Raisin’ Kaine

So, Hillz picked a mushy middle boring guy. I’ll be honest–I thought Joe Biden was a lousy pick for Obama. Then he turned out to be the best guy for him. Just sayin’ (How bad could he be–Kos doesn’t like him!)

I’m thrilled to announce my running mate, Tim Kaine.
Tim is a lifelong fighter for progressive causes and one of the most qualified vice presidential candidates in our nation’s history. But his credentials alone aren’t why I asked him to run alongside me.
Tim’s a man of relentless optimism who believes no problem is unsolvable if you’re willing to put in the work. That commitment to delivering results has stayed with him throughout his decades-long career as a public servant.
I could give you a laundry list of things he accomplished as mayor of Richmond, governor of Virginia, and in the United States Senate. But here’s what’s important: Tim has never taken a job for the glory or the title. He’s the same person whether the cameras are on or off, motivated by the belief that you can make a difference in people’s lives through public service.
I didn’t make this decision lightly. I’ve had the privilege of seeing two presidents and two vice presidents up close, and I wanted to pick someone who will be able to give me their best advice, look me in the eye, and tell me they disagree with me when they do. But what matters most is a simple test that’s not easy to meet: whether the person could step in at a moment’s notice and serve as president.
I have no doubt that Tim can do the job, and I want him by my side on the trail and in the White House. But we’re going to need your help to get there. So join me and Tim, and let’s get to work and go win this thing.

H/T moonpluto

So, go drop some green in the bucket and save the world from Hitler II.


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  1. I think she’s shooting for those Republicans who cannot stand Trump. Kaine would make them feel good.

  2. I think it’s shows confidence. Unlike Trump, she didn’t pick someone for “political reasons”. To help with a weakness, in other words. She chose someone who could, if necessary, take over the presidency no problem. She chose a governing partner. That’s a lot like what Bill did with Al.
    I would have loved Cory, but maybe when I’m really old, I’ll get to vote for Cory on the top of the ticket in 2024!

  3. Could be the closest she could get to dissing Bernie without being obvious. I wanted Barney Frank for that, frankly! Warren would have been seen as a nod to Bernie and the Bros. Not this guy.

  4. I ‘m watching him on C-SPAN. Gotta say he’s an impressive guy. Very smart and articulate. I think the only reason Obama went with Biden over Kaine in ’08 was he badly needed the foreign policy credentials.

  5. Ok, I just took a stroll down Jill Biden’s Twitter timeline and wish I had thought of her as a potential pick!

    Update: It’s a parody account. Bummer! (But it’s still funny!)


  6. For example

  7. You can bet if she chose someone like Castro or Booker the pundits would have attacked her for a political pick to appeal to a key demographic. On CNN (yeah, I watched a little), they called this a governing pick.

  8. His wife is quite impressive.

    And she won the same award I once did. No I am not telling you, I’ll just preen.

  9. Upps:

    You just said it…someone that can join her in the tight rope act with fly fishing the disgruntled Reps…

  10. Guess I’ll be hiding out over here for a while. I thought I was gonna comment at HuffPo, then the first comment hit and knew the Bros were out on their Pissy Purity Ponies, so I’ll go over to Uppity’s where the air is cleaner and the people rational. I’ll go with anybody Clinton picks— she’s running not me. Kaine seems fine. I especially like the bullet points in the tweet. I’d go with Ramsey Bolton if it would keep the Orange Micropecker out of the White House. (Sorry I really didn’t mean to get vulgar. Where’s that strike-through font?)

  11. Hahaha Sophie, Barney despises Bernie, but not as much as Charlie Rangel. Watch

  12. I’m going to paste in a comment that Prolix made over at TW. Makes sense to me.

    Okay, this is just me — this is the way I process things — I like to look at who the person was before there was skin in the game. Who the person was before people started looking because ethics are what you do when no one else is looking.

    Kaine went to Honduras as a missionary and helped run a Catholic school for kids.

    No one was looking. That was all him. That makes me extremely comfortable. It’s like Hillary going to work for children before anyone was looking. That tells you about someone’s soul.

    Compare what Hillary and Tim Kaine were doing in their 20s to what Trump was doing in his 20s. Pence was a democrat in his 20s.

  13. Hey Uppity, he wasn’t a bad lookin’ guy when he was younger, just sayin’

  14. Yeah Uppity, his wife Ann worked on children’s welfare, she was Sec of Education in Virginia! Nice!

  15. imust:

    Kudos for that picture of Kaine…pretty darn handsome…

  16. actually, he looks like a movie star…yum-yum!

  17. There was a question in the last thread about why big black boxes appear on the site. That means you’re not running the plugins / extensions / javascript / something to show that media. Things like youtube clips, flash video, some of the twitter embeds, all require addon software to run.

    The good news is that if you can’t run them, the page loads much faster because it’s not loading megabytes-worth of clips. If you want to see a specific one, right click on it and sometimes that gets you a direct link where the browser will let you see it. Or, as usual with computers, it’s more complicated.

  18. In my personal opinion, Hillary made a thoughtful, sensible and smart choice.

    I’m with the ticket…Clinton-Kaine

    Uppitville, let’s get them into the White House…

  19. On topic… Most of us who are Clinton fans are kind of going Tim? Meh?

    But, let’s face it, she’s a genius and most of us aren’t. Plus, if Kos doesn’t like him, *and* the NRA, those are good signs. The first and only goal right now is for her to win. Us Clinton fans are voting for her regardless. She could run with a sea gull. And if Kaine brings in some Repubs and dubious white guys, good. Votes is what we want.

    I’m in SoCal so I don’t know what the most effective volunteering would be for me to do. Drive to some iffier state and help with voter registrations and get out the vote drives, presumably? Suggestions needed!

  20. quixote

    I think trying to get BernieBots to vote is the key.

  21. Quixote, go to her website and plug in your zip code. It will show you volunteer activities in your area. I live in CA, and plan on phone banking. I may go to a swing state for a week or two. Nevada is close, but I would go somewhere else, if needed. I work, so my schedule is limited. Phone banking can be done from anywhere . I did some phone banking and canvassing during the primary and enjoyed being with other Hillary supporters. There is an organizing meeting scheduled in my area for early August, so I will find out more details then.

  22. The more I read about Kaine, the more I like him. He really does have progressive cred, but the Sanders supporters will only see the negative things. The positive outweigh the negative.

  23. The Dude Bros are taking this as a personal assault–a poke in the eye!!

    I now LOVE Tim Kaine!

  24. Quite the strapping young man…if you’re into that sort of thing.

    Tim Kaine teaching a carpentry class at the Instituto Tecnico Loyola in Honduras in 1980.

  25. I’m not good on the phone. I hate talking to disembodied voices! But, yes, good point, web site.

    I disagree about the Bernedbots. They’re only key if more of them will switch to Clinton than independents who get scared off by whatever attracts them. I doubt very much there is such a person.

    The veep pick, for Bernedbots, would have to be so far out there she’d lose millions in the middle.

    And there aren’t that many Bernedbots. In the swing states she needs to win, there are a lot more middle-of-the-roaders.

  26. When even Ana Navarro, Republican spokesperson, applauds HRC’s choice…GAME ON!

  27. Quixote, For the phone banking, there is a script and the calls are tailored to Hillary”s demographics, so that helps. But, I’m sure you can find something that you can help with.

    Bernbots can vote for Stein CA, and not do much damage, but if they are in a swing state, then it becomes more problematic. But, like you said, in states like Ohio, they are a smaller minority. Even in Washington, the stat would still stay blue.

  28. The bots who are the fringe of the bot fringe imagined they could bully Hillary into picking who the want and create a platform that would win the Castro award. They were wrong. The majority of the bernie people are actually quite sane and have already let go of this obsessive delusion that somehow this Democratic Republic is going to go all Nicaragua just for them and crown Bernie as candidate and president all in one fell swoop.

  29. LOL Birdie, if she dug up Che Guevara as VEEP,it wouldn’t be enough for those whining crackpots.

    Hillary has calculated that the majority of Bernies are with her, and in order to make up for the ones who will continue to imagine that one day, Bernie will Prevail and make them all Venezuelan citizens right here in the USA, she decided to make up their minority numbers by courting the Republicans who hate Trump, the Moderate Republicans, and the Independents. So in terms of all that data, Kaine was picked in part for that reason.

  30. The Crazy Nut Jill Stein is only on the ballot in 21 states. She’s a worthless wannabee.

  31. I just read a posting that said Kaine didn’t expand Obamacare in Virginia. Anyone know anything about this?

  32. I should of said, Medicaid expansion .

  33. Uppity, You make me laugh. Even Warren wouldn’t have been enough, since many of them consider her a traitor or sellout . I agree, I think Kaine may help to bring in more unhappy Republicans, but many of them may go to Johnson. Bush is going to endorse Johmson next week.

  34. Kaine was not Governor when Obamacare was passed. It was a Republican–the one that was convicted of corruption, I think.

  35. I saw Cecile Richards speak glowingly of IKaine, and also Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar. He certainly isn’t a conservative. If Hillary was determined not to pick a senator from a Republican governed state, then there were limited options, and Kaine may have been one of the best of those. The reflexive anger from certain Sanders supporters and sites is both predictable and very irritating. According to Jeff Weaver, they got 80% of what they wanted in the platform, as Hillary graciously gave them some points. That wasn’t enough, however, and that figured. They actually think that they should be able to pick Hillary’s running mate and policies, too.

    As we all know, Hillary will make the policies, not Kaine. My concerns were about his ability to help her win the election.If he can help iwin Florida, that will be crucial. Certainly Hillary made a sober and reflective pick, about governance, which actually matters to her, unlike the other party, which just wants to win by whatever means, and then give away things to themselves.

  36. Of course, if we do not come out of our convention with about an 8-point lead, that means that the election will be very close, and then the question will be whether Kaine is of any electoral value on the ticket, since we would have won Virginia anyway. It looks like the polls are about even now, hopefully no worse, after four days of vicious and untruthful attacks on Hillary.

  37. I was watching MSNBC tonight and Joy Reid (whom I usually like) and Sam Stein were whining that “the Clintons” made a safe, boring and calculated choice, and I saw red.
    The dude bros and their comradettes do not grasp that the Democratic Party nominating the first woman Presidential Candidate is every bit as important, momentous and revolutionary as nominating the first African-American for our country’s highest office.
    Instead they’re all-yawn-“been there, done that.”
    Well, you know what, snowflakes, we’ve never been there and we’ve never done that.
    I don’t remember the so called progressives insisting that Barak Obama pick another black man, an Hispanic, or-ahem-a woman to complete his ticket.
    I don’t remember them criticizing him for the Biden pick.
    It’s almost like they understood that we should shatter one glass ceiling at a time.
    Kaine is similar to Biden: they’re both Catholics, they’re both pro life in their private lives and pro choice as public officials because they respect the Constitution.
    They’re both perceived as moderates, although I think Kaine is more liberal than Biden; and here’s a point-HRC-picked someone who’s ten years younger than she as her VP; Obama picked someone who’s nineteen years older which meant he wasn’t teeing up anybody to be his successor and the future of the party.
    But, then, Hillary has always been more caring about the Party and she’s always put Country first.
    I was foursquare for Sherrod Brown because I thought he’d be a great help in the so called Rust Belt.
    I was not for Booker or Warren because a two minority ticket against Trump was a gamble I was not willing to take.
    If Hillary picks Kaine, I’m with Kaine because I trust her.
    As far as excitement goes, I’ll be nearly ready for a rubber room excited when we inaugurate our first woman President, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  38. One other point to make…Trump didn’t so much “choose” his candidate. He went with the Republican LOSING his governor election and was willing to take a shot in the dark for continued political viability with Trump.

    HRC chose someone AS PROMISED who would be able to step in as POTUS should anything God-forbid happen to her. And she did this w/o disrupting the balance of power in the Senate. This was a bigger-picture choice.

    The Trump/Pence ticket is the mean school boy ticket.

    Clinton/Kaine is the adult ticket for a very adult world.

  39. I will say I am a bit disappointed as Clinton/Booker was my dream ticket but Tim seems like a nice guy. A nice boring guy. Maybe I’ll warm up to him… We’ll see. I hope Cory Booker gets a cabinet post. He’d be a great SOS

  40. Sweet Sue @ 12:38 am: Maybe Reid and Stein wanted Hillary to pick a name at random out of the phone book. That wouldn’t be “safe, boring, or calculated”. Vice president is a constitutional office which should be taken seriously. This isn’t a game show. Leave that shit to Trump.

  41. Seagirl, we need Cory in the Senate! Cory for president 2024!
    P.S. In 2024 He’ll be 54 years old!

  42. I like experience in my president and vice president, call me old fashioned!

  43. She had her back in 2008 and is doing it again in 2016 God bless AMERICA!

  44. imust, laker also likes Cory and hopes to vote for him for prez sometime in the future.

  45. socal, how is laker doing?

  46. He’s doing pretty well, thanks! He has a summer job and hanging out with his musician &other friends. We just watched the Bill Maher clip you posted and enjoyed it, so thank you!

  47. imust, true! I think part of the reason she didn’t pick him was because we really need all the senate votes we can get and she’s not taking any chances. Plus this helps secure a VA victory. Still, I mean it’s not like Kaine was a long time Clinton supporter… So I don’t see why he was always such a shoe in. I still like Booker better! and think it would’ve been a new era in politics with such a ticket.

  48. That said the more I read about Kaine, the more I like him!

  49. Well, Kaine is her pick.

    Not unexpected. Not exciting. But smart, I think.

    Others here have already outlined how Kaine helps Hillary with moderates, independents, etc. And I agree. But, I think his biggest help may be electorally. (Word is the Big Dawg pushed hard for Kaine for just this reason.) Like me, Bill thinks about only one thing:

    Electoral votes. And Kaine can really help to deliver…

    Virginia and Florida.

    This should really put Virginia safely in the blue now. (Personally I haven’t felt as safe about it as some polls have shown.) Kaine is very popular there and Virginia should be ours now, no problem.

    Plus, it’s no mistake that Kaine’s first appearance will be with Hillary in Florida tomorrow. He helps there not only with Hispanics (fluency in Spanish) but I think with some of the retirees and moderates. And if our girl can land both Virginia and Florida (along with the other big states she’s expected to win) then that will push her over 270 – even without Ohio. (Though I still want Ohio)

    Kaine is safe. He’s boring. He’s nice.

    Yes, I agree. But, let us not forget that this world of ours has many millions of safe, boring, nice guys to thank for our 200+ years of growth and prosperity. Think of it…

    Although we all have that one “crazy” uncle in our family – that nutty, flamboyant gent that makes everyone roll their eyes at family picnics – we all MOSTLY have safe, boring, nice relatives. We have uncles and fathers and husbands and brothers and grandfathers – just plain good men who do what’s right, work hard for their families and neighborhoods and quietly keep the fabric of our society in tact.

    The kind of safe, boring, nice men with quiet strength who when called upon stepped up and fought (like my grandfather) and bled and died while helping to save the planet from the darkness of the first Hitler – never looking for glory or accolades while so doing.

    Since Trump is looking to become the Second Hitler, I think a loyal, safe, boring, good lieutenant like Kaine is just what our General needs in her coming battles.

    George Washington. Abe Lincoln. Harry Truman? Before they entered our history books all three of these great men were considered:

    Safe. Boring. Nice.

    Not too shabby. 🙂

    So I say – Huzzah for Tim Kaine! Go out there and fight the good fight for our General and help her to save our nation from the encroaching darkness.

    For she just may be our last, best hope.

  50. But seagrl, that’s what I’ve been trying to say; it’ll be a new era in politics-again-when a woman is elected President for the first time in almost three hundred years.
    A woman!

  51. Gawd, Rev Vet. I have to admit…………you are right.

  52. Love that Cory Booker every since the blizzard. My 2010 blizzard post. This is what did it for me with Booker.

  53. It was always going to be Tim Kaine.
    He’s solid, he’s dependable, he more than passes the CinC test, he’s SANE, he is Hillary’s choice and I trust her judgement…’nuff said.

    He will be an asset in the campaign, crush it in the VP debate and will be a real partner in governance with the President.
    It was always going to be Tim Kaine and I for one am very happy with him on the ticket…

  54. Well, guess I’d better weigh in on the VP choice now that it’s official — least I be accused of being a posting slacker! Tim Kaine is exactly the kind of quality VP pick I’d expect of Hillary. He seems to be a kind, caring, impressive man. She would like his longtime and successful history of public service. He’s never lost an election in his resume as city councilman, mayor, Lt. governor, governor and senator, so obviously he’s a good campaigner. He’s liked and respected by POC and politicians on both sides, he speaks Spanish, he’s a team player who won’t overshadow Hillary. His governor is a democrat so it won’t cost us a senate seat. Plus he plays a mean harmonica (anyone who loves music always checks a box with me). Hey — Clinton/Kaine rolls lightly off the tongue. Bet rally in Miami today will rock. Onward!

  55. I like him, calm steady and a good right hand man for a strong leader.
    Hillary / Kaine 2016 !!!!

  56. Hillary-Kaine rally shown on CSPN at 9am!

  57. I agree War Vet and Paulette. I trust Hillary’s choice and like the pick.

  58. Amazing that Bean Jealous and Nina Turner are on MSNBC virtually every day. They found the two Black people who are pro-Sanders, and do not like Hillary, and will constantly look upset and baleful, telling her that she must do this or that to placate them. I’m sure they’ll be right there during oonvention coverage, too. And the truth is that there is nothing that HIllary could do to assuage them, so why do we keep seeing them? Maybe they would like to vote for Putin, since they seem fond of his efforts to hack the DNC and then release the documents during the convention.

  59. Quitoxe – in So Cal, you can help flip Issa’s seat or Walters seat. Let’s give Hillary a House she can work with!

  60. Kaine doesnt look so boring, I’m liking him so far…..

  61. This guy is going to rip Pence to shreds in the VP debates……..

  62. Someone in crowd yells ” He’s crazy!” abt Donald Trump . Kaine without missing a beat:”I’m hiring him for speech writing team.”

    I can see exactly why Hillary picked this guy now, listening to him, he’ great, speaks immediately in Spanish, born in kansas, working class, Gov, Sen, Mayor…..he sounds reasonable, listenable.

    Like him a lot.

  63. Wow, listening to Kaine shows he is going to be a great asset to the Ticket, perfect spanish and i think people are really going to like him, brings warmth to the ticket.

    He really compliments her.

    I did not expect this from him. Where has this Kaine been hiding.

  64. Watching too and couldn’t agree with you more moon…He’s going to be great on the campaign trail. He’s a compelling public speaker in 2 languages!
    She made a brilliant choice. I don’t know about all the “boring” talk, ’cause I’m pretty damned excited!

  65. He’s folksy too! Very humble.

  66. Did not know Kaines father in law is former Viginia republican Gov. Holton Jr..

  67. He had me cheering, laughing and crying too. He’s good.
    Look at this!

  68. I love Kaine! He is so down to earth and tells it like it is. He is a great asset and compliment to Hillary. His Spanish is great.

  69. I think that any doubts anyone might have had about Kaine have been obliterated with his introductory speech….Just hit every note perfectly…

  70. TNR, He won me over.

  71. Lots of Kaine converts and Kaine love going on in my Twitter timeline too.

    The thing was (and even Andrea the Shit noticed) was Hillary’s face and body language while he was speaking compared to when Bernie was “endorsing.” She genuinely likes him and was beaming. He managed to tell about his impressive life without bragging and without upstaging her.

  72. I just watched the Clinton-Kaine rally in Florida.
    Why does everybody think of Tim Kaine of being boring????

    I really like this guy. Got my attention thru and thru…I saw an energetic, sharp and very confident speaker with a high degree of education and consciousness.

    Now, I’m not a bit surprised to why Hillary picked him. As always:

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Brava Hillary!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  73. Sanders who? I’d forgotten about him til someone raised his name like voldemorte.

  74. Tim Kaine can raise some cain! I agree, why didn’t I know about him before? I reeeeeally like this man. Energized, smart, determined, fluent, big-hearted, loyal, tough, and has a sense of humor. He’s a steady strong flame. I’m thoroughly converted and excited now about our next Prez and Veep both!

  75. After the Darth Vader show the RNC put on this past week, I am so looking forward to the ray of light festivities of the DNC this week.

    Great job by Hillary and Tim today. I realized about 1/2 way through I had this stupid grin on my face and it stayed throughout today’s rally.

    That’s a real good sign about this ticket.

  76. Sophie, my timeline has also been filled with positive tweets from others about this ticket.

  77. Maybe I only think I heard a dogwhistle but Kaine’s Be Right or Do Right seemed like a direct shot against Bernie and the Puritopians.

  78. And there’s this, if you’re still not convinced.

  79. I’m so happy.
    I was raised Catholic and Tim Kaine is the genuinely good, yet cool priest that all the kids love.
    He’s really walked the walk.
    He has such an impressive resume, yet talks about it in such a low key, natural way.
    If the choice of Kaine for VP is indicative of Hillary’s judgement and decision making process, we will be in very good hands when she’s -God, please-elected in November.

  80. Sweet Sue, I was raised Catholic as well. He’s a Jesuit (the good kind)! I heard on TV that he had considered the priesthood.

  81. Wow, his wife is really good woman too.


    In tapping Sen. Timothy M. Kaine (D-Va.) as her running mate, Hillary Clinton didn’t just choose the popular former governor of a purple state that she hopes will turn out for Democrats in November. She also chose one half of a Virginia power couple with a history of public service and advocacy on issues related to child welfare and education.

    As governor, Kaine championed early childhood education, a cornerstone of Clinton’s education platform, and pushed for more money to support public preschool. And in the Senate, he has been a champion of career and technology education and efforts to fight sexual assault in high school.

    But Anne Holton, his wife — who serves as Virginia’s secretary of education — has an even more extensive record when it comes to advocating for children, particularly foster youth.

    As a schoolgirl in 1970, she was on the front lines of the fight to desegregate Virginia’s public schools. Holton is the daughter of Virginia Gov. A. Linwood Holton (R), who championed integration in a state that was known for its vigorous efforts to resist it. To drive home this point, he sent his daughters to a historically all-black Richmond City public school, escorting Anne Holton’s sister to class in a gesture captured in a historic photograph.

    “I have spent much of my working life focused on children and families at the margin, with full appreciation of the crucial role education can and must play in helping young people escape poverty and become successful adults,” Holton wrote in a Washington Post op-ed in June 2015.

    Holton and Kaine also sent their three children, who are now grown, to Richmond public schools.

    The pair met at Harvard Law School, from which they both graduated. She became a legal aid lawyer representing low-income clients in Richmond and eventually a judge in the city’s juvenile and domestic relations court. She stepped down when her husband was elected governor in 2005 and as first lady made a priority of finding and stabilizing homes for teens in foster care.

  82. Sophie, I’m not surprised.
    My parish (Gate of Heaven) priest’s name was Father Kaine and they even look alike.
    Same gene pool!

  83. moononpluto, Looks like we’ll be getting-dare, I say it-two for the price of one with Tim Kaine and Anne Holton.
    She even kept her maiden name!

  84. I can see the WhiteHouse band, Big Dawg on the sax, Tim on a harp, Hillary singing and on a tambourine.

  85. I mentioned my Irish heritage in the last comments thread. This guy makes me proud. I was also Jesuit-educated and really identify with the values he embodies. I don’t know if anyone else has seen this in reading about Kaine, but he and his great wife still live in the same house in a mostly African American neighborhood in Richmond that they’ve lived in for years. And they belong to the same parish there where they attend mass every Sunday. These are real people. They are good people. There is no more important qualification for high office than that.

  86. OMG it’s a vatican meeting!


  87. Yes I noticed his wife has an impressive history. I share an award with her! Guess which one!

    He did a great job today. I am no longer worried one bit.

  88. Not exactly a Vatican meeting! Note I said I was *raised* RC. I converted to Episcopalian 25 years ago and never looked back. Perhaps if all RC were Jesuit…but they are not. I went to a Christian Brother college. Completely different.

  89. Hey Sophie, I’m a dago too! I was *born* a catholic too.

  90. But did you stay that way, Upps?

    Nothing like being in an RC church for a family wedding or funeral and being one of the few not allowed to go up for communion because I am literally considered a heretic. Meanwhile all the divorced relatives can go!

  91. Uppity, “Outstanding woman.”

  92. No I left the church decades ago after spending my first 2 years of teaching in one of their schools. I’ll leave it at that.

  93. Birdie, you win the prize. But my category wasn’t hers. It was Business and Industry.

  94. I’m cautiously optimistic. The only thing keeping me from picking up my pom-poms is the fact that he has the backing of JStreet. That personally concerns me, and I know there are a lot of mainstream Jews who will take serious issue with it as well. I don’t think it will stop Jewish Dems from voting for CK, but Jewish Republicans will probably vote Johnson instead of going Dem.

  95. Well Sophie, they lost a good one over that. Don’t blame you.

  96. I hear you Julie, but the trade off is a purple state, a big hand in Florida and a shot at NeverTrump people and independents.

  97. What I see here is that Hill is ditching the worry about the remaining Bernoids and cutting them loose, instead going for other demographics. I think that’s a sensible choice. Most of the Bernie people are already converted, albeit not seeing her as perfection but definitely better than Trump and his SCOTUS. They are being sensible enough. The remainder are the Twinkles Up crowd who will never be happy till they get everything that’s yours and mine.

  98. Wow the munich killer was only 18 years old. Jebus.

    Iranian. Not involved with ISIS. Just crazy, had been institutionalized for mental illness.

    I know a number of Iranians here and they are very peaceful people. Most of them are strong professionals too.

  99. Hey, I’m a recovering Catholic too! But the good social justice values of the JB’s, as we call them, stay with you forever! I was also educated by Sisters of Mercy–another bizarrely liberal order in a reactionary, patriarchal church. Made me the Brassy Rebel I am today.

  100. Here is the rally with Hillary and Tim Kaine

    They look good together.

  101. I can see the WhiteHouse band, Big Dawg on the sax, Tim on a harp, Hillary singing and on a tambourine.


  102. anyone remember Evan Bayh? He was supposed to be Hillary’s 08 VP apparently he’s running to take back his senate seat. Any Indiana dems here?

  103. So the final shortlist as of last Friday was
    Warren, Perez, Castro, Vilsack, Sherrod, Booker, Hickenlooper and Kaine.


    very interesting read.

  104. Upps and Sophie:
    I guess is time to all come out.
    I was also born and raised catholic in the Jesuit tradition; though I do not profess any religion, the Jesuit school of thought have remained the foundation in my life….

  105. Add me to the list. Retired Irishcatholic (one word in my family) and my uncle was a Jesuit Brother. He also did missionary work in Honduras. He would tell me stories that usually began with “Now, don’t tell your mother.”

  106. Holy crap. Trump is basically running to repay Russia. You have to read this.


  107. More re: Russia trying to influence this election…from HRC

  108. My tweet to Tim Kaine. Because I was…….wrong.


  109. Does anybody know of a sticker of Hillary’s “Love Trumps Hate” are available?
    I want some…

  110. The Sanders supporters are all up in arms about the Wikileaks and are suing the DNC. Plus, the nurses union sent a FB posting, asking supporters to nominate Nina Turner as Sanders VP from the floor of the convention. This may be a nasty convention.

    If I could leave the nurses Union without losing my job, I would do it. They have gone off the deep end for Sanders.

  111. Upps:

    What a wonderful gesture, love your tweet, but mostly: LOVE you!

  112. Bellecat, Look on her website. She has a t- shirt with this slogan.

  113. Interesting read:

    How Peter Thiel’s Premier Data-Mining Firm Validated Clinton Global Initiative http://www.nationalmemo.com/peter-thiels-huge-data-mining-firm-validated-clinton-global-initiative/

  114. Julile, as we know, Hillary has been a strong supporter of Israel, and will almost certainly be more supportive than President Obama has been, or at least his advisors. I do hope that your friends reconsider, because a vote for the LIbertarian is at least half a vote for Trump. I never really worry about the bottom half of the ticket as far as positions, because it is the President who is in charge of all of it. For example, I did not think that Lieberman on the ticket was going to influence Gore;s foreign policy. I don’t even know what Kaine’s position is here, but I am very confident of Hillary’s stance.

  115. Uppity, I love your tweet.

  116. Thank you Birdgal…
    I’ll check it out.

  117. Whatever the DNC did to help Obama in ’08 was about a hundred times more blatant than anything they might have done this time. I don’t think they did anything, actually, just wanted Hillary to be nominated instead of a Socialist who would do nothing to help the party downticket. I’m sure that some people are going to revel in doing damage to Hillary at the convention. I’ve always tellt that the Left would just as soon lose and feel righteous about it. Anyway, that is why the Russians hacked the DNC files, and that is why they are being released now, to try to get Trump elected. The Nurses Union, and their other cohorts, go right along with the plan.

  118. Turkey shut down 15 universities, 934 schools, 104 foundations, 109 dormitories, 35 hospitals, 1,125 associations, 19 unions today.
    Turkish government also seized properties of all these schools, universities and private institutions that were shut down in a massive crackdown. The number of sacked/suspended rises to 76,644 and counting. More than 11,000 detained. Erdogan issued a decree that allows 30-day detention period, without a right to visitation or medical service.
    Still think Turkey is democratic? Still think Turkey is not a dictatorship?

    This is a dictatorship, no doubt about it and needs to called out as it.

    They should be thrown out of NATO and the US should remove its nukes out of it immediately.

  119. This is what is going on in Turkey, reminds you of anything…

  120. Sanders supporters are always up in arms about something. DNC had no way to rig the primaries and caucuses because they didn’t control them. The states did. And Sanders supporters can nominate anyone they want to be Sanders VP since he won’t be president and has no earthly use for a vice president. Finally, these little asses need to stop enabling Russian Intelligence agencies from interfering in OUR election process. Thankfully, Hillary secured her own emails from these pigs.

  121. Re: worries about Kaine and the banks via BernieBots— isn’t that why we have Warren in the Senate?

  122. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/07/23/democrats-vote-to-bind-most-superdelegates-to-state-primary-results/?tid=sm_fb

    Information from the rules committee today re: super delegates

    PHILADELPHIA — After a lengthy debate and a deal between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party’s rules committee voted to created a “unity commission” that would dramatically limit the role of convention “superdelegates,” binding roughly two-thirds of them to the results of state primaries and caucuses.

    “The Commission shall make specific recommendations providing that Members of Congress, Governors, and distinguished party leaders remain unpledged and free to support their nominee of choice,” reads the new rules language, “but that remaining unpledged delegates be required to cast their vote at the Convention for candidates in proportion to the vote received for each candidate in their state.”

    [Democrats grapple with intraparty divisions two days before convention opens]

    According to the new rules, approved by a vote of 158 to 6, Democrats will appoint a unity commission of 21 members “no later than 60 days” after the general election, chaired by Clinton supporter Jennifer O’Malley Dillon and vice-chaired by Sanders supporter and former Communications Workers of America president Larry Cohen. That commission would report by Jan. 1, 2018, and get a vote on its proposals by the next meeting of the Democratic National Committee, long before the 2020 primaries.

    The other guidelines for the commission included a mix of Clinton and Sanders ideas, including expanding “eligible voters’ ability to participate in the caucuses” in caucus states (a gripe of Clinton’s campaign) and encouraging “the involvement in all elections of unaffiliated or new voters who seek to join the Democratic Party through same-day registration and re-registration” (a Sanders demand).

  123. Well, we have more important things to worrry about now, but this is a bad arrangement, and will ultimately lead to candidates on the fringe winning the nonimations because of caucuses; and of Reputlicans interfering with the primaries, and helping determine tne Democratic nominee. I do not understand why Sanders, who has never been a Democrat, who never donates or works for them, can come in here and intimidate the party to turn the primary process into a free-for-all. If they wanted to get rid of something, how about the undemocratic Donna Brazile rule, that districts which voted in a higher percentage for the Democratic candidate in tne national general election, are rewarded with more delegates than the other ones? What happened to one person, one vote? Why should a person have less of a vote because he or she happens to live in a district, large or small, where the national vote was close there?

  124. Perhaps these troublesome changes will be quietly reversed after this election.

    Between them, the Trump Chumps and the obnoxious minority among the Sanders supporters are turning me against populism.

  125. Birdgal, are you sure it’s the same Nat’l Nurses Union behind Sanders which is what you belong to thru work? There’s also the ANA, which is far, far larger and didn’t back Sanders.

  126. I don’t like most of what I hear about the proposed changes. If Super Delegates have to vote in accordance with their state’s percentages, what’s the point of having them? In my state (WA) Sanders won in the caucus, but the primary a month or so later was won by Hillary. Unfortunately our state’s Dem “leadership” opted to not count the primary results, only the caucuses.

    We need to eliminate caucuses, not continue them.

  127. Ivory Bill, one of these days, hopefully not for years, there is going to be a Republican incumbent president running unopposed; and the Republicans are going to have a free shot at coming into all the Democratic primaries and caucuses, and voting for the worst possible candidate, or maybe even some right-wing person who decided to call himself a Democrat for that cycle.

    The absurd thing is that Sanders’ demands would not end up allowing more left-wing people to participate, because there are not many of those, and most of them are already Democrats. The constantly repeated narrative that he brought so many people into the party, is nonsense. All he brought in were Libertarians, most of whom were motivated by the goal of defeating Hillary, not electing Sanders. Democratic primary turnout was down about 20% from 2008. Sanders did not bring new people into the party for any period longer than this year. Sanders is not a Democrat, and would probably prefer if there were no Democratic Party, and instead some amorphous group of Socialists and Libertarians and disaffected people. And actually, he probably doesn’t even care about any of it, beyond whatever benefitted him. A party formed along Sanders’ principles would lose every time, sort of like the Liberal Party in England, which is essentially gone. I have no idea why so many people were credulous enough to accept his representations.

  128. NW Luna, Yes, it is the same union that I belong and pay dues to. They have really jumped the shark on this one.

  129. One of my concerns is that despite the threats, the RNC convention was not a scene of great protests or disruption. I do not trust s\Sanders and his supporters who were never democrats, but far left kooks who will use this timely leaked wiki thing to justify their awful behavior. The media is already fanning the flames.

  130. The Twinkles Up crowd will be placed behind fences at a distance from the center. various separate locations to break them up. They won’t get anywhere near the convention. But the press will visit them for sure.

    His delegates could be a problem. I think they long for the 60s convention riot thing. They are just little shits. Also, Bernie canvassed for money to pay for their convention stay, but he didn’t come through. Many of the delegates won’t make it. He probably kept the $$ for payouts of the illegal contributions the bernouts pretend don’t exist. 645 pages of FEC required paybacks.

  131. I just want to do the honorable thing and say I was wrong about Tim Kaine.

    When I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

  132. I don’t believe the superdelegate arrangement will change. Blowing smoke. What SHOULD go away are caucuses.

  133. Populism is nothing more than an attempt at Mob Rule.

  134. The “Commission” made “Recommendations” and set “Guidelines”.
    Recommendations are easily rejected by the larger vote. Guidelines are Nothing. They aren’t rules, and nobody has to follow them. It’s all about the Words.

  135. What a wonderful gesture, love your tweet, but mostly: LOVE you!

    Back atcha!

    The tweet is getting retweeted to the next planet, which is good, because it’s true.

  136. Fanning the flames and spreading their bias opinions is mainly what the media does now. Unfortunately for us citizens, we have to investigate to find out what is the truth, especially when it comes to politics.

  137. Ok, this just got really interesting. Joy Reid is doing a show tomorrow/today re: Wikileaks/Russia/Trump tie-ins. Think this story doesn’t have a whiff of truth. Wikie just posted this tweet:

  138. Birdgal, that’s too bad.

  139. The Russians and wiki are helping Bernie. That’s not surprising Bernie is a USSR admirer. He has no problems with the rise of the USSR again. Trump has already publically stated he doesn’t really want NATO cuz the USA is the member that pays for most of it. Putin is working really hard for a return of the USSR. NATO helps contain Putins ambitions. So these three are all natural allies. No need to stretch the imagination to see this one.

    Bernie and Trump are two sides of the same coin, always have been. More importantly, where is the outrage about Rusia meddling in the USA Presidential election?

  140. For the past three weeks I’ve been moving my parents out of their current very large home so that they can buy a smaller condo closer to me. All while working full time and helping my nephew get approved to rent a place with his wife and new baby. Unfortunately my brother has been out of town during this entire time. So it has all fallen on me to deal with. I’m almost done. The closing is Monday for my parents and all that is left with my nephew is to adjust the lease dates.

    I see the light at the end of the tunnel but won’t get there until after I find the folks a condo close to me, buy it, remodel it a bit to ensure future accessibility and move them in.

  141. Russia, Putin, Trump, Bernie. The good news is that the next president and vice president will be on 60 Minutes tonight. Minus the gilded chairs from last week.

  142. Damn Y’all! I’m gonna have to start a band called Jewels and the Lapsed Catholics.

  143. Oh and Weaver still a douche bag. My understanding is that once again Bernie is to appear on the Sunday tiger beat shows. He’s supposed defuse wiki bullsh!t. But I don’t trust him because he is also. Still a douche bag. From what I could see there was talk but it was never acted upon. The timing looks like the talk all happened after Bernie hacked Clintons info and Bernie personally attacked DWS. I don’t see any conspiracy here. All I see is a revenge statement that went no where. Unless I’m missing out on more info here than what I found, let me know. I don’t see Bernie as a victim here just a target of unacted upon revenge. So really. Nothing.

  144. I may need to lower my estimate of Putin’s intellect. He’s risking giving the candidate most likely to be our next President good reason to loathe him personally.

  145. DNC leaked email controversy is inside baseball stuff that is going nowhere. No one gives a rat’s ass about Sanders contingent’s butt hurt. Bottom line: Clinton v Sanders was decided at the polls by the voters. Bernie supporters’ crushed little feelings and complaints pail in comparison to the legitimate angst of Hillary supporters in 2008 when DNC/super delegates really, truly stabbed Hillz in the back. But while many of her supporters pouted and never came around (as is their right) Hillz played the long game and sucked it up to rise again. This is what an adult dedicated to the greater good does. Media is stoking the controversy partly as a smokescreen because they were so wrong about the “Tim Kaine is a boring pick narrative.” Turn mainstream and cable media off and tune them out people! C-Span unfiltered, catching speeches/rallies on ‘net replay, and link referrals from Hillz backers are your friend. As example, I tend to shun Sunday shows as they are patently awful, unless someone credible says something worth watching. It got very little press, but Hillz was masterful one-on-one for an entire hour of Charlie Rose recent interview. He was mostly respectful but by no means push over. I’ll put link at the end if anyone interested. I also very much want to see Hillz and Tim on “60 Minutes” tonight. On basis of yesterday, bet they nail it again unlike the Trump-Pence debacle.


  146. All this talk of Trump, Putin, Russian intelligence, and Wikileaks has left me with an irresistable urge to watch The Manchurian Candidate again.

  147. Paulette, you just totally…..NAILED IT! Thank you!

  148. Totally agree, Paulette. Wikileak is Nothingburger. If I saw one incriminating email from and to Hillary, that would be the only one that matters. And there is none. It’s a Nothingburger.

    Hillary did her detailed wonky data analysis, probably spent millions on polling and she appears to have decided what I was hoping she would decide. Let the remaining Bernie cranks go. Dump them. Replace them with. NeverTrumpers, Indys (see Kaine), capture more white labor guys (See Kaine), and let the cranks go ahead and vote for Johnson, Trump, that nutcase tinfoil woman, they will have been replaced.

    Donald will not take NY. Not ever. Hillary was beloved as a Senator up and down. It’s hers. Kaine talking to the Latinos in Florida, plus she has always done well there, she will take it. Virginia is hers now. California will be hers. Kaine and his background will bring in more of Michigan, Ohio, etc. She may not win Ohio but she will take the states she needs. Her entire focus is on Which States. You can see it. Her strategy is brilliant. But we can expect more ‘scandals’ created, and I think she’s pretty good at either wiping them out or ignoring them completely based on her calculations.

    The Bernies will of course ruin the convention in any way they can, just like they crapped all over Zuccotti Park and left it in a shambles. But if you haven’t seen the setup in Philly, you haven’t lived. They have set up (cost a fortune to contain these barn animals) contained areas in Philly with 8 foot fences containing the protests inside. None of them is close to the convention. They’ll get press but they won’t get into the convention. It is either going to be huge turnout or a bust. Not sure all his delegates will make it. he took money to help the delegates, but I have seen complaints at Bernie Central. Last I looked they were 900k short to finance the delegates. I think he used to the money to save his illegal donation ass. But it’s not nearly enough to pay those monies back. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is making deals to have DNC pay that debt. And it’s a “yuuuuuuuuuuge” debt.

    The only thing I don’t think Bernie is capable of doing is controlling his delegates. They are controlling things now and it’s like putting five year olds in charge of the classroom. My guess is the Security is going to be heavy, they will be removed. They will later bitch and moan and carry on, but after this convention, they can eat shit and die or go do their “Revolution”. They will find Bernie won’t help. He’s in debt. He needs to be bailed out. Bernie’s just another politician albeit a diehard Central America socialist politician. Personally I would much rather these young anarchists in training be against Hillary than for her. I remember McGovern. McGovern was a good man, his followers tanked him. They were so awful, it gave us Nixon again. Give them to the other side, any side. Better they are not for her because they are ME ME ME wants YOURS YOURS YOURS and it’s not just about some 1% either. It’s all of us. They declare themselves “The People” when they are the minority for sure now. Polls have most of the sensible Bernie people knowing that Trump would be a disaster for women, POC, LGBT. It’s all about SCOTUS now and whether 2 or more Fat Tonys for a couple of decades will be advantageous to them. They are smart enough to know it won’t. The Remainders, what I call the Bernie Central Tantrum Crowd will not impact this election in the end. Half of them won’t even show up to vote.Those that do will Spite Vote, too dumb and spoiled to realize they are spiting themselves. But their belief that they control this election outcome is hilariously ridiculous. Typical M Narcissists.

    We can expect more fake scandals though. More diversions. More repeating the same lie till everyone else is repeating it. It’s What They Do.

    Over and Out.

  149. And of COURSE they didn’t support Bernie. HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT and ACTUAL Democrats resent him showing up 90 seconds ago and trying to HIJACK the party. The Democratic Party is NOT the Socialist Party.

    Oh I see he is on now. The Platform isn’t worth a roll of toilet paper. The President decides what the platform really is. End of story.

    And DWS is going to go down. But she has already announced she will not run again for DNC. But it’s not as if she’s not an arsehole. We know that.

  150. Embedded in this Blue Nation Review post, is the new ad by Trumpzilla’s campaign. The most egotistical thing you have ever seen…for now. I’m sure Trumpzilla will top himself in this campaign.

  151. Julie, as we know, Hillary has been a strong supporter of Israel, and will almost certainly be more supportive than President Obama has been, or at least his advisors. I do hope that your friends reconsider, because a vote for the LIbertarian is at least half a vote for Trump. I never really worry about the bottom half of the ticket as far as positions, because it is the President who is in charge of all of it. For example, I did not think that Lieberman on the ticket was going to influence Gore;s foreign policy. I don’t even know what Kaine’s position is here, but I am very confident of Hillary’s stance.

    I think most Jews pay close attention to the running mate because we look back at Kennedy, and to a degree Reagan and Ford, and think “What happens if…”. And our country’s love affair with guns makes it a realistic question lately.

    The left-wing press in Israel is keen on Kaine, mainly because he was one of the first to oppose Netanyahu’s speech to congress and because of his perceived sympathy to leftist ideals when it comes to Israel. The right wing press there is pushing Trump as the pro-Israel candidate, despite the neo-Nazi support. The moderate press is pointing out that the GOP is pandering to Jews and anti-Semites at the same time and are wondering if Kaine will support Hillary’s positions on Israel.

    The best thing for Kaine to do would be to disavow the BDS movement and to emphasize that there can be no Middle East peace process without negotiations that include Israel. That would calm the average Jewish Dem and bring over Republicans. In my very purple state we could use every vote we can get.

  152. Good Morning!

    Gee, I hope the vultures in the media aren’t as obsessed with this side issue as my friends here.
    Gail Collins writes a very nice op-ed in the NYT today.


    It’s funny that the fact that Hillary was the first WOMAN to be elected Senator in NY history is seldom mentioned. As someone who campaigned for her back then, I don’t even remember it being, “a thing”. She was Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most famous woman in the world, so her gender was secondary to her fame. She won the state by traveling the WHOLE state, and won reelection by a landslide, not because of her fame, her history or her gender, but because she was one hell of a great representative of her state.

    The WiKi bullshit and whose panties are bunched will obviously be a meme during the convention. The media will seek out “progressives” who are red faced at the DNC and have panel discussions about the damage and discord, whether there really is any or not.
    They’ll look for anyone who has a problem with the one or issues Tim Kaine isn’t in lockstep with (there is at least one person here who doesn’t back Kaine over ONE issue.) and they’ll solemnly question the impact on “swing voters” and “undecideds”. We should all be used to this by now. It’s the media’s relationship with the Clinton family and it goes back almost a quarter century. It ain’t gonna change this week.

    That stuff is the side-show. The main event, the center ring, is the convention itself. America will see what a professional, organized, UNIFIED party looks like.
    Not D-listers, “A” listers…not Chachi, But Clooney, not some third rate soap opera actress, but Meryl Streep. Every major Democratic politician alive will attend, and ENTHUSIASTICALLY endorse.
    The food will be better, the lighting will be better, the speakers will be better, hell the governing philosophy and vision for the future will be upbeat, forward-looking and POSITIVE, in stark contrast to the doom-fest last week.

    This is the week we nominate the first Woman President in American history! Not only will she be the first woman elected, but her victory will be a victory over the forces of darkness and bigotry, a national cult hell bent on taking this country back, back to the imaginary 1950’s. A demagogue who would be the first to put his hand on a Bible he’s never read, pledging to protect a Constitution he’s never read.

    So, in a word, fuck wiki and the the sideshow! Let Andrea Mitchell and the anti-Hillary hatchet squad do their worst. The Convention and the contrast with the GOP will overwhelm their attempts to cast a pall over the proceedings. When Hillary shares the stage with the entire Democratic party in solidarity and UNITY, when the balloons and confetti drop (Please let the balloons drop on time!!!) America will have seen the difference between darkness and light, between madness and sanity, between “I alone!” and “Stronger Together”

    I always advise my nervous friends to think about Hillary, and how she handles the things that come at her, the things they throw at her, the constant obstacles put in her way. How does SHE deal with those things? She takes it all and perseveres, she keeps moving ahead, towards the goal.

    Eight years ago, I had to watch someone else get nominated to a position I and many others worked so hard to see her reach. While I was still licking my wounds, SHE was calling his name into nomination!
    She was ALREADY past it, moving ahead, looking at the next step.
    Do not get bogged down in the BS! This is the big moment, the one we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s going to be GRAND!

    I KNOW this is on her playlist this week. It should be on yours and mine too…

  153. I finally got to watch the Hillary-Kaine rally; and like everyone else, I was quite impressed with Kaine. Apart from the other things mentioned, he seems highly intelligent; it felt like he extemporized that speech. If he can replicate that on the trail, he will definitely be an asset. If he can help deliver Florida, we are in pretty solid shape.

  154. Julie, I certainly take your point; and BDS absolutely has to be repudiated and stamped out in this country. Trump could not possibly be good for Israel, because he and his advisors would have no idea what they are doing, and would inflame Arab terrorists. I cannot conceive of Trump having an intelligent foreign policy in any aspect. If I lived in Israel (and of course I don’t, and it is always more facile to view things from here), I would strongly support Hillary, who has been very strong with regard to Israel over the last decades. But it’s a fair question to ask Kaine about his position.

  155. Does anyone here have a current state projection map for the general election?

  156. Great comment, TNR.
    Only one little pickable nit: Cleveland has great food.:)

  157. The possible Russian involvement with e-mail leaks is being discussed on the talk shows. Howard Dean considers it serious and said the only platform modification that the Trump campaign had asked for, had to do the issue of Urkaine.

  158. Paulette:

    Thank you so much for the link to Hillary-Charlie Rose interview.

    A must watch…

  159. Fmr NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg — who flirted w/ his own WH bid — will endorse Hillary Clinton and speak at the Democratic convention.

  160. They say its not terrorism……Merkel needs to explain her open door policy.
    A machete attack by a Syrian asylum-seeker has left one woman dead and two other people injured, police in south-western Germany say. This is what happens when you just open the doors to those you do not know.

    BBC struggling use the words muslim, immigrant and killer in the same sentence.


  161. Suspect significant domestic pressure is being heaped on Merkel now, looks like this becoming commonplace. Checks are not being made and thats the problem, You let the scum in with the good in these things.

  162. Re Hillary/Rose interview, you’re welcome. Hill (and Bill) represent so well when discussing public policy. Many find it boring but I find it fascinating the way they effortlessly think on their feet and have all these facts and figures at their command while making their case on issues. During the primaries, Bill spoke often on the stomp most effectively about how Hillary is the best “change maker” that he’s ever known. I expect he’ll reprise much of this in his DNC speech — doing for Hillary what he did for Obama in 2012.

  163. De Blasio must be fuming…Bloomberg gets a primetime speech…….Di Blasio……..errrr

  164. Putin is no intellectual.

    Never was.

  165. CNN interviewed some Bernie or bust protesters and sorry but they sound completely insane. They plan on fighting for the nomination. Even though Bernie has conceded and endorsed Hillary Clinton. Even though she won the primaries by a lot. They represent such a small minority and their actions just make them look like the looney left with their full on misogyny displayed for all to see. This is giving every one associated with the far left a bad name.

  166. @SFax: I realize Vlad is no scholar, but I had held a certain respect for him, in a “Rommel, you magnificent bastard” sort of way. I feel that respect draining away. 😡

  167. BREAKING: Debbie Wasserman Schultz is OUT as head of the DNC after the convention.

    She Gone.

  168. Ugh….disaster

    DNC Vice Chair Donna Brazile will serve as Interim Chair through the election

  169. Well, the Bernie Bros finally got the female scalp they’ve been hunting, it’s just not Hillary’s.
    Could someone pleas explain what unpardonable sin DSW committed?
    Other than being powerful while female, that is.

  170. shadowfax, not sure what you mean by Putin not being an intellectual. Certainly not in the sense of philosophically thinking about things. But never forget that he started in the KGB and ran it for years. (The Russian secret service that disappears people.) He has one of the sharpest strategic minds on the world scene now and it’s not accompanied by any heart I’ve been able to see. (Background: I’m half Russian, grew up with that half of the family, read Russian media.)

    If anyone can figure out how to use a vicious buffoon to Russia’s (read: Putin’s and his cronies’) benefit, he can.

  171. Can’t believe the Bern Bros are having temper tantrums over the wikileaks DNC emails. Where the f*ck were they when the DNC was screwing Hillary over at the Rules Bylaws Committee? Where were they when they were forcing her off the ballot and forcing her to release her delegates and suspend the roll call vote? Where were they when her supporters were being threatened and mocked relentlessly by the media and the Obama campaign? Unless they were there they need to stfu about this innocuous faux outrage over emails

  172. This was a well planned leak and very unfortunate for Hillary. She was very loyal to DWS and it looking back, DWS should have left earlier. Now we have this bs to deal with all week.

  173. MSNBC is certain that the DNC mails prove that Sanders was right, that everything was rigged. I don’t know how they think the DNC rigged primaries in 50 states plus territories, but they don’t get into the details. You can be assured that whatever Hillary wins, has won, will be wrested away from her, at least figuratively, by the media. Again, her biggest enemy is and will always be, the media, an amalgam of incredibly obtuse and virulently anti-Hillary people. I haven’t read the mails, and won’t, but is there one single mail which shows anything being rigged in any primary or debate? If the system was so rigged, how did DWS let Sanders hve five seats on the platform committee, to only six for Hillary, when the usual metric is that the winner gets virtually all the seats??? These people tried to turn the platform into a radical Left document. The media is proud of Sanders, and says that his people got virtually everything they wanted on the platform, except maybe TIPP (and of course, Israel, where Sanders’ people tried to turn it into a pro-PLO platform). Amazing how with all the DNC fixing, Sanders got all these platform planks. The man is oen amazing political genius. Maybe he gets to choose the e ntire Cabinet, too.

  174. He’s a political genius, William, except when it comes to getting votes. If not for caucuses, he would have been totally crushed instead of semi-crushed. I broke my no cable news rule and heard one of these genius pundits (I forget which, they’re all idjits) marvelling that BS got 43% of the primary vote so everyone should genuflect and give him whatever he wants. Of course, Hillary got 50% of the 2008 vote and asked for nothing. But she’s a girl so she can’t ask for anything. And it was totally her job to unify the party. Because girl.

  175. I wish the brits would force that embassy to shove that wikileaks thug out. I think he’s an arch criminal and that stealing peoples right to privacy is worse than stealing their money. Can you imagine if all of these media freaks that are railing against DWS and Hillary, had all of their private communications, their ssn’s and their credit card numbers made public to the world, how they would react? They’d be calling for that creeps head. Our media is so hypocritical.

  176. Yes, Brazile not much of an asset in trying to win downticket races. DWS wasn’t great at it, either, but it appears that Hillary thinks she has good skills in that regard. The key aspect is that Sanders doesn’t care one bit whether the Democrats win any races, except maybe for the ego of being chairman of a commitee. He never cared about any of this before, as it is always all about him and his validation. Getting rid of DWS is thus gratifying to him.

  177. Okay, gotta lighten the mood. This day has been very stressful.

  178. When did Carl Bernstein became a Clinton hater? To think I once thought he was a great journalist.

  179. Bernie Sanders is a bitter old man who will be retired and is coming to the end of his life. So he’s trying to cling to whatever power he thinks he has. He had an epiphany at 73 that he could run for President and actually do something and for that he thinks he is entitled to everything. I for one am THANKFUL for DWS thank GOD she was Chair this election cycle. Bc Howard Dean didn’t do a damn thing to help her in 08 against rigged caucuses and illegal RBC ruling. Everyone go to twitter and instagram to THANK Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her outstanding job and for working for Hillary!

  180. everyone on Instagram please comments support for DWS at @dwstweets she’s getting lots of hate from Bernie Bros

  181. Mean while…alls not quiet on the Russian Front. Trump camp ties to Russia/Putin:

    Manafort didn’t just represent oligarchs tight with the Kremlin. He became business partners with them. He ran a private equity fund in which the aluminum magnate (and Putin pal) Oleg Deripaska invested millions. As the Washington Post has shown, this fund didn’t exactly do much investing. In fact, Manafort struggled to account for the cash he received. And rather than pay back Deripaska, he apparently went underground.

  182. Those asses at MSNBC can go f$ck themselves. Incredibly sexist to even imply that the DNC cheated to give Hillary the nomination. As if a woman could never beat a man unless there was cheating involved. Bernie’s too much if an egomaniac and sexist to be anything but an also ran. He and his entire crew are not ready for prime time. At this point his speech should be suspended. Hes not a victim, just a bully.

    And of course still a douchebag.

  183. Visit “The Confluence”.
    riverdaughter’s: Gently Smiling Jaws; great post and great pix of our Hill…

  184. The story of the century; Russia trying to take over America by choosing a dupe American candidate whom they can manipulate. And all the media can focus on, is, “Maybe this will damage Hillary!”

  185. This whole pissing match between Sanders camp and DNC began with the data breach when DNC suspended Sanders access to data at DNC –briefly. Then Sanders sued them. It’s all been downhill since. But no one talks about the data breach anymore. Certainly the media doesn’t because that doesn’t fit the media narrative that BS was a hapless victim of Hillary, the monster and her chief assisstant, DWS.

    In happier news, I just watched Hillary and Tim on 60 Minutes. They are great seperately and even greater together. Stronger Together!

  186. Realist, I love you! Thanks for that post!

  187. Brassy:
    Is there a link for the 60 minutes show?

  188. Why in the heck is Clinton having DW on her campaign after all this uproar?

  189. Birdgal, she gave her an honorary position. DWS is not my favorite, but she didn’t deserve this. As Brassy Rebel pointed out above, the Sanders campaign hacked the DNC, and then sued them. If Sanders had been nominated, we would have had a non-Democrat hijacking the party.

  190. birdgal, bc the uproar is manufactured BS! The fact of the matter is no amount of emails kept Bernie from winning. He was a lousy candidate and if anything DWS had Hillary’s back and tried to stop some of it considering the media was churning out negative Hillary stories & misinformation like hot cakes! So she was trying to halt it. Bc they tried to do what they did to her in 08 and they lost

  191. Also the Bernie campaign was attacking her and inciting people to harass and bully her. And she’s supposed to remain neutral on that? BS. She’ll get Hillary elected and she’ll be re-elected and these Bernie people will fall by the wayside

  192. To be honest, William, I felt DWS was inadvertently obvious about her preference for Hillary.

    But then why would ANY DNC member prefer a guy who isn’t even a Democrat?

  193. You guys want to have some fun? I got answered by Meredith McGiver in a tweet. (The “person” who took the hit for Melanoma’s plagiarism). Only it was so fast after I wrote her name I figured it was a bot.

    So I go to her account and, you have just got to see the the pix with Donald in this thread. NAILED.

    Hilarious. And why is the press not exposing this. I gotta ask? Of course they’re not. Then on the other hand it could just be a hoax not attached to Trump. Either way all they would have to say is it’s an imposter whether it is or not from their campaign. NO FINGERPRINTS = NO PROOF.

  194. I just don’t understand why any of us would ever watch MSNBC. It’s masochism!

  195. I do feel sorry for DWS because of the hate. But the truth is, she didn’t manage well. Those people were emailing without EVER thinking they could be hacked…….AFTER they got hacked FCS. Where are the brains here?

    I think Hillary felt sorry too and made her a place. That is all. Besides, they LOVE her in Florida, this won’t hurt her one bit. That Canola Oil guy is a Bernoid socialist. He needs to lose.

    I think if the remaining disgruntleds want to start a party they should, call themselves what they are, revive the SOCIALIST PARTY and see how well they do. Lol The People’s Party. Wait till they find out how much work it is. They can’t even register on time much less meet those deadlines. And all those petitions!

  196. Bernstein toggles back and forth. Schitz.

  197. Rumor is Castro is going to be DNC.

  198. Socal if Assange ever sets foot here are is snagged anywhere, he will be tried for rape AND espionage. He has said this is his fear. Good. He doesn’t expose governments, he exposes people he has a grudge against. Hillary called what he did treason.

  199. I can’t stand Bernstein. He’s a shit and cheated on Nora Ephron.

  200. I felt Dr. Dean was inadvertently obvious in 08 but we didn’t call for his head on a pike.

  201. Uppity, I do not disagree at all. But as opposed to 2008, where the DNC actually did things to damage Hillary, siuch as taking away some of her delegates in Michigan and giving them to Obama, and halving the Florida delegates, and not having a revote primary in either state; I don’t think that the DNC did anything to damage Sanders in this campiagn. It may not be politically correct to say, but I felt that they more than owed her some favoritism.

  202. Woo, I had no idea the blog would be so active on a Sunday, way behind on the posts…
    Moon- Debbie Wasserman Schultz is OUT as head of the DNC

    I kind of felt it was in the cards for DebbyUglyHair, especially when she kicked ol’ Bernie to the curb. (Good for her on that)

    My have a strong feeling that, that slot might be open for Lizzy, after all, she didn’t endorse Hillary until the primary was more than over, and if she if the DNC chair, it will be her job to corral the Berniebots back into the Dem. pen.

  203. Bernie really is a shit.
    Sanders Team Wanted DNC To Pay For Private Plane For Fall https://www.buzzfeed.com/evanmcsan/bernie-sanders-private-plane?utm_term=.okjpJvykOq

  204. I hear you William. And she and Barack were MUCH closer in results than Bernie was with Hillary. And here he is WHINING.

  205. Yes Sophie, Dean was soooooooo obvious. And remember Nancy saying There Will Be No Dream Team?

  206. CNN nailing Manafort about his association with Putin and the hacking of DNC by Russians. And of course he said it’s absurd.

    CNN analysis….Alarming.

  207. Visit “The Confluence”.

    Why doesn’t RD come by here and say howdie?

    What’s up with that?

    I met her in Denver in 2008, she is pretty cool.
    Where in the heck is Murphy?

  208. Anyone see 60 minutes with Hillary and Kaine? It was very good and they interacted well with each other.

    Thank you to everyone who answered my question about DWS.

  209. I just watched “60 Minutes.” Hillary could not have done it any better. Scott Pelley did a dignified and reasonable interview, much different than the hectoring tone taken by the cable network people. How anyone could watch that and not vote for Hillary, is hard to fathom, but of course I always feel that after I see her in such situations. What a strange country we are, to have nearly half the populace considering voting for a madman over a brilliant and caring person,

  210. What protesters can and can’t do in Philly. With a map of speech free zones etc.

  211. @SFax: I can’t speak for RD, but I gather she’s very busy lately.

  212. Posting again, the End Game memo where Bernie really did want the DNC to give him a plane. (You know, like they do in the hostage scenes in movies). Scroll to the end where the memo is and pass by all the buzzfeed writing.


  213. If the Putin-Trump connection proves real, I expect the vast majority of the national-security community will support Clinton, if they don’t prefer her already.

    I wonder if Wesley Clark, or someone like him, could be talked into taking the attack-dog role for Clinton on this matter.

  214. Sophie, Interesting memo. They were able to get a lot of they wanted. Jeff Weaver said he supports Clinton and they need to defeat Trump. He also said he had voted for Kaine in VA and thought he was a good guy.

  215. I risk telling you but I am seeing DWS all over the freaking TV, she has sucked all the oxygen the nite before the DNC. And tomorrow it will be all about DWS too, the FIRST DAY of the Convention. The Convention is not supposed to be about DWS.

    I’m sorry but she is sticking herself on center stage. Right now they are SHOWING her on the Convention floor doing a Walkthru.

  216. That memo is ridiculous. This guy has delusions of grandeur.

  217. I’m sure the CIA is doing their research on Russia/DNC. And Comey won’t be doing it.

    Incidentally, Bernie lost his secret service people. I am sure he feels less important.

  218. Actually CNN is making it seem catastrophic, particularly Cooper and Lemon. I do think, however, it would have been best to avoid her going on stage. It creates an unnecessary event which like Melania’s speech, is a waste of attention to the important issues. It can also all go away if sandcrab really endorses Hillary tomorrow and not the tepid stuff he has put out today. Many of his supporters , as I long said, will never come around and are despicable .

  219. I tell you, Hillary has one fabulous surrogate in the AA woman who is on CNN right now. She’s ripping that nasty Trump woman (Kayleigh McEnema) who has been lying and dumping all over Hillary’s wimpy surrogates for far too long. SHe’s got her thinking before she dumps. What an awesome woman for Hillary. I am hoping they show her name and title. Anybody know her? And a couple of the guys on that panel have been damned on-target too.

  220. If you’re bored, you can watch this video of Donald and Ivanka micro-managing the teleprompters at their convention.


  221. I think the best part of the End Game memo story is that they found the copy of it in the Los Angeles DoubleTree where Sanders stayed.

  222. Screw Assange/Putin/Wiki! I have waited my entire life for this moment and no one….and I mean NO ONE is going to take the joy from me. I need no one’s approval.

  223. Sophie, for a guy who rails against the 1%, he sure does want to LIVE LIKE a 1%.

  224. To get you all fired up for tomorrow, great campaign photo:

  225. THIS should have been HRC’s theme song for 2016…the lyrics are just so appropriate.

  226. Voting, love that clip! (Pointer Sisters)

    We all watched the 60 Minutes interview. Hubs loved it and thought Pelley was being an asshole to Hillary! I told him it was nothing, he was giving her a platform to give her own responses. Anyway, hubs is super excited about the ticket and he’s not usually super excited when it comes to poltics.

  227. Now, let’s see if I’ve got this straight. The official spooks’ computer got hacked (by the Russians?). The DNC computer got hacked (by Sanders). Sander’s computer got hacked (by whom?).

    Apparently HIllary’s private server is the only thing that DIDN’T get hacked…? That proves she’s the mastermind that hacked everyone else’s!

  228. We’re here. This is a really big deal. Like I said before, history is written by the victors Hillary Clinton the winner. Years from now history will be unkind to the Trumps, the Sanders and all their crappy supporters. We will look back as women and say this is moment when we truly flexed our muscles and said Enough!

    The women are fighting back against the war on women that is being waged by the far left and the right in this country. And Hillary Clinton is our leader. She will lead by example as she has her entire life. We women are lifted up so is the rest of society regardless of color, ethnicity or religion.

    Sanders and Trump will end up as a very negative asterisk in the history books because of their misogyny. You either fall in line behind Clinton or get left out of the future.

  229. William, I think you got exactly what you wanted in Tim Kaine. You wanted a strong, midwestern guy who would always have Hillary’s back. On 60 Minutes he was exactly that–even if Hillary found him in Virginia! When he said with such deep conviction that calling Hillary “crooked” and calling for her to be locked up was not ok with him even if it rolls off Hillary’s back, I just wanted to jump up and hug the guy right through the tv. You were right, William. That’s exactly what she needs!

  230. I have been absent from this site. Went to a family reunion. Hill picked Kaine, not upset. Time to donate. I wanted Brown.

  231. Just caught DWS speaking to FLA delegates. What a disaster. I just don’t understand why she is humiliating herself and the DNC like this. She shouldn’t keep herself out front right now. Let it cool. We will see this scene all day instead of what we are supposed to be seeing. The press will gladly take the red meat she is throwing out inadvertently or otherwise.

    What a shambles. Hooting booing, cheering, booing. Signs saying “EMAILS”. Signs saying “NO”. Bernie signs. DWS shouting her speech over chaos. Stop this insanity. These people are barn animals and we are feeding them.

    Update: As expected, CNN is talking about it, talking about it, talking about it. She had to be “escorted” out of the room because the press was swarming her. She should NOT speak at the convention. I’m sorry, but the reality here is NOT good for Hillary. Pouring scotch on the wound is NOT a good idea.

  232. neeta, I was Brown/Booker. But i tell you I can see how comfortable she is with Kaine. They are good together. She actually looks relieved not to be fighting off wild animals alone anymore. Her surrogates had no balls at all. She was on her own. Now she’s not. I’m giving her this one. Besides, I was impressed with him.

  233. The Russians hacked the DNC. The emails make the DNC look bad, that was their intent. The purpose was to hurt the Democrats and help the GOP. The purpose was to tear the tissue thin, “party unity” that was so hard to forge, right on the eve of the convention. The Purpose was to turn one DEMOCRATIC faction against the other. From what I’m reading here it looks like, “Congratulations Russians and Manafort, Mission accomplished”

    There’s a little something to piss everyone off. That is the PURPOSE. To MANIPULATE EMOTIONS. It’s working here. Don’t succumb to the obvious intent of the manipulations. It is the TRUMP campaign and their COLLUSION with a foreign government that is the issue here, not who is hurt by individual emails.

    Bernie Sanders is not the enemy here. The emails make him look bad too, as several folks here have pointed out, but to focus on other VICTIMS of this hack, to direct anger at our own party, on the first day of the convention is Exactly what Trump, Manafort and PUTIN want.

    This is not a hate site. This is not a place to create FACTIONS in a party that NEEDS to be as unified as possible to win in November.
    Some here seem to love that there are parts of the leak that make Sanders look bad; NEWS FLASH! Sanders has ENDORSED Hillary and is speaking tonight. He has as much incentive as anyone here to call for unity in the face of a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT trying to manipulate a US election.

    No DEMOCRATS did this, it was done to us, to the entire DNC. DWS had to resign. Defending her would have drained the energy of the first day of the convention, made it the FOCUS. The OCCUPY WALL ST. types who have been around for years and only glommed on to Sanders in the past years will be protesting with their hair on fire over this stuff. The MSM will be showing protests outside in split screen with the speakers inside. This is NOT the time to devolve into finger pointing, cherry picking negative emails about Sanders, DWS, or anyone else. It’s not time to shatter the party, as the RUSSIANS and DRUMPF intend, it’s time to show them that in a CRISIS Americans come TOGETHER.

    DWS had to go. Sanders has not taken this opportunity to fan the flames and talk about a floor fight or how this casts a pall over the entire primary process. Don’t you think the RUSSIANS were HOPING that would happen? Instead, he’s speaking tonight about UNITY in a speech that the CLINTON CAMPAIGN has both vetted and assisted in.
    It won’t be a TED CRUZ speech, it will be a speech about pulling together against A COMMON FOE.

    This is an opportunity to show SOLIDARITY in the face of attack form an OUTSIDE enemy. This is not a time to be petty, or renew old animosities. We DEMOCRATS, all of us, from the occupy kids, to the Sandernistas, to the moderates, to the old guard, to the third-way, to the HILLRAISERS are under ATTACK.

    The emails show that the DNC DID favor Hillary, and regardless of the merit of that stance, it makes the DNC look bad. Yes Sanders made outrageous demands, and that makes HIM look bad. Even the most paranoid conspiracy theorist recognizes that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and that the enemy here is the Russian/GOP attempt to sabotage, undermine and disrupt the Democratic Convention.

    I beg you all to keep your eyes on the prize. I believe that Sanders has as much stake with his speech tonight in Hillary winning this election as I do. I believe that how we deal with this situation will determine how we come out of the convention and into the real campaign.
    Drumpf, Manafort, and PUTIN, have an agenda. They want to hurt ALL DEMOCRATS and destroy the party unity Hillary has worked so damned hard to achieve. We must come together or we run the risk of handing the election to the RUSSIANS and their red faced orange puppet of a dictator.

    Please look at the situation and ask yourself, “What do I want to happen at this convention? What do I want to happen in November? What do I want for the future of myself, my friends, my family and all of my fellow Americans?”

    (I apologize for the length of this…)

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