Bernie’s Reaction To Obama’s Endorsement Of Hillary

I’d almost feel sorry for him if he weren’t such a miserable old Communist prick who wanted to turn us into Cuba.

He asked for a meeting with Barack and I don’t think he got to spew his bossy script. He got Barakinated or something, because here he is saying nothing, which, for Bernie, is incredibly difficult to believe. Hard to tell which was twitching more, his hand or his leg…

According to MSNBC, which I haven’t watched since 2008 and still don’t watch, here is Hillary’s short list. It could be bullshit, because it is, after all, from MSNBC:



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  1. I have determined that I wouldn’t mind having sex with Sherrod Brown. So he gets extra points because it’s my blog.

  2. Upps and Uppityites: Consider taking a stroll over to The Widdershins and taking part in the Veep poll; God knows none of the readers there have except for me and Prolix. 😉

    When you go to the blog, scroll down and look on the right-hand side for the link “Polls” and you’ll see Veep poll. Click on Veep poll and it opens a new page with the poll. It’s all in good fun and I just pulled some of the names I’ve seen or read mentioned for veep possibilities.

  3. Upps, I have a feeling that “short-list” is who is acceptable to MSNBC as Hillary’s choices and Hillary’s choices.

  4. oops, and NOT Hillary’s choices.

  5. I’m on my way, Dear Fredster.

  6. Thank ye! 🙂

  7. Voting, I’ve seen a couple of those names bandied about on some other places too. Of course you never know who is behind putting those names out there.

  8. Up, you’re so funny. First, you didn’t want Brown for VP because he calls himself “progressive”. Now, you wouldn’t mind having sex with him. Don’t worry. I won’t tell his wife, Connie Schultz. She too is a wonderful writer; apparently he likes good writers. So you’ll have that going for you. Good luck and happy hunting!

    I’m having a 3 day weekend and have time to get into all kinds of trouble. Online and elsewhere.

  9. I find that clip of Bernie amazing. It’s like he’s been put in the big chair at the nursing home and Reid is his nurse saying to the press it’s Bernie’s nap time and you can’t bother him now. You can talk to him after he’s had a nap.

  10. In that video, Bernie looks like he’s turning orange like Trump. Hope it’s just the lighting!

  11. Rebel I think Jane may have taken his blood pressure after that press meeting.

  12. Goodie, a new thread.

    Reid is shutting down the press because Bernie is angry and he hates being the loser to a girl.

    The Sandcrab was already planning his next free vacations and photo ops on America’s dime.

  13. Yes GA, Bernie did appear as though he was waiting for the Head Nurse to tell everybody to line up for a pudding cup.

    Far cry from Lobster at the Vatican….

  14. I should have made that post a “Caption This” video.

  15. I’ve been hearing some crazy sh!t from his supporters:

    They are encouraging all the other snowflakes to sign a petition, pledging that they won’t vote for Hillary.

    They think if America didn’t spend money on the military that it would easily pay for free college and healthcare. (Maybe in the land of pink ponies and unicorns).

    They think voting is a scam, that registering for the Dem. party on time to vote for Bernie is a government conspiracy and having to get a provisional ballot means their vote would never be counted. They also don’t believe it is to make sure they haven’t voted in another precinct, and they don’t believe that either.

    They think Hillary is dishonest, yet admit they don’t know anything about her, and are too lazy to google it.

    A lot of this shit has been feed to them by Bernie…in their opinion.

  16. Good god, that was weird. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he is heading into his senility phase. I heard he had a rally in DC and acted like the race was still going. Does anyone know why Reid (the jerk) is always sucking up to Bernie?

  17. It’s true MSNBC could have just pulled that list out of their arses. Or the campaign might have leaked it and that’s not the short list at all. They probably want to throw them off the trail of what Hill is really thinking. So they just rounded up the usual suspects to keep everyone happy. I’m fine with everyone on the list but Warren who I would tolerate–barely.

  18. Conspicuous in his absence from the list is BS.

  19. I’m getting stoke on VP Sherrod Brown myself…

    but Upps saw him first…
    I guess she can have him…

  20. I’ll try not to exhaust him, Belle.

  21. Conspicuous in his absence from the list is BS.

    Jebus, could you imagine him trying to take over the campaign and stepping on puppies to get to a microphone to give his tired old stump speech? Could you imagine him trying to bully Hillary and threatening behind the scenes to take a shot at her if she doesn’t do what he says?

    He will NEVER be on the list. Nor should he be.

  22. Does anyone know why Reid (the jerk) is always sucking up to Bernie?

    As someone kind of mentioned, Harry is assigned to him as his nurse.

  23. Another useless Bernoid petition.That’s new.

    Fuck the whole lot of em. They started a special Carry On The Revolution area at Reddit. I note there aren’t that many of them. Just a group og loud little assholes who had poor toilet training at an early age.

  24. Fredster, went to take the poll, opted for “other” but couldn’t find the comment section to fill in my choice. What did I miss?

    P.S. Love your comments and those of Prolix on that site.

  25. Lord, Up! I certainly don’t want him on the list. But he, Jane, and all their special snowflakes will have another hissy fit. Not that anyone cares.

    Up and Belle, I must remind you that the LAST THING Hillary needs in her nascent administration is a sex scandal. The right wing will no doubt invent one soon enough.

  26. Up, you’re so funny. First, you didn’t want Brown for VP because he calls himself “progressive”. Now, you wouldn’t mind having sex with him

    That was before I saw him on CNN as a surrogate for Hillary, with his gravel voice and charming smile. I know then how Matthews felt when he saw Barack Obama speak, due to the tingle up my leg.

  27. I’m watching Trump’s surrogate Katrina, whom I prefer to call Morticia, and she’s really getting snippy. I guess it’s not so much fun trying to defend that guy anymore.

  28. I’m thinking, wouldn’t it be just like MSNBC to have deliberately put up the Short List sans Bernie’s face just to rile up the Bernoids. I mean, Rachel must surely be crying herself to sleep at this point.

  29. Neeta and Jules, about that Warren video from the downstairs thread–there’s more to the story. In the video Warren says she doesn’t know why Hillary voted the way she did and Moyers is only too happy to leave it sounding like it was some evil quid pro quo.

    Here’s the full story.

  30. Did I hear Katrina say that donnie owns one store that is worth more than Romney?

    Is that a thing now? The one with the most money is the most right?

    I couldn’t understand the context of the comment. But then, there is not much I do understand about little donnie.

  31. Cats, hi!

    I left my comment after I voted……..over at the comment section of the current post.

  32. I’m still for Al Franken or Amy Klobuchar. Don’t know why I am all over Minnesota but there it is. I think a heartland candidate rounds out the ticket. I also like Cory Booker a lot. Tammy Baldwin would totally blow them away!

  33. We do have the best Senators here in Minnesota, Sophie. Almost makes up for the weather.

  34. Shadow, I saw that petition against Hillary in a comment section of the SF Chronicle yesterday. It had 10,000 signatures. If they get 1000,000 in the next month, it goes to the White House. It is called “We the People.” They want Hillary off the nominating process. What a group of sore losers and they think everything is rigged.

  35. Trump had the nerve to talk about Hillary on a teleprompter. He sounded like a seven year old reading the teleprompter.

  36. Uppity Woman, on June 10, 2016 at 6:50 PM said:

    I’m watching Trump’s surrogate Katrina, whom I prefer to call Morticia, and she’s really getting snippy

    She had the nerve to say. Lets talk about Hillary Clinton. She was trying to get off the subject of Trump.

  37. neeta all his surrogates do that. Ask them a question and count to ten and they are on Hillary’s case. CNN is calling them on it now. Won’t let them detour.

  38. Hey at least Donald reads better than he spells.

  39. And exactly what do they hope to achieve with that petition. A lot more than a million people disagreed with them at the voting booths. These are terribly young and naive people. Clogging up the courts with bullshit cases that get thrown out.

  40. Trumps rally in Virginia, sparse crowd.

  41. Uppity, 3.7 million voters disagreed with them I am amazed at the vitriolic comments I see in some of the FB postings. They are very young and think they know it all. Of course, some of the comments are from Trump supporters. I understand their hurt feelings, because I was there in 2008, but there more “funny” business that went on at that time. Sanders supporters believe every primary that Sanders lost was rigged, including CA, where the counting is still going on with provisional and absentee ballots. EW is also on the receiving end of the nasty and vile comments. They think she has sold out.

  42. I like to armchair psychoanalyze- that video of Sanders and Reid was very interesting- Bernie looks shellshocked and silent! Oh, I wonder what conversation he had with Obama. See the picture with this story:
    Sanders is grimly smiling, Obama has bared teeth-my caption reads- smile dammit and keep your goddamned mouth shut. (Some ass whupping when on there.)

  43. Trumps rally will be on msnbc soon. Check out the crowd. They are saying so far there are about 2000 people.

  44. OK,so it’s taken me a couple of days to get back to Uppity’s. I just keep tearing up..Hillary made it.she finally made it..AND people are saying nice things about her ,even on the TV.

    I’ve felt a shift in “The Force” if you will. Something’s shifting big time. Feels to me like the truth’s finally being unleashed. People are speaking out all over the place..even Republicans are dissing their own candidate and telling truths in the process. Seems like ever since Hillary let loose in her “Foreign Policy” speech a flood of folk have been turning truth Trump’s way and the idiot has no response.

    Seemed fitting today that the week would be wrapped up w/ Ali’s funeral. A gathering of multiple religions and peoples…a visual and auditory reminder of how we are,indeed,stronger together.

    I feel a burden has been lifted. I walk taller and stronger these past few days and I keep hearing things on the tube that make me want to stand up and cheer. Like Hillary’s speech to Planned Parenthood today. How long has it been since you’ve heard such a full throated unapologetic defense of women and families? Never. Oh this is going to be so much fun.

    And even better,I get to share it w/ the Uppityites.

  45. It is interesting that at one sportsbook, Warren has become the betting favorite for VP, at 2-1. Castro, who had always been the favorite, now is second favorite, then Kaine, then Sanders. All the other ones we like are around 15-1 or more. I took a little chance and bet a few dollars on Brown at 12-1 yesterday, and now he is at 16-1, darn. They just don’t think that Brown or the other senators we discuss. are even in the running. I really have no good idea at this point. I don’t think she will pick Warren. but I guess she could, if she thinks that it will galvanize the youth vote. I think it is riskier than some of these other choices we mention; riskier than Brown,, Booker, Franken, Klobuchar, Kaine. I think that the betting on Warren is wrong, so that some of these other are overlays ,but who knows?

  46. Birdgal,
    Shadow, I saw that petition against Hillary in a comment section of the SF Chronicle yesterday. It had 10,000 signatures.

    Nothing to worry about, 10,000 snowflakes doesn’t form more than a tiny snowball.

  47. Also amazing that these 10k burnouts, took the time to drum up a petition, go on social media and link to all of their unknown friends, and yet…

    Didn’t take the time to vote nor register to vote as a Dem.

    Priorities people.

  48. Hillary should follow her heart. Remember the Kerry Edwards ticket. Everyone pushed Kerry to pick Edwards. See what happen with that.
    She should announce her pick at the convention. Keep them in suspense.

  49. I am watching Trump’s rally . Even on the stage very few people. I think Trump is not wrapped too tight.

  50. Trump is not talking about issues he is jus babbling about how he won and how he is polling.

  51. Neetabug, Everytime I hear him say, “We have a movement people” I think of a bowel movement.

  52. Birdgal, on June 10, 2016 at 8:57 PM said:

    Neetabug, Everytime I hear him say, “We have a movement people” I think of a bowel movement

    You made me spill my pepsi

  53. Neetabug, I have thought this for a long time and finally said it.

    Btw, how can they call the election in CA, when there are over two million mail and provisional ballots that haven’t been counted????

  54. Movement is a word that is going to be a punch line after November. If you have a freaking movement it’s going to show up at the polls and it’s only going to be seen in hindsight and long term. The word revolution needs to go away along with a lot of other words that my brain has blocked out right now i’m sure.

  55. A moderate defense of Edwards— he was the first one in this era to talk extensively about income equality (“Two Americas”); his sexual behavior cannot be defended. I’ll also reiterate my previous Veep thoughts about male, business or military, but primarily a Clinton loyalist, but another angle she should consider is the future because the Veep will logically be a contender for the after-Clinton POTUS. So the choice should be someone relatively “young,” whatever that means today. Let’s look to next forty years and hope we can not only get the lunatics and criminals out but keep them out.

  56. I think she should go with Kaine.

  57. Kaine is so boring

  58. Hahaha Churl if you only saw my posts about Edwards. I was sooooooooooooo pissed. Father of the Year award, my ass.

    Barack knew his secret and go him to endorse him on that alone.

  59. Hahaha Ga, I was at Bernie Central and they were talking about how to “Keep the Movement going”. I was sooooooooooo tempted to post and say…………….a laxative?

  60. Hate to put this up but rather you get it from me. File under Self-Inflicted Wound.

  61. Just in time for the Sunday talk shows, Upps.

  62. Holy Shit! Woody Guthrie wrote songs about Donald’s old man and it wasn’t pretty.

  63. Upps

    File under Self-Inflicted Wound.

    This was all over the CNN news as I drove home. Was this guy unqualified for whatever job on that board he got? Did Hillary agree to it?

  64. Man, I get so tired of this shit. So, some crony got on the nuclear advisory board (whatever it’s right name is).

    This would be a big deal if there was a problem and he was at the center of it. You know, like say Michael “Brownie” Brown at FEMA messing up royally when Katrina hit.

    Apparently, the sum total of the issue is that he doesn’t have the right sort of resumé. He didn’t mess up. Maybe he was useless. Although, quite frankly, I can see where expertise in high speed networks could be a real contribution, given how 1950s the computer knowledge of most high muckety-mucks is.

    But, yeah, let’s talk about nothing else for weeks, while Trump works on getting his weave just right.

  65. Caption for the Sand Crab mannequin video:

    Would someone please cue the bird?

  66. Haha Prolix!

  67. He was a big donor to the Clinton foundation, Shadow. And to Hillary. And to Obama, actually. He’s a die hard Democrat. Looks to the naked eye like Pay To Play. The board is ‘advisory’ which means they can’t really do any harm, but it all sounds ominous considering he sticks out like a turd in a punchbowl among the others. But that’s not what bothers me. What bothers me is he’s a superdelegate. That could wake Bernie and the Bernouts up again, just when I see them coming around over at Bernie Central. Bernie could yell that this is an example of “Rigged”. Of COURSE he would support Hillary and blah blah blah. Let’s investigate ALL the Superdelegates that aren’t elected officials. See where I’m going here?

    Now I don’t expect Bernie to do that, mostly because, after viewing the video in the post, it does appear that somebody scared the bejesus out of him. Probably have something really terrible on him that could “leak” if he doesn’t behave. Shit like that.

    Now, I’ve seen this kind of appointment happen at city, county and state level. Happens all the time, in fact, but Hillary does know she is watched and watched and watched and they are always looking to nail her. So I get flustered when shit like this comes out because it plays on the “trustworthy” blah blah thing.

    I think the answer to this is for her to come up with something big to bury the noise. Like a VP appointment. Or some salacious shit on Trump from the very fat ops research file.

    But hey, what do I know.

  68. Wasn’t this guy on the advisory board for all of thirty days?

  69. Yeah he resigned. 24 hours after the press started asking questions.

    That was helpful. Not.

  70. A battle is escalating over the potential release of videos of Donald Trump dodging and weaving during depositions in the Trump University case, footage that could make its way into attack ads aimed at the Republican White House hopeful.

    The plaintiffs’ attorneys in two class-action lawsuits are pressuring U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel — the target of Trump’s racially charged attacks — to take steps that could make public four dozen video clips of Trump being pressed on whether his real estate seminar business was a sprawling scam, as well as his thoughts on the 2016 political race.

    It’s just one of a series of tactics that the attorneys are using to exploit Trump’s pursuit for the highest office in the United States as they seek to maximize the political pain for Trump — and the strategic gain for their clients.

  71. So, if I’m reading this correctly, this business with advisory dude happened five years ago. And the press has been sitting on the story ever since. If it was such a big deal, why are we just hearing about it now?

  72. so sad, bloody psychos.

    US singer Christina Grimmie dies after being shot outside concert in Florida as she signed autographs.

  73. I must say this latest “scandal” lacks the panache of earlier David Bossie-Citizens United productions. Even the cherry picked emails (you have to assume they are cherry picked since that’s the Bossie m.o.) don’t give you a real scandal, as hard as Brian Ross tries to massage the evidence into a scandal.

    Instead, you get a vaguely racist premise that a young, tech saavy minority has no damn business sitting on a government advisory board with so many distinguished, elderly white gentlemen.

    And Hillary’s role in this nothingburger? Just a reference to her receiving an informational email about the “scandal” and dutifully making a record of it–which happens to totally contradict the premise of the last “scandal”, that she didn’t properly preserve her emails. Okay. Guess that’s the best they can do these days.

  74. By the way as those unprocessed ballots are counted in CA, Clintons lead is growing, her lead is now 500K.

    They seem to be splitting like the early vote and day vote, like 60/40 in Clinton favour.

  75. This morning’s Twitter funny (because I just can’t fall asleep tonight)

  76. moon, that murder happened during a “meet and greet” after the show. I got to go to a few of those back in the 1980’s when I was a record store manager. Got to meet CS&N, John Mellancamp, Heart, Vanity of Vanity 6, Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett, Janis Ian and Bryan Adams.

    Those “meet and greet” were tightly controlled back then. You had to know someone in order to get in. (In my case, I knew the local label reps). That kind of control doesn’t exist anymore.

    Fan-open “meet and greets” are really dangerous in this day and age. It is surprising how many of these singers/bands do it when they have so little control. I wouldn’t do it and not sure these folks should either. Frankly, even book-signings are dangerous in this day and age.

    We obviously need to do something about our gun laws, but we also need to figure out why this generation in particular is so damn shoot ’em up crazy. I hate to say this, but I really think the bigger problem is social media and this desire for 15 minutes of fame along with the lack of any real value system being instilled besides “I am a special snowflake”.

  77. Yay Warren2024! But for now, like Warren said, “We need boring banks”, I say “We need a boring Veep.”

  78. Upps, I just got a Trojan warning on this site.

  79. And my post must be in the “garbage” bin. Please, go fish?

  80. No post in bin.

    Can’t help you with trojan warning unless you give me a screen shot. Often it’s a fake and actually coming from somewhere in your machine, but if I can’t see it, I can’t figure it out. I didn’t get one. Let’s see of others do, that will help figure part of it out.

  81. Ok here’s the deal on the Board appointment. It was an UNPAID board so far as I am concerned it’s meaningless. No quid pro quo unless anyone thinks zero is a quid pro quo.

  82. Voting. Are you on a computer or a phone?

    It can also be a link someone posted. That happened once before.

  83. Well, after the GOP has been screaming for a whole year Hillary was going to be indicted over the email thingy they’ve put the bar up so high on this nonsense that someone slipping through and getting on some board sounds like petty nonsense. I’m with Brassy on this one.

    You also have to remember that character assassination is the only thing the GOP has these days.

    When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser–Socrates.

  84. I don’t know why everyone assumes Hillary was behind board appointment. The White House always contacted Cheryl Mills when they wanted someone appointed at State. The guy was a big Obama donor too. And the 2012 election was on the horizon. Gotta keep those donors happy! Obama appointed a lot of donors and bundlers to important ambassadorships–sometimes over objections of Hillary and Mills. Some dinky appt. to an obscure board probably seemed like a no-brainer till State told WH media was asking questions.

  85. To me, when I heard it was an unpaid ‘advisory’ board, that’s when I blew the whole thing off. This one won’t last.

    The guy probably resigned because they freaked him out and he didn’t want to be the target of that typical right wing fake Benghazi bunch. Next thing you know, he’d be the subject of a ‘hearing’ like they’ve been doing to Hillary with tax money for decades.

  86. Pluto I sincerely hope the CA recount makes that POS Bernie Sanders look even worse.

  87. When you hear Trump say he’s going to make a big speech, you can bet something is coming down on him and he wants to bury it.

  88. My daughter forwarded me an article about Hillary my daughter forwarded me an article about Hailey from HuffPo. It referred to Hillary as the candidate with the most pledged delegates, but later in the article referred to Trump as the presumptive nominee. This irritated the crap out of me, so I called HuffPo out on Twitter.

    I know I need to ignore this nonsense and focus on the day I’ll be saying madam President, but it still really bugs the hell out of me. It’s such blatant sexism.

    On another Twitter note, if you remember Quinn Cummings, the little girl from “The Goodbye Girl”, she’s on Twitter, she’s pro -Hilary, she’s wickedly smart and hilariously funny .

  89. Hillary will be in Cleveland Monday. She will be in my area. I can’t wait to see our girl. I am going to do a drive by to see where the venue will be. I plan to get there early. VOLUNTEER TIME.

  90. Actually, I do know why everyone assumes Hillary made board appt.. Clinton Rulz! If there’s smoke, Hillary must have started a 🔥.

    We all better get used to this and put on our big girl and big boy pants. It will only get worse.

  91. I released the captive post earlier.

  92. Trumps crowd in VA was small. They are saying the rally today in Fla. is small. No lines.

  93. Maybe the thrill is gone when it comes to Trump. Much like the whole thrill of Bernie rallies seems to have passed. Rallies were fun and thrilling for a while I guess but now the majority of people have moved on to other things.

  94. Anyone in the Cleveland area

    Cleveland Event with Hillary Clinton

    Team Wendy at the Cleveland Industrial Innovation Center
    17000 Saint Clair Ave

    Cleveland, Ohio 44110

    Official event

    Hillary Clinton is heading to Cleveland on Monday, June 13!

    Doors open at 10:30 am

  95. Poll Clinton holds 11 pt lead over Trump.

  96. Even the cherry picked emails (you have to assume they are cherry picked since that’s the Bossie m.o.) don’t give you a real scandal, as hard as Brian Ross tries to massage the evidence into a scandal.

    Brassy Rebel, Brian Ross looks like an even bigger fool for peddling this flapdoodle on ABC news; but then, he never met a Clinton “scandal” that he didn’t embrace.
    The only reason that this “story” wasn’t on NBC news is that Lisa Myers got too fat to be on TV.

  97. We obviously need to do something about our gun laws, but we also need to figure out why this generation in particular is so damn shoot ’em up crazy. I hate to say this, but I really think the bigger problem is social media and this desire for 15 minutes of fame

    Voting Hillary, we also have to figure out what’s wrong with men.
    Men who believe that they own and should be able to control women.
    I just read that Brock Turner sent a picture of the unconscious victim’s breast to his swimming buds.
    What? Surely, not innocent, cheerful, darling, steak grilling Brock Turner?
    Did he make a “breaststroke” joke to his bros?

  98. Uppity, just read through your John Edwards posts and I gotta say you were sugar-coating your opinions. Ah, the glory days. I just wonder if the Enquirer got that tip from Obama. Curious minds would love to know.

  99. Hahaha on sugar coating, Churl.

  100. Upps,

    To me, when I heard it was an unpaid ‘advisory’ board, that’s when I blew the whole thing off. This one won’t last.

    I feel the same way.

    No money, no pay to play.

  101. UPDATE: Jesse Jackson endorses Clinton: “You can trust her”

  102. ROFL!! An ALLEGED billionaire!

  103. Upps, I was on my computer when that happened waay early this morning.
    Thanks to whoever fished out my post.

  104. Click on to read in entirety if whole tweet doesn’t show.

  105. Sophie, I found that article funny because it does bring Sanders’ campaign flaws full-circle. Men trying to figure out how the man lost to a woman. No need to ask a woman about it. LOL! 🙂

  106. Voting, just like every House and Senate panel on women

  107. Sophie. THIS!

    “Three men recently wrote an article analyzing how ten men failed to properly perform their jobs so that one man could beat a woman.

    Unsurprisingly, all 14 men are still clueless.”

    Thank you for that!

  108. Good news out of Pittsburgh today. Trump had a rally at an airport hanger, crowd estimate: 1500 idiots. Better news, today was our first day of over 90 degrees. I hope they enjoyed that hanger heat! 🙂

  109. Sophie, thanks for that link. LOL. A bunch of men opining how Bernie lost and still could not figure out how he lost. The cluelessness this primary season has just been amazing.

  110. Sophie that was a good read but isn’t the writer a hypocrite? She didn’t support Hillary in 08 but was okay with Bernie until he went “dirty”? In my opinion, both Obamas went “dirty” on Hillary in 08. I guess that was okay….

  111. Yaaaasssss!

  112. And, in case you were wondering, I do sometimes post pictures on Twitter JUST so I can post them here in the easiest, quickest way possible.

  113. Good comments here on the “scandal” I unfortunately got to see highlighted by Erin Burnett on CNN last night. Burnett scornfully said, “Do we really need to hear any more infomation about this?,” by which she meant, and said, that to her it shows that Hillary does pay for play, dirty politics.

    And of course it is nothing. Who cares who gets appointed to an advisory board? Who says that Hillary picked him? Judging from the very strange emails they selected, (“We must protect the Undersecretary and Secretary”), she probably didn’t pick him. And there are dozens of such people who get these kind of positions, and both parties do it all the time. But boy, that reporter who did that story on CNN, acted as if this was a major matter.

    Every four years, I have this vain hope that the media will actually cover issues at least a little bit, in the presidential election. The kinds of things that can actually affect people’s lives; their income, health, safety. But they somehow manage to skip all of that, in favor of personal matters, bogus “gotcha” stories, implication and innuendo. The only time that didn’t happen was with Obama, who was apparently considered off-limits by the media. Why don’t they highlight climate change, and what would happen to the world if Trump, who believes it is all a hoax, is elected? But that is of course a real issue. and that, along with the other ones, are apparently anathema to them.

  114. Bravo, Mr. Schulman!

  115. William, I bet a lot of those old white dudes were horrified that they might have to be on a board with a young guy with brown skin. When you think about it, the thinly veiled racism is breathtaking. They were probably saying, who does he think he is? And few of them can even operate a computer. They’d have to ask the grandkids or great grand kids! Along comes a minority who’s made millions on his tech saavy. That’s the real scandal!

  116. I must havehillary, those are semi-official results. There are still uncounted mail-in and provisional ballots that still need to be counted.

  117. According to the Green Papers, these are the number of votes for both candidates:

    Clinton, Hillary Diane Rodham 16,197,823 55.60%
    Pledged Delegates 2,202 54.36%
    Superdelegates 545 76.33% Total 2,747 57.65%

    Sanders, Bernard “Bernie” 12,439,811 42.70
    Total delegates 2,180 45.75%


    Looks like the turnout for Dems was much less than 2008, Hillary and Obama each got close to 18 million

  118. Brassy Rebel, that is an insightful point. Another thing that bothers me is that in this discussion of the bogus big story, they had one Clinton “surrogate” on, who was David Nutter, and all he could say was that “this is a new story; it doesn’t look good, but we don’t know enough about it.” Can Hillary get some better surrogates on there? I didn’t think it was anything much when I first heard it, and your comments convince me that it is even less than that.

  119. Sophie, I totally enjoyed reading your tweets ripping into Bernoids.

  120. shadowfax. we still have to hear from DC

  121. Now I’m bummed I deleted them! You’re talking about the guy who insisted I must drive a BMW because I live in CT?

  122. SophieCT, on June 11, 2016 at 8:31 PM said:
    And, in case you were wondering, I do sometimes post pictures on Twitter JUST so I can post them here in the easiest, quickest way possible.


    Ditto, Sophie, saves me emailing Upps to plead posting a pic for me.

  123. Based on Bernie’s low vote totals compared to Obama’s in 2008 I would say that Bernie’s entire campaign has been pretty uninspiring. That the media can’t tell the difference between inspiration and white male privilege “anger” is ridiculous.

    Just one serious question here, when will Bernie admit that he lost and actually drop out? His surrogates in CNN on Saturday still sound as if he will try to flip super delegates before the convention. If he continues after DC when can we call this continued delegitimizing of the first woman nominee just pure sexism on Bernie’s part?

    Also, when will the “Sunday” shows stop having Bernie on? At this point I don’t see that he has anything constructive to add. He’s just continuing to be a douche bag.

  124. Also why this cr@p about Bernie’s campaign becoming a permanent fixture as a movement? If they haven’t noticed, it already is and it’s called the Socialist Party. Why don’t all these deadend Bernie minions join the socialist party instead of trying hard to transform the Democratic Party into the Socialist Party. While they are at it admit that Bernie’s unnamed SuperPac ( should also join the Socialist Party and stop trying to move the Democratic Party to the extreme left. Bernie would not have gotten the same level of attention without the financial support of MoveOn.

  125. Bernie’s campaign is never going to become a ‘movement” or a “permanent fixture” simply because he can’t get people to show up. Rallies where people show up and then go home do not a “movement” or “permanent fixture” make.

  126. flvoter, personally I think Bernie is more CPUSA material.

  127. UW I was being “nice” when I said Socialist Party because he keeps saying he’s a democratic socialist. Just doing my part for “unity”. I do agree with you, when you love Castro you are a CP person. He just needs to go away. He’s way past his expiration date and is stinking up the place.

  128. Based on this weekend in Florida, we have a gun problem in Florida. May their souls rest in eternal peace and my most heartfelt condolences to their families.

  129. We don’t just have a gun problem, we have a problem in this country with people not willing to live and let live in peace. Foreign OR Domestic.

    Will be interesting to see how this rolls out. If he didn’t have some kind of “device” on him (that he either failed to use or which failed him), I would rule out Islamic Terrorism. But then again, this kind of device is not beyond the mentally sick capacity of a some of the crackpots in this country.

    And once again, we have to deal with the consequences of those “fun” toys called Assault Weapons–

  130. flvoter, “Democratic Socialist” is an oxymoron.

  131. I’ve been watching Bernie Central since the endorsements and I can tell you with CERTAINTY that the problem with that movement is a handful of agitators, and some of them have NO problem announcing they are Libertarians. These are Ron Paul’s troublemakers. They have NO intention of voting for ANYONE who isn’t Republican or Libertarian. Furthermore, others of them are pimping Trump and are probably Republican plants all along. The positive thing I see is that most of them, however grudgingly, are recognizing that Trump is a terrible choice and they will grudgingly vote for Hillary. THey are recognizing the difference between half a loaf and no loaf.

    Most of the followers, by their tweets you know them, are accustomed to getting free shit and want more. So Socialism is the only path for them, without any thought put into their future under socialism. They will fail and eventually know they are expected to take responsibility for their own lives and nobody owes them a thing. It will come, just not today. I have also felt that there are too many of them who appear to be underage, if for no other reason, their thought patterns, lack of knowledge of not only the election process, but life in general. Very and simplistic and self indulgent answers.

    Someone aptly tweeted that the NotMeUs meme appears to be more of Me and none of Us.

  132. Flvoter, we have a gun problem throughout the USA, and a culture of hate in our nation that has been fueled so much by the GOP hierarchy’s policies, words and deeds in recent years. This new massacre is heartbreaking in a long line of heartbreak. Sadly, even bulk of Democrats have been cowards about standing up to NRA hierarchy. I emphasize hierarchies because the bulk of the electorate save gun nuts want something done but our politicians on both sides are so cowed by the gun lobby that this insanity continues unabated. One reason I never took Sanders seriously is his tone deafness about the growing problem of gun violence in this country. Hillary recognized right away that this is an issue for which the heat needs to be turned way up and put it at the center of her campaign. Courageous in that it’s not an easy issue to tackle, but her listening to hundreds of gun violence victims along the campaign trail convinced her. She’s hands down one of the best politicians ever at listening to people then coming up with policies to try to solve problems. I hope this is yet another reason why we all turn the page on Sanders (not even mention him any longer) and vote in the numbers to give Hillary a mandate (including taking back senate and gaining seats in the house) so we can start to solve the pressing problems of this nation.

  133. I don’t own a gun and I don’t foresee ever owning one. I own a big dog instead and an alarm system. Since owning those two things I have not been burglarized or robbed. I do believe we need to tighten up the gun laws and yes there should be strict liability as to guns. People need to take seriously their responsibility as gun owners and the manufacturers need to be pushed to develope technology that makes them safer. If the manufacturers become liable see how quickly they develope technology.

    Just my personal views. Not trying to change anyone’s mind, just want guns to be treated like the dangerous instruments they are and apply strict liability to all associated there with.

  134. I don’t see any reason for people to have assault rifles. I heard Hillary say, that the NRA is the strongest and most powerful lobby in Washington . What a tragedy! So sad and senseless.

  135. Paulette, I agree.

  136. So sad and disguted about what has happened in Florida over the last 2 nights…….

    Innocent people enjoying themselves to be murdered by lunatics.

    No words.

  137. Update – Mayor of Orlando says 50 people have been killed and 53 others injured in the shooting at a nightclub in the city in Florida

  138. Former U.S. Sen. George Voinovich died earlier this morning

  139. What a dilemma/opportunity for the right wing nut jobs.
    Guns, God (and the right to claim the REAL one), and Gays all in the same tragedy.

  140. Top House Dem: Orlando shooter allegedly “made pledge of allegiance to ISIL”

    Shit is going to hit the fan and Hillary better be on top of this before Trump does….

    This is going to be non stop blame game for weeks to come.

    Shocking beyond belief.

    I’m just in extreme sadness today.

  141. Unfortunately, it is time to root everyone one of these fuckers out in the US.

    Arrest them, the authorities know where and who they are.

  142. I read his ex wife says he beat her repeatedly. Marriage only lasted a few months when her parents flew from NY to FL and pulled her out.
    He was some kind of security guard. Seemed to have an obsession with NYPD, posting selfies of himself wearing NYPD tshirt and uniform. Doesn’t sound the the typical Islamic terrorist to me. More like right wing.

  143. I don’t think there’s any way for the authorities to know where every nutjob with an arsenal is. That’s the problem. Anybody who sees ISIS on tv can copycat. Then we have the ones who wanna be domestic terrorists like the guy in SC a year ago. Weaponry of all kinds is readily available. And the right wing will say the solution is MORE guns. They insist if everybody had a gun we all could defend ourselves. Assuming, I guess, we all can become quick-draw artists. The “more guns” argument is just a NRA talking point.

  144. There will be a lot of finger pointing in the coming days. But whatever the immediate motivation, the basic problem in this country is toxic masculinity. It was no accident that this was a gay nightclub.

  145. Media saying “He was known to the FBI”

    Hence my point, start picking all these bastards up, they know exactly who they are.

  146. SophieCT, terrific article @ June 11, 2016 at 5:36 PM.

    Especially this:
    ‘We understand that “equal pay for equal work” is a laughably simplistic idea for creating equality in the workforce. If women are consistently pipelined out of math and science fields and into so-called pink collar jobs by the kind of covert and overt sexism the Bernie Bros dished out with relish, his revolution would do us less than no good.’

    Something I’ve been trying to get -anyone- to hear ever since “equal pay for equal work” became the one and only catchphrase for economic equality for women. Raising the pay of the vanishingly small number of women allowed to work in the high paying male dominated fields does next to nothing to eliminate women’s economic dependence on men. Let women in *everywhere*, as the law did almost 30 years ago before it began to reverse – this is the only approach that will make a difference.

  147. Pick him up for what moon? Can’t just round people up who are suspicious. That’s not how we do things here! I understand the anger and frustration, but there are limits for a reason. He was a wife beater. I wonder if she reported him to the police. He was violent and yet worked as a security guard, that’s a big problem too.

  148. I don’t own a gun either and I’ve never had an interest, but if Trump wins, I think I might look into one of these “sporting rifles” just to even my “sporting” chances.

  149. One more stopped.

    uthorities in Santa Monica found possible explosives as well as assault rifles and ammunition Sunday in the car of a man who told them he was in town for the L.A. Pride festival in West Hollywood, a law enforcement source said.

    Early Sunday, there was a call to Santa Monica police of a suspected prowler near Olympic Boulevard and 11th Street. Patrol officers responded and encountered an individual who told officers he was waiting for a friend. That led officers to inspect the car and find several weapons and a lot of ammunition as well as tannerite, an ingredient that could be used to create a pipe bomb.

    The car had Indiana plates. The man made comments that he was in town for the Pride event in West Hollywood this weekend. Sources said they did not know of any connection between the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday morning and the Santa Monica incident, and the investigation has been taken over by the FBI.

    A city official in West Hollywood also confirmed the arrest and stressed that officials were beefing up security at the gay pride event.

    “They found him with weapons that were very disconcerting,” said the source, adding officials are “taking the appropriate safety precautions.”

    The parade comes hours after the attack at the Orlando club that killed 50 people. At least 53 were injured in the deadliest shooting in modern American history after a gunman took hostages. The gunman has been identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, a U.S. law enforcement official said.

  150. Update – FBI official: Orlando gunman Omar Mateen was interviewed prior to the attack at the nightclub but investigation was inconclusive

    Bloody useless…….

  151. JUST IN: Clinton calls for gun control after Orlando attack

  152. How many times does a loon have to come up on the radar before they do anything…….

    The FBI confirmed on Sunday it had interviewed the suspect in the Orlando, Fla., nightclub attack three times before the shooting took place early Sunday morning.
    An official said the FBI first became aware of the suspect, Omar Mateen, 29, in 2013 when he made “inflammatory comments to coworkers alleging possible terrorist ties.”

    In the course of that investigation, Mateen was interviewed twice, but the FBI was unable to verify the substance of his comments.

    Again in 2014, the FBI conducted an investigation into possible ties between Mateen and an American suicide bomber.

    The FBI conducted another investigation, which included an interview with Mateen, but determined that the contact did not constitute a threat at that time.

  153. I’m sorry. What are you talking about moon? HRC has been running on gun control. Are you saying she is just now calling for it? I think you mean Sanders. He said that today on TV.

  154. All of the above and he was still able to legally get a military grade assault rifle? That makes sense.

  155. The fact that anyone can buy an assault weapon doesn’t make sense.

  156. Great system, that worked well, NOT.

    ATF agent says Omar Mateen purchased 2 guns-a “hand gun & long gun” in past wk-legally. Even though there’d been 3 FBI investigations of him.

    This is beyond ridiculous.

  157. Clinton campaign announces its event featuring President Obama Wed. in Wis. has been postponed “because of the tragic attack in Orlando.”

  158. Hillary’s campaign launched a new website.

  159. I’m not jumping down your throat. You seem to be attacking HRC. I’m questioning what your point is….the fact that you even said that to me is also concerning.

  160. The terrorists use our laws to their advantage.

    This shooter was interviewed 3 times, and because they need proof that he would do what he did, EVIDENCE, like having a stockpile of weapons…then these terrorists will keep getting away with carnage.

    We need to have laws without loopholes. If someone is suspected of being a terrorist, the very least is to search that person’s home, car and question their friends and family.

  161. Time to leave this blog I think. Bye.

  162. Nope.

  163. I think everyone in Congress and yes, Hillary and Obama need to have things changed asap.

    This attack will be seen as a model by terrorists in the future…and things will continue to get bigger and worse if we don’t have much stronger laws that don’t benefit terrorists. Just because this is an attack inside our country doesn’t mean it isn’t as serious as a real war.

  164. Honestly can you imagine if anyone tried to take guns away from that nut? The NRA would be howling. Remember that idiot that was holed up in Oregon who broke the law? The NRA was backing him too. This is why the back of the NRA must be broken. They are actively lobbying for people like the one that killed the now 53 people in the nightclub in Orlando to have guns.

    As far as the FBI goes, it seems Comey is completely incompetent and needs to be gotten rid of.

    You can see the difference between California and Florida with the two examples. The guy in CA got in trouble for having an arsenal. If they had found that many guns on somebody in Florida they would have let him go.

  165. I don’t think the guy should have been locked up because locking up someone should only happen after they commit a crime.

    The guy likely passed a background check being a security guard. The FBI didn’t put him on the watch list but that doesn’t matter because the Repub congress voted that bill down. We don’t know if the ex-wife reported him for his domestic abuse, but I don’t think that’s a disqualifier for a gun permit because this is still America and the wimmins are nothing.

    I don’t think that an assault weapon shouldn’t be classified as a “sporting rifle.” What the heck is the name of that sport?

  166. Oh yeah, NOW the shooter’s family and friends are being interviewed.

    Fifty deaths too late.

  167. On a positive note thank Heavens Hillary is the nominee and not Bernie. Can you imagine Bernie trying to manage this kind of event? I expect Trump will start yelling anytime soon we need to exterminate an entire religion.

  168. can someone please explain where exactly I was attacking Hillary about gun control, is that person on drugs?


    FBI will undoubtedly have questions to answers, that at the very least must be looked into.

    I would think a good idea would be that if the FBI have suspicions on a person then they should put a stop on that person or the FBI should request at the least that they are notified if that person attempts to purchase legal firearms.

  169. Moon
    I’ve known you for about 7 or 8 years now, and I don’t think you were attacking Hillary.

    If anything, I want Hillary to come out stronger against not only guns, but also background checks as I posted above.

  170. Sophie, assault rifles could be classified as sport once they arm all the deer with them.

  171. As awful as these events are, solely in terms of the human tragedy, I am also concerned about the effects on the election. I am virtually positive that the terrorist groups want Trump to be elected. so that they could be able to mobilize many Muslims in a holy war. The more chaos. the more threats from people like Trump, the more they gain. That is not their only motivation, but it is part of it. I had been concerned about the possibility of a major terror attack or attacks right near election time. Sometimes people turn to a self proclaimed strongman in such times. Hopefully. rationality will triumph over stupid, bellicose accustations. and worthless promises from Trump. Right now. there is a lot of understandable fearfulness, and Trump’s entire modus operandi is trying to capitalize on fear and anger. Hillary’s infinitely greater understanding of the threat and the solutions, must prevail.

  172. OK so they pick up a guy who has an arsenal in his vehicle, including explosive chemicals. They take him into custody. He told them he was going to attend a gay pride event.

    He’s from Indiana. So why are they keeping his name and face from us? The weaponry alone is a crime. Something skanky here. Must be one of those privileged families.

  173. Are Aunt Uppity’s lovable children fighting???? *Sulks*

  174. *Grabs imust by the ankles while being dragged* Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  175. I hear you William and it is a very valid concern knowing how radical Islam operates.
    Yet, emotions right now are very high; let’s all hope with a united front we can rein some unwelcome outcome.

  176. Upps:

    Good job on watching us lovable (sometimes not) children ranting…

    The despicable and heinous crime is the perpetrator…
    imust and moon please path up… a la Hillary.

  177. Hi moon, I think it was because you left this comment with no link or explanation:

    JUST IN: Clinton calls for gun control after Orlando attack

    It looked like it was saying that Hillary is just now asking for gun control when she’s been the only one running on it. THEN you gave the link.

    Couple that with the conversations about locking people up and so on. I think it was a pretty emotional day and we should all take a breath.

  178. Bravo for the bravery and intelligence of Mr. Pressler. We need more like him from the other side.


    Sanders is not conceding the race. Will meet with Hillary on Tuesday, to see if she will incorporate progressive causes I.e. Free college tuition, climate change, health care, etc., into the platform.

    He is not going quietly into that good night.

  180. Hillary had better come out exceptionally tough on this terrorist attack or she will be seen as weak.

    Men expect a woman to be too weak to protect American’s…so I am waiting to hear her give powerful speech on how she will improve the current procedures.

  181. Did I hear Trump say congratulate him on saying this was a terrorist attack? What a fool. This is not a game. How can a person buy a weapon that shoots that many rounds. Gun control anyone?

    I got a call from Team Hillary confirming if I was going to be at her event tomorrow. I thought it would be cancelled since they are postponing the rally in Wisconsin with her and O. It will be interesting to hear what she will be talking about tomorrow.

  182. You better patch up. Imust and Sophie keep this place going. Drive them out and you can all continue posting on a thread with 2000 comments until the place blows up.

    Love yer mods.

  183. Respectfully, as I’ve made it a point to listen to Hillary many times on the stomp throughout the primary, gun safety, anti-gun violence, fighting terrorism and hate crimes have been issues at the heart of her campaign from the start. With specificity to the Orlando massacre, I’ve heard her many times make the point that it is asinine that persons the FBI place on the no fly lists because of terrorism concerns ARE NOT barred from legally owing a gun (such laws have been proposed without avail so far thanks to gun lobby). She has talked extensively as well about how the government needs to more aggressively fight radicalization of citizens across all social media platforms. A few months back she gave a very powerful foreign policy speech that touched on these points as well. Of course the media has been more concerned with covering the Trump circus 24-7 and ignoring the one serious, brilliant adult in the room. So Shadow, she has given the speeches you want to hear. Hillary will no doubt revisit these issues because she has been talking about them all along. Maybe now she can get more press for the points she has been trying to spotlight.

  184. What’s weak is our intelligence. They are doing what they’ve always done in a new world and it doesn’t work. They can’t even keep their data secure. It’s a big mess of old fashioned procedures. They need brand new blood.

  185. Here’s the guy in california they picked up. Was wondering why CNN wasn’t saying his name. He’s a white boy from Indiana.

  186. I don’t think you have to worry about Hillary appearing tough. Damn, the woman has kept going through the reign of hell. In 2008 she had everybody stabbing her in the back, people publicly calling her names, the press on her case 24/7 (that has not changed) and yet she kept going. People like resolve as much if not more than toughness. Trump is a flake when it comes to foreign policy and she pretty much destroyed him with her speed the other day. This attack in Orlando frankly seems to have the GOP running scared because their worst nightmare has come to pass–a Muslim got guns because of the NRA and the GOP holding up all the legislation that would have possibly stopped this kind of thing or even voting against the kind of legislation that would helped. Comey looks like he’s completely incompetent and maybe if the FBI hadn’t wasted time looking into stupid emails they would have had more time to tend to something real.

  187. Hillary will be fine.

    I wish I’d stop tearing up every 15 minutes.

  188. (Yeah, moon. I’m also sure it’s what SophieCT said: Imust misunderstood your quote re Hillary and gun control post massacre. She obviously was worried you thought this was some new thing for Hillary. When you didn’t clarify because you didn’t see what she was trying to say, I think she may have assumed you were doubling down. All *really* just a misunderstanding; in this case that’s not just a polite save-face cover story.)

    I actually got into comments to point out that rounding up *suspected* people is only worth doing if your suspicions are highly targeted and generally right. This is where the massive data collecting done by security bureaucracies is counterproductive.

    Practically everybody has something that could be construed as non-standard in their background. (I remember in 2006? 2007? some guy got hauled in for questioning for suspected Middle Eastern ties. The reason? He went to a weird restaurant and ate weird stuff called “falafel.”) At this point the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the whole alphabet soup, has so much data they suspect *everyone*.

    Then, when one person out of that entire haystack actually kills people, it’s easy to notice that they suspected him earlier. What’s harder to notice is that they suspected a million people. Even if they had hauled them all in, it’s too many. They still wouldn’t have found the one future perp in that mess.

    Having too much data whose meaning you don’t understand is as useless as having no data. Bruce Schneier has done incredibly good and detailed work on the intersection of data and security.

  189. This ^^^^^ is really, really smart!

  190. Indeed, quixote, they have data glut. I wonder what my own browsing history looks like.
    Some wing nut says something weird on Twitter and I’ll be swiping, right-clicking, and searching so I can see WTF they’re talking about. Sometimes, I go places I’d rather not.
    Someone says they have a disease and I search it to see what it is…please Internet, I do not have an enlarged prostate–I don’t have one at all.
    But I do like falafel. Go on, bust my tahini-loving ass.

  191. By the way Upps, I stole your line from here when I retweeted you.

  192. Some ‘expert’ on CNN, I think in the FBI area said that there are so many daily threats, knowing which one to follow up on is difficult. My hope would be that Hillary would decide to put more agents into the FBI and Homeland Security, beef them up to handle these terrible, increasing threats.

    We can’t run these agencies on the small crews we have always had, when our own citizens are joining in the terrorism.

  193. Maybe the FBI could stop investigating Clinton’s emails and chasing Trey Gowdy’s shadow people across radio land and actually find some evidence of intent or wrong doing for all these loose and well-armed nuts we have falling off the Tree of Liberty, then we’d all be a bit safer– and saner.

  194. I think we need to study cults and find out why young men are angry and are so anxious to rally with other angry young men. The Bernie guys always struck me as radicalized. We could study them.

  195. I haven’t watched an award show in years, but I’m so glad that I watched the Tonys, tonight. The show was uplifting, inspiring, consoling and joyful.
    Love wins!

  196. Churl, I agree with you 100%. Time to keep your eye on the ball FBI. How Clinton and all past SOS conducted business for years is not criminal but about procedural. The current SOS has already changed how he does business so a continued witch hunt does nothing but waste money and resources in order to massage republicans, sexists and CDSers. However, ISIS affiliated piece of sh!t killing Americans is priority number one. Tracking down crazies with guns priority number one. Cracking down on guns priority number one.

  197. Sophie, without a study it’s pretty easy to pick out at least part of it. Testosterone and peers. Also, the perceived existential threat of women

    I would venture to say a major reason the entire world is screwed up is because it’s largely run by men, and the two things that fuel men’s anger are Testosterone and Women.

  198. Hahaha. It’s why I hate google. You CAN delete your browser history, but not before they captured it. Google is a profiler. Gmail snatches keywords from incoming and outgoing emails too. But nevermind.

    Carry on!

  199. By the way Upps, I stole your line from here when I retweeted you.

    Which line so I know how much to charge you.

    Hell people steal my lines all the time, half the time I stole them myself lolol. Hey, I’ve had entire articles stolen, bastardized and shot around the world.

    Besides, it’s flattering, just so long as they don’t make money on it. I’ve actually seen funny things I thought up show up in acts and movies years later. I swear. But then you gotta figure I’m not the only person who thought of it.

    Anyways, can you tell I haven’t had coffee yet?

  200. It was your tweet above…I stole the text you added here and added that to the retweet:

    Wondering why CNN wasn’t saying his name? He’s a white boy from Indiana.

  201. Yup. White boy from Indiana. Splains it.

  202. Good morning everyone! On my way to see Hillary.

  203. The more I learn about Mateen, the more convinced I am that he pledged allegiance to ISIS just to make his disgusting bigotry (against gays, women, and blacks) seem somehow important. And make himself, totally insignificant and totally insecure, seem powerful and noteworthy. He seems to be the perfect example of the “toxic masculinity” I commented on yesterday. He was nobody. Then he bought guns.

  204. The shooter went to Saudi Arabia in 2012. There’s not a pattern with Saudi Arabia and terrorists is there? Nahhhhhhh.

  205. Sure. But not ISIS. He was looking for some group to belong to. And every Muslim is supposed to go to Mecca at some time during their life for the Haj. He probably told FBI that’s why he went to SA. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of Muslim men suffer from toxic masculinity. They find a “useful”outlet for it in terrorism. But people who knew him say he wasn’t very religious. They were more struck by his homophobia and misogyny–which, of course, are symptoms of Jihadists.

  206. A video you do want to see. What’s hiding in plain sight about violence in America: It’s a Men’s issue. And it’s never mentioned. If boys commit crime, it’s a “Youth” problem. If girls get into fights, girls are mentioned prominently. If Black men commit crimes, it’s a race issue. If white men commit crimes, it’s a “Violence” issue without mention of MALE Violence. Violence against women is seeing as a WOMEN’s issue, not a MEN’s Issue. Just…….see this.

  207. We would all agree that there is no one defining cause of these horrors. But I think we can say that we have a world where anger ihas become the predominant emotion for many people. And of course in our country. the easy access to multiple weapons makes this immensely more dangerous than it was even twenty years ago.

    Anger is stoked from the Right and the Left. Talk radio is essentially one anger-fueled (and lucrative) enterprise. Movies and video games are mostly about angry people seeking justice or revenge. And most of them involve people shooting other people, or at the very least threatening them with guns. Everyone out there seems to want to make an angry or outraged statement of some sort, though most of those are not physically violent. There is an inarticulate, impotent anger coursing through our society. and it is stoked by those who gain their own political or financial power from it. Obviously. this is not the simple or sole cause of these events. But when you see a political campaign where we are told that “Amerians are angry,” as if this is some kind of righteous and empowering sentiment, it seems to act as some kind of general justification for twisted individuals. And then of course our culture is desperate to make sure that these people have the easiest access available to guns. as many as they want. We have an anger culture. an outrage culture. a gun culture, a culture of violence.

  208. Another good ad

  209. I’d feel a lot better about your argument Rebel, if his father had been born in Bumfuck Oregon.

  210. Hillary live now in Cleveland:

  211. Tthank you trixta.
    I’m watching it, Sherrod Brown is with Hill.

    Just hush, don’t tell Upps….

  212. They sure look good together. Just saying….

    ……swooning a bit…

  213. Come on. Admit it. They look good together. Like a President and her VP.

  214. Excellent speech by Hillary! A sharp contrast to the orange buffoon and his rhetoric of division and scapegoating. She has found her voice and hit her stride over the past few weeks, and especially since last Tuesday night. Thank God we will have her steady hand leading our nation through the next uncertain years.

  215. Yup Realist.And she didn’t leave out details that she will ‘figure out later’. She was specific.

    Donald’s turn.

  216. Yes, they do look great together, Upps–both serious, compassionate, unifying individuals who care about this country and whom we all can trust and lean on for leadership in the years to come.

  217. I didn’t post yesterday because I had no words. As a member of the LGBT community of a certain age, I have lived through police harassment, Reagan’s refusal to fund AIDS research, the Matthew Shepard murder, but the Saturday night/ Sunday morning rampage in Orlando left me so depressed I couldn’t put it in words.

    And then I read this on Twitter and it reminded me that most Americans are good people. That most Americans DON’T HATE. And that all their good deeds, acts of kindness never make the news…because it’s not news. It is an everyday thing. It is those who selfishly commit these acts of violence that make news because they are the minority.

    Do not let the media drive the narrative, drive the hatred and drive us apart. Instead, let’s We the People use social media to increase the peace by reporting all the GOOD STUFF we do as Americans.

    I will not discuss Trump or gun reform today..maybe later this week. I just want this tweet to be my message. There is more good about Americans than bad.

  218. Being a Muslim from Afghanistan, little Omar’s daddy probably raised him to believe he was a vastly superior being to all females and gays–just like the daddy to that POS rapist at Stanford. It’s not exclusively a Muslim thing. Muslim men just find a way to dress up their hate in political and religious finery. I don’t think there are vast differences between Muslim misogynist-homophobes and the Christian variety. Guy from Indiana heading to Gay Pride parade?

  219. Upps, can you fish me out of the basement? Thanks.

  220. oh Geebus… Trump reading off the teleprompter and praying on tv for Orlando.

    I hate that man. Seriously.

  221. Sounds like there are about 12 people at Donnie’s speech.

  222. Just got back from the rally. Great speech. I was picked to be on stage, again!!.. Don’t hate. There was standing room only. I was surprise to see so many young people at the rally.

  223. Donnie’s upper lip very sweaty.

    Guess TelePromptering is hard work.

  224. Amazing someone actually wrote this speech for him.

    Still incoherent.

  225. Neetabug

    So happy you were able to see Hillary again, and let us know if you were captured on film. 😉
    Was she fired up?

  226. Donnie’s upper lip very sweaty.

    Maybe it was difficult for him to not break out with asinine comments while on the prompter.

  227. She came out saying this was not the time for politics. She wanted to focus on the Orlando shooting. They had soft music playing. When she came out there was no music. We were still pumped up.

    I will let you know If I am on camera. I was on the left hand side in the last row .

  228. Awesome, neetabug! So happy to hear you got in and were selected again!

  229. I LOVE that new video!! Very powerful and gave me shivers. She is truly a leader.

  230. neetabug, so happy for you!

    Voting, that twitter was lovely. What a horribly sad weekend. I’m glad the Santa Monica police caught the wannabe freak. They are my favorite law enforcement agency, as a matter of fact.

  231. I went to Politico to see if the had a video of Hillary’s speech, but there was only a brief blurb. I don’t know why they couldn’t have had the whole thing. I see Politico still has the vilest comments, packed full of trump creeps. I stopped going to Salon months ago and have hardly clicked on Politico since.

  232. Moon and Imust, I hope you both come back and bury the hatchet.

    I miss you both.

  233. Shadow, you know how those family spats are. Cool down period, next thing you know there’s a BBQ.

  234. Woot, Neeta!!!

  235. Don’t see ya there, Voting.

  236. Guy from Indiana heading to Gay Pride parade?

    Yeah with three assault weapons and explosive chemicals. Nothing to see here.

  237. Yes, they do look great together, Upps–both serious, compassionate, unifying individuals who care about this country and whom we all can trust and lean on for leadership in the years to come.

    That’s right!

    Plus he’s kinda hot.

  238. Upps: big plus…!

    Seriously; Brown pledges to the middle and working class, is younger, charismatic and has potential future…
    Some say he can bring about Sanders voters and help Hill to win Ohio, which is critical.

  239. On stage I was talking to another Hillary supporter about Sherrod Brown as VP. The whole row said oh no. They stated Brown needs to stay in the senate. One woman sitting next to me a (councilwomen) said we couldn’t afford to lose a senate seat.

  240. Trump’s comments today were horrifying. Blames “Hillary’s policies” for the terror attack. Says she wants to take everyone’s guns away, so that the terrorists “can have their fun.” We are now in virtual Hitlerian territory. One can only hope that the majority of Americans are saner than the Europeans of the 1920’s.

    On Sherrod Brown, I think that picking him gives Hillary the best chance to win. and perhaps by a large margin. He’ll help get us the Senate back, even if we lose his seat for a few years. It’s like beting $50 to win $1,000. I hope she and he both see it that way.

  241. Tammi Baldwin on Matthews talking Orlando and gun control….

    I’m telling ya’, we all look like hell today. I’ve stop crying every 15 minutes, now down to once every couple hours but I’m hardly fit to be in public.

    Every nerve is raw.

  242. Tammi Baldwin on Matthews talking Orlando and gun control….

    I’m telling ya’, we all look like hell today. I’ve stop crying every 15 minutes, now down to once every couple hours but I’m hardly fit to be in public.

    Every nerve is raw.

  243. Has everyone noticed that Trump and the GOP do not want to acknowledge the hate crime aspect of this attack at all? They act as if the attacker just chose a nightclub at random to shoot up. Guess they figure that way they’ll be off the hook for the homophobia they promote. And they can just go on insisting it’s the fault of Obama and Hillary for allegedly being too soft on terror. Also leaves NRA in the clear.

  244. Trump is becoming more of an embarrassment to the GOP every day. Republicans seen unable to answer the question as to why they want to give guns to terrorists. Heck not even guns, why do they want to freely give military assault weapons to terrorists. And Trump in a fit of pique banned the Washington Post from his press gaggle. kind of ironic to say the least.

  245. Voting Hillary – thank you so much for sharing your friend’s post. It’s true that there’s more love than hate, we just don’t always see it until something like this happens.

  246. Tammi Baldwin was on Matthews talking Orlando and gun control….

    I’m telling ya’, we all look like hell today. I’ve stop crying every 15 minutes, now down to once every couple hours but I’m hardly fit to be in public.

    Every nerve is raw.

  247. I must be in the trash.

  248. I finally received my woman’s card

  249. Neetabug

    Todays a great Hillary day for you.

    I saw your post and ran to the mailbox. Nada, again.

    I have ordered a few things, and should have also gotten a free button and Woman’s Card…but nothing has arrived and it’s been weeks.

    I will not order anything else until the shipping people get their act together. I guess CA is too darn far away to mail to. 😦

  250. Shadow, the return address label. Post Office Box 5256 New York, NY 10185. It has a Presort Standard US Paid Postage Brockton MA Permit 268. No date when it was mailed.

  251. Yup Coastie. Two in the trash were yours. Love when they ask if I want to “restore” them. As if I put them there to begin with.

    WP is really starting to piss me off.

  252. Thanks Nettabug, yup…CA is a long way by covered wagon.

  253. On Sherrod Brown, I think that picking him gives Hillary the best chance to win. and perhaps by a large margin. He’ll help get us the Senate back, even if we lose his seat for a few years. It’s like beting $50 to win $1,000. I hope she and he both see it that way.


    …also, he’s kinda hot…

  254. Shadow, I feel the same way. Our merchandise is coming via covered wagon or ship via South America .

  255. Shadowfax:

    I live in Maryland and only this past weekend did I finally get my woman card. The shipping dept is just damn slow! 😊

  256. I have a question. Does anyone know if CBS news will cover the General Election results as it comes in? I have paid for CBS online, but cut my cable and CNN online cites keep crashing or won’t load. Just trying to prepare.

  257. Thanks Bird and Euro gals, I was wondering if I had fallen off their radar.

    Eurogirl, are you in Europe? By any chance do you hear anything about if the UK will leave the EU in their election this month?

  258. *sites (not cites)

  259. Shadow, you can bet you will be able to catch election coverage from ANY network online. Not to mention CSPAN. Don’t worry. Aunt Uppity promises to find you the very best online coverage. Hokay?

  260. You rock Upps!

    I agree with Williams take on Sherrod. They would make a fabulous Prez & Veep. And I like Sherrod’s wife Connie also.

  261. We need a new thread and this should be the video attached (and yes, my sadness has turned to anger):

  262. Reid’s ego wants his Senate majority, we the people need the best ticket possible. Clinton/Brown 2016

  263. Thanks Voting. I think I needed a little Samantha Bee.

    I’m still full of sorrow. It feels like someone came into my house and shot my family. But I’m working on anger. Slowly shuffling in that direction.

    Then I can get something done.

  264. Oh Upps,

    “Aunt Uppity promises to find you the very best online coverage. Hokay?”


    That would be so awesome, thank you!!!!

  265. Final post tonight. Bernie Sanders with his deep concern about automatic weapons mowing down the American people announced he will release his taxes before the Dem convention.


    (Sorry, Upps, I have neither the time or patience for political “savvy” right now. My community just got slaughtered courtesy of asshole Bernie)

  266. Voting, thanks for the Sam Bee clip. Loved it.

  267. Ok, really and truly my final post tonight because I didn’t think this would get up on YouTube this fast.

    Thank you, Jimmy.

  268. Bernie is going to release his taxes before the Convention…

    Well, good for you, Sandcrab.

    Jane finally is going to release her handy work and you will be all prepared when the Super delegates crown you King of the convention and steal the nomination from the woman.


    Your revolution is dead.

    Back to your corner of the Senate where you can sleep though the next two terms of the woman that KICKED YOU ASS!

    Bernie got beat by a woman.

  269. Yikes, time to hit the rack…typos are a flowin’

  270. Shadow I agree with you 100%. No one gives a flying f&ck about Bernie’s tax returns. Want to be relevant Bernie? How about you apologize for your support for the gun manufacturers or is that too tough for you cuz you have to go off script? Or are you going to blame Wall Street for your pro-gun vote?

    That he wants to release tax returns now looks like Bernie may be signaling to the Democratic Party that he will be contesting the convention. He’s still a douche bag. I hope I’m wrong about him contesting the convention and that he drops out this evening after DC votes. However, even if he drops out tonight, he’s still a douche bag.

  271. Yes I continue to be really angry about these pro-gun voters. Ignoring their votes and allowing them to pretend they are not part of the problem is absurd. Bernie you are part of the problem and I will not allow you to pretend that you are part of a solution. Society has no need for automatic weapons and their removal from the hands of citizens and the assorted crazies is a good start. To the hunters out there, unless Bambi is armed you don’t need an automatic weapon to hunt. This would only be a first step, we need more than just removing automatic weapons from American society. WTF, how can this mass murderer be on a no fly list but be able to buy guns?

  272. Well you rock pretty darned well yourelf, socal.

  273. I gotta a question about the shooter.

    Where is his current wife? And the baby?

  274. OCoastie, the shooter has a 3-year-old baby and his 2nd wife.

  275. *clears throat. Taps Mic*

    Attention, Imust and Pluto. Get home immediately or I’m going to tell your father! If that doesn’t work, I will come get you both with the hook!

    And this is the last time we’re taking you on a trip to Wallyworld!

    Love, Uppity.

  276. Wonder how many times he whacked his second wife. He’s a POS. I hope his kid isn’t a boy like him.

  277. Hahah Bernie releasing his taxes.

    Bernie’s the guy still standing on the field yelling PLAY BALL! an hour after the game is over and everybody in the stands went home.

  278. If Sanders was running against a male, he wouldn’t be pulling this sh*t.

    Great, releases taxes, when who cares?

  279. BREAKING!

    DNC data base has been accessed by Russian government hackers and they’ve been perusing for a year. They have acquired the op research DNC has on Donald J. Trump.

  280. My comment just disappeared…again.

  281. uppity, are you serious?

  282. They have acquired the op research DNC has on Donald J. Trump.

    What site is reporting this Upps?

    Are they afraid of T.Rump and want the info to be exposed, or what will they do with it, I wonder…

  283. Another post, gone….

  284. Maybe the Russian’s are hacking the blog 😉

  285. Russian government hackers broke into DNC servers, stole Trump oppo

    Read more:

  286. Thanks Upps, were they in the trash again?

  287. Yes I am serious. But I didn’t get to find the link before I got trumped.

  288. Putin admires Trump, and vice versa.The Russians probably would want to see Trump win, just like the North Korean dictator does. The DNC is essentially pathetic; their data base was hacked by the Sanders people as well, and apparently nothing was done about securing it. This is bad news, just something else we have to surmount.

  289. I just heard CNN’s Jake Tapper suggest that the President just gave a really strong speech because he doesn’t trust Hillary Clinton to make the case against Trump.
    I hate Jake Tapper.

  290. What the heck has Hillary been doing, if not being tough on Trump? She has been very rough on him. Tapper is full of it.

  291. Tapper’s not exactly a champion of women IMO. I don’t particularly like him. Although he’s a step up from Wolf, but then who isn’t.

  292. You’re right William, not only about the DNC data security, but about our entire government servers and systems. Federal Gvt IT must be led by some Senator’s dumbassed relative. Even the pentagon got hacked. For chrissakes, most of our laptops are more secure than all these clowns are.

    You’re also right about the Trump thing. For all we know Putin did it for Trump so he can see what they have on him. Trump is a paranoid anyways.

  293. Just read, the FBI isn’t going to press charges against Hillary. Anyone else hear this? Sanders and Jane are going to be sad about this.

  294. Omar Mateen’s Wife Tried to Talk Him Out of Orlando Attack, Sources Say

    —She freakin’ knew he was going to do something and didn’t report him…she should be in deep shit for this.

  295. I have never posted before and am a long time reader since the 1st election. I don’t know how to get this to all of you and to those that you think would read/listen to it. It is quite long but the best speech I have Violence Against Women Act.
    VP Joe Biden addressing the Unite State of Women Summit at the White House ., this morning. It is on Facebook as well as his website. I do not know how to get it to you.

  296. Bernie’s at it again. Calling for a fundamental transformation and electoral reform of the democratic party. He certainly can’t admit that he lost. Why does he get to set the party platform? Hillary won and it is time for him to admit it and go back to Vermont and lick his wounds. I am so sick of his whining and complaining!!!!

  297. Somehow I have a hard time worrying about secret oppo research on the Trumpsterfire. What’s out there in the plain old internet the likes of me have access to is enough to sink anyone.

    Assuming the mainstream media actually started paying attention to anything besides clickbait.

    I guess where Big Secret Oppo helps is the same information would be clickbait.

    (I gotta be careful rolling m eyes so much. I’m starting to strain my eeye muscles.)

  298. Waiting on the followup news story:

    “Russian hackers sue DNC in Federal Court following ouster from database”

  299. Well maybe if Hillary were able to use her private server instead of the DNC server no one would have been able to hack it. My understanding is that her private email server has not been hacked.

  300. Anyone hear about Hillary losing 19 SD’s recently?

  301. Earlynerd, good one!

    Our government needs to step up and do something about hacking. It should be a major project for them, hiring the best brains, etc, like a Manhattan Project.

  302. Virginia, thank you for the information. If you could provide a link that would be helpful.

  303. I also hope imust and moon come back. And the sooner the better.

  304. She knew. She needs to be behind bars NOW.

  305. Jane has her own FBI problems and it’s called Bank Fraud. I hope she gets seriously nailed too.

  306. Agree the wife of Mateen needs to be arrested and charged as an accomplice. Their son’s life is already ruined anyway. Govt needs to send a message to all of the relatives of theses violent psycho malcontents.

  307. I looked and I didn’t see anything about Hillary losing superdelegates.

  308. Annie, I saw a little interview which Hillary did with a person from Telemundo today, and that issue of hacking was brought up, and Hillary said that it would be a priority of her administration to work on combatting it. She said that different foreign governments are increasingly using it to gather information. She noted that she believes that her campaign site has been secure.

  309. Thanks Socalannie. I saw it on one of the Sanders supporters sites that is claiming that Sanders won CA by a landslide and there is fraud involved in the election results.

    When will these people stop???

  310. @birdgal, good lord, they’re delusional.

  311. Crab-bots think their Pigeon Prince has taken some of Hillary’s Supers…that’s rich.

    These idiots like to stir up shit…

    just like the Rethugs and T.Rump, they are passing out lies against Hillary, like flap jacks on a summer morning at the senior center.

  312. Post went into to dumpster, again. WP really hates me.

  313. Obama goes on tirade against Trump over ‘dangerous’ Muslim ban, ‘radical Islam’

    ——-Can’t believe how much I am enjoying him slamming Trump and the Rethugs

  314. Email from Hillary campaign:

    Dear, XXXX after this weekend’s horrific shooting in Orlando, Donald Trump showed us exactly what kind of president he would be.

    First, he went on Twitter to congratulate himself for calling the shooting an act of “radical Islamic terrorism.”

    Second, he implied that President Obama secretly sympathizes with terrorists.

    Third, he doubled down on his proposal to ban all Muslim people from entering the United States.

    And last night, he stripped press credentials from the Washington Post so that their reporters will no longer be allowed to cover his campaign events.

    Trump’s behavior in the past 48 hours is a direct preview of what he would do if he’s elected.

    And right now, there’s only one thing standing between Trump and the White House: all of us, especially Hillary’s 2008 supporters like you.

  315. Well, thank God that Hillary had a private server.
    Let’s never hear about her “damn emails” again.

  316. Bloomberg poll on “With All Due Respect”
    Clinton 49%
    Assho;e 37%

    The famous Ann Seltzer was the pollster…

  317. I have given you all of the info that I have. I do not know how to make the connection to get it to your site. Thanks. It is the best speech I have ever heard on Violence Against Women. Would love for more people to hear it.

  318. Virginia, I found this from today:

    Welcome Virginia! I didn’t realize we had so many people that read us but don’t comment!

  319. I found this site and am trying to copy and paste. Right? Obviously the older generation but learning.

    How do I change to a fun name?

  320. Bernie must be facing an asswhooping in DC. It’s already been called for Hillary.

  321. Welcome, Virginia. More than a few of us are on the other side of “middle” age. 🙂

  322. NBC Projected Hillary with 22% in
    79% to 21% so far

    She is slaughtering him in DC.

  323. BREAKING: Putin breaks into DNC data and swipes Right on Trump. Putin immediately takes off shirt, squirts Trump’s cologne “Success” between his man boobs, and fondles his honorary Trump U. “dip”loma. He sprawls on his Trump inspired meerkat and kangaroo scrotum rug longing for the day when they can rule as new aged scrawny-fingered Romanovs. Henceforth, they will be known as Tsars Vladonalds.

  324. hahahhaa, Prolix!

  325. Poor Bernie. Meeting with Hill while being KILLED in last primary. Oh, the humanity! Demanding concessions from the victor as she cleans your tired old clock one last time. Last talking point gone! DC voters have finally ended the long primary season. Bye, bye Bernie.

  326. Hey, what are we drinking? This was the last primary and it was a freaking blowout. We need to drink!

  327. I hope it’s bye-bye Bernie. He’s like a bad relative that comes to stay and never takes a hint when it’s time to leave. At best Hillary is going to get from him is some sort of screeching the primaries are over but the revolution must go on or something. I don’t expect he will endorse Hillary in anyway and he’s now become the butt of jokes so I really don;t care.

  328. Poor Bernie. Meeting with Hill while being KILLED in the last primary


    Well, I guess Karma showed up and tossed a flaming bag of poo right in the middle of Bernie’s Revolutionary parade.

    I bet Hillary had a hard time not laughing at him when he tried to play gimmie with her platform.

    Yes, Bernie. Don’t worry Bernie, you can talk to your followers at the convention, and you can sit at the table with us grownups, just remember to raise your hand and not speak out UNTIL I call on you.

  329. I must be a mind reader, Sophie! I’m enjoying a nice, enormous glass of wine as it happens! Cheers to grinding Bernie into the dust in the last primary! Also finally received my woman card in the mail today. Yay!!!

  330. The covered wagon rolled in tonight!!!!!!!!!! [dancing around the room]

    I received Hillary’s designer t-shirt, navy with gold letters, front: ‘Madam President’
    back side: ‘ I believe in her’. The classy gold lettering is awesome, shirt is thin enough to drape nicely. Hand wash and air dry.

    Then the bling, the gold ‘H’ pin with tiny rinestones forming the arrow. It is really pretty. Much more deligate than I imagined…it is girly and I love, love it. It is so much nicer than the clunky logo.


  331. where are you getting the results from?

  332. Hillary and the DNC should not give in to Sanders and his radical anti-Israeli agenda. Nor should they get rid of the super delegates who would protect the party from a loon like Sandcrab. I am all for getting rid of caucus states which are a joke. They cost Hillary a lot in 08 and helped creepy Sanders give the impression he was winning much more than he was.

  333. JB
    I doubt Hillary will do much more than try to placate him. Agreed he deserves nothing more than to crawl back to the senate and sit down.
    Good to see you.

  334. Shadow, My designer t-shirt arrived, along with various buttons and the pretty Hillary pin. Yay!!

  335. Agree Shadowfax…hope all is well!!!

  336. Got it!

    A good glass of vintage Merlot has just been opened…
    A votre sante…Uppityville!

  337. 100% reporting:
    Hillary 78.7%
    Sanders 21.1%

    I think that placates “The Sandinist Burn”

  338. Hillary Clinton’s first post-nomination poll gives her an eye popping lead over Donald Trump


    Today we finally got one of those pieces of data, and the results are eye popping.

    The last six national polls before Hillary’s clinch all had her in the lead, but by an average around five points. Today a new national poll from Bloomberg has has Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by twelve points, suggesting that she may have received a seven point bump from her nomination and endorsements.

  339. I agree with both JB and Shadow that there should be virtually no concessions. Hillary beat him 60-40 among Democrats, and around 56-44 even including the crossovers. Not only does that not entitle one to concessions, but it also shows that if Hillary moves closer to his positions, she risks being stuck too far out with Sanders’ unachievable promises. So she can’t do it. no matter how much Sanders’ media supporters want her to. And yes, getting rid of superdelegates is a bad idea. as is opening all tlhe primaries up to various outside groups. Give him the ban on fracking, and promise an aggressive climate change policy, which she would have done on her own. And that’s about it. The idea that he thinks he can present a list of demands that she must accede to. to win his support, is the height of arrogance and selfishness. She and he voted the same 93% of the time in the Senate, but that’s not close to good enough for him, because he is always right ,in his ideological worldview.

  340. Yay Birdgal, they finally got a delivery through to CA. We are ready to represent in style!

  341. Keep your hats on. The thing to do is put everything in the platform that Bernie wants. He can then convince his useful fools that he won something.

    Do you know what’s in our current party platform? Of course you don’t, because not only does everyone ignore it as the museum routine it is, but it is not, I repeat, NOT legally binding upon the president elect or party leaders.

    In other words, it’s a snowball in the summertime. Melts right in your hand.

  342. I hate Merlot But i love you, Belle.

  343. Yay! Thank god the primary is O V A H! Goodbye Bernie, thanks for nothing. Please go enjoy your retirement. Thanks for posting the DC numbers, what a great ending! Thank you DC Hillary supporters!!!

  344. Rose over frozen watermelon cubes.

  345. Having a Planters Punch to celebrate.

  346. Wow Birdgal, I just looked at Hillary’s store and I don’t see the rinestone ‘H’ pin any longer. I wonder if they will put more up?

  347. JB, all’s well over in my world. I am a happy camper that Hillary ended up cleaning the Sandcrab’s clock and has finally won the Primary. It only took 8 looooooooooooooong years.

    Seems like this time around, she has the party behind her.

    Home life is good, work is good…I’ll take it.

  348. It amazes me that neither Bernie nor the people around him appear to be curious, much less abashed, about why African Americans aren’t buying his shtick for one minute.

  349. socal

    Yay! Thank god the primary is O V A H! Goodbye Bernie, thanks for nothing.

    Amen to that!

  350. LOVE you too! Upps;
    Sophie dear, thanks a bunch for the links…

  351. imust and moon:
    I want you here in the celebration babble…

  352. Upps;
    My body can not take champagne…I guess I’m not so uppity…?

  353. I don’t drink champagne either Belle. It gives me a headache. I despise carbonated wines.

  354. It amazes me that neither Bernie nor the people around him appear to be curious, much less abashed, about why African Americans aren’t buying his shtick for one minute.

    I’m pretty clear on why they think AAs don’t vote for Bernie. I have many screenshots of their opinions. Basically, they believe AAs are uneducated and stupid. Seriously. That’s what they think. One person at bernie central actually told an AA that he was actually “Embarrassed for black people”. These little bastards have no respect for anyone who isn’t White and, preferably, male. They are the aryan nation. AAs are stupid, women are stupid, old people are stupid, latinos are stupid and, basically, if these demographics all disappeared, it couldn’t happen soon enough for them. And of course, all the demographics in question are smart enough not to be stupid because they know what a Bernie presidency would mean and it’s not pretty.

    Bernie didn’t move to one of the three Whitest states in the country for nothing.

  355. Just when I stopped crying:

  356. Ms. Upps, my friend Glen, Glenfiddich, says hello. He hopes you are enjoying one of his Speyside cousins this evening.

  357. I wonder what our military is thinking about this man as Commander-in-Chief:

  358. Sweet Dreams Uppityville!

    Let tomorrow be the new fight for the new president of US….


  359. Suck on this, Bernie!

  360. My last tweet tonight. congrats to Hillary on her lopsided, kick-ass win in DC tonight. It was the cherry on top of the boot kicking Sanders’ ass to the curb.

    I don’t give a shit what Harry Reid wants. No Elizabeth Warren for VP. The Bern-outs are mad at her anyway since she backed, AFTER Hillary won the primary last week, our nominee. And these so-called new voters Bernie brought in didn’t bother to vote down-ballot.

    Clinton/Brown in 2016.

  361. Upps

    “These little bastards have no respect for anyone who isn’t White and, preferably, male. They are the aryan nation. AAs are stupid, women are stupid, old people are stupid, latinos are stupid and, basically, if these demographics all disappeared, it couldn’t happen soon enough for them.”

    And for the ones beyond their twenties, the demographic often fits Trump supporters, except, older men aren’t looking for free college and legalized pot.

    Trump looks at women, latinos, blacks, older people as lesser people that are just dumb and in the way.

    I have thought this many times, candidates like Bernie and Trump are making this election about gender.

  362. prolix, Glen and I are deeply intimate!

  363. Good God. An alligator jumped out of the lagoon at Disneyworld Floridian and snatched a two year old child near the water. Right in front of everyone. How horrific.

  364. I saw that, Up, and it upset me greatly. I have a 2 yr. old great nephew and thought of him immediately.

    I agree that the platform is usually meaningless. But Sanders apparently thinks it’s like the Communist Manifesto or something. So he’s made a BFD out of it and so will media. Hillary can’t afford to put his garbage in the platform, even if she wouldn’t implement any of it.

  365. I think she’ll emphasize common goals like universal health care ( but not single payer) and making college more affordable (but not free college which makes college MORE expensive by shifting rising costs to taxpayers). Will that placate him? Probably not, but Dem voters voted for her agenda, not his. This isn’t Cuba.

  366. Upps you have mail. Please talk to me

  367. At the Hillary rally they had tables with all kinds of Hillary stuff. They took debit and credit cards. While walking in these two ladies had black caps with Hillary on it in gold bling. A reporter came over and took their picture and interviewed them. He said he like the caps. The women said they bought the caps outside for five dollars.

  368. Shadow, remember in 2008 when those of us who refused to vote for Barack following the Rigged Dem Primary were vilified for being disloyal to the party? No doubt some of the same small minded cretins are now refusing to vote for Hillary. Hypocrisy is alive and well.

    Uppity, I think you are spot on regarding the gun issue.

  369. (((Free))) I remember, hypocrisy is bad enough, it’s the ugly hatred of Hillary that really frosts my cupcake.

    Outside of Hillary’s supporters, seems like everyone else is voting for a snake oil salesman that spits out hatred and pretends to care for the people he is just using for his own ego trip.

    Trump is running to be Dictator.

  370. Preach it, Shadow!! 🙂 Great to see you, friend.

  371. Back at ya, Free!

  372. Now if we can just drag Moon and Imust back, we will be one happy family in Upp’s palace.

  373. I miss Moon.

  374. Chris Murphy of CT holding old fashioned filibuster on gun control in Senate right now. Watch on C-SPAN 2.

  375. I miss them both, and the funny thing is it was all a misunderstanding.

  376. So anyone now if douche bag dropped out yet?

    This blog is my number one place to get caught up on all the Hillary news. So thank you to you all for being so great. I don’t know what happened with Moon and IMust but I don’t want anyone leaving so you all come back.

  377. I don’t understand why they both left the blog because they’re mad at each other. If they don’t want to make up, they can come back and just ignore each other. And Uppity is as good as her word, letting comments thread spin on and on into infinity until they return. Please, please come back,moon and imust!

  378. Look I have not left anywhere, I have been with you, reading and clapping with you but I just have not been commenting, unfortunately this misunderstanding really really upset me. I needed some time out.

    I will only say in my defence, I was really upset to be around, i don’t know what the heck I was supposed to have done. It kind of threw me for a six.

    I don’t know why imust has left or is not around, I don’t have any ill feeling towards her nor do i understand why this misunderstanding occurred in the first place but I want to leave it behind and not dredge it up.

    So please, can we move on. I won’t be discussing it or mentioning it further. Best place to leave that is in the past, rather more serious things going on to worried about than this.

    I also can’t speak for imust, that is up to them to return in their own time when they feel they are ready to do so.

    Please do come back though imust, you are valued, it makes no sense for you to walk away.

    I can’t be any clearer than this to you all but I know I am the relatively new newcomer to here so if imust won’t come back with me still here then you only have to ask.

  379. Good to see you, Moon.

  380. Coastie, I second that emotion…;-)

    Louis C.K. with a beautiful, insightful analogy;

    “It’s like if you were on a plane and you wanted to choose a pilot,” the comedian began.
    “You have one person, Hillary, who says, ‘Here’s my license. Here’s all the thousands of flights that I’ve flown. Here’s planes I’ve flown in really difficult situations. I’ve had some good flights and some bad flights, but I’ve been flying for a very long time, and I know exactly how this plane works.’ Then you’ve got Bernie, who says, ‘Everyone should get a ride right to their house with this plane.’ ‘Well, how are you going to do that?’ ‘I just think we should. It’s only fair that everyone gets to use the plane equally.’ And then Trump says, ‘I’m going to fly so well. You’re not going to believe how good I’m going to fly this plane, and by the way, Hillary never flew a plane in her life.’ ‘She did, and we have pictures.’ ‘No, she never did it.’ It’s insane.”
    So why, despite those considerable qualifications, does C.K. believe Clinton has faced such consistent headwinds with skeptical voters?
    “There is a fear of Hillary,” he said. “I think some of it has to do with Hillary being such a strong candidate and being a woman. The response to her is very male. The other side is very male-oriented. Trump is a man. Well, he’s a boy, and Bernie is an old man.”

  381. Howdy moon!

  382. Clinton has won about 52 percent of the 800,000 or so late votes counted so far in California. She leads by 11 pts (475,000) with 4.2m votes counted

    There approx 2 million still left to count, and not all will be counted as they may be thrown, unreadable or not valid…

    However just to break even with her, Sanders would have to win those votes by 1.25 million to 750,000, in other words he’d have to win the remaining ballots 62.5% to 37.5% just to make it a draw….not going to happen.

  383. That is a very good analogy. And I love the end where he says trump is a boy and Bernie is an old man.

  384. new thread…maybe?

  385. The Bloomberg Poll shown yesterday was pretty encouraging. However half was done prior to the terror attack, half after. The thing I found very disturbing was that when people were asked something about, if a year from now, there were a similar attack, who would you think would handle it better?, and 45% said Trump, 41% said Clinton. Not just because this kind of result could be worrisome going forward (very unfortunately, I could well see another horrible event like the last one occurring right before the election), but trying to conceive how that large a group of the electorate would actually think that Trump woujld deal with it better.

    At some point, the voters have to take responsibilitly for their decisions. We can blame the media, the candidates, the ads; but if the voters are so ignorant and unperceptive, or dumbed down, where are we? They listen to and look at Trump, and cannot conceive that he is an ignorant, belligerent idiot, who has no idea of world politics, and what kind of threats the country is dealing wih? How would he “handle it?” Blow up Syria? Arrest all the Muslims in Florida? Trump may be palpably insane, but then those who think that he would handle a crisis better than Hillary Clinton, may be close to insane as well.

    We desperately hope that Hillary will win, and we do all we can to help her win. And if she does, we will be much better off as a nation and world. But those Republicans are still out there. Maybe some of them are not as dangerous as Trump, but most of them are very dangerous, particularly in terms of economic and environmental issues. Imagine someone like Paul Ryan ever being elected, or Marco Rubio. There are a whole lot of those types, just waiting to take advantage of an opportunity, or when people decide we need a change. And how do we recover from any one of those radical Right people getting their agenda through? We need what seems almost impossible, which is a devastating defeat of Republicans nationally and statewide. And we need an electorate which somehow gains the capacity to understand the nuances of governance, so that they do not consistently choose the candidates with the simplistic answers and the ridiculous promises,

  386. Damn, I’m glad your back Moon.

  387. yoo-hoo!…imust… where are you?

  388. Okay, we are now at 404 comments, but who’s counting…

  389. The site works way faster on chrome…..loads pretty quick.

  390. Moon, where are you getting the latest results on the CA counting? The delusional Sanders supporters thinks he will win in a landslide, when all the votes are counted.

  391. I have the filibuster on, its on cspan2. Sherrod is there, and a lot of other Dems. Haven’t seen Bernie! (snort!)

  392. Thanks moon.

  393. Christopher Murphy seems to be taking the lead with the filibuster and doing a good job. Is he on Hillary’s list I wonder? Also wonder what Sophie thinks of him.

  394. Bernie’s gone home to Vermont.

  395. Hopefully somebody will nail the doors shut. From the outside.

  396. Good to have Moon back.

    Since Douche bag is in Vermont that means he hasn’t dropped out yet. Too bad for all of us.

    How many tragic things can happen in Florida within a one week period?

  397. It strikes me that Donnie campaign manager, Paul Mannafort hasn’t been heard from in awhile.

  398. Daisy/Utah. I answered your email. I want to call you. But I can’t find your damned phone number. Please send it.

  399. Check the video of Hillary speech in Pittsburgh…

  400. That shithead blond who spins for Trump lied again about the Clinton Initiative and said 20% of the money goes to charity. That is a fucking baldfaced lie. She waits till the end of the panel discussion to throw it in so nobody can comment. For starters, that’s not HILLARY’s money and secondly, it’s an A-rated charity with 89% going directly to charity. You find me another initiative with an overhead that low. I fucking hate that woman. She will be sucked down bodily into hell.

    Note also that the cost of raising $100 is TWO FUCKING DOLLARS

  401. I fucking hate that woman. She will be sucked down bodily into hell.

    —————–Yup, that woman makes me want to toss a brick at my computer when she lies through her teeth and paints her orange savior as her perfect he-man. Barf…

  402. And the lowering of the BOOM begins on Sanders:

  403. Excellent read. (Warning: article at dailykos.)

    “Why Hillary Shouldn’t Give One Inch to Bernie’s Demands”

    “Bernie has three main areas to worry about as he sets out to negotiate his way out of a humiliating end to the primary fight: how the primaries operate, Hillary’s platform and his future in the Senate and Hillary’s administration. To his great misfortune he is trying to control all three and has very little real chance of succeeding. But he is also miscalculating his strengths at every turn.

    Yesterday, he publicly demanded that Debbie Wasserman Schultz be replaced, that super delegates be ended, that polling be better staffed and that all primaries be open to independent or republican cross-over voters. These demands all fall within the area Bernie will have the least success in, how the primaries operate, particularly right now in this shadowy moment where he won’t concede the race or end his campaign.”


  404. Since Sanders isn”t calling for the end of caucuses, he is a hypocrite. Caucuses are the most undemocratic and disenfranchising system of voting that exists. I have lost any respect that I might have had for him.

  405. Nobody’s going to open primaries. For starters it’s a STATE decision. Eliminating SDs is a path to constant contested conventions, because nobody can reach the magic number. This would open every convention and every primary to another trojan horse just like that POS Bernie Sanders, poised to hijack the party for the CPUSA or some other nutjob idea.

  406. Trixta,AWESOME article and RIGHT ON!

    And the comments were even better!

  407. Yes, that was a good article. Unfortunately, I saw Ed Rendell on “Hardball” today, saying that Sanders is right; that we should get rid of Superdelegates; and that there should be same day registration in primaries. Is that a signal that Hillary is going to endorse some of that, or is it just Rendell being pompous and unhelpful? Why would any Democrat want to let Republicans walk in on the day of a primary, and register Democrat for a day, so that they can help their own party’s candidate?

    And the writer of the article makes a very good point that by agreeing to the structural changes, Hillary would in essence be conceding that the system was not fair to Sanders, which is of course what he wants most of all. No one has ever seen a losing candidate somehow get to demand changes in the party’s nominating process.. The fact that Sanders has never even been a Democrat except for a few months, makes it even more ludicrous.

  408. The kos article was great.

    That is disturbing that Rendell would say something that lame. The only things that should be changed is getting rid of caucuses and the ridiculous custom of Iowa always going first and California going last.

  409. Glad the article hit the spot! Bitter Bernie’s already gotten way too much with his picks on the platform committee (which I thought was a huge mistake on the DNC’s part). He’s not to be trusted–ever! Yes, the comments were very interesting indeed, Upps. I, too, see the usefulness of the Super Delegates and was surprised to hear Rendell concede on this point, but he may be just throwing Bernie and his followers a hollow bone. Anyway, we’ll soon see how it all plays out at the convention.

  410. Rendell to me comes off as a bull in a china shop. He may have said that to offset his earlier tweet about Bernie not having a prime time spot unless endorses Hillary.

    I am sick of hearing about Bernie. His 15 minutes are up. If he can’t leave on his own give him the hook and drag him off the stag.

    What makes anyone think that the vast majority of Democrats that actually vote want Bernie or any of his changes? They voted down his socialist ass and his extreme ideas. He’s a fraud, and I am pleased that the majority of voters rejected him. He lost fair and square. Even Bill Maher that CDS pot smoking misigynist said so.

  411. Yes the DK article was good but it doesn’t say anything we didn’t already know. Since this primary began Bernie has actively sought to deligitimize all of Hillary’s wins because that is what despots do. He is playing on the latent and the open sexism that permeates society. Because a woman couldn’t possibly win against a man unless she cheated. What a load of sh!t.

  412. GOP wishes they had SD’s this year. That would have stopped the Donald. If Dems get rid of SD’s, they’ll have to go back to winner take all primaries. Then it might not matter if primaries are open or closed. And you could have same day registration. Hillary wants AUTOMATIC voter registration. And both she and Bill loathe caucuses. Now that Minnesota has acknowledged that it’s no way to pick nominee, I hope more states will get on the bandwagon to ban caucus only presidential selection.

  413. Wow! Looks like Sally Kohn has come over from the dark side. Her little girl’s excitement when Hillary clinched must have had a profound impact.

  414. Bernie is going to end up having the opposite effect of what he’s trying to do.

    What a maroon.

  415. CNN announced that Hillary will not vet Bernie for VP, but will seriously vet Lizzy.
    They also said Bernie is going to speak sometime today about how he wants the Dem platform to go…

    So, from the way it was said on CNN, sounds like the hammer has come down on Bernie about any dreams his followers were hoping he would be VP…especially all those that hoped that Hillary would be carted off to email jail.

    He is going to give a big speech about what HE wants….

    Hillary, don’t even seriously consider Warren for VP, that would be a massive mistake to pick her!!!!!!

  416. Hey Bernie! The Cheese stands alone!

    He doesn’t seem to affected by Orlando… much too self-absorbed.

  417. Respectfully, hope new thread does not feature BS picture, video links or mentions atop it. And that blog participants keep mentions of him to a minimum. In other words, F..K BS up, down and side ways!

  418. Paulette, He is a real d*ckhead.

  419. I second Paulette, no more pix of the BS.

  420. I am really interested to find out how the vote in the UK will go tomorrow. It could greatly affect the EU.

  421. Just to let those of you who know her know…..Utah’s husband has passed away.

  422. Its over for Sanders when your first backer crosses over.

    Rep. Raul Grijalva, the first member of Congress to endorse Bernie Sanders, has announced his support for Hillary Clinton.

    “Hillary Clinton has the capacity and the instincts needed to carry forward what has been started,” Grijalva said Thursday. “I support her and will do what I can to help ensure her victory.”

    In a lengthy statement, Grijalva, a co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus who became a vocal Sanders surrogate, said the Democratic Party needed to come together.

    “With voting completed in the final Democratic Primary, it is now time for the Democratic Party to unify. For all of us who supported Bernie from the beginning,” he continued, “the most important thing now is to beat Donald Trump in November.”

  423. Grijalva. That would be a knife in Bernie’s heart. If he had a heart.

  424. Coastie, Bernie doesn’t much like people. He has something missing inside of him.

  425. Did any of us really imagine she would be stupid enough to pick Bernie and give him a forum to take over and drive a bulldozer over her? She’s far too smart for that. What she IS doing is showing him she’s not afraid of his threatening demands and he can shove them up his despot ass………and that she is going to win without him. And she will.

    He no longer has anyone in the party willing to listen to him. He did himself in. Whatever he says tonight, nobody cares. As it is, Hillary got a bump out of ignoring him. And anyone who’s anyone is cracking their knuckles, getting ready to campaign for her. Bernie can just go build his Jonestown in Nicaragua.

  426. Upps
    Did any of us really imagine she would be stupid enough to pick Bernie and give him a forum to take over and drive a bulldozer over her?

    …and this is partly true for Lizzy too. She is more about representing herself than Hillary, and I would be shocked and frankly disappointed if Hillary felt so desperate that she felt she needed Lizzy.

    I think Hillary is smarter than that.

  427. A few quick (potentially unpopular) musings;

    I wrote here about a month ago that Sanders was not the enemy. He was effectively mathematically eliminated after NY and not a threat to the nomination. Hillary, and the party in general both want and need his voters for this, and subsequent election cycles. But HE is essentially irrelevant as an opponent, villain, or focus for anger. He will get his day at the convention, and he will be an asset in the coming months, if he wants that plumb chairmanship or whatever. That’s politics.

    The only opponent who matters is the orange buffoon. He is the one we are running AGAINST and who we have to beat, and anyone who can potentially help in that effort is an ally, be they Democrat, Republican, Independent/Libertarian or other.

    I hope that after the old fool’s speech today, we can all move forward and united in our efforts, physical, monetary, and rhetorical, to crush the GOP’s ridiculous, utterly UNQUALIFIED yet extremely dangerous choice for President, and the entire slate of candidates running with him, (or just as likely) FROM him.
    Sanders is O-V-E-R

    Let’s CRUSH the orange buffoon!!!!

  428. “Bernie can just go build his Jonestown in Nicaragua.” Jim Jones and Bernie. I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s a great analogy. Two dead ender cult leaders.

  429. Trump’s highest unfavorables in new ABC/Post poll:

    I’m so proud I hit 4 of these demographics and that I’m among the demo that abhors him the most!

    Blacks 94%

    Hispanics 89%

    Women 77%

    Under 50 76%

    College grads 74%

    Adults 70%

    Inds 68%

  430. Hillary Clinton is considering Sen. Elizabeth Warren for her running mate for the Democratic presidential ticket, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing several people familiar with the process.

    Warren, a leading progressive voice among Democrats, is among those whom Democratic presidential candidate Clinton is vetting for the vice presidential position, the newspaper reported. Clinton’s rival Bernie Sanders is not, it added. [He is toast!]

    Sources told Reuters earlier this month that Warren, who represents Massachusetts, is considering the potential role.

    Representatives for Clinton, Sanders, and Warren did not immediately reply to requests for comment on the report.

    Clinton is the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for the November 8 presidential election, having won the last primary contest this week in the District of Columbia.

    Clinton and Sanders met this week, the senator from Vermont does not plan to end his campaign or endorse Clinton in a video speech to supporters scheduled for later on Thursday, his spokesman said.

    While the search for a potential partner in the race is still in its early stages, The Journal reported that several Democrats said Clinton’s campaign was looking at numerous potential candidates, including Warren.

  431. Realist

    Bernie is not out of the picture yet, although he can’t win anything, he is still causing trouble.

  432. As to the Veepstakes;
    V.P.’s don’t generally win or lose elections, it’s the top of the ticket that counts, and we have the best standard bearer EVER!
    While everyone has a preference, I am confident that Hillary will make a wise choice, and I fully expect to support it.

  433. Well, said, Uppity!

    They had Sanders down to 7-1 as a VP choice, which was absurd, because there was zero chance that Hillary was going to pick him,

    Now, to get our minds off some of the depressing stories in this country and outside it, here is some VP speculating by me. The WSJ has published what they claim is the list of candidates whom HIllary will vet. They are Warren, Brown, Booker, Kaine, Becerra of CA, Ryan of OH, Garcetti, mayor of LA, Castro, Perez.

    If that is indeed the accurate list, it is quite interesting. One woman. One African-American. Castro and Becerra are Latino, plus Garcetti has some Latino heritage, and some Jewish heritage. And Kaine can speak Spanish. Why are so many Latinos on the list? I don’t see how a Latino per se can help the ticket, as Hillary has overwhelming support from Latinos, plus most of them reside in states where the Democrats will win easily (CA, NM). or Texas, where they very likely would lose unless it is a major landslide. In fact, Ross Baker, the longtime political writer. had suggested that demographics of states make it more politically valuable to pick a Black person.

    Anyway, is Hillary going to pass over all the Latinos on the list? Or does this signal that she is going to pick one? If so, then it is likely Perez,, I think. Will she pick one of the two Caucasian Senators on the list, Brown or Kaine, and pass by all the minorities? She could do it with Brown, because most Democrats want him. But Kaine would likely not go over so well. So what does all of this mean? Trying to logically interpret it, I would say that it is Brown, Booker, Warren or Perez. It doesn’t mean that I am right, of course.

  434. It’s always an iffy proposition posting links to articles ’cause some may find value in the info while others do not (which is perfectly okay!). But I do try to scour the internet to see who’s saying what about our girl. I was surprised the article was from the Orange site, considering how reviled she was there in 2008. That some former anti-HRC sites are coming around is encouraging to me. Yes, I, too, am sick of Bernie, since he’s as annoying as a wasp at a picnic. Certainly, can’t argue against that sentiment. But until he exits the picnic completely, as it were, I’ll keep the geezer within my peripheral vision to see what he’s up to.

    On that note, I’m surprised Oprah has finally endorsed Hillary, even if it’s just an it’s-about-time-we-have-a-woman-president kinda endorsement (see HuffPuff). I wonder if Maria Shriver will follow suit–not that Hillary even needs their endorsements! But it would give me a sense of vindication to have all of those who stabbed her in the back in 2008 support her publicly this time around.

    Peace and love to all here…so happy to have such smart and thoughtful fellow posters to commune and commiserate with.

  435. Although I know more people vote in the General Election than the Primary, and some folks may switch sides, here is where Green Papers says this is the total vote count:

    The winner is, our girl ❤

    Hillary 16,554,911

    Sandcrab 12,744,268

    Orange T.Rump 13,770,468

    Hillary leaves the males in the dust, CA is still counting votes, and Trump ran unopposed for many states.

  436. Post is in the trash again….

  437. Heh heh…A GOP operative Rick Wilson has just christened Trump on Twitter as the “Cheeto Jesus” (link at HuffPuff). Good one!

    Other nicknames for the Donald (okay, I know it’s juvenile, but can’t a girl have some fun!):

    Douche Bag Don
    Don the Con
    Don Torleone
    T. Rump
    Orange Windbag
    Small Hands Don
    Pie Hole Don

    DT hair memes:

  438. I just love this!

    “Donald Trump really believes that American workers will vote for him. Any evidence to the contrary provokes a total break from reality.

    Everything that Trump said in his statement was nothing more than gibberish, lies, and conspiracy theories. Yesterday, Donald Trump called all of the polls that are showing him losing phony. Today, endorsements mean nothing.

    Trump followed up his belief that the polls are all lies, by telling the president of the nation’s largest union that he is wrong about who his own members will support.

    Republicans have a crazy egomaniac running their party. Trump is checked out from reality, and his insanity is only growing with each passing day.”

    (You can read HIS gibberish at the link below, if you must, ugh!)

  439. Daisy, I am so sorry for your loss. My sincerest condolences to you and your family. {{{hugs}}}.

  440. I can’t wait to see Hillary debate Douchebag Don. We have some great entertainment to look forward to.

  441. Daisy, very sorry for your loss. Prayers sent your way.

  442. Tangerine Tornado — SNL’s Church Lady (Dana Carvey)
    Darth Hater
    Hair Furor,
    Hair Hitler,

  443. My personal favourite however is……

    Donald Fuck…….

  444. I am getting a message saying the certificate is invalid. It ask me do I trust this site. Anyone else getting this message?

  445. Unfortunately, it seems the menace of The Donald has survived into the 23rd Century…

    Part 1

    Part 2

  446. Who’s Daisy?

  447. Love the names for Rump my also making fun of his hair. Humor to counterbalance his hatred and self-imposed superiority.

  448. I was just over at DK skimming thru some comments and someone called Bernie “the turd that won’t flush.” OMG yes that is him especially with his refusal to drop out. Perfect description of Bernie. I wish I would have thought of it 💩

  449. LOL, moon (@ 4:25pm and 4:28pm)! And there are appr. 5 months left in this election cycle. He’s gonna wish he had never run for president.

    IL Douchebag (or simply, IL Douche).

  450. Sanders may drop out tonight.

    Campaign is no longer seeking super delegate support and an address to his supporters tonight at 8.30pm.

    Clinton also moved her staff into dnc posts….the end is near.

  451. Moon, I do hope Sanders drops out, but I’m not holding my breath. Perhaps losing the endorsement of Congressman Raul Grijalva (an early supporter) today and Hillary gaining the endorsement of the AFL-CIO will help it all sink in. In any case, the Dems have been trying to help him save face, but he’s too stubborn to see how ridiculous he is. If he keeps this up, he’ll be forever known as the textbook sore loser. Btw, Richard Armitage (Reagan and Bush’s top appointee) has also endorsed Hillary. Oh my….

    (links to those stories found on

  452. Daisy is Utah. She’s been with us for long time and is an old friend. Hasn’t been around the last year or so on the blog.

    She’s staunch conservative but dammit she’s my conservative. But she has the courtesy to respect the purpose of this blog. There are people here who know her from this blog.

  453. The certificate to the blog is actually the wordpress certificate. I used to get that message too but I figured out how to stop it. I just can’t remember the answer now. It’s a nothing burger.

  454. nothing of yours in trash shadow. How about giving things a minute. Could have been a delay.

  455. Upps, someone already did a dumpster dive and pulled it out.

    Thanks Upps and Fix-it fairy.

  456. I see that my google phone log-in gave me the fax with 3 x’s, so you know I am on the run… 😉

  457. william my only complaint about her latino choices is they are very scant in the governing experience. If it’s true that the most important thing to her is a VP who is prepared to be president in the event something happens, they are not good choices.

    Personally, I am a lover of Cory Booker and I make no bones about it. My mind tells me that picking a white male is not a good idea when there is a wealth of choices among minorities. If there weren’t I wouldn’t be saying this.

    But I see two people on what I *think* is her list (because we don’t ReALLY know), and that is Cory and Sherrod. Kaine is just a boring white man, nothing gained. I do not regard Warren as prepared and I also make no bones about my concerns for her temperament.

    Who knows who is REALLy on her list that we don’t know about. She will pick the right one, I’m pretty sure of it.

  458. Hahaha Trixta. Far as everybody who is anybody is concerned, Sanders HAS dropped out, whether he likes it or not.

  459. Paulette, your demographic ranking on the I-Hate-Trump Scale is enviable!

  460. Listen to Bernie talk about “WE” when referring to our party! Hear his Pod People cast and remember when Hillary would NEVER pick him.

  461. Sander’s is really despicable. To refuse to endorse Hillary tonight and continue his “campaign” to the convention (the guy isn’t even a dem) is outrageous. Hillary was forced to concede when she actually had a chance to win at the convention unlike Sanders. Stop treating this sore loser with kids gloves and shut him down. Screw his supporters who are not and never will be Hillary supporters, Hillary can win without them . If the party goes any further left, they are going to lose a lot of conservative to moderate democrats who will go with Trump.

  462. Oh, good lord. I watched part of Bernie speech if you want to call it that. It was more of the same ranting he’s been doing for over a year now. He just can’t accept that he lost. He just can’t accept it it seems. He’s just bizarre.

  463. You said it, Upps (@ 8:38pm)! Couldn’t get myself to watch Sore Loser Sanders embarrass himself on TV.

  464. He’s been told that if he wants to speak at the convention he has to concede BEFORE the convention. Check.

  465. Thanks for the answer, Upps.
    Yes, I remember her very well and I’m sorry she had a loss.

  466. JB

    “If the party goes any further left, they are going to lose a lot of conservative to moderate democrats who will go with Trump.”

    I know of about 15 or twenty people down the road that are already going to vote for Trump, and will never vote for Hillary.

    I am a centrist, but going to the wacky world of Trump is too far off the rails for me and millions of Democrats. I am voting and supporting Hillary, not Lizzy, Bernie or anyone on the far, far left.

    Trump is the one that needs to worry about digging up supporters, see the total of votes I posted at 2:48 PM. Hillary is going to get most of Sander’s supporters and Trump might get a small percentage, which wouldn’t give him a winning hand. He also has a big problem with Rethugs not voting for him, especially Republican women.

  467. Uppity I heard the same thing. Do you think he is hoping something will happen with Hillary? I can’t stand him.

    I just e-mailed Hillary’s campaign, told them to tell Barney to S ugar, H oney I ce T ea, or get off the pot.

  468. I finally decided to check out Crab’s speech, and the link is now about the weather 😉

    I guess I’ll wait for the video cliff notes.

  469. Sanders is not leaving because, 1) He simply is psychologically incapable of leaving the stage; and, 2) He is trying to extort concessions out of Hillary. He did not apparently even have the decency to say something positive about Hillary tonight; he pointed out that he has “great differences with her” on various issues, while on others they mostly agree. We already knew all of that. This is why we had a primary election campaign, which Hillary won convincingly. But Sanders will not even admit that she won, much less endorse her.

    He cares about himself, and he cares about abstract ideological issues, on which he never admits that he was in the slightest degree wrong. He says it is very important to defeat Trump, but he apparently would risk helping Trump by not enthusiastically supporting Hillary. I really have no idea what Sanders has planned, or what further complains and demands he will have. He is giving his supporters an excuse to disdain Hillary at this point, particularly when he does not get his demands met. I agree that Hillary should not incorporate Sanders’ policies which are not feasible. and would drive away some moderates. I do wonder if Sanders’ intransigence will compel her to pick a VP who is on the liberal side, which would effectively render him insignificant.

  470. Hilarious ad by Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands Pac!

  471. Have any of you seen the LGBT responses to the question Trump posted, asking if he was better than Hillary to them?

  472. Hilarious. Never Ask The Gays, Donald. Or the Women. Or the AAs. Or Latinos. Or…….

  473. Hillary is so gracious about Bernie. I don’t know how she does it. I would be shoving pitchforks in his eyes by now.

  474. ROFL Tiny Hands. I so stole that.

  475. Yeah neeta he’s waiting for a unicorn to come by and take her into the woods and only he comes out.

  476. Upps, I will gladly let you continue to make me snort assorted drinks up my nose if you will grant us a new thread.

    Nothing fancy. Header can simply state: WINNER (that will PO Trump supporters) a pic of Hillary and then the statement “open thread” under it.

    Loading this is taking FOREVER at this point.

    I humbly thank you in advance,

  477. Bernie’s statement that he’ll work to defeat Trump, translated from the Bernese, “Only a man can defeat a man, so after I’m appointed to my rightful place, I will defeat Trump.”

    You’ll notice he’s never said he’ll be happy to help Hillary’s campaign in any way she considers useful.

  478. Just a small jolt of reality for BerningBum, granted a new concept for him, but even if 200,000 people tuned in (I don’t believe that number for a second, but for the sake of argument, okay, 200K) that represents 1.6% of the people rumored to have voted for him.

    I know that was too much higher math for Jane to have used a calculator, but less than 2% of your revolutionaries tuning in to hear the head matchstick Bern means there’s not many little RPMs left in his precious revolution.

  479. Prolix, his whole revolution is a farce. If you can’t get people to show up and vote there’s no “political revolution”. His chosen candidates went down to landslides in Nevada but apparently even that is not enough to get it through his thick head that nobody wants his revolution.

  480. Upps is apparently making me work for that new thread. Beer up my nose from LOL over this:

  481. What is going on with that old fool? He surely knows there is no path to victory.When I volunteered during the primaries for Hillary we had this discussion many times at campaign headquarters about Bernie. It was unanimous that Bernie would never drop out of this race and maybe his intent was to destroy the democratic party. I am no fan of conspiracy theories but I am beginning to believe that my fellow volunteers were right. That man is a fruit loop. I can’t even stand to hear his name!!!!!!

  482. Apparently one of his advisors spilled the beans on TV the other day by saying Bernie won’t drop out and endorse Hillary because he’s afraid of his supporters. His supporters will see him as a sell out. and will turn on him like they’ve turned on Elizabeth Warren and everybody else. Whatever. At this point he’s largely going to be ignored. Has he handed in his final FEC paperwork? There’s some issues there so it might be another reason he won’t suspend. He’s become the old man wandering around yelling about the “revolution” that nobody pays any attention to.

  483. 2 points;

    1- Sanders is irrelevant, a footnote, a pebble in the shoe, a meaningless distraction. He’ll be on board by the convention, and with less leverage every day he delays. Egomaniacs FEED on attention, and his little speech is the last thing he had left to even mildly interest a political media that has moved on to the REAL contest. He’s about to completely disappear from the daily media coverage. His “sell by” date has passed for them.
    Clinton, Obama, Warren, Biden, Pelosi, OPRAH, all on the same page, while he’s all alone on an island.

    No rallies, no speeches, no media, and most important, no m-o-n-e-y.
    Have you SEEN his latest financial statement? No? Wonder why? It’s June 17th and he hasn’t released his MAY numbers. Possible he needs to continue to raise funds until the end of this month, to pay down a little of his potentially massive debt.
    The longer he lets the parade pass him by, the more foolish he looks and the less likely he is to get his “day”.
    Fuck him. Ignore him. He’s Mr. Irrelevant…;-)

    2- A new thread would be nice…

  484. Why didn’t he save some of the $27.00 he was raking in. Better yet, take it from Jane’s salary.

  485. On Morning Joe this morning, Jeff Weaver said Bernie is still running for president. SO SAAAD

  486. 504 comments…

  487. Sanders loses convention leverage

    Bernie’s summer was supposed to be about strengthening his hand for the Democratic convention. But since the California primary, his position has gotten weaker.

    Read more:

  488. Upps-

    “So what?”

    It’s just difficult to load the page.

  489. We’re waiting for imusthavehillary, people. No new thread till imust comes back.

    I wish she would, even if we never get another new thread ever (cuz y’know what Upps is like when she’s cross. Ducks. Runs away.)

  490. It’s just difficult to load the page.

    Not a good reason! *Throws tantrum*

    I guess I never realized that not everybody has a fast internet. I never notice a slowdown. Mea Culpa.

  491. Quixote, you are correct. I decided there would be no new thread till imust put one up. We are very lucky as this could have gone on a long time but for the psychic connection between imust and myself.

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