Who Run the World?

A comment by moononpluto in our previous thread got me thinking:

Women rule…

PM Cameron to resign tomorrow, on Wednesday, Theresa May will be United Kingdom PM by 5pm TOMORROW.

A woman running the UK, another one in scotland and another woman running Northern Ireland/

So, I googled, “Current women heads of state” and found a webpage with this handy-dandy chart:

We are currently living under a record-high number of simultaneous female world leaders.
For several years now, the stable status quo has been around 20 female world leaders at any given time. For much of 2014, the number was 22 — a record high.

Screen shot 2016-07-11 at 9.16.42 AMCURRENT TOTAL: 22

I loved this chart because I could easily screen shot it and insert it into the post. Anyone who has worked with WordPress will understand why this is a plus. The only problem with it was there was no date of publication or any updates listed. So I cross-referenced it with this site, Current Women Leaders.

The second link, Current Women Leaders, (updated 7/7/16) lists 24 leaders because it includes two monarchs, Queen Elizabeth II of the UK, and  Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. (As moononpluto’s comment suggests, the author of, Current Women Leaders, will have to do some updating tomorrow, when Theresa May becomes the Prime Minister of the UK.) When looking up this data, it is easy to get bogged down in the different titles and positions of President, Prime Minister, and Monarch. So rather than quibble about that, and fuss about the numbers, let’s look at one piece of data that is indisputable. Of all of the countries around the world who have embraced female leadership, there’s one glaring omission. Yes, our country, The United States of America. We are a world super power and beacon of democracy. The USA, the country that boasts liberty and justice for all, has not been able to break that final glass ceiling.

What’s that cracking sound?? Tomorrow, Bernie Sanders, a stubborn, self appointed, “Keeper of the Patriarchy”, will finally admit that he’s lost.

Screen shot 2016-07-11 at 10.16.44 AM

Being “Keeper of the Patriarchy” is hard work. Look at Bernie, (far left, literally) he’s so worn out he can’t even tuck in his shirt anymore!

Supposedly, and I say that because you never know with Bernie, he will be joining the woman who beat him, (and yes, I do love repeating that) in New Hampshire for a rally of unity. BTW she didn’t just beat him, but she beat him handily, by ALL measures. I mean she SMASHED him. Hopefully, he can muster up some strength to tidy himself up a bit.

Hillary Clinton  will have no worries at all.

Screen shot 2016-07-11 at 10.26.29 AM

Did someone call for a BADASS woman?

We have one more misogynist to conquer in November before we can officially tell the patriarchy, “I ain’t your mama!”







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  1. Did someone call for a BADASS woman?

    Hell yes!!!

    Wonderful thread post imust, and thanks for the new, grand spanking clean page!

    That photo of Hillary is great,

    and the one of Sandcrab is truthful.

    There he is, looking like he has a load in his pants, just crawled outta bed and either using Jane as a meat shield or just trying to push her out of his way to get a free tube of Prep H.

  2. Great post!! I also love that picture of Hillary!!

  3. That is what a president looks like!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you imust for collecting the facts on women who rule…

  5. Yeah, I love that picture of Hillary as the badass!!

    Continuing from the last thread it does look like Pence is going to be it. Lord I understand he is as dumb as a box of rocks and he’s one that actually passed all that nonsense about religious freedom and I also think he’s not even that popular in Indiana.

    What do you all think about Bayh running again? I think he must have gotten the word that Pence is going to be on Trump’s ticket and that it would be an easy win for him. You all will have to refresh my memory but IIRC there was some bad blood between Obama and Bayh in 2008. I know he was a Hillary supporter.

    And getting Pence out of Indiana and onto the Trump Titanic has to be a big win for the GOP elite. You know that they have to be happy to be getting him out of the governor’s race in IN and also ending his career in politics. This is actually what the GOP needs to do if they are ever going to reform the party.

  6. onto the Trump Titanic


  7. I think one of the first things Hillary will do as President, is make sure the State Department issues secure cell phones to the Sec. of State and his/her future staff.

  8. I still find it amazing that in all this time, the US is only getting its first female nominee let alone a female president, totally shameful its been this long.

  9. That sheet does need updating as i know the Argentinian woman left office in Dec 2015.

  10. and the danish one left last year too, just keeping us right updated.

  11. I was watching the news and Trump is doing what I thought he was going to do….he is going Nixonian as the supposed “law and order” candidate.

    These lefties better reread 1968 before they screw us all in 2016.

  12. I figured that updates were needed, but even if the women listed are no longer in office, the point is still the same. Argentina and Denmark had a female presidents before we did.

  13. I was worried about the law and order thing for a while too. But watching the events of the last few days, and the rise of BLM, I think that there’s more concern now about how the “law” behaves, than concern about order. Militarization of police, brutality, etc. JMO

  14. Yeah, I agree with you I must. So many people have had dealings with the police where they were harassed. When we visited NYC our driver said he had been to Georgia one time. He was taking a family from CT to FL for a wedding. He got pulled over in GA because he had NY tags. Apparently if you have NY tags and are driving through GA you are a drug dealer. So everybody had to get out of the car, they searched the car and patted everybody down for drugs. It’s these kinds of things that happen to people everyday that are turning people away from the “law and order” lecturing. It’s gone from keeping the police to downright harassment.

  15. The Republicans over the last decades have systematically cut funding for such things as mental health treatment, education (including after-school programs), and social services. “Reduce the government until it’s small enough to fit in a bathtub.” The results are predictably that we have many mentally ill people who are left to wander the streets, and in some cases are a violent danger to others. And so many more people have access to guns now.

    I don’t like BLM much, they aggressively interrupted some of HIllary’s rallies; they are an angry one-issue group; and if they decide that they are going to try to turn this summer into a repeat of 1968, it is possible that a hard-line law and order campaign could be effective. There is not a systematic war on Black people by White cops, though there have been som individual awful incidents spread out among various cities. One of the top Dallas police officers, a Black man, said that we are asking the police to solve too many societal problems, and Ithink he’s right. But the person who is actually going to be asked to solve all of these incredibly difficult social problems, is Hillary Clinton. And to the extent that we have all these angry and self-righteous voices yelling,and demanding that she do this or that to assuage them, she is not going to be given any reasonable time or room.to deal with them.

  16. Well heck William, why should we bother then? LOL. Jeez how depressing is that?

  17. William she can handle it. It’s NOT going to be 1968. At least it’s not on the D side. On the R side well, we’ve got a bunch of angry people packing heat and an orange screaming candidate. Climb aboard the Trump titanic ’cause it’s gonna take the GOP with it.

  18. Well, speaking just for me, I bother, and have sent Hillary $4,400 for her campaign, at last count, because the country will fall apart if she does not win; and also because she is an immensely intelligent and talented person who could potentially be our greatest president since FDR.

    That doesn’t mean that I can’t look at what’s out there, and feel that there are too many people and too many groups who are angrily demanding things of her which nobody could accomplish. There is a reason that Sanders works best when he can just complain, and not actually have to implement anything. Hillary needs very strong support from her base, and they have to have some patience. I don’t see a lot of patience out there right now from the electorate; or maybe it is just the loudest and angriest voices who get the airtime. Maybe I worry about such things too much. I also see the optimistic possibilities, and I am hopeful; but I do not like the self-righteous anger and demands that are coming from all over, including the so-called progressive wing. The behavior of the media in the last weeks gives me concern as to how Hillary will be treated as she energetically works to improve things, and some people don’t like the way she is doing it.

  19. Well there you go! A much better response. Don’t have to be Polly Anna optimistic, but let’s not get all gloom and doom the sky is falling either!
    As far as media treatment, no doubt, she won’t get a fair shake. She never has…they hate her! The PTB hate her too because she DOES get things done rather than just complain. But, take note, who’s still standing? It’s what she does, it’s why we love her and it’s why she will win.

  20. Ga6th said, “…onto the Trump Titanic…”

    Trump + Titanic = Trumpanic

    Sounds about right.

  21. Hillary says keep an eye out on her website. This is where you will see the announcement of her VP choice FIRST.

  22. Why are they focusing so much on the con mans VP and not Hillarys?

  23. Great post, imust!

  24. Blockquote lesson:
    Type this:
    <blockquote>say your stuff</blockquote>

    renders like this:

    say your stuff

    Note: Do not copy and paste the sample because I used characters that would display and not render.

  25. Neetabug, Trump goes first, not by rule, but because we have the luxury of waiting for his pick, which has to come before our convention. So there’s more speculation on that pick now.

    Could his pick have influence on Hillary’s pick? Possibly. If he picks Pence, it is possible that this makes it more incumbent to pick someone from the Midwest? (Sherrod Brown, perhaps?)

    It seems to me (I love to speculate on VP choices) that for Hillary, it is down to Kaine, Warren and Brown. But maybe she will surprise us, though I think that a surprise might be a little harder to sell at this point. Maybe Tom Vilsack is known well enough to avoid that problem. But I’d be surprised if it isn’t one of the first three. Certainly Kaine has the edge in terms of not throwing up an initial roadblock. I could of course regret this, but I am rooting agaInst Kaine getting the nod, though if Brown doesn’t get picked, that leaves us with Warren, who does possess risk, though an upside as well. Anyway, Hillary is to appear with Kaine in Virginia Thursday, so we can watch him there.

  26. I’m thinking she picks Tom Perez.

  27. Thanks Sophie!

  28. Imust, she might, but I personally would not favor it. Perez has no major elective experience; he is virtually unknown; he is considered by some to be too far to the Left; he doesn’t have any foreign policy background at all. It gives the other side the shot at labeling this a “left wing ticket,” pointing to the platform conciliations. Hillary also said she wanted to pick someone who above all could take over if it were necessary; Perez doesn’t engender the confidence that a standing Senator or Governor might have. I’d rather have almost anybody than Perez, but if Hillary picks him, then she of course had legitimate reasons for it, which I hope would be born out in the results.

  29. Well, Paul Ryan looks like a jackass once again. I am sick of the GOP using our government agencies to try and destroy DEM candidates…especially the Clintons.

  30. Ryanis an a$$hole!

    He should mind his own business of supporting his inept candidate.

  31. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  32. THE photo of the campaign:

  33. That’s a gorgeous photo, Voting, thanks for sharing.
    Small children always know if you’re a kind person who comes in peace.
    PS: Okay, it’s a teensy bit weird that the adorable, little boy looks a bit like Barak Obama 🙂

  34. Sweet Sue, the saying goes “If you want to know if you can trust someone, watch how children and dogs react to them.”

    HRC is the MOST TRUSTWORTHY candidate in my lifetime.

  35. “HRC is the MOST TRUSTWORTHY candidate in my lifetime.”

    Hear, hear!

    Great post, must!

  36. One more Twitter funny:

  37. Re UK. A woman PM is no surprise. It’s common practice that, when a man in charge fucks everything up, they put a woman in to clean up the mess.

  38. //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

  39. William, sure let’s not be overconfident but let’s also leave the gloom and doom to the GOP. As far as VP, Hillary really does not have to fill in the holes that most other candidates do. A VP that does not have foreign policy experience is not a problem for Hillary.

    Pence helps Trump really no where. Pence’s approval rating in his own state is 40 approve/42 disapprove which is bad for a red state like Indiana.

  40. Hillary’s vp pickings are slim. Then you have the problem of taking people out of the Senate who would be replaced by Republicans. I don’t envy her this task at all as she’s bound to offend someone whoever she chooses. Apparently, the thinking on Perez is she’s gotten to know him and trusts him. Many of the others she barely knows at all. So there’s that.

  41. Yeah, really. Hillary who has been handling classified info for years without EVER endangering national security should not get classified briefings, but the Human Dumpster Fire is 👌.

  42. I am really hoping that after today’s rally with the UFT, Clinton may actually be able to flush him permanently off the stage. Growing up in So. Cali during drought years we had a saying:

    If it’s brown, flush it down…. Just do it Hillary!!!

  43. Loretta Lynch is testifying today. If congress put as much energy towards real issues, such as the Zika virus, infrastructure, votes for judiciary appointments, climate change, health care, etc., they could be getting so much more done, instead of worrying about Hillary’s e-mails. They are not accepting the FBI’s decision and are not letting this go, because they know it is hurting her.

  44. Crabby old bastard is on.

  45. SOS Clinton will not be able to wave a magic wand on Day One and make all of our problems magically begin to improve. I think she has the vision to see solutions but the practical matter of getting them implemented means the Forces of Evil must be overcome, which as Frodo can tell you, is by no means easy. She can get it done, but substantial change will be slow and probably won’t be visible until Year Six, unless the GOP is utterly destroyed in this election and control of the various states starts reverting to the Democrats. Like everyone else, I have my Day One list. I would like to see what everyone else thinks about Day One, i.e. if you could get one single policy implemented on Day One, what would it be? I’ll go with the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine. What say ye? (I’m still thinking someone from the private sector or the military as Veep, though I do favor Brown.)

  46. its happening…

  47. My bet it will be Sherrod Brown my senator.

  48. Well he’s finally done it,

    He said it

    Sec Clinton won the democratic nominating process and I congratulate her for that.

    She will be the Dem nominee for President and I intend to do everything to ensure she is the next POTUS.

    Wow, fucking finally.

  49. I am surprise Hillary and Bernie would hold a rally today. The focus will be on Obama and the memorial in Dallas.

  50. Sanders endorses Clinton, he finally said it

    I endorse Hillary Clinton for President.

  51. Wow our national nightmare is over……..Sanders is over.

  52. here it is in entirety….had to make himself look good at the start….

    Let me begin by thanking the 13 million Americans who voted for me during the Democratic primaries. Let me also thank the people here in New Hampshire who gave us our first big win and a special thanks to the people of Vermont whose support for so many years has sustained me.

    Let me also thank the hundreds of thousands of volunteers in every state in our country who worked so hard on our campaign and the millions of our contributors who showed the world that we could run a successful national campaign based on small individual contributions – 2 1/2 million of them.

    Together, we have begun a political revolution to transform America and that revolution continues. Together, we continue the fight to create a government which represents all of us, and not just the one percent – a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice.

    I am proud of the campaign we ran here in New Hampshire and across the country. Our campaign won the primaries and caucuses in 22 states, and when the roll call at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia is announced it will show that we won almost 1,900 delegates. That is a lot of delegates, far more than almost anyone thought we could win. But it is not enough to win the nomination. Secretary Clinton goes into the convention with 389 more pledged delegates than we have and a lot more super delegates.

    Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nominating process, and I congratulate her for that. She will be the Democratic nominee for president and I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president of the United States.

    I have come here today not to talk about the past but to focus on the future. That future will be shaped more by what happens on November 8 in voting booths across our nation than by any other event in the world. I have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton and why she must become our next president.

    During the last year I had the extraordinary opportunity to speak to more than 1.4 million Americans at rallies in almost every state in this country. I was also able to meet with many thousands of other people at smaller gatherings. And the profound lesson that I have learned from all of that is that this campaign is not really about Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, or any other candidate who sought the presidency. This campaign is about the needs of the American people and addressing the very serious crises that we face. And there is no doubt in my mind that, as we head into November, Hillary Clinton is far and away the best candidate to do that.

    It is easy to forget where we were seven and a half years ago when President Obama came into office. As a result of the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street, our economy was in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Some 800,000 people a month were losing their jobs, we were running up a record-breaking deficit of $1.4 trillion dollars and the world’s financial system was on the verge of collapse. We have come a long way in the last seven and a half years and I thank President Obama and Vice President Biden for their leadership in pulling us out of that terrible recession. But, I think we can all agree, much, much more needs to be done.

    Too many people in America are still being left out, left behind and ignored. In the richest country in the history of the world there is too much poverty, and too much despair.

    This election is about the single mom I saw in Nevada who, with tears in her eyes, told me that she was scared to death about the future because she and her young daughter were not making it on the $10.45 cents an hour she was earning. This election is about that woman, and the millions of other workers in this country who are falling further and further behind as they try to survive on totally inadequate wages.

    Hillary Clinton understands that we must fix an economy in America that is rigged and that sends almost all new wealth and income to the top one percent. Hillary Clinton understands that if someone in America works 40 hours a week, that person should not be living in poverty. She believes that we should raise the minimum wage to a living wage. And she wants to create millions of new jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. – our roads, bridges, water systems and wastewater plants.

    But her opponent – Donald Trump – well, he has a very different view. He believes that states should have the right to lower the minimum wage or even abolish the concept of the minimum wage altogether. If Donald Trump is elected, we will see no increase in the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour – a starvation wage.

    This election is about which candidate will nominate Supreme Court justices who are prepared to overturn the disastrous Citizens United decision which allows billionaires to buy elections and undermine our democracy; about who will appoint new justices on the Supreme Court who will defend a woman’s right to choose, the rights of the LGBT community, workers’ rights, the needs of minorities and immigrants, and the government’s ability to protect the environment.

    If you don’t believe this election is important, take a moment to think about the Supreme Court justices that Donald Trump will nominate, and what that means to civil liberties, equal rights and the future of our country.

    This campaign is about moving the United States toward universal health care and reducing the number of people who are uninsured or under-insured. Hillary Clinton wants to see that all Americans have the right to choose a public option in their health care exchange, which will lower the cost of health care. She also believes that anyone 55 years or older should be able to opt in to Medicare and she wants to see millions more Americans gain access to primary health care, dental care, mental health counseling and low-cost prescription drugs through a major expansion of community health centers throughout this country. Hillary is committed to seeing thousands of young doctors, nurses, psychologists, dentists and other medical professionals practice in underserved areas as we follow through on President Obama’s idea of tripling funding for the National Health Service Corps.

    In New Hampshire, in Vermont and across the country we have a major epidemic of opiate and heroin addiction. People are dying every day from overdoses. Hillary Clinton understands that if we are serious about addressing this crisis we need major changes in the way we deliver mental health treatment. That’s what expanding community health centers will do and that is what getting medical personnel into the areas we need them most will do.

    And What is Donald Trump’s position on health care? No surprise there. Same old, same old Republican contempt for working families. He wants to abolish the Affordable Care Act, throw 20 million people off of the health insurance they currently have and cut Medicaid for lower-income Americans. The last thing we need today in America is a president who doesn’t care about whether millions will lose access to the health care coverage that they desperately need. We need more people with access to quality health care, not fewer.

    Hillary Clinton also understands that millions of seniors, disabled vets and others are struggling with the outrageously high cost of prescription drugs. She and I are in agreement that Medicare must negotiate drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry and that we must expand the use of generic medicine. Drug companies should not be making billions in profits while one in five Americans are unable to afford the medicine they need. The greed of the drug companies must end.

    This election is about the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality that currently exists, the worst it has been since 1928. Hillary Clinton knows that something is very wrong when the very rich become richer while many others are working longer hours for lower wages. She knows that it is absurd that middle-class Americans are paying an effective tax rate higher than hedge fund millionaires, and that there are corporations in this country making billions in profit while they pay no federal income taxes in a given year because of loopholes their lobbyists created. While Hillary Clinton supports making our tax code fairer, Donald Trump wants to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the very wealthiest people in this country. His reckless economic policies will not only exacerbate income and wealth inequality, they would increase our national debt by trillions of dollars.

    This election is about the thousands of young people I have met who have left college deeply in debt, the many others who cannot afford to go to college and the need for this country to have the best educated workforce in the world if we are to compete effectively in a highly competitive global economy. Hillary Clinton believes that we must substantially lower student debt, and that we must make public colleges and universities tuition free for the middle class and working families of this country. This is a major initiative that will revolutionize higher education in this country and improve the lives of millions. Think of what it will mean when every child in this country, regardless of the income of their family, knows that if they study hard and do well in school – yes, they will be able to get a college education and leave school without debt.

    This election is about climate change, the greatest environmental crisis facing our planet, and the need to leave this world in a way that is healthy and habitable for our kids and future generations. Hillary Clinton is listening to the scientists who tell us that if we do not act boldly in the very near future there will be more drought, more floods, more acidification of the oceans, more rising sea levels. She understands that we must work with countries around the world in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels and into energy efficiency and sustainable energy – and that when we do that we can create a whole lot of good paying jobs. Donald Trump: Well, like most Republicans, he chooses to reject science – something no presidential candidate should do. He believes that climate change is a hoax. In fact, he wants to expand the use of fossil fuel. That would be a disaster for our country and our planet.

    This election is about the leadership we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform and repair a broken criminal justice system. It’s about making sure that young people in this country are in good schools or at good jobs, not in jail cells. Secretary Clinton understands that we don’t need to have more people in jail than any other country on earth, at an expense of $80 billion a year.

    In these stressful times for our country, this election must be about bringing our people together, not dividing us up. While Donald Trump is busy insulting Mexicans, Muslims, women, African Americans and veterans, Hillary Clinton understands that our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Yes. We become stronger when black and white, Latino, Asian American, Native American – all of us – stand together. Yes. We become stronger when men and women, young and old, gay and straight, native born and immigrant fight to rid this country of all forms of bigotry.

    It is no secret that Hillary Clinton and I disagree on a number of issues. That’s what this campaign has been about. That’s what democracy is about. But I am happy to tell you that at the Democratic Platform Committee which ended Sunday night in Orlando, there was a significant coming together between the two campaigns and we produced, by far, the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party. Our job now is to see that platform implemented by a Democratic Senate, a Democratic House and a Hillary Clinton president – and I am going to do everything I can to make that happen.

    I have known Hillary Clinton for 25 years. I remember her as a great first lady who broke precedent in terms of the role that a first lady was supposed to play as she helped lead the fight for universal health care. I served with her in the United States Senate and know her as a fierce advocate for the rights of children.

    Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president and I am proud to stand with her here today.

  53. If they try to browbeat likable, knowledgeable Loretta Lynch like they tried to browbeat by-the-book Comey it’s not going to go well yet again. The modern day GOP is collectively as dumb as a box of rocks. They need to stop inbreeding and expand their gene pool.

  54. Hillary looks bored to death now, Sanders is raging on and Hillary is look, ok enough now, STFU.

  55. So, Bernard bit the bullet and finally admitted he was shellacked by a woman.

    Okay, you get a lollypop, now go home!

  56. Crabby old bastard looks like he just sweated a bucket.

  57. Hillary just took a big shiteating grin shoutout at Jane, wish they had got her face on camera to see the sulk

  58. I’m afraid to look (blood pressure), is he still talking??

  59. /nope its all hillary, and she is laying into Tramp.

  60. Wow! moon:

    Thanks for the written speech of Sanders’ endorsement.


  61. Someone needs to slap Andrea Mitchell .

  62. Hillary has finally vanquished the lefty loons. She conquered Warren , She’s conquered Bernie, the last few loons will never come over because they are not real dems.

  63. A very fine issue oriented speech by Hillary, good enough to have been her acceptance speech at the convention. She has to be the most gracious primary winner in history, in that she gave Sanders all sorts of platform wins. I’m glad that the networks covered it. Somehow we have get this campaign on specific domestic and international policy issues. This was a very good presentation altogether. Hillary laid out a future for the country for the next decade, which is a very positive thing for voters to be able to listen to.

  64. Oh sure, now that Hillary has won the primary, SCrab has bent over…the boyz are laying the ‘fix ObamaCare’ directly in Hillary’s lap.

    Universal Healthcare/Hillary Care is what she tried to work on in the 90ies, Obama stole her idea, but put though a poor version with the help of the SuperMajority…now eight years later, it’s Hillary’s mess to fix.

    She is prepared to dive in without her hands tied this time, to mount the best team of business people along with healthcare professionals, this ugly child is her baby to fix.

    It takes a woman…

    Obama calls for ‘public option’ for Obamacare


  65. NEW: Hillary Clinton is vetting retired Navy Admiral James Stavridis as a potential running mate

  66. Yes, thanks Moon for the speech. I couldn’t stand to listen to him.

  67. I’m at work, but I understand Hell just froze over.

  68. moon @ 12:36pm
    the vetting of Stavridis, is a very interesting twist of events…with a lot potential against the Tramp…

  69. follow up thoughts…
    it can also bring some immigration diversity with his Greek heritage and strength into the chaotic and violent present world…

  70. Just Googled Stavridis. Very interesting! A proponent of “smart power” who believes in “building bridges, not walls.” He’s like the anti-Trump. And he is currently the Dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. I have no idea how serious this is, but leave it to Hillary to think outside the box! The downside, of course, is that not much is known about his views on domestic issues. But no one can say he wouldn’t be qualified to be president on Day One, a key Hillary criterion.

  71. Brassy:
    I agree, I also searched about him and definitely brings a whole new set of values, -that does not surprise me- of interest and goals Hillary wants to pursue…

  72. My first reaction is that I like the idea of Stavridis, but of course none of us knows how he handles himself on the stump, or what his domestic positions are. But if Trump picks Flynn, or even if he doesn’t, it is an interesting idea. I tend to doubt that Stavridis would actually be picked, but the major plus is that we would have someone with a strong
    reputation in military matters, and he might bring in some reasonable Republican voters. I see that there was some trivial investigation of a trip he took with his family to Burgundy, and the expenses, but he was cleared. I do like the idea of a ramrod straight military man speaking on Hillary’s behalf, and as to her character, having worked with her to some extent.



    He also talks about global security, building bridges….

    This is something Hillary mentions a lot, so this must be a serious candidate.

    I think having a military expert is very important, more so than a senator or governor. These are dangerous times.

    I don’t know if this guy is the best or not.

  74. Sanders has endorsed, so he and it is no longer news…moving on…;-)


    Finally! this crap has to stop. No more hearings, depos, etc,

    While I am sure the Admiral is a very good man, If it isn’t ultimately Kaine or that Beefcake Brown, I would be shocked…

  75. Well, it appears that Stavridis questioned the Iran nuclear program deal, stating that we would be giving money to Iran that will be used to fund terrorists. It is a legitimate concern, and I am still ambivalent about the prudence of that agreement. But it was President Obama’s deal, and one which Hillary may have also worked on in her term at State; and I know she has supported the agreement, so this all seems dubious in that regard. If Hillary thinks enough of him to seriously consider him on the ticket, even with such questions undoubtedly being raised, then he is surely an intelligent and respected military person. Si far, she has been very careful not to go against any Obama policy or position, though today she came out forcefully against TIPP.

  76. neetabug @ 12:23 pm: Someone needs to slap Andrea Mitchell.

    Where do I go to volunteer?

  77. i would not be surprised to hear Stavridis is the VP pick because like Brassy says this is thinking outside of the box. I’m sure the guy is probably a social liberal. There are plenty of them in the military despite what the press would have you think.

  78. New Realist I just don’t think she’s going to pick a senator. It puts her agenda at risk.

  79. Seriously fucked up…Trump sounds like a sack of shit.

  80. Pick your VP choice, losers have to donate to Hillary’s fund raising.

    My choice Sherrod Brown

  81. Sherrod Brown.

  82. Lots of talk tonight that Newt is Trump’s VP….

    I would laugh so hard if it is……..a 4 way divorce ticket, the looney toon wingers would go nuts.

  83. VP: What the heck, I’ll go with Stavridis because I like the idea of a military guy having Hillary’s back.

    I don’t think Hillary was all that enamored of the Iran deal, but she rightly decided that this was not the time to go against the President, especially when she was not in any position to do anything about it. She was neither Senator nor SOS at the time.

  84. Capitol Building on complete lockdown for some reason?

  85. I decided to not be a wimp and listen to SCrab and Hillary’s speeches.

    Turns out, as Hillary mentioned towards the end, they worked on the platform together on ‘Sunday’ and Hillary adopted some of Bernie’s ideas.

    This is why Crabby gave in and he did a okay job of finally admitting he was the loser and supports her. IMO

  86. Stavridis. Sounds like KGB.

  87. Uppity, don’t get Greek and Russian confused 😀

  88. Poor poor green thing. Her whole timeline is a conniption today!


  89. Today is my b-day and it’s been awesome. Bernie FINALLY conceded. Awesome. My sister took me for lunch. Awesome. We went to see the movie “Secret Life of Pets”..laughed myself silly. Awesome.

    I came home to read Bernie WILL NOT offer any minority reports at the convention. Awesome. Ate one of the carrot-cake cupcakes my sister got for me. YUMMY AWESOME!

    Other sister and her son long-distance called to sing me “Happy B-day”. Awesome call, singing…well, there’s a reason no one in my family ever considered a singing career.


  90. votinghillary, happy birthday to you!!

  91. Happy happy B-day Voting…

  92. Good for Ms Green, because she’s a classless Swamp Rat. Worse than Ralph Nader and uglier too.

    “If he continues to declare his full faith in the Democratic party, it will leave many of his supporters very disappointed,” she said. “That political movement is going to go on – it isn’t going to bury itself in the graveyard alongside Hillary Clinton.”


    She will come in fourth. Again. Because she is a useless crank. Medically AND politically.

  93. Happy Birthday, Voting Hillary. I’m glad that it went so well in all respects.

  94. “Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been invited to be the marquee speaker the first night of the Democratic convention”

    — CNN

  95. Happy Birthday, Voting Hillary!! The day after mine.

  96. Happy Birthday Voting Hillary!!!

  97. If Warren has been invited to speak the first night of the convention in prime time, she is not going to be vice presidential nominee.

  98. Happy belated Birthday, Sophie CT. Mine was 20 days ago. 🙂

  99. Nina Turner on msnbc still angry. I guess her meal ticket is gone.

  100. Well! Sophie, why didn’t you tell us about your B-day?

  101. OK. William, mine was 6 months ago…

  102. HAPPY BELATED B-DAY, SOPHIE CT!!!!! Hope you had a great one.

    Thanks everyone for the well-wishes. I am just beyond thrilled that my b-day will always be the day “that man” had to finally concede HILLARY WON! No more blackmailing, no more hints at a floor fight, no more SECRET SERVICE protection (his detail ended when he arrived in DC today), NO MORE of “that man’s” arrogance and disrespect to the woman who completely and fairly WON the Dem Primary. This is just the best day I have had in over a year. I desperately needed to feel upbeat again.

    One old entitled white male down, one to go!

    (To our male supporters on here, sorry about that last part, but enough is enough with “that man”.)

  103. Sophie! You were holding out on us!

  104. Happy Birthday, VotingHillary.

  105. I bet Sarandon is out on a drunk. Wanna lose an election? Have Susan and Tim support you with vigor.

  106. So, the GOP added combating pornography to their platform completely forgetting that the wife of their POTUS….oops.

  107. Sorry, POTUS “candidate”

  108. Uppity Woman, on July 12, 2016 at 8:25 PM said:
    I bet Sarandon is out on a drunk. Wanna lose an election? Have Susan and Tim support you with vigor.

    Naw, she is probably going to hold a press conference to endorse J. Stein in order to complete her trifecta of failure.

  109. Crowd at Trump rally looks like a combination of the John Birch Society and Hitler Youth. Truly frightening to look at those angry and belligerent faces.

    Pence looks and sounds like a true believer Far Right person.

  110. Moon…moon…moon you don’t understand evangelicals. It’s okay for them to get divorced and have multiple wives but just not liberals or most anybody else.

    William, you’re saying the same thing everybody else is saying about that rally. Can you imagine the GOP convention? It’s going to be that rally on steroids

    Happy birthday voting!

  111. Happy, happy birthday dear Voting!!

    I am glad that Bernie agreed to bail out of the Primary for you as his Birthday president. I heard a rumor that it was part of the party platform deal that he made with Hillary.

  112. Hahhaaa, Shadow……. 🙂

  113. OMG … a friend just posted this on FB. I’m lost for words. Lines like “Bernie Sanders is a prophet and a Buddha” had me thinking it must be satire, but … no … I think this is just straight up crazy:


    What a selfless giver he is, eh?

  114. Fart-in protest at the DNC??? This is like a headline straight out of The Onion: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-07-12/bernie-fans-say-fart-in-against-hillary-will-go-on

    How frickin juvenile are these idiots?

  115. Britgirls, I don’t know whether I should laugh, cry or be very, very afraid after reading that Ode to Bernie….what a self-absorbed deluded a-hole.

  116. I’m looking at the crowd at Donnie/what’s his face’s rally. Not big! Looks like maybe 500 people there.

  117. To complete a wonderful day, Grandpa Dawg and little Charlotte:

  118. They are very juvenile. In later years they will look back on themselves and be horrified — if they ever get to an adult-level developmental stage.

  119. What a cute picture of grandfather and granddaughter !

  120. This election is going to be won or lost in the Midwest. Therefore, Hillary needs a VP from the Midwest. Sherrod Brown is the best choice, but there are others. Franken, maybe Vilsack. Someone who can talk to the disgruntled White males of the crucial Midwestern states, and convince some of them that Hillary is better for them than Trump. The worry about taking someone out of the Senate is equivalent to a red herring. Apparently a current poll has Hillary trailing Trump by a point or so in Iowa, which should not be. Warren doesn’t make up that differemce in places like that, nor does Kaine likely do so. Perez has labor credentials, but will be portrayed as too far Left; and they don’t know him in that part of the country. It’s like a football game where you have to shore up the middle of your defense to insure the victory, not try to come up with some offensive razzle-dazzle to impress the fans. Slog away with the Midwestern ground offense, and tough interior defense. Grind out votes in the Midwest, and don’t let the other side pound away there, while you go for flash over toughness. That’s my heartfelt sports analogy for the evening, and I just hope that we go in that direction.

  121. Grandpa and little Charlotte, such a sweet photo.

    Charlotte with grandpa President, glad to see the Big Dawg doesn’t look so frail in this photo.

    Love Bill and Hillary so much.

  122. Upps, love your hilarious comment about Sarandon and Stein, and especially the funny tweet of Hillary & Trump with little kids. You were on a roll yesterday.

    When I saw the news about Hillary vetting the Admiral with Greek heritage, I thought, hmmm, the last time we had a VP who was of Greek heritage, it didn’t work out very well. (Note: I am 1/2 Greek, so not being raycist!) Still hoping for Sherrod.

  123. The Bernie endorsement was like…meh. He waited too long. Who cares?

  124. I may have mellowed a bit since moving to the south, but it heart I’ll always be a New Yorker. So I was completely convinced that the GOP was going to pressure Trump into picking Ryan or Cruz or Kasich as his running mate and then if he managed to win the presidency they were going to take him out. I know I sound like a conspiracy wing nut, but I was thinking they’d find Trump somewhere in the Pine Barrens and we’d end up with Predident Cruz after all. Maybe it occurred to Donald too, and that’s why he picked Pence.

  125. Has he actually picked him?

    I’m not a New Yorker, but I’ve been thinking the Dumpsterfire needs to be sure to pick an even more incompetent Veep. And definitely needs to hire a Taster-in-Chief. It’s just such an obvious and very Republican way to deal with the disaster that he is.

  126. Last person to pick a General was that crank Ross Perot.

  127. Trump declined the NAACP invitation.

  128. Charlotte should have had on a Hillary shirt and cap that said Deal Me In or the Women Card.

  129. Perot’s guy was an Admiral like Stavridas. I think his name was Stockdale, but he did not have the resume of Stavridas. His maIn qualification was he was a POW. But, yeah, I thought of Stockdale too. I really doubt she’ll pick Stavridas, although, unlike Stockdale, he actually is qualified. I wonder if the campaign just leaked that to counter the Trump leak about the Lt. General they were vetting. And that guy is a real crackpot. Would have to be to support Trump.

  130. I heard about the “fart-in” a month ago at the height of Bernie or Bust. Supposed to happen during Hillary’s acceptance speech. I’m pretty sure it won’t happen now, no matter what they say. I mean, these are supposed to be delegates. Sanders people will let them know it’s just plain STUPID.

  131. I don’t think a VP pick will help Hillary win people who are not inclined to vote for her, such as the manly men of the midwest. I think a good VP that excites the base that she already has to make sure she has a good turn out of that base is the best a Veep can do. Veeps don’t make an election, but they can break an election. People will want to be excited about her pick and will be disappointed if they’re not.

  132. White-haired, suffering from hearing-loss from his captivity, untrained in dark arts of televised celebrity and the even darker arts of political sound-bite-ology, Stockdale sometimes seemed dazed and confused during the debate, which became symbolized by what he chose as his opening line of his opening statement, the rhetorical question:

    “Who am I? Why am I here?”

  133. I think choosing a general would definitely help her in this purple state of mine which has lots of military bases. Ga6thDem what about Georgia? You have a lot of bases there, too, right?

  134. Now that the long nightmare of the Bernie Sanders hostage taking of the Democratic Primary is over, I am still a little angry that Hillary Clinton was forced to negotiate with this ridiculous arrogant white privileged male. That his minions are “celebrating” his “win” is absurd. They are all relishing in their extreme sexism and their mistaken superior belief that they are the future of the Democratic Party. I am happy to inform them that they are wrong. The future of the Democratic Party is not a bunch of mealy mouthed twenty something white privileged males which made up the bulk of Bernie’s minions. The future of the Democratic Party voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. The USA is a melting pot of different races and ethnicities. Hillary Clinton captured the vast majority of that vote, plus women. That is the future of the Democratic Party, not a bunch of white privileged wanna be communist/socialist males. And really a “fart-in” during the convention? What is this an episode of South Park? That just shows the mentality of these self-important idiots. History or should I say “Herstory” will not be kind to them at all.

    On to the Democratic Convention to make history!

  135. How tired is everyone of the MSM pushing the “distrust” cr@p of Hillary Clinton. They are just repeating stereotypical slurs against women. They use bad polls to make a horse race out of the disaster that is Donald Trump. I’m done with that sh!t.

    I’m also done with the Bernie minion talking point of “as long as she….. then I’ll vote for her.” Here’s a clue, she won and he lost. He doesn’t get to dictate the terms of his surrender nor do any of his minions. You were only “given” what Hillary Clinton allowed you to have. What I resent was the forced negotiation with a loser. I don’t think that Hillary Clinton was adverse to the “forced” negotiation because she’s a master at it. She knew what she wanted to do and how to get it before the platform committee meetings began. Bernie couldn’t beat her in the primary nor could he beat her in anything else. That they don’t realize that they were all beaten by a master negotiator just proves how good she and her team are at it.

    CNN, NBC, ABC, Q and all other polls can shove it. Trump is a walking disaster. There are not enough white men in the USA for him to win the presidency. It’s all about demographics. All we need to do is GOTV.

  136. It’s not surprising the polls have tightened after all the all the attention/GOP attacks attention on Comey’s report and the Lynch airport meeting. I agree with a poster above that Hillary needs a Midwest VP.
    As for Sanders. his endorsement was more of pushing his agenda and not really embracing Hillary. His supporters, however, appear to be around 78% behind Hillary.

  137. 12:00 eastern, 9am on west coast, about 1/2 hour to go:

  138. Why is the media BURYING this poll while it highlights the ones that show a tightening of the race?

  139. Because the media is looking to make this a ratings contest, not a political race. The same site that polls tightening also posted this poll with Hillary’s lead expanding. I difference is the key states are now supposedly tied and Trump 1-2% points ahead in PA and Fl which is basically statistically a tie.

  140. Ok. I’ll say this one more time. IGNORE THE MEDIA. PLEASE! Especially ignore polls before Labor Day. At this point in 1988, Dukakis was leading Poppy Bush by 17 points. Everyone thought Poppy was a goner for sure. On Election Day Bush crushed Dukakis. Chill. And work for Hill! Miles to go.

  141. I’m with Brassy and many other uppities,

    I just simply IGNORE THE MEDIA.

    I do not watch any TV news at all.

  142. These polls are being hyped on social media as if the election is next week. BREAKING NEWS! It’s not. There is a very important intervening event between now and election day. It’s called a campaign.

    Another good example of the meaninglessness of polls in July is 1992 when a guy named Bill Clinton was a distant third to both Ross Perot and the elder Bush.

    And there’s no reason to get excited by polls showing Hillary way ahead either for the same reason.

  143. It’s all just noise right now. The cable news, and I use that term loosely, is the biggest noisemaker of all. So focused on entertainment and ratings, and not at all about the public good.

  144. I remember Stockade. He sounded like he had dementia at the veep debate, I think it was, and the next day at my job, everyone was talking about how insane he was, and I remember one woman that was planning to vote for Perot, was really concerned about it and we talked her into voting for Bill instead. So, I think the veep choice is important. I don’t know anything about the admiral Hillary is looking at, but when I saw the Greek last name, I thought of Agnew.

  145. Stockade?!? That auto correct drives me nuts. Every time I type “Fredster” it changes it to “Forester”! I am not happy with the changes Apple has made to their iMac programs the past few years.

  146. Socal it’s Stockton. He was past his expiration date. As I recall he was also hard of hearing, but then that little Keebler elf Perot had big enough ears for both of them.

    For everyone else, no need to fester over ‘concessions’. Like someone said, Hillary is a master,she did it to swing a good portion of his people and she succeeded. All that is left are the clinically insane Gimmee crowd. But most importantly, do you remember what was in ANY of our previous platforms? Nope, you don’t. Because platforms aren’t worth shit in the world of actual governing. Toss in that they aren’t legally binding and,well……..now it’s the reverse. If Bernies don’t behave they won’t get ANY of that platform. Let’s see how THEY like being pinned. They “Won” like they won over at Zuccotti Park.

    However………truth is, Hillary does believe in healthcare for all, she took the hits for that long before any old fart named Bernie came along. She will get us there. In increments, just like our constitution makes her do it. 3 branches are designed to thwart despots who just want to do what they want. She knows about healthcare more than any of them. And she will do it HER way. So they “won” nothing. It’s not as if she doesn’t care about healthcare FCS.

  147. socal, I didn’t say VP wasn’t important. I said, that a bad VP choice could hurt, but for voters who really have CDS, a “good VP” will not sway them. They vote for the top of the ticket. If the VP is bad, then they give pause, because of the real possibility, and hence the expression, “only a heartbeat away” from the presidency.

  148. The $15 an hour thing is a pipe dream. Better we should work on bringing down the cost of goods and services instead of cowtowing to it. 15 an hour is a great idea in NYC, but in the town of Bumfuck it’s a windfall. Good luck getting the states to go along with this. Not to mention small businesses that will just say Fuck It, I’m outta here. People would get laid off in droves. Robotics would surge and surge big. Micky Dee knows how to make burgers with robotics. It ain’t rocket science. Watch what you ask for.

  149. It was Stockdale…see my post above

    “Who am I? Why am I here?” was his famous quote….

  150. We software people often talked about certain types of software being NEVER able to do what is expected of them. Spell check is one of them. A computer cannot think. It’s only as smart as its programmer. It is impossible to accurate guess what a person is about to say after that last word the software “corrected”. It is impossible to guess correctly what a person is intending to do with the rest of that sentence. So it takes a shot in the dark. Stockade! Boom! Fizzle!

  151. Former Mayor of London Boris Johnston is the new UK foreign Secretary, basically Hillary’s old Job UK version. This could be a few years of hilarity.

  152. The Republican Party Has Released Their Platform For The 2016 Convention, And It Is INSANE


  153. I watched Hillary’s speech at the Illinois State House today on C-Span. She had great historical references, especially to Lincoln, and her voice sounded very clear and resolute about issues we face today related to race, and her criticism of Donald Trump.

    She even quoted George Washington from the musical, “Hamilton.” History has our eyes on how we respond to this moment was the gist. I wondered if the campaign already had a winner of the two tickets to see it with Hill and Bill, or if they want to see it again. The NY Times said she saw it for the third time on Tuesday😌.

  154. For C Span coverage of Hillary’s speech in Illinois, see: https://www.c-span.org/video/?412678-1/hillary-clinton-addresses-state-race-relations

  155. imust @ 3:57, yes, I agree with you. I was just commenting on how bad of a choice Perot’s admiral was. I’m sure Hillary will choose someone who is good for her, and it won’t matter if we don’t get whom we personally favor.

  156. We saw how faulty the polls were for the primary, so anything below a ten point advantage should be taken with a grain of salt at this point.

  157. Upps

    Hillary does believe in healthcare for all, she took the hits for that long before any old fart named Bernie came along. She will get us there. In increments, just like our constitution makes her do it. 3 branches are designed to thwart despots who just want to do what they want. She knows about healthcare more than any of them. And she will do it HER way. So they “won” nothing. It’s not as if she doesn’t care about healthcare FCS.


  158. Here in the land of milk and honey, they are already pushing $15/hour. There are layoffs, so those making a little more are doing someone else’s job, besides their own, and companies will jack up prices to make more profit while claiming it is ‘to support better wages’.

    Our country is in major debt, the economy has to improve and jobs have to come back to support this increase.

    Hillary is no dummy, she will lay out the steps that need to happen to afford this increase. She will also cut the tax loop-holes for corporations and the big rollers. No more free rides for people like TRump that pay little or no taxes.

  159. Perot’s VP was Admiral Stockdale. I actually met Stockdale years before anybody knew who he was. Stockdale was rumored to be an alcoholic. This guy Hillary is supposedly vetting is NOTHING like Stockdale other than he’s retired Navy. So regardless of whether this guy is right for the position of VP please do not compare him in any way to Stockdale.

    The GOP has doubled down on crazy in their platform. I freaking cannot believe they have gone there. Anything Bernie asked for is going to seem downright moderate compared to the 18th century ideas of the GOP.

  160. Hey Liberty! Long time no see!

  161. Sue crazy Trump is on the rampage again.

    Trump sues former campaign aide (for 10 million).


  162. How about that piece of stale white bread, Pence?

  163. Trump is an habitual litigator.

    He does it to ruin people’s lives.

  164. Uppity at 5:43 PM said:

    “How about that piece of stale white bread, Pence?”

    LOL! …He couldn’t have picked him any whiter…

  165. How about that piece of stale white bread, Pence?

    That description fits him perfectly. Boring…..

  166. I found this article on Elizabeth Warren’s background and beginnings in Texas. Check it out…


  167. Isn’t he the guy who was big on women having vaginal probes?

  168. isn’t he the guy who was big on women having vaginal probes?

    They all are, oh you mean with instruments.

  169. I agree the polls are not all that significant at this time, and the media is as the young people say “throwing shade at Hillary” to bring her down and create drama. However, with that said, Hillary has spent over 50 million and Trump around 3.6. million.When she had the 9-12% lead it seemed to be working, but if we are basically tied, and Trump has yet to really spend, there is a concern.

  170. But Hillary has had the media and GOP, but I repeat myself, hammer on her about emails for, well like forever. But very recently, very hard. Also, they aren’t “basically tied”.

  171. UW: “Isn’t he the guy who was big on women having vaginal probes?”

    SSue: “They all are–oh, you mean with instruments.”

    Osaka reacts.

  172. DNC speaking schedule so far:
    Elizabeth Warren on Monday
    Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders on Tuesday
    Barack Obama on Wednesday
    Vice Presidential nominee on Wednesday
    Hillary Clinton on Thursday.

  173. Jb, Trump has no staff in any states that I know of. That is why he has not spent any money but the polls are crazy. They have her winning by 7 points in Virginia but just a few ahead nationally? If she’s weathered all this and still is leading then things are looking pretty good. Nate Silver says she’s ahead about 7 points nationally. Still don’t take anything for granted and donate and work. I would say the same thing if the polls said she was 20 points ahead simply because I want to run up the score and take down as many Republicans as possible in November. The media and the GOP have done nothing but character assassination on Hillary time and again.

  174. He doesn’t have to spend money–he gets positive air coverage for free. She gets free coverage too but not the good kind.

  175. socal, get thee to thy Preferences and turn off that effin’ Auto-correct! That’s what I do with all my programs. I can’t stand a circuitboard telling me what I’m supposed to mean.

  176. I am prepared to predict Donald’s pick. He will pick Christie. My reasoning is simple. Donald loves people who cowtow to him. And, excuse my bluntness, but Christie has shown repeatedly he is willing to blow him and swallow if he gets the VP slot. As for his Bridgegate…….to Donald, who could possibly expect that to matter to a guy like Trump? Ditto for his daughter’s father in law being prosecuted by Christie. Clearly, the man is a scumball, and since when does that matter to Donald, or his base for that matter?

  177. Sophie @ 10:35 pm stole my thunder. Media not biased? Then how to possibly explain that the Human Dumpster Fire gets more positive coverage than a public servant like Hillary? Media monitors have already established this as a fact based on the first year of coverage.

  178. New Post up.

  179. Rump is a douche and I agree, he will pick the person that kisses his ass the most and someone that doesn’t look more intelligent than Tdouche.

    I think that knocks the lizard out of the game.

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