Post Convention Afterglow

Well, that was fun.

Now on to the general. You’d think this would be easy–a brilliant, prepared, qualified human being running against a megalomaniac demagogue. But no–this is America where the media gets to shape the narrative and we all recognize that shape.

Republican convention: America, we think you’re stupid.

Democratic convention: America, please don’t be stupid.


This is an open thread.



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  1. Rightfully, the Bernie kids are blaming Bernie for misleading them about the convention. Most of these snowflakes actually believed there was still a chance for Bernie to get the nom. I called this from the start: he preyed on the gullible.

  2. He was still pouting in the rafters of the arena during the convention himself. This man was not a leader.

  3. If you haven’t viewed the bill maher video linked by Paulette down below, you’re in for a treat.

  4. Where is the Maher link?

  5. At the bottom of the previous thread.

  6. Thanks🍻

  7. Ha! Can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet.

  8. Must see unity video…so much fun!

    Hillary Diss Track — Sonify 2016

  9. Sophie, good top thread…

    She made it, no time to cry, moving on the bus tour…

    No time for ‘girls just wanna have fun’…no time to rest, no time to party…time to kick asses and take no prisoners.

    Go Hillary, go girl!

  10. Oooh! Love the “Trumped” video and the songify vid! Too funny!

  11. I am hearing the first post convention poll is showing a 10 point bounce for Clinton.

  12. Here’s Paulette’s Bill Maher link:


    A new poll taken after the Democratic convention revealed that Hillary Clinton had erased any gains that Trump made after the Republican convention, with a 10 point convention bounce and a 15 point lead.

    RABA Research found:
    Among likely voters, Clinton garners 46% support to Trump’s 31%. Libertarian Gary Johnson now captures 7% of the vote, while Jill Stein sits at 2%.

    A RABA Research poll conducted the day after the Republican convention showed a tighter race, with Clinton at 39% and Trump at 34%. Johnson was at 8% in that survey, while Stein found 3% support.


    When asked if the Democratic National Convention was a failure or success, 38% of respondents called the convention a success, while 23% dubbed it a failure. 38% of respondents said neither, or that they were not sure.

    The RABA poll showed Clinton opening up a 7 point lead with men (42%-35%), a 22 point lead with women (50%-28%). Clinton also had 14% of the Republican vote, and she led by double digits with all age groups.

  14. Hey y’all. Just want to add qualifiers about why I suggested the Maher link re-posted above even though in the past he’s been down with Bernie and not Hillz biggest fan. Although the commentary is often politically incorrect, vulgar and profane. It’s also side-splitting funny and contains much truth. And truth be told: One of the things I most admire about Hillz is her bitch, bad ass persona. Without it, she would not be where she is today. ‘Cause often: bitches get shit done! Her true, documented, bitch, bad ass quote in the situation room when some aides worried Obama would have to miss White House Correspondence Dinner due to the Bin Laden raid: “Fuck the White House Correspondence Dinner.”

  15. What is this strange, funny feeling that I’m experiencing-could it be something like joy?

  16. Moon, I hope those polls hold.

    Btw, Refresh my memory what happened between the Clinton’s and Morris? He is such a sleazy toad and is making videos dissing the Clintons.

  17. Re Dick Morris from Wikipedia: A friend and advisor to Bill Clinton during his time as Governor of Arkansas, Morris became a political adviser to the White House after Clinton was elected president in 1992. Morris encouraged Clinton to pursue third way policies of triangulation that combined traditional Republican and Democratic proposals, rhetoric, and issues so as to achieve maximum political gain and popularity. He worked as a Republican strategist before joining the Clinton administration, where he helped Clinton recover from the 1994 midterm elections by advising the President to adopt more moderate policies. The president consulted Morris in secret beginning in 1994. Clinton’s communications director George Stephanopoulos has said, “Over the course of the first nine months of 1995, no single person had more power over the president.” Morris went on to become campaign manager of Bill Clinton’s successful 1996 bid for re-election to the office of President. His tenure on that campaign was cut short two months before the election, when it was revealed that he had allowed a prostitute to listen in on conversations with the President.

  18. Thanks Paulette. That must be why he has a vendetta against the Clintons.

  19. Paulette, you forgot to include a picture of Mr. Morris. 😉

  20. From

    HUGE NEWS: The day after the Democratic National Convention, Hillary HQ surpassed 100,000 likes on Facebook! If you had told me this would be happening a year ago when we had maybe a couple of thousand likes, I wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are!

  21. Paulette thanks for putting that Maher link up. I saw it last night and wasn’t sure when they might have it on youtube. I’m going to post it now on TW.

  22. I have heard so many anecdotes about people’s whole opinion of Hillary turning positive after the testimonials of so many and Hillary’s own speech at the convention. This is proof positive that removing the negative media filter can have dramatic, encouraging results. People, who are now saying, “Gee, I never even knew that about her (her public service outside of the spot light)”, have been brainwashed by right wing operatives with the help of a compliant media. People can’t know what the media refuses to tell them.

  23. Ivory @ 6:31 PM:

    You are just too bad…

  24. Ok, I will watch the Maher video but I am expecting to hate him.

  25. Still hate him, but it was good

  26. Ivory @ 6:3m, ROFL.😂 The picture fits.

  27. Morris has had a real hatefest with both Bill and Hillary from his slimey prostitute days. At some point, Hillary put him in his place, verbally…and he has hated both of them since then.

    His word is worthless on any given subject about the Clintons.

  28. I really do so love HRC’s Twitter team:

  29. Off Topic, but I’m watching the musical “Hairspray” on TV, and John Travolta’s Baltimore accent is everything.:)

  30. Just finished watching Hill et al in ,I believe,Johnstown,PA. MSNBC actually showed most of her speech. It was down home,folksy and yet filled w/”What we’re going to do” plus stark comparisons w/Trump’s lack of plans. If she can get the haters to actually sit and listen for ten minutes;she has a great message that could garner her some of those illusive blue collar males.

    Don’t know if you all caught Laurance O’Donnell’s interview w/Mr and Mrs Khan ( He of the “Mr Trump,have you read the constitution?”).Mr Khan went after Ryan and McConnell( Sp?) shaming them for not calling out Trump;for putting party before country. And Trump’s interview w/ George S. beyond beyond w/the crassness of Trump.

    Oh,there it went again;another whiff of landslide.

    Also,many,many thanks to all of you for helping me get through the last eight years.Your humor,knowledge and insight have been a healing balm.So a bit of gratitude from the Great Northwest. In the immortal words of Oat Willie…” Onward through the fog!”

  31. I tweeted Dick Morris last week. I knew he’d pipe in.

    Dick is another one who would be selling shoes at a discount store if it weren’t for Hillary and Bill. Unfortunately old Dick had a habit of hanging out with prostitutes, with a toe-sucking fetish. Ultimately, he was so careless, they fired his ass and he’s been on a Clinton hunt ever since.

    99% of the memories that live longest in Dick Morris’ mind never really happened. Ignore him. Trust me, everybody else does.

  32. Voting
    I really do so love HRC’s Twitter team:

    This is something Hillary said in her speech. I hope some of the things, at least, come from her and not her ‘team’.

  33. This is so hard to watch…which is why must.

  34. Trump trying to assert that he’s sacrificed as much as the Khan family proves that he’s not only breathtakingly insensitive; he’s as dumb as a box of rocks as well.

  35. Uppity, The right is listening to him, Someone on FB posted something from Trump wall that had a video of Morris refuting things in Bill’s speech. I listened to it, and what he said were half truths, outright lies, or taken out of context. He is a real sleaze bag, Glad the Clintons got rid of him.

  36. The pathological liar is at it again…already laying the groundwork for skipping the debates. Kochs are calling him out also.

  37. This election is getting to me because I can’t stop laughing at this:

  38. When Mr. Kahn was speaking at the convention, I loved that he took out his copy of the Constitution and offered it to Trump to read.

    The thing that bothered me most of all is that his wife was never given the chance to speak about her son. The convention had such a strong focus on women and this woman had to remain silent. I can’t imagine that she didn’t want to say anything about the death of her beloved son.

  39. Donald’s gonna need more Putin bucks:

  40. I’m glad that I saw that video of Mrs. Kahn, where she speaks about why she didn’t talk at the convention.

  41. Donald Trump nor his sons have not been anywhere near a battlefield let alone a military recruiting centre. The only time that lot has been near a gun is to murder defenceless animals on the Sarangetti.

  42. Shadow, she was offered to speak. She said after looking at his picture she was to emotional to speak.

  43. Brassy Rebel, on July 30, 2016 at 6:50 PM said:

    . People, who are now saying, “Gee, I never even knew that about her (her public service outside of the spot light)”, have been brainwashed by right wing operatives with the help of a compliant media. People can’t know what the media refuses to tell them.

    This is what angers me with voters. If they would research candidates instead of relying on the media they would be better off. Some of us are to lazy we just take the media and the candidates word.

  44. Its EMBARRASSING, this guy has no clue and i mean no clue about anything.

  45. Moon, The way that Trump speaks is a word salad. I have a psychologist friend, who thinks he is in the early stages of dementia.

  46. neeta, from your lips to God’s ears on people doing more of their own research. But I don’t think it’s just laziness. A lot of people lack time, resources, and even basic skills to do their own research. Just yesterday in Pa., Hillary was talking about the shocking number of folks who still aren’t connected to the internet. Or if they are, they lack broadband. Non-college educated voters probably haven’t been trained in how to do basic research. And I don’t even know where you’d go on the internet to get these Hillary anecdotes. MSM websites dominate even on the net.

    The MSM has a responsibility to present presidential candidates as they actually are and not demonize them. The fact that up until very recently Trump has gotten more positive media coverage than Hillary is really appalling. People still rely on the MSM media for basic, fair information about presidential candidates. We have a free press in this country. Thank goodness. But with that freedom comes a great deal of responsibility–responsibility which more and more is being shirked in pursuit of ratings , circulation, and clicks. In other words, money.

  47. No surprise that kick-ass yet affable, sharp but warm, knowledgeable and confident — the newly crowned Notorious HRC — totally nails it in Chris Wallace interview on Fox News!

  48. I hear you Brassey, I still say they are lazy. I know a lot of people have internet They are too lazy to research. I am talking about the younger generation. They even have smart phones, I still have a flip phone. The reality is they do know how to use the internet. If they were really interested in what is going on they would research. Plus there is the library and other places they could go to find information. There is someone at the libraries would show them how to use the internet. All I hear is what the media said from voters.

  49. Birdgal, I’m sure of it, I have worked in the medical field for a long long time and know it when I see it, I’m pretty sure he is not fully compus mentus and its really starting to show.

    Question is why would they be doing this considering how bad he is. None of it makes sense.

  50. I think this means, you are talking out of your ass, Trump…….

  51. moon, I was wondering why the media are not questioning the way he keeps repeating words.
    I believe there is something going on with him.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he drops out of this election.

  52. Moon, I am a Psychiatric Nurse, so I can recognize the deficits in Trump. I don’t know why the media doesn’t have more medical experts discussing how mentally ill Trump is. I think the Republican leadership wants him in, so that he will sign Ryan’s horrid budget cuts and appoint more Scalia like Supreme Court justices.

  53. I think the phrase with Trump is

    “ding ding, looneyland central, everybody off”

  54. Heres a list of Trumps sacrifices……

  55. Stay away from CNN.
    Pompous ass Ryan Lizza is on talking about what a “weak candidate” Hillary Clinton is.
    Man, they just don’t get it, do they?

  56. Oh, but Sue, they do get it.

    They get that they need a horse race to keep their ratings high.

    If they reported the true unsuitability of The Donald, the tribble-coiffed tribune of the bigots and Babbitts of the Great American Booboisie, then Hillary might run off with the race and achieve the biggest Democratic landslide since LBJ, with no suspense to be reported.

    The Blazing Saddles Imperative comes into force: “Gentlemen, we’ve got to protect our phony-baloney jobs!”.

  57. Sue and Ivory Bill, I saw that because it was a panel on what an idjit Trump is to get into an argument with a Gold Star family. The next thing I know a whole other idjit, Ryan Lizza, is calling Hillary “a weak candidate”. I heard a misogynistic dogwhistle. Hillary is the FIRST female presidential nominee of a major party–after 44 men. And she’s “weak”? I’m still seething. Battle stations, everyone! Go to Twitter and FB and call this jerk out!

  58. Clinton Nation:
    They’re not just gender voters. Who are Hillary Clinton’s supporters? The USA TODAY NETWORK interviewed voters in every state to find out.

    The article interviews a Hillary supporter in each state.

  59. Ivory:
    You are so funny and always bringing the funny side of things…
    keep it up, we need the laughter bad….

  60. Sophie:
    Thank you for the link of the Clinton supporters interactive….I like the way it’s put together…

    About big a$$ Ryan, I’m not surprised, but the WaPo is a big whore, for making it a big issue…

  61. IBW, of course you’re right on the money, but what I meant that so many men don’t, won’t or cannot understand what a BFD it is to have the first woman Nominee.
    Present company, excepted.

  62. Well, I was out of town last week so I didn’t get to watch the convention but I lived vicariously through the posts everybody here put up. I cried and cried and then burst into tears with the video of the shattering glass.

  63. The Donald is just making friends everywhere he goes:

  64. Nina Turner is grasping for that last straw of relevancy before going to the political dust bin.

  65. Sanders supporters love her and think she is the mew leader of Sanders movement. The nurses union wanted to nominate her as VP for Sanders. Turner has only served as a state senator, but it is more experience than Stein. Lol! I wonder how many votes they would peel off.

  66. Some little girl’s momma is raising her right (check the t-shirt):

  67. Perfect place for Nina. Stein is at 1%. Morning Consult put out their poll yesterday and had Johnson on it but not Stein. This means she’s off the radar. Frankly I am amazed that one percent of the voting population would vote for that charlatan.

  68. Ga6thDem,
    … I cried and cried and then burst into tears with the video of the shattering glass.

    You’re not alone GA6th, I doubt anyone here had dry eyes that night.

    In a video someone posted on the last thread, a media person asked Hillary what she was feeling when she was giving her acceptance speech, considering the historical significance…she said the most difficult thing was to not start crying.

  69. Sort of embarrassing photos of Melania Trump have surfaced, which is not really surprising. At the risk of offending some I offer the link with a NSFW and a decided “R” rating…

  70. Expect more of this…..

    Jeb Bush’s top adviser, Sally Bradshaw, has left the Republican Party to become an independent, and says if the presidential race in Florida is close, she’ll vote for Hillary Clinton.

    Bradshaw, who’s been close to the former Florida governor for decades and was senior adviser to his 2016 campaign, officially switched her registration to unaffiliated. She told CNN’s Jamie Gangel in an email interview that the GOP is “at a crossroads and have nominated a total narcissist — a misogynist — a bigot.”
    “This is a time when country has to take priority over political parties. Donald Trump cannot be elected president,” Bradshaw said.
    The departure from the Republican Party of a Bush loyalist — Bradshaw began her career working for George H.W. Bush’s 1988 campaign — is the latest sign of an influential and respected member of the GOP establishment turning against Trump.

  71. Not sure the religious fruitloops will like the fact of Mrs Trump doing a bit of a lesbian photoshoot…kind of blows all their hatred arguments out of the water if they say nothing….

  72. For all the years they have fired that “lesbian” angle at Hillary, I hope the GOP just choked on their cheerios this morning…….looking at those photos.

  73. moon, for as sexist as Republican men are, I am betting that choking on their cheerios wasn’t exactly what they were doing while looking at those photos…

    just saying. 🙂

  74. Still i look forward to the “whore of satan” speeches they usually lob at Hillary forthcoming………

    Anything less I will call hypocrisy, lol.

  75. Daily News has been my greatest source of laughter with their front-pages this election:

  76. I wish they’d leave Melania alone. It’s not her fault her blob of self-tanned baloney thinks he’s running for Prez. She’s just a simple little golddigger. And now this.

    Seriously, though. I hate this US custom of dragging the whole family into a campaign and declaring a free-for-all on criticizing everybody’s clothes, morals, and methods of eating soup.

  77. She was not dragged into it, she got on that platform of her own free will.

  78. Nate Silver is feeling the bounce…

    “A CBS News poll has Clinton ahead by 5 percentage points, in the version of the poll that includes third-party candidates (which is the version FiveThirtyEight uses). Trump led Clinton by 1 point in a CBS News poll conducted just after the RNC, so that would count as a 6-point bounce for Clinton.
    A Morning Consult poll also showed Clinton up by 5 percentage points, representing a 9-point swing toward her from a poll they conducted last week after the RNC.
    A RABA Research national poll, conducted on Friday after the convention, has Clinton with a 15-point lead. RABA Research’s national poll has been something of a pro-Clinton outlier. Still, the trend in the poll is favorable for Clinton. She’d led Trump by 5 percentage points in RABA Research’s poll just after the RNC, meaning that she got a 10-point bounce.
    Finally, a Public Policy Polling survey has Clinton up by 5 percentage points.”

  79. Quixote when you are caught red-handed stealing a speech and you never so much as acknowledge it –and when you declare that you have a degree in architecture when you have no degree in anything at all, it’s kind of hard to be safe from criticism.

  80. Not to mention get on a platform against gay people and so called morals and then flash your bits in naughty pictures, I feel hard to feel sympathy for her. Hypocrisy should be shamed.

  81. Holy Crap…Breaking

    CNN Poll
    Post-Democratic Convention

    Clinton 52
    Trump 43

  82. Whoa, if this goes, its all over….

    Clinton and Trump are tied at 45% in Georgia, per a new Landmark poll for WSBTV.

  83. CNN’s convention bounce is +13

    and this

  84. Sounds like a winner to me…

    Keys in CNN poll: Clinton at 91% with Sanders voters, 82% among nonwhite voters, up 65-32% among voters under age 45, up 10 pts w white col+

  85. Like I said, remove the damn media filter and let the voters see Hillary as she actually is. Or as Bill would say, let voters see the real Hillary and not the made up cartoon the GOP and media created cause they’re so freakin’ scared of what she can accomplish. Rise, Hillary. Rise.

  86. Nina Turner came to her senses.

    I bet Stein is angry. Hehe.

  87. Trump does not know when to shut up…..this is beyond stupid now. He is basically insulting the entire military now.

  88. Trump is going to bring down the entire GOP at this rate. This is beyond clusterfuck territory.

    Its like he cannot bear to let anyone get the better of him, it has to be his way and his last word. He is making an inmate at the local asylum more of a credible candidate.

  89. Seriously, who the hell is advising Dumpster or is he not listening to anybody anymore..I’ll go for the 2nd option.

    This is like watching your mad racist uncle go nuts.

    Is he seriously this deranged now because this is beginning to look completely whackadoodle territory. He is sounding more and more deranged and tweaked off his tits on coke by the day….

    Its just utterly incredulous that the GOP is sitting there and letting Nero fiddle while Rome burns.

    Or is Trump the most brilliant plant ever by the democrats to kill the GOP.

    I just don’t know.

  90. I still think Trump got in originally to boost his brand and make some noise. He is now terrified that he might become POTUS. He needs to relax. HRC will save his ass from that happening.

  91. Well if he did, he’s stupid, he’s probably sent that brand up in flames……I hope this bankrupts him again.

  92. My computer is finaly working again.

    Brassy Rebel, you are of course right about how important it was that Hillary escape from the media filter which continually tries to distort her. But the media will now go right back to the filter. I remember how Bush would be 8 points ahead of Kerry, and then Kerry would show well in an unfiltered debate, and the lead would go down to 1; and then the media would return to putting the Swiftboat cabal back on TV, and Bush would expand his lead again. This happened three straight times.

    I am happy with the recent polls, and I think we are in strong position. But there will likely not be any debates (doubtful that the media will castigate Trump for clearly ducking them), so what we will see is hundreds of millions of dollars of the most vicious and contemptible ads run against Hillary; the biased media; and very few unfiltered moments.

  93. For real, moon! “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.” — HRC at DNC. Truly, truer words have never been spoken. Five days later and Trump’s still tweeting badly like a drunken sailor. He obviously never heard: When you’re in a hole stop digging, dumb ass. I continue to marvel at how Hillary could not have made one-tenth of the offensive comments he has made in just in the past few months and still be a viable candidate for president.

  94. I hope that Hillary does not stop bringing up the debates. We have had presidential debates consecutively since 1976; and in the last few elections, we have had three of them. Now Trump is not going to want to have any debates, which is a great disservice to democracy, not that he cares. The media should care; but if they do, it will only be for ratings reasons. Trump won’t release taxes; he won’t debate’ he is going to hide behind tweets, stacked rallies, ad buys, and lies. The debates are supposed to be one of the few opportunities for the public to see the candidates respond to each other, and challenge their knowledge and veracity. Trump cannot be simply allowed to avoid debates; he must pay a significant electoral price for doing so.

  95. I worry (not to the point of losing sleep, but I worry) about the hackable vote-counting computers.

    I hope our intelligence agencies are standing ready to block any attempt by Putin’s hackers to throw the election to Trump, or just to screw the results up six ways from Sunday, in the hopes that the Trumpenproletariat will declare Hillary’s victory invalid and riot.

  96. Well, William if the media morons are willing to sell the country out for a few rating points then there’s not a whole lot we can do except turn them off. I have not watched cable news for over 8 years and in fact have quit watching the news. I do read though. The media would be first in line for the firing squad should Trump be elected president.

    Lately it seems there’s all this speculation that Trump is going to quit. I have no idea if this is just more media blather or if there is something to it. Of course, I’m not sure whether Pence would be any better or any worse to run against thought he has had a terrible record in Indiana. The distinct advantage Hillary has over any Republican is her GOTV team. Trump has none and if he quit I guess Pence could scramble and take them over. Either way it would not be good for the GOP. Can you imagine how many GOP voters would be sitting home if Trump quit?

    As far as the polls go in GA, Landmark is not a very good poll but other polls have showed it being close here. I guess we’ll see what’s going to happen before too long.

  97. Well, with Trump in a complete free fall now, I do think that the implosion that Upps has predicted (and with which I agree) may be coming sooner rather than later.

    Trump is going to need an excuse, any excuse, to not have to face a possible landslide loss in November – remember that Donald hates to lose at anything – and I think I know what the excuse may be…

    Future Breaking News Headline (in the coming weeks):

    Donald Trump Rushed To Hospital!!

    Perfect. Think about it, it would give him the prefect excuse. He will pay off some hack doctor to proclaim that – Mr. Trump has a medical condition (pick one: heart, liver, kidneys, etc) that is not life-threatening but would make it inadvisable for him to serve as the President.


    Then, the Donald can “gracefully” bow out, and spend the rest of his life saying that he WOULD have won HUGE, he WOULD have beat Hillary SO bad, but unfortunately his body prevented him from serving.

    Sound like a fantasy? Maybe. But at this point I honestly believe that this scenario is quite likely. I’m not predicted it will definitely happen, but I’m just putting it out there now, it case it does.

  98. For posterity

  99. Clinton is campaigning in Nebraska . That is unusual.

  100. RW Vet has an interesting idea. Trump might not even need to fake it; his gaffes could be a symptom of a genuine physical disorder (one or more small strokes, or maybe the beginnings of Alzheimer’s?).

  101. Hahahahahahahahaha!

  102. Some normally reliably red states may come into play this time. I read over on RD’s site that Georgia looks competitive this time, while shows Trump having only slight leads in Arizona and Mississippi, with Utah and (*gasp*) TEXAS looking soft as well.

  103. Sophie, I love Joy Reid!!

  104. Ivory, I have a psychologist friend who firmly believes that Trump has dementia. I had my doubts, but as time passes, I believe it . She said, she would bet her license on it .

  105. Birdgal, Nebraska allocates its electoral votes by district, not winner take all. I do not like this potential trend, but it has been allowed. So there is one district in NE where there are enough Democrats so that Hillary could win. So she is in essence campaigning for one delegate, but you want to try to get as many as you can, as a buffer.

  106. Paulette

    “When you’re in a hole stop digging, dumb ass.”

    That pretty much sums it up for the ‘Dumpster’.

  107. Of course, I know, William, that if it looks like Hillary is getting up off the canvas, the media will become more and more negative toward her. We can’t give up in fighting the false narratives. And the way they try to create a false equivalence between Trump and Hillary in the name of “balance” is truly shocking. Hillary is a lifelong public servant who has a long and admirable record of helping many. Donald Trump is a five alarm dumpster fire who is not fit to be running for president, much less to be president.

    And Trump is trying to duck the debates already. But Hillary has promised to be there so he can’t.

  108. William, I just finished reading about the situation in Nebraska . I wouldn’t want to see that in other states. Obama won that district in 2008 and lost it in 2012. Interesting situation.

  109. Fired, Roger Ailes, the guy that built FoxNews, now being sued by 25 women for sexual harassment, is a good friend of Trump’s. As some described Ailes, “…outrageous, not politically correct, loud and disrespectful to women…”, sounds a lot like Trump.

    Now that Ailes is gone and no longer running FoxNews, how will it effect Trump’s campaign? Will Ailes help run the campaign?

  110. Billionaire Mark Cuban rips Trump

    Mark Cuban endorsed Hillary Clinton on Saturday during a campaign event in Pittsburgh.

  111. Uppity: (re Melania) “when you declare that you have a degree in architecture when you have no degree in anything at all.”

    Sheesh. I’d never even heard that. She and the Dumpsterliar, birds of a feather, I guess.

  112. Yup Quixote, she got nailed. And she took her website down. It was a lie, she never got a degree. That matters. Not because she should have a degree but because she lied that she had one.

  113. 3 Billionaires slapping Donald around. That has got to REALLY fry his ice.

  114. Shadow, the trashing of Ailes could turn out to be a good thing for the skewed FOX. Ailes built Fox for old man Murdock to be a biased, ultra-conservatives ‘news’ channel in much the same way MSNBC is a “news” channel. Not.

    The thing is, Murdock’s sons have taken over business and they are not far right guys. So we will see what happens. I read where guys like Bill O are closely tied to Ailes as is Hannity, so there may be an exodus, boo hoo. Incidentally, there have been a few accusations against Bill O from women too. Got squashed, what a surprise.

  115. The thing with Donald is, like any 7 year old with opposition defiance disorder, he must lash out. His ego is so damaged that he must validate himself at all times, even if it means making things up. It’s an obsession with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a clean freak and afraid of germs as well. And he is a nearly pathological liar, but can’t keep his lies straight. Like a child. Everything that goes wrong is someone else’s fault, or a conspiracy, or a “rigged” plan. This is especially nervewracking for him because he’s a megalomaniac, like Rudy Guiliani. In any event, He’s perpetuating his own tanking and he’s just short of “They’re coming to take me away ha ha”.

  116. Ahem, Upps re “I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a clean freak and afraid of germs as well.” Thought I’d read that in my ‘net travels. Sno nuff, quite a few articles reference it, including in link below near end. What a weird little man, or as Maher says: a whiny little bitch.

  117. That’s Trump in a nutshell (pun intended), Up. When he was asked about the Khans, all he had to say was what Hillary always says about Pat Smith: basically, that she made the ultimate sacrifice for this country, can say whatever she wants, and everyone was emotionally raw on that day at Andrews. But Trump can’t stand criticism from anyone ever. He must escalate. This is a disastrous quality in a presidential candidate. And in a president, it could lead to World War III.

  118. Just received an email from HFA. The campaign raised nearly $90 million in July! $58 million cash on hand. Best 24 hours fundraising starting the night Hillary accepted and lots of new donors.

  119. Twitter is down.

    Surely it’s a conspiracy against Donald as he can’t tweet.

  120. It’s back. Someone must have been scared he’d take his gloves off

  121. LOL Sophie. Makes twitter twitch.

  122. The media is now trying to bring out the parents of Bengazi

    I am so disgusted with this entire election especially the media.

  123. Uppity Woman, on August 2, 2016 at 10:39 AM said:
    Quixote, I owe you a link…

    The body language in that photo is pretty telling, IMO.

    Melania is leaning back away from her HUSBAND as if he creeps her out, yet her lower body is staying put.

    As if her body is a tool, but she doesn’t particularly like the man? I guess that’s the life of the third trophy wife.

  124. As I pointed out earlier, Hillary never criticized or raised questions about any of the Benghazi families. NEVER. That is the difference between her and Trump who has single handedly turned the Kahns into folk heroes with his disrespectful tweets and comments. If the media tries to create another false equivalence on this, they are beyond disgusting–they will be helping a madman become president.

    Trump’s dirty trickster, Roger Stone, is even suggesting that the Kahns are tools of the Muslim Brotherhood, much as was done with Huma a couple of years back. I would say these Trump people.are pond scum, but I don’t want to insult pond scum.

  125. quixote at 2:14 AM:

    As a Bachelors and Masters degree architect, I can tell you that it takes a whole lot more than nudity and fornication to get an architectural degree.

    She may have some legal repercussion from the AIA for misrepresenting herself with a professional degree that is highly regulated.

    This is just one more thing about these Trump Trash people embezzling our democracy to get in the White House=Power+money.

  126. There are only three months left in the campaign, and the media has still never discussed or analyzed one policy issue, such as how the candidates differ on changing the tax codes, or their views about climate change. Now, this is very difficult to do, to completely avoid covering issues during a presidential campaign. It is equivalent to going out on a sailboat, and never being once touched by water. But the media are masters at this. They have no interest in actual policy, they have no interest in what happens to the country. They are fixated on their salaries, on getting high ratings by keeping the race close, having incendiary and angering headlines, and turning it all into their own self-created reality show.

    The lack of debates is a problem for Hillary, because she cannot get through to the voters without them. I think that she might well want to consider buying an hour of airtime to speak directly to the audience. Maybe a townhall, like Bill Clinton did in 1992. Because otherwise, we are at the mercy of the media’s control of the narrative. And we have already seen more than enough to realize that the media is either the most incompetent group of journalists ever imagined, or that they are deliberately trying to damage Hillary’s chances to win the election. Probably both of those, and more, are true.

  127. Well, William since Trump does not want to debate Hillary should just show up and use that time to answer questions either from moderators or from the audience.

  128. Drump wants to rule the debate times. Doesn’t want to have them interfere with his football games, and yet plays it to the media that it’s so the white dudes won’t miss his ugly mug on the debates.

    He thinks he can just say ‘no’ to anything he doesn’t like and Hillary will be backed into a corner.

    He did this to the networks in the primary, and he is still playing, ‘I’m the King here, and these are MY rules’ game.

    Hillary needs to kick him in the coconuts whenever he plays this little game.

  129. GOP is a mess, first GOP rep endorses Clinton over Trump, hell just froze over.

    Rep. Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.), a moderate Republican who is retiring this year, told that he will support Clinton and that Trump is unfit to lead. He cited Trump’s of Khizr Khan. “I think Trump is a national embarrassment,” Hanna said. “Is he really the guy you want to have the nuclear codes?”

  130. As a Bachelors and Masters degree architect, I can tell you that it takes a whole lot more than nudity and fornication to get an architectural degree

    Shoot I really chose poorly. I should have attended the same school as Melania Trump. Sounds like she enjoyed school more than I.

  131. Ga6thDem, that would be great, but I do not think that the networks will allow that. Apparently GHW Bush didn’t show up to the first debate against Bill Clinton in 1992; Bill showed up, but nothing was shown on TV. At least Bush finally acceded to some debates. This time, it is obvious that Trump has no intention of debating. Maybe he will ultimately agree to one, to make it look good, but probably not. I don’t think Hillary would be able to just show up and get the moderator or audience to ask any questions. What she could do is buy the airtime, and say that she thought the American people were entitled to someone discussing issues. That might work, if the campaign can afford the cost.

  132. Two years ago who would have thought that a cretin like Donald Trump would be the Republican Nominee? The guy is a walking caricature of bigoted, racist, sexist America. He appeals to the worst part of human nature. That he has any support at all is unimaginable. Cheese and Toast, he ejected a baby from his rally for crying! WTF is wrong with people? It’s like the Clinton campaign created him to be so extreme that even sexist Americans would vote against him.

    Are we just all stuck in a bad episode of South Park?

  133. If she bought the air time, maybe her campaign could find a cardboard cutout of Tribble Hair to put on the stage–oh hey, buy an official Star Trek Tribble to put on the cutout’s head! 😆

  134. If crying babies aren’t allowed at Trump rallies, why is Trump allowed to stay?

  135. Weren’t the debate dates set up a long time ago? I think Hillary should show up and we should all demand that the debates go on whether that giant wuss-ass is there or not. They should even ask questions to his empty podium. If Trump is too much of a sissy, they should let Pence do it, since Trump plans to have him actually do the work in Trumps place. I will be so pissed if there are no debates.

  136. Wow, he’s on a throw, he hates babies now….

    First Trump attacked the Hotel Roanoke. Then a Gold Star VA family. Today, he kicked a baby out of a VA rally.

  137. CNN: Maria Comella, one of @GovChristie’s closest former aides, is voting for Clinton

    Freaking hilarious

  138. Maria Comella worked for Bush, McCain, Palin, Christie. She’s now voting for Hillary.

    Maria Comella, long-time communications guru who shaped image, tells CNN she’ll vote for HIllary.

    The whole moderate GOP wing is coming out for Hillary i think

  139. Here’s something really good from Samantha Bee.

  140. Trumps campaign just feels like a “death by 1000 cuts”……its truly a masterclass in clusterfuckery.

  141. Forget about Bill Maher, the Daily Show, Colbert’s Show, John Oliver’s show on HBO — Samantha Bee’s show Full Frontal is on FIRE!!!!!

  142. If crying babies aren’t allowed at Trump rallies, why is Trump allowed to stay?

    Miss Kasuga responds.

  143. Belle, having been spawned from a family of actual builders and architects, I am shaking my head right along with you. And if the AIA came after her that would be just fine with me, but don’t think it will happen, since her degree claim was from another country. Considering what the inside of their home looks like (design), I thank God she’s not out there designing things, she has the taste of a tacky fool. But then I think her tacky fool of a husband is the one who approved that gilt mess that looks like Goldfinger threw up in there. I swear that’s what I think of when I see that horrid museum of gilt, Goldginger………..he’s the man, the man with the midas touch….

  144. Trump is not Goldfinger. Goldfinger had better sense than to aim the laser beam at his own crotch, which Trump has been doing repeatedly. 😈

  145. Good god, who the Eff picked Rio for Olympic Games? Their environment is going to kill athletes. Today they announced that the water they will be swimming in is so toxic that even swallowing a few tablespoons of it can make a person deathly ill. So how the hell are athletes going to swim in it?

    I think they all should bail out of that place; what a disaster. The ones who show risk bringing more Zika to their families too.

    If that isn’t enough, the Australians got robbed during a fire evacuation. The murder rate is, scuse the pun, deadly, and if the sewage doesn’t kill you, some bum with a knife will.

  146. The GOP is in disarray tonight as Trump refuses to back Ryan or McCain in their primaries coming up. Many are calling the GOP effectively a “dumpster fire”

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is refusing to back House Speaker Paul D. Ryan in his upcoming primary election, saying in an interview Tuesday that he is “not quite there yet” in endorsing his party’s top-ranking elected official.

    Trump also said he was not supporting Sen. John McCain in his primary in Arizona, and he singled out Sen. Kelly Ayotte as a weak and disloyal leader in New Hampshire, a state whose presidential primary Trump won handily.

    With Ryan’s Wisconsin primary scheduled for next Tuesday, Trump praised the House speaker’s underdog opponent, Paul Nehlen, for running “a very good campaign.” Trump said that Ryan has sought his endorsement, but that as of now he is only “giving it very serious consideration.”

    “I like Paul, but these are horrible times for our country,” Trump said. “We need very strong leadership. We need very, very strong leadership. And I’m just not quite there yet. I’m not quite there yet.”

    Trump’s refusal to back Ryan represents an extraordinary breach of political decorum and signals that the Republican Party remains divided two weeks after a national convention in Cleveland staged to showcase party unity.

  147. Trump is more like <a href=""this guy. :mrgreen:

  148. The Republican Party remains a significant force in U. S. politics for two reasons: voter suppression and gerrymandering. I think the first is the main reason the GOP shamelessly lets judicial vacancies go unfilled. The day our country gets five Supreme Court Justices who will strike down the voter suppression laws will signal the beginning of the end of the GOP.

    Voting for Hillary is necessary, but not sufficient. We need a Senate majority to get those judgeships filled.

  149. The GOP will not publically admit it, but Trump not backing their candidates is a gift to them. What sane person would vote for anyone that Trump supports.

  150. I think Trump is paying Ryan back for not endorsing him outright. “I’m just not quite there yet.”

  151. Trump is basically taunting Ryan and others to unendorse him….

    Its like Trump just wants revenge.

    The man is truly a psychopath megalomaniac.

  152. Megyn Kelly really is feeling the freedom from Ailes lately:

  153. Another one…Rep Charie Dent (R) PA says he will not vote for Trump in Nov.

    When can i put up the dumpster fire gif…….

  154. Ryan hits back…

    “Neither Speaker Ryan nor anyone on his team has ever asked for Donald Trump’s endorsement.”

    Guess thats the equivalent of “we don’t effing need it”

  155. moon

    Trumps campaign ……its truly a masterclass in clusterfuckery.

    Sing it, Moon!

  156. I hope more retugs go for Hillary and tRump goes all out bananas…

    All voters need to sit back and watch him destroy his campaign and his entire brand.

    At the rate he is going, people should be embarrassed to vote for this crackpot.

    Good God, is everyone voting for this man…off their freakin’ rocker????

  157. I’m just hoping that some Trump supporters in Ohio and Arizona are so angry at Ryan and McCain, that they contribute to their defeat. The most important thing by far, is to defeat Trump. But I would prefer that a bunch of right-wing Republicans do not get to escape defeat by claiming some kind of political decency just because they are not quite as awful as Trump. This “honorable Conservative” concept vanished two decades ago.

  158. That should have been Wisconsin and Arizona. I do hope that as many Republicans as possible are defeated. I don’t want to see Ryan become ennobled by the media as the man who will save the Republican Party in the future. Ryan is a supply side zealot who states that Hillary can’t be trusted with classified information. I would love to see him lose his seat.

  159. To see what might happen to Ryan I guess you could look up the Republican primary numbers and see who carried his district in the primary. I do recall though that Ryan did not even carry his own district in 2012 as VP though he obviously got reelected as a rep.

    These Republicans are really in a pickle. Sam Wang at the Princeton Consortium said that if they tick off Trump supporters that amounts to at least a 10% decline in their numbers in the general election. So they’ve put themselves in a corner where they can’t really do anything about Trump nor can they run with him as their nominee.

  160. Why is the vote not 100% Hillary and 0% Trump? I swear, I want Hillary to do a 50 state Walmart tour. Just go to a whole bunch of Walmarts in each of the 50 states, and hold little Townhall meetings in the break room. This will go a longer way to reaching working-class white males than anything else.

  161. This election gets stranger by the second. I hope you can all read this “casting call” by the GOP.

  162. SophieCT, on August 2, 2016 at 9:34 PM said:

    We are now “officially” in Twilight Zone territory for this election.

  163. What’s up is down and down is up in 2016.

  164. A much-needed Twitter funny:

  165. LOL LOL LOL Thanks Voting the baby pic made me snort!!

  166. It seems like everything Trump does now is just a joke- what can be his game plan? (Rumor is his staff is suicidal.) Only has the hardcore haters left. What is he trying to do???

  167. Just saw a Jill stein ad on CNN. Let her gather the crazies. Let them flock to her. She is a fringe candidate and will always be so. And no voting for Jill Stein does not mean you are not sexist. Easy to vote for a woman that will never be president.

  168. They are finally questioning Trumps mentality.

  169. Jill Stein is an ass…terisk. Anti-vaxxer panderer.

  170. I will vote for Hill rather than Jill, but in fairness to Jill, it seems that she supports vaccination, although the Green Party has pandered to health-issues cranks in the past. article

  171. Ivory, that’s the thing about Jill and her carefully crafted pandering. It’s obvious that as a doctor, she is FOR vaccination but she “calculated” her wording so the anti-vaxx crackpots think she’s on their side.

    To be fair, years ago when the question first came up, it was worth looking into in the name of due diligence. It has since been researched and there is no there there. She should have acknowledged that.

  172. Funny!

    Twitter hashtag today: #HipsterSchoolSuppliesList

  173. On CNN they were finally talking about the rumors that have now reached the top of the GOP party, that something is going on in tRump’s brain…(we have our diagnosis):

    is he preparing to drop out of the race,

    or is he preparing for a major loss ass-kicking by Hillary?

    They say his inability to work with Ryan and bring the party together, plus his attacks on the media and not focusing on attacking Hillary is helping them reach these conclusions.

  174. Okay, you’re gonna think I’VE gone nuts, but we have to save Trump!
    There’s talk that the GOP is REALLY looking to replace him. Even worse, he seems to be sending multiple signals that he may drop out before the debates. I know that the GOP’s ability to replace him is hampered by the fact that they freaking nominated him, and that they lack the human decency necessary to un-endorse him, even when he refuses to endorse them back (Ryan, McCain, Ayotte) but the way things are trending he may just walk away of his own crazy volition.

    If he falls behind nationally by double digits, if the “battleground states” all start trending further away from him, if more well known Republicans endorse Hillary, if the many high profile Clinton surrogates and the tens of millions of dollars of targeted ads all succeed, we may lose the best opponent we could ever wish for.

    This is obviously partially “tongue in cheek” but there is a possibility that he could bail out if this death spiral continues. Hillary’s, “bounce” looks more like a demographic resettling that will give her a, “floor” of 5 or more points Nationally, at a minimum. That is pretty much the election right there. I never thought I’d say this, but we don’t want to get TOO far ahead before the first debate, and Drumpf is doing more to help the Democrats right now than ANYONE in the campaign.

    Save Trump! He can’t help himself! Democrats need him at the helm of the S.S. GOP, ramming that iceberg, while he sets the whole damn ship on fire, while the down ticket, “passengers” rearrange those deck chairs…

  175. Sophie, what’s the deal with hipsters?

    I guess it’s the new social group to make fun of these days, like the nerds were before???

  176. I don’t think Trump is going to drop out. He’s not mentally ill, he’s just a bigoted, sexist racist. If the GOP want to save themselves they need to exorcise the Tea Party Trumpsters from their party. But no, Trump thinks too highly of himself and his abilities to actually drop out for the good of the country. You need a certain level of self-awareness to see beyond your own bubble full of sycophants. Sadly, he is missing the self-awareness gene. Every day the GOP backs him, it diminishes their brand. The GOP had major problems before this election. The only hope they had to save themselves was to nominate someone like Jeb Bush or John Kasich to bring themselves back into the world the rest of us inhabit. They have been ruled by extremists far too long. Something that the Democratic Party should be careful of with the extreme left of their own party. This is truly a cautionary tale for all of us.

    Like I said before, I am a moderate. Wall Street needs better regulation, and under no circumstances should it be abolished. After all, Wall Street provides investment vehicles for our retirements. I am not in favor of a uniform minimum wage of $15 an hour since it will be a hardship on businesses that aren’t in large cities. The minimum wage should never be a windfall to either the employer or employee. It should be reflective of the local economy. I am in favor of trade. A good part of our economy relies on international trade. We cannot be isolationists like both ends of each party wants. That just feeds bigotry. The USA needs to remain a major player on the world stage. Negotiating treaties are a matter of give and take. If both sides feel they lost, then we have a good treaty.

  177. GOP leadership wants to dump Trump? They’ve been trying to do that since the primaries, and how’s that going? As for Trump dropping out, if he did that now, he’d look like THE BIGGEST LOSER. And that’s not the reality show he wants to star in.

    As Sophie says, Jull Stein knows vaccines are safe, but she just can’t resist pandering to the anti-science crowd on the left. She needs all the votes she can get!

  178. I see our down-voting troll has visited us again.

    Here’s his theme song. 😛

  179. I would be concerned that the Republicans, whose only goals are winning and holding power, might be able to reconfigure the race by getting Trump to leave. Since the media refuses to cover policy issues, a new ticket could avoid any discussions of actual governance policies, while bringing back al the usual Republicans into the fold. I suppose that Pence would be the new standard bearer, but he could pick a moderate as VP, and the media would fawn over this. The media never gives Hillary any praise, it is all about the behavior of Trump. Hillary should easily win on actual issues, but they won’t be covered; and there would be no debates because of “time constraints.” So while I hate to worry about such things; and even though I know how absolutely dangerous Trump is, I do not want to see them switch tickets in a coup-like fashion.

  180. Mixed news from

    Virginia is showing a pink outline; however, the guy said yesterday that it was probably just a statistical hiccup. It’s not likely that Virginia will go to Tribble Hair now that Kaine is Clinton’s running mate.

    OTOH–Arizona has a blue outline now; Clinton leads by 3 points. :mrgreen:

    Interestingly, Gary Johnson (the Libertarian candidate) is shown as getting 4% of the vote, so the gap between the two major-party candidates in Arizona is smaller than Johnson’s total. I wonder how many disgusted Republicans will defect to the Libertarians this time?

  181. Well, I just read a brief article at Blue Nation Review, where Trump apparently doesn’t understand why we can’t just use nuclear weapons. Maybe even the danger of a revamped Republican ticket is preferable to Trump having even the tiniest chance of actually being elected President.

  182. And yet the GOP Base just luuuuvz them some Trump.

    This election may put me off populism for the rest of my days. I begin to sympathize with Hamilton.

  183. ” Trump apparently doesn’t understand why we can’t just use nuclear weapons.”

    Hey Vlad, you still sure you want this guy in the White House? 😮

  184. I can see tRump dropping out of the race if he thinks he will be forever remembered as the ‘man’ that got trounced by a WOMAN.

    He would be disgraced, the self-proclaimed ‘alpha’ male that walked away with is tail between his legs.

    Should he pick being a LOSER or just a coward?

    Of course, he would scream and yell that the parties and media are all fixed against him.

  185. Ivory Bill, I have never been much of a fan of populism. Putting aside the equal rights problems, it might have worked in ancient Athens, where the white males who voted were mostly intelligent and learned men; but wnen we have a populace which is apparently proud of its lack of current and historical knowledge and understanding, we inevitably get people like Trump and Ben Carson, Herman Cain and Rand Paul as candidates. Ross Perot, who was not truly dangerous, but had very little idea of what he was talking about, was leading in the polls at one point, and still got 19% or so of the national vote. Trump is just a further and more frightening extension of that.

    When you don’t know anything, but think that you don’t really have to; when you don’t believe in science or anything concretely factual; you gravitate to people who act like they have the simplistic answers you are looking for. There appear to be increasingly more of such voters. The media doesn’t inform them, it caters to their wishes to have everything in the world be some form of entertaining faux reality show. Your vote is effectively canceled out by someone who gets all his “information” from Limbaugh or Hannity, and/or who literally has no concept of government, laws, the Constitution, or anything else but his own gut reactions to things.

  186. Amanda Marcotte thinks Snopes dropped the ball on Stein and anti-vaxx pandering. Article from Salon.

  187. Re new worry: Will Trump drop out or be pushed out? I don’t see how even if either happens that Pence wouldn’t be left at the top and another VP picked. Or Cruz at top because he had second most delegates. And I think HRC beats either of these guys for myriad reasons. But I would rather this all not happen until another month into the process. The more and longer the turmoil, the better for the sane ticket of Clinton-Kaine. Maybe either of the scenarios — keep Trump or dump Trump results in C-K landslide with the also admirable down-ticket results, which in every way would be great beyond words. Still, it’s more than a little depressing that the historical context, the due that this brilliant, worthy woman should be getting is being so muted and distorted by our totally incompetent and clueless press let alone such an inept and unqualified opponent.

  188. I think we want Trump to stay in so he’ll be crushed. Great comment at DKos-
    “We should do everything we can to ensure he stays in until the end. Tweet at him regularly about the rumors that he’s a coward who plans to drop out. Goad him into staying.” (for you twitter folks.)


  189. If this does not scare voters nothing will. Do you want aPresident who needs an “intervention”

    Key Republicans close to Donald Trump’s orbit are plotting an intervention with the candidate after a disastrous 48 hours led some influential voices in the party to question whether Trump can stay at the top of the Republican ticket without catastrophic consequences for his campaign and the GOP at large.

    Republican National Committee head Reince Priebus, former Republican New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich are among the Trump endorsers hoping to talk the real estate mogul into a dramatic reset of his campaign in the coming days, sources tell NBC News.

    The group of GOP heavyweights hopes to enlist the help of Trump’s children – who comprise much of his innermost circle of influential advisers – to aid in the attempt to rescue his candidacy. Trump’s family is considered to have by far the most influence over the candidate’s thinking at what could be a make-or-break moment for his campaign.


    The guy is seriously a fruitloop.

  190. Holy mother of God. He’s finally lost it.

    Donald Trump Trump reportedly asks why US can’t use nukes: MSNBC
    5 Hours Ago|01:20
    Donald Trump asked a foreign policy expert advising him why the U.S. can’t use nuclear weapons, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said on the air Wednesday, citing an unnamed source who claimed he had spoken with the GOP presidential nominee.

    “Several months ago, a foreign policy expert on the international level went to advise Donald Trump. And three times [Trump] asked about the use of nuclear weapons. Three times he asked at one point if we had them why can’t we use them,” Scarborough said on his “Morning Joe” program.

    Scarborough made the Trump comments 52 seconds into an interview with former Director of Central Intelligence and ex-National Security Agency Director Michael Hayden.

  191. Here’s that business prowess….

    Trump Taj Mahal announces it will close next month

    ATLANTIC CITY – Trump Taj Mahal is set to close its doors after Labor Day weekend, according to a Wednesday statement from Tony Rodio, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tropicana Entertainment.
    Rodio said the ongoing Unite Here Local 54 strike played a role in making the decision.
    “Currently the Taj is losing multi-millions a month, and now with this strike we see no path to profitability,” Rodio said in the statement. “Unfortunately, we’ve reached the point where we have will to have to close the Taj after Labor Day weekend and intend to send WARN notices to before this weekend.”
    More than 1,000 cooks, housekeepers, bellmen, bartenders, cocktail servers and other service workers at Taj Mahal have been on strike since July 1. The strike at the casino-hotel follows union agreements with Tropicana Atlantic City and Caesars Entertainment, which owns Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort and Bally’s Atlantic City.

  192. “[Trump] is seriously a fruitloop.”

    Not only that, but he’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! Silly rabbit!

    I can see it now: TRUMP: The Cereal! With lots of nuts and flakes! 😛

  193. William, Pence would NEVER pick a moderate if he was the GOP nominee. He would pick a far right candidate like himself. The truth is the damage is done. The GOP had a convention where they nominated Trump. Pence was picked by Trump and frankly the GOP seems to be willing and able to kick Pence onto the trash heap. For every Republican pence might bring back they would lose a trump supporter who was pissed about being conned by Don.

  194. Hmm. Am I the only person here who has been injured by, and had family members injured by vaccines? After getting a round of vax in my teens and subsequent blood work showing no protection from them, I was re-vaxed and ended up being ill for 2 years (they thought I had Hodgkins). My son got whooping cough a couple of weeks after getting the DTP vax, measles after getting the MMR fax; and then, in what was the stupidest thing I ever did in my entire life, I let our dr b a d g e r me into getting him vaxxed for chicken pox, which gave him seizures and which has seriously reduced the quality of his life. My nieces also had to be rushed to the ER after getting the MMR vax, and one has very compromised health now.

    I’m not anti-vax btw, but I seriously question the way they schedule vaccines. I think they give waaay too many at a time for babies and small children, and I think vaccine schedules should be tailored to an individuals health history, not one-size-fits-all.

    Incidentally, I know two doctors (one our former doctor in WA, and one a friend I grew up with here in CA) that admitted to me that they never vaccinated any of their kids, because they had seen too many problems! My dr friend (who is a genius btw, graduated from all his schools 2 years early and became a dr 2 years early) said he knows a lot of drs that don’t vaccinate their kids. Neither of them recommend not vaccinating their patients, they just didn’t for their own kids. Maybe Stein has some patients that had bad reactions and is sympathetic to their concerns. Their are a lot of reasons to not like her besides the vaccine thing.

  195. The only problem I ever had with vaccinations was in high school when we discovered that my rubella vaccination had worn off. I got German Measles and caused a minor panic in my school since one of my teachers was pregnant. Thankfully her immunity was good so all was well. Neither one of my kids had any problems either.

  196. This election may put me off populism for the rest of my days. I begin to sympathize with Hamilton.

    Yes, this election did it for me. And I loved “the people” before this! I guess I never saw “the people” up close and personal in this ugly way before.

  197. Trump now going off on “terrible” Serge Kovaleski of NYT, saying he’d been acting out “groveling” not mocking disability

    Totally lost the plot.

  198. Julie, I was also in high school when none of my vax took effect, and ended up getting fully vaxxed twice in my junior year. I was so ill after the second round, they thought I had Hodgkins disease and told my parents I probably only had a year to live. I finished my junior and senior year working at my own pace in the school library and did it in 6 months. I remember being mad at my parents for making me finish High School if they thought I was dying!

    Three years later, I was working graveyard shift and taking care of my baby nieces during the day. My sister took them for their regular pediatric visit and they got their shots, she brought them back to me and went back to her job. An hour later one of them was covered in hives and screaming. I didn’t have a car, but we lived half a mile from a small hospital and I put both girls in a stroller (one of top of the other and put a belt around them) and literally RAN to the hospital pushing the stroller like a maniac. The ER took her right in and saved her life, but they told me they had seen a bunch of kids recently for bad reactions to MMR.

    Vaccines can be funny things. I think the vaccine program would be much more successful if the vaccines were created by non-profit companies instead of the extremely greedy for profit drug companies. Did you know that they make flu shots in single dose vials that don’t have the heavy metal preservatives in them? They make them for pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems. I got them for myself the last four years, but I had to make a fuss about it. The thing is, why can’t everyone have these safer vaccines? Since 1989, the gov has paid out approx 3 1/2 billion dollars to people injured or killed from vaccines. This is because they passed a law that doesn’t let people sue the drug companies, so we taxpayers foot the bill. Also, drug companies don’t have to test each batch for safety. Why should they, when they can’t be sued if anything goes wrong? Btw, the gov has a “schedule” and how much a parent or kid gets if a vaccine injures or kills them is predetermined or set, and its not much $ either. A jury would award far more $ for these cases if they were adjudicated in regular courts. So, that’s a lot of people who have been injured by vax over the years.

  199. Annie, my father contracted a case of shingles in his 70’s which left him with pain in one of his legs, and a bit of a limp. He was absolutely certain that it was a reaction to a particular flu shot he had, which caused an immediate adverse response in advance of the shingles.

    I appreciate the need for childhood vaccines. But I am not particularly in favor of flu vaccines for adults,,though perhaps they are necessary for some people.

  200. William, agree with you. i got a bad case of the flu 3 weeks after getting my (single dose) flu shot last winter, so am going to skip it this year. I had shingles once when laker was little and it was freaking awful, but I am disgusted at the way all the drug stores are hyping their shingles vaccinations, huge signs in your face that say, “One in three adults will get shingles in their lifetime”…no way I believe in that statistic.

  201. Interesting–this post got three thumbs-down votes. Three Trump voters blamed me for their stupidity.


  202. Voting, that is really good timing.

    Do Trump voters really come here?

  203. I’ve been using our crappy Dell pc for twitter and general internet reading, and one of the browsers (Edge) is locked up with one of those ransom-ware things, the kind that threaten you not to shut down the computer and you must call them etc. Its been that way for a few days. The other browser, Explorer is still working. I was wondering if some angry Trump twitter person hacked it. Is that possible? Also, should I take it to a repair person?

  204. Voting at 10:43pm:

    My whole family loves that baby tweet. The dudes almost broke my eardrums shouting with laughter.

  205. I’ll DM you on twitter Socal

    Update: CHECK YOUR DMs.

  206. I think I have the solution for GOP. They get Ben Carson to get Donnie drunk, then Ben performs a frontal lobotomy with a ballpoint pen and a bottle of scotch.

  207. I am really concerned that Trump repeatedly tells his rally crowds the election is rigged. These are people most likely to have home arsenals. He is an irresponsible piece of shit.

  208. That is exactly what he wants. He is mentally ill. He’s manipulating them into getting riled up about the things he chooses.

  209. Humor break.

  210. Another “little” Twitter funny:

  211. Who should play Donald Trump during Hillary Clinton’s mock-debate prep sessions?

  212. And this is from a GOP spokesperson….hahahhaha:

  213. And if anyone knows about loudmouthed dicks, it’s Liz Mair. She built a few herself (and she’s just 2 degrees more human than Katrina). Her Twitter profile:

    Former online comms strategist to Sen. Paul, Govs Walker & Perry & Carly Fiorina;

    Her work includes some of the most hateful, loudmouthed dicks ever.

  214. Good read. Ending is spot on.

    “I’m Not A Sexist, I Just Don’t Like Hillary Clinton for a Bunch of Sexist Reasons” by Megan Rodham Ford

  215. (OT for socalannie re vaccines:)

    If side effects were caused by a vaccine, then you wouldn’t see them in unvaccinated people. Epidemiologists have done a *lot* of those studies, to the point where they now include millions of people. With that kind of sample size, the statistical significance of the results is not in doubt. And the results do not show any causal relationship to the side effects people worry about, None.

    Sometimes there’s some redness at the injection site, a day or two of low fever or feeling “under the weather.” Symptoms that minor are reported and included in the studies. Those are causally related to vaccination, but not usually what people mean when they feel vaccines are harmful. In the Good Old Days when mercury-based thimerosal was used as a preservative (it hasn’t been used for some 20? years at this point), people with extreme sensitivity to mercury would have bad reactions.

    Even the scariest problem of all, triggering Guillain-Barre syndrome, turned out after all those decades of study not to be associated with vaccination. It occurs at the same rate (a few people per million) in vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

    About the practice of vaccinating infants with umpteen things at once: Intuitively, that seems like it has to overload the system. But think about it. From the moment a baby comes into the world, they’re dealing with thousands of foreign things — bacteria, pollen, dust mites, you name it. The body doesn’t know that the thing causing diphtheria is much worse than dust. It’s the same reject-reject-reject immune response to both. So giving the body 20 or even a hundred “foreign agents” to deal with at once is actually very small potatoes compared to what it already deals with every day before breakfast. The only thing vaccines do differently is provide small enough doses of the really bad ones so they can’t overwhelm the defenses.

    Re the uselessness of flu vaccine for you: Flu vaccines are among the less-effective ones. Depending on the success of the formulation in a given year, it can be as low as 45%, meaning you still have a 55% of coming down with flu if you get infected. Usually, the symptoms aren’t as bad, but for some people in some years, it doesn’t work at all. The CDC has stats on the effectiveness any given year’s flu vaccine, so people can decide whether it’s worth the bother in their own case.

    About the multiple bad reactions in many members of your family. Since the safety of vaccines is based on statistics, it of course says nothing about any given individual. Maybe there’s a genetically-based sensitivity / allergy to egg proteins (which are used in making vaccines), or who knows what. And, yes, it’s a big problem to get doctors to listen to you because there’s no way for them to figure out the issue in the 15 minutes they’ve got for you, so they’ll just write you off and say, “Next!” The only thing I could suggest is stay away from the anti-vaxxers who, honestly, don’t know their butts from a hole in the ground. Instead, maybe try consulting an allergist for those people in your family who seem to have bad reactions, like the hives incident you mentioned.

    (Apologies to Uppity and everyone for this long tangent! It’s such an important topic that I just had to.)

  216. Trump is doing, “Incredibly well” isn’t he?

    POLLS DU JOUR — DISASTER for Trump — Donald Trump is down nine points in Michigan, 15 points in New Hampshire and 11 points in Pennsylvania, according to three new polls out this morning. Hillary Clinton is beating Trump 41 percent to 32 percent in a Detroit News poll of Michigan, a state the GOP nominee’s team says is crucial to winning the White House. Sixty percent of voters in Michigan say Trump is not qualified to be president. In New Hampshire, WBUR found Clinton is up 47 percent to 32 percent. Trump and Clinton were running neck and neck there two months ago. And in a Franklin and Marshall poll in Pennsylvania, Clinton is up 49 percent to 38 percent among likely voters. New Hampshire poll: … Michigan poll: … Pennsylvania poll:

    Read more:
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

  217. Hilarious….breaking….Melania may be an illegal immigrant…you could not make this shit up….

  218. Social

    Sounds like you might have some sort of virus on your computer…Google what’s happening and you can find out the fix or danger.

  219. Illegal immigrant…. Really, you cannot make this stuff up. I read the Melania articles linked earlier. Lord and butter. Nothing there a million other foreigners haven’t done, but they didn’t trumpet how law-abiding and anti-“illegals” they were.

    I’ve bought an extra crate of popcorn. Now waiting for the show: Golddigger’s Husband Exposes Her To Media! Golddigger Sues For Pain And Suffering! Awarded Billions!

  220. Ugh, I can’t find the link but some conservative columnist is suggesting that Trump should make some sort of deal with Gary Johnson on the theory that the two of them could double-team Hillary, both on the campaign trail and at the debates. While Johnson might still peel away some Trump voters, their theoretical destruction of HRC would send voters to Trump in numbers high enough for her to come in last.

  221. I’m in moderation…too many links?

  222. Yup Realy, links. They do it so we can’t get spammed with links, but we are on moderation anyways. So I will run over to settings and see if they let me increase number of links just for vous!

    UPDATE: Link limit was defaulted at 4, I was able to change it to 6. Hokay?

  223. Thanks Uppity! I don’t want to be a special case, but I’m glad the info got posted…
    Didn’t realize all the links in the article, just that Hillary was kicking ass!
    Thanks again!

  224. Real, now you can just link away! xo

  225. quixote, thanks for putting in the epidemiological vaccine info.

    Something else for people to consider is that it often takes approx a couple of weeks to fully develop immunity after a vaccine. If there are lots of people in the clinic sneezing, coughing, etc., and it’s winter season — when 1 out of 10 are carrying some upper-respiratory virus, for example — you can well come done with something unrelated to the vaccine but related to exposure in the clinic.

    Also, for those who are not well-nourished, it is more difficult to build up a good immune response. Many vaccines use killed (or in a way petrified) viruses so your body cannot get infected, but your immune system recognizes the virus shape and then actively makes your own antibodies — kinda cool, eh!

  226. Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 6 in Florida

    Hillary Clinton holds a six-point lead over Donald Trump in Florida, according to the latest Suffolk University survey of likely voters in the state released Thursday.

    This is pretty significant…No links this time, just the good news…;-)

  227. More good stuff…

    “…the total has remained 347 D to 191 R.”

  228. Jules, that idiotic conservative columnist must have never talked to any Gary Johnson voters because they loathe Trump as much as the rest of us do. Johnson doing that would do nothing but blow up his own campaign. Right now Johnson is attracting disenchanted Republicans. Teaming up with Trump would drive them off.

  229. Story of PA: Trump blue collar gains wiped out by losses in white collar Philly burbs, where Obama was +9 in ’12 & HRC is +40 in new poll

    Clinton is winning Philly by 4x as much as what Obama won in 12.

  230. Is Trump trying to tank because he’s pissing his pants at the thought of debating Hillary?

  231. I suspect that Trump is trying to make the whole Russian connection story go away–which it has, btw. Well, maybe not, but the Russian story has disappeared!

    Polls are great right now, but all it will take is one Quinnipiac poll (and you know it will be them!), and media will report that Hillary is tanking 24/7. Like no other polls exist. Seen this movie often.

  232. @Sue: Nah, he probably thinks he’s a YUUUUGELY excellent debater–Dunning-Kruger Effect and all that. 😛

  233. Brassy Rebel, I don’t think that the media has any interest in the actual facts of any story. Whatever story it is, is good for a couple of days of all-out coverage. Hillary misstatement on campaign trail, two days. Trump possibly being a pawn of Russia, two days. Baby in crowd, two days. Trump interested in starting a nuclear war, two days. They are like little children who only can play with a new toy for a bit, before they get bored and want another one. The importance of the stories seem not to be a consideration; all they want is something they can lead with for a while, until one of their crack staff can find or invent something else. And we still don’t know Trump’s tax proposals, because of course that is a real policy issue,the kind of thing the media is determined to avoid.

  234. Damn it. Secret Service needs to tighten it up. Animal rights protesters jumped on stage while Hillary was speaking today, agents quickly surrounded her. And apparently were not protesting her, but Trump. Still, they’ve got to lock this stuff down better. These nuts should not be able to jump on a stage like this! So much hate talk against Hillary, probably enough credible threats that often agents are compelling her to wear Kevlar vests, which is why she often looks so bulky. It’s even bad that a few months back someone jumped on stage with Trump. Just so concerning. A lot more security vigilance, please!

  235. Well apparently the protesters were stopped from getting on stage after they overturned a barricade. And Hillary was staring them down! Still, stuff like this too scary.

  236. IBW, I’m sorry I don’t know what the Dunning-Kruger effect is and, yes, I’m too damned lazy to google it.
    Does it have to do with small hands and tiny digits?

  237. All you said is true, Bill.
    That’s why everyone now knows that you have to feed the beast (the Media) daily, lest it turn on you.

  238. Then there was the time that SPY Magazine sent $.13 checks to extremely wealthy people and only two cashed them. Guess who one of them was? The “Short-fingered Vulgarian”.

  239. Trump collapsing

    New marist poll Clinton up 15

    Clinton 48

    Trump…….33…..yup 33

  240. I’m glad the SS appears to have gotten their act together after that incident a few years back when somebody got close enough to hurl a shoe past her head. They were asleep on the job that night. And I’ve noticed on cspan how many agents there are nearby when she does the rope line, including several female agents. You can bet the threats against her are hair-raising. Just visit website comments and social media. It’s scary. I worry every damn day.

  241. Gaps in Melania Trump’s Immigration Story Raise Questions….

  242. Hillary ad.

  243. Dunning Kruger effect is an essential concept! Unless of course you (generic you) live with it in which case you there’s nothing left for you to learn.

    From the Wikipedia link: It is “a cognitive bias in which relatively unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than it really is. Dunning and Kruger attributed this bias to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their own ineptitude.”

  244. Quixote, I like you a lot, but I’ve been lectured on vaccines by well meaning online friends many times now. You know, I really fought with myself over commenting on vaccines again (& wish I hadn’t) because I knew I was going to get hit with the drug co spiel. But I am so sick of this latest vaccine propaganda–namely, the creation of the evil “anti-vaxxers” a term I have come to loathe, as it demeans those of us who have been harmed by vaccines and question the way they are being pushed on us, without any regard to individual medical issues and family history. I’m noticing more and more comments to people like me that tell us that we’re wrong, it wasn’t the vaccine, it was something else that caused our kids to go into anaphylaxis, or grand mal seizures! I’m happy that healthy people are vaccinated and help protect “the herd”; but the fact is, they are very harmful or fatal to some people.

    Btw, that govt database that has all the stats on it is under-representing the real amount of people harmed by vaccines. Most people do not sue the govt for damages & most drs do not report them.

    “In the Good Old Days when mercury-based thimerosal was used as a preservative (it hasn’t been used for some 20? years at this point), people with extreme sensitivity to mercury would have bad reactions.”

    I am stunned that you think thimerosal was a thing of the past. This is what my comment regarding the single dose vaccines was all about. Please check for yourself:

    And lastly, “It’s such an important topic that I just had to.)”

    If I could make one lasting impression on this issue, it is this: Before you feel like you just have to set another grieving parent straight on vaccines, please think of me. Please, pretend you are me for a moment: That you weakly and wrongly give in to the bullying and terrorizing from the Dr and her nurses to give your delicate child (who has muscular dystrophy and had two prior bad experiences with vaccines) and let them vaccinate him with the chicken pox vaccine (known for its dangers and especially for causing seizures). You take your child home, disgusted with yourself for doing what you know was wrong for your child and praying that nothing bad happens… and suddenly his arm swells up to three times its normal size and he goes into a MASSIVE grand mal seizure (7 minutes long & 40 minutes to come out of). You are trying to keep your beloved child from hurting his head and screaming at the top of your lungs for help. Help finally comes, lots of paramedics and ambulances, your child’s life is saved, but it will never be the same. Now he has to be on anti seizure drugs which make him tired, listless, often angry or depressed. And that is the drug with the least side effects. Your kid is heartbroken cuz he can’t drive and has to make sad alterations to his life. The years pass, and you devote yourself to giving your kid the best life possible for him, but, you can never forgive yourself for ruining his life,you struggle with self hatred and are terrified of ever making another important decision again. You KNEW it was wrong. But you let it happen out of fear of authority. You were spineless. You let your child down. You will relive the agony of making that mistake every time someone gets on their soapbox around you about the horrible, stupid parents that don’t want to vax their kids, and now there’s that cutesy name for them–the anti-vaxxers. You see that word everywhere online, and its a double edged sword in your heart, because deep down you wish that you had been an antivaxxer when your Dr brutally insisted on giving your child that last, terrible vaccine.

    Food for thought.

  245. See, I don’t have to google Dunning and Kruger because I’m already smarter than you.
    In fact, I’m thinking of changing my nom de blog to MIQ2X-oh, never mind. 🙂

  246. socal, I’m sorry. Your experiences have been terrible. I’m an oldie–Since when did they start vaccinating for chicken pox?

  247. Something’s up with the voting on here (Russian interference??? jk!). But seriously, when I try to vote on people’s posts, it doesn’t show my upvote.

  248. Thanks Sophie! I’m not sure when they started it.

  249. Brit girls, that happens to me a lot also, but usually will accept the vote after you do it two or three times.

  250. Tonight’s Twitter funny:

  251. Saddest part is to note how many WOMEN helped perpetuate the myth:

  252. Sorry, the link didn’t copy…here it is:

  253. How our future POTUS handles protesters…by making it work in HER favor.

  254. There is a family of raccoons behind my backyard fence. Would it be stupid to feed them?

  255. VERY MUCH, socal. They are rabies carriers.

  256. FINALLY!

  257. @ Voting, yowza! Thanks for the warning, I did not know that!

  258. social,

    Raccoons have a cute face…at least that’s what I thought of them until two of them broke into my bunny’s cage on the night before Easter, stood on my patio while my young son and I were asleep, and tore pieces out of her body while she ran in fear. The next morning, we saw her body in pieces and her little heart was all by itself in a corner. I no longer respect this animal, she was not in their territory and they did not eat her body for food.

    Needless to say, I have no respect nor sympathy for raccoons…and I am a real animal lover.

  259. Oops Socal, sorry for misspelling yer name.

  260. socal, I am truly sorry to hear of your horrible experiences with vaccines and the problems your beloved son has had. The medical profession has failed you both badly. Obviously, science and medicine don’t know everything, but they do know that vaccines have saved millions of lives and wiped out many deadly childhood diseases. Here is my bottom line–I don’t have an answer for someone in your situation. There may be valid reasons that certain vulnerable individuals should not be vaccinated. However, to keep these diseases from re-emerging it is necessary to vacccinate just about everyone. I would never apply the term anti-vaxxer to you or someone in your situation. As far as I’m concerned, it should only apply to those who are IDEOLOGICALLY opposed to having their kids vaccinated and refuse to do so absent any medical reason. These are the people who caused the measles outbreak in Cali a couple of years ago after that disease had been eradicated. They put others in danger based on ideology, not reason or science. And yes, chicken pox can cause very serious illness in some cases. It is also the same virus that causes shingles later in life. Once again, my sincere apologies if I said anything to upset you. I don’t lump you in with anti-vaxxers. Hope you and your family all stay well.

  261. (Socal, I’m sorry my comment feels like lecturing. I guess it is if you don’t want to hear it. I’m really serious though about the adverse reactions among your family members: talk to a doctor who specializes in allergies. The commonest allergic issue is some form of egg protein (which you wouldn’t notice just from eating eggs because the protein is digested before it reaches the blood stream), but there are lots of different compounds in vaccines and it could be important to identify any problems because if one of them is doing that, it’s something that could be present in other medicines as well.

    I don’t know if it’s any comfort to you, if you’re sure it’s not true, but, really, all the knowledge and data on vaccines says your child’s seizures are *not your fault*. It’s nothing you did. It’s like finding out the hard way that your child has a peanut allergy. That wouldn’t be something you did or could have prevented, and neither is this.

    The info about vaccines is not some Big Pharma plot. Really it’s not. The scientific evidence about vaccines is overwhelming. It’s up there with evolution. Vaccines are a very low profit item that the drug co’s would love to ditch in favor of high-priced take-it-or-you-die anti-cancer drugs and the like. Left to themselves, they scale back production until, when there’s an outbreak, we wind up with vaccine shortages. One of the good things about a functioning government is it forces them to maintain production.

    Re thimerosal, did you see this line in your link: “used to protect vaccines packaged in multi-dose vials”? Mostly, single-use ampules are inserted into disposable syringes. If you do suspect thimerosol sensitivity, though, it would be important to have an allergist confirm that. Mercury is present in other things besides some multi-use bottles of vaccine.

    Anyway, I’m probably annoying you again by carrying on, and I really wish and hope I’m not. It really is true that it’s not your fault!)

  262. Quixote, may I say that the last time I REALLY cried was when my mother died. That record was broken when I read Socal’s comments. Sometimes the kind thing to do is just quit while we still think we are ahead.

    Love, Your Mother.

  263. Raccoons are REALLY cute until somebody has to go through rabies shots for trying to be nice to one. While I try very hard ***not to harm wildlife that wanders onto my land, I do everything I can to drive raccoons from my property along with skunks (for obvious reasons). They are not as cute inside as they are outside.

    **At this moment, I harbor one adult and one small Groundhog. I know one day that I will probably accidentally stumble upon their burrow over in the back 40 and break my leg in two places, but I let them be because, other than the little bastards wanting to feast on my garden, they are not prone to harming other living things. I even tolerate the fugliest creature on earth, the possum. Much as I find them thoroughly offensive to look at, they really aren’t going to attack one of my rescue cats or otherwise inflict harm to the property. I will admit, however, that my property seems to be harboring every squirrel in the county this year. I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t torture my dog and if I didn’t have to shovel up a dead one once a week, but still I don’t harm them. I even had two long tailed wild weasels here earlier this Spring. While I found them unsettling, I did nothing. Besides, they packed up and moved on soon as they saw my dog coming at them. Haven’t seen them since. So I would say, overall, I am pretty tolerant of wildlife, minus Raccoons. Socal……Do. Not. Feed. Them.

  264. socalannie, re raccoons. Feeding wildlife is generally a bad idea because once you become a reliable food source they are less likely to move on and you will attract more wildlife. Raccoons are Rabies Vector Species (high risk) here in Pa but not in all states. Per CA public health (, in CA most cases of rabies occur in bats. Just because a mammal is RVS doesn’t mean they have rabies, they have to be infected. If you want more info on rabies, contact Public Health. If you suspect a wild animal is sick, injured or orphaned, contact a wildlife rehabber in your area ( for guidance.e

  265. TheNewRealist @ 8:58am:

    Thank you so much for the link on the endorsement for Hillary, a fair and well deserved opinion on her qualifications to be a commander in Chief.

  266. Friday humor dept…
    Trump vs. Trump

  267. Hillary was at a convention of Black and Latino journalists today; it was just covered on the major cable networks.. One of the journalists said that he hoped that she would do more of these events (so that the press could ask her more questions). The questions she got from the press were about the emails, and that “a majority of Americans say that they do not trust you, so how can you govern?” Oh, and one asking that she tell the audience about the “most important conversation she has ever had with a Black person.” And then from one of the moderators, “How do we know that the Democratic Party is really going to help Latinos, and not just take their votes for granted.”

    And so we have a press which for the most part has no apparent interest or ability to ask Hillary about policy plans. And we have too much interest group politics, where she is daily demanded to show bona fides with regard to a variety of ethnic or other groups. Not only do I find both things insulting and narrow, the latter also brings home the unfortunate truth that in the future, the Democratic coalition, such as it is, is going to face the dangers of fracturing, as one or the other of the various minority groups start complaining, and fall prey to various demagogues in their ranks who start telling them that the Democratic Party doesn’t care about them, and that they should vote some other way. I do think we would generally be better off if we had less single-issue or single-group politics, though of course I am not a member of any of these minority groups, except for being Jewish. It just feels as if Hillary is hammered at, or demanded of, as if she is a fairy godmother who can just wave her wand and fix everything, and is a fraud if she cannot. And if the media actually tried to delve into substantive policy issues, rather than act as if they are Grand Inquisitors raking a canddiate over the coals, we would be much better off. You can see why Hillary doesn’t like doing press conferences, even though she has an incredible grasp of policy matters.

  268. A high school friend shared this, since this is where I attended HS. While the news story is even handed, what was disturbing to me were the comments left in his Facebook page. Some folks respected his decision, if not his position, while others were just downright evil.

  269. You can see why Hillary doesn’t like doing press conferences. NO SHIT. Question: “What is the most meaningful conversation you’ve had with an African-American friend?” How many ways is this stupid? One of those you can’t win no matter how you answer. If you make it about race, you’re pandering. If you struggle to answer, it’s not because, as Hillary said, she has many over umpteen years of her life and it’s impossible to boil it down to one, it’s because she’s lying and doesn’t really have A-A friends. Let me tell you. As an A-A who actually has several white friends going back 20 years or so, I’ve had many hundreds of conversations with them, even about race of course, but also about every subject under the sun. If you ask me off the cuff to boil it down to the most meaningful, well it’s just impossible, maybe it wouldn’t even be about race. Also 40% of black children in poverty, but still the questions about emails! And then continuing to call her a liar when she answers the way she always does. What does the press want her to say? No fucking law has been broken, move the hell on! (Wish she could respond exactly this way.) Hillary should basically treat the email question like Obama did the other day but take it further. Say deadpan: “Don’t waste a question on the email controversy, I’ve said everything I have to say about it and have no more to add.” Obviously all the press wants to do is continue the hate fests heaped on Hillary for 25 years, not discuss her policy ideas for improving people’s lives. Small wonder she avoids them at all cost.

  270. Paulette Everett, I was dying for Hillary to answer that question by saying, “My most meaningful conversation with an African-American friend was when President Obama and I were plotting together on how to get Bin Laden and make America safe.”
    Mic drop.

  271. I saw Hillary on television, today, and she was extraordinary: her breadth of knowledge and grasp of facts is unsurpassed.
    Immediately after, stupidly, I stayed on MSNBC to hear the pundits and they focused -exclusively-on the emails.
    The poisonous bunch backed toads of the Press will not be satisfied until Hillary is forced to run a gauntlet, naked, covered with blood and fecal matter.
    I’m with Paulette: from now on in, HRC should smile her beautiful smile and say, “The matter is settled. I’ve said all that I have to say on the subject. Next question.”

  272. William, I hear you, but you can’t expect the media, even a friendly group which Hillary met with today, not to continue to hammer on a topic which still has an audience and will sell soap. It is what they do.
    It is up to the candidate to satisfy whomever is asking until they no longer have any legitimate reason to ask, or until there is no longer any way to sell soap from the asking.

    (I hereby apologize to any and all for the extreme length of what follows and understand it if Uppity bans my sorry ass for being a pain in the collective ass of the community, but here goes…)

    I challenge anyone to claim they support Hillary, not just this year and this election, but since her first run for the Senate in my home state of New York, any more than I do, so I don’t think you can accuse me of having anything but the best interests of Secretary Clinton and her campaign in mind when I say that the email issue and the linked trust issue it engenders is the Achilles heel of the campaign that cannot be sidestepped. It must be confronted head on and handled in such a fashion as to eliminate it for Democrats for whom it remains an question and to blunt any subsequent use by the GOP in the next 3 months and more importantly, during the next EIGHT YEARS.

    What do you think will be the VERY first question (barring a national catastrophe, and maybe even then) in the initial Presidential debate?
    Google “extremely careless” and see what pops up…
    It WILL be the email server and the FBI investigation and the “extremely careless” quote that is forever attached to her exoneration.

    Hillary and her team have yet to work through a way to defuse the problem and it will be impossible to avoid. In fact, simply the act of trying to avoid or minimize this thing makes it loom larger than it really is. The answer has to be something that admits making a personal mistake, accepting full responsibility, acknowledging complete understanding of the criticisms on both sides for her handling of the questions in the past, and putting the damn thing to bed once and for all.
    This is no easy task when you’re running to be the Leader of the Free World. This is no easy task when you have already sought to minimize, parse terms and equivocate in a “lawyerly” fashion, as the campaign and the candidate have done in the past, including the past week.

    I wish I was smart enough, or even BELIEVED I was smart enough to tell the campaign how to accomplish this task, but ‘m not. I do know that blaming the press won’t work. I do know that wishing the press was interested in issues other than the horse race, the controversy and the “he-said, she-said” to sell the cars and Budweiser that keeps them in business won’t happen in my lifetime, let alone the coming months.
    I do know that every time Hillary is interviewed, holds a press conference, or stands on the debate stage with 40 million Americans and potential voters, she will have to address the email server etc. until there isn’t any gain for the questioner.

    So Hillary must, as John Kennedy did with his religion, Barack Obama did with his race, (Hell, even as Richard Nixon did when confronted by allegations of improprieties in a fund established by his backers.), find a way to tackle the question head on and remove the questioning doubt of those who have those questions and doubts.

    The three former Presidents above ALL made speeches that if not completely satisfying the electorate and the MEDIA completely, was enough that they were able to stop the issue from overshadowing the campaign. If I had any suggestion for the candidate and the campaign, making a prime time nationally televised (and certainly some networks would jump at the chance) address, followed by an exhaustive Q & A with the MSM would be it.

    Trump has a thousand lies, misstatements, Malaprops, and utterly insane statements, so many that it has been hard for the MSM (Squirrel!!) to focus on any single one, even the Gold Star parents who are slowly receding from the daily media. Hillary has but a single one, and the media will pillory and flog her with it mercilessly until she removes the benefit for them in doing so.

    I want the first question Hillary gets in the debate to be.
    “Secretary Clinton, how do you feel about your opponent being a no-show at this debate?”…

  273. Shadowfax, that is awful about your poor bunny. I knew raccoons were considered pests, but didn’t know they were so vicious.
    So, thanks everyone for the words of wisdom about them. Fortunately, they don’t come around very often, and my fence is too high for them.

    Love Realists Trump video @ 1:45pm. There is an insane extra bit at the end that will leave you speechless.

  274. “The answer has to be something that admits making a personal mistake, accepting full responsibility, acknowledging complete understanding of the criticisms on both sides for her handling of the questions in the past, and putting the damn thing to bed once and for all”

    Jesus Christ, she’s done all of that, repeatedly.
    What’s the magic number of times it will take to stop the yapping of the lap dog Press?
    Comey said there be no charges and that there was no evidence of conscious wrongdoing.
    Not satisfied with his very sketchy presser, the dumbass Republicans hauled him up to Capitol Hill and put him under oath, which forced him to admit that nothing HRC sent was contemporaneously marked Confidential.
    It is put to bed; say goodnight, Gracie!!

  275. I go all the way back to her NY first run too.

    Unfortunately Real is right. It has legs to the opposition, therefore it has legs. Like she said, the word “careless” makes it have stronger legs. We just have to let it run its course, particularly since Donald has a habit of taking up all the oxygen in the room day in and day out, this story never keeps its legs for any major length of time. Thanks Donald, you stupid Self-aggrandizing POS, for the help.

  276. Friends, here all are the body cams associated with the Chicago shooting. I suggest you see them all in sequence as the lead up to body cam number 4, which contains the most information about the event as the shooting cop saw it. Overall, I’d say we have quite a few panicky police officers in the current environment. This appears to be a panic shooting.

  277. So now, Trump is talking about how unhinged and unfit Hillary is, to lead our country. In the background, people are chanting, “Lock her up, lock her up.” Trump was smiling as the crowd was yelling. Totally, focused on the fear factor, of terrorism increasing, the country will be ruined, and on and on. What a dangerous douchebag.

  278. Speaking of unhinged, I LOVE that Trump vs. Trump video Real posted.

  279. The New Realist, it is the media which is the problem. It is somewhat equivalent to telling someone that a bully is going to continue to torment you until you assuage him. You can’t assuage him, even if you thought you wanted to, because he is a bully, and can never be assuaged.

    After Comey’s press conference, where he did everything he could to go outside his boundaries, and say a bunch of gratuitious things against Hillary, it was at least settled that there were no charges, because nothing criminal was done, and there was no intent. But then the media, desperate to keep this going, seized on a Hillary’s statement that Comey had said that she didn’t lie to the American people. And the media, in an incredibly stupid and appalling display of pompous nonsense, said, “Well, Comeyl didn’t say that she didn’t lie to the American people, he said she didn’t lie to the FBI.” And then they stupidly said that since Comey said that a few emails were classified, that meant that Hillary saying that she did not receive classified emails was false; and that this was a big distinction. Which of course it was not at all, since the “classified” emails were not marked classified. And there were some reclassified years later. So of course Hillary told the truth as she knew it. But the media is (take your pick) either so abysmally stupid, or so deliberately misleading, that they kept making a big deal out of absolutely nothing. And Hillary keeps answering it, and the media keeps trying to parse it, misconstrue it, misinterpret it, and mostly just keep it going. If you say that you never ate anything with MSG in it; and someone went over all the meals you had in the last ten years, and found three where there may have been MSG, but you had been told there was no MSG; you obviously are not lying about anything. This is beyond obvious, except apparently for the media.

    We have got all these crucial issues. Trump’s mental stability. Trump possibly being a Russian pawn, as is now believed by the former CIA Director. All the social and economic issues we can list. And yet the media goes on and on about something they don’t actually understand, and which amounts to absolutely nothing. All the implications they leave unsaid, amount to nothing. Seriously. But they will not stop, because they are stupid and addicted. There is nothing that Hillary could ever say that will stop them. And apart from their bias and anti-Hillary leanings, it is because they do not understand what she is saying, and has said; and so keep chasing after their own erroneous narrative. So HIllary can either say that she will never discuss it again, or just keep repeating the truth, which the media wilfully ignores.

  280. Watching the video that Realist posted above, the younger Donald seemed more reasonable. I think he has always been narcissistic, but now, he is totally unhinged and has no impulse control at all. He has multiple psychiatric diagnoses. I have a friend who thinks he has dementia. I’m not sure about that, but he does exhibit some of the symptoms. He is a nasty character disorder, but most of them are vile.

  281. I second what William just said. The media has been calling Hillary a liar for over 20 years. Then they concern troll her about why people think she is a liar. As Melissa Mc Ewan has said, they ask not to elicit information but to shame her. Anyone who doesn’t think Hillary’s gender doesn’t factor into this treatment hasn’t paid attention to their treatment of Trump who lies every single time he opens his pie hole. Yet, it’s Hillary the media treats as a liar. And who cares if they open the debate this way? She’ll say what she’s been saying and move on. Actually, I think the more the media belabors it, the more the public is desensitized.

  282. You are soooooooo right, Rebel. And as of today, polls have him trusted even less

  283. He doesn’t have dementia, he has a personality disorder. This video, at first, seems boring and like just another guy blowing smoke about Donald. Till you listen for a minute or two and then you will be hooked. He not only knows what Donald is, but he backs it up with observations to confirm.

    Please do not ignore this video.

  284. socal

    “I knew raccoons were considered pests, but didn’t know they were so vicious”.

    That was a shock to me too.

    I have normally thought that animals didn’t kill for the sport of it, only humans…but from the blood patterns on my cement patio, I know there were two raccoons that attacked her and she fought like Hell to survive. They didn’t eat her either, just tore her to shreds.

    It was all I could do, for the next few weeks, to keep from buying my first gun and going on a raccoon hunt. To say I hate them, would be an understatement.

  285. But they’re still awfully cute!

  286. Wanna see their cute teeth?

  287. This is what I think Hillary should do: don’t have a presser or make a special speech, but at the debate, when the first question to her will be about honesty, trust and whether or not she lied to the American people, she should say, “Well Chuck (or Wolf, or Jake) drawing distinctions between what Director Comey said at his press conference and what he said in the House of Representatives-and they are different- nevertheless, although I’ve said many times I’d do it differently, if I could turn back time, I’ve always laid out the facts as I believe and know to be true.

    Now, please tell me, where YOU know that I’m wrong.”

  288. Uppity, That video is spot on and the speaker articulated all of the components of a narcissistic personality disorder along with the associated cluster B characteristics. If this guy isn’t a therapist, he should be one.

  289. Jill Stein must be getting a lot of donations from the Bernie or Bust crowd. She has ads running in MSNBC and CNN. There are at least two different ads. Cornell West was yelling in one of them, but I muted the TV, so I wouldn’t have to listen to him. Gary Johnson had a townhall recently that I didn’t see. Stein has one scheduled on CNN August 17th. She wants to be on the debate stage, but I don’t think she will make it. Gary Johnson might make it.

  290. Also interesting that no one calls Comey a liar after he made several inaccurate statements at press conference that he was forced to walk back in congressional testimony by Dems. If Hillary gets anything wrong, media doesn’t even consider it could be an honest mistake. Nooo! She’s a LIAR! I don’t think she can do anything to make them stop–just try to get around the media filter. Then, she shines, and people see her as she really is.

  291. The strong endorsement today by Michael J. Morell (it wasn’t simply anti-Trump; it was very pro-Hillary) really should put the email obssession to rest for good. He was career CIA, non-partisan, and actually worked with Hillary. He certainly doesn’t see her as “careless” with classified information. His validation should cancel out Comey who is well known to be a Republican.

  292. Regarding the email. First of all there really is nothing she can say that will satisfy the press. Remember Whitewater? Bill said over and over it was a bad land deal they lost money on. It was the truth but it did not matter. The press went on and on and on about it. The fact of the matter is the press has been wrong and has been lying to the voters about the email thing. That or they are too stupid to understand what has been going on. I think Hillary should do an ad buy where she runs the Comey clip. Also I knew once those polls came in good for Hillary the press was going to bring up the email thing because IT IS ALL THEY HAVE. Trump is a three alarm dumpster fire and for the same of “saying both sides do it” they only have the emails. So emails is what they talk about. Do you also realize that trust in the press is at an all time low according to Gallup? And it’s just for the same reasons everybody here talks about. Nobody gives a flip about that email issue. It does not affect their life one bit. The majority of Americans and yes, even conservatives would like to hear about what you actually plan to do for the country. Honestly at this point if I were Hillary I would just say when questioned about the emails that she has answered that question a thousand times already. And then ask why they want to waste time on something she has answered time and again. The press will never admit that they are the ones who have been lying to the public. So they are attempting to make Hillary out to be the liar. ONLY 18% of the public here in America trusts the press in this country. It’s a HISTORIC LOW. That’s 4 out of 5 people in this country who do not trust the press.

  293. I guess there’s one detail that everyone seems to miss that is a plus for Hillary on this question of classified emails. We are speaking of 3 emails Comey says were marked, whereas Hillary says she never forwarded or received a marked email. The part that is missed here is, If what I’ve heard on Tee Vee a number of times is true, classified emails are supposed to have headers on them defining them as classified. Comey says her emails WERE “marked” but he adds that they were marked by the Letter C in parenthesis within the BODY of the email. We’re talking (C) here. Yup.

    Now I don’t know about you, but I have forwarded emails plenty of times that I didn’t completely read, since they might best be handled by someone else given the subject matter.

    I could EASILY miss the (C).

    One more thing I believe. I believe this entire classified issue is the result of a long-standing pissing match between the CIA and State. They quite simply disagree on classifications often enough to note.

    And finally, I worked on several Top Secret programs when I was with A Certain Company. I saw plenty of classified material that was classified in a closed area and not classified at other times in other areas. Hard to explain but I’ll try. We did a project with A Certain Country. They would come to the USA and stay for months at a time. Problem is, they were VERY nosy people and wanted all the documentation they could get. In fact, several of them were caught trying to……well nevermind. In any event, I did some presentations using documents that were freely used in the rest of the plant but were off-limits to share with them. Invariably EVERY time I used or discussed parts of a document (with legal approval and instructions first), they would ask…….nay BEG for a copy of the document, no matter WHAT the subject. I would politely tell them I would check with Legal. But I didn’t have to. The answer was ALWAYS NO in that closed area. That’s why the gods made Closed Areas where certain of the species were not allowed to wander away from. You couldn’t get In or Out of those areas without being cleared first.

    So you can see how something could be classified one day and not classified the next. Or classified in one situation and not another. This is all I am saying. Maybe it’s not like that with our government, but I can assure you it certainly was that way with government CONTRACTS.

  294. Uppity, anybody who reads Armando on twitter who has done extensive research on this subject would know you are right. And my understanding is that the C in the body doesn’t even mean classified. It means confidential. Classified email is supposed to have a header that clearly states classified. Not the press is ever going to inform anybody of all this.

  295. Thanks for the vote of confidence Ga.

    I assure everybody I did indeed have secret clearance. And let me tell you, they visit EVERYONE who EVER knew you if they can find them.

    Funny story…There was an old Italian guy who was once my neighbor. He knew my family and just adored me for some odd reason. They visited him. You know those DISCO guys can look a little scary. anyways, when I had my meeting with the investigator after he was done looking into me, he laughed and told me that when he visited the old guy, he told him to get out of his house and yelled, I remember that girl when she was born! She comes from a good family! Whatever it is she did, she didn’t do!

  296. Hot off the press……..petition to acquire a psychiatric examination of Donald J Trump.

  297. Interesting…….How did Mrs Trump get her residency in 2001 “based on Marriage” when she only married Tangerine Tart in 2005…..

    In an interview with Larry King Live in 2005 Melania Trump said that she had never been married before meeting Donald Trump.

    But, Michael Wildes, an immigration attorney who worked for the Trump Organization, told Univision’s investigative unit that she obtained a green card four years earlier in 2001, “based on marriage.”

    Melania and Donald Trump were not married until Jan. 22, 2005 at Bethesda-by-the Sea Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, Florida.

    When asked to explain the marriage discrepancy, Wildes said he would seek clarification, presumably from the Trump Organization. He later sent an email saying “I didn’t hear back, sorry.”

    As the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump has made immigration one of his main campaign issues. Trump has made constant references to deporting all undocumented immigrants and building a large wall along the border with Mexico to keep them out.

    Wildes said he acted “on behalf of Trump models” and handled legal work to obtian visas and green cards for Miss Universe when Trump owned the pageant. He told Univision that he had been authorized by the Trump Organization “to speak on the matters concerning Melania.”

    He said he could not comment on how Melania Trump became a U.S. permanent resident.

  298. Oh I’m glad Jill has Cornell in an ad. That’s very helpful. To anybody but her.

  299. moon:
    She became a permanent resident laboring through lesbian nudity and fornication while she acquired her architectural degree in the University of Cabaret at Las Vegas.

  300. Two of the three documents with the so-called “markings” were actually incorrectly marked. Not classified at all. And to this day, the State Dept. does not think the documents the Intelligence agencies insist should be classified need to be classified. So, yeah, it’s a fucking turf war which, of course, State is losing because the macho guys at so-called security agencies think the State Dept. is a bunch of sissies. So do GOP congress critters. DC is so much easier to understand if you think of it as junior high. With the media playing hall monitors.

  301. How awful about the bunny and the raccoons – poor bunny! The same thing happened to my friend’s bunny when we were little – except the culprits weren’t raccoons, they were neighborhood boys.

  302. Branjor

    Some very nasty boys are a lot like raccoons and grow up to be ‘hunters’ like tRump.

  303. …….and to think those neighborhood boys walk the streets today…

  304. So do we have Bigamy, polygamy or divorce in Melanoma’s past?

  305. Judge Curiel has Ruled that Donald J Trump is to stand trial for Racketeering in Trump University Suit.

  306. Well, reading all the comments as I do, I’d say we’re all on the same page.

  307. Chickenpox (varicella zoster) vaccine decreases the risk of contagion to others. Adverse effects from chickenpox include pneumonia and brain inflammation. Effects in adults tend to be much more severe than those in children. Actual fatalities are rare; about 1:60,000. A non-immune pregnant woman who contracts varicella has higher risk of more severe adverse effects. Effects in the fetus include anatomical malformation, sometimes to the extent of being incompatible with life.

    Chickenpox symptoms appear around 1-1/2 to 3 weeks after exposure. Chickenpox infection in childhood may reactivate in older adults years later — the varicella zoster virus lives in the nerve roots — and then causes the outbreaks commonly called shingles.

  308. Raccoons — I live near a greenbelt. Every so often we hear about a raccoon tangling with a good-sized dog and winning. I’d bring my dog in after nightfall.

  309. Polls are so flaky. A new Reuters poll shows a 3 point lead for Clinton.

    Cheap bastards!

  310. Yes Luna, it’s because dogs will corner them. Never corner a raccoon. They will fight.

  311. I never had the chicken pox. When I was a kid everybody had them. And measles. And mumps. We just passed them around like a free gift. And we all survived.

  312. So if I get the pox now, it’s over, hey? I kind of figure if I survived having my chest cracked open and croaking on the table, and survived two out of four failed grafts and survived cardiomyopathy before they got the chance to shove a defibrillator in my chest, I think i can handle chicken pox.

  313. belle, Melanoma does guys and is a lesbian too? Jesus, some people have all the fun. Although I never could figure out how somebody could find the time.

  314. Hillary knows well to never trust the press. They have attacked her and Bill for over 30 years over complete , unmitigated lies. Now that she is in the verge of winning, trust me, they will do whatever they can to try once again and steal the election from her. Be cautious Hillary and make sure you get a fair panel for the debates. You don’t want three(3) Chris Wallace’s on the pane.

  315. Tonight’s Twitter funny is on Trump supporters:

  316. This soooo needs to run in PA and OH:

  317. What the hell is the matter with wordpress now. This blog system has gone to hell ever since Matt sold it to some dingbats.

    Trying to upload priceless pics of female SS agent taking down a Hillary protestor.

  318. Steady as a rock vs. spastic wuss.

  319. READ NOW!

  320. I have noticed those female SS agents. They look seriously bad ass.

  321. New Post UP!

  322. I grew up in the country — and know better than to corner a raccoon! One of our country dogs never learned about porcupines and after too many times of dequilling his face, mouth and tongue, my parents gave him to a family in an urban area.

    Varicella — yeah, most people who get infected are OK. There’s only a few who aren’t, or who get birth defects from catching it in utero. From the public health point of view, the only problem’s the unwanted infections.

  323. Upps
    Judge Curiel has Ruled that Donald J Trump is to stand trial for Racketeering in Trump University Suit.
    This is a BFD, too bad the trial is set in November AFTER the election. Hillary’s PACs need to pound this on the airwaves.

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