on CNN, where Hillary was speaking to Anderson Cooper. There will be more of the interview on his show at 5pm PST. But then they just had a panel, and Jeffrey Toobin, legal analyst, just blasted Sanders, and said that he should grow up and just support HIllary; and that he thought it was ridiculous that he was being coddled, and that everyone keeps talking about his needs and wants. Nice to hear that!

  105. It made me laugh that Wolfie, in the segment, was oh so very worried about Hillary’s tone….

    Give it a rest, dickhead.

  106. @ William, Haha! Glad to hear what Toobin said. Agree with your comment, although I know nothing about Strickland.

  107. So I heard Hillary with Anderson Cooper. He pushed her on Clinton Foundation. To be honest, I didn’t think she did that well. She should have that answer down pat. The CF does incredible work worldwide. She needs to support the work of CF stronger. Then a Bill question, so sick of the focus on this stuff. I thought it would be fun to listen to cable tonight to get a round up of her win… not so much. UGH

  108. Shadowfax on June 8, 2016 at 3:37 PM
    Attack in Tele Aviv, nine wounded.

    Thankfully my cousins checked in on Facebook, but my daughter is frantic because she can’t get ahold of one of her good friends. This is one of those times I am so grateful for social media.

  109. Reading FB comments. Now, some Sanders supporters are saying all the primaries were rigged for Hillary, including CA. They talk about voter suppression, missing ballots, mail in ballots being rejected or not showing up. I am really sick of this. The margins are too great for rigging. If it was a tie or really close, it might be more understandable, but some of these people really believe the machines were manipulated in Hillary’s favor. Unbelievable. If Sanders won, everything would be honky dory.

  110. Just breaking : warren endorsing clinton

  111. Birdgal, that is the distressing part. It essentially comes from Sanders, at least his approach to things. His supporters sound like the child who cannot accept losing at a game, so either keeps trying to change the rules, or claims that he is being cheated. Sometimes those kids grow out of that attitude. To claim that the entire election system is fixed at all levels (except apparently for caucuses and the few primaries he won) is destructive of any regard for our democratic system.

    In 2008, we were very upset at Hillary being robbed of delegates she had literally won; and of the illegal activities at caucus sites. But Sanders’ supporters are essentially trying to invalidate the entire concept of free elections. There is an kind of lawlessness to their worldview, which of course accounts for the vicious threats, violence, booing of the winning candidate, insults, and other hallmarks of the person who simply doesn’t accept any result that he doesn’t like.

  112. I saw that about Warren endorsing Hillary. It’s a Reuters post. When you read it, says Warren will endorse in 1 to 2 weeks. Warren is just full of courage, waiting until Hillary has already won. I hope she isn’t the VP. I think the VP should be someone who has been behind Hillary all along.

  113. julies, am glad your family is okay.

  114. Based on William’s account of what Jeffrey Toobin said on CNN about how Sanders needs to grow up and endorse and everybody needs to stop trying to mollify him, we should start a new hashtag, #I’mWithToobin. That’s the first sensible suggestion I’ve heard about dealing with the whiner. No matter what they do to please him, he’ll just keep moving the goal posts.

  115. socalannie:

    exactly, someones who has always supported our Hill….amen.

  116. socalannie on June 8, 2016 at 7:50 PM
    julies, am glad your family is okay.

    Thanks socalannie. My daughter’s friend finally checked in too.

    Sophie that blog post about “the kids” was awesome!

  117. Birdgal, anytime someone says there was rigging, say, “Yeah, I believe caucus abuse is being investigated.”

  118. Warren is the very best at one thing: Sticking her finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing for her benefit.

  119. William, the young Bernoids is what you get when you liberally hand out partial credit and present trophies to them just for showing up. The “Everybody Wins” mentality has nothing on earth to do with the Real World.

  120. birdgal. These people are accustomed to cheating and blaming others. They truly believe they are Special. Today they have gotten the message they are not. They take after their savior, Bernie. What does Bernie do when he loses or gets caught at something? Why he blames the accuser. Then he sues. Rinse and Repeat. He’s attracting the young version of himself. Who knew he was ahead of his time when it comes to being an entitled spoiled little shit?

  121. The LOSER who is cited by the FEC for taking campaign contributions from foreign national is worrying about a charity foundation with a minimal overhead cost and an “A” rating.

  122. Betty White for VP!!!!

  123. Coastie, oh how I hate Wolf. I dislike everything about him. Furthermore he has no use for women. Now last night he kept saying things look “Very Good” for Hillary.

    Funny how he reserves the word “Impressive” for male wins and “Very good” for her wins.

    Hilarious that the man who can’t eek out one sentence without pausing four times thinks he can critique the speaking habits of others.

  124. William and Uppity, Thank you for your responses about Sanders supporters saying the primaries were rigged, including the voting machines. They are trying to do everything they can to discredit Hillary’s victory. Sanders is not doing anything to disabuse them of this belief and this why I have no respect for him.

  125. I’m so glad to see this blog still around. I forgot the url but googled around and finally found it again. I remember lurking in 08 and the PUMA days, and it’s so lovely to see that it’s still going strong, even now!

    I attend college in NYC now, so naturally, every vocal, privileged, wealthy kid, there was a Berniebot, but many of the woc I’m friends with were Hillary fans. One even works for her campaign RN. It’s great. I have to say, there’s a degree of delusion that seems to be necessary – Bernie fans totally lack a sense of reality. They legitimately believe that they, of all people, know what is right, that the ‘revolution’ is carried solely by them and every nonbeliever is some variant of brainwashed or stupid or something. It’s honestly really funny to watch them freak out at every NYT or WP facebook post.

    Personally, I think Warren and HRC have been coordinating Trump attacks for a while now; some of the tweets the official account has sent out remind me of what Warren has written/spoke about. I agree about loyalty but I don’t really feel that a VP can really fuck something up badly anyway, because they have such limited power. Biden’s said some dumb shit but I honestly can’t remember any real implications. Regardless, I’m sure the Clinton campaign will think through it carefully; their organization this year has been hands down, so much better. No Mark Penn, and thank God for that.

    The sooner the Bernie nonsense wraps up (honestly, what kind of grown ass man calls himself Bernie anyways), the sooner HRC can focus on Trump, and that, I am eager to see. Trump is a complete moron and explicitly says whichever racist thing he wants to say. No longer is it couched under welfare queens or other nonsense. Honestly, I think it’s a bit of a gift – no one with a Brain, if presented with all information/things that Trump has said can vote for him.

    Thanks for writing; I will continue to lurk but I have to say, I love all your insights and thoughts. So much more ‘real’ than any pundit.

  126. Interesting perspective from Ezra Klein:

  127. julies:
    Thanks for the link…

  128. Hilary is going to be on msnbc with Lawrence O. tonight

  129. She is on now

  130. Bernie is a wanna be petty dictator. He keeps acting as if he won. He lost. He lost by a lot. He is in no position to dictate terms to Reid or Obama or Clinton. It’s her convention. It’s her party. He holds no cards. His youthful army of revolutionaries didn’t even show up for him. However, Clintons quiet army had no problem showing up for her.

  131. Y’all are going to have to report how it went with Lawence O. I just can’t imagine it would go well considering what he’s been saying for over a year now.

  132. SophieCT, on June 8, 2016 at 5:24 PM said:
    OMG, this sounds like something Uppity would write

    That is pretty darn funny, and it is spot on how I often feel.

    These kids haven’t earned the right to demand that the person that loses, gets to win. No trophy, no free lunch, free concerts are over…grow the eff up!

    Long live the Queen!

    Long live Mr. President, First Dude.

  133. moon said:
    Just breaking : warren endorsing clinton

    Well that’s BIG of her,

    she had to wait a day after Hillary won the Primary to endorse her.

    She will never, ever be asked to be Hillary’s VP.

  134. As Shakespeare would say and very appropriate to Bernie’s failed campaign and his over inflated ego and revolution:

    …….It is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

    Couldn’t resist. My undergrad degree in English Literature.

  135. Upps,

    Warren is the very best at one thing: Sticking her finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing for her benefit.


  136. What a difference 8 years makes. Here’s Tweety, yelling at his old self:

  137. Good post about the betrayal of Hillary Clinton by her “allies” but her grit in overcoming it all. (I hate to say it but if it were me, payback would be a real bitch for some people mentioned here.)

  138. Hillary’s campaign lacks enthusiasm…….huh?

  139. Bernie Central makes Don Quixote look realistic. There was a convo about what barack and bernie will talk about in their meeting and these Delusionals were *sure* that Barack was going to tell Bernie he’s the winner and that he expects Bernie to let Hillary down in a way that won’t hurt her.

    No kidding.

  140. Hi Neurotransmitter! You landed in moderation because new commenters go there in order to make sure no squirrels get through. Sorry for the delay. And thanks for the compliment! Please don’t just lurk! Talk to us!!! We like it!

    Glad you found us and welcome back. What was your name on the blog before?

  141. Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is not a rally with 10000 people. Enthusiasm is when a half a million people stampede their way to the polls and vote for you. Rallys do not translate into that, obviously, or Bernie would have had more votes. But he didn’t. So he can shove that “momentum” and “enthusiasm” bullshit straight away up his wrinkled ass. Hillary had the Enthusiasm where it counted.

    And the overuse of that word ALWAYS reminds me of (warning: Baseball bat is used liberally and painfully here):

    “Enthusiams. Enthusiasms. Enthusiasms”

  142. Upps @ 11:56pm, Whoa! That is some serious crazy talk! They think Obama can just overturn an election? Holy cow, hubs and I laughing so hard, can hardly believe how dumb some of these broz are.

  143. Lemme guess…Bernie and his troglodyte followers are now banking on a big win for Bern in DC next Tues and that will put him over Hillary in pledged Dels, and then the 500 or so Super Dels backing Hillary will just turn on her and support Bern instead. Yeah, that’ll work.;)

  144. Uppity, I do not know what is the more incomprehensible thing; that they thought that Obama would tell Sanders that he won; or that they think that Obama has the power to declare the winner. If he could, and he did, then they would undoubtedly consider that a fair election.

  145. churl:

    Thanks to the link of The Atlantic article.
    Awesome recount of Hillary’s path to greatness…

  146. neuro:

    “I remember lurking in 08 and the PUMA days, and it’s so lovely to see that it’s still going strong, even now! ”

    We proudly follow the steps of our Hillary!
    Still going strong and getting stronger…

  147. Sophie, thank you for this photo. It brings tears to my eyes.

    Very moving!!!

    News of Clinton’s Historic Nomination Reaches Susan B. Anthony

  148. News of Clinton’s Historic Nomination Reaches Susan B. Anthony

    I hope this photo ends up on the one of the sides of Upp’s website, and will always remain.

  149. Oh yes, William. That would be fair to them.

    More likely they think he can tell the superdelegates to flip. You know, the people Bernie’s barn animals threatened incessantly, even unto threatening to cut out tongues.

    These people’s brains are fried. And they want the rest of us to pay for their college? lol

  150. Socal, Hillary is going to crush his balls in DC.

    AAs, also known as Minor Details And Insignificant Voters to Bernie, dominate there. He’s burned toast in DC. It just might be the biggest trouncing perentage-wise yet.

  151. ACK! MsMass I just fished you out of moderation.

    What the HELL is going on with wordpress?

  152. I didn’t know this, but then again, Hillary is classy enough not only to do this, but also to NOT broadcast it:

  153. Like Lucille Ball before her, Betty White is not a ditz; she just plays one on television. 😉

  154. Hell.Just.Froze.Over.

  155. If the DNC gives into Bernie’s demands why would they think that all of us which are the vast majority in the Democratic Party that voted for Hillary think that we would be okay with it? Why would the DNC think it is okay to marginalize the majority of voters? Hillary Clinton’s voters should count more than Bernie Sanders supporters since we make up the vast majority and we actually come out to vote. Bernie Sanders is a grown man who’s been a politician for more than 25 years need to be coddled and treated like a precious china doll. He really isn’t that important. Stop propping up this loser. He lost. He lost by a lot. The vast majority of voters don’t want Bernie’s “free stuff revolution.”

  156. Fl voter from what I’m seeing on twitter there is a lot of unhappiness about Bernie trying to completely redo the DNC. These people were elected to their positions long before Bernie came on the scene.

  157. Ga6th

    I’m glad there are others saying the same thing 😀

  158. Flvoter, I can guarantee you they are not coddling Bernie in private. They have to make it look that way to the public. Believe you me they are going to give him hell.

  159. Uppity Woman, on June 9, 2016 at 12:08 AM said:

    Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is not a rally with 10000 people. Enthusiasm is when a half a million people stampede their way to the polls and vote for you. Rallys do not translate into that, obviously, or Bernie would have had more votes

    This is why Hillary doesn’t believe In large venues. Smart lady.

  160. Plus, large rallies are very, very expensive. Hillary spends time building strong coalitions across many diverse groups of people and interests. I haven’t seen Sanders doing this.

  161. “The Atlantic” piece linked by churl: “Trump talks endlessly about strength. Clinton embodies it.”

    Speaking of strength, I wish I could be sure President Obama is tough enough to tell BS what he doesn’t want to hear but needs to hear. Loud and clear. Hillary will be head of party, but, as of now, Obama is. So this is his job. Let’s all hope he’s up to the challenge.

  162. OMG! Hillary won Berkley, California congressional district–the most liberal in the country. Hey, Bernie! Can you hear us NOW?

  163. Voting

    Too bad it only took Trickles down his legs…eight years to finally recognize Hillary’s achievements.

  164. Brassy

    OMG! Hillary won Berkley, California congressional district–the most liberal in the country.

    Well that’s a shocker!! Do you have a link to that Berkeley win?

    I have been looking for an article on the breakdown of demographics for the CA Primary.

  165. With such a big win in CA, I am waiting to put Hillary’s bumper sticker on my car.

    My old car had Hillary 2008 bumper stickers on it, and my car got run into 4 times in 3 years. I don’t know, but I can guess that after Nov. 2008 some folks got pist at my stickers. This is the Bay Area, and Hillary won in 2008 in CA too.

  166. Samantha Bee has been a blessing this go round. This is too funny!

    View story at

  167. Shadow @ 11:44 am: Think I saw it in Hillary HQ twitter feed. It was Kos, I think.

  168. Brassy, I am shocked!! I thought the Bay Area would go for Sanders. Berkeley is one of the most liberal cities in the country. When I saw a California map with the counties that both candidates won, I saw that Sanders won the upper most part of Northern CA and Santa Cruz. Mostly white counties. Hillary won the high population centers and the most diverse counties. She has a much broader and deep coalition of voters than Sanders. She has spent years developing this coalition of voters. This has given her greater political power than Sanders.

  169. Shadow:

    Where are the final result on Cali voting available?
    Could you please post a link?


  170. Belle, Here is a link to the LA Times :

  171. Visit The Confluence .

    RD excellent post as usual…

  172. Thanks a bunch birdgal…

  173. Wow, Brassy! Hillary won Berkeley, of all places! Berkeley is the heart of the far left and of Pacifica Radio where Bernie’s message would play swimmingly. (I doubt if Oakland went for Bernie though.) I lived there while in grad school and let me tell you that in 2008 NO ONE on campus supported her–not even in the Woman & Gender Studies Dept. That was shocking to me! I doubt if they support her now, but it would be interesting to see to what degree anything has changed for Hillary on campus or in the city, for that matter. There’s a large Asian presence in that area via the university, so perhaps this had something to do with her win. In any case, Wow!

  174. The CA map is impressive and shows the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates as evidenced by the counties that each won.

  175. Here’s how the popular votes broke down for the Primary so far, per wikipedia.

    “The vote totals do not include votes from Iowa, Maine, Nevada, Washington, Wyoming, or non-binding primaries.”

    Total votes for:

    Hillary —> 16,015,681

    Sandcrab —> 12,287,030

    Trump —> 13,445,461

  176. Thanks Brassy

  177. They are saying on the tv that Obama endorses Clinton.

  178. Doesn’t surprise me one bit about Santa Cruz since it’s even further to the left than Berzerkeley. Sad to say, my two nieces (recent SC undergrads) are all in for Bernie. But maybe they’ll soon become Hillennials (I like that term!). At least they voted. Can’t say the same for the rest of their peer group, according to the source below. This is why the DNC & Hillary should NOT give in to Bernie’s sore-loser demands. This age group didn’t even show up–not even for their give-away King:

    “Analyst: Surge in Young Voters Failed to Materialize in California Primary”

    “Turnout for the California primary, which some expected to be pumped up by a surge in registrations among younger voters, fell short of analysts’ expectations. One major factor in that lower-than-anticipated turnout: For the most part, an analysis of vote-by-mail ballots suggests, those younger voters simply didn’t participate.{


  179. I was looking at a CA map to see which counties voted for Bernie, out of the entire Bay Area and surrounding counties, only Santa Cruz county supported Bernie, the upper state, like around Humboldt, Mendocino, etc. and on the very eastern border.

    Check out the green/blue map:

  180. trixta

    I think the young people loved Bernie’s free stuff and concerts, were more vocal,


    the Hillary majority swooped in and took care of business in the ‘liberal’ Bay Area.

  181. Here it is! Obama endorses Hillary!

  182. I absolutely agree with the point that FlVoter and others have made, regarding the election results. Not only did Hillary win handily, but it is clear that she appeals to many more Democrats than does Sanders. Moving the platform to Sanders’ liking would be very dangerous. I really think that the “Sanders revolution” is really a media-created myth. Where are all these new Democrats who surged into the party to vote for him?

    It’s one thing to modify a platform to take account of a new and important constituency. But in this case, I think that Sanders has bluffed his way into claiming that he has this powerful bloc of voters behind him. Actually, I don’t think he can convince his voters to do much of anything. I don’t think that if he somehow gave Hillary a rousing endorsement (he won’t), it would get her many voters. And if the platform goes to the left of Hillary, it will turn off some of her supporters, among whom are many long-time New Deal-style or Clinton-style Democrats, who would be outraged if something like free tuition, with its attendant tax hikes on the middle class, were part of the platform. And they had better not give Sanders’ group one inch on support for Israel. Not only is Sanders in no legitimate position to demand accomodations, he really has nothing to offer in the way of help for Hillary’s election, either personally, or in terms of his demographics of supporters. He got only about 40% of Democratic voters with his positions, and most of those were just people who voted against Hillary last time, and wanted to do it again, no matter who ran against her. And most of his support was in small and deep Red states, and in bogus caucuses. In the big states, he did very poorly.

  183. It is a good, solid, full-throated endorsement!

    I’m pleasantly surprised!

  184. FINALLY!

    Also, “The Burn” has finally tuned down…

    Let’s move forward…

  185. Never thought I’d see the day Obama endorses Hillary. Never thought I’d say I was thrilled to hear those words or that he did a great job.

    Shadow, I chuckled at the results for Marin County which went big for Hillary. Guess those pot-smoking, very affluent hippies didn’t feel the Bern. Heh heh….

  186. Finally its over, done, dusted, Obama is basically telling Dems, get on with it, Hillary is your nominee.

    I have found new respect for Obama, a good solid endorsement.

  187. Obama gave a great endorsement for Hillary!!!

  188. Has anybody here heard that Bernie wants a recount in California?

  189. Moving fast

    The first joint appearance with Hillary Clinton and Obama will take place next Wednesday in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

  190. NYT: Sen. Jeff Merkley, only senator to endorse Sanders, is now backing Clinton. He’s also a superdelegate so that’s a flip.

  191. I’m very happy with that endorsement from Obama. It feels like closure after the trauma of the 2008 primary.

  192. Hell Sandy, he’s doing something in every state he lost. If it’s not a recount, it’s an attempt to sue. I don’t even pay attention any longer, it’s expected. If he wins the state, it was fair, if he loses, there was election fraud.

  193. Gonna be alot of smashed computer screens in a lot of Berniebro basements tonight……..

  194. I just got home and saw the endorsement video. It was AWESOME!

  195. A solid endorsement that will really help our girl. I like that he didn’t wait to tell whatshisname that it was all over and that he was gonna endorse Hillary before his ass hit the door!
    This is another in what will be a series of GREAT DAYS for the next President of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton!!!!

  196. I guess maybe the next few days appear to be moving Bernie out of the race. Since he’s stuck on letting DC vote he can go on and get wiped out there. At least Hillary had the sense to not continue on to DC in 2008 when she knew nothing there was going to help her. I’m glad Obama endorsed so that at least no one is going to be taking Bernie seriously or listening to him.

  197. Shadow, NES (NoEmptySuits) called that one. She told me, to quote: NFW Hillary doesn’t take California.

  198. Ok if you haven’t seen it here’s Barack’s endorsement video.

  199. Recount CA, Why?????

  200. All right! Can’t wait for the dynamic duo Part Two. As I Florida sistah, who has now voted for Hilz twice (soon to be thrice) and for Barack twice, here’s a throwback to the first time the duo campaigned together in Orlando, FL.

  201. BREAKING: Martin OMalley endorses Hillary Clinton.

  202. Thank you , President Obama!

    ROFLMAO! Martin O’Malley. Governor Chickenpoop! Who’s next? Lincoln Chaffee?

  203. Moon,
    That’s great news, but I think BOTH of his supporters switched to Hillary months ago…;-)

  204. Apparently Cornel West tried some BS on the platform but Robert Wexler nixed it thank heavens.

  205. Wonder how Donnie’s fundraising is going today?

    They will probably be digging change out of the couch and calling it a win.

  206. Top trending tweet right now:

  207. EXCLUSIVE: Warren will endorse HRC on Rachel Maddow’s show TONIGHT at 9 p.m.

  208. Warren is a day late and dollar short. I have very little tolerance for her as she was the only female democratic Senator to not back Hillary. Sure, if she can help get some of the Sander’s lunes on board great, but don’t anyone believe for one (1) minute warren is a Hillary fan. She rode the fence and I am sure she was hoping Bernie would prevail.

  209. Whatever happens, I am going to get great satisfaction of having to watch Warren and Sanders have to stump for Hillary with forced shit-eating grins for the next 4 months.

    It will be like pure forced prison labour for them…

    Hillary work those bitches hard.

  210. Disagree Jbstonesfan. I think it was all about Elizabeth and nobody else. She could have endorsed Bernie if she wanted to but didn’t. IMO more or less she just didn’t make a decision and let the decision to be made for her. Okay. Well, just shows she doesn’t have leadership skills.

  211. What Ga6th said.

  212. I am going to get great satisfaction of having to watch Warren and Sanders have to stump for Hillary with forced shit-eating grins for the next 4 months.

    Brutal Pluto, Brutal.

    And Delicious.

  213. Voting, I just retweeted Hillary’s tweet. Can’t wait for her to delete Trump’s ass in November.

  214. EXCLUSIVE: Warren will endorse HRC on Rachel Maddow’s show TONIGHT at 9 p.m.

    I’d rather have a root canal than watch.

  215. Buncha GOP shills were on CNN trying to make Obama’s endorsement be a bad thing for Hillary. Amusing, considering not one living GOP President will even stand in the same room with Donald.

  216. Cornel has an exaggerated sense of how much power he is going to have on that committee. He’s lucky they haven’t locked the door on him. Yet.

  217. Republicans are all in a frenzy that the Democrats did Kumbaya for the nominee in 48 hours and they aren’t even close after, what is it, six weeks?

  218. I think I’ll go check out Bernie Central and grab me a cup of warm tears.

  219. Never thought I’d see the day Obama endorses Hillary. Never thought I’d say I was thrilled to hear those words or that he did a great job.

    I agree, it was done really well. Good job.

  220. That Obama video has been ready for awhile. Note he said he met with Bernie “this week”. He met with him today, so this video was a done deal prior to that meeting.

    Thank you, Mr. President.

  221. I suspect Warren waited so all the attention would be on her. As a former college prof, I have observed this sort of faculty behavior before. What’s next? Running to the Dean’s office?

  222. Moon-
    I am going to get great satisfaction of having to watch Warren and Sanders have to stump for Hillary with forced shit-eating grins for the next 4 months.

    Upps – Brutal Pluto, Brutal. And Delicious.

    I totally agree. The far, far left can take all their disdain out on T.Rump.

  223. I suspect Warren waited so all the attention would be on her.



  224. EXCLUSIVE: Warren will endorse HRC on Rachel Maddow’s show TONIGHT at 9 p.m.

    I’d rather clean a frat house bathroom than watch it.

  225. I say Bernie endorses Hillary before the convention or the democratic party should disinvite him

  226. The WH said the video was made on Tuesday……..must have been before polls closed.

  227. I thought of that too, Pluto. lol

  228. I want to see Obama and particularly his wife, campaign for Hillary like BIll did for Obama in 2012. We all know MO wanted Joe, so lets see if she really is proud for the first time of a female presidential nominee for a major party.

  229. .flvoter: “Bernie Sanders is a grown man who’s been a politician for more than 25 years need to be coddled and treated like a precious china doll. He really isn’t that important.”
    rofl! so true, flvoter! 8 years ago Hillary barely got a mention for getting the most votes of any primary candidate in history. We as her supporters were called every name in the book and we were threatened that the “bitch must drop out and we must get in line or else” now we have to coddle this man who lost by a huge margin and really didn’t bring that many people into the process compared to 08.

  230. Voting, I loved that piece by Samantha Bee! She is brilliant!

  231. This is pretty damn funny:

  232. Churl (@4:38pm), academia certainly has its prima donnas. And the fights get so petty sometimes. What field were you in, may I ask? (I was in the Humanities (Literature & Language).

  233. Obama’ endorsement

    I can honestly say, this is the only speech I have listened to, (other than when Bin Laden was killed), all the way to the end and was moved.

    It took a Hell of a long time, but I feel a little bit of closure hearing and seeing this speech.

  234. I really enjoyed Obama’s endorsement, and yes, it did give closure.

    Those tweets between Bill & Barack last year are cute. I wonder if Bill’s handle will be FGOTUS???

  235. If You Think the Democratic Primary Race
    Is Close, the 2008 One Was Even Tighter

    “…in 2008, Mr. Sanders endorsed Mr. Obama for president two days after a last-minute rush of superdelegates helped push Mr. Obama over the threshold needed to be nominated at the party’s convention — and before Mrs. Clinton officially dropped out of the race.”

    This is why Bernie will never be considered to be Hillary’s VP. Besides, he isn’t intelligent nor sincere enough.

  236. Is there someone from Ohio or Penn that would make a good VP choice?

  237. UW I agree about Bernie. I just don’t get a recount in California when he had his ass handed to him. Sore loser!

  238. So sick of Wolf Blitzer asking what Hillary has to do to get Sanders and his supporters behind her. What about asking sanders when he is going to do the right thing and back the historical first woman candidate and most qualified person ever for the job. Stop the media kow-towing to this fringe candidate and his loathsome supporters who are not true dems.

  239. Jbstonesfan, on June 9, 2016 at 5:57 PM said:

    Is there someone from Ohio or Penn that would make a good VP choice?
    JB I am from Ohio. Sherrod Brown

  240. I’m from Ohio, too.
    Sherrod Brown.

  241. According to CNN & MSNBC, Biden & Warren are meeting with Sanders before a group of lawyers and activists…hmmmm…..

  242. Good grief. Now Biden & Warren have to meet with Sanders? What…is he threatening to do something nasty to throw a pall on everyone’s happiness, and all of the leaders have to talk him out of it? Or does everyone think he needs extra special sympathizing and mollycoddling because he’s a man (no offensive to the men here)? Is it a little of both? Bernie’s ego is about as fragile as Trumps, especially in light of the Politico piece. Man up Bernie. Congratulate your opponent who beat you fair and square, urge your broz and broettes to support her and go home and rest and straighten out your tangled affairs.

  243. Don’t look now. Nina Turner is on msnbc

  244. Nina sounds so angry

  245. Sanders is milking this exit like nobody’s business. Now they’re hanging on his every word, like they do with Trump, and you know, he’s loving it.

  246. Did you hear Bernie say the results have not yet come in from CA?

  247. Sanders’ “exit” reminds me of Steve Martin in “The Jerk”.

  248. What’s Nina going to do for a living after the press doesn’t want to know her anymore. Along with most of the country.

  249. What’s Nina going to do for a living after the press doesn’t want to know her anymore. Along with most of the country.

  250. I saw her mug and switched it off. Let’s see. Hillary won and BS lost. Decisively. And all the damn media can talk about is Bernie Freakin’ Sanders. What he will do. How he will do it. What does he want. Who kissed his ass today and when will Hillary.

    Eight years is not that long ago. I remember. And NOTHING like this mass genuflection occurred for Hillary. Even though you can certainly make a case that she should have won. Instead, there was the opposite. Party leaders wanted to rush her offstage as fast as possible. Hell, they didn’t even want her to continue to the end of the contests, although she was winning all the biggest states by large margins. The contrast to what is happening now is striking–and sickening. So many of Sanders supporters aren’t Democrats and won’t vote for Hillary anyway. The rest will. All this bowing and scraping to the old grifter is totally unnecessary. Will no one end our long national nightmare?

  251. socal his fee fees are hurt! He’s afraid his pee pee will fall off now!

  252. Sherrod was awesome on CNN for Hillary! I would happily support him. Problem is, Ohio’s gov is R. And that means we lose Brown’s seat. Wish we could have Brown do both!

  253. Just fished you out of Trash, Shadow.

    I don’t get it. Nobody makes it to trash unless one of us mods PUTs them there. Sophie, did you change your password yet? I just can’t figure out how this is happening. Either we have a gremlin goofing on us or WP has a glitch.

  254. Elizabeth Warren is killing it on msnbc

  255. EW barn burner! I’ve never liked her but that was impressive!

  256. Upps-

    Just fished you out of Trash, Shadow.


    That’s a first for me…..not. Has been a daily bashing at other blogs for my strong support of Hillary. 😉

  257. Brassy

    Eight years is not that long ago. I remember. And NOTHING like this mass genuflection occurred for Hillary.

    Tell it like it is Brassy…………..a lot of damn Karma is due to members of the party that stabbed Hillary in the back.

  258. I didn’t realize that Nasty finally endorsed Hillary “earlier this week”. About time.

  259. Is Joe drunk?

  260. Maybe he just has new false teeth? Pretty slow talking.

  261. Upps, I love you but after seeing Warren’s speech tonight, I’m a fan.
    She won’t do as Veep, but as attack dog in chief, oh yeah.
    She’s fearless and she’s goes places that the first woman nominee can’t.
    Watching her, I said to my husband, “this is our generation’s Joseph Welch moment.”
    “Sir, at long last, have you no shame?”

  262. Sophie, did you change your password yet?

    Yes, I did. And I am not trashing anyone’s comments.

  263. Uppity don’t watch Rachel Maddow is on with Elizabeth Warren.

  264. Wait? I’m watching Maddow…..I missed the endorsement. It was Bernie, blah, blah, blah……Bernie supporters, blah, blah, blah…..Hillary is a fighter…..okay, now that Elizabeth Warren has endorsed Hillary Clinton, we’re gonna talk about Elizabeth as possible VP!

  265. imust, I missed it too.

  266. Are there any polls out yet?

  267. Still sounds more like a Bernie endorsement, not a Hillary endorsement. JMO.

  268. Last question to Warren: “Do you think if you were VP, could you step into the job of President, if something happened to the POTUS? Do you think you could do the job?” Warren response: “Yes, I do.”

    I’m sorry, when has that question been asked to a potential VP before? If it has, I apologize. But I don’t think it has.

    1.) The question of a male potential VP as fit for the job has not been posed.
    2.) Why all this talk about “If something happens to the POTUS”???

  269. Brassy, I sure do remember too and it’s ticking me off. What’s really ticking me off more than what the party is doing is the press. The party is being nice to Bernie and I’m sure this is under orders from Hillary just like the meanness of ’08 IMO was Obama. The press however is the ones that really keep pressing Hillary to kiss Bernie’s butt. The press needs to get with the program and finally realize that Bernie lost. Hey national media nobody wants any of your candidates and that even goes for voters in the GOP. If the press had had their way we would be looking at a Bernie vs. a young Republican like Rubio. Yeah, wouldn’t that be great for the D party? We could have the frozen in amber socialist who can’t even answer a question without repeating his stump speech vs. a young Minority a FIRST for the GOP. Well, THANK GOD the GOP voters hate the media as much as we do and picked Trump even though I think Hillary could take down any of the Republicans that were running this year. Almost of all them would have been able to ream Bernie.

  270. Imust, I agree. Part of that was Maddow’s fault. But even so, all she could say on behalf of Hillary was that “she’s a fighter.” Of course, Hillary is also more intelligent and knowledgeable than anyone else, but not a word about any of that.

    It is in some way exhilarating to hear Warren go out after Republcians. We need more of that, and have needed it for decades. Of course, Warren was a Republican until around 1996, which is hard to incorporate into an overall view of her. She presumably voted for Reagan and GHW Bush for President. One can always change and grow, but she must not have thought about this issues too critically in her earlier adult years, to have made such a 180 degree turn.

    I’t’s good to have her on our side, and we can use some people on the populist Left. But I think that any push for her as VP is a mistake. Get her off her favorite issue terrain, and she is very vulnerable. Does she know or care much about foreign policy? Hilary is far more pragmatically knowledgeable about domestic and international issues. Too bad that Rachel and Chris Hayes do not want to comprehend this.

  271. Watching Warren, I actually think she’s walking a very good line here. She helps us.

    I won’t criticize. At least not yet.

  272. Not impressed with interview. More of a anti-Trump/Love Bernie than a Hillary endorsement. Plus, when will MSNBC ever get a guest or commentator who is fair to Clinton. Joy Reid and Chris Hayes..LMAO. I actually thought tingles showed more class speaking about Hillary . I don’t watch that station often, bu they will be the “pro dem” network. CNN is better, but can’t stand Van Jones either.

  273. I see her strategy here on attacking Trump so much. It gives her cover to “endorse” Hillary, without alienating Bernie. She talked much more about “keeping Trump away from WH” as her motivation for endorsing, rather than a “Hillary is the best” type of comment.

  274. Maybe this is very unfair to Warren, but I would not stun m that if Hillary picked her as VP, and they were elected, Warren might leave in four years, and run against her in 2020. Of course, she might do that from the Senate, too. I wouldn’t be too confident about her loyalty. But that is just my visceral sense of things.

  275. Oddly, I liked Obama’s endorsement better….can’t believe I said that.

    I think Bernie is pushing himself as VP, which he actually sees as his way to be the real president, just pretending to be VP (ala Cheney)

  276. There is no way in Hell that Hillary will pick Lizzy as VP.

    The far left side of the party is dreaming it will be her, but she isn’t anywhere near the same caliber as Hillary.

    As much as her ‘take down’ of Trump was entertaining, it was with little class in my book. She is stooping to his level. Sorry, I know a few of you like her, but Hillary will pick someone more like she is, IMO.

  277. MSNBC now slobbering over Warren and the possibility of her as VP. They’re waxing praise on Bernie for “moving the party Left”.

  278. I just got in. Has “The Biden” endorsed our Hill?

  279. I think this is Hillary’s moment as “The Woman” to make history.

    I personally don’t want another woman to take the spotlight (if there is one that can shine as bright); and frankly politically speaking is NOT a wise move.

    In our very chauvinistic society, it appears that we women have to give them (males) one spoon at the time….considering what it took to get voting rights…etc., etc., etc.

  280. My opinion of SOS Clinton will drop a point or two if she picks either Warren or Sanders. As I said before, she needs someone she can trust and I wouldn’t trust either them any further than I could throw Donald Trump. Go male. Go business or military. (Clark is too old I suppose.)

  281. And what I want to see is: The Obama, MO and The Warren to get their tushies off and campaign for Hillary as hard as they say they will.

  282. They’re already blubbering about Sanders and Warren. If either were VP, that would continue. They’d give either of THEM credit for everything….kinda what they’re doing right now.

  283. churl
    she needs someone she can trust and I wouldn’t trust either them any further than I could throw Donald Trump. Go male. Go business or military.

    I couldn’t possibly agree more.

  284. My opinion is that the far left side of the party, took the candidate they wanted in 2008, now it’s Hillary’s turn to move more to the center and support the rest of the party and country.

    Enough with the far right wing –
    Enough with the far left wing-

    Most Americans are somewhere in the middle and that’s where I hope Hillary ends up after Bernie get’s his ass out of the campaign.

    Help those that need it, put people back to work by creating jobs, strengthen America’s ties with her allies, kick ass with terrorists, bring the economy back, punish financially, American companies that move jobs out of the country, fix ObamaCare so it actually works for the American people and not a cash cow for Big Pharma and the Insur. companies, pass laws to finally let women have equal pay for equal jobs…

    That’s a lot to do, but they are all big ticket items.

  285. I am being very subjective here, but Warren’s affect appears insane to me. Also, she would steal the show ( or try, rather) from Hillary to the point of obnoxiousness. She may be helpful as a bulldog against Trump, but I worry that she won’t adhere to limits, as she is anything but deferential. She is a uni-dimensional person with little apparent soul. I do not care for her. Or was my opinion too equivocal?

  286. I’m not sold on Warren for VP for all the reasons given above, but I could see her on the Supreme Court.

  287. Oh. I think there’s just a spasm of EW for VP this minute. I don’t think it’ll last. I’d bet she’s got some juicy plum position all picked out that she wants and that’s just fine.

    She is making a clarion call though and it is effective. And monstrous.

    I’ll take it! And I appreciate it!

  288. Lililam, that was well said. And of course either of us may be extrapolating or unfairly analyzing based on TV perceptions. I know that I always get upset when the general voter does that with someone I like. But in the VP context, it is legitimate, because I would certainly vote for Warren for Senate, probably over Kamala Harris , were they somehow in the same state and race. But she’s not right for VP, even though it would be fun to have the splash pick. And what also bothers me, is that the Left apparently would consider her as a surrogate for Sanders, as they try to win a race which they have clearly lost. Just watch if Hillary does not pick her or Sanders, and instead goes for a moderate like Kaine; there will be massive outcry from the usual people. Once again, a pick of Sherrod Brown would squelch almost all of that, because virtually no one could be unhappy with that choice. Maybe that is true for Corey Booker as well.

  289. Hillary will be very smart with her vp pick and won’t be intimidated into picking someone based on Bernie. That doesn’t mean it won’t be a strategic pick but it will be hers.

    I trust her. She knows what to do.

  290. I agree OCoastie.

  291. Yes, I may have been a bit strong and yes my opinions are based on media presentations, but in this case those presentations were made by supposedly favorable media. Also. I have observed Warren in the Senate, and she seems to roll herself out for short spurts of divisive diatribe without necessarily listening to her peers or the other hearing participants- it is a unique, almost rude, style. But who knows? I certainly was re-acquainted with my old affection for Franken tonight- he was witty and kind. So, Franken, Booker, Brown, Bayh are all good picks. Gosh, even Biden was unusually articulate tonight, just as an aside.

  292. I am still wishing for Sherrod Brown because he best fills what is most important for the VP pick..can you see this person as POTUS. I know the goal is to get the Senate majority, but because of these lifer Dem members of Congress and the huge drop-off of Dem voters in the non-presidential elections…the VP bench is very thin. Bayh is too blah, Booker and Franken (who I both love) don’t fit the “do you see them as POTUS.”

    If we have to lose one from the Senate, Brown would be my choice. I can’t think of any House member to fit the bill. Ditto for governors. Definately not PA’s. Dems are lukewarm on him.

  293. “Pretty sure Elizabeth Warren endorsing Hillary Clinton on the Rachel Maddow Show passes the Bechdel test, but someone check my math.”

    Yeah, math is hard.

  294. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  295. Maya Angelou. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. When Sen. Betty was in the White House beating the drum for the Consumer Protection Bureau, her welcome wore out pretty quickly. In fact, if Elon Musk had asked for a volunteer to be strapped to the Space X rocket, more than a few would have written in Sen. Betty.

    From all reports, she’s not a team player. Has a tendency to go off on her own. Has no patience for others. And helps Mr. DeMille set the cameras for her closeups.

    Her Trump slaughtering is smart — burnishes her nationally to the brogressives and is meth for her Massachusetts constituency — win/win. Believe it when you hear Sen. Betty doesn’t have any t-shirts that say, “Choose Altruism”.

  296. That twitter is adorable! Thanks Voting!

  297. I have to agree with you, Prolix. It’s why she didn’t endorse until it was HER. She is a female version of Bernie. Media and frankly Dems are testing her for Hillary’s second term challenge before Hillary gets her first.

    As far as SC, I prefer someone who has actually practiced law, not just taught it. That is a personal quirk of mine. I just feel those that practice in the law have a better understanding of the ramifications in real life.

  298. John Kerry has a good resume for taking over as POTUS. Lt Governor, Senator, recent candidate, current SOS working with current POTUS and with Hillary..

  299. William, on June 9, 2016 at 9:56 PM said:
    Maybe this is very unfair to Warren, but I would not stun m that if Hillary picked her as VP, and they were elected, Warren might leave in four years, and run against her in 2020. Of course, she might do that from the Senate, too.

    Running against her from the Senate is more likely. As VP, Warren would be in line as Hillary’s successor in 2024, so that would be a strong incentive to stay.

    (I love Warren and oppose wasting her as VP because she is much more valuable elsewhere.)

  300. Wish I had direct access to the recent WJS article on Hillary’s emails, but it looks like her private server was not the target of the FBI, after all, but rather got caught up in a probe concerning a long-standing dispute between the State Dept and CIA. If this is the case, the indictment question has just fizzled. Why didn’t WJS or other media outlets come out with this info sooner? You know the answer….
    (The link below contains excerpts of or the entire article in question.)

  301. Warren is 67 this month, she wont be running in 2024 when she’s 75, would have to be now or 2020 and unless Hillary loses which she won’t she is not going to.

  302. JOHN KERRY??? The guy that lost to Bush, Jr.? Yea, that will help Hillary’s ticket…not.

  303. I hope all the “penises” out there back off and let Hillary pick her own VP. She has earned that right. She is 10 times smarter than all of them. I trust her judgment. Personally I’m not a fan of Warren. If Warren wanted to be VP she should have backed Clinton a long time ago. To me she is looking like an opportunist. I don’t think the Bernie holdouts would support Hillary if she chose Warren as a VP cuz I honestly believe that part of their hatred of Hillary includes misogyny.

  304. And just so glad that the Dem Party has shut down Bernie’s contested convention nonsense. Obama’s endorsement was really good.

  305. Well, Warren is getting slammed by the bros for endorsing Hillary. So honestly I don’t think Warren would make one iota of difference on the ticket. She’s probably better doing what she’s been doing and that is picking at Donald until he explodes. As far as VP who knows? It might be someone no one in the news ever thought about as being VP.

  306. Here’s one of my issues with Warren as VP pick:

    Maybe General Colin Powell? I know he was a Republican for most of his life and only became a Democrat when Obama gained the nomination but he’s an option.

    As far as people asking “would you be ready to step in if something happened to the POTUS?” I think that’s kind of Hillary’s fault. She was asked what she would look for in a vice President and one of the things she mentioned was someone who is ready to step in and take over should something happen to her.

  307. bellecat,

    I personally don’t want another woman to take the spotlight (if there is one that can shine as bright); and frankly politically speaking is NOT a wise move

    I agree.

  308. My take on Warren is that she would LOVE to be president but doesn’t want all the work and bother of, you know, actually running. When you run for president, you can’t control the narrative the way she does now. So after ruling out a presidential run, she’d be okay with veep where she could do her own thing with no responsibility while Hill does all the work and takes all the damn heat.

  309. Colin Powell? A ticket of two email scofflaws! Not sure that would help. Lol!

  310. Maddow asked Warren that question, using Rendell’s statement to egg her on. shrewd and calculating of Maddow to get exactly the soundbite she wanted,

  311. Rebel, and then after 8 yrs, she could just slide into the slot.

  312. Warren is getting slammed by the bros for endorsing Hillary. So honestly I don’t think Warren would make one iota of difference on the ticket.

    Very perceptive. NOBODY will make a difference with about 25% of those little cockroaches. They are spoiled brats having a tantrum and will go WITHOUT ANY candy if they can’t have the candy they want. They prefer to punish themselves for life with a SCOTUS from HELL than vote for anybody except Bernie. The White Bros, of course, won’t care if women are fucked by a SCOTUS, since they have no respect for them anyways. But half of those “Bros” are also Libertarians looking for a fight they couldn’t have because Ron Paul isn’t running again. Their fingerprints are ALL OVER this bowel “Movement”.

    The rest have enough sense to vote for Hillary, whether they love her or not, because they have the IQ to understand that half the loaf they want is better than NONE.

  313. I’ve never understood why Sanders who thinks the government should run everything has attracted all these Libertarians who supposedly want a government that’s small enough to drown in the bathtub–except when it comes to women’s reproduction, of course–the government should be very proactive on that! Is it just that he’s a cranky old white guy like their hero RP? Makes no sense to me.

  314. Elizabeth Warren is meeting with Hillary .

  315. Brassy Rebel, “[Warren would] be okay with veep where she could do her own thing with no responsibility”

    No, veeps can’t do that. They’re seen as always speaking for the Administration, ie Hillary. Even without considering the Senate, Warren is still more free and powerful as a loose attack dog.

  316. The whole WSJ article about the FBI and State Dept email is posted here (split into several comments):

  317. Colin Powell? The one whose lies got Hillary (ie the Senate) to approve the Iraq war?

  318. I. Do. Not. Trust. Warren. She would spend her time HOPING Hillary dies, that’s how much I think of her. I watched her lift the lid on my suspicions during this Primary season. I believed she was first and foremost an OPPORTUNIST. I was right. She held her finger in the air to see which way the wind was blowing before doing a THING. Then suddenly, we heard from her when she figured out where that wind was. She’s not about Principle at all. She’s about what will work for Liz. If Hillary takes a chance on a two-woman ticket, I think it’s a mistake under ANY circumstances. But with Warren, I think is an even bigger mistake.

    That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  319. I’ve never understood why Sanders who thinks the government should run everything has attracted all these Libertarians who supposedly want a government that’s small enough to drown in the bathtub

    These are the die-Hard Ron Paul people who come out EVERY four years for a fight. THey are the ones who troll youtube and call everybody stupid morons. THey are the ones who, while Paul is pulling 1% in the polls, they declare him The Winner! They are the ones who troll ALL online polls to vote for Ron Paul 30 times and declare him The Winner. They wreak havoc everywhere on the net. A nasty lot on their BEST day.

    This year, Paul is not running and his spawn Randy got run out of town. So they had nowhere to go to wreak havoc. Bingo! Bernie! Perfect breeding ground for their bullshit. In the end, they will vote for Johnson. If you visit Bernie Central at Reddit, you will find them ADMITTING they are Libertarians and saying now they will vote for Trump or Johnson. And the stupid little Gimeee A Unicorn morons are thinking they are something else instead of what they really are: A bunch of anarchists looking to rattle things up.

  320. Hope all of you in southern CA are okay after the moderate earthquake 5.2

  321. Even if Powell didn’t have baggage, bad baggage, which he does, picking a republican is not a good idea under any circumstances. I mean, we’re having trouble with the “new” progressives calling H a Republican as it is.

  322. Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell in a new book said he blames himself for not trusting his instinct and making what proved to be false assertions to the United Nations about Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction.

    Colin Powell will never get near Hillary’s cabinet. He is as toxic as the WMD that was never found and was the excuse George W. used to get us into the middle east war in the first place.

  323. Was everyone else blocked from posting a minute ago? This is what came up on the screen:

    Server Maintenance

    Your server is going through a few minutes of routine maintenance. Please don’t touch your browser for a few minutes.

    What do I do?

    If you were posting a comment or making a post on your blog then do not press BACK on your browser. Wait 5 minutes and press the refresh icon on your browser. Your comment or post will be sent as normal.
    If you are browsing a blog here just wait a few moments and hit refresh. The page you were expecting will appear.

  324. Hillary at Planned Parenthood right now on C-SPAN 2.

  325. Thanks Brassy.

  326. Great speech from Hillary at Planned Action Fund.

    Don’t look now Donald the turd is on at the Faith & Freedom meeting

  327. Women for Hillary Campaign Endorsement Announcement Thirteen of the 14 female Democratic senators announced their endorsement of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate.

  328. Thank you Shadow for refreshing historical facts regarding the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that actually destroyed and embarrassed Colin Powell, a fine man playing loyalty with the wrong team.

  329. MSNBC show a clip of Elizabeth Warren calling out Hillary voting on some bankruptcy bill. No I don’t think our girl will pick her.

  330. I watched the Donald for a minute then turned the channel. Could not stomach him.

  331. Brassy Rebel, I don’t think that most of the Libertarians who voted for Sanders in primaries, ever intended to vote for him in a general election. And all his talk about a rigged system appealed to them, as they are perennial outsiders, trying to tear things down.

    It is strange but probably predictable, that the media really never discussed the implications of Sanders’ philosophies; all the taxes and state control.. They just treated it as something dramatically new and interesting. Sanders ultimately was a projective candidate, another fantasy of a president who would do wonderful things, as long as one didn’t actually think about it in real-life pragmatic political terms. In other words, he was an exciting indulgence; and that is why he drew a lot of self-indulgent and naive voters, plus the perennially unhappy and messianic Democratic Left, plus some angry and troublemaking Libertarians, all in a bundle. The concept that “millions of new voters” (in a year where Democratic primary turnout was about 8 million less than in 2008) were brought into the party by Sanders, is patently ridiculous. I do concede that there is a lot of anger out there, legitimate or not; and that someone who can channel that anger to his or her own advantage, can get votes. But anger is not a recipe for successfully running a country; and ultimately when that candidate could not do a tenth of what was promised. the anger would turn against him. Which is what has happened in virtually every revolution. except those where the person quickly turned into a dictator. and killed all his political opponents.

  332. Thank you for the WSJ article link, 1953 Dem (@11:53AM)!

  333. The link to the endorsement of 13 women US Senators, (my link above) is pretty amazing. A good introduction to those of us that don’t know these women on a more personal level.

  334. MSNBC show a clip of Elizabeth Warren calling out Hillary voting on some bankruptcy bill. No I don’t think our girl will pick her.

    Neeta- that’s the clip I posted above. You know if she’s the VP pick that vid will be on a non-stop loop.

    Thanks for refreshing my memory about Colin Powell.

  335. Sorry should have noticed the clip above of E.W.

  336. Shooting at Dallas Love Field Airport

  337. The link to the endorsement of 13 women US Senators

    —Sorry, one more comment on this link.

    Next to Hillary, my second favorite woman in politics is Diane Feinstein. She is powerful in the Senate and gives a great, short speech as to why Hillary is so qualified, even beyond issues for women.

    Her speech starts at 37:29

  338. Maybe a new thread?

  339. Yes, a new thread after 300 posts would be great. We are big talkers. 😉

  340. Hillary’s short list

  341. Ok I’ll put up a post


  343. Sherrod Brown the Hottie.

  344. I. Do. Not. Trust. Elizabeth. Warren. And I don’t like her politics either. To me, she’s a die hard socialist just like that cockroach bernie.

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