Democratic Convention 2016 – Day 4

Day 4 – The Big One.

(I went with this song because location, location, location. Plus EJ has been a lifetime favorite and a great Hillary supporter. The runner-up song is at the end of the post.)

You know the drill and the hashtags. You know to avoid the MSM for the shills they are.

Day 4 features a bunch of people, then Chelsea, then Hillary!





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  1. SophieCT, July 28 at 2:05 AM:

    You got it!
    The winner of the best line in Obama speech:

    “There has never been a man or a woman, not me, not Bill, more qualified than Hillary.”

    You are damn right!… Mr. Obama

  2. Finally, the NYT extensively front page coverage of the Dem- Convention and its highlights; showing the Democrats strength.

  3. We need this one here:

  4. Polls are just polls at this point, but what a big difference from yesterday:

  5. And this one. NOW, I am so ready for tonight. The hell with the Bernie Bros.

  6. Shadow, that’s why I said I’m not worrying about polls this early. BTW, remember Rove’s total meltdown when Romney lost OH in 2012? He kept shouting…BUT MY POLL SAYS!

    Polls aren’t votes.

  7. belle, really interesting piece by Collins. Thanks for the link.

  8. Katy Perry is performing tonight.

  9. Upps Sherrod Brown will be speaking tonight

  10. Sophie, Lady Gaga is supposed to be tonight as well. This convention is just so awesome. Katy McGinty, who is running against Pat Toomey for PA’s US Senate seat, is getting a prime time speaking slot.

  11. Two things for tonight: First, the media of course makes it about, “Hillary must somehow give a great speech.” There are very few great speeches. I’m sure she will give a very good speech. Comparing her to Obama or Bill Clinton is silly, though they will do it. She has always risen to the occasion, so I am certain that she will give an intelligent and heartfelt speech. That should be more than enough, though of course some media will carp at this or that, and even put it in headlines.

    What I do have some worry about is the Sanders delegates. Apparently there was one of them on one of the stations today, saying that they were going to try to disrupt Hilalry’s speech tonight. Looking at the nature and motivations of these people, the ones who actually stayed for the last night would of course want to manifest their presence, as they always do, by being the center of attention. Why else would they stay? To applaud Hillary? To join in unity? Not those people who thought it was so wonderful to interrupt Panetta when he was trying to make an all-important point about Russia and the hacking. Not the ones who kept interrupting Elijah Cummings, or even Warren. They have been pampered and flattered throughout this convention, and they think they are very important people. So as their last “contribution” to this campaign, I would not at all be surprised if they start chanting or boong. And if they do, of course that will be the headline, and they’ll get interviewed on the media, and it will just be so gratifying for these obnoxious and selfish jerks.

  12. Sophie, thank you so much for these convention threads! Love your song choices!

  13. Thank you all for this safe space.

    I have been on an emotional rollercoaster all week. First sick to my stomach with worry over the roll call vote. Once over that hurdle, the speeches have been like therapy (especially Michelle and Bill’s speeches) and C-SPAN is my friend (no talking heads!) I’ve been so angry over 2008 for such a long time and this has been closure. I’m ready to work hard to get our girl elected (finally!). The alternative is unthinkable!

    BTW, you will need tissues before you look at the link below, but it’s just perfect!!!

  14. Upps:

    Tonight: Sheroood!

    You and I need hold our horses….

  15. britgirls, loved that! Thanks for sharing!

    Looking forward to Sherrod. This convention has been over the top amazing!

  16. Every one who tweets. RT this to: @hillaryclinton @HFA
    email if you want. We must stop them.

  17. Hey, is Twitter broken?

  18. Oops! I’m already kind of flurry…
    to hold our horses…

  19. Uppityites who tweet: is it bad when someone puts you on a “list”?

  20. Sophie, twitter does seem really quiet today.

  21. It depends, socal. If it’s a good list that you don’t mind being on, then no. But if it’s some troll’s list called libtards, then yes. If you didn’t want to be on the list, block then (optionally) unblock.

  22. No, I was getting an error but it seems to have passed.

  23. I don’t like lists. Some journalist I never heard of put me on his list for some strange reason. He’s followed by several people I follow, so I guess its not a big deal. I don’t get the point of these lists.

  24. A list can be a cool thing if you’re interested in a certain subset of people. For example, JennMichigander has an HRC list and you can follow that feed in a browser tab and only see what’s going on with HRC people.

  25. You know, some of these delegates are not Democrats; they are Libertarians or anarchists, or Communists. They’re just professional agitators who hitched a ride on a convenient train. They’re the kind of people who have been calling for the end of the Democratic Party for years. Sanders can’t control them, pleas from the convention or the other speakers can’t dissuade them. They are the people who tried to throw chairs at the Nevada caucus. They are OWS people. They are on some kind of cultish mission. I don’t know what Hillary’s people can do. If you start removing them during the chanting and booing, it will become the story of the night. If you tell them to please be polite, they won’t. You could deny credentials, but that’s hard at this point. My suggestion would be that the people at the doors make them wait until all the Hillary delegates have been seated, and then let them go to the rafters. Somehow Hillary is going to have to surmount this during her speech, another challenge that she should never have to deal with.

  26. socal, I blocked that journalist myself.

  27. They’re the kind of people who have been calling for the end of the Democratic Party for years. Sanders can’t control them,

    Sanders is the kind who has been calling for the end of the Democratic Party for years.

  28. Ok, thanks Sophie & Voting!

  29. When you try to shout down John Lewis, you need to get over your smug, self-righteous punk ass and GO HOME.

  30. There was chanting and booing last night, by a handful of assholes from the California delegation mostly, and they were cheered down by the majority in a packed house of 25 THOUSAND. Some assholes tried to chant “No TPP!!!” during Obama’s speech and they were quickly smothered by positive cheers. Who cares if some other assholes in the MSM are ORDERED to seek out and highlight anything that fits into their “Divided Party” meme? If there was just a SINGLE person with tape over their mouth or a “Bernie or Bust” sign, they would be on them like ants on cake at a picnic. You can’t control the media’s bias, but you can control what source you choose to get your convention on with…

    If you fear/dread/hate the MSM and their need to promote the HORSE RACE, the CONTROVERSY, and the He said-She said that is necessitated by the need to sell cars and beer, make the DNC feed of C-Span, or C-Span itself your new friend. Then you can listen to the Andrea Mitchell’s of the world after you have watched the convention UNFILTERED.

    This is an historic night! It’s either 240, 96, or EIGHT years overdue, depending on how you view things. Whichever timeline you choose, tonight an American woman accepts the nomination of her party and lays out her vision for the country she will lead. This is history. This is America. I know I’ll probably be watching through tear stained glasses, a little buzzed on red wine, getting texts from friends who are sharing in the moment, friends who I cried with for different reasons 8 years ago.

    Tonight belongs to HILLARY, for all she’s done, for all she’s had to overcome, for all she has had to endure at the hands of a misogynistic culture that she has been at the forefront of changing, making her significant contribution to the endless American struggle to form a more perfect union. Tonight belongs to American WOMEN. As a man, I don’t think I can really imagine what it will be like to see a woman accept the nomination for President of the United States of America. I love Hillary. I have supported her through 4 campaigns and in discussions/arguments too numerous to mention. I have given blood, sweat and tears to see her reach this pinnacle, but I can’t know what it’s like to be a 60 year old woman, or a ten year old girl watching the same thing, how it will feel in that moment.

    This is history. This is a new chapter in American history. There will come a day when a woman President is no big deal, when children will grow up without a thought as to being limited in their options because of their race or their sex. We will probably all be dead and long gone by then, but we are witnesses tonight to the very day when that moment began. We are present at the creation of a new era in American history.

    I know I won’t let a couple of knuckleheads chanting some dumb slogan for a minute spoil that. I know the overwhelming majority of those in the audience won’t let it spoil things for them, and I KNOW that Hillary won’t let it spoil the moment for her.

    I am grateful for this forum where I can be with those who share the unbridled joy I am feeling today, and I know we will all be weeping with joy tonight when we watch Hillary Rodham Clinton make history

  31. Grrrr…. The latest accusation in Berniestan is that Herr Bernie did not get as much media exposure as Hillary did. Someone who is a genuinely good friend of mine posted this on Facebook. I went to Google to see if I could find some stats on this and wouldn’t you know it? CNN and MSNBC are pushing this narrative! Did I hallucinate the All-Bernie-All-The-Time media coverage for the last 6 months? If the MSM had anything to say about Hillary it was something bad. GAH!

    I’m going to re-watch O’Malley’s speech. That one came outta nowhere and cracked my shit up!

  32. Schedule for today:

    4pm EDT: After the convention is gaveled in, followed by an invocation, the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem, remarks will be given by Florida congressman Ted Deutch, former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, California congresswoman Maxine Waters, HUman Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin and nearly a dozen other members of the Democratic congressional caucus.

    6:00 – 10:00pm EDT: Kicked off by a musical performance by Carole King – the second-greatest contributer to the American songbook after Dolly Parton, in this blog’s humble opinion – there will be remarks by – among many others – House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, Maryland senator Barbara Mikulski, Texas congressman Joaquin Castro and New York governor Andrew Cuomo. Following these remarks, there will be a segment on the economy, anchored by stories from women who have faced wage discrimination, as well as remarks by Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf and former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm.
    A few Republicans will offer their endorsement of Clinton, including former Reagan administration official Doug Elmets and Republican Women for Hillary co-founder Jennifer Pierotti Lim.
    Following these endorsements will be a recognition of fallen law-enforcement officials, with remarks from Dallas sheriff Lupe Valdez and family members of police officers killed in the line of duty.
    Basketball icon Kareem Abdul-Jabaar will introduce a film on inclusiveness, followed by an address from military parent Khizr Khan, retired Marine Corps general John Allen, Medal of Honor winner captain Florent “Flo” Groberg and Chloe Grace Moretz.
    California congressman Xavier Becerra, Ohio senator Sherrod Brown and musician Katy Perry will close out the 9 o’clock hour.

    10:00 – 11:00pm EDT: Once-and-potentially-future first daughter Chelsea Clinton will introduce Hillary Clinton, who will address the nation for the first time as the Democratic presidential nominee.

  33. He didn’t get as much media exposure?! Did they want him to be trashed by the media 24/7 like she was? Good God! Now I’ve heard every excuse for his loss, and they’re ALL bull shit.

    Katy Perry in da house tonight! No worries. She’ll take care of Hillz.

  34. I agree. He did not get as much media exposure. Where was the drumbeat for him to release his taxes? To explain that awful rape essay? To account for his behavior regarding Sierra Blanca? To be called out for flipping out and calling her “unqualified” because he was the moron who read the headline and not the article? For owing his entire legislative career to the NRA?
    Yeah, a little media exposure would have been better for Democracy.

  35. Well, Uppityites, I send a FB Messenger message to someone I know who is a CA delegate about the Bots getting there earlier, and she sent back a message, “We got here earlier.” Haha!!!

  36. Told you, son of a bitch should be run out of the party….He used it for his own gain. He has no intentions of remaining a democrat.

    Bernie Sanders said he plans to return to the Senate as an independent, despite winning 13 million votes in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary contest.

    “I was elected as an independent; I’ll stay two years more as an independent,” Mr. Sanders said.

    Speaking at the Bloomberg Politics breakfast on Tuesday, Mr. Sanders also said the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee doesn’t go far enough in fixing the situation and that more staff members need to leave following embarrassing disclosures of thousands of internal emails.

    “We need a DNC which has as very different direction,” he said. “I honestly don’t know many of the people there. But my guess is we’re going to need new leadership, a new direction and new personnel.”

    Asked after the event whether Mr. Sanders considers himself a Democrat or an independent, a campaign aide said, “He ran for president as a Democrat but was elected to a six-year term in the Senate as an independent.”

  37. Sophie, you do not want to forget about Jerome Kern!

  38. Rodgers and Hart; Rodgers and Hammerstein.

  39. Sophie, I never want to see someone hurt, but seriously, how stupid can you be.

  40. Voting, to be honest, I’m bummed that it was the guy who tried to put it OUT who caught fire.

  41. ok, I loved that Native American blessing.

  42. Is this the woman that sang at the Lincoln Memorial?

  43. Yep, it was her….

  44. Thank goodness Bernie will be too decrepit by 2020 to try this shit again. I wish him everything he deserves in life just so long as it’s not good. He will go down in history as the bitter old white man who sabotaged history that took nearly 300 years to make, and who gleefully and maliciously manipulated children into thinking he could give them all unicorns that shit gold nuggets. May Karma visit him in the way he deserves.

  45. In the first place, Sanders should not still be giving interviews. This is Hillary’s day and night. He should have disappeared after the roll call on Tuesday just as Hillary did in ’08.

    In the secind place, if he’s going back to being “Independent” he needs to stop policing the DNC. This trying to have it both ways should be called out.

    In the third place, I want to stop talking about this guy. I really do, but he needs to stop being an asshole first, especially since he’s brought into the convention a lot of self-absorbed troublemakers he can’t even control. That is all.

  46. Here is the message from my friend who is a delegate (I was asking her, if the nurses have been as obnoxious as I said they would be):

    “Yes…but the final few are simply professional agitators….it is what they do… principles involved. It will be fine.”

  47. Dedicated to all Uppities:

  48. I love how the oh-so-pro-military GOP NEVER knows jack-shit about the military.

  49. Oh dear. A bit of negative, nasty old Bernie and his burnouts bad vibes creeping into the room on Hillz big night. Can’t have this. I’m for some Carole King positivism. This longtime HRC backer, and certainly one of the most talented American songwriters of her generation, will maybe, give Hillary a shout out by performing this classic. By the way, congressmen/preacher Emanuel Cleaver just delivered a barn burner sermon about the admiral toughness of Hillary. So many great convention advocates for Hillary when Donald, in my mind, had none! Anyway, here’s a great King song apropos for the occasion.

  50. briane fallon tells wolf blitzer that Hillary Clinton will address trust issues held by voters “pretty much head on” in her speech tonight.

  51. Paulette, Cleaver got me to jump out of my seat.

  52. what do people think of robert reich? He is getting on my last nerve.

  53. “What do people think of robert reich? He is getting on my last nerve.”

    Who? 😉

  54. birdgal, he got on my last nerve some time back.

  55. I have heard two Republican “pundits” opine on TV the last few nights, that if an email surfaces which was not turned over to the FBI, and which was about some policy matter, “it will be a big problem.” And I am wondering if they are saying this because someone in the Russia-Assange-Manafort triad has told them that they have something that might be described as such, even if it is in reality essentially innocuous; or because they are just hoping for that. It is too coincidental that they say this, given what we know about the right-wing conspiracy. I would not be surprised if something pops up which the press makes a big deal about, even if it is nothing at all. At the very least, there is a concerted effort going on to keep the email story going, very much reminiscent of the endless Starr investigations.

  56. Seriously, I haven’t kept up with Reich. Is he being a purity scold, pining for his unicorn pony?

  57. Anything that sort of “surfaces courtesy of whoever is so tainted and most likely fabricated and fake…..

  58. Carol King is on….wonderful…you gotta friend…

  59. Uppity will be happy…Sherrod Brown is the speaker just before Hillary tonight……just before 10

  60. What William said. The right-wing propaganda network in our country, which has grown like some sort of (pseudo-)intellectual kudzu in the past few decades, would make Goebbels (and his equivalents in Communist regimes) sob in envy. 👿

  61. Looks like Hillary folks have flooded the zone in front of stage. Whips in yellow vests blocking the bastards.

  62. Tammy Duckworth kicked ass!

  63. Robert Reich would be nothing without the Clintons. It’s all gone to his head. Ingrate.

  64. Yeah, I’ll be able to hear Sherrod!!

    Brassy Rebel, on July 28, 2016 at 6:27 PM said:
    Looks like Hillary folks have flooded the zone in front of stage. Whips in yellow vests blocking the bastards.

    See my post at 5:02pm

  65. Robert Reich is on FB and he was very pro Bernie. He has posted things about supporting Hillary and gets bombed with negative feedback. Then today, he post about Wall Street donors meeting with the Clinton’s back stage, talking about various ambassador posts, etc. He just fuels the flames. What a jerk.

  66. William. I am grateful for this forum where I can be with those who share the unbridled joy I am feeling today, and I know we will all be weeping with joy tonight when we watch Hillary Rodham Clinton make history

    I think we all feel that way, and for us older womens- libbers, it almost seems too good to be true. This is historic, but not a real joy unit she wins her well deserved place in the White House.
    Go Hillary, go!

  67. My name is extended because I am on my cell, waiting to get into a Hillary watch party… at least 150 supporters will be there.

  68. Nancy seems a little out of it…too much wine?

  69. I don’t think Nancy has ever been a good speaker.

  70. Okay, what are they laughing at?? CAPTION THIS!

  71. imusthaveHillary, on July 28, 2016 at 8:23 PM said:

    “We just told Trump we have intel that the Easter Bunny is planning to invade the North Pole.”

  72. Finally, Jennifer is a speaker with energy

  73. Michigan’s governor is awesome!

  74. She was great- got ’em riled up!

  75. How about Doug Elmmet…

  76. And more Repubs…right on…

  77. Very proud they acknowledged and honored our fallen law enforcement officers…G-d bless them.

  78. Trump said this today. No really he said this today.

  79. Good one Voting!

  80. At the Hillary watch party, my new gold lettered ‘Madam President’ T-shirt is a yuuge hit.

  81. Jesus was Judean. Please stop rewriting my people’s history Reverend. :sigh:

  82. I don’t have the computer savvy to update this image accordingly, so I’m posting it here for anyone who can.

  83. Shadow, I have that one too. It is very nice .

  84. General John Allen just came out on TV tonight and endorsed Hillary……

  85. I actually agree with tingles that Trump has allowed the democrats to embrace their patriotism rather than suppress it.

  86. The Bernie crowd are a fucking disgrace, they need dragging out of there. Hillary crowd trying to drown them out…..

  87. Why the hell are all these damn military people speaking tonight? Sorry but it’s not a good look or a good idea. I am with the people saying no more war on this one

  88. agree moononpluto…terrible people.

  89. This is a wonderful night. As my little son used to say when he saw the glistening city lights “it’s an exciting night”.

  90. They are speaking because people, whether justified or not, are scared. Hillary and the democratic party needs to counter the argument of Trump that Hillary is weak on security. These are honorable people who fight for our freedom everyday!

  91. Why the hell are all these damn military people speaking tonight? Sorry but it’s not a good look or a good idea. I am with the people saying no more war on this one

    Because for too many years the Republicans have positioned themselves as the party of the military. The Democrats need to reinforce with the members of the military that they care just as much about the issues that military families face and maybe care more. In a state like North Carolina or Virginia or Colorado, states with large military bases and lots of military votes, it could be the difference between going red or going blue.

  92. JB, actually that IS true. Republicans are hitting the notion that Hillary will coddle our enemies. So it makes sense that they would be there in support but maybe last night would’ve been better.

  93. Can someone remove the Bernie or Bust people in yellow? All I have to say is they better not f*ck with Hillary tonight

  94. Uppity…..SHERRRRROD!!!!

  95. I’m catching up here. Gen. John Allen sounded like a general in a good way, I thought, addressing the “troops,” and giving Trump supporters something to think about. The Medal of Honor winners, and surviving family members speaking, endorsing Hillary, should also give them something to think about, in terms of national security concerns, and fighting terrorism.

    Uppity, your man, Sen. Sherrod Brown, sounds good, too.

  96. I understand seagrl. I just think they had to get this theme i at n at some time at the convention. They seem to have made tonight that night. Also agree about the Sanders’ creeps!!!

  97. Hey, Sophie:

  98. Love Sherrod Brown!

  99. Is Bernie in the crowd?

  100. Hopefully not. He sits there like an angry , bitter, old man.

  101. Haven’t seen Bernie, but he better control his animals.

  102. Neeta, Who cares? Lol

  103. This is a great convention.

  104. Yay Chelsea….

  105. Very powerful speech by Chelsea, love it.

  106. Loving this video, learning more about Hillary, i did not know….

  107. I just check fox news they are not carrying the video

  108. Every single person who had doubts or believed the media shit about Hillary needs to see this video……it i so stunning and shows who she really is.

  109. She looks FABULOUS.

  110. BTW, Shondra Rhimes directed the Hillary video.

  111. This is her moment!!❤️

  112. *shonda…sorry.

  113. Bill looks so proud!

  114. Mr. Grumpy

  115. Speaking of the devil

  116. Hillary has used some great invocation of history, from the founding of the country to FDR’s The only thing we have to fear…@ as a rebuke to Trump.

    Reminds us how much she loved “Hamilton” and history.

    I can believe this is her speech as much as anyone’s. Heard she was still tweaking it today.

    Have to say, I really like the white pantsuit, too❤️.

  117. Terry Mccauliffe looked as happy as a little boy!

  118. Love the white on her. She looks great in the pantsuit. She looks so refreshed.

  119. Love the heart pending she is wearing….small but great meaning…

  120. I’m so glad she quoted John Wesley to explain her Methodist faith. More on why later; Obama staff would quip Hillary was “the good little Methodist.”

  121. Hillary:

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{LOVE YOU}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  122. I predict a huge bounce out of this…..this is fantastic.

  123. Moon, I sure hope so!!

  124. She just whalloped Trump between the eyes….

  125. “Please explain to me what part of America First leads him to make Trump ties in China, not Colorado. Trump suits in Mexico, not Michigan.”

    “Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again—well, he could start by actually making things in America again.”

  126. She is hitting this out of the park, deadpan humor over Trump saying he knows Isis better than the generals.

    “No Donald, you don’t”

  127. “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons.”

    “Donald Trump can’t even handle the rough-and-tumble of a presidential campaign…Imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis.”

  128. What a wonderful speech!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  129. Fireworks…..awesome

  130. Compare this to the hatefest last week, no contest…….

    Trump you just got thumped….

  131. O. M. G. The hall is positively going wild!

  132. Some party WOW!

  133. Beautiful ending!

  134. I suddenly like Katy Perry even more.

  135. Great speech and lol at all the balloons ❤

  136. In defense of The Donald, maybe he meant he knew more about this ISIS.

    I know; I watched too much Saturday morning TV. 😉

  137. Big Dawg was like a little kid playing withe the balloons…love it!

  138. They are absolutely buried in balloons!

    Yes. Katy Perry has been a warrior for Hillary. A national treasure.

    America, you have met your next president!

  139. That was the most amazing, wonderful convention I have ever seen. I can’t believe we are finally seeing it happen.

    And what a speech, my god. Incredible, her enthusiasm and stamina! And she looked like a white knight coming to our rescue in that perfect white pantsuit.

  140. Just played the trump vid imust posted upthread. He keeps saying over and over that he wants to hit the speakers at our convention. He is freaking I n s a n e.

  141. Yeah! socal:
    Some of us have been waiting for eight years…
    We all need to take it one step beyond…to the White House.

    Let’s do it…together!

  142. Thanks Uppitqies… we will do this. She will be the best president that we have ever had.

  143. We have been waiting so long for this moment! All the people all the crowds, the endless phone calls, all the votes, all the arguments with the obots and the bernie bros and all the letters to the media, despite all the hate WE DID IT TOGETHER! Thank you Hillary for giving us the chance to support you again and DARING TO COMPETE! Thank you for not giving up WE WON’T LET YOU DOWN!

  144. Great finale; I knew our girl would rise to the occasion. She came off as warm, witty, kick-ass, smart, steely-eyed and, oh yeah, pretty. She just glowed tonight. Even her delivery was topnotch — more relaxed and conversational, which totally worked. Great convention overall; should be major bounce.

  145. An excellent speech, which covered many key issues. Just as importantly, Hillary was commanding, intelligent, and caring. We all know that, but it is wonderful to have that conveyed to the nation. No matter what any commentator might say ( and they are already trying to grade the speech as i f it is a playwriting class), it was a very effective speech.

  146. Hillary wore white in honor of women suffragettes. What a classy move.

  147. The conservative commentator on MSNBC said the speech offered nothing to independents and or GOP’ers whom she claimed were buttered up by Obama’s “great” speech last night. First, I disagree and second, with all due respect, Obama ‘s speeches are overrated by all sides. This was a policy oriented and specific speech with great emotion, yet specifics on how to accomplish them. I really dislike all of the MSM, right or left. A bunch of wannabees who as never have entered the arena but love putting others down.

  148. I thought it was a great speech, and she did more than “check off the boxes,” as some commentators say. Made the mistake of surfing to CNN afterwards, and seeing David Axelshaft’s (aka Axelrod’s) comments. Why do others let him hold forth, I don’t get.

    The viewing public’s opinion and votes are what matters.

  149. Why the hell are all these damn military people speaking tonight? Sorry but it’s not a good look or a good idea. I am with the people saying no more war on this one

    Why does America need to have a strong military?

    Because of ISIS, N. Korea, Iran, and other countries that want to kill our people and destroy our country.

    Thinking that having no military, means we will never need to defend ourselves is not paying attention to how dangerous our enemies are.

  150. Wow! Wow! Wow! You’ve said it all Uppityites! Congratulations! Rejoice and enjoy! Bask in this moment, this historic and wonderful moment!!

  151. Because you know you aren’t sleeping tonight anyway. Chose the Bloomberg link as a small toke of thanks to his amazing speech.

  152. seagrl, on July 28, 2016 at 9:30 PM said:

    Those “Damn military people” are the reason we can have a convention like this. Unlike say..Syria,,Russia,,,North Korea…etc.

  153. Okay, home from the Hillary shindig and was wanting to be here with my buddies, posting during the Hillary kickAss and take no prisoners speech.

    I was crying though most of the last half of her speech, and my favorite part was when she looked into the camera and verbally punched Trump in the face. I love, love tough Hillary.

    To be honest, I was kinda getting a little tired of the convention talking about love, love, love…I wanted to see some hardcore Hillary, and she delivered with pure grace.

    Wonderful speech, oh do I love this woman.

    She makes me feel so proud to be an American woman.

    Yes she did!

  154. For whatever it’s worth, according to CNN Instant Poll, 82% of those who saw Hillary’s speech had a favorable impression. Even considering more Democrats likely saw it, it still is a very strong result.

  155. The military were there speaking on Hillary’s behalf. They trust her to be their commander in chief. Those of us who were around in 1992 remember that Bill had nothing but trouble with the military. Hillary has built their trust for years, and the military is one of the few institutions Americans still trust. When the media question Hillary’s honesty, we can ask, are you calling the military and veterans liars too?

  156. That jerk, Jake Crapper was talking about how her speech wasn’t good enough because she didn’t focus on why she isn’t trusted…etc.

    I would love to punch him in the face on national tv.

  157. #ImWithHer is top topic in US and just as important, tops in Pittsburgh, PA. Need that because this seems to be a battleground state due to middle of PA (or Alabama as we west and east ends of the state call the middle).

  158. VotingHillary – I agree, TO AN EXTENT. There is no denying that we get into too many senseless wars, so I don’t agree that all these unnecessary wars and fighting made this convention possible. Some of the military speakers for me were not demonstrating how war is a last resort. Although I do appreciate them demonstrating how Trump would be dangerous and how Hillary’s experience and track record will keep us safe.

  159. seagrl, I am going to offer an apology. I went off on you and that wasn’t right of me. I have active and reserve military in my family and I remember oh too well the worrying when my baby sister was in Bosnia.

    It wasn’t until 20 years later I worked with a Bosnian refugee who asked me to thank her that I realized the worry and my sister’s efforts were worth it.

    But, I shouldn’t have gone off on you. Please accept my apology.

  160. No worries, VotingHillary! We are in this together

  161. IMUST, this one is just for YOU!

  162. Meanwhile, outside the convention center.Make that FAR from the Convention Center, heh…. The Barn Animals tried to break out of their cages.

  163. Jerk Tapper was “Astounded” that the reaction was positive even among Republicans he interviewed. Fuck you, Jake, you POS. I hope it made you choke.

    CNN panned to a party that was going on in the center behind them, and there was that pig Blizter drinking with them. Anyways, Jerk Tapper was all agog that there were………gasp…….Republicans in there.

  164. I wish my mother were here to see this.

  165. “I wish my mother were here to see this.”

    Oh, Uppity, you’ve made me cry.
    I’d give anything for my mother (my feisty and sentient mother, ten years before her death) to be able to share this night with me.
    She adored Hillary.

  166. Upps, you know I lost my Mom last year (because you helped me get through it) and she wanted to vote HRC.

    I will do it for her, with her and in honor of her. And for myself, my niece and her child.

  167. Bernie looked like such a grump when Hillary mentioned him. How about a wave?? A smile maybe? He looked like he was going to burst

  168. Last night exceeded my expectations. This entire convention was just so inspiring. The only thing that can beat this will be Inauguration Day.

    And a thank you to DWS that put together this convention. You may not like her, but you have to give her credit for one great convention.

  169. And finally, our long Bernie Sanders national nightmare is over. He and his grumpy angry face can pack up and go back to Vermont.

    From now on only Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. And really isn’t Trump just a 2 demensional caricature of a human being?

  170. Not so sure, Voter.
    His white trash wife still wants a chance to do to USA what she did to a certain college.

  171. UW, so very sad for them that they are still filled with so much anger and hate, just like Trump. It is that anger and hate that will destroy them and their bowel movement. So I will ignore them like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum.

    We as a people are on a precipice. We can descend to our base feeling of hate and anger or turn to our better angels and embrace love and hope. This convention was a love letter to America from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. I believe in America and our ability to embrace love and hope. Hillary Clinton is right, love trumps hate. And ultimately, in hope there is no room for hate and anger.

  172. On the trust issue that MSM is so obssessed with and responsible for–I thought the video before Hillary’s speech really pushed that out the window and slammed it shut behind. If most voters saw it, the untrustworthy narrative is now splattered all over the concrete outside the WF Center. And that’s on top of all the speakers who vouched for her. We just have to keep repeating these wonderful anecdotes about what kind of person Hillary really is until they are part of the air voters breathe.

  173. Great convention, Great night, Great speech, I am in heaven today. Nothing can take away my joy this day.

    LOVE YA HILLARY MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. Can someone get the video they showed of Hillary’s life?

  175. Good morning Uppityites. I was so hyped, could not go to bed until after 4 a.m. after I watched Hillary’s entire speech again. And oh yeah: It made me cry the second time, too. And then I woke up, still hyped, thinking about about this beautiful ’60s soul classic by the great do-wop group Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions. Just listen to the words and melody, and I dare you not to tear up all over again when putting the song in the context of this great moment, this great woman.

  176. Unreal. Mark Penn is actually doing an excellent job on @MSNBC this morning. Glad he wasn’t anywhere near the campaign this time.

  177. My mother is alive but battling Alzheimers. She gets to learn that Hillary has been nominated for president and will win in November over and over again! (My sisters and I laugh through it to numb the pain.) She has been a life-long Democrat and loved Hillary, so I too ‘miss’ having her around to share the joy with me. Watched last night with my 19 year old son, a big Hillary supporter. Half way through (while he was getting texts throughout) he announced that his final Bernie holdout friend had said that Hillary’s speech had convinced him to vote for her. We are going to win this thing…. after we work our tails off.

  178. From Salon: Amanda Marcotte says damn right Hillary’s a witch; she’s Hermione Granger! 🙂

  179. I will try not to watch much MSM today, just because I know that we will get all the “Buts,” and “The problems she still faces” things. I thought it was the best convention I have ever seen; and I do wish my parents and I could have shared it together, as we shared so many of the other ones. I remember when the first two or three convention nights would run to after midnight on the West Coast, since the networks would show them gavel to gavel, and there was no one hour of prime time window. I sort of miss that staying up very late so as not to miss one thing that happened.

    If a lot of people saw Hillary’s video and speech, and Chelsea’s speech, I am pretty confident that we are in strong shape. There are going to be bumps in the road, as Trump and the Republicans go back to insulting and caricaturing Hillary. If the voters can just keep in their minds what they saw of her and learned about her the last few nights, she’ll get past all of the insults. And yes, the more radical Sanders people are going to be showing up at rallies, and doing their chanting; they won’t just go away so easily. And the media will do its thing about trying to equalize the race. But I think that this was a turning point, one which Hillary of course earned. It was a moving and inspiring moment, one of the desperately needed rewarding parts of a campaign which too often has felt like a thirty- miile slog through the mud and the brambles.

  180. Any new poll data?

  181. What a wonderful moment in time!! I feel so proud to be a Hillary supporter and will work very hard in the next few months to help her get elected. Still hard to grasp, we are almost there. It is also great to see and know that she has the support of the majority of her peers and party. The haters are going to hate and nothing will change that.

  182. Yes, but…

    The Nevada poll was by Rasmussen, whose polls are known to skew towards the GOP. The New Hampshire poll was taken July 21, after the Republican Convention, but before the Democratic Convention. In Iowa, Tribble Hair is up by one percentage point.

    Even if Hillary only takes the states currently showing blue (at least a blue outline), those will be enough.

    Too early to stress. :mrgreen:

  183. I expect as the campaign continues, Tribble Hair will keep sticking both feet in his mouth. He can’t help himself.

    And of course, if solid proof comes out that the Russians are trying to make him our president, then GAME OVER, Hillary wins a landslide. 🙂

  184. Such a wonderful night! I’m so proud and happy to be a Democrat today.
    I cried when Chelsea embraced her mom. I cried when Hillary said the words of acceptance…it was a catharsis that was 8 long years in the making. I’m so proud of Hillary and the party that nominated the first woman in American history to be our leader!!!

    Why are you so surprised that we DEMOCRATS didn’t BOO Israel when Hillary reiterated the DEMOCRATIC party’s long standing commitment to her protection?
    Her speech was NOT “democratic boiler plate stuff” and frankly I can’t see anyone who remotely supports Hillary and the party she LEADS and the things WE stand for expressing that sentiment here, or anywhere else.
    Bill looked GREAT, not sick, and looked like he was having the time of his life! He had to bite his lip to keep from crying when Chelsea began her speech. It was such a beautiful moment.

    To help clear things up; It was a terrific speech, full of patriotism and pragmatism. The Democratic party has always stood by and for our ally in Israel and Bill Clinton is fit as a fucking fiddle.

  185. Rather surprising that Tribble Hair is only up 4 points in ARIZONA.

    Maybe he shouldn’t be running against Hispanic-Americans? 😀

  186. I have been very open about my feelings about the democratic party, but have supported Hillary through thick and thin. Maybe I was surprised because in 2012 delegates booed the platform to reinstate G-d and Jerusalem. Moreover, several of Sander’s key people are supportive of BDS. Hillary has been a strong defender of Israel, a two state solution, and stated she would annihilate Iran if they attacked Israel- the same cannot be said of the current leader of the democratic party .
    As for Bill, having met him several times at fundraisers here in S. Florida, he does not look well imo. Some have suggested Parkinson’s disease.
    I thought Hillary looked great last night and it was a good, solid, boiler plate speech of her core values. I thought she did great considering she prefers smaller group oriented discussions.
    Lastly, I follow the rules of the boards and support Hillary here and express my frustrations with the party in other forums.

  187. Even Texas is merely solid pink, rather than bright red.

    Imagine Texas turning blue… 🙂

  188. Ivory Bill,

    Look for a 3+% (could be as much a 6) lead when the first post convention polls break, moving up a couple of points by Labor Day. Does anyone think that the most prepared person in the world won’t SHRED the least prepared person in the world, someone who’s never studied for anything in his life, in the first debate? That should be worth a point or 2, dontcha think?
    Arizona is in play, hell by election day all 50 states could be in play for Hillary and the Democrats. For Hillary’s first 100 days to be truly transformative , we need as many Democrats elected in the Senate, the Congress, the State legislatures, in local municipal elections (Uh oh, I’m dangerously close to a “Dean Scream”) and everywhere.
    This election must be a complete repudiation of Cheeto Jesus and anyone who supported him, or stood silent in the face of his demagoguery….

  189. William:
    I’m with you.
    Great convention and better historical outcome.
    I want to keep enjoying the moment and avoid all the crap that follows with so call media. Bunch of Dark Vaders…

  190. Ivory:
    We are working on it…I’m keeping my fingers across.
    In the Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Laredo corridor is very strong blue. Houston some, but is caught up with big bucks oil industry and east Texas bible belt.

  191. I look for a number of Inland West Republican stalwarts who can’t bring themselves to vote for any Democrat OR for Tribble Hair to vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate. That’s Mormon country, and I doubt Trump, the vulgar libertine, will appeal much to Mormons.

    Also, Trump is up only 3 points in MISSISSIPPI? 😆

  192. Talk about a QUICK poll bump for our girl…Hillary is +16 since less than 24 hours ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Maybe the Russian angle is having an effect as well? I know I haven’t been this angry at any foreigners since the 9/11 attacks.

  194. Shadow, That is CA. I would expect her to be ahead in CA and for Stein to be higher here than elsewhere.

  195. Looking at SFax’s linked polls, I notice again how well (for a 3rd-party candidate) Johnson is doing. I think he might grab quite a few disaffected and disgusted Republicans this time–the ones who actually believe in the free-market and small-government principles of the GOP, as distinct from the bigots and Babbitts of the GOP base.

  196. What an uplifting convention! Hillary was luminous last night, demonstrating her strength and compassion throughout her speech! And what a treat seeing the thrilled faces of little girls as they watched Hillary speak. As for Bernie, what a sourpuss! I was so happy his Bernouts were drowned out by chants of “USA!” and “Hillary!”

  197. Shadowfax, at RCP, Trump is still showing a 0.9 lead in general election. The LA/USC poll really seems high with Trump a plus 7.

  198. JB

    I don’t think there are many polls out since the convention just ended last night…

  199. jb

    As repeated over the past 8 years, all polls are not equal.

    I try to pick polls that were somewhat true in the primary, and none of them showed how well Hillary would end up doing.

    My guess is after the bounce of both conventions, and after each of the future debates, is when the true voting polls may show up.

    Also, many voters, like Bernie’s voters, never ended up getting their butts to the voting booth.

    I also believe many Rethug women and some men, will not admit they are voting against Trump…but in the privacy of the booth, they may pull the lever for Hillary, the most qualified and the most dependable candidate.

    Sure, the Rethugs at the top of the food chain will vote against her to keep their tax loopholes.

  200. Hopefully you are correct. I am surprised that this is so close. It shows you that a lot of men still won’t vote for a woman.

  201. The whole Day 4

  202. jb
    Hopefully you are correct. I am surprised that this is so close. It shows you that a lot of men still won’t vote for a woman.

    Funny that the most real ‘alpha’ men, the military, men in blue, firefighters…will vote for Hillary.

    Males generally don’t want to give up their hierarchy of power to a woman…that is what this whole ‘glass ceiling’ issue is about.

    No women have ever felt that becoming President was going to be easy…it never has been for our gender. We know that when a woman breaks though that ‘forbidden’ area, she has to work twice as hard, prove herself and never give up, to make it happen.

  203. Hillary has a substantial lead among all males with college degrees, and a slight lead among White males with college degrees. And presumably, males with degrees are the ones who have more social power than the males without a degree, where she is trailing by a great deal. To generalize, the poorer and less successful males have more of a feeling that society is passing them by, and perhaps that is why they see women as more of a threat. Or maybe it is that their relative lack of education means that they don’t understand how the government works, so feel an affinity with a candidate who also doesn’t have any idea of policy or issues.

  204. This jerk doesn’t seem to know who he’s inextricably tied to…

    And this jerk is just well, a JERK…

    How we don’t win by double digits and 150 EV’s is beyond me….

  205. I freaking love this….

  206. For posterity

  207. This is soooo clever…….

  208. Feel like I’ve been on a four day roller coaster ride..I bet my butt’s grown an inch a day. Been through half a box of kleenex and terrified my dog from cheering ( You’d think she’d have gotten used to that from when I watch sports,but,no).

    I am just proud of this country..the convention was fabulous..even the pundits have grudgingly said so. Including numerous Repubs.We still have to work our hearts out to get her in the White House but my Spidy Sense is sniffing landslide.

    Now Auntie is going shopping to get the nieces and the grand nieces their historic Hillary t-shirts.Oh and I’ll say this only once,because it might be construed as somewhat disrespectful..but I think Hillary and Tim look so CUTE together.

  209. Another hacking.

    Clinton Campaign Email Was Hacked, Apparently by Russians

  210. 28 million people watched the last night of the Democratic Convention. If according the the Instant Poll, 71% of those had a favorable impression of Hillary’s speech. that is a lot of votes, even if many of them Democrats already going to vote for Hillary. Now, I’m sure that the media will manage to knock that percentage down, just like they convinced some people that their first impression that Gore had won the first debate with Bush was incorrect. But even so, Hillary had to have gained quite a few votes last night. I’m going to risk being disappointed, and predict that the polls next week will show Hillary up by 7 points.

  211. Hillary and Bill and Kaine and wife were in Phiadelphia on first stop of tour. It is on CSPAN, and probably will repeat. Apparently, BIll is going to get to go along on tour, too. It is all quite charming, as well as gratifying, to see them all there. Ah, now they are on MSNBC, in Harrisburg. A Trump heckler showed up, too, but was removed.

  212. William:
    Thank you for bringing some stats of the millions of viewers of the Convention. It’s a pretty good assessment in favor of our country and our Democracy.
    As you also pointed out, the media vultures will try to diminish the event accomplishments for the sake of bloody viewership = $$$$.

  213. Good day for voters today. Courts have struck down oppressive (read: suppressive) voting laws in KS, WI and NC.

  214. Voting, That is great news!

  215. Voting, I saw that about the Houston paper. Amazing. Here is more shocking news:

  216. Your early morning Twitter funny courtesy of Chris Rock:

  217. He looks like he much more urgently needs a laxative.

  218. OK. It’s often politically incorrect, vulgar and profane. But it’s also side-splitting funny and contains truth. And truth be told: One of the things I most admire about Hillz is her bitch, bad ass persona. Without it, she would not be where she is today. ‘Cause often: bitches get shit done! Her true, documented, bitch, bad ass quote in the situation room when some aides worried Obama would have to miss White House Correspondence Dinner due to the Bin Laden raid: “Fuck the White House Correspondence Dinner.”

  219. M. Albright wore a glass brooch. I wish it would go on sale.

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