First Draft, 2016 Democratic Party Platform

From a statement by Senior Policy Advisor Maya Harris:

“We are proud that the draft 2016 Democratic Platform, which the drafting committee approved yesterday, represents the most ambitious and progressive platform our party has ever seen, and reflects the issues Hillary Clinton has championed throughout this campaign, from raising wages and creating more good-paying jobs to fixing our broken immigration system, reforming our criminal justice system, and protecting women’s reproductive health and rights. As our Chairman, Congressman Elijah Cummings, directed us at the outset, our platform does not merely reflect common ground—it seeks higher ground.

“For the first time ever, our platform calls for ending mass incarceration, shutting down the school-to-prison pipeline, and taking on the challenges of systemic racism. This year’s platform contains the most ambitious jobs plan on record, including historic investments in infrastructure, pledges to increase American manufacturing and stop companies from shipping jobs overseas, and a robust, stand-alone plank on youth jobs. It contains ambitious, progressive principles on wages, stating that working people should earn at least $15 an hour, citing New York’s minimum wage law and calling for raising and indexing the federal minimum wage. It also calls for the elimination of the ‘tipped’ wage and for the right of workers to form or join a union. And for the first time, the Democratic Party platform explicitly calls for repealing the Hyde Amendment, which restricts access to women’s reproductive rights, particularly low-income women and women of color.

“Four years ago, the Democratic platform called for an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy. This platform moves far beyond that framework, with a robust commitment to combating climate change and ambitious goals, like generating 50 percent of our electricity from clean sources within a decade. This vision was further strengthened through an amendment offered by representatives of both campaigns to see America running entirely on clean energy by mid-century.

“We are also pleased that there were many issues where committee members worked collaboratively to articulate a bold vision, including making sure Wall Street greed and recklessness never again threatens American families and businesses on Main Street; proposing a surtax on multi-millionaires to ensure the richest among us are paying their fair share to build an economy that works for everyone; and expanding Social Security benefits by raising more revenue above the $250,000 threshold.

There is much more. See the rest of the statement here.


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  1. Clinton surges to big lead in new poll from last month…

    Among reg voters 51-39

    Support for Donald Trump has plunged as he has alienated fellow Republicans and large majorities of voters overall in the course of a month of self-inflicted controversies, propelling Democrat Hillary Clinton to a double-digit lead nationally in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

    The survey found sweeping unease with the presumptive Republican nominee’s candidacy — from his incendiary rhetoric and values to his handling of both foreign affairs and his own business — foreshadowing that the November election could be a referendum on Trump more than anything else.

    Roughly two in three Americans say they think Trump is unqualified to lead the nation; are anxious about the idea of him as president; believe his comments about women, minorities and Muslims show an unfair bias; and see his attacks on a federal judge because of his Mexican American heritage as racist.

    A slimmer majority say they disapprove of the way Clinton has handled questions about her use of a personal email server while she was secretary of state, and half of Americans are anxious about the prospect of a Clinton presidency, underscoring the historic unpopularity of the two major-party candidates.


    and thats reg voters, among likely, its going to be even higher for her….

    I think this is the first one that has her cross the 50% threshold.

  2. Trump dead in the water, they may have to replace him…hopefully not, let him sink.

    64% say Trump is not qualified to serve as president, 56% feel this way strongly,

    70% anxious about a Trump presidency; 50% anxious about a Clinton presidency in new Post-ABC poll

    strong numbers.

  3. Saw Nina Turner on cnn this morning. She said she is not sure who she will vote for this Nov. She needs to just shut her big mouth. She knows hear in Ohio she has nothing coming to her. She better make her money now.

  4. Then Nina Turner needs her ass thrown out of the Dem party.

    She used Bill and Hillary when they were useful to her run in Ohio, now she is just some bitter witch needing a damn good slap into reality.

  5. I wish I could be encouraged by this poll, but look at how the media is framing it–two lousy candidates. They know they only have to get rid of Trump and then concentrate all their fire on Hillary. Emails? Really? Most people literally know NOTHING about the email issue and are just parrotting what they’ve picked up from the media. Then, when the emails show up in their “polls”, the media say, “See! The public is worried about the emails. They don’t trust her!”.

    Anxious about a Hillary presidency? This is an indictment of the inexcusable ignorance of vast numbers of the American people. They should be thanking God that a highly qualified, hard-working, experienced, and unbelievably knowledgeable candidate has stepped up to serve at such a chaotic and dangerous time. The “anxious” ones don’t deserve a president as great as Hillary will be. And I think a lot of them are actually “anxious” about a woman president. Not that the media ever acknowledges the existence of sexism and misogyny in this culture. End of rant.

  6. Moon she is the type of person who will go where she thinks she can make some money. The voters here in Ohio tossed her butt out. I think she is still angry. Just like that pastor Darryl Scott. Both are money hungry. They are not for the people.

  7. Internet petiton totally fake prank..told ya, knew it.

    less than 20% of signatures legit…..

  8. Too bad. Britain almost had an out to try to do the right thing.

  9. The people who are whinging about the outcome of Brexit are the young people, Northern Ireland and Scotland and London…….


    Which 4 had the lowest turnout in the whole country, yes you guessed it, the young, only 25% of the total amount of young voters 18-25 turned out to bother vote yet they are screaming the loudest, i guess exactly like berniebots, should have got out of bed and voted. Does this sound familiar.

    Northern Ireland had the lowest turnout in the UK, 52%, Scotland, the 2nd lowest ,64% turnout and London 65%………but who’s to blame, everybody else.

    I have no sympathy.

    Some of them were on media and tv today saying older people should be allowed to vote because “they have had their time” honestly, how pathetic. Other young people suggested that it was the gov’ts responsibility to make sure they turned out to vote…..I am seriously laughing in peoples faces.

    You think its bad in the US, the Uk millennials are even worse.

  10. I agree that they failed to show up and vote, just like the kids here. But still–they will be punished for LIFE while the people who voted for it don’t have to deal with it forever.

  11. I agree that they failed to show up and vote, just like the kids here. But still–they will be punished for LIFE while the people who voted for it don’t have to deal with it forever.

    You are right. And just wait till all the Cavalier people in the USA see what it does to OUR economy. It’s just beginning. The ignorance about the impact of this horrid decision on us is positively staggering.

  12. Nina Turner lost her last election because she is a fractious DO WHAT I TELL YOU annoyance. She is Bernie. Nobody gives a shit what she says, and thank GOD she’s not a Hillary “surrogate”. Bernie can have her.

  13. Uppity, I can’t stand Turner. Anytime she comes on, I have to mute the television. She is one angry person.

  14. Regarding the post Brexit debate, it doesn’t matter, now, how many people voted, or the demographics of the people who did. The problem is, it was a bad decision. The UK and the rest of the world, including us, will have to live with this mess.

  15. Churl, Sanders is a sore loser and doesn’t want give up the spotlight. He isn’t a true Democrat and I don’t think, he really cares about the Democratic Party. I wonder, if they can withhold a speaking spot from him?

  16. Bernie is stalking Hillary.

    He’s the kind of guy restraining orders were created for.

  17. Meanwhile, in NYC

  18. Didn’t take long…..

    It is revealing that new WP/ABC poll has Sanders supporters now backing Clinton by 81-8!

  19. Sanders says whatever he says…and preparations for the convention go on, the polls continue to widen in her favor, endorsements from political luminaries and foreign policy stars on both sides of the aisle roll out daily, and most Sanders voters already support Hillary.
    I love that tweet above on the PRIDE parade here in New York!
    That parade isn’t the only parade that is passing Sanders by…

    Let him talk. Nobody’s listening. Nobody cares. He just knows that with every passing day, he’s closer to returning to being that nobody he was a year ago.
    I am sure that Hillary isn’t losing any sleep over his slow tango to endorsement.

  20. I love that Hillary marched today in NYC, but at the same time, I so fear for her well-being when she does. Way too many crazies out there.

  21. If that poll be accurate, then it sounds like most Sanders supporters were not of the obnoxious “Bernout” variety after all. I wonder how many of the nasty ones were actually GOP or “independent conservative” rat****ers.

  22. This literally reduced me to tears…again.

  23. Sander’s refusal to endorse Hillary should not be rewarded. He is doing his supporters never intended to come around and while an endorsement this minute would be nice, it really is too little too late. He showed his true colors and cannot be trusted.

  24. I have not thought much about the possible calamity VH mentioned, but yeah, I hope her Secret Service detail is top-notch. The irresponsible right-wing media operatives, and their gullible hacks in the media itself, have been blasting us for 25 years (longer counting the years in the Arkanshire) with the myth that the Clintons are Mr. & Mrs. Beelzebub. Some unstable loser might decide he (of course it would be a “he”) would be performing a patriotic service by killing one or both of them. 😮

    Madoka forbid it.

  25. Multiple stabbings at a rally in Sacramento.

  26. HRC speaks at the US Conference of Mayors live from Indianapolis on C-SPAN at 4ET.

  27. What Brassy rebel said at 10:17. Oh they’re both so unpopular. Oh, why can’t we have Jesus H. Christ as a candidate. Oh, email server. Oh, oh, oh. And never ever ever ever say a word about their own or anyone else’s sexism even when it’s so big it’s blotting out their whole stupid picture.

    As for Sanders, how can he be so old and so delusional? If he was that out of touch surely it would have done him in before now. I think in his mind he’s going into history as a shining Che Guevara figure, posters of him on every kid’s wall, the one true avatar of equality and All The Nice Things™. Twitter needs to start making fun of him as only twitter can.

  28. This guy on c-span said Bernie should stay in the race if Hillary gets indicted. I still believe this is why he is staying. This is what he is hoping.
    Also someone said on c-span Bernie has been diagnosed with dementia. Has anyone heard this?

  29. I don’t know about Sanders himself, but that is certainly what Lord Haw-Haw Goodman is hoping.

    “Help me, FBI-wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”–Distilled essence of nearly every Goodman column lately. (Pronounce FBI “eff-bee” for proper effect.) 😆

  30. Neo Nazis rally in Sacramento, CA

    Matthew Heiman, chairman of the Traditionalist Worker Party, said his group and the Golden State Skinheads had organized the Sunday rally.

    Vice Chairman Matt Parrott, who was not present at the Sacramento rally, said it was a peaceful march and blamed “leftist radicals” for instigating the violence. Heiman said that in the clash, one of their marchers had been stabbed in the artery and six of the “anti-fascists” had also been stabbed.

    “We knew we were outnumbered. We stood our ground. We will be back. This is a victory for us because more of them walked away injured,” Heiman said.

    This is what Donald Trump has brought us:

    The Traditional Workers Party was founded by a man who has been dubbed “THE LITTLE FÜHRER” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, who in the last few years has moved into neo-Nazism. The Little Fuhrer is a Donald Trump supporter, who has bragged about shoving a black woman at a Trump rally.

    The violence in Sacramento represents what Trump is emboldening and encouraging. Trump has openly touted racism and bigotry, and white supremacists have flocked to his candidacy in droves. For those who think Trump is just a lying blowhard who should not be taken seriously, I encourage you to watch some of the videos above.

    Donald Trump and his rhetoric are bringing the racists back above ground. Whether he wins or loses, Trump’s words have already damaged the country. What happened in Sacramento was just a taste of what Donald Trump’s America could look like.

  31. Hillary speaking now

  32. What channel?
    Never mind, found it on CSPAN.

  33. Why do people think the FBI determines who gets indicted–because they DON’T. And Hillary hasn’t done a thing that could conceivably get her indicted. This is a right wing (and too often left wing) wet dream.

  34. Very disturbing seeing those red golf balls with Nazi emblem yesterday in Scotland. We are living in very troubled times both here and abroad and we need someone who can de-escalate the rising temperatures . The republicans have shown they are indifferent at best and Obama has not been a unifier , so G-d willing Hillary can bring some sanity back. Look, in the 90’s the republicans hated Bill but eventually they worked together and the 90’s saw real economic growth, peace and stability. Bill also saved thousands of Muslims in Bosnia and but for Arafat, could have had a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. Hopefully, Hillary can do the same.

  35. The degeneration of the GOP in the last 6 decades:

    From Ike to Ick

  36. Thank you neetabug. I really enjoyed Hillary’s speech to the mayors. What a breath of fresh air among the sea of hate and stupidity we have witnessed lately.

  37. imust sorry I forgot to say what channel. So excited!!!! Great speech.

  38. For those that are interested. Hillary and EW will be speaking Monday in Cincinnati at 9:00 on c span.

  39. Hey, GOP bigwigs and fat cat backers:

    “Do you still think you can control them?”

  40. I haven’t seen this anywhere, but I think Hillary once again made history today by becoming the first major party presidential candidate to march in a Pride parade. And next year I bet she becomes the first POTUS to march in a Pride parade! 😀

  41. Upps, check ur email when you have a chance.


  42. Brassy you’re right she did! Of course we all know she made history being the FLOTUS marching too! Love this side by side

  43. Rebel she may be the first P candidate to march, but in no way is it her first march.

  44. Fredster darling, you’ve got mail.

  45. The platform is about as liberal as it is possible to be, and still win. If Sanders doesn’t like that, he is being palpably unpleasant. and egomaniacal. His supporters should be very happy with the platform, particularly as Hillary, unlike other candidates, will actually try to do all of it. I don’t think that there should have been a plank calling for abolition of the death penalty, because that is the kind of thing which is exploited by Republicans in their ads, witness 1988. I imagine we’ll hear about that, even though it is really a non-issue in terms of the executive’s influence on this matter.

    Trump’s candidacy has indeed emboldened the evil anti-semites and racists in this country.

    There will clearly be a move by Republicans to try to nominate someone else. The pathetic thing is that even though any Republican candidate would be awful on the issues, many of the voters, and certainly the media, would be very supportive of any of them. As Brassy Rebel well said above, Hillary simply does not get credit for being as brilliant and knowledgeable as she is. Think about how few times anyone on TV has said something really positive about her attributes and abilities.

  46. Why do people think the FBI determines who gets indicted–

    ……because they are morons.

  47. Got it upps…thanks!

  48. Quixote, I make fun of Bernie on Twitter all the time. His cult hates me. Isn’t that wonderful??? I’m very proud I get under their skin.

  49. 🙂 Fredster.

  50. Good for you, Upps!

    (I’m not on Twitter, or Facepalm, or Snapchat, or Whatsapp, or etc. It started because I figured we’d soon have an open, uncorporate platform. A lifetime later, I’m still waiting and I’ve gotten used to living under a rock, so what the hell.)

  51. I won’t register with any of the social media sites, either. I DON’T WANT to be accessible 24-7 to every vacuum-skulled Cheeto-chomping barbarian on the planet who has a Net connection.

    Harrumph! 😛

  52. William, as far as the death penalty goes, it is losing support and Kerry was actually against the death penalty and George W. Bush the demagogue never mentioned it. I don’t think anybody is going to even mention that issue with so much going on these days that are bigger issues and also it’s mostly a state issue.

    Bernie can yell and scream for attention but he’s done. No one cares what he says anymore. Sad to say he won’t be out until the convention but at this point I don’t think he’ll even get a vote because of his obnoxious behavior.

  53. The Hillary contingent is YOOOOGE!


    Ground Control to Major Disaster… 😛

  55. Hee heee

  56. (I’m not on Twitter, or Facepalm, or Snapchat, or Whatsapp, or etc. It started because I figured we’d soon have an open, uncorporate platform.

    Yeah, me too, quixote. Also I don’t like all the data mining.

  57. Ah, the death Penalty. It’s where I separate. Some pieces of shit simply deserve it, the world is not a better place with them in it.

    In the USA, Life In Prison rarely means Life In Prison. I resent this. If this changed then perhaps I would change my mind about murdering pedophiles, torturers of women, children and the elderly before they kill them,serial killers, mass murderers — and other assorted psychopathic steaming piles of shit. No, it’s not a deterrent. It isn’t supposed to be. It’s supposed to be what it is, a way to dispose of the worst among us who don’t deserve to inhale and exhale. You don’t rehab these people, and the shrinks who recommend they are rehabbed should be forced to live next door to them. The country is riddled with cases of ‘furloughed’ maniacs doing what they do best.

    Sentences in the USA are not sentences any longer. Look at that POS who raped that woman, and WITNESSES came by and testified………..he got 6 freaking months in county jail, with NO remorse, actually 3 months on “good behavior”. Poor baby didn’t go to prison because he would get hurt. JH Chriiiist! Privileged little bastard. I personally hope they’re waiting for when he gets out to give him some real punishment. We’ll probably have to pay for a protection program for the poor baby.

    Meh, I’m on a roll. This is one topic I could do days on.

    ducks and runs….

  58. Supreme Court strikes down Tx abortion law. Rules 5-3 against abortion clinic restrictions.

  59. EW is now speaking in Cincinnati on cnn

  60. She is introducing Hillary

  61. She is on c-span also

  62. Shows how bias the networks are. I just turned to Fox they are not carrying Hilary.

  63. Listening to Elizabeth, I hate to say this…she reminds me of a Left version of Sarah Palin. She’s very “plain spoken”. Much more “gritty” than Hillary. I think that’s why people think she’s more “genuine”. JMO

    Crowd seems to like the 2 women on the stage. Signs of “Girl Power” in the audience.

  64. I hate to say this EW is sticking it to Trump

  65. Liz is clapping like a seal though.

    Good news….we just said BUH BYE to The UnFlushable Turd.

  66. Note they are dressed in the same color.

    I recall the time when Hillary and Barack did that.

    And it’s the same color.

  67. Yep. Unity blue. Notice how they linked arms at the end?
    Just like this:

  68. Lots of young people on stage

  69. I know a lot of people, here, don’t like Elizabeth Warren, but she was stellar in Cinci.

  70. imusthaveHillary, on June 27, 2016 at 10:49 AM said:

    Liz is clapping like a seal though

    You stop it. You made me spit out my coffee

  71. You stop it. You made me spit out my coffee

    As Uppity would say, “I’ve done my job”

  72. Is Hillary okay? She keeps coughing. 😦

  73. imusthaveHillary, on June 27, 2016 at 11:12 AM said:

    Is Hillary okay? She keeps coughing.😦

    I think her throat is dry. She needs to drink some water. I cough after speaking for a long time. They need to have some lemon water there for her.

  74. So Ohio is making it look like Warren is inevitable. I suggest that Hillary make her first assignment to rework the TPP. We need trade agreements. And this one is too big for America to be left out of.

  75. Of course @cnn saying that “crowd was so much more energized than any Clinton rally he’s been to” So predictable.

  76. Jennifer Granholm now on msnbc defending Hillary against things Warren has said about her…..also so predictable.
    So basically, msnbc wants Hillary to pick Warren and then bow out and give her the presidency. So sick of media!

  77. imusthaveHillary, on June 27, 2016 at 11:25 AM said:

    Of course @cnn saying that “crowd was so much more energized than any Clinton rally he’s been to” So predictable.

    After he said that I changed the channel.

  78. These MSM fuckers deserve everything Trump does to them.

  79. MSNBC STILL arguing with Granholm…..unFRICKINbelivable!!!

  80. Bernie’s voice sounded like a dying frog half the time. I never saw anyone mention it. Every time Hillary coughs, it’s the end of her life.

    If we talked day and night for hours at a time, we’d cough too. I know this. I’ve had it happen. Your throat just eventually protests.

    Today we will read everywhere that Hillary is critically ill and unfit to serve, of course it will be subtle. Wishful thinking always is.

  81. ducks and runs….

    It’s cool. I didn’t used to care one way or the other. Then my state abolished the death penalty and I was surprised to find myself happy and relieved. Because they can and often do kill innocent people. Because it is not applied evenly. Because death row inmates cost society an extraordinary amount of money.

    I do support it for egregious cases, like the OK City bomber, Jeffrey Dalmer, and so on. The criteria for capital cases needs to be “beyond a shadow of a doubt” and not “reasonable doubt.” Once a person is unequivocally proven to be guilty, the sentence should be immediate. No need for endless appeals, extra security, and so on.

  82. Hahaha clapping like a seal.

    Wish I’d thought of it!

  83. I am one of the people who is not crazy about Warren as VP. I need to see that she is the one supporting Hillary and not the other way around.

  84. As far as energy goes, I have been to two Hillary events this year. One was a general fundraiser and other GOTV rally in SF. The energy in both of those events matched what I saw this AM.

  85. Same here birdgal. The event I went to was a fundraiser with 400 Gold Coast CT people. These folks are not famous for their excitability (the Frozen Chosen). Yet, they were on their feet and over the top when she came in. Anyone claiming a lack of enthusiasm at Hillary events hasn’t been to any.

  86. I will say this for EW. She is really making BS look like a petulant asshole. People on social media are saying his time has passed. And passed and passed.

    So happy about SCOTUS Texas ruling. They have made it CLEAR you can’t just put so many regs on abortion clinics that they are forced to shut down, leaving women with no access to needed health care. Hooray for SCOTUS–for today anyway.

  87. Yes, making energizing speeches is a far different thing from running the country effectively. The media is of course all about entertainment (ofteh their own), so they like to act as if they are. No one ever said that Lincoln was a stemwinding speaker.

    I think that at this point, if Hillary does not pick Warren, people are going to be disappointed. I unfortunately got up just at the end of the speech, and hope to see it again. Hillary said something about needing Warren fighting in the Senate for the issues That probably doesn’t mean much, thought it might be a tipoff. If she picks Kaine, it seems like a letdown. Castro is a very risky pick. Unless she picks Brown or Booker or maybe Chris Murphy (assuming it is not Warren),we are going to hear all about Hillary making a “safe and boring pick.” But a Vice-President is not supposed to be exxciting, just steady and competent. Even so, I cannot talk myself into Kaine, an I really do not favor Castro. So I am probably a bit on the side of an exciting pick, and always am; though in 2004, I liked Edwards for VP, but it was the wrong choice.

  88. Brassy
    End of rant.

    Amen, Brassy!

  89. Uppity Woman
    Ah, the death Penalty. It’s where I separate. Some pieces of shit simply deserve it, the world is not a better place with them in it.

    Yup, I think the DP is perfect for mass murders. No way the public should pay to keep these horrible people alive.

  90. On FB, Sanders supporters are very negative towards Warren and are calling her a “sell out.” They are not buying this ticket at all.

  91. That’s interesting birdgal. It makes me think the Clinton/Warren ticket is what the media wants, regardless of the actual Bernie Bros comments. So, true to fashion, the media will keep TELLING us that Bernie’s base is energized, etc. So it doesn’t matter what they actually think or say, they’ll be drown out by the constant drumbeat of the media’s meme.

  92. The social media Bernie people aren’t real life Bernie people. There is overlap but not all at all. Having several accounts and no physical balls on the line emboldens some of the more radicalized ones.

  93. Birdgal, there is a certain segment of Sanders supporters who will not support anything which HIllary does. They are determined to be upset and angry. Nothing will assuage them. If they can’t be outraged, there is no point to their existence, they feel. It’s not even about Hillary or Sanders, it is some sense of themselves as warriors fighting for something, they aren’t even sure what. These are the ones who think the primaries were all fixed–at least the ones they lost. There actually have been people on the so-called Left who have been like this for decades. They hated Bill Clknton, they hated Gore and Kerry, they hate virtually everyone. If Hillary is elected, they will angrily denounce everything she does from her first day in office. However, if they now hate Warren, they are going to have to cast around for someone new to project their wishful projections upon.

  94. Sophie, The first event that I went to, was a general fundraiser. Everyone there was over the top for Hillary, cheering her on and giving her standing ovations throughout her speech. I think the “lack of enthusiasm” is the media’s meme.

  95. I think it will be Sherrod Brown for VP

  96. I think the “lack of enthusiasm” is the media’s meme.

    That’s media code for: Only old ladies like Hillary, so by definition, THEY can’t be enthusiastic!

  97. And for the record, waaaaaaay back on FacePalm I predicted this *could* happen except it would be the Patty Duke ticket.

  98. Hmmm..s’pose there’s a bunch of folks here who might want to take some credit… 😉

    Sanders voters moving to Clinton much faster than Clinton voters moved to Obama

  99. I am happy to see EW attacking Trump and finally supporting Hillary. However, I do not see where she helps the ticket, particularly in the rust belt states were it could be close. Let her be the surragate for Bernie who won’t even endorse Hillary because he is a pathetic sore loser, but I think the VP needs to go to a person that can reach out to all dems. EW is a little out there for my taste.

  100. the longer UFT stays in the more out of touch he looks. He has basically made himself irrelevant. At this point he probably won’t even get a speaking spot nor does he deserve one.

    I’m not crazy about Warren as VP because I don’t think Hillary needs her, but its not a deal breaker for me. Hell, I can’t think of any thing that would be a deal breaker to get me not to vote for Hillary. LOL!!!

  101. I can’t think of any thing that would be a deal breaker to get me not to vote for Hillary.

    Choosing Bernie or Joe Lieberman

  102. I’m not happy about the thought of EW as VP. But I’ll live with it and pray really hard for Hillary’s health.

  103. “Enthusiasm” is when 16 million people vote for someone.

  104. Sophie, I don’t think that even those two are deal breakers for me since I trust Hillary enough to back bench them during her administration. If she has thrived under thirty plus years of right wing and now left wing attacks, she can handle those two blind folded with one arm tied behind her back.

  105. I think it will be Sherrod Brown for VP


  106. I am rooting for Amy Adams or Heather Lind as VP; or if she can be British, Rebecca Hall. 🙂

  107. Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion access law (unconstitutional)

  108. Something about EW makes me uneasy. Not sure what it is, but I don’t feel comfortable with her as VP.

  109. What a day. SCOTUS strikes down Texas abortion access law and says domestic abusers can’t have guns. Oh yeah. And Hillz and Liz rock it in Cincy. I’ve been with the crowd that nixed Liz as VP. But I have to say that woman just crushed it as a Hillz advocate. I’ve always said whomever Hillz picks for VP will work for me. She won’t pick an idiot.

  110. Just my opinion: if Hillary picks Warren, the Media will be pushing the “cat fight” meme twenty four seven.
    Ugh, no thanks.
    Besides, I thinks it’s important for the world to see a man reporting to the most powerful woman on the planet.

  111. “That’s media code for: Only old ladies like Hillary, so by definition, THEY can’t be enthusiastic ”
    imust, I know old women, like me, sometimes feel invisible.
    This election is making me wonder if we actually ARE invisible?

  112. The idiotic media can only measure “enthusiasm” by size of rallies it seems not by people actually showing up to vote.

    EW as VP is just kind of feh with me. Personally I don’t think she does much for the ticket as far as bringing in voters but maybe if she is VP there’s some polling or something that shows she would help. I’m past caring about VPs now.

  113. Donald Trump Slips Further Behind Hillary Clinton in New Polls

    Both polls, released on Sunday, showed Mr. Trump in worse shape than he had been a month ago, as voters in the latest polls expressed doubts about his preparedness and qualifications to lead the nation.

    Nearly two in three Americans say they think Mr. Trump is unqualified to be president and are anxious about the idea of him in the White House, the Post-ABC poll found. In contrast, 61 percent think Mrs. Clinton is qualified.

  114. I just read in comments @ Shakesville that Hillary has been wearing those loose tunics with high necks which some people have criticized because she often must wear bullet proof vests. This is disturbing on so many levels if true. Commentator did not give link. It makes me even more dedicated to Hillary if she is knowingly risking her life for us! I will be on lookout for link. So sad!

  115. Brassy, I don’t know if it is true or not, but sometimes Hillary does wear things looser, especially since the weather is getting warmer.

  116. oops, not as loose.

  117. Brassy Rebel, that is so depressing if true. Of course one does think about such things, with all the anger, hysteria, and guns out there There are times when I think that this country is no longer a good place for a decent person to live. I don’t know how anyone can manage to actually get rid of all those guns.

  118. Agreed… I worry about Hillary in crowds too. When I held her hand, I was so shocked that she was so comfortable being close to a big crowd. Thought about how her security is ready to take a bullet for her. Love, love, love this woman.

    Go Hillary, go.

  119. Sophie, LOL!!! – The UFT looks constipated. I think he just heard the egg timer ring signaling his 15 minutes are up.

  120. Please forgive me for this OT post, but these should really be called Bernie Bro cookies:

  121. Upps @ 1:38pm

    Me too…meow!

  122. The criteria for capital cases needs to be “beyond a shadow of a doubt” and not “reasonable doubt.”

    Totally agree.

  123. That picture of Bernie is hysterical.

  124. Hmmm..s’pose there’s a bunch of folks here who might want to take some credit… 😉

    Not sure who you mean, so I’ll just go ahead and take ALL the credit. lol

  125. Upps, agree with you about DP cases. Agree with Sophie that they should be absolutely certain though. I’ve never understood the point of going to the expense and trouble of keeping serial killers or other conscienceless murders alive. That $ could be better spent a million different ways.

  126. Those cookies are pretty! Too nice for the broz.

    Cosign Ga6th…the pic of Bernie is screamingly funny!

  127. The Hillary rally today looked amazing. Agree with you all that Warren did a great job, but think she should stay in senate. I just looked at Dkos and the folks there were swooning over the possibility of a Clinton/Warren ticket. I just don’t think she is prez material. Also, in 8 years she would be 75, which would be a cause for concern to a lot of people.

    Still swooning for Sherrod!

  128. The UFT looks constipated.

    Yeah, he doesn’t look like he can #FeelTheBran

  129. I got to see the entire Hillary speech, and it was great. It is absurd the way the media people keep touting her speeches as dull. If one cares about issues, they are exciting. She probably set out the most liberal agenda I have heard in quite a while. And she will really try to accomplish all of it, even though it will be very difficult with the Congress impeding her.

    I still didn’t catch all of Warren’s speech but she was impressively energizing. I really don’t know who the best VP choice would be,if Hilllary and Sherrod want him to stay in the Senate. At this point, if she doesn’t pick Brown, Warren could be better than Kaine, or some lesser known choice. Pretty clearly, the Senate calculations are playing a part in the decision. I still think that she shoudl pick the best, as in most effective and most knowledgeable and capable, candidate, and figure that this will help her bring in many downticket candidates.

  130. “#FeelTheBran”

    Oh you! :mrgreen:

  131. Paging…paging the FEC!

  132. Wm, Warren was impressively energizing. she is actively campaigning for the VP slot.

  133. And that is my concern w/ Warren, bird. She is campaigning for the VP slot and not really for Hillary. She didn’t show any support for Hillary until HRC won outright.

    My gut is telling me something is just not right and I worry what Warren’s true motive is to now present this “strong” support. I hate feeling like this against another woman, but I just have a nagging doubt about her intentions.

  134. (CNN)Donald Trump may be finally gearing up to do what many Republican leaders have hoped: soften his rhetoric and pivot to the center.

    He hasn’t done that yet. But there are growing signs that the presumptive Republican nominee is aiming to make his campaign more palatable to a general election audience.
    His campaign is putting the finishing touches on a policy memo that would change his proposed ban on Muslim immigration to the United States. Instead of focusing the ban on Muslims, Trump would ban immigrants coming from countries with known terrorism links, training and equipment.
    Meanwhile, he’s eased off his hardline language calling for deporting all undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.
    The new tone follows several tough weeks for the Trump campaign as it has confronted a series of negative headlines that raised questions about his treatment of women and minorities and his temperament to be president. The big question is whether the softer tone is a blip that will soon be replaced by the familiar tough talk — or a longer-term strategy that could help him take on Hillary Clinton.


    He is “walking back his major policies” per CNN…but Hillary is going to hammer him on this too, big time. The guy has no clue on what policies are, how to run a campaign nor what is legal in this country.

  135. beyond a shadow of a doubt

    Is my name being used in vain???

  136. garden gnome

    Hahaha, I didn’t get the joke until I looked at the face again. It looked just like a normal, weird little gnome.

  137. I love how the media is saying Trump is softening his stance on Muslins. Not how he flip flopping on everything he has said in the primary.

  138. The UFT is perfect for the job of garden gnome, isn’t he Shadow? Plus he gets to stay close to “power”, lol.

  139. beyond a shadow of a doubt

    Is my name being used in vain???

    No because it didn’t come over the fax machine.

  140. Voting, what you are experiencing re Warren is the recognition of an Opportunist.

  141. HAHAH cookies! I so am stealing that video, Julie!

  142. Sherroood Brown…Sherroood Brown…Sherroood Brown…

  143. Voting , I said the same thing further up the thread about EW. Something feels off to me. I like her energy and ability to get a crowd going, but I wonder about the long haul. Will she over shadow ( no pun intended ) Hillary?

  144. No because it didn’t come over the fax machine.


  145. Will she over shadow ( no pun intended ) Hillary?

    Yup, she would have to pole vault over me to get to Hillary, ain’t gonna happen.

    Lizzy want’s so much to be the top banana, she is trying to out insult Trump…not praise Hillary for her strengths.

    No VP for you!

  146. The thing about Hillary is, she really doesn’t care about being over shadowed. She’s not in it for the glory. She’s a workhorse not a show horse, remember? Someone very close to me gave me counsel when I was getting all worked up (as I do) about how the press would go on about the “enthusiasm” for Warren, (sort of like what’s going on today.) He said, simply, “So what?” “Do you want to win?” I thought about that for awhile and had to agree because no matter who she has as VP, HILLARY will be the president. She will be the decider, they will stand up when HILLARY comes into the room and even Lizzy will have to call her “Madam President.”

  147. Sherroood Brown…Sherroood Brown…Sherroood Brown


  148. I do disagree with a lot of the pundits today that HRC is getting everyone’s hopes up with the rally today and that this was a test run or audition that proved she was the pick. We all remember the “Unity Rally” which looked a lot like today, and Obama didn’t pick Hillary. (Thankfully!)

  149. Never play chess with Hillary.

    Just saying.

  150. What imust said. This isn’t Hillary’s first trip to the rodeo.If she is indeed picking Warren, she has analyzed it and talked to people she can really trust about it. And maybe it is just an audition and there are other people who will be auditioning as well.

    There was the event with Sherrod Brown last week and I have to say, he did not make sparks fly nor did he look like he had the chemistry thing with Hill. (Duck and Cover, Sophie.)

    I personally would like to see lots of auditions. If only to keep the media guessing.

  151. I’m uneasy about Warren for VP too. Wouldn’t put it past her to challenge Hillary in 2020, especially as a disgruntled VP. Elizabeth is no spring chicken, so I could see that scenario play out. Also, two women on the ticket may be too much for some conservative Dems or Repubs (who would otherwise vote against DT).

  152. And it would be JUST LIKE Hillary to share her Historic Moment with another woman. You would NEVER see Bernie or Donald share their special day. Ever.

  153. I do think that the expectations of Warren are higher now, And so, if Hillary is not going to pick Warren, she might have to pick someone very exciting to the populist base, and that is Brown. Of course, this kind of logic is only abstract. She could pick Kaine in any event. I think it is one of those three. I will say that with all the excitement of today’s event aside. it is ususally the case that the VP candidate does most of his/her campaigning away from the Presidential nominee. And I can better picture Brown going by himself to Ohio. or North Carolina or Florida, and gaining votes for the ticket, than I can visualize Warren on the stump by herself in various Rust Belt or Mid-Atlantic states. Today’s effort may not be replicable very often.

  154. I hope there are more auditions. The more the merrier, just to make the pundits heads spin.

  155. For those that missed today’s speeches by Warren and HRC (Upps, you had to be swooning over the cheers for Sherrod!):

  156. BTW, one small quirk HRC has that can be annoying during speeches. She tends to continually head-bob. I noticed this in 2008, but it seems more pronounced this go-round. Hold your head still, Hill! 🙂

  157. Announcing an office pool for the TrExit©™. I’m taking September 6 @ 11:10 a.m. (because that is one of the most important dates of my old life). The next pool will be for the last flushing of the UFT. Prizes for all contests: Internet Glory!

  158. My beloved Connie Schultz, please urge your husband to say yes to Hillary.
    She needs him, our party needs him and the world needs that team:

  159. Bernie’s national press secretary resigned this past weekend per CNN. Yay! Maybe he is finally done!

  160. Sorry in advance, just couldn’t resist this one:

  161. There was the event with Sherrod Brown last week and I have to say, he did not make sparks fly nor did he look like he had the chemistry thing with Hill.

    *Bursts into tears*

  162. The more I think about it, the more I think that today was not a VP tryout. It was another “Unity” rally like in 08. Warren was there as a surrogate for that bum Bernie who still thinks he’s running for president. I think Hillary will go with the safe choice of Kaine, or maybe O’Malley. But I don’t think she’ll pick any senator who would be replaced by a Repub governor. That knocks out Warren, Booker, and I’m sorry Uppity, Sherrrrroood. The wild card pick would be Franken, with a Dem governor to replace. But he would appeal to the more left side of the party, and of course add humor.

  163. Samantha sanity in 2016:

  164. Samantha Bee..Pt. 2

  165. I agree with everybody that the Warren rally was a unity rally and that really i can’t see Warren as VP stomping around the country campaigning for the ticket. I think she had to be dragged kicking and screaming to run for the senate. I still think it’s going to be someone that no one thought of.

  166. That knocks out Warren, Booker, and I’m sorry Uppity, Sherrrrroood.

    *Throws self on floor*

  167. Up, the only reason Sherrod “didn’t make sparks fly” when he appeared with Hillary a couple of weeks ago was because it was right after Orlando massacre. It was turned into a deliberately low key event. Don’t give up on Sherrod!

  168. Speaking of Hillary’s and EW outfits Hill’s was purple EW was blue.

  169. Yeah I noticed that in one of the re-runs. On Tee Vee and some pics they both looked blue.

  170. Don’t give up on Sherrod!

    *Sucks thumb*

  171. Hillz outfit was blue and sometimes purple. Reminded me of that dress that was either blue or gold. (I say blue.)

  172. Good Morning All!

    We are gonna be dealing with the “Hillary facts of life” from now until she is, “President Elect Clinton.”

    1) Media bias
    2) Sexism (Both kinds)
    3) 2, “Scheduled” bad days that will come at the worst possible time and can not be avoided.
    (Today is the first one)

    I agree with those who see Warren campaigning with Hillary as a unity thing, but even more to further marginalize Sanders and hasten his concession/endorsement. Warren is a huge plus for Hillary right now, regardless of Warren’s ambitions or motivation. Everyone has self interest, and right now their interests coincide. They made a formidable, crowd pleasing team, and Warren as a symbol puts Sanders even more all alone on an island.

    I know that Brown is a sentimental (read:beefcake) favorite, but all signs point to Tim Kaine as the most likely choice of a campaign that is making all the right moves the past several weeks.

  173. And yes, Samantha Bee is the best! We lost Jon Stewart just when we really could have used him, but Sam Bee is the funniest, most intelligent and the most insightful satirist working today. I wish she was on every evening…

  174. Everything you wanted to know about how, “disappointing” the GOP kangaroo court report panned out, is that two of the GOP inquisitors are submitting their own little “kangaroo junior” report, because the big report isn’t damaging enough to the original target.

    While the findings of this political witch hunt will have some temporary minor fallout, it’s an EPIC FAIL for the GOP, who saw this as a real weapon against Hillary in the election. After years of headlines and dire predictions, it is destined to disappear in a couple of news cycles.
    The lead Kangaroo, Q-Tip Gowdy, isn’t even going to the GOP convention…

  175. WASHINGTON — Ending one of the longest, costliest and most bitterly partisan congressional investigations in history, the House Select Committee on Benghazi issued its final report on Tuesday, finding no new evidence of culpability or wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton in the 2012 attacks in Libya that left four Americans dead.

  176. “Q-tip Gowdy”? I thought he was “Gowdy Doody”. 😈

  177. Trey Goudy needs a better barber.

  178. Congressman Xavier Bacerra: a darkhorse in the veepstakes.

  179. Sorry. It’s spelled Becerra.

  180. Brassy, I saw him on Hardball last night, I wasn’t impressed. I know, shouldn’t judge by one appearance, but HRC needs a really STRONG defender. I thought he was a little weak in defense of Hillz.

    My bad, it was Tom Perez that I saw last night.

  181. So Gowdy just couldn’t find the smoking gun against Hillary after 7 million dollars spent, 2 years of investigations, multiple investigations by other committees to try and destroy Hillary and her campaign.

    Assholes, is an understatement.

  182. When there have been these tragic events abroad over the decades, no one has ever once blamed the Secretary of State for any of them. Except of course for Hillary. I can scarcely ever recall a Secretary of State ever blamed for anything that happened abroad. I’m sure that if Hillary is elected, she will be blamed for every day the stock market goes down, or there is a traffic accident.

  183. And yes, Samantha Bee is the best! We lost Jon Stewart just when we really could have used him, but Sam Bee is the funniest, most intelligent and the most insightful satirist working today. I wish she was on every evening…

    We lost Jon Stewart 8 years ago with his giant schoolgirl crush on Obama, and we still don’t have him back. He’s a total Bernie Bro. He said not too long ago that, while Trump is a dangerous buffoon, it’s hard to support Hillary because he doesn’t know what she stands for. My personal opinion is if he would pull his head out of Bernie’s ass and just effing LISTEN to the woman, he’d know EXACTLY what she stands for.

  184. I’m sure that if Hillary is elected, she will be blamed for every day the stock market goes down, or there is a traffic accident.


    I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease about three years ago. Darn that Hillary!

    [/wingnut] 😉

  185. Hillary kidnapped the Lindbergh baby, and that was her on the grassy knoll! Trump thought it was Cruz’s dad, but he’ll adapt.

  186. The Crash of 1929 was a result of the ties to Wall Street which Hillary would have 70 years later. The Hundred Years War would have been even longer, had Hillary been on the throne of either England or France, or both. The Decline of the Roman Empire was due to Hillary, and some other factors. The Missing Link would not have been missing, had Hillary not hidden it.

  187. William, she’s also responsible for cavities.

  188. Trey Gowdy is the banjo boy from the movie Deliverance. If you don’t know who that is google it and you’ll see the resemblance.

  189. And hemorrhoids!

  190. And the script for the new “Independence Day” movie.

  191. Hillary made up the whole Moon landing story and also in her spare time started the global warming issue.

  192. And she created Jar Jar Binks, and used CIA data to blackmail Lucas into putting him into the movie!

  193. Hillary was the original Eve that bit the apple and made life Hell for all of us, until the end of time.

  194. The sad thing is, if Rash Limpbough or Glenn Beck or Alex Jones said the things we’re saying, every wingnut in the country would believe them.

  195. Uppity – This is not really a post but a long overdue thank you for this blog. I visit it at least a dozen times a day, and it is keeping me sane as well as making me laugh. Again, with great appreciation – Lucy Kostelanetz

  196. The average wingnut is capable of telling you one day that Hillary had Vince Foster murdered to cover up the “fact” that he was her secret lover, and then telling you the next day that Hillary is a lesbian, without one bit of mental friction.

  197. Bill, in order to obtain mental friction one’s head, there would have to be two brain cells in there to rub together.

  198. Lucy, thank you! That felt good.

    Stick around. Talk with us. Joke with us. Remain sane with us.

  199. It’s humid in Baltimore. Enough already, Hillary.

  200. I know I am asking a dumb question. Did anyone check out Trump’s rally? The crowd seem small. He is now trying to act like a grown up.

  201. The media is not showing the crowd.

  202. Donald Trump’s lawyer accused Hillary Clinton of murdering an ambassador and selling uranium to Russia through her “faux charity” in a post to Twitter Tuesday morning,
    Michael Cohen, executive vice president of the Trump Organization and special counsel to the Manhattan billionaire,

    Read more:

  203. Very pleased Hillay fought off Zogby and West’s anti-Israeli language in the DNC platform. As a socially liberal Jew and strong supporter of Israe it will be nice to see the US really have Israel’s back under Hillary. I have no issue with a Palestinian State, but until their leaders stop teaching their children that Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs it is unlikely.

  204. Neeta @ 2:40 pm: I don’t know about crowd size (or hand size, for that matter!), but I did see on twitter that he spoke before a giant wall of compacted garbage–maybe that’s the model for the wall Mexico will build for us! You can’t make this shit up. You really can’t. This is the most bizarre presidential campaign ever!

  205. Jesus….

    ISTANBUL (AP) — Turkish official says 2 bombs rock Istanbul airport, multiple people injured.

    Ataturk main airport.

  206. Update – A Turkish official says 50+ people are injured after two suspects blew themselves up at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul

  207. Update – Turkish Justice Minister has said at least 10 people are dead after two suspects blew themselves up at Ataturk Airport in

  208. Brassy maybe the wall of garbage represents what he is all about.

  209. Turkey and Israel yesterday agreed to a peace accord. I wonder if that was the reason for this atrocity.

  210. Our poor old world! Sweet Jeebus.


  211. Shadowfax, on June 28, 2016 at 2:44 PM said:

    Hey, Shadow, that one might have been the tipping point w/ some in our media.

  212. I can scarcely ever recall a Secretary of State ever blamed for anything…

    I absolutely do not understand why people still adore the Secretary of state that waved the vial of yellow cake uranium at the UN. WTF?!

  213. Lucy’s last name seems familiar. Wasn’t there an orchestra with that name?

  214. Re: the Ashleigh B. video. Trump and his minions are so utterly vile.

  215. Sophie @ 7:59pm: I have wondered the same thing for many years. Ridiculous how much slack people cut Powell over his part in the Iraq mess.

  216. @SCAnnie: Andre Kostelanetz (1901-1980) was a noted conductor.

  217. Most people blamed George Bush for the Iraq, which, since he was the president, is appropriate. The SOS works at the pleasure of the president. So the original comment, I really agree with…why is Hillary, as SOS the only one being grilled and blamed? I have never seen Obama questioned, let alone grilled for 11 hours straight. Doesn’t anyone want to know what he was doing? Where was he? What decisions did he make or not make?

  218. imust @ 9:36pm

    Now you are talking…

  219. I also have wondered about that. Hillary, as SOS was working for the president, but she receives all the blame.

  220. Nice tribute to Pat Summitt by HRC:

  221. Earlier my kid asked me if we were talking about Pat Summitt and I didn’t know who she was. Laker dood says she was one of the most important women in sports. She was the most successful women’s basketball coach for college.

  222. Voting

    Hey, Shadow, that one might have been the tipping point w/ some in our media.

    Ain’t it about time, Voting?

    Hillary has to be called a ‘murderer’ before someone, (one) tv personality gets mad and defends her.

    Now Trump supporters will start calling Hillary a murder and Trump will pick it up and say she is the worst murderer in US history…”someone, said it, or he read it somewhere…”.

    Trump and his most rabid supporters are so out of touch with reality and human decency that I can’t stomach it without getting really angry.

  223. socalannie, on June 28, 2016 at 11:00 PM said:

    Pat Summitt was the winningest coach in ANY SPORT, male or female, college or pro. She also had a 100% graduation rate for her players.

  224. Awesome! Thanks Voting! I feel bad I didn’t know. Oh well, at least my kid & hubbie did.

  225. Thanks Ivory Bill! My parents had some of his albums.

  226. socal, I was a HUGE Lady Vols fan in the 80s/90s and it was mostly due to Pat Summitt. Plus I admired the heck out of her for insisting her players maintain their grades to graduate. It wasn’t just about the game w/ her.

  227. Sorry if this is a repost, but it’s a great interview with Chris Stevens’ sister.

  228. Thanks for the letter Sophie.

  229. Speaking of swooning, these are the leaders of the two counties on either side of America.

    Can you -imagine- Drumpf in that picture?

  230. RIP, Pat. You were a winner on and off the court:

  231. Sorry, should be “two countries” on either side of America.

    OOT, remember the cockroaches who occupied a federal bird refuge in Oregon, complete with firearms? The Harnett County sheriff who said they couldn’t also take over a county building is now facing a recall election. Just not terribly surprised Oregon went for BS bigtime.

  232. Sophie, every time I read Chris’ comments about her brother, my heart breaks just a little more. She has shown such courage in trying to keep her brother’s honor alive instead of the politizing of his death.

    Thanks for posting and I really do beg all of you to read it.

  233. I promise, my last tribute post to Pat Summitt…this story just totally reflects the woman:

  234. My apologies for leaving out a word:

    Sophie, every time I read Chris’ SISTER’S comments about her brother

  235. not really sure whether to laugh or not…..

  236. Human Interest story.

    Yesterday we had a sudden horrendous wind and hail storm. The hail was the size of marbles. The house was being loudly pelted for far too long. And I heard something I never heard before. My cat Joe was howling and making a low moan. He’s a pretty brave boy so at first I thought maybe the sound was coming from outside. Tosca found him first. Hidden behind a large painting I had rested against a wall. She actually coaxed him out….and literally stood OVER him. He collapsed on the floor, hyperventilating, sooooooo Tosca got down with him, put her paw over him and started licking his face. She calmed him down,it was amazing to see, but it got better. She tried to scruff him but he was a bit heavy, so she ran back and forth to the den sofa to get him to get on the sofa with her. He actually understood, so he walked in a crowch and she was right there with him. They both got on the sofa and T surrounded him close to her and continued grooming him. I always realized those two are close but this was beyond anything I saw, save for when my cat Roni was having Syncope attacks and both T and Joe would tend to him, and make sure he wasn’t going to get hurt. They sensed when it was going to happen before it even happened, but that didn’t surprise me.

    The whole event reminded me of just how sensitive, simpatico and communicative animals are. And yeah, they both got roast beef after it was all over.

  237. Voting, don’t apologize for any tribute to the Winning-est coach EVAH.

  238. What a great story, Uppity.
    I think that pets reflect the character of their owner.

  239. Great story, Up! Doesn’t surprise me at all.

    Last night Sophie and socal were questioning how Hillary gets blamed for anything she gets near that goes wrong while Colin Powell just skates away. Great question! And he has been in the vicinity of a lot of controversies going back almost 50 years when he was actually in the chain of command which covered up the My Lai massacre. Then there was his role in foisting Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell on Bill Clinton. The UN appearance just before Iraq invasion you already mentioned. And let’s not forget EMAILS! as SOS.

    Colin Powell is a master bureaucrat always looking out for #1–Colin Powell. And he has carefully cultivated the media by providing a steady supply of unsourced leaks from a high placed, always anonymous source. This insulates him from responsibility for things going wrong on his watch. He always makes sure he can quickly deny he was ever onboard with something like the Iraq invasion the minute it turns into a clusterfuck. The public thinks of him as a soldier. In fact, he may be the most talented bureaucrat ever to operate in DC bureaucracy.

  240. I’ve always thought this was the reason he never ran for president. It’s impossible to evade respinsibility when you’re POTUS. You can’t just be Bureaucrat in Chief.

    Thanks for the great link to New Yorker interview with Anne Stevens, Sophie!

  241. impossible to evade responsibility when you’re POTUS.

    Although, that was my point earlier. Somehow, Benghazi rests solely on Hillary. Obama hasn’t been dragged down at all, in fact, he’s rarely mentioned in any discussion of the event.

  242. So, remember how Bernie-supporter Tulsi Gabbard ragged on DWS about the lack of debates and quit her DNC position over it? Guess what? Weirdest election season ever…..

  243. Shadow, Benghazi happened two months before 2012 election. They did try to use it as a campaign issue against President Obama (rather shamelessly). Romney came out within hours, not knowing anything, just hammering away at Obama. He was re-elected anyway so they moved on to Hillary hoping her more direct role as SOS could be used against HER. Fortunately, that’s not working either.

  244. Yes, I agree Brassy, they did try to use it against Obama before the election. But, since then, he hasn’t been mentioned. Anyway. I won’t belabor it.

  245. As soon as the rethugs thought Hillary would try another run for President, they started blaming Hillary for Benghazi.

    Their chances of taking Obama down for anything was over after the 2012 election.

    What have these Rethugs accomplished since then, a big fat Nada, zip, esc, 0 brain cells, flat line.

  246. Lotta the R’s schemes seem to be back firing.

  247. Hillary is coming to Charlotte again and she’s bringing Obama with her! Now, I frankly don’t give a rat’s about seeing Barry per se, but I’ve never seen an actual President in person, so I’m really going to try to get to this one.

  248. Hillary is releasing her Tech plans for the future…let’s see how the geeks rate it.

    I’m sure they will help her come up with obstacles and good ideas.

  249. From a dog lover who appreciates cats, that is one beautiful story about the kitties.

  250. Battleground bloodbath: Clinton leads Trump in 7 swing states

    Read more:

    I hope it sticks until November.

  251. FLVoter, Joe is a cat. Tosca is a Rough Collie.

  252. Shadow, thing is, their bullshit to destroy her had a huge impact on her Trust numbers and they know it.

  253. Colin Powell didn’t get blamed because Penis.

  254. I think that pets reflect the character of their owner.

    Welp nobody can say I’m not a character 🙂

    Seriously, thank you.

  255. Lotta the R’s schemes seem to be back firing.

    Don’t you just love Karma?

  256. Maybe the GOP should ditch the elephant and pick this guy as their animal symbol. 😈

  257. Uppity, Sounds like your cat, Joe, was having a panic attack. Tosca took good care of him. Sweet.

  258. Love the story about Tosca and Joe! Tosca is smart and loving, besides being a gorgeous creature! Humans can learn so much from animals.

  259. UW, thanks for the clarification. I can never hear too many feel good “trans species” stories. Sorry but here goes: Dogs Rule!!!

    (runs away and hides)

  260. Nothing like a good dog vs. cat to lighten the mood. Too many stories of terrorists, mass murders, UFT and the orange oompa loompa with the tiny fists lately.

  261. Dogs rule? Uh-oh……you do know about MKBill the moderator kitten don’t you?

  262. Imust, I know I just thought I would try to lighten the mood. So much tragedy lately.

    I know I am taking my life in my hands ….. but I am the owner of three Boston Terriers so everyone knows I am a little crazy by having three of them. LOL!!!

  263. Oh My Dawwwwwwwwwwg. I hope Bill hasn’t seen that remark.

  264. The elephant already tried to ditch the GOP with that rebellious attack on Jeff Flake.

  265. Notice Flvoter has 3 votes on the comment regarding 3 Boston Terriers…hmmmmmmm, wonder how that happened? Check for paw prints on the keyboard.

  266. Voting I think it probably applied more towards the crazy portion of the comment than the three Boston Terriers part… but then again those three are my posse. Just sayin’

  267. If Flvoter’s dogs are liking comments on her computer, they really do rule, in her house anyway!

  268. Interesting about the elephants charging the GOP Uppity. Don’t Trump’s sons hunt elephants?

  269. I am surprised this poll is so close as the other recent ones showed Hillary surging. I never thought it would remain a 12 point margin, but I thought Hillary had a solid 5-7 point lead. Real Clear has it at 6.1. Here is the link:

  270. And my bostons are all Hillary supporters!🐶🐶🐶

  271. Apparently Sanders would rather have Trump win, so he can be proved right about his isolationist no trade deals policies. He would see it as forcing the Democrats to adopt all his policies, but the essential effect is to make Trump look right, and Hillary wrong. He is a massive egomaniac and troublemaker.

    And no, Chris Matthews and other unrepentant populists, trade deals are not the reason for economic problems. It is trickle-down economics, it is relentless cutting of corporate tax rates, thus making it impossible to pass job-creating legislation; it is the outsourcing of jobs which the Republican policies have encouraged and even rewarded. Apart from the other awful things which a Trump presidency would cause, the isolationist and protectionist policies which he and Sanders support, would make the economy far worse.Demagoguery from both extremes. If Trump wins, the economy would collapse fairly quickly, far worse than in 2008. The media either doesn’t understand this, or doesn’t much care, figuring that their jobs would still be safe. Hillary is talking about economics every day, but I guess it is too complex for people to try to understand?

    Put Sherrod Brown on the ticket!

  272. My post disappeared, and then the replacement post. If someone finds them and digs them out, just save the replacement one.

  273. jb, the polls never cease to blow me away. In a normal universe, the blob of self-tanned baloney with the cheeto-weave topping would have two votes: himself and his pet mongoose (and I wouldn’t count on the mongoose).

    It’s like God decided to put up a huge God-sized billboard so people could see the effect of sexism. Side 1: once-in-3-generations competent candidate who cares about people. Side 2: vicious buffoon rumored to have male anatomy.

    Wow. So hard to decide.

  274. We had a Shelite and he loved and protected our cat. When the Sheltie died the cat grieved for quite a while. The Sheltie would attempt to heard and protect the car whenever she went outside. They would nap together. So sad when the dog died.

  275. Good read about Bernie’s “endorsement” mattering less and less as time goes by:

  276. The polls have really been unreliable so it is a concern. However, there is no doubt that Hillary has a lot of momentum behind her now. The only hold out is Bernie who truthfully has made himself completely irrelevant by being such a poor loser.

  277. Jb, that Quinnipiac poll had a 73% white respondent rate. That is quite the demographic skewer. Also, it was a registered voter, not LIKELY voter.

    Here’s their methodology:

  278. At bernout central Mr. $800k a month Weaver is shaming what’s left commenting there to donate to pay for delegate trips to the Convention.

    That man is going to be sucked down bodily into hell without even dying first.

  279. Bernie’s endorsement means NOTHING. All you have to do is visit Bernie Central to know that. It’s like a comparative ghost down there. The majority has moved on.

  280. Put Sherrod Brown on the ticket!


  281. I never put stock in Quinnipiac, ever since Daou caught them playing with data.

  282. imust I am sure they would love to shoot an elephant. I believe anybody who hunts them should be on the receiving end of a stampede.

  283. flvoter, three Bostons are doable. Three Rough Collies and you had better have 100 sheep.

  284. Hey Flvoter, did you ever read the blog’s adventure transferring a rescued kitten 500 miles across three state lines right to Sophie’s front door?

  285. Socal thank you for your Tosca comments. When I got Tosca it was like winning the Dog Lottery.

  286. I hope someone at Hillary HQ reads the quote that Bernie said he will most likely vote for Hillary, but that isn’t the same as an endorsement.

    I think it was on CNN

    Bernie doesn’t have the good sense to realize his glory ride has come to a dead halt.

    No one cares what he thinks or says.

  287. I can tell ya what is going on with the damnass polls.

    Let me ask you a few questions first:

    1- What demographic takes and reports the polls?

    2- What demographic covers the main news programs, by a majority?

    3- What demographic writes the majority of opinions in the major news papers?

    White men.

    Which candidates to the majority of white men support?

  288. Speaking of those white Neanderthals, CNN was talking about the polls tonight.

    Cooper was basically talking about how MEN voted for each candidate.
    White men for T.Rump and the other men for Hillary.

    No one spoke up from the entire group on CNN about how WOMEN were voting, as if we didn’t have anything to do with the polls nor did our vote matter.

    I was listening to satellite radio in my car on the way home from work, and I was screaming at the radio like a wild bear that had just had her cub snatched.

    Tell me the polls are not influenced by white men…

  289. Which candidates *DO* the majority of white men support?

  290. Another comment in the Dumper

  291. -not in the dumper, sorry….

  292. UW, I have never had any kind of “working” dog but based on what I have been told by owners if you don’t have a job for them you’re in trouble. My bostons are usually rescues but this time I actually got two male puppies from an AKC Breeder of distinction. One was a potential show dog and the other a pet quality. The show dog didn’t work out cuz the tip of one of his ears didn’t stand up. Now I have two young males and a senior citizen female. Hardest thing I ever dealt with were the two males as puppies. I don’t think I will ever get two puppies at the same time again.

    The kitty adventure sounds like a good read. I’ll finally be in town this weekend and will enjoy reading it.

  293. Ga, that’s how it is with Joe and Tosca. When T goes to get groomed, Joe doesn’t eat till she comes back home.When my cat Roni died, T slept with her chin on his little bed for a week+.

  294. Sherroood Brown…Sherroood Brown…Sherroood Brown…


  295. Bernie is SOOOOOOOOOO History.

    He’s pathetic. I see him acting like he has clout and I just groan. You would think his wife would pull him off of this with a hook, but then again, she’s just a big old thieving asshole. White Trash. Both of them.

  296. That didn’t read right. I kept both puppies. I didn’t replace the show dog. He looks awfully cute with his bent ear.

  297. Hahaha FL Tosca has one ear up and one ear down and I made that happen. Breeder gave her to me in the May heat with her ears wrapped and held up with yarn. She was sweating and I felt sorry for her so I took it all off. And of course, the result was one ear up and one down. Collies do not naturally tip, it’s something they do to them for Show. And while I didn’t keep my word about show, and all her sibs are champions now, two are in Europe breeding programs, I look at my dog with the one floppy ear and tell her that the closest she’s ever going to get to Westminster is a Drive-by. And then we play. And honestly, she’s do damned cute with one ear up and one ear down.

  298. Your Tosca is a real treasure and a sweetheart. What a wonderful member of your family.

    Ugh, CNN just had another story Trump. CNN is just 24/7 Trump central. Just a bunch of conservatives bashing Hillary.

    Serenity Now…..

  299. Oh dear! Couldn’t help but laugh…they deserve one another!

  300. Mika needs reminding that women tend to turn up dead in Joe’s office.

  301. Damn, Upps, soda in the nose again over that one.

  302. Good one, Upps!

  303. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  304. Mika & Joe? Yuck. Sounds like a match made in RWNJ heaven.

    The great kitteh relay was super fun. I remember it well.

  305. Aww, love the picture of Tosca with her nose in the bed!

  306. I always assumed the Mika and Joe rumors were just gossip. Apparently not! This explains her fawning over Trump and Hillary bashing right along with Joe after claiming she’s a liberal through the Obama years. Bet their exes are doing cartwheels to be rid of these two.

    Shadow, on listening to CNN while driving: I had to stop listening to news on my way home from work. Way too dangerous.

  307. Damn, Upps, soda in the nose again over that one.


  308. Hilarious!

  309. Trump is the only one smiling in that twitter pic. His wife and son look like the Donald just passed gas.

  310. It is a worrisome time. I don’t want to concern anyone unduly. But if the recent polls, particularly the PPP one, are close to accurate, the race is pretty close, despite the fact that Trump has made mistake after mistake. It appears that the hatred of Hillary is so great on that side, that they would almost literally vote for a Hitler instead of her. Trump does not seem to be able to lose any more voters than he has.

    Trump has now settled on exploiting the terror attacks by scaring people, and lying through his teeth (or maybe he is just that stupid) about Hillary being responsible for ISIL.Voters are not sophisticated. though; and history shows that this kind of thing can work. The Democrats were blamed for Communism’s rise for decades. Then Trump makes this stupid tie-in between wages being stagnant and the trade deals, which once again he blames on Hillary.. So, simplistic and wrong connections, but as we know, there is a lot of disgruntlement and anger out there, even though the Republican policies have been primarily responsible for the problems. And laughably, Trump wants to cut corporate taxes some more, but the media won’t cover that. Unquestionably. the economy would collapse a couple of years or less into a Trump regime.

    Meanwhile. Hillary gets either negativity from the media, or a kind of grudging, “we have to talk about her a bit,” treatment We are daily told that her campaign is not exciting to people, as if this is what the populace needs in a leader, excitement, rather than intelligence and competence. She is not trusted, something that the media originally made up. and then has pointed to it for years, because too many people believe the media’s theme. Hillary’s complex and interelatedl plans to deal with domestic and foreign issues are never talked about. Trump, even more than Sanders, is given great credit for simply complaining and railing, without the need to proffer credible solutions. One sometimes gets so frustrated by the media once again refusing to actually discuss policy issues, that it feels like Hillary has to make some outlandish promise, or vow to throw away all the trade deals. and put up high tariffs, to get anything positive from the media; and of course then they would say that she is “not authentic”, their favorite nonsense term, as if beng authentically stupid and ignorant is a plus, and being nuanced and intellectual is not.

    Howard Dean yesterday predicted tht Trump would do everything he could to avoid debates, which is no surprise. His campaign’s goal is of course to make lying speeches. full of insane contentions, and never have to answer for them face to face, or ever have to discuss actual policy matters. As the media used to delight in saying during the Reagan years, a camdidate just needs a couple of simple ideas that the public can umderstand, and to repeat them over and over. When someone like Chris Matthews yesterday says that Trump has some good points on trade, and that “what do the Democrats stand for?,” you know that there is potential trouble in this campaign, the result of a low information electorate, and a dreadful media. P.S: The same PPP poll which had Hillary up 1 point, had Obama up 9 points in a theoretical matchup with Trump; this despite the fact that Obama controlled the domestic and foreign policies of the last eight years. So the angry voters blame Hillary. who was simply Secretary of State for four years, and out of the administration for the last four, for what they don’t like about current policies, but not the two term President? Amd apparently the voters can’t even remember as far back as the crash of 2008.

  311. Another post apparently disappeared. Too long to write that one again.

  312. William, I am concerned. The polls seem to be all over the place and they change on a daily basis. Johnson is also rising in some polls.

  313. Lol, thanks for recoverng it!

  314. SophieCT, on June 30, 2016 at 9:43 AM said:

    The end result of 25 years of Republican lies/smears regarding HRC. SMDH.

  315. William

    But if the recent polls, particularly the PPP one, are close to accurate, the race is pretty close, despite the fact that Trump has made mistake after mistake.

    It appears that the hatred of Hillary is so great on that side, that they would almost literally vote for a Hitler instead of her.


    Hatred of Hillary has nothing to do with her deserving of being hated by horrible acts she has ever done.

    The negative attitude towards her is, “Who the Hell does SHE think she is, that the office of the President should be awarded to any fu@king woman!”

    It should never, ever be forgotten that the United States of America is about to become 240 years old, and MEN have never thought any woman was worthy of being President.

    Women especially, understand how damn difficult this is for a woman to break through that last, and most powerful male stronghold.

    I don’t fret at something like PPP’s poll.

    She and her supporters will fight along Hillary, to right this disgusting social injustice, and she WILL be the first woman President of our country.


  316. Do not get me started on the Military choosing this summer to drop the ban on transgender service members.
    It’s like Obama is trying to trip Hillary up.

  317. The Jimmy Kimmel bit is hilarious…and maddening! Why are Americans such sheep?!?

    Also love that “Omen 40th Anniversary” tweet! Sprayed coffee over the computer with that and the Gowdy Doody. Thanks for the funnies!

  318. Yes, Trump actually said this today:

  319. Clinton clinches California. She leads by 404k votes with 368k (incl GOP) left to be counted.

    Nothing really changed from primary night.

  320. No one (except his family) loves Bill Clinton more than I do, but it’s time for him to sit down and shut the fuck up.
    Trump and the Republicans are going to make political hay out of this Loretta Lynch thing for months.
    Why? Stupid, self inflicted injury and gift to Hillary’s enemies.
    I’m sure there’s an explanation but why give the Media a chance to pounce upon another Clinton “scandal.”

  321. They ran into each other at the airport. It’s not like he went to her office.

  322. Agree…I love Bill but that as as they say this was an unforced error that will be a distraction as rethugs demand an independent investigation , Fortunately, a holiday weekend and it should pass. Bill just loves to engage people and is a natural politician. Just a bad move given that emails and Benghazi were becoming non-issues,

  323. I am so sick of the media. It is Trump, Trump twenty four hours a day. No wonder he is not spending any money on ads, the media is doing it for him. Trump should do this, Trump should do that blah, blah, blah. With Hillary it is always something negative.

    Hillary will be our next president no matter how much the media is against it.

  324. They’re attacking a former prez AND a sitting AG. This AG is in the admin of a popular president. The RW is gonna do what it’s gonna do….no way to keep from them saying stuff. Even if Bill stayed locked inside his house, then they’d claim there was something wrong. No win. I say, back in their face. What are they accusing the ATTORNEY GENERAL of doing? Back in their stupid faces. Keep throwing stuff at Trumpzilla too. There’s more than the kitchen sink to throw at that jerk. He just pointed to an overhead plane and joked Mexico was attacking us for Gods sake!!!!!!!!!!

  325. So true, imust. As long as the Clintons are breathing, the right wing will invent conspiracy theories about them. GOP cannot compete on the merits. They have become the party of nothing but increasingly wild conspiracy theories. The Clintons are not fools. They’re not about to live their lives to try to pre-empt these crazy theories. And Hillary is not the subject of a criminal investigation no matter how the right wing and media hype this security inquiry. Furthermore, Loretta Lynch was an experienced federal prosecutor long before she became US AG. She, no doubt, is well versed on the rules governing such a chance encounter. As the government official, it would be her responsibility to end the conversation, if it was in any way inappropriate. Not Bill’s.

  326. unforced error

    I hate that expression along with self-inflicted wound. The guy talked to a friend. If he wanted to plot anything nefarious, he would have called her from a burner phone. And it’s not just the right wing creaming their jeans over this.

    Personally, I hope he asked her how she would feel about being VP.

  327. Rasmussen polls do not count. Unless you are a Republican, because the Republican always wins with Rasmussen. Hell, they had McCain ahead.

  328. SophieCT, come on, the friend was the Attorney General.
    I don’t doubt that it was innocent, but we can’t put our heads in the sand.
    It looks bad to all the usual suspects.

  329. I think the Lynch meeting was planned. First of all it was where EVERYBODY, the press, could see that they were meeting and Bill knew that the GOP would go nuts and start spinning conspiracy theories which they are. I can’t believe that the GOP would even think this is investigation worthy after they just got completely embarrassed with the whole Benghazi report. So yeah, while some people might be breathless about the “meeting” I believe that the rest of the country is laughing at the GOP. I sure am laughing at the GOP and their reaction to all this.

  330. Birdgal, they ran into each other-true.
    But, why did Bill board the plane?
    That’s a lack of judgement at this sensitive time.
    None of us need a goddamn Summer Surprise (remember Gennifer Flowers?), not with Joe Biden circling around like a vulture, ready to swoop.
    At least, that’s how I see it.

  331. Ga6thDem, I sure hope you’re right and I’m hyperventilating.

  332. Sweet Su, I’m with Ga6th. I really am over the pearl clutching. I hope Bill set them up–the right and the left!

    In plain view. Just think about it.

  333. The con man says he might announce his VP pick next week

  334. But, why did Bill board the plane?

    Because it was his flight and he had a ticket?

  335. Waddaya think of this?

  336. Crapola, I am done with the Rump bullshit, the GOP that makes every waking moment for the Clinton’s another drummed up reason to spread some more hate.

    They can all go to Hell.

  337. Shadow, If I didn’t know better, I would say it was an Onion video . I think, it is sick, sick, and sick.

  338. Birdgal, it is a sick video and it’s not real. It’s making fun of the NRA that thinks like Rump, that if everyone has a gun, there will be less gun deaths.

    Rump actually thinks the people at the night club in Orlando should have been armed so someone would have “taken him out with a bullet to the head, and saved the lives of others”.

    Later when the GOP freaked out about it, he changed it to saying that the bouncers should have been packin’.

  339. Uppity, my understanding was that it was her flight, not his.
    Is that incorrect?

  340. SophieCT, I hope you’re right with all my heart.

  341. A REALLy good read.
    View story at

  342. Bernie Sanders’s stubbornness is a big mistake
    By William M. Daley (a former commerce secretary and White House chief of staff)

    The party should reject Sanders’s demands on grounds of fairness, good policy and smart politics.

  343. Why would Bill Clinton have a meeting with Loretta Lynch about anything relating to him or his wife, at an airport? To me this seems more than farfetched. It is out of some right-wing trash novel. It is from people who desperately look for those kind of things.

    Hillary is not being investigated by the AG. Hillary is going to be on the stage with President Obama on Tuesday, and I’m sure she has talked to him over the last month. That would be a good deal more “suspicious” to people who hate the Clintons. And it does seem that no matter what Hillary or even Bill say or do during the next months, or even after Hillary is hopefully elected, the right wing is going to use their 25 years of accumulated lies and slanders to try to find connections which in no way exist. But we do see why the FBI continues the “investigation,” as it keeps the story going, perhaps forever.

  344. Exactly William. Are they going to insinuate something nefarious is going on when Obama and Hillary are on the same stage???? Oh my! Is she using that “meeting” to have him call off the FBI?? What is she hiding?? Ridiculous! Just like the “meeting” with the AG and and Bill, a nothing burger.

  345. Let me be honest here. Look, I have adored Big Dawg as much as anyone. He was the very best president in my lifetime. His charm and wit and brains brought us a smile plus peace and prosperity.

    Bill is not who he was any longer. He is quick to temper, often doesn’t seem to think before he speaks, appears thin and fragile, is often defensive and his voice is one of a very weakened man. All of this presents an image that tells us, whether we like it or not, that Bill is a shadow of his former self. I sometimes feel sad when I see him. I think to myself, he isn’t going to live much longer.

    I do not think Bill is the asset to Hillary compared to the Bill we Knew. We need to face this. Hillary needs to face it. He needs more golf and less campaigning. He has gone downhill since his heart surgery. It scares me to say this because he had the exact surgery I had. Some people do better than others when it comes to the mechanical affairs of the heart. I do not believe he is doing as well as I would like. He’s had several stents post-surgery as well. His arteries are not happy campers.

    I think he saw Lynch there, got excited and was being Chatty Bill. It’s how he is. I don’t imagine it was anymore than that. But as we can see, by not thinking first, Bill has created more grist for the slime machine’s mill. Just one more example of how he is not an asset sometimes. Maybe more often than we care to admit.

    This was rather painful for me to write.

    That is all.

  346. Uppity, my understanding was that it was her flight, not his.
    Is that incorrect?

    If you say so, as i am totally confused as to why he would be there if he didn’t have a flight. All I know is we now have yet more bullshit for GOP to make up and yes it was unforced. But not an error. Stupidity would be more like it. Or at least, bad judgment.

  347. The whole thing is stupid. He has a right to talk to people he sees in the airport! If he wants to talk to Loretta Lynch and plan some master plan of espionage and deceit……all he has to do is pick up a GD phone, much eaiser…..and private! He did nothing wrong.

  348. Uppity, I have shared such thoughts. But I saw a tape of BIll speaking at a small rally somewhere a month or so ago; and though he doesn’t have the smoothness of elocution of his prime years, and was more elliptical, his points were still excellent, and went beyond what most such rally speeches entail. I am pretty sure that he is still a significant advice asset to Hillary. And when she says that she wants him to help on the economy, I don’t think that she is doing him a favor, or even just out of love, though the latter of course is a part of it.

    I didn’t see this “story” when it first got airplay today. But even knowing what the evil forces try to do every day to Hillary, and what they did to Bill, this seems even more preposterous than usual. The “connection” is supposed to be that Hillary wanted info on the…FBI investigation, so she sent Bill to an airport to try to get it from the Attorney General? That it was a chance meeting, but Bill tried to take advantage of the opportunity, at an airport, to grill the AG about the status of the….FBI investigation? Now of course we know that it doesn’t matter what the obvious truths are, the right-wing conspiracy will seize on anything; so Bill should have averted his eyes and quickly moved on (nodding his head and smiling at LL could have connoted a hidden agreement). AG Lynch didn’t think anything was wrong with saying hi and chatting, but Bill is to blame for doing so?

    I see the point. of course. But this year-long, “She is the subject of AN FBI INVESTIGATION” has gotten ridiculous; There is no criminal investigation of her by the FBI or the AG, and never was. I don’t even know that she is the subject of any investigation, just the email classification system. All of what you say is reasonable and cogent, of course. But it just seems to me that Hillary meeting with Obama, or Hillary on the stage with Biden, could also be spun into nonsensical connections,. I don’t think that BIll did anything wrong at all; maybe someone else would have been instantly aware of the way that some would spin it, but I don’t think the Bill Clinton of 20 years ago would have thought about that kind of thing, either. Remember all the Whitewater charts that they used to draw in the magazines. trying to connect all Bill and Hillary’s long-time friends and associates in this imagined web of something, so that every casual meeting or interaction was connoted into something profoundly sinister? As long as that “FBI INVESTIGATION” continues into the next decade or so, it’s been set up so that virtually anything Hillary does can be twisted into something secretive or devious.

  349. Uppity, I have the same concerns about Bill. He is not a well man, but he cannot give up the campaigning. It is who he is.

  350. William, on June 30, 2016 at 10:33 PM

    I agree 100%.

  351. Upps, I agree that the Big Dawg is aging and besides his heart…being a vegan makes him also look frail.

    He is older, Hillary is older, I am older, everyone is older and as far as his being cranky and pist, I am right there with him.

    The Clinton’s have taken more undeserved crap than any politicians I know, that don’t deserve it. I know that they have a heck of a lot more patience than I ever could, I would be a lot less kind to the people that stabbed me in the back.

    I will cheer the Big Dawg on when he doesn’t act like a caged animal. I will cheer him on when he speaks his mind. He may be getting older, but he is fighting for Hillary, he was a damn good President and shouldn’t be treated by the GOP nor the media like a pansy old man.

    Go Bill, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Give um Hell.

  352. Uppity, sadly I agree 100% with your analysis and it is very painful as I was a Bill fan before Hillary. In 08 they raced baited him and he became a liability as he justifiably lost his cool and was neber quite as effective the rest of the campaign. Ironically, he then became quite an asset for Obama (he knew he would need Obama if Hillary was to ever become POTUS), but the last couple of years he looks tired and frail. I think he has had an extraordinary life and has helped millions of people. However, like all of us, he is not without his moral failings and is not as you say the asset some of us want to think he could be. Lets just hope he stays well and that he gets to be first husband,

  353. I certainly don’t want to see the Big Dawg be put out to pasture.

  354. shadowfax, on July 1, 2016 at 12:58 AM said:

    I just find it amazing that Bill needs to be put out to pasture, but the rantings of lunatic Sanders is considered “word from on high” by the media. They excuse his every fuck-up, every nasty comment, every dismissive comment.

    But, Bill needs to go?

    It is a VERY SAD day when even Hillary supporters are playing right into the media’s meme instead of fighting it.

  355. I agree Voting. Not only fu@kups by the Sandcrab, going to Italy for a private meeting that turned out to be stalking the pope…all his socialist, less than hippie ideas of freebees for the kids and then we have…

    T. Rump…the biggest fu@kup of all, the bully, con artist, sexist attitude toward women, bigot and general all around a$$hole…the media captures every word he says and makes lame excuses to continue his 24/7 coverage…

    …and the Big Dawg should shut up and sit down….Hell no.

    Bill isn’t a pansy, a coward nor is he daft.

    Unlike the other two jacka$$es, I actually respect Bill Clinton, always will. He is the male version of Hillary. They are a team, like minded and have different ways of expressing themselves.

  356. Boris Johnson, the former London mayor, said Thursday that he would not seek to succeed Prime Minister David Cameron, as had been widely expected after Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

    He’s the UK version of T.Rump who started the ‘Leave’ campaign and then decided he didn’t want to be Prime Minister and negotiate what is going to happen during the exit.

  357. I agree with shadow and Voting. Telling someone to always be careful, modify their behaviour to conform to the demands of others, look over their shoulder, and walk on eggshells is the definition of psychological abuse. All of us have heard of women whose boyfriends or husbands forbid them to talk to anyone or socialize with people outside of the relationship. Think this is different? This effort to control the Clintons and, by extension, us, is coming from the same people who brought us the human dumpster fire known as Donald Trump. And, yes, if we agree that WJC can’t engage in small talk with Loretta Lynch, the next demand will be that Hillary not speak to POTUS, much less campaign with him. Enough!

  358. I gave my opinion, to which I am entitled, and disagreeing is someone you (generic “You”) but I warn ya, don’t anyone here put words in my mouth because I will rip your guts out.

    K. Thanks.

  359. Just fished you and Boris out of trash, Shadow. So sick of wordpress asking me if I want to “restore” a comment I never trashed to begin with. I once had to go search for another platform after Blogspot starting playing games with Hillary bloggers, and I led an effort to get the hell away from there.

    I think it’s time to move to another platform again. Too many glitches in WordPress since Matt sold out and left. They messed with the editor, making writing and posting MORE work instead of less, but no noticeable improvements anyone would want, such as making it easier to post a photo in comment sections.

  360. Ok so, the idea here is to get Hillary elected, right? The idea is to get as many votes as possible, right? The primary person here is Hillary. Right? The idea is to make as few mistakes as humanly possible, right? This is about a Presidential election, right?

    Ok just checking.

  361. I just believe at this point it doesn’t matter what Hillary or Bill does. The fact that the CGI even exists is considered a “scandal”. I’m beyond caring what upsets the GOP because everything upsets the GOP. Yes, Bill talking to Loretta Lynch upset the GOP. And I just roll my eyes.

  362. I just believe at this point it doesn’t matter what Hillary or Bill does. The fact that the CGI even exists is considered a “scandal”.

    Exactly. That this is even a thing makes me want to puke over our system and the fucking optics narrative.

    Bernie and Donald can do shitty optics all they want. In fact, they can both have platforms that would take down the country, but that’s okay.

    As you might imagine, Mitchell, Axelrod, Halperin, and Donald have no shortage of things to say this morning.

  363. Mitchell, Axelrod and Halperin aren’t journalists. They are pearl clutching concern trolls.

  364. Hahah Ga, perfect description of those “journalist” clowns.

  365. It’s easy to understand why Hillary had a private server. Her personal emails would surely have been snatched by those pigs, invading her privacy as much as possible. They are the ones who MADE her secretive. It’s called Survival.

  366. I’m tired, tired, tired of the faux scandals. The media is determined to do the work of the GOP. They really don’t want Hillary or any Clinton in any position. They just, for whatever reason, hate their guts. It’s become part of some people’s DNA and even transferred to a whole new generation of Clinton haters. I’m beginning to think maybe Hillary should just drop out. They will continue to hunt the Clintons, America’s favorite sport, until they go back to Arkansas or all die, whichever comes first. They don’t want her – they don’t want her – they don’t want her. So much so that they are willing to nominate a cranky, do nothing socialist and a fat, disgusting narcissist demagogue. That’s how much they hate the Clintons. Perhaps this is what our society has become, this is just a reflection of our narcissistic, stupid society. Maybe we deserve what we get. This country doesn’t deserve the Clintons. I honestly don’t know how they keep doing what they do, helping this country and the world. Much better people than me, I’d have told everyone to shove it years ago.

  367. Just fished you and Boris out of trash, Shadow.

    Thanks a bunch Upps, sorry the dumpster and the software are causing so many problems for you and the fixit fairies.

  368. Love the kitty in the pouch on the header!!

  369. It’s easy to understand why Hillary had a private server.

    Absolutely, also because Hillary knew she really couldn’t trust Obama and his thugs.

    She also asked for a secure, portable device that she could keep in touch while massive globe-hopping…but the she and the State Department were turned down.

  370. All this FBI Investigation is just cr@p. Just last month everyone who is anyone admitted that there will not be any indictment regarding the emails. The report indicated that all of the SOSs had problems with emails. Hillary Clinton was not any different. Just another in a long line of SOSs. It was not illegal. The use of the server was not a good judgment call, but not illegal. The law that addressed Clinton’s private email server was passed after she left office. It applies from John Kerry forward. There was already information released by investigators stating that there has been no proof of not intent by Hillary Clinton to purposely not comply with records preservation or to avoid the Freedom of Information Act. Her only intent was to keep her personal emails personal. Again no intent to keep her government emails private. The existence and use of the server itself is not proof of any illegality.

    And really, Bill Clinton can talk to any one he damn well pleases. Lynch’s husband was present during the conversation. I find it highly unlikely that any conversation regarding an attempt to have an ex-parte meeting with Ms. Lynch would include her husband. If you apply this standard to everyone, that would mean that no attorney could ever talk to a judge or law enforcement during any social gathering or meeting. That is just ridiculous.

    Again, really tired of having this resurrected yet again, even though it has already been discussed previously. The MSM is focusing in on this now because BENGHAZI!!! turned out to be a big zero for the Republicans and Trey Ghowdy (sp?) was proven to be yet again just another Republican douche bag.

  371. WordPress hates me.

    Dumpstered again.

  372. Bill and Hillary are like filet mignon in a shark tank.

  373. Just learned this am that AG Lynch has NOT been receiving regular briefings on the email inquiry. That means a lot. It means there’s not a chance of Hillary being indicted despite all the media hyperventilating
    because if there were a possibility that the presumptive Democratic nominee for president could be indicted, you can bet that the AG would be constantly briefed. It also means that Hillary knows she’s not a target since they have to inform targets. It’s always been a giant nothingburger with ketchup on it.

  374. I think the meeting will pass. More concerned that Trump seems to be getting a bump because of these horrific events. We(Hillary) only up 4.1% on real clear politics avg. and recent polls have Trump up by 4 and Hillary by 2.

  375. imust, I understand what you’re saying, and I’ve had the same protective feelings toward the Clintons and been outraged at the lengths to which their enemies will go to harm them; not just discredit but harm them.
    Hillary won’t quit and she can’t.
    Her ability to stand the hate campaigns and walk through fire, metaphorically speaking, while most of us would be making a tent out of our bedsheets, is partly why I see her as a history making heroine like no other.
    Courage; we’re all going to need a lot of it to make it through November and beyond.
    Thanks to all who talked me off the ledge, yesterday.
    The very serious, CNN ” journalist,” Jake Tapper, was deeply concerned about Tarmacgate. yesterday, and the GOP and their press monkeys will milk it for all it’s worth.

  376. Shadow, the Kitty is MKBill’s ancester, CPL William, who crossed with Gen. Washington and played a great part in gaining our independence. You will read about it on 4th of July, including a brilliantlly written narrative by non other than our beloved member, Revolutionary War Vet.

  377. The whole thing has been ridiculous from start to finish and remember one of the stated goals of the GOP was to make Bill a “liability”. The only thing that really makes me mad is the fact that the media is doing the bidding of the GOP here. It’s ridiculous and grossly unfair but also remember the media does not have the influence over voters they apparently had in the past. And their loss of influence has made them extremely mad it would seem to the point that they are blaming the Clintons for their loss of influence. They don’t want to report on the Clintons because they aren’t the new shiny toy in town.

    Jbstonesfan, the polls are going to go up and down. I would not worry about them too much. I saw today that Florida had been moved out of swing state status but PA was moved into swing state status. They ALWAYS talk about PA being a “swing state” but it NEVER is. Hillary is also getting 99% of the African American vote and 83% of the Hispanic vote. The demographics are just not there for Trump but you also have to realize that some of these polls were caught using demographics from 16 years ago. Right now all the polls suck.

  378. ” It’s ridiculous and grossly unfair but also remember the media does not have the influence over voters they apparently had in the past.”

    That’s a really important point. I’m glad, too, that the liberal leaning sites (no, that most certainly does not include CNN) aren’t biting on this scandale du jour.
    That gives me hope.

  379. Upps, I can’t wait for MKBill and CPL William’s story. 😉

    What does the MK and CPL stand for???

  380. JB

    We saw how poor the polls where at predicting Hillary’s wins in the primary, and it seems pretty weird that 73 of all women votes can’t stand Rump, that a high percentage of the GOP and GOP voters can’t stand T.Rump and Dems can’t stand oh orange colored man…that doesn’t bode well in any realistic poll.

    Cherry picking the sample of people in the poll gives us feedback from that group only.

    I have NEVER been in any poll in my life…no one has ever asked me.

  381. JB, I just sent you a reply, but it’s also been dumpstered.

  382. Thanks, Sophie, for the Liz Holtzman article. Unfortunately, things haven’t changed much since she first ran for congress. When she defeated the male incumbent in the primary, she recounts how he immediately began trying to discredit her victory–and even demanded a do-over! Sound like anyone we know? Hillary is an existential threat to the patriarchy, including especially the media. They are on a mission. So is Hillary which is why she will win.

  383. Hillary wrote an article for a the comments, no really, read them….they’ll make you feel good, promise!

  384. We start with the fact that the far right wing is insane. As insane as the people who burned supposed witches in Salem. As lunatic as those who tortured and burned alleged heretics all over Europe in the Middle Ages. As deranged as those who destroyed the careers and lives of many decent people during the McCarthy witch hunts of the ’40’s and ’50’s. History shows us that when a group of people have a fixed monomania, nothing can dissuade them from it, and all the insane connections which they create out of it.

    One would hope that in a democracy, there would be checks on such mania. But our media actually contributes to it, to their everlasting disgrace. As an aside, the media is only four months away from the absolutely astounding achievement, even by their bottom-feeding standards, of having “covered” the most important election in American history, without even once having discussed or analyzed a significant policy issue. The media is not there to cover the facts and the issues, it is there to try to create faux scandals and outrages; and to achieve the result that the media wanted to achieve from the outset. They are thus the fiendish right arm of the insane right wing.

    And it never changes. In 2008, Hillary was called a racist by the media, and so was her husband. (None other than Keith Olbermann said that, “the Clintons are running a campaign right out of the David Duke playbook”). This was disgustingly absurd, but it didn’t matter, of course. Then Hillary was accused of wanting Obama assassinated. There were more such appalling slanders. And we all know the endless series of made up “Clinton scandals” in the ’90’s. So it is not the actions of the Clintons which cause things, it is the right wing, enabled by the media, putting that deranged fantasy cast on things.

    In this case, we have the fact that the AG is not investigating Hillary. The FBI is not conducting a criminal investigation of Hillary. This is so palpably clear, and yet the media deliberately obscures it. So when Bill Clinton talks to Loretta Lynch, they can then say, “oh, this looks really bad,” as if somehow he is interfering with a criminal investigation of Hillary. But there is none. So therefore there is nothing whatsoever wrong with them talking tor three hours, if they wanted to. Nothing. Except in the minds of insane people who see deviltry and witchery in everything the Clintons do; and in the minds of the media who deliberately lie and change the facts. This is so very dangerous to the very fabric of the country. It is the kind of thing that gets people to call leaders traitors, because nothing the subject can do, can escape from the insane loop; if he or she does some patriotic thing, it is just misdirection. Obama is an Arab who wants the terrorists to attack; it he kills a few, it is just for cover. But nowhere is the insanity more prevalent than with the Clintons. And nothing stops it.

    I cannot tell you how absolutely sick and dismayed this relentless attempted destruction of the Clintons makes me. It is probably the worst thing that the media has ever done. It is built on a nonexistent foundation, and then piled upon the very garbage that the right wing and the media have invented. Hillary is always on the defensive, in every race, every day. She does nothing wrong, and the media goes on and on about “Clinton scandals” which don’t exist exept in their own disturbed minds. The right wing and their media whores would just as soon elect a madman who is very likely to destroy the entire coutnry, one way or another. But the Right is insane, and the media is bitter, jealous, spiteful, and stupid. So here we are, teetering over the edge of the abyss.

  385. And one last comment about this. If Hillary somehow overcomes the right wing and the media, and becomes President, can she talk to her attorney general about anything, or will it “look bad?” Will the right wing demand tapes of all her discussions with him or her? Will Hillary be allowed to appoint an AG, or would that look bad? Will she be able to talk to the FBI director about anything, or would that interfere with this endless investigation of emails? Will the right wing, parroted by the media, suggest that she cannot serve, because she would be compromised idue to the in perpitude email investgation? Was that part of the idea behind the right wing going to a few pals in the FBI and getting them to conduct this investigation two and half years after she left her government position?

  386. I think y’all are wrong about most of the media. They don’t hate Clinton, they don’t love the Donald, they don’t care.

    What they do care about is getting some story, any story, that will get lots of clicks shoved out the door in five minutes flat. That way they get to keep their jobs. Lots of clicks, they may even get a promotion.

    The Donald farting through his hat (we all know what part of his anatomy wears his hat) — WOO, clicks. Hating on Hillary — WOO clicks. Economic policy? Work! No clicks!

    Really. I think that’s driving the whole thing.

    Take home message? For-profit news does. not. work. We probably have a better chance of passing national single payer health care than changing that.

  387. imust

    Thanks for The Toast link above. This is my favorite part from our girl:

    “make your voice heard in whatever arenas matter most to you. Speak your opinion more fervently in your classes if you’re a student, or at meetings in your workplace. Proudly take credit for your ideas. Have confidence in the value of your contributions. And if the space you’re in doesn’t have room for your voice, don’t be afraid to carve out a space of your own. You never know —

    Thank you, and as my friend Barb would say — keep giving them hell. We’re counting on you.


  388. Great post William and unfortunately all true.

  389. Well, this tell you more than CNN and some funky poll:

    Dear (Shadow)
    Yesterday marked the first quarterly deadline since Hillary and Trump became their party’s respective nominees, and here’s what we know:

    Our team raised $68.5 million for the campaign in June — that’s an AMAZING accomplishment, and a huge portion of it came from online supporters like you.


    Donald Trump’s campaign hasn’t yet announced how much money they raised in June, but Trump said earlier this week that if they come up short, he’ll simply write himself a check to make up the difference.

  390. Shadow, first, I have no idea why wordpress does this to you! Unless you are using different IP addresses, then it would be expected, but STILL, you would land in Moderation NOT the Trash bin. I’m at a wall on this. So all I can say is I’m sorry.

    MK stands for Moderator Kitty. Bill was pretty active here and he must just start up again.
    CPL William was Corporal William, although he did get promoted after his bravery.

  391. It is downright SICKENING the way they NEVER stop looking for a Clinton scandal or some way to set Hillary up. It’s despicable and through the years I have grown to DESPISE the Republican Party for this blatant misogyny and nasty behavior. This all amounts to jealousy because let’s face it. nobody did better economically and there hasn’t been a whit of peace since the Presidency of Bill Clinton.

    It kills them. But they have half of America thinking all of this shit is true and they just keep piling on more shit to build more “distrust”. They make me puke. I wish them all exactly what they deserve in life so long as it is TERRIBLE. I curse the whole lot of them. And I mean this.

  392. Thanks for defining MK. Every time I read it my mind inserted Member of Knesset. 😀

  393. No apologies necessary for the dumpster, Upps. It’s the glitch caused by WP. I do use a different computer at work and home, and my cell phone when I am on public transportation.

    I just mention it if someone else lands there and the fixit fairy wants to recover a pile at a time, or maybe I had a long reply to someone and don’t feel like writing it over.

    I appreciate you having this blog for all of us that support Hillary.

  394. Upps @ 4:44, well said!

    Its bizarre how wordpress is freaking out all of a sudden. WP has been dumping comments over at Widdershins also. One night it dumped every comment I and a couple of others made and poor Fredster had to keep fishing them out. I am using two different computers than I used when I first joined up here myself–it just seems like it (WP) is picking people at random, and then randoming dumping some of their comments. Who can figure it out?

  395. What could possibly go wrong…….?

    Several delegates to the GOP convention are bringing their guns to help prevent a possible ISIS attack.

  396. As far as this latest “scandal” goes…I just can’t. I am so sick of this same old bs. We haven’t watched cable news in years, usually catch local news and glance at the big papers online. The cable 24 hour news channels have the same veracity as the gossip blogs like radaronline or the supermarket rags. I will be glad when the election is over.

  397. moon @ 5:19, good lord!

  398. You know, I wouldn’t put it past the NRA to secretly fund a terror attack here in the US and then plant hand picked gunmen there to shoot the terrorists and be heroes and thus prove their warped point that everyone needs to be packing wherever they go.

  399. For some reason I am getting fund raising letters from Eric Trump. My reply was I am with HER Hillary Clinton. Not the CON Man Donald Trump. I wrote every time your senile father says crooked Hillary. I will donate to Hillary. Have a nice day.

  400. Shadow, the odd thing is WP WOULD flag you at different IPs, but you don’t land in Moderation. That’s where you SHOULD land. Instead they put you in Trash. There are three places comments can go, Spam, Trash or Moderation. I suppose we should all be grateful WP isn’t dumping us in Spam. So far….

  401. Shadow, you might want to look at the top of the home page for the tab entitled “ASK BILL”. This will give you the flavor of what Bill was up to and may awaken to again.

  402. Sometimes I can get it right in one sentence.

  403. Upps, your tweet is perfection!

    MsMass posted this next door at Widders. Its hilarious–scary but hilarious. Jessica Williams last Daily Show spot about Bernie supporters who will vote for Trump:

  404. what’s the ordeal with the FBI issue? can someone debrief me?

  405. It is not a “scandal”, but incredibly poor judgment. Lynch now has committed to going with whatever the FBI guy decides. This takes away any discretion she had if (and I know it’s a big if) the FBI determines there was a crime committed. No other way to look at it other than a huge miscalculation on both their parts. I am sure Hillary is seething. As a caveat, if the FBI recommended prosecution and Lynch did not go along with it, it would be just as big a problem.

  406. Can we have a new post, pretty please?

  407. Neetabug, I received an e-mail fundraising from Eric Trump and felt so violated. I promptly unsubscribed and felt like taking a shower afterwards. Ugh!

  408. Tarmacgate??!!!!????

    WTF is wrong with these people? Are their dicks really that small?

  409. Lynch didn’t say she would let the FBI decide. She said it would be between the FBI and the career employees at the justice department. The FBI cannot do anything other than send whatever evidence they have if any to justice. Legally they cannot make any decisions about charging anyone or anything. So Comey basically is out of it and it’s left to the career prosecutors at the justice department. However the FBI has already admitted there isn’t a crime. This is more or less just the media once again getting it all wrong. They’ve had this story wrong from the beginning.

  410. It is not a “scandal”, but incredibly poor judgment. Lynch now has committed to going with whatever the FBI guy decides. This takes away any discretion she had if (and I know it’s a big if) the FBI determines there was a crime committed. No other way to look at it other than a huge miscalculation on both their parts. I am sure Hillary is seething. As a caveat, if the FBI recommended prosecution and Lynch did not go along with it, it would be just as big a problem.

    Sorry Jbstonesfan, but I am sick and tired of everything one particular couple does being judge by other people as poor judgment. Where does it end? Is everyone else so fucking perfect? Bernie has NO plan for his signature issue but that wasn’t poor judgment. For all we know, neither Bernie or Trump pay taxes, but that wasn’t poor judgment. Donald is a for-real KKK Racist but that isn’t poor judgment. I could go on. And on. And on.

    Who believed that Lynch had any discretion at all?
    Something can only be a miscalculation of there was a calculation to begin with.

    Bill talks to EVERYBODY on the tarmac.

  411. An appreciation to GA6thDem for helping me feel much better about this situation. Apparently the MSNBC crawl indicating that Lynch would accept whatever findings the FBI made, is not accurate. That, plus Chris Matthews once again going on and on about the appeal of Trump’s “economic nationalism,” compelled me to turn the TV off. If this campaign ends with a Hillary victory and inauguration, we can all celebrate in some fashion. In the meanwhile, it is like the Chinese Water Torture, courtesy of the vast right wing conspiracy, and the media. If the FBI decides to continue the investigation up until the election, then of course the Republicans can tell people that Hillary might be prosecuted at any time, which will certainly not help things. Of course, that was probably going to be the idea, anyway. The media misconstruing the situation, is the major problem.

  412. I respect your opinion and agree it is a shame the Clintons’ are held to a different standard than any other politicians in the history of modern politics.

  413. I second socal, new post please?

  414. New thread.

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