For Slow Learners:Once Again With Feeling

If you ask me, this should be the next goddamned Hillary advert. Bring it on, Gowdy, you pointed-headed cretin!



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  1. But, but…what would all the tawking heads do then? 😉

  2. They would have to STFU.

  3. Yeah, I think she should run an ad with this. The press is going to beat this dead horse because it’s the only “controversy” they have to fling at Hillary while Trump is a three alarm dumpster fire.

  4. I agree with everything you said, Ga., except that Trump is a 3 alarm dumpster fire. More like 5 alarms, I’d say. 😄

  5. Searchable pdf file of Trump’s deposition / Trump University case

  6. A small part of the hearings that was left out among the talking heads of cable TV. Spread it far and wide. Use twitter, any social media and yea, put that on the TV. It will be more effective than anything I’ve seen yet.

  7. To start your morning off with a smile. Kinda NSFW tho:

  8. This of course presumes that the media would even have the capacity to understand, or would care to. The fact that they have now spent over a month gleefully seizing on nothing, shows what stupid and malicious people they are. And this includes the Washington Post and the New York Times, which have gone on and on about this. Can you imagine if these people were judges? Hundreds of thousands of innocent people would be locked up or executed. Most of the journalists seem to think that what they do is just a game, and that they have no responsibility for misunderstanding the facts, or deliberately obscuring or avoiding them, in the service of trying to make a name for themselves, or to get Hillary. If I ran one of these newspapers or networks, I would fire virtually every one of them, and demand above all honorable reporting, and employees who actually thought before they wrote something. I do wish tht Hillary could once say, in response to the unceasing questions about how “a majority of people say that you are untrustworthy,” “86% of people do not believe that the media is trustworthy, so what does that tell you?”

  9. william @ 11;39am
    – I do wish that Hillary could once say, in response to the unceasing questions about how “a majority of people say that you are untrustworthy,” “86% of people do not believe that the media is trustworthy, so what does that tell you?”-

    Now you are talking. Can it be suggested for a campaign ad?

    I personally wish Hillary would say: I will not answer questions about e-mails, anymore, finis…

  10. Too long for an ad but still good…

  11. william @ 11;39am
    – I do wish that Hillary could once say, in response to the unceasing questions about how “a majority of people say that you are untrustworthy,” “86% of people do not believe that the media is trustworthy, so what does that tell you?”-

    William, I will give this to Jeff Johnson to get this to Hillary next week

  12. I posted this at Sky Dancing, I hope it’s okay to cross post.

    Agree. Last Sunday, Chris Wallace was talking about Comey’s unusual and sketchy press conference, and Hillary was talking about Comey’s sworn testimony in front of Congress.
    They’re very different, because in one venue, Republican Comey was free to speculate and make innuendoes; in the other setting, Comey had to tell the truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.
    For Christ’s sake, a five year old child could understand that.

  13. I wish Hillary would make the distinction between Comey’s informal non-indictment / indictment and his sworn testimony, and then say that she’s never going to discuss the emails again.
    Then, when the Lords and Ladies of the Fourth Estate press her, like the great lawyer she is, Hillary says “Asked and Answered. Next Question.”
    Also, I hope that Hillary makes Tim Kaine her stand in at the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner in perpetuity.

  14. Too bad that Hillary will have to deal with Comey for another eight years!
    Last night, my husband said, “Fire him,” to which I replied, “Um, Nixon.”

  15. William/Neeta: I don’t follow that. How does the majority thinking Hillary is untrustworthy get undermined by the 86% thinking the media are untrustworthy? The People are wrong on the first count (based on what the untrustworthy media pounds into their heads), but right on the second? Wouldn’t an untrustworthy media actually counteract their claims of her untrustworthiness? Logic was never my strong suit, so help me out here!

  16. Now we know why Stein hates Hillary……

  17. Catscatscats, you are right that it is not absolutely logical, nor meant to be. But it shows that the media’s endless narrative about Hillary and trust, is ridiculous. If the polls on the media are not meaningful, than neither are those on Hillary. Alternatively, If the media is distrusted much more than Hillary, maybe they should stop browbeating her about it. As a further alternative, if the media is so distrusted, than maybe the stories they keep purveying about Hillary and mails and all the other nonsense, are not to be given any credence.

  18. Got it, William. Thanks!

  19. Also, Sue. according to the media, Hillary did not have a press conference yesterday because the questions were moderated–no doubt to avoid repetitious, redundant questions. However, the same media keeps referring to Comey’s July 5th appearance in which he failed to take a single question of any kind as a “press conference”. Could there be a more obvious double standard than this? They accept that the July 5th monologue by Comey was totally legit and ignore the fact that in his congressional testimony two days later Comey changed his tune in significant ways.

  20. moon @ 5:24 pm: Holy conspiracy theory!

  21. Catsx3, note that the “don’t trust” went from 67% to 52%. So the jerk media person had to say, “A majority….” before it went under 50%. Actually, it is a loaded poll question, intended to elicit the negative response. Think of any public figure you know, and if you were polled, how many of them would you vote, ” honest and trustworthy”? And if you take the 40% or so of die-hard Republicans who don’t like her, and then the fringe Sanders supporters, you easily get to 52%, some of them are just saying it out of spite. I wonder what the numbers would have been on Gore or Kerry or Obama, had this question been asked during their first run? It is just an obvious set-up question to make Hillary look bad.

  22. Now why would Jill Stein be doing at a dinner in Moscow with Putin………..What possible reason?

  23. I think Jill Stein is jealous of Hillary and this might be why Stein hates Hillary. Aside from being a nutcase.


    Nothing short of a Putin loving apologist.

  25. Russia and Europe and Paris and Germany. Cities and countries and continents in the same phrase, Oh my.

  26. Oh, good lord Moon. Hillary must have the best oppo research on the planet. There’s Trump and Stein both sitting with Putin. This ought to be enough to end Stein’s run in one fell swoop.

  27. When I complained loudly about our newspaper, a wise politician once told me to never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel. While they don’t buy ink, the same philosophy apples to Cable TV “News” channels. I don’t really think it’s wise to answer their disguised barbs with snark about themselves, because they Will Get You. Look at how well that has worked out for Donald.

  28. Re: Stein, yes, I once tweeted her that Green definitely IS her color.

    She’s an attention whore and, frankly, she’d probably pose naked if she could get everyone to pay attention to her, even if it would just make everyone gag. I do think she enjoys disgusting people and, considering she looks like she hasn’t had a decent meal in years, that would do it. She’s as odious as her platform is stupid. The two major ‘important’ people of that party are both crackpots who are most known for being walking insults to people’s intelligence and senses. She purports to be a doctor of sorts, but prefers to route funding to Hocus-Pocus. And the zealots who actually ‘follow’ her enjoy pretending that she knows what she’s doing or that she has Clue One how to run a country. She seems to me like she can’t even handle her own mental health, much less run a country or (LOL!) lead the Free World. She’d be ‘curing’ cancer by telling people to shove volcanic ash up their asses, she’s that ridiculous. While it’s still a lot of very delusional people, thank goodness she only attracts one percent of the population. I say tell Vlad to keep her if he wants. I mean, WTF could that woman talk about with him, world affairs laced with the benefit of eating lava rocks?

  29. Uppity, well said on Stein. Actually, there was a poll shown on MSNBC yesterday which had Stein at 5%, which seemed sort of ridiculous. But there were a few of those obnoxious Sanders delegates holding up Stein signs after Hillary’s speech, when the networks were still showing shots of the crowd and the balloons. So they are out there. Virtually any vote for Stein would otherwise go to Hillary, so I hope that this photo and her comment gets wide coverage, and puts her close to 0%. Then of course we have the Libertarians, whose platform is mostly awful, but of course the media will start a love affair with them. That did make me think that we will actually have debates, because the L’s will get over 15%, and so they will be invited along with Hillary, despite the fact that the media thinks she is so unpopular. So Trump probably will be obliged to come along, too.

  30. I don’t even know why the pollsters even poll the Green party. They aren’t on even half the ballots in the country. The Libertarians are not going to be in the debates. Johnson can’t seem to break 10%. and I don’t see him doing any better as time goes on. Third parties generally tend to lose voters as it gets closer to the election. He’s run in 2012 before and while I think he’s going to do better this year due to the collapse of the GOP I don’t see him getting enough support. A good look at the Libertarian convention would be enough to run off a whole lot of voters.

  31. William, she’s polling at 5 because of spiteful Remainders of the Bernoid Breed looking for ANY desperado to say they will vote for on the mistaken thought that it irritates Hillary people, when in reality, we don’t give a shit what they do. In the end they will sleep through election day. In her wildest dreams she will never get 5% on election day. The most notable pollsters don’t even show her on their radar. She falls in the ‘Other’ category along with write-ins for Che Guevara, Bernie Sanders and Donald Duck. She’ll never make it to a debate till the day she dies. In a 4 way race, hillary only loses 1 point over a 2 way race. I frankly don’t even know why any of us is wasting our time to even talk about her, other than as an item of amusement. My only wish for her is that somebody force-feeds her one day before her organs shut down. She’s a walking advert for Anorexia.

  32. Ga, she’s on the ballot in 20 states. This tells you they can’t even get enough people with the energy to get the necessary petitions, and it also tells us the remaining states ignore her like the useless ideologue she is.

    She could film herself dancing with Putin naked and nobody would give a crap. She’s just not that important. Hillary will ignore her.

  33. Searchable pdf file of Trump’s deposition

    I read and skimmed though about half of it, and Trump didn’t want to give any solid answers to any of the questions, either has the worst memory in history or just lies and deflects.

  34. Trump doesn’t answer questions, he diverts. So that deposition is very Him.

    On a lighter more irrelevant note, Bernie has made an announcement months too late about how important it is not to elect Trump and therefore we must elect Hillary. Yawn. Now that Hillary has had to bust her ass to be ahead in the polls without him, Bernie is going to put her ahead. Or something.

  35. Interesting point about debates, William.

    You’re right, it would be delicious if Johnson made it to the debates and Donald can’t sabotage their existence by making up a petty excuse of why he can’t attend. How delicious, we still would have a debate without him! Trump does not want to debate Hillary, although I would really enjoy him making a fool of himself diverting questions so that they all resolve to the answer, “Crooked Hillary”. I envision Hillary smirking when it’s her turn and saying, “I will actually answer the question”.

  36. Russian support for human rights?
    Not if you’re gay.
    That should sink Stein once and for all.

  37. “I will actually answer the question.”
    Love that, Uppity.

  38. Here’s more on Jilly celebrating the Kremlin and slamming America on video.

    But more important is the attendance of Generalismo Flynn. Now that’s fodder.

  39. This may be a stupid question, but why were Flynn and Stein in Russia? Would that be considered working against the interests of the U.S.?

  40. *sigh* I voted for the Green presidential candidates in 2008 and 2012, because I was annoyed at the Democratic Party and the Oborg about the nomination shenanigans of 2008 (not so much at Obama himself, IIRC).

    If I’d known Obama, indeed both Obamas, were going to support Hillary in 2016 the way they’ve actually done, I’d have just voted for Obama.

  41. @Birdgal: I would not call it a stupid question, but I think becoming friendly with the leader(s) of another country only counts as “against the interests of the USA” if the other country is engaging in at least a cold war with the USA, and we are technically at peace with the Russian Federation.

  42. Bill your vote for Green is just the kind of vote they count on in order to perpetuate their stupid selves. It’s what brings them back every four years like a rash. The Spite Vote party.

  43. Anyone wondering where Stein and the Greens are getting the money to run tv ads can stop wondering. My guess is that Vlad is picking up the tab. He has been busy during our presidential campaign, hasn’t he? He definitely does not want Hillary to become president. She should be honored.

    Next, the KGB will manufacture some “damaging” emails and release them through wiki-leaks. Of course, the media will treat them as authentic.

  44. People like Trump, Stein, and Assange are what Lenin used to call “useful idiots”. And he was a “Vladimer” too.

  45. Yeah, I reckon the Greens serve mainly as a safety valve to keep disgruntled Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents from voting Republican, while the Libertarians perform a similar function in keeping Republican and Republican-leaning Independent voters from voting Democratic.

  46. Former CIA Director Michael Morell talking about Hillary on ABC’s This Week: “I would trust her with the crown jewels of the United States government.” 😂

    He cancels out political hack, Comey. Hooray!

  47. Yeah, I reckon the Greens serve mainly as a safety valve to keep disgruntled Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents from voting Republican, while the Libertarians perform a similar function in keeping Republican and Republican-leaning Independent voters from voting Democratic.

    Now this is an interesting observation.

  48. I hope that Morell’s comments are shown in many Hillary ads. In some sense, he is the most important validator of Hillary, outside of President Obama. It is of course absurd that she would need validators, but the media’s false narrative requires them. Everything Mr. Morell can do between now and the election to help Hillary would make a difference.

    I agree with Brassy Rebel that there is a good chance that the Russians and Assange will “leak” some fabricated or doctored emaiils. If the media actually followed the trail in this Russian connection, from Putin to Assange to Manafort and Flynn and Trump and Stein, they would have the most significant and unsettling story ever. But they seem much more interested in parsing Hillary’s comments about emails. Come to think of it, how do we know that some media entities and personnel are not part of this insidious conspiracy, as well? Is there one media person out there who is actually attempting to piece together all of this? There are obvious clues out there, if someone actually cares about what is going on, rather than playing “”Let’s Get Hillary.”

  49. In fact (since I have read a lot of mystery stories), the Hillary emails themselves may well be the misdirection, the red herring, employed by the Russians to distract people’s attention while they seek to take over the United States government by installing a puppet President. The fromer CIA Director says that he believes that Putin has “turned” Trump. But the media mostly ignores this, as they go chasing after, “Were Hillary’s statements about the emails completely accurate and consistent?” ridiculousness. Thus the media, both the on-air personnel, and the network bosses and owners, may well be playing the role of the most useful idiots of all for the Russians.

  50. Hillary does not get a second to survive one media harangue before another rears its very ugly head. Now her hand over heart gesture is a contrived, calculated and cynical new copycat move according to a New York Times hack article. It is good to see, however, that Twitter push back has been rousing and swift. Posters are just skewering the Times. Supporters have proved via video that the gesture goes back even as far as 1996 when she was First Lady, not too mention the myriad times Hillary did the same as SOS. Small wonder Hillary deems the media mean-spirited, shallow and frivolous. How about covering the serious issues facing this country and eschewing this high school drivel? I’m reluctant to ascribe sainthood to Hillary or anyone for that matter, as I grow less inclined to give any kind of nod to an organized religion. But it does seem that there is some kind of spiritual light about Hillary that lifts her and keeps her able to ignore the noise and vitriol to keep moving forward for the greater good. Maybe even the unqualified buffoon she’s running against is a blessing in disguise. How bright she shines in comparison. How uplifting that amid all the haters she keeps on pushing!

  51. Hillary Clinton has opened an 8-point lead over Donald Trump after both parties’ conventions, according to a new national poll.

    Powered by boosts in support from women, Catholics and the college-educated, Clinton leads the presidential race by 50 percent to 42 percent in the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll of registered voters — up from 4 percentage points in mid-July.

    Among likely voters, Clinton bests Trump 51 to 44 percent. When Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein are included, Clinton leads Trump 45 to 37 with registered voters, followed by 8 percent for Johnson and 4 percent for Stein.

    Seventy-three percent of those surveyed, including 59 percent of Republicans, said they disapprove of Trump’s recent feud with the Khans, parents of a Muslim-American Army captain killed in Iraq in 2004.

    Clinton has opened a wide lead among women in particular — 58 percent to his 35 percent. Among college-educated women, she leads Trump by 19 percentage points, 57 percent to 38 percent.

    Trump leads Clinton by 10 points among men, 51 percent to 41 percent. But Clinton is leading by 6 points among college-educated whites, a group typically won by Republicans. She also has picked up support among Catholics, a key swing vote in recent elections, 51 percent to 45 percent

  52. It’s about time for Rethug women to cross over to the other side if they want to be represented. I would not be shocked to see a large amount of R women vote for Hillary.


    Where Are All the Republican Women?

    There are fewer Republican women in Congress now than in 2006. The trend repeats at every level of government.

    So far this year, Republicans have nominated women in just 26 of the 308 congressional districts that have held primaries. That’s a mere 8 percent—and it’s in line with the current makeup of the House Republican Conference, which is 91 percent male and 9 percent female.

    During the past decade, that disparity has actually grown wider, as wave elections swept out a number of established Republican members of Congress (in 2006, 2008 and 2012), and swept in a lot of new ones (in 2010 and 2014). Since 2006, the proportion of women in the House GOP caucus has dropped from 11 percent to just 9 percent today. Although there are now 247 Republicans in the House, up from 229 a decade ago, there are fewer women: 22, down from 25.

    Over the same period, Democratic women took advantage of these electoral shifts, replacing men from their party’s old boys’ network with women backed by EMILY’s List and other advocacy groups seeking to increase women’s representation in office. From 2006 to today, women grew from 21 percent of the House Democratic Caucus to 33 percent. And the party isn’t about to let anyone forget it: Their new class was on display in full force when the House’s Democratic women gathered on stage behind Nancy Pelosi during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.


    This growing disparity, with Democrats electing ever more women and Republicans ever fewer, repeats at every level of government: U.S. Senate, statewide offices, upper and lower state legislatures, and municipalities. (The Center for American Women in Politics at Rutgers University maintains useful records on this.) What that means is that there’s no sign the GOP’s current woman problem is going to get any better any time soon. Quite the opposite: The pipeline is dry and getting drier, all the way down.


  53. Shadowfax said

    She also has picked up support among Catholics, a key swing vote in recent elections, 51 percent to 45 percent

    This is not insignificant. During the primary, she said she wanted to repeal the Hyde Amendment. I am so hoping this is a shift in thinking and not just anti-Trump.

  54. I can explain why there are less Republican women. I live in a solid red district. We had a woman running for congress with several men. First of all in these tea party districts the majority mentality is women need to be home having babies and not running for congress. Secondly the women could win the primary IF they would run women who had crossover appeal to democrats in the district but they don’t. So in a nutshell they’re running in anti-women districts candidates that don’t appeal to moderate or liberal women.

  55. There’s a new low in sexism on bbc dot com’s website. As bad or worse than anything I’ve come across on CNN or MSMBS’s websites.

    BBC’s been about giving the lads what they want for some time, especially where Hillary’s concerned.

  56. Sophie, I live in a heavily catholic community and I can honestly say just about every Catholic I know, and there are many, are stoic at best about how little equality for women there is in the church and how little say women have on pretty much anything. I would say this is why so many of them are glad to see Hillary run.Can’t say I don’t know some who have had abortions either.

    Update: I come from 100% Catholic family too, seriously even their pets are Catholic. Hey! I’m Italian…

  57. Uppity, your felines are Catlicks.

  58. Testing…is spammy working overtime again?

  59. I just want to punch Wolf on CNN in that hairy face. That man almost tingles down both legs every time he talks about a male candidate. “tRump just spoke about his more DETAILED economic plan yet!”

    And the stupid catch phrases they keep using, we will “dig deep”, or “unpack’ something…

    They sit and discuss their bellybutton link and try to make their watches seem like total idiots.

  60. Yipes, I need to learn to type more accurately when I am in a mini rage.

    bellybutton lint* and try to make their watchers*

  61. Shadowfax, not that I would listen to any media discussion of a ‘Trump economic plan,” but there is no coherent plan, nor has any Republican offered a plan in the last thirty years, except for, “cut taxes on the rich, lower taxes on corporations, and the economy will grow and jobs will be created.” They never are, but that is beside the point, apparently. Her e is Hillary with a detailed economic plan which is all calculated to be paid for, and detailed in particulars; and then here is Trump with a nonsense “plan” which no rational economist would credit, and the media acts as if they are equivalent in aspect. Why don’t they ask him why he is afraid to debate his plan; oh, yes, he is concerned about NFL games being on, so would rather just not participate. Okay with the media, though.

  62. wapo on rethugs blaming Hillary for Iranian scientists execution:

    Is anyone watching the Olympics?

  63. Annie, yes, I am watching the Olympics. My favorite part is the swimming, so I will watch less when it gets to track and field. I also enjoyed the women’s gymnastics last night. Simone Biles is a superstar, but I root for Aly the most.

    Apparently anything that happens in the world is now going to be blamed on “Hillary’s email server.” There is no possible logic to that, but it allows the right wing to keep saying “email server” for the next three months They have no conerent policy issues, so they keep saying this, along with “Benghazi” and “crooked” over and over again, equivalent to a brainwashing technique.

  64. Or Hitler’s Big Lie propaganda.

    If releasing the emails endangered the guy, the State Dept. wouldn’t have released them. And if she didn’t have private server, they would have used State system which was hacked multiple times. The vast right wing conspiracy acts as if having a personal server in itself poses a danger to the republic. Whatever happens in the next 8 years they will scream, “Personal server!”.

    Speaking of emails, new Monmouth poll shows 63% of voters actually are sick of hearing about her damn emails. Don’t have link but saw it at Blue Nation Review.

  65. Hillary’s e-mail server made a big blob of ketchup fall off my french fry the other day onto my white shorts.

    Or maybe Fegelein did it. 😉

  66. With a few exceptions here and there, the only people who give a flying duck about the e-mails are people who had already decided never to vote for Hillary.

  67. Uppity, your felines are Catlicks.

    No they are heretics just like me.

  68. I’m beginning to feel that many voters are not only sick of hearing about the damned emails, they’re thinking if that’s the worst the Repubs can come up with, we’ll all do fine with Hillary in charge

  69. Sue, that would be very gratifying! But they’ll have more, of course, even if it is even more ridiculous. Apparently Trump or his handlers are trying to seize on their iilliterate interpretation of something Hillary said the other day when answering her ten millionth question on the emails. She said , in explaining why Comey’s comments showed that she had never lied to the American pubilc about the emails, that she had perhaps “short-circuited it,” meaning of course that she jumped an obvious step in the logic, because she thought it was easily apparent, rather than exhaustively explaining all of the steps. So someone over there thought that she was saying that her brain short-circuited, and so she has “brain problems.” Seriously. Well, either they are that stupid, ro they figure that in keeping with long-held Republican campaign strategy, if you can just keep putting your opponent on the defensive, or having to explain everything said, it is good for you. At the very least, they’ll get the media to keep showing the email discussion with that phrase in it.

  70. Even if the Republican establishment loathes Orange Julius Caesar with the passion of a thousand burning suns, they still must support him.


    Because if Hillary wins, they won’t be able to stave off letting her appoint a Supreme Court Justice for another four years. One more Democratic appointee means a 5-vote majority to declare all those nifty new voter-suppression laws unconstitutional, and maybe even to find a way to declare gerrymandering unconstitutional.

    Without voter suppression and gerrymandering, the GOP will go the way of its ancestor, the (U. S.) Whig Party.

  71. Jeez, Trump is even worse than we think.

    ‘Village Voice’ Reporter Recalls Roy Cohn’s Early Influence On Trump

  72. William, we also watched last night, Our gymnastics girls were off the charts awesome. Also enjoyed the swimming.

  73. Sophie @ 5:51, interesting link. I’m guessing Trump is actually worse than we can even imagine.

  74. I just saw this tweeted:

    FYI: Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine to Address Progressive National Baptist Convention during Annual Session in New Orleans

    Forgive me BUT this is the very first time I have seen the words “progressive” and “Baptist” in the same sentence!

  75. Sophie, that lawsuit will be thrown out faster than a NY minute. Government officials cannot be sued for terrorist attacks or other events leading to loss of life. Why isn’t W being sued for Iraq War or 9/11 attacks? Why hasn’t Reagan been sued for repeated terorist attacks on American interests in Beirut in 1983? The general rule is that government officials, acting in an official capacity, are immune from liability. This is another political hit job courtesy of the vast right wing conspiracy. Supposedly, conservatives think we have too many frivolous lawsuits. But that doesn’t apply to their frivolous lawsuits. Hypocrites.

    Btw, over 200 Marines died in one of the Beirut attacks after Reagan was advised not to send them because there was inadequate security.

  76. More “if” accusations against Hillary in that Fox Benghazi suit.

    It is highly probable…

    Yeah, and pigs will fly. That suit should be dismissed for excessive suppositions.

  77. If I were those pigs at FOX, I’d worry about what’s left after the sexual harassment lawsuits roll out.

  78. ten benghazis occurred under Bush 2, resulting in a total of 60 deaths. By the standards set by the Republicans, Bush let them die. No problem there, though.

    Bush, Cheney, et al, Wiped an entire private server “Gwb43” of MILLIONS of emails. And nobody said shit. This is too obvious for words.

  79. Progressive Baptist is an Oxymoron.

  80. I know the lawsuit isn’t worth the paper it’s on but I will bet you it gets “tried” on every cable news channel for several cycles.

  81. That’s why I don’t watch cable “news”. Garbage.

    As for unusual states being in play, I saw a tweet by Nate Silver a little earlier. He’s waiting for a poll out of South Carolina. He thinks it’s in play, and Hillary may even be leading!

  82. Brassy @ 7:09, exactly!

  83. I think I read that lawsuit (Benghazi parents) is being filed by Larry Klayman. Is he the Judicial Watch dude? You’d think he would know that type of lawsuit would never fly.

    This is rich:

  84. You can read the statement of dozens of National Security officials (50 of them) made regarding Donald Trump.

  85. The Right Wing does not believe in the Constitution, no matter how piously they refer to it. They don’t believe in laws, or in government working to help anyone but themselves. They block Supreme Court and lower court appointments. They filibuster every bill that a Democratic President supports. They shut down the government. They refuse to raise the debt ceiling. They work to suppress the vote in every state. And they desperately try to distract people through bogus lawsuits and concocted stories. They are of no positive value whatsoever to democracy.

  86. It is a denomination in itself and it’s also a description. Around here I had heard of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship which broke off from the Southern Baptist Church because of their social conservative stances. Progressive Baptists, the denomination, seems to be a largely African American denomination.

    Larry Klayman is a complete crackpot who sued his own mother and has been fleecing conservatives out of their money for decades. I can’t tell you how many lawsuits he filed suing Bill Clinton. As far as Benghazi when any of the conservatives bring that up I ask have you read any of the reports? There have been eight of them costing the tax payers millions. Perhaps you should spend some of your time doing that instead of spouting conspiracy theories.

  87. Just heard on MSNBC that Susan Collins, senator from Maine, wrote an op Ed in the Washington Post about not being able to support Trump. It didn’t say who she would be voting for.

  88. Off-topic: Happy World Cat Day! :mrgreen:

    Just be sure to hide the corn flakes.

  89. OMG, Ivory Bill! That was my cat Lily when she was a kitty–always IN whatever I was eating!

  90. Tonight’s Twitter funny (Olympic edition)

  91. Hey, Sophie…was the down payment $27????

  92. …was the down payment $27 x $1,000,000.

    Is that the $ he needs to return for illegal donations?

  93. Hillary Clinton is issuing a challenge to Donald Trump: I’m ready to debate. Are you?
    On Monday night, seemingly out of the blue, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta released a statement saying that Clinton “looks forward to participating in all three presidential debates” that are scheduled in September and October.
    “The only issue now is whether Donald Trump is going to show up,” Podesta added.
    The statement wasn’t a response to any new remark by Trump or any official invitation by the Commission on Presidential Debates.
    In fact, the invites haven’t gone out yet.
    The Clinton campaign may be trying to put Trump on defense — or pre-empt any more complaints from him about the debate schedule.
    “Our campaign is not interested in playing along with a debate about debates or bargaining around them,” Podesta said.

  94. Shadow, I posted the FEC document to him a few times, here it is

    What was going on was people were donating to the lying communist troll in a way that perpetuated the $27 bullshit. So, you’ll see 645 pages of the same cockroaches donating $27 a couple of hundred times. Also note in the cover letter that he took donations from foreign nationals, which of course, not only requires a refund, but it a violation of federal election law. Last I read, I think it was at KOS, was he owed upwards to $28 million in returns. I noted that he asked for an extension of 30 days from the deadline, which would still make it overdue. My guess is he negotiated or tried to negotiate for DNC to pay off his illegal debts. Point of interest: Shortly after he got this notice, he began draining his account like a leaky pail. Personally, he hasn’t helped one bit as far as I’m concerned and after breaching the DNC data and all the shit he said about our party and Hillary (and his shit is still sticking), I would tell him to go fuck a duck.

  95. Every populist should have a $600,000 summer home on Lake Champlain!

    Unfortunately, Susan Collins is the very definition of a “moderate Republican woman”. She always has her finger in the wind, trying to have her cake and eat it too. Why in the world would it take her sooo long to decide she can’t support Trump. His initial announcement more than a year ago should have been enough.

  96. Hillary’s campaign has had enough of playing around with debates from the Sanders campaign. Not going to mess around with Trump’s campaign blathering one excuse or another.

  97. I have never liked Susan Collins one bit. Pundits would always say, “Well, maybe a few Republicans will switch over to the Democratic side (on a vote),” and they would always mention Collins. But she never does. She votes in line on every Republican action, vote or filibuster, with maybe one or two exceptions in eight years. People do not realize, and the media never points out, that “moderate Republican” in Congress means nothing. A vote for any of them, is a vote for all of them, because they vote in lockstep. People in this state or that may think that they have elected a moderate Republican senator, but for all intents and purposes, they have not; they may as well have elected the most conservative senator imaginable, because there is no difference in their votes.

    I’m glad that Collins will not support Trump, but of course she has to make it clear that she will not vote for Hillary Clinton, she could not just leave it at the first point. Note that none of the in-office Republicans who say that they won’t vote for Trump, but won’t vote for Hillary, ever say what positions Hillary has that they don’t like, they just say things like “she is unqualified,” “she is also a terrible choice,” etc. That jerk Rick Wilson, whom MSNBC was in love with because he didn’t like Trump, finally convinced a staunch right-wing person to run as a fifth party candidate, and so MSNBC has Wilson on again yesterday, and he said that “Hillary is corrupt.” I hope that Chris Hayes is glad that he and the other hosts there had Wilson on about fifty times in the last month. At least there are some Republicans not in office who actually say that they will vote for Hillary, and I respect them for that.

  98. I wonder how many of the Republicans who say “Neither Trump nor Clinton” actually would accept Prez Hillary, but fear the wrath of the bigots and Babbitts who comprise the GOP base (though the Babbitts are decreasingly important–at the base level, the GOP has become almost purely a White Nationalist party).

  99. Absolutely, Duck Phucking Upps.

    I was referring to the data you posted awhile back…he must like debt like tRump…as long as he doesn’t have to pay it back.

    I hope paying off his debt is a NO DEAL with the DNC and Hillary.

  100. i agree with Ivory. Even if those Republicans liked Hillary they would never mention it. People like Susan Collins would be subject to a Maine witch burning ceremony if she said she was voting for Hillary. They are cowards.

  101. Good God, I need to get out the dumpster fire Gif out again as Trump blows up his campaign yet again……its the daily “What did Trump do now” segment. Getting ripped left right and centre on The net.

    As Trump insinuates assassinating Hillary Clinton.

  102. Secret Service spox didn’t directly address whether agency will investigate Trump remark but: “The Secret Service is aware of the comment.”

  103. Trump inspires assignation of Hillary is beyond just blowing up his campaign, he is still just a ‘normal’ citizen, and his media attention makes his words a loaded gun.

    Hillary needs to come out full strength on this.

    No free pass for this, or he just gets to move the red line out further.
    Kick him in the coconuts, Hillary!

  104. Trump: “If she gets to pick her judges —nothing you can do…Although the 2nd Amendment people maybe there is.” This is so NOT acceptable, not even if he tries to walk it back as a joke or the campaign attempts in any way to clean it up. Many of his supporters are fringe gun nuts, violent language against Hillary is rampant at his rallies — it’s not a bridge too far to see one of his crazy supporters taking this statement seriously. It’s going to be so telling If the press and the GOP don’t immediately denounce this as unacceptable and disqualifying. Hillary is right. There’s no, “well he’s finally hit the bottom” with this vile, putrid little man.

  105. I am livid, if anything happens to our Hillary…God, help me!

  106. Are we there yet? Why can’t it be November 9th instead of August 9th? Please, God…make this be over soon.

  107. Exactly, Paulette. His supporters-cultists-crackpots are violent enough without any encouragement from him.

  108. Picard & Riker just heard Trump’s comment.

    (Either that, or they just learned that Lwaxana Troi has named Wesley in a paternity suit.) 😉

    Mistah Trump, suh, mah people tried one of those “Second Amendment Solutions” back around 1861. It did not wuhk well fo’ us, so Ah reckon you’d be wise not to go suggestin’ it t’othuh folks, suh.

  109. Top priority for the GOP after the election: change the rules so the base can’t push their favorite into the nomination.

    H. L. Mencken should be living now. He’d love this spectacle.

  110. I hated to even think something like this, much less write it. But I had thought that one of the reasons that she should pick Sherrod Brown as VP is that Brown is potentially more liberal than she is, and thus might keep the insane people from thinking that they would be better off with him. I think that Trump should be arrested for suggesting the assassination of the potential President. If a regular citizen said that, there would be immediate law enforcement consequences. This is much worse, because he is the rival candidate, and he is speaking to a national audience.

  111. Well, the press has dehumanized Hillary to the point where she’s now worthy of being murdered. They and talk radio is just as much to blame for this as Trump is.

  112. William, Brown would not stop them anymore than Kaine would stop them. Both are men and the misogynists would be happier with any man.

  113. The wingnut media spokesloons have been yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater for many years now. My younger self would never have said this, but they may need to be legally restrained.

  114. If you have an iPhone, you can get the Hillary 2016 App. It’s a great ground organization tool AND it’s a lot of fun!

  115. I agree with this front page for tomorrow, this is no longer a joke.

  116. I am so angry about this. Why can’t the Justice Dept investigate Trump and his campaign to find out what their intentions are. His actions have been treasonous imho. Can you imagine what would happen if one of us tweeted something like that?

  117. Ohhhhhhhh the Irony!

  118. On a non-Trump note…Bernie got NO COATTAILS…and Weaver lost again by backing the wrong candidate!

  119. One more thing about Trump’s “nudge nudge wink wink” please take a shot at HRC comment today…he didn’t just put her life in danger, but her entire Secret Service detail as well.

    God forbid anything bad should to happen to any of them. TRUMP OWNS THIS.

  120. Trump got no coattails either. Ryan beat Trump’s boy 85-15.

    …Talk about Mixed Emotions….

  121. Today’s Twitter funny:

  122. Saw a great comment on Twitter about Trump’s dogwhistle to “second amendment people”. “We jumped the shark 100 sharks ago.”

  123. From the transcript: (CROWD BOOING) If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don’t know. But — but I’ll tell you what. That will be a horrible day. If — if Hillary gets to put her judges — right now, we’re tied. You see what’s going on.

    When Trump said it, I thought he said it would be a horrible day when the 2A people do something. The ‘horrible day’ part is being left out of all media reporting. ‘That will be a horrible day’ — what will be a horrible day? He will perhaps say the day she picks her judges but that is the benign explanation. He should be made to explain and retract but the media has already given him an out and excused his behavior. I hope some of his supporters like the guy who gasped when Trump said it, walk away from him.

    He knew what he was doing and it was a dog whistle, similar to how they chant ‘lock her up’. He is not going to win but he will cripple Hillary’s presidency with his campaign if he continues like this. There was a line that parties did not cross before but now all such decency is out the door. Media is the worst offender in helping him.

  124. There is no reasonable alternative explanation for what Trump meant. He said, if Hillary gets elected, she will get to pick her judges, and there is nothing you can do about it. And then he said, well, maybe the Second Amendment people can do somethig about it. This of course is with regard to after she is elected. So what could he have meant, as to what the Second Amendment people could do at that point? What are “Second Amendment people?” And what is he thinking that they could do after the election and the picking of judges? Write letters? Hold rallies? The import of what Trump intended was direct and obvious. He didn’t say, maybe the Congress could do something about it, he said “The Second Amendment people.” The tortuous and contrived interpretations which the enabling band of Republicans try to come up with, are refuted on their face by the words he said, and the order and context in which he said them. If the media tries to give him cover for them, they are of course also complicit.

  125. Translation: “I can’t beat her so you gun people will just have to kill her.”

  126. @William, the plain meaning of what he said is so dangerous that everybody (media) wants it to go away or even help in diffusing it. So he has already gotten away with it but the individual voters have seen it, heard it and it is now their responsibility to be responsible in defeating him. The coward that he is, he threw all his bombast away and like a little weasel, he is trying to rewrite what he meant when he said it. It is so dangerous that even he can’t spell it out to say that is not what he meant which is why the tortuous and contrived interpretation/explanation. He has crossed the line but people have to hold him accountable without sweeping this under the rug. And, his campaign should relegate him to reading the script from the teleprompter from now on. Apparently, there was no big crowd at his second NC venue yesterday and people were walking out after the first 20 minutes.

  127. And now being reported by a Secret Service official that the agency has spoken to Trump campaign regarding his 2nd amendment comments. This wording sounds more than a bit wussy to me. Spoken to his campaign? Not to Trump directly? Given that it seems no one has any control over or is even attempting anymore to speak to Trump directly, I find this inadequate.

  128. Yeah indeed, they should be speaking to asswipe, not his “campaign”

  129. At this rate, our own right-wingers may soon become a bigger menace to the USA than ISIS could ever dream of being. 😡

  130. From 538: Orange Julius Caesar is running FOURTH among black voters.

    Yes, behind Stein and Johnson. 😆

  131. Hillary was fairly close to my office today supporting Wasserman Schultz. Unfortunately, the new media narrative is the alleged connection between The Clinton Foundation and the State Department. The MSM will do anything to bring her down.

  132. Hey, pm317! Glad to see you posting here at Upps! The pretzel logic and rationalizations Trump supporters (esp. former Hill supporters) go through each time they defend him is quite astounding. So glad some of us sized him up early on for the menace he is to the political process and this country.

  133. Yup I am just plain fed up with Trump and his enabling MSM. MSM has lowered the bar for Trump so low that essentially all he has to do is just show up. He doesn’t even have to put together two coherent words. He doesn’t have to lay out any plans. He doesn’t have to even explain the fraud action currently against trump university cuz crooked Hillary has problems with being trustworthy and honest. How fucked up is that? Trump doesn’t he have to apologize to the millions of Americans he has insulted. He doesn’t even have to walk back his threat against Hillarys life. Why does he get a pass by the MSM? The only reason I can think of is Penis.

  134. Hi trixta! Great to see you. Trying not to get addicted to commenting but yesterday’s event was a bit too much not to voice my opinion somewhere. I was commenting on Althouse until she went crazy with her CDS (and I can’t stand her now) and a Trump supporting commenter there said he would put me on a slow boat to where I came from. Bastards!.

  135. The media in this country has lost its power and influence. Remember this is the same media that brought you George W. Bush, Obama, the Iraq War, fluffed a decrepit socialist and gave Donald Trump millions of dollars worth of free air time. They’re just a bunch of attention whores who will say and do anything for ratings. Best bet is not click on any of their sites because that just rewards their nonsense. Trust of the media is at an all time low in this country.

  136. The new faux email scandal is another Judicial Watch hit job. They get emails through FOI request and put their own sinister interpretation on them. Then they spoon feed their manufactured “scandal” to the MSM which swallows it all whole without bothering to do their own independent reporting. Remember a couple of months ago when JW tried to gin up a scandal about a political donor getting a position on State Dept. advisory board for which, according to JW, he wasn’t qualified? Well, that one disappeared down the memory hole when it turned out the guy was eminently qualified and high ranking people vouched for him. Brian Ross, ABC’s supposedly great investigative reporter, just regurgitated the Judicial Watch story. The real scandal here is that the media refuses to recognize that Judicial Watch is not an objective watchdog group. It is a right wing political smear machine designed to harass and embarass Dems, mainly Clintons.

  137. Flvoter, undoubtedly some of it is sexism. It is also that the media is anti-intellectual, they make endless excuses for dumb people, and are far more demanding when it comes to intelligent people. Trump is never called upon to actually elucidate an issue; the media does not want to cover issues, just personality matters or “hot” topics. The media seems afraid that if they demand that Trump explain actual policy positions, the angry right wing will threaten them. And they also realize that Trump cannot do so, so tha tthere would be no race. They bent over backward to protect GW Bush in 2000. Bush was never called upon to delineate one position, even in the debates. A compelte free pass which propelled him to the White House.

    This is all bad enough, but trying to protect him with regard to what he clearly said and meant yesterday, is a new low for the cable media. At least some of the print media had the ability to know what he obviously implied. The contortions the Trump supporters are going through to try to “explain” what he meant, are very remniscent of the way that fascists and their lackeys in the last century would try to assure people that what they thought they had heard was really not what what they were actualy saying, or meant. Buf of course it was.

  138. ((pm)) good to see you.

    He is not going to win but he will cripple Hillary’s presidency with his campaign if he continues like this.

    I might be wrong, but I think Trump as a in-you-face crackpot and general all around A-hole is only going to make voters glad as Hell they have an intelligent, level headed and experienced person as a real choice.

  139. Sorry to hear that, pm317, CDS is a beast that just won’t die.

  140. Re those two emails. Where I come from, those two emails are called NETWORKING. It used to be called the Good Ole Boy Network but now that women found out how to do it, it’s illegal.

  141. Hahaha Upps….

  142. File under the heading…”You Can’t Make This Shit Up”:

  143. Hey Shadowfax, glad to see that you have found a nice home here with Uppity. The abuse you took in that other site in the final days (from one person in particular who claims to be a nurse!), I bit my tongue so much that it is scarred, lol.

    My comment was about Trump going after political process/institutions and weakening them by his lies and conspiracies and getting people to hate her even more than they already do, so that her presidency suffers from it. There is too much misinformation/hate going around and he is fanning the flames with all his lies. But to your point, I hope he implodes royally and everyone will see him for who he really is.

  144. Hey pm, I have sure missed you and you probably noticed most of us Hillary supporters landed here with Upps and her gang.

    Abuse, yeah to some degree but I wanted to support Hillary and her supporters until I just couldn’t take it any longer. We are happy here where we belong, and the rest is history.

    Hope you come by more often and know you were missed.

    And I agree, Hillary is taking the hits from tRump, took them from Bernie and the media…a woman President is such a huge threat for dumbass men that can’t see beyond their own coconuts.

  145. Voting
    File under the heading…”You Can’t Make This Shit Up”:

    This tRump file is getting to be as long as War and Peace

  146. I pray that Hillary is elected President and that the Senate turns Blue. That might put the fear of God in the GOP, to the extent that she’s able to push through her jobs program, get her Supreme Court nominees seated and make renewable energy progress.
    All that, plus steps toward getting military grade weapons out of private hands (fingers crossed, not cocked) would make her Rushmore worthy in this sorry day and age.

  147. Sue

    “…would make her Rushmore worthy”

    I never thought about that, but the first woman President of the United States…it would be appropriate for sure.

  148. Hillary is in my hometown of Detroit today, giving a speech at the Detroit Economic club where Trump spoke (badly) on Monday. Last night she attended a fundraiser where Aretha Franklin performed. You can bet the Queen of Soul sang “Respect”, one of Hillary’s favorites and very appropriate for her.

    Btw, anyone who is nearby Detroit really should visit the Motown Museum which is in the original house where Barry Gordy located Motown Records. It’s fabulous and, you never know who you’ll run into. Several years ago my sister and her husband were back in Detrout visiting family that still live there and had their pictures taken with Martha Reeves at the museum. Just had to put a Chamber of Commerce plug in for my poor old hometown–now making a comeback!

  149. Funny Brassy, when you said Detroit, Motown was exactly what I thought of. Seriously. I still listen to Motown stuff. It’s a lifelong addiction.

    I order Vernor’s online, you know. Because I think it should be distributed EVERYWHERE! It’d downright medicinal. I resent that Mich people get it on sale for a couple of bucks!

  150. Update on earlier comment: Hillary will not be speaking before Economic Club. Rather she will speak at an engineering firm in Warren, MI in Macomb County where Reagan Democrats originated. Trump needs to win Macomb to have any chance in Michigan.

  151. Vernor’s! Now you’re speaking my language. And it is medicinal–my mother who was a nurse always gave me Vernor’s when I had the flu. I can still get it off the shelf here in Minnesota. Thanx for the Martha and the Vandellas video too!

  152. Motown sno’nuff still rules. My music collection and concert memories are full of artists from its stable — famous and obscure.

  153. Hey everyone, been busy helping out at Hillary’s campaign office here in Cleveland. Response have been great. We are going to have a great turn out this election. Voters are saying they can’t wait to go to the polls to vote for our girl. Do not listen to the media saying it will be a low turn out.
    I spoke to this eighty five year old woman. She said she would like to volunteer and do some phone banking if someone could pick her up.
    We let her know she could make the calls from home. She said she would rather make the calls at the office.

    We had a visit from the girl who played Maxine Shaw from the show Living Single Erika Alexander.

    She is pumped up for Hillary.

  154. Oh Neeta, if we take Ohio………wooooooooo hoooooooo.

  155. Rebel, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vernor’s. I cannot drink any other and I use it for a whole lot more than medicinal, but always have some on hand for just that purpose. I cannot believe what others pimp as Ginger ale after drinking Vernor’s. OMG. Everybody should have some before they die.

  156. Hey PM, welcome aboard the We Don’t Take Shit From Anybody About Hillary train.

  157. Paulette my heart was ripped out when Marvin Gaye died. I loved that guy’s music.

    I won’t even get into the Platters. I know some people don’t consider them Motown but…..damn!

  158. Brassy Rebel, on August 11, 2016 at 10:34 AM said:

    Vernor’s! Now you’re speaking my language

    I love Vernor’s. When my daughter comes to town, she heads straight to the frig looking for Vernor’s.

  159. Rushmore! We had to practically bleed out just to get a woman on one lousy piece of currency. We’d have to kill every ignorant white man in his sleep to get on Rushmore!

  160. Hi Uppity.. yeah, from NQ and that other unmentionable site to hostile territory at Althouse and now here. But I am preaching to the choir here. Lines are drawn bright and clear at this point.

  161. Wish I could watch all these great videos now, but I’m at work. Promise to watch when I get home!

    We always tell relatives we”re coming to visit them, but it’s really to get Vernor’s cheap. 😄

  162. For this CA gal, what is Vernor’s?

  163. don’t feel lonely birdgal…

    me Austx…what is Vernor’s?

  164. This hobbit of the Arkanshire needed to consult a search engine to learn it, but Vernor’s would seem to be a beverage company based in Detroit, which also makes Faygo sodas, which I have seen on store shelves here, so Vernor’s might be available as well.

  165. Trust me Bill. Faygo is no Vernor’s. It’s in a select market. Vernor’s invented Ginger ale. It’s what it’s supposed to taste like instead of the other shit on the shelves that calls itself ginger ale.

  166. We always tell relatives we”re coming to visit them, but it’s really to get Vernor’s cheap. 😄


  167. Jeez, now I want a Canadian Club and Vernor’s (with maraschino cherries) so bad.

  168. Upps re Marvin Gaye: Absolutely, his early death was terrible and tragic. He was a troubled soul but there was undeniable talent and sweetness in him as well. He was outstanding and unbelievably sexy in concert when I saw him; the “Let’s Get It On” LP was hot then. Of course, the title track was killer. But to hear him do “Distant Lover” live: just doesn’t get any better! Here ya go…

  169. like Bill i have seen Vernor’s in the stores around here. I think maybe Target carries it being out of MN. Wal Mart has it on their website but you can’t tell if they have it in the store nearest me or not.

  170. Marvin Gaye reprise: Actually, here’s the live version, which is even better. I’m not a screamer… but if I’d been the type to scream, he would have been the one!

  171. There’s nothing you can make with Vernor’s that doesn’t make it 100% better. My dad used to make us ice cream floats with Vernor’s instead of root beer. Indescribable!

    My favorite Marvin Gaye song is still “Heard It Through The Grapevine”, but they were all great.

  172. The late Autry DeWalt Mixon, Jr., better known by his stage name of “Jr. Walker”, and his All-Stars.

  173. Vernor’s –

    Haha, brings back old memories. I was born in Detroit but grew up in the burbs and moved to CA when I as a wee lass. Vernor’s was the treat I always looked forward to when I was sick.

    Fever – Vernor’s
    Flu – Vernor’s
    Tummy ache – Vernor’s

    Both my Irish grandma and mom always kept it on hand as a home remedy. I raised my son the same way, Vernor’s sells in CA at most of our local stores.

    Motown, still great.

  174. This is what Vernor’s is…and I find it easily in N. Calif.

  175. Upps

    We’d have to kill every ignorant white man in his sleep to get on Rushmore!
    Let the HungerGames begin, once we have our girl in the WhiteHouse.

    It would be another glass ceiling to bust wide open.

  176. And while we’re on Motown and Marvin Gaye: Must be more than a few fans in Clinton camp. Have y’all noticed that especially when Clinton/Kaine are together on trail, they play as intro the great Marvin Gaye-Tammi Terrell track (penned by the great songwriting team Ashford & Simpson) “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Overheard Kaine say about it on their first appearance together: “I love that song!” Great song and lyrics. I like this version better than later sappy Diana Ross rendition.

  177. Walmart sells Vernors in cans and bottles six pack.

  178. And more good stuff from Motown! Hillary was on fire today in Warren, Mich., in her economic speech. Wonky? Yes. But also so passionate that she almost explodes from the screen. I’m pasting Detroit Free Press link. Sometimes the C-Span one is problematic. If this one doesn’t work, I’m sure will be on You Tube shortly as well. So strong, so good.

  179. Shadow @ 5:03 pm: Thanx for pic! As with all beverages, try to get it in bottles not cans. I can always taste aluminum in cans! For those not familiar, notice the darker color–much darker than other “ginger ales”.

    Yes, I have noticed the “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” music at Clinton-Kaine events. I think the only overtly political song Marvin Gaye ever did was “What’s Goin’ On”. Another fantastic song. He never did a bad one. Such talent. Gone too soon.

  180. Brassy, actually Gaye did other overtly political music. Besides the most known “What’s Going On,” others that come to mind are “Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology),” “Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler”) and “Trouble Man.” And I think there would have been more had he lived, based on this quote from him “I don’t make records for pleasure. I did when I was a younger artist, but I don’t today. I record so that I can feed people what they need, what they feel. Hopefully, I record so that I can help someone overcome a bad time.”

  181. Paulette, you must be a musicologist. Your musical knowledge is encyclopedic! Actually, I had conflated “Mercy, Mercy Me” with “What’s Going On” thinking they were the same song. I believe I have heard the other two songs, but I wouldn’t swear to it. I bow to your vastly superior musical knowledge.

  182. I’m going to need to find me some of that Vernors. I drink a Ginger beer (not alcoholic, but definitely has heat). Is Verrnors hot?

    Motown is the soundtrack of my childhood! My Guy is Smokey.

  183. I’m certainly enjoying all the joyful postings today!!

  184. Re Smokey: I here ya Soph. Was it Bob Dylan who called Smokey the greatest living American poet? ‘Cause besides that peerless falsetto that still is in pretty good shape for a guy in his 70s (heard him live not too many years back). Smokey has penned some of pop music’s most enduring songs and lyrics. He’s a lot like Carole King — people aren’t aware of all the great stuff he’s written: Tempts’ “My Girl” and “Get Ready,” Mary Wilson’s “My Guy,” “I’ll Try Something New,” “The Tracks of My Tears,” so many more. His lyrics are pure poetry. From “The Tears of a Clown”: “just like Pagliacci did/I’ll try to keep my sadness hid.” Not a lot of r&b guys back in the day referenced operatic characters! And the lyric that always makes me swoon from “The Tracks of My Years” is: “My smile is my make up I wear since my break up with you.” And if you ever get the opportunity to catch the Broadway show “Motown” don’t miss it!

  185. Paulette, I did see Motown on Broadway. It was fantastic. I never knew that in addition to writing so many songs for others, he was also a Motown exec. And yes, his lyrics are poetry.

  186. Yes I did notice Ain’t No Mountain High Enough! And paulette, if course you are right, it’s a better version than Diana’s.

    But Distant Love happens to be one of my favs and I don’t care, I still love Let’s Get It On. Mercy you can do a lot of creative…um…things to Marvin Gaye.,,

  187. Soph, my take on Vernor’s……it’s darker as someone mentioned, and it’s way more Powerful than ginger ale. I also notice that the carbonation is not as overpowering as ginger ale. It’s not just that it’s good for when you don’t feel well, it’s good, period. And feel free to dump some dark spirits in there and yeah…it’s good.

    My take is you drink Vernor’s once and you will throw rocks at ginger ale. and that’s that.

    And whomever mentioned Cans vs. Bottles, I drink NOTHING out of a can.

  188. birdgirl:

    I second that emotion!

    I’m enjoying so much the GOOD music and away from all that bad Trump feeling…

    keep it up, uppities!

  189. This was the first 45 I bought when I got my own record player.

  190. Uppity and Paulette, I heard “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” played again today after Hillary’s speech in Michigan on the economy that I watched on C-Span. Some years ago, I played a medley of the “Ecology Song” by Marvin Gaye with Robert Plant’s “Takes Every Kind of People” (to make the world go round) with my guitar at a coffeehouse. The chords and words seemed to pair well, and folks liked it. I may have to try it out again; still fit the times.

    Lord knows, I’d like to finish writing one I’ve had in mind for years, tentatively titled “To Form A More Perfect Union.” The tune came to mind with the words. I’ve heard Hillary use the phrase in speeches lately, so perhaps the time has come to churn it out. The contrast between Clinton’s and Trump’s vision of a more perfect union is a challenge, when Trump keeps topping, or trumping himself on the outrageousness index. It is my outrage over the hate fomented by different factions, especially Trump’s, that motivates me, in part, to say something.

    By the way, if there are folks who remember “Pumatainment” at the PAC in ’08, and the parody of John Lennon’s “All We Are Saying (Is Give Hill A Chance),” then you may recall my renditions😌.

  191. Yeah nice to see you PM, Uppitys is a much better intelligent home, Some of us had the sense to get out of dodge when you saw the warning signs. Those people are not even acting like democrats and you have to wonder if there was a republican masquerade going on in reality. There was a total pod people situation going on in some places.

  192. My Motown entry….Gladys Knight & the Pips!

  193. Moon

    …you have to wonder if there was a republican masquerade going on in reality.


    I have wondered that a lot in the past 6 months or so…if it was more about the hatred of Obama and less about the support of Hillary.

  194. I love Vernor’s and love Motown. Two great American inventions. I was a sickly kid with lots of stomach flu, and grew up on Vernors. I buy it whenever I see it. Laker found a way to dress up regular ginger ale…he adds mango flavored rum to it! Tastes pretty good.

  195. Hey Moon.. glad to see you here. I have known Uppity from my NQ days and her sharp tongue and wit are unsurpassed.

  196. Trump is now saying that Obama is ISIS Founder thing is all sarcasm. — Sure, after you indoctrinate all your rubes and given them pitchforks. I don’t think our mentally challenged media are equipped to handle this lunatic. It is up to the sane people/voters.

  197. Votinghilary, Gladys Knight is my girl. My favorite ( Neither One of Us.) and Heard it thru the Grapevine.

  198. I’m wish to start bashing Trump again. I know one guy whose small company went out of business because the jerk never paid him for 3 months of work;
    If this doesn’t help convince his blue collar supporters I don’t know what will.

  199. Trump: “I have a great relationship with Florida and employ tremendous numbers of people there,” Trump told the USA TODAY NETWORK in an interview.
    But he doesn’t pay them.
    Then there’s this:

  200. I find it ironic that in 2008 working class white voters were heavily supporting Hillary and they were called racists and low lifes and every other name. Now that they are supporting Trump in 2016 they are the most important voters in the world.

  201. (*dons chapeau de Reynolds Wrap*) 😉

    The right-wing owners of the Corporate Media wanted to anger the white working-class voters into voting Republican, so they egged on the nasty fraction among the Obama supporters. I would not be surprised if the media owners, and/or the GOP itself, even employed some trolls to pretend to be nasty Obama supporters.

  202. Ga6thDem, “ironic” is putting it kindly. The media chooses sides in every election. If the media gave Hillary half of the favorable and protective coverage they gave Obama in 2008, she would be 25 points ahead in this race. The media is doing everything it can to make this race competitive. A further irony is that the plight of the White middle-class worker is somehow vaguely blamed on Hillary, when it is clearly the result of a mostly Republican Congress for the last 20 years which continues to pass pro-corporate legislation. But this would require discussing economics, and issues, and the media scrupulously avoids doing that.

    Another absurdity is that Hillary is being held responsible for foreign policy (the Secretary of State does not make foreign policy; she contributes to discussions about it); and also for domestic problems, whcih are somehow connected to her through the administration in which she was First Lady, which incidentally was the most economically successful period in the last half-century. Trump has never contributed to anything, and yet the media gives his incoherent policy statements surface credibility. His “appeal” to disaffected people in Rust Belt states is no more credible or policy-based than the rantings of some loud guy sitting on a barstool, who has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

  203. William, “loud guy ranting on a bar stool.” LOL! Remember s couple of years ago before Hillary even announced she would run? The media was already concern trolling her potential candidacy, saying she couldn’t possibly speak for the middle class because she was rich. They completely ignore that most presidents who champion the economically suffering like Kennedy, Johnson, and both Roosevelts have been pretty damn wealthy. Anyway, along comes Trump who is probably considerably richer than Hillary (tax returns, please!), and the media has no problem with his self portrayal as a champion of the little guy. Even after all the stories about him crapping all over multiple little guys throughout his career. And, yeah, our economic problems are totally Hillary’s fault. Everyone knows that. Bush and GOP Congress had nothing to do with it.

  204. Voting:
    You got “Soul, baby!”

    And Paulette and Sophie….

    Actually y’all upitties….have very good taste in music…

    Keep it coming…

  205. “Irish soul”, bellcat! 🙂

    Seriously, I remember Gladys Knight & the Pips summer variety show back in the day. My Dad used to laugh at my sorry self trying to dance the Pips’ routines.

  206. Aw, heck, one more….

  207. Priceless and get the popcorn…

    Green Party just got denied ballot access in NV. An hour before Jill Stein speaks there. Brutal.

    Big Fat LOL 🙂

  208. 2008 working class white voters

    True about white men, but white women are still voting for Hillary.

  209. I’ll just leave this here.

  210. My fave Gladys Knight song is “You’re the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me.”
    The whole “Imagination” album is great.

  211. Excellent Rolling Stone article
    Hillary’s New Deal: How a Clinton Presidency Could Transform America

  212. Hillary is ahead by at least 10 points in enough states to give her 273 electoral votes–3 more than needed to win the presidency. This is very encouraging, but let’s not get complacent. And media will be working against us every step of the way.

  213. What do people think about the Clinton Foundation rumblings and potential links to the state department?

  214. Clinton Foundation rumblings and potential links to the state department is old, tired nothing burger news that is going nowhere. Press has been trying to make something of this since Hillary announced last year. Hit job book “Clinton Cash,’ which came out May 2015, had a lot of this innuendo stuff that was supposed to sink her campaign. Hasn’t worked out too well.

  215. Birdgal It’s nothing. Hold on tight though the GOP is in the pig pen and they’re gonna be flinging mud to see what sticks until the cows come home.

  216. The media hyperventilating about Cheryl Mills taking a day off, going to NYC on her own dime, and helping with applicant interviews for which she was not paid has got to be the stupidest faux scandal yet. And there have been some mighty stupid ones. When people pointed out that she was just volunteering her own time to a charity, a NYT reporter on CNN actually said, “Well, did she do the same for the Red Cross?” Who the fuck cares and why does it matter? I swear the NYT must give IQ tests to all job applicants–lowest scores get hired. I am waiting for one of these geniuses to realize that while Hillary was SOS, she was actually MARRIED to the head of the Clinton Foundation. Talk about a blurring of lines!

  217. Thank you all for validating my own thoughts. People are so desperate for something to stick to Hillary. It is totally outrageous.

  218. Considering the accelerated rate of Trump’s implosion, unless Assange can come up with a photo of Hillary beating a puppy, Donald’s going to be history.

  219. Upps, don’t give Assange any ideas, ok? 🙂

  220. With an insignificant handful of exceptions, the only people who will believe the “SHOCKING NEW CLINTON SCANDAL REVELATIONS!!!1!” are people who were never going to vote for Hillary anyway. The wingnuts are back to flogging one of their favorite dead nags, the “CLINTON TRAIL OF BLOOD!!!1!”–never mind that many, many people who Bill & Hill have sound reason to hate are alive and well.

    Assange is nothing without the help of Putin’s merry band of cyber-imps–and if Putin is as smart as he’s made out to be, he must be realizing that he bet on the wrong horse, and he will quietly start mending fences with our Iron Lady.

  221. He’d better hope the USA never succeeds in extraditing him.

  222. OMG. You have GOT to see what that sleazebag Trump did to this guy.


  223. Tonight’s Twitter funny..unless The Donald actually wins…then not-so-funny tweet:

  224. I’d bet that the Clinton campaign is waiting until the GOP cannot replace Trump and then they will go full on slaughter.

    He has been accused of being everything from a racist to a misogynist in recent months as his bid for the White House has gained support across the U.S., but one question could yet prove more damning: is Donald Trump a Russian agent?
    While the answer may be no, he is certainly what the original Soviet leader Lenin called a ‘useful idiot’ — referring to those in the West who ignored mass murder and chose to support the great Communist project.
    That is the conclusion of the world’s most seasoned Kremlin-watchers as they assess the extraordinary antics of the Republican nominee, and the questionable background of his advisers.
    Mr Trump has, by his own admission, deep business connections with Russia.

    His carefree ways with other people’s money — including numerous near-bankruptcies in past decades — mean that American banks shun him.
    Yet his debts have grown over the past year, from £270 million to £485 million; which suggests he may have borrowed heavily.
    His cash assets, meanwhile, have shrivelled. So where is the money coming from?
    The short answer is Russia.
    As the leading American newspaper, the Washington Post, reported: ‘Since the 1980s, Trump and his family members have made numerous trips to Moscow in search of business opportunities, and they have relied on Russian investors to buy their properties around the world.’
    Trump’s son, Donald Jnr, boasted to a property industry conference in 2008: ‘Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.’
    In the same speech, he said that he had visited Russia six times in the previous 18 months.

    ………………….seriously read all of this…….

  225. Upps, don’t give Assange any ideas, ok?:)

    Voting, the guy is holed up in an embassy (Ecuador) in London. If he walks the streets, UK will pick him up. He chose this life. And he knows what Hillary will do to him if she gets him back here. It goes all the way back to when he did his first dump that did a number on world leaders, who can’t stand whom, etc. How is that “exposing” governments? She called him out as an espionage agent and if he ever lands on our soil he will be not only tried for rape, but for the bigger thing he fears……espionage. And so he imagines that he’s torturing Hillary for spite. That is all he is. A spiteful go-between. and he’ll not succeed with Hillary. That dump from State is silly nonsense. Since when is networking illegal? I guess it became illegal when women started doing it. If being asked for a recommendation for a former employee is illegal, I belong in jail right now for Pay To Play. It used to be called the Good Ole Boy Network, but now those damned girls get asked. What a bunch of shit. You want to know what Pay To Play is? It’s when Halliburton gets $40 billion out of the Iraq war, not when somebody gives a job recommendation to someone.

    State is in communications with plenty of charities. It’s part of what state does when you think of their work overseas. As for the guy who gave the million to the foundation, the foundation built a massive structure using it and he contributed to it. It’s like if Donnie’s old man donated a million toward a building at Wharton and then they put his name on it or some such shit. This is all just plain nonsense.

  226. Trying to decide if I should go protest Trump’s rally this afternoon. It’s not far from here.

  227. Yeah do it, Soph! Make a huge WHERE ARE YOUR TAXES sign.

  228. But be careful, Sophie. These Trump thugs make the Bros look like Boy Scouts.

    Speaking of taxes, Hillary released her last year of tax returns. Media didn’t care about that. That’s because although the Clintons are wealthy, unlike most wealthy people they pay a SHIT TON in taxes. More than they would have to if they deducted aggressively which they don’t. Media is all like, next scandal, please! Nothing to see here!

  229. But be careful, Sophie. These Trump thugs make the Bros look like Boy Scouts.

    No fear–I am a Girl Scout!

  230. Oh I forgot,( Midnight train to Georgia) by Gladys Knight

  231. I am not bragging, When Gladys Knight and the Pips came to Leo’s Casino in Cleveland my husband played for them. I still to this day have her and the Pips autograph. My husband played the Sax.

  232. Sophie, if I might be so bold — a suggestion for a sign:

    Many people say, I’m protesting, but really I’m just being sarcastic.

    Please be careful. This last part is from me, not a part of the sign.

  233. Just to contribute to the Gladys Knight tribute. She’s the best and I too am not bragging when I say I was a dancer in the background on the Gladys Knight TV special while she and the Pips did Midnight Train to Georgia. It was filmed at Six Flags over Georgia. Not my claim to fame since it was very embarrassing since I was a teenager in High School. I got alot of ribbing from the guys.

  234. We all know this, of course, but it is just appalling how the media lets Trump get away with dreadful comments, whereas Hillary gets microanalyzed for things she said ten years ago. It is pretty much equivalent to the police conducting multiple complete searches of one person’s house, while taking a five-second glance at another’s. Just on things he said, Trump should have been completely disqualified from the election.

    Let’s see…with all the other outrageous Trump statements of the past months now being ignored by the media, we have just in the last week, the horrible comment about “Second Amendment People.” Then the “Founders of ISIS” thing, which he said over and over. Then last night, we had him saying at a rally at Altoona, PA, that if Hillary wins Pennsylvania, it can only be because there was cheating; and that his supporters must go to multiple polls “in certain areas,” to guard against cheating; and that the police and sheriffs must be out in force. So he is saying that if Hillary wins and he loses, it is because of a rigged and illegitimate election. No one says this kind of thing; but Trump does, and the media notes it, and then goes on to something else. This of course is being played by the media as if it is an entertaining reality show, or WWF, not that it is about the future of the world. If Hillary wins, and various Trump supporters riot, and then try to make it impossible for her to govern, the media will undoubtedly be excited to cover that, too.

  235. Whoa Lildoggie!!! Gotta find that video!

  236. William, to your point, here is more:
    Until journalists and pundits let go of Hillary’s (metaphorical) jugular long enough to see the menace who taunts them, Trump will continue to say whatever he pleases. And he’ll do it until someone gets hurt, badly.

    Yesterday morning, I said the media was ill equipped to cover crazy Trump and he had tweeted (as Peter Daou says spitting on the media in the linked article) taunting that the media can’t figure him out. He says the outrageous Obama/Hillary Isis founder thing and all his surrogates explain what he meant by that and then he tweets he was being sarcastic. So are all his surrogates who tried to explain what he meant are wrong now because he didn’t really mean what he said? It is crazy town all around. He is not serious about any of this but being handed a win on a platter without spending money/effort. But that is not how it works.

  237. Sophie, how about, “Trump is Charles Manson with a better wardrobe.”

  238. More like he’s Sonny Corleone with a different ethnic background. (He lacks the self-control to be Don Vito or Don Michael.)

  239. Trump is campaigning is Connecticut! LOL.Maybe he is trying to commit voter fraud and steal the votes to win there. That is the only way a Republican can win Connecticut.

  240. My hope is that now that the national security establishment has almost totally lined up behind Hillary, they will start giving the Corporate Media its marching orders to cover Orange Julius Caesar the same way they cover Hillary.

  241. The Donald is trying to set himself up to look like a winner (claiming he was cheated) even if he loses, for the sake of his brand. If he can’t have the White House, he wants to become a politician-entrepreneur on the model of Gingrich, Huckabee, and Palin, selling Trump Books, Trump “Seminars”, Trump Steaks, Trump Wine, and–I suppose next–Trump Male Enhancement Products (“Make it YUUUUUUGE!”) to the bigots and Babbitts of the Great Amurkan Booboisie. 😛

  242. Donald Trump Hillary supporter says only way Hillary Clinton Donald Trump can win Pennsylvania Connecticut “is if cheating goes on;”

  243. From

    In the increasingly divisive world of American politics, nearly everything is on the table, from filibusters to tax returns to years-long investigations of e-mail servers. However, it is virtually unheard of for politicians to challenge the integrity of an election (particularly months before that election has even taken place). There is a reason for this: Any party that questions the legitimacy of election returns when they lose knows that, one day, the shoe will be on the other foot. But the Donald is not invested in the future success of the the Republican Party, he is only concerned with the future success of Donald Trump and the Trump brand. Recognizing that he is a big underdog, he’s already doing damage control so that he can keep his “winner” reputation as intact as is possible, even in the face of a landslide. And thus we see one of the downsides to an “outsider” candidate; they’re more than willing to embrace a scorched earth approach, and to leave future generations to clean up the mess. (Z)

  244. Trump supporters are flaky who could have guessed….

  245. This is the woman running against Tulsi Gabbord in the HI primary today. Go make some social media noise for her!

  246. Not bragging here either but on Tues. I was sitting in the dentist office and saw a Time magazine with Hillary on the cover. I jumped up and grabbed it, and when I saw the article there was a photo of her at one of her rallies.

    I noticed that she had on the same top that she wore at the rally in Oakland, when I saw her. I started scanning the photo to see if it was the rally I went to or if, God forbid, she wore the same outfit to several rallies. 😉

    Then I noticed a woman I was with…and believe it or not, I almost didn’t recognize myself in the photo, it was raining that day and my hair looked a lot different…but there, I was, in a small group of supporters near Hillary.

    It was a nice surprise and the Dentist and crew enjoyed it and let me take the magazine.

  247. Just posted this comment over at Skydancing. This is hilarious. From Brian Krebs, reporter and computer security expert who broke a whole string of big stories. (I’d have to look it up, but, eg, I think he was the one who found out about the Target hack exposing approx 100,000,000 credit cards.)

    Trump, DNC, RNC Flunk Email Security Test

    Donald J. Trump has repeatedly bashed Sen. Hillary Clinton for handling classified documents on her private email server, suggesting that anyone who is so lax with email security isn’t fit to become president. But a closer look at the Web sites for each candidate shows that in contrast to, has failed to take full advantage of a free and open email security technology designed to stymie email spoofing and phishing attacks. …

    Draegen said DMARC compliance is one of the easiest and cheapest ways that any organization can use to better protect itself and its customers from email-based phishing and malware attacks….

    Incidentally, given the breaking news today about Russian hackers reportedly hacking into networks at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) — allegedly to make Mr. Trump a more sympathetic candidate — it’s worth noting that while takes full advantage of DMARC, the same cannot be said of the Web sites for the DNC ( or the Republican National Committee (

  248. (Looks like wp maybe ate the comment? Just posted this over at Skydancing.)

    This is hilarious. From Brian Krebs, reporter and computer security expert who broke a whole string of big stories. (I’d have to look it up, but, eg, I think he was the one who found out about the Target hack exposing approx 100,000,000 credit cards.)

    Trump, DNC, RNC Flunk Email Security Test

    Donald J. Trump has repeatedly bashed Sen. Hillary Clinton for handling classified documents on her private email server, suggesting that anyone who is so lax with email security isn’t fit to become president. But a closer look at the Web sites for each candidate shows that in contrast to, has failed to take full advantage of a free and open email security technology designed to stymie email spoofing and phishing attacks. …

    Draegen said DMARC compliance is one of the easiest and cheapest ways that any organization can use to better protect itself and its customers from email-based phishing and malware attacks….

    Incidentally, given the breaking news today about Russian hackers reportedly hacking into networks at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) — allegedly to make Mr. Trump a more sympathetic candidate — it’s worth noting that while takes full advantage of DMARC, the same cannot be said of the Web sites for the DNC ( or the Republican National Committee (

  249. This resonates with me especially after looking at the comments from his supporters (some even directed at me). Some supporters may be genuinely concerned about wayward immigration, economical woes, and such and looking for real answers but most appear to have dug their heels and gone all (white) nationalist. Scary!

  250. Is he building an audience and a following for this?! {from the FP article}:

    What will Trump himself do now that he is no longer a candidate? Media insiders are predicting the rise of “Trump News,” a media empire that will cater to, as one insider said, “a base of the population that hasn’t had a voice in a long time.” If the media organization mirrors Trump’s campaign, that base will include Klansmen, militia members, and everyday racists, and will likely circulate conspiracy theories and lies, further muddling reporting in a decimated media economy.

  251. Naaah, he’s a grifter, setting up the white nationalist booboisie so he can sell them junk if he loses the election.

    Besides, the national security establishment is backing Hillary.

  252. Screeeeech!

    New post up.

  253. Hey maybe Donald will buy FOX and put that pervert ailes back in. The place has already got his kind of audience.

  254. Shadow! Time magazine!

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