George Washington, Revolutionary War Vet and MK Bill

It is that day of the year! USA’s birthday! And so, we post what has become our traditional 4th of July story. That you will see this story on July 4th here at Uppityville is as much guaranteed as the understanding that you will see hot dogs and fireworks.

As you longtime blog members already know, this blog likes to sport a “Living Header”. We celebrate events and holidays with appropriate headers, and sometimes we change it just for sport! All of our many headers were created by former member, FreedomFairy, and while she sees another political way, we are still forever grateful for her creativity and generosity as far back as 2008.

For several years in a row, as July 4th approached, we have always seen the above blog header of George Washington crossing the Delaware. And who is always present in that header photo? Why, Lo and Behold, it is our own Moderator Kitteh Bill on that boat, right there in the arms of The Man Himself! Father of our country! Kitteh of our country!

Bill! we gasped the first time we saw him there. It’s Bill! How did Bill get there! Look, Bill was There! Bill fought for our country! Bill knew George, and I don’t mean Bush! The Real George! And how Dapper he was on that boat! Our Bill, Kitteh of our Country!

After our initial excitement at seeing our own Moderator Kitteh Bill in that portrait, we were a bit flummoxed, of course. I mean, Bill would have to be seriously old in the triple digits if that was him. Not that Bill isn’t capable of just about anything, as you who have been spammed deliberately can attest. But, I mean, even the best of us have only seen our cats hit the early 20s. We knew Bill was special, but come on!

To the rescue, our own blog historian, the immortal and inimitable Revolutionary War Vet, who has been simply Everywhere, clarified the portrait for us:

Happy Fourth of July weekend to all the citizens of Uppityville!

Now, since I was actually on that boat when we crossed the Delaware on that cold, blustery Christmas night in 1776, please allow me to clarify…

See, it was in fact one of MK Bill’s ancestors who made the trip with us. He shared the same name, but the Continental Army knew him by the more proper, William. He carried the rank of Sergeant, and was assigned to the Quartermaster Department. There really wasn’t anything to the job, since we never had much food to eat. But Sergeant William always did his best for us. Once, he even offered to share with me a scrawny mouse he had caught, but I decided against it, and ate my left shoe instead. Anyway, we all loved Sergeant William.

Now, that night, General Washington was very reluctant to permit Sergeant William to make the crossing. But, at the last moment, as the boat was shoving off, William jumped aboard and into the arms of the General. What could Washington do? So, he just tucked William tight, as we rowed and poled our way to the Jersey shore.

We were headed for Trenton, of course. Where the Hessians had about 1000 men posted in the town.

Well, after a long march with bloody feet (and paws), we finally made it to Trenton. We attacked just after daylight. All was confusion, as we stormed into the streets from every direction. Sergeant William headed straight for the Commander’s headquarters. Truth be told, since he knew full well that the officers always ate better than enlisted men, William thought he might find some tasty leftovers there. He was always a sucker for German food, particularly Wiener Schnitzel.

Now, just as William made his way into the headquarters, Colonel Rall, the Hessian Commander, was stumbling out of bed, trying to get his uniform on, sensing that the cannon fire outside his window meant a surprise attack was well underway. And it was here that Sergeant William performed the heroic act that we all remembered him for afterward.

William bit into the ankle of Colonel Rall. Hard. There was blood.

So disoriented was Colonel Rall that, by the time he reached the street, half-dressed with bleeding leg, he never saw the Patriot soldier that fired the bullet that left him fatally wounded. And, seeing their Commanding officer shot down, the rest of the Hessians quickly surrendered. It was a glorious victory! And for his part…

General George Washington himself honored Sergeant William with a medal:

The Order of the Catnip.

It was, to my knowledge, the first and only time that decoration was bestowed.

Well, after the War, I lost touch with Sergeant William. But I heard that he met a sassy Long Island feline named Katrina, who most people called Kittie. (But, for some reason, she always preferred to spell it, Kitteh.) So, William and Kittie settled on a farm in the Hudson Valley of Upstate New York, and lived a long and very quiet and serene life; while proceeding to give birth to many healthy litters, the present living descendant of which is – our very own MK Bill!

Just thought I’d set the record straight. 😉


Dear Vet!!!! What a beautiful and historic account of our Bill’s notable ancestor!! We are so fortunate to have you as blog Historian, particularly with regard to the presence of our own Bill’s forefathers at so many of our most important and/or historic moments in time!

The Order of The Catnip! This honor certainly explains MK Bill’s entitlement attitude with respect to paypal donations being snatched and used for the Ordering of the Catnip.

This account most definitely clarifies our Bill’s staunch and loyal patriotism and only serves to confirm what a fine president he would make, especially when we consider his inherited prowess at capturing and dispositioning rodents, of which there are so many in DC.

I am convinced now, more than ever, that MK Bill must pursue his Presidential bid with vigor just as soon as he wakes up from his nap. Even though Bill is actually a Clinton Democrat, there is no sense of him bothering with a Primary with that current bunch, as Bill just remarked the other day that the New Democratic Party is seriously Shovel Ready. Instead, I am going to suggest that, being a cat and therefore having multiple wives, he should consider posing as a Mormon. So long as he doesn’t reveal his intentions to provide free CAT Scans as part of his health plan, I am sure this will be enough to convince the Republicans to give him a nod. Besides, he’s exponentially more interesting than the creatures they have as candidates to-date.

Vet, thank you for renewing my faith in Bill’s love of Country, as I do admit I was losing patience with him, what with his constant use of my charge card to investigate the Playcat Channel and the Live Nude Cats website. Now I understand that these are just the necessary diversions of a very patriotic cat who, like Newt Gingrich, is so patriotic, he sometimes ..…strays, and who, of course, aspires to fill Anthony Weiner’s seat, if not his shorts.

Trenton will never look the same to me again, and believe me, it never did look like much to me. Who knew?


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  1. ROFLMAO! It’s about time we got the truth about Washington crossing the Delaware and the Battle of Trenton. I always knew there was more to the story, but, of course, the damn media was covering up the fact that George was upstaged by a cat named Bill. It’s a scandal!

    Now I get a do-over to my 4th of July greeting which I screwed up in previous thread.


  2. Cute story. Happy 4th everyone!

  3. I love reading this story on the 4th! Goofs salutes Bill’s ancestors. Happy 4th of July Uppity and Uppityville!

  4. A 4th of July tradition, as much as fireworks and apple pie! Wait…did someone mention PIE? 🙂

  5. Happy 4th of July Uppity and Uppityville!

    Hey! Watabowt me? I’m the star of this show. Bow, woman. Or land in spam for life!


  6. What a delightful story! Happy 4th of July!!🎉🎉🎊🎊💥💥💥🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Way off topic, but does anyone know the origin of Andrea Mitchell’s over-the-top CDS?

  8. Sophie, I can’t stand her. CDS is over the top with her. I don’t know where it originated from.

  9. She absolutely cannot say one nice thing about Hillary. I called her out on it on Hillary’s announcement rally:

  10. Good for you, Sophie!

  11. Uppityville:
    Happy 4th…

  12. When Andrea’s forced to say something positive about Hillary, she tempers it with a negative.

    Hillary lost a lot of weight but now she’s at a disadvantage because all of her clothes are too big

    Hillary ended the war in Syria but now all those refugees will die trying to get back to homes that aren’t there

    Hillary cured cancer and put all the oncologists out of work

  13. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 4th!
    Remember there would be NO founding Fathers without their founding mothers….;-)

  14. By the way, if you ever see a Tweet from me from a publication article, the odds are very high that I have edited the headline (since they let you and since their headlines are click bait shit).

  15. When you don’t look at Mitchell as a journalist and look at her as more of a concern troll then it makes more sense what she says.

  16. My dearest Upps;
    Thank you for the wonderful post…and the links to “Live Nude Cats”…
    a must visit…

  17. Best guess is that she and her husband Alan Greenspan are simply very much against the Clintons, and have been for decades. Greenspan was one of the worset Fed Chairmen ever. He is still going around complaiing about this or that; in the middle of the stock market fall after Brexit, I flipped over to CNBC, and apparently he had been on (the right-wingers at CNBC always put him on) warning once again that unless we cut entitlements, the economy will collapse. He is far Right on economic policy, and I’m sure that Mitchell agrees with him on most things. I don’t think there was one direct cause for Mitchell of her CDS, just that she abd Greenspan basically hate the Clintons’ policies.

    Far be it from me to question the less well known aspects of history provided above by Uppity and her cat; but for a perhaps more conventional narrative, I very highly recommend the series “Turn,” which just finished its third season, hopefully not its last, on AMC. I almost never like a TV show, but this is really superbly created, cast, and acted. It is the essentially true history of the Culper spy ring, which George Washington created, because he strongly sensed that the only way that America could win the war was through superior intelligence. There is unfortunately nothing about cats in it, but even with that omission, it is a very good show.

  18. Would you all like to know how that senile old fossil Casper Greenpants gauged the economy? Are you ready? Men’s Underpants sales. I shit you not! Here, read this. Or at least look at the pictures. No wonder we are all Effed up.

  19. A classic

  20. Happy Independence Day to all Uppityites and their families and friends!

  21. I knew Greenspan’s policies were horrible back in the aughts. One of my close buds at that time thought he was awesome, cuz the value of her crappy old condo went way up. I told her it would crash eventually but she didn’t see it. Her and her husband ended up moving to Texas so they could afford a nice large home. When these artificial housing “booms” happen and prices soar, people that already have money and property can make a killing off house flipping, but those that are living paycheck to paycheck and/or are renters are usually shut out from buying homes (or buy homes they can’t afford and end up losing them). Housing bubbles end up making the rich richer, and the rest of us poorer.

  22. Ok, now I’m feeling a little guilty. I massaged that headline to represent what Andrea will probably actually do (and not something she actually said). People’s comments suggest that they believe she said that! They are saying hateful, livid things about Andrea. Oh my.

  23. It’s this one:

  24. OMG! catnip on the way Bill!

  25. Happy 240th from Equestria!

  26. Sophie, re: the AM tweet, I like it and she deserves what she gets!

  27. socal, they really are saying some mean shit about her! I was enjoying it at first…

  28. Sophie, I think the headline was exactly accurate, except that she didn’t actually say it, just thought it. Not all vows are oral.

  29. Thank you William! Of course, it was a silent vow!

  30. 240 years.

    Red, white and blue.

    Pride, honor, courage and freedom.

    Hotdogs, laughter and fireworks.

    I wish you all a wonderful 4th.

  31. They are saying hateful, livid things about Andrea. Oh my.

    My heart breaks for her.

    Now she knows how it feels.

  32. There is unfortunately nothing about cats in it,

    Ok now you’ve pissed me off.


  33. As is my custom every 4th of July, I am enjoying a Sam Adams.
    This year, I poured it in a pint glass made from, it says, 100% shattered glass ceiling.

  34. Oh, but I was not implying that the show was accurate, but that it would have been a better show had your ancestor, or any otherr important Colonial cats been featured. It is not a commonly known story, as obviously your forebears have mostly. preferred to keep it within the family.

  35. LOL William @ 9:39 PM

    Nice recovery! MK Bill will forgive with the proper amount of catnip… 🙂

  36. Andrea Mitchell has been a Clinton hater for a long time. She seems to hold a personal vendetta against Hillary and her jealously is patently obvious. Have you seen the pic of her promo on MSNBC? As they say, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. Truthfully, every commentator on MSNBC was imo pulling for Sanders and only “came around when is was apparent Hillary would win and they want access to interview her. They would be very happy to see Hillary go down and for Biden to be plugged (no pun intended as his hair plugs are awful) in.

  37. MKBill:

    Meow! purrr!

  38. Yes I must admit William patched that one up beautifully.

    Which is wise, given the Five Razors….

  39. Goofs, Bill doesn’t accept just any catnip. He likes the Meowie Wowie stuff that undocumented worker cats bring over the border.

  40. Upps, goofs is a law abiding kitteh! Maybe he’ll have to send Bill a amex gift card to make up for my bad manners!

  41. OT, but congrats to NASA for successfully entering Jupiter’s orbit tonight. Or as I call it…..AMERiCA IS ALREADY GREAT, but can be even GREATER!

    For those that think our space program is a waste of money, please bear in mind so many of our now-everyday electronics are courtesy of NASA.

    Plus, I loved Tang when I was a kid.


  43. VotingHillary

    My dad worked for NASA on the space program at Cape Canaveral in Fla…we lived there in the late sixties…

    I love NASA and it’s walkin on the moon was one of America’s greatest achievements. I hate that Obama did want to waste money to support the space program.

    Screw him.

  44. Typo alert, I love NASA and *man’s walking* on the moon

    Obama did *NOT* want to waste money to support…

  45. Hi Everyone! Hope you had a nice holiday weekend. I just read the story about Corporal William and really enjoyed it! Great job Rev War Vet!

  46. MKB buddy don’t burn the catnip at both ends.

  47. Thanks, Upps, for your traditional honoring of the story of MKBill’s illustrious ancestor. 🙂

    I hope all Uppities everywhere had a Glorious Fourth!

    Now, on to November and more history…

    Or better yet…HERstory!

  48. Jbstonesfan, very true about MSNBC. Instead of being MSNBO this year they were MSNBS or MSNBernie. The whole time they were fluffing Bernie I had to wonder do they really want Trump as president because as we all know Trump would make mincemeat out of Bernie in a heartbeat. If the GOP wanted to create a candidate in a laboratory to run against it would be the sandcrab.

  49. I also recommend Turn. I’ve been watching it from its inception. If you haven’t seen it give it a try. Also, I have caught up on my reading. And all I can say is that you all are awesome people ! I hope everyone had a great 4th! I purposely stayed away from everything cuz the orange Oompa Loompa dominates the air waves and I’m sick of him already. He doesn’t need to make any ad buys since he’s always on the news.

  50. Jb, etc I saw Andrea at one of Hillary’s rallies. I did not know she was a Hillary hater. If I see her at another Hillary rally I will ask her why she hates Hillary. I am also going up to all the reporters and ask them why are they not asking Trump about his tax returns. I will let them know the voters are sick of them talking about those e-mails. I will tell them to get over it.

  51. I see they are finally questioning Bernie on why he still have the Secret Service when he is no longer a candidate. They said it is costing the taxpayer forty thousand a day. He didn’t answer.

  52. I haven’t seen Turn yet, but before the History channel tirned into Fat Guys In Pawn Shops, it had a program about the Culper ring. That was the first I had heard about it. And, no, as far as anyone knows, there were no cats in the spy ring–though I bet they’d make great spies! However, there was a woman who was integral to their work. Of course, like so many important women, she has been lost to history.

  53. I saw where they are talking about Obama about flying in Air Force One campaigning with Hillary using the taxpayer. Did they question Donald or Bernie using secret service flying to Scotland and Rome?

  54. neeta, it seems even Obama is on the wrong side this time. Guess he should have endorsed Trump, the neo-Nazi lover!

  55. Obama used Air Force one to campaign in 2012. Did they say anything back then about it? George W. Bush used Air Force One to campaign in 2004. Did the press say anything about that?

  56. I liked one response to DT about the airplane that I saw on twitter. DT tweeted, “who’s paying for it?” The tweeter replied, “Not you, you don’t pay taxes!”

  57. No Charges!!!!!

  58. Yay!!! NO charges. Wonder, if Sanders will drop out already?

  59. Msnbc spinning it as bad for Hillary!
    This story will now proceed to disappear from the news faster than Bernie did…and yes, he’ll probably drop out and endorse within the week…This is a HUGE week for our girl, as the final “bad thing” has been overcome.
    Now on to the convention, the campaign and the LANDSLIDE!!!!

  60. I think they’re all on drugs at MSNBC.

  61. No criminal charges but Comey and no doubt most of the media gleefully scold Hillary for being extremely careless. What misogynistic claptrap. I don’t recall nearly this FBI/media hysteria when Petraeus knowingly gave classified info to his f..king mistress. No way to do it without it appearing to be a vendetta, but too bad Hillary can’t replace Comey. The FBI needs to be concentrating on tracking these homegrown terrorists instead of devoting resources to political witch hunts!

  62. More taxpayer money wasted. Could have been spent on terrorists.

  63. …the History channel turned into Fat Guys In Pawn Shops…

    Don’t forget the pseudo-science (“Ancient Aliens”, etc.) 😛

    Oh, and for the Hillary-haters, This Meganekko Is You

    (A “meganekko” is a girl who wears glasses.) :mrgreen:

  64. Old Bernie is mad. Now he will come out and endorse. For me he can keep his endorsement. Give up the SS

  65. Coverage of this on CNN also bad. Just incredible. I don’t think that there ever was the slightest evidence of criminal conduct. The FBI covers itself by saying, “no clear evidence,” rather than admit that they did this as a partisan vendetta for the last year. What was the FBI investigating for all this time? Nothing, really. She was allowed to have the private server, she didn’t do anything wrong, why would any rational person ever think that there was something that rose to the level of criminality? Hillary haters, of course. And the media, of coruse, which unfortunately is about the same thing.

    From the brief coverage I saw, one would think that she was terribly guilty, and just managed so slip out of the clutches of the FBI. I hope some of you can find fairer coverage of this somewhere today. Or maybe it will just go away. Someday someone will write about how some right-wing groups, like Judicial Watch, got some of their buddies at the FBI to launch this travesty. Finally, how absolutely disgraceful of the FBI to say, “no clear evidence,” rather than “no evidence.” That is deliberately and palpably politically motivated. It’s pretty clear that we have a political cabal in this country whose tentacles reach into the FBI, the CIA, and the media. That is what is frightening.

  66. Wm, I changed the channel to a game show, It is as if they wanted her to be found guilty.

  67. I’ve said this before, but why is there not one single person who wonders why this investigation was launched some 30 months after Hillary left the State Department? Wouldn’t any actual journalist wonder that? Gee, what suddenly occasioned the FBI do start doing this? I guarantee that if Hillary hadn’t announced her run for President, there would have been no investigation at all. And the FBI, which some people still like to look at with admiration, looks now to be an incompetent group of cronies who are more motivated by political agenda than effectively protecting U.S. citizens. That is really the unsettling story in all this.

  68. Comey is skimming on thin ice, he should not be making statements that are prejudicial, it should have been a plain old charges or no charges.

  69. Matthew Miller – Former DOJ Spox
    Absolutely outrageous presser by Comey. DOJ/FBI is supposed to speak in court. If it won’t make statements in court, it shouldn’t make them.

  70. Made me laugh….

  71. Certain political people and others need to watch their language on media. Hillary has not been charged and will not be charged of any offence on this and Ryan and trump and others are calling it “criminal actions”…FBI just said otherwise, they could get their asses sued to the wall.

  72. Moon better yet you should send this out to all the cable channels

  73. Berniebot land will be a sad sad place of woe tonight……..

  74. Remember when Gingrich and DeLay separately made comments a few months ago that their sources in the FBI were telling them that there was going to be an indictment any day? Trump may have also said something like that. I do believe that there are people at the FBI who are so politically biased that they were doing everything they could to either make up some criminal charges, or to at least spin the narrative to the public. To use a law enforcement agency for political ends, as those “leaking” agents did, is worse than a fireable offense, it is a violation of their oath of loyalty. This virtually rises to the level of the novel “Seven Days in May,” if anyone remembers that.fine piece of fiction.

  75. William, on July 5, 2016 at 12:31 PM said:

    I’ve said this before, but why is there not one single person who wonders why this investigation was launched some 30 months after Hillary left the State Department?

    Wm you know the answer, They do not want our girl to be president.
    Like I said before. I am going to work my tail off to get her elected. We all should do the same.

  76. Moon, unfortunately I believe that one can get away with saying virtually anything about anyone in a political race. Public figure exception to defamation laws, or whatever cover they want to afford it. Rubio said during a debate that Hillary is a war criminal. Cruz in a campaign rally that she should be in jail. Apparently you can say anything at all you want, at least about her; I don’t know what rules apply as against Republicans. Of course, it the FBI director had simply written,’no evidence,” it would have made it harder, but then that was clearly not his goal.

  77. If I was Hillary, I would not be giving anything to MSNBC or CNN, cut them off.

  78. The fact is, Comey should not be saying anything at all, only charges or no charges, making assumptions in public media is not correct going forward. He should not be commenting.

    In fact Comey should have made his recommendation to DOJ and said nothing publically. That alone should have him fired.

  79. Karen Tumulty of TIME confirmed in a tweet this morning that Comey is a Republican. My take? Comey had to give the right wing some political talking point. So he said something totally inappropriate for someone in his position by giving opinion: “extremely careless”. And not just Hillary but whole
    underfunded and underresourced State Dept. His job was to collect facts and evidence and either find cause to charge or STFU. He’s probably afraid if he didn’t throw them a bone, they’d come after him. Someone should go after him for giving his opinions on Hillary and “State Dept. culture”. That is none of his business as FBI Director.

  80. Moon…I just LOVE that!

  81. and by the way “could have” is not legal speak here, it either did or did not.

    This whole thing is a political hit on Hillary, they knew they had nothing but wanted to hit her somehow.

    Comey should be fired for his political bias today.

  82. I’ve never posted a pix here so I hope this works.

  83. At the Hillary rally in Charlotte! I’ll try to get pix.

  84. Let’s see, moms Demand Action here… Gay rights, planned parenthood, white men and POC rockin’ out together to some boot-stomp in’ country music. Diversity, enthusiasm…love it!

  85. The wingnuts will now turn on Comey, and accuse him of being a “RINO”, and/or of taking some sort of bribe from the Clintons, who are Mr. and Mrs. Beelzebub from the wingnut perspective.

  86. Bernie Central already turned on Comey, after they had a thread talking about his great integrity. Petitions are planned as are, I’m sure, law suits. These creepos are habitual litigators. You would think they’d get the hint every time their shit is thrown out of court. And they almost always send their useless petitions to the wrong place.

  87. Jules!!! Yaaaaaaaassssss! Pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. LOL Churl! Should have added “and Republican stupidity”

  89. Click on this pop quiz.

  90. This email “scandal” was nothing. All it seemed to focus on were Republicans trying to knock Hillary Clinton out of the Democratic Primary race. Didn’t work. Main problem with their premise is that Clinton acted in a similar way that all other SOSs acted with regards to emails and by turning over volumes of emails she was better than many of her predecessors. She never initiated the sending of top secret or classified emails to others. She did receive them and shame on them for sending it to her in the form of an email. Also, as SOS she had the power to classify information. Just because some other department decided that the information was classified or top secret doesn’t mean that it was classified as such in the State Department. That is part of the duties and powers of the SOS.

    This was nothing but a game of chicken, which Clinton won because she was correct. Nothing she did was illegal nor was classified information or top secret information initiated by her sent through her email system. The Republicans lost on this one in a big way just like BENGHAZI!!!

    Lastly, I find it funny that with all the complaining there is about her private email server, her emails were never hacked, can’t say the same about other government emails. May be she should pass along her IT guy’s contact info for the feds to use in the future.

    UFT and his minions can go ahead and cry me a river.

  91. Lighting is hard for pix because of the TV cameras. I’ll try though. BTW ended up sitting in the middle of the Charlotte city council.

  92. Just to make this perfectly clear, Hillary Clinton was never the subject of any FBI criminal investigation. So it would be impossible for her to be charged for any criminal wrong doing. That is why the majority of just plain “folks” out there never paid attention to this cr@p.

  93. Looks like the Rs have totally bought in on attacking Comey.

    This is going to be a mistake.

  94. churl @ 1:26pm:

    I’m with upps,

    *Should have added “and Republican stupidity”

  95. I TOLD you this guy is crazier than a rat in a coffee can!

    Bernie: “FBI decision won’t affect my presidential campaign”. No kidding. He said that.

  96. Flvoter, you are exactly right. But of course the media has consistently purveyed the story that there was a criminal investigation, and that there were potential serious criminal charges. It is a disgrace from both the side of the media, and the FBI, that this has incorrectly and unfairly been a story for the last year. But of course we can easily discern the motivations involved with each of these entities. Politically compromised FBI, and pathetic excuses for broadcast journalists.

  97. They are showing Hillary and Obama in NC. That Andrea saying large crowd. Bigger than the one when Hillary was there. Can’t stand her.

  98. William this is part of the reason why I have been checked out of a lot of what is going on in the media because it has been so dishonest with this email bullsh!t. Any time I spoke about it to others, they disagreed with me regarding Clinton not being a target of an FBI criminal investigation because of the “news” coverage.

    This is beyond pathetic. It reminds me of the “journolisters” of the 2008 Obama campaign, who all followed their marching orders from the Obama campaign as to what stories to push.

  99. When it was just Hillary it was completely last minute and late at night. This one had more notice and it’s in the middle of the day. A lot of folks left work early and just walked over here. BTW, got a sign!

  100. Clinton/Obama rally will be shown on C-SPAN 2 at 3:00pm EST.

  101. Thank you voting. I can’t take the commentary (lies) on cnn and msnbc

  102. UW what I find funny as in funny HA! HA! is that UFT says the FBI determination doesn’t effect his campaign. Does he mean the campaign for the democratic primary that was finished a month ago? What campaign does he mean, because he lost the democratic primary by a lot. There are no other primaries to be had. Last I checked the platform has been written. There is nothing left to campaign for. May be he is campaigning for King of the Universe?

    He just continues to be a misogynistic piece of floating feces.

  103. Last time Hillary had a rally with EW I check the channels to see who was carrying the speech. Fox News did not carry it. I am going to check and see if they carry this one.

  104. One of the reasons the wingnut pols and media operatives never give up searching for some spurious scandal against Democrats, and especially Democratic presidents and presidential candidates, is that they are still seeking vengeance for Watergate.

    Ironically, Watergate was a completely self-inflicted wound for the GOP/”Independent” Right. The burglary yielded no useful data for the Nixon campaign, and Tricky Dick won a landslide victory anyway. It was not only wrong and illegal, it was completely unnecessary.

    Nixon might be remembered as a great president for thawing the Cold War, if not for his paranoid fear and hatred of domestic dissenters, which created the mental climate that made Nixon (or overzealous subordinates) think Watergate was a good idea.

  105. Just checked they will be carrying this one. I will be watching c-span

  106. Sanders the stalker candidate, he’s the person that hangs around your house sitting in the car refusing to give up and calls you and then stays silent on the other end.

    He will then proceed to blame you for everything once rejected until he turns up wielding an axe in the middle of the night and you have to shoot him dead.

  107. Really good video of Obama praising Hillary Clinton. Just in case no one else has seen it yet, here it is:

  108. This will be an issue, but the bottom line no criminal charges. I think short term it may hurt, and Trump will get a bump. Hillary needs to stay focused on Trump and avoid any further missteps. The republicans will rally around this, but ultimately, it will not cost Hillary the election.

  109. Coastie, when all you’ve got is Donald Trump out there, what have you got to lose?

  110. I don’t know why right wing is turning on one of their own. Comey, that is. He has vast right wing conspiracy credentials going back to D’Amato’s original Whitewater “probe”. Not his fault he couldn’t deliver an indictment. If he went to prosecutors and recommended an indictment based on such specious non-evidence, they would laugh and tell him to go fuck a goat. He did the best he could, violating DOJ policy to give his worthless, unfounded opinions.

    I do hope that at some point today President Obama apologizes to Hillary for appointing this worthless POS FBI Director. Because that was a major FAIL.

  111. One cannot watch even five minutes of the cable news today, or probably any day. Today, they are very deliberately running incendiary and misleading headilnes. Every one of the crawl headlines is overwhelmingly negative, very much as if they desperately wanted Hillary to be indicted and burned at the stake; and having been cheated of that, they are going to do everything they can to do it on their own.

    They run a crawl that Comey says classified mails “could have” been read by foreign entities. Of course, so could State Department emails, or anyone else’s emails. Apparenty the DNC was hacked for a year by some Russian groups. No sign Hillary’s private server was ever hacked by anyone, but it COULD have been. So they run that. The implication they want is that Hillary compromised U.S. security, which of course is not true. I just hope that most of the public doesn’t watch this, because the networks are doing everything in their power to damage Hillary almost as badly as if there had been criminal charges in this non-criminal investigation. I do not like to think about the impact of all of this. But I can unfortunately guarantee that Comey’s statements will become part of Trump campaign ads. And that probably was the goal in the first place.

  112. Guilliani all in for Trump.

    Attacking Comey now on msnbc.

  113. Guilliani on trump’s short list for vp?

  114. Correct William..the narrative is not that she is “innocent”, but rather how careless she was. This was not unexpected, but you see how from right ring sights to so called left wing sights , the MSM holds Hillary and Bill to a different standard. They should be playing all the interviews they took months ago with rethugs who said Comey was independent, a man of integrity, and they would accept his findings. Now, I hear Giuliano saying Comey should have charged her. Hypocrites, all of them.

  115. Jbstonesfan, I disagree. I don’t think this will hurt Hillary at all. Frankly, Trump is dealing with his anti-Semitic tweet still. This is just one in a long line of bigoted statements coming from the Trump campaign. This bigotry is Trump’s MO. You can just see “normal” republicans cringing at all of this self-inflicted errors by Trump. Some of them look truly embarrassed having Donald Trump as the standard bearer of the Republican Party. Things like this contrast the two nominees dramatically. When compared to Clinton, it is obvious that Trump is not ready for prime time, even the republicans know this.

    The best the republicans can do is hope this is over soon so that they can try to “fix” their party after the election. They need to weed out these people, just like the democrats need to weed out the misogynistic communist and sometimes anarchist extreme left.

  116. Comey worked for Rudy when he was US Attorney!

  117. Youtube link (live stream) Clinton & Obama rally in N Carolina:

  118. Hillary and Obama is on now

  119. Looks like Hillary & Barack are having so much fun! One dig against DT so far. Heh heh….

  120. I really would like the back story on this whatever it was with the FBI. Comey seemed royally ticked that there was nothing. I guess that could be because he has CDS or he’s been promising wingers crap that he can’t deliver but I’m willing to be he was the one who was releasing the emails right before every primary.

  121. “Yesterday’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chips papers”

    They will juice this orange until there’s not a drop remaining, but the news moves fast and, “Hillary exonerated” just isn’t clickworthy stuff.
    The idea that this will story will have legs, in light of the current news-scape, is misinformed. The looming comedy debacle of the Drumpf family convention and who ISN’T speaking/going (Tom Brady opted out today) is a much shinier squirrel for the MSM to follow, and follow it they will.
    Fuck the coverage today; It’s the death throes of a reliable meme that the MSM has been promoting for months, and it ended with a whimper.

    Think about Hillary and how she pays little attention to the BS distractions thrown at her daily, and how she has overcome every obstacle to stand with Obama today as the nominee.
    It’s a good day for her and for us too! Just TRY to find a story about today’s news in a week, as the media and the rest of the RATIONAL world will have moved on…

  122. They did this at a good time….

    Tomorrow morning the massive chilcot report is released in the UK into the iraq war started by Blair and Bush. This is going to be headline news around the world.

    GOP will be on defensive tomorrow…big style.

    Email will be wiped off.

  123. I do hope that at some point today President Obama apologizes to Hillary for appointing this worthless POS FBI Director. Because that was a major FAIL.

    One of Obama’s biggest failures has been his Neville Chamberlain attitude toward the right-wing nuts. He should have realized they were never going to accept him as legitimate, quit trying to appease them, and just shoved it down their throats.

    Yeah, I went there with the Chamberlain analogy. It’s not breaking Godwin’s Law to compare the enemy to Ratzis if the enemy is using Mein Kampf as a Madoka-damned playbook. 👿

  124. “…a much shinier squirrel…”

    “The Shiny Squirrels” would be a great name for a rock band. :mrgreen:

  125. Obama finally campaigning for Hillary…

    “No, no, no…don’t BOO, vote!

  126. Great speeches, great rally!!!! Has julies9164 checked in yet??
    Love, love, love, love this photo!!!!!!!!!!

  127. That troll Hewitt is an insipid weasel.

  128. I won’t risk The Wrath Of Uppity by linking to the site, but the former 2008 Hillary-supporters-turned-wingnuts over at The Crawdad Hole are grasping at the straw that Tribble Hair can use Hillary’s alleged incompetence as an issue that will work beyond the wingnut camp.

    They’re cute when they’re desperate. 😈

    I wonder if the haters want some Spurious Special Sauce on their Big Fat Nothingburgers. 😉

  129. I forgot another possibility. Some wingnuts think Comey has somehow been threatened into not prosecuting. 🙄

  130. Boy. Hard to tease out of Comey presser that there was no evidence she was hacked and that no charges would be brought.

    That is really something. An awful lotta blather.

  131. Ivory Bill I can’t believe you can even visit where that kind of trash is talked about Hillary, especially today. That rally really knocked it out of the ballpark. I must admit, I was impressed with Obama’s very enthusiastic endorsement.

  132. Ivory Bill, People may say many things about Hillary, but incompetence isn’t one of them.

  133. Listen, Hillary’s my girl, but damn if Obama can’t speechify! I don’t know how he came across on TV, but in person you could tell he was having a blast.

    To get to where I parked I had to go down a certain hallway but the Secret Service had it blocked off. I decided to use the ladies room since this one had no line and just as I drop trou, I hear “Whooo” coming from the hallway. Yep, Hillary and BO had just gone strolling by. One lady got a decent shot of them and was kind enough to send it to me. While everyone was exchanging pix and phone numbers I glanced up and wouldn’t you know it? There they go just strolling by in the other direction! I foolishly said “Hey, there they go again!” And if was suddenly roller derby time. I don’t know where these girls came from but suddenly elbows are flying and phones are flashing and I didn’t get a decent shot then either! But I have one or two that I’ll tweet and post in a minute.

    I’m actually stuck in the parking lot. They have the street blocked off at both ends until the secret service gives the all-clear so everyone who parked here is just stuck.

  134. Toon saved! 😆

  135. jules, they were both great. I enjoyed every moment of both speeches. I heard someone in the crowd say preach , preach. I wish I could have been there.

  136. Very cool photos!!

  137. BTW, I know it looks like the crowd is doing “The Safety Dance” in that first pic, but everyone was just trying to cut the glare from the lights.

    It was hot as blazes in there, and I couldn’t believe that Hillary didn’t just melt in that jacket! Neeta- the lady who was yelling “Preach!” Wasn’t far from me.

  138. *far from me

  139. julies! Wow! You were so close!!!! I bet you were in the live feed, you should check!

  140. I have nothing to add to what all you very smart people have said already.
    Nothing should shock me anymore, but I am stunned at how the Media is playing the FBI decision as a big fail/problem for Hillary.
    They treat the Clintons like no other politicians.
    Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Andrea Mitchell and, especially, Chuck Todd all act like Hillary Clinton has gotten way ” too big for her britches” and should-must-be taken down a peg or two. It’s CDS with a big, old helping of misogyny.
    William, you’re right, the GOP has wanted revenge for Watergate for over forty years.
    But, the Media wants revenge on the Clintons because they survived the witch hunts of the nineties.
    Years ago, Media poohbahs decided that the Clintons were trashy hillbillies who had no business in the White House, and it kills them that they not only survived but thrived, and Hillary is about to move back to 16 Pennsylvania Ave.

  141. Guys– the tombstone maker only gives you two lines to work with. (Since I got lazy and didn’t photoshop it myself.) But thanks for the votes! I have a neat cartoon in mind with a similar theme but I don’t know when I might get it done.

  142. I tried to post this comment earlier but couldn’t get it through.

    President Obama was so great talking about Hillary today I don’t care anymore that he appointed Comey. Karma will take care of Comey. It always does. Thank you, Mr. President!

  143. The speech by President Obama today was great, and a welcome respite from the other stuff. Too bad that the satellite feed was lost for ten minutes or so, as he was winding up, but they got it back. He hit all the important points; praising Hillary for her excellence, and going over the many ways in which the Republican philosophy is harmful to the country and world. I hope he can do a lot more of these, it will certainly help. And I’m looking forward to see Hillary do joint appearances with other luminaries in the party.

    I don’t know what can be done about the media. Ignoring them isn’t quite the answer, but watching them is even worse. The biggest tipoff to me that all of this is sent from the network heads down, is the headlines and crawls, which are mostly deliberate distortions of what someone said, or what happened. Hearst’s “yellow journalism” newspapers might be a valid comparison. The Rupert Murdoching of broadcast news.

  144. Julie, that is just awesome. I’m so glad you got to go and got pictures!

    That cartoon with Hillary dragging Bernie away from the donkey ride is hysterical.

  145. Matt Miller did an excellent job of taking down both Comey and Andrea Mitchell. 🙂

  146. Churl, you……you mean … didn’t chisel that tombstone out with your own hands???

  147. Julie, I am SO jealous!

  148. I did take a shot at watching Chris Hayes just now, and if one tunes into the repeat of that show from about minutes 10 to 30, it is cheering.

  149. I hope Hillary does ask Sandscrub for an endorsement. He should not be included in any prime time coverage at the convention. If Obama (whom I am no fan of) can do what he did for Hillary today given their history, it is an outrage that clown is holding out for more concessions to his socialist agenda.

  150. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  151. If you Twitter, this thread:

  152. That Andrea saying large crowd. Bigger than the one when Hillary was there.

    Every. Fucking. Time.

  153. Batshit Crazy Bernie isn’t going to waste a worship crowd. He’s applied for a rally permit on the eve of the convention.

  154. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has asked permission to hold a rally in Philadelphia on July 24, the eve of the Democratic National Convention.

    The permit application for the event — which would involve an estimated 15,000 to 40,000 people in Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park — is one of ten applications filed with the Philadelphia mayor’s office for pro-Sanders protests, marches and demonstrations during the convention.

  155. ROFL!! I posted the same exact thing then saw you did when it refreshed!

  156. why the old fart Burn wants to rally for?

  157. I wouldn’t worry about Bernie’s rally unless he asks Barack if he still has those Greek columns.

  158. From Sophie’s link:

    Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs was quoted in June telling the website that Sanders would deliver a “victory statement” at the proposed July 24 rally. Reached Tuesday, Briggs declined to share details.

    That’s it. This is a rally organized by Bernie’s campaign itself. Bernie.Should.Not.Speak.At.The.Convention
    At all.
    Not first thing in the morning.
    Not during a coffee break.
    Not during lunch.
    Not at 3:00 in the afternoon.

  159. What imust said.

    Bernie cannot be trusted. Period.

  160. why the old fart Burn wants to rally for?

    Because the shouting of his name and the crowd worship intoxicates him.

  161. …Sanders would deliver a “victory statement” at the proposed July 24 rally…

    He’s finally got his taxes done??

  162. I’ve figured it out! Sanders is being named as Trump’s VP!

  163. NW Luna, on July 6, 2016 at 12:05 AM said:

    Congrats, NW, you are the proud co-winner of the daily “making me laugh so hard Diet Coke went up my nose” award. You tied with Obama when he said today that in 2008, Hillary didn’t “pout” after she lost. Talk about MAJOR SHADE to Bernie.

    Also, I really do think Trump threw out this latest crazy about Saddam Hussein because he is desperately trying to get out of his nomination. Makes you wonder what really is in his taxes.

  164. Julie, love your account of the Bama/Hill rally and all the pix! Thanks so much, really appreciate hearing these first hand accounts! I’m so happy you were there–what a great experience!

    I watched the andrea mitchell/Matt Miller interview upthread. God, I hate that nasty, fake, enemy-to-all-women, rethuglican-shill, POS Mitchell! What a f*&king bitch! She is NO journalist, she’s a rethuglican hack. Any organization that’s associated with her should be embarrassed. This is why I haven’t watched msnbs for years.

  165. Comey may come to rue the fact that he did so much editorializing yesterday since now the GOP is attempting to destroy and discredit Comey and the FBI now.

  166. Iraq war report is out and totally destroys bush and blair and no imminent threat basically saying war illegAl. Devestating…..

  167. Just wait Moon: another devastating blow to Hillary, she voted for the AUMF. It’s really her fault, not theirs.

  168. Yeah the report is really bad about Bush. Truth is, he went after Saddam as a vendetta for the plan to assassinate old Poppy Bush. No other reason. 9/11 gave him the opening is all.

    And…………….CNN isn’t talking about it at all. It’s ALL HILLARY AND DONALD. I am officially done with them. THey’ve gone down the rabbit hold with MSNBC and FOX. Except they spend their time on trashing BOTH candidates with nothing but opinions, instead of just a Republican or the Democrat. While Fox (Trump) and MSNBC (Bernie) spent their time picking a president, CNN spends their time killing off both candidates with as much damage as possible.

    There is no objective cable news any longer.

    I’m done. That ends my affair with cable ‘news’.

  169. Upps, I quit cable news back in 2008 and have not missed it for one second. There’s plenty of news on the internet to read and digest without all the breathless hysteria of cable.

  170. Sanders and his supporters are the worst group of losers that I have ever seen. He LOST in every imaginable way and they still think he should win. Unbelievable. I wish the Democratic Party would make him persona non grata. He deserves no special treatment. Penis.

  171. If I were the GOP I would think long and hard before attacking the FBI. I am sure their folders are very thick. All of them.

  172. This is why I said I could care less about Bernie or his followers. Hillary don’t need this kind of crap. As far as Bernie goes they should ignore him completely at the convention. Do not let him speak. Treat him just like he has treated the Democratic Party.
    The man has a problem. He is only for himself.

    I hope he cant get a permit. It would cause the taxpayers of Philly money, especially with the convention going on. This would be too much for the city.

    Bernie has lost it.

  173. House Republicans are meeting today to discuss revoking Hillary’s security credentials over emails.

    So Crazy Donald Trump okay for Nat’l Security intell, but Hillary not? Trump who yesterday praised Saddam Hussein? Who says he’ll order military to commit war crimes and says “they’ll obey me!”
    AND this:

  174. I must the GOP is just flailing around desperately trying for something. All their attempts to take Hillary down have failed. She’s had security clearance for a long time and they can’t take that away from her.

  175. Just one more dirty republican trick to keep Hillary out of the white house. How many investigations does one woman have to endure? They are not going to rest until they have her found guilty of something just so they can say they won.I am going to start beating the drum and not stopping until they start investigating that sorry excuse for a candidate theyhave in Trump. They can start with his purchase of the Tim Tebow autographed football helmet and jersey and ask him how he paid for it. Then ask about his campaign trying to solicit money from foreign governments. Bet they won’t do it!!

  176. Hillary should call a news conference like she did here in Ohio with Obama. Remember when she told him To Meet Her In Ohio. (I still have the t-shirt) She should tell them Enough I am not taking this witch hunt anymore,
    Republicans are trying to keep the focus away from the con artist. As far as Ryan goes, his state can’t stand him.

  177. Bernie is not fooling anyone. He wants Hillary out. I would never vote for him. He has shown his true colors.

  178. Uppity, the FBI can make it so that you were never born. You can be erased.

  179. socalannie, I can’t wait to see Andrea at one of Hillary’s rallies here in Ohio. I know Hill will be back. I will have some words for her.

  180. The Republicans are doing what they are doing, because:

    1) They are essentially insane people who have no interest in anything but themselves, a few billionaire constituents, and their own self-serving phony religiosity. They have no ability whatsoever to actually govern anything or anybody.

    2) They believe that if they continue an endless series of investigations regarding Hillary, they will manage to keep the focus of the election solely on that, and not on any policy matters. They know that the media will help them in that regard.

    3). They attack the FBI and the report because it is their usual modus operandi, scream bloody murder about things and then make it look that their side has been treated unfairly. That’s what they did when they yelled for decades about the “liberal media bias,” which of course did not exist, but caused the networks to react by favoring the right-wing talking points.

    4). They hope to create such a poisonous atmoshere, aided of course by the media, that people start saying that maybe Hillary shouldn’t be elected, even if she is talented, because obviously nothing will ever get done, and there will be rancor every day.

    What Comey did was disgraceful, making a series of comments about what should have been a simple “no charges” decision. The media stupidly and gloatingly quotes him as if his gloss on things is of course correct, when there is no reason to think it is. The twitter comments linked by Sophie last night are correct; it was obvious that Comey desperately wanted to indict Hillary for nothing, but knew he could not, so tried hard to give his right-wing people something useful that they could work with, and to damage Hillary as much as possible by so doing. But of course Hillary cannot say any of thatl so it is the far Right which does all the complaining, as if Comey had been generous to her.

    There is not the slightest evidence that one email in four years was ever hacked, or seen by anyone who shouldn’t have. Comey says “it is possible,” which is saying nothing. And “classified” does not at all necessarily mean top secret; various documents can be considered classified (not for ordinary reading) but be quite innocuous. In any event, no one saw them anyway. But in our insane political culturc, none of that matters; it is all about getting Hillary, teaching her a lesson, sitting back and watching the country burn while the media cashes its paychecks. There have been Secretaries of State who consipred to assassinate world leaders; who made illigal deals to sell arms; who vastly ramped up the nuclear danger to try to practice gamesmanship. But it is Hillary, who as President Obama said, was considered by most to be a great Secretary of State, who is receiving this abuse and hatred, whle the media sits back like arsonists enjoying the bonfire. And as usual, our side mostly sits back, cowed and abashed, shaking their heads in grave concern that “it doesn’t look good.” They did that in the ’70’s, and ’80’s, and got rolled over like bowling pins. They did it in the ’90’s, too, even when we finally had the White House. All we can hope is that vast numbers of people who have not voted before, will turn out to give Hillary a resounding victory, and to cut the legs out from under the right-wing cabal which literally threatens to destroy the country.

  181. neetabug, on July 6, 2016 at 12:11 PM said:
    Bernie is not fooling anyone. He wants Hillary out. I would never vote for him. He has shown his true colors.——

    Neeta, you are absolutely right. Now, he is waiting for the Justice Dept. During the campaign, his lovely wife said, she wished the FBI would hurry their investigation.

    I would never vote for him, either.

  182. House Republicans want another investigation? Of the FBI? They want to investigate the investigation? Is this a Monty Python episode?

  183. Make that three of us who would NEVER vote for Bernie. And here are some more. House Democrats Boo Bernie.

  184. Trump finally has something to bitch about with the emails and what does he do?

    Steps all over the opportunity with his Saddam statements.

    He’s a fool (but we knew that already).

  185. The GOP are setting themselves up for a huge loss in Nov if they keep this shit up….waste after waste after waste of money…….too busy busy with clinton derangement and chasing investigations to actually do something to benefit people.

    This is going to backfire on their asses big style, people are thoroughly fed up with this shit.

  186. TheNewRealist, on July 6, 2016 at 11:57 AM said:

    Seriously, they should have either turned their backs to Bernie or flat-out walked out as soon as he walked in. BTW, he is the type that the more they ask for the endorsement, the more he will dig in his heels.

    This is a case where ignorance would be bliss…and best course of action.

  187. Remember how they went after Bill? He still got elected.

  188. voting, thank you. Sanders has nothing, absolutely nothing, which would be of interest to anyone except himself.

  189. Hey, y’all, glad you liked my posts! I’m going to have to go back and watch the video of the speeches, though, because a friend of mine posted this:

    Now, I admit it was kind of hard to hear at times because the crowd was so enthusiastic, but I don’t remember either of them mentioning a drastic departure in her position on college tuition. I know this says she’ll announce it today, but I’m wondering why she wouldn’t do it yesterday when she had such a huge audience?

    BTW, speaking of Bernie and his Bros, I forgot to mention that there were a few folks yesterday sporting Bernie T-s, but they really seemed to be there to hear what Hillary had to say. There were no protests or disruptions, at any rate.

  190. It’s depressing how this Clinton hate syndrome never ends. The FBI , after months of review, found no criminal wrongdoing. Comey , whether intentional or not, gave the GOP plenty of red meat to go after Hillary. Not satisfied, they now will question Comey who presumably will not add anything new, but reinforce how careless Hillary was. Hillary should get on the offensive and point out “Here we go again” with another hearing which is a partisan attempt in an election year to go after her because they won’t accept the formally impeccable credentials of Mr. Comey. Hillary will likely win, but it’s depressing knowing that we will be going through the same crap they did to Bill..hearings, investigations, etc because of a psychotic hatred of everything Clinton.

  191. Does Bernie have dementia?

  192. Having watched him over the last while, I would certainly say there is some element of dementia, yes, maybe parkinsons, that whole hand waving thing for no reason is part of it. Seems uncontrollable if you watch it long enough

    He forgets a lot and then forgets again. Needs a moca test for sure.

  193. Well if the GOP wants to investigate emails, lets, investigate, Powell, Rice, Bush administration mass deletion, Chaffetz’s private server, Jeb bushes private server deletion, can we go on.

  194. I believe Chris Christie had some private server/email issues too.

  195. OK, what I don’t understand about Hillary’s plan is the same thing I didn’t understand about Bernie’s plan. How are you going to require states to foot the bill for tuition? I mean these are not federal universities, these are state universities. They are funded with state taxes not federal taxes. My governor wouldn’t even expand Medicaid for Obamacare. I can’t imagine he would voluntarily implement this plan. And does this mean that students can go to any public university anywhere and have it be tuition free? Because I know that UNC, as part of its charter, is required to limit the acceptance of out-of-state students to 4% because NC tax dollars fund the school. I’m dubious.

  196. Jules, That was always my question. States that don’t fund Obamacare are not going to increase funding for state universities. I live in CA and I don’t think the state can afford to increase funding. They are more likely to cut it, than expand the funding.

  197. Agree with Julie and birdcall, free college tuition is not a priority at this time anyway. Also, how would it be administered fairly? I read the cutoff is for families that have an income of under $125,000. That might be a great income in Cornpone, Iowa, but its barely middle class in half of California.

    I looked at Politico (first time in a while) and they had some interesting posts up: Gretchen whatshername (pissed off looking blonde) is suing Roger Ailes for sexual harassment!!! (love it!); a nice article about Sherrod (yay!); that idiot rethug fbi dude is going to “testify” about Hillary’s email to the rethugs in Congress, so they can waste more time; and, “GOP Foreign Policy Elites Flock to Clinton,” a pretty good article.

  198. Trying to get my focus off the really upsetting stuff, I was speculating about Hillary’s VP choice today. And here is my current thought; and I hope no one will mind the imagery or metaphor.

    Hillary is in the position of the smart and gutsy woman who has taken over the ranch , but who has to defend it against a bunch of bad guys and a few jealous women who want to take it from her. She needs a strong man to have her back, as the cliche goes. Someone who is not a bit intimidated by the bullies and hired gunmen on the other side, and will face them down.

    The only three people who fit the image of what I think we need now, are, in the order I prefer them, Sherrod Brown, Al Franken, and Corey Booker. Booker is the brave and strong ranch hand whom you promote to foreman; a man who speaks his mind, and does not back down from anyone. Brown is the sheriff who is smart and experienced, and whom no one is going to push around. Franken is the incorruptible judge who stands up for justice against the liars and cowards.

    Each of them, in his own way, can be a great help to Hillary, who right now is being hammered by the belligerently evil forces of the Right wing, and its allies in the media. Warren is not the person to fill this role. Castro would be like the young hand who needs to learn at Hillary’s feet, and that is not what is needed now. Perez simply does not have the imposing credentials needed. Kaine? He’d try; but he doesn’t appear to have the strength or weight of the three I favor. I really think I’m right on this, not that Hillary is going to do what I think. But I do not want to see her spending every day from now until the election responding to vicious personal attacks, without a very strong male political figure to stand up for her, even if he has to show the anger that she cannot.

  199. The GOP investigating the FBI is about the most stupid thing they ever could imagine. Do they think that Democrats are not going to be allowed to ask questions of Comey and other agents? Two of the emails Comey talked about were classified were released today and they were condolences Hillary sent out. I mean seriously if the idiots wanted to classify those can you imagine what they are labeling “top secret”. Bizarre and there are a lot of people at state, career people, that Comey basically trashed with his statement. Don’t think that they are going to release lots and lots of these emails Comey has been talking about. Like I said above Comey is probably going to rue the day that he made those stupid statements because he trashed a lot of people and then he has the Orlando attack on his back too. I guess his agents were spending too much time on emails to actually, you know, do the job they are supposed to do.

  200. I agree, Ga. Comey didn’t just smear Hillary; he smeared a lot of career foreign service people who have spent their careers in difficult jobs in dangerous places. That is NOT appropriate for the FBI Director. State Department shot back today, as they should. He not only speculated about things, he asserted things without evidence. And he got things wrong, even though the media act like he came down from Mt. Sinai to give us the truth. Comey got out of his lane yesterday. But GOP congress critters are NUTS to haul him up there. It will look like what it is–another attempt to go after Hillary. Someone needs to point out to these idjits that dictatorships and 🍌 republics imprison their political opponents. Their obsession with putting Hillary in jail does not reflect well on them–to put it mildly.

  201. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has said she has decided no charges will be brought in the HillaryClinton email case.

    Case closed, see ya, GOP can witch hunt all they like, they will just look petty.

  202. Birdgal and Julies, here’s what I found at on funding her plan for free college tuition:

    Students will do their part by contributing their earnings from working 10 hours a week.

    Families will do their part by making an affordable and realistic family contribution.

    The federal government will make a major investment in the New College Compact by providing grants to states that commit to these goals, and by cutting interest rates on loans.

    States will have to step up and meet their obligation to invest in higher education by maintaining current levels of higher education funding and reinvesting over time.

    Sorry if this isn’t the right way to provide this info, I extracted it from her tab on Issues.

  203. The investigation against Hillary is closed. The AG accepted the recommendations of the FBI director and there will be NO charges.

  204. With the case finally closed, all other accusations referring to this levelled towards her could be met with legal proceedings. They may need to watch their step with that formal hurdle out of the way.

  205. catscatscats, I love your name btw. Thank you for the information. I should have looked it up.

  206. Trump has been having a narcissistic meltdown on national TV for about an hour. It’s too crazy to even describe. This might give you an idea:

  207. Now all can shut the f up. Case CLOSED

  208. I hear the con man raised fifty in fund raising in June.
    Time to donate to Hillary

  209. Fifty million

  210. James Comey,the gift that keeps on giving to the Repubs. Methinks he’s just being petulant;he’s been after the Clinton’s for years..I mean you have to come up w/something when one of your biggest accomplishments was jailing Martha Stewart. Now there’s likely no way he’ll make if to the Supreme Court..the “knight’s shiny armor ” is a bit tarnished.
    Tomorrow he’ll have his day in the sun and a chance to “reveal” or “redirect” or,more likely misdirect the public and media’s attention so the Repubs don’t have to face the train wreck of their own nominee.Another conspiracy theory will be born and years of media time and millions of tax payer dollars will be spent looking for the illusive “facts” which apparently aren’t actually facts unless Hillary goes to jail.

    Sigh…I don’t want to play this game anymore. Just give me Hillary as President and all the CDS peeps can go off and play in their own little corner…as long as they’re quiet and don’t hurt anyone.

  211. Hillary is working every day to unify the entire party behind her BEFORE the convention, and keep distractions to a minimum. She wants Sanders in the fold and as an endorsement.

    When it comes to decisions about how best to conduct this campaign, we are truly, “Stronger Together”, and whatever my personal feelings may be, “I’m With HER”!

  212. actually, he raised $51 million for June and PART OF MAY…a little aspect some in the media are leaving out. It’s more than one month’s worth.

    And Hillary still outraised him…

  213. With the case finally closed, all other accusations referring to this levelled towards her could be met with legal proceedings. They may need to watch their step with that formal hurdle out of the way.

    I was wondering about that myself. I wonder if the stupid republicans could be charged with some sort of conspiracy against Hillary.

  214. Hmmmm, this is interesting. It just got leaked of a Hillary/Bernie event. Guess all that booing today gave him a hint of what waits for him at the convention…and in the next Senate session.

    “It would also draw comparisons to 2008, when then-Sen. Barack Obama joined Clinton for an endorsement event in Unity, New Hampshire, a symbol-rich town where Obama and Clinton split the vote in the primary.”

  215. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Loove you all uppities}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    It fell goooood!

  216. Just.Never.Ends.

  217. Seriously good!

  218. Watching Trump today – he seems drunk. I know he doesn’t drink. Maybe he needs to have a food tester. He’s more erratic than ever.

  219. Sophie, I am so glad I refreshed my page because I was just going to post that. i do so LOVE HRC’s Twitter Team.

  220. coastie, funny you should say that because I wrote this tweet early this morning too.

  221. What Comey (looks like a big drinker to me) did was unconscionable; he declined to indict-because there’s no evidence of wrongdoing- but he spent forty five minutes making a specious case against Hillary Clinton that she cannot answer!
    What a prick; took me back to the Kenneth Starr days.

  222. Sweet Sue, on July 6, 2016 at 11:36 PM said:

    Actually, I think this is becoming more like Joe McCarthy with regards to the Clintons.

  223. I’ve thought of that too.

  224. Maybe somebody needs to say, At Long Last, Have You No Shame?

    Remember, the Democrats will be there too.

  225. I feel like the media (which is honestly, now, a disgusting disgrace to the word ‘journalism’) is extraordinarily desperate to keep the race close for $$, and by and large, have found this challenging because Trump is such an utter numbskull, and readily jump on any opportunity to s*** on Hillary. I remember that in 2012, they kept making Romney-Obama sound close, when it was a blow out. Same thing in the primaries, with HRC and BS (such apt initials, god).

    It’s so incredibly irresponsible. Where is the hard hitting reporting on the Iraq War report? Where is the hard hitting reporting on terrorism? So, so, bad.

    Honestly, while I have policy quibbles with HRC, at times, I can never buy into the narrative that she’s the entitled, irresponsible one, when you have knobs like Comey playing politics, BS dragging out his trainwreck of a cult campaign to the convention, Trump backing white supremacists. I can’t believe there are going to be 4 more months of this. OTOH, I am excited to watch Hillary wipe the floor with the orangutang.

  226. Comey’s the guy who made the example out of Martha Stewart, while men before her just walked. That wasn’t lost on me, but still, he’s about to be grilled by his own party and don’t think for a minute he’s not going to defend his decision. He’s already made a statement about others inserting their opinions who have not been involved in this long investigation.

    I think The R’s are over the top this time. I think Hillary being quiet right now is brilliant. She’s going to throw their own fodder back in their faces. See Benghazi hearing. Timing. It’s EVERYTHING.

  227. Late night/early morning Twitter funny:

  228. Brassy Rebel,
    House Republicans want another investigation? Of the FBI? They want to investigate the investigation? Is this a Monty Python episode?

    I think it is, Brassy.

    The GOP think they are the killer rabbits.

  229. “It would also draw comparisons to 2008, when then-Sen. Barack Obama joined Clinton for an endorsement event in Unity, New Hampshire, a symbol-rich town where Obama and Clinton split the vote in the primary.”

    Yeah, extremely unfavorable comparisons. Sanders is a doddering twerp.

  230. Thank you, neurotransmitter17, that was a good op-ed.

  231. Voting & Uppity @ 11:57 & 12:35:

    Actually, I think this is becoming more like Joe McCarthy with regards to the Clintons.”

    With more than a little bit of the ghost of J. Edgar Hoover.

  232. hi Neuro, welcome. Not only did he step over the lines of protocol AND good taste, he may have set a dangerous precedent that expands FBI power. In any event, I do think he did what he did to protect his own ass and reputation for integrity, though. There was no evidence that would lead to charges and he knew that he was going to be criticized. So yeah, there is an ego issue here for sure. Self-preservation. It was almost as if he was saying, we couldn’t find a law broken here and I really wanted to find something, but since I have nothing that is prosecutable, let me just smear Hillary for you a bit so you can chew on some meat with which to harass her.

    Personally, I think he’s going to be grilled today. Which is okay because he will defend his own honor to the nines, which means he will make a strong case for not harassing Hillary further. Not that this will matter to the Hearing-Obsessed (and often hearing-impaired) House.

  233. The repubs can find time for this crap, but not gun control. Wake up America.

  234. Fired off other email to my Rep. Thanks for the “Monty Python” reference, Shadowfax. I used it.


  235. “The GOP think they are the killer rabbits.”

    Actually, I think they think they are the Spanish Inquisition. 😉

  236. Modern U. S. conservatism has become as much an industry as a political movement. There’s money to be made stirring up the rubes, and then asking them for donations to defeat them EE-vil librulz.

    Also, politician/entrepreneurs such as Palin, Huckabee, and Gingrich can “write” books and make videos and such, and sell them at the rallies.

    I’ve read speculation that Tribble Hair’s Plan B, if he loses, is to become this sort of politician/entrepreneur.

  237. OldCoastie, I must assert my intellectual property rights. I was the author of the Monty Python line which shadowfax quoted. But all are welcome to borrow! 😀

  238. My heart is so heavy this morning. Go to bed with one hash tag trending about one black man being killed needlessly by policeman… wake up to another. The Castile murder horrifying during and after.. as policeman shoots into a car with a child in the back seat despite the young man following his every instruction, holds a gun on a dying man instead of trying to provide medical assistance, cuffs his girlfriend so she can’t comfort her child. As an African-American it’s just very hard not to despair that we’re so often seen as less than human. This sick culture of guns, hate and the frivolity of half of the government and the media persecuting the one serious, brilliant candidate for president who is derided for trying to discuss issues. So hard not to despair.

  239. So sorry, Brassy! I was unaware! Great line tho.


  240. Paulette, I felt sick this AM, when I heard about yet, another needless and horrifying shooting. The police need to be reined in and prosecuted, but the hate that drives this action, is more difficult to control.

  241. I don’t understand why the Dems sit back and do nothing. They let these repubs get away with anything. Are they that weak? Do they really want our girl as president? I am beginning to wonder about the Democratic Party. It they sit back and let the repubs railroad our girl, I will be done with the Dems. If the public don’t see what is going on I feel sorry. We all need to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Lets show the repubs in Nov. we are mad as HELL and are not going to take it anymore. Vote every repub we can out of office.
    I e-mail Rob Portman, and every repub that will be running in Nov here in Ohio to pack their bags. I let them know how sick of them I am the way they are treating Hillary. I told them they would rather have the devil running rather than Hillary. I told them karma is a BITCH. What goes around comes around.

  242. Paulette, it IS despair-inducing. We need Hillary now more than ever. And media and GOP just wants to trivialize this election with their faux scandals and general Trumpery. All marginalized people and especially POC will have a real champion and fighter in Hillary. Unfortunately, I think that’s why the powerful in and out of government are “persecuting” (yes, that is the correct word!) her so relentlessly. We must win in November–and win big!

  243. Uppity my last post did not show up. I noticed my e=mail had an extra letter at the beginning. Is it possible to fish it out of spam?

    *Fishing complete.

  244. TheNewRealist

    Yer preachin’ to the choir here…

  245. Speculation seems to be that Hillary’s VP list is now down to Kaine, Warren, Brown, maybe Vilsack and Perez. The unfortunate thing is that it is thought that Brown being replaced by a Republican Senator is what is keeping him from being the pick; it is said that “losing the Senate is too big a risk.” But we don’t have the Senate now! And my guess is that we are not going to win the Senate back this time, though I hope I am wrong, and that we look better in the state races than I know. My hunch is that McCain will prevail (I wasn’t impressed by his Democratic opponent when I saw her interviewed, but of course she is much better than McCain), and that we’ll get edged out here and there. Maybe we’ll get to 48, where with Brown, we would have 49. I can see voters splitting their tickets in battleground states. And who is to say that even if we got to 50, someone like Manchin or Tester might not go against the party in a key vote? I remember President Clinton having to virtually plead with Bob Kerry to get him to grudgingly vote for the all-important budget; and it passed in the Democratic controlled House by about three votes, only because some noble people gave up their seats to do the right thing.

    If someone with a lot of polling credibility said that we will very likely win the Senate if we keep Brown’s seat, it is one thing; but I would rather go for the strong election win, gain a few Senate seats, and some House seats, and go from there. Clinton and Brown together will help rebuild the Democratic Party nationally, not just for this year, but for upcoming elections. We cannot risk any chance of losing the Presidency. Kaine is certainly a decent person, but Obama passed him up for Biden. I do not know what Hillary would want to go back to that rather insipid second choice from 2008. Ah, well.

  246. William, I am not sure how accurate that VP list is…I am sure that Hillary is also vetting people that are not in politics.

  247. I’m just so sick an tired “and mad as hell….” with RepTrash and their e-mails witch hunt on our Hillary…

    Why the demos don’t go after Condaleeza and Powell?
    There is an article-video at the WaPo with Rice-Powell-Bush emails issues, but the video was pulled out.

  248. Well, the GOP had their hearing and it was nothing short of a disaster for the GOP. Uppity you were right. He had to spend the entire time defending his decision therefore defending Hillary. The Dems were ready and took down a bunch of GOP memes.

    I can understand the despair with the crappy media in this country full of condescending concern trolls like Andrea Mitchell. However anytime it gets on your nerves or they start attacking Hillary, use that as a reason to donate your time, money or talent to Hillary’s campaign. You will be turning negative energy into positive energy!!

  249. The Congressional hearing today is not only a witch hunt, but Republican porn.

  250. William, I am with Shadowfax on the VP thing. Considering how off the mark the media has been w/r/t Hillary this entire year I wouldn’t even know how close that list is. For all we know Valerie Jarrett could have leaked that list to the media.

    I also read she is vetting Corey Booker. I also read she’s not going to make a decision until she finds out who the Orangeman is picking. It’s all over the place with the VP stuff.

  251. After the Police murdering 2 different Black Men in 24 hours, Congress is talking about these fucking Emails Again.

    Fire every single one of them.

  252. Did you all hear about the meeting the Orangutan had with the GOP? He was threatening everybody all over the place. Wow.

  253. I’m beginning to think Trump does not actually want this and is going to pull out and leave them in a big old mess.

  254. what was Trump threatening them with?

  255. …..the meeting the Orangutan had with the GOP? He was threatening everybody all over the place.

    That’s what he’s good at, threats, bullying, lies, distortions and psychotic self-promotion.

    A snake-oil salesman running on pure dilusion.

    What an a$$wipe.

  256. moon:
    I’m with you…
    The Tramp behavior is so absolutely “insane” that I wonder what his true motives behind his sorry ego are…

  257. Yes, I think Trump might very well quit at the convention or soon after. You know, under Citizen’s United he gets to keep that 50 mil he raised. Wouldn’t that be something? He would be the first person to actually blow up a political party and make money doing it.

  258. When Flake stood up and introduced himself, Trump told him, “You’ve been very critical of me.”

    “Yes, I’m the other senator from Arizona — the one who didn’t get captured — and I want to talk to you about statements like that,” Flake responded, according to two Republican officials…

    Trump said at the meeting that he has yet to attack Flake hard but threatened to begin doing so. Flake stood up to Trump by urging him to stop attacking Mexicans. Trump predicted that Flake would lose his reelection, at which point Flake informed Trump that he was not on the ballot this year, the sources said…

    Characterizing Kirk as a loser, Trump vowed that he would carry Illinois in the general election even though the state traditionally has been solidly Democratic in presidential contests. Kirk did not attend the meeting with Trump.

  259. He would be the first person to actually blow up a political party and make money doing it.

    Welp, that’s what he did with his casinos.

  260. After weeks of preparation, Bernie Sanders is expected to endorse Hillary Clinton on Tuesday

    The crabby old bastard has finally caved in.

  261. 8 Benghazi commissions, the email extenuation of those commissions, and now the petulant attack on the Director of the FBI by his fellow republicans for the crime of impartiality, is indisputable evidence of the endless, transparent attempts by the GOP to not just influence, but try to decide the Presidential election is truly unprecedented in American legislative history.

    How many millions of dollars and legislator’s time has been devoted by the GOP to blatantly try to smear Secretary Clinton to damage her in the coming election? Where is the modern day Joseph Welch to say to the GOP, “Have you no sense of decency,? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

    The nation can not and should not allow the hyper partisan persecution of the presumptive Democratic nominee for President to continue with yet another bite at the apple they have already bitten down to the core. The threat by GOP to now attempt to pressure the FBI via a shameless party line vote to begin yet another investigation is a travesty of the purpose of the Congress and a chilling prospect for the future of the integrity of the American justice system.

  262. Bloody hell

    Obama led among college educated white women by 3 at this point in 2008 & 1 in 2012. Clinton leads by 31 among them now

    let that sink in ….31 points

  263. Moon…I would expect that to be her FLOOR at this point…;-)

  264. Re: wapo article in moon’s twitter comment @4:11pm: Trump was his usual ignorant, asshole self, but I was somewhat surprised at the spineless and stupid comments that Paul Ryan gave after the meeting. He’s just caving in to trump. Wuss.

  265. Yeah another asshole that needs to go, I had high hopes for him to be different than theusual assoholic goper, sadly he turned out to be another wide eyed loon.

  266. i mean Ryan in that previous comment above.

  267. He’s endorsing? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I do NOT trust that guy.

  268. I don’t think that we want the Republicans to nominate someone else. Trump is obviously horrifying. But if they somehow manage to toss in someone else, there is a danger there, in an abbreviated election cycle. The Republicans care about only two things: winning, and power. They don’t care if they do unconsitutional things; or overturn the will of the voters; or lie, or cheat; all they want is to win. That unfortunately makes it easier for them, because they have no scruples or sense of decency to overcome. If it looked to them that Trump would win, they would be all for him. They probably would back Hitler, too. Their faces of concern are not for what Trump says, but just for the fact that he might lose them the election. The Republican Party is no longer deserving of an iota of respect; it is filled with unbalanced, vindictive, fanatics.

  269. TheNewRealist, that is an excellent point. I didn’t watch the proceedings, but to hold a vote on whether there should be investigations without end, is indeed chilling. In another time, they could be tossed out of office; but now they have so brainwashed the voters of their Red states, and so gerrymandered the districts, that they are like a permanent occupying force which cannot be dislodged. If the Republicans ever get control of all three branches of government, we are pretty much doomed. I think that the Democrats, including Hillary and Obama, need to actually push very hard to try to win some House seats in Bluer states, to try to roll back this tide. And the Congressional Democrats need to put comity a long way behind forceful opposition.

  270. GOP in congress is abusing its investigative powers at this point to harass Hillary with endless hearings and FBI referrals. It’s a travesty! In the meantime, they fail to investigate serious issues like gun violence and police shootings of young African American men. The only way to hold them accountable is to throw the bums out in November. But with gerrymandering, that’s nearly impossible. The GOP stranglehold on state governments is proving very costly.

  271. I doubt that Hillary trusts Sanders either. That’s why she wants him inside the tent pissing out and not outside pissing in. It also makes it possible for the party to hold BS responsible for any disruptions by his delegates on the convention floor.

  272. Well, William if they nominate someone else its’ going to be someone NONE of the GOP base wanted unless they go back to someone like Cruz that ran in the primary and I think Cruz could even be easier to beat than Trump. I mean Cruz is the guy who has a legislative record of attempting to blow up the country and a lot of Republicans will be sitting on their hands just like they would be with Trump.

  273. The amoral-but-sane architects of the current GOP “occupying force” must be empathizing with Dr. Frankenstein these days.

    Since I posted it on this blog a few days ago, I won’t re-post the “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” clip from Cabaret, but the question remains valid: “Do you still think you can control them?”

  274. Ga6thDem, you are likely right. And I had not yet seen today’s news in which Ryan has decided to be nice to Trump; so that probably takes care of that. One thing we know: the Republicans’ hatred of Hillary, which has now gone into the realm of certifiable monomania, will lead them to put up with Trump, no matter what he says. They want the Supreme Court, and the want those corporate tax breaks.

  275. What a burden Hillary has agreed to place on her small and sloping shoulders: nothing less than saving the world.

  276. Is there something we as voters can do to let the Republicans know we are sick and tired of them wasting taxpayers money on these hearings?

    ideas anyone? Petitions, calling your representative, facebook, twitter?
    Flood their phones with the words( I am with her).

  277. The State Department is re-opening its probe of the Clinton emails.
    What the bloody hell???

  278. Kudos! Anita…
    Just go tell them to rut in hell!

  279. After watching some excerpts of today’s hearing, this nothing but a witch hunt by the Republicans. They are out for blood . Comey held his own.

    The state department is re-opening their investigation, because the investigation was suspended when the FBI opened their investigation.

  280. She doesn’t work for the state dept so fuck them and the horseface who runs it now.

  281. Shots fired at Dallas protest. Targeting police. 2 officers down.

  282. The state department really isn’t having an investigation. What they are doing is finishing up with classifying the emails that they had to stop doing because the FBI interrupted them. Already this has had good results as they found the ones the IG wanted classified that Hillary sent that were not really classified.

  283. Thank you Ga6thDem for the clarification of what the state department is doing.

  284. Shooting in Dallas, 10 officers shot, 3 dead. Unbelievable and sad.

  285. I just have no words left:

  286. Obama gets off his plane overseas, essentially once again blames the police without all the facts and we have riots and this horrific attack on police in Dallas. Hillary would never have acted in such an irresponsible manner.

  287. So terrible in Dallas. This one horrific act and all the compassion, righteous anger and solidarity go away.
    Maybe this stupid, violent country deserves Trump.

  288. It’s heartbreaking that officers were murdered of course, and that attack was horrific. No sane person can condone this awful carnage. It’s also heartbreaking that POC are targeted so often in America and die. I disagree, however, that the President “blamed the police.” He was very careful not to do that, saying that of course the police have a difficult job and we honor those who do their job correctly. He made, I thought, a very needed and thoughtful statement and it was appropriate that he do so. Hillary as well made statements acknowledging that the targeting of POC by some untrained and/or racists policemen is a real problem in this country. As a POC I’ve experienced more than a bit of this myself over the years. But I’ve watched most of the protests so far and have witnessed no “riots.” The Dallas protest was peaceful until those criminals wrongly targeted police. I’m sure the President, Hillary and other responsible politicians will condemn these murders of those officers as well. It’s a continuing blight on this nation that there is no will to address our epidemic gun violence. That private citizens are allowed to have assault weapons that even police do not routinely carry is a disgrace; this is what allowed those criminals to so quickly mow down those poor officers tonight, those poor people in that Orlando nightclub a few weeks ago, those poor children and adults in Sandy Hook and on and on. When will we get serious about trying to stop some of this madness.

  289. I have no respect for Sandcrap and it doesn’t matter to me if he supports Hillary or not. He has shown everyone what a sore loser he is and his revolution is only in his own simple mind.

  290. VotingHillary,
    actually, he raised $51 million for June and PART OF MAY…a little aspect some in the media are leaving out. It’s more than one month’s worth.

    I am interested to find out how much of the money he claims to have raised is his own money.

    He said if his numbers where low, he would put in his own money to bring the total up.

  291. Jb, I saw the videos for both shootings and Obama is correct. I seriously can’t believe your post. As far as Dallas tonight..well:

  292. Moon

    Obama led among college educated white women by 3 at this point in 2008 & 1 in 2012. Clinton leads by 31 among them now
    let that sink in ….31 points

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the total vote in November is higher than 31 points.

    Think of all the Republican woman that are staying silent about their vote that will vote for Hillary behind the voting curtain. They can save face with their Rethug husbands, lovers that they voted the party line, bla, bla, bla.

    Fact is that 73% of all women can’t stand T. Rump!!

  293. For those of you who don’t know about the Monty Python killer rabbit, here is the scene…

  294. I agree with Paulette. I think Obama’s statement was measured and calm, as was Hillary’s. The country has been whipped to a frenzy. Trump and Sanders basically calling for anarchy, the GOP going nuts over emails. The congress should have been holding hearings about the state of policing and shown concern. But all they wanted to do today was rake the FBI director over the coals claiming the Democratic nominee for PRESIDENT was a criminal for Gods Sakes!!! Trump/Sanders the extreme left and right are tearing the fabric of this country right now. So I disagree with you Sweet Sue, we don’t deserve Donald Trump, we deserve, and should be thankful for Hillary Clinton. To be willing to put herself through what she has and to want to take over to heal this country in such a difficult time is heroic. A lot of talk of JFK tonight, given the location of this horrific event tonight. But what we need right now is a Bobby Kennedy. In my humble opinion, Hillary Clinton is the closest we have to a RFK right now.
    The end of RFK’s speech after death of MLK:

    What we need in the United States is not division; what we need in the United States is not hatred; what we need in the United States is not violence and lawlessness, but is love, and wisdom, and compassion toward one another, and a feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or whether they be black.

    So I ask you tonight to return home, to say a prayer for the family of Martin Luther King — yeah, it’s true — but more importantly to say a prayer for our own country, which all of us love — a prayer for understanding and that compassion of which I spoke.

    We can do well in this country. We will have difficult times. We’ve had difficult times in the past, but we — and we will have difficult times in the future. It is not the end of violence; it is not the end of lawlessness; and it’s not the end of disorder.

    But the vast majority of white people and the vast majority of black people in this country want to live together, want to improve the quality of our life, and want justice for all human beings that abide in our land.

    And let’s dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago: to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world. Let us dedicate ourselves to that, and say a prayer for our country and for our people.

    Thank you very much.

  295. Dallas, 4 dead officers, 11 injured so far.

    This is disgusting.

  296. I’m so weary.

  297. I just want someone to define for me what “real Americans” are according to Joe Walsh?

    Also, why hasn’t the FBI put this guy on the terrorist list?

  298. Of course, I agree with you, imust.
    We need Hillary.
    My God, what a burden she has volunteered for.

  299. I have believed for a long time that these problems are the result of three very serious problems and those are.

    1. Allowing crazy people or ANY people for that matter – to freely own military-style weapons designed to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible. This goes for Orlando Alahu Akbar killings as well as what we are witnessing in Dallas. Enough is enough. This is just plain Stupid Shit!

    2. Appointing members of police departments without a full mental examination of the candidates. Frequently, these are political assignments. You will see, for example, relatives of politicians on the force. You will see grandsons and sons of officers appointed. That’s not to say that all of these people wouldn’t be good cops, but this loosey-goosey method without fully vetting the temperament of candidates is a huge and dangerous mistake. We need to be far more careful to whom we give this power. It goes further. Officers who have a penchant for domestic violence, for example, or any kind of violence for that matter, are protected by the rest of the force. As the elderly woman who testified against that serial rapist Holzclaw (sp?)summed it up: Who do you report the police to? It wasn’t that long ago in my region where a wife begged the force to take her husband’s gun away. She was ignored. He shot and killed her. This circling of wagons is becoming deadly. Finally, this is a high stress job. I think that for some a breaking point can occur. We need to pay far more attention to nurturing and maintaining the mental health of cops who see the most awful things day in and day out. It can happen to even the best of them.

    3. Our mental health ‘system’ has gotten out of hand. It protects seriously crazy people who can’t be held or treated against their will. While this is a fine line, the days are gone when someone could commit a relative for a nefarious agenda. We have some VERY sick people walking our streets and there is literally NOTHING we can do about it until Sandy Hook happens. This is bullshit. When the good of society is endangered by the rights of a serious psycho, there is something wrong with our laws. Time and again we hear of how someone in the family couldn’t get any help hospitalizing or getting useful treatment for someone who is a ticking time bomb. We really need to address this because it is reaching epidemic proportions.

    That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  300. Uppity, I agree with you 100%. I’m one of the people who have tried to get mental health help for a family member. I can’t speak for other states but basically here in GA there is no mental health care. If you have tony insurance you can go to one of those tony chic mental health clinics or attempt some sort of outpatient care if you have the insurance or the money. Basically here in GA everything is privatized so there’s no incentive for them to do anything unless some corporation is going to get money for doing it. There’s no respect for the average citizen and their needs. Prisons are also used as a mental health facility until the insane start costing them too much money and then they are released out into the public.

  301. Voting Hillary @ 2:06 am: What does Joe Walsh mean by “real Americans”? That’s easy! Right wing, white males like himself. And the FBI is too busy investigating the next president of the United States to keep up the terrorist watch list.

  302. Yes, there are real problems in this country regarding police enforcement and POC. But let’s also recognize that Police Officers are our first and best defense against crime and terrorism. It is a stressful and dangerous job. Anyone hired as a police officer should be someone who represents the best of us. They should have years of training and education. Including psychological training. They need to receive annual mental health checks since the job is very stressful. The pay for police officers needs to reflect this, so that it will attract the best of the best.

    There is no legitimate reason for unequal treatment of defendants in any criminal case nor is there any legitimate reason for unequal sentencing. I do acknowledge the distrust in many communities regarding the police and the criminal justice system in general. However, there is no excuse for anyone to target police officers, politicians, judges and/or lawyers as any form of legitimate protest. When these professions are attacked they are meant to destroy the fabric of society. Without laws and those who enforce them and interpret them, we have no cohesive society but anarchy.

    The hyperbole needs to stop on all sides. It is not open season on police officers nor minorities. Those perpetrating these killings are the exception not the norm. Let’s all bring it down a notch. The hyperbole does no group any favors in pushing forward their cause.

    You can recognize and acknowledge that while the killings of black men by police needs to be investigated and if found to be criminal, the perpetrators charged and also recognize and acknowledge that the killing of police officers is never a legitimate form of protest. There is no justification for either.

    Everyone needs to speak rationally and get their emotions under control because inflammatory speech may reach some sicko who thinks killing is the right thing to do to retaliate for real or imagined wrongs. Let the investigations move forward before judgment is rendered and that judgment should be by a court of law not by the media.

  303. Amen. Big surprise. Most of “media” so far totally irresponsible. NY Post headline: “Civil War.” MSNBC’s Brian Williams is a bozo who they should have just fired instead of six months suspension, then demotion to cable news. His clueless bombast early a.m. was embarrassing. Statements like “this is urban warfare … police departments who were starting to demilitarize will go back to riot gear and tanks.” Who is he to without full facts make asinine and inflammatory comments like this? CNN allowing full statements by Paul Ryan, but cutting away when Nancy Pelosi is speaking. It’s like media for ratings sake is trying to promote a race war. Thankfully someone in Trump’s campaign seems to have him corralled in a locked room away from his Twitter account so far.

  304. Paulette, you spoke too soon. This is what the con artist said on yahoo.

    Donald Trump condemned the killing of five Dallas police officers as “an attack on our country” and said Friday that racial tensions in America were deteriorating. “We must restore law and order

  305. Paulette, I could not agree with you more. Our media needs to take ownership for its part in “hyping” violence, promoting “crazy” as sane and in general, being irresponsible as hell.

  306. If this is like 1968, it will come out very badly. Anger on the Left and the Right led to Nixon’s and Wallace’s “law and order” campaigns getting about 58% of the vote. I think that Trump’s backers sense that the more chaos, the more fear out there, the better chance he has to win. As many have said here, the media has virtually become our enemy in this. It appears that Paul Ryan is the chosen person by the media; a virulently right-wing Republican with terrible policies, who is somehow buffered by the fact that he doesn’t shout.

    And we do have unreasoning outrage in this country,,and it is encouraged by certain people, and gleefully covered by the media. Anger is not a solution to anything. Everyone is encouraged to feel cheated, as if the system is fixed against them. An angry voting populace always always votes for the worst person, the fascist demagogue. Most people are decent sorts, but the angry ones get all the media time. I remember 1968, and it was truly frightening, as if the violence would never end, and the country was going to be torn apart. I thoroughly agree with Uppity and of course others that the gun culture is our biggest problem right now. Can you imagine that there are “open carry” states, where people walking around with assault rifles is both permitted, and a regular part of the scene? And the behavior of the right-wing Republicans in Congress and in the media, is as violent and destructive as any of it. They set a tone of all-out warfare, and people take their cue from that. We could end up with Trump and an all-out civil war; they’ve tried hard enough to suppress the vote to that end. We can only do what we can, to help Hillary, with money and/or time; and to hope that there are still enough rational people who choose decency and reasonableness over hate and nihilism.

  307. Joe Walsh is a crackpot. Nothing he says should surprise anyone.

  308. LOL Paulette on locking Donald in a room.

    When we saw videos of a man being offed in the seat of his own car in front of a child, four bullets not even one, all for a broken light on his car or something, it’s not hard to see where a nut like the Crazy who opened fire on the police would snap. Point being, I really and truly believe that if that driver had been white he wouldn’t be dead.

    It’s really time for us to deal with the 800 pound gorilla in this country. You can slap barack around on this one but i won’t. When he said to the camera, imagine if that were a member of your family, how would you feel, anyone who didn’t understand that has no feelings. It’s almost as if people don’t think AAs have the same feelings white people do. We’ve got a real problem Houston. And one more thing: I really think this country is desensitized to other people’s pain and suffering. They can watch somebody be cut in half on youtube or in a movie and then just go eat lunch. Mankind is going downhill fast. I wish I could express myself better about this, but the bottom line is we really do have to admit we have a humanity problem.

  309. Man’s inhumanity to man is an age old problem and dilemma.

  310. I read where Hillary is going to be on CNN around now. Anybody volunteer to watch? I just can’t take CNN any longer

  311. It’s such a sad day. So many out there pushing the hate message. Hillary’s message of Stronger Together is even more important now after these deaths. Crazy comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and professions. I honestly still believe that people are basically good and when given the choice to commit evil, we overwhelming listen to our better angels and do good.

    Last night when the shooting started in Dallas, everyone pulled together to help the others escape. The police in the midst of being shot at, valiantly protected the protesters to the best of their ability.

    The protests were all peaceful and the protestors included people of all races and colors. The protestors were correct in calling attention to these deaths. Guns should not be the first response for anyone, including the police. But should always be the last resort to save lives in immediate danger.

    One day, African Americans and other POC will be treated equally in all aspects of life. We are not there yet. But even through these horrific senseless deaths we see that we as a society are trying to move forward to evolve into one that treats everyone equally. I do hope the peaceful protests continue to push our legislators to act. I also hope that the protestors recognize how difficult a job policing is. This is not a zero sum game. Wasn’t Lincoln that said A House divided cannot stand? Hillary is absolutely right, we are Stronger Together.

  312. Blue Nation Review has an article on a pro-Trump NRA ad — which is airing during the (nonstop?) reports on the Dallas shooting — and the slogan is Stop Hillary Now.

    I’m sure they mean stop her in November at the ballot box. Right?

  313. Uppity Woman, on July 8, 2016 at 3:37 PM said:

    I read where Hillary is going to be on CNN around now. Anybody volunteer to watch? I just can’t take CNN any longer

    She will be on msnbc also

  314. I’ll watch it Uppity!

  315. Conservatives blaming Hillary and Obama for what happened in Dallas.

  316. Okay, reporting in. Of course, stupid WOLF was given the interview. She spoke about the recent events in Dallas ect. That went well. Then he had to go into…..wait for it…..emails! But she was excellent. She defended herself and stood up against the claims of “careless” against her AND her staff. She was quite forceful. Then he did a last minute “gotcha” question. He said, “State dept opening up another investigation of the emails….will you cooperate?” So she discusses again the procedures etc. Then he gives the zinger, “you didn’t cooperate in the LAST investigation, will you cooperate this time?” So she said, the Justice dept. invest was going on at the same time during that investigation. And then time was up. I can’t stand Wolf.

  317. Hillary is on msnbc now

  318. All these grave and terrible events and all Lester Holt wants to talk about are the “damn emails.”
    Plus, all of his “facts” are wrong.

  319. All Republican politicians and career conservatives can take their thoughts and prayers and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

  320. Yikes! Lester Holt was worse than Wolf! OMG the emails, the emails!!!! Clutch pearls, the emails! He made her rehash all the questions that WERE ALREADY ANSWERED BY COMEY YESTERDAY! Same questions! She even said something like, Director Comey already answered this in detail yesterday, but briefly…….and then she repeated again, the emails were NOT classifed, etc, etc, etc……………………..sigh.

  321. Hillary was probably thinking read and listen to the dam evidence.

  322. Clearly, there’s an Inspector General tied to the State Department that Hillary doesn’t trust and for good reason. Someone’s been leaking (erroneous) information for quite a while.

  323. Hillary should have said I am not here to discuss the e-mails. I am here to discuss the shootings

  324. You’d think Lester Holt might be more interested in Hillary Clinton’s thoughts about bridging the racial divide but, no,he’s mesmerized by Eghazi.

  325. You’re right neetabug. The CNN sharks are already smelling blood from her comments to Wolf. I can’t find the tweet right now, but a CNN reporter tweeted that her defense of herself and staff as not being “careless”, according to this jerk, “May have given the email story new legs.” I.Kid.You.Not.

  326. Can’t believe she let that piece of shit Wolf do the interview.

  327. I’ll watch it Uppity!

    Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice.

  328. She will be on msnbc also

    I hate them even more. Although CNN is catching up…

  329. Imust, I do not believe that Wolf thought of those questions, they were fed to him by higher-ups.

    The country is veritably being torn apart, not nearly so much by the shootings, as awful as they have been, but by the fact that the right-wing, including the NRA, are creating an atmosphere wherein Hillary will need an armed guard everywhere she goes. And I don’t think the House, unless its nunbers are greatly changed, is going to do anything for four years but do investigations of her, and try to impeach her. They’ve shown this penchant before; they have tried to shut down the government several times, and have the U.S. default on its debt. They are impervious to rational arguments, and have no decency or humanity.

  330. Wolf the hairy faced jackass is a Hillary hater and is dumb as shit.

    He was interviewing a cop expert about the robot that exploded and killed the sniper…and Wolf the ahole said, “So, it was a mechanical device with wheels that came as close to the sniper as possible, and exploded?”

    Like everyone is as big of an idiot as he is and has to be told what a jackfrekin’ robot is.

  331. Nobody cares about emails anymore. CNN or whoever must be looking for clickbait if they say it has “legs” The only way to end what the GOP has been doing is complete destruction of the GOP. They will destroy anyone and anything that they feel is in their way to destroying the country.

    I have an obot friend of mine who has decided that “Hillary cannot win” based on the fact that these friends of hers (3) long time dems hate Hillary and will not vote for her. No mention of how many people left the party after Obama. It was much worse back then than it is now. Let’s see Obama had a problem with women, working class white voters, and Jewish voters but that’s okay. Hillary at least brings women and Jewish voters back into the fold and it’s all hand wringing and oh, she can’t win when she’s leading by 9 points in Florida by the crappy Q poll. Obama barely scraped by in Florida in 2012 and she’s looking to take Florida easily.

  332. I agree it was very careless of Hillary to have pretty much the only server in government that wasn’t hacked. How dare she! The nerve!

  333. Ga6thDem, I do appreciate your insights and positive outlook. I am wondering if in your state of Georgia, there is any reasonable hope for winning some Congressional seats. It was my sense that they were so gerrymandered in the Republicans’ favor, that it would be very difficult to break through in any of these Southern states.

  334. William, they have created tea party ghettos here in the south. With computer modules they can now get voting down to the precinct. Of course the tea party ghettos are bringing destruction to the GOP. To change the house, seats are going to have to be won outside of the south for the most part. There is not one swing congressional district in GA I do not believe.

  335. Her best speech ever…This is how a President deals with this…

  336. Someone please tell me this can’t happen. Bloody hell …

  337. Britgirls Stein is just looking for attention like she always is. Nothing new about that.

  338. Could someone please tell ISIL they don’t need to keep sending people over here to kill us;we’re doing a perfectly good job of doing that ourselves.

  339. britgirls:
    Is that legal?

  340. Wow! Thanks Realist, yes her best speech! She is really a very spiritual person, but private. We’ve seen this side of her, but many refuse to see it. The ending was especially powerful.

  341. GA6th

    I have an obot friend of mine who has decided that “Hillary cannot win” based on the fact that these friends of hers (3) long time dems hate Hillary and will not vote for her.

    Yup, I know a pile of these type of ex-Hillary supporters that think T.Rump is an alpha-male that will protect us and bring us back to the days of Ozzie and Harriet. They scream ‘Globalism’ in every sentence and praise the days when men were the boss of everyeffin’thing, and women knew they were just second class citizens.

    Screw them.

    Trump does not even have the GOP behind him, so good luck thinking he will be the next president.

    He will never win the General Election, and I hope he is financially broke because of it.

  342. I’ve spent the last two days unfollowing friends on Facebook. I don’t mind a difference of opinion, what I do mind is willful ignorance. I’m tired of posting links to Snopes only to be told that Snopes is a left-wing site and can’t be trusted. I’m tired of stupid memes that are factually incorrect being repeatedly posted by people so mired in ignorance and hatred that they will support a buffoon like Trump who is all but guaranteed to do incredible damage to this country. And I’m especially tired of my Bernie Bot friends who refuse to embrace Hillary as the ONLY sane and rational choice. I swear, if it weren’t for this place I’d be sitting in the corner just rocking back and forth.

  343. Britain has two women running for PM

  344. Yes, I see that too Jules and the heads exploding all over the place. The GOP base and the Bernie Bros were 100% invested in the Big Lie that Hillary was going to be indicted. So when Comey came out and basically told them there’s no there there then the meltdowns and temper tantrums started. I also think there are many, many quiet Hillary fans who just don’t “go there” on social media because the minute you do you get called every name in the book and pretty much you’re told you’re stupid for supporting the “evil” Hillary. What a bunch of sanctimonious putzes they are and so let’s all help in our quiet way and work to deliver the smack down all the jokers so richly deserve in November.

  345. So, when the State Dept.wraps up its investigation, that despite one Kenneth Starr type IG, puts Hillary in the clear, I want her to say “Over and done. I won’t take another question about this nothing, ever again.”

  346. The past couple of days have been depressing for some or most of us, it’s Friday night, let’s lighten up a little.

    Here’s a song for all three of T.Rump’s ex-wives and current trophy wife.
    Why would any of them choose to marry this jackass?

  347. Not even Bernie’s ego would stop him from understanding what Stein is up to. She wants that federal funding in future. To do that she needs more than the paltry percentage she has carried right along. As fringe……excuse me..”third party” groups go, Green is positively pathetic. They barely get their relatives to show up and vote. Their take is paltry. She’s got a better chance of seeing God than ever getting 15%. That party has the worst percentage showing of any fringe considering the number of years they’ve been around. She would love to have a bit of a Bernie haul, use him to get her numbers and then send him to the trash heap just like the rest of that party.She’s Ralph Nader, without the shriveled dick, but just as bitter and mean. The Green party will never amount to a thing because it is regularly run by Nasties.

    Bernie may be on a worship trip, but he’s not entirely stupid. He won’t ever go there. But it would be fun to watch Stein clash with him and Bernie’s crazy zealots threaten the shit out of her to do what he says.

    Green is so pathetically run that they can’t even get on the ballot in most states. I think they are on the ballot in 21 states last I looked. What a bust.

  348. Sue, appreciate that opinion for sure, but Hillary will be half way thru her first term before state wraps anything up. Personally, I think they decided to do this because of the many decades long argument between FBI and State as to classifications. That’s what all of this is really about. You can bet State completely disagrees that those 3 emails are classified. It’s a pissing contest between departments.

  349. I just read something on a FB Tim Peck link that had a video of Comey being questioned about being a registered Republican. He said he had been a registered Republican for years, but was not currently registered as a Republican. It was a video from New Century Times. Wow!

  350. Birdgal, Comey said that at the hearing too. It’s common knowledge he is a republican, didn’t know he wasn’t “registered” any longer till he said it, but big deal, that doesn’t mean he isn’t one.

  351. A few hours ago, I was trying to watch a little of the news, and MSNBC was running an endless repetitive crawl with perhaps six headlines, one of which was about the State Department investigation resuming. I’m sure that for many viewers who do not know all about it, it looks as if this is a serious matter.. No one explains it, of course, either in the crawl, or via one of the reporters. This is one of so many examples where the media has to be doing all of this with deliberate intent, trying to create a false narrative. It always upsets me to see it. That study will go on, and it will be made by the media to appear as if it is a major concern, even though it is of course about classification; and the State Department really isn’t investigating Hillary, anyway; and couldn’t do anything if they were. Now, does the media not understand this, or are they trying to influence the electorate?

  352. Going by Occam’s Razor, I would guess the corporate media want to handicap Hillary so they can have a close race, because they get higher ratings, and so make more money, if the race is close than if Hillary stomps a mud hole in The Donald and walks it dry (an expression we quasi-hobbits of the Arkanshire use).

  353. Julies

    I swear, if it weren’t for this place I’d be sitting in the corner just rocking back and forth.

    Yup, I know the feeling. I am here and happy to be with Hillary supporters, or I am somewhere else blowing my stack.

    The choice is simple.

    Thanks again Upps, imust and Sophie.

  354. Uppity, I thought it was interesting that he wasn’t registered as a Republican. I wonder, if he jumped ship, because of Trump?

  355. Uppity you are right. Green party is only on the ballot in about 21 states. The most they could ever do is be a spoiler, ala Ralph Nader. Like you said, Bernie is smart enough to know that, and he’d be committing political suicide. It’s okay for Stein and Nader, but when Bernie loses he has to go back to the senate and work with the Democrats. Not only would he be persona non grata for being the spoiler, he’d have to work with Trump as president! Besides, he’s pushing for a cabinet position with Clinton. The man wants power and $$, despite his rhetoric.

  356. Upps

    ” As fringe……excuse me..”third party” groups go, Green is positively pathetic. They barely get their relatives to show up and vote. Their take is paltry. She’s got a better chance of seeing God than ever getting 15%.”


    Sing it, Upps!

    😆 😆

  357. Birdie (hee hee): I am more apt to think he switched once he became head of FBI to erase a semblence of partiality via politics.

  358. When I saw the ‘sitting in the corner rocking back and forth’ I laughed really hard. If we help in some small way here, it’s a good thing. But i really don’t do much. I just happen to be the person who started the blog on a dreary spring day in 2008. Since then, this place has taken on a life of its own and I am happy to see it. And heaven knows, if it keeps anyone from rocking back and forth in a corner, it’s a good thing!

  359. imust, that Nasty Stein needs to poll at 15% in order to participate in debates. She’s got a better chance of winning Megamillions lottery.Although, she doesn’t know how lucky she is. If that snotty, condescending creature ever showed up at a debate, her measley 3% would disappear too.

    What is it in the water the Greenies drink? They are just so unpleasant. It’s almost as if they have a death wish as a party. Let’s see how many people i can offend and drive away today.

  360. This blog is you Uppity, your Great Room that has been a warm and welcoming place for Hillary supporters for over 8 years. With all do respect, I disagree. It does not have a life of it’s own. It’s life and soul comes from you. Thank you for this place.

  361. Uppity, I have a personal story about Jill Stein which I cannot share, but suffice it to say, she’s not a pleasant person.

  362. No, thank YOU, imust. If it weren’t for you and Sophie, people would be commenting on a two year old thread that takes 15 minutes to load.Let’s just say the soul comes from more than just me.

  363. At least now we know why Stein is the left wing male’s perfect ideal of what a female presidential candidate should be. She’s willing to step aside and let a man take over. No wonder they all say they’d vote for her!

  364. YOu have GOT to see this Video! Concurrently frightening and HILARIOUS.

  365. Uppity “Green is so pathetically run that they can’t even get on the ballot in most states. I think they are on the ballot in 21 states last I looked. What a bust.”

    THANK YOU! I can sleep now. Night!

  366. Yeah Rebel and Stein is also the stereotype Bitch. The boys like that so they can point it out when she displeases them, which will be often.

  367. Oh I am sure your story is a beaut, imust.

  368. But i really don’t do much. I just happen to be the person who started the blog on a dreary spring day in 2008.
    Upps, you are too modest.

    Not only did you start this blog, but more importantly, you kept it open with the help of your two buddies.

    Most other Hillary blogs either went to the dark side or folded up their lawn chairs and went home.

  369. You’re too kind Uppity, I guess we will agree to disagree 🙂
    But you gotta admit, it has been quite a ride these 8 years hasn’t it? So many laughs, so many friends. Some have come and gone, and then returned. Some who have gone, but are not forgotten. Kittehs, penguins, pies and politics. But most of all a whole lot of camaraderie and fun!

    That Trump cabinet video…! You were right, so funny, but on the other hand…I’m gonna have nightmares!

  370. Ok, I get what you all mean. Just keep doing what you’re doing. xo

  371. You’re right imust. It HAS been a great ride!!! Through Thick and thin!

  372. You know the thing Trump says that I love to see replayed, cracks me up?

    When he says, BING!!!! Like he’s some Don Thug in Goodfellas.

    It simply encapsulates what a lowlife ignoramus he is. Shows you that money doesn’t translate into class. Or as my grandmother used to say, which I repeat so often: YOU CAN’T MAKE A SILK PURSE OUT OF A SOW’s EAR.

  373. Upps
    You know the thing Trump says that I love to see replayed, cracks me up?
    When he says, BING!!!!

  374. Hahahahaha! Bing!

    What a marooooooon.

  375. Notice that Drumpf has only responded to the current tragedy via a partially incorrect (2 MOTORISTS) statement obviously drafted by someone else, and a prepared video statement, obviously written by someone else. His handlers are deathly afraid to unleash the unvarnished extemporaneous racially divisive nutjob that he really is.
    Just wait till he’s on a stage, bloviating to his core audience, that’s when his REAL self will emerge.
    Ivory Bill;
    Of course the media’s agenda is to elevate whoever is down and to knock down whoever is ahead. They see their mission being to sell soap, not be the 4th estate or the National arbiter of truth.

  376. I think I have repeated it often, but I will repeat it ONE MORE TIME. I appreciate your appreciation but I DO NOT ALLOW discussions of other bloggers in this way on this site. EVER.

    Believe me we are ALL FULLY AWARE of what was done to our friend. But this kind of comment invites crazies to attack after which time i have to expend unnecessary energy shooting back. I am removing the posts I am referring to. I do not want to have to say this again. Please cooperate, goddamn it. I don’t have that many rules! Follow them! It pisses me off when I have to keep repeating this shit. Take this stuff elsewhere. This blog will never be offered up as grist for anyone’s mill. It’s too unsettling for people who already have PTSD from another time. Please cooperate.

  377. I apologize for causing any trouble.

  378. Just so long as you permanently understand.

    People here need peace and the freedom to express their political opinions without fear of a food fight. It’s why they come here.

  379. I consider this discussion over and forgotten. I’m old enough to have memory lapses very easily.

  380. Uppity @ 1.28 am

    Thank you for the link the the Daily show. LOL.

    I think they did a brilliant work with the video, it will make history.

  381. “It simply encapsulates what a lowlife ignoramus he is. Shows you that money doesn’t translate into class”

    I got that at “schlonged.”

  382. I must have missed the point of order, but I’m glad that it was made. Having escaped a hate site, it would break my heart if this safe haven devolved into that kind of place…Thanks again Uppity (and whoever else is helping you) for this forum…

  383. Hey Belle, by the time Nov rolls around, the updates to that video would be documentary-sized.

  384. Yeah “Schlonged”. Now there’s a word you hear a lot when out to dinner with friends…..

  385. No, Jill Stein is not offering her party to Bernie. She only wants to get to 15%.

  386. Not to worry, Realist. My dog is on duty!

  387. Dog???
    I thought this was a CAT site!

  388. Dog???
    I thought this was a CAT site!:)

    Yes it is! But we use Tosca for………you know…

  389. Exactly, Sophie. Stein is a snake.

  390. I just turned to cnn. With all that is going on, they are still talking about the e-mails. Turned channel

  391. I’ve removed CNN from my life.

  392. I just ate an ice cream sandwich. Haven’t had one in years. It’s the end of the world.

  393. So you did a CNNexit?

  394. So you did a CNNexit?


  395. Upcoming shows on CNN: this weekend:

    “Emails, their derivation, history, and future.” 1 hour

    “Email Analysis: every one of Hilary Clinton’s emails dissected, parsed, and sifted for linguistic clues,” 5 hours

    “Alternative History: what would the world be like if Hillary had not used a private email server” 3 hours

    “The Email Room.” 1 hour

    “Break for non email news” 15 minutes

    “The emails: what do we know so far, what do we still want to know?” 2 hours, 45 minutes

    “Meet the Emails” 1 hour

    “Emails Have No Color: a discussion of how Hillary’s emails might relate to racial issues in America..” 1 hour

    “Hillary’s emails put to music, starring a variety of current and past musical performers.” 2 hours

    “Face the Emails” 1 hour

    “Email Roundup: covering all the email information of the last week.” 3 hours

    :”Email Q & A” 2 hours

    “Late night Emails” 4 hours

  396. Hahahah William. Good one.

  397. Meanwhile, over on The “History” Channel:

    “New on Ancient Aliens! Are the Clintons members of the Reptilian Overlords or just human quislings? Guest host: Alex Jones! Tonight after Still More Fat Guys In Pawn Shops!” (h/t Brassy). 😛

  398. Y’all need a new thread. If any news channel starts talking about emails again I will turn it off too. They are inventing things to say emails at this point.

  399. I wanted to post this picture because it is so beautiful seeing all those preachers praying over her and also how humbly she accepts it.

  400. William, that is hysterically funny and also dead-on accurate.

  401. William and Ivory Bill are becoming quite the comedians!

    Yes, I love that photo too, Voting. It’s very soothing and reassuring.

  402. Uppity I bought a whole box of ice cream sandwiches and a box of Klondike bars. Finished off the ice cream sandwiches. Starting on the Klondike bars. Although I know I shouldn’t have them but, whatever.

  403. The crabby old bastard has finally caved in.
    Maybe. Maybe not

  404. I remember seeing a photo like that back in 2008. I thought of that pic the minute I saw the word praying and i knew it would be black men. I think it’s the same photo. Just as touching nonetheless.

  405. Yeah the old POS figured out he’s lame now so he uses “she took my platform” as an excuse to get out, making a point that he bullied her. I hate that fucking bastard

    And you can bet all of her ideas like medicare for people at 55, which she has wanted since 2008 will be declared Bernie’s idea. And plenty more.

    Personally I hope he lands in a nursing home.

  406. Neeta, Klondike bars, can’t remember last time I had one of THOSE…..hmmmmm.

  407. The laying on of the hands over our girl moves me more than I can say.

  408. I would like to pay tribute to my hometown police here in Pittsburgh and also to the Black Lives Matter protesters for pulling it all off w/o a hitch. The protest was done w/o a permit, yet all worked hard to get the issue out and not interfere with the rights of others. This is particularly significant as the city was in the throws of a major celebration today of its 200th year in existence.

    Well done by all. I love my town.

  409. Uppity Woman, on July 9, 2016 at 10:01 PM said:

    No, this photo was from yesterday, Upps.

    BTW, Klondikes aren’t what they used to be. They use flavors to cover for the fact that they are no longer ice cream, but ice milk filled. I know this distinction because Klondikes were the creation of Isaly’s, an old Pittsburgh ice cream manufacturer.

  410. Uppity –

    I usually have huge problems with the New York Times, however this article was right on the money. It’s one of the things I was talking about with reference to my Bernie Bot friends. They are just as guilty, if not more, of posting some of the vilest anti-Hillary memes on Facebook. And these are people who are usually fairly rational and upbeat. But I can’t believe just how vitriolic and spiteful they have become.
    I know which of my friends are Republicans, so it’s not as surprising when it comes from them. But the others – it hurts, it really does. It used to be that if your Democratic candidate didn’t win, you were disappointed, but you found another Democrat to get behind and support. Not anymore, at least not with the Bots.
    And by the way, Facebook is so much more peaceful for me now that I have un-followed about one quarter of my friends.

  411. Hokay Voting. I stand corrected but I tell you it must be the same bunch lol

  412. What makes the social media attacks on Hillary from the left by right wing super pacs so disgusting is the cyninicism. Quoting Elizabeth Warren? They despise Elizabeth Warren. And pandering to Sanders supporters? They hold their viewpoint in contempt. Yet they justify it by pointing to Democrats attacks on Romney in 2012. The difference is that Democrats were attacking Romney with arguments they actually believed about Romney. They were making their arguments from the left because they actually believed Romney is “a cold hearted plutocrat.” That is qualitatively different from Rove & Company arguing that Hillary is a tool of right wing special intetests. They don’t believe that for a second. If they did, they wouldn’t be working so hard to stop her. Like I said, cynical! And, ironically, these ads are funded by the very same right wing special interests they are accusing Hillary of catering to. They couldn’t be more hypocritical.

  413. And, of course, people on the left who soak up this bilge are incredibly stupid for not even wondering why those special interests are funding such noxious ads against their supposedly preferred candidate. It all makes me crazy.

  414. Donald Trump may speak at NAACP during R convention. First time I’ve laughed since Orlando, I think.

  415. It’s pretty disconcerting when you don’t know if people are infiltrating or Bernoids are simply insane. This comment was posted more than a half dozen times at Bernie Central and the names of the posters are all different. I chose this one because of the name.

  416. Trump at the NAACP convention? What could possibly go wrong?

  417. Uppity at 12:21pm, these people need some medication.

  418. RE: Uppity @12:21 PM: I would guess the first–GOP or “independent conservative” rat molester(s).

    Any Bernout who would believe this probably also believes a Nigerian prince really wants to give him/her money.

    And if he’s male, he probably also believes those “natural male enhancement” pills work. 😆

  419. Might be worth it just to watch him choke on it…….

    WMUR9_Politics confirms crabby old bastard to appear with Hillary Clinton at Portsmouth HS in New Hampshire on 7/12; for endorsement.

    and then hopefully Hillary will do a Trump and tell him to get on the plane and go home……….

  420. You’d think with as many seasons of Orphan Black as we’ve had, that dude would know that in order for Bernie’s clone to be as old as Bernie he would have had to be cloned before cloning was invented.

  421. As you all know, I have been reading Bernie Central at reddit, along with the reddit Revolution site for quite awhile now and here is what I DEFINITELY see:
    The board is a shadow of its former self. The participation is significantly down, dropping regularly since California etc. The conversation consists of crazy shit and delusional ‘calculations’ including how Bernie can garner a win if he ran third party or independent. The logic is more sad than hilarious at this point. There are some really disturbed people there. HOWEVER, an equal number of people there are working very hard to reason with them, I do not envy their task. But there are quite a few people trying to get them to get the point that a vote for Stein is a handout to Trump and, worse, a vote for Trump is as far away from their issues as they can possibly ever get. I wish them success, but frankly, I think the place is housing the craziest of the lot and the good news is they are a truly small minority. So I do believe the polls and claims that the Bernie people are flocking to Hillary in great numbers. I see the change on Twitter too. Some of them have melded with us. And the craziest of them who come to snipe are much smaller in numbers. Also I suspect there are a lot of people too young to vote involved in the remnants left.

    This is what I and my third eye have been observing.

  422. You’d think with as many seasons of Orphan Black as we’ve had, that dude would know that in order for Bernie’s clone to be as old as Bernie he would have had to be cloned before cloning was invented.

    Minor detail to these delusionals, just like all other details are minor to them. You know, silly things, like math and stuff.

  423. Pluto, a lot depends on how Bernie acts on Tuesday. It will determine whether or not he ever gets his mouth on a mic in her presence again.

    If he pulls that domination thing or that I Lost But You Have To Do What I Say tude, he’s toast. Not only in terms of the race, but for him as a senator. He will have the plague in the Senate if he doesn’t cut the snotty, bossy shit.

  424. Uppity, I think that Sanders will talk about his “movement,” and how much it (he) is influencing the platform. It probanly won’t be obnoxious, but let’s see if he acts as if Hillary has to run on, and accomplish, everything in the platform; i.e., he’ll be watching to see what she does. That would not be helpful at all. With President Obama, and Senator Warren, and VP Biden all supporting HIllary, I don’t think that we ever need Sanders on the stump with Hillary after Tuesday. I imaigine we’ll hear a long speech from him at the convention, though.

  425. Rumors that Trump will pick Pence as VP. No sure thing, of course; but it sounds fairly likely. If so, I wonder if or how it might affect Hillary’s VP choice. Right now, things seem to point to Kaine, though I am still hoping for a pleasant surprise.

  426. when is the convention?

  427. R Convention starts July 18. D Convention starts July 25. Hillary may announce her VP choice on July 22.

  428. Thanks William.
    Has “The Burn” officially endorsed Hillary. I read something about it but I have not seen any video with his statement..

  429. maybe a new thread coming up?

  430. William, you know who I want Hillary to pick.

  431. Oh, yes, Sue. And I do, too. But it seems as if that “don’t take anyone out of the Senate who has a Republican governor” is going to make it difficult. All we need is for people who should stay quiet, like Reid, to start complaining. I’ve said before, and I’m sure you agree, just take the person who is by far the best choice, and do not worry about losing one Senate seat. I don’t think we are going to quite win the the Senate, anyway. What I want to do now is win this election, and by as much as possible; and set a strong course. But if Hillary picks our guy, she is going to have to answer all these questions, which is ironic, because she is very concerned about building Democratic Congressional and local strength. But she is thinking about the Supreme Court, of course. It’s just that she needs to get to the White House to even get to that point. Play the strongest cards you have, and do not worry about some pot further down the road.

  432. William, I agree with all of my heart.
    Sherrod Brown could make the difference in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

  433. OT, but venting about this. Olympic women’s gymnastic team choices were so bogus. Are 4th, 5th, and 6th overall highest scorers either didn’t make the team or are alternates, but Gabby Douglas made the team scoring 7th best and Madison Kocian made it as our 8th overall. The rational is US needed Gabby and Madison for uneven bars. But if you look at the link below, Madison score 1st in the bars, Gabby was 3rd in that event. The one who came in 2nd, Ashton Lockhear, is a specialist at this and scored much higher than Gabby. She didn’t make the team. Our 2nd best vaulter and 4th overall scorer McKayla Skinner wound up an alternate. She also outscored Gabby and Madison on every event except the bars. So we traded our #2 vaulter and 4th highest scorer for our #3 bars person and left out our much better #2.

    How the hell does this make any sense? (Done with my rant)

  434. Uppity Woman, on July 8, 2016 at 11:41 PM said:
    I think they decided to do this because of the many decades long argument between FBI and State as to classifications. That’s what all of this is really about. You can bet State completely disagrees that those 3 emails are classified. It’s a pissing contest between departments.

    I saw a really good article about this but can’t find it again. It may have been at ThePeoplesView but my old computer can’t do their archives.

  435. Sorry, I forgot to close italics between those two paragraphs.

    FixIt Fairy has your back.

  436. I am trying so hard to do a comment that shows everyone how to blockquote, but Freaking wordpress won’t let me type in any of the code characters and that included in quotation marks. They either obfuscate it or remove it and accept it as a command. Arseholes.

    Anyways for those of you who know how to italicize a sentence in a comment, the code is EXACTLY the same for blockquoting, except you substitute the word blockquote for the word italics

    Here’s hoping WP doesn’t do it again to me in this comment just because I used ‘code’ words. Jesus.

  437. This is a test.

  438. Women rule…

    PM Cameron to resign tomorrow, on Wednesday, Theresa May will be United Kingdom PM by 5pm TOMORROW.

    A woman running the UK, another one in scotland and another woman running Northern Ireland/

  439. Isn’t the italics just using the letter ‘i’? (Another test)

  440. My goodness, Hillary to be the final pece, a woman running Germany, another woman running the UK, Hillary to be the US President, go ladies.

  441. Moon

    And in January, the most powerful President/leader of all, our Hillary!

  442. Trump says he has 5 VP finalists: Gingrich, Pence, Christie, Flynn and…who?

    Not exactly a roll of honor there.

  443. (CNN)

    Evan Bayh is mounting a return bid to the U.S. Senate, giving national Democrats a boost as they aim to retake the chamber in November.

  444. For what it’s worth…

    Trump’s campaign confirmed that Pence has already announced that Pence will join Donald Trump in a rally near Indianapolis on Tuesday night, which only confirms the rumor. The Washington Times is now putting the odds of a Pence choice at 95%:

    Scrambling among Indiana politicians has reached the point where Republican Party insiders are convinced that presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump will pick Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate.

  445. My goodness, Hillary to be the final piece, a woman running Germany, another woman running the UK, Hillary to be the US President, go ladies.

    May the Ascended Madoka grant it.

    I would so enjoy the hissy fits from the medieval fundamentalists of all religions (and the misogynists among the non-believers as well) if that happened. 😈

  446. SCREEEEEECHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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