The Commander-In-Chief Forum

cic_forumThe Commander-In-Chief Forum is an event set up by NBC to get in on the presidential debate action. The premise is Who is better qualified to serve as America’s next Commander in Chief? Like we needed a media event to figure that out. Both candidates will “field questions on national security, military affairs and veterans issues.” It should be very informative since one candidate claimed he knew more about ISIS than the generals. The audience will be real live military veterans and active service members. I think heard that they will have a chance to ask questions.

The Forum is being held at at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in NYC, which is a ship (and is worth visiting even without any candidates). Matt Lauer is “moderating” which means he is hosting/asking questions.

The Forum begins at 8 EDT tonight on either NBC or MSNBC (and live streaming, check this VOX article for details).

Hillary is going first which means Trump can cheat by listening and learning except we already know Trump never listens and cannot learn. Of course, many people are saying that after she’s done, there’s no reason to keep watching…

PolitiFact will be live fact-checking. You can follow their Twitter feed at @PolitiFact.


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  1. Thank you for the new post

    But frankly I myself not crazy about the “Mediocre Media” .

    I would call it: Who is better qualified to serve as America’s next Journalist in misChief?

  2. This should be good…..

    A North Dakota county has issued a warrant for the arrest of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, who is accused of spray-painting construction equipment during a protest against the Dakota Access pipeline.

    Stein was charged Wednesday in Morton County with misdemeanor counts of criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

    A spokeswoman for Stein said Tuesday that activists invited her to leave a message at the protest site, and Stein sprayed “I approve this message” in red paint on the blade of a bulldozer.

    The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is trying to stop construction of a section of the pipeline that tribal leaders say would violate sacred and culturally sensitive grounds and possibly pollute water.

  3. Is Trump Modeling Agency just a high end slush hooker fund for Trump? If they sleep with rich people, that is not prostitution, right? The guy who openly says he bribes politicians, wouldn’t he be willing to do this other thing, esp. when he has Ailes for an advisor?

  4. I’d say so, its basically a high end escort agency…….is anyone surprised…..?

  5. Sophie, thanks for putting this up.

    Neetabug, I appreciate the encouragement from, and with regard to, Ohio.

    Ga6thDem, the big advantage of going last would be, as Sophie notes, the ability to listen to and then contradict the first person. That would be a terribly unfair advantage .It is possible that the rules tellTrump not to directly comment on what Hillary says, but one can pretty easily get around that; and what could they do to him if he just ignored it, as he would? After that, I just always feel that the second person can leave the better and more lasting impression. But some might differ on that aspect, of course.

  6. Jill Stein is pathetic. At this juncture I wonder if she will even match the number of votes she got in 2012.

  7. Well, I guess Trump could just repeat verbatim what Hillary says like Obama did in 2008. I would hope they have a different set of questions for him or they are somehow different. I just don’t remember from the primaries it making much of a difference whether Hillary went first or second.

  8. Nah, I am not worried. Trump is neither smart nor quick on his feet to hear what Clinton says and then reproduce. Obama on the other hand had a lot of practice from his Harvard days trying to impress people parroting other people’s ideas and appear like a high intellectual.

  9. I’ve read that most military families are in favor of Trump.
    Maybe, it’s because so many Service volunteers come from conservative areas, or because, for some reason, they see the GOP as the real, patriotic “American Party.”
    Does anyone have any insight?

  10. Ga, they will be almost all different questions. But of course they will cover similar topics. Interestingly, yesterday was an obvious practice for Trump, with that general who supports him asking him foreign policy questions. Trump said that he would ask the generals to give him a plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days. And the bottle of colored water will also cure your gout.

  11. Excellent! Orlando Sentinel, Scott Maxwell — must watch. His parting shot was that when the presidential election circus is over, we will still be stuck with an unethical AG, Bondi.

  12. I think I will watch Hillary and they move on to other channels. I can’t stand the guy.

  13. Sue, your thought is of course part of it. Then there is the fact that the Republicans have demonized Democrats for 60 years about being anti-military, pro-Communist, cowardly, etc. So military types usually gravitate to the Republicans. But now, quelle surprise! Hilllary is attacked for being too hawkish. Trump will say that all “her” decisions about Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, were wrong, put lives at risk. Actually, it seems that most high-ranking ex-military people support her, if for no other reason than that Trump is insane. But military families are I think conditioned to distrust the Democrats on these matters, even though it was the Bushes who sent their children into wars.

    P.S. It just occurred to me that she could get a Kaepernick question, her answer to which will neither satisfy the military families or the BLM. Trump and Republicans are always very simplistic about such matters, recall 1988 and flag-burning. Hiding behind the flag has been their favorite tactic forever.

  14. I think I can encapsulate Donnie’s platform. You’ll have to elect me to find out what I’m going to do. About ANYTHING.

  15. Trump chose to go second.. LOL!

  16. Just got back from phone banking. Results were great. This one man said he has ten members in his family ready to vote for Hillary. He said Donald Trump scares him.

  17. I will only watch Hillary not Trump.

  18. OMG.. email! fuck them.

  19. Yeah!

  20. Here we go. I thought this was a town hall. I am sick to death of this.

  21. Trump should be kept in a room where he can’t hear anything,

  22. She is angry.. rightfully so.

  23. She should tell them all to F those e-mails like Trump would have said.

  24. What a hostile audience

  25. For the life of me, I cannot understand how Matt Lauer has gotten as far as he has in his career.

  26. Yeah, that is a question for Hillary (NOT) forgetting Bush/Cheney enriched Halliburton with the war.

  27. Fuck Lauer.. WLM, yes, who did he sleep with to get this far/

  28. Tell him Hillary do like Trump don’t stop talking

  29. Let’s see if Matt stop Trump from talking.

  30. This is a media hit job. An ambush. I hate MSNBC and this whole process. WHEN HAVE WE EVER HAD A “COMMANDER IN CHIEF” forum??? ONLY when a woman is running for the job.

  31. She is so right about VA and technology (or lack there of) with the govt systems we have.

  32. STFU, Lauer

  33. This was a sham.

  34. She did an excellent job, despite Lauer. As imust said, it was a hit job.

  35. so just half hour?!

  36. Why is he rushing her. How is she is suppose to get her point across.
    Is she done. If so not much time was given.

  37. Tailored for that douche?

  38. Back to HGTV or that Hollywood Medium kid.

  39. This is not fair. He has heard the questions. In advance.

  40. So, Lauer gives Trump an opening to make hits on Hillary.

  41. Hillary’s answer on VA could only be had if you know what is wrong with the current system. Believe me.

  42. Trump may never get to that point let alone find a solution.

  43. So, Trump heard her entire town hall.

  44. I beat sixteen people, what is he talking about.

  45. WLM, on September 7, 2016 at 8:33 PM said:

    So, Trump heard her entire town hall



    The president of Mexico has resigned.

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  46. Trump dodging questions with blab, blab, blab. And, of course, hitting Clinton.

  47. Got locked out of twitter. Could it be because of all the swear words I tweeted to Matt Lauer?

  48. He sounds like an idiot

  49. Neetabug. I thought it was one of the Ministers of Mexico.

  50. I just saw it on yahoo. I will look again

  51. Well, I can’t listen anymore.

  52. You were right William

  53. This man is NUTS

  54. Now his surrogates go on cable and clean up after him?

  55. Anyone voting for this idiot is crazy. Trump just blew it.


  57. He is an a**hole. No other way to describe it.

  58. The VA already has a mental health division.

  59. Eighty eight generals. He looking like a fool

  60. See how he evades the questions.

  61. And the pundits will say how great he did. What a disaster. No substance.


  63. Let’s see what Rachel Maddow has to say.

  64. Despite his being an overall dick tonight, this is what he tweeted when she finished.

  65. what the hell!

  66. ROFL!! Hey Donald, maybe you could come up with cute names like court-martial and JAG too.

  67. OMG that was nothing short of a disaster for Trump. As a matter of fact the whole thing was entirely stupid. Lauer wasted time on those stupid email questions. He kept interrupting Hillary but let Trump blather on about insane crap.

  68. I muted him and watched the faces. Priceless.

  69. Donald’s got this Crackerjack Box foreign policy. You have to buy the box before you get to see the prize.

  70. Actually what he meant was that he thinks that military rape cases should be tried inside the military, the exact opposite of what Gillebrand is pushing for.

  71. You know what Hillary supporters should do when Trump gives those stupid answers in the debate, laugh… laugh out loudly. I would have if I were in that audience tonight and I heard him say set up a court system in the military.

    I don’t care how his surrogates will polish that shxt but I would laugh in his face because we need an educated, intelligent person who can speak coherently and precisely to lead this country.

  72. I am the greatest. I have eighty eight general supporting me. Have you seen the polls? Yada yada yada yada . me, me, me, me. This guy is a joke. Someone should take all those eighty eight generals an demote all of them.

  73. The Disgraced and Little-Known Generals Backing Donald Trump

  74. The Donald didn’t know we already have a judicial system within our Armed Forces?

    Why am I not surprised?

  75. Why does that bitch Maggie Haberman hate Hillary?

  76. That was a major shit-storm. Don’t think I can watch the first debate with another man “moderating”.

  77. Love this thread:

  78. My hubs said he would be laughing out loud right there with me. Now how do we get to the debates?

  79. I admit I did not watch this, expecting it to be very unfair and stacked against Hillary. From what I have read from the admirable people here who had the fortitude to sit through it, and from other places as well, Lauer was awful, constantly interrupting Hillary, and asking no followups of Trump. I didn’t like him when I saw him in one of the primary debates or town halls. He is a smug person who made a lot of money doing a morning show. This whole CIC forum was a ridiculous concept; we have never had that before. We honor and admire people of the military, but they do not get their own little forum in the middle of a presidential race. Apparently the crowd was hostile to Hillary, which figures.

    If some media person would follow up with Trump, he would look like a fool. But they let it go. Out of pity? Favoritism? More fun to attack the smart person? Lauer told Hillary no attacks, and then let Trump attack her over and over. Is he proud of himself? Will he move the polls toward Trump? Will he get a raise if he does, and slaps on the back from Todd and Tapper? Whatever the case, let us hope that some media forces blow back against Trump’s incapacity to answer one singe question about policy. And we can be encouraged that in anything resembling a real debate, and not this stacked set-up forum, Hillary will do very well against him. Of course, if Trump gets ahead in the polls, he may simply refuse to do them.

  80. Powell email advised Clinton on personal email use.

    Breaking news

  81. Get Matt e-mail address

  82. First twitter locks me out. Then when I jump through their hoops, they tell me I’m over my limit and lock me out!

  83. Well, William the good news is this forum was so bad for Trump even with the softball junk from Lauer that the media can’t even make Trump look good. Trump sat there and spewed garbage for 30 minutes with complete nonsense. He gave Hillary a ton of material to work with.

  84. William, you called it earlier today. It went very much as you said it would. But here’s the thing–Nate Cohn tweeted a while ago, “Imagine Clinton with 30 seconds after each of those answers. Could go downhill fast.” Next time Trump will be facing Hillary not fellow misogynist Matt Lauer. I actually think this will help her in debate prep and will embolden Trump to think he can say the most assinine things and go unchallenged. Tonight could turn out to be a useful exercise. It certainly didn’t inform the voters and was a waste of time from that standpoint.

  85. A lot of angry women on Twitter, saying Lauer’s treatment of Hillary was sexist–dismissive and interrupting her when he didn’t do that toTrump.

  86. Brassy Rebel, I thought of that, too. Trump got every break this time, mostly because the moderator would not follow up, or even ask anythng really difficult. Hillary could have demolished him had she had the opportunity to reply. I hope that one of these debates allows back and forth like we had with Clinton and Sanders. I do read that they are pretty tightly time-controlled; two minutes for each to answer, then ten or so minutes for moderator follow-up, then on to another topic. Not ideal, but it will give her time to call out his outright falsehoods and inanities.

  87. Is this going to get any play with the media mfers, that Trump wrongfully and falsely exposed his intelligence briefers?

  88. oops wrong tweet.. yeah, Trump did say that about the IC breifing.

  89. They are talking about the briefing. on cnn

  90. Ga6thDem, i am glad to hear that, but of course we will see how the media spin it, and what the audience thought. But if Trump did so badly that he did not help himself at this forum, that is a plus. I had dreaded this event ever since I learned about it, as it was such a stacked deck against Hillary. It is unbelievable that Lauer let Trump get away with saying he was against the Iraq War and Libya intervention. BTW, has anyone ever heard a word about the other 75 senators who voted for the Iraq authorization (after being brazenly lied to by the entire executive branch)? Only Hillary’s vote is discussed, as if she somehow caused the war.

  91. here is the video where Trump says that his briefers showed through body language that they were not happy with Obama.

  92. A little gift I sent to Matt Lauer. I kill me.

  93. uppity, bald and can’t get it up. He could do a Cialis commercial and make some money after NBC throws him out.

  94. OF COURSE!!! I feel like Hercule Poirot, when he says, “Hastings, I have been an imbecile! I missed the key clue which was right in front of me!” And of course it is something that the reader probably did not notice (although sometimes I have!), but when focused on, unravels the entire mystery.

    I read and heard about every answer that Trump made. But I did not focus on that comment about the people who gave him the intelligence briefing He said that their body language showed that they were unhappy with Obama’s prosecution of military campaigns. Maybe one of his advisors was so dumb as to tell him that if he didn’t actually mention what they said, but just talked about body language, it wasn’t a problem. But of course it is; he has said that (in his ridiculous opinion), the generals, the intelligence community, are frustrated with how Obama is handling things. That is terrible anti-American propaganda which can be seized upon by other leaders, and the enemy. He did exactly what cannot ever be done; he “revealed” ( in his absurd opinion) what they “told” him via body language If the media will cover that and not let it go, it will be immensely damaging, maybe totally disqualifying, to Trump. But the media has to follow up on this, and Hillary ads made. Trump gets one briefing, and he tries to reveal it to the world. It doesn’t matter if he made it up for his benefit, or just imagined it in his delusionary world. He tried to tell everyone what the military intelligence people are thinking about the President’s conduct of wars. I don’t know what the legal implicatons are (treason? violation of state secrets acts?), but the implications are devastating against him .

  95. Fro those that missed it, here is link for Hillary’s part. It will provide the Trump portion link also.

  96. William, that he was eager to say anything at all about that briefing should disqualify him. People are watching and what he did is going to hurt him despite the media efforts to the contrary.

  97. His appropriate answer to a question about a security briefing should be, I Cannot Discuss That.

  98. Lauer talked too much and then would cut her short. I would love to know how many minutes of that hour his mouth was running.

  99. Imust, if you do too many tweets rapidly in succession you go to twitter jail.

  100. I got a warning/message here earlier.. something like ‘slow down you are entering too many comments.’

  101. uppity, Lauer reminded me of my older brother. some men just can’t deal with a successful, confident woman.

  102. “Putin is a better leader than Obama.” That whole African American outreach strategy is officially dead. He’s going for less than 0% African American support.

  103. Yes PM. You go to twitter jail if you do that.

  104. Glad I missed the ‘talk’ tonight, from the comments on the blog, sounds like it would be another blood boil, and material for CNN to boost, until the Rump cows come home…

  105. Jeeze, now I guess my home computer decides to use my name with 3 ‘x’es…at least it posts, I guess.

  106. Lauer is getting his ass handed to him from all quarters. Hope Lester Holt is paying attention.

  107. Today’s oh so funny & appropriate tweet:

  108. Last thought before I finally go to bed. Maybe NBC should swap out Lester Holt for Anne Curry!!!!!

    Just a thought… 🙂

  109. OK, my really REALLY last one for tonight:

  110. According to Armando CNN was all over how bad this whole thing was. Their panel was talking about how ridiculous Trump’s answers were and they were. I mean it was just bizarre to me that he couldn’t give a coherent policy answer to anything.

  111. #LaueringTheBar is trending on Twitter.

  112. Hey y’all. Woke up with a blinding headache so I may have to cede this round of “Who can attend the most rallies” to Neetabug. If I make it there I’ll definitely take pix and do a recap. It’ll be interesting to see if she brings up the security briefing sitch with Donnie Boy today. Wish me luck.

  113. Hillary is on! Doing a press conference and skewering Trump over last night’s townhall.

  114. Good timing for a press conference.

  115. Re A.M. Press Conference/Last Night CIC: The post Labor Day blitz is just revving up folks. Consensus on CIC seems to be Twitter/Reddit/Daily Kos firestorm that Matt Lauer was AWFUL. Spent 1/3 of Hillary’s time trying to browbeat her on emails and was rude and condescending with his interruptions though she did manage to put him in his place. And Trump was his usual bonehead buffoon self while Lauer was a toadying fool, sitting respectfully and quiet while Trump spewed nonsense. Hillary came off strong, intelligent, prepared and presidential despite Lauer’s attempted sabotage. Also 30 minutes each?! Why even bother? They must have gotten Trump to agree only to that amount of time and to a lightweight as moderator to boot. Women especially are skewering Lauer’s treatment of Hillary. Some good may come out of this debacle, however. Chris Wallace had better rethink his “It’s not my job to point out lies as moderator.” If anyone who moderates does not want to wind up a total laughing stock, he/she better be prepared to call out obviously absurdity/lies and make sure candidates get equal time, Of course when they are face to face Hillary can call out Trump’s bullshit herself. She is going to shred him and no amount of spin is going to save him. He obviously is unwilling or unable to take this process seriously, making no attempt to educate himself on issues. And HRC knocking it out of the park at A.M. press conference. The media now swooning: “She’s great at these… should have been doing all along!” ARGH!!

  116. julies9164 Hope you feel better. Good Luck .

    Someone told me Hillary will be attending the National Baptist Convention. Don’t know how true it is.

  117. Paulette, I loved the press conference. She was great! She exhibited a sense of humor, depth of knowledge and experience, and she put Trump in his place. Nothing desperate about it at all. The blitz is going to be wonderful! She is very presidential.

    As far as Lauer, what a small and petty person. He was very unprofessional and allowed his bias to shine through.

    What is with so-called journalists not doing fact checking any longer??? They have no credibility, of they don’t fact check.

  118. Remember Lauer is also enamored and married to a supermodel. He and trump probably later discussed their future wives and what they look for as far as T and A.

  119. At work and couldn’t watch presser. I hear she chewed up both Trump and that little shit Priebus into tiny pieces and spit them out on tarmac. Hillary understands that running for POTUS is a marathon not a sprint. She will be strong in the home stretch. Trump is already spent. Low energy!

    By not routinely doing pressers, she’s made it a big event when she does one. Old showbiz advice–always leave ’em wanting more.

  120. Link to HRC’s great press conference this a.m. She was comfortable, commanding and coherent — all things that Trump will never be.

  121. Matt Lauer’s widely-panned performance shows the perils for debate moderators
    Hillary Clinton’s campaign is angry that the NBC host devoted one-third of her time on stage to asking a series of follow-up questions about her email practices as secretary of state and then gave her little time to talk about pressing national security issues.

    Trump’s allies, meanwhile, insist that he took it too easy on her. “Six Obvious Follow-Up Questions NBC’s Matt Lauer Failed to Ask Hillary Clinton” is the headline on Breitbart News (which is controlled by Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon).

    — Visualizing the frustration: Our analytics partners at Zignal Labs tracked more than 250,000 mentions of Lauer and at least one of the candidates during the forum. Tweets and articles mentioning Clinton and Lauer were 15 percent more likely to be negative than those mentioning Trump and the NBC host. As the word clouds below illustrate, the Clinton/Lauer dialogue was focused on emails (mostly complaints that Lauer spent too much time talking about them) and the Trump/Lauer chatter focused on Iraq (mostly complaints that Lauer let Trump off the hook when he lied about opposing the war.)

  122. Dueling links! Shadowfax’s is on HRC plane 9-6, mine this a.m. after CIC Forum last night. Both worth watching.

  123. Another article ripping Lauer’s performance as moderator…

    Matt Lauer is panned over his handling of candidate forum –

    The reviews are in for Matt Lauer, and they are horrendous.

    The anchor of NBC’s “Today” is finding himself widely panned for his performance as moderator of the NBC News presidential nominee forum in New York on Wednesday night.

    Many critics charge that Lauer failed to challenge Donald Trump on some bizarre and outright untrue statements. When Trump claimed — falsely — that he was against the Iraq war, Lauer gave no pushback. When Trump boasted that his visit to Mexico was a success because the country’s finance minister resigned in its aftermath, there was no follow-up to the perplexing pronouncement. When Trump contradicted himself on the worth of America’s top military brass, he was barely called on it.

    Hillary Clinton was not treated with such kid gloves. She got grilled on the details of her private email server for so much of her allotted time that when discussion moved to weighty policy issues, Lauer cut her off while she tried to answer, saying the clock was ticking.

    It’s not the first time a broadcast news star has found moderating such an event to prove anything but the anticipated career boost. CNBC journalist John Harwood received a drubbing for his role in the GOP primary debates — but Harwood got attacked for being too confrontational.

    LA Times

  124. Thanks for the links. I’m feeling better but I don’t have enough time to get to the rally. Sorry folks. I’m hoping she’ll be back through town again and I can catch her next time. 😦

  125. The Junior is tweeting about Hillary wearing an earpiece last night quoting that garbage infowars site and saw a similar tweet from at least another surrogate, a supposed Harvard graduate. LMAO. They are getting desperate.

  126. Fantastic presser! Thanks for the video. And that bitch Mitchell had to grandstand in the end and why the hell was she blocking the camera with her ugly mug?

    In another news, I was told to smile more by a male colleague during my tenure battle and I was aghast. Another said my culture (Indian) may not let me smile at men (because I didn’t care to smile and wave at him when he furiously waved from the other end of the long hallway (after tenure vote) — don’t know why he did that because he had never done that before)… Bastards! Anybody who sees me and hears me can tell I am a well adjusted person in this culture.

  127. Hysterical!

    How Hillary Clinton can get that ‘presidential look’

  128. The only ray of sunshine I can glean from last night’s debacle (and I NEED my rays of sunshine!) is that the upcoming moderators are probably furiously reworking their questions at this very minute. Hopefully that results in dropping the tired old email topic and being careful to give equally challenging questions to Trump. The world is watching and plainly seeing the sexist bullcrap and the unfairness. It cannot continue.

    Boy … all this shit really brings me back to 2008 with the press fawning over Obama “How does it FEEEEEEL to think that you may be the first black President?” and then ripping into Hillary … and then later Sarah Palin. It was blatant sexism and disrespect. We’re not asking for special treatment … just equal treatment. Asshats the lot of them.

    Okay … sunshine and rainbows again. 😛

  129. Sophie, Very, very funny!!!

  130. oh, one more note. When those male colleagues told me that I should smile more, I was angry and irritated, thinking to myself, ‘I am every bit a serious researcher as you or others are.’ That happened in 2006. I didn’t know it was such a prevalent and common occurrence.

  131. Apparently Hillary hasn’t started speaking yet. Here’s a link to the live stream:

  132. Are Matt Lauer and Donald Trump golfing buddies?

  133. Paulette, thank you so much for posting Hillary’s press conference.

  134. lmao … you must read the link Sophie posted at 12:09!

  135. Wow. I’m bummed I wasn’t there to see it in person, but what a great speech! Now THAT is a President!

  136. What a surprise, sexism is alive and well in the American MSM. I’m just shocked, really just shocked /s. Matt Lauer and the rest of the pseudo journalists are making themselves look ridiculous. Honestly, Reince Prebius,, Hillary Clinton needs to smile more…..Ugh!!!!

    These people are morons. Yes, if they keep this up Clinton will win in a landslide and all the pseudo journalists still won’t have a clue why.

    Here’s a hint for them: I am woman hear me roar.

  137. Afternoon karaoke!

  138. If Trump is actually accusing Hillary of wearing an earpiece, that means that he is going to try to do it. Pretty easy to disguise it in that hair thing.

  139. LAST Month!!! last fucking month? Why have we not heard about this?

  140. William, I think you are right and I think it is a tell of what comes in the debates. But the guy can barely handle the teleprompter. Can you imagine him handling someone in his ear?

  141. well, if some intrepid viewers can locate a hairpin in his hair, they will locate the ear piece.

  142. I win! I’ve been blocked by Donald Trump Jr.
    Beats my previously best bock by Jane O Sanders!
    Runner up block: “Dr.” Jill Stein.

  143. If Trump is actually accusing Hillary of wearing an earpiece, that means that he is going to try to do it.

    No, William.
    It means he has already done it.

  144. Humans of NY

  145. Wow, this explains Hillary’s dislike of the media people. They are just one bully/heckler after another in the guise of a journalist.

  146. haha, Sophie, what are the odds of that, that we’re reading the same story. It actually made me tear up.

  147. Wow. Not paying policy experts and the young girls who sang at his rallies. Where is all the money going??? Into Trump businesses and his pocket.

  148. Hillary Clinton unleashed a torrent of attacks against Donald Trump’s preparedness to be commander in chief and questioned his patriotism Thursday morning, hours after an NBC forum exposed her opponent to criticism on multiple fronts.

    “It is a game to him. Everything is a game. It is like he is living in his own celebrity reality TV program,” Clinton said at a campaign rally in Charlotte Thursday afternoon. “You know what Donald, this is real reality, this is real people, these are real decisions that have to be made for our country.”
    Clinton had begun the day on the offensive, by convening a press conference with reporters on the tarmac of Westchester County Airport before she and her traveling press corps were set to take off to North Carolina.

    Go Hillary, go girl!!!!!!!!!

  149. I think this was the winning tweet

  150. The most recent email from the Hillary campaign…

    Last night, during the Commander-in-Chief Forum on live national television, Donald Trump kicked off his evening by lying to the American people about his position on the Iraq War — and no one stopped to call him on it.

    Not only did the moderator, Matt Lauer, fail to fact-check Trump — he then kept the conversation moving.

    The worst part is, there’s nothing new about this happening. We all know that Trump lies a lot. And we all know that many outlets in the press apparently lack the wherewithal to call him out — and help voters understand that what they’re hearing from Trump isn’t just normal political talk, but an unprecedented descent into unqualified nonsense from a major-party presidential nominee.

    At this point, we should understand that we just can’t sit around and wait for fact checkers in the media to keep Trump honest.

    We have to step up and do it ourselves. No one will do it for us. And the outcome of the election could hang in the balance.

    [snip, asking for donations]

  151. Shadow, that email is being Tweeted as “Fundraising off Lauer.” Frankly, I think they are missing the big indictment at the end: the media is giving Donald a pass.

    We have to step up and do it ourselves. No one will do it for us. And the outcome of the election could hang in the balance.

    And that’s true. If you can, donate, donate, donate. I am donating as much as I can this time around. Last time, I believed the media hype, that Hillary was in bed with the big money, and figured that she didn’t need my measly contributions. After the primary, I found myself donating to help retire her debt. This time around, I didn’t wait for the stick–I went right after the carrot. Even $1 and $5 donations help.

  152. Why does Clinton need to “explain” why she is the way she is? Trump doesn’t have to explain why he is such a racist, bigoted. sexist, egomaniac pig.

    That a woman needs to explain why she is a controlled, intelligent, and competent leader is absurd while the a$$hole gives no explanation or apology for why he is such an a$$hole tells you how far we still need to go. Equality is just an illusion right now, but maybe with Hillary Clinton as President we can take a giant leap forward.

  153. Yes, that hit job last night by Lauer from the Tiger Beat set really pissed me off!!

  154. Shadow, there was one big benefit from last night. It was beyond obvious that the media has it in for Hillary. We all around here have known it since at least 2008. Even other media outlets are calling out Lauer on it last night. I figure they are calling him out simply because he proved what Hillary supporters have been saying for a long, long time. He blew their cover more or less. What is wrong with Maggie Haberman in the NYT? She said Hillary was “defensive”. I swear she’s not supposed to stand up for herself and let herself be run over.

  155. Duh, of course she’s defensive. She and her husband have been attacked steadily for at least 25 years now.

    Holy Ascended Madoka forgive me, but I’m starting to think the Corporate Media pose an existential threat to the Republic.

  156. Maggie Haberman of the NYT never has anything nice to say about Hillary and often jumps the gun on publishing negative crap about Hillary. Unvetted, untrue, negative bullshit. For example, she did it last summer with the Clinton Cash bullshit. I rode her like you wouldn’t believe and got blocked before the author of Clinton Cash came out and admitted that he didn’t base his book on any facts. The only negative to being blocked by her when I did is that I lost the opportunity to get blocked for throwing that fact in her face.

  157. Ever wish for a website where all Trump’s evil bullshit would be called out? Your wish has been granted:

  158. Hillary Clinton full press conference on the Tarmac 9/8/16

  159. Full Event: Hillary Clinton Rally in Charlotte, North Carolina (9/8/2016) Hillary Live Speech

  160. I’ve been thinking about the media, how they still rarely back Hillary against most men, even a bigot, sexist, jackass.

    This win for Hillary goes beyond an effin’ ‘glass ceiling’…look back in history, as far as you can go, and count the women that taken a leadership job and received respect for it, in their life times.

    I would say that blaming Eve for giving Adam the apple…making an eternity of suffering for everyone…is just symbolic of the bullshit women have had to deal with in a man’s world.

    Women, burned at the stake.
    Women were their husbands property.
    Delayed voting rights.
    Fight for the rights over their own bodies.
    No equal pay for the same jobs.

    Hillary is taking arrows in the back that I could never endure. In a way, she is our sacrificial lamb that refuses to die or run away.

  161. I cannot stop laughing!

  162. Me and Cyndi Lauper are on a Wavelength!

  163. flvoter, I think that story by Hillary is a good thing. No, she shouldn’t have to explain herself, but this is the way it is for women. Reminding people that she has had to navigate a shitstorm of sexism and outright misogyny to get to this point is necessary because the media will never do it. In fact, they are her biggest tormentors. And when they are not tormenting her–last night was a good example of that–they act like she is just another candidate. Not historic or facing unbelievable headwinds of misogyny. I am glad she is pointing out that she hasn’t arrived on the precipice of making a huge historic breakthrough by accident.

  164. Sophie, that Lauer pic is priceless!

  165. Sophie, well analyzed!

    I guess we are not going to hear as much as I was hoping for about the incredible comments by Trump about what his briefers were trying to convey to him, and that Obama was doing just the opposite of what they recommended. No one has ever done that, revealed (even if it of course was utterly fabricated by him) the contents or aspects of a confidential intelligence briefing. And of course the IC cannot respond to these lies. Is the media that inept or biased, that this doesn’t mean anything to them? Meanwhile, of course, we have had a year of hour by hour updates on the email faux scandal. If someone wrote a nonspecific play about all of this, it would be mocked for having no nuance; no realistic set of characters could be that consistently biased on one side. They may have been fairer at the Spanish Inquisition.

  166. I see the press is about to get rid of Gary Johnson for Donald.

  167. #LauerTheBar is the hashtag today.

    Lauer is getting trashed.
    Let me explain Matt Lauer and why he is the way he is.

    The problem with Matt Lauer dates back to when he lost his hair. No kidding. Matt so loved the cute and cuddly look all the young girls saw in him. He actually mastered “cute” for them. He would go outside to the adoring crowd of Barely Legals and they would beg for a photo with him, and look awestruck when the pic was snapped. Always he had his Best Cute on in the pic. Oh how he loved it. Many were fooled by his seriously practiced Little Boy Charm, which was in fact an addiction to adoration from the opposite sex who saw his Cute as nearly too much to bear. It was the bread of life for him. Always aware that his hair was thinning, he sought to ignore it because, well Gosh, I’m just so Cute.

    …..And then Karma did what it always does to boys with massive “Look at me” egos. Karma took his hair away. Quickly. And lo and behold, in the absence of his hair, his big nose started to show. And it was over. Only older married women, who remembered fondly his Cute days, wanted to shake his hand. Gone were the Barely Legals. He still thought he was Really Cute and nobody would cooperate. It made him bitter. And kind of mean. He suddenly wasn’t that important anymore.

    Fast forward to the forum. Knowing that Cute would not hold the attention, he instead sucked up all the oxygen and airtime for himself in an effort to be impressive. Then, of course, there was precious little time left for serious candidates to give substantive answers. That was just fine with Donnie, since he doesn’t know his ass from his elbow anyway. He noticed that the only woman on the stage didn’t notice his Cute. So he decided to spend massive amounts of time attempting to humiliate her. But she would have none of it. In fact, Reebus Preebus even commented how Hillary didn’t Smile. Smiling is what women are supposed to do. They aren’t supposed to shut up when previously Cute men try to tell them to stop. Later, women took the time to gently explain to Rience, Reince, whatever, why she didn’t smile. They gently told him to shove it up his ass and go fuck himself with a broom. I felt the need to join the education process.

    For Matt, Donald Trump was a Blessing of a candidate. He couldn’t say much because he doesn’t know much, so this gave Matt more time to suck up the oxygen and do all the talking while eagerly feeding thoughts into Trump’s empty head.

    And then the forum ended with only one successful achievement on Lauer’s part: He managed to lower the bar for Donald Trump down to 1/4 of an inch.

    And so today Matt Lauer is as welcome everywhere as a case of the black plague. Couldn’t happen to a previously-cuter egomaniac. I rest my case.

  168. Where are Hillary’s surrogates? Trumps surrogates are all over the place. We need some strong voices out there. Not some quiet talking surrogates.

  169. uppity, there is a daily mail article with a pic where light is reflected in her left ear and these fucking bozos are calling it an ear piece. It is laughable that they think she needs an ear piece. Can we dredge up the 2008 debate series, please?

  170. I need everybody to get some voter registration forms carry them with you all the time. Start registering voters. Once you register them write their name and phone number down. Encourage them to vote by mail. Call them on election day to make sure they vote.
    If they need a ride to the polls have them call the campaign office close to where they live. Someone will give them a ride to the polls.

  171. In the upcoming debate the moderator needs to ask Trump why should anyone vote for the lying piece of human feces that he is and why does the American electorate find him so unlikeable?

    And maybe Trump should smile more and not be so angry and defensive. That could help humanize him./s

  172. Apparently, according to some handy “smile-o-meter,” Hillary smiled 9.5 times (one of those half-smiles you read about in novels?) and Trump smiled 5 times. Thus, Hillary smiled too much, not too little. Or maybe she smiled while not smiling, which of course is very problematical indeed..

  173. Let me see if I get this smiling thing down.

    Women should smile when spoken to, and should look like the young women in t.Rumps Miss Universe/Planet Pageant, or what ever the phunk it is called. That’s not only appealing to men, but it shows that the woman knows her place and is probably dumb and submissive.

    Hillary is being attacked on tv from a has-been, bald, media snake, and if she had just taken the time to listen carefully, speak empty, soft words and smile…maybe she would have been more appealing to the men in the audience.

    Phuck that!

    I am happy when Hillary doesn’t play into their bs Stepford Wives model and fills their empty fatheads with facts until they realize she is making them look like intellectual idiots and she is in control.

    Stare them down with those pretty blue eyes and kick their ass as they run for cover.

    Give ‘um Hell Hillary!

  174. What a bunch of nitwits we are dealing with this election season. Really stone age mfers. The ear piece is some wikileaks email stuff between Huma and Hillary that the mfers are peddling. The context in the email is probably about translation or something — as a diplomat didn’t she have to wear ear pieces for translation? Trump and his ignorant army of stone age nincompoops have never served a day in any government, local, or national. They don’t have any idea how things work or how people operate in a particular environment. They are peddling lies outright and the media mfers are repeating them. What a country! Vote like your life depended on it.

  175. The country that developed what became the Internet, home of the Silicon Valley, the startups, the innovations, the sophistication in the personal and the interpersonal, political, legal, etc., …, now we have stone age people competing for the highest office in the country/world. Some filthy real estate developer, (real estate!) who has neither the vision nor the understanding of a sophisticated/complicated world is the one running and being taken seriously, and helped by the national media! This is crazy. I am angry.

  176. pm317 @ 8:53pm: Thank you for the link! I agree wirh the author that Matt Lauer (quite unintentionally) did the nation a service with his shockiingly sexist display. He woke up a lot of people.

  177. That slate piece is right on. That is what I think Matt Lauer did is finally let the rest of the world see what we have been seeing for a long time. And he’s become the butt of jokes and I bet he had no idea. Whoever thought putting a morning show host on a commander in chief forum should be fired. And now all the GOP is worshiping at the altar of Putin. These people are just bizarre. And we have a crackpot who thought spray painting a bulldozer was a great idea and another one that doesn’t know geopolitical events. You have those two nuts before you even get to the orange wacko. And the morons in the press are too stupid to realize that if Trump actually made it to the white house that they would be in the round up right after the Hispanics. I guess if you are a Hispanic journalist that would go double for you. You would get to be the first in line to get marched off to the gulag.

  178. pm317, most of those tech guys are Neanderthals when it comes to women.

  179. How about a little joy, folks? Isn’t this just an adorable pic?

  180. Colbert just did a solid against Matt Lauer.

  181. RE: Wikileaks latest “expose”. Note the address is .goy, not .gov. HRC was at the UN that day, a place known for earpieces. For those who have Twitter read the comments. They are getting ripped to shreds.

  182. “.goy” *rolls eyes*

    I will believe nothing which comes from VladiLeaks.

  183. This ear piece business is so much cr@p. It’s just too scary of a world for Trump, his Trumpkins and his msm minions to exist where a brilliant woman doesn’t need a man feeding her lines. just another attempt by Trump to distract from his actions. I don’t believe it will work. He overplayed his hand yet again.

    And the entire wikileaks drama, just more corrupt bull$hit. They aren’t even trying to hide Putin’s attempt to control our Presidential Election. More than just a little scary that the MSM continues to promote Trump with knowledge of the Russian manipulation attempts.

    Thank you in advance to all the women and minorities that will once again save the USA’s ass by voting for Hillary Clinton.

  184. On second thought, that fake e-mail was so clumsy that I wonder if someone is spoofing VladiLeaks.

  185. Washington Post Admits the Hillary Clinton Email Mountain Is a Molehill After All

  186. New Hillary ad

  187. SophieCT, agree which is why I will never have a facebook account. 🙂 However, I was talking about the advancement we have made as a country and to go back to ‘stone age’ with Trump is unacceptable. His views on pretty much everything are from some other era — case in point is his tweet about military assault and women. There is no intellectual curiosity to learn and adapt and he just got lucky in the beginning by giving voice to some obvious problems this country is facing, immigration/unemployment/terrorism and beating his chest. He is completely inept at translating that support into more because he is incompetent in coming up with realistic solutions. All this does not even include the egregious personality, the lies and the flip-flops he engages in and the people he has surrounded himself with.

  188. It’s a testimony to the corruption and incompetence of the Corporate Media that Hillary isn’t running off with this election.

    I feel like I should emulate the Roman statesman Cato, and finish every post with “The Corporate Media must be destroyed”–as he finished every speech with “Carthage must be destroyed”–but I imagine that would quickly become tedious for the other readers. 😉

  189. Come on gang. This treatment of Hillary is NOT a surprise. After 25 years of it, we ought to have grown to expect it.

    Let’s relax. It takes a lot more than a moron spewing bullshit every day to stop Hillary from standing.

    She will win.

  190. Oh, upps I think most of us expected completely unfair treatment of Hillary in the press. However there are moments where we just get downright sick of the BS and the sexism directed at her.

  191. So WAPO is extricating itself from the hole they dug themselves in about Hillary’s email. When will NYT and others do the same? Meanwhile, Trump gave an interview on Russia Today praising Putin at the expense of Obama and bashed the media that has been so subservient to him.

  192. Read about the advisor Trump pays $13,000 per month to. He’s also a FOX analyst.

  193. Unbelievable that Trump went on Russian television praising Putin. What a complete a**. What a way to undermine the U.S. Putin must have Trump by the short hairs.

    On another topic, chaffestz is television saying the investigations will continue into the e- mail debacle. I hate him and other Republicans that are so partisan that nothing is getting done in congress. This will not stop, ever.

  194. I had vowed after 2008 that I would never get caught up in an election again. But here I am.

    I like this:

  195. Upps

    Come on gang. This treatment of Hillary is NOT a surprise. After 25 years of it, we ought to have grown to expect it.
    Let’s relax. It takes a lot more than a moron spewing bullshit every day to stop Hillary from standing.
    She will win.

    No surprise, just sometimes a well deserved rantathon clears away some of the bad juju. 😉

    I believe she will win too…but I admit I get nervous when the polls show it’s a tight race. Makes me question the intelligence of 40+ % of our citizens.

  196. OT
    BTW, I love the top banner with that sweet kitty face. I am not a cat person, per say, but that is a handsome (male kitty, right?) face.

    I am a dog person, black labs mostly but love the breeds with soft, floppy ears. Not a fan of accessory pets.

  197. Unbelievable that Trump went on Russian television praising Putin. What a complete a**. What a way to undermine the U.S. Putin must have Trump by the short hairs.

    I’m old enough (53) to remember roughly the second half of the Cold War.

    I’m finding out that many of our fellow citizens who like to talk (and talk, and talk, and talk some more) about how much they just love themselves some America, would apparently prefer that our country be governed by the white male Fascist stooge (OK, make that orange male Fascist stooge) of a Madoka-damned Russian Fascist, than by either an uppity dark-skinned man, or an uppity woman of any skin tone.

    These Trump Chumps are not American patriots, but rather white nationalists and male supremacists. Their patriotism rings false and hollow.

  198. pm
    But here I am.

    Yup, here we all are pm…none of us could walk away from Hillary.

    When we see her pick herself back up, dust herself off, and never give up, how could we not appreciate the courage that takes. We see how she is mistreated and millions of women know just how that feels.

  199. It seems when the polls tighten Hillary gets more aggressive. She is then on her A game. She gets tough.

  200. Whoa; that old pic of Hillary makes her look like Daenerys. :mrgreen:

  201. As Maya Angelou said, “Rise Hillary, Rise.”

  202. Neetabug

    I love the intelligent, kickass side of Hillary.

    That’s when she gets me all fired up.

  203. N Korea, another nuke test caused a rumble in S Korea equal to a 5.+ earthquake. Obama had better deal with this before it’s too late.

  204. Hillary knows that the-ahem-witch hunt will never stop.
    She’s willing to endure it and I’m in awe.

  205. I expected it to be unfair. And relentless. but the sustained absurdity has me spittin’ mad. I’m wishing I had the funds to investigate them.

  206. The rabid House Republicans will never stop That is why I think it is so important that we take back the Senate. I know that everyone here who happens to live in a contested Senate state, is trying very hard. It always appalls m that so many voters who don’t want the Republican to win the presidency, are willing to vote for a Republican for senator in their state. Do they not see that every one of these Republicans votes in lock step with the others? That there is pragmatically no difference between Ted Cruz and Pat Toomey or Kelly Ayotte? These people act like they are moderates, but their votes are always in accord with their right-wing compatriots. They will not break their filibusters, they would not even vote to have hearings on the long-absent ninth supreme Court seat. They will harass and block and fight Hillary all the way, just like they have Obama. But somehow that fact never gets through to enough voters.

    Right now, I am not too optimistic about winning the Senate, though there certainly is a chance. One of the many negative consequences of this smear campaign by the Republicans and the media against Hillary (that’s why they do it, of course), is that she does not have the leeway to connect her campaign to the senate candidates, or strongly go against the Republican candidates, as perhaps could be done fifty years ago, when the Republicans were bad, but not insane. Right now, it looks good in Indiana and Wisconsin. Illinois looks pretty good, too. But after that, we are struggling. Maybe we can win NC, with a large Democratic turnout. PA seems very iffy now. I don’t think we’ll beat McCain with our candidate in AZ. FL is possible, but an uphill battle. I thought we’d win NH with Hassan, but that seems a struggle (maybe Hassan refusing to say that Hillary was trustworthy, was not so helpful, in a state that Hillary is probably leading by ten points or so). And that’s about it, outside of major upsets. If we somehow do take the senate (and we really need 51, to account for a defector vote), Hillary can marginalize the insane House people. Oh, they will still be a major obstacle, but they could not get one bill passed; and at some point some of the semi-moderates there might realize they are on a sinking ship. And of course Hillary would get all her judicial appointments confirmed.

  207. Although it was painful to watch, I’m glad the Commander In Chief forum played out as it did. It’s woken a lot of people up. Those moderators are putting their careers on the line if they eff this up.

    You have to read the comments on this NYT opinion piece. It’s soothing to the soul to know that there are people that think the same way (outside of here at Uppity’s place, which is a sanctuary).

  208. Man I was hoping football would distract me from this political season, but no. My team gets no respect, my candidate gets no respect…

    Thankfully I stumbled upon this great article to settle me down:

  209. SophieCT, on September 8, 2016 at 11:42 PM said:
    Colbert just did a solid against Matt Lauer.

  210. Another example of HRC’s smart power that is near and dear to my Irish heart:

  211. I’ll try again:

  212. I officially give up.

  213. VotingHillary, is this the video you were trying to post?

  214. Voting. I was able to view it on your first try!

  215. We need more Howard Dean;last week he called the media “intellectually lazy”. He’s not playing nice..just factual.
    Joy Reid came up w/ an analysis of the Hillary/Trump coverage that makes sense to me.She said that Hillary gets criticized for the “appearance” or “possibility” of something illegal..while Trump is actually DOING illegal things.Also that Trump tells so many factually inaccurate things so frequently that the media doesn’t know which thing to pin him down on. Watch AM Joy this weekend if you want to see some relatively fair Hillary coverage.She does a great job calling out the surrogates when they try to pivot to their anti-Hillary talking points.

    One thing I’d love to hear Hillary do in the debates is a slight twist on Trump’s name calling. I’d love for her to say something like..” If you think talking nice to Putin is going to get him to stop trying to take over Eastern Europe then you’re DELUSIONAL,Donald.” Then every time he makes some kind of naive or false statement..she can clarify and add”You’re delusional,Donald.”

    Today’s my 65th birthday..I’m only asking for a Hillary Presidency as a celebratory gift. 🙂 I’m willing to wait a couple months to get it.

  216. Thanks, Beata. I have no idea what was going on with that. Mods, you can delete my posts on that YouTube vdeo.

  217. OMG.. Trump is afraid of his birther gig. Beat him on that!

  218. Hillary today!

  219. Happy Birthday, Msdsal! I sure hope you get the gift you want.

  220. The l”large orange elephant in the room.”
    — E. Warren speaking about You Know Who

  221. Joy Reid on the Optics

  222. Streisand reworked the lyrics for Send in the Clowns and …….well 🙂 :

  223. Happy Birthday, Msdsal!

  224. Happy Birthday, Msdsal.

  225. Also sending belated birthday wishes to Msdsal!

  226. Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  227. It’s a stark statement as to his narcissism when he simply can NOT say he was wrong about anything. And he cannot ever say he is sorry. This guy has got a severe personality disorder. And his followers know it. They say things like Gee, I wish he would tone it down, but what they mean is what I am saying. You cannot tell me that anyone with a brain can’t see he is batshit. Now, he has turned on a dime. On a dime. And tell me nobody notices that this is not normal. Not. Right. In. The. Head. He’s Playing with this country, playing them for suckers. I only remember once in my life knowing someone as sadistic as Donald Trump. It didn’t end well. It’s like the people are objects to him, pigs to the roast and he’s playing with his food. And holy shit, his kids are just like him. *Shiver*

  228. Spot on Upps.

  229. So chanting of kill that bitch, lock her/bitch up, string her up is not deplorable? Read Sarah Kendzior about how even a smiling, decent mid-westerner turns into a mob-induced Trump supporter inside the rally. Should remind us all of the story “Lottery.” Every Trump rally is a scene in “Lottery.”

  230. What she is saying correct. Some people among his supporters have genuine grievances but they are hijacked by the other half that are in the category of deplorable. I mean where have you heard such things as killing the opponent, locking the opponent being shouted in other races? Even normalizing every doggone crazy thing Trump says falls into this category.

  231. Love love Joy Reid!!!

  232. pm317, the thing about the BasketOfDeplorables statement–it was reaching out to the non-deplorable basket!

    This was no gaffe and no accident. This is definitely planned language. This is from Thurs 9/8 for Israeli TV Ch 2:

  233. SophieCT, great. I hope that interview goes viral and she repeats it for all to see and dispels media narrative that that was something being said in some closed fundraiser. What she said is the same analysis we talk about in our household when it comes to Trump supporters and I understand what she is saying exactly. But the lame and lazy media will focus on calling the half deplorable and the racists/white supremacists are shocked that they are being called who they are. She just has to come back strong now and talk about the economic woes and her plans to helping the ‘non-deplorables’ and bury the media narrative that she said something bad about half of Trump supporters in a closed fundraiser.

  234. Yeah, that Interview needs to go viral. Hillary needs to come back strong with an economic message at wooing the ‘non-deplorable’. Because even Joy Reid’s segment on this was unsatisfactory.

  235. Well, twitter is run over with example after example of deplorable Trump supporters. Something like half of Trump supporters don’t even think Obama is an American citizen. The GOP can defend these people if they want to. So far it seems the only people that are upset about the deplorable statement are the deplorable people and a few hand wringing liberals.

  236. Hopefully this turns out to be a brilliant play by Hillary in separating the wheat from the chaff among Trump supporters and peel away some supporters on the fence.

  237. Joy Am is killing Trump surrogates this morning.

  238. You know what! this puts the “birther” thing right smack in the middle and watching Trump on this issue, he is afraid of it surfacing full blown because he then has to admit he was wrong which won’t sit well with majority of his supporters.

  239. I hope they ask Trump the birther issue during the debates

  240. neetabug, if the moderators don’t bring it up, Hillary should ask him if he still believes that.

    Like SophieCT said, this looks like a planned thing as the Israeli interview shows. Lame and lazy media and Trump are falling right into the trap characterizing it as Romney’s 47%. It is very easy for Hillary to show it is not.

  241. Hillary invited the media into this fundraiser. Probably the only time all campaign. Nothing she said was unplanned, or some kind of slip when she thought no one was listening outside of the fundraising.audience.

    As to the electoral aspects of this, it is hard to say. I will say that I have heard of, and seen reprinted, some truly horrible things regularly said by Trump supporters about Jewish people and women. I am sure that there are also awful things said about African Americans and Hispanics; but it is really the Nazism which I notice. One doesn’t hear much about that on the TV. Trump’s campaign has given cover and encouragement to every evil and twisted person in this country. Ignoring that is not appropriate.

  242. Trump and his supporters are trying to normalize white supremacy and hate speech. So they feign indignation when they are called out. Pretend to be mainstream. I think Hillary was being generous saying only half. Who doesn’t see Trump as a bigot at this point, even if you’re frustrated with the system?

    If there was a pool reporter at the event, it wasn’t “closed”.

  243. If there was a pool reporter at the event, it wasn’t “closed”.

    So the media is pretending it is one when it compares her comment to Romney’s. Not surprised.

  244. Someone tweet this guy that interview with Israeli TV… I hope Hillary comes out with more…

  245. Looking at the comments on that thread, many think fundraiser was private.

  246. I firmly believe Hillary is uniquely well positioned to take on this group and win because of who she is — fighting hard for the underdogs, fighting hard for what is right. I can’t think of any other Democrat taking these people on.

  247. Good statement. Get rid of the term ‘half.’

  248. “fighting hard for the underdogs, fighting hard for what is right” — That is a Scorpio trait, right Shadowfax?

  249. Although, with > 60% of Trump supporters being birthers (which is deplorable), half is generous.

    She was tellin’ it like it is. What’s wrong–not politically correct enough?

  250. no, logic does not work with these Trump/media mfers who will twist it to spin, OMG, half, so many millions, blah, blah. Just take that away from them. In the TV interview she had it right as simply two big groups and next time she talks about this, talk about the group that she can help first and highlight that the other group have their own agenda for believing and spreading a message of hate/paranoia/prejudice. As Uppity at 6:33 AM said, Trump and his cohorts are playing a very sick game with these supporters.

  251. What Hillary said is true–maybe even lowballing actual number of deplorables. What Romney said–that 47% of the country would never vote for him because they’re “dependent on government” was NOT true. And it was insulting to people who don’t deserve to be insulted. Bigots not only deserve insults, they require it, especially when they are trying to seize control of the country.

  252. Anyone wonder what Trump is doing with all the money he has raised? I know some is going back into his businesses, but there isn’t much of a ground game nor has there been very much television advertising. And he isn’t paying many of his employees. What gives?

  253. Upps
    You cannot tell me that anyone with a brain can’t see he is batshit.

    I agree, and those that think he is the kind of President that will fix everything, like those that thought they would get rich by taking his Trump Univ. classes…are just lambs being led to the slaughter.

    Less educated white men are inhaling all the smoke t.Rump blows up their @$$es.

  254. Hillary can call them any name she wants. It is true and the media knows this.

  255. And another thing. While Eric is bragging on how large the crowds are, ask Bernie about that.

  256. Neeta I said that to a couple of Trumpsters. Ooooooooo they didn’t like that.

  257. You know, I loved it when Hillary stood up each time she answered a question during the Commander in Chief town hall.

  258. pm
    Scorpio trait, right Shadowfax?

    Yup, PM…but she is fighting for everyone…that is a step beyond my limit. She also is much better at turning her cheek…but she is a politician, so she has to do that to move forward. I bet the Big Dawg gets an earful each day when there is no one else around. 😉

    She also, never forgets a stab in the back.

  259. Hillary needs to stop apologizing for everything…Rump gets away saying the worst $hit, and Hillary tries to please everyone.

    Stop it Hillary! You are not running for Sainthood.

  260. I am going to repost because I am tired of WordPress. Now I’m stuck with my name with 3 ‘x’s and I’m pist.

    Hillary has to STOP apologizing to everyone for everything that isn’t the most PC. Trump and his supporters have said horrible things about her, for a year, and she is showing weakness trying to please everyone.

    Darn it, stop it Hillary!!!!!!!

  261. Ah ha, I just kicked WordPress in the ass and got my name back. Woohoo.

  262. No doubt about it, Shadow. WordPress hates you.

  263. It continues to astound, the way that the media is absolutely intending to get through this entire 18-month election cycle without discussing a policy issue. Tax plans and rates. Fate of the ACA. Climate change, believe in it, or deny it exists? Future of trade agreements. How to deal with North Korea. What kind of Supreme Court justices will the candidates appoint? Voting rights and various court decisions regarding them. The fate of the European Union. Social Security and Medicare. Labor laws.

    And there are many more. I have not heard anything about any of these, certainly not in the general election. They are occasionally asked at debates, but never followed up as the issue of the day or week. And I would bet a lot of money that the vast majority of the populace has not the slightest correct idea as to how the candidates stand on any of them, and thus what is at stake in the election. What they have heard thousands of hours about from the media are various personality things. Character issues are potentially important, but policy positions are also crucial. I am afraid that many people are going to go into the voting booth without any real concept of any of these positions and policies. Like indulgent children and adults who cannot resist cheap and un-nutritious food if they see any around, the media will grab for any morsel of controversy, to avoid having to potentially bore their viewers with the things which wil affect their lives for the next four years and beyond. Suckers flim-flammed by con artist candidates and media shills.

  264. shadow, she didn’t apologize. She said she shouldn’t have said “half” are deplorable, and I agree she shouldn’t. I’m sure it’s much more than half. Now it’s ambiguous–could be less than half, could be more!

  265. Thanks for all the birthday wishes,all;much appreciated. I stretched the celebrations out over a couple days. Went out to lunch w/five year old Imani,my next door neighbor who calls me,” Neighbor” We went to Mai’s Thai Restaurant. Miss Mai asked Imani what she wanted to be when she grew up. Imani said,” I want to be a doctor so I can help people and Neighbor,you can come and see me when I’m a doctor;if you’re not dead.” Nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

    I think HIllary et al just played the media;drew attention to the double standard of the coverage;Hill vs Trump…called the alt right out..naming them for who they are and then doubled down in the “clean up” by clarifying that she shouldn’t have said “half”..leaving open the possibility that more than half of Trump’s supporters meet the deplorable criteria.

    Most chilling to me was an interview on MSNBC ( didn’t get his name,sorry) where there was talk about how Putin/Russia likes to interfere w/ various country elections and has his/their hands all over the White Nationalists and Brexit movements.Sure would be nice if Andrea or Wolf decided to do some actual journalism and look into this..oh,no,wait too busy trying to get face time on the T V.

    Am loving the looks on the faces of the Trump surrogates when they get called out by Joy Reid. It’s like they can’t believe that someone just stole their cotton candy.
    Onward through the fog!!

  266. Putin may not actually think his orange stooge, Trump, can win. Putin may only want to stir up turmoil in his chief adversary nation by casting doubt on the accuracy and fairness of our elections.

    Putin may wake up November 9 and find out he, more than any other man on the planet, just put the U. S. nuclear arsenal, most of which is still aimed at Mother Russia, into the hands of a malignant narcissist whose fuse is shorter than his fingers.

    Ascended Madoka forbid it.

    I’ve thought for some time that Putin is a smart, ruthless SOB. I find myself rethinking the “smart” part of that.

  267. Absolutely Upps.

    WP you suck as a program, suck, suck, suck.

  268. oh the irony. These same people want Obama and co to call it what it is radical Islamists (if you are not calling it what it is, how do you solve the problem?) and when they are called who they are, they are upset.

  269. I am beginning to think Trump is seriously blackmailing NYT. Even their Ombudsman is out of whack. Is that guy Sulzberger still the owner and didn’t he have an affair, may be still going on with Caroline Kennedy? And what about the new guy who replaced Jill Abramson? Everytime Trump tweets how bad they are, it must read like a reminder to them.

  270. Anyone else think how strange it is, that Melania Trump has been MIA? Never hear the media discussing this.

  271. Sending a hug to Shadowfax. Poor girl! WP loves to pick on her.

  272. This is hilarious! Making fun of Eric Trump’s tweet which has a pic of a packed Texas stadium a year ago, and saying it was one of his Dads rallies in FL. Voting has another tweet about upthread.

  273. I had a blast with that one.

  274. Melania is MIA because Trump wants to bury the immigration questions.

    It’s also why he doesn’t want to talk Obama Birther shit. There’s something skunky when the year you declare citizenship via marriage is not the year you were married.

  275. WP you suck as a program, suck, suck, suck.

    Oh, now you’ve done gone and made WP mad.

  276. Imani said,” I want to be a doctor so I can help people and Neighbor,you can come and see me when I’m a doctor;if you’re not dead.” Nearly fell out of my chair laughing.


  277. Yeah funny how when Donald uses “Regret” it’s not to apologize, but when Hillary says “Regret”….

  278. She didn’t apologize Shadow.She said she regretted saying “half”. Nothing more. The press is calling it an apology, because No Penis.

  279. Well I’m a Taurus so I would have just told them Tough Shit, if the Shoe Fits…

  280. I also told a few of them to check with Bernie on how well Rallys equate to votes.

  281. Between Obama, Bernie and Trump i have literally come to loathe rallies.

  282. Melania will get mobbed and run out by his supporters. Keep tweeting about his birther stuff and his supporters. That and the absence of tax returns being a sign that he is not as rich and successful as he boasts. Those two things if the media makes a big deal of, he would simply melt.

  283. Others have to tell me more about this. I have watched at least 6 presidential elections and nowhere did a candidate get away with the foul language and lies and innuendos used against his opponent like Trump has in this election season. I love it how Hillary put everything Trump and his supporters (less than half, more than half, half) have done in this campaign that media refuses to call out, into one single word, ‘deplorable.’ Take that kill shot, Trump, you are deplorable.

    I mean come on, when they are chanting, ‘kill that bitch’, ‘string her up’, ‘lock her up’ and the media does not call them out and hold him responsible, it is beyond the pale of decency. It is deplorable.

  284. Use this to spread what Trump did with his birtherism which he is so afraid will get blown in his face.

  285. What is wrong with Hillary? She wasn’t feeling well and had to leave ground zero. “Overheated.”

  286. A very small pathetic (deplorable) man indeed who boasts he is rich but steals from others who are in need.

  287. Birdgal, I thought to myself looking her picture, why she was wearing a jacket and high neck blouse and such. Maybe something to do with how she was dressed? It is very hot here.

  288. socal @ 4:02 am: That is a great tweet showing the Nazi rally. Reminds me of Lani Riefenstahl documenting the Nuremburg rallies. She, like Trump supporters, insisted that what the Nazis were doing had nothing to do with her.

  289. It’s 84 degrees in NYC. She’s wearing a Kevlar vest.

    It’s possible she’s actually sick, which happens to human people. I expect the right wing to make this into something.

    Remember when we all would just send get well wishes?

  290. PM, I didn’t see the picture, but she always seems overdressed to me. I hope it was just the heat, but it gives fodder to the rumor mill.

  291. Personally, I would be disgusted to share the stage there with that con man on this special day.


    The first paragraph is what happened. The second is @NBCnews being the shits that they are.

    A statement from her campaign said: “Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen. During the ceremony, she felt overheated so departed to go to her daughter’s apartment, and is feeling much better.”

    Clinton was seen leaving the memorial early and, in the immediate aftermath of the departure, aides didn’t answer questions about her whereabouts. That led to speculation about her health — especially in the wake of a persistent references about possible medical issues she may have by rival presidential candidate Donald Trump and his surrogates.

  293. SusieCT, makes sense that could make her overheated. Why are they not saying she might have been wearing a vest? Like I said, personally I would be disgusted by that guy’s presence especially there. I am not sure how she continues to go on in the face of media onslaught and having him for an opponent. I bet she would very much want to talk about the policies and have an intellectual discourse but no, not in this campaign.

  294. Who is this MSNBC bimbo?

  295. mfers, they are not even suggesting that she may have been wearing the vest and how hot it can get.

  296. Can these fuckers be anymore clueless? Tapper says all this excitement/questions because Clinton’s campaign did not keep pool informed. If they are dealing with a sudden situation, they are supposed to gather the pool and give them a press conference? There is no humanity in these media people, all men judging a woman. Fuck them.

  297. This is a media feeding frenzy. They are vultures, esp. Jake Tapper. I really can’t stand the media. There’s a video of her almost fainting getting into the SUV. It will be played on endless loop. The previous videos were edited, badly, to make her look ill. Of course it could be she’s overheated, but it’s not good folks.

  298. Uppity Woman, on September 11, 2016 at 7:35 AM said:

    Well I’m a Taurus so I would have just told them Tough Shit, if the Shoe Fits

    AMEN, I am a Taurus also

  299. Here in Minnesota, we have something called the heat index or what it actually feels like. 84° so early in the morning is hot enough for sure, but if it was also very humid, chances are that to human beings it felt closer to 90°. And if it’s been awhile since you’ve had something to eat or drink, you can dehydrate very quickly. Hillary was smart to leave if she felt she was being affected by the heat. Better to leave and get some water than to pass out.

  300. Maybe she had to go to the bathroom. (BM)

  301. I think you’re right about the bullet proof vest. She has to wear clothes that cover that too so even more over heating. I’m just sick about this though because they will not let it go and you know Trump will go on and on about it.

  302. Better to leave and get some water than to pass out.

    I thought the same. Maybe they are unhappy she didn’t give them a chance to catch her fainting. Fuck them! She consistently does the smart thing but there are too many people who have daggers out. Notice that no one is even remotely suggesting that it might also be the vest. And as Uppity correctly tweeted, it is a shame she has to wear it to protect herself from all the crazies who are energized by the CON.

  303. Here’s the video. I’m posting here, but I will not comment on it on twitter or RT.

  304. She didn’t look good getting into the vehicle. This will probably result in the call for the release of medical records.

    I wish the tenor of the campaign would change to discussion of the issues, instead of the name calling.

  305. I keep telling you folks to turn off your tv’s or change channel to non-news. You won’t listen to me. The important thing is that Hillary will be fine. What media and Trump say doesn’t matter at all to me. I just don’t watch cable news. Life is good.

  306. Oh for gods sake, i get heatstroke and i’m in my 40’s……….presidential candidates are not superhuman. They have physical bodies like the rest of us.

  307. THIS:

  308. Brassy, You’re right. I’m going to go shopping.

  309. When I was at a rally for Hiilary in June, a woman fainted while waiting for the event to begin. Heck, I was getting tired after standing for hours in close quarters, and needed water. It happens.

  310. I defy anybody to say they have never had to go and have a liedown because they felt like total crap. Same for Hillary, Same for Trump, if you aint feeling good, shit happens.

  311. Okay, so here’s Deplorable Donald saying he helped clear rubble and look for survivors on 9/11

  312. We’ve had tennis players passing out on court in NY at the Open this ‘s week, so it happens, she’s outside waving and smiling at Chelseas apartment, looks fine to me, She just got too hot.

  313. I agree. My 18 year old nephew was hospitalized for dehydration after being out in the sun for a couple of hours. He’ is very healthy, but the body needs water!

  314. Was that Trump today? I thought they were supposed to suspend campaigning for the day? He wasn’t anywhere near that area on 911, unless it was to check on his properties.

  315. I don’t know when the video of Trump was Birdgal. I just noticed the tweet was in April, so it’s old. But the tweet was just on my TL today. So it’s being tweeted around because of today’s events.

  316. imusthavehillary, the comments on the Hillary video you posted shows all news outlets clamoring to use that video. I hope they also play the video SophieCT posted and I saw on TV of Hillary walking out just fine from Chelsea’s apartment later.

  317. Actually, if Hillary had high blood pressure, she’d be less prone to dehydration which is basically what happens when you become ill from the heat. I remember her BP being excellent for someone in her late sixties–something like 110/70. But your BP falls rapidly when you become dehydrated because the blood all rushes to major organs like the brain and ❤ to protect them from rapid rise in body temp., causing person to feel faint.

    Physiology lesson for the day!

  318. Hillary was in Cleveland at our Labor Day picnic she wore no vest. You could tell by the shirt she was wearing. As we were looking around at all the security some guy said no one is going to hurt her here. The people love her. Also I don’t remember seeing any protestors. They know this was not a place to protest at.

  319. Ever see video of a military unit standing at attention at some event? Sometimes, one or two of them suddenly keel over, even though they’re extremely fit. Standing in one place for a long time can also contribute to heat related problems. Blood can’t circulate. I think they were standing a long time at the memorial this am.

  320. If Hillary is on any kind of medication. She needs to check the bottle. I am on a blood pressure medication. The bottle tells me to stay out of direct sun light.

  321. I think Hillary should go in front of the cameras and explain what happened as soon as possible before the crazies (if not already) muck it up.

  322. I wish she had gone in front of her pool reporters in the video SophieCT posted and I saw it on TV as it happened and just said a few words about what happened. Hindsight is 20/20.

  323. She wears Kevlar so the fucking crazies don’t kill her. That shit is hot and yeah, I have some meds that say avoid extreme heat.

    I’m not worried about the nutcases because, if trump starts on this, it could create a predator impression and a backlash. Kind of a Rick Lazio moment. But I do think the comment by the campaign was not good enough. Overheated is a word you use when your engine is smoking.

  324. Giuliani: “Until the war is over, anything is legal”

    Woe, think about that. Has he heard of the phrase war crimes? And this man will have prominent power in a Trump admin. Because he knows things about Trump others don’t and Trump has to appoint him to something.

  325. You are right about hydration, Rebel. I carry water with me everywhere I go to avoid dehydration.

  326. Bird, he not only checked his properties at 9/11, he bragged that now HIS building was the tallest building in the area. What a sicko he is. It’s almost sadistic.

  327. Dehydration is VERY dangerous. I know someone who nearly died because of it. That’s why it’s important to never wait till your thirsty to drink. If you’re thirsty, it’s the start.

  328. I don’t know about you guys. I am angry at Hillary too. As she came out of Chelsea’s Apt. she could have just walked up to the press pool (the video we saw is theirs) and just said a couple of sentences about what happened before getting into the SUV. That would have neutralized that video imusthavehillary posted (which BTW was not even found at the time she came out of Chelsea’s apt looking fine). Why doesn’t she or her handlers think of things like that?

  329. Being gleeful when your opponent is almost felled by the heat is not good “optics”. But indecency will once again “trump” common sense and good politics.

  330. Still4Hill has a post up of an interview HRC did regarding 9/11 with Chris Cuomo. She describes what she was doing on that day in 2001 and the days that followed. She then goes into detail on the threats of today. It’s a good interview.

    If Trump were smart (which we know he is not), he would go the opposite way on this and show concern. Sadly, people are so short sighted, a few might fall for it. But, because he’s incapable of showing concern for anyone but himself do to his pathological narcissistic disorder, he won’t.

  331. There is a significant step down in the curbside in the video of her getting into the SUV at the 9/11 site. Sanjay Gupta is doing well on CNN without any exaggeration/speculation.

  332. People forget (or unaware) the mechanics involved in a human for standing or walking to defy gravity. It is the most beautiful thing to see a child master that and it is not an easy feat. Mind and human body are a magnificent thing.

  333. OMG! Now the weather is a conspiracy theory to be debated! What say you New York Uppityites?

  334. It’s hard to watch any channel without the negative Clinton spin. I am resigned to this being a very difficult, close, nail biting race.

  335. I am not angry at Hillary, pm 317. Today is not supposed to be about her, and, knowing how she is, I am sure that she feels badly that she provided this “distraction”. There will be plenty of time for Hillary to answer all press questions about how she is a human being who can be sickened by heat and humidity just like the rest of us.

    That’s what makes this whole conspiracy theory about her health so diabolical. It denies her the basic human right to not feel good at all times. And some of us are, unfortunately, falling into the trap of policing her health along with the Trump people. That’s what they want, of course. It’s especially insidious because Trump hasn’t issued ANY real medical information. Meanwhile, he walks around (or sits around) looking like a heart attack looking for a place to happen. As Trump would say, sad.

  336. Giuliani, practically run out of NYS on a rail with some of the shit he tried to pull. I’ll tell you about the one that sealed his fate sometime. I’m too lazy right now.

    Anyways, tell him to go fix his rotten teeth.

  337. Sanjay was just on and Wolf grilled him, he pointed out she upped her antihistamine to quell the allergy and coughing and she takes a hypothyroid med. Both could cause dehydration in the heat. It’s said she wears Kevlar so Trump’s fucking savages can’t kill her. Heavy and warm also. Neither of her illnesses is deadly but her meds do have side effects under certain conditions.

    Even a normal person can feel faint in heat with nothing to drink. But given the savages ripped at her guts day and night, it has to be put to bed. We all know Trump is a sadist so this is up to her to handle correctly. The truth is, “overheating” is NOT a satisfactory answer for ANYBODY. He suggested she get some blood work and EKG, etc. whatever else is needed and then reveal the results to the public. I agree. A LOT depends on how this is handled. Being quiet about and and pretending it didn’t happen is not the way to handle it. If it were me, I would be at the doctor’s tomorrow getting a complete physical, including a stress test just to show them this is not a serious thing. And if it IS, then so be it.

  338. That’s what makes this whole conspiracy theory about her health so diabolical. It denies her the basic human right to not feel good at all times.

    I thought of this too. I see Donald Trump is a psychological needler. He is like a steady drip drip drip. repeats repeats repeats. He sticks his sleazy self in people’s heads. He is a VERY bad man with a VERY screwed up head. He will lie at the drop of a hat and when caught, will still pretend he hasn’t been caught. he’s a serial liar and he knows how to use programming of people’s heads. He’s an indoctrinator and he’s good at it too. He puts thoughts in people’s heads and the almost remotely go forward and spread them. And this is who he is. So you can BET he will needle at this day and night and try to get into her head so they she knows she had BETTER not EVER feel sick again or else.

    That’s a heavy burden and that’s why people with personality disorders are destroyers. They destroy their enemies, they destroy their families, they destroy anything in their way.

  339. If it were me, I would be at the doctor’s tomorrow getting a complete physical, including a stress test just to show them this is not a serious thing. And if it IS, then so be it.

    I agree. It is probably just the heat, plus poor hydration. Maybe even in combo with thyroid meds she’s on or any other normal indicator. But, she needs to check it out and not ignore it just because she thinks it will look bad or play into Trump’s hand.

  340. I hope Hillary has some lab work done, including an EKG. Hypoglycemia could have also caused her symptoms, along with a multitude of other things.

  341. That’s good advice about the physical with stress test. But I don’t think any of us should be under any illusions that will end the conspiracy theories. What about the Parkinson’s, the multiple strokes, the Alzheimer’s, and the cirrhosis? They just keep coming up with new diseases she’s supposed to prove she doesn’t have. It would be fine with them if she spent the next 60 days undergoing medical tests for imaginary ailments and have no time to campaign. INSIDIOUS.

    Oh, and don’t forget the MS!

  342. I’m just so sick of the BS. The media will always adhere to right wing talking points. No one ever questions Trump’s health and he’s older, he’s a man and he has not released anything medical. Anyway we all knew that Hillary was going to “get it” no matter what she did. And since Trump is a man he’s excused.

  343. Apparently Trump does not have a reporter pool following him. WHAT!! Why not? Why have we not heard of this before? Why are the reporters taking this lying down? What is he hiding? (last question rhetorical)

  344. OK here it is :

  345. Pneumonia is fine, a lot of people have that when they are worn down a bit and can result from an allergy or a viral or bacterial infection….

    She is human.There you go, straight from a proper doctors mouth.

  346. Her doctor released a statement she has pneumonia. It’s a testament to how strong she is that she’s been campaigning with pneumonia.

  347. OK, I am going to say this. Just looking at her hair this morning, I knew something was not kosher. I am glad she is getting the medical attention and she will be fine. There is no way we are going to let that “destroyer” get keys to this country.

    {In a related note, hubs and me went for our usual brisk walk on the Crescent Trail and by the end of it, I was weak and heady and needed nourishment.. So we bought nuts at Nandos, :)}

  348. Now the presstitute fuckers are saying, the campaign should have reported it to the press, that she was ill….

    Bullshit, none of their business, people get pneumonia at all ages and different levels of it. Doesn’t mean you stop everything, it just means rest a bit and take antibiotics.

  349. My mother had pneumonia and it can take hold unexpectedly and really wind you. If you get overheated with pneumonia,it makes it harder to breathe.

    The older generation wont bat an eyelid at this, it makes her more human, she gets sick like the rest of us.

  350. and for gods sake, the woman is allowed to get ill once in a while, you try campaigning 7 days a wekk, criss crossing the country, meeting everyone and sundary, its a wonder she doesn’t catch all manner of shit from airplanes, and crowds……i couldn’t do it, i’d catch every cold, flu, infection going.

  351. Moon, she is a duty bound responsible public servant. She could have called in sick today and not even show up but can you imagine her doing that to her beloved NYC on a day like this?

  352. I’m getting the impression that people dont care that she got ill today, according to twitter, they actually think she’s pretty bad ass turning up to honor 9/11 even though she feeling ill.

    People understand, you get ill, so what.

  353. There are different types of pneumonia. I had a case 2 years ago that came on suddenly and knocked me on my a$$ for 3 weeks. My daughter had walking pneumonia and we didn’t even realize it until we got a call from her day camp saying she wasn’t feeling well. I’m guessing HRC had walking pneumonia since she’s been able to hold down such a crazy schedule without anyone realizing she was ill.

    It’s time for her surrogates to step up and be the public face of Hillary while she gets some rest and recovers.

  354. Wait for it. “Presidents are not allowed to get pneumonia. It’s in the Constitution!”

  355. everyone can get a lung infection, she even could have got it from an airplane, a person, anything, aircon is the worst.

    Runners get it a lot and people who work with large crowds.

  356. It’s a big to do over nothing, but the optics are being used by MSM and Trump to push her “ominous” health concerns.

  357. Ha.. look at the way John Kerry was treated. Hillary?! Hillary is different. She is not human, don’t you know?

  358. The Mayo clinic website says that walking pneumonia is called that because the symptoms are mild enough people usually don’t stay home from school or work. It also says it’s often caused by a bacterium frequently brought home by schoolchildren, so it’s common and out there. As everyone here’s noted, rest and antibiotics are all that’s needed.

    Of course, the misanthropic germophobe Trump runs very little risk of getting even such a common mild infection. No shaking hands, no kid hugging, no getting close enough to the public to even let them breathe on him – and home to his own little bed every night. Won’t stop him from crowing like someone from Erewhon that he doesn’t get sick.

  359. Trump is a well known germophobe, he hates physical contact. He is such a freaky person.

  360. I wonder what Trump has on Mark Halperin.

  361. I actually remember when Kerry got sick back during the 2004 primaries. He had to take a few days off. They said it was bronchitis. So they lied. What a shock.

    That walking pneumonia bacteria was going around here last spring. It is very infectious, apparently. But Trump avoids crowds so he is safe.

  362. moon:
    I’m with you. When being around too many people and crowds indoors and airplanes, bacteria and virus in the air are just the common hazard for anybody. Calling it pneumonia to me, is it a little bit of stretch.

  363. Poor Hillz must have felt like hell. But she soldiered on cuz that’s what we wimmens do–taking care of everybody but us.

    We love you Hillary. Get well soon and beat his orange ass!

  364. This makes me angry! Different rules for the girl.

  365. Did everyone notice that line in the Newsweek link about Theresa Heinz running the family Foundation while hubby ran for POTUS. Guess no one cared. Now he’s SOS, and still, no one cares. One of those “because penis” deals, I guess.

  366. The doctor didn’t say she has walking pneumonia. She said she has pneumonia. So we don’t know which type she has. Although, antibiotics are used for bacterial infections.

  367. God forbid, he contaminate his Trump Force One with these reporters, yuck! Maybe Hillary should treat them like that.

  368. I agree with moon. It seems that the whole thing has been turned into shes’ a bad ass for showing up even though she was sick. Shows the kind of president she’ll be. Nothing will stop her and that is precisely why the GOP has been attempting to take her down for a long, long time.

  369. Rebel, the sadistical R’s don’t see Kerry as an existential threat to their manhood.

  370. People are posting a video of Hillary supposedly falling. Some people say this is a dummy trying to make it look like she is sick. If this is the case this is downright disgusting and the Republicans are the lowest of the low

  371. Without reporters following him around, Trump may be dying. We’d never know!

    The reason Hillary and reporters weren’t on same plane till Labor Day was because the campaign was trying to find an American built plane large enough to carry hordes of reporters. And yeah, most important priority if Hillary feels ill is to notify the media IMMEDIATELY.

  372. Everybody has a Foundation but none as phenomenally successful as CGF. That is why. Bill Clinton in all his brilliance created the idea and pulled it off even though he never was as rich as these other people.

  373. Ga6thDem, yep!

  374. ROFL!!! We are on a wavelength here!

    pm317, I also just posted JenEps tweet..removed it when I saw you had!

  375. “When you stumble, keep faith. When you get knocked down, get right back up & never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on”

  376. If I were Hillary -which I’m not even close-, I would cough into every reporters’ faces.

  377. bellecat, I laughed out loud!

  378. Oh, bellecat that is a lovely idea. I wonder if they’ve all put on their masks now on the plane. Hmm, maybe they even regret all that whining about “access” now.

  379. SophieCT, LOL, yeah, saw it on your TL at about the same time; I am like the news aggregator watching a bunch of twitter TLs. But I try not to post what is on your TL for obvious reasons.

  380. Bellecat@7:43 pm, Lol! Karma for those parasites .

  381. OMG, I am bawling my eyes out reading some of the handwritten ones. I also cried reading couple of articles on 9/11. What a day!

  382. Fire Chris Cilizza. He does not have a TV face and he does not have a print brain.

  383. Apparently media is not satisfied with what Hillary’s campaign did (the doctor’s note and such). Now they are wondering if the campaign would ever have told them about the pneumonia if it were not for the video of her getting into the SUV. These people have too much time on their hands. Go read history/governance/economics/international affairs.

    There is a paradox going on here. It is as though media knows that Trump can’t win and he shouldn’t win. So they are not taking him seriously and move from one scandal blur (to use Joy Reid’s expression) to another of his: you don’t want to release your tax returns; OK, fine, you will never win anyway. On the other hand, they feel compelled to to provide some substance on the race. So it is Hillary vs. Hillary all the time, 24/7.

  384. socal

    Sending a hug to Shadowfax.

    Thanks socal, back at cha.

  385. It doesn’t surprise me a bit that dear Hillary is sick. The pace she has to keep up, and feeling over heated could have well be a fever from the pneumonia. She just keeps moving on like she isn’t sick, because the media is just looking for something to prove she is on death’s door.

    Hillary’s health is always at risk these days, not only from whackjobs that hate her, but from those of us that love her and need to touch her. I held her hand for over a minute while others couldn’t wait to touch her too. I was socked that Hillary allowed us all the privilege of touching her, she was totally comfortable with it…and everyone says how cold she is, is full of $hit.

    Rest Dear Hillary, the world will wait for you. You don’t have to be Superwoman. ❤

  386. I almost signed up to go to the SF fundraiser, but decided not to. It was one of the more affordable events, with the lowest price being 250.00.

    I hope she heals quickly. The coast to coast plane ride would not have been good for her. Not going, was the right decision to make.

  387. Worth a thought today:

  388. Women on Twitter have had enough of the media’s bullshit and are fighting back major league:

  389. Let me guess, crickets from the media….

    A New York Times report is breaking new ground into Donald Trump’s and New Jersey Governor Chris Christies “close relationship.”

    Before Christie became governor, Donald Trump and his casinos were on the hook for $30 million in past taxes. Trump and his lawyers were engaged in a very contentious battle with state auditors and its lawyers. But – according to the Times – the very next year after Christie took office, the state suddenly changed its tune and welcome settlement offers. And – by settlement, we mean big. New Jersey ended up accepting just $5 million, $25 million less than what Trump owed taxpayers. That’s roughly 17 cents on the dollar of what the casinos owed.

    And – furthermore – there’s reason to believe that the settlement was largely due to their friendship. Compare this deal to what Governor Christie offered to the average citizen in his state under a program he introduced in 2014. Under that program, delinquent taxpayers would only be able to get reduced penalties if and only if they were caught up on all overdue taxes and interest. That’s not even close to the same deal Trump got.

    Trump’s and Christie’s relationship spans back as far as 2002 when he was the United States attorney for New Jersey. Mr. Christie was invited to Trump’s third wedding in 2005, and in 2010 Trump was even a featured guest at Christie’s inauguration. They’ve even been on double dates together with their wives. The intimacy is there.

    Even though they spared with each other during the primaries, they’ve always maintained their friendship. And, after Christie had to bow out due to little popular support, Christie became involved in Trump’s campaign. Christie was a leading contender to be Trump’s VP but ended up losing out to Governor Mike Pence.

  390. So Christie effectively gave Trump a massive tax writedown, wonder what he got in return….

    If I owed NJ $30 million and got away with only paying 1/6th of that because of a political favour, i’d call that pay for play……Christie should be indicted along with Trump.

  391. seagrl next thing, they’ll say she’s in a coma and there’s a doppelganger. These people are batshit crazy.

  392. To start everyone’s day off well…and please, we need a new thread.

  393. seagrl next thing, they’ll say she’s in a coma and there’s a doppelganger. These people are batshit crazy.

    As predicted, right on cue. They’re actually pimping that on twitter.

  394. The basketofdeplorable will work because of twitter and I don’t think it would have worked as well if it were not for it. Now everyone who is a Hillary supporter has experienced some of the racism, xenophobia and all other stuff from Trump’s supporters and are talking about it on Twitter. And we are not even talking about the rallies and what goes on there. Or rather, rallies would have disproportionately seen biased reporting without twitter. I think Hillary’s digital team have compiled all kinds of stats about who goes to these rallies and analyzed the twitter or other SM traffic for Clinton to say that. There are real time numbers to back it up not just poll numbers, I would surmise.

  395. Ok I see you in Trash, almost restored it till I realized it was on porpoise.

  396. How do we send get well wishes to Hillary? I might try the Brooklyn Hdqtrs.

  397. Hola! Taking advantage of the lovely jury accommodations afforded to us by the county. I have to say, this is way better than the last time I was called to jury duty back in the 80’s. No such thing as cell phones or laptop computers, and certainly no nice jury suite with TV’s, vending machines or a business center with desktops where I could check out my favorite blog. Actually, no such thing as a blog back then either. 🙂

    I do hope HRC is feeling better. I think it is genius to video conference her west coast rallies and appointments. Just goes to show that nothing will stop her from doing her duty, not even a little pneumonia.

    I couldn’t bring myself to watch any real television yesterday. 9/11 still weighs on me, even though we had already moved south by then. I couldn’t even watch football since I’m still royally pissed about Thursday’s game, so I didn’t get to see any of the network news coverage of Hillary’s illness and Der Drumpf’s reaction to it. I’m sure he’s got her on death’s door and harping on it non-stop. But I’m glad to see so many people, especially women, just having none of his BS.

  398. I sent a get well to Clinton in the form of a donation this morning.

  399. Lildoggy, That is a wonderful idea. I am donating today.

  400. Lidoggy I will donate to her campaign as well.

    You would think Trump would cease his campaign until Hill is on her feet. I know he is enjoying this.

  401. This is for all the angry, white men that support Trump and want to string up Hillary or at least send her to prison…especially those that lack any higher education:


    deserving strong condemnation.

    synonyms: disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, unworthy, inexcusable, unpardonable, unforgivable

  402. I made my donation to Hillary. She isn’t going to Ca today, but will present at the fundraiser by video conference. Technology is grand.

    Trump is making the most of the “basket of deplorables” and is calling for Hillary to retract it. All he spews is garbage.

  403. The polling agrees with Hillary. 60% of Americans do think Trump and his supporters are deplorable. They think Trump and his supporters are misogynists and racists and xenophobes and homophobes.

  404. Oh it looks like it was an infection going around…

    Schumer had it along with other campaign staff.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The No. 3 Senate Democrat, Chuck Schumer of New York, disclosed Monday that he was diagnosed with pneumonia but that it has now cleared up.

    Schumer was diagnosed several weeks ago. His disclosure Monday comes amid furor over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s own pneumonia diagnosis.

  405. moon, this news about Schumer, and especially, her staff and aides battling this illness really puts it in perspective. It’s not some Hillary vulnerability except she can catch a bad bug just like everybody else. The young staffers getting sick is especially telling–it’s not even an age thing. But the conspiracy theories have done their job. It was all a set up so that if she got sick at all, they could claim that there really is something wrong that she’s hiding.

    One of the staffers was so dehydrated they had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance! But media not reporting the others getting sick much so far. More malpractice.

  406. This is a well-worn tactic from the vicious days of politics, in England and America, and probably everywhere else. At the outset, you claim that your opponent is physically infirm; and/or that he is mentally ill; that he is corrupt, and a crook. Then whatever happens later, you try to fit it into the pre-fabricated narrative. Now, one would “hope” that this kind of thing were not nearly as effective as it might have been three hundred years ago, because we have…a media. But we see that the media is actually complicit in this, because they are stupid, or because they are biased.

    His opponents planted the narrative that Gore was a liar and a fabulst; and then the media reacted to every statement he had ever made in his life, searching for ways to validate that theme. The right wing said that Kerry was a coward who shot himself in order to get the Purple Heart; and they gave such a pernicious attack full credibility, a case of “he said/they said” on the TV. And now, rather than just report that Hillary has walking pneumonia, and felt weak and dizzy when standing out in heat and humidity, wearing a kevlar vest, likely because her opponent called for her assassination, they do exactly what Trump and his people wanted; they act as if this is an incredibly serious matter, and might well indicate even greater health problems. Now, when GHW ,Bush got sick, and threw up all over the Japanese minister at a serious formal function, it was no big deal to the media. When GW Bush fell and hit his had on a table, and his people said it was because he choiked on a pretzel, that was nothing to them, either. Actually, it is the media which is sick, morally speaking, because they are willing or obtuse dupes for the right wing which desires to completely take over this country.

  407. Hillary’s illness and symptoms actually make medical sense. Choking on a pretzel and passing out is crazy. But media just shrugged and laughed, “Oh, that W, what a character!” It seems that the more intellectually impaired a political figure is, the more the media treats him as a figure of fun and endless entertainment. So we get five alarm dumpster fires like W and Trump treated as credible leaders. Heaven help us!

  408. Our media needs to turn in their credentials and get jobs with TMZ, and the trash magazines in the grocery check-out line.

    These people are not fit to tell us anything but gossip and lies.

    On the way to work while I was listening to CNN, two regular female ‘reporters’ were talking about Hillary’s illness and ‘deplorable’ comment.

    How this could be the two (effing) things that make her lose the election. They went on to saying how thinking she is in a sheltered group of donors, with no media around, and was caught on a mike. They go on making it out to be like Mitt’s comment and other big flaws in a campaign.

    Then they talk about how t.Rump is tearing her down for being sick…bla, bla, bla.

    I am just about to turn the station off when one of the women comes back and says she made a mistake, that when Hillary used ‘deplorable’, there were invited reporters in the room.

    Crickets…no retraction as to how this second lie of theirs was really not going to bring down her campaign…just move on to something completely different.

    No big deal, no one cares, moving on….

  409. Anti-intellectualism has been a theme in American culture, at least for the the last 170 years or so. The masses do not admire intelligence or knowledge nearly as much as money, athletic skill, or looks. The media, either because they are really not that well educated or intelligent, and thus are jealous;; or because they want to please their viewers, also belittle or even derogate it. In politics, the media pushes the narrative of a “regular guy,” someone you can have a beer with, or who tells it like it is; or the most irritating one, “authentic.” Reagan, Ford, Bush, Ike, those were regular guys. Stevenson was “an egghead.” Hilllary is a “wonk,” “aloof, and cold.” I guess I should have seen that Andy Griffith movie, but I’ll only see it now if we win this election. I was always worried about a dumb but very dangerous folksy guy getting elected. Trump is hardly that, but the media tries to sell him in that way.

  410. William @ 4:22, god that is so sad, but true. I wish we could get past that, but it probably won’t happen in my lifetime.

  411. William, have you read The Age of American Unreason by Susan Jacoby?
    She digs deep into America’s love of “regular guys” and mistrust of experts.
    You’d really like it.

  412. Streisand doing Send In The Clowns, Trump Version.

  413. Yes Rebel, it is not hard to pass out when you are choking. It cuts off your air supply. Very scary to see. If not dislodged, next step is death.

  414. The media want to draw blood over Hillary’s temporary sickness and how it is handled. But they are not asking any questions of Trump and his campaign. We need a separate basket for these deplorables.

  415. This is hilarious. Hillary defined ‘Deplorables’ as the racist, sexist, xenophobic etc in that original statement. These stupid people are adopting the meme calling themselves Deplorables. All we need to point out is how she defined the term and say why are you adopting it?

  416. Why does this person still have a job?

  417. Sue, thank you for the recommendation, it sounds rewarding. I will definitely read it, if we win the election, and I am in a receptive mood for it. If we do not win, I will start reading books about survival in Antarctica.

  418. Just beyond belief how whiny the MSNBC folk have been all day long about the “presser pool” being left in the dark for 90 minutes.For the love of God,maybe it should be OK that people were making sure that Hillary was receiving the medical care she needed. Note to Media: It isn’t ALWAYS about you!!Hope your hurt feelings find a better solution w/Trump. Oh,wait a minute,he doesn’t even have a press pool,or tax records,or a medical report with any actual medical information,or a foundation that follows the rules..and we don’t cover this,why?Because we’re too busy getting over Hillary hurting our feelings?

    I need to have it written on my forehead,backwards so I can read it in the mirror in the morning. DO NOT WATCH ANY NEWS COVERAGE W/ANDREA MITCHELL IN IT. Trying to follow cable news could become a health issue for MOI.

    Please….new post?

  419. Trump surrogate lying through her teeth “half the country, half the country” and that fucker Chris Hayes didn’t correct her. They were laughing as if it was all a joke. She had the upper hand. Who is this incompetent fucker?

  420. The next time I am at Hillary’s rallies, I will try to stand next to the media. I will be talking so loud to let them know how unfair Hillary has been treated. Mdsal I will be repeating what you said at 8:13pm. I will especially be looking for Andrea. There will be reporters walking around I will be looking to speak with them also.
    Just so I want forget anything I am going to write it down so I want forget .
    I will let them know I am mad as hell and we as Hillary supporters are not taking this crap sitting down.

    I am trying to figure out what to put on a sign to get their attention.

    I heard on the news today at Trump rallies one of the protesters got punched. Did anyone else hear this?

  421. LOL… he is calling his own supporters rapists/sexists:


    With a trivial handful of exceptions, the people who find the “basket of deplorables” comment offensive are people who would never vote for Hillary, anyway–so big, fat, hairy deal. 😛

  423. Oh, Rachel Maddow has that very concerned look on her face; she thinks this could be the defining issue of the campaign, unless Hillary releases massive medical records.. Rachel, the only substantive thing you have to worry about is Trump getting elected. No one will want to watch your show any more, and there is a pretty good chance that you will be sued by Trump and others ,and perhaps deported somewhere for being Jewish, or being a woman, or being on the Left. So rather than screw up your face into a very worried expression even though Hillary is fine, and even though her husband says she is fine, why don’t you try to focus on Trump and his psychotic ravings, before your worried concern about Hillary gets him elected? When Hillary’s doctor issued a brief addendum to his earlier medical report of her, and said that she is in excellent health, I believed him, and still do. A lot of people in excellent health have allergies, or even get pneumonia, and get dehydratred and dizzy in 95 degree heat index days. There will be plenty more of such days if Trump wins, and does nothing about climate change. You can legitimately worry about that, too.

  424. Sadly, simply being a Gomez is enough to make you a target.

    I was born, 35 years ago this week, in Youngstown, Ohio. My mother was born in Youngstown. My father was born in Youngstown. You have to go back four generations – to great-grandparents on both sides of my family – to find relatives born in another country.

    This is going on everywhere with everyone in this country who has a name, appearance, something that indicates “other” to a Trump supporter. Think about it! I was the recipient of such treatment on Althouse because I had revealed to them that I was originally from India. Hillary just gave voice to what millions of these people are feeling. Trump and his supporters like idiots are doubling down.

  425. Well said, William. I find her style irritating to the core and can’t watch her even for a few minutes.

  426. I am not a big Lawrence O”Donnell fan, but he is doing a great job in his opening, saying a lot of the things we have been saying here. It is nice to see someone actually get the important things right.

  427. REminder, new season of Samantha Bee start tonight, 10:30 pm EST on TBS!

  428. Deplorable Donnie! Hillary may have the last laugh with her kill shot. Everybody was swooning over Trump’s kill shots, low energy Bush, lying Ted, I forget what it was for Rubio.. but now we have one for him:

    Deplorable Donnie

    after we know what he does in the rallies, in the interviews, in his foundation, on 9/11 and money meant for small businesses, trafficking models on dubious visa status, missing health/tax records, constant lies, ….

  429. Wm I am watching it now. He is telling the truth. I am going to send his video to everyone I know.

  430. William, You’re right about O’Donnell. He is on fire tonight and pointing out things that the main stream media isn’t talking about.

  431. I am going to have a house. I will play the video.

  432. Media double standard is appalling, revolting. I just don’t want to complain. What can we do?

  433. correction house party for Hillary.

  434. pm it was little marco.

    Did you hear that Trump wants to debate without a moderator?

  435. Neetabug, I heard that today and thought, “no way.” The debates need to be moderated.

  436. Yeah, little Marco! That deplorable Donnie! he won’t get his wish about not having moderators, unless he starts blackmailing the debate commission.

  437. pm317, on September 12, 2016 at 10:41 PM said:

    Media double standard is appalling, revolting. I just don’t want to complain. What can we do?

    Register voters, explain to them about the media, give a house party for Hillary, phone bank, knock on doors. Volunteer to take voters to polls, Watch their kids while they go and vote. Make up fliers put on neighbors doors let them know you can take them to the polls. Encourage vote by mail and take advantage of early voting. Make sure they have id or a bill showing the right address.
    Ask if they are registered if they say yes. Ask them when was the last time they voted.
    Also if they have moved get a change of address form. On going to the polls to vote make sure they have a bill with their name and address on it. Your drivers license probably still has the old address.
    Anything you do will be helpful.

  438. Neetabug, I’d be willing to see Hillary debate him with no moderator, as long as there were a time limit rule which was enforced, so that he could not talk over her. She would do brilliantly. She is the best debater I have seen in the political arena, and she would make him look like the cheap and ignorant person he is. She’s far too smart to play the kind of insult game that Rubio tried with him.

  439. Wm so would I.

    They were asking if she should have been taken to the ER. I am glad she didn’t go. Can you imagine all the lies coming out of the ER if she had gone?

  440. I made ninety calls today phone banking. Some were not at home. The voters I did talk to were all for Hillary. So I am very positive about this election.

  441. I like that Republican Rick Wilson who was Lawrence O’Donnell show. His twitter TL is interesting. So when will the good republicans start thinking about saving their brand from Trump?

  442. neetabug, I did phone bank in 2008 and several reduced me to tears.

  443. One woman I talked to said to tell them someone had called her. To please let them know she and her daughter is voting for Hillary.

    Also if there is a lazy Johnnie or Susie on your street make sure they vote. Some have to be pushed to vote.

  444. At least in Austin TX, there are very active with phone calls for Hillary since I received couple and they conveyed, there hands on for her.
    Let’s keep the spirit folks…

  445. Trump in a ‘debate’ without a moderator would just be like the Rethug debates, where he throws shit bombs, and insults and screams louder if she tries to say something.

    A debate is not a debate without a moderator.

    He’s stupid and a jackass.


  447. imust, I am not sure about poison, but germ warfare crossed my mind as soon as I heard about the whole upper echelon of the campaign getting sick. Putting bacteria in the AC system at headquarters is not beyond KGB capabilities. And like this scientist says, they’ve done it before. I hate to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist–that’s a Trump trait–but in this campaign, anything is possible.

  448. scary! he is a CON, he will do ANYTHING not to lose.

  449. Oh please, could we have a new thread…

  450. Brassy Rebel, I had not considered that; but it is probably very unusual that a few people in the same office would contact pneumonia at the same time. Another very chilling aspect of this nightmarish campaign. I wonder if it is too late for some entity to do a toxicology study of the campaign office. Trump and his supporters are truly frightening people. devoid of humanity or morality.

  451. Reality is that Hillary Clinton can never be transparent enough for the MSM and Trump can never be secretive, sexist, bigoted, lying sack of shi!t enough to be considered unqualified for President. Yes, that is because Penis.

  452. I called my local TV station to get the address and phone number of Hillary’s Hdqtrs in Brooklyn.
    The phone number is 1-646-854-1432
    Address is 1 Pierrepont Plz. Brooklyn, NY 11201

    I called the hdqtrs The line was busy, you can leave a message

  453. The woman at the station said they just e-mail the office.

  454. correction

  455. Are you all watching Obama in Philly????????? Hollllllly Shit. The crowd is HUGGGGGGGE!!!

  456. Uppity, yes, I was able to see most of it. Very good speech by President Obama. And he criticized the media, too. Makes one feel more heartened after all the garbage on the daily news reports.

  457. Funny!

  458. President Obama’s Philly speech. A thing of BEAUTY! Mr. President, sir, it took me a very long time to get over 2008 and to forgive you your trespasses, real and imagined. I”m embarrassed to say this now because I was wrong. I am sorry. I think you will go down as a great president, and you deserve it. Thank you for stepping up for Hillary today. God bless you and your family in your post White House years.

  459. I don’t think I misjudged what was going on in 2008, I am glad that Obama has stepped up for Hillary, she sure deserves his respect.

    Sad, she has done so much in her lifetime, and he pulls in huge crowds.

  460. A new thread would be GREAT!

  461. Ruh Roh….

  462. Trump campaign manager on medical records: ‘We all have a right to privacy’ (“we all” meaning only Trump)

    Trump says he has right to privacy per his medical records where is the media outrage that just drilled HRC over her

    …..which tells me there is something there they really do not want us to know.

  463. Oh, Trump may have a mental health issue…

    no surprise there. Hope the media digs deep on this one.

  464. One clue is that t.Rump’s doctor is a space cadette from Back to the Future, he still writes letters on his dead father’s stationary…where the Hell is the media on this?

  465. I thought he was going to release some information this week on the Dr. OZ show??

  466. Break time!
    Funny Farmer’s Insurance commercial.

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