Meet Trump University’s “Top” Instructor and Validate Your Worst Thoughts

He flashed his Rolex. And told them he just had dinner with “Mr. Trump” – except he never had dinner with “Mr. Trump”. Ever. As their instructor, he told them he was the “Top Guy” only he doesn’t remember saying that. He told them he lived in Beverly Hills, only nobody can find any records that he ever lived in Beverly Hills. He told them he used to be one of the “Top One Percent” real estate brokers in the country, only there are no records that he was ever a licensed real estate broker at all. He claimed he built homes in Atlanta Georgia, only there aren’t any records of that either. In fact, the only real things about him were 1) He was really there to Sell and 2)He was actually foolish enough to show up for this interview. But I’m sure he ego simply couldn’t resist.

Meet the perfect Trump University employee and understand fully why he attacked a “Mexican” judge who has enough information to throw Donald Trump’s ass in the slammer. Of course, if he can only become President so the man with no character can continue to deflect and detour silly things like Justice for the people he ripped off. I’m also sure he will arrange yet another Salem Witch Trial for Hillary to detour any discussions of the bogus Trump University before November. After all, guys like Ryan and Gowdy get sexually aroused at the very thought and will have no problem helping out.

Well, here’s Mr. Top Guy:


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  1. Yup, that’s the way T.Rump’s employees roll.

    Good post Upps, glad that CNN is finally doing something honest for once.

    I hope Hillary’s PACs pound this on tv to the voters.

  2. EXCELLENT! I saw this interview! LOL the guy thought he was there to bash Trump, LOL, they caught HIM in his own lies! What a maroon!
    Sadly, he, and Trump scammed people out of their life’s savings. Trump is Bernie Madoff, a Ponzi Scheme. He’s the Sham-Wow guy on steroids. Trump is a bluffer, con man, snake oil salesman. He is the lowest of lows, the cheeziest of cheeze balls. Slimy slimeballs, scumbag city. He cannot be president. We must do everything in our power Uppityites, to see that Donald Trump is never POTUS.

  3. I hope Hillary’s PACs pound this on tv to the voters.

    Count on it. More importantly, count on more leaks on this fraud case, and more ’employees’ coming forward to save their own asses.

  4. If Trump is stupid enough to debate Hillary, here is how she can win…after every one of his boasts…ask him with one word..”How”. I sucked it up and watched his speech from yesterday (I was having too good a day yesterday to watch in real time..and many here made it even more so…thank you for that) but what I noticed is he NEVER says HOW he will do what he claims. HRC just needs to keep asking HOW!

  5. Hey, it’s late! What are you guys doing up??
    Time for some late night disco!!!!!

    And…in light of the late hour…the last dance…

  6. Hillary and our theme song:

  7. I went to an organization meeting for Hillary last night. Met a woman by the name of Ladivia. She is working for Hillary. She ask if we wanted to tell Hillary anything. I told her they need stronger surrogates on the cable channels. I asked her about the VP. She didn’t know. I will see her again. If you have any questions you need to ask, let me know.
    They are going to go street by street to register voters. They have volunteers (young) talking to Bernie supporters. They have a person assigned to senior citizens homes and high schools. Labor Day will be the big push to get out the votes.

  8. So you want to like Hillary but don’t know where to start?

    (Sorry Upps, it’s Google docs but it’s some good stuff.)

  9. That new Hillary ad (thanks, Sophie!) is devastating. I’ve been hearing anecdotal evidence from people with young kids that Trump is scaring them out of their wits.

  10. Uppity:


  11. neeta:
    Thank you for all the work you are doing for our Hill…

  12. Indystar saying its Pence… goal for Hillary here.

    Gov. Mike Pence is dropping his re-election bid in Indiana to become Donald Trump’s running mate.

    IndyStar has confirmed that Trump will announce Pence as his selection for vice president, ending a weeks-long vice presidential casting call during which Trump vetted a handful of high-profile Republicans. A formal announcement is expected in Manhattan on Friday. The long-awaited decision upends the political landscape in Indiana and at least partially remakes the Trump campaign in Pence’s image.

  13. Neeta, maybe you can ask if climate change can be made a major issue in the campaign. It is an overarching issue. I think that most people now believe that climate change exists, and many are concerned. Trump will do less than nothing about it; he will actually try to pull the U.S. out of every intenational agreement to reduce carbon emissions. He never brings it up, because it is a dead loser issue for him. It doesn’t have to be the centerpiece of Hillary’s campaign, of course, but it would be effective with some swing voters, I believe. A couple of well placed ads about what is happening to our climate, and what Hillary is planning to do to combat it, vs. Trump’s denial of it, would be effective.

  14. it is okay for us that Trump picked Pence, but I think it does emphasize the need for Hillary to pick someone from the Midwest. Pence might have some rapport with the Midwestern voter, but Brown has far more, and he is on the right side of the issues. Win Ohio and Pennsylvania, and we are in excellent shape. Lose them, and it’s serious trouble. Why not shore up that crucial area?

  15. If she wants Brown, I hope and pray that he says yes.

  16. Why do i think we are being led up a path…..and its not Pence. Trump likes to shock…..Pence is too much of a damp squib for that.

  17. So, if Pence is on the ticket, do people think the Koch brothers will be bankrolling Trump’s campaign, since they wanted Pence?

  18. Looks like Trump’s kids didn’t do a thorough vetting.

  19. Honestly the GOPers have all lost the plot…

    Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is asking for a day of fasting and prayer to solve the state’s financial woes. After Brownback and a Republican-led legislature embarked on a massive tax-cutting plan the state now faces a $228 million budget shortfall, according to The Topeka-Capitol Journal.

    However, Brownback, a former Evangelical turned Catholic,’s latest plan is to ask for divine help.

    “God came to me in a dream and told me that if the state prayed and fasted for 24 hours, we would solve our financial problems,” said Brownback in a press release.


    Give me strength…………

  20. moon, is that Kansas thing for real? It sounds like The Onion. Honestly, you can’t tell anymore if it’s reality or satire.

  21. God came to me in a dream and told me these Goopers are freakin’ nuts!

  22. William I will give the info to Lavidia to give to Hillary.

  23. I agree with Moon. I wonder, if Trump is taking everyone for a ride and will actually choose a different VP.

  24. Neetabug, ask her to tell Clinton that she’s so far ahead of everyone I can see, please just keep doing what she’s doing. (I mean, like that recent campaign ad of the kids watching the Dumpsterfire. Have you seen that?) Fear nothing and do your thing.

    I’m going to be out there knocking on the get-out-the-vote doors.

  25. Which is not to say that climate change isn’t existentially important. It is. But first she has to win, and preferably win majorities in both Houses!, and she knows how to do that way better than me. That’s all I’m trying to say. Not denying William’s point!

  26. Thank you, Neetabug, I appreciate it!

    Sue, if Hillary offers Brown or anyone the position, he or she will take it. The election is too important. If Brown absolutely did not want it, he would have let Hillary know that. They are friends. Hillary spoke to Senate Democrats today, and assured them that she would pick a very qualified person. I think that Kaine, Warren, and Brown were all there with her. Then she’s off to campaign with Kaine today. Kaine is clearly the favorite, but I think that Brown has a chance, along with Perez, and possibly Warren, and also Vilsack.

    Re comments above, I don’t think Trump is going to pull out another name. Pence is probably good for him, as it appeals to Ryan and the other conservatives, and will also assuage the very conservative voters which are the Republicans’ base. Pence has major deficiencies, of course, which I hope we can exploit.

  27. Role Models…Hillary Ad.

  28. The Business Standard News is a satirical site designed to parody the 24-hour news cycle. The stories are outlandish, but reality is so strange nowadays they could be true.


  29. I admit I am a fence rider about Global Warming…..I mean Climate Change (post the Copenhagen snow storm). It all reminds me of how there has always been an emergency by which corporations raid our wallets. Think Bomb Shelters, Y2K (the sky is falling). As Roseann Rosannadanna said, “It’s always something”. And it always costs a bundle in our lives and then, Poof! On to the next scary expensive Thing.Sorry, I guess I have just lived too long.

  30. sorry, people were posting that around today as true, mind you, seemed so real ,you would think…..

  31. Upps, in the 1970’s Time magazine devoted a whole issue to our upcoming ICE AGE so I get what you are saying.

    Quick question all…since Congress is going on recess for 7 WEEKS, can Obama now make a recess appointment for the Supreme Court?

  32. Uppity, I’m a uni prof biologist. So not a climate scientist but perhaps more comfortable with the reports on their research than most people.

    Climate change is not another boondoggle of “dangle the red flag in front of the voter and get them to charge it.”

    That’s not to say megacorps won’t do their damndest to make all the bux they can off it and us every chance they get. And not to say they shouldn’t be stopped from doing that.

    But climate change itself is a massive, massive, MASSIVE problem. (Did I mention that it’s massive?) Mainly because by the time we’re feeling the effects — and we’re just getting the merest beginnings now, that’s no longer in dispute — there’s no way to avoid the consequences.

    We’re at that point now. A major Antarctic ice sheet is going to slide into the ocean in the next +-100 years. That means gradually rising sea levels from right now. From yesterday. Parts of the Carolina outer banks are already flooded. Most of peninsular Florida is less than 3ft above sea level. Parts of the coast are already contending with excessive flooding. Not to mention southern Louisiana. Etc., etc., etc. The grim part is that we could go to a completely carbon-neutral economy tomorrow and we could not stop that process.

    Every day we delay the necessary changes, the worse the downstream consequences will be.

    The predictions I’ve seen for the likely consequences given our level of feeble action is on the order of 2-3 billion deaths, mostly outside the developed world, but also vulnerable people in places like the US. Old or ill people have already died from hyperthermia. In their hundreds. In future that would be in the millions. Texas panhandle, Oklahoma, on up to through Kansas are due to become deserts. That’ll have a bit of an economic effect.

    Apparently, the likeliest scenario is that the developed countries, because of the combination of climate disasters and economic hits, would revert to an approximately 1900-level of technology. The less-developed countries nobody even wants to think about.

    Sure, 1900-level tech is survivable, but if you’ve ever lived in a cottage without indoor plumbing and only a coleman lantern for light, you know it’s less fun and a lot more work than what we have now.

  33. And in case anyone says, “But they had electricity and indoor plumbing around 1900,” remember to think about the socioeconomic level of the people who had that in their houses. Talk about the 1%. That would not be most of us.

  34. Thank you quixote…What he said!

  35. Yeah that’s what the ‘experts’ said about Y2k and everybody’s systems were going to implode. I could have made a fortune on that, had friends that spent entire weeks at Banks over a dozen lines of code. It was a very profitable thing, indeed.

    One thing about weather. It always changes. Perfect mark. Our problem is we think we are omnicient and can control everrrrrrrrrrrything. Lots of earthquakes caused by our little arrogant experiments. See Geothermal Energy sources.

    It’s not that I rule it out, it’s just that I smell a lot of bullshit mixed in. Like the crappy lightbulbs we are forced to pay princely sums for that throw putrid light and never last anywhere near the claims, that have their own EPS hazardous waste cleanup page besides. Bullshit. Not to mention the house fires. Just ask our former member Deadenders. His new home that he built with his own hands nearly burned down using CFLs.

    Then there are those cool little cars we all want to run out and buy. Like the “PUMA” Have a laugh, come on. Promise you won’t regret it:

    Dead On The Pavement With Your Puma

  36. @jonkarl
    ABC News Chief White House Correspondent.
    It’s Pence. Donald Trump has asked Mike Pence to be his VP runningmate, a source with direct knowledge tells me.

    Mike Pence departed Mount Comfort airport at 4:10 headed to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

    ….Christie could just as well show up…lol, he’s only over the river…..I wonder if he invited all 3, newt, pence and christie….and then throw hundred dollar bills between them and say fight for it.

  37. Trump and Pence, enough to make independents run for miles.

  38. Pence of forced Transdermal Vaginal Probe fame. That should thrill the Bernie holdouts too.

  39. The idea of Trump/Pence always makes my mind wander to “Mary Poppins”. I know that’s totally out of left field but Trump/Pence makes me think of tuppence, and tuppence makes me think “Feed the birds, tuppence, tuppence…”. Yes, I’m odd, but my mind also ALWAYS changes the Obama/Biden bumper sticker to Osama Bin Laden. ALWAYS. Then I do a double take and realize what it really says.

    I forgot what I actually came here to say, btw, but Yahoo alerts just told me that Mike Pence has accepted Trump’s offer.

  40. OH YEAH! I used to work for a real estate company in NY and one of the owners was a certifiable d-bag. And right around the time he was being the supremest of supreme d-bags to me, my hubby’s company offered him a transfer to NC, so I told him to take it.

    A few years after we moved I saw the D-bag’s name somewhere online and discovered that he had been tapped to “teach” at Trump University. Given his personality it didn’t surprise me in the least. But I will say that he did know his real estate.

  41. Cornell West, Sanders’ choice on the platform committee, endorsed Jill Stein today. NEVER again should Dems let non-Dems run for their POTUS slot…or anything else.

  42. No, Uppity. It’s not like Y2K. Even if that had been as bad as possible, once people recovered from the issues they’d stay recovered.

    Climate change is not like that. (They don’t call it “weather change” for a reason. The scientists are not talking about weather.) Once the feedback loops kick in we could be toast. That’s things like the permafrost melting and releasing those megatons of stored carbon, things like the warming ocean not storing as much carbon as it does now which would leave megatons more carbon in the atmosphere, Things like the ocean circulation slowing down and completely changing the climate and weather of everywhere.

    If we let the situation go far enough for those feedback loops to kick in, we can go totally carbon neutral and the situation will get worse for centuries.

    Sure, there’s some BS mixed in. But staring at the corporate shenanigans and missing the Himalaya-sized slow avalance bearing down on us is — how should I put this? — is just plain wrong.

    There’s a reason over 99% of climate scientists have their hair on fire about this issue. And the remaining one or two are on Exxon’s payroll.

  43. It’s like it in that it was deliberately blown out of proportion so as to scare businesses and governments into paying YUGGGGGGGGE amounts for simple code.

    And when things melt it’s because…….well …it’s warm (ing)

  44. Ooooooooo Voting, I remember that Time magazine thing. Everybody was crapping their pants!

    Long as I’ve been alive, the sky is always falling cha ching.

    I swear Climate Change, Formerly Global Warming, is the left’s version of the right’s Rapture.

    The fake Ice Age thing sounds just like this only……colder lol. And allllll the best scientists were right there with it too.

  45. OMG Julie, you know a Trump Instructor!!!

  46. Pluto, don’t feel badly about falling for a satire. I NEVER and I mean NEVER got snagged that way. Until this past year. Because so much of it is in character.

  47. Jules I will have to go down there to see that billboard.

  48. Cornell West endorsing Stein. What a dirt bag personified. Unbelievable. I hope the DNC learned their lesson through this fiasco.

  49. Please, not Tim Kaine.

  50. Wonder if Cornell will show up for his spot at the convention?

  51. I watched a wee bit of CNN, this afternoon and neetabug is right: Hillary surrogates on TV, for the most part, are lousy and allow out and out falsehoods to stand.
    We need some real firebrands out there.

  52. Still concerned with the polls. Hopefully just a result of last weeks Comey’s inappropriate comments once no criminal findings resulted. With Trump going into the convention next week and Pence likely pick, he will get a bump as well. We be do better get some big names out there (dare I say Warren who created the most excitement in her endorsement) and watch out for the Sander’s supporters trying to undermine Hillary at the convention.

  53. If anybody should send voters running for Hillary it’s Pence. He’s so far right he’s hated in red Indiana. I had a feeling that somehow Bayh knew this and that’s the reason why he’s running for the senate again. Has anybody looked at the GOP convention slate? It’s just a regular conspiracy fest Hillary bashing session.

  54. Bayh is a decent man and always a big Clinton supporter.

  55. Jb, the media decided that Comey’s announcement was going to “hurt” Hillary so instead of admitting that they’d been crapping all over with this BS story for months they found a poll to back up what they predicted. Hey, see we were right. Here’s this poll. However there were other polls that said different things that did not get reported. It’s just like the primaries where all the “Bernie is surging” stories came from stupid polls when he was never anywhere close to getting the nomination.

    I’m not sure the GOP convention is going to help Trump one bit. IMO it sounds like a repeat of 1992 on steroids and then there’s going to be guns and they are attempting a coupe on Trump also.

  56. Jules I will have to go down there to see that billboard.

    Neeta – if you do, take a picture for us!

  57. Julies I will take a picture. I better do it before Monday. I am not going near the convention.

    Anyone live in Tampa? I called my daughter to see If she was registered, She moved there in Mar. She said they mailed her a voter registration form. Maybe all the states should do this.

  58. How can 67% in a poll say that “Hillary is not honest or trustworthy?” Of course, the question is a set-up, designed to evoke that response, and it is in that sense disgraceful. But it just shows what six months of relentless negativity against Hillary from the media, plus the Sanders’ campaign attacks on her character, will do. I wish that the voters were more able to sift through this, but they aren’t. It just makes me both angry and sad that Hillary, who actually is one of the more honest, political figures I have ever seen (and the article by that NY writer a month or so ago, said the same thing), gets tarred with this reputation, which is not based on any actual facts. I’d love to ask some of these people, what is it that she actually does or did that is dishonest? I’ve seen so many bogus and meretricious politicians over the years, and this is the one that they decide is dishonest? Not too much hope for the country, if it can be so easily brainwashed like that.

  59. This will encourage Ryan to have more hearings.

  60. Bayh’s no fool. And Pence will be VP candidate because the boys already deduced he’s going to need a job. He has NOTHING to lose because he was going to go down in reelection race.

  61. I just finished watching President Obama’s town hall on race/police violence and I have to give him credit for conducting it in a fair and balanced manner. It brought up the concerns of all parties. One thing in particular hit me hard. It was a police chief discussing assault weapons and open-carry. He commented rightly how difficult this is making their job. We need better gun control,

    So, here is my idea. Why don’t we start taxing BULLETS the way cigarettes are taxed? If the excessive tax has cut down smoking in the country, wouldn’t that also happen with gun violence?

    Just a thought.

  62. Sure, 1900-level tech is survivable, but if you’ve ever lived in a cottage without indoor plumbing and only a coleman lantern for light, you know it’s less fun and a lot more work than what we have now.

    I thank the Girl Scouts and Connecticut Light & Power for my honed survival skills in that environment. I have a well with an electric pump. Nothing drops you to the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy faster than not being able to flush your toilets. That said, as long as I can find a reliable water supply, I can do this.

  63. William, it’s the repeat from 2000. They are using the exact same memes they used on Gore. It’s disgusting. But nobody likes the issues the GOP stands for so they only have character assassination in their tool box.

  64. Ga6thDem, you are exactly right. The idea is to completely disparage the opponent as a pathological fabulist and liar (as in the case of Gore), or a crooked deceitful person (as they are trying to do with Hillary) That both lowers their favorables, and also sets it up so that anything the opponent says about anything, can be dismmissed as “more lying.” It is a thoroughly evil approach right out of the tactics of Joseph Goebbels, the morally depraved master of the the propaganda campaign he called, “The Big Lie Technique.”

    It is bad enough that the Republicans do this, but it is so appalling that the media enables and supports it. Much of the media is in the pockets of the Republicans, and carry out their work for them. Much of the rest of it it just thinks it is an enjoyable game, taking down someone they envy and dislike. Cokie Roberts specifically said after the 2000 election, that, “Yes, we mocked Gore. It was easy, and it was fun.” The fact that they will not enjoy it nearly as much, on a personal or professional level, if Trump gets elected, would be of no solace whatsoever to us. Actually, a state-run media would not be any worse than what we have now.

    And yes, if somehow this election can ever get to be about real issues, Hillary will surely win. But the Republicans well know that, and so avoid it, just as they will avoid actual debates. And the media, which is supposed to be the entity which demands full discussion of important issues, is perfectly happy making the campaign all about insults, fake character issues; the kind of popularity game which teenagers play, or which, not coincidentally, is the essence of all the TV reality shows the networks create.

  65. T. Rump and SixPence, dear God…what a horrible duo.

    Makes me want to hurl.

  66. I have one more complaint/concern to vent today; and then tomorrow I will hope to feel in a more upbeat mood about things. It is my feeling that Tim Kaine, while undoubtedly a decent and hardworking person, is pretty much of a dud as a VP choice. Now, in another time or scenario, if Hillary were cruising ahead by ten points or more; and all she needed was to pick someone who would be competent as a VP, and sort of centrist, I guess he’d be okay. But if we assume that the race is fairly close, and it is going to be a bitter and hostile battle, then I don’t think that he is the person who is going to galvanize anyone–assuming that some galvanizing may be needed.

    Today, his big line was, “Trump is the ‘you’re fired!’ candidate. Hillary is the ‘you’re hired!’ candidate.” I know he means well, but this is pretty insipid as an attack line. If there are states outside of Virginia where Hillary needs some help, he is not going to provide it, I do not think. Maybe I’m missing it, but there is just no real political spark, if one is needed. And I don’t think he helps in the Midwest, which is the all-important region. Again, if the voters have the time and inclination to study the positions of the candidates, and Kaine’s policies vs. Pence’s, it might be okay. But if, as usual, the voters are simply looking for some fire, or something that excites or encourages them, he may start to look very bland, as the campaign progresses. I know that I was rather down on Castro, and not thrilled with Perez, and I’m still not; but Perez might actually be preferable. Maybe Warren is the answer, if Brown is not going to be picked, and Franken just seems not to be in the running? I just fear that in the eagerness to avoid losing a Senate set for a couple of years or so, we risk throwing out the proverbial baby with the bathwater, by picking someone who won’t help win the presidential election, which is obviously the all-subsuming goal. I wonder what others here think about this. I sort of feel like a roulette player who is watching the ball spin around, and start to settle in the Kaine slot; and hoping that it does not land there; but it is slowing down, and about to fall in; and that is not where I want it to end up, because it does not feel right.

  67. It’s because of the media lies about Hillary that I can’t even put my Hillary bumper sticker on my car. It’s because of the rightvwing propaganda about her blasted 24/7 by the media that we Hillary supporters have to hide in public like criminals. Until election day when we will flood to the polls, cast our ballot in secret and put her in the White House. In case you ever wondered why a secret ballot is so crucial in a democracy, it is because of candidates like Hillary who are so threatening to so many powerful people.

  68. So sad about France. We have a flag at work and I just raised it back to full staff after the Dallas shootings. I’ll have to lower it again tomorrow. Having to do this physical action makes you realize the tragedy even more. 😔

  69. William, Hillary will have to win this on her own. I take exception to the idea that there is some magic dude (or dudess) who can ride in from the midwest and save her. I have no idea if she will pick Kaine. I’m not losing sleep over it. She has to pick someone she’s comfortable with, who can become president immediately, and who does no harm. I trust her to figure it out. In the end, people vote for president, not vice president.


    The GOP convention is broke and asking for money. It would seem Trump is able to scan the wealthy out of their money as well as the middle class.

  71. I would agree, the VP probably does not do much. Hillary and Trump on stage debating is as diverse a choice this country will have made in some time. However, since 2008 I have never never underestimated the stupidity of many of our fellow citizens.

  72. I live in the midwest. Not a swing state but the midwest. We don’t grow messiahs on trees here. Not even in the summertime.

  73. Jbstonesfan, on July 14, 2016 at 11:50 PM said:

    Since 2008??? I would think it is since 2000….

  74. Major bitch-slap tweet by Duckworth:

  75. Brassy Rebel, it’s not that I think that someone is going to “save her,” but that I think she could use a very forceful figure to do what should not have to be done, except for the beyond disgraceful media; and that is to vouch for her, in a sense. To say in no uncertain terms that she is honorable, trustworthy, and the kind of person who can stand up to any world leader, not belligerently, but with intelligence and common purpose.

    I don’t know very much at all about Mavridis, but if he is the one capable of doing that, I would give him a very serious look. Brown has that kind of gravity. Booker has the fire for it, if not perhaps gravitas yet. I want someone who will throw Trump and Pence back in their faces, with what will be their three month all-out attack on her character. Someone to say, at least figuratively, “You people don’t have a clue as to what it takes to be a great President. You repeat a lot of far Right talking points, and you don’t know what you are talking about. I’ve worked with Hillary Clinton. I’ve known her for decades. I know that she has the character and strength that you couldn’t even dream of.” Something like that. She shouldn’t need it, but as you noted, she is the victim of an outrageous campaign of smears and lies. I want a steely-eyed military figure, or one of the most respected Senators in the Senate, or a young firebrand, to defend her along the trail, and to get media coverage of such speeches. But of course she will indeed pick whom she will, and we will all hope for the best, and work hard, and donate, and vote. After she makes the pick, we will do our best with it, whoever it is. I am very hopeful that you are indeed right, and that there is a powerful silent Hillary vote below the radar.

  76. Hillary smacks-down O’Reilly tonight…this is what a POTUS sounds like;

  77. I remember when Obama picked Biden for his VP, and I thought it was a joke, literally. Huffpo announced it in the middle of the night, and I thought they must be wrong, Biden seemed like such a drunken nitwit and had so much baggage. But they were elected twice, so I guess it didn’t matter. I doubt if Hillary will choose someone as objectionable as Biden.

  78. Question for anyone, do you think Hillary will wait to announce her VP until the convention…or will she announce sooner because T.Rump has already done it?

  79. Shadowbox, I’m guessing a day or two before the convention.

  80. Autocorrect strikes again!

  81. So I may have been right. No announcement for Pense. And today is Pence’s deadline to file papers to run for gov again. Like I said, Donald hearts Christie.

  82. The Donald’s selection of a vice presidential candidate is as chaotic as the rest of his campaign.

    William, Hillary will have lots of validators, including her vp pick whoever it is. But she will be her main validator. I said the other day it’s too early to get obsessed with polling which is all over the place. There is going to be a campaign. That means at some point voters will start looking at Hillary herself without the distortion of the media filter. The same is true of Trump. Who do you think will fare better in that comparison?

    The rust belt in the midwest is key for Trump who is explicitly the candidate for white males. It’s not as important for Hillary, although I still expect her to win both Ohio and Pennsylvania. Certainly Michigan. But the map is expanding because non-whites increase their share of the vote with every presidential election. North Carolina, Colorado, even Georgia are in play because of Trump’s race baiting. And Hillary will win Florida with ease no matter what the stupid Q poll says.

  83. I read an article this morning that listed some of the Republican Convention speeches . Two of them included Bengahazi and Bill Clinton’s infidelities.

    I”ve been feeling sad lately about the all the vitriol directed towards Hillary and what a toll it is taking on her poll numbers. 67% of people consider her untrustworthy . I don’t know what demographics the poll was using, but it was quite startling. I’m going to volunteer and donate all I can to help her. The thought of Trump and Pence in office is so abhorrent and frightening .

  84. It’s because of the media lies about Hillary that I can’t even put my Hillary bumper sticker on my car.

    I have my Hillary bumper sticker proudly displayed on my car. I’m not going to let any stupid media or right wing shut me up. I put the bumper sticker on as a Merry Christmas present to myself last Christmas Eve. Have received no trouble due to it except for one angry man who tried to pull me over. LOL! My car has also been parked in public places since I put the sticker on and has not been touched or vandalized in any way. Don’t let the b*stards grind you down!

  85. I still haven’t put my bumper sticker on my car for Hillary.

    In 2008 I started putting her stickers on my car, even had one for 2012.

    My car was hit by other cars, 4 times in 3 years…then it was finally stolen. So much bad luck, probably not the sticker’s fault, but…

    I have another car now, and even in a state where Hillary won in 2008 and 2016, I am waiting until the Crab’s wackos settle down.

  86. Birdgal, on July 15, 2016 at 9:39 AM said:

    I read an article this morning that listed some of the Republican Convention speeches . Two of them included Bengahazi and Bill Clinton’s infidelities

    This is why Hillary needs to get better talking surrogates. Stop being all nice and cute.

    Let them talk about Bills affairs if they want too. The con man is no angel.
    As for Bengahazi, I hope they can get the guys wife who said she did not blame Hillary.

    I hope they make a clip showing all of Trumps bankruptcies, failed Trump University, all his wives, and lies. Show this during prime time.
    Focus on Trump and stop being so polite.

    They need someone in the movie industry who can put together a great clip on Trump. Keep beating this into the voters head about how dangerous he is.

    After labor day start focusing on the polls.

  87. Team Clinton didn’t waste a NY minute!

  88. Ever tasteful, the RNC will have a Benghazi night. That’s not too obviously politicizing a terrorist attack.

    Has anyone seen anything in mainstream media about the Federal lawsuit filed by a woman against Trump which alleges he raped her when she was 13? Even as an allegation, a charge of sexual abuse of a minor by either Bill or Hillary would trigger non-stop coverage on all cable channels. They actually seem to be protecting Trump.

  89. In 1992, I taped the Democratic Convention, at least all of the major speeches. It is the only convention I have ever taped. I wanted to have it in case I ever felt like looking at it again. I really never have, but I’m glad I still have it.

    Last night, I ordered a bunch of tapes so that I can tape the entire Hillary convention from July 25-28. Hopefully the result will be as good as 1992. And if so, I will keep them both, side by side.

  90. Again, I’m sure Hillary’s veep choice will be solid, intelligent and qualified whomever it is. But just from an optics standpoint, a youngish Latino or African-America alongside her would just be so forward looking and in line with this country’s future. Trump-Pence is such an unattractive ticket, and of course, I don’t just mean physically.

  91. Well, Voting, you broke my heart with that “She Works Hard For Her Money” video. Reminded me so much of my mom I almost cried. Re climate change. One good Krakatoa and we won’t be worrying about things get warm for a while. Re Veep, still sticking with military. Re Pence, Go tRump! Re bumper sticker, have talked to a couple of people who were stopped by cops and they just had to mention the Clinton bumper sticker.

  92. DNC speakers:

    MON — Sanders, M. Obama
    TUE — B. Clinton
    WED — B. Obama, Biden
    THU — H. Clinton, C. Clinton

  93. What a effing mess….

    Dana BashVerified account
    Scoop: @realDonaldTrump was so unsure about @mike_pence that around midnight last night he asked top aides if he could get out of it

  94. lol, Trump didn’t want Pence after all, this is an effing disaster..You can see it now, no confidence in his VP, His campaign is a total clusterfuck.

  95. Sophie, great ad…here’s another one from the same Hillary supporting group

    “When someone show you who they are, believe them!” – Hillary Clinton

  96. Another post is trashed.

  97. Instead of calling the crisis ‘Global Warming’, they should have called it:

    ‘Abusing our Planet’. Global warming, caused by massive air pollution, destroying our Earth’s protective ozone layer, is causing the planet to warm up and melt the ice caps at a much faster rate than we are trying to correct it.

    Even though the planet has gone from molten lava and earthquakes in it’s formation, then to ice ages and to warming and flooding, before mankind existed, it doesn’t erase the fact that the past few generations are polluting the waters with industry runoff, toxic fumes in the air from industry and petroleum usage, but also the throw away products we purchase and toss away to be replaced by more stuff.

    Look at the computer trash mounting up in many countries:

    We won’t live to see the worst of this wasteful lifestyle, but future generations will.

    I respect real scientific reseach, I don’t believe in the media or the Rebublican’s false narative to try and cover up and protect the coal and oil industry. Oil is a money maker, to Hell with the problems it and coal causes.

    Cigerettes were considered safe, until scientists blew the lid off of that industry.

  98. Thanks Fix-it Fairy

  99. lol, more corroboration……Trump’s Campaign is a mess, imagine Pence right now, must be furious.

    Kelly O’DonnellVerified account
    ‏@KellyO NBCNews Capitol Hill Correspondent. Politics, Campaigns & Congress for @todayshow,

    Sources tell me @realDonaldTrump was on phone till midnight making calls, asking if he could change course on VP pick.

  100. Well this is going well….

  101. OMG!! This would be funny, if it wasn’t so f**king serious!! OMG!!! Trump’s kids are not very good advisors.

  102. The selection and roll out of the vp pick is a hot mess. The RNC will be an even hotter mess. Proud of not being a “professional” politician, Trump could use some pros that he actually listens to. Amateur Hour works for me, though!

  103. “What need you, being come to sense
    But fumble in a greasy till,
    And add the halfpence to the pence
    And prayer to shivering prayer, until
    You have dried the marrow from the bone?”

    W.B Yeats

  104. Moon

    Trump’s Campaign is a mess, imagine Pence right now, must be furious.

    Tells a lot about Trump, his campaign and decisions.

  105. Ivanka Trump’s Rabbi withdrew from speaking at the convention. He didn’t realize how political it would be.

  106. Wow…its happening.

    BREAKING 2 bridges closed by military police in Istanbul, tanks on highways, reports of jets flying low in Ankara.
    Unconfirmed Reports of a nationwide military martial law declared by Turkish Army.

    Yup Military going after Erdogan.
    Reuters: Gunfire has been heard in Turkey’s capital ‪#‎Ankara‬ with military jets seen flying overhead

  107. Turkish Army say they have taken over Turkey for democratic reason and they are now in charge.

  108. SophieCT: “Nothing drops you to the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy faster than not being able to flush your toilets.” Too true! Made me laugh also, even though it’s one of those things that’s not at all funny at the time.

  109. Unconfirmed : BREAKING According to our source, Turkish president Erdogan has left the country in his private presidential jet

  110. Turkish army, has taken over airport, media stations, all ports and airports closed :

    TRT Coup Statement: The President & government representatives have betrayed the country, created an autocracy, made legal system unworkable

    TRT Coup Statement announces martial law, ban on going out.

    Helicopter sounds from multiple directions in Cankaya (Erdogans palace)

  111. Moon
    Turkish president Erdogan has left the country

    Is this a good or a bad thing?

  112. We have no real idea what is going on, looks like a full flow coup attempt, whether it is successful or not is 50/50 but no sign of Erdogan whatsoever so far.

  113. Shadowfax, @ 2:32 PM

    I’m with you 200%, the amount of trash and pollution that we humans are generating is apocalyptic.

  114. Senior US military source tells NBC News that Erdogan, refused landing rights in Istanbul, is reported to be seeking asylum in Germany.

  115. Tanks rolled over Cinnah street heading up to Cankaya Palace NOW!!!

  116. I do not claim expertise in Middle Eastern affairs, but I have read that Erdogan was playing footsie with ISIS; specifically, he and/or his son was getting bribed to let ISIS sell the petroleum in its territory to finance its operations. If that be true, then good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Also, Erdogan was the favorite of the Turkish Islamists, whom the Turkish military distrusts. The Turkish military tends to favor maintaining the secularist heritage of Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the modern Turkish republic. They do not want Turkey to become part of any “caliphate”.

  117. Helicopters have shot two missiles at state TV TRT HQ.

  118. Pro-Erdoğan Police Special Forces building under air bombardment

  119. Statement from Donald J. Trump on Turkish Military Coup:

    Thanksgiving will never be the same. I’ll make Thanksgiving great again.

  120. LOL Prolix!

    Turkey is a NATO country, so this could get really tense.

  121. Erdogan is a bad dude. On the road to having a dictatorship. But, WOW!, how alarming to see a major NATO country being overthrown. Apparently, coups are not unheard of in Turkey but still!

    I feel very unsettled.

  122. I have no idea how this is all going to turn out but whatever happens its going to be bad.

  123. OMG Prolix, ROFL! I just adore you.

    P.S. I sooooooooooo stole your joke. And this one’s for you

  124. Ms. Uppity, just like Goobernator Pence, the astronaut wives in “Apollo 13, and every winning Miss Universe, ” I’m excited, humbled, and very grateful,” by your usage.

    Well it is the most sincere form of flattery. Well, that and I am just an out of control klepto.

  125. Yes, Erdogan is bad news. Plays footsie with Islamism and Isis — because in his mind they’re a good tool to bother the Kurds — talking about someone who never learned not to run with scissors — and is a dictator.

    But, man oh man, the track record on getting rid of dictators — Iraq, Libya, Syria, even Egypt for that matter — has been shall we say mixed. Seems the best to hope for is a better class of dictator!


  126. Prolix and Upps:
    LOL with the “Let’s make thanksgiving great again”.

    Just too good!

  127. Quixote in the ME shithole, you get rid of one despot and another one takes his place. I loved when, was it Egypt?..when they wrote a constitution which basically said you have a right to obey or die. Arab Spring for men. Arab winter for women.

    Most of the ME is at least 600 years behind everyone else in terms of civilized government.

  128. I could never have imagined that this VP rollout for Trump could have been as disastrous as it has been. If he didn’t want Pence why on earth did he pick him or what happened to make him have a midnight change of mind? I guess we all will never know.

    As far as Turkey goes, it seems that no one really knows what exactly is happening. reports going both ways.

  129. you say 600, I say 1000…

  130. moon

    Where is EW on the speakers list.

  131. Apparently, Hillary met with Warren, Castro, and Hickenlooper ( Colorado) today. What do people know about Hickenlooper?

  132. Who the hell is Hickenlooper. Sounds like a cartoon name.

    They usually pick an up and comer to speak along with the big guns. But if Hickenlooper is an up and comer for president, he’d better change his last name.

  133. you say 600, I say 1000…

    You’re probably right. It might even be longer. These people are pithecanthropus Erectus.

  134. I only have one word….


    However, I would be very happy to see Cory Booker be selected. I find him rather attractive as well. And he’s a fabulous surrogate and speaker. I really like that guy. Liked him ever since I wrote this

  135. Uppity @ 9pm, LOL! I had the same thought. He is governor of Colorado.

    I like Brown or Booker.

  136. hola

  137. Sheroood Brown, Sheroood Brown, Sheroood Brown….

  138. Reportedly, the following aren’t on the convention speakers’ list because they’re all viewed as hopefuls: Liz, Castro, Booker, Hikenlooper, and Kaine.

  139. I think the lusting after Sherrod is a straight-girl thang. Am I right, SophieCT? I mean, I ain’t feeling it. On the other hand, I can def feel it for Booker.

  140. Mind you, Juliano (flimsy) Castro may be excluded from the speakers’ list because he’s in O’s cabinet and there may be a probation from speaking at political events.

  141. Kaine is snore-worthy. But, I think he’s a safe pick…and our Hill is inclined to be not a risk-taker. I’m putting my money (albeit not my desire) on Mr. Kaine. (Remember we hated him in 08 because he was the first prominent pol to publicly endorse O. But, we’ve now forgiven our 08 enemies…or most of them.)

  142. NES!!!!! Welcome back!!!
    BTW, I did not remember that about Kaine….grrrrrrrr.. (I guess I’m not as forgiving as I thought!)…Let’s go in the way back machine, shall we?
    From February, 2007:

    In an interview with Washington Post editors and reporters last month, Kaine praised the other Democrats running for the 2008 presidential nomination as being part of “a deep field.” He spoke effusively about Obama’s personal charisma and abilities.
    “Sen. Obama is just in a completely different category than anybody I’ve ever stood on a stage with,” Kaine said in the Jan. 31 interview. “There is just a feeling of, you know, kind of a projection of hope on him from an audience that is just unreal. It’s unreal.”

    Personal charisma, eh Timmy? Well, let’s see…maybe you just don’t have enough charisma for us. We think Booker and Brown are in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CATEGORY THAN ANYBODY WE’VE SEEN ON STAGE WITH OUR NOMINEE!!!!!

    Apologies to those who are more forgiving on this board. You may carry on.

  143. Hey imust!!!!!

  144. I finally dug out my password for the site. Upps was trying to build a firewall against incursion by me, but I got around it. BUILD BRIDGES, NOT WALLS.

  145. Hey NES! Hope you’ll stay around for a while!

  146. Upps was trying to build a firewall against incursion by me, but I got around it. BUILD BRIDGES, NOT WALLS

    You should have told me! I could have tunneled you in like El Chapo! 😉

  147. Ayup I recall Kaine saying that “unreal” part. Yah, so eff him. Besides, ain’t he pro-life. I mean, WTF.

    I’ll have me a little Booker, plz. Hill and he look so cute together and I think she has the most fun with him.

  148. Yep. Kaine is “personally” pro life, but politically pro choice. Everyone’s been saying how “loyal” he is to Hillz. Heck, doesn’t sound that loyal to me! So boring, not so pro choice, and not so loyal. Where’s the pros? All I see is cons. Booker! Booker! Booker! Brown! Brown! Brown!
    Perez is a pretty forceful speaker and strong on supporting workers, so I thought maybe he’d been in the running. Doesn’t look like it now.

  149. The MSM continues to act as if it’s a horse-race. So predictable. She’s, like, cleaning the floor with the Orange Mussolini in the battleground state, and that’s all that matters.

    My only fear is an ISIS terror attack on U.S. soil between now and Nov. 8th. That may cause people to do something stupid like vote for Trump, although a rational person would think an incident like that would be even more reason to vote for her steady hand (but go figure….).

  150. Lol, El Chapo.

  151. I know. Funny, the GOP has usually had the upper hand if it’s a National Security Election, see GW 2nd term, and Dem if it’s the economy, stupid, see Bill Clinton both terms. Now, with Trump, the GOP may have lost the edge when it comes to FP because he’s so all over the place and without any FP knowledge, beyond watching “The shows.”

  152. Every day who the VP candidates are changes. I think Hillary is just hauling all these people up to talk to her about something anything to keep the press on edge. Hickenlooper is a new name on the VP list today it seems. I waiver on Kaine. I think he might be the one that is being used as bait to distract from some other real candidates. Who knows? My gut feeling is it is going to be a surprise.

  153. Love Hill telling Bill O what’s what. She’s the only one who can get him to shut up and listen.

  154. Hey Upps doll, can you help me change my avatar. O’s no longer my enemy and, while I want to keep the NES name, the avator and its ‘legend’ need to be retired. Do you know how I can replace it with my flying pigs avatar on Twitter????

  155. But, imust, Trump watches “the generals” on TV, likes “the concept of generals,” has “a good brain and has said a lot.” In view of all that, I think you’re awfully biased not to concede that Donald is completely qualified on the nat’l security front!!

  156. I know, NES, you’re right. You forgot, he said, “Believe me”! I should believe him, because he says so. Plus, he knows more than the generals he watches on the “shows”. He loves the generals. They love him, ask them.

  157. Hi, NES, I always enjoy your insightful comments. Actually, I am pretty sure that ISIS wants Trump to win, as he would declare war on them, or the Islamic world, and thus be their best recruiter. A horrible thought, to be sure. I do expect that they will attempt a terror attack right before the election, and I can only hope that we can foil it. In the midst of chaos and fear, madmen sometimes become heads of countries. I also hope that the convention helps the Hillary narrative, so that more people will see her as the one we need in charge in troubling times.

  158. lolll

  159. I was hoping that we could watch stories today about the strange way in which Pence was picked, then almost not picked; but the world news of course took precedence. The narrative has been so negative the last week, and I do hope that people get a chance to hear about how Pence was chosen. Also, his very extreme positions.

    As far as our VP goes, it is intriguing. Kaine has to be the favorite, if only because he doesn’t cost the Senate seat. Of coruse, I continue to think that this is not the way to look at it; that you cannot try to thread the needle and win exactly the needed amount of Senate seats; you should better make sure that you win the presidency, and then use that strong mandate, even if you fall a seat or two short in the Senate. Put another way, a win by 8% and down two in the Senate might actually be better than a win by 2% and a Senate tie. The Republicans can filibuster everything, anyway, even the Supreme Court pick; but with a strong election mandate, it is far less likely. I was starting to feel a hunch today that it will be Booker, but who can be sure? I do think we would benefit from an “exciting: choice. I like Brown better, in terms of issue knowledge, and regional value, but I’ll definitely take either one; and I am not swayed by any cuteness factor; that is, unless Heather LInd or Rebecca Hall are in the mix; and even so, I would put politics ahead of visual appeal, and stick with Brown or Booker.

  160. Hi NES! If you signed in with a WordPress name & PW, then go to your WP account to change your avatar.

  161. Kaine — not a good choice for VP, if his judgment is so bad he fell that hard for the O kool-aid back in ’08. Obama stood out like a talk big, do less man to me and a lot of others back then, based on his unimpressive record.

  162. ” I could never have imagined that this VP rollout for Trump could have been as disastrous as it has been.”
    Trump got caught with his Pence down.

  163. This just in…2016 SUCKS. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

  164. NW Luna, not only did Kaine support Obama over Hillary, but Obama passed him over for VP. Why do we want Obama’s second choice as our choice?

    If anyone cares about betting odds, Kaine is 135 to 100; Brown is 100 to 400; Booker 100 to 450; Vilsack 100 to 495; Warren 100 to 570. No one else is bettable; this tricky sportsbook will not give you a “field” option. I did win about $80 on the Republican VP, because after making some smallish wrong bets on Kasich and Martinez early and then Joni Ernst and then later Gingrich and Sessions I eventually had the “insight” or hunch, that Trump would pick someone not so well known; maybe Corker. or Burr from NC. Fortunately, the other book had the “field” option at 5-1 odds, so I did well by betting $30 on that, and won overall. I never placed any money on Christie, which was risky, and which I upbraided myself when they took the proposition off the board after he was up at 20-1, but it worked out For Democratic VP, it’s not looking too good for bets; I will win if it’s Brown or Franken; maybe win a small amount if it’s Booker; lose $40 or so if it’s Kaine; lose $25 or so if it’s Warren; maybe $40 or so if it’s a “field” outsider. I never placed anything on Sanders, so got the advantage of that percentage of the pool. I don’t imagine anyone is that interested in the betting aspect, or how I did, but it is rather fun to look at and analyze from that viewpoint.

  165. Hello William — I always learn from you! Totally agree on ISIS wanting Trump.

    Interesting thoughts on the VP choice. I wouldn’t blame her if she went for safe, but I think she can be more daring given that Trump is such a disaster. Would love Booker and Brown would be pretty good too. What do you think of Warren?

  166. Hey NW Luna! Thanks so much for the tip on the gravatar. x

  167. NES, you’re welcome. Been a looooong 8 years, hasn’t it!

  168. NES, I have come to like Warren at least a bit. She does have energy; and I probably agree with her on most issues, though she obviously has no foreigh policy background. I think I would prefer her over Kaine, just because she has charisma, and she would draw excitement. The obvious worry is that she might go off script at some point. I woudl not mind if she were picked; I am just not enthused about Kaine. The argument against Warren is also that she doesn’t bring any national or state demographic with her, but sometimes that doesn’t matter. Gore didn’t, either, when Clinton picked him, but he was the best choice. I’m pretty sure that Warren is not going to be picked, though. Everything points to Kaine, but I am just hoping that Hillary wants more of a splash pick, not the one everyone expects.

  169. Another elegant bitch-slap takedown of the far right….this one was w/ PENCE.

  170. I agree that Hillary has a lot of latitude on vp pick now. With Trump picking Pence (sort of, I guess), she can pick her next door neighbor if she wants. Not to add to the breathless speculation, but I saw that she’s very keen on Cory Booker.

    Meanwhile, Trump’s “military advisor” who he supposedly vetted for vp, demanded that the Ayatollah Khomeini who has been dead for years condemn the Nice attack. And this guy was once Director of National Intelligence!

  171. Warren on the ticket would be a disaster. We finally got our 1st female POTUS candidate. It would be “rubbing it in your face” to add Warren. I also fear her going off on her own rather than towing HRC. Reminder, HRC didn’t get Warren’s endorsement until it was all over.

    I just don’t trust Warren for VP choice. Had she backed Hillary all along…slim maybe. But she didn’t. Warren is for Warren.

  172. I’m thinking Vilsak if she wants someone she feels very comfortable with..also no loss of a senate seat. Warren if she’s willing to lose the senate seat for a few months and can field a likely Dem winner in Mass ( a very blue state). I’ve watched /seen most of the “tryouts” ;not all @ rallies and the chemistry w/Warren was pretty darn powerful. Hickenlooper might help w/Colorado,but not much else. Vilsak helps w/Iowa and maybe some other midwestern sates,but very little name recognition. Warren is the only one who is pretty well known and gets all the white Union guys excited about sticking it to corporate America and that should help in multiple midwestern states..

    Also,I really agree w/neetabug that Hillary needs some more firepower on the cable shows. Hillary may be “defining Trump” w/her ads,but the media is defining her on the cable shows. She’s had some really fine spokespeople ( my favorite is Brian Fallon,who,I believe does the best job of ‘splaining things and also pretty easy on the eyes) It’s not that she doesn’t have superb advocates,they just haven’t been on the shows lately..which allows ANDREA to spew her venom w/out challenge. Why couldn’t that woman have stayed buried in those balloons?

  173. I Agree that the ads are great but cable show surrogates are poor, and I do mean poor. I thought Cory was the best, I see him rarely. And all that happy horseshit while ignoring that the other side answers all questions about Trump by switching the subject to Hillary, and their shit is chuck full of lies and horrid slams. The rebuttal is always some happy horseshit. The High Road is nice but not when you are getting chopped up with an axe. Very bad.

    I have a really hard time wrapping my mind around the thought that it is better to retain a senate seat than it is to win the presidency. We are already in the minority in the house/senate so it’s not as if we are “losing” the senate or House by picking a VP who can actually help Hillary win! Kaine, Vilsack, nobody even knows who the hell they are except for the political die-hards. Besides, if we don’t pay HUGE attn to ALL congressional races this year (while still dodging the die hard bernie socialists like that cockroach Canola, or whatever the hell his name is in CA), Hillary as President will get NOTHING done. And we all know who will be blamed. She will be blamed. One of a number of things GOP does better than we do is PAY ATTENTION TO OTHER RACES THAT IMPACT THE SUCCESS OF A PRESIDENT. You would think by now we would have learned that lesson. Also, we lost a lot of decent Democratic Congress people in the Blue Dog Slaughter, which resulted in Republicans winning seats against crackpot left-of-left nutbags who gave them primaries and lost the general. If I recall, blue dogs were not funded well as “punishment” for not being “pure”. The result was their seats were taken by Republicans. I knew then that we were so hijacked by purist socialists that we were blind to the seriousness of dumping YOUR OWN MAJORITY for the sake of ideology. It was so freaking stupid. I do hope we don’t allow the Socialist wing of our party to screw things up again this year because we will lose far MORE congressional seats than just one seat we would lose if Hillary were to pick Sherrod Brown, who incidentally, would bring Hillary Ohio, FCS. And we might lose the Presidency in the process as well!

    So we have to seriously ask ourselves if we think losing one senate seat is more serious than losing the presidency in a year that will spell out what will be controlling SCOTUS for the next few decades. We could more than make up for that one seat if we only took congressional races more seriously as a party and didn’t allow solid seats to be successfully challenged by crackpots who then go on to lose the General to a Republican. That is how the Bernie approach really is. For the sake of the Unicorn, he would give EVERYTHING up, because it’s All Or Nothing with extremists. Socialism will NOT EVER prevail in a Presidential election, Authoritarians on the other side have a FAR better chance of beating a die-hard socialist. While they are the loudest bunch, this country does NOT want to trade a Democratic Republic for a Socialist Republic. Ten years from now, all those Bernoids would sound just like I sound. Because they would have acquired some sense beyond “Give me shit so I don’t have to go get it myself”. Because eventually, THEY would be the ones being bloodsucked and then Socialism wouldn’t look so good to them when it’s THEIR turn. Personally, I am more than a little worried at how far left Bernie dragged Hillary. I do not think that offering to raid the wallets of all the voters for a bunch of obnoxious spoiled kids and old hippies who think every day is Trophy Day is a winning strategy. But hey that’s just me.

    Back to the VP candidates: IMO Kaine was an absolute bust during their co-appearance. Just terrible. Also, his stance on Choice is not a good idea for a DEMOCRATIC VP pick FCS. Vilsak WHO? I can’t even remember if there’s a C in his last name or not, and if a serious political junkie like me can’t remember that, he’s NOT KNOWN. Warren is more Bernie with more brains, more Gimmee, more Wallet-Raiding. And she is positively CAUSTIC. Fun to watch at times, but NOT Presidential AT ALL.

    Meh, I ranted. Sorry this isn’t tighter and more coherent but to be honest, I just don’t like the way the Hillary campaign is being handled. Again.

  174. Uppity, it would be great if there were a way from your lips to Hills’ ears.

    I’m in NC, a purple state if there ever were one, rarin’ to go, and can find no one but Burnouts among our local Dems. I’ve tried for months to contact someone, anyone, in this western NC upper-middle-class retiree stronghold. The local Dem party went so overwhelming for BS the only phonebanking they listed was his the month before he grudingly conceded and only a faulty address and no phone number for HRC the month before that, while giving the full address and phone numbers for Sanders phone banking -at- DNC HQ here.

    The critical issue in North Carolina is voter registration. The Repub legislative majority have slaughtered the Voting Rights Act and gerrymandered districts so badly we needed a special day just to vote after the primaries. But no one from Hills campaign seems to be addressing this. I’ve signed up for all the emails I know how to and all I’ve gotten are generic requests for money and phone banking. We need to be out on the streets registering people and BS’s wholly owned latte-liberal DNC here isn’t going to help there.

    Sorry for the rant, I’m obviously very frustrated here.

  175. At this point as far as VP goes, I don’t think it really matters. You can make a case for and against any candidate. However, I do strongly disagree that taking someone out of the senate doesn’t matter. If we’ve learned anything it’s that even if Hillary won by 20 points the GOP is not going to go along. You are dealing with people that have the mentality of the jihadists in that they both think they are on a mission from God. The only way to get an agenda passed is to completely destroy the GOP from top to bottom.

    Hillary has been raising money for down ticket candidates and they are being recruited. This is something Obama never did. He hoarded everything for himself and never did anything for the party. It’s one of the reasons why the party is in such bad shape right now.

    I do not understand the surrogate issue. Honestly the Clintons both know this is something you have to do. I hope people are emailing the campaign letting them know about this. Maybe this part of the plan and the destruction is going to kick off after Labor Day. I guess we shall see.

  176. ” Warren is the only one who is pretty well known and gets all the white Union guys excited about sticking it to corporate America and that should help in multiple midwestern states.”.

    I don’t dislike Warren but I can’t see her getting the white Union guys excited or helping in the Midwest. Quite the contrary.
    The choice who would accomplish those two goals is Sherrod Brown, a darling of the unions and an Ohioan.
    Instead of bemoaning the loss of a Senate seat, the Party poohbahs should be recruiting some terrific candidate for Brown’s seat, if he’s Hillary’s choice.

  177. I’m with you Sweet Sue. I don’t see Warren helping with anybody except maybe the latte liberals that already are not on board.

  178. GA my point is, if we paid attention to ALL Senate races, one seat wouldn’t matter. As it stands right now, we are the MINORITY already!

    I just think this is crazy! You pick a Nothing VP candidate because you are afraid to become the minority in the senate when you are already the minority in the senate? If we’re so worried about being just the minority instead of the minority- minus- one, then Bayh will be taking Pence’s seat for Sure. Back to Square One.

    Look what Trump picked. A piece of useless Nothing. Is that what we want to do too? We need all the energy we can get. Right at this very freaking moment, Hillary has horrible unfavorables thanks to the 30 year old honed Republican Clintonbashing machine. We have shitty surrogates on Cable and now we should just go ahead and pick a mediocre VP candidate. That should help.

  179. Earlynerd, you are so dedicated! Especially in a state that is not friendly to us. I admire your fortitude! I really mean this.

    Truth probably is, Trump will take NC in the end anyways. Personally, having a Socialist take the slot on congress is no better than an R.

  180. Uppity I think it’s more about reducing chances of retaking the senate instead of currently being in the minority. The truth of the matter is Obama has been nothing short of a disaster for the party with the party suffering historic losses. There just aren’t a whole lot of choices out there unfortunately. Personally I hope she picks Perez because I see him as a win/win.

  181. I’m with you Sweet Sue. I don’t see Warren helping with anybody except maybe the latte liberals that already are not on board.

    And herself. First and foremost she wants to help herself.

  182. Uppity @ 9:36: Ah, well, dedicated sounds better than frustrated.

    Predictably, my county did go for BS in the primary – thank goodness the majority of the state had more sense.

  183. At this point, Brown or Booker for me. I want a two-term Hillary but if something should happen, the gods forbid, I want someone strong to step in and continue HER legacy. Basically, I want the VP to be good enough to be the next Prez and that ain’t Warren.

  184. Politico, which is of course another right-wing organization posing as impartial political analysts, have been pushing Kaine for months, pointing to “Democratic insiders” who favor him. I think the GOP would like her to pick Kaine, who is not a threat at all. But ultimately, it has to be Hillary who grasps all of this, and picks the right one. She is considerate, does not want to upset any wing of the party. But she can’t let Reid, or “various insiders,” or the media, pick her VP for her. It was said, I think fairly accurately. that Al Gore ran his 2000 campaign as if his biggest concern was satisfying the editorial board of the New York Times. I think that Hillary has tried to be too considerate to everyone, certainly including Sanders. She even allowed his far left people to infilitrate the platform committee, try to pass planks which would have been awful; after which one of them mocked her and the party by endorsing the Green Party candidate.

    The Democratic Left is in general a bunch of deluded people who think that their numbers are much larger than they are. And this is made worse by some of the very few non-Right wing media people, who invariably are far Left, and keep pushing for sure loser candidates like Sanders. And then of course there is the general assumption that Hillary is to be pushed around, and have people demanding things of her; do this, do that; don’t pick that person. If Trump wins this election, it’s all over, if for no other reason than that the Supreme Court will be lost for 40 more years, enough time to destroy voting rights, elminate unions; make all abortions illegal; turn the country completely over to coal spewing oligarchs who ravage what is left of the air, water and land. This election is for everything’ and yet the Left continues its fantasy mystical tour of scorning everything but their own imagined purity, and being willing to lose it all just to massage their egos and stay in their self-righteous dream world.

    The biggest threat to Hillary’s election is the media, which gives the Republicans cover for all their lying attacks, while makng sure that Hillary never gets positive coverage, never is presented in a favorable light. We all agree on the surrogates; and maybe it is not completely Hillary’s campaign’s fault; maybe it is the media picking these bad surrogates out of a suggested list the campaign provides them. But maybe not; it happened in ’08, too. We can only hope that Hillary has the right political instincts, to go along with her unparalleled knowledge and understanding of policy issues; and that she picks a VP who will actually help her win, rather than assuaging various factions. She’s depending on us, and we’re depending on her. We will support her with hearts and money and hard work; but of course we can’t run her campaign for her. All of us, the entire planet, have everything at stake here. Trump’s campaign has not spent any money yet, but they have it, and will of course mount an all-out disgusting, mendacious onslaught on Hillary. She needs to have as much return firepower at her disposal, and a VP candidate who can strongly stand up for her.

  185. maybe it is the media picking these bad surrogates out of a suggested list the campaign provides them

    I agree with this. I think the media decides who the surrogates are. I notice when someone is a good surrogate for Hillz, the interviewer gets all uncomfortable, as if, That’s not supposed to happen! Then we never see that person again!

  186. Begala will be gone soon, he’s been crapping all over Donald.

  187. At this point, Brown or Booker for me. I want a two-term Hillary but if something should happen, the gods forbid, I want someone strong to step in and continue HER legacy. Basically, I want the VP to be good enough to be the next Prez and that ain’t Warren.

    I second all of this.

  188. Ga, I admittedly am impressed with Perez, his background, his education, the entire package. Problem is, he has absolutely NO governing experience at all. We have no way of determining how he would govern or even if he can govern should the need arise. He’s also not very well known, has no state to back him or much public exposure, no temperament test. So he’s kind of a Guess.

    Apparently he’s a good manager, not sure that’s the same. I have been management, I have been legislature, but I’m not sure either of those things would make me a person who could govern. But then he could be a pleasant surprise in spite of my jaded attitude.

  189. Well one thing most of us agree on is Warren lol.

  190. Anyone watch the Trump announcement of VP? I kept yelling at the TV and giving Trump the third finger. This ticket would roll back the US 50-60 years, at least. One of the things he wants to roll back is the law against religious organizations not being able to claim tax exempt status for political work. Whatever happened to separation of church and state?

  191. Truth probably is, Trump will take NC in the end anyways. Personally, having a Socialist take the slot on congress is no better than an R.

    Uppity – I wouldn’t be too sure. We went for Obama in ’08 and POC here are really riled up against Trump and the Republicans running our state. I honestly can’t imagine the majority of military voters entrusting their lives to Trump and so I really believe that NC has a chance to go blue this year.

    Earlynerd – have you contacted Hillary’s offices in Raleigh or Charlotte? Tell them there needs to be a Hillary presence in your part of the state. They may be able to help you out.

  192. I find some of her surrogates on MSM very ineffective and in defense mode. Some are former Obama team members and to say they are lukewarm is an understatement. Bengala is running a super pac and is always effective. Have not seen much of Carville although I think he was on the other night. Lanny Davis is always effective as well .I agree, also, that the MSM is pressing the any other candidate would be crushing Trump but Hillary’s so called trust issues are manufactured and front and center. Truth is these same folks did it in 08 and really don’t want to see a woman President. With that said, I am surprised that Hillary does not have a better inner circle after the betrayals we saw in 08. I assume the Clintons inability to really trust all but a few long time friends makes it difficult to get the talent she deserves. How she possibly could still be listening to Blumenthal is puzzling.

  193. If she goes with a safe pick, Kaine is way too boring…but if she wants safe how about this guy?

    [ducking and running]

  194. Martin O’Malley? No need to duck and run with that one.

    Back to the surrogates, I do remember effective surrogates for Hillary being run off of TV back in 2008 and if the media is picking who gets to come then Hillary’s campaign needs to get rid of the bad ones or at least train them to be effective surrogates if they are not going to get rid of them.

  195. Don’t worry Ga, he and Mikey aren’t going to do well together. Notice he spent all his time talking about himself and then By The Way, Here’s Pence. He didn’t stick around either. Pence isn’t his pick. He’s toast.

  196. Whoa Bird! Can you give me a link to that Pence idea about Religious nutbags and tax exempt status?

  197. Trump pulled tourists in off the street for his announcement today.

  198. I will be talking to Jeff Johnson a Cleveland City Councilman. He has close ties to Hillary. He is using his office as one of Hillary’s headquarters. Uppity do you mind if I give Jeff this website? I am hoping he will tell Hill or some of her advisers about this site so they can get an idea how Hillary supporters feel. I am going to his office on Monday. Let me know if it is ok.

  199. Oh, Jeff said a Clinton has never lost Ohio. Lets keep this tradition going.

  200. Uppity @2:43pm. It was Trump who brought up the story of Johnson who managed to pass an amendment in 1954 that said non-profits and churches could not endorse or oppose polictical candidates or they would lose their tax-exempt status. I didn’t know the background behind this, so when I googled Johnson Amendment, a slew of links came up. This subject is controversial , because opponents believe that it violates First Amendment rights, and Johnson side-stepped the constitution when the amendment was passed. He was trying to prevent groups from speaking out against him, including Black civil rights groups.

    Trump said he wanted to repeal this amendment . If this comes to fruition and the issue is debated, there will be a huge fight. I think he was pandering to the evangelical vote.

    Just googled ” Johnson Amendment.” Fascinating topic, depending upon what side of the fence one might be on.

  201. Keep heart, my Hillary-supporting Uppities….THIS is happening out there in America:

  202. Voting, Thank you! Just listening to the cable news about how badly Hillary is doing in the polls since the FBI results came out about the E-mails. People are saying, it has really damaged her. The Republicans set out to destroy her. It is amazing that she is still standing.

  203. Voting:
    Awesome tweet!
    and you are right, it needs to re-tweeted until the cows come home…

  204. julies9164, on July 16, 2016 at 1:34 PM said:

    Julies, thanks for the advice to contact Charlotte or Raleigh. Very good idea – I’ll do it first thing Monday.

    My experience with contacting the Greenburg office when South Carolina’s primary was coming up and they were understandably focused entirely on SC, and the New York office, which wasn’t really sure where my town was on the map, had probably subconsciously ruled out my contacting offices outside western NC.

    As I recall, the NC 2008 election was very close, with high numbers of new voter registrations and a high turnout that favored Dems. Hopefully, that will be the case this year as well – in spite of the 1950’s style gerrymandering the Repubs locked in as soon as they could.

  205. There is so much focus on Trump with his VP pick and the convention. Lets see how the media focus on Hillary.

    We have got to figure out a way to have the media start asking Trump to show his tax return. We can’t let him get away with not showing his return.

  206. neeta:
    the tax return is a huge issue and a must. Why is he getting away with it?
    And specially the incompetent media that is looking the other way…
    is appalling…
    Actually, I’m staying away from any news even in the internet… the whole Trump thing and Rep(u)os circus, makes me sick to my stomach…

  207. It would be funny if Hillary announces her vp on the night that Trump gives his big speech.

  208. On the optimistic side of things, I think that Pence makes it more difficult for Trump to slide along, pretending that he is a nontraditional Republican, or for voters to see him that way. Pence is a hardcore right-wing Republican, even by those increasingly outrageous standards. Had Trump picked some more amorphous political figure, he could have fooled more people. But some now might realize what a Trump presidency would involve in terms of carrying out a far Right agenda. Given that for Trump, his choice of VP was going to define him more than it would a more conventional and long-term political figure, the controversial and rigidly ideological Pence is going to make him look more hard Right, even if he tries to look moderate. He may cement his far Right base with this pick, but he could well lose more Republican “moderates” now.

  209. Birdgal, yes, the media has been on that kick for quite a while though Robby Mook, campaign manager, said her numbers had not moved at all and I tend to believe Mook due to the fact that the media has invested so much in the email story they have to justify what they have spent literally months talking about. And the fact that the GOP was saying she was going to be indicted and even the media saying it and she wasn’t probably set the bar entirely too high for the results to have much effect. I wonder what is going to happen after the GOP convention next week.

  210. William agree with you, I think No Sense Pence was a horrible pick. He would’ve been better off with Christie.
    Ga6th, well said!

  211. I had the same thought William. I think Pence was absolutely the worst pick of all three choices he had though in all honesty they were all pretty bad. With Christie it would have looked like a mafia ticket. With Gingrich it would have looked like the insane conspiracy theory ticket but Pence represents everything about 75% of Americans detest about the GOP. And another thing that is bad about Pence is he’s a creature of Washington having been there for ten years and only having left DC 3 years ago. Gingrich might have spent a long time in Washington but he’s been gone for 20 years and Christie never spent any time there.

  212. Ga6thDem, lol, I had a very similar thought about Christie; I had it more like one of those ’40’s crime movies, with him as the henchman. “Yeah, boss, I’ll take care of it right away.. Nobody’s going to be driving over any bridges tonight. And they won’t pin it on me, either, not with those dumb aides I can get to take the fall.”

  213. President Hillary Day One Wishlist:

    1. Secure cell phones for State Department

    ( thanks to … whoever I’m stealing this from )

  214. socal @ 8:56 pm: I think the last thing Hillary wants to do is step on Trump’s big speech Thursday night. It should be classic Trump. In other words, another hot mess.

  215. Agree, Brassy, she should announce early morning Friday to take away the news cycle from Trump. LOL

  216. I decided to suck it up for the team and actually watch the Trump/ Pence announcement event. I can honestly tell you all I have NEVER seen a more anemic presentation than this. It was almost an after-thought by Trump’s campaign. As usual he was all over the board and if he didn’t announce “but back to Pence” every 10 minutes, it would have been his weakest stump speech.

    In reality, it was the weakest introduction of a VP candidate in my lifetime and I have to wonder who demanded Pence since he was behind in the polls for the IN governor’s race. Someone strong-armed Trump into this choice.

    Thank God they did because they helped Trump’s campaign ZIP and may have actually handed this election to Hillary.

  217. Hillary has already made an ad about the VP selection

  218. Trump is the gift that keeps on giving to the Clinton campaign. There are so many lines of attack available–where to begin?!

    I remain absolutely amazed that a major political party is actually going to go ahead and nominate this crazy man for president.

  219. We have here in Cleveland what is called Republican Free Zones. DT or any other Republican running for president did not receive one single vote.

    They will be keeping up the tradition.

  220. Well darned if you aren’t right Julie.

    LOL! Happens every now and again. One thing I’ve noticed here is how few yard signs there are. Dems are usually pretty low key about that stuff, but Repubs are generally loud and proud about their candidates, even this far out. But so far I’ve literally seen 1 Trump yard sign and 2 Trump bumper stickers.

  221. There’s a facebook page Periods for Pence. They are all over Pence and all his anti-women legislation. I mean Pence’s record is bad, bad, bad. So I think he really hurts Trump.

  222. Voting, I also watched the VP announcement yesterday . It was painful to watch. I read/heard that Trump’s kids wanted Pence. The three choices were abhorrent , but Pence is the worst. Pence is backed by the Koch brothers, so I wonder, if this was a consideration, as well as pandering to the evangelical and hard right voting blocks? Trump did not seem very happy. His speech was mostly about himself .

  223. I saw that, Ga.! HILARIOUS! One woman on Twitter tweeted Pence, “I have cramps. Is it menstrual or are there too many politicians in my uterus?” As if the Donald didn’t have enough “female troubles” all on his own. What kind of doofus lets his kids (with no political experience) vet his veep pick?! Apparently, they were unaware that this career pol has a long record.

  224. My father once said to me, when I was a boy, and learning about politics, that while the Democrats have to nominate good candidates who know something, the Republicans can nominate anybody, and have a good chance to win, because of all the money they have, and all the control of newspapers. This has certainly been proven over the years.

    They nominated, and won with, Harding, who was a good-lookng man who had no aptitude for governing whatsoever, and who ended up literally giving away most of the country to his friends. They won with Coolidge, the taciturn man who became famous for breaking a police strike in Boston, and who simply turned the country over to laissez faire businessmen. They won with Eisenhower, who was a decent man, but fairly inarticulate, and who played golf most of the time. They ran and won with Reagan, a former actor and radio pitchman, They stuck Quayle, an extraordinarily vapid person whose father seemed to own most of Indiana, on the ticket, and he was one step from the Presidency. They ran G.W. Bush, a person who had no knowledge of, or interest in, policy, and got him elected twice. They put Palin in as VP nominee, a crackpot person who had less aptitude for governing than some woman who shows up at a neighborhood meeting, and rants about conspiracies. So actually, Trump is sort of an extension of all of this. And of course Hillary made the best point about it, which was that the other Republicans in the primaries could not really battle against him, because they essentially agreed with his positions. The really sad thing is that the American people have voted for and elected so many of the Republicans, who of course have the media to convince the populace that up is down, and wrong is right. And even the “best” Republicans out there now are awful. Ryan is made to look decent and grave by comparison to Trump, but he is an Ayn Rand devotee and committed social darwinist.

  225. If it had not been for the awful event in Nice, and the upset in Turkey, perhps one of the MSNBC hosts might have done a segment on Sam Brownback and Kansas, which would have perhaps been very instructive for those who still think that Repubican philosophy is good for the country. Brownback was a terrible Senator, whose major bill banned internet poker, because “gambing is evil.” (and Vegas lobbies wanted all the gambling profits for themselves). Somehow he gets elected Governor of Kansas, where he proceeds to cut taxes on the rich, and cut social programs. And now Kansas is in terrible economic condition. So Brownback is going to hold days of prayer, for guidance as to how to fix the problems. Jindal in Louisiana did the same thing as Brownback, and his state is also on the verge of ecconomic collapse. We know what happened in Flint Michigan, or in Wisconsin. Examples abound as to how social darwinist Republican policies are ruinous, not to mention cruel. I do not know why or how more Americans do not see this, and vote them all out of office. If people follow such stories, it might help them to avoid this on a much larger scale.

  226. Terrible shooting in Baton Rouge. 4 officers dead, 3 injured. Ambushed when responding to a call. OMG.

  227. Upps

    Hillary has already made an ad about the VP selection

    This PAC ad has been hitting it right on the nail for awhile now. Thank God something good is going on with her campaign.

  228. You would think that with the instability , both foreign and domestic, that even the most rabid Clinton detractors would feel more secure with Hillary as she is needed at a time like this. Trump is like pouring gasoline on a burning fire and I fear will will see much worse should he be elected. Problem is Hillary has a very weak campaign team and she has bet the farm that riding Obama’s coat tails will get her in. Problem with that is although his popularity has gone up dramatically the last year, his policies have led to the chaos overseas and the rise of black militants at home. Very concerned as for whatever reason, Trump is resonating with a lot of people .

  229. Riding Obama’s coat tails, as you put it, got her this far. So what would you have her do? The Bernie Sanders/Trump approach? Go for the white males who don’t like Obama? I think she’s done an AMAZING job of WALKING A DAMN TIGHTROPE!!!! Jeez.

  230. Jbstonesfan @ 4:22 pm: I don’t think I have ever defended President Obama in my life, but I strongly disagree that he has caused chaos in the world or the rise of black militants at home. Nor do I think that Hillary is “riding his coattails” since she has disagreed on some issues. However, she served in his administration and would look disloyal if she turned on him. Besides, I think that on most important issues she agrees with him. Certainly, she is closer to him than Trump. She has tried to always have the president’s back, and I, for one, appreciate that he will have hers in this campaign. After all, he was elected president–twice.

  231. his policies have led to the chaos overseas and the rise of black militants at home.

    Seriously?! You’re blaming him for hundreds of years of strife in regions? You think people are militant just because they’re tired of being killed for not being white?
    Look, as anyone here can attest, I was no fan of Obama but thanks to the stupidity and meanness of his detractors, I find myself having to defend him in the name of honesty and common sense. Please stop being stupid.

  232. imust, you are right she has done an amazing job. If she pees, they will say she is doing it the wrong way. All the naysayers need to shut up.

    These idiots that want the con man let them have him. I know he goes to bed at night laughing, saying I got these fools in the pawn of my hand.

    If he tells all his supporters to kiss his you know what, they will all fall in line.

    She is going to win. I can’t wait to see the expression on all the HATERS FACES.

    Don’t worry Hillary has got this.

    Keep all the negative energy off this site. We need POSITIVE ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Madam President

  233. jb
    Trump is resonating with a lot of people

    Yes, racists people.

  234. I think when Hillary wins in a landslide, we will all be able to stop discussing what a bad campaigner she is. 😉

  235. Yes, because distancing from a popular 2-term outgoing POTUS just works so well….ask AL GORE!

  236. imust @ 4:40pm

    perfect definition:
    TIGHTROPE with two white males circus clowns.
    and with such a ENERGY…
    to me simply: AMAZING WOMAN.

  237. SophieCT, on July 17, 2016 at 5:28 PM said:


    Thank you, Sophie, for calling it like it is.

  238. Don’t know what this skunky stuff is all about, but if you ask me, she was smart to stick with Obama since his favorables are better than everyone’s. Seems like common sense to me.

    And if Republicans have their panties all in a bunch for 7 years that they had to suffer a black man as President, their hatred has spawned the likes of Donald J. Trump. He is a product of their own right wing bile just as Sanders was the product of our own left wing bile. At least we had the ability to tank OUR nut. But not the Republicans. Nope. They had yet ANOTHER nut in the wings to tank the nut. So the first nut won out. Golly, they should be soooooo proud. But no matter how you paint him, Donald Trump is poison. And he follows Goebbels very well. Repeat Repeat Repeat as you call your enemy the very thing you are. He has not said ONE competent policy detail. Ask him a question and within ten seconds, he’s calling Hillary a crook. Who’s the crook again. Ask anyone who got wiped by Trump University. His answer to EVERYTHING is, Hillary! Because he KNOWS NOTHING about ANYTHING. Thinks there are 12 articles in the Constitution for chrissakes. Thought Turkey was about “The people taking back their country”. Can’t even tell the difference between that and a military coup. He’s a fucking moron and he can’t even hide it. He spawns raw hatred and it’s not hard to see why all the White Supremicists in this country adore his ass. Donald Trump is a 9 year old on the playground. The only debating he’s capable of is calling people Childish names. He’s a fucking simpleton who got into Wharton because his brother knew somebody in Admissions. The man is a hot mess mentally and anybody who can’t see it is the perfect example of delusional. The problem with people who think Hillary is weak is they are accustomed to Trump’s filth and can’t handle someone who acts like an ADULT running for president. And where are his Effing taxes? You know where they are. Hidden away because that fucker doesn’t pay a dime in taxes. Imagine Donald telling the truth for a change. That would be novel. Trade deals are his money makers. He makes everyone of this products outside this country and has the audacity to criticize other companies who are doing exactly what he is doing. If anybody thinks he plans to make his cheesy ties in the USA, they are exactly what Donald meant when he said on twitter:

    Donald Trump disgusts me so much that Barack Obama looks great to me by comparison. If you ask me, all the hatred and unrest Trump has stoked with his filthy mouth is what created the violence we are recently experiencing in our country. Face it, Trump is a racist, misogynist and homophobic magnet. Mr. “Law and Order”. THAT was really smart to say wasn’t it. At least Barack Obama acts like an adult. And if the Republicans have had their panties all in a bunch because a black man became president, I hope they all fucking stroke out when they get a woman. White males aren’t going to decide this election. They’ll just have to live with it.

    Am I thrilled with Hillary’s total campaign? No and I have said so. I think her surrogates blow goats. But in NO WAY do I want her personally lowering herself to the level of a Trump-Child. Because in the end, Americans are not going to let that mental infant anywhere near the red button. He’s fucking crazy and thinks he’s running a reality show where he gets to validate himself every day. EVERYTHING about his campaign starts with ME and ends with ME ME ME. His knowledge base has nothing in it. He is NOT intelligent. Intelligent people know more than six adjectives. He’s surreptitious and clever. There is a huge difference. His ego is so damaged he has to sit his ass on a gold toilet to garner “respect” from others. He thinks this brings admiration. What it brings is Tackyness. He is so odious, he deserves his horrid hair.

    As for Hillary, frustrated as I get sometimes, I gotta figure she got a lot farther in life than I did and knows a bit more about this game than I do. I may like or not like what she does but in the end I haven’t earned the right to make a call for her. But I WILL make THIS call: Trump is going to implode. He’s a head explosion waiting to happen. He can’t keep his pie hole shut and he steps in shit once a day. Sooner or later the pile is going to be a big slippery one. I can’t wait. But anybody who has ever known a megalomaniac knows what I am saying. He’s running out of diversions and detours from substance. He’s great and pointing out problems EVERRYYYYYYYYWHERE and hasn’t got a CLUE what to do about any of them. Repeat Repeat Repeat Mr. Goebbels.

    Trump is The Prince of Gold, yes? He has now appointed his woman-hating, LGBT-hating cleric as VP. One would almost have to go to Saudi Arabia to see a photo like this one. How it was done says a lot about this entire sham of a candidate.

  239. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  240. So what would you have her do?

    She’s a woman. She can never do enough and everything she does do will be open to insult. The pattern is always the same.

    This is a woman who has left every position she EARNED with high approval numbers. Her approval when she left State was the highest of any SOS since 1948. WHen she was in the Senate, she won re-election with 67% of the vote. Still, not enough. Because no matter how good a job a woman does, when she asks for a promotion she has to start all over again as if she never did one goddamned thing. Because a mediocre man is always better than a superior woman in the world of Old White Men. And God knows, our government and corporations are RIDDLED with mediocre men in charge with women there to stoke their egos and make them look good

    Well just Maybe we women are goddamned sick of it.And people of color are goddamned sick of it. And LGBT are goddamned sick of it. November 8. EXPECT US.

  241. Oh and I’m hearing Donald declare “war” on ISIS. Yeah? Which country is that? You’re declaring war on a political system, you idiot. An ideology. How are you going to locate it without nuking the entire fucking world. Oh and, by the way, they are going to shoot back. Right here. This moron would get us ALL killed.

  242. I am watching every single detail question asked of a Trump surrogate answered with cracks about Hillary. NOT ONE SINGLE ACTUAL ANSWER TO A QUESTION. Pay attention. Detour. Deflect. NO ANSWERS! None. Zero. Zilch.

    A Big Zero.

  243. Yes, because distancing from a popular 2-term outgoing POTUS just works so well….ask AL GORE!

    You may rest your case.

  244. Upps I am voting you to be Hillary’s surrogate. PREACH SISTER PREACH.

  245. imust, you are right she has done an amazing job. If she pees, they will say she is doing it the wrong way.

    Actually Donald did make fun of her peeing during the break in a debate. Disgusting man who has no respect for women whatsoever. Melania is due for a trade-in, she’s too old for that fugly cockroach now.

  246. Aw, shozbot! Someone beat me to the Liberace joke. 😛

  247. Uppity, You are DYAMITE!!! I wish you could go on television and be a surrogate for Hillary. This country needs education in critical thinking skills. Most people exhibit a huge deficit in this area. How else can one explain Trump?

  248. OMG, those gilded thrones.
    And, yes, the white baby grand and the candelabras.
    Oh my sides!!!

  249. You go Upps!

  250. Watching 60 minutes with Trump and Pence is painful. I’m going to have to change the station. Pence voted for the Iraq war, but that is okay with Trump. Okay for Pence, but not for Hillary. Pence can make one mistake, because there was misinformation, etc. What an a**. He really cannot discuss policy at all. Pence was a bit etter with it, but he is kissing Trump”s butt. Yuk. Had to change the station. Trump is so vapid and obnoxious. What a dangerous person.

  251. Now wait just a second. You’re comparing the be-Cheetoed blob of baloney to cockroaches?

    Not fair.

    They really are successful.

  252. The statements about declaring a war on ISIS probably added a couple hundred thousand to their ranks. They are the words of a stupid, fascist demagogue, who thinks that the only thing that matters is him winning, and that the best way to do that is to scare the population that everything has fallen apart, and that only he can save them from enemies here and abroad. He has already done incalculable damage through his statements during the campaign, and he will do more. Most Republican Party officials are too far gone into doctrinaire zealotry, too afraid of their rabid base, too eager to wreak their own domestic havoc on the country, to stand up against him. Very few people or nations stood up against Hitler, either, whether in Germany, or the rest of Europe. One sometimes wonders if the media will finally realize what they have helped create, and try to stop it; but probably not. Hillary and the Democrats are the only forces trying to defeat him. And hopefully many tens of millions voters, even more than the polls show.

  253. @ Earlynerd, here I am. I’ve been working nonstop for Democrats for over ten years. I do all the precinct stuff, though I am swearing off for this election due to health reasons. I’m in Macon County, btw. You can reach me at

  254. About declaring war on Isis: An article by Graeme Wood in The Atlantic pointed out that according to Isis’ ideas, “prophecy” will be fulfilled if they can get the US into war with them in their “Caliphate.” It would validate their land grab, their atrocities, and increase recruits because in their book it’s the sign that the end times have finally started.

    So, yeah, it’s a real bright idea to declare war on a bunch of delusionals who want you to do exactly that.

  255. Quixote@11:15pm, Trump’s statement of declaring war on ISIS is another example of his lack of knowledge of foreign policy and history. It would be feeding into what they want. He is a dangerous idiot and a demagogue. Now, he is the “law and order” candidate. Nixon”s former line.

  256. This is long, but what a good read! Trump’s ghostwriter spills the beans.

    “I put lipstick on a pig,” he said. “I feel a deep sense of remorse that I contributed to presenting Trump in a way that brought him wider attention and made him more appealing than he is.” He went on, “I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.”

  257. I just watched the Trump/Pence 60 Minutes interview and it is 20 minutes of my life I will never get back.

    I must commend them both however for a miraculous achievement…they left this Irish woman speechless. I have no words. None.

  258. I had an interesting though scattered conversation w/ another on Twitter tonight. I thought we were on the same page, but then she lost me until she posted the below….and she is right.

    Let’s remember TRUMP is the enemy, not Melania.

  259. “I must commend them both however for a miraculous achievement…they left this Irish woman speechless. I have no words. None”

    VotingHillary, were you, perhaps, gobsmacked?

  260. Jb, that logic doesn’t fly with Hillary supporters.

    Yeah, we all hated what happened in 2008 but we didn’t hate Obama for the same reasons Trump supporters hated him.

    We hated that he was half the person Hillary is and the DNC screwed her in favor of getting him into the Oval.

    Every debate, his policies were, ..”what she said”. She is the Democrat, he was just trying to keep up with, her knowledge, her ideas. That’s why he picked her for his SOS. And yes, at some level, they became friends.

    Then when she decided to run again, she knew that if she won, she had a chance to fix a lot of his mistakes. She also knew she needed his supporters along with her’s and independents. Funny how many prominent Republican’s have been coming out saying they will vote for her because Trump is a disgrace to their party.

    Now some of her supporters from 2008 would rather that she turns around and destroy the Democratic Party, just because they are still full of hatred for Obama, what he did and somehow, that has just turned into pure hatred for her. I don’t buy all the, “Oh, I was so into Hillary in 2008 but now she is a different person. She is hiding behind all his horrible policies.” They are still angry and pist that she is not ripping apart the Dem. party, so they are moving to the Rethug party. Now Trump’s less than exciting VP choice is a far right winger…down on women’s health rights, down on LGBT rights, less than willing to see women with equal pay or rights.

    I think Trump supporters are full of shit and anyone that was a Hillary supporter that now thinks Trump is the answer that America needs, could never have supported anything Hillary stood for in 2008 in the first place.

    If they loved Hillary’s intelligence and experience in 2008, why do they now admire someone that has a vocabulary in the gutter and spews hatred against everyone? He has no coherent policy idea, period.

    I agree with everything Upps said above in her spot on rant.

    Trump is a disgrace and ever time he opens his stupid mouth I am ashamed for America.

  261. I agree with Uppity, as well. Well fucking ranted, Upps!

    And I too think that Trump may implode. That implosion becomes more likely the closer we get to November when he realizes he’s going to lose – and lose to a woman, no less! (A misogynist’s nightmare)

    And, at this point, lose he will. And maybe big.

    I’m not counting any chickens (we Hillary supporters know better) but at this point it seems nearly impossible that Trump can win.

    His negatives are simply far too high, with too many groups, for him to have a winning coalition. There are only so many far far far-right stupid white men (and their poor Stepford wives) in this country. And that is Trump’s ONLY base.

    Most Women, Blacks, Hispanics, LGBT (and fairly well-educated, sane and reasonable white men, myself included) – nope. His negatives are at least over 60% (some over 90%) with these groups.

    Honestly, this election could be (I’m biting my tongue) a landslide for Hillary – electorally, at least – which is all that matters, of course.

    I don’t care if she wins by one electoral vote, as long as she wins, but I could see her winning by 100-150 easily. Let us hope.

    If that looks inevitable, and if Upps is right, Trump could implode. He is not a gracious loser, nor has he any shred of dignity, so I could see him going full-out bat-shit crazy, saying fuck-it-all, and flying way off the handle – if he’s going to lose he might as well lose big.

    Then he’ll just blame the “rigged” system, and say how he never really wanted the job anyway, and it was all just a lark for him.

    Then, just as Hillary is being inaugurated next January, may the name of Donald Trump be forever consigned to the dustbin of history.

    Gone, and forgotten.

  262. And now for something completely different:

  263. churl, on July 17, 2016 at 11:15 PM said:

    Churl, thank you. Will do. You’re just a hop, skip and a looong jump over the Cowees from here.

    This month’s update email from the local DNC just came in. The subject line’s been switched to “**DNC Buzz”. Several years ago, I liked Sanders’ ideas well enough to subscribe to the “Bernie Buzz” for a short time. The local DNC’s ongoing infatuation is obvious and gag-inducing.

  264. because in their book it’s the sign that the end times have finally started.

    Along with how they both treat women, another example of how our Right Wing = ISIS.

  265. “Is there a Liberace outlet store that I am unaware of?” Either that or Tony Soprano’s lawyer had a garage sale. And Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette seem to have misplaced their thrones.

  266. Shadow, great post. I do think that basically we have two groups politically in this country now. One group is the nihilists like Trump supporters and some Bernie bros who just want to blow everything up and everybody else be damned. The other group like us just want it fixed not blown up. It’s mostly white men who seem to think that they will end up being the “winners” when everything is blown up.

  267. Jb

    With all due respect…
    If you really think that Drumpf’s wife and daughter will really help him (as you have posted elsewhere) and you are really interested in what THEY have to say, and also that the Obama administration that Hillary proudly and effectively served, “…led to the chaos overseas and the rise of black militants at home.”
    your head must be spinning in two directions at once.
    You seem to be straddling two opposing positions and that is bound to get you flack from both sides.
    It’s difficult to support Hillary while demonizing Obama and casting aspersions on her choices in the campaign.
    I’m sure your intentions are good but I think you are conflicted and need to figure out where your allegiance really is…

  268. I don’t see Melania or Ivanka helping Trump one bit. Well, Melania will appeal to the 20 something guys that read Playboy but they’re already voting for Trump. Considering that Ivanka was one of the people that thought Mike Pence was a good pick I would not say she is helping.

  269. Ivanka is more poised and intelligent than her father, she is not running for President and will not be the reason that people vote for Trump.

    She also didn’t register to vote in the primary, which says a lot.

  270. Shadow, I think the Trump kids may have been registered Democrats prior to this election cycle and with New York’s early registration deadlines, they didn’t have time to switch parties or register.

  271. Imust, thank you for the link My first impulse was not to read the article, because it is so chilling; but perhaps I will, to see how this person rationalizes his willful delusion regarding Trump. I suppose it is better late than never when it comes to an epiphany, but how could he have been not only supporting but actually helping Trump a few months ago? Was it just rabid partisanship? How could someone actually believe that Trump would could function as President? Have we lost our collective ability to discern such things? After Hitler, there were various people who swore that they just didn’t know; just didn’t realize, when they supported him. Frankly, the proverbial road to Hell goes in that direction. Recrimination and regret don’t do much good when it is too late. That said, I do hope that the article gets wide exposure, and that somebody puts him on TV to tell that story, because it could help with voters who still can’t perceive the reality.

    Rabid politcal partisanship has gotten us to this place; where many Republicans would prefer to vote for the devil than for a Democrat; where they have turned their warped religiousness into some kind of medieval crusade against Hillary Clinton; where some WV official just said that she should be hanged in the public square. This madness is not something to take lightly, it is poisoning discourse, destroying the possibility of governance. This madness directed against Hillary should be condemned by everyone; but the Republicans won’t stand up against it, just like none of them stood up against Joseph McCarthy; and like the Germans would not speak up against Hitler. We can just hope that a big Hillary election victory will cause some of the twisted people to go back to their holes. And maybe Maureen Dowd can relocate to another planet, though it wouldn’t deserve her.

    Churl, I hope that your health does improve, and that a Hillary election victory will help as well.

  272. Well, I did read the article; and this individual didn’t write speeches for Trump, he wrote his book, and made Trump look infinitely better than he is. So he’s had 30 years to recriminate, not a few months. In the last two weeks, I have encountered two people reading that book. Both of them were Cruz supporters, so it probably doesn’t matter in those cases. But the ghostwriter sold out his principles to make a lot of money. And even though he could not have reasonably realized that Trump would run for President some day, he could have easily perceived that many people would be cheated and bilked in various deals and enterprises which Trump was able to sell because of the whitewashed and invented portrait of him.

  273. I think the Rethug convention is today…anyone watching?

    Hahaha, I didn’t think so.

  274. I am going to see “Cabaret” tomorrow. That will be pretty much equivalent to watching the Republican convention, and at least the play has a moral commentary.

  275. If anyone is interested there is an article in the new yorker written by Tony Schwartz . He was the ghostwriter for Trump’s Art of the Deal. He said if he had it to do over he would have called it The Sociopath.Interesting.

  276. Well shadowwfax, I am a Hillary supporter, both financially and emotionally , but as far as Obama, you know how I feel.

  277. If you can, turn on the TV and watch the RNC convention.
    The Republicans are revolting, but we knew that.

  278. They are! Did the stop Trump fail?

    Wait, they’re shouting “we want Trump”

  279. CLEVELAND (AP) — Republican officials reject request for roll call vote on rules, setting off uproar among delegates.


  280. GOP convention is a total clusterfuck.

  281. JB, I know how you feel about Obama.

    I am glad you are on Hillary’s side, like I said, I don’t like everything she proposes, (especially immigration), but I do believe she has this country’s people at heart, not just a specific group or two…and I trust she will do the very best she can and quickly learn from any mistakes and correct them.

    It’s also not in her nature to be rude and take cheap shots, just to win. She is my gal.

  282. I just turned on CSPAN, sounds like everything is hunky-dory now?

  283. Yup. It wasn’t much of a protest. If they were serious, it would have been a bigger event.

  284. Hillary’s NAACP convention speech today:

  285. Apparently, the real battle is going to be tomorrow.

  286. …many Republicans would prefer to vote for the devil than for a Democrat; where they have turned their warped religiousness into some kind of medieval crusade against Hillary Clinton…

    Half of the Trump Chumps suffer from Clinton Derangement Syndrome and/or Democratic Party Derangement Syndrome. The other half understand that Tribble Hair is a fascist, which is exactly what they want. 👿

    And maybe Maureen Dowd can relocate to another planet, though it wouldn’t deserve her.

    We’d better not send her to Qo’nos. The Klingons would be justified in calling that an act of war. 😉

    Wait, I’ve got it…let the Borg assimilate her; the sheer volume and intensity of irrationality thus absorbed would crash the entire Borg Collective! 😆

    Live long and prosper, y’all. :mrgreen:

  287. Apparently, the real battle is going to be tomorrow.


    How so, Moon? Details please.

  288. IvoryBill, I actually understood ALL of that…thank God for our USAF, my sister being one, who taught me all things Star Trek NG.

  289. Screech!

    New post.

  290. Welp, that went well. No way to email anyone at the website Churl mentioned and can’t find any number anywhere for either the Charlotte or Raleigh office for

    No point in chasing a candidate who doesn’t want volunteers to contact them. I’ll just sit back, watch the show and figure I done my bit. (That zip-code thing on just pointed me a local get together with all those rabid Burnouts cited above – been there, done that, not doing it again)

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