On Twitter, #BlueWave2016 is about retaining the White House and taking back the Senate and as much of the House as we can get.

Here are some of the down-ticket races I’m following:

  • Ann Kirkpatrick (@Ann_Kirkpatrick) (D-AZ) running for Senate against John McCain. John should have retired on his own already. His inability to stand up at all to Trump is disgusting. What a way to go out.
  • Maggie Hassan (@Maggie_Hassan) (D-NH) running for Senate against Kelly Ayotte.
  • Patrick Murphy (@PatrickMurphyFL) (D-FL) running for Senate against Marco Rubio. Let’s dispel with the fiction that Little Marco intends to do an honest day’s work in his life.
  • Jim Gray (@GrayForKentucky) (D-KY) running for senate against Rand Paul. He probably doesn’t stand a chance, but Rand.
  • Ryan Solen (@Ryan_Solen) (D-WI) running for House against Paul Ryan. Ryan is safe and I don’t get why. I figure if we go all BernieBro on him, at least we can scare the pompous ass.
    UPDATE: “Iraq War veteran Ryan Solen describes himself as a moderate who seeks bipartisanship and breaks with conventional Democratic Party views on abortion and gun rights.” Shoot–might not be worth wasting time trying to unseat Lyin’ Ryan.
  • Doug Applegate (@doug_applegate) (D-CA) running for House against Darrell Issa, the dick.
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz (@DWStweets) (D-FL) running for House against Tim Canova, Bernie’s boy. I’m not in love with DWS, but I do hate the way the Bros made a scapegoat out of her.
  • Chris Fedalei (@VoteFedalei) (D-SC) running for House against Trey Gowdy. Gowdy’s safe but we should make him squirm.

I’m keeping my eye on HI-2 where Tulsi Gabbard is being primaried today by Shay Chan Hodges. No matter what the outcome, Tulsi is dead to me. I would consider supporting the R over her. UPDATE: Gabbard won the primary.

Eleven Senate seats are competitive this year: Nevada, Arizona, Missouri, Illinois (Tammy Duckworth), Wisconsin (Russ Feingold), Indiana (Evan Bayh), Ohio, Florida, North Carolina (Deborah Ross), Pennsylvania (Katie McGinty) and New Hampshire. We only need 5.


Please spend any spare time and money helping these folks so that Hillary doesn’t have to deal with a crappy Congress.

Which down-ticket races are you following?


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  1. Here in the Arkanshire, Democrat Connor Eldridge is challenging our senior Senator, John Boozman, a fairly decent but all too typical Republican.

    Meanwhile, I found this on Hullabaloo. It’s a sidewalk sign outside a restaurant in Hamburg. 😈 😆

  2. Ivory, I got such a kick out of that pic, it was worth the drag to embed it in your post! Really good one.

  3. Sophie, I don’t want to be greedy, but I would really like to win enough Senate seats to stave off a Republican re-takeover in 2018, when the Democrats are defending most of the seats.

    I wonder how many we can win this time. NH looks very good, as does WI. I think we can win PA. I have some hope for FL. I am concerned that ticket-splitting, and the fact that our side keeps sort of indirectly praising McCain, might lead to a loss in AZ. I saw a poll yesterday where our candidate was leading in NC, but that will be a difficult win. I have not seen a recent IL poll, but I would think that Duckworth can win there. Portman has a five-point or so lead in OH, and I don’t see where we are likely to make that up.

    The evil Kochs have earmarked about $850 million solely for Senate candidates. We’ve seen this many times before; a barrage of Republican ads geared to hit the usual voter buttons. If Hillary can gain a commanding lead, despite the omnipresent media efforts to distract the public about nonsensical email issues, she can perhaps help a couple of candidates across the finish line. The plethora of right-wing Presidential candidates on the ballot will help their Senate candidates, as the conservatves will turn out. I wonder what the Sanders people will do; or did they lose interest? I am hopeful that we will see s very strong African-American and Latino turnout, particularly in Southern states.

  4. William, for the first time in my knowledge there is regular phone banking going on here in Ga. I think it was done at people’s homes or individuals did it before. However I think it’s great that people are getting together and working toward a common goal. The Republicans in the area seem really depressed for the most part but I seriously doubt that any of the congressional seats will flip.

  5. Oh, I’m so hoping Denorah Ross can pull off an upset in NC! Unfortunately, the Koch brothers have taken notice and have begun pouring money into the incumbent Richard Burr. But HB2 has done a great deal of damage to the state and people are pissed! I think McCrory is a gonner, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Ross.

  6. That’s Deborah Ross!

  7. William, it’s not greedy. I want them ALL too, The Republicans have proven they cannot govern. they had their chance and they blew it.

    Mitch McConnell does not deserve to be the Senate majority leader. Eight years ago, he said his ONLY goal was to make Obama a one term president. He failed at his only endeavor. Frankly, I was silly enough to think he was going to do that by showing the country a better alternative.

    The only thing Repubs have shown any talent for is getting paid for not working. Since they love their time off, I say we give them lots of it.

  8. Applegate, Issa’s challenger, district is about 7 miles down the road from here. He’s perfect for the district – ex-marine, lived here since the 80’s and really running a campaign.

    I think he’ll beat him!

    Disappointed in my dem challenger rep. Seems to be a place holder. Hasn’t started campaigning yet. My $$ going to Applegate. But, if there’s a big dem turnout, the dem in this district could win (but she’s well funded).


  9. Ga6thDem, I recently saw a very articulate Afriican-American woman who I think may be the Democratic head of the state legislature? Or maybe a Congresswoman. She said that if the Democrats would put a lot of money into getting out the vote in Georgia, they could flip three Congressional seats. Maybe she was being overly optimistic, but it was heartening to hear.

  10. Anyone against Issa is good but Applegate being an ex-marine is even better…

    EXCLUSIVE: Issa challenger Colonel Doug Applegate on why he’s running & what’s at stake.

  11. Here in MN-02, John Kline is finally retiring. With district demographics changing, Democrat Angie Craig is actually given a shot. We have to turn out the vote in the more urban parts of the district to overcome a big Republican advantage in rural areas. Hopefully, Trump will depress rural turnout and juice Democrats in the rest of the district.

  12. In PA so watching McGinty closely. I don’t like her ads, but Toomey isn’t all that well liked by women in PA. Turnout is going to be key.

    Results for Chan Hughes/Gabbard should start in about an hour.

    BTW, Sophie, Chan Hughes gave me a “like” on one of my tweets re: Hawaiin primary. Made me feel like I did some good today.

  13. This Olympian should get a gold medal for basic decency:

  14. I don’t think you can overstate what a drag Trump is on GOP in down ballot races. Here in Minnesota Trump is very unpopular even among Republicans. Our former Republican Governor, Arne Carlson, became an Independent a few years back when the crazies began to dominate the GOP. This year he has strongly endorsed Hillary. Republicans in Minnesota always tended to be moderate, not extreme. Minnesota Nice, and all that. Loud mouths and bigots like the Donald generally repulse voters. Even Jesse Ventura, although brash and blunt, was politically moderate.

  15. The Donald has gone over the edge of the edge:

  16. Sophie, early vote not looking good for Chan Hughes:

  17. Tonight/today’s Twitter funny..and it’s a goodie:

  18. Bummer. Gabbard won the primary. Last time I expect to talk about her unless she says something stupid then I’ll be talking up her opponent. Because with Ds like Tulsi, you might as well get the real deal R.

  19. Hanabusa did win in HI-01 but that was expected.

  20. voting @ 12:08am

    I much appreciate the link to a very honorable respect for the horse.

    We need more of this kind gesture for our friends and companions through thousands of years -the horses.

  21. Wow. Lewandowski tweets it!!

  22. Sophie, we are going to have a national popcorn shortage before this election is over.

  23. Take a look at Wikipedia and Paul Manafort’s bio. This guy is a real scum bag.

  24. Uppity, following your tweets. I wondered in other blogs early on who the people behind Trump’s campaign are. Now we seem to know a piece of it. To Russia with love. But why is Corey tweeting that unless it is Trump sanctioned? Something is up.

  25. Uppity tweeted this article from April and all these people are crooks. What the hell our TV media doing discussing Hillary’s 3 emails and now 2 emails 24/7? This is crazy.

  26. And all those crooks with Russian connections mentioned in the politico article don’t have experience running presidential campaigns in recent years. So why them? It feels like the R’s party is being taken over by an opposing ‘gang’. Tinfoil stuff but it is all so unusual.

  27. Uppity, great job tweeting that Politico article. it was published in April, for godssake!

  28. Yes PM, that one sneaked past everyone. not anymore. I sent it to CNN.

  29. Oh, for everyone who didn’t see it, here are the goombahs on Trump’s campaign. Brace yourself

  30. Hillary has demanded that Trump reveal all the people in his camp who have ties to the Kremlin.

  31. Hillary’s statement

  32. Wait till you see this spooky shit….It’s how they KNEW it was Russians… The YAHOO acct of the ops researcher of PAUL MANAFORT got hacked, and Yahoo flagged it.

  33. Let’s add this visual to the Trump/Manafort/Putin story..and make some more popcorn:

  34. In all seriousness, this story now explains why Trump had such a major meltdown in his speech yesterday re: the media and why he threatened to take away NYT press passes.

    He knew this was coming, folks.

  35. There couldn’t possibly be worse timing with Ivanka with Putin’s girlfriend. Yikes!

  36. What?! You mean the media finally discovered there are more sinister forces at work in this campaign than the Clinton Foundation? The sleeping giant awakes!

  37. And Rupert Murdoch’s ex is now Putin’s
    girlfriend? This woman has the worst taste in men EVER.

  38. Here’s the People article on Ivanka and Wendi. This isn’t a new friendship either.

  39. Croatia is not part of Russia–at least not yet. They both need to EAT something. They look like skeletons!

  40. Trump is giving a Foreign Policy (!) speech today and he is expected to say he will work with anyone to get rid of ISIS even Russia. That is the way he will ‘normalize’ the Russian connection coming out now I think. There is a faction out there that is not so anti-Russian (remember LJ of NQ, Uppity) when it comes to letting bygones be bygones and start new. My hunch is that will be Trump’s argument.

    Uppity, Corey may be a double agent.

  41. I’m sure there are going to be attempts to “normalize” all this but I’m not sure that is going to “sell” to most voters simply because Putin has tons of human rights violations. I think it will work with conservatives though and probably keep his numbers from going lower. At this point I think it’s all about keeping as many conservatives in line as possible and keeping more defections from happening.

  42. In hindsight, Trump line Obama is the founder of ISIS was deliberate and well planned. News shows asking when he will pivot to general election are dumb. He won’t; he is purposefully using language that appeals to his lowest common denominator supporters. We can’t denigrate those supporters as fringe and extreme because there are in my view a good proportion of ‘sane’ Rs that is willing to experiment with something new and they are hearing what they want to hear despite Trump’s language deficiencies. We can’t be complacent if we want him to lose.

  43. At this point we have to wonder why Trump is saying all the egregious things (for fear they may work) and not ask incessantly when he is going to become a GE candidate (I was thinking about Pygmalion before I saw that Hillary hater Maggie Haberman tweet it). Our media esp. TV is ill equipped to handle this election.

    Oh, we have to start exposing what crooks he has surrounded himself with. It is not Crooked Hillary, it is the Crook and the Con Trump.

  44. Holy shitsticks…the entire connection of the Manchurian Candidate – t.Rump, his not so subtle puppet master – Manafort, Putin, and now Ivanka’s friendship is getting freakin’ scary.

    I’m glad to see the NYT’s is publishing the info that is probably been leaked by the Clinton campaign.

    t.Rump has such a big mouth over the years, Hillary ’16 probably has more dominos ready to be pushed over, all though the election.

  45. Post is in the dumper…again.

  46. I wonder what Trump is doing with all his campaign donations? 80 million last month. Where is it going?

  47. The media has been ill prepared for presidential elections for the last 16 years. They are all about personality politics and they are the ones that can’t seem to pivot away from personality politics to serious issues. I mean if you’re asking Hillary why nobody likes her every time you get to ask her a question it’s all about personality politics. We can go all the way back to 2000 to see that this has brought nothing but trouble to the country when they failed to examine George W. Bush based on his issue stances instead of being concerned as to whether someone wanted to have a beer with him.

  48. I updated the Ryan Solen entry about. I have downgraded my support to: Not worth it at this time.

  49. For whatever reasons, imbecility or insidiousness, the cable news media treat every “story” with the same degree of attention. Trump likely a puppet whom Putin is trying to install as the leader of the United States? “Well, it’s an interesting story, but remember, we have no proof; and Trump is strongly denying it.” Judicial Watch releases two emails which are about nothing significant, and which the State Deparment has said violated no rules or protocols? “This is a very troubling story about the emails. Could they indicate that Hillary was selling favors to other countries if they donated to the Clinton Foundation? The Clinton campaign denies it.”

    The next easy step is, “Hillary accused of having stolen five billion dollars from a Brink’s truck back in 1981, and giving the money to friends and associates. The Clinton campaign denies it, but we will stay right on the story.” If the media can’t or won’t discern which “stories” are actually signficant, and supported by multiple sources and facts, then it is all just one big media gumbo into which they toss everything. This inevitably causes many voters to either throw up their hands and figure that all the candidates are bad, or to just not care about any of the stories. This is worse than a false equivalence; it is something completely inimical to what the news media should be doing, which is being able to focus on what is truly signficant to the future of the country, and what is just accusatory chaff.

    It is now clear that it is their modus vivendi. Just like the Republicans tried to make everything into a “Gate,” so that people would dismiss the constitutional nightmare of Watergate, so the media tries to make treason and incitement to assassination no more important than some vague emails, or Hillary’s speaking voice. And one other dreadful thing they are doing: they are addicting their viewers to the delivery of “Breaking News” right-wing propaganda stories, so that a day of actually delving into policy issues would not give them the adrenaline jolts that the media wants them to crave. I don’t think a novel has ever been done on this theme, but the idea of a media forced to make up or even create news stories, in the desperate need to keep the attention of their viewers, would resonate.

  50. Well!
    I’m sure ready for some popcorn big time.

    Let’s watch how the “Manafort-Trump Gate supreme” unfolds…

  51. I doubt that Paddy Chayefsky (Network) and Mike Judge (Idiocracy) wanted to be prophets, but our media moguls and their minions seem intent on making their movies into reality.

    Ascended Madoka forgive me if needed, but this election is making an anti-populist of me. 😦

  52. My post in the dumper is pointing to t.Rump as a possible Manchurian Candidate.

  53. Testing….

    Another post is in the dumper.

    Wonder if it’s my using tRump being a possible Manchurian candidate…if this post doesn’t go though, I will be highly suspicious of WordPress…

    On Google, looks like I’m not the only one thinking he could be a MC…

  54. Ivory, even The PeopleTM need to be subject to checks and balances.

  55. CNN is unbelievable.
    On the day that it’s revealed that Paul Manafort is on Putin’s Puppet’s payroll, all Brianna and panel want to talk about is Hillary Clinton’s emails!!
    I feel like I’ve gone through the looking glass.
    They are ignoring the biggest story of the year to focus like laser beams on HRC’s emails.
    And I love how, show after show, they pretend not to understand her explanations.
    Anybody else watching “Braindead” on Sunday nights?
    Space ants that live in your brain might be the only plausible excuse for our feckless, ignorant Press.

  56. Today the former NYC mayor, Rudy Guilliani, said that before Obama became president there were no successful attacks by radical Islamists inside the United States. WTF?! I mean, I can’t even…He is either deep in dementia or a stone cold liar. Take your pick. But, of course, Hillary is the liar.

  57. Just say, “no” to CNN. Turn it off. It’s not worth the elevated blood pressure. If they prefer Trump to Hillary, let them. They will have to answer for their choice someday. Hopefully, soon.

  58. You said it, Sue: they are literally UNBELIEVABLE.

  59. Interesting tidbit – love match and marriage of Ivanka and Jared. Matchmaker none other than Wendi Deng.

    Sweet Sue – CNN is doing all these ‘news reports’ for ratings and nothing more than ratings.

  60. Is Manafort not paid for running the campaign? I can’t remember where I saw that. If he is not paid, that in and of itself is big red flag.

  61. I read the NYT story on Manafort last night and think this is the biggest and scariest political story of my life. I think its bigger than Watergate. Who knows if the press will continue to delve deeper into it though, because if they do, god forbid, it might help Hillary. btw, I hate cnn, msnbc & of course faux. They shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves news channels. Entertainment or Propaganda channels maybe.

    Sophie, thanks for the new post. Well done. Love the beautiful new Blue Wave logo.

  62. There is a FORGED letter under Hillary’s doctor’s name declaring she has dementia. Snopes snapped it right up. I think it started here

    So I did some tracing just off the cuff and noticed that Trump nuts went to doctor rating sites and thanked the doctor for ‘exposing’ Hillary’s ‘records’. So I flagged every one of them for removal. Then I started to see tweets, not only about that but of a death obviously caused by Hillary and how the doctor is ‘marked’ for death by Hillary. Soooooo……I retweeted them with @FBI on it. Declared the letter a forgery and left a reply to the tweeters as well with @FBI in the reply. Then I sent the original website to Hillary’s account.

    Here’s the Snopes in case you need it

    Then I found the medical group website and sent a copy of the above link to the doctor.

    I got a few tweets from Trump nuts implying that Hillary is, as Donald said in his speech, not physically or mentally right. And I dealt with that as well.

    I tweeted the letter site and told everyone who read it to retweet it to @fbi if they see somebody pimping it. I feel we must be on the offense and rattle anybody who tries to pimp this illegal forgery.

    I got polled tonight. Trump or Hillary. I said I don’t vote for unstable narcissistic psychotic filthy pigs.

  63. twitter down again. yeesh

  64. Upps, you’ve been pullin’ overtime working fer the FBI, great job!!!

  65. Uppity!! your latest tweet should go viral. LOL. (don’t have a twitter a/c, so I have to say it here)..

    I like looking at what our enemies are saying: that disgusting Althouse is speculating when Trump will drop out and when he should drop out for maximum damage to Hillary; I don’t know if any of you know this: Dilbert creator Scott Adams had been peddling what a genius Trump is and now he is saying we should not allow 70 year-olds to run for WH when in the real world no one would hire a 70 year-old to do a job that is completely new to them.

  66. Upps, Twitter is back up again.

    Brutal front page re: Rudy’s comments today. He has sold his entire legacy away for Clown Trump:

  67. Giuliani has gone over the edge.

  68. Rudy is a desperado in need of a job. New York has figured him out and he couldn’t sell a bag of peanuts on the street in this state. Rudy was IDd as a megalomaniac long ago, even before 9/11. Rudy is one crazy bastard and very little surprises me about him other than this latest realization that he is a sinking man. Which is good. I hope he lands face down

  69. Which one, PM? I was just about to post this one

  70. Bakari Sellers on CNN is great. We need more of him.

  71. This:
    Trumpty Dumpty promised a wall. Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King’s horses & all the King’s men can’t put Trumpty together again

  72. Oh yeah, Trumpty Dumpty lol

  73. Upps, love your attack on the forgers and their evil minions. Damn, I’m glad I’m on your side! 🙂

  74. Thanks socal.

  75. …….Waves to Piper.

  76. pm,
    Ann Althouse speculating that if and when Drumpf should drop out is rather comical given Donnie yuuuuuuuuuge ego, the humiliation would damage him and his brand. He may be a Twitter master but isn’t really smart enough to debate Hillary on national issues. His smarmy responses might have worked in the primaries but will turn off voters on the fence.

  77. piper, yeah, hard to imagine him dropping out given his ego. But the same ego will not let him want to lose. I forgot to mention in my previous comment that both Althouse and Adams are now seeing that he is not a viable candidate, not the genius they thought he was. So that is an improvement.

  78. I thought that Joe Biden did a nice job at the Hilllary rally yesterday in Scranton, PA. He goes on, but he is earnest, and connects with the crowd. I like the “validation rallies,” if only because the media will simply not give Hillary favorable coverage on her own merit.

    Here is a mostly unrelated question to ponder, though I guess it’s pretty easy to answer. If Hillary wins, what happens to the Supreme Court vacancy? I guess that there is no reasonable way that she can get to make the pick, since Garland is still out there. That is of course why the Senate Republicans never held hearings on him, not because they thought he would be confirmed, but that he wouldn’t have been, and then they wouldn’t have had this option if they lost the Presidency. Garland is highly respected, but he is a moderate; and after 50 years or so of conservatives dominating the Court, I would not have wanted a moderate for the swing vote, particularly since a later Republican President could very well swing the Court back to the Right again. As we know, Republican presidents now always pick far Right judges who never moderate their views.

    But I do not see how Hillary can ask President Obama to withdraw Garland. He wouldn’t, anyway, so why bother? Various Democratic Senators on the more conservative side are already urging her to go with Garland. It bothers me in that in essence, Hilary was never going to get to choose; it was either going to be a Republican President, or Obama. The Republicans kept their “save” card handy, which is an affront to democracy. What I rather wish Obama would do, is announce that if they don’t confirm Garland by, say, September 15, he will withdraw the nomination, which would at least force them to scramble around. One thing they do effectively is to use the system to their favor, no matter how it slows down governing. And I am totally sick of seeing it.

  79. I never liked Scott Adams’ strip, though it was quite the rage back then. I always felt that he was rather condescendingly mocking all the people who had to work 9-5 in cubicles like he drew, while he was amusing himself with it all. I think that some people thought that he had empathy for the working person in his strip, but I never felt that; and I did not even know until now that he was a conservative, though if figures. If he really thought that Trump was a genius, that is truly pathetic.

    Then we have the Wall Street Journal types who keep expressing their worries that Trump is not running a good campaign. They don’t care about his qualifications, they want him to win. They just are upset because he might lose. They apparently think that if he would just listen to handlers, and look like a facsimile of a candidate, that would be fine. There are a few Republicans out there who are actually reasonable enough to realize that Trump must not ever be elected, and they support Hillary. But the WSJ, and the various “Republican strategists” which the media puts on, would do virtually anything to defeat Hillary, even try to elect a madman. It is sad thing to watch them contort themselves into urging Trump to fake sounding reasonable for a couple of months.

  80. Well, as far as Garland goes him getting in would be a big win because he’s 180 degrees to the left of Scalia. I imagine that the GOP will go ahead and go with him if they lose the senate mainly because they would rather go with a certain centrist than taking a chance on someone to the left of Garland that Hillary might pick. Besides RBG is probably going to leave the court if Hillary becomes president pretty shortly after she takes office. Hillary may end up getting quite a few picks.

  81. Couldn’t resist.

  82. So this morning, I’m watching MSNBC (first mistake of the day) and they had a Republican on, who was saying that Hillary is not mentally or physically fit for the presidency, because she looks tired and has needed help going up stairs (they were icy). He thought that she needed to release her medical records. The female commentator suggested that Trump should release his taxes, before Hillary releases her medical records. This seems to be the new meme: Hillary isn’t physically or mentally fit for the presidency. They will never stop harassing her. She is so fit, that it is ridiculous for anyone to suggest anything different. Quite a bit of projection on the part of Trump supporters. Trumpty Dumpty is not mentally fit for the presidency.

  83. Hillary has released her medical records! Trump, who is more than a year older, has released a letter, supposedly written by his doctor, which sounds suspiciously like Trump himself. Another gender double standard. Someone should have told that person demanding medical records (already on campaign website) that if hundreds of cameras followed them EVERYWHERE they would be caught tripping and worse.

  84. Birdgal, this slanderous narrative has been going on for weeks now. And no one should think that it is just random comments, it is clearly something that is going out to the minions of the Republican Party. Hillary said, “I short-circuited it a bit,” referring to her point that Comey’s comments agreed that she did not see any emails on her private server which correctly marked as classfiied. She referred to perhaps skipping an obvious step in the argument which the media obviously couldn’t or wouldn’t follow. So right away, Trump and others popped up with some idiotic contention that she said her brain short-circuited, which of course was not at all what she said, but they don’t know what the term means.

    Then Hannity was showing some shot of Hillary playing around with someone, maybe a reporter, who was holding out a cell phone to take her picture, and she made a silly face and shook her head, and so he was trying to claim that she was having some kind of epileptic fit, Then they have a photo from 2007 or so showing her tripping on the top step of the airplane ramp, as most of us have done at one point or another. This is a calculated narrative which is going to be repeated over and over, because they are flailing around desperately. And of course here come the, “release her medical records” calls, just like they wanted her to release all her speech transcripts, and everything else. To paraphrase Joseph Welch, they have no shame at all. They are psychogically disturbed and evil people. The forged medical records that Uppity referred to last night is another step in their descent into moral depravity.

  85. Trump is ORANGE. What’s up with that? Could be a rare disease that causes uncontrollable obnoxiousness and bigotry. And leads to complete mental degeneration.

  86. Thank you all!!! They are evil and disgusting animals.

  87. All this bs about Hillary being unfit because she stumbles on ice or takes longer to p.

    What is this, Animal House III?

    When she is in the Oval, they will see how weak she is when she cuts them off at the knees.

    I can’t wait until Dumpty runs back to his ugly tower and has to face a asskickin’ by a smarter, stronger woman!

  88. Jeeze Louise, back in the dumper again.

  89. Incidentally that pic of the SS holding her up was a flash shot of them helping her at a moment she slipped on the ice.

  90. Click on my tweet I posted here. Sick of this shit.

  91. At this point I am having the feeling that no matter WHAT they do to Hillary it looks contrived and her polls will rise out of sympathy and empathy for the OBVIOUS harassment she has endured. It kind of reminds me of the Rick Lazio thing. Her polls shot up when he invaded her space in a threatening way. That is essentially what they are doing now.

    We watch. We’ll see.

  92. Oh,for Pete’s sake..once you’re over sixty EVERYBODY gets a bit creaky going up steps. Hillary has a back that goes wonky every now and then..the woman does yoga..which is better exercise than riding around on a golf cart and hitting a little ball around.
    Roosevelt governed from a wheelchair and sorry too much,but you don’t survive 11 hours of grilling from rabid repubs w/your sense of humor intact..if your cognitive functions aren’t up to snuff.
    At least the woman has a couple of synapses to rub together unlike her opponent.
    Man,these guys are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find “distraction” material

  93. Shadow looks like you are an official dumpster diver kid.

  94. I would guess that the Donald is not going to receive anything in his “national security briefings” that our national security people don’t want Tsar Putin to know.

    Actually, this might be a good opportunity to feed Pooty-Poot some disinformation… 😈

  95. I’m with Upps. The GOP has gotten so hysterical so over the top so ugly that you really can’t do anything but admire Hillary for moving forward. And Trump is older than Hillary. If her age is a problem then Trump has more of a problem.

  96. Drudge has been at it for a while now showing that old photo where she slipped on a step. Hannity has been playing a clearly doctored video and he even had the gall to play it for the two regular docs that come on a weekend show. They would not say what he wanted to say.

  97. They would not say what he wanted them to say.

  98. Uppity Woman,
    Shadow looks like you are an official dumpster diver kid.
    How did I get so lucky?

    Too many devices makes WordPress go all freaky on me?

    PC at home, Mac at work and Google phone in between…too much for an internet program to handle?

    Does anyone else use 2 or more devices to blog?

  99. Apparently Trump now calls every one of his rallies a major policy address, which gets the cable stations to cover them live, providing him with free advertising. Maybe the stations will eventually figure out that they are just rallies, and stop giving him blanket coverage.

  100. Shadow, IP address, IP address, IP address.
    It confoozles the spam program. It thinks you’re impersonating yourself.

  101. you’re impersonating yourself


    Me, myself and I

    The most impersonal of all trinities…

    As if Gandalf’s horse is actually blogging at Upps. 😉

  102. Does anyone else use 2 or more devices to blog?

    Uh oh, Shadow, you’d better hope Congress doesn’t hear about you!

  103. Sophie, I would have expected much better from Maggie Hassan. Having studied and followed political history and government for quite a while, I think that Hillary Clinton is one of the most honest and trustworthy political figures I have ever seen. I do not know of one instance when she promised something to the voters which she did not try her best to deliver. I do not know of a single example in her eight-year term as Senator, when she misled anyone, or broke her word to the voters or the people she dealt with. And that is also true of her term as Secretary of State. And like everyone else here, I am just utterly appalled and angered at the way that the vast right-wing conspiracy, with the aid of a jealous and spiteful media, has managed to convey this narrative that she is somehow dishonest and untrustworthy. It is a canard, it is a complete falsehood. Hassan didn’t subscribe to it, but she certainly didn’t do her part in renouncing it. And no matter what election calculus she is playing, she is much the lesser for that. She may not realize it, or care, but Hillary’s election as President is far more important to the country and the planet than Maggie Hassan’s success in winning the Senate race.

  104. Yeah, Sue.

    People should only use one certified device that is approved by Dumpty and the right wing nuts.

  105. Am I right in saying I didn’t hear any panic on TV over Russians invading Trump’s campaign?

  106. Trump’s rally speeches are sounding more like a compilation of comments from rightwingers on SM sites.

  107. The Russian agent Manafort is replaced by Brietbart guy? Oh, Putin will not like that.

  108. Drudge, Bannon, Ailes, Stone…

  109. Let us just make sure there is no swiftboating of Hillary this time. Eye on the prize and focus. Preemptive strike. These are crooks like we have not seen before who will do whatever and the Media is incompetent and not on our side.

  110. PM, that POS Stone and Trump have had a falling out. Stone says he quit and Trump says he was fired. Scratch him off.

  111. Let’s not kid ourselves, Manaport is still involved. Trump did this because the Russian connection is getting too obvious.

  112. Uppity, sounds like a deflection from Manafort that the press is missing.

  113. Agree, Manafort is still involved and proves your point that it was too risky to keep him at the helm. Media, are you listening? There may be a bigger scoop there than the 2 emails.

    Don’t know about Stone falling out. He is still making devilish statements regarding Hillary on behalf of Trump.

  114. CNN didn’t miss it, Birdie. He’s not gone. Just hidden. Good news is hopefully we won’t see his smarmy face on Tee Vee any longer.

  115. Sophie, I’d kill to have the blue wave as a header.

  116. So Trumpty Dumpty has his first classified briefing today. He is talking General Flynn and Chris Christie with him, because he doesn’t trust the current intelligence community and they can ask tough questions. I don’t even know why they are giving him any briefings at all.

  117. Now Chris Christie is a foreign policy expert? Guess I missed that. And Flynn is another Putin-friendly advisor. Bet briefers will be happy to see him.

    I agree that Roger Stone is still helping Trump. He’s another guy The Orange Menace dumped without really dumping. Stone is the guy responsible for all the scurrilous anti-Hillary headlines the National Enquirer has been running every week. It’s not even safe for Hillary supporters at the supermarket checkout!

  118. Flynn was at that Kiss-Putin’s-Ass meeting in Moscow with that cockroach Jill Stein.

  119. No he’s taking Christie and Flynn with him because it’s all over his head. I’m surprised Flynn is even allowed in considering his Moscow trip.

    I mean a “Human Rights” gathering with a guy who kills anybody who disagrees with him? Trump must be so jealous of that.

  120. I wonder if our national security briefers might not pull an old trick. Feed some false piece of data to Trump and his handlers, and then see if it shows up in Russian intelligence traffic.

    Our military intelligence had broken the Japanese naval code in WW2, and used such a trick to find out that the Japanese were going to try to take the Midway Islands. They

    Our intelligence knew the Japanese were going to strike at objective “AF”. But what did “AF” mean? They guessed Midway, so a message was sent saying that Midway’s water desalinization plant had broken down (the Midway Islands have no fresh water source). Our intelligence soon intercepted a Japanese message that “AF” was short of fresh water. :mrgreen:

  121. This is like something out of a dark fantasy novel. All of the evil forces are now aligned and marching. Everyone who has demonized and tried to destroy Hillary and Bill Clinton over the last 25 years, is out of the shadows. Ailes. Stone. Breitbart, though their founder has died. Klayman and Judicial Watch. Dowd. Mitchell. The Kochs. Comey. Woodward. And the general they have chosen to lead their forces is a figurehead leader, useful to them for their evil purposes, but not really calling the shots.

    Against this demonic legion, we have the brave Hillary, and her lieutenants and advisors, including Bill. And her many loyal supporters. And it will take all of that to defeat these forces, who will pervert all the rules of decency and engagement in their relenless pursuit of total victory. And the enemy owns the media, and will try to use that power to distort the narrative, and try to convince the populace that they are their friends, instead of the embodiments of evil that they are. I do think that if Hillary can overcome these malign forces, now all arrayed against her; she will, if not destroy them, be able to take away much of their power and fearfulness. But it has been a dark and dangerous journey so far, and it will get worse, before the light starts to break through the edge of the forest clearing, like in the hopeful storybooks.

  122. William, that is true. It’s like Trump is the Pied Piper of the dark side leading all the ugly Republicans off a cliff.

    Of course, this also shows what a profile in cowardice the majority of Republicans are. I think nary a Republican here in GA has stood up and said there is a problem with Trump. They are either embracing him or they are doing a run and duck when asked about him. And then you have people like Nikki Haley saying they endorse Trump but don’t endorse him. Yet another profile in cowardice.

  123. Interesting article:

    By the time Chris Christie became governor of New Jersey, the state’s auditors and lawyers had been battling for several years to collect long-overdue taxes owed by the casinos founded by his friend Donald J. Trump.

    The total, with interest, had grown to almost $30 million. The state had doggedly pursued the matter through two of the casinos’ bankruptcy cases and even accused the company led by Mr. Trump of filing false reports with state casino regulators about the amount of taxes it had paid.

    But the year after Governor Christie, a Republican, took office, the tone of the litigation shifted. The state entertained settlement offers. And in December 2011, after six years in court, the state agreed to accept just $5 million, roughly 17 cents on the dollar of what auditors said the casinos owed.

    more at the posted above link

  124. Upps said: Sophie, I’d kill to have the blue wave as a header.


    It’s a beauty, alright.

    That’s why God made photoshop, Upps.

  125. Upps, you should make a header with that wave and your kitty on a Hillary surfboard…riding high!

  126. Not to change the subject..BUT…in the interest of staving off some Repub/media talking/confusion points…my CNN and MSNBC viewing has resulted in what appears to be a distillation of the “e-mail scandal”. It is actually possible to describe and understand that Hillary’s great sin can be narrowed down to three e-mails that did NOT have the correct markings in the e-mail heading or footing when SENT to Hillary;the internal markings ( the little c’s we’ve heard so much about) were wrongly attached to two of those e-mails.
    I’m beginning to think that this “sharing” of the Hillary/FBI interview might actually end up helping her case;as it will clarify that 1) Comey has gone out of his way to help his Republican buddies 2) Most of the damning info in Comey’s “report of findings” and congressional testimony constitutes HIS interpretation of the findings and 3) It’s absolutely possible that the Comey/Gowdy back and forth was factually true..but so was Hillary’s testimony..she answered truthfully based on the facts she knew at the time and Comey answered after months of investigation into info Hillary had no access to at the time.

    Hmm,looking back on this ,the explanation seems more complicated than I originally thought ..but the surrogates need to stay focused on the ..”three e-mails/header” thing and find a way to deconstruct the Comey/Gowdy back and forth.

    And my hope is that Hillary will start saying ” Asked and answered,next question” re: any more e-mail questions and if reporters remain persistent say,” I fully support the factual findings of the FBI and don’t question their professionalism.” ( Factual as opposed to “extremely careless” which is an interpretation)

    Geeze,this is a long post..don’t know what got into me. I’m just so sick of the whole e-mail is the rest of the country.I want it done with..ASKED AND ANSWERED.

  127. Yesterday CNN was gushing on the possibilities of Hillary’s FBI notes, (only sent to ahole Rethugs)…and how they could/would be leaked to the public. Then the side story was how she was thrashing Dumpty in the polls…followed up by how untrustworthy she is.

    Do they really think the American people are stupid enough to take CNN’s analysis over their own preference of voting for her?

    Looks more like America has tuned out the jackass opinion spinners in cable tv…just like the rest of us.

    Hillary is on a freakin’ roll………at this point, she is winning.

    She is a winner, she always was a winner, therefore, PUMA.

    Dumpty is going to lose and look like the dumbass loser he is. He can make a big ‘LOSER’ sign for his faux castle and plaster it with gold and diamond chips…and he will still be a Big Fat Loser in my book.

  128. The MSM just keeps lowering the bar even more for Trump. All he has to do lately is just read from the teleprompter and the MSM just love him. It’s like they are training a dog with praise.

    Do we really need a President that has trouble staying on message?Cheese and Toast! I thought W was dumb as a bag of rocks, but he’s a genius compared to Trump. Trump has managed to drag the entire GOP into a fecal swamp of racism, bigotry and misogyny. And his new campaign help Breitbart? Really?! Yeah, that’ll work. I see the women, Hispanics and African Americans just flocking to him because of Breitbart.

  129. Sadly, FlVoter, Trump didn’t drag them into that swamp. They’ve been in it for a long long time. he just exposed it is all. He’s a product of their secret thoughts, the things they say in meetings when nobody is there to hear them. he is their spawn.

  130. I was just commenting to my nephew yesterday that when I was younger (like back in the 80’s) we just didn’t say a lot of the stuff some MSMer’s and politicians say now on tv. They are all missing common sense and civility. Politeness doesn’t exist anymore. They all talk and yell over each other. MSM doesn’t stop anyone lying anymore. They just let the most outrageous statements go without challenge. I don’t know if all this trash being spewed out in the open is good, like ripping a band aide off an infected wound, or if letting it fester in that dark disappointments room and quietly rot away is better. All I can say for a fact is that Trump’s statements and off the cuff remarks are incredibly offensive. No way to make anything constructive out of them. The GOP loves and hates him at the same time so to me they are feeding into that Trumpalooza. It’s still hard to believe that so many people in the USA just plain hate minorities. That his new campaign strategy is doubling down on the old hateful strategy is horrifying. It’s just one huge theatre of the absurd..

  131. Actually, I’ve read the Corporate Media is starting to turn up some heat on Orange Julius Caesar.

    I suspect what is happening is that members of the national security establishment, now that they have nearly all lined up behind HRC, have sent word to their Corporate Media contacts that they want Orange Julius kicked to the curb. I would think the military brass and the spymasters wield more influence in this country than, for example, the Breitbart site, Judicial Watch, and MoDo the Dodo.

  132. Has Trump commented on KellyAnne Conway’s looks yet?

  133. Boston Globe is asking Hillary to shutdown Clinton Foundation. I say if the Mfers in the world want to ingratiate themselves to President Hillary and give money to her charity, I say more power to Hillary and her charity.

  134. “As if Gandalf’s horse is actually blogging at Upps.”

    Hey, if Bill the Cat can blog here, why not a horse? :mrgreen:

  135. Funny how “Citizens United” flagged a deal that never happened and made a big deal of it, but didn’t notice that $40 billion Cheney’s Halliburton made off of Iraq….and that was Pay To Play that actually HAPPENED.

  136. New Trump spokesperson in all his stupidity. Just glorious..can you say ACKWARD!

  137. Shad, Don’t have photoshop and don’t plan on getting it.

  138. Rebel, Christie was there to read “Classified For Dummies” to Donnie…..for a bag of Oreos.

  139. Did you see that fake “board meeting” trump had with all his lackys? Where he got to sit in the “president’s” seat? and there was Rudy, blowing Donnie for the cameras. How stupid the press is. They just covered a free advert for Donald.

  140. I don’t get all the coverage for Baby Donnie’s first classified briefing. Long as I’ve been around I never remember that being something the press covered with such length. Like it’s Baby’s first step or something.

  141. I hear Kellyanne Convey is the drab woman behind the scenes for taming of the shrew — as I am writing this, I am looking for the male equivalent of shrew and there isn’t one. Any language experts on this board, please enlighten me.

  142. Conway, lol

  143. Who says? We do:
    In Colorado, Clinton up 49-39
    In Virginia, Clinton up 50-38
    In Iowa, Clinton up 47-44

  144. Uppity, Re: the blue wave photo. You don’t need Photo Shop. Just right click on the photo. You’ll get a drop down menu that will allow you to save the photo to your computer’s photo file. You can then use it to change the header.

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  145. Uppity, wait until the debates. Trump’s bar will be on the ground. Any time he even mentions an issue, he will be lauded by the media. It will be like he has a fifty shot handicap in golf. It will be lhe media’s goal to make the smartest person in the class look bad by comparison to a truant dullard. If they can do it in movies, they figure they can do it on TV. They managed to convince the viewers that Bush actually won the first debate with Gore. when the snap polls showed that most thought Gore had won. After a day or so of showing over and over clips of Gore sighing,;and having their bogus pundits keep saying that Bush was surprisingly effective in saying nothing but “leaders lead,” they shifted the perceptions.

  146. That gobshite is defying reality….”says who”….says everybody dimwit.

    They have lost control of all reality.

  147. Hahah Roz I do know how to save a pic. The problem is you can’t just drop a photo into the header, it has to be the right size. If you try to size it in WP, it stretches and distorts the pic. The pic has to be sized 904 x 160


    Baryshnikov for the first time endorses a candidate for president.

  149. Mfers

    Good one PM.

  150. Oh, thank God, GA, for a moment, I was afraid that Baryshnikov was a sleeper cell of one!

  151. Cohen is a dbag, just like the man that hired him.

  152. Upps, I have photoshop and when I have time I can work on some things for ya. I just need decent images to start with and the size you need.

  153. Shadow, my French is pretty good and I am unafraid to use it, as you know. But I will hold back here because I don’t know all the participants here, 🙂

  154. William, I’m sure the bar will be low for the media. However it seems that the voters have wised up to the media’s game. We have historic low trust in the media in this country. If they had much influence we would be having a race between Sanders and Jeb or Rubio or Kasich and we are not.

  155. Yeah, pm…I am still learning the ropes too and French is a good language 😉

  156. Thanks shadow, that’s nice of you. I’d like that blue wave in 904 x160

  157. Hey Upps, 160 is a ridiculously small height! The problem is that when you scale the image to that height, the resulting width only uses about 1/3 of the available space.

  158. If the beautiful wave pic can’t be cropped enough to fit the long skinny space for the header, there are lots of pix of beautiful waves that might fit better, and then the logo and twitter hashtag could be added on. I would do it, but don’t know how on a pc, and I never fixed my old mac that broke down this year.

  159. Laker sends this goofy video. Its pretty funny if you’ve seen the Star Wars movies. Laker is a Star Wars geek and loves this type of parody, although, as he correctly points out, comparing Trump to Darth Vader is insulting to Darth Vader:

    ps: don’t read the comments on the youtube page. Insipid.

  160. Upps, as you see that the blue wave is not the same ratio of a rectangle as the 904×160 (pixel?) size.

    There are two possibilities of working with that dimension, either the top and bottom need to be cropped down, (a same to destroy that wave), or usable borders can be added to one or both sides of the image, filled up with whatever.

    Just eyeballing your top header vs the wave image, to place it in such a long, narrow space would only take up less than half of the space, and the image would be smaller than the current wave posted. To fill the space with a longer type wave, it might take more of a panoramic photo…not sure if that’s what you want.

    To stretch it or distort it would ruin the image.

  161. Yeah that’s what I meant, Shadow. You can’t just drop it into wordpress and change the sizing to header size. It distorts because of the dimensions. Somebody on twitter will eventually do it and I’ll just steal it. lol.

  162. Yup what Sophie said too.

    I admittedly have no patience doing stuff like photoshop. I just don’t enjoy that stuff.

  163. Just signed up with the local HFA office to work a voter registration drive at Charlotte Pride this weekend. I’m pretty psyched!

  164. Now that Assange has started doing the bidding of Tsar Putin, I propose we start referring to WikiLeaks as “VladiLeaks”. If it turns out that I coined this term, I release it to anyone who wishes to use it. :mrgreen:

  165. Since hardly anybody clicks on tweets I post (Your loss!), I stole this.

    *walks up to Michael Cohen’s door*
    “Knock knock.”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Says who?”

  166. No wonder Manafort is getting the shit stick from Trump…..

    Donald Trump’s campaign chairman helped a pro-Russian governing party in Ukraine secretly route at least $2.2 million in payments to two prominent Washington lobbying firms in 2012, and did so in a way that effectively obscured the foreign political party’s efforts to influence U.S. policy.
    The revelation, provided to The Associated Press by people directly knowledgeable about the effort, comes at a time when Trump has faced criticism for his friendly overtures to Russian President Vladimir Putin. It also casts new light on the business practices of campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook


    In a stunning showing of that potent mixture of arrogance and stupidity, Republicans in the House of Representatives have been leaking classified information about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails which they received from the FBI. To take such an action is a federal crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

  168. If this doesn’t break your heart, you have no heart. This must be what Trump means when he says “Kill their families”. Well, Putin is granting his wish…

  169. When are the GOP and the American conservative movement (two overlapping institutions) going to realize that, with a trivial handful of exceptions, the only people who give a flying duck about the Clinton “scandals” are people who were never going to vote for Hillary anyway?

  170. Welp Bill, their focus is so narrow (mostly on themselves) that they don’t notice. Look at what Trump just did. Hired a conspiracy theorists to help him gain the votes of people who are already voting for him.

  171. We knew it, he is as corrupt as they come…

    As a Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Bernie Sanders vociferously argued for political transparency, especially when money was concerned.

    Sanders insisted, for example, “on complete transparency regarding the funding of campaigns.” He decried “huge piles of undisclosed cash” benefiting candidates.

    But when federal law required Sanders to reveal, by May 15, current details of his personal finances, his campaign lawyer asked the Federal Election Commission for a 45-day extension.

    Request granted.

    On June 30, Sanders’ campaign requested a second 45-day extension, saying the senator had “good cause” to delay because of his “current campaign schedule and officeholder duties.”

    Again, regulators said yes.

    Now that Sanders’ second extension has expired, spokesman Michael Briggs confirmed to the Center for Public Integrity that the senator won’t file a presidential campaign personal financial disclosure after all.

    Click here to read the Center for Public Integrity version of this story.

    “We were told that since the senator no longer is a candidate there was no requirement to file,” Briggs said.

    FEC spokesman Christian Hilland verified that Sanders has not filed a personal financial disclosure. He likewise confirmed that Sanders, who technically ceased to be a presidential candidate when Hillary Clinton secured the Democratic nomination on July 26, is no longer required to file one.

  172. Nothing ever happens to the Republicans who break federal laws, so they do it with impunity. Trump should be in jail for telling Russia to hack Hillary’s emails, and for inciting violence against a presidential candidate. Manafort should be in jail for acting as an agent of a foreign government while running a presidential campaign in this country. and for managing to have the Republican party platform changed to benefit that government, while being on the books for $12.5 million in fees. Christie should be locked up for using his state governmental powers to deliberately cause traffic problems. These House members who deliberately leaked classified documents should get the ten years in prison. But of course nothing will happen to any of them, which is why they feel reckless enough to do all of it. The only major political figure whom the FBI has investigated in all of this, is Hillary. And I’m pretty sure that there are people in the FBI who are working with the far Right, and have been doing so for decades. There is a corruption at the core of this Republic; and all the insane conspiracy theories and libels which the far Right comes up with, are obscuring it, probably deliberately so.

  173. The FBI needs their house cleaned and Comey needs to be one of the first ones to go for his lack of action in the Pulse massacre.

    Bannon is a very rich target for Dems. I never thought there might be one worse than Manafort but apparently there is. Manafort had one main problem which is the Ukraine connection. Not saying it’s not bad, it is but Bannon is an oppo researchers dream. This guy is in bed with the neo nazis and every other bad right wing organization you can think of in this country.

  174. Saw this on Boehlert’s twitter TL. Read the whole thing.

    WIRED Endorses Hillary

    But having met Clinton and talked about all these issues with her, I can tell you that her mastery of issues and detail is unlike that of any politician I’ve met. She comes to every policy conversation steeped in its history and implications, and with opinions from a diverse set of viewpoints. She is a technician, and we like technicians.

  175. I forget where I saw this (one of the twitter TLs I scan) which said ‘can you imagine that Breitbart now has access to all voter and other data from RNC.’ Scary.

  176. Ga6thDem, my understanding is that Comey was appointed in 2013 for a ten-year term. I guess that Hillary could appoint some additional peopel there and sort of watchdog him. It is sad that the FBI, which people are used to thinking of with respect, has been in the past, and is apparently now, just a hack partisan institution which goes after people for spite (Hoover era) or political motives (now). This entire email investigation was a partisan job. Why would there be an investigation of a Secretary of State’s email server, when Colin Powll and others did the exact same thing? What laws were alleged to have been broken? This was an entire set-up, in my view, and the media just ate it up, doing the right wing’s work for them.

    On Bannon, it is just sickening that Trump is enabling every anti-semitic, racist, organization and person in the country. It is like the Nazi revival. I am no fan of Bill Kristol’s politics, but this Breitbart site run by Bannon called him “a renegade Jew” in a recent column, which is despicable. The Republican leadership en masse is responsible for the rise of Trump and his neo-Nazi and fascist supporters. It has been building for years, and they winked at it. And the media which has just had so much fun giving cover to Trump, has the stain of guilt upon its hands as well. Trump letting this guy run his campaign is awful in all respects.

  177. This is big, {from the Wired article}:

    I bring all this up because, for all of its opinions and enthu­siasms, WIRED has never made a practice of endorsing candidates for president of the United States. Through five election cycles we’ve written about politics and politicians and held them up against our ideals. But we’ve avoided telling you, our readers, who WIRED viewed as the best choice.

    Today we will. WIRED sees only one person running for president who can do the job: Hillary Clinton.

  178. Peter Daou, who is a really brilliant guy, has figured out Trump. He’s not stupid or incompetent as many believe. He’s just not really running for president–although he’d take it if it comes. Daou thinks Trump is all about mainstreaming white nationalism, white supremacy, and white identity politics. Looked at in that way, all the crazy stuff makes sense. And Daou first talked about this theory BEFORE Trump brought in Bannon who is openly a proponent of what is called “alt-right” ideology, a very extreme racist and white supremacist movement. They revel in conspiracy theories.

    Yes, the media OWNS Trump and all his toxic buddies. If there is a Hell, a lot of media figures have one way tickets.

    Up, that poor little Syrian boy is, tragically, a human symbol of all that ails us in the world today. Putin is another with a one way ticket to the lowest ring of Hades.

  179. Peter Daou was a great Hillary supporter in 2008 and he is still hard at it. I have started scanning his twitter TL lately and agree that he called what Trump was trying to do with white nationalism first well before the latest shakeup. I still can’t believe that a nth rate blog that even the conservatives don’t like is now running a national campaign for the GOP.

  180. Hillary could never really go after Comey for his totally inappropriate comments during his “press conference” in which he took no questions. She knows she’s going to be stuck with him for (hopefully) nearly two full terms. Because it’s almost impossible to fire an FBI Director, he has more power than the sitting president. She could never adequately defend herself–one more horrible injustice. As William said, the FBI Director still has WAY too much power.

  181. It appears that MSNBC has given orders to put on a series of right-wing guests. They started doing that last week or so. It is as if Hillary’s campaign does not even exist, except as something that Trump attacks. None of her policies are discussed, none of the people who endorse her. Just, “How can Trump change his message so as to bring in more voters?” I know that I shouldn’t watch this stuff. I have essentially given up on Chris Matthews, who keeps saying, “Why doeesn’t Trump run on a nationalist and populist message about jobs and trade, like Huey Long?” That doesn’t leave me with many other news shows to watch. But–and I would not take even a glimmer of satisfaction from being correct on this–I am sensing a media, “Trump is rallying!” narrative. This entire coverage has been about Trump. Hillary, the most brilliant political figure of this era, is somehow given an absolute minimum of credit for anything, even being in the race.

  182. I never watch MSNBC. Solves that problem for me.

  183. Bernie bought himself a summer home with Jane’s campaign salary…….from the pizza money of dumb shits.

  184. I am laughing at this but it is serious. This thing is going around the twitterverse (do I have to use these terms? ugh). This guy by his name I recognize as Indian and he was thrown out of Trump’s Charlotte rally and told he fit the profile of a protester! (No America for you!) Oh, they also threw out a woman in a headscarf who was not doing any protesting.

  185. Oh, sorry that pic is so big. Uppity, feel free to delete the comment.

  186. The plaque beneath the statues showing in in LA, NY etc, says, “The Emperor has no balls”.
    Here is how they are made!

  187. That video is ahem…educational. NYC Parks statement about that Trump statue is hilarious!

  188. Well, as far as Comey goes it would have to be over something other than the email crap. She could ask for his resignation but he also could refuse to give it I guess. She might also make his life so miserable he quits. Once again Obama nominated someone attempting to please the GOP who could in many ways care less about doing his job. The GOP even treats him like a putz.

    Oh, yes, the media has decided that Hillary is winning by too much and it’s boring so they are going to fluff Trump. The media in this country is so bankrupt they are going to fluff neo nazis and white supremacists.

  189. Chris Matthews and his bromances: First W, then Guiliani, then Obama, and now Trump. I noticed he stopped being nice to Hillary after his wife lost the Dem primary in Maryland.

  190. He brags about being against the Iraq War. He doesn’t ever talk about voting for Bush in 2000. And I don’t think he was ever as fervently anti-war as he now claims–just like Trump.

  191. I’m sorry, Jake, but what did you expect?

  192. Sanders attacked Hillary for months for not releasing speech transcripts. He knew how much she was paid for speeches from tax returns (which he never released) and financial disclosures (which he never released). I am very glad Hillary stood her ground.

  193. Here’s hoping that Jake sees the light.
    Not holding my breath.

  194. Comprehensive Guide To Hillary Clinton’s Emails

    The facts! Read & Tweet.

  195. Tonight’s Truth on Twitter:

  196. Brassy Rebel, on August 18, 2016 at 11:23 PM said:

    Chris Matthews and his bromances: First W, then Guiliani, then Obama, and now Trump. I noticed he stopped being nice to Hillary after his wife lost the Dem primary in Maryland

    What is her name?

  197. Mixed emotions aside, new poll has DWS crushing Bernie’s fellow Central America Socialist buddy.
    59-26 with 15% undecided.

  198. neetabug @ 8:37 am: I think her name is Kathleen. She was running for some state office. I think she is a big Hill fan. She and hubby must have some interesting conversations (fights?).

    Last time Hillary was in Florida she did an appearance for DWS. Hillary is as loyal as the day is long. That’s what I call character.

  199. I hope Jake Anantha (his full name) sees the light also. But it highlights the problem with Trump candidacy for minorities in a nutshell. How do you tell a bad guy from a good guy?

  200. Brassy Rebel, Katherine Matthews was running to be the Democrat in MD-8th. Van Hollen left the seat to run to replace Mukulski in the Senate. The seat is in Montgomery County adjacent to DC to the north. Lots of people, with lots of money, ran in the primary.

  201. Manfort Trumps campaign manager resigns.

  202. The guy being thrown out of the rally is initially amusing, but of course it is a sinister precursor of what would happen if Trump were elected. Identifying bands of various colors and shapes, to tell the inner circle from the proscribed? Round-ups of dissidents? Purges? Not so far-fetched at all. It is right out there in front of us, though the media doesn’t seem interested. Of course, as the famous quiote goes, when the Trump people would inevitably come for the media, there would be nobody left to save them. I’d like to send that quote to every single one of them, maybe it would permeate the consciousness of some.

  203. Today is William Jefferson Clinton’s 70th Birthday. Politico has 70 photos of him, going back to childhood. See:

    HuffiPo also acknowledges his birthday, and shows some video clips. See:

    Happy Birthday, Bill! I see you doing a wonderful job as our soon to be First Dude :-).

    The Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. has a hallway lined with the portraits of the U.S. Presidents and their First Ladies. Near the end, you see portraits of Bill and Hillary. I keep visualizing their second set of portraits, with a switch in the order, and look forward to the day when I can walk through and see both sets. The hallway itself is accessible to the public, on the way to some conference rooms. See:

  204. Happy birthday President Clinton. You have made this world a better place for millions despite the loathsome attacks you and your family have been subject to . I wish you many more years of health and happiness.

  205. Media hails Trump campaign “pivot”. Does this mean we are now expected to forget all that has gone before–the bigotry, the violence, the threats and intimidation, and the Kremlin connection? That would require more than a pivot. It would require mass amnesia.

    This morning, Greg Sargent of the Plum Line noted that Hillary said she regretted email server a thousand times, yet media still harps on it. Trump utters vague regret for unspecified offenses (there are so many from which to choose!), and all is forgiven!

  206. Among the classified leaks from Congress on Hillary’s damn emails is the little nugget that Hillary said during her FBI interview that Colin Powell advised her to use personal email for all unclassified State Dept. business. Ironically, although Piwell claims a bad memory, the FBI has an email he sent her confirming this.

    This is yet another testament to Hillary’s good character that after MONTHS of getting beaten to a pulp over this, Hillary never publicly revealed this. She never threw him under the bus. As for his character, well, for him to maintain radio silence as she is pummeled, says nothing very good about him.

  207. And Trump had a big photo op in drowning Louisiana. He delivered a box of play-doh. Seriously.

  208. Brassy, the stupid tea party Republicans in the House always go too far and end up shooting themselves in the foot (feet)
    They hauled Comey up to testify and, under oath, his statements were far more favorable toward Hillary than his ramblings at the sketchy press conference.
    These true believer Republicans actually believe their own propaganda, unlike Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.
    Jason Chaffetz and his ilk believe that the Clintons are grifters and murderers.
    Of course they have no facts, but who needs facts when you have talk radio?

  209. Brassy Rebel, as we know, all Trump is doing is trying to obscure his neo-Nazi policies and sympathies behind this flimsy and phony regretting. The media sinks deeper into the depths every day; now happily telling everyone that Trump has changed! He has pivoted! That’s all it takes for them, because, 1) They are imbeciles who know so little about policy matters that they can only focus on statements and charges and personal matters; and, 2) They really want a close race, and may indeed want Trump to win.

    So Instead of doing what they should have done, which is to have basically ignored this phony and completely insigificant statement by Trump, they try to reset the entire narrative, as if one team was ahead 50-0, but the score is suddenly wiped off the board, and it is 0-0 again! Well, except that in their calculations, Hillary is always behind, always playing defense, always explaining, never good enough for them. That the media are jerks is beyond obvious. That they are enabling a potential Nazi takeover of this country, makes them co-conspirators in evil.

  210. “Adolf Hitler gave a speech today, in which he said that he regretted that his forces had bombed London for six straight months, saying that maybe they could have taken a few days off, or bombed in a different way. He also said that some of the countries the Nazis invaded may have misinterpreted it, and if they did, he regrets that. This speech was excellent, as it may have marked a new phase in which Hitler will still try to take over the world, and kill all non-Aryans, but will do so in a populist manner. Hitler said that he is just trying to help improve things. In the meantime, Winston Churchill is facing criticism for his ‘We will fight them on the beaches’ speech, some calling it too repetitive. He is also still plagued by questions about Gallipoli, and a possible contradiction in his explanations for that event. We invite both of these leaders to come on the air for a debate about these various issues, which is sure to draw a large audience, particularly if it is on a non-blitz night.”

  211. @William re: Garland. Been out of action for a while, but I suggested somewhere or another that Obama should set, say, an Oct 15 deadline to act on the Garland nomination or he would withdraw it. I think that would hang a double bag of rocks around GOPer necks and put them in a damned if you or damned if you don’t situation.

  212. Churl, I would like to see that as well, but I think that Obama will just sit and wait until Hillary (hopefully!) wins, and then they’ll approve Garland in the lame duck session. This may have always been his goal. I have rarely seen him actually fight the Republicans on the floor, and I think that he wants Garland, expects Garland to be confirmed, and will not put pressure on the Republicans by threatening to withdraw him.

  213. Orange Julius Caesar hired the executive chairman of the Blightfart site to be CEO of his campaign, signalling that the OJC campaign will double down on the same “It’s all the fault of them uppity wimminz and uppity colored folks” strategy which won him the adulation of the vacuum-skulled pithecanthropoids of the GOP Booboisie.

    We can expect to see Trumpty Dumpty (h/t Uppity) stick his foot in his mouth more often and more deeply. 😈

  214. Ivory:
    You are so funny!

    “The vacuum-skulled pithecanthropoids of the GOP Booboisie”…

    such a studios and scientifically accurate… LOL

  215. Thanx, but I can’t take credit for “Booboisie”; the late, great H. L. Mencken invented that term. :mrgreen:

  216. Dang, I forgot to compliment William on his “What if the British press in 1940 had behaved like the modern U. S. Corporate Media” parody. Nice one. 😀

  217. Kathleen Matthews ran for my district and glad she lost. We have enough incest going on between media people and their political/politician spouse.

  218. So when are Bannon and Conway getting fired? Lot of adverse things they said (about Trump or other) are dribbling in.

  219. huh, Sanders’ Russian connection?! Did you know this?

  220. Yes, I saw that about Devine during the primaries. Hypocritical of Sanders , for sure. Funny how the candidates who whine about the corrupt system controlled by “elites” and “establishment” and how everything is “rigged”are the most compromised of all. Guess it takes a corrupt pol to know one.

  221. No surprise about Bernie. Went on his honeymoon to USSR, in search of a “Sister City” for Burlington. He’s a long time Communist afficionado, which is why he is so in love with Nicaragua and Cuba. Both have Communist leanings. He used “denmark” etc as his front, but that was never the kind of “Socialism” Bernie had in mind at all. It’s why CPUSA gave him a full-throated endorsement.

  222. I didn’t pay much attention to Bernie Sanders campaign while it was happening. I knew it was set up (by whom I don’t know) to prick Hillary and it was not serious. So the DNC hack takes on a new meaning now (for me) and when they say the Russians were behind it.

  223. Today at the NYT:

    When is the caca-crap about the e-mails is going to stop?

  224. bellecat, don’t worry about the e-mails. Voters are sick and tired of hearing about them. After a while people are immune to them. They are saying to the repubs, is this all you got?

  225. Well if that’s true… when it comes to Sanders, it’s pretty fair to say that Putin lost that round.

  226. Trump starting to get the inquisition…as I guessed, he is basically a credit billionaire, he may not actually have any money.

    On the campaign trail, Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has sold himself as a businessman who has made billions of dollars and is beholden to no one.

    But an investigation by The New York Times into the financial maze of Mr. Trump’s real estate holdings in the United States reveals that companies he owns have at least $650 million in debt — twice the amount than can be gleaned from public filings he has made as part of his bid for the White House. The Times’s inquiry also found that Mr. Trump’s fortunes depend deeply on a wide array of financial backers, including one he has cited in attacks during his campaign.

    For example, an office building on Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, of which Mr. Trump is part owner, carries a $950 million loan. Among the lenders: the Bank of China, one of the largest banks in a country that Mr. Trump has railed against as an economic foe of the United States, and Goldman Sachs, a financial institution he has said controls Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, after it paid her $675,000 in speaking fees.

    Real estate projects often involve complex ownership and mortgage structures. And given Mr. Trump’s long real estate career in the United States and abroad, as well as his claim that his personal wealth exceeds $10 billion, it is safe to say that no previous major party presidential nominee has had finances nearly as complicated.

    As president, Mr. Trump would have substantial sway over monetary and tax policy, as well as the power to make appointments that would directly affect his own financial empire. He would also wield influence over legislative issues that could have a significant impact on his net worth, and would have official dealings with countries in which he has business interests.

    Yet The Times’s examination underscored how much of Mr. Trump’s business remains shrouded in mystery. He has declined to disclose his tax returns or allow an independent valuation of his assets.


    His wealth is dependent on a string of financial backers…does that sound like a good idea in a President………..who owns Trumps is what the media should be asking and who does he owe favors to?

  227. First Lady Hillary Clinton on Leno (Aug 2000)
    She’s funny, she’s smart, and she’s been fighting for the SAME things all this time–so don’t let anyone try to tell you she’s a flip-flopper.

  228. Great article.

    Members of the press, in their misguided attempt to be “balanced”, love to point out that we face a presidential contest between the two least-popular candidates ever. What they fail to do is analyze their own complicity in blindly adhering to the cartoon version of Hillary Clinton. Trump is unpopular — even with many Republicans who weakly support him — because of his stated positions. Secretary Clinton is unpopular largely because of an aggressive campaign of fictions and slander. That campaign has succeeded largely because of systemic misogyny.

  229. WIRED Endorses Hillary

    It’s about time the boys endorsed Hillary.

  230. Liberty Bell

    Thank you for posting that link of 70 photos of my favorite Big Dawg, and may he have lot’s more, healthy Birthdays to enjoy with his love in the White House!!

    I snagged some of those wonderful photos:

    The own of Hillary in a deep purple dress, dancing while Bill was President…what a beauty she is.

    Some almost made me cry, the night she accepted to be the Democratic Primary winner…Bill looks like he is fighting off busting into tears.

    God Bless both of them, protect them and may they have a very long life.

  231. Basically, Donald lives off of credit. When he finds he can’t pay a loan back, he just bankrupts the target company, which is already set up to legally hold him personally harmless. And then it’s on to the next “project” that continues so long as it’s succeeding.

  232. Yes, and supposedly Hillary is beholden to banks because of speaking fees–for which she like, you know, delivered actual speeches. In another example of extreme media malpractice, Trump has never been asked (to my knowledge) how he plans to disentangle himself from his complex business interests so that he can actually function as POTUS without encountering a huuuge conflict of interest every time he turns around. As someone said when Trump bragged that he is not beholden to special interests, he IS a special interest.

  233. Sophie’s link is awesome! Be sure to read the comments.

  234. Trump is basically a credit vulture, feeding off rules and regulations, if they nailed him properly, he would not have a cent to his name. How he has been allowed to get away with this for so long is beyond any of us.

    Hillary should nail him as a vulture that is living off the poor people and hard working americans that he is screwing everyday by bankrupting and ignoring the rules for his own personal gain.

    He has left a field of debris for all the people he has destroyed financially for his shitty tat that he sells. He leaves everybody else holding the can and then claims “nothing to do with me”

    The Trump family is nothing but a bunch of parasites, he runs a potempkin business, its all fake and glitter.

    If banks and his backers for all the money back right now, they would have nothing, he’d been in the poorhouse.

  235. This sounds right…

    Trump’s FEC document impresses me as the statement of a person who does not have much of anything other than himself – he is his own product. He is the professional wrestler of the financial world – a person who is famous for being famous, the tragic product of a society that produces images instead of actual things.

    Yes, he has built a few golf courses and buildings, but so have others – on a bigger scale; what he has really built is himself, or rather a caricature of himself. My suspicion is that Trump has nothing other than himself. He invented himself. He is his own brand, and that is all he is. Any crack in the mask will cause the whole thing to crumble down.

    It is fitting that he gets a pension from the Screen Actors Guild.

    He is an actor who plays a man worth $10 billion.


    Read it all, pretty sure he is right on the money.

  236. From the NYT article Moon posted:

    Real estate projects often involve complex ownership and mortgage structures. And given Mr. Trump’s long real estate career in the United States and abroad, as well as his claim that his personal wealth exceeds $10 billion, it is safe to say that no previous major party presidential nominee has had finances nearly as complicated.

    As president, Mr. Trump would have substantial sway over monetary and tax policy, as well as the power to make appointments that would directly affect his own financial empire. He would also wield influence over legislative issues that could have a significant impact on his net worth, and would have official dealings with countries in which he has business interests.

    NYT and others in the media, do your real fucking job, instead of chasing 3+2 Hillary emails 24/7 and one non-profit philanthropic foundation that is the Clinton Foundation. Maybe Hillary will bring it up in the debate (like she did with Rezko) and then they will talk about it.

  237. Breaking : According to Michael Kranish on @FaceTheNation, Trump has changed his party affiliation 7 times! Amazing.

    So basically he sticks his finger in the wind…..

  238. Read this previous article on Trumps corruption…honestly i could be here for weeks discovering this shit…

  239. Let us briefly review the situation.

    1. Trump is a true fascist, the American heir of Hitler and Mussolini.

    2. He was apparently described by his campaign chief Manafort as having the temperament of a spoiled 12 year old; and I think this is a generous assessment, as I would say 8 year old.

    3. He knows nothing about policy or the constitution, and doesn’t care.

    4. He thinks that nuclear weapons are supposed to be used. The person who was the ghostwriter of his book, says that if Trump is elected, it is likely that civilization will not survive.

    5. He promises to vastly cut taxes on the wealthy, and also to spend massive amounts on infrastructure, which is palpably impossible, even if he meant it, because with the tax cuts, there would scarcely be a government, much less any money to spend. No supposedly neutral observer points this out, however.

    6. He cozens to white supremacists, anti-semites, racists of all types. People are coming out of the woodwork who have been hiding for decades.

    7. He has encouraged his deranged folowers to sshoot the opposing candidate, and/or any judges she might appoint to the Supreme Court.

    8. He has, on air, encouraged Russia to hack his opponent’s email.

    9. He released a completely fake medical report. He will not release one tax return. He says that his opponent is physically unfit, and corrupt, in an apparent attempt to both project and obscure his vast corruption and questionable health.

    10. His web and trail of debts, scams, ruined lives, unpaid creditors, is probablly breathtaking, but he is doing everything he can to hide it for a couple more months.

    11. He says on a daily basis that his opponent is a crook and a bigot, and that the election is rigged, because Black people will vote five times.

    And yet, with all of this, the media is desperately trying to give him credence; to ignore the fact that Trump is utterly unfit for office for a thousand different reasons. The media tries to create a truly ludicrous “false equivalence” where Hillary giving a few speeches to Wall Street firms is some sign of corruption, whereas Trump’s debts to mafia figures, and foreign countries, among others, is about the same, or lesser in importance. They refuse to even go into Hillary’s complex and nuanced policy proposals, since that would make Trump look absurd by comparison Instead, they very deliberately obsess about her emails, which is actually the all-time red herring and shaggy dog story, which has no meaning and no ultimate point, since nothing wrong ever happened. Quite literally, they do everything they can to help Trump, the insane fascist, the enabler of white supremacist hatred and violence, to be elected President. The question thus becomes: who is worse; Trump, his neo-Nazi supporters, or the media which tries to get him elected? And does it ultimately matter which is more culpable, in this triad of evil?

  240. Trump is still paying his ‘ex’ that Corey guy, the CNN contributor. Maybe it is hush money.

  241. Watching Hillary’s video from 2000 was great. I try not to be a groupie, 😉 but that was good. She looks so good for 53. I still get angry that Obama and the Dems stole 8 years from her youth.

  242. Sophie:
    “First Lady Hillary Clinton on Leno (Aug 2000)”

    Thank you so much for the video…

    Through and through, she shows to be a natural. She just has: “the knack”.

  243. Anybody know anything about this LA poll that has Trump neck and neck?

  244. Sophie, August 20, 2016 at 9:33 PM

    Great article indeed…make it viral please.

  245. Bwah hahahah talk about getting the worst for your campaign

    Michele Bachmann: I’m advising Trump on foreign policy

  246. pm317, its a load of old shit, that poll is so full of holes its swiss cheese, says Trump is winning millenials, has over 40% of latinos and 40% of AA’s, I’m wetting myself laughing reading it, its basically pure fiction.

  247. Yipes, WP has really gone nutszo again. Now some posts don’t even have ratings.

    I agree with Moon and pm.

  248. Ah ha, now the stars are back! Maybe the page didn’t load correctly before.

  249. Trump’s FEC document impresses me as the statement of a person who does not have much of anything other than himself – he is his own product. He is the professional wrestler of the financial world – a person who is famous for being famous, the tragic product of a society that produces images instead of actual things.


    This is absolutely true, and this is what his show, The Apprentice is all about, branding and selling and raising/getting money.

    He is a paper tiger.

  250. “Michele Bachmann: I’m advising Trump on foreign policy”

    Tomorrow–Elmer Fudd: “I’m advising Twump on diction.” 😉

  251. Who are the reporters on Hillary’s campaign? I know a few (Katy Tur, Sopan Deb) with Trump. I think Clinton friendly anchors/shows should have a prominent segment about what Hillary and her supporters did on that day in her campaign.

  252. Ryan Lochte: ” I’m advising Trump on ethics.”

  253. Richard Simmons: “I’m advising Trump on fashion.”

  254. “I’m advising Trump on how to eliminate your arch-enemies.”
    –Every Bond Villain Ever

    Of course, one of them might succeed if they’d quit buying their deathtraps from the ACME Corporation… 😉

  255. One of the reporters following Hillary is Tamara Keith of NPR. This morning she was on Brian Stelter’s CNN show. He asked if she’s seen any evidence of a health problem with Hillary. Her answer was a thing of beauty. She actually said, “I honestly don’t know how she does it. My health is suffering following her. ” She explained that she can no longer go to gym and isn’t getting enough sleep. She said she’s only writing about Hillary campaigning. Hillary is giving speeches. Also, when the Trumpets complain she’s not out on campaign trail, she’s doing fundraisers. She’s not on vacation. Or 😴 which is their very favorite conspiracy theory.

  256. pm, reporter Lisa Lerer was there during the fake seizure claim. In fact, she was the reporter behind Hillary that the flying asshole Hannity claims was ‘scared’.They deliberately removed the audio because they are fucking pieces of shit that way. Anyways, she sets everyone straight. Yet that crazy bastard Rudy carries on because he is about five minutes before the cerebral hemmorage he deserves to have. hopefully it remove his speech center, because that guy is looking for a job, since he tried to fuck NY one too many times since he milked 911, and he is clear out of people to bilk any longer.

    May Karma visit that piece of shit Hannity. I saw him try to destroy a congressional candidate once.He failed, but he kept going for week beyond that with his lies.He is the worst of the worst of FOX.No scruples whatsoever. Will run with a Sludge conspiracy theory long after everyone knows it’s bullshit.

    Here’s Lisa’s excellent description of what REALLy was going on in that video clip.I wanted to do a post on this but realized I hate these people so fucking much, I couldn’t get through the writing without lobbing horrible curses at them. Sophie, feel free.

  257. I spent a couple of hours today at Charlotte pride registering people to vote. It was a great experience it even though I nearly got heatstroke. I personally targeted young people and AA’s. Young people because we saw what happened with the Bernie Bros who were all enthusiastic about the candidate but not so good on the paperwork, and AA’s because they are at the greatest risk right now of being disenfranchised in NC. Everyone I got was young and had just moved to NC and they were happy to have someone make it easy for them. And overall, everyone I spoke to was highly motivated to vote. I really feel we can turn NC blue in November!

  258. Ironically, Trump is 16 months older than Hillary, hasn’t released anything remotely resembling medical records, flies out on his luxurious plane to do one event a day, then back home to sleep in his own bed every night. Jennifer Palmieri says he keeps a toddler’s schedule.

  259. Courtesy of weekend passes, Bernie Madoff is advising Trump on Treasury policy. The Unibomber is a two-fer, advising on both science policy and the national park service.

  260. Way to go, julies9164! This is how it’s done!

  261. I can always count on you, prolix.

  262. Rumor has it Donnie wets the bed at night, so he doesn’t like staying in hotels. You know, Pee and Tell.

  263. You ROCK, Julie!

  264. Brassy Rebel, Uppity, thanks for the info/article. Even the novices could tell that video was clearly doctored — her head is moving on a different timescale than the rest of them around her. The regular doctors on Fox would not go along with Hannity after watching that video. They have their professional credibility to maintain unlike Hannity.

  265. Head of Veterans For Trump pleads guilty to his participation in Bundy Standoff. I know you are surprised.

    Trump gave $100k to pastor Tony Perkins, leader of Anti-Gay church. I know you are surprised.

  266. “even novices..” I should read what I write 🙂

  267. Uppity said,

    Trump gave $100k to pastor Tony Perkins….

    He thought it was for a remake of Psycho and he might have a shot at being cast as small handed Norman Bates.

  268. Reality is slowly (note I said slowly) setting in on some voters:

  269. Thanks, VotingHillary, for the great vid.
    I love those Philly accents (refined Baltimorean).
    Women have decided the Presidential contests for ten or fifteen years.
    We’re in good hands, now.

  270. Rule of Thumb: If Alex Jones, Sludge and Sean Hannity are pimping it, it’s psycho conspiratorial bullshit.

    We have to excuse Giuliani. He’s desperate for a job ever since NY got sick of his nefarious con jobs and told him to go fuck a duck.

  271. Thanks for the kind words! I really was happy out there getting people to register to vote and just talking about the importance of the election. I even had several people who wanted to register but couldn’t because they live in South Carolina. I told them to make sure they get to the board of elections website and register. What was really cool with seeing all of the “Bill for First Dude” T-shirts.

    That video of the Donald Trump focus group was equal parts hopeful and frightening for me. These people so desperately do not want to vote for Hillary that they would still choose Donald if he would straighten up and act presidential. I could understand if they were saying “I just don’t agree with Hillary’s policies so therefore I can’t vote Democratic.” But they actually just think there’s no good choice, it’s personal. That’s what i just don’t get.

  272. I still get angry that Obama and the Dems stole 8 years from her youth.

    Me too. I just hope her health will hold for 8 years. That said, if anyone’s will, it’s hers. She is in fantastic shape. Also, she is younger than both Trump and Sanders, plus women statistically live longer than men.

  273. Have they looked at the stash of Colin Powell’s private emails using AOL to see if there were any classified emails there? And he used AOL, FFS. At least Hillary used some ‘unknown’ server that was not easily visible to the world. There should be a ’email for dummies’ tutorial for the media and the rest of them.

  274. Voting:

    What a great news and link on the “Brief” by John Dean.

    About time someone step up to legally challenge this rep(ub)tilicans witch hunt.

    Let’s make it viral

  275. Colin Powell told her about his private email account on AOL that he uses for State Department business (presumably considering the IT age of State’s systems). Hillary did the next best responsible thing by not using some corporate website (which is bad, imagine; even I, the little old me, don’t use my personal yahoo email for my business activities) but setting up her own mail server (it is not that hard) so that it is safer. Now I have a better understanding of what happened here.

    The thing is, Hillary should not be in the business of giving email tutorials to dummies and she should certainly not talk about all the details related to classification which she is studiously avoiding. This should have never come to pass this far. Shame on the media/Republicans/FBI/Obama administration.

  276. Oh, Uppity or other site admin, please remove the hyperlink in my comment for hillary at yahoo dot com. That was just a hypothetical instance.

  277. Yes, pm, there was classified material on Powell’s personal email. FBI discovered it and interviewed him. Same for Rice’s top aides. Media doesn’t care, and Comey tried to argue that a commercial email account is more secure. Which proves he’s a doofus if there were any remaining doubts. Hillary actually had the guy that set up the server monitor it for hack attempts. He shut it down several times. Kept a log and everything. Bottom line: unlike the rest of the administration, Hillary was never hacked.

  278. Comey tried to argue that a commercial email account is more secure.

    What a fucker. He needs to be educated. But the question is not about that she had a private server (though the dimwits in the media make it so) but if she sent classified email using it and she has repeatedly said that she has not and she has been proven right. The 110 (out of 50,000!) in question, 3 of which were incorrectly marked and the other 107, retroactively marked. So what is so complex about this? We need technically savvy and better surrogates for Hillary on TV.

  279. And I don’t think it is that easy to hop on and off the classified train to a personal one and mix them. That line of defense would require talking about how the system is set up and how people use it. Her hands are tied in preparing a defense for it and the media knows it. But the FBI did look at it and they gave their decision which should have been enough for the media and everyone else. This is media malpractice.

    But the con artist who told millions that he would deport all 11 million immigrants with just a flip of the switch is now walking it back. Kasich should be mad, mad as in he can’t take it anymore and start campaigning for Hillary in Ohio.

  280. the media dimwits: “is he pivoting… is he?…”; yeah, a CON artist does exactly what he needs to do to con. Pivot is a euphemism for Con here. Stop using that term.

  281. Amy Walter on NPR: ‘we live in different times; people want transparency and authenticity’; well then, get with dogging Trump over his tax returns and his con/sham policies (instead of hounding Hillary).

  282. Media could be talking to people like Laura and others. But they will repeat Trump’s ‘shut it down now.’ Why is Slate calling for its shut down? I thought they were good guys.

  283. {where is everybody?}

    Listening to Hillary’s new podcast here:

  284. You would think by now that Colin Powell would’ve figured out that the Repubs aren’t his friends. First the Iraq War/UN speech false info and now leaking the FBI interview notes. Honestly,Colin,wake up.

    Also, does anyone else think that Hugh Hewitt looks like a Caucasian Grinch? He certainly has the Grinch smirk down pat.

    So tired of the MSM acting as if everything Trump spews is true..Everyone KNOWS that Hillary broke the law w/her server..but the elites won’t prosecute!!! Everyone in the KNOW knows that the Clinton Foundation is pay to play!!! Are journalists no longer required to back up their stories/opinions with fact checking;or are they afraid if they stop to do that they’ll lose market share? Reminds me of the McCarthy era and the ol’..” I have here in my hand a list of communists sympathizers…” or the updated Trump Method of ..” People are saying..”

    Too bad,I was starting to like watching Chris Hayes and Joy Reid;neither seems to suffer too greatly from CDS and they don’t tend to yell so much..though Joy has started talking over some of her guests lately ( some are very right wing and she keeps challenging the truthfulness of some of their statements.) As long as she doesn’t turn into Chris Matthews who talks over his guests all the time,especially the women and ,ironically,has a segment he calls…Let Me Finish.

    Reminds me of that old saying..”be careful when you point at someone else as you’ll have three fingers pointing back at yourself.”

  285. Msdsal, Colin Powell is pretty much a hack. He engendered all this admiration at one time because he was an African-American who had risen to a high position as Joint Chiefs Chairman. But he was an embarrasment as Secretary of State; either willfully lying about WMDs, or being so far down the chain of command that no one told him they were lying. And he stayed on anyway; and then later has tried to evade responsibility for any of it. Now his name surfaces with regard to emails, and that is only because the Republicans in the House illegally released Hillary’s testimony to the FBI. Yet he turns around and tells People Magazine that “Hillary’s people are trying to pin her email scandal on him..”

    The truth is that Hillary has never mentioned Colin Powell by name in this regard to the media. His name came up because of the Republicans, as you note. But he takes the shot at Hillary, which not surprisingly makes up the only Hillary-oriented part of the “crawl” on MSNBC. Powell is not a closet Democrat, he is not a great patriot, he is not a neutral observer. He is a thin-skinned bureaucrat who got his unqualified son made head of the FCC as a political favor from the Bush administration; and who is ready to blame Hillary for his name getting into print, even when Hillary had graciously never mentioned it in public. “Waiting for Colin Powell” has always been a completely unrewarding enterprise for Democrats.

  286. The press has done everything possible to bring Hillary down as the election was slipping away from Trump. The Clinton Foundation red herring, Hillary’s health, etc. Trump is now revered for his pivot to being non offensive and having that washed up Republican consultant who is supposedly an expert getting women’s votes. Brace yourself as this is going to be a nail biter. I saw today Trump is back up 2% in the most recent poll.

  287. Tonight’s Twitter funny….courtesy of HRC

  288. That one poll that had Trump up 2 points had him getting 40% of Hispanic and African American voters. So I would not pay any attention to that one. However I’m sure that the goal of the media is to drive Hillary’s numbers down and drive Trump’s numbers up. Trump has a freaking white nationalist as his campaign manager and side show freak elf named Kellyanne Conway.

    The whole Clinton Foundation thing is pure elitism. A foundation that has done so much good in the world can’t be allowed to continue because it apparently it helps the “unworthy” of the world. That is what I have always loved about Bill and Hillary. They always see the basic human dignity of every person no matter where they come from. Did you know that Hillary saw at nun who was raped by the CIA in central America and she was protesting across the street from the White House and Hillary went out and got her and listened to her story and got her help? No one ever hears that story now do they?

    The media would hand the country over to brown shirt hell if they got ratings from it. What do they care? They are not going to be the ones rounded up and their families split up. No one is going to interfere with their right to vote.

  289. If it’s Rasmussen, ignore it. Scott Rasmussen is an arm of the Republican party. Die hard Republican. That’s why he only grudgingly has her ahead because he’s stick out like a turd in a punchbowl if he should Trump ahead.

  290. Hey, Sophie, Trump has cancelled his CO, NV & OR events & his immigration speech. Will Sean Hannity, Andrea Mitchell and the rest of the media cabal now worry about Trumpster-Dumpster’s health?

    Reports coming in just…..”crickets”.

  291. “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out,
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out,
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out,
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me,
    And there was no one left to speak for me.”

    Pastor Martin Niemoller

  292. Like any good bureaucrat, Colin Powell has mastered the art of playing the victim and deflecting blame. He’s terrified that FBI will start demanding that he produce HIS emails.

  293. Some guy on CNN saying the 15K emails are new. No, they are not. FBI has already looked at it. Why are these commentators/reporters so incompetent?

  294. More e-mails. Yawn. The GOP/”independent conservative” Noise Machine is the McDonald’s of nothingburgers. 😛

    Meanwhile, from

    Twelve-year-old Boy Running Trump’s Campaign in Key Colorado County

    A 12-year-old boy, Weston Imer, is running Donald Trump’s campaign in Jefferson County, which is one of the most populous in Colorado and includes much of the Denver metropolitan area. Weston’s mother thinks this is good experience for her son. That might well be, but it shows how weak Trump’s ground game is. Experienced political operatives do not put 12-year-olds in charge of a major county in a key swing state. The boy said he is thinking of running for president in 2040 and would be willing to have Trump’s 10-year-old son, Barron, as his running mate.

    The campaign manager is probably more psychologically mature than his candidate. 😆

    I reckon this kid will make “A”s in Civics class. :mrgreen:

  295. Bernie Sanders’ new group is already in turmoil

  296. I swear on her inauguration day, media will be obsessing over Hillary’s damn emails.

    Actually, that 12 year old running Trump’s campaign in Jefferson County, Colorado will probably do a more competent job than any of the adults available to him. Unlike any of them, he sounds like a serious person. Or at least, a serious 12 yr. old person. 😉

  297. I noticed on the Electoral Vote site’s map (linked in my last post) that in most of the color-outline states–states where Clinton or Trump is leading by less than 5%–the leader’s margin is smaller than the percentage of votes for the Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.

    Johnson might play spoiler in some states, especially against Trump. The Libertarians are similar to the GOP, especially in economic views, so Johnson provides an alternative for disgruntled Republicans who loathe Trump, but just can’t stand to vote for a Democrat.

  298. “…the Gary Johnson…”

    Derp. 😛

  299. So we have a lurking DudeBro. LOL!!

  300. This am on Morning Joke, James Carville said this about attacks on the Clinton Foundation: “Somebody is going to hell over this.” A whole lot of somebodies I hope.

  301. It’s beyond obvious, but always worth remarking on, that while the media keeps poring over tens of thousand of Hillary emails, and speaking fees, which they only got from her tax returns; Trump proviides nothing, beyond a phony note from a doctor. No one knows what massive debts he might have; how much he may have lied about his finances; or anything about his health. The media is happily distracted by emails, endlessly searching for something which isnt there, or just inventing things. How Trump is being allowed to get away with this truculent refusal to provide any information about him other than what he invents, is infuriating to witness. And the sporadic “release of more emails” just sends the media in a paroxysm of delight, their topic for at least a week. In fact, if I didn’t actually see Hillary on TV (she was charming on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night), I would almost think that she wasn’t even running, given media coverage.

  302. Past year or so I’ve been very good about scrupulously avoiding cable and broadcast TV’s election coverage, though I of course know what is being said because I monitor the ‘net. Unfortunately every now and then when I visit a friend or family member a TV is on (as just occurred), and there it is: some reporter or pundit breathlessly relating the latest about Hillary’s email, health and Clinton Foundation controversies. The Fairness Doctrine is a quaint notion of the past. All facets of the media are orgasmic in their quest to tear down Hillary Clinton while negligently ignoring or downplaying Donald Trump’s Russia/China ties, lack of transparency about his tax returns and medical history and his abhorrent racism, sexism and xenophobia. I especially want to do a primal scream at media calls for the Clinton Foundation be shut down when that charity has an A rating and has done such incredible work saving lives (many of them POC) worldwide. As a past contributor to the foundation, I received that very sad and detailed email about plans to scale it back if Hillary is elected. How fucking dare the media. What reckless, feckless white privilege. I’m so thrilled that polls show that many and POC particularly see through the media and Trump and have Hillary’s back. I’ve said more times than I can count out loud, under my breath and in my head (and I’m usually an infrequent user of profanity): Fuck you media and Donald Trump — kind of in the style of one of my favorite, old school r&b bad asses!

  303. (((Hugs))) Paulette.

  304. I think Seth Myers is doing is getting better and better at pointing out Trumps hypocrisy.

  305. When I see media elitists call for the Clinton Foundation to be shut down, either not knowing or not caring that people in Africa (including children!) and other underserved areas will die, I am embarassed to be a white person and ashamed of the privilege that goes with it.

  306. I just read the letter that Bill Clinton sent out to supporters of the Clinton Foundation. I receive notifications, since I donate a small amount each month to the foundation. I felt like crying. I understand the need to scale back due to the appearance of conflict of interest issues, but for others to denigrate the foundation’s work is horrendous and makes me very sad.

  307. HRC on Jimmy Kimmel last night:

  308. Paulette and Brassy Rebel, I agree with your sentiments. But wait until some media person or sanctimonious liberal type tries to contend that maybe it would be better if Hillary loses, so that the work of the Clinton Foundation can continue. I remember when Lanny Davis, who I guess is a friend of theirs, suggested that after Hillary lost (had stolen from her) the nomination in ’08, that she could go back and “be a lion in the Senate.” Yes, that kind of thing really has done so much good in the last 16 years. People simply do not comprehend what a great president she would be, comparied to the vast majority of the ones we end up with.

    The media, like a marathon runner who is way ahead of the field and ready to breeze his way to the tape, is now only about 75 days from going through an entire presidential campaign of about 18 months, and never actually discussing how the candidates differ on important policy issues. Instead, we have learned more about emails than anyone could ever imagine to want to know, and now we are learning all about the Clinton Foundation, which has been in existence for many years, and was never so fascinating to them, certainly not in ’08. It takes amazimg talent of some sort to spend thousands of hours pretending you are covering an election, and yet never discuss what the candidates might do if elected. On the other hand, maybe Hillary is fortunate that they don’t discuss issues; because the way they would do it, would misrepresent all her positions. Remember when Chris Matthews was so excited in the ’08 campaign that Hillary made perhaps her one small stumble in debates, and contradicted herself on some very minor matter of what kind of driver’s licenses illegal immigrants shoudl get, that he devoted two full hours to it, with charts and graphs?

  309. There is a special place in hell for all of those who are attempting to take down the Clinton Foundation and all the good work it does all over the nation. These people make me SICK!!!

  310. I think things are going to get nastier with Bannon on board.

  311. Cat hates Donald Trump.

  312. Voters now trust hillary over Donald on virtually every major issue. Chart.

  313. What the hell is going on at AP?

  314. Please, Please watch The Last Word with Lawrence O”Donnell. I promise you want regret it.
    He also had Cher on. She talked about how fresh and pretty Hillary looked. They talked about Trumps tax return and a lot of things you will like.

    He comes on again at 12:00

  315. He comes on MSNBC

  316. Oh you can turn at the end when he starts talking about the foundation

  317. Clinton and Trump are tied in South Carolina!

  318. Holy shit. May that stupid moron keep up the good work attacking her. The more he attacks, the better she looks.

  319. Yeah the idiot attacking a foundation that treats 11,000,000 Aids patients worldwide and has saved countless millions from dying from drinking tainted water. Assholes. Acting like they pocketed the money.

    Charity Watch: Rates it “A”
    89% of money goes DIRECTLY to charity.

    Oh and let’s trash the crown prince of Bahrain, who would have access anyways, considering he lets us keep a fucking NAVAL BASE there in the middle of the ME shithole.

    Yeah, they’re smart.

  320. How can any of these focus groups still be undecided? Is it real or they just need to fill a time slot? I don’t think they are representative of the country as a whole. I really think most people have made up their mind or pretending they haven’t.

  321. Why not ask the con man will he shut down his companies?

  322. Actually, some reporters have noticed something hidden in plain sight in latest batch of Judicial Watch emails: Huma was doing her job as gatekeeper, politely (and, in some cases, not so politely) blowing folks off. Kevin Drum at Mother Jones says Hillary’s office was a tight ship run with integrity. Gee. Who knew? Thanks, JW.

    Stephen Colbert has helpfully diagnosed Hillary’s “mystery illness”. She suffers from “chronic no penis”.

  323. Weirdest political year ever.

  324. Brassy, I’m convinced that’s why someone like Chuck Todd hates Hillary. He cannot stand-cannot stomach-the idea of a woman President.

  325. Sue, she is an existential threat to the patriarchy. I remind myself of this whenever the going gets tough. Which is every damn day!

    On the bright side, there is eye rolling over AP assertion that Hillary met with Muhammad Yunis while SOS because he donated to the Foundation. She has known Yunis for three freakin’ decades and consulted him about his microcredit ideas to see if they could help alleviate poverty in Arkansas. Then in 2006, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009, and the Congressional Gold Medal in 2010. While she was SOS, the Bangladesh government was persecuting him as a political threat (sort of like Hillary!). Obviously, she had no reason to meet with him except for the Foundation donation. Our media is truly composed of nitwits and dolts. And those are just the smartest ones!

  326. There are so many reporters on Trump side actively tweeting what is happening at Trump events. Where are the Hillary ones? I look at Tamara Keith’s twitter and it is so boring and there is nothing much about Hillary. What am I missing?

    And where is a Hannity equivalent for Hillary on cable networks?

  327. Does anyone have some positive news on a Senate race or two? I am concerned that with all the money being poured into the Senate races by the Kochs and others, our chances to gain a majority are slipping away. It looks like Portman will be returned in Ohio, a shame. And we are five or so down in Missouri, and Democrats rarely surge in the later stages of these races, because of the spending gap. I’ve never felt that it was very likely that we would beat McCain, though I guess it is possible. Unlikely that we will in in NC. Bayh and Feingold should win, and Hassan. I had thought that Rubio would not win but, he still leads. I would imagine that Duckworth would win in IL. And then we have PA, where we ought to win, but who knows?

    What is so frustratinng is the fact that the voters do not seem to understand that if they vote for a Republican senator, they are making it impossible for Hillary to get much done, certainly domestically. Obama almost completely gave up on legislation in his last six years. These Republicans, particularly the ones in the House who have safe seats, do not care one iota if nothng gets done. They just try to run out the terms, until one of their type is elected President. If we have the Senate, that certainly helps, as it would marginalize the Tea Party to a significant extent. It would also mean a clear path for judges and pretty much so for course Supreme Court Justices. If the Republicans keep the Senate, it’s more gridlock. The one rather obvious thing is that there is no “progressive wave,” such as the pro-Sanders people were claiming. Voters seem inclined to keep electing most of the right-wing, legislative-blocking Republicans. And then they get upset because nothing gets accomplished. For the sake of reversing climate change, if nothing else, we desperately need a Democratic Senate, and actually probably 52 Democrats at least, to cover Manchin and Tester..

  328. pm317, there’s Dan Merica

    Here’s Annie Linskey’s list–don’t know how up to date it it:

  329. All the RW nuts are using the (discredited) AP story. Fuckers!

  330. pm317, a whole lotta respectable left-side journalists are pointing out how discredited that story is!

  331. How to Solve the Hillary Clinton Press Conference ‘Problem’

  332. Of course they’re using it. They’ll take anything. The problem is the REPORTER.

  333. Sophie, yeah, I am looking at their twitter TL but on TV, it is what he said, she said and a third fucker who won’t resolve it and say that RW nut quoting AP story is BS while the host of the show plays dumb. And the Very frustrating. It is like AP did a hit story for the RW nuts and they have the gall to say, hey look at AP saying this and it is not a RW outfit.

  334. Is that Reporter a 15 year old intern born yesterday? Because he/she does not seem to know who Muhammad Yunus is.

  335. Actually, there were two reporters on the AP mess. It takes two journalism grads to fuck up a story that totally.

  336. Hillary should say I will do a press conference when Trump releases his tax return

  337. Neetabug, Good one!!

  338. Good idea Neeta. They’ll torture him to release his taxes just to get to drill her!

  339. TBH Rebel, soon as I heard how terrible it was, I decided not to read it.

  340. 1(A) Excitedly accept any narrative regarding Hillary Clinton which the usual right wing suspects have conveniently handed to you.

    1(B) Or, desperately try to concoct a story based on a few contorted or invented facts, as long as it might make her look bad. Send it to the other media outlets. You will get credit for it even if it turns out to be horrible journalism. No one cares anymore about accurate journalism, just” grabbing eyeballs.” Everyone is doing it, so join in.

    2. Toss it out there as quickly as possible, particularly if you can catch that day’s news cycle.

    3. Look very serious and somber as you relate it. Either use the right wing people’s narrative on it, or just say, “This is a very serious matter.”

    4. Have guests on who emphasize how serious the matter is. Mostly right-wing guests, and then maybe one wispy Hillary supporter who will say, “It doesn’t look good.” Concentrate on “the optics.” At the very least, even if the narrative is completely spurious, you can still claim that it looks bad. (Actually, you can do that with any lie or mistruth, but it is only used with HIllary, of course).

    5. If the Clinton campaign responds, be sure to emphasize that “they are defending themselves from these serious accusations.” Never give the full text of how they respond, just handpick a sentence or two, to make it look as if the defense is weak.

    6. Make sure that all the Hillary coverage, and all the “crawls” of that day and the next is compeltely centered on this ‘story.”

    7. When it turns out that the “story” is really just a bunch of the same hyper-conspiratorial nonsense, so much so that it turns out that she did exactly the opposite of what is being innuendoed, drop the story.

    8. Wait for Rove or Klayman or Jones or Bannon to send you another one, and then pivot to that.

    9. Never, ever apologize for running or writing the false narrative. That is for goodie-goodie losers who talk about journalistic integrity. but never make the big time, or the big money. Besides, your bosses approve of the way you are doing it.

  341. Surprised that Florida is getting closer…

  342. I can’t believe it has come to this. Shame on the fucking media in this country.

    But Hillary’s press secretary does well here.

  343. Both Brian Fallon and Howard Dean took it to a couple of different MSNBC blondes;chastising the media for their coverage of the AP story. Howard even said that he’d been told by someone from MSNBC that they tried to pull back on their Trump coverage but their ratings fell,so they kicked it back up.

    I say we let Howard and Brian lose on the media.

    Oh and is new thread possible?

  344. I just got just survey.

  345. Came across this while looking around: Eileen Sullivan, one of the two AP reporters who wrote that hit story on CGI. She does not look like she was born yesterday but maybe too lazy, incompetent, malicious? Eileen, should have tried googling Yunus before writing that article. Let us shame these fuckers, shall we?

  346. The Bahrain prince who donated $32 million to the Foundation? Never happened. He made a commitment at CGI to raise that much for scholarships for Bahrain students. The money went to the scholarship fund, not CGI, which doesn’t raise money, or the Foundation.

    These attempts to connect the dots between Hillary as SOS and the Foundation are absurd for another reason. If Hillary was actually rewarding donors to the Foundation, she or Huma or someone in the office would need an encyclopedic knowledge of Foundation donors. There are over 7,000 donors. Even the media can’t keep them straight. But they just go with what sounds bad. They are devoted to “the optics”.

  347. This scares the x out of me. I was in academia for 12 years and was known for my toughness (have heard ‘why don’t you ease up on grading?’ to get better student evaluations, of course)

  348. Running a successful mega charity that does good work all over the world is a problem but running a scam university and many failed/failing businesses are not.

  349. The National Rifle Association, once a harmless club of hunters and target-shooters, has become a public menace. 👿

  350. David Corn at motherjones wanted a firewall between Hillary and CGI donors. Practically everyone Hillary knows/knew, friends, family, and acquaintances would have all been CGI donors. So how could she have built that firewall? Becoming a hermit, spurning old friendships. relationships, how?

  351. Look at all those people standing behind loony Trump in their Sunday best. They dressed up for him where he screamed at the top of his voice, Hillary was a bigot, and those well dressed people were swaying, and laughing as if it was a big joke. Oh, look at Dana Bash improvising on his bigot comment as if it was a sane comment.

  352. What is with these journalist fuckers wanting apology from Hillary for everything? {watching a bit of Don Lemon: why wouldn’t she say she was sorry for the emails last year? why would not she say she is sorry for the CGI now (she appeared to ask in the tape they played ‘what about Trump’s businesses?’ instead). These guys are a bunch of entitled bullies and they are neither smart nor competent.

  353. Is this Brewer woman drunk? She sounds drunk.

  354. You mean like Dick Cheney spurned Halliburton?

  355. All of this BS coming from the media has done nothing but make me sign up to do more. I’m hoping to phone bank for Hillary here in GA on Saturday and then tomorrow I’m giving her a bigger amount than I’ve ever given her. Anytime they start this BS you should use it as motivation to do something to increase Hillary’s chances.

  356. Prolix has a great post up about the Clinton Foundation over at Widdershins.

  357. How did Hillary do? Don Lemon says about her answer to this stupid CGI faux scandal. They will sit around and dissect it, pick it apart… while that unstable lunatic screams ‘she is a bigot’ in his rally with no questions asked. Does he even know what that word means?

  358. Pm, it’s all about the women thing. Apparently women have to apologize over and over for something, beg but men never do. Did anyone ever ask Trump to apologize for insulting the majority of Americans?

  359. They are actually analyzing that lunatic Trump’s insane rhetoric about CGI for being true or not (Lemon and Kristof)!!

    OK.. I need to stop.

  360. Ga6thDem, it is appalling and infuriating.

  361. On The Last Word show, Jonathan Alter just repeated AP’s flawed story (half of all blah, blah)!! Everyone let him continue!

  362. Sorry guys. I was trying to post a pix. Please delete comment above.

  363. I’m always happy when Chuck Todd gets bitch-slapped around. He deserves it because he doesn’t even try to hide his bias against HRC.

  364. Hmmm, anyone else think this woman might change her vote?

  365. Voting, LOL!

  366. It’s gonna be hard, but try to watch this NON-HRC partisan. Trump’s new campaign manager is not dumb. She went into the lion’s den and looked somewhat normal. There are still 80 days to the election. We just can’t get complacent.


  367. Everybody knows that every Republican senator and congressperson, has been bought and sold ten times over by the oil industry barons, the coal industry oligarchs, by big pharma, the NRA. They never do anything that is slightly at variance with what those people want.

    I guess that is either just a given, which is why the media never brings it up, or perhaps it is that they are bought and sold by the same people and groups. And while this is all going on, the media is profoundly concerned that Hillary Clinton was ibeing influenced by a few companies who paid her for speeches, and by foreign dignitaries who gave some money to the Clintons’ charities. They have not one iota of proof of her every being influenced in this way, but they are SO CONCERNED about it. This while not one Republican member of Congress has for decades been able to utter one sentence, or do one thing, which is counter to the wishes of the billionaire industrialists who own them. BUT WE DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT KIND OF THING! WHAT WE ARE SO CONCERNED ABOUT IS THAT IT MIGHT LOOK LIKE HILLARY CLINTON WAS DOING SOME KIND OF FAVORS FOR THOSE DIGNiTARIES, WHEN SHE WAS SECRETARY OF STATE FIVE OR SIX YEARS AGO! WHAT FAVORS? WELL, WE HAVE NO IDEA, BUT WE CAN”T BE SURE, CAN WE? HOW WOULD IT LOOK TO THE CHILDREN? OPTICS, DON”T YOU UNDERSTAND??? OPTICS!!! Now, excuse us, we have a corporate lobbyist party to go to. Don’t you wish you could be us?

  368. There’s nothing normal about his new manager Conway, whose job is to save Trump from himself; she is a closet evangelical, she despises gays and if I have learned one thing about evangelicals, they are secretly malicious and will lie to you until the last dog is dead in order to get what they want, which is Control of your life. She’s the quintessential wolf in sheep’s clothing. And it’s clear she has no moral compass under that sweet passive-aggressive demeanor. She’s slick. She is working very hard to cover up the very things she noticed in Trump during the primaries when she was a Cruz staffer. And make no mistake that being a Cruz ANYTHING is not a good thing. It is clear she will support anyone who will pay her well, because there are no more different extremes than Trump vs. Cruz.

    If you don’t believe me, dig up that segment where she discussed how Hillary is an awful person because she stayed with Bill instead of leaving him and raising her child without him. This is what her own mother did, she said, and this woman sees that as the perfect role model. Because to Evangelicals, Marriage is “sacred”. That’s why they do it over and over again. The religious right has the highest divorce and multiple divorce rate of any demographic in the country. And they declare that the cause of the degradation of The Family Unit is gay people. They never take responsibility for their own terribleness. She actually turned the concept of “working things out” in a marriage into a bad thing because someone she wants to defeat did it.To these people, it’s not about what’s right, it’s what the other person did and how to turn it into a bad thing even if in normal quarters, it would otherwise be a good thing. This is a person who, if Hillary had divorced Bill, would have skewered her for not staying with her husband. Because her core is rotten just like Cruz’ core. It’s downright reptilian. She is a bigger danger than Bannon, trust me. She is teaching Donald how to fake being a caring person for votes. It’s easy for him to do because he subscribes to Goebbels’ practice of calling your opponent what you are and accusing your opponent of doing what you do. Thus, calling Hillary, of all people, a “Bigot”.

  369. Submitted without comment

  370. see his tweets about THE emails:

  371. If she were Barack Obama, the media would be talking about THIS from her emails:

  372. Up @ 5:20 am: Thanks for a beautiful rant. Conway’s official title is campaign manager. Unofficially, she’s in charge of putting lipstick on a pig. Not enough lipstick. In the world.

    I can’t believe she’s still pushing the Hillary should have left Bill talking point. I thought that one died after Hillary was elected Senator in 2000 in spite of it. Woman telling another woman what personal choices she should have made. Can’t get enough of that! Maybe she’d like Hillary better if she had 5 kids by 3 different spouses like her candidate.

  373. If anyone msnc, chris Mathews, cnn Don Lemmons, and Fox News Hannity e-mail addresses please let me have them.

  374. Voting @ 12:46pm

    That video with the woman’s reaction in Trump’s rally is priceless. LOL!

  375. This “Hillary is a bigot” stuff coming from Trump is….Trumpian, because there is no other word for it. Monstrous, stupid, illiterate, despicable. We are seeing the very bottom of the swamp that the Republicans have been playing in for the last 40 years. You just make up the biggest lie possible, in the hope that you will convince some people that the lie is true. The lie is so monstrous that there is no possible measured response to it. You know that the media will pick it up and widely disseminate it. It is what Joseph Goebbels did in Nazi Germany. And that is what I hope the Clinton campaign says. I would go right out and call Trump a modern-day Nazi. Let him respond to that. And it’s actually true.

  376. Hilarious, Trump may not be on the Minnesota ballot….

  377. I figure that, with a trivial handful of exceptions, the people who believe the smears against Hillary (and Bill, for that matter) are people who would never vote for Hillary, anyway–so the smears are not going to help Orange Julius Caesar all that much.

  378. Kellyanne Conway used to be Kellyanne Fitzpatrick back in the day when fledgling cable TV was going after Pres Clinton during the Paula Jones lawsuit and run up to the impeachment. Part of the CDS blonde brigade, Conway attacked Bill relentlessly about his affair, so she still has that bug up her ass. Upps, you nailed her character and demeanor as reptilian (my very thoughts!)…a viper with a law degree.

  379. I’m with my folks for the day. If no one has yet, can someone post Hillary’s speech today here so I can enjoy it when I get home.

  380. Re Hillz speech on the alt-right and Trump’s campaign of hate: I’m almost speechless. What a speech! Perfect in content, passionate delivery. She was on FIRE!

  381. Great Speech. Can someone pull up the clip with the sister who put that blonde surrogate girl in her place. I think her name is Kelly something Priceless

  382. At work, so I missed the speech, but the net and social media were buzzing when I turned on my phone. I just have one question–did she drop the mic when she walked off the stage? Can’t wait to see it!

  383. It was an excellent speech. I always recommend seeing a live Hillary speech as an antidote to the usual media coverage. She was armed with quotes from Trump and his neo-Nazi supporters, and made a powerful case that his candidacy is something we have never seen before. She made strong and hopefully very effective points, while doing so in a modulated and dignified manner. very presidential in all respects.

  384. Here Sophie:

  385. Thank you, socal!! Much appreciated!

  386. Lots of Trump Eggs trolling on Twitter today. I’ve come to realize that Bernie’s Bros were merely ignorant. Trump’s trolls are colossally stupid.

  387. Sorry there’s a weird ad in the middle of it.

  388. Sophie:
    New thread? Just keep the blue wave, upps and most of us love it.

  389. Saw a perfect comment a Wonkette poster says is going around after Hillz skewered Trump and the Alt-Right — paraphrasing Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” for you none Man in Black fans out there:

    “Hillary shot a campaign in Reno.. just to watch it die…”

  390. Awww…it looks like young Mr. Imer was just helping his mom after all.

    I’ll bet he still aces Civics, though. :mrgreen:

  391. I heard on the radio, a republican from Daily Caller, Matt Lewis praise Hillary for her speech today. More like him, please.

  392. When Glenn Beck (on Lawrence/MSNBC says Bannon is a dangerous man, one ought to take him at his word, right?

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