RNC Hatefest (because they think they’re not vile enough)

Rant. Rave. Vent. Cajole. Insult. Etc.

This is open space for their convention and whatever else is on your mind.



Nope. Not gonna put a pic of that scumbag here.



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  1. I expected more excitement by now.

  2. I remember listening to DJ Rodney Bingenheimer on KROQ, playng the songs of a nine-year old girl, who called her group “Unit Three, with Venus.” She wrote a song about going to a Scott Baiio concert, and seeing another girl throw a teddy bear on the stage; and Baio just kicked it. She sang, “You gave that teddy bear a kick!. I do not like you, Scott Baio!” I always remembered that song, for some reason. And here is Scott Baio again, thirty years later, supporting a madman for president.

  3. Oh this is just getting bizarre!

  4. Sean Smith’s mother has been poisoned. I HATE Republicans. Such douchebags. They always USE the military but then treat them like shit.

  5. This is just as crazy as can be.

  6. Soooo…if Trump loses (Madoka please make it so), he could at least have another TV show…“Donnie Loves Chachi”! 😉

  7. Did you see the Chachi (Scott Biao) make America American Again speech?

  8. William I have a friend that worked through college as a bartender for Hollywood parties in the 80s. He did a few for the Biao Bros. He said they were both such jerks and the worst to work for…obnoxious, rude and no tip for the nights. Not a surprise he supports Trump.

  9. OMG! There’s a black man on stage!?!

  10. Sophie, love the open space to let it all hang out!

    Thanks mucho.

  11. Is anyone watching the clustercluck now?

  12. OldCoastie,
    OMG! There’s a black man on stage!?!


    Is he Rump’s “black guy”? He had one in a rally and made a huge deal out of it.

  13. I’m watching the clusterfuck. I’m changing the title of this post.

  14. I saw in a tweet earlier:
    Chachi Loves Nazi

  15. Good edit on the title Sophie.

  16. I really am embarrassed as an American that this is one of our parties and that about half of the voters agree with this shit.

  17. Then this happened….

  18. I saw it. Completely disgusted.

  19. Republican, but respected, strategist Doug Schoen wrote a piece today for Forbes, stating that Sherrod Brown is Hillary’s best and most obvious choice. for VP. And I agtee with him, for just the reasons he mentions. Midwest area is crucial; Pence is going to camp out in Ohio. Brown appeals to ‘progressive wing” of party. And he says the same thing that many of us have been saying here, that the major goal is to win the presidency, not worry about losing a senate seat. To me, this all seems obvious, that Brown is the ideal choice. I hope Hillary sees the article, no matter whom it is written by.

  20. I couldn’t watch it. The woman is in deep grief. What was Trump saying, when she was speaking? Rather rude isn’t it?

  21. Birdgal:

    As Pat Smith, the mother of one of the Americans killed in Benghazi tearfully addressed the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump phoned into Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly and bashed John Kasich for not showing up to the confab.
    In an extraordinary moment of counterprogramming, Trump shifted some of the spotlight back to himself, even as a string of speakers in Cleveland spoke optimistically about an America being led by the presumptive Republican nominee.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/rnc-2016-donald-trump-fox-news-bill-oreilly-225764#ixzz4EofCTJbR
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

  22. It was inappropriate to use the mother who lost her son in Benghazi whose grief we can all understand, but whose statements were factually incorrect.

  23. William, Pence is poison in Ohio. Him camping out there is not going to help. I mean this is the guy that thinks that Mulan was a liberal conspiracy to “normalize” women in the military. Pence is poison is most places in the entire country. Tonight was a complete disaster of a shit show with grieving women who have been lied to by the GOP, conspiracy theories and all kind of wacko things. The convention should literally drive voters away by the droves. What a complete shit show.

  24. I must @10:03, it is always about him, so isn’t it ? Total narcissist.

    On a side note, I don’t know how much more of this hate filled convention I can take. So much is being taken out of context. The hatred towards Hillary and Obama is mind boggling and disgusting.

  25. It is also frightening!! Giuliani was unhinged.

  26. I turned it off. Rudy Giuliani is my limit. He’s morally bankrupt and I don’t say that is a mere slam. I mean he’s really morally bankrupt.

  27. Did you notice nobody has said ONE thing about what they are going to do and how. About anything.

    Closest thing was Rudy yelling “We’re coming for you!”.

    There is no clue in that room of what to do or how to do it.

  28. Thought you all might like to see this. You won’t see it played on the wall at that convention

  29. I didn’t listen to the mother. She appeared crazed so I passed. all that power in that room and, instead of getting her some badly needed mental help, they exploited her.

  30. I had a go-round with Chachi. He’s a real greaseball pig. Posted a photo of Hillary with “Cunt” behind her. And his wife is even worse than he is. I think I lost her tweet calling a publication a bunch of lezzies and telling them he has more class in his piss than….well you get it.

  31. Uppity, You are entirely correct about the speeches- nothing about HOW?

    The mother was totally exploited. I couldn’t listen to it. I muted the television and walked out of the room.

    I saw that tweet from Chachi. It was so vile and showed what a horrid and disgusting person he is. What a low-life.

  32. Here’s his wife’s tweet Uppity:

  33. Hey, Chachi–in the words of your old mentor, SIT ON IT! 😛

  34. Ga6thDem, good to hear your assessment of none of this helping the Republicans. And thank you to everyone else who watched this and let us know what it was like. I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch one of these for the last 15 years or so. From what I read, it gets exponentially worse every time.

  35. Slovenian Lives Matter!

  36. OMG! And I thought it couldn’t get any worse than the BS people. Then it did!

  37. I would not let a child of any age watch this convention. Tonight was the most disgusting, vile, hate-filled, fear-mongering display. This is American exceptionalism???? I was actually getting a headache from all the shouting….they do know they have mics, right?

    But, this just took the cake for summarizing the GOP:

  38. Excuse me while I power wash my brain.

  39. Slovenian Lives Matter!

    Sumbitch! I spit my coffee out!

  40. Yeah that’s it imust! Thanks!

    Nice lady! Perfect for her greaseball husband.

  41. I couldn’t watch. Did Joni Ernst castrate a hog onstage?

  42. OMG, so glad I didn’t watch that shit.

  43. Brassy, Ernst and her military speakers wound up speaking to a less than half-filled hall because Republicans love our military…unless it’s past their bedtime.

  44. Gees! It sound like a big Fucking party…
    I do not know how you can stomach all that Neanderthal circus…

  45. Thank you all for watching that whatever it was… gathering of Neanderthals. Steve King should be tarred and feathered!

    Sophie, I wanted to say that I am eternally grateful for the lack of a picture!

    It’s moments like this (RNC convention) that make me really worry about what the world is coming too. : (

  46. So, the male pundits on all the channels are giving Melania’s speech big -er-thumbs up for obvious reasons.
    Can we be real for a moment?. I’m sure that she is sexually attractive to men and she may be a decent person but she sounded like she was talking about a boss, not her husband.
    Plus, she sounds like a Bond villainess.
    Sorry, Slovenia.

  47. MSNBC claiming Melania’s speech was very similar to MO .

  48. SCANDAL: portions of Melania’s speech was lifted from Michelle Obama’s convention speech. 22 out of 26 words were lifted from Michelle’s speech. This isn’t Melania’s fault, but that of the speech writer . Wow.

  49. I don’t find her the slightest bit attractive, but of course I wouldn’t vote for him even if I did. If the political media has now devolved to the level of the audience of “The Bachelorette,” wherei it is just show, and substance has no part in it, then they are even more grovelinlgly pathetic than I had imagined. Maybe they are just setting it up so that they can say that she was better than Hillary’s spouse.

  50. This is devastating for Melania. I feel badly for her. Whoever did this, needs to be tarred and feathered. Totally outrageous. I don’t like Trump, but this is disgusting for someone to do this to Melania and the campaign.

  51. I don’t find her the slightest bit attractive…
    Politics aside, she is a stunningly beautiful woman…..

  52. Even TIME is pointing out the plagarism of MO’s 2008 speech by Melania. More proof Republicans don’t have one coherent thought of their own.

  53. I don’t think she’s stunningly beautiful; and even if someone did, that doesn’t mean they would be attracted to her. But that’s neither here nor there. Hillary might as well put George Clooney up there for the women, and Natalie Portman for the men, and forget about the actual small matters of policy and governance. I do not have the slightest interest in what a spouse says about a political figure, unless the spouse has an masterful knowledge of issues. She could have done the speech in the nude, and I wouldn’t have watched it, much less have praised it.

  54. Melania Trump, the Joe Biden of the GOP.

  55. Agree, and that’s were potential first husband Bill should be, but as of yet, has not been a major factor. I love Bill Clinton and fear his health is not well.

  56. Oh geez. I just can’t stop laughing about Melania lifting her speech from Michelle! FROM MICHELLE OBAMA!!!


  57. Prolix, on July 18, 2016 at 10:56 PM said:
    Slovenian Lives Matter!


    Just too damn funny! Well done, Prolix! 🙂

  58. At first, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but someone should have vetted the speech. If Michelle Obama had done this, the outcry would be even worse. What a cluster f**k.

  59. Birdgal, on July 19, 2016 at 12:32 AM said:

    Bird, here is Melania’s problem. She is on video saying she wrote that entire speech HERSELF.

  60. Voting, I saw that, and she said, she wrote it, with the less amount of help. Something along those lines. What a mess. Trump hasn’t tweeted anything yet. Wonder, if they will up on 60 minutes explaining this fiasco.

    This election season just gets crazier and crazier.

  61. Meanwhile, once HRC stopped laughing at this clusterfuck, she went to bed to sleep soundly.

    BTW, how embarrassing for our media that SOCIAL MEDIA were the first to point all this out.

  62. Question: Who wore it better?

  63. Check out CNN’s front page.

  64. Michelle wore it better . Lol!

  65. I can’t stop LOL about this…slight change for tomorrow’s paper:

  66. Here are side by side videos of Michelle and Melania speaking at the same time. Watch

  67. Gets better folks! TRUMP plagiarized Obama’s tweet word-for-word after Michelle’s speech. Some RNC “plant” is seriously under-cutting Trump’s campaign.

  68. Voting – I suspect the Trump/Obama quote may well be fake. Just cuz it seems so beyond the pale.

  69. I am not usually a fan of Colbert…but….

  70. Probably, Old, but at this point….I put NOTHING past Trump/RNC.

  71. Final Twitter funny for the night:

  72. We stopped watching Colbert a while ago, but watched him tonight and it was hilarious. He went back to being his old Colbert personality and did the old segment The Word.

    Also am enjoying the brouhaha over Melania. It apparently took her weeks to crib her speech from her betters. Also, I am done cutting her slack because she’s a woman. She doesn’t have to be where she is. I think she is arrogant and vapid and worst of all, a Trump supporter. Also agree with William about her looks. Sorry, but she looks like another botox victim to me. And her squinch schtick is really old.

  73. Also had to deal with lil Scotty back in my Country Club days.

  74. Sophie, love the title of your post!

  75. I cut Melania a lot of slack. Being a gold digger is hard work. As Twisty Faster once said on twitter: “She has to f*** that turd. Respect.”

    I would imagine if she doesn’t do enough for the Dumpsterfire to feel stroked, then she never hears the end of it. So the personnel put together a speech, which of course she has to say was handmade by her, not store bought!, and discovers too late that if you want anything done right you have to do it yourself.

    Now she either plagiarized or lied about writing it and the media are going to make her feel like a dog’s chew toy. Which isn’t the deal she thought she was getting for putting up with the stuff in paragraph one.

    I shall watch her future progress with considerable interest.*

    (*For those who don’t read old books, said when someone’s going to hell in a handbasket and you don’t care.)

  76. IMO, Melania knew she was copying Michelle. Melania did not care because Melania freaking hates Trump running for president. You can see it in her face. When she’s standing behind him at the podium she looks like the most miserable person on the face of the earth.

  77. jb…
    If the front page of every major newspaper in America constitutes “minimal fallout”, I can’t imagine what a major fallout would be.

    That her speech was the “highlight” of day one, bodes well for more “COMEDY GOLD” today.
    In the past there was just “Amateur Hour” whereas the Drumpf convention promises 4 whole days…

    The vision of America depicted one day one was the most negative and fear mongering any political party has ever presented.

  78. With all the fact checkers available, someone should have caught this, or they thought they could get away with it . Can you imagine the fallout if Hillary or Michelle had done this? It would be relentless. I wonder, if it might have been sabotage? Or, more likely, extreme incompetence and dishonesty,

  79. Someone on YouTube called Melania a “speech thieving ho.” My girl Hillz reaction to entire first night of GOP convention! ….

  80. Oh, the irony that it was Michelle’s speech that was used. I wonder, if the Obama’s are laughing or in shock about this. There is not a graceful way out of this, except to take responsibility for it, which Trump never has or will. Hillary and Michelle would have been pilloried by the press and everyone else.

  81. Of course, the media is depicting Melania’s plagarized speech as the worst thing about the first night. If only it were! Personally, that little fuck, Baio going around laughing about calling Hillary the “c” word made me nauseous. This party no longer deserves to exist.

  82. I thought Giuliani was unhinged and he reminded me of Hitler.

  83. “The fact that the speech itself is being focused on… is totally ignoring the facts of the speech itself. The speech was a poignant speech.”

    Paul Manafort

    I’m looking for the English translation of this brain twister…

    Ben Carson, retired pediatric neurosurgeon and world’s worst campaign surrogate, told reporters this morning that if Melania Trump indeed plagiarized her convention speech from first lady Michelle Obama, it’s an indication that Americans across the political spectrum “share the same values.”
    Reince Priebus, the chair of the Republican National Committee, told reporters at a Bloomberg Politics breakfast this morning that if he were in charge, he’d likely fire the writer in charge of Melania Trump’s apparently plagiarized convention speech.

    So, minimal fallout that is dominating the morning news and preoccupying the Trump campaign…

    Welcome to day two…Making America CRINGE again…

  84. William, on July 19, 2016 at 12:29 AM said:

    I don’t find her the slightest bit attractive

    I think she looks cold. No personality.

    Birdgal, on July 19, 2016 at 12:32 AM said:
    This is devastating for Melania. I feel badly for her. Whoever did this, needs to be tarred and feathered. Totally outrageous. I don’t like Trump, but this is disgusting for someone to do this to Melania and the campaign.

    Birdgal , then you need to tar and feather her also. She stood there and lied saying she wrote the speech with little help.
    Is Trump going to call her lying Melania Trump? I don’t feel bad for her at all. What goes around, comes around.
    If this had been Michele the rethugs would have had a field day

    Jbstonesfan, on July 19, 2016 at 12:37 AM said:
    I don’t find her the slightest bit attractive…
    Politics aside, she is a stunningly beautiful woman…..


    JB, Speak for yourself.

    Shows you how Trump is not prepared for the big leagues.

  85. However one may feel about politics, the idea of bickering over a woman’s APPEARANCE, any woman, on this site in particular, seems inappropriate at best…

  86. Beautiful sentiment…

  87. Hi everyone – delurking for a moment to ask if anyone has seen a full transcript of the speech? At one point – Melania says something about Trump being the bestest and winning or something “and it won’t even be close!” A direct Trumpism if you ask me, indicating he is the one who helped her with the speech. That’s why they can’t find anyone to fire – it was Trump himself who helped her and vetted the speech. I can just see him thinking he could get away with cribbing those lines and even thinking how clever he was being. Remember, this guy has zero experience in politics and has been winging it from the get-go without speechwriters.

    Hahahahah – whew I wonder if their marriage will survive this.

  88. Of course, it’s all Hillary’s fault.


    The mental gymnastics they put themselves through to justify this crap. Unfreakingbelievable!

  89. Totally agree, theNewRealist. Let’s not tear each other down. Sick of years of hearing women politicians being torn to shreds for their appearance and no one more so than Hillary Clinton.

  90. Neetabug @10:33 That was my first reaction, but then I realized, she did lie about it, and when one sees the speeches side by side, one would have to be deaf and blind not to see and hear it. Yes, Michelle and Hillary would have been tar and feathered, and the rethugs would have had a field day. I was wondering, why the speech sounded familiar. People get kicked out of college for stuff like this, and Biden dropped out of a presidential campaign due to plagiarism.

    Manafort was on television this AM, saying it wasn’t plagiarized and that it was a “wonderful” speech. He also blamed Hillary for the media coverage and said, whenever Hillary is threatened by another woman, this happens. The pundit did point out after the interview that the Clinton campaign has been quiet about this.

  91. Well, we’ve got a troll (or three) thumbing down the post and comments. How pathetic that’s all they’ve got. That convention WAS a hatefest. No answers nothing positive. Hate, hate, lying and hate.
    Tweets were so funny last night, my side hurt from laughing.

    Example: #Melainasfamousquotes “I’d like you to meet my speech writers..copy and paste.” LOL!

  92. George W. Bush says he’s worried he may be the last Republican president. Well, that’s ironic, considering he’s the main reason his party is imploding.

  93. My comment yesterday about Mrs. Rump is in the dumpster…water down the tubes.

    I also try hard not to be catty towards other women, but men saying they are either attracted to someone or not isn’t bickering over a woman’s looks…especially if that said woman is USED by Trump because of her looks and her modeling career was a platform to make money USING her looks.

    I actually thought the Rethug, Scott Brown was hot, and I’m not ashamed to say it. 😉

    What bothers me is more is not that her speech was plagiarized, from a recent Democratic pre-First Lady, but the attempted coverup from the Trump campaign is really the issue.

    Yeah, she worked for 5-6 weeks making up her speech……come on, nothing takes that long to write when it’s from the heart…but fitting someone else’s thoughts into your own speech must be more time consuming. I don’t believe she wrote it herself, and I betcha someone’s head will roll over this.

    Rump’s whole campaign is a mirage and it doesn’t take a genius to know it.

  94. Trump campaign response: it wasn’t plagiarized, and it’s Hillary’s fault!

  95. Shadowfax a 11:06:Rump’s whole campaign is a mirage and it doesn’t take a genius to know it.


    Yep, smoke and mirrors, nothing of substance, especially the candidate.

  96. Did you hear on MSNBC Manafort is trying to blame this on Hillary?

    Sorry, about the name calling. I don’t want to be a Trump.

  97. Brassy you beat me to it

  98. The Republican National Convention….The gift that keeps on giving. OMG!!!!

    It’s like a slow motion train wreck … you want to look away but just can’t.

  99. I wonder what will go wrong today?

  100. I caught my neighbor last night valiantly scrapping off his Trump sticker from his car. He said after watching the crazies at the convention, he just can’t vote for Trump.

  101. The truth is that the Melania Trump speech was intended to be a moving statement which would show the humanity of the Trumps. And apparently, from reading the earlier comments here, the media was treating it as exactly that, until someone finally figured out that it was a copy of Michelle Obama’s speech. So of course it is a very big deal. It is a vivid reflection of a campaign which is built on lies and pretense and fraud, and which has nothing of substance.

    I wonder if the American people will ever catch on to the “It’s Hillary’s fault” insanity which the Republicans propagate. It is probably the way that fanatically religious people teach their children about the devil; that whatever is wrong in the world, whatever is not the way they want it, is all due to the devil’s work. I have no direct experience with that kind of weirdness, except of course from studying about the Dark and Middle Ages; the Inquisition and burning of accused heretics; the hanging of alleged witches. And then the McCarthy era with the “Communist conspiracy.” But these reflexive attempts to take every event, or their own mistakes and bad conduct, and accuse Hillary of being responsible for it, is a truly terrifying example of perverted mass pseudo-religiosity, right now, in this modern era. It is difficult to find words to describe this atavistic horror show.

  102. Here’s the man-child Scott Baio…..(minding my words here as I fume) in all his misogynist, racist glory. Kudos to Tamron for the interview. Note all the haters in the background cheering him on. So sad.

  103. Well, we’ve got a troll (or three) thumbing down the post and comments.

    Any whoever gets thumbed down but that insignificant impotent troll, celebrate and rejoice. The losing losers envy you!

  104. This Trumpalooza is throwing all the little Trumpkins into a tizzy. I fear their little heads will pop right off of their bodies. So very filled with hate. It is hard to actually witness it. I can’t imagine how they are able to live out their lives caring so much hate around. Hate is such an incredibly destructive emotion to the hater. It’s so sad that the Republican Party has descended to a party of extremists with absolutely no substance.

    However, I think that this convention of crazies and extremists will boost Hillary Clinton’s approval rating and support from all of the sane voters out there that may be apolitical. You know the type, that are just too busy with life to pay attention to this sore of thing. But all of this convention cr@p will probably wake them up to say Hell No!

    This convention may actually scare them enough to go out and vote for the only sane choice: Hillary Clinton.

  105. I feel a little bad for Melania because she was ill served by her CEO husband and campaign staff, but I must say that lying about her authorship of the speech is troubling because that is the Trump way. Trump is a pathological liar and perhaps lying has rubbed off on the rest of his family. Indeed, his brand has been built on blatant lies, deceit, cheating, sleight of hand, and bullying. His children (whom I have no animosity toward) defend this behavior too. The scary part is that, if by some fluke, Trump wins the election he will run the country like his campaign, which has proven to be a chaotic and dangerous mess.

  106. Frankly, it is comforting that the site is getting “trolled” with down votes. It means the trolls know they are losing badly with King Clown Trump and down-voting is their only power left to them.

    Take heart my fellow Uppities…we are WINNING this thing WITH HELP from the Republicans.

    *I need to go out and get more popcorn for tonight.

  107. Melania is learning the hard way that when you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas.

  108. William, on July 19, 2016 at 12:01 PM said:I wonder if the American people will ever catch on to the “It’s Hillary’s fault” insanity which the Republicans propagate. It is probably the way that fanatically religious people teach their children about the devil; that whatever is wrong in the world, whatever is not the way they want it, is all due to the devil’s work. I have no direct experience with that kind of weirdness, except of course from studying about the Dark and Middle Ages; the Inquisition and burning of accused heretics; the hanging of alleged witches. And then the McCarthy era with the “Communist conspiracy.” But these reflexive attempts to take every event, or their own mistakes and bad conduct, and accuse Hillary of being responsible for it, is a truly terrifying example of perverted mass pseudo-religiosity, right now, in this modern era. It is difficult to find words to describe this atavistic horror show.


    It is facism and sounds like Hitler and his crusade against the Jewish people. It is projection of oneself onto others. Everything Trump says and does is a projection of himself. For example: Crooked Hillary. Say it enough and people start believing it and repeat it. The phrase gets into one’s subconscious and there it stays. When in reality, he is the crooked and dishonest one. As Uppity has said, “Repeat, Repeat, Repeat” and people start believing it.

  109. To be fair, I doubted the plagiarism until Melania got to the part about growing up as a small black girl. At that point, I pretty much thought, yep, might be some grab and go composition there.

  110. Remember a Disney Frozen coloring book was tweeted to show the Star of David tweet wasn’t anti semitic? Pence blamed the Disney movie Mulan for encouraging women in combat….Now they’re using My Little Pony to say Melania didn’t plagiarize! A War on Cartoons!

  111. trixta

    You have to ask yourself this question before you feel too sorry for Rump’s family members…

    Would they all be hovering in his nest if he were not rich and supporting all of them with opportunities of running their own little businesses, but mainly helping with his businesses?

    They all feed off the same troff and it enables his assinine behavior.

    He is the self-appointed King of their family.

  112. I am ROFLMAO on twitter today!

  113. “[Melania Trump] could have done the speech in the nude,”

    And Jerry Fullbowels Jr. and the rest of the high-tech Pharisees of the “Christian” Right would go right on praising the “family values” of Tribble Hair Trump. 😛

  114. Twilight Sparkle? My Little Pony? I must ask again, is this a Monty Python episode?

  115. The Onion will just have to go out of business. Their parody can’t possibly compete with the reality of today’s Republican party.

  116. Turns out that the woman blaming Hillary for her “son’s” death, was not Sean Smith’s mom. She is his step mom and they were estranged because the stepmom was that crazy right wing relative that forwards you crazy e-mail and Sean was a progressive.

    Sean’s widow does not blame the State Dept.

  117. Huh. Funny how she wasn’t introduced as “step mom”… This just gets weirder and weirder.

  118. Prolix @ 1:06 … OMG, I immediately thought of this: 😀

  119. Shadow, I don’t disagree (@ 2:34pm)… I think I was essentially making the same point about his pathological behavior being a family trait–the Trump way. Any bit of sympathy I might have for Melania stops at her dishonesty — either she plagiarized the speech herself or she didn’t write the speech and wanted to take full credit for it when interviewed. Either way, she’s revealing herself to be just like her husband. His kids are that way too, unfortunately.

  120. I wonder–in the privacy of the voting booth this November, how many outwardly submissive helpmeets and handmaidens, upright daughters of Gilead all, will vote for Hillary, accompanied by a silent “F**K YOU!” to the oafish men who plague their lives? 😈

  121. Hey, Downvoter Troll: This Meganekko Is You

    (In anime and manga, a “meganekko” is a female character who wears glasses.)

  122. Hold off on the stepmom story–I’ve asked the original tweeter for a source. I can’t find anything to corroborate.

  123. So with all the fun over Melania’s plagiarism, we missed the other bomb she dropped. She said that she and Donald had been together 18 years. But 18 years ago, The Donald was still married to Marla. Oooops.

  124. So, while out to restock the popcorn supply I thought about the following. Last night was the attempt to present Melania as Jackie Kennedy. But the heisted speech was by FLOTUS Michelle Obama.

    Does that now mean even the Republicans consider her dignified????

    Just saying…….

  125. Samantha Bee’s opening monologue last night is here:


    It is screamingly funny!

  126. For those wondering where Melania got the idea that plagiarism is ok:

  127. Sophie, I looked and also couldn’t find anything about whether the woman was Sean Smiths mom or step mom. While I have the utmost sympathy for any parent that loses a child, I do think it is base, vulgar and demeaning to use your childs death for political or monetary gain. And blaming HIllary for her sons death? Really? The maniacs who actually killed him aren’t the ones who deserve the blame. Everything she said was total BS.

  128. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! The jokes just keep writing themselves with this RNC Convention.

  129. Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, people have signed a petition to get rid of Super Delegates and think the Supers should nominate Sanders. We may have our own sh*t storm.

  130. I was offered the first petition, to get rid of SDs, from an outfit whose petitions I will usually sign–but I simply deleted that one.

  131. Now Trump is officially the big ole racist nominee, let the games begin.

  132. Currently 505 votes for candidates other than Trump. By far the most for someone other the nominee since Reagan/Ford ’76

  133. Ivory Bill Woodpecker, on July 19, 2016 at 6:41 PM said:
    I was offered the first petition, to get rid of SDs, from an outfit whose petitions I will usually sign–but I simply deleted that one.


    Me too. I hope the Bernie and Bust people are a small percentage of people, because they will not vote for Hillary. Most of them are going for Stein, who is not qualified at all.

  134. Votes for someone other than nominee:
    1980: 52
    88: 0
    92: 19
    96: 51
    00: 7
    08: 23
    12: 202
    16: 505 (and counting)

    Not very popular this guy is he………

  135. Final is 744 “other” …..did the math..that is 30.1% of Republicans didn’t want him. Oh well, Trump clinches, America cringes.

  136. It’s not going to make a difference, but Alaska delegation just called out RNC bullshit and is requesting and getting a polling of their delegates. Apparently, RNC gave a different number.

  137. I think I actually felt the world stand still for one brief moment. Smelled a bit of sulfur and then it was gone.

  138. Some helpful hints for surviving the Republican Convention:
    1) DVR
    2) Fast Forward
    3) In emergencies,use the MUTE button.very effective.

    No wonder Trump is such an expert on things being rigged;he demonstrated his “rigging” knowledge by blocking the roll call count yesterday and manipulating the roll call again today. Who’s doing the rigging,now,Donald?

    Also,am I the only person who had the theme song from “The Alfred Hitchcock Show” run through her head yesterday when Trump came out in shadow and fog? ( I date myself w/this reference)

  139. Wizard of Oz also comes to mind…

  140. Imust, well said. The actual reality of Trump being one step away from the Presidency is the stuff of nightmares and apocalypic tales. It seems inconceivable that we have gotten to this point, but this is what the Republicans and their enabling media has created. And actually, the person who came in second at this convention might be just as scary. One of the only two political parties is filled with madmen?

  141. Sums up the Republican Party today:

  142. Honestly if Trump didn’t scare you enough Pence should. Between the two of them they’re gunning for the majority of the American electorate.

  143. The reality of Donald Trump as the GOP nominee for president of the United States is horrifyingly depressing. Still can’t quite get my mind around it. I did just see something though that cheered me up. A new Gallup poll shows that black women are far more scared of the election outcome than black men, white women, and Latinos. Gallup found that three in four black women are afraid of what will happen if Trump is elected. More good news: We are also the most active voting block. So. we’ve got your back Hillz. Just need rest of the electorate to follow our lead and act accordingly. Stronger Together indeed!

  144. Well, I have it on mute and i don’t think I can stand to put the sound back on. And I finished my popcorn. WTF with these people.

  145. That “Party of LIncoln” term should have worn out a century ago, maybe after Theodore Roosevelt, whom the oil, steel and railroad bosses who ran the Republican Party didn’t want anywhere near the presidency, but figured he could be safely stashed as VP. Since then, there have been a few “Brahmin Republicans,” mostlly from the East, whom one could admire. But they were booted out in the Goldwater Revolution of 1964, and by now they don’t even exist.

    The Republican Party was eventually taken over by the Religious Right, by various racist and anti-government Tea Party types, against whom Goldwater now looks very reasonable and moderate. There are still some rich corporate Republicans, but most of them have far Right economic views, in line with the radicals in the party. So there is no Party of LIncoln, and this is not returning, ever, no matter how many times the Republicans try to hide behind the term. It is not even a Party of Reagah, except economically. It is a Party of Trump, and Cruz, and Palin, and Cornyn, and Ryan, and Gowdy, and Jindal, and Limbaugh, and Hannity, and Brownback, and Pence. For the next several decades, at least. They can’t be allowed to ever win even one presidential election, in this form. And that is hard to accomplish, but it is imperative.

  146. LOL!! Who makes these things? Whoever you are, thank you!

  147. Here’s Crispy!

  148. The poor soul…..

  149. Brassy Rebel,

    The Onion will just have to go out of business. Their parody can’t possibly compete with the reality of today’s Republican party.

    A big YUP to that, Brassy!

  150. HRC’s Twitter Team strikes gold again!

  151. Wow, Trump’s son is scaring the shit out of me AND he is knocking it out of the park with the party faithful.

  152. Christie’s RNC “presentation” against HRC as re-enacted by Monty Python.

  153. Hilarious!

  154. Donald, Jr. plagiarized HIS SPEECH from a conservative commentary. Good Lord, do any of them have an original thought?

  155. Why are all the pundits on CNN determined to crush Hillary Clinton?

  156. Voting I read a later tweet that said the author of the original quote helped write the Don Don Jr’s speech, so not the same issue.

  157. I know it’s been said many times before, here, but CNN has Trump attack dogs and Clinton milquetoasts on their panels.
    I’m goddamn sick of it.

  158. imust, how much do you think Buckley got paid to email that out to Ezra Klein? Just saying……..

    Also, self-plagiarizing is a real thing in law.

  159. But I thought Melania wrote it. I mean she said she did.

    So this guy gets paid over and over for the same speech then, hey? He’ll never work again.

  160. Why are all the pundits on CNN determined to crush Hillary Clinton?

    Because only men are supposed to be President. This is just not right.

  161. Anyone else think, if Trump should win, that Christie would be named attorney general and would prosecute Hillary and have her put in jail?

  162. Birdgal, as far as I know, the email kerfuffle is put to bed but Bridgegate is alive and kicking.
    Maybe, AG Cheryl Mills will have the pleasure of prosecuting Chrispy Cremes.

  163. Watched the entire thing from 6PM EST. Lot of viciousness with the exception of his young daughter, Tiffany, who I thought came across well. The others were calling for HIlary to be locked up and it was very offensive to any reasonable person of any party.

  164. Hillary will never go to jail, no matter what bull$hit the Rethugs try to spin. I am sick of hearing about the damn emails.

  165. Thanks voting. Yeah, I read a later tweet by Keith Olbermann (yuck) and the Buckley guy responded to him. Keith said even if wrote it it was still illegal. So do you think they did that as a set up to mock the controversy with Melania’s stealing Michelle’s speech, to take the heat off so to speak? It would be like them to do that. Create another “controversy” to distract and then paper over with the author saying I wrote it!!

  166. No, I think this speech was already done prior to the Melania controversy. Buckley is just giving cover to Trump. I don’t think they counted on being found out.

  167. Anyone else notice little coverage of any RNC protests? This has me a tad worried that the Bernie Bros. saved their $$$$ for Philly…especially since it is basically a suburb of NYC.

    What do you all think?

  168. I’ve just been locked out of my twitter acct. with a notice that they’ve discovered unusual activity on my acct. ??? Anyway, I’ve changed my wordpress password to keep this site safe and will log off. If you see any weird tweets from me….well, they’re not from me!

  169. Voting – I think the BernieBros have left for summer vacation and prolly won’t be back.

  170. RIP Garry Marshall

  171. This RNC is a lynch mob masquerading as a political convention. Chris Christie holding a “mock” trial of anyone? Now that’s chutzpah! On my way to work I heard NPR reporter say last night’s events were more standard, normal convention activities. Really? Calling for the imprisonment of your opponent and actually subjecting her to a “mock” trial is scary, dangerous stuff in a democracy. The Republican party is now the Banana Republican party.

  172. TBH, it looks like all their other conventions. No policy meat, kill the opponent. Same shit every four years from these desperados worrying about how they might not be able to make all those personal profitable deals as easily if they lose. Oddly, watching one of them land in jail instead of their opponents is SOP.

  173. A little greeting I sent lardass Christie

  174. Uppity, good for you! Lol!

  175. R platform so far is: Put Hillary in jail.

    That’s it! I sure didn’t hear anything else.

  176. According to nyt, Melania and another woman did most of her speech:


  177. Somehow this campaign has got to be focused on exactly what will happen to the country if Trump gets elected. It is pretty clear that the media will not cover issues, so our side must simply go over and over that ground. I really don’t think people understand what is at stake here.

    The Supreme Court was all set to destroy labor unions, except for the death of Scalia, turning back one case on a 4-4 vote. If Trump wins, the Court will proceed to dismantle any power that unions have. Any union member who votes for Trump is a fool.

    The Republican Congress will pass massive tax cuts for the wealthy again. Moody’s estimated their tax plan will cost 3.5 million jobs.

    Social benefits will be cut. People will literally become homeless, and some will starve. This has been played out on the state level, we have not yet seen it on the national level.

    ACA will be overturned, and people will not be able to afford insurance, or get insurance if they have a pre-existing condition.

    Voting rights will be severely limited. The Republicans will try to cement their relilgious and corporate oligarchy, to a point that they can never lose an election, because everything will be gerrymandered, and there will not be enough eligible national voters on the Democratic side.

    Climate change legislation will be rolled back, and global warming will increase, probaBly beyond saving. Pollution of air and water will also increase. Things like the lead poisoning in Flint, MI, will be commonplace. There will be no governmental agencies or money to deal with such things. Various epiidemics will perhaps run unchecked.

    We will destroy every favorable relationship we have with other countries, and we will be the pariahs of the world.

    There is much more, but this is obvious. I don’t put it here to upset anyone, including myself, but just to focus on what should be discussed in this campaign, instead of the idiocy that the media brings to us. And the Republicans do not want to discuss one policy issue, and the media is apparently determined not to compel them to. And that is obscene. All our side can do is talk about it at the convention in great detail, and maybe some of it will get rhough to the voters. We know that once the conventions are over, the media will go back to covering “fun things” like who said what phrase, or did someone make a gaffe of some sort; or did Hillary misremember something she said in 1971.

  178. I have a dream that I’d like to see come true at the Democratic convention: Men For Hillary. It could be live or a video (much easier and less expensive) that would showcase various male icons making the case for Clinton with passion and eloquence( if that isn’t too “girly.”)
    Featured Men:
    Tom Hanks
    Harrison Ford*
    Sully Sullenberger*
    General Russel Honore*
    LeBron James*
    Robert De Niro

    I’ve starred the names of people whose political inclinations are unknown to me.
    Who would you like to see on the list?
    Doctors, astronauts, athletes, military men, politicians, movie stars?

  179. I don’t think Meredith McIver, Melania’s, speech helper, is a real person.

  180. Does anyone else get the texts from the Clinton campaign? I just got one saying one of Trump’s advisors just said Hillary should be shot for treason. WTF?

  181. I get them Julie. I got that text and was horrified but at the same time not surprised. This has been the most disgusting election EVER.

  182. I got the same text julies, it’s true.

  183. I received the same text and saw it on my facebook feed.

    Sweet Sue: Gavin Newsom, George Clooney come to mind.

  184. If the media were not so busy enabling Trump, they would be pressuring him to denounce the violent rhetoric and fire this “advisor”. Remember how Hillary was pressured to fire people in ’08 for far less.

    In this overheated atmosphere, I really do fear for Hillary’s safety. God forbid, but if anything happens, there will be a lot of people with a lot to answer for.

  185. Hillary Clinton is widely expected to present her choice for a running mate at a rally in Miami on Saturday.


    Charlie Crist ws tweeting he will be there……….no thanks, he’d go to the opening of an envelope.

  186. Wanna bet Crist floated the idea he’s on Clintons VP list himself, the man has no scruples, he would crash a funeral to get press attention.

  187. Breaking

    HONOLULU (AP) — Democratic U.S. Rep. Mark Takai of Hawaii has died at his home after battling cancer.

  188. I agree that the atmosphere is really unsettling. And there are many angry and deranged people with guns. And yes, Brassy Rebel, the media is appalling in its cavalier disregard for this. And even if one put aside for an instant the calls for violence against her, the fact that people, enhanced by the media bias, are so ignorant as to not even understand the email story, is frightening in itself. This is how the Nazis came to power. It’s how JFK and RFK and MLK got shot. The clmiate of hatred and violence gets so amped up, and no one understands anything but that they hate the people they are being told to hate. And there is scarcely one person, man or woman, in the Republican political structure, who speaks out for decency and reasonableness. And you know what Trump thinks? “If someone shoots her, I win.”

  189. Everything seems to point to Kaine as choice, even the fact that the announcement and rollout will be two days in Florida, where he is better situated to help. I guess that is not determinative, but it seems that if the choice were a midwesterner, theey would roll out in Ohio. I think Kaine is a mistake, but certainly it’s not my decision to make. Apparently President Obama is a fan, and so is Bill Clinton. I hope they’re right about his ability to help Hillary win the election. If I had to choose between Kaine and Vilsack, who seem like the final two, I’d probably take Vilsack, but I haven’t seen him for years, so I don’t recall how compelling he might be as a VP candidate.

  190. I thought it was going to be Friday she announced the VP but I don’t think it’s going to be Crist. He’s probably going because he wants to be in the limelight.

  191. Here’s what I think. Since Trump is encouraging this hateful and frankly, DANGEROUS rhetoric, all of his Secret Service goes to Hillary in order to add extra protection. I think it only fair.

  192. everything is really a guess as to who the VP is going to be. Kaine could be a complete head fake. She certainly does not need Kaine to win Virginia. I don’t know but my gut feeling is it is going to be a complete surprise to most people.

  193. Vilsack is a name I keep hearing……

  194. Isn’t this lovely?

    If you think this is what "high class" looks like #YouMightBeARepublican pic.twitter.com/CMuAUEYQ71— (((#BoycottTrump))) (@puppymnkey) July 20, 2016


  195. Darn it! I couldn’t get a tweet to embed! Ugh!

  196. Yay! I figured it out. Now, isn’t this just the most charming family photo you ever saw?

  197. socalannie, on July 20, 2016 at 10:58 AM said:

    According to nyt, Melania and another woman did most of her speech:

    Still doesn’t excuse her. She and the rest knew what she was doing.

    I can’t wait for the Democratic Convention.

    Please hurry.

    Refuse to watch the Repugs

  198. Neeta, the other woman is now falling on her sword and taking the blame for the speech, but I’m with you. This is on Melania. Her speech, her plagiarism.

  199. Goodbye Turkey – You’re fucked
    Turkey’s Erdogan declares 3 month state of emergency to “remove threat… to democracy”
    except it wont be just 3 months, its forever and by threat, he means remove opposition and install religious dictat throughout.
    Its a licence to detain, torture and murder.

  200. moon, yes, I used to want to visit Istanbul, but crossed it off my bucket list some time ago. My parents went there decades ago.

  201. I, too, am worried about SOS Clinton’s safety. I just hope her security isn’t comprised by an inside lunatic. With so many of these problematic Secret Service agents on the loose I’d be watching the watchers.

  202. The Republicans have issued a fatwa against Hillary Clinton.

  203. I just turned on the television and what do I see and hear, another bashing of Hillary. What a f***king s**t show. Unbelievable. They are absolutely certifiable lunatics. Is it usually this horrid?

  204. I think it’s always bad. Is it always this bad? I dunno, I’m bias. I get really mad about the attacks on Hillary, more so than others. They swift boated John Kerry, they attacked Al Gore for supposedly lying about inventing the internet and other things, 1992 Pat Buchanan went after Hillary in such a way that it did cause a backlash. But I wasn’t as invested in those campaigns as much as I am now. So, it feels worse to me. Also, I really think Donald Trump has unleashed a deep hatred that has been buried. I do not recall the really dark, violent talk inside the convention (scenes from the Salem witch trials, cries of guilty, lock her up, comparing to satan, and calls for hanging and firing squads), but of course, 1968 was violence from protests that we all remember.

  205. I hope Hillary points out how many times they said her name and how many times they actually mentioned the word “jobs” or something. We all know which word will win out.

  206. It’s ironic that our Religious Right is so opposed to militant Islamism, since of all USAmericans, their ideology is closest in style and substance to that of the Islamists.

    NOTE: I use “Islamism” for the political ideology, to differentiate it from Islam.

  207. A piano and tacky over-decoration again. Is Tribble Hair the straight version of Liberace? 😛

  208. I also worry that some nut(s) will obey the dog whistle and try to shoot our Iron Lady (now I wish she really were iron). Of course, if that happens (Ascended Madoka forbid it), the right-wing hate media will deny that they had anything to do with it.

    Again, President Hillary needs to make priorities of restoring the Fairness Doctrine and using the anti-trust laws to break up the media conglomerates.

  209. Yep, Ivory something definitely needs to be done about the media in this country.

    He was boooed! Trumpzilla looks like he could spit nails! LOLOLOL! No wife by his side either! LOLOL! Ted said to vote in November, but vote your conscience! This is great!!!

  211. Eric Trump is full of sh*t.

  212. I have to hand it to Kaisch and Cruz for sticking to their guns and values and not endorsing Trump. I don”t agree with their politics, but I’m impressed that they didn’t cave in. I’m sure they are setting themselves up for 2020.

  213. Hilarious about Trump & Cruz. Two a’holes reaping what they deserve.

  214. If Cruz & Kasich are setting themselves up for 2020, they may be expecting Tribble Hair to go down in Goldwateresque flames.

  215. 270towin.com

    The map I find most interesting is the “Same Since 2000” map (click it on the drop-down menu under the Gulf Coast). The Democrats enjoy 242 electoral votes from states (and DC) which have voted for the Democrat every time since 2000, whereas the GOP only gets 179 EVs from states which have chosen the Republican every time since 2000.

    Hillary could win with only the consistently blue states plus Florida. 🙂

  216. LOL Melanoma is benched.

  217. Karma is such a BITCH! ROFL!~ 🙂

  218. They look like they just sucked a bushel of lemons. 😆

  219. Trump threatens to sue his ghostwriter who has been speaking out. Says ghostwriter didn’t write the book! Writer says, “If he could lie about that….he could lie about anything.” BOOM!

    Tweets aren’t embedding anymore! 😦

  220. Ah, HRC’s Twitter Team finds that silver lining again!!!!!

  221. imust, it is something with WordPress. I restarted my computer and it was fine. First tweet I posted, same issue again.

  222. When JERRY SPRINGER calls your convention a shit-show, you have just spent millions to achieve NOTHING!

  223. The clusterfuck that is the GOP convention..Trumps face…His piggy eyed son is obviously some entitled twat and Melania is probably locked up in a room with a black eye knowing Trump, or she’s been divorced already and deported back to eastern Europe. Maybe Trump will wheel his new gold digger out tomorrow night.

  224. Do we think its safe to say that Mr and Mrs Cruz may just vote Hillary in Nov as a great big eff you to Trump.

  225. There was a CSPAN caller last night, a woman who voted Hillary in 2008, switched to Cruz in the 2016 primaries BUT hates what Cruz did because she’s now for Trump.

    I’m guessing there’s is a 99% chance that one of us knows this person!

  226. I did not watch the convention last night. I did watch CNN with Don Lemon.
    He had Darryl Scott the con man preacher on. He made a complete fool out of himself talking to one of Hillary’s surrogates
    I called his church this morning left a message. I asked them if their pastor was still on crack. I said how could anyone follow him with so much anger in his heart and that while he is trying to sell the voters on Donald Trump he needs to check himself. I again told them he has sold his soul to the devil. No amount of money is worth the anger he is spewing.

  227. Awesome neetabug. The whole place was filled with con men though.

  228. Saw this in comments at Shakesville. Have to share.

    OMGWTFRNC! Sort of says it all.

  229. I’m sorry to say, Jerry Springer is one of the reasons our country is so messed up. You could also argue, I suppose, that he was shining a light on what was already there. But his show, and all the shows like his which have lead to these reality programs have legitimized screaming at people and trashing behavior in general.

  230. Trump will kill us all! Not hyperbole. He’s the worst dealmaker ever.

  231. Springer is a hint at the numbers of white trash in America. Most of them go to republican conventions.

  232. Springer is a hint at the numbers of white trash in America. Most of them go to republican conventions.

  233. There was a CSPAN caller last night, a woman who voted Hillary in 2008, switched to Cruz in the 2016 primaries BUT hates what Cruz did because she’s now for Trump.

    I’m guessing there’s is a 99% chance that one of us knows this person!

    I’m guessing your guess is right.

  234. Pluto, Cruz is a flaming asshole. He will write himself in. It’s what he was trolling for in his speech anyways.

  235. Today we will see if the media try to send Trump off on a positive note, and validate hiis horrifying convention, by praising his acceptance speech. This will of course be a speech which has been worked on by aides for weeks, and will be intended to present him as a serious and thoughtful person who is trying to save the country. As in some kind of cult brainwashing, the convention was set up to completely demonize Hillary Clinton, make it look as if the country was rapidly falling apart; and then present Trump as the bold and selfless person who would return us to greatness. That it’s all a phony stage production, as specious as an ad for Trump College, is attempted to be obscured, in the stupid and biased media narrative which somehow takes a crafted speech and makes it stand as a meaningful metaphor for the candidate and campaign.

    I so well remember 1988, when Dukakis was looking good in the polls, and where many people were not very excited about GHW Bush as a potential President. And the media kept telling us that “Bush needs a homerun speech; this is so crucial.” And Peggy Noonan wrote him one of her flowery nonsense speeches, which sounded like it came from a play, but had no essential meaning. “A thousand points of light…” And the media raved about it, as if Bush had written the speech (he hadn’t), and that the speech somehow was a summary of who he was, and what he was going to do as President. And suddenly Bush shot up about 15 points in the polls. Boy, did that whole thing both upset and disillusion me: the idea that one speech was supposed to stand for something far more than words on a page; and the way that the media, in what has since become its standard approach, substitutes “dramatic events’ for actually delving into policy issues, discussing candidate qualifications; the things that ultimately matter infinitely more with regard to how someone would govern, but which they are too lazy and ratings-driven to do, in their “shorthand” entertainment spectacle coverage of the presidential campaign. And since they always set the bar so low for Trump, it is very likely that they will indeed give him great praise, for what is in reality just a bunch of words on a page, with no more ultimate significance than running into a person whom you know is stupid and crooked, but who gives you a phony friendly smile and a warm handshake as he continues on his way.

  236. If any one of those batshit crazy cockroaches makes an attempt on Hillary’s life, I hope he is shot straightaway between the eyes on National Television. Then the fucker should be left there until the flies lay their eggs and the maggots start to eat him as an example to the other cockroaches. Make no mistake, that is what would happen. SS on high alert now. Any attempt at Hillary will result in the death of one more NRA member.

  237. I see Booker is back on the short-short list. I honestly don’t think picking an old white guy is a good idea unless he’s beloved by the left like you-know-who. I know Vilsac and Kaine are down to the wire, I just don’t understand why. Both of them look broken down, are VERY white and, while they do meet the test of qualifications, they don’t meet the Get Out The Vote test. Just my 2cents.

    Wasn’t Kaine the one who ran the DNC after 2008 and came up with that moronic logo and some other stupid stuff? I thought Kaine’s meetup with Hillary in a crowd was absolutely comatose.

    And correct me if I’m wrong, but i think Hillary owes a LOT to black America. If it weren’t for them, we just might be running and hiding from Bernie Sanders. Picking old white bread is somewhat of an I am Taking You For Granted message.

  238. I agree with you Uppity. Today my pick (not that it matters) is Booker. Booker all the way. He’s young, has energy, heart, passion, and is true blue loyal to Hillary. He’ll appeal to those white males because even though he wears his heart on his sleeve he’s a man’s man. Plus, he’s very intelligent!

  239. And correct me if I’m wrong, but i think Hillary owes a LOT to black America.
    Yes, and vice-versa, Upps.

  240. If Booker is indeed on a very short list, there is a very good chance he will be the choice now. I think he is a good choice, but you will hear about his pro-capitalist stance from the Left. Actually, any choice Hillary makes is going to get criticized by some people. Let us hope that Booker has been thoroughly vetted. If so, and if he is the pick, I think it will help, even, though there is no state he would bring. It will add a helpful surge of energy.

  241. The other negative thing with Kaine, is that he for financial deregulation.

  242. birdgal, I sooo agree with you on that. Warren might pull their support over that if he gets the nod. I am now hoping for Booker since Brown doesn’t seem to have made the cut….and that’s a damn shame.

  243. Voting, Kaine doesn’t bring as much as Booker would bring. I think Booker would bring a ton of energy and might help to bring out some of the younger voters, as well as POC. He has a lot of charisma and intelligence, and he is easy on the eyes. He would be good in a debate.

  244. William, IMO the majority of the left WILL vote for Hillary. If you visit Bernie Central the place is a ghost town now. Half the people there are trying to tell the bitter diehards that they cannot vote Green etc or they risk a terrible SCOTUS. The rest are in spite mode and there just aren’t enough of them. I say let THEM go. I would much rather see someone appointed who 1) Isn’t an old white man, 2) Isn’t a boring speaker (debates!) and 3) Still can be President if God forbid anything were to happen. To me, the only white guy worth his salt is Sherrod, and I mean this in addition to the fact I find him sexy. He’s got chops. And yes, he would bring in those lunch box white males to the fold. So for me the best two choices remain Booker, Brown.

  245. At our convention there will be plenty of old anarchists, hippies who never grew up and Occupy and Shit All Over Zuccotti Park people. These are people who always bitch and moan to be taken care of and nothing will EVER be enough for them. These are diehard socialists who would be far more comfortable in Cuba, and after they see how great Socialism ISN’T they’d come back home. I say let them cut of their noses to spite their faces. I maintain that the majority of Bernie people will unite, if for no other reason, SCOTUS and the Horror of Trump. As for the others, they will either stay home for do a spite vote and I just don’t think it will have that big a hit.

  246. I’m pulling for Brown because I still believe in a place called Hope!

  247. Agreed, Sue, but for the purposes of this election and the primary from hell, Hillary won thanks to Latinos, AAs and Women. But the AAs gave her the south, lock, stock and barrel.

  248. Voting, Brown has the disadvantage of leaving a senate seat that K would replace.

  249. The other negative thing with Kaine, is that he for financial deregulation.

    Holy shit. Who the christ wants that.

  250. Upps, that is why I don’t want Kaine. His financial views will bring up the whole “Hillary Bought by Wall St.” meme.

  251. I hope she’s got more sense than that, Voting. I really appreciate her wonky belief that the VP should be able to run the country In The Event. But HOW they would run it counts too. For me, there’s really not much of anything I like about Kaine.

  252. Uppity Woman,

    If any one of those batshit crazy cockroaches makes an attempt on Hillary’s life, I hope he is shot straightaway between the eyes on National Television. Then the fucker should be left there until the flies lay their eggs and the maggots start to eat him as an example to the other cockroaches. Make no mistake, that is what would happen. SS on high alert now.

    ———-Pretty much the mood I have been feeling since these ratfu@kers have been talking about jailing and killing her.

    The first thing I thought of was, if they hurt our Hillary, I am going to go and buy my first shotgun and hunt the fu@ker down myself.

  253. You wouldn’t need to, Shadow, the SS would turn him into a strawberry barrel.

  254. I didn’t know that about Kaine. I did know he was not enthusiastically pro-choice. But the Wall St. thing would be worse. I also heard him described as a “long time friend” of the Clintons. It would be the crony talk as well. She doesn’t need a lap dog, she needs a fighter, like her. Her original slogan was “Fighting For You”, Kaine doesn’t seem like a “fighter”.

  255. You wouldn’t need to, Shadow…
    Good, I didn’t like the idea of going to Hell and being there eternally with all the ratphuckers.

  256. That’s a great ad imust!

    Even has the hand gestures and some funny hair.

  257. Uppity, as you know the Democrats don’t control the Senate, now, and I think Brown would bring a lot to the ticket, so my feeling is go for it.
    I swear it’s not because I live in Ohio. We’d miss him a lot.

  258. Well, according to CNN from what I have read at another website Hillary met with Perez, Castro, Booker, Hickenlooper and Warren as VP candidates. So the Vilsak and Kaine stuff apparently was a head fake.

  259. @4:15 pm: That ad is hilarious!!!

  260. “And correct me if I’m wrong, but i think Hillary owes a LOT to black America.”

    I think we all owe a lot to Black America. They really came through for all of us this primary season and supercharged Hillary’s campaign.

  261. Ga6th @ 4:39pm, I sooo hope you’re right. Kaine and Vilsack are so…meh.

    btw, are all pc keyboards crappy? We bought a cheap Dell set up when our two macs died earlier this year, and I hate it. I’m used to typing fast, with a light touch. This piece of crap keyboard won’t let me do that. It skips all kinds of letters if I don’t go slowly and pound the shit out of the keys. My finger tips are sore.

  262. If it wasn’t for Black America, Crabby old bastard would be standing at the convention next week and Not Hillary.

    We owe them a lot.

  263. I just think we may get a left field VP…if its a surprise it may be someone like Julian Castro.

    Perfect reveal for a Florida rally, big latino VP surprise?

  264. The upshot is Castro’s selection as veep would be historic because he would be the first Latino on a national party ticket. Having Castro on the ticket would electrify Latino voters and give them a reason to turn out in large numbers in battleground states like Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

    Imagine a first AA, then a first woman and a first latino in a big slot…..

    Maybe that is more critical than the rust belt…..More than one route to the WH.

  265. Problem is Castro is a guppy. His current background does not qualify him. Maybe in the future but for now, he doesn’t have the chops.

  266. Paulette Everett’s comment upthread re black women have the sense to be scared about the Dumpsterfire.

    Really. I was in Louisiana for the David Duke vs Edwin Edwards election. The one where we had the bumperstickers saying “Vote for the crook [Edwards]. It’s important.”

    I’ll never forget how gobsmacked I was the morning after when it turned out that 60% of the white vote was for Duke. For the card-carrying Nazi. The guy who wore white hoods. 60%. He would have won if it had been up to us white folks. I’m never going to get over that.

    So, yes, please, merciful gods, let’s hope enough people follow the lead of the meek who bloody well better inherit the Earth or we’re all goners.

  267. Prolix has a funny post up next door about Trump’s speech. (Hint: Prolix’ is so much better than what the blowhard will say tonight)

  268. After watching Michael Smerconish on CNN this week, I call bullshit on his “I used to be a Republican, but now I’m an Independent” schtick.
    Smerconish is so far up Trump’s ass he has to pay rent to Jeffrey Lord.

  269. Socal, I spent three hours on the phone this week with Dell.Believe me I know what you mean about not daring to type fast! Ridiculous! I can erase 150 wpm, but not on this machine. The power supply is draining my battery all by itself. And the touchpad isn’t worth the powder to blow it up with, I have to try sometimes up to a half DOZEN times just to copy and paste something. And the fucker freezes dead in its tracks. Can’t nudge it have to pound on the touchpad to free it up again.

    Dell is an effing disaster. Too many devices made by 10 year olds after a day in the rice fields. Sorry but it’s true. You are screwed.

    On the other hand, the techies are very knowledgeable and helpful and I think mine MAY have fixed or at least improved some of the problems. It’s been a few days. Too early to tell. But still, I don’t DARE type faster than a novice poking around with two fingers.

  270. Thanks Upps. Good to know I’m not going crazy.

  271. I like Nate Silver:

  272. Ailes is out at Fox….and my girl Samantha Bee has the best take on it.

  273. I keep having this old saying run through my mind all this week, a response to the R convention.
    ” It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

    I feel like this whole week has been about darkness and cursing. I’m hoping next week will be about the light … shedding light on REAL issues,REAL solutions,the REAL Hillary Clinton..not vitriol ,ghost writers,middle school grudge fests and fabricated witch hunts.(That may make for good TV but it doesn’t do much for running a country)

    Feeling an overwhelming need for a shower and a breath of fresh air. I’m betting a good portion of the country might agree w/ that.

    Hoping the Dems will..” tell the truth but tell it slant.” ( as per Emily D.)
    Somebody REALLY needs to get that Monty Python witch segment played somewhere the media will cover it…maybe the SNL guys.

  274. Upps, next time try ASUS brand, my son and I have built our own computers for years and prefer ASUS to all others.
    **FixIt Fairy was here.

  275. My GOD, why do they have a kid scream-singing in the convention hall. My ears are bleeding!

  276. Socal I beat the crap out of laptops. Pretty much had them all. Been using lappers since 1999 when they weight 12 pounds lol.

    My alltime fav is Sony Vaio. Unfortunately Sony stopped making laptops last year. I just missed the rush. I swore off of DELL years ago, thought I would give them another shot, now I remember why I swore off them. I have accident insurance, and I swear, but for my integrity, I would drop this freaking thing on the floor just to get rid of it. But then I’d end up with one just like it….

  277. MSDSAL, don’t expect too much peace. We will get to warn the what’s left of Bernie’s Barn Animals as delegates. Of course, it looks as though B didn’t come through to fund them all (like he promised) so I am not even sure his numbers will be there. Last I looked, they were 700k behind in Adopt A Delegate. I suppose they could tap their parents though.

    BS canvassed for funds for this, but I suspect he needs the money to pay off those nearly 400 pages of illegal donations the FEC sent him a love letter about.

  278. I’m with upps, I don’t think Castro is ready for the big arena…

    It sure makes me wonder if as you all say that the big VP announcement is going to take place in Florida…

    I think Latinos are already for Hillary, is the white young males that need some woo wooing…

  279. Unfortunately, it does seem as if Hillary is just about to pick Kaine. And whether or not Kaine surprises us and does a good job on the campaign trail, this pick is going to lead to much anger on the always angry Left. As to the policy positions, if she picked him, she must be comfortable enough with those; she didn’t pick him for his charisma, or because he is going to win her a key state that she would otherwise possibly lose. I guess that she simply did not want to pick anyone from a state where there is a Republican governor. I’m now left to hope that it is somehow going to be Vilsack, and that is not a thrilling prospect, either. We’ll just have to make the best of it, and after all it is Hillary’s ticket, and Hillary whom we are all strongly supporting. It’s just that we do not need to see and hear these angry “progressives” now vow to vote for Stein or Johnson. Kaine is certainly not a conservative, and Obama almost picked him, for which of oourse he would not have gotten any criticism, because they supported everything he did. Take away the senators we liked from the Republican run states, and Hillary did not have many good choices. Even so, I would have certainly preferred another option.

  280. William:
    What does Vilsack bring into Hillary’s agenda?
    I don’t know much about him…

  281. I dont’ know where you are getting this Kaine message. I’m frankly seeing stuff all over the place about who the pick might be whereas Kaine is just one of them. If it is Kaine and people get their panties in a wad then they’ll just have to do it. If they didn’t learn anything under 8 years of George W. Bush then they are not teachable. This is not a McCain or Romney that Hillary is running against. This is completely different and if they only care about their own poor fee fees being hurt and not about Hispanics being rounded up, African Americans being shot and women put into servitude then I just say screw them and their purity train. of course none of them will suffer one iota for their purity.

  282. I can’t even join in the discussion about the Crapvention going on, after I heard them say Hillary needs to be locked up, chanting and she should be shot, it’s all I can do to try and maintain some sort of civility here.

    I’m beyond livid and pist…rage is just below the surface.

  283. For your entertainment:

  284. Thanks so much, FixIt Fairy!!!


  286. When Booker spoke at my daughter’s graduation I found him a very compelling speaker. And after seeing the POTUS in person I think that a really charismatic choice can only help Hillary.

  287. Does Kaine help her with the white male vote?

  288. I’m watching Ivanka speak about her father at the RNC. At one point, I wanted to ask: Are you saying your dad is really Daddy Warbucks?

  289. Gawd, he’s terrible. Liar, bad delivery, doom and gloom speech.

  290. He is so FULL OF SH*T!!!!!!!!!!’ The only one he cares about is himself.

  291. Good lord. Kim Jong spoke at the GOP convention or maybe that was his doppelganger Donald J. Trump.

  292. I can’t even listen to Trump give any speech any more, I just get in such a rage…it isn’t worth it.

    I used to think Ivanka was the one Trump I liked, but how she can be proud of a ratfu@ker like him and still be respectable, is beyond me. I wonder how that friendship with Chelsea is going after all the nasty things he has said about our girl.

    I hope Hillary kicks his ass, long and hard………….and shuts his nasty effin’ mouth for good.

  293. I’ll never take the vote for granted, and if you looked at the dictionary under smug, you’d see my face with a big black X over it, but, thank God, that was the worst Presidential nominee speech that I’ve ever heard; and, I vaguely remember Wallace!
    ONTOH, CNN’s Jeffery Lord thought it was worthy of FDR.

  294. This bastard is trying to destroy America. Why is he still loose?

  295. But, Sophie, DAVID DUKE thought the speech was wonderful. God help us.

  296. BTW, for those still up, Colbert is on live right now…and Elizabeth Warren is his guest. This outta be good for clearing the depression of Trump’s speech.

  297. Read it.

  298. You can’t DM one damned person affiliated with Hillary. Not one.

  299. What is DM?

  300. Direct Message. Twitter

  301. Uppity– I’ve had three Dells, two HPs (wife is currently using a refurbished HP), and two Alienware laptops. They are all aggravting with slow down issues. Finally went back to a stand along PC with a separate monitor and keyboard and I’ve very happy with it. I spent about 16 hours every day banging on my computer so I’ve had some experience with just about every type of problem. Laptops are the worse, it seems, for failing due to stupid stuff like loose wires and such.

  302. Thank you Debra Messing..

  303. So Assange is going to try and cluster-fuck the Dem convention..Trump must have promised him amnesty and a pardon. I forwarded to Warren and Messing…Messing actually has her ear and IS forwarding what we find.

  304. BAM!

  305. Looking at the positive side of things, if indeed Hillary picks Kaine, who most of us, certainly including me, did not really want, there are at least some favorable aspects.

    Kaine was thoroughly vetted in ’08 by Obama, and again now, so there is very little chance that there is some scandal or untoward thing to come up. He did get some gifts, but they were legal, and he reported them.

    He is a moderate, which does not allow the Republicans to try to convince the electorae that the Democratic ticket is too far to the left of teh mainstream.

    He was about the only person available who had a background in foreign relations, which some people have written is important to Hillary in a VP choice.

    If Hillary was determined to not take a senator whose replacement would be picked by a Republican governor, then that eliminated Brown, Booker, Warren. Many of us agreed that this should not be the crucial factor, but maybe it was very important to Hillary, in terms of her political agenda going forward.

    Kaine has some positions which I am not in favor of, but that is usually the case. Biden was the architect of MNBA. Bentsen was a conservative. Lieberman was one of the more conservative Democrats in the Senate. Edwards turned out to be a fake populist, and he lost his debate. And of course Hillary will make all the policy, not Kaine. What VP, outside of Cheney, and maybe Gore, who had an advisory role, made policy?

    I’m still disappointed, mostly because I do not think that Kaine is a very inspiring campaigner, and we absolutely must win. But the rest of it, all the complaining that is going to come from the Democratic Left, is self-indulgent and predictable.. As usual, the only Democratic candidate who is going to get roundly criticized for her VP choice, is Hillary.

  306. Bellecat, I tried to answer your earlier question, but the computer kept sending me off the page when I tried to post it. So I’ll try now.

    Vilsack does offer some value, in that he was a respected governor of Iowa, which is very close in the polls now. He might also help in other Midwest states. Joe Biden said that he was a star in the Cabinet as Agriculture Secretary. Farm people like him, and they might feel comfortable with him on the campaign trail. He has a lot of executive experience.

    Reading a very recent article in the Des Moines Register, there are a few issues, like his support of TIPP, but of course Kaine also supports it. He also signed a biill in 2004 that apparently limited ballots to English only, which he later regretted. Of course, virtually any Democratic candidate has a vote or executive decision which in current retrospect looks wrong, at least to some group. But overall, Vilsack might help in areas where Kaine perhaps cannot.

  307. And a final comment; it just occurred to me that if Hillary picks Vilsack, none of the other senators might feel miffed that Hillary picked Kaine over them, as if he were superior. The explanation would be that she didn’t want to take any Democratic senator out of the Senate. Kaine’s seat would be voted on in the middle of 2017, where Democrats don’t often come out to vote, so that is a risk as well.

  308. I hope tomorrow we disinfect the place with a new thread for Hillary’s VP choice….please?

  309. Uppity Woman, on July 22, 2016 at 12:50 AM said:

    “You can’t DM one damned person affiliated with Hillary. Not one.”

    My whole experience with trying to contact someone, -anyone-, at the other side of those donation emails.

    I get that she’s running for president of the entire damn country, but sheesh, how ’bout a little reciprocity?

  310. You can’t blame them for shutting off their DMs–look at the comments under their tweets FCS. How did we used to contact candidates before social media? Betcha a letter would get read and taken more seriously than a tweet.

  311. After the last four days, America might be relieved by a boring guy like Kaine. And he doesn’t have a long voting record in Congress to pick apart. I think that’s what tanked Sherrod. Plus back in the nineties he was rabidly vocal in opposing NAFTA. Hillary did not want to give Trump any opening to turn the 2016 campaign into a referendum on NAFTA. But the thing to remember is that anyone who doesn’t get picked will still work hard for the ticket–especially since Hillary , unlike Trump, will call to thank them for being considered. It’s not like she will lose the benefit of having surrogates like Brown, Booker, and Warren. They’re all in!

    A couple other things for those who worry about Kaine as a lackluster campaigner. He’s managed to get elected Mayor of Richmond, Governor of Virginia, and US Senator. He must be doing something right. He also has a 100% rating from NARAL. The questions about his commitment to abortion rights stem from the fact he is Catholic and PERSONALLY opposes abortion. But his support for Roe v. Wade is solid. Btw, being Catholic is another positive. As is the fact he speaks Spanish more fluently than Julian Castro. AA’s in Virginia support him strongly. He began his legal career as a civil rights lawyer. The guy would be a solid pick, though not awesome. And he meets Hillary’s standard of being “ready on day one”.

  312. There is a way to contact the campaign on Hillary’s website.

  313. I’m with you Brassy. After the Kim Il-Jong convention of the GOP someone who is just nice and completely normal seems so extremely appealing all of a sudden.

  314. For people who want to contact the campaign, can you call headquarters or e-mail?

    That speech was the darkest and most negative thing I have heard in a long time. One would think, we lived in Syria and not the U.S.A. He is such a blowhard and doesn’t understand that he can’t change any of the wrongs without the assistance of congress. And Ivanka sounded more like Hillary than Trump. One cannot change labor laws without congress and cooperation of the states.

    He sounded like the “panderer in chief.”

    What do people think about repeal of the Johnson amendment? Pandering to the evangelicals.

    Full of lies, no substance, no policy, no “how.” Everything was “me, me, me, I, I.

    I felt like I needed a shower afterwards.

  315. Yes, Ivanka got confused and thought she was introducing Hillary. Equal pay for women? Child care? I sure never heard any of that from her old man. And changing labor laws?! This guy literally STEALS people’s labor by not compensating them when they complete a job for him. It’s like Ivanka has constructed some alternative daddy in her mind. The real pater familias is too horrific to contemplate.

  316. I liked what Jon Stewart said last night, but I didn’t like Cobert. I also wasn’t impressed with Warren on his show last night.

  317. No matter. I think wleaks is full of shit like last time with that other cornhole Guccifer. It’s going to be a nothing burger if it’s anything at all.

  318. The question is one of stability vs. erratic. That’s the decision.

  319. I will never be relieved by Kaine lol. I think he’s the quintessential White Bread and as we all know, Hillary isn’t exactly late night comedy.


  320. I don’t really question no DMs. They would be inundated, good and bad. But there should be AT LEAST some ‘hotline’ or method of providing information. In any event, I’m sure they already know about wiki and are yawning as we speak. That guy seems desperate to remain relevant. And he wants to get people who deem him a traitor instead of creating “open government” he purports to do. He’s fading fast. If you look at his tweets about other countries, they are useless to anybody. And he’s a rapist besides. He hates the USA, that is obvious, and he’s where he is because he knows he can never set foot here again without being snatched like a dirty rag. Dumping covert security information for fun is a great way to get people killed. One day it will very likely be himself. But of course the far left Dreamers of Communism in this country hold him as a hero. He’s the REAL firing squad material.

  321. William, at 3:13 AM:
    Thank you.
    A good analysis of political chess moves…

  322. Invank’s speech was just a commercial.
    Boycott @macys, tell a friend.

  323. I was just thinking of Ivanka talking about equal pay and lgbt and blah blah blah, as IF just the opposite ISN’T on their platform. What a bunch of bullshit. Somebody better tell her that, even though she is a registered Democrat who, like her bros, weren’t smart enough to switch in time to vote in the NY Primary, her sugar daddy is running from the Republican Party not the Democratic Party and it’s a baldfaced LIE to even suggest that any of the things she said would happen would EVER happen. What WOULD happen is about two more Fat Tonys on the SCOTUS.

  324. VotingHillary,

    I was able to track down Jon Stewart’s attack on Trump, (link you have didn’t work), and although he was good, not once did he defend anything horrible that was said about Hillary at the RNC. Not one word.

    He has only defending Obama.

  325. Uppity, I totally agree!! She sounded like she was a democrat. Never hear Republicans speaking like that. Anyone notice her father grazing her hip, when he greeted her after the speech?

    On another note, I am feeling discouraged by the final 3 picks for VP: Kaine, Vilsack, and Perez. Kaine is for deregulation and TPP, Vilsack hasn’t met a GMO that he doesn’t like, and Perez, I don’t know anything about.

    Hillary needs someone with energy to campaign with her.

  326. Sorry Voting, after reading imust’s post, maybe the link I watched was an older link? Stewart didn’t even talk about Hillary at the RNcon-vention. He did come on to the show and take over for the current guy, and had the beard…so I don’t think it was the convention in 2012.

    Did he talk and defend Hillary in the episode you mentioned?

  327. Obama having press conference right now, he’s fact checking the Convention from Hades. Because the media will not.

  328. So this happened…

  329. Imust, it was definitely the convention from Hades. It was so full of hate and divisiveness that it was breathtakingly unsettling.

  330. An ongoing “shooting spree” was happening early Friday evening at the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping mall in the Moosach district of Munich, Germany, a police spokesperson told CNN.

    The spokesperson did not give any further information.
    Developing story – more to come

  331. Stewart doesn’t like Hillary, never has. He was an Obama cheerleader and a Bernie Bro. He will ultimately defend her in the most muted, backhanded way, but he’ll do it grudgingly.

  332. Germany under attack.
    The lunatics are at it again…Shootings being reported at a shopping centre in Munich, Germany.

    Multiple people dead…..

  333. Telling that they waited for the Republican convention to be over. Again, ISIS wants Trump to win. They would love to completely disrupt the message of the Democratic convention. Maybe the media wouldn’t even cover it.

  334. Live at the WaPo:

    Clinton to speak in Orlando amid anticipation over VP pick

    The presumptive Democratic nominee for president is expected to address the Pulse nightclub shooting in a round-table discussion.

  335. A witness has confirmed there has been a second shooting situation at a metro station near Marienplatz in #Munich

  336. Hillary is on right now…

  337. belle – what station is Hillary on?

  338. Everything seems to be pointing to Kaine. Darn.

  339. One of the Munich shootings is at a McDonald’s. A western target. And right before the Olympic Games. Munich is a symbolic target.

  340. lol, bizarro week continues.

    BREAKING: Former Florida Governor and Presidential candidate Jeb Bush is expected to endorse Gov. Gary Johnson for President next week.

  341. Moon at 2:20 PM, This may get Johnson into the debates.

  342. I guess we#ll know in about 5 minutes.

    All staff meeting scheduled at Clinton campaign HQ scheduled to take place at 3pm to inform staffers of VP pick.

  343. Some guy from NYT’s was on CNN this morning saying that Hillary will have the final say on her VP, but this person also has to be able to work with Bill and trusted by both of the Clinton’s.

    Hillary is going to give her Big Dawg and active role, I think she mentioned that he would be a part of the economy/jobs policies.

  344. (Why Kaine?)


    But Kaine’s humble, vanilla persona endeared him to Clinton. “I love that about him,” she told CBS News’ Charlie Rose in an interview earlier this week when grilled about whether he was too boring. Added Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a close confidant of the Clintons who has been pushing for his home-state senator: “If anything, he’s only helped himself through this entire process.”

    In addition to McAuliffe, President Obama and Bill Clinton have also privately or publicly expressed their support for Kaine, who was passed over for the No. 2 slot in 2008. Earlier this week, White House press secretary Josh Earnest, unprovoked, told reporters that Kaine was someone Obama believes would be a good pick for Clinton. “Senator Kaine was one of the first public officials to announce a public endorsement of Senator Obama,” he said. “Senator Kaine served as the chair of the DNC during President Obama’s first year in office, and Senator Kaine is somebody that the president deeply respects.”
    Bill Clinton, who has been deeply involved in the process, had also been pushing for two people, but ultimately “Tim is his first choice,” said a source close to the former president. “The advice he gives is much more: Here are the issues you’re going to have; here’s why you need this person. It’s more from experience.”

    “Hillary Clinton would feel very compatible working with someone like Tim Kaine,” McAuliffe told POLITICO in a recent interview. “He’s a very thoughtful, quiet negotiator — he doesn’t really care about the limelight. She’s worked with folks like Tim for years. He’s in it for the right reasons — he didn’t jump at the chance to run for the United States Senate. He was perfectly happy to go be a university professor. He doesn’t have to do this for the big rah rah — he can really help people. It’s unique for a lot of folks.”

    The prospect that McAuliffe would fill Kaine’s Senate seat also boosted his chances over another appealing choice to the progressive wing of the party, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, whose seat would be filled by Republican Gov. John Kasich.

    But McAuliffe said that Clinton likes Kaine’s “worker bee, gets things done” style. “He brings people in. He doesn’t say, ‘This way or the highway’ — he tries to structure compromise,” he said.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/clinton-vp-pick-tim-kaine-226013#ixzz4FAOUDCSZ

  345. moon:
    do you know how the announcement will be?

  346. Well, there goes Hillary’s big announcement.
    I’m beginning to fear that all these mass murders may be false flag attacks perpetrated by the powers that be to install Trump.
    I’m only half kidding.

  347. They said everyone will find out by text first but then it will hit twitter within 10 seconds.

  348. I’m beginning to fear that all these mass murders may be false flag attacks perpetrated by the powers that be to install Trump.

    The elites of many nations, including our own, have proven themselves capable of astonishing stupidity over the centuries, but I really think a preponderance of our elite would prefer Hillary to Tribble Hair.

    I know that in their position, I would prefer a calm, professional adult who is unlikely to disrupt the system which serves me so well, to a superannuated adolescent punk who never matured emotionally, who has the manners of a Mob boss, and whose vaunted “business savvy” seems to consist primarily of advanced skills in con-artistry. The Donald would be a loose cannon, and the last thing any comfortable elite wants is a loose cannon rolling around the deck of their luxury liner.

  349. Well, Kos thinks Kaine is a terrible VP pick so if it’s him he must be a pretty good pick.

  350. Upps, I had to do a double (then triple) take on the wiki leaks tweet. What do you think this asshole is up to?

  351. Yes, Ivory Bill, the front part of my brain agrees with your logic.
    My lizard brain, however, keeps screaming “CONSPIRACY!

  352. Frontal lobes for Clinton; Lizard brains for Trump.

  353. Sorry, the link was working last night but CBS put a block on it in order to release their own link:

  354. Hillary’s rally in Tampa live stream:

  355. socal:
    Thank you for the live stream link…
    I just have to accept that I’m not very savvy with all the latest tech ins and outs….

  356. bellecat, you’re very welcome. I just got it off twitter. Debbie WS spoke first, now they’re waiting for Hillary to arrive.

  357. Why do those giant black blocks keep appearing on this site?

  358. If someone has an ear to the Clinton campaign, please tell them if Kaine’s the pick, have him change his cover photo on his twitter TL. It’s a WALL!

  359. Wikileaks DNC doc dump is entertaining, but remember: they're run 100% by Russian intel, so point here is to hurt HRC, help Trump.— Jeff B/DDHQ (@EsotericCD) July 22, 2016


  360. Thanks, socal, for the link!

  361. Voting, :)! Its like everyone is holding their breath, waiting for Hillary’s veep announcement. Even twitter.

  362. Unless they catch this guy in Munich, I’m guessing no VP today. 😦

  363. OldCoastie, Trump did that with Nice, it didn’t look good. She should go ahead and announce if she’s ready. I thought she was going to announce tomorrow anyway?

  364. Hillary’s Tampa rally soon on CSPAN

  365. Yes, Ivory Bill, the front part of my brain agrees with your logic.
    My lizard brain, however, keeps screaming “CONSPIRACY!

    Sue, will generic aluminum foil do, or do you insist on Reynolds Wrap? 😉

  366. Imust – I agree. Today? Those are the rumors I’m seeing, but who knows?

  367. I just signed up to a Hillary watch party on Thursday evening, to watch her accept the nomination with 150 other Hillary supporters.

    It will be so nice and I can deck out in my new Hillary gear.

  368. Still waiting on the freaking text to find out who the VP is. Now Corey Booker is being considered still.

  369. Ivory Bill, only the best will do.

  370. Booker?! Andrea Mitchell trying to box her in a corner with Kaine. Saying “well, she SAID the person had to be prepared to be POTUS immediately!” Like, if it isn’t Kaine, then she’ll say, “Whattt??? She flip flopped! The campaign’s a mess!” I.Can.Hear.It.Now
    It’s the damned if she does…damned if she doesn’t attitude that always surrounds Hillz.

  371. The media is so perverse and anti-Hillary that they are trying to use these terrible terrorists attacks as something Trump predicted and could help him.

  372. Is someone at the FL rally recording this on their cell phone, the stream is crappy, even on CSPAN

  373. Speakers started in Tampa.

  374. If she’s in Florida, doesn’t that mean she’s picked a Latino?

  375. Her she comes!

  376. Hillary is speaking, its on msnbc. That link I posted is funky.



  378. Hillary almost had me in tears this time…
    Love you, Hillary ❤ ❤

  379. well we was punked! I thought for sure she would announce today.

  380. JB try watching speeches on CSPAN or ones posted here, so the media doesn’t interrupt and rain on your parade.

  381. After that speech HRC just gave, I got all my “feelies” back…and then this photo came up on Twitter…back to the Kleenex box.

    I hope she is right and LOVE TRUMPS HATE.

  382. So, when and where would she announce VP?

  383. Just got home in time to see her work the rope line in Tampa. WOW! What a crowd. Dan Merica of CNN reports 3600 people according to the Fire Marshall. You know just another tiny, unenthusiastic Hillary crowd. 😉

    C-SPAN is repeating the tally now.

  384. Sorry. That’s rally. I’m all pumped here!

  385. bellecat, on July 22, 2016 at 6:23 PM said:
    So, when and where would she announce VP?

    When she wants, where she wants. I love watching the media fall all over themselves after “reporting” today would be the announcement.

  386. Voting:

    As always, making her moves…

  387. I’m so ashamed. I am not excited because I think she’s picking Boredom. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there’s a reason and she’s done the data crunch, it’s just that her campaign is boring to me and I figured……….

  388. Uppity, I agree. I feel deflated about the choice.

  389. Hillary’s Tampa rally speech was excellent, among her best. maybe her best so far. I’ve made this point before; she’s getting stronger and more relaxed on the stomp. Breaking it down better and relating more to ”everyday” people. We know she can out wonk everybody. Look out if she gets the folksy vibe going, too. I loved the line about Trump talking trash, and the self-deprecating thing about being perversely flattered that she was talked about so much at RNC. Left gearing up to hate Kaine as VP pick since they lust after Warren. I think whomever she picks will tick off someone. Again, I trust her to pick a serious, qualified person with the skills and judgment to be president if the unthinkable happens. I agree with so many that VP picks usually don’t win or loose elections but a serious pick gains you more respect than a purely political one. Added plus today: lawsuit against Trump U will proceed. Trump should just keep his mouth shut about it. But will he or will he double down on rant about the judge?

  390. upps;

    I hear you, Kaine is not as sexy as Sheroood!

    But , I’ve been looking at the rational of keeping Brown in the senate and having Kaine with a fairly solid background for VP…

  391. Upps and Birdgal, it’s true that most of us will be disappointed in her pick, but it will be ok in the end. Whomever she picks will be ten million times better than Trump or Pence. She gave a great speech today. We’ll all bounce back, I’m sure of it. xo

  392. Gabriel Debenedetti ‏@gdebenedetti 4m4 minutes ago
    IT’S OFFICIAL: CLINTON selects KAINE as running mate

  393. Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton 6m6 minutes ago
    I’m thrilled to announce my running mate, @TimKaine, a man who’s devoted his life to fighting for others. -H

  394. Clinton spoke with Kaine at 7:32 pm to offer him the job, says a campaign aide. She told President Obama at 7:48.

  395. Noble Gatekeepers of Uppityville, could we please have a new thread? Thank you? 🙂

  396. With Kaine as the VP pick, Crystal Ball moves Virginia Electoral College rating from Leans D to Likely D. Explanation to come

  397. I’m thrilled to announce my running mate, Tim Kaine.
    Tim is a lifelong fighter for progressive causes and one of the most qualified vice presidential candidates in our nation’s history. But his credentials alone aren’t why I asked him to run alongside me.
    Tim’s a man of relentless optimism who believes no problem is unsolvable if you’re willing to put in the work. That commitment to delivering results has stayed with him throughout his decades-long career as a public servant.
    I could give you a laundry list of things he accomplished as mayor of Richmond, governor of Virginia, and in the United States Senate. But here’s what’s important: Tim has never taken a job for the glory or the title. He’s the same person whether the cameras are on or off, motivated by the belief that you can make a difference in people’s lives through public service.
    I didn’t make this decision lightly. I’ve had the privilege of seeing two presidents and two vice presidents up close, and I wanted to pick someone who will be able to give me their best advice, look me in the eye, and tell me they disagree with me when they do. But what matters most is a simple test that’s not easy to meet: whether the person could step in at a moment’s notice and serve as president.
    I have no doubt that Tim can do the job, and I want him by my side on the trail and in the White House. But we’re going to need your help to get there. So join me and Tim, and let’s get to work and go win this thing.

  398. Paulette, never leave us! I always love your posts. They make me feel better! I saw Hillary in Tampa today too and I was also moved. She was fantastic. It’s Hillary we want, and despite what the media likes to push, she has enthusiastic supporters. Like us. 🙂

  399. Very solid pick. A man who is 100% qualified for President, a true friend of the Clintons’, and understands politics. Also , glad she did not cave to the far left and picked a real centrist democrat -the kind I grew up with.

  400. Yeah Paulette. You don’t post enough dammit.

    What I gotta do to get you to say more? (I can dance really well)

  401. Birdy (hee hee), I would have LOVED Booker. I really love that guy. But I will concede because it is her race and she probably plowed through a plethora of data to make her pick. She always has a method. So, I’ll try to behave but……….BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  402. Thanks moon!

  403. So apparently Hillary met them all at her house this last week and then whittled it down to Kaine, Vilsack, Booker, Warren and met them all again and only decided tonight.

  404. You could give her a penguin Uppity. Just don’t give her the kind that likes to run away to some distant snow globe.

  405. Kaine is not as sexy as Sheroood!

    Sherrod!!!! *Swoons*

  406. After Clinton & Kaine stumped in VA, she invited him to Whitehaven—met for 90m, again with Bill, Chelsea, Marc + his wife Anne 2 days later.

  407. At least her job was hard because she had good people to choose. Trump just had whoever was willing to destroy their careers.

  408. Despite NRA being headquartered in Virginia, Kaine has bravely fought against gun lobby and is consistently rated F by NRA.

    They hate him, must be a good man.

  409. Jbstonesfan, on July 22, 2016 at 8:27 PM

    I’m with you JB, glad she picked a centrist male, that is a hard worker like Hillay, and is well respected.

    If I wanted sexy and a young, exciting person…VP wouldn’t be were I am looking for him.

    I am done with snappy dresser, well spoken and thin on the resume.

  410. Compare Hillary’s full throat endorsement of her VP and Trumps…….

  411. upps;
    I’m glad that you LOVE Booker…
    Now that that is settled, can I have Sherooood all to myself?

  412. Kaine WILL join Clinton in Miami tomorrow for their first joint rally, at Florida International University.

  413. Kaine should help well with independents….Pence out to make them run out of town….

  414. A solid pick. If she picked him he must be right for her. So, on to victory – Clinton/Kaine for President/Vice President! Yay! 😀

  415. TP vs CK

    TP for wiping your ass and CK for making you smell good…….

  416. lookey here, no crap logo unlike that crap from the other side…..


  417. FWIW, Kaine got 52.9% in VA-SEN in 2012, Obama got 51.2% for president

  418. When Hillary Clinton announced Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate Friday evening, she made a characteristically cautious but responsible choice — indicating that in her pick she was more concerned with finding a long-term governing partner than an electrifying campaigner on the road. (CNN)

  419. Can we please getta new thread??????????????????????????????

  420. Kos thinks Kaine is a terrible VP pick

    Time to give Kaine a new chance!

  421. Jeb Bush is expected to endorse Gov. Gary Johnson for President next week.

    I expected that and lots more like it when Mary Matalin left the Repubs for the Libertarians.

  422. C-SPAN is running a June interview with Kaine right now.

  423. Kaine is fine with me, but if my statement above about the elite not wanting a loose cannon on the deck of their luxury liner is correct, then it may not matter whom Hillary chose.

    *dons chapeau de Reynolds Wrap*

    The real Powers That Be may have decided that Hillary will be the next President, even if they have to instruct their minions to hack the unaccountable vote-counting computer systems to accomplish that goal.

    Having said that, I doubt the Powers will need to resort to such chicanery. The GOP base adores Tribble Hair, but I doubt the swing voters will be so impressed with him, especially if he can’t (or won’t) learn to rein in his abrasive personality. I expect Our Gal can win without help from the Powers.

  424. Well, Kaine is a solid pick and has a great resume. Speaking Spanish is a plus. I think Booker has a wonderful future, and would have been a good choice, but he needs a few more years. I heard a pundit say, this moves Virginia more in the direction of blue , which means she may not need Ohio.

    On the issue of TPP, Hillary told Kaine that she was against it, and he agreed to support her stance. He has an F rating from the NRA, which is great!

    I hope he can bring in some of the independents and men.

    Sometimes, boring is good-I guess. The Democratic Party is the party of adults and sanity, and I hope the party of light .

  425. As an Irish-American, I’m kinda glad the Irish get another shot after Biden. Kaine definitely is no blowhard like Joe. He won’t be an embarassment. And my grandmother would be proud–she was a Kaine on her mother’s side.

  426. Screeeeech!

    New Post

  427. This C-span interview with Kaine is very interesting . Seems like a good guy.

  428. McCauliff would have put VA in the blue column anyways, methinks.

  429. Sophie, I didn’t know Matalin did that

  430. No, the two party system is not ready to fail. The Republican party is failing and maybe the Libertarian party will take it’s place.

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