Democratic Convention 2016 – Day 3

Wait–there’s more–lots more! So don’t stop me now.

Yesterday was kick-ass. The convention maintenance staff is still sweeping up glass shards. Big Dawg stole the show. (MSNBC and CNN completely missed the point and Twitter negated every thing they said!)

These are still the Twitter hashtags with the cute little icons.



There is also a Twitter account @DemConvention to follow.


Day 3 features Newtown’s own Erica Smegielski whose mom was the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School, Felicia Sanders & Polly Sheppard, survivors of the Mother Emanuel Church shooting in Charleston, SC., Jamie Dorff, wife of an Army helicopter pilot, VP Joe Biden, and President Obama, and other people not listed in the official website.

I’m still with CSPAN over MSNBC or CNN but I recommend waiting until Gavel In before tuning in. Seems they got suckered into covering the whiners while waiting.





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  1. Taking a deep breath and Trying not to let anybody harsh my buzz.

  2. Bumper sticker idea:


  3. From the NY Times:

    Trump Challenges Russia To Find Clinton’s Missing E-Mails

    Holy Ascended Madoka, he’s not even pretending he’s not Putin’s Poodle. 😡

  4. Can you imagine the Corporate Media’s reaction if a Democrat were this closely associated with a foreign power of dubious friendliness?

  5. Ivory Bill, we asked the same question when Tom Cotton and friends penned their letter to Iran. Apparently Republicans can go against America while convincing their brain-dead base that liberals are unpatriotic.

  6. I have the misfortune to have Tom Niedermeyer, er, Cotton as one of my senators. 😛

  7. So inviting a foreign country to hack the servers of the U.S. Government isn’t treasonous?

  8. So inviting a foreign country to hack the servers of the U.S. Government isn’t treasonous?

    HELL YES IT IS, but I guess the usual rule applies: IOKIYAR. 😡

  9. I thought that Elizabeth Banks did a really good job last night; she was funny, smart and warm.
    I like her in spite of the fact that my husband, who knows her only as “that real estate lady,” has a huge crush.

  10. Any videos available of the Roll Call?
    I was out when it took place…

  11. Tom Niedermeyer, er, Cotton….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Damn Ivory Bill, too early in the day to make me snork soda up my nose.!

  12. On my way to work, I heard Trump speaking on MSNBC and he was asking Russia to hack into Hillary’s e-mails. So, he was asking Russia to sabotage the election. Isn’t this treason? He is Putin’s poodle and trying to take over the news cycle once again.

  13. Here you go, belle:

  14. Voting:

    That’s a big thank you kiss

  15. I think the FBI and CIA need to do some investigating of Trump. If Hillary doesn’t win, we may have a president Pence. What a nightmare for our country!!!

  16. @VH: You should have been here in the Arkanshire for Rotten Cotton’s campaign in 2014. His logo was a military boot print with his name in it. 🙄

    His youthful appearance, his wearisome emphasis on his military service, his hawkisher-than-thou attitude, and his reactionary politics all remind me of Niedermeyer. 😈

  17. @Birdgal: Yes, our national security establishment needs to get in Hillary’s corner fast–especially, call in all their markers in the media–or we may have a President who plays Walter to Czar Putin’s Jeff Dunham. 😮

  18. This seems so surreal. I hope the national security establishment is on it. I also hope, he isn’t receiving any briefings.

  19. And he still refuses to telease his tax returns, apparently because they would show significant financial dependence on Russian oligarchs close to Putin. American banks will no longer loan to him because of all the bankruptcies. Are you there, media? Do your fucking job!

  20. I send the press links, they ignore them.
    He has bragged several times about talking to Putin and now he denies ever talking to Putin.
    And he DOES get money from Russia. here’ s a quote:

    Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” Trump’s son, Donald Jr., told a real estate conference in 2008, according to an account posted on the website of eTurboNews, a trade publication. “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

    And here is the link and there’s way more there too.

  21. To enjoy passing the time until tonight’s speech:

  22. Thanks for the Charlie Pierce column, Sophie. It was a good one.
    He’s right: Bill Clinton has a rare gift; I could have listened to him all night.

  23. Wow, thanks Voting, that was so great!

  24. Here’s Jerry Emmett, the 102 year old woman from Arizona………announcing delegates for Hillary at DNC

  25. tRump’s invitation to the Russians to hack into more emails is alarming, beyond the pale of anything we’ve ever seen in politics. Aside from the illegality of the matter, the Republicans have just lost the national security issue and argument. How can they even defend his remarks? A gaff…free speech?

  26. Trixta their defense is “it was a joke”. And…..”Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails”

  27. Imust, the sad thing is the msm will go along with that right wing line of thinking.

  28. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Maya Angelou

  29. Trixta & IMHH: I guess like with everything else, the IOKIYAR rule applies, even to a pachyderm-come-lately like Tribble Hair.

    Some of the print and online media seem to be waking up, but, again, our country needs for the national security community to start pushing its influence buttons in the TV “news” bureaus. This smells like, if not treason, at least an unhealthy foreign influence in the Trump campaign.

    To climb back on my favorite hobbyhorse 😉 , the Corporate Media are our nation’s Augean Stables, and Prez Hillary needs to appoint subordinates who will make a priority of cleaning them with a restored Fairness Doctrine and anti-trust suits.

  30. If the media won’t cover this fully enough, Hillary’s campaign needs to make it front and center. It is treason, and he should be arrested. He is urging a foreign government to carry out an illegal activity against his rival for the Presidency. Further, the fact that he said that is a pretty obvious clue that he and the Russians are working together. He is actively urging the Russians to do it, because he knows they will take his suggestions.

  31. Uppity Woman, on July 27, 2016 at 2:25 PM

    Thanks for that link, Upps.

    I have to wonder why the ‘liberal’ media wants Trump to become their President.

    Are they all like Andersen Cooper, who doesn’t vote and just wants to feed off of all the horrible things in the world, including his favored Uncle Rump?

  32. Our media is mostly owned by 6 companies….SIX. If we could break up “Ma Bell” due to monopoly rules we can and should do the same with our media ownership.

  33. Whew, Tim Kaine nominated by acclamation & only candidate placed in nomination. Word was Bernie Busters were going to try and put Nina Turner in nomination.

    So over the Bernie folks.

  34. VotingHillary, on July 27, 2016 at 4:33 PM said:
    Whew, Tim Kaine nominated by acclamation & only candidate placed in nomination. Word was Bernie Busters were going to try and put Nina Turner in nomination.

    The nurses union was encouraging this over the weekend and some people thought it was a good idea. Go figure!!

  35. Is Trump getting all the media attention today?

  36. Here we go….


    ‘Treason’? Critics savage Trump over Russia hack comments

    Donald Trump’s call on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails has shocked, flabbergasted and appalled lawmakers and national security experts across the political spectrum, with some describing his comments as “treason.”

    Few would argue Wednesday that what the Republican presidential nominee said will directly cause Russia to conduct more cyber-espionage against the U.S. than it already is doing. But several described Trump’s statements as dangerous for America’s global standing. Some echoed the Clinton campaign in calling the comments a threat to national security.

    “It’s just one more example of the reckless and dangerous comments that Donald Trump makes that compromises American foreign policy objectives,” said Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

    Leon Panetta, a former CIA director, said Trump’s comments were “beyond the pale” because he was “in fact asking the Russians to engage in American politics.” An aide to House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has endorsed Trump, added, meanwhile, that “Russia is a global menace led by a devious thug” and that it should stay out of the U.S. election.
    Philip Reiner, a former National Security Council official in the Obama administration, called Trump a “scumbag animal.”

    “Hacking email is a criminal activity. And he’s asked a foreign government — a murderous, repressive regime — to attack not just one of our citizens but the Democratic presidential candidate? Of course it’s a national security threat,” he added.

    And William Inboden, who served on the NSC during the George W. Bush administration, said Trump’s comments were “tantamount to treason.”

    “Trump’s appeal for a foreign government hostile to the United States to manipulate our electoral process is not an assault on Hillary Clinton, it is an assault on the Constitution,” said Inboden, who now teaches at the University of Texas at Austin.

  37. This seems like such a stupid move on Trump’s part that I wonder if there’s some truth to the recurring idea that he doesn’t really want to be President, and the whole campaign is one big confidence scheme to establish him as a politician-entrepreneur, like Gingrich, Huckabee, and Palin.

  38. I’m becoming convinced that Donnie won’t release his taxes because Bill and Hil made more money than he did… And he’s all about “mine is bigger than yours”…

  39. I had been wondering how in Areinnye Tribble Hair Trump–Multiple Bankruptcy Boy, who would have more money now if he had simply turned his inheritance over to investment pros–could possibly be smart enough to win the GOP nomination, and have a serious shot at winning the general election.

    Now I know; the real brains behind the Trump Phenomenon are in Russia. 😡

  40. CNN has Jane Sanders on now. And what A lying loser. She says they don’t want to control their barn animals and that they “won” the platform changes. What a moron. Hillary didn’t give you anything she didn’t want to. You won nothing. zero. Zilch. Stop pretending. Just tell the truth there is no revolution just a bunch of privileged spoiled rotten brats.

  41. I thought last night we had put Bernie and his morons to bed already. Terrible that he again pops up like the unflushable turd that he is. And now his morons are remnants!!! Just rude barn animals

  42. Part of me wonders if old Donny boy finally realized that he’s in way over his head. The Italian mob was bad. The Russian mob is ruthless. If he’s in bed with them, and Owes favors to Putin, he may just be hoping to be jailed for treason. He’s got to understand that if he makes it to the White House he’s putin’s bitch. His behavior just keeps getting more and more outrageous I can’t imagine that he’s not doing it on purpose to try and find a way out.

    Also bet you that most of his liquid assets are in the names of his children. We’d find that out if he would release his tax returns. That and the Russian connection.

  43. Julie, good points. I think that Trump has not gotten to the scared phase yet. He thinks that the Russians are his friends, and that they will help each other. He is going to be right up there with Putin and the rest of the world leaders, and they will pay homage to him. That’s what he thinks now. And maybe he does figure that after a year or so, he can bow out, and let his VP take over, and then he’ll have another book ghostwritten, and he’ll be out of it.

  44. I don’t think Trump expected to win when he first entered the race, but just like the Sandcrab, he would hate to get his @ss kicked by a girl.

    He is in it to prove he is the man of all men. The harder he tries, the more splendid the asskicking.

  45. I must say, good speech by. Reverend Jesse Jackson calling for unity and support of Hillary.

  46. Well, God-forbid, but if Trump does somehow win, he will be the first POTUS to be arrested for treason as soon as his hand comes off the Bible.

  47. How whacked is the election? For the SECOND time, I agree with Keith.

  48. If there is one Democrat I wish would resign, it is Harry Reid. He is our party’s Mitch McConnell.

  49. Nina Turner was stripped of her convention credentials yesterday, because she refused to support Hillary. Now, they are having a protest for Nina. The nurses union is there in full force, shouting “We are with Nina.” What a clusterfu**k. It is on a FB feed.

  50. birdgal, I don’t get it.
    I’ve always thought that nurses were among the smartest women in our country.

  51. Have to say (and I admit I’m a tad biased) some kick ass advocates for Hillz in the Congressional Black Caucus. Glorious and melodic men and women speakers with a touch of church in their voices. Sort of a shame couldn’t hear more of them in prime time. True though, there’s only so many prime speaking slots and democrats do seem to have an embarrassment of riches. But no doubt all will be beating the Hillz drum in their districts and communities.

  52. Sweet Sue, This union wants Medicare for all, end of fracking, a Robin Hood’s tax, and no TPP. This is the activist arm of the union for bedside nurses. They are always protesting something. We have great benefits because of them, but they have jumped the shark on this one.. The ANA (American Nurses Association) is the management group of nurses.

  53. O’Malley is actually killing it right now.

  54. Did I mention how relieved I am that Jane Sanders will NEVER be our First Lady?

  55. O’Malley got all pumped up…

  56. Love Sigourney…

  57. Sophie, your Jane tax tweet totally cracked me up.

  58. O’Malley was good glad he endorsed Hillary in the primaries

  59. Loved Gavin Newsoms speech

  60. Protest, protest, protest. Any jackass can kick down a barn. It takes a real carpenter to build one. There is an important role in a democracy for peaceful protest. However, if protesting is all you ever do and most of the time you don’t even know what or why you’re protesting, then you’re just a jackass, not a carpenter.

  61. I hope Gavin is our next governor. I watched his speech on FB and he killed it.

  62. Brassy, So true. At least we live in a society where we can protest.

  63. Damn, this Orlando mom just reduced me to a sobbing mess. This is so hard to watch.

  64. Voting, me too!

  65. Paulette

    there’s only so many prime speaking slots and democrats do seem to have an embarrassment of riches.

    So true!

  66. Have to say (and I admit I’m a tad biased) some kick ass advocates for Hillz in the Congressional Black Caucus. Glorious and melodic men and women speakers with a touch of church in their voices. Sort of a shame couldn’t hear more of them in prime time. True though, there’s only so many prime speaking slots and democrats do seem to have an embarrassment of riches. But no doubt all will be beating the Hillz drum in their districts and communities.

    Paulette – I said to the hubby last night that Hillary should only have Black speakers for the rest of the convention.

  67. Angela love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. “I choose love. I choose Hillary Clinton…together we can heal. Together we can love.”

    Now I’m crying. Its ironic how the Republican Party claims the religious high ground and they act so hatefully. The two women from Charleston, though. They have every reason to hate, yet they spoke of scripture and they spoke of love.

  69. Gabby Giffords is an inspiration for us all!

  70. CAGNEY & LACEY!!!!!!….ahhhh, my world is good.

  71. Yeah!
    What the world needs know is a lot of LOVE!

  72. Bridgal and Seagrl, I loved Gavin Newsom too! Can’t wait till he’s our next gov. He’s a big Hillary fan…very loyal!

  73. Ok so I was angry after listening to Jane sanders cnn interview earlier but now that cnn has moved on, tonight is looking like a good night . I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am really looking forward to Obama’s speech. I think it’s gonna be great but will be hard to beat Michelle’s.

  74. Hillary’s version of LAW & ORDER….ready to kick Trump’s ass…and better believe they YES, THEY CAN!

  75. What was that crowd chanting?

  76. flvoter oh god what did Jane say now?

  77. I read one tweet that they were chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump” but I haven’t confirmed it. No one is tweeting about it anymore.

  78. are they saying “no more wars” ?

  79. Now “no more wars” but before someone else said, “Dump Trump” not “Trump Trump” I don’t know…

  80. Yes, no more wars! The CA delegation is very vocal and rude.

  81. I think we just got a preview of what the kids are going to do tomorrow night….sigh.

  82. Imusthave, yes it was hard to decipher if they were saying dump trump or not.

  83. Get to the point Joe! Jeeze!

  84. Joe may be getting to the point when it comes to calling out Trump.

  85. GO JOE!!!!!!

  86. Did Joe remember why he was there? Or did he think he was at another event?

  87. Bloomberg was great

  88. Well!
    Bloomberg delivery a great independent reach out….

  89. Bet The Donald just went from orange to red after that Bloomberg speech.

  90. Bloomberg will help a lot. Just wish he would shut Halperin down. Crazy Joe still dreaming of the spotlight. Jill had to pull him off the stage. She will spend the next week telling him how great he was.

  91. Biden ultimately good, and fervent. Bloomberg also very good, calm and thoughtful.

    Sanders supporters disgraceful, no sense of time or place, ,just their own self-indulgent ignorance.

  92. Liked Biden, could have spent more time on Hillary, but overall, good.

  93. Best news today was getting rid of Nina Turner.

  94. Jb, I totally agree about Nina

  95. Jb what happen with Nina?

  96. Olbermann, of all people.

    Amazing (and amusing) how many Hillary-haters from 2008 are experiencing “Come to Clinton” moments. 😉

    However, I must give them credit for being smarter than the diehards of the Unicorn Left.

  97. Ivory Bill, I like to call them “Come to Mama” moments! 🙂

  98. Sanders looks so bitter..what a sore loser.

  99. Neeta, She lost her comvention delegates because she wouldn’t support Hillary. She wanted to give the nominating speech, but they wouldn’t let her

  100. *convention credentials

  101. I saw that too!!

  102. Whoa he’s doing greaaaaaaaaat!

  103. Nina is dead meat.

    Put her with Shawn King.

  104. I am sorry, but that Ginger Rogers reference didn’t go over well. I still don’t enjoy that man, although I am thankful for his support. And I appreciate his acknowledgment of his unworthiness. To change the subject, does anyone have the Jesse Jackson speech?

  105. Best lines of Obama?


  106. Bloomy will help with Indys big time.

  107. President Obama says: “Don’t boo; vote.” Do you think the Dead End Sandernistas got it?

  108. This convention’s speakers are seriously on fire. Makes me proud.

  109. still waiting to hear the best lines from Obama speech…

  110. HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn, she got the waterworks going on me again.

  111. Here she is!

  112. Hillary with Obama: GRIT AND GRACE!

  113. Awww, Big Dawg is biting his bottom lip to fight back the tears.

  114. What a wonderful speech speech by the President. I am finally able to put my 2008 anger aside. This is the time I am no longer angry at what happened 8 years ago and I see now that Hillary fondness is sincere with Obama.

    He was near tears at the end and it was wonderful that our Hillary came out and they were able to support and comfort each other, with the Big Dawg looking on.

    Wonderful and heartfelt.

  115. Here you go, lililiam..

  116. belle, I LOVED his whole conversation about voting DOWN-TICKET.

  117. Ouch Shadow. You got spam zapped a couple of times. Sorry I didn’t see it!

  118. Basically, the themes of optimism and love of country stem from Hillary’s campaign. Love and kindness too. Obama and Kaine gave excellent and inspiring speeches. So glad Obama put his heart in it once again.

  119. I am a fan of our president and enjoyed this speech very, very much. There is true friendship between Obama and Hillary and I was happy to see this. He has true class.

  120. What a difference eight years makes. Glad to see Hill come out to be embraced by Obama. Just heard some commentators remark about their gaze, too. I hope and pray his speech achieves the desired effect to enlist support, and supports, or validates her as the one he passes the baton over to now. The case against Trump was made tonight by Biden, Kaine, Bloomberg and Obama, yet I bet Hillary really makes it tomorrow, and for herself.

  121. Thank you, Voting. It’s healing time, it’s hope time, it’s Hillary time! I really enjoyed Kaine and Bloomberg’s speeches as well.

  122. Great to see Hillary come out!!!!!!!! This is going to be a scary close election. Hope Hillary gets a big bump as the polls are unsettling now.

  123. That Bloomberg speech was just deadly…especially since it was delivered in stealth fashion.

  124. My photo title: You had my back, now I have yours.

  125. Jb, the polls in 2012 at this time had Romney winning. Not worrying about polls this early.


  126. Thanks Upps for the reply of the spam zap…was too busy today to notice…work, trip to the dentist, then watching what I could of the convention…

  127. You can’t fake body language and eye contact. There is true warmth, affection and respect between Hillary and Obama. She worked her heart out to elect him after a close and often bitter fight … he will work his heart out to get her elected. To me the cutest and truest line in his speech: “she’s more qualified that any man or woman to be president, including me and Bill — just saying Bill, hope you don’t mind!”

  128. I missed the Bloom, please post link if anyone runs across that speech.

  129. This contention has been fantastic, I am so happy the Dems have such strong support for our gal.

  130. OMG, this convention*

    I think I am still on dentist drugs right now…sorry for typos.

  131. Paulette, It was genuine and wonderful to see. I respect the two of them so much . They are both true leaders and see the greater good.

  132. Here you go, Shadow.

  133. Thanks for the link, Voting.

  134. Just read the Bern was rejoining Congress as an I.

  135. Before anyone asks…here it is:

  136. Lililam, I think it was a paraphrase of something that Ann Richards once said, though I’m not sure. But yes, it doesn’t sound as good when he said it about that campaign.

    It was a fine speech by Obama, though as I usually feel about his speeches, they are sort of in a poetically rarified air which can dissipate pretty quickly as an electoral or action tool. He was of course right, and eloquent about it; and the speech will stand for the ages; except that if we lose, it won’t do a bit of good, not that it would be directly his fault, of course. It was a generous and very sincere endorsement, and I am glad of it. I hope it does some concrete good for this campaign, and I think it should.

    Of course, I think that in a sane world and country, Hillary should win this election by 75-25%, and we know she won’t. You have the most qualified presidential candidate ever, versus an American nightmare out of something by our most cynical and dystopian writers, and yet it is still this close right now. My hope is that Hillary has a big bounce out of this convention, and pulls away. If so, President Obama’s speech will, along with some others, be contributory to that. There is obviously a large segment of our population that completely tunes out everything he and Hillary say.In my opinion, Bill’s speech for Obama last time was every bit as good and effective as an instrument to gain crucial votes, even though he doesn’t strive for that kind of elegant poetry very often. I thought that Bloomberg’s speech might have been as effective, if the voters listened to it, not because it was a hundreth as poetically brilliant, but because it came from a political moderate who is a billionaire businessman.

  137. Churl, Not surprised at all. I was expecting it.

  138. Because I know you Uppities….the end ONLY of Obama’s speech.

  139. Bloom was good, glad he supports her as an Indie…

  140. churl, Bernie’s excuse was he was elected as an Independent…what he ISN’T saying is that he earlier in this campaign registered as Independent for the 2018 Senate race in VT. Meaning he flat-out lied being a Democrat for the POTUS race.

  141. My Top 5 speeches so far:

    1. Michelle Obama

    2. The Big Dawg

    3. Barack Obama

    4. *Tie- Al Franken/Sarah Silverman and Mike Bloomberg

    5. Joe Biden

    Both Sanders (as expected) and Warren (which I was kind of surprised by) delivered very weak speeches.

  142. The thing about Bloomberg’s speech is he began saying “I’m an independent” which you know just had to BERN Sander’s ass big-time. Bernie doesn’t own that title.

    Difference is Bernie is Independent “fringe”, Bloomberg is Independent “pragmatic”.

  143. The one thing I regret from tonight is that the video they showed about Trump on national security, with many respected military people and foreign affairs experts saying that Trump is dangerous and unqualified, was not shown on the two cable channels, because they went to break after the song. Seeing that would have to be sobering for the average voter. I hope they show it again in some context.

  144. Nina is dead meat.
    Put her with Shawn King.

    Shaun King actually wrote a NYDN about why he’s supporting Hillary. Nina stands alone. With Susan. Which is like alone.

  145. I don’t care if King writes a love letter to Hillary. I will never unblock that piece of shit.

  146. Oooooooooo I forgot about Sarandon. Think I’ll go harass her.

  147. I missed a few of the speeches today, but catching up on them now. I did see Obama give his and I said to the dudes when it was over that I bet Hillary would come out and hug him and she did!

    This convention has been amazing. I am overwhelmed!

  148. LOL!!! All the right wing nut jobs are pissed that Bradley Cooper was at the DNC! The just ASSumed that because he was in that flick, he was a right winger!

  149. Upps, caught the Seth Myers bit last night. It was great!

  150. Sophie, can you believe how many celebs are here? omg, there is so much going on. Compare to rethug coven with z lister Scott Baio.

  151. “There has never been a man or a woman, not me, not Bill, more qualified than Hillary.”

    Take that, Bernie!

  152. SophieCT, on July 28, 2016 at 1:59 AM said:

    I was wondering why he was “trending” on Twitter all of a sudden. Explains it.

  153. How is Hillary going to top all those charismatic speeches??? Everyone else knocked it out of the park, which means she has to hit a grand slam!

  154. Jens, the same way she hit a home-run against both Sanders and Trump tonight. She is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.

    Many said, “Why is she allowing Bloomberg to speak?”…chess move. First, she sucked the air out of Sanders “Independent” purity. Bloomberg is ALSO an Independent. Bernie doesn’t own that “title” and it gave pause to his supporters that Bloomberg is the same. Doubt it? Note Bloomberg didn’t get any boos when the Bernie kiddies even tried to interrupt Obama. Bad move. Bernie’s “influence” with either the Dems or Reps is done. But more important, it taught his kids THEY don’t own that title either. Personally, I don’t think they boo’ed Bloomie because they were so shell-shocked.

    Second, Bloomberg sliced and diced Trump to pieces. And if Trump brings up ANY comment by Bloomberg, Hillary can smile and say, “sorry, that was an INDEPENDENT that said that about you, not a Democrat.”

    HRC, playing chess while all others play checkers..and Trump plays TiddleyWinks.

    She will be just fine, Jens.

  155. One last thing before my nap between days. Let’s pay respect to the woman that planned out this whole convention…Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

    Whatever personal opinions of her, this convention is completely LIT!

  156. Bloomy is the key to cut into that Indy deficit and key to bringing on more freaked out Republicans.

  157. Hillary will absolutely rise to the occasion tonight. No worries. No doubt about it. She gave a great, uplifting, kick ass speech at the 2008 convention despite surely feeling crushing disappointment that she was not the nominee. Remember she brought the crowd, including Michelle Obama, to their feet. But she really does not have to give a “perfect speech.” Tonight, she will feed off of the energy, the streaming down the face tears, the absolute adoration women (and men) in the hall will give her. She will also be lifted by the spiritual energy of Dorothy Rhodham, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Maya Angelou, Eleanor Roosevelt, Shirley Chisholm, everyone who posts in this room, plus millions of other women in this United States of America who never thought they’d live to see this day. She will hear the words Dr. Angelou wrote for her dear friend, Hillary: “You may write me down in history. With your bitter, twisted lies, You may tread me in the very dirt. But still, like dust, I’ll rise.” And Hillary will rise!

  158. Bravo Paulette! I wish some of those women, especially Dorothy Rodham and Maya Angelou were going to be there to see Hillary tonight. But as you said, they will be there in spirit.

  159. Paulette, That was beautiful !!

  160. I’m pretty sure she could give the modern day version of the Gettysburg Address and the media would pan it and mock her. So what? Did you know that the press in 1863 mocked the actual Gettysburg Address right after Lincoln gave it? The media, it seems, has never been good at judging greatness.

  161. Paulette is right. I have every confidence she will do just fine. A lot of pisitive spiritual energy will be flowing toward her from all over this world–and the next!

  162. Thanks for all the kind words. Y’all make a black girl blush… and that’s hard.

  163. A troll is down grading posts. What a loser! If you don’t like it, go away.

  164. Paulette Everett,

    Hillary will absolutely rise to the occasion tonight. No worries. No doubt about it. She gave a great, uplifting, kick ass speech at the 2008 convention despite surely feeling crushing disappointment that she was not the nominee. Remember she brought the crowd, including Michelle Obama, to their feet. But she really does not have to give a “perfect speech.” Tonight, she will feed off of the energy, the streaming down the face tears, the absolute adoration women (and men) in the hall will give her.

    ABSOLUTELY Paulette!!

    As if Hillary isn’t capable of bringing the house down. This is HER nomination and she got this far because 18 million want HER to be President.

    This is just a do over for me of that night in Denver, in that orange pantsuit.

    The speech she should have given.

  165. Nothing is more vindicating than the disapproval of a worthless coward.

    Have at it troll.

  166. Another Seth

  167. Putting this here for posterity.
    1:18 for Cagney and Lacey

  168. I think tonight will be the best night ever! I am wearing my Hillary t-shirt and will be having a really good glass of wine. I am saving the bubbly for November.

    Tonight will be sweeter than 2008 because we have walked a longer road with Hillary. I went through so many feelings about her. I didn’t want her to be Obama’s Secretary of State but she was right, she did the right thing and accepted the position. She was a grown up when I couldn’t be. Even though I recognized and acknowledged the importance of Obama’s election in 2008 and 2012, I was never a fan. But Hillary knew best. She put aside her own feelings for the good of the Country. As you can see from this year, something that Bernie and his morons can’t seem to do with any grace and dignity. Looking back at the 2008 convention, yes, Hillary Clinton supporters may have been angry but we all had class. We didn’t want to ruin the historic nature of Obama’s nomination. We all graciously allowed him to relish in the limelight for the good of the nation.

    If only Bernie and his morons could be so gracious and realize how simply awful they are making themselves look. I am glad that Bernie will remain an independent because democrats don’t act like him and his morons.

    Onward and upward tonight and lets go defeat Donald Trump.

  169. WaPo gives the Democrats a Trump-speak OPPO-tunity to hoist him on his own rhetorical petard…

    A lot of people have said Putin is trying to get Trump elected so he can blackmail the American president. Somebody told me Trump would completely go out of business if Putin took back all the Russian money he let Trump have. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but I just heard Trump’s airplane would be grounded immediately.

    Manafort helping the oligarchs? Flynn having dinner with Putin? Page getting money from Gazprom? No coincidence! Now it’s coming out that Putin wants to destabilize America. There’s something fishy about the whole thing.

    And why did Trump propose changing NATO and Ukraine policy in ways that would benefit Putin? Obviously some people think it’s evil intentions. I think it’s incompetence. Regardless, a lot of people think it’s evil intentions.

    I don’t bring up the possibility that Trump has already been bribed or blackmailed by Putin because I don’t know enough to really discuss it. I will say there are people who continue to bring it up because they think it was absolutely bribery and blackmail. I don’t do that because I don’t think it’s fair…

  170. The whole Day 3

  171. SophieCT, at 2:05 AM:

    You got it!
    The winner of the best line in Obama speech:

    “There has never been a man or a woman, not me, not Bill, more qualified than Hillary.”

    You are damn right!… Mr. Obmama

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