Hillary slams Alt Right Donald’s butt in Reno

It was an excellent speech!




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    Kudos Sophie…

  2. Hillary told the truth about DT without mincing words. If it walks and talks like a duck than it’s a goddamn duck–Donald duck! America take notice! MSM take notice! Trumpsters take notice! (Yes, this is your guy–accept the reality!) This speech had to be made at some point in the campaign, but me thinks Hillary has finally had enough of the media’s attempt to normalize DT. Hope Hillary keeps up this level of outrage until she’s ready to shift gears again for the debates.

  3. Great speech! She’s putting the ducks in Duck Dynasty Dynamics!

  4. Mama Bear HRC is PISSED OFF! She has had enough of the Trump bullshit & it really came through in this speech. This is the one I have been waiting for from her and she delivered and then some.

    I have a sign hanging above my inside front door in my home. It reads “Now Hiring, Irish Need Not Apply”. It’s a replica of the sign that my grandfather faced in Pittsburgh….a sign courtesy of the Fulton Printing Company, 1928. I have it where I do to remind me every day I am not all that far removed from the bigotry that still exists in the country today.

    I have never been more proud of Hillary than I am after hearing that speech and quite frankly The Statute of Liberty just exhaled a sigh of relief.

  5. That speech today was awesome.

  6. Yes, the speech was completely awesome. It’s also amazing to watch the poo flinging and the meltdowns coming from conservatives on social media.

  7. Hillary’s speech was fantastic. She really nailed Trump for exactly what he is!

  8. What’s the old saying? There is nothing more than a woman scorn?
    She cleaned his clock.

    Don’t mess with Hillary, Donald. This is not the sixteen repubs who was afraid of you.

    She is a Bad mama jama.

  9. HRC to corporate media: If you won’t do your jobs, I will. Joan Walsh (of all people) tweeted that 2016 is turning out to be a test of the media, and it is failing badly.

    Loved how Hillary linked the white nationalists of US and Europe back to Czar Putin in Russia.

  10. ‘Bannon, you’re fired!’ No more women vote if you hang on to this guy. There is so much crazy going on in Trump’s campaign that would have had the nominee fleeing the race. But no, not Trump. The media is seriously analyzing, did he mean to say he would deport all 11 million or did he walk it back.

    Hillary tried to do the job of the media with her speech. The only good news is that nobody big on the R’s side is coming to Trump’s aid.

  11. First debate one month from today! That will be a must watch event.

  12. Tim Kaine was on Colbert and Widdershins has the first half. TIm ROCKS!!!! Have to see if I can find the second half of the interview…

  13. I usually skip speeches because they’re so full of rhetoric. THIS one inspired me. Hillary at her best. I cannot wait until America and the world are able to watch Hillary and Trump side by side at the debates.

  14. A little Friday afternoon delight featuring longtime Clinton backer and certainly the greatest pop singing voice of her generation.

  15. Cute duet!

  16. I do believe that Hillary’s speech will be a major milestone in this race. And she did indeed say the things which needed to be said, even if some are unhappy that she mentioned some of these people by name and site, ast they will get more attention and maybe followers. It is much better to bring all of this into daylight, than to just ignore it, or pretend that it is nothing much.

    I actually taped Scarborough’s show for early morning, because Hillary was to be on. Then I had to fast forward through all the other stuff. She was only on the phone with them, but that was fine. Considering how virulently anti-Hillary that show has been, from what I have read during the campaign, this wasn’t too bad. She talked about the importance of what she said yesterday. And then she got the inevitable questions about the Clinton Foundation, but they were not too hostile. She talked about the great work the Foundatin has done; and when asked if she would want to have some other entity continue that work, she said that they were looking at that, but that it wasn’t so easy to just wind things down with the health issues at stake. I’m not sure why she agreed to be on this show, but it went reasonably well.

  17. Thanks for the report on Morning Joke, William. I’ve been wondering how that went. They’re never hostile when she’s on–just when she’s not there to defend herself. All this whining about no press conferences. Yet, she goes to hostile platforms like Faux News and Morning Joke, and media never mention that.

  18. Want to know how Clinton wins Florida….THIS!

  19. Significant…..considering its strength…..


    Hillary Clinton picked up a major union endorsement Friday from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

    The Teamsters’ executive board voted unanimously to support the Democrat for president, the union said.
    “We are proud to endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States,” Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa said in a statement. “She is the right candidate for the middle class and working men and women across the country.”

    “The Oval Office needs to be occupied by a serious candidate who understands what it means to govern responsibly,” Hoffa added before criticizing Clinton’s Republican opponent.

    “Donald Trump supports national right-to-work laws that are proven to weaken the middle class and has a long track record of shipping jobs out of the country as a businessman. He is no friend to working Americans.”

    The Teamsters were one of the last major unions that had not yet endorsed, with the AFL-CIO and SEIU having backed Clinton so months ago.

  20. Trumps new flackey is in trouble again.


    Donald Trump’s new presidential campaign chief is registered to vote in a key swing state at an empty house where he does not live, in an apparent breach of election laws.

    Stephen Bannon, the chief executive of Trump’s election campaign, has an active voter registration at the house in Miami-Dade County, Florida, which is vacant and due to be demolished to make way for a new development.

    “I have emptied the property,” Luis Guevara, the owner of the house, which is in the Coconut Grove section of the city, said in an interview. “Nobody lives there … we are going to make a construction there.” Neighbors said the property had been abandoned for several months.

  21. Teamsters usually endorse the GOP is my understanding but I could be wrong.

  22. God that Bannon is scuzzy looking! And his red nose tells me he either likes the coke or the booze. Or both.

  23. Powerful speech by Hillary, thanks for posting Sophie!

    Hillary, you make us proud. Love you girl. ❤

  24. Upp:

    You are so right. He looks your average sleaze bag.

    Typical lofty companion to the” King of Cabaret” magic.

  25. Maybe Hillary is also watching CNN and seeing how they keep saying “no one likes or trusts Hillary”…and go on to blather about every stupid thing Dumpster talks about and tweets.

    She might be even more angry at the liberal, dishonest media just like we are, and finally took off her velvet gloves and started showing how intelligent and powerful she really is.

    She is my hero.

    Keep kicking until Dumpty is on his knees!

  26. I feel like Hillary finally decided the Republican Party wasn’t going to properly vet or out Trump and neither was the media. The media has clearly come down on the side of whoever ( Trump) generates the biggest market share.( Surprise!!)
    Such an irony that they call Hillary untrustworthy,a liar and unethical;when none of them are willing to stand up ,as she did,and systematically; with his own words, eviscerate the Donald. There is no comeback when someone stands and speaks in their truth as Hillary did yesterday ( and every day,if you ask me).
    Even the media was grudgingly admiring ;until their Overlords reminded them of the need to boost that viewership.Andrea Mitchell’s tongue was tripping all over her teeth trying to find something negative to say about Hillary and Brianna Keiller proved yet again that she has no understanding of the issues and is only able to repeat the same ,well worn/asked and answered anti-Hillary questions.
    A shame that most people won’t see that speech;we will look back on it as one of several stellar and historic moments in Hillary’s campaign. Made me proud to be an American and even more;to be a long time Hillary supporter,through thick and thin. Inspired me to finally get the nieces their Hillary T’s ( which will likely throw their FOX watching parents into fits of apoplexy.Ah,well, kids like doing that to their parents and that’s what Auntie’s for)

    What have I got to lose if I vote for you,Donald Trump? How about my self-respect.

  27. No way Trump can win with numbers like this, where he needs to lead big, barely scraping past Hillary. The Exburbs……..


    America’s big cities have long been core Democratic strongholds, and the suburbs just around them have increasingly backed the party’s candidates, as well. That trend is bringing new attention to the Republican Party’s reliance on the next geographic ring outside cities—the exurbs, an area that is proving to be a trouble spot for Donald Trump.

    Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP nominee, carried exurbs by 18 percentage points. That only partially offset the big losses he sustained in the nation’s big cities, which President Barack Obama carried by 31 percentage points, and the urban suburbs, which he lost by 16 points.

  28. Wonder if our little troll will down-vote this too…

  29. Hello, Uppityites. I have been missing in action for quite a while. Like many I was shell shocked during the 2008 Presidential Election process and just became down right discouraged. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that Hillary Clinton would be running again for the Presidency. I am so proud of her. This remarkable woman never gives up. Uppity, thank you for finding me in the Twitter sphere. You have an amazing memory. I have been lurking this blog for some time and appreciate those who are assisting Uppity in keeping this wonder blog going.

  30. I am so proud of Hillary, I donated to her campaign again.

  31. WLM I presume!!!

  32. Well Sophie, you know what I would say, so I might as well say it…..Fuck the little troll.

  33. Karma is a bitch:

  34. Is it me or does The Donald’s doctor look like someone who never got told Woodstock is over?

  35. What a kick-ass speech! She is really hitting her stride.

  36. Trump”s “doctor”was featured on NBC Nightly News last night. YIKES!

    Why is CNN letting that quack, Pinsky, stay until September 22?

  37. I can’t believe the media is taking this doctor’s note this seriously, interviewing the doctor, and such. They should be treating it like Trump is fucking with them and others and be offended by it. Where is the outrage or ridicule or some reaction other than treating it normal and serious because it is not?

  38. pm317, on August 27, 2016 at 10:09 AM said:

    I can’t believe the media is taking this doctor’s note this seriously

    I thought the same. If this had been Hill, they would have been all over the news.

  39. I am volunteering for Hillary in Cleveland. The media is saying Hill’s people are not excited. Apparently they are not in my neck of the woods. Just because they are not jumping up and down acting like idiots, doesn’t mean we are not excited. While phone banking I can hardly get off the phone with some voters. They can’t wait to vote for our girl. Some are saying they are going to do early voting. Not absentee. They are going down to the board of election and vote in person. We are encouraging this.

    We have our annual labor day parade where elected officials come from all over Ohio. This is a very famous parade. I would not be surprised if Hillary showed up. It is in the heart of the AA neighborhood.

  40. This is a good read…..


    Many outlets have picked it apart, but I want to tell you as a doctor exactly how bad it is. I would never write anything this terrible for a Jury Duty excuse or a back to work note, never mind something that half the country (and possibly half the world) might see or could possibly end up one day in a Presidential Library!

    There are so many issues with the letter I’m going to just start at the beginning:

  41. I should have been more clear. When I said Trump’s “doctor” was featured, I meant not in a good way. They sought him out because the note is so bizarre and unprofessional. As is he. Trumpets were complaining on Twitter that they weren’t going after Hillary’s doc. People explained that’s because her doc submitted a normal report. All the rumor mongering about Hillary’s health has backfired and drawn attention to Trump. You would think a 70 year old man would have a competent doctor. And a billionaire should have the best medical care, not some aging hippie who looks like he sells drugs out of the trunk of his car.

  42. This article makes me even more nervous that Trump is being taken so seriously by the mainstream media. This should be required reading for Hillary’s speech. Her speech when not ignored, is not being given the seriousness it deserves. See the WAPO editorial where they criticize her for her use of the language, calling it a dog whistle when it is not from their view and such. Bastards.


    Fortunately, I don’t have children and in fact, discrimination that my children might suffer in the future was a thought in the back of my mind during my child bearing years. I brought myself to this country for my own reason but I was not going to leave an unhappy child here. What made me leave Althouse blog which I thought was middle of the road was a comment addressed to me by an alt-right kind of fucker. It is scary. i cna imagine that all those other right wing sites are worse.

  43. I don’t think he is his real doctor. His real doctor would not be caught dead giving this guy a record that would be filed away for antiquity for better or worse.

  44. I think the term “quack” is being used at every given point, this guy is obviously one of those guys you went to if you needed out of something and could afford it……

  45. if you needed out of something and could afford it……

    Moon, yeah, that is it. He is saying to media ‘you’re punk’d’

  46. Its like whack a mole with this campaign……

  47. When Trump needs more women vote, he picks Bannon who is no chic magnate, inside or out. If Trump was not so nasty to Hillary, I would have thought he was deliberately screwing the GoP and helping Hillary.

  48. PM it does, doesn’t it, its almost as if Trump is blowing up his own campaign, no one is this inept……

  49. Someone asked (I think in the previous thread) who’s covering Hillary. Here are some:

    Monica Alba @albamonica for @NBCNews
    Kasie Hunt @kasie for @MSNBC
    Dan Merica @danmericaCNN for @CNN
    Liz Kreutz @ABCLiz for @ABC
    Jennifer Epstein @jeneps for Bloomberg
    Ken Thomas @KThomasDC for @AP
    Ruby Cramer @rubycramer for @BuzzFeedNews,
    Annie Karni @anniekarni for @POLITICO
    Gabriel Debenedetti @gdebenedetti for @politico,
    Abby D. Phillip @abbydphillip for @WashingtonPost
    Amanda Becker @AmandaBecker for @Reuters
    Hannah Chanpong @hannahfc for @CBSNews.
    Heidi Przybyla @HeidiPrzybyla for USA Today
    Kim Ghattas @BBCKimGhattas for BBC
    Brianna Keilar @brikeilarcnn for CNN
    Liz Goodwin @lizcgoodwin for Yahoo News
    Elyse PG @elysepg for @nbcnews

  50. Hillary’s line to attract more GoP votes should be to appeal to their common decency that Trump has tried to destroy. He is not a Republican, he does not represent the GoP, (puff them up as better people, what do we have to lose?). She tried to do that with citing Dole, Bush, McCain in the speech. More of it done delicately, please.

  51. Hello, Sophie. I have changed my WordPress name back to WLM. Thanks

  52. That doctor seemed like a weird character in a noir movie. Smiling strangely; having a woman stand next to him who tried to protect him from the simple media questions, as if he were an addled relative. The doctor saying that he thought about what to write all day, and then the
    limousine was outside and he is nervous when he is rushed, so he wrote his note in five minutes.

    The more interesting question is, why did Trump need to use this person to get the note? He must have a doctor or two. He seems healthy enough, at least physically. So why get or write this very weird note? It just occurred to me that maybe Trump is taking a variety of psychotropic medications being prescribed by his regular doctor. There is clearly some significant need that caused Trump to go to this very strange doctor for the phony note.

  53. William, If Trump is taking psychotropic medication, it isn’t working very well.

  54. The doctor that wrote Trump’s “letter” to me sounds like one of those pill mill doctors. It sounds to me like Trump wrote and the doctor signed it on his way to getting in a limousine. I mean doctors who actually have written health letters have been befuddled by the statements in that letter.

    The meltdowns continue from conservatives. They are accusing Hillary of everything under the sun.

  55. Things/people in his campaign are so weird that it is on the media for treating it with the seriousness it does.

  56. What if none of the real doctors, his own and others would give him a clean bill of health and he had to resort to finding this/some ‘Quack.’ In Trump’s screwed up mind, he thought he would have ‘fun’ with the media by throwing this Quack into the mix of his campaign. I am sure some people (like Scott Adams) would think that was a genius move, ignoring the bigger underlying issue. Lot of blatant things about Trump are being ignored.

  57. Brassy Rebel, you would think a billionaire in Manhattan could find a doctor that didn’t look like he just woke up outside a porta-potty at Woodstock.

  58. oh man, what the hell is going on at AP? When did it veer off? Is it CDS or has it always been like this?

  59. That tweet thing was bizarre. I guess they have now taken his phone away from him again.

  60. The AP has become the butt of jokes for their reporting on the Clinton Foundation. I can’t believe they haven’t fired the people responsible in order to get some credibility back.

  61. Ga6thDem, yeah, but notice that the AP tweet in agreement with Trump’s (first) tweet.

  62. Teamsters usually endorse the GOP is my understanding but I could be wrong.

    Labor usually endorses Democratic, unless my understanding is outdated.

  63. They endorsed Reagan at one time. Yes, unions usually do endorse Dems but the teamsters are different. I think they flip back and forth.

  64. More on the collusion going on between the AP and Trump campaign, Nancy Benac is the AP reporter:


    Also look at her twitter TL for more:


  65. I am having an aha moment. One of the Trump supporters on TV, some strategist that worked for Cruz now on Trump train, said ‘look at this, it is the AP saying it and not some RW news outlet.’ I see something nefarious going on here.

  66. PM, AP tried to do Hillary in a couple of times in 2008 primary. Top of my mind is when they announced that Hillary was massively ahead on Indiana Primary day. The goal was to keep Hillary voters home. AP is major sleaze. Some real CDS resides there.

  67. Brassy Rebel, you would think a billionaire in Manhattan could find a doctor that didn’t look like he just woke up outside a porta-potty at Woodstock.


    Did you see his CNN interview? The limo was parked outside and he gets nervous under pressure, so he wrote a few lines he thought would make them (Don corleone) happy. I’ll bet donald wrote it and put the hammer on him to sign it. Limo waiting. Horse head in bed avoided.

  68. Mentioning Woodstock gives me the right to post my Brilliant favorite again. I deny Grace Slick for No One!

    Note: Grace wrote the lyrics and score and, while everybody pretty much knows the lyrics are a take on Alice (who, during her adventures, ingested five different drugs), what they don’t know is her inspiration for the score. It was……….Bolero. So when you listen to it, think about that.

  69. I don’t know how to do images in these comments. If I did, I would make some pithy comment about how the Manhattan Mango’s doctor looks just like the Brent Spiner character in Independence Day.

    You remember the character, the one who is so excited about capturing an alive alien that he immediately wants to operate on it and cut it open. Well, obviously he was absent the day they went over anesthesiology in medical school. The alien woke up, wasn’t happy since he hadn’t signed a consent for treatment form, and promptly choked the living crap out of Brent Spiner.

  70. Uppity, I remember vaguely what they did in 2008 but all media was in the tank for Obama. Definitely CDS but the real development is the Trump campaign capitalizing on it now (apparently this development came after Bannon entered the scene.)

  71. Brassy Rebel, you would think a billionaire in Manhattan could find a doctor that didn’t look like he just woke up outside a porta-potty at Woodstock

    Ha, ha, Rip Van Stinkle!

  72. Speaking about the AP, remember when they announced the day before the CA primary that Clinton had enough delegates to cinch the nomination? Trying to suppress voting?

  73. Clinton (with apologies to Johnny Cash): “I shot a campaign in Reno just to watch it die.”

  74. Prolix – a very apt analogy, especially given that the monster was using the good doctor literally as his mouthpiece while choking him.

  75. The chronology of the corruption of AP this campaign season, a/c to @sarahkendzior:

    AP reporter meets with the Trump campaign PR team, writes a puff piece on Trump, days later writes that hit piece on the CF, didn’t take down the misleading and false tweet, …

  76. This is interesting but we knew it, right?:


    His numbers are the opposite of hers.

  77. Prolix, that doctor is obviously ridiculously eccentric to begin with. What doctor makes a letterhead with their dead father of six years on top of it? So at best he’s major eccentric. At worst he’s a con man because using F.A.C.G. after his name is a lie, he is not a member of the Gastroenterology group. Nor is he a member of “Department of Medicine, Section of Gastroenterology” at Lenox Hill hospital. In fact, they don’t even HAVE such a department.

    If we set that aside for a moment, his interview with CNN was very telling. He said he gets anxious under duress and Trump’s Thug was out front with Trump’s limo’s motor running waiting for him to sign that letter. He said that he came up with “in five minutes” a couple of sentences that would “make ‘them’ happy”. I’ll go one further. It’s highly possible, given what we know about Trump’s thuggery with vendors, when he squeezes them into taking pennies on the dollar, or worse, doesn’t pay them at all, that letter may have already been written by the Chief Thug. This is very believable considering the “To Whom It My Concern” mistake. Donald can’t spell or write worth a shit, that is apparent. And so it is also possible that, covering for Trump is what he is doing, and the limo was outside waiting for him to sign it.
    The other option is he DID write it in a hurry to “satisfy” The Don Corleone Trump. If that is the case, he deliberately lied about his memberships and hospital staff presence. The only thing that could be confirmed is that he has “admitting privileges” like any other doctor. And F.A.C.G. stated that he is not a member and he does not have the right to use the initials after his name. Furthermore, several doctors have addressed that letter and the ridiculous terminology that is never used by doctors.

    No matter which way we look at how this absurd letter came to be, it IS absurd. Which is why, his eccentricities aside, I don’t think that letter was written by a doctor at all.

    Physician’s remarks on Bornstein’s “concerning” terminology:

    Sanjay agreed.


  78. Now there is an ABC puff piece apparently about his AA outreach without even mentioning his first tweet. Wow, this gives me a sinking feeling. Remember also how he tweeted about Mika and Joe and threatened them.

  79. One of the MSNBC blondes interviewed a guy from The Washington Post about the AP piece;poor guy was like a deer in headlights..not really able to respond to her questions. Joy Reid did an even better interview later on where they basically bashed the AP piece as unprofessional and unsubstantiated. Even ol’ Bill Richardson was like..” This is government business as usual;nothing here to be getting so excited about.”

    Those AP reporters are going to be in a world of trouble once the Sunday shows get done w/them. Honestly,folks, please check out AM Joy. However she may have covered Hillary in the past;she’s one of the few pundits who does not appear to suffer from CDS. How refreshing and unusual is that? I know that may sound like believing in unicorns and we Hillary supporters are more used to wanting to throw things @ the TV..but give her a try. I think you’ll be pleased as she does her homework;has some good company on her show and is pretty balanced in her coverage. And,no I’m not being paid by MSNBC to say this stuff..it’s just that I so excited to find a place where it isn’t constant Hillary bashing and distortions.

  80. Thiel brought down Gawker.

  81. Msdsal, Joy has not been a big fan of Hillary’s but she is honest and she does her homework so nor has she suffered from CDS. While you’ll never see her do a Rah Rah thing, you will see her cut people off while they’re in the middle of their stale talking points and throw a slew of facts into their face.

  82. Yayyyyyyyyyyy WLM!!!! *Does happy dance*

  83. The possibility that Trump has dirt or can get dirt on media people never occured to me, but in this election, nothing surprises me anymore. It’s definitely unconventional for reporters from a major wire service to meet with a presidential candidate’s pr people instead of their campaign people. And then there’s the Russian connection. Trying not to get caught up in conspiracy theories, but it’s not easy.

    And why was Trump strong-arming the old hippie for a medical letter instead of getting one from his real doctor? I have a lot of questions.

  84. Brassy Rebel, we have to remember Ailes is now working with Trump. I think all these reporters and media outlets are on notice.

  85. Anyone notice the woman standing next to Trump’s doctor? She looked like a throw back from the hippie days.

    Did anyone check out this doctors credentials? I am beginning to wonder if he really is a doctor.

  86. It does sound kind of tin foilish but unfortunately it makes a lot of sense. There’s a lot of scary crap going on with the ties to Putin et. al.

  87. @sarahkendzior is taking on CNN’s Brian Stelter and winning on Twitter. Good for her. {I would cheer her on twitter but don’t have twitter account; will never get one}.

  88. Now, AP reporter is on her TL telling her to calm down and get back to what she does best. OMG! Go Sarah, get the bastard!

  89. Msdsal, I like Joy Reid too. She doesn’t bash Clinton and she calls out the BS that Trump supporters dish out. Sometimes, she has had to contain her laughter at the absurdities that spew from their mouths. I think she tries to be fair.

  90. If MC Vlad Pooty-Poot is behind all this, I will need to lower my estimate of his intelligence, and I don’t mean the “spy” kind of intelligence.

    How could Putin think putting The Donald, the unstable orange grifter–who, for Madoka’s sake, wonders why we can’t use nuclear weapons–in charge of the U. S. nuclear arsenal, could possibly be a good thing for Mother Russia?

  91. A Trump presidency would mean the ascendancy of the alt-right. How could a gaggle of demented, testosterone-intoxicated ultra-nationalists taking over the USA, which has the world’s most powerful military forces, possibly be a good thing for Russia?

    Putin may think he has the Donald in his pocket. His predecessor Stalin thought he had “the Adolf” in his pocket for about a year and a half–then Uncle Joe woke up the morning of June 22, 1941, with Der Fuehrer’s “friendship” buried between his shoulder blades. Pooty-Poot would do well to remember that.

  92. After following @sarahkendzior TL take on CNN and AP, how appropriate to find this tweet:

  93. Reuters-Ipsos polls have been all over the place in this election. I don’t see how their polls could reasonably vary so much. Now they’ve got Hillary up by 5 points, and that is a drop from 12 a couple of weeks ago. But they had the race very close, Hillary up by 3 or so, right after the Democratic convention. Are we going to now see a bunch of polls showing the race very close, after Trump has made an even bigger idiiot of himself than before, and when the neo-Nazis threaten to take over? I was really hoping to see a series of polls which had Hillary up comfortably, 8-10 points. For what it is worth, which I hope is not very much at all, the national betting odds on Hillary have dropped in the last two days, and the various state odds have virtually all moved to show either Republican betting, or closer state polls. I hope this is just a small blip, but the media’s relentless favoritism toward Trump always keeps me on edge.

  94. Uppity, Good analysis about Trumps so-called doctor.

  95. I would love to see a SNL skit on this doc.

  96. LOL!! Parody account

  97. Sophie, I thought that was a real headline! It is so in keeping with all of the media. not just AP! I have become almost inured to this kind of coverage and headlines.

  98. Dumpty’s doctor looks more like his drug dealer.

    Not sure of the drugs that give you orange skin, tiny hands and hair that looks like a dead squirrel.

  99. Sophie @ 11:13pm: Haha! Thats great! I hope they roast AP over the coals.

  100. What ABC George S. laughed about he now knowingly propagates for ratings:

  101. Trump: What do you have to lose?
    Hillary: Everything

  102. Go Sarah! Get those bastards! She was awesome last night with the CNN and the AP guys.


  103. Apparently the media have moved on from CF/CGI stories to the absence of press conferences from Hillary in an effort to help Trump where his campaign manager is tweeting number of days without press conference. They are not asking for his medical records or his tax returns or shut his businesses down, but they want Hillary to hold a press conference. Fuck those mfers.

  104. After 227 years, there is a qualified woman nominee who wants the job but we are not allowed to examine why there have not been other women running/winning before and how gender has played a part historically and now in this election. Because a Clinton is neither human nor a woman. Amazing the hit job media has done over all these years.

  105. The press conference thing is nonsense. Every time she has one they don’t ask anything important.

  106. Trump is in trouble, from Romney losing Catholics in 2012 by 2 points, Trump is losing them by 23 to 27 points. let that sink in….


  107. Are the present day journalists too dumb to do these types analyses?

  108. Sarah Kendzior is awesome! Btw, Matt Lee, the pig who actually told a woman who was busting a news organization’s dishonesty to “calm down”, is the AP reporter at the State Department. He’s consideted the “dean” of the State press corps. Hillary knows him well. Sarah was tangling with some heavy hitters.

  109. Read that Trump is practicing for the debates with Laura Ingrahm, Rudy Guiliani, and Roger Ailes. They are using one of Trump’s golf courses in New Jersey. Wonder, if he increased the fees for using the golf course facilities.

  110. I think my statement above is a joke.

  111. This is an excellent article by Sarah Kendzoir. Hillary with her policies can help these people more than Trump will ever. How has Hillary addressed their concerns on the stump? I know that she moved leftward trying to appease Obama coalition and don’t know how much she speaks to the people who are looking for answers in Trump. But the media is the major culprit in this. They won’t help spread her policies nor her vision for the country as a whole.


  112. Finally got to listen to Hillary’s speech all the way through. So powerful and so impressive. It floors me to think that anyone can look at Donald Trump in comparison to Hillary Clinton and think he would make a better president.

    On another note, this article from Rolling Stone really has me up in arms. When I was registering people last week I was telling them doublecheck and make sure you’re registered at your current address. People were kind of nodding and I’m sure nobody was going to actually do it but after reading this I almost want to sit down and call everybody in the phonebook and tell them to make sure they’re registered to vote.

    Neetabug – I’m sure campaign folks in Ohio are aware of this, but perhaps this should be included in your phone banking script.


  113. Surprised that Plouffe was strong in support of Hillary on MTP. She has earned that and more from these Obama bastards.

  114. Joy Reid won’t be asked back for MTP judging by the the push back she is getting for saying the right thing and raising fair questions (and that evil eye from the witch Andrea Mitchell).

  115. The Dumbed Down Democracy
    2016 features the stupidest electorate ever.

  116. Chuckles Toad, on MTP, was wearing his extra large clown shoes. He allowed Reince Penis to get away without answering any questions about the clamorous Yam’s flipping and flopping by saying, “He couldn’t speak for Trump,” but Chuckles allowed the cheese-headed Penis ample leeway to erroneously characterize Hillary’s positions.

    I agree Joy Reid is relentless in her willfulness in setting the record straight with something that is all to rare in political reporting — facts. Joy should get a medal for meritorious journalism.

  117. Jules9164 Thanks for the info. We will be on this. My daughter moved to Florida this March and registered there. She is still registered to vote in Ohio still. They better not pull her name.

  118. The only reason the media wants Hillary to do a press conference, is so that they can ask their favorite questions about why she isn’t liked, her emails, the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, why people think she is untrustworthy, her emails, whether she is a bigot, why people don’t trust her, her emails. They don’t want to ask questions, they want to make statements in the form of questions, in order to try to embarrass her. Then they will take the answers, and criticize and mock them: “Clinton denies that she is dishonest.” “Clinton still maintains that she didn’t lie about emails.” It is an absolute fixed dice game; she cannot possibly win. The media isn’t a bunch of hardworking journalists who want to ask questions about her policies; they are ghouls who are being denied their diet of flesh.

  119. I am rather perturbed about the whole presser push myself. The entitled media does not deserve one.

    That being said, I think she should do one and flip it on them.
    If they ask about emails, she should say, “You know, I once wrote an email about <insert policy she wants to talk about here>.
    If they ask about likability, she should say, “Interestingly, my rating is about 25 years of unsubstantiated smears and I’m still more likable than Donald, whose rating is based on actual things he’s said and done himself.”
    If asked about CGI, she could say, “It’s a damn shame that optics concern trolls might ruin one of the best, most transparent charities there is.” OR, “Glad you brought up CGI. This is what they’ve done this year alone and thanks to optics concern trolling, all of those people won’t eat, get medicine, will die of curable diseases, etc.”

  120. THIS is how Clinton surrogates need to respond to Andrea Mitchell:

  121. The press just wants to harass her on the same old same old. I don’t blame her for ignoring them. She’s doing fine in spite of them.

    Incidentally, Sarandon, in a rare moment of partial sobriety claims she’s not voting for trump but is ‘waiting’ to be ‘convinced’ to vote for Hillary. Have a nice wait asshole. Nobody cares. Go vote for Jill Stein.

  122. Ana Navarro says Donald is not just unfit to be president, he’s unfit to be a Human.

  123. Thanks for the terrific link, Up. I only have one quibble. I don’t think she was even a little careless with classified emails. State didn’t consider that info classified. But this person makes an important point about people with a long record of public service: they’re easily smeared for any minor mistakes. No one will take these jobs if this is how they know they will be treated.

    As for Sarandon, does she expect Hillary to come to her house with baked goods and beg for her vote? Such a special snowflake.

  124. William said:
    The only reason the media wants Hillary to do a press conference, is so that they can ask their favorite questions about why she isn’t liked, her emails, the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, why people think she is untrustworthy, her emails, whether she is a bigot, why people don’t trust her, her emails.


    Absolutely William!

    When I unplugged my tv about a year ago, I made sure I at least had CNN satellite radio so I could keep up with politics. Every time I turn CNN on, all they talk about is Dumpster’s tweets, what he will say, will he give more on his plans, and then no matter how well Hillary does in the polls…they counteract it with how much they hate her and think all of America should feel the same way. They also play Trump’s rally speeches and only give snippets of Hillary’s.

    …Then they have another panel, were 85% of the time, only t.Rump’s supporters whip up into a frenzy and talk over everyone else.

    I actually had to laugh when three men got into a huge fight yesterday, screaming over each other and the moderator sounded like a little mouse in the background telling them to wait their turn. It was total chaos.

  125. It is a shame that the media refuses to recognize the historical significance of her running. There are no other females in the last 227 years who even came close to be taken seriously by the electorate. There are no other females who THINK they can do the job. There are no other females who are as ambitious and tenacious as she is. This is a test of the times and reckoning for American democracy, to separate out the individual with merit that is Hillary from all other things that has happened to her in her life. She would have been the president before of Bill Clinton if this country had a different attitude towards women. I have seen other democracies that have elected female presidents, the most recent being Bangladesh, (think about that, Bangladesh!). But they are all parliamentary systems where the party SELECTS the head of state (and without question, there is advantage to selecting a woman at different times which the party sees). Here, it is much harder and as we have seen made much harder by the media because it is a Clinton. Media could have taken this opportunity as a huge intellectual exercise in how a female becomes the major party nominee and wins the race in a unique democracy like America. They don’t have to take sides or treat her with any special attitude because she is a female but they could be fair. It is not that hard against a clown that is Trump at best and a danger to civil society at worst. Media is failing badly in this whole exercise. They are responsible for making a caricature out of her and for all the hate that emanates from the right and the left on her.

  126. They are responsible for making a caricature out of her and for all the hate that emanates from the right and the left on her.

    (cont.) But they had a chance to redeem themselves this election season and take it seriously and conduct themselves with dignity and the seriousness the contest deserved. They have failed miserably.

  127. That is a good blog article. And yes, Brassy Rebel is right, that Hillary wasn’t even careless with emails, since she never received any on her private server which were correctly marked as classified at the time. But everyone listens to Comey’s gloss on it, forgetting that Comey is above all a Republican who has gone after HIlary before, and so said a bunch of inappropriate and actually wrong things in order to help his Republican friends as much aS he could. The entire “email investigation” was a concocted event which was only done because the extreme right wing was desperate for some way to derail Hillary’s path to the presidency. They’ve done this before, and they’ll keep on trying to do it, because it is how they work. Who can ever forget five years and $90 million of taxpayer money spent on “Whitewater.” They somehow got President Clinton to agree to an “Independent Counsel” for this matter, which he probably agreed to because he knew that there was zero there. But then the right-wing Counsel investigated anything he could get his hands on, finally ending up with Monica Lewinsky.. They’re trying the same tactics with Hillary; demanding depositions, hearings, inane perjury charges.

    But that emphasizes the problem we have. There is a very large and powerful group of right-wing people in our country who are about nothing so much as winning, of getting their horrible right-wing agenda passed, and of destroying anyone who stands in their way. We’ve seen that they have no interest in functioning government; they shut it down, they won’t raise the debt ceiling, they won’t approve judges or Supreme Court Justices. They are not patriots, they are not loyal opposition, they are corrupt people bought and sold by oligarchs and by the NRA. They are indeed everything that they project onto Hillary.

    So how do we manage to not just stalemate these thoroughly evil people, but actually triumph over them? The dumber the populace gets, the more they fall for the big lies, the more difficult it seems. And we know that the media is, for whatever strange or insidious reasons, their enablers. The very theme of that blog piece revolves around the truly bizarre fact that millions of people despise Hillary, and millions more think that she is evil or inept or unqualified. Well, millions hated FDR, too, but i think that most of that was based on policies, or rich people saying that he was somehow “a traitor to his class.” With Hillary, it is based on this weirdly distorted picture of her which the far right has gotten away with painting, because the media doesn’t have the intelligence or decency to correct it. So here we are, this close to having a literal madman become President. Somehow, some way, we are going to have to break through that stranglehold that the far right and the inept and corrupt media have on our national perceptions. Not just to get Hillary elected, which of course is the absolute imperative, but to move forward after that.

  128. Apparently, Hillary is supposed to have a presser “to clear the air”. Let’s see if I have this straight. Media spews toxic sludge into the atmosphere until no one can see the truth anymore. Then it’s Hillary’s responsibility to “clear the air”. Okay. Got it.

  129. Brassy, sounds like they are trying to force her to have one. I don’t blame her for not speaking with the press very often. The way they misconstrue and distort everything she says, who would want to speak with them?

  130. Abedin, Weiner separating after new sexting allegations

    ———Huma needs to toss this sleazy weener out for good. He is an ugly dog.

  131. But according to WaPo, it’s all Huma’s fault anyway (isn’t it always the woman’s fault?) because she left her son alone with his own father. That your spouse will sext with your child sleeping next to him is not something most normal people would anticipate. Now she knows how far gone this crrep really is she’s outta there. I think the child was the reason she stayed. The usual suspects now blame her for being a “bad” mother rather than being appalled by THE FATHER.

  132. The fact that Trump’s response to every tragic or unfortunate event is to claim that this shows that he was right, is a manifestation of his.egomania and psychosis. Everything in the world revolves around him, in his mind.

  133. People with twitter — could you please take down that Hillary hater Maggie Haberman at the NYT, hound her for her stupidity and get her fired?

  134. Meet the man siphoning money from Donald Trump
    A 25-year-old with no Trump ties raises $1 million by dangling ‘dinner’ with the GOP nominee.


  135. Hillary did this important thing today. But of course, the corrupt media and her opponent are talking about Weiner being a problem for her campaign when he is not even remotely associated with the campaign.

  136. Clyde Haberman is Maggie Haberman’s dad and works at NYT. No nepotism there.. right?

  137. RIP Gene Wilder. Loved your wife. Loved you.

  138. Voting
    THIS is how Clinton surrogates need to respond to Andrea Mitchell…

    This is plain as day that the dumbbunny Andrea, who doesn’t think for herself, is trying to argue with Bob, a man intellectually out of her league…and she isn’t smart enough to realize how ignorant she is.

    Those 10-40 IQ points to make a huge difference in critical thinking.

    Someone pretending to be intelligent is what fRump is all about. He can’t even come up with his own policies. “Build a wall”…that’s it, simple minded.

  139. Trump screaming Hillary has not had a press conference. Of course the media is right with him.
    I wish I could take out an ad on the front page of every news paper in the US and ask Donald if you want Hillary to have a press conference show us your tax return. Your tax return is more important than a press conference.

    Can someone Go Fund Me for this? (smile)

    I can’t wait for this election to be over. I am sick of looking at and hearing him talk. Most of the time I turn the volume down.

  140. She had a press conference not too long ago is the association of black journalists or some such. I guess since they are not the “elite” journalists it does not matter. The only reason they want a press conference is to gang rape Hillary. They never ask any worthwhile questions.

  141. They mean a press conference with privileged upper class white people with good hair and jobs their daddy or other relative got them.

  142. Donald doesn’t have press conferences either. Just free air time with which he gets to rant and rave like a crazy man for as long as he wants.

  143. I must may have to tweet “Your daddy got you your job” to her

  144. t.Rump has twitter press conferences, a tiny sentence keeps the media talking for days.

  145. I swear, WordPress hates me…

  146. He can’t even come up with his own policies. “Build a wall”…that’s it, simple minded.

    Shadowfax, not so fast… a few minutes ago, an MSNBC analyst on the panel (some woman named Kumar) said everybody knows Trump’s immigration policy in three words, ‘build the wall’ and nobody knows Hillary’s and that is a problem …for her! That is when I turned the channel.

  147. Uppity, she (Maggi Haberman) makes TV appearances now and have seen her on CNN and she always looks constipated.

  148. Lanny Davis did a great job taking Wolf to school on CNN today.Wolf kept saying,” Comey said she was extremely careless.” Lanny pointed out that was Comey’s OPINION,only,not a finding of fact.And then quoted Comey’s congressional testimony to prove his point.
    I think some of the old guard Clinton supporters are starting to wake up and call BS on the pundits. This is good as when you actually look at facts rather than talking points and media/Trump fantasy politics..Hillary looks pretty darn good..truthful,ethical and damn it all,TRUSTWORTHY.

    Don’t get too excited about the polls tightening;especially the national ones. Remember poll pushing;media market share and that polls typically tighten as we get closer to election day. State polls are still the ones that tell a more precise story. AND we haven’t even had one debate yet.

    I watched Game Change the other night;which is a movie about the selection of Sara Palin as McCain’s VP. The glimpse behind the scenes was fascinating and made me wonder how things are for Trump’s handlers. Lots of parallels to the current horror show.

    Hang tough Uppityites, only 70 some days to go!! I already have the champagne chillin’.

  149. If you have a chance, watch Rachel Maddow’s opening segment on Trump’s doctor. Anybody with a Twitter account, and the inclination to do this, might suggest to Rachel that the missing link here is drugs. The doctor said that Trump did not have a history of smoking or alcohol. No one asked about drugs. Hillary’s doctor said what drugs she was taking.. Why didn’t this doctor list drugs that Trump was taking? You can’t get him to state which drugs, but the question of why he didn’t list any of them is relevant. Until I learn otherwise, I think that Trump is on some knd of psychotropic medication. Second, I think Rachel is wrong when she thinks the doctor said people had told him that Hillary’s health is not good; I am almost certain that he was saying that Trump said that to him on the phone’ and I would not be surprised if Trump told him to say it, because why would someone’s doctor start talking about a non-patient’s medical condition?

  150. My takes on Trump’s statement about Huma.


  151. Pretty sure it’s illegal to fire someone because her husband is an asshole. Half the married women in America would be unemployable. 😉

  152. Donald would just settle that out of court and declare it never happened.

  153. It appears to me that the print media are writing many damning stories about Trump but much of it does not make their way on to TV shows. It is a cacophony on TV shows with each side shouting on the other and everything is a muddle and no in depth anything. Any negative thing however damning for Trump when raised, they have to also highlight that they need to of course, investigate THE emails and the foundation.

  154. I have a hard time keeping GeneWilder and Dudley Moore separate.

  155. I don’t understand the attraction between Weiner and Huma. Maybe the Muslim-Jew thing is part of it. Despite his looks, I read in an article Weiner had a reputation of a confident flamboyant personality in the DC circle. Self confidence and abundance of it in a man is very attractive to women.

  156. Is that Weiner piece in the NYT written as a Clinton hit piece written by Maggie Haberman?

  157. Mdsal, I don’t believe the state polls. Remember in Ohio how close they said the votes were between Hillary and Sanders?

    Another thing, I have lost my faith in ministers. This so called minister Pastor Burns had the nerve to go on twitter and put Hillary in a black face. He apologized, but the damage has been done. There is no way a minister who is preaching the love of God would do this. He is going to burn in hell. This guy is in this for the money and fame. This is a guy we call a jack leg preacher. If this guy is giving Trump advice Lord help us. It is like the blind leading the blind.

    This has bothered me so that I am asking my Pastor for a meeting. To find out what is going on with these ministers.

  158. Neetabug, I do not know the exactt process, but I believe that there are all sorts of Black people who have called themselves Reverends or Pastors, without any formal training. They go to Black churches and get ordained. I don’t care what they do, but this gives them some invented status. This particular pastor, so called, is a right-wing Trump supporter hiding behind his invented title. Trump’s campaign was casting around for a few Black people to attack Hillary, in their effort to cut into her support. His “meeting with Black leaders” in Detroit is also phony, as it is a group of Trump supporters who are going to come out of the meeting and say that they were very impressed with Trump. Trump is a complete phony, a huckster, a con man. This guy who calls himself a pastor is another shill along for the ride.

  159. Hillary came out with the Mental Health Care policy yesterday. Did anyone hear anything about it on television? Crickets.

  160. The outreach by Trump to the African American community is insulting and condescending, to say the least. I’m in insulted and angry by it, and I’m not even AA. Pastor Burns is horrible.

    I don’t Hillary panders to the African American community. She has been working with and for this community her entire career.

  161. What is this and why are TV people not talking about this?:

  162. The legal scholar/debater/’be prepared’ Hillary vs the slacker/con-man /egomaniac t.Rump


    Hillary Clinton Piles Up Research in Bid to Needle Donald Trump at First Debate

    Hillary Clinton’s advisers are talking to Donald J. Trump’s ghostwriter of “The Art of the Deal,” seeking insights about Mr. Trump’s deepest insecurities as they devise strategies to needle and undermine him in four weeks at the first presidential debate, the most anticipated in a generation.

    Her team is also getting advice from psychology experts to help create a personality profile of Mr. Trump to gauge how he may respond to attacks and deal with a woman as his sole adversary on the debate stage.

    They are undertaking a forensic-style analysis of Mr. Trump’s performances in the Republican primary debates, cataloging strengths and weaknesses as well as trigger points that caused him to lash out in less-than-presidential ways.

    As Mrs. Clinton pores over this voluminous research with her debate team, most recently for several hours on Friday, and her aides continue searching for someone who can rattle her as a Trump stand-in during mock debates, Mr. Trump is taking the opposite tack. Though he spent hours with his debate team the last two Sundays, the sessions were more freewheeling than focused, and he can barely conceal his disdain for laborious and theatrical practice sessions.

    “I believe you can prep too much for those things,” Mr. Trump said in an interview last week. “It can be dangerous. You can sound scripted or phony — like you’re trying to be someone you’re not.”

    Rarely are debate preparations as illuminating about the candidates as a debate itself, but Mrs. Clinton’s and Mr. Trump’s strikingly different approaches to the Sept. 26 face-off are more revealing about their egos and battlefield instincts than most other moments in the campaign.


  163. Trashed again…

  164. It has been noted in other places, but it’s also something I thought of a while ago: Every single thing that Trump accuses Hillary or Bill of, is something that he has done or been accused of.

    He has a documented history of bigotry, so he calls Hillary a bigot. He has some kind of medical issue, so he says that Hillary does. He has undoubtedly been engaged in criminal enterprises, so he says that the Clinton Foundation is a vast criminal enterprise. He is crooked, so he says that Hillary is crooked. His speeches are incoherent, so he says that hers are. He is going to trial for rape, so he says that Bill was guilty of rape. And by logical extension, he is trying to fix the election, so he says that Hillary is trying to. This is a person who, either because of some strange psychosis, or a lack of imagination, is actually telling everyone who he is; but the media simply doesn’t see it, or doesn’t want to, until of course it might be too late Hitler’s rosetta stone was “Mein Kampf.” Trump’s is whatever he accuses Hillary of.

  165. Trump going to a black church in Detroit. Is this open to the public?
    If it is I am going to see if I can get a group of people to go with me to this church. I don’t live in Detroit. It is not far from Cleveland.

  166. It’s called the I’m Rubber, You’re Glue Strategy.

  167. People with twitter — could you please take down that Hillary hater Maggie Haberman at the NYT, hound her for her stupidity and get her fired?

    I did that last summer–everything she wrote was anti-Hillary lies. She was incorrigible. I was all over her for it. As I result, I got blocked. I still snark at her in Tweets though.

  168. It has been noted in other places, but it’s also something I thought of a while ago: Every single thing that Trump accuses Hillary or Bill of, is something that he has done or been accused of.

    William, it’s classic projection. Every insult he hurls, every baseless accusation he makes are all confessions. The media is either stupid or complicit.

  169. My post is once again in the dumper, good link to the NYTimes about Hillary preparing for debates with t.Rump.

  170. I have a hard time keeping GeneWilder and Dudley Moore separate

    Really, because Dudley Moore was a teeny little Englishman with comic gifts.
    Gene Wilder was tall, American and a comedy genius.

  171. Meg Whitman, the CEO of Hewlett Packard and a top Republican fund-raiser, will make her first campaign stop for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, and Denver is the venue.

    Whitman will meet with Colorado business leaders for breakfast at the Crawford Hotel to discuss Clinton’s jobs plan, which includes investing in technology companies and helping small businesses succeed.

    “As a proud Republican, casting my vote for president has usually been a simple matter,” Whitman said in a statement. “Not this year. The reality we face is that Donald Trump is unfit to be president. And that is why more and more Republicans are doing what I did and supporting Hillary Clinton.

    “Secretary Clinton’s temperament, global experience and commitment to America’s bedrock national values make her the right choice in 2016 for President of the United States.”

  172. William,I think you’re really onto something w/this projection thing. Most people are adept at distracting from their own issues by deflecting those issues onto others.
    I was glad to hear that the Clinton team was using a psychologist to help profile Trump,as well as consulting w/Trump’s ghostwriter. ( If that’s really true).
    This may be a gross generalization,but I’ve also always found it worthwhile to look at a man’s relationship with his mother to help get a clue as to how his attitude toward women was formed;how he treats women in his current life and where his Achilles heels/trigger points are.Looking at his Daddy stuff wouldn’t hurt either.

    Trump is just about four miles down the road from me today;am being most vigilant re: the avoidance of karma cooties.

    Also finding more and more Clinton surrogates making cohesive,clear and reasonable arguments defending the Clinton Foundation. Am also loving how PO’d the media is because Hillary won’t allow them to bully her or distract from her message w/a press conference. BWAHAHA. Paybacks are a you know. 🙂

  173. Stop Trying to Make Anthony Weiner’s Sexting a Political Issue
    By Rebecca Traister


  174. What is going on with this Colin guy? He just went mad about Hillary.

  175. Is that Weiner piece in the NYT written as a Clinton hit piece written by Maggie Haberman?


  176. Kaepernick? He is an idiot. He was an idiot last year, probably psychologically troubled. He acts out, makes hmself the center of attention at a football game because he doesn’t stand for the anthem. Then, a bunch of people who should know better, both Black and Caucasian, make him some kind of national hero because he said he was doing it to protest the way people of color are treated. So he gets what he wants, consciously or unconsciously, which is to be given a major forum. And he doesn’t know anything about anything. He says that Hillary should be in jail because “she deleted emails.” He has no idea what he is talking about. But, hey, he didn’t stand for the anthem, so he is a hero to minorities and the Left, and attention must be paid. That’s what these people get for applauding someone just because he indulges himself, and then says something about supporting minorities. Who ever thought that this guy was some kind of culture hero, or profound thinkier? The Left always does this kind of thing; and too many African-Americans do, too. Now every right-wing show on TV will have him on to attack Hillary.Stop making people heroes because they act out on TV, no matter what they are protesting about. Chris Hayes and his guests, and Joy Reid were giving him great praise yesterday. He is not brave, he is not courageous, he is a troubled person who wants to make statements.

  177. And let me just add to Traister’s excellent piece that anyone who is married to a cadaver named Greenspan (I mean you, Mitchell, you sleaze!) is the last person who should be trying to make a political issue out of another woman’s marital choices. I mean, really–how tacky.

  178. Lanny smacking Wolfie around (thanks, Msdsal, for the heads-up on this):

  179. William, on August 29, 2016 at 9:33 PM said:

    Here’s the video of what William is discussing re: Rachel opening.

  180. I am beyond disgust when it comes to the media. They occupy a world in which Huma is responsible for anything her estranged husband does and Hillary is responsible for both of them. Meanwhile, Trump is responsible for NOTHING. Never mind that there are naked girl-on-girl pix of his current spouse all over the internet. Is this the ultimate gender double standard or just CDS run amok? Who knows? Media narrative rules!

  181. Sweet Sue, I have only watched ‘Arthur’ which is Dudley Moore and have only a passing familiarity with Gene Wilder’s movies. So, I don’t know either very well which is why the confusion in my head.

  182. SophiaCT, Maggie Haberman tweeted a nasty tweet equating Bannon with Weiner and got a big push back and sent another lame tweet saying she was not clear in the first tweet. She does not appear to be smart nor is she interesting.

  183. *SophieCT

  184. Haha.. Trump is Tramp in

  185. Can you just imagine Wolfe Blitzer and Andrea Mitchell meeting daily for coffee deciding who will be the nastiest for the day.

  186. He is a sleazy con. There are so many ugly stories coming out in print but none aired on TV.

  187. What! Why is Susan Estrich defending (as his lawyer) Ailes?

  188. PM, you never saw Young Frankenstein??? Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. Not much of a movie person, Uppity. 🙂 Don’t you see the similarity between Moore and Wilder, though, faces?

  190. oh, and I didn’t grow up here. Have only been here since the mid 80s.

  191. Upps, you mean Young Frankensteen??? LOLOL! I have that movie on DVD and it never fails to make me laugh out loud. “Blazing Saddles” as well..although that movie could never be made today.

  192. Well actually no, PM. But please don’t hold it against me.

  193. Whose smug face would you most like to push a pie into?
    Jake Tapper’s or Chuck Todd’s?
    I’m having a hard time deciding.

  194. I see our avatars have changed.
    I was a pink carrot with orange hair for years and, now, I’m a purple bug?
    A purple potato?
    Rest in peace, flame haired carrot. I will miss you.

  195. Dudley Moore stared in the movie “10” with Bo Derek (the 10). It launched her. In one scene Dudley attempts to make love to her and she plays “Bolero” as the background. She was so vain and shallow, he tried throughout the entire Bolero but to no avail. That scene changed the recognition quotient of Ravel’s Bolero forever. It also ruined it. lol.

    Incidentally, it is said that Bo and Dudley had real sex during that scene.

    I was a fan of Moore. He was funny and also an excellent musician, Pianist. He died of a horrible degenerative disease called Progressive supranuclear palsy, it basically ate portions of his brain a little at a time. Poor guy.

  196. VOting, I own Young Frankenstein too! I have seen it dozens of times, I know the lines by heart and it craaaaaaacks me up every single time.

  197. That’s ok PM, you can live it all vicariously through us!

  198. Wilder’s eyes are different but the triangular face, the nose, and the curly hair..if you have a vague memory of one, it is not that hard to replace it with the other. Well, looks like it is just me then though I go around bragging I have photographic memory for people’s faces, LOL. I should be careful.

  199. oh, you linked a video from Arthur. I wanted as we were chatting earlier but didn’t want to offend any Wilder fans here.

  200. I don’t see it, Pm.

    Dudley Moore
    http://alchetron.com/Dudley-Moore-757228-W (Scroll for older shots)
    Gene Wilder

  201. Also, my hubs and I use that stock excuse ‘didn’t grow up here’ when confronted with things that are singularly American by nature (intangibles you inherit from your parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles..)

  202. Lanny smacking Wolfie around
    Lanny is taking a very strong stance on the bullshit Wolfface is trying to peddle. Lanny was about as good as a surrogate as Hillary has had on CNN, saying he will repeat the same thing for a fourth time if Wolfcrack still can’t get the truth though is thick scull.

    Cut off that fuzzy Lanny, you don’t want to be ugly like Wolfbumbles.

  203. yeah, if you put them side by side and look at it no, but in your minds eye…

  204. Ok, in your mind’s eye. But not in my mind’s eye. Hey, anybody else see a similarity?

    But if trivia. Dudley was born with a club foot. That little guy let NOTHING stop him.

  205. Ok, in your mind’s eye. But not in my mind’s eye. I loved Dudley. Thought he was a bundle of talent. It’s just that things were cut too short for him. Hey, anybody else see a similarity between Dudley and Gene?

    But if trivia. Dudley was born with a club foot. That little guy let NOTHING stop him.

  206. I didn’t change any avatar templates. WP is nuts.

    In fact, Sue, from my screen you have NO avatar. yeesh WordPress, get a grip on yourself.

    Sue, was your avatar one that you picked or a stock avatar

  207. I am seeing imperfect double…

  208. How is WoedPress still in business?

  209. Can you just imagine Wolfe Blitzer and Andrea Mitchell meeting daily for coffee deciding who will be the nastiest for the day.

    ACK! Not two people I would want to run into first thing in the AM! Hate them both.

  210. ok.. in my mind’s eye, that was an ‘r’ and not an ‘e’… time for bed. Ciao!

  211. Here’s the video of what William is discussing re: Rachel opening…

    Normally I can’t stomach Rachel nor MSNBC…but this was actual reporting and investigation.

    Blew me away.

  212. Here’s a short docu on Dudley and his illness. Very very sad to see such a body of talent turn to this.

  213. Yipes, typo – skull*

  214. Karma does it thing again. Congrats, DWS.

  215. More good news out of FL primaries: Grayson defeated (thank God):

  216. I love both Dudley and Gene, love many of their movies, but they don’t really remind me of each other. They were both super talented comedic actors from the same era.

    Hubs worked on one of Dudley’s houses back when he was with Susan Anton (before we were together) and years later remodeled Antons house when she was with someone else. Hubs said they were both very nice. I had Laker during that time and Anton loved his hospital pic so much that she put it on her refrigerator.

  217. So Trump is going to Mexico tomorrow. You can’t make this stuff up.

  218. Why is he going to Mexico?

  219. And Mexicans reaction to Trump’s visit is…rut ro:

  220. Ok, I just looked and he’s going to have a conference with the president of Mexico, who has compared Trump to Mussolini and Hitler.


    Why is the Mexican prez bothering to meet with dirty Donald, who will never have any say regarding immigration? Are they both doing this for publicity?

  221. Mexican reaction to the Trump visit is….ut-oh:

  222. Uppity, mine was stock.

  223. Well, now I know why Bernie backed Canova over DWS. He shares his sense of class:

    “Canova didn’t make the traditional telephone call to concede the election and congratulate the winner.

    Shortly before midnight Tuesday, Canova told reporters that “I’ll concede that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a corporate stooge.”

    With all precincts counted late Tuesday night, Wasserman Schultz had 57 percent of the vote.”


    Glad the asshole lost.

  224. The Mexican President is apparently a gtandstanding buffoon. This is such a violation of protocol, meeting with a person who holds no political office, and is running for President, with the election two months away. Can you imagine if the American President invited someone challenging for President of Mexico, right before their election? It would be an international scandal. For Trump, it is always only about him and his publicity; if it can help him win, he will do it. He will walk out of this meeting claiming that it was a great meeting, and that he is just about to work out an agreement with Mexico. It will likely get him votes, which is always his only concern. Pena, who apparently is very unpopular there, is a disgrace, and I hope President Obama condemns him for this outrageous breach of diplomatic protocol.

  225. Trump to Mexico reminds me of Sanders’ junket to the Vatican days before the crucial NY primary. At this point in the campaign, it’s a HUUUGE waste of valuable time and resources. According to CNN, Hillary raised about $70 million at fundraisers in August. There’s no strategy to Trump’s wheel spinning.

  226. I understand Trump’s trip to Mexico was thought up by his “CEO” Bannon.

  227. Sending Trump to mexico, maybe they are trying to get him whacked before the deadlines to replace go in…….

  228. Do not believe the press, they are desperate to make this race viable and close so as they have crap to peddle. They are trying to drag Hillary’s numbers down as much as they can…..

  229. My avatar by the way is of one of my dogs…Thats Ben, he’s a half alsatian/half daschund….yup go figure that one one out…I have another gorgeous girl….she’s half labrador half pointer.
    Love my kids…I also have 10 cats…..

  230. Trump to Mexico. Hillary to Ohio today to speak to the American Legion which makes a lot more sense.

  231. The way the polls are tightening and Hillary’s favorability ratings are dipping, the Republicans smear job is having its negative effects. It seems like she is getting raped everyday. I admire her strength and resilience .

  232. Moon, 10 cats!! I have 3 and I thought that was pushing it. I used to have 4, but lost one a year ago. I love my kitties.

  233. Watch out for lies coming out of this trip. His supporters will believe them. The Con Man will do what he needs to do.

  234. Somebody tweet this guy that the media is doing a 24/7 attack on her.

  235. With all the negative press re: e-mails and Clinton Foundation, who needs negative ads? Bardo is an a**.

  236. Josh Barro started out in right wing media. Now he’s “mainstream”. Surprise! Surprise!

    Internals on ABC poll show Hillary is wildly popular with Dems and minorities–who don’t count, apparently.

  237. Who can forget the lies Obama got away with in 2008? Also, remember when he went to Germany before the election and made that big speech? This Con man is orders of magnitude worse and he is getting away with it.

  238. Debbie Wasserman Schultz defeats Bernie Bro Tim Canova! Yay! We got this y’all! This is our year now lets bring Hillary over the line! Don’t listen to the media, Bernie and his bros never had the support the voters never were buying the phony BS. They are choosing people who have ALWAYS fought for them and not revenge candidates who spring up and throw their hat into the ring last minute. Now don’t let them scare you with Trump

  239. Since the triumphant convention, and the high poll numbers, what has Hillary done wrong? Any outrageous statements on the campaign trail? Not at all. Any flubs or misstatements? No. It is the result of the media’s distorted prism which filters her to the public in the way they choose. It is a completely bogus and hostile story about the Clinton Foundation, which the media both misreported and propagated.. It is their self-indugent haranguing her about press conferences, where they plan to ask insulting questions of her; meanwhile, Trump will never release his tax returns because he has serious things to hide, and they let it go.

    It is a tragedy that Hillary, who is one of the most ethical public figures I have ever seen; who always says what she believes, who tries to help the world and planet, has been grotesquely caricatured so that so many people see her as dishonest and corrupt. If Trump wins, they’ll get to see corruption on a grand scale. Every Republican politician is bought and sold by the oil barons, the coal barons, the NRA; and the media, which apparently is, too, lets it go, in favor of smearing Hillary.

    I could go on; but the issue is how does Hillary present herself unfiltered, as she did at the convention? Note that the media almost never covers her speeches or rallies; it is Trump day and night; and then when they discuss Hillary it is ALWAYS with regard to emails, Clinton Foundation, “bad optics,” “unfavorables.” I think she needs to buy a couple of hours of media time and do town halls. Otherwise, you have this media iron curtain, akin to that of a totalitarian country, simply lying about and distorting her 24 hours a day.

  240. William, just imagine for a moment that Hillary had at least fair treatment from the media…she would have an even bigger lead over the polls.

    When it comes to her verbally getting top Republican’s endorsements, and 73% of all women voters, and college educated and minority votes, you have to ask yourself if anyone in the media and polls are telling the truth.

    Angry, less educated white men do not rule our country, they only think they do. They are loud and angry, but Trump has never broken the 40+% barrier.

  241. I am so excited. There is a rumor going around that Hillary will be at our famous Labor Day Parade here in Cleveland. I hope this is true.

  242. I am sooooooooo glad that communist Tim Canola Oil is toast. And I can’t stand DWS. Never could. But I am NOT interested in any Castro lovers voting for anything that happens or doesn’t happen in the USA.

    CPUSA has been chomping at the bit over Bernie and his squad. Boo Hoo. They are not having a good day

  243. Canova didn’t make the traditional telephone call to concede the election and congratulate the winner.

    Shortly before midnight Tuesday, Canova told reporters that “I’ll concede that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Corporate Stooge

    One thing about these central America socialist wannabees. They are alllllll sore losers just like Bernie.

  244. lol, So Trump lied again, said they didn’t discuss the wall….

  245. is this kinda like when Bernie lay in wait for the pope outside his door and the pope bitchslapped him down…..

  246. All the negative press on the Clinton Foundation and the e-mails are continuing to erode at Hillary’s favorable ratings, as well as narrowing the polls.

  247. I don’t know why Trump”s “brain trust” thought that the president of Mexico wouldn’t know what to do with a pinata.

  248. birdgal, there’s some funny stuff going on with some polls too. By over sampling Republicans ( or undersampling Dems), pollsters, most of whom are contracted by media outlets, can make the race closer. We need to beware about polls.

  249. The cable media has now decided to pretent that Hillary does not exist, except as a foil for Trump; and whenever there is some juicy concocted email or Foundation stuff to hammer her on. Today she gave a speech at the American Legion in Ohio, and as far as I can see, there was no coverage of it whatsoever. It is all Trump, all the time. The media could just endorse Trump, but that wouldn’t fool enough people, so they do it this way. And how did immigration become the most important issue in the campaign? Because Trump wanted it to be, so the media makes it so. There are all sorts of more important matters, but we don’t hear a word about them now from Trump’s media lapdogs.

    Today he goes to Mexico, how thrilling. Nothing happens, of course. But the media decides that just being there is so presidential. If he can read a speech, it is presidential. I have seen all sorts of media favoritism and unequal bars in past races, but this is by far the most palpable. It is like Hillary is the smartest person in the class, so the teacher wants to take her down a peg; while Trump is the struggling kid who doesn’t care about school, so the teacher wants to encourage him. Except this isn’t first grade, it is about the fate of the country. The media is a nauseating disgrace to what is supposed to be an American democracy.They are pretty much akin to what they have in totalitarian countries, except there it is state-run media, while here it is oligarch-run media. Again, Hillary has got to find some way to reach the people, because the media won’t let her. Maybe this is their spiteful junior high schoolish way of punishing her for not submitting to their press conferences? Or is it that they just despise her and want her to lose? Or are they so pathetic at their jobs that they let Trump lead them around like a child’s pull toy?

  250. Maybe this is their spiteful junior high schoolish way of punishing her for not submitting to their press conferences? Or is it that they just despise her and want her to lose? Or are they so pathetic at their jobs that they let Trump lead them around like a child’s pull toy?

    I would guess that all of those causes are valid, but I suspect the most important cause is that the media corporations want a tight presidential race for the same reason they want tight ball games, because a blowout bores people and makes them change channels.

  251. If Trump horrifyingly gets elected, I will bet anyone $25,000 that there will never be any wall. Everyone with half a brain knows this. Why does the media keep acting as if there is going to be a wall? Can you imagine if Hillary ever made a nonsensical promise like this about anything? Waiting for a wall to be built is about as valuable as waiting for that constitutional amendment to ban flag burning that GHW Bush pushed when it suited him in ’88. It is a campaign ploy, pure and simple. That wall is no more likely than getting Trump’s tax return. It is the tactic of the con man, and the public are the marks.

  252. LOL, the great negotiator lied about not bringing up the main promise he made his dumb supporters when he could not negotiate. Maybe Mexican president helped himself by announcing that he won’t pay for the wall. What did Trump gain? Nothing.

  253. He should have said to the Mexican president to go along with him now and he will be ‘flexible’ after the election.

    Did he really think he could tell the crowd tonight that he got the Mexican President to pay for the wall?

  254. So the Mexicans preempted any lie Trump could have told tonight.

  255. Wow! Trump’s Mexico speech is “liar, liar, pants on fire.

  256. William, I agree with everything that you said. I feel really sad and angry that Trump dominates the news coverage and the only time, Hillary is mentioned, it is about the e-mails or the CF. I wish they would drumbeat a demand for Trump to provide his tax returns, talk about his mafia ties, his high level of debt to China, Deuschte Bank, and Goldman Sachs. Talk about conflicts of interest . And let us not forget his ties to Putin. What is he going to do with all his business deals? Turn them over to his kids? And people want Chelsea Clinton to resign from the CF. what a double standard!

  257. There is a hair pin! LMAO.

  258. This:

  259. Tomorrow’s NY Daily News cover:

  260. What are the latest poll numbers? Is Hillary still up in the battleground states? I think nationally up 4.3%?

  261. JB, Take a look at real clear politics . She is up in most of the battleground states, but some of the numbers are lower than they were. Overall, she is still up.

  262. This on is going to hurt Trump’s fragile ego. Sure a temper tantrum tweet is soon to follow:

  263. Proud to announce the Funny or Die writers are fans of this site and they picked up on our conversation last week about Trump’s doctor really being Brent Spiner’s character from Independence Day.

  264. Congrats! We have always been Funny Or Die material! Best two comments below that video:

    Trump recently released his solution to climate change and rising sea levels… “We’re gonna build a big Sponge to soak up all that water, folks. It’s gonna be a beautiful sponge. You’re gonna love how great this big sponge is gonna be… really, really tremendously great… not bad. And the best part is, we’re gonna make the Ocean pay for the sponge!

    Funny Or Die
    Funny Or Die1 day ago

    “Build That Sponge!
    Build That Sponge!
    Build That Sponge!”


  265. The polls with Clinton, Trump and Johnson have her up higher. Johnson is being a big help.

  266. I am trying not to panic but what the hell is going on in this country right now.

  267. Pm, I feel sick and anxious at the evil in this country. No one is truly vetting Trump. It doesn’t seem to make any difference, except for bringing down Hillary.

  268. I think I said this the other day, but it bears repeating. I think that if this race is to any degree close in the next month, Hillary’s campaign should run ads which directly juxtapose videos of Hiitler speeches with subtitles, and this and similar Trump speeches. Maybe that would wake some people up, if not the media. It can happen here; and Trump and Bannon and the rabid supporters who yelled “string her up!” and who cheered when Trump said that Hillary was a dangerou criminal, and that maybe his deportation force would deport her, are horrifying. Greg Sargent, whom I didn’t like much in the primary season, is actually doing a brave job here; and said that maybe the media would ultimately embed themselves in the cattle cars that were taking people off, and still say that “Trump is softening.” If the despicable cable media won’t do its job, maybe decent Americans will rise up to stop the neo-Nazi tide.

  269. Joan Walsh is another one calling out her colleagues.

    After all the insanity today–hey, David Duke loved the speech!–it’s easy to see what’s going on with the cable networks. They’re imagining their ratings during a Trump presidency. The fate of the nation be damned! I think it was the president of CBS News who said a few months ago that Trump is very good for their bottom line. Even if he’s a disaster for the country. But the media elites will be fine since they’re bathed in solid gold privilege. WE MUST WIN IN SPITE OF THEM!

  270. Brassy Rebel, yes, Walsh seems absolutely sick at heart, not only for what Trump is saying, but that her media colleagues are apparently unwilling to describe it for what it is. When I was a boy, my parents had a whole mental list of newspeople, and actors whom they either admired or despised. And I think that much of it was based on how those individuals either stood up to Joseph McCarthy, or helped enable his reign of terror. And I always admired my parents for caring so much, and for being unwilling to let those things go. If we get through this, and can get Hillary to win, I think we will vividly remember who is standing up for decency and journalistic integrity, and who is not. And people have to know and remember those things. It is not all some jolly spectacle after which everyone in the media laughs and high-fives and cashes their fat bonus checks. I thought I had contempt for the Harvard MBA types who essentially destroyed the middle class in the ’80’s. But these media people easily rival them in smug amorality, and contempt for the average people whose lives they incidentally destroy.

  271. Donald Trump said this tonight “It’s our right as a sovereign nation to choose immigrants that we think are likeliest to thrive and flourish and love us.”

    Trump translation: “Only White Europeans need apply.”

  272. They are surprised…Trump loses his last Latino support as they run like rats from the sinking ship.


    Several major Latino surrogates for Donald Trump are reconsidering their support for him following the Republican nominee’s hardline speech on immigration Wednesday night.
    Jacob Monty, a member of Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Council, has resigned, and Alfonso Aguilar, the president of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, said in an interview that he is “inclined” to pull his support.

    “I was a strong supporter of Donald Trump when I believed he was going to address the immigration problem realistically and compassionately,” said Monty, a Houston attorney who has aggressively made the Latino case for Trump. “What I heard today was not realistic and not compassionate.”
    He withdrew from the board following Trump’s speech in Phoenix, which was heavy on calls for border security and emphasized that all immigrants in the country illegally were subject to deportation.



  273. Panic. The best way to express that panic is to make calls and contribute.

  274. Whoa: Mike Fernandez, one of Jeb’s biggest super PAC donors (gave millions), backs Clinton in a Miami Herald op-ed


    I am a firm believer in the fundamental tenets of the Republican Party: individual freedom, small government, local control of issues, free speech, strong national defense and the broad vision that America is an exceptional country that gives exceptional opportunities to everyone.

    I take my civic responsibilities very seriously. None more so than the solemn duty to elect the president of our country. Donald Trump is neither representative of our values nor qualified to lead the nation.

    Of all the elections in which I have participated, none has become more transcendental to the definition of “We the people” and the very nature of our democracy than the one we face today.

    No longer can we seek solace in wishful thinking or the illusion that this is just an election cycle and that by divine intervention all will be better after we vote. There is no basis in thinking that our democracy is so strong, our checks and balances so finely hedged, that no single person can lead us off the precipice. Trump can.

    No longer can we hide behind the excuse that party loyalty is paramount, and that a bad candidate of our own is always better than any candidate of theirs. Blind loyalty in this case is the ultimate definition of disloyalty to our beliefs. Loyalty to our nation must be the ultimate arbiter of our choice.


    And so my fellow Republicans, swallow hard, look into your heart — and your gut. Vote for Hillary Clinton and then every single Republican on the ticket.

    Do that, and rest assured that you will have served your country well.

  275. Maybe Kellyanne gave those paragraphs to the NYT. When the Trump campaign is pushing NYT as support, there is something seriously wrong. So why has NYT sold its soul to Trump? I read that NYT (Healy) lead and it was from another planet. We need another pushback like there was with AP.

  276. Apparently that Healy article got revise majorly. So they fed the Trump supporters with their first version which Kellyanne tweeted and corrected it for other public consumption. Must be an example in print both-siderism,

  277. There was once a line oft repeated in American culture not long ago, “we are all immigrants”; what happened to that?

  278. Moon, Hillary is leading in Nebraska by 3 (where Romney won by 22)!

  279. NYT is locking in the angry white male readership! (I think it is tweetable and almost makes me want to setup a twitter account).

  280. Panic is more about the loss of innocence. As a recent immigrant citizen, this ugly side of America is not over which I bargained with myself to swap my citizenship. I have my dignity, self-respect in tact and come from a country where I could still go back and lead a productive life. So I will wait and watch.

    Again whatever happened to “we are all immigrants?” Bring it back!

  281. I don’t know much about the politics of this guy. But I agree with what he says about treating other humans with dignity. They may be poor and seeking new opportunities and not all Mexicans, but this country, the richest and the most sophisticated in the world can absorb them in a realistic way.

    How about looking up every Trump supporter in ancestry.com and find which ancestors were here illegally and stayed and deporting these mfers now?

    Nation of immigrants, remember!

  282. Forgot to link this in my previous comment:

  283. Just found out I share a birthday with Ann Richards. Love it!

  284. I share my birthday with Melania. I know you’re jealous.

  285. moononpluto at 9:06 AM

    Thank you for the link to the Miami Herald on Fernandez endorsement to our Hillary.
    I truly like his rational the why.

  286. Please, make the link of Fernandez endorsement viral. He speaks very intelligent facts.

  287. Can’t say enough how proud I am that I’m in the demographic (African-American) polling at zero percent support for truly reptilian, fascist Trump. Pretty ironic that we’re often stereotyped as less intelligent than whites. At least we’re proving that we have the most accurate bullshit meter. And all the concern trolling about Hillary needing to bow down to the media to stop her awful approval numbers grossly misses the point. No point in her trying because it will never happen. Most of the national media has earned her contempt and utter disdain; she should continue to bypass them and communicate instead with local media and directly to her many supporters because this is working despite negative perception the national media promotes 24-7. We should also remember that unlike many of us political junkies, much of electorate doesn’t even start to pay attention until after labor day. Hillary needed August to fund raise to fuel crucial massive GOTV ground game. Campaign blitz by Hillary and surrogates starts shortly. We should remember that only demographics that Trump has not totally offended are non-college educated whites, white supremacists and GOP traitors/weasels. Can’t wait to early vote for Hillary in October!

  288. Daily polls need to be ignored. Today on RCP, Hillary is up +7


  289. Should be done for bribery…..


    Donald Trump paid the IRS a $2,500 penalty this year, an official at Trump’s company said, after it was revealed that Trump’s charitable foundation had violated tax laws by giving a political contribution to a campaign group connected to Florida’s attorney general.

    The improper donation, a $25,000 gift from the Donald J. Trump Foundation, was made in 2013. At the time, Attorney General Pam Bondi was considering whether to investigate fraud allegations against Trump University. She decided not to pursue the case.

    Earlier this year, The Washington Post and a liberal watchdog group raised new questions about the three-year-old gift. The watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, filed a complaint with the IRS — noting that, as a registered nonprofit, the Trump Foundation was not allowed to make political donations.

    The Post reported another error, which had the effect of obscuring the political gift from the IRS.

    In that year’s tax filings, The Post reported, the Trump Foundation did not notify the IRS of this political donation. Instead, Trump’s foundation listed a donation — also for $25,000 — to a Kansas charity with a name similar to that of Bondi’s political group. In fact, Trump’s foundation had not given the Kansas group any money.

    The prohibited gift was, in effect, replaced with an innocent-sounding but nonexistent donation.

    Trump’s business said it was unaware of any of these mistakes until March, when it heard from the watchdog group and The Post.


    If we did this, you’d be audited up the ass and in jail by now.

  290. Look at this……

    JUST IN: Hillary Clinton brought in $143 million for the campaign and the party in August. Whoa.

    Clinton’s campaign + the victory fund have $84 million on hand to start September.

  291. Between the campaign, the victory fund, and the action fund, Team Clinton has over $150 million in the bank to start September.

    What was Clinton doing this month instead of appearing in public? Raising $, hence this enormous Aug haul. Expect far more trail time now.


    She totally outfoxed Trump who was all over the shop while she hauled in the cash she needed…she rope a doped him.

  292. Hillary Clinton brought in $143 million for the campaign and the party in August

    Wow, that’s huge.

    Too bad no one trusts or likes her…

    Go Hillary, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  293. In the dumper again, thx, fix-it fairy.

  294. She’s going to need all that money to counter the free time MSM is giving Trump.

  295. Over the last few weeks I have watched just horrified all of these Trump surrogates believing it’s alright to speak the way they have been on National TV. It’s just media malpractice that the MSM refuses to do its job. They need to call out all of this crazy cr@p spewing out of Trump, his surrogates and supporters. The lies are just astounding. I think that if Trump said that Clinton killed someone, the MSM would just say “how do voters feel about Clinton killing someone?” ” How does this effect her negative rating?” without one word of it being an out right lie.

    This is just disgusting.

  296. Flvoter, I agree. And the damage being done to our democracy is significant. These angry bigots are not going away. The media has given them and the Trump surrogates free rein to express horrific and illegal things, including calling for Hillary to be jailed or hanged. These surrogates are some of the most obnoxious people one could imagine. The media is not obliged to put people on to spew hate. They are not doing any of the public a service, except for the White nationalists, racists, and anti-semites. And then, when they put them on, they act as if what they say is fine, because it is just one of two equal sides. In such a way, the “swiftboaters” got immense air time to spread utter lies. What the media is doing with the Trump supporters is even worse. Does anyone think that Trump would graciously concede the election, and that his supporters will accept it in a non-violent way? Allowing him and them to call Hillary a criminal who should be deported, is not only morally wrong, but it sets a very dangerous stage. The media is akin to someone who sees an individual toss three lighted matches into the woods, and sits back in interest to observe the results.

  297. Dont forget its only 3 weeks until early voting begins and Trumps campaign has barely got off the ground……..

  298. Reuters: wife of Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump files $150 million dollar libel suit against Daily Mail over claims she was “escort” in 1990s


    Well this should be fun discovery, the british press is rabid and will tear her to shreds now.

    I’m quite sure they have the goods on her…..

  299. I would think that if Hillary wanted to announce and make a major prime time speech on immigration, the contrast between her reasoned statements and Trump’s frightening presentation would be greatly to her benefit. It might also ultimately help to take the immigration issue away from center stage, where Trump apparently wants it.

  300. I’m exhausted! I just watched Trump’s Arizona speech on U Tube.

  301. Why isn’t the Trump Foundation “donation” to the Florida AG under criminal investigation? Gee, the media keeps talking about bad “optics”. The optics here are horrendous. And a $2500 fine is a joke. Just imagine the howls of outrage if the CF had done something like this. Special Prosecutor for sure.

  302. Brassy if you or I did that we’d be looking at jailtime and tax audits up the ass.

  303. Lock him up!

  304. I am very upset/nervous of the tightening of the race…MSM is only focusing on how improved Trump is compared to his former self and total focus on Clinton Foundation, emails, and her so called unfavorable ratings. I think her team needs to think of a new approach!!! Nervous in Florida.

  305. If I were Melania I’d be more concerned with the actual date of her marriage with respect to her citizenship application.

  306. William, MSNBC did show Hillary’s speech to the American Legion and she will be on CNN next Weds ( Sept 7) doing a back to back Town Hall ..Hillary one hour,Trump the next..not sure of the order.
    That should give her a big chance to shine w/out Trump antics. She’s bound to get some Clinton Foundation and e-mail questions…but the contrast between her answers and Trump’s ..the Optics alone!!! Gold.

    I wonder if it would be possible for Hillary to do a press conference where she said something like..” I will take one question re: my e-mails and one re: the Clinton Foundation. The American people agree w/Bernie Sanders on this..we’re all tired of hearing about my e-mails. This country deserves to hear about policies from at least one of it’s major candidates. Get creative,I know you can do it. Let’s make this about the needs of the American people,not your quest for an Emmy.”

    ( Man, that felt good to say.) What are all these Hillary Haters going to do with their time once she wins? Oh,football.

    You know what floors me is that Trump’s Modeling agency is a hair’s breadth away from constituting human trafficking and the media is more agitated about the “appearance” of favoritism in the State Department. When did breaking the law become less bad than looking like there was an opportunity to break the law?

  307. jbstonesfan, on September 1, 2016 at 7:33 PM said:

    I am very upset/nervous of the tightening of the race…

    JB it is going to be ok. One day at a time.

    Joy Reid is giving this guy the blues on MSNBC

  308. The Republicans aren’t doing anything now they didn’t do in 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012. The Orange Grifter just uses a bullhorn instead of a dog whistle.

    The Republicans barely won the Presidency in 2000 and 2004, and probably would have lost it had they not cheated. They DID lose it in 2008 and 2012.

    The demographics have only become more favorable to the Democrats since 2012. :mrgreen:

  309. Why isn’t the Trump Foundation “donation” to the Florida AG under criminal investigation?

    Because having a penis, however tiny, has privileges.

  310. Thanks Ivory Bill

  311. JB

    MSNBC, CNN, and others want the drama between the candidates for their ratings, and so they can try to analyse it to death, then keep on doing the same until the next tasty morsel comes out of one of t.Rump’s tweets. They have talked about his pivots on a daily basis. Is he now going to be moving to the center, oops, there he goes again off script and into whacko MO again, and again, and again…

    Remember how they all talked about Bernie like he was the white knight of politics…24/7 and how he could beat the pantsuit off of Hillary with his huge crowds. Ya see how that worked out, even the polls were wrong.

    One thing consistent that they say is that Trump has NOT grown his supporters base. He is losing top Repubs. and voters to Hillary. His die hard supporters would vote for him no matter what a jerk and incompetent fool he is. Like he said, he could shoot someone and they would make up an excuse for his behavior and still vote for him.

    Hillary and her team have to work their butts off and not take anyone for granted and they will win. She is going to win, I know it.

    Stop fretting, and if you are all in for Hillary, do what you can to enjoy the ride. She has made it farther than any woman in US History, and she didn’t do it alone. She did it because a majority of American’s want her to be our President.

  312. Excellent article from Sarah Kendzior: https://twitter.com/CNN/status/771314987293966336

  313. Sorry JB, I wrote you a long note and it is in the dumpster now too.

    I post less because 40% of my posts never see the light of day.

  314. Is there anyone whinier than Clinton supporters? Her unpopularity is always someone else’s fault.

    About the quoted comment from What’s-His-Face

  315. non disclosure agreements from volunteers?! There is no campaign, he is not a serious candidate. Strange election with so much damage potential.

  316. ROFL a comment on whining by The Whiner Himself.

    Considering that his unpopularity number is even higher, it’s nice to know he acknowledges that it’s his own horrible self’s fault.

  317. I share my birthday with Hillary (not the year, :)). There have some parallel things going on with her career and mine starting from 2006/7. But I am in a good place now. She will be too. About all the negative reputation from false accusations, I have had that too in my own little life, mostly in the personal and not work-related. Scorpios are notoriously misunderstood. But we are unfazed and we fight on.

  318. Correct link for Sarah Kindzior’s article. It is excellent.


  319. This is the person who made the whiner tweet. Likely he has a squishy dick just like all the other “economically anxious” boys.


  320. Scathing piece from Garrison Keillor

    When this is over, you will have nothing that you want

  321. I think I have a crush on this Eric Boehlert guy… Hope he is the right kind. Was he ever an Obot?

  322. Uppity. you had tweeted how he runs back home at night. He is a cheapo and a scammer, that is why. He is pocketing all the campaign moneys that those stupid supporters are giving him. He is not even spending the money on campaign ground games where it would actually go to poor people who need it. There is no campaign, period. Disgusting!

  323. I was reading a little about David Bossie, who just got made deputy campaign chairman by Trump. I may have forgotten the name. Apparently he is a maniacal Clinton conspiracy theorist. He tried to prove that Hillary murdered Vince Foster. He may have started the Whitewater bogus scandal. He apparently was so horrible that even the House’s most hardline Whitewater mongers had to fire him for doctoring evidence. The hiring of Bossie is a clear signal that we are going to see worse than we have seen, the darkest of the dark. This hiring should be a story which gets dissemination. Trump has completely put his campaign in the hands of Neo-Nazis and deranged Clinton haters.

  324. Ok I think I know what Hillary is doing. Did you notice she goes to red states to visit? States that are very likely going to stay red with perhaps one or two lucky purple switches. But that’s not her purpose. Her purpose is to keep him on the move to places he would not ordinarily have to go. Using up his time, his money, his energy. He generally does one stint in a day, his rally. He spends a few hours stoking his whackos and then oddly flies back to New York because of some mental thing, maybe a phobia, who knows, but the guy needs to sleep in his own bed. Odd but only a trained person can evaluate that idiosyncrasy. She is able to raise scads more money than he is, and now she has some wealthy republicans giving and/or raising funds for her besides. So she is capable of running out his money and his resources. He is weak on ground game, although the R party may be providing some of them, but they are half-hearted with him as you know. Suffice it to say, he doesn’t have any really useful surrogates in that arena, unless you think Rudy, who has become increasingly persona non gratis in the NY areas he has bilked, and who fancies he will get a job.

    Moving along, Pence is a wet rag. He’s not a bundle of charisma and he really isn’t known much, but for Indiana, where they are pretty much glad to be rid of his anal-retentive, religious rule. So………… the goal is spend his money, keep him moving in places he shouldn’t need to go, thereby leaving less time for places he wants to go. In spite of what he says during one of his many lies, he is not funding himself, he loaned money to the campaign and is paying himself back with interest.

    His flipping back in forth between….lol……”Softening” and “hardening” is so frequent and erratic, he is going to have to spend most of his time wrangling out of his stance in either direction, depending on where he is. So now, he not only has to desperately try to garner black and latino votes (Soften! And not an easy one for him at this point, these people have memories unlike his rally sycophants. They don’t forget that easily at all), but he also has to grapple with hanging on to the voters he already had (harden!). All of this is taking up time, energy and resources, leaving him with little ability to do much more than scramble for votes he may never be able to swing.

    Meanwhile, Hillary gets her ground game solid, has that massive get out the vote and Early Voting plan and has the time, energy AND the money and resources to do the things that really get votes. She is very ground organized and has the money to make sure it’s the best she can get.

    Plus she has money left over at all times to bombard people’s TV’s with ads that are pretty damned good. No, Hillary is not “napping” Donald. Not for a minute. She just looks more sound, consistent and stable than you do, but then these days, so does everyone else.

    Emails amounting to nothing be dammed. As she is continually bombarded with unfounded accusations without a shred of evidence for nearly three decades, she’s accustomed to it, and she maintains dignity while secretly smirking because, through it all, Donald’s Unfavorables are bigger than hers are.

  325. William, I see his hiring practices as a source of information for educated voters who note that these people are batshit crazy. I mean really all that’s left for them all to do is start devil worship ceremonies and bite the head off a baby on video. I see it as a plus for Hillary to see him make increasingly batshit staff appointments. When you say it’s going to get “worse,” I agree, if you include declaring hillary an alien and digging up that conspiracy about Bill’s black child. I say Bring This Batshit Crazy Shit On! It’s food for all his nutty followers but a horror show for everyone else. The crazier he gets the more I like it. It’s not the kind of shit that attracts people in the burbs, educated people, Catholics, Women, hell…….just name the demographic that he is trying to convince that he’s sane.

  326. Uppity, some very good points. It is frustrating that Hillary’s rallies are rarely covered, so some think she is not doing anything. I trust her and her campaign’s judgment about where she should go for events. And I agree with you on the immigration thing, where he is now taken all sorts of positions, most of them vague, except the wall nonsense, which only his zealots believe. He wanted to make immigration the number one issue of the campaign, and the media let him do it. But it’s not a helpful issue for him now.

    I must tell you that I am concerned about this CIC town hall sponsored by veterans next Wednesday. My feeling is that Hillary is giong to get peppered with questions about how she got us into Iraq (she and the Bush administration and 75 other senators) and Libya (Obama and Europe having little to do with it). How everyting that doesn’t go right in the world has been her fault, what is her excuse? About mails and Foundation. Trump, who has never held any governmental position, is the ultimate grandstander who can snipe away at everything, even many of the things he is on record as having supported. I guess that most of these veterans are reasonable people, but there are some who are very angry and unhappy, maybe with good reason. But they will take it out on Hillary. And remember the lowest of bars is accorded to Trump. And I don’t like Matt Lauer much, either. But we’ll have to get through it. No surprise that Trump immediately agreed to this event, it is a very favorable setup for him. He can say what he wants, and she has a separate hour, and can’t hear what he said, so he can fire away.

  327. Trump’s Blood Libel

    Watch Trump’s speeches, with the yelling, the reddened face, the demand for vengeance and you see there’s little to distinguish them from what we see at Aryan Nations or other white hate rallies that we all immediately recognize as reprehensible, wrong and frankly terrifying. This isn’t ‘rough’ language or ‘hard edged’ rhetoric. It’s hate speech.


  328. UW @ 11:03pm: Good analysis! The Clinton campaign has strategy, and they execute, execute, execute. They know exactly how many votes they need and will make sure they get “souls to the polls!”

    As for that “softening” problem Trump’s been having, I recommend Viagra. Maybe Ciallis.

  329. http://deadline.com/2016/09/lester-holt-anderson-cooper-debates-moderate-martha-raddatz-chris-wallace-1201812671/

    NBC’s Nightly News anchor Lester Holt is moderating the first debate between Dem hopeful Hillary Clinton and GOP candidate Donald Trump, on September 26.

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz will tag-team a town hall debate a couple weeks later, on October 9.

    FNC’s Chris Wallace will moderate the third presidential debate, on October 19.

    On October 4, CBS’s Elaine Quijano will moderate the Veep debate.

    The moderators’ names had topped most lists in recent who-will-moderate-and-what’s-the-delay chatter on TV news networks. The bipartisan commission has produced POTUS and VPOTUS debates since ’88.

  330. One thing for sure, Trump aint coming out alive that one with Martha Raddatz and Cooper…….I guessing the 2nd one is world affairs and foreign policy.

    Raddatz is a fierce foreign policy expert who will take Trump apart…….

  331. Yes, moon, if that debate doesn’t get diverted to a discussion of how that awful Bill Clinton saved two young American journalists from a North Korean gulag with the help of some Clinton Foundation donors. If your name is Clinton, no good deed will go unpunished.

  332. Ah Brassy, you know they’ll insinuate that Bill felt them up on the way home!

  333. Trump again ripping off people……


    Trump’s deal making went on trial Monday in a legal fight over millions in disputed fees at his Jupiter golf club – where some say they get billed but aren’t allowed to play.

    As Trump campaigns for president, his lawyers this week are in a West Palm Beach federal courtroom trying to defeat a class action lawsuit involving about 65 people and Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter.

    The lawsuit claims that since Trump took over the old Ritz-Carlton club, people on a waiting list to get their refundable membership deposits back have been charged dues and fees for a golf course, spa and other amenities that many haven’t been allowed to use since 2013.

    Trump, in a video deposition from 2015 that was shown in court Monday, said he was surprised at the lingering legal fight. He said he spent millions on renovations of the golf course and the club “to make it beautiful.”

  334. The Clinton “scandal” coverage just keeps getting more ridiculous.

    Bill donated his pension to charity! Shocking……

  335. What a sad commentary this is on the USA, that in order for a woman to have a chance at being President she needs to run against a secretive, lying, racist, sexist, bigoted egomaniac. There is no accountability on the part of the Trump campaign. The MSM just doesn’t care what Trump says or does. They continue to elevate him. They refuse to investigate anything. Instead they create false equivalences between the faux email scandal and everything Trump says and does. And right now, I am starting to seriously doubt whether Clinton can pull this off. That the MSM and roughly 1/2 of the USA backs Trump is absurd. Civility is dead. Journalism is dead. If Watergate took place today, Nixon would still be in office.

  336. I cannot stand Don Lemon, even just from seeing about ten minutes of him on a few occasions. He exudes arrogance and unpleasantness. And he seems to want to be very harsh on Hillary, to show how balanced he is. He apparently believed the right-wing slander that the Clintons started the birther myth, and brought it up on TV. He thinks he has a point on an issue, he hammers away on it, not accepting her answer. I’ll lay odds that he grills her on a :”character” matter; and that at least one question will be of the nature, “You keep saying this, but then you dio that. How can you possibly reconcile the two?”

    Cooper is fine, he is a serious newsperson who wants to be reasonable and fair. Raddatz is okay. How does Wallace get to do this? He works for Fox, which is the propaganda arm of the Republican Party. Virtually every interview which Trump has given this year has been to Fox.. I do not like this group of moderators at all. Someone else from the major networks would have been better. I liked the man who I think might do the nightly news for one of the major networks. He handled one of the primary debates, maybe with Raddatz, and he was polite and fair. I am rather surprised that our side seemed to give Trump’s side much of what it wanted here. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. But I don’t think we are going to like the way that Lemon handles the debate; and Wallace would be lionized by the Right if he can embarrass Hillary. If Wallace got to do one, then Maddow or Hayes should have gotten to do another, but of course that wasn’t going to happen.

  337. This is like NOTHING Obama had to run against to become the first black man president. And the media was in the tank for him too.

  338. Exceptionally well-done survey of 3,729 Latinos by America’s Voice/Latino Decisions, just released: Clinton 70%,Trump 19%,Others 4%.

    Comparison with 2012: Obama won 71% of Latinos (where Clinton already is), and Romney won 27% (Trump is currently at 19%).

    i’m utterly amazed there is still 19% of latinos that would support Trump….its like jews voting for concentration camps…….

  339. Richard Nixon’s secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Ronald Reagan’s secretary of State George Shultz are reportedly preparing to release a joint statement endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.

    May come as early today……..

  340. there goes the weekend…..

    Breaking : The FBI has released the documents related to its investigation into HillaryClinton’s private email server

  341. Documents show Hillary Clinton told the FBI she could not recall any training on handling classified information & federal records

    and…….that proves what exactly…….

  342. Documents show Hillary Clinton told FBI she relied on career foreign service workers for guidance on handling classified secrets

    ……..yeah and..I’d expect that, thats normal, the mandarins sort all that shit out.

  343. I called the AA church where Trump will be at Sat. The girl on the phone said Trump will be at the service, but will be interviewed by the bishop privately. It is open to the public. I asked her if she could give the Bishop a question to ask Trump for me. She said all she could do was take the question and give it to his assistant.
    I told her to have the Bishop ask Trump why on one of the debates he said he had nothing to ask God for forgiveness for.
    I also told her to tell the Bishop to have Trump lead them in prayer.

    The girl on the phone was very pleasant. She thanked me for being so polite. She stated you would not believe the calls they were getting from the public.

  344. FBI says Hillary Clinton did not recall receiving any emails she thought should not be on an unclassified system

    ……a very leading question because at that point the email would not be classified and how could she determine what would be classified and would would not, she doesnt determine that.

  345. Why is the FBI releasing this anyway, this is not normal to do so.

  346. Another thing, I would like to sit in on one of those focus groups. When someone says they don’t like Hillary because she is a liar. I would respond to that person, what did she lie about? I would say don’t tell me what you heard from the media, give me some facts and proof she lied.

  347. Seriously, if that is all the FBI had on her, no wonder they would not press charges…….

  348. moononpluto, on September 2, 2016 at 1:36 PM said:

    Why is the FBI releasing this anyway, this is not normal to do so.

    Are you kidding? Nothing about this election is normal.

    Don’t worry we will get the last laugh.

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  349. Yet no-one is asking Powell a damn thing……

  350. How is no one asking that Colin Powell was obviously trying to blatantly deceive and get round official records..isnt that the obvious takeaway here. Powell should be in the hot seat really, he offered advice that is how we could say is “erring on the side of illegal”

  351. I wonder do Trumpies realise what they signed…..only their entire right to free speech.


    Sign up to volunteer for Donald Trump’s campaign, and you might be giving up more than you bargained for.

    Earlier this week, reporters began poring over the 2,271-word nondisclosure agreement that Trump’s campaign requires its volunteers sign. The forms are extraordinarily broad, virtually prohibiting any volunteers from criticizing Trump or his family for the rest of their lifetimes, according to Rachel Sklar, a lawyer and CNN contributor.

  352. Anthony Weiner is being investigated by the New York City Administration for Children’s Services.

  353. pm317,
    I share my birthday with Hillary (not the year, :)).


    Ah ha, I am six days after Hillary on Halloween.

    Scorpios!!! 😉

  354. Good things happen…


    A Romanian man who helped expose the existence of Hillary Clinton’s private email domain used during her time as US secretary of state was sentenced to 52 months in prison by a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia.

    Marcel Lazar, 44, who used the alias “Guccifer” online, had pleaded guilty in May to charges including unauthorised access to a protected computer and aggravated identity theft after being extradited from Romania.

    Lazar has said in interviews he breached Clinton’s private server at her home in Chappaqua, New York, but law enforcement and national security officials have rejected that claim as meritless.

  355. So true….


    Trump Foundation IRS violation – *Crickets*

    Clinton FBI notes – “This isn’t scandalous enough. Lets just Clickbait the shit out of this.”

  356. Oh look Hillary did everything by the book…..

  357. and again she told the truth, Colin Powell lied……

    Powell exchanged specific email on the subject with Clinton on January 23, 2009, not “a year later” as he stated. Clinton told the truth.

  358. Hillary did not want to bring up Colin Powell’s name. Yet he lied about her. Just like the weapons o mass destruction quote.

    Will they ever stop the witch hunt?

    Good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Our girl will be in Cleveland at our famous parade Monday. This will be her coming out party. She will be in a place where everyone loves her.

    No longer will they have to wonder where is Hillary.

  359. Uppity Woman, on September 1, 2016 at 11:03 PM said:
    Ok I think I know what Hillary is doing….

    Nice long post from you Upps and I agree and enjoyed it, plus I think Hillary is going to the red states and showing that she will try to get every vote she can, not take people for granted and support the Republican’s that are changing to her side. Hillary is a little more center than Obama, especially when it comes to Foreign Affairs and National Security, so she can connect with many independents and moderate Reps on those issues, and Rep women do not like t.Rump either.

    Hillary is working across the isle trying to win voters too. The more Republican’s she can win over, the less gridlock Congress will have, and the better the chances she will have of winning more Senate and House seats in the future.

    Trump is just pinning himself inside his gold plated cage.

    Yes, he is trying to profit off his campaign as much as he can…I actually think this is the real reason he ran for President and also to build up his ‘brand’ for his empire…but he has shot his brand to Hell with his ugly personality and his racist statements.

  360. Fix-it Fairy…more posts in the dumper. Thanks!!

  361. flvoter, on September 2, 2016 at 11:52 AM

    What a sad commentary this is on the USA, that in order for a woman to have a chance at being President she needs to run against a secretive, lying, racist, sexist, bigoted egomaniac.

    Don’t give up hope, Hillary is going to win.

    She is the only woman that has the stomach and intelligence to deal with decades of bullshit, knives to the back and keep on fighting!

  362. According to the FBI report, the FBI, and, therefore, James Comey at the time of his “press conference”, knew that the three emails with “classification markings” were NOT properly marked classified. So Comey was being highly misleading at that presser.

    And, as I’ve said before, Colin Powell is the bureaucrat’s bureacrat. He even knew how to avoid FOIA requests. And he probably shared this advice with Condi too which is why she claims she didn’t use email.

    It’s no surprise that Weiner is now under investigation by Child Protective Services. Sexting with your 4 year old in plain sight in photos next to you will draw CPS scrutiny. When Huma divorces him, she can now request a court order that he only have supervised visitation rights.

  363. Too funny! (I needed a good laugh!)

    The National Economic Implication of a Taco Truck on Every Corner

    “My culture is a very dominant culture, and it’s imposing — and it’s causing problems,” Marco Gutierrez of Latinos for Trump told Joy Ann Reid. “If you don’t do something about it, you’re going to have taco trucks on every corner.”

    That’s a serious charge, worthy of being considered seriously. Although easy access to inexpensive Mexican food would be a boon for hungry Americans, what would the inevitable presence of those trucks do to the American economy? How could our country accommodate an explosion of trucks at that scale?



  364. Here is a documentary that was suppressed by Donald Trump Via Law suits. It has been released in full. It is housed on public youtube in 12 parts. It is mesmerizing and nauseating all in one fell swoop. I simply cannot believe this CON MAN and SERIAL LIAR is a candidate for President.

    You can pick up all 12 parts here. Or you can click on the youtube in the Part 1 video and just catch the rest off of youtube via sidebar or the video link in the upper upper left corner at the end of each segment.

    “Trump: The PT Barnum Of Business”

  365. Hmmm, my comment with the link to the story about Trump’s hate speech really got to our squishy troll.
    Stay squishy my friend.

  366. pm317, here’s Chait complaining about Boehlert in 2008

  367. Thanks, SophieCT. Good to know.

  368. Who is the troll that is marking down our posts, i’d love to know…..

  369. Yup, its so clear thats why….

  370. Started watching the Trump Doc, Upps. Just on the first video and already the press is covering for him, giving him a pass, etc. Un-fricken-real.

  371. Is FBI angry that they got pushed into this investigation by the GOP and the media and now taking it out on Hillary because they could not find anything wrong? Why are they pissed off?

  372. Ironically, the Corporate Media’s favoring of the Orange Grifter is a warped compliment to Hillary. They think she’d win a landslide with a fair media, so they’re giving the Grifter all the help they can give him, so they can have a tight–and therefore, profitable–presidential race.

    Once again, we need the Fairness Doctrine restored, and the anti-trust laws used to break up the media conglomerates. 👿

  373. Is the media afraid that if they do talk about all the damning stuff about Trump, the race would be over tonight? Then what would they do until Nov 8?

  374. Biggest takeaway from the FBI releasing notes on emails, is that they clearly did everything possible to damage her campaign. They took a year to investigate something which was nothing in the first place. Then their Director gave an extraneous press conference to put his own negative comments in the mix. Then they waited a month or so, and then released notes on their investigation. Does anyone remember seeing any FBI notes on any other investigations of anybody? Kristine Welker, who has been horrible of late, gets on “Hardball,” and cherrypicks extraneous things, while not saying that the FBI found no sign that she ever deleted any emails, or tried to evade anything. Then she implied that it was a negative that the FBI did not actually find any evidence that the server was hacked, because they could not conclusively say that it wasn’t, just that they had no evidence of it. And this is why the FBI fed out this stuff today, so that they could wring every ounce of the story out for as long as they possibly could.

  375. Is the media afraid that if they do talk about all the damning stuff about Trump, the race would be over tonight? Then what would they do until Nov 8?

    I think that is exactly what the media weasels fear.

  376. It wasn’t the FBI that released the report. Congressional Republicans demanded the notes a month ago. They planned to release the report to damage her. But as Mark Cuban points out, if anything, it exonerates her, so it’s released late afternoon on Friday before holiday weekend. Everyone in DC knows that’s when you release something you want to bury. FBI never anticipated releasing this. It’s highly unusual and doesn’t make certain people look so good, namely Colin Powell and James Comey.

  377. Ivory Bill Woodpecker.. yeah, you and I said pretty much the same thing.

  378. Brassy Rebel, it is not the FBI releasing it today but the Rethugs (or is it the judicial watch?). Got it. There is also misinformation (lies) going around connecting Hillary saying she does not recall with the c word. I think that is definitely judicial watch.

  379. Happy Labor Day….and remember what we have to look forward to in the fall:

  380. Uppity and everyone else please watch the rerun of Rachel Maddow tonight.
    You will be surprised at the people Trump has hired as his hatched men to go after Hillary.
    These are nasty people. I hope Hillary and her people are prepared.

  381. Ups, thanks for posting the Trump documentary link. I just finished viewing. Unbelievable.

  382. moon

    My guess is the troll is from around the corner.

  383. Rachel Maddow had a segment on Trump’s new deputy campaign manager, Bossier ? Dan Rather was on and discussed that this guy has been a hit guy for Hillary for the past 30 yrs and things are going to get even uglier for the Clinton campaign. Apparently, Kelly Ann and this new guy were working for a superpac funded by someone named Mercer. Now, they are both with the Trump campaign. Trump is dredging the bottom feeders of the political world and adding them to the campaign. Also, Trump’s numbers are on the rise and Hillary’s numbers are falling.

  384. Ditto on what Neetabug said. Scary stuff. Donald Trump is scum of the earth. What a horrid and vile animal.

  385. David Bossie is the President and Chairman of Citizens United

  386. Brassy Rebel, thank you for correcting that;. Of course I should have realized that, but it is interesting that the way that some of the media ran with it, it actually sounded like it was the FBI releasing it. So if I erroneously thought that, I wonder how many others did, too. In fact, if you look at that interminablly repeated MSNBC crawl, I think it does say, “FBI releases notes…” Which of course, as you point out, is not the case. Maybe it trickily says, “FBI notes released.” But I wonder if any news media actually said that it was Congressional Republicans who released them, rather than letting viewers assume that the FBI wanted people to see these notes. The foul swamp that these right-wing people reside in would be shunned by mosquitoes.

  387. Agree on Don Lemmon. He also has Dan rather on always suggesting Trump can still win…Truthfully, she is facing a media just as intent on defeating her as they were in 08. I am very concerned.

  388. I think the House Repubs originally requested it from the FBI and the Hillary campaign said then release the whole thing to the public. They didn’t want the shitstains “leaking” selectively edited content.

  389. Apparently Don Lemon is not moderating the debate. I might owe him an apology, because I think I like Lester Holt less than him. I used to think Holt was all right, but ever time I turn on him doing the news, there seems to be a very negatively presented story about Hillary. The man I was thinking of whom I liked, and who should have gotten a moderator role, was David Muir. My sense is that the Trump campaign did what Republlicans usually do, and said that they would not debate unless they got most of what they wanted in moderatiors. We just have to hope that Hillary will shine no matter what kind of hostile questions she might be given.

  390. I just tried to give the 5 stars to jbstonesfan’s comment at 10:16 pm and it would not take. It went back to the 1/2 star.

  391. Just turned on GMA and there it is – emails. Will it hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Woe is me. It will never end. So on to a movie channel.

  392. IGs working on government agencies are the worst. They don’t seem competent. Believe me.

    Forbes article on Hillary coming out of this kerfuffle as trustworthy and there being no smoking gun, dammit

  393. WLM, it just means that there are not enough higher scores from other people for the comment to push the rating up.

  394. Exactly what pm317 said WLM. All it takes is one butthurt troll to click one star.

    At least we’ll know what bothers the moron!

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