Because she’s winning, that’s why

I really disdain the media. They’re being careless and irresponsible with the future of our country and the world just for their need of a horse race.



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  1. Oh my God, a clean, long, new thread! (((Sophie)))

  2. Gotta drag this over from the end of the last loooooooooooooong thread 😉


    Ga6thDem, on July 1, 2016 at 7:24 PM said:

    Lynch didn’t say she would let the FBI decide. She said it would be between the FBI and the career employees at the justice department.

    The FBI cannot do anything other than send whatever evidence they have if any to justice.

    Legally they cannot make any decisions about charging anyone or anything. So Comey basically is out of it and it’s left to the career prosecutors at the justice department.

    However the FBI has already admitted there isn’t a crime. This is more or less just the media once again getting it all wrong. They’ve had this story wrong from the beginning.


  3. Yes, in their need to create some “scandal” they don’t report the facts because quite honestly the facts are simply boring. It’s basically cubicle warfare and who is going to click on an article like that?

  4. If msm keeps this shit up we will end up with a Trump presidency. But I guess that would be Hillary’s fault too. Seems to me she is responsible for all that is wrong in this world.If he becomes president I am leaving the country ASAP !!!

  5. You suppose he isn’t answering me because of the split infinitive?

  6. If the media wanted to do some journalism, they might ask why the FBI has taken almost a year to conduct this email investigation; and why they only started it two and a half years after Hillary left the State Department, and just when she started running for President.The FBI gets criticized for not doing enough to stop; terrorism, or for letting a suspect go free. But no one suggests that the entire investigation may have been politically motivated, and pushed by right wing people and their buddies in the FBI; and that this is why it continues; and forces the Clintons to watch their every step, and whom they talk to. While the media is having so much fun with this, the dangers become greater that a madman will gain control of the country. At some point, it all ceases to be entertainment for us, if not for the media.

  7. William, honestly why would anyone think seriously about any Republican running anything these days. I have asked Republicans why they didn’t DEMAND Comey resign after the attack in Orlando.

  8. From Maddow Blog (she didn’t write it).

    Clinton, Lynch, and a ‘scandal’ that doesn’t exist

  9. Way the heck off topic, but just saw a movie that any Game of Thrones, Khaleesi fans might enjoy.

    It’s a love story, tearjerker, but good…it’s called ‘Me before you.’

  10. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  11. You think this is a bit of an over reaction? Imagine the shit storm if Hillary herself had said, “Hi,” to Loretta. And “optics” is the pundits’ favorite justification for this or any other manufactured “scandal”. It’s the July 4th weekend. Slow news period. Take heart, folks! Most people have lives and aren’t watching.

  12. Absolutely Brassy, only the foxnews station folks will beat this drum to death.

  13. Well, Shadow, Fox and CNN.

  14. LOL on the Split Infinitive.

  15. If SNL ever wants to spoof Axelrod, they need to bring back Jon Lovitz. :mrgreen:

  16. Sweet video of an elderly, 103 year old woman who is determined to vote for Hillary, and the first female president!

  17. All the Hillary things are always about “optics” She doesn’t actually do anything wrong, but the handwringing is about how it looks. The world is veritably falling apart, and all we hear about is that her optics aren’t good.

  18. neuro, thanks so much for that UPLIFTING video. I thought I recognized her and I was right. She CAUCUSED in Iowa. Bless her heart.

  19. “Axelrove” is such a uniquely loathsome individual I don’t think he’s “spoofable”.

  20. BTW, interesting that the 103-year-old woman knew caucus rules, but Bernie’s kids didn’t.

    Just saying.

  21. neurotransmitter17 and Voting, thanks for posting.

    That little lady is awesome and when she said she is fighting to live long enough to vote for Hillary, I almost cried. The most amazing thing in her life, the computer. She is on the ball.

  22. Bad “optics” or whatever, let’s be honest: it’s a little difficult to say “don’t get on my plane!” to the former President of the U.S.,

  23. The media needs to keep going after Trump about his tax return. They have been very quiet. Unlike when Romney ran they were all over him, including Trump. Leave my Bill the HELL alone.

  24. The Bros are back, tying the Lynch nothingburger to TPP to screwing the common man. I’m sure tRump’s trolls will pick it up and soon he will be squalling about Clinton should force Obama to abandon TPP (like she did Benghazi) yada yada yada. Comparing the two candidates fields of potential scandal, tRump is a fertile delta and Clinton is a high altitude desert.

  25. Thank you for the lovely and inspiring video of the 102 yrs old lady.

  26. Hillary spent 31/2 hrs this AM answering questions from FBI.

  27. Jb
    Hopefully it will expedite the conclusion of the investigation and we can move on from that right wing attack once and for all…

  28. Yes, and she wanted to do this back in August so she could get it over and done with. If it was 3 1/2 hours they must not have thought she did anything wrong and were more or less clearing up some lose ends.

  29. The Bros are irrelevant, Bernie Central is a comparative ghost town, the vast majority of Bernoids have moved on. All that is left are the crazy bastards who desperately dream up ideas about how Hillary will be disqualified and their batshit crazy Jonestown leader will be Il Duce and give them free shit for the rest of their lives. If it pleases him. So, I say stop worrying about the little shits. Even the anarchist Liberarians have moved on. Hopefully, the remaining crackpots will gravitate toward Libertarian for the legal Mary Jane, they’re already a bunch of drugged out lunatics and 15 year old HS students. I mean they actually admit they aren’t old enough to vote. Screw what’s left of them. They are mental throwaways anyways. The ones who shit in Zuccotti Park and packed up when it got below 60 degrees,never to be heard from again till Bernie. We will win without them. Period.

  30. EXCELLENT news about Hillary’s interview with FBI. Our long national EMAILS! nightmare will soon be over. Only 31/2 hours? After 11 hours on Benghazi! Piece of cake for Hill! This is almost as good as the news that Dolly Parton says, #I’mWithHer. 😄

  31. does anybody know the outcome of the FBI-HRC meeting? just want know what the heck is going on…

  32. It’s the final step in the emails investigation, belle. Now the FBI can do a report which is widely expected to clear Hillary of any wrong doing.

  33. Yes, this was nothing but witch hunt. I guarantee you when Hillary is cleared, watch Bernie endorses . I can’t stand him.

  34. Did I hear right? That Bernie said that Kaine was too conservative for VP? Does he get to pick the VP???

  35. Rip Elie Wiesel. A man who did not let man’s inhumanity to man stop him from trying to make the world a better place.

  36. In his dreams Bernie gets to pick vp candidate, imust.

  37. Imust, Sanders has said the VP should be a progeressive. I swear, if Hillary was male, he would not be withholding his endorsement, nor would he be be making demands re: platform issues or VP pick. He is so arrogant and entitled, I can’t even listen or watch him any longer .

  38. What? Did Dolly endorse Hillary, Brassy Rebel?

  39. OMG, Dolly endorsed Hillary!
    It’s a dream come true.
    That’s a really gutsy move for a country star. I always loved her, now I’m crazy about Dolly.

  40. Who is Dolly?

  41. Belle, Dolly is Dolly Parton.

  42. If and when Sandcrab gives his endorsement, no one will care.

    He is lost in the dustpan of politics now.

  43. Now the leaks are coming out and it’s screaming “no indictment”. Maybe this will be the end of this stupid BS. I really hate the media in this country.

  44. I think bellecat is punking us. As Queen Victoria would say, we are not amused.

  45. CNN is reporting the announcement of no charges likely to come in next couple of weeks–in other words, BEFORE the DNC. Sorry, bros..

  46. This is so funny! You just can’t fix stupid…

  47. No charges because there was no case to begin with…..sit back and watch the bot heads explode.

    Hillary finally vindicated.

  48. Correct. Moon, I really want the back story on this whole thing now. Who started it? What really has been going on? If this was Comey’s doings then he needs the boot. Orlando should have been enough for him to get the boot but with this idiocy added on which means agents were wasting time on email BS he should be fired without a second thought.

  49. Well… it runs out that is about the sweet old lady.

    always behind in the news…

  50. For some reason the video runs, but the article is actually about republican women organizing for Hillary…

  51. Brassy:

  52. “Because she’s winning, that’s why”

    If the winner were not a Clinton, the corporate media weasels couldn’t line up to kiss his or her @$$ quickly enough.

    They’d better hope Hillary is a nicer person than I am, because in her place, two of my ASAP tasks as President would be to restore the Fairness Doctrine, and to have the Justice Dept. launch anti-trust investigations of the Big Media corporations. 😈

  53. Really sad to learn about the passing of Elie Wiesel, who was a truly great human being, and in a significant sense, irreplaceable. It would be nice if the networks devoted some time to honoring his life and works.

    Hopeful but still a bit wary, that the long email torture is finally over, and that we do not have to hear that word again in the political context.

  54. Oh, William the GOP is going to point to the fact that there was even an investigation about email and say that it’s a “problem” In fact they already are moving the goal posts as we speak. Priebus is already saying that just the fact that she even had to talk to the FBI is a “big problem”. Of course, it’s going to do nothing but make the rest of used tired and more angry at the GOP than ever before and probably more determined to give the GOP the major smackdown at the polls they so richly deserve.

    Did you know that Elie Wiesel’s foundation gave Hillary the humanitarian award in 1994?

  55. Let me tell you, they’re pants are down and they know it. The release of their “report” is living proof. They pulled their horns in on Hillary and Benghazi. They know just how BAD they looked. So let them make up more shit and finish themselves off. Trey Gowdy is the face of their dysfunction, both literally and figuratively.

  56. I agree that the Fairness Doctrine MUST be restored. It is time somebody started regulating the media again. They are the perfect example of what is wrong with deregulation. It’s in everything about them from their news to their horrid programming that has ruined and desensitized entire generations.

  57. As for Bernie Sanders, he is going to be squashed like the cockroach he is. Soon he will be so irrelevant, nobody will even want to talk to him. Nobody in the media will bother returning his calls. He will be like a bad episode of a mediocre series. WHen he dies nobody will care except for those of us who fervently wish we could piss on his grave without getting caught.

  58. You said it Upps:
    Amen with “The Burn”

  59. Ga6thDem, I don’t think I had been aware of that, but it is a lovely tribute and award from both sides. We here know how great a person Hillary is, and it is of course both sad and infuriating that the Far Right has spent all these decades trying to create a thoroughly false picture of her.

    And I very much agree that we need to thoroughly defeat these people, somehow marginalize them from the political scene, because they are both evil, and destructive to the country and planet. I don’t know that we’ll be able to get the landslide win, but it’s still possible, if enough people of both genders and all ethnicities register and vote as if their lives are at stake. Maybe the media will take the time to actually focus on real policy issues for a few weeks, which would greatly help our chances.

  60. I like that statement “the GOP has been caught with their pants down” but honestly it’s going to be up to Hillary to remind everybody every day what the GOP has done because the media sure is not going to remind anyone because they’ve also bought into the fake stories the GOP has been shopping.


  62. Upps:
    can you give us the link?

  63. Here’s the link Belle. 🙂 Just don’t read the whole article because it’s the usual CNN crap, except for the first part.

  64. Thank you goofs…

  65. Just sitting here watching fireworks–or is that the last GOP conspiracy theory exploding? Just think. They lost Benghazi and EMAILS! all in one week. And eventually they’re going to have to address actual issues. And with Donald Trump as their nominee. ROFLMAO! The greatest Independence Day since 1776.

  66. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  67. Yeah and roach motels like Brietbart are chewing on their own knuckles right now. Google “Hillary “No Charges” and you will have a blast reading and imagining all the Wingers turning pale.

  68. Yea, no enthusiasm for Hillary…or Bill.

  69. voting, that pigs flying tweet is hysterical. I’m glad you will venture into the fevered swamps of the bizarre conservative mind Upps because I don’t think I could take it.

  70. The Democratic Party announced here in Cleveland instead of protesting at the RNC, they will take that time to register voters. I will be registering voters during that week. Got a call from Hillary campaign office asking me to help register voters. Hillary’s office is open. I will be volunteering, phone banking and anything else that needs to be done.

    There are two offices open on my side of town. I know there are more open. These two are the closest to me.

  71. neeta you are a warrior!

  72. Ga it’s important to study the enemy and know what and ho they think. There’s always the ability to have a long hot shower after wandering around a cesspool.

  73. NES uses that pigs fly pic as her twitter avatar.

  74. What Should a Powerful Woman Look Like?


    Sadly, America stands out among nations for its absence of a woman as president. Women have been (or are) presidents or prime ministers in Europe, Latin America, Asia and North America.

    Why not the United States?

    For starters, an archetype for a powerful woman doesn’t exist in our culture. Without a monarchy, we don’t have queens, as Europe does. Our nation was founded on Christian ideals, and we see our God as male. By contrast, India abounds with powerful goddesses. Our holidays that honor leaders are about men — the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Presidents’ Day and the Fourth of July for our founding fathers. Our most prominent national celebration of women is Mother’s Day — hardly a hats-off to women’s roles as statesmen. (Consider that last word.)

    IN 1776, Abigail Adams wrote to her husband, John, asking him to “remember the ladies” as men wrote the laws of our new nation. He laughed at her “saucy” letter and responded with words that some people believe still hold true: “We know better than to repeal our masculine systems.”

    Western culture itself has deep strands that are misogynistic. We blame Eve for tempting Adam and causing our fall from grace. The third-century theologian Tertullian said women were “the devil’s gateway” and Thomas Aquinas called them “misbegotten.” Thousands of women were burned at the stake in Europe, and in our colonial history they were prosecuted for mystical powers at the Salem witch trials.


    And we can point to an array of women who have influenced our history, from Eleanor Roosevelt to Susan B. Anthony to the four women who have served on the Supreme Court.

    Hillary Clinton carries the burden of all that history and all those stereotypes as the first woman to be nominated by a major party. Often before her experience and qualifications are considered, she is called a witch (or worse) and an enabler for sticking with her husband. In decades in the public spotlight, she has adjusted her style and look, even her name, to adhere to society’s evolving perceptions of women as leaders.

    Now, as she moves center stage in the race for the White House, she will be doing more: shaping a wholly new narrative, and perhaps creating a new archetype. She will be showing young people how a powerful American woman, on the cusp of winning the biggest job in the world, looks and acts.

    Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, NYTimes

  75. After Hillary is President, there should be a national holiday for her. I suggest August 28th.

    Why, because August 28 is the 240th day of the year (241st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.

    A reminder that 240 years after America declared it’s Independence, America finally elected Hillary Clinton, the First woman President.

  76. Shadow: Wouldn’t that be grand? I doubt Hillary would get a holiday before Obama.

  77. Shadow, thanks for posting that nyt piece. Awesome.

  78. A holiday for Obama? The corporate tool who frittered away his first two years when he had majorities in both Houses, and then moaned about Republican obstruction?

    (Sorry. I still can’t stand him.)

    But I am equal-opportunity crabby. If Clinton gets both Houses and does as badly, she won’t deserve a holiday either. Somehow, I can’t see her being that much of a wet noodle.

  79. Quixote: Re national holidays, Obama has a penis and is a POC. If it were a choice between two firsts, I doubt that she would be selected even if she turns out to be the best prez evah. I am not a fan of Obama’s either. HELL, if Hill does as well as I think she will, I would want her on Mount Rushmore!

  80. How Stupid is CNN? They just asked the question, Would you prefer clinton, trump or a giant meteor hitting the earth. Jesus H Christ.

  81. catscats…etc.

    “I would want her on Mount Rushmore”.

    ME TOO!

  82. Uppity @ 6:58 pm: I would prefer a giant meteor hitting the CNN building and sparing the rest of us. Thank you for watching CNN so I don’t have to.

  83. Brassy, that meteor would have to take out Fox too to get my blood pressure back to normal. Every day, Yahoo has at least two venomous pieces on Hillary. Did you see today’s “Hillary Killed my friends” tee shirts and bumper stickers that are apparently very popular…

  84. Uppity, that meteor poll was making Maddow all giddy the other day. I started tweeting her when she began the story and then said, that’s it, I’m done! I haven’t watched her show since.

  85. @ Ivory Bill @July 2, 2016 at 7:56 PM AMEN! The return of the Fairness Doctrine is a Day One priority, as is opening an investigation into the Conglomerate Media. Along the same line, I found a single point of agreement with tRump’s many emanations of gaseous oral squeezings: a reexamination of our libel laws, particularly as they pertain to public figures. You should not be able to post lie after lie on Facebook or any other public forum after you have been told the “facts” are a lie and the lie has been proven and you, in fact, know it is a lie. To my mind, that reeks of reputational assault. Just one example is the many lies told about Planned Parenthood and the various people and groups continuing to repeat those lies when they have been proven false. People should be held liable for those kind of actions.

  86. MSNBC showed the meteor survey one night last week on every single show.

  87. I gotcha by a few episodes, imust. I haven’t watched Maddow since 2008.

  88. National Holiday? You guys are starting to sound like 2008 Obama people. Come on! Let’s stay on earth. Laughing here.

  89. I think that very stupid poll question was from PPP. It was insulting and demeaning. But of course CNN and MSNBC didn’t have to cover and gloat about it.

    I figured the media would make this election, “they’re both terrible, heh, heh.”They hate Hillary, and they think Trump is bad.Tthey cannot bring themselves to describe the election as between a very intelligent, highly respected person who was a very esteemed Senator, and a clueless would-be fascist. :Yuk, yuk, we don’t like either of them, because we’re so cool and clever, particularly in pancake makeup. and back lighting.” Not only do they completely abdicate any responsible role as journalists, but they help to make it less possible for Hillary to govern. They would love for a third party to be in there, more fun for them. Everything depends on Hillary winning, but even so, they’ll start mocking her and criticizing her words and actions from the And they are so full of themselves with their little TV shows and positions, that they don’t even see what would happen to the country if Trump won. Or maybe they figure they’ll just take their salaries, and drink and drug themselves into happy insensibility;

  90. Comparing Hillary to Trump is like comparing Wonder Woman to Lex Luthor.

  91. :Yuk, yuk, we don’t like either of them, because we’re so cool and clever, particularly in pancake makeup. and back lighting.”

    Love this, William.

  92. I thought the Republican women for Hillary was a pipe dream but, this evening, I had dinner at my Republican friend’s house and she said that, in November, she’ll be voting Democratic for the first time in her life.
    Now, understand, she’s not a fan of either Clinton, but she’s appalled by the idea of Donald Trump in the White House.

  93. Well, Sweet Sue a vote is a vote no matter how it’s gotten. I bet there’s been that attitude a lot over the years. I bet a lot of people who voted for Reagan felt the same way.

  94. Thank you, Sue.

    My father wasn’t really the literary student in the family, though he had other intellectual skills. But when I was a boy, devouring all the Poe short stories, he gave me an insight ino “The Masque of the Red Death,” which I had not considered, and which I don’t remember later hearing in my literature classes, although it was said there that many of Poe’s works were in some sense metaphorical or allegorical. My father said that what “The Masque of the Red Death” was saying, was that no matter how rich or powerful you are, you really can’t escape.

    And so it didn’t have to be the plague of that story; it could be climate change, or the horror of a fascist dictator. Go as high up into the hills as you want; try to barricade yourself with money; lock all the doors; build a moat; and it will still find you. “And darkness and decay and the Red Death held dominion over all.” Too bad most of the media never read anything, or thought about much beyond their little mutual admiration club.

  95. The Onion:
    Scientists Slowly Reintroducing Small Group Of Normal Well-Adjusted Humans Into Society.

  96. Very funny, Upps.
    We are a vanishing breed.
    Full disclosure: Sometimes, I’m an asshole, too.

  97. Cats

    HELL, if Hill does as well as I think she will, I would want her on Mount Rushmore!

    Now that would be epic and wonderful.

  98. Gotcha imust and Upps, I only watched Maddow once in 2008 and never again.

    The only place I have seen her since, is on this site and a couple of times around the corner.

    I have always disliked her stupidity.

  99. George Washington’s birthday, the first President and ‘father of our country’- was a national holiday.

    Abe Lincoln, his birthday was a national holiday until someone just gave us ‘President’s Day and .

    The first woman President to me should be a BFD. It’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  100. Comparing Hillary to Trump is like comparing Wonder Woman to Lex Luthor.

    That is so unfair to Lex. Trump’s intellect compares to Luthor’s like a BB gun compares to a 16-inch gun off an Iowa-class battleship.

    Plus, Lex doesn’t bother wearing a tribble on his head. 😉

  101. Ivory Bill, I’m telling you. I know tribbles. Tribbles are friends of mine. That’s no tribble.

    (That last is said in a “That’s no moon!” voice.)

    What that orange superstructure really is: the current manifestation of Professor Quirrell’s turban, complete with contents of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

  102. Happy Independence Day all. If we work hard, make the honest case for HRC, THIS will be the last time the USA celebrates this day w/o ever having a female POTUS.

    And thanks to those in our services who preserve, protect and defend us….even when “we the people” aren’t worthy of their sacrifice.

    Have fun & stay safe.

  103. Happy Independence Day everyone.



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