Democratic Convention 2016

Welcome to Day 1 of the convention. Here’s the schedule, though it doesn’t list everyone I heard would be speaking. Tonight’s big names are Bernie and Michelle Obama.

Bernie will be all, “when we began this campaign a little bit over a year ago…”

Michelle will be like:


Gavel In is at 4 PM.

It’s only fitting to open with the song that launched a thousand rallies.

So take this BernOuts:


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  1. Great, positive new thread. Turn away from the dark side Clinton/Kaine backers. Shun Wiki leaks BS. Ignore bad polls negativity. Tune out the media. Keep a chilled glass of libation by your side — even early (it’s always 5’Oclock somewhere). Difference between RNC and DNC will be light night and day.


    “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” Trump’s son, Donald Jr., told a real estate conference in 2008, according to an account posted on the website of eTurboNews, a trade publication. “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

  3. Twitter hashtags for the convention:

  4. Oh, Up! Don’t you know the real story here is trash talking emails, most of which were written AFTER Sanders was already mathematically eliminated? Financial and political ties to Putin and his oligarchs by Manafort and Trump himself are just distractions from what is always most important–EMAILS! Russia trying to influence the US election? They would never dream of such a thing. Who you gonna believe–Trump or your lying eyes?!

  5. The Russians hacked the DNC. The emails make the DNC look bad, that was their intent. The purpose was to hurt the Democrats and help the GOP. The purpose was to tear the tissue thin, “party unity” that was so hard to forge, right on the eve of the convention. The Purpose was to turn one DEMOCRATIC faction against the other. From what I’m reading here it looks like, “Congratulations Russians and Manafort, Mission accomplished”

    There’s a little something to piss everyone off. That is the PURPOSE. To MANIPULATE EMOTIONS. It’s working here. Don’t succumb to the obvious intent of the manipulations. It is the TRUMP campaign and their COLLUSION with a foreign government that is the issue here, not who is hurt by individual emails.

    Bernie Sanders is not the enemy here. The emails make him look bad too, as several folks here have pointed out, but to focus on other VICTIMS of this hack, to direct anger at our own party, on the first day of the convention is Exactly what Trump, Manafort and PUTIN want.

    This is not a hate site. This is not a place to create FACTIONS in a party that NEEDS to be as unified as possible to win in November.
    Some here seem to love that there are parts of the leak that make Sanders look bad; NEWS FLASH! Sanders has ENDORSED Hillary and is speaking tonight. He has as much incentive as anyone here to call for unity in the face of a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT trying to manipulate a US election.

    No DEMOCRATS did this, it was done to us, to the entire DNC. DWS had to resign. Defending her would have drained the energy of the first day of the convention, made it the FOCUS. The OCCUPY WALL ST. types who have been around for years and only glommed on to Sanders in the past years will be protesting with their hair on fire over this stuff. The MSM will be showing protests outside in split screen with the speakers inside. This is NOT the time to devolve into finger pointing, cherry picking negative emails about Sanders, DWS, or anyone else. It’s not time to shatter the party, as the RUSSIANS and DRUMPF intend, it’s time to show them that in a CRISIS Americans come TOGETHER.

    DWS had to go. Sanders has not taken this opportunity to fan the flames and talk about a floor fight or how this casts a pall over the entire primary process. Don’t you think the RUSSIANS were HOPING that would happen? Instead, he’s speaking tonight about UNITY in a speech that the CLINTON CAMPAIGN has both vetted and assisted in.
    It won’t be a TED CRUZ speech, it will be a speech about pulling together against A COMMON FOE.

    This is an opportunity to show SOLIDARITY in the face of attack form an OUTSIDE enemy. This is not a time to be petty, or renew old animosities. We DEMOCRATS, all of us, from the occupy kids, to the Sandernistas, to the moderates, to the old guard, to the third-way, to the HILLRAISERS are under ATTACK.

    The emails show that the DNC DID favor Hillary, and regardless of the merit of that stance, it makes the DNC look bad. Yes Sanders made outrageous demands, and that makes HIM look bad. Even the most paranoid conspiracy theorist recognizes that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and that the enemy here is the Russian/GOP attempt to sabotage, undermine and disrupt the Democratic Convention.

    I beg you all to keep your eyes on the prize. I believe that Sanders has as much stake with his speech tonight in Hillary winning this election as I do. I believe that how we deal with this situation will determine how we come out of the convention and into the real campaign.
    Drumpf, Manafort, and PUTIN, have an agenda. They want to hurt ALL DEMOCRATS and destroy the party unity Hillary has worked so damned hard to achieve. We must come together or we run the risk of handing the election to the RUSSIANS and their red faced orange puppet of a dictator.

    Please look at the situation and ask yourself, “What do I want to happen at this convention? What do I want to happen in November? What do I want for the future of myself, my friends, my family and all of my fellow Americans?”

    (I apologize for the length of this…)

  6. Sanders campaign manager: We must elect Clinton

    Philadelphia (CNN) — Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager said Monday that despite leaked emails showing the Democratic National Committee conspired against his candidate, it’s time for the party to unite behind Hillary Clinton.

    Jeff Weaver said he is “100%” on the same team with Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, despite a dump of emails leaked on the internet over the weekend that showed DNC officials working against the Vermont senator during the presidential primary season.

    “This happened, we knew it happened then, now is the time to go forward,” Weaver told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day” on Monday.

    “Now is the time to elect Hillary Clinton and defeat Donald Trump.”

    I hate Weaver, but even he understands how important defeating Drumpf is…

  7. Nice morning music to start of the Convention and a new thread. Thanks Sophie!

  8. The emails did not show DNC officials “working against” Sanders. That is a false narrative designed to delegitimize Hillary’s victory. Yet again! We must push back against this toxic narrative, not concede it!

  9. I don’t think DWS should speak at all. I saw her speak to the Florida delegation this morning, and she was booed throughout her speech. She is flaming the flames and Hillary should not have named her an honorary chair of her campaign. This is clueless and a slap in the face to Sanders supporters. Jeez….at least wait until after the convention. She is creating more of a distraction by staying in. I am a firm Hillary supporter, but the way this is being handled irritates me.

  10. Brassy, who are we fighting? Who are we pushing back against?

    Everyone accepts Hillary’s overwhelming victory. The idea is to turn this wikileaks bullshit outwards against the OPPOSITION who are behind it, not internalize it and squabble internally. The Party understands this from their statements, DWS understands this, and stepped aside for the good of the party. Even Sanders and the hated Weaver understand this and are standing with the DNC, and Hillary.

    I haven’t read all of the emails and don’t intend to, They are private communications and people say things to each other privately that they never would for public consumption. they were released to embarrass THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, not just Hillary. There are things in the emails that make ALL parties look bad. That is why the RUSSIANS did this.

    We are in this to win the election, not win a talking point or a news cycle. Forgive me, but we have already won the nomination, it’s the election in November that’s at stake, and fighting back at a characterization doesn’t advance our cause.

  11. Brassy Rebel, re your comment about Kaine in the last thread, thanks, and absolutely. I had earlier been concerned as to whether Kaine would fill the necessary role of someone who would stand with steely forcefulness against the endless onslaught of Hillary enemies, but he seems to be very capable of doing that. And it is so important as the campaign progresses. It’s something that Hillary cannot do, because the enemies, including the media, try to negate whatever she says before she says it. But Kaine, with impeccable personal credentials, and as someone who knows Hillary, can do a lot to help fend t hat off,

  12. I for one have been tweeting the media, CNN and MSNBC and letting them know they are purposely ignoring the real story, that a foreign power, Russia, is influencing our election! That there’s credible evidence that Trump may have a financial stake in helping Russia against our allies! That’s treason folks. That’s the real treason. Not the “private server” email faux scandal kind. They are flat out ignoring it! Instead, they want to act like the mean kids at the cool table in high school and gossip about what snarky thing DWS said about BS etc. So that’s my push back. Hillary must win. There’s no doubt. Literally, our national security is at stake.

  13. Shoot Uppity, I can’t read that Wapo link. I’ve reached my limit on free articles this week!

  14. If anyone somehow ever needed additional proof of how absolutely pathetic and dangerous our media is, this would presumably finally convince them. They act like a bunch of particularly immature 7th graders. They’re sitting on a story about Russian hacking of emails, deliberate dissemination of these emails at a crucial juncture; and the clear evidence that Trump is not only Putin’s candidate, but that he and Manafort have direct ties to Russian money and power.

    And what does the beyond worthless media do with this? They gleefully read all the emaiils, snickering and pointing fingers. In essence, they do the work of Putin and Manafort and Trump for them. Now, media, which conclusion shall we draw about you? That you are also bought and paid for by the Russians, and are conspiring to get Trump elected? That you are so abysmally stupid, so much a disgrace to the principles of jounalism, that you can’t even figure out the story, but jump for the first red meat you see dangled in front of you? Or that for you, this entire campaign has only been your effort to fulfill a personal dislike of Hillary Clinton, and to distort or misdirect every story so as to have the most negative impact upon her? It has to be one of those three, so you tell us which explanation you prefer–not that we have to accept it, of course.

  15. Anyone know when the roll call vote will be?

  16. William, nice rant. You should email cnn, msnbc, Joy Reid, Chris Matthews, Jake Tapper, Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper et al. If you tweet, do that too. That’s what I have been doing. Unfortunately, they do not read this blog. But they NEED to hear from us. I swear, I wish I lived in Atlanta, I’d be outside the CNN HQ with my lonely picket sign 24/7.
    The Sanders AND Trump people are out in force today, I’ll tell you that. This morning I was attacked by a Bernie Bro who is running for congress in FL. Why? Because I was doing push back against media for not reporting the Russian connection to Trump. Bernie Bros WANT Trump to win! Or, think some how, at the last minute, Bernie will take over the DNC convention and win the nomination, I don’t know. But this Bernie Bro, running as a Dem in FL, hates the DNC, hates HRC and told me literally, progressives will take over the party. That is their goal.
    BTW, for our FL readers, he’s running in the 27th district of FL. His name is Adam Sackrin, and he’s a complete assh@le! Ask SophieCT.

  17. My advice is to just not watch CNN and MSNBC, or Fox or whatever, if their editorial slant offends you. They are just commercial outlets trying to sell soap and beer. Republicans have learned where to go if they only want to hear soothing positive things about them and their party, so I guess it is something that one can also do as a Democrat.

    Watch the speeches on C-span and ignore the MSM

    Print media is indeed covering this, and placing the blame where it belongs. Making the hackers and their motives the story will dampen its appeal to the “if it bleeds it leads” school of reportage’, and shorten it’s lifespan on TV.

    The foreign attempts at the manipulation of American politics IS the story here, and will be as the facts continue to come out.
    (OK that’s my posting limit for the day.)

  18. Realist you landed in moderation because of the number of links in your comment. WordPress thought you were a spammer. xo

  19. Imust, sometimes this works: open the link in an incognito window of the browser you don’t normally use. For example, I use Chrome most of the time. So, when I hit the limit, I open an In Private window in IE/Edge and I can usually get there. Also, if you have an iPhone, they don’t seem to count quotas.

  20. Joy got threatened by wikileaks. They told (Tweeted, so everyone could be afraid) her their lawyer are “monitoring her show”. A bunch of people jumped on this because where the hell does he get off threatening people’s right to an opinion?

  21. Yeah Ben Jealous and then Weaver declaring we must elect hillary.

    I swear it’s the end of the world.

  22. imust, you’re right that’s exactly what they are trying to do. Detour. Deflect. Manafort makes me want to reach out and punch his smug face.

    He lies with a straight face when he knows you know he’s lying. He did that with Melania’s speech.

  23. Imust, if Trump wins, there will be no party to take over; no country, either. After 1968, the left wing took over the Democratic Party (and the Left was not nearly as bad then as they are now), and they got McGovern nominated, so he could win two states. Then the conservatives took over the remnants of the party, and got Carter nominated. So out of all that taking over by “progressives,” we got Nixon, Carter, Ford, Reagan, and two Bushes. This time it would be even worse, more like when the German Socialists were comfortable with Hitler gaining power because they were sure that they would take over after him. I wonder if the human race learns much of anything. Maybe some do, but not the far Left.

  24. Uppity, Yesterday, when I heard Ben Jealous and Weaver saying they were supporting Hillary, I thought I would fall off the couch. They sounded human. Weaver always sounded so evil previously.

  25. Manafort has always reminded me of a mafia guy. Sounds like he is one.

  26. I have lived in South Florida for over 20 years. DWS is not in my district, but in my mom’s former district (we closed on the sale of her house today!!) DWS easily wins re-election every time. This time is going to be no different. Her constituency love her.

    I do re-sent a Bernie backed contender for DWS’s seat. If Bernie wants a Berniecrat in that seat (And there are so many reasons why that term Berniecrat is incredibly offensive) he should have chosen another woman to run against her. You under no circumstances should run a man to take over a woman’s seat. We have too little women as it is in Congress. You send the wrong message of step aside little lady, make way for the man, bullsh!t.

    Personally, I found Bernie’s campaign to be sexist, racist and bigoted. That is why Bernie lost. Nothing the DNC did, nothing DWS did caused Bernie to lose. When you actively endeavor to tell the South that their votes count less than caucuses and states with few minorities that is just racist and bigoted. When you state that your opponent, an extremely over qualified woman is not qualified to be President, that is just sexist. There is no way to walk those statements back. His campaign meant them and probably still do since they continue to discount the voting choices of women and minorities. We don’t want you Bernie. We don’t want your platform Bernie. You lost by a lot. Bernie needs to reign his morons in. He incited the morons with his unsubstantiated out of control misogyny fest of corruption accusations, he needs to end it. He broke it, he needs to fix it.

    If these are morals of the new “progressives” then they should start their own party and stay the hell out of the Democratic Party cuz we don’t roll with sexism, bigotry or racism.

  27. TheNewRealist, I switched the channel to CSPAN and I am the happiest I have been in awhile! So far, got to hear Allison Grimes and now Terry McAulliffe saying fabulous things about our girl and her running mate.

  28. I am no fan of DWS, but as a resident of S. Florida for 40 years, I would be shocked if she lost the primary. She is beloved down here and has strong ties with the Jewish community which makes up a significant part of her base. Nonetheless, I disagree with allowing her to speak as we see what happened to day and will be much worse in front of a larger audience at the convention. Everyone knew DWS was a Hillary supporter from 08 and while the emails were unnecessary, it’s a big to do over nothing. sanders lost by over 3 million votes. Hillary could out debate him on anything, and I don’t think Sanders, despite the polling, would beat Trump as America is still a capitalistic nation.
    With that said, any gloating over the so called chaotic RNC convention was premature as Trump did get a bump and has a slight national lead which is disconcerting considering the “dark nature” of his convention per the pundits. This is going to be a very close election and Hillary cannot have her surrogates screwing up anymore.

  29. Bernie is on MSN now and what a jerk! He pumps his followers up with his another campaign speech then says, in effect, btw we should defeat DT and elect HRC. The Bernie bros boo and boo some more. Such a jerk!

  30. Trixta, that’s all Bernie’s fault. His memo showed he wanted to take credit for her win for stumping for her for the general. He will most certainly be blamed if she loses. He NEVER should have spewed that “rigged” bullshit. I will never forgive him for that. Even if he licks Hillary’s boots on national television. He poisoned an entire generation.


  32. jbstonesfan, I really don’t believe that Trump got that large bump from his convention. The polling this election season has been really off. You don’t actively campaign against women and minorities and get to win the Presidency. There are just too many of us minorities that vote to allow for a President Trump.

    We are back to the same “close race” meme from the MSM. It didn’t really work out that well for Bernie, he lost the primary by a lot. It was never close despite what the MSM tried to push. I don’t believe we should get complacent with knowing that we will have a Madame President very soon, so we need to still GOTV. We need this to be a landslide to send a message to the Berniecrats, MSM and Republicans that sexism, bigotry and racism isn’t what the USA is about.

    I find it really funny that these millennials say they are the future of the Democratic Party, but based on demographics, the future of the Party are minorities. BTW, Proud to be a minority for the past 51 (almost 52) years and a US Citizen for the past 41 years. And like a lot of other minorities that I know, we vote.

  33. imust – control/click link – you should get an option to open in new private window

  34. I knew this was going to happen. He has no control over the MONSTER HE CREATED.

  35. People are talking about Kaines anti-union stance, pro-fracking, pro TPP, and Wall Street ties. Minimizing his civil rights work. I don’t anything would satisfy some of these people. If Hillary had chosen Warren, Warren would be called a “sell out.” If she had chosen Castro or Perez, it would have been called “pandering.” She cannot win at all. Some people are calling Kaine a “blue dog.”

  36. This is not a hate site. This is not a place to create FACTIONS in a party that NEEDS to be as unified as possible to win in November.
    Some here seem to love that there are parts of the leak that make Sanders look bad; NEWS FLASH! Sanders has ENDORSED Hillary and is speaking tonight. He has as much incentive as anyone here to call for unity in the face of a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT trying to manipulate a US election.

    New Realist- I admire your passion for Hillary, I truly do. But we are all adults here who are free to express our own thoughts and feelings and perspectives, with the understanding that this is a pro-Hillary blog.

    Many of us were either directly or indirectly hounded off of other blogs in ’08 because we wouldn’t drink the Obama Kool-Aid. If some people here are not ready to forgive Bernie and his abominable behavior, so be it. I understand that you feel you have to rally the troops. But this place is like one big living room. We can speak our minds freely here, and not everyone will agree all the time. But it’s a safe space for those of us doing battle in other places and other ways.

    I encourage you to continue with your intelligent and impassioned postings. But please remember that there is a fine line between encouraging positivity and silencing opposition. Express the way you choose to view things rather than lecture the rest of us on what we SHOULD be doing.

    Peace y’all.

  37. TheNewRealist

    We are in this to win the election, not win a talking point or a news cycle. Forgive me, but we have already won the nomination, it’s the election in November that’s at stake, and fighting back at a characterization doesn’t advance our cause.


    With all due respect, sometimes it seems as though you are trying to tell us how we should react, as true Democrats…over one issue or another. that has come up.

    It’s pretty evident from 2007 that we all deal with these issues in our own way, and I like to investigate and make my own decisions.

  38. Just read, Barbara Lee and Nancy Pelosi were booed, especially, when talking about uniting the party. They also booed Sanders.

    As, Uppity says, “Barn Animals.”

    I met the nurses are the worse. There are a lot of them from CA that are delegates.

  39. Someone is screwing with the voting stars again.

    How does someone have 6-10 positive votes and it ends up that it’s 3.5 or less for them?

    If I don’t agree with someone, I just read the comment and go to the next one, or comment. I don’t take the time to give them one star…but who the heck am I?

  40. Al Gore hasn’t endorsed Hillary. Waiting until there is a nominee.

  41. William

    “Or that for you, this entire campaign has only been your effort to fulfill a personal dislike of Hillary Clinton, and to distort or misdirect every story so as to have the most negative impact upon her?”

    And it’s just a rerun of 2007 with the media. Who needs FoxNews when CNN is doing the hit jobs for them.

  42. I have little doubt that Trump agitators will pretend to be Sanders supporters, and go to Hillary campaign rallies and try to disrupt them,

    As to the real Sanders supporters, many of them are simply ignorant about governance, and actually believed that Sanders could get elected, and that he could enact his agenda. They are dangerous, because in their ignorance, they are political puritans, for whom no one but Sanders is good enough. The people who don’t like Kaine are the same people who didn’t like any but a very few Democrats over the past decades (you could see all the blog posts where they snarkily excoriated all of them), and actually helped contribute to their defeat, leaving us almost denuded at the state level. They desperately wanted Obama over Hillary, and now they don’t like Obama, either. They don’t like anyone except the fantasy projection of someone who can’t fail them, because he or she would never win.

    I took a deep breath while Sanders was speaking today, trying to concentrate on the fact that he probably will give a decent speech for Hillary. But I had to listen to him yell about college being free for all, (like high school, he said), and various other things, which are just illusory promises. Actually, if his people go around and try to elect Alan Grayson types, they will further damage the Democratic Party, because most of them will get slaughtered by the Republicans, as was the case during much of the last forty years. They’ll never see it, though, until they give up and retreat to general nihilism, as most of the far Left blogs do. Ultimately, then, they are worthless, if they cannot see that Hillary Clinton would be the most progressive President since FDR. Come to think of it, they probably wouldn’t have liked FDR, either.

  43. Sorry but in my opinion these Barn Animals have no place in the Democratic Party. They are sexist, bigoted and racist.

  44. Case in point…

    birdgal, on July 25, 2016 at 1:51 PM said:

    Why the heck would someone give her post one star? What does that even mean? Someone barely agrees with it????????????


  45. I wasn’t gonna post anything else today…

    I was also around in ’08 and banned from at least one site that shall not be mentioned. If I make anyone uncomfortable by stressing unity and show a disdain for holding a grudge, (even though it took me YEARS to get over ’08 myself btw) well that’s how I feel. I don’t take posts I entirely agree with personally, so I hope you all won’t either.

    About another form of criticism mentioned above.
    I don’t try to “correct” anyone else’s postings no matter how I may disagree with them or give them less than the maximum number of stars.
    I don’t know William, but I notice that several of his posts seem to get less than the max # of stars. (Uh-Oh here he goes telling everyone how they should act again!) That’s really not how we should support each other here. If you don’t agree, don’t vote it up. The last thing anyone should do is to go out of their way to discourage folks form expressing their opinions. So, be kind to your fellow posters, they are on your side!
    (Exits to “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows” by Leslie Gore)

  46. SophieCT, I so agree (@ 1:36pm)! He’s given tRump GE talking points.

  47. birdgal-

    Gore fell into a 500 gallon tub of Haagen Dazs in 2001 and never fully emerged…he can really hold a grudge…and a HUGE ice cream spoon;)

  48. Gore fell into a 500 gallon tub of Haagen Dazs in 2001 and never fully emerged…he can really hold a grudge…and a HUGE ice cream spoon;)

    I’m dying here!

  49. We can agree to disagree, if necessary. I appreciate all postings and varying opinions, and when things are given one star, I will vote them up. Hee,hee.

  50. THR, LOL!!! Rolling on the floor.

  51. Dumb shit Gore shunned Bill Clinton. When the gods were handing out Brains, Gore thought they said Trains, so he went for a ride. Wouldn’t have been fighting over hanging chads if he had stuck with Bill. Idjit.

  52. BREAKING: Sen. Sanders says he will turn over his delegates to Hillary Clinton during tomorrow’s roll call.

  53. what do people think about Kaine’s anti-union, pro-fracking, and wall street ties? The right to work really irritates me, since I am a union member and have great benefits because of it.

  54. I hope the national security community will use their connections in the corporate media to turn the discussion to the Russian efforts to influence our elections. Our Hill will have an easier time if she can run against Bad Vlad rather than Tribble Hair.

  55. moononpluto, on July 25, 2016 at 2:55 PM said:
    BREAKING: Sen. Sanders says he will turn over his delegates to Hillary Clinton during tomorrow’s roll call.

    OMG. That is great!!! I was dreading a roll call fiasco.

    What time is the roll call tomorrow?

  56. Some Sanders supporters apparently do not have the ability to realize that the only possible way to get massive dark money out of politics, as their hero exhorts, is to overturn Citizens United. That can only be done by Constitutional Amendment, or by the Supreme Court doing it. I think there is a less than minuscule chance that you can get 38 state legislatures to overturn it, so that’s one avenue foreclosed. The only chance is to change the makeup of the Supreme Court.

    Now, here’s the part that the Sanders people seem to miss: If Trump wins, he will cement the right-wing stranglehold on the Court, maybe for four decades. Thus there would be ZERO chance to overturn Citizens United; and the oligarchs would clamp an iron fist on the country. If you elect Hillary, she will move the Court to the left, and they will very possibly overturn it. So if you want to act out, and scream, and boo, you will very possibly get Trump elected, and then all your wailing over the next half-century will be for naught. I hope that this somehow becomes clear to you, hopefully sooner rather than later, before you do too much more damage to Hillary’s chances.

  57. Moon, I am cautiously optimistic about Sanders turning over his delegates to Hillary. I don’t trust him or any of his morons until it is done.

  58. The first map I’ve seen from is encouraging, although Our Hill does need to shore up those blue-outline states and tip Florida.

    As William has pointed out, this would become an easy election if the @$%#ing media would do their Madoka-damned jobs.

  59. Many of the close states show a significant presence for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, who presumably would take more votes from Tribble Hair than from HRC. 🙂

  60. moon
    BREAKING: Sen. Sanders says he will turn over his delegates to Hillary Clinton during tomorrow’s roll call.

    Now that’s the right thing to do, finally.

  61. I just hope they don’t start calling Burnouts, PUMAs.

  62. Watch the real fanatics turn against even Sanders, if he turns his delegates over to Clinton.

  63. Finally…..

    Al Gore ‏@algore 1h1 hour ago
    I am not able to attend this year’s Democratic convention, but I will be voting for Hillary Clinton. (1/3)

  64. William, I stole you media comment and posted it my blog as a “Comment of the Day.” Hope, you don’t mind. Anyone making book on Sanders backstabbing Clinton during his speech? I put it at even money.

  65. churl, if he does I hope they boo him and take back everything they promised him.

  66. Churl, thanks, and it’s just fine.

    I am pretty sure that Sanders will give a decent speech, if not the kind of fulsome praise of Hillary we would like. I think that agreements were made between the two candidates’ campaigns.

  67. I guarantee they will have to pull him off stage with a hook tonight…..Sanders will talk forever…

  68. look at those morons still cheering “Bernie for President”…dont they know Bernie has caved in yet…aholes.

  69. birdgal, Tim Kaine is not anti-union, pro-fracking, or in Wall St.’s pocket. Beware the false narratives!

    TheNewRealist, I wasn’t directing my comments at you or even Weaver. I believe you are male. You may not be aware that delegitimizing the accomplishments of women is a strategy used by misogynists for centuries. I was referring to the newspaper article which inaccurately stated that the DNC was “working against” Sanders in emails. Suggesting Hillary didn’t win fair and square.

    I haven’t uttered a word against Sanders since his belated endorsement of Hillary. I appreciate that he and Weaver are attempting to unify the party. However, there are already indications they may not be able to put the toothpaste back in the tube. They ran a very abusive, false campaign painting Hillary as corrupt and a sell-out for too long. And also that her win was somehow illegitimate. Thus, I had to warn against this attempt to delegitimize her victory. Now, even the Russians are trying to delegitimize her win. We need to be on guard against this wherever and whenever it appears.

  70. For those who hate the networks…DNC has a link to live coverage on its site.

  71. Regarding the stars, I think we have a troll that comes by and downvotes us, and especially picks on William. Since none of us seems to bother to actually “grade” each others comment by choosing 2, 3, or 4 stars, and just give 5 stars or none, I’m wondering if we could switch to a Like/NotLike or HappyFace/UnhappyFace type of system?

    Ah, they’re starting with a choir from Philly. Very nice.

  72. This choir aint so good opening the DNC….

  73. The Mayor of Baltimore looks beautiful and classy.

  74. Moon, I’m guessing they want this convention to be the polar opposite of the freakshow last week. Opening with the choir doing the Battle Hymn was probably meant to give a patriotic and spiritual vibe. Now Boyz2Men. The stage looks much better than the rethug’s. I think we’ll have a good convention. I feel bad for DWS, and am really angry about the hacking. I think Trump should be investigated for treason. Upps, I saw that tweet from wiki to Joy, and yes, frankly it scared me.

  75. Cnn just cut off coverage of Bernie protesters outside to go to Boyz II Men performing inside!

    My daughter just texted me that!

  76. brassy;
    Thanks, no offense intended, and despite being guilty as charged on the gender thingy, I am aware of that of which you speak…

    and thanks for setting the record straight on Tim Kaine, who I like more and more.

  77. Wow…this is moving fast…

    The FBI suspects that Russian government hackers breached the networks of the Democratic National Committee and stole emails that were posted to the anti-secrecy site WikiLeaks on Friday. It’s an operation that several U.S. officials now suspect was a deliberate attempt to influence the presidential election in favor of Donald Trump, according to five individuals familiar with the investigation of the breach.
    The theory that Moscow orchestrated the leaks to help Trump, who has repeatedly praised Russian President Vladimir Putin and practically called for the end of NATO, is fast gaining currency within the Obama administration because of the timing of the leaks and Trump’s own connections to the Russian government, the sources said on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing and developing quickly.

  78. moon, yay! That’s good news. Would love to see some arrests next!

  79. That was James Roosevelt, Jr., grandson of FDR, who was one of the two people up there at the outset. He looks very much like his father, James Roosevelt.

    It unfortunately appears that some Sanders delegates are going to boo everything for four days, What a bunch of jerks.

  80. I would have thought Putin was too smart to try something this clumsy, but perhaps I have been overestimating him.

  81. PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Democratic National Committee offers ‘sincere apology’ to Sanders and supporters for ‘inexcusable remarks’ in emails.


  82. Sanders created this, and brought in some of the most impolite ungracious, adversarial people in the country as supporters. They are welcome to join Trump and Putin, preferably in Russia.

  83. Good stuff moon!

    These rat bastards are going to be exposed.
    Putin is too smart? Putin is as smart as Drumpf is humble. They make quite a pair. Now lets see if we can connect the dots from MOSCOW to MANAFORT!

  84. These need to start throwing out and taking their passes off those rude bastards in that hall.

  85. I hope Trump is not receiving security briefings.

    I keep seeing on FB that Sanders is going to have his name placed in nomination. What say all of you?

    William, I have been seeing those statements about Kaine on FB and just wanted to check it out here. I went and looked on line and some of the things are true and other things half-truths. I am concerned about the right to work thing, but the AFL-CIO gives him a good rating, so who knows?

    This AM, I received an update text from Hillary’s campaign and sent a reply back, asking them not to have DWS speak today. Maybe, they received enough complaints not to have her present.

  86. I hope Trump is not receiving security briefings.

    IIRC, it’s normal for a major party’s Presidential nominee to start receiving security briefings. Ascended Madoka help us all.

    Oh, and Putin and Trump buddying up–is anyone else reminded of the Nazi-Soviet Pact? I wonder which one will betray which first?

  87. Test post.

  88. Were Hillary delegates allowed to speak and incite delegates to vote and cheer for Hillary in Denver? Were they allowed to talk about amending the nominating process? Because last I checked Hillary delegates were given the gag order in Denver. So why on earth is there a Bernie delegate on TV talking about the aforementioned things? Time unite behind Hillary!

  89. unfortunately appears that some Sanders delegates are going to boo everything for four days, What a bunch of jerks

    William I agree. I am so sick of them. I wish they could throw them all out of the convention.

  90. Speakers calling for Bernie?
    and enticing the crowd for “The Burn”?

  91. Seagrl, Hillary delegates were mature people. Sanders delegates have no decorum and no sense of restraint. This woman from Maine is taking 30 minutes, trying to turn the convention into a Sanders rally. Having seen this kind of thing before, including all the idiocy which went on in 1972, no ultimate electoral good comes out of it, just some people feeling good for a few minutes, while the Republicans sweep up the chips. Sanders supporters think they are on a divine mission, and if they ruin the convention, and Trump wins, they won’t care. And all these reforms won’t ultimately help their side, either, unless the Democrats turn into a splinter party, like the Greens, which is a perennial loser.

  92. Oh yay! If anyone else has cut the cord and has a Roku, they are showing the convention via LiveStream.

  93. This whole Sanders thing is so dumb. He didn’t get cheated out of anything. The internal workers of the party had a preference for the life long party member, but they did not count votes or do anything else. They liked Hillary more, and given that BS was throwing all kinds of ridiculous attacks back in May while refusing to concede, they had very good reason to do so.

    I swear to God, had a female been in BS’s place, and a male in HRC’s, the woman, and all of her supporters would have been emphatically derided and mocked and forced into quitting under the guise of practicality – something blatantly ignored in BS’s case. People like to think that they’re all soo ~progressive~ when they’re just better at hiding their misogyny.

    I saw on twitter that BS was mad that MO and EW were given better speaking slots…same old, same old. I’m glad he’s telling his supporters to sit down now, but this is the same man who stoked them for months, talking about a contested convention….and is now surprised that they’re trying to do it? Ew.

  94. The comments on the FB live feed are terrible.

  95. It has been my opinion throughout this campaign that most of the Sanders supporters do not really care about the country, or the policies. For them it is more like a video game, or a football game, that they want to win. I don’t think that they consider the Supreme Court, or unions, or the economy, or climate change. They yell about things, but that is not the same as caring. They don’t even know Hillary’s positions. They just yell and chant, and derogate, and revel in being demonstrative. What happens after, is not their concern.

    That said, Ben Jealous is doing a pretty good job here.

  96. Like I said all along, Sander’s and his supporters are frauds. They are just like the anarchist and out wall street crowd. They are booing anything Hillary and anything that does not meet their warped criteria…shameful but not unexpected.

  97. I saw on twitter that BS was mad that MO and EW were given better speaking slots…same old, same old.

    He’s very impressed with himself.It’s a major reason why the Senators hate his guts.

  98. Now lets see if we can connect the dots from MOSCOW to MANAFORT!

    The shortest distance is a straight line.

  99. The audience could be a little more respectful to our armed forced.

  100. I saw on twitter that BS was mad that MO and EW were given better speaking slots…same old, same old.

    Tough. Fucking. Shit.

  101. LOL Rep. Brady sounds like someone out of the movie Goodfellas.

  102. Bernie lost control of his anarchist fringe long ago. They’ll run him over with a bulldozer before they let him stop them. They’re organized now. Professionally.

    Sponsored by Putin’s Poodle.

  103. What really pisses me off is that the president or head of state of any country, really, is supposed to symbolize the nation’s ideals and values. If Trump gets elected because of the Bernbots, a man who condones racism, a man who condones homophobia, a man who condones misogyny – to the extent of sexually assaulting women – will be president. This sends a signal that misogyny, homophobia, and racism is sanctioned! I swear to god, if this happens, you will see attacks against minorities increase.

    I don’t know why ~~progressive~~ ~~revolutionaries can’t fucking see that. They’re all talk and no thought. I’m so over them, god.

  104. Full version of Bernie trying to negotiate with terrorists:

  105. Absolutely correct…he was a useful tool to give them cover, but as we can see , they are not remotely democrats. Sander’s got intoxicated with power-understandable as he was a know name nobody, but completely jumped the shark with his attacks on Hillary. Now he has no control over these professional agitators.

  106. When is the roll call?

  107. Screaming over black speakers…yikes.

  108. Nita Lowey! My old congresswoman. Oh, Nita… How I wish you would rip into them like a real New Yorker!

  109. No one can speak who hasn’t endorsed. Even the woman from Maine switched to a Hillary endorsement after her filibuster.

    The Sanders campaign was always a Trojan horse, designed to take over the Dem party by various left wing fringe parties. It didn’t work, but we’re left with all these crackpots who would never vote for any Dem. Dems who supported Sanders (the few) are all endorsing her.

  110. The disrespectful TPP protest during Elijah Cummings speech shows how clueless they are when it comes to connecting with African American voters. Really disgusting.

  111. They are booing all the speakers. Chaos reigns. What a mess!! Can they be removed?

  112. I wonder if they’ll behave during MO speech? Hopefully she’ll have them kicked out by then.

  113. I wish they’d freaking boo Trump half as much as they’re booing Hillary.

  114. neuro, exactly! They aren’t real democrats. They are unreasonable. Seems they are quieting down. Bernie better call for unity and silence his looney supporters once and for all. We want to celebrate a historic moment without their BS

  115. Bernie’s asking his fans not to walk out.
    Oh, I hope they do walk out and the real Democrats lock the doors.
    Let’s see how the Bernieorbusters enjoy mingling with the protestors outside in 100 degrees F.

  116. I think, somewhere below my conscious mind, I have been wondering how a vulgarian grifter like Trump, only smart enough to con his way through bankruptcy and stiff his creditors repeatedly, could actually be smart enough to take the Republican nomination, and stand one step away from becoming the President of the USA.

    Now I know the answer; Trump was never the brain behind the “Trump Phenomenon”. The brains can be found in Moscow. 👿

    If Clinton can pull it out (Ascended Madoka make it so), Putin had better hope she’s a nicer person than I am. In her place, I think I would make a point of arranging a fitting reward for his impudence–if it took a while, all the better; “Revenge is a dish best eaten cold.” 😈

  117. In that email, is there any mention of voting for or supporting HRC? He says it’s not about electing one person. WRONG! It’s not about electing HIM he means. We do have to elect Hillary!!!! And, NOT elect TRUMP what an idiot.

  118. @Ivory Bill, That should be “Revenge is a dish best *served* cold.”

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  119. The disrespectful TPP protest during Elijah Cummings speech shows how clueless they are when it comes to connecting with African American voters. Really disgusting.

    I don’t think they care about connecting with AA voters. This is a white male revolution, with a few exceptions. They are the “everyone gets a trophy, I want mine, me first, 20 selfies a day” revolution.

  120. The speakers are doing their job.Very positive and supportive. The vocal minority seem to be determined to boo anything Hillary. The MSM is also trying to stir the pot as things are calming down.

  121. I was wondering who would be the first to make a Lloyd Bentsen reference!

  122. I agree with the MSM stirring the pot. I saw that yesterday, when they were interviewing protestors.

  123. Luis Gutierrez was good! There are so many talented and convincing speakers. No BS should rain on this party

  124. He was very good…and if the Clinton supporters in the hall get excited they should easily drown out the haters.

  125. Hey Roz!!!!!!!!!

  126. Bernie is pimping those socialist deadbeats he has CHALLENGING democrats downticket.

  127. This Trump tweet is from 2013. I guess the answer was YES.

  128. At least on CSPAN, the boo-ing is not terribly audible. Bob Casey is kind of boring, but I guess they gave it to him because he’s from Pennsylvania.

    Honestly I have no problem with people trying to advocate for more liberal or left policies…I just think that these individuals should start from the ground up. Run for office, do public works…win elections, and you will be able to actually ‘democratically’ change the direction of the party. In that way, the ideas will be vetted by voters, from the base and onwards. It’s hard to take claims of ‘we want democracy now’ when what they’re doing is undemocratic – they want to overturn the will of the voters, in favour of their so-called educated opinions. I attend a pretty famous private school in the NE and this is what people talk about when they say elitism from such schools – a bunch of randos who somehow think they know better and *deserve* to have their ideas enacted, even if people disagree.

  129. Well, they are getting everyone possible to try and settle the Sanders folks down:

  130. neurotransmitter17, on July 25, 2016 at 8:45 PM said:
    At least on CSPAN, the boo-ing is not terribly audible.

    Some are tweeting that MSNBC has miked up a large section of Bernie supporters thus making the boos sound louder on their broadcast.

  131. I LOVE Al Franken!! He is the man!

  132. Hmmm…Jill Stein just happens to be in Philly. I wonder where the Green party convention will be held. Maybe we can all go and make asses of ourselves. I knew all those “protesters” aren’t Democrats. Some probably managed to get floor passes.

  133. “Some are tweeting that MSNBC has miked up a large section of Bernie supporters thus making the boos sound louder on their broadcast.” That sounds exactly like something MSNBC would do, lol.

    Go Anastasia Somoza! Trump is morally bankrupt. So awesome to hear her speak, and I’m glad she’s got a good speaking spot!

  134. Brassy, I think Stein is there to make trouble and to recruit Sanders supporters. She is scum.

  135. When your ass gets called out by Sarah Silverman….well…

  136. Simon has lost his voice. Sad.

  137. OMG. Susan Sarandon is there. Yuk.

  138. Thank you Sarah Silverman. That needed to be said.

  139. For your entertainment:

  140. Birdgal, on July 25, 2016 at 9:25 PM said:
    Simon has lost his voice. Sad.

    In fairness, that song was originally sung by Art Garfunkel. The key was too high for Paul Simon.

  141. Wow! So glad Sarah Silverman said that! Wasn’t a fan before, but am now.

  142. I missed Sarah Silverman, was she booed? I’m on CSPAN so booing is lessened. Oh, wait…I hear the booing now with Cory.

  143. Big Dawg is there…. ❤

  144. Thank you for setting me right on Simon.

  145. Booker is on….

  146. Corey Booker is on fire! Love his positive message on patriotism, togetherness, and love. He’s fantastic! I see a future president here.

  147. Birdgal, it broke my heart to hear Paul in bad form. I just happened to remember he wasn’t the one that originally sang that song.

  148. I love Booker!!!

  149. Booker for future president

  150. Booker, sing it!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Heck of a speech by Cory Booker!

  152. I’m crying!

  153. Michelle is doing a great job talking about Hillary.

  154. Michelle O is just KNOCKING IT OUT OF THE PARK for Hillary!

  155. Michelle…good!

  156. Michelle is hitting all the right notes and outta the park! Best endorsement and character witness for Hillary so far.

  157. Michelle did a great job! Wow, the speakers are on fire!!

  158. Michelle almost brought me to tears. I never thought I would say it.

  159. Bird;
    Let’s keeping them coming…

  160. Great speech by Michelle Obama as well. Hoping that Sanders’ speech and reaction to it does not ruin the glow of the last two speakers.

  161. My long standing cynicism re: Michelle just went out the window. Great speech! And Booker was absolutely superb. What a joy.

  162. 8 years ago, I never thought I would say that I love Michelle Obama, but I do now.

  163. I think this has been an amazing Day 1. Many great speakers, especially loved Franken & Silverman, Cory Booker KILLED IT! (My dudes want him for next prez), and FLOTUS did a beautiful job–and looked fabulous doing it. EW is up now.

  164. Birdgal, me too!

  165. Cory’s speech was so perfect, it reminded me of Bill in his glory days. I found myself thinking that his parents and family must be so proud.

  166. Well! Elizabeth delivered a very good speech….

  167. For those who missed it…BOOYAH!!!!

  168. Woooo! “The Burn” is on…fasten your seat belts…it may be a bumpy ride…

  169. wow must say Michelle’s speech was the best of the night! That’s gonna help with obama people joining Hillary

  170. A bunch of the Bernie folk are crying. I wish they’d shut up and let him speak already.

  171. Bernie’s speech is tiresome so far. Can’t wait for It to be over.

  172. how many times did Bernie say thank you? My god shut up and speak. How many times have we heard this drivel from him? Time for him to say ELECT Hillary! Then all his supporters can go home and we can get on nominating Hillary

  173. Look at the bright side, folks….it is now 11:00 pm on the East Coast…many went to bed after Warren’s speech. So Bernie is speaking mostly to the West Coast, home of most of his supporters. Mid-America is Trump Central and won’t be watching any of this.

  174. According to folks tweeting from the convention, the majority of the booing is coming from CA!

  175. Yeah, he is mostly giving his usual stump speech. He f I n a l l y just gave Hillary an endorsement–said she must be elected president. His asshole followers are still screaming Bernie.

  176. Voting, I bet it is Susan Sarandon and the jump the shark nurses Union that I belong to.

  177. Voting, I have also heard that and don’t doubt it. His CA supporters were particularly insane. Embarrassing for our state.

  178. Jill Stein will get most of the Bernie or Bust people from CA.

  179. His speech is getting better now. (But he’s no Cory Booker!)

  180. Cory Booker and Michelle Obama rocked the house! Elizabeth Warren not so much and Bernie Sanders same old stump speech with a little sprinkling of Hillary Clinton. I’m waiting for him to say I’m with her.

    Will he ever stop and just say I’m with her.

  181. Re Bernie: Thank God they made him go last. What a bore and self-serving boob; basically giving his stump speech AGAIN! Of course all who came after Michelle paled; such a gifted and compelling speaker. If the California delegation is causing most of the descent, they need to move them further back in room (the appearance of it be damned). I think most of the night speakers drowned the nitwits out pretty good. But dammit, Hillary never catches a break; she doesn’t deserve this shit!

  182. the majority of the booing is coming from CA!

    They can go home mad and alone. Hillary won CA in 2008 and kicked Bernies bum in 2016.

    Most of the us already went down that sad road and this is the week we finally get Hillary where she should have been 8 years ago.

    Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton

    First Dude and President William Jefferson Clinton, by her side and working with her in the WhiteHouse.

  183. Oh, come ON already Bernie–wrap this thing up.

  184. Yay, he endorsed her and its over.

    All things considered, an excellent first day.

  185. Thank you Bernie!! I can relate to the sadness his supporters feel, because we were there 8 years ago.

    Now for the roll call tomorrow.

  186. Thank you Michelle Obama, Cory Booker and yes, Sarah Silverman, for such a great night.

    Bernie, thanks for coding out about tomorrow night’s roll-call vote…back to Vermont. You’ve done your damage.

    Great front page tomorrow.

  187. Recess…what does it mean?

  188. Voting:
    do you think “The Burn” would just do a Cruz with his delegates?

  189. ‘Recess’- the end, for the day.

    Great first day of the Convention.

    Big Dawg was watching…

  190. I think we can all now exhale about whether the Obamas would support HRC the way she did in 2008.

    We have our answer and it is a resounding YES!

  191. I guess…is over for today…

  192. I really do dislike Andrea Mitchell.

    Jill will receive more votes in CA than anywhere.

  193. Bernie finally endorsed her in the end. He knows it’s curtains for his hopes and dreams…

    Not easy for this man to admit to himself that he got trounced by a woman.

  194. Like I said, his stupid supporters still are not supporting Hillary…I would not give them anymore time-period!!!

  195. I think anyone booing and heckling fellow democrats during their speech should be stripped of their delegate status and sent home from Philly

  196. This photo best represents the 2016 Dem primary and why Bernie lost…two HRC women for every white male Bernie supporter. Dreading the floor vote tomorrow, but will continue to relish that HRC WILL BE our nominee.

  197. BTW, one last thing about Michelle’s speech…this is what you call a “high road bitchslap”…and then some.

  198. She deserves this post:

  199. Well, now we all can say we know of at least ONE REPUBLICAN NOT VOTING TRUMP!

  200. “…we even got to hear speeches by Michelle Obama on the opening night at both political conventions.”


  201. To start your day off sunny….Jill Stein’s rally got cut short due to TORRENTIAL rains in Philly….and the Heavens spoke and said…GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!

  202. Can we have a Day2, DNC CONVENTION thread…think we are going to need it! 🙂

  203. I knew Michelle was the one to wait for.

    I’ll just leave this here.

  204. Told ya it was CA crazies booing:

  205. Poor poor Jill Stein. All the complimentary tinfoil hats got ruined in the rain!

  206. I have to admit it. Michelle made me cry.

  207. Recess…what does it mean?

    In elementary school, “Recess” means Time Out, usually on the playground. At least that’s what it used to be called.

  208. I call bull shit on those who say it’s so great that Bernie brought so many new people into the party. These jerks don’t want to join the Dem party, they want to destroy it if they can’t hijack it. Hopefully, they all wake up with a nasty case of laryngitis this morning. That may be the only thing that shuts them up, short of throwing them out which I’m not sure they can do if they’re delegates. Otherwise, Bill will get roughed up tonight.

    That said, their obnoxious noise was minimized on C-SPAN. And the speeches were great for the most part. The stagecraft was also 100% superior to the amateurism of last week.

  209. The remaining screamers are anarchists, and some of them are professionals. They riled up the fringe of Bernie followers. This morning I have had several Bernie people tweet to me. They WILL support Hillary. The majority of these people are not the loud and obnoxious ones we see. I have no tolerance for that fringe, but quite honestly, I think most Bernie people want to do right thing. We were disappointed and hurt once. Sometimes we even sounded like that fringe! That fringe will NEVER come around. They will move on to the next complaint. But I am not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Just my two cents.

  210. Like I said, it’s the end of the world.

  211. I know they’re not all like that, Up. Those who sincerely want to be Dems should be welcomed. I have someone in my own family who was strong for Bernie, but she has said all along she will support Hillary.

    I saw a series of tweets from Symone D. Sanders in which she laid out the facts for the die-hards. In one, she pointed out that 7 people writing emails at the DNC can’t steal an election. It was great and much appreciated.

  212. Sorry guys, still not feeling it for Michelle. She lost me at “…when they go low, we go high.” That’s not the way I remember the Obamas or their campaign against Hill in 2008. I am pleased that they are both doing their best to support her now, even if, it seems to me, it is more to preserve his legacy than for her, the party or the country. I am ready to take my punishment now.

  213. this is what you call a “high road bitchslap”…

    On Twitter, they call it a sub tweet.

  214. Cats, I think Hillary and Bill’s graciousness won them over and they are truly remorseful for some things they said in 2008.

    Here’s a piece from Jon Cardboard Cutout Groping Favreau:

  215. When I first saw that Favareau piece, I was like, this can’t be the same guy lolol

  216. So apparently most of the booing and obnoxious behavior came from the California delegates, and was aided by a directional mic placed there by your friends at MSNBC.

    Watching on C-Span, without the “pollution” of the network talking heads lets you draw your own conclusions, as opposed to the media telling you what you just saw and what you should think about it. I highly recommend it.

    Sarah Silverman…yay! She had the best line of the night!

    Michelle Obama…Never thought I’d say this but, she really hit it out of the park! When her voice cracked talking about how Hillary made it possible for her daughters and everyone’s daughters to become President…got a lot of folks teary eyed, maybe even me.
    Her line to the Bernie crowd about how “Hillary didn’t get mad or disillusioned” was a real winner too. I honestly don’t know what more I could have asked for in her speech as a Hillary supporter. Bravo

    Sanders managed to endorse and put a little cream on that bern, all while getting the chance to give his stump speech one more time, but then it is the only speech he has. The crowd all holding Bernie signs may have pissed some people off (especially here!!!) but just like the, “Michelle” stick things during her speech, it was the mark of a professionally run and managed convention, in stark contrast to the “other” convention. It was a smart piece of stagecraft, that screamed “UNITY”

    Cory Booker gave a great speech to the folks at home, but it didn’t go over as well in the hall, or so it seemed.

    The first day of the convention is a day for the delegates for the candidates to show their support for THEIR candidate. I have no problem with people who supported their candidate and were selected/elected as delegates to the convention to express their support on day one. That is what they are there for. We did it 8 years ago and it was our right to do so. We had worked long and hard and that 1st day was OUR day to show our support for Hillary!

    Today will be the roll call and the HISTORIC nomination of Hillary Clinton as the 1st EVER woman to be nominated by either party for President. Sanders is expected to at some point in the roll call, to release his delegates in make Hillary’s nomination one by acclimation, doing the same thing Hillary did in 2008. After roll call and the official nomination, you get on board and cheer like hell for the nominee and the speakers for the next 2 1/2 days or your, in the words of Sarah Silverman, “ridiculous”

    One last observation…Simon really needs Garfunkel to come back…

  217. Sophie, you are a better person than I. I had read the Favreau piece before and I still thought he was a piece of poo. Can you send something that shows the Obamas are truly remorseful for what they said and did in 2008? I never saw any. I still can’t shake my 2008 impression that they ran a dirty, negative campaign against her and had no qualms about doing so. To me, that spoke volumes as to the kind of people they really were. It went beyond politics. It truly hurt that they stooped so low.

  218. Sophie and Uppity…
    Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer have a podcast and it’s both funny and very pro Hillary, which sort of shocked me. It’s called, “Keepin’ it 1600” and it’s worth a listen…

  219. Dang, now I wish I had voted Obama instead of Green in 2008 and 2012–well, at least in 2012. I had a legitimate point in 2008, but in 20/20 hindsight, I was just still mad in 2012.

  220. New Realist–Yes! I subscribe to their podcast.

  221. The whole day 1

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