Hillary Masters Twitter

Twitter, Donald Trump’s favorite platform to spew his insults and pump up his….ego. There’s a new sheriff in town now. Hillary demolishes Trump in the most succinct tweet imaginable.



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  1. Thank you for the breathing space, imust. I don’t know who is doing Hillary’s Twitter account but that person is awesome!

  2. Thank You!, imust…so good to have you around.

    How are you doing?

  3. Glad to have you back, I must!! Thank you for the new thread.

  4. Gee…the” how are you doing” sounded like Joey Tribiani’s pick up line in Friends…

  5. Stretchout your legs and relax Uppityites. Plenty of room in this new thread.

  6. Good to have you back, imust. And thanks for the new thread.

  7. On last thread someone said that on “Morning Joe” this morning Jeff Weaver said that Sanders is still running for president. President of what? The He Man Women Haters Club?

  8. California update…….they are still counting those damn ballots.

    Count as of today.

    Clinton 2,434,816 54.8%
    Old Crabby Goat 1,968,366 44.3%

    Lead of around 466,000

    Unprocessed ballots still out there has dropped dramatically, only 1,339,438 are left, they have counted over 1.5 million of outstanding ballots already of which can be rep, lib, dem, anything with no change in the lead, not all will be verified, the old goat would need to win 850,000 of the remaining to just break even with her…do you see that happening?

  9. Well obviously all the remaining ballots are for Bernie. Or else it’s fraud.

  10. When you’ve had enough, you tweet shit like this to shitheads like this:

  11. Old Crabby Goat 1,968,366 44.3%


  12. I will no longer refer to him as Bernie Sanders, i dont think any of us should, use what ever but do not give it its proper name…….

    kind of like Voldemorte, thou shall never speak its name……

  13. {{{imust}}}

  14. Hillary’s campaign against Trump is going to be epic. She has an endless supply of material to work with.

  15. Woohoo, thanks imust for a new thread and welcome back!

  16. Thank you Moon for the update. I have been looking at it daily. They are making progress. Still looks good for our gal.

  17. Yup, thanks Moon.

    God, I need to help count those effin’ votes. We aren’t building the pyramids here California!

  18. At this point “the turd that will not flush” staying in the “race” is just out right sexism. He won’t even admit what Hillary accomplished was historic. He just goes on about his “revolution.” If the founding fathers’ revolution was a successful as the unflushable turd’s revolution we would still be part of Great Britain.

  19. and no one needs to pull Hillary left cuz most of us are in the center for cryin’ out loud.

  20. All the uppityville usual suspects are back in the babble “du jour”.

    Makes me happy!

    The FART alias Trump(et), says he’s won 14 millions votes?…?

  21. Crabby old bastard has lost all credibility that people are just making jokes about him now, even his backers are ashamed to be associated with him now.

    Political revolution………what a load of old shit……

    Here’s your political revolution….the exit poll bias was real in the primary

    officially only 2% of the vote in SC was 18-24 yr olds…..yes count it….2%, I’m sure he’s say that was rigged too.

  22. Where is the con artist and turds tax return?

  23. It’s OFFICIAL as of today, all 45 Dem Senators not named crabby old bastard have now ALL endorsed Hillary Clinton. The final hold out John Tester came over from the dark side.

    Every Senator except the old goat now…….That makes the old goat the grumpiest bad tempered sulkiest little child in the room.

  24. Crabby old goats Campaign manager just said : Crabby old goat may endorse Clinton before convention…..


    I don’t want if ands or buts, either you do or dont, i dont effing care at this point.

    His endorsement is neither sought or required. Now walk on…..before the Upppity crew go all uppity on your ass.

  25. Sanders wouldn’t be a help for Hillary’s campaign anyway. Entitled white-male privilege is not a great selling point these days.

  26. Prolix has a great post up at Widders.

  27. At this point the unflushable turd’s minions and the unflushable turd’s endorsement are not needed. These conspiracy theory white male privileged forever aggrieved asses were never going to vote for the first woman president. Fir the rest of the salvageable minions time to take your blinders off. Your turd is just another sexist hypocrite with nothing to offer but anger and blame for his underachieving basement dwelling special snowflakes.

    Yes the us flushable turd has me very angry with all his bullsh!t revolution of one.

  28. That should be the Unflushable turd. I am on my third glass of some really good wine

  29. flvoter said: Yes the us flushable turd has me very angry with all his bullsh!t revolution of one.

    Don’t forget Sarandon and Tim. That’s a grand total of three.

    I really hope Sarandon’s kids get her declared incompetent and take away whatever money she has, supposedly between $50-60 million. The *revolution* would have never affected her in the slightest.

  30. I love it when the 1% like Sarandan lecture the rest of us 99%ers about who we should vote for. Really there is nothing stopping her and Timmy from giving away all of their money to us 99%ers or stopping Warren Buffet from paying more money in taxes than his secretary.

  31. Thank you, your career is now ended, pick up your pinkslip on the way out………

    Sanders surrogate Tulsi Gabbard: ‘I’m not prepared’ to back Clinton

  32. Hallelujah–didn’t know how much longer I could go without pie.

  33. Really Moon? What a dipsh!t these minions are. Okay now on my fourth glass of wine and doing laundry. I am no longer angry. The more I drink the mellower I get. If the unflushable turd doesn’t concede soon I will become a wino or all my whites are going look pink. Here is a real revolution who needs to sort colors and whites anymore let’s all wash them together in peace!

  34. At least this dipshit realises he still has a career unlike that Gabbard trogladite….

    One of Bernie Sanders’s earliest supporters on Capitol Hill says it’s time for the Vermont senator to throw his support behind Hillary Clinton.

    Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) says he has warned the campaign that Sanders has nothing to gain by refusing to concede the presidential race or withhold his support from Clinton.

    “The sooner he indicates his support for Hillary Clinton the more leverage he’ll have to achieve his goals,” Welch said in an interview with The Hill.

    Welch said Sanders’s leverage lies in a small-dollar donor list that is the “envy of Washington,” and the nearly 2,000 delegates who can help him push through a progressive platform or changes to the nominating process at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

    “His leverage isn’t in delaying supporting Clinton or refusing to acknowledge that she’ll be the nominee,” Welch said. “He knows she’s going to be the nominee. I’ve encouraged them to support Hillary Clinton and then move full speed ahead with their goals of influencing the party platform and making changes to the party rules he’d like to see.”

    Welch said he worries that Sanders risks burning all the political capital he’s amassed over the course of the primary by staying in the race too long.

    “He has enormous potential to take that support that he’s gained and the excitement he’s generated and translate that into effective policies,” Welch said. “But I think it would be helpful if he just puts the question about whether he’ll support Hillary Clinton behind him.”

    Welch was also critical of Sanders’s insistence on ousting Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Vt.) as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

    Sanders has demanded new leadership at the DNC, and has signaled it could be one of the factors he considers as he decides how to wind down his campaign and whether to back Clinton.

    “I’m a little puzzled by that,” Welch said. “What has propelled his campaign is a laser-like focus on issues of economic insecurity among the middle class because of an economy that is rigged against them. That’s what has mobilized his voters. His supporters are not preoccupied with the organizational chart at the DNC. Party politics is not his thing and not what electrified his voters.”

    Sanders is in Vermont this weekend considering the way forward.

  35. flvoter..or maybe your whites look pink because of all the wine you drank! 🙂

  36. Yes votinghillary. That could very well be true! I’ll know more in the morning.😀

  37. Maybe Tulsi Gabbard would like the Green Party and Jill Stein better than the Democratoc Party.

  38. Flvoter, wine will do that, it’s the quintessential MELLOWER.

    Seriously, bernie’s small donor list is worthless. It is not the envy of anybody. Fact is, it’s a list of people who made donations to a guy who promised them free shit including paid bills for things you and I and pretty much every adult have paid for ourselves. He conned them into believing the rest of us would be taxed up our asses to give them a free right. If FREE wasn’t involved, Bernie wouldn’t have raised shit. That’s what his actual “revolution” amounts to…….a demand for free shit nobody wants to give at their own financial peril.

    No, his donor’s list isn’t worth shit.

  39. Pluto, he’s ‘thinking’ of endorsing her before convention because they gave him an ultimatum. You either endorse before convention or you don’t get to say a word into a microphone during the final day. He was told this in no uncertain terms. Personally, I wish he wouldn’t so he couldn’t get near a microphone to ruin the final convention day for the first woman in the USA to be a candidate for president. He can’t stand losing to her and it shows all over his green face. God knows what he will say with a mic near his arrogant mouth.

  40. Fl, you’re right. In fact, most of the party is center left. Progressives are a wing, a fringe. And no they won’t be taking over. There are just plain more of us than them. They have just overplayed their hand and gone too too far left as to insist we become a Socialist Republic. Fuck that.

  41. I agree, the donor list isn’t worth much of anything. Let Sanders keep it; maybe they will retire his debt for him. And I am just completely tired of hearing people on air or off, say that Sanders has the power and the right to move the platform, because he won some caucuses, and primaries in mostly deep Red states. Any left wing candidate for the Democratic Party gets at least 30% of the primary vote. Jesse Jackson did in ’88, and there were more than two candidates in that race. Take those White Obama supporters who derived great pleasure from cheating Hillary out of the nomination last time; throw in some first-time voters who demanded free tuition; and add in some Libertarians and Republican gamers, and that was the very large part of Sanders; vote. I don’t want to hear him at the convention, and I do not want him to have any influence on the platform. What kind of influence did Hillary, who got more votes, and won most of the big primaries, have when she purportedly lost? How many seats on the platform commitee did she get?

  42. Can’t remember where I heard this, but BerningBum manscaped his junk into a perfect replica of Grumpy Cat and an over-aggressive Burlington animal control officer spayed or neutered him this weekend. That’s why he was sitting down during his speech.

  43. With a lot more votes and a lot more delegates, no one suggested that in 2008 Hillary had any leverage at all. And if she had tried to use her delegates for anything other than supporting Obama on the roll call, that would have been the end of her political career. I don’t know if Peter Welch is pandering to Bernie lovers back in Vermont, but he is full of it. And I am damn sick of the different treatment given to a loser man than a woman who actually WON. Some people think we should just stop talking about Bernie. I never will as long as he is the poster boy for misogyny. I expect Trump to be an asshole. Someone who ran in Dem primary should be better than this.

  44. And where the fuck is Donna Brazile when she’s really needed?

  45. This old Arab proverb describes how I see and feel about Sanders:
    The dogs bark but the Caravan moves on.
    Bernie is the barking dog.

  46. The moving finger writes.

  47. nor all thy Piety nor Wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

  48. The UFT should not be allowed to speak at the convention in the first place, but if they do let him, he should get, at best, the 2 to 3 pm time slot.

  49. So, Warren decides to stop into Hillary’s headquarters, says to HILLARY’s people: “‘Don’t screw this up”.

    Hillary wasn’t there, so since Lizzy didn’t throw her support to Hillary until AFTER the June 7th election was over…I have to ask myself, why the Hell was she in Hillary’s political HQs????

    Elizabeth Warren visits Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters: ‘Don’t screw this up’


  50. Imust – please ignore the one thumbs down on your top thread post. I was on my google cell phone and my finger didn’t aim correctly for the tiny thumbs up. There is no way to take it back.

  51. St. Elizabeth of Massachusetts drops by Hillary’s headquarters and instead of words of encouragement and offers of assistance, warns them, “Don’t screw this up.” If she actually is on the short list, which I doubt, please remove her IMMEDIATELY. Thank you.

    She has a problem which would come up in the vetting anyway–she and her husband got very rich very fast back in the nineties flipping foreclosed homes. Not illegal but very hypocrtical for someone who professes undying solidarity with the struggling middle class and criticizes banks for their foreclosure practices.

  52. I am posting this mainly for Upps response. I am confident it will be a doozy. 🙂

  53. and the nearly 2,000 delegates who can help him push through a progressive platform or changes to the nominating process at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

    Bullshite. His 2k delegates don’t get to vote on every little platform piece or every little nuance of things.

    Also, he needs to be reminded to think about his place in the Senate after the convention because what Chuck Schumer gives, he can take away, leaving Bernie with lots of time on his hands.

  54. Hi Fredster!

    Bernie doesn’t mind time on his hands. He’s always been a malicious malingerer, complainer and blamer. He’s practically made a cottage industry out of it. He never gets anything done and he never will. Time on his hands just gives him more…….time…….to perfect his Professional Victim status.

  55. I don’t trust Chuck Schumer as far as I can throw him. Same for Harry Reid. One reason Hillary is relishing the fight against Trump (other than his complete unfitness for presidency) is because she’s so 😫 of having to fight the people who are supposedly on her side. And I’m 😫 of hearing people imply, intimate, or outright say a Hillary vote is somehow < a BS vote.

  56. CheetoMussolini

  57. Brassy I don’t trust Donna Brazile. I saw her on cnn while Hillary and Bernie was running. She sounded like she wasn’t into Hillary.

    We should all e-mail Hillary and tell her to screw the turd. I know she is thinking this. Let her know we are behind her.

  58. I don’t trust her either, neeta. In 2008, she was all over Hillary like a cheap suit to get out, back Obama, get her supporters on board. Now, everyone is kissing Bernie’s wrinkly old ass (as Uppity would say), and there’s radio silence from Brazile. That’s why I wonder where she is when she’s really needed–when a losing candidate is clearly trying to hijack the party. If she’s still on the DNC, she should be trying to protect the party.

  59. lets get it right here, its not 2K delegates, its 1879, Hillary has 1000 more at 2850.

    Actually its less than that now for the old crabby bastard as his SD’s have moved to Clinton……….so i raise you Hillary who has a shitload more delegates than thou who shall not be named.

  60. I agree with Brassy Rebel that the Democratic “leaders” are not to be trusted, they have their own agenda. I saw a headline today, “Clinton’s allies try to entice Sanders with prime time speaking slot.” I’m not at all sure they are allies. These Senate people always think that they know what is best for their party and the country; this while their numbers decline. In some ways,, the Democrats are masters at losing overall national power, and then seeming bewildered about it. And some of these Senators seem to think that they will roll over a President Clinton and enhance their own prestige.

    There are good Senators like Brown and Franken and Klobuchar. But there are some, like Schumer and Reid, who are far too full of themselves. How does Reid get the right to emphatically state that Hillary must not pick a Senator for VP who is from a state with a Republican governor? What gives him the stature to push for Warren as the cchoice? And yes, Warren is an unpredictable person who is likely to do more damage to a ticket than help it. I have no comprehension of why she showed up at the HQ. For publicity? On a whim? To figuratively wave her hands and say, “Here I am! Pick me!”?

    As to Brazile, she and Gore were the two people most responsible for losing the 2000 election. She spent 2008 doing everything she could, including changing party rules, to get Obama in over Hillary. We do not want or need her help. Finally, as to Sanders, if he gets a major speaking slot, he will unquestionably use it to try to steal the convention spotlight from Hillary, as well as perhaps damaging the Democratic Party. I wouldn’t “entice” him with anything. He is standing for the principle that if you refuse to endorse the winner, and you don’t leave the race. you get all sorts of goodies as a reward. A bad principle to validate, for now and for future races.

  61. Chelsea and Mark had their baby!!!!!!!

  62. Oh dear. Here’s hoping everyone gets over BOS soon! That would be Bernie Obsession Syndrome. HRC campaign definitely has moved on.

  63. William, Reid wants to get Warren out of the Senate because she’s a pain in the ass. Reid is retiring, but I’m sure Schumer has the same motive.

    Wonderful, happy news from Chelsea! Congratulations to the whole Clinton-Mezvinsky clan!

  64. Hillary is having one helluva June!

  65. My hope is the floating turd stubbornly does not give an inch and does not speak at the convention.

    That would be lovely.

  66. laughed so hard but i bet he probably thought about it.

  67. California Update :

    Hillary Clinton
    (Party Preference: DEM) 2,503,064 54.5%

    Crabby Old Bastard
    (Party Preference: DEM) 2,044,428 44.5%

    Whats left

    Vote by mail 488,747
    Provisional 664,099
    other 48,549

    Total left 1,201,395

    He’s really not cutting into any lead she had………..

  68. Upps! I hope he gets *lots* of time on his hands then, the crusty old bastid!

  69. says it all really……

  70. Provisional seems a little high. More than mail in. Is that because of cross overs or Indies?

  71. This is a fabulous photoset….

    View story at Medium.com

  72. Provisionals are high but a lot of them will probably be thrown out as not entitled to vote in that primary, wrong registrations, all that sort of thing, a lot could be votes in the gop primary too.

  73. So, Chelsea was really close on Super Omega Tuesday. I thought she’d been campaigning in CA. Perhaps not. Perhaps this is another reason why Hill had her big speech in Brooklyn and not CA.

  74. Haha

    Crabby old bastards’s delegate count in WA has dropped his percentage from 72.7% to 60.9%. More no-shows at the delegate convention.

  75. Crabby old bastard also just creamed at Iowa Dem convention….

    final numbers IaDemConvention:

    707 delegates for Hillary, 578 for Crabby old Bastard

  76. The interesting thing about Bernie’s “count” at Iowa Dem Conv is that over 100 of his delegates (& their alternates) simply didn’t show up.

  77. Just for you, moon:

  78. The theory is that as Crabby Old Bastard is no longer paying for bus or hotels, that many of those so called “delegates” were from out of state and just could not afford to get there.

  79. “[COB] no longer paying for bus or hotels, that many of those so called “delegates” were from out of state”

    Eeenteresting. Also: figures.

  80. At this point I’m with those of you who say you hope Bernie doesn’t concede and continues on. If he continues on we won’t have to hear him speak at the convention. Of course even if he gets a speaking slot I’m not going to listen to him. You already know what he’s going to say and it’s same thing he’s been saying for over a year now.

    Bernie also doesn’t seem to realize you can’t have a “political revolution” if no one shows up to vote.

  81. moon, thanks for the caucus news. Hilarious! Uppity is right and his snotty little followers are undoubtedly pissed that Bernie isn’t coughing up the dough for them to support him. Imagine having supporters like that!?!

  82. Overall, I think Bernoids campaign was horribly run.

  83. Oh I was sputtering after I read St. Liz of Tusschetts command to the Clinton campaign. Many days late and many dollars short for anyone in the campaign to take her criticism. Piss off. As for Brazile, there is a special seat in the Ninth Ring for her backstabbing butt.

  84. Another lie bites the dust:

  85. Well, we all knew this, but the Harvard figures on media bias against HRC are still astounding:


  86. Saturday night funny with our HRC…and listen to the guy at the end. We ARE so lucky she didn’t leave US.

  87. Received my woman’s card today! It looks nice!

  88. @socalannie: “[Bernoids] undoubtedly pissed that Bernie isn’t coughing up the dough for them to support him”

    But, but, but, they’re so enthusiastic! Not like Hillary’s voters. (Yes, voters.)

  89. St. Liz of Tusschetts


  90. Ga, Bernie hasn’t been saying the same ten lines for over a year now. It’s over DECADES. I could give you videos of him saying the exact same shit with Abbie Hoffman sitting next to him, that’s how long he’s been saying the same shit day in and day out.

  91. So much for delegate “Loyalty”. Bernie ran out of money and delegates at the same time.

  92. If he doesn’t concede they shouldn’t even let him in when the speakers are on stage. He can stand outside with his Bolshevik Wannabees.

  93. Rebel I’d rather have Liz be a pain in the ass in the Senate than a pain in the ass to Hillary.

    I think the thought of her being that close to the Presidency is a horror. She’s bernie without the little wrinkled dick.

  94. I never liked Schumer. The only way he got there was because he ran against that slimy, sweaty mafia greaseball thug Al D’Amato. A possum could have beaten D’Amato that year.

    As for Reid, I lost respect for him so long ago I can’t even remember how many years it is. Every election year he would try to threaten women with the Fair Pay thing. Then the day after he would get elected, he would find yet another say to use us as a bargaining chip. Fuck him. I hope he has a miserable old age. He is not a friend of women.

  95. Yeah. Me too. But that’s why Reid is trying to ship her special delivery to Chappaqua. Hillary should refuse package.

  96. Yeah I must, you can bet most of those provisionals are Indies and non registered Bernoids who missed registration deadline, didn’t sign their form, never registered at all, live in another state, etc etc.

  97. Brazile is yet another ingrate. She would have been nowhere if it weren’t for the Clintons to begin with.

  98. I love HRC’s Twitter folks:

  99. trixta @ 10:17 pm: Thanks for the link. I do have one problem with the explanation for Hillary’s overwhelmingly negative coverage. One of the quoted experts attributes it to her frontrunner status which meant that horserace coverage of her became negative as Sanders’ popularity increased. The problem is that Hillary was getting pounded relentlessly even when she was 60 points ahead. The negativitity against her surely had an effect on Sanders’ rise. So that’s just an excuse for the misogyny that Hillary had to battle from beginning to end. It is absolutely shocking that Hillary was covered more negatively than Trump and was also portrayed as the most dishonest candidate in the race. If, goddess forbid, Trump becomes president, the media will be to blame.

    The other shock is that in spite of this tsunami of negative, misogynistic coverage of Hillary, she still won! That’s how truly AMAZING she is.

  100. It occurs to me that the Bernie bot delegates who failed to show up at the dem convention in IA, may have an effect of more and more Bernie delegates not showing up in Philadelphia…

  101. From your lips to God’s ears, OldCoastie.

  102. You’re welcome, Brassy! Agree totally with your assessment. Indeed, Clinton’s primary success is remarkable in the face of such malicious media metanarratives (mmm). They don’t call reporting “story” for nothing.

  103. Crabby ole bastard is costing taxpayers shedloads of money by not dropping out because of his security detail. Costing us $38,000 a day


    BURLINGTON, Vt. — When Sen. Bernie Sanders, the now-vanquished Democratic presidential candidate, returns to Capitol Hill to vote Monday, he is expected to be accompanied by his constant traveling companions from the campaign trail: the U.S. Secret Service.

    Although Hillary Clinton has clinched the party’s nomination, Sanders retains one of the trappings of a top-notch candidate. A team of agents still guards him at his home, where they’ve constructed a small watch station on the property. They travel with him on commercial and charter flights and use a motorcade to whisk him through cities he visits. And they recently marched alongside him during a gay-pride event here in his home town after the Orlando shootings.

    Such round-the-clock protection can cost taxpayers more than $38,000 a day. And with the potential for the Secret Service to be watching over Sanders through the Democratic convention in Philadelphia five weeks from now, the taxpayers may get stuck with a big security bill long after his campaign receded from the daily cable-news cycle.

  104. It is going to be 104 degrees in some areas of Los Angeles today, and higher tomorrow. It used to be that June was a very pleasant weather month, with 70’s and at most low 80’s. Of all the evil things which the Republicans do, the attemps to deny and do anything about climate change, is one of the very worst. Selling their souls for the money they get from the oil and coal industries, is unmitigated evil. There used to be some Republicans who actually cared about the environment, but none of them does now. I hope that at some point, Hillary makes climate change a major issue in the campaign. We desperately need to make major gains downticket, because the soulless Republicans will stymie any environmental legislation. I think that if Hillary brings this up, more voters will become aware of the desperate need to change the balance of power in Congress.

  105. Protesters have mounted an inflatable Donald Trump donning a KKK costume ahead of his rally site in Phoenix.Source: CNN


  106. Shadow @ 3:38, that is hilarious!

  107. On MSNBC today, they briefly mentioned that some Bernie supporters are receiving protest training in Chicago, in preparation for the Democratic Convention.

  108. Birdgal, those little punks need to go find a job. Protesting for what ? The turd lost get over it.

  109. Well the little bastard are going to get a surprise. They will be protesting one mile away from the convention behind a six foot fence.

  110. I do not understand why the Democratic Party is even having this discussion, particularly during a general election. Because Sanders wants these changes? So what? What standing does he have to demand changes, and particularly make a big show of them at this time? They can talk about it in the next two years or so. The party is worried about Sanders being upset? He’s always upset. They’re worried about his followers? The rational ones will vote for Hillary, and the other ones wouldn’t do it no matter what Sanders said.

    And it was rather ridiculous for Dean to now say that the SD’s can stay, but they should vote in the same proportion as the primary results. That would render them redundant. Also, it would have gotten Hillary the nomination in 2008. And why do I need to hear Warren’s opinions on anything? Independent of anything else, if the Democratic Party actually went the way that Sanders wanted, in terms of policies and procedures, they would risk making themselves into a perennially losing party, just like in 1972-1992.

  111. The #PPLSummit:

    The event, which was organized by National Nurses United, a labor union that campaigned heavily for Mr. Sanders, featured discussions about how to encourage like-minded people to run for local offices and to push groups to work together on issues like racial justice, income inequality and electoral changes. One session included discussion of protest methods, using mock sit-ins and arrests, for the Democratic National Convention next month in Philadelphia.

    Panels included “The Robin Hood Tax: Challenging Wall Street, Neo-Liberalism and Perpetual Debt” and “Ending Voter Suppression, Mass Incarceration, Deportations and Gender Inequality.”


    I find it disgusting that they consider closed primaries “voter suppression.” It’s disrespectful to real voter suppression.

  112. Looks like Burlington College isn’t the first college Jane Sanders fucked up


  113. Caucuses are one of the biggest causes of voter suppression, as well as strict voter ID laws.

    The nurses union is the one that I belong to, as a condition of my employment. We have great benefits due to the union’s power and advocacy, but their over the top endorsement of Sanders has really rubbed me the wrong way. They have been a super pac and have spent at least 4.5 million dollars on his behalf. It is very irritating, when your union supports the opposite candidate .

  114. That Jane is a real winner.

  115. Well it’s 104 right now, which is a big improvement over 110. Stay safe Uppity’s. Lots of love to (((((Utah)))))

  116. In the end, no changes will ever be made without the heavily weighted input of the Party Leader. Considering the Timing, it would be in concert with the incoming leader. Let the shit play out. Even a capitulation can be changed in due time.

  117. SophieCT, I’ve watched that scenario play out from afar dozens of times and once from the inside. Once upon a time, I was the PR flack and thus got to look at unvarnished resumes. I received one from our Board and it had two items underlined (presumably by the Board) 1) Southern Baptist and (I swear to God) 2) “prison guard, Ft. Leavenworth.” I have yet to see the words “former marine” equate to decent college leadership. It’s right up there with “police chief” but the Powerful love their little tin pot nazis when it comes to hushing dissent. The best educational leaders I’ve met were women. The second best group was veterans who were enlisted men and women. Some of the worst included graduates from Ivy League schools. Not making any claims, just citing personal experience. Mrs. Sen. UFT Sanders surprises me not for having a “stellar” career before her late unfortunate reign.

  118. Birdgal @ 9:59 pm: Are you sure that the nurses union you belong to is the one that supports Sanders? There is in fact a far larger, LEGIT nurses union which I heard endorsed Hillary a couple of months ago. This Sanders group appears to deliberately sow confusion to make it appear they have widespread support from nurses. The nurses I know are professional nurses not professional agitators.

  119. I have to laugh over Bernie’s Run For Office call. At Bernie Central, they go all excited! Yayyyyyy I’m running for office!! Yayyyyyy me too!!! Where do i “Sign Up”??? Yayyyyyyyyy. I’m 22, Yayyyyyyyyyy office!

    Wait till they find out how much WORK it is to run for office. And how much MORE work it is to win! You had BETTER learn about ALL the local issues and state issues too! You had better learn the proper procedures and deadlines and nobody is going to spoon feed you. NO CODDLING. You start out on your own and you bust your ass to be out there visible and, you’d better not be a dumb shit. You had better have speaking skills and you had better watch how you answer your local press when they ask you a question. Oh and one more thing: You need money. You need signs. Buy extra! Because after you spend the day putting up 400 of your signs, you will wake up the next day to find out 200 of them are gone. You will need to pay for TV, newspaper and radio ads. You you need volunteers. You need to get petition signatures to prove anyone on earth gives a shit if you run for office — and they had better be legitimate signatures or you will be on the front page of your local paper over a piece discussing election fraud. If you live in an actual city with sizable population, or county etc, you need thousands of those signatures. You’ll get them by knocking on doors, lots of them, or standing in the heat outside an event, you will beg. And you’ll want those endorsements from fringe parties and groups with power. And I can assure you, they don’t come to you, you have to go to them. Later, if you win, they will “Remind” you.

    Oh yeah. I would pay money to watch these clowns try to run for office without giving up in the middle of the whole thing. That is, if they even meet the deadlines. They can’t even register to vote on time lolololol.

    Oh and you’d better not have too many skeletons in that old closet either, because your opponent will find them. If not, your opponent will make some up. Oh and one more thannnnng…….you need to be endorsed by your party. Kissy-Facey! And you had better be in that party longer than 15 minutes too. You’d better hope enough people know and respect you (and your family!) enough to donate to your campaign before the debt gets too scary. You don’t get a packed house of sold tickets by being a pissant whose only claim to fame is you went to a dumbed-down college and you worked as a playground director for two summers. Annnnnnnnnnd……..since you are that wonderful thing known as “Progressive,” you just KNOW all the property owners, who already pay all the bills for the city and county, including all those Services you THINK are “socialized,” are going to just LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing you tell them how more shit is going to be FREEEEEEEEE for everybody and that will benefit THEM as well, because everybody will be happpppyyyy! They are going to be SO HAPPY to hear that their taxes will be going up, that they will all be paying $15 an hour to their ten employees that will be reduced to five faster than you can say ARE YOUUUUUUUUU SHITTING ME? You want me to pay for WHAT??? I’m barely above water now! Get lost!

    Don’t forget to show up at all the Community events, go to all the senior centers on Politician Day and kiss all the old ladies, and pray that somebody there knows your family and loves them. Because that is the person who will “help” everybody else fill out their absentee ballot.Don’t forget to donate to the New Air Conditioner fund and I don’t mean $27 either. Stop at the trinket shop and buy some shit too.

    You will do all of this while still showing up at your current job. What, you don’t have a job? Then you’re a bloodsucker looking for something for yourself. Nobody elects a deadbeat. Not even other deadbeats.

    And on election day, dear “Progressive,” you will need to get the people who will benefit most by your new Socialist Republic to vote. Get a bunch of cars and vans and buses ready to pick them up and drag them over to the polls. You may have to explain to them how to vote too. They might not answer the door when you go to pick them up. You’ll have to pay somebody to coordinate that, while you visit all the polling places and give them donuts and pizza.

    If by some miracle you win, you will suddenly have friends you never even knew you had lolol. And all those people who helped you in some small way will remind you for the rest of your term that they “Put you in office”.

    I’m laughing my ass off here. The best I have ever seen a progressive do in an election is to come in THIRD (unless there are four people running, then they come in 4th), because taxpayers, I mean REAL taxpayers, VOTE, trust me on this! They don’t “forget to vote”. They don’t “Forget” to register and will wipe the floor with you after they scratch you off their memory chip the minute you start talking about all the cool things they are going to pay for if you’re elected. And by the way, getting elected doesn’t mean SHIT because you have to work with a whole bunch of OTHER elected people and “Community Leaders” who aren’t going to just lie down and do what you say. Not to mention the phone calls 24/7 from complaining constituents and Favor-Mongers.

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyy, you little pissants! Run for office just like Bernie says! See how well you do next to that guy EVERYBODY knows and loves, the one who got everyone’s cousin a job and who just got the governor to donate a couple of million for a park renovation. The one who already has a staff to help him win again. The one with EXPERIENCE at things. And PRAY your opponent isn’t a slimebag like Bernie, because your ass will be smeared at every turn. Politics is a CONTACT SPORT! And Beer Pong is nothing by comparison. And don’t even TRY to mem’rize the same old ten-line speech at local debates, because you are going to be expected to have REAL answers to REAL issues that affect the constituents locally. Do that without pissing off half the room, which you will ALWAYs do. Good luck, geniuses! Because running against you would be my idea of a day at the beach. Been there, done that. Have fun if someone like me doesn’t make you jump off a high cliff first.

  120. Brassy, Yes, I belong to CNA (California Nurses Association), which is part of the National Nurses United union. It is the activist union for non-management nurses. The American Nurses Association is more for management type nurses, although any nurse can join. In the 90’s CNA broke away from the ANA, because they weren’t advocating for bedside nurses. CNA joined with Teamsters and became National Nurses United and took CNA nationwide. Rose Ann Moro helped this to occur. They are extremely activist oriented and have proposed Robin’s Hood tax, ban to fracking, single payer healthcare, etc., etc. they came out early for supporting Sanders, because he wants everything they want. Hillary is the devil incarnate to them and they have pin dolls in their office that say, “Stick it to her, before she sticks it to you.”

  121. Thanks for the info, Birdgal. They sound lovely. I wonder where they get the time and money for all the protesting/agitating.

  122. “Stick it to you” to them means, it’s not Free and you are expected to have some skin in the game just like everybody else YOU want to stick it to.

  123. Brassy , They get their funds from our union dues. A portion goes for political activism. They are always protesting something. Some of it is good, but other times, it can be very irritating. They have a big Bernie bus that they have taken from state campaigning for him and they have huge billboards up throughout the Bay Area and the top of a huge building that one sees, as they land in LA.

  124. That sounds very expensive. They must be more interested in supporting Bernie than in supporting nurses. I’m sorry you’re forced to support Bernie with your union dues. It’s one thing to have to belong to a union that spends dues on behalf of the membership. Quite another to have your dues go to someone like BS. The only other thing I know about them is that they supported Nader in 2000. So they also gave us Bush. Not helpful.

  125. This week I hope folks can stop kicking that dead horse and move ahead to the general election. Hillary certainly has, and weeks ago.
    We won. Won BIG. Won going away. Enjoy it!

    This guy is the ONLY one we have to defeat now, that is if he even makes it to his own, “ghost town” of a convention…




    The old dead horse isn’t even a side dish anymore, he’s a garnish. The Cheeto Jesus (Apologies to both Cheetos and Jesus) is the final hurdle to History (HER-STORY!) and a walking, talking punchline for all to laugh at, when we aren’t cringing.
    Hillary’s great week is turning into a great month. Let’s make it a great “Summer of Hillary”! Happy 1st day of Summer to all!…

  126. Last night, my husband wore a maroon tee and yellow shorts.
    He takes all the credit for the Cavs’ historic win.
    Cleveland, you’re welcome.

  127. You see I’m a woman and I am capable of multi-tasking. So I am capable of fighting Trump and the unflushable turd at the same time.

    Frankly, at this point I don’t want UFT or his minions changing the party platform. It’s not what I voted for when I voted for my candidate (that happened to win). If the party platform isn’t such a big deal then the unflushable turd can leave it to the winner to re-write it. Why do I or any woman needs to change and give in to the losing candidate’s demands? I’m on the winning side. The primary wasn’t even close. The losers need to fall in line and wait until they are able to amass a majority of the party to support them. Otherwise how is this any different than the “super delegates” gifting the election to the losing candidate?

    Why does yet another woman need to give in to the wants and desires of yet another man who is less qualified than the woman? Right now this is about principle. I draw a line in the sand. No more. I will not play nice and give into the demands of an inferior male because “penis.” My eye is on the prize, which is the first woman president. But the prize is also refusing to “gift” another inferior male with what belongs to the woman that won. That’s the real revolution. Hillary is entitled to the same support from the Democratic Party that Obama received. She’s earned it. UFT needs to endorse now and campaign like hell to make sure she’s elected. If he refuses he needs to be treated like the turd he is. If Hillary did it why can’t UFT do it?

  128. Please, everyone, click on the links provided by Sophie last night at 9:59. EXCELLENT!

  129. You said it, flvoter! I respect those who urge us to ignore BS and focus on Trump. The problem is BS is trying to retroactively disenfranchise those of us who voted for Hillary. My vote is not < a vote for BS. I refuse to shrug this off and move on to Trump while the Sanders people and Sanders himself continue to push for replacing Hillary's agenda with Sanders'. That's exactly what they want. And when I hear party leaders suggest we should give in to BS on this, I get mighty pissed.

  130. One other thing, Nurses in CA ran for convention delegate seats for Sanders and I read anywhere from 135-185 won delegate slots. Now, how many of those actually get to the convention I don’t know, but they will be raising hell, like they usually do, when they are protesting something or leading a march. These people will be on the convention floor. Sanders wanted Rose Ann Moro on the platform committee, but the DNC declined her a seat. Probably, because of the single payer healthcare issue, among other things.

  131. Happy 1st summer day NewRealist, good posting comments!

  132. Sophie @ 9:59:
    Thank you for the links.

  133. Uppity, excellent essay on Sanders acolytes running for office. There have been various left-wing Democrats running here and there over thd last four decades, and they virtually never win anything. I will never really understand why the media keeps pushing this “Sanders Revolution,” when it was never anything new and remarkable, just the expected anti-Hillary vote in the Democratic Party, plus some LIbertarians. And of course very few middle and upper class people are going to vote for an agenda which raises their taxes, unless they get tangible benefits. To this day, after a dozen debates and about 5,000 speeches, Sanders has never said how he planned to pay for any of his plans, other than muttering something about a transaction tax on Wall Street (how does that work? Who is going to pass it?), or taxing the rich in some fashion. No one ever really called him on it, either, which is another incredible failure of the media. Sanders is a more unpleasant and less personally heroic version of McGovern. Republicans dream of running against candidates like that. The Left pines for those kind of virtuous defeats.

    Hillary cannot afford to let that platform be changed to anything that she is not very comfortable with. Even if the platform literally does not bind anyone to anything, you can bet that the Republicans (and our friends, the media) will pound away at any plank which is outside of what the mainstream voters want. This is a strange con game going on here, where Sanders (and the media) keeps bluffing that he has this immense voting bloc, when he does not; and keeps trying to extract major concessions from Hillary and the Democratic Party with his Birnam Wood ruse.

  134. I will not be finished with the Sandcrab until he says he has lost and is out of the game. He is going to try and derail the convention and I am sure that Hillary and her campaign is gearing up for it.

  135. Trump fired his lead campaign manager at the request of his daughter, Ivanka.

    GOP hates T.Rump, women hate him from both parties, minorities hate him…

  136. Comment is in the dumper.

  137. The way I see people like the unflushable turd are a problem since they do want to tell “the little lady” what is best. As if I don’t know what is best for me or any of Hillary’s voters know what is best for them and what direction, we the majority want to see the party go. Just another man trying to push us aside. Trump is a huge problem but so is UFT and his minions. I’m not stepping aside for anyone. I have waited all of my life for this and I will not allow a man to diminish it in any way. Like all of us here 8 years ago was really tough. I was really angry because my vote in the primary wasn’t going to be counted and then the final resolution was that my vote was halved. I’m not letting that happen again.

  138. Boy, that Lewendowski is an awful twitchy, fast talking little weirdo.


  139. Why do we need to continue to fight when our candidate won the primary by a lot? How insane is that? That we even has to travel down this road is crazy! I shouldn’t even have to explain my comments about UFT since it is incredibly obvious what is happening. Just because the Democrats don’t want to admit that the left wing of the party is sexist doesn’t mean that they are not sexist.

  140. Upps, LOVE your comment on the pissants running for office! It needs to be a post!

  141. Email from Hillary (Hope the link works)

    Friend —

    Thanks for standing with Hillary to end gun violence.

    Forward this email to friends and family and ask them to sign on if they agree:



    — Hillary for America

  142. Upps, awesome comments about running for office, but the RULES HAVE TO BE CHANGED because the “snowflakes” say so.

  143. Yeah, try to change the rules at local level and watch your ass get kicked.

    These pissants haven’t got the guts to REALLY run. And their social media will be worthless except to their little choir.

  144. Perfect and Priceless.

  145. Upps, LOVE your comment on the pissants running for office! It needs to be a post!

    EXACTLY what I was going to say!

  146. I dunno Upps. About what it takes to run for office. That’s obviously what it akes for some people. But remember that Congresscritter who was interviewed by Stephen Colbert on The Daily Show a few years ago? A Repub whose whole platform was Da Ten Commandments. Colbert asked him to list the commandments. He couldn’t. He remembered about two of them. He did have good hair.

    And the one campaign where I personally knew the incredibly talented and competent woman running for Dem Party support. She was as far above the other two contenders as Hillary is above Bernie. The Dem Party elevates the 30-something guy with good hair instead of her.

    So, as I say, I dunno, Upps. What you say rings true if you’re running because of a strong belief in public service. Otherwise it looks like it’s more a case of who you know and how much they’re confident you’ll do their bidding.

  147. Sophie @ 9:59:

    Those links were awesome reads. I love how all these highly-partisan so-called watchdog groups try to name themselves something patriotic or even slightly liberal sounding to try and call off the dogs of investigation of their real founding, funding and purpose.

  148. OldCostie:

    You have to be on drugs in order to manage “a la Trump cabaret style campaign…you know, anything goes…off…!

  149. Senate just voted against background checks at gun-shows. VOTE the “nay” Senators OUT.

  150. Those rat bastards.

  151. Driving home on the freeway, car thermometer said: 115 degrees! Yowza!

  152. I heard that Wall Street donors said if Hillary picks EW as vp her donations would dry up. They do not want her.

  153. And, yes, Bernie decided to show up to vote today:

  154. The US of NRA. They should put a gun on the American flag.

  155. Apparently we need about 63 Democratic Senators to ever pass a worthwhile bill. Republican ideological purity has destroyed the Senate as a viable institution.

  156. imust: where are you? 115 degrees…!!!

  157. 106 in inland So Cal….


  158. A nice summary of the differences between the 4 ammendments voted on in the Senate today:

  159. GOP, your tough on criminals and terrorists party. Not!

  160. @bellcat….socal.

  161. Yeah, it sucks that the gun laws were voted down by the Rethugs. Blame them all ya want, but the Dems had a supermajority when Obama became prez, and Dems were tossed out of both houses because of the sloppy politics that Obama wanted and they pushed though without knowing what crap was in the ObamaCare bill. A bill that made Big Phama and the Insur. companies richer and cost the American public more for their healthcare.

    The only hope we have is that Hillary straightens it out.

  162. The good news is that the Dems forced GOP senators to go on the record which they did not want to do and had no intention of doing.

  163. But I DO know, Quixote. I indeed did give at the office 🙂

    You come in on a bulldozer as a novice and they will bury you. Same holds true of if you start a new job. But once you prove yourself (as in you win) they will flock to you. But still, there is work if you are to continue on. If the people find you are pulling their chain or if they think you don’t think you need to “work” for their votes, they will ditch you like yesterday’s newspaper no matter how many people You Know.

    You are seeing what pissed off voters can do to a politician. You are seeing it in the Republican party. All the Power is Powerless now. They are stuck with their biggest nightmare……

  164. Hooray! I finally got my Woman Card!

  165. I have mine too. I forgot to announce it the other day when it came.

  166. Have not been by recently;too ashamed. Apparently the recreational dope here in Washington state has caused such a level of delusion that the Wa Sate Dem Party endorsed Bernie last weekend.Arrrgh!
    The general election can’t come soon enough..so sick of the Closeted Hillary Supporter thing..;so tired of hearing about her “unfavorables” and the residue of Bernie Bots.Feel like I need a bath.
    And whatever will the media report on if they can’t beat up on Hillary?
    ( Pardon me if I don’t cry real tears for the media) There is more honor and integrity on this blog than in all the national reporting.

  167. If you say so, Upps. I’d actually be a bit encouraged if it took enough smarts and organization to do all that.

    But then how do you explain things like that Repub who didn’t know his own commandments? Somehow, he got elected with nothing but wind between the ears.

    Can’t believe that about the WA Dem Party. BS did win the caucus there, though, right? Maybe they think they have to, because of that.

  168. Hillary’s camp must have got a new shipment because my card arrived last week also.

  169. Msdsal

    I don’t know what the Hell is going on with WA either. Always thought WA and OR kinda voted like CA…west coasters and all that.

    My two older sisters left CA for WA when it was the ‘in thing’ to do, more affordable…one is a Rethug, but she voted for Hillary in 2008, and this time wanted to vote for Bernie, but I guess not enough to register as a Dem…and didn’t vote in the Caucus bs.

    My older sister, who has always voted Dem, met up with some ‘red necks’ of a sort, and is on her high horse about voting for Trump.

    They are not into any kind of drugs, older generation…but I don’t know what happened to them up there?

    Is something in the water??? 😉

  170. Thanks again (((Fix-it Fairy))) for pulling my comment out of the dumper again.

  171. I keep looking at my new Woman Card and wondering how I can put it to good use. Maybe when I go to purchace something, I will hand the cashier this card and see how they react?

    I guess the risk is someone in CA that is voting for Trump will have to show me their comtempt and I can just laugh at them for supporting such a loser?

    I have a lot of pent up (8 years) of frustration to release… 😉

  172. This says it all:

  173. Because we need the laugh, tonight’s Twitter funny:

  174. Msdsal,
    the Wa Sate Dem Party endorsed Bernie last weekend.Arrrgh!

    They had to do that because their spring caucuses went like 2/3 for Bernie. It was like that for Obama in 08.

  175. No wonder he kept quiet…..his fundraising for may is finally released

    Crabby old bastard only raised $16 million in may and spent 14 million of that…not much left in the bank.

    and the other crabby old racist bastard raised has only $1 million dollars left in the bank…..has no money to compete, GOP are wondering what the hell he is doing…..

    Also looks like his campaign workings may be possibly illegal…..

  176. As per MSNBC

    Crabby old bastards staff are getting tired of him not conceding cuz they need new jobs-feels like he’s holding them hostage.


    Then quit and walk away you whiny little turds. He might get the hint.

  177. Donald Trump’s campaign finished May with just $1.3 million in the bank. It’s a troublingly low cash position that came as a double blow on the same day that Trump fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

    Trump’s end-of-May finances, revealed in a report to the Federal Election Commission delivered Monday night, is strikingly low for a presumptive nominee of a major party.
    Trump raised just $3.1 million for his campaign during May.

    During the same month, presumptive Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton raised $26.4 million and finished May with $42.5 million cash on hand.

    Clinton has raised $238.2 million over the entire campaign – nearly quadruple Trump’s largely self-funded $64.6 million.

    Trump and his top lieutenants have been publicly projecting confidence, and insisting they don’t need as much money as Clinton does to win.


    and most of that has been rinse-cycled through trump enterprises. I’m getting the impression Trump’s money is all like that, created and built on credit being shifted from one place to another like one giant ponzi scheme.

  178. I am so happy for you Shadow. I am going to get my car repaired today. I am going to give the guy my women card. I will say oops sorry about that to see what he says. Will let you know later. I am in Cleveland.

  179. WA and OR are not like CA. CA is diverse. WA and OR are the DudeBros

  180. One thing the silent, closeted Hillary majority can do is write letters. Actual letters on paper. It turns out that news organizations, politicians, and companies hold real letters in higher esteem than phone calls, e-mails, or social media messages.

  181. Wall street isn’t going to fund Donald either. They would rather deal with regulations than massive uncertainty.

    On the other hand, some might think a nuclear blow-out would be good for profits.

  182. Quixote, Trump is the product of the Republican Party’s real thoughts. They created him by allowing the extreme wing to take over. They are getting what they deserve. If we aren’t careful with our so-called Progressive wing, which is rapidly becoming our own Tea Party, our party will suffer the same fate.

    Remember, though, i am talking about these twits wanting to run for local elections, city, county, etc. Those elections are VERY personal. And these local elections require tons of flesh pressing and every single voter wants that individual flesh-press. It’s a LOT of work. These pissants of course will try to run for state jobs or even congress, which makes things hilarious. You don’t win these races unless you’ve shown a lot of voters your chops first. Their arrogance alone will leave them with an embarrassing thousand votes. And if they think they are going to yell FRAUD and change the rules, they are in for a VERY rude awakening. Bernie has released a bunch of delusional unicorn humpers. For all their bluster, lucky if ten of them try to run and the fun part will be watching them get their asses kicked in a primary. I wish I had a thousand every time I saw this happen.

  183. Sophie, forget Wall Street…….NOBODY wants to fund Donald.

  184. New website launched by Clinton campaign: Art of the Steal


  185. Moon

    Trump raised just $3.1 million for his campaign during May.

    The ironic things about this situation are:

    – T.Rumps main and constant boast is that he is RICH, no one buys him with donations and he is the one that knows most about business.
    (But it shows he is just selling Snake Oil)

    – On his apprentice shows, the main reason people are ‘fired’ is because they don’t raise enough money.

  186. Hillary will be speaking live in Columbus Ohio on cnn soon.

  187. Thanks neetabug for the heads-up.

    Let me know how the Woman’s Card works on getting yer car fixed.

  188. Did not get a chance to present my woman card to the repair shop. I left it there. They had to order a part.

  189. UK, EU referendum poll tracker

    To leave EU or stay, the polls show a 1% difference now. 43% vs 42%


    How does it always seem to happen, whenever there is an election, half the people want it one way and the other half want it the opposite way???

    How does America have about the same amount of Rethugs as it does Dems?

    Statistically, it seems impossible but true.

  190. Who are these lucky ducks that get to sit in on a CSPAN speech? Bon Jovi playing in the background as Hillary gets ready.

    Bon Jovi is cute, cute, cute…even as he gets older…not the greatest voice though.

  191. Since Hillary is spending a lot of time in Ohio, I have a feeling she is leaning towards VP Brown???

  192. Shadow they are saying the polls are tied. You could have fooled me. Everyone I talk to can’t stand Trump

  193. Neetabug, you must live in Hillary heaven. 😉 I thought I lived and worked in Bernie country…but it turns out, it was Hillary land and everyone was being silent about it.

  194. Here in Ohio we must get Rob Portman out of the senate. The dem party are pumped here in Cuyahoga County. They have boots on the ground here. I stopped at a famous corned beef place here. Someone was out front registering people.

  195. I heard there are closet republicans who will be voting for Hillary because they can’t stand Trump.

  196. Shadow not where I live. They are telling everyone they better get out and vote so Crazy don’t become president.

  197. Labor Day we have a big parade with all the Dems who are running. The parade ends up in this famous park. There is music food etc. . I know Marcia Fudge will be there. I am hoping Hillary will be there.

    What is with this crowd in Columbus?

  198. Wish I could watch Hillary’s speech, but I’m at work. However, I am wondering what folks here in Uppityland think of the GOP establishment’s chances of ousting Trump as the nominee. I’m hearing more and more about this. Don’t know how they’d do it or who they’d do it with, but they’re definitely gonna try. And how would the troglydites in the Republican base who gave Trump the nomination in the first place react to an establishment “coronation” in their own party instead of in the Dem party?

  199. I noticed that too, Shadow.

    Sherrod Brown. ………swoon….

  200. If UK leaves EU, it will be devastating for our stock market.

  201. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. WOman’s card in a greasemonkey place…..Noooooooooooooooooooo.

  202. Brassy Rebel, it would seem very unlikely that the Republicans could get rid of Trump as the candidate, but of course for them it is only about winning, even if they have to make up their party rules as they go along. That’s the only way they could do it; simply invent some “conscience clause” where people pledged to vote for Tump could opt out. It would be undemocratic to the extreme, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t do it; because they are like alien bengs who are only programmed to win.

    And the scary thing is that voters are so unknolwedgeable, that they would be liable to vote for one of those Paul Ryan-type Republicans who have disastrous policies, but seem nice about it. Would the Trump voters go berserk? Perhaps. Many might vote for Gary Johnson. Again, I think it is very unlikely. And sadly enough. this is particularly true because various polls touted today on CNN have Trump tied with Hillary in OH and PA, and only about 5 points behind overall. I didn’t catch the entire speech; I will try to watch it tonight on CSPAN. She sounded very good. Trump responded by tweeting utter lies about Hillary putting the entire nation at risk, but of course the average voter doesn’t seem to understand any of it. And then the CNN political analyst described the speech as “liver; it may be good for you, but it is not appetizing.. It’s not chocolate cake,” And that is the typical inane and entertainment-oriented way the the media covers things. So there is still a lot we have overcome in this election. I think we’ll do it, but the biased and profit-driven media, and the general ignorance of the voters, will make it very difficult.

  203. Did you hear The Unflushed Turd walked into the GOP lunchroom with his full Secret Service Detail. Realized his mistake, turned around and walked to Dems lunchroom? First of all, I didn’t know they had separate lunchrooms, but more importantly, shouldn’t TUFT have his own, pristine, corp. free lunchroom? Maybe a closet?

  204. Imust, troubling story in two ways.. First, it has been so long since he has been to work at the Senate that he forgot where his lunchroom was. Second, that he forgot where his lunchroom was…. UGH and he is ready to lead our country.

  205. Shadow @11:40 am

    I certainly hope so for VP Brown.

    Some may think why another white male, but Hillary needs to reach out and appeal to white young males; specially that white young males -that feel disenfranchised, are the core support of “The Fart” (alias Trump).

    From that perspective, it would be a politically smart choice.

  206. Hillary’s line of the day during her speech:

    “He’s written a lot of books about business. They all seem to end at Chapter 11, go figure.”

    BTW, can I add that this is the absolute STRANGEST election I have ever seen.

  207. I agree bellcat, Hillary needs a strong, popular male. Someone she feels most comfortable with to help her work with both sides of Congress, in a must win state.

  208. trixta,

    Here’s Hillary in Ohio:

    Thanks for that link of the saved speech. I was watching it live at work and had to hide it when someone walked into my office for help….the nerve (hehe).

  209. I hope she picks Brown. I know the problem with Kasich picking a rethug, but hopefully the Dems could win the seat back the following year.

  210. As far as the Rethugs wanting to get rid of Rump, by changing the rules…I say they should go for it. So what if a lot of freakin’ angry men don’t get what they want.

    Too bad, deal with it.

    I don’t effin’ care!

  211. socalannie

    I agree, one less senator to get a popular VP is well worth it.

  212. Want some wine?

  213. You’re welcome, Shadow! Had dinner on Sunday with some folks in Auburn (conservative mountain country) and one lifelong Republican admitted he would be voting for a Dem for president for the very first time because Donald was just too cray cray and unpredictable; the other Republican was advocating for the “outsider” candidate because Hillary’s emails and her murderous ways. I debunked both stories as soon as he uttered them. He then quickly left the table to have a smoke. Word is, and to my surprise, that most people in that area hate Trump more than Hillary.

  214. I decided this morning if I were a conman, I would WANT the drumpf donor list….

    Would make for easy pickin’s.

  215. Pathetic whiners…….

    Some Bernie delegates are whining about having to pay for their hotel rooms in Philly saying “It’s a ploy by the DNC to disenfranchise us!”

  216. Crabboz are all for getting us to pay for all their free stuff.

    We aren’t your mommy and daddy, pay for your own snowflake delusions.

  217. socalannie,

    I hope she picks Brown. I know the problem with Kasich picking a rethug, but hopefully the Dems could win the seat back the following year.

    You bet we would.

  218. Moon, I know a woman who is going to be a delegate for the convention and it is going to cost her almost 5,000.00 to attend.

  219. Hillary’s speech today:

  220. CNN and Wolf Blitzer just continue to suck. He’s now asking if Hillary Clinton can convince voters to trust her with the economy? Duh! My dog could do better with the economy than Donald Chapter 11 Trump.

  221. Belle,and just as important, picking Brown could bring her the swing state of Ohio.

    Also, Sherrod is a hottie.

  222. Trump Jr. on msnbc talking real fast.

    They are having a collective panic attack.

  223. bird girl

    Tell your new delegate to check out airbnb, much cheaper rooms, everyone I know uses it.

  224. WA state voters chose Hillary in the Primary election! Which, in the stupidity of the state’s Dem party high-ups, was ignored, as planned in advance, in favor of the caucus results (where the Bernie bullies won). Another burn of this is that the state’s Republican party does use the Primary election results.

    The party is ignoring the primary results from Tuesday, so they don’t officially matter. But awkwardly, Clinton won by 5 percentage points. That’s an incredible 51-point swing from March to May.

    Now to me the likely explanation is that so few voters participated in the March caucus (230,000) that it was unrepresentative of what the broader public actually thinks. About 785,000 voted in Tuesday’s Democratic primary — more than three times the caucus turnout.

    That isn’t an explanation that goes over well in Sandersland. On a national Sanders site, a Bernie activist from Tacoma wrote that Sanders voters in Washington were disenfranchised. The online tool at the state where you can track your ballot (myvote.wa.gov) was showing that some Sanders voters weren’t even listed as registered, the post contended. “Crooked Hillary strikes again,” was one response to that. “Crap like this is what pushes people to do irrational things,” wrote another Sanders backer. “When they are pushed and pushed …”

    Good grief, people! Is it that difficult to imagine Clinton might do better in a much higher turnout mail-in election, one that doesn’t require activists to line up in gymnasiums on a Saturday?


  225. NW Luna, On FB and online, the Sanders supporters think that the election was stolen from them by, faulty and rigged voting machines, voter suppression because independents weren’t allowed to vote in some primaries, and crooked people at the voting places giving misinformation. They think Hillary and the DNC are to blame for what happened in Arizona and other places where Hillary won. This belief is wide spread and unshakable.

  226. Indeed birdgal and I blame Bernie. Weaver, and Devine. They were the ones with that “rigged” rhetoric, suing states, etc. And Bernie only walked it back once, but then next rally, started back in with the rigged bullshit.

  227. I don’t get it. How does a state have a primary on one day and a caucus on another…and what is the logic behind it??

  228. When Crabboz talk about “crooked Hillary”, they are quoting Rump…they are a lost cause and shouldn’t get an inch.

  229. Sophie, I agree and it has really poisoned people against Hillary.

    Shadowfax, Nebraska did the same thing. Sanders won the caucus and Hillary won the primary by 20 pts. The turnout was much higher in the primary.

  230. Even The Nation says it wasn’t rigged. Very thorough article.

  231. shadow, the logic behind the primaries (after caucuses) is for all the downticket races. They add in the presidential line for data, I guess.

  232. Stories running about three on VP shortlist are Castro, Kaine and Warren, though there might be some others. One never knows about these articles, but they report that it is those three who are being asked for reams of personal data, supporting the conclusion.

    For a year, I have read that Castro is the favorite. I have never understood why. If Hillary picks him, she opens herself up to serious criticism that she picked an unproven lightweight. I think that he is the worst choice on the board, though the unpredictable and rather strange affect of Warren makes her a real risk, too. Thus I would be compelled to want the rather bland and dull Kaine, given such choices. I can only hope that there is still the chance for Brown, though I am tending to doubt it. I actually thought that the mention of Tim Ryan from Ohio last week was an interesting idea; and that he might be a good choice. But I’ve heard more about Becerra than Ryan in the speculation; and I don’t see the plus side there at all. Pick a senator, and do not worry about the fact that he is from a state with a Republican governor! Hillary has to win; and after that, we could really use a big victory, for a mandate, and also to win downticket. That shoudl be the first priority. I do not see any of the apparent three shortlist members helping in that regard. At least Kaine is from a swing state.

  233. Separated at birth? 😈

  234. Wouldn’t it be funny if that list was leaked to keep everyone busy and she comes out with someone not even on it?!

  235. birdgal, I know the Bernie bullies (as a friend of mine called them after standing up for Hillary at her caucus) are delusional. I tried to counter their ridiculous claims with the facts when I went to my caucus, and they would have none of it. “No, I don’t believe it — Bernie wouldn’t vote against research into gun violence,” and other such BS. It was the same as — or worse — than trying to talk to the Obamabots in ’08. It was like talking to Republicans! None so blind as those who will not see. No wonder so many people don’t want to go to their caucuses. You have to endure these belligerent idiots while giving up 2+ hours of your time.

  236. shadow, there is no logic to caucuses IMO. And in WA state the primary election for presidential candidates was in spring, and had no down-ticket races. Our states regular primary elections, which include the down-ticket races, is held in late summer. What’s more, the state pays for the primary election process, whereas the parties have to put on their caucuses with their own money.

    When I cornered my state Dem rep back in ’08 about why they keep such an undemocratic custom, the reply was that they wanted the voter contact info they got from the caucus sign-ins.

    However this year when I questioned the same representative, she said that they’ll probably change, due to all the negative press they got about how bad the caucus system is. I’m not holding my breath.

  237. Hope this Bernie bully gets slammed when he’s sentenced in October, but he’s already been released from jail.

    A Seattle Bernie Sanders supporter accused of threatening to cut out U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott’s tongue has pleaded guilty to federal charges.

    Jasper K. Bell admitted to threatening McDermott, D-Wash., in April over his support for Hillary Clinton. Bell, 27, was initially charged in state court before the matter was taken up by federal prosecutors.
    Investigators claim Bell had been fixated on McDermott for some time before the April 22 incident that saw him make threatening calls to McDermott before arriving at the congressman’s Seattle office.

    McDermott, a long-serving liberal whose 7th Congressional District comprises most of Seattle and several suburbs, announced in January that he would be retiring after 14 terms in Congress. A competitive primary contest is underway for the seat representing the deep-blue 7th District. Witnesses at McDermott’s downtown Seattle office told police Bell was yelling, spitting and banging his fists against the office windows. He was arrested hours after that April 22 incident. ….

    Bell was released from jail following his guilty plea in U.S. District Court at Seattle. He has been ordered to obtain anger management counseling and mental health treatment, and to stay away from McDermott, his staff and any political rallies. He is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 28 by U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik.


  238. SophieCT
    shadow, the logic behind the primaries (after caucuses)

    Thanks for the info Sophie, seems like the more important aspect is the person running for President, and the trickle down folks should be on the same ballot and the caucus is just something for the pistoff males to play chicken with everyone elses vote.

  239. Ivory Bill


  240. Sophie
    Wouldn’t it be funny if that list was leaked to keep everyone busy and she comes out with someone not even on it?!

    I think the “Top 3”, with their photos and all, is what the MEDIA is trying to push. Warren…get real.

    I have heard Hillary refer to a possible person in business, in two different speeches. Like a bread crumb, soft, almost with a hidden wink.

    I have a pretty good feeling Hillary and Bill have it narrowed down to a couple of people, but they will wait for the lawyers to check their records.

    In my oh, so humble opinion. 😉

  241. NW Luna,
    shadow, there is no logic to caucuses IMO

    Thanks, interesting contrast in comments from 2008 and now. I guess everyone has to keep complaining about the undemocratic caucuses.

  242. I have heard Hillary refer to a possible person in business, in two different speeches. Like a bread crumb, soft, almost with a hidden wink.

    I’ve seen her do that too. One time she intimated Mark Cuban. I’ve seen him a few times since then and I certainly hope not him.

    Who else? Bloomberg?

  243. I don’t like Cuban myself; be that as it may, I can’t imagine anyone thinking he would be ready to lead if (god forbid) something happened to HIllary, so I hope its not true. Still hoping for Sherrod.

    GAgal, posted this hilarious article next door. It is super funny! Hubs and I were screaming with laughter when we read it:


  244. Sophie @8:24, Good article. Confirmed many of my thoughts.

  245. I don’t know how true this is, but I wouldn’t put it past Rump…

    “Trump Calls Canadians ‘Snow Mexicans’, Vows to Build Wall To Keep Them “In Canada Where They Belong”


  246. Come on Connie Schultz, convince your Sherrod to say yes.

  247. SophieCT, on June 21, 2016 at 9:05 PM said::

    Sophie, I have thought the same. The “leaked” list is just to keep the Warren-pushing media happy.

    It’s not going to be her.

  248. shadowfax, on June 22, 2016 at 12:39 AM said:

    That is a satire site.

  249. Thanks for letting me know Voting…it was passed on to me and I didn’t know if it was true or not.

  250. It was once kind of easy to pick out satire articles, but with the addition of Trump to the mix, let’s face it. all those satires sound quite real. A testimony to the absurdity that is Trump.

    Oh please, not Kaine. And definitely not Bloomers. Kaine is so effing boring, i nod off just hearing his name! He’s White Bread on steroids, only the steroids never seem to kick in. God no. Bloomberg, sweet Jesus, it’s like trading Donald for Donald. The man cannot stand being out of the limelight. This is the guy who controlled soda, for chrissakes! And he landed his copter on the roof of his home and forced his neighbors to smell the fuel and inhale the exhaust with his middle finger in the air. God save us from these billionaires. Do you really think that this guy a heartbeat from the Presidency gives a fast fuck about regular people?

    I’d rather have Warren than either of these two clowns. And you know how much I dislike Warren.

    That Cuban guy is nothing short of a cartoon, nobody could possibly be serious about him. And Castro is a good latino bet but, remember, as a heartbeat from the Presidency, he has the deepest learning curve of any of the people on that list. He knows NOTHING about government management or leadership. In fact, no candidate for VP was less qualified since Perot picked General Stockton. Perez is a better choice than Castro is. Maybe in ten years if he becomes a Senator or something that allows him to show true gvt leadership chops, but definitely not Now.

    Of course, I’m hot for Sherrod, but it’s not just because i want to rip his shirt off with my teeth. He’s got plenty else going for him. He’s progressive without being a crazy loon. He has sense. he is an awesome spokesperson for Hillary and he’s got The Demeanor. He would also bring in, not only Ohio, but the lunch-pail white men Hillary has a huge problem with. Their fee-fees are a huge problem. Sherrod is a Win-Win. I can’t think of ANYTHING that makes him a problem, either.

    Cory is another good choice. Although Democrats Own New Jersey, if you have ever seen Cory on CNN discussing ANYTHING, you understand this man’s ability to reason with impeccable communication skills. This man is a leader. I loved Cory Booker the day I saw him shoveling out one of his constituents’ vehicle in a massive snow storm. He’s a roll-up your sleeves kind of guy. When I see him, I think, he’s a future President. I feel as good about him as I do about Sherrod in terms of The Demeanor.

    Please take a moment to read my 2010 comparison of Cory Booker and Michael Bloomberg in the face of a major storm and it will show you all you need to know about who these two No-Contest guys are.

    “A Tale Of Two Mayors And A Snowstorm”

    And…….see Cory on Hillary Clinton in the face of being slammed by Sanders Barn Animals

    I rest my case.

  251. Great old post, Upps! Cory rocks!

  252. I just saw on a newsfeed that a Trump aide said, “The world went up in flames under Clinton.” And the sun rose every morning she was SOS. I guess she caused that too.

    Speaking of flames, someone from the blog should be assigned to hose down Uppity every time Sherrod Brown is mentioned. If Hillary actually picks him, we’ll need a whole fire department.

  253. I think the three names leaked as being vetted for vp are all unlikely but saying they’re being vetted checks the box. Warren won’t be picked because she’s, well…Warren. Castro is too inexperienced. And Kaine apparently is squishy on abortion rights. If not downright hostile. No way on Kaine.

    I never heard Hillary imply Cuban might be picked. She just thanked him for volunteering. She’s not going to pick some green, non-political figure who can be “Palinized”.

    Bottom line: Sherrod is still looking good–in all meanings of the term.

  254. I ADORE Cory Booker, but he’s not ready yet just as Castro isn’t. Mayor of a medium size city and Senator for a couple of years can be “Palinized”.

  255. . If Hillary actually picks him, we’ll need a whole fire department.

    Those firefighters are pretty cute too….just sayin 😉

  256. Well at least the Veepstakes have had no mention of Ralph Nader or the Lieberweasel. Yet.

  257. Brassy @ 9:39am:

    “Speaking of flames, someone from the blog should be assigned to hose down Uppity every time Sherrod Brown is mentioned. If Hillary actually picks him, we’ll need a whole fire department.”


  258. Well…

    NEW: Hillary Clinton to Campaign with Elizabeth Warren in Ohio pic.twitter.com/daPt3FfS77
    — Josh Schwerin (@JoshSchwerin) June 22, 2016

  259. I had the hots for another politician, wrong party but Scott Brown was pretty nice.

  260. More focus on Ohio…

  261. I e-mailed this video to this pastors church. His church is not far from where I live. I told the secretary this pastor couldn’t pray over my dog. He seems to have a lot of hate in his heart. I asked them how much money is Donald Trump paying him. I told the secretary that he has sold his soul to the devil.

    Please look at all this video


  262. Trump: Clinton a ‘world-class liar’

    Doesn’t this idiot have something more intelligent to say than always calling everyone a liar?

    I can’t wait for Hillary to send this loser back to his fake life…

  263. Good for them…
    Washington (CNN)Georgia Rep. John Lewis, a congressman known for historic contribution to the civil rights movement, is leading a sit-in on the House floor Wednesday to push Republicans to address gun violence.

    “Sometimes you have to do something out of the ordinary. Sometimes you have to make a way out of no way. We have been too quiet for too long,” the Democratic civil rights leader said, as nearly 30 of his colleagues came to join him on the floor. “There comes a time when you have to say something, when you have to make a little noise, when you have to move your feet. This is the time. Now is the time to get in the way. The time to act is now. We will be silent no more.”
    The group the chanted from the floor: “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!” and “No bill, no break!” while the House remained in recess as of 1 p.m. ET.
    Lewis wrote a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan demanding that he keep the House in session through its planned recess to debate and vote on gun control legislation. The move was the latest in a long string of failed attempts at enacting tighter curbs on firearms in the United States.
    “As the worst mass shooting in our nation’s history has underscored, our country cannot afford to stand by while this Congress continues to be paralyzed by politics,” the Georgia Democrat wrote.
    Ryan said, “the House cannot operate without members following the rules of the institution, so the House has recessed subject to the call of the chair.”
    Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy walked over and joined the sit-in. The lawmaker led a nearly 15-hour filibuster in the Senate last week asking lawmakers to vote on gun reform. Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin also joined the group.
    And former President Bill Clinton tweeted his encouragement, writing, “This is leadership” and linking to Lewis’ tweet about the sit-in.

  264. And the GOP killed the live feed of the sit-in. So much for freedom of speech.

    As for VP: is Warren Buffett too old?

  265. Crabby old bastard finally accepts reality.

    “It doesn’t appear that I’m going to be the nominee”

  266. “It doesn’t appear that I’m going to be the nominee.” Duh. No kidding, Sherlock. So why are you still running?

  267. Neeta, send that link to the IRS.

  268. Speaking of flames, someone from the blog should be assigned to hose down Uppity every time Sherrod Brown is mentioned. If Hillary actually picks him, we’ll need a whole fire department.

    Must. Have. Sherrod

  269. Ahhhh, poor Sandcrab….straining to shed a tiny tear………….

    ….nope…dry as a bone.

    Get the Hell outta the race and endorse Hillary you delusional windbag.

    Your 15 minutes ended months ago.

    Your bag of gold is empty, your revolution is dead.

    Just go home.

  270. I tell you Rebel, Cory has the chops to be VP. Can’t compare him to Castro, he’s never been elected to anything. Nobody will EVER Palinize Cory. The guy is Leadership Quality. And no way he’s a shit- for- brains like SP.

  271. Uppity!!! Sherrod Brown alert!!
    Speaking now on CSPAN!

  272. Did anyone watch Hillary’s speech in NC? She was on fire! Great speech!

  273. Sorry I missed it imust.

    The sit in for gun control is still going on and is being shown on cspan, looks like a makeshift camera, because the cameras are shut off in the House.

  274. Here is the full speech. Move to about the 2:00 mark to get past nasty FOX lies.

  275. Shadow they’re using Periscope for the camera feed.

  276. Damn! I missed Sherrod!

    *Bursts into tears*

  277. Bernie “It appears I’m not going to be the nominee” Sanders wandered onto the house floor to join the Democrats for their sit in. I wonder if he thought he was in the Dem lunchroom again.

    Uppity Sherrod was only speaking to motion that the senate officially congratulate the Cleveland Cavs on their win. Kinda seemed out of place in light of what the House Dems were doing at the same time.

  278. Sit in is still going on…

  279. Seriously, how juvenile of Paul Ryan to shut off the House cameras. Smart of the Dems to have a back-up plan.

  280. Crabby old bastard wandered in long enough to get a photo op and then wandered back out again.

  281. imust, I can understand Sherrod needing to do that silly congrats to the Cavs thing, its his state, and the team hasn’t won anything in like 50 years something. His constituents might have been pissed if he hadn’t.

  282. Hillary speech was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Voting Hil.

  283. VotingHillary,
    Here is the full speech.

    Great speech and policies. I am glad that Hillary is finally getting the chance to stand on her own…out of the primary and doing us proud.

  284. socalannie,
    It has been 52 yrs since the Cavs won a championship. They had a parade today for the Cavs, You would not believe the turnout. The train that takes you into downtown Cleve was packed. It had to pass up passengers waiting at different stops. RTA had to bring buses in to pick up passengers waiting at stops. Buses were so crowded, a lot of people walked from some suburbs to get to the parade. If you lived close to downtown Cleveland, I guarantee you could not find parking on any street.
    Yes this was a good day for Sherrod to congratulate the Cavs.

    I congratulate my city. With all the crowds they behaved with class.

  285. I hear what you’re saying socal. Sports culture is pretty strong. It just seemed weird juxtaposed to the protest, to me anyway. *Disclaimer: I’m not a big basketball fan. 🙂

  286. It occurs to me, with such a huge percentage of Bernie supporters who say they won’t vote for Hil, Hillary does not need to choose Warren as a VP to placate the bernbots….

    Don’t they know that?

  287. Rs coming back to House for the vote.

    This should be interesting.

  288. The sit in is still going strong, recorded on periscope and some of the Dem senators have joined in…this is awesome.


  289. I LOVE HRC’s Twitter folks:

  290. Back to the sit-in story, they are asking the public to call in and let them know that we want the Democrats in the House to be able to vote on the gun restriction laws. I tried to call and the phone is busy.

    If you want to help out, here is the phone number, 202-224-3121

    I don’t know but this might be Ryan’s phone number. They did say he in in his office now.

  291. Voting did you notice the Bernie Bot, Sanchez, who “won” with the help of the cheating bros did step down, but said “he would’ve won without their help”. Jeez these Bernie people are scum.

  292. I must, they are bullies .

  293. Joaquin Castro reports that cops are gathering on the 1st floor of the House.

  294. Bernie Bros are so Yesterday.

  295. Shadow said: If you want to help out, here is the phone number, 202-224-3121.

    That number is the main switchboard for the House of Representatives. They can direct your call to any office.

  296. I’m glad I’m not the only one watching the sit-in…some Rethugs came in and were trying to yell so loud that it would drown out the person speaking.

    This is awesome to see them fighting and protesting…

    I couldn’t get through on the phone calls, busy signal…but I ended up emailing my district Rep. at the House. I hope he got it, I asked him to tell those there not to give up, people are watching and care.

  297. I disagree with the hijacking of civil right movement to promote gun control and LGBT rights no matter what your views on said matters are. John Lewis is no doubt a very courageous hero, but he did abandon Hillary in 08 and using his gravitas as a civil rights pioneer to put on this dog and pony show is beneath him.

  298. JB

    I absolutely couldn’t disagree with you more about this being a dog and pony show.

  299. Hillary just opened another giant can of whup-ass on the Donald today. And she’s inspiring congressional Democrats to get up off the floor and fight. Talk about leading a revolution!

  300. I am sick and tired of all the damn military type guns, all the gangs using them, all the guns smuggled into the US, and all the idiots that mow down innocent people, just because they hate. I am sick and tired of the Rethugs that are married to the NRA loby, always talking about trying to get rid of American’s right to have a gun.

    No one is talking about taking every gun away, and to think that is what this is about is just bs.

  301. Wow, jb, I couldn’t disagree more. I think it is AMAZING for Lewis, as a civil rights leader, to use his clout to try and save lives from the willy-nilly gun laws. Not sure how it is being used for gay rights unless you think the murders at a gay night club are somehow inferior to the also mentioned children of Sandyhook, Columbine and the murders in San Bernardino.

  302. Brassy

    Do you have a link?

  303. My son was held up at gun point, by two men that only spoke Spanish, in broad daylight, 1 block from his apartment.

    He was beat to shit, but lived through it…but he is still tramatized by it.

    This shit has to stop!!!

  304. Anybody seen a list of Dem Reps supporting?

    Seems like lots are missing. 100 on the floor apparently.

  305. Someone posted that about 36 Reps are from CA at the sit in.

    I bet someone is twittering from there, or blogging.

  306. Thanks shadow – still hunting…

  307. OCoastie, please let me know if you find something.
    PS, I refuse to call you ‘old’. 😉

  308. They may be holding the floor while letting others take a nap and then rotate out.

  309. Whoa, House is back in session right now.

  310. Oh boy, a big uproar now. The Rethugs are saying congress is back in session right now, want to vote on some bill (?) then shut the House down until after the 4th of July….

  311. The Rethugs want to shut down the cameras in the House until after the 4th.

    Cowards, they don’t want the bad publicity.

  312. CSPAN said there are 188 Dems in the House tonight.

  313. Any night owls that are watching the sit-in, please post if you can.

    Off to bed. Night all.

  314. I’m with you Shadow, this was no “dog and pony” show…

    Being the nightiest of night owls, I did watch the sit-in in the House tonight, and let me say that for the first time in many moons, I saw some semblance of the Democratic Party – MY Democratic Party – that I have supported for my entire life.

    This was no dog and pony show, this was no publicity stunt (yeah, by the way, fuck you Paul Ryan) this was the right thing to do. I only hope the American people remember this in November.

    When WE elect Hillary, let us also take back control of our national legislature.

    I haven’t really considered myself a Democrat since 2008 (though I’m still registered, of course) because I hated (and still hate) what my Party did to Hillary back then, but, I will admit…

    For at least this one night, I am proud to be a Democrat.

  315. Who is Jbstonesfan?

  316. I am sorry Revolutionary War Vet,but it seems that some butt hurt moron with wet diapers down-voted your excellent comment.

  317. They are twittering from there. I have retweeted some of their pics.

    The argument that this is for publicity is true though. Publicity is what lets the public KNOW what’s going on or not going on. When they marched for civil rights, it was huge publicity and it WORKED. If the people are kept in the dark nothing ever happens. John Lewis knows that. And as for peaceful demonstration, it is the right of anyone to assemble and protest just like it’s their right to own a gun. You don’t focus on one Right and then say the other Right is not a good one.

    They’re doing it right. Not like Bernie’s savages, who threatened people day and night. You do not have the right to threaten people’s lives and you do not have the right to damage property and person. You have the right to PEACEFUL Protest and that is exactly what they are doing. The optics are very important, both as Information and as Perception. John Lewis is the right guy to lead this. He knows how this rolls on a much larger level.

    I pity Paul Ryan if he tries to extract or otherwise thwart the RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE. If he does that, the publicity will be a nightmare for him when thousands of people crash on the steps of Capitol Hill. Tread lightly, Eddie Munster.

  318. jb, PLENTY of people abandoned Hillary, didn’t they, now?

    John Lewis was one of the FIRST to endorse Hillary in 2008 and any fool could see he was severely pressured to switch. Furthermore, at least he is back, which is more than I can say for plenty of regular people who, not only got pissed off at the Obama camp and DNC, but who later even had the fucking audacity to blame Hillary for it.

    I shall NEVER understand the mind of a person who rails against people who stuck it to Hillary in 2008, while railing against Hillary themselves.

    Food for thought for lots of people.

  319. As one whose posts have often not received 5 stars, I don’t and wouldn’t take it personally, as though we all agree in general, there should be room for differences of opinion.
    I was banned form another site where differences of opinion were not welcomed, to say the least. I hope that the tactics and methods there won’t be replicated here…

    The sit in on the house floor is hopefully a signal that as Hillary makes passing sensible gun legislation part of her platform, her colleagues in Congress will show some solidarity and some stones. This is a first step. I believe that this is a coordinated effort between the White House, the Candidate and the Democratic Congressional leadership. While congress is bought and sold by the NRA, the American People, gun owners included, are overwhelmingly in favor of passing sensible laws.

    With what could be a huge electoral victory, and a Democratic Senate, Hillary will have a MANDATE to enact her policies. With a much less lopsided Congress, Democrats may finally be able to pass legislation that almost everyone wants and which is being blocked by a small but extremely powerful special interest group.

    The sit in is a clear sign that Democrats in Congress have faith in, and are ready to follow a leader on an issue they have been far too timid in tackling for far too long.


  321. Shadow, I was watching, couldn’t get off the bed to get my laptop. I did have my phone. I called all my night owl friends to watch.

  322. I agree Realist. The courage to make waves is much stronger when it’s fully Known that the candidate is With Them. And Visa Versa.

  323. I am sorry Revolutionary War Vet,but it seems that some butt hurt moron with wet diapers down-voted your excellent comment.

    Pshawwwwwwwww. Rev Vet doesn’t care. He’s fought bigger monsters. And that’s why we adore him.

  324. Thanks Uppity! I don’t think her visit to the hill and the sit in were unrelated.
    I am more proud of Hillary every day of this campaign…

  325. I agree with all the comments on this sit in. Rev War Vet’s comment was awesome! I can only hope it was an accidental lower that was given. I too was proud to be a Democrat last night. When I called my congressperson last night I said that!

  326. War vet

    “For at least this one night, I am proud to be a Democrat.”

    I’m with you. This is the spirit of what being a Democrat should be and I hope the public joins in with them, sends messages and phone calls of support.

    I wished I were there, I would be up in that gallery with a pile of snacks, water, a pillow, my laptop and blog from there. If they grew weary, I would start clapping in support.

    I hope more of the public joins in outside the House of Reps.

  327. Dear God! Another mass shooting, this time in a German cinema…

  328. Upps

    “… at least he is back, which is more than I can say for plenty of regular people who, not only got pissed off at the Obama camp and DNC, but who later even had the fucking audacity to blame Hillary for it.

    I shall NEVER understand the mind of a person who rails against people who stuck it to Hillary in 2008, while railing against Hillary themselves.
    Food for thought for lots of people.”

    Absolutely Upps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  329. More info on twitter:


  330. Realist, we agree to disagree on this site, save for things such as this:

    –This blog was started for Hillary and only for Hillary. If a person is not a Hillary supporter, said person has no business here. Period. We do not tolerate anti-Hillary slams here. 1st offense is last offense.
    –We don’t slam other blogs here. It’s immature and it’s bad taste. This blogger will never shoot first, but if shot AT, this blogger will shoot straight 🙂 I do admit I tend not to want to give link traffic to bloggers who have tangled with me in the past. Generally, they are also personally banned.
    –People who have a pattern of attacking me or other people on the blog personally tend to find themselves unable to comment here going forward.

    Hope that answers your inquiry xo

  331. LOL!

  332. shall NEVER understand the mind of a person who rails against people who stuck it to Hillary in 2008, while railing against Hillary themselves.

    Food for thought for lots of people.

    Upps, a lot of them were Republican ratfuckers from the get go.

  333. Thanks Upps! I appreciate you taking the time to lay out the “rules of the road” so to speak. I will in the future, refrain from any reference to any other site except to say hi to those who I remember and who have migrated to my new home…

    This site is my go to for all things Hillary, and I want to be a positive member of the community in every way. I was only commenting on etiquette because it seemed to be okay to me if my posts don’t always receive unanimous praise or get 5 stars, or any stars for that matter (But please give me unanimous praise and 5 stars!!!) just so long as my post is accepted by my fellow Hillary supporters.

    This is going to be an exhilarating ride (and that ride will be a roller coaster on occasion) from here on in, and we are all going to be feeling a lot of strong emotions along the way. I am so happy to have this site as a a safe haven from the haters and nay-sayers in the media and elsewhere.
    Again thanks!

  334. Republicans are truly an evil force at this point in the nation’s history. They will do anything to “win,” whether it is radically gerrymandering all the districts; supressing the vote; not even holding hearings on a Democratic president’s Supreme Court nomination; adjourning the House so as to avoid a vote on gun control legislation. If they could manage to never approve a Democratic appiointed Justice, so that the Court at some point only consisted of two jJustices, both right=wing ideologues, they would consider that a great victory. If they lost the Senate, they would filibuster every single bill, thus essentially shutting down the government, another great victory for them.

    The somewhat calming fact is that this election is truly the most important one ever. If the country chooses Trump and a Republican Congress, it is probably lost, both because of the results, and the fact that the voters actually chose that path. If Hillary is elected, there is new hope. It is the calm one feels if one puts his or her entire savings on one bet. All or nothing. But we can hopefully to something to influence the results in this instance.

  335. ((Neetabug))

  336. NewR

    I don’t think her visit to the hill and the sit in were unrelated.

    I’ve been saying that to people where I work.

  337. This is another great twitter link where Reps are tweeting from the floor of the House!


  338. I’ve been trying to find out if Dianne Feinstein is at the sit in, and I found this:

    Earlier this week, Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Chris Murphy (D-CT) introduced four different gun control measures in the wake of the Orlando massacre. All four failed. The result drew ire from the White House, who accused the lawmakers of “cowardice.”

    Not sure if she is there, but she and Murphy got the ball rolling…

  339. Upps

    This blog was started for Hillary and only for Hillary. If a person is not a Hillary supporter, said person has no business here. Period. We do not tolerate anti-Hillary slams here. 1st offense is last offense.

    Thank God, this is the ONLY PUMA site I have blogged at that I don’t get slammed for supporting Hillary.

    If someone needs to fight, there are plenty of other blogs to go to.

  340. Some at the sit-in are tweeting that the sit-in is over.

    Not time to end it.

  341. Contacted my R rep this morning and asked for a meeting. Lovely young man tried to take my complaint by phone but I was having none of it. Walters, here in CA-45, is not planning any constituent meetings. I apologized for being upset and received the phone and email for Mimi’s scheduler.

    Brother called this morning (also in district) and said Rep Walters had wiped her facebook page of all the posts calling for gun control.

    Lovely. (grr)

  342. UK in our out of EU

    Voting is taking place in a referendum on whether the UK remains a member of the EU or leaves

    Around 46.5m people are registered to vote in what is the third nationwide referendum in UK history

    Broadcasters, including the BBC, are not allowed to report details of campaigning while polls are open

  343. Look at the crap she publishes! Uses Orlando to sound off on Obama foreign policy.


  344. Have I mentioned that I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Hillary’s Twitter Team:

  345. I’m sorry, Shadowfax. I don’t know what you want a link to. In my last comment I was referring to Hillary’s N.C. speech yesterday.

  346. Shadowfax,cannot account for WA State foolishness.May be in the water,we’re having it tested. Appears to cause all manner of unreasonableness;still say the recreational dope plays a role;especially w/ the Bernie Bots.

    Here’s a theme I’m noticing w/ the Repubs..they apparently don’t want people to VOTE..not the citizens,not their representatives. In various states they’ve gone out of their way to suppress voter turn out.
    ( Maybe their way to deal w/changing demographics). Meaningless votes are allowed to go forward in the senate ( unless you’re asking for a vote for the Supreme Court);not even that in the House. What the hell are they afraid of;they have the majority? They’ve successfully managed to cripple both the judicial and legislative branches of the federal government. Why on earth would anyone want to continue to vote for ongoing inertia by voting for a Republican?

    To my way of thinking,a vote for a republican is the real vote for the status quo and a congress that is unable to do anything.

    So proud of the House;silence is no longer an option;just evidence of learned helplessness.Methinks there may have been strategy at work here. Every time I hear Hillary speak these days,I want to stand up and cheer..she,I feel..will be the real legacy of the Boomers.It will be glorious.

    Also, what about Adam Schiff of CA for VP? Well spoken;knowledgeable,lots of experience.

    New Thread?

  347. Brassy, thanks for the reply. I thought maybe Hillary had come out and said something else…and I missed it.

    Msdsal, the majority in congress hasn’t passed or done anything. Maybe because of the O’veto, maybe because they have no ideas that will fix anything.

  348. This is great, CNN just said that Rump is going to Scotland for the reopening (or whatever) at this golf course there.

    The Scots are pist and have raised Mexican flags there to piss him off.

  349. Julie, is that email I got that’s in my spam from you?

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