Democratic Convention 2016 – Day 2

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends…

Yesterday was phenomenal (despite some restless kids). In one day, Dems brought more substance and style than the Republicans did in their entire week. As it happens, there are too many people who want to speak and not enough time for all of them. (Recall the shit show last week where all they could get were Joanie-dumped-Chachi and the duck guy!)

Use these Twitter hashtags if you want the cute little icons. (Trigger warning–lots of trolls from the right and the left are using them.)



Day 2 features Big Dawg, a roll call vote (around 6 PM), and Mothers of the Movement. More here. And as we saw yesterday, there’s even more than that. For the record, I have 18 million reservations about that roll call vote.

Again, I highly recommend CSPAN over CNN or MSNBC. Seems the commercial channels need to interrupt too often to inject their worthless opinions and make a bigger deal about the butthurt Bros than they warrant. Also, Twitter will be livestreaming it.



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  1. So apparently most of the booing and obnoxious behavior came from the California delegates, and was aided by a directional mic placed there by your friends at MSNBC.

    Watching on C-Span, without the “pollution” of the network talking heads lets you draw your own conclusions, as opposed to the media telling you what you just saw and what you should think about it. I highly recommend it.

    Sarah Silverman…yay! She had the best line of the night!

    Michelle Obama…Never thought I’d say this but, she really hit it out of the park! When her voice cracked talking about how Hillary made it possible for her daughters and everyone’s daughters to become President…got a lot of folks teary eyed, maybe even me.
    Her line to the Bernie crowd about how “Hillary didn’t get mad or disillusioned” was a real winner too. I honestly don’t know what more I could have asked for in her speech as a Hillary supporter. Bravo

    Sanders managed to endorse and put a little cream on that bern, all while getting the chance to give his stump speech one more time, but then it is the only speech he has. The crowd all holding Bernie signs may have pissed some people off (especially here!!!) but just like the, “Michelle” stick things during her speech, it was the mark of a professionally run and managed convention, in stark contrast to the “other” convention. It was a smart piece of stagecraft, that screamed “UNITY”

    Cory Booker gave a great speech to the folks at home, but it didn’t go over as well in the hall, or so it seemed.

    The first day of the convention is a day for the delegates for the candidates to show their support for THEIR candidate. I have no problem with people who supported their candidate and were selected/elected as delegates to the convention to express their support on day one. That is what they are there for. We did it 8 years ago and it was our right to do so. We had worked long and hard and that 1st day was OUR day to show our support for Hillary!

    Today will be the roll call and the HISTORIC nomination of Hillary Clinton as the 1st EVER woman to be nominated by either party for President. Sanders is expected to at some point in the roll call, to release his delegates in make Hillary’s nomination one by acclimation, doing the same thing Hillary did in 2008. After roll call and the official nomination, you get on board and cheer like hell for the nominee and the speakers for the next 2 1/2 days or your, in the words of Sarah Silverman, “ridiculous”

    One last observation…Simon really needs Garfunkel to come back…

  2. Hahahahahahahahaha!! Funny and true!

  3. Indeed, Realist–Paul should have done a Paul song, not an S&G song. Even back in the S&G days, Paul couldn’t do the Garfunkel part.

    50 ways to leave your movement?

  4. “50 ways to leave your movement?”

    How about “When I think back on all the crap I learned from Donald…”?

  5. Doesn’t Donald have diamonds on the soles of his shoes?

  6. I don’t know whether he’s ever been stranded in a limousine, but he probably owns at least one.

    I look forward to the day when our consecrated girl gets the presidential seal, while the Donald’s political fortunes go slip slidin’ away.

  7. I watched on NPR expecting there to be less commentary but we got Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill. All they could talk about was the Bernie contingent and booing. Classless. These talking heads have no original thought.

  8. Bernie: “Easier to boo, than to look your kids in the face, if Donald Trump is elected president.”

    He said this when speaking to the CA delegation this AM.

  9. More schedule info:

  10. Shit, cable is Bernie, Bernie everywhere. even CSPAN is rerunning his way too long and boring speech.

  11. Another way to watch the convention from the DNC

  12. Another way to watch the convention from the DNC

    I love that the convention is in Philly, historical.

  13. Jeeze, sorry for the partial repeat posts

  14. Apparently one story coming out of day 1 of the DNC convention: many viewers switched to C-Span because of cable news’ desperate BernieBro wrangling. DUH! Of course most Hillary backers have known for quite some time that broadcast and cable TV are cesspools of HRC venom to be avoided at all cost. Plus of course putrid pundits talk over speakers they deem less worthy and commercials annoy as well. I was on C-Span exclusively last night and it really did seem for the most part that the BernieBro boos were not that noticeable. Ironically, the high profile speaker who seemed most affected was Elizabeth Warren, who was knocked seriously off her rhythm by the “we trusted you” chants though she soldiered on. Some comeuppance for the leftist darling whose so called neutral stance in the primaries turned out to be a useless, cowardly strategy to both wings of the party. Also coming out today: she’s tired of the senate, wants out and would have embraced being VP. Still wouldn’t be surprised to see her in HRC cabinet (secretary of treasury perhaps)? It’s the kind of team of rivals move Hillary would do: tapping a smart, charismatic person (I can concede Warren this) because she believes the person capable of doing a good job. I even thought Joseph Kennedy III introducing her is a tell that he’d be the pick to run for her senate seat down the road. Don’t know a lot about him but he did seem capable of giving a fairly coherent speech unlike his dim bulb cousins Caroline and John Jr.; the desire for another promising Kennedy in democratic politics remains part of the great white hope, I suppose.

  15. I also thought it was ultimately a fufulfilling first night. I don’t understand why the media goes on and on about Sanders, as if this was some incredible thing to get 43% of the primary vote in a two-person race; and that he brought all these millions of people into the Democratic Party, which would have been good if he had, but he didn’t. And my opinion is that if the Sanders faction ever took over the Democratic Party, we’d lose all the elections again, because contrary to the opinions of Hayes and Maddow and the other Sanders fans, the country is not where he is. It was sort of amusing that Sanders in his speech praised the great work Obama has done, even while he has railed for a year about how the system doesn’t work, how the economy is stacked against the middle class; and all the things on which Hillary will not go as far as his undoable schemes. I guess the ultimate explanation is that the media hates Hillary, and thus the person who ran against her is lionized as the real Democrat, even though he isn’t.

    For tonight, I have two concerns, well founded, given the media’s biases. First, the roll call vote, which really is a bad idea, because it is not only going to let the Sanders people yell and jeer, it will also allow certain state delegations where Sanders won, to announce their votes in ways demeaning to Hillary, or alleging that the primary was fixed. I would certainly not put it beyond them; and that could lead to a massive demonstration, which the media would revel in. The other is the Bill Clinton speech. The Republicans, and then the Democratic Left, have been attacking and belittling him for a decade. He was blamed for Hillary losing in ’08; he has demeaned for various comments he made during campaign rallies. They are just lookng for a way to blast his speech, say that he is senile, say that he hurt Hillary’s chances to win. He’s far from senile, even though he is not the speaker he was 25 years ago. I very much want him to give a great speech,
    even though it will never be praised by the media.

    I think of of one of my favorite baseball stories, where the Hall of Fame pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander, 39 years old, and certainly past his glory years, won Game Six of the World Series; then may have been nursing a hangover the next day, in which he certainly never expected to pitch. In the seventh inning of Game 7, the Yankees, down one run, loaded the bases with two out, and Cardinals manager Rogers Hornsby, deciding to go with his best clutch pitcher, called to the bullpen and summoned Alexander. Somehow “Old Pete” came in and struck out Yankees power hitter Tony Lazzeri, and then retired the side in the next two innings,, to win the World Championship for the Cardinals. I’m hoping that the Big Dawg has his fastball working, and his change of pace, and does a masterful job.

  16. Paulette, I always enjoy your postings. I think Elizabeth Warren would be great in a cabinet post, but that would mean losing a senate seat. As far as another Kennedy, I think it is more a Kennedy hope. Joseph is still young and needs more chops. I do respect that he spent time in Peace Corps.

  17. Does anyone have a link to a good summary of what went down in the 2008 primary? I’m heartily sick of hearing Bernie fans whinge about how he was stabbed in the back by the DNC. They have no friggin idea what an injustice it was.

  18. I also thought the first night went well, but of course the media did as much as it could to diminish it. Tonight, we have two concerns, I think. One is the roll call vote. Sanders should not have demanded that, but why should we expect anything differernt? This will allow the jerks to scream and yell and boo, and also to make speeches from the delegations about how everything was fixed.

    The other concern is the reaction to Bill Clinton’s speech. The media has made a punching bag of him fo the last decade (while of course also attacking Hillary by doing it), by contending that he lost the ’08 race for her; that his stump speeches this year have hurt; that he is virtually senile and worthless. And of course the Republicans always go after him, to get at HIllary. So I think that whatever he says tongiht, the media will desccribe it as weak, not helpful, even damaging. They always write their narratives before the fact.

    I prefer to think of it as something like the 1926 World Series, where the all-time great pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander, 39, and a decade past his prime, won Game 6 for the Cardinals. The next day, he was probably hung over (he drank a lot) being certain he would not pitch the next day. But in Game 7, with the Cardinals up by one run in the seventh inning, manager Rogers Hornsby summoned “Old Pete” from the bullpoen, with the bases loaded for the Yankees and two out. On pure talent, will, and class, Alexander struck out power hitter Tony Lazzeri; and then shut out the Yankees in the last two innings to win the world title for St. Louis. I hope that the Big Dawg rares back and gives the speech of his life.

  19. My posts seem to be disappearing, but maybe it is my computer.

  20. No it’s not your computer, William.

    You got caught in the Spam trap. Congratulations.

  21. I know the spam trap can be a pain in the butt.

    But it does keep us from having to put up with incurable assholes.

  22. Don’t see you in spam or trash William.

  23. Hey Uppity! I didn’t see you in trash while I was rummaging through there!

  24. Thank you to whomever fished me out!

    I was watching a nice little get-together with the Florida delegation, with Bill Nelson (I really like him) and Nancy Pelosi and Al Franken ( what a great guy, shows up everywhere to help). But CSPAN away to show us a “die-in” staged by about ten Sanders supporters, who were apaprently flopping onto the ground on their backs, to protest something or other. I think that as much as anything else, they are narcissistic attention seekers. They are worthless electorallly, they are damaging our chances to save the nation from a fascist madman whom Russia is trying to install as a puppet leader. But of course it is all about them and their endless complaints and anger.

  25. Sanders will release his delegates, but his name may be put into nomination. Even though he will release his delegates, he may still have many votes when the roll call is called to a halt by Sanders when he asks Hillary to be nominated by acclimation.
    The evil media will play this up as disunity and claim it’s the many disgruntled Sanders supporters who will NEVER support our girl. This will be utter bullshit. Here’s a short paragraph from Wikipedia about the 2008 roll call;

    “Part way through the roll call (the New Mexico delegation first yielded to the Illinois delegation, who then yielded to the New York delegation), Senator Clinton of New York moved to suspend the rules of the roll call and nominate Obama by acclamation. This was done and the verbal roll call vote was halted. Earlier the same day, Clinton had released her delegates, allowing them to vote for Obama.[19] Along with the verbal roll call, a paper ballot was taken. The results were 3,188.5 for Obama and 1,010.5 for Clinton. There are an additional 219 votes that were not cast.[20]”

    Don’t fall for the BS. Even though Hillary endorsed Obama in JUNE of that year, and released her delegates, AND suspended the roll call to nominate Obama by acclimation, she still had over a THOUSAND votes cast in her favor.

    If anything similar occurs this evening, our friends in the MSM will most likely say that it is more “proof” that Sanders supporters still are not doing the unity thing. It will be a LIE, so don’t let it hoodwink you. It’s not even the least bit unusual. A little historical context will hopefully help when you hear Sanders name called into nomination (Hillary’s was too in 2008) or that even after he releases his delegates and calls for her to be nominated by acclimation, he still winds up with a big chunk of votes, just as Hillary did 8 long years ago.

    MSNBC and their ilk will shake their collective talking head and say it means that the party is still, “fractured/divided” etc. Don’t believe it because it isn’t true. They just want to sow the seeds of dissent and knock Hillary down on her/our big historic day…

  26. William
    There is ALWAYS a roll call vote and it’s for the States to be able to praise themselves and tout their virtues. It’s a time honored political tradition, and there was one in 2008. President Obama ran unopposed for reelection in 2012, so no roll call was required, but there was still what is called a “voice vote”

    As to the Big Dawg; He is STILL the Big Dawg, and only 4 years removed from giving THE speech at the 2012 Convention that had the crowd chanting “4 MORE YEARS!” and I don’t think they meant for OBAMA,

    He isn’t some old, feeble, wretch. He is STILL one of the finest (albeit a little long winded) extemporaneous “speechifiers” in American Presidential history and we should expect him to be at the top of his game for his beloved.
    I apologize but I didn’t understand your ire at the roll call tradition, and respectfully disagree with your characterization of President Clinton’s past decade of public speaking.

  27. Sarah Silverman is right. Those Bernie or Bust people are ridiculous. It’s easy to “fight” against the “rigged” system when you are part of the 1% (Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Mark Ruffalo, etc..) Here’s some ideas for all of those Bernie morons: how about giving all of your money away to the poor? Or how about paying more than you owe in income taxes? Don’t take any deductions, just give your money away to government and single handedly fund that free college education or any of those unrealistic programs that Bernie was screaming about without providing any way to fund them. Move out of your rich all white privileged upper-class neighborhood and slum it with the rest of us. The rest of us, especially those in the South live in integrated neighborhoods, our kids attend integrated schools, our grocery stores are integrated, our movie theatres are integrated. The rest of us live in that melting pot everyday and still think the USA is the best country in the world. Where else can a minimally educated actor rise to be a multi-millionaire and then bitch about how rigged the system is and how the rest of us need to help the poor and underprivileged.

    Bernie moron celebs, guess what? Drawing attention to a problem by using your celebrity name doesn’t solve it. You need to throw all of your money behind it too. If you don’t, you are a hypocrite.

    I am sick and tired of privileged people dictating to me who I should vote for and try to intimidate me into allowing them to substitute their will for mine. They have never lived in my minority skin nor do they show any empathy for my life. Bernie does not speak for me, and he never will. After this primary I am tired of having to hear the scream speech of white privileged old men. They have nothing new to offer me and never will. Buck up buttercup, we all experience disappointment during some time in our lives, this time it just happens be your turn. Deal with it.

  28. on a brighter note, can’t wait to hear Hillary elected as the Democratic Nominee!!! Awesome.

  29. The New Realist, I think you misperceived my points. First, I was saying that the media has been getting on Bill Clinton for the last several years, maybe because of Hillary. I’ve seen him speak, and he is not quite as good as he was, but he is still very smart and very good. But some of the media has criticized him, in ’08 and lately.

    Sanders could have released his delegates. He could interrupt the roll call vote very early; Alaska, actually. I have seen plenty of roll call votes, but it has been a long time since there has been rancorous contention; maybe 1976 was the last. So that is more jarring now then back in the older days, and it should be avoided. With regard to Hillary, they stole delegates from her, and she still called for acclamation.

  30. I love me some Al Franken:

  31. The irony of Andrea Mitchell sitting right next to him! (Is that actually irony or is it something else?)

  32. {snip, snip…I cut out all the crap from CNN, talking about how Rump is attacking the Clinton’s for his infidility…)

    (Madam PRESIDENT) Hillary Clinton sees her husband as an asset.

    She has pledged to give him a role in a potential second Clinton administration dealing with the economy, trying to capitalize on her husband’s economic record while he was in the White House.
    “My husband, who I’m going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy,” Clinton said in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, this May. “You know he knows how to do it, especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out.”

    Bill Clinton will still be entering on unchartered waters in a potential Clinton White House, becoming potentially the first man to fill the role — pioneering a new title.

    Hillary Clinton has suggested in lieu of “first lady” — he could be called “first dude,
    the first mate,
    the first gentlemen.”
    Bill Clinton has suggested “first laddie.”

    “I don’t know, I don’t really know because it’d be such a precedent,” Clinton said of a potential title. “I don’t care what I’m called, it’s more about what I’m called to do.”

  33. I just saw an interview with E.J. Dionne about the convention. What an intelligent and thoroughly decent person, one of my very favorite journalists.

  34. Sophie, thanks for the fresh thread for Day 2. Love the ELP beginning! I thought Day 1 was amazing, and looking forward to seeing Big Dawg speak. We are also watching on CSPAN and highly recommend it. I stopped watching msnbs back in ’08 and rarely turn to cnn. We just spent a week at my Mom’s and she has been an msnbs watcher since it first came on, so we were stuck watching it with her (she does make a mean Happy Hour repast to go with it). We all found the daily msnbs ritual to be a negative experience, more so than in previous years, and wish my mom would stop watching it, but I can’t picture her getting her political news off the internet like I do. Mrs. Greenspan is just freaking awful, cannot stand her.

  35. Omigosh, that Hillary parody “Let me remind you fuckers who I am” is priceless!

  36. I know she will be smiling down on us when Hillary is proclaimed the Dem nominee tonight.

  37. The red shirts in the CA delegation are members of the nurses Union that I belong to.

    I wish they would stop giving Stein media time. I can’t stand her. She is so woefully unqualified to be president . Just switched to c-span so I won’t have watch the fueling of the dissent.

  38. Lovely speech by Tom Harkin. Immediately after he was done, the same boorish people started chanting for Sanders. After Hillary is nominated, will they all go home, or will they stay two more days to disrupt some more?

  39. I’m just going to ignore the MSM. It worked fine last night just sticking to C-SPAN.

    As far as the roll call vote, Hillary had one, although they would have skipped it if we hadn”t insisted. So I guess Sanders should have one too. I saw on Twitter, they will move some states around and Vermont will put her over the top. I doubt they will allow any Bernie or Busters near a mic for roll call. The Vermont governor is a Hillary Super D.

  40. Ewww. Tulsi Gabbard.

  41. “Because this is a movement fueled by love”!?!? wtf is she talking about? Bernie’s movement was anything but.

  42. For those on Twitter:

  43. why the hell are these Bernie people even allowed to speak today? This is Hillary’s moment and OUR moment NOT Bernies!!!!

  44. Ugh could we just get this part over with please?

  45. The 3rd Bernoid speaker on now, a young woman. Their message is so divisive, so hateful.

  46. socalannie

    I guess “love” means complete contempt for a woman who won and is all around more charismatic and qualified. And also screaming down people who don’t agree with you. They f8cking lost! and BIG! Time for them to go away I want to dance while they nominate Hillary. 8 years ago I was depressed and in tears over the rigged primaries and rigged roll call

  47. Got the livestream going in another window. It’s all Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. I’m sick of hearing his name! When does this convention become about Hillary???

  48. Yay, John Lewis!

  49. You go Barbara Mikulski!

  50. John Lewis is always so wonderfully inspiring. I wish my parents could ahve seen and experienced this moment. We watched many conventnions together. This would have been the best one.

  51. Thank God for C-span

  52. Amaru put the ribbon on this! Great speech!

  53. Voting, agree, a beautiful young woman who gave a heartfelt speech!

  54. I’m crying. 102 years old.

  55. Yea, Birdgal, that got the waterworks going for me also.

  56. Yeah Jerry Brown!!

  57. I started crying the moment Mikulski started talking!

  58. I’m trying to wrap my head around the delegates that abstain from voting for either candidate. What’s the point of that? Were those delegates elected to vote for no one?

  59. Okay, Delaware made me laugh. “Home of Joe Biden and Kevlar…”

    The abstentions are Bernie or Bust.

  60. Socalannie, that was weird.

  61. This is so exciting!

  62. I really wish Georgia I hadn’t put their congressman front and center who called Israelis termites.

  63. Julie, if they’re Bernie or Bust, why don’t they cast their vote for Bernie? Are they not present maybe?

  64. Loving watch those numbers go up for Hillary

  65. Protest votes. Likely they will vote for Stein.

  66. Pence, You”re fired ! Lol

  67. So excited. This is finally happening and it is about time!

  68. I love the excitement of the delegates!

  69. All the doomsayers on the internet who said Clinton would be cast aside at the convention and replaced by Warren or an obama pick must be choking on the shoes in their mouth right now….

  70. I smile every time a southern state votes. Take that Bernie! I’ll probably start crying again when NC votes. We didn’t get to in ’08.

  71. Nevada…where Bernie tried to steal delegates………..votes for Hillary. 27/16

  72. I would love to see Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea watching this roll call.

  73. GO New York……Hillary chants

  74. If you can’t get jazzed by this roll call, you must be dead.

  75. One ass in the N.Dakota Delegation blocking everyone with a Bernie or bust placard…..

  76. Okay I didn’t make it to NC. I started crying again with NY.

    Repeal HB2!!

    70 votes for Hillary!!!


    GO HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Brassy, I totally agree. This is a big deal!

  79. Northern Mariana Islands delegation looks beautiful!

  80. Getting close now……..almost there……to history……

  81. I know, the Oregon senator was a Sanders supporter, but I like him.

  82. The anticipation is killing me… soon… we are soooooooo close now!

  83. I’m glad they are having this roll call. It is so important for everyone!

  84. Loving this…

  85. OMG, almost there!!!!


  87. Go SC! Chanting for Hillary!

  88. We made it!! They aren’t keeping track on the floor. Letting everyone vote. Yeah!!!


  90. Congrats Uppity Sisters (and brothers)… we did it.

  91. 💥💥💥💥💥🎉🎉🎉🎉🍾🍾🍾🎊🎊

  92. #WeMadeHistory!!

  93. Wooooo Hooooo!!! We did it!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  95. A day we have all waited for many long years! Congratulations to all of us and every single Hillary supporter! WE’RE HERE!!!

  96. Loving how our Hillary loving site comments are rolling in fast. Shadow you’ll know what i mean………….thers may be raging and getting foots out of their mouths……

    What a wonderful evening.

  97. Now, the real work begins. I’m going to an organizing meeting on August 4 th. I may try to go to a battleground state to help out for a week or two, as well as phone banking.

  98. I’m sad to say I’m somewhat embarrassed for my second home state, Washington, who held a poorly attended caucus that Bernie won and a bigger primary that Hillary won, and they chose to give Bernie most of their delegates. An unpleasant note in an otherwise glorious day for me.

  99. HERSTORY has been made.

  100. You rock Birdgal!
    Julie, thanks for explaining about the abstained votes.

  101. Wheres Upps, hope she has enough bottles of bubbly in the fridge for all of us…….

  102. Hey! Folks are switching to Hillary in the roll call. She is getting more votes in states he won. Thank you, Wyoming!

  103. I’m guessing Bernie or Bust just went bust……it just became extinct.

    HILLARY, HILLARY, HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Thank you Bernie for doing that.

  106. Thank you Bernie.!

  107. PLEASE GOD, let this be the LAST TIME I have to see Bernie’s mug during this convention.

  108. Bernie was not a Hillary

  109. As for your ghastly wife, Bernie, i hope we never have to see her ever again……….

  110. 🎋🎋🎋🎋🎋🎋🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈!

  111. Bernie did the right thing, so thank you Bernie.

  112. There are tears in my eyes and tears in my husband’s.
    We are so proud of our Party.

  113. Did Andrea Mitchell say Bernie is not going to raise money for Hillary nor turn over his e-mail list?

  114. YES! WE DID IT EVERYONE We made history!!

  115. They’re probably paying off his 645 page debt for returning illegal contributions.

  116. We made HISTORY!

  117. my response to Gabe:

  118. I never want to see another Bernie poster in my life, he’s done, over, history, they can all STFU about him now. I do not want to hear his name ever again.

    If you are a pissant Bernie or bust and wanna go run to Trump, Good Luck, see how long you last with bigots, racists, homophobes, women haters and religious prats. They will turn on you quicker than a zombie with a school bus. You have been warned.

  119. They are saying Hillary had the votes when North Dakota gave their count. Bernie was not a Hillary. He is still an angry old man.

  120. neet, South Dakota put her over the top.

  121. So many people did everything they possibly could think of to prevent this moment from ever happening. Yet, with the help of millions of supporters like us, Hillary overcame all the obstacles and all the odds. Inevitable? Hillary was always the opposite of inevitable. That was just another toxic meme thrown at her. And that is why she is truly AWESOME!

    Congratulations to everyone here and thank you. You are awesome too.

  122. moononpluto, on July 26, 2016 at 7:18 PM said:

    I never want to see another Bernie poster in my life, he’s done, over, history, they can all STFU about him now. I do not want to hear his name ever again.

    I agree

  123. Our Sophie’s ROCKING tweet:

  124. Hillary is like the Terminator, no matter how many times you try and put her down, got up, took another punch , got up again and rinse repeat, the woman is tougher than any politician i have ever seen.

    Her skin must be made of bulletproof glass.

    Such an amazing woman.

  125. You guys should see the front page of huffpo:

    Suspected Russian Hack Of DNC Emails ‘A Breathtaking Transgression Of Privacy’…
    Putin ‘Treating American Democracy With The Same Respect He Accords His Own’…
    DNC Hack ‘Far More Widespread Than Initially Thought’… More Bombshells To Come?… REPORT: Hacker ‘An Agent Of The Russian Government’… ‘Beyond A Reasonable Doubt’…

    George Will On Trump Tax Returns: Could Show He’s ‘Deeply Involved’ With Russians…”

  126. VotingHillary, on July 26, 2016 at 7:24 PM said:

    neet, South Dakota put her over the top.


  127. Can people make FOIA requests for Rumps tax returns? Its outrageous he hasn’t released them and won his nomination.

  128. Yeah Jimmy Carter!!

  129. OMG! Shattered glass all over the place.

    Uppity, don’t think I’m cleaning this shit up!

  130. Hillary did it! So thrilled to have witnessed Herstory being made. Congratulations to all here for never losing faith and for keeping your eye on the prize. Soooo Happpyyyyyyy!

  131. socalannie, why doesn’t Judicial Watch go after him, instead of badgering Hillary all the time?

  132. Of course in 2008 Hillary cracked the glass ceiling, in 2016, she sledgedhammered it to hell.

    Give Bernie a brush, its all he’s good for, that ought to keep him busy until November……….

    One thing I will say is Thank You Obama, I never thought I’d say that but he really went to bat for her this time. I would still have preferred it the other way round and Obama could have been VP for 8 years and this would have been his year.

  133. Delegates will have to be careful where they step now–so much shattered glass all over the floor.

  134. Elizabeth Banks just walked out to “We Are The Champions”!!!

  135. Annie, that story must not be allowed to slip off the radar. It is a very major thing, and it needs to be unearthed. And it can win us the election, if people realize that Trump is essentially being seein by Russia as their pawn, and that they are trying to control the results of the American election. That story is not something to just take up a few days of media interest.

  136. Funny how the apparently most loathed lying candidate just made history and got more votes than any other candidate!

    Up yours bitches, Hillary rules……

    We done good, girls…….

  137. We rock!!

  138. Fortunately, the roll call was handled well; or one could say that Hillary and her people bent over backwards to assuage Sanders supporters. I don’t even understand his remarks about moving for the nomination of Hillary Clinton, since she already had the votes to be nominated. He did not call for nomination by acclamation. He just got the last word. Ah, well, the main thing is that Hillary was nomiinated, with an amazing array of Democratic delegates, and a lot of cheering. Apparently the Clinton people did indeed manage to make sure that some Sanders delegates did not get hold of the microphones in their delegations, to vocally complain about this or that.

  139. William, I agree–that’s why I posted. This could well be the worst political scandal in history.

  140. William, yes, Hillary and her convention could not possibly have been more accommodating and gracious to the Bernoids.

  141. Donna Brazile was on fire!!! She did Hillary proud!

  142. Socal & William, this is a national security issue. FBI is investigating. Now there’s a good use of the FBI!

  143. Well I’m not cleaning it Sophie! Let’s just crunch and wait till November 9 when the rest of the shards fall out.

  144. Nope Socal you can’t FOIL a tax return.

  145. imust, I think all national law enforcement/intelligence agencies should be investigating. I imagine they are & hope they bust Trump and his cronies.

  146. Thanks Upps, I was wondering.

  147. OMG… I will clean it up. That God Damn ceiling has been in my way for far too long…. I will clean it up and sell it. Make millions. Remember the Berlin Wall pieces. Just make sure Trump does’t sell it to the Russians.

  148. Haha! Honora, good one!

  149. Okay, Samder supporters are pit of control. They are walking out of the convention in protest. Can you imagine if we had done that in 2008?



  151. Many of his supporters were never going to vote for Hillary. They keep giving that obnoxious Nina Turner way too much time on MSNBC. Hillary owes you nothing. She mad it possible for you to become a female state senator when you were wearing diapers.

  152. We did it!

    After these 8 long years, on this historic evening I feel nothing but pride. I’m proud to be an American. I’m proud to be a Democrat. And, most of all, I’m very proud to be an Uppity Woman!

    For, although I carry a Y chromosome, I do hope that tonight all of you tough, smart, funny, beautiful ladies will accept me (and my fellow brothers here) as at least “honorary” women.


    And, yes Abigail, it took more than 200 years, but this great Republic that you and your husband helped to found has finally…

    “Remembered The Ladies.”

    Now, on to November, and let’s go win this effing thing!

  153. The audience could be a little more into it…they seem missing at times.

  154. Lol…..

  155. I think they’re walking out of the convention because they don’t want to be there any longer, they were just there to cheer for Bernie. It’s like the NCAA basketball finals, when the fans of the two teams who lost in the semifinals leave en masse, and sell their tickets to fans of the two finalist teams. In this case, their nature would not be to just leave, but to be as rude and self-gratifying as possible, as their coda.

  156. 100% correct William…

  157. Oh please William I hope you’re right! Then we don’t have to listen to their booing.
    I read that they occupied the press tent or did a sit in or lock in or something. So they want press coverage. Like you say, they want attention, like the kid throwing a tantrum who stops when no one is listening but starts back up when someone enters the room.

  158. Let them walk out! Maybe we can actually have a democratic convention now and not a shouting match

  159. Oh Damn it to Hell, I missed it! Was on my way home from work and missed it.

    If anyone sees a video, please post.

  160. I watched a short clip of Bernie nominating her…makes me cry.

  161. An article over on HuffPoo is headlined: Susan Sarandon Confirms She’s Having “Literally The Worst Time” At The DNC.

    Lemme see–where did I put The World’s Tiniest Violin? 😈

  162. Congratulations Hillary Clinton.

    You finally made it, with grace and perseverance.

    You never gave up, no matter how much you were battered and stabbed in the back.

    No matter how many haters screamed and yelled at you, even with Rump trying to turn all white men against you.

    As I said to you, face to face…your hand in mine, “You make me so proud, Hillary.”

    I will fight for you every day, for you have fought for me and all my fellow Amerian’s.

    Thank you, Hillary Clinton. ❤

  163. If it’s so bad, why doesn’t she leave? Washed up, bitter actress who will not vote for Hillary.

  164. Big Dawg speaks tonight, right?


  166. yes, imust, he is supposed to speak in the 10 pm hour.

  167. This level of stupidity just stuns in the 21st Century:

  168. Bill Clinton still has it….wonderful speaker.

  169. I said this plays so well to old ladies like me, my 19 year old son said ‘It plays well to me.” Maybe we got this.

  170. If there ever any doubt Bill Clinton is one of the best speech giving people ever…….

    One of the best speeches ever.

  171. He is speaking from his heart. ❤️

  172. Ah, our Big Dawg was fantastic! I loved the background of their life and how he told us of all the things they did and Hillary’s accomplishments.


    Imagine Meryl having to follow Bill. But she has confidence, I know she can do it.

  174. Ladies and gentlemen, our future First Dude of America NAILED IT tonight. Thank you, Big Dawg Bill!

  175. Okay, I have to say it… I would rather call Big Dawg First Gentleman of the US than First Dude…. it makes me visualize Palin saying that. 😛

  176. HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. 😂😂😂😂😂😂!

    I totally lost it during the Fight Song video and now Alicia Keyes…This convention IS America! And yeah, Big Dawg can still bring it.

  178. Just an amazing speech by Bill Clinton, just a shame it wasn’t another hour. Just charming, and yet, as all of his speeches, had a profound point. The real Hillary he has known for 45 years, versus the utter caricature the right wing and media has made of her. I hope millions of people got to see it, it was very important, the most important thing that Hillary has not done herself in this campaign.

    If Bill is up to it, I would have him go to Ohio and Pennsylvania and maybe North Carolina, and talk to the White middle class people there, and connect his administration with what she will do for them. And of course he will be a major force in helping her in office. How c ould anyone not want that, as compared to a truculent idiot?

  179. Maybe, we’ll get an October surprise in August when Trump will be exposed as “Putin’s Puppet.”
    C’mon journalists, there’s a Pulitzer Prize just waiting to happen.

  180. goof, he will be the First Gentleman to the nation and world, but he’ll always be the Big Dawg to Clinton supporters.

  181. Positive comments mostly from CNN. Maddow offended by the beginning-go figure.

  182. I literally screamed when Hillary did that live bit and sobbed uncontrollably. I think that moment was when it really hit me that she IS the nominee. I am still trying to breathe.

  183. Voting – I wasn’t saying anything against calling him Big Dawg, I like it… I just keep hearing Palin when he’s called First Dude… 😉

  184. I owe Sanders an apology. I owe it but he’s not gonna get it. Bill was terrific. I just wonder what Putin’s Poodle was doing during that speech.

  185. Dang! Do democrats know how to stage a convention or what? My tear ducts were flooded all night. Not even the graceless Bernie and his brigade could spoil the joy of that historic roll call for Hillary as this nation’s first woman nominee for president. So many other wow moments.The grace and eloquence of Mothers of the Movement and their obvious true warmth for Hillary. The vouching by so many others about Hillary’s sterling character with specific, touching anecdotes, including that 9-11 burn victim. Bill was masterful again, so heartfelt about his girl. Meryl Streep, who I’ve heard speak about Hillary before, just articulated so well what I find just mind boggling about Hillary: her grit and grace. My girl Alicia Keys’ “Superwoman” serenade. The “Fight Song” celebrity video serenade. And then that final video with all the male presidents and then Hillary (and didn’t she look fabulous) shattering the glass and surrounded by kids. Half over and already 1000 times better than shit show in Cleveland.

  186. What I like about the DNC convention is I don’t feel like I need to go out and buy a damn bomb-shelter.

    Tomorrow is Obama’s speech and if he is even HALF as good as Michelle’s was….this sucker is going to be so lit!

    Interesting side-note…not one musician/group has asked the DNC NOT to play their music. LOL!

  187. Tears in my eyes today. We made it to the nomination, finally. Now to keep on until November. Watch out for the mud! We can wash it off with champagne on the night of November 8th!

  188. Churl

    Putin’s Poodle
    Now there’s a good name for Rump.

  189. SophieCT

    I missed this part of the convention, was Hillary really busting though the photos of all the male President’s??????????

    How fabulous is that.

  190. My comedian of this election, Samantha Bee, on the Tim Kaine selection. Enjoy, all!

  191. Here you go Shadow!

  192. Thank you, VotingHillary, for the celebrity “Fight Song.”
    The big surprise for me was Kristin Chenoweth, who’s always been famously a conservative Christian.
    Guess she’s woke and seen the light*

    *Please forgive this from a white woman in her sixties.
    I’m just so excited!!!!!

  193. RE: Bill’s speech. The question that pundits ask Hillary, over and over..why do you have a likability problem. Of course, we will all say, because you media keep asking! And/or because the RW has spent years attacking her and making up lies. All true. But Bill. Big Dawg. He said it perfectly.

    “If you win elections on the theory that government is always bad and will mess up a two-car parade, a real change-maker represents a real threat,” Bill Clinton said.

    That, in a glorious nutshell, is the reason they hate her. Why they hate both of them. Why there is, literally, a cottage industry of RW books written to discredit them. Bill. Bill & Hill get things done. Why didn’t you say this sooner?!

  194. Voting, thanks for posting the Glass Ceiling video. I missed it when it happened, and couldn’t find it on youtube, but knew I would find it here!

  195. Bill Clinton shows how to turn the narrative around!

  196. Socal, hope you and Laker enjoyed it. I am still trying to exhale. Just didn’t think that was coming tonight.

  197. Hey, Uppities, at the 1:04 mark on the glass ceiling that JANE SANDERS???

  198. Voting, we all loved it! I’ve watched it several times. I thought that was Jane when I first saw it, not sure now. Will have to look at the Bernie clip.

  199. Ok, that was not Jane @ 1:04.

  200. Big Dog still got it and brought it for his honey! Nothing sexier on a man than his love for his wife.

    We are so blessed with Corey, Michelle, Big Dawg, I can’t wait for tonight.

    On Thursday night I am wearing my 2008 Hillary Tshirt. A long time coming but I don’t regret the journey. It’s been a wonderful ride.

  201. Again can’t say it enough. Last night was just WOW! Thank you all for keeping me sane as we waded through the misogyny swamp together. I firmly believe as Hillary says Stronger Together!
    As long as we stay strong and GOTV we are going to have an absolute landslide come November so proud of our Country!

  202. Thanks for live-blogging the Role Call! I was out all day and it was great seeing it with y’all.
    {{{{{{{ PUMAs }}}}}}}

  203. I swear, I’m going to stay here until the election is over and never leave. I don’t know why I go to mainstream social media when I know it’s just going to irritate me. Hillary made history last night, but all anybody is talking about is what a mensch Bernie is, how he is such a class act for releasing all his delegates to Hillary. You know, Hillary did the same thing in 08 and nobody said squat, unless it was to criticize her for not doing it earlier and for actually having the roll call.

    And if I see one more thing about those damn emails my head may just explode. My daughter and I were discussing last night and I finally pointed out to her that there’s no evidence anybody acted on any of these things. Just a bunch of emails amongst party members. I also pointed out that none of those emails are from Hillary or to Hillary. By the way, my daughter called me crying last night because she was so proud of Hillary. She’s 22 and she told me that she’s waited her whole life for this. I told her, “Me, too.”

  204. I was watching cspan and turned over to MSNBC to hear Todd say that the video was to show that we didn’t want to elect Trump to that group of presidents. The man couldn’t buy a clue at “Clues r Us”…. It is a f@cking glass ceiling you bozo. Back to cspan and here.

  205. I know someone who is a delegate and she said people are coming together. Hoping it continues.

  206. For posterity

  207. I thought Bill’s speech was excellent. It was the standard form First Spouse in-waiting speech, with a whole lotta Bill. He’s an excellent storyteller and I was spellbound the whole time.

    I watched CSPAN last night so I missed knowing what I was supposed to think of Bill’s speech. If I’d watched MSNBC, I would have learned to think that he missed many key issues and was sexist and his speech was calculated to get married white women and some white men–two areas we are told that she is performing dismally. If I’d watched CNN, I would have learned to think that Bill should have told about his affairs and now his speech is ruined because it’s not historically accurate.

    Tell you what I did learn: Watch Bill’s speech and every time he says GOP, RNC or Republican, substitute media.

  208. SophieCT, on July 27, 2016 at 9:55 AM said:
    I thought Bill’s speech was excellent.

    I totally agree, Sophie.

    I understand, not everyone was a Hillary fan…but for the media to try and put their nastyass opinions in everyone’s faces…and try to change the story for their own self-interest…is just the cherry on top of every form of happiness the public might feel.

    They think their job is to ruin everyone’s pride and fill our minds with distrust and anger…so in fear, the masses will watch their spin and keep coming back for new updates.

    This is a wonderful time for our Hillary and for all of us Hillary supporters. We have waited for years for this day and phuck anyone that tries to destroy it!

  209. OMG! Where’s Uppity? She will love this story! ROFL! Read this, seems like Onion, but real story!

  210. So funny that so much Twitter buzz is about Trump refusing to release his taxes. I totally missed when they went after Bernie for the same thing.

  211. Thank you everyone for your comments and coverage! So much history and emotion to share here. My husband and I were away last night, so you are really helping me catch up. I tried to catch your comments and coverage of the proceedings on my cell phone, yet it was a challenge. Thank Heavens, we have Uppityville as a welcome place to share and celebrate!

    I really appreciate your posting of the videos. The History of the Presidents Line-Up Glass Ceiling Shattered video brought me to tears. I related it to an African American male coworker, and started welling up with tears, and asked for a moment. He said, “It really means something to you.” I told him, “Yes, I’ve waited a long time.” We also talked about the 102-year old woman delegate, Jerry Emmett, who cast her ballot for Hillary, and how it reminded me of my late mother. I told him Mom would be so happy and proud, and found myself relating to him “because of the way she raised us.” By the way, my mom always maintained that detractors were jealous of the Clintons, especially for being talented, smart people, and how that explained a lot of their negative behavior, including some media coverage, back in ’08.

    The Celebrity Tribute video to “Fight Song” also brought me to tears. I could also identify: long-time Hillary supporter, Eva Longoria, Rene Flemming, Rob Reiner and his wife, Idina Menzel, and Jane Fonda. We’ll have to look up some of the others. I really liked the guy who came on at the beginning, and sang deep; need to ID.

    Sweet Sue, Re: Kristin Chenowith as a Christian, but Conservative? She took heat for supporting gay rights, before it was cool, I recall. And her last PBS special certainly featured a diverse cast, with good humor about it, too. She’s a self-ascribed “non-judgemental, liberal Christian.” (I may fall into the same slot, depending on the issure, or who is doing the judging :-).)


    Will reflect more later once I get caught up with more of last night’s coverage, videos, and today’s work :-).

    I feel a “Comparison/Contrast” essay coming on, to capture some of what we saw and experienced in ’08 compared with now. By God, Hillary kept going, and we kept going with her. It’s all so amazing.

    As the Mike Meyers SNL character, Linda Richman, would say on “Coffee Talk”: Excuse, me, I need another moment…go talk amongst yourselves…you pick a topic :-).

  212. Sophie, I actually watched the cable stations after Bill’s great speech, a speech I thought was the best of the convention, particularly in terms of helping Hillary, which is supposed to be the idea. The brilliant turn near the end, after he recounted all the great things Hillary had done, where he said, “Now, there are these two versions of her, and one is real and one is a cartoon, and which one do you want to believe, the version I am telling you, or the other one?,” was perfect. I think it was Paul Begala who said last night that he is like Mark Twain, he tells a story which winds along and is fun to listen to, and suddenly you realize that you are hearing the most profound thing possible. I have heard him do that before, even lately, and it is certainly true. There is always a very important point.

    Now, CNN, at least right away, said some nice things about the speech. Gloria Borger, of whom I am no fan, was complimentary. It was Jake Tapper who at some point screwed up his face, as he does, and said, “Wouldn’t the speech have been better if he had talked about hsi affairs?” I don’t know if Tapper really thinks that, or it was just his way of bringing them up. Of course the speech wouldn’t have been better; it would have been jarring and uncomfortable, and not about Hillary. Then later on MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Joy Reid and Howard FIneman were positive. Fineman actually said that he has talked to many people who have worked for Hillary over the years, and they are glowing about her, much more than with anyone else he can think of. But of course he did not say that the media is very much to blame for disseminating the false picture of her. Earlier, Maddow didn’t like the speech, not the first part. Hard to fathom; she must prefer the Sanders speeches which are always the same; start at the exact same point, and end at the exact same point. Maybe she should write some speeches, and we can parse them for her.

    Anyway, at least it wasn’t terrible on the stations, but I certainly agree that they are mostly awful. And I am afraid that in the morning shows, they have done everything they can to diminish the speech. Actually, they kept running a crawl last night, “Cilnton says that Hillary is the real candidate.’ No, they missed what he was saying, or it didn’t fit into a short headline.

    Finally, Sanders did not release his delegates; he called for all delegates voting to be counted in the official record, meaning that all of his 1800 votes will always show up; as opposed to Hillary in ’08, whose vote total was mangled by the DNC, and then greatly diminished when she called for acclamation during the middle of the count, so that there was no further count. Sanders released no delegates; and calling for suspending the rules was meaningtless, because the votes were all counted, meaning that if he had said nothing, the secretary would have announced the totals, and said that Hillary was the nominee. Actually, the convention hall was deliberately not shown any runnning vote total; many of them probably had no idea that Hllary had over 2,800 votes; and some probably thought that it was very close, and that Sanders helped her. And of course the media went along with all of it.

  213. The whole day 2

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